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Tong Xin, W.[Wu] Co Author Listing * Geo-information mapping improves Canny edge detection method
Includes: Tong Xin, W.[Wu] Tong-Xin, W.[Wu]

Tong, A.[Alexander] Co Author Listing * Estimating and mapping chlorophyll content for a heterogeneous grassland: Comparing prediction power of a suite of vegetation indices across scales between years
* New Approaches to Processing Ground-Based SAR (GBSAR) Data for Deformation Monitoring
* Semi-Supervised Action Recognition From Temporal Augmentation Using Curriculum Learning
Includes: Tong, A.[Alexander] Tong, A.[Aixia] Tong, A.[Anyang]

Tong, A.C.H.[Adrien Chan Hon] Co Author Listing * ActionSpotter: Deep Reinforcement Learning Framework for Temporal Action Spotting in Videos
* SALAD: Self-Assessment Learning for Action Detection
* Symmetric adversarial poisoning against deep learning
Includes: Tong, A.C.H.[Adrien Chan Hon] Tong, A.C.H.[Adrien Chan-Hon]

Tong, B.[Bowen] Co Author Listing * Construction of Nighttime Cloud Layer Height and Classification of Cloud Types
* Determination of Long-Term Soil Apparent Thermal Diffusivity Using Near-Surface Soil Temperature on the Tibetan Plateau
* Hierarchical Disentanglement of Discriminative Latent Features for Zero-Shot Learning
* Image restoration with group sparse representation and low-rank group residual learning
* Influence of shape parameters on optimal scale selection in multi-resolution segmentation
* Landslide Susceptibility Assessment Considering Spatial Agglomeration and Dispersion Characteristics: A Case Study of Bijie City in Guizhou Province, China
* MMAct: A Large-Scale Dataset for Cross Modal Human Action Understanding
* Multiscale Normalization Attention Network for Water Body Extraction from Remote Sensing Imagery
* Performance Evaluation of Spaceborne Integrated Path Differential Absorption Lidar for Carbon Dioxide Detection at 1572 nm
* Traffic Sign Recognition Using a Multi-Task Convolutional Neural Network
Includes: Tong, B.[Bowen] Tong, B.[Bing] Tong, B.[Bin] Tong, B.[Bo] Tong, B.[Biao] Tong, B. Tong, B.[Baogen]
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Tong, B.L.[Bing Liang] Co Author Listing * monitoring method of driver mouth behavior based on machine vision, A
Includes: Tong, B.L.[Bing Liang] Tong, B.L.[Bing-Liang]

Tong, B.T.[Bao Tong] Co Author Listing * Vessel segmentation using prior shape based on tensor analysis for inhomogeneous intensity and weak-edge images
Includes: Tong, B.T.[Bao Tong] Tong, B.T.[Bao-Tong]

Tong, C.[Can] Co Author Listing * 3D object matching based on spherical Hilbert scanning
* Approximate Nearest Neighbour Search for Fractal Image Compression Based on a New Affine Transform Parametrization
* Assessing and refining the satellite-derived massive green macro-algal coverage in the Yellow Sea with high resolution images
* Effects of Mining on Urban Environmental Change: A Case Study of Panzhihua
* Identifying and Classifying Shrinking Cities Using Long-Term Continuous Night-Time Light Time Series
* Investigation on the Relationship between Satellite Air Quality Measurements and Industrial Production by Generalized Additive Modeling
* Merging Microwave, Optical, and Reanalysis Data for 1 Km Daily Soil Moisture by Triple Collocation
* Methodology to Monitor Urban Expansion and Green Space Change Using a Time Series of Multi-Sensor SPOT and Sentinel-2A Images, A
* Modeling and Prediction of NPP-VIIRS Nighttime Light Imagery Based on Spatiotemporal Statistical Method
* Region-aware RGB and near-infrared image fusion
* Revealing the Spatiotemporal Patterns of Anthropogenic Light at Night within Ecological Conservation Redline Using Series Satellite Nighttime Imageries (2000-2020)
* Semantic-aligned reinforced attention model for zero-shot learning
* Soil Moisture Retrievals by Combining Passive Microwave and Optical Data
* Soil Moisture Retrievals Using Multi-Temporal Sentinel-1 Data over Nagqu Region of Tibetan Plateau
* VLSI Curve Detector
Includes: Tong, C.[Can] Tong, C. Tong, C.[Chenbo] Tong, C.[Cheng] Tong, C.[Chao] Tong, C.[Chen]
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Tong, C.C. Co Author Listing * Simulation-Assignment-Based Travel Time Prediction Model for Traffic Corridors

Tong, C.D.[Chu Dong] Co Author Listing * Discriminative and regularized echo state network for time series classification
Includes: Tong, C.D.[Chu Dong] Tong, C.D.[Chu-Dong]

Tong, C.E.[C. Edward] Co Author Listing * Dispersion-Compensated Algorithm for the Analysis of Electromagnetic Waveguides, A

Tong, C.H.[Chi Hay] Co Author Listing * Blinded by the Light: Exploiting the Deficiencies of a Laser Rangefinder for Rover Attitude Estimation
* Comparison of the EKF, SPKF, and the Bayes Filter for Landmark-Based Localization, A
* Gaussian Process Gauss-Newton: Non-Parametric State Estimation
* Proof-of-Concept, Rover-Based System for Autonomously Locating Methane Gas Sources on Mars, A

Tong, C.M.[Chuang Ming] Co Author Listing * Composite Electromagnetic Scattering and High-Resolution SAR Imaging of Multiple Targets above Rough Surface
* Evaluation of the FluorWPS Model and Study of the Parameter Sensitivity for Simulating Solar-Induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence
* Near-Field IPO for Analysis of EM Scattering from Multiple Hybrid Dielectric and Conductor Target and High Resolution Range Profiles
Includes: Tong, C.M.[Chuang Ming] Tong, C.M.[Chuang-Ming] Tong, C.M.[Chi-Ming]

Tong, C.N.[Chao Nan] Co Author Listing * Modeling and design of feedback control systems based state observers over network
* Modeling and design of feedback control systems based state observers over network
Includes: Tong, C.N.[Chao Nan] Tong, C.N.[Chao-Nan]

Tong, C.P.[Chen Peng] Co Author Listing * self-calibrated photo-geometric depth camera, A
Includes: Tong, C.P.[Chen Peng] Tong, C.P.[Chen-Peng]

Tong, C.S.[Chong Sze] Co Author Listing * Adaptive approximate nearest neighbor search for fractal image compression
* Analysis of a hybrid fractal-predictive-coding compression scheme
* Boundary location from range data using Hough transform
* Contour Length Terminating Criterion for Snake Model
* Enhanced Snake algorithm by embedded domain transformation
* Fast and Effective Model for Wavelet Subband Histograms and Its Application in Texture Image Retrieval, A
* Fast fractal image encoding based on adaptive search
* Image Segmentation Using Fuzzy Region Competition and Spatial/Frequency Information
* Modified Non-negative Matrix Factorization Algorithm for Face Recognition, A
* Robust Computational Algorithm for Inverse Photomask Synthesis in Optical Projection Lithography, A
* Segmented snake for contour detection
* Statistical Properties of Bit-Plane Probability Model and Its Application in Supervised Texture Classification
* Statistical Wavelet Subband Characterization Based on Generalized Gamma Density and Its Application in Texture Retrieval
* Supervised Texture Classification Using Characteristic Generalized Gaussian Density
* Texture Classification Using Refined Histogram
* Variational Image Binarization and its Multi-Scale Realizations
Includes: Tong, C.S.[Chong Sze] Tong, C.S. Tong, C.S.[Chong-Sze]
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Tong, C.Y.[Chun Yan] Co Author Listing * Regional Mapping Method for Oilseed Rape Based on HSV Transformation and Spectral Features, A
Includes: Tong, C.Y.[Chun Yan] Tong, C.Y.[Chun-Yan]

Tong, C.Z.[Cheng Zhuo] Co Author Listing * Analysis of the Temporal Characteristics of the Elderly Traveling by Bus Using Smart Card Data
* Data-Driven Framework for Analyzing Spatial Distribution of the Elderly Cardholders by Using Smart Card Data, A
Includes: Tong, C.Z.[Cheng Zhuo] Tong, C.Z.[Cheng-Zhuo]

Tong, D.[Daniel] Co Author Listing * Evaluating Machine Learning and Remote Sensing in Monitoring NO2 Emission of Power Plants
* Impact of Fire Emissions on U.S. Air Quality from 1997 to 2016: A Modeling Study in the Satellite Era
* Novel Method for Extracting and Analyzing the Geometry Properties of the Shortest Pedestrian Paths Focusing on Open Geospatial Data, A
* Vehicle Re-Identification With Dynamic Time Windows for Vehicle Passage Time Estimation
Includes: Tong, D.[Daniel] Tong, D.[Daoqin] Tong, D.

Tong, D.Q.[Daniel Q.] Co Author Listing * Combining Optical and Radar Satellite Imagery to Investigate the Surface Properties and Evolution of the Lordsburg Playa, New Mexico, USA
* Comparison of Aerosol Optical Depth from MODIS Product Collection 6.1 and AERONET in the Western United States
* Interannual and Seasonal Variability of Greenhouse Gases and Aerosol Emissions from Biomass Burning in Northeastern China Constrained by Satellite Observations
* Investigating Public Facility Characteristics from a Spatial Interaction Perspective: A Case Study of Beijing Hospitals Using Taxi Data
* Station-Free Bike Rebalancing Analysis: Scale, Modeling, and Computational Challenges
Includes: Tong, D.Q.[Daniel Q.] Tong, D.Q.[Dao-Qin]

Tong, D.W.S.[Dickson Wai Shun] Co Author Listing * First order augmentation to tensor voting for boundary inference and multiscale analysis in 3d
* First Order Tensor Voting and Application to 3-D Scale Analysis
* Integrated Tensor Voting in Multiple Scales for Shape Description in 3D
Includes: Tong, D.W.S.[Dickson Wai Shun] Tong, D.W.S.[Dickson Wai-Shun]

Tong, D.Y.[De Yu] Co Author Listing * Disperse Asymmetric Subspace Relation Hashing for Cross-Modal Retrieval
Includes: Tong, D.Y.[De Yu] Tong, D.Y.[De-Yu]

Tong, E.[Edmund] Co Author Listing * Social-IQ: A Question Answering Benchmark for Artificial Social Intelligence
* Synthesize High-Quality Multi-Contrast Magnetic Resonance Imaging From Multi-Echo Acquisition Using Multi-Task Deep Generative Model
Includes: Tong, E.[Edmund] Tong, E.

Tong, F.[Frank] Co Author Listing * Camera Model for Reciprocal-Wedge Transform
* Conformal Transplantation of Lightness to Varying Resolution Sensors
* Exploiting Superpixel-Based Contextual Information on Active Learning for High Spatial Resolution Remote Sensing Image Classification
* linear generalized Hough transform and its parallel implementation, A
* Linear Generalized Hough Transform and Its Parallelization
* Low-Complexity Underwater Acoustic Coherent Communication System for Small AUV, A
* Multiscale Union Regions Adaptive Sparse Representation for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* On Improving The Accuracy Of Line Extraction In Hough Space
* Purifying SLIC Superpixels to Optimize Superpixel-Based Classification of High Spatial Resolution Remote Sensing Image
* Reciprocal-Wedge Transform for Space-Variant Sensing
* Reciprocal-Wedge Transform in Active Stereo
* Research on Co-Channel Interference Cancellation for Underwater Acoustic MIMO Communications
Includes: Tong, F.[Frank] Tong, F. Tong, F.[Fei] Tong, F.[Feng]
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Tong, F.C.[Fei Chang] Co Author Listing * Parameter-free Laplacian centrality peaks clustering
Includes: Tong, F.C.[Fei Chang] Tong, F.C.[Fei-Chang]

Tong, F.H.[Fang Hui] Co Author Listing * Landsat 8 and Sentinel-2 Fused Dataset for High Spatial-Temporal Resolution Monitoring of Farmland in China's Diverse Latitudes
Includes: Tong, F.H.[Fang Hui] Tong, F.H.[Fang-Hui]

Tong, F.Q.[Fang Qiu] Co Author Listing * Joint Design of Transmitting Waveform and Receiving Filter via Novel Riemannian Idea for DFRC System
Includes: Tong, F.Q.[Fang Qiu] Tong, F.Q.[Fang-Qiu]

Tong, G. Co Author Listing * Seismic-Based Feature Extraction Algorithm for Robust Ground Target Classification, A

Tong, G.D.[Guo Dong] Co Author Listing * Efficient densely connected convolutional neural networks
Includes: Tong, G.D.[Guo Dong] Tong, G.D.[Guo-Dong]

Tong, G.F.[Guo Feng] Co Author Listing * 3SNet: Semi-Anchor-Free 3D Object Detector With Slice Attention and Symmetric Features Propagation
* Class-Aware 3D Detector From Point Clouds With Partial Knowledge Diffusion and Center-Weighted IoU
* MA-CRNN: a multi-scale attention CRNN for Chinese text line recognition in natural scenes
* Multi-View Features Joint Learning with Label and Local Distribution Consistency for Point Cloud Classification
* Object detection for panoramic images based on MS-RPN structure in traffic road scenes
* Point Set Multi-Level Aggregation Feature Extraction Based on Multi-Scale Max Pooling and LDA for Point Cloud Classification
* Shadow effect weakening based on intrinsic image extraction with effective projection of logarithmic domain for road scene
Includes: Tong, G.F.[Guo Feng] Tong, G.F.[Guo-Feng]
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Tong, G.J.[Guan Jun] Co Author Listing * Video-based action recognition using spurious-3D residual attention networks
Includes: Tong, G.J.[Guan Jun] Tong, G.J.[Guan-Jun]

Tong, H.[Hoseok] Co Author Listing * Brand New Dance Partner: Music-Conditioned Pluralistic Dancing Controlled by Multiple Dance Genres, A
* Generalized Manifold-Ranking-Based Image Retrieval
* Online Travel Mode Identification Using Smartphones With Battery Saving Considerations
* Optic disc segmentation in fundus images using adversarial training
* Point cloud vs drawing on archaeological site
Includes: Tong, H.[Hoseok] Tong, H. Tong, H.[Hejun]

Tong, H.B.[Hang Bin] Co Author Listing * Support vector machine classification combined with multimodal magnetic resonance imaging in detection of patients with schizophrenia
Includes: Tong, H.B.[Hang Bin] Tong, H.B.[Hang-Bin]

Tong, H.H.[Hang Hang] Co Author Listing * Invisible Black-Box Backdoor Attack Through Frequency Domain, An
* Manifold-Ranking-Based Keyword Propagation for Image Retrieval
* No-reference quality assessment for jpeg2000 compressed images
* Semi-supervised learning with nuclear norm regularization
* Unified Optimization Based Learning Method for Image Retrieval, A
Includes: Tong, H.H.[Hang Hang] Tong, H.H.[Hang-Hang]

Tong, H.H.Y. Co Author Listing * perceptual model for JPEG applications based on block classification, texture masking, and luminance masking, A

Tong, H.J.[Heng Jian] Co Author Listing * Exploiting Superpixel-Based Contextual Information on Active Learning for High Spatial Resolution Remote Sensing Image Classification
* Multiscale Union Regions Adaptive Sparse Representation for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Purifying SLIC Superpixels to Optimize Superpixel-Based Classification of High Spatial Resolution Remote Sensing Image
Includes: Tong, H.J.[Heng Jian] Tong, H.J.[Heng-Jian]

Tong, H.L.[Hau Lee] Co Author Listing * Automated Segmentation and Retrieval System for CT Head Images
* Extraction and Classification of Human Gait Features
* MMU GASPFA: A COTS multimodal biometric database
* Spatial and Temporal Distribution of Cloud Water in the Yellow River Basin, China
Includes: Tong, H.L.[Hau Lee] Tong, H.L.[Hau-Lee] Tong, H.L.[Hua-Li]

Tong, H.Q.[Heng Qing] Co Author Listing * Multi-focus image fusion with Siamese self-attention network
Includes: Tong, H.Q.[Heng Qing] Tong, H.Q.[Heng-Qing]

Tong, H.Y.[Han Yang] Co Author Listing * Evaluating Multi-scale Over-segment and Its Contribution to Real Scene Stereo Matching by High-Order MRFs
Includes: Tong, H.Y.[Han Yang] Tong, H.Y.[Han-Yang]

Tong, J.[Jian] Co Author Listing * Active Optical Lattice Filters
* Condition Number-Constrained Matrix Approximation With Applications to Signal Estimation in Communication Systems
* Do we really need more training data for object localization
* Enhanced Synchronization of 5G integrated Satellite Systems in Multipath Channels
* Fast CU partition for H.264/AVC to HEVC transcoding based on fisher discriminant analysis
* Mona Lisa alive
* Mutual Information-Based Waveform Design for MIMO Radar Space-Time Adaptive Processing
* PMVC: Promoting Multi-View Consistency for 3D Scene Reconstruction
* Seeing Through the Glass: Neural 3D Reconstruction of Object Inside a Transparent Container
* Use of uncertainty quantification as a surrogate for layer segmentation error in Stargardt disease retinal OCT images
* Visualization Methods for Personal Photo Collections: Browsing and Searching in the PhotoFinder
Includes: Tong, J.[Jian] Tong, J. Tong, J.[Jing] Tong, J.[Jinguang] Tong, J.[Janelle] Tong, J.[Jin]
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Tong, J.C.[Jun Chao] Co Author Listing * Biprediction-Based Video Quality Enhancement via Learning
* Learning-Based Multi-Frame Video Quality Enhancement
Includes: Tong, J.C.[Jun Chao] Tong, J.C.[Jun-Chao]

Tong, J.G.[Ji Gang] Co Author Listing * Moving vehicle tracking based on improved tracking-learning-detection algorithm
Includes: Tong, J.G.[Ji Gang] Tong, J.G.[Ji-Gang]

Tong, J.H.[Jing Hui] Co Author Listing * Local to global purification strategy to realize collaborative camouflaged object detection
* Rethinking Camouflaged Object Detection: Models and Datasets
Includes: Tong, J.H.[Jing Hui] Tong, J.H.[Jing-Hui]

Tong, J.J.[Jian Jun] Co Author Listing * On-line signature verification using local shape analysis
Includes: Tong, J.J.[Jian Jun] Tong, J.J.[Jian-Jun]

Tong, J.L.[Jing Lin] Co Author Listing * Odd: One-Class Anomaly Detection Via The Diffusion Model
Includes: Tong, J.L.[Jing Lin] Tong, J.L.[Jing-Lin]

Tong, J.W.[Jin Wei] Co Author Listing * Glacier Mass Balance and Its Impact on Land Water Storage in the Southeastern Tibetan Plateau Revealed by ICESat-2 and GRACE-FO
Includes: Tong, J.W.[Jin Wei] Tong, J.W.[Jin-Wei]

Tong, K. Co Author Listing * 3D-CNN Autoencoder for Plenoptic Image Compression
* Deep learning-based detection from the perspective of small or tiny objects: A survey
* Fine Classification Method for Massive Microseismic Signals Based on Short-Time Fourier Transform and Deep Learning
* QVRF: A Quantization-Error-Aware Variable Rate Framework for Learned Image Compression
* Recent advances in small object detection based on deep learning: A review
* Remotely-Observed Early Spring Warming in the Southwestern Yellow Sea Due to Weakened Winter Monsoon
* Rethinking PASCAL-VOC and MS-COCO dataset for small object detection
* Review of Visual Simultaneous Localization and Mapping Based on Deep Learning
Includes: Tong, K. Tong, K.[Kang] Tong, K.[Ke] Tong, K.[Kedeng] Tong, K.[Kai]
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Tong, K.D.[Ke Deng] Co Author Listing * Learned Focused Plenoptic Image Compression With Microimage Preprocessing and Global Attention
Includes: Tong, K.D.[Ke Deng] Tong, K.D.[Ke-Deng]

Tong, K.H.[Kang Heng] Co Author Listing * Triangle Attack: A Query-Efficient Decision-Based Adversarial Attack
Includes: Tong, K.H.[Kang Heng] Tong, K.H.[Kang-Heng]

Tong, K.L.[Kai Loong] Co Author Listing * Transform coding of monochrome and color images using trellis coded quantization
Includes: Tong, K.L.[Kai Loong] Tong, K.L.[Kai-Loong]

Tong, K.Y.[Kwan Yuen] Co Author Listing * Geometric integration of high-resolution satellite imagery and airborne LiDAR data for improved geopositioning accuracy in metropolitan areas
Includes: Tong, K.Y.[Kwan Yuen] Tong, K.Y.[Kwan-Yuen]

Tong, L. Co Author Listing * Automated Mapping of Surface Roughness and Landuse from Simulated and Spaceborne 1M Data
* Automatic power line extraction from high resolution remote sensing imagery based on an improved Radon transform
* CANet: Context Aware Network for Brain Glioma Segmentation
* Combining Unmixing and Deep Feature Learning for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Cost-Sensitive Boosting Pruning Trees for Depression Detection on Twitter
* Dual Graph Regularized NMF for Hyperspectral Unmixing
* FACESEC: A Fine-grained Robustness Evaluation Framework for Face Recognition Systems
* Fully Decoupled Residual ConvNet for Real-Time Railway Scene Parsing of UAV Aerial Images
* General Spline-Based Method for Centerline Extraction from Different Segmented Road Maps in Remote Sensing Imagery, A
* Guest Editorial: Spectral imaging powered computer vision
* Hyperspectral Endmember Extraction by (mu + lambda) Multiobjective Differential Evolution Algorithm Based on Ranking Multiple Mutations
* Identification of Seed Maize Fields With High Spatial Resolution and Multiple Spectral Remote Sensing Using Random Forest Classifier
* Improved Fuzzy Region Competition-Based Framework for the Multiphase Segmentation of SAR Images, An
* Improved Multiobjective Discrete Particle Swarm Optimization for Hyperspectral Endmember Extraction, An
* Joint Frequency and Phasor Estimation Under the KCL Constraint
* Material based salient object detection from hyperspectral images
* Method for Road Network Extraction from High-Resolution SAR Imagery Using Direction Grouping and Curve Fitting, A
* Minimal-Energy Driving Strategy for High-Speed Electric Train With Hybrid System Model
* Moment Estimation and Dithered Quantization
* Monitoring Method Based on Vegetation Abnormal Information Applied to the Case of Jizong Shed-Tunnel Landslide, A
* Multi-Region Segmentation Method for SAR Images Based on the Multi-Texture Model With Level Sets, A
* Multi-Transmit Beam Forming for Fast Cardiac Imaging: Experimental Validation and In Vivo Application
* Multilayer manifold and sparsity constrained nonnegative matrix factorization for hyperspectral unmixing
* Nonnegative matrix factorization with endmember sparse graph learning for hyperspectral unmixing
* Nonnegative-Matrix-Factorization-Based Hyperspectral Unmixing With Partially Known Endmembers
* Online stroke segmentation by quick penalty-based dynamic programming
* Perceptual Underwater Image Enhancement With Deep Learning and Physical Priors
* Probability Assessment of Rainfall-Induced Landslides Based on Safety Factors Using Soil Moisture Estimation From SAR Images
* Robust Single-Image Tree Diameter Estimation with Mobile Phones
* Self-Attention-Based Conditional Variational Auto-Encoder Generative Adversarial Networks for Hyperspectral Classification
* Self-Attentive Local Aggregation Learning With Prototype Guided Regularization for Point Cloud Semantic Segmentation of High-Speed Railways
* Soil Biochar Quantification via Hyperspectral Unmixing
* Structured Context Enhancement Network for Mouse Pose Estimation
* Structured Discriminative Nonnegative Matrix Factorization for Hyperspectral Unmixing
* Toward Patients-' Motion Intention Recognition: Dynamics Modeling and Identification of iLeg: An LLRR Under Motion Constraints
* UAV-LiDAR-Based Measuring Framework for Height and Stagger of High-Speed Railway Contact Wire
* Universal Data Anomaly Detection via Inverse Generative Adversary Network
* Unsupervised Multiregion Partitioning of Fully Polarimetric SAR Images With Advanced Fuzzy Active Contours
* Wide-Angle Tissue Doppler Imaging at High Frame Rate Using Multi-Line Transmit Beamforming: An Experimental Validation In Vivo
Includes: Tong, L. Tong, L.[Ling] Tong, L.[Lei] Tong, L.[Liang] Tong, L.[Lang] Tong, L.[Lianzi] Tong, L.[Lu] Tong, L.[Linzhe] Tong, L.[Lina]
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Tong, L.H.[Li Hua] Co Author Listing * Extraction of Urban Power Lines from Vehicle-Borne LiDAR Data
* Hierarchical Registration Method for Airborne and Vehicle LiDAR Point Cloud
* Integration of Hyperspectral Imagery and Sparse Sonar Data for Shallow Water Bathymetry Mapping
* Semi-Automatic Registration of Airborne and Terrestrial Laser Scanning Data Using Building Corner Matching with Boundaries as Reliability Check
* Shiftable Leading Point Method for High Accuracy Registration of Airborne and Terrestrial LiDAR Data
Includes: Tong, L.H.[Li Hua] Tong, L.H.[Li-Hua]

Tong, L.J.[Li Jing] Co Author Listing * Document Image Binarization Based on NFCM
Includes: Tong, L.J.[Li Jing] Tong, L.J.[Li-Jing]

Tong, L.L.[Ling Ling] Co Author Listing * Compressive sensing based video scrambling for privacy protection
* Restricted H.264/AVC video coding for privacy protected video scrambling
* Restricted H.264/AVC video coding for privacy region scrambling
Includes: Tong, L.L.[Ling Ling] Tong, L.L.[Ling-Ling]

Tong, L.Q.[Li Qiang] Co Author Listing * Geohazards Monitoring and Assessment Using Multi-Source Earth Observation Techniques
* Monitoring and Analyzing Mountain Glacier Surface Movement Using SAR Data and a Terrestrial Laser Scanner: A Case Study of the Himalayas North Slope Glacier Area
Includes: Tong, L.Q.[Li Qiang] Tong, L.Q.[Li-Qiang]

Tong, L.S.[Li Sheng] Co Author Listing * Precise Orbit Determination and Accuracy Analysis for BDS-3 Satellites Using SLR Observations
Includes: Tong, L.S.[Li Sheng] Tong, L.S.[Li-Sheng]

Tong, L.T.T.[Lloyd Teh Tzer] Co Author Listing * Zero-shot versus Many-shot: Unsupervised Texture Anomaly Detection

Tong, L.Y.[Lyu Yang] Co Author Listing * Neural architecture search via reference point based multi-objective evolutionary algorithm
Includes: Tong, L.Y.[Lyu Yang] Tong, L.Y.[Lyu-Yang]

Tong, L.Z.[Lian Zi] Co Author Listing * CD_HIEFNet: Cloud Detection Network Using Haze Optimized Transformation Index and Edge Feature for Optical Remote Sensing Imagery
* Hierarchical Information Extraction Method for Large-Scale Centralized Photovoltaic Power Plants Based on Multi-Source Remote Sensing Images, A
Includes: Tong, L.Z.[Lian Zi] Tong, L.Z.[Lian-Zi]

Tong, M.[Ming] Co Author Listing * Anchor-Free Method Based on Adaptive Feature Encoding and Gaussian-Guided Sampling Optimization for Ship Detection in SAR Imagery, An
* Background suppression of small target image based on fast local reverse entropy operator
* Few-Shot Object Detection on Remote Sensing Images via Shared Attention Module and Balanced Fine-Tuning Strategy
* improved GrabCut on multiscale features, An
* Multi-part sparse representation in random crowded scenes tracking
* new framework of action recognition with discriminative parts, spatio-temporal and causal interaction descriptors, A
* Oriented Ship Detector for Remote Sensing Imagery Based on Pairwise Branch Detection Head and SAR Feature Enhancement
* Shared Latent Dynamical Model for Human Tracking from Videos
* Variational Model for the Restoration of MR Images Corrupted by Blur and Rician Noise, A
* Video-Text Compliance: Activity Verification Based on Natural Language Instructions
Includes: Tong, M.[Ming] Tong, M.[Mingwen] Tong, M.[Miao] Tong, M.[Minglei] Tong, M.[Melissa] Tong, M.[Matthew]
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Tong, M.L.[Ming Lei] Co Author Listing * 3D human model and joint parameter estimation from monocular image
* Discriminative Human Pose Estimation Based on the Bandelet2 Image Descriptor
* Face Modeling and Wrinkle Simulation Using Convolution Surface
* Model based human motion tracking using probability evolutionary algorithm
* Recover Human Pose from Monocular Image Under Weak Perspective Projection
* Sparse Feature Learning for Visual Tracking by Least Absolute Shrinkage and Selection Operator
* Weighted sparse coding residual minimization for visual tracking
Includes: Tong, M.L.[Ming Lei] Tong, M.L.[Ming-Lei]
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Tong, M.M.[Meng Meng] Co Author Listing * Brain-inspired algorithms for retinal image analysis
Includes: Tong, M.M.[Meng Meng] Tong, M.M.[Meng-Meng]

Tong, M.S.[Mei Song] Co Author Listing * Efficient Reconstruction of Dielectric Objects Based on Integral Equation Approach With Gauss-Newton Minimization
* Meshless Method of Solving Inverse Scattering Problems for Imaging Dielectric Objects, A
Includes: Tong, M.S.[Mei Song] Tong, M.S.

Tong, M.Z.[Ming Zhao] Co Author Listing * EGRA-NeRF: Edge-Guided Ray Allocation for Neural Radiance Fields
Includes: Tong, M.Z.[Ming Zhao] Tong, M.Z.[Ming-Zhao]

Tong, N. Co Author Listing * Co-Bootstrapping Saliency
* MIMO Radar Imaging With Nonorthogonal Waveforms Based on Joint-Block Sparse Recovery
* Moving Target's HRRP Synthesis With Sparse Frequency-Stepped Chirp Signal via Atomic Norm Minimization
* Real-World ISAR Object Recognition Using Deep Multimodal Relation Learning
* Saliency Detection with Multi-Scale Superpixels
* Salient object detection via bootstrap learning
* Salient object detection via global and local cues
Includes: Tong, N. Tong, N.[Na]
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Tong, N.N.[Ning Ning] Co Author Listing * Cognitive Antenna Selection in MIMO Imaging Radar
* Cognitive MIMO Imaging Radar Based on Doppler Filtering Waveform Separation
* MIMO Radar Sparse Recovery Imaging with Wideband Interference Prediction
* Moving target inverse synthetic aperture radar image resolution enhancement based on two-dimensional block sparse signal reconstruction
Includes: Tong, N.N.[Ning Ning] Tong, N.N.[Ning-Ning]

Tong, P.[Peng] Co Author Listing * Azimuth Resolution Improvement and Target Parameters Inversion for Distributed Shipborne High Frequency Hybrid Sky-Surface Wave Radar
* Evaluation of Tunnel Excavation Combining Terrestrial Laser Scanning Point Clouds and Design Models
* high-performance full-motion video compression chip set, A
* Last-Mile School Shuttle Planning With Crowdsensed Student Trajectories
* Point in: Counting Trees with Weakly Supervised Segmentation Network
* Sensitivity Analysis of Canopy Structural and Radiative Transfer Parameters to Reconstructed Maize Structures Based on Terrestrial LiDAR Data
Includes: Tong, P.[Peng] Tong, P. Tong, P.[Pinmo]

Tong, P.F.[Peng Fei] Co Author Listing * Pairwise SSD Fingerprinting Method of Smartphone Indoor Localization for Enhanced Usability, A
Includes: Tong, P.F.[Peng Fei] Tong, P.F.[Peng-Fei]

Tong, Q. Co Author Listing * Fully Automatic Segmentation of the Left Ventricle Using Multi-Scale Fusion Learning
* Inversion of the Full-Depth Temperature Profile Based on Few Depth-Fixed Temperatures
* joint multi-scale convolutional network for fully automatic segmentation of the left ventricle, A
* Large-Scene Deceptive Jamming Method for Space-Borne SAR Based on Time-Delay and Frequency-Shift with Template Segmentation, A
* Moment Symmetry: A novel method for interest point detection to match blurred and non-blurred images
* Radiometric Calibration Model for the Field Imaging Spectrometer System, A
Includes: Tong, Q. Tong, Q.[Qian]

Tong, Q.H.[Qiu Hui] Co Author Listing * highly scalable clustering scheme using boundary information, A
Includes: Tong, Q.H.[Qiu Hui] Tong, Q.H.[Qiu-Hui]

Tong, Q.Q.[Qian Qian] Co Author Listing * Adaptive localised region and edge-based active contour model using shape constraint and sub-global information for uterine fibroid segmentation in ultrasound-guided HIFU therapy
* novel framework for background subtraction and foreground detection, A
* novel unconditionally stable explicit integration method for finite element method, A
Includes: Tong, Q.Q.[Qian Qian] Tong, Q.Q.[Qian-Qian]

Tong, Q.X. Co Author Listing * Automatic Recognition of Rivers from LIDAR Data by Profile Factor
* Dependence of the Bidirectional Reflectance Distribution Function Factor fnof' on the Particulate Backscattering Ratio in an Inland Lake
* Evaluating an Enhanced Vegetation Condition Index (VCI) Based on VIUPD for Drought Monitoring in the Continental United States
* Evaluation of Multiple Spring Phenological Indicators of Yearly GPP and NEP at Three Canadian Forest Sites
* General Deep Learning Point-Surface Fusion Framework for RGB Image Super-Resolution, A
* Improved Aerosol Optical Thickness, Columnar Water Vapor, and Surface Reflectance Retrieval from Combined CASI and SASI Airborne Hyperspectral Sensors
* Monitoring Spatio-Temporal Dynamics in the Eastern Plain Lakes of China Using Long-Term MODIS UNWI Index
* Prediction of Total Phosphorus Concentration in Macrophytic Lakes Using Chlorophyll-Sensitive Bands: A Case Study of Lake Baiyangdian
Includes: Tong, Q.X. Tong, Q.X.[Qing-Xi]
8 for Tong, Q.X.

Tong, R. Co Author Listing * Dual-Attention Dilated Residual Network for Liver Lesion Classification and Localization on CT Images, A
* Robust 3-D Modeling of Vasculature Imagery Using Superellipsoids
* Two- and Three-Dimensional Image Rotation Using the FFT
* Upper Body Human Detection and Segmentation in Low Contrast Video

Tong, R.F.[Ruo Feng] Co Author Listing * Content-aware copying and pasting in images
* Depth incorporating with color improves salient object detection
* Environment-Sensitive cloning in images
* Expressive facial style transfer for personalized memes mimic
* G-GCSN: Global Graph Convolution Shrinkage Network for Emotion Perception from Gait
* Graph-BAS3Net: Boundary-Aware Semi-Supervised Segmentation Network with Bilateral Graph Convolution
* Hierarchical Video Data Modeling and Indexing for Virtual Scene Construction
* High-fidelity 3D face reconstruction with multi-scale details
* Illumination-aware faster R-CNN for robust multispectral pedestrian detection
* Interactive mesh cloning driven by boundary loop
* Medical Image Segmentation With Deep Atlas Prior
* Multi-Modal Tumor Segmentation With Deformable Aggregation and Uncertain Region Inpainting
* Multi-Stream Scale-Insensitive Convolutional and Recurrent Neural Networks for Liver Tumor Detection in Dynamic Ct Images
* Mutual Information-Based Graph Co-Attention Networks for Multimodal Prior-Guided Magnetic Resonance Imaging Segmentation
* Robust super resolution of compressed video
* Selective image abstraction
* SemiCVT: Semi-Supervised Convolutional Vision Transformer for Semantic Segmentation
* StyleIPSB: Identity-Preserving Semantic Basis of StyleGAN for High Fidelity Face Swapping
* VolumeNet: A Lightweight Parallel Network for Super-Resolution of MR and CT Volumetric Data
Includes: Tong, R.F.[Ruo Feng] Tong, R.F.[Ruo-Feng]
19 for Tong, R.F.

Tong, R.J.[Ren Jie] Co Author Listing * Higher Order Subspace Algorithm for Multichannel Speech Enhancement, A
* Supplementations to the Higher Order Subspace Algorithm for Suppression of Spatially Colored Noise
Includes: Tong, R.J.[Ren Jie] Tong, R.J.[Ren-Jie]

Tong, R.K.Y.[Raymond Kai Yu] Co Author Listing * Anti-Interference From Noisy Labels: Mean-Teacher-Assisted Confident Learning for Medical Image Segmentation
Includes: Tong, R.K.Y.[Raymond Kai Yu] Tong, R.K.Y.[Raymond Kai-Yu]

Tong, R.P. Co Author Listing * 2 Dimensional Electrophoresis Gel Registration Using Point Matching and Local Image-Based Refinement

Tong, R.Q.[Ru Qing] Co Author Listing * Sampling Uncertainties of Long-Term REMOTE-Sensing Suspended Sediments Monitoring over China's Seas: Impacts of Cloud Coverage and Sediment Variations
Includes: Tong, R.Q.[Ru Qing] Tong, R.Q.[Ru-Qing]

Tong, S. Co Author Listing * Application and Evaluation of a Measured Spatially Variant System Model for PET Image Reconstruction
* Bayesian Approach to Recurrence in Neural Networks, A
* Comparison of Satellite Reflectance Algorithms for Estimating Phycocyanin Values and Cyanobacterial Total Biovolume in a Temperate Reservoir Using Coincident Hyperspectral Aircraft Imagery and Dense Coincident Surface Observations
* Condition Number-Constrained Matrix Approximation With Applications to Signal Estimation in Communication Systems
* Continuous-Discrete Filtering for Cardiac Kinematics Estimation under Spatio-Temporal Biomechanical Constrains
* Golden Ratio: The Attributes of Facial Attractiveness Learned By CNN
* Inferring Affective Experience from the Big Picture Metaphor: A Two-dimensional Visual Breadth Model
* On pain assessment from facial videos using spatio-temporal local descriptors
* Photo Shot-Type Disambiguation by Multi-Classifier Semi-Supervised Learning
* Sampled-Data H- Filtering for Robust Kinematics Estimation: Applications to Biomechanics-Based Cardiac Image Analysis
* Understanding Scenery Quality: A Visual Attention Measure and Its Computational Model
* Variation Characteristics of Ecosystem Water Use Efficiency and Its Response to Human Activity and Climate Change in Inner Mongolia
* Visual attention inspired distant view and close-up view classification
Includes: Tong, S. Tong, S.[Sibo] Tong, S.[Susanna] Tong, S.[Shan] Tong, S.[Song] Tong, S.[Siqin]
13 for Tong, S.

Tong, S.B.[Sui Bing] Co Author Listing * Cross-view gait recognition based on a restrictive triplet network
* Unsupervised Manifold Linearizing and Clustering
Includes: Tong, S.B.[Sui Bing] Tong, S.B.[Sui-Bing] Tong, S.B.[Sheng-Bang]

Tong, S.C.[Shao Cheng] Co Author Listing * Adaptive fuzzy optimal control for a class of active suspension systems with full-state constraints
* Collision-Free Adaptive Fuzzy Formation Control for Stochastic Nonlinear Multiagent Systems
* Intelligent Motion Tracking Control of Vehicle Suspension Systems With Constraints via Neural Performance Analysis
Includes: Tong, S.C.[Shao Cheng] Tong, S.C.[Shao-Cheng]

Tong, S.Q.[Si Qin] Co Author Listing * Dynamics of Fractional Vegetation Coverage and Its Relationship with Climate and Human Activities in Inner Mongolia, China
* Historical and Future Changes in Extreme Climate Events and Their Effects on Vegetation on the Mongolian Plateau
* Impact of Extreme Climate on the NDVI of Different Steppe Areas in Inner Mongolia, China
* Regional Landslide Identification Based on Susceptibility Analysis and Change Detection
Includes: Tong, S.Q.[Si Qin] Tong, S.Q.[Si-Qin]

Tong, S.S.[Shan Shan] Co Author Listing * Fast Data-Driven Iteratively Regularized Method with Convex Penalty for Solving Ill-Posed Problems, A
* Hybrid attention mechanism of feature fusion for medical image segmentation
Includes: Tong, S.S.[Shan Shan] Tong, S.S.[Shan-Shan]

Tong, S.W.[Sheng Wu] Co Author Listing * Multi-Feature Based Ocean Oil Spill Detection for Polarimetric SAR Data Using Random Forest and the Self-Similarity Parameter
Includes: Tong, S.W.[Sheng Wu] Tong, S.W.[Sheng-Wu]

Tong, S.Y.[Si Yuan] Co Author Listing * Branch Identification and Junction Points Location for Apple Trees Based on Deep Learning
* High Resolution Radon Transform and its Applications in Multiple Suppression of Seismic Data in Deep-Sea
* Joint Task Offloading and Resource Allocation for Fog-Based Intelligent Transportation Systems: A UAV-Enabled Multi-Hop Collaboration Paradigm
Includes: Tong, S.Y.[Si Yuan] Tong, S.Y.[Si-Yuan] Tong, S.Y.[Si-You] Tong, S.Y.[Shi-Yuan]

Tong, S.Z.[Shou Zheng] Co Author Listing * GRACE Satellite-Based Analysis of Spatiotemporal Evolution and Driving Factors of Groundwater Storage in the Black Soil Region of Northeast China
Includes: Tong, S.Z.[Shou Zheng] Tong, S.Z.[Shou-Zheng]

Tong, T.[Tong] Co Author Listing * Architecture Disentanglement for Deep Neural Networks
* Design Students Viewpoint on BIM: A Preliminary Assessment of The Indicators
* Guided Frequency Separation Network for Real-World SuperResolution
* Hybrid Decision Forests for Prostate Segmentation in Multi-channel MR Images
* Image Super-Resolution Using Dense Skip Connections
* Image Super-Resolution Using Knowledge Distillation
* Integrating Multi-Scale Remote-Sensing Data to Monitor Severe Forest Infestation in Response to Pine Wilt Disease
* Magnetic Resonance Driven Electrical Impedance Tomography: A Simulation Study
* MPCViT: Searching for Accurate and Efficient MPC-Friendly Vision Transformer with Heterogeneous Attention
* Multi-Atlas Segmentation Using Partially Annotated Data: Methods and Annotation Strategies
* Multi-modal classification of Alzheimer's disease using nonlinear graph fusion
* Nonlinear Graph Fusion for Multi-modal Classification of Alzheimer's Disease
* NTIRE 2023 Challenge on Stereo Image Super-Resolution: Methods and Results
* One-step spectral clustering based on self-paced learning
* PIRM Challenge on Perceptual Image Enhancement on Smartphones: Report
* probabilistic method for foreground and shadow segmentation, A
* Probabilistic Patch-Based Label Fusion Model for Multi-Atlas Segmentation With Registration Refinement: Application to Cardiac MR Images, A
* Retrieving the Infected Area of Pine Wilt Disease-Disturbed Pine Forests from Medium-Resolution Satellite Images Using the Stochastic Radiative Transfer Theory
* Spatially Aware Patch-Based Segmentation (SAPS): An Alternative Patch-Based Segmentation Framework
* Stereo Cross Global Learnable Attention Module for Stereo Image Super-Resolution
* Supervoxel Classification Forests for Estimating Pairwise Image Correspondences
Includes: Tong, T.[Tong] Tong, T. Tong, T.[Tao] Tong, T.[Tele]
21 for Tong, T.

Tong, T.K. Co Author Listing * Modeling Arterial Traffic Dynamics With Actuated Signal Control Using a Simplified Shockwave Model

Tong, T.M.[Terence M.] Co Author Listing * Attributed Abnormality Graph Embedding for Clinically Accurate X-Ray Report Generation

Tong, V.V.T.[Valerie Viet Triem] Co Author Listing * Biometric Fuzzy Extractors Made Practical: A Proposal Based on FingerCodes
Includes: Tong, V.V.T.[Valerie Viet Triem] Tong, V.V.T.[ValÚrie Viet Triem]

Tong, W.[Wei] Co Author Listing * Constrained keypoint quantization: towards better bag-of-words model for large-scale multimedia retrieval
* E-LAMP: integration of innovative ideas for multimedia event detection
* Event Oriented Dictionary Learning for Complex Event Detection
* Framework for Classifier Adaptation for Large-Scale Multimedia Data, A
* Image Retrieval in Forensics: Tattoo Image Database Application
* kernel density based approach for large scale image retrieval, A
* Large-scale near-duplicate image retrieval by kernel density estimation
* Local binary pattern network: A deep learning approach for face recognition
* Normal Assisted Pixel-Visibility Learning With Cost Aggregation for Multiview Stereo
Includes: Tong, W.[Wei] Tong, W.
9 for Tong, W.

Tong, W.H.[Wen Hua] Co Author Listing * New Type of 5G-Oriented Integrated BDS/SON High-Precision Positioning, A
* Robust and High-Precision Three-Step Positioning Method for an Airborne SAR Platform, A
Includes: Tong, W.H.[Wen Hua] Tong, W.H.[Wen-Hua] Tong, W.H.[Wen-Hao]

Tong, W.P.[Wei Ping] Co Author Listing * PaCS: A Parallel Computation Framework for Field-Based Crowd Simulation
Includes: Tong, W.P.[Wei Ping] Tong, W.P.[Wei-Ping]

Tong, W.Q.[Wei Qing] Co Author Listing * Blob Detection Based on Soft Morphological Filter
* Dual attention convolutional network for action recognition
* fast and precise system for taking high-density human head measurements with surrounding range finders, A
* Multi-Sourced Knowledge Integration for Robust Self-Supervised Facial Landmark Tracking
* TDCC: top-down semantic aggregation for colour constancy
Includes: Tong, W.Q.[Wei Qing] Tong, W.Q.[Wei-Qing] Tong, W.Q.[Wei-Qin]

Tong, W.S.[Wai Shun] Co Author Listing * Epipolar Geometry Estimation for Non-Static Scenes by 4D Tensor Voting
* Multiresolution Mesh Reconstruction from Noisy 3D Point Sets
* Perceptually-Inspired and Edge-Directed Color Image Super-Resolution
* Robust Estimation of Adaptive Tensors of Curvature by Tensor Voting
* ROD-TV: reconstruction on demand by tensor voting
* Simultaneous Image Denoising and Compression by Multiscale 2D Tensor Voting
* Simultaneous Two-View Epipolar Geometry Estimation and Motion Segmentation by 4D Tensor Voting
Includes: Tong, W.S.[Wai Shun] Tong, W.S.[Wai-Shun]
7 for Tong, W.S.

Tong, W.T.[Wan Ting] Co Author Listing * Mapping crop phenophases in reproductive growth period by satellite solar-induced chlorophyll fluorescence: A case study in mid-temperate zone in China
* Modeling Housing Rent in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area Using Textual Information and Deep Learning
* Realistic Bokeh Effect Rendering on Mobile GPUs, Mobile Ai & Aim 2022 Challenge: Report
Includes: Tong, W.T.[Wan Ting] Tong, W.T.[Wan-Ting] Tong, W.T.[Wei-Tian] Tong, W.T.[Wen-Tao]

Tong, W.W.[Wen Wen] Co Author Listing * Scene as Occupancy
Includes: Tong, W.W.[Wen Wen] Tong, W.W.[Wen-Wen]

Tong, X.[Xin] Co Author Listing * 2nd 106-point Lightweight Facial Landmark Localization Grand Challenge, The
* 3D cartoon face generation by local deformation mapping
* 3D cartoon face rigging from sparse examples
* 3D-aware Image Generation using 2D Diffusion Models
* Accurate and Robust 3D Facial Capture Using a Single RGBD Camera
* Acquisition of High Spatial and Spectral Resolution Video with a Hybrid Camera System
* Artistic Image Generation By Deviation Mapping
* Attraction-Repulsion Model-Based Subpixel Mapping of Multi-/Hyperspectral Imagery
* Block Adjustment of Large-scale High-resolution Optical Satellite Imagery Without GCPS Based on the GPU
* Case Study: Chronic Pain Patients' Preferences for Virtual Reality Games for Pain Distraction, A
* Classification Accuracy Assessment for Regional Vector Data Product Based On Spatial Sampling: a Case Study of Japan
* Closer Look at Local Aggregation Operators in Point Cloud Analysis, A
* Cloud Extraction from Chinese High Resolution Satellite Imagery by Probabilistic Latent Semantic Analysis and Object-Based Machine Learning
* Clustering by centroid drift and boundary shrinkage
* Data Field Method For Urban Remotely Sensed Imagery Classification Considering Spatial Correlation, A
* Deep 3D Portrait From a Single Image
* Deep Implicit Moving Least-Squares Functions for 3D Reconstruction
* Deep Octree-based CNNs with Output-Guided Skip Connections for 3D Shape and Scene Completion
* Deformed Implicit Field: Modeling 3D Shapes with Learned Dense Correspondence
* Detection and Estimation of Along-Track Attitude Jitter From Ziyuan-3 Three-Line-Array Images Based on Back-Projection Residuals
* Diffuse-Specular Separation and Depth Recovery from Image Sequences
* Disentangled and Controllable Face Image Generation via 3D Imitative-Contrastive Learning
* Effect of Image Matching Window Size on Satellite Jitter Frequency Detection
* Estimation of Intrinsic Image Sequences from Image+Depth Video
* Evolutionary Optimization of Feature Representation for 3D Point-based Computer Graphics Models
* Face Restoration via Plug-and-Play 3D Facial Priors
* Face Video Deblurring Using 3D Facial Priors
* G-FAN: Graph-Based Feature Aggregation Network for Video Face Recognition
* Ghost-YOLOX: A Lightweight and Efficient Implementation of Object Detection Model
* GRAM-HD: 3D-Consistent Image Generation at High Resolution with Generative Radiance Manifolds
* GRAM: Generative Radiance Manifolds for 3D-Aware Image Generation
* Group-Free 3D Object Detection via Transformers
* HairNet: Single-View Hair Reconstruction Using Convolutional Neural Networks
* High resolution multispectral video capture with a hybrid camera system
* High-Resolution Optical Flow from 1D Attention and Correlation
* Ice Flow Velocity Mapping In East Antarctica Using Historical Images From 1960s to 1980s: Recent Progress
* Ice Flow Velocity Mapping of East Antarctica From 1963 to 1989
* Illumination-Robust Subpixel Fourier-Based Image Correlation Methods Based on Phase Congruency
* Image Based Rendering
* Image-Based Rendering
* Immersion in Cardboard VR Compared to a Traditional Head-Mounted Display
* improved algorithm for interactive medical image segmentation based on Intelligent scissors, An
* Improving point cloud classification and segmentation via parametric veronese mapping
* Indoor Scene Generation from a Collection of Semantic-Segmented Depth Images
* Integrating Multiresolution and Multitemporal Sentinel-2 Imagery for Land-Cover Mapping in the Xiongan New Area, China
* Interactive chromaticity mapping for multispectral images
* Interactive Rendering from Compressed Light Fields
* Interactive View Synthesis from Compressed Light Fields
* Intrinsic Image Decomposition Using Structure-Texture Separation and Surface Normals
* Learning a Deep Cascaded Neural Network for Multiple Motion Commands Prediction in Autonomous Driving
* Learning High-Fidelity Face Texture Completion without Complete Face Texture
* Lighting and Shadow Interpolation Using Intrinsic Lumigraphs
* Local Structure and Direction-Aware Optimization Approach for Three-Dimensional Tree Modeling, A
* LRAGE: Learning Latent Relationships With Adaptive Graph Embedding for Aerial Scene Classification
* LumaPath: An Immersive Virtual Reality Game for Encouraging Physical Activity for Senior Arthritis Patients
* Management Method of Multi-Granularity Dimensions for Spatiotemporal Data, A
* Mass Balance of Antarctic Ice Sheet From 2003 to 2008: a Systematically Improved New Estimation
* Multi-source Satellite Observations Reveal Evolution Pattern of Rifts In The Filchner-ronne Ice Shelf, Antarctica
* Multilevel Point-Cluster-Based Discriminative Feature for ALS Point Cloud Classification, A
* NeRFInvertor: High Fidelity NeRF-GAN Inversion for Single-Shot Real Image Animation
* New Analytical Method for Estimating Antarctic Ice Flow in the 1960s From Historical Optical Satellite Imagery, A
* Normalized Projection Models for Geostationary Remote Sensing Satellite: A Comprehensive Comparative Analysis (January 2019)
* Novel Method For Estimation Of Glacier Surface Motion In 1960s From Argon Kh-5 Optical Imagery, A
* Object-based Illumination Estimation with Rendering-aware Neural Networks
* Overview and performance analysis of AVS mobility features
* Overview of Deepfake: The Sword of Damocles in AI, An
* PFCNN: Convolutional Neural Networks on 3D Surfaces Using Parallel Frames
* Point sets joint registration and co-segmentation
* Position-aware and Symmetry Enhanced GAN for Radial Distortion Correction
* Precise Disparity Estimation for Narrow Baseline Stereo Based On Multiscale Superpixels and Phase Correlation
* Prism-based System for Multispectral Video Acquisition, A
* Prism-Mask System for Multispectral Video Acquisition, A
* Qamface: Quadratic Additive Angular Margin Loss For Face Recognition
* Radial Lens Distortion Correction by Adding a Weight Layer with Inverted Foveal Models to Convolutional Neural Networks
* RDCFace: Radial Distortion Correction for Face Recognition
* Real Spike: Learning Real-Valued Spikes for Spiking Neural Networks
* RecDis-SNN: Rectifying Membrane Potential Distribution for Directly Training Spiking Neural Networks
* Reducing Information Loss for Spiking Neural Networks
* Refocusing of Moving Ships in Squint SAR Images Based on Spectrum Orthogonalization
* Rendering by Manifold Hopping
* Simple Yet Effective Pipeline For Radial Distortion Correction, A
* Skeleton-Bridged Deep Learning Approach for Generating Meshes of Complex Topologies From Single RGB Images, A
* SkeletonNet: A Topology-Preserving Solution for Learning Mesh Reconstruction of Object Surfaces From RGB Images
* Spatio-Temporal Evolution of Inland Lakes and Their Relationship with Hydro-Meteorological Factors in Horqin Sandy Land, China
* Synthesizing 3D Shapes From Silhouette Image Collections Using Multi-Projection Generative Adversarial Networks
* Tectonic and Anthropogenic Deformation at the Cerro Prieto Geothermal Step-Over Revealed by Sentinel-1A InSAR
* Texture classification of SARS infected region in radiographic image
* TextureFusion: High-Quality Texture Acquisition for Real-Time RGB-D Scanning
* Three Orthogonal Vanishing Points Estimation in Structured Scenes Using Convolutional Neural Networks
* Transformer Based Line Segment Classifier with Image Context for Real-Time Vanishing Point Detection in Manhattan World
Includes: Tong, X.[Xin] Tong, X. Tong, X.[Xinyi] Tong, X.[Xufeng] Tong, X.[Xiuchi] Tong, X.[Xiaochong] Tong, X.[Xuyao] Tong, X.[Xiaoou]
90 for Tong, X.

Tong, X.B.[Xiao Bao] Co Author Listing * Robotic Object Perception Based on Multispectral Few-Shot Coupled Learning
Includes: Tong, X.B.[Xiao Bao] Tong, X.B.[Xiao-Bao]

Tong, X.C.[Xiao Chong] Co Author Listing * Collision Detection for UAVs Based on GeoSOT-3D Grids
* Fusion of thermal imagery with point clouds for building fašade thermal attribute mapping
* Global multi-scale grid integer coding and spatial indexing: A novel approach for big earth observation data
* Information Fusion Model between GeoSOT Grid and Global Hexagonal Equal Area Grid, An
* RETRACTION: Identifying Asphalt Pavement Distress Using UAV LiDAR Point Cloud Data and Random Forest Classification
* Subdivision Method to Unify the Existing Latitude and Longitude Grids, A
* Universal Generating Algorithm of the Polyhedral Discrete Grid Based on Unit Duplication, A
Includes: Tong, X.C.[Xiao Chong] Tong, X.C.[Xiao-Chong]
7 for Tong, X.C.

Tong, X.D.[Xiao Dan] Co Author Listing * Reference-Based Super-Resolution Method for Remote Sensing Images with Feature Compression Module
Includes: Tong, X.D.[Xiao Dan] Tong, X.D.[Xiao-Dan]

Tong, X.F.[Xi Feng] Co Author Listing * Adjacent orientation vector based fingerprint minutiae matching system
* Automatic Player Detection, Labeling and Tracking in Broadcast Soccer Video
* Boosted Interactively Distributed Particle Filter for automatic multi-object tracking
* effective and fast soccer ball detection and tracking method, An
* Efficient human pose estimation via parsing a tree structure based human model
* Fingerprint minutiae matching using the adjacent feature vector
* Human Pose Estimation and Tracking via Parsing a Tree Structure Based Human Model
* Local Motion Analysis and Its Application in Video based Swimming Style Recognition
* Local relative location error descriptor-based fingerprint minutiae matching
* Optimum Histogram Pair Based Image Lossless Data Embedding
* Reversible binary image data hiding by run-length histogram modification
* Reversible Data Hiding for JPEG Images Based on Histogram Pairs
* Semantic units based events detection in soccer videos
* Shot Classification in broadcast Soccer Video
* Stereo Image Coding with Histogram-Pair Based Reversible Data Hiding
* Three-Level Scheme for Real-Time Ball Tracking, A
* Using RZL Coding to Enhance Histogram-Pair Based Image Reversible Data Hiding
Includes: Tong, X.F.[Xi Feng] Tong, X.F.[Xi-Feng] Tong, X.F.[Xiao-Feng] Tong, X.F.[Xue-Feng]
17 for Tong, X.F.

Tong, X.H.[Xiao Hua] Co Author Listing * Antarctic Ice Sheet Surface Mass Balance Estimates From 2003 To 2015 Using Icesat And Cryosat-2 Data
* Approach for Filter Divergence Suppression in a Sequential Data Assimilation System and Its Application in Short-Term Traffic Flow Forecasting, An
* approach for flood monitoring by the combined use of Landsat 8 optical imagery and COSMO-SkyMed radar imagery, An
* Area Estimation of Multi-temporal Global Impervious Land Cover Based On Stratified Random Sampling
* Area-Based Dense Image Matching with Subpixel Accuracy for Remote Sensing Applications: Practical Analysis and Comparative Study
* Assessing Multi-Temporal Global Urban Land-Cover Products Using Spatio-Temporal Stratified Sampling
* Assessing the Accuracy of Multi-Temporal GlobeLand30 Products in China Using a Spatiotemporal Stratified Sampling Method
* Attitude Oscillation Detection of the ZY-3 Satellite by Using Multispectral Parallax Images
* Automated Subpixel Surface Water Mapping from Heterogeneous Urban Environments Using Landsat 8 OLI Imagery
* Band Selection-Based Dimensionality Reduction for Change Detection in Multi-Temporal Hyperspectral Images
* Bias-corrected rational polynomial coefficients for high accuracy geo-positioning of QuickBird stereo imagery
* Building-damage detection using pre- and post-seismic high-resolution satellite stereo imagery: A case study of the May 2008 Wenchuan earthquake
* Change Analysis Of Antarctic Ice Shelves Based On Multiple Remote Sensing Products
* Combined Geometric Positioning and Performance Analysis of Multi-Resolution Optical Imageries from Satellite and Aerial Platforms Based on Weighted RFM Bundle Adjustment
* Comparison of the Performance of Bias-Corrected RSMs and RFMs for the Geo-Positioning of High-Resolution Satellite Stereo Imagery, A
* Deep Metric Learning Based on Scalable Neighborhood Components for Remote Sensing Scene Characterization
* Detection and estimation of ZY-3 three-line array image distortions caused by attitude oscillation
* Discriminative-Dictionary-Learning-Based Multilevel Point-Cluster Features for ALS Point-Cloud Classification
* Dynamic Monitoring and Vibration Analysis of Ancient Bridges by Ground-Based Microwave Interferometry and the ESMD Method
* Dynamic Monitoring of Agricultural Fires in China from 2010 to 2014 Using MODIS and GlobeLand30 Data
* Estimation and analysis of along-track attitude jitter of ZiYuan-3 satellite based on relative residuals of tri-band multispectral imagery
* Framework of Jitter Detection and Compensation for High Resolution Satellites
* Global land cover mapping at 30M resolution: A POK-based operational approach
* High-Rankness Regularized Semi-Supervised Deep Metric Learning for Remote Sensing Imagery
* How Well Can IMERG Products Capture Typhoon Extreme Precipitation Events over Southern China?
* Improved A-Star Algorithm for Long-Distance Off-Road Path Planning Using Terrain Data Map
* improved geopositioning model of QuickBird high resolution satellite imagery by compensating spatial correlated errors, An
* Improving Satellite Image Fusion via Generative Adversarial Training
* Improving Urban Land Cover/Use Mapping by Integrating A Hybrid Convolutional Neural Network and An Automatic Training Sample Expanding Strategy
* Integrating spatio-temporal-spectral information for downscaling Sentinel-3 OLCI images
* Integration of UAV-Based Photogrammetry and Terrestrial Laser Scanning for the Three-Dimensional Mapping and Monitoring of Open-Pit Mine Areas
* Joint Sparse Sub-Pixel Mapping Model with Endmember Variability for Remotely Sensed Imagery
* Landslide Investigation with Remote Sensing and Sensor Network: From Susceptibility Mapping and Scaled-down Simulation towards in situ Sensor Network Design
* Landslides Extraction From Diverse Remote Sensing Data Sources Using Semantic Reasoning Scheme
* Large-Scale Surface Deformation Monitoring Using SBAS-InSAR and Intelligent Prediction in Typical Cities of Yangtze River Delta
* LASDU: A Large-Scale Aerial LiDAR Dataset for Semantic Labeling in Dense Urban Areas
* Least Squares-Based Method for Adjusting the Boundaries of Area Objects, A
* Linear Feature-Based Approach for the Registration of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Remotely-Sensed Images and Airborne LiDAR Data, A
* Modelling error propagation in vector-based overlay analysis
* Modified Shape Model Incorporating Continuous Accumulated Growing Degree Days for Phenology Detection of Early Rice, A
* Multi-Scale Superpixel-Guided Filter Feature Extraction and Selection Approach for Classification of Very-High-Resolution Remotely Sensed Imagery, A
* Multiscale and Hierarchical Feature Extraction Method for Terrestrial Laser Scanning Point Cloud Classification, A
* New Binary Encoding Algorithm for the Simultaneous Region-based Classification of Hyperspectral Data and Digital Surface Models, A
* New Fusion Approach for Extracting Urban Built-up Areas from Multisource Remotely Sensed Data, A
* New Spectral-Spatial Sub-Pixel Mapping Model for Remotely Sensed Hyperspectral Imagery, A
* Novel Subpixel Phase Correlation Method Using Singular Value Decomposition and Unified Random Sample Consensus, A
* Optimized Sample Selection in SVM Classification by Combining with DMSP-OLS, Landsat NDVI and GlobeLand30 Products for Extracting Urban Built-Up Areas
* Planimetric Location Method for Laser Footprints of the Chinese Gaofen-7 Satellite Using Laser Spot Center Detection and Image Matching to Stereo Image Product, A
* Research on Positioning and Posing of Mobile Mapping in Metropolis
* Road Network Extraction from SAR Images with the Support of Angular Texture Signature and POIs
* Sea Ice Concentration Estimation Methodology Utilizing ICESat-2 Photon-Counting Laser Altimeter in the Arctic, A
* Simulation Of Full-waveform Laser Altimeter Echowaveform
* Spatial Patterns of Land Surface Temperature and Their Influencing Factors: A Case Study in Suzhou, China
* Spatial-Spectral Radial Basis Function-Based Interpolation for Landsat ETM+ SLC-Off Image Gap Filling
* spectral grouping-based deep learning model for haze removal of hyperspectral images, A
* Three-Layered Graph-Based Learning Approach for Remote Sensing Image Retrieval, A
* Three-Step Approach for TLS Point Cloud Classification, A
* Topographic Correction of the SELENE MI Images with the LOLA DEM around Shackleton Crater
* Transformation between Rational Function Model and Rigorous Sensor Model for High Resolution Satellite Imagery
* Tri-Camera High-Speed Videogrammetry for Three-Dimensional Measurement of Laminated Rubber Bearings Based on the Large-Scale Shaking Table
* Two-Step Block Adjustment Method for DSM Accuracy Improvement with Elevation Control of ICESat-2 Data, A
* Updating of Land Cover Maps and Change Analysis Using GlobeLand30 Product: A Case Study in Shanghai Metropolitan Area, China
* Urban Growth Modeling and Future Scenario Projection Using Cellular Automata (CA) Models and the R Package Optimx
* Use of shadows for detection of earthquake-induced collapsed buildings in high-resolution satellite imagery
Includes: Tong, X.H.[Xiao Hua] Tong, X.H.[Xiao-Hua] Tong, X.H.[Xin-Hua] Tong, X.H.
64 for Tong, X.H.

Tong, X.J.[Xiao Jun] Co Author Listing * Dynamic video encryption algorithm for H.264/AVC based on a spatiotemporal chaos system
* family of new complex number chaotic maps based image encryption algorithm, A
* fast encryption algorithm of color image based on four-dimensional chaotic system, A
* Image encryption with compound chaotic sequence cipher shifting dynamically
* Magnetic Interference Compensation Method for Airborne Electronic Equipment without Current Sensors, A
* novel chaos-based fragile watermarking for image tampering detection and self-recovery, A
* Solar-induced chlorophyll fluorescence captures photosynthetic phenology better than traditional vegetation indices
Includes: Tong, X.J.[Xiao Jun] Tong, X.J.[Xiao-Jun] Tong, X.J.[Xiao-Juan]
7 for Tong, X.J.

Tong, X.L.[Xiao Lin] Co Author Listing * Digital-Simulation Model for a Full-Polarized Microwave Radiometer System and Its Calibration, A
* Emissivity Measurements of Foam-Covered Water Surface at L-Band for Low Water Temperatures
* Novel Recursive Model Based on a Convolutional Long Short-Term Memory Neural Network for Air Pollution Prediction, A
* Probabilistic guided polycystic ovary syndrome recognition using learned quality kernel
Includes: Tong, X.L.[Xiao Lin] Tong, X.L.[Xiao-Lin] Tong, X.L.[Xue-Li] Tong, X.L.[Xiao-Li]

Tong, X.M.[Xiao Min] Co Author Listing * All-In-Focus Synthetic Aperture Imaging
* Continuously tracking and see-through occlusion based on a new hybrid synthetic aperture imaging model
* New Hybrid Synthetic Aperture Imaging Model for Tracking and Seeing People Through Occlusion, A
Includes: Tong, X.M.[Xiao Min] Tong, X.M.[Xiao-Min]

Tong, X.P.[Xiao Peng] Co Author Listing * Coseismic Slip Model of the 2021 Maduo Earthquake, China from Sentinel-1 InSAR Observation
Includes: Tong, X.P.[Xiao Peng] Tong, X.P.[Xiao-Peng]

Tong, X.Q.[Xun Qian] Co Author Listing * Adversarial Patch Attack on Multi-Scale Object Detection for UAV Remote Sensing Images
* Remotely Monitoring Vegetation Productivity in Two Contrasting Subtropical Forest Ecosystems Using Solar-Induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence
Includes: Tong, X.Q.[Xun Qian] Tong, X.Q.[Xun-Qian] Tong, X.Q.[Xing-Qing]

Tong, X.W.[Xiao Wei] Co Author Listing * Assessing Future Vegetation Trends and Restoration Prospects in the Karst Regions of Southwest China
* Pose Refinement of Occluded 3D Objects Based on Visible Surface Extraction
* Unified Model of GMRF and MOG for Image Segmentation, A
Includes: Tong, X.W.[Xiao Wei] Tong, X.W.[Xiao-Wei] Tong, X.W.[Xun-Wei] Tong, X.W.[Xing-Wei]

Tong, X.Y.[Xiao Yun] Co Author Listing * Adaptive weight based on overlapping blocks network for facial expression recognition
* Efficient local stereo matching algorithm based on fast gradient domain guided image filtering
* Enabling country-scale land cover mapping with meter-resolution satellite imagery
* Few-Shot Learning With Attention-Weighted Graph Convolutional Networks For Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Large-Scale Land Cover Mapping with Fine-Grained Classes via Class-Aware Semi-Supervised Semantic Segmentation
* Mapping the Abundance of Multipurpose Agroforestry Faidherbia albida Trees in Senegal
* MFATNet: Multi-Scale Feature Aggregation via Transformer for Remote Sensing Image Change Detection
* Optical and SAR Based Fusion Approach for Mapping Surface Water Dynamics over Mainland China, An
* Using Long-Term Earth Observation Data to Reveal the Factors Contributing to the Early 2020 Desert Locust Upsurge and the Resulting Vegetation Loss
Includes: Tong, X.Y.[Xiao Yun] Tong, X.Y.[Xiao-Yun] Tong, X.Y.[Xiao-Yan] Tong, X.Y.[Xin-Yi] Tong, X.Y.[Xiao-Ye] Tong, X.Y.[Xin-Yu] Tong, X.Y.[Xing-Yuan]
9 for Tong, X.Y.

Tong, X.Z.[Xiao Zhong] Co Author Listing * AFFPN: Attention Fusion Feature Pyramid Network for Small Infrared Target Detection
* EAAU-Net: Enhanced Asymmetric Attention U-Net for Infrared Small Target Detection
* Research on Task-Driven Dual-Light Image Fusion and Enhancement Method under Low Illumination
Includes: Tong, X.Z.[Xiao Zhong] Tong, X.Z.[Xiao-Zhong]

Tong, Y.[Yan] Co Author Listing * Active Image Labeling and Its Application to Facial Action Labeling
* Assessment of the Representativeness of MODIS Aerosol Optical Depth Products at Different Temporal Scales Using Global AERONET Measurements
* Automatic facial landmark labeling with minimal supervision
* Cloud tracking for solar irradiance prediction
* Combining Siamese Network and Regression Network for Visual Tracking
* Constrained Maximum Likelihood Learning of Bayesian Networks for Facial Action Recognition
* Estimation of Daily Average Downward Shortwave Radiation over Antarctica
* Evaluation of the Vegetation-Index-Based Dimidiate Pixel Model for Fractional Vegetation Cover Estimation
* Exploiting rich feature representation for SMT N-best reranking
* Extending a Linear Kernel-Driven BRDF Model to Realistically Simulate Reflectance Anisotropy Over Rugged Terrain
* Face Relighting with Geometrically Consistent Shadows
* Facial Action Unit Recognition by Exploiting Their Dynamic and Semantic Relationships
* Facial Contour Labeling via Congealing
* Facial expression recognition algorithm using LGC based on horizontal and diagonal prior principle
* Facial Expression Recognition via a Boosted Deep Belief Network
* Facial Feature Tracking using a Multi-State Hierarchical Shape Model under Varying Face Pose and Facial Expression
* Facial grid transformation: A novel face registration approach for improving facial action unit recognition
* Feature Disentangling Machine: A Novel Approach of Feature Selection and Disentangling in Facial Expression Analysis
* Hybridizing Cross-Level Contextual and Attentive Representations for Remote Sensing Imagery Semantic Segmentation
* Identity-Aware Convolutional Neural Network for Facial Expression Recognition
* Identity-Free Facial Expression Recognition Using Conditional Generative Adversarial Network
* Improving biometric identification through quality-based face and fingerprint biometric fusion
* Improving face recognition with a quality-based probabilistic framework
* Improving facial expression analysis using histograms of Log-Transformed Nonnegative Sparse Representation with a Spatial Pyramid Structure
* Improving Speech Related Facial Action Unit Recognition by Audiovisual Information Fusion
* Inferring Facial Action Units with Causal Relations
* Interactive labeling of facial action units
* Island Loss for Learning Discriminative Features in Facial Expression Recognition
* Iterative-Mode Scan Design of Terrestrial Laser Scanning in Forests for Minimizing Occlusion Effects, An
* Learning Bayesian Networks with qualitative constraints
* Listen to Your Face: Inferring Facial Action Units from Audio Channel
* Modeling and exploiting the spatio-temporal facial action dependencies for robust spontaneous facial expression recognition
* Multiview Facial Feature Tracking with a Multi-modal Probabilistic Model
* News Image Steganography: A Novel Architecture Facilitates the Fake News Identification
* Nighttime Vehicle Detection Algorithm Enhanced by NightvisionGAN
* Operational Method for Validating the Downward Shortwave Radiation Over Rugged Terrains, An
* Optimizing Filter Size in Convolutional Neural Networks for Facial Action Unit Recognition
* Probabilistic Attribute Tree Structured Convolutional Neural Networks for Facial Expression Recognition in the Wild
* Real-Time Generic Object Tracking via Recurrent Regression Network
* Recognition of Infants' Gaze Behaviors and Emotions
* Regional Attention Networks with Context-aware Fusion for Group Emotion Recognition
* Robust facial feature tracking under varying face pose and facial expression
* screen-shooting resilient document image watermarking scheme using deep neural network, A
* Semi-supervised facial landmark annotation
* Simultaneous alignment and clustering for an image ensemble
* Spectral-Spatial Context-Boosted Network for Semantic Segmentation of Remote Sensing Images, A
* Temporal Extrapolation of Daily Downward Shortwave Radiation Over Cloud-Free Rugged Terrains. Part 1: Analysis of Topographic Effects
* Texture mapping subdivision surfaces with hard constraints
* Towards High Fidelity Face Relighting with Realistic Shadows
* Unconstrained 3D face reconstruction
* Unconstrained Facial Expression Recognition Based on Feature Enhanced CNN and Cross-Layer LSTM
* Unified Probabilistic Framework for Facial Activity Modeling and xoUnderstanding, A
* Unified Probabilistic Framework for Spontaneous Facial Action Modeling and Understanding, A
* Visual-Attention-Based Background Modeling for Detecting Infrequently Moving Objects
Includes: Tong, Y.[Yan] Tong, Y. Tong, Y.[Ying] Tong, Y.[Yiyi] Tong, Y.[Yu] Tong, Y.[Yiying] Tong, Y.[Yao] Tong, Y.[Yala]
54 for Tong, Y.

Tong, Y.B.[Yu Bing] Co Author Listing * Color face-tuned salient detection for image quality assessment
* Gradient-Aligned convolution neural network
* Image compact-resolution and reconstruction using reversible network
* Multi-graph embedding discriminative correlation feature learning for image recognition
Includes: Tong, Y.B.[Yu Bing] Tong, Y.B.[Yu-Bing]

Tong, Y.C.[Yi Chen] Co Author Listing * Image Steganography Using an Eight-element Neighborhood Gaussian Markov Random Field Model
* Lidar Ratio Regional Transfer Method for Extinction Coefficient Accuracy Improvement in Lidar Networks
Includes: Tong, Y.C.[Yi Chen] Tong, Y.C.[Yi-Chen] Tong, Y.C.[Yi-Cheng]

Tong, Y.D.[Yi Dong] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of BRDF Information Retrieved from Time-Series Multiangle Data of the Himawari-8 AHI
* Evaluation of the Consistency of the Vegetation Clumping Index Retrieved from Updated MODIS BRDF Data
* Retrieval of Leaf Area Index by Linking the PROSAIL and Ross-Li BRDF Models Using MODIS BRDF Data
* Retrieving Forest Canopy Elements Clumping Index Using ICESat GLAS Lidar Data
* Review of Land Surface Albedo: Variance Characteristics, Climate Effect and Management Strategy
* Seasonal Effect of the Vegetation Clumping Index on Gross Primary Productivity Estimated by a Two-Leaf Light Use Efficiency Model
Includes: Tong, Y.D.[Yi Dong] Tong, Y.D.[Yi-Dong]

Tong, Y.F.[Ying Fang] Co Author Listing * Deep learning enabled vehicle trajectory map-matching method with advanced spatial-temporal analysis
* Deep Surface Normal Estimation With Hierarchical RGB-D Fusion
* Interannual Variations in the Summer Coastal Upwelling in the Northeastern South China Sea
* Novel Robust Image Forensics Algorithm Based on L1-Norm Estimation, A
Includes: Tong, Y.F.[Ying Fang] Tong, Y.F.[Ying-Fang] Tong, Y.F.[Yan-Feng] Tong, Y.F.[Yi-Feng] Tong, Y.F.[Yan-Fei]

Tong, Y.H.[Yu Hong] Co Author Listing * 3-D Deconvolutional Networks for the Unsupervised Representation Learning of Human Motions
* Betrayed by Captions: Joint Caption Grounding and Generation for Open Vocabulary Instance Segmentation
* Boundary Content Graph Neural Network for Temporal Action Proposal Generation
* Comprehensive study of image processing techniques for low-altitude target recognition
* Convolution-Enhanced Evolving Attention Networks
* Dynamic Dual Sampling Module for Fine-Grained Semantic Segmentation
* Enhanced Boundary Learning for Glass-like Object Segmentation
* Fashionformer: A Simple, Effective and Unified Baseline for Human Fashion Segmentation and Recognition
* Fast and Accurate Scene Parsing via Bi-Direction Alignment Networks
* Global Aggregation Then Local Distribution for Scene Parsing
* Improving Semantic Segmentation via Decoupled Body and Edge Supervision
* Improving Video Instance Segmentation via Temporal Pyramid Routing
* Panoptic-PartFormer: Learning a Unified Model for Panoptic Part Segmentation
* PointFlow: Flowing Semantics Through Points for Aerial Image Segmentation
* PolyphonicFormer: Unified Query Learning for Depth-Aware Video Panoptic Segmentation
* Query Learning of Both Thing and Stuff for Panoptic Segmentation
* Self-Supervised Learning of Depth and Pose Using Cycle Generative Adversarial Network
* Semantic Flow for Fast and Accurate Scene Parsing
* Sfnet: Faster and Accurate Semantic Segmentation Via Semantic Flow
* Three-Fast-Inter Incremental Association Markov Blanket learning algorithm
* Toward Robust Referring Image Segmentation
* Towards Efficient Scene Understanding via Squeeze Reasoning
* TransVOD: End-to-End Video Object Detection With Spatial-Temporal Transformers
* Video K-Net: A Simple, Strong, and Unified Baseline for Video Segmentation
Includes: Tong, Y.H.[Yu Hong] Tong, Y.H.[Yu-Hong] Tong, Y.H.[Yun-Hai] Tong, Y.H.[Yu-Hao] Tong, Y.H.[Yun-He]
24 for Tong, Y.H.

Tong, Y.J.[Yu Jun] Co Author Listing * Erudite Fine-Grained Visual Classification Model, An
* Making a Bird AI Expert Work for You and Me
Includes: Tong, Y.J.[Yu Jun] Tong, Y.J.[Yu-Jun]

Tong, Y.P.[Ying Ping] Co Author Listing * Novel Image Fusion Method of Multi-Spectral and SAR Images for Land Cover Classification, A
* Relative Total Variation Structure Analysis-Based Fusion Method for Hyperspectral and LiDAR Data Classification
Includes: Tong, Y.P.[Ying Ping] Tong, Y.P.[Ying-Ping]

Tong, Y.Q.[Yu Qi] Co Author Listing * Synergistic Digital Twin and Holographic Augmented-Reality-Guided Percutaneous Puncture of Respiratory Liver Tumor
Includes: Tong, Y.Q.[Yu Qi] Tong, Y.Q.[Yu-Qi]

Tong, Y.X.[Yong Xin] Co Author Listing * Multi-skill aware task assignment in real-time spatial crowdsourcing
* Two-sided online bipartite matching in spatial data: Experiments and analysis
Includes: Tong, Y.X.[Yong Xin] Tong, Y.X.[Yong-Xin]

Tong, Y.Y.[Yi Ying] Co Author Listing * Adaptive 3D Face Reconstruction from Unconstrained Photo Collections
* Age-Invariant Face Recognition
* Face recognition with temporal invariance: A 3D aging model
Includes: Tong, Y.Y.[Yi Ying] Tong, Y.Y.[Yi-Ying]

Tong, Z.[Ziye] Co Author Listing * 2nd 106-point Lightweight Facial Landmark Localization Grand Challenge, The
* Asphalt Pavement Health Prediction Based on Improved Transformer Network
* Characteristics and Applications of Summer Season Raindrop Size Distributions Based on a PARSIVEL2 Disdrometer in the Western Tianshan Mountains (China)
* Dynamic Hand Gesture Recognition With Leap Motion Controller
* Efficient Video Action Detection with Token Dropout and Context Refinement
* Light-weight Distilled Hrnet for Facial Landmark Detection
* MGSampler: An Explainable Sampling Strategy for Video Action Recognition
* Microphysical Characteristics of Raindrop Size Distribution and Implications for Dual-Polarization Radar Quantitative Precipitation Estimations in the Tianshan Mountains, China
* Multi-Object Tracking Hierarchically in Visual Data Taken From Drones
* Quantitative Analysis of Color Reproduction Based on Interpolation Arithmetic, The
* Stochastic Geometry Approach to the Modeling of DSRC for Vehicular Safety Communication, A
* TDN: Temporal Difference Networks for Efficient Action Recognition
* VideoMAE V2: Scaling Video Masked Autoencoders with Dual Masking
Includes: Tong, Z.[Ziye] Tong, Z.[Zheng] Tong, Z.[Zepeng] Tong, Z. Tong, Z.[Zhan] Tong, Z.[Zhang]
13 for Tong, Z.

Tong, Z.F.[Zi Fei] Co Author Listing * Metric learning with two-dimensional smoothness for visual analysis
Includes: Tong, Z.F.[Zi Fei] Tong, Z.F.[Zi-Fei]

Tong, Z.G.[Zhong Gui] Co Author Listing * CD-MQANet: Enhancing Multi-Objective Semantic Segmentation of Remote Sensing Images through Channel Creation and Dual-Path Encoding
* MQANet: Multi-Task Quadruple Attention Network of Multi-Object Semantic Segmentation from Remote Sensing Images
* MSFANet: Multiscale Fusion Attention Network for Road Segmentation of Multispectral Remote Sensing Data
Includes: Tong, Z.G.[Zhong Gui] Tong, Z.G.[Zhong-Gui]

Tong, Z.H.[Zhi Hang] Co Author Listing * GIAOTracker: A comprehensive framework for MCMOT with global information and optimizing strategies in VisDrone 2021
* VisDrone-MOT2019: The Vision Meets Drone Multiple Object Tracking Challenge Results
* VistrongerDet: Stronger Visual Information for Object Detection in VisDrone Images
Includes: Tong, Z.H.[Zhi Hang] Tong, Z.H.[Zhi-Hang]

Tong, Z.J.[Zhi Jun] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Maize Drought Risk in Midwestern Jilin Province: A Comparative Analysis of TOPSIS and VIKOR Models
* Comparison of Tree-Structured Parzen Estimator Optimization in Three Typical Neural Network Models for Landslide Susceptibility Assessment
* Estimation of the Key Water Quality Parameters in the Surface Water, Middle of Northeast China, Based on Gaussian Process Regression
* Evaluation of Drought Vulnerability of Maize and Influencing Factors in Songliao Plain Based on the SE-DEA-Tobit Model
* Modeling Water Quality Parameters Using Landsat Multispectral Images: A Case Study of Erlong Lake, Northeast China
* Plant Ontogeny Strongly Influences SO2 Stress Resistance in Landscape Tree Species Leaf Functional Traits
* Spatiotemporal Characteristics and Hazard Assessments of Maize (Zea mays L.) Drought and Waterlogging: A Case Study in Songliao Plain of China
* Spring Phenological Sensitivity to Climate Change in the Northern Hemisphere: Comprehensive Evaluation and Driving Force Analysis
Includes: Tong, Z.J.[Zhi Jun] Tong, Z.J.[Zhi-Jun]
8 for Tong, Z.J.

Tong, Z.K.[Ze Kun] Co Author Listing * Dual-Refinement: Joint Label and Feature Refinement for Unsupervised Domain Adaptive Person Re-Identification
* Generalizable Person Re-identification with Relevance-aware Mixture of Experts
* IDM: An Intermediate Domain Module for Domain Adaptive Person Re-ID
* PointBA: Towards Backdoor Attacks in 3D Point Cloud
* Primitive3D: 3D Object Dataset Synthesis from Randomly Assembled Primitives
Includes: Tong, Z.K.[Ze Kun] Tong, Z.K.[Ze-Kun]

Tong, Z.M.[Zhao Min] Co Author Listing * Measuring the Multiple Functions and Tradeoffs among Streets: A New Framework Using the Deep Learning Method
Includes: Tong, Z.M.[Zhao Min] Tong, Z.M.[Zhao-Min]

Tong, Z.Q.[Zhi Qiang] Co Author Listing * Reservoir Computing with Untrained Convolutional Neural Networks for Image Recognition
Includes: Tong, Z.Q.[Zhi Qiang] Tong, Z.Q.[Zhi-Qiang]

Tong, Z.Y.[Zheng Yan] Co Author Listing * Deep Arbitrary-Scale Image Super-Resolution via Scale-Equivariance Pursuit
* Face alignment using two-stage cascaded pose regression and mirror error correction
* SLTFILL: Spatial and Light Transformer for Multi-Reference Image Inpainting
Includes: Tong, Z.Y.[Zheng Yan] Tong, Z.Y.[Zheng-Yan] Tong, Z.Y.[Zi-Ye] Tong, Z.Y.[Zhen-Yu]

Tong, Z.Z.[Zong Ze] Co Author Listing * Impact of Expansion Pattern of Built-Up Land in Floodplains on Flood Vulnerability: A Case Study in the North China Plain Area
Includes: Tong, Z.Z.[Zong Ze] Tong, Z.Z.[Zong-Ze]

Tongbuasirilai, T.[Tanaboon] Co Author Listing * Compact and intuitive data-driven BRDF models
* Efficient BRDF Sampling Using Projected Deviation Vector Parameterization

Tonge, R.[Rashmi] Co Author Listing * Efficient Evaluation of SVM Classifiers Using Error Space Encoding
* Parsing World's Skylines Using Shape-Constrained MRFs

Tonge, R.P. Co Author Listing * Automatic Construction of Statistical Shape Models for Protein Spot Analysis in Electrophoresis Gels

Tonge, R.V.[Rashmi Vilas] Co Author Listing * Image Retrieval Using Eigen Queries

Tongphu, S.[Suwan] Co Author Listing * Rapid Detection of Many Object Instances

Tongprasit, N.[Noppharit] Co Author Listing * PIRF-Nav 2: Speeded-up online and incremental appearance-based SLAM in an indoor environment

Tongsima, S. Co Author Listing * Iterative Neighbor-Joining tree clustering algorithm for genotypic data

Tonguz, O.K.[Ozan K.] Co Author Listing * Automatic Configuration for a Biometrics-Based Physical Access Control System
* Combining Verification Decisions in a Multi-vendor Environment
* Harnessing Vehicular Broadcast Communications: DSRC-Actuated Traffic Control
* Parked Cars are Excellent Roadside Units
* Red light, green light, no light: Tomorrow's communicative cars could take turns at intersections
* Smarter Cities With Parked Cars as Roadside Units
* Using Reinforcement Learning With Partial Vehicle Detection for Intelligent Traffic Signal Control
Includes: Tonguz, O.K.[Ozan K.] Tonguz, O.K.
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