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Raja Sekar, P.M.D.[P.M. Deepak] Co Author Listing * From synthetic to natural: Single natural image dehazing deep networks using synthetic dataset domain randomization
Includes: Raja Sekar, P.M.D.[P.M. Deepak] Raja-Sekar, P.M.D.[P.M. Deepak]

Raja, A.[Ashmitha] Co Author Listing * Blockchain-Integrated Multiagent Deep Reinforcement Learning for Securing Cooperative Adaptive Cruise Control

Raja, A.A.[Adil Ali] Co Author Listing * Coverage Analysis of mmWave and THz-Enabled Aerial and Terrestrial Heterogeneous Networks

Raja, C. Co Author Listing * optimal mode selection algorithm for scalable video coding, An

Raja, D.S.[D. Sundhara] Co Author Listing * Automated detection of glioblastoma tumor in brain magnetic imaging using ANFIS classifier

Raja, D.S.S.[D. Siva Sundhara] Co Author Listing * Development of computer-aided approach for brain tumor detection using random forest classifier
* Segmentation of glioma tumors using convolutional neural networks

Raja, G.[Gunasekaran] Co Author Listing * AI-Empowered Trajectory Anomaly Detection and Classification in 6G-V2X
* Blockchain-Integrated Multiagent Deep Reinforcement Learning for Securing Cooperative Adaptive Cruise Control
* IIDS: Intelligent Intrusion Detection System for Sustainable Development in Autonomous Vehicles
* Intelligent Drones Trajectory Generation for Mapping Weed Infested Regions Over 6G Networks
* SP-CIDS: Secure and Private Collaborative IDS for VANETs
* SPAS: Smart Pothole-Avoidance Strategy for Autonomous Vehicles

Raja, H.[Hina] Co Author Listing * Robust Nucleus Classification with Iterative Graph Representational Learning

Raja, J. Co Author Listing * Process mapping and functional correlation in surface metrology: A novel clustering application

Raja, K.[Kiran] Co Author Listing * Algorithmic Fairness in Face Morphing Attack Detection
* Channel Split Convolutional Neural Network (ChaSNet) for Thermal Image Super-Resolution
* Collaborative representation of blur invariant deep sparse features for periocular recognition from smartphones
* Depthwise Convolution For Compact Object Detector In nighttime Images
* Detecting Morphed Face Attacks Using Residual Noise from Deep Multi-scale Context Aggregation Network
* Direct Unsupervised Super-Resolution Using Generative Adversarial Network (DUS-GAN) for Real-World Data
* Handwritten Signature and Text based User Verification using Smartwatch
* Iris and periocular biometrics for head mounted displays: Segmentation, recognition, and synthetic data generation
* Joint pose estimation and action recognition in image graphs
* Learned Smartphone ISP on Mobile NPUs with Deep Learning, Mobile AI 2021 Challenge: Report
* Learning Pairwise Interaction for Generalizable DeepFake Detection
* Leveraging spatio-temporal features using graph neural networks for human activity recognition
* New Multi-spectral Iris Acquisition Sensor for Biometric Verification and Presentation Attack Detection, A
* NTIRE 2021 Learning the Super-Resolution Space Challenge
* NTIRE 2021 NonHomogeneous Dehazing Challenge Report
* NTIRE 2023 Challenge on Image Super-Resolution (×4): Methods and Results
* NTIRE 2023 HR NonHomogeneous Dehazing Challenge Report
* Pixel-wise supervision for presentation attack detection on identity document cards
* QMagFace: Simple and Accurate Quality-Aware Face Recognition
* ReGenMorph: Visibly Realistic GAN Generated Face Morphing Attacks by Attack Re-generation
* response to the European Data Protection Supervisor Misunderstandings in Biometrics by the European Association for Biometrics, A
* Supervised Contrastive Learning for Generalizable and Explainable DeepFakes Detection
* survey of human-computer interaction (HCI) and natural habits-based behavioural biometric modalities for user recognition schemes, A
* TherISuRNet: A Computationally Efficient Thermal Image Super-Resolution Network
* Thermal Image Super-Resolution Challenge - PBVS 2020
* Thermal Image Super-Resolution Challenge - PBVS 2021
* Towards better and unlinkable protected biometric templates using label-assisted discrete hashing
* Towards generalized morphing attack detection by learning residuals
* Unsupervised Real-world Super-resolution Using Variational Auto-encoder and Generative Adversarial Network
* Unsupervised Single Image Super-Resolution Network (USISResNet) for Real-World Data Using Generative Adversarial Network
Includes: Raja, K.[Kiran] Raja, K. Raja, K.[Kumar]
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Raja, K.B.[Kiran B.] Co Author Listing * Anchored Kernel Hashing for Cancelable Template Protection for Cross-Spectral Periocular Data
* Automatic Face Quality Assessment from Video Using Gray Level Co-occurrence Matrix: An Empirical Study on Automatic Border Control System
* Collaborative representation of deep sparse filtered features for robust verification of smartphone periocular images
* Collaborative Representation of Statistically Independent Filters' Response: An Application to Face Recognition Under Illicit Drug Abuse Alterations
* Combining Iris and Periocular Recognition Using Light Field Camera
* ContlensNet: Robust Iris Contact Lens Detection Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
* Detecting Disguise Attacks on Multi-spectral Face Recognition Through Spectral Signatures
* Efficient MEG signal decoding of direction in wrist movement using curve fitting (EMDC)
* Extended Spectral to Visible Comparison Based on Spectral Band Selection Method for Robust Face Recognition
* Face presentation attack detection across spectrum using time-frequency descriptors of maximal response in Laplacian scale-space
* Face Presentation Attack Detection by Exploring Spectral Signatures
* FPGA Implementation of Optimized Karhunen-Loeve Transform for Image Processing Applications
* Improved ear verification after surgery-An approach based on collaborative representation of locally competitive features
* Multi-biometric Template Protection on Smartphones: An Approach Based on Binarized Statistical Features and Bloom Filters
* Multi-biometric template protection: A security analysis of binarized statistical features for bloom filters on smartphones
* Multi-patch deep sparse histograms for iris recognition in visible spectrum using collaborative subspace for robust verification
* new multi-modal approach to bib number/text detection and recognition in Marathon images, A
* optimised local feature compression using statistical and structural approach for face recognition, An
* Palmprint identification based on fusion of PCA and DT-CWT features
* Presentation Attack Detection for Face Recognition Using Light Field Camera
* Robust Verification With Subsurface Fingerprint Recognition Using Full Field Optical Coherence Tomography
* Smartphone based visible iris recognition using deep sparse filtering
* Texture pattern analysis of kidney tissues for disorder identification and classification using dominant Gabor wavelet
* Transferable Deep-CNN Features for Detecting Digital and Print-Scanned Morphed Face Images
Includes: Raja, K.B.[Kiran B.] Raja, K.B. Raja, K.B.[K. Bommanna]
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Raja, K.S.[Kumar S] Co Author Listing * Exploring Subpixel Learning Algorithms for Estimating Global Land Cover Fractions from Satellite Data Using High Performance Computing

Raja, M. Co Author Listing * Performance analysis of multiuser MIMO systems using non-iterative technique
* Towards pervasive geospatial affect perception
Includes: Raja, M. Raja, M.[Muneeba]

Raja, M.A.Z.[Muhammad Asif Zahoor] Co Author Listing * Parameter estimation for Hammerstein control autoregressive systems using differential evolution

Raja, M.K.R.V.[M. K. Rama Varma] Co Author Listing * Diurnal and Scan Angle Variations in the Calibration of GOES Imager Infrared Channels

Raja, N.S.[Narayan S.] Co Author Listing * Obtaining Generic Parts from Range Images Using a Multiview Representation
* Recognizing Geons from Superquadrics Fitted to Range Data
* Texture segmentation on two high-performance computers
Includes: Raja, N.S.[Narayan S.] Raja, N.S.

Raja, N.S.M.[N. Sri Madhava] Co Author Listing * Customized VGG19 Architecture for Pneumonia Detection in Chest X-Rays
* Deep-learning framework to detect lung abnormality: A study with chest X-Ray and lung CT scan images

Raja, R. Co Author Listing * Outdoor scene classification using invariant features
* Robust indoor/outdoor scene classification
* Semantic modeling of natural scenes by local binary pattern

Raja, S.[Suhas] Co Author Listing * Individualized Mutual Adaptation in Human-Agent Teams
* Table Structure Recognition Using Top-down and Bottom-up Cues
* Visual Understanding of Complex Table Structures from Document Images
Includes: Raja, S.[Suhas] Raja, S.[Sachin]

Raja, S.K. Co Author Listing * Eye detection using color cues and projection functions
* Feature Fusion for Robust Object Tracking Using Fragmented Particles
* Fragmented Particles-based Robust Object Tracking With Feature Fusion
* Multiple contour extraction from graylevel images using an artificial neural network
* On the Application of a Modified Self-Organizing Neural Network to Estimate Stereo Disparity
* On the classification of multispectral satellite images using the multilayer perceptron
Includes: Raja, S.K. Raja, S.K.[S. Kumar]

Raja, S.P. Co Author Listing * Chaotic Encryption System Based on DNA Coding Using a Deep Neural Network, A
* Early Success Prediction of Indian Movies Using Subtitles: A Document Vector Approach
* Empirical Evaluation of Texture Features and Classifiers for Liver Disease Diagnosis
* Evaluating Multiscale Transform Based Image Compression Using Encoding Techniques
* Line and Polygon Clipping Techniques on Natural Images: A Mathematical Solution and Performance Evaluation
* Multiple Imputation by Chained Equations: K-Nearest Neighbors and Deep Neural Network Architecture for Kidney Disease Prediction
* Novel Ensemble Stacking Classification of Genetic Variations Using Machine Learning Algorithms, A
* Static Thresholded Pulse Coupled Neural Networks in Contourlet Domain: A New Framework for Medical Image Denoising
* Wavelet-Based Image Compression Encoding Techniques: A Complete Performance Analysis
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Raja, S.S.[S. Selvakumar] Co Author Listing * EM algorithm-based adaptive custom thresholding for image denoising in wavelet domain

Raja, S.V.K.[S. V. Kasmir] Co Author Listing * QoS routing in wireless sensor networks: A survey

Raja, T.S.R.[T. Sree Renga] Co Author Listing * Impact of applying pre-processing techniques for improving classification accuracy

Raja, V.[Vinesh] Co Author Listing * Deformable Surface Model with Volume Preserving Springs, A

Raja, Y. Co Author Listing * Colour model selection and adaptation in dynamic scenes
* Face Recognition in Dynamic Scenes
* Modelling facial colour and identity with Gaussian mixtures
* Sparse Multiscale Local Binary Patterns
* Tracking and Segmenting People in Varying Lighting Conditions Using Colour
* Tracking colour objects using adaptive mixture models
Includes: Raja, Y. Raja, Y.[Yogesh]

Rajab, A.D.[Adel D.] Co Author Listing * LBlockchainE: A Lightweight Blockchain for Edge IoT-Enabled Maritime Transportation Systems

Rajab, M.I.[Maher I.] Co Author Listing * Skin lesion extraction in dermoscopic images based on colour enhancement and iterative segmentation

Rajab, S.[Samer] Co Author Listing * DSRC Versus LTE-V2X: Empirical Performance Analysis of Direct Vehicular Communication Technologies
* Implementation and evaluation of cooperative adaptive cruise control functionalities

Rajabally, E. Co Author Listing * Exploiting AIS Data for Intelligent Maritime Navigation: A Comprehensive Survey From Data to Methodology
* Multiobjective Optimization Approach for COLREGs-Compliant Path Planning of Autonomous Surface Vehicles Verified on Networked Bridge Simulators, A
* MuSCoWERT: multi-scale consistence of weighted edge Radon transform for horizon detection in maritime images
* Object Detection in a Maritime Environment: Performance Evaluation of Background Subtraction Methods
* Video Processing From Electro-Optical Sensors for Object Detection and Tracking in a Maritime Environment: A Survey
Includes: Rajabally, E. Rajabally, E.[Eshan]

Rajabi Kiasari, S. Co Author Listing * Genetic Algorithm Based Feature Selection for Landslide Susceptibility Mapping in Northern Iran
Includes: Rajabi Kiasari, S. Rajabi-Kiasari, S.

Rajabi, A.[Ahad] Co Author Listing * Blind single-image super resolution based on compressive sensing

Rajabi, H.[Hamid] Co Author Listing * Characteristics of the Global Radio Frequency Interference in the Protected Portion of L-Band
* intelligent video surveillance system for fall and anesthesia detection for elderly and patients, An
Includes: Rajabi, H.[Hamid] Rajabi, H.

Rajabi, M.[Mahmoud] Co Author Listing * Modeling and Prediction of Regular Ionospheric Variations and Deterministic Anomalies

Rajabi, R. Co Author Listing * Fusion of Hyperspectral and Panchromatic Images Using Spectral Unmixing Results

Rajabifard, A.[Abbas] Co Author Listing * 3D Cadastral Database Systems: A Systematic Literature Review
* Assessing Performance of Three BIM-Based Views of Buildings for Communication and Management of Vertically Stratified Legal Interests
* BIM-GIS Oriented Intelligent Knowledge Discovery
* Cross-Domain Building Models: A Step towards Interoperability
* Design and Development of a 3D Digital Cadastre Visualization Prototype
* Developing and Testing a 3D Cadastral Data Model a Case Study in Australia
* Editorial: Geospatial Understanding of Sustainable Urban Analytics Using Remote Sensing
* Feasibility of a BIM-Driven Approach to Support Building Subdivision Workflows: Case Study of Victoria, Australia, The
* Framework for Scaling Urban Transformative Resilience through Utilizing Volunteered Geographic Information, A
* From IFC to 3D Tiles: An Integrated Open-Source Solution for Visualising BIMs on Cesium
* Hybrid machine learning and optimisation method to solve a tri-level road network protection problem
* Integrated Web-based 3d Modeling And Visualization Platform To Support Sustainable Cities, An
* Integrating Legal and Physical Dimensions of Urban Environments
* Moving Towards a Single Smart Cadastral Platform in Victoria, Australia
* Multi-dimensional Analytics Platform to Support Planning and Design For Liveable and Sustainable Urban Environment, A
* Multi-Element Approach to Location Inference of Twitter: A Case for Emergency Response, A
* Optimization of Emergency Evacuation in Fire Building By Integrated BIM and GIS
* optimized multi agent-based modeling of smart rescue operation, An
* Proposal for a User-Oriented Spatial Metadata Profile, A
* Querying 3D Cadastral Information from BIM Models
* Remote Sensing and Meteorological Data Fusion in Predicting Bushfire Severity: A Case Study from Victoria, Australia
* Room-based Energy Demand Classification of BIM Data Using Graph Supervised Learning
* Smart Urban Cadastral Map Enrichment: A Machine Learning Method
* Strategic Actions for Increasing the Submission of Digital Cadastral Data by the Surveying Industry Based on Lessons Learned from Victoria, Australia
* Synchronising Spatial Metadata Records and Interfaces to Improve the Usability of Metadata Systems
Includes: Rajabifard, A.[Abbas] Rajabifard, A.
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Rajabioun, T. Co Author Listing * On-Street and Off-Street Parking Availability Prediction Using Multivariate Spatiotemporal Models
* Traffic Flow Prediction for Road Transportation Networks With Limited Traffic Data

Rajadell, O.[Olga] Co Author Listing * Filter Banks for Hyperspectral Pixel Classification of Satellite Images
* Instantaneous threat detection based on a semantic representation of activities, zones and trajectories
* On the Influence of Spatial Information for Hyper-spectral Satellite Imaging Characterization
* Scale Analysis of Several Filter Banks for Color Texture Classification
* Textural Features for Hyperspectral Pixel Classification
* Training data selection for cancer detection in multispectral endoscopy images
Includes: Rajadell, O.[Olga] Rajadell, O.

Rajadhyaksha, M. Co Author Listing * Delineation of Skin Strata in Reflectance Confocal Microscopy Images with Recurrent Convolutional Networks
* Marked Poisson Process Driven Latent Shape Model for 3D Segmentation of Reflectance Confocal Microscopy Image Stacks of Human Skin, A

Rajae, L. Co Author Listing * Optimal nonlinear control for a variable speed wind turbine based on support vector machine algorithm

Rajaei, A.[Amir] Co Author Listing * Symbolic representation and classification of medical X-ray images

Rajaei, B.[Boshra] Co Author Listing * Analysis and Improvement of the BLS-GSM Denoising Method, An
* Analysis of Multi-stage Progressive Image Restoration Network (MPRNet), An
* Fast Phase Retrieval for High Dimensions: A Block-Based Approach
* From line segments to more organized gestalts
* Gestaltic Grouping of Line Segments
* Rate-Distortion Analysis of Directional Wavelets
* Robust Phase Retrieval with the Swept Approximate Message Passing (prSAMP) Algorithm
Includes: Rajaei, B.[Boshra] Rajaei, B.
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Rajaei, H. Co Author Listing * Robust Edge Detection Approach in the Presence of High Impulse Noise Intensity Through Switching Adaptive Median and Fixed Weighted Mean Filtering, A

Rajaei, S.[Sara] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Multi-stage Progressive Image Restoration Network (MPRNet), An

Rajagoapalan, A.N. Co Author Listing * AIM 2019 Challenge on Real-World Image Super-Resolution: Methods and Results

Rajagopal, A.[Aditya] Co Author Listing * Now that I can see, I can improve: Enabling data-driven finetuning of CNNs on the edge
* perf4sight: A toolflow to model CNN training performance on Edge GPUs

Rajagopal, A.K.[Anoop K.] Co Author Listing * Adaptation Framework for Head-Pose Classification in Dynamic Multi-view Scenarios, An
* Exploring Transfer Learning Approaches for Head Pose Classification from Multi-view Surveillance Images
Includes: Rajagopal, A.K.[Anoop K.] Rajagopal, A.K.[Anoop Kolar]

Rajagopal, C. Co Author Listing * TEMPO: Template Matching by Parametric Optimization

Rajagopal, E.N.[Ekkattil N.] Co Author Listing * Effect of new radiance observations on numerical weather prediction models

Rajagopal, G.[Gayathri] Co Author Listing * Target object detection using chicken social-based deep belief network with hyperspectral imagery

Rajagopal, K.R. Co Author Listing * Diagnostic System for Air Brakes in Commercial Vehicles, A

Rajagopal, K.V. Co Author Listing * Automatic Segmentation of Lumen Intima Layer in Transverse Mode Ultrasound Images

Rajagopal, R.[Ram] Co Author Listing * 1st Agriculture-Vision Challenge: Methods and Results, The
* Effective Data Fusion with Generalized Vegetation Index: Evidence from Land Cover Segmentation in Agriculture
* Glioma brain tumor detection and segmentation using weighting random forest classifier with optimized ant colony features
* Matching of discrete curves under affine transforms
* Multivariate MIMO FIR inverses
* Real-Time Measurement of Link Vehicle Count and Travel Time in a Road Network
* Siamese Generative Adversarial Privatizer for Biometric Data
* System and method for image pattern matching using a unified signal transform
Includes: Rajagopal, R.[Ram] Rajagopal, R.
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Rajagopal, S.[Srinath] Co Author Listing * Copolymer-in-Oil Tissue-Mimicking Material With Tuneable Acoustic and Optical Characteristics for Photoacoustic Imaging Phantoms, A
* Shrink Wrapping Small Objects
Includes: Rajagopal, S.[Srinath] Rajagopal, S.[Sricharana]

Rajagopal, V.[Vasanthakumar] Co Author Listing * Accurate and Efficient Fixed Point Inference for Deep Neural Networks
* EM-net: Deep learning for electron microscopy image segmentation
* Intelligent Bandwidth Manager for CNN Applications on Embedded Devices, An
* novel method to regenerate an optimal CNN by exploiting redundancy patterns in the network, A
Includes: Rajagopal, V.[Vasanthakumar] Rajagopal, V.[Vijay] Rajagopal, V.

Rajagopalan, A.[Amrita] Co Author Listing * Co-registration of in vivo human MRI brain images to postmortem histological microscopic images

Rajagopalan, A.N. Co Author Listing * AIM 2019 Challenge on Bokeh Effect Synthesis: Methods and Results
* AIM 2019 Challenge on Image Demoireing: Methods and Results
* AIM 2019 Challenge on Image Extreme Super-Resolution: Methods and Results
* Analyzing Perception-Distortion Tradeoff Using Enhanced Perceptual Super-Resolution Network
* Background learning for robust face recognition
* Background Learning for Robust Face Recognition With PCA in the Presence of Clutter
* block shift-variant blur model for recovering depth from defocused images, A
* Blur-Invariant Deep Learning for Blind-Deblurring
* Boosting Positive Segments for Weakly-Supervised Audio-Visual Video Parsing
* Bringing Alive Blurred Moments
* Camera Shutter-Independent Registration and Rectification
* Change detection in underwater imagery
* Dealing With Parallax in Shape-From-Focus
* Deep Decoupling of Defocus and Motion Blur for Dynamic Segmentation
* Deep Dynamic Scene Deblurring for Unconstrained Dual-Lens Cameras
* Depth Estimation and Image Restoration Using Defocused Stereo Pairs
* Depth Estimation and Inpainting with an Unconstrainted Camera
* Depth estimation with a practical camera
* Depth from Defocus: A Real Aperture Imaging Approach
* Depth From Motion and Optical Blur With an Unscented Kalman Filter
* Depth inpainting by tensor voting
* Depth map repairing using tensor voting
* Deskewing of Underwater Images
* Discontinuity Adaptive Method for Super-Resolution of License Plates, A
* Discontinuity-Adaptive Shape from Focus Using a Non-convex Prior
* Distillation-guided Image Inpainting
* Divide and Conquer for Full-Resolution Light Field Deblurring
* Edge-preserving unscented Kalman filter for speckle reduction
* Editorial introduction to the special issue ICVGIP
* Efficient Change Detection for Very Large Motion Blurred Images
* Efficient geometric matching with higher-order features
* Efficient Motion Deblurring with Feature Transformation and Spatial Attention
* Extension of the shape from focus method for reconstruction of high-resolution images
* Face recognition using multiple facial features
* Fast Motion-Deblurring of IR Images
* Finding Faces in Photographs
* From Bows to Arrows: Rolling Shutter Rectification of Urban Scenes
* From Local to Global: Edge Profiles to Camera Motion in Blurred Images
* Gait Analysis for Human Identification
* Gait-based recognition of humans using continuous HMMs
* Gated Spatio-Temporal Attention-Guided Video Deblurring
* Generating high quality pan-shots from motion blurred videos
* Geometric inpainting of 3D structures
* Going Unconstrained with Rolling Shutter Deblurring
* Hand-held low-light photography with exposure bracketing
* Harnessing defocus blur to recover high-resolution information in shape-from-focus technique
* Harnessing motion blur to uncover splicing
* Harnessing self-similarity for reconstruction of large missing regions in 3D Models
* HDR Recovery Under Rolling Shutter Distortions
* High Resolution Image Reconstruction in Shape from Focus
* Higher Order Statistical Learning for Vehicle Detection in Images
* Higher-order Spectral Analysis of Human Motion
* Higher-Order-Statistics-Based Detection of Vehicles in Still Images
* Hybrid Transformer Based Feature Fusion for Self-supervised Monocular Depth Estimation
* Identification of Humans Using Gait
* Illumination-Adaptive Unpaired Low-Light Enhancement
* Image Estimation in Film-Grain Noise
* Image matching with higher-order geometric features
* Image recovery under nonlinear and non-Gaussian degradations
* Image Registration and Change Detection under Rolling Shutter Motion Blur
* Image restoration using the particle filter: handling non-causality
* Importance Sampling Kalman Filter for Image Estimation
* Improving Robustness of Semantic Segmentation to Motion-Blur Using Class-Centric Augmentation
* Improving Shape From Focus Using Defocus Cue
* Improving Shape from Focus Using Defocus Information
* Inferring Image Transformation and Structure from Motion-blurred Images
* Inferring Plane Orientation from a Single Motion Blurred Image
* Inpainting in Multi-image Stereo
* Inpainting in Shape from Focus: Taking a Cue from Motion Parallax
* Inpainting Large Missing Regions in Range Images
* Joint image and depth completion in shape-from-focus: Taking a cue from parallax
* Joint multi-frame super-resolution and matting
* Learning Based Single Image Blur Detection and Segmentation
* Local Proximity for Enhanced Visibility in Haze
* Localize to Binauralize: Audio Spatialization from Visual Sound Source Localization
* Locating Human Faces in a Cluttered Scene
* Lost But Found? Harnessing the Internet for Photometric Completion
* Matte Super-Resolution for Compositing
* Motion blur for motion segmentation
* Motion Estimation and Classification in Compressive Sensing from Dynamic Measurements
* Motion-free superresolution and the role of relative blur
* MRF Model-Based Approach to Simultaneous Recovery of Depth and Restoration from Defocused Images, An
* MRF model-based identification of shift-variant point spread function for a class of imaging systems
* Multi-Image Blind Super-Resolution of 3D Scenes
* Multi-Shot Deblurring for 3D Scenes
* Multilevel weighted enhancement for underwater image dehazing
* Natural Matting for Degraded Pictures
* New Extension of Kalman Filter to Non-Gaussian Priors, A
* Non-blind Deblurring: Handling Kernel Uncertainty with CNNs
* Non-Uniform Deblurring in HDR Image Reconstruction
* Non-uniform Motion Deblurring for Bilayer Scenes
* NTIRE 2020 Challenge on Image and Video Deblurring
* NTIRE 2021 Challenge on Image Deblurring
* NTIRE 2021 Depth Guided Image Relighting Challenge
* Occlusion-Aware Rolling Shutter Rectification of 3D Scenes
* Off-line signature verification using DTW
* Optimal Recovery of Depth from Defocused Images Using an MRF Model
* Optimal Selection of Camera Parameters for Recovery of Depth from Defocused Images
* Performance Analysis of Maximum Likelihood Estimator for Recovery of Depth from Defocused Images and Optimal Selection of Camera Parameters
* PIRM Challenge on Perceptual Image Enhancement on Smartphones: Report
* Probabilistic Fusion Methodology for Face Recognition, A
* Quantitative analysis of error bounds in the recovery of depth from defocused images
* Quantitative Analysis of Error Bounds in the Recovery of depth from Defocused Images, A
* Range map superresolution-inpainting, and reconstruction from sparse data
* Range Map with Missing Data: Joint Resolution Enhancement and Inpainting
* Real Aperture Axial Stereo: Solving for Correspondences in Blur
* Recognizing blurred, nonfrontal, illumination, and expression variant partially occluded faces
* Recursive Algorithm for Maximum Likelihood Based Identification of Blur from Multiple Observations, A
* Recursive Filter for Despeckling SAR Images, A
* Recursive framework for joint inpainting and de-noising of photographic films
* Recursive Video Matting and Denoising
* Registration and occlusion detection in motion blur
* Resolution enhancement for binocular stereo
* Resolution Enhancement in Multi-Image Stereo
* Resolution Enhancement of PMD Range Maps
* Restoration of foggy and motion-blurred road scenes
* Robust and computationally efficient superresolution algorithm
* Robust Face Recognition in the Presence of Clutter
* Rolling Shutter Super-Resolution
* Rolling shutter super-resolution in burst mode
* Scale-Recurrent Multi-residual Dense Network for Image Super-Resolution
* Seamless change detection and mosaicing for aerial imagery
* Self-supervised Monocular Underwater Depth Recovery, Image Restoration, and a Real-sea Video Dataset
* Shape from Sharp and Motion-Blurred Image Pair
* Shape-From-Focus by Tensor Voting
* Simultaneous Depth Recovery and Image Restoration from Defocused Images
* Spatially-Adaptive Image Restoration using Distortion-Guided Networks
* Spatially-Attentive Patch-Hierarchical Network for Adaptive Motion Deblurring
* Splicing localization in motion blurred 3D scenes
* Super-resolution in the presence of space-variant blur
* Super-Resolution of Face Images Using Kernel PCA-Based Prior
* Super-Resolution using Motion and Defocus Cues
* Superresolution of License Plates in Real Traffic Videos
* Tapping motion blur for robust normal estimation of planar scenes
* Tensor Voting Based Foreground Object Extraction
* Towards Unrestrained Depth Inference with Coherent Occlusion Filling
* Underwater Microscopic Shape from Focus
* Unified multiframe super-resolution of matte, foreground, and background
* Unpaired Image Denoising
* Unrolling the Shutter: CNN to Correct Motion Distortions
* Unscented Kalman Filter for Image Estimation in Film-Grain Noise
* Unscented transformation for depth from motion-blur in videos
* Unsupervised Class-Specific Deblurring
* Variational Approach to Recovering Depth from Defocused Images, A
* Vehicle Detection and Tracking in Video
Includes: Rajagopalan, A.N. Rajagopalan, A.N.[Ambasamudram N.] Rajagopalan, A.N.[Ambasamudram Narayanan]
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Rajagopalan, B. Co Author Listing * Kriging and Local Polynomial Methods for Blending Satellite-Derived and Gauge Precipitation Estimates to Support Hydrologic Early Warning Systems

Rajagopalan, N.[Narasimhan] Co Author Listing * integrated technique for volume estimation of spots in 3-D human cell cultures: Watersnakes, An

Rajagopalan, R.[Ramgopal] Co Author Listing * Keyframe-Guided Automatic Non-linear Video Editing
* Motion Field Modeling for Video Sequences
* Motion Optimization of Ordered Blocks for Overlapped Block Motion Compensation
* On interframe coding models for volumetric medical data
* Optimal supports for linear predictive models
* Synthesizing processed video by filtering temporal relationships
Includes: Rajagopalan, R.[Ramgopal] Rajagopalan, R.

Rajagopalan, S.[Sundararaman] Co Author Listing * Chua's diode and strange attractor: a three-layer hardware-software co-design for medical image confidentiality
* Multiview gait-based gender classification through pose-based voting
* Ring oscillator as confusion- diffusion agent: A complete TRNG drove image security
* View-Invariant Gait Recognition Through Genetic Template Segmentation
Includes: Rajagopalan, S.[Sundararaman] Rajagopalan, S.[Srinivasan] Rajagopalan, S.

Rajagopalan, S.S.[Shyam Sundar] Co Author Listing * Detecting A Child's Stimming Behaviours for Autism Spectrum Disorder Diagnosis using Rgbpose-Slowfast Network
* Detecting self-stimulatory behaviours for autism diagnosis
* Detecting self-stimulatory behaviours for autism diagnosis
* Extending Long Short-Term Memory for Multi-View Structured Learning
* Play with me: Measuring a child's engagement in a social interaction
* Self-Stimulatory Behaviours in the Wild for Autism Diagnosis
Includes: Rajagopalan, S.S.[Shyam Sundar] Rajagopalan, S.S.

Rajagopalan, V. Co Author Listing * Bias Field Inconsistency Correction of Motion-Scattered Multislice MRI for Improved 3D Image Reconstruction
* Pattern identification in dynamical systems via symbolic time series analysis
* Volumetric analysis of MR images for glioma classification and their effect on brain tissues
Includes: Rajagopalan, V. Rajagopalan, V.[Venkatesh] Rajagopalan, V.[Venkateswaran]

RajagopaZan, A.N. Co Author Listing * Joint HDR and Super-Resolution Imaging in Motion Blur

Rajagukguk, Y.S.[Yoki Sepwanto] Co Author Listing * Multi-Source Remote Sensing Data Product Analysis: Investigating Anthropogenic and Naturogenic Impacts on Mangroves in Southeast Asia

Rajaguru, H.[Harikumar] Co Author Listing * Deep-features with Bayesian optimized classifiers for the breast cancer diagnosis
* Dementia MRI image classification using transformation technique based on elephant herding optimization with Randomized Adam method for updating the hyper-parameters
* Detection and classification of microcalcification from digital mammograms with firefly algorithm, extreme learning machine and non-linear regression models: A comparison
* Detection of liver abnormalities: A new paradigm in medical image processing and classification techniques
* Earlier detection of cancer regions from MR image features and SVM classifiers
* Enhancing the performance of hybrid evolutionary algorithms in microarray colon data classification
* Improved chicken swarm optimization to classify dementia MRI images using a novel controlled randomness optimization algorithm
* novel improved crow-search algorithm to classify the severity in digital mammograms, A
* Performance analysis of classifiers for colon cancer detection from dimensionality reduced microarray gene data
* Performance analysis of EM, SVD, and SVM classifiers in classification of carcinogenic regions of medical images
* Performance enhancement of swarm intelligence techniques in dementia classification using dragonfly-based hybrid algorithms
* SKMAT-U-Net architecture for breast mass segmentation
12 for Rajaguru, H.

Rajak, S.[Shaik] Co Author Listing * Deep Learning Enabled IRS for 6G Intelligent Transportation Systems: A Comprehensive Study

Rajakumar, B.R. Co Author Listing * Super Resolved Maize Plant Leaves Disease Detection Using Optimal Generative Adversarial Network
* Threshold prediction for segmenting tumour from brain MRI scans

Rajala, M. Co Author Listing * Assistive Situation Awareness System for Mobile Multimachine Work Environments
* Situation Awareness Framework for Multi-Machine Environments: An Application to Operator Assistive Collision Warning System

Rajala, S. Co Author Listing * Optimal Thresholding: A New Approach
* Segmentation of magnetic resonance images using mean field annealing

Rajala, S.A. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Nonlinear Image Restoration by a Modified Kalman Filtering Approach
* Application of the One-Dimensional Fourier Transform for Tracking Moving Objects in Noisy Environments
* Efficient techniques for two-layer coding of video sequences
* Generalized optimum dynamic bit allocation scheme for source compression
* Image and Video Processing II
* Image and Video Processing III
* Image Compression Results Using the LMS Adaptive Algorithm
* Image Modeling: The Continuity Assumption and Tracking
* Still-Image Compression
* Subband/VQ coding of color images with perceptually optimal bit allocation
* Track Acquisition of Subpixel Targets
* Visual Communications and Image Processing '98
Includes: Rajala, S.A. Rajala, S.A.[Sarah A.]
12 for Rajala, S.A.

Rajala, T. Co Author Listing * Synthetic Images of High-Throughput Microscopy for Validation of Image Analysis Methods

Rajala, T.A.[Tuomas A.] Co Author Listing * Visualizing the Wavenumber Content of a Point Pattern

Rajalakshmi, M. Co Author Listing * Enhancement of Vascular Patterns in Palm Images Using Various Image Enhancement Techniques for Person Identification

Rajalakshmi, N.[Natarajan] Co Author Listing * MRI brain image classification: a hybrid approach

Rajalakshmi, N.R.[N. Ravitha] Co Author Listing * Deeply supervised U-Net for mass segmentation in digital mammograms

Rajalakshmi, P.[Pachamuthu] Co Author Listing * Deep-Learning-Based Multispectral Image Reconstruction from Single Natural Color RGB Image: Enhancing UAV-Based Phenotyping
* Distributed compressed sensing for photo-acoustic imaging
Includes: Rajalakshmi, P.[Pachamuthu] Rajalakshmi, P.

Rajalingham, R.[Rishi] Co Author Listing * Exploring Cortical Folding Pattern Variability Using Local Image Features
* Probabilistic Tracking of Pedestrian Movements via In-Floor Force Sensing

Rajamaki, R. Co Author Listing * Sparse Active Rectangular Array With Few Closely Spaced Elements
Includes: Rajamaki, R. Rajamäki, R. (Maybe also Rajamaeki, R.)

Rajamani, A. Co Author Listing * High density impulse noise removal in RGB images using Lone Diagonal Sorting algorithm

Rajamani, K.[Kumar] Co Author Listing * elegant approach for automatic license plate recognition, An
* Gaussian Process Density Counting from Weak Supervision
* Graphic-object detection in documents
* Variational Weakly Supervised Gaussian Processes

Rajamani, K.T.[Kumar T.] Co Author Listing * Use of a Dense Surface Point Distribution Model in a Three-Stage Anatomical Shape Reconstruction from Sparse Information for Computer Assisted Orthopaedic Surgery: A Preliminary Study

Rajamani, R. Co Author Listing * Development of Vehicle Position Estimation Algorithms Based on the Use of AMR Sensors, The
* Inspection and error analysis of Geneva gear on machine vision system using Sherlock™ and VB 6.0 Algorithm
* New Paradigms for the Integration of Yaw Stability and Rollover Prevention Functions in Vehicle Stability Control
* Parameter and State Estimation in Vehicle Roll Dynamics
* Portable Roadside Sensors for Vehicle Counting, Classification, and Speed Measurement
* Rear Vehicle Tracking on a Bicycle Using Active Sensor Orientation Control
* Toward Completely Sampled Extracellular Neural Recording During fMRI
* Two-Dimensional Sensor System for Automotive Crash Prediction
Includes: Rajamani, R. Rajamani, R.[Rajesh]
8 for Rajamani, R.

Rajamani, V. Co Author Listing * Contrast enhancement using real coded genetic algorithm based modified histogram equalization for gray scale images
* intelligent mining system for diagnosing medical images using combined texture-histogram features, An

Rajamanoharan, G. Co Author Listing * Multi-view Constrained Local Models for Large Head Angle Facial Tracking

Rajamohan, D.[Deepak] Co Author Listing * 3D-2D Registration Method for Stereo Scan Overlay on Structure from Motion Model, A
* Extracting Road Features from Aerial Videos of Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
* MAARGHA: A Prototype System for Road Condition and Surface Type Estimation by Fusing Multi-Sensor Data
Includes: Rajamohan, D.[Deepak] Rajamohan, D.

Rajan, B. Co Author Listing * Indian Movie Face Database: A benchmark for face recognition under wide variations

Rajan, D. Co Author Listing * Are Object Detection Assessment Criteria Ready for Maritime Computer Vision?
* Attention-from-motion: A factorization approach for detecting attention objects in motion
* Backtracking ScSPM Image Classifier for Weakly Supervised Top-Down Saliency
* Backtracking Spatial Pyramid Pooling-Based Image Classifier for Weakly Supervised Top-Down Salient Object Detection
* Blind Super Resolution of Real-Life Video Sequences
* CamType: assistive text entry using gaze with an off-the-shelf webcam
* classifier-guided approach for top-down salient object detection, A
* Coherent Phrase Model for Efficient Image Near-Duplicate Retrieval
* Controllable Video Generation With Text-Based Instructions
* Data-Driven Approach to Understanding Skill in Photographic Composition, A
* Deep residual pooling network for texture recognition
* Detection of visual attention regions in images using robust subspace analysis
* Double Low Rank Matrix Recovery for Saliency Fusion
* Dynamic distortion maps for image retargeting
* Dynamic Programming-Based Reverse Frame Selection for VBR Video Delivery Under Constrained Resources
* Efficient image retrieval using MPEG-7 descriptors
* Embedding Visual Words into Concept Space for Action and Scene Recognition
* Exploring Inlier and Outlier Specification for Improved Medical OOD Detection
* Feasibility Analysis of Eye Typing with a Standard Webcam
* Generalized interpolation and its application in super-resolution imaging
* Human action recognition using Pose-based discriminant embedding
* Hybrid shift map for video retargeting
* Image classification: Are rule-based systems effective when classes are fixed and known?
* Image Retargeting in Compressed Domain
* image similarity descriptor for classification tasks, An
* Improved Multiplexed Image Reconstruction Performance Through Optical System Diversity Design
* Improving Image Matting Using Comprehensive Sampling Sets
* L1-Regularized Reconstruction Error as Alpha Matte
* Linear Dynamical System Framework for Salient Motion Detection, A
* Local feature embedding for supervised image classification
* Locality and context-aware top-down saliency
* motion-based scene tree for compressed video content management, A
* MRF-Based Approach to Generation of Super-Resolution Images from Blurred Observations, An
* Multi-modal Solution for Unconstrained News Story Retrieval
* Multimodal Semantic Analysis and Annotation for Basketball Video
* MuSCoWERT: multi-scale consistence of weighted edge Radon transform for horizon detection in maritime images
* new motion histogram to index motion content in video segments, A
* Night Time Vehicle Detection and Tracking by Fusing Vehicle Parts From Multiple Cameras
* Object Class Recognition using Quadrangles
* Object Detection in a Maritime Environment: Performance Evaluation of Background Subtraction Methods
* Object recognition by discriminative combinations of line segments and ellipses
* Object Recognition by Discriminative Combinations of Line Segments, Ellipses, and Appearance Features
* Particle filter framework for salient object detection in videos
* Perceptually Organized Method for Image Interpolation, A
* Random Walks on Graphs for Salient Object Detection in Images
* Random walks on graphs to model saliency in images
* Regularized Feature Reconstruction for Spatio-Temporal Saliency Detection
* Salient Motion Detection in Compressed Domain
* Salient object detection in tracking shots
* Salient Region Detection by Jointly Modeling Distinctness and Redundancy of Image Content
* Salient Region Detection by Modeling Distributions of Color and Orientation
* Scene Signatures for Unconstrained News Video Stories
* Simultaneous Estimation of Super-Resolved Intensity and Depth Maps from Low Resolution Defocused Observations of a Scene
* Simultaneous Estimation of Super-Resolved Scene and Depth Map from Low Resolution Defocused Observations
* Sparse codes as Alpha Matte
* Sparse Coding for Alpha Matting
* Split and Merge Based Ellipse Detector With Self-Correcting Capability, A
* split and merge based ellipse detector, A
* Structural Descriptors for Category Level Object Detection
* Super Resolution results in PANOPTES, an adaptive multi-aperture folded architecture
* Sustained Observability for Salient Motion Detection
* Synthetically Generating Motion Blur in a Depth Map from Time-of-Flight Sensors
* Temporal trimap propagation using motion-assisted shape blending
* Top-down saliency with Locality-constrained Contextual Sparse Coding
* unified approach to detection of shot boundaries and subshots in compressed video, A
* Unified Blind Method for Multi-Image Super-Resolution and Single/Multi-Image Blur Deconvolution
* Unsupervised Feature Selection for Salient Object Detection
* Using texture to complement color in image matting
* Video forgery detection and localization using normalized cross-correlation of moment features
* Video Processing From Electro-Optical Sensors for Object Detection and Tracking in a Maritime Environment: A Survey
* Video saliency detection with robust temporal alignment and local-global spatial contrast
* Weighted Color and Texture Sample Selection for Image Matting
Includes: Rajan, D. Rajan, D.[Deepu] Rajan, D.[Deepta] Rajan, D.[Dinesh]
72 for Rajan, D.

Rajan, E.G. Co Author Listing * Improved kernel-based IRIS recognition system in the framework of support vector machine and hidden markov model

Rajan, G.[Ganesh] Co Author Listing * MPEG-4 Systems: Overview
* Special Issue on Synthetic/Natural Hybrid Video Coding
Includes: Rajan, G.[Ganesh] Rajan, G.

Rajan, J.[Jeny] Co Author Listing * email: Rajan, J.[Jeny]: jenyrajan AT gmail com
* Automated Method for Retinal Artery/Vein Separation via Graph Search Metaheuristic Approach
* Deep learning-based automated mitosis detection in histopathology images for breast cancer grading
* Denoising Magnetic Resonance Images Using Fourth Order Complex Diffusion
* GPU implementation of non-local maximum likelihood estimation method for denoising magnetic resonance images
* Improved Hybrid Model for Molecular Image Denoising, An
* improved nonlocal maximum likelihood estimation method for denoising magnetic resonance images with spatially varying noise levels, An
* Iterative bilateral filter for Rician noise reduction in MR images
* Magnetic resonance image denoising using nonlocal maximum likelihood paradigm in DCT-framework
* Marker controlled watershed transform for intra-retinal cysts segmentation from optical coherence tomography B-scans
* nonlocal maximum likelihood estimation method for enhancing magnetic resonance phase maps, A
* Segmentation Based Noise Variance Estimation from Background MRI Data
* Speckle Reduction in Images with WEAD and WECD
Includes: Rajan, J.[Jeny] Rajan, J.
13 for Rajan, J.

Rajan, J.J. Co Author Listing * Bayesian Approach to Parameter Estimation and Interpolation of Time Varying Autoregressive Processes Using the Gibbs Sampler
* Model Order Selection for the Singular-Value Decomposition and the Discrete Karhunen-Loeve Transform Using a Bayesian-Approach

Rajan, K. Co Author Listing * Fuzzy-rule-based image reconstruction for positron emission tomography
* Image coding of 3D volume using wavelet transform for fast retrieval of 2D images
* Image reconstruction by conditional entropy maximisation for PET system
* novel two sources ultrasound modulated optical tomographic system for screening breast cancer through elasticity characterization, A

Rajan, K.S. Co Author Listing * AFN: Attentional Feedback Network Based 3d Terrain Super-resolution
* Development of an Indoor Space Semantic Model and Its Implementation as an IndoorGML Extension
* Development of Decadal (1985-1995-2005) Land Use and Land Cover Database for India
* Extracting Road Features from Aerial Videos of Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
* Localized Segment Based Processing for Automatic Building Extraction From Lidar Data
* MAARGHA: A Prototype System for Road Condition and Surface Type Estimation by Fusing Multi-Sensor Data
* Semantic Model To Define Indoor Space In Context Of Emergency Evacuation, A
* Shifting Cultivation Practices In Barak Valley, India - Policy Scenarios From A Spatially Explicit Land Use Model
* Understanding The Behaviour Of Contamination Spread In Nagarjuna Sagar Reservoir Using Temporal Landsat Data
Includes: Rajan, K.S. Rajan, K.S.[Krishnan Sundara] Rajan, K.S.[Krishnan S.]
9 for Rajan, K.S.

Rajan, N.[Nithya] Co Author Listing * Detection of Italian Ryegrass in Wheat and Prediction of Competitive Interactions Using Remote-Sensing and Machine-Learning Techniques
* Effect of font size, italics, and colour count on web usability
Includes: Rajan, N.[Nithya] Rajan, N.[Nithin]

Rajan, P. Co Author Listing * Autonomous on-board Near Earth Object detection
* Cox Processes for Counting by Detection
* SVD-based redundancy removal in 1-D CNNs for acoustic scene classification
Includes: Rajan, P. Rajan, P.[Purnima] Rajan, P.[Padmanabhan]

Rajan, R.T. Co Author Listing * Joint Clock Synchronization and Ranging: Asymmetrical Time-Stamping and Passive Listening
* Review of Urban Air Pollution Monitoring and Exposure Assessment Methods, A
Includes: Rajan, R.T. Rajan, R.T.[Raj Thilak]

Rajan, S. Co Author Listing * Active Learning Approach to Hyperspectral Data Classification, An
* Exploiting Class Hierarchies for Knowledge Transfer in Hyperspectral Data
* Facial expression recognition techniques: a comprehensive survey
* Novel deep learning model for facial expression recognition based on maximum boosted CNN and LSTM
* Wirtinger Flow Method With Optimal Stepsize for Phase Retrieval
Includes: Rajan, S. Rajan, S.[Saranya]

Rajan, S.E. Co Author Listing * Diagnosis of diabetic retinopathy by employing image processing technique to detect exudates in retinal images

Rajan, S.R.[Siranjiv Ramana] Co Author Listing * Transparent Object Tracking Benchmark

Rajan, S.S. Co Author Listing * Constrained reconstruction applied to 2-D chemical shift imaging

Rajan, V. Co Author Listing * ConflictNET: End-to-End Learning for Speech-Based Conflict Intensity Estimation
* Three-Dimensional Modelling of Past and Present Shahjahanabad through Multi-Temporal Remotely Sensed Data
* Visual Programming-based Interactive Analysis of Ancient Documents: The Case of Magical Signs in Jewish Manuscripts
Includes: Rajan, V. Rajan, V.[Vaibhav] Rajan, V.[Vinodh]

Rajan, V.T. Co Author Listing * Voronoi Diagrams of Polygons: A Framework for Shape Representation

Rajanala, S.[Sailaja] Co Author Listing * C4Synth: Cross-Caption Cycle-Consistent Text-to-Image Synthesis

Rajaneesh, A. Co Author Listing * C-PLES: Contextual Progressive Layer Expansion with Self-attention for Multi-class Landslide Segmentation on Mars using Multimodal Satellite Imagery

Rajani, R. Co Author Listing * Assessment of stenosis introduced flow resistance in CCTA-reconstructed coronary arteries
* impact of boundary conditions in patient-specific coronary blood flow simulation, The
* Impact of Image Resolution and Resampling on Motion Tracking of the Left Chambers from Cardiac Scans
* Optimisation of Left Atrial Feature Tracking Using Retrospective Gated Computed Tomography Images
Includes: Rajani, R. Rajani, R.[Ronak]

Rajani, R.M.[Rikesh M.] Co Author Listing * Deep-learning based segmentation of challenging myelin sheaths

Rajankar, O.S.[Omprakash S.] Co Author Listing * Heuristics approach to speeding up saliency detection

Rajankar, S.[Supriya] Co Author Listing * quality-on-demand electrocardiogram signal compression using modified set partitioning in hierarchical tree, A

Rajaonarivo, L.[Landy] Co Author Listing * Recommendation of Heterogeneous Cultural Heritage Objects for the Promotion of Tourism

Rajapaksa, S. Co Author Listing * Classification of Crop Lodging with Gray Level Co-occurrence Matrix
* Using Large Text To Image Models with Structured Prompts for Skin Disease Identification: A Case Study
Includes: Rajapaksa, S. Rajapaksa, S.[Sajith]

Rajapakse, J. Co Author Listing * Color channel encoding with NMF for face recognition

Rajapakse, J.C.[Jagath C.] Co Author Listing * Building gene networks with time-delayed regulations
* Contextual Modeling of Functional MR Images With Conditional Random Fields
* Fully Automated Peeling Technique For T1-weighted, High-quality MR Head Scans
* Identifying Cells in Histopathological Images
* Mixed Spectrum Analysis on fMRI Time-Series
* NURBS snakes
* Probabilistic Framework for Brain Connectivity From Functional MR Images
* Segmentation of MR-Images With Intensity Inhomogeneities
* Statistical approach to segmentation of single-channel cerebral MR images
Includes: Rajapakse, J.C.[Jagath C.] Rajapakse, J.C.
9 for Rajapakse, J.C.

Rajapakse, M. Co Author Listing * Color channel encoding with NMF for face recognition
* Multiple Landmark Feature Point Mapping for Robust Face Recognition
Includes: Rajapakse, M. Rajapakse, M.[Menaka]

Rajapaksha, N. Co Author Listing * Row-Parallel 8X8 2-D DCT Architecture Using Algebraic Integer-Based Exact Computation, A
* Single-Channel Architecture for Algebraic Integer-Based 8X8 2-D DCT Computation, A

Rajapaksha, P.[Praboda] Co Author Listing * Video anomaly detection with NTCN-ML: A novel TCN for multi-instance learning

Rajapaksha, S.[Sampath] Co Author Listing * AI-Based Intrusion Detection Systems for In-Vehicle Networks: A Survey

Rajappan, K.P. Co Author Listing * Data Compression Through a Rectangular Transform
* Study of Rectangular Transforms for Data Compression, A

Rajarajan, M.[Muttukrishnan] Co Author Listing * Activity Recognition in Smart Homes Using Clustering Based Classification
* Novel Image-Based Homomorphic Approach for Preserving the Privacy of Autonomous Vehicles Connected to the Cloud, A

Rajarajeswari, K. Co Author Listing * Wavelet-based oblivious image watermarking scheme using genetic algorithm

Rajaram, A. Co Author Listing * Intelligent Bandwidth Manager for CNN Applications on Embedded Devices, An

Rajaram, B.[Bharghava] Co Author Listing * Ancient Sandbox Technique: An Experimental Study Using Piezoelectric Sensors

Rajaram, G.[Gangothri] Co Author Listing * Exploiting the Potential of VGI Metadata to Develop A Data-Driven Framework for Predicting User's Proficiency in OpenStreetMap Context
* novel computational knowledge-base framework for visualization and quantification of geospatial metadata in spatial data infrastructures, A

Rajaram, S.[Shyamsundar] Co Author Listing * Active Learning for Interactive Multimedia Retrieval
* Classifiers for Motion
* Diverse Active Ranking for Multimedia Search
* Human Activity Recognition Using Multidimensional Indexing
* Learning-Based Nonparametric Image Super-Resolution
* Leveraging Active Learning for Relevance Feedback Using an Information Theoretic Diversity Measure
* Models for Patch-Based Image Restoration
* Non-Parametric Image Super-Resolution Using Multiple Images
* Restoration and Recognition in a Loop
* Utilizing Information Theoretic Diversity for SVM Active Learn
* View-Based Human Activity Recognition by Indexing and Sequencing
11 for Rajaram, S.

Rajaraman, P.V. Co Author Listing * Intelligent deep learning based bidirectional long short term memory model for automated reply of e-mail client prototype

Rajaraman, S.[Srinivasan] Co Author Listing * Large-Scale, Time-Synchronized Visible and Thermal Face Dataset, A

Rajaratnam, B.[Bala] Co Author Listing * Component-wise parameter smoothing for learning mixture models
* TRUST-TECH-Based Expectation Maximization for Learning Finite Mixture Models

Rajaratnam, S. Co Author Listing * Robots in Retirement Homes: Person Search and Task Planning for a Group of Residents by a Team of Assistive Robots

Rajasegaran, J.[Jathushan] Co Author Listing * Combined Static and Motion Features for Deep-Networks-Based Activity Recognition in Videos
* DeepCaps: Going Deeper With Capsule Networks
* Humans in 4D: Reconstructing and Tracking Humans with Transformers
* Incremental Object Detection via Meta-Learning
* iTAML: An Incremental Task-Agnostic Meta-learning Approach
* Micro Actions and Deep Static Features for Activity Recognition
* On the Benefits of 3D Pose and Tracking for Human Action Recognition
* TextCaps: Handwritten Character Recognition With Very Small Datasets
* Tracking People by Predicting 3D Appearance, Location and Pose
Includes: Rajasegaran, J.[Jathushan] Rajasegaran, J.
9 for Rajasegaran, J.

Rajasegaran, R.[Ramesh] Co Author Listing * Physical Adversarial Attacks on an Aerial Imagery Object Detector

Rajasegarar, S. Co Author Listing * Approximate Cluster Heat Maps of Large High-Dimensional Data
* Clustering ellipses for anomaly detection
* Crowd Activity Change Point Detection in Videos via Graph Stream Mining
* Deep Continual Learning for Emerging Emotion Recognition
* Detection of Anomalous Crowd Behaviour Using Hyperspherical Clustering
* efficient hyperellipsoidal clustering algorithm for resource-constrained environments, An
* Ellipsoidal neighbourhood outlier factor for distributed anomaly detection in resource constrained networks
* Fast and Scalable Big Data Trajectory Clustering for Understanding Urban Mobility
* High-dimensional and large-scale anomaly detection using a linear one-class SVM with deep learning
* High-Resolution Monitoring of Atmospheric Pollutants Using a System of Low-Cost Sensors
* Scalable Framework for Trajectory Prediction, A
* Visual Structural Assessment and Anomaly Detection for High-Velocity Data Streams
* visual-numeric approach to clustering and anomaly detection for trajectory data, A
Includes: Rajasegarar, S. Rajasegarar, S.[Sutharshan]
13 for Rajasegarar, S.

Rajasekar, G.[Ganesh] Co Author Listing * Detecting Macroblocking in Images Caused by Transmission Error

Rajasekar, U. Co Author Listing * Modeling Urban Heat Islands and Their Relationship With Impervious Surface and Vegetation Abundance by Using ASTER Images

Rajasekaran, M.P.[M. Pallikonda] Co Author Listing * empirical mode decomposition (EMD)-based scheme for alcoholism identification, An
* Glioma detection using EHO based FLAME clustering in MR brain images
* Tumor detection in T1, T2, FLAIR and MPR brain images using a combination of optimization and fuzzy clustering improved by seed-based region growing algorithm

Rajasekaran, P.[Pallikonda] Co Author Listing * Automated unsupervised learning-based clustering approach for effective anomaly detection in brain magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

Rajasekaran, P.K. Co Author Listing * Unsupervised learning in nongaussian pattern recognition

Rajasekaran, S.N.S. Co Author Listing * Recognition of Printed Telugu Characters

Rajasekart, V.[Vanathi] Co Author Listing * Humans Disagree With the IoU for Measuring Object Detector Localization Error

Rajasekhar, G.P.[Gnana Praveen] Co Author Listing * Deep domain adaptation with ordinal regression for pain assessment using weakly-labeled videos
* Deep Weakly Supervised Domain Adaptation for Pain Localization in Videos

Rajasekhara, P. Co Author Listing * new clusterwise similarity for partitions based on quantitative disagreement, A

Rajasekharan, K. Co Author Listing * Rapid Recognition of Object Outlines in Reduced Resolution Images

Rajashekar, D.[Deepthi] Co Author Listing * Invertible Modeling of Bidirectional Relationships in Neuroimaging With Normalizing Flows: Application to Brain Aging

Rajashekar, G.[Gopalakrishnan] Co Author Listing * Aboveground-Biomass Estimation of a Complex Tropical Forest in India Using Lidar
* Inverting Aboveground Biomass-Canopy Texture Relationships in a Landscape of Forest Mosaic in the Western Ghats of India Using Very High Resolution Cartosat Imagery

Rajashekar, R. Co Author Listing * Quantifying the Transmit Diversity Order of Euclidean Distance Based Antenna Selection in Spatial Modulation
* Reduced-Complexity Partial-Interference-Cancellation Group Decoder for STBCs, A
* Structured dispersion matrices from division algebra codes for space-time shift keying

Rajashekar, U. Co Author Listing * Foveated Analysis and Selection of Visual Fixations in Natural Scenes
* GAFFE: A Gaze-Attentive Fixation Finding Engine
* Image features that draw fixations
* Quantifying color image distortions based on adaptive spatio-chromatic signal decompositions
Includes: Rajashekar, U. Rajashekar, U.[Umesh]

Rajashekararadhya, S.V. Co Author Listing * Zone-Based Projection Distance Feature Extraction Method for Handwritten Numeral/Mixed Numerals Recognition of Indian Scripts, The

Rajashekhar Co Author Listing * Image retrieval based on projective invariance
* Retrieval of images of man-made structures based on projective invariance

Rajashekhara Co Author Listing * Qualitative Visual Environment Retrieval
* Segmentation and region of interest based image retrieval in low depth of field observations

Rajat Co Author Listing * Minimizing Supervision in Multi-label Categorization

Rajatheva, R.M.A.P. Co Author Listing * Distributed video coding of Wyner-Ziv frames using Turbo Trellis Coded Modulation

Rajathilagam, B. Co Author Listing * Edge detection using G-lets based on matrix factorization by group representations

Rajati, A. Co Author Listing * Saliency-Guided Just Noticeable Distortion Estimation Using the Normalized Laplacian Pyramid

Rajavel, P Co Author Listing * Direction Dependent Decomposition and Edge Detection
* Wrapping Based Directional Hartley Transform and Content Based Image Retrieval

Rajavenkatanarayanan, A.[Akilesh] Co Author Listing * VoTrE: A Vocational Training and Evaluation System to Compare Training Approaches for the Workplace

Rajavi, Y.[Yashar] Co Author Listing * Millimeter-Wave Digital Link for Wireless MRI, A

Rajawat, K.[Ketan] Co Author Listing * Traffic Estimation and Prediction via Online Variational Bayesian Subspace Filtering

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