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Niu, A.[Axi] Co Author Listing * Non-uniform motion deblurring with blurry component divided guidance
* Spatial Relationship between Natural Wetlands Changes and Associated Influencing Factors in Mainland China
Includes: Niu, A.[Axi] Niu, A.[Anyi]

Niu, B. Co Author Listing * Application of CEM Algorithm in the Field of Tunnel Crack Identification
* Audio Identification by Sampling Sub-fingerprints and Counting Matches
* Case Indexing Using PSO and ANN in Real Time Strategy Games
* Continuous k Nearest Neighbor Queries over Large-Scale Spatial-Textual Data Streams
* Dynamic Threshold of Carbon Phenology in Two Cold Temperate Grasslands in China
* Efficient Cascaded Filtering Retrieval Method for Big Audio Data, An
* Enhancing Image Watermarking With Adaptive Embedding Parameter and PSNR Guarantee
* Entropy Optimized Deep Feature Compression
* Globally Maximizing, Locally Minimizing: Unsupervised Discriminant Projection with Applications to Face and Palm Biometrics
* Land Cover Mapping and Ecological Risk Assessment in the Context of Recent Ecological Migration
* Method to Improve the Lining Images Quality in Complex Tunnel Scenes, A
* Multi-Temporal Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Remote Sensing for Vegetable Mapping Using an Attention-Based Recurrent Convolutional Neural Network
* Mutual Neighborhood Based Discriminant Projection for Face Recognition
* Novel Derived Mode for Block Partitioning Structure in Video Coding, A
* Representative sampling with certainty propagation for image retrieval
* Satellite-Based Inversion and Field Validation of Autotrophic and Heterotrophic Respiration in an Alpine Meadow on the Tibetan Plateau
* Single Image Super-resolution via a Holistic Attention Network
* Temporal Variability of Precipitation and Biomass of Alpine Grasslands on the Northern Tibetan Plateau
* Tower-Based Validation and Improvement of MODIS Gross Primary Production in an Alpine Swamp Meadow on the Tibetan Plateau
* Two-dimensional Laplacianfaces method for face recognition
* Vegetation Expansion on the Tibetan Plateau and Its Relationship with Climate Change
Includes: Niu, B. Niu, B.[Ben] Niu, B.[Baoning] Niu, B.[Bowen] Niu, B.[Biao]
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Niu, B.B.[Bin Bin] Co Author Listing * evaluation of fake fingerprint databases utilizing SVM classification, An
Includes: Niu, B.B.[Bin Bin] Niu, B.B.[Bin-Bin]

Niu, B.Q.[Bing Qing] Co Author Listing * Dual-Branch Extraction and Classification Method Under Limited Samples of Hyperspectral Images Based on Deep Learning, A
* Novel 3D Surface Reconstruction Method with Posterior Constraints of Edge Detection, A
Includes: Niu, B.Q.[Bing Qing] Niu, B.Q.[Bing-Qing]

Niu, C.[Cheng] Co Author Listing * case restoration approach to named entity tagging in degraded documents, A
* Common-specific feature learning for multi-source domain adaptation
* Complete and accurate data correction for seamless mosaicking of airborne hyperspectral images: A case study at a mining site in Inner Mongolia, China
* Cylindrical panoramic mosaicing from a pipeline video through MRF based optimization
* DRONE: Dual-Domain Residual-based Optimization NEtwork for Sparse-View CT Reconstruction
* GATCluster: Self-supervised Guassian-attention Network for Image Clustering
* Im2Struct: Recovering 3D Shape Structure from a Single RGB Image
* Interlaced Double-Precision 2-D Angle Estimation Algorithm Using L-Shaped Nested Arrays
* Recovering Non-overlapping Network Topology Using Far-field Vehicle Tracking Data
* Spatial-Scale Evaluation of Soil Consolidation Concerning Land Subsidence and Integrated Mechanism Analysis at Macro-, and Micro-Scale: A Case Study in Chongming East Shoal Reclamation Area, Shanghai, China, A
* Vicarious Calibration for the AHSI Instrument of Gaofen-5 With Reference to the CRCS Dunhuang Test Site
* Weakly Supervised Semantic Segmentation for Joint Key Local Structure Localization and Classification of Aurora Image
Includes: Niu, C.[Cheng] Niu, C.[Chang] Niu, C.[Chao] Niu, C.[Chuan] Niu, C.[Chuang] Niu, C. Niu, C.[Chaowei] Niu, C.[Cencen]
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Niu, C.F.[Chang Feng] Co Author Listing * Moving Object Segmentation Based on Video Coding Information in H.264 Compressed Domain
* Moving Object Segmentation in the H.264 Compressed Domain
Includes: Niu, C.F.[Chang Feng] Niu, C.F.[Chang-Feng]

Niu, C.L.[Chang Ling] Co Author Listing * Combined Geometric Positioning and Performance Analysis of Multi-Resolution Optical Imageries from Satellite and Aerial Platforms Based on Weighted RFM Bundle Adjustment
Includes: Niu, C.L.[Chang Ling] Niu, C.L.[Chang-Ling]

Niu, C.Y.[Chun Yye] Co Author Listing * Global Sensitivity Analysis for Canopy Reflectance and Vegetation Indices of Mangroves
* Using a fully polarimetric SAR to detect landslide in complex surroundings: Case study of 2015 Shenzhen landslide
Includes: Niu, C.Y.[Chun Yye] Niu, C.Y.[Chun-Yye] Niu, C.Y.[Chao-Yang]

Niu, C.Z.[Cheng Zhi] Co Author Listing * Deep Multiple Instance Learning with Spatial Attention for ROP Case Classification, Instance Selection and Abnormality Localization
Includes: Niu, C.Z.[Cheng Zhi] Niu, C.Z.[Cheng-Zhi]

Niu, D. Co Author Listing * Delay-Optimized Video Traffic Routing in Software-Defined Interdatacenter Networks
* Geometric Approach to Server Selection for Interactive Video Streaming, A
* Salient Object Detection based on CNN Fusion of Two Types of Saliency Models

Niu, D.J.[De Jiao] Co Author Listing * Facial Expression Recognition Based On Gabor Wavelet Transformation And Elastic Templates Matching
Includes: Niu, D.J.[De Jiao] Niu, D.J.[De-Jiao]

Niu, D.L.[Dong Lin] Co Author Listing * Iterative Discovery of Multiple Alternative Clustering Views
Includes: Niu, D.L.[Dong Lin] Niu, D.L.[Dong-Lin]

Niu, D.M.[Dong Mei] Co Author Listing * Colour image retrieval based on the hypergraph combined with a weighted adjacent structure
* Multiscale bilateral filtering to detect 3D interest points
* Non-rigid point set registration based on DIS ANG descriptor and RANSAC
* novel image retrieval method based on multi-features fusion, A
* Point set registration based on feature point constraints
* Robust non-rigid point set registration method based on asymmetric Gaussian and structural feature
* Three-dimensional salient point detection based on the Laplace-Beltrami eigenfunctions
* Two-dimensional shape retrieval using the distribution of extrema of Laplacian eigenfunctions
Includes: Niu, D.M.[Dong Mei] Niu, D.M.[Dong-Mei]
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Niu, F.[Fujun] Co Author Listing * backscattering characteristics of thermokarst lake ice in the qinghai-tibet plateau from SAR, The
* Characterization of the Frost Heave Deformations In High Latitude And Deep Seasonally Frozen Soil of Inner Mongolia with Sentinel-1 Insar Observations
* Characterizing C-band backscattering from thermokarst lake ice on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau
* Permafrost Presence/Absence Mapping of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau Based on Multi-Source Remote Sensing Data
Includes: Niu, F.[Fujun] Niu, F.

Niu, F.J.[Fu Jun] Co Author Listing * High Spatial Resolution Modeling of Climate Change Impacts on Permafrost Thermal Conditions for the Beiluhe Basin, Qinghai-Tibet Plateau
* Numerical Mapping and Modeling Permafrost Thermal Dynamics across the Qinghai-Tibet Engineering Corridor, China Integrated with Remote Sensing
* Permafrost Distribution along the Qinghai-Tibet Engineering Corridor, China Using High-Resolution Statistical Mapping and Modeling Integrated with Remote Sensing and GIS
* Spatial Analyses and Susceptibility Modeling of Thermokarst Lakes in Permafrost Landscapes along the Qinghai-Tibet Engineering Corridor
Includes: Niu, F.J.[Fu Jun] Niu, F.J.[Fu-Jun]

Niu, G. Co Author Listing * Ex Vivo and In Vivo Monitoring and Characterization of Thermal Lesions by High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound and Microwave Ablation Using Ultrasonic Nakagami Imaging
* Learning an video frame-based face detection system for security fields
* Local non-linear alignment for non-linear dimensionality reduction
* Tensor dimensionality reduction via mode product and HSIC
Includes: Niu, G. Niu, G.[Gang] Niu, G.[Guo]

Niu, G.L.[Guo Lin] Co Author Listing * Multi-Source-Driven Asynchronous Diffusion Model for Video-Sharing in Online Social Networks
Includes: Niu, G.L.[Guo Lin] Niu, G.L.[Guo-Lin]

Niu, H. Co Author Listing * Enhanced Functional Brain Imaging by Using Adaptive Filtering and a Depth Compensation Algorithm in Diffuse Optical Tomography
* Forward and Inverse Models in Time Resolved Optical Tomography Imaging and Their Finite Element Method Solutions, The
* From Patches to Pictures (PaQ-2-PiQ): Mapping the Perceptual Space of Picture Quality
* Local Adaptive Calibration of the Satellite-Derived Surface Incident Shortwave Radiation Product Using Smoothing Spline
* Monitoring Droughts in the Greater Changbai Mountains Using Multiple Remote Sensing-Based Drought Indices
Includes: Niu, H. Niu, H.[Haofang]

Niu, H.F.[Hui Fang] Co Author Listing * Latent Representation Learning Model for Multi-Band Images Fusion via Low-Rank and Sparse Embedding
Includes: Niu, H.F.[Hui Fang] Niu, H.F.[Hui-Fang]

Niu, H.J.[Hong Jing] Co Author Listing * Interpreting the Latent Space of GANs via Correlation Analysis for Controllable Concept Manipulation
* Robust Method for License Plate Detection, A
Includes: Niu, H.J.[Hong Jing] Niu, H.J.[Hong-Jing] Niu, H.J.[Hai-Jun]

Niu, H.M.[Hui Min] Co Author Listing * Demand-Driven Train Schedule Synchronization for High-Speed Rail Lines
Includes: Niu, H.M.[Hui Min] Niu, H.M.[Hui-Min]

Niu, I.C. Co Author Listing * Design of Two-Channel IIR Filter Banks with Arbitrary Group Delay
* Minimax Design of Two-Channel IIR QMF Banks with Arbitrary Group Delay

Niu, J.[Jiong] Co Author Listing * Analysis and Estimation of Shipborne HFSWR Target Parameters Under the Influence of Platform Motion
* Classification of breast mass in two-view mammograms via deep learning
* Continuous Tracking of Targets for Stereoscopic HFSWR Based on IMM Filtering Combined with ELM
* Crowd Behavior Simulation With Emotional Contagion in Unexpected Multihazard Situations
* Efficient and Robust Learning for Sustainable and Reacquisition-Enabled Hand Tracking
* Ensemble Learning-Based Vehicle Steering Detector Using Smartphones, An
* Evaluation and Improvement of the Near-Real-Time Linear Fit SO2 Retrievals From Suomi NPP Ozone Mapping and Profiler Suite
* Expectation-Maximization Attention Cross Residual Network for Single Image Super-resolution
* Fragile Bits in Palmprint Recognition
* General Analyzing and Research on Uncertainty of Multi-Scale Representation for Street-Block Settlement
* Higher Order Hybrid SIE/FEM/SEM Method for the Flexible Electromagnetic Simulation in Layered Medium, A
* Label-Based Trajectory Clustering in Complex Road Networks
* location of mobile logistics is arranged by the method of RFID tag separation, The
* Motion Parameter Identification and Motion Compensation for Shipborne HFSWR by Using the Reference RF Signal Generated at the Shore
* Novel Method Based on OMPGW Method for Feature Extraction in Automatic Music Mood Classification, A
* ReinforcementDriving: Exploring Trajectories and Navigation for Autonomous Vehicles
* Stylized Aesthetic QR Code
* Track Prediction for HF Radar Vessels Submerged in Strong Clutter Based on MSCNN Fusion with GRU-AM and AR Model
* Wi-Fi Indoor Positioning Modeling Based on Location Fingerprint and Cluster Analysis, A
Includes: Niu, J.[Jiong] Niu, J.[Jing] Niu, J. Niu, J.[Jie] Niu, J.[Jin]
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Niu, J.G.[Jian Guo] Co Author Listing * Reprocessed Suomi NPP Satellite Observations, The
Includes: Niu, J.G.[Jian Guo] Niu, J.G.[Jian-Guo]

Niu, J.H.[Jun Hui] Co Author Listing * Effective inpainting method for natural textures with gradually changed illumination
* Enhancing Knowledge Graph Completion with Positive Unlabeled Learning
Includes: Niu, J.H.[Jun Hui] Niu, J.H.[Jun-Hui] Niu, J.H.[Jing-Hao]

Niu, J.M.[Jian Ming] Co Author Listing * Examining Relationships between Heat Requirement of Remotely Sensed Green-Up Date and Meteorological Indicators in the Hulun Buir Grassland
Includes: Niu, J.M.[Jian Ming] Niu, J.M.[Jian-Ming]

Niu, J.Q.[Ji Qiang] Co Author Listing * Global Research on Artificial Intelligence from 1990-2014: Spatially-Explicit Bibliometric Analysis
* Matching Multi-Sensor Remote Sensing Images via an Affinity Tensor
* Traffic Inequality and Relations in Maritime Silk Road: A Network Flow Analysis
Includes: Niu, J.Q.[Ji Qiang] Niu, J.Q.[Ji-Qiang]

Niu, J.W.[Jian Wei] Co Author Listing * 3D Human Head Shape Variation by Using Principal Component Analysis
* ArtCoder: An End-to-end Method for Generating Scanning-robust Stylized QR Codes
* DAT: Training Deep Networks Robust to Label-Noise by Matching the Feature Distributions
* Domain Knowledge Powered Deep Learning for Breast Cancer Diagnosis Based on Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound Videos
* Facial Age Estimation with Images in the Wild
* M-SBIR: An Improved Sketch-Based Image Retrieval Method Using Visual Word Mapping
* Network Adjustment: Channel Search Guided by FLOPs Utilization Ratio
* New Image Segmentation Method Based on Modified Intersecting Cortical Model, A
* Novel Affective Visualization System for Videos Based on Acoustic and Visual Features, A
* Robust Lane Detection using Two-stage Feature Extraction with Curve Fitting
Includes: Niu, J.W.[Jian Wei] Niu, J.W.[Jian-Wei]
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Niu, J.X.[Jin Xing] Co Author Listing * Research on image sharpening algorithm in weak illumination environment
Includes: Niu, J.X.[Jin Xing] Niu, J.X.[Jin-Xing]

Niu, J.Y.[Jing Yu] Co Author Listing * Exploring Spatial-Temporal Multi-Frequency Analysis for High-Fidelity and Temporal-Consistency Video Prediction
* Local tangent space based manifold entropy for image retrieval
Includes: Niu, J.Y.[Jing Yu] Niu, J.Y.[Jing-Yu] Niu, J.Y.[Jun-Yu]

Niu, J.Z.[Jian Zhi] Co Author Listing * NDVI Dynamics and Its Response to Climate Change and Reforestation in Northern China
Includes: Niu, J.Z.[Jian Zhi] Niu, J.Z.[Jian-Zhi]

Niu, K.[Kaijie] Co Author Listing * Analysis on the Variation of Hydro-Meteorological Variables in the Yongding River Mountain Area Driven by Multiple Factors
* Distributed Cooperative Multicast in Cognitive Multi-Relay Multi-Antenna Systems
* Evaluation Method for Emergency Procedures in Automatic Metro Based on Complexity, An
* Fusing Two Directions in Cross-Domain Adaption for Real Life Person Search by Language
* Improving Description-Based Person Re-Identification by Multi-Granularity Image-Text Alignments
* Opportunistic Scheduling With BIA Under Block Fading Broadcast Channels
* Re-ranking image-text matching by adaptive metric fusion
* Winning Solutions and Post-Challenge Analyses of the ChaLearn AutoDL Challenge 2019
Includes: Niu, K.[Kaijie] Niu, K. Niu, K.[Kai] Niu, K.[Kangning]
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Niu, L.[Li] Co Author Listing * Action proposals using hierarchical clustering of super-trajectories
* Adversarial Query-by-image Video Retrieval Based on Attention Mechanism
* Combinatorial Spatial Data Model for Building Fire Simulation and Analysis
* Domain Adaptive Fisher Vector for Visual Recognition
* DoveNet: Deep Image Harmonization via Domain Verification
* Dynamic Indoor Field Model for Emergency Evacuation Simulation, A
* Evaluation Model for Analyzing Robustness and Spatial Closeness of 3D Indoor Evacuation Networks, An
* Exploiting Low-Rank Structure from Latent Domains for Domain Generalization
* Exploiting Privileged Information from Web Data for Action and Event Recognition
* Exploiting Privileged Information from Web Data for Image Categorization
* Faster R-CNN Approach for Extracting Indoor Navigation Graph From Building Designs, A
* Graph Regularized Deep Discrete Hashing for Multi-Label Image Retrieval
* Hard Pixel Mining for Depth Privileged Semantic Segmentation
* Highway Bridge Detection Based on PCA Fusion in Airborne Multiband High Resolution SAR Images
* Improved Spatio-Temporal Adaptive Data Fusion Algorithm for Evapotranspiration Mapping, An
* Individual Behavior Simulation Based on Grid Object and Agent Model
* Learning from Noisy Web Data with Category-Level Supervision
* Learning From Web Data With Self-Organizing Memory Module
* Look, Imagine and Match: Improving Textual-Visual Cross-Modal Retrieval with Generative Models
* Multi-mode neural network for human action recognition
* Multi-view Domain Generalization for Visual Recognition
* Pedestrian Accessible Position Extraction Method Of Existing 3d Files For Large Building Evacuations, A
* Person Re-Identification by Semantic Region Representation and Topology Constraint
* Person Re-Identification With Reinforced Attribute Attention Selection
* Portrait-Aware Artistic Style Transfer
* Progressive Learning Algorithm for Efficient Person Re-Identification
* Schema For Extraction Of Indoor Pedestrian Navigation Grid Network From Floor Plans, A
* Survey on Smart Homes for Aging in Place: Toward Solutions to the Specific Needs of the Elderly, A
* Visual recognition by learning from web data: A weakly supervised domain generalization approach
* Wearable Assistive Technology for the Visually Impaired with Door Knob Detection and Real-Time Feedback for Hand-to-Handle Manipulation, A
* Webly Supervised Learning Meets Zero-shot Learning: A Hybrid Approach for Fine-Grained Classification
* Zero-Shot Learning via Category-Specific Visual-Semantic Mapping and Label Refinement
Includes: Niu, L.[Li] Niu, L.[Lei] Niu, L. Niu, L.[Lu] Niu, L.[Liang]
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Niu, L.D.[Lian Ding] Co Author Listing * Depth from defocus and blur for single image
Includes: Niu, L.D.[Lian Ding] Niu, L.D.[Lian-Ding]

Niu, L.F.[Li Feng] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Threshold Model in Google Earth Engine: A Case Study of Ulva prolifera Extraction in the South Yellow Sea, China
* Diffusion network embedding
* Document-level relation extraction via graph transformer networks and temporal convolutional networks
* Support vector machine classifier with truncated pinball loss
Includes: Niu, L.F.[Li Feng] Niu, L.F.[Li-Feng] Niu, L.F.[Ling-Feng]

Niu, L.J.[Li Jie] Co Author Listing * Imaging Analysis and First Results of the Geostationary Interferometric Microwave Sounder Demonstrator
* Time-Domain Simulation System of MICAP L-Band Radiometer for Pre-Launch RFI Processing Study, A
Includes: Niu, L.J.[Li Jie] Niu, L.J.[Li-Jie]

Niu, L.N.[Li Nan] Co Author Listing * Soil Conservation Service Spatiotemporal Variability and Its Driving Mechanism on the Guizhou Plateau, China
Includes: Niu, L.N.[Li Nan] Niu, L.N.[Li-Nan]

Niu, L.Q.[Lian Qiang] Co Author Listing * Number of faces affect performance of rigid joint alignment
Includes: Niu, L.Q.[Lian Qiang] Niu, L.Q.[Lian-Qiang]

Niu, M. Co Author Listing * Enhancing Adequacy of Isolated Systems With Electric Vehicle-Based Emergency Strategy
* High-Order Imaging Algorithm for High-Resolution Spaceborne SAR Based on a Modified Equivalent Squint Range Model, A
* Ice Velocity Variations of the Polar Record Glacier (East Antarctica) Using a Rotation-Invariant Feature-Tracking Approach
Includes: Niu, M. Niu, M.[Mu] Niu, M.[Muye]

Niu, N. Co Author Listing * Change Detection of Multi-Polarimetric SAR Data Based on Principal Component Analysis
* Urban Land Use and Land Cover Classification Using Multisource Remote Sensing Images and Social Media Data
Includes: Niu, N. Niu, N.[Ning]

Niu, P.[Peiyi] Co Author Listing * Fast acquisition of dense depth data by a new structured light scheme
* Fast and effective Keypoint-based image copy-move forgery detection using complex-valued moment invariants
Includes: Niu, P.[Peiyi] Niu, P.

Niu, P.P.[Pan Pan] Co Author Listing * Affine invariant image watermarking using intensity probability density-based Harris Laplace detector
* Color image zero-watermarking based on fast quaternion generic polar complex exponential transform
* Contourlet Domain Locally Optimum Image Watermark Decoder Using Cauchy Mixtures Based Vector HMT model
* Image Denoising Using Gaussian Scale Mixtures with Gaussian-Hermite PDF in Steerable Pyramid Domain
* Locally optimum image watermark decoder by modeling NSCT domain difference coefficients with vector based Cauchy distribution
* Robust and discriminative image representation: Fractional-Order Jacobi-Fourier moments
* robust digital audio watermarking based on statistics characteristics, A
* Statistical image watermarking using local RHFMs magnitudes and beta exponential distribution
Includes: Niu, P.P.[Pan Pan] Niu, P.P.[Pan-Pan]
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Niu, P.S.[Pei Song] Co Author Listing * Indoor Lighting Estimation using an Event Camera
Includes: Niu, P.S.[Pei Song] Niu, P.S.[Pei-Song]

Niu, Q.[Qun] Co Author Listing * ADCrowdNet: An Attention-Injective Deformable Convolutional Network for Crowd Understanding
* Calibrating GloVe model on the principle of Zipf's law
* Exploiting Spatial Structure from Parts for Adaptive Kernelized Correlation Filter Tracker
* Laser-Based Bidirectional Pedestrian Counting via Height Map Guided Regression and Voting
* Multi-label image recognition with two-stream dynamic graph convolution networks
* Multiple Data Products Reveal Long-Term Variation Characteristics of Terrestrial Water Storage and Its Dominant Factors in Data-Scarce Alpine Regions
* Transition Characteristics of the Dry-Wet Regime and Vegetation Dynamic Responses over the Yarlung Zangbo River Basin, Southeast Qinghai-Tibet Plateau
* Using Digital Cameras on an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle to Derive Optimum Color Vegetation Indices for Leaf Nitrogen Concentration Monitoring in Winter Wheat
Includes: Niu, Q.[Qun] Niu, Q.[Qian] Niu, Q.[Qiang] Niu, Q.[Qiankun] Niu, Q.[Qingsong]
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Niu, Q.A.[Qi Ang] Co Author Listing * Agent-based Model Simulation of Human Mobility Based on Mobile Phone Data: How Commuting Relates to Congestion, An
Includes: Niu, Q.A.[Qi Ang] Niu, Q.A.[Qi-Ang]

Niu, Q.K.[Qian Kun] Co Author Listing * Spatiotemporal Variation of Drought and Associated Multi-Scale Response to Climate Change over the Yarlung Zangbo River Basin of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, China
Includes: Niu, Q.K.[Qian Kun] Niu, Q.K.[Qian-Kun]

Niu, Q.L.[Qing Lin] Co Author Listing * Infrared Optical Observability of an Earth Entry Orbital Test Vehicle Using Ground-Based Remote Sensors
Includes: Niu, Q.L.[Qing Lin] Niu, Q.L.[Qing-Lin]

Niu, R.[Ruoyun] Co Author Listing * Assessing Past Climate Biases and the Added Value of CORDEX-CORE Precipitation Simulations over Africa
* Automatic camera selection and fusion for outdoor surveillance under changing weather conditions
* Automatic Identification and Dynamic Monitoring of Open-Pit Mines Based on Improved Mask R-CNN and Transfer Learning
* Cloud Detection Based On Decision Tree Over Tibetan Plateau With Modis Data
* High-Resolution Cooperate Density-Integrated Inversion Method of Airborne Gravity and Its Gradient Data
* Identification of Reduced-Order Thermal Therapy Models Using Thermal MR Images: Theory and Validation
* Influence on Height Measure from Earth Curvature Based on Spaceborne InSAR
* Integration of Information Theory, K-Means Cluster Analysis and the Logistic Regression Model for Landslide Susceptibility Mapping in the Three Gorges Area, China
* Quality-Based Fusion of Multiple Video Sensors for Video Surveillance
* Received-Signal-Strength-Based Localization in Wireless Sensor Networks
* Relationship between Urban Land Surface Material Fractions and Brightness Temperature Based on MESMA, The
* Research Status and Development Trend of Remote Sensing in China Using Bibliometric Analysis
Includes: Niu, R.[Ruoyun] Niu, R. Niu, R.[Ruiqing] Niu, R.[Runxin] Niu, R.[Rui]
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Niu, R.C. Co Author Listing * Naming Countermeasures of Administrative Division in Sight of Chinese Naming View

Niu, R.Q.[Rui Qing] Co Author Listing * Landslide Susceptibility Mapping Based on Weighted Gradient Boosting Decision Tree in Wanzhou Section of the Three Gorges Reservoir Area (China)
* Object-Oriented Landslide Mapping Using ZY-3 Satellite Imagery, Random Forest and Mathematical Morphology, for the Three-Gorges Reservoir, China
* Object-Oriented Open-Pit Mine Mapping Using Gaofen-2 Satellite Image and Convolutional Neural Network, for the Yuzhou City, China
Includes: Niu, R.Q.[Rui Qing] Niu, R.Q.[Rui-Qing]

Niu, R.X.[Rui Xin] Co Author Listing * Detection and tracking of moving objects in image sequences with varying illumination
Includes: Niu, R.X.[Rui Xin] Niu, R.X.[Rui-Xin]

Niu, S.[Saisai] Co Author Listing * Aircraft Tracking Method in Simulated Infrared Image Sequences Based on Regional Distribution, An
* Collaborative Unsupervised Domain Adaptation for Medical Image Diagnosis
* Convolutional Sparse Coding for Compressed Sensing CT Reconstruction
* Detection of Copy-Move Forgery in Flat Region Based on Feature Enhancement
* High Precision DTM and DOM Generating Using Multi-source Orbital Data On Chang'e-4 Landing Site
* Improved High Capacity Spread Spectrum-Based Audio Watermarking by Hadamard Matrices
* Iterative registration for multi-modality retinal fundus photographs using directional vessel skeleton
* Multi-Site Infant Brain Segmentation Algorithms: The iSeg-2019 Challenge
* Parameter Extraction Based on Deep Neural Network for SAR Target Simulation
* PCT: Large-Scale 3d Point Cloud Representations Via Graph Inception Networks with Applications to Autonomous Driving
* Robust noise region-based active contour model via local similarity factor for image segmentation
* Structural Compact Core Tensor Dictionary Learning for Multispec-Tral Remote Sensing Image Deblurring
* Study about the Temporal Constraints on the Martian Yardangs' Development in Medusae Fossae Formation, A
* Three-dimensional (3D) facial recognition and prediction
* Topographic Analysis of Chang'e-4 Landing Site Using Orbital, Descent And Ground Data
* Towards Accurate Text-based Image Captioning with Content Diversity Exploration
* Two-Directional Two-Dimensional Kernel Canonical Correlation Analysis
Includes: Niu, S.[Saisai] Niu, S. Niu, S.[Shaozhang] Niu, S.[Sijie] Niu, S.[Shengli] Niu, S.[Shuaicheng]
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Niu, S.J.[Sheng Jie] Co Author Listing * Contrasting Aerosol Optical Characteristics and Source Regions During Summer and Winter Pollution Episodes in Nanjing, China
Includes: Niu, S.J.[Sheng Jie] Niu, S.J.[Sheng-Jie]

Niu, S.S.[Sai Sai] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Estimating Centroid Method for Measurement of Human Eye Aberration, An
Includes: Niu, S.S.[Sai Sai] Niu, S.S.[Sai-Sai]

Niu, S.Z.[Shao Zhang] Co Author Listing * Fast generative adversarial networks model for masked image restoration
* Generative adversarial networks model for visible watermark removal
* MRGAN: A generative adversarial networks model for global mosaic removal
* Segmentation Based Steganalysis of Spatial Images Using Local Linear Transform
Includes: Niu, S.Z.[Shao Zhang] Niu, S.Z.[Shao-Zhang]

Niu, T. Co Author Listing * Delay-constrained rate control for real-time video streaming over wireless networks
* Multi-Material Decomposition for Single Energy CT Using Material Sparsity Constraint
* Sentiment Analysis on Multi-View Social Data
Includes: Niu, T. Niu, T.[Tianye] Niu, T.[Teng]

Niu, T.T.[Ting Ting] Co Author Listing * Spatiotemporal super-resolution for multiview video in transform domain
Includes: Niu, T.T.[Ting Ting] Niu, T.T.[Ting-Ting]

Niu, W.[Wei] Co Author Listing * Image Enhancing Pattern-based Sparsity for Real-time Inference on Mobile Devices, An
* Improving data field hierarchical clustering using Barnes-Hut algorithm
* NPAS: A Compiler-aware Framework of Unified Network Pruning and Architecture Search for Beyond Real-Time Mobile Acceleration
Includes: Niu, W.[Wei] Niu, W.[Weina]

Niu, W.H.[Wen Hui] Co Author Listing * Drought Monitoring over Yellow River Basin from 2003-2019 Using Reconstructed MODIS Land Surface Temperature in Google Earth Engine
* Research on Large-Scale Urban Shrinkage and Expansion in the Yellow River Affected Area Using Night Light Data
Includes: Niu, W.H.[Wen Hui] Niu, W.H.[Wen-Hui]

Niu, W.J.[Wen Jia] Co Author Listing * Blind Motion Deblurring Super-Resolution: When Dynamic Spatio-Temporal Learning Meets Static Image Understanding
* Discriminative Region Proposal Adversarial Network for High-Quality Image-to-Image Translation
Includes: Niu, W.J.[Wen Jia] Niu, W.J.[Wen-Jia] Niu, W.J.[Wen-Jie]

Niu, X. Co Author Listing * 1st Challenge on Remote Physiological Signal Sensing (RePSS), The
* 3D Mesh Segmentation Based on Markov Random Fields and Graph Cuts
* Boosting Correlation Filter Based Tracking Using Multi Convolutional Features
* CBRISK: Colored Binary Robust Invariant Scalable Keypoints
* Co-saliency Detection Linearly Combining Single-View Saliency and Foreground Correspondence
* Context-based occlusion detection for robust visual tracking
* Countermeasure against Double Compression Based Image Forensic, A
* Cycle-IR: Deep Cyclic Image Retargeting
* Detection of Image Region Duplication Using Spin Image
* Digital Dilemma and the Healthy Nation, The
* Estimating Maximum Target Registration Error Under Uniform Restriction of Fiducial Localization Error in Image Guided System
* Finger Vein Recognition with Gabor Wavelets and Local Binary Patterns
* Fully Automatic Player Detection Method Based on One-Class SVM, A
* Global Performance of a Fast Parameterization Scheme for Estimating Surface Solar Radiation From MODIS Data
* Hierarchical Segmentation of Multitemporal RADARSAT-2 SAR Data Using Stationary Wavelet Transform and Algebraic Multigrid Method
* Impact of Imaging Geometry on 3D Geopositioning Accuracy of Stereo Ikonos Imagery
* Integration of Ikonos and QuickBird Imagery for Geopositioning Accuracy Analysis
* JPEG image width estimation for file carving
* Label-Based Trajectory Clustering in Complex Road Networks
* New approaches for efficient information hiding-based secret image sharing schemes
* Non-locally Enhanced Feature Fusion Network for Aircraft Recognition in Remote Sensing Images
* Novel Bayes' Theorem-Based Saliency Detection Model, A
* Novel Expression Deformation Model for 3D Face Recognition, A
* novel template protection scheme for multibiometrics based on fuzzy commitment and chaotic system, A
* NTIRE 2021 NonHomogeneous Dehazing Challenge Report
* Prelaunch Calibration and Radiometric Performance of the Advanced MERSI II on FengYun-3D
* Print-and-scan model and the watermarking countermeasure
* Quality Assessment for Reassembled Image Files
* Remote Sensing Evaluation of Ecological Environment of Anqing City Based on Remote Sensing Ecological Index
* RhythmNet: End-to-End Heart Rate Estimation From Face via Spatial-Temporal Representation
* Robust Image Hashing Based on Random Gabor Filtering and Dithered Lattice Vector Quantization
* Saliency Density and Edge Response Based Salient Object Detection
* Sea Surface Wind Speed Retrieval from the First Chinese GNSS-R Mission: Technique and Preliminary Results
* Semantic Segmentation Guided Pixel Fusion for Image Retargeting
* Semantic segmentation with multi-path refinement and pyramid pooling dilated-resnet
* Toward Precise Osteotomies: A Coarse-to-Fine 3D Cut Plane Planning Method for Image-Guided Pelvis Tumor Resection Surgery
* VIPL-HR: A Multi-modal Database for Pulse Estimation from Less-Constrained Face Video
Includes: Niu, X. Niu, X.[Xiamu] Niu, X.[Xueying] Niu, X.[Xutong] Niu, X.[Xin] Niu, X.[Xuetong] Niu, X.[Xinliang] Niu, X.[Xuesong]
37 for Niu, X.

Niu, X.D.[Xiao Dun] Co Author Listing * Modeling and Analysis of Distortion Caused by Markov-Model Burst Packet Losses in Video Transmission
Includes: Niu, X.D.[Xiao Dun] Niu, X.D.[Xiao-Dun]

Niu, X.F.[Xiao Feng] Co Author Listing * 4D reconstruction of cardiac images using temporal fourier basis functions
* Cardiac perfusion defect detection using gated dynamic SPECT imaging
* Detectability of perfusion defect in gated dynamic reconstruction images using temporal B-splines
* Direct reconstruction of parametric images from cardiac gated dynamic SPECT data
* Effects of piecewise smoothing on cardiac SPECT reconstruction
* Gated cardiac SPECT using different motion models
* Gated Dynamic Image Reconstruction Using Temporal B-Splines
* object counting network based on hierarchical context and feature fusion, An
* Optical flow estimation in gated cardiac SPECT
* Tomographic Reconstruction of Gated Data Acquisition Using DFT Basis Functions
* Total-variation regularized motion estimation in a periodic image sequence
Includes: Niu, X.F.[Xiao Feng] Niu, X.F.[Xiao-Feng] Niu, X.F.[Xiao-Fang]
11 for Niu, X.F.

Niu, X.J.[Xiao Ji] Co Author Listing * Application of Helmert Variance Component Based Adaptive Kalman Filter in Multi-GNSS PPP/INS Tightly Coupled Integration
* Estimate the Pitch and Heading Mounting Angles of the IMU for Land Vehicular GNSS/INS Integrated System
* GNSS/INS/LiDAR-SLAM Integrated Navigation System Based on Graph Optimization
* High-Accuracy Positioning in Urban Environments Using Single-Frequency Multi-GNSS RTK/MEMS-IMU Integration
* Improved IMU Preintegration with Gravity Change and Earth Rotation for Optimization-Based GNSS/VINS
* Reversible Data Hiding in Encrypted AMBTC Compressed Images
* Tight Fusion of a Monocular Camera, MEMS-IMU, and Single-Frequency Multi-GNSS RTK for Precise Navigation in GNSS-Challenged Environments
* Using land-vehicle steering constraint to improve the heading estimation of MEMS GPS/INS georeferencing systems
* Variation Tendency of Coastline under Natural and Anthropogenic Disturbance around the Abandoned Yellow River Delta in 1984-2019
Includes: Niu, X.J.[Xiao Ji] Niu, X.J.[Xiao-Ji] Niu, X.J.[Xue-Jing] Niu, X.J.[Xiao-Jing]
9 for Niu, X.J.

Niu, X.L.[Xin Liang] Co Author Listing * Angle estimation of coherent multi-target for MIMO bistatic radar
* Evaluation of GPM-Era Satellite Precipitation Products on the Southern Slopes of the Central Himalayas Against Rain Gauge Data
Includes: Niu, X.L.[Xin Liang] Niu, X.L.[Xin-Liang] Niu, X.L.[Xiao-Lei]

Niu, X.M.[Xia Mu] Co Author Listing * adaptive transfer scheme based on sparse representation for figure-ground segmentation, An
* Fast video shot boundary detection framework employing pre-processing techniques
* Image Hashing Algorithm via Iterative Scale Interaction Geometric Model
* Novel Perceptual Image Hashing Method via Geometric Features and Distance Invariant, A
* Random grid-based visual secret sharing with multiple decryptions
* Threshold visual secret sharing with comprehensive properties based on random grids
Includes: Niu, X.M.[Xia Mu] Niu, X.M.[Xia-Mu] Niu, X.M.

Niu, X.N.[Xiao Nan] Co Author Listing * Agglomerative oversegmentation using dual similarity and entropy rate
* Automated Detection of Buildings from Heterogeneous VHR Satellite Images for Rapid Response to Natural Disasters
* Multi-satellite Scheduling Approach For Dynamic Areal Tasks Triggered By Emergent Disasters
* SVLA: A compact supervoxel segmentation method based on local allocation
Includes: Niu, X.N.[Xiao Nan] Niu, X.N.[Xiao-Nan] Niu, X.N.

Niu, X.S.[Xue Song] Co Author Listing * Face Anti-spoofing with Human Material Perception
* Local Relationship Learning With Person-Specific Shape Regularization for Facial Action Unit Detection
* SynRhythm: Learning a Deep Heart Rate Estimator from General to Specific
* Video-based Remote Physiological Measurement via Cross-verified Feature Disentangling
Includes: Niu, X.S.[Xue Song] Niu, X.S.[Xue-Song]

Niu, X.T.[Xu Tong] Co Author Listing * Estimation of Blufflines Using Topographic Lidar Data and Orthoimages
* semi-automatic framework for highway extraction and vehicle detection based on a geometric deformable model, A
* WebGIS for Spatial Data Processing, Analysis, and Distribution for the MER 2003 Mission, A
Includes: Niu, X.T.[Xu Tong] Niu, X.T.[Xu-Tong]

Niu, X.W.[Xiao Wei] Co Author Listing * Research on quality improvement method of deformation monitoring data based on InSAR
Includes: Niu, X.W.[Xiao Wei] Niu, X.W.[Xiao-Wei]

Niu, X.X.[Xin Xin] Co Author Listing * Multiple-image compressed encryption and decryption by compressive holography
* Non-uniform Quantization in Breaking HUGO
* novel hybrid CNN-SVM classifier for recognizing handwritten digits, A
* Robust Zero-Watermark Algorithm Based on Singular Value Decomposition for Digital Right Management, A
Includes: Niu, X.X.[Xin Xin] Niu, X.X.[Xin-Xin] Niu, X.X.[Xiao-Xiao]

Niu, X.Y.[Xin Yu] Co Author Listing * Fusion Strategy of 2D and 3D Information Based on Deep Learning: A Review, The
* How Urban Factors Affect the Spatiotemporal Distribution of Infectious Diseases in Addition to Intercity Population Movement in China
* Spatiotemporal Monitoring of Soil CO2 Efflux in a Subtropical Forest during the Dry Season Based on Field Observations and Remote Sensing Imagery
Includes: Niu, X.Y.[Xin Yu] Niu, X.Y.[Xin-Yu] Niu, X.Y.[Xin-Yi] Niu, X.Y.[Xiang-Yu]

Niu, Y.[Yifan] Co Author Listing * accelerated matching algorithm for SIFT-like features, An
* Accurate Object Segmentation for Video Sequences via Temporal-Spatial-Frequency Saliency Model
* Aesthetics-Based Stereoscopic Photo Cropping for Heterogeneous Displays
* AON: Towards Arbitrarily-Oriented Text Recognition
* Attention-shift based deep neural network for fine-grained visual categorization
* Boundary-Aware RGBD Salient Object Detection With Cross-Modal Feature Sampling
* Casual Stereoscopic Photo Authoring
* Channel-Grouping Based Patch Swap For Arbitrary Style Transfer
* Coarse-to-Fine Person Re-Identification with Auxiliary-Domain Classification and Second-Order Information Bottleneck
* Compass Rose: A Rotational Robust Signature for Optical Flow Computation
* Conditional generative adversarial network for EEG-based emotion fine-grained estimation and visualization
* Counterfactual VQA: A Cause-Effect Look at Language Bias
* Defocused Image Splicing Localization by Distinguishing Multiple Cues between Raw Naturally Blur and Artificial Blur
* Depth acquisition with the combination of structured light and deep learning stereo matching
* Depth sensing with coding-free pattern based on topological constraint
* Diagnosis of Xinmo (China) Landslide Based on Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar Observation and Modeling
* Domain-Adaptive Few-Shot Learning
* Dual domain filters based texture and structure preserving image non-blind deconvolution
* Dynamic Range Reduction of SAR Image via Global Optimum Entropy Maximization With Reflectivity-Distortion Constraint
* Dynamically Removing False Features in Pyramidal Lucas-Kanade Registration
* Edge-based image coding at low bit-rate
* Edge-Based Perceptual Image Coding
* Edit Probability for Scene Text Recognition
* End-to-End Automatic Image Annotation Based on Deep CNN and Multi-Label Data Augmentation
* enhanced approach for detecting double JPEG compression with the same quantization matrix, An
* Epilepsy Classification for Mining Deeper Relationships between EEG Channels based on GCN
* FREE: A Fast and Robust End-to-End Video Text Spotter
* Harmonic postprocessing to conceal for transmission errors in DWT transmitted images
* HDR-GAN: HDR Image Reconstruction From Multi-Exposed LDR Images With Large Motions
* Hybrid R-BILSTM-C Neural Network Based Text Steganalysis, A
* Image Enhancement by Entropy Maximization and Quantization Resolution Upconversion
* Image Quality Assessment for Color Correction Based on Color Contrast Similarity and Color Value Difference
* Image Retargeting Quality Assessment Based on Registration Confidence Measure and Noticeability-Based Pooling
* Improving Soil Thickness Estimations Based on Multiple Environmental Variables with Stacking Ensemble Methods
* Joint Subspace Stabilization for Stereoscopic Video
* Keystone correction for stereoscopic cinematography
* Learning from multi metrics for stereoscopic 3D image quality assessment
* Locally Oriented Optical Flow Computation
* Low Cost Edge Sensing for High Quality Demosaicking
* Mapping Maize Water Stress Based on UAV Multispectral Remote Sensing
* Mean Sea Surface Model over the Sea of Japan Determined from Multi-Satellite Altimeter Data and Tide Gauge Records
* Model-based adaptive resolution upconversion of degraded images
* Multi-Modal Multi-Scale Deep Learning for Large-Scale Image Annotation
* Multi-scale saliency detection via inter-regional shortest colour path
* Multilayer Obstacle-Avoiding X-Architecture Steiner Minimal Tree Construction Based on Particle Swarm Optimization
* new combination of local and global constraints for optical flow computation, A
* new inconsistency measure for linear systems and two applications in motion analysis, A
* No-reference stereoscopic image quality assessment using a multi-task CNN and registered distortion representation
* novel simulation framework based on information asymmetry to evaluate evacuation plan, A
* Primary Quality Factor Estimation Of Resized Double Compressed JPEG Images
* Primary Quantization Matrix Estimation of Double Compressed JPEG Images via CNN
* Recognizing Multiple Text Sequences from an Image by Pure End-to-End Learning
* Region-Aware Image Denoising by Exploring Parameter Preference
* Robust adaptive directional lifting wavelet transform for image denoising
* Robust median filtering detection based on local difference descriptor
* Single image reflection removal based on structure-texture layering
* Single-shot dense depth sensing with frequency-division multiplexing fringe projection
* Sliding mode control for networked systems with Markovian jumping parameters
* Text Recognition in Real Scenarios with a Few Labeled Samples
* Two Causal Principles for Improving Visual Dialog
* Understanding adversarial attacks on deep learning based medical image analysis systems
* Visual saliency's modulatory effect on just noticeable distortion profile and its application in image watermarking
* Visually Consistent Color Correction for Stereoscopic Images and Videos
Includes: Niu, Y.[Yifan] Niu, Y. Niu, Y.[Yi] Niu, Y.[Yuzhen] Niu, Y.[Yan] Niu, Y.[Yulei] Niu, Y.[Yakun] Niu, Y.[Yufen] Niu, Y.[Yun] Niu, Y.[Yaxiao] Niu, Y.[Yupeng] Niu, Y.[Yu] Niu, Y.[Yugang] Niu, Y.[Yuhao] Niu, Y.[Yaqing]
63 for Niu, Y.

Niu, Y.B.[Yu Bin] Co Author Listing * Extracting Target Spectrum for Hyperspectral Target Detection: An Adaptive Weighted Learning Method Using a Self-Completed Background Dictionary
* Hyperspectral Anomaly Detection Based on Low-Rank Representation and Learned Dictionary
Includes: Niu, Y.B.[Yu Bin] Niu, Y.B.[Yu-Bin]

Niu, Y.D.[Ye Dong] Co Author Listing * Egocentric Future Localization
Includes: Niu, Y.D.[Ye Dong] Niu, Y.D.[Ye-Dong]

Niu, Y.F.[Yu Fen] Co Author Listing * 2014 Mw 6.1 Ludian Earthquake: The Application of RADARSAT-2 SAR Interferometry and GPS for this Conjugated Ruptured Event, The
* Effects of Length and Orientation on Numerical Representation in Flow Maps, The
* Evaluation of the Ability of Spectral Indices of Hydrocarbons and Seawater for Identifying Oil Slicks Utilizing Hyperspectral Images
* Local difference-based active contour model for medical image segmentation and bias correction
* Reflective Regression of 2D-3D Face Shape Across Large Pose
* Research on the Colors of Military Symbols in Digital Situation Maps Based on Event-Related Potential Technology
Includes: Niu, Y.F.[Yu Fen] Niu, Y.F.[Yu-Fen] Niu, Y.F.[Ya-Feng] Niu, Y.F.[Yan-Fei] Niu, Y.F.[Yue-Feng] Niu, Y.F.[Yi-Feng]

Niu, Y.G.[Yu Gang] Co Author Listing * Reliable stabilization for a class of uncertain switched systems: A sliding mode control design
Includes: Niu, Y.G.[Yu Gang] Niu, Y.G.[Yu-Gang]

Niu, Y.J.[Yu Jie] Co Author Listing * Optimization of Topdressing for Winter Wheat by Accurate Growth Monitoring and Improved Production Estimation
Includes: Niu, Y.J.[Yu Jie] Niu, Y.J.[Yu-Jie]

Niu, Y.L.[Yu Lei] Co Author Listing * Grounding Referring Expressions in Images by Variational Context
* Recursive Visual Attention in Visual Dialog
* Unbiased Scene Graph Generation From Biased Training
* Variational Context: Exploiting Visual and Textual Context for Grounding Referring Expressions
Includes: Niu, Y.L.[Yu Lei] Niu, Y.L.[Yu-Lei]

Niu, Y.M.[Yan Min] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Fingerprint Enhancement by Combination of Quality Factor and Quantitative Filters
* Definition and extraction of stable points from fingerprint images
* Extraction of Stable Points from Fingerprint Images Using Zone Could-be-in Theorem
* Fingerprint matching using OrientationCodes and PolyLines
Includes: Niu, Y.M.[Yan Min] Niu, Y.M.[Yan-Min]

Niu, Y.P.[You Ping] Co Author Listing * Modeling Images for Content-Based Queries: The DISIMA Approach
* Seasonal Variation of GPS-Derived the Principal Ocean Tidal Constituents' Loading Displacement Parameters Based on Moving Harmonic Analysis in Hong Kong
Includes: Niu, Y.P.[You Ping] Niu, Y.P.[You-Ping] Niu, Y.P.[Yu-Peng]

Niu, Y.Q.[Ya Qing] Co Author Listing * combined just noticeable distortion model-guided image watermarking, A
* visual sensitivity model based stereo image watermarking scheme, A
Includes: Niu, Y.Q.[Ya Qing] Niu, Y.Q.[Ya-Qing]

Niu, Y.X.[Yan Xiong] Co Author Listing * DGANet: Dynamic Gradient Adjustment Anchor-Free Object Detection in Optical Remote Sensing Images
* Estimating Above-Ground Biomass of Maize Using Features Derived from UAV-Based RGB Imagery
* Fixed-Threshold Method for Estimating Fractional Vegetation Cover of Maize under Different Levels of Water Stress, A
* Speedy and accurate image super-resolution via deeply recursive CNN with skip connection and network in network
Includes: Niu, Y.X.[Yan Xiong] Niu, Y.X.[Yan-Xiong] Niu, Y.X.[Ya-Xiao]

Niu, Y.Y.[Ying Ying] Co Author Listing * Physically Based Object Contour Edge Display Using Adjustable Linear Polarization Ratio for Passive Millimeter-Wave Security Imaging
Includes: Niu, Y.Y.[Ying Ying] Niu, Y.Y.[Ying-Ying]

Niu, Y.Z.[Ya Zhe] Co Author Listing * AIM 2019 Challenge on Constrained Super-Resolution: Methods and Results
* Anisotropic energy accumulation for stereoscopic image seam carving
* CF-based optimisation for saliency detection
* Color correction for stereoscopic image based on matching and optimization
* Data equilibrium based automatic image annotation by fusing deep model and semantic propagation
* Evaluation of visual saliency analysis algorithms in noisy images
* Fitting-based optimisation for image visual salient object detection
* Geometry-shader-based real-time voxelization and applications
* Leveraging stereopsis for saliency analysis
* Matting-Based Residual Optimization for Structurally Consistent Image Color Correction
* Optimisation for image salient object detection based on semantic-aware clustering and CRF
* Saliency Aggregation: A Data-Driven Approach
* Warp propagation for video resizing
* What Makes a Professional Video? A Computational Aesthetics Approach
Includes: Niu, Y.Z.[Ya Zhe] Niu, Y.Z.[Ya-Zhe] Niu, Y.Z.[Yu-Zhen] Niu, Y.Z.[Yu-Zhe]
14 for Niu, Y.Z.

Niu, Z.[Zheng] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Landsat-8 OLI Imagery for Estimating Exposed Bedrock Fractions in Typical Karst Regions of Southwest China Using a Karst Bare-Rock Index
* Assessing the Distribution of Heavy Industrial Heat Sources in India between 2012 and 2018
* Classification of Small-Scale Eucalyptus Plantations Based on NDVI Time Series Obtained from Multiple High-Resolution Datasets
* Development of a New Algorithm to Identify Clear Sky MSU Data Using AMSU-A Data for Verification
* Dynamic Monitoring of the Largest Freshwater Lake in China Using a New Water Index Derived from High Spatiotemporal Resolution Sentinel-1A Data
* Estimating Vertical Chlorophyll Concentrations in Maize in Different Health States Using Hyperspectral LiDAR
* Estimation of LAI in Winter Wheat from Multi-Angular Hyperspectral VNIR Data: Effects of View Angles and Plant Architecture
* Estimation of leaf area index using an angular vegetation index based on in situ measurements and Chris/proba data
* Evaluation of Orthomosics and Digital Surface Models Derived from Aerial Imagery for Crop Type Mapping
* Feature Selection of Time Series MODIS Data for Early Crop Classification Using Random Forest: A Case Study in Kansas, USA
* Integration of GPS/BDS Real-Time Kinematic Positioning and Visual-Inertial Odometry Based on Smartphones, The
* Investigation of Urbanization Effects on Land Surface Phenology in Northeast China during 2001-2015
* Joint Spatio-Temporal Action Localization in Untrimmed Videos with Per-Frame Segmentation
* Joint Video Object Discovery and Segmentation by Coupled Dynamic Markov Networks
* Land Use and Land Cover Change Modeling and Future Potential Landscape Risk Assessment Using Markov-CA Model and Analytical Hierarchy Process
* Layerwise Class-Aware Convolutional Neural Network
* Mapping Winter Crops in China with Multi-Source Satellite Imagery and Phenology-Based Algorithm
* Ordinal Regression with Multiple Output CNN for Age Estimation
* Potential of Time Series Merged from Landsat-5 TM and HJ-1 CCD for Crop Classification: A Case Study for Bole and Manas Counties in Xinjiang, China, The
* Prediction Defaults for Networked-guarantee Loans
* Radiometric Calibration for Incidence Angle, Range and Sub-Footprint Effects on Hyperspectral LiDAR Backscatter Intensity
* Reconstruction of Daily 30 m Data from HJ CCD, GF-1 WFV, Landsat, and MODIS Data for Crop Monitoring
* Single Tree Modeling and Forest Scene Rendering with SRTM and TM Data
* Stochastic Fine-grained Labeling of Multi-state Sign Glosses for Continuous Sign Language Recognition
* Time Series of Landsat Imagery Shows Vegetation Recovery in Two Fragile Karst Watersheds in Southwest China from 1988 to 2016
* Using Moderate-Resolution Temporal NDVI Profiles for High-Resolution Crop Mapping in Years of Absent Ground Reference Data: A Case Study of Bole and Manas Counties in Xinjiang, China
* Visual Object Tracking VOT2013 Challenge Results, The
* Wireless Fingerprint Positioning Method Based on Wavelet Transform and Deep Learning, A
Includes: Niu, Z.[Zheng] Niu, Z. Niu, Z.[Zun] Niu, Z.[Zigeng] Niu, Z.[Zhe] Niu, Z.[ZhiHeng] Niu, Z.[Zhao]
28 for Niu, Z.

Niu, Z.B.[Zhi Bin] Co Author Listing * hybrid image representation for indoor scene classification, A
* Novel Approach to Detect Ship-Radiated Signal Based on HMT, A
* Visual Saliency Based on Conditional Entropy
* Visual saliency detection via rank-sparsity decomposition
Includes: Niu, Z.B.[Zhi Bin] Niu, Z.B.[Zhi-Bin]

Niu, Z.C.[Zhen Cong] Co Author Listing * Cloud Effective Emissivity Retrievals Using Combined Ground-Based Infrared Cloud Measuring Instrument and Ceilometer Observations
Includes: Niu, Z.C.[Zhen Cong] Niu, Z.C.[Zhen-Cong]

Niu, Z.F.[Zhao Feng] Co Author Listing * HMA-Depth: A New Monocular Depth Estimation Model Using Hierarchical Multi-Scale Attention
Includes: Niu, Z.F.[Zhao Feng] Niu, Z.F.[Zhao-Feng]

Niu, Z.G. Co Author Listing * Accuracy Evaluation Of Two Global Land Cover Data Sets Over Wetlands Of China
* Construction of High Spatial-Temporal Water Body Dataset in China Based on Sentinel-1 Archives and GEE
* Construction of the Long-Term Global Surface Water Extent Dataset Based on Water-NDVI Spatio-Temporal Parameter Set
* Fast Object Detecting-Tracking Method in Compressed Domain, A
Includes: Niu, Z.G. Niu, Z.G.[Zhen-Guo] Niu, Z.G.[Zhi-Guo]

Niu, Z.H.[Zhi Heng] Co Author Listing * 2D Cascaded AdaBoost for Eye Localization
* Context constrained facial landmark localization based on discontinuous Haar-like feature
* Context modeling for facial landmark detection based on Non-Adjacent Rectangle (NAR) Haar-like feature
* Deep Aging Face Verification With Large Gaps
* Enhance ASMs Based on AdaBoost-Based Salient Landmarks Localization and Confidence-Constraint Shape Modeling
* Kinship-Guided Age Progression
* Novel Attention Enhanced Dense Network for Image Super-resolution, A
* Recurrent Shape Regression
* SCOD: Dynamical Spatial Constraints for Object Detection
* Shape driven kernel adaptation in Convolutional Neural Network for robust facial trait recognition
* Stagged multi-scale LBP for pedestrian detection
* SURE-Type Functionals as Criteria for Parametric PSF Estimation
* Towards Multi-view and Partially-Occluded Face Alignment
* Towards Robust and Accurate Multi-View and Partially-Occluded Face Alignment
* Visual Object Tracking VOT2014 Challenge Results, The
Includes: Niu, Z.H.[Zhi Heng] Niu, Z.H.[Zhi-Heng] Niu, Z.H.[Zhong-Han] Niu, Z.H.[Zhen-Hong]
15 for Niu, Z.H.

Niu, Z.X.[Zhen Xing] Co Author Listing * Action Co-localization in an Untrimmed Video by Graph Neural Networks
* Adversarial Ranking Attack and Defense
* Context aware topic model for scene recognition
* Discovering Latent Aspects for Diversity-Induced Image Retrieval
* Hierarchical Multimodal LSTM for Dense Visual-Semantic Embedding
* Knowledge-Based Topic Model for Unsupervised Object Discovery and Localization
* Object Cosegmentation in Noisy Videos With Multilevel Hypergraph
* Semi-supervised Relational Topic Model for Weakly Annotated Image Recognition in Social Media
* SGCN: Sparse Graph Convolution Network for Pedestrian Trajectory Prediction
* Spatial-DiscLDA for visual recognition
* Tactic analysis based on real-world ball trajectory in soccer video
* Video Imprint
* Video Object Co-Segmentation from Noisy Videos by a Multi-Level Hypergraph Model
* Video Object Discovery and Co-Segmentation with Extremely Weak Supervision
* Visual Topic Network: Building better image representations for images in social media
* Weakly Supervised Temporal Action Localization Through Contrast Based Evaluation Networks
Includes: Niu, Z.X.[Zhen Xing] Niu, Z.X.[Zhen-Xing]
16 for Niu, Z.X.

Niu, Z.Y.[Ze Yi] Co Author Listing * Combination of AIRS Dual CO2 Absorption Bands to Develop an Ice Clouds Detection Algorithm in Different Atmospheric Layers
* Development and Testing of a Clear-Sky Data Selection Algorithm for FY-3C/D Microwave Temperature Sounder-2
* Generalized Dechirp-Keystone Transform for Radar High-Speed Maneuvering Target Detection and Localization
* Image Encryption Algorithm Based on Combination of Chaos and DNA Encoding, An
* LVFS: A Lightweight Video Storage File System for IP Camera-Based Surveillance Applications
* Typhoon Warm-Core Structures Derived from FY-3D MWTS-2 Observations
Includes: Niu, Z.Y.[Ze Yi] Niu, Z.Y.[Ze-Yi] Niu, Z.Y.[Zhi-Yong] Niu, Z.Y.[Zhong-Ying]

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