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Long Limozin, P. Co Author Listing * Stereo Matching Using Contextual Line Region Primitives

Long, A.[Adrian] Co Author Listing * machine vision approach to the grading of crushed aggregate, A

Long, A.H.[Albert H.] Co Author Listing * Confirmed boundary pattern matching III

Long, A.Q.[Ai Qun] Co Author Listing * New Camera Calibration Algorithm Based on Rotating Object, A
Includes: Long, A.Q.[Ai Qun] Long, A.Q.[Ai-Qun]

Long, B. Co Author Listing * Effective Guided Image Filtering for Contrast Enhancement
* Relating Hyperspectral Vegetation Indices with Soil Salinity at Different Depths for the Diagnosis of Winter Wheat Salt Stress
* Remotely sensed canopy resistance model for analyzing the stomatal behavior of environmentally-stressed winter wheat
* Saturation Based Iterative Approach for Single Image Dehazing
* Test generation algorithm for analog systems based on support vector machine
Includes: Long, B. Long, B.[Buju] Long, B.[Bing]

Long, C. Co Author Listing * ARGAN: Attentive Recurrent Generative Adversarial Network for Shadow Detection and Removal
* ARShadowGAN: Shadow Generative Adversarial Network for Augmented Reality in Single Light Scenes
* C3D-Based Convolutional Neural Network for Frame Dropping Detection in a Single Video Shot, A
* DOA-GAN: Dual-Order Attentive Generative Adversarial Network for Image Copy-Move Forgery Detection and Localization
* Edge Computing Framework for Cooperative Video Processing in Multimedia IoT Systems
* Identification of Electromagnetic Pre-Earthquake Perturbations from the DEMETER Data by Machine Learning
* Iterative and Adaptive Sampling with Spatial Attention for Black-Box Model Explanations
Includes: Long, C. Long, C.[Cheng]
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Long, C.J.[Cheng Jiang] Co Author Listing * Accurate Object Detection with Location Relaxation and Regionlets Re-localization
* Active Visual Recognition with Expertise Estimation in Crowdsourcing
* Collaborative Active Learning of a Kernel Machine Ensemble for Recognition
* Collaborative Active Visual Recognition from Crowds: A Distributed Ensemble Approach
* Correlational Gaussian Processes for Cross-Domain Visual Recognition
* Deep Neural Networks in Fully Connected CRF for Image Labeling with Social Network Metadata
* Explore Video Clip Order With Self-Supervised and Curriculum Learning for Video Applications
* FMRI signal modeling using laguerre polynomials
* Identifying fMRI Model Violations With Lagrange Multiplier Tests
* Joint Gaussian Process Model for Active Visual Recognition with Expertise Estimation in Crowdsourcing, A
* Multi-class Multi-annotator Active Learning with Robust Gaussian Process for Visual Recognition
* Novel Visual Representation on Text Using Diverse Conditional GAN for Visual Recognition, A
* SGCN: Sparse Graph Convolution Network for Pedestrian Trajectory Prediction
* Spatial wavelets for temporally correlated FMRI
Includes: Long, C.J.[Cheng Jiang] Long, C.J.[Cheng-Jiang] Long, C.J.
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Long, D.[Dan] Co Author Listing * effect of short cardio on inhibitory control ability of obese people, The
* Entropy-Based Multispectral Image Classification Algorithm, An
* Estimation of Surface Soil Moisture from Thermal Infrared Remote Sensing Using an Improved Trapezoid Method
* integrated inverse space sparse representation framework for tumor classification, An
* Maximum Entropy Image Restoration Revisited
* Seasonal to Interannual Variability of Satellite-Based Precipitation Estimates in the Pacific Ocean Associated with ENSO from 1998 to 2014
* Similarity and Error Intercomparison of the GPM and Its Predecessor-TRMM Multisatellite Precipitation Analysis Using the Best Available Hourly Gauge Network over the Tibetan Plateau
* two-step framework for reconstructing remotely sensed land surface temperatures contaminated by cloud, A
Includes: Long, D.[Dan] Long, D.[Di] Long, D.
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Long, D.D.E. Co Author Listing * Visualizing I/O predictability

Long, D.G. Co Author Listing * Analysis and Validation of High-Resolution Wind From ASCAT
* Analysis of Multistatic Pixel Correlation in SAR
* Band-Limited Signal Reconstruction From Irregular Samples With Variable Apertures
* Best Practices in Crafting the Calibrated, Enhanced-Resolution Passive-Microwave EASE-Grid 2.0 Brightness Temperature Earth System Data Record
* Calibration and Validation of the RapidScat Scatterometer Using Tropical Rainforests
* Decade of QuikSCAT Scatterometer Sea Ice Extent Data, A
* Discrete Band-Limited Signal Reconstruction From Irregular Samples
* Enhanced-Resolution Reconstruction of ASCAT Backscatter Measurements
* Enhanced-Resolution SMAP Brightness Temperature Image Products
* Estimation of the OSCAT Spatial Response Function Using Island Targets
* Generalized Frequency Scaling and Backprojection for LFM-CW SAR Processing
* Generalized Frequency-Domain SAR Processing
* High-resolution measurements with a spaceborne pencil-beam scatterometer using combined range/doppler discrimination techniques
* Image reconstruction and enhanced resolution imaging from irregular samples
* improved simulation model for spaceborne scatterometer measurements, An
* Improved Ultrahigh-Resolution Wind Retrieval for RapidScat
* Mitigation of Sea Ice Contamination in QuikSCAT Wind Retrieval
* Multiyear Arctic Ice Classification Using ASCAT and SSMIS
* Multiyear Arctic Sea Ice Classification Using OSCAT and QuikSCAT
* Multiyear Arctic Sea Ice Classification Using QuikSCAT
* Optimal Estimation of Calibration Parameters in Polarimetric Microwave Radiometers
* Optimum Image Formation for Spaceborne Microwave Radiometer Products
* Parameterized ASCAT Measurement Spatial Response Function, A
* Polarization Rotation Correction in Radiometry: An Error Analysis
* Radio Frequencies: Policy and Management
* RapidScat Diurnal Cycles Over Land
* Reconstruction From Aperture-Filtered Samples With Application to Scatterometer Image Reconstruction
* Scatterometer Backscatter Imaging Using Backus-Gilbert Inversion
* Sea Ice Mapping Method for SeaWinds
* Spatial Resolution and Processing Tradeoffs for HYDROS: Application of Reconstruction and Resolution Enhancement Techniques
* Theory and Application of Motion Compensation for LFM-CW SAR
* Ultrahigh Resolution Scatterometer Winds near Hawaii
Includes: Long, D.G. Long, D.G.[David G.]
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Long, D.P.[Dong Ping] Co Author Listing * Ambient Population and Larceny-Theft: A Spatial Analysis Using Mobile Phone Data
* Examination of Spatial Differences between Migrant and Native Offenders in Committing Violent Crimes in a Large Chinese City, An
* Integrative Analysis of Spatial Heterogeneity and Overdispersion of Crime with a Geographically Weighted Negative Binomial Model
* Spatial Heterogeneity of Factors of Drug Dealing: A Case Study from ZG, China, The
Includes: Long, D.P.[Dong Ping] Long, D.P.[Dong-Ping]

Long, E. Co Author Listing * Computer-Automated Malaria Diagnosis and Quantitation Using Convolutional Neural Networks

Long, F.[Fei] Co Author Listing * Determining Shot Accuracy of a Robotic Pool System
* Document image recognition based on template matching of component block projections
* Document image template matching based on component block list
* Enhanced Neural Network Model for Worldwide Estimation of Weighted Mean Temperature
* Iris Image Real-Time Pre-estimation Using Compound BP Neural Network
* Learning to Localize Actions from Moments
Includes: Long, F.[Fei] Long, F.[Fuhui] Long, F.[Fengyang] Long, F.[Fuchen]

Long, F.C.[Fu Chen] Co Author Listing * Coarse-to-Fine Localization of Temporal Action Proposals
* Gaussian Temporal Awareness Networks for Action Localization
Includes: Long, F.C.[Fu Chen] Long, F.C.[Fu-Chen]

Long, F.H.[Fu Hui] Co Author Listing * 3-D Registration of Biological Images and Models: Registration of microscopic images and its uses in segmentation and annotation
* Feature Selection Based on Mutual Information: Criteria of Max-Dependency, Max-Relevance, and Min-Redundancy
Includes: Long, F.H.[Fu Hui] Long, F.H.[Fu-Hui]

Long, F.Y.[Feng Yang] Co Author Listing * Multi-Criteria Evaluation of the Urban Ecological Environment in Shanghai Based on Remote Sensing, A
Includes: Long, F.Y.[Feng Yang] Long, F.Y.[Feng-Yang]

Long, G. Co Author Listing * Boundary-Aware RGBD Salient Object Detection With Cross-Modal Feature Sampling
* Learning Image Matching by Simply Watching Video
* Modelling Urban Housing Stocks for Building Energy Simulation Using CityGML EnergyADE
* Simplified mirror-based camera pose computation via rotation averaging
Includes: Long, G. Long, G.[Gucan] Long, G.[Gavin]

Long, G.D.[Guo Dong] Co Author Listing * Clustering social audiences in business information networks
* Finding the best not the most: regularized loss minimization subgraph selection for graph classification
* Salient Subsequence Learning for Time Series Clustering
Includes: Long, G.D.[Guo Dong] Long, G.D.[Guo-Dong]

Long, H.[Huan] Co Author Listing * Curvature-based Comparison of Two Neural Networks
* Invariant and Perceptually Consistent Texture Mapping for Content-based Image Retrieval
* Nearest Neighbor Classification Based on Activation Space of Convolutional Neural Network
* Predicting COVID-19 in China Using Hybrid AI Model
* Successive Phase Sharing and Distributed Multiuser Precoding in Multirelay Systems
Includes: Long, H.[Huan] Long, H.

Long, H.L.[Hua Lou] Co Author Listing * Spatio-Temporal Patterns of Urban-Rural Development and Transformation in East of the Hu Huanyong Line, China
Includes: Long, H.L.[Hua Lou] Long, H.L.[Hua-Lou]

Long, H.X.[Hai Xia] Co Author Listing * Vehicle classification for large-scale traffic surveillance videos using Convolutional Neural Networks
Includes: Long, H.X.[Hai Xia] Long, H.X.[Hai-Xia]

Long, H.Z.[Hui Zhong] Co Author Listing * hybrid model for invariant and perceptual texture mapping, A
Includes: Long, H.Z.[Hui Zhong] Long, H.Z.[Hui-Zhong]

Long, J. Co Author Listing * Accuracy Assessment Of Go Pro Hero 3 (black) Camera In Underwater Environment
* Animation of trees in wind using sparse motion capture data
* Effects of Disturbance and Climate Change on Ecosystem Performance in the Yukon River Basin Boreal Forest
* Fast haze removal for a single remote sensing image using dark channel prior
* Fully Convolutional Networks for Semantic Segmentation
* Land Cover Characterization and Mapping of South America for the Year 2010 Using Landsat 30 m Satellite Data
* Lossless and Reversible Data Hiding in Encrypted Images With Public-Key Cryptography
* Modelling Place Visit Probability Sequences during Trajectory Data Gaps Based on Movement History
* Multi-level Gate Feature Aggregation with Spatially Adaptive Batch-instance Normalization for Semantic Image Synthesis
* Multimodal BCIs: Target Detection, Multidimensional Control, and Awareness Evaluation in Patients With Disorder of Consciousness
Includes: Long, J. Long, J.[Jie] Long, J.[Jordan] Long, J.[Jiao] Long, J.[Jonathan] Long, J.[Jing] Long, J.[Jed] Long, J.[Jia]
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Long, J.A. Co Author Listing * Medical Image Computing and Computer-Aided Medical Interventions Applied to Soft Tissues: Work in Progress in Urology
* MLP Based Linear Feature Extraction for Nonlinearly Separable Data
* Monte Carlo Evaluation of the Moving Method, K-means and Self-Organising Neural Networks, A
* Time Geography: Old Ideas Applied to New Datasets
* use of linked line segments for cluster representation and data reduction, The
Includes: Long, J.A. Long, J.A.[Jed A.]

Long, J.C.[Jian Cheng] Co Author Listing * Control Strategies for Dispersing Incident-Based Traffic Jams in Two-Way Grid Networks
Includes: Long, J.C.[Jian Cheng] Long, J.C.[Jian-Cheng]

Long, J.F.[Jian Feng] Co Author Listing * Near Infrared Face Image Quality Assessment System of Video Sequences
Includes: Long, J.F.[Jian Feng] Long, J.F.[Jian-Feng]

Long, J.P.[Jiang Ping] Co Author Listing * Coniferous Plantations Growing Stock Volume Estimation Using Advanced Remote Sensing Algorithms and Various Fused Data
* Estimating the Growing Stem Volume of Chinese Pine and Larch Plantations based on Fused Optical Data Using an Improved Variable Screening Method and Stacking Algorithm
* Mapping Growing Stem Volume of Chinese Fir Plantation Using a Saturation-based Multivariate Method and Quad-polarimetric SAR Images
* Mapping the Growing Stem Volume of the Coniferous Plantations in North China Using Multispectral Data from Integrated GF-2 and Sentinel-2 Images and an Optimized Feature Variable Selection Method
* Novel Method for Estimating Spatial Distribution of Forest Above-Ground Biomass Based on Multispectral Fusion Data and Ensemble Learning Algorithm, A
Includes: Long, J.P.[Jiang Ping] Long, J.P.[Jiang-Ping]

Long, J.W.[Joseph W.] Co Author Listing * Bathymetric Inversion and Uncertainty Estimation from Synthetic Surf-Zone Imagery with Machine Learning
* Exposure of Loggerhead Sea Turtle Nests to Waves in the Florida Panhandle

Long, J.Y.[Jian Yong] Co Author Listing * Automatic defect inspection system for beer bottles based on deep residual learning
* Spherical Layout with Proximity-Based Multimodal Feedback for Eyes-Free Target Acquisition in Virtual Reality
Includes: Long, J.Y.[Jian Yong] Long, J.Y.[Jian-Yong] Long, J.Y.[Jin-Yi]

Long, K. Co Author Listing * Deep Comprehensive Correlation Mining for Image Clustering
* Reliability-Aware Joint Optimization for Cooperative Vehicular Communication and Computing
* Spatiotemporal super-resolution for multiview video in transform domain
Includes: Long, K. Long, K.[Kejun] Long, K.[Keyu]

Long, K.L. Co Author Listing * Comparison of Expert Ratings and Marker-Less Hand Tracking Along OSATS-Derived Motion Scales, A

Long, K.X.[Kai Xuan] Co Author Listing * Optimal Wireless Streaming of Multi-Quality 360 VR Video By Exploiting Natural, Relative Smoothness-Enabled, and Transcoding-Enabled Multicast Opportunities
Includes: Long, K.X.[Kai Xuan] Long, K.X.[Kai-Xuan]

Long, L.[Liang] Co Author Listing * Hybrid Framework for High-Performance Modeling of Three-Dimensional Pipe Networks, A

Long, L.R.[L. Rodney] Co Author Listing * Automatic Detection of Anatomical Landmarks in Uterine Cervix Images
* Cervicographic image retrieval by spatial similarity of lesions
* Evaluation of shape similarity measurement methods for spine X-ray images
* Hierarchical segmentation of cervical and lumbar vertebrae using a customized generalized Hough transform and extensions to active appearance models
* Integrating visual words as bunch of n-grams for effective biomedical image classification
* Multi-feature based benchmark for cervical dysplasia classification evaluation
* Multimodal Entity Coreference for Cervical Dysplasia Diagnosis
* New Image Data Set and Benchmark for Cervical Dysplasia Classification Evaluation, A
Includes: Long, L.R.[L. Rodney] Long, L.R.
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Long, M. Co Author Listing * CGR-GAN: CG Facial Image Regeneration for Antiforensics Based on Generative Adversarial Network
* Deep Cauchy Hashing for Hamming Space Retrieval
* Digital breast tomosynthesis improves diagnostic accuracy of breast microcalcifications
* Face presentation attack detection based on chromatic co-occurrence of local binary pattern and ensemble learning
* Face spoofing detection based on color texture Markov feature and support vector machine recursive feature elimination
* HashGAN: Deep Learning to Hash with Pair Conditional Wasserstein GAN
* Identifying source camera using guided image estimation and block weighted average
* Maximum-Margin Hamming Hashing
* Probabilistic Video Prediction From Noisy Data With a Posterior Confidence
* Region-of-interest image coding based on EBCOT
* Reversible data hiding based on RSBEMD coding and adaptive multi-segment left and right histogram shifting
* reversible visible watermarking for 2D CAD engineering graphics based on graphics fusion, A
* reversible watermarking for authenticating 2D vector graphics based on bionic spider web, A
* Robust Coverless Image Steganography Based on DCT and LDA Topic Classification
* Semi-Fragile Reversible Watermarking for Authenticating 2D Engineering Graphics Based on Improved Region Nesting, A
* Separable reversible data hiding and encryption for HEVC video
* Separable Robust Reversible Watermarking in Encrypted 2D Vector Graphics
* Source Camera Identification Based on Guided Image Estimation and Block Weighted Average
* Spatiotemporal Pyramid Network for Video Action Recognition
* Tunable Selective Encryption Scheme for H.265/HEVC Based on Chroma IPM and Coefficient Scrambling, A
* Visible Reversible Watermarking for 3d Models Based on Mesh Subdivision
* VSP-based emission factor calibration and signal timing optimisation for arterial streets
Includes: Long, M. Long, M.[Meijun] Long, M.[Min] Long, M.[Meng]
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Long, M.D. Co Author Listing * Individual Differences in Trust in Autonomous Robots: Implications for Transparency

Long, M.S.[Ming Sheng] Co Author Listing * Cross-Modal Hamming Hashing
* Deep Visual-Semantic Quantization for Efficient Image Retrieval
* HashNet: Deep Learning to Hash by Continuation
* Learning to Detect Open Classes for Universal Domain Adaptation
* Learning to Transfer Examples for Partial Domain Adaptation
* Local Hybrid Coding for Image Classification
* Memory in Memory: A Predictive Neural Network for Learning Higher-Order Non-Stationarity From Spatiotemporal Dynamics
* MetaSets: Meta-Learning on Point Sets for Generalizable Representations
* Minimum Class Confusion for Versatile Domain Adaptation
* MotionRNN: A Flexible Model for Video Prediction with Spacetime-Varying Motions
* Negative Margin Matters: Understanding Margin in Few-Shot Classification
* Open Domain Generalization with Domain-Augmented Meta-Learning
* Partial Adversarial Domain Adaptation
* Partial Transfer Learning with Selective Adversarial Networks
* Progressive Adversarial Networks for Fine-Grained Domain Adaptation
* Regressive Domain Adaptation for Unsupervised Keypoint Detection
* Separate to Adapt: Open Set Domain Adaptation via Progressive Separation
* Transfer Feature Learning with Joint Distribution Adaptation
* Transfer Joint Matching for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation
* Transfer Sparse Coding for Robust Image Representation
* Transferable Query Selection for Active Domain Adaptation
* Transferable Representation Learning with Deep Adaptation Networks
* Universal Domain Adaptation
Includes: Long, M.S.[Ming Sheng] Long, M.S.[Ming-Sheng]
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Long, N. Co Author Listing * Accuracy Assessment Of Coastal Topography Derived From UAV Images
* Monitoring the Topography of a Dynamic Tidal Inlet Using UAV Imagery
Includes: Long, N. Long, N.[Nathalie]

Long, N.Q.[Nguyen Quoc] Co Author Listing * New Modeling Approach for Spatial Prediction of Flash Flood with Biogeography Optimized CHAID Tree Ensemble and Remote Sensing Data, A

Long, P. Co Author Listing * Graph Matching by Parallel Optimization Methods: An Application to Stereo Vision
* Optical Recognition of Phase-Encrypted Biometrics

Long, P.D.[Pham Duc] Co Author Listing * Real Time Speckle Filter by Cellular Neural Network
* Real-time reconstruction of symmetrical image using Cellular Neural Network

Long, P.M.[Philip M.] Co Author Listing * Benchmarking large-scale Fine-Grained Categorization
* Efficient Cost Measures for Motion Estimation at Low Bit Rates
Includes: Long, P.M.[Philip M.] Long, P.M.

Long, Q. Co Author Listing * Image fusion based on a sparse linear system
* Real-time Dense Disparity Estimation based on Multi-Path Viterbi for Intelligent Vehicle Applications
Includes: Long, Q. Long, Q.[Qian]

Long, R.[Rodney] Co Author Listing * Automated Detection of Human Papillomavirus: Via Analysis of Linear Array Images
* Customized hough transform for robust segmentation of cervical vertebrae from X-ray images
* f-Sim: A quasi-realistic fMRI simulation toolbox using digital brain phantom and modeled noise
* hybrid watershed method for cell image segmentation, A
* Novel coarse-to-fine dual scale technique for tuberculosis cavity detection in chest radiographs
* Perceptual visual quality assessment using deeply-learned gaze shifting kernel
* Visualization and Detection of Changes in Brain States Using t-SNE
Includes: Long, R.[Rodney] Long, R. Long, R.[Richard] Long, R.[Renyan]
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Long, S.[Shun] Co Author Listing * Fast Region-Adaptive Defogging and Enhancement for Outdoor Images Containing Sky
* New Approaches to Processing Ground-Based SAR (GBSAR) Data for Deformation Monitoring
* New Processing Chain for Real-Time Ground-Based SAR (RT-GBSAR) Deformation Monitoring, A
* Seasonal and Interannual Variability of the Indo-Pacific Warm Pool and its Associated Climate Factors Based on Remote Sensing
Includes: Long, S.[Shun] Long, S.[Sichun] Long, S.[Shuang]

Long, S.B.[Shang Bang] Co Author Listing * Scene Text Detection and Recognition: The Deep Learning Era
* TextSnake: A Flexible Representation for Detecting Text of Arbitrary Shapes
Includes: Long, S.B.[Shang Bang] Long, S.B.[Shang-Bang]

Long, S.J. Co Author Listing * OCR in the United States Postal Service: Present Status and Future Needs

Long, S.L.[Shi Lin] Co Author Listing * Underlying Topography Inversion Using TomoSAR Based on Non-Local Means for an L-Band Airborne Dataset
Includes: Long, S.L.[Shi Lin] Long, S.L.[Shi-Lin]

Long, S.Q.[Shu Qin] Co Author Listing * Examplar coherent 3D face reconstruction from forensic mugshot database
Includes: Long, S.Q.[Shu Qin] Long, S.Q.[Shu-Qin]

Long, T.[Teng] Co Author Listing * Accurate Focusing and Resolution Analysis Method in Geosynchronous SAR, The
* Assessing Light Pollution in China Based on Nighttime Light Imagery
* Block Adjustment With Relaxed Constraints From Reference Images of Coarse Resolution
* Building compact MQDF classifier for large character set recognition by subspace distribution sharing
* Building Compact MQDF Classifier for Off-line Handwritten Chinese Characters by Subspace Distribution Sharing
* DBS Doppler Centroid Estimation Algorithm Based on Entropy Minimization, A
* Discrimination of Parallel and Perpendicular Insects Based on Relative Phase of Scattering Matrix Eigenvalues
* Experimental Results and Algorithm Analysis of DEM Generation Using Bistatic SAR Interferometry With Stationary Receiver
* Extended NLCS Algorithm of BiSAR Systems With a Squinted Transmitter and a Fixed Receiver: Theory and Experimental Confirmation
* First Helicopter Platform-Based Equivalent GEO SAR Experiment With Long Integration Time, The
* Geometric Correction Model Based On Areal Features For Multisource Images Rectification, The
* Hybrid recognition for one stroke style cursive handwriting characters
* Image Formation Algorithm for Asymmetric Bistatic SAR Systems With a Fixed Receiver
* Impacts of Temporal-Spatial Variant Background Ionosphere on Repeat-Track GEO D-InSAR System
* Improved Frequency Domain Focusing Method in Geosynchronous SAR, An
* Improved Motion Compensation Approach for Squint Airborne SAR
* Improved PolSAR Image Speckle Reduction Algorithm Based on Structural Judgment and Hybrid Four-Component Polarimetric Decomposition, An
* Insect Biological Parameter Estimation Based on the Invariant Target Parameters of the Scattering Matrix
* Insect Multifrequency Polarimetric Radar Cross Section: Experimental Results and Analysis
* Migratory Insect Multifrequency Radar Cross Sections for Morphological Parameter Estimation
* Modeling and Quantitative Analysis of Tropospheric Impact on Inclined Geosynchronous SAR Imaging
* Modified Fixed-Point Chirp Scaling Algorithm Based on Updating Phase Factors Regionally for Spaceborne SAR Real-Time Imaging, A
* Modified Nonlinear Chirp Scaling Algorithm for Spaceborne/Stationary Bistatic SAR Based on Series Reversion, A
* Modified Three-Stage Inversion Algorithm Based on R-RVoG Model for Pol-InSAR Data, A
* Near-Field Phase Cross Correlation Focusing Imaging and Parameter Estimation for Penetrating Radar
* New Method for Geometric Quality Evaluation of Remote Sensing Image Based on Information Entropy, A
* New Simplified Gravitational Clustering Method for Multi-prototype Learning Based on Minimum Classification Error Training, A
* novel orientation free method for online unconstrained cursive handwritten chinese word recognition, A
* Ongoing Conflict Makes Yemen Dark: From the Perspective of Nighttime Light
* Optimal Data Acquisition and Height Retrieval in Repeat-Track Geosynchronous SAR Interferometry
* Parametric Image Reconstruction for Edge Recovery From Synthetic Aperture Radar Echoes
* Radial Velocity Retrieval for Multichannel SAR Moving Targets With Time-Space Doppler Deambiguity
* Retrieval Method of Vertical Profiles of Reflectivity for Migratory Animals Using Weather Radar, A
* Searching for Actions on the Hyperbole
* Strip Layering Diagram-Based Optimum Continuously Varying Pulse Interval Sequence Design for Extremely High-Resolution Spaceborne Sliding Spotlight SAR
* Study On Modeling And Visualizing The Positional Uncertainty Of Remote Sensing Image
* Sub-Array Weighting UN-MUSIC: A Unified Framework and Optimal Weighting Strategy
* Subaperture Approach Based on Azimuth-Dependent Range Cell Migration Correction and Azimuth Focusing Parameter Equalization for Maneuvering High-Squint-Mode SAR
* system for performance evaluation of arc segmentation algorithms, A
* Test generation algorithm for analog systems based on support vector machine
* Zero-shot learning via discriminative representation extraction
Includes: Long, T.[Teng] Long, T.[Tengfei] Long, T. Long, T.[Ting]
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Long, T.F.[Teng Fei] Co Author Listing * 30 m Resolution Global Annual Burned Area Mapping Based on Landsat Images and Google Earth Engine
* Assessment of Annual Composite Images Obtained by Google Earth Engine for Urban Areas Mapping Using Random Forest
* Characterizing Light Pollution Trends across Protected Areas in China Using Nighttime Light Remote Sensing Data
* Extension of Phase Correlation-Based Image Registration to Estimate Similarity Transform Using Multiple Polar Fourier Transform, An
* Fast and Reliable Matching Method for Automated Georeferencing of Remotely-Sensed Imagery, A
* generic framework for image rectification using multiple types of feature, A
* Local Deep Descriptor for Remote Sensing Image Feature Matching
* Multilayer Perceptron Neural Network for Surface Water Extraction in Landsat 8 OLI Satellite Images
* Novel Image Registration Method Based on Phase Correlation Using Low-Rank Matrix Factorization With Mixture of Gaussian, A
* Novel Land Cover Classification Map Based on a MODIS Time-Series in Xinjiang, China, A
* Relative Radiation Normalization Method of ISS Nighttime Light Images Based on Pseudo Invariant Features, A
* RPC Estimation via L_1-Norm-Regularized Least Squares (L1LS)
Includes: Long, T.F.[Teng Fei] Long, T.F.[Teng-Fei]
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Long, T.H.[Tian Hang] Co Author Listing * Locality preserving projection based on Euler representation
Includes: Long, T.H.[Tian Hang] Long, T.H.[Tian-Hang]

Long, T.M.[Timothy Merrick] Co Author Listing * Optimising image compositing

Long, V. Co Author Listing * model for detecting and merging vertically spanned table cells in plain text documents, A
* RDF-Based Blackboard Architecture for Improving Table Analysis, An
Includes: Long, V. Long, V.[Vanessa]

Long, V.T.[Vuong Tung] Co Author Listing * Reduced Reference Quality Metric for Synthesized Virtual Views in 3DTV

Long, W. Co Author Listing * Feasibility of Swept Synthetic Aperture Ultrasound Imaging
* Image defogging based on amended dark channel prior and 4-directional L1 regularisation
* Log-Tracker: An Attribute-Based Approach to Tracking Human Body Motion
* MimickNet, Mimicking Clinical Image Post- Processing Under Black-Box Constraints
* night low-illumination image enhancement model based on small probability area filtering and lossless mapping enhancement, A
* Novel Fast Full Frame Video Stabilization via Three-Layer Model, A
* Salient object detection employing robust sparse representation and local consistency
* Stationary Background Generation: An Alternative to the Difference of Two Images
Includes: Long, W. Long, W.[Wei] Long, W.[Wang]
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Long, X.[Xiang] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Model for Particle Fluid Surface Reconstruction, An
* Attention Clusters: Purely Attention Based Local Feature Integration for Video Classification
* Cluster Regularized Quantization for Deep Networks Compression
* Directionally Adaptive Filter for Synthetic Aperture Radar Interferometric Phase Images
* Effective automatic recognition of cultured cells in bright field images using fisher's linear discriminant preprocessing
* Graph-pcnn: Two Stage Human Pose Estimation with Graph Pose Refinement
* Magnetic Resonance-Guided Focused Ultrasound Neuromodulation System With a Whole Brain Coil Array for Nonhuman Primates at 3 T, A
* Multiclass cell detection in bright field images of cell mixtures with ECOC probability estimation
* Registration of Images With Varying Topology Using Embedded Maps
* Underdetermined Direct Localization of Emitters Based on Spatio-Temporal Processing
* Video-based discomfort detection for infants
* VSRNet: End-to-end video segment retrieval with text query
Includes: Long, X.[Xiang] Long, X. Long, X.[Xi]
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Long, X.G.[Xing Guo] Co Author Listing * Vision-Assisted Autonomous Lower-Limb Exoskeleton Robot
Includes: Long, X.G.[Xing Guo] Long, X.G.[Xing-Guo]

Long, X.J.[Xiao Jing] Co Author Listing * automatic unsupervised classification of MR images in Alzheimer's disease, An
* Location emotion recognition for travel recommendation based on social network
Includes: Long, X.J.[Xiao Jing] Long, X.J.[Xiao-Jing] Long, X.J.[Xing-Jian]

Long, X.M.[Xing Ming] Co Author Listing * Study of Image Restoration Using Complex Wavelets
Includes: Long, X.M.[Xing Ming] Long, X.M.[Xing-Ming]

Long, X.X.[Xiao Xiao] Co Author Listing * Multi-view Depth Estimation using Epipolar Spatio-Temporal Networks
* Occlusion-aware Depth Estimation with Adaptive Normal Constraints
* On-orbit Geometric Calibration Approach For High-resolution Geostationary Optical Satellite Gaofen-4
Includes: Long, X.X.[Xiao Xiao] Long, X.X.[Xiao-Xiao] Long, X.X.[Xiao-Xiang]

Long, X.Y.[Xiao Yi] Co Author Listing * Hyperspectral and Multispectral Remote Sensing Image Fusion Based on Endmember Spatial Information
Includes: Long, X.Y.[Xiao Yi] Long, X.Y.[Xiao-Yi]

Long, X.Z.[Xian Zhong] Co Author Listing * Weakly supervised label distribution learning based on transductive matrix completion with sample correlations
Includes: Long, X.Z.[Xian Zhong] Long, X.Z.[Xian-Zhong]

Long, Y. Co Author Listing * 2D Pose-Based Real-Time Human Action Recognition With Occlusion-Handling
* 3D Forward and Back-Projection for X-Ray CT Using Separable Footprints
* Accurate Object Localization in Remote Sensing Images Based on Convolutional Neural Networks
* Adaptive RGB Image Recognition by Visual-Depth Embedding
* Adaptive Visual-Depth Fusion Transfer
* ADCrowdNet: An Attention-Injective Deformable Convolutional Network for Crowd Understanding
* Advanced Nonlinear Frequency Modulation Waveform for Radar Imaging With Low Sidelobe, An
* Attribute Embedding with Visual-Semantic Ambiguity Removal for Zero-shot Learning
* BRINT: Binary Rotation Invariant and Noise Tolerant Texture Classification
* Classification complexity assessment for hyper-parameter optimization
* DECT-MULTRA: Dual-Energy CT Image Decomposition With Learned Mixed Material Models and Efficient Clustering
* Deep transductive network for generalized zero shot learning
* Depth Coefficients for Depth Completion
* Depth Embedded Recurrent Predictive Parsing Network for Video Scenes
* Describing Unseen Classes by Exemplars: Zero-Shot Learning Using Grouped Simile Ensemble
* Detecting Urban Events by Considering Long Temporal Dependency of Sentiment Strength in Geotagged Social Media Data
* Evaluation and Projection of Wind Speed in the Arid Region of Northwest China Based on CMIP6
* Extending the Pairwise Separability Index for Multicrop Identification Using Time-Series MODIS Images
* From Zero-Shot Learning to Conventional Supervised Classification: Unseen Visual Data Synthesis
* Generic compact representation through visual-semantic ambiguity removal
* Geographic Analysis Of Optimal Signage Location Selection In Scenic Area, A
* hierarchical pipelining architecture and FPGA implementation for lifting-based 2-D DWT, A
* High-Resolution Remote Sensing Image Retrieval Based on CNNs from a Dimensional Perspective
* Indoor Space Partition Method And Its Fingerprint Positioning Optimization Considering Pedestrian Accessibility, An
* Inferring Affective Meanings of Words from Word Embedding
* Integration of Sentinel-3 OLCI Land Products and MERRA2 Meteorology Data into Light Use Efficiency and Vegetation Index-Driven Models for Modeling Gross Primary Production
* Joint Label Space for Generalized Zero-Shot Classification, A
* Learning RoI Transformer for Oriented Object Detection in Aerial Images
* Low dose CT image reconstruction with learned sparsifying transform
* Map Matching for Urban High-Sampling-Frequency GPS Trajectories
* Merging Framework for Rainfall Estimation at High Spatiotemporal Resolution for Distributed Hydrological Modeling in a Data-Scarce Area, A
* Method of Directional Signs Location Selection and Content Generation in Scenic Areas, A
* Multi-Material Decomposition Using Statistical Image Reconstruction for Spectral CT
* Multi-Source-Driven Asynchronous Diffusion Model for Video-Sharing in Online Social Networks
* New Urban Vitality Analysis and Evaluation Framework Based on Human Activity Modeling Using Multi-Source Big Data, A
* New Urban Vitality Analysis and Evaluation Framework Based on Human Activity Modeling Using Multi-Source Big Data, A
* Pairwise-Distance-Analysis-Driven Dimensionality Reduction Model with Double Mappings for Hyperspectral Image Visualization
* Parallel Bin-Occupancy Filter for Image Observation
* Perspectives on stability and mobility of transit passenger's travel behaviour through smart card data
* Platform and Its Applied Modes for Geography Fieldwork in Higher Education Based on Location Services, A
* plug-in attribute correction module for generalized zero-shot learning, A
* Pseudo distribution on unseen classes for generalized zero shot learning
* PWLS-ULTRA: An Efficient Clustering and Learning-Based Approach for Low-Dose 3D CT Image Reconstruction
* Radar-Camera Pixel Depth Association for Depth Completion
* Real-Time Displacement of Point Symbols Based on Spatial Distribution Characteristics
* Recognising occluded multi-view actions using local nearest neighbour embedding
* Segmented Phase Code Waveforms: A Novel Radar Waveform for Spaceborne MIMO-SAR
* Semantic combined network for zero-shot scene parsing
* Semantic Enhancement of Human Urban Activity Chain Construction Using Mobile Phone Signaling Data
* SPULTRA: Low-Dose CT Image Reconstruction With Joint Statistical and Learned Image Models
* SUPER Learning: A Supervised-Unsupervised Framework for Low-Dose CT Image Reconstruction
* Support Vector Machine Based Spectrum Allocation Scheme for the Mobile Cognitive Radio Manhattan City Environments
* Towards Fine-Grained Open Zero-Shot Learning: Inferring Unseen Visual Features from Attributes
* Towards Universal Representation for Unseen Action Recognition
* Triple Verification Network for Generalized Zero-Shot Learning
* Unified Supervised-Unsupervised (SUPER) Learning for X-Ray CT Image Reconstruction
* Unsupervised Deep Hashing With Pseudo Labels for Scalable Image Retrieval
* Using Geotagged Social Media Data to Explore Sentiment Changes in Tourist Flow: A Spatiotemporal Analytical Framework
* Zero-shot Hashing with orthogonal projection for image retrieval
* Zero-Shot Learning Using Synthesised Unseen Visual Data with Diffusion Regularisation
Includes: Long, Y. Long, Y.[Yang] Long, Y.[Yongchao] Long, Y.[Yunfei] Long, Y.[Yi] Long, Y.[Yunxia] Long, Y.[Ying] Long, Y.[Yun] Long, Y.[Yinping] Long, Y.[Yao] Long, Y.[Yajun] Long, Y.[Yong]
60 for Long, Y.

Long, Y.H.[Yong Hong] Co Author Listing * Color Recovery Algorithm Based on Color Space Transformation, A
* TCD-CF: Triple cross-domain collaborative filtering recommendation
* Temporal Memory Relation Network for Workflow Recognition From Surgical Video
Includes: Long, Y.H.[Yong Hong] Long, Y.H.[Yong-Hong] Long, Y.H.[Yong-Hao]

Long, Y.J.[Yang Jing] Co Author Listing * Demosaicking recognition with applications in digital photo authentication based on a quadratic pixel correlation model
* Human Age Estimation by Metric Learning for Regression Problems
Includes: Long, Y.J.[Yang Jing] Long, Y.J.[Yang-Jing]

Long, Y.L.[Yun Li] Co Author Listing * Extended local binary patterns for texture classification
Includes: Long, Y.L.[Yun Li] Long, Y.L.[Yun-Li]

Long, Y.Q.[Yang Qi] Co Author Listing * Depth completion towards different sensor configurations via relative depth map estimation and scale recovery
* Gully Erosion Susceptibility Mapping in Highly Complex Terrain Using Machine Learning Models
Includes: Long, Y.Q.[Yang Qi] Long, Y.Q.[Yang-Qi] Long, Y.Q.[Yong-Qing]

Long, Z.[Zhiling] Co Author Listing * Automatic fault tracking across seismic volumes via tracking vectors
* Bayesian Low Rank Tensor Ring for Image Recovery
* Completed local derivative pattern for rotation invariant texture classification
* Contourlet Spectral Histogram for Texture Classification
* Downscaling Solar-Induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence Based on Convolutional Neural Network Method to Monitor Agricultural Drought
* Endless Fluctuations: Temporal Dynamics of the Amplitude of Low Frequency Fluctuations
* High-Speed, Real-Time Vision System for Texture Tracking and Thread Counting, A
* Image Completion Using Low Tensor Tree Rank and Total Variation Minimization
* Low CP Rank and Tucker Rank Tensor Completion for Estimating Missing Components in Image Data
* Low-rank tensor ring learning for multi-linear regression
* Parallelized 3-D CSEM Inversion With Secondary Field Formulation and Hexahedral Mesh
* Real-Time Video Super-Resolution on Smartphones with Deep Learning, Mobile AI 2021 Challenge: Report
* Saliency detection for seismic applications using multi-dimensional spectral projections and directional comparisons
* Soil Moisture Estimation With SVR and Data Augmentation Based on Alpha Approximation Method
* Study on Preparation and Characterization of Magnetic Paper with Bleached Chemical Pulp
* Subsurface Structure Analysis Using Computational Interpretation and Learning: A Visual Signal Processing Perspective
* Tensor rank learning in CP decomposition via convolutional neural network
* Wi-Fi Indoor Positioning Modeling Based on Location Fingerprint and Cluster Analysis, A
Includes: Long, Z.[Zhiling] Long, Z.[Zhen] Long, Z. Long, Z.[Zeyu] Long, Z.[Zhili]
18 for Long, Z.

Long, Z.L.[Zhi Ling] Co Author Listing * Contourlet Image Modeling with Contextual Hidden Markov Models
* Multi-Level Texture Encoding and Representation (Multer) Based on Deep Neural Networks
* Tensor-based subspace learning for tracking salt-dome boundaries
* Unsupervised Uncertainty Estimation Using Spatiotemporal Cues in Video Saliency Detection
Includes: Long, Z.L.[Zhi Ling] Long, Z.L.[Zhi-Ling]

Long, Z.Y.[Zhi Yong] Co Author Listing * Practical Cross-View Image Matching Method between UAV and Satellite for UAV-Based Geo-Localization, A
* Study on Water Bodies Extraction with FY3A Satellite Image
Includes: Long, Z.Y.[Zhi Yong] Long, Z.Y.[Zhi-Yong]

Longbotham, H. Co Author Listing * Statistical Properties, Fixed Points, and Decomposition with WMMR Filters
* Texture segmentation by symmetric and asymmetric filters

Longbotham, H.G. Co Author Listing * Elimination of bias in the FIR-median hybrid filter
* Nonlinear Image Processing IV
* Nonlinear Image Processing V
* Nonlinear Image Processing VI
* Nonlinear Image Processing VII
Includes: Longbotham, H.G. Longbotham, H.G.[Harold G.]

Longbotham, N. Co Author Listing * Importance of Physical Quantities for the Analysis of Multitemporal and Multiangular Optical Very High Spatial Resolution Images, The
* Kernel Anomalous Change Detection for Remote Sensing Imagery
* Pairwise-Distance-Analysis-Driven Dimensionality Reduction Model with Double Mappings for Hyperspectral Image Visualization
* Understanding angular effects in VHR imagery and their significance for urban land-cover model portability: A study of two multi-angle in-track image sequences
* Very High Resolution Multiangle Urban Classification Analysis
Includes: Longbotham, N. Longbotham, N.[Nathan]

Longbren, A.V. Co Author Listing * Fine Structure of Television Images, The

Longchamps, L.[Louis] Co Author Listing * Use of Fluorescence Sensing to Detect Nitrogen and Potassium Variability in Maize
* Using NDVI to Differentiate Wheat Genotypes Productivity Under Dryland and Irrigated Conditions

Longcore, T.[Travis] Co Author Listing * Case for a New Satellite Mission for Remote Sensing of Night Lights, A

Longdoz, B.[Bernard] Co Author Listing * Intercomparison of clumping index estimates from POLDER, MODIS, and MISR satellite data over reference sites

Longepe, N. Co Author Listing * Assessment of ALOS PALSAR 50 m Orthorectified FBD Data for Regional Land Cover Classification by Support Vector Machines
* Automated Rain Detection by Dual-Polarization Sentinel-1 Data
* KappaMask: AI-Based Cloudmask Processor for Sentinel-2
* Vessel Refocusing and Velocity Estimation on SAR Imagery Using the Fractional Fourier Transform
Includes: Longepe, N. Longépé, N.[Nicolas] Longepe, N.[Nicolas] Longépé, N.

Longere, P. Co Author Listing * Perceptual assessment of demosaicing algorithm performance

Longevialle, C. Co Author Listing * Image Sequence Processing and Pattern Recognition of Bio-Medical Pictures

Longhenry, R.[Ryan] Co Author Listing * Land Product Characterization System for Comparative Analysis of Satellite Data and Products, A

Longhi, B. Co Author Listing * Whole Heart Region Segmentation from CT and MRI Images Using a Hybrid Model

Longhi, S. Co Author Listing * Bayesian Approach to the Hough Transform for Line Detection, A

Longhitano, G.A. Co Author Listing * Rapid Acquisition of Environmental Information After Accidents with Hazardous Cargo Through Remote Sensing by UAV

Longhitano, S.[Sabrina] Co Author Listing * Supporting Skin Lesion Diagnosis with Content-Based Image Retrieval

Longley, P.[Paul] Co Author Listing * Geo-Referencing and Mapping 1901 Census Addresses for England and Wales

Longman, O. Co Author Listing * Rise of Radar for Autonomous Vehicles: Signal processing solutions and future research directions, The

Longman, R.[Ram] Co Author Listing * Embedded Cyclegan For Shape-Agnostic Image-To-Image Translation

Longmire, M.S. Co Author Listing * Simulation of mid-infrared clutter rejection: 1. One-dimensional LMS spatial filter and adaptive threshold algorithms

Longmire, P.[Pauline] Co Author Listing * Comparison of High Spatial Resolution Imagery for Efficient Generation of GIS Vegetation Layers

Longnecker, N.[Nancy] Co Author Listing * Embodied Earth: Experiencing natural phenomena

Longo, A.[Annalisa] Co Author Listing * CLICK TEATRO Project: Augmented Reality and Promotion of Theater Events

Longo, F.[Francesco] Co Author Listing * ASI Integrated Sounder-SAR System Operating in the UHF-VHF Bands: First Results of the 2018 Helicopter-Borne Morocco Desert Campaign, The

Longo, K.[Kate] Co Author Listing * Two Enhanced Fourth Order Diffusion Models for Image Denoising

Longo, M. Co Author Listing * 3D Adaptive Predictive Coding of Moving Images by Block Segmentaiton
* Class of Cloud Detection Algorithms Based on a MAP-MRF Approach in Space and Time, A
* e-Mobility Forecast for the Transnational e-Corridor Planning
* Exploitation of Vehicle-to-Grid Function for Power Quality Improvement in a Smart Grid, The
* Long-Term Impacts of Selective Logging on Amazon Forest Dynamics from Multi-Temporal Airborne LiDAR
* VR Visualisation as an Interdisciplinary Collaborative Data Exploration Tool for Large Eddy Simulations of Biosphere-Atmosphere Interactions
Includes: Longo, M. Longo, M.[Marcos]

Longo, P.[Peter] Co Author Listing * Analyzing Facial Expressions Using Intensity-Variant 3D Data For Human Computer Interaction
* Automatic Facial Pose Determination of 3D Range Data for Face Model and Expression Identification

Longo, R.[Renata] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Image Content-Based Exposure Control for Scanning Applications in Radiography

Longo, S.[Stefano] Co Author Listing * Framework for Self-Enforced Optimal Interaction Between Connected Vehicles, A

Longo, V.[Vittorio] Co Author Listing * Monitoring of Surface Temperature on Parco delle Biancane (Italian Geothermal Area) Using Optical Satellite Data, UAV and Field Campaigns

Longobardi, A.[Antonia] Co Author Listing * Prediction of Potential and Actual Evapotranspiration Fluxes Using Six Meteorological Data-Based Approaches for a Range of Climate and Land Cover Types

Longobardi, S.[Stefano] Co Author Listing * In Silico Mapping of the Omecamtiv Mecarbil Effects from the Sarcomere to the Whole-Heart and Back Again

Longoni, L. Co Author Listing * Feasibility and problems of TLS in modeling rock faces for hazard mapping
* Monitoring Riverbank Erosion in Mountain Catchments Using Terrestrial Laser Scanning
* Remote Sensing for Landslide Investigations: An Overview of Recent Achievements and Perspectives
* Some Tools to Support Teaching Photogrammetry for Slope Stability Assessment And Monitoring
* Teaching Geomatics for Geohazard Mitigation and Management In The Covid-19 Time
Includes: Longoni, L. Longoni, L.[Laura]

Longstaff, I.D. Co Author Listing * Extracting the Cliques from a Neighborhood System
* Nonparametric Markov Random Field Model Analysis of the MeasTex Test Suite
* On Extensions to Fisher's Linear Discriminant Function
* Open-ended Texture Classification for Terrain Mapping
* Sample size estimation using the receiver operating characteristic curve
* Texture Segmentation Using Zero Crossings Information
* Texture Synthesis and Unsupervised Recognition with a Nonparametric Multiscale Markov Random Field Model
* Texture Synthesis via a Noncausal Nonparametric Multiscale Markov Random Field
* Three-dimensional space-borne synthetic aperture radar (SAR) imaging with multiple pass processing
Includes: Longstaff, I.D. Longstaff, I.D.[I. Dennis]
9 for Longstaff, I.D.

Longuet Higgins, H.C. Co Author Listing * Algorithm for Associating the Features of Two Images, An
* Computational Model of Binocular Depth Derception, A
* Computational Model of Binocular Depth Perception, A
* Computer Algorithm for Reconstructing a Scene from Two Projections, A
* Configurations That Defeat the 8-Point Algorithm
* Feature grouping by relocalisation of eigenvectors of the proximity matrix
* Interpretation of a Moving Retinal Image, The
* Method of Obtaining the Relative Positions of Four Points from Three Perspective Projections, A
* Multiple Interpretations of a Pair of Images of a Surface
* Psychology of Vision, The
* Reconstruction a Scene from Two Projections -- Configurations That Defeat the 8-Point Algorithm, The
* Visual Ambiguity of a Moving Plane, The
* Visual Motion Ambiguity
Includes: Longuet Higgins, H.C. Longuet-Higgins, H.C. Longuet-Higgins, H.C.[H. Christopher]
13 for Longuet Higgins, H.C.

Longuet Higgins, M.S. Co Author Listing * Statistical Analysis of a Random Moving Surface, The
* Statistical Properties of an Isotropic Random Surface
Includes: Longuet Higgins, M.S. Longuet-Higgins, M.S.

Longuet, B. Co Author Listing * Medial Faces from a Concise 3D Thinning Algorithm

Longuetaud, F.[Fleur] Co Author Listing * Knot Detection in X-Ray CT Images of Wood
* Knot segmentation in 3D CT images of wet wood
* Robust Knot Segmentation by Knot Pith Tracking in 3D Tangential Images

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