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Hann, C.E. Co Author Listing * Diabetic Retinopathy detection using geometrical techniques related to the underlying physiology
* pointwise smooth surface stereo reconstruction algorithm without correspondences, A
Includes: Hann, C.E. Hann, C.E.[Chris E.]

Hann, R.[Richard] Co Author Listing * How Many Reindeer? UAV Surveys as an Alternative to Helicopter or Ground Surveys for Estimating Population Abundance in Open Landscapes
* SIOS's Earth Observation (EO), Remote Sensing (RS), and Operational Activities in Response to COVID-19

Hanna, B. Co Author Listing * In a Blink of an Eye and a Switch of a Transistor: Cortically Coupled Computer Vision

Hanna, C. Co Author Listing * Automated Measurements in Obstetric Ultrasound Images

Hanna, D.M.[Darrin M.] Co Author Listing * Artificial neural networks capable of learning spatiotemporal chemical diffusion in the cortical brain
* Geno-fuzzy classification trees

Hanna, E.[Edward] Co Author Listing * Temporal Variability of Surface Reflectance Supersedes Spatial Resolution in Defining Greenland's Bare-Ice Albedo
* Towards a comprehensive RVC VTL: A CAL description of an efficient AVC baseline encoder
Includes: Hanna, E.[Edward] Hanna, E.[Ehab]

Hanna, E.E.K. Co Author Listing * Using Geomatics to Understand and Valorize Heritage, Three Different Contexts of Study: Syria, Italy, and France

Hanna, J.[Joelle] Co Author Listing * Self-supervised Vision Transformers for Land-cover Segmentation and Classification
* Sparse Multimodal Vision Transformer for Weakly Supervised Semantic Segmentation
Includes: Hanna, J.[Joelle] Hanna, J.[JoŽlle]

Hanna, K. Co Author Listing * use of gray-level information and fitting techniques for precise measurement of corneal curvature and thickness, The

Hanna, K.J. Co Author Listing * Aerial video surveillance and exploitation
* Apparatus for enhancing images using flow estimation
* Automated, non-invasive iris recognition system and method
* Combining Stereo and Motion Analysis for Direct Estimation of Scene Structure
* Direct Multi-Resolution Estimation of Ego-Motion and Structure from Motion
* Fully automated iris recognition system utilizing wide and narrow fields of view
* Hierarchical Model-Based Motion Estimation
* Improved Illumination Assessment for Vision-Based Traffic Monitoring
* Iris on the Move: Acquisition of Images for Iris Recognition in Less Constrained Environments
* Iris Recognition at a Distance
* Method and apparatus for enhancing and indexing video and audio signals
* Method and apparatus for enhancing regions of aligned images using flow estimation
* Method and apparatus for processing images to compute image flow information
* Method and system for image combination using a parallax-based technique
* Method and system for rendering and combining images to form a synthesized view of a scene containing image information from a second image
* Method for determining sensor motion and scene structure and image processing system therefor
* Multimedia Applications of Computer Vision
* Registration of Highly-oblique and Zoomed in Aerial Video to Reference Imagery
* Representation of Scenes from Collections of Images
* Robust Video Georegistration
* Shape Recovery from Multiple Views: A Parallax Based Approach
* Stabilizing estimate of location of target region inferred from tracked multiple landmark regions of a video image
* System and method for electronic image stabilization
* Techniques and systems for developing high-resolution imagery
* Tracking Cataract by the Four-Line Method
* Video merging employing pattern-key insertion
Includes: Hanna, K.J. Hanna, K.J.[Keith James] Hanna, K.J.[Keith J.]
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Hanna, M.J. Co Author Listing * Current US Federal Policy Framework for Self-Driving Vehicles: Opportunities and Challenges

Hanna, N.[Natalia] Co Author Listing * Kinematic ZTD Estimation from Train-Borne Single-Frequency GNSS: Validation and Assimilation
* Machine Learning-Based Estimation of Hourly GNSS Precipitable Water Vapour

Hanna, P. Co Author Listing * Discrete Chebyshev Transform: a Natural Modification of the DCT
* Inter-frame contextual modelling for visual speech recognition
* Speech Based Approach to Surveillance Video Retrieval, A
Includes: Hanna, P. Hanna, P.[Philip]

Hanna, R.[Raghed] Co Author Listing * Hybrid Method for Automatic Anatomical Variant Detection and Segmentation, A
* Non-MLE Approach for Satellite Scatterometer Wind Vector Retrievals in Tropical Cyclones, A
Includes: Hanna, R.[Raghed] Hanna, R.[Rafik]

Hanna, S.L. Co Author Listing * Intersection of Parametric Surfaces by Means of Look-Up Tables

Hannachi, A.[Abdel] Co Author Listing * Stable Water Isotopologues in the Stratosphere Retrieved from Odin/SMR Measurements

Hannachi, M.[Marwa] Co Author Listing * Adequation and hardware implementation of the color structure descriptor for real-time temporal video segmentation

Hannad, Y.[Yaacoub] Co Author Listing * Arabic Writer Identification Using Local Binary Patterns (LBP) of Handwritten Fragments
* Improving Arabic writer identification using score-level fusion of textural descriptors
* Writer Identification: the Effect of Image Resizing on Cnn Performance
Includes: Hannad, Y.[Yaacoub] Hannad, Y.[Ya‚coub] Hannad, Y.

Hannaford, B.[Blake] Co Author Listing * Object-Agnostic Vision Measurement Framework Based on One-Shot Learning and Behavior Tree

Hannaford, R. Co Author Listing * BIRDSAI: A Dataset for Detection and Tracking in Aerial Thermal Infrared Videos

Hannah, D.[David] Co Author Listing * Enriching user profiling with affective features for the improvement of a multimodal recommender system
* Investigating Gesture and Pressure Interaction with a 3D Display
* Supporting Aspect-Based Video Browsing: Analysis of a User Study

Hannah, E.C.[Eric C.] Co Author Listing * Method and apparatus for adjusting video data to limit the effects of automatic focusing control on motion estimation video coders

Hannah, I.[Ian] Co Author Listing * Foreign object detection via texture analysis
* Use of Convolution-Operators for Detecting Contaminants in Food Images, The
* Use of Variance and Entropic Thresholding Methods for Image Segmentation, The
Includes: Hannah, I.[Ian] Hannah, I.

Hannah, I.D. Co Author Listing * Analysis of low-pass filtered shoeprints and pedobarograph images

Hannah, J. Co Author Listing * Alpha Channel Estimation in High Resolution Images and Image Sequences
* Data Fusion Solution to the Accuracy-efficiency Trade-off Problem in Motion Estimation, A
* Hybrid Facial Model Fitting using Active Appearance Models and Contour-Based Facial Feature Location
* Improved Chin Fitting Algorithm Based on An Adaptive Snake
* Improved Eye Feature Extraction Algorithm Based on Deformable Templates, An
* Semi-automatic foreground/background segmentation of motion picture images and image sequences

Hannah, J.M.[John M.] Co Author Listing * Accurate Automatic Frame Fitting for Semantic-Based Moving Image Coding Using a Facial Code-Book
* Comparison of Detailed Automatic Wire-Frame Fitting Methods, A
* Enhancing Selected Facial Features in Very Low Bit-rate Video Sequences
* Facial Motion Analysis for Content-based Video Coding
* new approach to wire-frame tracking for semantic model-based moving image coding, A
* Percetually motivated bit-allocation for H.264 encoded video sequences
* Quality-Optimized MPEG2 Video Data Rate Control Using Fuzzy Logic Techniques
* Rate-Distortion Analysis of Nonlinear Quantizers for MPEG Video Coders: Sigmoidal and Unimodal Quantizer Control Functions
* Reliable Tracking of Facial Features in Semantic-Based Video Coding
* Tracking of the Motion of Important Facial Features in Model-Based Coding
* Video rate control using a radial basis function estimator for constant bit-rate MPEG coders
Includes: Hannah, J.M.[John M.] Hannah, J.M.
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Hannah, M.J.[Marsha Jo] Co Author Listing * email: Hannah, M.J.[Marsha Jo]: hannah AT ai sri com
* 3DPO: A Three-Dimensional Part Orientation System
* Bootstrap Stereo
* Bootstrap Stereo Error Simulations
* Computer Matching of Areas in Stereo Imagery
* Detection of Errors in Match Disparities
* JISCT Stereo Evaluation, The
* Sketch-First Modeling of Buildings from Video Imagery
* SRI's Baseline Stereo System
* Stanford Automatic Photogrammetry Research
* Test Results from SRI's Stereo System
Includes: Hannah, M.J.[Marsha Jo] Hannah, M.J.
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Hannah, P. Co Author Listing * Framework for remote collaborative interaction in virtual environments based on proximity

Hannak, G. Co Author Listing * Graphical LASSO based Model Selection for Time Series

Hannam, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * Terrestrial Laser Scanning Reveals Seagrass Microhabitat Structure on a Tideflat

Hannan, A.[Abdul] Co Author Listing * Towards Corner Case Detection by Modeling the Uncertainty of Instance Segmentation Networks

Hannan, C.[Cassie] Co Author Listing * Crowd-Driven Deep Learning Tracks Amazon Deforestation

Hannan, D.[Darryl] Co Author Listing * Deep Sparse Coding for Invariant Multimodal Halle Berry Neurons
* StoryDALL-E: Adapting Pretrained Text-to-Image Transformers for Story Continuation

Hannan, M.A. Co Author Listing * Recyclable Waste Paper Sorting Using Template Matching

Hannane, R.[Rachida] Co Author Listing * divide-and-conquer strategy for facial landmark detection using dual-task CNN architecture, A
* efficient method for video shot boundary detection and keyframe extraction using SIFT-point distribution histogram, An
* Efficient Object Indexing and Retrieval Using Partial Dominant Orientation Descriptor
* Efficient Video Summarization Based on Motion SIFT-Distribution Histogram
* MSKVS: Adaptive mean shift-based keyframe extraction for video summarization and a new objective verification approach
* robust approach for object matching and classification using Partial Dominant Orientation Descriptor, A

Hannat, M.[Mohamed] Co Author Listing * 3D object classification based on deep belief networks and point clouds
* VFH-Color and Deep Belief Network for 3D Point Cloud Recognition

Hanne, T. Co Author Listing * Sketch-Based User Authentication With a Novel String Edit Distance Model

Hannemann, R. Co Author Listing * Electroencephalographic Phase-Amplitude Coupling in Simulated Driving With Varying Modality-Specific Attentional Demand

Hannemann, W.[Wilhelm] Co Author Listing * Documentation of conservation state in large-scale subsurface objects
* Interferometric monitoring of an active underground mining field with high-resolution SAR sensors
* Texture Generation from a Large Set of Registered Images Using Markov Random Fields
Includes: Hannemann, W.[Wilhelm] Hannemann, W.

Hannemose, M.[Morten] Co Author Listing * Image-Based Method for Objectively Assessing Injection Moulded Plastic Quality, An
* Tunnel Effect in CNNs: Image Reconstruction From Max Switch Locations
* Video Frame Interpolation via Cyclic Fine-Tuning and Asymmetric Reverse Flow

Hannemose, M.R.[Morten Rieger] Co Author Listing * SportsPose - A Dynamic 3D sports pose dataset

Hannernan, A. Co Author Listing * robust approach for recognition of text embedded in natural scenes, A

Hanni, M. Co Author Listing * Trabecular Bone Analysis in CT and X-Ray Images of the Proximal Femur for the Assessment of Local Bone Quality

Hanniel, I.[Iddo] Co Author Listing * Subdivision Termination Criteria in Subdivision Multivariate Solvers

Hannig, F.[Frank] Co Author Listing * Special issue on heterogeneous real-time image processing

Hannigan, J.W.[James W.] Co Author Listing * Nitrous Oxide Profiling from Infrared Radiances (NOPIR): Algorithm Description, Application to 10 Years of IASI Observations and Quality Assessment
* On the Radiative Impact of Biomass-Burning Aerosols in the Arctic: The August 2017 Case Study

Hannigan, T.J. Co Author Listing * Automatic classification of shoeprints for use in forensic science based on the Fourier transform

Hannikainen, M.[Marko] Co Author Listing * Comparison of video protection methods for wireless networks
Includes: Hannikainen, M.[Marko] Hšnnikšinen, M.[Marko] (Maybe also Haennikaeinen, M.)

Hanninen, P.[Pekka] Co Author Listing * Arctic Soil Hydraulic Conductivity and Soil Type Recognition Based on Aerial Gamma-Ray Spectroscopy and Topographical Data

Hanning, G.[Gustav] Co Author Listing * Stabilizing cell phone video using inertial measurement sensors

Hanning, T.[Tobias] Co Author Listing * Analytically Solving Radial Distortion Parameters
* Closed Form Monocular Re-Projective Pose Estimation
* Closed Form Solution for Monocular Re-Projective 3D Pose Estimation of Regular Planar Patterns, A
* Least Squares Solution for Camera Distortion Parameters, A
* MIDIAS: An Integrated 2D/3D Sensor System for Safety Applications
* Motion detection based on contour strings
* Re-Projective vs. Projective Camera Calibration: Effects on 3D-Reconstruction
* Segmentation of Vector Images by N-level-set-fitting
* Vector Image Segmentation by Piecewise Continuous Approximation
Includes: Hanning, T.[Tobias] Hanning, T.
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Hannink, J.[Julius] Co Author Listing * Brain-inspired algorithms for retinal image analysis
* Locally Adaptive Frames in the Roto-Translation Group and Their Applications in Medical Imaging
Includes: Hannink, J.[Julius] Hannink, J.

Hannon, S.E. Co Author Listing * In-flight spectral calibration of the atmospheric infrared sounder
* overview of the AIRS radiative transfer model, An
* Prelaunch spectral calibration of the atmospheric infrared sounder (AIRS)

Hannoun, G.J. Co Author Listing * Facilitating Emergency Response Vehicles' Movement Through a Road Segment in a Connected Vehicle Environment

Hannoun, S. Co Author Listing * longitudinal model for variations detection in white matter fiber-bundles, A

Hannukainen, A. Co Author Listing * Efficient Inclusion of Total Variation Type Priors in Quantitative Photoacoustic Tomography

Hannuksela, A. Co Author Listing * Evaluation of feature sensitivity to training data inaccuracy in detection of retinal lesions

Hannuksela, J.[Jari] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Hannuksela, J.[Jari]: jari hannuksela AT ee oulu fi
* Adaptive Motion-Based Gesture Recognition Interface for Mobile Phones
* BM3D image denoising using heterogeneous computing platforms
* Direct imaging with printed microlens arrays
* Document Image Mosaicing with Mobile Phones
* Evaluation of real-time LBP computing in multiple architectures
* Face Tracking for Spatially Aware Mobile User Interfaces
* Finger Tracking for Gestural Interaction in Mobile Devices
* Head-tracking virtual 3-D display for mobile devices
* Image Based Visibility Estimation During Day and Night
* Mobile Imaging System for Medical Diagnostics, A
* Motion-Based Handwriting Recognition for Mobile Interaction
* Mutual Information Refinement for Flash-no-Flash Image Alignment
* Programmable Low-Power Multicore Coprocessor Architecture for HEVC/H.265 In-Loop Filtering
* Reconfigurable cyber-physical system for critical infrastructure protection in smart cities via smart video-surveillance
* Vision-Based Approach for Controlling User Interfaces of Mobile Devices, A
* Vision-based motion estimation for interaction with mobile devices
Includes: Hannuksela, J.[Jari] Hannuksela, J.
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Hannuksela, M.[Miska] Co Author Listing * End-to-End Learning for Video Frame Compression with Self-Attention
* fast and accurate re-calibration technique for misaligned stereo cameras, A
* High Efficiency Image File Format Standard, The
* Learned Video Compression with Intra-Guided Enhancement and Implicit Motion Information
* Stochastic Binary-Ternary Quantization for Communication Efficient Federated Computation
Includes: Hannuksela, M.[Miska] Hannuksela, M.

Hannuksela, M.M.[Miska M.] Co Author Listing * Adaptive DCT Based Depth Map Resampling for Depth Enhanced Multiview Video Coding
* Adaptive Multi-Scale Progressive Probability Model for Lossless Image Compression
* Asymmetric spatial scalability in stereoscopic video coding
* Asymmetrie luminance based filtering for stereoscopic video compression
* Backward compatible enhancement of chroma format in HEVC
* Bridging the Gap Between Image Coding for Machines and Humans
* Coding of faded scene transitions
* Coding of mixed-resolution multiview video in 3D video application
* Complete processing chain for 3D video generation using Kinect sensor
* Congestion-aware transmission rate control using Medium Grain Scalability of Scalable Video Coding
* Content-Adaptive Neural Network Post-Processing Filter with NNR-Coded Weight-Updates
* Cross-asymmetric mixed-resolution 3D video compression
* Decoding complexity reduction in projection-based light-field 3D displays using self-contained HEVC tiles
* Depth-aware 3D video filtering targetting multiview video plus depth compression
* Differential Coding Using Enhanced Inter-Layer Reference Picture for the Scalable Extension of H.265/HEVC Video Codec
* Efficient video resolution adaptation using scalable H.265/HEVC
* error concealment feature in the h.26l test model, The
* Error Resilient Coding and Error Concealment in Scalable Video Coding
* Error Resilient Video Coding Using Redundant Pictures
* Error Resilient Video Coding Using Unequally Protected Key Pictures
* Estimation of subjective quality for mixed-resolution stereoscopic video
* Evaluation of depth compression and view synthesis distortions in multiview-video-plus-depth coding systems
* Evaluation of Depth-Based Super Resolution on Compressed Mixed Resolution 3D Video
* Fisheye video coding using elastic motion compensated reference frames
* Gradual decoder refresh using isolated regions
* H.264/AVC in wireless environments
* H.26L/JVT coding network abstraction layer and IP-based transport
* HEVC still image coding and high efficiency image file format
* High-Level Syntax of the Versatile Video Coding (VVC) Standard, The
* Impact of downsampling ratio in mixed-resolution stereoscopic video
* Improved Error Concealment Using Scene Information
* Improved weighted prediction based color gamut scalability in SHVC
* Inter-view motion vector prediction in multiview HEVC
* Intra coding for depth maps using adaptive boundary location
* Isolated regions in video coding
* Joint depth and texture filtering targeting MVD compression
* Joint multiview video plus depth coding
* Joint view filtering for multiview depth map sequences
* Lossless compression of subaperture images using context modeling
* Lossless Image Compression Using a Multi-scale Progressive Statistical Model
* Multiple Description Video Coding With H.264/AVC Redundant Pictures
* Multiview-Video-Plus-Depth Coding Based on the Advanced Video Coding Standard
* Nested polygonal chain mapping of omnidirectional video
* Nonlinear Depth Map Resampling for Depth-Enhanced 3-D Video Coding
* objective video quality metric based on spatiotemporal distortion, An
* Overview of HEVC High-Level Syntax and Reference Picture Management
* Overview of Omnidirectional MediA Format (OMAF), An
* Overview of the multiview high efficiency video coding (MV-HEVC) standard
* Overview of the MVC+D 3D video coding standard
* Overview of the Neural Network Compression and Representation (NNR) Standard
* Perception aware coding of stereoscopic video
* Perceptual quality assessment of HEVC main profile depth map compression for six degrees of freedom virtual reality video
* Perceptual-based quality assessment for audio-visual services: A survey
* Perceptually adaptive filtering for stereoscopic video compression
* Picture-level adaptive filter for asymmetric stereoscopic video
* Random access using isolated regions
* Rate adaptation for dynamic adaptive streaming over HTTP in content distribution network
* Rendering stereoscopic video for simultaneous 2D and 3D presentation
* Row-interleaved sampling for stereoscopic video coding targeting polarized displays
* Scalable Bit Allocation Between Texture and Depth Views for 3-D Video Streaming Over Heterogeneous Networks
* Seamless switching of H.265/HEVC-coded dash representations with open GOP prediction structure
* Semi-Fuzzy Rate Controller for Variable Bit Rate Video
* Shared Coded Picture Technique for Tile-Based Viewport-Adaptive Streaming of Omnidirectional Video
* Simultaneous 2D and 3D perception for stereoscopic displays based on polarized or active shutter glasses
* Standardization status of 360 degree video coding and delivery
* Sub-picture: ROI coding and unequal error protection
* Subjective quality assessment of asymmetric stereoscopic 3D video
* Subjective study on compressed asymmetric stereoscopic video
* System and Transport Interface of H.264/AVC Scalable Extension
* System and Transport Interface of SVC
* System Layer Integration of High Efficiency Video Coding
* Transform domain similarity measures in stereo matching
* Upsampled-view distortion optimization for mixed resolution 3D Video Coding
* Video Splicing and Fuzzy Rate Control in IP Multi-Protocol Encapsulator for Tune-In Time Reduction in IP Datacasting (IPDC) over DVB-H
* View order alternation symmetrization and temporal inter-view combined prediction for 3D video coding
* View synthesis quality mapping for depth-based super resolution on mixed resolution 3D video
* Viewport-dependent delivery schemes for stereoscopic panoramic video
* Virtual reality content streaming: Viewport-dependent projection and tile-based techniques
Includes: Hannuksela, M.M.[Miska M.] Hannuksela, M.M.
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Hannum, A.J.[Ariel J.] Co Author Listing * Arbitrary Point Tracking with Machine Learning to Measure Cardiac Strains in Tagged MRI

Hannuna, S. Co Author Listing * 3D Data Acquisition and Registration Using Two Opposing Kinects
* Automatic individual holstein friesian cattle identification via selective local coat pattern matching in RGB-D imagery
* Calorie Counter: RGB-Depth Visual Estimation of Energy Expenditure at Home
* comparative study of pose representation and dynamics modelling for online motion quality assessment, A
* Dataset for Persistent Multi-target Multi-camera Tracking in RGB-D, A
* Deep Compact Person Re-Identification with Distractor Synthesis via Guided DC-GANs
* DS-KCF: a real-time tracker for RGB-D data
* Energy expenditure estimation using visual and inertial sensors
* Multiple human tracking in RGB-depth data: a survey
* Online quality assessment of human motion from skeleton data
* Real-time RGB-D Tracking with Depth Scaling Kernelised Correlation Filters and Occlusion Handling
* Skeleton-Free Body Pose Estimation from Depth Images for Movement Analysis
Includes: Hannuna, S. Hannuna, S.[Sion]
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Hannuna, S.L. Co Author Listing * Identifying Quadruped Gait in Wildlife Video

Hannunna, S.[Sion] Co Author Listing * Semantically Selective Augmentation for Deep Compact Person Re-Identification

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