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Sand, F.[Francis] Co Author Listing * Asymptotic Granulometric Mixing Theorem: Morphological Estimation of Sizing Parameters and Mixture Proportions
* Asymptotic Normality of the Morphological Pattern-Spectrum Moments and Orthogonal Granulometric Generators
* Heterogeneous morphological granulometries
* Representation of Linear Granulometric Moments for Deterministic and Random Binary Euclidean Images
* Robustness of granulometric moments
* Statistics of the Morphological Pattern-Spectrum Moments for a Random Grain Model
Includes: Sand, F.[Francis] Sand, F.

Sand, M.[Maximilian] Co Author Listing * Incremental reconstruction of planar B-Rep models from multiple point clouds

Sand, O.[Oliver] Co Author Listing * smARt.Assembly: Projection-Based Augmented Reality for Supporting Assembly Workers

Sand, P. Co Author Listing * Efficient selection of image patches with high motion confidence
* Motion denoising with application to time-lapse photography
* Particle Video: Long-Range Motion Estimation Using Point Trajectories
* Video Matching
Includes: Sand, P. Sand, P.[Peter]

Sandakly, F. Co Author Listing * Interpretation of Remotely Sensed Images in a Context of Multisensor Fusion
* Interpretation of Remotely Sensed Images in a Context of Multisensor Fusion Using a Multispecialist Architecture
* Reasoning Strategies for 3D Object Detection
* Scene analysis system

Sandamali, G.G.N. Co Author Listing * Flight Routing and Scheduling Under Departure and En Route Speed Uncertainty
* Hierarchical Heuristic Approach for Solving Air Traffic Scheduling and Routing Problem With a Novel Air Traffic Model, A
* Safety-Aware Real-Time Air Traffic Flow Management Model Under Demand and Capacity Uncertainties, A
* Two-Stage Scalable Air Traffic Flow Management Model Under Uncertainty
Includes: Sandamali, G.G.N. Sandamali, G.G.N.[Gammana Guruge Nadeesha]

Sandamirskaya, Y.[Yulia] Co Author Listing * Low-latency monocular depth estimation using event timing on neuromorphic hardware

Sandana, E.[Eric] Co Author Listing * UVSQ-SAT, a Pathfinder CubeSat Mission for Observing Essential Climate Variables
Includes: Sandana, E.[Eric] Sandana, ╔.[╔ric]

Sandara Rajan, K.[Kishore] Co Author Listing * mobile structured light system for food volume estimation, A
Includes: Sandara Rajan, K.[Kishore] Sandara-Rajan, K.[Kishore]

Sandau, R. Co Author Listing * System Considerations and Potential for Topographic Mapping with Small Satellites

Sandbach, G.[Georgia] Co Author Listing * Binary Pattern Analysis for 3D Facial Action Unit Detection
* dynamic approach to the recognition of 3D facial expressions and their temporal models, A
* Local normal binary patterns for 3D facial action unit detection
* Markov Random Field Structures for Facial Action Unit Intensity Estimation
* Recognition of 3D facial expression dynamics
* Static and dynamic 3D facial expression recognition: A comprehensive survey
Includes: Sandbach, G.[Georgia] Sandbach, G.

Sandbank, C.P.[Charles P.] Co Author Listing * Method of coding a video signal for transmission in a restricted bandwidth

Sandberg, B.Y.[B. Yezrielev] Co Author Listing * Active Contours without Edges for Vector-Valued Images
* logic framework for active contours on multi-channel images, A
* Unsupervised Multiphase Segmentation: A Phase Balancing Model
Includes: Sandberg, B.Y.[B. Yezrielev] Sandberg, B.Y.[Berta Yezrielev]

Sandberg, D. Co Author Listing * Detecting Driver Sleepiness Using Optimized Nonlinear Combinations of Sleepiness Indicators
* Model-Based Video Coding Using Colour and Depth Cameras

Sandberg, G. Co Author Listing * Measurements of Forest Biomass Change Using P-Band Synthetic Aperture Radar Backscatter
* Physical-Optics Model for Double-Bounce Scattering From Tree Stems Standing on an Undulating Ground Surface, A
* Regression-Based Retrieval of Boreal Forest Biomass in Sloping Terrain Using P-Band SAR Backscatter Intensity Data
* Statistical Analysis of VHF-Band Tree Backscattering Using Forest Ground Truth Data and PO Scattering Model

Sandberg, H. Co Author Listing * Fault Detection and Mitigation in Kirchhoff Networks

Sandberg, K.[Kristian] Co Author Listing * Curve Enhancement Using Orientation Fields
* Curve Filter Transform: A Robust Method for Curve Enhancement, The

Sandberg, M.[Mats] Co Author Listing * Characterizing the Heterogeneity of the OpenStreetMap Data and Community
* Dynamic Control of Airport Departures: Algorithm Development and Field Evaluation
* Living Structure as an Empirical Measurement of City Morphology
Includes: Sandberg, M.[Mats] Sandberg, M.

Sandblom, F. Co Author Listing * New Vehicle Motion Model for Improved Predictions and Situation Assessment, A
* Probabilistic Framework for Decision-Making in Collision Avoidance Systems, A

Sandbothe, M.F.[Michael F.] Co Author Listing * Cell image analysis: Algorithms, system and applications

Sandeau, N.[Nicolas] Co Author Listing * Improving the axial and lateral resolution of three-dimensional fluorescence microscopy using random speckle illuminations

Sandeep, N.K. Co Author Listing * Robust markers for visual navigation using Reed-Solomon codes
* Visual Change Detection Using Multiscale Super Pixel

Sandeep, P. Co Author Listing * 2D-spectral estimation based on DCT and modified magnitude group delay
* Joint Color Space GMMs for CFA Demosaicking
* Single Image Super-Resolution Using a Joint GMM Method

Sandeep, R. Co Author Listing * Invisible Semi-Fragile Watermarking and Steganography of Digital Videos for Content Authentication and Data Hiding
* Perceptual video hashing based on the Achlioptas's random projections

Sandeep, R.N.[Ramachandruni N.] Co Author Listing * Relative Parts: Distinctive Parts for Learning Relative Attributes

Sandell, M. Co Author Listing * Efficient Demodulation of General APSK Constellations

Sandells, M. Co Author Listing * Derivation and Evaluation of a New Extinction Coefficient for Use With the n-HUT Snow Emission Model
* Differences Between the HUT Snow Emission Model and MEMLS and Their Effects on Brightness Temperature Simulation

Sanden, B.L.[Blake L.] Co Author Listing * Evapotranspiration Estimate over an Almond Orchard Using Landsat Satellite Observations
* Monitoring Crop Evapotranspiration and Crop Coefficients over an Almond and Pistachio Orchard Throughout Remote Sensing

Sander de Carvalho, L.A.[Lino Augusto] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Atmospheric Correction Methods for Sentinel-2 MSI Images Applied to Amazon Floodplain Lakes
* Mapping of Diffuse Attenuation Coefficient in Optically Complex Waters of Amazon Floodplain Lakes
* Spatial Patterns of Turbidity in Cartagena Bay, Colombia, Using Sentinel-2 Imagery
Includes: Sander de Carvalho, L.A.[Lino Augusto] Sander-de Carvalho, L.A.[Lino Augusto]

Sander, D. Co Author Listing * Emotion Recognition in Simulated Social Interactions
* Thermal Analysis of Facial Muscles Contractions

Sander, J.[Jorg] Co Author Listing * PIST: An Efficient and Practical Indexing Technique for Historical Spatio-Temporal Point Data
* Segmenting Brain Tumors with Conditional Random Fields and Support Vector Machines
Includes: Sander, J.[Jorg] Sander, J.[J÷rg] Sander, J.[J÷erg]

Sander, L.[Lasse] Co Author Listing * Multiannual Seafloor Dynamics around a Subtidal Rocky Reef Habitat in the North Sea

Sander, O. Co Author Listing * Axiomatic scalar data interpolation on manifolds
* Readout of Energy Pulses on Microwave SQUID Multiplexer: A Sensor Array-Based Approach

Sander, P. Co Author Listing * 3D Geometry-Based Quantification of Colocalizations in Multichannel 3D Microscopy Images of Human Soft Tissue Tumors

Sander, P.T.[Peter T.] Co Author Listing * Charting surface structure
* Computing Principal Direction Fields as Frame Bundle Cross Sections
* Estimating Curvature by Kalman Filters
* From Points to Surfaces
* From Voxel to Curvature
* From Voxel to Curvature Features
* From Voxel to Intrinsic Surface Features
* Generic Curvature Features from 3-D Images
* Hierarchical Region Based Stereo Matching
* Inferring Surface Trace and Differential Structure from 3-D Images
* Reconstructing Surfaces from Unstructured 3D Points
* Segmenting Unstructured 3D Points into Surfaces
* Singularities of Principal Direction Fields from 3-D Images
* Stable Surface Estimation
* Tracing Surfaces for Surfacing Traces
Includes: Sander, P.T.[Peter T.] Sander, P.T.
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Sander, P.V.[Pedro V.] Co Author Listing * 3D Video Loops from Asynchronous Input
* Blind Geometric Distortion Correction on Images Through Deep Learning
* Deblur-NeRF: Neural Radiance Fields from Blurry Images
* Deep Exemplar-Based Video Colorization
* Let's See Clearly: Contaminant Artifact Removal for Moving Cameras
* Microshift: An Efficient Image Compression Algorithm for Hardware
* Parallel View-Dependent Level-of-Detail Control
Includes: Sander, P.V.[Pedro V.] Sander, P.V.
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Sander, T.[Thomas] Co Author Listing * Compound color recognition via image analysis on high-throughput compound libraries

Sander, U. Co Author Listing * Representation and Analysis of Topology in Multi-Representation Databases

Sander, W.A. Co Author Listing * Quantization Error in Spatial Sampling: Comparison between Square and Hexagonal Pixels
Includes: Sander, W.A. Sander, III, W.A.

Sanderman, J.[Jonathan] Co Author Listing * Can Agricultural Management Induced Changes in Soil Organic Carbon Be Detected Using Mid-Infrared Spectroscopy?

Sanders DeMott, R.[Rebecca] Co Author Listing * Tree Species Traits Determine the Success of LiDAR-Based Crown Mapping in a Mixed Temperate Forest
Includes: Sanders DeMott, R.[Rebecca] Sanders-DeMott, R.[Rebecca]

Sanders Reed, J.N.[John N.] Co Author Listing * email: Sanders Reed, J.N.[John N.]: Jack Sanders-Reed AT boeing com
* Error Propagation in two-sensor 3D position estimation
* Impact of tracking system knowledge on multi-sensor 3D triangulation
* Maximum Likelihood Detection of Unresolved Moving Targets
* Multi-Target Tracking in Clutter
* Triangulation Position Error Analysis for Closely Spaced Imagers
Includes: Sanders Reed, J.N.[John N.] Sanders-Reed, J.N.[John N.] Sanders-Reed, J.N.

Sanders, A.[Alex] Co Author Listing * Development and validation of an artificial intelligence software for periodontal bone loss in panoramic imaging

Sanders, A.F.J.[Abram F.J.] Co Author Listing * Spaceborne Sun-Induced Vegetation Fluorescence Time Series from 2007 to 2015 Evaluated with Australian Flux Tower Measurements

Sanders, A.R.[Albert R.] Co Author Listing * Model-based feature tracking system

Sanders, B.C.S. Co Author Listing * theory of the quasi-static world, A

Sanders, C.[Charlotte] Co Author Listing * Ridge and Ravine Detection in Digital Images
* Social-Emotional Competence for the Greater Good: Exploring the Use of Serious Game, Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence to Elicit Prosocial Behaviors and Strengthen Cognitive Abilities of Youth, Adolescents and Educators: A Systematic Review
* Team MIT Urban Challenge Technical Report
Includes: Sanders, C.[Charlotte] Sanders, C.[Carrie] Sanders, C.[Chris]

Sanders, D.[Donald] Co Author Listing * Estimating Gothic facade architecture from imagery
* REVEAL intermediate report

Sanders, G.[Geoffrey] Co Author Listing * Identifying Coherent Subgraphs In Dynamic Brain Networks

Sanders, J.C. Co Author Listing * Fully Automated Data-Driven Respiratory Signal Extraction From SPECT Images Using Laplacian Eigenmaps

Sanders, J.N. Co Author Listing * Method for Determineing Filter Spacing in Assumed Velocity Filter Banks, A

Sanders, K.M.[Kenton M.] Co Author Listing * Fundus2angio: A Conditional Gan Architecture for Generating Fluorescein Angiography Images from Retinal Fundus Photography

Sanders, L.D. Co Author Listing * Image Compression by Texture Modeling in the Wavelet Domain
* Wavelet-domain texture modeling for image compression

Sanders, N.[Nathaniel] Co Author Listing * Camera-Based Energy Relaxation Framework to Minimize Color Artifacts in a Projected Display, A
* Class-Specific Color Camera Calibration with Application to Object Recognition
* Terrascope Dataset: Scripted Multi-Camera Indoor Video Surveillance with Ground-truth, The
Includes: Sanders, N.[Nathaniel] Sanders, N.

Sanders, P.[Peter] Co Author Listing * Efficient Parallel Algorithm for Graph-Based Image Segmentation, An
* Quantitative-Electrogram-Based Methods for Guiding Catheter Ablation in Atrial Fibrillation
Includes: Sanders, P.[Peter] Sanders, P.

Sanders, R.[Richard] Co Author Listing * Quantifying the Intra-Habitat Variation of Seagrass Beds with Unoccupied Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)
* Using Unoccupied Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) to Map Seagrass Cover from Sentinel-2 Imagery

Sanders, S.L.[Scott L.] Co Author Listing * Improving the Accuracy of Land Use and Land Cover Classification of Landsat Data in an Agricultural Watershed

Sanders, T.[Toby] Co Author Listing * Blind Deconvolution Using the Sure-Blur Criterion and Linear PSF Expansions
* Inpainting Versus Denoising for Dose Reduction in Scanning-Beam Microscopies
Includes: Sanders, T.[Toby] Sanders, T.

Sanders, T.G.M.[Tanja G.M.] Co Author Listing * UAV-Based Photogrammetric Tree Height Measurement for Intensive Forest Monitoring

Sanderson, A. Co Author Listing * CBCV: A CAD-Based Computer Vision System

Sanderson, A.C.[Arthur C.] Co Author Listing * Attributed Image Matching Using a Minimum Representation Size Criterion
* Comparison of Methods and Computation for Multi-Resolution Low- and Band-Pass Transforms for Image Processing, A
* Converging Squares Algorithm: An Efficient Method for Locating Peaks in Multidimensions, The
* Dynamic Sensor-Based Control of Robots with Visual Feedback
* Image Segmentation and Nucleus Classification for Automated Tissue Section Analysis
* Implementation of Automatic Focusing Algorithms for a Computer Vision System with Camera Control
* Minimal Representation Multisensor Fusion Using Differential Evolution
* Multiple Resolution Representation and Probabilistic Matching of 2-D Gray-Scale Shape
* POPEYE: A Gray-Level Vision System for Robotics Applications
* RAPIDbus, Architecture and Realization
* Segmentation of Images Based on Intensity Gradient Information
* Some Extensions of the Converging Squares Algorithm for Image Feature Analysis
* Specular Surface Inspection Using Structured Highlight and Gaussian Images
* Structured Highlight Inspection of Specular Surfaces
* Symbol Recognition in Electrical Diagrams Using Probabilistic Graph Matching
* Vision-Based Predictive Robotic Tracking of a Moving Target
* Wedge Filter Technique for Convex Boundary Estimation, The
Includes: Sanderson, A.C.[Arthur C.] Sanderson, A.C.
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Sanderson, C.[Conrad] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Sanderson, C.[Conrad]: giulio AT dist unige it
* Adaptive Patch-Based Background Modelling for Improved Foreground Object Segmentation and Tracking
* Automatic classification of Human Epithelial type 2 cell Indirect Immunofluorescence images using Cell Pyramid Matching
* Automatic Person Verification Using Speech and Face Information
* Bags of Affine Subspaces for Robust Object Tracking
* Classification of Human Epithelial type 2 cell indirect immunofluoresence images via codebook based descriptors
* Classifying and tracking multiple persons for proactive surveillance of mass transport systems
* Clustering on Grassmann manifolds via kernel embedding with application to action analysis
* Combined Learning of Salient Local Descriptors and Distance Metrics for Image Set Face Verification
* Comparison of MLP and GMM Classifiers for Face Verification on XM2VTS
* Dictionary Learning and Sparse Coding on Grassmann Manifolds: An Extrinsic Solution
* Drone-Based Autonomous Motion Planning System for Outdoor Environments under Object Detection Uncertainty
* Dynamic Amelioration of Resolution Mismatches for Local Feature Based Identity Inference
* efficient and robust sequential algorithm for background estimation in video surveillance, An
* Ensemble of furthest subspace pairs for enhanced image set matching
* Experimental Analysis of Face Recognition on Still and CCTV Images
* Exploiting Temporal Information for DCNN-Based Fine-Grained Object Classification
* Extrinsic Methods for Coding and Dictionary Learning on Grassmann Manifolds
* Face Authentication Competition on the BANCA Database
* Face authentication test on the BANCA database
* Face Processing and Frontal Face Verification
* Face Recognition from Still Images to Video Sequences: A Local-Feature-Based Framework
* Face Verification Competition on the XM2VTS Database
* Face verification using adapted generative models
* Fast features for face authentication under illumination direction changes
* Features for robust face-based identity verification
* Fine-grained bird species recognition via hierarchical subset learning
* Fine-grained classification via mixture of deep convolutional neural networks
* Graph embedding discriminant analysis on Grassmannian manifolds for improved image set matching
* Improved anomaly detection in crowded scenes via cell-based analysis of foreground speed, size and texture
* Improved Foreground Detection via Block-Based Classifier Cascade With Probabilistic Decision Integration
* Improved Image Set Classification via Joint Sparse Approximated Nearest Subspaces
* Improved Shadow Removal for Robust Person Tracking in Surveillance Scenarios
* Information Fusion and Person Verification Using Speech and Face Information
* Intelligent CCTV for Mass Transport Security: Challenges and Opportunities for Video and Face Processing
* K-tangent spaces on Riemannian manifolds for improved pedestrian detection
* Kernel analysis on Grassmann manifolds for action recognition
* Kernel analysis over Riemannian manifolds for visual recognition of actions, pedestrians and textures
* Learning-based Face Synthesis for Pose-robust Recognition from Single Image
* Likelihood normalization for face authentication in variable recording conditions
* Log-Euclidean bag of words for human action recognition
* Low-Complexity Algorithm for Static Background Estimation from Cluttered Image Sequences in Surveillance Contexts, A
* Matching image sets via adaptive multi convex hull
* Modelling local deep convolutional neural network features to improve fine-grained image classification
* MRF-Based Background Initialisation for Improved Foreground Detection in Cluttered Surveillance Videos
* Multi-Region Probabilistic Histograms for Robust and Scalable Identity Inference
* Multi-shot person re-identification via relational Stein divergence
* Noise compensation in a person verification system using face and multiple speech features
* Object tracking via non-Euclidean geometry: A Grassmann approach
* On Authorship Attribution via Markov Chains and Sequence Kernels
* On intelligent surveillance systems and face recognition for mass transport security
* On robust face recognition via sparse coding: The good, the bad and the ugly
* On the Results of the First Mobile Biometry (MOBIO) Face and Speaker Verification Evaluation
* On transforming statistical models for non-frontal face verification
* Patch-based probabilistic image quality assessment for face selection and improved video-based face recognition
* Polynomial features for robust face authentication
* Random projections on manifolds of Symmetric Positive Definite matrices for image classification
* Regression Based Non-frontal Face Synthesis for Improved Identity Verification
* Relational divergence based classification on Riemannian manifolds
* Representative feature chain for single gallery image face recognition
* Robust Features for Frontal Face Authentication in Difficult Image Conditions
* Robust Foreground Object Segmentation via Adaptive Region-Based Background Modelling
* Shadow detection: A survey and comparative evaluation of recent methods
* Sparse Coding and Dictionary Learning for Symmetric Positive Definite Matrices: A Kernel Approach
* Spatio-temporal covariance descriptors for action and gesture recognition
* Spectral Subband Centroids as Complementary Features for Speaker Authentication
* Statistical transformations of frontal models for non-frontal face verification
* Structurally noise resistant classifier for multi-modal person verification
* Subset feature learning for fine-grained category classification
* Summarisation of short-term and long-term videos using texture and colour
* Towards Miss Universe automatic prediction: The evening gown competition
* Towards Pose-Invariant 2D Face Classification for Surveillance
* Towards robust face recognition for Intelligent-CCTV based surveillance using one gallery image
* Tracking of persons for video surveillance of unattended environments
* UAV Framework for Autonomous Onboard Navigation and People/Object Detection in Cluttered Indoor Environments
* Video face matching using subset selection and clustering of probabilistic Multi-Region Histograms
Includes: Sanderson, C.[Conrad] Sanderson, C.
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Sanderson, H. Co Author Listing * Image Segmentation for Compression of Images and Image Sequences
* Region-Based Image-Coding Using Polynomial Intensity Functions

Sanderson, M.[Mark] Co Author Listing * CLEF Cross Language Image Retrieval Track (ImageCLEF) 2004, The
* Signal recognition: Fourier transform vs. Cosine transform
* Signal recognition: Fourier transform vs. Hartley transform
* study on the relevance criteria for medical images, A
Includes: Sanderson, M.[Mark] Sanderson, M.[Michael]

Sandes, N.C.[Nelson C.] Co Author Listing * Clustering ensembles: A hedonic game theoretical approach

Sandford, L. Co Author Listing * On Using Geometric Distance Fits to Estimate 3D Object Shape, Pose, and Deformation from Range, CT, and Video Images
* Using Geometric Distance Fits for 3-D Object Modeling and Recognition

Sandfort, V.[Veit] Co Author Listing * Holistic and Comprehensive Annotation of Clinically Significant Findings on Diverse CT Images: Learning From Radiology Reports and Label Ontology

Sandgaard, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * Sample-Guided Progressive Image Coding

Sandhan, T.[Tushar] Co Author Listing * Abstracted radon profiles for fingerprint recognition
* Anti-Glare: Tightly Constrained Optimization for Eyeglass Reflection Removal
* Frequencygrams and multi-feature joint sparse representation for action and gesture recognition
* Handling Imbalanced Datasets by Partially Guided Hybrid Sampling for Pattern Recognition
* Multi-task learning with over-sampled time-series representation of a trajectory for traffic motion pattern recognition
* Proximity Clustering for Revealing a Semantically Dominant Class
* Separating Particulate Matter From a Single Microscopic Image
* Simultaneous Detection and Removal of High Altitude Clouds from an Image
* Unsupervised learning approach for abnormal event detection in surveillance video by revealing infrequent patterns
* View invariant action recognition using generalized 4D features
Includes: Sandhan, T.[Tushar] Sandhan, T.
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Sandhaus, P.[Philipp] Co Author Listing * Analysing Facebook features to support event detection for photo-based Facebook applications
* Multimedia retrieval in social networks for photo book creation
* Multimedia retrieval in social networks for photo book creation

Sandhawalia, H.[Harsimrat] Co Author Listing * Data-Driven Vehicle Identification by Image Matching
* Evaluation of GIST descriptors for web-scale image search

Sandholt, I.[Inge] Co Author Listing * Diurnal and Seasonal Mapping of Water Deficit Index and Evapotranspiration by an Unmanned Aerial System: A Case Study for Winter Wheat in Denmark
* Modelling High-Resolution Actual Evapotranspiration through Sentinel-2 and Sentinel-3 Data Fusion
* Normalization of Surface Anisotropy Effects Present in SEVIRI Reflectances by Using the MODIS BRDF Method, The
* Relation between Seasonally Detrended Shortwave Infrared-Reflectance Data and Land Surface Moisture in Semi-Arid Sahel
Includes: Sandholt, I.[Inge] Sandholt, I.

Sandhu, H. Co Author Listing * Early Signs Detection of Diabetic Retinopathy Using Optical Coherence Tomography Angiography Scans Based on 3D Multi-Path Convolutional Neural Network
* Innovative 3D Adaptive Patient-Related Atlas for Automatic Segmentation of Retina Layers from Oct Images, An
* Multi-Classification of Retinal Diseases Using a Pyramidal Ensemble Deep Framework
Includes: Sandhu, H. Sandhu, H.[Harpal]

Sandhu, J.[Jaspreet] Co Author Listing * Novel 3D Imaging Systems for High-Throughput Phenotyping of Plants

Sandhu, M.[Mahtab] Co Author Listing * Motion Segmentation Using Spectral Clustering on Indian Road Scenes

Sandhu, O.[Osama] Co Author Listing * Ground-Based MAX-DOAS Observations of CHOCHO and HCHO in Beijing and Baoding, China
* Recommendations for HCHO and SO2 Retrieval Settings from MAX-DOAS Observations under Different Meteorological Conditions
* Seasonal Investigation of MAX-DOAS and In Situ Measurements of Aerosols and Trace Gases over Suburban Site of Megacity Shanghai, China

Sandhu, P.S.[Parvinder S.] Co Author Listing * Early Software Fault Prediction Using Real Time Defect Data

Sandhu, R. Co Author Listing * Coupled Global Registration and Segmentation Framework With Application to Magnetic Resonance Prostate Imagery, A
* Dependently Coupled Principal Component Analysis for Bivariate Inversion Problems
* Directionally Paired Principal Component Analysis for Bivariate Estimation Problems
* Geometric Approach To Joint 2d Region-Based Segmentation and 3D Pose Estimation Using A 3d Shape Prior, A
* Monte Carlo sampling for visual pose tracking
* Non-rigid 2D-3D pose estimation and 2D image segmentation
* Nonrigid Kernel-Based Framework for 2D-3D Pose Estimation and 2D Image Segmentation, A
* Particle filtering for registration of 2D and 3D point sets with stochastic dynamics
* Particle filters and occlusion handling for rigid 2D-3D pose tracking
* Point Set Registration via Particle Filtering and Stochastic Dynamics
* Radar-Based Shape and Reflectivity Reconstruction Using Active Surfaces and the Level Set Method
* Robust 3D Pose Estimation and Efficient 2D Region-Based Segmentation from a 3D Shape Prior
Includes: Sandhu, R. Sandhu, R.[Romeil]
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Sandhu, S.S.[Sahib Singh] Co Author Listing * Feasibility Study of Thermal Infrared Imaging for Monitoring Natural Terrain: A Case Study in Hong Kong, A

Sandhya, B. Co Author Listing * Adaptive TerraSAR-X Image Registration (AIR) Using Spatial Fisher Kernel Framework

Sandhya, M. Co Author Listing * Generating cancellable fingerprint templates based on Delaunay triangle feature set construction
* Securing fingerprint templates using fused structures
Includes: Sandhya, M. Sandhya, M.[Mulagala]

Sandi, G.[Giulia] Co Author Listing * Hypergraph isomorphism using association hypergraphs
* On Association Graph Techniques for Hypergraph Matching

Sandi, S.G.[Steven G.] Co Author Listing * NDVI Response to Satellite-Estimated Antecedent Precipitation in Dryland Pastures

Sandic Stankovic, D. Co Author Listing * DIBR synthesized image quality assessment based on morphological pyramids
Includes: Sandic Stankovic, D. Sandic-Stankovic, D.

Sandic Stankovic, D.D. Co Author Listing * Fast Blind Quality Assessment of DIBR-Synthesized Video Based on High-High Wavelet Subband
* Quality Assessment of DIBR-Synthesized Views Based on Sparsity of Difference of Closings and Difference of Gaussians
Includes: Sandic Stankovic, D.D. Sandic-Stankovic, D.D. Sandic-Stankovic, D.D.[Dragana D.]

Sandid, F.[Faten] Co Author Listing * Robust color texture descriptor for material recognition
* Texture descriptor based on local combination adaptive ternary pattern

Sandiford, S.[Sanola] Co Author Listing * Validating Salinity from SMAP and HYCOM Data with Saildrone Data during EUREC4A-OA/ATOMIC

Sandikci, S.[Selcuk] Co Author Listing * Detection of Human Groups in Videos
Includes: Sandikci, S.[Selcuk] Sandikci, S.[Selšuk]

Sandin, D. Co Author Listing * Camera Based Automatic Calibration for the Varrier-System

Sandin, D.J. Co Author Listing * common feature-based disparity control strategy in stereoscopic panorama generation, A
* Computer-generated barrier-strip autostereography
* Point-based Asynchronous Remote Visualization Framework For Real-time Virtual Reality, A
* Scalable Resolution Display Walls
Includes: Sandin, D.J. Sandin, D.J.[Daniel J.]

Sandin, F.[Fredrik] Co Author Listing * Pretraining Image Encoders without Reconstruction via Feature Prediction Loss

Sandin, S.[Sara] Co Author Listing * Using a fuzzy framework for delineation and decomposition of Immunoglobulin G in cryo electron tomographic images

Sandini, B. Co Author Listing * Systolic Convolver for Parallel, Multiresolution Edge Detection, A

Sandini, G.[Giulio] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Sandini, G.[Giulio]: giulio AT dist unige it
* 3-D Object Reconstruction Using Stereo and Motion
* Active Tracking Strategy for Monocular Depth Inference over Multiple Frames
* Active/Dynamic Stereo for Navigation
* Anthropomorphic Retina-Like Structure for Scene Analysis, An
* Cognition Helps Vision: Recognizing Biological Motion Using Invariant Dynamic Cues
* Control Strategies in the Eye-Head Coordination System
* Direct Estimation of Time-to-Impact from Optical Flow
* Direction Control for an Active Docking Behaviour based on the Rotational Component of Log-Polar Optic Flow
* Disparity Estimation on Log-Polar Images and Vergence Control
* Divergent Stereo for Robot Navigation: Learning from Bees
* Divergent Stereo in Autonomous Navigation: From Bees to Robots
* Dynamic Aspects in Active Vision
* Dynamic Stereo in Visual Navigation
* Dynamic Vergence Using Log-Polar Images
* Estimation of Depth from Motion Using an Anthropomorphic Visual Sensor
* Form-Invariant Topological Mapping Strategy for 2D Shape Recognition
* Indoor Place Recognition using Online Independent Support Vector Machines
* Learning Association Fields from Natural Images
* Learning dictionaries of kinematic primitives for action classification
* Learning to Act on Objects
* Object-based Visual Attention: a Model for a Behaving Robot
* On the Advantage of Polar and Log-Polar Mapping for Direct Estimation of Time-to-Impact from Optical Flow
* On the Estimation of Depth from Motion Using an Anthropomorphic Visual Sensor
* On-line independent support vector machines
* Parallel Computer Vision: The VIS a VIS System
* Robust Obstacle Detection Using Optical Flow
* Robust Visual Servoing in 3-D Reaching Tasks
* Role of Vision in Two-Arms Manipulation, The
* Space-Variant Approach to Oculomotor Control, A
* Towards a Theoretical Framework for Learning Multi-modal Patterns for Embodied Agents
* Uncalibrated Obstacle Detection Using Normal Flow
* Vergence and Tracking Fusing Log-Polar Images
* Vision and Space-Variant Sensing
* Vision During Action
* Vision-Based Learning Method for Pushing Manipulation, A
* Visual Behaviors for Docking
* Visually Guided Mobile Robot Acting in Indoor Environments, A
* Why Purposive Vision: Reply
Includes: Sandini, G.[Giulio] Sandini, G.
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Sandino, C.M. Co Author Listing * Compressed Sensing: From Research to Clinical Practice With Deep Neural Networks: Shortening Scan Times for Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Sandino, J.[Juan] Co Author Listing * Autonomous Detection of Mouse-Ear Hawkweed Using Drones, Multispectral Imagery and Supervised Machine Learning
* Detection of White Leaf Disease in Sugarcane Crops Using UAV-Derived RGB Imagery with Existing Deep Learning Models
* Drone-Based Autonomous Motion Planning System for Outdoor Environments under Object Detection Uncertainty
* Green Fingerprint of Antarctica: Drones, Hyperspectral Imaging, and Machine Learning for Moss and Lichen Classification, A
* UAV Framework for Autonomous Onboard Navigation and People/Object Detection in Cluttered Indoor Environments

Sandkuhler, R.[Robin] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Graph Diffusion Regularisation for Discontinuity Preserving Image Registration
* Inhomogeneous Multi-resolution Regularization Concept for Discontinuity Preserving Image Registration, An
Includes: Sandkuhler, R.[Robin] SandkŘhler, R.[Robin] (Maybe also Sandkuehler, R.)

Sandler, M. Co Author Listing * Analysis and Exploitation of Musician Social Networks for Recommendation and Discovery
* Challenge: From MPEG Intellectual Property Rights Ontologies to Smart Contracts and Blockchains, The
* Classification of origin with feature selection and network construction for folk tunes
* Decentralized Learning with Multi-Headed Distillation
* Fast Additive Sinusoidal Synthesis With a Subband Sinusoidal Method
* Fine-tuning Image Transformers using Learnable Memory
* Genre-Adaptive Semantic Computing and Audio-Based Modelling for Music Mood Annotation
* MnasNet: Platform-Aware Neural Architecture Search for Mobile
* MobileNetV2: Inverted Residuals and Linear Bottlenecks
* Moving Target Detection in Infrared Imagery Using a Regularised CDWT Optical Flow
* MPEG-M: A digital media ecosystem for interoperable applications
* MPEG-M: Multimedia Service Platform Technologies
* NetAdapt: Platform-Aware Neural Network Adaptation for Mobile Applications
* Non-Discriminative Data or Weak Model? On the Relative Importance of Data and Model Resolution
* Regularized CDWT optical flow applied to moving-target detection in IR imagery
* Scalable audio coding for compression and loss resilient streaming
* Searching for MobileNetV3
* Spotpatch: Parameter-efficient Transfer Learning for Mobile Object Detection
* Structured Multi-Hashing for Model Compression
Includes: Sandler, M. Sandler, M.[Mark]
19 for Sandler, M.

Sandler, M.B. Co Author Listing * Binary Hough Transform and Its Efficient Implementation in a Systolic Array Architecture, A
* Combinatorial Hough Transform, A
* Comparative Evaluation of Fast Thinning Algorithms on a Multiprocessor Architecture
* complete shape recognition system using the Hough transform and neural network, A
* Detecting Digital Straight Line Segments in O(n^2 )
* Effective Detection of Digital Bar Segments with Hough Transform
* Efficient Parallel Implementation of the Hough Transform on a Distributed Memory System
* Representing Modifiable and Reusable Musical Content on the Web With Constrained Multi-Hierarchical Structures
* Synchronous Multiprocessor Implementation of the Hough Transform
Includes: Sandler, M.B. Sandler, M.B.[Mark B.]
9 for Sandler, M.B.

Sandler, R.[Roman] Co Author Listing * Gabor Filter Analysis for Texture Segmentation
* Nonnegative Matrix Factorization with Earth Mover's Distance metric
* Nonnegative Matrix Factorization with Earth Mover's Distance Metric for Image Analysis
* Optimizing Gabor Filter Design for Texture Edge Detection and Classification
* Unsupervised estimation of segmentation quality using nonnegative factorization

Sandler, S.S.[Sheldon S.] Co Author Listing * Direct three-dimensional analysis of electron micrograph pictures

Sandler, U. Co Author Listing * new approach to fuzzy dynamics, A

Sandnes, F.E.[Frode Eika] Co Author Listing * Intelligent Subtitle Detection Model for Locating Television Commercials, An
Includes: Sandnes, F.E.[Frode Eika] Sandnes, F.E.[Frode-Eika]

Sandom, C.J.[Christine J.] Co Author Listing * Automatic Annotation of Images from the Practitioner Perspective
* Linear-Algebraic Technique with an Application in Semantic Image Retrieval, A
* Retrieval of Archival Moving Imagery: CBIR Outside the Frame?
* Semantic Facets: An In-Depth Analysis of a Semantic Image Retrieval System

Sandon, P.A. Co Author Listing * Control of Eye and Arm Movements Using Active, Attentional Vision
* Recognizing Off-Line Cursive Handwriting
* Segmentation of off-line cursive handwriting using linear programming
Includes: Sandon, P.A. Sandon, P.A.[Peter A.]

Sandor, C.[Christian] Co Author Listing * Imperceptible On-Screen Markers for Mobile Interaction on Public Large Displays
* Multimodal Augmented Reality: Augmenting Auditory-Tactile Feedback to Change the Perception of Thickness

Sandor, E. Co Author Listing * Computer-generated barrier-strip autostereography

Sandor, J. Co Author Listing * Statistical Pattern Matching

Sandor, S. Co Author Listing * Matching deformable atlas models to preprocessed magnetic resonance brain images
* Surface-based labeling of cortical anatomy using a deformable atlas

Sandoub, G.[Ghada] Co Author Listing * low-light image enhancement method based on bright channel prior and maximum colour channel, A

Sandoughdaran, S.[Saleh] Co Author Listing * COLI-Net: Deep learning-assisted fully automated COVID-19 lung and infection pneumonia lesion detection and segmentation from chest computed tomography images
* Differentiation of COVID-19 pneumonia from other lung diseases using CT radiomic features and machine learning: A large multicentric cohort study

Sandoval Hernandez, F.[Francisco] Co Author Listing * 2D object recognition based on curvature functions obtained from local histograms of the contour chain code
* 3D object recognition based on curvature information of planar views
* Automatic vergence control based on hierarchical segmentation of stereo pairs
* Bounded irregular pyramid: a new structure for color image segmentation
* Color-based video segmentation using interlinked irregular pyramids
* curvature-based multiresolution automatic karyotyping system, A
* Hidden Markov Model object recognition technique for incomplete and distorted corner sequences, A
* hierarchical context-based textured image segmentation algorithm for aerial images, A
* multiresolution spatiotemporal motion segmentation technique for video sequences based on pyramidal structures, A
* New Efficiency-Weighted Strategy for Continuous Human/Robot Cooperation in Navigation, A
* new pyramid-based color image representation for visual localization, A
* Non-parametric planar shape representation based on adaptive curvature functions
* Nonuniform video coding by means of multifoveal geometries
* Perception-Based Image Segmentation Using the Bounded Irregular Pyramid
* Planar shape indexing and retrieval based on Hidden Markov Models
* Pyramid segmentation algorithms revisited
* Scale-dependent hierarchical unsupervised segmentation of textured images
* Spatiotemporal video segmentation and motion estimation through irregular pyramids
Includes: Sandoval Hernandez, F.[Francisco] Sandoval Hernßndez, F.[Francisco]
18 for Sandoval Hernandez, F.

Sandoval Ibarra, F.[Federico] Co Author Listing * Real Time Hardware Accelerator for Image Filtering
Includes: Sandoval Ibarra, F.[Federico] Sandoval-Ibarra, F.[Federico]

Sandoval Rodriguez, R.[Rafael] Co Author Listing * Human Sign Recognition for Robot Manipulation
Includes: Sandoval Rodriguez, R.[Rafael] Sandoval-Rodriguez, R.[Rafael]

Sandoval Segura, P.[Pedro] Co Author Listing * Poisons that are learned faster are more effective
Includes: Sandoval Segura, P.[Pedro] Sandoval-Segura, P.[Pedro]

Sandoval, C. Co Author Listing * Robust motion detector for video surveillance applications

Sandoval, D. Co Author Listing * Touchless-to-touch fingerprint systems compatibility method

Sandoval, E.[Eduardo] Co Author Listing * Assessing the Leaf Blade Nutrient Status of Pinot Noir Using Hyperspectral Reflectance and Machine Learning Models
* Evaluation of Point Hyperspectral Reflectance and Multivariate Regression Models for Grapevine Water Status Estimation
* Evaluation of the Use of UAV-Derived Vegetation Indices and Environmental Variables for Grapevine Water Status Monitoring Based on Machine Learning Algorithms and SHAP Analysis
* Using Remote and Proximal Sensing Data and Vine Vigor Parameters for Non-Destructive and Rapid Prediction of Grape Quality

Sandoval, F.[Francisco] Co Author Listing * Adaptive fovea structures for space-variant sensors
* Algorithm for Fitting 2-D Data on the Circle: Applications to Mobile Robotics, An
* connectionist model for local speed estimation, A
* Construction of Bounded Irregular Pyramids with a Union-Find Decimation Process, The
* Corner detection and curve segmentation by multiresolution chain-code linking
* Fast gesture recognition based on a two-level representation
* Foveal Image Segmentation using Hierarchical Irregular Tessellations
* Generalization of shifted fovea multiresolution geometries applied to object detection
* Hardware architecture for hierarchical segmentation in foveal images
* Mean shift based clustering of Hough domain for fast line segment detection
* Multifoveal imager for stereo applications
* novel approach for salient image regions detection and description, A
* Real-time object tracking using bounded irregular pyramids
* Shifted fovea multiresolution geometries
* VLSI implementation of a foveal polygon segmentation algorithm
Includes: Sandoval, F.[Francisco] Sandoval, F.
15 for Sandoval, F.

Sandoval, J.S.O.[J. S. Onesimo] Co Author Listing * Cluster-Based Machine Learning Ensemble Approach for Geospatial Data: Estimation of Health Insurance Status in Missouri, A
* Spatial Analysis of the Relationship between Vegetation and Poverty, A
Includes: Sandoval, J.S.O.[J. S. Onesimo] Sandoval, J.S.O.[J. S. OnÚsimo] Sandoval, J.S.O.[J.S. OnÚsimo]

Sandoval, M.F.L.[Maria Fernanda Lopez] Co Author Listing * Land Cover Change in the Andes of Southern Ecuador: Patterns and Drivers
Includes: Sandoval, M.F.L.[Maria Fernanda Lopez] Sandoval, M.F.L.[MarÝa Fernanda Lˇpez]

Sandoval, R. Co Author Listing * Real-time mapping and navigation by fusion of multiple electro-optic sensors

Sandoval, S.[Senen] Co Author Listing * Geophysical Prospecting Using ERT and IP Techniques to Locate Galena Veins
Includes: Sandoval, S.[Senen] Sandoval, S.[SenÚn]

Sandoval, V.[Vicente] Co Author Listing * Role of Improved Ground Positioning and Forest Structural Complexity When Performing Forest Inventory Using Airborne Laser Scanning, The

Sandoval, Z. Co Author Listing * Benchmark for Algorithms Segmenting the Left Atrium From 3D CT and MRI Datasets

Sandow, C. Co Author Listing * Global Burned Area Mapping From European Satellites: The Esa Fire_cci Project

Sandoz, P. Co Author Listing * Pose Measurement at Small Scale by Spectral Analysis of Periodic Patterns
* Toward stereovisual monitoring of three-dimensional translations with submicrometer resolution
Includes: Sandoz, P. Sandoz, P.[Patrick]

Sandoz, R. Co Author Listing * Citizen Participation & Digital Tools to Improve Pedestrian Mobility In Cities

Sandrew, B.B.[Barry B.] Co Author Listing * Image sequence enhancement system and method
* Stereographic Digital Cinema: Production and Exhibition Techniques in 2012
Includes: Sandrew, B.B.[Barry B.] Sandrew, B.B.

Sandri, G.[Gustavo] Co Author Listing * Accurate Disparity Estimation for Plenoptic Images
* Compression of Plenoptic Point Clouds
* Compression of Plenoptic Point Clouds Using the Region-Adaptive Hierarchical Transform
* Point Cloud Compression Incorporating Region of Interest Coding
Includes: Sandri, G.[Gustavo] Sandri, G.

Sandri, G.P.[Gustavo P.] Co Author Listing * Integer Alternative for the Region-Adaptive Hierarchical Transform

Sandri, L.[Laura] Co Author Listing * Testing the performance of some nonparametric pattern recognition algorithms in realistic cases

Sandri, T. Co Author Listing * Land Use Classification from VHR Aerial Images Using Invariant Colour Components And Texture

Sandric, I.[Ionut] Co Author Listing * Evaporative Fluxes and Surface Soil Moisture Retrievals in a Mediterranean Setting from Sentinel-3 and the Simplified Triangle
* Individual Tree-Crown Detection and Species Classification in Very High-Resolution Remote Sensing Imagery Using a Deep Learning Ensemble Model
* Using UAV Time Series to Estimate Landslides' Kinematics Uncertainties, Case Study: Chirlesti Earthflow, Romania
* Validation And Upscaling Of Soil Moisture Satellite Products In Romania
Includes: Sandric, I.[Ionut] Sandric, I.

Sandric, I.C.[Ionut Cosmin] Co Author Listing * Using GEOBIA and Vegetation Indices to Assess Small Urban Green Areas in Two Climatic Regions

Sandrin, L. Co Author Listing * Maximum Likelihood Estimation of Shear Wave Speed in Transient Elastography

Sandrini, S.[Silvia] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Physical and Biogeochemical Control Mechanisms on Summertime Surface Carbonate System Variability in the Western Ross Sea (Antarctica) Using In Situ and Satellite Data

Sandrock, M. Co Author Listing * Automatic detection of the intimal and the adventitial layers of the common carotid artery wall in ultrasound B-mode images using snakes

Sandru, A.[Adrian] Co Author Listing * Feature-level Augmentation to Improve Robustness of Deep Neural Networks to Affine Transformations
* SuPEr-SAM: Using the Supervision Signal from a Pose Estimator to Train a Spatial Attention Module for Personal Protective Equipment Recognition

Sandryhaila, A.[Aliaksei] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Multiresolution Approach to Fingerprint Recognition, An

Sands, G.B.[Gregory B.] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Location-Dependent Cardiomyocyte Branching
* Field-Based Parameterisation of Cardiac Muscle Structure from Diffusion Tensors
* Image-Based Model of Atrial Anatomy and Electrical Activation: A Computational Platform for Investigating Atrial Arrhythmia
* Microstructural Remodelling and Mechanics of Hypertensive Heart Disease
* Three-Dimensional Quantification of Myocardial Collagen Morphology from Confocal Images
Includes: Sands, G.B.[Gregory B.] Sands, G.B.

Sands, O.S. Co Author Listing * Pattern Representations and Syntactic Classification of Radar Measurements of Commercial Aircraft

Sandstrom, E.[Erik] Co Author Listing * Catastrophic Child's Play: Easy to Perform, Hard to Defend Adversarial Attacks
* Learning Online Multi-Sensor Depth Fusion
* Point-SLAM: Dense Neural Point Cloud-based SLAM
* UncLe-SLAM: Uncertainty Learning for Dense Neural SLAM
Includes: Sandstrom, E.[Erik] Sandstr÷m, E.[Erik] (Maybe also Sandstroem, E.)

Sandu, I.[Irina] Co Author Listing * Satellite and In Situ Observations for Advancing Global Earth Surface Modelling: A Review

Sandu, I.C.[Ionut Catalin] Co Author Listing * Unstructured Object Matching using Co-Salient Region Segmentation
Includes: Sandu, I.C.[Ionut Catalin] Sandu, I.C.[Ionut-Catalin]

Sandven, S. Co Author Listing * Classification of Sea Ice Types in ENVISAT Synthetic Aperture Radar Images
* Efficient Thermal Noise Removal for Sentinel-1 TOPSAR Cross-Polarization Channel
* Sea Ice Drift Tracking From Sequential SAR Images Using Accelerated-KAZE Features

Sandweg, A. Co Author Listing * Guideweb: a conceptually infrastructure-free vehicle navigation system

Sandwell, D.T. Co Author Listing * Accuracy and Resolution of ALOS Interferometry: Vector Deformation Maps of the Father's Day Intrusion at Kilauea
* Tectonic and Anthropogenic Deformation at the Cerro Prieto Geothermal Step-Over Revealed by Sentinel-1A InSAR
* Toward Absolute Phase Change Recovery With InSAR: Correcting for Earth Tides and Phase Unwrapping Ambiguities
* Unique Role of the Jason Geodetic Missions for high Resolution Gravity Field and Mean Sea Surface Modelling, The
Includes: Sandwell, D.T. Sandwell, D.T.[David T.]

Sandygulova, A.[Anara] Co Author Listing * Continuous Sign Language Recognition with Iterative Spatiotemporal Fine-tuning

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