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Zha, B.[Bing] Co Author Listing * Map-Based Temporally Consistent Geolocalization through Learning Motion Trajectories

Zha, C.[Cheng] Co Author Listing * Spectral Features Based on Local Hu Moments of Gabor Spectrograms for Speech Emotion Recognition

Zha, H. Co Author Listing * 3-D Shapes Modeling Which Has Hierarchical Structure Based on B-spline Surfaces with Non-uniform Knots
* Active Modeling of 3D Objects: Planning on the Next Best Pose (NBP) for Acquiring Range Images
* Anatomical structure similarity estimation by random forest
* Camera Calibration from Periodic Motion of a Pedestrian
* Coarse-to-Fine Vision-Based Localization by Indexing Scale-Invariant Features
* Consistency-Driven Alternating Optimization for Multigraph Matching: A Unified Approach
* Deep Comprehensive Correlation Mining for Image Clustering
* Direct Adversarial Attack on Stego Sandwiched Between Black Boxes
* Essential Tensor Learning for Multi-View Spectral Clustering
* FC-vSLAM: Integrating Feature Credibility in Visual SLAM
* Fractal Dimension Invariant Filtering and Its CNN-Based Implementation
* Image Super-Resolution via Residual Block Attention Networks
* Improving Children's Gaze Prediction via Separate Facial Areas and Attention Shift Cue
* Improving Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Remote Sensing-Based Rice Nitrogen Nutrition Index Prediction with Machine Learning
* Laser-Scanner-Based Approach Toward Driving Safety and Traffic Data Collection, A
* Learning to Detect Anomalies in Surveillance Video
* Local Supports Global: Deep Camera Relocalization With Sequence Enhancement
* Multiscale Semilocal Interpolation With Antialiasing
* Probabilistic Inference for Occluded and Multiview On-road Vehicle Detection
* Radial Lens Distortion Correction by Adding a Weight Layer with Inverted Foveal Models to Convolutional Neural Networks
* RDCFace: Radial Distortion Correction for Face Recognition
* Recognition of Infants' Gaze Behaviors and Emotions
* Scalable Monocular SLAM by Fusing and Connecting Line Segments with Inverse Depth Filter
* Scene-Adaptive Off-Road Detection Using a Monocular Camera
* Simple Yet Effective Pipeline For Radial Distortion Correction, A
* Spatially Consistent Supervoxel Correspondences of Cone-Beam Computed Tomography Images
* Specialized gaze estimation for children by convolutional neural network and domain adaptation
* Spectral Multimodal Hashing and Its Application to Multimedia Retrieval
* Three Orthogonal Vanishing Points Estimation in Structured Scenes Using Convolutional Neural Networks
* Volumetric reconstruction of craniofacial structures from 2D lateral cephalograms by regression forest
Includes: Zha, H. Zha, H.[Hua] Zha, H.[Hainie]
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Zha, H.B.[Hong Bin] Co Author Listing * 3-D Object Recognition from Range Images by Using a Model-Based Hopfield-Style Matching Algorithm
* 3D Line Drawing for Archaeological Illustration
* 3D line drawing for archaeological illustration
* 3D model retrieval based on 2D slice similarity measurements
* Adaptive feature-spatial representation for Mean-shift tracker
* Affine correspondence based head pose estimation for a sequence of images by using a 3D model
* Anomaly Detection via Local Coordinate Factorization and Spatio-Temporal Pyramid
* Automatic Object Cosegmentation in Sparse Multiview Images
* Automatic registration of range images based on correspondence of complete plane patches
* Bayesian Approach to Uncertainty-Based Depth Map Super Resolution, A
* Beyond Tracking: Selecting Memory and Refining Poses for Deep Visual Odometry
* Boundary-aware Graph Convolution for Semantic Segmentation
* Camera Calibration Using Principal-Axes Aligned Conics
* Camera Calibration Using Vertical Lines
* Camera Pose Determination From a Single View of Parallel Lines
* Camera Resectioning from Image Edges with the L_inf-Norm Using Linear Programming
* Canonicalized central absolute moment for edge-based color constancy
* CDP Mixture Models for Data Clustering
* Collaborative Mean Shift Tracking Based on Multi-Cue Integration and Auxiliary Objects
* Combining Interest Points and Edges for Content-based Image Retrieval
* Computations on a spherical view space for efficient planning of viewpoints in 3-D object modeling
* Computer-Assisted Archaeological Line Drawing
* Continuous-Time Stereo Visual Odometry Based on Dynamics Model
* Contour canonical form: an efficient intrinsic embedding approach to matching non-rigid 3D objects
* Convenient reconstruction of natural plants by images
* Correlation-Based Facade Parsing Using Shape Grammar
* Crease Detection on Noisy Meshes via Probabilistic Scale Selection
* Creating a face model from an unknown skull based on the tissue map
* Decomposition of branching volume data by tip detection
* Detection and Tracking of Moving Objects at Intersections Using a Network of Laser Scanners
* Determining Orientation, Location and Size of Primitive Surfaces by a Modified Hough Transformation Technique
* Digital Longmen Project: A Free Walking VR System with Image-Based Restoration
* Direct least square fitting of ellipsoids
* Document image retrieval based on density distribution feature and key block feature
* Dynamic Control of Mesh LODs (levels of Detail) by Using a Multiresolution Mesh Data Structure
* Dynamic gaze-controlled levels of detail of polygonal objects in 3-D environment modeling
* easy viewer for out-of-core visualization of huge point-sampled models, An
* Edge Enhanced Direct Visual Odometry
* Efficient detection of projected concentric circles using four intersection points on a secant line
* Efficient Method for the Detection of Projected Concentric Circles, An
* Efficient Topological Localization Using Orientation Adjacency Coherence Histograms
* Ellipse-specific fitting by relaxing the 3L constraints with semidefinite programming
* Face Denoising and 3D Reconstruction from A Single Depth Image
* Facial feature estimation from the local structural diversity of skulls
* Fan-meshes: a geometric primitive for point-based description of 3D models and scenes
* Fast Algorithm for Multidimensional Ellipsoid-Specific Fitting by Minimizing a New Defined Vector Norm of Residuals Using Semidefinite Programming, A
* fast narrow band method and its application in topology-adaptive 3-D modeling, A
* Fisheye Lenses Calibration Using Straight-Line Spherical Perspective Projection Constraint
* Fusion of Detection and Matching Based Approaches for Laser Based Multiple People Tracking
* Fusion of low-and high-dimensional approaches by trackers sampling for generic human motion tracking
* G-FAN: Graph-Based Feature Aggregation Network for Video Face Recognition
* Gaze Estimation in Children's Peer-Play Scenarios
* Generalizing to the Open World: Deep Visual Odometry with Online Adaptation
* Geometric Interpretations of the Relation between the Image of the Absolute Conic and Sphere Images
* Geometric properties of multiple reflections in catadioptric camera with two planar mirrors
* Global and local isometry-invariant descriptor for 3D shape comparison and partial matching
* Guided Feature Selection for Deep Visual Odometry
* Hybrid Scene Reconstruction by Integrating Scan Data and Stereo Image Pairs
* Identical Projective Geometric Properties of Central Catadioptric Line Images and Sphere Images with Applications to Calibration
* Image-based plant modeling by knowing leaves from their apexes
* Imposing Differential Constraints on Radial Distortion Correction
* Incoherent dictionary learning for sparse representation
* Interactive modeling of 3D facial expressions with hierarchical Gaussian process latent variable models
* Interpreting Sphere Images Using the Double-Contact Theorem
* Intrinsic Spin Images: A subspace decomposition approach to understanding 3D deformable shapes
* Joint estimation of head pose and visual focus of attention
* Joint Learning-Based Method for Multi-view Depth Map Super Resolution, A
* L1-norm global geometric consistency for partial-duplicate image retrieval
* Laser-based detection and tracking of multiple people in crowds
* Learning Robust Similarity Measures for 3D Partial Shape Retrieval
* Levels of detail control based on correlation analysis between surface position and direction
* Linear Approaches to Camera Calibration from Sphere Images or Active Intrinsic Calibration Using Vanishing Points
* Low Rank Global Geometric Consistency for Partial-Duplicate Image Search
* Modeling of Tree Branches by Bayesian Network Structure Inference
* Monocular Pedestrian Tracking from a Moving Vehicle
* Multi-modal tracking of people using laser scanners and video camera
* Multi-Resolution Surface Description of 3-D Objects by Shape-Adaptive Triangular Meshes
* Multi-scale creases detection on noisy meshes
* Multiple View Based Building Modeling with Multi-box Grammar
* Next best viewpoint (NBV) planning for active object modeling based on a learning-by-showing approach
* Novel Linear Approach to Camera Calibration from Sphere Images, A
* On-Road Vehicle Tracking Using Part-Based Particle Filter
* One-Shot Scanning Using a Color Stripe Pattern
* online approach: Learning-Semantic-Scene-by-Tracking and Tracking-by-Learning-Semantic-Scene, An
* Online Learning of a Probabilistic and Adaptive Scene Representation
* Optimizing kd-trees for scalable visual descriptor indexing
* Perspective-3-Point Problem When Using a Planar Mirror, The
* Position-aware and Symmetry Enhanced GAN for Radial Distortion Correction
* Probabilistic Detection-based Particle Filter for Multi-target Tracking
* PSDF Fusion: Probabilistic Signed Distance Function for On-the-fly 3D Data Fusion and Scene Reconstruction
* Qamface: Quadratic Additive Angular Margin Loss For Face Recognition
* Radial distortion correction from a single image of a planar calibration pattern using convex optimization
* Radial lens distortion correction using cascaded one-parameter division model
* Random-sampling-based spatial-temporal feature for consumer video concept classification
* Realistic human head modeling with multi-view hairstyle reconstruction
* Recognizing 3-D Objects by Using a Hopfield-Style Optimization Algorithm for Matching Patch Based Descriptions
* Recognizing and Locating a Known Object from Multiple Images
* Reconstruction regularized low-rank subspace learning for cross-modal retrieval
* Recurrent Squeeze-and-Excitation Context Aggregation Net for Single Image Deraining
* Recursive Fitting-and-Splitting Algorithm for 3-D Object Modeling Using Superquadrics, A
* Regularization-Based 3-D Object Modeling from Multiple Range Images
* Riemannian Manifold Learning
* Riemannian Manifold Learning for Nonlinear Dimensionality Reduction
* Robust 3D face reconstruction from single noisy depth image through semantic consistency
* Robust consistent correspondence between 3D non-rigid shapes based on Dual Shape-DNA
* Robust human tracking based on multi-cue integration and mean-shift
* Robust Matrix Factorization by Majorization Minimization
* Robust Tracking of Multiple People in Crowds Using Laser Range Scanners
* Salient object detection for searched web images via global saliency
* Sandwich Cut: An Algorithm for Temporally-Coherent Video Bilayer Segmentation
* Self-Calibration of Catadioptric Camera with Two Planar Mirrors from Silhouettes
* Self-Supervised Deep Visual Odometry With Online Adaptation
* Sequential Adversarial Learning for Self-Supervised Deep Visual Odometry
* Shape Interaction Matrix-Based Affine Invariant Mismatch Removal for Partial-Duplicate Image Search, The
* Shape Topics: A Compact Representation and New Algorithms for 3D Partial Shape Retrieval
* Similarity-Aware Patchwork Assembly for Depth Image Super-resolution
* Simplification of Fan-Meshes Models for Fast Rendering of Large 3D Point-Sampled Scenes
* Simultaneous Vanishing Point Detection and Camera Calibration from Single Images
* Single View Metrology Along Orthogonal Directions
* Skew detection for complex document images using robust borderlines in both text and non-text regions
* Sorted Random Projections for robust texture classification
* Spatial consistency based selective reranking for content based object retrieval
* Special issue on 3-D image analysis and modeling
* Streaming transmission of point-sampled geometry based on view-dependent level-of-detail
* Streaming video object segmentation with the adaptive coherence factor
* Structure-aware SLAM with planes and lines in man-made environment
* Structure-Sensitive Superpixels via Geodesic Distance
* Supervised Kernel Descriptors for Visual Recognition
* Surface models based on face hierarchies and dynamic control of the model LODs
* Surface Recovery by Using Regularization Theory and Its Application to Multiresolution Analysis
* Synchronized Ego-Motion Recovery of Two Face-to-Face Cameras
* Thickness histogram and statistical harmonic representation for 3D model retrieval
* Topology-Adaptive Modeling of Objects by a Level Set Method with Multi-Level Stopping Conditions
* Tracking Generic Human Motion via Fusion of Low- and High-Dimensional Approaches
* Trinary-Projection Trees for Approximate Nearest Neighbor Search
* Unsupervised Image Matching Based on Manifold Alignment
* Unsupervised Random Forest Manifold Alignment for Lipreading
* Using Sphere Images for Calibrating Fisheye Cameras under the Unified Imaging Model of the Central Catadioptric and Fisheye Cameras
* Vanishing point detection using cascaded 1D Hough Transform from single images
* Video Based Children's Social Behavior Classification in Peer-Play Scenarios
* Vision Based Speech Animation Transferring with Underlying Anatomical Structure
* Vision-Based Multiple Interacting Targets Tracking via On-Line Supervised Learning
* Visyllable-specific facial transition motion embedding and extraction
Includes: Zha, H.B.[Hong Bin] Zha, H.B.[Hong-Bin] Zha, H.B.
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Zha, H.Y.[Hong Yuan] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Manifold Learning
* Adversarial steganography based on sparse cover enhancement
* AutoMix: Mixup Networks for Sample Interpolation via Cooperative Barycenter Learning
* constrained clustering based approach for matching a collection of feature sets, A
* Detection Based Defense Against Adversarial Examples From the Steganalysis Point of View
* Discrete hyper-graph matching
* Efficient Block Noise Removal Based on Nonlinear Manifolds
* Graduated Consistency-Regularized Optimization for Multi-graph Matching
* Heterogeneous Graph-based Knowledge Transfer for Generalized Zero-shot Learning
* Inferring user image-search goals by mining query logs with semi-supervised spectral clustering
* Inferring User Image-Search Goals Under the Implicit Guidance of Users
* Inferring users' image-search goals with pseudo-images
* Interpolating fine textures with fields of experts prior
* Iterative Learning with Open-set Noisy Labels
* Joint Active Learning with Feature Selection via CUR Matrix Decomposition
* Joint Optimization for Consistent Multiple Graph Matching
* Local smoothing for manifold learning
* Manifold Based Dynamic Texture Synthesis from Extremely Few Samples
* Manifold Based Face Synthesis from Sparse Samples
* Matrix Decomposition Perspective to Multiple Graph Matching, A
* MREKLM: A fast multiple empirical kernel learning machine
* Multi-Graph Matching via Affinity Optimization with Graduated Consistency Regularization
* Multi-task learning to rank for web search
* On the Convergence of Graph Matching: Graduated Assignment Revisited
* Protein Interaction Inference as a MAX-SAT Problem
* Spectral Clustering for Robust Motion Segmentation
* Spectral methods for semi-supervised manifold learning
* STFlow: Self-Taught Optical Flow Estimation Using Pseudo Labels
* Support vector clustering combined with spectral graph partitioning
* Unsupervised learning of optical flow with patch consistency and occlusion estimation
* Unsupervised Trajectory Clustering via Adaptive Multi-kernel-Based Shrinkage
* VSB2-Net: Visual-Semantic Bi-Branch Network for Zero-Shot Hashing
Includes: Zha, H.Y.[Hong Yuan] Zha, H.Y.[Hong-Yuan] Zha, H.Y.[Hong-Yue]
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Zha, J.[Juan] Co Author Listing * Online visual tracking via correlation filter with convolutional networks

Zha, J.Q.[Jing Qiang] Co Author Listing * Autonomous Vehicle Trajectory Following: A Flatness Model Predictive Control Approach With Hardware-in-the-Loop Verification
Includes: Zha, J.Q.[Jing Qiang] Zha, J.Q.[Jing-Qiang]

Zha, K.[Kaiwen] Co Author Listing * Deep RNN Framework for Visual Sequential Applications
* Human Action Adverb Recognition: ADHA Dataset and a Three-Stream Hybrid Model
* Super-Resolution Reconstruction Algorithm of Target Image Based on Learning Background
Includes: Zha, K.[Kaiwen] Zha, K.

Zha, L. Co Author Listing * Integrated Dilemma Zone Protection System Using Connected Vehicle Technology, An
* Non-Local Hierarchical Residual Network for Single Image Super-Resolution
* NTIRE 2020 Challenge on Perceptual Extreme Super-Resolution: Methods and Results
* Tumour localisation in ultrasound-guided high-intensity focused ultrasound ablation using improved gradient and direction vector flow
Includes: Zha, L. Zha, L.[Lin] Zha, L.[Li]

Zha, L.L.[Ling Ling] Co Author Listing * Remote Sensing of Atmospheric Hydrogen Fluoride (HF) over Hefei, China with Ground-Based High-Resolution Fourier Transform Infrared (FTI
Includes: Zha, L.L.[Ling Ling] Zha, L.L.[Ling-Ling]

Zha, M.J.[Ming Jun] Co Author Listing * Efficient energy management strategy for hybrid electric vehicles/plug-in hybrid electric vehicles: review and recent advances under intelligent transportation system
Includes: Zha, M.J.[Ming Jun] Zha, M.J.[Ming-Jun]

Zha, Q.[Quanxing] Co Author Listing * NTIRE 2021 NonHomogeneous Dehazing Challenge Report

Zha, R. Co Author Listing * Multi-Components Low Dimensional Manifold Model For Photonlimited Poisson Noisy Image Reconstruction
* PlückerNet: Learn to Register 3D Line Reconstructions¨
Includes: Zha, R. Zha, R.[Ruyi]

Zha, S.[Sheng] Co Author Listing * Question Type Guided Attention in Visual Question Answering

Zha, S.X.[Sheng Xin] Co Author Listing * Exploiting Image-trained CNN Architectures for Unconstrained Video Classification
* Hierarchical bilevel image compression based on cutset sampling
* Hierarchical Lossy Bilevel Image Compression Based on Cutset Sampling
* hybrid Markov random field model for bilevel cutset reconstruction, A
* Only Time Can Tell: Discovering Temporal Data for Temporal Modeling
* Pattern-based k-level cutset reconstruction
* SF-net: Single-frame Supervision for Temporal Action Localization
Includes: Zha, S.X.[Sheng Xin] Zha, S.X.[Sheng-Xin]
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Zha, W.J.[Wen Jin] Co Author Listing * Back projection: An effective postprocessing method for GAN-based face sketch synthesis
Includes: Zha, W.J.[Wen Jin] Zha, W.J.[Wen-Jin]

Zha, W.S.[Wen Shu] Co Author Listing * Deep CNN for removal of salt and pepper noise
Includes: Zha, W.S.[Wen Shu] Zha, W.S.[Wen-Shu]

Zha, X.W. Co Author Listing * Taxi-RS: Taxi-Hunting Recommendation System Based on Taxi GPS Data

Zha, X.X.[Xiao Xiong] Co Author Listing * Documentation of Nantou City Wall in Shenzhen by Digital Close Range Photogrammetry and Surface Fitting
* Laser Scanning Techniques and Safety Analysis for Nantou City Wall
Includes: Zha, X.X.[Xiao Xiong] Zha, X.X.[Xiao-Xiong]

Zha, Y.[Yufei] Co Author Listing * ACFT: adversarial correlation filter for robust tracking
* Aerosol Indices Derived from MODIS Data for Indicating Aerosol-Induced Air Pollution
* Decline in Transparency of Lake Hongze from Long-Term MODIS Observations: Possible Causes and Potential Significance
* Deep Position-Sensitive Tracking
* Electrified Vehicles and the Smart Grid: The ITS Perspective
* Evaluation of MODIS Land Cover and LAI Products in Cropland of North China Plain Using In Situ Measurements and Landsat TM Images
* Hyperspectral sensing of heavy metals in soil and vegetation: Feasibility and challenges
* Joint Identification-Verification Model for Visual Tracking
* Joint Sparsity-Based Imaging and Motion Error Estimation for BFSAR
* Online Scale Adaptive Visual Tracking Based on Multilayer Convolutional Features
* Retrieval of High Temporal Resolution Aerosol Optical Depth Using the GOCI Remote Sensing Data
* Robust Visual Tracking based on Adversarial Unlabeled Instance Generation with Label Smoothing Loss Regularization
* Satellite-Based Spatiotemporal Trends of Canopy Urban Heat Islands and Associated Drivers in China's 32 Major Cities
* SiamDA: Dual attention Siamese network for real-time visual tracking
Includes: Zha, Y.[Yufei] Zha, Y.[Yong] Zha, Y. Zha, Y.[Yabing]
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Zha, Y.F.[Yu Fei] Co Author Listing * Boosting Discriminative Model for Moving Cast Shadow Detection, A
* Ensemble Tracking Based on Diverse Collaborative Framework With Multi-Cue Dynamic Fusion
* Graph-based transductive learning for robust visual tracking
* Learning complex background by multi-scale discriminative model
* Learning weighted hashing on local structured data
* Multi-scale mean shift tracking
* Multiple Instance Models Regression for Robust Visual Tracking
* novel multi-loss-based deep adversarial network for handling challenging cases in semi-supervised image semantic segmentation, A
* Online Semantic Subspace Learning with Siamese Network for UAV Tracking
* Robust visual tracking based on product sparse coding
* Robust visual tracking based on watershed regions
* Visual tracking based on semantic and similarity learning
Includes: Zha, Y.F.[Yu Fei] Zha, Y.F.[Yu-Fei]
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Zha, Z. Co Author Listing * 3D CNN-Based Soma Segmentation from Brain Images at Single-Neuron Resolution
* Adaptive Pooling in Multi-instance Learning for Web Video Annotation
* Bidirectional Attention-Recognition Model for Fine-Grained Object Classification
* ContourNet: Taking a Further Step Toward Accurate Arbitrary-Shaped Scene Text Detection
* Deep Multiple-Attribute-Perceived Network for Real-World Texture Recognition
* Domain-Aware Visual Bias Eliminating for Generalized Zero-Shot Learning
* Fast Uyghur Text Detector for Complex Background Images, A
* Group Sparsity Residual Constraint With Non-Local Priors for Image Restoration
* Hierarchical Optimization Model On Geonetwork
* Iterative Context-Aware Graph Inference for Visual Dialog
* Joint Learning of Labels and Distance Metric
* JPEG Artifacts Reduction via Deep Convolutional Sparse Coding
* Learning Rich Part Hierarchies With Progressive Attention Networks for Fine-Grained Image Recognition
* Making History Matter: History-Advantage Sequence Training for Visual Dialog
* Multi-Scale Spatial-Temporal Attention Model for Person Re-Identification in Videos, A
* Nonconvex Weighted L_p Minimization Based Group Sparse Representation Framework for Image Denoising
* Object Relational Graph With Teacher-Recommended Learning for Video Captioning
* Parsing-Based View-Aware Embedding Network for Vehicle Re-Identification
* Real-World Person Re-Identification via Degradation Invariance Learning
* Self-Supervised Domain-Aware Generative Network for Generalized Zero-Shot Learning
* Sketchpointnet: A Compact Network for Robust Sketch Recognition
* State-Relabeling Adversarial Active Learning
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Zha, Z.J.[Zheng Jun] Co Author Listing * Accurate Segmentation of Synaptic Cleft with Contour Growing Concatenated with a Convnet
* Adaptive Alignment Network for Person Re-identification
* Adaptive Learning for Celebrity Identification With Video Context
* Adaptive Reconstruction Network for Weakly Supervised Referring Expression Grounding
* Adaptive Transfer Network for Cross-Domain Person Re-Identification
* Adversarial Attribute-Text Embedding for Person Search With Natural Language Query
* Attribute-Assisted Reranking Model for Web Image Search, An
* Beyond Text QA: Multimedia Answer Generation by Harvesting Web Information
* Camera Lens Super-Resolution
* Co-occurrent Structural Edge Detection for Color-Guided Depth Map Super-Resolution
* Collaborative Q-Learning Based Routing Control in Unstructured P2P Networks
* Comparative Deep Learning of Hybrid Representations for Image Recommendations
* Context-Reinforced Semantic Segmentation
* Deep Degradation Prior for Low-Quality Image Classification
* Deep Palette-based Color Decomposition for Image Recoloring with Aesthetic Suggestion
* Deep Residual Attention Network for Spectral Image Super-Resolution
* Deep Structure-Revealed Network for Texture Recognition
* Detecting Group Activities With Multi-Camera Context
* Difficulty Guided Image Retrieval Using Linear Multiple Feature Embedding
* Diversity-induced weighted classifier ensemble learning
* Domain-Oriented Semantic Embedding for Zero-Shot Learning
* Event Driven Web Video Summarization by Tag Localization and Key-Shot Identification
* Exploiting Web Images for Semantic Video Indexing Via Robust Sample-Specific Loss
* Frank-Wolfe Network: An Interpretable Deep Structure for Non-Sparse Coding
* generalized least-squares approach regularized with graph embedding for dimensionality reduction, A
* generalized multi-dictionary least squares framework regularized with multi-graph embeddings, A
* Graph-based semi-supervised learning with multiple labels
* Group-aware Label Transfer for Domain Adaptive Person Re-identification
* Interactive Video Indexing With Statistical Active Learning
* joint appearance-spatial distance for kernel-based image categorization, A
* Joint multi-label multi-instance learning for image classification
* Joint Sketch-attribute Learning for Fine-grained Face Synthesis
* Learning and Fusing Multiple User Interest Representations for Micro-Video and Movie Recommendations
* Learning Compact Appearance Representation for Video-Based Person Re-Identification
* Learning to Assemble Neural Module Tree Networks for Visual Grounding
* Less is More: Efficient 3-D Object Retrieval With Query View Selection
* Light Field Super-Resolution with Zero-Shot Learning
* Locally regressive G-optimal design for image retrieval
* Looking for the Devil in the Details: Learning Trilinear Attention Sampling Network for Fine-Grained Image Recognition
* MiCT: Mixed 3D/2D Convolutional Tube for Human Action Recognition
* Multi-Objective Matrix Normalization for Fine-Grained Visual Recognition
* Mutually Attentive Co-Training Framework for Semi-Supervised Recognition, A
* Near-Duplicate Video Retrieval Through Toeplitz Kernel Partial Least Squares
* Neuronal Population Reconstruction From Ultra-Scale Optical Microscopy Images via Progressive Learning
* One-Shot Texture Retrieval Using Global Grouping Metric
* Parallel Lasso for Large-Scale Video Concept Detection
* Partial-Duplicate Image Retrieval via Saliency-Guided Visual Matching
* PIRM2018 Challenge on Spectral Image Super-Resolution: Methods and Results
* PRRNet: Pixel-Region relation network for face forgery detection
* R-Net: A Relationship Network for Efficient and Accurate Scene Text Detection
* Real-World Image Denoising with Deep Boosting
* Rethinking Graph Neural Architecture Search from Message-passing
* Robust (Semi) Nonnegative Graph Embedding
* Robust Non-negative Graph Embedding: Towards noisy data, unreliable graphs, and noisy labels
* Self-Promoted Prototype Refinement for Few-Shot Class-Incremental Learning
* Semantic-Based Location Recommendation With Multimodal Venue Semantics
* Semantic-Gap-Oriented Active Learning for Multilabel Image Annotation
* ShotTagger: tag location for internet videos
* SLiKER: Sparse loss induced kernel ensemble regression
* Spatial-Temporal Correlation and Topology Learning for Person Re-Identification in Videos
* Spatiotemporal Fusion in 3D CNNs: A Probabilistic View
* Structure-Guided Deep Video Inpainting
* Structured Multi-Level Interaction Network for Video Moment Localization via Language Query
* Successive Graph Convolutional Network for Image De-raining
* Towards Human-Level License Plate Recognition
* Unified Scheme for Super-Resolution and Depth Estimation From Asymmetric Stereoscopic Video, A
* Utilizing Related Samples to Enhance Interactive Concept-Based Video Search
* Utilizing related samples to learn complex queries in interactive concept-based video search
* Video Browser Showdown by NUS
* Visual Object Tracking via Guessing and Matching
* Visual-Textual Joint Relevance Learning for Tag-Based Social Image Search
* Weakly Supervised Neuron Reconstruction From Optical Microscopy Images With Morphological Priors
Includes: Zha, Z.J.[Zheng Jun] Zha, Z.J.[Zheng-Jun] Zha, Z.J.
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Zha, Z.Y.[Zhi Yuan] Co Author Listing * Benchmark for Sparse Coding: When Group Sparsity Meets Rank Minimization, A
* Comparative Study for the Nuclear Norms Minimization Methods, A
* Compressed sensing image reconstruction via adaptive sparse nonlocal regularization
* From Rank Estimation to Rank Approximation: Rank Residual Constraint for Image Restoration
* Image denoising using group sparsity residual and external nonlocal self-similarity prior
* Image Restoration Using Joint Patch-Group-Based Sparse Representation
* Image Restoration via Reconciliation of Group Sparsity and Low-Rank Models
* Image Restoration via Simultaneous Nonlocal Self-Similarity Priors
* Power Of Triply Complementary Priors For Image Compressive Sensing, The
* Simultaneous Nonlocal Self-Similarity Prior for Image Denoising
* Triply Complementary Priors for Image Restoration
Includes: Zha, Z.Y.[Zhi Yuan] Zha, Z.Y.[Zhi-Yuan]
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