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Xue lin, Y. Co Author Listing * Study on the Testing Method of Aerial Blast Point based on Shock Wave Overpressure
Includes: Xue lin, Y. Xue-lin, Y.

Xue, A.[Anke] Co Author Listing * Automatic Estimation of Urban Waterlogging Depths from Video Images Based on Ubiquitous Reference Objects
* End-to-End Chinese Landscape Painting Creation Using Generative Adversarial Networks
* Integrated Approach for Monitoring and Information Management of the Guanling Landslide (China), An
* Robust landmark-free head pose estimation by learning to crop and background augmentation
Includes: Xue, A.[Anke] Xue, A.[Alice] Xue, A.[An] Xue, A.[Aoru]

Xue, B.[Bin] Co Author Listing * Airplane wing deformation and flight flutter detection method by using three-dimensional speckle image correlation technology
* automatic region detection and processing approach in genetic programming for binary image classification, An
* Automatically Designing CNN Architectures Using the Genetic Algorithm for Image Classification
* Bag of Geomorphological Words: A Framework for Integrating Terrain Features and Semantics to Support Landform Object Recognition from High-Resolution Digital Elevation Models
* Band Subset Selection for Anomaly Detection in Hyperspectral Imagery
* Band-Specified Virtual Dimensionality for Band Selection: An Orthogonal Subspace Projection Approach
* Efficient Building Category Classification with FaÇade Information From Oblique Aerial Images
* Evolution of Adjacency Matrices for Sparsity of Connection in DenseNets, The
* Foreground and Background Feature Fusion Using a Convex Hull Based Center Prior for Salient Object Detection
* Genetic Programming for Multiple Feature Construction in Skin Cancer Image Classification
* Genetic programming for multiple-feature construction on high-dimensional classification
* Graph-Based Approach to Automatic Convolutional Neural Network Construction for Image Classification, A
* hybrid Genetic Programming approach to feature detection and image classification, A
* Hyperspectral Imaging Approach to White Matter Hyperintensities Detection in Brain Magnetic Resonance Images, A
* Improved Parameters Estimating Scheme for E-HMM with Application to Face Recognition
* Interactive image segmentation based on object contour feature image
* Iterative Scale-Invariant Feature Transform for Remote Sensing Image Registration
* Monitoring Cyanobacteria Bloom in Dianchi Lake Based on Ground-Based Multispectral Remote-Sensing Imaging: Preliminary Results
* Multi-scale adaptive factors video acceleration magnification
* Optical Remote Sensing Image Registration Using Spatial-Consistency and Average Regional Information Divergence Minimization via Quantum-Behaved Particle Swarm Optimization
* Optimization for calibration of large-scale optical measurement positioning system by using spherical constraint
* Particle Swarm Optimization for Feature Selection in Classification: A Multi-Objective Approach
* Photoreceptor counting and montaging of en-face retinal images from an adaptive optics fundus camera
* Posteriori Hyperspectral Anomaly Detection for Unlabeled Classification, A
* Real-World ISAR Object Recognition Using Deep Multimodal Relation Learning
* Research on measurement and energy efficiency improvement of flat panel display based on industrial control
* Stabilization of atmospheric turbulence-distorted video containing moving objects using the monogenic signal
* Subpixel Target Detection Approach to Hyperspectral Image Classification, A
* Towards Part-aware Monocular 3d Human Pose Estimation: An Architecture Search Approach
Includes: Xue, B.[Bin] Xue, B.[Bing] Xue, B. Xue, B.[Bai] Xue, B.[Bindang] Xue, B.[Benben] Xue, B.[Bo]
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Xue, B.B. Co Author Listing * Simplification of point-sampled geometry with feature preservation

Xue, B.D.[Bin Dang] Co Author Listing * Combined Nonlinear Iterative Algorithms for Retrieving the Complex Wave Field
* DAISY descriptor based multi-view stereo method for large-scale scenes, A
* Edge preserved image fusion based on multiscale toggle contrast operator
* Multi scale multi structuring element top-hat transform for linear feature detection
Includes: Xue, B.D.[Bin Dang] Xue, B.D.[Bin-Dang]

Xue, B.L.[Bao Lin] Co Author Listing * Application of Discrete Wavelet Transform with Improved Partial Least-Squares Method for the Estimation of Soil Properties with Visible and Near-Infrared Spectral Data, The
* Improved progressive TIN densification filtering algorithm for airborne LiDAR data in forested areas
* Interannual and Seasonal Variations of Hydrological Connectivity in a Large Shallow Wetland of North China Estimated from Landsat 8 Images
* Mapping Global Forest Aboveground Biomass with Spaceborne LiDAR, Optical Imagery, and Forest Inventory Data
* Segmenting tree crowns from terrestrial and mobile LiDAR data by exploring ecological theories
Includes: Xue, B.L.[Bao Lin] Xue, B.L.[Bao-Lin]

Xue, C.[Chuhui] Co Author Listing * Accurate Scene Text Detection Through Border Semantics Awareness and Bootstrapping
* Analysis of the Optimal Wavelength for Oceanographic Lidar at the Global Scale Based on the Inherent Optical Properties of Water
* Bayesian Estimation of Human Impedance and Motion Intention for Human-Robot Collaboration
* Can the Structure Similarity of Training Patches Affect the Sea Surface Temperature Deep Learning Super-Resolution?
* GA-DAN: Geometry-Aware Domain Adaptation Network for Scene Text Detection and Recognition
* Iterative near-infrared atmospheric correction scheme for global coastal waters
* MetAdapt: Meta-learned task-adaptive architecture for few-shot classification
* Performance of COCTS in Global Ocean Color Remote Sensing
* Process-Oriented Approach to Identify Evolutions of Sea Surface Temperature Anomalies with a Time-Series of a Raster Dataset, A
* Process-oriented Spatiotemporal Clustering Method for Complex Trajectories, A
* Reconstruction of Daily Sea Surface Temperature Based on Radial Basis Function Networks
* Retrieval of Ultraviolet Diffuse Attenuation Coefficients From Ocean Color Using the Kernel Principal Components Analysis Over Ocean
* Transferable AutoML by Model Sharing Over Grouped Datasets
* Verisimilar Image Synthesis for Accurate Detection and Recognition of Texts in Scenes
* Water Ice Detection Research in Utopia Planitia Based on Simulation of Mars Rover Full-Polarimetric Subsurface Penetrating Radar
Includes: Xue, C.[Chuhui] Xue, C.[Cheng] Xue, C. Xue, C.[Cunjin] Xue, C.[Chao] Xue, C.[Cewen]
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Xue, C.H.[Chang Hu] Co Author Listing * Comparative Analysis of the Effect of the Loading Series from GFZ and EOST on Long-Term GPS Height Time Series
* Sub-Regional Extraction Method of Common Mode Components from IGS and CMONOC Stations in China, A
Includes: Xue, C.H.[Chang Hu] Xue, C.H.[Chang-Hu]

Xue, C.J.[Chun Jason] Co Author Listing * Bayesian Nested Neural Networks for Uncertainty Calibration and Adaptive Compression
* Normalized-Mutual-Information-Based Mining Method for Cascading Patterns
* Novel Process-Oriented Graph Storage for Dynamic Geographic Phenomena, A
* Remote-Sensing-Driven System for Mining Marine Spatiotemporal Association Patterns, A
* Using Remote Sensing Products to Identify Marine Association Patterns in Factors Relating to ENSO in the Pacific Ocean
Includes: Xue, C.J.[Chun Jason] Xue, C.J.[Cun-Jin]

Xue, C.K.[Cheng Kun] Co Author Listing * Improved Structured Light Inspection of Specular Surfaces Based on Quaternary Coding, An
* Shape Recovery of Specular Surface Using Color Highlight Stripe and Light Source Coding
Includes: Xue, C.K.[Cheng Kun] Xue, C.K.[Cheng-Kun]

Xue, C.Q.[Cheng Qi] Co Author Listing * Effects of Length and Orientation on Numerical Representation in Flow Maps, The
* Research on the Colors of Military Symbols in Digital Situation Maps Based on Event-Related Potential Technology
Includes: Xue, C.Q.[Cheng Qi] Xue, C.Q.[Cheng-Qi]

Xue, D.[Daqing] Co Author Listing * Indirect Shader Domain Rendering
* Joint optimization coding for level and map information in H.264/AVC
* Linear Convolution Filter to Reduce Computational Complexity Based on Discrete Hirschman Transform
* Salient object detection via a boundary-guided graph structure
* sound-based video clipping framework toward sports scenes, A
Includes: Xue, D.[Daqing] Xue, D.[Duan] Xue, D. Xue, D.[Dingyu] Xue, D.[Dali]

Xue, D.D.[Ding Dan] Co Author Listing * Block cosparsity overcomplete learning transform image segmentation algorithm based on burr model
Includes: Xue, D.D.[Ding Dan] Xue, D.D.[Ding-Dan]

Xue, D.H. Co Author Listing * Unique Solution of Projective Invariants of 6 Points from 4 Uncalibrated Images, The
* Unsupervised Change Detection Using Fast Fuzzy Clustering for Landslide Mapping from Very High-Resolution Images
Includes: Xue, D.H. Xue, D.H.[Ding-Hua]

Xue, D.Y.[Ding Yu] Co Author Listing * 1-D and 2-D digital fractional-order Savitzky-Golay differentiator
* Palm-dorsa vein recognition based on independent principle component analysis
Includes: Xue, D.Y.[Ding Yu] Xue, D.Y.[Ding-Yu]

Xue, F.[Feng] Co Author Listing * 3D+2D Face Localization Using Boosting in Multi-Modal Feature Space
* a Contrario Approach for Parameters Estimation of a Motion-Blurred Image, An
* Airborne optical polarization imaging for observation of submarine Kelvin wakes on the sea surface: Imaging chain and simulation
* Attention-based spatial-temporal hierarchical ConvLSTM network for action recognition in videos
* Beyond Tracking: Selecting Memory and Refining Poses for Deep Visual Odometry
* Big Data-Driven Pedestrian Analytics: Unsupervised Clustering and Relational Query Based on Tencent Street View Photographs
* Boundary-induced and scene-aggregated network for monocular depth prediction
* Continuous-Time Stereo Visual Odometry Based on Dynamics Model
* Cross-modal retrieval via label category supervised matrix factorization hashing
* Defocus blur detection based on multiscale SVD fusion in gradient domain
* derivative-free optimization-based approach for detecting architectural symmetries from 3D point clouds, A
* Digital image forensics of non-uniform deblurring
* Face authentication test on the BANCA database
* family of risk estimators as criteria for PSF estimation: From SURE to GCV, A
* Fast Algorithm for Texture Synthesis on Surfaces
* Fast and accurate three-dimensional point spread function computation for fluorescence microscopy
* From LiDAR point cloud towards digital twin city: Clustering city objects based on Gestalt principles
* Gaussian blur estimation for photon-limited images
* Guided Feature Selection for Deep Visual Odometry
* Image Class Segmentation via Conditional Random Field over Weighted Histogram Classifier
* Intensity-Texture model based level set method for image segmentation, An
* Iterative Image Restoration using a Non-Local Regularization Function and a Local Regularization Operator
* Iterative Sure-Let Deconvolution Algorithm Based on BM3D Denoiser, An
* Knowledge-Based Topic Model for Multi-Modal Social Event Analysis
* Learning Multi-View Camera Relocalization With Graph Neural Networks
* Learning spatio-temporal context via hierarchical features for visual tracking
* Local line directional pattern for palmprint recognition
* Local Supports Global: Deep Camera Relocalization With Sequence Enhancement
* Mallows' statistics CL: A novel criterion for parametric PSF estimation
* MSE period based estimation of first quantization step in double compressed JPEG images
* Multi-Wiener SURE-LET Deconvolution
* Mutual information guided 3D ResNet for self-supervised video representation learning
* Novel SURE-Based Criterion for Parametric PSF Estimation, A
* Occlusion-Shared and Feature-Separated Network for Occlusion Relationship Reasoning
* Optimization of regularization parameter for sparse reconstruction based on predictive risk estimate
* Parametric PSF estimation based on predicted-SURE with l1-penalized sparse deconvolution
* Perceptual stereoscopic video coding using disparity just-noticeable-distortion model
* Recursive SURE for image recovery via total variation minimization
* RegARD: Symmetry-Based Coarse Registration of Smartphone's Colorful Point Clouds with CAD Drawings for Low-Cost Digital Twin Buildings
* Self-Supervised Deep Visual Odometry With Online Adaptation
* Self-supervised video representation learning by maximizing mutual information
* Sequential Adversarial Learning for Self-Supervised Deep Visual Odometry
* Smart Channel Switching in Cognitive Radio Networks
* Social multi-modal event analysis via knowledge-based weighted topic model
* SURE-LET image deconvolution using multiple Wiener filters
* SURE-Type Functionals as Criteria for Parametric PSF Estimation
* Tiny Obstacle Discovery by Occlusion-Aware Multilayer Regression
* Train Speed Trajectory Optimization With On-Board Energy Storage Device
* Underwater Acoustic Target Recognition: A Combination of Multi-Dimensional Fusion Features and Modified Deep Neural Network
* Visual tracking via dynamic weighting with pyramid-redetection based Siamese networks
Includes: Xue, F.[Feng] Xue, F.[Fuduo] Xue, F.[Fei] Xue, F.[Fan] Xue, F. Xue, F.[Fuzhao]
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Xue, F.T.[Fei Teng] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Azimuthal Variations Using Multi-Aperture Polarimetric Entropy with Circular SAR Images
* Single Channel Circular SAR Moving Target Detection Based on Logarithm Background Subtraction Algorithm
Includes: Xue, F.T.[Fei Teng] Xue, F.T.[Fei-Teng]

Xue, G.[Gang] Co Author Listing * Counter-Geometric Distortions Data Hiding Scheme Using Double Channels in Color Images, A
* Development of Efficient Nonlinear Benchmark Bicycle Dynamics for Control Applications
* PACP: An Efficient Pseudonymous Authentication-Based Conditional Privacy Protocol for VANETs
* Pseudo-2-D Transdimensional Bayesian Inversion of the Full Waveform TEM Response From PRBS Source
* Robust Revocable Anonymous Authentication for Vehicle to Grid Communications
Includes: Xue, G.[Gang] Xue, G.

Xue, G.J.[Geng Jian] Co Author Listing * Background subtraction based on phase and distance transform under sudden illumination change
* Background subtraction based on phase feature and distance transform
* Blind image quality assessment based on a new feature of nature scene statistics
* Building an intelligent video and image analysis evaluation platform for public security
* Color constancy based on texture pyramid matching and regularized local regression
* Foreground Estimation Based on Linear Regression Model With Fused Sparsity on Outliers
* Foreground estimation based on robust linear regression model
* Learning Discriminative Pattern for Real-Time Car Brand Recognition
* Public Security Video and Image Analysis Challenge: A Retrospective
* Shaking video synthesis for video stabilization performance assessment
* Texture-based color constancy using local regression
* Vehicle Color Recognition With Spatial Pyramid Deep Learning
Includes: Xue, G.J.[Geng Jian] Xue, G.J.[Geng-Jian] Xue, G.J.[Gen-Jian]
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Xue, G.R.[Gui Rong] Co Author Listing * Multi-task learning to rank for web search
Includes: Xue, G.R.[Gui Rong] Xue, G.R.[Gui-Rong]

Xue, H.[Hao] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Updating Probabilistic Model for Visual Tracking
* Assessment of Cardiac Motion Effects on the Fiber Architecture of the Human Heart In Vivo
* Bi-Prediction: Pedestrian Trajectory Prediction Based on Bidirectional LSTM Classification
* Characterization and Identification of IR-UWB Respiratory-Motion Response of Trapped Victims
* Classifier learning with a new locality regularization method
* DANet: Divergent Activation for Weakly Supervised Object Localization
* Deep Face Swapping via Cross-identity Adversarial Training
* Dense Reppoints: Representing Visual Objects with Dense Point Sets
* Depth Image Inpainting: Improving Low Rank Matrix Completion With Low Gradient Regularization
* Discriminative indefinite kernel classifier from pairwise constraints and unlabeled data
* Discriminatively regularized least-squares classification
* Domain Adaptation for Semantic Segmentation With Maximum Squares Loss
* Evaluation of topographic effects on multiscale leaf area index estimation using remotely sensed observations from multiple sensors
* Fast handwriting recognition for indexing historical documents
* Forecasting Time Series Albedo Using NARnet Based on EEMD Decomposition
* Generating a Spatio-Temporal Complete 30 m Leaf Area Index from Field and Remote Sensing Data
* Geographic Knowledge Graph (GeoKG): A Formalized Geographic Knowledge Representation
* Graph-Based Multimodal Music Mood Classification in Discriminative Latent Space
* Hierarchical Video Frame Sequence Representation with Deep Convolutional Graph Network
* Indefinite twin support vector machine with DC functions programming
* Joint Binary Classifier Learning for ECOC-Based Multi-Class Classification
* LiDAR-Video Driving Dataset: Learning Driving Policies Effectively
* Location-Velocity Attention for Pedestrian Trajectory Prediction
* Logistic Boosting Regression for Label Distribution Learning
* MRI of Moving Subjects Using Multislice Snapshot Images With Volume Reconstruction (SVR): Application to Fetal, Neonatal, and Adult Brain Studies
* Multi-band segmentation using morphological clustering and fusion: application to color image segmentation
* Multimodal Music Mood Classification by Fusion of Audio and Lyrics
* Pano-SfMLearner: Self-Supervised Multi-Task Learning of Depth and Semantics in Panoramic Videos
* Perceptual optimized adaptive HTTP streaming
* QAIR: Practical Query-efficient Black-Box Attacks for Image Retrieval
* Realistic Talking Face Synthesis With Geometry-Aware Feature Transformation
* Region-aware Adaptive Instance Normalization for Image Harmonization
* Segmentation of the Color Milk Somatic Cells Images, The
* Semi-supervised manifold regularization with adaptive graph construction
* Sparse Coding Guided Spatiotemporal Feature Learning for Abnormal Event Detection in Large Videos
* Spatial-Phase Shallow Learning: Rethinking Face Forgery Detection in Frequency Domain
* SS-LSTM: A Hierarchical LSTM Model for Pedestrian Trajectory Prediction
* Temporal Disaggregation Approach for TRMM Monthly Precipitation Products Using AMSR2 Soil Moisture Data, A
* Toward Fine-grained Facial Expression Manipulation
* unified dimensionality reduction framework for semi-paired and semi-supervised multi-view data, A
* Which Is Plagiarism: Fashion Image Retrieval Based on Regional Representation for Design Protection
Includes: Xue, H.[Hao] Xue, H.[Hui] Xue, H. Xue, H.[Han] Xue, H.[Huazhu] Xue, H.[Haonan] Xue, H.[Heru]
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Xue, H.F.[Hui Feng] Co Author Listing * New Integrated Data Structure for 3D GIS, A
Includes: Xue, H.F.[Hui Feng] Xue, H.F.[Hui-Feng]

Xue, H.H.[Han Hong] Co Author Listing * Building Skeletal Graphs for Structural Feature Extraction on Handwriting Images
* Hidden Markov Models Combining Discrete Symbols and Continuous Attributes in Handwriting Recognition
* Incorporating contextual character geometry in word recognition
* On the Dependence of Handwritten Word Recognizers on Lexicons
* Performance prediction for handwritten word recognizers and its application to classifier combination
* Stochastic Model Combining Discrete Symbols and Continuous Attributes and Its Application to Handwriting Recognition, A
* Use of Lexicon Density in Evaluating Word Recognizers
Includes: Xue, H.H.[Han Hong] Xue, H.H.[Han-Hong]
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Xue, H.T.[Hai Tao] Co Author Listing * Document image binarization via one-pass local classification
Includes: Xue, H.T.[Hai Tao] Xue, H.T.[Hai-Tao]

Xue, H.Y.[Hong Yang] Co Author Listing * Better Way to Attend: Attention With Trees for Video Question Answering, A
* Cross-modality hashing with partial correspondence
* RGB-D saliency detection via mutual guided manifold ranking
* Unifying the Video and Question Attentions for Open-Ended Video Question Answering
Includes: Xue, H.Y.[Hong Yang] Xue, H.Y.[Hong-Yang] Xue, H.Y.[Hao-Yang]

Xue, H.Z.[Han Zhang] Co Author Listing * LiDAR Data Enrichment by Fusing Spatial and Temporal Adjacent Frames
* Research on image restoration algorithms based on BP neural network
* Time Series High-Resolution Land Surface Albedo Estimation Based on the Ensemble Kalman Filter Algorithm
* Towards a Fully Automated 3D Reconstruction System Based on LiDAR and GNSS in Challenging Scenarios
Includes: Xue, H.Z.[Han Zhang] Xue, H.Z.[Han-Zhang] Xue, H.Z.[Hong-Zhi] Xue, H.Z.[Hua-Zhu]

Xue, J. Co Author Listing * a-Matte Boundary Defocus Model-Based Cascaded Network for Multi-Focus Image Fusion, An
* Analysis of Internal Wave Signatures in Marine Radar Data
* Bayesian Data Fusion Approach to Spatio-Temporal Fusion of Remotely Sensed Images, A
* Bidirectional Pyramid Networks for Semantic Segmentation
* Brain tissue classification of magnetic resonance images using partial volume modeling
* Cascaded MultiTask 3-D Fully Convolutional Networks for Pancreas Segmentation
* Clothing Change Aware Person Identification
* Coarse-to-Fine Facial Landmark Detection Method Based on Self-attention Mechanism, A
* Connectivity-preserving geometry images
* Data-Driven State-Increment Statistical Model and Its Application in Autonomous Driving
* Deep Feature Aggregation and Image Re-Ranking With Heat Diffusion for Image Retrieval
* Deep Learning for Single Image Super-Resolution: A Brief Review
* Deep TEN: Texture Encoding Network
* Deep TEN: Texture Encoding Network
* Deep Texture Manifold for Ground Terrain Recognition
* Differential Angular Imaging for Material Recognition
* Dynamics of Vegetation Greenness and Its Response to Climate Change in Xinjiang over the Past Two Decades
* Efficient Sampling-Based Motion Planning for On-Road Autonomous Driving
* EleAtt-RNN: Adding Attentiveness to Neurons in Recurrent Neural Networks
* fast Cascade Shape Regression Method based on CNN-based Initialization, A
* Fine-Resolution Mapping of Soil Total Nitrogen across China Based on Weighted Model Averaging
* Gated Transfer Network for Transfer Learning
* Global and Local Tensor Sparse Approximation Models for Hyperspectral Image Destriping
* Ground Terrain Database, GTOS
* Hyperspectral Image Denoising Based on Nonlocal Low-Rank and TV Regularization
* Hyperspectral Image Denoising Using Global Weighted Tensor Norm Minimum and Nonlocal Low-Rank Approximation
* Illumination Robust Color Naming via Label Propagation
* Improve Regression Network on Depth Hand Pose Estimation With Auxiliary Variable
* Improving Object Retrieval Quality by Integration of Similarity Propagation and Query Expansion
* Integrating Remote Sensing and Landscape Characteristics to Estimate Soil Salinity Using Machine Learning Methods: A Case Study from Southern Xinjiang, China
* Joint Spatial and Spectral Low-Rank Regularization for Hyperspectral Image Denoising
* Learning View-Model Joint Relevance for 3D Object Retrieval
* Mapping Daily Evapotranspiration at Field Scale Using the Harmonized Landsat and Sentinel-2 Dataset, with Sharpened VIIRS as a Sentinel-2 Thermal Proxy
* Monocular Position-Pose Measurement Based on Circular and Linear Features
* Multi-Saliency Detection via Instance Specific Element Homology
* Nonlocal Low-Rank Regularized Tensor Decomposition for Hyperspectral Image Denoising
* Nonlocal Tensor Sparse Representation and Low-Rank Regularization for Hyperspectral Image Compressive Sensing Reconstruction
* Novel Multi-feature Skeleton Representation for 3d Action Recognition, A
* Novel-Approach to the Optimal Biorthogonal Analysis Window Sequence of the Discrete Gabor Expansion, A
* OSLNet: Deep Small-Sample Classification With an Orthogonal Softmax Layer
* Prius: Hybrid Edge Cloud and Client Adaptation for HTTP Adaptive Streaming in Cellular Networks
* Rank-1 Tensor Decomposition for Hyperspectral Image Denoising with Nonlocal Low-Rank Regularization
* Real-Time Global Localization of Robotic Cars in Lane Level via Lane Marking Detection and Shape Registration
* Recent Advances in 3D Object Detection in the Era of Deep Neural Networks: A Survey
* Semantic Correlation Mining between Images and Texts with Global Semantics and Local Mapping
* Semantics-Guided Neural Networks for Efficient Skeleton-Based Human Action Recognition
* Sparsity-Based Spatiotemporal Fusion via Adaptive Multi-Band Constraints
* Spatial-sequential-spectral context awareness tracking
* Spatial-Spectral Structured Sparse Low-Rank Representation for Hyperspectral Image Super-Resolution
* Specular reflection removal using local structural similarity and chromaticity consistency
* Tensor non-local low-rank regularization for recovering compressed hyperspectral images
* Understanding Internal Wave-Wave Interaction Patterns Observed in Satellite Images of the Mid-Atlantic Bight
* Unmixing-Based Bayesian Model for Spatio-Temporal Satellite Image Fusion in Heterogeneous Landscapes, An
* Unsupervised Segmentation of Three-dimensional Brain Images
* Video Frame Prediction by Deep Multi-Branch Mask Network
* Volume visualization for out-of-core 3D images based on semi-adaptive partitioning
Includes: Xue, J. Xue, J.[Jie] Xue, J.[Jia] Xue, J.[Juan] Xue, J.[Jize] Xue, J.[Jian] Xue, J.[Jiao]
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Xue, J.B.[Jing Bing] Co Author Listing * novel machine vision application for analysis and visualization of confocal microscopic images, A
Includes: Xue, J.B.[Jing Bing] Xue, J.B.[Jing-Bing]

Xue, J.F.[Jian Fei] Co Author Listing * Video Data Modeling Using Sequential Correspondence Hierarchical Dirichlet Processes
Includes: Xue, J.F.[Jian Fei] Xue, J.F.[Jian-Fei]

Xue, J.H.[Jing Hao] Co Author Listing * Adjusting the imbalance ratio by the dimensionality of imbalanced data
* BSNet: Bi-Similarity Network for Few-shot Fine-grained Image Classification
* Constrained mutual convex cone method for image set based recognition
* Data-augmented matched subspace detector for hyperspectral subpixel target detection
* Defocus map estimation from a single image using improved likelihood feature and edge-based basis
* Deformable Part-Based Model Transfer for Object Detection
* Do unbalanced data have a negative effect on LDA
* Domain Fingerprints for No-Reference Image Quality Assessment
* Enhanced Grassmann discriminant analysis with randomized time warping for motion recognition
* Equalized Margin Loss for Face Recognition, An
* Fuzzy Modeling of Knowledge for MRI Brain Structure Segmentation
* Generalisations of stochastic supervision models
* Hyperspectral and Multispectral Image Fusion Using Optimized Twin Dictionaries
* integrated method of adaptive enhancement for unsupervised segmentation of MRI brain images, An
* Inter-class angular margin loss for face recognition
* Joint discriminative-generative modelling based on statistical tests for classification
* Knowledge-based segmentation and labeling of brain structures from MRI images
* LCSCNet: Linear Compressing-Based Skip-Connecting Network for Image Super-Resolution
* Learning Local Metrics and Influential Regions for Classification
* Learning Spatial-Semantic Relationship for Facial Attribute Recognition with Limited Labeled Data
* LRID: A new metric of multi-class imbalance degree based on likelihood-ratio test
* Matched Shrunken Cone Detector (MSCD): Bayesian Derivations and Case Studies for Hyperspectral Target Detection
* matched subspace detector with interaction effects, The
* Median-based image thresholding
* MSDH: Matched subspace detector with heterogeneous noise
* Non-Local Aggregation for RGB-D Semantic Segmentation
* novel hierarchical framework for human action recognition, A
* On Hypothesis Testing for Comparing Image Quality Assessment Metrics
* Real-MFF: A large realistic multi-focus image dataset with ground truth
* ReMarNet: Conjoint Relation and Margin Learning for Small-Sample Image Classification
* Ridler and Calvard's, Kittler and Illingworth's and Otsu's methods for image thresholding
* Ripple-GAN: Lane Line Detection With Ripple Lane Line Detection Network and Wasserstein GAN
* Segmenting Multi-Source Images Using Hidden Markov Fields With Copula-Based Multivariate Statistical Distributions
* Semantic-Aware Occlusion-Robust Network for Occluded Person Re-Identification
* Short note on two output-dependent hidden Markov models
* Spatial-Temporal Attention Res-TCN for Skeleton-Based Dynamic Hand Gesture Recognition
* Special Issue on Advances in Statistical Methods-based Visual Quality Assessment
* SPSIM: A Superpixel-Based Similarity Index for Full-Reference Image Quality Assessment
* Subcategory Clustering with Latent Feature Alignment and Filtering for Object Detection
* Sufficient Canonical Correlation Analysis
* t-Tests, F-Tests and Otsu's Methods for Image Thresholding
* TediGAN: Text-Guided Diverse Face Image Generation and Manipulation
* Transferring CNNS to multi-instance multi-label classification on small datasets
* Why Does Rebalancing Class-Unbalanced Data Improve AUC for Linear Discriminant Analysis?
Includes: Xue, J.H.[Jing Hao] Xue, J.H.[Jing-Hao] Xue, J.H.
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Xue, J.K.[Jun Kang] Co Author Listing * Multi-Feature Enhanced Building Change Detection Based on Semantic Information Guidance
Includes: Xue, J.K.[Jun Kang] Xue, J.K.[Jun-Kang]

Xue, J.L.[Jun Liang] Co Author Listing * Location and interpretation of destination addresses on handwritten Chinese envelopes
Includes: Xue, J.L.[Jun Liang] Xue, J.L.[Jun-Liang]

Xue, J.P.[Jia Ping] Co Author Listing * Background subtraction via time continuity and texture consistency constraints
Includes: Xue, J.P.[Jia Ping] Xue, J.P.[Jia-Ping]

Xue, J.R.[Jian Ru] Co Author Listing * 3D spatio-temporal graph cuts for video objects segmentation
* Adding Attentiveness to the Neurons in Recurrent Neural Networks
* Automatic salient object extraction with contextual cue
* Automatic salient object extraction with contextual cue and its applications to recognition and alpha matting
* Building discriminative CNN image representations for object retrieval using the replicator equation
* Concurrent segmentation of categorized objects from an image collection
* Democratic Diffusion Aggregation for Image Retrieval
* Efficient compressive sensing video compression method based on Gaussian mixture models
* ER3: A Unified Framework for Event Retrieval, Recognition and Recounting
* Exploiting local linear geometric structure for identifying correct matches
* Fast and robust isotropic scaling iterative closest point algorithm
* Graphical Model based Cue Integration Strategy for Head Tracking
* Hierarchical Model for Joint Detection and Tracking of Multi-target
* Image alignment based perceptual image hash for content authentication
* Image forensic signature for content authenticity analysis
* integrated Monte Carlo data association framework for multi-object tracking, An
* integrated visual saliency-based watermarking approach for synchronous image authentication and copyright protection, An
* Integrating EMD and Gradient for Generating Primal Sketch of Natural Images
* Joint Segmentation and Recognition of Categorized Objects From Noisy Web Image Collection
* Large-Scale Bundle Adjustment by Parameter Vector Partition
* Large-scale vocabularies with local graph diffusion and mode seeking
* new compressive sensing video coding framework based on Gaussian mixture model, A
* New iterative closest point algorithm for isotropic scaling registration of point sets with noise
* Optimized truncation model for adaptive compressive sensing acquisition of images
* Perceptual hash-based coarse-to-fine grained image tampering forensics method
* Proto-Object Based Rate Control for JPEG2000: An Approach to Content-Based Scalability
* Pseudo Measurement Based Multiple Model Approach for Robust Player Tracking
* PSF Estimation via Gradient Domain Correlation
* Robust Approach to Detect Tampering by Exploring Correlation Patterns, A
* Robust Tracking with and Beyond Visible Spectrum: A Four-Layer Data Fusion Framework
* Scaling iterative closest point algorithm for registration of m-D point sets
* SR-LSTM: State Refinement for LSTM Towards Pedestrian Trajectory Prediction
* statistical feature based approach to distinguish PRCG from photographs, A
* Statistical Learning and Pattern Analysis for Image and Video Processing
* Tracking Multiple Visual Targets via Particle-Based Belief Propagation
* Tracking Targets Via Particle Based Belief Propagation
* Unifying Sum and Weighted Aggregations for Efficient Yet Effective Image Representation Computation
* Universal and low-complexity quantizer design for compressive sensing image coding
* Video Object Discovery and Co-Segmentation with Extremely Weak Supervision
* Video object segmentation with shape cue based on spatiotemporal superpixel neighbourhood
* View Adaptive Neural Networks for High Performance Skeleton-Based Human Action Recognition
* View Adaptive Recurrent Neural Networks for High Performance Human Action Recognition from Skeleton Data
Includes: Xue, J.R.[Jian Ru] Xue, J.R.[Jian-Ru] Xue, J.R. Xue, J.R.[Jian-Rue]
42 for Xue, J.R.

Xue, J.T.[Jing Teng] Co Author Listing * fast H.264 compressed domain watermarking scheme with minimized propagation error based on macro-block dependency analysis, A
Includes: Xue, J.T.[Jing Teng] Xue, J.T.[Jing-Teng]

Xue, J.Z.[Ji Ze] Co Author Listing * Hyperspectral and Multispectral Image Fusion via Graph Laplacian-Guided Coupled Tensor Decomposition
Includes: Xue, J.Z.[Ji Ze] Xue, J.Z.[Ji-Ze]

Xue, K.[Kun] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Landsat-8 OLI Atmospheric Correction Algorithms for Inland Waters, The
* Determination of the Downwelling Diffuse Attenuation Coefficient of Lake Water with the Sentinel-3A OLCI
* Effect of Satellite Temporal Resolution on Long-Term Suspended Particulate Matter in Inland Lakes
* Effects of broad bandwidth on the remote sensing of inland waters: Implications for high spatial resolution satellite data applications
* Hierarchical gaze estimation based on adaptive feature learning
* Method for video-to-printing image resolution conversion
* modified KLT multiple objects tracking framework based on global segmentation and adaptive template, A
* new traffic-signal control for modern roundabouts: Method and Application, A
* Optical Classification of the Remote Sensing Reflectance and Its Application in Deriving the Specific Phytoplankton Absorption in Optically Complex Lakes
* Panoramic Gaussian Mixture Model and large-scale range background substraction method for PTZ camera-based surveillance systems
* Post inserted object calibration for stereo video rectification
* PTZ camera-based adaptive panoramic and multi-layered background model
* Quantitative Assessment of the Impact of Physical and Anthropogenic Factors on Vegetation Spatial-Temporal Variation in Northern Tibet
* Remote Estimation of Trophic State Index for Inland Waters Using Landsat-8 OLI Imagery
* Remote Sensing Algorithm of Column-Integrated Algal Biomass Covering Algal Bloom Conditions in a Shallow Eutrophic Lake, A
* Remote Sensing Approach to Estimate Vertical Profile Classes of Phytoplankton in a Eutrophic Lake, A
* UAV-Based Terrain Modeling under Vegetation in the Chinese Loess Plateau: A Deep Learning and Terrain Correction Ensemble Framework
* video saliency detection method based on spatial and motion information, A
Includes: Xue, K.[Kun] Xue, K.[Kang] Xue, K.[Kefu] Xue, K.[Kai] Xue, K.[Kaikai]
18 for Xue, K.

Xue, K.P.[Kai Ping] Co Author Listing * FALCON: A Fourier Transform Based Approach for Fast and Secure Convolutional Neural Network Predictions
Includes: Xue, K.P.[Kai Ping] Xue, K.P.[Kai-Ping]

Xue, L.[Like] Co Author Listing * Auditory Scene Classification with Deep Belief Network
* Construction of a Decision Support System Based on GP Services, Using a Warning-Judgment Module as an Example
* Crop Growth Condition Assessment at County Scale Based on Heat-Aligned Growth Stages
* Deep Attributed Network Embedding with Community Information
* Electric Drive Technology Trends, Challenges, and Opportunities for Future Electric Vehicles
* Evaluation method of jamming effect on ISAR based on symmetry cross entropy
* family of risk estimators as criteria for PSF estimation: From SURE to GCV, A
* Improved Jitter Detection Method Based on Parallax Observation of Multispectral Sensors for Gaofen-1 02/03/04 Satellites, An
* Intelligent High-Resolution Geological Mapping Based on SLIC-CNN
* Knowledge-Driven Geospatially Enabled Framework for Geological Big Data, A
* Mapping Data Prediction Algorithm based On Generalized Regression Neural Network, A
* Multimodal Music Mood Classification by Fusion of Audio and Lyrics
* Novel Approach for Retrieving Tree Leaf Area from Ground-Based LiDAR, A
* Scene Text Detection Based on Robust Stroke Width Transform and Deep Belief Network
* Selective Overview of Sparse Principal Component Analysis, A
* Ship Detection by an Airborne Passive Interferometric Microwave Sensor (PIMS)
* ultrasonic imaging guided medical robot system for microwave ablation therapy, An
Includes: Xue, L.[Like] Xue, L.[Linfu] Xue, L.[Lei] Xue, L.[Li] Xue, L.[Lincoln] Xue, L.[Lian] Xue, L.[Lin] Xue, L. Xue, L.[Lianfeng] Xue, L.[Long]
17 for Xue, L.

Xue, L.F.[Lian Feng] Co Author Listing * Extraction of Leaf Biophysical Attributes Based on a Computer Graphic-based Algorithm Using Terrestrial Laser Scanning Data
* Rubber Tree Crown Segmentation and Property Retrieval Using Ground-Based Mobile LiDAR after Natural Disturbances
Includes: Xue, L.F.[Lian Feng] Xue, L.F.[Lian-Feng]

Xue, L.S.[Lin Shan] Co Author Listing * Design of Tracking, Telemetry, Command (TT&C) and Data Transmission Integrated Signal in TDD Mode
Includes: Xue, L.S.[Lin Shan] Xue, L.S.[Lin-Shan]

Xue, L.X.[Li Xia] Co Author Listing * Edge Detection Algorithm for Remote Sensing Image, An
* Enhanced Two-Phase Residual Network for Single Image Super-Resolution
* Hierarchical deep transfer learning for finie-grained categorization on micro datasets
* Learning semantic dependencies with channel correlation for multi-label classification
* Multi-label image classification with recurrently learning semantic dependencies
* novel method for image classification based on bag of visual words, A
* Person Re-identification with Global-Local Background Bias Net
* Principal characteristic networks for few-shot learning
Includes: Xue, L.X.[Li Xia] Xue, L.X.[Li-Xia]
8 for Xue, L.X.

Xue, L.Z.[Ling Zhou] Co Author Listing * Improving Neural Network Robustness Through Neighborhood Preserving Layers
Includes: Xue, L.Z.[Ling Zhou] Xue, L.Z.[Ling-Zhou]

Xue, M.[Mei] Co Author Listing * Contrast enhancement based on a novel homogeneity measurement
* Customizing Student Networks From Heterogeneous Teachers via Adaptive Knowledge Amalgamation
* Directional relative total variation for structure-texture decomposition
* Ground Moving Target Indication via Multichannel Airborne SAR
* massively parallel implementation of fractal image compression, A
* Parallel quadtree representation and moment invariants computation of binary image for hierarchical matching on pyramid machine
* Weather Radar Simulator for the Evaluation of Polarimetric Phased Array Performance, A
Includes: Xue, M.[Mei] Xue, M. Xue, M.[Mogen] Xue, M.[Ming] Xue, M.[Min]
7 for Xue, M.

Xue, M.H.[Ming Hui] Co Author Listing * Expansion and Evolution of a Typical Resource-Based Mining City in Transition Using the Google Earth Engine: A Case Study of Datong, China
Includes: Xue, M.H.[Ming Hui] Xue, M.H.[Ming-Hui]

Xue, M.L.[Ming Long] Co Author Listing * Arbitrarily-Oriented Text Detection in Low Light Natural Scene Images
* Automatic 4D Facial Expression Recognition Using DCT Features
* Fully automatic 3D facial expression recognition using local depth features
Includes: Xue, M.L.[Ming Long] Xue, M.L.[Ming-Long] Xue, M.L.[Ming-Liang]

Xue, M.Q.[Meng Qi] Co Author Listing * Tree-like Decision Distillation
Includes: Xue, M.Q.[Meng Qi] Xue, M.Q.[Meng-Qi]

Xue, N.[Nan] Co Author Listing * Adaptively Transforming Graph Matching
* Anisotropic-Scale Junction Detection and Matching for Indoor Images
* ArcFace: Additive Angular Margin Loss for Deep Face Recognition
* Deep Graph Matching under Quadratic Constraint
* Demonstration of OpenFlow-Controlled Network Orchestration for Adaptive SVC Video Manycast
* Functional Representation for Graph Matching, A
* GeoSay: A geometric saliency for extracting buildings in remote sensing images
* Holistically-Attracted Wireframe Parsing
* Incremental zero-shot learning based on attributes for image classification
* Learning Attraction Field Representation for Robust Line Segment Detection
* Learning Regional Attraction for Line Segment Detection
* Learning RoI Transformer for Oriented Object Detection in Aerial Images
* Learning to Calibrate Straight Lines for Fisheye Image Rectification
* Progressive Learning Algorithm for Efficient Person Re-Identification
* ReDet: A Rotation-equivariant Detector for Aerial Object Detection
* Robust visible-infrared image matching by exploiting dominant edge orientations
* Side Information in Robust Principal Component Analysis: Algorithms and Applications
* Zero-Assignment Constraint for Graph Matching With Outliers
Includes: Xue, N.[Nan] Xue, N. Xue, N.[Niannan] Xue, N.[Nana] Xue, N.[Nian]
18 for Xue, N.

Xue, N.N.[Nian Nan] Co Author Listing * Side Information for Face Completion: A Robust PCA Approach
* UV-GAN: Adversarial Facial UV Map Completion for Pose-Invariant Face Recognition
Includes: Xue, N.N.[Nian Nan] Xue, N.N.[Nian-Nan]

Xue, N.Y.[Nai Yang] Co Author Listing * Split-Attention Networks with Self-Calibrated Convolution for Moon Impact Crater Detection from Multi-Source Data
Includes: Xue, N.Y.[Nai Yang] Xue, N.Y.[Nai-Yang]

Xue, P. Co Author Listing * Complexity analysis of morphological area openings and closings with set union
* Computer-Aided Cervical Cancer Diagnosis Using Time-Lapsed Colposcopic Images
* Criterion for Optimizing Kernel Parameters in KBDA for Image Retrieval, A
* Discriminative analysis of pixel difference towards picture quality prediction
* Down-Sampling Based Video Coding Using Super-Resolution Technique
* Efficient Short Video Repeat Identification With Application to News Video Structure Analysis
* Fast Edge-Preserved Postprocessing for Compressed Images
* Improved Super-Resolution Reconstruction From Video
* Incorporating prior knowledge into SVM for image retrieval
* Just-noticeable difference estimation with pixels in images
* Layered image resizing in compression domain
* Lung 4D CT Image Registration Based on High-Order Markov Random Field
* Marker-based image segmentation relying on disjoint set union
* non-rigid image registration method based on multi-level B-spline and L2-regularization, A
* Perceived Noise Versus Display Noise in Temporally Filtered Image Sequences
* Performance of reconstruction-based super-resolution with regularization
* Retrieval with Knowledge-driven Kernel Design: An Approach to Improving SVM-Based CBIR with Relevance Feedback
* Saliency Density Maximization for Efficient Visual Objects Discovery
* Saliency Density Maximization for Object Detection and Localization
* Speckle-constrained variational methods for image restoration in optical coherence tomography
* Two Criteria for Model Selection in Multiclass Support Vector Machines
* Visual Distortion Gauge Based on Discrimination of Noticeable Contrast Changes
Includes: Xue, P. Xue, P.[Ping] Xue, P.[Peng]
22 for Xue, P.

Xue, P.F.[Peng Fei] Co Author Listing * community discovery algorithm based on boundary nodes and label propagation, A
* Land Use/Land Cover Changes and Their Driving Factors in the Northeastern Tibetan Plateau Based on Geographical Detectors and Google Earth Engine: A Case Study in Gannan Prefecture
Includes: Xue, P.F.[Peng Fei] Xue, P.F.[Peng-Fei]

Xue, P.X.[Peng Xiang] Co Author Listing * Exchange rate and interest rate differential: A conundrum re-examined via wavelet analysis
Includes: Xue, P.X.[Peng Xiang] Xue, P.X.[Peng-Xiang]

Xue, Q.[Qiong] Co Author Listing * Depth Map Coding by Modeling the Locality and Local Correlation of View Synthesis Distortion in 3-D Video
* Path Planning for Two Cooperating Robots
* Research on Layout and Simulation of Human-Machine Interface in Vehicle, The
* Robust Error Metric Analysis for Noise Estimation in Image Indexing
* Spatial Distribution of China's Industrial Output Values under Global Warming Scenarios RCP4.5 and RCP8.5
* Texture Analysis Based Fusion Experiments Using High-resolution SAR and Optical Imagery
* Toward an improved error metric
Includes: Xue, Q.[Qiong] Xue, Q. Xue, Q.[Qing] Xue, Q.[Qian]
7 for Xue, Q.

Xue, Q.A.[Qi Ang] Co Author Listing * pose measurement method of a non-cooperative GEO spacecraft based on stereo vision, A
Includes: Xue, Q.A.[Qi Ang] Xue, Q.A.[Qi-Ang]

Xue, Q.M.[Qiu Meng] Co Author Listing * Identification of Sun Glint Contamination in GMI Measurements Over the Global Ocean
Includes: Xue, Q.M.[Qiu Meng] Xue, Q.M.[Qiu-Meng]

Xue, Q.W.[Qing Wu] Co Author Listing * Assessing the Effect of Drought on Winter Wheat Growth Using Unmanned Aerial System (UAS)-Based Phenotyping
* Simulating the effect of cognitive load on braking responses in lead vehicle braking scenarios
Includes: Xue, Q.W.[Qing Wu] Xue, Q.W.[Qing-Wu] Xue, Q.W.[Qing-Wan]

Xue, Q.Y.[Qing Yue] Co Author Listing * Water Availability on the Chinese Loess Plateau since the Implementation of the Grain for Green Project as Indicated by the Evaporative Stress Index, The
Includes: Xue, Q.Y.[Qing Yue] Xue, Q.Y.[Qing-Yue]

Xue, R.[Rong] Co Author Listing * 7T Transmit/Receive Arrays Using ICE Decoupling for Human Head MR Imaging
* Driving-Behavior-Based SoC Prediction Method for Light Urban Vehicles Powered by Supercapacitors, A
* Ground-Based MAX-DOAS Observations of Tropospheric NO2 and HCHO During COVID-19 Lockdown and Spring Festival Over Shanghai, China
* Multifactor Identity Verification Using Aggregated Proof of Knowledge
* Robust Pol-ISAR Target Recognition Based on ST-MC-DCNN
* Spatial-Temporal Ensemble Convolution for Sequence SAR Target Classification
Includes: Xue, R.[Rong] Xue, R. Xue, R.[Ruibin]

Xue, R.H.[Rui Hang] Co Author Listing * Sequence SAR Image Classification Based on Bidirectional Convolution-Recurrent Network
Includes: Xue, R.H.[Rui Hang] Xue, R.H.[Rui-Hang]

Xue, S.[Shang] Co Author Listing * Alternating coding for universal variable length code
* Anti-Bandit Neural Architecture Search for Model Defense
* Color Light Field Block Truncation Compression using Hierarchical Bit-Plane Prediction
* Cross-domain network representations
* Fast Haze Removal of UAV Images Based on Dark Channel Prior
* fast mode selection for depth modelling modes of intra depth coding in 3D-HEVC, A
* HISEA-1: The First C-Band SAR Miniaturized Satellite for Ocean and Coastal Observation
* Hybrid Golomb codes for a group of quantised GG sources
* Low-Rank Tensor Completion by Truncated Nuclear Norm Regularization
* Modeling Vehicle Merging Behavior in Work Zone Merging Areas During the Merging Implementation Period
* Nonlinear Poisson Image Completion using Color Manifold
* Quality assessment of polarization analysis images in foggy conditions
* Real-Time Quantized Image Super-Resolution on Mobile NPUs, Mobile AI 2021 Challenge: Report
Includes: Xue, S.[Shang] Xue, S.[Song] Xue, S.[Su] Xue, S.[Shan] Xue, S. Xue, S.[Sihan] Xue, S.[Shiqi]
13 for Xue, S.

Xue, S.F.[Shao Fu] Co Author Listing * Feature design for aesthetic inference on photos with faces
* Interferometer Distance Measurement System Using a Linear Detector Array
Includes: Xue, S.F.[Shao Fu] Xue, S.F.[Shao-Fu] Xue, S.F.

Xue, S.H.[Shu Hui] Co Author Listing * GBRT-Based Estimation of Terrestrial Latent Heat Flux in the Haihe River Basin from Satellite and Reanalysis Datasets
Includes: Xue, S.H.[Shu Hui] Xue, S.H.[Shu-Hui]

Xue, S.J.[Shang Jie] Co Author Listing * GeoSim: Realistic Video Simulation via Geometry-Aware Composition for Self-Driving
Includes: Xue, S.J.[Shang Jie] Xue, S.J.[Shang-Jie]

Xue, S.K.[Sheng Ke] Co Author Listing * Faster image super-resolution by improved frequency-domain neural networks
* Robust classwise and projective low-rank representation for image classification
Includes: Xue, S.K.[Sheng Ke] Xue, S.K.[Sheng-Ke]

Xue, S.L.[Shao Long] Co Author Listing * Application of a Continuous Terrestrial Photogrammetric Measurement System for Plot Monitoring in the Beijing Songshan National Nature Reserve
Includes: Xue, S.L.[Shao Long] Xue, S.L.[Shao-Long]

Xue, T. Co Author Listing * Best-Buddies Similarity: Robust Template Matching Using Mutual Nearest Neighbors
* Cross-Modal Knowledge Adaptation for Language-Based Person Search
* Fusing Observational, Satellite Remote Sensing and Air Quality Model Simulated Data to Estimate Spatiotemporal Variations of PM2.5 Exposure in China
* Mixed Noise Estimation Model for Optimized Kernel Minimum Noise Fraction Transformation in Hyperspectral Image Dimensionality Reduction
* Pix3D: Dataset and Methods for Single-Image 3D Shape Modeling
Includes: Xue, T. Xue, T.[Tao] Xue, T.[Tianru]

Xue, T.F.[Tian Fan] Co Author Listing * 3-D Modeling From a Single View of a Symmetric Object
* 3D Interpreter Networks for Viewer-Centered Wireframe Modeling
* aperture problem for refractive motion, The
* Example-based 3D object reconstruction from line drawings
* example-based approach to 3D man-made object reconstruction from line drawings, An
* Joint Bilateral Learning for Real-time Universal Photorealistic Style Transfer
* Learned Dual-View Reflection Removal
* Multi-frame stereo matching with edges, planes, and superpixels
* Object cut: Complex 3D object reconstruction through line drawing separation
* Real-time Localized Photorealistic Video Style Transfer
* Refraction Wiggles for Measuring Fluid Depth and Velocity from Video
* Seeing Tree Structure from Vibration
* Single Image 3D Interpreter Network
* Sparse representation over discriminative dictionary for stereo matching
* Symmetric piecewise planar object reconstruction from a single image
* Unprocessing Images for Learned Raw Denoising
* Video Enhancement with Task-Oriented Flow
* Visual Dynamics: Stochastic Future Generation via Layered Cross Convolutional Networks
Includes: Xue, T.F.[Tian Fan] Xue, T.F.[Tian-Fan]
18 for Xue, T.F.

Xue, T.Q.[Tian Qiao] Co Author Listing * E-commerce personalized recommendation analysis by deeply-learned clustering
Includes: Xue, T.Q.[Tian Qiao] Xue, T.Q.[Tian-Qiao]

Xue, W. Co Author Listing * Arterial Spin Labeling Images Synthesis From sMRI Using Unbalanced Deep Discriminant Learning
* Blind Image Quality Assessment Using Joint Statistics of Gradient Magnitude and Laplacian Features
* Contribution of Biophysical Factors to Regional Variations of Evapotranspiration and Seasonal Cooling Effects in Paddy Rice in South Korea
* Data-Driven Techniques in Disaster Information Management
* Direct Multitype Cardiac Indices Estimation via Joint Representation and Regression Learning
* Gradient Magnitude Similarity Deviation: A Highly Efficient Perceptual Image Quality Index
* Monitoring the Speed, Configurations, and Weight of Vehicles Using an In-Situ Wireless Sensing Network
* Monocular catadioptric panoramic depth estimation via caustics-based virtual scene transition
* Prototype Integrated Monitoring System for Pavement and Traffic Based on an Embedded Sensing Network, A
* Research on the Colors of Military Symbols in Digital Situation Maps Based on Event-Related Potential Technology
* Self-Improving Framework for Joint Depth Estimation and Underwater Target Detection from Hyperspectral Imagery, A
* Voice Activity Detection Using Wavelet-Based Multiresolution Spectrum and Support Vector Machines and Audio Mixing Algorithm
Includes: Xue, W. Xue, W.[Wei] Xue, W.[Wufeng]
12 for Xue, W.

Xue, W.C.[Wei Chen] Co Author Listing * Multi-mode neural network for human action recognition
Includes: Xue, W.C.[Wei Chen] Xue, W.C.[Wei-Chen]

Xue, W.F.[Wu Feng] Co Author Listing * Agent With Warm Start and Adaptive Dynamic Termination for Plane Localization in 3D Ultrasound
* Edge Strength Similarity for Image Quality Assessment
* image quality assessment metric based on Non-shift Edge, An
* Improved Parameters Estimating Scheme for E-HMM with Application to Face Recognition
* Learning without Human Scores for Blind Image Quality Assessment
* Multi-scale adaptive factors video acceleration magnification
* Perceptual Fidelity Aware Mean Squared Error
* Stabilization of atmospheric turbulence-distorted video containing moving objects using the monogenic signal
Includes: Xue, W.F.[Wu Feng] Xue, W.F.[Wu-Feng] Xue, W.F.[Wen-Fang]
8 for Xue, W.F.

Xue, W.H.[Wen Hao] Co Author Listing * Inferring Near-Surface PM2.5 Concentrations from the VIIRS Deep Blue Aerosol Product in China: A Spatiotemporally Weighted Random Forest Model
Includes: Xue, W.H.[Wen Hao] Xue, W.H.[Wen-Hao]

Xue, W.J.[Wen Jing] Co Author Listing * Multi-Year Winter Variations in Suspended Sediment Flux through the Bohai Strait
Includes: Xue, W.J.[Wen Jing] Xue, W.J.[Wen-Jing]

Xue, W.L.[Wan Li] Co Author Listing * Ghost Elimination via Multi-Component Collaboration for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Remote Sensing Image Stitching
* Robust Visual Tracking via Multi-Scale Spatio-Temporal Context Learning
* Spark: Spatial-aware Online Incremental Attack Against Visual Tracking
Includes: Xue, W.L.[Wan Li] Xue, W.L.[Wan-Li]

Xue, W.M.[Wei Min] Co Author Listing * MRANet: Multi-atrous residual attention Network for stereo image super-resolution
Includes: Xue, W.M.[Wei Min] Xue, W.M.[Wei-Min]

Xue, W.X.[Wen Xiang] Co Author Listing * Cascaded Microwave Frequency Transfer over 300-km Fiber Link with Instability at the 10-18 Level
* Inverse Node Graph-Based Method for the Urban Scene Segmentation of 3D Point Clouds, An
* LiDAR/Visual SLAM Backend with Loop Closure Detection and Graph Optimization, A
Includes: Xue, W.X.[Wen Xiang] Xue, W.X.[Wen-Xiang] Xue, W.X.[Wei-Xing]

Xue, W.Y.[Wen Yuan] Co Author Listing * Query by Strings and Return Ranking Word Regions with Only One Look
* Single image super-resolution with non-local balanced low-rank matrix restoration
Includes: Xue, W.Y.[Wen Yuan] Xue, W.Y.[Wen-Yuan] Xue, W.Y.[Wei-Yong]

Xue, W.Z.[Wen Zhe] Co Author Listing * Automated Detection of Major Thoracic Structures with a Novel Online Learning Method
* novel online boosting algorithm for automatic anatomy detection, A
Includes: Xue, W.Z.[Wen Zhe] Xue, W.Z.[Wen-Zhe]

Xue, X.[Xizhe] Co Author Listing * Coarse-to-fine salient object detection based on deep convolutional neural networks
* Construction of efficient and structural chaotic sensing matrix for compressive sensing
* Fast Semantic Diffusion for Large-Scale Context-Based Image and Video Annotation
* FM2u-Net: Face Morphological Multi-Branch Network for Makeup-Invariant Face Verification
* High-Efficiency Fusion Method of Multi-Spectral Image and Panchromatic Image, A
* Intersection traffic signal optimisation considering the impact of upstream curbside bus stops
* Learning to Score Figure Skating Sport Videos
* Multi-Level Semantic Feature Augmentation for One-Shot Learning
* Multi-Scale Features Joint Rain Removal For Single Image
* Multi-Task Neural Approach for Emotion Attribution, Classification, and Summarization, A
* Multi-view Multi-exposure Image Fusion Based on Random Walks Model
* Multiple Granularity Descriptors for Fine-Grained Categorization
* Parasitic GAN for Semi-Supervised Brain Tumor Segmentation
* Query-Adaptive Image Search With Hash Codes
* Real-Time, Adaptive, and Locality-Based Graph Partitioning Method for Video Scene Clustering
* Recent Advances in Zero-Shot Recognition: Toward Data-Efficient Understanding of Visual Content
* SAR Image Despeckling Method Based on Two-Dimensional S Transform Shrinkage, A
* Sketch-BERT: Learning Sketch Bidirectional Encoder Representation From Transformers by Self-Supervised Learning of Sketch Gestalt
* Skin Lesion Classification Using Weakly-supervised Fine-grained Method
* Spatial and Temporal Differences in Alpine Meadow, Alpine Steppe and All Vegetation of the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau and Their Responses to Climate Change
* SSF-DAN: Separated Semantic Feature Based Domain Adaptation Network for Semantic Segmentation
* Towards 3D Human Pose Estimation in the Wild: A Weakly-Supervised Approach
* UA-DETRAC 2017: Report of AVSS2017 IWT4S Challenge on Advanced Traffic Monitoring
* Variable-conductance, Level-set Curvature for Image Denoising
* Vocabulary-Informed Zero-Shot and Open-Set Learning
Includes: Xue, X.[Xizhe] Xue, X.[Xiao] Xue, X. Xue, X.[Xin] Xue, X.[Xi] Xue, X.[Xian]
25 for Xue, X.

Xue, X.H.[Xiao Hui] Co Author Listing * Image compression based on multi-scale edge compensation
Includes: Xue, X.H.[Xiao Hui] Xue, X.H.[Xiao-Hui]

Xue, X.L.[Xiao Liang] Co Author Listing * Homography-based depth recovery with descent images
Includes: Xue, X.L.[Xiao Liang] Xue, X.L.[Xiao-Liang]

Xue, X.W.[Xian Wu] Co Author Listing * Inter-Comparison of High-Resolution Satellite Precipitation Products over Central Asia
* Interactive 3D Heart Chamber Partitioning with a New Marker-Controlled Watershed Algorithm
* Joint Luminance and Chrominance Learning for Underwater Image Enhancement
Includes: Xue, X.W.[Xian Wu] Xue, X.W.[Xian-Wu] Xue, X.W.[Xin-Wei]

Xue, X.Y.[Xiang Yang] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Query Prototype Modeling Method for Image Search Reranking, An
* Arbitrary-Oriented Scene Text Detection via Rotation Proposals
* Audio Watermarking Based on Music Content Analysis: Robust against Time Scale Modification
* CDTD: A Large-Scale Cross-Domain Benchmark for Instance-Level Image-to-Image Translation and Domain Adaptive Object Detection
* Collaborative and content-based image labeling
* Content and context-based multi-label image annotation
* Correlative multi-label multi-instance image annotation
* DeepSFM: Structure from Motion via Deep Bundle Adjustment
* Delineating Urban Boundaries Using Landsat 8 Multispectral Data and VIIRS Nighttime Light Data
* Delving into Data: Effectively Substitute Training for Black-box Attack
* Depth-conditioned Dynamic Message Propagation for Monocular 3D Object Detection
* Discriminant neighborhood embedding for classification
* DSOD: Learning Deeply Supervised Object Detectors from Scratch
* Dual Skipping Networks
* effective method for video genre classification, An
* Effective video text detection using line features
* Efficient Early Termination Algorithm of Intra Prediction for H.264/AVC, An
* Efficient Feature Extraction for Image Classification
* Efficient identification of speakers in news video based on shot segmentation
* Efficient Motion Estimation Algorithm Based on Structure Segmentation and Compensability Analysis
* ExFuse: Enhancing Feature Fusion for Semantic Segmentation
* Exploiting Feature and Class Relationships in Video Categorization with Regularized Deep Neural Networks
* Fudan University: hierarchical video retrieval with adaptive multi-modal fusion
* Gradient Ordinal Signature and Fixed-Point Embedding for Efficient Near-Duplicate Video Detection
* How context helps: A discriminative codeword selection method for object detection
* Human Action Recognition in Unconstrained Videos by Explicit Motion Modeling
* Hybrid Probabilistic Model for Unified Collaborative and Content-Based Image Tagging, A
* Improved shot boundary detection method based on text edges
* Incorporating Spatial Correlogram into Bag-of-Features Model for Scene Categorization
* Leader-Based Multi-Scale Attention Deep Architecture for Person Re-Identification
* Learnable Higher-Order Representation for Action Recognition
* Learning attention map from images
* Learning Compositional Representation for 4D Captures with Neural ODE
* Learning Dynamic Alignment via Meta-filter for Few-shot Learning
* Learning Hybrid Part Filters for Scene Recognition
* Long-term Cloth-changing Person Re-identification
* Low-Rank and Sparse Decomposition Based Frame Difference Method for Small Infrared Target Detection in Coastal Surveillance
* Metric learning by discriminant neighborhood embedding
* Mining Large-Scale News Video Database Via Knowledge Visualization
* Modeling Multimodal Clues in a Hybrid Deep Learning Framework for Video Classification
* Multi-scale Deep Learning Architectures for Person Re-identification
* Neural Pose Transfer by Spatially Adaptive Instance Normalization
* News Video Retrieval by Learning Multimodal Semantic Information
* Null Foley-Sammon transform
* Object Detection from Scratch with Deep Supervision
* Pixel2Mesh: 3D Mesh Model Generation via Image Guided Deformation
* Pose-Guided Person Image Synthesis in the Non-Iconic Views
* Pose-Normalized Image Generation for Person Re-Identification
* Quick matting: A matting method based on pixel spread and propagation
* Quotient Set-based Nonlinear Manifold for Image Restoration
* Regional Gating Neural Networks for Multi-label Image Classification
* robust incremental learning framework for accurate skin region segmentation in color images, A
* Salient Object Detection on Large-Scale Video Data
* Salient Object Detection using concavity context
* Scene segmentation based on video structure and spectral methods
* Scene Text Telescope: Text-Focused Scene Image Super-Resolution
* Self-supervised Learning of Orc-Bert Augmentor for Recognizing Few-shot Oracle Characters
* Semi-automatic dynamic auxiliary-tag-aided image annotation
* Semi-automatic Feature Selecting Method for Sports Video Highlight Annotation, A
* simplified multi-class support vector machine with reduced dual optimization, A
* Structured max-margin learning for multi-label image annotation
* SVD-SIFT for web near-duplicate image detection
* Temporal Context Aggregation for Video Retrieval with Contrastive Learning
* Towards Instance-Level Image-To-Image Translation
* Trajectory-Based Modeling of Human Actions with Motion Reference Points
* Weakly Supervised Dense Video Captioning
* Weakly supervised semantic segmentation for social images
* Which Looks Like Which: Exploring Inter-class Relationships in Fine-Grained Visual Categorization
Includes: Xue, X.Y.[Xiang Yang] Xue, X.Y.[Xiang-Yang] Xue, X.Y.[Xing-Yu] Xue, X.Y.
68 for Xue, X.Y.

Xue, X.Z.[Xi Zhe] Co Author Listing * Robust Correlation Tracking for UAV Videos via Feature Fusion and Saliency Proposals
* VisDrone-SOT2019: The Vision Meets Drone Single Object Tracking Challenge Results
Includes: Xue, X.Z.[Xi Zhe] Xue, X.Z.[Xi-Zhe]

Xue, Y. Co Author Listing * Active Deep Learning Approach for Minimally Supervised PolSAR Image Classification, An
* Activity Recognition Based on an Accelerometer in a Smartphone Using an FFT-Based New Feature and Fusion Methods
* Aerosol Optical Depth over the Arctic Snow-Covered Regions Derived from Dual-Viewing Satellite Observations
* Air Quality over China
* Automatic Counting of Large Mammals from Very High Resolution Panchromatic Satellite Imagery
* Automatic Video Annotation System for Archival Sports Video
* Backchannel Prediction for Mandarin Human-Computer Interaction
* Bag of Geomorphological Words: A Framework for Integrating Terrain Features and Semantics to Support Landform Object Recognition from High-Resolution Digital Elevation Models
* Catadioptric HyperSpectral Light Field Imaging
* Cell Counting by Regression Using Convolutional Neural Network
* Combined pattern search optimization of feature extraction and classification parameters in facial recognition
* Combining Gabor filtering and classification dictionaries learning for fingerprint enhancement
* Convolutional Neural Network Based Text Steganalysis
* Crowd Scene Analysis Encounters High Density and Scale Variation
* Data Fusion Technology of Multi-Platform Earth Observation on Agriculture
* Deep Learning Approach to Writer Identification Using Inertial Sensor Data of Air-Handwriting, A
* Deriving a Global and Hourly Data Set of Aerosol Optical Depth Over Land Using Data From Four Geostationary Satellites: GOES-16, MSG-1, MSG-4, and Himawari-8
* Development, Production and Evaluation of Aerosol Climate Data Records from European Satellite Observations (Aerosol_cci)
* Dust Aerosol Optical Depth Retrieval and Dust Storm Detection for Xinjiang Region Using Indian National Satellite Observations
* Dust Detection and Intensity Estimation Using Himawari-8/AHI Observation
* Efficient Feature Selection and Classification for Vehicle Detection
* Efficient saliency detection based on gaussian models
* Ensemble of ESA/AATSR Aerosol Optical Depth Products Based on the Likelihood Estimate Method With Uncertainties
* Evaluation of the AVHRR DeepBlue aerosol optical depth dataset over mainland China
* Facial expression recognition considering individual differences in facial structure and texture
* Fingerprint image super resolution using sparse representation with ridge pattern prior by classification coupled dictionaries
* Food and Ingredient Joint Learning for Fine-Grained Recognition
* Ground-Level PM2.5 Concentration Estimation from Satellite Data in the Beijing Area Using a Specific Particle Swarm Extinction Mass Conversion Algorithm
* Himawari-8-Derived Aerosol Optical Depth Using an Improved Time Series Algorithm Over Eastern China
* Hourly PM2.5 Estimation over Central and Eastern China Based on Himawari-8 Data
* Hybrid R-BILSTM-C Neural Network Based Text Steganalysis, A
* Image Captioning With End-to-End Attribute Detection and Subsequent Attributes Prediction
* Image congealing via efficient feature selection
* Information Entropy Based Feature Pooling for Convolutional Neural Networks
* Investigation of Local Effects on Surface Warming with Geographically Weighted Regression (GWR), An
* Iris boundary localization based on Hough transform and the quadratic circle data compensation
* Joint Retrieval of Aerosol Optical Depth and Surface Reflectance Over Land Using Geostationary Satellite Data
* Kernel optimization using nonparametric Fisher criterion in the subspace
* Landmark Summarization With Diverse Viewpoints
* Modified Non-negative Matrix Factorization Algorithm for Face Recognition, A
* Multi Long-Short Term Memory Models for Short Term Traffic Flow Prediction
* Multi-Material Decomposition for Single Energy CT Using Material Sparsity Constraint
* MVSCRF: Learning Multi-View Stereo With Conditional Random Fields
* Neural Wireframe Renderer: Learning Wireframe to Image Translations
* New Rotation Feature for Single Tri-axial Accelerometer Based 3D Spatial Handwritten Digit Recognition, A
* Nonparametric saliency detection using kernel density estimation
* novel density peaks clustering algorithm for mixed data, A
* novel framework to integrate convolutional neural network with compressed sensing for cell detection, A
* Novel Unsupervised domain adaptation method for inertia-Trajectory translation of in-air handwriting, A
* NSCT-PCNN image fusion based on image gradient motivation
* object based graph representation for video comparison, An
* On Classification with Incomplete Data
* Online Cost Efficient Customer Recognition System for Retail Analytics
* Open-Surface River Extraction Based on Sentinel-2 MSI Imagery and DEM Data: Case Study of the Upper Yellow River
* Overseas Geometric Accuracy Validation of Zy-3 Satellites Images, The
* Performance Evaluation of DSM Extraction from ZY-3 Three-Line Arrays Imagery
* Point Context: An Effective Shape Descriptor for RST-Invariant Trajectory Recognition
* Polarimetric SAR Image Semantic Segmentation With 3D Discrete Wavelet Transform and Markov Random Field
* Preliminary Quality Analysis of GF-7 Satellite Laser Altimeter Full Waveform Data
* Q-STAR: A Perceptual Video Quality Model Considering Impact of Spatial, Temporal, and Amplitude Resolutions
* Quantitative Retrieval of Geophysical Parameters Using Satellite Data
* SAHARA: A Simplified AtmospHeric Correction AlgoRithm for Chinese gAofen Data: 1. Aerosol Algorithm
* Scalable Mobile Image Retrieval by Exploring Contextual Saliency
* Study On The Survey, Identification Criteria and Tool System Of Historical Buildings Supported By The Technology of GIS
* Texture Image Retrieval Using Novel Non-separable Filter Banks Based on Centrally Symmetric Matrices
* Thoracic Disease Identification and Localization with Limited Supervision
* Training Convolutional Neural Networks and Compressed Sensing End-to-End for Microscopy Cell Detection
* Trajectory-based view-invariant hand gesture recognition by fusing shape and orientation
* TS-ICNN: Time Sequence-Based Interval Convolutional Neural Networks for Human Action Detection and Recognition
* two-stage video coding framework with both self-adaptive redundant dictionary and adaptively orthonormalized DCT basis, A
* Unsupervised Salient Object Segmentation Based on Kernel Density Estimation and Two-Phase Graph Cut
* Validation of Aerosol Products from AATSR and MERIS/AATSR Synergy Algorithms: Part 1: Global Evaluation
* Vegetation Responses to Climate Variability in the Northern Arid to Sub-Humid Zones of Sub-Saharan Africa
* Vehicle detection and pose estimation by probabilistic representation
* View-Invariant Gesture Recognition Using Nonparametric Shape Descriptor
* Viewpoint Recommendation Based on Object-Oriented 3D Scene Reconstruction
* Visual summarization of landmarks via viewpoint modeling
* Watershed-Segmentation-Based Improved Algorithm for Extracting Cultivated Land Boundaries, A
* Weighted linear loss multiple birth support vector machine based on information granulation for multi-class classification
Includes: Xue, Y. Xue, Y.[Yang] Xue, Y.[Yong] Xue, Y.[Yifei] Xue, Y.[Yuli] Xue, Y.[Yao] Xue, Y.[Yu] Xue, Y.[Yinzhu] Xue, Y.[Ya] Xue, Y.[Yadi] Xue, Y.[Yun] Xue, Y.[Yi] Xue, Y.[Yuan] Xue, Y.[Yuanyi] Xue, Y.[Yongkang] Xue, Y.[Yongan]
79 for Xue, Y.

Xue, Y.A.[Yong An] Co Author Listing * Watershed Segmentation Algorithm Based on Luv Color Space Region Merging for Extracting Slope Hazard Boundaries
Includes: Xue, Y.A.[Yong An] Xue, Y.A.[Yong-An]

Xue, Y.B. Co Author Listing * 3D object recognition based on pairwise Multi-view Convolutional Neural Networks
* AGO: Accelerating Global Optimization for Accurate Stereo Matching
* As-global-as-possible stereo matching with adaptive smoothness prior
* Attention Stereo Matching Network
* Human action recognition based on sparse representation induced by L1/L2 regulations
* MSCS: MeshStereo with Cross-Scale Cost Filtering for fast stereo matching
* Novel Super-Resolution Image Reconstruction Based on MRF, A
* Reverse Testing Image Set Model Based Multi-view Human Action Recognition
Includes: Xue, Y.B. Xue, Y.B.[Yan-Bing]
8 for Xue, Y.B.

Xue, Y.F.[Yu Feng] Co Author Listing * Analysis of transmission-induved distortion for multi-view video
Includes: Xue, Y.F.[Yu Feng] Xue, Y.F.[Yu-Feng]

Xue, Y.H.[Yun He] Co Author Listing * E2VTS: Energy-Efficient Video Text Spotting from Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
* Effects of CO2 Changes on Hyperspectral Infrared Radiances and Its Implications on Atmospheric Temperature Profile Retrieval and Data Assimilation in NWP
* Evaluation of Environmental Moisture from NWP Models with Measurements from Advanced Geostationary Satellite Imager: A Case Study
* Evaluation of the Diurnal Variation of Upper Tropospheric Humidity in Reanalysis Using Homogenized Observed Radiances from International Geostationary Weather Satellites
Includes: Xue, Y.H.[Yun He] Xue, Y.H.[Yun-He] Xue, Y.H.[Yun-Heng]

Xue, Y.J.[Ying Jie] Co Author Listing * Binary image steganalysis based on local texture pattern
* Efficient halftone image steganography based on dispersion degree optimization
* Hyperspectral Light Field Stereo Matching
* Multi-task learning for one-class SVM with additional new features
* Q-Factor Estimation by Compensation of Amplitude Spectra in Synchrosqueezed Wavelet Domain
* Secure Binary Image Steganography Based on Fused Distortion Measurement
* Secure Binary Image Steganography With Distortion Measurement Based on Prediction
* Transfer learning for one class SVM adaptation to limited data distribution change
Includes: Xue, Y.J.[Ying Jie] Xue, Y.J.[Ying-Jie] Xue, Y.J.[Yu-Jia] Xue, Y.J.[Yong-Jian] Xue, Y.J.
8 for Xue, Y.J.

Xue, Y.L.[Yan Li] Co Author Listing * Application and Analyses of Airborne LIDAR Technology in Topographic Survey of Tidal Flat And Coastal Zone
* Quantitative evaluation on 3D fetus morphology via X-ray grating based imaging technique
Includes: Xue, Y.L.[Yan Li] Xue, Y.L.[Yan-Li] Xue, Y.L.[Yan-Ling]

Xue, Y.M.[Yu Meng] Co Author Listing * Active Transfer Learning Network: A Unified Deep Joint Spectral-Spatial Feature Learning Model for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* adaptive steganographic scheme for H.264/AVC video with distortion optimization, An
* Improved High Capacity Spread Spectrum-Based Audio Watermarking by Hadamard Matrices
* New Blind Channel Estimation Algorithm for OFDM Systems, A
* Novel Feature Selection Model for JPEG Image Steganalysis, A
* novel natural language steganographic framework based on image description neural network, A
* Optimized CNN with Point-wise Parametric Rectified Linear Unit for Spatial Image Steganalysis
* Real-Time Text Steganalysis Based on Multi-Stage Transfer Learning
* Transfer subspace learning based on structure preservation for JPEG image mismatched steganalysis
Includes: Xue, Y.M.[Yu Meng] Xue, Y.M.[Yu-Meng] Xue, Y.M.[Yi-Ming] Xue, Y.M.[Yan-Ming]
9 for Xue, Y.M.

Xue, Y.Y.[Ya Yong] Co Author Listing * Detecting Vegetation Variations and Main Drivers over the Agropastoral Ecotone of Northern China through the Ensemble Empirical Mode Decomposition Method
* Feature Point Extraction and Matching Method Based on Akaze in Illumination Invariant Color Space
* Novel No-Reference Video Quality Metric for Evaluating Temporal Jerkiness due to Frame Freezing, A
* Novel Video Coding Framework Using a Self-Adaptive Dictionary, A
Includes: Xue, Y.Y.[Ya Yong] Xue, Y.Y.[Ya-Yong] Xue, Y.Y.[Yong-Yuan] Xue, Y.Y.[Yuan-Yi]

Xue, Y.Z.[Yin Zhu] Co Author Listing * Interactive object segmentation using iterative adjustable graph cut
Includes: Xue, Y.Z.[Yin Zhu] Xue, Y.Z.[Yin-Zhu]

Xue, Z.[Zhong] Co Author Listing * AI-EigenSnake: an affine-invariant deformable contour model for object matching
* Application of Full-Duplex Wireless Technique into Secure MIMO Communication: Achievable Secrecy Rate based Optimization
* Applying training hidden features to joint curve evolution for brain MRI segmentation
* Artificial Noise Generated in MIMO Scenario: Optimal Power Design
* Automatic Graphics Program Generation Using Attention-Based Hierarchical Decoder
* Bayesian shape model for facial feature extraction and recognition
* Bilevel Multiview Latent Space Learning
* CBM: Online Strategies on Cost-Aware Buffer Management for Mobile Video Streaming
* coupled implicit shape-based deformable model for segmentation of MR images, A
* Deep Constrained Low-Rank Subspace Learning for Multi-View Semi-Supervised Classification
* Deformable Template Model Based on Fuzzy Alignment Algorithm, A
* Denoising-Based Turbo Message Passing for Compressed Video Background Subtraction
* Determining Correspondence in 3-D MR Brain Images Using Attribute Vectors as Morphological Signatures of Voxels
* Dynamic Respiratory Motion Estimation Using Patch-Based Kernel-PCA Priors for Lung Cancer Radiotherapy
* efficient fuzzy algorithm for aligning shapes under affine transformations, An
* Efficient Object Matching Using Affine-invariant Deformable Contour
* Facial Feature Extraction and Image Warping Using PCA Based Statistic Model
* iCloudAccess: Cost-Effective Streaming of Video Games From the Cloud With Low Latency
* Image classification by non-negative sparse coding, correlation constrained low-rank and sparse decomposition
* Joint Parametric and Non-parametric Curve Evolution for Medical Image Segmentation
* Manifold Regularized Multi-view Subspace Clustering for image representation
* Multi-view image denoising based on graphical model of surface patch
* Multimodality image registration by maximization of quantitative-qualitative measure of mutual information
* novel framework for semantic segmentation with generative adversarial network, A
* Playing High-End Video Games in the Cloud: A Measurement Study
* Reducing magnetic resonance image spacing by learning without ground-truth
* Relative Position and Map Networks in Few-shot Learning for Image Classification
* Robust Bayesian Neural Networks by Spectral Expectation Bound Regularization
* Robust Movement-Specific Vehicle Counting at Crowded Intersections
* Segmenting Lung Fields in Serial Chest Radiographs Using Both Population-Based and Patient-Specific Shape Statistics
* Segmenting MR Images Using Fully-Tuned Radial Basis Functions (RBF)
* Spatial and Temporal Characteristics of Urban Tourism Travel by Taxi: A Case Study of Shenzhen
* Statistically-Constrained High-Dimensional Warping Using Wavelet-Based Priors
* Topic detection in cross-media: A semi-supervised co-clustering approach
* Topic-Guided Attention for Image Captioning
* Topology preservation evaluation of compact-support radial basis functions for image registration
* Transductive Maximum Margin Classification of ADHD Using Resting State fMRI
* Unified Probabilistic Framework for Facial Activity Modeling and xoUnderstanding, A
Includes: Xue, Z.[Zhong] Xue, Z. Xue, Z.[Zhan] Xue, Z.[Zhe] Xue, Z.[Zheng] Xue, Z.[Zhou] Xue, Z.[Ziyu] Xue, Z.[Zhengui]
38 for Xue, Z.

Xue, Z.B.[Zhi Bin] Co Author Listing * Cooperative Target Tracking in Aquatic Environment Using Dual Robotic Dolphins
Includes: Xue, Z.B.[Zhi Bin] Xue, Z.B.[Zhi-Bin]

Xue, Z.C.[Zhu Cun] Co Author Listing * Learning to Calibrate Straight Lines for Fisheye Image Rectification
* Low rank matrix completion using truncated nuclear norm and sparse regularizer
* Low-rank and sparse matrix decomposition via the truncated nuclear norm and a sparse regularizer
Includes: Xue, Z.C.[Zhu Cun] Xue, Z.C.[Zhu-Cun] Xue, Z.C.[Zhi-Chao]

Xue, Z.G.[Zheng Guang] Co Author Listing * Detection of Catchment-Scale Gully-Affected Areas Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) on the Chinese Loess Plateau
* Object Guided External Memory Network for Video Object Detection
* VTT: Long-term Visual Tracking with Transformers
Includes: Xue, Z.G.[Zheng Guang] Xue, Z.G.[Zheng-Guang] Xue, Z.G.[Zhen-Gui]

Xue, Z.H.[Ze Hao] Co Author Listing * 3D Hand Shape and Pose Estimation From a Single RGB Image
* Attention-Based Second-Order Pooling Network for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Automatic power line extraction from high resolution remote sensing imagery based on an improved Radon transform
* Coupled Higher-Order Tensor Factorization for Hyperspectral and LiDAR Data Fusion and Classification
* Discriminative Sparse Representation for Hyperspectral Image Classification: A Semi-Supervised Perspective
* Fast License Plate Segmentation and Recognition Method Based on the Modified Template Matching, A
* Hybrid Attention-Aware Fusion Network (HAFNet) for Building Extraction from High-Resolution Imagery and LiDAR Data, A
* Kernel Supervised Ensemble Classifier for the Classification of Hyperspectral Data Using Few Labeled Samples
* Multifeature Dictionary Learning for Collaborative Representation Classification of Hyperspectral Imagery
* Simultaneous Sparse Graph Embedding for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Sparse Graph Regularization for Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Image Classification
* Sparse graph regularization for robust crop mapping using hyperspectral remotely sensed imagery with very few in situ data
* Spectral-Spatial Classification of Hyperspectral Data via Morphological Component Analysis-Based Image Separation
Includes: Xue, Z.H.[Ze Hao] Xue, Z.H.[Ze-Hao] Xue, Z.H.[Zhao-Hui] Xue, Z.H.[Zhi-Hang] Xue, Z.H.[Zhi-Hua]
13 for Xue, Z.H.

Xue, Z.J.[Zhong Jin] Co Author Listing * Coordinated control of steer-by-wire and brake-by-wire for autonomous emergency braking on split-µ roads
* Infrared gait recognition based on wavelet transform and support vector machine
Includes: Xue, Z.J.[Zhong Jin] Xue, Z.J.[Zhong-Jin] Xue, Z.J.[Zhao-Jun]

Xue, Z.L.[Ze Long] Co Author Listing * Multi Long-Short Term Memory Models for Short Term Traffic Flow Prediction
Includes: Xue, Z.L.[Ze Long] Xue, Z.L.[Ze-Long]

Xue, Z.R.[Zheng Rong] Co Author Listing * Skeleton Merger: an Unsupervised Aligned Keypoint Detector
Includes: Xue, Z.R.[Zheng Rong] Xue, Z.R.[Zheng-Rong]

Xue, Z.S.[Zhen Shan] Co Author Listing * Detecting the Temporal Scaling Behavior of the Normalized Difference Vegetation Index Time Series in China Using a Detrended Fluctuation Analysis
Includes: Xue, Z.S.[Zhen Shan] Xue, Z.S.[Zhen-Shan]

Xue, Z.X.[Zhi Xin] Co Author Listing * Estimation of Vertical Datum Parameters Using the GBVP Approach Based on the Combined Global Geopotential Models
* Semi-supervised convolutional generative adversarial network for hyperspectral image classification
Includes: Xue, Z.X.[Zhi Xin] Xue, Z.X.[Zhi-Xin] Xue, Z.X.[Zhi-Xiang]

Xue, Z.Y.[Zhi Yun] Co Author Listing * Automatic Tuberculosis Screening Using Chest Radiographs
* Cervicographic image retrieval by spatial similarity of lesions
* Lung Segmentation in Chest Radiographs Using Anatomical Atlases With Nonrigid Registration
* Multi-feature based benchmark for cervical dysplasia classification evaluation
* New Image Data Set and Benchmark for Cervical Dysplasia Classification Evaluation, A
* Objective Assessment of Multiresolution Image Fusion Algorithms for Context Enhancement in Night Vision: A Comparative Study
Includes: Xue, Z.Y.[Zhi Yun] Xue, Z.Y.[Zhi-Yun]

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