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Port, A. Co Author Listing * Automatic Resonance Frequency Retuning of Stretchable Liquid Metal Receive Coil for Magnetic Resonance Imaging
* In-Bore Receiver for Magnetic Resonance Imaging, An

Port, U.[Umberto] Co Author Listing * Surface Segmentation through Concentrated Curvature

Porta, A. Co Author Listing * Biomedical Signal Processing: From a Conceptual Framework to Clinical Applications
* Wiener-Granger Causality in Network Physiology With Applications to Cardiovascular Control and Neuroscience

Porta, C.J.D.[C. J. Della] Co Author Listing * Hyperspectral Image Classification via Compressive Sensing

Porta, F.[Federica] Co Author Listing * Piece-wise Constant Image Segmentation with a Deep Image Prior Approach

Porta, J.M.[Josep M.] Co Author Listing * Bayesian approach to simultaneously recover camera pose and non-rigid shape from monocular images, A
* Exploring Ambiguities for Monocular Non-Rigid Shape Estimation
* Matrix-Based Approach to the Image Moment Problem, A
* Probabilistic simultaneous pose and non-rigid shape recovery

Porta, L.L.[Luigi La] Co Author Listing * Assessing Earthquake Impacts and Monitoring Resilience of Historic Areas: Methods for GIS Tools

Porta, M.[Marco] Co Author Listing * Adding Gestures to Ordinary Mouse Use: a New Input Modality for Improved Human-Computer Interaction
* Artificial vision in road vehicles
* Demographic classification through pupil analysis
* Development of gesture-based human-computer interaction applications by fusion of depth and colour video streams
* GANT: Gaze analysis technique for human identification
* Gaze-based biometrics: An introduction to forensic applications
* Hand Gesture Approach to Biometrics, A
* Human-Computer Interaction through Time-of-Flight and RGB Cameras
* New Visualization Modes For Effective Image Presentation
* Qualitative Estimation of Depth in Monocular Vision
* SPEye: A Calibration-Free Gaze-Driven Text Entry Technique Based on Smooth Pursuit
* Towards demographic categorization using gaze analysis
* Vanishing point detection: representation analysis and new approaches
Includes: Porta, M.[Marco] Porta, M.
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Porta, P.P. Co Author Listing * TerraMax Vision at the Urban Challenge 2007

Porta, S.[Sonia] Co Author Listing * Eye tracking: Pupil orientation geometrical modeling
* Low Cost Gaze Estimation: Knowledge-Based Solutions
* Synthetic Gaze Data Augmentation for Improved User Calibration
* U2Eyes: A Binocular Dataset for Eye Tracking and Gaze Estimation
Includes: Porta, S.[Sonia] Porta, S.

Porta, S.L.[Salvatore La] Co Author Listing * Collecting Retail Data Using a Deep Learning Identification Experience

Portabella, M.[Marcos] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Data-Derived SeaWinds Normalized Radar Cross-Section Noise
* ASCAT Wind Quality Control Near Rain
* Assessment with Controlled In-Situ Data of the Dependence of L-Band Radiometry on Sea-Ice Thickness
* Characterization of Tropical Cyclone Intensity Using the HY-2B Scatterometer Wind Data
* Correlating Extremes in Wind Divergence with Extremes in Rain over the Tropical Atlantic
* Editorial for Special Issue Tropical Cyclones Remote Sensing and Data Assimilation
* ERAstar: A High-Resolution Ocean Forcing Product
* Error Characterization of Sea Surface Salinity Products Using Triple Collocation Analysis
* Impact of the Local Oscillator Calibration Rate on the SMOS Measurements and Retrieved Salinities
* Improved Singularity Analysis for ASCAT Wind Quality Control: Application to Low Winds, An
* Microwave Satellite Measurements for Coastal Area and Extreme Weather Monitoring
* Novel Azimuth Cutoff Implementation to Retrieve Sea Surface Wind Speed From SAR Imagery, A
* Perspective on the Performance of the CFOSAT Rotating Fan-Beam Scatterometer, A
* Quality Control of Delay-Doppler Maps for Stare Processing
* Review of the CALIMAS Team Contributions to European Space Agency's Soil Moisture and Ocean Salinity Mission Calibration and Validation
* Seven Years of SMOS Sea Surface Salinity at High Latitudes: Variability in Arctic and Sub-Arctic Regions
* Singularity Power Spectra: A Method to Assess Geophysical Consistency of Gridded Products: Application to Sea-Surface Salinity Remote Sensing Maps
* Toward an Improved Wind Quality Control for RapidScat
* Toward an Optimal Estimation of the SMOS Antenna-Frame Systematic Errors
* Toward the Generation of a Wind Geophysical Model Function for Spaceborne GNSS-R
* Validation and Calibration of ASCAT Using CMOD5.n
Includes: Portabella, M.[Marcos] Portabella, M.
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Portafaix, T.[Thierry] Co Author Listing * Aerosol Distributions and Sahara Dust Transport in Southern Morocco, from Ground-Based and Satellite Observations
* Transport and Variability of Tropospheric Ozone over Oceania and Southern Pacific during the 2019-20 Australian Bushfires

Portal, G.[Gerard] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Multi-Scale SMOS and SMAP Soil Moisture Products across the Iberian Peninsula
* Sensitivity of TDS-1 GNSS-R Reflectivity to Soil Moisture: Global and Regional Differences and Impact of Different Spatial Scales

Portales, C. Co Author Listing * 3d Photorealistic Modelling Of Stone Monuments By Dense Image Matching
* AR-Immersive Cinema at the Aula Natura Visitors Center
* Augmented reality and photogrammetry: A synergy to visualize physical and virtual city environments
* Enhancing the Understanding of the EU Gender Equality Index through Spatiotemporal Visualizations
* Implementation of an Architectonic GIS on a Brickwork Farmhouse
* Increasing Access to Cultural Heritage Objects from Multiple Museums through Semantically-Aware Maps
Includes: Portales, C. Portalés, C. Portales, C.[Cristina] Portalés, C.[Cristina] Portalès, C.

Portales, E.[Enrique] Co Author Listing * Prototyping Crop Traits Retrieval Models for CHIME: Dimensionality Reduction Strategies Applied to PRISMA Data
Includes: Portales, E.[Enrique] Portalés, E.[Enrique]

Portas, R.[Ruben] Co Author Listing * Dolines and Cats: Remote Detection of Karst Depressions and Their Application to Study Wild Felid Ecology

Portaz, M. Co Author Listing * Fully Convolutional Network and Region Proposal for Instance Identification with Egocentric Vision

Porte Agel, F.[Fernando] Co Author Listing * Characterization of Wind Turbine Wakes with Nacelle-Mounted Doppler LiDARs and Model Validation in the Presence of Wind Veer
* Using a Virtual Lidar Approach to Assess the Accuracy of the Volumetric Reconstruction of a Wind Turbine Wake
* Wind Turbine Wake Characterization with Nacelle-Mounted Wind Lidars for Analytical Wake Model Validation
Includes: Porte Agel, F.[Fernando] Porté-Agel, F.[Fernando]

Porte, M. Co Author Listing * Very High Resolution Land Cover Mapping of Urban Areas At Global Scale With Convolutional Neural Networks

Portegies, J.[Jim] Co Author Listing * Equivariant Deep Learning via Morphological and Linear Scale Space PDEs on the Space of Positions and Orientations
* Hamiltonian Fast Marching: A Numerical Solver for Anisotropic and Non-Holonomic Eikonal PDEs
* New Approximation of a Scale Space Kernel on SE(3) and Applications in Neuroimaging
* Total Variation and Mean Curvature PDEs on the Space of Positions and Orientations
Includes: Portegies, J.[Jim] Portegies, J.[Jorg]

Portegies, J.M.[Jorg M.] Co Author Listing * Nilpotent Approximations of Sub-Riemannian Distances for Fast Perceptual Grouping of Blood Vessels in 2D and 3D
* Optimal Paths for Variants of the 2D and 3D Reeds-Shepp Car with Applications in Image Analysis

Portegys, T.E.[Thomas E.] Co Author Listing * Recognizing Hand-Printed Digits with a Distance Quasi-Metric
* Search Technique For Pattern-Recognition Using Relative Distances, A
Includes: Portegys, T.E.[Thomas E.] Portegys, T.E.

Portejoie, P.[Pierre] Co Author Listing * Locally controlled regularized spatiotemporal anisotropic diffusion

Portela, A.P.[Ana Paula] Co Author Listing * Ecosystem Services in a Protected Mountain Range of Portugal: Satellite-Based Products for State and Trend Analysis

Portela, B.T.T.[Bruno Takeshi Tanaka] Co Author Listing * Long-Term Measurements of the Atmospheric Boundary Layer Height in Central Amazonia Using Remote Sensing Instruments

Portela, H.[Helano] Co Author Listing * P-fidenet: Plasmodium Falciparum Identification Neural Network

Portell, J.[Jordi] Co Author Listing * Compression of Multibeam Echosounders Bathymetry and Water Column Data
* High-Performance Lossless Compression of Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Scenes Based on Spectral Decorrelation

Portella, L.[Luan] Co Author Listing * Radix-N Algorithm for Computing N^(2^(n))-Point DFT Approximations

Portelli, G. Co Author Listing * Configural processing enables discrimination and categorization of face-like stimuli in honeybees

Portelli, R. Co Author Listing * Multi-scale Analysis of Jack Pine Saplings After Fire Across Burn Severities
* ZY-1 02D Hyperspectral Imagery Super-Resolution via Endmember Matrix Constraint Unmixing
Includes: Portelli, R. Portelli, R.[Raechel]

Portells, M.M.[Miquel Mascaro] Co Author Listing * P3DMA: A Physical 3D Deformable Modelling and Animation System
Includes: Portells, M.M.[Miquel Mascaro] Portells, M.M.[Miquel Mascaró]

Portelo, A.[Ana] Co Author Listing * Description and Recognition of Activity Patterns Using Sparse Vector Fields
* Distributed Estimation of Vector Fields
* Moving Horizon Estimation of Pedestrian Interactions Based on Multiple Velocity Fields
* Moving horizon estimation of pedestrian interactions using multiple velocity fields
* Multi-agent detection and labelling of activity patterns
Includes: Portelo, A.[Ana] Portêlo, A.[Ana]

Portenier, C.[Celine] Co Author Listing * Estimating Regional Snow Line Elevation Using Public Webcam Images
Includes: Portenier, C.[Celine] Portenier, C.[Céline]

Portenier, T.[Tiziano] Co Author Listing * Disentangling Factors of Variation by Mixing Them
* Learning to Take Directions One Step at a Time
* Specular-to-Diffuse Translation for Multi-view Reconstruction
* Understanding Degeneracies and Ambiguities in Attribute Transfer

Porteous, B. Co Author Listing * Exact Maximum a Posterori Estimation for Binary Images

Porteous, I.[Ian] Co Author Listing * Unsupervised learning of visual taxonomies

Porter Sobieraj, J.[Joanna] Co Author Listing * Depth Peeling Algorithm for the Distance Field Computation of Overlapping Objects
* Fast and Accurate Machined Surface Rendering Using an Octree Model
Includes: Porter Sobieraj, J.[Joanna] Porter-Sobieraj, J.[Joanna]

Porter, A.[Augustine] Co Author Listing * Accuracy and Precision of Habitat Structural Complexity Metrics Derived from Underwater Photogrammetry

Porter, B.[Bryce] Co Author Listing * Animation of trees in wind using sparse motion capture data

Porter, B.C. Co Author Listing * Three-dimensional registration and fusion of ultrasound and MRI using major vessels as fiducial markers

Porter, C.[Claire] Co Author Listing * automated, open-source pipeline for mass production of digital elevation models (DEMs) from very-high-resolution commercial stereo satellite imagery, An

Porter, D.[David] Co Author Listing * usefulness of diffusion-weighted readout-segmented EPI and fast spin echo with BLADE (PROPELLER) k-space sampling: A comparison with single-shot EPI for diffusion-weighted imaging in ischemic stroke patients, The

Porter, D.G.[Donald G.] Co Author Listing * Application of Splines to Maximum Likelihood Radar Imaging, An

Porter, D.L. Co Author Listing * WITTEX: an innovative three-satellite radar altimeter concept

Porter, E. Co Author Listing * Sensitivity and Specificity Estimation Using Patient-Specific Microwave Imaging in Diverse Experimental Breast Phantoms
* Wearable Microwave Antenna Array for Time-Domain Breast Tumor Screening, A

Porter, G.B. Co Author Listing * application of grey level image processing to an industrial dimensional inspection problem, An
* Non-contact measurement of surface profile
* Visual Inspection of Metal Surfaces
* Visual Inspection System Design
Includes: Porter, G.B. Porter, III, G.B. Porter, III, G.B.[Gilbert B.]

Porter, J.H. Co Author Listing * credit assignment approach to fusing classifiers of multiseason hyperspectral imagery, A

Porter, M.L. Co Author Listing * Animal Polarization Imaging and Implications for Optical Processing

Porter, P.S. Co Author Listing * Construction of High Resolution Wavelets

Porter, R. Co Author Listing * Discovering compositional trends in Mars rock targets from ChemCam spectroscopy and remote imaging
* Faster and Better: A Machine Learning Approach to Corner Detection
* Learning Watershed Cuts Energy Functions
* Machine Learning for High-Speed Corner Detection
* Ordered Hypothesis Machines
* Reconstruction of compressively sensed ultrasound RF echoes by exploiting non-Gaussianity and temporal structure
* Robust Automatic Clustering Scheme for Image Segmentation Using Wavelets, A
* Robust Relation-Invariant Texture Classification: Wavelet, Gabor Filter and GMRF Based Schemes
* Stack Filter Classifiers
* Wide-Area Motion Imagery
Includes: Porter, R. Porter, R.[Reid] Porter, R.[Richard]
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Porter, R.B. Co Author Listing * Comparison of GENIE and conventional supervised classifiers for multispectral image feature extraction
* Deep segmentation networks using simple multi-layered graphical models
* Optimizing Digital Hardware Perceptrons for Multi-Spectral Image Classification
Includes: Porter, R.B. Porter, R.B.[Reid B.]

Porter, R.M.S.[Robert Mark Stefan] Co Author Listing * Face detection

Porter, S.V.[Sarah V.] Co Author Listing * Detection and Classification of Shot Transitions
* ICBR: Multimedia Management System for Intelligent Content Based Retrieval
* shortest path representation for video summarisation, A
* Temporal video segmentation and classification of edit effects
* Video Cut Detection Using Frequency Domain Correlation
* Video Indexing using Motion Estimation

Porter, T.[Timothy] Co Author Listing * Can Categorical Shape Theory Handle Grey-level Images?
* Pattern Recognition and Categorical Shape Theory
Includes: Porter, T.[Timothy] Porter, T.

Porter, W.[Wesley] Co Author Listing * Crop-Type Classification for Long-Term Modeling: An Integrated Remote Sensing and Machine Learning Approach
* New 32-Day Average-Difference Method for Calculating Inter-Sensor Calibration Radiometric Biases between SNPP and NOAA-20 Instruments within ICVS Framework, A
Includes: Porter, W.[Wesley] Porter, W.[Warren]

Porter, W.A.[William A.] Co Author Listing * class of error tolerant pattern discrimination functions, A
* comparison of selected pattern recognition functions, A
* One-Dimensional Scan Selection for Two-Dimensional Signal Restoration
* Ordered and Partially Ordered Processing of Multidimensional Images
* Synthesising cluster operators
Includes: Porter, W.A.[William A.] Porter, W.A.

Porter, W.P.[William P.] Co Author Listing * Hierarchical Sankey Diagram: Design and Evaluation

Portero, A. Co Author Listing * Methodology for Energy-Flexibility Space Exploration and Mapping of Multimedia Applications to Single-Processor Platform Styles

Portes de Albuquerque, M. Co Author Listing * Image thresholding using Tsallis entropy
* Image thresholding using Tsallis entropy

Portet, G. Co Author Listing * Comparison Between SMOS, VUA, ASCAT, and ECMWF Soil Moisture Products Over Four Watersheds in U.S.

Porthin, M. Co Author Listing * Multi-criteria evaluation method for freight logistics innovations

Portier, B. Co Author Listing * New Spherical Mixture Model for Head Detection in Depth Images, A

Portier, K.M.[Kenneth M.] Co Author Listing * Textural Discrimination of an Invasive Plant, Schinus terebinthifolius, from Low Altitude Aerial Digital Imagery

Portilla, H.[Henry] Co Author Listing * Augmented Reality Tools for Enhanced Robotics Teleoperation Systems

Portilla, J. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Wiener Denoising Using a Gaussian Scale Mixture Model in the Wavelet Domain
* Comparing optical to digital metrics: What is the optimal defocus in a rotationally symmetric system?
* Condy: Ultra-fast high performance restoration using multi-frame L2-relaxed-L0 sparsity and constrained dynamic heuristics
* Deblurring-by-Denoising using Spatially Adaptive Gaussian Scale Mixtures in Overcomplete Pyramids
* Efficient and Robust Image Restoration Using Multiple-Feature L2-Relaxed Sparse Analysis Priors
* Efficient joint poisson-gauss restoration using multi-frame L2-relaxed-L0 analysis-based sparsity
* Efficient Spatial Domain Implementation of a Multiscale Image Representation Based on Gabor Functions
* Full blind denoising through noise covariance estimation using gaussian scale mixtures in the wavelet domain
* Image Denoising Using a Local Gaussian Scale Mixture Model in the Wavelet Domain
* Image Denoising using Gaussian Scale Mixtures in the Wavelet Domain
* Image denoising using mixtures of Gaussian scale mixtures
* Image denoising using scale mixtures of gaussians in the wavelet domain
* Image Denoising Via Adjustment of Wavelet Coefficient Magnitude Correlation
* Image restoration through L0 analysis-based sparse optimization in tight frames
* Image restoration using gaussian scale mixtures in the wavelet domain
* Image Restoration Using Space-Variant Gaussian Scale Mixtures in Overcomplete Pyramids
* Independent Component Analysis of Textures
* L0-Norm-Based Sparse Representation Through Alternate Projections
* Low-Complexity Linear Demosaicing Using Joint Spatial-Chromatic Image Statistics
* Maximum likelihood extension for non-circulant deconvolution
* Maximum likelihood interpolation for aliasing-aware image restoration
* Nested Normalizations for Decoupling Global Features
* Non-convex sparse optimization through deterministic annealing and applications
* Nonconvex Bayesian Restoration of Blurred Foreground Images
* Parametric Texture Model Based on Joint Statistics of Complex Wavelet Coefficients, A
* Quantum-computation-inspired reverse analysis texture synthesis
* Several Experiments on Texture Analysis, Coding and Synthesis by Gabor Wavelets
* Simulating real-world scenes viewed through ophthalmic lenses
* Spectral Pre-Adaptation for Restoring Real-World Blurred Images using Standard Deconvolution Methods
* Spectral pre-adaptation for two-step arbitrary-shape-support image restoration
* Texture Characterization via Joint Statistics of Wavelet Coefficient Magnitudes
* Texture Modeling and Synthesis using Joint Statistics of Complex Wavelet Coefficients
* Texture Synthesis-by-Analysis Method Based on a Multiscale Early-Vision Model
* Two-Level Adaptive Denoising Using Gaussian Scale Mixtures in Overcomplete Oriented Pyramids
* Using Decoupled Features for Photorealistic Style Transfer
Includes: Portilla, J. Portilla, J.[Javier]
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Portilla, Y. Co Author Listing * Topic Modeling Based Representation to Detect Tweet Locations. Example of the Event Je Suis Charlie, A

Portillo Estrada, M.[Miguel] Co Author Listing * Assessing Ecosystem Isoprene Emissions by Hyperspectral Remote Sensing
Includes: Portillo Estrada, M.[Miguel] Portillo-Estrada, M.[Miguel]

Portillo Garcia, G.[German] Co Author Listing * Irregularities recognition system for automotive pieces
Includes: Portillo Garcia, G.[German] Portillo-García, G.[Germàn]

Portillo Garcia, J. Co Author Listing * Efficient multispectral texture segmentation using multivariate statistics
* Hypothesis Testing for Coarse Region Estimation and Stable Point Determination Applied to Markovian Texture Segmentation
* Markov Random Fields and the Disparity Gradient Constraint Applied to Stereo Correspondence
Includes: Portillo Garcia, J. Portillo-García, J. Portillo-Garcia, J. Portillo-Garcia, J.[Javier]

Portillo Portillo, J.[Jose] Co Author Listing * FASSD-Net: Fast and Accurate Real-Time Semantic Segmentation for Embedded Systems
* Fast and Accurate Real-Time Semantic Segmentation with Dilated Asymmetric Convolutions
Includes: Portillo Portillo, J.[Jose] Portillo-Portillo, J.[José]

Portillo Quintero, C.[Carlos] Co Author Listing * Forest Clearing Dynamics and Its Relation to Remotely Sensed Carbon Density and Plant Species Diversity in the Puuc Biocultural State Reserve, Mexico
* Novel Approaches in Tropical Forests Mapping and Monitoring-Time for Operationalization
* Road to Operationalization of Effective Tropical Forest Monitoring Systems, The
* Trends in Lesser Prairie-Chicken Habitat Extent and Distribution on the Southern High Plains
Includes: Portillo Quintero, C.[Carlos] Portillo-Quintero, C.[Carlos]

Portillo Quintero, C.A.[Carlos A.] Co Author Listing * Carbon Stocks, Species Diversity and Their Spatial Relationships in the Yucatán Peninsula, Mexico
* Modelling Species Richness and Functional Diversity in Tropical Dry Forests Using Multispectral Remotely Sensed and Topographic Data
Includes: Portillo Quintero, C.A.[Carlos A.] Portillo-Quintero, C.A.[Carlos A.]

Portillo Quintero, J.A.[Jesus Andres] Co Author Listing * Straightforward Framework for Video Retrieval Using CLIP, A
Includes: Portillo Quintero, J.A.[Jesus Andres] Portillo-Quintero, J.A.[Jesús Andrés]

Portillo Robledo, J.F.[Jose Francisco] Co Author Listing * Towards a Supervised Incremental Learning System for Automatic Recognition of the Skeletal Age
Includes: Portillo Robledo, J.F.[Jose Francisco] Portillo-Robledo, J.F.[José Francisco]

Portillo, A.[Aymar] Co Author Listing * Seismic Risk Regularization for Urban Changes Due to Earthquakes: A Case of Study of the 2023 Turkey Earthquake Sequence

Portillo, C.[Carlos] Co Author Listing * Nowcasting System Based on Sky Camera Images to Predict the Solar Flux on the Receiver of a Concentrated Solar Plant

Portillo, D. Co Author Listing * Configuration And Specifications Of An Unmanned Aerial Vehicle For Precision Agriculture

Portillo, J. Co Author Listing * Breadth-first search and its application image processing problems

Portillo, J.I. Co Author Listing * Aircraft identification integrated into an airport surface surveillance video system
* Multitarget Tracking Video System Based on Fuzzy and Neuro-Fuzzy Techniques, A
Includes: Portillo, J.I. Portillo, J.I.[Javier I.]

Portinale, L. Co Author Listing * Dynamic Bayesian Networks for Fault Detection, Identification, and Recovery in Autonomous Spacecraft

Portman, N.[Nataliya] Co Author Listing * Direct Estimation of Biological Growth Properties from Image Data Using the GRID Model
* New Computational Methods for the Construction of Darcyan Biological Coordinate Systems
* Novel Vector-Valued Approach to Automatic Brain Tissue Classification

Portnoff, M.R. Co Author Listing * efficient method for transposing large matrices and its application to separable processing of two-dimensional signals, An
* Efficient Parallel-Processing Method for Transposing Large Matrices in Place, An

Portnov, A.M. Co Author Listing * Diseases Spread Prediction in Tropical Areas By Machine Learning Methods Ensembling and Spatial Analysis Techniques
* Use of Machine Learning Techniques for Rapid Detection, Assessment And Mapping The Impact of Disasters On Transport Infrastructure

Portnov, B.A.[Boris A.] Co Author Listing * Delineating Functional Urban Areas Using a Multi-Step Analysis of Artificial Light-at-Night Data
* Evaluating Street Lighting Quality in Residential Areas by Combining Remote Sensing Tools and a Survey on Pedestrians' Perceptions of Safety and Visual Comfort
* Relative Radiation Normalization Method of ISS Nighttime Light Images Based on Pseudo Invariant Features, A
* Remote identification of research and educational activities using spectral properties of nighttime light
* Remote Sensing Data Based Artificial Neural Network Approach for Predicting Climate-Sensitive Infectious Disease Outbreaks: A Case Study of Human Brucellosis, A

Portnoy, D. Co Author Listing * Unsupervised fuzzy-membership estimation of terms in semantic and syntactic lexical classes

Portnoy, S. Co Author Listing * Efficient Interlaced Multi-Shell Sampling Scheme for Reconstruction of Diffusion Propagators, An

Porto de Albuquerque, J.[Joao] Co Author Listing * Analysis of OpenStreetMap Data Quality at Different Stages of a Participatory Mapping Process: Evidence from Slums in Africa and Asia
* Impact of Urban Inequalities on Monitoring Progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals: Methodological Considerations, The
* Sketch Map Tool Facilitates the Assessment of OpenStreetMap Data for Participatory Mapping, The
* Volunteered Geographic Information in Natural Hazard Analysis: A Systematic Literature Review of Current Approaches with a Focus on Preparedness and Mitigation
Includes: Porto de Albuquerque, J.[Joao] Porto de Albuquerque, J.[João]

Porto Diaz, I. Co Author Listing * framework for cost-based feature selection, A
Includes: Porto Diaz, I. Porto-Díaz, I.

Porto, A.H.L.[Alexandre H.L.] Co Author Listing * Finding approximate palindromes in strings

Porto, C.[Caio] Co Author Listing * Wireless Smart Camera Networks for the Surveillance of Public Spaces

Porto, M. Co Author Listing * 4D-DCT Hardware Architecture for JPEG Pleno Light Field Coding
* Block-Based Inter-Frame Prediction for Dynamic Point Cloud Compression
* complexity reduction algorithm for depth maps intra prediction on the 3D-HEVC, A
* Complexity reduction for 3D-HEVC depth map coding based on early Skip and early DIS scheme
* Complexity reduction for 3D-HEVC depth maps intra-frame prediction using simplified edge detector algorithm
* Efficient reference frame compression scheme for video coding systems: algorithm and VLSI design
* efficient sub-sample interpolator hardware for VP9-10 standards, An
* Encoding Efficiency and Computational Cost Assessment of State-Of-The-Art Point Cloud Codecs
* Energy-Aware Motion and Disparity Estimation System for 3D-HEVC With Run-Time Adaptive Memory Hierarchy
* Energy-aware scheme for the 3D-HEVC depth maps prediction
* Energy-Throughput Configurable Design for Video Processing Binary Arithmetic Encoder
* Fast HEVC-to-AV1 Transcoding Based On Coding Unit Depth Inheritance
* GM-RF: An AV1 Intra-Frame Fast Decision Based on Random Forest
* GOP structure adaptive to the video content for efficient H.264/AVC encoding
* hardware friedly motion estimation algorithm for the emergent HEVC standard and its low power hardware design, A
* High performance hardware architectures for the inverse Rotational Transform of the emerging HEVC standard
* High Throughput Hardware Architecture for Motion Estimation with 4:1 Pel Subsampling Targeting Digital Television Applications
* High-throughput and memory-aware hardware of a sub-pixel interpolator for multiple video coding standards
* High-Throughput and Multiplierless Hardware Design for the AV1 Local Warped MC Interpolation
* High-throughput and power-efficient hardware design for a multiple video coding standard sample interpolator
* LF-CAE: Context-Adaptive Encoding for Lenslet Light Fields Using HEVC
* multi-standard interpolation hardware solution for H.264 and HEVC, A
* new differential and lossless Reference Frame Variable-Length Coder: An approach for high definition video coders, A
* Pareto-based energy control for the HEVC encoder
* Power/QoS-Adaptive HEVC FME Hardware using Machine Learning-Based Approximation Control
* Reference frame context-adaptive variable-length coder: a real-time hardware-friendly approach for lossless external memory bandwidth reduction in current video-coding systems
* Sample adaptive offset filter hardware design for HEVC encoder
Includes: Porto, M. Porto, M.[Marcelo]
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Porton, I.[Ingrid] Co Author Listing * Detecting subcanopy invasive plant species in tropical rainforest by integrating optical and microwave (InSAR/PolInSAR) remote sensing data, and a decision tree algorithm
* Remote Sensing Based Spatial Statistics to Document Tropical Rainforest Transition Pathways

Portuesi, M.J.[Michael J.] Co Author Listing * Video cataloger system with synchronized encoders

Portugal, A.A.T.G.[Antonio A. T. G.] Co Author Listing * Coding a Simulation Model of the 3D Structure of Paper
Includes: Portugal, A.A.T.G.[Antonio A. T. G.] Portugal, A.A.T.G.[António A. T. G.]

Portugal, D. Co Author Listing * Performance Estimation and Dimensioning of Team Size for Multirobot Patrol

Portyankina, G.[Ganna] Co Author Listing * Revealing Active Mars with HiRISE Digital Terrain Models

Portz, L.[Luana] Co Author Listing * Global Distribution and Morphodynamic Patterns of Paired Spits Developed at the Mouths of Interdistributary Bays of Deltas and within Coastal Channels

Portz, L.C.[Luana Carla] Co Author Listing * Contribution of Reverse Dune Migration to Stabilization of a Transgressive Coastal Dune Field at Lagoa do Peixe National Park Dune Field (South of Brazil)

Portz, T.[Travis] Co Author Listing * High-quality video denoising for motion-based exposure control
* Optical flow in the presence of spatially-varying motion blur

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