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Habi, H.V.[Hai Victor] Co Author Listing * HMQ: Hardware Friendly Mixed Precision Quantization Block for CNNs
* Recurrent Neural Network for Rain Estimation Using Commercial Microwave Links

Habib, A.[Ayman] Co Author Listing * adaptive approach for the segmentation and extraction of planar and linear/cylindrical features from laser scanning data, An
* Alternative Methodologies for The Estimation of Local Point Density Index: Moving Towards Adaptive Lidar Data Processing
* Analysis of control and flight configuration requirement for mounting parameters calibration of GPS/INS assisted photogrammetric systems
* Analysis of Two Triangle-Based Multi-Surface Registration Algorithms of Irregular Point Clouds
* Automated Aerial Triangulation for UAV-Based Mapping
* Automated multiple surface registration of irregular point clouds: A comparative analysis of two approaches
* Automated Ortho-Rectification of UAV-Based Hyperspectral Data over an Agricultural Field Using Frame RGB Imagery
* Automatic 3d Building Model Generation From Lidar And Image Data Using Sequential Minimum Bounding Rectangle
* Automatic relative orientation of large scale imagery over urban areas using Modified Iterated Hough Transform
* Automatic representation and reconstruction of DBM from LiDAR data using Recursive Minimum Bounding Rectangle
* Bias Impact Analysis and Calibration of Terrestrial Mobile LiDAR System With Several Spinning Multibeam Laser Scanners
* Calibration of multi-camera photogrammetric systems
* Capacity Estimation of Solar Farms Using Deep Learning on High-Resolution Satellite Imagery
* Comparative analysis of different approaches for the incorporation of position and orientation information in integrated sensor orientation procedures
* Comparative Analysis Of Different Lidar System Calibration Techniques
* Comparative Analysis of Different Mobile LiDAR Mapping Systems for Ditch Line Characterization
* Comparative Analysis of Multi-Platform, Multi-Resolution, Multi-Temporal LiDAR Data for Forest Inventory
* Comparative Evaluation of a Newly Developed Trunk-Based Tree Detection/Localization Strategy on Leaf-Off LiDAR Point Clouds with Varying Characteristics
* Comparative Evaluation of Derived Image and LIDAR Point Clouds from UAV-based Mobile Mapping Systems
* Deep Learning Framework for Road Marking Extraction, Classification and Completion from Mobile Laser Scanning Point Clouds, A
* Deformation monitoring with off-the-shelf digital cameras for civil engineering fatigue testing
* Development of a Miniaturized Mobile Mapping System for In-Row, Under-Canopy Phenotyping
* Epipolar Resampling of Space-borne Linear Array Scanner Scenes Using Parallel Projection
* Evaluation of UAV LiDAR for Mapping Coastal Environments
* Forest feature LiDAR SLAM (F2-LSLAM) for backpack systems
* Fully Automated Profile-based Calibration Strategy for Airborne and Terrestrial Mobile LiDAR Systems with Spinning Multi-beam Laser Units
* Generalized LiDAR Intensity Normalization and Its Positive Impact on Geometric and Learning-Based Lane Marking Detection
* GNSS/INS-Assisted Structure from Motion Strategies for UAV-Based Imagery over Mechanized Agricultural Fields
* Highway and Airport Runway Pavement Inspection Using Mobile Lidar
* Image Inpainting with Hypergraphs for Resolution Improvement in Scanning Acoustic Microscopy
* Image-Aided LiDAR Extraction, Classification, and Characterization of Lane Markings from Mobile Mapping Data
* Image-Aided LiDAR Mapping Platform and Data Processing Strategy for Stockpile Volume Estimation
* Image-Aided Sparse Point Cloud Registration Strategy for Managing Stockpiles in Dome Storage Facilities, An
* Image-based Deformation Monitoring Of Statically And Dynamically Loaded Beams
* Impact of LiDAR system calibration on the relative and absolute accuracy of derived point cloud
* Implication of the number of utilized images on the quality of generated building models using model-based image fitting
* Improving classification accuracy of airborne LiDAR intensity data by geometric calibration and radiometric correction
* In Situ Calibration and Trajectory Enhancement of UAV and Backpack LiDAR Systems for Fine-Resolution Forest Inventory
* Intensity Thresholding and Deep Learning Based Lane Marking Extraction and Lane Width Estimation from Mobile Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) Point Clouds
* Joint 2-D-3-D Traffic Sign Landmark Data Set for Geo-Localization Using Mobile Laser Scanning Data
* Lane Width Estimation in Work Zones Using LiDAR-Based Mobile Mapping Systems
* LiDAR-Aided Interior Orientation Parameters Refinement Strategy for Consumer-Grade Cameras Onboard UAV Remote Sensing Systems
* Lidar-based Lane Marking Extraction Through Intensity Thresholding And Deep Learning Approaches: A Pavement-based Assessment
* Linear Approach for Initial Recovery of the Exterior Orientation Parameters of Randomly Captured Images by Low-Cost Mobile Mapping Systems
* Mapping Roadway Drainage Ditches Using Mobile Lidar
* Mobile LiDAR for Monitoring Mechanically Stabilized Earth Walls with Textured Precast Concrete Panels, A
* Monitoring of Irrigation Schemes by Remote Sensing: Phenology versus Retrieval of Biophysical Variables
* Motion Parameter Estimation by Tracking Stationary 3-Dimensional Straight Lines in Image Sequences
* Multi-Class Simultaneous Adaptive Segmentation and Quality Control of Point Cloud Data
* Neurally-Guided Shape Parser: Grammar-based Labeling of 3D Shape Regions with Approximate Inference, The
* New Approach for Realistic 3D Reconstruction of Planar Surfaces from Laser Scanning Data and Imagery Collected Onboard Modern Low-Cost Aerial Mapping Systems, A
* New Method for the Calibration of Multi-Camera Mobile Mapping Systems
* New Orthophoto Generation Strategies from UAV and Ground Remote Sensing Platforms for High-Throughput Phenotyping
* New Strategies for Time Delay Estimation during System Calibration for UAV-Based GNSS/INS-Assisted Imaging Systems
* novel quality control procedure for the evaluation of laser scanning data segmentation, A
* NRLI-UAV: Non-rigid registration of sequential raw laser scans and images for low-cost UAV LiDAR point cloud quality improvement
* Object-space Simulation Method for Low-cost Digital Camera Stability Testing, An
* Optimization Method of Airborne LiDAR Individual Tree Segmentation Based on Gaussian Mixture Model
* Performance Analysis of an Indoor Mobile Mapping System with RGB-D Sensor, The
* Performance Evaluation of Alternative Relative Orientation Procedures for UAV-based Imagery with Prior Flight Trajectory Information
* Performance of parameter-domain and spatial-domain pole-like feature segmentation using single and multiple terrestrial laser scans
* Photogrammetric and Lidar Data Registration Using Linear Features
* Photogrammetric Model Orientation Using LIDAR Dataset
* Planar Constraints for an Improved UAV-Image-Based Dense Point Cloud Generation
* Pose Estimation of Line Cameras Using Linear Features
* Procedure for the Registration and Segmentation of Heterogeneous Lidar Data, A
* Region-Based 3D Surface Reconstruction Using Images Acquired by Low-Cost Unmanned Aerial Systems
* Robust Feature Matching Method for SAR and Optical Images by Using Gaussian-Gamma-Shaped Bi-Windows-Based Descriptor and Geometric Constraint
* Robust Registration Algorithm For Point Clouds From UAV Images For Change Detection, A
* Salt Stockpile Inventory Management Using LiDAR Volumetric Measurements
* Semi-Automatic Registration of Multi-Source Satellite Imagery with Varying Geometric Resolutions
* Simple, Fully Automated Shoreline Detection Algorithm for High-Resolution Multi-Spectral Imagery, A
* Statewide Implementation of Salt Stockpile Inventory Using LiDAR Measurements: Case Study
* Three-point-based solution for automated motion parameter estimation of a multi-camera indoor mapping system with planar motion constraint
* Tightly-coupled camera/LiDAR integration for point cloud generation from GNSS/INS-assisted UAV mapping systems
* True Orthophoto Generation from Aerial Frame Images and LiDAR Data: An Update
* UAV-Based Remote Sensing for Detection and Visualization of Partially-Exposed Underground Structures in Complex Archaeological Sites
* Using an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle-Based Digital Imaging System to Derive a 3D Point Cloud for Landslide Scarp Recognition
Includes: Habib, A.[Ayman] Habib, A. Habib, A.[Abdulelah] Habib, A.[Anowarul] Habib, A.[Adnane] Habib, A.[Aalia]
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Habib, A.F.[Ayman F.] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Approach for Segmentation of 3D Laser Point Cloud, An
* Aerial Triangulation Using Point and Linear Features
* Alternative Methodologies for LiDAR System Calibration
* Alternative Methodologies for the Internal Quality Control of Parallel LiDAR Strips
* Alternative Procedures for the Incorporation of LIDAR-Derived Linear and Areal Features for Photogrammetrec Geo-Referencing
* Automatic Extraction of Road Signs from Terrestrial Color Imagery
* Automatic Matching and Three-Dimensional Reconstruction of Free-Form Linear Features from Stereo Images
* Automatic Pose Estimation of Imagery Using Free-Form Control Linear Features
* Comprehensive Analysis of Sensor Modeling Alternatives for High-Resolution Imaging Satellites
* Editorial for the Special Issue Latest Development in 3D Mapping Using Modern Remote Sensing Technologies
* Error Budget of Lidar Systems and Quality Control of the Derived Data
* Error Budget of LIDAR Systems and Quality Control of the Derived Point Cloud
* Height Gradient Approach for Occlusion Detection in UAV Imagery
* Integration of Terrestrial and Airborne LIDAR Data for System Calibration
* LIDAR Strip Adjustment using Conjugate Linear Features in Overlapping Strips
* Line-Based Modified Iterated Hough Transform for Autonomous Single-Photo Resection
* Linear Recovery of the Exterior Orientation Parameters in a Planar Object Space
* New Approach for Calibrating Off-the-Shelf Digital Cameras
* New Approach for Segmentation-Based Texturing of Laser Scanning Data, A
* New Methodologies for True Orthophoto Generation
* Occlusion-based Methodology for the Classification of Lidar Data
* Reconstruction, Registration, and Matching of 3D Facial Models from Stereo-Images
* Regularization of Building Roof Boundaries from Airborne LiDAR Data Using an Iterative CD-Spline
* Single-Photo Resection Using the Modified Hough Transform
* Special Issue on 3D Sensing in Intelligent Transportation
* Stability Analysis and Geometric Calibration of Off-the-Shelf Digital Cameras
* Two New Algorithms to Retrieve the Calibration Matrix from the 3-D Projective Camera Model
Includes: Habib, A.F.[Ayman F.] Habib, A.F.
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Habib, A.R.B. Co Author Listing * adaptive digital image watermarking scheme with PSO, DWT and XFCM, An

Habib, B. Co Author Listing * Modelling Fine Scale Movement Corridors For The Tricarinate Hill Turtle

Habib, E.[Emad] Co Author Listing * Building an Online Learning Module for Satellite Remote Sensing Applications in Hydrologic Science
* Effect of Bias Correction of Satellite-Rainfall Estimates on Runoff Simulations at the Source of the Upper Blue Nile
* Examining the Robustness of a Spatial Bootstrap Regional Approach for Radar-Based Hourly Precipitation Frequency Analysis

Habib, E.H.[Emad H.] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Radar-Rainfall Products over Coastal Louisiana

Habib, G.[Gavriel] Co Author Listing * Watch Where You Head: A View-biased Domain Gap in Gait Recognition and Unsupervised Adaptation

Habib, M.[Muhammad] Co Author Listing * RETRACTED ARTICLE: Cartesian vector-based directional nonparametric fuzzy filter for random-valued impulse noise removal

Habib, M.M. Co Author Listing * Automated quantification of retinal vessel morphometry in the UK biobank cohort
* Microaneurysm detection in retinal images using an ensemble classifier

Habib, M.S. Co Author Listing * Multi-Scale Segmentation and Surface Fitting for Measuring 3-D Macular Holes

Habib, S.E.D. Co Author Listing * Appraisal of an enhanced Particale Filter for object tracking
* Efficient hardware architecture for Particle Filter based object tracking
* Survey on hardware implementations of visual object trackers
Includes: Habib, S.E.D. Habib, S.E.D.[Serag E.D.]

Habib, T.[Tayyiba] Co Author Listing * Assessment Analysis of Flood Susceptibility in Tropical Desert Area: A Case Study of Yemen
* Chromatic Adaptation in Colour Management
* Spectral Estimation of Chromatically Adapted Corresponding Colors
* Speeding up Support Vector Machine (SVM) image classification by a kernel series expansion
Includes: Habib, T.[Tayyiba] Habib, T.[Tanzima] Habib, T.[Tarek]

Habib, W.[Wajiha] Co Author Listing * Wavelet denoising of multiframe optical coherence tomography data using similarity measures

Habib, Z.[Zulfiqar] Co Author Listing * Automated and reliable brain radiology with texture analysis of magnetic resonance imaging and cross datasets validation
* Classification of normal and abnormal brain MRI slices using Gabor texture and support vector machines
* Computer aided diagnosis of brain abnormalities using texture analysis of MRI images
* Edge-texture feature-based image forgery detection with cross-dataset evaluation

Habiba, H.U. Co Author Listing * Low profile co-radiator transmit-receive antenna for Ku-band

Habiba, O.M.[Omar M.] Co Author Listing * Integrated Methodology for Urban Flood Risk Mapping at the Microscale in Ungauged Regions: A Case Study of Hurghada, Egypt

Habiballah, I.O. Co Author Listing * On-Line Legal Aid: Markov Chain Model for Efficient Retrieval of Legal Documents
* Visible Human Utilization to Render Induced Electric Field and Current Density Images Inside the Human

Habibi Aghdam, H. Co Author Listing * Temporal Coherence for Active Learning in Videos

Habibi Co Author Listing * Accurate Measurement of Tropical Forest Canopy Heights and Aboveground Carbon Using Structure From Motion

Habibi, A. Co Author Listing * Comparison of Nth Order DPCM Encoder with Linear Transformations and Block Quantization Techniques
* Image Coding
* Image Coding by Linear Transformations and Block Quantization
* Two Dimensional Bayesian Estimate of Images

Habibi, G. Co Author Listing * SILA: An Incremental Learning Approach for Pedestrian Trajectory Prediction

Habibi, J.[Jafar] Co Author Listing * Data mining with a simulated annealing based fuzzy classification system
* fuzzy ranking method for automated highway driving, A
Includes: Habibi, J.[Jafar] Habibi, J.

Habibi, K.[Kyoumars] Co Author Listing * Flood Detection and Susceptibility Mapping Using Sentinel-1 Remote Sensing Data and a Machine Learning Approach: Hybrid Intelligence of Bagging Ensemble Based on K-Nearest Neighbor Classifier

Habibi, L.N.[Luthfan Nur] Co Author Listing * Machine Learning Techniques to Predict Soybean Plant Density Using UAV and Satellite-Based Remote Sensing
* Multimodal Deep Learning for Rice Yield Prediction Using UAV-Based Multispectral Imagery and Weather Data

Habibi, M.[Maral] Co Author Listing * Analyses of a Lake Dust Source in the Middle East through Models Performance
* New System for Recognition of Handwritten Persian Bank Checks, A
* novel adaptive Gaussian restoration filter for reducing periodic noises in digital image, A
* Real time fractal image coder based on characteristic vector matching
Includes: Habibi, M.[Maral] Habibi, M.[Maliheh] Habibi, M.[Mehdi] Habibi, M.

Habibi, R.[Roya] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Spatial Pattern Characterization of Air Pollution: A Case Study of CO and PM2.5 in Tehran, Iran, An
* Capability of Matterport 3d Camera for Industrial Archaeology Sites Inventory
* Geospatial Virtual Reality for Cyberlearning in the Field of Topographic Surveying: Moving Towards a Cost-Effective Mobile Solution
* Rapid Visual Presentation to Support Geospatial Big Data Processing
Includes: Habibi, R.[Roya] Habibi, R. Habibi, R.[Reza]

Habibi, S.[Saeid] Co Author Listing * Interacting Multiple Model Smooth Variable Structure Filter for Trajectory Prediction, The
* Online Multiple Maneuvering Vehicle Tracking System Based on Multi-Model Smooth Variable Structure Filter
* Probability Occupancy Grid Based Approach for Real-Time LiDAR Ground Segmentation, A
* SVSF-Based Generalized Robust Strategy for Target Tracking in Clutter, An
Includes: Habibi, S.[Saeid] Habibi, S.

Habibi, Z.[Zaynab] Co Author Listing * 3D Model Automatic Exploration: Smooth and Intelligent Virtual Camera Control

Habibian, A. Co Author Listing * Adversarial Distortion for Learned Video Compression
* Delta Distillation for Efficient Video Processing
* Evaluating multimedia features and fusion for example-based event detection
* FrameExit: Conditional Early Exiting for Efficient Video Recognition
* RCV2023 Challenges: Benchmarking Model Training and Inference for Resource-Constrained Deep Learning
* Recognizing Compressed Videos: Challenges and Promises
* Recommendations for recognizing video events by concept vocabularies
* ResQ: Residual Quantization for Video Perception
* SALISA: Saliency-Based Input Sampling for Efficient Video Object Detection
* Simple and Efficient Architectures for Semantic Segmentation
* Skip-Convolutions for Efficient Video Processing
* Video Compression With Rate-Distortion Autoencoders
* Video2vec Embeddings Recognize Events When Examples Are Scarce
Includes: Habibian, A. Habibian, A.[Amirhossein]
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Habibie, I.[Ikhsanul] Co Author Listing * Imitator: Personalized Speech-driven 3D Facial Animation
* In the Wild Human Pose Estimation Using Explicit 2D Features and Intermediate 3D Representations
* Monocular Real-time Full Body Capture with Inter-part Correlations
* Monocular Real-Time Hand Shape and Motion Capture Using Multi-Modal Data
Includes: Habibie, I.[Ikhsanul] Habibie, I.

Habiboglu, Y.H.[Yusuf Hakan] Co Author Listing * Covariance matrix-based fire and flame detection method in video

Habibollahi, R.[Rezvan] Co Author Listing * TCD-Net: A Novel Deep Learning Framework for Fully Polarimetric Change Detection Using Transfer Learning

Habibullah Co Author Listing * Internal reference model based optimal LQG controller for atomic force microscope

Habibullah, M.S. Co Author Listing * Application of the LP-ELM Model on Transportation System Lifetime Optimization

Habibzadeh, H.[Hadi] Co Author Listing * Smart City System Design: A Comprehensive Study of the Application and Data Planes

Habibzadeh, M.[Mehdi] Co Author Listing * Analysis of White Blood Cell Differential Counts Using Dual-Tree Complex Wavelet Transform and Support Vector Machine Classifier

Habigt, J. Co Author Listing * Automatic denoising parameter estimation using gradient histograms
* Best Practices for QoE Crowdtesting: QoE Assessment With Crowdsourcing
* Image completion for view synthesis using Markov random fields and efficient belief propagation
* Length-independent refinement of video quality metrics based on multiway data analysis
* No-reference video quality metric for HDTV based on H.264/AVC bitstream features
Includes: Habigt, J. Habigt, J.[Julian]

Habigt, T.[Tim] Co Author Listing * Bimodal Co-sparse Analysis Model for Image Processing, A
* Joint Intensity and Depth Co-sparse Analysis Model for Depth Map Super-resolution, A

Habijan, M.[Marija] Co Author Listing * Segmentation of Phase-contrast MR Images for Aortic Pulse Wave Velocity Measurements

Habili, N.[Nariman] Co Author Listing * Automatic exposure control for multispectral cameras
* Hyperspectral and Rgb Dataset for Building Fašade Segmentation, A
* Learning Deep Spatial-Spectral Features for Material Segmentation in Hyperspectral Images
* Material segmentation in hyperspectral images with minimal region perimeters
* Plant Viral Disease Detection: From Molecular Diagnosis to Optical Sensing Technology: A Multidisciplinary Review
* Segmentation of the Face and Hands in Sign Language Video Sequences Using Color and Motion Cues
Includes: Habili, N.[Nariman] Habili, N. Habili, N.[Nuredin]

Habils, F.[Frederik] Co Author Listing * Design of an improved lossless halftone image compression codec

Habis, A.[Antoine] Co Author Listing * Smart Learning of Click and Refine for Nuclei Segmentation on Histology Images

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