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Montabone, S.[Sebastian] Co Author Listing * Human detection using a mobile platform and novel features derived from a visual saliency mechanism

Montag, E.D.[Ethan D.] Co Author Listing * Evaluating tone mapping algorithms for rendering non-pictorial (scientific) high-dynamic-range images
* Influence of Boundary Information on the Perception of Color
* Psychophysical Evaluation of Gamut Mapping Techniques Using Simple Rendered Images and Artificial Gamut Boundaries
* Techniques for Fusion of Multimodal Images: Application to Breast Imaging
Includes: Montag, E.D.[Ethan D.] Montag, E.D.

Montag, R.[Rainer] Co Author Listing * email: Montag, R.[Rainer]: montag AT igd fhg de

Montaghi, A.[Alessandro] Co Author Listing * Estimating Understory Temperatures Using MODIS LST in Mixed Cordilleran Forests
* Use of ETM+ images to extend stem volume estimates obtained from LiDAR data
* Use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for Monitoring Recovery of Forest Vegetation on Petroleum Well Sites

Montagna, R.[Roberto] Co Author Listing * Constrained pseudo-Brownian motion and its application to image enhancement
* Padua point interpolation and Lp-norm minimisation in colour-based image indexing and retrieval
* Reducing integrability artefacts for data fusion through colour space manipulation
* Reducing Integrability Error of Color Tensor Gradients for Image Fusion
Includes: Montagna, R.[Roberto] Montagna, R.

Montagnani, L.[Leonardo] Co Author Listing * Performance of Linear and Nonlinear Two-Leaf Light Use Efficiency Models at Different Temporal Scales

Montagnat, J. Co Author Listing * 3D objects visualization for remote interactive medical applications
* Anisotropic filtering for model-based segmentation of 4D cylindrical echocardiographic images
* Compensating small head displacements for an accurate fMRI registration
* framework for evaluating the impact of compression on registration algorithms without gold standard, A
* Globally constrained deformable models for 3D object reconstruction
* Hybrid Framework for Surface Registration and Deformable Models, An
* Levelset and B-Spline Deformable Model Techniques for Image Segmentation: A Pragmatic Comparative Study
* New Algorithms for Controlling Active Contours Shape and Topology
* review of deformable surfaces: topology, geometry and deformation, A
* Shape and Topology Constraints on Parametric Active Contours
* Toward Accurate Segmentation of the LV Myocardium and Chamber for Volumes Estimation in Gated SPECT Sequences
* Virtual Imaging Platform for Multi-Modality Medical Image Simulation, A
Includes: Montagnat, J. Montagnat, J.[Johan]
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Montagne, C. Co Author Listing * Adaptive dynamic time warping for recognition of natural gestures
* Adaptive filtering and hypothesis testing: Application to cancerous cells detection
* Alzheimer's disease early detection from sparse data using brain importance maps
* Bio-inspired image enhancement derived from a rank order coding model
* combining approach for 2D face recognition application on IV2 database, A
* Detection and Counting of in vivo cells to predict cell migratory potential
* Quality dependent multimodal fusion of face and iris biometrics
Includes: Montagne, C. Montagne, C.[Christophe]
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Montagner, A.[Andrea] Co Author Listing * Virtual Crowds: An LSTM-Based Framework for Crowd Simulation

Montagner, C.[Cristina] Co Author Listing * Estimating the Colors of Paintings
* Statistics of colors in paintings and natural scenes

Montagner, I.S. Co Author Listing * NILC: A two level learning algorithm with operator selection

Montagnini, A. Co Author Listing * FPGA-based pedestrian detection under strong distortions
* Tell Me What You Like and I'll Tell You What You Are: Discriminating Visual Preferences on Flickr Data
Includes: Montagnini, A. Montagnini, A.[Alessio]

Montagnon, E. Co Author Listing * Shear Wave Induced Resonance Elastography of Venous Thrombi: A Proof-of-Concept

Montagnon, T.[Tristan] Co Author Listing * Sub-pixel Optical Satellite Image Registration for Ground Deformation Using Deep Learning

Montagnuolo, M.[Maurizio] Co Author Listing * hyper media news system for multimodal and personalised fruition of informative content, The

Montagu, T.[Thierry] Co Author Listing * discrete-continuous Bayesian model for Emission Tomography, A
* Dynamic and clinical PET data reconstruction: A nonparametric Bayesian approach
* Fast Digital Filtering of Spectrometric Data for Pile-up Correction
* Variance Stabilizing Transformations for Intensity Estimators of Shot Noise
Includes: Montagu, T.[Thierry] Montagu, T.

Montague, E. Co Author Listing * Predicting physician gaze in clinical settings using optical flow and positioning

Montague, P.[Paul] Co Author Listing * Improving Adversarial Robustness by Enforcing Local and Global Compactness

Montahaei, E.[Ehsan] Co Author Listing * MoNuSAC2020: A Multi-Organ Nuclei Segmentation and Classification Challenge

Montalban, J.[Jon] Co Author Listing * LAMB-DASH: a DASH-HEVC adaptive streaming algorithm in a sharing bandwidth environment for heterogeneous contents and dynamic connections in practice

Montaldi, C.[Cristina] Co Author Listing * Land Use Changes and Ecosystem Services: The Case Study of the Abruzzo Region Coastal Strip

Montaldo, A. Co Author Listing * Causal Markov Mesh Hierarchical Modeling for the Contextual Classification of Multiresolution Satellite Images
* Multisensor and Multiresolution Remote Sensing Image Classification through a Causal Hierarchical Markov Framework and Decision Tree Ensembles
Includes: Montaldo, A. Montaldo, A.[Alessandro]

Montaldo, G. Co Author Listing * In Vivo Mapping of Brain Elasticity in Small Animals Using Shear Wave Imaging
* Shear Wave Spectroscopy for In Vivo Quantification of Human Soft Tissues Visco-Elasticity
* Ultrafast Doppler Imaging of Blood Flow Dynamics in the Myocardium

Montaldo, N.[Nicola] Co Author Listing * Multiscale Assimilation of Sentinel and Landsat Data for Soil Moisture and Leaf Area Index Predictions Using an Ensemble-Kalman-Filter-Based Assimilation Approach in a Heterogeneous Ecosystem
* On the Impacts of Historical and Future Climate Changes to the Sustainability of the Main Sardinian Forests
* Soil Moisture Estimates in a Grass Field Using Sentinel-1 Radar Data and an Assimilation Approach

Montalibet, A. Co Author Listing * Electrical impedance endo-tomography: imaging tissue from inside

Montalti, R.[Roberto] Co Author Listing * Ground Subsidence Susceptibility (GSS) Mapping in Grosseto Plain (Tuscany, Italy) Based on Satellite InSAR Data Using Frequency Ratio and Fuzzy Logic
* Monitoring Ground Instabilities Using SAR Satellite Data: A Practical Approach
* Multi-Temporal Satellite Interferometry for Fast-Motion Detection: An Application to Salt Solution Mining

Montalva, G.[Gonzalo] Co Author Listing * InSAR Monitoring Using Persistent Scatterer Interferometry (PSI) and Small Baseline Subset (SBAS) Techniques for Ground Deformation Measurement in Metropolitan Area of Concepcion, Chile
* InSAR-Based Early Warning Monitoring Framework to Assess Aquifer Deterioration
* Measuring Coastal Subsidence after Recent Earthquakes in Chile Central Using SAR Interferometry and GNSS Data

Montalvan Burbano, N.[Nestor] Co Author Listing * Google Earth Engine: A Global Analysis and Future Trends
Includes: Montalvan Burbano, N.[Nestor] Montalván-Burbano, N.[Néstor]

Montalvan, W.R.[Washington Ramirez] Co Author Listing * Computational Techniques in PET/CT Image Processing for Breast Cancer: A Systematic Mapping Review

Montalvao, J.[Jugurta] Co Author Listing * Clustering ensembles and space discretization: A new regard toward diversity and consensus
* coincidence detection perspective for the maximum mean discrepancy, A
* Contributions to empirical analysis of keystroke dynamics in passwords
* correntropy function based on coincidence detection, A
* Is masking a relevant aspect lacking in MFCC? A speaker verification perspective
* Noise Variance Estimation Through Joint Analysis of Intrinsic Dimension and Differential Entropy
* On the infinite clipping of handwritten signatures
* Two Bioinspired Methods for Dynamic Signatures Analysis
Includes: Montalvao, J.[Jugurta] Montalvão, J.[Jugurta] Montalvão, J.
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Montalvo, A.[Ana] Co Author Listing * Discriminative Capacity and Phonetic Information of Bottleneck Features in Speech
* Gaussian Segmentation and Tokenization for Low Cost Language Identification
* Language Identification Using Spectrogram Texture
* Selection of the Best Wavelet Packet Nodes Based on Mutual Information for Speaker Identification

Montalvo, F.S. Co Author Listing * Empirical Method that Provides a Basis for the Organization of Relaxation Labeling Processes for Vision, An
* Human Vision Paradox Implicates Relaxation Model

Montalvo, J.[Javier] Co Author Listing * Self-supervised Monocular Depth Estimation on Unseen Synthetic Cameras

Montalvo, M.[Martin] Co Author Listing * Acquisition of Agronomic Images with Sufficient Quality by Automatic Exposure Time Control and Histogram Matching
Includes: Montalvo, M.[Martin] Montalvo, M.[Martín]

Montalvo, S. Co Author Listing * Multilingual news clustering: Feature translation vs. identification of cognate named entities

Montana, G.[Giovanni] Co Author Listing * Biomarker discovery for sparse classification of brain images in Alzheimer's disease
* Decoupling Multimodal Transformers for Referring Video Object Segmentation
* Deep neural networks for anatomical brain segmentation
* Persistent Homology-Based Topological Loss for CNN-Based Multiclass Segmentation of CMR, A
* Random forest regression for manifold-valued responses
* Recurrent Fully Convolutional Neural Networks for Multi-slice MRI Cardiac Segmentation
* Video Object Segmentation using Point-based Memory Network
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Montanarella, L.[Luca] Co Author Listing * Soil Erosion Indicator for Supporting Agricultural, Environmental and Climate Policies in the European Union, A

Montanari, D. Co Author Listing * 3d Modelling of Archaeological Small Finds By A Low-cost Range Camera: Methodology And First Results

Montanari, R.[Roberto] Co Author Listing * Requirement Analysis for the Definition of Reusable Spatial Objects

Montanari, U. Co Author Listing * Computer Processing of Natural Scenes: Some Unsolved Problems
* Constraint Relaxation May Be Perfect
* Continuous Skeletons from Digitized Images
* Gray-Weighted Skeleton, A
* Heuristically guided search and chromosome matching
* Method for Obtaining Skeletons Using a Quasi-Euclidean Distance, A
* Networks of Constraints: Fundamental Properties and Applications to Picture Processing
* Note on Minimal Length Polygonal Approximations to a Digitized Contour, A
* On Limit Properties in Digitization Schemes
* On the Optimal Detection of Curves in Noisy Pictures
* Optimal Matching of Wheat Chromosomes
* Optimization Methods in Image Processing
* Recent Progress in Picture Processing and Scene Analysis
Includes: Montanari, U. Montanari, U.[Ugo]
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Montanaro, A.[Antonio] Co Author Listing * Dynamic Hyperbolic Attention Network for Fine Hand-object Reconstruction
* Exploring the Solution Space of Linear Inverse Problems with GAN Latent Geometry

Montanaro, M.[Matthew] Co Author Listing * Analysis of the Side Slither On-Orbit Calibration Technique Using the DIRSIG Model, An
* Landsat 9 Thermal Infrared Sensor-2 (TIRS-2) Pre- and Post-Launch Spatial Response Performance
* Low-Cost Radiometer for Landsat Land Surface Temperature Validation
* On-Orbit Radiometric Performance of the Landsat 8 Thermal Infrared Sensor
* Predicting Top-of-Atmosphere Thermal Radiance Using MERRA-2 Atmospheric Data with Deep Learning
* Prelaunch Radiometric Calibration and Uncertainty Analysis of Landsat Thermal Infrared Sensor 2
* Radiometric Calibration Methodology of the Landsat 8 Thermal Infrared Sensor
* Simulation of Image Performance Characteristics of the Landsat Data Continuity Mission (LDCM) Thermal Infrared Sensor (TIRS)
* Stray Light Artifacts in Imagery from the Landsat 8 Thermal Infrared Sensor
* Thermal Infrared Sensor (TIRS) on Landsat 8: Design Overview and Pre-Launch Characterization, The
* Towards an Operational, Split Window-Derived Surface Temperature Product for the Thermal Infrared Sensors Onboard Landsat 8 and 9
Includes: Montanaro, M.[Matthew] Montanaro, M.
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Montanaro, R.[Rosanna] Co Author Listing * Feature Extraction in the North Sinai Desert Using Spaceborne Synthetic Aperture Radar: Potential Archaeological Applications

Montanaro, U.[Umberto] Co Author Listing * Distributed H8 Controller Design and Robustness Analysis for Vehicle Platooning Under Random Packet Drop
* Trajectory Planning for Autonomous High-Speed Overtaking in Structured Environments Using Robust MPC
Includes: Montanaro, U.[Umberto] Montanaro, U.

Montanelli, H.[Hadrien] Co Author Listing * Linear Sampling Method for Random Sources, The

Montaner Fernandez, D.[Daniel] Co Author Listing * Spatio-Temporal Variation of the Urban Heat Island in Santiago, Chile during Summers 2005-2017
Includes: Montaner Fernandez, D.[Daniel] Montaner-Fernández, D.[Daniel]

Montaner, D.[Denis] Co Author Listing * Teager-Kaiser Energy and Higher-Order Operators in White-Light Interference Microscopy for Surface Shape Measurement

Montanes Laborda, M.A.[Miguel Angel] Co Author Listing * Real-time GPU color-based segmentation of football players
Includes: Montanes Laborda, M.A.[Miguel Angel] Montañés Laborda, M.A.[Miguel Angel]

Montanes, E.[Elena] Co Author Listing * Dependent binary relevance models for multi-label classification
Includes: Montanes, E.[Elena] Montañes, E.[Elena]

Montanez, O.J.[Oscar Javier] Co Author Listing * Application of Data Sensor Fusion Using Extended Kalman Filter Algorithm for Identification and Tracking of Moving Targets from LiDAR-Radar Data
Includes: Montanez, O.J.[Oscar Javier] Montañez, O.J.[Oscar Javier]

Montangero, M.[Manuela] Co Author Listing * Optimal decision trees for local image processing algorithms
* Optimal Decision Trees Generation from OR-Decision Tables
* VISTO: visual storyboard for web video browsing
Includes: Montangero, M.[Manuela] Montangero, M.[Manulea]

Montanha, A. Co Author Listing * technological innovation to safely aid in the spatial orientation of blind people in a complex urban environment, A

Montanher, O.C.[Otavio Cristiano] Co Author Listing * Local Illumination Influence on Vegetation Indices and Plant Area Index (PAI) Relationships
Includes: Montanher, O.C.[Otavio Cristiano] Montanher, O.C.[Otávio Cristiano]

Montani, C. Co Author Listing * Enhancing processing and visualization efficiency of 3D Scanned Meshes
* Marching Intersections algorithm for merging range images, The
* Region Representation: Parallel Connected Stripes
* Using Marching Cubes on Small Machines
* Zeta: A Resolution Modeling System
Includes: Montani, C. Montani, C.[Claudio]

Montanino, M. Co Author Listing * Do We Really Need to Calibrate All the Parameters? Variance-Based Sensitivity Analysis to Simplify Microscopic Traffic Flow Models
* Energy Consumption Modeling in Presence of Uncertainty
* Global sensitivity analysis techniques to simplify the calibration of traffic simulation models. Methodology and application to the IDM car-following model

Montano Soto, T.[Tatiana] Co Author Listing * Participatory Mapping as a Didactic and Auxiliary Tool for Learning Community Integration, Technology Transference, and Natural Resource Management
Includes: Montano Soto, T.[Tatiana] Montaño-Soto, T.[Tatiana]

Montano Zetina, L.M.[Luis M.] Co Author Listing * Evaluation and Selection of Morphological Procedures for Automatic Detection of Micro-calcifications in Mammography Images
Includes: Montano Zetina, L.M.[Luis M.] Montaño-Zetina, L.M.[Luis M.]

Montano, E.L. Co Author Listing * Estimation of Effective Resolution for Daily MODIS Gridded Surface Reflectance Products

Montano, J.[Jonathan] Co Author Listing * Efficient Bitmap-based Indexing and Retrieval of Similarity Search Image Queries
* Efficient Bitmap-based Indexing and Retrieval of Similarity Search Image Queries
* Perigeo Project: Inertial and Imaging Sensors Processing, Integration and Validation on UAV Platforms for Space Navigation, The
Includes: Montano, J.[Jonathan] Montaño, J.[Jonathan] Montaño, J.

Montano, L. Co Author Listing * Dealing with small data and training blind spots in the Manhattan world
* Probabilistic structure from camera location using straight segments
* Segment-Based Structure from an Imprecisely Located Moving Camera
* Structure and motion from straight line segments

Montante, J.[James] Co Author Listing * FPGA-Based Verification Framework for Real-Time Vision Systems, An

Montanvert, A. Co Author Listing * 3D Medial Surfaces and 3D Skeletons
* Adaptive Pyramid: A framework for 2D Image Analysis, The
* Analyzing and filtering contour deformation
* Chamfer masks: discrete distance functions, geometrical properties and optimization
* Computing and Simplifying 2D and 3D Continuous Skeletons
* Continuous Analogs of Digital Boundaries: A Topological Approach to Iso-Surfaces
* Digital surfaces as a basis for building isosurfaces
* Hierarchical Image Analysis Using Irregular Tessellations
* Hierarchical Shape Analysis in Grey-level Images
* Image mosaicking applied to three-dimensional surfaces
* Irregular Tessellation Based Image Analysis
* Medial Line: Graph Representation and Shape Description
* Modeling noise for a better simplification of skeletons
* Multiresolution Segmentation Using the Irregular Pyramid
* Optimal Separable Algorithms to Compute the Reverse Euclidean Distance Transformation and Discrete Medial Axis in Arbitrary Dimension
* Shape Splitting from Medial Lines Using the 3-4 Chamfer Distance
* Super-resolution inducing of an image
* Using Polyballs to Approximate Shapes and Skeletons
* Volumetric Segmentation Using Hierarchical Representation And Triangulated Surface
Includes: Montanvert, A. Montanvert, A.[Annick]
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Montarsi, F.[Fabrizio] Co Author Listing * Mapping of Aedes albopictus Abundance at a Local Scale in Italy

Montaudon, M.[Michel] Co Author Listing * new processing sequence to assess airways using 3D CT-scan, A

Montavez, J.P.[Juan Pedro] Co Author Listing * Role of Aerosol Concentration on Precipitation in a Winter Extreme Mixed-Phase System: The Case of Storm Filomena, The
Includes: Montavez, J.P.[Juan Pedro] Montávez, J.P.[Juan Pedro]

Montavon, G.[Gregoire] Co Author Listing * Analyzing Classifiers: Fisher Vectors and Deep Neural Networks
* Building and Interpreting Deep Similarity Models
* Explainable AI for time series via Virtual Inspection Layers
* Explaining Deep Neural Networks and Beyond: A Review of Methods and Applications
* Explaining Nonlinear Classification Decisions with Deep Taylor Decomposition
* Higher-Order Explanations of Graph Neural Networks via Relevant Walks
* Identifying Individual Facial Expressions by Deconstructing a Neural Network
* Shortcomings of Top-Down Randomization-Based Sanity Checks for Evaluations of Deep Neural Network Explanations
* Toward Explainable Artificial Intelligence for Regression Models: A methodological perspective
* Towards explaining anomalies: A deep Taylor decomposition of one-class models
* Towards Fixing Clever-Hans Predictors with Counterfactual Knowledge Distillation
* Unifying Review of Deep and Shallow Anomaly Detection, A
Includes: Montavon, G.[Gregoire] Montavon, G.[Grégoire] Montavon, G.
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Montazem, A.S.[Amanda Samine] Co Author Listing * Absolute Calibration or Validation of the Altimeters on the Sentinel-3A and the Jason-3 over Lake Issykkul (Kyrgyzstan)

Montazer, G.A.[Gholam Ali] Co Author Listing * Improving multiclass classification using neighborhood search in error correcting output codes
* subspace approach to error correcting output codes, A

Montazerhodjat, V. Co Author Listing * Diffuse Imaging: Creating Optical Images With Unfocused Time-Resolved Illumination and Sensing

Montazeri, M.[Mohsen] Co Author Listing * Kalman Filtering with Optimally Scheduled Measurements in Bandwidth Limited Communication Media
* Memetic Algorithm Image Enhancement for Preserving Mean Brightness Without Losing Image Features
Includes: Montazeri, M.[Mohsen] Montazeri, M.[Mitra]

Montazeri, M.A. Co Author Listing * Directional SUSAN image boundary detection of breast thermogram

Montazeri, S. Co Author Listing * Automatic Detection and Positioning of Ground Control Points Using TerraSAR-X Multiaspect Acquisitions
* Automatic registration of a single SAR image and GIS building footprints in a large-scale urban area
* Geocoding Error Correction for InSAR Point Clouds
* Geodetic SAR Tomography
* Large-scale building height retrieval from single SAR imagery based on bounding box regression networks
* Precise Three-Dimensional Stereo Localization of Corner Reflectors and Persistent Scatterers With TerraSAR-X
* Review of Ten-Year Advances of Multi-Baseline SAR Interferometry Using TerraSAR-X Data, A
* Three-Dimensional Deformation Monitoring of Urban Infrastructure by Tomographic SAR Using Multitrack TerraSAR-X Data Stacks
Includes: Montazeri, S. Montazeri, S.[Sina]
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Montazerolghaem, A.[Ahmadreza] Co Author Listing * Efficient Resource Allocation for Multimedia Streaming in Software-Defined Internet of Vehicles

Montazzolli, S. Co Author Listing * Audiovisual voice activity detection using off-the-shelf cameras

Montcalm, T.[Trevor] Co Author Listing * Object Inter-camera Tracking with Non-overlapping Views: A New Dynamic Approach

Monte Moreno, E.[Enric] Co Author Listing * Correlation between Ionospheric Electron Density Variations Derived from Swarm Satellite Observations and Seismic Activity at the Australian-Pacific Tectonic Plate Boundary, The
* Estimation of Polar Depletion Regions by VTEC Contrast and Watershed Enhancing
* Forecast of the Global TEC by Nearest Neighbour Technique
* Real-Time Tomographic Inversion of Truncated Ionospheric GNSS Radio Occultations
Includes: Monte Moreno, E.[Enric] Monte-Moreno, E.[Enric] Monte-Moreno, E.[Enrique]

Monte, G.[Giulio] Co Author Listing * Hail Climatology in the Mediterranean Basin Using the GPM Constellation (1999-2021)
* New Method for Hail Detection from the GPM Constellation: A Prospect for a Global Hailstorm Climatology, A

Monteagudo Pereira, J.L.[Jose Lino] Co Author Listing * Enhanced Quality Scalability for JPEG2000 Code-Streams by the Characterization of the Rate-Distortion Slope
* JPIP Proxy Server With Prefetching Strategies Based on User-Navigation Model and Semantic Map
Includes: Monteagudo Pereira, J.L.[Jose Lino] Monteagudo-Pereira, J.L.[Jose Lino] Monteagudo-Pereira, J.L.

Monteagudo, C.[Carlos] Co Author Listing * Self-Training Weakly-Supervised Framework for Pathologist-Like Histopathological Image Analysis, A

Montealegre, A.L.[Antonio Luis] Co Author Listing * Assessing the Potential of the DART Model to Discrete Return LiDAR Simulation: Application to Fuel Type Mapping
* Forest Fire Severity Assessment Using ALS Data in a Mediterranean Environment
* Interpolation Routines Assessment in ALS-Derived Digital Elevation Models for Forestry Applications
* Temporal Transferability of Pine Forest Attributes Modeling Using Low-Density Airborne Laser Scanning Data

Montealegre, I.[Ingrid] Co Author Listing * GIST: Graphical Interactive Display Tools Defining a Model for Interactive Search

Montecchi, S. Co Author Listing * San Carlo Dei Barnabiti: Restoration And Reinforcement of the Roofing Of A Florentine Baroque Masterpiece

Montecchiari, S.[Silvia] Co Author Listing * From Remote Sensing to Species Distribution Modelling: An Integrated Workflow to Monitor Spreading Species in Key Grassland Habitats

Montecino, H. Co Author Listing * RPAS Based Tracking of Machinery Used in Asphalt Paving Process

Montecino, H.C.[Henry C.] Co Author Listing * Prospects for Imaging Terrestrial Water Storage in South America Using Daily GPS Observations

Montecinos, A.[Aldo] Co Author Listing * Meridional Changes in Satellite Chlorophyll and Fluorescence in Optically-Complex Coastal Waters of Northern Patagonia

Montedoro, U. Co Author Listing * Virtual Batcave: A Project for the Safeguard of A UNESCO WHL Fragile Ecosystem, The

Montefalcone, M. Co Author Listing * Pilot Application of 3D Underwater Imaging Techniques for Mapping Posidonia Oceanica (L.) Delile Meadows

Monteforte, K.I.[Kim I.] Co Author Listing * Drone-Based Assessment of Marine Megafauna off Wave-Exposed Sandy Beaches

Montefusco, L.B. Co Author Listing * Edge-driven Image Interpolation using Adaptive Anisotropic Radial Basis Functions
* Fast Compressed Sensing Approach to 3D MR Image Reconstruction, A
* Fast Sparse Image Reconstruction Using Adaptive Nonlinear Filtering
* Image Compression Through Embedded Multiwavelet Transform Coding
* Iterative L_1 -Based Image Restoration Algorithm With an Adaptive Parameter Estimation, An

Montegranario, H.[Hebert] Co Author Listing * Variational Regularization of 3D Data: Experiments with MATLAB®

Monteil, C.[Claude] Co Author Listing * From local to global: A transfer learning-based approach for mapping poplar plantations at national scale using Sentinel-2
* Mapping tree species of forests in southwest France using Sentinel-2 image time series
* Sentinel-2 Poplar Index for Operational Mapping of Poplar Plantations over Large Areas
* Statistical Stability and Spatial Instability in Mapping Forest Tree Species by Comparing 9 Years of Satellite Image Time Series
* Synergistic Use of Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 Time Series for Poplar Plantations Monitoring At Large Scale
Includes: Monteil, C.[Claude] Monteil, C.

Monteil, J.[Jerome] Co Author Listing * fast incremental approach for accurate measurement of the displacement field, A
* Linear and Weakly Nonlinear Stability Analyses of Cooperative Car-Following Models
* Microscopic cooperative traffic flow: Calibration and simulation based on a next generation simulation dataset
* new adaptive nonlinear anisotropic diffusion for noise smoothing, A
* New Interpretation and Improvement for the Nonlinear Anisotropic Diffusion for Image Enhancement, A
* On Model Selection for Scalable Time Series Forecasting in Transport Networks
Includes: Monteil, J.[Jerome] Monteil, J.[Jerôme] Monteil, J. Monteil, J.[Julien]

Monteil, T.[Thierry] Co Author Listing * Another Definition for Digital Tangents
* Freeman Digitization and Tangent Word Based Estimators
* Persistent Patterns in Integer Discrete Circles

Monteiro Brito, A.E.[Andrey Elisio] Co Author Listing * Hybrid Parallel Cascade Classifier Training for Object Detection
Includes: Monteiro Brito, A.E.[Andrey Elisio] Monteiro-Brito, A.E.[Andrey Elísio]

Monteiro de Lira, V. Co Author Listing * Boosting Ride Sharing With Alternative Destinations

Monteiro, A. Co Author Listing * Hemiface mirroring: a new approach to reducing bandwidth requirements of audiovisual telecommunication

Monteiro, A.M.P. Co Author Listing * Estimation of cavity centroids and regions of interest in echocardiographic images

Monteiro, A.M.V. Co Author Listing * Analysis of the Relationship Between Intra-urban Vegetation Change and Socio-Economic Data

Monteiro, A.T.[Antonio T.] Co Author Listing * Ecosystem Services in a Protected Mountain Range of Portugal: Satellite-Based Products for State and Trend Analysis
* Hydrological Impacts of Large Fires and Future Climate: Modeling Approach Supported by Satellite Data
* Progress in Grassland Cover Conservation in Southern European Mountains by 2020: A Transboundary Assessment in the Iberian Peninsula with Satellite Observations (2002-2019)
Includes: Monteiro, A.T.[Antonio T.] Monteiro, A.T.[António T.]

Monteiro, C.M.[Cristiano Martins] Co Author Listing * Polynomial-Time Carsharing Optimization: Linear Formulation and Large-Scale Simulations

Monteiro, D.[Dyeden] Co Author Listing * Reconstructing Three Decades of Land Use and Land Cover Changes in Brazilian Biomes with Landsat Archive and Earth Engine

Monteiro, D.S.M.P. Co Author Listing * Neural Networks vs. Logistic Regression: A Comparative Study on a Large Data Set
* systematic solution for the NN3 Forecasting Competition problem based on an ensemble of MLP neural networks, A

Monteiro, E.[Eduarda] Co Author Listing * Energy-aware cache hierarchy assessment targeting HEVC encoder execution
* Real-time block matching motion estimation onto GPGPU

Monteiro, E.C. Co Author Listing * Perceptual video quality assessment for adaptive streaming encoding

Monteiro, F.[Fernando] Co Author Listing * Application to Improve Smart Heritage City Experience, An
* Classification of Fish Species Using Multispectral Data from a Low-Cost Camera and Machine Learning
* Smart Tourism Routes Based on Real Time Data and Evolutionary Algorithms
Includes: Monteiro, F.[Fernando] Monteiro, F.[Filipe]

Monteiro, F.A. Co Author Listing * Fast Matrix Inversion Updates for Massive MIMO Detection and Precoding

Monteiro, F.C.[Fernando C.] Co Author Listing * Automatic Cattle Identification Using Graph Matching Based on Local Invariant Features
* Performance Evaluation of Image Segmentation
* Region and Graph-Based Motion Segmentation
* Spectral Methods in Image Segmentation: A Combined Approach
* Towards a Comprehensive Evaluation of Ultrasound Speckle Reduction
* Watershed framework to region-based image segmentation

Monteiro, F.J.[Fernando Jorge] Co Author Listing * Periodic Background Pattern Detection and Removal for Cell Tracking

Monteiro, G.[Goncalo] Co Author Listing * Framework for Wrong Way Driver Detection Using Optical Flow, A
* Robust segmentation for outdoor traffic surveillance
* Robust Segmentation Process to Detect Incidents on Highways
* Wrongway Drivers Detection Based on Optical Flow
Includes: Monteiro, G.[Goncalo] Monteiro, G.[Gonçalo]

Monteiro, J.[Joao] Co Author Listing * Filling in the Spaces: Compactifying Cities towards Accessibility and Active Transport
* Geospatial Data Disaggregation through Self-Trained Encoder-Decoder Convolutional Models
* Potential Impact of Cycling on Urban Transport Energy and Modal Share: A GIS-Based Methodology, The
* Review of Synthetic-Aperture Radar Image Formation Algorithms and Implementations: A Computational Perspective, A
* Review of the Challenges of Using Deep Learning Algorithms to Support Decision-Making in Agricultural Activities, A
* Spatial Disaggregation of Historical Census Data Leveraging Multiple Sources of Ancillary Information
Includes: Monteiro, J.[Joao] Monteiro, J.[João] Monteiro, J.[José] Monteiro, J.[Jorge]

Monteiro, J.C.[Joao C.] Co Author Listing * Comparative Analysis of Deep and Shallow Features for Multimodal Face Recognition in a Novel RGB-D-IR Dataset, A
* Comparative Analysis of Two Approaches to Periocular Recognition in Mobile Scenarios, A
Includes: Monteiro, J.C.[Joao C.] Monteiro, J.C.[João C.]

Monteiro, J.F.[Joana F.] Co Author Listing * Automatic System for Zebrafish Counting in Fish Facility Tanks

Monteiro, J.G.[Joao Gama] Co Author Listing * Designing Unmanned Aerial Survey Monitoring Program to Assess Floating Litter Contamination
Includes: Monteiro, J.G.[Joao Gama] Monteiro, J.G.[João Gama]

Monteiro, J.P.[Joao P.] Co Author Listing * depth-map approach for automatic mice behavior recognition, A
* Geometry-Based Skin Colour Estimation for Bare Torso Surface Reconstruction
* Multi-modal Complete Breast Segmentation
Includes: Monteiro, J.P.[Joao P.] Monteiro, J.P.[João P.]

Monteiro, K.H.[Kayo Henrique] Co Author Listing * Evaluating Social Distancing Measures and Their Association with the Covid-19 Pandemic in South America

Monteiro, M.[Marcos] Co Author Listing * Classifier Pool Generation based on a Two-level Diversity Approach
* pi-GAN: Periodic Implicit Generative Adversarial Networks for 3D-Aware Image Synthesis
Includes: Monteiro, M.[Marcos] Monteiro, M.[Marco]

Monteiro, M.L.[Marta L.] Co Author Listing * Object-Based Classification Approaches for Multitemporal Identification and Monitoring of Pastures in Agroforestry Regions using Multispectral Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Products

Monteiro, N.B.[Nuno Barroso] Co Author Listing * Dense Lightfield Disparity Estimation Using Total Variation Regularization
* Depth range accuracy for plenoptic cameras
* Standard Plenoptic Camera Calibration for a Range of Zoom and Focus Levels
* Standard Plenoptic Cameras Mapping to Camera Arrays and Calibration Based on DLT
Includes: Monteiro, N.B.[Nuno Barroso] Monteiro, N.B.

Monteiro, P. Co Author Listing * Delivering Critical Stimuli for Decision Making in VR Training: Evaluation Study of a Firefighter Training Scenario
* Enabling visual analysis in wireless sensor networks
* Local feature selection for efficient binary descriptor coding
* Systematic Review of Comparative Studies of the Impact of Realism in Immersive Virtual Experiences
Includes: Monteiro, P. Monteiro, P.[Pedro]

Monteiro, R.J.S. Co Author Listing * Disparity compensation using geometric transforms
* Light field image coding with flexible viewpoint scalability and random access
Includes: Monteiro, R.J.S. Monteiro, R.J.S.[Ricardo J.S.]

Monteiro, S.T. Co Author Listing * Consistency of Measurements of Wavelength Position From Hyperspectral Imagery: Use of the Ferric Iron Crystal Field Absorption at sim900 nm as an Indicator of Mineralogy
* Dense Semantic Labeling of Very-High-Resolution Aerial Imagery and LiDAR with Fully-Convolutional Neural Networks and Higher-Order CRFs
* Evaluating Classification Techniques for Mapping Vertical Geology Using Field-Based Hyperspectral Sensors
* Gaussian Processes for Vegetation Parameter Estimation from Hyperspectral Data with Limited Ground Truth
* Mapping Layers of Clay in a Vertical Geological Surface Using Hyperspectral Imagery: Variability in Parameters of SWIR Absorption Features under Different Conditions of Illumination
* Mapping the distribution of ferric iron minerals on a vertical mine face using derivative analysis of hyperspectral imagery (430-970 nm)
* novel covariance function for predicting vegetation biochemistry from hyperspectral imagery with Gaussian processes, A
* Prediction of sweetness and amino acid content in soybean crops from hyperspectral imagery
* Spectral Super-Resolution with Optimized Bands
Includes: Monteiro, S.T. Monteiro, S.T.[Sildomar T.] Monteiro, S.T.[Sildomar Takahashi]
9 for Monteiro, S.T.

Monteiro, T.G. Co Author Listing * Using EEG for Mental Fatigue Assessment: A Comprehensive Look Into the Current State of the Art

Monteiro, V. Co Author Listing * 3D video streaming transmission over OFDMA-based systems

Monteith, A.R.[Albert R.] Co Author Listing * Calibration of a Ground-Based Array Radar for Tomographic Imaging of Natural Media

Montejo, L.D. Co Author Listing * Frequency-Domain Optical Tomographic Imaging of Arthritic Finger Joints

Montel, J. Co Author Listing * Light Aberration Effect in HR Geometric Model

Monteleone, F.[Francesco] Co Author Listing * Air-Sea Interaction in the Central Mediterranean Sea: Assessment of Reanalysis and Satellite Observations

Monteleone, V.[Vito] Co Author Listing * HoP: Histogram of Patterns for Human Action Representation
* Particle Filtering for Tracking in 360 Degrees Videos Using Virtual PTZ Cameras

Monteleoni, C.[Claire] Co Author Listing * Practical Online Active Learning for Classification

Montella, R.[Raffaele] Co Author Listing * DeepNautilus: A Deep Learning Based System for Nautical Engines' Live Vibration Processing

Montemayor, A.S.[Antonio S.] Co Author Listing * email: Montemayor, A.S.[Antonio S.]: antonio sanz AT urjc es
* 2D Human Tracking by Efficient Model Fitting Using a Path Relinking Particle Filter
* Combining Particle Filter and Population-based Metaheuristics for Visual Articulated Motion Tracking
* Convolutional Neural Networks and Long Short-Term Memory for skeleton-based human activity and hand gesture recognition
* Hardware-Accelerated Template Matching
* High-performance template tracking
* Improving image segmentation quality through effective region merging using a hierarchical social metaheuristic
* Multi-dimensional visual tracking using scatter search particle filter
* Multiscale and local search methods for real time region tracking with particle filters: local search driven by adaptive scale estimation on GPUs
* Performance evaluation of a 3D multi-view-based particle filter for visual object tracking using GPUs and multicore CPUs
* Real-time patch-based medical image modality propagation by GPU computing
* Scatter Search Particle Filter for 2D Real-Time Hands and Face Tracking
* Special issue on real-time computer vision in smart cities
* Synthetic Spermatozoa Video Sequences Generation Using Adversarial Imitation Learning
14 for Montemayor, A.S.

Montemerlo, M. Co Author Listing * FastSLAM: A Factored Solution to the Simultaneous Localization and Mapping Problem with Unknown Data Association
* FastSLAM: A Scalable Method for the Simultaneous Localization and Mapping Problem in Robotics
* Simultaneous localization and mapping with unknown data association using FastSLAM
* System for Three-Dimensional Robotic Mapping of Underground Mines, A
Includes: Montemerlo, M. Montemerlo, M.[Michael]

Montenbruck, O.[Oliver] Co Author Listing * Long-Term Validation of TerraSAR-X and TanDEM-X Orbit Solutions with Laser and Radar Measurements
* TerraSAR-X Precise Trajectory Estimation and Quality Assessment
Includes: Montenbruck, O.[Oliver] Montenbruck, O.

Montenegro M., Y.[Yasmin] Co Author Listing * Mean Weight Behavior of Coupled LMS Adaptive Systems Applied to Acoustic Feedback Cancellation in Hearing Aids
Includes: Montenegro M., Y.[Yasmin] Montenegro M., Y.[Yasmín]

Montenegro, A. Co Author Listing * Detecting shot transitions based on video content
* Introducing a new metric for automatic true color images granulometry
* Real Time Feature-Based Parallel Morphing in GPU Applied to Texture-Based Animation
* Unsupervised cosegmentation based on global clustering and saliency
Includes: Montenegro, A. Montenegro, A.[Anselmo]

Montenegro, A.A. Co Author Listing * Adaptive space carving
* Reconstruction of 3D Object Meshes from Silhouette Images
Includes: Montenegro, A.A. Montenegro, A.A.[Anselmo Antunes]

Montenegro, F.[Frank] Co Author Listing * Detection of banana plants and their major diseases through aerial images and machine learning methods: A case study in DR Congo and Republic of Benin
* Predictive Modeling of Above-Ground Biomass in Brachiaria Pastures from Satellite and UAV Imagery Using Machine Learning Approaches

Montenegro, H.[Hector] Co Author Listing * Fuzzy 3D filter for color video sequences contaminated by impulsive noise

Montenegro, J.A.[Jose A.] Co Author Listing * EventGeoScout: Fostering Citizen Empowerment and Augmenting Data Quality through Collaborative Geographic Information Governance and Optimization

Montenegro, J.M.F.[Juan Manuel Fernandez] Co Author Listing * Cognitive Behaviour Analysis Based on Facial Information Using Depth Sensors
* Emotion Understanding Using Multimodal Information Based on Autobiographical Memories for Alzheimer's Patients
* Gaze estimation using EEG signals for HCI in augmented and virtual reality headsets
Includes: Montenegro, J.M.F.[Juan Manuel Fernandez] Montenegro, J.M.F.

Montenegro, P.C. Co Author Listing * Localization of Fluorescent Targets in Deep Tissue With Expanded Beam Illumination for Studies of Cancer and the Brain

Montenegro, S.M.G.L.[Suzana Maria Gico Lima] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Environmental and Atmospheric Influences in the Use of SAR and Optical Imagery from Sentinel-1, Landsat-8, and Sentinel-2 in the Operational Monitoring of Reservoir Water Level

Monteriu, A.[Andrea] Co Author Listing * Collaborative design of a telerehabilitation system enabling virtual second opinion based on fuzzy logic
* comparative study of driver torque demand prediction methods, A
Includes: Monteriu, A.[Andrea] Monteriù, A.[Andrea]

Montero Sanchez, A.[Adoracion] Co Author Listing * Segmentation of Muscle Fibres in Fluorescence Microscopy Images
Includes: Montero Sanchez, A.[Adoracion] Montero-Sánchez, A.[Adoración]

Montero, A.S.[Andres Solis] Co Author Listing * Framework for Natural Landmark-based Robot Localization
* General Framework for Fast 3D Object Detection and Localization Using an Uncalibrated Camera, A
* Scalable Kernel Correlation Filter with Sparse Feature Integration
* Thermal Infrared Visual Object Tracking VOT-TIR2016 Challenge Results, The
* Visual Object Tracking VOT2016 Challenge Results, The
Includes: Montero, A.S.[Andres Solis] Montero, A.S. Montero, A.S.[Andrés Solís]

Montero, C.S. Co Author Listing * Are They Different? Affect, Feeling, Emotion, Sentiment, and Opinion Detection in Text

Montero, F. Co Author Listing * Experimental results from using a rank and fuse approach for multi-target tracking in CCTV surveillance

Montero, J.A.[Jose Antonio] Co Author Listing * Context-Based Gesture Recognition
* Decision-Theoretic Video Conference System Based on Gesture Recognition, A
Includes: Montero, J.A.[Jose Antonio] Montero, J.A.[José Antonio]

Montero, P.[Pedro] Co Author Listing * Comparative Analysis of Summer Upwelling and Downwelling Events in NW Spain: A Model-Observations Approach
* Quality Assessment and Practical Interpretation of the Wave Parameters Estimated by HF Radars in NW Spain

Montero, V.J.[Vince Jebryl] Co Author Listing * Development of License Plate Recognition on Complex Scene with Plate-Style Classification and Confidence Scoring Based on KNN

Monterreal, R.[Rafael] Co Author Listing * Nowcasting System Based on Sky Camera Images to Predict the Solar Flux on the Receiver of a Concentrated Solar Plant

Monterroso Checa, A.[Antonio] Co Author Listing * Use of Remote Sensing, Geophysical Techniques and Archaeological Excavations to Define the Roman Amphitheater of Torreparedones (Córdoba, Spain)
Includes: Monterroso Checa, A.[Antonio] Monterroso-Checa, A.[Antonio]

Monterroso, F.[Fernando] Co Author Listing * Global Archive of Coseismic DInSAR Products Obtained Through Unsupervised Sentinel-1 Data Processing, A
* Seismogenic Source Model of the 2019, Mw 5.9, East-Azerbaijan Earthquake (NW Iran) through the Inversion of Sentinel-1 DInSAR Measurements

Montes Condori, R.H. Co Author Listing * Comparison Between Traditional Texture Methods and Deep Learning Descriptors for Detection of Nitrogen Deficiency in Maize Crops

Montes Diez, R.[Raquel] Co Author Listing * Automatic Detection of the Optimal Acceptance Threshold in a Face Verification System

Montes Herrera, J.C.[Juan C.] Co Author Listing * Underwater Hyperspectral Imaging (UHI): A Review of Systems and Applications for Proximal Seafloor Ecosystem Studies
Includes: Montes Herrera, J.C.[Juan C.] Montes-Herrera, J.C.[Juan C.]

Montes Hugo, M. Co Author Listing * Comparison between Local and Global Spaceborne Chlorophyll Indices in the St. Lawrence Estuary, A
Includes: Montes Hugo, M. Montes-Hugo, M.

Montes Hugo, M.A. Co Author Listing * New Technique Based on Mini-UAS for Estimating Water and Bottom Radiance Contributions in Optically Shallow Waters, A
Includes: Montes Hugo, M.A. Montes-Hugo, M.A.

Montes Ruiz Cabello, F.J. Co Author Listing * Entropic segmentation by region growing and merging for drop shape analysis
Includes: Montes Ruiz Cabello, F.J. Montes-Ruiz-Cabello, F.J.

Montes Usategui, M. Co Author Listing * Target Modelization and Filter Generation for 3d Pattern Recognition by Optical Correlation
Includes: Montes Usategui, M. Montes-Usategui, M.

Montes Venegas, H.A. Co Author Listing * Modification of the TPVD Algorithm for Data Embedding, A
* Optimization Approach to the TWPVD Method for Digital Image Steganography, An
Includes: Montes Venegas, H.A. Montes-Venegas, H.A. Montes-Venegas, H.A.[Héctor A.]

Montes y Gomez, M.[Manuel] Co Author Listing * Authorship Attribution Using Word Sequences
* Detecting Mental Disorders in Social Media Through Emotional Patterns: The Case of Anorexia and Depression
* energy-based model for region-labeling, An
* Flexible Framework for the Evaluation of Unsupervised Image Annotation, A
* From neighbors to strengths-the k-strongest strengths (kSS) classification algorithm
* Masking domain-specific information for cross-domain deception detection
* New Document Author Representation for Authorship Attribution, A
* Not All Swear Words Are Used Equal: Attention over Word n-grams for Abusive Language Identification
* segmented and annotated IAPR TC-12 benchmark, The
* Special Section: CIARP 2018
* t-SS3: A text classifier with dynamic n-grams for early risk detection over text streams
* Two-Step Neural Network Approach to Passage Retrieval for Open Domain Question Answering, A
* Word Co-occurrence and Markov Random Fields for Improving Automatic Image Annotation
Includes: Montes y Gomez, M.[Manuel] Montes-y-Gómez, M.[Manuel] Montes-y-Gomez, M.[Manuel]
13 for Montes y Gomez, M.

Montes, A.[Azucena] Co Author Listing * Approach Based in LSA for Evaluation of Ontological Relations on Domain Corpora, An
* Bi-manual gesture interaction for 3D cloud point selection and annotation using COTS
* Blazingly Fast Video Object Segmentation with Pixel-Wise Metric Learning
* Crosscale: A 3D virtual musical instrument interface
* Patterns Used to Identify Relations in Corpus Using Formal Concept Analysis
* Sentence level matrix representation for document spectral clustering
* Use of Lexico-Syntactic Patterns for the Evaluation of Taxonomic Relations
Includes: Montes, A.[Azucena] Montes, A.[Andre] Montes, A.
7 for Montes, A.

Montes, C.A.[Carlos A.] Co Author Listing * Vision-based tracking of a dynamic target with application to multi-axis position control

Montes, C.R.[Celia Regina] Co Author Listing * Downscaling of ASTER Thermal Images Based on Geographically Weighted Regression Kriging
* Estimating Water pH Using Cloud-Based Landsat Images for a New Classification of the Nhecolândia Lakes (Brazilian Pantanal)
* Model to Estimate Leaf Area Index in Loblolly Pine Plantations Using Landsat 5 and 7 Images, A
Includes: Montes, C.R.[Celia Regina] Montes, C.R.[Célia Regina] Montes, C.R.[Célia R.] Montes, C.R.[Cristian R.]

Montes, F. Co Author Listing * Modeling Forest Structural Parameters in the Mediterranean Pines of Central Spain using QuickBird-2 Imagery and Classification and Regression Tree Analysis (CART)

Montes, H.A. Co Author Listing * Segmentation and detection from organised 3D point clouds: A case study in broccoli head detection

Montes, J.[Juan] Co Author Listing * Assessing Satellite-Derived Shoreline Detection on a Mesotidal Dissipative Beach
* Influence of Camera Calibration on Nearshore Bathymetry Estimation from UAV Videos, The
* Texture Isolation by Adaptive Digital Filtering
* Video-Monitoring Tools for Assessing Beach Morphodynamics in Tidal Beaches
Includes: Montes, J.[Juan] Montes, J.

Montes, J.M.[Jorge M.] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Error in IMERG Precipitation Estimates under Different Topographic Conditions and Temporal Scales over Mexico

Montes, M.[Marcos] Co Author Listing * Assessing Planet Nanosatellite Sensors for Ocean Color Usage
* Implementation and design of a new model of neural network with application to typographical character recognition
* Object Recognition with Näive Bayes-NN via Prototype Generation
* Particle Swarm Model Selection for Authorship Verification
Includes: Montes, M.[Marcos] Montes, M. Montes, M.[Manuel]

Montes, M.A.[Martin A.] Co Author Listing * Interpretation of Spectral LiDAR Backscattering off the Florida Coast

Montes, M.J. Co Author Listing * Atmospheric Correction Algorithm for Remote Sensing of Bright Coastal Waters Using MODIS Land and Ocean Channels in the Solar Spectral Region, An
* Correction: Application of the Hyperspectral Imager for the Coastal Ocean to Phytoplankton Ecology Studies in Monterey Bay, CA, USA
Includes: Montes, M.J. Montes, M.J.[Marcos J.]

Montes, S.[Susana] Co Author Listing * Fuzzy mathematical morphology for color images defined by fuzzy preference relations
* Intuitionistic fuzzy set and fuzzy mathematical morphology applied to color leukocytes segmentation

Montes, S.A. Co Author Listing * Mindfulness, inattention and performance in a driving simulator

Montesano, D.[Daniel] Co Author Listing * Cardiopulmonary Activity Monitoring Using Millimeter Wave Radars

Montesano, L.[Luis] Co Author Listing * CAM-Convs: Camera-Aware Multi-Scale Convolutions for Single-View Depth
* Event Transformer. A sparse-aware solution for efficient event data processing
* Event Transformer^+. A Multi-Purpose Solution for Efficient Event Data Processing
* Experiments on an RGB-D Wearable Vision System for Egocentric Activity Recognition
* One-shot action recognition in challenging therapy scenarios
* Semi-Supervised Semantic Segmentation with Pixel-Level Contrastive Learning from a Class-wise Memory Bank

Montesano, M.G. Co Author Listing * Fuzzy Contextual Classification of Multisource Remote Sensing Images

Montesano, P.[Paul] Co Author Listing * Multi-scale Segmentation Approach to Mapping Seagrass Habitats Using Airborne Digital Camera Imagery, A

Montesano, P.M. Co Author Listing * Best Merge Region-Growing Segmentation With Integrated Nonadjacent Region Object Aggregation
* Calibration and Validation of Landsat Tree Cover in the Taiga-Tundra Ecotone
* NASA Goddard's LiDAR, Hyperspectral and Thermal (G-LiHT) Airborne Imager
* Uncertainty of Plot-Scale Forest Height Estimates from Complementary Spaceborne Observations in the Taiga-Tundra Ecotone, The
Includes: Montesano, P.M. Montesano, P.M.[Paul Mannix] Montesano, P.M.[Paul M.]

Montesanto, A. Co Author Listing * Behind the Image Sequence: The Semantics of Moving Shapes
* Content Based Image Retrieval Using a Metric in a Perceptual Colour Space
* Fingerprints Recognition Using Minutiae Extraction: a Fuzzy Approach.
* Using normal patterns in handwritten character recognition
* Visual self-localisation using automatic topology construction

Montesi, D. Co Author Listing * Predicting Frailty Condition in Elderly Using Multidimensional Socioclinical Databases

Montesino SanMartin, M.[Manuel] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of R Tools for Downloading MODIS Images and Their Use in Urban Growth Analysis of the City of Tarija (Bolivia)
* Using RGISTools to Estimate Water Levels in Reservoirs and Lakes
Includes: Montesino SanMartin, M.[Manuel] Montesino-SanMartin, M.[Manuel]

Montesinos Garcia, J.J.[Juan J.] Co Author Listing * Colour image encryption via fractional chaotic state estimation
Includes: Montesinos Garcia, J.J.[Juan J.] Montesinos-García, J.J.[Juan J.]

Montesinos Lopez, O.A.[Osval A.] Co Author Listing * Prediction of Root Biomass in Cassava Based on Ground Penetrating Radar Phenomics
* Yield Adjustment Using GPR-Derived Spatial Covariance Structure in Cassava Field: A Preliminary Investigation
Includes: Montesinos Lopez, O.A.[Osval A.] Montesinos-Lopez, O.A.[Osval A.]

Montesinos, C.[Cristian] Co Author Listing * Hydrological Response Assessment of Land Cover Change in a Peruvian Amazonian Basin Impacted by Deforestation Using the SWAT Model

Montesinos, F.G.[Fuensanta G.] Co Author Listing * Insights into the Magmatic Feeding System of the 2021 Eruption at Cumbre Vieja (La Palma, Canary Islands) Inferred from Gravity Data Modeling
* Strain Pattern and Kinematics of the Canary Islands from GNSS Time Series Analysis

Montesinos, J.F.[Juan F.] Co Author Listing * VoViT: Low Latency Graph-Based Audio-Visual Voice Separation Transformer

Montesinos, P. Co Author Listing * 3D Thin Nets Extraction Method for Medical Imaging, A
* Adaptive Feature Selection for Object Tracking with Particle Filter
* Adaptive total variation denoising based on difference curvature
* Differential Invariants for Color Images
* Edge Detection by Difference of Low Pass Anisotropic Diffusion
* Fast Matching Method for Color Uncalibrated Images using Differential Invariants, A
* Image Analysis System, Application for Aerial Imagery Interpretation, An
* Matching color uncalibrated images using differential invariants
* Matching Local Invariant Features with Contextual Information: An Experimental Evaluation
* Multi-scale Line Feature Detection Using Second Order Semi-Gaussian Filters, A
* New Normalized Supervised Edge Detection Evaluation, A
* New Perceptual Edge Detector in Color Images, A
* Novel Image Descriptor Based on Anisotropic Filtering, A
* Objective Comparison of Ridge/valley Detectors by Image Filtering, An
* Perceptual Color Image Smoothing via a New Region-Based PDE Scheme
* Perceptual Organization of Thin Networks with Active Contour Functions Applied to Medical and Aerial Images
* Recursive Perceptual Grouping for 3D Object Reconstruction from 2D Scenes
* review of 3D human pose estimation algorithms for markerless motion capture, A
* Ridges and Valleys Detection in Images Using Difference of Rotating Half Smoothing Filters
* RSD-HoG: A New Image Descriptor
* Stereo matching of color images using differential invariants
* Sub-Pixel Accuracy Using Recursive Filtering
* Texture Removal Preserving Edges by Diffusion
* Thin Nets and Crest Lines: Application to Satellite Data and Medical Images
* Thin Nets Extraction Using a Multi-scale Approach
Includes: Montesinos, P. Montesinos, P.[Philippe]
25 for Montesinos, P.

Montesinos, S. Co Author Listing * Configuration And Specifications Of An Unmanned Aerial Vehicle For Precision Agriculture

Montessoro, P.L. Co Author Listing * Biometric Palmprint Verification: A Dynamical System Approach

Montesuma, E.F.[Eduardo Fernandes] Co Author Listing * Wasserstein Barycenter for Multi-Source Domain Adaptation

Monteys, X.[Xavier] Co Author Listing * ICESat-2 Marine Bathymetry: Extraction, Refraction Adjustment and Vertical Accuracy as a Function of Depth in Mid-Latitude Temperate Contexts
* Spatial Prediction of Coastal Bathymetry Based on Multispectral Satellite Imagery and Multibeam Data

Montgomery, C. Co Author Listing * Daala: A perceptually-driven still picture codec
* Imagen Editor and EditBench: Advancing and Evaluating Text-Guided Image Inpainting
* Less is More: Generating Grounded Navigation Instructions from Landmarks
Includes: Montgomery, C. Montgomery, C.[Ceslee]

Montgomery, D.R.[David R.] Co Author Listing * Determination of Areas Susceptible to Landsliding Using Spatial Patterns of Rainfall from Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission Data, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
* Karst Depression Detection Using ASTER, ALOS/PRISM and SRTM-Derived Digital Elevation Models in the Bambuí Group, Brazil

Montgomery, J.[Joshua] Co Author Listing * Canadian Wetland Inventory using Google Earth Engine: The First Map and Preliminary Results
* Forest Structural Complexity Tool: An Open Source, Fully-Automated Tool for Measuring Forest Point Clouds
* Remote Sensing of Boreal Wetlands 1: Data Use for Policy and Management
* Remote Sensing of Boreal Wetlands 2: Methods for Evaluating Boreal Wetland Ecosystem State and Drivers of Change
* Remote Sensing of Wetlands in the Prairie Pothole Region of North America
* SAR and Lidar Temporal Data Fusion Approaches to Boreal Wetland Ecosystem Monitoring
* Terrain visualization and data discovery using lunar high-resolution laser altimeter data sets
Includes: Montgomery, J.[Joshua] Montgomery, J.[James] Montgomery, J.
7 for Montgomery, J.

Montgomery, K. Co Author Listing * Active Areas: On Interacting in a Virtual Environment
* Patient Specific Surgical Simulation System for Procedures in Colonoscopy

Montgomery, M.R.[Mark R.] Co Author Listing * Global Harmonization of Urbanization Measures: Proceed with Care

Montgomery, P.C.[Paul C.] Co Author Listing * Teager-Kaiser Energy and Higher-Order Operators in White-Light Interference Microscopy for Surface Shape Measurement

Montgomery, R. Co Author Listing * Rotational Invariant Operators Based on Steerable Filter Banks

Montgomery, R.A.[Rebecca A.] Co Author Listing * Characterizing Boreal Peatland Plant Composition and Species Diversity with Hyperspectral Remote Sensing
* Seasonal Variation in the NDVI-Species Richness Relationship in a Prairie Grassland Experiment (Cedar Creek)

Montgomery, W.D. Co Author Listing * Spatial Filtering

Monti Guarnieri, A.[Andrea] Co Author Listing * 3D Vibration Estimation from Ground-Based Radar
* Calibration of SAR Polarimetric Images by Means of a Covariance Matching Approach
* Coherent Change Detection For Repeated-pass Interferometric SAR Images: An Application To Earthquake Damage Assessment on Buildings
* Fast Urban Land Cover Mapping Exploiting Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 Data
* Geosynchronous SAR Focusing With Atmospheric Phase Screen Retrieval and Compensation
* High-resolution SAR Coherent Change Detection In Urban Environment
* Identification of C-Band Radio Frequency Interferences from Sentinel-1 Data
* LEO to GEO-SAR Interferences: Modelling and Performance Evaluation
* Long-Term Relative Radiometric Calibration and Antenna Pointing Estimation by Natural Targets
* Meteorological OSSEs for New Zenith Total Delay Observations: Impact Assessment for the Hydroterra Geosynchronous Satellite on the October 2019 Genoa Event
* Multitemporal InSAR Coherence Analysis and Methods for Sand Mitigation
* Nearly Zero Inclination Geosynchronous SAR Mission Analysis With Long Integration Time for Earth Observation
* Novel Index for Temporal Stability Analysis In Space and Time Of SAR-derived Scenes, A
* On the Phase Calibration by Multisquint Analysis in TOPSAR and Stripmap Interferometry
* Requirements and Tests for Phase Preservation in a SAR Processor
* SAR Calibration Aided by Permanent Scatterers
* Stable Target Detection and Coherence Estimation in Interferometric SAR Stacks
* Vegetated Target Decorrelation in SAR and Interferometry: Models, Simulation, and Performance Evaluation
* Very High Resolution Automotive SAR Imaging from Burst Data
Includes: Monti Guarnieri, A.[Andrea] Monti-Guarnieri, A.[Andrea] Monti-Guarnieri, A. Monti Guarnieri, A.
19 for Monti Guarnieri, A.

Monti Guarnieri, A.M. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Removal of Azimuth Ambiguities in SAR Images
* Hybrid Cramer-Rao Bounds for Crustal Displacement Field Estimators in SAR Interferometry
* Joint Multi-baseline SAR Interferometry
* Minimum mean square error space-varying filtering of interferometric SAR data
* Optimal focusing for low resolution scan SAR
* TOPSAR: Terrain Observation by Progressive Scans
Includes: Monti Guarnieri, A.M. Monti-Guarnieri, A.M.

Monti Guarnieri, A.V. Co Author Listing * Coherent Change Detection for Multipass SAR
* Comparison of Processing Schemes for Automotive MIMO SAR Imaging, A
* Joint Exploitation of SAR and GNSS for Atmospheric Phase Screens Retrieval Aimed at Numerical Weather Prediction Model Ingestion
* SAR-based Coastline Detection and Monitoring
* Sensing the Urban Environment by Automotive SAR Imaging: Potentials and Challenges
Includes: Monti Guarnieri, A.V. Monti-Guarnieri, A.V. Monti-Guarnieri, A.V.[Andrea Virgilio]

Monti, A.[Alessio] Co Author Listing * DAG-Net: Double Attentive Graph Neural Network for Trajectory Forecasting
* How many Observations are Enough? Knowledge Distillation for Trajectory Forecasting
* Railway System Energy Management Optimization Demonstrated at Offline and Online Case Studies
Includes: Monti, A.[Alessio] Monti, A.

Monti, B.[Bruno] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Leica CityMapper-2 LiDAR Data within Milan's Digital Twin Project

Monti, C. Co Author Listing * Multiple Data Source for Survey and Modeling of Very Complex Architecture.

Monti, C.M. Co Author Listing * Estimation of Affine Transformations between Image Pairs via Fourier Transform
* Frequency domain analysis of general planar rigid motion with finite duration

Monti, D.[Daniel] Co Author Listing * Positron emission tomography in neurological and psychiatric disorders

Monti, F.[Felicia] Co Author Listing * ACYOTB Plugin: Tool for Accurate Orthorectification in Open-Source Environments
* Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for pedestrian detection
* Feature Classification for Robust Shape-Based Collaborative Tracking and Model Updating
* Geometric Deep Learning on Graphs and Manifolds Using Mixture Model CNNs
* How to Orient and Orthorectify PRISMA Images and Related Issues
* Human action recognition using the motion of interest points
* Joint multitarget object tracking and interaction analysis by a probabilistic bio-inspired model
Includes: Monti, F.[Felicia] Monti, F. Monti, F.[Francesco]
7 for Monti, F.

Monti, M.[Mariapaola] Co Author Listing * Image Processing and a Virtual Restoration Hypothesis for Mosaics and Their Cartoons
* Ontology-Driven Visual Browsing of Historical Industrial Archives
Includes: Monti, M.[Mariapaola] Monti, M.[Marina]

Monti, P.[Paolo] Co Author Listing * Monitoring the Impact of Land Cover Change on Surface Urban Heat Island through Google Earth Engine: Proposal of a Global Methodology, First Applications and Problems

Monti, R.[Remo] Co Author Listing * ContIG: Self-supervised Multimodal Contrastive Learning for Medical Imaging with Genetics

Monti, R.P.[Ricardo Pio] Co Author Listing * Towards the interpretation of time-varying regularization parameters in streaming penalized regression models

Monti, S.[Stefano] Co Author Listing * Graffiti Detection Using Two Views
* MAVEN: An Algorithm for Multi-Parametric Automated Segmentation of Brain Veins From Gradient Echo Acquisitions
Includes: Monti, S.[Stefano] Monti, S.

Montibeller, A. Co Author Listing * Data Mining Applied for Determining Stream Flow Permanence
* Gpu-Accelerated Sift-Aided Source Identification of Stabilized Videos
* On the Development of A Novel Approach for Identifying Perennial Drainage In Southern Brazil: A Study Case Integrating Sentinel-2 And High-resolution Digital Elevation Models with Machine Learning Techniques
Includes: Montibeller, A. Montibeller, A.[Andrea]

Montibeller, B. Co Author Listing * First Results of the LEM Benchmark Database for Agricultural Applications
* Vertical Accuracy of Freely Available Global Digital Elevation Models (ASTER, AW3D30, MERIT, TanDEM-X, SRTM, and NASADEM)
Includes: Montibeller, B. Montibeller, B.[Bruno]

Monticelli, R. Co Author Listing * Monitoring the morphological evolution of the Sciara del Fuoco during the 2002-2003 Stromboli eruption using multi-temporal photogrammetry

Montiel, D.[David] Co Author Listing * Phase retrieval by propagation for localized images

Montiel, E.[Eugenia] Co Author Listing * Improving the Hough Transform gathering process for affine transformations
* Invariant characterisation of the Hough transform for pose estimation of arbitrary shapes
* Progressive Linear Search for Stereo Matching and Its Application to Interframe Interpolation
* Texture classification via conditional histograms

Montiel, J.M.M. Co Author Listing * 3D Hand Pose Detection in Egocentric RGB-D Images
* 3D Reconstruction of Non-Rigid Surfaces in Real-Time Using Wedge Elements
* Adapting a real-time monocular visual SLAM from conventional to omnidirectional cameras
* Camera Tracking for SLAM in Deformable Maps
* Dimensionless Monocular SLAM
* Double window optimisation for constant time visual SLAM
* Drift-Free Real-Time Sequential Mosaicing
* FEM models to code non-rigid EKF monocular SLAM
* Finite Element based sequential Bayesian Non-Rigid Structure from Motion
* Good Vibrations: A Modal Analysis Approach for Sequential Non-rigid Structure from Motion
* Impact of Landmark Parametrization on Monocular EKF-SLAM with Points and Lines
* Inverse Depth to Depth Conversion for Monocular SLAM
* LightDepth: Single-View Depth Self-Supervision from Illumination Decline
* Live Tracking and Dense Reconstruction for Handheld Monocular Endoscopy
* Modal Space: A Physics-Based Model for Sequential Estimation of Time-Varying Shape from Monocular Video
* Mode-shape interpretation: Re-thinking modal space for recovering deformable shapes
* Online Dense Non-Rigid 3D Shape and Camera Motion Recovery
* ORBSLAM-Based Endoscope Tracking and 3D Reconstruction
* Real-time 3D reconstruction of non-rigid shapes with a single moving camera
* Sequential Non-Rigid Structure from Motion Using Physical Priors
* Structure from Motion using the Extended Kalman Filter
* Visual SLAM for Handheld Monocular Endoscope
* Visual SLAM: Why filter?
Includes: Montiel, J.M.M. Montiel, J.M.M.[José María Martínez] Montiel, J.M.M.[José M. Martínez]
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Montiel, M.E.[M. Eugenia] Co Author Listing * Bias Error Analysis of the Generalised Hough Transform
* Extracting Arbitrary Geometric Primitives Represented by Fourier Descriptors
* Image Manipulation Using M-Filters in a Pyramidal Computer-Model
* Improving parameter space decomposition for the generalised Hough transform
* On Resolving Ambiguities in Arbitrary-Shape extraction by the HT
* On Using Directional Information for Parameter Space Decomposition in Ellipse Detection
* Parameterizing Arbitrary Shapes via Fourier Descriptors for Evidence-Gathering Extraction
Includes: Montiel, M.E.[M. Eugenia] Montiel, M.E.
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Montiel, V.[Violeta] Co Author Listing * Utilization of Integrated Geophysical Techniques to Delineate the Extraction of Mining Bench of Ornamental Rocks (Marble)

Montijano, E.[Eduardo] Co Author Listing * Distributed multi-camera visual mapping using topological maps of planar regions
* Distributed multi-target tracking and active perception with mobile camera networks

Montilla Rosero, E.[Elena] Co Author Listing * Lidar and Radar Signal Simulation: Stability Assessment of the Aerosol-Cloud Interaction Index
Includes: Montilla Rosero, E.[Elena] Montilla-Rosero, E.[Elena]

Montilla, D.[Daniela] Co Author Listing * Ultrasonic Assessment of Platelet-Rich Plasma by Digital Signal Processing Techniques

Montilla, D.A.[Daniela A.] Co Author Listing * Ultrasonic Backscatter Signal Processing Technique for the Characterization of Animal Lymph Node

Montillet, J.P.[Jean Philippe] Co Author Listing * Enhancing Sea Level Rise Estimation and Uncertainty Assessment from Satellite Altimetry through Spatiotemporal Noise Modeling
* Extracting Colored Noise Statistics in Time Series via Negentropy
* GNSS-TS-NRS: An Open-Source MATLAB-Based GNSS Time Series Noise Reduction Software
* Innovative Virtual Simulation Teaching Platform on Digital Mapping with Unmanned Aerial Vehicle for Remote Sensing Education, An
* Recent Advances in Modelling Geodetic Time Series and Applications for Earth Science and Environmental Monitoring
* Relationship of Time Span and Missing Data on the Noise Model Estimation of GNSS Time Series, The
* Sea Level Rise Estimation on the Pacific Coast from Southern California to Vancouver Island
* Spatial Variations of Stochastic Noise Properties in GPS Time Series
Includes: Montillet, J.P.[Jean Philippe] Montillet, J.P.[Jean-Philippe] Montillet, J.P.
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Montillo, A.[Albert] Co Author Listing * Accurate Whole-Brain Segmentation for Alzheimer's Disease Combining an Adaptive Statistical Atlas and Multi-atlas
* Age regression from faces using random forests
* Organ Localization Using Joint AP/LAT View Landmark Consensus Detection and Hierarchical Active Appearance Models
* Overview of the 2013 Workshop on Medical Computer Vision (MCV 2013)
* Overview of the 2014 Workshop on Medical Computer Vision: Algorithms for Big Data (MCV 2014)
* Overview of the 2015 Workshop on Medical Computer Vision: Algorithms for Big Data (MCV 2015)

Montillo, A.A.[Albert A.] Co Author Listing * Adversarially-Regularized Mixed Effects Deep Learning (ARMED) Models Improve Interpretability, Performance, and Generalization on Clustered (non-iid) Data
* Methods and apparatuses for measuring an extent of a group of objects within an image

Montois, J.J.[Jean Jacques] Co Author Listing * Cooperative agents society organized as an irregular pyramid: A mammography segmentation application
Includes: Montois, J.J.[Jean Jacques] Montois, J.J.[Jean-Jacques]

Montoliu, R.[Raul] Co Author Listing * Assessing Water Quality by Video Monitoring Fish Swimming Behavior
* Bag-of-Words and Topic Modeling-Based Sport Video Analysis
* Color Image Registration under Illumination Changes
* Exploring Relevance Vector Machines for Faster Pedestrian Classification
* Fast Dynamic Texture Detection
* Generalized least squares-based parametric motion estimation
* Generalized Least Squares-Based Parametric Motion Estimation Under Non-uniform Illumination Changes
* Illumination Intensity, Object Geometry and Highlights Invariance in Multispectral Imaging
* Multiple Parametric Motion Model Estimation and Segmentation
* New Pedestrian Detection Descriptor Based on the Use of Spatial Recurrences, A
* Occupancy Simulator for a Smart Parking System: Developmental Design and Experimental Considerations, An
* Spatial Recurrences for Pedestrian Classification
* Vocabulary Reduction in BoW Representing by Topic Modeling
Includes: Montoliu, R.[Raul] Montoliu, R.[Raúl]
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Montomoli, F. Co Author Listing * Effect of Boreal Forest Canopy in Satellite Snow Mapping: A Multisensor Analysis, The
* Implementation and Validation of a Retrieval Algorithm for Profiling of Water Vapor From Differential Attenuation Measurements at Microwaves

Montopoli, M. Co Author Listing * Evaluation of a New Polarimetric Algorithm for Rain-Path Attenuation Correction of X-Band Radar Observations Against Disdrometer
* Influence of Wind-Induced Effects on Laser Disdrometer Measurements: Analysis and Compensation Strategies
* Microwave Radiometric Remote Sensing of Volcanic Ash Clouds From Space: Model and Data Analysis
* Multi-Sensor Approach for Volcanic Ash Cloud Retrieval and Eruption Characterization: The 23 November 2013 Etna Lava Fountain, A
* Multi-Variable Classification Approach for the Detection of Lightning Activity Using a Low-Cost and Portable X Band Radar
* Multisatellite Multisensor Observations of a Sub-Plinian Volcanic Eruption: The 2015 Calbuco Explosive Event in Chile
* Near-Real-Time Detection of Tephra Eruption Onset and Mass Flow Rate Using Microwave Weather Radar and Infrasonic Arrays
* Precipitation Structure of the Mediterranean Tropical-Like Cyclone Numa: Analysis of GPM Observations and Numerical Weather Prediction Model Simulations, The
* Quantitative Precipitation Estimation over Antarctica Using Different Ze-SR Relationships Based on Snowfall Classification Combining Ground Observations
* Retrieval of Tephra Size Spectra and Mass Flow Rate From C-Band Radar During the 2010 Eyjafjallajökull Eruption, Iceland
* Validating Subglacial Volcanic Eruption Using Ground-Based C-Band Radar Imagery
* Validation of GPM Rainfall and Drop Size Distribution Products through Disdrometers in Italy
Includes: Montopoli, M. Montopoli, M.[Mario]
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Montorio, R.[Raquel] Co Author Listing * Assessing the Potential of the DART Model to Discrete Return LiDAR Simulation: Application to Fuel Type Mapping

Montoro Lendinez, A.[Alicia] Co Author Listing * Case Study of a Low-Cost IoT Device with a Thermal Vision to Monitor Human Stool Behavior in the Home
* Classifying Sport-Related Human Activity from Thermal Vision Sensors Using CNN and LSTM
Includes: Montoro Lendinez, A.[Alicia] Montoro-Lendínez, A.[Alicia] Montoro-Lendinez, A.[Alicia]

Montoro, A. Co Author Listing * RADARSAT-2 Quad-Polarized Time Series for Monitoring Crop and Soil Conditions in Barrax, Spain, A

Montoro, I.P. Co Author Listing * Geo-referencing naturalistic driving data using a novel method based on vehicle speed

Montoto, L. Co Author Listing * Thinning Transform for Digital Images, A

Montoya Franco, F.[Felipe] Co Author Listing * 3D Object Modeling with Graphics Hardware Acceleration and Unsupervised Neural Networks
Includes: Montoya Franco, F.[Felipe] Montoya-Franco, F.[Felipe]

Montoya Montes, I.[Isabel] Co Author Listing * Study and Evolution of the Dune Field of La Banya Spit in Ebro Delta (Spain) Using LiDAR Data and GPR
Includes: Montoya Montes, I.[Isabel] Montoya-Montes, I.[Isabel]

Montoya Zegarra, J.A.[Javier A.] Co Author Listing * Higher-Order CRF Model for Road Network Extraction, A
* Improving User Control with Minimum Involvement in User-Guided Segmentation by Image Foresting Transform
* Mind the Gap: Modeling Local and Global Context in (Road) Networks
* Novel Approaches for Exclusive and Continuous Fingerprint Classification
* Road networks as collections of minimum cost paths
* Rotation-Invariant Texture Recognition
* Semantic tie points
Includes: Montoya Zegarra, J.A.[Javier A.] Montoya-Zegarra, J.A.[Javier A.] Montoya-Zegarra, J.A.[Javier Alexander] Montoya-Zegarra, J.A.
7 for Montoya Zegarra, J.A.

Montoya, F.[Fernando] Co Author Listing * 3-D+t Human Sperm Flagellum Tracing in Low SNR Fluorescence Images
* Sperm Flagellum Center-Line Tracing in Fluorescence 3D+t Low SNR Stacks Using an Iterative Minimal Path Method

Montoya, H.A.[Higinio Ariel] Co Author Listing * Finding Lips in Unconstrained Imagery for Improved Automatic Speech Recognition

Montoya, J. Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Feature Learning Methods for High Resolution Image Classification, An
* High Pitch Helical CT Reconstruction
* Learning to Reconstruct Computed Tomography Images Directly From Sinogram Data Under A Variety of Data Acquisition Conditions
* Multiobjective Departure Runway Scheduling Using Dynamic Programming
Includes: Montoya, J. Montoya, J.[Juan]

Montoya, M.G. Co Author Listing * load unbalancing problem for region growing image segmentation algorithms, The

Montoya, O.[Omar] Co Author Listing * Coupled: Calibration of a LIDAR and Camera Rig Using Automatic Plane Detection

Montoyo, A. Co Author Listing * Building and Exploiting EmotiNet, a Knowledge Base for Emotion Detection Based on the Appraisal Theory Model

Montpetit, B.[Benoit] Co Author Listing * Assessment of the High Resolution SAR Mode of the RADARSAT Constellation Mission for First Year Ice and Multiyear Ice Characterization
* Brightness Temperature Simulations of the Canadian Seasonal Snowpack Driven by Measurements of the Snow Specific Surface Area
* Improving Sea Ice Characterization in Dry Ice Winter Conditions Using Polarimetric Parameters from C- and L-Band SAR Data
* InSAR Monitoring of Arctic Landfast Sea Ice Deformation Using L-Band ALOS-2, C-Band Radarsat-2 and Sentinel-1
* Snow Microwave Emission Modeling of Ice Lenses Within a Snowpack Using the Microwave Emission Model for Layered Snowpacks
* Wetland Classification with Multi-Angle/Temporal SAR Using Random Forests
Includes: Montpetit, B.[Benoit] Montpetit, B.

Montpetit, M.J.[Marie Jose] Co Author Listing * Advances in IPTV technologies
* Introduction to the Special Section on Smart, Social, and Converged TV
* Reducing Operational Costs in Cloud Social TV: An Opportunity for Cloud Cloning
Includes: Montpetit, M.J.[Marie Jose] Montpetit, M.J.[Marie-Jose] Montpetit, M.J.

Montresor, S.[Silvio] Co Author Listing * Comparative study of multi-look processing for phase map de-noising in digital Fresnel holographic interferometry
* Reference-free metric for quantitative noise appraisal in holographic phase measurements

Montreuil, A.L.[Anne Lise] Co Author Listing * Assessing Storm Response of Multiple Intertidal Bars Using an Open-Source Automatic Processing Toolbox
* Measuring Surface Moisture on a Sandy Beach based on Corrected Intensity Data of a Mobile Terrestrial LiDAR
* Monitoring spatiotemporal variation in beach surface moisture using a long-range terrestrial laser scanner
* Pre- and Post-storm Lidar Surveys for Assessment of Impact On Coastal Erosion
Includes: Montreuil, A.L.[Anne Lise] Montreuil, A.L.[Anne-Lise] Montreuil, A.L.

Montreuil, F.[Florent] Co Author Listing * New Hierarchical Handwritten Document Layout Extraction Based on Conditional Random Field Modeling, A
* Unconstrained Handwritten Document Layout Extraction Using 2D Conditional Random Fields

Montrucchio, B. Co Author Listing * Measuring Isotropic Local Contrast: A Circular Mask Based Approach
* New sorting-based lossless motion estimation algorithms and a partial distortion elimination performance analysis
* Parallel Algorithm of Texture Analysis for Liquid Crystal Investigation, A
* Thresholds of Vision of the Human Visual System: Visual Adaptation for Monocular and Binocular Vision
* Toner Savings Based on Quasi-Random Sequences and a Perceptual Study for Green Printing

Montseny, E. Co Author Listing * Multi-processor system for polygonal object recognition by means of fuzzy algorithms
* On the detection of step edges in algorithms based on gradient vector analysis
* Step Edge Detector Algorithm Based on Symbolic Analysis, A

Montserrat, D.M. Co Author Listing * Deepfakes Detection with Automatic Face Weighting
* Manipulation Detection in Satellite Images Using Deep Belief Networks
* Manipulation Detection in Satellite Images Using Vision Transformer
* Nested Attention U-net: A Splicing Detection Method for Satellite Images
* Sleep Analysis Using Motion and Head Detection
Includes: Montserrat, D.M. Montserrat, D.M.[Daniel Mas]

Montserrat, T.[Tomas] Co Author Listing * Depth estimation based on multiview matching with depth/color segmentation and memory efficient Belief Propagation
* global probabilistic framework for the foreground, background and shadow classification task, A
* Real-time depth map generation architecture for 3D videoconferencing

Montulet, R.[Rico] Co Author Listing * Densely Annotated Photorealistic Virtual Dataset Generation for Abnormal Event Detection

Montuori, A.[Antonio] Co Author Listing * Combined Use of Airborne Remote Sensing Techniques within a GIS Environment for the Seismic Vulnerability Assessment of Urban Areas: An Operational Application, The
* Monitoring the Recovery after 2016 Hurricane Matthew in Haiti via Markovian Multitemporal Region-Based Modeling

Montuori, C.[Caterina] Co Author Listing * Observing Volcanoes from the Seafloor in the Central Mediterranean Area

Montuori, M.[Marco] Co Author Listing * Forecasting PM10 Levels Using Machine Learning Models in the Arctic: A Comparative Study

Montuschi, M.[Michele] Co Author Listing * Airborne Radiometric Surveys and Machine Learning Algorithms for Revealing Soil Texture
* Proximal Gamma-Ray Spectroscopy: An Effective Tool to Discern Rain from Irrigation

Montuschi, P. Co Author Listing * Is Immersive Virtual Reality the Ultimate Interface for 3D Animators?
* Measuring Isotropic Local Contrast: A Circular Mask Based Approach
* Semantics-Based Intelligent Human-Computer Interaction
* Spatial Bounding of Complex CSG Objects

Monty, G.H.[Gregory H.] Co Author Listing * Thermal Imagery Feature Extraction Techniques and the Effects on Machine Learning Models for Smart HVAC Efficiency in Building Energy

Montynen, H. Co Author Listing * Toward SI Traceability of a Monte Carlo Radiative Transfer Model in the Visible Range

Montzka, C.[Carsten] Co Author Listing * Estimating Canopy Density Parameters Time-Series for Winter Wheat Using UAS Mounted LiDAR
* Estimation and Validation of RapidEye-Based Time-Series of Leaf Area Index for Winter Wheat in the Rur Catchment (Germany)
* Estimation of Vegetation Structure Parameters From SMAP Radar Intensity Observations
* Hydrological Drivers for the Spatial Distribution of Wetland Herbaceous Communities in Poyang Lake
* Importance of Subsurface Processes in Land Surface Modeling over a Temperate Region: An Analysis with SMAP, Cosmic Ray Neutron Sensing and Triple Collocation Analysis, The
* Investigation of SMAP Fusion Algorithms With Airborne Active and Passive L-Band Microwave Remote Sensing
* Linking Remote Sensing and Geodiversity and Their Traits Relevant to Biodiversity: Part I: Soil Characteristics
* Linking the Remote Sensing of Geodiversity and Traits Relevant to Biodiversity: Part II: Geomorphology, Terrain and Surfaces
* Long-Term and High-Resolution Global Time Series of Brightness Temperature from Copula-Based Fusion of SMAP Enhanced and SMOS Data
* New Soil Moisture Downscaling Approach for SMAP, SMOS, and ASCAT by Predicting Sub-Grid Variability, A
* Physics-Based Modeling of Active and Passive Microwave Covariations Over Vegetated Surfaces
* Rebuilding a Microwave Soil Moisture Product Using Random Forest Adopting AMSR-E/AMSR2 Brightness Temperature and SMAP over the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, China
* Remote Sensing of Complex Permittivity and Penetration Depth of Soils Using P-Band SAR Polarimetry
* Remote Sensing of Geomorphodiversity Linked to Biodiversity: Part III: Traits, Processes and Remote Sensing Characteristics
* SARSense Campaign: Air- and Space-Borne C- and L-Band SAR for the Analysis of Soil and Plant Parameters in Agriculture, The
* Soil moisture retrieval from airborne L-band passive microwave using high resolution multispectral data
* Validation of Spaceborne and Modelled Surface Soil Moisture Products with Cosmic-Ray Neutron Probes
Includes: Montzka, C.[Carsten] Montzka, C.
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