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Sancar Yilmaz, A.[Aysun] Co Author Listing * Mumford-Shah Regularizer with Spatial Coherence
Includes: Sancar Yilmaz, A.[Aysun] Sancar-Yilmaz, A.[Aysun]

Sancar, F.E. Co Author Listing * Design and Experimental Validation of a Cooperative Driving Control Architecture for the Grand Cooperative Driving Challenge 2016

Sance, R. Co Author Listing * Twister Segment Morphological Filtering. A New Method for Live Zebrafish Embryos Confocal Images Processing

Sancharoen, W.[Warisara] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Urban Land Surface Temperature and Vertical City Associated with Dengue Incidences

Sanches, I.[Ieda] Co Author Listing * Big earth observation time series analysis for monitoring Brazilian agriculture

Sanches, I.D. Co Author Listing * Assessing the impact of hydrocarbon leakages on vegetation using reflectance spectroscopy
* Cloud Cover Assessment for Operational Crop Monitoring Systems in Tropical Areas
* Combining Deep Learning and Prior Knowledge for Crop Mapping in Tropical Regions from Multitemporal SAR Image Sequences
* Determination of changes in leaf and canopy spectra of plants grown in soils contaminated with petroleum hydrocarbons
* First Results of the LEM Benchmark Database for Agricultural Applications
* Fully convolutional recurrent networks for multidate crop recognition from multitemporal image sequences
* Hidden Markov Models for crop recognition in remote sensing image sequences
* Hierarchical Classification of Soybean in the Brazilian Savanna Based on Harmonized Landsat Sentinel Data
* Leaf Spectra Changes of Plants Grown in Soils Pre- and Post-Contaminated with Petroleum Hydrocarbons
* Method To Estimate Temporal Interaction In A Conditional Random Field Based Approach For Crop Recognition, A
* Multisensor approach to land use and land cover mapping in Brazilian Amazon
* Polarimetric SAR Data From Sentinel-1a Applied to Early Crop Classification
* Recent Applications of Landsat 8/OLI and Sentinel-2/MSI for Land Use and Land Cover Mapping: A Systematic Review
* Spectroscopic remote sensing of plant stress at leaf and canopy levels using the chlorophyll 680nm absorption feature with continuum removal
* Sugarcane Yield Estimation Using Satellite Remote Sensing Data in Empirical or Mechanistic Modeling: A Systematic Review
* Using Landsat 8 Image Time Series For Crop Mapping In A Region Of Cerrado, Brazil
Includes: Sanches, I.D. Sanches, I.D.[Ieda Del'Arco] Sanches, I.D.[Ieda D.]
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Sanches, I.D.A.[Ieda Del' Arco] Co Author Listing * Self-Guided Segmentation and Classification of Multi-Temporal Landsat 8 Images for Crop Type Mapping in Southeastern Brazil

Sanches, J.M.[Joao M.] Co Author Listing * 3d Reconstruction from Log-compressed Rayleigh Images
* Alignment-by-reconstruction for 3D Ultrasound Imaging
* Assessment of Image Quality Using a Pseudophakic Eye Model for Refractive Evaluation
* Automatic HyperParameter Estimation in fMRI
* Automatic liver tumor diagnosis with Dynamic-Contrast Enhanced MRI
* Bayesian Approach to Perfusion Imaging Using ASL MRI, A
* Cirrhosis Prognostic Quantification with Ultrasound: An Approximation to Model for End-Stage Liver Disease
* Denoising of medical images corrupted by Poisson noise
* Diffuse Liver Disease Classification from Ultrasound Surface Characterization, Clinical and Laboratorial Data
* E-Cadherin Radial Distribution Characterization for Mutation Detection Purposes
* Estimation of cardiac phases in echographic images using multiple models
* Fast MAP Algorithm for 3D Ultrasound, A
* Fatty Liver Characterization and Classification by Ultrasound
* Fluorescence microscopy imaging denoising with log-Euclidean priors and photobleaching compensation
* Image Denoising Using the Lyapunov Equation from Non-uniform Samples
* Image Reconstruction using the Benford Law
* Joint image registration and volume reconstruction for 3D ultrasound
* map IIR filter for 3D ultrasound, A
* MAP Signal Reconstruction with Non Regular Grids
* Medical Image Noise Reduction Using the Sylvester-Lyapunov Equation
* Minimum Total Variation in 3D Ultrasound Reconstruction
* Multi-Modality Atherosclerosis Imaging and Diagnosis
* Noise Decomposition Using Polynomial Approximation
* Novel Graph-Based Approach for Seriation of Mouse Brain Cross-Section from Images, A
* Papoulis-Gerchberg Algorithm with Unknown Signal Bandwidth, The
* Pharmacokinetic Perfusion Curves Estimation for Liver Tumor Diagnosis from DCE-MRI
* PPG Beat Reconstruction Based on Shape Models and Probabilistic Templates for Signals Acquired with Conventional Smartphones
* Rayleigh reconstruction/interpolation algorithm for 3D ultrasound, A
* Robust brain activation detection in functional MRI
* Scalp EEG Continuous Space ERD/ERS Quantification
* Segmentation of Cell Nuclei in Fluorescence Microscopy Images Using Deep Learning
* Selected papers from Iberian Conference on Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis
* Sleep/Wakefulness State from Actigraphy
* Three-Dimensional Ultrasonic Assessment of Atherosclerotic Plaques
* Topographic EEG Brain Mapping before, during and after Obstructive Sleep Apnea Episodes
* Tracking the Left Ventricle in Ultrasound Images Based on Total Variation Denoising
* Ultrasound imaging LV tracking with adaptive window size and automatic hyper-parameter estimation
* Ultrasound Plaque Enhanced Activity Index for Predicting Neurological Symptoms
Includes: Sanches, J.M.[Joao M.] Sanches, J.M.[João M.] Sanches, J.M.[João Miguel] Sanches, J.M.[J. Miguel] Sanches, J.M.
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Sanches, J.M.R.[Joao Miguel R.] Co Author Listing * Detection of Carotid Plaque Symptoms Using Ultrasound Imaging
* Total Variation Based Reconstruction Algorithm for 3D Ultrasound, A
Includes: Sanches, J.M.R.[Joao Miguel R.] Sanches, J.M.R.[João Miguel R.] Sanches, J.M.R.[João M. R.]

Sanches, P. Co Author Listing * Joint motion and residual information latent representation for P-frame coding

Sanches, S.R.R.[Silvio R.R.] Co Author Listing * Mutual occlusion between real and virtual elements in Augmented Reality based on fiducial markers
* Pseudo-haptic Perception in Smartphones Graphical Interfaces: A Case Study
Includes: Sanches, S.R.R.[Silvio R.R.] Sanches, S.R.R.[Silvio Ricardo Rodrigues]

Sanches, W.[Waislan] Co Author Listing * Multi-Sensor, Active Fire-Supervised, One-Class Burned Area Mapping in the Brazilian Savanna

Sancheti, A.[Abhilasha] Co Author Listing * SALAD: Source-free Active Label-Agnostic Domain Adaptation for Classification, Segmentation and Detection

Sanchez Alvarez, J.M.[Jose Manuel] Co Author Listing * Weak inclusions and digital spaces
Includes: Sanchez Alvarez, J.M.[Jose Manuel] Sanchez-Alvarez, J.M.[Jose Manuel]

Sanchez Andres, R. Co Author Listing * Identification of Mangrove Areas by Remote Sensing: The ROC Curve Technique Applied to the Northwestern Mexico Coastal Zone Using Landsat Imagery
Includes: Sanchez Andres, R. Sánchez-Andrés, R.

Sanchez Ante, G.[Gildardo] Co Author Listing * Automatic Construction of Radial-Basis Function Networks Through an Adaptive Partition Algorithm
* Classification of Hand Movements from Non-invasive Brain Signals Using Lattice Neural Networks with Dendritic Processing
* Classification of Motor States from Brain Rhythms Using Lattice Neural Networks
* Modified Binary Inertial Particle Swarm Optimization for Gene Selection in DNA Microarray Data
* Pattern Analysis in DNA Microarray Data through PCA-Based Gene Selection
Includes: Sanchez Ante, G.[Gildardo] Sanchez-Ante, G.[Gildardo]

Sanchez Aparicio, L.J. Co Author Listing * 4d Reconstruction And Visualization of Cultural Heritage: Analyzing Our Legacy Through Time
* Challenges and Possibilities of Archaeological Sites Virtual Tours: The Ulaca Oppidum (Central Spain) as a Case Study
* Comparative Study Between WMMS and TLS for The Stability Analysis Of The San Pedro Church Barrel Vault By Means of The Finite Element Method, A
* Diachronic Reconstruction and Visualization of Lost Cultural Heritage Sites
* Evaluating the Structural Integrity of the Saint Antonio Barrel Vault In the Fortress of Almeida By Combining Laser Scanner and Limit Analysis
* Integration of a Wearable Mobile Mapping Solution and Advance Numerical Simulations for the Structural Analysis of Historical Constructions: A Case of Study in San Pedro Church (Palencia, Spain)
* Integration of Geotechnologies in the Evaluation of a Wine Cellar Structure through the Finite Element Method, The
* Multispectral Imaging in Cultural Heritage Conservation
* New Approach to Energy Calculation of Road Accidents against Fixed Small Section Elements Based on Close-Range Photogrammetry, A
* Non-Contact Photogrammetric Methodology to Evaluate the Structural Health of Historical Constructions
* On the Combination of Remote Sensing and Geophysical Methods for the Digitalization of the San Lázaro Middle Paleolithic Rock Shelter (Segovia, Central Iberia, Spain)
* Photogrammetric Solution for Analysis of Out-Of-Plane Movements of a Masonry Structure in a Large-Scale Laboratory Experiment
* Photogrammetric, Geometrical, and Numerical Strategies to Evaluate Initial and Current Conditions in Historical Constructions: A Test Case in the Church of San Lorenzo (Zamora, Spain)
* Smartwall: a New Web-based Platform for The Valorization of The Medieval Wall of Avila
* Use of a Wearable Mobile Laser System in Seamless Indoor 3D Mapping of a Complex Historical Site
Includes: Sanchez Aparicio, L.J. Sanchez-Aparicio, L.J. Sánchez-Aparicio, L.J.[Luis Javier] Sánchez-Aparicio, L.J. Sánchez-Aparicio, L.J.[Luis J.]
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Sanchez Aparicio, M. Co Author Listing * Comparative Study Between WMMS and TLS for The Stability Analysis Of The San Pedro Church Barrel Vault By Means of The Finite Element Method, A
* Influence of LiDAR Point Cloud Density in the Geometric Characterization of Rooftops for Solar Photovoltaic Studies in Cities
* Integration of a Wearable Mobile Mapping Solution and Advance Numerical Simulations for the Structural Analysis of Historical Constructions: A Case of Study in San Pedro Church (Palencia, Spain)
* Laser Scanning for Terrain Analysis and Route Design for Electrified Public Transport in Urban Areas
* Retrieving Land Surface Temperature from Satellite Imagery with a Novel Combined Strategy
* Solar Potential Analysis of Bus Shelters in Urban Environments: A Study Case in Avila (Spain)
Includes: Sanchez Aparicio, M. Sánchez-Aparicio, M. Sánchez-Aparicio, M.[María]

Sanchez Asenjo, M. Co Author Listing * Facing Position Variability in Minutiae-Based Fingerprint Verification through Multiple References and Score Normalization Techniques
* Minutiae-based enhanced fingerprint verification assessment relaying on image quality factors
Includes: Sanchez Asenjo, M. Sanchez-Asenjo, M.

Sanchez Avila, C.[Carmen] Co Author Listing * Analysis of pattern recognition techniques for in-air signature biometrics
* approach to hand biometrics in mobile devices, An
* Biometric Identification through Hand Geometry Measurements
* Deep learning for face recognition on mobile devices
* Flooding-based segmentation for contactless hand biometrics oriented to mobile devices
* Iris Recognition with Low Template Size
* Mobile-Oriented Hand Segmentation Algorithm Based on Fuzzy Multiscale Aggregation, A
* Modeling and Detecting Aggressiveness From Driving Signals
* RBF Neural Networks for Hand-Based Biometric Recognition
* Two different approaches for iris recognition using Gabor filters and multiscale zero-crossing representation
Includes: Sanchez Avila, C.[Carmen] Sanchez-Avila, C.[Carmen] Sánchez-Avila, C.[Carmen] Sánchez-Ávila, C.[Carmen] Sánchez Ávila, C.[Carmen] Sanchez Avila, C.
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Sanchez Azofeifa, A.[Arturo] Co Author Listing * Assessing the Operation Parameters of a Low-altitude UAV for the Collection of NDVI Values Over a Paddy Rice Field
* Assessing the Temporal Response of Tropical Dry Forests to Meteorological Drought
* Calibration of Co-Located Identical PAR Sensors Using Wireless Sensor Networks and Characterization of the In Situ fPAR Variability in a Tropical Dry Forest
* Characterizing Transitions between Successional Stages in a Tropical Dry Forest Using LiDAR Techniques
* Cloud Cover throughout All the Paddy Rice Fields in Guangdong, China: Impacts on Sentinel 2 MSI and Landsat 8 OLI Optical Observations
* Evaluating the Farmland Use Intensity and Its Patterns in a Farming: Pastoral Ecotone of Northern China
* Extracting Lines in Noisy Image Using Directional Information
* Fractional Vegetation Cover Derived from UAV and Sentinel-2 Imagery as a Proxy for In Situ FAPAR in a Dense Mixed-Coniferous Forest?
* Hyperspectral and Full-Waveform LiDAR Improve Mapping of Tropical Dry Forest's Successional Stages
* Radiometric calibration assessments for UAS-borne multispectral cameras: Laboratory and field protocols
Includes: Sanchez Azofeifa, A.[Arturo] Sanchez-Azofeifa, A.[Arturo] Sánchez-Azofeifa, A.[Arturo]
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Sanchez Azofeifa, G.A.[G. Arturo] Co Author Listing * Capability of Spaceborne Hyperspectral EnMAP Mission for Mapping Fractional Cover for Soil Erosion Modeling
* Component Optimization for Image Understanding: A Bayesian Approach
* Crop Loss Evaluation Using Digital Surface Models from Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Data
* Deep Learning Time Series Approach for Leaf and Wood Classification from Terrestrial LiDAR Point Clouds, A
* Deriving leaf mass per area (LMA) from foliar reflectance across a variety of plant species using continuous wavelet analysis
* Estimating Forest Biomass Dynamics by Integrating Multi-Temporal Landsat Satellite Images with Ground and Airborne LiDAR Data in the Coal Valley Mine, Alberta, Canada
* Extraction of Liana Stems Using Geometric Features from Terrestrial Laser Scanning Point Clouds
* Light Diffusion In The Tropical Dry Forest Of Costa Rica
* Mapping tropical dry forest succession using multiple criteria spectral mixture analysis
* MODIS and PROBA-V NDVI Products Differ when Compared with Observations from Phenological Towers at Four Tropical Dry Forests in the Americas
* On Line Validation Exercise (OLIVE): A Web Based Service for the Validation of Medium Resolution Land Products. Application to FAPAR Products
* Quantifying Changes on Forest Succession in a Dry Tropical Forest Using Angular-Hyperspectral Remote Sensing
Includes: Sanchez Azofeifa, G.A.[G. Arturo] Sanchez-Azofeifa, G.A.[G. Arturo] Sánchez-Azofeifa, G.A.[Gerardo Arturo] Sánchez-Azofeifa, G.A.[G. Arturo] Sanchez-Azofeifa, G.A.
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Sanchez Beato, A.[Alfonso] Co Author Listing * Coordinate-descent super-resolution and registration for parametric global motion models
* Neural Network Model for Image Change Detection Based on Fuzzy Cognitive Maps, A
* Noniterative Interpolation-Based Super-Resolution Minimizing Aliasing in the Reconstructed Image
* Robust Super-Resolution Using a Median Filter for Irregular Samples
Includes: Sanchez Beato, A.[Alfonso] Sánchez-Beato, A.[Alfonso]

Sanchez Belenguer, C.[Carlos] Co Author Listing * RISEdb: a Novel Indoor Localization Dataset
Includes: Sanchez Belenguer, C.[Carlos] Sanchez-Belenguer, C.[Carlos]

Sanchez Bellon, A.[Angel] Co Author Listing * Applications of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UASs) in Hydrology: A Review
* Using UAV Photogrammetry and Automated Sensors to Assess Aquifer Recharge from a Coastal Wetland
Includes: Sanchez Bellon, A.[Angel] Sánchez-Bellón, Á.[Ángel] Sánchez-Bellón, A.[Angel]

Sanchez Bote, J.L. Co Author Listing * Improved Image Enhancement Scheme For Fingerprint Minutiae Extraction in Biometric Identification, An
Includes: Sanchez Bote, J.L. Sanchez-Bote, J.L.

Sanchez Brea, L.M. Co Author Listing * Uncertainty Estimation by Convolution Using Spatial Statistics
Includes: Sanchez Brea, L.M. Sanchez-Brea, L.M.

Sanchez Cambronero, S. Co Author Listing * FIFO Rule Consistent Model for the Continuous Dynamic Network Loading Problem, A
* Matrix Tools for General Observability Analysis in Traffic Networks
* Multiclass User Equilibrium Model Considering Overtaking Across Classes, A
* Stochastic Demand Dynamic Traffic Models Using Generalized Beta-Gaussian Bayesian Networks
Includes: Sanchez Cambronero, S. Sanchez-Cambronero, S.

Sanchez Carnero, N.[Noela] Co Author Listing * How Far Can We Classify Macroalgae Remotely? An Example Using a New Spectral Library of Species from the South West Atlantic (Argentine Patagonia)
* Using Landsat Image Series to Identify and Characterize Persistent Oceanographic Structures in a Dynamic Marine Protected Area (North of San Jorge Gulf, Argentinian Patagonia)
Includes: Sanchez Carnero, N.[Noela] Sánchez-Carnero, N.[Noela]

Sanchez Carrillo, S. Co Author Listing * Identification of Mangrove Areas by Remote Sensing: The ROC Curve Technique Applied to the Northwestern Mexico Coastal Zone Using Landsat Imagery
Includes: Sanchez Carrillo, S. Sánchez-Carrillo, S.

Sanchez Cartagena, V.M.[Victor M.] Co Author Listing * Non-Fluent Synthetic Target-Language Data Improve Neural Machine Translation
Includes: Sanchez Cartagena, V.M.[Victor M.] Sánchez-Cartagena, V.M.[Víctor M.]

Sanchez Castro, F.J. Co Author Listing * Cross Validation Study of Deep Brain Stimulation Targeting: From Experts to Atlas-Based, Segmentation-Based and Automatic Registration Algorithms, A

Sanchez Cauce, R.[Raquel] Co Author Listing * Sum-Product Networks: A Survey
Includes: Sanchez Cauce, R.[Raquel] Sánchez-Cauce, R.[Raquel]

Sanchez Chavez, J.J.[Jose Javier] Co Author Listing * Stage Monitoring in Turbid Reservoirs with an Inclined Terrestrial Near-Infrared Lidar
Includes: Sanchez Chavez, J.J.[Jose Javier] Sánchez-Chávez, J.J.[José Javier]

Sanchez Cordero, V.[Victor] Co Author Listing * Harmonizing Definitions and Methods to Estimate Deforestation at the Lacandona Tropical Region in Southern Mexico
Includes: Sanchez Cordero, V.[Victor] Sánchez-Cordero, V.[Víctor]

Sanchez Cortes, D.[Dairazalia] Co Author Listing * Anomaly Detection in Elderly Daily Behavior in Ambient Sensing Environments
* Nonverbal Behavior Approach to Identify Emergent Leaders in Small Groups, A
Includes: Sanchez Cortes, D.[Dairazalia] Sanchez-Cortes, D.[Dairazalia] Sanchez-Cortes, D.

Sanchez Crespo, D. Co Author Listing * Real-time, accurate depth of field using anisotropic diffusion and programmable graphics cards
Includes: Sanchez Crespo, D. Sanchez-Crespo, D.

Sanchez Cruz, H.[Hermilo] Co Author Listing * Coding Long Contour Shapes of Binary Objects
* Context-free grammars to detect straight segments and a novel polygonal approximation method
* Corner Detection by Searching Two Class Pattern Substrings
* Efficiency of chain codes to represent binary objects
* method of optimum transformation of 3D objects used as a measure of shape dissimilarity, A
* new relative chain code in 3D, A
* Proposal Method for Corner Detection with an Orthogonal Three-Direction Chain Code, A
* Proposing a new code by considering pieces of discrete straight lines in contour shapes
Includes: Sanchez Cruz, H.[Hermilo] Sánchez-Cruz, H.[Hermilo] Sanchez-Cruz, H.[Hermilo]
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Sanchez Cuello, L.[Leudis] Co Author Listing * Segmentation of tiny objects in very poor-quality angiogenesis images
Includes: Sanchez Cuello, L.[Leudis] Sánchez-Cuello, L.[Leudis]

Sanchez Cuevas, P.[Pablo] Co Author Listing * Building Hierarchical Tree Representations Using Homological-Based Tools
* On the Topological Disparity Characterization of Square-Pixel Binary Image Data by a Labeled Bipartite Graph
* Parallel connected-Component-Labeling based on homotopy trees
Includes: Sanchez Cuevas, P.[Pablo] Sanchez-Cuevas, P.[Pablo]

Sanchez de la Orden, M.[Manuel] Co Author Listing * Combining Object-Based Image Analysis with Topographic Data for Landform Mapping: A Case Study in the Semi-Arid Chaco Ecosystem, Argentina
Includes: Sanchez de la Orden, M.[Manuel] Sánchez de la Orden, M.[Manuel]

Sanchez de Miguel, A.[Alejandro] Co Author Listing * Citizen Science to Assess Light Pollution with Mobile Phones
* First Estimation of Global Trends in Nocturnal Power Emissions Reveals Acceleration of Light Pollution
* National Scale Spatial Variation in Artificial Light at Night
* New Approach to Identify On-Ground Lamp Types from Night-Time ISS Images, A
* Photometric Catalogue for Space and Ground Night-Time Remote-Sensing Calibration: RGB Synthetic Photometry from Gaia DR3 Spectrophotometry
Includes: Sanchez de Miguel, A.[Alejandro] Sánchez de Miguel, A.[Alejandro] Sánchez-de Miguel, A.[Alejandro]

Sanchez del Rio Kandel, D.[David] Co Author Listing * Earth Observation via Compressive Sensing: The Effect of Satellite Motion

Sanchez Diaz, G.[Guillermo] Co Author Listing * Are Reducts and Typical Testors the Same?
* Computing Constructs by Using Typical Testor Algorithms
* CT-EXT: An Algorithm for Computing Typical Testor Set
* CUDA-based hill-climbing algorithm to find irreducible testors from a training matrix, A
* evolutionary algorithm with acceleration operator to generate a subset of typical testors, An
* FS-EX Plus: A New Algorithm for the Calculation of Typical FS-Testor Set
Includes: Sanchez Diaz, G.[Guillermo] Sanchez-Diaz, G.[Guillermo] Sanchez-Díaz, G.[Guillermo]

Sanchez Escobedo, D.[Dalila] Co Author Listing * 3D face shape prediction from a frontal image using cylindrical coordinates and partial least squares
* Face synthesis from a frontal pose image using partial least squares and b-splines
* Statistical 3D face shape estimation from occluding contours
Includes: Sanchez Escobedo, D.[Dalila] Sánchez-Escobedo, D.[Dalila]

Sanchez Fernandez, L.[Luis] Co Author Listing * Accessible Routes Integrating Data from Multiple Sources
Includes: Sanchez Fernandez, L.[Luis] Sánchez-Fernández, L.[Luis]

Sanchez Fernandez, L.P.[Luis Pastor] Co Author Listing * Approaches to Classification of Multichannel Images
* Assessment of the Artificial Habitat in Shrimp Aquaculture Using Environmental Pattern Classification
* Color Image Segmentation by Means of a Similarity Function
* Computational Model for Aircraft's Takeoffs Pattern Recognition
* Fast Search Algorithm for Vector Quantization Based on Associative Memories, A
* Hardware Implementation of Image Recognition System Based on Morphological Associative Memories and Discrete Wavelet Transform
* Misalignment Identification in Induction Motors Using Orbital Pattern Analysis
* Modification of the Lernmatrix for Real Valued Data Processing, A
* Noise Pattern Recognition of Airplanes Taking Off: Task for a Monitoring System
* Rotor Unbalance Detection in Electrical Induction Motors Using Orbital Analysis
* Signal Analysis for Assessment and Prediction of the Artificial Habitat in Shrimp Aquaculture
* Using Adaptive Filter to Increase Automatic Speech Recognition Rate in a Digit Corpus
Includes: Sanchez Fernandez, L.P.[Luis Pastor] Sánchez Fernández, L.P.[Luis Pastor] Sanchez-Fernandez, L.P.[Luis P.] Sánchez Fernandez, L.P.[Luis P.] Sánchez-Fernández, L.P.[Luis Pastor] Sánchez-Fernández, L.P.[Luis P.]
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Sanchez Fernandez, M.[Manuel] Co Author Listing * Application of Geomatic Techniques for the Assessment of Anthropogenic Changes in the Urban Beaches of La Magdalena (Santander, Spain)
* Influence of Image Properties on High-Detail SfM Photogrammetric Surveys of Complex Geometric Landforms: The Application of a Consumer-Grade UAV Camera in a Rock Glacier Survey, The
* Monitoring Retreat of Coastal Sandy Systems Using Geomatics Techniques: Somo Beach (Cantabrian Coast, Spain, 1875-2017)
* Multiple Close-Range Geomatic Techniques for the Kinematic Study of the La Pael Rock Glacier, Southern Pyrenees
* Results of Hyperspectral Analysis for The Characterization of Mudwall. Comparison Based On Normalization
* Using Geomatic Techniques to Estimate Volume-Area Relationships of Watering Ponds
Includes: Sanchez Fernandez, M.[Manuel] Sánchez-Fernández, M.[Manuel] Sánchez Fernández, M.

Sanchez Ferreira, C. Co Author Listing * Bio-inspired optimization algorithms for real underwater image restoration
Includes: Sanchez Ferreira, C. Sánchez-Ferreira, C.

Sanchez Ferrer, A.[Alejandro] Co Author Listing * CleanSea Set: A Benchmark Corpus for Underwater Debris Detection and Recognition, The
* experimental study on marine debris location and recognition using object detection, An
Includes: Sanchez Ferrer, A.[Alejandro] Sánchez-Ferrer, A.[Alejandro]

Sanchez Ferrero, G.V.[Gonzalo V.] Co Author Listing * Statistical-Genetic Algorithm to Select the Most Significant Features in Mammograms, A
Includes: Sanchez Ferrero, G.V.[Gonzalo V.] Sánchez-Ferrero, G.V.[Gonzalo V.]

Sanchez Freire, V.[Veronica] Co Author Listing * Candy Cane: Breast Cancer Pixel-Wise Labeling with Fully Convolutional Densenets
Includes: Sanchez Freire, V.[Veronica] Sanchez-Freire, V.[Veronica]

Sanchez Gamez, P.[Pablo] Co Author Listing * Assessment with Controlled In-Situ Data of the Dependence of L-Band Radiometry on Sea-Ice Thickness
* Glacier Surface Velocity Retrieval Using D-InSAR and Offset Tracking Techniques Applied to Ascending and Descending Passes of Sentinel-1 Data for Southern Ellesmere Ice Caps, Canadian Arctic
Includes: Sanchez Gamez, P.[Pablo] Sánchez-Gámez, P.[Pablo]

Sanchez Garcia, A. Co Author Listing * machine vision system for defect characterization on transparent parts with non-plane surfaces, A
Includes: Sanchez Garcia, A. Sánchez García, A.

Sanchez Garcia, E.[Elena] Co Author Listing * Assessing the Accuracy of Automatically Extracted Shorelines on Microtidal Beaches from Landsat 7, Landsat 8 and Sentinel-2 Imagery
* Automated Classification of Crop Types and Condition In A Mediterranean Area Using A Fine-tuned Convolutional Neural Network
* C-Pro: A coastal projector monitoring system using terrestrial photogrammetry with a geometric horizon constraint
* Modelling Landscape Morphodynamics By Terrestrial Photogrammetry: An Application To Beach And Fluvial Systems
* New Adaptive Image Interpolation Method to Define the Shoreline at Sub-Pixel Level, A
* Operational Use of Surfcam Online Streaming Images for Coastal Morphodynamic Studies
Includes: Sanchez Garcia, E.[Elena] Sánchez-García, E.[Elena] Sánchez-García, E.

Sanchez Garcia, J. Co Author Listing * Noniterative Coordinated Beamforming for Multiuser MIMO Systems With Limited Feedforward
* Quantized Antenna Combining for Multiuser MIMO-OFDM With Limited Feedback
* User Selection Algorithms for MU-MIMO Systems with Coordinated Beamforming
Includes: Sanchez Garcia, J. Sanchez-Garcia, J. Sánchez-García, J.[Jaime]

Sanchez Garcia, M. Co Author Listing * Effects of manually entering navigator destinations while driving in a simulator
* Geo-referencing naturalistic driving data using a novel method based on vehicle speed
* Monitoring Spatial Behavior of Pastoralist Sheep Through GPS, Lidar Data and VNIR Image
* Proposal of geographic information systems methodology for quality control procedures of data obtained in naturalistic driving studies
Includes: Sanchez Garcia, M. Sánchez-García, M.

Sanchez Garcia, M.J.[Maria Jose] Co Author Listing * Study and Evolution of the Dune Field of La Banya Spit in Ebro Delta (Spain) Using LiDAR Data and GPR
Includes: Sanchez Garcia, M.J.[Maria Jose] Sánchez-García, M.J.[María José]

Sanchez Garcia, R.J.[Ruben J.] Co Author Listing * Possibility results for graph clustering: A novel consistency axiom
Includes: Sanchez Garcia, R.J.[Ruben J.] Sánchez-García, R.J.[Rubén J.]

Sanchez Giron, V.[Victor] Co Author Listing * First Insights on Soil Respiration Prediction across the Growth Stages of Rainfed Barley Based on Simulated MODIS and Sentinel-2 Spectral Indices
Includes: Sanchez Giron, V.[Victor] Sánchez-Girón, V.[Víctor]

Sanchez Gomez, D.[David] Co Author Listing * Thermography as a Tool to Assess Inter-Cultivar Variability in Garlic Performance along Variations of Soil Water Availability
Includes: Sanchez Gomez, D.[David] Sánchez-Gómez, D.[David]

Sanchez Gomez, M. Co Author Listing * Analysis of Gully Erosion In A Catchment Area In Olive Groves Using Uas Photogrammetry Techniques
* Landslide Susceptibility Analysis on the Vicinity of Bogota-Villavicencio Road (Eastern Cordillera of the Colombian Andes)
* Multitemporal Analysis of Gully Erosion in Olive Groves by Means of Digital Elevation Models Obtained with Aerial Photogrammetric and LiDAR Data
Includes: Sanchez Gomez, M. Sánchez-Gómez, M. Sánchez-Gómez, M.[Mario]

Sanchez Gonzalez, Y.[Yasiel] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Fused Segmentation Algorithms for Iris Verification, A
Includes: Sanchez Gonzalez, Y.[Yasiel] Sanchez-Gonzalez, Y.[Yasiel]

Sanchez Gutierrez, M.E.[Maximo E.] Co Author Listing * Deep Learning for Emotional Speech Recognition
* Spoken Emotion Recognition Using Deep Learning
Includes: Sanchez Gutierrez, M.E.[Maximo E.] Sánchez-Gutiérrez, M.E.[Máximo E.]

Sanchez Hermosilla, J. Co Author Listing * 3D Surface Modeling of Tomato Plants Using Close-Range Photogrammetry
* Application Of Close-range Photogrammetry And Digital Photography Analysis For The Estimation Of Leaf Area Index In A Greenhouse Tomato Culture
Includes: Sanchez Hermosilla, J. Sanchez-Hermosilla, J.

Sanchez Hernandez, A.[Adrian] Co Author Listing * Continual Learning for Document Image Binarization
Includes: Sanchez Hernandez, A.[Adrian] Sánchez-Hernández, A.[Adrián]

Sanchez Hernandez, C.[Carolina] Co Author Listing * One-Class Classification for Mapping a Specific Land-Cover Class: SVDD Classification of Fenland
Includes: Sanchez Hernandez, C.[Carolina] Sanchez-Hernandez, C.[Carolina]

Sanchez Hernandez, G.[German] Co Author Listing * decision support tool using Order Weighted Averaging for conference review assignment, A
Includes: Sanchez Hernandez, G.[German] Sánchez-Hernández, G.[Germán]

Sanchez Hernandez, J.J. Co Author Listing * Interactive Streaming of Sequences of High Resolution JPEG2000 Images
Includes: Sanchez Hernandez, J.J. Sanchez-Hernandez, J.J.

Sanchez Junquera, J.[Javier] Co Author Listing * Masking domain-specific information for cross-domain deception detection
Includes: Sanchez Junquera, J.[Javier] Sánchez-Junquera, J.[Javier]

Sanchez Llado, F. Co Author Listing * Improving Wishart Classification of Polarimetric SAR Data Using the Hopfield Neural Network Optimization Approach
Includes: Sanchez Llado, F. Sánchez-Lladó, F.

Sanchez Llado, F.J.[Francisco J.] Co Author Listing * Improving the Wishart Synthetic Aperture Radar image classifications through Deterministic Simulated Annealing
Includes: Sanchez Llado, F.J.[Francisco J.] Sánchez-Lladó, F.J.[Francisco J.]

Sanchez Llado, J.[Javier] Co Author Listing * Fuzzy Cognitive Maps Applied to Synthetic Aperture Radar Image Classifications
Includes: Sanchez Llado, J.[Javier] Sánchez-Lladó, J.[Javier]

Sanchez Lopez, J.L.[Jose Luis] Co Author Listing * HMPMR strategy for real-time tracking in aerial images, using direct methods
Includes: Sanchez Lopez, J.L.[Jose Luis] Sánchez-Lopez, J.L.[José Luis]

Sanchez Lopez, N.[Nuria] Co Author Listing * Crown-Level Structure and Fuel Load Characterization from Airborne and Terrestrial Laser Scanning in a Longleaf Pine (Pinus palustris Mill.) Forest Ecosystem
* Estimating Time Since the Last Stand-Replacing Disturbance (TSD) from Spaceborne Simulated GEDI Data: A Feasibility Study
* Semi-Automated Delineation of Stands in an Even-Age Dominated Forest: A LiDAR-GEOBIA Two-Stage Evaluation Strategy
Includes: Sanchez Lopez, N.[Nuria] Sánchez-López, N.[Nuria] Sanchez-Lopez, N.[Nuria]

Sanchez Lorenzo, A.[Arturo] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Water Vapor Radiative Effects Using GPS Data Series over Southwestern Europe
Includes: Sanchez Lorenzo, A.[Arturo] Sanchez-Lorenzo, A.[Arturo]

Sanchez Lozano, E.[Enrique] Co Author Listing * Blockwise Linear Regression for Face Alignment
* Cascaded Continuous Regression for Real-Time Incremental Face Tracking
* Cascaded regression with sparsified feature covariance matrix for facial landmark detection
* Continuous Regression for Non-rigid Image Alignment
* Dynamic Facial Models for Video-Based Dimensional Affect Estimation
* FERA 2017 - Addressing Head Pose in the Third Facial Expression Recognition and Analysis Challenge
* Functional Regression Approach to Facial Landmark Tracking, A
Includes: Sanchez Lozano, E.[Enrique] Sánchez-Lozano, E.[Enrique] Sánchez-Lozano, E.
7 for Sanchez Lozano, E.

Sanchez Marin, F.J. Co Author Listing * Quantitative image quality analysis of a nonlinear spatio-temporal filter
Includes: Sanchez Marin, F.J. Sanchez-Marin, F.J.

Sanchez Marono, N. Co Author Listing * ensemble of filters and classifiers for microarray data classification, An
* framework for cost-based feature selection, A
Includes: Sanchez Marono, N. Sánchez-Maroño, N.

Sanchez Marre, M.[Miquel] Co Author Listing * methodology to discover and understand complex patterns: Interpreted Integrative Multiview Clustering (I2MC), A
Includes: Sanchez Marre, M.[Miquel] Sànchez-Marrè, M.[Miquel]

Sanchez Martin, J.M.[Jose Manuel] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Online Reputation Indicators by Means of Geostatistical Techniques: The Case of Rural Accommodation in Extremadura, Spain, An
* Cultural Heritage and the Shaping of Tourist Itineraries in Rural Areas: The Case of Historical Ensembles of Extremadura, Spain, The
* Hot Spot Analysis versus Cluster and Outlier Analysis: An Enquiry into the Grouping of Rural Accommodation in Extremadura (Spain)
Includes: Sanchez Martin, J.M.[Jose Manuel] Sánchez-Martín, J.M.[José-Manuel]

Sanchez Martin, V. Co Author Listing * 3-dimensional Pre- And Post-fire Comparison Of Forest Areas

Sanchez Martinez, F.[Felipe] Co Author Listing * Fuzzy-Match Repair Guided by Quality Estimation
* Non-Fluent Synthetic Target-Language Data Improve Neural Machine Translation
Includes: Sanchez Martinez, F.[Felipe] Sánchez-Martínez, F.[Felipe]

Sanchez Martinez, S.[Sergio] Co Author Listing * Characterization of Myocardial Velocities by Multiple Kernel Learning: Application to Heart Failure with Preserved Ejection Fraction
* Characterizing Patterns of Response During Mild Stress-Testing in Continuous Echocardiography Recordings Using a Multiview Dimensionality Reduction Technique
Includes: Sanchez Martinez, S.[Sergio] Sanchez-Martinez, S.[Sergio]

Sanchez Matilla, R. Co Author Listing * ColorFool: Semantic Adversarial Colorization
* Confidence Intervals for Tracking Performance Scores
* Exploiting Vulnerabilities of Deep Neural Networks for Privacy Protection
* Hierarchical detection of persons in groups
* Improving Filling Level Classification with Adversarial Training
* On the Reversibility of Adversarial Attacks
* Online Multi-target Tracking with Strong and Weak Detections
* Predictor of Moving Objects for First-Person Vision, A
* Toward Robust Sensing for Autonomous Vehicles: An Adversarial Perspective
Includes: Sanchez Matilla, R. Sánchez-Matilla, R. Sanchez-Matilla, R. Sánchez-Matilla, R.[Ricardo] Sanchez-Matilla, R.[Ricardo]
9 for Sanchez Matilla, R.

Sanchez Medina, J. Co Author Listing * Combined Voxel and Particle Filter-Based Approach for Fast Obstacle Detection and Tracking in Automotive Applications, A
* Efficient and Scalable Simulation Model for Autonomous Vehicles With Economical Hardware, An
* PSO-Based Adaptive Hierarchical Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Knowledge Representation System (PSO-AHIT2FKRS) for Travel Route Guidance
* Unsupervised Learning in Reservoir Computing for EEG-Based Emotion Recognition
Includes: Sanchez Medina, J. Sánchez-Medina, J. Sanchez-Medina, J. Sanchez-Medina, J.[Javier]

Sanchez Medina, J.J. Co Author Listing * Bioinspired Computational Intelligence and Transportation Systems: A Long Road Ahead
* Fusion of Channel State Information and Received Signal Strength for Indoor Localization Using a Single Access Point
* Guest Editorial Special Issue: The 21st IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITSC 2018)
* Introduction to the Special Issue on Online Learning for Big-Data Driven Transportation and Mobility
* Traffic Signal Optimization in La Almozara District in Saragossa Under Congestion Conditions, Using Genetic Algorithms, Traffic Microsimulation, and Cluster Computing
Includes: Sanchez Medina, J.J. Sanchez-Medina, J.J. Sánchez-Medina, J.J.[Javier J.]

Sanchez Mendoza, D.[David] Co Author Listing * Emotion recognition from mid-level features
Includes: Sanchez Mendoza, D.[David] Sanchez-Mendoza, D.[David]

Sanchez Miralles, A.[Alvaro] Co Author Listing * Abnormal behavior detection using dominant sets
* Mixture of Merged Gaussian Algorithm using RTDENN
* Synergies of Electric Urban Transport Systems and Distributed Energy Resources in Smart Cities
Includes: Sanchez Miralles, A.[Alvaro] Sanchez-Miralles, A.[Alvaro] Sánchez-Miralles, Á.

Sanchez Monedero, J. Co Author Listing * Machine Learning Methods for Binary and Multiclass Classification of Melanoma Thickness From Dermoscopic Images
Includes: Sanchez Monedero, J. Sánchez-Monedero, J.

Sanchez Monge, E. Co Author Listing * Joint Removal of Random and Fixed-Pattern Noise Through Spatiotemporal Video Filtering
Includes: Sanchez Monge, E. Sanchez-Monge, E.

Sanchez Montanes, M.[Manuel] Co Author Listing * Intelligent Image Analysis of Diffusion Weighted Data Sets: A New Tool for Functional Imaging
Includes: Sanchez Montanes, M.[Manuel] Sanchez-Montañes, M.[Manuel]

Sanchez Montes, C.[Cristina] Co Author Listing * Bright spot regions segmentation and classification for specular highlights detection in colonoscopy videos
* Comparative Validation of Polyp Detection Methods in Video Colonoscopy: Results From the MICCAI 2015 Endoscopic Vision Challenge
* Towards Real-Time Polyp Detection in Colonoscopy Videos: Adapting Still Frame-Based Methodologies for Video Sequences Analysis
Includes: Sanchez Montes, C.[Cristina] Sánchez-Montes, C.[Cristina] Sánchez-Montes, C.

Sanchez Nielsen, E.[Elena] Co Author Listing * AddCanny: Edge Detector for Video Processing
* Analysis of Relevant Maxima in Distance Transform. An Application to Fast Coarse Image Segmentation
* Distance Maps from Unthresholded Magnitudes
* Evaluation of a Visual Question Answering Architecture for Pedestrian Attribute Recognition
* Fast and Accurate Hand Pose Detection for Human-Robot Interaction
* Heuristic algorithm for visual tracking of deformable objects
* Increasing efficiency of Hausdorff approach for tracking real scenes with complex environments
* Real-time tracking using A* heuristic search and template updating
Includes: Sanchez Nielsen, E.[Elena] Sánchez-Nielsen, E.[Elena] Sanchez-Nielsen, E.[Elena] Sanchez Nielsen, E. Sanchez-Nielsen, E.
8 for Sanchez Nielsen, E.

Sanchez Ortiga, E. Co Author Listing * Time-multiplexing Integral Microscopy
Includes: Sanchez Ortiga, E. Sanchez-Ortiga, E.

Sanchez Ortiz, G.I. Co Author Listing * Automated 3-D echocardiography analysis compared with manual delineations and spect MUGA
* Knowledge-Based Anisotropic Diffusion of Vector-Valued 4-Dimensional Cardiac MR Images
* Registration and tracking to integrate X-ray and MR images in an XMR facility
* Spatial Transformation of Motion and Deformation Fields Using Nonrigid Registration
Includes: Sanchez Ortiz, G.I. Sanchez-Ortiz, G.I.

Sanchez Pagan, J.D.[Jose David] Co Author Listing * Proposed Methodology to Analyze Plant Growth and Movement from Phenomics Data, A
Includes: Sanchez Pagan, J.D.[Jose David] Sanchez-Pagán, J.D.[Jose David]

Sanchez Palma, P.[Pedro] Co Author Listing * Image Processing Application Development: From Rapid Prototyping to SW/HW Co-simulation and Automated Code Generation
Includes: Sanchez Palma, P.[Pedro] Sánchez-Palma, P.[Pedro]

Sanchez Perez, A.[Abraham] Co Author Listing * bio-inspired quaternion local phase CNN layer with contrast invariance and linear sensitivity to rotation angles, A
* FRCSyn Challenge at WACV 2024: Face Recognition Challenge in the Era of Synthetic Data
Includes: Sanchez Perez, A.[Abraham] Sánchez Pérez, A.[Abraham] Sánchez-Pérez, Á.[Ángela]

Sanchez Perez, C.R.[Carolina Rocio] Co Author Listing * RASCNA: Radio Astronomy Signal Classification through Neighborhood Assemblies
Includes: Sanchez Perez, C.R.[Carolina Rocio] Sánchez-Pérez, C.R.[Carolina Rocío]

Sanchez Perez, G.[Gabriel] Co Author Listing * Face Recognition Based on Normalization and the Phase Spectrum of the Local Part of an Image
* Facial Expression Recognition Based on Facial Region Segmentation and Modal Value Approach
* FASSD-Net: Fast and Accurate Real-Time Semantic Segmentation for Embedded Systems
* Fast and Accurate Real-Time Semantic Segmentation with Dilated Asymmetric Convolutions
* IPN Hand: A Video Dataset and Benchmark for Real-Time Continuous Hand Gesture Recognition
Includes: Sanchez Perez, G.[Gabriel] Sanchez-Perez, G.[Gabriel] Sánchez-Pérez, G.[Gabriel]

Sanchez Perez, J.[Javier] Co Author Listing * Horn-Schunck Optical Flow with a Multi-Scale Strategy
* TV-L1 Optical Flow Estimation
Includes: Sanchez Perez, J.[Javier] Sánchez Pérez, J.[Javier]

Sanchez Perez, J.M.[Juan M.] Co Author Listing * 3D Textural Mapping and Soft-Computing Applied to Cork Quality Inspection
* Fast and Robust Iris Segmentation Method, A
* Perceptually Relevant Pattern Recognition Applied to Cork Quality Detection
Includes: Sanchez Perez, J.M.[Juan M.] Sánchez-Pérez, J.M.[Juan M.] Sánchez-Pérez, J.M.[Juan Manuel]

Sanchez Perez, L.A.[Luis A.] Co Author Listing * Modification of the Lernmatrix for Real Valued Data Processing, A
Includes: Sanchez Perez, L.A.[Luis A.] Sánchez-Pérez, L.A.[Luis A.]

Sanchez Quintana, D. Co Author Listing * Characterization and Modeling of the Peripheral Cardiac Conduction System
* High-Resolution Atlas and Statistical Model of the Human Heart From Multislice CT, A
* In Silico Analysis of Haemodynamics in Patient-Specific Left Atria with Different Appendage Morphologies
* Modeling Atrial Fiber Orientation in Patient-Specific Geometries: A Semi-automatic Rule-Based Approach
* Rule-Based Method to Model Myocardial Fiber Orientation for Simulating Ventricular Outflow Tract Arrhythmias, A
Includes: Sanchez Quintana, D. Sanchez-Quintana, D. Sánchez-Quintana, D.[Damián] Sanchez-Quintana, D.[Damien]

Sanchez Rada, J.F. Co Author Listing * MixedEmotions: An Open-Source Toolbox for Multimodal Emotion Analysis
Includes: Sanchez Rada, J.F. Sánchez-Rada, J.F.

Sanchez Ramirez, J.L.[Jose Luis] Co Author Listing * Optimal Wavelet Filters Selection for Ultrasound and Mammography Compression
Includes: Sanchez Ramirez, J.L.[Jose Luis] Sanchez-Ramirez, J.L.[Jose Luis]

Sanchez Reillo, R.[Raul] Co Author Listing * Architectures for Biometric Match-on-Token Solutions
* Automatic remote evaluation system for biometric testing
* Automatic usability and stress analysis in mobile biometrics
* Biometric Identification through Hand Geometry Measurements
* Biometric Systems Interaction Assessment: The State of the Art
* Blind subjects faces database
* Developing standardised network-based biometric services
* Evaluation methodology for analyzing environment influence in biometrics
* Fast fingerprint identification for large databases
* Flooding-based segmentation for contactless hand biometrics oriented to mobile devices
* Hand Geometry Pattern Recognition Through Gaussian Mixture Modelling
* Including Biometric Authentication in a Smart Card Operating System
* Iris Recognition with Low Template Size
* Mobile Pass Project: A User Interaction Evaluation, The
* Optimisation of biometric ID tokens by using hardware/software co-design
* Performance evaluation of handwritten signature recognition in mobile environments
* RBF Neural Networks for Hand-Based Biometric Recognition
* Signature analysis in the context of mobile devices
* Small fingerprint scanners used in mobile devices: The impact on biometric performance
* Two different approaches for iris recognition using Gabor filters and multiscale zero-crossing representation
Includes: Sanchez Reillo, R.[Raul] Sanchez-Reillo, R.[Raul] Sanchez-Reillo, R. Sánchez-Reillo, R.[Raúl]
20 for Sanchez Reillo, R.

Sanchez Reyes, U.J.[Uriel Jeshua] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Land Use-Cover Changes and Successional Stages of Vegetation in the Natural Protected Area Altas Cumbres, Northeastern Mexico, Using Landsat Satellite Imagery
Includes: Sanchez Reyes, U.J.[Uriel Jeshua] Sánchez-Reyes, U.J.[Uriel Jeshua]

Sanchez Rico, M.T. Co Author Listing * Monte Carlo Approach to Simulate the Stochastic Demand in a Continuous Dynamic Traffic Network Loading Problem, A
Includes: Sanchez Rico, M.T. Sanchez-Rico, M.T.

Sanchez Riello, R.[Raul] Co Author Listing * Touch-Dynamics Based Behavioural Biometrics on Mobile Devices: A Review from a Usability and Performance Perspective
Includes: Sanchez Riello, R.[Raul] Sanchez-Riello, R.[Raul]

Sanchez Riera, J.[Jordi] Co Author Listing * Action Recognition Robust to Background Clutter by Using Stereo Vision
* comparative study of data fusion for RGB-D based visual recognition, A
* Feature distribution modelling techniques for 3D face verification
* i-Stylist: Finding the Right Dress Through Your Social Networks
* PhysXNet: A Customizable Approach for Learning Cloth Dynamics on Dressed People
* Robust RGB-D Hand Tracking Using Deep Learning Priors
* Robust spatiotemporal stereo for dynamic scenes
* Scene flow estimation by growing correspondence seeds
* Simultaneous pose, correspondence and non-rigid shape
Includes: Sanchez Riera, J.[Jordi] Sanchez-Riera, J.[Jordi] Sanchez-Riera, J.
9 for Sanchez Riera, J.

Sanchez Rios, A.[Alonso] Co Author Listing * Integrated Solution for 3D Heritage Modeling Based on Videogrammetry and V-SLAM Technology, An
Includes: Sanchez Rios, A.[Alonso] Sánchez-Ríos, A.[Alonso]

Sanchez Rivero, M.[Marcelino] Co Author Listing * Spatial Intensity in Tourism Accommodation: Modelling Differences in Trends for Several Types through Poisson Models
Includes: Sanchez Rivero, M.[Marcelino] Sánchez-Rivero, M.[Marcelino]

Sanchez Rodriguez, A. Co Author Listing * 3d Point Cloud Data Processing and Infrastructure Information Models: Methods and Findings from Safeway Project
* 3D Point Cloud to BIM: Semi-Automated Framework to Define IFC Alignment Entities from MLS-Acquired LiDAR Data of Highway Roads
* Automated Inspection of Railway Tunnels' Power Line Using LiDAR Point Clouds
* Automatic Identification and Geometrical Modeling of Steel Rivets of Historical Structures from Lidar Data
* Automatic Measurement of Water Height in the As Conchas (Spain) Reservoir Using Sentinel 2 and Aerial LiDAR Data
* Autonomous Point Cloud Acquisition of Unknown Indoor Scenes
Includes: Sanchez Rodriguez, A. Sánchez-Rodríguez, A. Sánchez-Rodríguez, A.[Ana]

Sanchez Rodriguez, D.[David] Co Author Listing * Fusion of Channel State Information and Received Signal Strength for Indoor Localization Using a Single Access Point
Includes: Sanchez Rodriguez, D.[David] Sánchez-Rodríguez, D.[David]

Sanchez Rodriguez, E. Co Author Listing * Yield Estimation of Wheat Using Cropland Masks from European Common Agrarian Policy: Comparing the Performance of Enhanced Vegetation Index 2, Normalized Difference Vegetation Index, and MERIS Terrestrial Chlorophyll Index in Spanish Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics Level 2 Regions
Includes: Sanchez Rodriguez, E. Sanchez-Rodriguez, E.

Sanchez Roman, A.[Antonio] Co Author Listing * Assessment of DUACS Sentinel-3A Altimetry Data in the Coastal Band of the European Seas: Comparison with Tide Gauge Measurements
Includes: Sanchez Roman, A.[Antonio] Sánchez-Román, A.[Antonio]

Sanchez Ruiz, D.[Daniel] Co Author Listing * Automatic region of interest segmentation for breast thermogram image classification
Includes: Sanchez Ruiz, D.[Daniel] Sánchez-Ruiz, D.[Daniel]

Sanchez Ruiz, S.[Sergio] Co Author Listing * Annual Gross Primary Production from Vegetation Indices: A Theoretically Sound Approach
* Daily GPP estimates in Mediterranean ecosystems by combining remote sensing and meteorological data
* Evaluation of the LSA-SAF gross primary production product derived from SEVIRI/MSG data (MGPP)
* Exploring Ecosystem Functioning in Spain with Gross and Net Primary Production Time Series
* Land use classification over smallholding areas in the European Common Agricultural Policy framework
* Multitemporal Monitoring of Plant Area Index in the Valencia Rice District with PocketLAI
* Remote Sensing and Bio-Geochemical Modeling of Forest Carbon Storage in Spain
Includes: Sanchez Ruiz, S.[Sergio] Sánchez-Ruiz, S.[Sergio] Sánchez-Ruiz, S.
7 for Sanchez Ruiz, S.

Sanchez Saez, R.[Ricardo] Co Author Listing * Multimodal Interactive Parsing
Includes: Sanchez Saez, R.[Ricardo] Sánchez-Sáez, R.[Ricardo]

Sanchez Salmeron, A.J.[Antonio Jose] Co Author Listing * Improved Camera Calibration Method Based on a Two-Dimensional Template
* Improving Accuracy and Confidence Interval of Camera Parameters Estimated with a Planar Pattern
* Iterative Kalman Filter Approach to Camera Calibration, An
* Optimal conditions for camera calibration using a planar template
* Robust metric calibration of non-linear camera lens distortion
* Skeletonizing Caenorhabditis elegans Based on U-Net Architectures Trained with a Multi-worm Low-Resolution Synthetic Dataset
* Uncertainty Analysis of Camera Parameters Computed with a 3D Pattern
Includes: Sanchez Salmeron, A.J.[Antonio Jose] Sanchez-Salmeron, A.J.[Antonio-Jose] Sánchez-Salmerón, A.J.[Antonio-José]
7 for Sanchez Salmeron, A.J.

Sanchez Santos, G.[Gonzalo] Co Author Listing * Improving Species Diversity and Biomass Estimates of Tropical Dry Forests Using Airborne LiDAR
Includes: Sanchez Santos, G.[Gonzalo] Sánchez-Santos, G.[Gonzalo]

Sanchez Sesma, F.J.[Francisco J.] Co Author Listing * Field Fluctuations, Imaging With Backscattered Waves, A Generalized Energy Theorem, and the Optical Theorem
Includes: Sanchez Sesma, F.J.[Francisco J.] Sanchez-Sesma, F.J.[Francisco J.]

Sanchez Solano, S.[Santiago] Co Author Listing * Low-cost dedicated hardware IP modules for background subtraction in embedded vision systems
Includes: Sanchez Solano, S.[Santiago] Sánchez-Solano, S.[Santiago]

Sanchez Sutil, J.R. Co Author Listing * Detecting Faint Compact Sources Using Local Features and a Boosting Approach
Includes: Sanchez Sutil, J.R. Sanchez-Sutil, J.R.

Sanchez T., G.[German] Co Author Listing * Toward an Automatic Hole Characterization for Surface Correction

Sanchez Tamayo, N. Co Author Listing * One-Shot Gesture Recognition: One Step Towards Adaptive Learning
Includes: Sanchez Tamayo, N. Sanchez-Tamayo, N.

Sanchez Tapia, L. Co Author Listing * Importance of the Instantaneous Phase for Face Detection using Simple Convolutional Neural Networks, The

Sanchez Torres, G.[German] Co Author Listing * GIS Pipeline to Produce GeoAI Datasets from Drone Overhead Imagery, A
* VEPL-Net: A Deep Learning Ensemble for Automatic Segmentation of Vegetation Encroachment in Power Line Corridors Using UAV Imagery
Includes: Sanchez Torres, G.[German] Sanchez-Torres, G.[German]

Sanchez Urrieta, S.[Susana] Co Author Listing * Feature extraction from EEG spectrograms for epileptic seizure detection
* Simple View-Based Software Architecture for an Autonomous Robot Navigation System, A
* Towards a Supervised Incremental Learning System for Automatic Recognition of the Skeletal Age
Includes: Sanchez Urrieta, S.[Susana] Sánchez-Urrieta, S.[Susana]

Sanchez Valverde, J. Co Author Listing * Optimum Binarization of Technical Document Images
Includes: Sanchez Valverde, J. Sánchez-Valverde, J.

Sanchez Vaquerizo, J.A.[Javier Argota] Co Author Listing * Getting Real: The Challenge of Building and Validating a Large-Scale Digital Twin of Barcelona's Traffic with Empirical Data
Includes: Sanchez Vaquerizo, J.A.[Javier Argota] Sánchez-Vaquerizo, J.A.[Javier Argota]

Sanchez Vega, F.[Francisco] Co Author Listing * Learning Multivariate Distributions by Competitive Assembly of Marginals
Includes: Sanchez Vega, F.[Francisco] Sánchez-Vega, F.[Francisco]

Sanchez Virosta, A.[Alvaro] Co Author Listing * Thermography as a Tool to Assess Inter-Cultivar Variability in Garlic Performance along Variations of Soil Water Availability
Includes: Sanchez Virosta, A.[Alvaro] Sánchez-Virosta, Á.[Álvaro]

Sanchez Vives, M.V. Co Author Listing * Transcending the Self in Immersive Virtual Reality
Includes: Sanchez Vives, M.V. Sanchez-Vives, M.V.

Sanchez Yanez, R.[Raul] Co Author Listing * Local spatiotemporal features for dynamic texture synthesis
Includes: Sanchez Yanez, R.[Raul] Sanchez-Yanez, R.[Raul]

Sanchez Yanez, R.E.[Raul E.] Co Author Listing * Circle detection on images using genetic algorithms
* Comparative experiment with colour texture classifiers using the CCR feature space
* Fast similarity metric for real-time template-matching applications
* Fast texel size estimation in visual texture using homogeneity cues
* framework for texture classification using the coordinated clusters representation, A
* fuzzy inference approach to template-based visual tracking, A
* Gray-World Assumption on Perceptual Color Spaces
* Measuring empirical discrepancy in image segmentation results
* Monte Carlo Evaluation of the Hausdorff Distance for Shape Matching
* One-class texture classifier in the CCR feature space
* Scaled CCR Histogram for Scale-Invariant Texture Classification
* Toward the Labeled Segmentation of Natural Images Using Rough-Set Rules
Includes: Sanchez Yanez, R.E.[Raul E.] Sanchez-Yanez, R.E.[Raul E.] Sánchez Yáñez, R.E.[Raúl E.]
12 for Sanchez Yanez, R.E.

Sanchez Zapero, J.[Jorge] Co Author Listing * Climate Data Records of Vegetation Variables from Geostationary SEVIRI/MSG Data: Products, Algorithms and Applications
* Derivation of global vegetation biophysical parameters from EUMETSAT Polar System
* Fiducial Reference Measurements for Vegetation Bio-Geophysical Variables: An End-to-End Uncertainty Evaluation Framework
* Quality Assessment of PROBA-V LAI, fAPAR and fCOVER Collection 300 m Products of Copernicus Global Land Service
* Quality Assessment of PROBA-V Surface Albedo V1 for the Continuity of the Copernicus Climate Change Service
* Surface Albedo Retrieval from 40-Years of Earth Observations through the EUMETSAT/LSA SAF and EU/C3S Programmes: The Versatile Algorithm of PYALUS
* Surface ALbedo VALidation (SALVAL) Platform: Towards CEOS LPV Validation Stage 4: Application to Three Global Albedo Climate Data Records
* Validation of PROBA-V GEOV1 and MODIS C5 & C6 fAPAR Products in a Deciduous Beech Forest Site in Italy
Includes: Sanchez Zapero, J.[Jorge] Sánchez-Zapero, J.[Jorge]
8 for Sanchez Zapero, J.

Sanchez, A.[Angel] Co Author Listing * 2D Human Tracking by Efficient Model Fitting Using a Path Relinking Particle Filter
* Artificial Intelligence-Based Referral System for Patients With Diabetic Retinopathy
* bibliometric analysis of off-line handwritten document analysis literature (1990-2020), A
* Combining Particle Filter and Population-based Metaheuristics for Visual Articulated Motion Tracking
* Effectively integrating a course on biometrics in a computer vision master's degree
* Effects of the COVID-19 Lockdown on Urban Light Emissions: Ground and Satellite Comparison
* Exploring NASA's Harmonized Landsat and Sentinel-2 (HLS) Dataset To Monitor Deforestation in the Amazon Rainforest
* Hardware Implementation of the CCSDS 123.0-B-2 Near-Lossless Compression Standard Following an HLS Design Methodology
* Hardware-Accelerated Template Matching
* HCTNav: A Path Planning Algorithm for Low-Cost Autonomous Robot Navigation in Indoor Environments
* Impact of Multi-Thresholds and Vector Correction for Tracking Precipitating Systems over the Amazon Basin
* Improving image segmentation quality through effective region merging using a hierarchical social metaheuristic
* Individual tree crown delineation in a highly diverse tropical forest using very high resolution satellite images
* Machine Learning Downscaling of SoilMERGE in the United States Southern Great Plains
* Multi-dimensional visual tracking using scatter search particle filter
* Multiple and variable target visual tracking for video-surveillance applications
* Multiple Line Skew Estimation of Handwritten Images of Documents Based on a Visual Perception Approach
* Multiresolution energy minimisation framework for stereo matching
* Off-line handwritten signature detection by analysis of evidence accumulation
* Real-time railway speed limit sign recognition from video sequences
* Simplified Occupancy Grid Indoor Mapping Optimized for Low-Cost Robots
* Spatio-temporal change detection from multidimensional arrays: Detecting deforestation from MODIS time series
* Text Line Segmentation in Images of Handwritten Historical Documents
* Within-Field Rice Yield Estimation Based on Sentinel-2 Satellite Data
Includes: Sanchez, A.[Angel] Sánchez, Á.[Ángel] Sanchez, A. Sánchez, A.[Alejandro] Sánchez, A.[Antonio] Sanchez, A.[Alberto] Sanchez, A.[Arturo] Sanchez, A.[Alber] Sanchez, A.[Aaron] Sánchez, Á.
24 for Sanchez, A.

Sanchez, A.H.[Alber Hamersson] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Cloud Cover Detection Algorithms on Sentinel-2 Images of the Amazon Tropical Forest
* Earth Observation Data Cubes for Brazil: Requirements, Methodology and Products
Includes: Sanchez, A.H.[Alber Hamersson] Sanchez, A.H.[Alber H.]

Sanchez, A.J. Co Author Listing * Fusing 3D Information for Crop/weeds Classification
* Robot-arm Pick and Place Behavior Programming System Using Visual Perception
Includes: Sanchez, A.J. Sánchez, A.J.

Sanchez, A.M.S.[Alejandro Martin Simon] Co Author Listing * Convolutional Neural Networks for Agricultural Land Use Classification from Sentinel-2 Image Time Series
Includes: Sanchez, A.M.S.[Alejandro Martin Simon] Sánchez, A.M.S.[Alejandro-Martín Simón]

Sanchez, B.A.H.[Boris Alejandro Hinojo] Co Author Listing * UAV and Satellite Multispectral Data Approach to Monitor Water Quality in Small Reservoirs, An
Includes: Sanchez, B.A.H.[Boris Alejandro Hinojo] Sánchez, B.A.H.[Boris Alejandro Hinojo]

Sanchez, B.B.[Borja Bordel] Co Author Listing * Improving Road Surface Area Extraction via Semantic Segmentation with Conditional Generative Learning for Deep Inpainting Operations
* State-Level Mapping of the Road Transport Network from Aerial Orthophotography: An End-to-End Road Extraction Solution Based on Deep Learning Models Trained for Recognition, Semantic Segmentation and Post-Processing with Conditional Generative Learning
Includes: Sanchez, B.B.[Borja Bordel] Sánchez, B.B.[Borja Bordel]

Sanchez, C.[Carlos] Co Author Listing * Deep Learning Versus Classic Methods for Multi-taxon Diatom Segmentation
* Diatom Classification Including Morphological Adaptations Using CNNs
* Explainable Automatic Detection of Fiber-Cement Roofs in Aerial RGB Images
* Illumination Model of the Trachea Appearance in Videobronchoscopy Images, An
* Intelligent Radiomic Analysis of Q-SPECT/CT images to optimize pulmonary embolism diagnosis in COVID-19 patients
* Localization and tracking in known large environments using portable real-time 3D sensors
* Nonlinear Controller of Quadcopters for Agricultural Monitoring
* Pencil Drawing of Microscopic Images Through Edge Preserving Filtering
* Recurrent Variational Network: A Deep Learning Inverse Problem Solver applied to the task of Accelerated MRI Reconstruction
* Tracheal Structure Characterization using Geometric and Appearance Models for Efficient Assessment of Stenosis in Videobronchoscopy
Includes: Sanchez, C.[Carlos] Sánchez, C.[Carlos] Sánchez, C.[César] Sánchez, C.[Carles] Sanchez, C.[Carles] Sánchez, C.[Clarisa]
10 for Sanchez, C.

Sanchez, C.A. Co Author Listing * Biomechanically Constrained Surface Registration: Application to MR-TRUS Fusion for Prostate Interventions
* Elastography of Biological Tissue: Direct Inversion Methods That Allow for Local Shear Modulus Variations
* Statistical Biomechanical Surface Registration: Application to MR-TRUS Fusion for Prostate Interventions
Includes: Sanchez, C.A. Sánchez, C.A.[C. Antonio]

Sanchez, C.I.[Clara I.] Co Author Listing * AIROGS: Artificial Intelligence for Robust Glaucoma Screening Challenge
* Automatic Detection of Tuberculosis in Chest Radiographs Using a Combination of Textural, Focal, and Shape Abnormality Analysis
* Computer-Aided Lesion Diagnosis in Automated 3-D Breast Ultrasound Using Coronal Spiculation
* Fast Convolutional Neural Network Training Using Selective Data Sampling: Application to Hemorrhage Detection in Color Fundus Images
* Interactive classification of lung tissue in CT scans by combining prior and interactively obtained training data: A simulation study
* Iterative Augmentation of Visual Evidence for Weakly-Supervised Lesion Localization in Deep Interpretability Frameworks: Application to Color Fundus Images
* Localized Energy-Based Normalization of Medical Images: Application to Chest Radiography
* Novel Multiple-Instance Learning-Based Approach to Computer-Aided Detection of Tuberculosis on Chest X-Rays, A
* On Combining Multiple-Instance Learning and Active Learning for Computer-Aided Detection of Tuberculosis
* Pulmonary Nodule Detection in CT Images: False Positive Reduction Using Multi-View Convolutional Networks
* Retinopathy Online Challenge: Automatic Detection of Microaneurysms in Digital Color Fundus Photographs
* RETOUCH: The Retinal OCT Fluid Detection and Segmentation Benchmark and Challenge
* Suppression of Translucent Elongated Structures: Applications in Chest Radiography
Includes: Sanchez, C.I.[Clara I.] Sánchez, C.I.[Clara I.] Sanchez, C.I. Sánchez, C.I.
13 for Sanchez, C.I.

Sanchez, D.[David] Co Author Listing * Automatic Sleep System Recommendation by Multi-modal RBG-Depth-Pressure Anthropometric Analysis
* Comprehensive 3d Fiber Tracking As A New Visualization System In Brain Studies
* Comprehensive 3d Fiber Tracking As A New Visualization System In Brain Studies
* Human Body Segmentation with Multi-limb Error-Correcting Output Codes Detection and Graph Cuts Optimization
* Learning to Segment Humans by Stacking Their Body Parts
* Remote Cooperative Design System Using Interactive 3d Graphics, A
Includes: Sanchez, D.[David] Sánchez, D.[David] Sanchez, D.[Daniel] Sanchez, D.[Danmary] Sánchez, D.[Daniel] Sanchez, D.

Sanchez, D.F.[David Fuentes] Co Author Listing * Multi-resolution texture coding for multi-resolution 3D meshes

Sanchez, E.[Enrique] Co Author Listing * Affective Processes: stochastic modelling of temporal context for emotion and facial expression recognition
* Author's reply to comments
* Bayesian Prompt Learning for Image-Language Model Generalization
* Bridging challenges of clinical decision support systems with a semantic approach. A case study on breast cancer
* Designing of classification procedures with the use of equality and difference operators
* From Keypoints to Object Landmarks via Self-Training Correspondence: A Novel Approach to Unsupervised Landmark Discovery
* Increasing pattern recognition accuracy for chemical sensing by evolutionary based drift compensation
* Pre-training Strategies and Datasets for Facial Representation Learning
* recurrent cycle consistency loss for progressive face-to-face synthesis, A
* ReGen: A good Generative zero-shot video classifier should be Rewarded
* Self-supervised learning of Dynamic Representations for Static Images
* Self-Supervised Learning of Person-Specific Facial Dynamics for Automatic Personality Recognition
* Semi-supervised Facial Action Unit Intensity Estimation with Contrastive Learning
* Transfer Learning Approach to Heatmap Regression for Action Unit Intensity Estimation, A
* Unsupervised Face Manipulation via Hallucination
Includes: Sanchez, E.[Enrique] Sanchez, E. Sanchez, E.[Eider]
15 for Sanchez, E.

Sanchez, E.A.[Eric Arazo] Co Author Listing * Exploring the Impact of Training Data Bias on Automatic Generation of Video Captions

Sanchez, E.G. Co Author Listing * Experimental Study of a Novel Neuro Fuzzy System for Online Handwritten Unipen Digit Recognition

Sanchez, E.H.[Eduardo Hugo] Co Author Listing * Learning Disentangled Representations via Mutual Information Estimation

Sanchez, F.[Francisco] Co Author Listing * 3D Fine-scale Terrain Variables from Underwater Photogrammetry: A New Approach to Benthic Microhabitat Modeling in a Circalittoral Rocky Shelf
* 3d Modeling of Rio Miera Wreck Ship Merging Optical and Multibeam High Resolution Points Cloud
* Describing Polyps Behavior of a Deep-Sea Gorgonian, Placogorgia sp., Using a Deep-Learning Approach
* Exploitation of Large Archives of ERS and ENVISAT C-Band SAR Data to Characterize Ground Deformations
* Recognition of 3D Object from One Image Based on Projective and Permutative Invariants
* Recommender System for Sport Videos Based on User Audiovisual Consumption
* Semi-automatic Method of Fan Surface Assessment to Achieve Gorgonian Population Structure in Le Danois Bank, Cantabrian Sea
Includes: Sanchez, F.[Francisco] Sánchez, F.[Francisco] Sánchez, F. Sanchez, F.
7 for Sanchez, F.

Sanchez, F.A. Co Author Listing * Assessing Route Choice to Mitigate Older Driver Risk
* Influence of Familiarity on the Driving Behavior, Route Risk, and Route Choice of Older Drivers

Sanchez, F.J.[F. Javier] Co Author Listing * 3D Stable Spatio-Temporal Polyp Localization in Colonoscopy Videos
* Bright spot regions segmentation and classification for specular highlights detection in colonoscopy videos
* Comparative Validation of Polyp Detection Methods in Video Colonoscopy: Results From the MICCAI 2015 Endoscopic Vision Challenge
* GRowing Algorithm for Intersection Detection (GRAID) in branching patterns
* Towards Real-Time Polyp Detection in Colonoscopy Videos: Adapting Still Frame-Based Methodologies for Video Sequences Analysis
Includes: Sanchez, F.J.[F. Javier] Sánchez, F.J.[F. Javier] Sánchez, F.J.

Sanchez, F.M. Co Author Listing * New Approach to the Automatic Planning of Inspection of 3D Industrial Parts, A
* New Automatic Planning of Inspection of 3D Industrial Parts by Means of Visual System, A
Includes: Sanchez, F.M. Sánchez, F.M.

Sanchez, G.[Gemma] Co Author Listing * Adjacency Grammar to Recognize Symbols and Gestures in a Digital Pen Framework, An
* Analysis of parallel encoding using tiles in 3D High Efficiency Video Coding
* And-Or Graph Grammar for Architectural Floor Plan Representation, Learning and Recognition. A Semantic, Structural and Hierarchical Model
* Automatic Adjacency Grammar Generation from User Drawn Sketches
* Automatic Generation Of Building Mapping Using Digital, Vertical And Aerial High Resolution Photographs And Lidar Point Clouds
* Blurred Shape Model for Binary and Grey-Level Symbol Recognition
* combination of features for symbol-independent writer identification in old music scores, A
* Complexity Analysis Of VVC Intra Coding
* complexity reduction algorithm for depth maps intra prediction on the 3D-HEVC, A
* Complexity reduction for 3D-HEVC depth maps intra-frame prediction using simplified edge detector algorithm
* Configurable Fast Block Partitioning for VVC Intra Coding Using Light Gradient Boosting Machine
* CVC-FP and SGT: a new database for structural floor plan analysis and its groundtruthing tool
* DCDM-Intra: Dynamically Configurable 3D-HEVC Depth Maps Intra-Frame Prediction Algorithm
* Energy-aware scheme for the 3D-HEVC depth maps prediction
* Fast 3D-HEVC Depth Map Encoding Using Machine Learning
* graph grammar to recognize textured symbols, A
* Handwritten Symbol Recognition by a Boosted Blurred Shape Model with Error Correction
* hardware friedly motion estimation algorithm for the emergent HEVC standard and its low power hardware design, A
* High performance hardware architectures for the inverse Rotational Transform of the emerging HEVC standard
* Incremental On-line Parsing Algorithm for Recognizing Sketching Diagrams, An
* Indexing Historical Documents by Word Shape Signatures
* mean string algorithm to compute the average among a set of 2D shapes, A
* Normalized Colour Segmentation for Human Appearance Description
* On the Use of Textural Features for Writer Identification in Old Handwritten Music Scores
* Parallelism exploration for 3D high-efficiency video coding depth modeling mode one
* Pen-Based Interface for Real-Time Document Edition, A
* Performance Analysis of Depth Intra-Coding in 3D-HEVC
* Performance analysis of VVC intra coding
* Platform to Extract Knowledge from Graphic Documents. Application to an Architectural Sketch Understanding Scenario, A
* Progress in Computer Vision and Image Analysis
* Real-time scalable hardware architecture for 3D-HEVC bipartition modes
* reduced computational effort mode-level scheme for 3D-HEVC depth maps intra-frame prediction, A
* Rejection Strategies Involving Classifier Combination for Handwriting Recognition
* Rotation invariant hand-drawn symbol recognition based on a dynamic time warping model
* similarity measure between vector sequences with application to handwritten word image retrieval, A
* Statistical segmentation and structural recognition for floor plan interpretation
* Symbol recognition using graphs
* syntactic approach based on distortion-tolerant Adjacency Grammars and a spatial-directed parser to interpret sketched diagrams, A
* Unsupervised Wall Detector in Architectural Floor Plans
* Unsupervised writer adaptation of whole-word HMMs with application to word-spotting
* Unsupervised writer style adaptation for handwritten word spotting
* Using curved angular intra-frame prediction to improve video coding efficiency
* Wall Patch-Based Segmentation in Architectural Floorplans
* Word Spotting in Archive Documents Using Shape Contexts
Includes: Sanchez, G.[Gemma] Sánchez, G.[Gemma] Sanchez, G.[Gustavo] Sanchez, G.
44 for Sanchez, G.

Sanchez, G.M.[Gabriel M.] Co Author Listing * Sensing the Past: Perspectives on Collaborative Archaeology and Ground Penetrating Radar Techniques from Coastal California

Sanchez, G.R.[G. Rodriguez] Co Author Listing * Protocol to Cipher Digital Images Based on Cat Maps and Cellular Automata, A
Includes: Sanchez, G.R.[G. Rodriguez] Sánchez, G.R.[G. Rodríguez]

Sanchez, H.[Hector] Co Author Listing * Enabling the Use of Sentinel-2 and LiDAR Data for Common Agriculture Policy Funds Assignment
* Encoding of videoconferencing signals using VDPCM
* Experiences about fusioning 3D digitalization techniques for cultural heritage documentation
* Using Song to Identify Cassin's Vireo Individuals. A Comparative Study of Pattern Recognition Algorithms
Includes: Sanchez, H.[Hector] Sánchez, H.[Héctor] Sanchez, H.[Harry] Sánchez, H.

Sanchez, J. Co Author Listing * 3D Geometry Reconstruction from a Stereoscopic Video Sequence
* 3DPeople: Modeling the Geometry of Dressed Humans
* Aggregating Local Image Descriptors into Compact Codes
* Analysis and Implementation of the Harris Corner Detector, An
* Automatic Image Segmentation Optimized by Bilateral Filtering
* Classifier Combination Using Random Walks on the Space of Concepts
* Comparison of Motion Smoothing Strategies for Video Stabilization using Parametric Models
* Comparison of Optical Flow Methods under Stereomatching with Short Baselines
* Computing inverse optical flow
* Dense Disparity Map Estimation Respecting Image Discontinuities: A PDE and Scale-Space Based Approach
* Domain generalization of 3D semantic segmentation in autonomous driving
* Efficient Algorithm for Estimating the Inverse Optical Flow, An
* Efficient Mechanism for Discontinuity Preserving in Optical Flow Methods
* Exponential family Fisher vector for image classification
* Global Registration of 3D LiDAR Point Clouds Based on Scene Features: Application to Structured Environments
* High-dimensional signature compression for large-scale image classification
* Highly Transparent Steganography Scheme of Speech Signals into Color Images Using Quantization Index Modulation
* Illumination Model of the Trachea Appearance in Videobronchoscopy Images, An
* Image Classification with the Fisher Vector: Theory and Practice
* Improvements of the Inverse Compositional Algorithm for Parametric Motion Estimation
* Improving the Fisher Kernel for Large-Scale Image Classification
* Inverse Compositional Algorithm for Parametric Registration, The
* Large-scale image categorization with explicit data embedding
* Large-scale image retrieval with compressed Fisher vectors
* Midway Video Equalization
* Modeling the spatial layout of images beyond spatial pyramids
* Motion Smoothing Strategies for 2D Video Stabilization
* new energy-based method for 3D motion estimation of incompressible PIV flows, A
* Online Handwritten Signature Verification Using Hidden Markov Models
* Pansharpening of High and Medium Resolution Satellite Images Using Bilateral Filtering
* Preserving accurate motion contours with reliable parameter selection
* Real-time camera motion tracking in planar view scenarios
* Region Segmentation Method for Colonoscopy Images Using a Model of Polyp Appearance, A
* Regularization Strategies for Discontinuity-Preserving Optical Flow Methods
* Regularizing a Set of Unstructured 3D Points from a Sequence of Stereo Images
* Reliable Estimation of Dense Optical Flow Fields with Large Displacements
* Robust Discontinuity Preserving Optical Flow Methods
* Robust normal vector estimation in 3D point clouds through iterative principal component analysis
* Scale-Space Approach to Nonlocal Optical Flow Calculations, A
* Site Selection for New Point to Point (P2P) Bus Endpoints and Routes In Metro Manila, Philippines
* Space Image Processing
* Structured Listwise Approach to Learning to Rank for Image Tagging, A
* Symmetrical Dense Optical Flow Estimation with Occlusions Detection
* Temporal Regularizer for Large Optical Flow Estimation, A
* Towards automatic polyp detection with a polyp appearance model
* Trading-off Information Modalities in Zero-shot Classification
* Variational Approach for 3D Motion Estimation of Incompressible PIV Flows, A
* Variational Approach to 3D Cylindrical Geometry Reconstruction from Multiple Views, A
Includes: Sanchez, J. Sánchez, J. Sánchez, J.[Jorge] Sánchez, J.[Javier] Sanchez, J.[Javier] Sanchez, J.[Jules] Sanchez, J.[Julia] Sanchez, J.[Jorge] Sanchez, J.[Jeisson] Sanchez, J.[Julio]
48 for Sanchez, J.

Sanchez, J.A.[Joan Andreu] Co Author Listing * Category-Based Language Models for Handwriting Recognition of Marriage License Books
* Classification of On-Line Mathematical Symbols with Hybrid Features and Recurrent Neural Networks
* Comparing Several Techniques for Offline Recognition of Printed Mathematical Symbols
* Consistency of Stochastic Context-Free Grammars from Probabilistic Estimation Based on Growth Transformations
* Crossing the lines: making optimal use of context in line-based Handwritten Text Recognition
* Discriminative Learning of Two-Dimensional Probabilistic Context-Free Grammars for Mathematical Expression Recognition and Retrieval
* ESPOSALLES database: An ancient marriage license corpus for off-line handwriting recognition, The
* Estimating 3D Flow for Driver Assistance Applications
* Extracting Descriptive Words from Untranscribed Handwritten Images
* Fast Stochastic Context-Free Parsing: A Stochastic Version of the Valiant Algorithm
* Fisher Vectors for Leaf Image Classification: An Experimental Evaluation
* Generation of Hypergraphs from the N-Best Parsing of 2D-Probabilistic Context-Free Grammars for Mathematical Expression Recognition
* Geometric Accuracy Assessment of QuickBird Basic Imagery Using Different Operational Approaches
* Handwritten Text Recognition for Marriage Register Books
* HisClima database: historical weather logs for automatic transcription and information extraction, The
* Historical Document Handwriting Transcription End-to-end System, A
* Human Evaluation of the Transcription Process of a Marriage License Book
* IBEM dataset: A large printed scientific image dataset for indexing and searching mathematical expressions, The
* ICDAR 2015 competition HTRtS: Handwritten Text Recognition on the tranScriptorium dataset
* Image-Based Measure for Evaluation of Mathematical Expression Recognition, An
* Impact of on-board tutoring systems to improve driving efficiency of non-professional drivers
* Influence of text line segmentation in Handwritten Text Recognition
* Information extraction in handwritten historical logbooks
* Information Extraction in Handwritten Marriage Licenses Books Using the MGGI Methodology
* integrated grammar-based approach for mathematical expression recognition, An
* Modern vs Diplomatic Transcripts for Historical Handwritten Text Recognition
* Multimodal Interactive Parsing
* Offline Features for Classifying Handwritten Math Symbols with Recurrent Neural Networks
* On the Modification of Binarization Algorithms to Retain Grayscale Information for Handwritten Text Recognition
* Optical modelling and language modelling trade-off for Handwritten Text Recognition
* Page Segmentation of Structured Documents Using 2D Stochastic Context-Free Grammars
* Performance of a SCFG-Based Language Model with Training Data Sets of Increasing Size
* Processing a large collection of historical tabular images
* PY4MER: A CTC-based Mathematical Expression Recognition System
* Recognition of on-line handwritten mathematical expressions using 2D stochastic context-free grammars and hidden Markov models
* Recognition of Printed Mathematical Expressions Using Two-Dimensional Stochastic Context-Free Grammars
* Sentiment Groups as Features of a Classification Model Using a Spanish Sentiment Lexicon: A Hybrid Approach
* set of benchmarks for Handwritten Text Recognition on historical documents, A
* Study of English Neologisms Through Large-Scale Probabilistic Indexing of Bentham's Manuscripts, A
* Time Reduction of Stochastic Parsing with Stochastic Context-Free Grammars
* Unbiased Evaluation of Handwritten Mathematical Expression Recognition
Includes: Sanchez, J.A.[Joan Andreu] Sánchez, J.A.[Joan Andreu] Sanchez, J.A.[Joan-Andreu] Sánchez, J.A.[Joan-Andreu] Sánchez, J.A.[Jorge A.] Sánchez, J.A.[Jaime A.] Sanchez, J.A.[J. Andreu] Sánchez, J.A.[José Antonio] Sánchez, J.A.[J. Alfredo]
41 for Sanchez, J.A.

Sanchez, J.G.[Jesus Garcia] Co Author Listing * Exploring Ephemeral Features with Ground-Penetrating Radar: An Approach to Roman Military Camps
Includes: Sanchez, J.G.[Jesus Garcia] Sánchez, J.G.[Jesús García]

Sanchez, J.L.[Jose Luis] Co Author Listing * Assessment of IMERG Precipitation Estimates over Europe
* Evaluating Groundwater Storage Change and Recharge Using GRACE Data: A Case Study of Aquifers in Niger, West Africa
* Extreme Events of Precipitation over Complex Terrain Derived from Satellite Data for Climate Applications: An Evaluation of the Southern Slopes of the Pyrenees
* EZW-Based Image Compression with Omission and Restoration of Wavelet Subbands
* Fast GPU-Based Motion Estimation Algorithm for H.264/AVC, A
* Low delay H.264/AVC bidirectional inter prediction on a GPU
* Satellite View of an Intense Snowfall in Madrid (Spain): The Storm Filomena in January 2021, A
Includes: Sanchez, J.L.[Jose Luis] Sánchez, J.L.[José Luis] Sanchez, J.L.[Jorge L.] Sanchez, J.L.[Jose L.]
7 for Sanchez, J.L.

Sanchez, J.M.[Juan M.] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Land Surface Temperature Estimates from Landsat 8-TIRS in A High-Contrast Semiarid Agroecosystem. Algorithms Intercomparison
* Automatic Extraction of Road Points from Airborne LiDAR Based on Bidirectional Skewness Balancing
* Chromatic Aberration and Depth Extraction
* Color Normalization for Appearance Based Recognition of Video Key-frames
* Coupled markov chains for video contents characterization
* Editorial for the Special Issue Remote Sensing Monitoring of Land Surface Temperature
* Estimation of Water Coverage in Permanent and Temporary Shallow Lakes and Wetlands by Combining Remote Sensing Techniques and Genetic Programming: Application to the Mediterranean Basin of the Iberian Peninsula
* Evaluation of Landsat-8 TIRS data recalibrations and land surface temperature split-window algorithms over a homogeneous crop area with different phenological land covers
* Evapotranspiration Acquired with Remote Sensing Thermal-Based Algorithms: A State-of-the-Art Review
* Fast Ground Filtering of Airborne LiDAR Data Based on Iterative Scan-Line Spline Interpolation
* Impact of Land Cover Change Induced by a Fire Event on the Surface Energy Fluxes Derived from Remote Sensing
* Improving Visual Recognition Using Color Normalization in Digital Video Applications
* Modeling Fire Danger in Galicia and Asturias (Spain) from MODIS Images
* Monitoring 10-m LST from the Combination MODIS/Sentinel-2, Validation in a High Contrast Semi-Arid Agroecosystem
* Monitoring Hydrological Patterns of Temporary Lakes Using Remote Sensing and Machine Learning Models: Case Study of La Mancha Húmeda Biosphere Reserve in Central Spain
* New Single-Band Pixel-by-Pixel Atmospheric Correction Method to Improve the Accuracy in Remote Sensing Estimates of LST. Application to Landsat 7-ETM+, A
* SMOS Level-2 Soil Moisture Product Evaluation in Rain-Fed Croplands of the Pampean Region of Argentina
* Validation of Landsat-7/ETM+ Thermal-Band Calibration and Atmospheric Correction With Ground-Based Measurements
Includes: Sanchez, J.M.[Juan M.] Sánchez, J.M.[Juan M.] Sánchez, J.M.[Jorge Martínez] Sanchez, J.M. Sánchez, J.M.[Juan Manuel]
18 for Sanchez, J.M.

Sanchez, J.R.[Jairo R.] Co Author Listing * GFT: GPU Fast Triangulation of 3D Points
* Interactive Multimodal Platform for Digital Signage
* Proving the efficiency of template matching-based markerless tracking methods which consider the camera perspective deformations
Includes: Sanchez, J.R.[Jairo R.] Sánchez, J.R.[Jairo R.]

Sanchez, J.S. Co Author Listing * Analysis of new techniques to obtain quality training sets
* Classification of High Dimensional and Imbalanced Hyperspectral Imagery Data
* Dissimilarity-Based Learning from Imbalanced Data with Small Disjuncts and Noise
* Editorial for special section at Pattern Recognition Letters-IbPRIA 2019
* Eliminating redundancy and irrelevance using a new MLP-based feature selection method
* Empirical Study of the Behavior of Classifiers on Imbalanced and Overlapped Data Sets, An
* Gender Classification from Pose-Based GEIs
* High training set size reduction by space partitioning and prototype abstraction
* Human Recognition Based on Gait Poses
* Immersive Industrial Process Environment from a P&ID Diagram
* Including efficient object recognition capabilities in online robots: from a statistical to a Neural-network classifier
* Index of Balanced Accuracy: A Performance Measure for Skewed Class Distributions
* Influence of Resampling and Weighting on Diversity and Accuracy of Classifier Ensembles
* Insight on the Large G, Small n Problem in Gene-Expression Microarray Classification, An
* Instance Selection for the Nearest Neighbor Classifier: Connecting the Performance to the Underlying Data Structure
* Learning vector quantization with alternative distance criteria
* New Performance Evaluation Method for Two-Class Imbalanced Problems, A
* Nonlinear Controller of Quadcopters for Agricultural Monitoring
* On-Line Classification of Data Streams with Missing Values Based on Reinforcement Learning
* One-Sided Prototype Selection on Class Imbalanced Dissimilarity Matrices
* Online reconstruction-free single-pixel image classification
* Performance Analysis of Classifier Ensembles: Neural Networks Versus Nearest Neighbor Rule
* Performance Analysis of Deep Neural Networks for Classification of Gene-Expression Microarrays
* Special Issue on Pattern Recognition for Autonomous Manipulation in Robotic Systems
* Strategies for learning in class imbalance problems
* Tandem Fusion of Nearest Neighbor Editing and Condensing Algorithms: Data Dimensionality Effects
* Theoretical Analysis of a Performance Measure for Imbalanced Data
* Towards a More Realistic Appearance-Based Gait Representation for Gender Recognition
* Virtual Reality Integration with Force Feedback in Upper Limb Rehabilitation
* When Overlapping Unexpectedly Alters the Class Imbalance Effects
Includes: Sanchez, J.S. Sánchez, J.S. Sánchez, J.S.[Javier Salvador] Sanchez, J.S.[Jose Salvador] Sánchez, J.S.[J. Salvador] Sánchez, J.S.[Jorge S.] Sánchez, J.S.[Josep Salvador]
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Sanchez, K.[Kevin] Co Author Listing * Automatic localization of signal sources in photon emission images for integrated circuit analysis
* CX-DaGAN: Domain Adaptation for Pneumonia Diagnosis on a Small Chest X-Ray Dataset
Includes: Sanchez, K.[Kevin] Sanchez, K.[Karen]

Sanchez, K.J.[Kevin J.] Co Author Listing * Wildfire Smoke Particle Properties and Evolution, From Space-Based Multi-Angle Imaging II: The Williams Flats Fire during the FIREX-AQ Campaign

Sanchez, L. Co Author Listing * 3D motion estimation of bubbles of gas in fluid glass, using an optical flow gradient technique extended to a third dimension
* Active object recognition based on Fourier descriptors clustering
* Assessing Daily Evapotranspiration Methodologies from One-Time-of-Day sUAS and EC Information in the GRAPEX Project
* Classification and Quantification Based on Image Analysis for Sperm Samples with Uncertain Damaged/Intact Cell Proportions
* Daily Mapping of 30 m LAI and NDVI for Grape Yield Prediction in California Vineyards
* Determining Evapotranspiration by Using Combination Equation Models with Sentinel-2 Data and Comparison with Thermal-Based Energy Balance in a California Irrigated Vineyard
* ET Partitioning Assessment Using the TSEB Model and sUAS Information across California Central Valley Vineyards
* Feature Extraction of Weighted Data for Implicit Variable Selection
* Influence of Model Grid Size on the Estimation of Surface Fluxes Using the Two Source Energy Balance Model and sUAS Imagery in Vineyards
* Statistical Approach to Boar Semen Head Classification Based on Intracellular Intensity Distribution
* Super-resolution with selective filter based on adaptive window and variable macro-block size
Includes: Sanchez, L. Sanchez, L.[Luis] Sánchez, L.[Lidia] Sánchez, L.[Luis] Sánchez, L.
11 for Sanchez, L.

Sanchez, L.A.[Luis A.] Co Author Listing * Using High-Spatiotemporal Thermal Satellite ET Retrievals for Operational Water Use and Stress Monitoring in a California Vineyard
* Using Satellite Thermal-Based Evapotranspiration Time Series for Defining Management Zones and Spatial Association to Local Attributes in a Vineyard

Sanchez, L.C.[Laura Cleofas] Co Author Listing * Mosquito Larvae Image Classification Based on DenseNet and Guided Grad-CAM

Sanchez, M.[Miguel] Co Author Listing * Augmented Reality Mobile App for Museums: Virtual Restoration of a Plate of Glass, An
* Evolving Visual Attention Programs through EVO Features
* Geomatic Methods Applied to The Change Study of The La Paúl Rock Glacier, Spanish Pyrenees
* Longitudinal Image Registration With Temporally-Dependent Image Similarity Measure
* Mindfulness, inattention and performance in a driving simulator
* New Method for Positional Accuracy Analysis in Georeferenced Satellite Images without Independent Ground Control Points, A
* Photorealistic Facial Wrinkles Removal
* Promoting consensus in the concept mapping methodology: An application in the hospitality sector
* Registration of Developmental Image Sequences with Missing Data
* Simple Geodesic Regression for Image Time-Series
* Temporally-Dependent Image Similarity Measure for Longitudinal Analysis
* Use of a Light UAV and Photogrammetric Techniques to Study the Evolution of a Landslide in JaÉn (Southern Spain)
* Validation and comparison of Advanced Differential Interferometry Techniques: Murcia metropolitan area case study
Includes: Sanchez, M.[Miguel] Sánchez, M.[Miguel] Sánchez, M.[Marco] Sánchez, M. Sanchez, M.[Mar] Sanchez, M.[Marcelo] Sánchez, M.[Mónica] Sanchez, M.
13 for Sanchez, M.

Sanchez, M.A.[M. Araceli] Co Author Listing * New Approach to Identify Big Rocks with Applications to the Mining Industry, A
Includes: Sanchez, M.A.[M. Araceli] Sánchez, M.A.[M. Araceli]

Sanchez, M.B.[Marcela Bedoya] Co Author Listing * Data Fusion from Multiple Stations for Estimation of PM2.5 in Specific Geographical Location
Includes: Sanchez, M.B.[Marcela Bedoya] Sánchez, M.B.[Marcela Bedoya]

Sanchez, M.G.M.[Miguel Gonzalez Mohino] Co Author Listing * Patterns of School Preference about the Local Heritage in Medium-Size Cities of Castilla-La Mancha (Spain). The Case of Ciudad Real
Includes: Sanchez, M.G.M.[Miguel Gonzalez Mohino] Sánchez, M.G.M.[Miguel González-Mohino]

Sanchez, M.M.[Manuel Munoz] Co Author Listing * Situation-Aware Drivable Space Estimation for Automated Driving
Includes: Sanchez, M.M.[Manuel Munoz] Sánchez, M.M.[Manuel Muñoz]

Sanchez, M.U.R. Co Author Listing * Combining Evidence in Personal Identity Verification Systems

Sanchez, N.[Nilda] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Root Zone Soil Moisture Estimations from SMAP, SMOS and MODIS Observations
* Combined Approach With Smos And Modis To Monitor Agricultural Drought, A
* Cooperative ITS communications architecture: the FOTsis project approach and beyond
* Fusion of Multi-Temporal PAZ and Sentinel-1 Data for Crop Classification
* Insights into the Magmatic Feeding System of the 2021 Eruption at Cumbre Vieja (La Palma, Canary Islands) Inferred from Gravity Data Modeling
* ITS-based cooperative services development framework for improving safety of vulnerable road users
* Land Geophysical Parameters Retrieval Using the Interference Pattern GNSS-R Technique
* Monitoring Spatial Behavior of Pastoralist Sheep Through GPS, Lidar Data and VNIR Image
* Multi-Temporal Dual- and Quad-Polarimetric Synthetic Aperture Radar Data for Crop-Type Mapping
* Multi-Temporal Evaluation of Soil Moisture and Land Surface Temperature Dynamics Using in Situ and Satellite Observations
* New Microwave-based Missions Applications For Rainfed Crops Characterization
* New Soil Moisture Agricultural Drought Index (SMADI) Integrating MODIS and SMOS Products: A Case of Study over the Iberian Peninsula, A
* New Soil Moisture Downscaling Approach for SMAP, SMOS, and ASCAT by Predicting Sub-Grid Variability, A
* On the Synergy of Airborne GNSS-R and Landsat 8 for Soil Moisture Estimation
* Review of the CALIMAS Team Contributions to European Space Agency's Soil Moisture and Ocean Salinity Mission Calibration and Validation
* Temporal and Spatial Comparison of Agricultural Drought Indices from Moderate Resolution Satellite Soil Moisture Data over Northwest Spain
* Testing the Radiometric Performance of Digital Photogrammetric Images: Vicarious vs. Laboratory Calibration on the Leica ADS40, a Study in Spain
* Time Series of Quad-Pol C-Band Synthetic Aperture Radar for the Forecasting of Crop Biophysical Variables of Barley Fields Using Statistical Techniques
* Triangle Space-Based Surface Soil Moisture Estimation by the Synergistic Use of In Situ Measurements and Optical/Thermal Infrared Remote Sensing: An Alternative to Conventional Validations
* Value-Consistent Method for Downscaling SMAP Passive Soil Moisture With MODIS Products Using Self-Adaptive Window, A
Includes: Sanchez, N.[Nilda] Sánchez, N.[Nilda] Sánchez, N. Sánchez, N.[Nieves] Sanchez, N.
20 for Sanchez, N.

Sanchez, O.[Odon] Co Author Listing * Developing an Advanced PM2.5 Exposure Model in Lima, Peru
* Displacement Following of Hidden Objects in a Video Sequence
* Multi-Annual Kinematics of an Active Rock Glacier Quantified from Very High-Resolution DEMs: An Application-Case in the French Alps
Includes: Sanchez, O.[Odon] Sánchez, O.[Odón] Sanchez, O.[Olivia] Sanchez, O.[Olivier]

Sanchez, P. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Multicue Background Subtraction for Robust Vehicle Counting and Classification
* Egomotion Estimation as an Appearance-Based Classification Problem
* Real-Time Stereo Matching Using Memory-Efficient Belief Propagation for High-Definition 3D Tele-Presence Systems
Includes: Sanchez, P. Sánchez, P.[Pedro] Sánchez, P.[Pablo]

Sanchez, P.A.J.[Patricia Ann J.] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Geographical and Annual Changes in Rice Planting Patterns Using Satellite Images in the Flood-Prone Area of the Pampanga River Basin, the Philippines

Sanchez, R.[Robersy] Co Author Listing * Feature Extraction Using Clustering of Protein

Sanchez, R.F.[Roberto F.] Co Author Listing * Determination of the optimum double-pass image through focus operators

Sanchez, R.J.[Ramses J.] Co Author Listing * Auto Encoding Explanatory Examples with Stochastic Paths
* Switching Dynamical Systems with Deep Neural Networks
Includes: Sanchez, R.J.[Ramses J.] Sánchez, R.J.[Ramsés J.]

Sanchez, R.M.[Ricardo M.] Co Author Listing * Fast Cross Correlation for Limited Angle Tomographic Data
* Integration of Surveying Techniques to Detect the Ideal Shape of A Dome: the Case of the Escuelas Pías Church in Valencia
Includes: Sanchez, R.M.[Ricardo M.] Sánchez, R.M.[Ricardo M.] Sánchez, R.M.

Sanchez, R.O.[Rene O.] Co Author Listing * Estimating Phase Duration for SPaT Messages

Sanchez, R.Z.[Ricardo Zanmar] Co Author Listing * Dual-Wavelength Polarimetric Lidar Observations of the Volcanic Ash Cloud Produced during the 2016 Etna Eruption
* Multi-Sensor Analysis of a Weak and Long-Lasting Volcanic Plume Emission

Sanchez, S.[Silvia] Co Author Listing * Adasens Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Live Demo
* Fast determination of the number of endmembers for real-time hyperspectral unmixing on GPUs
* global canopy water content product from AVHRR/Metop, A
* Parallel Hyperspectral Image and Signal Processing
* Real-time implementation of remotely sensed hyperspectral image unmixing on GPUs
* Tools for BIM-GIS Integration (IFC Georeferencing and Conversions): Results from the GeoBIM Benchmark 2019
* Towards a new diagnosis aid of cardiovascular diseases using 2d-multimodal data registration and 3d-data superimposition
* Unsupervised Classification in Hyperspectral Imagery With Nonlocal Total Variation and Primal-Dual Hybrid Gradient Algorithm
Includes: Sanchez, S.[Silvia] Sánchez, S.[Sergio] Sanchez, S. Sanchez, S.[Santi]
8 for Sanchez, S.

Sanchez, S.A.[Saul A.] Co Author Listing * Ionospheric Disturbances Observed Following the Ridgecrest Earthquake of 4 July 2019 in California, USA
* Modernizing Aircraft Inspection: Conceptual Design of an Augmented Reality Inspection Support Tool
Includes: Sanchez, S.A.[Saul A.] Sanchez, S.A.[Stacey A.]

Sanchez, S.H.[Sara Hernandez] Co Author Listing * Driver Identification and Verification From Smartphone Accelerometers Using Deep Neural Networks
Includes: Sanchez, S.H.[Sara Hernandez] Sánchez, S.H.[Sara Hernández]

Sanchez, S.M. Co Author Listing * Rate and Energy Efficient Power Control in a Cognitive Radio Ad Hoc Network

Sanchez, S.P.[Santiago Pozo] Co Author Listing * Effectiveness of Innovate Educational Practices with Flipped Learning and Remote Sensing in Earth and Environmental Sciences: An Exploratory Case Study
Includes: Sanchez, S.P.[Santiago Pozo] Sánchez, S.P.[Santiago Pozo]

Sanchez, V.[Victor] Co Author Listing * 3-D Scalable Medical Image Compression With Optimized Volume of Interest Coding
* 3D scalable lossless compression of medical images based on global and local symmetries
* Active contours based on weighted gradient vector flow and balloon forces for medical image segmentation
* Age-Oriented Face Synthesis With Conditional Discriminator Pool and Adversarial Triplet Loss
* Attention Selective Network For Face Synthesis And Pose-Invariant Face Recognition
* Bitplane Image Coding With Parallel Coefficient Processing
* Coding block-level perceptual video coding for 4:4:4 data in HEVC
* Compact and Low-Complexity Binary Feature Descriptor and Fisher Vectors for Video Analytics
* Detecting Small Objects in High Resolution Images with Integral Fisher Score
* Diagnostically lossless compression of X-ray angiography images based on automatic segmentation using ray-casting and alpha-shapes
* Dronecaps: Recognition of Human Actions in Drone Videos Using Capsule Networks With Binary Volume Comparisons
* Dual Link Image Coding for Earth Observation Satellites
* Efficient Channel Protection for JPEG2000 Bitstream
* Error Mitigation Technique for Erasure Channels Based on a Wavelet Representation of the Speech Excitation Signal, An
* error-based recursive filling ordering for image error concealment, An
* Evaluation of context models to code wavelet-transformed hyperspectral images
* fast binary pair-based video descriptor for action recognition, A
* Fast Binary-Based Video Descriptors for Action Recognition
* Fast MCT optimization for the compression of whole-slide images
* Fusion Network for Face-Based Age Estimation
* Fusioncount: Efficient Crowd Counting Via Multiscale Feature Fusion
* Graph-Based Rate Control in Pathology Imaging With Lossless Region of Interest Coding
* Improving Face-Based Age Estimation With Attention-Based Dynamic Patch Fusion
* Kernel-Based MMSE Multimedia Signal Reconstruction and Its Application to Spatial Error Concealment
* Lightweight Contextual Arithmetic Coder for On-Board Remote Sensing Data Compression, A
* Look at Adjacent Frames: Video Anomaly Detection Without Offline Training
* Lossless screen content coding in HEVC based on sample-wise median and edge prediction
* Luma-aware multi-model rate-control for HDR content in HEVC
* Mosaic-Based Color-Transform Optimization for Lossy and Lossy-to-Lossless Compression of Pathology Whole-Slide Images
* Multi-Camera Trajectory Forecasting With Trajectory Tensors
* Multi-Camera Trajectory Forecasting: Pedestrian Trajectory Prediction in a Network of Cameras
* Multiple Object Forecasting: Predicting Future Object Locations in Diverse Environments
* Multiple Object Tracking and Forecasting: Jointly Predicting Current and Future Object Locations
* Numerical Modeling of Higher Order Magnetic Moments in UXO Discrimination
* On the detection-to-track association for online multi-object tracking
* On view-invariant gait recognition: a feature selection solution
* One-Pulse FEC Coding for Robust CELP-Coded Speech Transmission Over Erasure Channels
* Planar 3D modeling of building interiors from point cloud data
* Prediction-based coding with rate control for lossless region of interest in pathology imaging
* Prioritized Region of Interest Coding in JPEG2000
* Rate Control for Predictive Transform Screen Content Video Coding Based on RANSAC
* Registration of thermal and visible light images of diseased plants using silhouette extraction in the wavelet domain
* Robust Multiview Multimodal Driver Monitoring System Using Masked Multi-Head Self-Attention
* Robust wireless transmission of regions of interest in jpeg2000
* Self-Supervised Frontalization and Rotation GAN with Random Swap for Pose-Invariant Face Recognition
* Sequential Error Concealment for Video/Images by Sparse Linear Prediction
* statistical analysis of the kernel-based MMSE estimator with application to image reconstruction, A
* Symmetry-Based Scalable Lossless Compression of 3D Medical Image Data
* Video Anomaly Detection by Estimating Likelihood of Representations
* Video Anomaly Detection With Compact Feature Sets for Online Performance
* Video Memorability Prediction Via Late Fusion of Deep Multi-Modal Features
* Weighted Level Set Evolution Based on Local Edge Features for Medical Image Segmentation
Includes: Sanchez, V.[Victor] Sanchez, V. Sánchez, V. Sanchez, V.[Victoria]
52 for Sanchez, V.

Sanchez, V.E. Co Author Listing * Channel optimized matrix quantizer (COMQ) in CELP coding

Sanchez, V.G.[Victor G.] Co Author Listing * Computer Analysis of Images for Crop Identification in Mexico
* Human behaviour modelling for welfare technology using hidden Markov models
Includes: Sanchez, V.G.[Victor G.] Sánchez, V.G.[Veralia Gabriela]

Sanchez, V.M.[Vanesa Marcos] Co Author Listing * Training Schools for Conservation of Cultural Heritage: Between Expertise, Management and Education
Includes: Sanchez, V.M.[Vanesa Marcos] Sánchez, V.M.[Vanesa Marcos]

Sanchez, W. Co Author Listing * External Vibration Multi-Directional Ultrasound Shearwave Elastography (EVMUSE): Application in Liver Fibrosis Staging

Sanchez, X.[Xavi] Co Author Listing * modular and scalable architecture for PC-based real-time vision systems, A
Includes: Sanchez, X.[Xavi] Sánchez, X.[Xavi]

Sanchez, Y. Co Author Listing * Compressed domain video processing for tile based panoramic streaming using HEVC
* Efficient HTTP-based streaming using Scalable Video Coding
* High-Level Syntax of the Versatile Video Coding (VVC) Standard, The
* Low latency DASH based streaming over LTE
* Multitemporal Analysis of Soil Sealing and Land Use Changes Linked to Urban Expansion of Salamanca (Spain) Using Landsat Images and Soil Carbon Management as a Mitigating Tool for Climate Change
* P2P group communication using Scalable Video Coding
* Peak bitrate reduction for multi-party video conferencing using SHVC
* Random access point period optimization for viewport adaptive tile based streaming of 360° video
* Region-Of-Interest Coding Schemes for HTTP Adaptive Streaming With VVC
* Standardization status of 360 degree video coding and delivery
* Viewport-dependent 360 degree video streaming based on the emerging Omnidirectional Media Format (OMAF) standard
Includes: Sanchez, Y. Sanchez, Y.[Yago] Sánchez, Y.[Yolanda] Sánchez, Y. Sánchez, Y.[Yago]
11 for Sanchez, Y.

Sanchini, E. Co Author Listing * 3d Geomatics Techniques for An Integrated Approach to Cultural Heritage Knowledge: the Case of San Michele in Acerboli's Church In Santarcangelo Di Romagna

Sanchis Borras, C.[Concepcion] Co Author Listing * Wireless Channel Analysis Between 25 and 40 GHz in an Intra-Wagon Environment for 5G Using a Ray-Tracing Tool
Includes: Sanchis Borras, C.[Concepcion] Sanchis-Borrás, C.[Concepción]

Sanchis de Miguel, A.[Araceli] Co Author Listing * Applying machine consciousness models in autonomous situated agents

Sanchis Trilles, G.[German] Co Author Listing * Bilingual Data Selection Using a Continuous Vector-Space Representation
* Log-Linear Weight Optimization Using Discriminative Ridge Regression Method in Statistical Machine Translation
* Online adaptation strategies for statistical machine translation in post-editing scenarios
* Passive-Aggressive for On-Line Learning in Statistical Machine Translation
* Sentence Clustering Using Continuous Vector Space Representation
Includes: Sanchis Trilles, G.[German] Sanchis-Trilles, G.[Germán]

Sanchis, A.[Alberto] Co Author Listing * Confidence Measures for Error Correction in Interactive Transcription Handwritten Text
* Effective balancing error and user effort in interactive handwriting recognition
* Efficient use of the grammar scale factor to classify incorrect words in speech recognition verification
* Improving on-line handwritten recognition in interactive machine translation
* Interactive handwriting recognition with limited user effort
* new approach to speech-input statistical translation, A
* On the optimal decision rule for sequential interactive structured prediction
Includes: Sanchis, A.[Alberto] Sanchis, A.
7 for Sanchis, A.

Sanchis, E.[Emilio] Co Author Listing * Active Learning Approach for Statistical Spoken Language Understanding, An
* Adaptive Training for Robust Spoken Language Understanding
* Combining Several ASR Outputs in a Graph-Based SLU System
* Dialog Management Methodology Based on Neural Networks and Its Application to Different Domains, A
* Language Modelization and Categorization for Voice-Activated QA
* Phonetic-Based Approach to Query-by-Example Spoken Term Detection, A
* Statistical User Simulation Technique for the Improvement of a Spoken Dialog System, A
* Using Word Graphs as Intermediate Representation of Uttered Sentences
8 for Sanchis, E.

Sanchis, L. Co Author Listing * Detection of Parked Vehicles Using Spatiotemporal Maps

Sanchiz Marti, J.M. Co Author Listing * Perception planning for an exploration task of a 3D environment

Sanchiz Viel, N.[Nathan] Co Author Listing * Radiometric correction of laser scanning intensity data applied for terrestrial laser scanning
Includes: Sanchiz Viel, N.[Nathan] Sanchiz-Viel, N.[Nathan]

Sanchiz, J.M. Co Author Listing * Approach to the Vision Tasks Involved in an Autonomous Crop Protection Vehicle, An
* Building Perspective Models to Guide a Row Crop Navigation Vehicle
* Contour-Based Image Registration Using Mutual Information
* Feature correspondence and motion recovery in vehicle planar navigation
* framework for feature-based motion recovery in ground plane vehicle navigation, A
* Motion-based segmentation and region tracking in image sequences
* Neural Network-Based Algorithm to Detect Dominant Points from the Chain-Code of a Contour, A
* next-best-view algorithm for 3D scene recovery with 5 degrees of freedom, A
* Plant tracking-based motion analysis in a crop field
* Real-Time Visual Sensing for Task Planning in a Field Navigation Vehicle
* Structure-from-Motion Techniques Applied to Crop Field-Mapping
* Using Neural Networks To Detect Dominant Points In Chain-Coded Contours
* Using Temporal Integration for Tracking Regions in Traffic Monitoring Sequences
* Viewpoint Estimation in Three-Dimensional Images Taken with Perspective Range Sensors
Includes: Sanchiz, J.M. Sanchiz, J.M.[José M.] Sanchiz, J.M.[José Miguel] Sanchiz, J.M.[Jose M.]
14 for Sanchiz, J.M.

Sancho Adamson, M.[Marc] Co Author Listing * Use of RGB Vegetation Indexes in Assessing Early Effects of Verticillium Wilt of Olive in Asymptomatic Plants in High and Low Fertility Scenarios
Includes: Sancho Adamson, M.[Marc] Sancho-Adamson, M.[Marc]

Sancho Gomez, J.[Jose] Co Author Listing * Automatic image-based segmentation of the heart from CT scans
Includes: Sancho Gomez, J.[Jose] Sancho-Gomez, J.[Jose]

Sancho Gomez, J.L. Co Author Listing * Detection of the intima and media walls of the carotid artery with geodesic active contours
Includes: Sancho Gomez, J.L. Sancho-Gomez, J.L.

Sancho, I.[Inaki] Co Author Listing * Conoscopic holograms analysis using variations of the Hough transform
Includes: Sancho, I.[Inaki] Sancho, I.[Iñaki]

Sancho, J.C.[Jose Carlos] Co Author Listing * Algorithm to Compute Any Simple k-gon of a Maximum Area or Perimeter Inscribed in a Region of Interest, An

Sancho, J.L. Co Author Listing * Multiple Feature Models for Image Matching

Sancho, J.M.[Juan Manuel] Co Author Listing * Convective Rainfall Rate from Cloud Physical Properties Algorithm for Meteosat Second-Generation Satellites: Microphysical Basis and Intercomparisons using an Object-Based Method, The

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