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de l'Escalopier, N.[Nicolas] Co Author Listing * Reference Data Set for the Study of Healthy Subject Gait with Inertial Measurements Units, A

de L. Silva, L.M.[Leandro M.] Co Author Listing * reduced memory bandwidth and high throughput HDTV motion compensation decoder for H.264/AVC High 4:2:2 profile, A

de la Barre, R. Co Author Listing * new design and algorithm for lenticular lenses display, A
* Simulation of autostereoscopic displays by geometrical ray tracing and implication of optical effects
* Validation of subpixel area based simulation for autostereoscopic displays with parallax barriers
Includes: de la Barre, R. de la Barré, R. de la Barre, R.[Rene]

de la Barreda Bautista, B.[Betsabe] Co Author Listing * Spectral Characteristics of Beached Sargassum in Response to Drying and Decay over Time
* Towards a Monitoring Approach for Understanding Permafrost Degradation and Linked Subsidence in Arctic Peatlands
Includes: de la Barreda Bautista, B.[Betsabe] de la Barreda-Bautista, B.[Betsabé] de la Barreda-Bautista, B.[Betsabe]

de la Blanca Capilla, N.P.[Nicolas Perez] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: de la Blanca Capilla, N.P.[Nicolas Perez]: nicolas AT ugr es
* Object Representation and Comparison Inferred from Its Medial Axis
Includes: de la Blanca Capilla, N.P.[Nicolas Perez] de la Blanca Capilla, N.P.[Nicolás Pérez] de la Blanca Capilla, N.P.[Nicolas Pérez]

de la Blanca, N.P.[N. Perez] Co Author Listing * Applying deformable templates for cell image segmentation
* Applying Space State Models in Human Action Recognition: A Comparative Study
* Automatic Characterization of Spiral and Elliptic Galaxies from Digital Images
* Automatic Estimation of the LVQ-1 Parameters: Applications to Multispectral Image Classification
* Bayesian Image Restoration in Astronomy: Application to Images of the Recent Collision of Comet Shoemaker-Levy-9 with Jupiter
* Boundary Simplification Using a Multiscale Dominant Point Detection Algorithm
* Building up Templates for Non-Rigid Plane Outlines
* Cell Image Segmentation
* Characterizing Planar Outlines
* Combining Morphological Filters and Deformable Models to Design a 2-D Shape Based Retrieval System
* Comparative Study of Local Descriptors for Object Category Recognition: SIFT vs HMAX, A
* Deep CNNs for Object Detection Using Passive Millimeter Sensors
* Deformable Object Matching Based on Multi-scale Local Histograms
* Empirical Study of Multi-scale Filter Banks for Object Categorization
* Evaluation of three optical flow-based observation models for tracking
* Exploring STIP-based models for recognizing human interactions in TV videos
* Fast and Robust Cascade Model for Multiple Degradation Single Image Super-Resolution
* Fitting Product of HMM to Human Motions
* HMM-Based Action Recognition Using Contour Histograms
* Human action recognition based on aggregated local motion estimates
* Human Action Recognition Using Optical Flow Accumulated Local Histograms
* Human interaction categorization by using audio-visual cues
* Human Interaction Recognition by Motion Decoupling
* Human Motion Characterization Using Spatio-temporal Features
* Labeling Still Image Databases Using Graphical Models
* Learning Features for Human Action Recognition Using Multilayer Architectures
* Locating and Segmenting 3D Deformable Objects by Using Clusters of Contour Fragments
* Matching Deformable Features Based on Oriented Multi-scale Filter Banks
* Matching Deformable Regions Using Local Histograms of Differential Invariants
* New Approach to 2D Shapes Characterization, A
* new methodology to automatically segment biomedical images, A
* optical flow probabilistic observation model for tracking, An
* performance of regularized discriminant analysis versus non-parametric classifiers applied to high-dimensional image classification, The
* Physically Based Active Shape Models: Initialization and Optimization
* RBM-based Silhouette Encoding for Human Action Modelling
* Real-Time Tracking Using Multiple Target Models
* Recovering Non-rigid 3D Shape Using a Plane+Parallax Approach
* Using Optical Flow as Evidence for Probabilistic Tracking
Includes: de la Blanca, N.P.[N. Perez] de la Blanca, N.P.[N. Pérez] de la Blanca, N.P.[Nicolás Pérez] de la Blanca, N.P.
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de la Cal Marin, E.A.[Enrique A.] Co Author Listing * email: de la Cal Marin, E.A.[Enrique A.]: kike AT odv3 optica csic es

de la Calle Silos, E. Co Author Listing * Mid-level feature set for specific event and anomaly detection in crowded scenes
Includes: de la Calle Silos, E. de-la-Calle-Silos, E.

de la Calle Silos, F. Co Author Listing * Synchrony-Based Feature Extraction for Robust Automatic Speech Recognition
Includes: de la Calle Silos, F. de-la-Calle-Silos, F.

de la Calle, A.[Alejandro] Co Author Listing * Geometric Interpretation of CNNs' Last Layer

de la Calle, M. Co Author Listing * Point Cloud Visualization in an Open Source 3D Glob3

de la Calleja, J.[Jorge] Co Author Listing * Imbalanced Problem in Morphological Galaxy Classification, The

de la Camara, C.[Concepcion] Co Author Listing * Acute Stress State Classification Based on Electrodermal Activity Modeling
Includes: de la Camara, C.[Concepcion] de la-Cámara, C.[Concepcion]

de la Casa, A. Co Author Listing * Soybean crop coverage estimation from NDVI images with different spatial resolution to evaluate yield variability in a plot

de la Comble, A.[Alois] Co Author Listing * Efficient transfer learning for multi-channel convolutional neural networks
Includes: de la Comble, A.[Alois] de la Comble, A.[Aloïs]

de la Cour, J.[Jacqueline] Co Author Listing * CoralTemp and the Coral Reef Watch Coral Bleaching Heat Stress Product Suite Version 3.1

de la Cour, J.L.[Jacqueline L.] Co Author Listing * Reef-Scale Thermal Stress Monitoring of Coral Ecosystems: New 5-km Global Products from NOAA Coral Reef Watch
* Remote Sensing of Coral Bleaching Using Temperature and Light: Progress towards an Operational Algorithm
* Validation of Reef-Scale Thermal Stress Satellite Products for Coral Bleaching Monitoring

de la Cruz Cayapan, C.V. Co Author Listing * Analysis of the Regional Ionosphere at Low Latitudes in Support of the Biomass ESA Mission
Includes: de la Cruz Cayapan, C.V. de la Cruz-Cayapan, C.V.

de la Cruz Rodriguez, S.[Sergio] Co Author Listing * Joint Freehand Ultrasound and Endoscopic Reconstruction of Brain Tumors
* Rendering of brain tumors using endoneurosonography
* Use of Ultrasound and Computer Vision for 3D Reconstruction
Includes: de la Cruz Rodriguez, S.[Sergio] de la Cruz-Rodríguez, S.[Sergio]

de la Cruz, A.F.[Adrian Flores] Co Author Listing * Roles of the S3MPC: Monitoring, Validation and Evolution of Sentinel-3 Altimetry Observations, The
Includes: de la Cruz, A.F.[Adrian Flores] de la Cruz, A.F.[Adrián Flores]

de la Cruz, A.P.[Adrian Pedroza] Co Author Listing * Real Time Hardware Accelerator for Image Filtering
Includes: de la Cruz, A.P.[Adrian Pedroza] de-la-Crúz, A.P.[Adrian Pedroza]

de la Cruz, D.F. Co Author Listing * RADARSAT-2 Quad-Polarized Time Series for Monitoring Crop and Soil Conditions in Barrax, Spain, A

de la Cruz, E.I.[Edgar I.] Co Author Listing * Augmented Reality System for Training and Assistance in the Management of Industrial Equipment and Instruments

de la Cruz, F.[Fernando] Co Author Listing * New Method for the Estimation of Broadband Apparent Albedo Using Hyperspectral Airborne Hemispherical Directional Reflectance Factor Values, A

de la Cruz, J.[Julio] Co Author Listing * novel content-adaptive image compression system, A
* Super-resolution with selective filter based on adaptive window and variable macro-block size
Includes: de la Cruz, J.[Julio] de la Cruz, J.

de la Cruz, J.M.[Jesus M.] Co Author Listing * Acquisition of Agronomic Images with Sufficient Quality by Automatic Exposure Time Control and Histogram Matching
* Combination of Attributes in Stereovision Matching for Fish-Eye Lenses in Forest Analysis
* Fuzzy Cognitive Maps for stereovision matching
* Improving Stereovision Matching through Supervised Learning
* Local stereovision matching through the ADALINE neural network
* Neural-Network Model in Stereovision Matching, A
* On Combining Support Vector Machines and Simulated Annealing in Stereovision Matching
* Pattern Recognition Learning Applied to Stereovision Matching
* Performance Analysis of Homomorphic Systems for Image Change Detection
* Relaxation by Hopfield Network in Stereo Image Matching
* Relaxation labeling in stereo image matching
* Stereo Matching Based on the Self-Organizing Feature-Mapping Algorithm
* Stereo Matching Technique Based on the Perceptron Criterion Function
* Stereovision matching through support vector machines
Includes: de la Cruz, J.M.[Jesus M.] de la Cruz, J.M.[Jesús M.] de la Cruz, J.M.[Jesús Manuel] de la Cruz, J.M.
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de la Cruz, L.T.[Leandro T.] Co Author Listing * new focus detection criterion in holograms of planktonic organisms, A

de la Cruz, R.M. Co Author Listing * Near-realtime Flood Detection From Multi-temporal Sentinel Radar Images Using Artificial Intelligence
* Rs-based Water Resources Inventory Of The Philippines: Capacity Building Efforts For Nationwide Implementation

de la Cuesta, A.G. Co Author Listing * Biometric Identification Using Motion History Images of a Speaker's Lip Movements

de la Escalera, A.[Arturo] Co Author Listing * Adaptative Road Lanes Detection and Classification
* Automatic Extrinsic Calibration Method for LiDAR and Camera Sensor Setups
* Computer vision and laser scanner road environment perception
* Driver drowsiness detection system under infrared illumination for an intelligent vehicle
* Driver Monitoring Based on Low-Cost 3-D Sensors
* Estimation and Prediction of the Vehicle's Motion Based on Visual Odometry and Kalman Filter
* Homography-Based Navigation System for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
* Learning Probabilistic Awareness Models for Detecting Abnormalities in Vehicle Motions
* Model based vehicle detection for intelligent vehicles
* Multi-resolution Image Analysis for Vehicle Detection
* Pedestrian Detection and Tracking Based on Far Infrared Visual Information
* Road traffic sign detection and classification
* Traffic sign recognition and analysis for intelligent vehicles
* Visual sign information extraction and identification by deformable models for intelligent vehicles
Includes: de la Escalera, A.[Arturo] de la Escalera, A.
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de la Fortelle, A.[Arnaud] Co Author Listing * Algorithm for Supervised Driving of Cooperative Semi-Autonomous Vehicles, An
* Autoencoder-based background reconstruction and foreground segmentation with background noise estimation
* Autonomous Intersection Management systems: criteria, implementation and evaluation
* CoordiNet: uncertainty-aware pose regressor for reliable vehicle localization
* CROSSFIRE: Camera Relocalization On Self-Supervised Features from an Implicit Representation
* Geometrical model to drive vision systems with error propagation
* ImPosing: Implicit Pose Encoding for Efficient Visual Localization
* REALISE: Reconstruction of REALity from Image SEquences
* Service-Oriented Cooperation Models and Mechanisms for Heterogeneous Driverless Vehicles at Continuous Static Critical Sections
* State-Driven Priority Scheduling Mechanisms for Driverless Vehicles Approaching Intersections
Includes: de la Fortelle, A.[Arnaud] de la Fortelle, A.
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de la Fourniere, N.[Natalia] Co Author Listing * Automatic teeth segmentation on panoramic X-rays using deep neural networks
Includes: de la Fourniere, N.[Natalia] de la Fournière, N.[Natalia]

de la Fraga, L.G.[Luis Gerardo] Co Author Listing * Deformable Volumetric Simplex Meshes
* Direct 3D Metric Reconstruction from Multiple Views Using Differential Evolution
* Direct Calibration by Fitting of Cuboids to a Single Image Using Differential Evolution
* Euclidean Distance Fit of Ellipses with a Genetic Algorithm
* fiducial tag invariant to rotation, translation, and perspective transformations, A
* Lightweight Library for Augmented Reality Applications, A
* Optimal Triangulation in 3D Computer Vision Using a Multi-objective Evolutionary Algorithm
* Point Set Matching with Order Type
* Self-calibration from Planes Using Differential Evolution
* Triangulation Using Differential Evolution
Includes: de la Fraga, L.G.[Luis Gerardo] de la Fraga, L.G.[Luis G.]
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de la Fuente Lopez, E.[Eusebio] Co Author Listing * Inspection of Stamped Sheet Metal Car Parts Using a Multiresolution Image Fusion Technique
Includes: de la Fuente Lopez, E.[Eusebio] de la Fuente López, E.[Eusebio]

de la Fuente Prieto, J. Co Author Listing * Augmented Reality in Architecture: Rebuilding Archeological Heritage

de la Fuente Saiz, D.[Daniel] Co Author Listing * Calibration of METRIC Model to Estimate Energy Balance over a Drip-Irrigated Apple Orchard
Includes: de la Fuente Saiz, D.[Daniel] de la Fuente-Sáiz, D.[Daniel]

de la Fuente, A.[Antonio] Co Author Listing * SMOS ESA RFI Monitoring and Information Tool: Lessons Learned

de la Fuente, E. Co Author Listing * New Approach to Minimize the Energy of Deformable Contours, A
* On-line machine vision system for detect split defects in sheet-metal forming processes
Includes: de la Fuente, E. de la Fuente, E.[Eusebio]

de la Fuente, J.[Juan] Co Author Listing * Characterization of the Kinematics of Three Bears Landslide in Northern California Using L-band InSAR Observations
* Evaluation and Modelling of the Coastal Geomorphological Changes of Deception Island since the 1970 Eruption and Its Involvement in Research Activity
Includes: de la Fuente, J.[Juan] de la Fuente, J.[Jorge]

de la Fuente, L.[Luisa] Co Author Listing * Calibration of a Polarimetric Microwave Radiometer Using a Double Directional Coupler

de la Garanderie, G.P. Co Author Listing * Back to Butterworth: A Fourier basis for 3D surface relief hole filling within RGB-D imagery
* Eliminating the Blind Spot: Adapting 3D Object Detection and Monocular Depth Estimation to 360° Panoramic Imagery
* Generative adversarial framework for depth filling via Wasserstein metric, cosine transform and domain transfer
* Improved Depth Recovery In Consumer Depth Cameras via Disparity Space Fusion within Cross-spectral Stereo
Includes: de la Garanderie, G.P. de la Garanderie, G.P.[Grégoire Payen] de la Garanderie, G.P.[Gregoire Payen]

de la Gorce, M.[Martin] Co Author Listing * DigiFace-1M: 1 Million Digital Face Images for Face Recognition
* Fast Dichotomic Multiple Search Algorithm for Shortest Circular Path
* Model-Based 3D Hand Pose Estimation from Monocular Video
* Model-based hand tracking with texture, shading and self-occlusions
* Monocular Hand Pose Estimation Using Variable Metric Gradient-Descent
* Patchwork Stereo: Scalable, Structure-Aware 3D Reconstruction in Man-Made Environments
* Pyramidal Signed Distance Learning for Spatio-temporal Human Shape Completion
* Segmentation, Ordering and Multi-object Tracking Using Graphical Models
* variational approach to monocular hand-pose estimation, A
Includes: de la Gorce, M.[Martin] de La Gorce, M.[Martin]
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de la Guardia, M.F.[Mario F.] Co Author Listing * Method and apparatus for reducing the gray scale resolution of a digitized image

de la Higuera, C.[Colin] Co Author Listing * bibliographical study of grammatical inference, A
* Computing the Overlaps of Two Maps
* On the complexity of submap isomorphism and maximum common submap problems
* Polynomial Algorithm for Submap Isomorphism: Application to Searching Patterns in Images, A
* Polynomial algorithms for subisomorphism of nD open combinatorial maps
* Probabilistic Finite-State Machines-Part I
* Probabilistic Finite-State Machines-Part II
Includes: de la Higuera, C.[Colin] de la Higuera, C.
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de la Hoz Mardones, F.[Felipe] Co Author Listing * Time-Series of Vegetation Indices (VNIR/SWIR) Derived from Sentinel-2 (A/B) to Assess Turgor Pressure in Kiwifruit

de la Hoz, E.C.[Edgar Cardenas] Co Author Listing * Measuring Process Dynamics and Nuclear Migration for Clones of Neural Progenitor Cells
* Separating Touching Cells Using Pixel Replicated Elliptical Shape Models
Includes: de la Hoz, E.C.[Edgar Cardenas] de la Hoz, E.C.

de la Hoz, F.[Felipe] Co Author Listing * Ex Post Analysis of Water Supply Demand in an Agricultural Basin by Multi-Source Data Integration

de la Hucha Arce, F. Co Author Listing * Generalized Signal Utility for LMMSE Signal Estimation With Application to Greedy Quantization in Wireless Sensor Networks
* On the Convexity of Bit Depth Allocation for Linear MMSE Estimation in Wireless Sensor Networks
Includes: de la Hucha Arce, F. de la Hucha Arce, F.[Fernando]

de la Hunty, M.[Miles] Co Author Listing * Linear Facial Expression Transfer with Active Appearance Models

de la Iglesia Vaya, M.[Maria] Co Author Listing * Automatic Semantic Segmentation of Structural Elements related to the Spinal Cord in the Lumbar Region by using Convolutional Neural Networks
Includes: de la Iglesia Vaya, M.[Maria] de la Iglesia-Vayá, M.[Maria]

de la Jara, I.M.[Ignacio M.] Co Author Listing * empirical study of the effect of video encoders on Temporal Video Grounding, An

de la Llave, I.S.[Irene Sevilla] Co Author Listing * Towards Improved Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Edge Intelligence: A Road Infrastructure Monitoring Case Study

de la Luz Martinez, J.[Jose] Co Author Listing * Pilot Study to Estimate Forage Mass from Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in a Semi-Arid Rangeland, A

de la Monte, S.M.[Suzanne M.] Co Author Listing * Lattice theory approach to metastatic disease patterns in autopsied human patients: Application to metastatic neuroblastoma

de la Ossa, L.[Luis] Co Author Listing * Convolutional Neural Networks for Agricultural Land Use Classification from Sentinel-2 Image Time Series

de la Parra, A.F.[Adrian Flores] Co Author Listing * How to Choose Myofiber Orientation in a Biventricular Finite Element Model?
Includes: de la Parra, A.F.[Adrian Flores] de la Parra, A.F.[Adrián Flores]

de la Pava, I.[Ivan] Co Author Listing * Emotion Assessment by Variability-Based Ranking of Coherence Features from EEG
* Gaussian Process Emulator for Estimating the Volume of Tissue Activated During Deep Brain Stimulation, A
* Hierarchical K-Nearest Neighbor Approach for Volume of Tissue Activated Estimation, A
Includes: de la Pava, I.[Ivan] de la Pava, I.[Iván]

de la Pena, D.M.[David Munoz] Co Author Listing * Safe Optimal Vessel Planning on Natural Inland Waterways
Includes: de la Pena, D.M.[David Munoz] de la Peña, D.M.[David Muñoz]

de la Riva, J. Co Author Listing * Aerial Mapping and Multi-Sensors Approaches from Remote Sensing Applied to the Roman Archaeological Heritage
* Assessing the Potential of the DART Model to Discrete Return LiDAR Simulation: Application to Fuel Type Mapping
* Assessment of Methods for Land Surface Temperature Retrieval from Landsat-5 TM Images Applicable to Multiscale Tree-Grass Ecosystem Modeling
* Forest Fire Severity Assessment Using ALS Data in a Mediterranean Environment
* Fuel Type Classification Using Airborne Laser Scanning and Sentinel 2 Data in Mediterranean Forest Affected by Wildfires
* Interpolation Routines Assessment in ALS-Derived Digital Elevation Models for Forestry Applications
* Temporal Transferability of Pine Forest Attributes Modeling Using Low-Density Airborne Laser Scanning Data
* TerraSAR-X Data for Burn Severity Evaluation in Mediterranean Forests on Sloped Terrain
Includes: de la Riva, J. de la Riva, J.[Juan]
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de la Riva, M. Co Author Listing * Bayesian 3D ConvNets for Action Recognition from Few Examples

de la Riviere, J.B.[Jean Baptiste] Co Author Listing * Hand Postures Recognition in Large-Display VR Environments
Includes: de la Riviere, J.B.[Jean Baptiste] de la Rivière, J.B.[Jean-Baptiste]

de la Rosa Aguilar, E.[Edgar] Co Author Listing * Robotic System for Automation of Water Quality Monitoring and Feeding in Aquaculture Shadehouse

de la Rosa Trevin, J.M. Co Author Listing * image processing approach to the simulation of electron microscopy volumes of atomic structures, An
Includes: de la Rosa Trevin, J.M. de la Rosa-Trevin, J.M.

de la Rosa, J.L.[Josep Lluis] Co Author Listing * Review of Methods to Predict Social Image Interestingness and Memorability
Includes: de la Rosa, J.L.[Josep Lluis] de la Rosa, J.L.[Josep Lluís]

de la Rosa, R.[Roberto] Co Author Listing * Automated Multi-Scale and Multivariate Geological Logging from Drill-Core Hyperspectral Data
* High-Resolution Airborne UAV Imagery to Assess Olive Tree Crown Parameters Using 3D Photo Reconstruction: Application in Breeding Trials
Includes: de la Rosa, R.[Roberto] de la Rosa, R.[Raúl]

de la Rosette, J.J.M.C.H.[Jean J.M.C.H.] Co Author Listing * Entropy of Ultrasound-Contrast-Agent Velocity Fields for Angiogenesis Imaging in Prostate Cancer

de la Rubia, D.[David] Co Author Listing * Reconstruction of As-is Semantic 3D Models of Unorganised Storehouses

de la Torre Bueno, J.[Jose] Co Author Listing * Automated system for combining bright field and fluorescent microscopy
Includes: de la Torre Bueno, J.[Jose] de la Torre-Bueno, J.[Jose]

de la Torre Frade, F.[Fernando] Co Author Listing * Guide to the Carnegie Mellon University Multimodal Activity (CMU-MMAC) Database
* Omnidirectional Video Capturing, Multiple People Tracking and Identification for Meeting Monitoring
Includes: de la Torre Frade, F.[Fernando] de la Torre-Frade, F.[Fernando] de la Torre Frade, F.

de la Torre Hernandez, J.M. Co Author Listing * Mechanical Approach for Smooth Surface Fitting to Delineate Vessel Walls in Optical Coherence Tomography Images, A
Includes: de la Torre Hernandez, J.M. de la Torre Hernández, J.M.

de la Torre Juarez, M.[Manuel] Co Author Listing * Benefits of a Closely-Spaced Satellite Constellation of Atmospheric Polarimetric Radio Occultation Measurements
* GNSS-RO Refractivity Bias Correction Under Ducting Layer Using Surface-Reflection Signal
* Sensitivity of PAZ LEO Polarimetric GNSS Radio-Occultation Experiment to Precipitation Events
Includes: de la Torre Juarez, M.[Manuel] de la Torre Juárez, M.[Manuel] de la Torre-Juarez, M.

de la Torre Ortiz, C.[Carlos] Co Author Listing * Brain-Supervised Image Editing
Includes: de la Torre Ortiz, C.[Carlos] de la Torre-Ortiz, C.[Carlos]

de la Torre, A. Co Author Listing * Channel optimized matrix quantizer (COMQ) in CELP coding
* Class-Based Parametric Approximation to Histogram Equalization for ASR
* Model for the Relationship between Rainfall, GNSS-Derived Integrated Water Vapour, and CAPE in the Eastern Central Andes, A
* Water-Vapour Monitoring from Ground-Based GNSS Observations in Northwestern Argentina
Includes: de la Torre, A. de la Torre, A.[Alejandro]

de la Torre, E. Co Author Listing * HEVC to VP9 transcoder
* Runtime-Scalable and Hardware-Accelerated Approach to On-Board Linear Unmixing of Hyperspectral Images, A
* scalable H.264/AVC deblocking filter architecture, A
Includes: de la Torre, E. de la Torre, E.[Eduardo]

de la Torre, F.[Fernando] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: de la Torre, F.[Fernando]: ftorre AT cs cmu edu
* 3D Human Pose, Shape and Texture From Low-Resolution Images and Videos
* 3d Human Shape and Pose from a Single Low-resolution Image with Self-supervised Learning
* AAM Derived Face Representations for Robust Facial Action Recognition
* Action unit detection with segment-based SVMs
* Active conditional models
* Additive Component Analysis
* Aligned Cluster Analysis for temporal segmentation of human motion
* Approximate Grassmannian Intersections: Subspace-Valued Subspace Learning
* Audio- and Gaze-driven Facial Animation of Codec Avatars
* Automatic Clustering of Faces in Meetings
* Automatic Learning of Appearance Face Models
* Bilinear Active Appearance Models
* Bilinear Kernel Reduced Rank Regression for Facial Expression Synthesis
* Branch-and-Bound Framework for Unsupervised Common Event Discovery, A
* Canonical locality preserving Latent Variable Model for discriminative pose inference
* Cascade of Tasks for facial expression analysis
* Complex Non-rigid Motion 3D Reconstruction by Union of Subspaces
* Component Analysis methods for pattern recognition
* Confidence Preserving Machine for Facial Action Unit Detection
* Continuous AU intensity estimation using localized, sparse facial feature space
* Continuous Generalized Procrustes analysis
* Continuous procrustes analysis to learn 2D shape models from 3D objects
* Continuous Regression for Non-rigid Image Alignment
* Controllable 3D Generative Adversarial Face Model via Disentangling Shape and Appearance
* Data-Free Class-Incremental Hand Gesture Recognition
* Deep learning methods for single camera based clinical in-bed movement action recognition
* Deep multi-task learning for gait-based biometrics
* Deformable Graph Matching
* Discriminative Optimization: Theory and Applications to Computer Vision
* Discriminative Optimization: Theory and Applications to Point Cloud Registration
* Driver Gaze Tracking and Eyes Off the Road Detection System
* Dynamic Cascades with Bidirectional Bootstrapping for Action Unit Detection in Spontaneous Facial Behavior
* Dynamic Coupled Component Analysis
* Editorial: Special Issue on Deep Learning for Face Analysis
* Efficient image alignment using linear appearance models
* Eigenfiltering for Flexible EigenTracking (EFE)
* Error-Correcting Factorization
* Estimating smile intensity: A better way
* Expressive Telepresence via Modular Codec Avatars
* Face recognition using enhanced linear discriminant analysis
* Face recognition using Histograms of Oriented Gradients
* Facial Action Transfer with Personalized Bilinear Regression
* Facial Action Unit Event Detection by Cascade of Tasks
* Facial feature detection with optimal pixel reduction SVM
* Factorized Graph Matching
* Fast and Robust Circular Object Detection With Probabilistic Pairwise Voting
* Fast incremental method for matrix completion: An application to trajectory correction
* Feature and Region Selection for Visual Learning
* Filtered Component Analysis to Increase Robustness to Local Minima in Appearance Models
* Fixed-rank representation for unsupervised visual learning
* Framework for Modeling the Appearance of 3D Articulated Figures, A
* Framework for Robust Subspace Learning, A
* Functional Regression Approach to Facial Landmark Tracking, A
* Generalized Canonical Time Warping
* Generalized time warping for multi-modal alignment of human motion
* Global supervised descent method
* Hierarchical Aligned Cluster Analysis for Temporal Clustering of Human Motion
* Hierarchical CRF with product label spaces for parts-based models
* High-fidelity Face Tracking for AR/VR via Deep Lighting Adaptation
* Histogram Concavity Analysis as an Aid in Threshold Selection
* How much training data for facial action unit detection?
* IntraFace
* Inverse Composition Discriminative Optimization for Point Cloud Registration
* ITI-Gen: Inclusive Text-to-Image Generation
* Joint Patch and Multi-label Learning for Facial Action Unit and Holistic Expression Recognition
* Joint patch and multi-label learning for facial action unit detection
* Joint segmentation and classification of human actions in video
* Latent Gaussian Mixture Regression for Human Pose Estimation
* Latent Space of Stochastic Diffusion Models for Zero-Shot Image Editing and Guidance, A
* Learning 3D appearance models from video
* Learning a generic 3D face model from 2D image databases using incremental Structure-from-Motion
* Learning discriminative localization from weakly labeled data
* Learning facial action units with spatiotemporal cues and multi-label sampling
* Learning good features for Active Shape Models
* Learning image alignment without local minima for face detection and tracking
* Learning Kernel Expansions for Image Classification
* Learning Spatial and Temporal Cues for Multi-Label Facial Action Unit Detection
* Least-Squares Framework for Component Analysis, A
* Least-Squares Unified View of PCA, LDA, CCA and Spectral Graph Methods, A
* Local isomorphism to solve the pre-image problem in kernel methods
* Local minima free Parameterized Appearance Models
* Matrix Completion for Weakly-Supervised Multi-Label Image Classification
* Max-Margin Early Event Detectors
* MeshTalk: 3D Face Animation from Speech using Cross-Modality Disentanglement
* Metric Learning for Image Alignment
* Model-Based Face De-Identification
* Motion from Structure (MfS): Searching for 3D Objects in Cluttered Point Trajectories
* Motion Words for Videos
* Multi-label Discriminative Weakly-Supervised Human Activity Recognition and Localization
* Non-rigid tracking of musk shrews in video for detection of emetic episodes
* Optimal feature selection for subspace image matching
* Optimal feature selection for support vector machines
* Optimal no-intersection multi-label binary localization for time series using totally unimodular linear programming
* Oriented Discriminant Analysis
* Parameterized Kernel Principal Component Analysis: Theory and applications to supervised and unsupervised image alignment
* Pareto discriminant analysis
* Pareto models for discriminative multiclass linear dimensionality reduction
* PATMAT: Person Aware Tuning of Mask-Aware Transformer for Face inpainting
* Pixel Codec Avatars
* probabilistic Framework for Rigid and Non-rigid Appearance Based Tracking and Recognition, A
* Relaxed Exponential Kernels for Unsupervised Learning
* Representational Oriented Component Analysis (ROCA) for Face Recognition with One Sample Image per Training Class
* Road Curb Detection and Localization With Monocular Forward-View Vehicle Camera
* Robust Egocentric Photo-realistic Facial Expression Transfer for Virtual Reality
* Robust Matrix Factorization with Unknown Noise
* Robust normalization of silhouettes for recognition applications
* Robust Parameterized Component Analysis
* Robust Parameterized Component Analysis: Theory and Applications to 2D Facial Appearance Models
* Robust Principal Component Analysis for Computer vision
* Robust Principal Component Analysis for Improving Cognitive Brain States Discrimination from fMRI
* Robust Regression
* Robust Regression
* Selective Transfer Machine for Personalized Facial Action Unit Detection
* Selective Transfer Machine for Personalized Facial Expression Analysis
* SelfPose: 3D Egocentric Pose Estimation From a Headset Mounted Camera
* Semantic Component Analysis
* Semi-supervised learning of multi-factor models for face de-identification
* Sequential Max-Margin Event Detectors
* Soft-Margin Mixture of Regressions
* Source constrained clustering
* Spatio-temporal Matching for Human Detection in Video
* Spatio-Temporal Matching for Human Pose Estimation in Video
* Subspace eyetracking for driver warning
* Subspace Procrustes Analysis
* Subspace Procrustes Analysis
* Supervised Descent Method and Its Applications to Face Alignment
* Supervised local subspace learning for continuous head pose estimation
* Temporal segmentation and activity classification from first-person sensing
* Temporal Segmentation of Facial Behavior
* Text to visual synthesis with appearance models
* Towards Real-World Face De-Identification
* Unifying Nuclear Norm and Bilinear Factorization Approaches for Low-Rank Matrix Decomposition
* Unsupervised discovery of facial events
* Unsupervised Image-to-Video Clothing Transfer
* Unsupervised Synchrony Discovery in Human Interaction
* Unsupervised Temporal Commonality Discovery
* View Alignment with Dynamically Updated Affine Tracking
* View-Based Adaptive Affine Tracking
* Weakly supervised discriminative localization and classification: A joint learning process
* Zero-Shot Model Diagnosis
Includes: de la Torre, F.[Fernando] de la Torre, F.
142 for de la Torre, F.

de la Torre, I. Co Author Listing * Multi-scale neural texture classification using the GPU as a stream processing engine

de la Torre, J.[Jordi] Co Author Listing * Weighted kappa loss function for multi-class classification of ordinal data in deep learning

de la Torre, J.A.[Jose A.] Co Author Listing * FPGA-Based On-Board Hyperspectral Imaging Compression: Benchmarking Performance and Energy Efficiency against GPU Implementations

de la Torre, M.[Miguel] Co Author Listing * adaptive ensemble-based system for face recognition in person re-identification, An
* Adaptive skew-sensitive ensembles for face recognition in video surveillance
* Individual-specific management of reference data in adaptive ensembles for face re-identification
* Self-Updating with Facial Trajectories for Video-to-Video Face Recognition
Includes: de la Torre, M.[Miguel] de-la-Torre, M.[Miguel] De-la-Torre, M.[Miguel]

de la Torre, M.B.[Maria Belen] Co Author Listing * Meridional Changes in Satellite Chlorophyll and Fluorescence in Optically-Complex Coastal Waters of Northern Patagonia
Includes: de la Torre, M.B.[Maria Belen] de la Torre, M.B.[María Belén]

de la Torre, M.V.[Mar Vilanova] Co Author Listing * Goal-Driven Phenotyping Through Spectral Imaging for Grape Aromatic Ripeness Assessment

de la Torre, Y. Co Author Listing * Coastal Digital Surface Model on Low Contrast Images

de la Vega Panizo, R. Co Author Listing * Validation and comparison of Advanced Differential Interferometry Techniques: Murcia metropolitan area case study
Includes: de la Vega Panizo, R. de la Vega-Panizo, R.

de la Vega, R. Co Author Listing * Designing OSED's (order statistic edge detectors)

de la Villa Cuenca, A. Co Author Listing * Protocol to Cipher Digital Images Based on Cat Maps and Cellular Automata, A
Includes: de la Villa Cuenca, A. de la Villa-Cuenca, A.

de la Zerda, A. Co Author Listing * Difference-Frequency Ultrasound Imaging With Non-Linear Contrast
* Optimization of the Trade-Off Between Speckle Reduction and Axial Resolution in Frequency Compounding

de Laat, R.[Ruben] Co Author Listing * Integration of BIM and GIS: The development of the CityGML GeoBIM extension

de Lacalle, O.L.[Oier Lopez] Co Author Listing * Inferring spatial relations from textual descriptions of images

de Lacerda Pataca, C.[Calua] Co Author Listing * Hidden Bawls, Whispers, and Yelps: Can Text Convey the Sound of Speech, Beyond Words?
Includes: de Lacerda Pataca, C.[Calua] de Lacerda-Pataca, C.[Caluã]

de Lacy, M.C.[M. Clara] Co Author Listing * Risk Evaluation of the Sanalona Earthfill Dam Located in Mexico Using Satellite Geodesy Monitoring and Numerical Modeling
* Wide-Area GNSS Corrections for Precise Positioning and Navigation in Agriculture

de Laet, T.[Tinne] Co Author Listing * adaptable system for RGB-D based human body detection and pose estimation, An
* Shape-Based Online Multitarget Tracking and Detection for Targets Causing Multiple Measurements: Variational Bayesian Clustering and Lossless Data Association

de Lamare, R.C. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Widely Linear Reduced-Rank Beamforming Based on Joint Iterative Optimization
* Design of Compressed Sensing System With Probability-Based Prior Information
* Distributed Compressed Estimation Based on Compressive Sensing
* Distributed Spectrum Estimation Based on Alternating Mixed Discrete-Continuous Adaptation
* Energy-Efficient Distributed Learning With Coarsely Quantized Signals
* Likelihood-Based Adaptive Learning in Stochastic State-Based Models
* Maximum Entropy-Based Interference-Plus-Noise Covariance Matrix Reconstruction for Robust Adaptive Beamforming
* Novel Sparse Array Design Based on the Maximum Inter-Element Spacing Criterion
* Reduced-Rank DOA Estimation Algorithms Based on Alternating Low-Rank Decomposition
* Robust Adaptive Beamforming Using a Low-Complexity Shrinkage-Based Mismatch Estimation Algorithm
* Robust Beamforming Based on Complex-Valued Convolutional Neural Networks for Sensor Arrays
* Robust Sparsity-Aware RLS Algorithms With Jointly-Optimized Parameters Against Impulsive Noise
* Sparsity-Aware Adaptive Algorithms Based on Alternating Optimization and Shrinkage
* Strategies to improve the performance of very low bit rate speech coders and application to a variable rate 1.2 kb/s codec
* Tukey's Biweight M-Estimate With Conjugate Gradient Adaptive Learning
Includes: de Lamare, R.C. de Lamare, R.C.[Rodrigo C.]
15 for de Lamare, R.C.

de Lameillieure, J.L.P. Co Author Listing * Comments on A Predictor Switching Scheme for DPCM Coding of Video Signals
* Functional Coding of Video Using a Shape-Adaptive DCT Algorithm and an Object-Based Motion Prediction Toolbox
* IDCT output range before clipping in MPEG video coding
* Single stage 280 Mbit/s coding of HDTV using HDPCM with a vector quantizer based on masking functions
* Study of the subjective performance of a range of MPEG-2 encoders
* Subband based TV coding
Includes: de Lameillieure, J.L.P. de Lameillieure, J.L.P.[Jan L.P.]

de Lamo, J.[Javier] Co Author Listing * Using Standardized Time Series Land Cover Maps to Monitor the SDG Indicator Mountain Green Cover Index and Assess Its Sensitivity to Vegetation Dynamics

de Lancey, E.R.[Evan R.] Co Author Listing * Creating a Detailed Wetland Inventory with Sentinel-2 Time-Series Data and Google Earth Engine in the Prairie Pothole Region of Canada
* InSAR Coherence Analysis for Wetlands in Alberta, Canada Using Time-Series Sentinel-1 Data
* Wetland Hydroperiod Analysis in Alberta Using InSAR Coherence Data

de Lange, A.[Arno] Co Author Listing * Performance Assessment of Balloon-Borne Trace Gas Sounding with the Terahertz Channel of TELIS

de Lange, D.J.J. Co Author Listing * Super-resolution of faces using the epipolar constraint
* Super-Resolution on Moving Objects and Background

de Lange, E.E. Co Author Listing * Merging parametric active contours within homogeneous image regions for MRI-based lung segmentation
* MRI Ventilation Analysis by Merging Parametric Active Contours

de Lange, M.[Matthias] Co Author Listing * Avalanche: an End-to-End Library for Continual Learning
* Continual Learning Survey: Defying Forgetting in Classification Tasks, A
* Continual Prototype Evolution: Learning Online from Non-Stationary Data Streams
* Rehearsal revealed: The limits and merits of revisiting samples in continual learning
* Unsupervised Model Personalization While Preserving Privacy and Scalability: An Open Problem
Includes: de Lange, M.[Matthias] de Lange, M.

de Lange, N.[Norbert] Co Author Listing * Urbis Project: Identification And Characterization Of Potential Urban Development Areas As A Web-based Service, The

de Lange, T.[Thomas] Co Author Listing * Kvasir-instrument: Diagnostic and Therapeutic Tool Segmentation Dataset in Gastrointestinal Endoscopy
* Kvasir-seg: A Segmented Polyp Dataset

de Langlard, M.[Mathieu] Co Author Listing * efficiency improved recognition algorithm for highly overlapping ellipses: Application to dense bubbly flows, An
* multiscale method for shape recognition of overlapping elliptical particles, A
Includes: de Langlard, M.[Mathieu] de Langlard, M.

de Lannoy, G.[Gabrielle] Co Author Listing * Assimilation of Backscatter Observations into a Hydrological Model: A Case Study in Belgium Using ASCAT Data
* Comparison of Three Trapezoid Models Using Optical and Thermal Satellite Imagery for Water Table Depth Monitoring in Estonian Bogs, A
* Retrieval of High-Resolution Vegetation Optical Depth from Sentinel-1 Data over a Grassland Region in the Heihe River Basin

de Lannoy, G.J.M.[Gabrielle J. M.] Co Author Listing * Assimilation of MODIS Snow Cover Fraction Observations into the NASA Catchment Land Surface Model
* Inferring Water Table Depth Dynamics from ENVISAT-ASAR C-Band Backscatter over a Range of Peatlands from Deeply-Drained to Natural Conditions
* Review of Irrigation Information Retrievals from Space and Their Utility for Users, A
* Satellite Determination of Peatland Water Table Temporal Dynamics by Localizing Representative Pixels of A SWIR-Based Moisture Index
* SMOS-IC: An Alternative SMOS Soil Moisture and Vegetation Optical Depth Product
Includes: de Lannoy, G.J.M.[Gabrielle J. M.] de Lannoy, G.J.M.[Gabrielle J.M.]

de Lara, J.R.C.[Jose Ramon Calvo] Co Author Listing * Beam-search Formant Tracking Algorithm Based on Trajectory Functions for Continuous Speech
Includes: de Lara, J.R.C.[Jose Ramon Calvo] de Lara, J.R.C.[José Ramón Calvo]

de Lara, L.[Lucas] Co Author Listing * Diffeomorphic Registration Using Sinkhorn Divergences

de Lara, R. Co Author Listing * RPAS in The Support for Photogrammetry Education: Cases in Topographic Mapping and Documentation of Historical Monuments

de Largy, J.[Jeff] Co Author Listing * performance comparison of three software video codecs for IBM RISC System/6000 workstations, A

de Larriva, J.E.M.[Jose Emilio Merono] Co Author Listing * Drift Correction of Lightweight Microbolometer Thermal Sensors On-Board Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Includes: de Larriva, J.E.M.[Jose Emilio Merono] de Larriva, J.E.M.[Jose Emilio Meroño]

de las Heras, A.[Ana] Co Author Listing * impact of class imbalance in classification performance metrics based on the binary confusion matrix, The

de las Heras, C.[Carmen] Co Author Listing * Integration of Remote-Sensing Techniques for the Preventive Conservation of Paleolithic Cave Art in the Karst of the Altamira Cave
* Multisensory Analysis of the Moisture Course of the Cave of Altamira (Spain): Implications for Its Conservation, A

de las Heras, L.P.[Lluis Pere] Co Author Listing * And-Or Graph Grammar for Architectural Floor Plan Representation, Learning and Recognition. A Semantic, Structural and Hierarchical Model
* Attributed Graph Grammar for floor plan analysis
* CVC-FP and SGT: a new database for structural floor plan analysis and its groundtruthing tool
* ICDAR 2013 Robust Reading Competition
* Relational Models for Visual Understanding of Graphical Documents. Application to Architectural Drawings.
* Statistical segmentation and structural recognition for floor plan interpretation
* Unsupervised Wall Detector in Architectural Floor Plans
* Use case visual Bag-of-Words techniques for camera based identity document classification
* Wall Patch-Based Segmentation in Architectural Floorplans
Includes: de las Heras, L.P.[Lluis Pere] de las Heras, L.P.[Lluís-Pere] de las Heras, L.P.[Lluis-Pere] de las Heras, L.P.
9 for de las Heras, L.P.

de Lathauwer, L.[Lieven] Co Author Listing * Algorithms for Canonical Polyadic Decomposition With Block-Circulant Factors
* Canonical Polyadic Decomposition via the Generalized Schur Decomposition
* Double coupled canonical polyadic decomposition of third-order tensors: Algebraic algorithm and relaxed uniqueness conditions
* Nonnegative Matrix Factorization Using Nonnegative Polynomial Approximations
Includes: de Lathauwer, L.[Lieven] de Lathauwer, L.

de Laurentiis, L.[Leonardo] Co Author Listing * Deep Learning for Mineral and Biogenic Oil Slick Classification With Airborne Synthetic Aperture Radar Data

de Laurentiis, R. Co Author Listing * Coastline extraction from SAR images and a method for the evaluation of the coastline precision

de Lauretis, M.[Marcello] Co Author Listing * Space Weather Effects Observed in the Northern Hemisphere during November 2021 Geomagnetic Storm: The Impacts on Plasmasphere, Ionosphere and Thermosphere Systems

de Lavarene, B.C.[Brice Chaix] Co Author Listing * Efficient Demosaicing Through Recursive Filtering
* Practical implementation of LMMSE demosaicing using luminance and chrominance spaces

de Lavenne, A.[Alban] Co Author Listing * Characterization of SWOT Water Level Errors on Seine Reservoirs and La Bassée Gravel Pits: Impacts on Water Surface Energy Budget Modeling

de Lazaro Torres, M.L.[Maria Luisa] Co Author Listing * WebGIS and Geospatial Technologies for Landscape Education on Personalized Learning Contexts
Includes: de Lazaro Torres, M.L.[Maria Luisa] de Lázaro Torres, M.L.[María Luisa]

de Lean, B.C.[Bruno C.] Co Author Listing * Vision-based operating method and system

de Leener, B. Co Author Listing * Automatic Segmentation of the Spinal Cord and Spinal Canal Coupled With Vertebral Labeling
* Combining PropSeg and a convolutional neural network for automatic spinal cord segmentation in pediatric populations and patients with spinal cord injury
Includes: de Leener, B. de Leener, B.[Benjamin]

de Leeuw, D.[Dries] Co Author Listing * Gamification-Based Approach on Indoor Wayfinding Research, A

de Leeuw, G.[Gerrit] Co Author Listing * Air Quality over China
* Contrasting Aerosol Optical Characteristics and Source Regions During Summer and Winter Pollution Episodes in Nanjing, China
* Development, Production and Evaluation of Aerosol Climate Data Records from European Satellite Observations (Aerosol_cci)
* Estimating Spatio-Temporal Variations of PM2.5 Concentrations Using VIIRS-Derived AOD in the Guanzhong Basin, China
* FY-4A/AGRI Aerosol Optical Depth Retrieval Capability Test and Validation Based on NNAeroG
* Himawari-8 Aerosol Optical Depth (AOD) Retrieval Using a Deep Neural Network Trained Using AERONET Observations
* Himawari-8-Derived Aerosol Optical Depth Using an Improved Time Series Algorithm Over Eastern China
* Impact of the Control Measures during the COVID-19 Outbreak on Air Pollution in China, The
* Impacts of the COVID-19 Lockdown on Air Quality in the Guanzhong Basin, China, The
* Integration of Surface Reflectance and Aerosol Retrieval Algorithms for Multi-Resolution Aerosol Optical Depth Retrievals over Urban Areas
* Interdecadal Changes in Aerosol Optical Depth over Pakistan Based on the MERRA-2 Reanalysis Data during 1980-2018
* Modeling Spatio-temporal Land Transformation and Its Associated Impacts on land Surface Temperature (LST)
* Neural Network AEROsol Retrieval for Geostationary Satellite (NNAeroG) Based on Temporal, Spatial and Spectral Measurements
* Preliminary Investigation of a New AHI Aerosol Optical Depth (AOD) Retrieval Algorithm and Evaluation with Multiple Source AOD Measurements in China
* Satellite Observations of PM2.5 Changes and Driving Factors Based Forecasting Over China 2000-2025
15 for de Leeuw, G.

de Leeuw, J. Co Author Listing * Assessment of the Accuracy of Volunteered Road Map Production in Western Kenya, An
* Function of Remote Sensing in Support of Environmental Policy, The
* Length of Growing Period over Africa: Variability and Trends from 30 Years of NDVI Time Series
* Potential and Uptake of Remote Sensing in Insurance: A Review, The
* Reviving Legacy Population Maps With Object-Oriented Image Processing Techniques
* Rise of Collaborative Mapping: Trends and Future Directions, The
* What Four Decades of Earth Observation Tell Us about Land Degradation in the Sahel?
Includes: de Leeuw, J. de Leeuw, J.[Jan]
7 for de Leeuw, J.

de Lemmus, E.[Emerson] Co Author Listing * UAS-Based Real-Time Detection of Red-Cockaded Woodpecker Cavities in Heterogeneous Landscapes Using YOLO Object Detection Algorithms

de Lemos, H.[Hugo] Co Author Listing * Parametric Models to Characterize the Phenology of the Lowveld Savanna at Skukuza, South Africa

de Leo, C.[Carter] Co Author Listing * Design and implementation of a wide area, large-scale camera network
* Multicamera Video Summarization from Optimal Reconstruction
* Search Tracker: Human-Derived Object Tracking in the Wild Through Large-Scale Search and Retrieval
* VISNET: A distributed vision testbed
Includes: de Leo, C.[Carter] de Leo, C.

de Leo, F.[Fabio] Co Author Listing * TempNet: Temporal Attention Towards the Detection of Animal Behaviour in Videos

de Leo, V.[Vito] Co Author Listing * Monitoring of Surface Temperature on Parco delle Biancane (Italian Geothermal Area) Using Optical Satellite Data, UAV and Field Campaigns

de Leon Gomez, H.[Hector] Co Author Listing * Mapping Urban Green Spaces at the Metropolitan Level Using Very High Resolution Satellite Imagery and Deep Learning Techniques for Semantic Segmentation
Includes: de Leon Gomez, H.[Hector] de León Gómez, H.[Héctor]

de Leon, G.[Gonzalo] Co Author Listing * New Region-Based Minimal Path Selection Algorithm for Crack Detection and Ground Truth Labeling Exploiting Gabor Filters, A
Includes: de Leon, G.[Gonzalo] de León, G.[Gonzalo]

de Leon, N.[Natalia] Co Author Listing * Estimation of Maize Yield and Flowering Time Using Multi-Temporal UAV-Based Hyperspectral Data

de Leon, P. Co Author Listing * Low-Complexity Voice Detector for Mobile Environments

de Leonardis, C. Co Author Listing * Review on research studies and monitoring system applied to cetaceans in the Gulf of Taranto (Northern Ionian sea, Central-Eastern Mediterranean Sea)

de Leone, J. Co Author Listing * Hierarchical Representation of Chain-Encoded Binary Image Contours

de Leone, R. Co Author Listing * Binary image synthesis using mixed linear integer programming

de Lesegno, P.V. Co Author Listing * Analysis and comparison of quality metrics with reference based on uniform colour spaces

de Ley, P.[Paul] Co Author Listing * Multi-focal nematode image classification using the 3D X-Ray Transform

de Lima Chaves, H.[Hugo] Co Author Listing * Weighted voting of multi-stream convolutional neural networks for video-based action recognition using optical flow rhythms

de Lima Costa, W.[Willams] Co Author Listing * High-level context representation for emotion recognition in images
Includes: de Lima Costa, W.[Willams] de Lima-Costa, W.[Willams]

de Lima Filho, E.B. Co Author Listing * Universal Image Compression Using Multiscale Recurrent Patterns With Adaptive Probability Model

de Lima Hernandez, R.[Roberto] Co Author Listing * Generative and Entropy-Based Registration Approach for the Reassembly of Ancient Inscriptions, A
* Hybrid Approach to Reassemble Ancient Decorated Block Fragments through a 3D Puzzling Engine, A
* Overview of Innovative Heritage Deliverables Based on Remote Sensing Techniques, An
* Remote Sensing Data As Basis for The Modelling and Reassembly Of Dismantled Heritage Structures
Includes: de Lima Hernandez, R.[Roberto] de Lima-Hernandez, R.[Roberto] de Lima Hernandez, R.

de Lima Santos, I.C.[Isabel Carolina] Co Author Listing * Remote Sensing to Detect Nests of the Leaf-Cutting Ant Atta sexdens (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) in Teak Plantations

de Lima, A.[Aline] Co Author Listing * Multitemporal Analysis of Deforestation in Response to the Construction of the Tucuruí Dam
* Multitemporal Analysis of Land Use and Land Cover within an Oil Block in the Ecuadorian Amazon
* Space-Time Dynamics of Land Use in the Municipality of Goianesia Do Para, Brazil

de Lima, B.C.[Bruna Coelho] Co Author Listing * Modeling Hyperspectral Response of Water-Stress Induced Lettuce Plants Using Artificial Neural Networks

de Lima, B.R.C.A.[Bruno Rucy Carneiro Alves] Co Author Listing * Automated Machine Learning Framework in Unmanned Aircraft Systems: New Insights into Agricultural Management Practices Recognition Approaches, An

de Lima, B.S.L.P.[Beatriz S.L.P.] Co Author Listing * Genetic-Algorithm-Based Fusion System Optimization for 3D Image Interpretation, A

de Lima, C.H.M. Co Author Listing * On the Secrecy of Interference-Limited Networks under Composite Fading Channels

de Lima, C.M.[Carlos Magno] Co Author Listing * Using virtual reality and percolation theory to visualize fluid flow in porous media

de Lima, D.A.[D. Alves] Co Author Listing * Hybrid Controller for Vision-Based Navigation of Autonomous Vehicles in Urban Environments, A

de Lima, G.V.L.[Geovana V. L.] Co Author Listing * Complex Network-Based Approach to the Analysis and Classification of Images, A

de Lima, I.P.[Isabel P.] Co Author Listing * Comparing the Capability of Sentinel-2 and Landsat 9 Imagery for Mapping Water and Sandbars in the River Bed of the Lower Tagus River (Portugal)
* Current Practices in UAS-based Environmental Monitoring
Includes: de Lima, I.P.[Isabel P.] de Lima, I.P.[Isabel Pedroso]

de Lima, J.C.[Junio Cesar] Co Author Listing * Skew Angle Detection and Correction in Text Images Using RGB Gradient
Includes: de Lima, J.C.[Junio Cesar] de Lima, J.C.[Júnio César]

de Lima, J.L.M.P.[Joao L.M.P.] Co Author Listing * On the Use of Unmanned Aerial Systems for Environmental Monitoring
* Using Remote Sensing to Quantify the Joint Effects of Climate and Land Use/Land Cover Changes on the Caatinga Biome of Northeast Brazilian
Includes: de Lima, J.L.M.P.[Joao L.M.P.] de Lima, J.L.M.P.[João L.M.P.] de Lima, J.L.M.P.[João L. M. P.]

de Lima, M.I.[M. Isabel] Co Author Listing * On the Use of Unmanned Aerial Systems for Environmental Monitoring

de Lima, M.S.[Max Sousa] Co Author Listing * Bayesian predictive kernel discriminant analysis

de Lima, O.[Oscar] Co Author Listing * GANmouflage: 3D Object Nondetection with Texture Fields
* Signature line detection in scanned documents
Includes: de Lima, O.[Oscar] de Lima, O.

de Lima, R.[Roberto] Co Author Listing * Improving the construction of ORB through FPGA-based acceleration
* Toward a smart camera for fast high-level structure extraction

de Lima, R.S.[Raul Sampaio] Co Author Listing * Automated Machine Learning Framework in Unmanned Aircraft Systems: New Insights into Agricultural Management Practices Recognition Approaches, An
* Evaluation of the Effects of UAS Flight Parameters on Digital Aerial Photogrammetry Processing and Dense-Cloud Production Quality in a Scots Pine Forest, An
* Potential of Optical UAS Data for Predicting Surface Soil Moisture in a Peatland across Time and Sites, The

de Lima, T.A.[Thales Aguiar] Co Author Listing * Phoneme analysis for multiple languages with fuzzy-based speaker identification

de Lima, T.M.A.[Thainara Munhoz Alexandre] Co Author Listing * Assessing the Accuracy of PRISMA Standard Reflectance Products in Globally Distributed Aquatic Sites

de Lima, T.P.M.[Thyego Pery Monteiro] Co Author Listing * Estimating the Optimal Threshold for Accuracy Assessment of the Global Ecosystem Dynamics Investigation (GEDI) Data in a Gentle Relief Urban Area

de Lima, V.[Vitor] Co Author Listing * 3D Searchless Fractal Video Encoding at Low Bit Rates
* Very Low Bit-Rate Minimalist Video Encoder Based on Matching Pursuits, A

de Lin, S.[Shou] Co Author Listing * Discovering the linear writing order of a two-dimensional ancient hieroglyphic script

de Liperi, A.[Annalisa] Co Author Listing * UIP-Net: A Decoder-encoder CNN for the Detection and Quantification of Usual Interstitial Pneumoniae Pattern in Lung CT Scan Images

de Loor, P.[Pierre] Co Author Listing * From Decision to Action: Intentionality, A Guide for the Specification of Intelligent Agent's Behavior

de Lope, J.[Javier] Co Author Listing * Fusion of probabilistic knowledge-based classification rules and learning automata for automatic recognition of digital images

de Lorenzo, G. Co Author Listing * Simulation of the Expected Performance of a Seamless Scanner for Brain PET Based on Highly Pixelated CdTe Detectors

de los Reyes, G. Co Author Listing * Video transcoding for resilience in wireless channels

de los Reyes, J.C.[Juan Carlos] Co Author Listing * Bilevel Imaging Learning Problems as Mathematical Programs with Complementarity Constraints: Reformulation and Theory
* Bilevel Parameter Learning for Higher-Order Total Variation Regularisation Models
* Infimal Convolution of Data Discrepancies for Mixed Noise Removal
* Learning the Sampling Pattern for MRI
* Optimality Conditions for Bilevel Imaging Learning Problems with Total Variation Regularization
Includes: de los Reyes, J.C.[Juan Carlos] de los Reyes, J.C.

de Los Reyes, R.[Raquel] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Lava from the Cumbre Vieja Volcano Using Remote Sensing Data from DESIS and Sentinel-2
* Analysis-Ready Data from Hyperspectral Sensors: The Design of the EnMAP CARD4L-SR Data Product
* DLR HySU: A Benchmark Dataset for Spectral Unmixing
* Influence of the Solar Spectra Models on PACO Atmospheric Correction
* Monitoring Marine Areas from the International Space Station: The Case of the Submerged Harbor of Amathus
* Newly Developed Algorithm for Cloud Shadow Detection: TIP Method, A
* Sen2Like: Paving the Way towards Harmonization and Fusion of Optical Data
Includes: de Los Reyes, R.[Raquel] de los Reyes, R.[Raquel]
7 for de Los Reyes, R.

de los Santos, E.P.[Enrique Priego] Co Author Listing * Assessing the Accuracy of Automatically Extracted Shorelines on Microtidal Beaches from Landsat 7, Landsat 8 and Sentinel-2 Imagery

de Lotto, I. Co Author Listing * Template-Matching Operator for Edge-Points Detection in Digital Pictures, A
* Two-dimensional transforms by minicomputers without matrix transposing

de Lotto, R. Co Author Listing * Geomatics For Smart Cities: Obtaining The Urban Planning BAF Index From Existing Digital Maps

de Lourdes Bueno Trindade Galo, M.[Maria] Co Author Listing * Assessing Climate Influence on Spatiotemporal Dynamics of Macrophytes in Eutrophicated Reservoirs by Remotely Sensed Time Series
* Radargrammetric approaches to the flat relief of the Amazon coast using COSMO-SkyMed and TerraSAR-X datasets

de Lozar, A.[Alberto] Co Author Listing * Evaluating Latent-Heat-Nudging Schemes and Radar forward Operator Settings for a Convective Summer Period over Germany Using the ICON-KENDA System
* Study on Sensitivity of Observation Error Statistics of Doppler Radars to the Radar forward Operator in Convective-Scale Data Assimilation

de Lozier, S. Co Author Listing * Estimating Speed and Direction of Small Dynamic Targets through Optical Satellite Imaging

de Luca, A.[Antonio] Co Author Listing * GISTURISMO Massa-Carrara: Advanced Territory's Dynamic Fruition Service for a Conscious Tourism

de Luca, C.[Claudio] Co Author Listing * August 2019 Piton de la Fournaise (La Reunion Island) Eruption: Analysis of the Multi-Source Deformation Pattern Detected through Sentinel-1 DInSAR Measurements, The
* Automatic Generation of Sentinel-1 Continental Scale DInSAR Deformation Time Series through an Extended P-SBAS Processing Pipeline in a Cloud Computing Environment
* Coseismic Fault Model of Mw 8.3 2015 Illapel Earthquake (Chile) Retrieved from Multi-Orbit Sentinel1-A DInSAR Measurements
* Global Archive of Coseismic DInSAR Products Obtained Through Unsupervised Sentinel-1 Data Processing, A
* Ground Deformation and Source Geometry of the 30 October 2016 Mw 6.5 Norcia Earthquake (Central Italy) Investigated Through Seismological Data, DInSAR Measurements, and Numerical Modelling
* Nation-wide mapping and classification of ground deformation phenomena through the spatial clustering of P-SBAS InSAR measurements: Italy case study
* On-Demand Web Tool for the Unsupervised Retrieval of Earth's Surface Deformation from SAR Data: The P-SBAS Service within the ESA G-POD Environment, An
* Parallel SBAS Approach for Sentinel-1 Interferometric Wide Swath Deformation Time-Series Generation: Algorithm Description and Products Quality Assessment, The
* Seismogenic Source Model of the 2019, Mw 5.9, East-Azerbaijan Earthquake (NW Iran) through the Inversion of Sentinel-1 DInSAR Measurements
* Taking Advantage of the ESA G-POD Service to Study Ground Deformation Processes in High Mountain Areas: A Valle d'Aosta Case Study, Northern Italy
* Use of Massive Deformation Datasets for the Analysis of Spatial and Temporal Evolution of Mauna Loa Volcano (Hawai'i), The
Includes: de Luca, C.[Claudio] de Luca, C.
11 for de Luca, C.

de Luca, D. Co Author Listing * Crossmedia integration of 3D contents for cultural communication
* Handheld Volumetric Scanner for 3d Printed Integrations of Historical Elements: Comparison and Results

de Luca, F.[Francesco] Co Author Listing * Computational Workflow for Generating A Voxel-Based Design Approach Based on Subtractive Shading Envelopes and Attribute Information of Point Cloud Data, A

de Luca, G.[Gino] Co Author Listing * Multi-procedural Virtual Reality Simulator for Orthopaedic Training, A
* Object-Based Land Cover Classification of Cork Oak Woodlands using UAV Imagery and Orfeo ToolBox
Includes: de Luca, G.[Gino] de Luca, G.[Giandomenico]

de Luca, L. Co Author Listing * 2D/3D semantic annotation towards a set of spatially-oriented photographs
* 3D Virtual Anastylosis And Reconstruction Of Some Buildings in the Site of Saint-Simeon, Syria
* Analysis, Thematic Maps And Data Mining From Point Cloud To Ontology For Software Development
* Avignon Bridge: A 3D Reconstruction Project Integrating Archaeological, Historical and Gemorphological Issues, The
* Comparative Assessment of Neural Radiance Fields and Photogrammetry in Digital Heritage: Impact of Varying Image Conditions on 3D Reconstruction
* Complete Framework Operating Spatially-oriented RTI in A 3D/2D Cultural Heritage Documentation and Analysis Tool, A
* Detailed Primitive-Based 3D Modeling of Architectural Elements
* Digital Diagnosis for The Autumn Statue (Marseille, France) : Photogrammetry, Digital Cartography and Construction of a Thesaurus, A
* Distribution of Semantic Annotations Towards a Set of Spatially-Oriented Photographs
* From Point Cloud To BIM: A Survey of Existing Approaches
* From the Semantic Point Cloud to Heritage-Building Information Modeling: A Semiautomatic Approach Exploiting Machine Learning
* Fully Automated Incremental Photogrammetric Processing Dedicated For Collaborative Remote-computing Workflow, A
* Geometry vs Semantics: Open Issues on 3D Reconstruction of Architectural Elements
* Image-based Approach For The Architectural Modeling of Past States, An
* Multispectral Photogrammetric Data Acquisition and Processing Forwall Paintings Studies
* Photographer-Friendly Work-Flows for Image-Based Modelling of Heritage Artefacts
* Procedural Solution to Model Roman Masonry Structures, A
* Review of the As-Built BIM Approaches
* Robust and Versatile Pipeline for Automatic Photogrammetric-Based Registration of Multimodal Cultural Heritage Documentation, A
* Semantic Annotations on Heritage Models: 2d/3d Approaches and Future Research Challenges
* Semantic Segmentation using Foundation Models for Cultural Heritage: an Experimental Study on Notre-Dame de Paris
* Shape-Adjusted Tridimensional Reconstruction of Cultural Heritage Artifacts Using a Miniature Quadrotor, A
* versatile and low-cost 3D acquisition and processing pipeline for collecting mass of archaeological findings on the field, A
Includes: de Luca, L. de Luca, L.[Livio]
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de Luca, P.G. Co Author Listing * Printed character preclassification based on word structure

de Luca, V.[Valerio] Co Author Listing * Packet losses and objective video quality metrics in H.264 video streaming

de Luccia, F.[Frank] Co Author Listing * JPSS-1 VIIRS Pre-Launch Response Versus Scan Angle Testing and Performance
* JPSS-1 VIIRS Prelaunch Reflective Solar Band Testing and Performance

de Luccia, F.J. Co Author Listing * Early On-Orbit Performance of the Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite Onboard the Suomi National Polar-Orbiting Partnership (S-NPP) Satellite
* JPSS-1VIIRS Prelaunch Polarization Testing and Performance

de Lucia Lobo, F.[Felipe] Co Author Listing * AlgaeMAp: Algae Bloom Monitoring Application for Inland Waters in Latin America
* Assessment of Atmospheric Correction Methods for Sentinel-2 MSI Images Applied to Amazon Floodplain Lakes
* Distribution of Artisanal and Small-Scale Gold Mining in the Tapajós River Basin (Brazilian Amazon) over the Past 40 Years and Relationship with Water Siltation
* Effects of Small-Scale Gold Mining Tailings on the Underwater Light Field in the Tapajós River Basin, Brazilian Amazon
* Mapping Mining Areas in the Brazilian Amazon Using MSI/Sentinel-2 Imagery (2017)
* Retrieving Total and Inorganic Suspended Sediments in Amazon Floodplain Lakes: A Multisensor Approach
* SNR (Signal-To-Noise Ratio) Impact on Water Constituent Retrieval from Simulated Images of Optically Complex Amazon Lakes
7 for de Lucia Lobo, F.

de Lucia, A.[Andrea] Co Author Listing * Visual Framework for the Definition and Execution of Reverse Engineering Processes, A

de Lucia, E.H.[Evan H.] Co Author Listing * Spatiotemporal Derivation of Intermittent Ponding in a Maize-Soybean Landscape from Planet Labs CubeSat Images

de Lucia, F.C.[Frank C.] Co Author Listing * Multimode illumination for speckle reduction and angle neutrality in millimeter wave active imaging: range and time-resolved mode averaging
* Range resolved mode mixing in a large volume for the mitigation of speckle and strategic target orientation requirements in active millimeter-wave imaging

de Lucia, M.[Marzia] Co Author Listing * Decoding stimulus-related information from single-trial EEG responses based on voltage topographies
* Vision-Based Particle Tracking Velocimetry, A
Includes: de Lucia, M.[Marzia] de Lucia, M.

de Luelmo, S.P.[Susana Pineda] Co Author Listing * Case of Study on Traffic Cone Detection for Autonomous Racing on a Jetson Platform, A

de Luigi, L.[Luca] Co Author Listing * DrapeNet: Garment Generation and Self-Supervised Draping
* Learning Good Features to Transfer Across Tasks and Domains
* Learning the Space of Deep Models
* Lightweight and Effective Convolutional Neural Networks for Vehicle Viewpoint Estimation From Monocular Images
* Plugging Self-Supervised Monocular Depth into Unsupervised Domain Adaptation for Semantic Segmentation
* ScanNeRF: a Scalable Benchmark for Neural Radiance Fields

de Luis Garcia, R.[Rodrigo] Co Author Listing * Automatic articulated registration of hand radiographs
* fully automatic algorithm for contour detection of bones in hand radiographs using active contours, A
* Tensor Processing for Texture and Colour Segmentation
Includes: de Luis Garcia, R.[Rodrigo] de Luis-Garcia, R.[Rodrigo] de Luis-Garcia, R. de Luis-García, R.[Rodrigo]

de Luis Ruiz, J.M.[Julio Manuel] Co Author Listing * Determination of Environmental Factors for the Implementation of the Exploitability Index in Industrial Aggregate Mining Using Multi-Criteria Analysis
Includes: de Luis Ruiz, J.M.[Julio Manuel] de Luis-Ruiz, J.M.[Julio Manuel]

de Luis, M.[Martin] Co Author Listing * Influence of Soil Moisture vs. Climatic Factors in Pinus Halepensis Growth Variability in Spain: A Study with Remote Sensing and Modeled Data
Includes: de Luis, M.[Martin] de Luis, M.[Martín]

de Luis, R.[Rodrigo] Co Author Listing * Multimodal Evaluation for Medical Image Segmentation

de Lumley, E.G.[Edith G.] Co Author Listing * Novel data storage for H.264 motion compensation: System Architecture and Hardware Implementation

de Luna, M.A.[Marco A.] Co Author Listing * Pattern Analysis in DNA Microarray Data through PCA-Based Gene Selection

de Lussy, F. Co Author Listing * Attitude Assessment Using Pleiades-HR Capabilities
* Light Aberration Effect in HR Geometric Model
* Pleiades HR in Flight Geometrical Calibration: Location and Mapping of The Focal Plane
* Pleiades-HR Image Quality Commissioning
* Pleiades-HR Innovative Techniques For Geometric Image Quality Commissioning
* Process Line for Geometrical Image Correction of Disruptive Microvibrations
* Using Exotic Guidance for PLEIADES-HR Image Quality Calibration
7 for de Lussy, F.

de Lutio, R.[Riccardo] Co Author Listing * Digital taxonomist: Identifying plant species in community scientists' photographs
* Learning Graph Regularisation for Guided Super-Resolution

De Luxan Hernandez, S. Co Author Listing * Fast Lossless Implementation Of The Intra Subpartition Mode For VVC, A
* Intra Prediction and Mode Coding in VVC
* Intra Subpartition Coding Mode for VVC, An
* kernel-based statistical analysis of the residual error in video coding, A
* Line-Based Intra Prediction for Next-Generation Video Coding
* Region-Based Predictors For Intra Block Copy
* Video Compression Using Generalized Binary Partitioning, Trellis Coded Quantization, Perceptually Optimized Encoding, and Advanced Prediction and Transform Coding
Includes: De Luxan Hernandez, S. De-Luxán-Hernández, S. De-Luxán-Hernández, S.[Santiago]
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