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Paul Gilloteaux, P.[Perrine] Co Author Listing * Registration Error Estimation Framework for Correlative Imaging, A
Includes: Paul Gilloteaux, P.[Perrine] Paul-Gilloteaux, P.[Perrine]

Paul Limoges, E.[Eugenie] Co Author Listing * Empirical insights on the use of sun-induced chlorophyll fluorescence to estimate short-term changes in crop transpiration under controlled water limitation
* First Assessment of the 2018 European Drought Impact on Ecosystem Evapotranspiration, A
Includes: Paul Limoges, E.[Eugenie] Paul-Limoges, E.[Eugenie] Paul-Limoges, E.[Eugénie]

Paul, A.[Angshuman] Co Author Listing * Calculation of phase fraction in steel microstructure images using random forest classifier
* Color Based Image Segmentation and its Application to Text Segmentation, A
* Content-based image retrieval using the combination of the fast wavelet transformation and the colour histogram
* Deep Learning-Based Drivers Emotion Classification System in Time Series Data for Remote Applications
* Design and fabrication of a teleoperated explorer mobile robot
* Detail preserving conditional random field as 2-D RNN for gland segmentation in histology images
* Deterministic dropout for deep neural networks using composite random forest
* Discriminative Autoencoder
* Generalized Zero-Shot Chest X-Ray Diagnosis Through Trait-Guided Multi-View Semantic Embedding With Self-Training
* Gland segmentation from histology images using informative morphological scale space
* Gradient-based edge detection for motion estimation in H.264/AVC
* Improved Random Forest for Classification
* Intensity Gradient Technique for Efficient Intra-Prediction in H.264/AVC
* Missing Data Imputation for Geolocation-based Price Prediction Using KNN-MCF Method
* Mitosis Detection for Invasive Breast Cancer Grading in Histopathological Images
* Morphological dilation image coding with context weights prediction
* Plateau limit-based tri-histogram equalisation for image enhancement
* Reinforced quasi-random forest
* Segmentation and Classification-Based Diagnosis of Tumors From Breast Ultrasound Images Using Multibranch Unet
* Semantically Aligned Bias Reducing Zero Shot Learning
* Semi-automated tracking of muscle satellite cells in brightfield microscopy video
* Shape Based Speckle Removal for Ultrasound Image Segmentation
* Transfer Learning Based on Logistic Regression
* Uncertain clustering algorithms based on rough and fuzzy sets for real-time image segmentation
* Vehicular traffic optimisation and even distribution using ant colony in smart city environment
Includes: Paul, A.[Angshuman] Paul, A.[Amitav] Paul, A. Paul, A.[Anand] Paul, A.[Abhisek] Paul, A.[Akanksha]
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Paul, A.K.[Anjan Kumar] Co Author Listing * Face detection for video summary using illumination-compensation and morphological processing
* Reconstruction of gene network through Backward Elimination based Information-Theoretic Inference with Maximal Information Coefficient
Includes: Paul, A.K.[Anjan Kumar] Paul, A.K.

Paul, A.M. Co Author Listing * Study on Image Enhancement Techniques for Fingerprint Identification, A

Paul, B.[Bishmoy] Co Author Listing * Artifact: A Large-Scale Dataset With Artificial And Factual Images For Generalizable And Robust Synthetic Image Detection
* Ship identification from SAR image using novel deep learning method with reduced false prediction
Includes: Paul, B.[Bishmoy] Paul, B.[Binu]

Paul, B.B. Co Author Listing * Fractal-based compression of motion video sequences
* Hierarchical motion estimation with 2-scale tilings

Paul, B.K.[Bimal Kanti] Co Author Listing * Quantitative Framework for Analyzing Spatial Dynamics of Flood Events: A Case Study of Super Cyclone Amphan, A

Paul, C. Co Author Listing * Fast Edge Thinning Operator, A

Paul, D.[Deleglise] Co Author Listing * conditional random field approach for face identification in broadcast news using overlaid text, A
* Evolutionary multi-objective optimization based overlapping subspace clustering
* Implicit Annealing in Kernel Spaces: A Strongly Consistent Clustering Approach
* PCA in High Dimensions: An Orientation
* VISTA: Visual Interpretation System for Technical Applications - Architecture and Use
Includes: Paul, D.[Deleglise] Paul, D.[Dipanjyoti] Paul, D.[Debolina] Paul, D.

Paul, D.B. Co Author Listing * Extracting identifying contours for African elephants and humpback whales using a learned appearance model

Paul, E. Co Author Listing * Target segmentation and event detection at video-rate: The EAGLE project

Paul, E.H.[Edwin H.] Co Author Listing * System for extracting shape features from an image
Includes: Paul, E.H.[Edwin H.] Paul, Jr., E.H.[Edwin H.]

Paul, F.[Frank] Co Author Listing * 2015 Surge of Hispar Glacier in the Karakoram, The
* Circum-Arctic Changes in the Flow of Glaciers and Ice Caps from Satellite SAR Data between the 1990s and 2017
* Fusion of Multi-Source Satellite Data and DEMs to Create a New Glacier Inventory for Novaya Zemlya
* Glacier Remote Sensing Using Sentinel-2. Part II: Mapping Glacier Extents and Surface Facies, and Comparison to Landsat 8
* On the Automated Mapping of Snow Cover on Glaciers and Calculation of Snow Line Altitudes from Multi-Temporal Landsat Data
* REAPER: Reprocessing 12 Years of ERS-1 and ERS-2 Altimeters and Microwave Radiometer Data
* Repeat Glacier Collapses and Surges in the Amney Machen Mountain Range, Tibet, Possibly Triggered by a Developing Rock-Slope Instability
* Salinity Pilot-Mission Exploitation Platform (Pi-MEP): A Hub for Validation and Exploitation of Satellite Sea Surface Salinity Data, The
Includes: Paul, F.[Frank] Paul, F. Paul, F.[Frédéric]
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Paul, G. Co Author Listing * Bayesian Framework for the Analog Reconstruction of Kymographs From Fluorescence Microscopy Data, A
* conditional random field approach for face identification in broadcast news using overlaid text, A
* Coupling Image Restoration and Segmentation: A Generalized Linear Model/Bregman Perspective
* Discrete Region Competition for Unknown Numbers of Connected Regions
* Modeling Framework for Deriving Daily Time Series of Evapotranspiration Maps Using a Surface Energy Balance Model, A
* Modeling Point Spread Function in Fluorescence Microscopy With a Sparse Gaussian Mixture: Tradeoff Between Accuracy and Efficiency
* Reproducible Classification of Infarct Heterogeneity Using Fuzzy Clustering on Multicontrast Delayed Enhancement Magnetic Resonance Images
* Towards closing the gap in weakly supervised semantic segmentation with DCNNs: Combining local and global models
Includes: Paul, G. Paul, G.[Gay] Paul, G.[Grégory] Paul, G.[George]
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Paul, G.C.[Gour Chandra] Co Author Listing * Tripartite sub-image histogram equalization for slightly low contrast gray-tone image enhancement

Paul, G.V.[George V.] Co Author Listing * Gesture-controlled interfaces for self-service machines and other applications
* Real-time head tracking system for computer games and other applications

Paul, H.[Hannibal] Co Author Listing * Long-Range 3D Reconstruction Based on Flexible Configuration Stereo Vision Using Multiple Aerial Robots

Paul, H.A. Co Author Listing * Image-Directed Robotic System For Precise Orthopedic-Surgery, An

Paul, I. Co Author Listing * Two-Dimensional IIR Filter Design with Magnitude and Phase Error Criteria

Paul, J.[Jan] Co Author Listing * Quasi-Random Single-Point Imaging Using Low-Discrepancy k-Space Sampling
* Real-time motion detection based on SW/HW-codesign for walking rescue robots
* Segment based co-factor detection and elimination for effective gait recognition
* Signal Acquisition Setup for Ultrashort Echo Time Imaging Operating in Parallel on Unmodified Clinical MRI Scanners Achieving an Acquisition Delay of 3-mu-s, A
* Small Surrogate for the Golden Angle in Time-Resolved Radial MRI Based on Generalized Fibonacci Sequences, A
Includes: Paul, J.[Jan] Paul, J.[Johny] Paul, J.

Paul, J.C.[Jean Claude] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Geometry Compression Based on 4-Point Interpolatory Subdivision Schemes
* Constrained Delaunay Triangulation Using Delaunay Visibility
* Feature-aware natural texture synthesis
* Iterative Methods for Visualization of Implicit Surfaces On GPU
* Manifold-ranking based retrieval using k-regular nearest neighbor graph
* Optimal Parameterizations of Bézier Surfaces
* Perspective-aware texture analysis and synthesis
* Review on Recent Patents in Texture Synthesis
* SimLocator: robust locator of similar objects in images
* Surface area estimation of digitized 3D objects using quasi-Monte Carlo methods
Includes: Paul, J.C.[Jean Claude] Paul, J.C.[Jean-Claude]
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Paul, J.S.[Joseph Suresh] Co Author Listing * Diffusion sensitivity enhancement filter for raw DWIs
* Magnetic resonance scan-time reduction using echo prediction
* MR image enhancement using an extended neighborhood filter
* New Insights into Image Processing of Cortical Blood Flow Monitors Using Laser Speckle Imaging
* Partial Fourier reconstruction using subspace projection
* Speckle image analysis of cortical blood flow and perfusion using temporally derived contrasts
* SWI post processing using granularity controlled edge-preserved denoising of multichannel GRE images
Includes: Paul, J.S.[Joseph Suresh] Paul, J.S.[Joseph S.] Paul, J.S.
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Paul, K.C.[Kanai C.] Co Author Listing * Binary genetic algorithm-based pattern LUT for grayscale digital half-toning
* Binary grayscale halftone pattern generation using binary artificial bee colony (bABC)
* Grayscale digital halftoning using BPSO-GA combined optimization technique
* Towards optimized binary pattern generation for grayscale digital halftoning: A binary particle swarm optimization (BPSO) approach

Paul, K.S.[Krishnendu Sekhar] Co Author Listing * HF Noise Characteristics over Cyprus
* Travelling Ionospheric Disturbance Direction of Propagation Detection Using Swarm A-C In-Situ Electron Density

Paul, L.[Lynn] Co Author Listing * Discriminative Few Shot Learning of Facial Dynamics in Interview Videos for Autism Trait Classification

Paul, L.C. Co Author Listing * RF absorption in biological tissue at varying distances and angles and rapport to tissue impedance

Paul, M.[Manoranjan] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Paul, M.[Manoranjan]: mpaul AT csu edu au
* Adaptive fusion of human visual sensitive features for surveillance video summarization
* Adversarial feature distribution alignment for semi-supervised learning
* Affective Video Events Summarization Using EMD Decomposed EEG Signals (EDES)
* Analysis of Human Engagement Behaviour Using Descriptors from Human Feedback, Eye Tracking, and Saliency Modelling, An
* Automated Detection of Animals in Low-Resolution Airborne Thermal Imagery
* Automatic Retinal Vessel Extraction Algorithm
* Block-wise Authentication and Recovery Scheme for Medical Images Focusing on Content Complexity
* Boosting Sensitivity of a Retinal Vessel Segmentation Algorithm with Convolutional Neural Network
* Centroid Algorithm for Stabilization of Turbulence-Degraded Underwater Videos, A
* Commonality Modeling Framework for Enhanced Video Coding Leveraging on the Cuboidal Partitioning Based Representation of Frames, A
* Comparison between H.264/AVC and Motion jpeg2000 for super-high definition video coding
* Contrast normalization steps for increased sensitivity of a retinal image segmentation method
* Correction of geometrically distorted underwater images using shift map analysis
* Depth Sequence Coding With Hierarchical Partitioning and Spatial-Domain Quantization
* Direct Intermode Selection for H.264 Video Coding Using Phase Correlation
* Disocclusion filling for depth-based view synthesis with adaptive utilization of temporal correlations
* Disparity-adjusted 3D multi-view video coding with dynamic background modelling
* Dynamic Point Cloud Compression Approach Using Hexahedron Segmentation
* Dynamic Point Cloud Geometry Compression using Cuboid based Commonality Modeling Framework
* Early diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease: A multi-class deep learning framework with modified k-sparse autoencoder classification
* Edge Aware Commonality Modeling based Reference Frame for 360 Degree Video Coding
* Efficient Coding of Depth Map by Exploiting Temporal Correlation
* Efficient Compression of Hyperspectral Images Using Optimal Compression Cube and Image Plane
* Efficient Mode Selection Prior to the Actual Encoding for H.264/AVC Encoder, An
* Efficient Scalable 360-degree Video Compression Scheme using 3D Cuboid Partitioning
* Efficient Video Coding Considering a Video as a 3D Data Cube
* Efficient video coding using optimal compression plane and background modelling
* Efficient Video Semantic Segmentation with Labels Propagation and Refinement
* Enhanced Just Noticeable Difference (JND) estimation with image decomposition
* Enhancing Automated Defect Detection in Collagen Based Manufacturing by Employing a Smart Machine Vision Technique
* Explore and Model Better I-Frames for Video Coding
* Fast Coding Strategy for HEVC by Motion Features and Saliency Applied on Difference Between Successive Image Blocks
* Fast Intermode Selection for HEVC Video Coding Using Phase Correlation
* Features of ICU Admission In X-Ray Images of Covid-19 Patients
* First Visual Object Tracking Segmentation VOTS2023 Challenge Results, The
* Foreground motion and spatial saliency-based efficient HEVC Video Coding
* Free view-point video synthesis using Gaussian Mixture Modelling
* Fusion of Foreground Object, Spatial and Frequency Domain Motion Information for Video Summarization
* Human-Machine Collaborative Video Coding Through Cuboidal Partitioning
* Hybrid Adaptive Prediction Mechanisms with Multilayer Propagation Neural Network for Hyperspectral Image Compression
* Hyperspectral image coding using Spectral Prediction Modelling in HEVC coding framework
* Hyperspectral image compression approaches: opportunities, challenges, and future directions: discussion
* Identifying Individual Nutrient Deficiencies of Grapevine Leaves Using Hyperspectral Imaging
* Improved depth coding for HEVC focusing on depth edge approximation
* Improved Gaussian mixtures for robust object detection by adaptive multi-background generation
* Joint texture and depth map coding for error-resilient 3-D video transmission
* Just Noticeable Difference for Images With Decomposition Model for Separating Edge and Textured Regions
* Learned Block-Based Hybrid Image Compression
* Long-Term Reference Frame for Hierarchical B-Picture-Based Video Coding, A
* Lossless Hyperspectral Image Compression Using Binary Tree Based Decomposition
* McFIS in hierarchical bipredictve pictures-based video coding for referencing the stable area in a scene
* novel angle-restricted test zone search algorithm for performance improvement of HEVC, A
* novel depth motion vector coding exploiting spatial and inter-component clustering tendency, A
* Novel No-reference Subjective Quality Metric for Free Viewpoint Video Using Human Eye Movement, A
* Novel Quality Metric Using Spatiotemporal Correlational Data of Human Eye Maneuver, A
* Novel Virtual View Quality Enhancement Technique through a Learning of Synthesised Video, A
* On Stable Dynamic Background Generation Technique Using Gaussian Mixture Models for Robust Object Detection
* Optimal Compression Plane for Efficient Video Coding
* Pattern based video coding with uncovered background
* QMET: A new quality assessment metric for no-reference video coding by using human eye traversal
* Rain Streak Removal with Well-recovered Moving Objects from Video Sequences Using Photometric Correlation
* Rate-Distortion Modeling for Bit Rate Constrained Point Cloud Compression
* Rate-Distortion Optimal Joint Texture and Depth Map Coding for 3-D Video Streaming
* real time generic variable pattern selection algorithm for very low bit-rate video coding, A
* Real-Time Pattern Selection Algorithm for Very Low Bit-Rate Video Coding Using Relevance and Similarity Metrics, A
* Residue Number System Hardware Design of Fast-Search Variable-Motion-Estimation Accelerator for HEVC/H.265, A
* Retinal blood vessel extraction method based on basic filtering schemes
* Robust Visual Tracking by Segmentation
* Role of Image Contrast Enhancement Technique for Ophthalmologist as Diagnostic Tool for Diabetic Retinopathy
* Spatial and Motion Saliency Prediction Method Using Eye Tracker Data for Video Summarization
* Summarizing Surveillance Video by Saliency Transition and Moving Object Information
* Tenth Visual Object Tracking VOT2022 Challenge Results, The
* Threshold-free pattern-based low bit rate video coding
* Transforming Model Prediction for Tracking
* Two dimensional Singular Value Decomposition (2D-SVD) based video coding
* Two-Step Discrete Cosine Basis Oriented Motion Modeling Approach for Enhanced Motion Compensation, A
* Video Coding Focusing on Block Partitioning and Occlusion
* Video Summarization Using Geometric Primitives
* View Synthesised Prediction with Temporal Texture Synthesis for Multi-View Video
* Virtual View Synthesis for Free Viewpoint Video and Multiview Video Compression using Gaussian Mixture Modelling
Includes: Paul, M.[Manoranjan] Paul, M.[Matthieu] Paul, M.
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Paul, M.K. Co Author Listing * Alternating-Stereo VINS: Observability Analysis and Performance Evaluation

Paul, N.[Norbert] Co Author Listing * Comparing G-maps with other topological data structures
* On-line restoration for turbulence degraded video in nuclear power plant reactors
* Realistic Film Noise Generation Based on Experimental Noise Spectra
* Scanning Electron Microscope image segmentation method for steam generator fouling rate estimation, A
Includes: Paul, N.[Norbert] Paul, N.[Nicolas] Paul, N.

Paul, N.S.[Narinder S.] Co Author Listing * Subband-dependent compressed sensing in local CT reconstruction

Paul, O.[Ovi] Co Author Listing * Novel Disaster Image Data-set and Characteristics Analysis using Attention Model, A

Paul, P. Co Author Listing * AI-Based Visual Aid With Integrated Reading Assistant for the Completely Blind, An
* Augmented Virtuality Based on Stereoscopic Reconstruction in Multimodal Image-Guided Neurosurgery: Methods and Performance Evaluation
* Comparison of face detection and image classification for detecting front seat passengers in vehicles
* Deep learning architectures for domain adaptation in HOV/HOT lane enforcement
* Device for estimation of movement
* Driver Cell Phone Usage Detection from HOV/HOT NIR Images
* Estimating Gaze Direction of Vehicle Drivers Using a Smartphone Camera
* Factors Influencing Psycophysically Valid Taxonomies of Image Texture
* new node splitting measure for decision tree construction, A
* Novel 3D Imaging Systems for High-Throughput Phenotyping of Plants
* Passenger Compartment Violation Detection in HOV/HOT Lanes
Includes: Paul, P. Paul, P.[Peter] Paul, P.[Phillppe] Paul, P.[Pallath] Paul, P.[Puneet]
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Paul, P.K.[Pranesh Kumar] Co Author Listing * Quantifying the Impacts of Anthropogenic Activities and Climate Variations on Vegetation Productivity Changes in China from 1985 to 2015

Paul, P.P. Co Author Listing * Decision Fusion for Multimodal Biometrics Using Social Network Analysis
* DTW-based kernel and rank-level fusion for 3D gait recognition using Kinect
* Evolutionary fusion of local texture patterns for facial expression recognition
* Situation awareness of cancelable biometric system
* User Recognition From Social Behavior in Computer-Mediated Social Context
Includes: Paul, P.P. Paul, P.P.[Padma Polash]

Paul, R.[Richard] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Urban Land Surface Temperature and Vertical City Associated with Dengue Incidences
* Computer Representation of Simply Described Scenes, The
* Finding the Maximum Empty Axis-parallel Rectangular Annulus
* Largest Area Parallelogram Inside a Digital Object in a Triangular Grid
* Robotics Research: The First International Symposium
* study on validating non-linear dimensionality reduction using persistent homology, A
* Topological features in addition to radiomics signature predict 1P19Q status and tumor grade in low-grade gliomas
Includes: Paul, R.[Richard] Paul, R. Paul, R.[Raina] Paul, R.[Rahul]
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Paul, R.F.[Robert F.] Co Author Listing * Spatiotemporal Derivation of Intermittent Ponding in a Maize-Soybean Landscape from Planet Labs CubeSat Images

Paul, R.K.[Ranjit Kumar] Co Author Listing * Machine Learning Techniques for Phenology Assessment of Sugarcane Using Conjunctive SAR and Optical Data

Paul, R.V. Co Author Listing * Nested random phase sequence sets: a link between AM-FM demodulation and increasing operators with application to cardiac image analysis

Paul, S.[Soumava] Co Author Listing * Addressing Target Shift in Zero-shot Learning using Grouped Adversarial Learning
* Automatic optical-to-SAR image registration using a structural descriptor
* Bi-spectral higher order statistics and time-frequency domain features for arithmetic task classification from EEG signals
* Connecting the Dots: Detecting Adversarial Perturbations Using Context Inconsistency
* Context-Aware Query Selection for Active Learning in Event Recognition
* Deterministic Policy Gradient Based Robotic Path Planning with Continuous Action Spaces
* Domain Adaptive Semantic Segmentation Using Weak Labels
* Efficient selection of informative and diverse training samples with applications in scene classification
* Exploiting Transitivity for Learning Person Re-identification Models on a Budget
* Exploiting Typicality for Selecting Informative and Anomalous Samples in Videos
* Fast and Accurate Quantized Camera Scene Detection on Smartphones, Mobile AI 2021 Challenge: Report
* Feature selection for linear SVM with provable guarantees
* High-resolution optical-to-SAR image registration using mutual information and SPSA optimisation
* Impact of Typicality for Informative Representative Selection, The
* Improved Training for 3D Point Cloud Classification
* Learning Person Re-Identification Models From Videos With Weak Supervision
* Machine Learning Approach for Identification of miRNA-mRNA Regulatory Modules in Ovarian Cancer
* Multi-Decadal Variability of Polynya Characteristics and Ice Production in the North Water Polynya by Means of Passive Microwave and Thermal Infrared Satellite Imagery
* Multi-lingual scene text detection and language identification
* New Approach for Monitoring the Terra Nova Bay Polynya through MODIS Ice Surface Temperature Imagery and Its Validation during 2010 and 2011 Winter Seasons, A
* New Similarity Measure for Identification of Disease Genes, A
* Non-uniform Subset Selection for Active Learning in Structured Data
* Novel Class Discovery Without Forgetting
* On visual masking estimation for adaptive quantization using steerable filters
* Online Adaptation for Joint Scene and Object Classification
* Reconstruction Guided Meta-Learning for Few Shot Open Set Recognition
* Self-Supervised Learning of Perceptually Optimized Block Motion Estimates for Video Compression
* Simultaneous feature selection and weighting: An evolutionary multi-objective optimization approach
* Spacing Loss for Discovering Novel Categories
* Spatial Feature Reconstruction of Cloud-Covered Areas in Daily MODIS Composites
* Spatiotemporal Colorization of Video Using 3D Steerable Pyramids
* Spectral-spatial classification of hyperspectral data with mutual information based segmented stacked autoencoder approach
* Speeding Up VP9 Intra Encoder With Hierarchical Deep Learning-Based Partition Prediction
* Statistical-Topological Feature Combination for Recognition of Isolated Hand Gestures from Kinect Based Depth Images, A
* Structure tensor-based SIFT algorithm for SAR image registration
* Subjective and Objective Study of Space-Time Subsampled Video Quality, A
* Supervised Cluster Analysis of miRNA Expression Data Using Rough Hypercuboid Partition Matrix
* Survey on Smart Homes for Aging in Place: Toward Solutions to the Specific Needs of the Elderly, A
* Text-Based Localization of Moments in a Video Corpus
* Text-Based Temporal Localization of Novel Events
* Transformation of Multispectral Data to Quasi-Hyperspectral Data Using Convolutional Neural Network Regression
* Universal Cross-Domain Retrieval: Generalizing Across Classes and Domains
* Unsupervised Multi-source Domain Adaptation Without Access to Source Data
* Video-Text Compliance: Activity Verification Based on Natural Language Instructions
* Visual Information Management System for the Interactive Retrieval of Faces, A
* W-TALC: Weakly-Supervised Temporal Activity Localization and Classification
* Weakly Supervised Video Moment Retrieval From Text Queries
* Why Is the Video Analytics Accuracy Fluctuating, and What Can We Do About It?
Includes: Paul, S.[Soumava] Paul, S.[Sourabh] Paul, S. Paul, S.[Sudipta] Paul, S.[Sujoy] Paul, S.[Sayak] Paul, S.[Saurabh] Paul, S.[Sneha] Paul, S.[Sushmita] Paul, S.[Stephan] Paul, S.[Sayantan] Paul, S.[Somdyuti] Paul, S.[Subir] Paul, S.[Soumi] Paul, S.[Suvadip] Paul, S.[Sibendu]
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Paul, T.[Thomas] Co Author Listing * Combining Airborne Laser Scanning and Aerial Imagery Enhances Echo Classification for Invasive Conifer Detection

Paul, T.S.H.[Thomas S. H.] Co Author Listing * Early Detection of Invasive Exotic Trees Using UAV and Manned Aircraft Multispectral and LiDAR Data

Paul, W.[William] Co Author Listing * Robustness and Adaptation to Hidden Factors of Variation

Paul, Z.[Zikas] Co Author Listing * New Cross/Augmented Reality Experiences for the Virtual Museums of the Future

Paula Filho, P.L.[Pedro Luiz] Co Author Listing * Forest Species Recognition Using Color-Based Features
* Forest species recognition using macroscopic images
Includes: Paula Filho, P.L.[Pedro Luiz] Paula-Filho, P.L.[Pedro Luiz] Paula-Filho, P.L.[Pedro L.]

Paula, B.[Beatriz] Co Author Listing * Learning to Search for and Detect Objects in Foveal Images Using Deep Learning

Paula, I.C.[Ialis C.] Co Author Listing * Multiscale Corner Detection in Planar Shapes
Includes: Paula, I.C.[Ialis C.] Paula, Jr., I.C.[Ialis C.]

Paulano, F.[Felix] Co Author Listing * 3D segmentation and labeling of fractured bone from CT images
Includes: Paulano, F.[Felix] Paulano, F.[Félix]

Paulau, A. Co Author Listing * Image coding for level 3 Teletext and Videotext

Paulavicius, J.[Jonas] Co Author Listing * Translation Resilient Opportunistic WiFi Sensing

Pauleit, S.[Stephan] Co Author Listing * Integrated Indicator Framework for the Assessment of Multifunctional Green Infrastructure: Exemplified in a European City, An

Pauletto, L.[Loic] Co Author Listing * Se2NAS: Self-Semi-Supervised architecture optimization for Semantic Segmentation
Includes: Pauletto, L.[Loic] Pauletto, L.[Loďc]

Pauleve, L.[Loic] Co Author Listing * Locality sensitive hashing: A comparison of hash function types and querying mechanisms

Pauley, C.E.[Cameron E.] Co Author Listing * Large-Area, High Spatial Resolution Land Cover Mapping Using Random Forests, GEOBIA, and NAIP Orthophotography: Findings and Recommendations

Pauley, M. Co Author Listing * Existence Question for Maximum-Likelihood Estimators in Time-of-Arrival-Based Localization, The

Paulhac, L.[Ludovic] Co Author Listing * combined topological and statistical approach for interactive segmentation of 3D images, A
* Comparison between 2D and 3D Local Binary Pattern Methods for Characterisation of Three-Dimensional Textures
* framework of perceptual features for the characterisation of 3D textured images, A
* Human Understandable Features for Segmentation of Solid Texture
* Interactive Segmentation of 3D Images Using a Region Adjacency Graph Representation
* Relaxed Cheeger Cut for image segmentation

Paulhamus, B.[Bart] Co Author Listing * Selection of universal features for image classification

Paulhamus, B.L.[Bart L.] Co Author Listing * Visual Goal-Directed Meta-Imitation Learning

Paulheim, H.[Heiko] Co Author Listing * Understanding Forest Health with Remote Sensing, Part III: Requirements for a Scalable Multi-Source Forest Health Monitoring Network Based on Data Science Approaches

Pauli, D.[Duke] Co Author Listing * Comparing Nadir and Multi-Angle View Sensor Technologies for Measuring in-Field Plant Height of Upland Cotton
* Multi-resolution Outlier Pooling for Sorghum Classification
* UAV-Based High Resolution Thermal Imaging for Vegetation Monitoring, and Plant Phenotyping Using ICI 8640 P, FLIR Vue Pro R 640, and thermoMap Cameras

Pauli, E.[Eva] Co Author Listing * Land Use and Land Cover Influence on Sentinel-2 Aerosol Optical Depth below City Scales over Beijing

Pauli, G.[Gilnei] Co Author Listing * QDA-System: A Cloud-Based System for Monitoring Water Quality in Brazilian Hydroelectric Reservoirs from Space

Pauli, H.[Harald] Co Author Listing * Mapping Alpine Vegetation Location Properties By Dense Matching

Pauli, J.[Josef] Co Author Listing * Behavior Based Robot Localisation Using Stereo Vision
* Differentiable Convolutional Distance Transform Layer for Improved Image Segmentation, A
* Ellipsoidal Bias in Learning Appearance-Based Recognition Functions
* Fully vs. Weakly Supervised Caries Localization in Smartphone Images with CNNS
* Graph-Based and Variational Minimization of Statistical Cost Functionals for 3D Segmentation of Aortic Dissections
* Improving the Run-Time Performance of Multi-class Support Vector Machines
* Learning a Confidence Measure for Real-Time Egomotion Estimation
* Learning Operators for View-Independent Object Recognition
* Learning to Recognize and Grasp Objects
* Learning-Based Robot Vision
* Perceptual organization with image formation compatibilities
* Real-Time Moving Object Detection for Video Surveillance
* Sequential vs. batch machine-learning with evolutionary hyperparameter optimization for segmenting aortic dissection thrombus
* Spectral-Spatial Hyperspectral Image Classification Using Cascaded Convolutional Neural Networks
* Unsupervised Segmentation of Anomalies in Sequential Data, Images and Volumetric Data Using Multiscale Fourier Phase-Only Analysis
Includes: Pauli, J.[Josef] Pauli, J.
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Pauli, M. Co Author Listing * Millimeter-Wave Radar Sensor for Snow Height Measurements
* Quick response airborne deployment of VIPER muzzle flash detection and location system during DC sniper attacks
* System capabilities, requirements and design of the GDL gunfire detection and location system

Paulides, M.M. Co Author Listing * Total Correlation-Based Groupwise Image Registration for Quantitative MRI

Paulik, C. Co Author Listing * Clarifications on the Comparison Between SMOS, VUA, ASCAT, and ECMWF Soil Moisture Products Over Four Watersheds in U.S.
* Frozen Soil Detection Based on Advanced Scatterometer Observations and Air Temperature Data as Part of Soil Moisture Retrieval
* Soil Moisture from Fusion of Scatterometer and SAR: Closing the Scale Gap with Temporal Filtering
* Toward Global Soil Moisture Monitoring With Sentinel-1: Harnessing Assets and Overcoming Obstacles
Includes: Paulik, C. Paulik, C.[Christoph]

Paulik, M.J. Co Author Listing * Bivariate Autoregressive Modeling Technique for Analysis and Classification of Planar Shapes, A
* Improved segmentation through dynamic time warping for signature verification using a neural network classifier
* Performance Evaluation of a New Signature Verification Algorithm Using Realistic Forgeries, A
* Three-dimensional object recognition using vector wavelets
Includes: Paulik, M.J. Paulik, M.J.[Mark J.]

Paulin, J. Co Author Listing * Agent-Based Modeling for Complex Financial Systems

Paulin, M.[Mattis] Co Author Listing * Convolutional Patch Representations for Image Retrieval: An Unsupervised Approach
* design and calibration of a 3D motion capture system for arthropods, The
* Feature Planning for Robust Execution of General Robot Tasks using Visual Servoing
* Large-scale image classification with trace-norm regularization
* Local Convolutional Features with Unsupervised Training for Image Retrieval
* Mutual information of image intensity and gradient flux for markerless pose estimation
* RayPortals: a light transport editing framework
* Transformation Pursuit for Image Classification
Includes: Paulin, M.[Mattis] Paulin, M. Paulin, M.[Mads] Paulin, M.[Mike] Paulin, M.[Mathias]
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Pauline, E.[Emily] Co Author Listing * Increasing Forest Cover and Connectivity Both Inside and Outside of Protected Areas in Southwestern Costa Rica

Paulini, L. Co Author Listing * Planning Tripoli Metro Network By The Use Of Remote Sensing Imagery

Paulino, A.[Antonio] Co Author Listing * Maintaining the relative positions and orientations of multiple robots using vision
* Pose estimation for central catadioptric systems: An analytical approach
Includes: Paulino, A.[Antonio] Paulino, A.[António] Paulino, A.

Paulino, I.R.[Ignacio Ramirez] Co Author Listing * Image Inpainting using Patch Consensus and DCT Priors
* PACO: Global Signal Restoration via PAtch COnsensus
* Practical Bulk Denoising Of Large Binary Images
* Whole and the Parts: The Minimum Description Length Principle and the A-Contrario Framework, The
Includes: Paulino, I.R.[Ignacio Ramirez] Paulino, I.R.[Ignacio Ramírez]

Paulino, R.S.[Rejane S.] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Adjacency Correction over Inland Waters Using Sentinel-2 MSI Images
* Machine learning for cyanobacteria mapping on tropical urban reservoirs using PRISMA hyperspectral data

Paulitsch, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * Assessing the Impact of Diversity on the Resilience of Deep Learning Ensembles: A Comparative Study on Model Architecture, Output, Activation, and Attribution
* Reliable Multimodal Trajectory Prediction via Error Aligned Uncertainty Optimization

Paulius, D.[David] Co Author Listing * Developing Motion Code Embedding for Action Recognition in Videos
* Long Activity Video Understanding Using Functional Object-Oriented Network
Includes: Paulius, D.[David] Paulius, D.

Paull, D. Co Author Listing * Effective Sequential Classifier Training for SVM-Based Multitemporal Remote Sensing Image Classification
* Nomination-favoured opinion pool for optical-SAR-synergistic rice mapping in face of weakened flooding signals
* Superpixel-Based Adaptive Kernel Selection for Angular Effect Normalization of Remote Sensing Images With Kernel Learning
Includes: Paull, D. Paull, D.[David]

Paull, D.J.[David J.] Co Author Listing * Application of the Geostationary Ocean Color Imager to Mapping the Diurnal and Seasonal Variability of Surface Suspended Matter in a Macro-Tidal Estuary
* Change Detection Techniques Based on Multispectral Images for Investigating Land Cover Dynamics
* Combining Binary and Post-Classification Change Analysis of Augmented ALOS Backscatter for Identifying Subtle Land Cover Changes
* Exploring the Inclusion of Small Regenerating Trees to Improve Above-Ground Forest Biomass Estimation Using Geospatial Data

Paull, L.[Liam] Co Author Listing * Deep Koopman Representation for Control over Images (DKRCI)
* Geometric Consistency for Self-Supervised End-to-End Visual Odometry
* Monocular Robot Navigation with Self-Supervised Pretrained Vision Transformers
* Orthogonal Over-Parameterized Training
* Safe Nonlinear Trajectory Generation for Parallel Autonomy With a Dynamic Vehicle Model
* Self-Supervised Image-to-Point Distillation via Semantically Tolerant Contrastive Loss
* Sensor-Driven Area Coverage for an Autonomous Fixed-Wing Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
* Structural Causal 3D Reconstruction
* Uncertainty-Aware Policy Sampling and Mixing for Safe Interactive Imitation Learning
Includes: Paull, L.[Liam] Paull, L.
9 for Paull, L.

Paullin, A.[Anthony] Co Author Listing * High Performance Remote Sensing Product Generation System Based on a Service Oriented Architecture for the Next Generation of Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellites, A

Paullus, D.[Dan] Co Author Listing * MakeVR: A 3D world-building interface

Paulo, D.J.[Diogo J.] Co Author Listing * Wildfruip: Estimating Fruit Physicochemical Parameters from Images Captured in the Wild

Paulo, J. Co Author Listing * ISR-AIWALKER: Robotic Walker for Intuitive and Safe Mobility Assistance and Gait Analysis

Paulo, J.A.[Joana Amaral] Co Author Listing * Long-Term Monitoring of Cork and Holm Oak Stands Productivity in Portugal with Landsat Imagery

Paulo, S.F.[Soraia F.] Co Author Listing * Explicit design of transfer functions for volume-rendered images by combining histograms, thumbnails, and sketch-based interaction

Paulovich, F.V. Co Author Listing * MoshViz: A Detail+Overview Approach to Visualize Music Elements
* Trajectory Scoring Tool for Local Anomaly Detection in Maritime Traffic Using Visual Analytics, A
* Visual analysis of image collections
Includes: Paulovich, F.V. Paulovich, F.V.[Fernando V.]

Paulraj, A.J. Co Author Listing * Distributed Sum-Rate Optimization for Full-Duplex MIMO System Under Limited Dynamic Range
* Low-Complexity MMSE Precoding for Coordinated Multipoint With Per-Antenna Power Constraint

Paulraj, S.[Sivakumar] Co Author Listing * Brain MR image tumor detection and classification using neuro fuzzy with binary cuckoo search technique

Paulraj, T.[Tharcis] Co Author Listing * Lung computed axial tomography image segmentation using possibilistic fuzzy C-means approach for computer aided diagnosis system

Pauls, J.[Jon] Co Author Listing * Spatial Reference Frames for Object Recognition Tuning for Rotations in Depth

Pauls, J.H.[Jan Hendrik] Co Author Listing * YOLinO: Generic Single Shot Polyline Detection in Real Time
Includes: Pauls, J.H.[Jan Hendrik] Pauls, J.H.[Jan-Hendrik]

Pauls, S.D.[Scott D.] Co Author Listing * Minimal Surfaces in the Roto-Translation Group with Applications to a Neuro-Biological Image Completion Model

Paulsen, I.M.G.[Ingrid Marie Garfelt] Co Author Listing * How Many Reindeer? UAV Surveys as an Alternative to Helicopter or Ground Surveys for Estimating Population Abundance in Open Landscapes

Paulsen, K.D. Co Author Listing * Accounting for the Effects of Widespread Discrete Clutter in Subsurface EMI Remote Sensing of Metallic Objects
* Confidence maps and confidence intervals for near infrared images in breast cancer
* Direct Regularization From Co-Registered Contrast MRI Improves Image Quality of MRI-Guided Near-Infrared Spectral Tomography of Breast Lesions
* Displacement estimation with co-registered ultrasound for image guided neurosurgery: A quantitative in vivo porcine study
* Electrical impedance spectroscopy of the breast: Clinical imaging results in 26 subjects
* Fast 3-D Tomographic Microwave Imaging for Breast Cancer Detection
* Fast data-derived fundamental spheroidal excitation models with application to UXO discrimination
* Finite Element Implementation of Maxwell's Equations for Image Reconstruction in Electrical Impedance Tomography
* Gradient-Based Optimization for Poroelastic and Viscoelastic MR Elastography
* Including Spatial Information in Nonlinear Inversion MR Elastography Using Soft Prior Regularization
* Magnetic Resonance Poroelastography: An Algorithm for Estimating the Mechanical Properties of Fluid-Saturated Soft Tissues
* Microwave image reconstruction from 3-D fields coupled to 2-D parameter estimation
* Microwave image reconstruction utilizing log-magnitude and unwrapped phase to improve high-contrast object recovery
* Model-updated image guidance: initial clinical experiences with gravity-induced brain deformation
* Modeling and Synthesis of Breast Cancer Optical Property Signatures With Generative Models
* MR Water Quantitative Priors Improves the Accuracy of Optical Breast Imaging
* Multidimensional Phase Unwrapping Integral and Applications to Microwave Tomographical Image Reconstruction, The
* Nonactive antenna compensation for fixed-array microwave imaging: I. Model development
* Nonactive antenna compensation for fixed-array microwave imaging: II. Imaging results
* Nonlinear Inversion MR Elastography With Low-Frequency Actuation
* Nonrigid brain registration: synthesizing full volume deformation fields from model basis solutions constrained by partial volume intraoperative data
* Real-Time Electrical Impedance Variations in Women With and Without Breast Cancer
* Shear Modulus Estimation Using Parallelized Partial Volumetric Reconstruction
* Spatially-Resolved Hydraulic Conductivity Estimation Via Poroelastic Magnetic Resonance Elastography
* Statistical analysis of nonlinearly reconstructed near-infrared tomographic images: part I-theory and simulations
* Statistical analysis of nonlinearly reconstructed near-infrared tomographic images: part II-experimental interpretation
* Statistical Estimation of Resistance/Conductance by Electrical Impedance Tomography Measurements
* Stereopsis-Guided Brain Shift Compensation
* Three-Parameter Mechanical Property Reconstruction Method for MR-Based Elastic Property Imaging, A
Includes: Paulsen, K.D. Paulsen, K.D.[Keith D.]
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Paulsen, P.E.[Paige E.] Co Author Listing * Detecting and Mapping Slag Heaps at Ancient Copper Production Sites in Oman

Paulsen, R.R.[Rasmus R.] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Gait Using a Treadmill and a Time-of-Flight Camera
* Analyzing Gait Using a Time-of-Flight Camera
* Anatomically Correct Surface Recovery: A Statistical Approach
* Body Part Tracking of Infants
* Correction of Motion Artifacts for Real-Time Structured Light
* Creating Ultra Dense Point Correspondence Over the Entire Human Head
* FastSME: Faster and Smoother Manifold Extraction from 3D Stack
* Foreign Object Detection in Multispectral X-ray Images of Food Items Using Sparse Discriminant Analysis
* Free-form image registration of human cochlear µCT data using skeleton similarity as anatomical prior
* Gender Recognition Using Cognitive Modeling
* Genus zero graph segmentation: Estimation of intracranial volume
* Genus Zero Graph Segmentation: Estimation of Intracranial Volume [Conf]
* Geometric Deep Learning for the Assessment of Thrombosis Risk in the Left Atrial Appendage
* Image Registration of Cochlear micro-CT Data Using Heat Distribution Similarity
* List-Mode PET Motion Correction Using Markerless Head Tracking: Proof-of-Concept With Scans of Human Subject
* Model-Based Motion Tracking of Infants
* Motion Tracking for Medical Imaging: A Nonvisible Structured Light Tracking Approach
* Multi-view Consensus CNN for 3D Facial Landmark Placement
* Real Time Surface Registration for PET Motion Tracking
* Regularisation of 3D Signed Distance Fields
* Some Issues of Biological Shape Modelling with Applications
* Sparse Similarity-Based Fisherfaces
* Special section on 19th Scandinavian conference on image analysis (SCIA 2015)
* Using Motion Tracking to Detect Spontaneous Movements in Infants
Includes: Paulsen, R.R.[Rasmus R.] Paulsen, R.R. Paulsen, R.R.[Rasmus Reinhold]
24 for Paulsen, R.R.

Paulson, A.K.[Alison K.] Co Author Listing * Evaluating Post-Fire Vegetation Recovery in Cajander Larch Forests in Northeastern Siberia Using UAV Derived Vegetation Indices

Paulson, B.[Brandon] Co Author Listing * Gesture Recognition Based on Manifold Learning
* Image Correlation-Based Method to Assess Ciliary Beat Frequency in Human Airway Organoids
Includes: Paulson, B.[Brandon] Paulson, B.[Bjorn]

Paulson, C.[Christopher] Co Author Listing * 3D dense reconstruction from 2D video sequence via 3D geometric segmentation
* Depth-based image registration via three-dimensional geometric segmentation
* Target detection for very high-frequency synthetic aperture radar ground surveillance
Includes: Paulson, C.[Christopher] Paulson, C.

Paulson, K.[Kevin] Co Author Listing * Fast, non-linear inversion for electrical impedance tomography

Paulson, L.D. Co Author Listing * Biomimetic robots
* Motion Capture Moves into New Realms
* Scanning the Future with New Barcodes
* Scientists Develop Camera Made of Fabric
* Speech Recognition Moves from Software to Hardware
* Steganography Development Offers Promise
Includes: Paulson, L.D. Paulson, L.D.[Linda Dailey]

Paulssen, H.[Hanneke] Co Author Listing * In-Reservoir Waveform Retrieval for Monitoring at Groningen: Seismic Interferometry with Active and Passive Deep Borehole Data

Paulsson, J.[Jenny] Co Author Listing * Utilizing BIM and GIS for Representation and Visualization of 3D Cadastre

Paulter, N.G.[Nicholas G.] Co Author Listing * 3D Fingerprint Phantoms
* No-reference task performance prediction on distorted LWIR images
* Predicting Detection Performance on Security X-Ray Images as a Function of Image Quality
* Tasking on Natural Statistics of Infrared Images
Includes: Paulter, N.G.[Nicholas G.] Paulter, N.G.

Paulucci, L.[Luiz] Co Author Listing * Point and go: Exploring 3D virtual environments

Paulus, A.[Anselm] Co Author Listing * Deep Graph Matching via Blackbox Differentiation of Combinatorial Solvers
* Optimizing Rank-Based Metrics With Blackbox Differentiation

Paulus, C. Co Author Listing * New Multicomponent Filters for Geophysical Data Processing

Paulus, C.J.[Christoph J.] Co Author Listing * Virtual cutting of deformable objects based on efficient topological operations

Paulus, D. Co Author Listing * 3D Recovery Using Calibrated Active Camera
* 4D Reconstruction of Coronary Arteries from Monoplane Angiograms
* Action Segmentation on Representations of Skeleton Sequences Using Transformer Networks
* Active Computer Vision System
* Active Knowledge-Based Scene Analysis
* Active System to Generate Views of Facial Features with Selectable Resolution
* Adapting Object Recognition Across Domains: A Demonstration
* Appearance-Based Statistical Object Recognition by Heterogenous Background and Occlusions
* Camera-Agnostic Monocular SLAM and Semi-dense 3D Reconstruction
* Color cluster rotation
* Counting Lymphocytes in Histopathology Images Using Connected Components
* Dealing with degeneracy in essential matrix estimation
* Detecting Fine-Grained Affordances with an Anthropomorphic Agent Model
* Enhanced surface normal computation by exploiting RGB-D sensory information
* Ensemble classifier for joint object instance and category recognition on RGB-D data
* Extended Global Optimization Strategy for Rigid 2D/3D Image Registration
* Fourier Features For Person Detection in Depth Data
* Framework for Statistical 3-D Object Recognition, A
* HyKo: A Spectral Dataset for Scene Understanding
* Improved Appearance-Based 3-D Object Recognition Using Wavelet Features
* Integrating Aspects of Active Vision Into a Knowledge-based System
* Learning an Analysis Strategy for Knowledge-Based Exploration of Scenes
* Localization and pose estimation of textureless objects for autonomous exploration missions
* Localization of Colored Objects
* Low-Dimensional Feature Transform for Keypoint Matching and Classification of Point Clouds without Normal Computation, A
* MC2SLAM: Real-Time Inertial Lidar Odometry Using Two-Scan Motion Compensation
* MOBSY: Integration of Vision and Dialogue in Service Robots
* Model Based Pose Estimation Using SURF
* Model-Based Recognition of Domino Tiles Using TGraphs
* Multi-stage Approach for 3D Teeth Segmentation from Dentition Surfaces, A
* Novel Probabilistic Model for 3-D Object Recognition: Spin-Glass Markov Random Fields, A
* Object Detection in Cluttered Environments with Sparse Keypoint Selection
* Object oriented image segmentation
* Optical Truck Tracking for Autonomous Platooning
* Pattern Recognition and Image Processing in C++
* Pose Estimation and Shape Retrieval with Hough Voting in a Continuous Voting Space
* Probabilistic Modeling in Computer Vision
* Registering Long-Term Image Series
* Robust Facial Feature Localization by Coupled Features
* Robust Features for Snapshot Hyperspectral Terrain-Classification
* Semantic mapping for mobile outdoor robots
* Simple online and realtime tracking with a deep association metric
* Skeleton-DML: Deep Metric Learning for Skeleton-Based One-Shot Action Recognition
* SL-DML: Signal Level Deep Metric Learning for Multimodal One-Shot Action Recognition
* Software Engineering for Image Processing and Analysis
* Statistical Approach to Classification of Flow Patterns for Motion Detection
* Study of parameterizations for the rigid body transformations of the scan registration problem
* Teeth segmentation in 3D dentition models for the virtual articulator
* Vessel Enhancement in 2D Angiographic Images
* Wavelet-Based Inpainting for Object Removal from Image Series
Includes: Paulus, D. Paulus, D.[Dietrich]
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Paulus, D.W.R.[Dietrich W.R.] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Paulus, D.W.R.[Dietrich W.R.]: paulus AT informatik uni-erlangen de
* Active motion detection and object tracking
* Object-oriented volume segmentation
Includes: Paulus, D.W.R.[Dietrich W.R.] Paulus, D.W.R. Paulus, D.W.R.[Dietrich W. R.]

Paulus, E.[Erick] Co Author Listing * Text line extraction strategy for palm leaf manuscripts

Paulus, G.[Gernot] Co Author Listing * Analyzing Refugee Migration Patterns Using Geo-tagged Tweets
* Drone-Based Optical Measurements of Heterogeneous Surface Velocity Fields around Fish Passages at Hydropower Dams
* Evaluation of Image Velocimetry Techniques under Low Flow Conditions and High Seeding Densities Using Unmanned Aerial Systems, An
* Framework for Cloud-Based Spatially-Explicit Uncertainty and Sensitivity Analysis in Spatial Multi-Criteria Models, A
* Multiscale Analysis of Spatial Accessibility to Acute Hospitals in Carinthia, Austria

Paulus, J. Co Author Listing * Measurement of Individual Changes in the Performance of Human Stereoscopic Vision for Disparities at the Limits of the Zone of Comfortable Viewing

Paulus, M.B.[Max B.] Co Author Listing * Review of the Gumbel-max Trick and its Extensions for Discrete Stochasticity in Machine Learning, A

Paulus, M.J. Co Author Listing * Conebeam x-ray computed tomography with an offset detector array
* Fast Feldkamp reconstruction based on focus of attention and distributed computing

Paulus, S.[Stefan] Co Author Listing * Calibration of hyperspectral close-range pushbroom cameras for plant phenotyping
* Extending Hyperspectral Imaging for Plant Phenotyping to the UV-Range
* Generation and Application of Hyperspectral 3D Plant Models
* Generation and application of hyperspectral 3D plant models: Methods and challenges
* Impact of different Leaf Surface Tissues on active 3D Laser Triangulation Measurements, The
* Prediction of the Kiwifruit Decline Syndrome in Diseased Orchards by Remote Sensing

Paulussen, H.[Hans] Co Author Listing * UGESCO - A Hybrid Platform for Geo-Temporal Enrichment of Digital Photo Collections Based on Computational and Crowdsourced Metadata Generation

Pauluzzi, M. Co Author Listing * CAESAR Project for the ASI Space Weather Infrastructure, The

Pauly, J.[John] Co Author Listing * Learned Compression of High Dimensional Image Datasets
* RF Field Visualization of RF Ablation at the Larmor Frequency
* Semi-Blind Calibration and Compensation Method for Dynamic Range Recovery of Low-Power Pre-Amplifiers in MRI Receive Chains, A
* Uncertainty Quantification in Deep MRI Reconstruction
Includes: Pauly, J.[John] Pauly, J.

Pauly, J.M.[John M.] Co Author Listing * Analysis of the BOLD characteristics in pass-band bSSFP fMRI
* Automated, Depth-Resolved Estimation of the Attenuation Coefficient From Optical Coherence Tomography Data
* Automatically Determining the Confocal Parameters From OCT B-Scans for Quantification of the Attenuation Coefficients
* Body Diffusion Weighted Imaging Using Non-CPMG Fast Spin Echo
* Compressed Sensing: From Research to Clinical Practice With Deep Neural Networks: Shortening Scan Times for Magnetic Resonance Imaging
* Deep Generative Adversarial Neural Networks for Compressive Sensing MRI
* Depletion-Mode GaN HEMT Q-Spoil Switches for MRI Coils
* Fast Method for Designing Time-Optimal Gradient Waveforms for Arbitrary k-Space Trajectories, A
* Fast Unsupervised MRI Reconstruction Without Fully-Sampled Ground Truth Data Using Generative Adversarial Networks
* Frequency-Offset Cartesian Feedback for MRI Power Amplifier Linearization
* Generating Super Stimulated-Echoes in MRI and Their Application to Hyperpolarized C-13 Diffusion Metabolic Imaging
* Hybrid-Space SENSE Reconstruction for Simultaneous Multi-Slice MRI
* Improved Time Series Reconstruction for Dynamic Magnetic Resonance Imaging
* Medusa: A Scalable MR Console Using USB
* Millimeter-Wave Digital Link for Wireless MRI, A
* Multi-Domain Image Completion for Random Missing Input Data
* Noise Performance of a Precision Pulsed Electromagnet Power Supply for Magnetic Resonance Imaging
* Optically Coupled System for Quantitative Monitoring of MRI-Induced RF Currents Into Long Conductors, An
* Practical Acceleration Algorithm for Real-Time Imaging, A
* Rapid Gridding Reconstruction With a Minimal Oversampling Ratio
* real-time interactive 3-D-DVA for robust coronary MRA, The
* Robust Self-Calibrating nCPMG Acquisition: Application to Body Diffusion-Weighted Imaging
* SLfRank: Shinnar-Le-Roux Pulse Design With Reduced Energy and Accurate Phase Profiles Using Rank Factorization
* Synthesize High-Quality Multi-Contrast Magnetic Resonance Imaging From Multi-Echo Acquisition Using Multi-Task Deep Generative Model
* T2- Selective Magnetization Preparation Pulses
* Thermo-Acoustic Ultrasound for Detection of RF-Induced Device Lead Heating in MRI
* Variable-Density Parallel Imaging With Partially Localized Coil Sensitivities
* Wasserstein GANs for MR Imaging: From Paired to Unpaired Training
Includes: Pauly, J.M.[John M.] Pauly, J.M.
28 for Pauly, J.M.

Pauly, K.[Klaas] Co Author Listing * Automating Ground Control Point Detection in Drone Imagery: From Computer Vision to Deep Learning
* Drone Based Near Real-time Human Detection With Geographic Localization
* From UAS Data Acquisition To Actionable Information: How An End-to-end Solution Helps Oil Palm Plantation Operators To Perform A More Sustainable Plantation Management
* Machine Learning Approach to Detecting Pine Wilt Disease Using Airborne Spectral Imagery, A
* Multitemporal Chlorophyll Mapping in Pome Fruit Orchards from Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems
* Semi-Empirical Anisotropy Correction Model for UAS-Based Multispectral Images of Bare Soil, A
Includes: Pauly, K.[Klaas] Pauly, K.

Pauly, K.B. Co Author Listing * Autonomous Real-Time Interventional Scan Plane Control With a 3-D Shape-Sensing Needle
* Referenceless MR Thermometry for Monitoring Thermal Ablation in the Prostate
* Toward Volumetric MR Thermometry With the MASTER Sequence

Pauly, M. Co Author Listing * Low-Dimensionality Calibration through Local Anisotropic Scaling for Robust Hand Model Personalization
* Multi-view hair capture using orientation fields
Includes: Pauly, M. Pauly, M.[Mark]

Pauly, O. Co Author Listing * 3D Semantic Parameterization for Human Shape Modeling: Application to 3D Animation
* Annotation Saved is an Annotation Earned: Using Fully Synthetic Training for Object Detection, An
* Automatic Event Detection within Thrombus Formation Based on Integer Programming
* Joint Classification-Regression Forests for Spatially Structured Multi-Object Segmentation
* Multi-task Forest for Human Pose Estimation in Depth Images
* STARS: A new ensemble partitioning approach
* Wavelet energy map: A robust support for multi-modal registration of medical images
Includes: Pauly, O. Pauly, O.[Olivier]
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Paulzagade, C.[Chetan] Co Author Listing * Annotation Tool and XML Representation for Online Indic Data

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