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Min, A. Co Author Listing * Conserving Built Heritage for Posterity: a Conservation Approach In Bagan
* Impact of Virtual Reality Experience On Accessibility of Cultural Heritage
* Integrating Heterogeneous Datasets in Hbim of Decorated Surfaces
* Recreating Cultural Heritage Environments for VR Using Photogrammetry
* Theoretical Framework for Multi-scale Documentation of Decorated Surface, A

Min, B. Co Author Listing * Fast CU Size Decision Algorithm for the HEVC Intra Encoder, A
* Fast HEVC intra coding decision based on statistical cost and corner detection
* fast inter CU decision algorithm for HEVC, A
* Fully Pipelined Hardware Architecture for Intra Prediction of HEVC, A
* Luminance adapted skin color modeling for the robust detection of skin areas
* Novel Compression Algorithm for Cell Animation Images, A
* robust background initialization algorithm with superpixel motion detection, A
* Tracking Electrification in Vietnam Using Nighttime Lights
Includes: Min, B. Min, B.[Biao] Min, B.[Byungseok] Min, B.[Brian]
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Min, B.C.[Bu Cheon] Co Author Listing * New Method of Illumination Normalization for Robust Face Recognition, A
* Structure for 2D/3D Mixed Service Based on Terrestrial DMB System, A

Min, B.K.[Byoung Kyong] Co Author Listing * Deep-Learning-Based Automatic Selection of Fewest Channels for Brain-Machine Interfaces
* Focused ultrasound modulates the level of cortical neurotransmitters: Potential as a new functional brain mapping technique
* Sonar Mapping of a Mobile Robot Considering Position Uncertainty
Includes: Min, B.K.[Byoung Kyong] Min, B.K.[Byoung-Kyong] Min, B.K.

Min, B.S.[Byung Seog] Co Author Listing * Video camera having display for displaying movement speed and hand wobble
Includes: Min, B.S.[Byung Seog] Min, B.S.[Byung-Seog]

Min, B.W.[Byung Woo] Co Author Listing * Human computer interface for gesture-based editing system
Includes: Min, B.W.[Byung Woo] Min, B.W.[Byung-Woo]

Min, C.[Chen] Co Author Listing * AA-RMVSNet: Adaptive Aggregation Recurrent Multi-view Stereo Network
* Active appearance model search using partial least squares regression
* Adaptive enhanced affine transformation for non-rigid registration of visible and infrared images
* Analysis and Interpretation of Multiple Motions Through Surface Saliency
* Continuous Mapping Of Tunnel Walls In A Gnss-denied Environment
* Evaluation of Arctic Sea Ice Thickness from a Parameter-Optimized Arctic Sea Ice-Ocean Model
* How Well Can IMERG Products Capture Typhoon Extreme Precipitation Events over Southern China?
* Meta-Learning for Adaptation of Deep Optical Flow Networks
* Non-rigid infrared and visible image registration by enhanced affine transformation
* Revisiting Trans-Arctic Maritime Navigability in 2011-2016 from the Perspective of Sea Ice Thickness
* Statistical Characteristics of Raindrop Size Distribution in the Monsoon Season Observed in Southern China
Includes: Min, C.[Chen] Min, C. Min, C.[Chaobo] Min, C.[Changki] Min, C.[Cao] Min, C.[Chao] Min, C.[Chaerin]
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Min, C.B.[Chao Bo] Co Author Listing * Unsupervised evaluation method using Markov random field for moving object segmentation in infrared videos
Includes: Min, C.B.[Chao Bo] Min, C.B.[Chao-Bo]

Min, C.H.[Cheol Hui] Co Author Listing * GATSBI: Generative Agent-centric Spatio-temporal Object Interaction
* New Adaptive Quantization Method To Reduce Blocking Effect, A
Includes: Min, C.H.[Cheol Hui] Min, C.H.[Cheol-Hui] Min, C.H.

Min, C.J.[Chang Jun] Co Author Listing * Tight focusing of quasi-cylindrically polarized beams
Includes: Min, C.J.[Chang Jun] Min, C.J.[Chang-Jun]

Min, C.K.[Chang Ki] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Weighting Scheme for Edge-based Line Interpolation
* Inferring Segmented Dense Motion Layers Using 5D Tensor Voting
* Matching and Interpretation of Planar Motion Using Tensor Voting
* Motion Segmentation by Spatiotemporal Smoothness Using 5D Tensor Voting
* Multi-layer Mosaics in the Presence of Motion and Depth Effects
* Temporal error concealment algorithm for H.264/AVC using omnidirectional motion similarity
* Tensor Voting Accelerated by Graphics Processing Units (GPU)
Includes: Min, C.K.[Chang Ki] Min, C.K.[Chang-Ki]
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Min, D.[Delei] Co Author Listing * Comprehensive Implementation of Road Surface Classification for Vehicle Driving Assistance: Dataset, Models, and Deployment, A
* Deep Monocular Depth Estimation via Integration of Global and Local Predictions
* Depth Video Enhancement Based on Weighted Mode Filtering
* Efficient Techniques for Depth Video Compression Using Weighted Mode Filtering
* Fast 2D Complex Gabor Filter With Kernel Decomposition
* Learning Deeply Aggregated Alternating Minimization for General Inverse Problems
* Remote Sensing on Alfalfa as an Approach to Optimize Production Outcomes: A Review of Evidence and Directions for Future Assessments
* Sensor Fusion-Based Low-Cost Vehicle Localization System for Complex Urban Environments
* Single Image Deraining Using Time-Lapse Data
* SPM-BP: Sped-Up PatchMatch Belief Propagation for Continuous MRFs
* Unsupervised Low-Light Image Enhancement Using Bright Channel Prior
Includes: Min, D.[Delei] Min, D. Min, D.[Doohong]
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Min, D.B.[Dong Bo] Co Author Listing * 2D/3D freeview video generation for 3DTV system
* 3D JBU based depth video filtering for temporal fluctuation reduction
* 3D modeling and free-view generation system using environmental stereo cameras, A
* 3D Scene Reconstruction System with Hand-Held Stereo Cameras
* Adaptive confidence thresholding for monocular depth estimation
* Adversarial Confidence Estimation Networks for Robust Stereo Matching
* ANCC flow: Adaptive normalized cross-correlation with evolving guidance aggregation for dense correspondence estimation
* asymmetric post-processing for correspondence problem, An
* Asymmetric post-processing for stereo correspondence
* Cost Aggregation and Occlusion Handling With WLS in Stereo Matching
* Cost aggregation with anisotropic diffusion in feature space for hybrid stereo matching
* Cross-based local multipoint filtering
* Cross-Scale Cost Aggregation for Stereo Matching
* DASC: Dense adaptive self-correlation descriptor for multi-modal and multi-spectral correspondence
* DASC: Robust Dense Descriptor for Multi-Modal and Multi-Spectral Correspondence Estimation
* DCTM: Discrete-Continuous Transformation Matching for Semantic Flow
* Deep Self-correlation Descriptor for Dense Cross-Modal Correspondence
* Deep stereo confidence prediction for depth estimation
* Deeply Aggregated Alternating Minimization for Image Restoration
* Dense Cross-Modal Correspondence Estimation With the Deep Self-Correlation Descriptor
* Depth Analogy: Data-Driven Approach for Single Image Depth Estimation Using Gradient Samples
* Depth prediction from a single image with conditional adversarial networks
* Depth Superresolution by Transduction
* Discrete-Continuous Transformation Matching for Dense Semantic Correspondence
* Edge-preserving joint motion-disparity estimation in stereo image sequences
* Edge-preserving Simultaneous Joint Motion-Disparity Estimation
* Efficient edge-preserving interpolation and in-loop filters for depth map compression
* Fast Dense Stereo Matching Using Adaptive Window in Hierarchical Framework
* Fast Domain Decomposition for Global Image Smoothing
* Fast Global Image Smoothing Based on Weighted Least Squares
* Fast Guided Global Interpolation for Depth and Motion
* FCSS: Fully Convolutional Self-Similarity for Dense Semantic Correspondence
* Feature Augmentation for Learning Confidence Measure in Stereo Matching
* Generalized Random Walk With Restart and its Application in Depth Up-Sampling and Interactive Segmentation, A
* Guided Semantic Flow
* Joint Histogram-Based Cost Aggregation for Stereo Matching
* Joint Learning of Semantic Alignment and Object Landmark Detection
* KNN Local Attention for Image Restoration
* LAF-Net: Locally Adaptive Fusion Networks for Stereo Confidence Estimation
* Mining Better Samples for Contrastive Learning of Temporal Correspondence
* Occlusion handling based on support and decision
* On the Confidence of Stereo Matching in a Deep-Learning Era: A Quantitative Evaluation
* PARN: Pyramidal Affine Regression Networks for Dense Semantic Correspondence
* Patch Match Filter: Efficient Edge-Aware Filtering Meets Randomized Search for Fast Correspondence Field Estimation
* PatchMatch Filter: Edge-Aware Filtering Meets Randomized Search for Visual Correspondence
* Pin the Memory: Learning to Generalize Semantic Segmentation
* PointFix: Learning to Fix Domain Bias for Robust Online Stereo Adaptation
* Probability-Based Rendering for View Synthesis
* Pyramidal Semantic Correspondence Networks
* Randomized texture flow estimation using visual similarity
* Reliability-Based Multiview Depth Enhancement Considering Interview Coherence
* revisit to cost aggregation in stereo matching: How far can we reduce its computational redundancy?, A
* Revisiting the Relationship Between Adaptive Smoothing and Anisotropic Diffusion With Modified Filters
* Robust Scale-Space Filter Using Second-Order Partial Differential Equations
* Self-Balanced Learning for Domain Generalization
* Semantic Attribute Matching Networks
* Sequential Cross Attention Based Multi-Task Learning
* Spatial and temporal up-conversion technique for depth video
* Stereo Confidence Estimation via Locally Adaptive Fusion and Knowledge Distillation
* Stereo/multiview picture quality: Overview and recent advances
* Stereoscopic Video Generation Method using Motion Analysis
* Temporally consistent stereo matching using coherence function
* Unified Confidence Estimation Networks for Robust Stereo Matching
* Unsupervised Texture Flow Estimation Using Appearance-Space Clustering and Correspondence
* Virtual View Rendering System for 3DTV
* Virtual view rendering using super-resolution with multiview images
Includes: Min, D.B.[Dong Bo] Min, D.B.[Dong-Bo] Min, D.B.
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Min, D.C.[Dong Chan] Co Author Listing * DNN-Based Approach to Mitigate Multipath Errors of Differential GNSS Reference Stations
Includes: Min, D.C.[Dong Chan] Min, D.C.[Dong-Chan]

Min, D.Y.[Ding Yao] Co Author Listing * Depth-Cooperated Trimodal Network for Video Salient Object Detection
* Mutual-Guidance Transformer-Embedding Network for Video Salient Object Detection
Includes: Min, D.Y.[Ding Yao] Min, D.Y.[Ding-Yao]

Min, E.[Erxue] Co Author Listing * Sentiment-Aware Emoji Insertion Via Sequence Tagging

Min, F.[Feng] Co Author Listing * Automatic Face Replacement in Video Based on 2D Morphable Model
* Automatic Portrait System Based on And-Or Graph Representation, An
* Dealing with Topological Information Within a Fully Convolutional Neural Network
* effective weighted vector median filter for impulse noise reduction based on minimizing the degree of aggregation, An
* empirical study of facial components classification by integrating dimensionality reduction and clustering, An
* Fine-Grained Visual Categorization: A Spatial-Frequency Feature Fusion Perspective
* Lower bound estimation of recommendation error through user uncertainty modeling
* Multi-Resolution Dynamic Model for Face Aging Simulation, A
* Weight matrix sharing for multi-label learning
Includes: Min, F.[Feng] Min, F.[Fu] Min, F.[Fan]
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Min, G. Co Author Listing * Cooperative Relaxation Algorithm of Range Images Using Surface Curvatures
* EV Charging Management System Concerning Drivers' Trip Duration and Mobility Uncertainty, An
* Fast Holographic Image Reconstruction Using Phase-Shifting Assisted Depth Detection Scheme for Optical Scanning Holography
* Generating video animation from single still image in social media based on intelligent computing
* Lifelogging Data Validation Model for Internet of Things Enabled Personalized Healthcare
* Low-Latency Collaborative HARQ Scheme for Control/User-Plane Decoupled Railway Wireless Networks, A
* Mobility-Aware Proactive Edge Caching for Connected Vehicles Using Federated Learning
* NetClust: A Framework for Scalable and Pareto-Optimal Media Server Placement
* New Spectrum Management Scheme for Road Safety in Smart Cities, A
* Novel Prediction-Based Temporal Graph Routing Algorithm for Software-Defined Vehicular Networks, A
* Perceptually Weighted Analysis-by-Synthesis Vector Quantization for Low Bit Rate MFCC Codec
* Stability of three-way concepts and its application to natural language generation
Includes: Min, G. Min, G.[Gihyeon] Min, G.[Geyong]
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Min, G.Y.[Ge Yong] Co Author Listing * Deep Discrete Cross-Modal Hashing for Cross-Media Retrieval
* Dynamic Control of Fraud Information Spreading in Mobile Social Networks
* Human-Attention Inspired Resource Allocation for Heterogeneous Sensors in the Web of Things
* novel strategy to balance the results of cross-modal hashing, A
Includes: Min, G.Y.[Ge Yong] Min, G.Y.[Ge-Yong]

Min, H.[Hai] Co Author Listing * EEPNet: An efficient and effective convolutional neural network for palmprint recognition
* Face recognition via Weighted Sparse Representation
* Hybrid feature enhancement network for few-shot semantic segmentation
* Intensity-Texture model based level set method for image segmentation, An
* LATE: A Level-Set Method Based on Local Approximation of Taylor Expansion for Segmenting Intensity Inhomogeneous Images
* Multi-Operator Minimum Variance Adaptive Beamforming Algorithms Accelerated With GPU
* multi-scale level set method based on local features for segmentation of images with intensity inhomogeneity, A
* novel level set method for image segmentation by incorporating local statistical analysis and global similarity measurement, A
* On-Ramp Merging Strategies of Connected and Automated Vehicles Considering Communication Delay
* polynomial piecewise constant approximation method based on dual constraint relaxation for segmenting images with intensity inhomogeneity, A
* Real-time automatic helmet detection of motorcyclists in urban traffic using improved YOLOv5 detector
* Review of Image Super-Resolution Approaches Based on Deep Learning and Applications in Remote Sensing, A
* Robust and Efficient Subspace Segmentation via Least Squares Regression
* SemiCurv: Semi-Supervised Curvilinear Structure Segmentation
* Simultaneous Recognition and Modeling for Learning 3-D Object Models From Everyday Scenes
* VLSI architecture for discrete wavelet transform, A
Includes: Min, H.[Hai] Min, H. Min, H.[Haigen] Min, H.[Hlaing] Min, H.[Hao]
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Min, H.K.[Hwang Ki] Co Author Listing * computationally efficient scheme for feature extraction with kernel discriminant analysis, A
* New brain atlas: Mapping the human brain in vivo with 7.0 T MRI and comparison with postmortem histology: Will these images change modern medicine?
Includes: Min, H.K.[Hwang Ki] Min, H.K.[Hwang-Ki] Min, H.K.[Hoon-Ki]

Min, H.Q.[Hua Qing] Co Author Listing * Local Consistent Alignment for 3D modeling with an RGB-D camera
* Online Heterogeneous Transfer Learning by Weighted Offline and Online Classifiers
Includes: Min, H.Q.[Hua Qing] Min, H.Q.[Hua-Qing]

Min, H.S.[Hyun Seok] Co Author Listing * Bimodal fusion of low-level visual features and high-level semantic features for near-duplicate video clip detection
* DeepRegularizer: Rapid Resolution Enhancement of Tomographic Imaging Using Deep Learning
* Exploiting collective knowledge in an image folksonomy for semantic-based near-duplicate video detection
* Improved License Plate Recognition for Low-Resolution CCTV Forensics by Integrating Sparse Representation-Based Super-Resolution
* Near-Duplicate Video Clip Detection Using Model-Free Semantic Concept Detection and Adaptive Semantic Distance Measurement
* Semantic annotation of personal video content using an image folksonomy
* Towards a better understanding of model-free semantic concept detection for annotation and near-duplicate video clip detection
Includes: Min, H.S.[Hyun Seok] Min, H.S.[Hyun-Seok]
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Min, H.Y.[Hyeong Yu] Co Author Listing * Analysis of serious games based on pedagogical features and proposal of civil defence training game
Includes: Min, H.Y.[Hyeong Yu] Min, H.Y.[Hyeong-Yu]

Min, J.[Jie] Co Author Listing * Analysis on Seasonal Variation and Influencing Mechanism of Land Surface Thermal Environment: A Case Study of Chongqing
* Automated Performance Evaluation of Range Image Segmentation
* Automated Performance Evaluation of Range Image Segmentation Algorithms
* Backprojection Filtration Image Reconstruction Approach for Reducing High-Density Object Artifacts in Digital Breast Tomosynthesis
* Block Partitioning Structure in the HEVC Standard
* Convolutional Hough Matching Networks
* Convolutional Hough Matching Networks for Robust and Efficient Visual Correspondence
* Eye Perturbation Approach for Robust Recognition of Inaccurately Aligned Faces
* FBRNN: Feedback Recurrent Neural Network for Extreme Image Super-Resolution
* Grid-Free Localization Algorithm Using Low-Rank Hankel Matrix for Super-Resolution Microscopy
* Hotspot Detection and Spatiotemporal Evolution of Catering Service Grade in Mountainous Cities from the Perspective of Geo-Information Tupu
* Hyperpixel Flow: Semantic Correspondence With Multi-Layer Neural Features
* Improved range image segmentation by analyzing surface fit patterns
* Improved Video Compression Efficiency Through Flexible Unit Representation and Corresponding Extension of Coding Tools
* Intra Coding of the HEVC Standard
* Learning Object Placement by Inpainting for Compositional Data Augmentation
* Learning to Distill Convolutional Features into Compact Local Descriptors
* Liquid Warping GAN: A Unified Framework for Human Motion Imitation, Appearance Transfer and Novel View Synthesis
* MEAN: Multi - Element Attention Network for Scene Text Recognition
* Meta-Learning with Task-Adaptive Loss Function for Few-Shot Learning
* Nested Scale-Editing for Conditional Image Synthesis
* NTIRE 2020 Challenge on Perceptual Extreme Super-Resolution: Methods and Results
* NTIRE 2020 Challenge on Perceptual Extreme Super-Resolution: Methods and Results
* Overview of the Face Recognition Grand Challenge
* Progress in Automated Evaluation of Curved Surface Range Image Segmentation
* Relational Embedding for Few-Shot Classification
* Segmentation-based Spatially Adaptive Motion Blur Removal and Its Application to Surveillance Systems
* Sequential Deformation for Accurate Scene Text Detection
* Spatial-Temporal Relationship Analysis of Vegetation Phenology and Meteorological Parameters in an Agro-Pasture Ecotone in China
* Spectro-Temporal Attention-Based Voice Activity Detection
* TransforMatcher: Match-to-Match Attention for Semantic Correspondence
* Unsupervised Real-World Super Resolution with Cycle Generative Adversarial Network and Domain Discriminator
Includes: Min, J.[Jie] Min, J.[Jaesik] Min, J. Min, J.[Juhong] Min, J.[Jeongki] Min, J.[Jungki]
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Min, J.B.[Jiang Bo] Co Author Listing * Improved mean shift target tracking based on self-organizing maps
Includes: Min, J.B.[Jiang Bo] Min, J.B.[Jiang-Bo]

Min, J.H.[Ji Hong] Co Author Listing * 3D Object Detection Method Using LiDAR Information in Multiple Frames
* Activity recognition based on multiple motion trajectories
* Extraction and Temporal Segmentation of Multiple Motion Trajectories in Human Motion
* Extraction of Multiple Motion Trajectories in Human Motion
* Fusing Multiple Independent Estimates via Spectral Clustering for Robust Visual Tracking
* Hypercorrelation Squeeze for Few-Shot Segmenation
* Learning to Compose Hypercolumns for Visual Correspondence
* Performance evaluation of object detection algorithms
* SLiDE: Self-supervised LiDAR De-snowing Through Reconstruction Difficulty
* superpixel MRF approach using high-order likelihood for moving object detection, A
* Two Linear Methods for Camera Calibration and Their Applications to Augmented Reality and 3D Reconstruction
Includes: Min, J.H.[Ji Hong] Min, J.H.[Ji-Hong] Min, J.H.[Jung-Hye] Min, J.H.[Ju-Hong]
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Min, J.J.[Jung Joon] Co Author Listing * Positional Multi-Cross-Attention for Bone Age Estimation Using Deep Multiple Instance Learning
Includes: Min, J.J.[Jung Joon] Min, J.J.[Jung-Joon]

Min, J.K.[Jun Ki] Co Author Listing * Effective Fingerprint Classification by Localized Models of Support Vector Machines
* Efficient Algorithms for Constructing Enhanced Quadtrees Using MapReduce, The
* Ensemble Approaches of Support Vector Machines for Multiclass Classification
* Fingerprint classification using one-vs-all support vector machines dynamically ordered with naieve Bayes classifiers
Includes: Min, J.K.[Jun Ki] Min, J.K.[Jun-Ki]

Min, J.L.[Jian Liang] Co Author Listing * Comparison of different entropies as features for person authentication based on EEG signals
* Ensemble classifier for driver's fatigue detection based on a single EEG channel
Includes: Min, J.L.[Jian Liang] Min, J.L.[Jian-Liang]

Min, J.Y.[Jungh Ye] Co Author Listing * Video Codec Using Flexible Block Partitioning and Advanced Prediction, Transform and Loop Filtering Technologies
Includes: Min, J.Y.[Jungh Ye] Min, J.Y.[Jungh-Ye]

Min, J.Z.[Jin Zhong] Co Author Listing * AF-SRNet: Quantitative Precipitation Forecasting Model Based on Attention Fusion Mechanism and Residual Spatiotemporal Feature Extraction
* Characterizing, Mitigating, and Comparing the Along-Scanline Noise in Fengyun-3 Series Microwave Humidity Sounders (MWHSs)
* Impact of Assimilating China Precipitation Analysis Data Merging with Remote Sensing Products Using the 4DVar Method on the Prediction of Heavy Rainfall
* Potential Impact of Assimilating Synthetic Microwave Radiances Onboard a Future Geostationary Satellite on the Prediction of Typhoon Lekima Using the WRF Model, The
* Spatial Lattice Model Applied for Meteorological Visualization and Analysis, A
* Study on Sensitivity of Observation Error Statistics of Doppler Radars to the Radar forward Operator in Convective-Scale Data Assimilation
* Using Satellite Data to Represent Tropical Instability Waves (TIWs)-Induced Wind for Ocean Modeling: A Negative Feedback onto TIW Activity in the Pacific
Includes: Min, J.Z.[Jin Zhong] Min, J.Z.[Jin-Zhong]
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Min, K.[Kyle] Co Author Listing * Adversarial Background-aware Loss for Weakly-supervised Temporal Activity Localization
* Anomaly Monitoring Framework in Lane Detection With a Generative Adversarial Network
* Boundary-constrained robust regularization for single image dehazing
* Classification of basic artistic media based on a deep convolutional approach
* Compact projection: Simple and efficient near neighbor search with practical memory requirements
* Fusarium Wilt of Radish Detection Using RGB and Near Infrared Images from Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
* Hierarchical Novelty Detection for Visual Object Recognition
* Importance-based approach for rough drawings
* Integrating Human Gaze into Attention for Egocentric Activity Recognition
* Learning Long-Term Spatial-Temporal Graphs for Active Speaker Detection
* Regularising neural networks for future trajectory prediction via inverse reinforcement learning framework
* Sensor-based and vision-based human activity recognition: A comprehensive survey
* TASED-Net: Temporally-Aggregating Spatial Encoder-Decoder Network for Video Saliency Detection
Includes: Min, K.[Kyle] Min, K. Min, K.[KyoungWook] Min, K.[Kyungha] Min, K.[Kerui] Min, K.[Kyungbok] Min, K.[Kyoungwook]
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Min, K.F.[Kai Fu] Co Author Listing * Integrating Island Spatial Information and Integer Optimization for Locating Maritime Search and Rescue Bases: A Case Study in the South China Sea
Includes: Min, K.F.[Kai Fu] Min, K.F.[Kai-Fu]

Min, K.H.[Kyung Ha] Co Author Listing * Efficient Photon Mapping Algorithm for Rendering Light-Emitting Fluids, An
* Forecast Characteristics of Radar Data Assimilation Based on the Scales of Precipitation Systems
* Impact of Assimilating GK-2A All-Sky Radiance with a New Observation Error for Summer Precipitation Forecasting
* Improving Radar Data Assimilation Forecast Using Advanced Remote Sensing Data
* Segmentation of Triangular Meshes Using Multi-scale Normal Variation
* Texture-Based Approach for Hatching Color Photographs, A
* VirtualQWERTY: Textual Communication in Virtual Reality
* X-Net-Based Radar Data Assimilation Study over the Seoul Metropolitan Area
Includes: Min, K.H.[Kyung Ha] Min, K.H.[Kyung-Ha] Min, K.H.[Ki-Hong]
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Min, K.S.[Kim Sung] Co Author Listing * Segmentation of the lumen and media-adventitial borders in intravascular ultrasound images using a geometric deformable model

Min, K.W.[Kyoung Wook] Co Author Listing * Hierarchical Latent Structure for Multi-modal Vehicle Trajectory Forecasting
* Network adaptation for color image semantic segmentation
Includes: Min, K.W.[Kyoung Wook] Min, K.W.[Kyoung-Wook]

Min, K.Y.[Kyung Yeon] Co Author Listing * Adaptive distributed video coding with motion vectors through a back channel
* Bidirectional Mesh-Based Frame Rate Up-Conversion
* Distributed video coding supporting hierarchical GOP structures with transmitted motion vectors
* efficient architecture of deblocking filter with high frame rate for H.264/AVC, An
* Efficient Hardware Architecture for Full-Search Variable Block Size Motion Estimation in H.264/AVC, An
* Improved BTC Using Luminance Bitmap for Color Image Compression
Includes: Min, K.Y.[Kyung Yeon] Min, K.Y.[Kyung-Yeon] Min, K.Y.[Kyeong-Yuk]

Min, L.[Lei] Co Author Listing * Dim and Small Target Detection Based on Energy Sensing of Local Multi-Directional Gradient Information
* Dim and Small Target Detection Based on Improved Hessian Matrix and F-Norm Collaborative Filtering
* Discrimination of Algal-Bloom Using Spaceborne SAR Observations of Great Lakes in China
* Improved RFI Mitigation Approach for SAR Based on Low-Rank Sparse Decomposition: From the Perspective of Useful Signal Protection, An
* Lung CT image enhancement based on total variational frame and wavelet transform
* Point Cloud Oriented Shoulder Line Extraction In Loess Hilly Area
* Retrieval of Farmland Surface Soil Moisture Based on Feature Optimization and Machine Learning
* Triplet-Metric-Guided Multi-Scale Attention for Remote Sensing Image Scene Classification with a Convolutional Neural Network
Includes: Min, L.[Lei] Min, L.[Lin] Min, L.[Li]
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Min, L.H.[Li Hua] Co Author Listing * Color edge preserving image colorization with a coupled natural vectorial total variation
* Variational Model for Spatially Weighting in Image Fusion, A
Includes: Min, L.H.[Li Hua] Min, L.H.[Li-Hua]

Min, L.T.[Ling Tong] Co Author Listing * Network Collaborative Pruning Method for Hyperspectral Image Classification Based on Evolutionary Multi-Task Optimization
* YOLO-DCTI: Small Object Detection in Remote Sensing Base on Contextual Transformer Enhancement
Includes: Min, L.T.[Ling Tong] Min, L.T.[Ling-Tong]

Min, M.[Min] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Cloud Properties from Himawari-8 and FengYun-4A Geostationary Satellite Radiometers with MODIS Cloud Retrievals
* Dataset of Overshooting Cloud Top from 12-Year CloudSat/CALIOP Joint Observations, A
* Deep Learning-Based Radar Composite Reflectivity Factor Estimations from Fengyun-4A Geostationary Satellite Observations
* Developing a near Real-Time Cloud Cover Retrieval Algorithm Using Geostationary Satellite Observations for Photovoltaic Plants
* Distributed Block Diagonalization with Selective Zero Forcing for Multicell MU-MIMO Systems
* Effects and Applications of Satellite Radiometer 2.25-mu-m Channel on Cloud Property Retrievals
* Enhanced Storm Warning and Nowcasting Model in Pre-Convection Environments, An
* Estimating Summertime Precipitation from Himawari-8 and Global Forecast System Based on Machine Learning
* Incremental zero-shot learning based on attributes for image classification
* Information Content of Ice Cloud Properties from Multi-Spectral, -Angle and -Polarization Observations
* Intercomparisons of Cloud Mask Products Among Fengyun-4A, Himawari-8, and MODIS
* Inversion and Validation of FY-4A Official Land Surface Temperature Product
* Linking Heat Source-Sink Landscape Patterns with Analysis of Urban Heat Islands: Study on the Fast-Growing Zhengzhou City in Central China
* Local Severe Storm Tracking and Warning in Pre-Convection Stage from the New Generation Geostationary Weather Satellite Measurements
* On-Orbit Spatial Quality Evaluation and Image Restoration of FengYun-3C/MERSI
* Radiance Differences between Wavelength and Wavenumber Spaces in Convolving Hyperspectral Infrared Sounder Spectrum to Broadband for Intercomparison, The
Includes: Min, M.[Min] Min, M.[Moonsik] Min, M.
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Min, M.R.[Martin Renqiang] Co Author Listing * Dual Projection Generative Adversarial Networks for Conditional Image Generation
* Rethinking Zero-Shot Learning: A Conditional Visual Classification Perspective
* S3VAE: Self-Supervised Sequential VAE for Representation Disentanglement and Data Generation
* StyleT2I: Toward Compositional and High-Fidelity Text-to-Image Synthesis
* Towards Robustness of Deep Neural Networks via Regularization
Includes: Min, M.R.[Martin Renqiang] Min, M.R.

Min, M.R.Q.[Martin Ren Qiang] Co Author Listing * AE-StyleGAN: Improved Training of Style-Based Auto-Encoders
Includes: Min, M.R.Q.[Martin Ren Qiang] Min, M.R.Q.[Martin Ren-Qiang]

Min, O.G.[Ok Gee] Co Author Listing * PT-2 Caching Algorithm in the Transcoding Proxy Cluster to Facilitate Adaptive Content Delivery, The
Includes: Min, O.G.[Ok Gee] Min, O.G.[Ok-Gee]

Min, O.Z. Co Author Listing * Improving 3D Brain Tumor Segmentation With Predict-Refine Mechanism Using Saliency And Feature Maps
* Rethinking of Deep Models Parameters with Respect to Data Distribution
Includes: Min, O.Z. Min, O.Z.[Oo Zaw]

Min, P.J. Co Author Listing * Feature Selection in Pattern Recognition

Min, Q.L.[Qi Long] Co Author Listing * Estimation of Vegetation Latent Heat Flux over Three Forest Sites in ChinaFLUX using Satellite Microwave Vegetation Water Content Index
* Physical Parameterization of Hyperspectral Reflectance in the Oxygen A-Band for Single-Layer Water Clouds
* Satellite Retrieval of Microwave Land Surface Emissivity under Clear and Cloudy Skies in China Using Observations from AMSR-E and MODIS
Includes: Min, Q.L.[Qi Long] Min, Q.L.[Qi-Long]

Min, R. Co Author Listing * Approaches for automated detection and classification of masses in mammograms
* Bringing Vision to the Blind: From Coarse to Fine, One Dollar at a Time
* Effective image retrieval using dominant color descriptor and fuzzy support vector machine
* Efficient LBP-Based Descriptor for Facial Depth Images Applied to Gender Recognition Using RGB-D Face Data, An
* Improving the recognition of faces occluded by facial accessories
* Inpainting of sparse occlusion in face recognition
* KinectFaceDB: A Kinect Database for Face Recognition
* Multi-Layer Overlapped Subaperture Algorithm for Extremely-High-Squint High-Resolution Wide-Swath SAR Imaging with Continuously Time-Varying Radar Parameters
* Real-time 3D face identification from a depth camera
Includes: Min, R. Min, R.[Rui]
9 for Min, R.

Min, R.Q.[Rui Qi] Co Author Listing * Effects of Land Use and Land Cover Change on Temperature in Summer over the Yellow River Basin, China
* Effects of Land Use/Cover and Meteorological Changes on Regional Climate under Different SSP-RCP Scenarios: A Case Study in Zhengzhou, China
Includes: Min, R.Q.[Rui Qi] Min, R.Q.[Rui-Qi]

Min, S.[Seungjai] Co Author Listing * Dofnet: Depth of Field Difference Learning for Detecting Image Forgery
* Graph-Cut Based Background Subtraction Using Visual Hull in Multiveiw Images
* Grounding Visual Representations with Texts for Domain Generalization
* Information Elevation Network for Online Action Detection and Anticipation
* Interactive registration for Augmented Reality GIS
* Mutually Attentive Co-Training Framework for Semi-Supervised Recognition, A
Includes: Min, S.[Seungjai] Min, S.[Seungki] Min, S.[Seonwoo] Min, S.[Sunah] Min, S.[Sun] Min, S.

Min, S.B.[Shao Bo] Co Author Listing * Accurate Segmentation of Synaptic Cleft with Contour Growing Concatenated with a Convnet
* Attribute-Induced Bias Eliminating for Transductive Zero-Shot Learning
* Deep Fourier Ranking Quantization for Semi-Supervised Image Retrieval
* Domain-Aware Visual Bias Eliminating for Generalized Zero-Shot Learning
* Domain-Oriented Semantic Embedding for Zero-Shot Learning
* Dual-Stream Knowledge-Preserving Hashing for Unsupervised Video Retrieval
* Multi-Objective Matrix Normalization for Fine-Grained Visual Recognition
* Online Residual Quantization Via Streaming Data Correlation Preserving
* Structure-Guided Deep Video Inpainting
Includes: Min, S.B.[Shao Bo] Min, S.B.[Shao-Bo]
9 for Min, S.B.

Min, S.G.[Seung Gi] Co Author Listing * Falsification discrimination method for iris recognition system

Min, S.H.[Seong Hong] Co Author Listing * Data Simulation of Ladar Sensor: Focusing on Geometric Modeling
Includes: Min, S.H.[Seong Hong] Min, S.H.[Seong-Hong]

Min, S.J.[Seung Jai] Co Author Listing * Analyzing Zero-shot Cross-lingual Transfer in Supervised NLP Tasks
* BiHPF: Bilateral High-Pass Filters for Robust Deepfake Detection
* Image-Adaptive Hint Generation via Vision Transformer for Outpainting
* KoreALBERT: Pretraining a Lite BERT Model for Korean Language Understanding
Includes: Min, S.J.[Seung Jai] Min, S.J.[Seung-Jai] Min, S.J.[Sung-Jun]

Min, S.K.[Seung Ki] Co Author Listing * Global Localization of Mobile Robot Using Omni-directional Image Correlation
* Graph Cuts-Based Automatic Color Image Segmentation
Includes: Min, S.K.[Seung Ki] Min, S.K.[Seung-Ki]

Min, S.L.[Soh Ling] Co Author Listing * Empirical evaluation of a calibration chart detector

Min, S.N.[Sheng Nan] Co Author Listing * Exploring the Spatial and Temporal Characteristics of China's Four Major Urban Agglomerations in the Luminous Remote Sensing Perspective
Includes: Min, S.N.[Sheng Nan] Min, S.N.[Sheng-Nan]

Min, S.X.[Shun Xin] Co Author Listing * Simultaneously Multiple-object Pattern Matching based on Multi-swarms Particle Swarm Optimization
Includes: Min, S.X.[Shun Xin] Min, S.X.[Shun-Xin]

Min, T.[Taewon] Co Author Listing * Distinctiveness oriented Positional Equilibrium for Point Cloud Registration

Min, T.H.[Teh Hee] Co Author Listing * Assessing the Impacts of Rising Sea Level on Coastal Morpho-Dynamics with Automated High-Frequency Shoreline Mapping Using Multi-Sensor Optical Satellites
* Comparison of eyelid and eyelash detection algorithms for performance improvement of iris recognition
* Efficient iris localisation using a guided filter
* Eyelid and eyelash detection method in the normalized iris image using the parabolic Hough model and Otsu's thresholding method
* Noise reduction in high dynamic range images
Includes: Min, T.H.[Teh Hee] Min, T.H.[Tae-Hong] Min, T.H.[Tae Hong]

Min, T.L.[Taejin L.] Co Author Listing * SAGE: Sequential Attribute Generator for Analyzing Glioblastomas Using Limited Dataset

Min, W. Co Author Listing * Being a Supercook: Joint Food Attributes and Multimodal Content Modeling for Recipe Retrieval and Exploration
* Driver Yawning Detection Based on Subtle Facial Action Recognition
* Efficient Retrieval from Large-Scale Egocentric Visual Data Using a Sparse Graph Representation
* Food Recommendation: Framework, Existing Solutions, and Challenges
* Image Noise Reduction via Geometric Multiscale Ridgelet Support Vector Transform and Dictionary Learning
* Incremental Graph Clustering for Efficient Retrieval from Streaming Egocentric Video Data
* Multi-Task Deep Relative Attribute Learning for Visual Urban Perception
* New Approach to Track Multiple Vehicles With the Combination of Robust Detection and Two Classifiers, A
* On-Demand Greenwave for Emergency Vehicles in a Time-Varying Road Network With Uncertainties
* Plant Disease Recognition: A Large-Scale Benchmark Dataset and a Visual Region and Loss Reweighting Approach
* Script-to-Movie: A Computational Framework for Story Movie Composition
* Urban Multimedia Computing: Emerging Methods in Multimedia Computing for Urban Data Analysis and Applications
* You Are What You Eat: Exploring Rich Recipe Information for Cross-Region Food Analysis
Includes: Min, W. Min, W.[Wu]
13 for Min, W.

Min, W.D.[Wei Dong] Co Author Listing * Democratic voting downsampling for coding-based palmprint recognition
* Dual similarity pre-training and domain difference encouragement learning for vehicle re-identification in the wild
* Human Skeleton Feature Optimizer and Adaptive Structure Enhancement Graph Convolution Network for Action Recognition
* Inter-Domain Adaptation Label for Data Augmentation in Vehicle Re-Identification
* Joint adaptive manifold and embedding learning for unsupervised feature selection
* MSR-FAN: Multi-scale residual feature-aware network for crowd counting
* Need Only One More Point (NOOMP): Perspective Adaptation Crowd Counting in Complex Scenes
* New approach to vehicle license plate location based on new model YOLO-L and plate pre-identification
* Real-time face recognition based on pre-identification and multi-scale classification
* Support vector machine approach to fall recognition based on simplified expression of human skeleton action and fast detection of start key frame using torso angle
* Traffic Sign Recognition Based on Semantic Scene Understanding and Structural Traffic Sign Location
* Using web grammar to recognize dimensions in engineering drawings
Includes: Min, W.D.[Wei Dong] Min, W.D.[Wei-Dong]
12 for Min, W.D.

Min, W.F.[Wen Fang] Co Author Listing * Fuzzy c-means clustering based on weights and gene expression programming
Includes: Min, W.F.[Wen Fang] Min, W.F.[Wen-Fang]

Min, W.L.[Wan Li] Co Author Listing * Locality pursuit embedding
Includes: Min, W.L.[Wan Li] Min, W.L.[Wan-Li]

Min, W.Q.[Wei Qing] Co Author Listing * Attribute-Guided Feature Learning for Few-Shot Image Recognition
* Cross-Platform Multi-Modal Topic Modeling for Personalized Inter-Platform Recommendation
* Dataset Bias in Few-Shot Image Recognition
* Hierarchy-Dependent Cross-Platform Multi-View Feature Learning for Venue Category Prediction
* Hybrid incremental learning of new data and new classes for hand-held object recognition
* Hybrid-Attention Enhanced Two-Stream Fusion Network for Video Venue Prediction
* Ingredient-Guided Region Discovery and Relationship Modeling for Food Category-Ingredient Prediction
* Large Scale Visual Food Recognition
* Mobile Landmark Search with 3D Models
* Multi-Scale Multi-View Deep Feature Aggregation for Food Recognition
* Multimodal Spatio-Temporal Theme Modeling for Landmark Analysis
* Scene and viewpoint based visual summarization for landmarks
* Two-Stage Triplet Network Training Framework for Image Retrieval, A
Includes: Min, W.Q.[Wei Qing] Min, W.Q.[Wei-Qing]
13 for Min, W.Q.

Min, W.W.[Wen Wen] Co Author Listing * Precise Facial Landmark Detection by Reference Heatmap Transformer
Includes: Min, W.W.[Wen Wen] Min, W.W.[Wen-Wen]

Min, X.[Xiao] Co Author Listing * Adaptive fuzzy optimal control for a class of active suspension systems with full-state constraints
* Automatic Region Selection For Objective Sharpness Assessment Of Mobile Device Photos
* Blind Quality Assessment Based on Pseudo-Reference Image
* Blurry Video Frame Interpolation
* Fixation prediction through multimodal analysis
* How is Gaze Influenced by Image Transformations? Dataset and Model
* hybrid SOM-SVM method for analyzing zebra fish gene expression, A
* Identifying Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder Based on Gaze-Following
* Learning to Predict where the Children with ASD Look
* Metric for Light Field Reconstruction, Compression, and Display Quality Evaluation, A
* Multi-Channel Decomposition in Tandem With Free-Energy Principle for Reduced-Reference Image Quality Assessment
* Multimodal Saliency Model for Videos With High Audio-Visual Correspondence, A
* Multiple Attributes Image Quality Database for Smartphone Camera Photo Quality Assessment, A
* Objective Quality Evaluation of Dehazed Images
* Prediction of Saliency Map for Head and Eye Movements in 360 Degree Images, The
* Quality Assessment of Free-Viewpoint Videos by Quantifying the Elastic Changes of Multi-Scale Motion Trajectories
* Quality Evaluation of Image Dehazing Methods Using Synthetic Hazy Images
* Real-time object tracking via optimal feature subspace
* Study of Subjective and Objective Quality Assessment of Audio-Visual Signals
* Two-Stream Designed 2D/3D Residual Networks with LSTMS for Action Recognition in Videos
* Unified Blind Quality Assessment of Compressed Natural, Graphic, and Screen Content Images
* Video Frame Interpolation and Enhancement via Pyramid Recurrent Framework
* Visual attention analysis and prediction on human faces with mole
* Visual attention on human face
Includes: Min, X.[Xiao] Min, X. Min, X.[Xu] Min, X.[Xia]
24 for Min, X.

Min, X.K.[Xiong Kuo] Co Author Listing * Accurate Compensation Makes the World More Clear for the Visually Impaired
* Attention Based Network for No-Reference UGC Video Quality Assessment
* Attention-Guided Neural Networks for Full-Reference and No-Reference Audio-Visual Quality Assessment
* brief survey on adaptive video streaming quality assessment, A
* Brightness preserving video contrast enhancement using S-shaped Transfer function
* Comparative Perceptual Assessment of Visual Signals Using Free Energy Features
* Confusing Image Quality Assessment: Toward Better Augmented Reality Experience
* Deep Audio-Visual Fusion Neural Network for Saliency Estimation
* Deep Neural Networks for Full-Reference and No-Reference Audio-Visual Quality Assessment
* Demo: DLP based anti-piracy display system
* DevsNet: Deep Video Saliency Network using Short-term and Long-term Cues
* DLP based anti-piracy display system
* Dual-view medical image visualization based on spatial-temporal psychovisual modulation
* End-to-End Human-Gaze-Target Detection with Transformers
* HazDesNet: An End-to-End Network for Haze Density Prediction
* Image Quality Score Distribution Prediction via Alpha Stable Model
* Information security display via uncrowded window
* Iwin: Human-Object Interaction Detection via Transformer with Irregular Windows
* Learning Invisible Markers for Hidden Codes in Offline-to-online Photography
* Modeling Image Quality Score Distribution Using Alpha Stable Model
* Muiqa: Image Quality Assessment Database and Algorithm for Medical Ultrasound Images
* No-Reference Quality Assessment for 3D Colored Point Cloud and Mesh Models
* Perceptual quality assessment for fine-grained compressed images
* prediction of head and eye movement for 360 degree images, The
* RIHOOP: Robust Invisible Hyperlinks in Offline and Online Photographs
* Saliency Prediction on Omnidirectional Images with Brain-Like Shallow Neural Network
* Screen Content Quality Assessment: Overview, Benchmark, and Beyond
* Self-Conditioned Probabilistic Learning of Video Rescaling
* Subjective and Objective Audio-Visual Quality Assessment for User Generated Content
* Surveillance Video Quality Assessment Based on Quality Related Retraining
* Viewing Behavior Supported Visual Saliency Predictor for 360 Degree Videos
Includes: Min, X.K.[Xiong Kuo] Min, X.K.[Xiong-Kuo]
31 for Min, X.K.

Min, X.L.[Xiao Lin] Co Author Listing * Correlation Tracking via Mask and Multi-peaks Re-prediction
Includes: Min, X.L.[Xiao Lin] Min, X.L.[Xiao-Lin]

Min, X.Q.[Xiang Qiang] Co Author Listing * Hierarchical Spatial Network Index for Arbitrarily Distributed Spatial Objects, A
* Hole Filling of Single Building Point Cloud Considering Local Similarity among Floors
Includes: Min, X.Q.[Xiang Qiang] Min, X.Q.[Xiang-Qiang]

Min, X.Q.A.[Xiang Qi Ang] Co Author Listing * Using Geographic Ontologies and Geo-Characterization to Represent Geographic Scenarios
Includes: Min, X.Q.A.[Xiang Qi Ang] Min, X.Q.A.[Xiang-Qi-Ang]

Min, X.X.[Xiao Xiao] Co Author Listing * Quantitative Evaluations and Error Source Analysis of Fengyun-2-Based and GPM-Based Precipitation Products over Mainland China in Summer, 2018
* Relative Strengths Recognition of Nine Mainstream Satellite-Based Soil Moisture Products at the Global Scale
Includes: Min, X.X.[Xiao Xiao] Min, X.X.[Xiao-Xiao]

Min, X.Y.[Xiang Yu] Co Author Listing * Gradient clustering algorithm based on deep learning aerial image detection
* Weight matrix sharing for multi-label learning
Includes: Min, X.Y.[Xiang Yu] Min, X.Y.[Xiang-Yu] Min, X.Y.[Xue-Yang]

Min, Y.[Youngjo] Co Author Listing * ConMatch: Semi-supervised Learning with Confidence-Guided Consistency Regularization
* Data Reduction Method for Efficient Document Skew Estimation Based on Hough Transformation, A
* Efficient PointLSTM for Point Clouds Based Gesture Recognition, An
* Low-Cost IMU and Odometer Tightly Augmented PPP-B2b-Based Inter-Satellite Differenced PPP in Urban Environments
* Meta-Learned Initialization For 3D Human Recovery
* real-time system for 3D recovery of dynamic scene with multiple RGBD imagers, A
* Researches on the Land-Use Change Detection of Mine Area Based on TM/ETM Images
* Stereoscopic 3D objects evoke stronger saliency for nonverbal working memory: An fMRI study
* Striation Patterns Classification of Tool Marks Based on Morphological Structure Features
Includes: Min, Y.[Youngjo] Min, Y. Min, Y.[Yu] Min, Y.[Yang] Min, Y.[Ying] Min, Y.[Yusun]
9 for Min, Y.

Min, Y.C.[Yue Cong] Co Author Listing * Deep Radial Embedding for Visual Sequence Learning
* New Approach of 3D Lightning Location Based on Pearson Correlation Combined with Empirical Mode Decomposition, A
* Self-Mutual Distillation Learning for Continuous Sign Language Recognition
* Visual Alignment Constraint for Continuous Sign Language Recognition
Includes: Min, Y.C.[Yue Cong] Min, Y.C.[Yue-Cong] Min, Y.C.[Ying-Chang]

Min, Y.F.[Yu Fang] Co Author Listing * Remote Sensing Monitoring of Advancing and Surging Glaciers in the Tien Shan, 1990-2019
* Visual Saliency Detection via Kernelized Subspace Ranking With Active Learning
Includes: Min, Y.F.[Yu Fang] Min, Y.F.[Yu-Fang] Min, Y.F.[Yi-Fan]

Min, Z.[Zhe] Co Author Listing * Joint Alignment of Multiple Generalized Point Sets with Anisotropic Positional Uncertainty Based on Expectation Maximization
* Phishing Web page detection
* VOLDOR: Visual Odometry From Log-Logistic Dense Optical Flow Residuals
Includes: Min, Z.[Zhe] Min, Z.[Zhang] Min, Z.

Min, Z.X.[Zhi Xiang] Co Author Listing * LASER: LAtent SpacE Rendering for 2D Visual Localization
Includes: Min, Z.X.[Zhi Xiang] Min, Z.X.[Zhi-Xiang]

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