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Marc Andre, D.[Delsuc] Co Author Listing * Proximity operators for a class of hybrid sparsity: entropy priors application to dosy NMR signal reconstruction
Includes: Marc Andre, D.[Delsuc] Marc-André, D.[Delsuc]

Marc, B.[Bonazountas] Co Author Listing * Special session on image processing for natural risks (IPNR)

Marc, C. Co Author Listing * Fully scalable object based video coder based on analysis-synthesis scheme
* Segmentation of non-rigid video objects using long term temporal consistency

Marc, I.[Isabelle] Co Author Listing * High Dynamic Range Imaging System for the Visually Impaired

Marc, R. Co Author Listing * Change detection on point cloud data acquired with a ground laser scanner
* Effective Shapes Generation for Bayesian CAD Model Reconstruction
* Online parameter estimation in dynamic Markov Random Fields for image sequence analysis
* Reconstruction of Consistent 3D CAD Models from Point Cloud Data Using A Priori CAD Models
* Robust Segmentation Based Tracing Using an Adaptive Wrapper for Inducing Priors
* Synapse classification and localization in Electron Micrographs
Includes: Marc, R. Marc, R.[Raphael] Marc, R.[Robert] Marc, R.[Raphaël]

Marcaccio, J.[James] Co Author Listing * Development of a Bi-National Great Lakes Coastal Wetland and Land Use Map Using Three-Season PALSAR and Landsat Imagery

Marcaccio, J.V. Co Author Listing * Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Produce High-Resolution, Seasonally-Relevant Imagery for Classifying Wetland Vegetation

Marcacini, R.M.[Ricardo M.] Co Author Listing * active learning approach to frequent itemset-based text clustering, An
* Improving Personalized Ranking in Recommender Systems with Topic Hierarchies and Implicit Feedback
* Interactive textual feature selection for consensus clustering
* On combining Websensors and DTW distance for kNN Time Series Forecasting
* Privileged Information for Hierarchical Document Clustering: A Metric Learning Approach
* two-stage regularization framework for heterogeneous event networks, A
* Using Contextual Information from Topic Hierarchies to Improve Context-Aware Recommender Systems
Includes: Marcacini, R.M.[Ricardo M.] Marcacini, R.M.[Ricardo Marcondes] Marcacini, R.M.
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Marcal, A.R.S.[Andre R. S.] Co Author Listing * Alternative Methods for Counting Overlapping Grains in Digital Images
* Automatic Identification and Validation of Tie Points on Hyperspectral Satellite Images from CHRIS/PROBA
* Automatic Information Extraction from Gel Electrophoresis Images Using GEIAS
* Automatic Ortho-rectification of ASTER Images by Matching Digital Elevation Models
* Bayesian Hyperspectral Image Segmentation With Discriminative Class Learning
* Compression of NOAA/AVHRR data with a wavelet transform
* Estimating the Natural Number of Classes on Hierarchically Clustered Multi-spectral Images
* Evaluation of Features for Leaf Discrimination
* Fast Sparse Multinomial Regression Applied to Hyperspectral Data
* Global Constraints for Syntactic Consistency in OMR: An Ongoing Approach
* Hierarchic Image Classification Visualization
* Image Based Estimation of Fruit Phytopathogenic Lesions Area
* Modified DBSCAN Algorithm for Microscopic Image Analysis of Wood
* Monitoring Vegetation Dynamics Inferred by Satellite Data Using the PhenoSat Tool
* PhenoSat: A tool for vegetation temporal analysis from satellite image data
* Robust Detection of Water Sensitive Papers
* Separability Analysis of Color Classes on Dermoscopic Images
* Steganographic Method for Digital Images Robust to RS Steganalysis, A
* System for Automatic Counting the Number of Collembola Individuals on Petri Disk Images, A
* Towards Automatic Calibration of Dotblot Images
Includes: Marcal, A.R.S.[Andre R. S.] Marçal, A.R.S.[André R. S.] Marcal, A.R.S. Marçal, A.R.S.[André R.S.] Marcal, A.R.S.[André R. S.]
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Marcano Vega, H.[Humfredo] Co Author Listing * Characterization of Dry-Season Phenology in Tropical Forests by Reconstructing Cloud-Free Landsat Time Series
* Predictions of Tropical Forest Biomass and Biomass Growth Based on Stand Height or Canopy Area Are Improved by Landsat-Scale Phenology across Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands
* Tropical Deforestation and Recolonization by Exotic and Native Trees: Spatial Patterns of Tropical Forest Biomass, Functional Groups, and Species Counts and Links to Stand Age, Geoclimate, and Sustainability Goals
Includes: Marcano Vega, H.[Humfredo] Marcano-Vega, H.[Humfredo]

Marcano, M. Co Author Listing * Review of Shared Control for Automated Vehicles: Theory and Applications, A

Marcantonio, D. Co Author Listing * Augusto's Sundial: Image-based Modeling for Reverse Engeneering Purposes

Marcantonio, M.[Matteo] Co Author Listing * Mapping of Aedes albopictus Abundance at a Local Scale in Italy

Marcarelli, A.M.[Amy M.] Co Author Listing * Classification of Eurasian Watermilfoil (Myriophyllum spicatum) Using Drone-Enabled Multispectral Imagery Analysis

Marcarini, A.A.[Abel Alan] Co Author Listing * Building a hybrid land cover map with crowdsourcing and geographically weighted regression

Marcato Junior, J.[Jose] Co Author Listing * Accurate Prediction of Earthquake-Induced Landslides Based on Deep Learning Considering Landslide Source Area
* Capsule-Based Networks for Road Marking Extraction and Classification from Mobile LiDAR Point Clouds
* Characterization of MSS Channel Reflectance and Derived Spectral Indices for Building Consistent Landsat 1-5 Data Record
* Land-cover classification of multispectral LiDAR data using CNN with optimized hyper-parameters
* Machine Learning Framework to Predict Nutrient Content in Valencia-Orange Leaf Hyperspectral Measurements, A
* mobile platform with a catadioptric sensor, A
* Potential of Visual ChatGPT for Remote Sensing, The
* ResDLPS-Net: Joint residual-dense optimization for large-scale point cloud semantic segmentation
* Weakly Supervised Few-Shot Segmentation via Meta-Learning
Includes: Marcato Junior, J.[Jose] Marcato Junior, J.[José] Marcato Junior, J. Marcato-Junior, J.[José]
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Marcato, G.[Gianluca] Co Author Listing * Detecting Recent Dynamics in Large-Scale Landslides via the Digital Image Correlation of Airborne Optic and LiDAR Datasets: Test Sites in South Tyrol (Italy)
* New Perspectives in Landslide Displacement Detection Using Sentinel-1 Datasets

Marcato, J. Co Author Listing * Calibration of a catadioptric omnidirectional vision system with conic mirror
* Calibration of Panoramic Cameras with Coded Targets and a 3D Calibration Field
* CNN approach to simultaneously count plants and detect plantation-rows from UAV imagery, A
* Generating Virtual Images from Oblique Frames
* MTLSegFormer: Multi-task Learning with Transformers for Semantic Segmentation in Precision Agriculture
* Using Relative Orientation Constraints To Produce Virtual Images From Oblique Frames
* Using Vertical Panoramic Images to Record a Historic Cemetery
Includes: Marcato, J. Marcato, Jr., J. Marcato, J.[José] Marcato, J.[Jose]
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Marcatti, G.E.[Gustavo Eduardo] Co Author Listing * Management Recommendation Generation for Areas Under Forest Restoration Process through Images Obtained by UAV and LiDAR

Marcbesotti, L. Co Author Listing * Multiple object tracking under heavy occlusions by using kalman filters based on shape matching

Marceau, D.J.[Danielle J.] Co Author Listing * comparison of three image-object methods for the multiscale analysis of landscape structure, A
* Development of a Temporal Extension to Query Travel Behavior Time Paths Using an Object-Oriented GIS
* Impact of increased urbanization in the Calgary region on the hydrological processes in the Elbow river watershed in southern Alberta

Marceca, A.[Azzurra] Co Author Listing * Deep Learning Detection of Cardiac Akinesis in Echocardiograms

Marcek, I. Co Author Listing * Retinal blood vessels extraction using morphological operations

Marcel, C.[Christine] Co Author Listing * Face Verification Competition on the XM2VTS Database
* Scalability Analysis of Audio-Visual Person Identity Verification

Marcel, S.[Sebastien] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Marcel, S.[Sebastien]: marcel AT idiap ch
* Alternative search techniques for face detection using location estimation and binary features
* Anti-spoofing in Action: Joint Operation with a Verification System
* Bayesian Networks to Combine Intensity and Color Information in Face Recognition
* Bi-modal authentication in mobile environments using session variability modelling
* Bi-modal biometric authentication on mobile phones in challenging conditions
* Biometric Face Authentication Using Pixel-Based Weak Classifiers
* Biometrics Security and Privacy Protection, From the Guest Editors
* Biometrics Systems Under Spoofing Attack: An evaluation methodology and lessons learned
* Biometrics: In Search of Identity and Security (Q & A)
* Blackbox Face Reconstruction from Deep Facial Embeddings Using A Different Face Recognition Model
* CNN Patch Pooling for Detecting 3D Mask Presentation Attacks in NIR
* comparative study of two state-of-the-art sequence processing techniques for hand gesture recognition, A
* Comparison of MLP and GMM Classifiers for Face Verification on XM2VTS
* Comprehensive Vulnerability Evaluation of Face Recognition Systems to Template Inversion Attacks via 3D Face Reconstruction
* Cross Modal Focal Loss for RGBD Face Anti-Spoofing
* Crossmodal Matching of Speakers Using Lip and Voice Features in Temporally Non-overlapping Audio and Video Streams
* Deeply vulnerable: a study of the robustness of face recognition to presentation attacks
* Face Anti-spoofing Based on General Image Quality Assessment
* Face Authentication Competition on the BANCA Database
* Face authentication test on the BANCA database
* Face Authentication Using Adapted Local Binary Pattern Histograms
* Face Authentication with Salient Local Features and Static Bayesian Network
* Face liveness detection using dynamic texture
* Face presentation attack detection across spectrum using time-frequency descriptors of maximal response in Laplacian scale-space
* Face Reconstruction from Deep Facial Embeddings using a Convolutional Neural Network
* Face Verification Competition on the XM2VTS Database
* Face Video Competition
* Facilitating free travel in the Schengen area: A position paper by the European Association for Biometrics
* Feature distribution modelling techniques for 3D face verification
* Gender Classification by LUT Based Boosting of Overlapping Block Patterns
* Haar Local Binary Pattern Feature for Fast Illumination Invariant Face Detection
* Hand Gesture recognition using Input-Output Hidden Markov Models
* Hand Posture Classification and Recognition using the Modified Census Transform
* Hand Posture Recognition in a Body-Face Centered Space
* Heterogeneous Face Recognition Using Inter-Session Variability Modelling
* HMM and IOHMM for the Recognition of Mono- and Bi-Manual 3D Hand Gestures
* Image Quality Assessment for Fake Biometric Detection: Application to Iris, Fingerprint, and Face Recognition
* Impact of eye detection error on face recognition performance
* Improving face verification using skin color information
* LBP-TOP Based Countermeasure against Face Spoofing Attacks
* Local Binary Patterns as an Image Preprocessing for Face Authentication
* Media on the web, in post-production and broadcasting: the practitioner day of the ACM 2009 International Conference on Image and Video Retrieval
* Model and Score Adaptation for Biometric Systems: Coping With Device Interoperability and Changing Acquisition Conditions
* Motion-based counter-measures to photo attacks in face recognition
* Multi-IVE: Privacy Enhancement of Multiple Soft-Biometrics in Face Embeddings
* novel statistical generative model dedicated to face recognition, A
* On performance evaluation of face detection and localization algorithms
* On the Results of the First Mobile Biometry (MOBIO) Face and Speaker Verification Evaluation
* On the vulnerability of face verification systems to hill-climbing attacks
* Open Source Framework for Standardized Comparisons of Face Recognition Algorithms, An
* Parts-Based Face Verification Using Local Frequency Bands
* Performance Characterisation of Face Recognition Algorithms and Their Sensitivity to Severe Illumination Changes
* Person Authentication Using Brainwaves (EEG) and Maximum A Posteriori Model Adaptation
* principled approach to remove false alarms by modelling the context of a face detector, A
* Recognition of isolated complex mono-and bi-manual 3D hand gestures
* Residual Feature Pyramid Network for Enhancement of Vascular Patterns
* Scalable Formulation of Probabilistic Linear Discriminant Analysis: Applied to Face Recognition, A
* Score calibration in face recognition
* Session variability modelling for face authentication
* symmetric transformation for LDA-based face verification, A
* Template Inversion Attack against Face Recognition Systems using 3D Face Reconstruction
Includes: Marcel, S.[Sebastien] Marcel, S.[Sébastien] Marcel, S.
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Marcelino, F.[Filipe] Co Author Listing * Land Cover Mapping from Remotely Sensed and Auxiliary Data for Harmonized Official Statistics

Marcelino, S.[Sylvain] Co Author Listing * Depth map concealment using interview warping vectors from geometric transforms
* Enhancement method for multiple description decoding of depth maps subject to random loss
* Error recovery of image-based depth maps using Bézier curve fitting
* Quality evaluation of depth map error concealment using a perceptually-aware objective metric
* Reconstruction of lost depth data in multiview video-plus-depth communications using geometric transforms
Includes: Marcelino, S.[Sylvain] Marcelino, S.

Marcella, G.[Guarino] Co Author Listing * Suggestions for the Environmental Sustainability from Precision Livestock Farming and Replacement in Dairy Cows

Marcelli, A. Co Author Listing * adaptive weighted majority vote rule for combining multiple classifiers, An
* Alternative Approach to the Performance Evaluation of Thinning Algorithms for Document Processing Applications, An
* Bayesian Integration of Face and Low-Level Cues for Foveated Video Coding
* Character preclassification based on genetic programming
* Decision Tree for Automatic Diagnosis of Parkinson's Disease from Offline Drawing Samples: Experiments and Findings, A
* dynamic approach to learning vector quantization, A
* experimental vision tool for real time quality control, An
* Exploiting reliability for dynamic selection of classifiers by means of genetic algorithms
* Exploiting Stability Regions for Online Signature Verification
* Foveated analysis of video
* From ligatures to characters: a shape-based algorithm for handwriting segmentation
* genetic learning system for on-line character recognition, A
* Graphonomics for the e-citizens: e-health, e-society and e-education
* Grouping Character Shapes by Means of Genetic Programming
* ICDAR2015 competition on signature verification and writer identification for on- and off-line skilled forgeries (SigWIcomp2015)
* Improving Dynamic Learning Vector Quantization
* Indexing and retrieving cursive documents without recognition
* Inference of moving forms via Belief Propagation
* Investigating One-Class Classifiers to Diagnose Alzheimer's Disease from Handwriting
* investigation on MPEG audio segmentation by evolutionary algorithms, An
* Learning Bayesian Networks by Evolution for Classifier Combination
* Learning handwriting by evolution: a conceptual framework for performance evaluation and tuning
* Line representation of elongated shapes
* Looking for Prototypes by Genetic Programming
* Mimicking the immune system to diagnose Parkinson's disease from handwriting
* Modeling Handwriting Style: A Preliminary Investigation
* Modelling Visual Appearance of Handwriting
* Motion Estimation via Belief Propagation
* Multi Classifier Approach for Supporting Alzheimer's Diagnosis Based on Handwriting Analysis, A
* multiresolution approach to on-line handwriting segmentation and feature extraction, A
* Neural Scheme for Procedural Motor Learning of Handwriting, A
* new evolutionary learning model for handwritten character prototyping, A
* Normalization and Decomposition of Thin Lines Representing Handprinted Characters
* Novel Genetic Programming Based Approach for Classification Problems, A
* Parallel skeletonization by directional information
* Phase retrieval from a single near-field diffraction pattern with a large Fresnel number
* preliminary approach to the design and evaluation of a reconfigurable architecture for computer vision, A
* Probabilistic Detection and Tracking of Faces in Video
* Quantitative evaluation of features for Forensic Handwriting Examination
* Reading Cursive Handwriting
* Recovering dynamic information from static handwriting
* Shape Decomposition by (D1,D2)-Weighted Selection and Directional Information
* SM-DTW: Stability Modulated Dynamic Time Warping for signature verification
* Structural Indexing for Character-Recognition
* Temporal evolution in synthetic handwriting
* Using Bayesian Network for combining classifiers
* Using keyword spotting systems as tools for the transcription of historical handwritten documents: Models and procedures for performance evaluation
* Using Strings for On-Line Handwriting Shape Matching: A New Weighted Edit Distance
* Vectorization and Representation of Large-Size 2-D Line Drawing Images
* Writing Order Recovery from Off-Line Handwriting by Graph Traversal
Includes: Marcelli, A. Marcelli, A.[Angelo] Marcelli, A.[Augusto]
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Marcelli, M.[Marco] Co Author Listing * Circulation during Storms and Dynamics of Suspended Matter in a Sheltered Coastal Area
* Mapping Spatial Patterns of Posidonia oceanica Meadows by Means of Daedalus ATM Airborne Sensor in the Coastal Area of Civitavecchia (Central Tyrrhenian Sea, Italy)

Marcellin, J.P. Co Author Listing * Measurements of Sea Clutter at Low Grazing Angle in Mediterranean Coastal Environment

Marcellin, M.W. Co Author Listing * Adaptive wavelet coding of images
* Analysis-Driven Lossy Compression of DNA Microarray Images
* Binary Image Reconstruction via 2-D Viterbi Search
* Blur identification from vector quantizer encoder distortion
* Blur Identification from Vector Quantizer Encoder Distortion of the PSF from Vector Quantizer Encoder Distortion
* Comparison of Different Methods of Classification in Subband Coding of Images
* Compression of fMRI and Ultrasound Images Using 4D SPIHT
* Compression of Multidimensional Images Using JPEG2000
* Compression of Synthetic Aperture Radar Phase History Data Using Trellis Coded Quantization Techniques
* Compression of Synthetic Aperture Radar Video Phase History Data Using Trellis-Coded Quantization Techniques
* Distortion Estimators for Bitplane Image Coding
* Divide-and-Conquer Strategies for Hyperspectral Image Processing: A Review of Their Benefits and Advantages
* Dual Link Image Coding for Earth Observation Satellites
* Efficient transmission of compressed data for remote volume visualization
* Error Concealment for Motion JPEG2000
* Error Resilient Decoding of JPEG2000
* FAST Rate Allocation for JPEG2000 Video Transmission Over Time-Varying Channels
* FAST Rate Allocation Through Steepest Descent for JPEG2000 Video Transmission
* Hill climbing algorithm for the transmission of layered jpeg2000 video under multiple rate constraints
* Hyperspectral Image Compression Using Entropy-Constrained Predictive Trellis-Coded Quantization
* Image coding using adaptive recursive interpolative DPCM
* Image Coding Using Wavelet Transforms and Entropy-Constrained Trellis-Coded Quantization
* Image compression based on task-specific information
* Image restoration with the Viterbi algorithm
* Improved Resolution Scalability for Bilevel Image Data in JPEG2000
* Interval-Passing Algorithm for Chemical Mixture Estimation
* Iso-range Pairwise Orthogonal Transform
* Iterative multiframe superresolution algorithms for atmospheric-turbulence-degraded imagery
* Joint Source-Channel Rate Allocation in Parallel Channels
* Joint source/channel coding for image transmission with JPEG2000 over memoryless channels
* Lapped Nonlinear Interpolative Vector Quantization and Image Super-Resolution
* LDPC-Based Iterative Joint Source-Channel Decoding for JPEG2000
* Lightweight Contextual Arithmetic Coder for On-Board Remote Sensing Data Compression, A
* Lossless Compression of Color Filter Array Mosaic Images With Visualization via JPEG 2000
* Lossy and lossless image compression using reversible integer wavelet transforms
* Method for Coordinating the Distributed Transmission of Imagery, A
* Methodology for Visually Lossless JPEG2000 Compression of Monochrome Stereo Images, A
* Mitigating discontinuities in segmented Karhunen-Loeve Transforms
* Mosaic-Based Color-Transform Optimization for Lossy and Lossy-to-Lossless Compression of Pathology Whole-Slide Images
* Multi-resolution visually lossless image coding using JPEG2000
* Near-Lossless Image Compression: Minimum-Entropy, Constrained-Error DPCM
* overview of quantization in JPEG 2000, An
* POCS-Based Error Concealment for Packet Video Using Multiframe Overlap Information
* Progressive Image Coding Using Trellis Coded Quantization
* Progressive Lossy-to-Lossless Compression of DNA Microarray Images
* Progressive Transmission in Trellis Coded Quantization-Based Image Coders
* Rate Allocation for Spotlight SAR Phase History Data Compression
* Recovery of video in the presence of packet loss using interleaving and spatial redundancy
* Redundancy and Optimization of tANS Entropy Encoders
* Regression Wavelet Analysis for Lossless Coding of Remote-Sensing Data
* Regression Wavelet Analysis for Near-Lossless Remote Sensing Data Compression
* Resource-constrained rate control for Motion JPEG2000
* Scalable Image Coding Using Reversible Integer Wavelet Transforms
* Scanning Order Strategies for Bitplane Image Coding
* Stationary Probability Model for Microscopic Parallelism in JPEG2000
* Transform coding of monochrome and color images using trellis coded quantization
* Unequal Error Protection and Progressive Decoding for JPEG2000
* Unequal error protection for transmission of JPEG2000 codestreams over noisy channels
* Universal Trellis Coded Quantization
* Vector Quantizer for Image Restoration, A
* View Compensated Compression of Volume Rendered Images for Remote Visualization
* Visibility of quantization errors in reversible JPEG2000
* Visually Lossless Encoding for JPEG2000
* Visually lossless JPEG2000 at fractional resolutions
* Visually Lossless Strategies to Decode and Transmit JPEG2000 Imagery
Includes: Marcellin, M.W. Marcellin, M.W.[Michael W.]
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Marcellini, P.[Paolo] Co Author Listing * Time Dependent Variational Approach to Image Restoration, A

Marcellino, G. Co Author Listing * 3d Photogrammetric Inspection of Risers Using RPAs and Deep Learning In Oil and Gas Offshore Platforms
* RPA Positioning Error Influence on Close Range Photogrammetry For Industrial Inspection

Marcello, J. Co Author Listing * Assessment of Hyperspectral Sharpening Methods for the Monitoring of Natural Areas Using Multiplatform Remote Sensing Imagery
* Automatic Sun Glint Removal of Multispectral High-Resolution Worldview-2 Imagery for Retrieving Coastal Shallow Water Parameters
* Decision Boundaries Using Bayes Factors: The Case of Cloud Masks
* Dual Network for Super-Resolution and Semantic Segmentation of Sentinel-2 Imagery, A
* Effects of the Construction of Granadilla Industrial Port in Seagrass and Seaweed Habitats Using Very-High-Resolution Multispectral Satellite Imagery
* High-Resolution Maps of Bathymetry and Benthic Habitats in Shallow-Water Environments Using Multispectral Remote Sensing Imagery
* Hyperspectral Classification Through Unmixing Abundance Maps Addressing Spectral Variability
* Motion Estimation Techniques to Automatically Track Oceanographic Thermal Structures in Multisensor Image Sequences
* Multiplatform Earth Observation Systems for Monitoring Water Quality in Vulnerable Inland Ecosystems: Maspalomas Water Lagoon
* Pixel and Sub-pixel Accuracy in Satellite Image Georeferencing Using an Automatic Contour Matching Approach
* Seabed Mapping in Coastal Shallow Waters Using High Resolution Multispectral and Hyperspectral Imagery
* SEG-ESRGAN: A Multi-Task Network for Super-Resolution and Semantic Segmentation of Remote Sensing Images
* Single-Image Super-Resolution of Sentinel-2 Low Resolution Bands with Residual Dense Convolutional Neural Networks
* Super-Resolution of Sentinel-2 Imagery Using Generative Adversarial Networks
Includes: Marcello, J. Marcello, J.[Javier]
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Marcelloni, F. Co Author Listing * Beatrix: A Self-Learning System for Off-Line Recognition of Handwritten Texts
* Estimating the concentration of optically active constituents of sea water by Takagi-Sugeno models with quadratic rule consequents
* FROS: a fuzzy logic-based recogniser of olfactory signals
* linguistic fuzzy recogniser of off-line handwritten characters, A
* novel approach to fuzzy clustering based on a dissimilarity relation extracted from data using a TS system, A
* Real-Time Detection of Traffic From Twitter Stream Analysis
* Recognition of olfactory signals based on supervised fuzzy C-means and k-NN algorithms
* Stance Analysis of Twitter Users: The Case of the Vaccination Topic in Italy
Includes: Marcelloni, F. Marcelloni, F.[Francesco]
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Marcenaro, G. Co Author Listing * Analysis of Multi-dimensional Images on the Connection Machine System

Marcenaro, L. Co Author Listing * Abnormal event detection in videos using generative adversarial nets
* Active estimation of motivational spots for modeling dynamic interactions
* Advanced image-processing tools for counting people in tourist site-monitoring applications
* Automatic detection of dangerous events for underground surveillance
* Automatic Generation of the Statistical Model of a Non-rigid Object in a Multiple-camera Environment
* Change Detection Methods for Automatic Scene Analysis by Using Mobile Surveillance Cameras
* Cognitive Control-Inspired Approach to Object Tracking, A
* Continual Learning Of Predictive Models In Video Sequences Via Variational Autoencoders
* Distributed architectures and logical-task decomposition in multimedia surveillance systems
* Dual camera intelligent sensor for high definition 360 degrees surveillance
* Dual camera system for face detection in unconstrained environments
* Dynamic Approach and a New Dataset for Hand-detection in First Person Vision, A
* Dynamic representations for autonomous driving
* Dynamic Scene Reconstruction for Efficient Remote Surveillance
* Early fire and smoke detection based on colour features and motion analysis
* Efficient framework for extended visual object tracking
* Filtering SVM frame-by-frame binary classification in a detection framework
* Forensic Camera Model Identification: Highlights from the IEEE Signal Processing Cup 2018 Student Competition [SP Competitions]
* GPU Accelerated Left/Right Hand-Segmentation in First Person Vision
* Hierarchy of GANs for Learning Embodied Self-Awareness Model
* Image Stabilization Algorithms for Video-surveillance Applications
* Kalman Variational Autoencoder Model Assisted by Odometric Clustering for Video Frame Prediction and Anomaly Detection, A
* Learning of Linear Video Prediction Models In A Multi-Modal Framework for Anomaly Detection
* Learning Probabilistic Awareness Models for Detecting Abnormalities in Vehicle Motions
* Learning Self-Awareness for Autonomous Vehicles: Exploring Multisensory Incremental Models
* Left/right hand segmentation in egocentric videos
* Localization and classification of partially overlapped objects using self-organizing trees
* Modeling and classification of trajectories based on a Gaussian process decomposition into discrete components
* Modeling Perception in Autonomous Vehicles via 3D Convolutional Representations on LiDAR
* Multilevel Anomaly Detection Through Variational Autoencoders and Bayesian Models for Self-Aware Embodied Agents
* Multiple object tracking under heavy occlusions by using kalman filters based on shape matching
* Multiple Objects Colour-Based Tracking using Multiple Cameras in Complex Time-Varying Outdoor Scenes
* Online Bayesian learning and classification of ship-to-ship interactions for port safety
* Online Nonparametric Bayesian Activity Mining and Analysis From Surveillance Video
* Online pedestrian group walking event detection using spectral analysis of motion similarity graph
* Optimizing Superpixel Clustering for Real-Time Egocentric-Vision Applications
* particle filter based sequential trajectory classifier for behavior analysis in video surveillance, A
* People Count Estimation In Small Crowds
* Performance Evaluation of Event Detection Solutions: The CREDS Experience
* Performance Evaluation of Multi-camera Visual Tracking
* Privacy-Aware Human Activity Recognition From a Wearable Camera: Highlights From the IEEE Video And Image Processing Cup 2019 Student Competition [SP Competitions]
* Privacy-Preserving in-Bed Human Pose Estimation: Highlights from the IEEE Video and Image Processing Cup 2021 Student Competition [SP Competitions]
* S.O.M. based algorithm for video surveillance system parameter optimal selection, A
* Selective attention automatic focus for cognitive crowd monitoring
* Self-organizing shape description for tracking and classifying multiple interacting objects
* Task-dependent saliency estimation from trajectories of agents in video sequences
* track-before-detect algorithm using joint probabilistic data association filter and interacting multiple models, A
* Tracking and Counting Multiple Interacting People in Indoor Scenes
* Unsupervised Trajectory Modeling Based on Discrete Descriptors for Classifying Moving Objects in Video Sequences
* video surveillance architecture for alarm generation and video sequences retrieval, A
* VTrack: Video analytics for automatic video-surveillance
Includes: Marcenaro, L. Marcenaro, L.[Lucio]
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Marcer, A.[Alessandra] Co Author Listing * Relative Pose Estimation for Planetary Entry Descent Landing

Marcer, M.[Marco] Co Author Listing * Application of Low-Cost UASs and Digital Photogrammetry for High-Resolution Snow Depth Mapping in the Arctic
* Thaw-Season InSAR Surface Displacements and Frost Susceptibility Mapping to Support Community-Scale Planning in Ilulissat, West Greenland

Marceta, M.[Marina] Co Author Listing * Gradient and Graph Cuts Based Method for Multi-level Discrete Tomography
* Graph Cuts Based Tomography Enhanced by Shape Orientation

Marcetic, D.[Darijan] Co Author Listing * Hybrid Cascade Model for Face Detection in the Wild Based on Normalized Pixel Difference and a Deep Convolutional Neural Network

March, D.T.[Duane T.] Co Author Listing * Drone-Based Assessment of Marine Megafauna off Wave-Exposed Sandy Beaches

March, E. Co Author Listing * Estimation of Position and Intensity of Dynamic Light Sources Using Cast Shadows on Textured Real Surfaces

March, G.[Gunther] Co Author Listing * Next Generation Gravity Mission Elements of the Mass Change and Geoscience International Constellation: From Orbit Selection to Instrument and Mission Design
Includes: March, G.[Gunther] March, G.[Günther]

March, M.[Michael] Co Author Listing * Ensemble Identification of Spectral Bands Related to Soil Organic Carbon Levels over an Agricultural Field in Southern Ontario, Canada

March, R. Co Author Listing * Computation of Stereo Disparity Using Regularization
* Gamma-convergence of discrete functionals with non convex perturbation for image classification
* Multiphase image segmentation via equally distanced multiple well potential
* Regularization Model for Stereo Vision with Controlled Continuity, A
* Segmentation with Depth but Without Detecting Junctions
* Segmentation, Classification and Denoising of a Time Series Field by a Variational Method
* Variational Method for the Recovery of Smooth Boundaries, A
* Variational Models for Image Colorization via Chromaticity and Brightness Decomposition
* Visual Reconstruction with Discontinuities Using Variational Methods
Includes: March, R. March, R.[Riccardo]
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Marchadier, A.[Arnaud] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Visual Registration Approaches of 3D Models for Orthodontics

Marchadier, J.[Jocelyn] Co Author Listing * Redundancy Pyramid and Its Application to Segmentation on an Image Sequence, The
* Thinning grayscale well-composed images

Marchal, A.F.J.[Antoine F. J.] Co Author Listing * Individual Identification of Cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus) Based on Close-Range Remote Sensing: First Steps of a New Monitoring Technique

Marchal, A.R.[Ali Raza] Co Author Listing * Detecting brain tumors using deep learning convolutional neural network with transfer learning approach

Marchal, D.[Damien] Co Author Listing * Drag'n Go: Simple and fast navigation in virtual environment

Marchal, G. Co Author Listing * 3D Multi-Modality Medical Image Registration Using Feature Space Clustering
* Accurate Segmentation of Blood Vessels from 3D Medical Images
* Computer-Aided Interactive Object Delineation Using an Intelligent Paintbrush Technique
* Computer-Assisted Stereotaxic Neurosurgery
* Continuous Voxel Classification by Stochastic Relaxation - Theory and Application to MR-Imaging and MR-Angiography
* iterative maximum-likelihood polychromatic algorithm for CT, An
* Multimodality Image Registration by Maximization of Mutual Information
* Registration of 3D Multimodality Medical Images Using Surfaces and Point Landmarks
8 for Marchal, G.

Marchal, I. Co Author Listing * DVFLEX: A Flexible MPEG Real Time Video Codec
* Efficient Compression of Visibility Sets
* Mapping and re-localization for mobile augmented reality
* Visual planes-based simultaneous localization and model refinement for augmented reality
Includes: Marchal, I. Marchal, I.[Isabelle]

Marchal, M. Co Author Listing * god-finger method for improving 3D interaction with virtual objects through simulation of contact area, The
* King-Kong Effects: Improving sensation of walking in VR with visual and tactile vibrations at each step, The
* Medical Image Computing and Computer-Aided Medical Interventions Applied to Soft Tissues: Work in Progress in Urology
* Navigating in virtual environments with 360deg omnidirectional rendering
* Simulating Complex Organ Interactions: Evaluation of a Soft Tissue Discrete Model
* Virtual Mitten: A novel interaction paradigm for visuo-haptic manipulation of objects using grip force, The
* Vision-based adaptive assistance and haptic guidance for safe wheelchair corridor following
Includes: Marchal, M. Marchal, M.[Maud]
7 for Marchal, M.

Marchal, P.R. Co Author Listing * mixed digital-analog SIMD chip tailored for image perception, A

Marchamalo Sacristan, M.[Miguel] Co Author Listing * MT-InSAR and Dam Modeling for the Comprehensive Monitoring of an Earth-Fill Dam: The Case of the Beninar Dam (Almeria, Spain)
Includes: Marchamalo Sacristan, M.[Miguel] Marchamalo-Sacristán, M.[Miguel]

Marchamalo, M. Co Author Listing * Anomaly Detection And Comparative Analysis Of Hydrothermal Alteration Materials Trough Hyperspectral Multisensor Data In The Turrialba Volcano
* Evaluation of Sentinel-1 and 2 Time Series for Land Cover Classification of Forest-Agriculture Mosaics in Temperate and Tropical Landscapes
* Identification of Silvicultural Practices in Mediterranean Forests Integrating Landsat Time Series and a Single Coverage of ALS Data
* Model-Based Volume Estimator that Accounts for Both Land Cover Misclassification and Model Prediction Uncertainty, A
* Operational Framework for Land Cover Classification in the Context of REDD+ Mechanisms. A Case Study from Costa Rica, An
* Role of Remote Sensing Data in Habitat Suitability and Connectivity Modeling: Insights from the Cantabrian Brown Bear, The
Includes: Marchamalo, M. Marchamalo, M.[Miguel]

Marchan Hernandez, J. Co Author Listing * Description and Performance of an L-Band Radiometer with Digital Beamforming
Includes: Marchan Hernandez, J. Marchan-Hernandez, J.

Marchan Hernandez, J.F. Co Author Listing * Land Geophysical Parameters Retrieval Using the Interference Pattern GNSS-R Technique
Includes: Marchan Hernandez, J.F. Marchan-Hernandez, J.F.

Marchand Maillet, D. Co Author Listing * On the Bandlimitedness of the Plenoptic Function
* On the Bandwidth of the Plenoptic Function
Includes: Marchand Maillet, D. Marchand-Maillet, D.

Marchand Maillet, S.[Stephane] Co Author Listing * email: Marchand Maillet, S.[Stephane]: Stephane Marchand-Maillet AT unige ch
* Assessing Deep Learning Architectures for Visualizing Maya Hieroglyphs
* Asymmetric Learning and Dissimilarity Spaces for Content-Based Retrieval
* Bag-of-Visual-Phrases via Local Contexts
* Binary Digital Image Processing: A Discrete Approach
* Design of Multimodal Dissimilarity Spaces for Retrieval of Video Documents
* Discrete Convexity, Straightness, and the 16-Neighborhood
* Euclidean Ordering via Chamfer Distance Calculations
* Exploiting document feature interactions for efficient information fusion in high dimensional spaces
* Graph-Theoretic Algorithm for the Exact Generation of Euclidean Distance Maps, A
* H&E-adversarial network: a convolutional neural network to learn stain-invariant features through Hematoxylin & Eosin regression
* HOOSC128: A More Robust Local Shape Descriptor
* Indexing Mayan hieroglyphs with neural codes
* Interactive Partial Matching of Video Sequences in Large Collections
* Local Feature Trajectories for Efficient Event-Based Indexing of Video Sequences
* Measuring the Impact of Natural Hazards with Citizen Science: The Case of Flooded Area Estimation Using Twitter
* Minimum Spanning Tree Approach to Line Image Analysis, A
* Multimedia Analysis and Access of Ancient Maya Epigraphy: Tools to support scholars on Maya hieroglyphics
* Orthogonal Local Image Descriptors with Convolutional Autoencoders
* parallel cross-modal search engine over large-scale multimedia collections with interactive relevance feedback, A
* Performance Evaluation in Content-Based Image Retrieval: Overview and Proposals
* Pseudo Two-dimensional Hidden Markov Models for Face Detection in Colour Images
* Rotation Invariant Local Shape Descriptors for Classification of Archaeological 3D Models
* Shape-based detection of Maya hieroglyphs using weighted bag representations
* Skeleton Location and Evaluation Based on Local Digital Width in Ribbon-Like Images
* Spatially consistent partial matching for intra- and inter-image prototype selection
* Stopwords Detection in Bag-of-Visual-Words: The Case of Retrieving Maya Hieroglyphs
* Strategies for Positive and Negative Relevance Feedback in Image Retrieval
* Transferring Neural Representations for Low-Dimensional Indexing of Maya Hieroglyphic Art
* Truth about Corel: Evaluation in Image Retrieval, The
* Unsupervised skeleton learning for manifold denoising
* Video Content Representation as Salient Regions of Activity
* Visual Object Categorization using Distance-Based Discriminant Analysis
* Where Is the News Breaking? Towards a Location-Based Event Detection Framework for Journalists
Includes: Marchand Maillet, S.[Stephane] Marchand-Maillet, S.[Stephane] Marchand-Maillet, S.[Steéphane] Marchand-Maillet, S. Marchand-Maillet, S.[Stéphane]
34 for Marchand Maillet, S.

Marchand, E.[Eric] Co Author Listing * email: Marchand, E.[Eric]: Eric Marchand AT irisa fr
* 2D-3D model-based approach to real-time visual tracking, A
* 3-D Model-Based Tracking for UAV Indoor Localization
* Active Vision for Complete Scene Reconstruction and Exploration
* Autonomous Active Vision System for Complete and Accurate 3D Scene Reconstruction, An
* Avoiding Robot Joint Limits and Kinematic Singularities in Visual Servoing
* Complex Articulated Object Tracking
* Controlled Camera Motions for Scene Reconstruction and Exploration
* Dense non-rigid visual tracking with a robust similarity function
* Depth-assisted rectification for real-time object detection and pose estimation
* Direct model based visual tracking and pose estimation using mutual information
* Feature tracking for visual servoing purposes
* Hybrid tracking approach using optical flow and pose estimation
* JAWS: Just A Wild Shot for Cinematic Transfer in Neural Radiance Fields
* Kinematic sets for real-time robust articulated object tracking
* Mapping and re-localization for mobile augmented reality
* Model Free Hybrid Algorithm for Real Time Tracking, A
* Model-free augmented reality by virtual visual servoing
* Modeling complex luminance variations for target tracking
* Motion-based obstacle detection and tracking for car driving assistance
* Multiple Layers of Contrasted Images for Robust Feature-Based Visual Tracking
* Navigating in virtual environments with 360deg omnidirectional rendering
* New Application for Saliency Maps: Synthetic Vision of Autonomous Actors, A
* New Formulation for Non-Linear Camera Calibration Using Virtual Visual Servoing, A
* Object-Based Visual 3D Tracking of Articulated Objects via Kinematic Sets
* Optimal detection and tracking of feature points using mutual information
* Plane-based Approach for Indoor Point Clouds Registration, A
* Robust Real-Time Visual Tracking using a 2D-3D Model-based Approach
* Robust Visual Tracking by Coupling 2D Motion and 3D Pose Estimation
* Second-Order Optimization of Mutual Information for Real-Time Image Registration
* Tracking Pedestrian Heads in Dense Crowd
* Video mosaicing using a mutual information-based motion estimation process
* Visual planes-based simultaneous localization and model refinement for augmented reality
Includes: Marchand, E.[Eric] Marchand, É.[Éric] Marchand, E.
33 for Marchand, E.

Marchand, J. Co Author Listing * Multi-modal Segmental Models for On-line Handwriting Recognition

Marchand, M.[Mario] Co Author Listing * Feature Selection with Conjunctions of Decision Stumps and Learning from Microarray Data
* Validation of Hourly Global Horizontal Irradiance for Two Satellite-Derived Datasets in Northeast Iraq
Includes: Marchand, M.[Mario] Marchand, M.[Mathilde]

Marchand, N.[Nicolas] Co Author Listing * Snow-Covered Soil Temperature Retrieval in Canadian Arctic Permafrost Areas, Using a Land Surface Scheme Informed with Satellite Remote Sensing Data

Marchand, P.[Pierre] Co Author Listing * Implementation and evaluation of a hypercube-based method for spatiotemporal exploration and analysis
* Stabilization of infra-red aerial image sequences using robust estimation
Includes: Marchand, P.[Pierre] Marchand, P.

Marchand, R. Co Author Listing * Microwave Passive Ground-Based Retrievals of Cloud and Rain Liquid Water Path in Drizzling Clouds: Challenges and Possibilities

Marchand, S.[Sylvie] Co Author Listing * Gabor Filter-Based Texture Features to Archaeological Ceramic Materials Characterization
* Multitask Multi-database Emotion Recognition
Includes: Marchand, S.[Sylvie] Marchand, S.[Serge]

Marchand, Y.[Yanis] Co Author Listing * Efficiently Distributed Watertight Surface Reconstruction
* Evaluating Surface Mesh Reconstruction of Open Scenes

Marchandon, M.[Mathilde] Co Author Listing * Sub-pixel Optical Satellite Image Registration for Ground Deformation Using Deep Learning

Marchane, A.[Ahmed] Co Author Listing * Snow Lapse Rate Changes in the Atlas Mountain in Morocco Based on MODIS Time Series during the Period 2000-2016

Marchant, B.[Benjamin] Co Author Listing * Characterization of a Highly Biodiverse Floodplain Meadow Using Hyperspectral Remote Sensing within a Plant Functional Trait Framework
* MODIS Cloud Optical and Microphysical Products: Collection 6 Updates and Examples From Terra and Aqua, The
* NASA MODIS-VIIRS Continuity Cloud Optical Properties Products, The
Includes: Marchant, B.[Benjamin] Marchant, B.

Marchant, B.P. Co Author Listing * Seasonal and Decadal Groundwater Changes in African Sedimentary Aquifers Estimated Using GRACE Products and LSMs

Marchant, C.C. Co Author Listing * Iterative Least Square Approach to Elastic-Lidar Retrievals for Well-Characterized Aerosols, An

Marchant, J. Co Author Listing * Learning Dynamics of Complex Motions from Image Sequences
* SmartSpectra: Applying multispectral imaging to industrial environments
Includes: Marchant, J. Marchant, J.[John]

Marchant, J.A. Co Author Listing * Accurate Boundary Location from Motion
* Adding Grey Level Information to Point Distribution Models Using Finite Elements
* Approach to the Vision Tasks Involved in an Autonomous Crop Protection Vehicle, An
* Building Perspective Models to Guide a Row Crop Navigation Vehicle
* Colour Invariance at a Pixel
* Controllability and Observability: Tools for Kalman Filter Design
* Design and operation of an imaging sensor for detecting vegetation
* Fitting Grey Level Point Distribution Models to Animals in Scenes
* Flexible Color Point Distribution Models
* framework for feature-based motion recovery in ground plane vehicle navigation, A
* Fusing 3D Information for Crop/weeds Classification
* Matching Feature Points in Image Sequences Through a Region-Based Method
* Model based tracking for navigation and segmentation
* Model-based control of image acquisition
* Modeling Grey Level Surfaces Using 3-Dimensional Point Distribution Models
* On the Performance Characterisation of Image Segmentation Algorithms: A Case Study
* Physics-based colour image segmentation for scenes containing vegetation and soil
* Plant tracking-based motion analysis in a crop field
* Real-Time Segmentation of Plants and Weeds
* Real-Time Tracking of Cplan Rows Using a Hough Transform
* Real-Time Visual Sensing for Task Planning in a Field Navigation Vehicle
* Segmentation of Plants and Weeds for a Precision Crop Protection Robot Using Infrared Images
* Shadow-invariant classification for scenes illuminated by daylight
* Structure-from-Motion Techniques Applied to Crop Field-Mapping
* Testing a measure of image quality for acquisition control
* Vision-Aided Outdoor Navigation of an Autonomous Horticultural Vehicle
Includes: Marchant, J.A. Marchant, J.A.[John A.]
26 for Marchant, J.A.

Marchant, R.[Ross] Co Author Listing * Feature Detection from the Maximal Response to a Spherical Quadrature Filter Set
* Generalised Hilbert Transforms for the Estimation of Growth Direction in Coral Cores
* Local feature analysis using a sinusoidal signal model derived from higher-order Riesz transforms
* Modelling Line and Edge Features Using Higher-Order Riesz Transforms
* Multi-species Seagrass Detection and Classification from Underwater Images
* Scale Adaptive Filters
* Sinusoidal Image Model Derived from the Circular Harmonic Vector, A
* Using Super-Resolution Methods to Solve a Novel Multi-Sinusoidal Signal Model
* Validating and Linking the GIMMS Leaf Area Index (LAI3g) with Environmental Controls in Tropical Africa
Includes: Marchant, R.[Ross] Marchant, R. Marchant, R.[Rob]
9 for Marchant, R.

Marchant, T.E. Co Author Listing * Analysis of microscopy and reconstructive images for applications in medicine and biology
* Quantifying structure regularity in fluorescence microscopy cell images using a novel multi-dimensional approximate entropy metric
* Segmentation of cellular structures in actin tagged fluorescence confocal microscopy images
Includes: Marchant, T.E. Marchant, T.E.[Tom E.]

Marchau, V. Co Author Listing * Strategic analysis of stakeholder preferences regarding the design of ITS-based road safety measures

Marchbanks, R.D.[Richard D.] Co Author Listing * Airborne Lidar Observations of a Spring Phytoplankton Bloom in the Western Arctic Ocean
* Optical Backscattering Measured by Airborne Lidar and Underwater Glider

Marche, P.[Pierre] Co Author Listing * Geodesic Path Based Interpolation Using Level Sets Propagation
* Modeling, Evaluation and Control of a Road Image Processing Chain
* Unsupervised evaluation of image segmentation application to multi-spectral images
Includes: Marche, P.[Pierre] Marché, P.[Pierre] Marche, P.

Marchegiani, E.[Enrico] Co Author Listing * comparative study of driver torque demand prediction methods, A

Marchegiani, L.[Letizia] Co Author Listing * Listening for Sirens: Locating and Classifying Acoustic Alarms in City Scenes
* Privacy Leakage of Physical Activity Levels in Wireless Embedded Wearable Systems
Includes: Marchegiani, L.[Letizia] Marchegiani, L.

Marchegiani, M.L.[Maria Letizia] Co Author Listing * Multimodal Speaker Recognition in a Conversation Scenario

Marcheix, D.[David] Co Author Listing * Insertion and Expansion Operations for n-Dimensional Generalized Maps

Marchello, G.[Gabriele] Co Author Listing * Novel Remote Visual Inspection System for Bridge Predictive Maintenance, A

Marchellus, M.[Matthew] Co Author Listing * M2C: Concise Music Representation for 3D Dance Generation

Marchenko, Y. Co Author Listing * On Geometric Modeling of the Human Intracranial Venous System

Marchennay, C.[Cecile] Co Author Listing * Rapid tomato DUS trait analysis using an optimized mobile-based coarse-to-fine instance segmentation algorithm
Includes: Marchennay, C.[Cecile] Marchennay, C.[Cécile]

Marcheret, E.[Etienne] Co Author Listing * Audio-visual speech synchronization detection using a bimodal linear prediction model
* IBM Rich Transcription 2007 Speech-to-Text Systems for Lecture Meetings, The
* IBM RT07 Evaluation Systems for Speaker Diarization on Lecture Meetings, The
* Self-Critical Sequence Training for Image Captioning
Includes: Marcheret, E.[Etienne] Marcheret, E.

Marchesani, R. Co Author Listing * new method of television signal deghosting, A

Marchese, F.[Francesco] Co Author Listing * Assessing Performance of the RSTVOLC Multi-Temporal Algorithm in Detecting Subtle Hot Spots at Oldoinyo Lengai (Tanzania, Africa) for Comparison with MODLEN
* Contribution of Multi-Sensor Infrared Satellite Observations to Monitor Mt. Etna (Italy) Activity during May to August 2016, The
* Enhanced Satellite-Based Algorithm for Detecting and Tracking Dust Outbreaks by Means of SEVIRI Data, An
* First Implementation of a Normalized Hotspot Index on Himawari-8 and GOES-R Data for the Active Volcanoes Monitoring: Results and Future Developments
* Google Earth Engine Tool to Investigate, Map and Monitor Volcanic Thermal Anomalies at Global Scale by Means of Mid-High Spatial Resolution Satellite Data, A
* Integrated Satellite System for Fire Detection and Prioritization
* Integrating a UAV-Derived DEM in Object-Based Image Analysis Increases Habitat Classification Accuracy on Coral Reefs
* Investigating Phases of Thermal Unrest at Ambrym (Vanuatu) Volcano through the Normalized Hot Spot Indices Tool and the Integration with the MIROVA System
* July/August 2019 Lava Flows at the Sciara del Fuoco, Stromboli-Analysis from Multi-Sensor Infrared Satellite Imagery, The
* Monitoring the Agung (Indonesia) Ash Plume of November 2017 by Means of Infrared Himawari 8 Data
* Mt. Etna Paroxysms of February-April 2021 Monitored and Quantified through a Multi-Platform Satellite Observing System
* Multi-Channel Algorithm for Mapping Volcanic Thermal Anomalies by Means of Sentinel-2 MSI and Landsat-8 OLI Data, A
* Multi-Temporal UAV Data and Object-Based Image Analysis (OBIA) for Estimation of Substrate Changes in a Post-Bleaching Scenario on a Maldivian Reef
* On the Exportability of Robust Satellite Techniques (RST) for Active Volcano Monitoring
* Tailored Approach for the Global Gas Flaring Investigation by Means of Daytime Satellite Imagery, A
* Validation of Ash/Dust Detections from SEVIRI Data Using ACTRIS/EARLINET Ground-Based LIDAR Measurements
Includes: Marchese, F.[Francesco] Marchese, F.[Fabio] Marchese, F.
16 for Marchese, F.

Marchese, F.M. Co Author Listing * Mirror design of a prescribed accuracy omnidirectional vision system

Marchese, F.T. Co Author Listing * Understanding Images: Finding Meaning in Digital Imagery

Marchese, M.[Maurizio] Co Author Listing * evaluation of ontology matching in geo-service applications, An
* GPS/HPS-and Wi-Fi Fingerprint-Based Location Recognition for Check-In Applications Over Smartphones in Cloud-Based LBSs
* Heuristic Attack Method to PRH-Based Audio Copy Detectors, A
* Prediction of short-term evolution of cloud formations based on Meteosat image sequences
Includes: Marchese, M.[Maurizio] Marchese, M. Marchese, M.[Mario]

Marchese, P. Co Author Listing * Validation of a UAV-derived Point Cloud By Semantic Classification and Comparison with TLS Data

Marchesi, A. Co Author Listing * Application of high spatial resolution satellite imagery for urban environment mapping
* Assessing canopy PRI from airborne imagery to map water stress in maize
* Improving the Automated Detection of Calcifications Using Adaptive Variance Stabilization
* Retinal Vessel Segmentation Through Denoising and Mathematical Morphology
* Spatial Enhancement by Dehazing for Detection of Microcalcifications with Convolutional Nets
Includes: Marchesi, A. Marchesi, A.[Agnese]

Marchesi, C. Co Author Listing * Fuzzy Pattern-Classification and the Connectionist Approach

Marchesi, G.[Giulia] Co Author Listing * EnvSLAM: Combining SLAM Systems and Neural Networks to Improve the Environment Fusion in AR Applications

Marchesi, S.[Silvia] Co Author Listing * Context-Sensitive Technique Robust to Registration Noise for Change Detection in VHR Multispectral Images, A
* Framework for Automatic and Unsupervised Detection of Multiple Changes in Multitemporal Images, A
* Multiscale Change Detection Technique Robust to Registration Noise, A
Includes: Marchesi, S.[Silvia] Marchesi, S.

Marchesini, G. Co Author Listing * Predicting Frailty Condition in Elderly Using Multidimensional Socioclinical Databases

Marchesini, I.[Ivan] Co Author Listing * preliminary method for the evaluation of the landslides volume at a regional scale, A

Marchesini, S. Co Author Listing * Blind Ptychographic Phase Retrieval via Convergent Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers
* Iterative Joint Ptychography-Tomography with Total Variation Regularization
* Phase retrieval and saddle-point optimization
* Robust X-Ray Phase Ptycho-Tomography
* Total Variation-Based Phase Retrieval for Poisson Noise Removal
* Variational Phase Retrieval with Globally Convergent Preconditioned Proximal Algorithm
Includes: Marchesini, S. Marchesini, S.[Stefano]

Marchesoni Acland, F.[Franco] Co Author Listing * Comparing Interactive Image Segmentation Models under Different Clicking Procedures
* On the Domain Generalization Capabilities of Interactive Segmentation Methods
Includes: Marchesoni Acland, F.[Franco] Marchesoni-Acland, F.[Franco]

Marchesotti, L. Co Author Listing * agent-based approach for tracking people in indoor complex environments, An
* Assessing the aesthetic quality of photographs using generic image descriptors
* Attribute-based vehicle recognition using viewpoint-aware multiple instance SVMs
* AVA: A large-scale database for aesthetic visual analysis
* Building look and feel concept models from color combinations: With applications in image classification, retrieval, and color transfer
* Discovering Beautiful Attributes for Aesthetic Image Analysis
* Dual camera system for face detection in unconstrained environments
* Font retrieval on a large scale: An experimental study
* framework for visual saliency detection with applications to image thumbnailing, A
* Learning beautiful (and ugly) attributes
* Learning moods and emotions from color combinations
* Learning to rank images using semantic and aesthetic labels
* multicamera fusion framework for multiple occluding objects tracking in intelligent monitoring and sport viewing applications, A
* Novel Pedestrian Classification Algorithm for a High Definition Dual Camera 360 Degrees Surveillance System, A
* Self-organizing shape description for tracking and classifying multiple interacting objects
* Tracking and Counting Multiple Interacting People in Indoor Scenes
* Video Processing and Understanding Tools for Augmented Multisensor Perception and Mobile User Interaction in Smart Spaces
* video surveillance architecture for alarm generation and video sequences retrieval, A
Includes: Marchesotti, L. Marchesotti, L.[Luca]
18 for Marchesotti, L.

Marchesseau, S. Co Author Listing * 3D Strain Assessment in Ultrasound (Straus): A Synthetic Comparison of Five Tracking Methodologies
* Generation of Synthetic but Visually Realistic Time Series of Cardiac Images Combining a Biophysical Model and Clinical Images

Marchessoux, C. Co Author Listing * Description of simple method in 3D reconstruction in medical imaging

Marchette, D.J.[David J.] Co Author Listing * Adaptive mixture density estimation
* Adaptive mixtures: Recursive nonparametric pattern recognition
* advanced distributed region of interest tool, The
* Analysis of Local Feature-Extraction in Digital Mammography, An
* Characterizing the scale dimension of a high-dimensional classification problem
* Identification of Man-Made Regions in Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Imagery and Videos
* Integrated Sensing and Processing Decision Trees
* Segmentation of Random-Fields via Borrowed Strength Density-Estimation
Includes: Marchette, D.J.[David J.] Marchette, D.J.
8 for Marchette, D.J.

Marchettea, D.J.[David J.] Co Author Listing * Recursive Dimensionality Reduction Using Fishers Linear Discriminant

Marchetti, A. Co Author Listing * Automatic 3DS conversion of historical aerial photographs
* GeoMemories: A Platform for Visualizing Historical, Environmental and Geospatial Changes in the Italian Landscape
* Remote Sensing for Maritime Traffic Understanding
* Retrospective Illumination Correction of Greyscale Historical Aerial Photos
* Towards automatic stereo pair extraction for 3D visualisation of historical aerial photographs
Includes: Marchetti, A. Marchetti, A.[Andrea]

Marchetti, D.[Dedalo] Co Author Listing * Are There One or More Geophysical Coupling Mechanisms before Earthquakes? The Case Study of Lushan (China) 2013
* Clues of Lithosphere, Atmosphere and Ionosphere Variations Possibly Related to the Preparation of La Palma 19 September 2021 Volcano Eruption
* Co-Seismic Magnetic Field Perturbations Detected by Swarm Three-Satellite Constellation
* Developing a Deep Learning-Based Detector of Magnetic, Ne, Te and TEC Anomalies from Swarm Satellites: The Case of Mw 7.1 2021 Japan Earthquake
* Developing a Fuzzy Inference System Based on Multi-Sensor Data to Predict Powerful Earthquake Parameters
* Editorial of Special Issue Remote Sensing Observations to Improve Knowledge of Lithosphere-Atmosphere-Ionosphere Coupling during the Preparatory Phase of Earthquakes
* Evaluation of Pre-Earthquake Anomalies of Borehole Strain Network by Using Receiver Operating Characteristic Curve
* First Pi2 Pulsation Observed by China Seismo-Electromagnetic Satellite, The
* Multi-Parametric and Multi-Layer Study to Investigate the Largest 2022 Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha'apai Eruptions, A
* Quick Report on the ML = 3.3 on 1 January 2023 Guidonia (Rome, Italy) Earthquake: Evidence of a Seismic Acceleration
* SafeNet: SwArm for Earthquake Perturbations Identification Using Deep Learning Networks
* Study on Electron Density Anomalies Possibly Related to Earthquakes Based on CSES Observations
* Worldwide Statistical Correlation of Eight Years of Swarm Satellite Data with M5.5+ Earthquakes: New Hints about the Preseismic Phenomena from Space
13 for Marchetti, D.

Marchetti, E.[Emanuele] Co Author Listing * Space- and Ground-Based Geophysical Data Tracking of Magma Migration in Shallow Feeding System of Mount Etna Volcano

Marchetti, F.[Francesco] Co Author Listing * Convergence Results in Image Interpolation With the Continuous SSIM
* Explainable Sparse Attention for Memory-based Trajectory Predictors
* Local-to-Global Support Vector Machines (LGSVMs)
* MANTRA: Memory Augmented Networks for Multiple Trajectory Prediction
* Mapping Chestnut Stands Using Bi-Temporal VHR Data
* Multiple Trajectory Prediction of Moving Agents With Memory Augmented Networks
* Score-Oriented Loss (SOL) functions
Includes: Marchetti, F.[Francesco] Marchetti, F. Marchetti, F.[Francesca]
7 for Marchetti, F.

Marchetti, G. Co Author Listing * Built Environment: Modelling The Urban Space

Marchetti, L.[Luca] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Tracker for Assisted Living, An
* Quick Report on the ML = 3.3 on 1 January 2023 Guidonia (Rome, Italy) Earthquake: Evidence of a Seismic Acceleration
* RELIVE: A Markerless Assistant for CPR Training
Includes: Marchetti, L.[Luca] Marchetti, L.[Laura] Marchetti, L.

Marchetti, M.[Marco] Co Author Listing * Biomass Estimation of Xerophytic Forests Using Visible Aerial Imagery: Contrasting Single-Tree and Area-Based Approaches
* Effect of Forest Mask Quality in the Wall-to-Wall Estimation of Growing Stock Volume, The
* LiDAR as a Tool for Assessing Timber Assortments: A Systematic Literature Review
* Machine Learning Algorithms to Predict Tree-Related Microhabitats using Airborne Laser Scanning
* New Method for Automated Clearcut Disturbance Detection in Mediterranean Coppice Forests Using Landsat Time Series, A
* Terrestrial Laser Scanning for Quantifying Timber Assortments from Standing Trees in a Mixed and Multi-Layered Mediterranean Forest

Marchetti, M.L. Co Author Listing * 3D Recording methodology applied to the Grotta Scritta Prehistoric Rock-Shelter in Olmeta-Di-Capocorso (Corsica, France)

Marchetti, N. Co Author Listing * Indoor Millimeter-Wave Systems: Design and Performance Evaluation
* Spectral Domain Spline Graph Filter Bank

Marchetti, P.G. Co Author Listing * Information Mining in Remote Sensing Image Archives: System Concepts

Marchetti, Y.[Yuliya] Co Author Listing * Classification of Anomalous Pixels in the Focal Plane Arrays of Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2 and -3 via Machine Learning

Marchevsky, S. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Vector LUM Smoother

Marchi, E. Co Author Listing * Detecting road surface wetness from audio: A deep learning approach

Marchi, G.[Giulio] Co Author Listing * Collect Earth: Land Use and Land Cover Assessment through Augmented Visual Interpretation
* Toward a More Representative Monitoring of Land-Use and Land-Cover Dynamics: The Use of a Sample-Based Assessment through Augmented Visual Interpretation Using Open Foris Collect Earth

Marchi, L.D. Co Author Listing * Predictive Deconvolution and Hybrid Feature Selection for Computer-Aided Detection of Prostate Cancer

Marchi, M.[Michele] Co Author Listing * Accessing and Understanding Cultural Heritage Through Users Experience Within the INCEPTION Project

Marchi, M.D.[Massimo De] Co Author Listing * Climate Justice in the City: Mapping Heat-Related Risk for Climate Change Mitigation of the Urban and Peri-Urban Area of Padua (Italy)

Marchi, N.[Niccolo] Co Author Listing * Airborne and Terrestrial Laser Scanning Data for the Assessment of Standing and Lying Deadwood: Current Situation and New Perspectives
Includes: Marchi, N.[Niccolo] Marchi, N.[Niccolò]

Marchi, R.[Rossano] Co Author Listing * Shot Detection and Motion Analysis for Automatic MPEG-7 Annotation of Sports Videos

Marchi, S.[Susanna] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Climate Reanalysis and Remote-Sensing Data for Predicting Olive Phenology through Machine-Learning Methods
* Integrated Geologic Map of the Rembrandt Basin, on Mercury, as a Starting Point for Stratigraphic Analysis, An
Includes: Marchi, S.[Susanna] Marchi, S.[Simone]

Marchili, C.[Corinna] Co Author Listing * Assessing Earthquake Impacts and Monitoring Resilience of Historic Areas: Methods for GIS Tools

Marchini, J. Co Author Listing * Statistical Considerations in Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Brain Function

Marchio, I.[Ilario] Co Author Listing * Compact 3D Camera Suited for Mobile and Embedded Vision Applications, A

Marchio, N.[Nicholas] Co Author Listing * Worldwide Detection of Informal Settlements via Topological Analysis of Crowdsourced Digital Maps

Marchiol, C. Co Author Listing * Face detection for visual surveillance

Marchionni, M.[Massimiliano] Co Author Listing * Dense stereo based on the uniqueness constraint
* Fast Area-Based Stereo Matching Algorithm, A

Marchiori, A. Co Author Listing * CBIR for Medical Images: An Evaluation Trial

Marchiori, E.[Elena] Co Author Listing * Class Conditional Nearest Neighbor for Large Margin Instance Selection
* Dividing protein interaction networks for modular network comparative analysis
* Representation of Speech in Deep Neural Networks, The
* Spectral-Spatial Classification of Hyperspectral Images: Three Tricks and a New Learning Setting

Marchiori, G.[Guilherme] Co Author Listing * Canopy Height Mapping by Sentinel 1 and 2 Satellite Images, Airborne LiDAR Data, and Machine Learning

Marchioro, G.[Giacomo] Co Author Listing * DICOM-Inspired Metadata Architecture for Managing Multimodal Acquisitions in Cultural Heritage, A
* novel framework for highlight reflectance transformation imaging, A

Marchis, E. Co Author Listing * 3D Models for the Restoration Project: Some Issues and a Case Study

Marchis, F.[Franck] Co Author Listing * AIDA: an adaptive image deconvolution algorithm with application to multi-frame and three-dimensional data

Marchisio, G.[Giovanni] Co Author Listing * DynamicEarthNet: Daily Multi-Spectral Satellite Dataset for Semantic Change Segmentation
* Land Cover Classification with Multi-Sensor Fusion of Partly Missing Data
* Learning Bayesian Classifiers for Scene Classification With a Visual Grammar
Includes: Marchisio, G.[Giovanni] Marchisio, G.

Marchment, Z.[Zoe] Co Author Listing * Multi-Level Analysis of Risky Streets and Neighbourhoods for Dissident Republican Violence in Belfast, A

Marchokov, G. Co Author Listing * near least squares method for image decimation, A

Marchwica, P. Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Deep CNN Baselines for Scene-Independent Person Re-identification, An
* Self-Supervised Shape Alignment for Sports Field Registration
* Unsupervised Domain Adaptation in Person re-ID via k-Reciprocal Clustering and Large-Scale Heterogeneous Environment Synthesis
Includes: Marchwica, P. Marchwica, P.[Paul]

Marcia, F.G.[Francesco Ghizzani] Co Author Listing * Web Mapping and Real-Virtual Itineraries to Promote Feasible Archaeological and Environmental Tourism in Versilia (Italy)
Includes: Marcia, F.G.[Francesco Ghizzani] Marcìa, F.G.[Francesco Ghizzani]

Marcia, R.[Roummel] Co Author Listing * CLOT: Contrastive Learning-Driven and Optimal Transport-Based Training for Simultaneous Clustering

Marcia, R.F. Co Author Listing * Bounded sparse photon-limited image recovery
* Fast disambiguation of superimposed images for increased field of view
* Gradient projection for linearly constrained convex optimization in sparse signal recovery
* Nonconvex reconstruction for low-dimensional fluorescence molecular tomographic poisson observations
* Poisson image reconstruction with total variation regularization
* This is SPIRAL-TAP: Sparse Poisson Intensity Reconstruction ALgorithms: Theory and Practice
Includes: Marcia, R.F. Marcia, R.F.[Roummel F.]

Marciak, M.[Michal] Co Author Listing * In Search of Ancient Pre-Roman Imperial Roads: A Case Study of the Application of Remote Sensing in Road Archaeology in the Southern Levant
* Potentialities and Limitations of Research on VHRS Data: Alexander the Great's Military Camp at Gaugamela on the Navkur Plain in Kurdish Iraq as a Test Case

Marcial Romero, J.R.[J. Raymundo] Co Author Listing * Analysing the Safe, Average and Border Samples on Two-Class Imbalance Problems in the Back-Propagation Domain
* Analysis of Repair Costs of Scholar Buildings Affected by Earthquakes Using Data Mining. Case Study: Earthquakes of 2017 in Mexico
* Computing #2SAT and #2UNSAT by Binary Patterns
* Extending Extremal Polygonal Arrays for the Merrifield-Simmons Index
* Linear Time Algorithm for Computing #2SAT for Outerplanar 2-CNF Formulas, A
* Modification of the TPVD Algorithm for Data Embedding, A
* Optimization Approach to the TWPVD Method for Digital Image Steganography, An
Includes: Marcial Romero, J.R.[J. Raymundo] Marcial-Romero, J.R.[J. Raymundo] Marcial-Romero, J.R.[José R.]
7 for Marcial Romero, J.R.

Marcialis, G.L.[Gian Luca] Co Author Listing * 3D Face Reconstruction for Forensic Recognition: A Survey
* 3D Face Reconstruction: The Road to Forensics
* Adaptive appearance model tracking for still-to-video face recognition
* Analysis and Selection of Features for the Fingerprint Vitality Detection
* Analysis of Fingerprint Pores for Vitality Detection
* Analysis of unsupervised template update in biometric recognition systems
* Analysis of User-Specific Effect and Impact of Operator Skills on Fingerprint PAD Systems
* Are spoofs from latent fingerprints a real threat for the best state-of-art liveness detectors?
* Binary Code for the Compact Palmprint Representation Using Texture Features
* Biometric presentation attacks: Handcrafted features versus deep learning approaches
* Biometric Template Update: An Experimental Investigation on the Relationship between Update Errors and Performance Degradation in Face Verification
* Capturing large intra-class variations of biometric data by template co-updating
* Classification-Selection Approach for Self Updating of Face Verification Systems Under Stringent Storage and Computational Requirements, A
* Combining flat and structured representations for fingerprint classification with recursive neural networks and support vector machines
* Comparison of fingerprint quality measures using an optical and a capacitive sensor
* Decision-level Fusion Of Pca And Lda-based Face Recognition Algorithms
* Detecting Anomalies from Video-Sequences: a Novel Descriptor
* dual-staged classification-selection approach for automated update of biometric templates, A
* EEG personal recognition based on qualified majority over signal patches
* EEG-Based Biometric System Using Eigenvector Centrality in Resting State Brain Networks, An
* Electroencephalography signal processing based on textural features for monitoring the driver's state by a Brain-Computer Interface
* Estimating the Serial Combination's Performance from That of Individual Base Classifiers
* Experimental Analysis of the Relationship between Biometric Template Update and the Doddington's Zoo: A Case Study in Face Verification, An
* Experimental Results on Fingerprint Liveness Detection
* Experimental Results on Fusion of Multiple Fingerprint Matchers
* Experimental Results on Multi-modal Deepfake Detection
* Exploiting the Golden Ratio on Human Faces for Head-Pose Estimation
* Facilitating free travel in the Schengen area: A position paper by the European Association for Biometrics
* Fingerprint Adversarial Presentation Attack in the Physical Domain
* Fingerprint Classification by Combination of Flat and Structural Approaches
* Fingerprint liveness detection by local phase quantization
* Fingerprint liveness detection using local texture features
* Fingerprint Silicon Replicas: Static And Dynamic Features For Vitality Detection Using An Optical Capture Device
* Fingerprint Verification by Decision-Level Fusion of Optical and Capacitive Sensors
* Fingerprint Verification by Fusion of Optical and Capacitive Sensors
* First International Fingerprint Liveness Detection Competition: LivDet 2009
* Fusion of multiple fingerprint matchers by single-layer perceptron with class-separation loss function
* Fusion of Statistical and Structural Fingerprint Classifiers
* Guest editorial: Recent advances in representation learning for robust biometric recognition systems
* Human Body Part Selection by Group Lasso of Motion for Model-Free Gait Recognition
* Improved Human Gait Recognition
* Incremental Support Vector Machine for Self-updating Fingerprint Presentation Attack Detection Systems
* Introduction to the special issue on robustness, security and regulation aspects in current biometric systems (RSRA-BS)
* Large Scale Experiments on Fingerprint Liveness Detection
* Modelling FRR of Biometric Verification Systems Using the Template Co-update Algorithm
* novel classification-selection approach for the self updating of template-based face recognition systems, A
* On Combining Edge Detection Methods for Improving BSIF Based Facial Recognition Performances
* Online and Offline Fingerprint Template Update Using Minutiae: An Experimental Comparison
* Palmprint recognition with an efficient data driven ensemble classifier
* Personal Identity Verification by EEG-Based Network Representation on a Portable Device
* Personal identity verification by serial fusion of fingerprint and face matchers
* Remote Biometric Verification for eLearning Applications: Where We Are
* Replacement Algorithms for Fingerprint Template Update
* Review of the Fingerprint Liveness Detection (LivDet) competition series: 2009 to 2015
* Robustness Evaluation of Biometric Systems under Spoof Attacks
* Robustness of functional connectivity metrics for EEG-based personal identification over task-induced intra-class and inter-class variations
* Score-level fusion of fingerprint and face matchers for personal verification under stress conditions
* Security evaluation of biometric authentication systems under real spoofing attacks
* Semi-supervised PCA-Based Face Recognition Using Self-training
* Statistical Meta-Analysis of Presentation Attacks for Secure Multibiometric Systems
* study on the performances of dynamic classifier selection based on local accuracy estimation, A
* Template Co-update in Multimodal Biometric Systems
* Template Selection by Editing Algorithms: A Case Study in Face Recognition
* Template Update Methods in Adaptive Biometric Systems: A Critical Review
* Temporal Analysis of Biometric Template Update Procedures in Uncontrolled Environment
* Tensor-Based Deepfake Detection in Scaled and Compressed Images
* Theoretical and Experimental Analysis of Template Co-update in Biometric Verification Systems, A
* Towards realistic fingerprint presentation attacks: The ScreenSpoof method
* Vitality Detection from Fingerprint Images: A Critical Survey
Includes: Marcialis, G.L.[Gian Luca] Marcialis, G.L.
69 for Marcialis, G.L.

Marcialis, M.[Maurizio] Co Author Listing * Airborne Radiometric Surveys and Machine Learning Algorithms for Revealing Soil Texture

Marciano, A.[Abraham] Co Author Listing * Vehicle X-Ray Images Registration
* Vehicle X-ray Scans Registration: A One-Dimensional Optimization Problem

Marciano, J.J.S. Co Author Listing * Near-realtime Flood Detection From Multi-temporal Sentinel Radar Images Using Artificial Intelligence
Includes: Marciano, J.J.S. Marciano Jr., J.J.S.

Marciano, L.[Luigi] Co Author Listing * Metrological Characterization for Vital Sign Detection by a Bioradar

Marciano, M.[Marco] Co Author Listing * Predictive System to Classify Preoperative Grading of Rectal Cancer Using Radiomics Features, A
Includes: Marciano, M.[Marco] Marcianò, M.[Marco]

Marcin, J.[Jozef] Co Author Listing * Pyramidal Seeded Region Growing Algorithm and Its Use in Image Segmentation

Marcinak, M.P. Co Author Listing * Data Embedding in JPEG Bitstream by Code Mapping
* Data hiding in MPEG-2 bitstream by creating exceptions in code space
Includes: Marcinak, M.P. Marcinak, M.P.[Michael P.]

Marcinczak, J.M.[Jan Marek] Co Author Listing * Structure from Motion Based Approaches to 3D Reconstruction in Minimal Invasive Laparoscopy

Marcinek, P.[Pawel] Co Author Listing * Random neighbourhood dynamic clustering

Marciniak, A.[Artur] Co Author Listing * Integrated Geophysical Imaging and Remote Sensing for Enhancing Geological Interpretation of Landslides with Uncertainty Estimation: A Case Study from Cisiec, Poland

Marciniak, D.[Dariusz] Co Author Listing * Concept and Design of Martian Far-IR ORE Spectrometer (MIRORES)

Marciniak, E. Co Author Listing * Automatic modeling and classification of vitreomacular traction pathology stages

Marciniak, J. Co Author Listing * Application of Mathematical Morphology Operations for Simplification and Improvement of Correlation of Images in Close-Range Photogrammetry

Marciniak, M.[Marian] Co Author Listing * Application of Coupled-Wave Wentzel-Kramers-Brillouin Approximation to Ground Penetrating Radar
* Generating Synthetic Labeled Data From Existing Anatomical Models: An Example With Echocardiography Segmentation
* Multiple Kernel Learning Framework to Investigate the Relationship Between Ventricular Fibrillation and First Myocardial Infarction, A
Includes: Marciniak, M.[Marian] Marciniak, M.[Maciej]

Marciniak, T. Co Author Listing * Automatic modeling and classification of vitreomacular traction pathology stages

Marcinkevicius, V.[Virginijus] Co Author Listing * Robust GNSS-denied localization for UAV using particle filter and visual odometry

Marcinkevics, R.[Ricards] Co Author Listing * Self-supervised Disentanglement of Modality-Specific and Shared Factors Improves Multimodal Generative Models

Marcinkevics, Z.[Zbignevs] Co Author Listing * Photoplethysmography imaging algorithm for real-time monitoring of skin perfusion maps
* Skin Complications of Diabetes Mellitus Revealed by Polarized Hyperspectral Imaging and Machine Learning
Includes: Marcinkevics, Z.[Zbignevs] Marcinkevics, Z.

Marcinkiewicz, B.[Blazej] Co Author Listing * Multiple Scattering in Cumulus Clouds

Marcinkiewicz, M. Co Author Listing * Data Augmentation via Image Registration

Marcinkowska Ochtyra, A.[Adriana] Co Author Listing * Classification of Expansive Grassland Species in Different Growth Stages Based on Hyperspectral and LiDAR Data
* Classification of High-Mountain Vegetation Communities within a Diverse Giant Mountains Ecosystem Using Airborne APEX Hyperspectral Imagery
* Multi-Temporal Sentinel-2 Data in Classification of Mountain Vegetation
* Multitemporal Hyperspectral Data Fusion with Topographic Indices: Improving Classification of Natura 2000 Grassland Habitats
* Natura 2000 Grassland Habitats Mapping Based on Spectro-Temporal Dimension of Sentinel-2 Images with Machine Learning
* Spatial Insights into Drought Severity: Multi-Index Assessment in Malopolska, Poland, via Satellite Observations
Includes: Marcinkowska Ochtyra, A.[Adriana] Marcinkowska-Ochtyra, A.[Adriana]

Marcireau, A.[Alexandre] Co Author Listing * Density Invariant Contrast Maximization for Neuromorphic Earth Observations

Marcis, M. Co Author Listing * Use Of Image Based Modelling For Documentation Of Intricately Shaped Objects
Includes: Marcis, M. Marciš, M.

Marcjan, R.[Robert] Co Author Listing * Towards Automatic Points of Interest Matching

Marck, J.W. Co Author Listing * Reasoning About Threats: From Observables to Situation Assessment

Marco Detchart, C. Co Author Listing * survey on matching strategies for boundary image comparison and evaluation, A
Includes: Marco Detchart, C. Marco-Detchart, C.

Marco Gimenez, L.[Luis] Co Author Listing * Eigenexpressions: Emotion Recognition Using Multiple Eigenspaces
Includes: Marco Gimenez, L.[Luis] Marco-Giménez, L.[Luis]

Marco Molina, J.A. Co Author Listing * Bunkers of The Spanish War: From The Rearguard to The Technical Culture Of The Inter-war Period. The Case of Clot De Galvany

Marco Sola, S.[Santiago] Co Author Listing * DeepHealth Toolkit: A Unified Framework to Boost Biomedical Applications, The
Includes: Marco Sola, S.[Santiago] Marco-Sola, S.[Santiago]

Marco, A.[Alvaro] Co Author Listing * Design and Evaluation of a Sound Based Water Flow Measurement System
* Working with JPEG2000: two proposals for sparse histogram images
Includes: Marco, A.[Alvaro] Marco, A.

Marco, B.P.[Bertinetto Pier] Co Author Listing * Fuzzy Archives. What Kind of an Object Is the Documental Unit of Oral Archives?

Marco, D. Co Author Listing * Threat assessment of traffic moving toward a controlled intersection

Marco, J.[James] Co Author Listing * Editorial Mechatronics as an Enabler for Intelligent Transportation Systems
* Method for estimating the energy consumption of electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles under real-world driving conditions
* State of Power Prediction for Lithium-Ion Batteries in Electric Vehicles via Wavelet-Markov Load Analysis
* Using Normalized Compression Distance for image similarity measurement: an experimental study
* Virtual light transport matrices for non-line-of-sight imaging
Includes: Marco, J.[James] Marco, J. Marco, J.[Jordi] Marco, J.[Julio]

Marco, L.[Laiolo] Co Author Listing * Volcanic Hot-Spot Detection Using SENTINEL-2: A Comparison with MODIS-MIROVA Thermal Data Series

Marco, M.[Miriam] Co Author Listing * Linking Neighborhood Characteristics and Drug-Related Police Interventions: A Bayesian Spatial Analysis
* Neighborhood Characteristics, Alcohol Outlet Density, and Alcohol-Related Calls-for-Service: A Spatiotemporal Analysis in a Wet Drinking Country

Marco, O.[Onofre] Co Author Listing * Numerical Simulation from Medical Images: Accurate Integration by Means of the Cartesian Grid Finite Element Method

Marco, P. Co Author Listing * Irregular Motion Recovery in Fluorescein Angiograms

Marco, S.[Santiago] Co Author Listing * Aerial Mapping of Odorous Gases in a Wastewater Treatment Plant Using a Small Drone
* Machine olfaction: pattern recognition for the identification of aromas
* stability based validity method for fuzzy clustering, A
Includes: Marco, S.[Santiago] Marco, S.

Marco, V.[Vigliotti] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Tuff Sea Cliff Stability Integrating Geological Surveys and Remote Sensing. Case History from Ventotene Island (Southern Italy)

Marco, V.R.[Virgil R.] Co Author Listing * On the robustness of the equal-mean discrimination rule with uniform covariance structure against serially correlated training data

Marcocci, C.[Carlo] Co Author Listing * Space Weather Effects Observed in the Northern Hemisphere during November 2021 Geomagnetic Storm: The Impacts on Plasmasphere, Ionosphere and Thermosphere Systems

Marcoionni, P. Co Author Listing * Assessing Noise Amplitude in Remotely Sensed Images Using Bit-Plane and Scatterplot Approaches
* Emissivity and Temperature Assessment Using a Maximum Entropy Estimator: Structure and Performance of the MaxEnTES Algorithm
* Estimation of Normalized Atmospheric Point Spread Function and Restoration of Remotely Sensed Images

Marcolin, F.[Federica] Co Author Listing * 3D human face description: landmarks measures and geometrical features
* CalD3r and MenD3s: Spontaneous 3D facial expression databases
* Occlusion detection and restoration techniques for 3D face recognition: a literature review

Marcolini, A.[Alessia] Co Author Listing * AI Slipping on Tiles: Data Leakage in Digital Pathology

Marcolino, L.S. Co Author Listing * Straight to the Point: Fast-Forwarding Videos via Reinforcement Learning Using Textual Data
* Text-Driven Video Acceleration: A Weakly-Supervised Reinforcement Learning Method
Includes: Marcolino, L.S. Marcolino, L.S.[Leandro Soriano]

Marcombes, P.[Paul] Co Author Listing * Towards Optimal Naive Bayes Nearest Neighbor

Marcon dos Santos, G.A.[Gilberto Antonio] Co Author Listing * Fast algorithm for real-time ground extraction from unorganized stereo point clouds

Marcon, C.[Cesar] Co Author Listing * Analysis of parallel encoding using tiles in 3D High Efficiency Video Coding
* Complexity Analysis Of VVC Intra Coding
* Configurable Fast Block Partitioning for VVC Intra Coding Using Light Gradient Boosting Machine
* DCDM-Intra: Dynamically Configurable 3D-HEVC Depth Maps Intra-Frame Prediction Algorithm
* Fast 3D-HEVC Depth Map Encoding Using Machine Learning
* Parallelism exploration for 3D high-efficiency video coding depth modeling mode one
* Performance Analysis of Depth Intra-Coding in 3D-HEVC
* Performance analysis of VVC intra coding
* Real-time scalable hardware architecture for 3D-HEVC bipartition modes
* reduced computational effort mode-level scheme for 3D-HEVC depth maps intra-frame prediction, A
* Using curved angular intra-frame prediction to improve video coding efficiency
Includes: Marcon, C.[Cesar] Marcon, C.[César] Marcon, C.
11 for Marcon, C.

Marcon, E. Co Author Listing * Advanced 3d Modeling Versus Building Information Modeling: The Case Study of Palazzo Ettoreo in Sacile (Italy)

Marcon, M.[Marco] Co Author Listing * 3D Markerless human limb localization through robust energy minimization
* 3D Object Modeling with a Voxelset Carving Approach
* 3D wide baseline correspondences using depth-maps
* Boosting Object Recognition in Point Clouds by Saliency Detection
* Clustering of human actions using invariant body shape descriptor and dynamic time warping
* Colored visual tags: a robust approach for augmented reality
* Correction method for nonideal iris recognition
* Deep skin detection on low resolution grayscale images
* Denoising infrared structured light DIBR signals using 3D morphological operators
* Embedded Real-Time Visual Search with Visual Distance Estimation
* Fast PDE approach to surface reconstruction from large cloud of points
* Fast Skin Segmentation on Low-Resolution Grayscale Images for Remote PhotoPlethysmoGraphy
* Multicamera rig calibration by double-sided thick checkerboard
* Piecewise distortion correction for fisheye lenses
* Postural Assessment in Dentistry Based on Multiple Markers Tracking
* Robust Method for the Estimation of Reliable Wide Baseline Correspondences, A
* Smart Toothbrushes: Inertial Measurement Sensors Fusion with Visual Tracking
* Super-Resolution of BVOC Maps by Adapting Deep Learning Methods
* Toothbrush motion analysis to help children learn proper tooth brushing
* Uncalibrated view synthesis from Relative Affine Structure based on planes parallelism
* Unsupervised Learning of Local Equivariant Descriptors for Point Clouds
* View-synthesis from uncalibrated cameras and parallel planes
Includes: Marcon, M.[Marco] Marcon, M. Marcon, M.[Marlon]
22 for Marcon, M.

Marcon, P.[Petr] Co Author Listing * Predicting the Optimum Corn Harvest Time via the Quantity of Dry Matter Determined with Vegetation Indices Obtained from Multispectral Field Imaging
* Using UAV-Based Photogrammetry to Obtain Correlation between the Vegetation Indices and Chemical Analysis of Agricultural Crops

Marcon, S. Co Author Listing * Low-Cost Computer Vision System for Real-Time Tennis Analysis, A

Marconato, E.[Emanuele] Co Author Listing * Catastrophic Forgetting in Continual Concept Bottleneck Models

Marconcini, M. Co Author Listing * Advanced System for the Automatic Classification of Multitemporal SAR Images, An
* Breaking new ground in mapping human settlements from space: The Global Urban Footprint
* Conceptual List of Indicators for Urban Planning and Management Based on Earth Observation, A
* Domain Adaptation Problems: A DASVM Classification Technique and a Circular Validation Strategy
* Earth Observation-supported Service Platform For The Development And Provision Of Thematic Information On The Built Environment: The Tep-urban Project
* Effects on the Double Bounce Detection in Urban Areas Based on SAR Polarimetric Characteristics
* Estimation of seismic building structural types using multi-sensor remote sensing and machine learning techniques
* High-Resolution Gridded Population Datasets: Exploring the Capabilities of the World Settlement Footprint 2019 Imperviousness Layer for the African Continent
* Novel Approach to Unsupervised Change Detection Based on a Semisupervised SVM and a Similarity Measure, A
* Novel Partially Supervised Approach to Targeted Change Detection, A
* Novel Transductive SVM for Semisupervised Classification of Remote-Sensing Images, A
* Semi-supervised SVM for individual tree crown species classification
* Support for Multi-temporal and Multi-mission data processing: The ESA Research and Service Support
* Targeted Land-Cover Classification
* Toward the Automatic Updating of Land-Cover Maps by a Domain-Adaptation SVM Classifier and a Circular Validation Strategy
* Towards a Large-Scale 3D Modeling of the Built Environment: Joint Analysis of TanDEM-X, Sentinel-2 and Open Street Map Data
* Towards an Improved Large-Scale Gridded Population Dataset: A Pan-European Study on the Integration of 3D Settlement Data into Population Modelling
* Where We Live: A Summary of the Achievements and Planned Evolution of the Global Urban Footprint
Includes: Marconcini, M. Marconcini, M.[Mattia]
18 for Marconcini, M.

Marconcini, S. Co Author Listing * Inclusive Cultural Heritage Sites: Ict As a Tool to Support The Design Process and Share Knowledge

Marcone, A.[Andrea] Co Author Listing * Comparison of PROSAIL Model Inversion Methods for Estimating Leaf Chlorophyll Content and LAI Using UAV Imagery for Hemp Phenotyping
* UAV Remote Sensing for High-Throughput Phenotyping and for Yield Prediction of Miscanthus by Machine Learning Techniques

Marconi, A.[Annapaola] Co Author Listing * Autonomous Shuttle-as-a-Service (ASaaS): Challenges, Opportunities, and Social Implications
* Gamification Platform to Analyze and Influence Citizens' Daily Transportation Choices, A
* Guest Editorial: Introduction to the Special Issue on Advances in Smart and Green Transportation for Smart Cities
* Play&Go Corporate: An End-to-End Solution for Facilitating Urban Cyclability
Includes: Marconi, A.[Annapaola] Marconi, A.

Marconi, D. Co Author Listing * Work on the Integration of Language and Vision at the University of Torino

Marconi, F.[Fabrizio] Co Author Listing * Collecting Retail Data Using a Deep Learning Identification Experience

Marconi, M. Co Author Listing * Subjective Quality Evaluation of Video Sequences by Using Motion Information

Marconi, S.[Stefania] Co Author Listing * Anisotropic Adapted Meshes for Image Segmentation: Application to Three-Dimensional Medical Data
* Individual Tree-Crown Detection in RGB Imagery Using Semi-Supervised Deep Learning Neural Networks
* supervised approach for the detection of AM-FM signals' interference regions in spectrogram images, A
Includes: Marconi, S.[Stefania] Marconi, S.[Sergio] Marconi, S.[Silvia]

Marcos Gonzalez, D. Co Author Listing * Sansevero Chapel, a Three-dimensional Point of View, The
Includes: Marcos Gonzalez, D. Marcos González, D.

Marcos Ramiro, A.[Alvaro] Co Author Listing * 3D Adversarial Augmentations for Robust Out-of-Domain Predictions
* 3D-VField: Adversarial Augmentation of Point Clouds for Domain Generalization in 3D Object Detection
* Body communicative cue extraction for conversational analysis
* Let Your Body Speak: Communicative Cue Extraction on Natural Interaction Using RGBD Data
* Multi-Task Consistency for Active Learning
* Segmenting Known Objects and Unseen Unknowns without Prior Knowledge
Includes: Marcos Ramiro, A.[Alvaro] Marcos-Ramiro, A.[Alvaro] Marcos-Ramiro, A.

Marcos, B.[Bruno] Co Author Listing * Combining Satellite Remote Sensing and Climate Data in Species Distribution Models to Improve the Conservation of Iberian White Oaks (Quercus L.)
* Ecosystem Services in a Protected Mountain Range of Portugal: Satellite-Based Products for State and Trend Analysis
* Framework for Multi-Dimensional Assessment of Wildfire Disturbance Severity from Remotely Sensed Ecosystem Functioning Attributes, A
* Hydrological Impacts of Large Fires and Future Climate: Modeling Approach Supported by Satellite Data

Marcos, C.[Cecilia] Co Author Listing * Convective Rainfall Rate from Cloud Physical Properties Algorithm for Meteosat Second-Generation Satellites: Microphysical Basis and Intercomparisons using an Object-Based Method, The
* Decorrelation of Satellite Precipitation Estimates in Space and Time
* Estimates of the Change in the Oceanic Precipitation Off the Coast of Europe due to Increasing Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Marcos, C.R. Co Author Listing * Analysis of Desert Dust Outbreaks Over Southern Europe Using CALIOP Data and Ground-Based Measurements

Marcos, D.[Diego] Co Author Listing * Abstracting Sketches Through Simple Primitives
* Contextual Semantic Interpretability
* deep learning framework for matching of SAR and optical imagery, A
* deSpeckNet: Generalizing Deep Learning-Based SAR Image Despeckling
* Geospatial Correspondences for Multimodal Registration
* Half a Percent of Labels is Enough: Efficient Animal Detection in UAV Imagery Using Deep CNNs and Active Learning
* Land cover mapping at very high resolution with rotation equivariant CNNs: Towards small yet accurate models
* Learning Decision Trees Recurrently Through Communication
* Learning Deep Structured Active Contours End-to-End
* Learning rotation invariant convolutional filters for texture classification
* Masking Strategies for Background Bias Removal in Computer Vision Models
* Multi-temporal and multi-source remote sensing image classification by nonlinear relative normalization
* On the relation between landscape beauty and land cover: A case study in the U.K. at Sentinel-2 resolution with interpretable AI
* PDiscoNet: Semantically consistent part discovery for fine-grained recognition
* Rotation Equivariant Vector Field Networks
* RSVQA: Visual Question Answering for Remote Sensing Data
* Self-supervised Pre-training Enhances Change Detection in Sentinel-2 Imagery
* Semantically Interpretable Activation Maps: what-where-how explanations within CNNs
* Sparse Linear Concept Discovery Models
Includes: Marcos, D.[Diego] Marcos, D.
19 for Marcos, D.

Marcos, E.[Elena] Co Author Listing * Burn Severity and Post-Fire Land Surface Albedo Relationship in Mediterranean Forest Ecosystems
* Evaluation of Prescribed Fires from Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) Imagery and Machine Learning Algorithms
* Multiple Endmember Spectral Mixture Analysis (MESMA) Applied to the Study of Habitat Diversity in the Fine-Grained Landscapes of the Cantabrian Mountains
* Remote Sensing Advances in Fire Science: From Fire Predictors to Post-Fire Monitoring
* Remote Sensing Applied to the Study of Fire Regime Attributes and Their Influence on Post-Fire Greenness Recovery in Pine Ecosystems

Marcos, J.[Joao] Co Author Listing * Framework for Wrong Way Driver Detection Using Optical Flow, A
* Robust segmentation for outdoor traffic surveillance
* Robust Segmentation Process to Detect Incidents on Highways
* Wrongway Drivers Detection Based on Optical Flow
Includes: Marcos, J.[Joao] Marcos, J.[João]

Marcos, J.V.[J. Victor] Co Author Listing * Advances in Texture Analysis for Emphysema Classification
* Texture classification using discrete Tchebichef moments
Includes: Marcos, J.V.[J. Victor] Marcos, J.V.[J. Víctor]

Marcos, M.[Marta] Co Author Listing * Assessment of DUACS Sentinel-3A Altimetry Data in the Coastal Band of the European Seas: Comparison with Tide Gauge Measurements

Marcos, S.[Susana] Co Author Listing * Comparison of real and computer-simulated outcomes of LASIK refractive surgery
* Robustness of the coherently distributed MUSIC algorithm to the imperfect knowledge of the spatial distribution of the sources
* Subspace-based approach for DOA estimation using pilot symbol channel identification
Includes: Marcos, S.[Susana] Marcos, S.[Sylvie] Marcos, S.

Marcotegui, B. Co Author Listing * Adaptive scene-text binarisation on images captured by smartphones
* Attribute Controlled Reconstruction and Adaptive Mathematical Morphology
* Colour Adjacency Histograms for Image Matching
* Content-dependent image sampling using mathematical morphology: Application to texture mapping
* Detection, segmentation and classification of 3D urban objects using mathematical morphology and supervised learning
* Fast Implementation of the Ultimate Opening
* Filtering of Artifacts and Pavement Segmentation from Mobile LiDAR Data
* Graph-Based Color Lines Model for Image Analysis, A
* Image segmentation based on ultimate levelings: From attribute filters to machine learning strategies
* KPConv: Flexible and Deformable Convolution for Point Clouds
* Local Blur Estimation Based on Toggle Mapping
* Local multiscale blur estimation based on toggle mapping for sharp region extraction
* Morphological segmentation of building façade images
* Morphological segmentation on learned boundaries
* On minimum spanning tree streaming for hierarchical segmentation
* On Minimum Spanning Tree Streaming for Image Analysis
* Paris-CARLA-3D: A Real and Synthetic Outdoor Point Cloud Dataset for Challenging Tasks in 3D Mapping
* Residual approach on a hierarchical segmentation
* Scalable and Detail-Preserving Ground Surface Reconstruction from Large 3D Point Clouds Acquired by Mobile Mapping Systems
* Segmentation of elongated objects using attribute profiles and area stability: Application to melanocyte segmentation in engineered skin
* Segmentation of Façades from Urban 3D Point Clouds Using Geometrical and Morphological Attribute-Based Operators
* Segmentation-Based Coding System Allowing Manipulation of Objects (SESAME), A
* Segmentation-Based Video Coding System Allowing the Manipulation of Objects
* Semantic Classification of 3D Point Clouds with Multiscale Spherical Neighborhoods
* Shape ultimate attribute opening
* Snoopertext: A multiresolution system for text detection in complex visual scenes
* Text Extraction from Street Level Images
* Text segmentation in natural scenes using Toggle-Mapping
* Toolbox for Interactive Segmentation Based on Nested Partitions, A
* Ultimate Attribute Opening Segmentation with Shape Information
* Ultimate levelings
* Ultimate Opening Combined with Area Stability Applied to Urban Scenes
* Urban accessibility diagnosis from mobile laser scanning data
* Video Object Generation Tool Allowing Friendly User Interaction, A
* Waterfall Segmentation of Complex Scenes
Includes: Marcotegui, B. Marcotegui, B.[Beatriz]
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Marcotte, F.[Frederick] Co Author Listing * Thermal Infrared Hyperspectral Imaging for Mineralogy Mapping of a Mine Face
Includes: Marcotte, F.[Frederick] Marcotte, F.[Frédérick]

Marcotulli, C. Co Author Listing * Underwater Photogrammetry Methods for a Peculiar Case-Study: San Domenico (Prato-Italy)

Marcou, Q.[Quentin] Co Author Listing * Using steerable wavelets and minimal paths to reconstruct automatically filaments in fluorescence imaging

Marcozzi, D.[Daniele] Co Author Listing * Blind Source Separation Based Approach for Speech Enhancement in Noisy and Reverberant Environment, A

Marcq, S.[Sebastien] Co Author Listing * DirecTES: A Direct Method for Land and Sea Surface Temperature and Emissivity Separation for Thermal Infrared Sensors: Application to TRISHNA and ECOSTRESS
* RadCalNet: A Radiometric Calibration Network for Earth Observing Imagers Operating in the Visible to Shortwave Infrared Spectral Range
* Software Tool for Atmospheric Correction and Surface Temperature Estimation of Landsat Infrared Thermal Data, A
Includes: Marcq, S.[Sebastien] Marcq, S.[Sébastien]

Marcu, A. Co Author Listing * Creating Roadmaps in Aerial Images with Generative Adversarial Networks and Smoothing-Based Optimization
* Depth distillation: unsupervised metric depth estimation for UAVs by finding consensus between kinematics, optical flow and deep learning
* Multi-Task Hypergraphs for Semi-supervised Learning using Earth Observations
* Roadmap Generation using a Multi-stage Ensemble of Deep Neural Networks with Smoothing-Based Optimization
* SafeUAV: Learning to Estimate Depth and Safe Landing Areas for UAVs from Synthetic Data
* Self-supervised Hypergraphs for Learning Multiple World Interpretations
* Semantics Through Time: Semi-supervised Segmentation of Aerial Videos with Iterative Label Propagation
Includes: Marcu, A. Marcu, A.[Alina]
7 for Marcu, A.

Marcu, G.[Gabriel] Co Author Listing * Blue-print document analysis for color classification
* Color separation for printing with non-standard inks
* Optimizing Color Performance for LCD Computer Monitors
Includes: Marcu, G.[Gabriel] Marcu, G.

Marcu, L. Co Author Listing * Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging and Intravascular Ultrasound: Co-Registration Study Using Ex Vivo Human Coronaries
* Real-Time Visualization of Tissue Surface Biochemical Features Derived From Fluorescence Lifetime Measurements

Marcu, M.V.[Marina Viorela] Co Author Listing * Mapping Small-Scale Willow Crops and Their Health Status Using Sentinel-2 Images in Complex Agricultural Areas

Marcucci, M.F. Co Author Listing * CAESAR Project for the ASI Space Weather Infrastructure, The
* Ionospheric Turbulence and the Equatorial Plasma Density Irregularities: Scaling Features and RODI
* Occurrence of GPS Loss of Lock Based on a Swarm Half-Solar Cycle Dataset and Its Relation to the Background Ionosphere
* On Turbulent Features of E X B Plasma Motion in the Auroral Topside Ionosphere: Some Results from CSES-01 Satellite
* Polar Cap Patches Scaling Properties: Insights from Swarm Data
* Tracking Geomagnetic Storms with Dynamical System Approach: Ground-Based Observations
Includes: Marcucci, M.F. Marcucci, M.F.[Maria Federica]

Marculescu, D.[Diana] Co Author Listing * ANT: Adapt Network Across Time for Efficient Video Processing
* AVE-CLIP: AudioCLIP-based Multi-window Temporal Transformer for Audio Visual Event Localization
* Jumping through Local Minima: Quantization in the Loss Landscape of Vision Transformers
* Open-Vocabulary Semantic Segmentation with Mask-adapted CLIP
* Regularizing Activation Distribution for Training Binarized Deep Networks
* Renofeation: A Simple Transfer Learning Method for Improved Adversarial Robustness
* Towards Efficient Model Compression via Learned Global Ranking
* ViP: Virtual Pooling for Accelerating CNN-based Image Classification and Object Detection
* Width transfer: on the (in)variance of width optimization
Includes: Marculescu, D.[Diana] Marculescu, D.
9 for Marculescu, D.

Marculescu, R.[Radu] Co Author Listing * Communication-Aware Face Detection Using Noc Architecture
* Coordinated Distributed Power Management with Video Sensor Networks: Analysis, Simulation, and Prototyping
* Dynamic Multimodal Fusion
* Efficient On-Device Training via Gradient Filtering
* Hardware Prototype Targeting Distributed Deep Learning for On-device Inference, A
* How does topology influence gradient propagation and model performance of deep networks with DenseNet-type skip connections?
* Medical Image Segmentation via Cascaded Attention Decoding
* MobileViG: Graph-Based Sparse Attention for Mobile Vision Applications
Includes: Marculescu, R.[Radu] Marculescu, R.
8 for Marculescu, R.

Marcus, A.[Adam] Co Author Listing * Concurrent Ischemic Lesion Age Estimation and Segmentation of CT Brain Using a Transformer-Based Network

Marcus, A.I. Co Author Listing * Ceulular Imaging Data Analysis: Mircotubule Dynamics in Living Cell
* Using Particle Filter to Track and Model Microtubule Dynamics
Includes: Marcus, A.I. Marcus, A.I.[Adam I.]

Marcus, D.H.[Daniel H.] Co Author Listing * Roll fingerprint processing apparatus

Marcus, H.J.[Hani J.] Co Author Listing * See-Through Vision With Unsupervised Scene Occlusion Reconstruction

Marcus, J.T. Co Author Listing * Imaging of thoracic blood volume changes during the heart cycle with electrical impedance using a linear spot-electrode array

Marcus, N.[Nadine] Co Author Listing * Cascaded Siamese Self-supervised Audio to Video GAN
* Video Generative Adversarial Networks: A Review

Marcus, P.[Philip] Co Author Listing * DDSL: Deep Differentiable Simplex Layer for Learning Geometric Signals

Marcus, R. Co Author Listing * Segmentation by Minimum Length Encoding

Marcus, S. Co Author Listing * Heterogeneous Multimedia Reasoning

Marcuzzi, R.[Rodrigo] Co Author Listing * Temporal Consistent 3D LiDAR Representation Learning for Semantic Perception in Autonomous Driving

Marcuzzo, M.[Monica] Co Author Listing * Cancer cell detection and invasion depth estimation in brightfield images
* Cell Division Detection on the Arabidopsis Thaliana Root
* Cell Nuclei and Cytoplasm Joint Segmentation Using the Sliding Band Filter
* Evaluation of Symmetry Enhanced Sliding Band Filter for Plant Cell Nuclei Detection in Low Contrast Noisy Fluorescent Images
* Hybrid Approach for Arabidopsis Root Cell Image Segmentation, A
* Tracking of Arabidopsis thaliana root cells in time-lapse microscopy
Includes: Marcuzzo, M.[Monica] Marcuzzo, M.

Marczak, P.T.[Paulina T.] Co Author Listing * Predicting Carbon Accumulation in Temperate Forests of Ontario, Canada Using a LiDAR-Initialized Growth-and-Yield Model

Marczak, S.[Sylwia] Co Author Listing * Multi-Aspect Analysis of Object-Oriented Landslide Detection Based on an Extended Set of LiDAR-Derived Terrain Features
* Towards the Optimal Pixel Size of DEM for Automatic Mapping of Landslide Areas

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