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Rao Miniskar, N. Co Author Listing * Intelligent Bandwidth Manager for CNN Applications on Embedded Devices, An

Rao Namuduri, K. Co Author Listing * lossless image compression algorithm using variable block size segmentation, A

Rao, A.[Anyi] Co Author Listing * AutoGPart: Intermediate Supervision Search for Generalizable 3D Part Segmentation
* BlockPlanner: City Block Generation with Vectorized Graph Representation
* BungeeNeRF: Progressive Neural Radiance Field for Extreme Multi-scale Scene Rendering
* Canonical Correlation Analysis of Sub-cortical Brain Structures Using Non-rigid Registration
* Classification of heart rate data using artificial neural network and fuzzy equivalence relation
* Coarse-to-Fine Framework for Automatic Video Unscreen, A
* Computerized Analysis of Classification of Lung Nodules and Comparison between Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Ensemble of Classifier Model
* Design and Evaluation of a Robust Optical Beam-Interruption-Based Vehicle Classifier System
* Designing efficient fusion schemes for multimodal biometric systems using face and palmprint
* Explainable AI (XAI) In Biomedical Signal and Image Processing: Promises and Challenges
* Fast and accurate global geodesic registrations using knee MRI from the Osteoarthritis Initiative
* Fast Linear Transformation For Tiled Images
* Hierarchical Manifold Learning for Regional Image Analysis
* Hierarchical Statistical Shape Analysis and Prediction of Sub-Cortical Brain Structures
* Image Background Search: Combining Object Detection Techniques with Content-Based Image Retrieval (CBIR) Systems
* Jointly Learning the Attributes and Composition of Shots for Boundary Detection in Videos
* Language Independent Skew Estimation Technique Based on Gaussian Mixture Models: A Case Study on South Indian Scripts
* Local-to-Global Approach to Multi-Modal Movie Scene Segmentation, A
* Mixture-of-Laplacian Faces and Its Application to Face Recognition
* Model for Multimodal Information Retrieval, A
* Movienet: A Holistic Dataset for Movie Understanding
* New Hybrid Approach for Information Fusion in Multibiometric Systems, A
* Online Multi-modal Person Search in Videos
* Particle swarm optimization based fusion of near infrared and visible images for improved face verification
* Peak Geodesic Concentration: A measure of WM complexity in HARDI
* PSO versus AdaBoost for feature selection in multimodal biometrics
* Robust Global Registration through Geodesic Paths on an Empirical Manifold with Knee MRI from the Osteoarthritis Initiative (OAI)
* Spatial Transformation of Motion and Deformation Fields Using Nonrigid Registration
* Studying the Effects of Self-Attention for Medical Image Analysis
* Subjective Performance of Texture Based Algorithm for Face Verification: The Role of Databases
* Unified Framework for Shot Type Classification Based on Subject Centric Lens, A
* Value of Visual Attention for COVID-19 Classification in CT Scans, The
* VQA as a factoid question answering problem: A novel approach for knowledge-aware and explainable visual question answering
Includes: Rao, A.[Anyi] Rao, A.[Anil] Rao, A.[Ashok] Rao, A. Rao, A.[Arvind] Rao, A.[Aibing] Rao, A.[Adrit] Rao, A.[Abijna]
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Rao, A.N.[A. Nagaraja] Co Author Listing * Integrating Taylor-Krill herd-based SVM to fuzzy-based adaptive filter for medical image denoising

Rao, A.R. Co Author Listing * Algorithms for a Fast Confocal Optical Inspection System
* Analyzing Oriented Textures Through Phase Portraits
* Automatic Defect Classification for Semiconductor Manufacturing
* Color Halftone Document Segmentation and Descreening
* Computerized Flow Field Analysis: Oriented Texture Fields
* Computing Oriented Texture Fields
* Evaluation of the Effect of Input Stimuli on the Quality of Orientation Maps Produced Through Self Organization
* Future-Directions in Industrial Machine Vision: A Case-Study of Semiconductor Manufacturing Applications
* Identifying High Level Features of Texture Perception
* Machine Vision Applications in Industrial Inspection V
* Machine Vision Applications in Industrial Inspection VI
* Regionalization of Watersheds: An Approach Based on Cluster Analysis
* Scanning Electron Microscope-Based Stereo Analysis
* Taxonomy for Texture Description and Identification, A
Includes: Rao, A.R. Rao, A.R.[A. Ravishankar] Rao, A.R.[A. Ramachandra]
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Rao, A.S. Co Author Listing * Crowd Activity Change Point Detection in Videos via Graph Stream Mining
* Crowd Event Detection on Optical Flow Manifolds
* Detection of Anomalous Crowd Behaviour Using Hyperspherical Clustering
* Determination of Object Directions Using Optical Flow for Crowd Monitoring
* Estimation of crowd density by clustering motion cues
* Probabilistic Detection of Crowd Events on Riemannian Manifolds
* Resilient Cooperative Adaptive Cruise Control for Autonomous Vehicles Using Machine Learning
* Shape from Diameter: Recognizing Polygonal Parts with a Parallel-Jaw Gripper
Includes: Rao, A.S. Rao, A.S.[Aravinda S.] Rao, A.S.[Akash Someshwar]
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Rao, A.V.[Ajit V.] Co Author Listing * Deterministic Annealing Approach for Parsimonious Design of Piecewise Regression Models, A
* Memory Bandwidth and Power Reduction Using Lossy Reference Frame Compression in Video Encoding
* Quality and complexity comparison of H.264 intra mode with JPEG2000 and JPEG
* Variable-Dimension Vector Quantization
Includes: Rao, A.V.[Ajit V.] Rao, A.V.

Rao, A.V.S.[A. Venkata Srinivasa] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Binarization of Ancient Documents
* Binarization of Documents with Complex Backgrounds

Rao, B.[Bin] Co Author Listing * Ant Colony Pheromone Mechanism-Based Passive Localization Using UAV Swarm
* Detection and Tracking of Weak Exoatmospheric Target with Elliptical Hough Transform
* High frequency component compensation based super-resolution algorithm for face video enhancement
* Resolution enhancement by AdaBoost
* Sparse modelling and predictive coding of subaperture images for lossless plenoptic image compression
* Towards Robust Automatic Traffic Scene Analysis in Real-Time
Includes: Rao, B.[Bin] Rao, B.[Bhaskar] Rao, B.

Rao, B.D. Co Author Listing * Audiovisual Information Fusion in Human-Computer Interfaces and Intelligent Environments: A Survey
* Cramer-Rao Lower Bound for Constrained Complex Parameters
* Hierarchical audio-visual cue integration framework for activity analysis in intelligent meeting rooms
* Identifying the Neuroanatomical Basis of Cognitive Impairment in Alzheimer's Disease by Correlation- and Nonlinearity-Aware Sparse Bayesian Learning
* Lane Change Intent Analysis Using Robust Operators and Sparse Bayesian Learning
* Person Tracking with Audio-Visual Cues Using the Iterative Decoding Framework
* Reweighted Algorithms for Independent Vector Analysis
* Robust Bayesian method for simultaneous block sparse signal recovery with applications to face recognition
* Semi-Blind Channel Estimation in MIMO Systems With Discrete Priors on Data Symbols
* Sparse Bayesian multi-task learning for predicting cognitive outcomes from neuroimaging measures in Alzheimer's disease
* Sparse Conjugate Gradient Adaptive Filter, A
* Sum Rate Analysis of One-Pico-Inside OFDMA Network With Opportunistic Scheduling and Selective Feedback
Includes: Rao, B.D. Rao, B.D.[Bhaskar D.]
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Rao, B.K.[Babar K.] Co Author Listing * Skin Texture Modeling

Rao, B.M.[B. Madhusudan] Co Author Listing * Graph theory based segmentation of traced boundary into open and closed sub-sections

Rao, B.P.[Bindu P.] Co Author Listing * Quality and complexity comparison of H.264 intra mode with JPEG2000 and JPEG
* Rotational invariant fractional derivative filters for lung tissue classification
Includes: Rao, B.P.[Bindu P.] Rao, B.P.[B. Prabhakar]

Rao, B.R.M. Co Author Listing * Textural analysis of IRS-1D panchromatic data for land cover classification

Rao, B.S.[Boyina Subrahmanyeswara] Co Author Listing * Accurate leukocoria predictor based on deep VGG-net CNN technique

Rao, B.S.M.R.[Bhavani Shankar Mysore Rama] Co Author Listing * Orthorectified Polar Format Algorithm for Generalized Spotlight SAR Imaging With DEM

Rao, B.S.Y. Co Author Listing * Decentralized Bayesian Algorithm for Identification of Tracked Targets, A
* Fully Decentralized Multi-Sensor System for Tracking and Surveillance, A

Rao, C.[Cen] Co Author Listing * Bilateral Filtering-Based Optical Flow Estimation with Occlusion Detection
* Common Object Discovery as Local Search for Maximum Weight Cliques in a Global Object Similarity Graph
* Heterogeneous Feature-based Image Alignment Method, A
* Matching Trajectories of Anatomical Landmarks Under Viewpoint, Anthropometric and Temporal Transforms
* Matching vehicles under large pose transformations using approximate 3D models and piecewise MRF model
* On the use of anthropometry in the invariant analysis of human actions
* Online Random Ferns for robust visual tracking
* Review and comparative evaluation of symbolic dynamic filtering for detection of anomaly patterns
* Shape Vocabulary: A Robust and Efficient Shape Representation for Shape Matching
* Training convolutional neural network from multi-domain contour images for 3D shape retrieval
* View-Invariance in Action Recognition
* View-invariant alignment and matching of video sequences
* View-Invariant Representation and Learning of Human Action
* View-Invariant Representation and Recognition of Actions
Includes: Rao, C.[Cen] Rao, C.[Cong] Rao, C.[Chinmay]
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Rao, C.R. Co Author Listing * Reconstruction of the Left Ventricle from Two Orthogonal Projections
* Third Order Backward Elimination Approach for Fuzzy-Rough Set Based Feature Selection
Includes: Rao, C.R. Rao, C.R.[C. Raghavendra]

Rao, C.V. Co Author Listing * Spatiotemporal Data Fusion Using Temporal High-Pass Modulation and Edge Primitives

Rao, C.V.K.[C.V. Kameswara] Co Author Listing * Comment on a Method for Computing Points of a Circle Using Only Integers
* On Fingerprint Pattern Recognition
* parallel shrinking algorithm for binary patterns, A
* Type Classification of Fingerprints
Includes: Rao, C.V.K.[C.V. Kameswara] Rao, C.V.K. Rao, C.V.K.[C. V. Kameswara]

Rao, C.V.N. Co Author Listing * Oceansat-II Scatterometer: Sensor Performance Evaluation, sigma0 Analyses, and Estimation of Biases

Rao, D.[Dan] Co Author Listing * Binaural Loudness Spectra Analysis of Individualized Binaural Room Impulse Responses
* Calibration of Headphones and Earphone with KEMAR

Rao, D.S.[Duggirala Srinivasa] Co Author Listing * Denoising and segmentation of MR images using fourth order non-linear adaptive PDE and new convergent clustering
* Image denoising for magnetic resonance imaging medical images using improved generalized cross-validation based on the diffusivity function
* Iterative image fusion using neuro fuzzy logic and applications
* Modified transform-based gamma correction for MRI tumor image denoising and segmentation by optimized histon-based elephant herding algorithm
* Parallel Construction of Conflict Graph for Phylogenetic Network Problem
Includes: Rao, D.S.[Duggirala Srinivasa] Rao, D.S.[Dammavalam Srinivasa] Rao, D.S.

Rao, D.V.[D. Venkata] Co Author Listing * Image Quality Assessment Based on Perceptual Structural Similarity
* Recognition and identification of target images using feature based retrieval in UAV missions
Includes: Rao, D.V.[D. Venkata] Rao, D.V.

Rao, E.[Enming] Co Author Listing * Carbon Sink under Different Carbon Density Levels of Forest and Shrub, a Case in Dongting Lake Basin, China

Rao, E.S.[E. Srinivasa] Co Author Listing * Deep Learning-Based Medical Image Fusion Using Integrated Joint Slope Analysis with Probabilistic Parametric Steered Image Filter

Rao, F.Y.[Feng Yun] Co Author Listing * CA-SSL: Class-Agnostic Semi-Supervised Learning for Detection and Segmentation
* Tencent-MVSE: A Large-Scale Benchmark Dataset for Multi-Modal Video Similarity Evaluation
Includes: Rao, F.Y.[Feng Yun] Rao, F.Y.[Feng-Yun]

Rao, G. Co Author Listing * Histopathological Image Classification Using Discriminative Feature-Oriented Dictionary Learning
* Is Industrial Tomography Ready for Augmented Reality? A Need-finding Study of How Augmented Reality Can Be Adopted by Industrial Tomography Experts
Includes: Rao, G. Rao, G.[Guruprasad]

Rao, G.M.[G. Mallikarjuna] Co Author Listing * Investigation into the Use of Partial Face in the Mobile Environment, An

Rao, G.N. Co Author Listing * Adaptive block sub-sampling algorithm for motion-estimation on SIMD processors

Rao, G.S. Co Author Listing * Significance of Remote Sensing Based Precipitation and Terrain Information for Improved Hydrological and Hydrodynamic Simulation In Parts of Himalayan River Basins

Rao, G.S.S.S. Co Author Listing * High Accuracy Optical Flow Based Future Image Frame Predictor Model

Rao, G.V. Co Author Listing * Elastic Matching of Online Handwritten Tamil and Telugu Scripts Using Local Features
* HMM-Based Online Handwriting Recognition System for Telugu Symbols

Rao, H.[Hong] Co Author Listing * Contrast enhancement for the infrared vein image of leg based on the optical angular spectrum theory
* Decoding Children's Social Behavior
* Prototypical Contrast and Reverse Prediction: Unsupervised Skeleton Based Action Recognition
Includes: Rao, H.[Hong] Rao, H.[Hrishikesh] Rao, H.[Haocong]

Rao, H.C.[Hao Cong] Co Author Listing * Revisiting-Reciprocal Distance Re-Ranking for Skeleton-Based Person Re-Identification
* Self-Supervised Gait Encoding Approach With Locality-Awareness for 3D Skeleton Based Person Re-Identification, A
Includes: Rao, H.C.[Hao Cong] Rao, H.C.[Hao-Cong]

Rao, H.M.[Hua Ming] Co Author Listing * CAN-GAN: Conditioned-attention normalized GAN for face age synthesis
Includes: Rao, H.M.[Hua Ming] Rao, H.M.[Hua-Ming]

Rao, J. .S.I.[J. Sun Il] Co Author Listing * High Dimensional Mode Hunting Using Pettiest Components Analysis
* Non-parametric bootstrap ensembles for detection of tumor lesions
Includes: Rao, J. .S.I.[J. Sun Il] Rao, J. .S.I.[J. Sun-Il]

Rao, J.[Josna] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Contextual Energy Parameterization for Automated Image Segmentation
* Adaptive Regularization for Image Segmentation Using Local Image Curvature Cues
* Lagged Linkage between the Kara-Barents Sea Ice and Early Summer Rainfall in Eastern China in Chinese CMIP6 Models
* Oceansat-II Scatterometer: Sensor Performance Evaluation, sigma0 Analyses, and Estimation of Biases
* Quantitative Study of Individual Emotional States in Social Networks
* Urban Multiple Route Planning Model Using Dynamic Programming in Reinforcement Learning
Includes: Rao, J.[Josna] Rao, J.[Jian] Rao, J. Rao, J.[Jinhai] Rao, J.[Jinmeng]

Rao, K.[Kashi] Co Author Listing * email: Rao, K.[Kashi]: krao AT csc ti com
* Computer Vision System to Detect 3-D Rectangular Solids, A
* Curved 3-D Object Description from Single Aerial Images Using Shadows
* Image Understanding Research at TI
* Issues in Shape Description and an Approach for Working with Sparse Data
* Learning-Based Cost Functions for 3-D and 4-D Multi-Surface Multi-Object Segmentation of Knee MRI: Data From the Osteoarthritis Initiative
* optimized morphology transform-based diagnostic computed tomography image enhancement using edge map, An
* RL-CycleGAN: Reinforcement Learning Aware Simulation-to-Real
* Robot Hand-Eye Coordination: Shape Description and Grasping
* Shape Description from Sparse and Imperfect Data
* Shape Description of Curved 3-D Objects for Aerial Surveillance
* System and method for ranking and extracting salient contours for target recognition
* Vision Research at TI: 1994-95 Progress
* Why Is the Video Analytics Accuracy Fluctuating, and What Can We Do About It?
Includes: Rao, K.[Kashi] Rao, K. Rao, K.[Karishma] Rao, K.[Kanishka] Rao, K.[Kunal]
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Rao, K.D.[K. Deergha] Co Author Listing * Image Restoration Using an Hybrid Approach Based on DWT and SMKF

Rao, K.G. Co Author Listing * Computing Volume Descriptions from Sparse 3-D Data
* Describing and Segmenting Scenes from Imperfect and Incomplete Data
* Descriptions of Complex Objects from Incomplete and Imperfect Data
* From Sparse 3-D Data Directly to Volumetric Shape Descriptions
* Generalized Cone Descriptions from Sparse 3-D Data
* Generalized Cones: Useful Geometric Properties
* Recovering and Tracking Pose of Curved 3D Objects from 2D Images
* Shape Descriptions from Imperfect and Incomplete Data
* Useful Geometric Properties of the Generalized Cone
* Video stabilization by estimation of similarity transformation from integral projections
Includes: Rao, K.G. Rao, K.G.[Kashipati G.] Rao, K.G.[Krishna Govinda]
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Rao, K.K. Co Author Listing * Detection of Linear Features in Satellite Imagery Using Robust Estimation

Rao, K.M.M.[Kunda M.M.] Co Author Listing * Automated colorimetric analysis in paper based sensors

Rao, K.P.[K. Prasada] Co Author Listing * integrated approach to emotion recognition and gender classification, An

Rao, K.R.[K. Raghunath] Co Author Listing * email: Rao, K.R.[K. Raghunath]: rrao AT vision iit edu
* 360-degree video stitching for dual-fisheye lens cameras based on rigid moving least squares
* Block wavelet transform coding of images using classified vector quantization
* Cellular automata models for signalised and unsignalised intersections with special attention to mixed traffic flow: a review
* Classified wavelet transform coding of images using two-channel conjugate vector quantization
* CMT and Hybrid Coding of the Component Color TV Signal
* DCT/DPCM Processing of NTSC Composite Video Signal
* Deep learning based HEVC in-loop filter and noise reduction
* Discrete Cosine Transform
* Discrete Cosine Transform: Algorithms, Advantages, Applications
* Edge detection and feature extraction by non-orthogonal image expansion for optimal discriminative SNR
* Efficient Implementation of the Forward and Inverse MDCT in MPEG Audio Coding, An
* Emerging Methods for Color Image and Video Quality Enhancement
* Expansion Matching of Multiple Templates in Complex Images
* Extended lapped transform in image coding
* Fast Algorithms for the 2D Discrete Cosine Transform
* fast generalized discrete Fourier transforms: A unified approach to the discrete sinusoidal transforms computation, The
* Gated fusion network for SAO filter and inter frame prediction in Versatile Video Coding
* Generalized Feature Extractor Using Expansion Matching and the Karhunen-Loeve Transform, A
* Iconic Recognition with Affine-Invariant Spectral Signatures
* Iconic Representation and Recognition Using Affine-Invariant Spectral Signatures
* Image coding based on classified lapped orthogonal transform-vector quantization
* Image coding using a classified DCT/VQ based on two-channel conjugate vector quantization
* Image expansion by non-orthogonal wavelets for optimal template matching
* Image-independent optimal non-negative integer bit allocation technique for the DCT-based image transform coders
* Improved Pel-Recursive Motion Compensation
* Joint Source/Channel Coding to Maximize Perceptual Video Quality on Packet Networks
* Low Dose Abdominal CT Image Reconstruction: An Unsupervised Learning Based Approach
* Motion Compensated Interframe Image Prediction
* Multiple template matching using the expansion filter
* Multiresolution transmission of video using an EZW coder with GA generated motion vectors
* Neural Network Approach for Shape Description and Invariant Recognition, A
* new fast algorithm for the unified forward and inverse MDCT/MDST computation, A
* Nonorthogonal Image Expansion Related to Optimal Template Matching in Complex Images
* Nonorthogonal Representation of Signals by Gaussians and Gabor Functions
* Novel Approach for Template Matching by Non-Orthogonal Image Expansion, A
* On symmetric extensions orthogonal transforms of images, and paraunitary filter banks
* On the recognition of occluded shapes and generic faces using multiple-template expansion matching
* Optimal DSNR detector for ramp edges
* Optimal Edge-Detection Using Expansion Matching and Restoration
* Optimal Ramp Edge-Detection Using Expansion Matching
* Optimal Template Matching by Non-Orthogonal Image Expansion Using Restoration
* Overview of H.264/MPEG-4 part 10
* Predictive Coding Based on Efficient Motion Estimation
* Progressive image transmission
* Progressive Transmission of Images Using Block Wavelet Transform
* Robust shape description and recognition by gradient propagation
* Steganography for a Low Bit-rate Wavelet Based Image Coder
* Variable Block Size Coding of Images with Hybrid Quantization
* Variable block size lapped transforms
* VQ Based on a Main Feature Classification in Images
* Wavelet and Lapped Orthogonal-Transforms with Overlapped Motion-Compensation for Multiresolution Coding of HDTV
* Wavelet Transforms in a JPEG-Like Image Coder
Includes: Rao, K.R.[K. Raghunath] Rao, K.R. Rao, K.R.[Kalaga Ramachandra] Rao, K.R.[Kamisetty R.]
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Rao, K.S. Co Author Listing * Contribution of Telugu vowels in identifying emotions
* Conversion of neutral speech to storytelling style speech
* CWT-Based Approach for Epoch Extraction From Telephone Quality Speech
* Detection of Vowel Offset Point From Speech Signal
* Exploring Speech Features for Classifying Emotions along Valence Dimension
* Face recognition using multiple facial features
* Optimal residual frame based source modeling for HMM-based speech synthesis
* Probabilistic Fusion Methodology for Face Recognition, A
* Recognition of emotions from video using acoustic and facial features
* Robust Pitch Extraction Method for the HMM-Based Speech Synthesis System
* robust unsupervised pattern discovery and clustering of speech signals, A
* Synthetic Aperture Radar Interferometry For Digital Elevation Model Of Kuwait Desert: Analysis Of Errors
* Unit Selection Using Linguistic, Prosodic and Spectral Distance for Developing Text-to-Speech System in Hindi
* Voice Transformation by Mapping the Features at Syllable Level
Includes: Rao, K.S. Rao, K.S.[K. Sreenivasa] Rao, K.S.[K. Srinivasa]
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Rao, L.[Li] Co Author Listing * High dynamic range 3D shape determination based on automatic exposure selection
* Optimization of Aerosol Model Selection for TROPOMI/S5P
Includes: Rao, L.[Li] Rao, L.[Lanlan]

Rao, L.L.[Lan Lan] Co Author Listing * Estimating Ground Level NO2 Concentrations over Central-Eastern China Using a Satellite-Based Geographically and Temporally Weighted Regression Model
Includes: Rao, L.L.[Lan Lan] Rao, L.L.[Lan-Lan]

Rao, M. Co Author Listing * Automatic CRP Mapping Using Nonparametric Machine Learning Approaches
* Coupled Minimization Problem for Medical Image Segmentation with Priors, A
* Cumulative residual entropy, a new measure of information and its application to image alignment
* Developed Siamese CNN with 3D Adaptive Spatial-Spectral Pyramid Pooling for Hyperspectral Image Classification, A
* Efficient Shape Indexing Using an Information Theoretic Representation
* Feasibility Study of using MyoBand for Learning Electronic Keyboard
* Fiber Tract Mapping from Diffusion Tensor MRI
* Group-Wise Point-Set Registration Based on Renyi's Second Order Entropy
* Iterative methods for correcting attenuation in positron emission tomography
* Kullback Leibler Divergence Based Curve Matching Method
* Magnetic Resonance Imaging Surface Coil Transceiver Employing a Metasurface for 1.5T Applications, A
* Using prior shape and intensity profile in medical image segmentation
* Using Ranking-CNN for Age Estimation
* Using the KL-Center for Efficient and Accurate Retrieval of Distributions Arising from Texture Images
* Weighted least-squares reconstruction methods for positron emission tomography
* Why Does Mutual-Information Work for Image Registration? A Deterministic Explanation
Includes: Rao, M. Rao, M.[Murali] Rao, M.[Mengbin] Rao, M.[Madhav]
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Rao, M.B. Co Author Listing * Relation Network for Full-waveforms Lidar Classification

Rao, M.D.[M. Durga] Co Author Listing * Experimental Evaluation of Theoretical Formulations for the Correction of Spectral Widths of MST Radar Spectra

Rao, M.K.[Madhavi K.] Co Author Listing * Gaussian Process Density Counting from Weak Supervision

Rao, M.P.[M. Purnachandra] Co Author Listing * Harnessing motion blur to uncover splicing
* Inferring Plane Orientation from a Single Motion Blurred Image

Rao, M.R.[Manjuprakash Rama] Co Author Listing * Deep Appearance Consistent Human Pose Transfer

Rao, M.S.[M. Sreenivasa] Co Author Listing * intelligent character recognizer for Telugu scripts using multiresolution analysis and associative memory, An
* Intensity-based image matching for regular firearms
Includes: Rao, M.S.[M. Sreenivasa] Rao, M.S.

Rao, M.V.[M. Varaprasad] Co Author Listing * Online product sentiment analysis using random evolutionary whale optimization algorithm and deep belief network

Rao, M.V.A.[M.V. Achuth] Co Author Listing * SFNet: A Computationally Efficient Source Filter Model Based Neural Speech Synthesis

Rao, M.V.K.[M. V. Krishna] Co Author Listing * Textural analysis of IRS-1D panchromatic data for land cover classification

Rao, N.[Nanjie] Co Author Listing * Flexible Low-Cost Digital Puppet System
* Seeing in the Dark by Component-GAN
Includes: Rao, N.[Nanjie] Rao, N.[Ning]

Rao, N.I.[Naveed I.] Co Author Listing * Background modeling from a free-moving camera by Multi-Layer Homography Algorithm
* Clustering Based Automated Glacier Segmentation Scheme Using Digital Elevation Model, A
* Color Image Segmentation Using Multilevel Clustering Approach
* Exploiting a scene calibration mechanism for depth estimation
* Fast Block Clustering Based Optimized Adaptive Mediod Shift
* Joint Correspondence and Background Modeling Based on Tree Dynamic Programming
* Real-Time Object Tracking Using Powell's Direct Set Method for Object Localization and Kalman Filter for Occlusion Handling
* Refine Stereo Correspondence Using Bayesian Network and Dynamic Programming on a Color Based Minimal Span Tree
Includes: Rao, N.I.[Naveed I.] Rao, N.I.[Naveed Iqbal] Rao, N.I.
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Rao, N.N. Co Author Listing * Genetic Algorithm-Assisted Feature Extraction and Selection for Global Motion Estimation

Rao, N.S.[Nikhil S.] Co Author Listing * Convex approaches to model wavelet sparsity patterns
* Correlated gaussian designs for compressive imaging

Rao, N.S.V. Co Author Listing * Algorithms for Recognizing Planar Polygonal Configurations Using Perspective Images
* Distributed Decision Fusion under Unknown Distributions
* Information Fusion Methods Based on Physical Laws
* Learning Separations By Boolean Combinations Of Half-Spaces
* Learning-Based Method to Recognize and Localize Glassware Using Laser Range Images
* Nadaraya-Watson Estimator for Sensor Fusion
* On Fusers that Perform Better than Best Sensor
* On Similarity Between Finite Sets in Plane
* On Terrain Model Acquisition by a Point Robot Amidst Polyhedral Obstacles
* Retraction Method for Learned Navigation in Unknown Terrains for a Circular Robot, A
* Robot Navigation in Unknown Generalized Polygonal Terrains Using Vision Sensors
* Robot Navigation in Unknown Terrain Using Learned Visibility Graphs. Part I: The Disjoint Convex Obstacle Case
* Simple Algorithms for Some Classification Problems
Includes: Rao, N.S.V. Rao, N.S.V.[Nageswara S.V.]
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Rao, N.V.[Nenkkanti Venkata] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Binarization of Ancient Documents
* Binarization of Documents with Complex Backgrounds

Rao, P.[Peng] Co Author Listing * Coarse-to-Fine PatchMatch for Dense Correspondence
* Cross-Modal Retrieval With Noisy Labels
* Dynamic Change Analysis of Surface Water in the Yangtze River Basin Based on MODIS Products
* Highly accurate optical flow estimation on superpixel tree
* Implementation of Real-Time Space Target Detection and Tracking Algorithm for Space-Based Surveillance
* Label Prediction Framework For Semi-Supervised Cross-Modal Retrieval
* Minimum barrier superpixel segmentation
* Non-Ellipsoidal Infrared Group/Extended Target Tracking Based on Poisson Multi-Bernoulli Mixture Filter and B-Spline
* Semi-Supervised Cross-Modal Retrieval With Label Prediction
* Using Sentinel-1, Sentinel-2, and Planet Imagery to Map Crop Type of Smallholder Farms
* Using Sentinel-2 to Track Field-Level Tillage Practices at Regional Scales in Smallholder Systems
* Velocity Estimation for Space Infrared Dim Targets Based on Multi-Satellite Observation and Robust Locally Weighted Regression
Includes: Rao, P.[Peng] Rao, P. Rao, P.[Pinzeng] Rao, P.[Preeti]
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Rao, P.K.[P. Kartik] Co Author Listing * Computing Eigen Space from Limited Number of Views for Recognition

Rao, P.N.[P. Narayana] Co Author Listing * Experimental study with enhanced Vision System prototype unit

Rao, P.R. Co Author Listing * Enhancing quality of knowledge synthesized from multi-database mining
* Measuring influence of an item in a database over time
* Mining conditional patterns in a database
* Synthesizing heavy association rules from different real data sources

Rao, P.S.[Perumalla Srinivasa] Co Author Listing * Hardware implementation of digital image skeletonization algorithm using FPGA for computer vision applications
* multi-view human gait recognition using hybrid whale and gray wolf optimization algorithm with a random forest classifier, A
* Template Quadtrees for Representing Region and Line Data Present in Binary Images
Includes: Rao, P.S.[Perumalla Srinivasa] Rao, P.S.[P. Sankara] Rao, P.S.[P. Sudarsana]

Rao, P.V.N.[Pamaraju V. N.] Co Author Listing * Potentials of Airborne Hyperspectral AVIRIS-NG Data in the Exploration of Base Metal Deposit: A Study in the Parts of Bhilwara, Rajasthan
* Quality Estimates of INSAT-3D Derived Cloud Top Temperature for Climate Data Record
* Retrieval and Validation of Cloud Top Temperature from the Geostationary Satellite INSAT-3D
* Textural analysis of IRS-1D panchromatic data for land cover classification
Includes: Rao, P.V.N.[Pamaraju V. N.] Rao, P.V.N.[P. V. Narasimha]

Rao, P.V.S. Co Author Listing * email: Rao, P.V.S.: rao AT tifrvax tifr res in
* Feature-Selection for Pattern-Classification with Gaussian Mixture-Models: A New Objective Criterion
* Knowledge-Based Approach for Script Recognition Without Training, A

Rao, P.V.V.[P. V. Venkateswara] Co Author Listing * Secure Authentication and Key Management Protocol for Deployment of Internet of Vehicles (IoV) Concerning Intelligent Transport Systems

Rao, Q.[Qing] Co Author Listing * 3D Shape Reconstruction in Traffic Scenarios Using Monocular Camera and Lidar
* ADNet: Attention-guided Deformable Convolutional Network for High Dynamic Range Imaging
* In-Vehicle Object-Level 3D Reconstruction of Traffic Scenes
* Knot Magnify Loss for Face Recognition
* NTIRE 2021 Challenge on High Dynamic Range Imaging: Dataset, Methods and Results
* Sim2RealVS: A New Benchmark for Video Stabilization with a Strong Baseline
* Stixel on the Bus: An Efficient Lossless Compression Scheme for Depth Information in Traffic Scenarios
* Suppressing Random Artifacts in Reference Sensor Pattern Noise via Decorrelation
Includes: Rao, Q.[Qing] Rao, Q. Rao, Q.[Qi]
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Rao, Q.L.[Qi Long] Co Author Listing * Jitter Detection Method Based on Sequence CMOS Images Captured by Rolling Shutter Mode for High-Resolution Remote Sensing Satellite
Includes: Rao, Q.L.[Qi Long] Rao, Q.L.[Qi-Long]

Rao, Q.X.[Qing Xun] Co Author Listing * Defense Against Adversarial Attacks by Reconstructing Images
Includes: Rao, Q.X.[Qing Xun] Rao, Q.X.[Qing-Xun]

Rao, Q.Y.[Qi Yu] Co Author Listing * Hierarchical Bayesian Theme Models for Multipose Facial Expression Recognition
Includes: Rao, Q.Y.[Qi Yu] Rao, Q.Y.[Qi-Yu]

Rao, R.[Ravi] Co Author Listing * email: Rao, R.[Ravi]: rao AT watson ibm com
* Algorithms for Scene Restoration and Visibility Estimation from Aerosol Scatter Impaired Images
* Automated 3-D feature extraction from terrestrial and airborne LiDAR
* Bilateral kernel parameter optimization by risk minimization
* Calibrating an air-ground control system from motion correspondences
* Deep Learning Based Landmark Matching For Aerial Geolocalization
* Design of filter for image de-noising using discrete wavelet transform for ASIP
* Entropy metric regularization for computational imaging with sensor arrays
* Factors Influencing Psycophysically Valid Taxonomies of Image Texture
* Generalized Expansion Matching Based Feature Extractor, A
* Hyperspectral image enhancement with vector bilateral filtering
* Multispectral Image Denoising With Optimized Vector Bilateral Filter
* Nonnegative matrix factorization with deterministic annealing for unsupervised unmixing of hyperspectral imagery
* Object Labeling for 3-D Cross-Sectional Data using Trajectory Tracking
* On Relationship of Multilayer Perceptrons and Piecewise Polynomial Approximators
* Optimized vector bilateral filter for multispectral image denoising
* Pixelhop++: A Small Successive-Subspace-Learning-Based (SSL-Based) Model For Image Classification
* Quality and Relevance Metrics for Selection of Multimodal Pretraining Data
* Robust classification using support vector machine in low-dimensional manifold space for automatic target recognition
* Study on Water Bodies Extraction with FY3A Satellite Image
* System and method for alarm generation based on the detection of the presence of a person
Includes: Rao, R.[Ravi] Rao, R.[Raghuveer] Rao, R. Rao, R.[Rahul] Rao, R.[Rameshwar] Rao, R.[Ruoyu] Rao, R.[Ravishankar]
21 for Rao, R.

Rao, R.B.[R. Bharat] Co Author Listing * Method and system for multi-modal component-based tracking of an object using robust information fusion
* Methods and apparatus for selecting semantically significant images in a document image without decoding image content
Includes: Rao, R.B.[R. Bharat] Rao, R.B.[Ramana B.]

Rao, R.M. Co Author Listing * Clustering-aware structure-constrained low-rank representation model for learning human action attributes
* Constrained optimal interferometric imaging of extended objects
* Discrete-time self-similar systems and stable distributions: applications to VBR video modeling
* Hierarchical Union-of-Subspaces Model for Human Activity Summarization
* Image Processing Tools for the Enhancement of Concealed Weapon Detection
* Moving object detection for vehicle tracking in Wide Area Motion Imagery using 4D filtering
* Noise reduction and object enhancement in passive millimeter wave concealed weapon detection
* Ontology-based Malaria Parasite Stage and Species Identification from Peripheral Blood Smear Images
* Sampling Systems matched to the input image class
* Scale-based formulations of statistical self-similarity in images
* Segmentation of Malaria Parasites in Peripheral Blood Smear Images
* Self-Similar Random Field Models in Discrete Space
Includes: Rao, R.M. Rao, R.M.[Raghuveer M.]
12 for Rao, R.M.

Rao, R.P.N.[Rajesh P.N.] Co Author Listing * email: Rao, R.P.N.[Rajesh P.N.]: rao AT cs rochester edu
* Active Vision Architecture Based on Iconic Representations, An
* Class of Stochastic Models for Invariant Recognition, Motion, and Stereo, A
* Complementary Kernel Density Estimation
* Dynamic Appearance-Based Recognition
* Dynamic-Model of Visual Recognition Predicts Neural Response Properties in the Visual-Cortex
* Fast Structured Prediction Using Large Margin Sigmoid Belief Networks
* Kalman Filter that Learns Robust Models of Dynamic Phenomena, A
* Localized Receptive Fields May Mediate Transformation-Invariant Recognition in the Visual Cortex
* Natural Basis Functions and Topographic Memory for Face Recognition
* Object Indexing Using an Iconic Sparse Distributed Memory
* Probabilistic bilinear models for appearance-based vision
* Robust Kalman Filters for Prediction, Recognition, and Learning
* Seeing Behind Occlusions
* Top-Down Gaze Targeting for Space-Variant Active Vision
Includes: Rao, R.P.N.[Rajesh P.N.] Rao, R.P.N. Rao, R.P.N.[Rajesh P. N.]
15 for Rao, R.P.N.

Rao, R.R.[R. Rajeswara] Co Author Listing * Automated assessment for Alzheimer's disease diagnosis from MRI images: Meta-heuristic assisted deep learning model
* On merging hidden Markov models with deformable templates
Includes: Rao, R.R.[R. Rajeswara] Rao, R.R.

Rao, R.T.[Ru Ting] Co Author Listing * SUPPLE: Extracting Hand Skeleton with Spherical Unwrapping Profiles
Includes: Rao, R.T.[Ru Ting] Rao, R.T.[Ru-Ting]

Rao, R.Z.[Rui Zhong] Co Author Listing * Effects of Atmospheric Coherent Time on Inverse Synthetic Aperture Ladar Imaging through Atmospheric Turbulence
* Improved single image dehazing using segmentation
Includes: Rao, R.Z.[Rui Zhong] Rao, R.Z.[Rui-Zhong]

Rao, S.[Shrisha] Co Author Listing * Computational Challenges and Approaches for Electric Vehicles
* Geometric segmentation of perspective images based on symmetry groups
* Hilbert Functions and Applications to the Estimation of Subspace Arrangements
* Homography from Coplanar Ellipses with Application to Forensic Blood Splatter Reconstruction
* Hybrid Cooperative Method With LÚvy Flights for Electric Vehicle Charge Scheduling, A
* Learning to Act on Objects
* Mean shift: An information theoretic perspective
* Motion Analysis in Compressed Video: An Hybrid Approach
* Multi-object detection and behavior recognition from motion 3D data
* OmniLayout: Room Layout Reconstruction from Indoor Spherical Panoramas
* People detection in image and video data
* Quality and Relevance Metrics for Selection of Multimodal Pretraining Data
* Robust optical flow estimation via edge preserving filtering
* Segmentation of a Piece-Wise Planar Scene from Perspective Images
* Self-Supervised Poisson-Gaussian Denoising
* SemifreddoNets: Partially Frozen Neural Networks for Efficient Computer Vision Systems
* Sensor Network Design for Smart Highways
* Symmetry-based 3-D reconstruction from perspective images
* Temporal Integration of Visual Surface Reconstruction
* Towards Better Understanding Attribution Methods
* Using a category to analyze an image showing a graphical representation
* VisionISP: Repurposing the Image Signal Processor for Computer Vision Applications
* Weak Multi-View Supervision for Surface Mapping Estimation
Includes: Rao, S.[Shrisha] Rao, S.[Shankar] Rao, S.[Sajit] Rao, S.[Sudhir] Rao, S.[Supriya] Rao, S.[Shivansh] Rao, S. Rao, S.[Sana] Rao, S.[Sonia] Rao, S.[Sushma] Rao, S.[Sukrut] Rao, S.[Satyajit] Rao, S.[Srinivas]
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Rao, S.B. Co Author Listing * Maximum-Likelihood Stereo Algorithm, A
* Ratio Regions: A Technique for Image Segmentation
* Stereo without Disparity Gradient Smoothing: A Bayesian Sensor Fusion Solution

Rao, S.B.P.[S. B. Pooja] Co Author Listing * Towards Generating Topic-driven and Affective Responses to Assist Mental Wellness

Rao, S.G.[Shivani G.] Co Author Listing * Estimation of orientation of a textured planar surface using projective equations and separable analysis with M-channel wavelet decomposition
* Opportunities and Challenges of Peer-to-Peer Internet Video Broadcast
* Similarity-based analysis for large networks of ultra-low resolution sensors
Includes: Rao, S.G.[Shivani G.] Rao, S.G. Rao, S.G.[Srinivasa G.]

Rao, S.K. Co Author Listing * Array Architectures for Iterative Algorithms
* Comments on Passive Target Tracking Using Maximum-Likelihood-Estimation
* Comments on A Jerk Model for Tracking Highly Maneuvering Targets
* Comments on Properties and Performance of Extended Target Motion Analysis
* Deep Polarization Cues for Transparent Object Segmentation

Rao, S.N.[Suryakari Nagaraja] Co Author Listing * Optimized segmentation and classification for liver tumor segmentation and classification using opposition-based spotted hyena optimization

Rao, S.N.T.[S. N. Tirumala] Co Author Listing * Automated assessment for Alzheimer's disease diagnosis from MRI images: Meta-heuristic assisted deep learning model

Rao, S.P.[Shishir Paramathma] Co Author Listing * Comprehensive Database for Benchmarking Imaging Systems, A
* Deep Perceptual Image Enhancement Network for Exposure Restoration

Rao, S.R.[Shankar R.] Co Author Listing * Motion Segmentation in the Presence of Outlying, Incomplete, or Corrupted Trajectories
* Motion segmentation via robust subspace separation in the presence of outlying, incomplete, or corrupted trajectories
* Natural Image Segmentation with Adaptive Texture and Boundary Encoding
* Robust Algebraic Segmentation of Mixed Rigid-Body and Planar Motions from Two Views
* Robust Statistical Estimation and Segmentation of Multiple Subspaces
* Segmentation of Hybrid Motions via Hybrid Quadratic Surface Analysis
* Segmentation of Natural Images by Texture and Boundary Compression
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Rao, S.S.[Sai Soorya] Co Author Listing * GlocalNet: Class-aware Long-term Human Motion Synthesis
* Improving Cartosat-1 DEM accuracy using synthetic stereo pair and triplet
Includes: Rao, S.S.[Sai Soorya] Rao, S.S.[S. Srinivasa]

Rao, S.V. Co Author Listing * Analysis of Stochastic k-Coverage and Connectivity in Sensor Networks With Boundary Deployment
* Fast algorithms for computing -skeletons and their relatives
* Performance Analysis of Optimum Tilt Angle and Beam Configuration to Derive Horizontal Wind Velocities by Postset Beam Steering Technique

Rao, S.V.B.[S. Vijaya Bhaskara] Co Author Listing * Climatological Changes in Soil Moisture during the 21st Century over the Indian Region Using CMIP5 and Satellite Observations
* Denoising Atmospheric Radar Signals Using Spectral-Based Subspace Method Applicable for PBS Wind Estimation
* Soil Moisture Variability in India: Relationship of Land Surface-Atmosphere Fields Using Maximum Covariance Analysis
Includes: Rao, S.V.B.[S. Vijaya Bhaskara] Rao, S.V.B.

Rao, T. Co Author Listing * Multi-scale blocks based image emotion classification using multiple instance learning
* Quadrant segmentation and ring-like searching based FPGA implementation of ORB matching system for Full-HD video

Rao, T.C.M.[T.C. Malleswara] Co Author Listing * Feature extraction for fingerprint classification

Rao, T.M.[T. Mahadeva] Co Author Listing * Reconstruction of objects from their projections using generalized inverses

Rao, T.N. Co Author Listing * Distributed Small Satellite Approach for Measuring Convective Transports in the Earth's Atmosphere, A
* Experimental Evaluation of Theoretical Formulations for the Correction of Spectral Widths of MST Radar Spectra
* Feature-versus deep learning-based approaches for the automated detection of brain tumor with magnetic resonance images: A comparative study
* FFCAEs: An efficient feature fusion framework using cascaded autoencoders for the identification of gliomas
* Identification and Separation of Turbulence Echo From the Multipeaked VHF Radar Spectra During Precipitation
Includes: Rao, T.N. Rao, T.N.[T. Narayana] Rao, T.N.[Tejaswi N.]

Rao, T.R.[Tian Rong] Co Author Listing * Facial Expression Recognition With Multiscale Graph Convolutional Networks
Includes: Rao, T.R.[Tian Rong] Rao, T.R.[Tian-Rong]

Rao, T.X.[Tian Xing] Co Author Listing * Improved Vegetation Ecological Quality of the Three-North Shelterbelt Project Region of China during 2000-2020 as Evidenced from Multiple Remotely Sensed Indicators
* Spatio-Temporal Changes of Small Lakes of the Qilian Mountains from 1987 to 2020 and Their Driving Mechanisms, The
Includes: Rao, T.X.[Tian Xing] Rao, T.X.[Tian-Xing]

Rao, U.A. Co Author Listing * Novel Attribute-Based Symmetric Multiple Instance Learning for Histopathological Image Analysis, A

Rao, U.K.A. Co Author Listing * Histopathological Image Classification Using Discriminative Feature-Oriented Dictionary Learning

Rao, V.[Varshanth] Co Author Listing * Dual Perspective Network for Audio-Visual Event Localization

Rao, V.S.[Vijesh Soorya] Co Author Listing * Object Contour and Edge Detection with RefineContourNet

Rao, W. Co Author Listing * Tensor-Based Approach to L-Shaped Arrays Processing With Enhanced Degrees of Freedom, A

Rao, W.M.[Wen Ming] Co Author Listing * Interval data-based k-means clustering method for traffic state identification at urban intersections
* Investigating impact of the heterogeneity of trajectory data distribution on origin-destination estimation: A spatial statistics approach
Includes: Rao, W.M.[Wen Ming] Rao, W.M.[Wen-Ming]

Rao, W.Q.[Wei Qiang] Co Author Listing * Detecting the Responses of CO2 Column Abundances to Anthropogenic Emissions from Satellite Observations of GOSAT and OCO-2
Includes: Rao, W.Q.[Wei Qiang] Rao, W.Q.[Wei-Qiang]

Rao, W.X.[Wei Xiong] Co Author Listing * Image Segmentation and Recognition for Multi-Class Chinese Food
Includes: Rao, W.X.[Wei Xiong] Rao, W.X.[Wei-Xiong]

Rao, X. Co Author Listing * Comments on 'Near-Field Source Localization via Symmetric Subarrays'
* Few-Shot Semantic Segmentation via Frequency Guided Neural Network
* Personality Assessment Based on Multimodal Attention Network Learning With Category-Based Mean Square Error
* Raster Map Line Element Extraction Method Based on Improved U-Net Network
Includes: Rao, X. Rao, X.[Xiya] Rao, X.[Xuanheng] Rao, X.[Xun]

Rao, X.H.[Xiao Han] Co Author Listing * Lightweight Object Detection Method in Aerial Images Based on Dense Feature Fusion Path Aggregation Network, A
Includes: Rao, X.H.[Xiao Han] Rao, X.H.[Xiao-Han]

Rao, X.Y.[Xin Yu] Co Author Listing * Landsat TM/OLI-Based Ecological and Environmental Quality Survey of Yellow River Basin, Inner Mongolia Section
Includes: Rao, X.Y.[Xin Yu] Rao, X.Y.[Xin-Yu]

Rao, Y.[Yuhan] Co Author Listing * Adopting Difference-in-Differences Method to Monitor Crop Response to Agrometeorological Hazards with Satellite Data: A Case Study of Dry-Hot Wind
* Automatic vehicle recognition in multiple cameras for video surveillance
* Block-Based Convolutional Neural Network for Image Forgery Detection
* Bootstrapping Social Emotion Classification with Semantically Rich Hybrid Neural Networks
* Cascaded Feature Interaction Network for Stereo Matching
* Combination of TsHARP and Thin Plate Spline Interpolation for Spatial Sharpening of Thermal Imagery, A
* Deep Face Super-Resolution With Iterative Collaboration Between Attentive Recovery and Landmark Estimation
* deep-shallow and global-local multi-feature fusion network for photometric stereo, A
* effecive night video enhancement algorithm, An
* Energy-efficient control of a train considering multi-trains power flow
* Energy-efficient train control considering the traction system efficiency
* Enterprise LST Algorithm Development and Its Evaluation with NOAA 20 Data
* Fast Supervised Topic Models for Short Text Emotion Detection
* Fuzzy c-means clustering based on weights and gene expression programming
* Fuzzy SVM Ensembles for Relevance Feedback in Image Retrieval
* Heterogeneous Knowledge Network for Visual Dialog
* Hybrid single image dehazing with bright channel and dark channel priors
* IAF-LG: An Interactive Attention Fusion Network With Local and Global Perspective for Aspect-Based Sentiment Analysis
* Irregularly Sampled Seismic Data Reconstruction Using Multiscale Multidirectional Adaptive Prediction-Error Filter
* Issues and Challenges of Aspect-based Sentiment Analysis: A Comprehensive Survey
* Learning Globally Optimized Object Detector via Policy Gradient
* Lexicon-Based Sentiment Convolutional Neural Networks for Online Review Analysis
* Multi-data UAV Images for Large Scale Reconstruction of Buildings
* Near-field photometric stereo using a ring-light imaging device
* Optimal running time supplement for the energy-efficient train control considering the section running time constraint
* Point completion by a Stack-Style Folding Network with multi-scaled graphical features
* practical sampling method for assessing accuracy of detected land cover/land use change: Theoretical analysis and simulation experiments, A
* Region-based growing algorithm for 3D reconstruction from MRI images
* Self-supervised Domain Adaptation for Forgery Localization of JPEG Compressed Images
* Simple Method for Detecting Phenological Change From Time Series of Vegetation Index, A
* Source Wavefield Reconstruction in Fractional Laplacian Viscoacoustic Wave Equation-Based Full Waveform Inversion
* Spoofing Traction Strategy Based on the Generation of Traction Code
* Structure-Preserving Super Resolution With Gradient Guidance
Includes: Rao, Y.[Yuhan] Rao, Y.[Yunbo] Rao, Y.[Yuan] Rao, Y. Rao, Y.[Yu] Rao, Y.[Yong] Rao, Y.[Yanghui] Rao, Y.[Ying] Rao, Y.[Yongnan]
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Rao, Y.H.[Yang Hui] Co Author Listing * Contextual Sentiment Topic Model for Adaptive Social Emotion Classification
* Improved Method for Producing High Spatial-Resolution NDVI Time Series Datasets with Multi-Temporal MODIS NDVI Data and Landsat TM/ETM+ Images, An
* Response of winter wheat to spring frost from a remote sensing perspective: Damage estimation and influential factors
Includes: Rao, Y.H.[Yang Hui] Rao, Y.H.[Yang-Hui] Rao, Y.H.[Yu-Han]

Rao, Y.J.[Yu Jing] Co Author Listing * LSV-ANet: Deep Learning on Local Structure Visualization for Feature Matching
Includes: Rao, Y.J.[Yu Jing] Rao, Y.J.[Yu-Jing]

Rao, Y.K.[Yu Kun] Co Author Listing * deep learning method for video-based action recognition, A
Includes: Rao, Y.K.[Yu Kun] Rao, Y.K.[Yu-Kun]

Rao, Y.M.[Yong Ming] Co Author Listing * AMixer: Adaptive Weight Mixing for Self-Attention Free Vision Transformers
* Attention-Aware Deep Reinforcement Learning for Video Face Recognition
* Back to Reality: Weakly-supervised 3D Object Detection with Shape-Guided Label Enhancement
* COIN: A Large-Scale Dataset for Comprehensive Instructional Video Analysis
* Counterfactual Attention Learning for Fine-Grained Visual Categorization and Re-identification
* DenseCLIP: Language-Guided Dense Prediction with Context-Aware Prompting
* Dynamic Spatial Sparsification for Efficient Vision Transformers and Convolutional Neural Networks
* FineDiving: A Fine-grained Dataset for Procedure-aware Action Quality Assessment
* GFNet: Global Filter Networks for Visual Recognition
* Global-Local Bidirectional Reasoning for Unsupervised Representation Learning of 3D Point Clouds
* Group-aware Contrastive Regression for Action Quality Assessment
* Learning Discriminative Aggregation Network for Video-Based Face Recognition
* Learning Discriminative Aggregation Network for Video-Based Face Recognition and Person Re-identification
* LiDAR Distillation: Bridging the Beam-Induced Domain Gap for 3D Object Detection
* Metadistiller: Network Self-boosting via Meta-learned Top-down Distillation
* NerfingMVS: Guided Optimization of Neural Radiance Fields for Indoor Multi-view Stereo
* Point-BERT: Pre-training 3D Point Cloud Transformers with Masked Point Modeling
* PointGLR: Unsupervised Structural Representation Learning of 3D Point Clouds
* PoinTr: Diverse Point Cloud Completion with Geometry-Aware Transformers
* PV-RAFT: Point-Voxel Correlation Fields for Scene Flow Estimation of Point Clouds
* RandomRooms: Unsupervised Pre-training from Synthetic Shapes and Randomized Layouts for 3D Object Detection
* Retrieving the Infected Area of Pine Wilt Disease-Disturbed Pine Forests from Medium-Resolution Satellite Images Using the Stochastic Radiative Transfer Theory
* Runtime Network Routing for Efficient Image Classification
* SemAffiNet: Semantic-Affine Transformation for Point Cloud Segmentation
* Spherical Fractal Convolutional Neural Networks for Point Cloud Recognition
* Stochastic Trajectory Prediction via Motion Indeterminacy Diffusion
* Structure-Preserving Image Super-Resolution
* Temporal Coherence or Temporal Motion: Which Is More Critical for Video-based Person Re-identification?
* Towards Interpretable Deep Metric Learning with Structural Matching
* Video Saliency Forecasting Transformer
* VideoABC: A Real-World Video Dataset for Abductive Visual Reasoning
Includes: Rao, Y.M.[Yong Ming] Rao, Y.M.[Yong-Ming] Rao, Y.M.[Yue-Ming]
31 for Rao, Y.M.

Rao, Y.N.[Yong Nan] Co Author Listing * Carrier Characteristic Bias Estimation between GNSS Signals and Its Calibration in High-Precision Joint Positioning
* Method for Estimating the Optimal Coefficient of L1C/B1C Signal Correlator Joint Receiving
Includes: Rao, Y.N.[Yong Nan] Rao, Y.N.[Yong-Nan]

Rao, Y.S. Co Author Listing * Comparison between Support Vector Machine and Water Cloud Model for Estimating Crop Leaf Area Index, A
* Dual-polarimetric descriptors from Sentinel-1 GRD SAR data for crop growth assessment
* Novel clustering schemes for full and compact polarimetric SAR data: An application for rice phenology characterization
* Radar Vegetation Index for Crop Monitoring Using Compact Polarimetric SAR Data, A
* Soil Moisture Estimation Using Hybrid Polarimetric SAR Data of RISAT-1

Rao, Y.V. Co Author Listing * Computer-Vision-Based Approach to Personal Identification Using Finger Crease Pattern

Rao, Z.[Zejing] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Lp Norm Minimization Algorithm for Direction of Arrival Estimation, An
* Channel Compensation Technique Based on Frequency-Hopping Binary Offset Carrier Modulated Signal, A
* Cross-View Image Matching Method with Feature Enhancement, A
* Efficient Retrieval of Deformed and Occluded Shapes
* Explaining Knowledge Distillation by Quantifying the Knowledge
* Input-Perturbation-Sensitivity for Performance Analysis of CNNS on Image Recognition
* Quantifying the Knowledge in a DNN to Explain Knowledge Distillation for Classification
* Simulation and Analysis of Electromagnetic Scattering from Anisotropic Plasma-Coated Electrically Large and Complex Targets
Includes: Rao, Z.[Zejing] Rao, Z.[Zihan] Rao, Z.[Ziyu] Rao, Z. Rao, Z.[Zhefan] Rao, Z.[Zhenmin]
8 for Rao, Z.

Rao, Z.B.[Zhi Bo] Co Author Listing * Bidirectional Guided Attention Network for 3-D Semantic Detection of Remote Sensing Images
* CFNet: Cascade and Fused Cost Volume for Robust Stereo Matching
* Him-Net: A New Neural Network Approach for SAR and Optical Image Template Matching1
* Improving Stereo Matching Generalization via Fourier-Based Amplitude Transform
* MVS2: Deep Unsupervised Multi-View Stereo with Multi-View Symmetry
* PCW-Net: Pyramid Combination and Warping Cost Volume for Stereo Matching
* Synthetic-to-Real Domain Adaptation Joint Spatial Feature Transform for Stereo Matching
Includes: Rao, Z.B.[Zhi Bo] Rao, Z.B.[Zhi-Bo]
7 for Rao, Z.B.

Rao, Z.C.[Zhe Chu] Co Author Listing * Color Random Valued Impulse Noise Removal Based on Quaternion Convolutional Attention Denoising Network
Includes: Rao, Z.C.[Zhe Chu] Rao, Z.C.[Zhe-Chu]

Rao, Z.G.[Zu Guang] Co Author Listing * Reconstruction of conductivity distribution with a compound variational strategy in electrical impedance tomography
Includes: Rao, Z.G.[Zu Guang] Rao, Z.G.[Zu-Guang]

Rao, Z.T.[Zhi Tao] Co Author Listing * Withdrawn: Incremental subspace and probability mask constrained tracking in smart and autonomous systems
Includes: Rao, Z.T.[Zhi Tao] Rao, Z.T.[Zhi-Tao]

Rao, Z.Y.[Zhong Yu] Co Author Listing * Monocular Road Scene Bird's Eye View Prediction via Big Kernel-Size Encoder and Spatial-Channel Transform Module
Includes: Rao, Z.Y.[Zhong Yu] Rao, Z.Y.[Zhong-Yu]

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