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Chai Onn, T.[Tricia] Co Author Listing * Data Integration for Climate Vulnerability Mapping in West Africa
Includes: Chai Onn, T.[Tricia] Chai-Onn, T.[Tricia]

Chai, A. Co Author Listing * Imaging Strong Localized Scatterers with Sparsity Promoting Optimization

Chai, A.Y.H.[Abel Yu Hao] Co Author Listing * Pairwise Feature Learning for Unseen Plant Disease Recognition

Chai, B.[Bo] Co Author Listing * Asphalt Pavement Compaction and Vehicle Speed Monitoring Using Intelligent Aggregate
* ensemble method for monitoring land cover changes in urban areas using dense Landsat time series data, An
* On-Site Global Calibration of Mobile Vision Measurement System Based on Virtual Omnidirectional Camera Model
* Robust shifting control of a motor-transmission integrated system considering anti-jerking and speed regulation for electric vehicles
Includes: Chai, B.[Bo] Chai, B.[Baohui] Chai, B.[Binhu] Chai, B.[Benben]

Chai, B.B. Co Author Listing * Binary Linear Decision Tree with Genetic Algorithm
* Compression and Transmission of Depth Maps for Image-based Rendering
* Depth map compression for real-time view-based rendering
* depth map representation for real-time transmission and view-based rendering of a dynamic 3D scene, A
* Mesh-based depth map compression and transmission for real-time view-based rendering
* Piecewise-Linear Classifiers Using Binary-Tree Structure and Genetic Algorithm
* Significance-Linked Connected Component Analysis for Low Bit Rate Image Coding
* Significance-Linked Connected Component Analysis for Very Low Bit-Rate Wavelet Video Coding
* Significance-Linked Connected Component Analysis for Wavelet Image Coding
Includes: Chai, B.B. Chai, B.B.[Bing-Bing]
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Chai, B.J.[Bing Jie] Co Author Listing * Storytelling by the StoryCake visualization
Includes: Chai, B.J.[Bing Jie] Chai, B.J.[Bing-Jie]

Chai, B.Q.[Bing Qian] Co Author Listing * Local-Sparse-Information-Aggregation Transformer with Explicit Contour Guidance for SAR Ship Detection, A
Includes: Chai, B.Q.[Bing Qian] Chai, B.Q.[Bing-Qian]

Chai, C.[Chen] Co Author Listing * Automated Machine Learning (AutoML) Method of Risk Prediction for Decision-Making of Autonomous Vehicles, An
* Automatic Clustering for Unsupervised Risk Diagnosis of Vehicle Driving for Smart Road
* Non-instinct detection of cellphone usage from lane-keeping performance based on eXtreme gradient boosting and optimal sliding windows

Chai, C.L.[Chun Lai] Co Author Listing * Prior Knowledge about Attributes: Learning a More Effective Potential Space for Zero-Shot Recognition
Includes: Chai, C.L.[Chun Lai] Chai, C.L.[Chun-Lai]

Chai, D.[Douglas] Co Author Listing * comprehensive review of fruit and vegetable classification techniques, A
* Face Segmentation Using Skin-Color Map in Videophone Applications
* Foreground/background Bit Allocation for Region-of-interest Coding
* JPEG compression of monochrome 2D-barcode images using DCT coefficient distributions
* Locating Facial Region of a Head-and-Shoulders Color Image
* Naive bayes face/nonface classifier: a study of preprocessing and feature extraction techniques
* novel skin color model in YCBCR color space and its application to human face detection, A
* Robust Algorithm for Multi-GNSS Precise Positioning and Performance Analysis in Urban Environments, A
* Skin Segmentation Using Color Pixel Classification: Analysis and Comparison
* Very-Low Bit-Rate Video Coding Using H.263 Coder
Includes: Chai, D.[Douglas] Chai, D. Chai, D.[Dashuai]
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Chai, D.F.[Deng Feng] Co Author Listing * Aerial image semantic segmentation using DCNN predicted distance maps
* Bilayer representation for three dimensional visual communication
* Bilayer Stereo Matching
* Bisection approach for pixel labelling problem
* Combine Markov Random Fields And Marked Point Processes To Extract Building From Remotely Sensed Images
* Detecting Linear Features By Spatial Point Processes
* Feature Evaluation For Building Facade Images: An Empirical Study
* Image Feature Detection as Robust Model Fitting
* Large-scale rice mapping under different years based on time-series Sentinel-1 images using deep semantic segmentation model
* Recovering Line-Networks in Images by Junction-Point Processes
* Rooted Spanning Superpixels
* SQL: Superpixels via quaternary labeling
Includes: Chai, D.F.[Deng Feng] Chai, D.F.[Deng-Feng]
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Chai, E.[Enhui] Co Author Listing * ERF-YOLO: A YOLO algorithm compatible with fewer parameters and higher accuracy
* motion-texture aware denoising for economic hardware design, A
Includes: Chai, E.[Enhui] Chai, E.[Eric]

Chai, F.[Fei] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Ocean Color Remote Sensing Algorithms for Diffuse Attenuation Coefficients and Optical Depths with Data Collected on BGC-Argo Floats

Chai, G.Q.[Guo Qi] Co Author Listing * Above-Ground Biomass Estimation of Plantation with Different Tree Species Using Airborne LiDAR and Hyperspectral Data
* ACE R-CNN: An Attention Complementary and Edge Detection-Based Instance Segmentation Algorithm for Individual Tree Species Identification Using UAV RGB Images and LiDAR Data
* Estimating Individual Tree Above-Ground Biomass of Chinese Fir Plantation: Exploring the Combination of Multi-Dimensional Features from UAV Oblique Photos
* Estimation and Simulation of Forest Carbon Stock in Northeast China Forestry Based on Future Climate Change and LUCC
* Individual Tree Species Identification and Crown Parameters Extraction Based on Mask R-CNN: Assessing the Applicability of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Optical Images
* New CBAM-P-Net Model for Few-Shot Forest Species Classification Using Airborne Hyperspectral Images, A
Includes: Chai, G.Q.[Guo Qi] Chai, G.Q.[Guo-Qi]

Chai, G.R.[Guang Ren] Co Author Listing * Object retrival based on visual word pairs
Includes: Chai, G.R.[Guang Ren] Chai, G.R.[Guang-Ren]

Chai, H.[Hua] Co Author Listing * CTTE: Customized Travel Time Estimation via Mobile Crowdsensing
* Image Super-Resolution Reconstruction via L1_2 and S1_2 Regularizations
* Low-rank and sparse matrix decomposition based on S1/2 and L1/2 regularizations in dynamic MRI
* ROAM: Recurrently Optimizing Tracking Model
* Robust and Fast Vehicle Turn-counts at Intersections via an Integrated Solution from Detection, Tracking and Trajectory Modeling
* Secure and Efficient Blockchain-Based Knowledge Sharing for Intelligent Connected Vehicles
* Spatio-temporal Contrastive Domain Adaptation for Action Recognition
* Urban road traffic condition forecasting based on sparse ride-hailing service data
* Visual Leader-Following Approach With a T-D-R Framework for Quadruped Robots, A
Includes: Chai, H.[Hua] Chai, H. Chai, H.[Haoye]
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Chai, H.B.[Hai Bin] Co Author Listing * Shallow Crustal Structure of S-Wave Velocities in the Coastal Area of South China Constrained by Receiver Function Amplitudes
Includes: Chai, H.B.[Hai Bin] Chai, H.B.[Hai-Bin]

Chai, H.H.[Hong Hong] Co Author Listing * Image-Based Dynamic Quantification of Aboveground Structure of Sugar Beet in Field
Includes: Chai, H.H.[Hong Hong] Chai, H.H.[Hong-Hong]

Chai, H.M.[Hui Ming] Co Author Listing * Iterative Extraction of the Boundary of Coherence Region and Iterative Look-Up Table for Forest Height Estimation Using Polarimetric Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar Data, The
* Mitigating Atmospheric Effects in InSAR Stacking Based on Ensemble Forecasting with a Numerical Weather Prediction Model
* Three-Dimensional Block Adjustment Method for Spaceborne InSAR Based on the Range-Doppler-Phase Model, A
* Unsupervised SAR Image Change Detection Based on Histogram Fitting Error Minimization and Convolutional Neural Network
Includes: Chai, H.M.[Hui Ming] Chai, H.M.[Hui-Ming]

Chai, H.R.[Hua Rong] Co Author Listing * Multifeature extracting CNN with concatenation for image denoising
Includes: Chai, H.R.[Hua Rong] Chai, H.R.[Hua-Rong]

Chai, H.S.[Hai Shan] Co Author Listing * Rapid Tsunami Potential Assessment Using GNSS Ionospheric Disturbance: Implications from Three Megathrusts
Includes: Chai, H.S.[Hai Shan] Chai, H.S.[Hai-Shan]

Chai, H.Y.[Hao Ye] Co Author Listing * Hierarchical Blockchain-Enabled Federated Learning Algorithm for Knowledge Sharing in Internet of Vehicles, A
Includes: Chai, H.Y.[Hao Ye] Chai, H.Y.[Hao-Ye]

Chai, I. Co Author Listing * Extraction of Text boxes from Engineering Drawings
* Orthogonal Zig-Zag: An Efficient Method for Extracting Straight Lines from Engineering Drawings
* Sparse Pixel Recognition of Primitives in Engineering Drawings

Chai, J.[Jinchuan] Co Author Listing * Accurate Recognition of Building Rooftops and Assessment of Long-Term Carbon Emission Reduction from Rooftop Solar Photovoltaic Systems Fusing GF-2 and Multi-Source Data
* Generalized re-weighting local sampling mean discriminant analysis
* Maximum margin multiple-instance feature weighting
* Multiple-instance discriminant analysis
* Robust Positive semidefinite L-Isomap Ensemble
* ST-Bikes: Predicting Travel-Behaviors of Sharing-Bikes Exploiting Urban Big Data
Includes: Chai, J.[Jinchuan] Chai, J.[Jing] Chai, J.[Jun]

Chai, J.C.[Jin Chuan] Co Author Listing * Virtual Reality Simulation Method for Crowd Evacuation in a Multiexit Indoor Fire Environment, A
Includes: Chai, J.C.[Jin Chuan] Chai, J.C.[Jin-Chuan]

Chai, J.C.L.[Jacky Chen Long] Co Author Listing * Conditional Multimodal Biometrics Embedding Learning For Periocular and Face in the Wild
* Recognizability Embedding Enhancement for Very Low-Resolution Face Recognition and Quality Estimation
* Understanding the Feature Norm for Out-of-Distribution Detection

Chai, J.F.[Jian Fei] Co Author Listing * Research of red tide visualization system based on OpenGL
Includes: Chai, J.F.[Jian Fei] Chai, J.F.[Jian-Fei]

Chai, J.J.[Jia Jun] Co Author Listing * Hierarchical Deep Reinforcement Learning Framework for 6-DOF UCAV Air-to-Air Combat, A
Includes: Chai, J.J.[Jia Jun] Chai, J.J.[Jia-Jun]

Chai, J.L.[Jin Ling] Co Author Listing * Multi-Agent Fuzzy-Based Transit Signal Priority Control for Traffic Network Considering Conflicting Priority Requests
Includes: Chai, J.L.[Jin Ling] Chai, J.L.[Jin-Ling]

Chai, J.W.[Jyh Wen] Co Author Listing * Automatic Computer-Aided Detection System for Meniscal Tears on Magnetic Resonance Images, An
* Hyperspectral Imaging Approach to White Matter Hyperintensities Detection in Brain Magnetic Resonance Images, A
Includes: Chai, J.W.[Jyh Wen] Chai, J.W.[Jyh-Wen]

Chai, J.X.[Jin Xiang] Co Author Listing * 3D Reconstruction of Human Motion and Skeleton from Uncalibrated Monocular Video
* Accurate and Robust 3D Facial Capture Using a Single RGBD Camera
* Closed-Form Solution to Non-Rigid Shape and Motion Recovery, A
* Evolutionary Framework for Stereo Correspondence, An
* Example-Based Human Motion Denoising
* Handling Occlusions in Dense Multi-view Stereo
* hybrid camera for motion deblurring and depth map super-resolution, A
* Interactive Tracking of 2D Generic Objects with Spacetime Optimization
* Modeling 3D Human Poses from Uncalibrated Monocular Images
* Parallel Projections for Stereo Reconstruction
* Rendering by Manifold Hopping
* Rendering with Non-uniform Approximate Concentric Mosaics
* Robust epipolar geometry estimation using genetic algorithm
Includes: Chai, J.X.[Jin Xiang] Chai, J.X.[Jin-Xiang]
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Chai, K.[Keng] Co Author Listing * Inpainting Transformer for Anomaly Detection
* Reference-Based Super-Resolution Method for Remote Sensing Images with Feature Compression Module
Includes: Chai, K.[Keng] Chai, K.[Keya]

Chai, K.K.[Kok Keong] Co Author Listing * Performance Analysis for Channel-Weighted Federated Learning in OMA Wireless Networks

Chai, L.[Lucy] Co Author Listing * Any-Resolution Training for High-Resolution Image Synthesis
* Applying a Wavelet Transform Technique to Optimize General Fitting Models for SM Analysis: A Case Study in Downscaling over the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau
* Attention-Guided Fusion and Classification for Hyperspectral and LiDAR Data
* Brain Network Analysis of Schizophrenia Patients Based on Hypergraph Signal Processing
* Calibration of the L-MEB Model for Croplands in HiWATER Using PLMR Observation
* Design of synthesis filter banks for the structural similarity index
* Development of a Parameterized Model to Estimate Microwave Radiation Response Depth of Frozen Soil
* Ensembling with Deep Generative Views
* Estimating Corn Canopy Water Content From Normalized Difference Water Index (NDWI): An Optimized NDWI-Based Scheme and Its Feasibility for Retrieving Corn VWC
* Estimating Time Series Soil Moisture by Applying Recurrent Nonlinear Autoregressive Neural Networks to Passive Microwave Data over the Heihe River Basin, China
* Estimation of 1-km all-weather remotely sensed land surface temperature based on reconstructed spatial-seamless satellite passive microwave brightness temperature and thermal infrared data
* Estimation of Land Surface Temperature through Blending MODIS and AMSR-E Data with the Bayesian Maximum Entropy Method
* Evaluation of SMAP, SMOS-IC, FY3B, JAXA, and LPRM Soil Moisture Products over the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and Its Surrounding Areas
* FB Analysis of PMRI and its Application to H-Inf Optimal Sense Reconstruction
* Geodesic via Asymmetric Heat Diffusion Based on Finsler Metric
* Graph Signal Processing Approach to QSAR/QSPR Model Learning of Compounds
* Gravimetric Vegetation Water Content Estimation for Corn Using L-Band Bi-Angular, Dual-Polarized Brightness Temperatures and Leaf Area Index
* Human Trajectory Prediction with Momentary Observation
* Hyperspectral Image Destriping and Denoising Using Stripe and Spectral Low-Rank Matrix Recovery and Global Spatial-Spectral Total Variation
* Integrating the Eigendecomposition Approach and k-Means Clustering for Inferring Building Functions with Location-Based Social Media Data
* Modality Exploration, Retrieval and Adaptation for Trajectory Prediction
* Modeling of the Permittivity of Holly Leaves in Frozen Environments
* Modeling Transpiration with Sun-Induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence Observations via Carbon-Water Coupling Methods
* Optimal Design of Multichannel Equalizers for the Structural Similarity Index
* Pedestrian-Detection Method Based on Heterogeneous Features and Ensemble of Multi-View Pose Parts, A
* Persistent Nature: A Generative Model of Unbounded 3D Worlds
* PET Image Reconstruction With Kernel and Kernel Space Composite Regularizer
* Predicting Social Emotions from Readers' Perspective
* Rebuilding a Microwave Soil Moisture Product Using Random Forest Adopting AMSR-E/AMSR2 Brightness Temperature and SMAP over the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, China
* Semi-Supervised Semantic Segmentation of Class-Imbalanced Images: A Hierarchical Self-Attention Generative Adversarial Network
* Stimulus Verification is a Universal and Effective Sampler in Multi-modal Human Trajectory Prediction
* Totems: Physical Objects for Verifying Visual Integrity
* What Makes Fake Images Detectable? Understanding Properties that Generalize
Includes: Chai, L.[Lucy] Chai, L.[Linna] Chai, L.[Li] Chai, L.[Liang] Chai, L.[Lei] Chai, L. Chai, L.[Lu]
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Chai, L.S.[Lun Shao] Co Author Listing * comparative study of moment-based shape descriptors for product image retrieval, A
* Ordered histogram of shapemes: An ordered bag-of-features based shape descriptor for efficient shape matching
* Re-ranking using compression-based distance measure for Content-based Commercial Product Image Retrieval
* Representative reference-set and betweenness centrality for scene image categorization
Includes: Chai, L.S.[Lun Shao] Chai, L.S.[Lun-Shao]

Chai, L.Y.[Liang Yu] Co Author Listing * CrowdGAN: Identity-Free Interactive Crowd Video Generation and Beyond
* Discovering Interpretable Latent Space Directions of GANs Beyond Binary Attributes
* Faithful Extreme Rescaling via Generative Prior Reciprocated Invertible Representations
* Reducing Spatial Labeling Redundancy for Active Semi-Supervised Crowd Counting
Includes: Chai, L.Y.[Liang Yu] Chai, L.Y.[Liang-Yu]

Chai, M.[Ming] Co Author Listing * Safety monitor for train-centric CBTC system

Chai, M.L.[Meng Lei] Co Author Listing * 3DAvatarGAN: Bridging Domains for Personalized Editable Avatars
* AvatarCraft: Transforming Text into Neural Human Avatars with Parameterized Shape and Pose Control
* CLIP-NeRF: Text-and-Image Driven Manipulation of Neural Radiance Fields
* Cross-modal 3D Shape Generation and Manipulation
* DisCoScene: Spatially Disentangled Generative Radiance Fields for Controllable 3D-aware Scene Synthesis
* DisUnknown: Distilling Unknown Factors for Disentanglement Learning
* Diverse Semantic Image Synthesis via Probability Distribution Modeling
* Efficient Semantic Image Synthesis via Class-Adaptive Normalization
* End-To-End Time-Lapse Video Synthesis From a Single Outdoor Image
* Flow Guided Transformable Bottleneck Networks for Motion Retargeting
* InfiniCity: Infinite-Scale City Synthesis
* Invertible Neural Skinning
* Motion Representations for Articulated Animation
* Neural Hair Rendering
* Quantized GAN for Complex Music Generation from Dance Videos
* R2L: Distilling Neural Radiance Field to Neural Light Field for Efficient Novel View Synthesis
* Semantic Probability Distribution Modeling for Diverse Semantic Image Synthesis
* Unsupervised Volumetric Animation
Includes: Chai, M.L.[Meng Lei] Chai, M.L.[Meng-Lei]
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Chai, M.Q.[Meng Qiu] Co Author Listing * Data Collection for Target Localization in Ocean Monitoring Radar-Communication Networks
Includes: Chai, M.Q.[Meng Qiu] Chai, M.Q.[Meng-Qiu]

Chai, M.T.[Ming Tang] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Freeze-Thaw Hazards and Water Features along the China-Russia Crude Oil Pipeline in Permafrost Regions
* Calculation Model for Ground Surface Temperature in High-Altitude Regions of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, China, A
* Damage Properties of the Block-Stone Embankment in the Qinghai-Tibet Highway Using Ground-Penetrating Radar Imagery
* Outburst of a Lake and Its Impacts on Redistribution of Surface Water Bodies in High-Altitude Permafrost Region, The
* Preliminary Study on InSAR-Based Uplift or Subsidence Monitoring and Stability Evaluation of Ground Surface in the Permafrost Zone of the Qinghai-Tibet Engineering Corridor, China
* Research on the Characteristics of Thermosyphon Embankment Damage and Permafrost Distribution Based on Ground-Penetrating Radar: A Case Study of the Qinghai-Tibet Highway
* Route Plans for UAV Aerial Surveys according to Different DEMs in Complex Mountainous Surroundings: A Case Study in the Zheduoshan Mountains, China
Includes: Chai, M.T.[Ming Tang] Chai, M.T.[Ming-Tang]
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Chai, N.[Ning] Co Author Listing * Can Machine Learning Algorithms Successfully Predict Grassland Aboveground Biomass?

Chai, P. Co Author Listing * EM Algorithms of Gaussian Mixture Model and Hidden Markov Model
* Recognition of Area without Understory Vegetation Based on the RGB-UAV Ultra-High Resolution Images in Red Soil Erosion Area
Includes: Chai, P. Chai, P.[Peng]

Chai, P.Q.[Pei Qi] Co Author Listing * Enhanced EM algorithm using maximum entropy distribution as initial condition, An
* Feature Selection based on the Bhattacharyya Distance
* Lossless Data Hiding Using Histogram Shifting Method Based on Integer Wavelets
* Novel Bayesian Classifier with Smaller Eigenvalues Reset by Threshold Based on Given Database, A
* Novel Pattern Classification Scheme: Classwise Non-Principal Component Analysis (CNPCA), A
* Optimum Histogram Pair Based Image Lossless Data Embedding
* Reversible binary image data hiding by run-length histogram modification
* Reversible Data Hiding for JPEG Images Based on Histogram Pairs
* Steganalysis Using High-Dimensional Features Derived from Co-occurrence Matrix and Class-Wise Non-Principal Components Analysis (CNPCA)
Includes: Chai, P.Q.[Pei Qi] Chai, P.Q.[Pei-Qi]
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Chai, Q.[Qi] Co Author Listing * MoCA: Incorporating domain pretraining and cross attention for textbook question answering
* Shape-Optimizing and Illumination-Smoothing Image Stitching
* Weakly Supervised Learning for Textbook Question Answering
Includes: Chai, Q.[Qi] Chai, Q.

Chai, Q.Y.[Qian Yi] Co Author Listing * Retraction: Deep network for visual saliency prediction by encoding image composition
Includes: Chai, Q.Y.[Qian Yi] Chai, Q.Y.[Qian-Yi]

Chai, R.[Runqi] Co Author Listing * Multiobjective Overtaking Maneuver Planning for Autonomous Ground Vehicles
* Remote Estimation of Vegetation Fraction and Flower Fraction in Oilseed Rape with Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Data
* Solving Trajectory Optimization Problems in the Presence of Probabilistic Constraints
* Time-Oriented Joint Clustering and UAV Trajectory Planning in UAV-Assisted WSNs: Leveraging Parallel Transmission and Variable Velocity Scheme
* Trajectory Optimization of Space Maneuver Vehicle Using a Hybrid Optimal Control Solver
Includes: Chai, R.[Runqi] Chai, R.[Ruhui] Chai, R. Chai, R.[Rong]

Chai, R.F.[Rong Fan] Co Author Listing * Capacity of Satellite-Based and Reanalysis Precipitation Products in Detecting Long-Term Trends across Mainland China
* Capacity of the PERSIANN-CDR Product in Detecting Extreme Precipitation over Huai River Basin, China
* Dissecting Performances of PERSIANN-CDR Precipitation Product over Huai River Basin, China
Includes: Chai, R.F.[Rong Fan] Chai, R.F.[Rong-Fan]

Chai, S.[Shuirong] Co Author Listing * Accelerated Hybrid Method for Electromagnetic Scattering of a Composite Target-Ground Model and Its Spotlight SAR Image, An
* Contrastive Active Learning Under Class Distribution Mismatch
* Contrastive Coding for Active Learning under Class Distribution Mismatch
* Deep Multimodal Fusion: A Hybrid Approach
* Embedded Computer Vision
* Embedded Vision Services Framework for Heterogeneous Accelerators, An
* Enabling Smart Camera Networks with Smartphone Processors
* FPGA acceleration for feature based processing applications
* Grassland Chlorophyll Content Estimation from Drone Hyperspectral Images Combined with Fractional-Order Derivative
* LayoutDM: Transformer-based Diffusion Model for Layout Generation
* Multiobjective Overtaking Maneuver Planning for Autonomous Ground Vehicles
* Solving Trajectory Optimization Problems in the Presence of Probabilistic Constraints
* Special issue on embedded vision
* Stereo Vision embedded system for Augmented Reality
* STPNet: Quantifying the Uncertainty of Electric Vehicle Charging Demand via Long-Term Spatiotemporal Traffic Flow Prediction Intervals
* Study on Ship Kelvin Wake Detection in Numerically Simulated SAR Images
* Trajectory Optimization of Space Maneuver Vehicle Using a Hybrid Optimal Control Solver
* Unsupervised underwater fish detection fusing flow and objectiveness
* Vision Guided Compression on low-bit rate channels
Includes: Chai, S.[Shuirong] Chai, S.[Shuwen] Chai, S.[Sek] Chai, S.[Shatuo] Chai, S.[Shang] Chai, S.[Senchun] Chai, S. Chai, S.[Songjian]
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Chai, S.J.[Song Jian] Co Author Listing * Quantifying the Uncertainty in Long-Term Traffic Prediction Based on PI-ConvLSTM Network
Includes: Chai, S.J.[Song Jian] Chai, S.J.[Song-Jian]

Chai, S.M. Co Author Listing * Hyper-Spectral Image Processing Applications on the SIMD Pixel Processor for the Digital Battlefield
* Reconfigurable Streaming Architectures for Embedded Smart Cameras
* tooth surface design method combining semantic guidance, confidence, and structural coherence, A
Includes: Chai, S.M. Chai, S.M.[Sek M.] Chai, S.M.[Shuang-Ming]

Chai, S.Q.[Si Qi] Co Author Listing * ITI-Gen: Inclusive Text-to-Image Generation
* Planning-oriented Autonomous Driving
Includes: Chai, S.Q.[Si Qi] Chai, S.Q.[Si-Qi]

Chai, S.R.[Shui Rong] Co Author Listing * Electromagnetic Scattering and Doppler Spectrum Simulation of Land-Sea Junction Composite Rough Surface
Includes: Chai, S.R.[Shui Rong] Chai, S.R.[Shui-Rong]

Chai, T. Co Author Listing * Motion Tracking Control Design for a Class of Nonholonomic Mobile Robot Systems

Chai, T.F.[Tian Feng] Co Author Listing * Conservative Downscaling of Satellite-Detected Chemical Compositions: NO2 Column Densities of OMI, GOME-2, and CMAQ, A
Includes: Chai, T.F.[Tian Feng] Chai, T.F.[Tian-Feng]

Chai, T.R.[Tian Rui] Co Author Listing * Lagrange Motion Analysis and View Embeddings for Improved Gait Recognition
* Silhouette-Based View-Embeddings for Gait Recognition Under Multiple Views
* Video Person Re-Identification Using Attribute-Enhanced Features
Includes: Chai, T.R.[Tian Rui] Chai, T.R.[Tian-Rui]

Chai, T.Y.[Tong Yuen] Co Author Listing * bilateral attention based generative adversarial network for DIBR 3D image watermarking, A
* Cancellable iris template generation based on Indexing-First-One hashing
* Composite Adaptive Disturbance Observer-Based Decentralized Fractional-Order Fault-Tolerant Control of Networked UAVs
* Designing compact Gabor filter banks for efficient texture feature extraction
* Dynamic Scheduling, Operation Control and Their Integration in High-Speed Railways: A Review of Recent Research
* Event-Triggered Prespecified Performance Control for Steer-by-Wire Systems With Input Nonlinearity
* Intelligent Prediction of Train Delay Changes and Propagation Using RVFLNs With Improved Transfer Learning and Ensemble Learning
* Learning Sheared EPI Structure for Light Field Reconstruction
* Light Field Reconstruction Using Convolutional Network on EPI and Extended Applications
* Light Field Reconstruction Using Deep Convolutional Network on EPI
* Resource Management of Video Traffic Over Heterogeneous NOMA Networks
* Revisiting Light Field Rendering With Deep Anti-Aliasing Neural Network
* Robustness Analysis of Distributed Kalman Filter for Estimation in Sensor Networks
* Selection of Gabor filters for improved texture feature extraction
* Spatial-Angular Attention Network for Light Field Reconstruction
Includes: Chai, T.Y.[Tong Yuen] Chai, T.Y.[Tong-Yuen] Chai, T.Y.[Tian-You]
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Chai, W. Co Author Listing * Cross-Generating GAN for Facial Identity Preserving
* Direct Matrix Solution of Linear Complexity for Surface Integral-Equation-Based Impedance Extraction of Complicated 3-D Structures
* Enhancing Cross-Task Black-Box Transferability of Adversarial Examples With Dispersion Reduction
* Nickel Grade Inversion of Lateritic Nickel Ore Using WorldView-3 Data Incorporating Geospatial Location Information: A Case Study of North Konawe, Indonesia
* Robust Reconstruction of Fluorescence Molecular Tomography Based on Sparsity Adaptive Correntropy Matching Pursuit Method for Stem Cell Distribution
Includes: Chai, W. Chai, W.[Wang]

Chai, W.C. Co Author Listing * Multi-phase joint reconstruction framework for multi-view video compression using block-based compressive sensing

Chai, W.H.[Wei Heng] Co Author Listing * Driver Head Pose Detection From Naturalistic Driving Data
* fast sparse reconstruction approach for high resolution image-based object surface anomaly detection, A
* Global Adaptation meets Local Generalization: Unsupervised Domain Adaptation for 3D Human Pose Estimation
* Image Reference-guided Fashion Design with Structure-aware Transfer by Diffusion Models
* Novel Quasi-Newton Method for Composite Convex Minimization, A
* StableVideo: Text-driven Consistency-aware Diffusion Video Editing
* Survey on Driver Behavior Analysis From In-Vehicle Cameras, A
* Weighted Average Precision: Adversarial Example Detection for Visual Perception of Autonomous Vehicles
Includes: Chai, W.H.[Wei Heng] Chai, W.H.[Wei-Heng] Chai, W.H. Chai, W.H.[Wen-Hao]
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Chai, W.K.[Wei Koong] Co Author Listing * Matching Supply and Demand in Online Parking Reservation Platforms

Chai, W.X.[Wen Xuan] Co Author Listing * Characterization of Haze and Dust Processes Using MAX-DOAS in Beijing, China, The
* Variation Characteristics and Transportation of Aerosol, NO2, SO2, and HCHO in Coastal Cities of Eastern China: Dalian, Qingdao, and Shanghai
Includes: Chai, W.X.[Wen Xuan] Chai, W.X.[Wen-Xuan]

Chai, X. Co Author Listing * Characterizing Robustness and Sensitivity of Convolutional Neural Networks in Segmentation of Fluorescence Microscopy Images
* Composition-Guided Neural Network for Image Cropping Aesthetic Assessment
* Continuous Gesture Recognition with Hand-Oriented Spatiotemporal Feature
* Deep Learning for Regularly Missing Data Reconstruction
* Deep-Learning-Based Low-Frequency Reconstruction in Full-Waveform Inversion
* Efficient PointLSTM for Point Clouds Based Gesture Recognition, An
* Kinematic Constrained Cascaded Autoencoder for Real-Time Hand Pose Estimation
* Modeling and Mapping Soil Moisture of Plateau Pasture Using RADARSAT-2 Imagery
* MSTGAR: Multioperator-Based Stereoscopic Thumbnail Generation With Arbitrary Resolution
* Novel Sign Language Recognition Framework Using Hierarchical Grassmann Covariance Matrix, A
* Quality Assessment of Synthetic Fluorescence Microscopy Images for Image Segmentation
* Quality Evaluation of Arbitrary Style Transfer: Subjective Study and Objective Metric
* Roundness-Preserving Warping for Aesthetic Enhancement-Based Stereoscopic Image Editing
* Spatiotemporal Variation of Snow Cover Frequency in the Qilian Mountains (Northwestern China) during 2000-2020 and Associated Circulation Mechanisms
* Two streams Recurrent Neural Networks for Large-Scale Continuous Gesture Recognition
* Upscaling-Downscaling Optimal Seamline Detection Algorithm for Very Large Remote Sensing Image Mosaicking, An
Includes: Chai, X. Chai, X.[Xiongli] Chai, X.[Xintao] Chai, X.[Xun] Chai, X.[Xian] Chai, X.[Xuchao]
16 for Chai, X.

Chai, X.H.[Xing Hua] Co Author Listing * Novel Deep Nearest Neighbor Neural Network for Few-Shot Remote Sensing Image Scene Classification, A
* Novel Discriminative Enhancement Method for Few-Shot Remote Sensing Image Scene Classification, A
Includes: Chai, X.H.[Xing Hua] Chai, X.H.[Xing-Hua]

Chai, X.J.[Xiu Juan] Co Author Listing * Cascaded Shape Space Pruning for Robust Facial Landmark Detection
* Context constrained facial landmark localization based on discontinuous Haar-like feature
* Context modeling for facial landmark detection based on Non-Adjacent Rectangle (NAR) Haar-like feature
* Curve Matching from the View of Manifold for Sign Language Recognition
* Deep Cross-species Feature Learning for Animal Face Recognition via Residual Interspecies Equivariant Network
* Deep Radial Embedding for Visual Sequence Learning
* fast and effective outlier detection method for matching uncalibrated images, A
* Fast sign language recognition benefited from low rank approximation
* Head yaw estimation via symmetry of regions
* incremental Bhattacharyya dissimilarity measure for particle filtering, An
* Iterative Reference Driven Metric Learning for Signer Independent Isolated Sign Language Recognition
* Joint Face Alignment: Rescue Bad Alignments with Good Ones by Regularized Re-fitting
* Local Linear Regression (LLR) for Pose Invariant Face Recognition
* Local Regression Model for Automatic Face Sketch Generation
* Locality-Constrained Active Appearance Model
* Locally Linear Regression for Pose-Invariant Face Recognition
* Maximal Likelihood Correspondence Estimation for Face Recognition Across Pose
* MC-GCN: A Multi-Scale Contrastive Graph Convolutional Network for Unconstrained Face Recognition With Image Sets
* Morphable Displacement Field Based Image Matching for Face Recognition across Pose
* novel coarse-to-fine hair segmentation method, A
* OMEG: Oulu Multi-Pose Eye Gaze Dataset
* Pose Estimation Based on Gaussian Error Models
* Pose Invariant Face Recognition Under Arbitrary Illumination Based on 3D Face Reconstruction
* Prior Knowledge Guided Small Object Detection on High-Resolution Images
* Recovering 3D facial shape via coupled 2D/3D space learning
* ScoringNet: Learning Key Fragment for Action Quality Assessment with Ranking Loss in Skilled Sports
* Semantics constrained dictionary learning for signer-independent sign language recognition
* Visual Alignment Constraint for Continuous Sign Language Recognition
* Weakly Supervised Metric Learning towards Signer Adaptation for Sign Language Recognition
Includes: Chai, X.J.[Xiu Juan] Chai, X.J.[Xiu-Juan]
29 for Chai, X.J.

Chai, X.L.[Xiong Li] Co Author Listing * CGMDRNet: Cross-Guided Modality Difference Reduction Network for RGB-T Salient Object Detection
* Deep network based stereoscopic image quality assessment via binocular summing and differencing
* image encryption algorithm based on the memristive hyperchaotic system, cellular automata and DNA sequence operations, An
* Improved prototypical networks for few-Shot learning
* List-Wise Rank Learning for Stereoscopic Image Retargeting Quality Assessment
* M2OVQA: Multi-space signal characterization and multi-channel information aggregation for quality assessment of compressed omnidirectional videos
* Modality-Induced Transfer-Fusion Network for RGB-D and RGB-T Salient Object Detection
* Monocular and Binocular Interactions Oriented Deformable Convolutional Networks for Blind Quality Assessment of Stereoscopic Omnidirectional Images
* Multi-layer and Multi-scale feature aggregation for DIBR-Synthesized image quality assessment
* Perceptual Quality Assessment of Cartoon Images
* Quality assessment for color correction-based stitched images via bi-directional matching
* Stitched image quality assessment based on local measurement errors and global statistical properties
* TPE-GAN: Thumbnail Preserving Encryption Based on GAN With Key
* Viewport-Sphere-Branch Network for Blind Quality Assessment of Stitched 360° Omnidirectional Images
* VSOIQE: A Novel Viewport-Based Stitched 360° Omnidirectional Image Quality Evaluator
Includes: Chai, X.L.[Xiong Li] Chai, X.L.[Xiong-Li] Chai, X.L.[Xiu-Li] Chai, X.L.[Xing-Liang]
15 for Chai, X.L.

Chai, X.N.[Xin Ning] Co Author Listing * MLS-GAN: Multi-Level Semantic Guided Image Colorization
* NTIRE 2021 Challenge on Video Super-Resolution
Includes: Chai, X.N.[Xin Ning] Chai, X.N.[Xin-Ning]

Chai, X.Q.[Xiao Qi] Co Author Listing * Image-based measurement of cargo traffic flow in complex neurite networks
* IOAM: A Novel Sensor Fusion-Based Wearable for Localization and Mapping
* Rainfall Induced Shallow Landslide Temporal Probability Modelling and Early Warning Research in Mountains Areas: A Case Study of Qin-Ba Mountains, Western China
Includes: Chai, X.Q.[Xiao Qi] Chai, X.Q.[Xiao-Qi] Chai, X.Q.[Xiao-Qing]

Chai, X.T.[Xin Tao] Co Author Listing * Deep Learning for Irregularly and Regularly Missing 3-D Data Reconstruction
Includes: Chai, X.T.[Xin Tao] Chai, X.T.[Xin-Tao]

Chai, X.Y.[Xiao Yu] Co Author Listing * Expression-Aware Face Reconstruction via a Dual-Stream Network
* LGB-PHY: An Evaporation Duct Height Prediction Model Based on Physically Constrained LightGBM Algorithm
* Waterlogging Assessment of Chinese Ancient City Sites Considering Microtopography: A Case Study of the PuZhou Ancient City Site, China
Includes: Chai, X.Y.[Xiao Yu] Chai, X.Y.[Xiao-Yu] Chai, X.Y.[Xing-Yu] Chai, X.Y.[Xin-Yuan]

Chai, Y.[Yuan] Co Author Listing * Dip Filter and Random Noise Suppression for GPR B-Scan Data Based on a Hybrid Method in f-x Domain
* FFBNet: Lightweight Backbone for Object Detection Based Feature Fusion Block
* GPR Energy Attribute Slices Based on Multivariate Variational Mode Decomposition and Teager-Kaiser Energy Operator
* Multi Focus Image Fusion Based on Spline Pyramidal Direction Filter Banks
* Multilayer Densities of the Crust and Upper Mantle in the South China Sea Using Gravity Multiscale Analysis
* new fusion scheme for multifocus images based on focused pixels detection, A
* novel dimension reduction and dictionary learning framework for high-dimensional data classification, A
* Patchwork: A Patch-Wise Attention Network for Efficient Object Detection and Segmentation in Video Streams
* Real-Time Spatial Surface Modeling System Using Wand Traversal Patterns of Grid Edges
* Robust Scene Categorization via Scale-Rotation Invariant Generative Model and Kernel Sparse Representation Classification
* Scalability in Perception for Autonomous Driving: Waymo Open Dataset
* Supervised and Unsupervised Learning of Parameterized Color Enhancement
* SurfelGAN: Synthesizing Realistic Sensor Data for Autonomous Driving
* Uncertainty principle and orthogonal condition for the short-time linear canonical transform
Includes: Chai, Y.[Yuan] Chai, Y. Chai, Y.[Yong] Chai, Y.[Yi] Chai, Y.[Youngho]
14 for Chai, Y.

Chai, Y.D.[Yi Dong] Co Author Listing * Heterogeneous Domain Adaptation With Adversarial Neural Representation Learning: Experiments on E-Commerce and Cybersecurity
Includes: Chai, Y.D.[Yi Dong] Chai, Y.D.[Yi-Dong]

Chai, Y.H.[Young Ho] Co Author Listing * Deforming NURBS Surfaces to Target Curves for Immersive VR Sketching
Includes: Chai, Y.H.[Young Ho] Chai, Y.H.[Young-Ho]

Chai, Y.J.[Ya Jie] Co Author Listing * Compact Cloud Detection with Bidirectional Self-Attention Knowledge Distillation
* Long Baseline Three Carrier Ambiguity Resolution with a New Ionospheric Constraint, A
* NTIRE 2021 Challenge on Image Deblurring
* Performance Improvement of H.264/AVC Deblocking Filter by Using Variable Block Sizes
* Variable block-based deblocking filter for H.264/AVC on low-end and low-bit rates terminals
Includes: Chai, Y.J.[Ya Jie] Chai, Y.J.[Ya-Jie] Chai, Y.J.[Yan-Ju] Chai, Y.J.[Yuan-Jun] Chai, Y.J.[Young-Joon]

Chai, Y.M.[Yan Mei] Co Author Listing * Adaboost Video Tracking
* Automatic Gait Recognition using Dynamic Variance Features
* Blob Tracking with Adaptive Feature Selection and Accurate Scale Determination
* Generic wavelet-based image decomposition and reconstruction framework for multi-modal data analysis in smart camera applications
* Novel Gait Recognition Method Via Fusing Shape and Kinematics Features, A
* Novel Human Gait Recognition Method by Segmenting and Extracting the Region Variance Feature, A
* OntoAlbum : An Ontology Based Digital Photo Management System
* QP_TR Trust Region Blob Tracking Through Scale-Space
* QP_TR Trust Region Blob Tracking Through Scale-Space with Automatic Selection of Features
Includes: Chai, Y.M.[Yan Mei] Chai, Y.M.[Yan-Mei]
9 for Chai, Y.M.

Chai, Y.N.[Yu Ning] Co Author Listing * BiCoS: A Bi-level co-segmentation method for image classification
* Efficient Transformer-Based 3D Object Detection with Dynamic Token Halting
* FEELVOS: Fast End-To-End Embedding Learning for Video Object Segmentation
* HDMapGen: A Hierarchical Graph Generative Model of High Definition Maps
* Large Scale Interactive Motion Forecasting for Autonomous Driving: The Waymo Open Motion Dataset
* NOVA: NOvel View Augmentation for Neural Composition of Dynamic Objects
* RSN: Range Sparse Net for Efficient, Accurate LiDAR 3D Object Detection
* Symbiotic Segmentation and Part Localization for Fine-Grained Categorization
* To the Point: Efficient 3D Object Detection in the Range Image with Graph Convolution Kernels
* TriCoS: A Tri-level Class-Discriminative Co-segmentation Method for Image Classification
Includes: Chai, Y.N.[Yu Ning] Chai, Y.N.[Yu-Ning]
10 for Chai, Y.N.

Chai, Y.T.[Ying Te] Co Author Listing * Semi-Supervised PolSAR Image Classification Based on Self-Training and Superpixels
Includes: Chai, Y.T.[Ying Te] Chai, Y.T.[Ying-Te]

Chai, Y.W.[Yan Wei] Co Author Listing * Interpersonal and Intrapersonal Variabilities in Daily Activity-Travel Patterns: A Networked Spatiotemporal Analysis
Includes: Chai, Y.W.[Yan Wei] Chai, Y.W.[Yan-Wei]

Chai, Y.X.[Yan Xia] Co Author Listing * Fourier-Based Semantic Augmentation for Visible-Thermal Person Re-Identification, A
* Strong but Simple Baseline With Dual-Granularity Triplet Loss for Visible-Thermal Person Re-Identification
Includes: Chai, Y.X.[Yan Xia] Chai, Y.X.[Yan-Xia]

Chai, Y.Y.[Yuan Yuan] Co Author Listing * Self-Attentive Local Aggregation Learning With Prototype Guided Regularization for Point Cloud Semantic Segmentation of High-Speed Railways
Includes: Chai, Y.Y.[Yuan Yuan] Chai, Y.Y.[Yuan-Yuan]

Chai, Y.Z.[Yu Zhou] Co Author Listing * Cloud Detection Method Using Convolutional Neural Network Based on Gabor Transform and Attention Mechanism with Dark Channel Subnet for Remote Sensing Image, A
Includes: Chai, Y.Z.[Yu Zhou] Chai, Y.Z.[Yu-Zhou]

Chai, Z. Co Author Listing * Conquering Data Variations in Resolution: A Slice-Aware Multi-Branch Decoder Network
* Crowd counting by the dual-branch scale-aware network with ranking loss constraints
* DNF: Decouple and Feedback Network for Seeing in the Dark
* Dual-Stream Transformer With Distribution Alignment for Visible-Infrared Person Re-Identification
* HHF: Hashing-Guided Hinge Function for Deep Hashing Retrieval
* HiFace: High-Fidelity 3D Face Reconstruction by Learning Static and Dynamic Details
* Image morphing with conformal welding
* Integration of Device Fingerprint Authentication and Physical-Layer Secret Key Generation
* Learning Imbalanced Data with Vision Transformers
* MemBridge: Video-Language Pre-Training With Memory-Augmented Inter-Modality Bridge
* Multi-scale feature aggregation and boundary awareness network for salient object detection
* Progressive Learning Framework for Unconstrained Face Recognition, A
* RIDCP: Revitalizing Real Image Dehazing via High-Quality Codebook Priors
* Semantic-Sparse Colorization Network for Deep Exemplar-Based Colorization
* Visual Question Generation Under Multi-granularity Cross-Modal Interaction
Includes: Chai, Z. Chai, Z.[Zhilei] Chai, Z.[Zhi] Chai, Z.[Zehua] Chai, Z.[Zenghao] Chai, Z.[Zifeng] Chai, Z.[Zi]
15 for Chai, Z.

Chai, Z.F.[Zi Feng] Co Author Listing * Focus and Align: Learning Tube Tokens for Video-Language Pre-Training
Includes: Chai, Z.F.[Zi Feng] Chai, Z.F.[Zi-Feng]

Chai, Z.H.[Zhen Hua] Co Author Listing * 2nd 106-point Lightweight Facial Landmark Localization Grand Challenge, The
* Compressing Models with Few Samples: Mimicking then Replacing
* Contrastive attention network with dense field estimation for face completion
* Coupled adversarial learning for semi-supervised heterogeneous face recognition
* Dimension-aware attention for efficient mobile networks
* Divide and Adapt: Active Domain Adaptation via Customized Learning
* Explore semantic pixel sets based local patterns with information entropy for face recognition
* Face recognition using Histogram of co-occurrence Gabor phase patterns
* Feature Decomposition and Reconstruction Learning for Effective Facial Expression Recognition
* Free-Form Image Inpainting via Contrastive Attention Network
* Light-weight Distilled Hrnet for Facial Landmark Detection
* Online Multi-Target Tracking With Unified Handling of Complex Scenarios
* REALY: Rethinking the Evaluation of 3D Face Reconstruction
* Rethinking BiSeNet For Real-time Semantic Segmentation
* Selective Wavelet Attention Learning for Single Image Deraining
* Semantic Pixel Sets Based Local Binary Patterns for Face Recognition
* SPGNet: Serial and Parallel Group Network
* Target tracking based on the cognitive associative network
* Transformer Meets Part Model: Adaptive Part Division for Person Re-Identification
* Trash to Treasure: Harvesting OOD Data with Cross-Modal Matching for Open-Set Semi-Supervised Learning
Includes: Chai, Z.H.[Zhen Hua] Chai, Z.H.[Zhen-Hua] Chai, Z.H.[Zeng-Hao] Chai, Z.H.[Zuo-Hong]
20 for Chai, Z.H.

Chai, Z.L.[Zhi Lei] Co Author Listing * Different lighting processing and feature extraction methods for efficient face recognition
* Fine-Grained Image Classification With Global Information and Adaptive Compensation Loss
* GAMA: Geometric analysis based motion-aware architecture for moving object segmentation
Includes: Chai, Z.L.[Zhi Lei] Chai, Z.L.[Zhi-Lei]

Chai, Z.M.[Zhen Ming] Co Author Listing * Automatic detection of sister chromatid exchange
* new method of automatic SCE detection, A
Includes: Chai, Z.M.[Zhen Ming] Chai, Z.M.[Zhen-Ming]

Chai, Z.Y.[Zheng Yuan] Co Author Listing * CUDA-Based Parallel Geographically Weighted Regression for Large-Scale Geographic Data, A
* Evaluation of the Horizontal Winds Simulated by IAP-HAGCM through Comparison with Beijing MST Radar Observations
* New Algorithm for Large-Scale Geographically Weighted Regression with K-Nearest Neighbors, A
* Temporal Data Scheduling in Internet of Vehicles Using an Improved Decomposition-Based Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithm
Includes: Chai, Z.Y.[Zheng Yuan] Chai, Z.Y.[Zheng-Yuan] Chai, Z.Y.[Zhao-Yang] Chai, Z.Y.[Zheng-Yi]

Chaib Draa, B.[Brahim] Co Author Listing * Convolutional Residual Network for Grasp Localization
* Cooperative Adaptive Cruise Control: A Reinforcement Learning Approach
* Deep Object Ranking for Template Matching
* Hierarchical tucker tensor regression: Application to brain imaging data analysis
* MixVPR: Feature Mixing for Visual Place Recognition
* Sparse Dictionary Learning for Identifying Grasp Locations
* Towards Contextual Learning in Few-shot Object Classification
Includes: Chaib Draa, B.[Brahim] Chaib-Draa, B.[Brahim] Chaib-draa, B. Chaib-draa, B.[Brahim]
7 for Chaib Draa, B.

Chaib, N. Co Author Listing * BRT: Bus-Based Routing Technique in Urban Vehicular Networks

Chaib, R. Co Author Listing * Human Factor: A Key Element in A Fire Safety System Of Hydrocarbon Storage Tank

Chaib, S. Co Author Listing * Deep Feature Fusion for VHR Remote Sensing Scene Classification
* Dual link distributed source coding scheme for the transmission of satellite hyperspectral imagery
* On the Co-Selection of Vision Transformer Features and Images for Very High-Resolution Image Scene Classification
* VeSoNet: Traffic-Aware Content Caching for Vehicular Social Networks Using Deep Reinforcement Learning
Includes: Chaib, S. Chaib, S.[Souleyman]

Chaiban, C.[Celia] Co Author Listing * Multi-Satellite Environmental and Socioeconomic Predictors of Vector-Borne Diseases in African Cities: Malaria as an Example, The

Chaibi, H. Co Author Listing * Spatial Correlation Characterization for UWB Indoor Channel Based on Measurements

Chaibi, N.[Noreddine] Co Author Listing * Admissibility Analysis of T-S Fuzzy singular system with time varying-delay

Chaibi, R. Co Author Listing * Static output feedback control problem for polynomial fuzzy systems via a sum of squares (SOS) approach

Chaibou, A.A.S.[Abdoul Aziz Saidou] Co Author Listing * Assessing the Performance of WRF Model in Simulating Heavy Precipitation Events over East Africa Using Satellite-Based Precipitation Product
* Examination of the SMAP Operational Soil Moisture Products Accuracy at the Tibetan Plateau, An
* Temporal and Spatial Variations of Potential and Actual Evapotranspiration and the Driving Mechanism over Equatorial Africa Using Satellite and Reanalysis-Based Observation

Chaibou, M.S. Co Author Listing * Combined Approach Based on Fuzzy Classification and Contextual Region Growing to Image Segmentation, A

Chaichulee, S. Co Author Listing * Multi-Task Convolutional Neural Network for Patient Detection and Skin Segmentation in Continuous Non-Contact Vital Sign Monitoring
* Non-Contact Monitoring of Respiration in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Chaidas, K. Co Author Listing * Efficiency And Effectiveness Approaches in Spatial Data Collection Of Vrisa After Lesvos Earthquake
* Fusion of TLS and UAV Photogrammetry Data for Post-earthquake 3d Modeling of A Cultural Heritage Church
* Post-earthquake 3D Building Model (LOD2) Generation from UAS Imagery: The Case of Vrisa Traditional Settlement, Lesvos, Greece
* Seismic Damage Semantics on Post-Earthquake LOD3 Building Models Generated by UAS
* Synergistic Exploitation of Geoinformation Methods for Post-earthquake 3d Mapping of Vrisa Traditional Settlement, Lesvos Island, Greece
Includes: Chaidas, K. Chaidas, K.[Konstantinos]

Chaidee, W. Co Author Listing * Minutiae Triangle Graphs: A New Fingerprint Representation with Invariance Properties

Chaieb, F.[Faten] Co Author Listing * email: Chaieb, F.[Faten]: faten chaieb AT ensi rnu tn
* 3D Gait Recognition based on Functional PCA on Kendall's Shape Space
* Accelerated liver tumor segmentation in four-phase computed tomography images
* Edge-aware wedgelet estimation for depth maps compression
* Geometric Deep Neural Network using Rigid and Non-Rigid Transformations for Human Action Recognition
* Geometric Deep Neural Network Using Rigid and Non-Rigid Transformations for Landmark-Based Human Behavior Analysis
* Moving shadow detection with support vector domain description in the color ratios space
* Multi-resolution 3D Mesh Coding in MPEG
* New Multi-resolution Affine Invariant Planar Contour Descriptor, A
* Progressive edge-preserving depth maps coding based on sparse representation
* Shape approximation for efficient progressive mesh compression
* Tuned depth signal analysis on merged transform domain for view synthesis in free viewpoint systems
* Tuned sparse depth map coding using redundant predefined transform domain
Includes: Chaieb, F.[Faten] Chaieb, F.
13 for Chaieb, F.

Chaieb, R.[Ramzi] Co Author Listing * Fuzzy generalized median graphs computation: Application to content-based document retrieval
* Interactive content-based Document Retrieval using fuzzy attributed relational graph matching

Chaigneau, A.[Alexis] Co Author Listing * Imprint of Mesoscale Eddies on Air-Sea Interaction in the Tropical Atlantic Ocean
* Multiscale Analysis of Geometric Planar Deformations: Application to Wild Animal Electronic Tracking and Satellite Ocean Observation Data
Includes: Chaigneau, A.[Alexis] Chaigneau, A.

Chaijaruwanich, J.[Jeerayut] Co Author Listing * Recognition of handwritten Lanna Dhamma characters using a set of optimally designed moment features
* Recognition-based character segmentation for multi-level writing style

Chaikalis, D.P. Co Author Listing * Hardware implementation of a disparity estimation scheme for real-time compression in 3D imaging applications
* Near Real-Time 3D Reconstruction from InIm Video Stream
* Performance Considerations for a Real-Time Integral Image Camera in Ray Tracing Environments
* Real-time compression architecture for efficient coding in autostereoscopic displays
* real-time FPGA architecture for 3D reconstruction from integral images, A

Chaikin, G.[George] Co Author Listing * Logarithmic Spiral Grids for Image Processing and Display

Chaikin, G.M.[George Merrill] Co Author Listing * Algorithm For High Speed Curve Generation, An

Chaikovsky, A.[Anatoli] Co Author Listing * Combined Characterization of Airborne Saharan Dust above Sofia, Bulgaria, during Blocking-Pattern Conditioned Dust Episode in February 2021
* GRASP: a versatile algorithm for characterizing the atmosphere

Chaillou, C.[Christophe] Co Author Listing * 3-D Head Tracking via Invariant Keypoint Learning
* Sophocle: A Retinal Laser Photocoagulation Simulator: Overview
* Tracking Eye Gaze under Coordinated Head Rotations with an Ordinary Camera
Includes: Chaillou, C.[Christophe] Chaillou, C.

Chainais, P.[Pierre] Co Author Listing * Dictionary learning for a sparse appearance model in visual tracking
* Fast Fusion of Hyperspectral and Multispectral Images: A Tucker Approximation Approach
* Infinitely Divisible Cascades to Model the Statistics of Natural Images
* Multi-Dimensional Infinitely Divisible Cascades to Model the Statistics of Natural Images
* Multifractal Analysis on the Sphere
* Quaternions in Signal and Image Processing: A comprehensive and objective overview
* Scale invariant images in astronomy through the lens of multifractal modeling
* Statistical Performance Analysis of a Fast Super-Resolution Technique Using Noisy Translations
* Virtual resolution enhancement of scale invariant textured images using stochastic processes
* Virtual Super Resolution of Scale Invariant Textured Images Using Multifractal Stochastic Processes
Includes: Chainais, P.[Pierre] Chainais, P.
10 for Chainais, P.

Chaine, R. Co Author Listing * Detecting and Correcting Shadows in Urban Point Clouds and Image Collections
* Dynamic Delaunay tetrahedralisation of a deforming surface
* Effective Shapes Generation for Bayesian CAD Model Reconstruction
* Fine scale image registration in large-scale urban LIDAR point sets
* Reconstruction of Consistent 3D CAD Models from Point Cloud Data Using A Priori CAD Models
Includes: Chaine, R. Chaine, R.[Raphaėlle] Chaine, R.[Raphaelle]

Chainey, S.P.[Spencer P.] Co Author Listing * Improving the Creation of Hot Spot Policing Patrol Routes: Comparing Cognitive Heuristic Performance to an Automated Spatial Computation Approach
* Spatial Concentration and Dispersion of Homicide during a Period of Homicide Increase in Brazil, The

Chaipimonplin, T. Co Author Listing * Advances in Crowd Analysis for Urban Applications Through Urban Event Detection

Chaira, T.[Tamalika] Co Author Listing * Fuzzy approach for color region extraction
* Fuzzy Image Processing and Applications with MATLAB
* Intuitionistic fuzzy approach for enhancement of low contrast mammogram images
* Segmentation using fuzzy divergence
* Threshold selection using fuzzy set theory

Chairat, A. Co Author Listing * Low Cost, High Performance Automatic Motorcycle Helmet Violation Detection

Chairatanakul, N.[Nuttapong] Co Author Listing * On Focal Loss for Class-Posterior Probability Estimation: A Theoretical Perspective

Chairez, I. Co Author Listing * Deep Learning Adapted to Differential Neural Networks Used as Pattern Classification of Electrophysiological Signals

Chairman, D.D.[Durga Devi] Co Author Listing * Deep learning algorithm for breast masses classification in mammograms

Chairunnanda, P.[Prima] Co Author Listing * Enhancing Edit Distance on Real Sequences Filters using Histogram Distance on Fixed Reference Ordering

Chaisaowong, K.[Kraisorn] Co Author Listing * Markov-Gibbs model based registration of CT lung images using subsampling for the follow-up assessment of pleural thickenings
* Volume-preserving correction for image registration using free-form deformations

Chaisorn, L.[Lekha] Co Author Listing * Discovering Person Identity via Large-Scale Observations
* Fast and efficient video signature generation and matching for online video sharing

Chaisuk, P. Co Author Listing * Leaf classification based on a quadratic curved axis

Chaitanya, B.S.N.V. Co Author Listing * Single image dehazing using improved cycleGAN

Chaitanya, R.[Ratana] Co Author Listing * Improved phase estimation based on complete bispectrum and modified group delay

Chaithya, G.R. Co Author Listing * NC-PDNet: A Density-Compensated Unrolled Network for 2D and 3D Non-Cartesian MRI Reconstruction
* Optimizing Full 3D SPARKLING Trajectories for High-Resolution Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Chaity, M.D.[Manisha Das] Co Author Listing * DeepRoadNet: A deep residual based segmentation network for road map detection from remote aerial image
* Hyperspectral Empirical Absolute Calibration Model Using Libya 4 Pseudo Invariant Calibration Site

Chaivivatrakul, S. Co Author Listing * Fruit detection, tracking, and 3D reconstruction for crop mapping and yield estimation

Chaiya, T.[Tatsanee] Co Author Listing * Deep Convolutional-Shepard Interpolation Neural Networks for Image Classification Tasks

Chaiyaratana, N.[Nachol] Co Author Listing * Identification of Ancestry Informative Markers from Chromosome-Wide Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms Using Symmetrical Uncertainty Ranking

Chaiyasarn, K.[Krisada] Co Author Listing * Image mosaicing via quadric surface estimation with priors for tunnel inspection

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