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Bouk, S.H. Co Author Listing * DIFS: Distributed Interest Forwarder Selection in Vehicular Named Data Networks
* Guest Editorial Introduction to the Special Issue on Communication and Computing Technologies
Includes: Bouk, S.H. Bouk, S.H.[Safdar Hussain]

Boukaache, A.[Abdelnour] Co Author Listing * Classification of mammogram images using the energy probability in frequency domain and most discriminative power coefficients
* Medical image denoising using optimal thresholding of wavelet coefficients with selection of the best decomposition level and mother wavelet

Boukabach, N.[Nacereddine] Co Author Listing * Multi-agents system for breast tumour detection in mammography by deep learning pre-processing and watershed segmentation

Boukabara, S. Co Author Listing * Tropospheric Moisture Sounding Using Microwave Imaging Channels: Application to GCOM-W1/AMSR2

Boukabara, S.A.[Sid Ahmed] Co Author Listing * Dynamic Inversion of Global Surface Microwave Emissivity Using a 1DVAR Approach
* Quantifying Uncertainties in Land-Surface Microwave Emissivity Retrievals
* Temperature and Moisture Sounding Performance of Current and Prospective Microwave Instruments under All-Sky Conditions
Includes: Boukabara, S.A.[Sid Ahmed] Boukabara, S.A.[Sid-Ahmed] Boukabara, S.A.

Boukachour, H. Co Author Listing * Collaborative Tutoring: A Multi-tutor Approach

Boukadida, H.[Haykel] Co Author Listing * Automatically Creating Adaptive Video Summaries Using Constraint Satisfaction Programming: Application to Sport Content
* Novel Modeling for Video Summarization Using Constraint Satisfaction Programming, A

Boukadida, R.[Rahma] Co Author Listing * Mobile-aided screening system for proliferative diabetic retinopathy

Boukadoum, M. Co Author Listing * Brain Tissue Classification of Alzheimer Disease Using Partial Volume Possibilistic Modeling: Application to ADNI Phantom Images
* Particle swarm classification: A survey and positioning
Includes: Boukadoum, M. Boukadoum, M.[Mounir]

Boukamp, P. Co Author Listing * 3D Geometry-Based Quantification of Colocalizations in Multichannel 3D Microscopy Images of Human Soft Tissue Tumors

Boukar, O. Co Author Listing * Robust and Fast Segmentation Based on Fuzzy Clustering Combined with Unsupervised Histogram Analysis

Boukari, F.[Fatima] Co Author Listing * Spatio-temporal Level-Set Based Cell Segmentation in Time-Lapse Image Sequences

Boukary, I.A.[Issifou Adam] Co Author Listing * Soil Salinity Assessment in Irrigated Paddy Fields of the Niger Valley Using a Four-Year Time Series of Sentinel-2 Satellite Images

Boukas, E.[Evangelos] Co Author Listing * Global Localization for Future Space Exploration Rovers
* Planar Pose Estimation Using Object Detection and Reinforcement Learning
* SPARTAN system: Towards a low-cost and high-performance vision architecture for space exploratory rovers

Boukerch, I. Co Author Listing * Development of Panoramic Virtual Tours System Based on Low Cost Devices
* Hypersharpening by Joint-Criterion Nonnegative Matrix Factorization
* Implementation of A Photogrammetric Procedure for the Adjustment Of The Old Raster Cadastral Plans, The
* Joint spatial variables nonnegative matrix factorization using constrained gradient method to pansharpen multispectral images
* Rigorous Georeferencing of ALSAT-2A Panchromatic and Multispectral Imagery
* Setting Up of a GIS for the General Population and Housing Census, The

Boukerche, A. Co Author Listing * Animal-Vehicle Collision Mitigation System for Automated Vehicles
* Automated Vehicle Detection and Classification: Models, Methods, and Techniques
* AVARAC: An Availability-Based Resource Allocation Scheme for Vehicular Cloud
* Computation Offloading and Retrieval for Vehicular Edge Computing: Algorithms, Models, and Classification
* Design and Evaluation of Context-Aware and Location-Based Service Discovery Protocols for Vehicular Networks
* Driving Behavior Analysis Guidelines for Intelligent Transportation Systems
* Efficient Mobility-Oriented Retrieval Protocol for Computation Offloading in Vehicular Edge Multi-Access Network, An
* Enabling Intelligent IoCV Services at the Edge for 5G Networks and Beyond
* Mobile IP Handover for Vehicular Networks: Methods, Models, and Classifications
* Mobility Management in 5G-Enabled Vehicular Networks: Models, Protocols, and Classification
* Mobility Trace Analysis for Intelligent Vehicular Networks: Methods, Models, and Applications
* Novel Infrastructure-Based Worm Spreading Countermeasure for Vehicular Networks, A
* Novel Multimodal Vehicle Path Prediction Method Based on Temporal Convolutional Networks, A
* Novel Smart Lightweight Visual Attention Model for Fine-Grained Vehicle Recognition, A
* Object Detection Using Deep Learning Methods in Traffic Scenarios
* Real-Time Vehicle Make and Model Recognition Based on a Bag of SURF Features
* Siamese Temporal Convolutional Networks for Driver Identification Using Driver Steering Behavior Analysis
* Smart City System Design: A Comprehensive Study of the Application and Data Planes
* Traffic Efficiency Applications over Downtown Roads: A New Challenge for Intelligent Connected Vehicles
* Vehicle Trajectory Similarity: Models, Methods, and Applications
* Vehicular Clouds Leveraging Mobile Urban Computing Through Resource Discovery
* Vehicular Networks: A New Challenge for Content-Delivery-Based Applications
* Vision-Based Autonomous Vehicle Recognition: A New Challenge for Deep Learning-Based Systems
Includes: Boukerche, A. Boukerche, A.[Azzedine]
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Boukerma, H.[Hanene] Co Author Listing * Novel Arabic Baseline Estimation Algorithm Based on Sub-Words Treatment, A
* NSHP-HMM Based on Conditional Zone Observation Probabilities for Off-Line Handwriting Recognition
* performance evaluation of NSHP-HMM based on conditional ZONE observation probabilities application to offline handwriting word recognition, A

Boukerroui, D.[Djamal] Co Author Listing * Automatic regions of interest identification and classification in CT images: Application to kidney cysts
* Can Atlas-Based Auto-Segmentation Ever Be Perfect? Insights From Extreme Value Theory
* Edge Detection Based on Riesz Transform
* Efficient numerical schemes for gradient vector flow
* Evaluation of Atlas Selection Methods for Atlas-Based Automatic Segmentation in Radiotherapy Treatment Planning, An
* Local maximum likelihood segmentation of echocardiographic images with Rayleigh distribution
* local Rayleigh model with spatial scale selection for ultrasound image segmentation, A
* Multiresolution Adaptive Image Segmentation based on Global and Local Statistics
* new generalised a scale spaces quadrature filters, A
* On the Choice of Band-Pass Quadrature Filters
* Optimal spatial scale for local region-based active contours
* Segmentation of ultrasound images: Multiresolution 2D and 3D algorithm based on global and local statistics
* Statistical Approach for Automatic Kidneys Detection, A
* Ultrasound Image Segmentation: A Survey
Includes: Boukerroui, D.[Djamal] Boukerroui, D.
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Boukezzoula, N.E.[Naceur Eddine] Co Author Listing * Symmetric sum-based biometric score fusion
Includes: Boukezzoula, N.E.[Naceur Eddine] Boukezzoula, N.E.[Naceur-Eddine]

Boukhani, M. Co Author Listing * Writer Identification: the Effect of Image Resizing on Cnn Performance

Boukhari, A.[Aissa] Co Author Listing * Biometric Signature of Private Key by Reliable Iris Recognition Based on Flexible-ICA Algorithm
* Weber Binarized Statistical Image Features (WBSIF) based video copy detection

Boukharouba, K.[Khaled] Co Author Listing * Temporal video segmentation using a switched affine models identification technique

Boukharouba, S. Co Author Listing * Amplitude Segmentation Method Based on the Distribution Function of an Image, An

Boukhayma, A.[Adnane] Co Author Listing * 3D Hand Shape and Pose From Images in the Wild
* Conditional Deep Generative Model of People in Natural Images, A
* Cross-Modal Deep Face Normals With Deactivable Skip Connections
* Decoupled 3D Facial Shape Model by Adversarial Training, A
* DGPose: Deep Generative Models for Human Body Analysis
* Dual Mesh Convolutional Networks for Human Shape Correspondence
* Eigen Appearance Maps of Dynamic Shapes
* Few Zero Level Set-Shot Learning of Shape Signed Distance Functions in Feature Space
* Monocular Human Shape and Pose with Dense Mesh-borne Local Image Features
* Neural Human Deformation Transfer
* Neural Mesh-based Graphics
* Semi-supervised Deep Generative Model for Human Body Analysis, A
* Surface Motion Capture Transfer with Gaussian Process Regression
Includes: Boukhayma, A.[Adnane] Boukhayma, A.
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Boukhdhir, S.E.[Saif Eddine] Co Author Listing * Spatial-UNet: Deep Learning-Based Lane Detection Using Fisheye Cameras for Autonomous Driving
Includes: Boukhdhir, S.E.[Saif Eddine] Boukhdhir, S.E.[Saif-Eddine]

Boukhechba, K.[Kamel] Co Author Listing * Spatial Filtering in DCT Domain-Based Frameworks for Hyperspectral Imagery Classification
* Spectral DWT Multilevel Decomposition with Spatial Filtering Enhancement Preprocessing-Based Approaches for Hyperspectral Imagery Classification

Boukhechba, M.[Mehdi] Co Author Listing * Online Prediction of People's Next Point-of-Interest: Concept Drift Support

Boukhedouma, H. Co Author Listing * On the Challenges of Mobility Prediction In Smart Cities

Boukhers, Z. Co Author Listing * Automatic recognition of movement patterns in the vojta-therapy using RGB-D data
* Convoy Detection in Crowded Surveillance Videos
* Example-Based 3D Trajectory Extraction of Objects From 2D Videos
Includes: Boukhers, Z. Boukhers, Z.[Zeyd]

Boukhobza, A. Co Author Listing * filter banks design using a multiobjecive genetic algorithm for an image coding scheme, A

Boukhris, A. Co Author Listing * Comparative Study and Enhancement of Camera Tampering Detection Algorithms

Boukhris, I.[Imen] Co Author Listing * Community detection for graph-based similarity: Application to protein binding pockets classification

Boukhris, K.[Khouloud] Co Author Listing * U-Shaped Densely Connected Convolutions for Left Ventricle Segmentation from CMR Images

Boukhris, S. Co Author Listing * Low-cost plenoptic camera with off-the-shelf components

Boukhriss, I.[Isameddine] Co Author Listing * Discrete Average of Two-Dimensional Shapes
* Two-Dimensional Discrete Morphing
* Two-Dimensional Discrete Shape Matching and Recognition

Boukhriss, R.R.[Rania Rebai] Co Author Listing * Cast Shadow Detection Based on Semi-supervised Learning
* Moving object detection under different weather conditions using full-spectrum light sources

Boukili, B. Co Author Listing * H-Model reduction for T-S fuzzy systems with finite frequency specifications

Boukir, S.[Samia] Co Author Listing * email: Boukir, S.[Samia]: sboukir AT gi univ-lr fr
* Application of rigid motion geometry to film restoration
* Automated retrieval of forest structure variables based on multi-scale texture analysis of VHR satellite imagery
* Boundary bagging to address training data issues in ensemble classification
* Building an ensemble classifier using ensemble margin. Application to image classification
* Class noise removal and correction for image classification using ensemble margin
* Classification of Remote Sensing Data Using Margin-Based Ensemble Methods
* Deformable model based data compression for gesture recognition
* Detection and Removal of Line Scratches in Motion Picture Films
* Deterioration Detection for Digital Film Restoration
* Ensemble diversity analysis on remote sensing data classification using random forests
* Ensemble margin framework for image classification
* Exploring diversity in ensemble classification: Applications in large area land cover mapping
* Exploring Issues of Training Data Imbalance and Mislabelling on Random Forest Performance for Large Area Land Cover Classification Using the Ensemble Margin
* Fast Data Selection for SVM Training Using Ensemble Margin
* Fast Mean-shift Based Classification Of Very High Resolution Images: Application To Forest Cover Mapping
* Film scratch removal using Kalman filtering and Bayesian restoration
* Local Method for Contour Matching and Its Parallel Implementation, A
* Margin-based ordered aggregation for ensemble pruning
* Motion compensated film restoration
* Optimal Estimation of 3D Structures Using Visual Servoing
* Real-Time Contour Matching over Time in an Active Vision Context
* Reconstruction of degraded image sequences. Application to film restoration
* Relevance of airborne lidar and multispectral image data for urban scene classification using Random Forests
* Retrieving Forest Structure Variables From Very High Resolution Satellite Images Using An Automatic Method
* Structure from Controlled Motion
* Structure from Motion Using an Active Vision Paradigm
* Support Vectors Selection for Supervised Learning Using an Ensemble Approach
* Tracking and MAP reconstruction of line scratches in degraded motion pictures
* two-pass random forests classification of airborne lidar and image data on urban scenes, A
* Using ensemble margin to explore issues of training data imbalance and mislabeling on large area land cover classification
Includes: Boukir, S.[Samia] Boukir, S.
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Boukis, C. Co Author Listing * Acoustic Event Detector of AIT, The

Boukouvalas, A. Co Author Listing * Bayesian Precalibration of a Large Stochastic Microsimulation Model

Boukouvalas, C. Co Author Listing * Automatic Grading of Textured Ceramic Tiles
* Perceptual Correction for Color Grading Using Sensor Transformations and Metameric Data
* Perceptual correction for colour grading of random textures

Boukouvalas, Z. Co Author Listing * New Riemannian Averaged Fixed-Point Algorithm for MGGD Parameter Estimation, A

Boukraa, M. Co Author Listing * Tag-based vision: assisting 3D scene analysis with radio-frequency tags

Boukrouche, A. Co Author Listing * Deconvolution for slowly time-varying systems 3D cases
* Multimodal biometric recognition using human ear and palmprint
* System for automatic faces detection
* Texture characterization using local binary pattern and wavelets. Application to bone radiographs
* Trabecular Bone Anisotropy Characterization Using 1D Local Binary Patterns
Includes: Boukrouche, A. Boukrouche, A.[Abdelhani]

Bouktache, E. Co Author Listing * Fast Algorithm for the Nearest-Neighbor Classifier, A

Boukthir, K.[Khalil] Co Author Listing * Reduced annotation based on deep active learning for arabic text detection in natural scene images

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