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Hell, B. Co Author Listing * Approach Toward Fast Gradient-Based Image Segmentation, An
* Optimizing Apparent Display Resolution Enhancement for Arbitrary Videos

Hell, E. Co Author Listing * EM Simulation-Based Design Flow for Custom-Built MR Coils Incorporating Signal and Noise, An
* Signal Acquisition Setup for Ultrashort Echo Time Imaging Operating in Parallel on Unmodified Clinical MRI Scanners Achieving an Acquisition Delay of 3-mu-s, A
* Small Surrogate for the Golden Angle in Time-Resolved Radial MRI Based on Generalized Fibonacci Sequences, A

Hell, L.[Lorena] Co Author Listing * Context-empowered Visual Attention Prediction in Pedestrian Scenarios

Hell, M.[Maximilian] Co Author Listing * DeepForest: Novel Deep Learning Models for Land Use and Land Cover Classification Using Multi-Temporal and -Modal Sentinel Data of the Amazon Basin
* Multi-Source and Multi-Temporal Image Fusion on Hypercomplex Bases

Hell, S.W.[Stefan W.] Co Author Listing * Coherent use of opposing lenses for axial resolution increase. II. Power and limitation of nonlinear image restoration

Helle, A.M. Co Author Listing * Precise Head Tracking in Hearing Applications

Helle, P. Co Author Listing * Affine-Linear Intra Prediction With Complexity Constraints, An
* Block Merging for Quadtree-Based Partitioning in HEVC
* CNN-based parameter selection for fast VVC intra-picture encoding
* Efficient Fixed-Point Implementation Of Matrix-Based Intra Prediction
* Reinforcement learning for video encoder control in HEVC
* Transform coding in the HEVC Test Model
* Video Compression Using Generalized Binary Partitioning, Trellis Coded Quantization, Perceptually Optimized Encoding, and Advanced Prediction and Transform Coding
* Video Compression Using Nested Quadtree Structures, Leaf Merging, and Improved Techniques for Motion Representation and Entropy Coding
Includes: Helle, P. Helle, P.[Philipp]
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Hellec, J.L. Co Author Listing * guided image matching approach using Hausdorff distance with interesting points detection, A

Hellekes, J. Co Author Listing * Citywide Estimation of Parking Space Using Aerial Imagery and OSM Data Fusion with Deep Learning and Fine-grained Annotation
* Parking space inventory from above: Detection on aerial images and estimation for unobserved regions
Includes: Hellekes, J. Hellekes, J.[Jens]

Hellel, O.[Omar] Co Author Listing * Study of performance of a second-generation wavelet video encoder with a scalable rate

Hellendoorn, H. Co Author Listing * Fast Model Predictive Control for Urban Road Networks via MILP
* Integrated Model Predictive Traffic and Emission Control Using a Piecewise-Affine Approach
* Integrated Predictive Control of Freeway Networks Using the Extended Link Transmission Model
* Integrated Urban Traffic Control for the Reduction of Travel Delays and Emissions
* Model Predictive Control for Freeway Networks Based on Multi-Class Traffic Flow and Emission Models
* On a spatiotemporally discrete urban traffic model
* Toward System-Optimal Routing in Traffic Networks: A Reverse Stackelberg Game Approach
* Traffic Management for Automated Highway Systems Using Model-Based Predictive Control
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Hellendoorn, J. Co Author Listing * Optimal Coordination of Variable Speed Limits to Suppress Shock Waves
* Predictive Traffic Controller for Sustainable Mobility Using Parameterized Control Policies, A
* Traffic control and intelligent vehicle highway systems: a survey

Heller, A.J.[Aaron J.] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Heller, A.J.[Aaron J.]: heller AT ai sri com
* Automated Techniques for road Network Modeling
* Benchmark Evaluation of a Model-Based Object Recognition System
* Concept of an Effective Viewpoint, The
* Evolution and Testing of a Model-Based Object Recognition System, The
* Integrated Feasibility Demonstration for Automatic Population of Geospatial Databases, An
* Interpretation of Synthetic Aperture Radar Image Using Projective Invariants and Deformable Templates, The
* Invariant Descriptors for 3-D Object Recognition and Pose
* Object-Oriented Approach to Template Guided Inspection, An
* RADIUS Common Development Environment, The
* Site-Model Construction Component of the RADIUS Testbed System, The
* Using RADIUS Site Models without the RCDE
* Verification of Recognition and Alignment Hypotheses by Means of Edge Verification Statistics
Includes: Heller, A.J.[Aaron J.] Heller, A.J.
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Heller, B.[Ben] Co Author Listing * Assessing the Suitability of the Microsoft Kinect for Calculating Person Specific Body Segment Parameters
* Temporal Gravity Signals in Reprocessed GOCE Gravitational Gradients
Includes: Heller, B.[Ben] Heller, B.[Betty]

Heller, C. Co Author Listing * Portable 3-D Imaging FMCW MIMO Radar Demonstrator With a 24X24 Antenna Array for Medium-Range Applications, A

Heller, J.[Jan] Co Author Listing * 3D reconstruction from photographs by CMP SfM web service
* branch-and-bound algorithm for globally optimal hand-eye calibration, A
* Efficient Intersection of Three Quadrics and Applications in Computer Vision
* Efficient Solution to the Epipolar Geometry for Radially Distorted Cameras
* Globally Optimal Hand-Eye Calibration Using Branch-and-Bound
* Hand-Eye Calibration without Hand Orientation Measurement Using Minimal Solution
* On the Two-View Geometry of Unsynchronized Cameras
* Radial distortion homography
* Scale-Dependent Adaptation of Object Models for Road Extraction
* Singly-Bordered Block-Diagonal Form for Minimal Problem Solvers
* Stable Radial Distortion Calibration by Polynomial Matrix Inequalities Programming
* Stereographic rectification of omnidirectional stereo pairs
* Structure-from-motion based hand-eye calibration using L-inf minimization
* World-Base Calibration by Global Polynomial Optimization
Includes: Heller, J.[Jan] Heller, J.
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Heller, K.A.[Katherine A.] Co Author Listing * Simple Bayesian Framework for Content-Based Image Retrieval, A

Heller, P.N. Co Author Listing * Application of Multiwavelet Filterbanks to Image Processing, The
* Smoothness-Constrained Quantization for Wavelet Image Compression
* Smoothness-constrained wavelet image compression
* WaveTool: an integrated software for wavelet and multirate signal processing

Heller, R. Co Author Listing * ISR2: User's Guide

Heller, S.[Silvan] Co Author Listing * Combining Boolean and Multimedia Retrieval in VITRIVR for Large-scale Video Search
* Competitive Interactive Video Retrieval in Virtual Reality with VITRIVR-VR
* Deep Learning-Based Concept Detection in vitrivr
* Exploring Effective Interactive Text-Based Video Search in vitrivr
* IMOTION: Searching for Video Sequences Using Multi-Shot Sketch Queries
* Multi-modal Interactive Video Retrieval with Temporal Queries
* Multi-Modal Video Retrieval in Virtual Reality with VITRIVR-VR
* On the User-Centric Comparative Remote Evaluation of Interactive Video Search Systems
* Searching in Video Collections Using Sketches and Sample Images: The Cineast System
* Task Category Space for User-Centric Comparative Multimedia Search Evaluations, A
* Towards Explainable Interactive Multi-modal Video Retrieval with Vitrivr
* Traceable Asynchronous Workflows in Video Retrieval with vitrivr-VR
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Heller, S.R. Co Author Listing * Clustering and Data Reorganizing Algorithm, A

Heller, W.P.[Wade P.] Co Author Listing * Spectral Mapping Signature for the Rapid Ohia Death (ROD) Pathogen in Hawaiian Forests, A

Hellerstein, J. Co Author Listing * Blobworld: A System for Region-Based Image Indexing and Retrieval

Hellesen, T. Co Author Listing * Object-Based Approach for Mapping Shrub and Tree Cover on Grassland Habitats by Use of LiDAR and CIR Orthoimages, An

Hellge, C. Co Author Listing * Capacity improvement in EMBMS using SVC and layer-aware bearer allocation
* Compressed domain video processing for tile based panoramic streaming using HEVC
* Compressed-Domain Video Object Tracking Using Markov Random Fields with Graph Cuts Optimization
* Distributed Rate-Distortion Optimization for Rateless Coded Scalable Video in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
* Efficient HTTP-based streaming using Scalable Video Coding
* Enhancement of Pro-MPEG COP3 codes and application to layer-aware FEC protection of two-layered video transmission
* Latency Compensation Through Image Warping For Remote Rendering-Based Volumetric Video Streaming
* Layer-Aware Forward Error Correction for Mobile Broadcast of Layered Media
* Multi Source Streaming for Robust Video Transmission in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks
* Multi-Kernel Prediction Networks for Denoising of Burst Images
* P2P group communication using Scalable Video Coding
* Peak bitrate reduction for multi-party video conferencing using SHVC
* Random access point period optimization for viewport adaptive tile based streaming of 360° video
* Receiver driven layered multicast with layer-aware forward error correction
* Region-Of-Interest Coding Schemes for HTTP Adaptive Streaming With VVC
* Temporal scalability and layered transmission
* Viewport-dependent 360 degree video streaming based on the emerging Omnidirectional Media Format (OMAF) standard
Includes: Hellge, C. Hellge, C.[Cornelius]
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Hellgren, J.[Jonas] Co Author Listing * Game Approach for Charging Station Placement Based on User Preferences and Crowdedness, A
* Semiautomatic classification of secondary healing ulcers in multispectral images
Includes: Hellgren, J.[Jonas] Hellgren, J.

Helli, B.[Behzad] Co Author Listing * Persian Writer Identification Using Extended Gabor Filter
* text-independent Persian writer identification based on feature relation graph (FRG), A

Hellicar, A.[Andrew] Co Author Listing * Low-Rank Approximation for Fast Image Acquisition
* Performance Comparison of De-convolution Algorithms on Transmission Terahertz Images, A
* Phantom-Based Point Spread Function Estimation for Terahertz Imaging System

Hellier, D.[David] Co Author Listing * Developing A Next Generation Colonoscopy Simulator

Hellier, P.[Pierre] Co Author Listing * Accelerating 3d Non-rigid Registration Using Graphics Hardware
* Consistent intensity correction of MR images
* contrario shot detection, A
* Cooperation Between Level Set Techniques and Dense 3d Registration for the Segmentation of Brain Structures
* Coupling Dense and Landmark-Based Approaches for Non Rigid Registration
* Energy-based Framework for Dense 3D Registration of Volumetric Brain Images, An
* Hierarchical estimation of a dense deformation field for 3-D robust registration
* High Resolution Face Age Editing
* JUMPS: Joints Upsampling Method for Pose Sequences
* Latent Transformer for Disentangled Face Editing in Images and Videos, A
* Learning Non-Linear Disentangled Editing for Stylegan
* Local Approach for Inter-individual Functional Registration, A
* Low Dimensional Fluid Motion Estimator, A
* Motion Driven Tonal Stabilization
* Nonlocal Means-Based Speckle Filtering for Ultrasound Images
* Novel Temporal Calibration Method for 3-D Ultrasound, A
* Optimal Transportation for Example-Guided Color Transfer
* Optimized Blockwise Nonlocal Means Denoising Filter for 3-D Magnetic Resonance Images, An
* Quantitative Evaluation of Three Calibration Methods for 3-D Freehand Ultrasound
* Real time ultrasound image denoising
* Retrospective evaluation of intersubject brain registration
* Robust multi-scale non-rigid registration of 3D ultrasound images
* Robust Multiscale Deformable Registration of 3d Ultrasound Images
* Saliency-Guided Consistent Color Harmonization
* Semantic Unfolding of Stylegan Latent Space
* Split and Match: Example-Based Adaptive Patch Sampling for Unsupervised Style Transfer
* Stochastic Filter for Fluid Motion Tracking, A
* Style-Based GAN Encoder for High Fidelity Reconstruction of Images and Videos, A
* Video style transfer by consistent adaptive patch sampling
* Vortex and Source Particles for Fluid Motion Estimation
Includes: Hellier, P.[Pierre] Hellier, P.
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Hellige, G. Co Author Listing * Regional lung perfusion as determined by electrical impedance tomography in comparison with electron beam ct imaging
* Thoracic Electrical Impedance Tomographic Measurements During Volume Controlled Ventilation-Effects of Tidal Volume and Positive End-Expiratory Pressure

Helling, C.[Christiane] Co Author Listing * Deep Atmospheric Composition of Jupiter from Thermochemical Calculations Based on Galileo and Juno Data, The

Hellinga, B.R. Co Author Listing * Simulation of the Bluetooth Inquiry Process for Application in Transportation Engineering

Hellinghuizen, R.[Robert] Co Author Listing * Transcoding of MPEG bitstreams

Hellings, A.[Anna] Co Author Listing * Mapping Land Surface Temperature Developments in Functional Urban Areas across Europe

Hellings, C. Co Author Listing * QoS Feasibility in MIMO Broadcast Channels With Widely Linear Transceivers

Hellmann, C.[Christine] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Continuous VNIR-SWIR Spectra versus Narrowband Hyperspectral Indices to Discriminate the Invasive Acacia longifolia within a Mediterranean Dune Ecosystem

Hellmann, F.[Fabio] Co Author Listing * Improving Deep Facial Phenotyping for Ultra-rare Disorder Verification Using Model Ensembles

Hellmann, M.D. Co Author Listing * Multiple Resolution Residually Connected Feature Streams for Automatic Lung Tumor Segmentation From CT Images

Hellmer, H.H.[Hartmut H.] Co Author Listing * Automated iceberg tracking with a machine learning approach applied to SAR imagery: A Weddell sea case study

Hellsten, A. Co Author Listing * Extracting Urban Morphology for Atmospheric Modeling From Multispectral and SAR Satellite Imagery

Hellsten, H. Co Author Listing * Bivariate Gamma Distribution for Wavelength-Resolution SAR Change Detection
* Efficient Solution to the Factorized Geometrical Autofocus Problem, An
* Factorized Geometrical Autofocus for Synthetic Aperture Radar Processing
* False Alarm Reduction in Wavelength-Resolution SAR Change Detection Using Adaptive Noise Canceler
* Radar Interference Mitigation for Automated Driving: Exploring Proactive Strategies
* SAR Processing Without a Motion Measurement System

Hellsten, J. Co Author Listing * Analyzing and Improving the Image Quality of StyleGAN

Hellsten, S.M.[Satu Maria] Co Author Listing * Children's Game Experiences in Different Settings
Includes: Hellsten, S.M.[Satu Maria] Hellsten, S.M.[Satu-Maria]

Hellstrom, T.[Thomas] Co Author Listing * Enhanced Algorithms for Estimating Tree Trunk Diameter Using 2D Laser Scanner
* Human Detection Based on Infrared Images in Forestry Environments
Includes: Hellstrom, T.[Thomas] Hellström, T.[Thomas] (Maybe also Hellstroem, T.)

Hellwagner, H.[Hermann] Co Author Listing * Assessing the quality of sensory experience for multimedia presentations
* Automatic Adaptation of Streaming Multimedia Content in a Dynamic and Distributed Environment
* Bitstream Syntax Description: A Tool for Multimedia Resource Adaptation within MPEG-21
* Design options and comparison of in-network H.264/SVC adaptation
* ECAS-ML: Edge Computing Assisted Adaptation Scheme with Machine Learning for HTTP Adaptive Streaming
* Efficient in-network adaptation of encrypted H.264/SVC content
* end-to-end tool chain for Sensory Experience based on MPEG-V, An
* Enhancing the User Experience with the Sensory Effect Media Player and AmbientLib
* Framework for Utility-Based Multimedia Adaptation, A
* Guest Editorial: Video Over Future Networks
* Mcom-live: A Multi-codec Optimization Model at the Edge for Live Streaming
* Media-Friendly and TCP-Friendly Rate Control Protocols for Multimedia Streaming
* Metadata Driven Adaptation in the ADMITS Project
* Multidrone Systems: More Than the Sum of the Parts
* Scalable Media Coding Enabling Content-Aware Networking
* Secure transport and adaptation of MC-EZBC video utilizing H.264-based transport protocols
* sfHxL3: Optimized Delivery Architecture for HTTP Low-Latency Live Streaming
* Special issue on Multimedia semantics, adaptation and personalization: Editorial
* Statistically Indifferent Quality Variation: An Approach for Reducing Multimedia Distribution Cost for Adaptive Video Streaming Services
* User-centric universal multimedia access in home networks
* Using MPEG-21 for cross-layer multimedia content adaptation
Includes: Hellwagner, H.[Hermann] Hellwagner, H.
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Hellweg, N.[Nils] Co Author Listing * L5IN: Overview of an Indoor Navigation Pilot Project

Hellwich, O.[Olaf] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Hellwich, O.[Olaf]: hellwich AT cs tu-berlin de
* 3D Head Pose Estimation with Symmetry Based Illumination Model in Low Resolution Video
* Action-Based Contrastive Learning for Trajectory Prediction
* Analysis of the Impacts of Environmental Factors on Rat Hole Density in the Northern Slope of the Tienshan Mountains with Satellite Remote Sensing Data
* Automatic registration of unordered point clouds acquired by Kinect sensors using an overlap heuristic
* Bayesian Estimation Based Mumford-Shah Regularization for Blur Identification and Segmentation in Video Sequences
* Benchmarking Dataset for Performance Evaluation of Automatic Surface Reconstruction Algorithms, A
* Boosting Sensitivity of a Retinal Vessel Segmentation Algorithm with Convolutional Neural Network
* Classification of Icon Type and Cooldown State in Video Game Replays
* Classification of Polarimetric SAR Data by Complex Valued Neural Networks
* Color Textons for Building Detection
* Colorful Trees: Visualizing Random Forests for Analysis and Interpretation
* Complementarity of SAR Polarimetry and Tomography for Building Detection and Characterization
* Deep learning for remotely sensed data
* Depth Map Based Facade Abstraction from Noisy Multi-View Stereo Point Clouds
* Double Regularized Bayesian Estimation for Blur Identification in Video Sequences
* Efficient Semi-Global Matching for Trinocular Stereo
* Evaluation of Relative Pose Estimation Methods for Multi-Camera Setups
* Exploiting SAR Tomography for Supervised Land-Cover Classification
* Extended Mumford-Shah Regularization in Bayesian Estimation for Blind Image Deconvolution and Segmentation
* Extracting Line Features from Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Scenes Using a Markov Random Field Model
* Generation of three-dimensional deformation maps from InSAR data using spectral diversity techniques
* Genetic Algorithm SAmple Consensus (GASAC): A Parallel Strategy for Robust Parameter Estimation
* GenIcoNet: Generative Icosahedral Mesh Convolutional Network
* Geocoding SAR interferograms by least squares adjustment
* Glacier Velocity Monitoring by Maximum Likelihood Texture Tracking
* Image Statistics and Local Spatial Conditions for Nonstationary Blurred Image Reconstruction
* Impact of hierarchical structures in image categorization systems
* Integrated Matching and Geocoding of SAR and Optical Satellite Images
* Introducing Dynamic Prior Knowledge to Partially-Blurred Image Restoration
* Joint Test Statistic Considering Complex Wishart Distribution Characterization of Temporal Polarimetric Data, A
* Learning to Reconstruct Symmetric Shapes using Planar Parameterization of 3D Surface
* New Coherent Similarity Measure for Temporal Multichannel Scene Characterization, A
* Nonlocal Filtering Applied to 3-D Reconstruction of Tomographic SAR Data
* Object Depth Estimation from a Single Image Using Fully Convolutional Neural Network
* Patient Registration Using Photogrammetric Surface Reconstruction From Smartphone Imagery
* Point-based registration of high-resolution histological slices for navigation purposes in virtual microscopy
* Probabilistic learning for fully automatic face recognition across pose
* Rapid radiometric enhancement of colored 3D point clouds using color balacing
* Reduction of Point Cloud Artifacts Using Shape Priors Estimated with the Gaussian Process Latent Variable Model
* Regularized Volumetric Fusion Framework for Large-Scale 3D Reconstruction, A
* Robust Approach to Multi-feature Based Mesh Segmentation Using Adaptive Density Estimation, A
* Robust Spatio-Temporal Feature Tracking
* Selection of an Optimal Polyhedral Surface Model Using the Minimum Description Length Principle
* Sensor and Data Fusion Contest: Test Imagery to Compare and Combine Airborne SAR and Optical Sensors for Mapping
* Skipping the real world: Classification of PolSAR images without explicit feature extraction
* Spiders as Robust Point Descriptors
* Statistical appearance models for automatic pose invariant face recognition
* SyB3R: A Realistic Synthetic Benchmark for 3D Reconstruction from Images
* Theme issue on Algorithms and Techniques for Multi-Source Data Fusion in Urban Areas
* Towards Global Volcano Monitoring Using Multisensor Sentinel Missions and Artificial Intelligence: The MOUNTS Monitoring System
* Voronoi-Based Extraction of a Feature Skeleton from Noisy Triangulated Surfaces
Includes: Hellwich, O.[Olaf] Hellwich, O.
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Hellwig, F.M.[Florian M.] Co Author Listing * Mapping European Spruce Bark Beetle Infestation at Its Early Phase Using Gyrocopter-Mounted Hyperspectral Data and Field Measurements
* Sentinel-1 Backscatter Time Series for Characterization of Evapotranspiration Dynamics over Temperate Coniferous Forests

Hellwig, J.[Jocelyne] Co Author Listing * Multifactorial Evaluation of Spatial Suitability and Economic Viability of Light Green Bridges Using Remote Sensing Data and Spatial Urban Planning Criteria

Hellwig, S. Co Author Listing * Robust Person Tracking With Multiple Non-overlapping Cameras In An Outdoor Environment

Helly, J. Co Author Listing * Using behavior analysis algorithms to anticipate security threats before they impact mission critical operations

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