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Iqbal, A. Co Author Listing * alpha-Divergence-Based Approach for Robust Dictionary Learning, An
* Application of Hyperspectral Thermal Emission Spectrometer (Hytes) Data For Hyspiri Optimal Band Positioning to Characterize Surface Minerals
* Approach for Sequential Dictionary Learning in Nonuniform Noise, An
* Basis Expansion Approaches for Regularized Sequential Dictionary Learning Algorithms With Enforced Sparsity for fMRI Data Analysis
* Cascaded filtering for fingerprint identification using random projections
* CSMSDL: A common sequential dictionary learning algorithm for multi-subject FMRI data sets analysis
* Design and Development of an Image Processing Based Adaptive Traffic Control System with GSM Interface
* Enhancing Temporal Action Localization with Transfer Learning from Action Recognition
* Learning dictionaries from correlated data: Application to fMRI data analysis
* Level Selector Network for Optimizing Accuracy-Specificity Trade-Offs
* NeuralNetwork-Viterbi: A Framework for Weakly Supervised Video Learning
* Open Set Domain Adaptation for Image and Action Recognition
* Recurrent Residual Learning for Action Recognition
* Sequential Dictionary Learning From Correlated Data: Application to fMRI Data Analysis
* Weakly Supervised Action Learning with RNN Based Fine-to-Coarse Modeling
Includes: Iqbal, A. Iqbal, A.[Atif] Iqbal, A.[Asim] Iqbal, A.[Ahsan]
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Iqbal, F. Co Author Listing * Learning Stylometric Representations for Authorship Analysis
* Poppy Crop Height and Capsule Volume Estimation from a Single UAS Flight
* Real time texture classification using field programmable gate arrays
* Study of Children Facial Recognition for Privacy in Smart TV, A
Includes: Iqbal, F. Iqbal, F.[Faheem] Iqbal, F.[Farkhund]

Iqbal, I.[Imran] Co Author Listing * Deep learning-based automated detection of human knee joint's synovial fluid from magnetic resonance images with transfer learning
* GPM-Based Multitemporal Weighted Precipitation Analysis Using GPM_IMERGDF Product and ASTER DEM in EDBF Algorithm
* Near Surface Velocity Estimation Using GPR Data: Investigations by Numerical Simulation, and Experimental Approach with AVO Response
Includes: Iqbal, I.[Imran] Iqbal, I.[Ibrar]

Iqbal, I.A.[Irfan A.] Co Author Listing * Comparison of ALS and Dense Photogrammetric Point Clouds for Individual Tree Detection in Radiata Pine Plantations, A

Iqbal, I.M.[Iram M.] Co Author Listing * Identifying the Spectral Signatures of Invasive and Native Plant Species in Two Protected Areas of Pakistan through Field Spectroscopy

Iqbal, J. Co Author Listing * Automatic inspection system using machine vision
* Human activity recognition using 2D skeleton data and supervised machine learning
* Investigation of Cryosphere Dynamics Variations In the Upper Indus Basin Using Remote Sensing and GIS
* MLSL: Multi-Level Self-Supervised Learning for Domain Adaptation with Spatially Independent and Semantically Consistent Labeling
* Modeling and Simulation of Glacier Avalanche: A Case Study of Gayari Sector Glaciers Hazards Assessment
* Performance and energy-efficient implementation of a smart city application on FPGAs
* trend pattern assessment approach to microarray gene expression profiling data analysis, A
* Watch Out for the Tailings Pond, a Sharp Edge Hanging over Our Heads: Lessons Learned and Perceptions from the Brumadinho Tailings Dam Failure Disaster
* Weakly-supervised domain adaptation for built-up region segmentation in aerial and satellite imagery
Includes: Iqbal, J. Iqbal, J.[Javaid] Iqbal, J.[Javed] Iqbal, J.[Javeed]
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Iqbal, K.[Khalid] Co Author Listing * Effective text localization in natural scene images with MSER, geometry-based grouping and AdaBoost
* Noise Sensitive Trajectory Planning for MR Guided TAVI
* Performance of select color-difference formulas in the blue region
* Retinal Images: Optic Disk Localization and Detection
Includes: Iqbal, K.[Khalid] Iqbal, K.[Kamran] Iqbal, K.

Iqbal, M.[Mansoor] Co Author Listing * CAD: concatenated action descriptor for one and two person(s), using silhouette and silhouette's skeleton
* deep learning approach for face recognition based on angularly discriminative features, A
* Discovering Style Trends Through Deep Visually Aware Latent Item Embeddings
* Dynamic Wireless Information and Power Transfer Scheme for Nano-Empowered Vehicular Networks
* Learning feature fusion strategies for various image types to detect salient objects
* Mitigation of Azimuth Ambiguities in Spaceborne Stripmap SAR Images Using Selective Restoration
* Robust and computationally efficient online image stabilisation framework based on adaptive dual motion vector integration
* Robust, Resilient and Reliable Architecture for V2X Communications
* Unification of image fusion and super-resolution using jointly trained dictionaries and local information contents
* vessel segmentation technique for retinal images, A
Includes: Iqbal, M.[Mansoor] Iqbal, M. Iqbal, M.[Muddesar] Iqbal, M.[Muhammad] Iqbal, M.[Mahboob] Iqbal, M.[Mehwish]
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Iqbal, M.A.[Muhammad Amjad] Co Author Listing * Boosted NNE collections for multicultural facial expression recognition

Iqbal, M.I.[Muhammad Imran] Co Author Listing * framework for error protection of region of interest coded images and videos, A

Iqbal, M.J. Co Author Listing * Automatic Image Segmentation Based on Maximal Similarity Based Region Merging

Iqbal, M.N.[Muhammad Naveed] Co Author Listing * Enhanced interval type-2 fuzzy c-means algorithm with improved initial center
* modified interval type-2 fuzzy C-means algorithm with application in MR image segmentation, A

Iqbal, M.R.A. Co Author Listing * Wind turbine fault prediction using soft label SVM

Iqbal, M.S.[Muhammad Shakaib] Co Author Listing * Coconut trees detection and segmentation in aerial imagery using mask region-based convolution neural network
* Effect of Link-Level Variations of Connected Vehicles (CV) Proportions on the Accuracy and Reliability of Travel Time Estimation
Includes: Iqbal, M.S.[Muhammad Shakaib] Iqbal, M.S.

Iqbal, M.T.[Mohammad T.] Co Author Listing * Stereo Vision Based Self-localization of Autonomous Mobile Robots

Iqbal, M.T.B. Co Author Listing * adaptive fusion scheme of color and edge features for background subtraction, An
* Structural pattern-based approach for Betacam dropout detection in degraded archived media
Includes: Iqbal, M.T.B. Iqbal, M.T.B.[Md. Tauhid Bin]

Iqbal, M.Z. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Fusion-Based 3D Keypoint Detection for RGB Point Clouds
* Describing contrast across scales
* Dual-Stream Multi-Path Recursive Residual Network for JPEG Image Compression Artifacts Reduction
* Flexible Deep CNN Framework for Image Restoration, A
* Fuzzy logic and histogram of normal orientation-based 3D keypoint detection for point clouds
Includes: Iqbal, M.Z. Iqbal, M.Z.[Muhammad Zafar]

Iqbal, N. Co Author Listing * Array Processing in Microseismic Monitoring: Detection, Enhancement, and Localization of Induced Seismicity
* Bayesian Approach to Face Hallucination Using DLPP and KRR, A
* new technique for geometry based visual depth estimation for uncalibrated camera, A
Includes: Iqbal, N. Iqbal, N.[Naveed]

Iqbal, O. Co Author Listing * Design and FPGA Implementation of an Adaptive video Subsampling Algorithm for Energy-Efficient Single Object Tracking

Iqbal, Q.[Qasim] Co Author Listing * Applying Perceptual Grouping to Content-based Image Retrieval: Building Images
* Combining structure, color and texture for image retrieval: A performance evaluation
* Image Retrieval via Isotropic and Anisotropic Mappings
* Lower Level and Higher Level Approaches to Content-Based Image Retrieval
* Perceptual Grouping for Image Retrieval and Classification
* Retrieval by classification of images containing large manmade objects using perceptual grouping
* Using Structure in Content-based Image Retrieval
Includes: Iqbal, Q.[Qasim] Iqbal, Q.
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Iqbal, R.[Romaina] Co Author Listing * Analysis of OpenStreetMap Data Quality at Different Stages of a Participatory Mapping Process: Evidence from Slums in Africa and Asia
* Comparison of Multi-Year Reanalysis, Models, and Satellite Remote Sensing Products for Agricultural Drought Monitoring over South Asian Countries
* CRT-BIoV: A Cognitive Radio Technique for Blockchain-Enabled Internet of Vehicles
* Ensemble Approach to Robust Biometrics Fusion, An
* Hierarchical Spatial-Temporal State Machine for Vehicle Instrument Cluster Manufacturing
* Joint Intra and Multiple Description Coding for Packet Loss Resilient Video Transmission
* Redundancy Allocation Based on the Weighted Mismatch-Rate Slope for Multiple Description Video Coding
* Remote Sensing Indices for Spatial Monitoring of Agricultural Drought in South Asian Countries
* Validation of GOSAT and OCO-2 against In Situ Aircraft Measurements and Comparison with CarbonTracker and GEOS-Chem over Qinhuangdao, China
Includes: Iqbal, R.[Romaina] Iqbal, R.[Rashid] Iqbal, R.[Razi] Iqbal, R.[Raja] Iqbal, R.[Rahat] Iqbal, R.
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Iqbal, R.N.[Rao Naveed] Co Author Listing * Groupwise Shape Registration on Raw Edge Sequence via A Spatio-Temporal Generative Model
* Image Matching Using Distance Transform
* Wide baseline stereo based on background modeling

Iqbal, S.[Sajid] Co Author Listing * Automatic medical image interpretation: State of the art and future directions
* Efficient fingerprint matching using GPU
* Lightweight Hyperspectral Mapping System and Photogrammetric Processing Chain for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, A
Includes: Iqbal, S.[Sajid] Iqbal, S.[Shahzaib] Iqbal, S.[Shahzad]

Iqbal, S.M. Co Author Listing * Volume estimation of apple fruits using image processing

Iqbal, T.[Talha] Co Author Listing * Coconut trees detection and segmentation in aerial imagery using mask region-based convolution neural network
* High-Capacity Invisible Background Encoding for Digital Authentication of Hardcopy Documents
* Method for Automatic Detection of Psychomotor Entrainment, A
Includes: Iqbal, T.[Talha] Iqbal, T.[Taswar] Iqbal, T.

Iqbal, U.[Umar] Co Author Listing * dual-source approach for 3D human pose estimation from single images, A
* Dual-Source Approach for 3D Pose Estimation from a Single Image, A
* Enhancing breast pectoral muscle segmentation performance by using skip connections in fully convolutional network
* Few-Shot Adaptive Gaze Estimation
* Hand Pose Estimation via Latent 2.5D Heatmap Regression
* Measuring Generalisation to Unseen Viewpoints, Articulations, Shapes and Objects for 3d Hand Pose Estimation Under Hand-object Interaction
* Multi-person Pose Estimation with Local Joint-to-Person Associations
* Novel Multi-Level Integrated Navigation System for Challenging GNSS Environments, A
* Pose for Action-Action for Pose
* PoseTrack: A Benchmark for Human Pose Estimation and Tracking
* PoseTrack: Joint Multi-person Pose Estimation and Tracking
* Pseudoranges Error Correction in Partial GPS Outages for a Nonlinear Tightly Coupled Integrated System
* Self-Supervised Viewpoint Learning From Image Collections
* Weakly Supervised 3d Hand Pose Estimation via Biomechanical Constraints
* Weakly-Supervised 3D Human Pose Learning via Multi-View Images in the Wild
Includes: Iqbal, U.[Umar] Iqbal, U.[Uzair] Iqbal, U.
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Iqbal, Z.[Zahid] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Distillation for Decentralized Learning from Heterogeneous Clients
* Remote Sensing-Based Mapping of Senescent Leaf C:N Ratio in the Sundarbans Reserved Forest Using Machine Learning Techniques
Includes: Iqbal, Z.[Zahid] Iqbal, Z.[Zaheer]

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