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PR(9) * Absence of perspective processing in the pigeon
* adaptive signal classification procedure. Application to aircraft engine condition monitoring, An
* Analysis of the Digitized Boundaries of Planar Objects
* automatic measurement device for the evaluation of the print quality of printed characters, An
* Camera Model for Natural Scene Processing, A
* class of error tolerant pattern discrimination functions, A
* Classification of characters by man and by machine
* comparison of selected pattern recognition functions, A
* Efficient decision tree design for discrete variable pattern recognition problems
* Error Measures for Scene Segmentation
* Finding the Rib Cage in Chest Radiographs
* Gravitational clustering
* Machine Recognition of Constrained Hand Printed Devanagari
* Metric invariants for unitary transformations and their application in character recognition
* mixed integer programming approach to multi-spectral image classification, A
* non-parametric clustering scheme for Landsat, A
* note on the choice of a weighting function to give an efficient method for estimating the probability of misclassification, A
* Object recognition by grasping
* On a modified form of Parzen estimator for nonparametric pattern recognition
* On the Detection of Structures in Noisy Pictures
* On the estimation of probability of error
* Pattern discrimination using ellipsoidally symmetric multivariate density functions
* Processing Noisy Line Spectrograms as Digital Pictures
* Properties and convergence of a posteriori probabilities in classification problems
* real-time system for pattern recognition of human sleep stages by fuzzy system analysis, A
* syntactic procedure for the recognition of glottal pulses in continuous speech, A
* Using a Structured World Model in Flexible Recognition of Two Dimensional Patterns
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