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Katsafados, P.[Petros] Co Author Listing * Assessing Desert Dust Indirect Effects on Cloud Microphysics through a Cloud Nucleation Scheme: A Case Study over the Western Mediterranean
* Assessing Sea-State Effects on Sea-Salt Aerosol Modeling in the Lower Atmosphere Using Lidar and In-Situ Measurements
* Implementation of a Mineral Dust Wet Deposition Scheme in the GOCART-AFWA Module of the WRF Model, The
* Implementation of a Nowcasting Hydrometeorological System for Studying Flash Flood Events: The Case of Mandra, Greece
* Multi-Platform Hydrometeorological Analysis of the Flash Flood Event of 15 November 2017 in Attica, Greece, A
* Temperature and Relative Humidity Profile Retrieval from Fengyun-3D/HIRAS in the Arctic Region

Katsageorgiou, V. . Co Author Listing * Unsupervised Detection of White Matter Fiber Bundles with Stochastic Neural Networks
Includes: Katsageorgiou, V. . Katsageorgiou, V.-.

Katsageorgiou, V. Co Author Listing * Multiple Mice Tracking: Occlusions Disentanglement using a Gaussian Mixture Model
* Sequential Data Analysis Approach to Detect Emergent Leaders in Small Groups, A

Katsageorgiou, V.M.[Vasiliki Maria] Co Author Listing * Extracting statistically significant behaviour from fish tracking data with and without large dataset cleaning
* Unsupervised mouse behavior analysis: A data-driven study of mice interactions
Includes: Katsageorgiou, V.M.[Vasiliki Maria] Katsageorgiou, V.M.[Vasiliki-Maria] Katsageorgiou, V.M.

Katsaggelos, A.[Aggelos] Co Author Listing * BKinD-3D: Self-Supervised 3D Keypoint Discovery from Multi-View Videos
* Resampling for Spatial Scalability
* Thermal Spread Functions (TSF): Physics-Guided Material Classification
Includes: Katsaggelos, A.[Aggelos] Katsaggelos, A.

Katsaggelos, A.K.[Aggelos K.] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Katsaggelos, A.K.[Aggelos K.]: aggk AT eecs northwestern edu
* 3D Cross-Hemisphere Neighborhood Difference Convnet for Chronic Stroke Lesion Segmentation, A
* Abnormal Event Detection from Surveillance Video by Dynamic Hierarchical Clustering
* Adaptive Image Sampling Using Deep Learning and Its Application on X-Ray Fluorescence Image Reconstruction
* Adaptive Regularized Recursive Displacement Estimation Algorithm, An
* Advances in Efficient Resource Allocation for Packet-Based Real-Time Video Transmission
* Anomalous video event detection using spatiotemporal context
* Antialiasing Filter Design for Subpixel Downsampling via Frequency-Domain Analysis
* Application of the Motion Vector Constraint to the Regularized Enhancement of Compressed Video
* Application-Aware Approach to Compression and Transmission of H.264 Encoded Video for Automated and Centralized Transportation Surveillance
* Application-Centric Routing for Video Streaming Over MultiHop Wireless Networks
* Approaches for the restoration of compressed video
* Audio-Visual Biometrics
* Audio-visual continuous speech recognition using MPEG-4 compliant visual features
* Audio-Visual Speech Recognition Using MPEG-4 Compliant Visual Features
* Audiovisual Fusion: Challenges and New Approaches
* Automated line flattening of Atomic Force Microscopy images
* Automated Recovery of Compressedly Observed Sparse Signals From Smooth Background
* Automatic, fast, online calibration between depth and color cameras
* Backward motion compensation for interlaced HDTV
* Bayesian Active Remote Sensing Image Classification
* Bayesian and Regularization Methods for Hyperparameter Estimation in Image Restoration
* Bayesian Approach for Automatic Joint Parameter Estimation in 3D Image Reconstruction from Multi-Focus Microscope
* Bayesian Approach for the Estimation and Transmission of Regularization Parameters for Reducing Blocking Artifacts, A
* Bayesian Blind Deconvolution From Differently Exposed Image Pairs
* Bayesian Blind Deconvolution with General Sparse Image Priors
* Bayesian Compressive Sensing Using Laplace Priors
* Bayesian High-resolution Reconstruction of Low-resolution Compressed Video
* Bayesian K-SVD Using Fast Variational Inference
* Bayesian logistic regression with sparse general representation prior for multispectral image classification
* Bayesian multichannel image restoration using compound Gauss-Markov random fields
* Bayesian Parameter Estimation in Image Reconstruction from Subsampled Blurred Observations
* Bayesian Reconstruction for Transmission Tomography with Scale Hyperparameter Estimation
* Bayesian Reconstruction of Color Images Acquired with a Single CCD
* Bayesian Resolution Enhancement of Compressed Video
* Bayesian TV denoising of SAR images
* Binocular video object tracking with fast disparity estimation
* Blind Color Deconvolution of Histopathological Images Using a Variational Bayesian Approach
* Blind Deconvolution Using a Variational Approach to Parameter, Image, and Blur Estimation
* Block based video alignment with linear time and space complexity
* Channel modeling and its effect on the end-to-end distortion in wireless video communications
* Channel protection for H.264 compression in transportation video surveillance applications
* class of robust entropic functionals for image restoration, A
* color vector quantization based video coder, A
* Colorizing a Masterpiece
* Combination of MR surface coil images using weighted constrained least squares
* Comparison of MPEG-4 Facial Animation Parameter Groups with Respect to Audio-Visual Speech Recognition Performance
* compressed video enhancement algorithm, A
* Compressive Blind Image Deconvolution
* Compressive Light Field Sensing
* Compressive passive millimeter-wave imaging
* Compressive reconstruction for 3D incoherent holographic microscopy
* Compressive sampling with unknown blurring function: Application to passive millimeter-wave imaging
* Compressive sensing of light fields
* Computational Imaging for Cultural Heritage: Recent developments in spectral imaging, 3-D surface measurement, image relighting, and X-ray mapping
* Cost-distortion optimized unequal error protection for object-based video communications
* Cross-Layer Approach for Energy Efficient Transmission of Progressively Coded Images over Wireless Channels, A
* Data Fusion Method for the Delayering of X-Ray Fluorescence Images of Painted Works of Art, A
* Deep Bayesian Blind Color Deconvolution of Histological Images
* Deep Robust Image Restoration Using the Moore-Penrose Blur Inverse
* deep symmetry convnet for stroke lesion segmentation, A
* Detecting contextual anomalies of crowd motion in surveillance video
* Detection and Removal of Anomalies in Digitized Animation Film
* Detector Ensemble
* Dictionary-based multiple frame video super-resolution
* Digital Image Restoration
* Digital Image Restoration (Book)
* Direct: Deep Discriminative Embedding for Clustering of Ligo Data
* Discovering Thematic Objects in Image Collections and Videos
* Disparity variation in stereo-panoramic video
* DNA Microarray Image Intensity Extraction using Eigenspots
* Drosophila eye nuclei segmentation based on graph cut and convex shape prior
* Dynamic Hierarchical Clustering Method for Trajectory-Based Unusual Video Event Detection, A
* dynamic programming solution to tracking and elastically matching left ventricular walls in cardiac cine MRI, A
* Edge Detection Algorithm Using Multi-State Adalines, An
* Efficient Boundary Encoding Scheme which is Optimal in the Rate-Distortion Sense, An
* Efficient Fine-Tuning of Neural Networks for Artifact Removal in Deep Learning for Inverse Imaging Problems
* Efficient frame vector selection based on ordered sets
* Efficient method for the determination of image correspondence in airborne applications using inertial sensors
* Efficient motion compensated frame rate upconversion using multiple interpolations and median filtering
* efficient rate-distortion optimal shape coding approach utilizing a skeleton-based decomposition, An
* Efficient Video Indexing and Retrieval Algorithm Using the Luminance Field Trajectory Modeling, An
* Efficient Video Object Segmentation via Network Modulation
* EM-based simultaneous registration, restoration, and interpolation of super resolved images
* Energy efficient wireless video communications for the digital set-top box
* Enhancement of Compressed Video Using Visual Quality Measurements
* Error concealment algorithms for compressed video
* Error resilient video coding techniques
* Event-Driven Video Frame Synthesis
* Fast iteratively reweighted least squares for Lp regularized image deconvolution and reconstruction
* Fast video shot retrieval based on trace geometry matching
* Fast video shot retrieval by trace geometry matching in principal component space
* Fast Video Shot Retrieval with Luminance Field Trace Indexing and Geometry Matching
* Feature space video stream consistency estimation for dynamic stream weighting in audio-visual speech recognition
* Frequency-domain analysis of discrete wavelet transform coefficients and their adaptive shrinkage for anti-aliasing
* From Global to Local Bayesian Parameter Estimation in Image Restoration using Variational Distribution Approximations
* game theoretic approach to video streaming over peer-to-peer networks, A
* GAN-Based Video Super-Resolution With Direct Regularized Inversion of the Low-Resolution Formation Model
* General Choice of the Regularization Functional in Regularized Image-Restoration
* general formulation of the weighted smoothing functional for regularized image restoration, A
* general framework for frequency domain multi-channel signal processing, A
* general multichannel image restoration method using compound models, A
* Generative Adversarial Networks and Perceptual Losses for Video Super-Resolution
* Greedy Bayesian double sparsity dictionary learning
* Guided Event Filtering: Synergy Between Intensity Images and Neuromorphic Events for High Performance Imaging
* Hard Exudate Detection Using Local Texture Analysis and Gaussian Processes
* Hierarchical Bayesian Image Restoration from Partially Known Blurs
* High-resolution images from compressed low-resolution video: Motion estimation and observable pixels
* Human Vision-Like Robust Object Recognition
* Hybrid Image Segmentation Using Watersheds And Fast Region Merging
* Hybrid Object Oriented Very Low Bit Rate Video Codec, A
* Hyperparameter Estimation for Emission Computed Tomography Data
* Image and Video Compression Algorithms Based on Recovery Techniques Using Mean-Field Annealing
* Image identification and restoration based on the EM algorithm
* Image restoration by mixture modelling of an overcomplete linear representation
* Image restoration using a modified Hopfield network
* Image super-resolution from compressed sensing observations
* Improving Acquisition Speed of X-Ray Ptychography Through Spatial Undersampling and Regularization
* In-sequence video duplicate detection with fast point-to-line matching
* Integrated Joint Source-Channel Coding Framework for Video Transmission over Packet Lossy Networks, An
* Interior Point Method for Nonnegative Sparse Signal Reconstruction, An
* Introduction to the Special Issue on Audio and Video Analysis for Multimedia Interactive Services
* Iterative determination of local bound constraints in iterative image restoration
* Iterative maximum likelihood displacement field estimation in quantum-limited image sequences
* Iterative Restoration of Fast-Moving Objects in Dynamic Image Sequences
* Iterative Weighted Regularized Algorithm for Improving the Resolution of Video Sequences, An
* Joint Data Filtering and Labeling Using Gaussian Processes and Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers
* Joint Demosaicing and Subpixel-Based Down-Sampling for Bayer Images: A Fast Frequency-Domain Analysis Approach
* Joint Filtering of Intensity Images and Neuromorphic Events for High-Resolution Noise-Robust Imaging
* Joint Optimal Object Shape Estimation and Encoding
* Joint Source Adaptation and Resource Allocation for Multi-User Wireless Video Streaming
* Joint source coding and transmission power management for energy efficient wireless video communications
* Joint source-channel coding and power adaptation for energy efficient wireless video communications
* Joint source-channel coding for motion-compensated DCT-based SNR scalable video
* Joint Source-channel Coding for Scalable Video Over DS-CDMA Multipath Fading Channels
* Joint Source-Channel Coding for Wireless Object-Based Video Communications Utilizing Data Hiding
* Joint Source-Channel Video Transmission
* Jointly Optimal Coding of Texture and Shape
* Jointly Optimal Inter-mode Shape Coding and VLC Selection
* Laplacian embedding and key points topology verification for large scale mobile visual identification
* Large Visual Repository Search with Hash Collision Design Optimization
* Learning filters in Gaussian process classification problems
* Learning from crowds with variational Gaussian processes
* Linear-quadratic noise-smoothing filters for quantum-limited images
* Local Bayesian image restoration using variational methods and Gamma-Normal distributions
* Local feature extraction for video copy detection in a database
* Locally adaptive subspace and similarity metric learning for visual data clustering and retrieval
* Logarithmic X-Ray Imaging Model for Baggage Inspection: Simulation and Object Detection, A
* Lossy Event Compression Based on Image-Derived Quad Trees and Poisson Disk Sampling
* Low bit rate video coding using robust motion vector regeneration in the decoder
* Low-Complexity Tracking-Aware H.264 Video Compression for Transportation Surveillance
* Luma-Chroma Space Filter Design for Subpixel-Based Monochrome Image Downsampling
* mathematical model for shape coding with B-splines, A
* Maximizing user utility in video streaming applications
* Maximum a posteriori super-resolution of compressed video using a new multichannel image prior
* Maximum a Posteriori Video Super-Resolution Using a New Multichannel Image Prior
* medXGAN: Visual Explanations for Medical Classifiers through a Generative Latent Space
* Methods for choosing the regularization parameter and estimating the noise variance in image restoration and their relation
* Minimizing Transmission Energy in Wireless Video Communications
* MINMAX optimal video summarization
* Mixed Norm Image Restoration, A
* Model-Based Synthetic View Generation from a Monocular Video Sequence
* Motion Compensated Shape Error Concealment
* Motion estimation in high resolution image reconstruction from compressed video sequences
* Motion field prediction and restoration for low bit-rate video coding
* MPEG-4 and Rate Distortion Based Shape Coding Techniques
* Multi-model robust error correction for face recognition
* Multichannel restoration of single channel images using a wavelet-based subband decomposition
* Multiframe blind deconvolution of passive millimeter wave images using variational dirichlet blur kernel estimation
* Multiscale adaptive image restoration in the wavelet domain
* New Results on Efficient Optimal Multilevel Image Thresholding
* Noise robust spatial gradient estimation for use in displacement estimation
* Nonlinear Image Processing VI
* Nonstationary AR modeling and constrained recursive estimation of the displacement field
* Not So Digital Future of Digital Signal Processing, The
* novel cost-distortion optimization framework for video streaming over differentiated services networks, A
* novel cumulative distortion metric and a no-reference sparse prediction model for packet prioritization in encoded video transmission, A
* novel image retrieval framework exploring inter cluster distance, A
* novel iterative image restoration algorithm using nonstationary image priors, A
* Object-based video compression scheme with optimal bit allocation among shape, motion and texture
* On video SNR scalability
* operational rate-distortion optimal single-pass SNR scalable video coder, An
* Optimal Polygonal Boundary Encoding Scheme in the Rate-Distortion Sense, An
* Optimal Quadtree-based Motion Estimation and Motion-compensated Interpolation Scheme for Video Compression, An
* Optimal sensor selection for video-based target tracking in a wireless sensor network
* optimal single pass SNR scalable video coder, An
* Optimal source coding and transmission power management using a min-max expected distortion approach
* Optimal video summarization with a bit budget constraint
* Optimized Bit Extraction Using Distortion Modeling in the Scalable Extension of H.264/AVC
* Parameter Estimation in Bayesian High-Resolution Image Reconstruction with Multisensors
* Parameter Estimation in Bayesian Reconstruction of Multispectral Images using Super Resolution Techniques
* Parameter estimation in Bayesian reconstruction of SPECT images: An aid in nuclear medicine diagnosis
* Parameter Estimation in Bayesian Super-Resolution Image Reconstruction from Low Resolution Rotated and Translated Images
* Parameter Estimation in TV Image Restoration Using Variational Distribution Approximation
* Part-based initialization for hand tracking
* Passive millimeter wave image classification with large scale Gaussian processes
* phone-viseme dynamic Bayesian network for audio-visual automatic speech recognition, A
* Preconditioning for Underdetermined Linear Systems with Sparse Solutions
* Probabilistic Matrix Completion for Image Phase Retrieval
* Projection-based spatially adaptive reconstruction of block-transform compressed images
* Ptychnet: CNN based fourier ptychography
* Quantization optimized H.264 encoding for traffic video tracking applications
* rate control method for H.263 temporal scalability, A
* Rate distortion optimal ECG signal compression
* Rate-Distortion Optimal Bit Allocation for Object-Based Video Coding
* Rate-distortion Optimal Skeleton-based Shape Coding
* Rate-distortion Optimal Video Pre-processing Algorithm, A
* Rate-distortion optimal video summary generation
* Rate-Distortion Optimized Hybrid Error Control for Real-Time Packetized Video Transmission
* Real-time super-resolution for digital zooming using finite kernel-based edge orientation estimation and truncated image restoration
* Reconstruction of a high resolution image from registration and restoration of low resolution images
* Reconstruction of a high-resolution image by simultaneous registration, restoration, and interpolation of low-resolution images
* Recursive MAP Displacement Field Estimation and Its Applications
* Recursive Nonstationary Map Displacement Vector Field Estimation Algorithm, A
* recursive shape error concealment algorithm, A
* Reducing Blocking Artifacts within Vector Quantization Algorithms
* Reduction of blocking artifacts in block transformed compressed color images
* Regularized blur-assisted displacement field estimation
* Regularized constrained total least squares image restoration
* Regularized motion estimation using robust entropic functionals
* Regularized Multichannel Restoration Using Cross-Validation
* Regularized reconstruction to reduce blocking artifacts of block discrete cosine transform compressed images
* Regularized restoration of partial-response distortions in sporadically degraded images
* Remote classification from an airborne camera using image super-resolution
* Resolution enhancement of monochrome and color video using motion compensation
* Resolution Enhancement of Video Sequences Using Motion Compensation
* Resource Allocation for Downlink Multiuser Video Transmission Over Wireless Lossy Networks
* Restoration of Severely Blurred High Range Images Using Compound Models
* Restoration of severely blurred high range images using stochastic and deterministic relaxation algorithms in compound Gauss-Markov random fields
* Robust and Low-Rank Representation for Fast Face Identification With Occlusions
* Robust feature selection with self-matching score
* Robust line detection using a weighted MSE estimator
* Sampling optimization for on-chip compressive video
* Scalable Variational Gaussian Processes for Crowdsourcing: Glitch Detection in LIGO
* Sequential Construction of 3-D Based Scene Description
* Shape Approximation Through Recursive Scalable Layer Generation
* Shape Coding Using Temporal Correlation and Joint VLC Optimization
* Shape Error Concealment Based on a Shape-Preserving Boundary Approximation
* Shape error concealment using Hermite splines
* Simultaneous Multichannel Image Restoration and Estimation of the Regularization Parameters
* Simultaneous optimal boundary encoding and variable-length code selection
* Simultaneous recursive displacement estimation and restoration of noisy-blurred image sequences
* Sinogram Image Completion for Limited Angle Tomography With Generative Adversarial Networks
* Skinscan: Low-Cost 3D-Scanning for Dermatologic Diagnosis and Documentation
* Snapshot Compressive Imaging: Theory, Algorithms, and Applications
* Soft Edge Smoothness Prior for Alpha Channel Super Resolution
* SoftCuts: A Soft Edge Smoothness Prior for Color Image Super-Resolution
* Sparse Bayesian blind image deconvolution with parameter estimation
* Sparse Bayesian image restoration
* Sparse Representation-Based Multiple Frame Video Super-Resolution
* Spatial-frequency-based metric for image superresolution
* Spatially Adaptive High-Resolution Image Reconstruction of DCT-Based Compressed Images
* Spatially Adaptive High-Resolution Image Reconstruction of Low-Resolution DCT-Based Compressed Images
* Spatially Adaptive Iterative Algorithm for the Restoration of Astronomical Images
* Spatially Adaptive Wavelet-Based Multiscale Image Restoration
* Special issue on advances in 2D/3D Video Streaming Over P2P Networks
* Special Issue: Image Restoration
* Speech-to-video synthesis using facial animation parameters
* Speech-to-video synthesis using MPEG-4 compliant visual features
* Spike and slab variational inference for blind image deconvolution
* Spiking GLOM: Bio-Inspired Architecture for Next-Generation Object Recognition
* Spline-based boundary loss concealment
* Stochastic Methods for Joint Registration, Restoration, and Interpolation of Multiple Undersampled Images
* Super Gaussian Priors for Blind Color Deconvolution of Histological Images
* Super Resolution of Images and Video
* Super-resolution of compressed videos using convolutional neural networks
* Total least squares estimation of stereo optical flow
* Total Variation Image Restoration and Parameter Estimation using Variational Posterior Distribution Approximation
* Total variation super resolution using a variational approach
* Toward Dynamic Scene Understanding by Hierarchical Motion Pattern Mining
* Tracking Motion-Blurred Targets in Video
* Tracking-optimized quantization for H.264 compression in transportation video surveillance applications
* Transmission Tomography Reconstruction Using Compound Gauss-Markov Random Fields and Ordered Subsets
* Unequal Error Protection for Robust Streaming of Scalable Video Over Packet Lossy Networks
* Using Deep Neural Networks for Inverse Problems in Imaging: Beyond Analytical Methods
* Using the Kullback-Leibler divergence to combine image priors in Super-Resolution image reconstruction
* VAPOR: Variance-Aware Per-Pixel Optimal Resource Allocation
* Variance-aware distortion estimation for wireless video communications
* Variational Bayesian Blind Color Deconvolution of Histopathological Images
* Variational Bayesian Blind Deconvolution Using a Total Variation Prior
* Variational Bayesian Image Restoration With a Product of Spatially Weighted Total Variation Image Priors
* Variational Bayesian Methods For Multimedia Problems
* Variational Bayesian Super Resolution
* Variational Deep Atmospheric Turbulence Correction for Video
* Variational Dirichlet Blur Kernel Estimation
* Variational Gaussian process for multisensor classification problems
* Vector quantization with memory and multi-labeling for isolated video-only automatic speech recognition
* Video anomaly detection in spatiotemporal context
* Video Compression Scheme with Optimal Bit Allocation Among Segmentation, Motion, and Residual Error, A
* Video compressive sensing using multiple measurement vectors
* Video compressive sensing with on-chip programmable subsampling
* Video Error Concealment Using Deep Neural Networks
* video retrieval algorithm using random projections, A
* Video Summarization for Multiple Path Communication
* Visual Communications and Image Processing '93
* Visual Communications and Image Processing '94
* VQ-based blind image restoration algorithm, A
* VQ-based image restoration algorithm, A
* wireless video surveillance system with an active camera, A
* X-Ray fluorescence image super-resolution using dictionary learning
Includes: Katsaggelos, A.K.[Aggelos K.] Katsaggelos, A.K.
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Katsaggelos, B.K. Co Author Listing * Applications of Artificial Neural Networks to Image Processing

Katsakioris, D.[Dimitrios] Co Author Listing * Ex Machina: An Interactive Museum Kit for Supporting Educational Processes in Industrial Heritage Museums

Katsamanis, A.[Athanasios] Co Author Listing * behaviorally inspired fusion approach for computational audiovisual saliency modeling, A
* Context-Sensitive Learning for Enhanced Audiovisual Emotion Classification
* Demonstration of an HMM-based photorealistic expressive audio-visual speech synthesis system
* FMRI-based perceptual validation of a computational model for visual and auditory saliency in videos
* Kinect-based multimodal gesture recognition using a two-pass fusion scheme
* Multiple Instance Learning for Behavioral Coding
* Photorealistic adaptation and interpolation of facial expressions using HMMS and AAMS for audio-visual speech synthesis
* Predicting audio-visual salient events based on visual, audio and text modalities for movie summarization
* SPECTRE: Visual Speech-Informed Perceptual 3D Facial Expression Reconstruction from Videos
* Tongue tracking in Ultrasound images with Active Appearance Models
* Tracking continuous emotional trends of participants during affective dyadic interactions using body language and speech information
Includes: Katsamanis, A.[Athanasios] Katsamanis, A. Katsamanis, A.[Athanassios]
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Katsamenis, I.[Iason] Co Author Listing * Pixel-level Corrosion Detection on Metal Constructions by Fusion of Deep Learning Semantic and Contour Segmentation

Katsamenis, O. Co Author Listing * Towards Understanding Speciation By Automated Extraction And Description Of 3d Foraminifera Stacks

Katsanevakis, S.[Stelios] Co Author Listing * Effect of Environmental Conditions on the Quality of UAS Orthophoto-Maps in the Coastal Environment, The

Katsanos, C. Co Author Listing * Usability Guidelines for the Design of Robot Teleoperation: A Taxonomy

Katsanos, D.[Dimitris] Co Author Listing * Comparison of GPM IMERG and TRMM 3B43 Products over Cyprus
* Tropospheric Correction of Sentinel-1 Synthetic Aperture Radar Interferograms Using a High-Resolution Weather Model Validated by GNSS Measurements
* Use of GNSS Tropospheric Delay Measurements for the Parameterization and Validation of WRF High-Resolution Re-Analysis over the Western Gulf of Corinth, Greece: The PaTrop Experiment
* Validation of the First Years of GPM Operation over Cyprus

Katsantonis, D.[Dimitrios] Co Author Listing * Estimating Rice Agronomic Traits Using Drone-Collected Multispectral Imagery
* Exploitation of SAR and Optical Sentinel Data to Detect Rice Crop and Estimate Seasonal Dynamics of Leaf Area Index

Katsaouni, N.[Nikoletta] Co Author Listing * Provable Translational Robustness for Object Detection With Convolutional Neural Networks

Katsarakis, N.[Nikos] Co Author Listing * 2D and 3D face localization for complex scenes
* AIT 3D Audio / Visual Person Tracker for CLEAR 2007, The

Katsaros, C. Co Author Listing * Quantitative Assessment of Oral Orbicular Muscle Deformation After Cleft Lip Reconstruction: An Ultrasound Elastography Study

Katsaros, E.[Efklidis] Co Author Listing * BP-EVD: Forward Block-Output Propagation for Efficient Video Denoising

Katsaros, T.[Thomas] Co Author Listing * Pigments Identification Using Raman Spectroscopy of the 16th Century Printed Book Osorio

Katsarou, Z. Co Author Listing * Motion Analysis on Depth Camera Data to Quantify Parkinson's Disease Patients' Motor Status Within the Framework of I-Prognosis Personalized Game Suite

Katsavounidis, I.[Ioannis] Co Author Listing * Blind Picture Upscaling Ratio Prediction
* Encoder Complexity Control in SVT-AV1 by Speed-Adaptive Preset Switching
* Fast Tree-Structured Nearest-Neighbor Encoding for Vector Quantization
* GAMIVAL: Video Quality Prediction on Mobile Cloud Gaming Content
* Image Coding With Data-Driven Transforms: Methodology, Performance and Potential
* Initialization of dynamic time warping using tree-based fast Nearest Neighbor
* Low-Complexity Hand Gesture Recognition System for Continuous Streams of Digits and Letters
* MCL-JCV: A JND-based H.264/AVC video quality assessment dataset
* Multiscale Error Diffusion Technique for Digital Half-Toning, A
* Multiscale Error Diffusion Technique for Digital Multitoning, A
* One Transform to Compute Them All: Efficient Fusion-Based Full-Reference Video Quality Assessment
* PTR-CNN for in-loop filtering in video coding
* Recurrent and Dynamic Models for Predicting Streaming Video Quality of Experience
* Robust MMSE Video Decoding: Theory and Practical Implementations
* Study of Subjective and Objective Quality Assessment of Mobile Cloud Gaming Videos
* Study of Temporal Effects on Subjective Video Quality of Experience
* Towards Perceptually Optimized Adaptive Video Streaming-A Realistic Quality of Experience Database
* VideoSet: A large-scale compressed video quality dataset based on JND measurement
Includes: Katsavounidis, I.[Ioannis] Katsavounidis, I.
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Katscher, U. Co Author Listing * Determination of Electric Conductivity and Local SAR Via B1 Mapping
* Theoretical and numerical aspects of transmit SENSE

Katselis, D. Co Author Listing * Application-Oriented Estimator Selection

Katsenou, A.[Angeliki] Co Author Listing * CNN-Based Post-Processor for Perceptually-Optimized Immersive Media Compression, A
* Low complexity video coding based on spatial resolution adaptation
* Subjective Assessment of the Impact of a Content Adaptive Optimiser for Compressing 4K HDR Content With AV1
Includes: Katsenou, A.[Angeliki] Katsenou, A.

Katsenou, A.V. Co Author Listing * BVI-SynTex: A Synthetic Video Texture Dataset for Video Compression and Quality Assessment
* Motion-Related Resource Allocation in Dynamic Wireless Visual Sensor Network Environments
* multi-metric approach for block-level video quality assessment, A
* Priority-based cross-layer optimization for multihop DS-CDMA Visual Sensor Networks
* Quality-driven power control and resource allocation in wireless multi-rate Visual Sensor Networks
* Resource management for wireless visual sensor networks based on individual video characteristics
* Study of compression statistics and prediction of rate-distortion curves for video texture
* Subjective Comparison of AV1 and HEVC for Adaptive Video Streaming, A
* Synthetic Video Dataset for Video Compression Evaluation, A
* Video quality enhancement via QP adaptation based on perceptual coding maps
Includes: Katsenou, A.V. Katsenou, A.V.[Angeliki V.]
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Katsetsiadou, K.[Katerina] Co Author Listing * Using a Spatio-Temporal GIS Database to Monitor the Spatial Evolution of Urban Flooding Phenomena. The Case of Athens Metropolitan Area in Greece

Katsev, I.L.[Iosif L.] Co Author Listing * Robust Atmospheric Correction Procedure for Determination of Spectral Reflectance of Terrestrial Surfaces from Satellite Spectral Measurements, A

Katsevich, A.[Alexander] Co Author Listing * Analysis of View Aliasing for the Generalized Radon Transform in R2
* Covariance Matrix Estimation for the Cryo-EM Heterogeneity Problem
* Fast Exact/Quasi-Exact FBP Algorithms for Triple-Source Helical Cone-Beam CT
* Formulation of Four Katsevich Algorithms in Native Geometry
* Interior Tomography With Continuous Singular Value Decomposition
* Local Tomography and the Motion Estimation Problem
* Optimized Reconstruction Algorithm for Helical CT With Fractional Pitch Between 1PI and 3PI
Includes: Katsevich, A.[Alexander] Katsevich, A.
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Katsevich, A.I. Co Author Listing * Radon Transform and Local Tomography, The

Katsevich, E. Co Author Listing * Covariance Matrix Estimation for the Cryo-EM Heterogeneity Problem

Katsichti, V. Co Author Listing * 3d Documentation of Frail Archaeological Finds Using Low-cost Instrumentation

Katsigianni, G.[Georgia] Co Author Listing * PPP and PPP-AR Kinematic Post-Processed Performance of GPS-Only, Galileo-Only and Multi-GNSS

Katsigiannis, S. Co Author Listing * Image-Evoked Affect and its Impact on Eeg-Based Biometrics
* Multiclass-SGCN: Sparse Graph-Based Trajectory Prediction with Agent Class Embedding
* On the Influence of Affect in EEG-Based Subject Identification
Includes: Katsigiannis, S. Katsigiannis, S.[Stamos]

Katsikas, S.K. Co Author Listing * Playing Games with Internal Attackers Repeatedly
* Using a Fuzzy Inference System to Reduce False Positives in Intrusion Detection

Katsikis, V.N. Co Author Listing * Image Restoration Via Fast Computing of the Moore-Penrose Inverse Matrix

Katsimerou, C. Co Author Listing * Predicting Mood from Punctual Emotion Annotations on Videos

Katsini, C.[Christina] Co Author Listing * CHISTA: Cultural Heritage Information Storage and reTrieval Application

Katsinis, C. Co Author Listing * Analysis of a Sampling Technique Applied to Biological Images

Katsis, C.D. Co Author Listing * Toward Emotion Recognition in Car-Racing Drivers: A Biosignal Processing Approach

Katsman, C.A.[Caroline A.] Co Author Listing * Statistical Characterization of the Observed Cold Wake Induced by North Atlantic Hurricanes

Katsman, I. Co Author Listing * Enhancing Adversarial Example Transferability With an Intermediate Level Attack
* Fashion++: Minimal Edits for Outfit Improvement
* Generative Adversarial Perturbations
* mantis head camera (why the praying mantis is so good at catching its prey), The

Katsnelson, J. Co Author Listing * Deep Neural Networks Improve Radiologists' Performance in Breast Cancer Screening

Katsnelson, L.B.[Leonid B.] Co Author Listing * Mathematical Modeling of Electromechanical Function Disturbances and Recovery in Calcium-Overloaded Cardiomyocytes

Katsnelson, V.[Vitaly] Co Author Listing * Recovery of Piecewise Smooth Density and Lamé Parameters from High Frequency Exterior Cauchy Data

Katsoulas, D.[Dimitrios] Co Author Listing * email: Katsoulas, D.[Dimitrios]: dkats AT informatik uni-freiburg de
* Box-like Superquadric Recovery in Range Images by Fusing Region and Boundary Information
* Edge detection in range images of piled box-like objects
* Fast Recovery of Piled Deformable Objects Using Superquadrics
* Localization of Piled Boxes by Means of the Hough Transform
* Reliable recovery of piled box-like objects via parabolically deformable superquadrics
* Superquadric Segmentation in Range Images via Fusion of Region and Boundary Information
Includes: Katsoulas, D.[Dimitrios] Katsoulas, D.
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Katsouros, V.[Vassilis] Co Author Listing * Enhancing Handwritten Word Segmentation by Employing Local Spatial Features
* GRPOLY-DB: An old Greek polytonic document image database
* Handwritten document image segmentation into text lines and words
* Morphological Approach for Text-Line Segmentation in Handwritten Documents, A
* Morphology Based Approach for Binarization of Handwritten Documents, A
* Parametric Spectral-Based Method for Verification of Text in Videos, A
* Recognition of historical Greek polytonic scripts using LSTM networks
* Recognition of online handwritten mathematical formulas using probabilistic SVMs and stochastic context free grammars
* System for Recognition of On-Line Handwritten Mathematical Expressions, A
9 for Katsouros, V.

Katsouyanni, K.[Klea] Co Author Listing * Predicting Fine Particulate Matter (PM2.5) in the Greater London Area: An Ensemble Approach using Machine Learning Methods

Katsu Jimenez, Y. Co Author Listing * Longitudinal In-Vivo X-Ray Fluorescence Computed Tomography With Molybdenum Nanoparticles
Includes: Katsu Jimenez, Y. Katsu-Jiménez, Y.

Katsuggelos, A.K. Co Author Listing * Joint object-based video encoding and power management for energy efficient wireless video communications
* Robust circle detection using a weighted MSE estimator

Katsuki, T. Co Author Listing * Automated help system for novice older users from touchscreen gestures
* Bayesian regression selecting valuable subset from mixed bag training data
* City-Wide Traffic Flow Estimation From a Limited Number of Low-Quality Cameras
* Hierarchical Bayesian Choice Model with Visibility, A
* Posterior-Mean Super-Resolution With a Causal Gaussian Markov Random Field Prior
* Traffic Velocity Estimation From Vehicle Count Sequences
* Unsupervised object counting without object recognition
Includes: Katsuki, T. Katsuki, T.[Takayuki]
7 for Katsuki, T.

Katsulai, H. Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Image Fidelity by Means of the Fidelogram and Level Mean-Square Error

Katsuma, A.[Akari] Co Author Listing * Epigraphically-Relaxed Linearly-Involved Generalized Moreau-Enhanced Model for Layered Mixed Norm Regularization

Katsuma, Y. Co Author Listing * Estimation of Stereo Image Pairs from Single Camera Views for a Roatating Spherical Object covered with Moving Texture

Katsumata, A.[Atsushi] Co Author Listing * Fast and Robust Fingerprint Identification Algorithm and Its Application to Residential Access Controller
* Iris Recognition System Using Phase-Based Image Matching, An
* practical method to reducing metal artifact for dental CT scanners, A
Includes: Katsumata, A.[Atsushi] Katsumata, A.

Katsumata, K.[Kai] Co Author Listing * Label Augmentation as Inter-class Data Augmentation for Conditional Image Synthesis with Imbalanced Data
* Open-Set Domain Generalization via Metric Learning
* OSSGAN: Open-Set Semi-Supervised Image Generation
* Revisiting Latent Space of GAN Inversion for Robust Real Image Editing
* Soft Curriculum for Learning Conditional GANs with Noisy-Labeled and Uncurated Unlabeled Data
* Uncertainty Estimates in Deep Generative Models Using Gaussian Processes

Katsumoto, M.[Michiaki] Co Author Listing * Design of Distributed Hypermedia Systems based on Hypermedia-on-Demand Architecture
* novel 3D audio display system using radiated loudspeaker for future 3D multimodal communications, A

Katsuno, S. Co Author Listing * Motion Compensated Prediction Method Based on Perspective Transform for Coding of Moving Images

Katsura, E. Co Author Listing * document understanding method for database construction of an electronic library, A

Katsura, K.[Keisuke] Co Author Listing * Feasibility of Combining Deep Learning and RGB Images Obtained by Unmanned Aerial Vehicle for Leaf Area Index Estimation in Rice
* Spatial Estimation of Daily Growth Biomass in Paddy Rice Field Using Canopy Photosynthesis Model Based on Ground and UAV Observations
* Spatio-Temporal Estimation of Biomass Growth in Rice Using Canopy Surface Model from Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Images
* Statistic calculating method using a template and corresponding sub-image to determine similarity based on sum of squares thresholding
* Template matching image processor utilizing sub image pixel sums and sum of squares thresholding
Includes: Katsura, K.[Keisuke] Katsura, K.[Koyo]

Katsura, N.[Naoki] Co Author Listing * RefEgo: Referring Expression Comprehension Dataset from First-Person Perception of Ego4D

Katsura, T. Co Author Listing * digital watermark based on the wavelet transform and its robustness on image compression, A
* Image Watermarking Method Based on the Wavelet Transform, An
* Nationwide Determination of Required Total Lengths of Multiple Borehole Heat Exchangers under Variable Climate and Geology in Japan
Includes: Katsura, T. Katsura, T.[Takashi] Katsura, T.[Takao]

Katsura, Y.[Yosuke] Co Author Listing * Efficient Hair Rendering under Dynamic, Low-Frequency Environmental Light Using Spherical Harmonics

Katsurada, K.[Kouichi] Co Author Listing * Facial Expression Mimicking System
* Lip Reading from Multi View Facial Images Using 3D-AAM

Katsurada, M.[Morihiro] Co Author Listing * Facsimile device with skew correction and text line direction detection

Katsuragawa, K.[Keiko] Co Author Listing * Review of Distributed VR Co-design Systems, A

Katsuragawa, S. Co Author Listing * Automatic detection of abnormalities in chest radiographs using local texture analysis
* Method of detecting interval changes in chest radiographs utilizing temporal subtraction combined with automated initial matching of blurred low resolution images
Includes: Katsuragawa, S. Katsuragawa, S.[Shigehiko]

Katsuragi, S.[Sumio] Co Author Listing * Microprogram controlled pattern processing in a handwritten mail reader-sorter

Katsurai, M. Co Author Listing * Cross-Modal Approach for Extracting Semantic Relationships Between Concepts Using Tagged Images, A

Katsuta, K. Co Author Listing * Cost effective railway signalling by wireless communication among onboard controllers and switch controllers

Katsuta, R. Co Author Listing * Extraction of Structure Feature from Three-Dimensional Object by Scale-Space Analysis

Katsuyama, S. Co Author Listing * New Fractal Image Coding Scheme Employing Blocks of Variable Shapes, A

Katsuyama, Y.[Yutaka] Co Author Listing * Apparatus and method for extracting management information from image
* Camera based degraded text recognition using grayscale feature
* color chart detection method for automatic color correction, A
* Fast and Accurate Text Detection in Natural Scene Images with User-Intention
* High Speed and High Accuracy Pre-Classification Method for OCR: Margin Added Hashing
* Learning Pseudo Bayes Discriminant Method Based on Difference Distribution of Feature Vectors, A
* Position Estimation of Pedestrians in Surveillance Video Using Face Detection and Simple Camera Calibration
* Robust Chinese Character Recognition by Selection of Binary-Based and Grayscale-Based Classifier
* Text detection in natural scene images with user-intention
* Video caption duration extraction
* Video Degradation Model and Its Application to Character Recognition in e-Learning Videos
Includes: Katsuyama, Y.[Yutaka] Katsuyama, Y.
11 for Katsuyama, Y.

Katsyri, J. Co Author Listing * Joint Modeling of Facial Expression and Shape from Video
* Virtual Character Facial Expressions Influence Human Brain and Facial EMG Activity in a Decision-Making Game
Includes: Katsyri, J. Kätsyri, J. (Maybe also Kaetsyri, J.)

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