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Guan, A.[Anqi] Co Author Listing * Opinion-Climate-Based Hegselmann-Krause dynamics

Guan, B. Co Author Listing * Accurate Depth Extraction Method for Multiple Light-Coding-Based Depth Cameras
* Analysis of the Ranging Capability of a Space Debris Laser Ranging System Based on the Maximum Detection Distance Model
* Analytical Tensor Voting in ND Space and its Properties
* Analyzing the Suitability of Remotely Sensed ET for Calibrating a Watershed Model of a Mediterranean Montane Forest
* Automatic detection and localization of thighbone fractures in X-ray based on improved deep learning method
* Climate, CO2, and Anthropogenic Drivers of Accelerated Vegetation Greening in the Haihe River Basin
* Combining Cylindrical Voxel and Mask R-CNN for Automatic Detection of Water Leakages in Shield Tunnel Point Clouds
* efficient high-capacity reversible data hiding scheme for encrypted images, An
* High-capacity Reversible Data Hiding in Encrypted Images Based on Msb Prediction
* Joint Feature Optimization and Fusion for Compressed Action Recognition
* Minimal solutions for the rotational alignment of IMU-camera systems using homography constraints
* Multistage Spatio-Temporal Networks for Robust Sketch Recognition
* Stereo-Matching Network for Structured Light
* Thigh fracture detection using deep learning method based on new dilated convolutional feature pyramid network
* Video Logo Retrieval Based on Local Features
Includes: Guan, B. Guan, B.[Bowen] Guan, B.[Boran] Guan, B.[Bin] Guan, B.[Buliao] Guan, B.[Bo] Guan, B.[Boliang] Guan, B.[Banglei]
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Guan, B.H. Co Author Listing * Image stack surface area minimization for groupwise and multimodal affine registration
* Image Stacks as Parametric Surfaces: Application to Image Registration

Guan, B.L.[Bang Lei] Co Author Listing * Affine Correspondences Between Multi-Camera Systems for 6DOF Relative Pose Estimation
* Minimal Cases for Computing the Generalized Relative Pose using Affine Correspondences
* Minimal Solutions for Relative Pose With a Single Affine Correspondence
* Minimal Solvers for Relative Pose Estimation of Multi-Camera Systems using Affine Correspondences
* On-Orbit Calibration for Spaceborne Line Array Camera and LiDAR
* Relative Pose Estimation with a Single Affine Correspondence
Includes: Guan, B.L.[Bang Lei] Guan, B.L.[Bang-Lei]

Guan, B.Q.[Bai Qing] Co Author Listing * biologically inspired method for estimating 2D high-speed translational motion, A
* Measurement of sinusoidal vibration from motion blurred images
Includes: Guan, B.Q.[Bai Qing] Guan, B.Q.[Bai-Qing]

Guan, B.X.[Benjamin X.] Co Author Listing * Comparison of texture features for human embryonic stem cells with bio-inspired multi-class support vector machine
* DeephESC: An Automated System for Generating and Classification of Human Embryonic Stem Cells
* Detection of non-dynamic blebbing single unattached Human Embryonic Stem Cells
Includes: Guan, B.X.[Benjamin X.] Guan, B.X.

Guan, C.[Changlong] Co Author Listing * Analyzing Sea Surface Wind Distribution Characteristics of Tropical Cyclone Based on Sentinel-1 SAR Images
* Analyzing the Spatiotemporal Uncertainty in Urbanization Predictions
* Application of SAR Data for Tropical Cyclone Intensity Parameters Retrieval and Symmetric Wind Field Model Development
* Assessing Urbanization Dynamics in Turkey's Marmara Region Using CORINE Data between 2006 and 2018
* Context-Aware Locality Measure for Inlier Pool Enrichment in Stepwise Image Registration, A
* CoTeRe-net: Discovering Collaborative Ternary Relations in Videos
* Effects of Surface Wave-Induced Mixing and Wave-Affected Exchange Coefficients on Tropical Cyclones
* Gully Erosion Mapping and Monitoring at Multiple Scales Based on Multi-Source Remote Sensing Data of the Sancha River Catchment, Northeast China
* Interpreting mechanisms of prediction for skin cancer diagnosis using multi-task learning
* Investigation of Impacts of Surface Waves-Induced Mixing on the Upper Ocean under Typhoon Megi (2010), An
* LiDAR-Based Online 3D Video Object Detection With Graph-Based Message Passing and Spatiotemporal Transformer Attention
* Lip Image Segmentation in Mobile Devices Based on Alternative Knowledge Distillation
* Near-infrared composite pattern projection for continuous motion hand-computer interaction
* New Variational Method for Bias Correction and Its Applications to Rodent Brain Extraction, A
* Traj-MAE: Masked Autoencoders for Trajectory Prediction
* UniG-Encoder: A universal feature encoder for graph and hypergraph node classification
* Wind Speed Retrieval Model for Sentinel-1A EW Mode Cross-Polarization Images, A
Includes: Guan, C.[Changlong] Guan, C.[ChengHe] Guan, C. Guan, C.[Cheng] Guan, C.[Cong] Guan, C.[Chun] Guan, C.[Chenyong]
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Guan, C.F.[Chong Fan] Co Author Listing * Temporal Variation in Tower-Based Solar-Induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence and Its Environmental Response in a Chinese Cork Oak Plantation
Includes: Guan, C.F.[Chong Fan] Guan, C.F.[Chong-Fan]

Guan, C.H.[Cheng He] Co Author Listing * Spatial Structure of an Urban Park System Based on Fractal Theory: A Case Study of Fuzhou, China
Includes: Guan, C.H.[Cheng He] Guan, C.H.[Cheng-He]

Guan, C.L.[Chang Long] Co Author Listing * Dependence of Sea SAR Image Distribution Parameters on Surface Wave Characteristics, The
* Extreme Wind Speeds Retrieval Using Sentinel-1 IW Mode SAR Data
* Ocean Wind Retrieval Models for RADARSAT Constellation Mission Compact Polarimetry SAR
Includes: Guan, C.L.[Chang Long] Guan, C.L.[Chang-Long]

Guan, C.T.[Cun Tai] Co Author Listing * ACT-NET: Asymmetric Co-Teacher Network for Semi-Supervised Memory-Efficient Medical Image Segmentation
* Artifact correction with robust statistics for non-stationary intracranial pressure signal monitoring
* Brain-Computer Interface for Mental Arithmetic Task from Single-Trial Near-Infrared Spectroscopy Brain Signals, A
* Brain-Computer Interface for Neurorehabilitation of Upper Limb After Stroke
* Continuous Emotion Recognition using Visual-audio-linguistic Information: A Technical Report for ABAW3
* Continuous Emotion Recognition with Audio-visual Leader-follower Attentive Fusion
* Covariate Shift Minimisation Method to Alleviate Non-stationarity Effects for an Adaptive Brain-Computer Interface, A
* E-Key: An EEG-Based Biometric Authentication and Driving Fatigue Detection System
* Efficient Representation Learning for Inner Speech Domain Generalization
* High accuracy classification of EEG signal
* Information Theoretic Linear Discriminant Analysis Method, An
* Iterative clustering and support vectors-based high-confidence query selection for motor imagery EEG signals classification
* Kernel-based Signal Localization Method for NIRS Brain-computer Interfaces, A
* LE-UDA: Label-Efficient Unsupervised Domain Adaptation for Medical Image Segmentation
* linear discriminant analysis method based on mutual information maximization, A
* MMGL: Multi-Scale Multi-View Global-Local Contrastive Learning for Semi-Supervised Cardiac Image Segmentation
* Multimodal Continuous Emotion Recognition: A Technical Report for ABAW5
* Mutual information-based selection of optimal spatial-temporal patterns for single-trial EEG-based BCIs
* Online ICP forecast for patients with traumatic brain injury
* Robust Traffic Prediction From Spatial-Temporal Data Based on Conditional Distribution Learning
* Self-Supervised Contrastive Representation Learning for Semi-Supervised Time-Series Classification
* self-training semi-supervised SVM algorithm and its application in an EEG-based brain computer interface speller system, A
* Spatially Regularized Common Spatial Patterns for EEG Classification
* Subject-independent brain computer interface through boosting
* TSception: Capturing Temporal Dynamics and Spatial Asymmetry From EEG for Emotion Recognition
* Visual-to-EEG cross-modal knowledge distillation for continuous emotion recognition
Includes: Guan, C.T.[Cun Tai] Guan, C.T.[Cun-Tai]
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Guan, C.Y.[Chen Ye] Co Author Listing * ApolloCar3D: A Large 3D Car Instance Understanding Benchmark for Autonomous Driving
* IoU Loss for 2D/3D Object Detection
Includes: Guan, C.Y.[Chen Ye] Guan, C.Y.[Chen-Ye]

Guan, D.[Dayan] Co Author Listing * 3D Semantic Segmentation in the Wild: Learning Generalized Models for Adverse-Condition Point Clouds
* Box-level segmentation supervised deep neural networks for accurate and real-time multispectral pedestrian detection
* Category Contrast for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation in Visual Tasks
* Contextual-relation Consistent Domain Adaptation for Semantic Segmentation
* Cross-View Regularization for Domain Adaptive Panoptic Segmentation
* Domain Adaptive LiDAR Point Cloud Segmentation With 3D Spatial Consistency
* Domain Adaptive Video Segmentation via Temporal Consistency Regularization
* Domain Adaptive Video Segmentation via Temporal Pseudo Supervision
* FPS-Net: A convolutional fusion network for large-scale LiDAR point cloud segmentation
* FSDR: Frequency Space Domain Randomization for Domain Generalization
* Multi-level adversarial network for domain adaptive semantic segmentation
* Open-set human activity recognition based on micro-Doppler signatures
* RDA: Robust Domain Adaptation via Fourier Adversarial Attacking
* SAR Image Speckle Reduction Based on Nonconvex Hybrid Total Variation Model
* Scale variance minimization for unsupervised domain adaptation in image segmentation
* Unbiased Subclass Regularization for Semi-Supervised Semantic Segmentation
* Uncertainty-Aware Unsupervised Domain Adaptation in Object Detection
* Unsupervised Point Cloud Representation Learning With Deep Neural Networks: A Survey
Includes: Guan, D.[Dayan] Guan, D.[Dai] Guan, D.
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Guan, D.D.[Dong Dong] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Statistical Superpixel Merging With Edge Penalty for PolSAR Image Segmentation
* Extreme Learning Machine with Superpixel-Guided Composite Kernels for SAR Image Classification
* Fast Pixel-Superpixel Region Merging for SAR Image Segmentation
* Hybrid Approach via SRG and IDE for Volume Segmentation, A
* Inshore Ship Detection in Large-Scale SAR Images Based on Saliency Enhancement and Bhattacharyya-like Distance
* Iterative Robust Graph for Unsupervised Change Detection of Heterogeneous Remote Sensing Images
* Iterative structure transformation and conditional random field based method for unsupervised multimodal change detection
* Novel Edge Detection Method for Multi-Temporal PolSAR Images Based on the SIRV Model and a SDAN-Based 3D Gaussian-like Kernel, A
* SAR Image Despeckling Based on Nonlocal Low-Rank Regularization
* SD-CapsNet: A Siamese Dense Capsule Network for SAR Image Registration with Complex Scenes
* Statistical Property Guided Feature Extraction for Volume Data
* Structured graph based image regression for unsupervised multimodal change detection
Includes: Guan, D.D.[Dong Dong] Guan, D.D.[Dong-Dong]
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Guan, D.H.[Dong Hai] Co Author Listing * Cycle-SNSPGAN: Towards Real-World Image Dehazing via Cycle Spectral Normalized Soft Likelihood Estimation Patch GAN
Includes: Guan, D.H.[Dong Hai] Guan, D.H.[Dong-Hai]

Guan, D.J.[De Jun] Co Author Listing * Corpus-based HIT-MW database for offline recognition of general-purpose Chinese handwritten text
* Gabor-Based Recognizer for Chinese Handwriting from Segmentation-Free Strategy
* How to Simulate Carbon Sequestration Potential of Forest Vegetation? A Forest Carbon Sequestration Model across a Typical Mountain City in China
* Off-line recognition of realistic Chinese handwriting using segmentation-free strategy
Includes: Guan, D.J.[De Jun] Guan, D.J.[De-Jun] Guan, D.J.[Dong-Jie]

Guan, D.L.[Dong Liang] Co Author Listing * Wind Direction Signatures in GNSS-R Observables from Space
Includes: Guan, D.L.[Dong Liang] Guan, D.L.[Dong-Liang]

Guan, D.X.[De Xin] Co Author Listing * Estimating the Legacy Effect of Post-Cutting Shelterbelt on Crop Yield Using Google Earth and Sentinel-2 Data
Includes: Guan, D.X.[De Xin] Guan, D.X.[De-Xin]

Guan, D.Z.[Duan Zheng] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Speech Intelligibility Enhancement for Far-and-Near-end Noise Environments Based on Self-attention StarGAN
* Perceptual Localization of Virtual Sound Source Based on Loudspeaker Triplet
Includes: Guan, D.Z.[Duan Zheng] Guan, D.Z.[Duan-Zheng]

Guan, E. Co Author Listing * Dynamic Approach for Face Recognition Using Digital Image Skin Correlation
* E-FPN: Evidential Feature Pyramid Network for Ship Classification
Includes: Guan, E. Guan, E.[Enguang]

Guan, F. Co Author Listing * Accuracy Investigation of Orthoimages Obtained from High Resolution Satellite Stereo Pairs
* Detection of Changes in Buildings in Remote Sensing Images via Self-Supervised Contrastive Pre-Training and Historical Geographic Information System Vector Maps
* Motion estimation using audio and video fusion
* Neighborhood linear embedding for intrinsic structure discovery
* Planar Reconstruction of Indoor Scenes from Sparse Views and Relative Camera Poses
Includes: Guan, F. Guan, F.[Fangli] Guan, F.[Feng]

Guan, F.L.[Fang Li] Co Author Listing * Modelling people's perceived scene complexity of real-world environments using street-view panoramas and open geodata
Includes: Guan, F.L.[Fang Li] Guan, F.L.[Fang-Li]

Guan, F.X.[Feng Xu] Co Author Listing * Research of Finger Vein Recognition Based on Fusion of Wavelet Moment and Horizontal and Vertical 2DPCA
* Speed-Up DDPM for Real-Time Underwater Image Enhancement
* Underwater image enhancement method based on denoising diffusion probabilistic model
Includes: Guan, F.X.[Feng Xu] Guan, F.X.[Feng-Xu]

Guan, F.Y.[Feng Ying] Co Author Listing * Terrestrial laser scanning in forest inventories
Includes: Guan, F.Y.[Feng Ying] Guan, F.Y.[Feng-Ying]

Guan, G.[Genliang] Co Author Listing * Iterative keyframe selection by orthogonal subspace projection
* Keypoint-Based Keyframe Selection
* Video summarization via minimum sparse reconstruction
Includes: Guan, G.[Genliang] Guan, G.

Guan, G.H.[Guo Hui] Co Author Listing * Deep Audio-Visual Beamforming for Speaker Localization
Includes: Guan, G.H.[Guo Hui] Guan, G.H.[Guo-Hui]

Guan, G.L.[Gen Liang] Co Author Listing * Bag-of-Importance Model With Locality-Constrained Coding Based Feature Learning for Video Summarization, A
* Improving News Video Annotation with Semantic Context
Includes: Guan, G.L.[Gen Liang] Guan, G.L.[Gen-Liang]

Guan, H. Co Author Listing * 3d Hand Pose Retrieval from a Single 2d Image
* 3d-cnn Based Tree Species Classification Using Mobile Lidar Data
* Analysis, Comparison, and Assessment of Latent Fingerprint Image Preprocessing
* Automated Detection of Urban Road Manhole Covers Using Mobile Laser Scanning Data
* Automatic Tagging by Leveraging Visual and Annotated Features in Social Media
* Brain Age Estimation From MRI Using Cascade Networks With Ranking Loss
* BRISKS: Binary Features for Spherical Images on a Geodesic Grid
* Cascaded Deep Convolutional Network for Vehicle Logo Recognition From Frontal and Rear Images of Vehicles, A
* Color image denoising using e-neighborhood Gaussian model
* Coordinated Motion Planning for Heterogeneous Autonomous Vehicles Based on Driving Behavior Primitives
* Corner Detection in Spherical Images via the Accelerated Segment Test on a Geodesic Grid
* Detecting Ecological Changes with a Remote Sensing Based Ecological Index (RSEI) Produced Time Series and Change Vector Analysis
* Efficient Method For Automatic Road Extraction Based On Multiple Features From Lidar Data, An
* Enhancing Image Watermarking With Adaptive Embedding Parameter and PSNR Guarantee
* Estimation of Surface Soil Moisture from Thermal Infrared Remote Sensing Using an Improved Trapezoid Method
* Federated learning for medical image analysis: A survey
* GameFlow: Narrative Visualization of NBA Basketball Games
* High-Throughput Phenotyping Analysis of Potted Soybean Plants Using Colorized Depth Images Based on A Proximal Platform
* How do deep convolutional features affect tracking performance: An experimental study
* Improved Exponential Model Considering a Spectrally Effective Moisture Threshold for Proximal Hyperspectral Reflectance Simulation and Soil Salinity Estimation, An
* Inception Donut Convolution for Top-down Semantic Segmentation
* Iterative Tensor Voting for Pavement Crack Extraction Using Mobile Laser Scanning Data
* Learning Semantic Associations for Mirror Detection
* Mapping China's planted forests using high resolution imagery and massive amounts of crowdsourced samples
* MFC Datasets: Large-Scale Benchmark Datasets for Media Forensic Challenge Evaluation
* MonoPoly: A practical monocular 3D object detector
* Multi-Scale Conditional Generative Adversarial Network for Face Sketch Synthesis, A
* Parking Planning Under Limited Parking Corridor Space
* Prediction of Chlorophyll Content in Different Light Areas of Apple Tree Canopies based on the Color Characteristics of 3D Reconstruction
* Random Forests-based Feature Selection For Land-Use Classification Using Lidar Data And Orthoimagery
* Region based image retrieval with query-adaptive feature fusion
* Remote Sensing Based Method to Detect Soil Erosion in Forests, A
* Rethinking ReLU to Train Better CNNs
* Robust Texture-Aware Local Adaptive Image Watermarking With Perceptual Guarantee
* Separating the Structural Components of Maize for Field Phenotyping Using Terrestrial LiDAR Data and Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
* Skip-Connected Deep Convolutional Autoencoder for Restoration of Document Images
* Structure-From-Motion in Spherical Video Using the von Mises-Fisher Distribution
* Three-Dimensional Reconstruction of Soybean Canopies Using Multisource Imaging for Phenotyping Analysis
* Throughput-Speed Product Augmentation for Scanning Fiber-Optic Two-Photon Endomicroscopy
Includes: Guan, H. Guan, H.[Hao] Guan, H.[Haike] Guan, H.[Haijie] Guan, H.[Huade] Guan, H.[Hu] Guan, H.[Haiou] Guan, H.[Haiyan] Guan, H.[Huankang] Guan, H.[Hongcan] Guan, H.[He] Guan, H.[Hsin]
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Guan, H.B.[Hai Bing] Co Author Listing * CARE: Cloudified Android With Optimized Rendering Platform
* Dual Adversarial Network for Deep Active Learning
* Fast and Accurate Scene Parsing via Bi-Direction Alignment Networks
* FTL: A Universal Framework for Training Low-bit DNNs via Feature Transfer
* GPFL: Simultaneously Learning Global and Personalized Feature Information for Personalized Federated Learning
* Novel System for Robust Text Location and Recognition of Book Covers, A
* Object Guided External Memory Network for Video Object Detection
* RIDIC: Real-Time Intelligent Transportation System With Dispersed Computing
* Robust Bayesian Neural Networks by Spectral Expectation Bound Regularization
* Self-supervised Multi-object Tracking with Cycle-consistency
* Self-Supervised Vessel Segmentation via Adversarial Learning
* SMe: explicit & implicit constrained-space probabilistic threshold range queries for moving objects
* Text Localization and Recognition in Complex Scenes Using Local Features
* Two-View Motion Segmentation by Gaussian Blurring Mean Shift with Fitness Measure
* VTT: Long-term Visual Tracking with Transformers
Includes: Guan, H.B.[Hai Bing] Guan, H.B.[Hai-Bing]
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Guan, H.C.[Hong Can] Co Author Listing * Development and Performance Evaluation of a Very Low-Cost UAV-Lidar System for Forestry Applications
* Land Cover Classification From Full-waveform Lidar Data Based On Support Vector Machines
* marker-free method for registering multi-scan terrestrial laser scanning data in forest environments, A
* Novel Framework to Automatically Fuse Multiplatform LiDAR Data in Forest Environments Based on Tree Locations, A
* Object-Based Strategy for Improving the Accuracy of Spatiotemporal Satellite Imagery Fusion for Vegetation-Mapping Applications, An
Includes: Guan, H.C.[Hong Can] Guan, H.C.[Hong-Can] Guan, H.C.

Guan, H.J.[Hong Jiao] Co Author Listing * Dual Self-Paced SMOTE for Imbalanced Data
* WENN for individualized cleaning in imbalanced data
Includes: Guan, H.J.[Hong Jiao] Guan, H.J.[Hong-Jiao]

Guan, H.L.[Hong Liang] Co Author Listing * depth map fusion algorithm with improved efficiency considering pixel region prediction, A
* Efficient and Robust Hybrid SfM Method for Large-Scale Scenes, An
* Incrementally Detecting Change Types of Spatial Area Object: A Hierarchical Matching Method Considering Change Process
* ZY-1 02D Hyperspectral Imagery Super-Resolution via Endmember Matrix Constraint Unmixing
Includes: Guan, H.L.[Hong Liang] Guan, H.L.[Hong-Liang]

Guan, H.Q.[Huai Qun] Co Author Listing * CT reconstruction by using the MLS-ART technique and the KCD imaging system. I. Low-energy X-ray studies
Includes: Guan, H.Q.[Huai Qun] Guan, H.Q.[Huai-Qun]

Guan, H.T.[Hai Tao] Co Author Listing * integrated approach for medical abnormality detection using deep patch convolutional neural networks, An
* Speaker-aware Speech Emotion Recognition by Fusing Amplitude and Phase Information
Includes: Guan, H.T.[Hai Tao] Guan, H.T.[Hai-Tao] Guan, H.T.[Hao-Tian]

Guan, H.X.[Hai Xiang] Co Author Listing * Evaluating the Ability of the Sentinel-1 Cross-Polarization Ratio to Detect Spring Maize Phenology Using Adaptive Dynamic Threshold
* Innovative Approach for Improving the Accuracy of Digital Elevation Models for Cultivated Land, An
* Quantitative Monitoring Method for Determining Maize Lodging in Different Growth Stages, A
Includes: Guan, H.X.[Hai Xiang] Guan, H.X.[Hai-Xiang]

Guan, H.Y.[Hai Ying] Co Author Listing * 3D Hand Pose Reconstruction with ISOSOM
* Accurate and robust registration of high-speed railway viaduct point clouds using closing conditions and external geometric constraints
* Accurate TLS and UAV Image Point Clouds Registration Method for Deformation Detection of Chaotic Hillside Areas, An
* Affine-Function Transformation-Based Object Matching for Vehicle Detection from Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Imagery
* Automated Detection of Three-Dimensional Cars in Mobile Laser Scanning Point Clouds Using DBM-Hough-Forests
* Automated Extraction of 3D Trees from Mobile LiDAR Point Clouds
* Automated Extraction of Urban Road Facilities Using Mobile Laser Scanning Data
* Automated Hierarchical Approach for Three-Dimensional Segmentation of Single Trees Using UAV LiDAR Data, An
* Automated Road Information Extraction from Mobile Laser Scanning Data
* Automatic Hot Spot Detection and Segmentation in Whole Body FDG-PET Images
* Automatic Registration Between LIDAR and Digital Images
* Automatic Traffic Sign Detection and Recognition Using Mobile Lidar Data with Digital Images
* Bag of Contextual-Visual Words for Road Scene Object Detection From Mobile Laser Scanning Data
* Bag-of-visual-phrases and hierarchical deep models for traffic sign detection and recognition in mobile laser scanning data
* Building Extraction from Airborne Multi-Spectral LiDAR Point Clouds Based on Graph Geometric Moments Convolutional Neural Networks
* CCapFPN: A Context-Augmented Capsule Feature Pyramid Network for Pavement Crack Detection
* CobNet: Cross Attention on Object and Background for Few-Shot Segmentation
* Combination of Stop-and-Go and Electro-Tricycle Laser Scanning Systems for Rural Cadastral Surveys, A
* DA-CapsUNet: A Dual-Attention Capsule U-Net for Road Extraction from Remote Sensing Imagery
* Deep learning for filtering the ground from ALS point clouds: A dataset, evaluations and issues
* End-to-End Change Detection for High Resolution Satellite Images Using Improved UNet++
* GLFF: Global and Local Feature Fusion for AI-Synthesized Image Detection
* Hand posture estimation from 2D monocular image
* Hierarchical Isometric Self-Organizing Map for Manifold Representation, The
* Improving rare relation inferring for scene graph generation using bipartite graph network
* Isometric Self-Organizing Map for 3D Hand Pose Estimation, The
* Land-cover classification of multispectral LiDAR data using CNN with optimized hyper-parameters
* Marked Point Process for Automated Tree Detection from Mobile Laser Scanning Point Cloud Data, A
* Model-based 3D hand posture estimation from a single 2D image
* Multi-overlapped based global registration of UAV images
* Multi-view Appearance-based 3D Hand Pose Estimation
* Multispectral LiDAR Point Cloud Classification Using SE-PointNet++
* New Metric for Latent Fingerprint Image Preprocessing, A
* Orientation guided anchoring for geospatial object detection from remote sensing imagery
* Prediction of pediatric activity intensity with wearable sensors and bi-directional LSTM models
* RACDNet: Resolution- and Alignment-Aware Change Detection Network for Optical Remote Sensing Imagery
* Registration Based Few-Shot Anomaly Detection
* Reverse Difference Network for Highlighting Small Objects in Aerial Images
* RoadCapsFPN: Capsule Feature Pyramid Network for Road Extraction From VHR Optical Remote Sensing Imagery
* Rotation-and-scale-invariant airplane detection in high-resolution satellite images based on deep-Hough-forests
* self-adaptive mean shift tree-segmentation method Using UAV LiDAR data, A
* Self-Attention in Reconstruction Bias U-Net for Semantic Segmentation of Building Rooftops in Optical Remote Sensing Images
* Semiautomated Extraction of Street Light Poles From Mobile LiDAR Point-Clouds
* SemiCDNet: A Semisupervised Convolutional Neural Network for Change Detection in High Resolution Remote-Sensing Images
* SignHRNet: Street-level traffic signs recognition with an attentive semi-anchoring guided high-resolution network
* Street-Scene Tree Segmentation from Mobile Laser Scanning Data
* Using Mobile Laser Scanning Data for Automated Extraction of Road Markings
* Using Mobile LiDAR Data for Rapidly Updating Road Markings
* Vehicle Detection in High-Resolution Aerial Images via Sparse Representation and Superpixels
* WaterFormer: A coupled transformer and CNN network for waterbody detection in optical remotely-sensed imagery
Includes: Guan, H.Y.[Hai Ying] Guan, H.Y.[Hai-Ying] Guan, H.Y.[Hai-Yan] Guan, H.Y.[Hao-Yan] Guan, H.Y.[Hao-Yue] Guan, H.Y.[Hong-Yan]
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Guan, H.Z.[Hong Zhi] Co Author Listing * Towards a more flexible demand responsive transit service with compensation mechanism considering boundedly rational passengers
Includes: Guan, H.Z.[Hong Zhi] Guan, H.Z.[Hong-Zhi]

Guan, J.[Jian] Co Author Listing * ARank: Toward specific model pruning via advantage rank for multiple salient objects detection
* Association Loss for Visual Object Detection
* Audio-Visual Particle Flow SMC-PHD Filtering for Multi-Speaker Tracking
* Color by Linear Neighborhood Embedding
* Detection and Extraction of Target With Micromotion in Spiky Sea Clutter Via Short-Time Fractional Fourier Transform
* Display HDR Image using a Gain Map
* Domain-Adaptive Few-Shot Learning
* Edge model based fusion of multi-focus images using matting method
* Enhanced Gaze Following via Object Detection and Human Pose Estimation
* Extreme Reverse Projection Learning for Zero-Shot Recognition
* Fast main density peak clustering within relevant regions via a robust decision graph
* Fast tone mapping for high dynamic range images
* Few-shot Backdoor Defense Using Shapley Estimation
* Gabor-based patch covariance matrix for face sketch synthesis
* General Framework for Unmet Demand Prediction in On-Demand Transport Services, A
* Generative Hybrid Representations for Activity Forecasting With No-Regret Learning
* Global Surface HCHO Distribution Derived from Satellite Observations with Neural Networks Technique
* Graph Attention for Automated Audio Captioning
* Graph-based supervised discrete image hashing
* Large-scale Cross-domain Few-shot Learning
* Local Information Assisted Attention-Free Decoder for Audio Captioning
* Low rank matrix completion using truncated nuclear norm and sparse regularizer
* Micro-Motion Classification of Flying Bird and Rotor Drones via Data Augmentation and Modified Multi-Scale CNN
* Multi-Dimensional Automatic Detection of Scanning Radar Images of Marine Targets Based on Radar PPInet
* New Satellite-Based Indicator for Estimation of the Western North Pacific Tropical Cyclone Current Intensity, A
* Novel Image Registration Algorithm for Remote Sensing Under Affine Transformation, A
* Peak-Graph-Based Fast Density Peak Clustering for Image Segmentation
* Radatron: Accurate Detection Using Multi-resolution Cascaded MIMO Radar
* Radon-Linear Canonical Ambiguity Function-Based Detection and Estimation Method for Marine Target With Micromotion
* Robust Multi-Focus Image Fusion Using Edge Model and Multi-Matting
* SAR and Multi-Spectral Data Fusion for Local Climate Zone Classification with Multi-Branch Convolutional Neural Network
* Scalable Semi-Automatic Annotation for Multi-Camera Person Tracking
* Semi-supervised Learning based on Bayesian Networks and Optimization for Interactive Image Retrieval
* SMMP: A Stable-Membership-Based Auto-Tuning Multi-Peak Clustering Algorithm
* Space-Time-Range Joint Adaptive Focusing and Detection Method for Multiple Input Multiple Output Radar, A
* Space-Time-Waveform Joint Adaptive Detection for MIMO Radar
* Stochastic Analysis of DASH-Based Video Service in High-Speed Railway Networks
* Through Fog High-Resolution Imaging Using Millimeter Wave Radar
* Time-Range Adaptive Focusing Method Based on APC and Iterative Adaptive Radon-Fourier Transform
* Tone Mapping for HDR Image using Optimization A New Closed Form Solution
* Unsupervised Feature Selection via Graph Regularized Nonnegative CP Decomposition
* Visual Importance and Distortion Guided Deep Image Quality Assessment Framework
* WRGPruner: A new model pruning solution for tiny salient object detection
Includes: Guan, J.[Jian] Guan, J.[Jiechao] Guan, J. Guan, J.[Junyi] Guan, J.[Jiyang] Guan, J.[Jayden] Guan, J.[Jiewen]
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Guan, J.C.[Jie Chao] Co Author Listing * Few-shot Zero-shot Learning: Knowledge Transfer with Less Supervision
* Transferrable Feature and Projection Learning with Class Hierarchy for Zero-Shot Learning
* Zero and Few Shot Learning With Semantic Feature Synthesis and Competitive Learning
Includes: Guan, J.C.[Jie Chao] Guan, J.C.[Jie-Chao]

Guan, J.F.[Ji Fu] Co Author Listing * data-driven chassis coordination control strategy, A
Includes: Guan, J.F.[Ji Fu] Guan, J.F.[Ji-Fu]

Guan, J.G.[Jun Gang] Co Author Listing * Energy-Efficient Hardware Implementation of Road-Lane Detection Based on Hough Transform with Parallelized Voting Procedure and Local Maximum Algorithm
Includes: Guan, J.G.[Jun Gang] Guan, J.G.[Jun-Gang]

Guan, J.H.[Ji Hong] Co Author Listing * Accurate Few-shot Object Detection with Support-Query Mutual Guidance and Hybrid Loss
* CDFM: A cross-domain few-shot model for marine plankton classification
* Iterative PET Image Reconstruction Using Convolutional Neural Network Representation
* Meta-ZSDETR: Zero-shot DETR with Meta-learning
* MIMO: A Unified Spatio-Temporal Model for Multi-Scale Sea Surface Temperature Prediction
* Nitrogen and Phosphorus Effect on Sun-Induced Fluorescence and Gross Primary Productivity in Mediterranean Grassland
* On Evaluating the Predictability of Sea Surface Temperature Using Entropy
* Robustly Recognizing Irregular Scene Text by Rectifying Principle Irregularities
* STA-GAN: A Spatio-Temporal Attention Generative Adversarial Network for Missing Value Imputation in Satellite Data
* Versatile Multiple Choice Learning and Its Application to Vision Computing
Includes: Guan, J.H.[Ji Hong] Guan, J.H.[Ji-Hong] Guan, J.H.[Jia-Hui] Guan, J.H.[Jin-Hong]
10 for Guan, J.H.

Guan, J.J.[Jin Jin] Co Author Listing * Landscape Visual Impact Evaluation for Onshore Wind Farm: A Case Study
Includes: Guan, J.J.[Jin Jin] Guan, J.J.[Jin-Jin]

Guan, J.N.[Jin Ning] Co Author Listing * Repeated review based image captioning for image evidence review
Includes: Guan, J.N.[Jin Ning] Guan, J.N.[Jin-Ning]

Guan, J.P.[Ji Ping] Co Author Listing * Attention-Unet-Based Near-Real-Time Precipitation Estimation from Fengyun-4A Satellite Imageries
* Federated Platform Enabling a Systematic Collaboration Among Devices, Data and Functions for Smart Mobility, A
* Potential Impacts of Assimilating Every-10-Minute Himawari-8 Satellite Radiance with the POD-4DEnVar Method
* Preliminary Study on the Inversion Method for the Refraction Structure Parameter from Vortex Electromagnetic Waves, A
* Satellite Image Positioning Method Based upon Aligning Surface Characteristics
* Seasonal Variation of Stratospheric Gravity Waves in the Asian Monsoon Region Derived from COSMIC-2 Data
* Seasonal Variations in the Vertical Wavenumber Spectra of Stratospheric Gravity Waves in the Asian Monsoon Region Derived from COSMIC-2 Data
* STPF-Net: Short-Term Precipitation Forecast Based on a Recurrent Neural Network
* Unsupervised discriminative hashing
Includes: Guan, J.P.[Ji Ping] Guan, J.P.[Ji-Ping] Guan, J.P.[Jin-Ping] Guan, J.P.[Jun-Peng]
9 for Guan, J.P.

Guan, J.Q.[Jia Qi] Co Author Listing * Equivariant Point Cloud Analysis via Learning Orientations for Message Passing
Includes: Guan, J.Q.[Jia Qi] Guan, J.Q.[Jia-Qi]

Guan, J.S. Co Author Listing * Neuron Segmentation Based on CNN with Semi-Supervised Regularization

Guan, J.T.[Jun Tao] Co Author Listing * Memory-Efficient Deformable Convolution Based Joint Denoising and Demosaicing for UHD Images
Includes: Guan, J.T.[Jun Tao] Guan, J.T.[Jun-Tao]

Guan, J.W.[Ju Wei] Co Author Listing * End-to-End Rain Removal Network Based on Progressive Residual Detail Supplement
* Infrared and Visible Image Fusion via Texture Conditional Generative Adversarial Network
* Learning structure of stereoscopic image for no-reference quality assessment with convolutional neural network
* Multimodal learning for facial expression recognition
* No-reference blur assessment based on edge modeling
* Residual network with detail perception loss for single image super-resolution
* Robust Feature Extraction via L_inf-Norm Based Nonnegative Tucker Decomposition
Includes: Guan, J.W.[Ju Wei] Guan, J.W.[Ju-Wei] Guan, J.W.[Jing-Wei] Guan, J.W.[Jia-Wei] Guan, J.W.[Jie-Wen]
7 for Guan, J.W.

Guan, J.X.[Jie Xiong] Co Author Listing * Pruning Parameterization with Bi-level Optimization for Efficient Semantic Segmentation on the Edge
Includes: Guan, J.X.[Jie Xiong] Guan, J.X.[Jie-Xiong]

Guan, J.Y.[Jing Yun] Co Author Listing * Assessing the Spatiotemporal Evolution of Anthropogenic Impacts on Remotely Sensed Vegetation Dynamics in Xinjiang, China
* Bayesian 3D Tracking from Monocular Video
* Generalized Zero-Shot Space Target Recognition Based on Global-Local Visual Feature Embedding Network
* Longitudinal speed control of autonomous vehicle based on a self-adaptive PID of radial basis function neural network
* Multiple-Gaze Geometry: Inferring Novel 3D Locations from Gazes Observed in Monocular Video
* Sampling bedrooms
* Vegetation Browning Trends in Spring and Autumn over Xinjiang, China, during the Warming Hiatus
Includes: Guan, J.Y.[Jing Yun] Guan, J.Y.[Jing-Yun] Guan, J.Y.[Jin-Yan] Guan, J.Y.[Jing-Ye] Guan, J.Y.[Jia-Yi]
7 for Guan, J.Y.

Guan, J.Z.[Jun Zhi] Co Author Listing * low resolution multi-camera system for person tracking, A
* Robust Multi-camera People Tracking Using Maximum Likelihood Estimation
* StyleSync: High-Fidelity Generalized and Personalized Lip Sync in Style-Based Generator
Includes: Guan, J.Z.[Jun Zhi] Guan, J.Z.[Jun-Zhi] Guan, J.Z.[Jia-Zhi]

Guan, K.[Ke] Co Author Listing * Blockage Effects of Road Bridge on mmWave Channels for Intelligent Autonomous Vehicles
* Challenges Toward Wireless Communications for High-Speed Railway
* Channel Measurement and Modeling for Millimeter-Wave Automotive Radar
* Channel Measurement and Ray-Tracing Simulation for 77 GHz Automotive Radar
* Channel Measurement, Simulation, and Analysis for High-Speed Railway Communications in 5G Millimeter-Wave Band
* DeepQoE: A Multimodal Learning Framework for Video Quality of Experience (QoE) Prediction
* Excess Propagation Loss Modeling of Semiclosed Obstacles for Intelligent Transportation System
* Mapping the Essential Urban Land Use in Changchun by Applying Random Forest and Multi-Source Geospatial Data
* Measurements and Analysis of Large-Scale Fading Characteristics in Curved Subway Tunnels at 920 MHz, 2400 MHz, and 5705 MHz
* Reducing the Cost of High-Speed Railway Communications: From the Propagation Channel View
* STRIVE: Scene Text Replacement In Videos
* Toward Cost-Efficient Content Placement in Media Cloud: Modeling and Analysis
Includes: Guan, K.[Ke] Guan, K. Guan, K.[Kehan] Guan, K.[Kelly]
12 for Guan, K.

Guan, K.L.[Kai Lang] Co Author Listing * Assessing Safety and Suitability of Old Trails for Hiking Using Ground and Drone Surveys
Includes: Guan, K.L.[Kai Lang] Guan, K.L.[Kai-Lang]

Guan, K.Y.[Kai Yu] Co Author Listing * 3D convolutional neural network method for land cover classification using LiDAR and multi-temporal Landsat imagery, A
* Ability of Sun-Induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence From OCO-2 and MODIS-EVI to Monitor Spatial Variations of Soybean and Maize Yields in the Midwestern USA, The
* deep transfer learning framework for mapping high spatiotemporal resolution LAI, A
* Deriving Vegetation Phenological Time and Trajectory Information Over Africa Using SEVIRI Daily LAI
* Global Analysis of Bioclimatic Controls on Ecosystem Productivity Using Satellite Observations of Solar-Induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence
* Spatiotemporal Derivation of Intermittent Ponding in a Maize-Soybean Landscape from Planet Labs CubeSat Images
* STAIR 2.0: A Generic and Automatic Algorithm to Fuse Modis, Landsat, and Sentinel-2 to Generate 10 m, Daily, and Cloud-/Gap-Free Surface Reflectance Product
* Toward Large-Scale Mapping of Tree Crops with High-Resolution Satellite Imagery and Deep Learning Algorithms: A Case Study of Olive Orchards in Morocco
* Towards operational atmospheric correction of airborne hyperspectral imaging spectroscopy: Algorithm evaluation, key parameter analysis, and machine learning emulators
Includes: Guan, K.Y.[Kai Yu] Guan, K.Y.[Kai-Yu]
9 for Guan, K.Y.

Guan, L. Co Author Listing * 3D Human Action Recognition Using a Single Depth Feature and Locality-Constrained Affine Subspace Coding
* 3D Occlusion Inference from Silhouette Cues
* Adaptive Image Processing: A Computational Intelligence Perspective
* Adaptive Impulsive Noise Removal in TV Picture Transmission
* Adaptive Regularization in Image Restoration by Unsupervised Learning
* Adaptive Regularization in Image Restoration Using a Model Based Neural Network
* Adaptive Scaled Mean-Square Error Filtering by Neural Networks
* Adaptive Video Indexing and Automatic/Semi-Automatic Relevance Feedback
* Analysis of Human Gait Bilateral Symmetry for Functional Assessment after an Orthopaedic Surgery
* Arctic Sea Ice Albedo Estimation from Fengyun-3C/Visible and Infra-Red Radiometer
* Assessing FY-3E HIRAS-II Radiance Accuracy Using AHI and MERSI-LL
* Assessment of Global FY-3C/VIRR Sea Surface Temperature
* Automatic face detection in video sequences using local normalization and optimal adaptive correlation techniques
* Automatic landmark point detection and tracking for human facial expressions
* Automatic Registration of Smooth Object Image to 3D CAD Model for Industrial Inspection Applications
* Automatic Relevance Feedback for Distributed Content-Based Image Retrieval
* Automatic Similarity Learning Using SOTM for CBIR of the WT/VQ Coded Images
* CAD system for the automatic detection of clustered microcalcifications in digitized mammogram films, A
* Characterization of Perceptual Importance for Object-based Image Segmentation
* Cloud Detection Algorithm Based on FY-4A/GIIRS Infrared Hyperspectral Observations, A
* Comparison of Himawari-8 AHI SST with Shipboard Skin SST Measurements in the Australian Region
* Comparison of Three Convolution Neural Network Schemes to Retrieve Temperature and Humidity Profiles from the FY4A GIIRS Observations
* Complete Discriminative Tensor Representation Learning for Two-Dimensional Correlation Analysis, A
* Compression of digital mammogram databases using a near-lossless scheme
* Computer vision aided target linked radiation imaging
* Content-based image retrieval via distributed databases
* Continuous human activity recognition
* Covariance-guided One-Class Support Vector Machine
* Cross-Calibration of HY-1D/COCTS Thermal Emissive Bands in the South China Sea
* Deep Camera Pose Regression Using Motion Vectors
* Deep Local Feature Descriptor Learning With Dual Hard Batch Construction
* Deformable 3-D Facial Expression Model for Dynamic Human Emotional State Recognition, A
* Delay-Rate-Distortion Optimization for Cloud Gaming With Hybrid Streaming
* Detecting 2020 Coral Bleaching Event in the Northwest Hainan Island Using CoralTemp SST and Sentinel-2B MSI Imagery
* Determining the Pixel-to-Pixel Uncertainty in Satellite-Derived SST Fields
* discriminant kernel entropy-based framework for feature representation learning, A
* Discriminative Multiple Canonical Correlation Analysis for Information Fusion
* Discriminative Patch Descriptor Learning With Focal Triplet Loss Function
* Discriminative Vectorial Framework for Multi-Modal Feature Representation, A
* Distinct Discriminant Canonical Correlation Analysis Network based Deep Information Quality Representation for Image Classification*, A
* Distributed Algorithms for Network Lifetime Maximization in Wireless Visual Sensor Networks
* Edge-Labeling Based Directed Gated Graph Network for Few-Shot Learning
* Edge-labeling based modified gated graph network for few-shot learning
* Efficient High-Resolution High-Level-Semantic Representation Learning for Human Pose Estimation
* Evaluation and Application of SMRT Model for L-Band Brightness Temperature Simulation in Arctic Sea Ice
* Evaluation of Sea Surface Temperature From the HY-2 Scanning Microwave Radiometer
* Event Detection and Recognition using Histogram of Oriented Gradients and Hidden Markov Models
* Exploring High-Level Plane Primitives for Indoor 3D Reconstruction with a Hand-held RGB-D Camera
* Fast nearest neighbor search for vector quantization of image data
* Feature Extraction of Chromosomes from 3D Confocal Microscope images
* Fiducial point tracking for facial expression using multiple particle filters with kernel correlation analysis
* Fingerprint Verification Using Rotation Invariant Feature Codes
* First Assessment of HY-1C COCTS Thermal Infrared Calibration Using MetOp-B IASI
* Full-Custom Texture Measurement and Applications in Multiresolution Video Coding
* Fusion of public DEMs based on sparse representation and adaptive regularization variation model
* Fuzzy Model-based Neural Network for Adaptive Regularization in Image Restoration, A
* Generalized MMSD feature extraction using QR decomposition
* Generalized multiple maximum scatter difference feature extraction using QR decomposition
* Graph Attention U-Net for Retinal Layer Surface Detection and Choroid Neovascularization Segmentation in OCT Images
* Guest Editorial: Special Issue on Real-Time Digital Video over Multimedia Networks
* Human action recognition by fusing deep features with Globality Locality Preserving Canonical Correlation Analysis
* Human action recognition via multiview discriminative analysis of canonical correlations
* Human emotional state recognition using real 3D visual features from Gabor library
* Human Gait and Posture Analysis for Diagnosing Neurological Disorders
* Identification of Sun Glint Contamination in GMI Measurements Over the Global Ocean
* Image Matching Using Enhancement Offsets With Adaptive Parameter Selection Via Histogram Analysis
* Implicit Autoencoder for Point-Cloud Self-Supervised Representation Learning
* Improving Action Recognition Using Collaborative Representation of Local Depth Map Feature
* Improving Shape-Based CBIR for Natural Image Content Using a Modified GFD
* Incremental generalized multiple maximum scatter difference with applications to feature extraction
* Information Fusion for Human Action Recognition via Biset/Multiset Globality Locality Preserving Canonical Correlation Analysis
* Information Fusion via Multimodal Hashing with Discriminant Canonical Correlation Maximization
* Information Fusion via Multimodal Hashing With Discriminant Correlation Maximization
* Instance Segmentation Model Evaluation and Rapid Deployment for Autonomous Driving Using Domain Differences
* Inter-Calibration of HY-1B/COCTS Thermal Infrared Channels with MetOp-A/IASI
* Jamming Waveform Generation Method Based on Generative Adversarial Network Model
* Joint intermodal and intramodal correlation preservation for semi-paired learning
* Kernel Cross-Modal Factor Analysis for Information Fusion With Application to Bimodal Emotion Recognition
* Kernel Fusion of Audio and Visual Information for Emotion Recognition
* Labeled Multiple Canonical Correlation Analysis for Information Fusion, The
* Learning View Selection for 3D Scenes
* Local Feature Descriptors with Deep Hypersphere Learning
* Local Variance Driven Self-Organization for Unsupervised Clustering
* Long-Term Variations in the Pixel-to-Pixel Variability of NOAA AVHRR SST Fields from 1982 to 2015
* Machine Intelligence Approach to Virtual Ballet Training, A
* Minimizing user interaction by automatic and semi-automatic relevance feedback for image retrieval
* model-based neural network for edge characterization, A
* Monocular Human Motion Tracking by Using DE-MC Particle Filter
* Motion energy guided multi-scale heterogeneous features for 3D action recognition
* Multi-object shape estimation and tracking from silhouette cues
* multi-strategy contrastive learning framework for weakly supervised semantic segmentation, A
* Multi-Stream Graph Convolutional Networks-Hidden Conditional Random Field Model for Skeleton-Based Action Recognition, A
* Multi-view Occlusion Reasoning for Probabilistic Silhouette-Based Dynamic Scene Reconstruction
* Multimodal Learning for Human Action Recognition Via Bimodal/Multimodal Hybrid Centroid Canonical Correlation Analysis
* Multiple Sea Ice Type Retrieval Using the HaiYang-2B Scatterometer in the Arctic
* Multiresolution-histogram Indexing and Relevance Feedback Learning for Image Retrieval
* Multisource Assessments of the FengYun-3D Microwave Humidity Sounder (MWHS) On-Orbit Performance
* Network of Networks Processing Model for Image Regularization, A
* Neural Network Adaptive Filter for the Removal of Impulse Noise in Digital Images, A
* New Modeling Approach of H.263+ VBR Coded Video Sources in ATM Networks, A
* Novel and Efficient Feedback Method for Pupil and Iris Localization, A
* Novel Key-Point Detector Based on Sparse Coding, A
* Novel Phase Offset SLM Scheme for PAPR Reduction in Alamouti MIMO-OFDM Systems Without Side Information, A
* Novel Semi-Supervised Dimensionality Reduction Framework, A
* On video based face recognition through adaptive sparse dictionary
* On-line signature verification by using most discriminating points
* On-Line Signature Verification Using 1-D Velocity-Based Directional Analysis
* On-Line Signature Verification: Directional Analysis of a Signature Using Weighted Relative Angle Partitions for Exploitation of Inter-Feature Dependencies
* Online Behavioral Analysis with Application to Emotion State Identification
* Optimal Neuron Evolution Algorithm for Constrained Quadratic-Programming in Image Restoration, An
* Optimization of resource reconfiguration for cloud-based multimedia applications
* Optimized Video Multicasting Over Wireless Ad Hoc Networks Using Distributed Algorithm
* Pano Popups: Indoor 3D Reconstruction with a Plane-Aware Network
* Point-Line Visual Stereo SLAM Using EDlines and PL-BoW
* Prediction of Sea Surface Temperature in the China Seas Based on Long Short-Term Memory Neural Networks
* Probabilistic 3D occupancy flow with latent silhouette cues
* Property of Frequency Shift in 2D-FRFT Domain With Application to Image Encryption, The
* Quantifying and Recognizing Human Movement Patterns From Monocular Video Images: Part I: A New Framework for Modeling Human Motion
* Quantifying and Recognizing Human Movement Patterns From Monocular Video Images: Part II: Applications to Biometrics
* Queueing model based resource optimization for multimedia cloud
* Real-time Image Analysis System for Computer-Assisted Diagnosis of Neurological Disorders, A
* Recognizing Human Emotional State Based on the 2D-FrFT and FLDA
* Recognizing Human Emotional State From Audiovisual Signals
* Recognizing Human Emotional State From Audiovisual Signals*
* Regional Study on the Oceanic Cool Skin and Diurnal Warming Effects: Observing and Modeling
* Restoration of randomly blurred images via the maximum a posteriori criterion
* Retrieval for Color Artistry Concepts
* Retrieval of Sea Surface Skin Temperature from the High Resolution Picture Transmission Data of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Series Satellites
* Retrieval of Sea Surface Temperature From HY-2A Scanning Microwave Radiometer
* Retrieval of Snow Depth on Arctic Sea Ice from the FY3B/MWRI
* Robust Signal Generation and Analysis of Rat Embryonic Heart Rate in Vitro Using Laplacian Eigenmaps and Empirical Mode Decomposition
* Safely Caching HOG Pyramid Feature Levels, to Speed up Facial Landmark Detection
* Scene change detection using DC coefficients
* Scene-Based Augmented Reality Framework for Exhibits, A
* SCK: A Sparse Coding Based Key-Point Detector
* Sea Surface Skin Temperature Retrieval from FY-3C/VIRR
* Self-Organizing Map for Segmenting 3D Biological Images
* Self-Organizing Tree Map for Eliminating Impulse Noise with Random Intensity Distributions
* Self-Organizing Trees and Forests: A Powerful Tool in Pattern Clustering and Recognition
* Simulation of Thermal Infrared Brightness Temperatures from an Ocean Color and Temperature Scanner Onboard a New Generation Chinese Ocean Color Observation Satellite
* Simultaneous image segmentation and 3D plane fitting for RGB-D sensors: An iterative framework
* Solving Streaming Capacity Problems in P2P VoD Systems
* Sparsity preserving multiple canonical correlation analysis with visual emotion recognition to multi-feature fusion
* Spatiotemporal Analysis of Snow Depth on First-year Ice Based on FY3B/MWRI in the Arctic
* Special Section on Computational Intelligence in Image Processing
* Stereo correspondence using an assisted discrete cosine transform method
* Study On The Retrieval Of Snow Depth From Fy3b/MWRI In The Atctic
* Super Resolution of Satellite-Derived Sea Surface Temperature Using a Transformer-Based Model
* TapTell: Interactive visual search for mobile task recommendation
* Towards dynamic resource optimization for cloud-based free viewpoint video service
* Unified Approach to Calibrate a Network of Camcorders and ToF cameras, A
* Vector Distribution Model and an Effective Nearest Neighbor Search Method for Image Vector Quantization, A
* Velocity and pressure-based partitions of horizontal and vertical trajectories for on-line signature verification
* Video Analysis of Human Gait and Posture to Determine Neurological Disorders
* Video coding algorithm using 3-D DCT and vector quantization
* Visual Hull Construction in the Presence of Partial Occlusion
* Wavelet-Based Texture Retrieval using Independent Component Analysis
* Weakly-supervised Metric Learning with Cross-Module Communications for the Classification of Anterior Chamber Angle Images
* Weighted hybrid fusion with rank consistency
* X-Band Radar Attenuation Correction Method Based on LightGBM Algorithm
Includes: Guan, L. Guan, L.[Li] Guan, L.[Ling] Guan, L.[Lei] Guan, L.[Lisi] Guan, L.[Liyi] Guan, L.[Liling] Guan, L.[Licong] Guan, L.[Lisong] Guan, L.[Lin] Guan, L.[Lianwu] Guan, L.[Linan]
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Guan, L.B.[Lei Bin] Co Author Listing * Natural scene text detection based on SWT, MSER and candidate classification
Includes: Guan, L.B.[Lei Bin] Guan, L.B.[Lei-Bin]

Guan, L.L.[Lin Lin] Co Author Listing * Evaluating the Performance of the SCOPE Model in Simulating Canopy Solar-Induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence
Includes: Guan, L.L.[Lin Lin] Guan, L.L.[Lin-Lin]

Guan, L.M.[Li Ming] Co Author Listing * MTSCANet: Multi temporal resolution temporal semantic context aggregation network
* Spatio-temporal prediction of leaf area index of rubber plantation using HJ-1A/1B CCD images and recurrent neural network
Includes: Guan, L.M.[Li Ming] Guan, L.M.[Li-Ming]

Guan, L.W.[Lian Wu] Co Author Listing * Indoor and Outdoor Low-Cost Seamless Integrated Navigation System Based on the Integration of INS/GNSS/LIDAR System
Includes: Guan, L.W.[Lian Wu] Guan, L.W.[Lian-Wu]

Guan, L.X.[Li Xin] Co Author Listing * DCCaps-UNet: A U-Shaped Hyperspectral Semantic Segmentation Model Based on the Depthwise Separable and Conditional Convolution Capsule Network
* Segmented minimum noise fraction transformation for efficient feature extraction of hyperspectral images
Includes: Guan, L.X.[Li Xin] Guan, L.X.[Li-Xin]

Guan, M.[Mei] Co Author Listing * Assessment of the Accessibility of Multiple Public Service Facilities and Its Correlation with Housing Prices Using an Improved 2SFCA Method: A Case Study of Jinan City, China, An
* Colour balance and contrast stretching for sand-dust image enhancement
* LEO-Constellation-Augmented BDS Precise Orbit Determination Considering Spaceborne Observational Errors
* Scalp EEG-Based Automatic Detection of Epileptiform Events via Graph Convolutional Network and Bi-Directional LSTM Co-Embedded Broad Learning System
Includes: Guan, M.[Mei] Guan, M.[Min] Guan, M.[Meiqian]

Guan, M.L.[Ming Lei] Co Author Listing * Detecting Spatiotemporal Features and Rationalities of Urban Expansions within the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area of China from 1987 to 2017 Using Time-Series Landsat Images and Socioeconomic Data
* Multi-Indicator Evaluation Method for Spatial Distribution of Urban Emergency Shelters, A
Includes: Guan, M.L.[Ming Lei] Guan, M.L.[Ming-Lei]

Guan, M.M.[Meng Meng] Co Author Listing * Chaotic image encryption algorithm using frequency-domain DNA encoding
Includes: Guan, M.M.[Meng Meng] Guan, M.M.[Meng-Meng]

Guan, M.Q.[Mei Qian] Co Author Listing * Navigation in GEO, HEO, and Lunar Trajectory Using Multi-GNSS Sidelobe Signals
* Optimal Walker Constellation Design of LEO-Based Global Navigation and Augmentation System
* Precise Orbit Determination of BDS-2 and BDS-3 Using SLR
Includes: Guan, M.Q.[Mei Qian] Guan, M.Q.[Mei-Qian]

Guan, M.Y.[Ming Yang] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Multi-Feature Reliability Re-Determinative Correlation Filter for Visual Tracking
* Fast level set method with dichromatic reflection model
* Rethinking Illumination for Person Re-Identification: A Unified View
Includes: Guan, M.Y.[Ming Yang] Guan, M.Y.[Ming-Yang] Guan, M.Y.[Ming-You] Guan, M.Y.[Meng-Yuan]

Guan, N.[Ning] Co Author Listing * fault diagnosis of rolling bearing in gearbox of wind turbines based on second generation wavelet, The
* Knowledge Evolution Learning: A Cost-Free Weakly Supervised Semantic Segmentation Framework for High-Resolution Land Cover Classification
* Noninvasive and Continuous Blood Pressure Monitoring Using Wearable Body Sensor Networks
* Unsupervised domain adaptation with joint supervised sparse coding and discriminative regularization term
Includes: Guan, N.[Ning] Guan, N.[Na] Guan, N.[Nan] Guan, N.

Guan, N.Y.[Nai Yang] Co Author Listing * Activity Recognition in Still Images with Transductive Non-negative Matrix Factorization
* Hybrid Contrastive Prototypical Network for Few-Shot Scene Classification
* Manifold Regularized Discriminative Nonnegative Matrix Factorization With Fast Gradient Descent
* Non-negative Low-Rank and Group-Sparse Matrix Factorization
* Truncated Cauchy Non-Negative Matrix Factorization
* Two-Dimensional Euler PCA for Face Recognition
Includes: Guan, N.Y.[Nai Yang] Guan, N.Y.[Nai-Yang]

Guan, P.[Peng] Co Author Listing * 2D Human Body Model Dressed in Eigen Clothing, A
* Estimating Human Shape and Pose from a Single Image
* Near-Earth Remote Sensing Images Used to Determine the Phenological Characteristics of the Canopy of Populus tomentosa B301 under Three Methods of Irrigation
* Novel Facial Feature Point Localization Method on 3D Faces, A
* Visual Leader-Following Approach With a T-D-R Framework for Quadruped Robots, A
Includes: Guan, P.[Peng] Guan, P.

Guan, P.Y.[Pei Yan] Co Author Listing * PIDRo: Parallel Isomeric Attention with Dynamic Routing for Text-Video Retrieval
* Pixel-Wise Grasp Detection via Twin Deconvolution and Multi-Dimensional Attention
Includes: Guan, P.Y.[Pei Yan] Guan, P.Y.[Pei-Yan] Guan, P.Y.[Pei-Yu]

Guan, Q.[Qiu] Co Author Listing * Automatic segmentation of MR depicted carotid arterial boundary based on local priors and constrained global optimisation
* Channel-Spatial Hybrid Attention Mechanism using Channel Weight Transfer Strategy, A
* CTI-Unet: Hybrid Local Features and Global Representations Efficiently
* Deep co-supervision and attention fusion strategy for automatic COVID-19 lung infection segmentation on CT images
* Desertification Extraction Based on a Microwave Backscattering Contribution Decomposition Model at the Dry Bottom of the Aral Sea
* Detection and amendment of shape distortions based on moment invariants for active shape models
* Detection of Peanut Leaf Spot Disease Based on Leaf-, Plant-, and Field-Scale Hyperspectral Reflectance
* Discriminative Feature Learning for Thorax Disease Classification in Chest X-ray Images
* GazeXR: A General Eye-Tracking System Enabling Invariable Gaze Data in Virtual Environment
* Joint label-interaction learning for human action recognition
* Machine Learning Approach to Estimate Surface Chlorophyll a Concentrations in Global Oceans From Satellite Measurements, A
* Modeling and Locating the Wind Erosion at the Dry Bottom of the Aral Sea Based on an InSAR Temporal Decorrelation Decomposition Model
* Object Discovery From a Single Unlabeled Image by Mining Frequent Itemsets With Multi-Scale Features
* Point-level feature learning based on vision transformer for occluded person re-identification
* Spatio-Temporal CRF for Human Interaction Understanding, A
Includes: Guan, Q.[Qiu] Guan, Q.[Qing] Guan, Q. Guan, Q.[Qiang] Guan, Q.[Qi]
15 for Guan, Q.

Guan, Q.A.[Qi Ang] Co Author Listing * Sensor Data Fusion Framework to Improve Holographic Object Registration Accuracy for a Shared Augmented Reality Mission Planning Scenario
Includes: Guan, Q.A.[Qi Ang] Guan, Q.A.[Qi-Ang]

Guan, Q.F.[Qing Feng] Co Author Listing * 25-Intersection Model for Representing Topological Relations between Simple Spatial Objects in 3-D Space, A
* Building Extraction from High Spatial Resolution Remote Sensing Images via Multiscale-Aware and Segmentation-Prior Conditional Random Fields
* Comparison of the Performances of Unmanned-Aerial-Vehicle (UAV) and Terrestrial Laser Scanning for Forest Plot Canopy Cover Estimation in Pinus massoniana Forests, A
* Concentric Circle Pooling in Deep Convolutional Networks for Remote Sensing Scene Classification
* Cross-Domain Scene Classification Based on a Spatial Generalized Neural Architecture Search for High Spatial Resolution Remote Sensing Images
* Ensemble Modeling Framework for Distinguishing Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium Deficiencies in Winter Oilseed Rape (Brassica napus L.) Using Hyperspectral Data, An
* Extracting the Tailings Ponds from High Spatial Resolution Remote Sensing Images by Integrating a Deep Learning-Based Model
* Global Context-aware and Batch-independent Network for road extraction from VHR satellite imagery, A
* Introduction to Big Data Computing for Geospatial Applications
* Land-Use/Land-Cover change detection based on a Siamese global learning framework for high spatial resolution remote sensing imagery
* Learning from data: A post classification method for annual land cover analysis in urban areas
* Multi-Task Joint Sparse and Low-Rank Representation for the Scene Classification of High-Resolution Remote Sensing Image
* Multiscale Deeply Described Correlatons-Based Model for Land-Use Scene Classification, A
* Object Model for Integrating Diverse Remote Sensing Satellite Sensors: A Case Study of Union Operation, An
* Observation Capability Metadata Model for EO Sensor Discovery in Sensor Web Enablement Environments, An
* Scientometric Visualization Analysis for Night-Time Light Remote Sensing Research from 1991 to 2016, A
* Spectral-Spatial-Dependent Global Learning Framework for Insufficient and Imbalanced Hyperspectral Image Classification, A
* Understanding Spatio-Temporal Patterns of Land Use/Land Cover Change under Urbanization in Wuhan, China, 2000-2019
Includes: Guan, Q.F.[Qing Feng] Guan, Q.F.[Qing-Feng]
18 for Guan, Q.F.

Guan, Q.H.[Qi Hui] Co Author Listing * Phenology-Based Rice Paddy Mapping Using Multi-Source Satellite Imagery and a Fusion Algorithm Applied to the Poyang Lake Plain, Southern China
Includes: Guan, Q.H.[Qi Hui] Guan, Q.H.[Qi-Hui]

Guan, Q.J.[Qiu Ju] Co Author Listing * Compressive classification of human motion using pyroelectric infrared sensors
* EDTER: Edge Detection with Transformer
* Joint representation and classifier learning for long-tailed image classification
* Learning From Pixel-Level Label Noise: A New Perspective for Semi-Supervised Semantic Segmentation
* Looking ahead: Joint small group detection and tracking in crowd scenes
* Multi-label chest X-ray image classification via category-wise residual attention learning
* RINDNet: Edge Detection for Discontinuity in Reflectance, Illumination, Normal and Depth
* Thorax Disease Classification with Attention Guided Convolutional Neural Network
* Treasure Beneath Multiple Annotations: An Uncertainty-Aware Edge Detector, The
* Variational Bayesian image restoration with multi-structured model of wavelet transform coefficients
Includes: Guan, Q.J.[Qiu Ju] Guan, Q.J.[Qiu-Ju] Guan, Q.J.[Qing-Ji]
10 for Guan, Q.J.

Guan, Q.L.[Quan Long] Co Author Listing * Molecular substructure graph attention network for molecular property identification in drug discovery
* Retrospect to Multi-prompt Learning across Vision and Language, A
Includes: Guan, Q.L.[Quan Long] Guan, Q.L.[Quan-Long]

Guan, Q.S.[Qing Sheng] Co Author Listing * Improved Gravity Inversion Method Based on Deep Learning with Physical Constraint and Its Application to the Airborne Gravity Data in East Antarctica
* Novel Pilot Position Detection for SC-FDE Systems With Frequency Domain Pilot Multiplexing Technique
Includes: Guan, Q.S.[Qing Sheng] Guan, Q.S.[Qing-Sheng] Guan, Q.S.[Quan-Sheng]

Guan, Q.W.[Qing Wei] Co Author Listing * Estimating Forest Aboveground Biomass by Combining ALOS PALSAR and WorldView-2 Data: A Case Study at Purple Mountain National Park, Nanjing, China
* Interpretation of Forest Resources at the Individual Tree Level at Purple Mountain, Nanjing City, China, Using WorldView-2 Imagery by Combining GPS, RS and GIS Technologies
Includes: Guan, Q.W.[Qing Wei] Guan, Q.W.[Qing-Wei]

Guan, Q.X.[Qing Xiao] Co Author Listing * Blind Quantitative Steganalysis Based on Feature Fusion and Gradient Boosting
* Detecting Steganography in JPEG Images Recompressed With the Same Quantization Matrix
* effective image steganalysis method based on neighborhood information of pixels, An
* Embedding Strategy for Batch Adaptive Steganography
* Highly accurate real-time image steganalysis based on GPU
* Improved JPEG Phase-Aware Steganalysis Features Using Multiple Filter Sizes and Difference Images
* Improving spatial image adaptive steganalysis incorporating the embedding impact on the feature
* Improving UNIWARD distortion function via isotropic construction and hierarchical merging
* Multi-class JPEG Image Steganalysis by Ensemble Linear SVM Classifier
* Novel Robust Image Forensics Algorithm Based on L1-Norm Estimation, A
* Software Escalation Prediction Based on Deep Learning in the Cognitive Internet of Vehicles
* Steganography Based on Adaptive Pixel-Value Differencing Scheme Revisited
* Structural Charging and Replenishment Policies for Battery Swapping Charging System Operation Under Uncertainty
Includes: Guan, Q.X.[Qing Xiao] Guan, Q.X.[Qing-Xiao] Guan, Q.X.[Qing-Xu] Guan, Q.X.[Quan-Xue]
13 for Guan, Q.X.

Guan, Q.Y.[Qing Yu] Co Author Listing * Greening and Browning of the Hexi Corridor in Northwest China: Spatial Patterns and Responses to Climatic Variability and Anthropogenic Drivers
Includes: Guan, Q.Y.[Qing Yu] Guan, Q.Y.[Qing-Yu]

Guan, R.[Renchu] Co Author Listing * Accurate Mapping and Evaluation of Small Impact Craters within the Lunar Landing Area
* Deep-Learning-Based Daytime COT Retrieval and Prediction Method Using FY4A AGRI Data
* Fuzzy-Statistics-Based Principal Component Analysis (FS-PCA) Method for Multispectral Image Enhancement and Display, A
* Liver Tumor Detection Via A Multi-Scale Intermediate Multi-Modal Fusion Network on MRI Images
* LUFFD-YOLO: A Lightweight Model for UAV Remote Sensing Forest Fire Detection Based on Attention Mechanism and Multi-Level Feature Fusion
* Mapping Cones on Mars in High-Resolution Planetary Images with Deep Learning-Based Instance Segmentation
* Spectral-Spatial Genetic Algorithm-Based Unsupervised Band Selection for Hyperspectral Image Classification
Includes: Guan, R.[Renchu] Guan, R.[Runda] Guan, R. Guan, R.[Ruoyu] Guan, R.[Renxiang]
7 for Guan, R.

Guan, R.C.[Ren Chu] Co Author Listing * Discriminative Feature Metric Learning in the Affinity Propagation Model for Band Selection in Hyperspectral Images
* Fuzzy-Statistics-Based Affinity Propagation Technique for Clustering in Multispectral Images, A
* Incremental and Decremental Affinity Propagation for Semisupervised Clustering in Multispectral Images
* Superpixel-Based Unsupervised Band Selection for Classification of Hyperspectral Images
Includes: Guan, R.C.[Ren Chu] Guan, R.C.[Ren-Chu]

Guan, R.H.[Rong Hao] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Drought Characteristics Projections for the Tibetan Plateau Based on the GFDL-ESM2M Climate Model
Includes: Guan, R.H.[Rong Hao] Guan, R.H.[Rong-Hao]

Guan, R.M.[Rui Min] Co Author Listing * Framework for Accounting Reference Levels for REDD+ in Tropical Forests: Case Study from Xishuangbanna, China
* Robust Method for License Plate Detection, A
Includes: Guan, R.M.[Rui Min] Guan, R.M.[Rui-Min]

Guan, R.W.[Run Wei] Co Author Listing * CPNet: A Hybrid Neural Network for Identification of Carcinoma Pathological Slices
Includes: Guan, R.W.[Run Wei] Guan, R.W.[Run-Wei]

Guan, R.X.[Ren Xiang] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Multi-Feature Fusion Graph Convolutional Network for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Classification of Heterogeneous Mining Areas Based on ResCapsNet and Gaofen-5 Imagery
* Non-Local Hierarchical Residual Network for Single Image Super-Resolution
Includes: Guan, R.X.[Ren Xiang] Guan, R.X.[Ren-Xiang] Guan, R.X.[Ruo-Xuan]

Guan, S.[Senlin] Co Author Listing * Assessing Correlation of High-Resolution NDVI with Fertilizer Application Level and Yield of Rice and Wheat Crops Using Small UAVs
* Bi-direction ICP: Fast registration method of point clouds
* Bilevel Online Adaptation for Out-of-Domain Human Mesh Reconstruction
* Camera Calibration Using Vertical Lines
* Density Map Guided Object Detection in Aerial Images
* Development of GNSS Buoy for Sea Surface Elevation Observation of Offshore Wind Farm
* Direct least square fitting of ellipsoids
* DMMG: Dual Min-Max Games for Self-Supervised Skeleton-Based Action Recognition
* Message Passing Based Gaussian Mixture Model for DOA Estimation in Complex Noise Scenarios
* Mobile Biplane X-Ray Imaging System for Measuring 3D Dynamic Joint Motion During Overground Gait
* Optimal step size of least mean absolute third algorithm
* Ordered incremental training for GA-based classifiers
* Out-of-Domain Human Mesh Reconstruction via Dynamic Bilevel Online Adaptation
* PoseGU: 3D human pose estimation with novel human pose generator and unbiased learning
* Proceedings of the Workshop on 3D Geometry Generation for Scientific Computing
* PTSEFormer: Progressive Temporal-Spatial Enhanced TransFormer Towards Video Object Detection
* Self-Calibration of Catadioptric Camera with Two Planar Mirrors from Silhouettes
* Sudden Track Turning of Typhoon Prapiroon (2012) Enhanced the Upper Ocean Response
* TIR-YOLO-ADAS: A thermal infrared object detection framework for advanced driver assistance systems
* Tool for Stereoscopic Parameter Setting Based on Geometric Perceived Depth Percentage, A
* UnifiedTT: Visual tracking with unified transformer
Includes: Guan, S.[Senlin] Guan, S. Guan, S.[Shanyan] Guan, S.[Sheng] Guan, S.[Shannan] Guan, S.[Shanwen] Guan, S.[Sihai] Guan, S.[Steven] Guan, S.[Shoude] Guan, S.[Song] Guan, S.[Sujie]
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Guan, S.H. Co Author Listing * Animating Lip-Sync Characters With Dominated Animeme Models
* SB-VQA: A Stack-Based Video Quality Assessment Framework for Video Enhancement
* U-Drumwave: An Interactive Performance System for Drumming
Includes: Guan, S.H. Guan, S.H.[Shuen-Huei]

Guan, S.J.[Shao Jie] Co Author Listing * Online Multi-object Tracking with Siamese Network and Optical Flow
Includes: Guan, S.J.[Shao Jie] Guan, S.J.[Shao-Jie]

Guan, S.K.[Shi Kang] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Surface Upward Longwave Radiation in the CMIP6 Models with Ground and Satellite Observations
Includes: Guan, S.K.[Shi Kang] Guan, S.K.[Shi-Kang]

Guan, S.S.[Shu Shi] Co Author Listing * Belief Propagation for Stereo Analysis of Night-Vision Sequences
* Belief-Propagation on Edge Images for Stereo Analysis of Image Sequences
* Seventh Visual Object Tracking VOT2019 Challenge Results, The
* Uncertainty Quantification of Human Electromagnetic Exposure From Electric Vehicle Wireless Power Transfer System
Includes: Guan, S.S.[Shu Shi] Guan, S.S.[Shu-Shi] Guan, S.S.[Shuo-Sen] Guan, S.S.[Shan-Shan]

Guan, S.U.[Sheng Uei] Co Author Listing * golden block self-generating scheme for continuous patterned wafer inspections, A
* golden-block-based self-refining scheme for repetitive patterned wafer inspections, A
* golden-template self-generating method for patterned wafer inspection, A
Includes: Guan, S.U.[Sheng Uei] Guan, S.U.[Sheng-Uei]

Guan, S.X.[Sheng Xian] Co Author Listing * Category-related attention domain adaptation for one-stage cross-domain object detection
Includes: Guan, S.X.[Sheng Xian] Guan, S.X.[Sheng-Xian]

Guan, S.Y.[Shi Ying] Co Author Listing * Evaluation and Comparison of Random Forest and A-LSTM Networks for Large-scale Winter Wheat Identification
* Weighted Local Mutual Information for 2D-3D Registration in Vascular Interventions
Includes: Guan, S.Y.[Shi Ying] Guan, S.Y.[Shi-Ying] Guan, S.Y.[Shao-Ya]

Guan, T. Co Author Listing * Accurate localization for mobile device using a multi-planar city model
* Adaptive Patch Deformation for Textureless-Resilient Multi-View Stereo
* Attention-Aware Multi-View Stereo
* Augmented Reality Mapping of Rock Mass Discontinuities and Rockfall Susceptibility Based on Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Photogrammetry
* Automatic Recognition of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Based on Active Shape Model
* Blind image quality assessment in the contourlet domain
* C2F2NeUS: Cascade Cost Frustum Fusion for High Fidelity and Generalizable Neural Surface Reconstruction
* Category-Level Adversarial Adaptation for Semantic Segmentation Using Purified Features
* Completely blind image quality assessment via contourlet energy statistics
* DeepTree: Pathological Image Classification Through Imitating Tree-Like Strategies of Pathologists
* Dual-Stream Complex-Valued Convolutional Network for Authentic Dehazed Image Quality Assessment
* Efficient BOF Generation and Compression for On-Device Mobile Visual Location Recognition
* Every node counts: Self-ensembling graph convolutional networks for semi-supervised learning
* Exploiting the Structure Information of Suppositional Mesh for Unsupervised Multiview Stereo
* Identifying and matching 12-level multistained glomeruli via deep learning for diagnosis of glomerular diseases
* Industrial Scene Text Detection With Refined Feature-Attentive Network
* Learning 3-D Face Shape From Diverse Sources With Cross-Domain Face Synthesis
* Macro-Micro Adversarial Network for Human Parsing
* Mesh-Guided Multi-View Stereo With Pyramid Architecture
* No-reference stereoscopic image quality assessment on both complex contourlet and spatial domain via Kernel ELM
* novel complex-valued convolutional network for real-world single image dehazing, A
* On-Device Mobile Visual Location Recognition by Integrating Vision and Inertial Sensors
* optimal trajectory planning for automated on-ramp merging, An
* P-MVSNet: Learning Patch-Wise Matching Confidence Aggregation for Multi-View Stereo
* Partial bundle adjustment for accurate three-dimensional reconstruction
* PC-Net: A Deep Network for 3D Point Clouds Analysis
* Projected Residual Vector Quantization for ANN Search
* Registration Based on Scene Recognition and Natural Features Tracking Techniques for Wide-Area Augmented Reality Systems
* Registration-enhanced multiple instance learning for cervical cancer whole slide image classification
* Research on Road Environmental Sense Method of Intelligent Vehicle Based on Tracking Check
* Self-supervised Character-to-Character Distillation for Text Recognition
* Self-Supervised Implicit Glyph Attention for Text Recognition
* Significance-Aware Information Bottleneck for Domain Adaptive Semantic Segmentation
* Taking a Closer Look at Domain Shift: Category-Level Adversaries for Semantics Consistent Domain Adaptation
* Transformer-Based 3D Face Reconstruction With End-to-End Shape-Preserved Domain Transfer
* Unpaired Stain Transfer Using Pathology-Consistent Constrained Generative Adversarial Networks
* Visibility and Distortion Measurement for No-Reference Dehazed Image Quality Assessment via Complex Contourlet Transform
Includes: Guan, T. Guan, T.[Tao] Guan, T.[Tuxin] Guan, T.[Tian] Guan, T.[Tongkun] Guan, T.[Tong]
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Guan, T.H.P.<.[Thanh Hong Phuoc/A1>, Ling] Co Author Listing * Novel Learning Dictionary for Sparse Coding-Based Key Point Detection, A
Includes: Guan, T.H.P.<.[Thanh Hong Phuoc/A1>, Ling] Guan, T.H.P.<.[Thanh Hong-Phuoc/A1>, Ling]

Guan, T.R.[Tian Rong] Co Author Listing * Combining data-and-model-driven 3D modelling (CDMD3DM) for small indoor scenes using RGB-D data
* CrossLoc3D: Aerial-Ground Cross-Source 3D Place Recognition
* FAR: Fourier Aerial Video Recognition
* M3DETR: Multi-representation, Multi-scale, Mutual-relation 3D Object Detection with Transformers
Includes: Guan, T.R.[Tian Rong] Guan, T.R.[Tian-Rong] Guan, T.R.[Tian-Rui]

Guan, T.Z.[Ting Zhao] Co Author Listing * Multi-Feature Fusion and Attention Network for Multi-Scale Object Detection in Remote Sensing Images, A
Includes: Guan, T.Z.[Ting Zhao] Guan, T.Z.[Ting-Zhao]

Guan, W.[Wei] Co Author Listing * Aircraft recognition in infrared image using wavelet moment invariants
* Analysis and Prediction of Regional Mobility Patterns of Bus Travellers Using Smart Card Data and Points of Interest Data
* Applications of Ground-Penetrating Radar in Asteroid and Comet Exploration
* Augmented distinctive features for efficient image matching
* Category-Aware Multimodal Attention Network for Fashion Compatibility Modeling
* Co-weighting semantic convolutional features for object retrieval
* Computationally efficient retrieval-based tracking system and augmented reality for large-scale areas
* Coordinated multi-agent hierarchical deep reinforcement learning to solve multi-trip vehicle routing problems with soft time windows
* Efficient matchings in augmented reality application
* Electric Vehicle Routing Problem With Variable Vehicle Speed and Soft Time Windows for Perishable Product Delivery
* Estimation of camera pose with respect to terrestrial LiDAR data
* Framework of Travel Mode Identification Fusing Deep Learning and Map-Matching Algorithm, A
* Gated CNN: Integrating multi-scale feature layers for object detection
* Graphical Human-Machine Interactive Approach for Integrated Bus Transit Scheduling: Lessons Gained From a Large Bus Company
* Identity-Guided Collaborative Learning for Cloth-Changing Person Reidentification
* Image relighting and matching with illumination information
* Knowledge-Aware Prompt Tuning for Generalizable Vision-Language Models
* Methodology to Attain Public Transit Origin-Destination Mobility Patterns Using Multi-Layered Mesoscopic Analysis, A
* Modular Autonomous Electric Vehicle Scheduling for Customized On-Demand Bus Services
* Pairwise Attentive Adversarial Spatiotemporal Network for Cross-Domain Few-Shot Action Recognition-R2, A
* Partially Supervised Compatibility Modeling
* Progressive Coding and Illumination and View Dependent Transmission of 3-D Meshes Using R-D Optimization
* qualitative model of cross-lane inhomogeneities in traffic flow, A
* Reforming mixed operation schedule for electric buses and traditional fuel buses by an optimal framework
* Robust Image Matching with Line Context
* Self-Training Boosted Multi-Factor Matching Network for Composed Image Retrieval
* Semi-Supervised Video Inpainting with Cycle Consistency Constraints
* Set-level Guidance Attack: Boosting Adversarial Transferability of Vision-Language Pre-training Models
* Simulation Study on the Effect of Sand Digging and Heaping on SAR Imaging in the Pearl River Estuary
* Temporal-Aware Relation and Attention Network for Temporal Action Localization, A
* Temporal-Relational hypergraph tri-Attention networks for stock trend prediction
* Time-Dependent Urban Customized Bus Routing With Path Flexibility
* Unified Cross-domain Classification via Geometric and Statistical Adaptations
* ZeroNAS: Differentiable Generative Adversarial Networks Search for Zero-Shot Learning
Includes: Guan, W.[Wei] Guan, W. Guan, W.[Weili]
34 for Guan, W.

Guan, W.B.[Wei Bing] Co Author Listing * Long time-series remote sensing analysis of the periodic cycle evolution of the inlets and ebb-tidal delta of Xincun Lagoon, Hainan Island, China
* Novel Approach to Obtain Diurnal Variation of Bio-Optical Properties in Moving Water Parcel Using Integrated Drifting Buoy and GOCI Data: A Case Study in Yellow and East China Seas, A
* Synchronous Assimilation of Tidal Current-Related Data Obtained Using Coastal Acoustic Tomography and High-Frequency Radar in the Xiangshan Bay, China
Includes: Guan, W.B.[Wei Bing] Guan, W.B.[Wei-Bing]

Guan, W.G.[Wei Guang] Co Author Listing * List Processing Approach to Compute Voronoi Diagrams and the Euclidean Distance Transform, A
* Real-Time Detection of Out-of-Plane Objects in Stereo Vision
* Real-Time Traffic Sign Detection: An Evaluation Study
Includes: Guan, W.G.[Wei Guang] Guan, W.G.[Wei-Guang]

Guan, W.H.W.[Wei He Wendy] Co Author Listing * Assessing Reliability of Chinese Geotagged Social Media Data for Spatiotemporal Representation of Human Mobility
* Developing the Chinese Academic Map Publishing Platform
Includes: Guan, W.H.W.[Wei He Wendy] Guan, W.H.W.[Wei-He Wendy]

Guan, W.J.[Wei Jin] Co Author Listing * Area and Mass Changes of Glaciers in the West Kunlun Mountains Based on the Analysis of Multi-Temporal Remote Sensing Images and DEMs from 1970 to 2018
* Expanding of Proglacial Lake Amplified the Frontal Ablation of Jiongpu Co Glacier since 1985, The
* High-Resolution Monitoring of Glacier Mass Balance and Dynamics with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles on the Ningchan No. 1 Glacier in the Qilian Mountains, China
* Visual Robotic Object Grasping Through Combining RGB-D Data and 3D Meshes
Includes: Guan, W.J.[Wei Jin] Guan, W.J.[Wei-Jin] Guan, W.J.[Wen-Jie]

Guan, W.L.[Wei Li] Co Author Listing * Chinese Image Caption Generation via Visual Attention and Topic Modeling
* Correlation identification in multimodal weibo via back propagation neural network with genetic algorithm
* Edge-Aware Convolution Neural Network Based Salient Object Detection
* Egocentric Early Action Prediction via Multimodal Transformer-Based Dual Action Prediction
* Learn from Object Counting: Crowd Counting with Meta-learning
* Multi-Level View Associative Convolution Network for View-Based 3D Model Retrieval
* Mutual Learning Method for Salient Object Detection With Intertwined Multi-Supervision, A
* Neural Multimodal Cooperative Learning Toward Micro-Video Understanding
* Residual multi-task learning for facial landmark localization and expression recognition
* Rethinking data collection for person re-identification: Active redundancy reduction
Includes: Guan, W.L.[Wei Li] Guan, W.L.[Wei-Li] Guan, W.L.[Wen-Long]
10 for Guan, W.L.

Guan, W.N.[Wei Nan] Co Author Listing * Defending Against Deepfakes with Ensemble Adversarial Perturbation
Includes: Guan, W.N.[Wei Nan] Guan, W.N.[Wei-Nan]

Guan, W.P.[Wei Peng] Co Author Listing * optical fringe code modulation and recognition algorithm based on visible light communication using convolutional neural network, The
Includes: Guan, W.P.[Wei Peng] Guan, W.P.[Wei-Peng]

Guan, W.X.[Wen Xue] Co Author Listing * NTIRE 2022 Challenge on Efficient Super-Resolution: Methods and Results
Includes: Guan, W.X.[Wen Xue] Guan, W.X.[Wen-Xue]

Guan, X. Co Author Listing * Automatic Calibration Method for Driver's Head Orientation in Natural Driving Environment
* Camera Placement Based on Vehicle Traffic for Better City Security Surveillance
* Canopy-Height and Stand-Age Estimation in Northeast China at Sub-Compartment Level Using Multi-Resource Remote Sensing Data
* Comparison of Various Annual Land Cover Datasets in the Yellow River Basin
* Comprehensive Evaluation of Inter-Turn Short Circuit Faults in PMSM Used for Electric Vehicles
* Generating 10-Meter Resolution Land Use and Land Cover Products Using Historical Landsat Archive Based on Super Resolution Guided Semantic Segmentation Network
* Hierarchical Attention Network for Visually-Aware Food Recommendation
* Metric for Light Field Reconstruction, Compression, and Display Quality Evaluation, A
* Multimodal Saliency Model for Videos With High Audio-Visual Correspondence, A
* Neural component search for single image super-resolution
* Object-Based Linear Weight Assignment Fusion Scheme to Improve Classification Accuracy Using Landsat and MODIS Data at the Decision Level, An
* Objective Quality Evaluation of Dehazed Images
* Parameter-Free Pixel Correlation-Based Attention Module for Remote Sensing Object Detection, A
* Pricing Mechanism With Noncooperative Game and Revenue Sharing Contract in Electricity Market
* Proactive Power Management Scheme for Hybrid Electric Storage System in EVs: An MPC Method
* Quality Evaluation of Image Dehazing Methods Using Synthetic Hazy Images
* Regional Gap-Filling Method Based on Spatiotemporal Variogram Model of CO2 Columns, A
* Robust Parallel Framework for Massive Spatial Data Processing On High Performance Clusters, A
* Runge-Kutta Guided Feature Augmentation for Few-Sample Learning
* Self-Supervised Transformers for Unsupervised SAR Complex Interference Detection Using Canny Edge Detector
* Sparse kernel k-means for high-dimensional data
* Spatial and Temporal Patterns of Ecosystem Services and Trade-Offs/Synergies in Wujiang River Basin, China
* Trajectory Tracking Control of Autonomous Underwater Vehicle With Unknown Parameters and External Disturbances
Includes: Guan, X. Guan, X.[Xuebing] Guan, X.[Xiao] Guan, X.[Xuehua] Guan, X.[Xuchen] Guan, X.[Xin] Guan, X.[Xiang]
23 for Guan, X.

Guan, X.B.[Xia Bin] Co Author Listing * Multispectral and SAR Image Fusion Based on Laplacian Pyramid and Sparse Representation
* Overview of the Special Issue on Applications of Remote Sensing Imagery for Urban Areas
Includes: Guan, X.B.[Xia Bin] Guan, X.B.[Xia-Bin]

Guan, X.C.[Xiao Chun] Co Author Listing * QX-LMS Adaptive FIR Filters For System Identification
* Unsupervised Multi-Domain Progressive Stain Transfer Guided by Style Encoding Dictionary
Includes: Guan, X.C.[Xiao Chun] Guan, X.C.[Xiao-Chun] Guan, X.C.[Xian-Chao]

Guan, X.D.[Xiao Di] Co Author Listing * End-to-End Blind Video Quality Assessment Based on Visual and Memory Attention Modeling
* Enhanced Warming in Global Dryland Lakes and Its Drivers
* Improved Spatiotemporal Information Fusion Approach Based on Bayesian Decision Theory for Land Cover Classification
* Mapping Rice Cropping Systems in Vietnam Using an NDVI-Based Time-Series Similarity Measurement Based on DTW Distance
* National-Scale Landslide Susceptibility Mapping in Austria Using Fuzzy Best-Worst Multi-Criteria Decision-Making
* Study of Subjective and Objective Quality Assessment of Night-Time Videos
Includes: Guan, X.D.[Xiao Di] Guan, X.D.[Xiao-Di] Guan, X.D.[Xiao-Dan] Guan, X.D.[Xu-Dong]

Guan, X.F.[Xue Feng] Co Author Listing * 4D-SAS: A Distributed Dynamic-Data Driven Simulation and Analysis System for Massive Spatial Agent-Based Modeling
* Data-Driven Quasi-Dynamic Traffic Assignment Model Integrating Multi-Source Traffic Sensor Data on the Expressway Network, A
* Development Process, Quantitative Models, and Future Directions in Driving Analysis of Urban Expansion
* Hybrid Parallel Spatial Interpolation Algorithm for Massive LiDAR Point Clouds on Heterogeneous CPU-GPU Systems, A
* Hypergraph+: An Improved Hypergraph-Based Task-Scheduling Algorithm for Massive Spatial Data Processing on Master-Slave Platforms
* Novel k-Means Clustering Based Task Decomposition Method for Distributed Vector-Based CA Models, A
* Parallel N-Dimensional Space-Filling Curve Library and Its Application in Massive Point Cloud Management, A
Includes: Guan, X.F.[Xue Feng] Guan, X.F.[Xue-Feng]
7 for Guan, X.F.

Guan, X.H.[Xiao Hui] Co Author Listing * Filter Pruning via Feature Discrimination in Deep Neural Networks
* New VVC Chroma Prediction Modes Based on Coloring with Inter-Channel Correlation
* On User Interaction Behavior as Evidence for Computer Forensic Analysis
* Robust Network Architecture Search via Feature Distortion Restraining
Includes: Guan, X.H.[Xiao Hui] Guan, X.H.[Xiao-Hui] Guan, X.H.[Xiao-Han] Guan, X.H.[Xiao-Hong]

Guan, X.K.[Xiao Kun] Co Author Listing * EGMT-CD: Edge-Guided Multimodal Transformers Change Detection from Satellite and Aerial Images
Includes: Guan, X.K.[Xiao Kun] Guan, X.K.[Xiao-Kun]

Guan, X.L.[Xing Liang] Co Author Listing * Multi-Scale Analysis of Regional Inequality based on Spatial Field Model: A Case Study of China from 2000 to 2012
Includes: Guan, X.L.[Xing Liang] Guan, X.L.[Xing-Liang]

Guan, X.O.[Xia Obin] Co Author Listing * 33-Year NPP Monitoring Study in Southwest China by the Fusion of Multi-Source Remote Sensing and Station Data, A
* Two-Stage Fusion Framework to Generate a Spatio-Temporally Continuous MODIS NDSI Product over the Tibetan Plateau, A
Includes: Guan, X.O.[Xia Obin] Guan, X.O.[Xia-Obin]

Guan, X.P.[Xin Ping] Co Author Listing * Asynchronous Localization for UASNs: An Unscented Transform-Based Method
* Bearing-Based Formation Tracking Control With Time-Varying Velocity Estimation
* Channel Estimation for Underwater Acoustic Communications Based on Orthogonal Chirp Division Multiplexing
* Communication-Aware Motion Planning of AUV in Obstacle-Dense Environment: A Binocular Vision-Based Deep Learning Method
* Containment Control of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles With Stochastic Environment Disturbances
* DFR-ST: Discriminative feature representation with spatio-temporal cues for vehicle re-identification
* Distributed Integrated Sliding Mode Control for Vehicle Platoons Based on Disturbance Observer and Multi Power Reaching Law
* Distributionally Robust Optimization Based Model Predictive Control for Stochastic Mixed Traffic Flow
* Dual-Tone Radio Interferometric Positioning Systems Using Undersampling Techniques
* Energy-Efficient Cooperative Adaptive Cruise Control for Electric Vehicle Platooning
* Fast Distributed Platooning of Connected Vehicular Systems With Inaccurate Velocity Measurement
* Finite-Time Tracking Control of Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Without Velocity Measurements
* Flocking algorithm with multi-target tracking for multi-agent systems
* Image stitching with positional relationship constraints of feature points and lines
* Industrial Scene Text Detection With Refined Feature-Attentive Network
* Joint Design of Channel Estimation and Flocking Control for Multi-AUV-Based Maritime Transportation Systems
* Power allocation based on finite-horizon optimization for vehicle-to-roadside communications
* SVMs multi-class loss feedback based discriminative dictionary learning for image classification
Includes: Guan, X.P.[Xin Ping] Guan, X.P.[Xin-Ping]
18 for Guan, X.P.

Guan, X.R.[Xin Ran] Co Author Listing * Improved Aggregated-Mosaic Method for the Sparse Object Detection of Remote Sensing Imagery, An
* Normal Assisted Pixel-Visibility Learning With Cost Aggregation for Multiview Stereo
Includes: Guan, X.R.[Xin Ran] Guan, X.R.[Xin-Ran] Guan, X.R.[Xiao-Rong]

Guan, X.S.[Xiang Shuo] Co Author Listing * PBGAN: Path Based Graph Attention Network for Heterophily
Includes: Guan, X.S.[Xiang Shuo] Guan, X.S.[Xiang-Shuo]

Guan, X.W.[Xin Wei] Co Author Listing * HCSC: A Hierarchical Certificate Service Chain Based on Reputation for VANETs
* Infrared Small Target Detection via Non-Convex Tensor Rank Surrogate Joint Local Contrast Energy
Includes: Guan, X.W.[Xin Wei] Guan, X.W.[Xin-Wei] Guan, X.W.[Xue-Wei]

Guan, X.X.[Xiao Xiang] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Precipitation Products by Using Multiple Hydrological Models over the Upper Yellow River Basin, China
Includes: Guan, X.X.[Xiao Xiang] Guan, X.X.[Xiao-Xiang]

Guan, X.Y.[Xiao Yin] Co Author Listing * Calibration of Rotating Line Spherical Camera based on Checkerboard Pattern on Multiple Planes and its Accuracy Assessment
* Negative Air Ion (NAI) Dynamics over Zhejiang Province, China, Based on Multivariate Remote Sensing Products
* Performance Assessment of Four Data-Driven Machine Learning Models: A Case to Generate Sentinel-2 Albedo at 10 Meters
* Revisit PCA-based technique for Out-of-Distribution Detection
Includes: Guan, X.Y.[Xiao Yin] Guan, X.Y.[Xin-Yu] Guan, X.Y.[Xiao-Yuan]

Guan, Y.[Yu] Co Author Listing * Action Quality Assessment with Temporal Parsing Transformer
* Cross-Guided Feature Fusion with Intra-Modality Reweighting for Multi-Spectral Pedestrian Detection
* Cross-project defect prediction based on G-LSTM model
* Deep Learning for Human Activity Recognition in Mobile Computing
* Design of PLL-Based Synchronous PWM Oscillator in Class-D Power Amplifier
* Efficient low-rank supported extreme learning machine for robust face recognition
* Efficient Scene Layout Aware Object Detection for Traffic Surveillance
* End-to-End Video Gaze Estimation via Capturing Head-Face-Eye Spatial-Temporal Interaction Context
* Fast Large-Scale Spectral Clustering via Explicit Feature Mapping
* Generalized Autoencoder for Volumetric Shape Generation
* Generic compact representation through visual-semantic ambiguity removal
* Geometry Normalization Networks for Accurate Scene Text Detection
* Hierarchical reinforcement learning for self-driving decision-making without reliance on labelled driving data
* High-performance Cross-platform Map Rendering Engine for Mobile Geographic Information System (GIS), A
* Human gait identification from extremely low-quality videos: An enhanced classifier ensemble method
* Hybrid Framework for High-Performance Modeling of Three-Dimensional Pipe Networks, A
* Identification of Fishing Vessel Types and Analysis of Seasonal Activities in the Northern South China Sea Based on AIS Data: A Case Study of 2018
* Impact of Exposure Settings in Digital Image Forensics, The
* Incremental update of feature extractor for camera identification
* Inference of a compact representation of sensor fingerprint for source camera identification
* Invariant Deep Compressible Covariance Pooling for Aerial Scene Categorization
* Method for Improving Target Tracking Accuracy of Vehicle Radar, A
* Multi-Granularity Canonical Appearance Pooling for Remote Sensing Scene Classification
* Multi-wavelet guided deep mean-shift prior for image restoration
* Multilabel Text Classification With Incomplete Labels: A Safe Generative Model With Label Manifold Regularization and Confidence Constraint
* New Optimal Binary Z-Complementary Pairs of Odd Length 2^m+3
* Novel Chip Design of Chopper-Stabilized Rail-to-Rail Operational Amplifier, A
* On Reducing the Effect of Covariate Factors in Gait Recognition: A Classifier Ensemble Method
* P-Minder: A CNN Based Sidewalk Segmentation Approach for Phubber Safety Applications
* Part-aware Prototypical Graph Network for One-shot Skeleton-based Action Recognition
* Prediction of Soil Water Content and Electrical Conductivity Using Random Forest Methods with UAV Multispectral and Ground-Coupled Geophysical Data
* PrefCache: Edge Cache Admission With User Preference Learning for Video Content Distribution
* Quantitative Assessment of the Influences of Snow Drought on Forest and Grass Growth in Mid-High Latitude Regions by Using Remote Sensing
* Robust Service and Charging Plan for Dynamic Electric Demand-Responsive Transit Systems
* Safety-Assured Model-Driven Design of the Multifunction Vehicle Bus Controller
* Semi-Supervised Dual Stream Segmentation Network for Fundus Lesion Segmentation
* Spatiotemporal Analysis of the Interactions between Ecosystem Services in Arid Areas and Their Responses to Urbanization and Various Driving Factors
* STC: FoV Tracking Enabled High-Quality 16K VR Video Streaming on Mobile Platforms
* Study of ground moving target parameters estimation and imaging for Mini-SAR
* Subspace Model-Assisted Deep Learning for Improved Image Reconstruction
* Symmetry-Constrained Rectification Network for Scene Text Recognition
* Texture Enhancement Method for Oceanic Internal Wave Synthetic Aperture Radar Images Based on Non-Local Mean Filtering and Texture Layer Enhancement, A
* Towards Universal Representation for Unseen Action Recognition
* Triple Verification Network for Generalized Zero-Shot Learning
* ViPNAS: Efficient Video Pose Estimation via Neural Architecture Search
Includes: Guan, Y.[Yu] Guan, Y.[Yong] Guan, Y. Guan, Y.[Yiran] Guan, Y.[Yanran] Guan, Y.[Yang] Guan, Y.[Yanan] Guan, Y.[Yue] Guan, Y.[Yunyi] Guan, Y.[Yabing] Guan, Y.[Ying] Guan, Y.[Yunlan] Guan, Y.[Yifu] Guan, Y.[Yingda]
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Guan, Y.B.[Ya Bing] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of SMAP, SMOS-IC, FY3B, JAXA, and LPRM Soil Moisture Products over the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and Its Surrounding Areas
* Ionospheric Plasma Perturbations before a Sequence of Strong Earthquakes in Southeast Asia and Northern Oceania in 2018, The
Includes: Guan, Y.B.[Ya Bing] Guan, Y.B.[Ya-Bing] Guan, Y.B.[Yi-Bing]

Guan, Y.C.[Yi Cong] Co Author Listing * Cross-modal Deep Learning Applications: Audio-visual Retrieval
Includes: Guan, Y.C.[Yi Cong] Guan, Y.C.[Yi-Cong]

Guan, Y.D.[Ya Dong] Co Author Listing * Capturing High-Level Semantic Correlations via Graph for Multimodal Sentiment Analysis
Includes: Guan, Y.D.[Ya Dong] Guan, Y.D.[Ya-Dong]

Guan, Y.F.[Yun Feng] Co Author Listing * Crowdsensing-Based Consensus Incident Report for Road Traffic Acquisition
Includes: Guan, Y.F.[Yun Feng] Guan, Y.F.[Yun-Feng]

Guan, Y.H.[Yi Hong] Co Author Listing * Brain Image Segmentation by Markov Field and Normal Distribution Curve, The
* Node-aligned Graph Convolutional Network for Whole-slide Image Representation and Classification
* Retrieval of Desert Microwave Land Surface Emissivity Based on Machine Learning Algorithms
Includes: Guan, Y.H.[Yi Hong] Guan, Y.H.[Yi-Hong] Guan, Y.H.[Yong-Hang] Guan, Y.H.[Yuan-Hong]

Guan, Y.J.[Yu Jing] Co Author Listing * Dual domain filters based texture and structure preserving image non-blind deconvolution
* Generating 60-100 m, hourly, all-weather land surface temperatures based on the Landsat, ECOSTRESS, and reanalysis temperature combination (LERC)
* Identifying Major Diurnal Patterns and Drivers of Surface Urban Heat Island Intensities across Local Climate Zones
* Rolling bilateral filter-based text image deblurring
Includes: Guan, Y.J.[Yu Jing] Guan, Y.J.[Yu-Jing] Guan, Y.J.[Yong-Juan]

Guan, Y.L.[Yong Liang] Co Author Listing * BER Formulation for the Blind Retrieval of MPEG Video Watermark
* Chirp Spread Spectrum Toward the Nyquist Signaling Rate: Orthogonality Condition and Applications
* Closed-Form Solution of Space Resection Using Unit Quaternion
* Expanding-Window BATS Code for Scalable Video Multicasting Over Erasure Networks
* Image Patch-Matching With Graph-Based Learning in Street Scenes
* Improved bit rate control for real-time mpeg watermarking
* Intelligent Task Offloading for Heterogeneous V2X Communications
* New Collusion Attack and Its Performance Evaluation, A
* New Sets of Even-Length Binary Z-Complementary Pairs With Asymptotic ZCZ Ratio of 3/4
* On Even-Period Binary Z-Complementary Pairs with Large ZCZs
* Optimal Binary Periodic Almost-Complementary Pairs
* Optimal Energy Transfer Pipe Arrangement for Acoustic Drill String Telemetry
* Performance Analysis of Binned Orthogonal/Bi-Orthogonal Block Code as Dirty-Paper Code for Digital Watermarking Application
* Robust Algorithm for Fitting Sphere to 3D Point Clouds in Terrestrial Laser Scanning
* Semiblind Interference Alignment: A New Framework
* Support Vector Machine-Based Blind Equalization for High-Order QAM With Short Data Length
* Two-Valued Periodic Complementary Sequences
Includes: Guan, Y.L.[Yong Liang] Guan, Y.L. Guan, Y.L.[Yun-Lan]
17 for Guan, Y.L.

Guan, Y.N.[Yan Ning] Co Author Listing * Effect of the Long-Term Mean and the Temporal Stability of Water-Energy Dynamics on China's Terrestrial Species Richness
* Mapping Plant Functional Types over Broad Mountainous Regions: A Hierarchical Soft Time-Space Classification Applied to the Tibetan Plateau
* Spatial-Temporal Dynamics of China's Terrestrial Biodiversity: A Dynamic Habitat Index Diagnostic
* Spatiotemporal Heterogeneity Analysis of Yangtze River Delta Urban Agglomeration: Evidence from Nighttime Light Data (2001-2019)
* Supervised versus Semi-Supervised Urban Functional Area Prediction: Uncertainty, Robustness and Sensitivity
* Urbanization and Spillover Effect for Three Megaregions in China: Evidence from DMSP/OLS Nighttime Lights
Includes: Guan, Y.N.[Yan Ning] Guan, Y.N.[Yan-Ning]

Guan, Y.P.[Ye Peng] Co Author Listing * Adaptive skin detection using face location and facial structure estimation
* Automatic extraction of lips based on multi-scale wavelet edge detection
* Automatic Optimal View Selection for Natural HCI
* Fast and robust skew estimation in document images through bilinear filtering model
* Fusion strategy-based multimodal human-computer interaction
* Motion objects segmentation based on structural similarity background modelling
* Spatio-temporal motion-based foreground segmentation and shadow suppression
Includes: Guan, Y.P.[Ye Peng] Guan, Y.P.[Ye-Peng] Guan, Y.P.
7 for Guan, Y.P.

Guan, Y.Q. Co Author Listing * 3D Boundary Reconstruction of Mouse Brain Cells
* Using the MODIS Sensor for Snow Cover Modeling and the Assessment of Drought Effects on Snow Cover in a Mountainous Area
* VR Enhanced Collaborative System For 3d Confocal Microscopic Image Processing And Visualization, A
* Weighted Graph Cuts without Eigenvectors A Multilevel Approach
Includes: Guan, Y.Q. Guan, Y.Q.[Yi-Qing] Guan, Y.Q.[Yu-Qiang]

Guan, Y.S.[Yi Sheng] Co Author Listing * Curvature-Variation-Inspired Sampling for Point Cloud Classification and Segmentation
* Differentiable Feature Aggregation Search for Knowledge Distillation
* MIPI 2022 Challenge on Under-Display Camera Image Restoration: Methods and Results
* MIPI 2023 Challenge on RGBW Fusion: Methods and Results
* Perspective Phase Angle Model for Polarimetric 3D Reconstruction
Includes: Guan, Y.S.[Yi Sheng] Guan, Y.S.[Yi-Sheng] Guan, Y.S.[Yu-Shuo] Guan, Y.S.[Yuan-Shen]

Guan, Y.Y.[Ying Ying] Co Author Listing * Agglomeration Externalities, Network Externalities and Urban High-Quality Development: A Case Study of Urban Agglomeration in the Middle Reaches of the Yangtze River
* Assessing the Potential of UAV-Based Multispectral and Thermal Data to Estimate Soil Water Content Using Geophysical Methods
* Semi-supervised partial multi-label classification with low-rank and manifold constraints
Includes: Guan, Y.Y.[Ying Ying] Guan, Y.Y.[Ying-Ying] Guan, Y.Y.[Yun-Yi] Guan, Y.Y.[Yuan-Yuan]

Guan, Z. Co Author Listing * Assessing Visual Quality of Omnidirectional Videos
* Automated Canopy Delineation and Size Metrics Extraction for Strawberry Dry Weight Modeling Using Raster Analysis of High-Resolution Imagery
* Deep Learning Approach for Multi-Frame In-Loop Filter of HEVC, A
* Deep Multiple Instance Hashing for Fast Multi-Object Image Search
* Enhanced three-dimensional U-Net with graph-based refining for segmentation of gastrointestinal stromal tumours
* Enhancing Quality for HEVC Compressed Videos
* Fast H.264 to HEVC Transcoding: A Deep Learning Method
* Health diagnosis of bus operation based on multi-source data
* Incorporating multi-stage spatial visual cues and active localization offset for pancreas segmentation
* Keypoint-graph-driven learning framework for object pose estimation
* Learning Deep Network for Detecting 3D Object Keypoints and 6D Poses
* LG-Tree: An Efficient Labeled Index for Shortest Distance Search on Massive Road Networks
* Millimeter-Wave Radar Monitoring for Elder's Fall Based on Multi-View Parameter Fusion Estimation and Recognition
* Modeling strawberry biomass and leaf area using object-based analysis of high-resolution images
* Multi-overlapped based global registration of UAV images
* Query-Biased Self-Attentive Network for Query-Focused Video Summarization
* Radiative Transfer Image Simulation Using L-System Modeled Strawberry Canopies
* Reducing Complexity of HEVC: A Deep Learning Approach
* TelecomNet: Tag-Based Weakly-Supervised Modally Cooperative Hashing Network for Image Retrieval
* Transformation Method for Texture Feature Description Under Different Imagine Conditions, A
Includes: Guan, Z. Guan, Z.[Zhen] Guan, Z.[Ziyu] Guan, Z.[Zhong] Guan, Z.[Zirui] Guan, Z.[Zequn]
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Guan, Z.C.[Zhi Chao] Co Author Listing * Label Efficient Semi-Supervised Learning via Graph Filtering
* Luojia-1 Nightlight Image Registration Based on Sparse Lights
* Star-Based Calibration of the Installation Between the Camera and Star Sensor of the Luojia 1-01 Satellite
* Vertical Accuracy Simulation of Stereo Mapping Using a Small Matrix Charge-Coupled Device
Includes: Guan, Z.C.[Zhi Chao] Guan, Z.C.[Zhi-Chao]

Guan, Z.F.[Zhen Fu] Co Author Listing * Effectively Extracting Iceberg Freeboard Using Bi-Temporal Landsat-8 Panchromatic Image Shadows
Includes: Guan, Z.F.[Zhen Fu] Guan, Z.F.[Zhen-Fu]

Guan, Z.H.[Zhi Hao] Co Author Listing * Defect Inspection using Gravitation Loss and Soft Labels
* Forest Fire Segmentation from Aerial Imagery Data Using an Improved Instance Segmentation Model
* hybrid SVD-DCT watermarking method based on LPSNR, A
* Learning to Detect 3D Lanes by Shape Matching and Embedding
Includes: Guan, Z.H.[Zhi Hao] Guan, Z.H.[Zhi-Hao] Guan, Z.H.[Zhi-Hong]

Guan, Z.K.[Zong Kui] Co Author Listing * Diurnal Variations in Different Precipitation Duration Events over the Yangtze River Delta Urban Agglomeration
Includes: Guan, Z.K.[Zong Kui] Guan, Z.K.[Zong-Kui]

Guan, Z.L.[Zi Long] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Drought Characteristics Projections for the Tibetan Plateau Based on the GFDL-ESM2M Climate Model
Includes: Guan, Z.L.[Zi Long] Guan, Z.L.[Zi-Long]

Guan, Z.Q.[Zi Qiao] Co Author Listing * Multi-Label Visual Feature Learning with Attentional Aggregation
* Multiscale Orientation and Recognition for Permanent Scatterers
* Non-Blind Deblurring for Fluorescence: A Deformable Latent Space Approach with Kernel Parameterization
Includes: Guan, Z.Q.[Zi Qiao] Guan, Z.Q.[Zi-Qiao] Guan, Z.Q.[Ze-Qun]

Guan, Z.R. Co Author Listing * Aggregation Approach to Short-Term Traffic Flow Prediction, An

Guan, Z.Y.[Zhang Yu] Co Author Listing * Cloud-Assisted Smart Camera Networks for Energy-Efficient 3D Video Streaming
* DeepMIH: Deep Invertible Network for Multiple Image Hiding
* Early Exit or Not: Resource-efficient Blind Quality Enhancement for Compressed Images
* Hierarchical Bayesian LSTM for Head Trajectory Prediction on Omnidirectional Images
* Hierarchical Bilinear Convolutional Neural Network for Image Classification
* HiNet: Deep Image Hiding by Invertible Network
* Image representation using Laplacian regularized nonnegative tensor factorization
* Image Restoration Based on Improved Generative Adversarial Networks
* Intelligent and Fair IoV Charging Service Based on Blockchain With Cross-Area Consensus
* MFQE 2.0: A New Approach for Multi-Frame Quality Enhancement on Compressed Video
* New Finding and Unified Framework for Fake Image Detection
* NTIRE 2022 Challenge on Stereo Image Super-Resolution: Methods and Results
* Relative Effects of the Greenhouse Gases and Stratospheric Ozone Increases on Temperature and Circulation in the Stratosphere over the Arctic
* Spatio-Temporal Schedule-Based Neural Network for Urban Taxi Waiting Time Prediction, A
Includes: Guan, Z.Y.[Zhang Yu] Guan, Z.Y.[Zhang-Yu] Guan, Z.Y.[Zhen-Yu] Guan, Z.Y.[Zi-Yu] Guan, Z.Y.[Zhong-Yuan] Guan, Z.Y.[Zhao-Yong] Guan, Z.Y.[Zheng-Yi]
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Guanetti, J. Co Author Listing * Energy Management System for an Electric Vehicle With a Rental Range Extender: A Least Costly Approach

Guang Ye, L.[Li] Co Author Listing * Railway car routing optimization based on the coordinated utilization of station-line capacities
Includes: Guang Ye, L.[Li] Guang-Ye, L.[Li]

Guang, H.L.[Hong Liang] Co Author Listing * Method Of Building Modeling From True Ortho-image And DSM, A
Includes: Guang, H.L.[Hong Liang] Guang, H.L.[Hong-Liang]

Guang, J.[Jie] Co Author Listing * Aerosol Optical Depth over the Arctic Snow-Covered Regions Derived from Dual-Viewing Satellite Observations
* Columnar Water Vapor Retrieval by Using Data from the Polarized Scanning Atmospheric Corrector (PSAC) Onboard HJ-2 A/B Satellites
* Deriving a Global and Hourly Data Set of Aerosol Optical Depth Over Land Using Data From Four Geostationary Satellites: GOES-16, MSG-1, MSG-4, and Himawari-8
* Dust Aerosol Optical Depth Retrieval and Dust Storm Detection for Xinjiang Region Using Indian National Satellite Observations
* Dust Detection and Intensity Estimation Using Himawari-8/AHI Observation
* Ensemble of ESA/AATSR Aerosol Optical Depth Products Based on the Likelihood Estimate Method With Uncertainties
* Estimation of Surface Albedo from DSCOVR EPIC, The
* Evaluation of the AVHRR DeepBlue aerosol optical depth dataset over mainland China
* Ground-Level PM2.5 Concentration Estimation from Satellite Data in the Beijing Area Using a Specific Particle Swarm Extinction Mass Conversion Algorithm
* Hourly PM2.5 Estimation over Central and Eastern China Based on Himawari-8 Data
* Impact of the Control Measures during the COVID-19 Outbreak on Air Pollution in China, The
* Joint Retrieval of Aerosol Optical Depth and Surface Reflectance Over Land Using Geostationary Satellite Data
* Quantitative Retrieval of Geophysical Parameters Using Satellite Data
* SAHARA: A Simplified AtmospHeric Correction AlgoRithm for Chinese gAofen Data: 1. Aerosol Algorithm
* Validation of Aerosol Products from AATSR and MERIS/AATSR Synergy Algorithms: Part 1: Global Evaluation
* Validation of FY-3D MERSI-2 Precipitable Water Vapor (PWV) Datasets Using Ground-Based PWV Data from AERONET
Includes: Guang, J.[Jie] Guang, J.
16 for Guang, J.

Guang, W.[Wei] Co Author Listing * Analysis of BDS-3 PPP-B2b Positioning and Time Transfer Service

Guang, X.X.[Xing Xing] Co Author Listing * Indoor and Outdoor Low-Cost Seamless Integrated Navigation System Based on the Integration of INS/GNSS/LIDAR System
Includes: Guang, X.X.[Xing Xing] Guang, X.X.[Xing-Xing]

Guangwei, D.T. Co Author Listing * Self-Calibrating Polarising Radiometric Calibration

Guangwei, Z. Co Author Listing * Documentation of Historic Maps of World Heritage Site City Suzhou, The

Guani, O. Co Author Listing * Use of New Technologies in The Restoration and Conservation Of Built Cultural Heritage/ The Case of The Statue of Fouara, Setif, Algeria, The

Guanter, L.[Luis] Co Author Listing * 2013 FLEX: US Airborne Campaign at the Parker Tract Loblolly Pine Plantation in North Carolina, USA, The
* 3D hyperspectral point cloud generation: Fusing airborne laser scanning and hyperspectral imaging sensors for improved object-based information extraction
* Cloud-Screening Algorithm for ENVISAT/MERIS Multispectral Images
* EnMAP Spaceborne Imaging Spectroscopy Mission for Earth Observation, The
* ENMAP: The Future Hyperspectral Satellite Mission: Product Generation
* Gridding Artifacts on Medium-Resolution Satellite Image Time Series: MERIS Case Study
* High-Performance Airborne Imaging Spectrometer HyPlant: From Raw Images to Top-of-Canopy Reflectance and Fluorescence Products: Introduction of an Automatized Processing Chain, The
* Hyperspectral and Lidar Intensity Data Fusion: A Framework for the Rigorous Correction of Illumination, Anisotropic Effects, and Cross Calibration
* Improving Sensor Fusion: A Parametric Method for the Geometric Coalignment of Airborne Hyperspectral and Lidar Data
* Multitemporal fusion of Landsat and MERIS images
* Multitemporal Unmixing of Medium-Spatial-Resolution Satellite Images: A Case Study Using MERIS Images for Land-Cover Mapping
* Ready-to-Use Methods for the Detection of Clouds, Cirrus, Snow, Shadow, Water and Clear Sky Pixels in Sentinel-2 MSI Images
* Reduction of Uncorrelated Striping Noise: Applications for Hyperspectral Pushbroom Acquisitions
* S2eteS: An End-to-End Modeling Tool for the Simulation of Sentinel-2 Image Products
* Sun-Induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence III: Benchmarking Retrieval Methods and Sensor Characteristics for Proximal Sensing
* Systematic Orbital Geometry-Dependent Variations in Satellite Solar-Induced Fluorescence (SIF) Retrievals
Includes: Guanter, L.[Luis] Guanter, L.
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Guanziroli, S. Co Author Listing * 3D data acquisition an elaboration for classification an recognition of objects and people

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