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Bara, M. Co Author Listing * Interferometric SAR Signal Analysis in the Presence of Squint

Bara, S. Co Author Listing * Efficient Poisson denoising for photography
* Ground-based hyperspectral analysis of the urban nightscape
Includes: Bara, S. Bará, S.[Salvador]

Baraas, R.[Rigmor] Co Author Listing * Color Vision: Introduction
* Color vision: Introduction by the feature editors
* Color vision: introduction by the feature editors 2016

Baraas, R.C.[Rigmor C.] Co Author Listing * Adaptive optics retinal imaging reveals S-cone dystrophy in tritan color-vision deficiency
* Need for Universal Design of eXtended Reality (XR) Technology in Primary and Secondary Education, The
* Performance of normal females and carriers of color-vision deficiencies on standard color-vision tests

Barabas, J.[James] Co Author Listing * How to build a holographic television system

Barabino, B. Co Author Listing * Application of Mobility Management: A Web structure for the optimisation of the mobility of working staff of big companies
* Evaluating alternative methods to estimate bus running times by archived automatic vehicle location data
* Offline Framework for Handling Automatic Passenger Counting Raw Data, An
* Offline Framework for the Diagnosis of Time Reliability by Automatic Vehicle Location Data, An
* Regularity analysis on bus networks and route directions by automatic vehicle location raw data
* Rethinking Transit Time Reliability by Integrating Automated Vehicle Location Data, Passenger Patterns, and Web Tools
* Standing Passenger Comfort: A New Scale for Evaluating the Real-Time Driving Style of Bus Transit Services
Includes: Barabino, B. Barabino, B.[Benedetto]
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Baraboo, J.J.[Justin J.] Co Author Listing * Divergence-Free Constrained Phase Unwrapping and Denoising for 4D Flow MRI Using Weighted Least-Squares

Baracchi, D.[Daniele] Co Author Listing * Continual learning for adaptive social network identification
* Facing Image Source Attribution on iPhone X
* Uncovering the authorship: Linking media content to social user profiles

Baracchini, E. Co Author Listing * Study of the Impact of Pre-processing Applied to Images Acquired by the Cygno Experiment

Baracchini, T.[Theo] Co Author Listing * Integrating Inland and Coastal Water Quality Data for Actionable Knowledge

Barache, D. Co Author Listing * Multiscale shape analysis using the continuous wavelet transform
* Shape Characterization With the Wavelet Transform

Baracos, V. Co Author Listing * Body Composition Assessment in Axial CT Images Using FEM-Based Automatic Segmentation of Skeletal Muscle

Barad, H. Co Author Listing * Mimic The Raw Domain: Accelerating Action Recognition in the Compressed Domain
* Textural Neural Network and Version Space Classifiers for Remote Sensing

Baradaaji, A. Co Author Listing * Soft Label and Discriminant Embedding Estimation for Semi-Supervised Classification

Baradad, M. Co Author Listing * Height and Uprightness Invariance for 3D Prediction From a Single View
* Inferring Light Fields from Shadows
* Using Unknown Occluders to Recover Hidden Scenes
Includes: Baradad, M. Baradad, M.[Manel]

Baradaran Shokouhi, S.[Shahriar] Co Author Listing * New Region-Based Active Contour Model with Skewness Wavelet Energy for Segmentation of SAR Images, A
* Random Texture Defect Detection Using 1-D Hidden Markov Models Based on Local Binary Patterns
* Study of Facial Features Combination Using a Novel Adaptive Fuzzy Integral Fusion Model

Baradaran, M.[Mohammad] Co Author Listing * Multi-Task Learning based Video Anomaly Detection with Attention
* Object Class Aware Video Anomaly Detection through Image Translation

Baradarani, A. Co Author Listing * convolutional autoencoder model with weighted multi-scale attention modules for 3D skeleton-based action recognition, A
* efficient illumination invariant face recognition framework via illumination enhancement and DD-DTWT filtering, An
* Efficient Segmentation of Lung Abnormalities in CT Images
* Human Action Recognition Using Non-separable Oriented 3D Dual-Tree Complex Wavelets
* Illumination invariant human face recognition: frequency or resonance?
* Moving object segmentation using the 9/7-10/8 dual-tree complex filter bank
* On the Design of a Class of Odd-Length Biorthogonal Wavelet Filter Banks for Signal and Image Processing
* Spatio-temporal attention modules in orientation-magnitude-response guided multi-stream CNNs for human action recognition
* Tunable halfband-pair wavelet filter banks and application to multifocus image fusion
Includes: Baradarani, A. Baradarani, A.[Aryaz]
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Baradarannia, M.[Mahdi] Co Author Listing * Improvement of angular velocity and position estimation in gyro-free inertial navigation based on vision aid equipment

Baradel, F. Co Author Listing * Discrepancy-Based Networks for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation: A Comparative Study
* Glimpse Clouds: Human Activity Recognition from Unstructured Feature Points
* Human Action Recognition: Pose-Based Attention Draws Focus to Hands
* Leveraging MoCap Data for Human Mesh Recovery
* Object Level Visual Reasoning in Videos
* PoseBERT: A Generic Transformer Module for Temporal 3D Human Modeling
* PoseGPT: Quantization-Based 3D Human Motion Generation and Forecasting
* SHOWMe: Benchmarking Object-agnostic Hand-Object 3D Reconstruction
Includes: Baradel, F. Baradel, F.[Fabien]
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Baradez, M.O. Co Author Listing * Robust and automated unimodal histogram thresholding and potential applications
* Thresholding based on linear diffusion for feature segmentation

Baradkar, C.S.[Chaitree Sham] Co Author Listing * Traffic sign recognition using weighted multi-convolutional neural network

Baraer, M.[Michel] Co Author Listing * Accuracy Assessment of Snow Depth Measurements in Agro-Forested Environments by UAV Lidar, An
* Drone-Based Ground-Penetrating Radar with Manual Transects for Improved Field Surveys of Buried Ice
Includes: Baraer, M.[Michel] Baraër, M.[Michel]

Baragchizadeh, A. Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Automated Identity Masking Method (AIM) in Naturalistic Driving Study (NDS)

Baraha, S.[Satyakam] Co Author Listing * Restoration of speckle noise corrupted SAR images using regularization by denoising
* Wavelet oriented SAR image despeckling using fractional-order TV and a non-convex sparse prior

Baraheem, S.S.[Samah S.] Co Author Listing * Text-to-image via mask anchor points

Barahona, D.O.[Donifan O.] Co Author Listing * Comprehensive Machine Learning Study to Classify Precipitation Type over Land from Global Precipitation Measurement Microwave Imager (GPM-GMI) Measurements, A

Barai, E.[Eric] Co Author Listing * Dynamic and clinical PET data reconstruction: A nonparametric Bayesian approach

Barai, N.R. Co Author Listing * Human visual system inspired saliency guided edge preserving tone-mapping for high dynamic range imaging

Barajas Solano, C.[Crisostomo] Co Author Listing * Compressive Spectral Video Sensing using the Convolutional Sparse Coding framework CSC4D
* Convolutional sparse coding framework for compressive spectral imaging
Includes: Barajas Solano, C.[Crisostomo] Barajas-Solano, C.[Crisostomo]

Barajas, J.[Joel] Co Author Listing * In-Vivo IVUS Tissue Classification: A Comparison Between RF Signal Analysis and Reconstructed Images

Barajas, L.G.[Leandro G.] Co Author Listing * Local recurrence based performance prediction and prognostics in the nonlinear and nonstationary systems

Barak Shimron, E.[Efrat] Co Author Listing * Local versus Global in Quasi-Conformal Mapping for Medical Imaging
Includes: Barak Shimron, E.[Efrat] Barak-Shimron, E.[Efrat]

Baraka, K.[Kim] Co Author Listing * Dance Style Transfer with Cross-modal Transformer

Baraka, N. Co Author Listing * Video Image Compression using Zerotree Wavelets Coding

Barakat, B.K.[Berat Kurar] Co Author Listing * Text Line Extraction Using Fully Convolutional Network and Energy Minimization
* Unsupervised deep learning for text line segmentation

Barakat, H. Co Author Listing * Training with positive and negative data samples: Effects on a classifier for hand-drawn geometric shapes

Barakat, H.F.[Hazem F.] Co Author Listing * Comparison Between Invariance and Photogrammetry for Image and Object Transfer
* Object Model Construction by Invariance and Photogrammetry
* Photogrammetric Analysis of Image Invariance

Barakat, M. Co Author Listing * Image Sequence Coding Using 3-D I.F.S.

Barakat, M.L. Co Author Listing * fractal-based image encryption system, A
* Hardware stream cipher with controllable chaos generator for colour image encryption

Barakat, N. Co Author Listing * Minimal-Bracketing Sets for High-Dynamic-Range Image Capture
* Rule Extraction from Support Vector Machines: Measuring the Explanation Capability Using the Area under the ROC Curve
* tradeoff between SNR and exposure-set size in HDR imaging, The
Includes: Barakat, N. Barakat, N.[Nahla] Barakat, N.[Neil]

Barakat, O.[Oussama] Co Author Listing * Deep Reinforcement Learning Approach for Emergency Response Management

Barakat, V. Co Author Listing * Model-Based Tikhonov-Miller Image Restoration

Barakat, Z.[Zeid] Co Author Listing * CT Perfusion Imaging of the Brain with Machine Learning

Barakli, B.[Burhan] Co Author Listing * Adaptive reversible video watermarking based on motion-compensated prediction error expansion with pixel selection
* Reversible video watermarking using motion-compensated frame interpolation error expansion

Barakova, E. Co Author Listing * Active estimation of motivational spots for modeling dynamic interactions
* Adapting the Interplay Between Personalized and Generalized Affect Recognition Based on an Unsupervised Neural Framework
* Dynamic representations for autonomous driving
* Editorial Special Issue Interaction With Artificial Intelligence Systems: New Human-Centered Perspectives and Challenges
* Left/right hand segmentation in egocentric videos
Includes: Barakova, E. Barakova, E.[Emilia]

Barakova, E.I. Co Author Listing * Automatic Interpretation of Affective Facial Expressions in the Context of Interpersonal Interaction
* Dynamic Approach and a New Dataset for Hand-detection in First Person Vision, A
* ENGAGE-DEM: A Model of Engagement of People With Dementia
* GPU Accelerated Left/Right Hand-Segmentation in First Person Vision
Includes: Barakova, E.I. Barakova, E.I.[Emilia I.]

Barakovic, M. Co Author Listing * Learning Global Brain Microstructure Maps Using Trainable Sparse Encoders

Baral, C. Co Author Listing * Conceptual Modeling and Querying in Multimedia Databases
* Image Understanding using vision and reasoning through Scene Description Graph
* Improving Diversity with Adversarially Learned Transformations for Domain Generalization
* Spatial Knowledge Distillation to Aid Visual Reasoning
* VQA-LOL: Visual Question Answering Under the Lens of Logic
* Weakly Supervised Relative Spatial Reasoning for Visual Question Answering
Includes: Baral, C. Baral, C.[Chitta]

Baral, H.[Himlal] Co Author Listing * Spatial Assessment of the Potential Impact of Infrastructure Development on Biodiversity Conservation in Lowland Nepal

Baral, S. Co Author Listing * Semi-automatic Annotation Scheme for Bangla Online Mixed Cursive Handwriting Samples, A

Baraldi, A. Co Author Listing * Alternative Form of the Lee Filter for Speckle Suppression in SAR Images, An
* Austrian Semantic EO Data Cube Infrastructure, The
* AutoCloud+, a Universal Physical and Statistical Model-Based 2D Spatial Topology-Preserving Software for Cloud/Cloud-Shadow Detection in Multi-Sensor Single-Date Earth Observation Multi-Spectral Imagery: Part 1: Systematic ESA EO Level 2 Product Generation at the Ground Segment as Broad Context
* Automatic Spectral Rule-Based Preliminary Mapping of Calibrated Landsat TM and ETM+ Images
* Badly Posed Classification of Remotely Sensed Images: An Experimental Comparison of Existing Data Labeling Systems
* Comparison of the multilayer perceptron with neuro-fuzzy techniques in the estimation of cover class mixture in remotely sensed data
* Contextual clustering for image labeling: an application to degraded forest assessment in Landsat TM images of the Brazilian Amazon
* Fuzzification of a Crisp Near-Real-Time Operational Automatic Spectral-Rule-Based Decision-Tree Preliminary Classifier of Multisource Multispectral Remotely Sensed Images
* GEOBIA Achievements and Spatial Opportunities in the Era of Big Earth Observation Data
* Multiscale Expectation-Maximization Semisupervised Classifier Suitable for Badly Posed Image Classification, A
* Operational Automatic Remote Sensing Image Understanding Systems: Beyond Geographic Object-Based and Object-Oriented Image Analysis (GEOBIA/GEOOIA). Part 1: Introduction
* Operational Automatic Remote Sensing Image Understanding Systems: Beyond Geographic Object-Based and Object-Oriented Image Analysis (GEOBIA/GEOOIA). Part 2: Novel system Architecture, Information/Knowledge Representation, Algorithm Design and Implementation
* Operational Performance of an Automatic Preliminary Spectral Rule-Based Decision-Tree Classifier of Spaceborne Very High Resolution Optical Images
* Operational Two-Stage Stratified Topographic Correction of Spaceborne Multispectral Imagery Employing an Automatic Spectral-Rule-Based Decision-Tree Preliminary Classifier
* Probability Sampling Protocol for Thematic and Spatial Quality Assessment of Classification Maps Generated From Spaceborne/Airborne Very High Resolution Images
* Quality Assessment of Classification and Cluster Maps Without Ground Truth Knowledge
* Quality Assessment of Pre-Classification Maps Generated from Spaceborne/Airborne Multi-Spectral Images by the Satellite Image Automatic Mapper™ and Atmospheric/Topographic Correction™-Spectral Classification Software Products: Part 2: Experimental Results
* Single Linkage Region Growing Algorithms Based on the Vector Degree of Match
Includes: Baraldi, A. Baraldi, A.[Andrea]
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Baraldi, L.[Lorenzo] Co Author Listing * Aligning Text and Document Illustrations: Towards Visually Explainable Digital Humanities
* Art2Real: Unfolding the Reality of Artworks via Semantically-Aware Image-To-Image Translation
* Artpedia: A New Visual-Semantic Dataset with Visual and Contextual Sentences in the Artistic Domain
* Assessing the Role of Boundary-Level Objectives in Indoor Semantic Segmentation
* CaMEL: Mean Teacher Learning for Image Captioning
* Connected Components Labeling on DRAGs
* Context Change Detection for an Ultra-Low Power Low-Resolution Ego-Vision Imager
* deep multi-level network for saliency prediction, A
* Dual-Branch Collaborative Transformer for Virtual Try-On
* Embodied Navigation at the Art Gallery
* Enhancing Open-vocabulary Semantic Segmentation with Prototype Retrieval
* Estimating (and fixing) the Effect of Face Obfuscation in Video Recognition
* Evaluating synthetic pre-Training for handwriting processing tasks
* Explaining digital humanities by aligning images and textual descriptions
* Explore and Explain: Self-supervised Navigation and Recounting
* FOSSIL: Free Open-Vocabulary Semantic Segmentation through Synthetic References Retrieval
* From Show to Tell: A Survey on Deep Learning-Based Image Captioning
* Fully-attentive iterative networks for region-based controllable image and video captioning
* Generating More Pertinent Captions by Leveraging Semantics and Style on Multi-Source Datasets
* Gesture Recognition in Ego-centric Videos Using Dense Trajectories and Hand Segmentation
* Hierarchical Boundary-Aware Neural Encoder for Video Captioning
* Historical document digitization through layout analysis and deep content classification
* Image-to-Image Translation to Unfold the Reality of Artworks: An Empirical Analysis
* Investigating Bidimensional Downsampling in Vision Transformer Models
* LAM Dataset: A Novel Benchmark for Line-Level Handwritten Text Recognition, The
* LAMV: Learning to Align and Match Videos with Kernelized Temporal Layers
* Learning to Read L'Infinito: Handwritten Text Recognition with Synthetic Training Data
* Measuring Scene Detection Performance
* Meshed-Memory Transformer for Image Captioning
* Multi-level Net: A Visual Saliency Prediction Model
* Multimodal attention networks for low-level vision-and-language navigation
* Novel Attention-based Aggregation Function to Combine Vision and Language, A
* Optimized Connected Components Labeling with Pixel Prediction
* Out of the Box: Embodied Navigation in the Real World
* Positive-Augmented Contrastive Learning for Image and Video Captioning Evaluation
* Predicting Human Eye Fixations via an LSTM-Based Saliency Attentive Model
* Recognizing and Presenting the Storytelling Video Structure With Deep Multimodal Networks
* Revisiting The Evaluation of Class Activation Mapping for Explainability: A Novel Metric and Experimental Analysis
* RMS-Net: Regression and Masking for Soccer Event Spotting
* SAM: Pushing the Limits of Saliency Prediction Models
* Shot and Scene Detection via Hierarchical Clustering for Re-using Broadcast Video
* Show, Control and Tell: A Framework for Generating Controllable and Grounded Captions
* Spaghetti Labeling: Directed Acyclic Graphs for Block-Based Connected Components Labeling
* Spot the Difference: A Novel Task for Embodied Agents in Changing Environments
* Synthcap: Augmenting Transformers with Synthetic Data for Image Captioning
* Toward reliable experiments on the performance of Connected Components Labeling algorithms
* Towards Cycle-Consistent Models for Text and Image Retrieval
* Towards Explainable Navigation and Recounting
* Towards Video Captioning with Naming: A Novel Dataset and a Multi-modal Approach
* Unreasonable Effectiveness of CLIP Features for Image Captioning: An Experimental Analysis, The
* Unveiling the Impact of Image Transformations on Deepfake Detection: An Experimental Analysis
* Unveiling the Impact of Image Transformations on Deepfake Detection: An Experimental Analysis
* Video action detection by learning graph-based spatio-temporal interactions
* Video Surveillance and Privacy: A Solvable Paradox?
* Visual-Semantic Alignment Across Domains Using a Semi-Supervised Approach
* Watch Your Strokes: Improving Handwritten Text Recognition with Deformable Convolutions
* What Was Monet Seeing While Painting? Translating Artworks to Photo-Realistic Images
* What's Outside the Intersection? Fine-grained Error Analysis for Semantic Segmentation Beyond IoU
* With a Little Help from your own Past: Prototypical Memory Networks for Image Captioning
* YACCLAB: Yet Another Connected Components Labeling Benchmark
Includes: Baraldi, L.[Lorenzo] Baraldi, L.
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Baraldi, P.[Piero] Co Author Listing * Generative Adversarial Networks With AdaBoost Ensemble Learning for Anomaly Detection in High-Speed Train Automatic Doors

Baraldi, R.[Rita] Co Author Listing * Estimation of Water Stress in Grapevines Using Proximal and Remote Sensing Methods

Baraldi, S.[Stefano] Co Author Listing * wikiTable: finger driven interaction for collaborative knowledge-building workspaces

Barale, V.[Vittorio] Co Author Listing * Half a Century of Oceans from Space: Features and Futures
* Rising Concern for Sea Level Rise: Altimeter Record and Geo-Engineering Debate, The

Baralis, E.[Elena] Co Author Listing * Effective video hyperlinking by means of enriched feature sets and monomodal query combinations

Baralle, G.[Guillaume] Co Author Listing * Individual Identification of Cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus) Based on Close-Range Remote Sensing: First Steps of a New Monitoring Technique

Baram, S.[Shahar] Co Author Listing * Monitoring Crop Evapotranspiration and Crop Coefficients over an Almond and Pistachio Orchard Throughout Remote Sensing

Baram, Y. Co Author Listing * Diffusion Mechanism for Obstacle Detection from Size-Change Information, A
* geometric approach to consistent classification, A
* Head motion anticipation for virtual-environment applications using kinematics and EMG energy
* On Two-Dimensional Data Representation by Radial Base Functions
* Partial Classification Can Be Beneficial Even for Ideal Separation
* Partial Classification: The Benefit of Deferred Decision
* Random Embedding Machines for Low-complexity Pattern Recognition
Includes: Baram, Y. Baram, Y.[Yoram]
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Baran, A.J. Co Author Listing * Ice Cloud Properties From Himawari-8/AHI Next-Generation Geostationary Satellite: Capability of the AHI to Monitor the DC Cloud Generation Process
* Potential of Hyperspectral Thermal Infrared Spaceborne Measurements to Retrieve Ice Cloud Physical Properties: Case Study of IASI and IASI-NG
Includes: Baran, A.J. Baran, A.J.[Anthony J.]

Baran, I.[Ilya] Co Author Listing * Bounded Biharmonic Weights for Real-Time Deformation
* modification to the Goldstein radar interferogram filter, A
* New Functional Model for Determining Minimum and Maximum Detectable Deformation Gradient Resolved by Satellite Radar Interferometry, A
Includes: Baran, I.[Ilya] Baran, I.

Baran, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * Attractor-Shape for Dynamical Analysis of Human Movement: Applications in Stroke Rehabilitation and Action Recognition

Baran, M.S.[Matthew S.] Co Author Listing * High dynamic range (HDR) video processing for the exploitation of high bit-depth sensors in human-monitored surveillance
* Point cloud processing strategies for noise filtering, structural segmentation, and meshing of ground-based 3D Flash LIDAR images
* Using full motion 3D Flash LIDAR video for target detection, segmentation, and tracking

Baran, O.B.[Orhun Bugra] Co Author Listing * MaskSplit: Self-supervised Meta-learning for Few-shot Semantic Segmentation
* Meta-Tuning Loss Functions and Data Augmentation for Few-Shot Object Detection

Baran, P. Co Author Listing * High-Resolution X-Ray Phase-Contrast 3-D Imaging of Breast Tissue Specimens as a Possible Adjunct to Histopathology

Baran, P.K.[Perver K.] Co Author Listing * High Resolution Viewscape Modeling Evaluated Through Immersive Virtual Environments

Baran, R.[Ramona] Co Author Listing * Classification of Boulders in Coastal Environments Using Random Forest Machine Learning on Topo-Bathymetric LiDAR Data
* Registration of Multi-Sensor Bathymetric Point Clouds in Rural Areas Using Point-to-Grid Distances

Baranauskas, M.C.C.[M. Cecilia C.] Co Author Listing * FISIR: A Flexible Framework for Interactive Search in Image Retrieval Systems
* Kinect-Based Wearable Face Recognition System to Aid Visually Impaired Users, A
Includes: Baranauskas, M.C.C.[M. Cecilia C.] Baranauskas, M.C.C.[M. Cecília C.] Baranauskas, M.C.C.

Baranchuk, D.[Dmitry] Co Author Listing * DeDrift: Robust Similarity Search under Content Drift
* Revisiting the Inverted Indices for Billion-Scale Approximate Nearest Neighbors

Baranczuk, J.[Jacek] Co Author Listing * Historical Trend Analysis and Forecasting of Shoreline Change at the Nile Delta Using RS Data and GIS with the DSAS Tool

Baranczuk, Z. Co Author Listing * Conjoint Analysis for Evaluating Parameterized Gamut Mapping Algorithms

Baranda, J.[Jorge] Co Author Listing * Efficiency improvement of human body detection with histograms of oriented gradients

Barandas, M.[Marilia] Co Author Listing * Time Alignment Measurement for Time Series
Includes: Barandas, M.[Marilia] Barandas, M.[Marília]

Barandela, R. Co Author Listing * Analysis of new techniques to obtain quality training sets
* Dynamic and Static Weighting in Classifier Fusion
* Fast hierarchical clustering based on compressed data
* Strategies for learning in class imbalance problems
Includes: Barandela, R. Barandela, R.[Ricardo]

Barandiaran, I.[Inigo] Co Author Listing * Real-time depth map generation architecture for 3D videoconferencing
* Real-time optical markerless tracking for augmented reality applications
* Statistical Tuning of Adaptive-Weight Depth Map Algorithm
* Tuning of Adaptive Weight Depth Map Generation Algorithms
Includes: Barandiaran, I.[Inigo] Barandiaran, I.[Iñigo]

Barandiaran, J. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Multicue Background Subtraction for Robust Vehicle Counting and Classification
* Analysis of Classifier Training on Synthetic Data for Cross-Domain Datasets
* Real-time depth map generation architecture for 3D videoconferencing
* temporally consistent grid-based visual odometry framework for multi-core architectures, A
Includes: Barandiaran, J. Barandiarán, J.[Javier] Barandiaran, J.[Javier]

Baranger, J. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Spatiotemporal SVD Clutter Filtering for Ultrafast Doppler Imaging Using Similarity of Spatial Singular Vectors
* Longitudinal Assessment of Cerebral Blood Volume Variation in Human Neonates Using Ultrafast Power Doppler and Diverging Waves
Includes: Baranger, J. Baranger, J.[Jeìrôme]

Barani, S.[Simone] Co Author Listing * CAPS: A New Method for the Identification of Different Surface Displacements in Landslide and Subsidence Environments through Correlation Analysis on Persistent Scatterers Time-Series from PSI
* Persistent Scatterer Interferometry and Statistical Analysis of Time-Series for Landslide Monitoring: Application to Santo Stefano d'Aveto (Liguria, NW Italy)

Baraniuk, R.[Richard] Co Author Listing * Can Neural Nets Learn the Same Model Twice? Investigating Reproducibility and Double Descent from the Decision Boundary Perspective
* Fast Alternating Direction Optimization Methods
* FlatCam: Replacing Lenses with Masks and Computation
* Polarity Sampling: Quality and Diversity Control of Pre-Trained Generative Networks via Singular Values
* Realization of hybrid compressive imaging strategies
* Signal processing for computational photography and displays
* SplineCam: Exact Visualization and Characterization of Deep Network Geometry and Decision Boundaries
* STOne Transform: Multi-Resolution Image Enhancement and Compressive Video, The
Includes: Baraniuk, R.[Richard] Baraniuk, R.
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Baraniuk, R.G. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Weighted Highpass Filters Using Multiscale Analysis
* Applications of Sparse Representation and Compressive Sensing
* Approximation and compression of piecewise smooth images using a wavelet/wedgelet geometric model
* Architecture for Compressive Imaging, An
* Bayesian tree-structured image modeling using wavelet-domain hidden markov models
* Bayesian Wavelet-Domain Image Modeling using Hidden Markov Trees
* Blind Error-Free Detection of Transform-Domain Watermarks
* BM3D-AMP: A new image recovery algorithm based on BM3D denoising
* BM3D-PRGAMP: Compressive phase retrieval based on BM3D denoising
* Coherent Multiscale Image Processing Using Dual-Tree Quaternion Wavelets
* Compression Color Space Estimation of JPEG Images Using Lattice Basis Reduction
* Compressive Acquisition of Dynamic Scenes
* Compressive Acquisition of Linear Dynamical Systems
* Compressive Sensing for Background Subtraction
* Compressive Video Sensing: Algorithms, architectures, and applications
* CS-MUVI: Video compressive sensing for spatial-multiplexing cameras
* Distributed image compression for sensor networks using correspondence analysis and super-resolution
* Evaluating generative networks using Gaussian mixtures of image features
* Imaging with THZ Pulses
* Joint Manifolds for Data Fusion
* JPEG Compression History Estimation for Color Images
* Kronecker Compressive Sensing
* Lensless Imaging: A computational renaissance
* Locally Competitive Algorithms for Sparse Approximation
* Low-Dimensional Models for Dimensionality Reduction and Signal Recovery: A Geometric Perspective
* Mad Max: Affine Spline Insights Into Deep Learning
* MINER: Multiscale Implicit Neural Representation
* Model-based Inverse Halftoning with Wavelet-vaguelette Deconvolution
* Multiple Basis Wavelet Denoising using Besov Projections
* Multiple Wavelet Basis Image Denoising Using Besov Ball Projections
* Multiscale Classification Using Complex Wavelets and Hidden Markov Tree Models
* Multiscale Edge Grammars for Complex Wavelet Transforms
* Multiscale Image Disparity Estimation using the Quaternion Wavelet Transform
* Multiscale image processing using normal triangulated meshes
* Multiscale image segmentation using wavelet-domain hidden Markov models
* Multiscale Random Projections for Compressive Classification
* Multiscale wedgelet image analysis: fast decompositions and modeling
* Nonlinear wavelet transforms for image coding via lifting
* Quaternion wavelets for image analysis and processing
* Rate-distortion optimized image compression using wedgelets
* SASSI: Super-Pixelated Adaptive Spatio-Spectral Imaging
* Scheduled Restart Momentum for Accelerated Stochastic Gradient Descent
* Sparsity and Structure in Hyperspectral Imaging: Sensing, Reconstruction, and Target Detection
* Texas Two-Step: A Framework for Optimal Multi-Input Single-Output Deconvolution
* Thermal Image Processing via Physics-Inspired Deep Networks
* Toward Compressive Camera Networks
* Tuning Support Vector Machines for Minimax and Neyman-Pearson Classification
* Uniform Partitioning of Data Grid for Association Detection
* Universal Frame Thresholding
* Video Compressive Sensing for Spatial Multiplexing Cameras Using Motion-Flow Models
* Wavelet soft-thresholding of time-frequency representations
* Wavelet-Based Statistical Signal-Processing Using Hidden Markov-Models
* Wavelet-Domain Approximation and Compression of Piecewise Smooth Images
* Wavelet-Domain Filtering for Photon Imaging Systems
* Wavelet-Domain Regularized Deconvolution for Ill-Conditioned Systems
* WIRE: Wavelet Implicit Neural Representations
Includes: Baraniuk, R.G. Baraniuk, R.G.[Richard G.] Baraniuk, R.G.[Ricard G.]
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Barankov, R.[Roman] Co Author Listing * High-resolution 3D phase imaging using a partitioned detection aperture: a wave-optic analysis

Baranoski, G.[Gladimir] Co Author Listing * Conference on graphics, patterns and images

Baranoski, G.V.G.[Gladimir V. G.] Co Author Listing * Environmentally Induced Snow Transmittance Variations in the Photosynthetic Spectral Domain: Photobiological Implications for Subnivean Vegetation under Climate Warming Conditions
* Reducing the dimensionality of plant spectral databases
* State Of The Art In The Realistic Modeling Of Plant Venation Systems
Includes: Baranoski, G.V.G.[Gladimir V. G.] Baranoski, G.V.G.

Baranouskaya, D.[Darya] Co Author Listing * Human-interpretable and deep features for image privacy classification

Baranov, V.[Vladimir] Co Author Listing * Preliminary Performance Assessment of the Wave Parameter Retrieval Algorithm from the Average Reflected Pulse

Baranov, V.G. Co Author Listing * Estimating the geometrical parameters of branches of tree-like and netlike structures

Baranovskiy, N.V.[Nikolay Viktorovich] Co Author Listing * Dynamics of Forest Vegetation in an Urban Agglomeration Based on Landsat Remote Sensing Data for the Period 1990-2022: A Case Study

Baranowski, J. Co Author Listing * Developing The Stabilized Mapping System For The Gyrocopter: Report From The First Tests

Baranowski, K.[Kelsee] Co Author Listing * Application of Reflectance Ratios on High-Resolution Satellite Imagery to Remotely Identify Eucalypt Vegetation

Baranowski, T.[Tom] Co Author Listing * Egocentric Image Captioning for Privacy-Preserved Passive Dietary Intake Monitoring

Baranska, A.[Anna] Co Author Listing * Unified Methodology for the Generalisation of the Geometry of Features, A

Baranskaya, A.[Alisa] Co Author Listing * Dynamics of Permafrost Coasts of Baydaratskaya Bay (Kara Sea) Based on Multi-Temporal Remote Sensing Data
* Ice-Gouging Topography of the Exposed Aral Sea Bed

Baranski, P.[Przemyslaw] Co Author Listing * Disparity Map Based Procedure for Collision-Free Guidance through Unknown Environments

Baranval, N.K.[Nikhil Kumar] Co Author Listing * Potentials of Airborne Hyperspectral AVIRIS-NG Data in the Exploration of Base Metal Deposit: A Study in the Parts of Bhilwara, Rajasthan

Baranwal, M. Co Author Listing * CAPPA: Continuous-Time Accelerated Proximal Point Algorithm for Sparse Recovery
* novel machine learning-based analytical framework for automatic detection of COVID-19 using chest X-ray images, A
Includes: Baranwal, M. Baranwal, M.[Manoj]

Baranwal, U.[Utkarsh] Co Author Listing * Object Detection and Counting Challenges in Real Street Monitoring: Case Study of Homeless Encampments

Baranwal, V.C.[Vikas C.] Co Author Listing * AEM in Norway: A Review of the Coverage, Applications and the State of Technology
* Sparse-Promoting 3-D Airborne Electromagnetic Inversion Based on Shearlet Transform
Includes: Baranwal, V.C.[Vikas C.] Baranwal, V.C.[Vikas Chand]

Baranyi, P.[Peter] Co Author Listing * Opto-Mechanical Oriented Edge Filtering
Includes: Baranyi, P.[Peter] Baranyi, P.[Péter]

Baranyuk, A.[Anastasiya] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Extreme Ocean Winds within Intense Wintertime Windstorms over the North Pacific Using SMAP L-Band Radiometer Observations
* Satellite Multi-Sensor Data Analysis of Unusually Strong Polar Lows over the Chukchi and Beaufort Seas in October 2017

Barao, M.[Miguel] Co Author Listing * Alignment of velocity fields for video surveillance
* Efficient Optimization Algorithm for Space-Variant Mixture of Vector Fields
* Information Geometric Algorithm for Estimating Switching Probabilities in Space-Varying HMM
* Trajectory Analysis Using Switched Motion Fields: A Parametric Approach
Includes: Barao, M.[Miguel] Barão, M.[Miguel] Barao, M.

Bararwandika, A. Co Author Listing * Congo Basin Forest Cover Change Estimate for 1990, 2000 and 2005 by Landsat Interpretation Using an Automated Object-Based Processing Chain

Baras, A. Co Author Listing * Deep Adversarial Training for Multi-Organ Nuclei Segmentation in Histopathology Images
* Sparse Multi-Modal Graph Transformer with Shared-Context Processing for Representation Learning of Giga-pixel Images
Includes: Baras, A. Baras, A.[Alexander]

Baras, I.S. Co Author Listing * Tool wear estimation from acoustic emissions: A model incorporating wear-rate

Baras, J.S.[John S.] Co Author Listing * email: Baras, J.S.[John S.]: baras AT isr umd edu
* Authentication of area fingerprint scanners
* Further results on MAP optimality and strong consistency of certain classes of morphological filters
* On morphological openings and closings of signals in shaped noise
* On Optimal Watermarking Schemes in Uncertain Gaussian Channels
* Optimal Filtering of Digital Binary Images Corrupted by Union/Intersection Noise
* Reliable Attribute-Based Object Recognition Using High Predictive Value Classifiers
Includes: Baras, J.S.[John S.] Baras, J.S.
7 for Baras, J.S.

Barash, D. Co Author Listing * accurate operator splitting scheme for nonlinear diffusion filtering, An
* Bilateral Filtering and Anisotropic Diffusion: Towards a Unified Viewpoint
* common framework for nonlinear diffusion, adaptive smoothing, bilateral filtering and mean shift, A
* Common Viewpoint on Broad Kernel Filtering and Nonlinear Diffusion, A
* Fundamental Relationship between Bilateral Filtering, Adaptive Smoothing, and the Nonlinear Diffusion Equation, A
* Multiplicative Operator Splittings in Nonlinear Diffusion: From Spatial Splitting to Multiple Timesteps
* Pattern Recognition Method to Detect Vulnerable Spots in an RNA Sequence for Bacterial Resistance to the Antibiotic Spectinomycin
Includes: Barash, D. Barash, D.[Danny]
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Barash, E. Co Author Listing * Multiplexed Analysis of Proteins in Tissue Using Multispectral Fluorescence Imaging

Barat, C.[Cecile] Co Author Listing * Discriminative Color Descriptors
* Feature Correspondences from Multiple Views of Coplanar Ellipses
* Fisher Linear Discriminant Analysis for text-image combination in multimedia information retrieval
* Global Bilateral Symmetry Detection Using Multiscale Mirror Histograms
* Multiple Reflection Symmetry Detection via Linear-Directional Kernel Density Estimation
* Pattern matching using morphological probing
* Spatial histograms of soft pairwise similar patches to improve the bag-of-visual-words model
* Spatial orientations of visual word pairs to improve Bag-of-Visual-Words model
* String representations and distances in deep Convolutional Neural Networks for image classification
* Virtual double-sided image probing: A unifying framework for non-linear grayscale pattern matching
* Wavelet-Based Reflection Symmetry Detection via Textural and Color Histograms
* Wavelet-Based Reflection Symmetry Detection via Textural and Color Histograms: Algorithm and Results
Includes: Barat, C.[Cecile] Barat, C. Barat, C.[Cécile]
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Barat, E.[Eric] Co Author Listing * discrete-continuous Bayesian model for Emission Tomography, A
* Fast Digital Filtering of Spectrometric Data for Pile-up Correction
* PET Reconstruction of the Posterior Image Probability, Including Multimodal Images
Includes: Barat, E.[Eric] Barat, E. Barat, É.

Barat, T.[Tibor] Co Author Listing * Adaptive cartooning for privacy protection in camera networks

Barata, A.P.[Antonio Pereira] Co Author Listing * eXPose Approach to Crosslier Detection, The
Includes: Barata, A.P.[Antonio Pereira] Barata, A.P.[António Pereira]

Barata, C.[Catarina] Co Author Listing * Artifact-based Domain Generalization of Skin Lesion Models
* Bag-of-Features Classification Model for the Diagnose of Melanoma in Dermoscopy Images Using Color and Texture Descriptors
* Clinically inspired analysis of dermoscopy images using a generative model
* Color Detection in Dermoscopy Images Based on Scarce Annotations
* Description and Recognition of Activity Patterns Using Sparse Vector Fields
* Development of a clinically oriented system for melanoma diagnosis
* Diagnosis of Skin Cancer Using Hierarchical Neural Networks and Metadata
* Distributed Estimation of Vector Fields
* Estimation of Space-Varying Covariance Matrices
* Evaluation of Color Based Keypoints and Features for the Classification of Melanomas Using the Bag-of-Features Model
* Even small correlation and diversity shifts pose dataset-bias issues
* Explainable skin lesion diagnosis using taxonomies
* How Important Is Each Dermoscopy Image?
* Improving a Switched Vector Field Model for Pedestrian Motion Analysis
* Improving dermoscopy image analysis using color constancy
* Local Features Applied to Dermoscopy Images: Bag-of-Features versus Sparse Coding
* LOW: Training deep neural networks by learning optimal sample weights
* Multiple Motion Fields for Multiple Types of Agents
* Pedestrian Trajectory Prediction Using LSTM and Sparse Motion Fields
* Role of Keypoint Sampling on the Classification of Melanomas in Dermoscopy Images Using Bag-of-Features, The
* sparse approach to pedestrian trajectory modeling using multiple motion fields, A
* Sparse motion fields for trajectory prediction
* Weakly Supervised Fire and Smoke Segmentation in Forest Images with CAM and CRF
* What Is the Role of Annotations in the Detection of Dermoscopic Structures?
* What Is the Role of Color in Dermoscopy Analysis?
* What Is the Role of Color Symmetry in the Detection of Melanomas?
Includes: Barata, C.[Catarina] Barata, C.
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Barata, J.[Jose] Co Author Listing * Saliency-Based Obstacle Detection and Ground-Plane Estimation for Off-Road Vehicles
Includes: Barata, J.[Jose] Barata, J.[José]

Barata, N.[Nuno] Co Author Listing * O.G.R.E.: Open Gestures Recognition Engine, a Platform for Gesture-Based Communication and Interaction

Barata, R.A.P.[Rafael Alexandre Pena] Co Author Listing * Remotely Piloted Aircraft and Random Forest in the Evaluation of the Spatial Variability of Foliar Nitrogen in Coffee Crop

Barata, T.[Teresa] Co Author Listing * Automatic Recognition of Impact Craters on the Surface of Mars
* Dolphins Who's Who: A Statistical Perspective
* Identification of Martian Polygonal Patterns Using the Dynamics of Watershed Contours
* Improving classification rates by modelling the clusters of trainings sets in features space using mathematical morphology operators
* Morphological recognition of the spatial patterns of olive trees
* Segmenting at Higher Scales to Classify at Lower Scales: A Mathematical Morphology Based Methodology Applied to Forest Cover Remote Sensing Images
Includes: Barata, T.[Teresa] Barata, T.

Baratchi, M.[Mitra] Co Author Listing * AutoSR4EO: An AutoML Approach to Super-Resolution for Earth Observation Images
* Exploring the Impact of Noise on Hybrid Inversion of PROSAIL RTM on Sentinel-2 Data

Barate, A.[Adriano] Co Author Listing * Towards a Topological Fingerprint of Music
Includes: Barate, A.[Adriano] Baratè, A.[Adriano]

Barath, D.[Daniel] Co Author Listing * Accurate Closed-form Estimation of Local Affine Transformations Consistent with the Epipolar Geometry
* Adaptive Reordering Sampler with Neurally Guided MAGSAC
* Calibrated and Partially Calibrated Semi-Generalized Homographies
* DeepLSD: Line Segment Detection and Refinement with Deep Image Gradients
* Efficient energy-based topological outlier rejection
* Efficient Initial Pose-graph Generation for Global SfM
* Efficient Recovery of Essential Matrix From Two Affine Correspondences
* Energy-based topological outlier filtering
* EPOS: Estimating 6D Pose of Objects With Symmetries
* Fast Globally Optimal Surface Normal from an Affine Correspondence
* Finding Geometric Models by Clustering in the Consensus Space
* Five-Point Fundamental Matrix Estimation for Uncalibrated Cameras
* Generalized Differentiable RANSAC
* Globally Optimal Relative Pose Estimation with Gravity Prior
* Graph-Cut RANSAC
* Graph-Cut RANSAC: Local Optimization on Spatially Coherent Structures
* Guiding Local Feature Matching with Surface Curvature
* Homography From Two Orientation- and Scale-Covariant Features
* Homography-based Egomotion Estimation Using Gravity and Sift Features
* Image Stitching with Locally Shared Rotation Axis
* Large-Scale Homography Benchmark, A
* Learning to Find Good Models in RANSAC
* MAGSAC++, a Fast, Reliable and Accurate Robust Estimator
* MAGSAC: Marginalizing Sample Consensus
* Making Affine Correspondences Work in Camera Geometry Computation
* Marginalizing Sample Consensus
* Minimal Cases for Computing the Generalized Relative Pose using Affine Correspondences
* Minimal Solution for Two-View Focal-Length Estimation Using Two Affine Correspondences, A
* Minimal Solutions for Panoramic Stitching Given Gravity Prior
* Minimal Solvers for Relative Pose Estimation of Multi-Camera Systems using Affine Correspondences
* Multi-class Model Fitting by Energy Minimization and Mode-Seeking
* Multi-H: Efficient recovery of tangent planes in stereo images
* NeFSAC: Neurally Filtered Minimal Samples
* On Making SIFT Features Affine Covariant
* Optimal Multi-View Surface Normal Estimation Using Affine Correspondences
* P1AC: Revisiting Absolute Pose From a Single Affine Correspondence
* Progressive-X: Efficient, Anytime, Multi-Model Fitting Algorithm
* Recovering Affine Features from Orientation- and Scale-Invariant Ones
* Relative Pose from a Calibrated and an Uncalibrated Smartphone Image
* Relative Pose from Deep Learned Depth and a Single Affine Correspondence
* Relative Pose from SIFT Features
* Relative Pose Solvers using Monocular Depth
* Revisiting Rotation Averaging: Uncertainties and Robust Losses
* SGAligner: 3D Scene Alignment with Scene Graphs
* Space-Partitioning RANSAC
* theory of point-wise homography estimation, A
* Vanishing Point Estimation in Uncalibrated Images with Prior Gravity Direction
* VSAC: Efficient and Accurate Estimator for H and F
Includes: Barath, D.[Daniel] Baráth, D.[Dániel] Baráth, D. Barath, D.
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Barati, A.[Alireza] Co Author Listing * Integration of the latent variable knowledge into deep image captioning with Bayesian modeling

Barati, A.A.[Ali Akbar] Co Author Listing * Land-Use Suitability in Northeast Iran: Application of AHP-GIS Hybrid Model

Barati, M.N.[Mahdi Nasrollah] Co Author Listing * Content-based obscene video recognition by combining 3D spatiotemporal and motion-based features

Barati, R.[Ramin] Co Author Listing * Towards Explaining Adversarial Examples Phenomenon in Artificial Neural Networks

Barati, Z.[Zahra] Co Author Listing * Shallow Landslide Prediction Using a Novel Hybrid Functional Machine Learning Algorithm

Baratin, L. Co Author Listing * Art of War Frieze in Urbino: A Blend of Virtual Reconstruction and Scientific Accuracy, The
* Documenting The Conservative Evolution of The City Walls Thanks to The Integration of Digital Systems of Various Typologies. The Case Study Of Valbona Gate
* Fortification System of the City of Urbino: The Case Study of Valbona Gate from 3D Surveys to GIS Applications for Dynamic Maps, The
* GIS Applications for a New Approach to the Analysis of Panel Paintings
* Multidisciplinary Documental Representation Method for Kinetic and Environmental Art, A
Includes: Baratin, L. Baratin, L.[Laura]

Baratoff, G. Co Author Listing * Changes in Surface Convexity and Topology Caused by Distortions of Stereoscopic Visual Space
* Distortion of Steroscopic Visual Space
* Distortions of stereoscopic visual space and quadratic Cremona transformations
* Interactive Vision-Based Tool for Model-Based Scene Calibration of Augmented Reality Environments, An
* On the Sensitivity of Estimating Ordinal and Metric Structure of Smooth Surfaces from Parallax
* Online Distance Recovery for a Sewer Inspection Robot
* Pedestrian Detection by Probabilistic Component Assembly
* Robot Navigation by Combining Central and Peripheral Optical Flow Detection on a Space-Variant Map
Includes: Baratoff, G. Baratoff, G.[Gregory]
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Baratta, N.C.[Norma Camilla] Co Author Listing * Orientation of the Kofun Tombs, The

Baratti, G. Co Author Listing * 3D Recording for 2D Delivering: The Employment of 3D Models for Studies and Analyses

Barattin, S.[Simone] Co Author Listing * Attribute-Preserving Face Dataset Anonymization via Latent Code Optimization

Barauskas, R.[Rimantas] Co Author Listing * Convolutional Neural Network-Based Approximation of Coverage Path Planning Results for Parking Lots
* Urban Change Detection from Aerial Images Using Convolutional Neural Networks and Transfer Learning

Baravalle, R.[Rodrigo] Co Author Listing * Multifractal characterisation and classification of bread crumb digital images

Baravdish, G.[George] Co Author Listing * Mapping-Based Image Diffusion
* On Tensor-Based PDEs and Their Corresponding Variational Formulations with Application to Color Image Denoising
* Source Localization of Reaction-Diffusion Models for Brain Tumors
* Targeted Iterative Filtering
* Tensor Variational Formulation of Gradient Energy Total Variation, A

Baraza, E.[Elena] Co Author Listing * Satellite-Based Monitoring of Primary Production in a Mediterranean Islet Post Black Rat Eradication

Barazande Pour, M. Co Author Listing * Adaptive MHDCT coding of images
Includes: Barazande Pour, M. Barazande-Pour, M.

Barazandeh, F.[Farshad] Co Author Listing * Automatic detection and classification of the ceramic tiles' surface defects

Baraznji Sassoon, D.M. Co Author Listing * Localized Measurement of Optical Attenuation Coefficients of Atherosclerotic Plaque Constituents by Quantitative Optical Coherence Tomography

Barazzetti, L. Co Author Listing * 3D Modeling From Gnomonic Projections
* 3D Modelling with the Samsung Gear 360
* Applying BIM to Built Heritage with Complex Shapes: the Ice House Of Filarete's Ospedale Maggiore in Milan, Italy
* Automated and Accurate Orientation of Complex Image Sequences
* Automated Detection and Layout Regularization of Similar Features In Indoor Point Cloud
* Automated Road Information Extraction From High Resolution Aerial Lidar Data for Smart Road Applications
* Automatic Façade Segmentation for Thermal Retrofit
* Automatic orientation of image sequences for 3-D object reconstruction: First results of a method integrating photogrammetric and computer vision algorithms
* Automatic registration of multi-source medium resolution satellite data
* Automatic Registration of Multiple Laser Scans Using Panoramic RGB and Intensity Images
* Automation in 3-D Reconstruction: Results on Different Kinds of Close-Range Blocks
* Beyond Crude 3D Models: From Point Clouds to Historical Building Information Modeling via NURBS
* BIM from Laser Clouds and Finite Element Analysis: Combining Structural Analysis and Geometric Complexity
* Capacity Building for Disaster Management In Mozambique Through Teaching Public Participatory Gis and Spatial Data Infrastructure
* Comparative Study Among Three Registration Algorithms: Performance, Quality Assurance and Accuracy, A
* Connecting Inside and Outside Through 360° Imagery for Close-range Photogrammetry
* Considerations On the Use of Digital Tools for Documenting Ancient Wall Graffiti
* Crack measurement: Development, testing and applications of an automatic image-based algorithm
* Development and Testing of a Method for Tunnel Monitoring Via Vision Metrology
* Digital Tools for Documenting And Conserving Bahrain's Built Heritage For Posterity
* Digital Workflow for the Conservation of Bahrain Built Heritage: The Sheik Isa Bin Ali House
* Documentation of Historical Architectures Through The Combined Use Of Digital Surveying Techniques
* Ethical Framework for Heritage Recording Specialists Applying Digital Workflows for Conservation
* Extraction of accurate tie points for automated pose estimation of close-range blocks
* Fisheye Lenses for 3D Modeling: Evaluations And Considerations
* From Cultural Path to Cultural Route: A Value-led Risk Management Method for Via Iulia Augusta in Albenga (italy)
* Fully automatic UAVs image-based sensor orientation
* Gamher Research Project for Metric Documentation of Cultural Heritage: Current Developments, The
* Geometric and Radiometric Analysis of Paintings
* Georeferencing Accuracy Analysis Of A Single Worldview-3 Image Collected Over Milan
* HBIM and augmented information: towards a wider user community of image and range-based reconstructions
* HBIM Challenge Among the Paradigm of Complexity, Tools And Preservation: the Basilica Di Collemaggio 8 Years After the Earthquake (L'aquila)
* Historic BIM in the Cloud
* Historic BIM: A New Repository for Structural Health Monitoring
* Implementing Immersive Worlds for Metaverse-Based Participatory Design through Photogrammetry and Blockchain
* Informative Content Models for Infrastructure Load Testing Management: The Azzone Visconti Bridge in Lecco
* Integration of Point Clouds from 360° Videos and Deep Learning Techniques for Rapid Documentation and Classification in Historical City Centers
* Integration of Terrestrial and UAV Photogrammetry For The Assessment Of Collapse Risk In Alpine Glaciers
* Mapping Infrared Data on Terrestrial Laser Scanning 3D Models of Buildings
* Metric Documentation of Cultural Heritage: Research Directions From The Italian Gamher Project
* Metric Rectification of Spherical Images
* Monitoring Riverbank Erosion in Mountain Catchments Using Terrestrial Laser Scanning
* Multi-Image Robust Alignment of Medium-Resolution Satellite Imagery
* Object-oriented Approach for 3D Archaeological Documentation
* On The Relationship Between Geomatics and Conservation: Lessons Learned From Integrated Restoration Laboratories
* One-to-Many Registration of Landsat Imagery
* Photogrammetric reconstruction of the My Son G1 temple in Vietnam
* Problems Related to the Generation of True-Orthophotos with Lidar DDSMs
* Procedures for Condition Mapping Using 360° Images
* RC-Heli and Structure and Motion techniques for the 3-D reconstruction of a Milan Dome spire
* Scan registration using planar features
* SCAN to HBIM-Post Earthquake Preservation: Informative Model as Sentinel at the Crossroads of Present, Past, and Future
* Targetless Camera Calibration
* Towards a virtual hub approach for landscape assessment and multimedia ecomuseum using multitemporal-maps
* Use of Terrestrial Laser Scanning Techniques to Evaluate Industrial Masonry Chimney Verticality, The
* Vault Modeling With Neural Networks
* Virtual Hub Brokering Approach For Integration Of Historical And Modern Maps, A
Includes: Barazzetti, L. Barazzetti, L.[Luigi]
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