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Ship Detection Based on yolov2 for SAR Imagery
Technology for Automatically Counting Bus Passenger Based on yolov2 and MIL Algorithm, A
two-stage real-time yolov2-based road marking detector with lightweight spatial transformation-invariant classification, A
User-interactive salient object detection using yolov2, lazy snapping, and gabor filters

Arithmetic Evaluation System Based on Mixnet-yolov3 and CRNN Neural Networks
Automatic Detection of Timber-cracks In Wooden Architectural Heritage Using yolov3 Algorithm
Coal gangue detection and recognition algorithm based on deformable convolution yolov3
Compression of yolov3 via Block-Wise and Channel-Wise Pruning for Real-Time and Complicated Autonomous Driving Environment Sensing Applications
Deep Learning for Detecting and Classifying Ocean Objects: Application of yolov3 for Iceberg-Ship Discrimination
Depthwise Separable Convolutions and Variational Dropout within the context of yolov3
Detection and Localization of Traffic Lights Using yolov3 and Stereo Vision
Detection of Collapsed Buildings in Post-Earthquake Remote Sensing Images Based on the Improved yolov3
Effect of Annotation Errors on Drone Detection with yolov3
Efficient and Scene-Adaptive Algorithm for Vehicle Detection in Aerial Images Using an Improved yolov3 Framework, An
Gaussian yolov3: An Accurate and Fast Object Detector Using Localization Uncertainty for Autonomous Driving
Human Fall Detection Algorithm Based on yolov3
Improved Recognition Method Based on yolov3-45k for Refrigerator Item Images, An
Improved yolov3 Based on Attention Mechanism for Fast and Accurate Ship Detection in Optical Remote Sensing Images
Light-yolov3: License Plate Detection in Multi-Vehicle Scenario
Low-Altitude Remote Sensing Opium Poppy Image Detection Based on Modified yolov3
Marine Biometric Recognition Algorithm Based on yolov3-GAN Network
Remote Sensing Image Target Detection: Improvement of the yolov3 Model with Auxiliary Networks
SA-yolov3: An Efficient and Accurate Object Detector Using Self-Attention Mechanism for Autonomous Driving
Spring Point Detection of High Resolution Image Based on yolov3
yolov3-Based Matching Approach for Roof Region Detection from Drone Images
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Detail texture detection based on yolov4-tiny combined with attention mechanism and bicubic interpolation
Exploring the power of lightweight yolov4
high-performance insulators location scheme based on yolov4 deep learning network with GDIoU loss function, A
Scaled-yolov4: Scaling Cross Stage Partial Network
Traffic sign detection algorithm based on improved yolov4-Tiny

Application of an Improved yolov5 Algorithm in Real-Time Detection of Foreign Objects by Ground Penetrating Radar
ASFF-yolov5: Multielement Detection Method for Road Traffic in UAV Images Based on Multiscale Feature Fusion
Automatic Extraction of Damaged Houses by Earthquake Based on Improved yolov5: A Case Study in Yangbi
Automatic Mapping of Karez in Turpan Basin Based on Google Earth Images and the yolov5 Model
Fast ship detection based on lightweight yolov5 network
Gesture recognition based on modified yolov5s
Improving yolov5 with Attention Mechanism for Detecting Boulders from Planetary Images
Innovative Vision System for Floor-Cleaning Robots Based on yolov5, An
Lite-yolov5: A Lightweight Deep Learning Detector for On-Board Ship Detection in Large-Scene Sentinel-1 SAR Images
Method for Designated Target Anti-Interference Tracking Combining yolov5 and SiamRPN for UAV Tracking and Landing Control, A
Method for Identifying Litchi Picking Position Based on yolov5 and PSPNet
Real-Time Apple Targets Detection Method for Picking Robot Based on Improved yolov5, A
Real-time automatic helmet detection of motorcyclists in urban traffic using improved yolov5 detector
Real-Time Ground-Level Building Damage Detection Based on Lightweight and Accurate yolov5 Using Terrestrial Images
Real-Time Underwater Maritime Object Detection in Side-Scan Sonar Images Based on Transformer-yolov5
Swin-Transformer-Enabled yolov5 with Attention Mechanism for Small Object Detection on Satellite Images
TPH-yolov5: Improved YOLOv5 Based on Transformer Prediction Head for Object Detection on Drone-Captured Scenarios
TPH-yolov5: Improved YOLOv5 Based on Transformer Prediction Head for Object Detection on Drone-Captured Scenarios
Two-Stage Low-Altitude Remote Sensing Papaver Somniferum Image Detection System Based on yolov5s+DenseNet121, A
Wheat Spike Detection Method in UAV Images Based on Improved yolov5, A
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