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Gonza'lez Manzano, L. Co Author Listing * Privacy-aware average speed monitoring system for vehicular ad-hoc networks
Includes: Gonza'lez Manzano, L. Gonza´lez-Manzano, L.

Gonza'lez, D.M.A.[D.M. Arenas] Co Author Listing * Smartphone image acquisition forensics using sensor fingerprint
Includes: Gonza'lez, D.M.A.[D.M. Arenas] Gonza´lez, D.M.A.[D.M. Arenas]

Gonzaga da Silveira, L.[Luiz] Co Author Listing * Toward analyzing mutual interference on infrared-enabled depth cameras

Gonzaga, A. Co Author Listing * Dynamic Features for Iris Recognition
* Human Epithelial Type 2 (HEp-2) Cell Classification by Using a Multiresolution Texture Descriptor
* new approach for color image segmentation based on color mixture, A
* Robustness of Rotation Invariant Descriptors for Texture Classification
Includes: Gonzaga, A. Gonzaga, A.[Adilson]

Gonzaga, L.[Luiz] Co Author Listing * Automatic Algorithm For Minimizing Anomalies And Discrepancies In Point Clouds Acquired By Laser Scanning Technique, An
* Critical Analysis of Red Ceramic Blocks Roughness Estimation by 2D and 3D Methods, A
* Digital Outcrop Model Generation from Hybrid UAV and Panoramic Imaging Systems
Includes: Gonzaga, L.[Luiz] Gonzaga, Jr., L.[Luiz]

Gonzaga, M.[Maria] Co Author Listing * Individual Tree Detection and Qualitative Inventory of a Eucalyptus sp. Stand Using UAV Photogrammetry Data

Gonzales de Oliveira, C.[Cleber] Co Author Listing * Assessment of radargrammetric DSMs from TerraSAR-X Stripmap images in a mountainous relief area of the Amazon region

Gonzales, B. Co Author Listing * Full-Spectrum CT Reconstruction Using a Weighted Least Squares Algorithm With an Energy-Axis Penalty

Gonzales, C.[Christophe] Co Author Listing * Combinatorial Resampling Particle Filter: An Effective and Efficient Method for Articulated Object Tracking
* Cost Function with Position Penalty for Motion Estimation in MPEG-2 Video Coding, A
* Eye Movement Classification with Temporal Convolutional Networks
* Fast multiple histogram computation using Kruskal's algorithm
* Issues in reduced-resolution decoding of MPEG video
* Locally Quadratic Model of the Motion Estimation Error Criterion Function and Its Application to Subpixel Interpolations, A
* Min-Space Integral Histogram
* optimized DBN-based mode-focussing particle filter, An
* Simultaneous Partitioned Sampling for Articulated Object Tracking
* survey of datasets for visual tracking, A
* Video Event Detection Based Non-stationary Bayesian Networks
Includes: Gonzales, C.[Christophe] Gonzales, C.[Cesar] Gonzales, C.[Candy] Gonzales, C.
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Gonzales, C.A.[Cesar A.] Co Author Listing * Apparatus and method of attenuating distortion introduced by a predictive coding image compressor
* DCT coding for motion video storage using adaptive arithmetic coding
* Flexible scalable digital video coding
* Motion video adaptive quantization in the transform domain
* Transform coding using coefficient prediction techniques
Includes: Gonzales, C.A.[Cesar A.] Gonzales, C.A.

Gonzales, G.F.[Gustavo F.] Co Author Listing * Developing an Advanced PM2.5 Exposure Model in Lima, Peru

Gonzales, J.D. Co Author Listing * SFM Photogrammetry As a Tool for The Conservation of The Cultural Heritage of Bogotá (Colombia), Within The Framework of The Adopt A Monument Program

Gonzalez Abril, L.[Luis] Co Author Listing * Customising a qualitative colour description for adaptability and usability
* Energy wasting at internet data centers due to fear
* Measures of similarity between qualitative descriptions of shape, colour and size applied to mosaic assembling
* model for the qualitative description of images based on visual and spatial features, A
* Qualitative distances and qualitative image descriptions for representing indoor scenes in robotics
* study on output normalization in multiclass SVMs, A
Includes: Gonzalez Abril, L.[Luis] Gonzalez-Abril, L.[Luis] González-Abril, L.[Luis] Gonzalez-Abril, L.

Gonzalez Aguilera, D. Co Author Listing * 3d Modelling and Accuracy Assessment of Granite Quarry Using Unmmanned Aerial Vehicle
* 4d Reconstruction And Visualization of Cultural Heritage: Analyzing Our Legacy Through Time
* Assessing Pathologies on Villamayor Stone (Salamanca, Spain) by Terrestrial Laser Scanner Intensity Data
* Assessment of Green Infrastructure in Riparian Zones Using Copernicus Programme
* automated approach to vertical road characterisation using mobile LiDAR systems: Longitudinal profiles and cross-sections, An
* Automated Urban Analysis Based on LiDAR-Derived Building Models
* Automatic Analysis and Classification of the Roof Surfaces for the Installation of Solar Panels Using a Multi-Data Source and Multi-Sensor Aerial Platform
* Automatic Co-Registration of Terrestrial Laser Scanner and Digital Camera for the Generation of Hybrids Models
* Automatic Evaluation of Photovoltaic Power Stations from High-Density RGB-T 3D Point Clouds
* Automatic Generation of Urban Road 3D Models for Pedestrian Studies from LiDAR Data
* automatic procedure for co-registration of terrestrial laser scanners and digital cameras, An
* Challenges and Possibilities of Archaeological Sites Virtual Tours: The Ulaca Oppidum (Central Spain) as a Case Study
* Characterizing Geological Heterogeneities for Geothermal Purposes through Combined Geophysical Prospecting Methods
* Close-Range Photogrammetry and Infrared Imaging for Non-Invasive Honeybee Hive Population Assessment
* Comparative Study Between WMMS and TLS for The Stability Analysis Of The San Pedro Church Barrel Vault By Means of The Finite Element Method, A
* Comparing Terrestrial Laser Scanning (TLS) and Wearable Laser Scanning (WLS) for Individual Tree Modeling at Plot Level
* Damage Detection On Historical Buildings Using Unsupervised Classification Techniques
* Design of a Local Nested Grid for the Optimal Combined Use of Landsat 8 and Sentinel 2 Data
* Development Of An All-purpose Free Photogrammetric Tool
* Diachronic Reconstruction and Visualization of Lost Cultural Heritage Sites
* Energy Analysis of Road Accidents Based on Close-Range Photogrammetry
* Evaluating the Structural Integrity of the Saint Antonio Barrel Vault In the Fortress of Almeida By Combining Laser Scanner and Limit Analysis
* Feature matching evaluation for multimodal correspondence
* Flood Hazard Assessment Supported by Reduced Cost Aerial Precision Photogrammetry
* From Point Cloud to Surface: Modeling Structures in Laser Scanner Point Clouds
* Geoinformatics for the conservation and promotion of cultural heritage in support of the UN Sustainable Development Goals
* Geometrical Issues on the Structural Analysis of Transmission Electricity Towers Thanks to Laser Scanning Technology and Finite Element Method
* HidroMap: A New Tool for Irrigation Monitoring and Management Using Free Satellite Imagery
* Historical Single Image-Based Modeling: The Case of Gobierna Tower, Zamora (Spain)
* Infrared Cephalic-vein to Assist Blood Extraction Tasks: Automatic Projection And Recognition
* Integration of a Wearable Mobile Mapping Solution and Advance Numerical Simulations for the Structural Analysis of Historical Constructions: A Case of Study in San Pedro Church (Palencia, Spain)
* Integration of Geotechnologies in the Evaluation of a Wine Cellar Structure through the Finite Element Method, The
* Large Scale Automatic Analysis and Classification of Roof Surfaces for the Installation of Solar Panels Using a Multi-Sensor Aerial Platform
* Laserscanning or image-based modeling? A comparative through the modelization of San Nicolas Church
* Mobile LiDAR System: New Possibilities for the Documentation and Dissemination of Large Cultural Heritage Sites
* Monitoring Green Infrastructure for Natural Water Retention Using Copernicus Global Land Products
* Multi-Data Source and Multi-Sensor Approach for the 3D Reconstruction and Visualization of a Complex Archaelogical Site: The Case Study of Tolmo de Minateda, A
* Multi-Data Source and Multi-Sensor Approach for the 3D Reconstruction and Web Visualization of a Complex Archaelogical Site: The Case Study of Tolmo De Minateda, A
* Multi-Sensor Radiometric Study to Detect Pathologies in Historical Buildings
* Multispectral Imaging in Cultural Heritage Conservation
* Multispectral Radiometric Analysis of Façades to Detect Pathologies from Active and Passive Remote Sensing
* New Approach to Energy Calculation of Road Accidents against Fixed Small Section Elements Based on Close-Range Photogrammetry, A
* Non-Contact Photogrammetric Methodology to Evaluate the Structural Health of Historical Constructions
* Novel Pole Photogrammetric System for Low-Cost Documentation of Archaeological Sites: The Case Study of Cueva Pintada
* On the Combination of Remote Sensing and Geophysical Methods for the Digitalization of the San Lázaro Middle Paleolithic Rock Shelter (Segovia, Central Iberia, Spain)
* On the use of laser scanner and photogrammetry for the global digitization of the medieval walls of Avila
* Photogrammetric and Computer Vision-Based Approach for Automated 3D Architectural Modeling and Its Typological Analysis, A
* Photogrammetric Solution for Analysis of Out-Of-Plane Movements of a Masonry Structure in a Large-Scale Laboratory Experiment
* Photogrammetric, Geometrical, and Numerical Strategies to Evaluate Initial and Current Conditions in Historical Constructions: A Test Case in the Church of San Lorenzo (Zamora, Spain)
* Photomatch: An Open-source Multi-view and Multi-modal Feature Matching Tool for Photogrammetric Applications
* Road safety evaluation through automatic extraction of road horizontal alignments from Mobile LiDAR System and inductive reasoning based on a decision tree
* Sensor Fusion for 3d Archaeological Documentation and Reconstruction: Case Study of Cueva Pintada in Galdar, Gran Canaria
* Smartwall: a New Web-based Platform for The Valorization of The Medieval Wall of Avila
* Statistical Comparison between Low-Cost Methods for 3D Characterization of Cut-Marks on Bones
* Study on Geospatial Distribution of the Efficiency and Sustainability of Different Energy-Driven Heat Pumps Included in Low Enthalpy Geothermal Systems in Europe
* Successful Applications of Geotechnologies for the Evaluation of Road Infrastructures
* Terrestrial laserscanning and low-cost aerial Photogrammetry in the archaeological modelling of a Jewish tanneries
* Testing the Radiometric Performance of Digital Photogrammetric Images: Vicarious vs. Laboratory Calibration on the Leica ADS40, a Study in Spain
* Validation of Portable Mobile Mapping System for Inspection Tasks in Thermal and Fluid-Mechanical Facilities
Includes: Gonzalez Aguilera, D. González-Aguilera, D. Gonzalez-Aguilera, D. González-Aguilera, D.[Diego] Gonzalez-Aguilera, D.[Diego] González Aguilera, D.[Diego] González Aguilera, D.
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Gonzalez Aguirre, D. Co Author Listing * Model-based visual self-localization using geometry and graphs
* On Environmental Model-Based Visual Perception for Humanoids
* Towards stratified model-based environmental visual perception for humanoid robots
Includes: Gonzalez Aguirre, D. Gonzalez-Aguirre, D.

Gonzalez Agulla, E.[Elisardo] Co Author Listing * Multiscenario Multienvironment BioSecure Multimodal Database (BMDB), The
Includes: Gonzalez Agulla, E.[Elisardo] Gonzalez-Agulla, E.[Elisardo]

Gonzalez Alonso, E.[Elena] Co Author Listing * Methodology to Detect and Update Active Deformation Areas Based on Sentinel-1 SAR Images, A
Includes: Gonzalez Alonso, E.[Elena] González-Alonso, E.[Elena]

Gonzalez alonso, F. Co Author Listing * Global Burned Area Mapping From European Satellites: The Esa Fire_cci Project
Includes: Gonzalez alonso, F. González-alonso, F.

Gonzalez Alvarado, D.[Daniel] Co Author Listing * Modeling Large-scale Joint Distributions and Inference by Randomized Assignment
* Quantum State Assignment Flows
Includes: Gonzalez Alvarado, D.[Daniel] Gonzalez-Alvarado, D.[Daniel]

Gonzalez Alvarez, D.[David] Co Author Listing * Exploring Ephemeral Features with Ground-Penetrating Radar: An Approach to Roman Military Camps
Includes: Gonzalez Alvarez, D.[David] González-Álvarez, D.[David]

Gonzalez Alvarez, I.[Ignacio] Co Author Listing * Using Machine Learning to Map Western Australian Landscapes for Mineral Exploration
Includes: Gonzalez Alvarez, I.[Ignacio] González-Álvarez, I.[Ignacio]

Gonzalez Argueta, L.[Luis] Co Author Listing * Multi-target tracking through opportunistic camera control in a resource constrained multimodal sensor network
Includes: Gonzalez Argueta, L.[Luis] Gonzalez-Argueta, L.[Luis]

Gonzalez Arjona, D.[David] Co Author Listing * Simplified Occupancy Grid Indoor Mapping Optimized for Low-Cost Robots
Includes: Gonzalez Arjona, D.[David] Gonzalez-Arjona, D.[David]

Gonzalez Audicana, M.[Maria] Co Author Listing * Added Value of Stratified Topographic Correction of Multispectral Images, The
* Automatic Detection of Uprooted Orchards Based on Orthophoto Texture Analysis
* Evaluation of R Tools for Downloading MODIS Images and Their Use in Urban Growth Analysis of the City of Tarija (Bolivia)
* Fusion of Multispectral and Panchromatic Images Using Improved IHS and PCA Mergers Based on Wavelet Decomposition
* Low Computational-Cost Method to Fuse IKONOS Images Using the Spectral Response Function of Its Sensors, A
* Monitoring Rainfed Alfalfa Growth in Semiarid Agrosystems Using Sentinel-2 Imagery
* Synthetic Images for Evaluating Topographic Correction Algorithms
* Validation of a Simplified Model to Generate Multispectral Synthetic Images
Includes: Gonzalez Audicana, M.[Maria] González-Audícana, M.[María] Gonzalez-Audicana, M.
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Gonzalez Aviles, A.[Angel] Co Author Listing * UAV + BIM: Incorporation of Photogrammetric Techniques in Architectural Projects with Building Information Modeling Versus Classical Work Processes
Includes: Gonzalez Aviles, A.[Angel] González-Avilés, Á.[Ángel]

Gonzalez Ballester, M.A. Co Author Listing * 3-D Subject-Specific Shape and Density Estimation of the Lumbar Spine From a Single Anteroposterior DXA Image Including Assessment of Cortical and Trabecular Bone
* Automatic Extraction of Femur Contours from Calibrated Fluoroscopic Images
* Correspondence Establishment in Statistical Modeling of Shapes with Arbitrary Topology
* Deep Learning Techniques for Automatic MRI Cardiac Multi-Structures Segmentation and Diagnosis: Is the Problem Solved?
* Deep Q-CapsNet Reinforcement Learning Framework for Intrauterine Cavity Segmentation in TTTS Fetal Surgery Planning
* Differentiation of sCJD and vCJD Forms by Automated Analysis of Basal Ganglia Intensity Distribution in Multisequence MRI of the Brain: Definition and Evaluation of New MRI-Based Ratios
* Estimating 3D Ventricular Shape From 2D Echocardiography: Feasibility and Effect of Noise
* Geometric steerable medial maps
* Learning and Combining Image Similarities for Neonatal Brain Population Studies
* Random walks with statistical shape prior for cochlea and inner ear segmentation in micro-CT images
* Statistical Shape Model with Random Walks for Inner Ear Segmentation
Includes: Gonzalez Ballester, M.A. González Ballester, M.A. Gonzalez Ballester, M.A.[Miguel A.] González Ballester, M.Á.[Miguel Ángel] González Ballester, M.A.[Miguel Angel]
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Gonzalez Banos, H. Co Author Listing * Computing depth under ambient illumination using multi-shuttered light

Gonzalez Banos, H.H. Co Author Listing * Counting people in crowds with a real-time network of simple image sensors
* Sparse IBR Using Range Space Rendering
Includes: Gonzalez Banos, H.H. Gonzalez-Banos, H.H.

Gonzalez Barbosa, J.J.[Jose Joel] Co Author Listing * Calibration of a panoramic 3D reconstruction system
* Double Layer Background Model to Detect Unusual Events, A
* Vision System for 3D Reconstruction with Telecentric Lens
Includes: Gonzalez Barbosa, J.J.[Jose Joel] González-Barbosa, J.J.[José-Joel] Gonzalez-Barbosa, J.J.[Jose-Joel] Gonzalez-Barbosa, J.J.[José-Joel]

Gonzalez Barbosa, R.[Ricardo] Co Author Listing * Vision System for 3D Reconstruction with Telecentric Lens
Includes: Gonzalez Barbosa, R.[Ricardo] Gonzalez-Barbosa, R.[Ricardo]

Gonzalez Barcenas, V.M. Co Author Listing * Addressing the Big Data Multi-class Imbalance Problem with Oversampling and Deep Learning Neural Networks
Includes: Gonzalez Barcenas, V.M. González-Barcenas, V.M.

Gonzalez Barrachina, P.[Pedro] Co Author Listing * Lifelong Learning for Document Image Binarization: An Experimental Study
Includes: Gonzalez Barrachina, P.[Pedro] González-Barrachina, P.[Pedro]

Gonzalez Bello, J.L. Co Author Listing * HVS-Inspired Attention to Improve Loss Metrics for CNN-Based Perception-Oriented Super-Resolution, A

Gonzalez Benitez, N.[Natalia] Co Author Listing * Primary Production, an Index of Climate Change in the Ocean: Satellite-Based Estimates over Two Decades
Includes: Gonzalez Benitez, N.[Natalia] González-Benítez, N.[Natalia]

Gonzalez Betancourt, A.[Aniel] Co Author Listing * Automated marker identification using the Radon transform for watershed segmentation
Includes: Gonzalez Betancourt, A.[Aniel] González-Betancourt, A.[Aniel]

Gonzalez Botello, M.A.[Miguel A.] Co Author Listing * Novel GP Approach to Synthesize Vegetation Indices for Soil Erosion Assessment, A
Includes: Gonzalez Botello, M.A.[Miguel A.] González-Botello, M.A.[Miguel A.]

Gonzalez Briceno, G. Co Author Listing * Artificial Intelligence-Based Referral System for Patients With Diabetic Retinopathy
Includes: Gonzalez Briceno, G. Gonzalez-Briceno, G.

Gonzalez Briones, A.[Alfonso] Co Author Listing * multi-agent system for the classification of gender and age from images, A
Includes: Gonzalez Briones, A.[Alfonso] González-Briones, A.[Alfonso]

Gonzalez Cabrera, A.E.[Adriana E.] Co Author Listing * Multivariate Analysis for Solar Resource Assessment Using Unsupervised Learning on Images from the GOES-13 Satellite
Includes: Gonzalez Cabrera, A.E.[Adriana E.] González-Cabrera, A.E.[Adriana E.]

Gonzalez Campos, M.E.[Maria Ester] Co Author Listing * Assessing SDI Implementation Scenarios to Facilitate Emergency Mapping Operations in the Dominican Republic
Includes: Gonzalez Campos, M.E.[Maria Ester] Gonzalez-Campos, M.E.[María Ester]

Gonzalez Caravaca, G.[Guillermo] Co Author Listing * Phone-Conditioned Suboptimal Wiener Filtering
Includes: Gonzalez Caravaca, G.[Guillermo] Gonzalez-Caravaca, G.[Guillermo]

Gonzalez Casado, G.[Guillermo] Co Author Listing * Impacts of the Ionospheric Observable and Mathematical Model on the Global Ionosphere Model, The
* Summer Nighttime Anomalies of Ionospheric Electron Content at Midlatitudes: Comparing Years of Low and High Solar Activities Using Observations and Tidal/Planetary Wave Features
* Worldwide Ionospheric Model for Fast Precise Point Positioning, A
Includes: Gonzalez Casado, G.[Guillermo] González-Casado, G.[Guillermo] Gonzalez-Casado, G.

Gonzalez Cascon, R.[Rosario] Co Author Listing * Improving the Performance of 3-D Radiative Transfer Model FLIGHT to Simulate Optical Properties of a Tree-Grass Ecosystem
* Nitrogen and Phosphorus Effect on Sun-Induced Fluorescence and Gross Primary Productivity in Mediterranean Grassland
* Using Near-Infrared-Enabled Digital Repeat Photography to Track Structural and Physiological Phenology in Mediterranean Tree-Grass Ecosystems
Includes: Gonzalez Cascon, R.[Rosario] González-Cascón, R.[Rosario] Gonzalez-Cascon, R.[Rosario]

Gonzalez Casquete, M. Co Author Listing * Logarithmical hopping encoding: A low computational complexity algorithm for image compression
Includes: Gonzalez Casquete, M. González Casquete, M.

Gonzalez Castano, F.J. Co Author Listing * Fast image recovery using dynamic load balancing in parallel architectures, by means of incomplete projections
* SAETA: A Smart Coaching Assistant for Professional Volleyball Training
Includes: Gonzalez Castano, F.J. Gonzalez-Castano, F.J.

Gonzalez Castellano, C.[Cristina] Co Author Listing * Using pre and post-processing methods to improve binding site predictions

Gonzalez Castro, V. Co Author Listing * Adaptive pattern spectrum image description using Euclidean and Geodesic distance without training for texture classification
* Adaptive Texture Description and Estimation of the Class Prior Probabilities for Seminal Quality Control
* Automatic classification of skin lesions using geometrical measurements of adaptive neighborhoods and local binary patterns
* Automatic Rating of Perivascular Spaces in Brain MRI Using Bag of Visual Words
* aZIBO: A New Descriptor Based in Shape Moments and Rotational Invariant Features
* Boar Spermatozoa Classification Using Longitudinal and Transversal Profiles (LTP) Descriptor in Digital Images
* Boosting image classification through semantic attention filtering strategies
* Color Adaptive Neighborhood Mathematical Morphology and its application to pixel-level classification
* Curvelet-Based Texture Description to Classify Intact and Damaged Boar Spermatozoa
* Local Oriented Statistics Information Booster (LOSIB) for Texture Classification
* new perceptual hashing method for verification and identity classification of occluded faces, A
* Pixel Classification Using General Adaptive Neighborhood-Based Features
* survey on methods, datasets and implementations for scene text spotting, A
* Vitality Assessment of Boar Sperm Using N Concentric Squares Resized (NCSR) Texture Descriptor in Digital Images
Includes: Gonzalez Castro, V. Gonzalez-Castro, V. González-Castro, V.[Víctor] Gonzalez-Castro, V.[Victor] González-Castro, V.[Victor]
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Gonzalez Chavez, O.[Othon] Co Author Listing * Video captioning: A comparative review of where we are and which could be the route
Includes: Gonzalez Chavez, O.[Othon] González-Chávez, O.[Othón]

Gonzalez Collazo, S.M.[Silvia Maria] Co Author Listing * Detection of Direct Sun Glare on Drivers from Point Clouds
* Pavement Crack Detection and Clustering via Region-Growing Algorithm from 3D MLS Point Clouds
Includes: Gonzalez Collazo, S.M.[Silvia Maria] González-Collazo, S.M.[Silvia María]

Gonzalez Colom, R.[Ruben] Co Author Listing * Automated Orientation Detection of 3d Head Reconstructions from SMRI Using Multiview Orthographic Projections: An Image Classification-based Approach
Includes: Gonzalez Colom, R.[Ruben] Gonzàlez-Colom, R.[Rubèn]

Gonzalez Conejero, J.[Jorge] Co Author Listing * Encoding of images containing no-data regions within JPEG2000 framework
* Encoding scheme for multi-component images containing no-data regions
* JPEG2000 Coding Techniques Addressed to Images Containing No-Data Regions
Includes: Gonzalez Conejero, J.[Jorge] Gonzalez-Conejero, J.[Jorge] González-Conejero, J.[Jorge]

Gonzalez De Aledo, P. Co Author Listing * Navigating the Landscape for Real-Time Localization and Mapping for Robotics and Virtual and Augmented Reality
Includes: Gonzalez De Aledo, P. Gonzalez-De-Aledo, P.

Gonzalez de Rivera, G.[Guillermo] Co Author Listing * evaluation of direct attacks using fake fingers generated from ISO templates, An
* Fake fingertip generation from a minutiae template
Includes: Gonzalez de Rivera, G.[Guillermo] Gonzalez-de-Rivera, G.[Guillermo]

Gonzalez de Santos, L.M. Co Author Listing * Automatic Detection of Forest-road Distances to Improve Clearing Operations in Road Management
* Autonomous Point Cloud Acquisition of Unknown Indoor Scenes
* First Approach to UAV-based Contact Inspection: a Smart Payload For Navigation in The Neighbourhood of Structures
* UAV and Satellite Imagery Applied to Alien Species Mapping in NW Spain
Includes: Gonzalez de Santos, L.M. González-de Santos, L.M.

Gonzalez de Suso, J.L.[Jose Luis] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Lagrange multiplier estimation algorithm in HEVC
* FaceQvec: Vector Quality Assessment for Face Biometrics based on ISO Compliance
* Improved Method to Select the Lagrange Multiplier for Rate-Distortion Based Motion Estimation in Video Coding
* Two-level sliding-window VBR control algorithm for video on demand streaming
Includes: Gonzalez de Suso, J.L.[Jose Luis] González-de-Suso, J.L.[José Luis] Gonzalez-de-Suso, J.L.[Jose Luis] Gonzalez-de-Suso, J.L.

Gonzalez deSantos, L.M.[Luis Miguel] Co Author Listing * Automatic Measurement of Water Height in the As Conchas (Spain) Reservoir Using Sentinel 2 and Aerial LiDAR Data
* Path Planning for Indoor Contact Inspection Tasks with Uavs
Includes: Gonzalez deSantos, L.M.[Luis Miguel] González-deSantos, L.M.[Luis Miguel] González-deSantos, L.M.

Gonzalez Diaz, I.[Ivan] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Multipattern Fast Block-Matching Algorithm Based on Motion Classification Techniques
* Automatic Learning of Image Representations Combining Content and Metadata
* Bayesian model for brain tumor classification using clinical-based features, A
* Efficient Scale-Adaptive License Plate Detection System
* Generative Model for Concurrent Image Retrieval and ROI Segmentation, A
* Goal-oriented top-down probabilistic visual attention model for recognition of manipulated objects in egocentric videos
* Improved Motion Classification Techniques for Adaptive Multi-Pattern Fast Block-Matching Algorithm
* Incorporating spatio-temporal mid-level features in a region segmentation algorithm for video sequences
* Mid-level feature set for specific event and anomaly detection in crowded scenes
* Neighborhood Matching for Image Retrieval
* Object recognition with top-down visual attention modeling for behavioral studies
* Perceptual modeling in the problem of active object recognition in visual scenes
* Perceptually-guided deep neural networks for ego-action prediction: Object grasping
* Probabilistic Topic Model for Context-Driven Visual Attention Understanding
* region-centered topic model for object discovery and category-based image segmentation, A
* spatially aware generative model for image classification, topic discovery and segmentation, A
* Training deep retrieval models with noisy datasets: Bag exponential loss
Includes: Gonzalez Diaz, I.[Ivan] Gonzalez-Diaz, I.[Ivan] González-Díaz, I.[Iván] González-Díaz, I. Gonzalez-Diaz, I.
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Gonzalez Diaz, P.[Patricia] Co Author Listing * Extent, Severity, and Temporal Patterns of Damage to Cuba's Ecosystems following Hurricane Irma: MODIS and Sentinel-2 Hurricane Disturbance Vegetation Anomaly (HDVA)
Includes: Gonzalez Diaz, P.[Patricia] González-Díaz, P.[Patricia]

Gonzalez Diaz, R.[Rocio] Co Author Listing * 4d Counter-example Showing that DWCNess Does Not Imply CWCness in nD, A
* Approximating lower-star persistence via 2D combinatorial map simplification
* Computational Topology in Image Context
* Computing and Reducing Slope Complexes
* Cubical Cohomology Ring of 3D Photographs
* Cup Products on Polyhedral Approximations of 3D Digital Images
* Efficiently Storing Well-Composed Polyhedral Complexes Computed Over 3D Binary Images
* Encoding Specific 3D Polyhedral Complexes Using 3D Binary Images
* entropy-based persistence barcode, An
* Euler Well-composedness
* Extending the Notion of AT-Model for Integer Homology Computation
* Gait-Based Carried Object Detection Using Persistent Homology
* Gait-Based Gender Classification Using Persistent Homology
* Graph-with-Loop Structure for a Topological Representation of 3D Objects, A
* Human Gait Identification Using Persistent Homology
* Incremental-Decremental Algorithm for Computing AT-Models and Persistent Homology
* Integral Operators for Computing Homology Generators at Any Dimension
* Invariant Representative Cocycles of Cohomology Generators Using Irregular Graph Pyramids
* Irregular Graph Pyramids and Representative Cocycles of Cohomology Generators
* LBP and Irregular Graph Pyramids
* On the Space Between Critical Points
* On the stability of persistent entropy and new summary functions for topological data analysis
* One More Step Towards Well-Composedness of Cell Complexes over nD Pictures
* Parallel Homology Computation of Meshes
* Persistent Homology Computation Using Combinatorial Map Simplification
* Persistent homology-based gait recognition robust to upper body variations
* Removal Operations in nD Generalized Maps for Efficient Homology Computation
* Spatiotemporal Barcodes for Image Sequence Analysis
* tool for integer homology computation: lambda-AT-model, A
* Topology-based image segmentation using LBP pyramids
* Towards Emotion Recognition: A Persistent Entropy Application
* Well-Composed Cell Complexes
Includes: Gonzalez Diaz, R.[Rocio] Gonzalez-Diaz, R.[Rocio] Gonzalez-Diaz, R.[Rocío] Gonzalez-Díaz, R.[Rocio]
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Gonzalez Dominguez, J. Co Author Listing * Von Mises-Fisher Models in the Total Variability Subspace for Language Recognition
Includes: Gonzalez Dominguez, J. Gonzalez-Dominguez, J.

Gonzalez Drigo, R.[Ramon] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Post-Earthquake Damaged Building with Interferometric Real Aperture Radar
* Dynamic Monitoring of a Mid-Rise Building by Real-Aperture Radar Interferometer: Advantages and Limitations
* Lab Non Destructive Test to Analyze the Effect of Corrosion on Ground Penetrating Radar Scans
Includes: Gonzalez Drigo, R.[Ramon] Gonzalez-Drigo, R.[Ramon] González-Drigo, R.[Ramón]

Gonzalez Dugo, M.P.[Maria P.] Co Author Listing * Can We Use Satellite-Based Soil-Moisture Products at High Resolution to Investigate Land-Use Differences and Land-Atmosphere Interactions? A Case Study in the Savanna
* Estimating Evapotranspiration of Mediterranean Oak Savanna at Multiple Temporal and Spatial Resolutions. Implications for Water Resources Management
* Exploring TanDEM-X Interferometric Products for Crop-Type Mapping
* II: Integration of Remote Sensing Medium and Low Spatial Resolution Satellite Images
* Modeling Surface Energy Fluxes over a Dehesa (Oak Savanna) Ecosystem Using a Thermal Based Two-Source Energy Balance Model (TSEB) I
* Monitoring Grass Phenology and Hydrological Dynamics of an Oak-Grass Savanna Ecosystem Using Sentinel-2 and Terrestrial Photography
Includes: Gonzalez Dugo, M.P.[Maria P.] González-Dugo, M.P.[María P.] González-Dugo, M.P.[Maria P.]

Gonzalez Dugo, V.[Victoria] Co Author Listing * Airborne Thermal Imagery to Detect the Seasonal Evolution of Crop Water Status in Peach, Nectarine and Saturn Peach Orchards
* Discriminating Xylella fastidiosa from Verticillium dahliae infections in olive trees using thermal- and hyperspectral-based plant traits
* Early Detection and Quantification of Almond Red Leaf Blotch Using High-Resolution Hyperspectral and Thermal Imagery
* Effects of Heterogeneity within Tree Crowns on Airborne-Quantified SIF and the CWSI as Indicators of Water Stress in the Context of Precision Agriculture
* Monitoring water stress and fruit quality in an orange orchard under regulated deficit irrigation using narrow-band structural and physiological remote sensing indices
* Remote sensing of vegetation from UAV platforms using lightweight multispectral and thermal imaging sensors
* Using High-Resolution Hyperspectral and Thermal Airborne Imagery to Assess Physiological Condition in the Context of Wheat Phenotyping
Includes: Gonzalez Dugo, V.[Victoria] Gonzalez-Dugo, V.[Victoria] Gonzalez-Dugo, V. González-Dugo, V.[Victoria] González-Dugo, V.
7 for Gonzalez Dugo, V.

Gonzalez Escobar, R.[Rafael] Co Author Listing * Sustainability Indicators and GIS as Land-Use Planning Instrument Tools for Urban Model Assessment
Includes: Gonzalez Escobar, R.[Rafael] González-Escobar, R.[Rafael]

Gonzalez Esparza, J.A.[J. Americo] Co Author Listing * Solar Flare Effects Observed over Mexico during 30-31 March 2022
Includes: Gonzalez Esparza, J.A.[J. Americo] Gonzalez-Esparza, J.A.[J. Americo]

Gonzalez Estupinan, K.[Krystal] Co Author Listing * Participatory Mapping as a Didactic and Auxiliary Tool for Learning Community Integration, Technology Transference, and Natural Resource Management
Includes: Gonzalez Estupinan, K.[Krystal] González-Estupiñán, K.[Krystal]

Gonzalez Farias, F.[Fernando] Co Author Listing * Examining the Influence of Seasonality, Condition, and Species Composition on Mangrove Leaf Pigment Contents and Laboratory Based Spectroscopy Data
Includes: Gonzalez Farias, F.[Fernando] González-Farías, F.[Fernando]

Gonzalez Fernandez, C.[Cesar] Co Author Listing * Experts perception-based system to detect misinformation in health websites
Includes: Gonzalez Fernandez, C.[Cesar] González-Fernández, C.[César]

Gonzalez Fernandez, I. Co Author Listing * Sentinel-2 and WorldView-3 atmospheric correction and signal normalization based on ground-truth spectroradiometric measurements
Includes: Gonzalez Fernandez, I. Gonzalez-Fernandez, I.

Gonzalez Ferreiro, E.[Eduardo] Co Author Listing * 3D Point Clouds in Forest Remote Sensing
* Assessing the Accuracy of GEDI Data for Canopy Height and Aboveground Biomass Estimates in Mediterranean Forests
* Comparing Johnson's SB and Weibull Functions to Model the Diameter Distribution of Forest Plantations through ALS Data
* Estimating Stand and Fire-Related Surface and Canopy Fuel Variables in Pine Stands Using Low-Density Airborne and Single-Scan Terrestrial Laser Scanning Data
* Evaluating the Potential of ALS Data to Increase the Efficiency of Aboveground Biomass Estimates in Tropical Peat-Swamp Forests
* Forest Road Detection Using LiDAR Data and Hybrid Classification
* Potential of Sentinel-2A Data to Model Surface and Canopy Fuel Characteristics in Relation to Crown Fire Hazard
Includes: Gonzalez Ferreiro, E.[Eduardo] González-Ferreiro, E.[Eduardo]
7 for Gonzalez Ferreiro, E.

Gonzalez Fraga, J.A.[J. Angel] Co Author Listing * Improving the Discrimination Capability with an Adaptive Synthetic Discriminant Function Filter
* Optimization-based methodology for training set selection to synthesize composite correlation filters for face recognition
Includes: Gonzalez Fraga, J.A.[J. Angel] González-Fraga, J.Á.[J. Ángel] Gonzalez-Fraga, J.A.[Jose A.]

Gonzalez Franco, I. Co Author Listing * Smart Electrical Infrastructure for AC-Fed Railways With Neutral Zones
Includes: Gonzalez Franco, I. Gonzalez-Franco, I.

Gonzalez Franco, M. Co Author Listing * Framework for remote collaborative interaction in virtual environments based on proximity
Includes: Gonzalez Franco, M. Gonzalez-Franco, M.

Gonzalez Galvan, E.J.[Emilio J.] Co Author Listing * Optimization of Industrial, Vision-Based, Intuitively Generated Robot Point-Allocating Tasks Using Genetic Algorithms
Includes: Gonzalez Galvan, E.J.[Emilio J.] Gonzalez-Galvan, E.J.[Emilio J.]

Gonzalez Gambau, V.[Veronica] Co Author Listing * Deriving VTEC Maps from SMOS Radiometric Data
* Editorial for the Special Issue: Ten Years of Remote Sensing at Barcelona Expert Center
* Impact of the Local Oscillator Calibration Rate on the SMOS Measurements and Retrieved Salinities
* Improved MUSIC-Based SMOS RFI Source Detection and Geolocation Algorithm
* Nodal Sampling: A New Image Reconstruction Algorithm for SMOS
* Quantifciation of Aquarius, SMAP, SMOS and Argo-Based Gridded Sea Surface Salinity Product Sampling Errors
* Seven Years of SMOS Sea Surface Salinity at High Latitudes: Variability in Arctic and Sub-Arctic Regions
* SMOS Third Mission Reprocessing after 10 Years in Orbit
* Spatial Correlations in SMOS Antenna: The Role of Effective Point Spread Functions
* Triple Collocation Analysis for Two Error-Correlated Datasets: Application to L-Band Brightness Temperatures over Land
* Wide Field of View Microwave Interferometric Radiometer Imaging
Includes: Gonzalez Gambau, V.[Veronica] González-Gambau, V.[Verónica] Gonzalez-Gambau, V. González-Gambau, V. González-Gambau, V.[Veronica] Gonzalez-Gambau, V.[Veronica]
11 for Gonzalez Gambau, V.

Gonzalez Garcia, A. Co Author Listing * Active Learning for Deep Detection Neural Networks
* active search strategy for efficient object class detection, An
* Controlling biases and diversity in diverse image-to-image translation
* Do Semantic Parts Emerge in Convolutional Neural Networks?
* Learning the Model Update for Siamese Trackers
* MineGAN: Effective Knowledge Transfer From GANs to Target Domains With Few Images
* Multi-Modal Fusion for End-to-End RGB-T Tracking
* Objects as Context for Detecting Their Semantic Parts
* Orderless Recurrent Models for Multi-Label Classification
* Saliency for fine-grained object recognition in domains with scarce training data
* Self-Supervised Cross-Modal Distillation for Thermal Infrared Tracking
* Semi-Supervised Learning for Few-Shot Image-to-Image Translation
* Seventh Visual Object Tracking VOT2019 Challenge Results, The
* Sixth Visual Object Tracking VOT2018 Challenge Results, The
* Synthetic Data Generation for End-to-End Thermal Infrared Tracking
* Temporal Coherence for Active Learning in Videos
* Transferring GANs: Generating Images from Limited Data
Includes: Gonzalez Garcia, A. Gonzalez-Garcia, A. Gonzalez-Garcia, A.[Abel] González-García, A.[Abel]
17 for Gonzalez Garcia, A.

Gonzalez Garcia, C.[Carlos] Co Author Listing * SVC-onGoing: Signature verification competition
Includes: Gonzalez Garcia, C.[Carlos] Gonzalez-Garcia, C.[Carlos]

Gonzalez Garcia, D.[Diego] Co Author Listing * Raman Spectroscopy from Laboratory and Proximal to Remote Sensing: A Tool for the Volcanological Sciences
Includes: Gonzalez Garcia, D.[Diego] González-García, D.[Diego]

Gonzalez Garcia, L.[Laura] Co Author Listing * Quality Assessment of Photogrammetric Models for Façade and Building Reconstruction Using DJI Phantom 4 RTK
Includes: Gonzalez Garcia, L.[Laura] González-García, L.[Laura]

Gonzalez Garcia, S.H.[Sandra Haydee] Co Author Listing * Experiencies Using Non-Metric Cameras in Photogrammetry
Includes: Gonzalez Garcia, S.H.[Sandra Haydee] Gonzàlez Garcìa, S.H.[Sandra Haydeè]

Gonzalez Gomez, C. Co Author Listing * Generalizing the Statistical Analysis of Objects' Spatial Coupling in Bioimaging
Includes: Gonzalez Gomez, C. Gonzalez-Gomez, C.

Gonzalez Gomez, I. Co Author Listing * noninvasive, multimodality approach based on MRS and MRI techniques for monitoring intracranial brain tumor angiogenesis, A
Includes: Gonzalez Gomez, I. Gonzalez-Gomez, I.

Gonzalez Gomez, K.[Keila] Co Author Listing * Framework for 3D Point Cloud Modelling Aimed at Road Sight Distance Estimations
Includes: Gonzalez Gomez, K.[Keila] González-Gómez, K.[Keila]

Gonzalez Gonzalez, E.[Enrique] Co Author Listing * Influence of LiDAR Point Cloud Density in the Geometric Characterization of Rooftops for Solar Photovoltaic Studies in Cities
* Laser Scanning for Terrain Analysis and Route Design for Electrified Public Transport in Urban Areas
Includes: Gonzalez Gonzalez, E.[Enrique] González-González, E.[Enrique]

Gonzalez Gonzalo, C. Co Author Listing * Iterative Augmentation of Visual Evidence for Weakly-Supervised Lesion Localization in Deep Interpretability Frameworks: Application to Color Fundus Images
Includes: Gonzalez Gonzalo, C. González-Gonzalo, C.

Gonzalez Guerrero, O.[Oscar] Co Author Listing * Radiometric Correction of Simultaneously Acquired Landsat-7/Landsat-8 and Sentinel-2A Imagery Using Pseudoinvariant Areas (PIA): Contributing to the Landsat Time Series Legacy
Includes: Gonzalez Guerrero, O.[Oscar] González-Guerrero, Ò.[Òscar]

Gonzalez Guevara, V.I.[Victor Ivan] Co Author Listing * Mixed Learning Strategy for Finding Typical Testors in Large Datasets, A
Includes: Gonzalez Guevara, V.I.[Victor Ivan] González-Guevara, V.I.[Víctor Iván]

Gonzalez Gurrola, L.C.[Luis Carlos] Co Author Listing * Bagging-RandomMiner: A one-class classifier for file access-based masquerade detection
* Detecting Mental Disorders in Social Media Through Emotional Patterns: The Case of Anorexia and Depression
Includes: Gonzalez Gurrola, L.C.[Luis Carlos] González Gurrola, L.C.[Luis Carlos] González-Gurrola, L.C.[Luis Carlos]

Gonzalez Gutierrez, C.A.[Carlos A.] Co Author Listing * Morphological contrast index based on the Weber's law
Includes: Gonzalez Gutierrez, C.A.[Carlos A.] Gonzalez-Gutierrez, C.A.[Carlos A.]

Gonzalez H.Leon, A.[Ana] Co Author Listing * Neovascularization Detection on Optic Disc Region Using Deep Learning
Includes: Gonzalez H.Leon, A.[Ana] Gonzalez-H.Leon, A.[Ana]

Gonzalez Haro, C.[Cristina] Co Author Listing * High-Resolution Ocean Currents from Sea Surface Temperature Observations: The Catalan Sea (Western Mediterranean)
* Quantifciation of Aquarius, SMAP, SMOS and Argo-Based Gridded Sea Surface Salinity Product Sampling Errors
* Quantifying Tidal Fluctuations in Remote Sensing Infrared SST Observations
* Triple Collocation Analysis for Two Error-Correlated Datasets: Application to L-Band Brightness Temperatures over Land
Includes: Gonzalez Haro, C.[Cristina] González-Haro, C.[Cristina]

Gonzalez Hernandez, M.[Manfred] Co Author Listing * Face deidentification with controllable privacy protection
Includes: Gonzalez Hernandez, M.[Manfred] Gonzalez-Hernandez, M.[Manfred]

Gonzalez Herraez, M.[Miguel] Co Author Listing * Distributed Temperature Measurement in a Self-Burning Coal Waste Pile through a GIS Open Source Desktop Application
Includes: Gonzalez Herraez, M.[Miguel] Gonzalez-Herraez, M.[Miguel]

Gonzalez Hidalgo, M.[Manuel] Co Author Listing * Analytical Simulation of B-Spline Surfaces Deformation
* Analytical Simulation of Non-planar B-Spline Surfaces Deformation
* Deformation Models: Tracking, Animation and Applications
* Erythrocytes Morphological Classification Through HMM for Sickle Cell Detection
* Geometric Surface Deformation Based on Trajectories: A New Approach
* Graph Based Segmentation Strategy for Baggage Scanner Images, A
* Interactive Constrained Deformations of NURBS Surfaces: N-SCODEF
* real-time fuzzy morphological algorithm for retinal vessel segmentation, A
* Soft Color Morphology: A Fuzzy Approach for Multivariate Images
* survey on curvilinear object segmentation in multiple applications, A
Includes: Gonzalez Hidalgo, M.[Manuel] González-Hidalgo, M.[Manuel] González Hidalgo, M.[Manuel] González-Hidalgo, M.
10 for Gonzalez Hidalgo, M.

Gonzalez Hirshfeld, I.[Ilan] Co Author Listing * High-Resolution Image Products Acquired from Mid-Sized Uncrewed Aerial Systems for Land-Atmosphere Studies
Includes: Gonzalez Hirshfeld, I.[Ilan] Gonzalez-Hirshfeld, I.[Ilan]

Gonzalez Huici, M.A. Co Author Listing * Dictionary Learning for Adaptive GPR Landmine Classification
* SIUNet: Sparsity Invariant U-Net for Edge-Aware Depth Completion
Includes: Gonzalez Huici, M.A. Gonzalez-Huici, M.A. González-Huici, M.A.[María A.]

Gonzalez Huitron, V. Co Author Listing * 2D to 3D Conversion Based on Disparity Map Estimation
* Parallel framework for dense disparity map estimation using Hamming distance
Includes: Gonzalez Huitron, V. Gonzalez-Huitron, V. Gonzalez-Huitron, V.[Victor]

Gonzalez Iglesias, I. Co Author Listing * Fast sequential forensic detection of camera fingerprint
Includes: Gonzalez Iglesias, I. González-Iglesias, I.

Gonzalez Jaime, L.[Luis] Co Author Listing * Parametric Image Restoration Using Consensus: An Application to Nonstationary Noise Filtering
Includes: Gonzalez Jaime, L.[Luis] González-Jaime, L.[Luis]

Gonzalez Jaramillo, V.[Victor] Co Author Listing * AGB Estimation in a Tropical Mountain Forest (TMF) by Means of RGB and Multispectral Images Using an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)
* Estimation of Above Ground Biomass in a Tropical Mountain Forest in Southern Ecuador Using Airborne LiDAR Data
Includes: Gonzalez Jaramillo, V.[Victor] González-Jaramillo, V.[Víctor]

Gonzalez Jimenez, D.[Daniel] Co Author Listing * Automatic Pose Correction for Local Feature-Based Face Authentication
* Continuous Regression for Non-rigid Image Alignment
* Discriminative Face Recognition Through Gabor Responses and Sketch Distortion
* Distance Measures for Gabor Jets-Based Face Authentication: A Comparative Evaluation
* Evaluation of point localisation and similarity fusion methods for gabor jet-based face verification
* Face Recognition Across Pose with Automatic Estimation of Pose Parameters through AAM-Based Landmarking
* Face recognition for authentication on mobile devices
* Frontal Face Authentication Through Creaseness-Driven Gabor Jets
* Generalized Gaussian distributions for sequential data classification
* Improved average of synthetic exact filters for precise eye localisation under realistic conditions
* Modeling Gabor Coefficients via Generalized Gaussian Distributions for Face Recognition
* Modeling magnitudes of Gabor coefficients: The beta-Rayleigh distribution
* On Combining Textural and Geometrical Scores for Discriminative Face Authentication
* Pose Correction and Subject-Specific Features for Face Authentication
* Shape Contexts and Gabor Features for Face Description and Authentication
* Single- and cross- database benchmarks for gender classification under unconstrained settings
Includes: Gonzalez Jimenez, D.[Daniel] González-Jiménez, D.[Daniel] Gonzalez-Jimenez, D. Gonzalez-Jimenez, D.[Daniel]
16 for Gonzalez Jimenez, D.

Gonzalez Jimenez, J.[Javier] Co Author Listing * Appearance-invariant place recognition by discriminatively training a convolutional neural network
* Certifiable algorithms for the two-view planar triangulation problem
* Certifiable relative pose estimation
* Certifiably Globally Optimal Solution to the Non-minimal Relative Pose Problem, A
* Convex Global 3D Registration with Lagrangian Duality
* D-LSD: A Distorted Line Segment Detector for Calibrated Images
* Deep Single Image Camera Calibration With Radial Distortion
* Efficient Background Term for 3D Reconstruction and Tracking with Smooth Surface Models, An
* Experimental Analysis of Appearance Maps as Descriptor Manifolds Approximations
* Exploiting Spatio-Temporal Coherence for Video Object Detection in Robotics
* Intrinsic Calibration of Depth Cameras for Mobile Robots Using a Radial Laser Scanner
* Minimal Closed-form Solution for the Perspective Three Orthogonal Angles (P3oA) Problem: Application To Visual Odometry, A
* Sufficient Condition of Optimality for the Relative Pose Problem between Cameras, A
Includes: Gonzalez Jimenez, J.[Javier] Gonzalez-Jimenez, J.[Javier] Gonzalez-Jimenez, J.
13 for Gonzalez Jimenez, J.

Gonzalez Jimenez, L.E.[Luis Enrique] Co Author Listing * Discrete Integral Sliding Mode Control in Visual Object Tracking Using Differential Kinematics
Includes: Gonzalez Jimenez, L.E.[Luis Enrique] González Jiménez, L.E.[Luis Enrique]

Gonzalez Jorge, H.[Higinio] Co Author Listing * Automated Structural Forest Changes Using Lidar Point Clouds and GIS Analyses
* Automatic Detection of Forest-road Distances to Improve Clearing Operations in Road Management
* Automatic Estimation of Excavation Volume from Laser Mobile Mapping Data for Mountain Road Widening
* Automatic Measurement of Water Height in the As Conchas (Spain) Reservoir Using Sentinel 2 and Aerial LiDAR Data
* Automatic Modelling of Rubble Mound Breakwaters from LIDAR Data
* Automatic Processing of Aerial LiDAR Data to Detect Vegetation Continuity in the Surroundings of Roads
* Autonomous Point Cloud Acquisition of Unknown Indoor Scenes
* CityGML extension for traffic-sign objects that guides the automatic processing of data collected using Mobile Mapping technology, A
* Computer Vision System for Visual Grape Grading in Wine Cellars, A
* Deformation Monitoring of Motorway Underpasses Using Laser Scanning Data
* Detection Of Geometric Keypoints And Its Application To Point Cloud Coarse Registration
* Digital Instrumentation Calibration Using Computer Vision
* Evaluation Of Driver Visibility From Mobile Lidar Data And Weather Conditions
* First Approach to UAV-based Contact Inspection: a Smart Payload For Navigation in The Neighbourhood of Structures
* Influence of the Precision of LIDAR Data in Surface Water Runoff Estimation for Road Maintenance
* Land-Based Mobile Laser Scanning Systems: A Review
* Mapping Forest Fire Risk: A Case Study in Galicia (Spain)
* Path Planning for Indoor Contact Inspection Tasks with Uavs
* Remote Sensing Approach to Evaluate Post-fire Vegetation Structure
* UAV and Satellite Imagery Applied to Alien Species Mapping in NW Spain
Includes: Gonzalez Jorge, H.[Higinio] González-Jorge, H.[Higinio] González-Jorge, H. Gonzalez-Jorge, H.[Higinio] González-jorge, H.
20 for Gonzalez Jorge, H.

Gonzalez Jose, R.[Rolando] Co Author Listing * Automatic ear detection and feature extraction using Geometric Morphometrics and convolutional neural networks
* Set of bilateral and radial symmetry shape descriptor based on contour information
Includes: Gonzalez Jose, R.[Rolando] Gonzalez-José, R.[Rolando] González-José, R.[Rolando]

Gonzalez Linares, J.M. Co Author Listing * Bidimensional shape detection using an invariant approach
* Clustering Technique for Video Copy Detection, A
* Deformable Shapes Detection by Stochastic Optimization
* efficient 2D deformable objects detection and location algorithm, An
* Logotype detection to support semantic-based video annotation
* optimized approach to histogram computation on GPU, An
* TV-logo classification and learning system, A
* Video Cataloging Based on Robust Logotype Detection
Includes: Gonzalez Linares, J.M. Gonzalez-Linares, J.M. González-Linares, J.M. González Linares, J.M. González-Linares, J.M.[José María]
8 for Gonzalez Linares, J.M.

Gonzalez Llorente, J.[Jesus] Co Author Listing * Cloud Detection Autonomous System Based on Machine Learning and COTS Components On-Board Small Satellites
Includes: Gonzalez Llorente, J.[Jesus] Gonzalez-Llorente, J.[Jesus]

Gonzalez Lopez, A.[Ana] Co Author Listing * Automatic Robust Segmentation of Retinal Layers in OCT Images with Refinement Stages
Includes: Gonzalez Lopez, A.[Ana] González-López, A.[Ana]

Gonzalez Lopez, J.[Jorge] Co Author Listing * Image interpolator for an image display system
* System and method for scaling a digital image
Includes: Gonzalez Lopez, J.[Jorge] Gonzalez-Lopez, J.[Jorge]

Gonzalez Lorenzo, A.[Aldo] Co Author Listing * Cellular Skeletons: A New Approach to Topological Skeletons with Geometric Features
* Fast, Simple and Separable Computation of Betti Numbers on Three-Dimensional Cubical Complexes
* Opening Holes in Discrete Objects with Digital Homotopy
* Topological Comparisons of Fluvial Reservoir Rock Volumes Using Betti Numbers: Application to CO 2 Storage Uncertainty Analysis
* Two Measures for the Homology Groups of Binary Volumes
Includes: Gonzalez Lorenzo, A.[Aldo] Gonzalez-Lorenzo, A.[Aldo]

Gonzalez Mancebo, J.M.[Juana Maria] Co Author Listing * Assessing the Usefulness of LiDAR for Monitoring the Structure of a Montane Forest on a Subtropical Oceanic Island
Includes: Gonzalez Mancebo, J.M.[Juana Maria] González-Mancebo, J.M.[Juana María]

Gonzalez Manzano, L.[Lorena] Co Author Listing * SmartCAMPP: Smartphone-based continuous authentication leveraging motion sensors with privacy preservation
Includes: Gonzalez Manzano, L.[Lorena] González-Manzano, L.[Lorena]

Gonzalez Marco, D.[Daniel] Co Author Listing * Assessing Obukhov Length and Friction Velocity from Floating Lidar Observations: A Data Screening and Sensitivity Computation Approach
Includes: Gonzalez Marco, D.[Daniel] González-Marco, D.[Daniel]

Gonzalez Marcos, A.[Ana] Co Author Listing * Biometric Identification through Hand Geometry Measurements
Includes: Gonzalez Marcos, A.[Ana] Gonzalez-Marcos, A.[Ana]

Gonzalez Marrero, Y.[Yeray] Co Author Listing * Monitoring of Coral Reefs Using Artificial Intelligence: A Feasible and Cost-Effective Approach
* Scaling up Ecological Measurements of Coral Reefs Using Semi-Automated Field Image Collection and Analysis
Includes: Gonzalez Marrero, Y.[Yeray] Gonzalez-Marrero, Y.[Yeray] González-Marrero, Y.[Yeray]

Gonzalez Martinez, L.[Luis] Co Author Listing * Spectral Reflectance Modeling by Wavelength Selection: Studying the Scope for Blueberry Physiological Breeding under Contrasting Water Supply and Heat Conditions
Includes: Gonzalez Martinez, L.[Luis] González-Martinez, L.[Luis]

Gonzalez Matesanz, F.J.[Francisco J.] Co Author Listing * Change Detection with SPOT-5 and FORMOSAT-2 Imageries
* Extraction of Cartographic Features from a High Resolution Satellite Image
Includes: Gonzalez Matesanz, F.J.[Francisco J.] González-Matesanz, F.J.[Francisco J.]

Gonzalez Maurel, O.[Osvaldo] Co Author Listing * Remote Sensing Survey of Altiplano-Puna Volcanic Complex Rocks and Minerals for Planetary Analog Use
Includes: Gonzalez Maurel, O.[Osvaldo] González-Maurel, O.[Osvaldo]

Gonzalez Mendoza, M.[Miguel] Co Author Listing * Bop and Beyond: A Second Order Optimizer for Binarized Neural Networks, A
* Lightweight Low-Resolution Face Recognition for Surveillance Applications
* ShuffleFaceNet: A Lightweight Face Architecture for Efficient and Highly-Accurate Face Recognition
Includes: Gonzalez Mendoza, M.[Miguel] Gonzalez-Mendoza, M.[Miguel] Gonzalez-Mendoza, M.

Gonzalez Meneses, Y.N.[Yesenia N.] Co Author Listing * Automatic Recognition of Learning-Centered Emotions
Includes: Gonzalez Meneses, Y.N.[Yesenia N.] González-Meneses, Y.N.[Yesenia N.]

Gonzalez Mora, J.[Jose] Co Author Listing * Bilinear Active Appearance Models
* Efficient image alignment using linear appearance models
* Learning a generic 3D face model from 2D image databases using incremental Structure-from-Motion
* Tracking of Linear Appearance Models Using Second Order Minimization
Includes: Gonzalez Mora, J.[Jose] Gonzalez-Mora, J.[Jose]

Gonzalez Mora, J.L.[Jose L.] Co Author Listing * Fast perspective recovery of text in natural scenes
Includes: Gonzalez Mora, J.L.[Jose L.] González-Mora, J.L.[José L.]

Gonzalez Moreira, E.[Eduardo] Co Author Listing * Improving Dysarthria Classification by Pattern Recognition Techniques Based on a Bionic Model
Includes: Gonzalez Moreira, E.[Eduardo] Gonzalez-Moreira, E.[Eduardo]

Gonzalez Moreno, P.[Pablo] Co Author Listing * Deep Learning-Based Approach for Automated Yellow Rust Disease Detection from High-Resolution Hyperspectral UAV Images, A
* Live Fuel Moisture Content Mapping in the Mediterranean Basin Using Random Forests and Combining MODIS Spectral and Thermal Data
* Wavelet-Based Rust Spectral Feature Set (WRSFs): A Novel Spectral Feature Set Based on Continuous Wavelet Transformation for Tracking Progressive Host-Pathogen Interaction of Yellow Rust on Wheat
Includes: Gonzalez Moreno, P.[Pablo] González-Moreno, P.[Pablo]

Gonzalez Ortega, A. Co Author Listing * Tectonic and Anthropogenic Deformation at the Cerro Prieto Geothermal Step-Over Revealed by Sentinel-1A InSAR
Includes: Gonzalez Ortega, A. González-Ortega, A.

Gonzalez Ortega, D. Co Author Listing * Multi-scale neural texture classification using the GPU as a stream processing engine
Includes: Gonzalez Ortega, D. González-Ortega, D.

Gonzalez Partida, J.T. Co Author Listing * Through-the-Wall Surveillance With Millimeter-Wave LFMCW Radars
Includes: Gonzalez Partida, J.T. Gonzalez-Partida, J.T.

Gonzalez Perez, A.[Alberto] Co Author Listing * Conceptual Architecture and Service-Oriented Implementation of a Regional Geoportal for Rice Monitoring
* Deep and Machine Learning Image Classification of Coastal Wetlands Using Unpiloted Aircraft System Multispectral Images and Lidar Datasets
Includes: Gonzalez Perez, A.[Alberto] González-Pérez, A.[Alberto] Gonzalez-Perez, A.[Ali]

Gonzalez Perez, L.[Lorena] Co Author Listing * High-Resolution Airborne Hyperspectral Imagery for Assessing Yield, Biomass, Grain N Concentration, and N Output in Spring Wheat
Includes: Gonzalez Perez, L.[Lorena] González-Perez, L.[Lorena]

Gonzalez Piqueras, J.[Jose] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Land Surface Temperature Estimates from Landsat 8-TIRS in A High-Contrast Semiarid Agroecosystem. Algorithms Intercomparison
* Convolutional Neural Networks for Agricultural Land Use Classification from Sentinel-2 Image Time Series
* Evaluation of Remote Sensing-Based Irrigation Water Accounting at River Basin District Management Scale
* Monitoring 10-m LST from the Combination MODIS/Sentinel-2, Validation in a High Contrast Semi-Arid Agroecosystem
* New Method for the Estimation of Broadband Apparent Albedo Using Hyperspectral Airborne Hemispherical Directional Reflectance Factor Values, A
Includes: Gonzalez Piqueras, J.[Jose] González-Piqueras, J.[José]

Gonzalez Planet, I.[Inmaculada] Co Author Listing * Technological Advances to Rescue Temporary and Ephemeral Wetlands: Reducing Their Vulnerability, Making Them Visible
Includes: Gonzalez Planet, I.[Inmaculada] González-Planet, I.[Inmaculada]

Gonzalez Pola, C.[Cesar] Co Author Listing * Describing Polyps Behavior of a Deep-Sea Gorgonian, Placogorgia sp., Using a Deep-Learning Approach
Includes: Gonzalez Pola, C.[Cesar] González-Pola, C.[César]

Gonzalez Polo, M.[Marina] Co Author Listing * Mapping Soil Organic Carbon Content in Patagonian Forests Based on Climate, Topography and Vegetation Metrics from Satellite Imagery
Includes: Gonzalez Polo, M.[Marina] González-Polo, M.[Marina]

Gonzalez Prelcic, N.[Nuria] Co Author Listing * Novel Approach for Unit-Modulus Least-Squares Optimization Problems, A
Includes: Gonzalez Prelcic, N.[Nuria] Gonzalez-Prelcic, N.[Nuria]

Gonzalez Pumariega, P.[Pelayo] Co Author Listing * Using Remote Sensing Methods to Study Active Geomorphologic Processes on Cantabrian Coastal Cliffs
Includes: Gonzalez Pumariega, P.[Pelayo] González-Pumariega, P.[Pelayo]

Gonzalez Quinones, J.J.[Juan J.] Co Author Listing * Heritage Building Information Modeling (H-BIM) Applied to A Stone Bridge
Includes: Gonzalez Quinones, J.J.[Juan J.] González-Quiñones, J.J.[Juan J.]

Gonzalez Reyes, L.E. Co Author Listing * Stable Detection of Movement Intent From Peripheral Nerves: Chronic Study in Dogs
Includes: Gonzalez Reyes, L.E. Gonzalez-Reyes, L.E.

Gonzalez Rivero, M.[Manuel] Co Author Listing * How Much Shallow Coral Habitat Is There on the Great Barrier Reef?
* Monitoring of Coral Reefs Using Artificial Intelligence: A Feasible and Cost-Effective Approach
* Quantifying Multiscale Habitat Structural Complexity: A Cost-Effective Framework for Underwater 3D Modelling
* Scaling up Ecological Measurements of Coral Reefs Using Semi-Automated Field Image Collection and Analysis
Includes: Gonzalez Rivero, M.[Manuel] Gonzalez-Rivero, M.[Manuel] González-Rivero, M.[Manuel]

Gonzalez Rodrigo, B.[Beatriz] Co Author Listing * MT-InSAR and Dam Modeling for the Comprehensive Monitoring of an Earth-Fill Dam: The Case of the Beninar Dam (Almeria, Spain)
Includes: Gonzalez Rodrigo, B.[Beatriz] González-Rodrigo, B.[Beatriz]

Gonzalez Rodriguez, A.[Antonio] Co Author Listing * Automatic Vision Based Calibration System for Planar Cable-Driven Parallel Robots
Includes: Gonzalez Rodriguez, A.[Antonio] Gonzalez-Rodríguez, A.[Antonio]

Gonzalez Rodriguez, E.[Eduardo] Co Author Listing * Variability of Net Primary Productivity and Associated Biophysical Drivers in Bahía de La Paz (Mexico)
Includes: Gonzalez Rodriguez, E.[Eduardo] González-Rodríguez, E.[Eduardo]

Gonzalez Rodriguez, J.[Joaquin] Co Author Listing * Adapted user-dependent multimodal biometric authentication exploiting general information
* Analysis of the Utility of Classical and Novel Speech Quality Measures for Speaker Verification
* Bayesian adaptation for user-dependent multimodal biometric authentication
* Between-Source Modelling for Likelihood Ratio Computation in Forensic Biometric Recognition
* Biosec baseline corpus: A multimodal biometric database
* Comparative Evaluation of Fusion Strategies for Multimodal Biometric Verification, A
* comparative evaluation of global representation-based schemes for face verification, A
* Complete Signal Modeling and Score Normalization for Function-Based Dynamic Signature Verification
* Discriminative multimodal biometric authentication based on quality measures
* Facing Position Variability in Minutiae-Based Fingerprint Verification through Multiple References and Score Normalization Techniques
* HMM-based on-line signature verification: Feature extraction and signature modeling
* Image quality and position variability assessment in minutiae-based fingerprint verification
* Minutiae Extraction Scheme for Fingerprint Recognition Systems
* Minutiae-based enhanced fingerprint verification assessment relaying on image quality factors
* Multimodal biometric authentication using quality signals in mobile communications
* Multiscenario Multienvironment BioSecure Multimodal Database (BMDB), The
* Quality-Based Conditional Processing in Multi-Biometrics: Application to Sensor Interoperability
* Support Vector Machine Regression for Robust Speaker Verification in Mismatching and Forensic Conditions
* Target Dependent Score Normalization Techniques and Their Application to Signature Verification
* U-NORM Likelihood Normalization in PIN-Based Speaker Verification Systems
* Von Mises-Fisher Models in the Total Variability Subspace for Language Recognition
Includes: Gonzalez Rodriguez, J.[Joaquin] Gonzalez-Rodriguez, J.[Joaquin] Gonzalez-Rodriguez, J. Gonzalez Rodriguez, J.
21 for Gonzalez Rodriguez, J.

Gonzalez Rodriguez, L.[Lisdelys] Co Author Listing * Assessment of the Diffuse Attenuation Coefficient of Photosynthetically Active Radiation in a Chilean Lake
* Assessment of the IMERG Early-Run Precipitation Estimates over South American Country of Chile
* Retrieving Water Turbidity in Araucanian Lakes (South-Central Chile) Based on Multispectral Landsat Imagery
Includes: Gonzalez Rodriguez, L.[Lisdelys] González-Rodríguez, L.[Lisdelys]

Gonzalez Rubio, J.[Jesus] Co Author Listing * Cost-sensitive active learning for computer-assisted translation
* Improving the Minimum Description Length Inference of Phrase-Based Translation Models
* Minimum Error-Rate Training in Statistical Machine Translation Using Structural SVMs
* On the Use of Median String for Multi-source Translation
* Partial Least Squares for Word Confidence Estimation in Machine Translation
Includes: Gonzalez Rubio, J.[Jesus] González-Rubio, J.[Jesús] Gonzalez-Rubio, J.[Jesus]

Gonzalez Rufino, E. Co Author Listing * Exhaustive comparison of colour texture features and classification methods to discriminate cells categories in histological images of fish ovary
* Influence of normalization and color space to color texture classification
* Multi-platform Graphical Software for Determining Reproductive Parameters in Fishes Using Histological Image Analysis, A
* Statistical and Wavelet Based Texture Features for Fish Oocytes Classification
Includes: Gonzalez Rufino, E. González-Rufino, E. González-Rufino, E.[Encarnación]

Gonzalez Ruiz, J.L.[J. Leonardo] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Repair Costs of Scholar Buildings Affected by Earthquakes Using Data Mining. Case Study: Earthquakes of 2017 in Mexico
Includes: Gonzalez Ruiz, J.L.[J. Leonardo] González-Ruiz, J.L.[J. Leonardo]

Gonzalez Ruiz, V.[Vicente] Co Author Listing * Interactive Browsing of Remote JPEF 2000 Image Sequences
* Interactive Streaming of Sequences of High Resolution JPEG2000 Images
Includes: Gonzalez Ruiz, V.[Vicente] Gonzalez-Ruiz, V.[Vicente]

Gonzalez Sabbagh, S.P.[Salma P.] Co Author Listing * Survey on Underwater Computer Vision, A
Includes: Gonzalez Sabbagh, S.P.[Salma P.] Gonzalez-Sabbagh, S.P.[Salma P.]

Gonzalez Santos, C.[Christian] Co Author Listing * Automatic Classification of Zingiberales from RGB Images
* Classification of Cattleya Trianae and Its Varieties by Using Colorimetry
Includes: Gonzalez Santos, C.[Christian] González-Santos, C.[Christian]

Gonzalez Sanz, A.[Alberto] Co Author Listing * Achieving robustness in classification using optimal transport with hinge regularization
* Diffeomorphic Registration Using Sinkhorn Divergences
Includes: Gonzalez Sanz, A.[Alberto] González-Sanz, A.[Alberto] Gonzalez-Sanz, A.[Alberto]

Gonzalez Serrano, F.J.[Francisco Javier] Co Author Listing * Optimum Bayesian thresholds for rebalanced classification problems using class-switching ensembles
* Training Support Vector Machines with privacy-protected data
Includes: Gonzalez Serrano, F.J.[Francisco Javier] González-Serrano, F.J.[Francisco-Javier]

Gonzalez Silvera, A.[Adriana] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Semi-Analytical Algorithms to Retrieve Particulate and Dissolved Absorption Coefficients in Gulf of California Optically Complex Waters
* Interannual Climate Variability in the West Antarctic Peninsula under Austral Summer Conditions
Includes: Gonzalez Silvera, A.[Adriana] González-Silvera, A.[Adriana]

Gonzalez Smith, M.E. Co Author Listing * Parallel Algorithms for Data Compression
Includes: Gonzalez Smith, M.E. Gonzalez-Smith, M.E.

Gonzalez Soler, L.J.[Lazaro Janier] Co Author Listing * Fingerprint Presentation Attack Detection Method Based on a Bag-of-Words Approach
* On the generalisation capabilities of Fisher vector-based face presentation attack detection
Includes: Gonzalez Soler, L.J.[Lazaro Janier] González-Soler, L.J.[Lázaro Janier] González-Soler, L.J.[Lázaro J.]

Gonzalez Sosa, E.[Ester] Co Author Listing * Body Shape-Based Biometric Person Recognition from mmW Images
* Comparison of Body Shape Descriptors for Biometric Recognition Using MMW Images
* Feature exploration for biometric recognition using millimetre wave body images
* Image-based gender estimation from body and face across distances
* Person Recognition at a Distance: Improving Face Recognition Through Body Static Information
Includes: Gonzalez Sosa, E.[Ester] Gonzalez-Sosa, E.[Ester] Gonzalez-Sosa, E.

Gonzalez Tablas, A.I. Co Author Listing * Towards an automatic enforcement for speeding: Enhanced model and intelligent transportation systems realisation
Includes: Gonzalez Tablas, A.I. Gonzalez-Tablas, A.I.

Gonzalez Talice, J.[Jaime] Co Author Listing * Spectral Reflectance Modeling by Wavelength Selection: Studying the Scope for Blueberry Physiological Breeding under Contrasting Water Supply and Heat Conditions
Includes: Gonzalez Talice, J.[Jaime] Gonzalez-Talice, J.[Jaime]

Gonzalez Tendero, A. Co Author Listing * Assessment of Myofiber Orientation in High Resolution Phase-Contrast CT Images
Includes: Gonzalez Tendero, A. Gonzalez-Tendero, A.

Gonzalez Torralba, J.[Jon] Co Author Listing * Estimating Wheat Grain Yield Using Sentinel-2 Imagery and Exploring Topographic Features and Rainfall Effects on Wheat Performance in Navarre, Spain
Includes: Gonzalez Torralba, J.[Jon] González-Torralba, J.[Jon]

Gonzalez Trejo, E. Co Author Listing * Electroencephalographic Phase-Amplitude Coupling in Simulated Driving With Varying Modality-Specific Attentional Demand
Includes: Gonzalez Trejo, E. Gonzalez-Trejo, E.

Gonzalez Trotter, D.E. Co Author Listing * Modeling the axial extension of a transmission line source within iterative reconstruction via multiple transmission sources

Gonzalez Valdes, B. Co Author Listing * Real-Time Modeling of Forward-Looking Synthetic Aperture Ground Penetrating Radar Scattering From Rough Terrain
Includes: Gonzalez Valdes, B. Gonzalez-Valdes, B.

Gonzalez Vallinas, M. Co Author Listing * Tumor Cell Load and Heterogeneity Estimation From Diffusion-Weighted MRI Calibrated With Histological Data: an Example From Lung Cancer
Includes: Gonzalez Vallinas, M. González-Vallinas, M.

Gonzalez Vanegas, W. Co Author Listing * Non-parametric Source Reconstruction via Kernel Temporal Enhancement for EEG Data
* Sparse Hilbert Embedding-Based Statistical Inference of Stochastic Ecological Systems
Includes: Gonzalez Vanegas, W. Gonzalez-Vanegas, W. González-Vanegas, W.[Wilson]

Gonzalez Vega, A.[Arturo] Co Author Listing * Measuring soil water potential using IR thermal imaging
Includes: Gonzalez Vega, A.[Arturo] González-Vega, A.[Arturo]

Gonzalez Velasco, H.M.[Horacio M.] Co Author Listing * Application of Repeated GA to Deformable Template Matching in Cattle Images
* Image Analysis Applied to Morphological Assessment in Bovine Livestock
* Method for Interactive Shape Detection in Cattle Images Using Genetic Algorithms, A
* Neural-networks-based edges selector for boundary extraction problems
Includes: Gonzalez Velasco, H.M.[Horacio M.] González Velasco, H.M.[Horacio M.] González-Velasco, H.M.[Horacio M.]

Gonzalez Vidal, F. Co Author Listing * Logarithmical hopping encoding: A low computational complexity algorithm for image compression
Includes: Gonzalez Vidal, F. González Vidal, F.

Gonzalez Villa, J.[Javier] Co Author Listing * Decision-Support System for Safety and Security Assessment and Management in Smart Cities
Includes: Gonzalez Villa, J.[Javier] González-Villa, J.[Javier]

Gonzalez Villanueva, R.[Rita] Co Author Listing * Editorial on Geomatic Applications to Coastal Research: Challenges and New Developments
Includes: Gonzalez Villanueva, R.[Rita] González-Villanueva, R.[Rita]

Gonzalez Yanes, A.[Alberto] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Existing Production Frameworks for Statistical and Geographic Information: Synergies, Gaps and Integration, An
Includes: Gonzalez Yanes, A.[Alberto] González-Yanes, A.[Alberto]

Gonzalez Zamora, A.[Angel] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Root Zone Soil Moisture Estimations from SMAP, SMOS and MODIS Observations
* Assessment of the SMAP Passive Soil Moisture Product
* Combined Approach With Smos And Modis To Monitor Agricultural Drought, A
* Influence of Soil Moisture vs. Climatic Factors in Pinus Halepensis Growth Variability in Spain: A Study with Remote Sensing and Modeled Data
* New Microwave-based Missions Applications For Rainfed Crops Characterization
* New Soil Moisture Agricultural Drought Index (SMADI) Integrating MODIS and SMOS Products: A Case of Study over the Iberian Peninsula, A
* On the Synergy of Airborne GNSS-R and Landsat 8 for Soil Moisture Estimation
* Temporal and Spatial Comparison of Agricultural Drought Indices from Moderate Resolution Satellite Soil Moisture Data over Northwest Spain
Includes: Gonzalez Zamora, A.[Angel] González-Zamora, Á.[Ángel] González-Zamora, Á. González-Zamora, A.
8 for Gonzalez Zamora, A.

Gonzalez Zapata, J.[Jorge] Co Author Listing * Guided Deep Metric Learning
Includes: Gonzalez Zapata, J.[Jorge] Gonzalez-Zapata, J.[Jorge]

Gonzalez Zuniga, D. Co Author Listing * Hacking HTML5 canvas to create a stereo 3D renderer
Includes: Gonzalez Zuniga, D. Gonzalez-Zuniga, D.

Gonzalez, A.[Alejandro] Co Author Listing * 3D-Guided Multiscale Sliding Window for Pedestrian Detection
* Automated Canopy Delineation and Size Metrics Extraction for Strawberry Dry Weight Modeling Using Raster Analysis of High-Resolution Imagery
* Automated Orientation Detection of 3d Head Reconstructions from SMRI Using Multiview Orthographic Projections: An Image Classification-based Approach
* Automatic Traffic Signs and Panels Inspection System Using Computer Vision
* character recognition method in natural scene images, A
* Fully Automatic Methodology for Human Action Recognition Incorporating Dynamic Information
* Low-Cost and Robust Landsat-Based Approach to Study Forest Degradation and Carbon Emissions from Selective Logging in the Venezuelan Amazon, A
* Multi-resolution compressive sensing reconstruction
* multiple object tracking approach that combines colour and depth information using a confidence measure, A
* On-Board Object Detection: Multicue, Multimodal, and Multiview Random Forest of Local Experts
* Robust phase unwrapping by convex optimization
* RT-SLAM: A Generic and Real-Time Visual SLAM Implementation
* Selection of relevant features in a fuzzy genetic learning algorithm
* Spatiotemporal Stacked Sequential Learning for Pedestrian Detection
* Surface Reconstruction of Maltese Cisterns Using ROV Sonar Data for Archeological Study
* Text Detection and Recognition on Traffic Panels From Street-Level Imagery Using Visual Appearance
* Text location in complex images
* text reading algorithm for natural images, A
* Three new instance selection methods based on local sets: A comparative study with several approaches from a bi-objective perspective
Includes: Gonzalez, A.[Alejandro] González, A.[Alejandro] Gonzalez, A.[Ali] Gonzalez, Á. Gonzalez, A.[Alvaro] González, A.[Ana] González, A.[Alvaro] González, A. Gonzalez, A.[Antonio] Gonzalez, A.[Adriana] Gonzalez, A.[Aurélien] Gonzalez, A. González, Á.[Álvaro] González, A.[Antonio]
19 for Gonzalez, A.

Gonzalez, A.B.R.[A.B. Rodriguez] Co Author Listing * Bluetooth Traffic Monitoring Systems for Travel Time Estimation on Freeways
* Short-Term Prediction of Level of Service in Highways Based on Bluetooth Identification
Includes: Gonzalez, A.B.R.[A.B. Rodriguez] González, A.B.R.[Ana Belén Rodríguez]

Gonzalez, A.C.[Alain C.] Co Author Listing * Wavelet transforms and neural networks applied to image retrieval

Gonzalez, A.I. Co Author Listing * Comparison of Experimental Results with an Evolution Strategy and Competitive Neural Networks for Near Real-Time Color Quantization of Image Sequences, A
* Competitive Stochastic Neural Networks for Vector Quantization of Images
* Pruning Algorithm for Stable Voronoi Skeletons, A
Includes: Gonzalez, A.I. Gonzalez, A.I.[Ana I.]

Gonzalez, A.J. Co Author Listing * Discovering Contexts from Observed Human Performance

Gonzalez, A.L.[Angel L.] Co Author Listing * Radar Recognition through Statistical Classification of Cellular Emission in the Moment Space
Includes: Gonzalez, A.L.[Angel L.] González, A.L.[Angel L.]

Gonzalez, B. Co Author Listing * Motion and region overlapping estimation for segmentation-based video coding

Gonzalez, C. Co Author Listing * ACC+Stop&Go Maneuvers With Throttle and Brake Fuzzy Control
* Coherence evaluation of TanDEM-X interferometric data
* Continual Hippocampus Segmentation with Transformers
* Controller for Urban Intersections Based on Wireless Communications and Fuzzy Logic
* Deep Learning for Mapping Tropical Forests with TanDEM-X Bistatic InSAR Data
* Ego4D: Around the World in 3,000 Hours of Egocentric Video
* Extremely Pipelined FPGA Implementation of a Lossy Hyperspectral Image Compression Algorithm, An
* Fast tissue segmentation based on a 4D feature map: Preliminary results
* First Measurements of Gas Flux with a Low-Cost Smartphone Sensor-Based UV Camera on the Volcanoes of Northern Chile
* FPGA Accelerator for Real-Time Lossy Compression of Hyperspectral Images, An
* FPGA Implementation of the N-FINDR Algorithm for Remotely Sensed Hyperspectral Image Analysis
* FPGA implementation of the principal component analysis algorithm for dimensionality reduction of hyperspectral images
* Fully Automatic Algorithm for Editing the TanDEM-X Global DEM, A
* Generation and performance assessment of the global TanDEM-X digital elevation model
* Global Water Body Layer from TanDEM-X Interferometric SAR Data, The
* High-Resolution Forest Mapping from TanDEM-X Interferometric Data Exploiting Nonlocal Filtering
* Hyperspectral Image Compression Using Vector Quantization, PCA and JPEG2000
* Image Based Visual Servoing: A New Method for the Estimation of the Image Jacobian in Dynamic Environments
* Lane-Change Fuzzy Control in Autonomous Vehicles for the Overtaking Maneuver
* New Method for the Estimation of the Image Jacobian for the Control of an Uncalibrated Joint System, A
* novel FPGA-based architecture for the estimation of the virtual dimensionality in remotely sensed hyperspectral images, A
* Panoptic Narrative Grounding
* Parallel Implementation of the CCSDS 1.2.3 Standard for Hyperspectral Lossless Compression
* Power-steering control architecture for automatic driving
* Promise of Reconfigurable Computing for Hyperspectral Imaging Onboard Systems: A Review and Trends, The
* Simplification method for textured polygonal meshes based on structural appearance
* Tissue segmentation in MRI as an informative indicator of disease activity in the brain
Includes: Gonzalez, C. Gonzalez, C.[Carolina] González, C.[Camila] González, C.[Carolina] González, C.[Cristina] González, C. Gonzalez, C.[Carlos] González, C.[Cristóbal] González, C.[Carlos]
27 for Gonzalez, C.

Gonzalez, C.G.[C. Garcia] Co Author Listing * Water Content Continuous Monitoring of Grapevine Xylem Tissue Using a Portable Low-Power Cost-Effective FMCW Radar
Includes: Gonzalez, C.G.[C. Garcia] González, C.G.[C. García]

Gonzalez, C.M.T.[Carlos M. Travieso] Co Author Listing * Improving Spider Recognition Based on Biometric Web Analysis

Gonzalez, D.[Diego] Co Author Listing * Code obfuscation using very long identifiers for FFT motion estimation models in embedded processors
* Convergence of Level-Wise Convolution Differential Estimators
* Fast Level-Wise Convolution
* Local convergence of Cauchy-type methods under hypotheses on the first derivative
* MORPH-DSLAM: Model Order Reduction for Physics-Based Deformable SLAM
* Physics Perception in Sloshing Scenes With Guaranteed Thermodynamic Consistency
* Plant Counting of Cotton from UAS Imagery Using Deep Learning-Based Object Detection Framework
* Real-time simulation techniques for augmented learning in science and engineering
* Review of Motion Planning Techniques for Automated Vehicles, A
* Topological Homogeneity for Electron Microscopy Images
Includes: Gonzalez, D.[Diego] González, D.[Diego] Gonzalez, D.[Damien] González, D. Gonzalez, D.[David] González, D.[David] Gonzalez, D.[Daniel]
10 for Gonzalez, D.

Gonzalez, D.C.[Diana Cristina] Co Author Listing * Analysis of the Multifractal Nature of Speech Signals
Includes: Gonzalez, D.C.[Diana Cristina] González, D.C.[Diana Cristina]

Gonzalez, D.L.[David Lago] Co Author Listing * Detection of Geothermal Potential Zones Using Remote Sensing Techniques
* Pilot Study on Remote Sensing and Citizen Science for Archaeological Prospection, A
Includes: Gonzalez, D.L.[David Lago] González, D.L.[David Lago] González, D.L.[Daniel Lombraña]

Gonzalez, D.R.[Dayana Ribas] Co Author Listing * Beam-search Formant Tracking Algorithm Based on Trajectory Functions for Continuous Speech
Includes: Gonzalez, D.R.[Dayana Ribas] González, D.R.[Dayana Ribas]

Gonzalez, D.S.[David Sierra] Co Author Listing * GridTrack: Detection and Tracking of Multiple Objects in Dynamic Occupancy Grids

Gonzalez, D.V.[David Varas] Co Author Listing * Multi-Scale Transformer-Based Feature Combination for Image Retrieval

Gonzalez, E.[Elizabeth] Co Author Listing * 2D shape representation and similarity measurement for 3D recognition problems: An experimental analysis
* Active object recognition based on Fourier descriptors clustering
* Counting local n-ary patterns
* CSS-AFFN: A Dataset Representation Model for Active Recognition Systems
* Detection of Direct Sun Glare on Drivers from Point Clouds
* Dominant Local Binary Patterns for Texture Classification: Labelled or Unlabelled?
* Ellipse Motion Estimation Using Parametric Snakes
* Evaluation of robustness against rotation of LBP, CCR and ILBP features in granite texture classification
* Evaluation of Time and Frequency Domain-Based Methods for the Estimation of Harmonics-to-Noise-Ratios in Voice Signals
* Fast and accurate circle tracking using active contour models
* General Framework for Rotation Invariant Texture Classification Through Co-occurrence of Patterns
* In Vivo Demonstration of Photoacoustic Image Guidance and Robotic Visual Servoing for Cardiac Catheter-Based Interventions
* Level Set Regularization Using Geometric Flows
* Multi feature-rich synthetic colour to improve human visual perception of point clouds
* Novel Approach to Automatic Traffic Sign Inventory Based on Mobile Mapping System Data and Deep Learning
* On Comparing Colour Spaces From a Performance Perspective: Application to Automated Classification of Polished Natural Stones
* Rotation-invariant colour texture classification through multilayer CCR
* Texture Classification Through Combination of Sequential Colour Texture Classifiers
Includes: Gonzalez, E.[Elizabeth] González, E.[Elizabeth] González, E.[Elena] González, E.[Esther] González, E.[Eduardo] Gonzalez, E. González, E. Gonzalez, E.[Elena]
18 for Gonzalez, E.

Gonzalez, E.C.[Edgar Chavez] Co Author Listing * Effective Proximity Retrieval by Ordering Permutations

Gonzalez, E.J.[Edgar J.] Co Author Listing * Using Google Earth Surface Metrics to Predict Plant Species Richness in a Complex Landscape
Includes: Gonzalez, E.J.[Edgar J.] González, E.J.[Edgar J.]

Gonzalez, E.M.[Esther M.] Co Author Listing * Monitoring Rainfed Alfalfa Growth in Semiarid Agrosystems Using Sentinel-2 Imagery
Includes: Gonzalez, E.M.[Esther M.] González, E.M.[Esther M.]

Gonzalez, E.R.[Esther Rodriguez] Co Author Listing * Lost Landscape: A Combination of LiDAR and APSFR Data to Locate and Contextualize Archaeological Sites in River Environments
Includes: Gonzalez, E.R.[Esther Rodriguez] González, E.R.[Esther Rodríguez]

Gonzalez, F. Co Author Listing * Automatic Extraction of the Retina AV Index
* Autonomous Detection of Mouse-Ear Hawkweed Using Drones, Multispectral Imagery and Supervised Machine Learning
* Detection of White Leaf Disease in Sugarcane Crops Using UAV-Derived RGB Imagery with Existing Deep Learning Models
* Drone-Based Autonomous Motion Planning System for Outdoor Environments under Object Detection Uncertainty
* Multi-UAV Mapping and Target Finding in Large, Complex, Partially Observable Environments
* NanoMap: A GPU-Accelerated OpenVDB-Based Mapping and Simulation Package for Robotic Agents
* Predicting Canopy Chlorophyll Content in Sugarcane Crops Using Machine Learning Algorithms and Spectral Vegetation Indices Derived from UAV Multispectral Imagery
* UAV Framework for Autonomous Onboard Navigation and People/Object Detection in Cluttered Indoor Environments
Includes: Gonzalez, F. González, F. Gonzalez, F.[Felipe]
8 for Gonzalez, F.

Gonzalez, F.A.[Fabio A.] Co Author Listing * Annotating and Retrieving Videos of Human Actions Using Matrix Factorization
* Automatic Clump Splitting for Cell Quantification in Microscopical Images
* Bag of Features for Automatic Classification of Alzheimer's Disease in Magnetic Resonance Images
* Classification of Low-Level Atmospheric Structures Based on a Pyramid Representation and a Machine Learning Method
* Design of a Medical Image Database with Content-Based Retrieval Capabilities
* Extracting Salient Brain Patterns for Imaging-Based Classification of Neurodegenerative Diseases
* Flexible Framework for the Evaluation of Unsupervised Image Annotation, A
* Grid Computing Approach to Subtraction Radiography, A
* Infected Cell Identification in Thin Blood Images Based on Color Pixel Classification: Comparison and Analysis
* Large Scale Image Indexing Using Online Non-negative Semantic Embedding
* Multi-class Kernel Alignment Method for Image Collection Summarization, A
* Multimodal fusion for image retrieval using matrix factorization
* NMF-based multimodal image indexing for querying by visual example
* On the Robustness of Kernel-based Clustering
* Online Kernel Matrix Factorization
* Online Matrix Factorization for Multimodal Image Retrieval
* Online Matrix Factorization for Space Embedding Multilabel Annotation
* Scalable multi-label annotation via semi-supervised kernel semantic embedding
* Semi-supervised Dimensionality Reduction via Multimodal Matrix Factorization
* Semi-supervised Online Kernel Semantic Embedding for Multi-label Annotation
* Transductive non-linear semantic embedding for multi-class classification
* Two-Step Neural Network Approach to Passage Retrieval for Open Domain Question Answering, A
* Visual Pattern Analysis in Histopathology Images Using Bag of Features
Includes: Gonzalez, F.A.[Fabio A.] González, F.A.[Fabio A.] Gonzalez, F.A.
23 for Gonzalez, F.A.

Gonzalez, F.G.G.[Francisco Gabriel Garcia] Co Author Listing * City of Tomorrow from the Data of Today, The
Includes: Gonzalez, F.G.G.[Francisco Gabriel Garcia] González, F.G.G.[Francisco Gabriel García]

Gonzalez, F.R.[Fernando Rodriguez] Co Author Listing * Covariance-Based Approach to Merging InSAR and GNSS Displacement Rate Measurements, A
* Geocoding Error Correction for InSAR Point Clouds
* Mitigation of Tropospheric Delay in SAR and InSAR Using NWP Data: Its Validation and Application Examples
* TanDEM-X calibrated Raw DEM generation
Includes: Gonzalez, F.R.[Fernando Rodriguez] González, F.R.[Fernando Rodríguez]

Gonzalez, G. Co Author Listing * Agreement Study Using Gesture Description Analysis
* Approach Based in LSA for Evaluation of Ontological Relations on Domain Corpora, An
* Automated Delineation of Dendritic Networks in Noisy Image Stacks
* Biomarker Localization From Deep Learning Regression Networks
* Characterization of hematologic malignancies based on discrete orthogonal moments
* Conceptual Modeling and Querying in Multimedia Databases
* Delineating trees in noisy 2D images and 3D image-stacks
* Dynamical Motion Vocabularies for Kinematic Tracking and Activity Recognition
* Gesture Agreement Assessment Using Description Vectors
* Hurricane Maria in the U.S. Caribbean: Disturbance Forces, Variation of Effects, and Implications for Future Storms
* Integrative Functional Analysis Improves Information Retrieval in Breast Cancer
* Learning rotational features for filament detection
* On the relevance of sparsity for image classification
* Topological Analysis of Amplicon Structure in Comparative Genomic Hybridization (CGH) Data: An Application to ERBB2/HER2/NEU Amplified Tumors
* Use of Lexico-Syntactic Patterns for the Evaluation of Taxonomic Relations
Includes: Gonzalez, G. González, G.[Gabriel] González, G.[Germán] González, G. Gonzalez, G.[German] González, G.[Grizelle] Gonzalez, G.[Georgina]
15 for Gonzalez, G.

Gonzalez, G.D. Co Author Listing * Linear Versus Nonlinear Neural Modeling for 2-D Pattern Recognition

Gonzalez, G.R.[Gustavo Ramirez] Co Author Listing * Metaheuristic FIR filter with game theory based compression technique- A reliable medical image compression technique for online applications

Gonzalez, H. Co Author Listing * Analysis of Cache Memory Strategies for Some Image Processing Applications
* experimental evaluation of feature detectors and descriptors for visual SLAM, An
* hybrid method based on estimation of distribution algorithms to train convolutional neural networks for text categorization, A
* Improving Nearest Neighbor Based Multi-target Prediction Through Metric Learning
* On the Estimation of the Probability Distribution of a Non-Stationary Source for Lossless Data Compression
Includes: Gonzalez, H. Gonzalez, H.[Hernán] González, H.[Hector] Gonzalez, H.[Hector]

Gonzalez, H.J.[Hernan J.] Co Author Listing * Generation of Single Image Stereograms Based on Stochastic Textures
* novel content-adaptive image compression system, A
Includes: Gonzalez, H.J.[Hernan J.] Gonzalez, H.J.[Hector J.]

Gonzalez, H.L. Co Author Listing * Multichannel restoration of single channel images using a wavelet-based subband decomposition

Gonzalez, I.[Izamar] Co Author Listing * Implementing Cloud Computing for the Digital Mapping of Agricultural Soil Properties from High Resolution UAV Multispectral Imagery
* Leveraging the Bayesian Filtering Paradigm for Vision-Based Facial Affective State Estimation
Includes: Gonzalez, I.[Izamar] Gonzalez, I.

Gonzalez, J.[Jordi] Co Author Listing * 3D Dynamic Model of Human Actions for Probabilistic Image Tracking, A
* 3D Human Motion Sequences Synchronization Using Dense Matching Algorithm
* 3D human pose estimation using 2D body part detectors
* Accurate Moving Cast Shadow Suppression Based on Local Color Constancy Detection
* ACE: Adapting to Changing Environments for Semantic Segmentation
* Action Spaces for Efficient Bayesian Tracking of Human Motion
* Action-specific motion prior for efficient Bayesian 3D human body tracking
* Age and gender recognition in the wild with deep attention
* Analysis of Human Walking Based on aSpaces
* Applying Image Analysis and Probabilistic Techniques for Counting Olive Trees in High-Resolution Satellite Images
* aSpaces: Action Spaces for Recognition and Synthesis of Human Actions
* Attend and Rectify: A Gated Attention Mechanism for Fine-Grained Recovery
* Augmenting video surveillance footage with virtual agents for incremental event evaluation
* Automatic face and facial features initialization for robust and accurate tracking
* Automatic Key Pose Selection for 3D Human Action Recognition
* Automatic Learning of Background Semantics in Generic Surveilled Scenes
* Automatic Learning of Conceptual Knowledge in Image Sequences for Human Behavior Interpretation
* Autonomous Virtual Agents for Performance Evaluation of Tracking Algorithms
* Background subtraction technique based on chromaticity and intensity patterns
* Background Updating with the Use of Intrinsic Curves
* Beyond one-hot encoding: Lower dimensional target embedding
* Catastrophic Interference in Disguised Face Recognition
* ChaLearn Looking at People 2015 challenges: Action spotting and cultural event recognition
* ChaLearn Looking at People 2015: Apparent Age and Cultural Event Recognition Datasets and Results
* ChaLearn Looking at People Challenge 2014: Dataset and Results
* Chromatic shadow detection and tracking for moving foreground segmentation
* coarse-to-fine approach for fast deformable object detection, A
* collection of outdoor robotic datasets with centimeter-accuracy ground truth, A
* Color Constancy Using 3D Scene Geometry Derived From a Single Image
* Combined Head, Lips, Eyebrows, and Eyelids Tracking Using Adaptive Appearance Models
* Combining Functional Data Projections for Time Series Classification
* Combining where and what in change detection for unsupervised foreground learning in surveillance
* Compact and adaptive spatial pyramids for scene recognition
* Comparison Framework for Walking Performances using aSpaces, A
* Confidence assessment on eyelid and eyebrow expression recognition
* Context-Aware Streaming Perception in Dynamic Environments
* Control Architecture for Human-Robot Integration: Application to a Robotic Wheelchair
* Deep Pain: Exploiting Long Short-Term Memory Networks for Facial Expression Classification
* Design Issues and Architecture of HACIENDA, an Experimental Image Processing System
* Detection and removal of chromatic moving shadows in surveillance scenarios
* Deterministic and Stochastic Methods for Gaze Tracking in Real-Time
* Development of Geospatial and Temporal Characteristics for Hispaniola's Lake Azuei and Enriquillo Using Landsat Imagery
* Discriminative compact pyramids for object and scene recognition
* Dual-Memory Model for Incremental Learning: The Handwriting Recognition Use Case
* Edge classification using photo-geometric features
* Efficient Closed-Form Solution to Probabilistic 6D Visual Odometry for a Stereo Camera, An
* Efficient discriminative multiresolution cascade for real-time human detection applications
* Efficient Pattern Recognition Using the Frequency Response of a Spiking Neuron
* End-to-end global to local convolutional neural network learning for hand pose recovery in depth data
* Extracting and Matching Perceptual Groups for Hierarchical Stereo Vision
* Factorized appearances for object detection
* Functional Learning of Kernels for Information Fusion Purposes
* Fusing Edge Cues to Handle Colour Problems in Image Segmentation
* General Logarithmic Image Processing Convolution
* Guest Editors' Introduction to the Special Issue on Multimodal Human Pose Recovery and Behavior Analysis
* Harmony potentials for joint classification and segmentation
* Harmony Potentials: Fusing Global and Local Scale for Semantic Image Segmentation
* Hierarchical Eyelid and Face Tracking
* Hierarchical On-line Appearance-Based Tracking for 3D head pose, eyebrows, lips, eyelids and irises
* High-Speed Human Detection Using a Multiresolution Cascade of Histograms of Oriented Gradients
* Image Based Architectural True-Orthophotographs
* Improving Background Subtraction Based on a Casuistry of Colour-Motion Segmentation Problems
* Improving Piecewise Linear Registration of High-Resolution Satellite Images Through Mesh Optimization
* Improving Piecewise-Linear Registration Through Mesh Optimization
* Interpretation of complex situations in a semantic-based surveillance framework
* iTrack: Image-based Probabilistic Tracking of People
* Joint Diagonalization of Kernels for Information Fusion
* Large scale continuous visual event recognition using max-margin Hough transformation framework
* Life-Long Optimization of the Symbolic Model of Indoor Environments for a Mobile Robot
* Local Linear Approximation for Kernel Methods: The Railway Kernel
* Looking at People Special Issue
* MCYT baseline corpus: a bimodal biometric database
* Mesh Topological Optimization for Improving Piecewise-Linear Image Registration
* Modeling vs. learning approaches for monocular 3D human pose estimation
* Multi-part body segmentation based on depth maps for soft biometry analysis
* Multihierarchical Graph Search
* New Distance for Data Sets in a Reproducing Kernel Hilbert Space Context, A
* New Image Dataset on Human Interactions, A
* New Method for Robust and Efficient Occupancy Grid-Map Matching, A
* Occlusion Aware Hand Pose Recovery from Sequences of Depth Images
* On Guiding Visual Attention with Language Specification
* On Importance of Interactions and Context in Human Action Recognition
* On partial least squares in head pose estimation: How to simultaneously deal with misalignment
* On Reasoning over Tracking Events
* On the effect of temporal information on monocular 3d human pose estimation
* On the Generalization of the Mahalanobis Distance
* On tracking inside groups
* OverNet: Lightweight Multi-Scale Super-Resolution with Overscaling Network
* Pay Attention to the Activations: A Modular Attention Mechanism for Fine-Grained Image Recognition
* Probabilistic Image-Based Tracking: Improving Particle Filtering
* Probabilistic Observation Model for Stereo Vision Systems: Application to Particle Filter-Based Mapping and Localization, A
* Reactive Object Tracking with a Single PTZ Camera
* Real-time gaze tracking with appearance-based models
* Recovering Motion Parameters from a 2D Range Image Sequence
* Recursive Coarse-to-Fine Localization for Fast Object Detection
* Reliable Visual Question Answering: Abstain Rather Than Answer Incorrectly
* Representing Functional Data Using Support Vector Machines
* Reproducing kernel Hilbert space based estimation of systems of ordinary differential equations
* Resilience of Massive MIMO PNC to Jamming Attacks in Vehicular Networks, The
* Robust and Efficient Multipose Face Detection Using Skin Color Segmentation
* Robust Multiple-People Tracking Using Colour-Based Particle Filters
* Robust Particle Filtering for Object Tracking
* Segmentation of RGB-D indoor scenes by stacking random forests and conditional random fields
* selective spatio-temporal interest point detector for human action recognition in complex scenes, A
* Selective spatio-temporal interest points
* Semantic Understanding of Human Behaviors in Image Sequences: From video-surveillance to video-hermeneutics
* Shift: A Zero FLOP, Zero Parameter Alternative to Spatial Convolutions
* Simple solution for visual servoing of camera-in-hand robots in the 3d Cartesian space
* Single image super-resolution based on directional variance attention network
* SMOS ESA RFI Monitoring and Information Tool: Lessons Learned
* Special issue on background modeling for foreground detection in real-world dynamic scenes
* Spherical Blurred Shape Model for 3-D Object and Pose Recognition: Quantitative Analysis and HCI Applications in Smart Environments
* Top-down model fitting for hand pose recovery in sequences of depth images
* Toward Real-Time Pedestrian Detection Based on a Deformable Template Model
* Towards Real-Time Human Action Recognition
* Trinocular stereo matching with composite disparity space image
* Unconstrained Multiple-People Tracking
* Understanding dynamic scenes based on human sequence evaluation
* View-Invariant Human Action Detection Using Component-Wise HMM of Body Parts
* View-invariant human-body detection with extension to human action recognition using component-wise HMM of body parts
* Visual Transformers: Where Do Transformers Really Belong in Vision Models?
Includes: Gonzalez, J.[Jordi] Gonzàlez, J.[Jordi] González, J.[Jordi] Gonzalez, J. González, J. Gonzalez, J.[Javier] González, J.[Javier] Gonzalez, J.[Joseph] Gonzalez, J.[Jorge] Gonzalez, J.[Jordan] Gonzàlez, J. Gonzalez, J.[Jonathan] González, J.[Judit]
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Gonzalez, J.A.[Jose A.] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Spatial and Temporal Variability of the PAR/GHI Ratio and PAR Modeling Based on Two Satellite Estimates
* Assessing Rapid Variability in Atmospheric Apparent Optical Depth with an Array Spectrometer System
* Bias and Variance Multi-objective Optimization for Support Vector Machines Model Selection
* Color uniformity descriptor: An efficient contextual color representation for image indexing and retrieval
* Deep Learning Loss Function Based on the Perceptual Evaluation of the Speech Quality, A
* Evolutionary Multi-Objective Approach for Prototype Generation and Feature Selection
* Image Segmentation Using Automatic Seeded Region Growing and Instance-Based Learning
* Infant Cry Classification Using Genetic Selection of a Fuzzy Model
* Occlusion Handling in Video-Based Augmented Reality Using the Kinect Sensor for Indoor Registration
* One-Pulse FEC Coding for Robust CELP-Coded Speech Transmission Over Erasure Channels
* segmented and annotated IAPR TC-12 benchmark, The
* Shape Inspection System for Variable-Luminance Steel Plates with Real-Time Adaptation Capabilities to Luminance Variations
Includes: Gonzalez, J.A.[Jose A.] González, J.A.[José A.] González, J.A.[Josep-Abel] Gonzalez, J.A.[Jesus A.] Gonzalez, J.A. González, J.A.[Jesús A.] González, J.A.[Juan A.]
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Gonzalez, J.A.G. Co Author Listing * Experimental Study of a Novel Neuro Fuzzy System for Online Handwritten Unipen Digit Recognition

Gonzalez, J.C.[Juan Carlos] Co Author Listing * MORFO3D Foot Database, The
* Unsupervised segmentation algorithm of HRTEM images
Includes: Gonzalez, J.C.[Juan Carlos] González, J.C.[Juan Carlos] Gonzalez, J.C.

Gonzalez, J.E.[Joseph E.] Co Author Listing * Accel: A Corrective Fusion Network for Efficient Semantic Segmentation on Video
* Data-Efficient Language-Supervised Zero-Shot Learning with Self-Distillation
* Fast Semantic Segmentation on Video Using Block Motion-Based Feature Interpolation
* FBNetV2: Differentiable Neural Architecture Search for Spatial and Channel Dimensions
* FBNetV3: Joint Architecture-Recipe Search using Predictor Pretraining
* Robust Object Detection via Instance-Level Temporal Cycle Confusion
* SkipNet: Learning Dynamic Routing in Convolutional Networks
* Spatiotemporal Variability of Heat Storage in Major U.S. Cities: A Satellite-Based Analysis
* TAFE-Net: Task-Aware Feature Embeddings for Low Shot Learning
Includes: Gonzalez, J.E.[Joseph E.] Gonzalez, J.E. Gonzalez, J.E.[Jorge E.]
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Gonzalez, J.G.[Julian Gil] Co Author Listing * Automatic Peripheral Nerve Segmentation in Presence of Multiple Annotators
* Peripheral Nerves Segmentation in Ultrasound Images Using Non-linear Wavelets and Gaussian Processes
* Spatial Resolution Enhancement in Ultrasound Images from Multiple Annotators Knowledge
Includes: Gonzalez, J.G.[Julian Gil] González, J.G.[Julián Gil]

Gonzalez, J.H.[Jaime Hueso] Co Author Listing * Bistatic system and baseline calibration in TanDEM-X to ensure the global digital elevation model quality
* TerraSAR-X Instrument Calibration Results and Extension for TanDEM-X
Includes: Gonzalez, J.H.[Jaime Hueso] González, J.H.[Jaime Hueso] Gonzalez, J.H.

Gonzalez, J.J.F.[Juan Jose Fuldain] Co Author Listing * NDVI Identification and Survey of a Roman Road in the Northern Spanish Province of Álava
Includes: Gonzalez, J.J.F.[Juan Jose Fuldain] González, J.J.F.[Juan José Fuldain]

Gonzalez, J.L.[Jose L.] Co Author Listing * On-line machine vision system for detect split defects in sheet-metal forming processes

Gonzalez, J.M. Co Author Listing * Recognition of 3D Object from One Image Based on Projective and Permutative Invariants
Includes: Gonzalez, J.M. González, J.M.

Gonzalez, J.P. Co Author Listing * High Speed Navigation of Unrehearsed Terrain: Red Team Technology for Grand Challenge 2004
* Mobile Robot Iconic Position Estimator Using a Radial Laser Scanner, A
* Planning with Uncertainty in Position Using High-Resolution Maps
* Preplanning for high performance autonomous traverse of desert terrain exploiting a priori knowledge to optimize speeds and to detail paths

Gonzalez, J.P.C.[Juan Pablo Cuesta] Co Author Listing * Pre-Flight SAOCOM-1A SAR Performance Assessment by Outdoor Campaign

Gonzalez, J.R.[Joaquin Reyes] Co Author Listing * Monitoring Surface Displacement of a Deep-Seated Landslide by a Low-Cost and near Real-Time GNSS System
Includes: Gonzalez, J.R.[Joaquin Reyes] González, J.R.[Joaquín Reyes]

Gonzalez, L. Co Author Listing * Angular Distribution Models, Anisotropic Correction Factors, and Mixed Clear-Scene Types: A Sensitivity Study
* Augmented film narrative by use of non-photorealistic rendering
* Dual unification of bi-class support vector machine formulations
* Global 15-Meter Mosaic Derived from Simulated True-Color ASTER Imagery
* North Africa and Saudi Arabia Day/Night Sandstorm Survey (NASCube)
* Simulating Multi-Directional Narrowband Reflectance of the Earth's Surface Using ADAM (A Surface Reflectance Database for ESA's Earth Observation Missions)
* sub km resolution global database of surface reflectance and emissivity based on 10-years of MODIS data, A
* Unified dual for bi-class SVM approaches
* Wall: The Earth in True Natural Color from Real-Time Geostationary Satellite Imagery, The
Includes: Gonzalez, L. González, L. Gonzalez, L.[Louis]
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Gonzalez, L.A.[Luciano A.] Co Author Listing * Intravaginal Devices and GNSS Collars with Satellite Communication to Detect Calving Events in Extensive Beef Production in Northern Australia
* Perspectives on the Special Issue for Applications of Remote Sensing for Livestock and Grazingland Management
* Relationship between Satellite-Derived Vegetation Indices and Live Weight Changes of Beef Cattle in Extensive Grazing Conditions, The
Includes: Gonzalez, L.A.[Luciano A.] González, L.A.[Luciano A.]

Gonzalez, L.A.G.[Luis A. Gomez] Co Author Listing * Assessing the Usefulness of LiDAR for Monitoring the Structure of a Montane Forest on a Subtropical Oceanic Island
Includes: Gonzalez, L.A.G.[Luis A. Gomez] González, L.A.G.[Luis A. Gómez]

Gonzalez, L.C. Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Detection Approaches for Road Anomalies Based on Accelerometer Readings: Addressing Who's Who
* From neighbors to strengths-the k-strongest strengths (kSS) classification algorithm
* How Smartphone Accelerometers Reveal Aggressive Driving Behavior?: The Key is the Representation
* Learning Roadway Surface Disruption Patterns Using the Bag of Words Representation
Includes: Gonzalez, L.C. González, L.C. González, L.C.[Luis C.]

Gonzalez, L.X.[Luis Xavier] Co Author Listing * Solar Flare Effects Observed over Mexico during 30-31 March 2022

Gonzalez, M. Co Author Listing * Affine Invariant Texture Segmentation and Shape from Texture by Variational Methods
* Embedded Intelligence for Safety and Security Machine Vision Applications
* Field Spectroscopy Metadata System Based on ISO and OGC Standards
* Geodesic squared exponential kernel for non-rigid shape registration
* Hardware architecture for hierarchical segmentation in foveal images
* Human Body Analysis with Biomechanics Criteria
* Joint denoising and decompression: A patch-based Bayesian approach
* Multifoveal imager for stereo applications
* Robust body parts tracking using particle filter and dynamic template
* Sign Segmentation Using Dynamics and Hand Configuration for Semi-automatic Annotation of Sign Language Corpora
* Solving Inverse Problems by Joint Posterior Maximization with Autoencoding Prior
* Towards Resilient Critical Infrastructures: Understanding the Impact of Coastal Flooding on the Fuel Transportation Network in the San Francisco Bay
* VLSI implementation of a foveal polygon segmentation algorithm
Includes: Gonzalez, M. Gonzalez, M.[Maite] Gonzalez, M.[Magdalena] Gonzalez, M.[Matilde] González, M. Gonzalez, M.[Mario] Gonzalez, M.[Marta]
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Gonzalez, M.A.S.U.[Miguel Angel Sanchez Uran] Co Author Listing * Compact and Portable Exoskeleton for Shoulder and Elbow Assistance for Workers and Prospective Use in Space, A
Includes: Gonzalez, M.A.S.U.[Miguel Angel Sanchez Uran] González, M.Á.S.U.[Miguel Ángel Sanchez-Urán]

Gonzalez, M.C.[Miguel Cano] Co Author Listing * Combining SfM Photogrammetry and Terrestrial Laser Scanning to Assess Event-Scale Sediment Budgets along a Gravel-Bed Ephemeral Stream
* Inferential Rules for Identifying Answers in TOEFL Texts
* Safe Driving Using Mobile Phones
Includes: Gonzalez, M.C.[Miguel Cano] González, M.C.[Meliza Contreras] Gonzalez, M.C.

Gonzalez, M.C.L.[M. C. Lopez] Co Author Listing * Baroque Banded Vaults: Surveying and Modeling. the Case Study of A Noble Palace In Turin
* Recognizing the Design Patterns of Complex Vaults: Drawing, Survey and Modeling. Experiments on Palazzo Mazzonis' Atrium in Turin
Includes: Gonzalez, M.C.L.[M. C. Lopez] González, M.C.L.[M. C. López]

Gonzalez, M.G. Co Author Listing * Improved Video Mosaic Construction by Accumulated Alignment Error Distribution

Gonzalez, M.P.A.[Maria Paz Abad] Co Author Listing * Conservation Process of Porta Tiburtina, Rome: A Tool to Map, Protect, and Requalify the Gate

Gonzalez, N.[Nera] Co Author Listing * Optimization in 3D Scene Acquisition with Two Mobile Robots
Includes: Gonzalez, N.[Nera] González, N.[Nera]

Gonzalez, N.F.[Nicolas Franco] Co Author Listing * SMAT: Smart Multiple Affinity Metrics for Multiple Object Tracking

Gonzalez, O. Co Author Listing * Quadratically Convergent Method for Interference Alignment in MIMO Interference Channels, A

Gonzalez, P. Co Author Listing * 4DGVF segmentation of vector-valued images
* 4DGVF-based filtering of vector-valued images
* empirical evaluation of different haptic feedback for shape and texture recognition, An
* Involving multiple fingers in exploring a haptic surface: an evaluation study
* New Approach for Wet Blue Leather Defect Segmentation, A
* Objective Comparison of Contour Detection in Noisy Images
* On the study of nearest neighbor algorithms for prevalence estimation in binary problems
* Towards INSAR Everywhere, All The Time, With Sentinel-1
* Usability evaluation of virtual reality interaction techniques for positioning and manoeuvring in reduced, manipulation-oriented environments
* Variational Segmentation of Vector-Valued Images With Gradient Vector Flow
Includes: Gonzalez, P. González, P.[Pascual] Gonzalez, P.[Pascual] Gonzalez, P.[Paulo] González, P.[Pablo] Gonzalez, P.[Pablo]
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Gonzalez, P.J.[Pablo J.] Co Author Listing * A-DInSAR Monitoring of Landslide and Subsidence Activity: A Case of Urban Damage in Arcos de la Frontera, Spain
* Displacements Monitoring over Czechia by IT4S1 System for Automatised Interferometric Measurements Using Sentinel-1 Data
* Improved Phase Filter for Differential SAR Interferometry Based on an Iterative Method, An
* Joint Terrestrial and Aerial Measurements to Study Ground Deformation: Application to the Sciara Del Fuoco at the Stromboli Volcano (Sicily)
* LiCSAR: An Automatic InSAR Tool for Measuring and Monitoring Tectonic and Volcanic Activity
* Satellite Radar and Camera Time Series Reveal Transition from Aligned to Distributed Crater Arrangement during the 2021 Eruption of Cumbre Vieja, La Palma (Spain)
* SenDiT: The Sentinel-2 Displacement Toolbox with Application to Glacier Surface Velocities
Includes: Gonzalez, P.J.[Pablo J.] González, P.J.[Pablo J.] Gonzalez, P.J.
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Gonzalez, P.M. Co Author Listing * Mathematical Morphology in the HSI Colour Space
Includes: Gonzalez, P.M. González, P.M.

Gonzalez, P.T.T.[Pablo Tomas Toledano] Co Author Listing * Transfer Learning for On-Orbit Ship Segmentation
Includes: Gonzalez, P.T.T.[Pablo Tomas Toledano] González, P.T.T.[Pablo Tomás Toledano]

Gonzalez, R.[Ricardo] Co Author Listing * Approach to Automatic Target Recognition in Radar Images Using SVM, An
* Change Detection and Land Use: Land Cover Database Updating Using Image Segmentation, GIS Analysis and Visual Interpretation
* Characterization of Stratospheric Smoke Particles over the Antarctica by Remote Sensing Instruments
* Consistent, Real-Time Image Segmentation for Object Tracking, A
* Convergence analysis of active contours in image segmentation
* Fast image registration using cepstral analysis of inverted gradient distance maps
* Fourier based registration of differentially scaled images
* Fuzzy non-rigid motion estimation robust to rotation
* Hybrid salient motion detection using temporal differencing and Kalman filter tracking with non-stationary camera
* Photometric Catalogue for Space and Ground Night-Time Remote-Sensing Calibration: RGB Synthetic Photometry from Gaia DR3 Spectrophotometry
* Plane-Tree Low-Bitrate Mesh Compression
* Registration of sheared images using phase correlation
* Robust Image Registration via Cepstral Analysis
* Robust Ring Detection in Phase Correlation Surfaces
* Simple solution for visual servoing of camera-in-hand robots in the 3d Cartesian space
* Vagus nerve modulation using focused pulsed ultrasound: Potential applications and preliminary observations in a rat
* Visual Recognition to Access and Analyze People Density and Flow Patterns in Indoor Environments
Includes: Gonzalez, R.[Ricardo] González, R.[Ricardo] González, R. González, R.[Ramiro] Gonzalez, R.[Ruben] Gonzalez, R. González, R.[Rafael]
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Gonzalez, R.A.[Roger Almengor] Co Author Listing * Mapping Crop Types of Germany by Combining Temporal Statistical Metrics of Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 Time Series with LPIS Data
Includes: Gonzalez, R.A.[Roger Almengor] González, R.A.[Roger Almengor]

Gonzalez, R.A.C.[Ricardo A. Cavazos] Co Author Listing * Mapping Urban Green Spaces at the Metropolitan Level Using Very High Resolution Satellite Imagery and Deep Learning Techniques for Semantic Segmentation
Includes: Gonzalez, R.A.C.[Ricardo A. Cavazos] González, R.A.C.[Ricardo A. Cavazos]

Gonzalez, R.B.[Rocio Ballesteros] Co Author Listing * Quantifying the Effect of Aerial Imagery Resolution in Automated Hydromorphological River Characterisation

Gonzalez, R.C.[Rafael C.] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Gonzalez, R.C.[Rafael C.]: rcg AT utk edu
* Apparatus for reading a license plate
* Autonomous Robotic Inspection and Manipulation Using Multisensor Feedback
* Camera Geometries for Image Matching in 3-D Machine Vision
* Color Edge Detection and Surface Reconstruction Through Regularization
* Computer Vision Techniques for Industrial Applications and Robot Control
* Data Fusion in Robotics and Machine Intelligence
* Developing Robotic Systems with Multiple Sensors
* Developing Sensor-Driven Robots for Hazardous Environments
* Digital Image Processing
* Digital Image Processing Using MATLAB(R)
* Digital Image Processing Using MATLAB(R), 2nd Edition
* Digital Image Processing, Second Edition
* Digital Image Processing, Third Edition
* Experimental evaluation of hypercube-based range analysis tools
* Harmonic Shape Decomposition
* Image Enhancement And Restoration
* Iterative Thresholding Algorithm for Image Segmentation, An
* Measure of Scene Content, A
* Object Recognition and Pose Determination in Multi Sensor Robotic Systems
* Real-Time Digital Image Enhancement
* Real-Time Digitizer for Stereo Image Processing, A
* Recognition of Handwritten Characters by Topological Feature Extraction and Multilevel Categorization
* Sampling Considerations for Multilevel Crossing Analysis
* Segmentation of Range Images Via Data Fusion and Morphological Watersheds
* Syntactic Pattern Recognition: An Introduction
* Syntactic Recognition of Imperfectly Specified Patterns
* Temporal Edge-Based Image Segmentor, A
* Use of Multisensor Data for Robotic Applications, The
* Vision Based Measurement System to Quantify Straightness Defect in Steel Sheets
Includes: Gonzalez, R.C.[Rafael C.] Gonzalez, R.C. González, R.C.[Rafael C.]
31 for Gonzalez, R.C.

Gonzalez, R.I.R. Co Author Listing * A2CPS: A Vehicle-Centric Safety Conceptual Framework for Autonomous Transport Systems
Includes: Gonzalez, R.I.R. González, R.I.R.

Gonzalez, R.Q.[Rebeca Quintero] Co Author Listing * Prediction of Groundwater Level Variations in a Changing Climate: A Danish Case Study

Gonzalez, S.[Sergio] Co Author Listing * Class Switching according to Nearest Enemy Distance for learning from highly imbalanced data-sets
* Classification of Microorganisms Using Image Processing Techniques
* Decoupling between Precipitation Processes and Mountain Wave Induced Circulations Observed with a Vertically Pointing K-Band Doppler Radar
* Detection of Phases in Sugar Crystallization Using Wavelets
* New Methodology to Characterise the Radar Bright Band Using Doppler Spectral Moments from Vertically Pointing Radar Observations, A
* Precipitation Type Classification of Micro Rain Radar Data Using an Improved Doppler Spectral Processing Methodology
* Vertically Resolved Precipitation Intensity Retrieved through a Synergy between the Ground-Based NASA MPLNET Lidar Network Measurements, Surface Disdrometer Datasets and an Analytical Model Solution
Includes: Gonzalez, S.[Sergio] Gónzalez, S.[Sergio] Gonzalez, S. Gonzalez, S.[Sergi]
7 for Gonzalez, S.

Gonzalez, S.F.[Sonia F.] Co Author Listing * Mining the Criminal Data of Rio de Janeiro: Analyzing the Impact of the Pacifying Police Units Deployment

Gonzalez, S.L.H.[Sergio Luis Herrera] Co Author Listing * Augmented Reality Game for Energy Awareness, An

Gonzalez, T.M.[Tania Marisol] Co Author Listing * Methodology for Evaluating the Quality of Ecosystem Maps: A Case Study in the Andes
Includes: Gonzalez, T.M.[Tania Marisol] González, T.M.[Tania Marisol]

Gonzalez, V.[Victor] Co Author Listing * Classification and Quantification Based on Image Analysis for Sperm Samples with Uncertain Damaged/Intact Cell Proportions
* Fast polygonal approximation of digitized curves
* Multi-Resolution Spectral Graph Matching
* Review of the CALIMAS Team Contributions to European Space Agency's Soil Moisture and Ocean Salinity Mission Calibration and Validation
* Super Resolution Imaging via Sparse Interpolation in Wavelet Domain with Implementation in DSP and GPU
Includes: Gonzalez, V.[Victor] González, V.[Víctor] González, V. Gonzalez, V.

Gonzalez, V.A. Co Author Listing * Real-Time Public-Transport Operational Tactics Using Synchronized Transfers to Eliminate Vehicle Bunching

Gonzalez, V.M.[Victor M.] Co Author Listing * Semi-Supervised Approach to Named Entity Recognition in Spanish Applied to a Real-World Conversational System
* Summary of Progress in FLIR/LADAR Fusion for Target Identification at Rockwell
Includes: Gonzalez, V.M.[Victor M.] González, V.M.[Víctor M.]

Gonzalez, V.R.[V.Ricardo] Co Author Listing * Efficient fusion of multidimensional descriptors for image retrieval

Gonzalez, Y. Co Author Listing * Intelligent Parameter Tuning in Optimization-Based Iterative CT Reconstruction via Deep Reinforcement Learning

GonzalezJorge, H. Co Author Listing * Automatic Thickness And Volume Estimation Of Sprayed Concrete On Anchored Retaining Walls From Terrestrial Lidar Data
Includes: GonzalezJorge, H. GonzálezJorge, H.

Gonzalo Garijo, A.[Angela] Co Author Listing * Producing Urban Aerobiological Risk Map for Cupressaceae Family in the SW Iberian Peninsula from LiDAR Technology
Includes: Gonzalo Garijo, A.[Angela] Gonzalo-Garijo, Á.[Ángela]

Gonzalo Martin, C. Co Author Listing * Assessment of Hyperspectral Sharpening Methods for the Monitoring of Natural Areas Using Multiplatform Remote Sensing Imagery
* Ex Post Analysis of Water Supply Demand in an Agricultural Basin by Multi-Source Data Integration
* GEOBIA Methodology for Fragmented Agricultural Landscapes, A
* Hyperspectral Classification Through Unmixing Abundance Maps Addressing Spectral Variability
* Outlining of Agricultural Plots Based on Spatiotemporal Consensus Segmentation, The
* Patagonian Andes Landslides Inventory: The Deep Learning's Way to Their Automatic Detection
* Scale-Aware Pansharpening Algorithm for Agricultural Fragmented Landscapes
* TS2uRF: A New Method for Sharpening Thermal Infrared Satellite Imagery
* Use of Machine Learning to Improve the Robustness of Spatial Estimation of Evapotranspiration
Includes: Gonzalo Martin, C. Gonzalo-Martín, C. Gonzalo-Martín, C.[Consuelo] Gonzalo-Martin, C.[Consuelo]
9 for Gonzalo Martin, C.

Gonzalo, A.P.[Alfredo Peinado] Co Author Listing * Review of Data Analytics for Condition Monitoring of Railway Track Geometry

Gonzalo, R.[Ramon] Co Author Listing * Remote Sensing for Plant Water Content Monitoring: A Review
* Water Content Continuous Monitoring of Grapevine Xylem Tissue Using a Portable Low-Power Cost-Effective FMCW Radar
Includes: Gonzalo, R.[Ramon] Gonzalo, R.[Ramón] Gonzalo, R.

Gonzalo, R.I.[R. Izquierdo] Co Author Listing * Experience of DRIVERTIVE-DRIVERless cooperaTIve VEhicle-Team in the 2016 GCDC, The

Gonzalves Vieira, M. Co Author Listing * Classification of E-Commerce-Related Images Using Hierarchical Classification with Deep Neural Networks

Gonzalves, L.M.G. Co Author Listing * Accuracy Analysis of Augmented Reality Markers for Visual Mapping and Localization

Gonzato, J.C. Co Author Listing * Toponym Recognition in Scanned Color Topographic Maps

Gonzo, L. Co Author Listing * 3D Virtual reconstruction and visualization of complex architectures: The 3D-ARCH project
* Experiences and considerations in image-based modelling of complex architectures
* Optimized position sensors for flying-spot active triangulation systems
* System and method of light spot position and color detection
Includes: Gonzo, L. Gonzo, L.[Lorenzo]

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