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Mari, C.R.[Carlos Roig] Co Author Listing * Multi-Scale Transformer-Based Feature Combination for Image Retrieval

Mari, J. Co Author Listing * Using 3D Spline Differentiation to Compute Quantitative Optical Flow

Mari, J.F. Co Author Listing * HEp-2 Cell Image Classification Based on Convolutional Neural Networks
* Machine recognition and correction of printed Arabic text

Mari, J.L.[Jean Luc] Co Author Listing * Cellular Skeletons: A New Approach to Topological Skeletons with Geometric Features
* Closed Free-form Surface Geometrical Modeling A New Approach With Global And Local Characterization
* Comparison of quasi-spherical surfaces using spherical harmonics: Application to corneal biometry
* Comparison of quasi-spherical surfaces: Application to corneal biometry
* Construction of a Mean Surface for the Variability Study of the Cornea
* Fast, Simple and Separable Computation of Betti Numbers on Three-Dimensional Cubical Complexes
* Feature Line Extraction On Meshes Through Vertex Marking And 2d Topological Operators
* Level-Set Based Algorithm for Automatic Feature Extraction on 3D Meshes: Application to Crater Detection on Mars
* Multiple reconstruction and dynamic modeling of 3D digital objects using a morphing approach
* Opening Holes in Discrete Objects with Digital Homotopy
* Propagated Skeleton: A Robust Detail-Preserving Approach, The
* Skeleton Extraction of Vertex Sets Lying on Arbitrary Triangulated 3D Meshes
* Surface Sketching with a Voxel-Based Skeleton
* Topological Comparisons of Fluvial Reservoir Rock Volumes Using Betti Numbers: Application to CO 2 Storage Uncertainty Analysis
* Two Measures for the Homology Groups of Binary Volumes
Includes: Mari, J.L.[Jean Luc] Mari, J.L.[Jean-Luc] Mari, J.L.
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Mari, L.[Lorenzo] Co Author Listing * Deep Learning Segmentation of Satellite Imagery Identifies Aquatic Vegetation Associated with Snail Intermediate Hosts of Schistosomiasis in Senegal, Africa
* LiDAR-Based Morphometry of Dolines in Aggtelek Karst (Hungary) and Slovak Karst (Slovakia)
Includes: Mari, L.[Lorenzo] Mari, L.[László]

Mari, M.[Massimo] Co Author Listing * CRASH project: Defect detection and classification in ferrite cores, The
* Nonlinear Image Processing Approach Through Fuzzy Measures, A
* Segmentation Method Based on Fuzzy Topology and Clustering, A
Includes: Mari, M.[Massimo] Mari, M.

Mari, R.[Roger] Co Author Listing * Deep Single Image Camera Calibration With Radial Distortion
* Disparity Estimation Networks for Aerial and High-Resolution Satellite Images: A Review
* generic and flexible regularization framework for NeRFs, A
* Generic Bundle Adjustment Methodology for Indirect RPC Model Refinement of Satellite Imagery, A
* Multi-Date Earth Observation NeRF: The Detail Is in the Shadows
* Sat-NeRF: Learning Multi-View Satellite Photogrammetry With Transient Objects and Shadow Modeling Using RPC Cameras
* To Bundle Adjust or Not: A Comparison of Relative Geolocation Correction Strategies for Satellite Multi-View Stereo
Includes: Mari, R.[Roger] Marí, R.[Roger] Marí, R.
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Mari, S.S.[S. Sobhana] Co Author Listing * new framework for contour tracing using Euclidean distance mapping, A

Maria Arribas, D.[David] Co Author Listing * ETS2 Dataset, Synthetic Data from Video Games for Monocular Depth Estimation, The
Includes: Maria Arribas, D.[David] María-Arribas, D.[David]

Maria Bianchi, F.[Filippo] Co Author Listing * Time series cluster kernels to exploit informative missingness and incomplete label information

Maria Diaz Barros, J. Co Author Listing * Real-time monocular 6-DOF head pose estimation from salient 2D points
Includes: Maria Diaz Barros, J. María Díaz Barros, J.

Maria, B.P.[Brambilla Piero] Co Author Listing * Development of a Novel Framework to Propose New Strategies for Automated External Defibrillators Deployment Targeting Residential Out-Of-Hospital Cardiac Arrests: Application to the City of Milan

Maria, F.D.[Francesco Di] Co Author Listing * Grain-size assessment of fine and coarse aggregates through bipolar area morphology

Maria, L.A.[Lingua Andrea] Co Author Listing * Bathymetric Detection of Fluvial Environments through UASs and Machine Learning Systems

Maria, M.[Mprouzgou] Co Author Listing * Resilience and Preservation of Cultural Heritage After Natural Disasters: Case Study of City of Volos, Greece

Mariacher, T.[Thomas] Co Author Listing * Level of service classification for smart cameras

Marian Potra, A.C.[Alexandra Camelia] Co Author Listing * Flash Flood Risk Assessment and Mitigation in Digital-Era Governance Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle and GIS Spatial Analyses Case Study: Small River Basins
Includes: Marian Potra, A.C.[Alexandra Camelia] Marian-Potra, A.C.[Alexandra-Camelia]

Mariani, G.[Giovanni] Co Author Listing * Distilling Optimal Neural Networks: Rapid Search in Diverse Spaces

Mariani, M.[Melissa] Co Author Listing * Separation of CARS image contributions with a Gaussian mixture model

Mariani, R. Co Author Listing * Face Detection and Precise Eyes Location
* Face direction estimation using a single gray-level image
* Face Location Algorithm Robust to Complex Lighting Conditions, A
* Glasses Detection and Extraction by Deformable Contour
* hardware system for extracting canonical faces from exemplar images, A
* Local Invariants and Local Constraints for Face Recognition
* Subpixellic eyes detection
Includes: Mariani, R. Mariani, R.[Roberto] Mariani, R.[Robert]
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Mariani, S.[Stefano] Co Author Listing * Coordination of Autonomous Vehicles: Taxonomy and Survey
* Interaction Methodology to Collect and Assess User-Driven Requirements to Define Potential Opportunities of Future Hyperspectral Imaging Sentinel Mission, An

Mariani, V.[Valerio] Co Author Listing * Bibliometric Review of the Use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in Precision Agriculture and Precision Viticulture for Sensing Applications, A

Mariani, V.C.[Viviana Cocco] Co Author Listing * Binary coyote optimization algorithm for feature selection

Mariani, Z.[Zen] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Arctic Water Vapor Profile Observations from a Differential Absorption Lidar
* Multi-Year Evaluation of Doppler Lidar Wind-Profile Observations in the Arctic, A
* Toronto Water Vapor Lidar Inter-Comparison Campaign

Marianno, F.[Fernando] Co Author Listing * Change Detection from Remote Sensing to Guide OpenStreetMap Labeling

Mariano Calibjo, Z.[Zygred] Co Author Listing * Mobile-Based Painting Photo Retrieval Using Combined Features
Includes: Mariano Calibjo, Z.[Zygred] Mariano-Calibjo, Z.[Zygred]

Mariano Goulart, D. Co Author Listing * Automatic generation of noise-free time-activity curve with gated blood-pool emission tomography using deformation of a reference curve
* Confidence Interval Constraint-Based Regularization Framework for PET Quantization
* Exact and Approximate Fourier Rebinning Algorithms for the Solution of the Data Truncation Problem in 3-D PET
* Fast 3D Multimodality Registration Algorithm for Human Brain, A
* Regularized selection: A new paradigm for inverse based regularized image reconstruction techniques
Includes: Mariano Goulart, D. Mariano-Goulart, D.

Mariano, A. Co Author Listing * Singular Features in Sea Surface Temperature Data

Mariano, E.[Ednardo] Co Author Listing * Correcting Specular Noise in Multiple Images of Photographed Documents
* Removing Shade and Specular Noise in Images of Objects and Documents Acquired with a 3D-Scanner

Mariano, F. Co Author Listing * Modelling in Hbim to Document Materials Decay By a Thematic Mapping To Manage The Cultural Heritage: The Case of Chiesa Della PietÀ in Fermo
* Seaplane Base Ivo Monti At S. Nicola Varano (FG): A Monument Of Military Archeology, Between History And Protection, The

Mariano, L.J. Co Author Listing * Operationalizing Engagement with Multimedia as User Coherence with Context

Mariano, P.[Paola] Co Author Listing * Low Complexity Motion Segmentation Based on Semantic Representation of Encoded Video Streams, A

Mariano, V.Y. Co Author Listing * Detection of text marks on moving vehicles
* Locating Uniform-colored Text in Video Frames
* Performance evaluation of object detection algorithms

Mariappan, L. Co Author Listing * Magnetoacoustic Tomography With Magnetic Induction: Bioimepedance Reconstruction Through Vector Source Imaging

Mariappan, V.V.[Vijayachandran V.] Co Author Listing * new face descriptor using local un-quantized patterns, A

Mariapushpam, I.T.[Inbamalar Tharcis] Co Author Listing * efficient deep learning algorithm for the segmentation of cardiac ventricles, An

Marias, K. Co Author Listing * Automated facial video-based recognition of depression and anxiety symptom severity: cross-corpus validation
* Automatic Assessment of Depression Based on Visual Cues: A Systematic Review
* Automatic stress detection evaluating models of facial action units
* graph-based approach to corner matching using mutual information as a local similarity measure, A
* Image analysis for assessing molecular activity changes in time-dependent geometries
* Machine-learning regression in evolutionary algorithms and image registration
* Mirror Mirror on the Wall... An Unobtrusive Intelligent Multisensory Mirror for Well-Being Status Self-Assessment and Visualization
* Registration Framework for the Comparison of Mammogram Sequences, A
* Wize Mirror: A smart, multisensory cardio-metabolic risk monitoring system
Includes: Marias, K. Marias, K.[Kostas]
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Mariathas, H.H.[Hensley H.] Co Author Listing * Examination of Three Spatial Event Cluster Detection Methods, An

Mariathasan, V.[Vincent] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Earth Observation Solutions for Namibia's SDG Monitoring System

Maric, I.[Ivan] Co Author Listing * Comparative Assessment of Pixel and Object-Based Approaches for Mapping of Olive Tree Crowns Based on UAV Multispectral Imagery
* New Method for Automated Quantification of Vertical Spatio-Temporal Changes within Gully Cross-Sections Based on Very-High-Resolution Models
* New Systematic Framework for Optimization of Multi-Temporal Terrestrial LiDAR Surveys over Complex Gully Morphology, A

Marichal Hernandez, J.G. Co Author Listing * Fast approximate focal stack transform
* Simulator for the Cafadis Real Time 3DTV Camera, A
Includes: Marichal Hernandez, J.G. Marichal-Hernandez, J.G.

Marichal, X. Co Author Listing * Asymmetric motion estimation/compensation
* Automatic Detection of Interest Areas of an Image or of a Sequence of Images
* Bayesian Approach for Morphology-Based 2-D Human Motion Capture
* Blur Determination in the Compressed Domain Using DCT Information
* distributed adaptive block matching algorithm: Dis-ABMA, A
* fuzzy logic system for content-based bit-rate allocation, A
* Perceptually-Weighted Evaluation Criteria for Segmentation Masks in Video Sequences
* Silhouette-Based Probabilistic 2D Human Motion Estimation for Real-Time Applications
Includes: Marichal, X. Marichal, X.[Xavier]
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Marie Julie, J.M. Co Author Listing * Using IFs and Moments to Build a Quasi Invariant Image Index
Includes: Marie Julie, J.M. Marie-Julie, J.M.

Marie, P.Y. Co Author Listing * Joint Reconstruction of Multiple Images and Motion in MRI: Application to Free-Breathing Myocardial T_2 Quantification

Marie, R.[Romain] Co Author Listing * Autonomous robot exploration and cognitive map building in unknown environments using omnidirectional visual information only
* Delta Medial Axis: A fast and robust algorithm for filtered skeleton extraction, The
* delta-medial axis: A robust and linear time algorithm for Euclidian skeleton computation, The
* Dynamic background subtraction using moments
* Invariant signatures for omnidirectional visual place recognition and robot localization in unknown environments

Mariescu Istodor, R.[Radu] Co Author Listing * Averaging GPS segments competition 2019
* Gesture Input for GPS Route Search
* Is Medoid Suitable for Averaging GPS Trajectories?
* K-means: Clustering by gradual data transformation
* Similarity measures for title matching
* Soft precision and recall
* XNN Graph
Includes: Mariescu Istodor, R.[Radu] Mariescu-Istodor, R.[Radu] Mariescu-Istodor, R.
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Mariethoz, G.[Gregoire] Co Author Listing * Analogue-based colorization of remote sensing images using textural information
* Downscaling Multispectral Satellite Images Without Colocated High-Resolution Data: A Stochastic Approach Based on Training Images
* Gap-Filling of Landsat 7 Imagery Using the Direct Sampling Method
* Gap-Filling Sentinel-1 Offshore Wind Speed Image Time Series Using Multiple-Point Geostatistical Simulation and Reanalysis Data
* Geostatistical Approach to Estimate High Resolution Nocturnal Bird Migration Densities from a Weather Radar Network, A
* Local curvature entropy-based 3D terrain representation using a comprehensive Quadtree
* Long-Term Spatiotemporal Variability of Whitings in Lake Geneva from Multispectral Remote Sensing and Machine Learning
Includes: Mariethoz, G.[Gregoire] Mariethoz, G. Mariethoz, G.[Grégoire]
7 for Mariethoz, G.

Mariethoz, J.[Johnny] Co Author Listing * BANCA Database and Evaluation Protocol, The
* Enhancing training data for handwriting recognition of whiteboard notes with samples from a different database
* Estimating the quality of face localization for face verification
* IAM-OnDB: An on-line English sentence database acquired from handwritten text on a whiteboard
* kernel trick for sequences applied to text-independent speaker verification systems, A
* Measuring the performance of face localization systems
* Writer Identification for Smart Meeting Room Systems
Includes: Mariethoz, J.[Johnny] Mariéthoz, J.[Johnny]
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Marieu, V.[Vincent] Co Author Listing * Classification of Atlantic Coastal Sand Dune Vegetation Using In Situ, UAV, and Airborne Hyperspectral Data
* Evolution of the Performances of Radar Altimetry Missions from ERS-2 to Sentinel-3A over the Inner Niger Delta
* Monitoring Beach Topography and Nearshore Bathymetry Using Spaceborne Remote Sensing: A Review
* Monitoring Sea Level and Topography of Coastal Lagoons Using Satellite Radar Altimetry: The Example of the Arcachon Bay in the Bay of Biscay
* Multi-Satellite Altimeter Validation along the French Atlantic Coast in the Southern Bay of Biscay from ERS-2 to SARAL
* Potential of High-Resolution Pléiades Imagery to Monitor Salt Marsh Evolution After Spartina Invasion
* Simple and Efficient Image Stabilization Method for Coastal Monitoring Video Systems, A
* Video-Based Nearshore Bathymetric Inversion on a Geologically Constrained Mesotidal Beach during Storm Events
* Wave-Filtered Surf Zone Circulation under High-Energy Waves Derived from Video-Based Optical Systems
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Marighetto, P. Co Author Listing * Audio-visual attention: Eye-tracking dataset and analysis toolbox
* FUNNRAR: Hybrid rarity/learning visual saliency

Marignani, M.[Michela] Co Author Listing * High-Resolution Canopy Height Mapping: Integrating NASA's Global Ecosystem Dynamics Investigation (GEDI) with Multi-Source Remote Sensing Data

Marii, D. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Sensing and Optimal Power Allocation for Wireless Video Sensors With Sigma-Delta Imager

Mariita, R.M.[Richard M.] Co Author Listing * HybridGBN-SR: A Deep 3D/2D Genome Graph-Based Network for Hyperspectral Image Classification

Marijan, D.[Dusica] Co Author Listing * Detecting Intentional AIS Shutdown in Open Sea Maritime Surveillance Using Self-Supervised Deep Learning

Marijan, M. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Sensing and Optimal Power Allocation for Wireless Video Sensors With Sigma-Delta Imager

Marik, R. Co Author Listing * Automatic Grading of Textured Ceramic Tiles
* Color-Based Object Recognition under Spectrally Nonuniform Illumination
* Colour-Based Semantic Line Labelling
* Compensation of the Systematic Errors of the CCD Camera
* Detection of Defects in Colour Texture Surfaces
* Error Sensitivity Assessment of Vision Algorithms
* Error Sensitivity Assessment of Vision Algorithms Based on Direct Error Propagation
* Generation, Verification and Localisation of Object Hypotheses based on Colour
* Illumination Invariant Colour Recognition
* Iterative Morphology for Fault Detection in Stochastic Textures
* On Representation and Matching of Multi-Coloured Objects
* Spectral and Rank Order Approaches to Texture Analysis
Includes: Marik, R. Marik, R.[Radek]
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Marikhu, R.[Ramesh] Co Author Listing * Family of Quadratic Snakes for Road Extraction, A
* Three dimensional tracking of rigid objects in motion using 2D optical flows

Marikkar, U.[Umar] Co Author Listing * LT-ViT: A Vision Transformer for Multi-Label Chest X-Ray Classification

Marila, S.[Simo] Co Author Listing * Geodetic SAR for Height System Unification and Sea Level Research: Observation Concept and Preliminary Results in the Baltic Sea
* Geodetic SAR for Height System Unification and Sea Level Research: Results in the Baltic Sea Test Network

Marill, T.[Thomas] Co Author Listing * Computer Perception of Three-Dimensional Objects
* Emulating the Human Interpretation of Line-Drawings as Three-Dimensional Objects
* Recognizing Three-Dimensional Objects without the Use of Models
* Self Calibration of Motion and Stereo Vision for Mobile Robot Navigation
* Statistical Recognition Functions and the Design of Pattern Recognizers
* Three-Dimensional Interpretation of a Class of Simple Line-Drawings, The
* Why Do We See Three-dimensional Objects?
Includes: Marill, T.[Thomas] Marill, T.
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Marilleau, N.[Nicolas] Co Author Listing * Building, composing and experimenting complex spatial models with the GAMA platform

Marilly, E.[Emmanuel] Co Author Listing * Moving object selection based on an active curve approach
* Unsupervised Tracking from Clustered Graph Patterns

Marim, M.M.[Marcio M.] Co Author Listing * Compressed Sensing in microscopy with random projections in the Fourier domain
* Numerical evaluation of sampling bounds for near-optimal reconstruction in compressed sensing

Marimon, D.[David] Co Author Listing * DARTs: Efficient scale-space extraction of DAISY keypoints
* Efficient Rotation-Discriminative Template Matching
* Fast non-uniform filtering with Symmetric Weighted Integral Images
* global probabilistic framework for the foreground, background and shadow classification task, A
* master-slave approach for object detection and matching with fixed and mobile cameras, A
* Object Detection and Matching with Mobile Cameras Collaborating with Fixed Cameras

Marimont, D.H.[David H.] Co Author Listing * Analytical Methods for Uncalibrated Stereo and Motion Reconstruction
* Epipolar-Plane Image Analysis: An Approach to Determining Structure from Motion
* Generalizing Epipolar-Plane Image Analysis for Non-Orthogonal and Varying View Directions
* Geometric Methods for Relative Reconstruction from Weakly Calibrated Images
* Linear Models of Surface and Illuminant Spectra
* Probabilistic Framework for Edge Detection and Scale Selection, A
* Projective Duality and the Analysis of Image Sequences
* Relative Stereo and Motion Reconstruction
* Representation for Image Curves, A
* Robust Anisotropic Diffusion
* Robust Anisotropic Diffusion and Sharpening of Scalar and Vector Images
* Segmentation in Acronym
Includes: Marimont, D.H.[David H.] Marimont, D.H.
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Marimont, S.N.[Sergio Naval] Co Author Listing * MOOD 2020: A Public Benchmark for Out-of-Distribution Detection and Localization on Medical Images

Marin Castro, H.[Heidy] Co Author Listing * Automatic Image Annotation Using a Semi-supervised Ensemble of Classifiers
Includes: Marin Castro, H.[Heidy] Marin-Castro, H.[Heidy]

Marin Comitre, U.[Ubaldo] Co Author Listing * Using Geomatic Techniques to Estimate Volume-Area Relationships of Watering Ponds
Includes: Marin Comitre, U.[Ubaldo] Marín-Comitre, U.[Ubaldo]

Marin Franch, I.[Ivan] Co Author Listing * Estimating Information from Image Colors: An Application to Digital Cameras and Natural Scenes
Includes: Marin Franch, I.[Ivan] Marín-Franch, I.[Iván]

Marin Garcia, D.[David] Co Author Listing * Validation of Close-Range Photogrammetry for Architectural and Archaeological Heritage: Analysis of Point Density and 3D Mesh Geometry
Includes: Marin Garcia, D.[David] Marín-García, D.[David]

Marin Hernandez, A.[Antonio] Co Author Listing * human-computer interface for wrist rehabilitation: A pilot study using commercial sensors to detect wrist movements, A
* Perspective Reconstruction by Determining Vanishing Points for Autonomous Mobile Robot Visual Localization on Supermarkets
Includes: Marin Hernandez, A.[Antonio] Marin-Hernandez, A.[Antonio]

Marin Jimenez, M.[Manuel] Co Author Listing * 2D Articulated Human Pose Estimation and Retrieval in (Almost) Unconstrained Still Images
* Pose search: Retrieving people using their pose
* Progressive search space reduction for human pose estimation
Includes: Marin Jimenez, M.[Manuel] Marin-Jimenez, M.[Manuel]

Marin Jimenez, M.J.[Manuel Jesus] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Marin Jimenez, M.J.[Manuel Jesus]: mjmarin AT uco es
* 3D human pose estimation from depth maps using a deep combination of poses
* AttenGait: Gait recognition with attention and rich modalities
* Automatic generation and detection of highly reliable fiducial markers under occlusion
* Classification of Fiducial Markers in Challenging Conditions with SVM
* Comparative Study of Local Descriptors for Object Category Recognition: SIFT vs HMAX, A
* Comparison of Neural Network-based Super-resolution Models on 3d Rendered Images, A
* Deep multi-task learning for gait-based biometrics
* Deeparuco: Marker Detection and Classification in Challenging Lighting Conditions
* Detecting People Looking at Each Other in Videos
* Editorial for special section at Pattern Recognition Letters-IbPRIA 2019
* Empirical Study of Attention-based Models for Automatic Classification of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Images
* Empirical Study of Audio-Visual Features Fusion for Gait Recognition
* Empirical Study of Multi-scale Filter Banks for Object Categorization
* End-to-End Incremental Learning
* Exploring Alternative Spatial and Temporal Dense Representations for Action Recognition
* Exploring STIP-based models for recognizing human interactions in TV videos
* Fitting Product of HMM to Human Motions
* Here's looking at you, kid. Detecting people looking at each other in videos
* Human Action Recognition Using Optical Flow Accumulated Local Histograms
* Human interaction categorization by using audio-visual cues
* Human Interaction Recognition by Motion Decoupling
* LAEO-Net++: Revisiting People Looking at Each Other in Videos
* LAEO-Net: Revisiting People Looking at Each Other in Videos
* Learning Features for Human Action Recognition Using Multilayer Architectures
* Locating and Segmenting 3D Deformable Objects by Using Clusters of Contour Fragments
* Mapping and localization from planar markers
* Matching Deformable Features Based on Oriented Multi-scale Filter Banks
* Mixing body-parts model for 2D human pose estimation in stereo videos
* Multimodal features fusion for gait, gender and shoes recognition
* Multimodal Gait Recognition Under Missing Modalities
* Multimodal Human Pose Feature Fusion for Gait Recognition
* Object Localization with Multiplanar Fiducial Markers: Accurate Pose Estimation
* On how to improve tracklet-based gait recognition systems
* Preface to the Special Issue on Human Pose, Motion, Activities and Shape in 3D
* Proxemics-net: Automatic Proxemics Recognition in Images
* Pyramidal Fisher Motion for Multiview Gait Recognition
* RBM-based Silhouette Encoding for Human Action Modelling
* Sharing Visual Features for Animal Categorization: An Empirical Study
* Simultaneous reconstruction and calibration for multi-view structured light scanning
* SPM-SLAM: Simultaneous localization and mapping with squared planar markers
* Stereo Pictorial Structure for 2D articulated human pose estimation
* Viewpoint-independent gait recognition through morphological descriptions of 3D human reconstructions
* Weakly-Supervised Approach for Discovering Common Objects in Airport Video Surveillance Footage, A
Includes: Marin Jimenez, M.J.[Manuel Jesus] Marín Jiménez, M.J.[Manuel Jesús] Marín-Jiménez, M.J.[Manuel J.] Marín-Jiménez, M.J. Marin-Jimenez, M.J.[Manuel J.] Marín-Jiménez, M.J.[Manuel Jesús] Marín-Jimenez, M.J.[Manuel J.]
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Marin Pardo, O.[Octavio] Co Author Listing * Multimodal Head-Mounted Virtual-Reality Brain-Computer Interface for Stroke Rehabilitation
Includes: Marin Pardo, O.[Octavio] Marin-Pardo, O.[Octavio]

Marin Plaza, P. Co Author Listing * Dynamic representations for autonomous driving
* Modeling Perception in Autonomous Vehicles via 3D Convolutional Representations on LiDAR
Includes: Marin Plaza, P. Marín-Plaza, P. Marin-Plaza, P.[Pablo]

Marin Reyes, P.A.[Pedro A.] Co Author Listing * Improving user verification in human-robot interaction from audio or image inputs through sample quality assessment
* Unsupervised Vehicle Re-identification Using Triplet Networks
Includes: Marin Reyes, P.A.[Pedro A.] Marín-Reyes, P.A.[Pedro A.] Marín-Reyes, P.A.

Marin Vega, J.[Juan] Co Author Listing * DRHDR: A Dual branch Residual Network for Multi-Bracket High Dynamic Range Imaging
* NTIRE 2022 Challenge on High Dynamic Range Imaging: Methods and Results
Includes: Marin Vega, J.[Juan] Marín-Vega, J.[Juan]

Marin, A. Co Author Listing * Review of the CALIMAS Team Contributions to European Space Agency's Soil Moisture and Ocean Salinity Mission Calibration and Validation
* Smooth and Controlled Recovery Planning of Disruptions in Rapid Transit Networks
Includes: Marin, A. Marín, A.

Marin, C. Co Author Listing * Building Change Detection in Multitemporal Very High Resolution SAR Images
* Configuration And Specifications Of An Unmanned Aerial Vehicle For Precision Agriculture
* Hierarchical Approach to Change Detection in Very High Resolution SAR Images for Surveillance Applications, A
* Mountain crop monitoring with multitemporal Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 imagery
* Multi-temporal and multi-source alpine glacier cover classification
* multilevel approach to change detection for port surveillance with very high resolution SAR images, A
* Unsupervised Method to Detect Rock Glacier Activity by Using Sentinel-1 SAR Interferometric Coherence: A Regional-Scale Study in the Eastern European Alps, An
Includes: Marin, C. Marin, C.[Carlo]
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Marin, C.A.[Cristina Antonia] Co Author Listing * Orange Snow: A Saharan Dust Intrusion over Romania During Winter Conditions

Marin, D.[Dmitrii] Co Author Listing * Beyond Gradient Descent for Regularized Segmentation Losses
* Confluent Vessel Trees with Accurate Bifurcations
* Detecting the Optic Disc Boundary in Digital Fundus Images Using Morphological, Edge Detection, and Feature Extraction Techniques
* Divergence Prior and Vessel-Tree Reconstruction
* Efficient Segmentation: Learning Downsampling Near Semantic Boundaries
* Function for Quality Evaluation of Retinal Vessel Segmentations, A
* Geometrical Similarity Pattern As An Experimental Model for Shapes In Architectural Heritage: A Case Study of the Base of the Pillars in The Cathedral of Seville And the Church of Santiago in Jerez, Spain, A
* Kernel Clustering: Density Biases and Solutions
* Kernel Cuts: Kernel and Spectral Clustering Meet Regularization
* Monitoring Vineyard Canopy Management Operations Using UAV-Acquired Photogrammetric Point Clouds
* New Supervised Method for Blood Vessel Segmentation in Retinal Images by Using Gray-Level and Moment Invariants-Based Features, A
* Normalized Cut Meets MRF
* Robust Trust Region for Weakly Supervised Segmentation
* Secrets of GrabCut and Kernel K-Means
* Thin Structure Estimation with Curvature Regularization
* Token Pooling in Vision Transformers for Image Classification
* Water Content Continuous Monitoring of Grapevine Xylem Tissue Using a Portable Low-Power Cost-Effective FMCW Radar
Includes: Marin, D.[Dmitrii] Marin, D. Marín, D. Marín, D.[Diana]
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Marin, D.B.[Diego Bedin] Co Author Listing * Application of RGB Images Obtained by UAV in Coffee Farming
* Digital Terrain Modelling by Remotely Piloted Aircraft: Optimization and Geometric Uncertainties in Precision Coffee Growing Projects
* Remotely Piloted Aircraft and Random Forest in the Evaluation of the Spatial Variability of Foliar Nitrogen in Coffee Crop
* Use of Images Obtained by Remotely Piloted Aircraft and Random Forest for the Detection of Leaf Miner (Leucoptera coffeella) in Newly Planted Coffee Trees

Marin, E.[Erick] Co Author Listing * Morphological Change of a Scene Employing Synthetic Multispectral and Panchromatic Images
Includes: Marin, E.[Erick] Marín, E.[Erick]

Marin, E.C.[Enrique Cano] Co Author Listing * Novel Graph-Based Machine Learning Technique to Secure Smart Vehicles in Intelligent Transportation Systems
Includes: Marin, E.C.[Enrique Cano] Marín, E.C.[Enrique Caño]

Marin, G. Co Author Listing * Deep Learning for Confidence Information in Stereo and ToF Data Fusion
* Hand gesture recognition with leap motion and kinect devices
* Reliable Fusion of ToF and Stereo Depth Driven by Confidence Measures
Includes: Marin, G. Marin, G.[Giulio]

Marin, I.[Ignacio] Co Author Listing * Shape Inspection System for Variable-Luminance Steel Plates with Real-Time Adaptation Capabilities to Luminance Variations
Includes: Marin, I.[Ignacio] Marín, I.[Ignacio]

Marin, J. Co Author Listing * Learning a Part-Based Pedestrian Detector in a Virtual World
* Learning appearance in virtual scenarios for pedestrian detection
* Learning Cross-Modal Embeddings for Cooking Recipes and Food Images
* Occlusion Handling via Random Subspace Classifiers for Human Detection
* QMRNet: Quality Metric Regression for EO Image Quality Assessment and Super-Resolution
* Random Forests of Local Experts for Pedestrian Detection
* Recipe1M+: A Dataset for Learning Cross-Modal Embeddings for Cooking Recipes and Food Images
* Recognizing Activities of Daily Living from Egocentric Images
* SSSGAN: Satellite Style and Structure Generative Adversarial Networks
* Unsupervised domain adaptation of virtual and real worlds for pedestrian detection
* Virtual and Real World Adaptationfor Pedestrian Detection
Includes: Marin, J. Marin, J.[Javier] Marín, J.[Javier] Marín, J.[Juan]
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Marin, M.[Milton] Co Author Listing * Hyperspectral Imaging Retrieval Using MODIS Satellite Sensors Applied to Volcanic Ash Clouds Monitoring
Includes: Marin, M.[Milton] Marín, M.[Milton]

Marin, M.M.[Mirna Molina] Co Author Listing * Design and Costs Estimation of Electrical Substations Based on Three-Dimensional Building Blocks
Includes: Marin, M.M.[Mirna Molina] Marín, M.M.[Mirna Molina]

Marin, P. Co Author Listing * Hierarchy of GANs for Learning Embodied Self-Awareness Model
* Learning Probabilistic Awareness Models for Detecting Abnormalities in Vehicle Motions
* Learning Self-Awareness for Autonomous Vehicles: Exploring Multisensory Incremental Models
Includes: Marin, P. Marin, P.[Pablo]

Marin, R. Co Author Listing * Fuzzy constraint networks for signal pattern recognition
* general scheme for finding the static rate-distortion optimized ordering for the bits of the coefficients of all subbands of an N-level dyadic biorthogonal DWT, A
* High-Resolution Augmentation for Automatic Template-Based Matching of Human Models
* Including efficient object recognition capabilities in online robots: from a statistical to a Neural-network classifier
* Inscribed Square Conjecture in the Digital Plane, The
* Instant recovery of shape from spectrum via latent space connections
* NSF: Neural Surface Fields for Human Modeling from Monocular Depth
* Object pop-up: Can we infer 3D objects and their poses from human interactions alone?
* Real-time rate distortion-optimized image compression with region of interest on the ARM architecture for underwater robotics applications
* Special Issue on Pattern Recognition for Autonomous Manipulation in Robotic Systems
* Spectral Shape Recovery and Analysis Via Data-driven Connections
Includes: Marin, R. Marín, R. Marín, R.[Raul] Marín, R.[Raúl] Marin, R.[Riccardo]
11 for Marin, R.

Marin, R.D.C.[Ricardo D. C.] Co Author Listing * Hidden Markov Model for modeling and extracting vine structure in images, A
* Split-and-merge EM for vine image segmentation
Includes: Marin, R.D.C.[Ricardo D. C.] Marin, R.D.C.

Marin, R.M.[R. Martinez] Co Author Listing * Hyperspectral Anomaly Detection In Urban Scenarios
Includes: Marin, R.M.[R. Martinez] Marín, R.M.[R. Martínez]

Marin, T.[Thibault] Co Author Listing * Manifold Learning via Linear Tangent Space Alignment (LTSA) for Accelerated Dynamic MRI With Sparse Sampling
* Numerical Surrogates for Human Observers in Myocardial Motion Evaluation From SPECT Images
Includes: Marin, T.[Thibault] Marin, T.

Marin, W.[Willintong] Co Author Listing * Aerial Identification of Fruit Maturity in Amazonian Palms via Plant-Canopy Modeling

Marina Martinez, C. Co Author Listing * Multimode Energy Management for Plug-In Hybrid Electric Buses Based on Driving Cycles Prediction
Includes: Marina Martinez, C. Marina Martínez, C.

Marina, N. Co Author Listing * Perceptual Adaptation of Image Based on Chevreul: Mach Bands Visual Phenomenon

Marinac, A. Co Author Listing * New Approach of Visual Activity Measuring with Background Subtraction Algorithms

Marinai, S.[Simone] Co Author Listing * email: Marinai, S.[Simone]: simone AT mcculloch ing unifi it
* Artificial Neural Networks for Document Analysis and Recognition
* Automatic document classification and indexing in high-volume applications
* Automatic generation of scientific papers for data augmentation in document layout analysis
* Bag of Characters and SOM Clustering for Script Recognition and Writer Identification
* Conversion of PDF Books in ePub Format
* Data Augmentation on Graphs for Table Type Classification
* Deep neural networks for record counting in historical handwritten documents
* Deepdocclassifier: Document classification with deep Convolutional Neural Network
* Doc2graph: A Task Agnostic Document Understanding Framework Based on Graph Neural Networks
* Edge-backpropagation for noisy logo recognition
* Efficient Word Retrieval by Means of SOM Clustering and PCA
* Embedded Map Projection for Dimensionality Reduction-Based Similarity Search
* Encoding of modified X-Y trees for document classification
* Font Adaptive Word Indexing of Modern Printed Documents
* general system for the retrieval of document images from digital libraries, A
* Graph Neural Networks and Representation Embedding for Table Extraction in PDF Documents
* Indexing and retrieval of words in old documents
* INFORMYS: A Flexible Invoice Like Form Reader System
* Layout based document image retrieval by means of XY tree reduction
* Mathematical Symbol Indexing Using Topologically Ordered Clusters of Shape Contexts
* Metadata Extraction from PDF Papers for Digital Library Ingest
* Neural Based Architecture for Spot-Noisy Logo Recognition, A
* Nonlinear Embedded Map Projection for Dimensionality Reduction
* Object recognition in floor plans by graphs of white connected components
* Rectangle Labelling for an Invoice Understanding System
* Report from the AND 2009 working group on noisy text datasets
* Retrieval by Layout Similarity of Documents Represented with MXY Trees
* serial combination of connectionist-based classifiers for OCR, A
* Text alignment in early printed books combining deep learning and dynamic programming
* Text retrieval from early printed books
* Trainable table location in document images
* Transformation invariant SOM clustering in Document Image Analysis
* Tree clustering for layout-based document image retrieval
* Using Earth Mover's Distance in the Bag-of-Visual-Words Model for Mathematical Symbol Retrieval
* Using tree-grammars for training set expansion in page classification
Includes: Marinai, S.[Simone] Marinai, S.
36 for Marinai, S.

Marinakis, D.[Dimitri] Co Author Listing * Range Beacon Placement Problem for Robot Navigation, The
* Range-based Navigation System for a Mobile Robot
* Self-calibration of a vision-based sensor network
* Sentinel Problem for a Multi-hop Sensor Network, The
* Topology Inference for a Vision-Based Sensor Network
* Trajectory Inference Using a Motion Sensing Network

Marinakou, E.[Eleni] Co Author Listing * Analysis, Documentation and Proposal for Restoration and Reuse of the Chrysalis Silk Factory in Goumenissa, Kilkis, Northern Greece

Marinangeli, L. Co Author Listing * VENUS subsurface ionosphere radar sounder: VENSiS

Marinaro, G.[Giuditta] Co Author Listing * Observing Volcanoes from the Seafloor in the Central Mediterranean Area

Marinaro, M.[Maria] Co Author Listing * Application of Neural and Probabilistic Unsupervised Methods to Environmental Factor Analysis of Multi-spectral Images, An
* Uncertainty Analysis for the Classification of Multispectral Satellite Images Using SVMs and SOMs
* Visual Attention Mechanisms
Includes: Marinaro, M.[Maria] Marinaro, M.

Marinati, R. Co Author Listing * FRS: Adaptive Score for Improving Acoustic Source Classification From Noisy Signals

Marinazzo, D.[Daniele] Co Author Listing * Assessing High-Order Interdependencies Through Static O-Information Measures Computed on Resting State fMRI Intrinsic Component Networks
* Kernel Granger Causality Mapping Effective Connectivity on fMRI Data
* Semi-supervised learning by search of optimal target vector
Includes: Marinazzo, D.[Daniele] Marinazzo, D.

Marinc, T. Co Author Listing * Dependent Scalar Quantization For Neural Network Compression
* Multi-Kernel Prediction Networks for Denoising of Burst Images

Marincak, A. Co Author Listing * Characterization of surface deformation with the Edge of LightTM technique
* Edge of Light: A new enhanced optical NDI technique

Marincas, M.[Maria] Co Author Listing * Linear and Non-Linear Models for Remotely-Sensed Hyperspectral Image Visualization

Marincek, B. Co Author Listing * Patient Specific Surgical Simulation System for Procedures in Colonoscopy

Marine, G.[Gintare] Co Author Listing * 6G IoV Networks Driven by RF Digital Twin Modeling

Marinel, C.[Cedric] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Phase-based Sub-Pixel Motion Estimation Methods
Includes: Marinel, C.[Cedric] Marinel, C.[Cédric]

Marinella, M.J.[Matthew J.] Co Author Listing * Research Challenges for Energy-Efficient Computing in Automated Vehicles

Marinelli, D. Co Author Listing * Novel Approach to 3-D Change Detection in Multitemporal LiDAR Data Acquired in Forest Areas, A
* Novel Change Detection Method for Multitemporal Hyperspectral Images Based on Binary Hyperspectral Change Vectors, A
* novel method for unsupervised multiple Change Detection in hyperspectral images based on binary Spectral Change Vectors, A

Marinelli, L.[Luca] Co Author Listing * Data-driven Knowledge Discovery in Retail: Evidences from the Vending Machine's Industry

Marinelli, M.[Mario] Co Author Listing * En route truckdrone parcel delivery for optimal vehicle routing strategies
* Vector valued regression for iron overload estimation
Includes: Marinelli, M.[Mario] Marinelli, M.[Mauro]

Marinelli, R.J.[Robert J.] Co Author Listing * Systematic Analysis of Breast Cancer Morphology Uncovers Stromal Features Associated with Survival

Marinelli, W. Co Author Listing * Lunar Mini-RF Radars: Hybrid Polarimetric Architecture and Initial Results, The

Marinello, F.[Francesco] Co Author Listing * Assessing the Feasibility of Using Sentinel-2 Imagery to Quantify the Impact of Heatwaves on Irrigated Vineyards
* Estimates of Power Shortages and Affected Populations during the Initial Period of the Ukrainian-Russian Conflict
* Interannual Calibration and Global Nighttime Light Fluctuation Assessment Based on Pixel-Level Linear Regression Analysis, The
* Medium-Resolution Multispectral Data from Sentinel-2 to Assess the Damage and the Recovery Time of Late Frost on Vineyards
* Monitoring Within-Field Variability of Corn Yield using Sentinel-2 and Machine Learning Techniques
* new landscape metric for the identification of terraced sites: The Slope Local Length of Auto-Correlation (SLLAC), A
* Remote Sensing Imaging as a Tool to Support Mulberry Cultivation for Silk Production
* Spatial Variation of NO2 and Its Impact Factors in China: An Application of Sentinel-5P Products
8 for Marinello, F.

Marinello, N.[Nicola] Co Author Listing * Contrastive Learning for Multi-Object Tracking with Transformers
* TripletTrack: 3D Object Tracking using Triplet Embeddings and LSTM

Marinescu, A.I.[Alexandru Ion] Co Author Listing * Teacher or supervisor? Effective online knowledge distillation via guided collaborative learning

Marinescu, D.C. Co Author Listing * Guest Editorial Special Issue on Vehicular Clouds

Marinescu, M.[Maria] Co Author Listing * Identification of Streamside Landslides with the Use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) in Greece, Romania, and Turkey

Marinescu, M.C.[Maria Cristina] Co Author Listing * Deart: Dataset of European Art
Includes: Marinescu, M.C.[Maria Cristina] Marinescu, M.C.[Maria-Cristina]

Marinescu, R.V.[Razvan V.] Co Author Listing * Brainpainter: A Software for the Visualisation of Brain Structures, Biomarkers and Associated Pathological Processes

Marinetti, C.[Caterina] Co Author Listing * Crop Monitoring Using Sentinel-1 Data: A Case Study from The Netherlands

Maring, M.C. Co Author Listing * Noise Estimation and Reduction in Magnetic Resonance Imaging Using a New Multispectral Nonlocal Maximum-likelihood Filter

Marinheiro, R.[Rui] Co Author Listing * No-reference lightweight estimation of 3D video objective quality

Marinho de Jesus, D. Co Author Listing * Color-Based Model to Determine the Age of Documents for Forensic Purposes, A

Marinho, B.[Bruna] Co Author Listing * Processing GPR Surveys in Civil Engineering to Locate Buried Structures in Highly Conductive Subsoils

Marinho, C. Co Author Listing * RPA Positioning Error Influence on Close Range Photogrammetry For Industrial Inspection

Marinho, C.A. Co Author Listing * 3d Photogrammetric Inspection of Risers Using RPAs and Deep Learning In Oil and Gas Offshore Platforms
* Object Tracking Control Using a Gimbal Mechanism

Marinho, D.R.[Diane Ruschel] Co Author Listing * morphologic two-stage approach for automated optic disk detection in color eye fundus images, A

Marinho, E.[Eduardo] Co Author Listing * From Remotely Sensed Vegetation Onset to Sowing Dates: Aggregating Pixel-Level Detections into Village-Level Sowing Probabilities
* Harmonizing and Combining Existing Land Cover/Land Use Datasets for Cropland Area Monitoring at the African Continental Scale
* Remote Sensing Based Yield Estimation in a Stochastic Framework: Case Study of Durum Wheat in Tunisia
Includes: Marinho, E.[Eduardo] Marinho, E.

Marinho, F.[Fabiano] Co Author Listing * Explorations in AR: Finding Its Value
* Hand Gesture Recognition for User Interaction in Augmented Reality (AR) Experience

Marinho, G.C.[Giovanna Carreira] Co Author Listing * Associating Anomaly Detection Strategy Based on Kittler's Taxonomy with Image Editing to Extend the Mapping of Polluted Water Bodies
* Dimensionality Reduction and Anomaly Detection Based on Kittler's Taxonomy: Analyzing Water Bodies in Two Dimensional Spaces
* Machine Learning Strategy Based on Kittler's Taxonomy to Detect Anomalies and Recognize Contexts Applied to Monitor Water Bodies in Environments, A

Marinho, L.B.[Leandro B.] Co Author Listing * Analysis of human tissue densities: A new approach to extract features from medical images
* Novel Approach for Mobile Robot Localization in Topological Maps Using Classification with Reject Option from Structural Co-occurrence Matrix, A

Marinho, R.[Rui] Co Author Listing * Diffuse Liver Disease Classification from Ultrasound Surface Characterization, Clinical and Laboratorial Data

Marinho, R.R.[Rogerio Ribeiro] Co Author Listing * Estimating the Colored Dissolved Organic Matter in the Negro River, Amazon Basin, with In Situ Remote Sensing Data
* Spatiotemporal Dynamics of Suspended Sediments in the Negro River, Amazon Basin, from In Situ and Sentinel-2 Remote Sensing Data
Includes: Marinho, R.R.[Rogerio Ribeiro] Marinho, R.R.[Rogério Ribeiro]

Marinho, R.T.[Rui Tato] Co Author Listing * Cirrhosis Prognostic Quantification with Ultrasound: An Approximation to Model for End-Stage Liver Disease

Marinho, T. Co Author Listing * Multi-Stream CNN for Spatial Resource Allocation: a Crop Management Application

Marinho, Z.[Zita] Co Author Listing * Sparse and Structured Visual Attention

Marini, D.[Daniele] Co Author Listing * computational approach to color adaptation effects, A
* computational approach to color illusions, A
* Local linear LUT method for spatial colour-correction algorithm speed-up
* Mathematical definition and analysis of the Retinex algorithm
* Neo Euclide: A Low-Cost System for Performance Animation and Puppetry
* new algorithm for unsupervised global and local color correction, A
* Optimal hierarchical partitions for fractal image compression
* Perceptually inspired HDR images tone mapping with color correction
* Random Spray Retinex: A New Retinex Implementation to Investigate the Local Properties of the Model
* Volumetric Fetal Flow Imaging With Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Includes: Marini, D.[Daniele] Marini, D. Marini, D.[Davide]
10 for Marini, D.

Marini, G.[Giovanni] Co Author Listing * Mapping of Aedes albopictus Abundance at a Local Scale in Italy

Marini, L. Co Author Listing * New Strategy for Dynamic Weighing in Motion of Railway Vehicles, A

Marini, M.[Mauro] Co Author Listing * Empirical Ocean Colour Algorithm for Estimating the Contribution of Coloured Dissolved Organic Matter in North-Central Western Adriatic Sea, An
* Novel Skeleton Based Quantification and 3-D Volumetric Visualization of Left Atrium Fibrosis Using Late Gadolinium Enhancement Magnetic Resonance Imaging, A
* Validation of a UAV-derived Point Cloud By Semantic Classification and Comparison with TLS Data
Includes: Marini, M.[Mauro] Marini, M.

Marini, M.R.[Marco Raoul] Co Author Listing * Analyzing EEG Data with Machine and Deep Learning: A Benchmark
* Hand Gesture Recognition Exploiting Handcrafted Features and LSTM
* Keyrtual: A Lightweight Virtual Musical Keyboard Based on RGB-D and Sensors Fusion
* Machine Learning Approach for the Online Separation of Handwriting from Freehand Drawing, A
* Medicinal Boxes Recognition on a Deep Transfer Learning Augmented Reality Mobile Application
* R-SigNet: Reduced space writer-independent feature learning for offline writer-dependent signature verification

Marini, N.[Niccolo] Co Author Listing * H&E-adversarial network: a convolutional neural network to learn stain-invariant features through Hematoxylin & Eosin regression
* Semi-supervised Learning with a Teacher-Student Paradigm for Histopathology Classification: A Resource to Face Data Heterogeneity and Lack of Local Annotations
Includes: Marini, N.[Niccolo] Marini, N.[Niccolò]

Marini, R.[Roberta] Co Author Listing * Multi-Sensor and Multi-Scale Remote Sensing Approach for Assessing Slope Instability along Transportation Corridors Using Satellites and Uncrewed Aircraft Systems

Marini, S.[Simone] Co Author Listing * Automated Gelatinous Zooplankton Acquisition and Recognition
* Automated Video Imaging System for Counting Deep-Sea Bioluminescence Organisms Events
* Critical Assessment of 2D and 3D Face Recognition Algorithms, A
* Fast Reject Schema For Part-In-Whole 3d Shape Matching, The
* Feature Selection For Enhanced Spectral Shape Comparison
* Part-in-whole 3D shape matching and docking
* SHREC'09 Track: Structural Shape Retrieval On Watertight Models
* Spectral feature selection for shape characterization and classification
* Thesaurus-based 3D Object Retrieval with Part-in-Whole Matching
Includes: Marini, S.[Simone] Marini, S.
9 for Marini, S.

Marinica, N.E. Co Author Listing * Distributed Particle Filter for Urban Traffic Networks Using a Platoon-Based Model

Mariniello, G.[Giulio] Co Author Listing * Toward a System for Post-Earthquake Safety Evaluation of Masonry Buildings

Marinkovic, B.[Bojan] Co Author Listing * Serbia Forum - Digital Cultural Heritage Portal

Marinkovic, S. Co Author Listing * Image coding with iterated contourlet and wavelet transforms

Marino Neto, J.[Jose] Co Author Listing * What is my rat doing? Behavior understanding of laboratory animals
Includes: Marino Neto, J.[Jose] Marino-Neto, J.[José]

Marino, A.[Armando] Co Author Listing * Assessment of the Impact of Surface Water Content for Temperate Forests in SAR Data at C-Band
* Automatic Detection of Small Icebergs in Fast Ice Using Satellite Wide-Swath SAR Images
* Blind image clustering based on the Normalized Cuts criterion for camera identification
* CFAR Ship Detection in Polarimetric Synthetic Aperture Radar Images Based on Whitening Filter
* Change Detector Based on an Optimization With Polarimetric SAR Imagery, A
* Comparison of Target Detectors to Identify Icebergs in Quad-Polarimetric L-Band Synthetic Aperture Radar Data
* Continuous Forest Monitoring Using Cumulative Sums of Sentinel-1 Timeseries
* Depolarization Ratio Anomaly Detector to Identify Icebergs in Sea Ice Using Dual-Polarization SAR Images, A
* Detecting Water Hyacinth Infestation in Kuttanad, India, Using Dual-Pol Sentinel-1 SAR Imagery
* Editorial for the Special Issue Remote Sensing of Target Detection in Marine Environment
* InflateSAR Campaign: Developing Refugee Vessel Detection Capabilities with Polarimetric SAR, The
* InflateSAR Campaign: Evaluating SAR Identification Capabilities of Distressed Refugee Boats, The
* InflateSAR Campaign: Testing SAR Vessel Detection Systems for Refugee Rubber Inflatables, The
* Investigating the Backscatter of Marine Plastic Litter Using a C- and X-Band Ground Radar, during a Measurement Campaign in Deltares
* Locality Filtering for Efficient Ride Sharing Platforms
* Microwave Satellite Measurements for Coastal Area and Extreme Weather Monitoring
* Monitoring Agricultural Fields Using Sentinel-1 and Temperature Data in Peru: Case Study of Asparagus (Asparagus officinalis L.)
* Monitoring of Plastic Islands in River Environment Using Sentinel-1 SAR Data
* Multipath Interferences in Ground-Based Radar Data: A Case Study
* New Polarimetric Change Detector in Radar Imagery, A
* Polarimetric Detection Optimization Filter and its Statistical Test for Ship Detection, The
* PolSAR Ship Detection Based on Neighborhood Polarimetric Covariance Matrix
* Quad-Polarimetric Multi-Scale Analysis of Icebergs in ALOS-2 SAR Data: A Comparison between Icebergs in West and East Greenland
* Robust CFAR Detector Based on Truncated Statistics for Polarimetric Synthetic Aperture Radar
* Ship Detection with Spectral Analysis of Synthetic Aperture Radar: A Comparison of New and Well-Known Algorithms
* Ship Detector Applying Principal Component Analysis to the Polarimetric Notch Filter, A
* Statistical Tests for a Ship Detector Based on the Polarimetric Notch Filter
* Technique for SAR Significant Wave Height Retrieval Using Azimuthal Cut-Off Wavelength Based on Machine Learning, A
* Trace Coherence: A New Operator for Polarimetric and Interferometric SAR images
Includes: Marino, A.[Armando] Marino, A. Marino, A.[Andrea]
29 for Marino, A.

Marino, B. Co Author Listing * Automatic Immersion of Brands in Videos

Marino, B.G. Co Author Listing * 3d Modeling of Girifalco Fortress
* Data Optimization for 3d Modeling and Analysis of a Fortress Architecture
* Material/historic Reality: Catching the Transformation. From A Case Of Applied Research to the Trans-disciplinary Approach to Preserve Architecture

Marino, C. Co Author Listing * Automatic Extraction of the Retina AV Index
* Methodology for the registration of whole SLO sequences
* new approach to active nets, A
* Segment Extraction Using Burns Principles in a Pseudo-color Fuzzy Hough Transform
* Similarity Metrics Analysis for Feature Point Based Retinal Authentication
Includes: Marino, C. Mariño, C. Mariño, C.[Cástor]

Marino, C.L.[Costantino Luis] Co Author Listing * Application Of Close-up Photogrammetry In Viticulture, An

Marino, C.M.[Carlo M.] Co Author Listing * Remote Sensing for Geography, Geology, Land Planning, and Cultural Heritage

Marino, D.L.[Daniel L.] Co Author Listing * RX-ADS: Interpretable Anomaly Detection Using Adversarial ML for Electric Vehicle CAN Data

Marino, E.[Emanuele] Co Author Listing * Conversion of PDF Books in ePub Format
* Efficient Word Retrieval by Means of SOM Clustering and PCA
* Embedded Map Projection for Dimensionality Reduction-Based Similarity Search
* Fire Vulnerability, Resilience, and Recovery Rates of Mediterranean Pine Forests Using a 33-Year Time Series of Satellite Imagery
* Font Adaptive Word Indexing of Modern Printed Documents
* general system for the retrieval of document images from digital libraries, A
* Indexing and retrieval of words in old documents
* Investigating Live Fuel Moisture Content Estimation in Fire-Prone Shrubland from Remote Sensing Using Empirical Modelling and RTM Simulations
* Layout based document image retrieval by means of XY tree reduction
* Nonlinear Embedded Map Projection for Dimensionality Reduction
* Remote Sensing and Mineralogical Analyses: A First Application to the Highly Active Hydrothermal Discharge Area of Pisciarelli in the Campi Flegrei Volcanic Field (Italy)
* Transformation invariant SOM clustering in Document Image Analysis
* Tree clustering for layout-based document image retrieval
Includes: Marino, E.[Emanuele] Marino, E.[Eva] Marino, E. Marino, E.[Ermanno]
13 for Marino, E.

Marino, F. Co Author Listing * Computer Vision Based Approach for Understanding Emotional Involvements in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders, A
* GPU-based vision system for real time detection of fastening elements in railway inspection, A
* Quality enhancement in image enlargement
* Real time hardware architecture for visual robot navigation
* Real-Time Visual Inspection System for Railway Maintenance: Automatic Hexagonal-Headed Bolts Detection, A
* Specialized Hardware for Real-Time Navigation
Includes: Marino, F. Marino, F.[Francescomaria]

Marino, G.[Giuseppe] Co Author Listing * Fast Geometrical Manipulations of Digital Images
* Neural adaptive stereo matching

Marino, G.C.[Giosue Cataldo] Co Author Listing * Compression strategies and space-conscious representations for deep neural networks
Includes: Marino, G.C.[Giosue Cataldo] Marinó, G.C.[Giosuè Cataldo]

Marino, J.[Joseph] Co Author Listing * Colon Visualization Using Shape Preserving Flattening
* Conformal Geometry Based Supine and Prone Colon Registration
* DeepLIIF: An Online Platform for Quantification of Clinical Pathology Slides
* Insights From Generative Modeling for Neural Video Compression
* Probabilistic Video Generation Using Holistic Attribute Control

Marino, K.[Kenneth] Co Author Listing * A-OKVQA: A Benchmark for Visual Question Answering Using World Knowledge
* KRISP: Integrating Implicit and Symbolic Knowledge for Open-Domain Knowledge-Based VQA
* More You Know: Using Knowledge Graphs for Image Classification, The
* OK-VQA: A Visual Question Answering Benchmark Requiring External Knowledge
* Pose Knows: Video Forecasting by Generating Pose Futures, The
Includes: Marino, K.[Kenneth] Marino, K.

Marino, L.[Lucia] Co Author Listing * Low-Cost and Fast Operational Procedure to Identify Potential Slope Instabilities in Cultural Heritage Sites, A

Marino, M. Co Author Listing * Detecting Citrus Huanglongbing in Brazilian Orchards Using Hyperspectral Aerial Images

Marino, P. Co Author Listing * Feature Extraction for Electronic Equipment Manufacturing

Marino, R. Co Author Listing * Automatic Rotor Speed Reference Generator for Electric Vehicles Under Slip Constraints

Marino, R.M.[Richard M.] Co Author Listing * Advanced Coincidence Processing of 3D Laser Radar Data

Marino, S.[Stefano] Co Author Listing * Agronomic Traits Analysis of Ten Winter Wheat Cultivars Clustered by UAV-Derived Vegetation Indices
* Review of Crop Water Stress Assessment Using Remote Sensing, A
* Vegetation Indices Data Clustering for Dynamic Monitoring and Classification of Wheat Yield Crop Traits

Marinoiu, E. Co Author Listing * 3D Human Sensing, Action and Emotion Recognition in Robot Assisted Therapy of Children with Autism
* Monocular 3D Pose and Shape Estimation of Multiple People in Natural Scenes: The Importance of Multiple Scene Constraints
* Pictorial Human Spaces: A Computational Study on the Human Perception of 3D Articulated Poses
* Pictorial Human Spaces: How Well Do Humans Perceive a 3D Articulated Pose?
* Spatio-Temporal Attention Models for Grounded Video Captioning
Includes: Marinoiu, E. Marinoiu, E.[Elisabeta]

Marinoni, A.[Andrea] Co Author Listing * Bilinear normal mixing model for spectral unmixing
* Capacity and Limits of Multimodal Remote Sensing: Theoretical Aspects and Automatic Information Theory-Based Image Selection
* Combined InSAR and Terrestrial Structural Monitoring of Bridges
* DAEN: Deep Autoencoder Networks for Hyperspectral Unmixing
* Estimating Nonlinearities in p-Linear Hyperspectral Mixtures
* Hyperspectral Image Classification Based on a Shuffled Group Convolutional Neural Network with Transfer Learning
* Hyperspectral Nonlinear Unmixing by Using Plug-and-Play Prior for Abundance Maps
* Improved Spatial and Temporal Reflectance Unmixing Model to Synthesize Time Series of Landsat-Like Images, An
* Improving Reliability in Nonlinear Hyperspectral Unmixing by Multidimensional Structural Optimization
* Information Theory-Based Scheme for Efficient Classification of Remote Sensing Data, An
* Novel Preunmixing Framework for Efficient Detection of Linear Mixtures in Hyperspectral Images, A
* Novel Rayleigh Dynamical Model for Remote Sensing Data Interpretation, A
* Sea Ice Classification of SAR Imagery Based on Convolution Neural Networks
* Semantic Labeling of High Resolution Aerial Imagery and LiDAR Data with Fine Segmentation Network
* Utilizing SAR and Multispectral Integrated Data For Emergency Response
Includes: Marinoni, A.[Andrea] Marinoni, A.
15 for Marinoni, A.

Marinoni, M.[Mauro] Co Author Listing * TrainSim: A Railway Simulation Framework for LiDAR and Camera Dataset Generation

Marinos, C. Co Author Listing * Object-Oriented Approach to Template Guided Inspection, An
* Shape from Texture: Estimation, Isotropy and Moments
* Shape from Texture: The Homogeneity Hypothesis
* Template Guided Visual Inspection
Includes: Marinos, C. Marinos, C.[Constantinos]

Marinos, C.I. Co Author Listing * Relative Motion and Pose from Arbitrary Plane Curves
* Relative motion and pose from invariants

Marinos, D. Co Author Listing * MagicLensVS: Towards a flexible framework for quick setup of visual feedback in a virtual studio
* Prototyping natural interactions in virtual studio environments by demonstration by: Combining spatial mapping with gesture following

Marinos, V. Co Author Listing * 3d Hazard Analysis and Object-based Characterization of Landslide Motion Mechanism Using UAV Imagery
* Object-Based Analysis Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) for Site-Specific Landslide Assessment
* Superpixel and Supervoxel Segmentation Assessment of Landslides Using UAV-Derived Models
Includes: Marinos, V. Marinos, V.[Vassilis]

Marinou, E.[Eleni] Co Author Listing * Assessing Sea-State Effects on Sea-Salt Aerosol Modeling in the Lower Atmosphere Using Lidar and In-Situ Measurements
* Assessment of Atmospheric and Meteorological Factors Regulating Red Sea Phytoplankton Growth, An
* First Case Study of CCN Concentrations from Spaceborne Lidar Observations, A
* Geometrical and Microphysical Properties of Clouds Formed in the Presence of Dust above the Eastern Mediterranean
* PBL Height Retrievals at a Coastal Site Using Multi-Instrument Profiling Methods

Marinov, A.[Alexander] Co Author Listing * Graph cuts optimization for multi-limb human segmentation in depth maps

Marinov, B.D. Co Author Listing * Buildings Modelling for Digital Orthorectification of Urban Areas Images
* Hierarchical Modelling and Processing of Space Objects in Architectural Photogrammetry

Marinov, G.[Gabor] Co Author Listing * image-based method for animated stroke rendering, An
Includes: Marinov, G.[Gabor] Marinov, G.[Gábor]

Marinov, Z.[Zdravko] Co Author Listing * Mirror U-Net: Marrying Multimodal Fission with Multi-task Learning for Semantic Segmentation in Medical Imaging
* Modselect: Automatic Modality Selection for Synthetic-to-real Domain Generalization

Marinova, S. Co Author Listing * Conceptual Framework for Educational Disaster Centre Save the Children Life

Marinozzi, F.[Franco] Co Author Listing * matRadiomics: From Biomedical Image Visualization to Predictive Model Implementation
* MRI-Based Radiomics Analysis for Identification of Features Correlated with the Expanded Disability Status Scale of Multiple Sclerosis Patients
* Robustness of Radiomics Features to Varying Segmentation Algorithms in Magnetic Resonance Images

Marinsek, S.[Sebastian] Co Author Listing * Automatic Supraglacial Lake Extraction in Greenland Using Sentinel-1 SAR Images and Attention-Based U-Net
Includes: Marinsek, S.[Sebastian] Marinsek, S.[Sebastián]

Marinucci, D.[Domenico] Co Author Listing * Statistical properties of spherical wavelets systems

Mario, C. Co Author Listing * Integrity and Continuity for Automated Surface Conflict-Detection Monitoring

Mario, I. Co Author Listing * Image processing using the PCNN time matrix as a selective filter

Mariolis, I.[Ioannis] Co Author Listing * Anisotropic Diffusion-Based Enhancement of Scene Segmentation with Instance Labels
* Matching Folded Garments to Unfolded Templates Using Robust Shape Analysis Techniques
* Modelling folded garments by fitting foldable templates
* Residual Cascade CNN for Detection of Spatially Relevant Objects in Agriculture: The Grape-stem Paradigm

Marion Poty, V. Co Author Listing * Two Methodologies to Implement 3D Thinning Algorithms on Distributed Memory Machines
Includes: Marion Poty, V. Marion-Poty, V.

Marion, A. Co Author Listing * Discovery of Inscriptions on the Shroud of Turin by Digital Image-Processing
* Spatiotemporal filtering of sequences of ultrasound images to estimate a dense field of velocities
* Virtual Imaging Platform for Multi-Modality Medical Image Simulation, A
Includes: Marion, A. Marion, A.[Adrien]

Marion, G. Co Author Listing * comparative view on exemplar tracking-by-detection approaches, A

Marion, J.L.[Jean Luc] Co Author Listing * Planning and Navigation in Stochastic Environments
Includes: Marion, J.L.[Jean Luc] Marion, J.L.[Jean-Luc]

Marion, N.[Nicholas] Co Author Listing * Using Uncrewed Aerial Vehicles for Identifying the Extent of Invasive Phragmites australis in Treatment Areas Enrolled in an Adaptive Management Program

Marion, N.P.[Nicholas P.] Co Author Listing * Classification of Eurasian Watermilfoil (Myriophyllum spicatum) Using Drone-Enabled Multispectral Imagery Analysis

Marion, P.[Pat] Co Author Listing * PCL and ParaView: Connecting the dots

Marion, R. Co Author Listing * Atmospheric Correction of Hyperspectral Data Over Dark Surfaces via Simulated Annealing
* Joint Use of in-Scene Background Radiance Estimation and Optimal Estimation Methods for Quantifying Methane Emissions Using PRISMA Hyperspectral Satellite Data: Application to the Korpezhe Industrial Site
* Mineral Mapping Using the Automatized Gaussian Model (AGM): Application to Two Industrial French Sites at Gardanne and Thann
Includes: Marion, R. Marion, R.[Rodolphe]

Marion, V. Co Author Listing * Road sides recognition in non-structured environments by vision

Marioni, M.[Mirko] Co Author Listing * Can We Use the QA4ECV Black-sky Fraction of Absorbed Photosynthetically Active Radiation (FAPAR) using AVHRR Surface Reflectance to Assess Terrestrial Global Change?

Mariooryad, S. Co Author Listing * Correcting Time-Continuous Emotional Labels by Modeling the Reaction Lag of Evaluators
* Cost of Dichotomizing Continuous Labels for Binary Classification Problems: Deriving a Bayesian-Optimal Classifier, The
* Exploring Cross-Modality Affective Reactions for Audiovisual Emotion Recognition
* Facial Expression Recognition in the Presence of Speech Using Blind Lexical Compensation
* Factorizing speaker, lexical and emotional variabilities observed in facial expressions
* Feature and model level compensation of lexical content for facial emotion recognition
* Iterative Feature Normalization Scheme for Automatic Emotion Detection from Speech
Includes: Mariooryad, S. Mariooryad, S.[Soroosh]
7 for Mariooryad, S.

Mariote, L.E.[Leonardo E.] Co Author Listing * TIDES: a new descriptor for time series oscillation behavior

Mariotti d'Alessandro, M. Co Author Listing * Coherent Change Detection for Multipass SAR
* Phase Calibration of Airborne Tomographic SAR Data via Phase Center Double Localization

Mariotti, C. Co Author Listing * Discovering and Preserving The Military Landscape. Ict for The German Bunkers of The Galla Placidia Line
* Knowledge Modeling for Heritage Conservation Process: From Survey To HBIM Implementation

Mariotti, E.[Ettore] Co Author Listing * Confusion Matrix for Evaluating Feature Attribution Methods, A

Mariotti, L.[Letizia] Co Author Listing * Performance analysis of cone detection algorithms
* Spherical Formulation of Geometric Motion Segmentation Constraints in Fisheye Cameras

Mariotti, O.[Octave] Co Author Listing * ViewNet: Unsupervised Viewpoint Estimation from Conditional Generation

Mariottini, A. Co Author Listing * Case Study of the Application of Hand-held Mobile Laser Scanning In The Planning of An Italian Forest (alpe Di Catenaia, Tuscany), A

Mariottini, G. Co Author Listing * EGT: A toolbox for multiple view geometry and visual servoing

Mariottini, G.L.[Gian Luca] Co Author Listing * Easy-to-Use and Accurate Calibration of RGB-D Cameras from Spheres
* Enhancing Normal-Abnormal Classification Accuracy in Colonoscopy Videos via Temporal Consistency
* Fast and Accurate Feature-Matching Algorithm for Minimally-Invasive Endoscopic Images, A
* Practical and accurate calibration of RGB-D cameras using spheres
* Wide-Baseline Dense Feature Matching for Endoscopic Images
Includes: Mariottini, G.L.[Gian Luca] Mariottini, G.L.[Gian-Luca]

Marir, F. Co Author Listing * Electrocardiogram Compression Method Based on the Adaptive Wavelet Coefficients Quantization Combined to a Modified Two-Role Encoder

Mariraja, K. Co Author Listing * Two Schemas for Online Character Recognition of Telugu Script Based on Support Vector Machines

Maris, B.M.[Bogdan M.] Co Author Listing * Generalized Shapes and Point Sets Correspondence and Registration
* Quantitative Evaluation of an Automated Cone-Based Breast Ultrasound Scanner for MRI-3D US Image Fusion
Includes: Maris, B.M.[Bogdan M.] Maris, B.M.

Maris, T.G. Co Author Listing * New Optical-CT Apparatus for 3-D Radiotherapy Dosimetry: Is Free Space Scanning Feasible?, A

Marisaldi, M.[Martino] Co Author Listing * Time Evolution of Storms Producing Terrestrial Gamma-Ray Flashes Using ERA5 Reanalysis Data, GPS, Lightning and Geostationary Satellite Observations

Mariscal, T. Co Author Listing * Multimodal monitoring of Parkinson's and Alzheimer's patients using the ICT4LIFE platform

Mariscotti, A. Co Author Listing * Induced Voltage Calculation in Electric Traction Systems: Simplified Methods, Screening Factors, and Accuracy
* Modeling of Audiofrequency Track Circuits for Validation, Tuning, and Conducted Interference Prediction

Marisetty, A.[Ashish] Co Author Listing * P-Age: Pexels Dataset for Robust Spatio-Temporal Apparent Age Classification

Marissa, K.L.E. Co Author Listing * Performance Evaluation of Students Using Multimodal Learning Systems

Marita, T. Co Author Listing * Accurate Ego-Vehicle Global Localization at Intersections Through Alignment of Visual Data With Digital Map
* High accuracy stereo vision system for far distance obstacle detection
* Intermediate representation in model based recognition using straight line and ellipsoidal arc primitives
* Online Extrinsic Parameters Calibration for Stereovision Systems Used in Far-Range Detection Vehicle Applications

Marivani, I.[Iman] Co Author Listing * Designing CNNs for Multimodal Image Restoration and Fusion via Unfolding the Method of Multipliers
* Joint Image Super-Resolution Via Recurrent Convolutional Neural Networks With Coupled Sparse Priors
* Learned Multimodal Convolutional Sparse Coding for Guided Image Super-Resolution
* Multimodal Deep Unfolding for Guided Image Super-Resolution

Marivate, V.[Vukosi] Co Author Listing * Why is this an anomaly? Explaining anomalies using sequential explanations

Mariyanayagam, D.[Damien] Co Author Listing * Camera Localization by Single View Query Using One Circular Target
* Pose Estimation of a Single Circle Using Default Intrinsic Calibration

Mariz, J.A. Co Author Listing * Multimodal Brain Tumor Image Segmentation Benchmark (BRATS), The

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