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Weis, A. Co Author Listing * Imaging Magnetic Nanoparticle Distributions by Atomic Magnetometry-Based Susceptometry

Weis, B.X. Co Author Listing * Guideweb: a conceptually infrastructure-free vehicle navigation system

Weis, C.[Christian] Co Author Listing * Burnt Forest Estimation from Sentinel-2 Imagery of Australia using Unsupervised Deep Learning
* QuantYOLO: A High-Throughput and Power-Efficient Object Detection Network for Resource and Power Constrained UAVs

Weis, J.A. Co Author Listing * Improving Registration Robustness for Image-Guided Liver Surgery in a Novel Human-to-Phantom Data Framework

Weis, M. Co Author Listing * Automatic Quality Surveillance of GIS Data with GEOAIDA
* Foreword to the Special Issue on Synthetic Aperture Radar Technologies and Techniques
* Sensor Web-Enabled Infrastructure for Precision Farming, A
Includes: Weis, M. Weis, M.[Martin]

Weis, M.A.[Marissa A.] Co Author Listing * Diverse Feature Visualizations Reveal Invariances in Early Layers of Deep Neural Networks

Weisberg, J. Co Author Listing * Segmentation and features extraction techniques, with applications to biomedical images

Weisberg, P.J.[Peter J.] Co Author Listing * sun-crown-sensor model and adapted C-correction logic for topographic correction of high resolution forest imagery, A

Weisbin, C.R. Co Author Listing * Autonomous Mobile Robot Navigation and Learning

Weise, C.[Christian] Co Author Listing * Flood Extent Mapping Based on TerraSAR-X Data
* From UAS Data Acquisition To Actionable Information: How An End-to-end Solution Helps Oil Palm Plantation Operators To Perform A More Sustainable Plantation Management
* Object based classification of L-Band SAR data for the delineation of forest cover maps and the devection of deforestation
Includes: Weise, C.[Christian] Weise, C.

Weise, T. Co Author Listing * 3-D Audio-Visual Corpus of Affective Communication, A
* 3D Challenges and a Non-In-Depth Overview of Recent Progress
* Accurate and robust registration for in-hand modeling
* Adaptive Local Cross-Channel Vector Pooling Attention Module for Semantic Segmentation of Remote Sensing Imagery
* Fast 3D Scanning with Automatic Motion Compensation
* In-hand scanning with online loop closure
* LightFGCNet: A Lightweight and Focusing on Global Context Information Semantic Segmentation Network for Remote Sensing Imagery
* Method and system for generating a three-dimensional object
* Method and system for registering data
* Method and system of scanning
* Methods for registration of three-dimensional frames to create three-dimensional virtual models of objects
* Multi-view hair capture using orientation fields
* object-dependent hand pose prior from sparse training data, An
* Online loop closure for real-time interactive 3D scanning
* Real Time Head Pose Estimation from Consumer Depth Cameras
* Real-Time Face Pose Estimation from Single Range Images
* Scanning system and calibration method for capturing precise three-dimensional information of objects
* Semi-supervised multi-Layer convolution kernel learning in credit evaluation
* System and method for mapping a surface
Includes: Weise, T. Weise, T.[Thibaut] Weise, T.[Thomas]
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Weisenseel, R.A. Co Author Listing * MRF-based algorithms for segmentation of SAR images
* Region-based Alternative for Edge-preserving Smoothing, A
* Shared-boundary fusion for estimation of noisy multi-modality atherosclerotic plaque imagery

Weiser, F.[Frank] Co Author Listing * Assessing the Potential Replacement of Laurel Forest by a Novel Ecosystem in the Steep Terrain of an Oceanic Island

Weiser, M.[Martin] Co Author Listing * Flexible Shape Matching with Finite Element Based LDDMM

Weiser, P.[Paul] Co Author Listing * Towards sustainable mobility behavior: research challenges for location-aware information and communication technology

Weiser, U.[Uri] Co Author Listing * Thanks for Nothing: Predicting Zero-valued Activations with Lightweight Convolutional Neural Networks

Weishampel, J.[John] Co Author Listing * Adjusting Lidar-Derived Digital Terrain Models in Coastal Marshes Based on Estimated Aboveground Biomass Density
* Portable and Airborne Small Footprint LiDAR: Forest Canopy Structure Estimation of Fire Managed Plots
Includes: Weishampel, J.[John] Weishampel, J.

Weishampel, J.F.[John F.] Co Author Listing * Ancient Maya Regional Settlement and Inter-Site Analysis: The 2013 West-Central Belize LiDAR Survey
* Assessing the Performance of a Northern Gulf of Mexico Tidal Model Using Satellite Imagery
* Quantifying Ancient Maya Land Use Legacy Effects on Contemporary Rainforest Canopy Structure

Weisheng, L. Co Author Listing * Multi-modal medical image fusion using 2DPCA

Weisi, L.[Lin] Co Author Listing * Editorial: Special issue on QoE in 2D/3D video systems
* Personality Modeling Based Image Recommendation

Weiskircher, T. Co Author Listing * Predictive Maneuver Planning for an Autonomous Vehicle in Public Highway Traffic

Weiskittel, A.[Aaron] Co Author Listing * Determination of foliar traits in an ecologically distinct conifer species in Maine using Sentinel-2 imagery and site variables: Assessing the effect of leaf trait expression and upscaling approach on prediction accuracy
* Individual Tree Attribute Estimation and Uniformity Assessment in Fast-Growing Eucalyptus spp. Forest Plantations Using Lidar and Linear Mixed-Effects Models
* Multi-Objective Support Vector Regression Reduces Systematic Error in Moderate Resolution Maps of Tree Species Abundance
* Spruce budworm tree host species distribution and abundance mapping using multi-temporal Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 satellite imagery

Weiskittel, A.R.[Aaron R.] Co Author Listing * Synthesizing Disparate LiDAR and Satellite Datasets through Deep Learning to Generate Wall-to-Wall Regional Inventories for the Complex, Mixed-Species Forests of the Eastern United States

Weiskopf, D.[Daniel] Co Author Listing * Age-Net: An MRI-Based Iterative Framework for Brain Biological Age Estimation
* BiCluster Viewer: A Visualization Tool for Analyzing Gene Expression Data
* Density-based label placement
* Direct raytracing of a closed-form fluid meniscus
* Hardware-Accelerated Visualization of Time-Varying 2-D and 3-D Vector Fields by Texture Advection via Programmable Per-Pixel Operations
* Indented Pixel Tree Browser for Exploring Huge Hierarchies
* Indented Pixel Tree Plots
* Interactive schematic summaries for exploration of surveillance video
* Interactive Schematic Summaries for Faceted Exploration of Surveillance Video
* Parallel Coordinates for Multidimensional Data Visualization: Basic Concepts
* Subversion Statistics Sifter
* Visual Movie Analytics
Includes: Weiskopf, D.[Daniel] Weiskopf, D.
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Weisman, O. Co Author Listing * Dynamics of Non-Verbal Vocalizations and Hormones during Father-Infant Interaction

Weiss, A.[Alex] Co Author Listing * Apparatus and method for generating a screen reproduction of a color image including dot shape rotation
* Apparatus and technique for generating a screen reproduction of an image
* Blind Determination of the Number of Sources Using Distance Correlation
* Can Shadows Reveal Biometric Informationƒ
* Contour people: A parameterized model of 2D articulated human shape
* Estimating Human Shape and Pose from a Single Image
* Home 3D body scans from noisy image and range data
* Learning and Detecting Objects with a Mobile Robot to Assist Older Adults in Their Homes
* Multiplexed fluorescence unmixing
Includes: Weiss, A.[Alex] Weiss, A. Weiss, A.[Amir] Weiss, A.[Alexander] Weiss, A.[Astrid]
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Weiss, A.J. Co Author Listing * High Resolution Direct Position Determination of Radio Frequency Sources
* Resolution limits of closely spaced random signals given the desired success rate
* Underground Cavity Detection through Group Dispersion of a GPR Signal
Includes: Weiss, A.J. Weiss, A.J.[Anthony J.]

Weiss, B.[Bela] Co Author Listing * Investigating the Effect of Inter-letter Spacing Modulation on Data-driven Detection of Developmental Dyslexia Based on Eye-movement Correlates of Reading: A Machine Learning Approach
* Models for low resolution slit scan measurements based on high resolution laser scanning image analysis: DNA and nuclear dimensions
* Predicting Reading Speed from Eye-movement Measures
Includes: Weiss, B.[Bela] Weiss, B.[Béla] Weiss, B.

Weiss, C. Co Author Listing * Channel and Complexity Scalable Image Transmission
* Compressed sampling and dictionary learning framework for wavelength-division-multiplexing-based distributed fiber sensing
* Error control for wireless progressive video transmission
* Feedback and error protection strategies for wireless progressive video transmission
* Object Matching for Inter-Vehicle Communication Systems: An IMM-Based Track Association Approach With Sequential Multiple Hypothesis Test
Includes: Weiss, C. Weiss, C.[Christian]

Weiss, D.[David] Co Author Listing * Dynamic Structured Model Selection
* Parsing human motion with stretchable models
* Probabilistic Brain Lesion Segmentation in DT-MRI
* SCALPEL: Segmentation Cascades with Localized Priors and Efficient Learning
* Understanding Objects in Detail with Fine-Grained Attributes
Includes: Weiss, D.[David] Weiss, D.

Weiss, D.J.[Daniel J.] Co Author Listing * effective approach for gap-filling continental scale remotely sensed time-series, An

Weiss, E.[Elisabeth] Co Author Listing * Non-rigid Image Registration with Equally Weighted Assimilated Surface Constraint
* SUPIR: Surface Uncertainty-Penalized, Non-rigid Image Registration for Pelvic CT Imaging

Weiss, G.[Gerhard] Co Author Listing * Factored four way conditional restricted Boltzmann machines for activity recognition
* Gradient-Based Assessment of Habitat Quality for Spectral Ecosystem Monitoring
* Regenerative Potential of Managed Calluna Heathlands: Revealing Optical and Structural Traits for Predicting Recovery Dynamics, The
* Skeleton-Based Explainable Bodily Expressed Emotion Recognition Through Graph Convolutional Networks
* Sparse multidimensional representation using shearlets
Includes: Weiss, G.[Gerhard] Weiss, G.[Gabriele] Weiss, G.

Weiss, G.H. Co Author Listing * Effects of time delay in cardiac blood flow measurements by bolus H2 ^15 O

Weiss, I.[Isaac] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Weiss, I.[Isaac]: weiss AT cfar umd edu
* 3-D Shape Representation by Contours
* 3D Curve Reconstruction from Uncalibrated Cameras
* 3D Object Recognition from Multiple and Single Views
* Active Vision
* Analytic line fitting in the presence of uniform random noise
* Analytic Outlier Removal in Line Fitting
* Applying Algebraic and Differential Invariants for Logo Recognition
* Convex Polygon Is Determined by Its Hough Transform, A
* Curve Fitting with Optimized Mesh Point Placement
* Deformation Invariants in Object Recognition
* Differential invariants without derivatives
* Efficient and Robust Human Classification Algorithm using Finite Frequencies Probing, An
* Feature-based Single-view 3d Object Recognition in Optical Images using Invariants
* Feature-less Single-view 3d Object Recognition in Range Images using Invariants
* Geometric and algebraic properties of point-to-line mappings
* Geometric Invariants and Object Recognition
* Geometry of Visual Space: About the Incompatibility Between Science and Mathematics, The
* High-Order Differentiation Filters That Work
* Hough Transforms, Point-to-line Mappings, and Correlations
* Line Fitting in a Noisy Image
* Local Invariants for Recognition
* Local Projective and Affine Invariants
* Model-Based Recognition of 3-D Objects from One View
* Model-Based Recognition of 3D Curves from One View
* Model-Based Recognition of 3D Objects from Single Images
* Noise Resistant Invariants of Curves
* Noise Resistant Projective and Affine Invariants
* Pedestrian Classification from Moving Platforms Using Cyclic Motion Pattern
* Pedestrian Detection via Periodic Motion Analysis
* Perspective 3D Formalism for Shape from Shading, A
* Physics-like Invariants for Vision
* Point-to-line mappings as Hough transforms
* Point/Line Correspondence under 2D Projective Transformation
* Projective Invariants of Shape
* Recognition with Local and Semi-Local Invariants
* Recognizing 3D Objects Using Tactile Sensing and Curve Invariants
* Recognizing Articulated Objects Using a Region-Based Invariant Transform
* Recognizing Articulated Objects Using Invariance
* Recognizing Objects Using Scale Space Local Invariants
* Recognizing surfaces from 3D curves
* Recovering Surface Invariants from Curves
* Scale-Space Semilocal Invariants
* Semi-Local Invariants
* Shape Reconstruction on a Varying Mesh
* Simple Method of Ellipse Detection, A
* Smoothed Differentiation Filters for Images
* Straight Line Fitting in a Noisy Image
* Using Spatial Sorting and Ranking in Model-Based Object Recognition
* Visual Space: Mathematics, Engineering, and Science
Includes: Weiss, I.[Isaac] Weiss, I.
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Weiss, I.M. Co Author Listing * Desired Features of Adaptive Antenna Arrays for GNSS Receivers

Weiss, J.[Jacques] Co Author Listing * Non-Geometric Energy Formulation for Adaptive Image Compression
* Proposed Methodology to Analyze Plant Growth and Movement from Phenomics Data, A
Includes: Weiss, J.[Jacques] Weiss, J.[Julia]

Weiss, J.A.[Jeffrey A.] Co Author Listing * Nonparametric Approach for Estimating Three-Dimensional Fiber Orientation Distribution Functions (ODFs) in Fibrous Materials, A
* Normal and Pathological NCAT Image and Phantom Data Based on Physiologically Realistic Left Ventricle Finite-Element Models
* Strain Measurement in the Left Ventricle During Systole with Deformable Image Registration

Weiss, J.L. Co Author Listing * Enhancement of contrast echocardiography by image variability analysis

Weiss, J.R.[Jonathan R.] Co Author Listing * LiCSAR: An Automatic InSAR Tool for Measuring and Monitoring Tectonic and Volcanic Activity
* LiCSBAS: An Open-Source InSAR Time Series Analysis Package Integrated with the LiCSAR Automated Sentinel-1 InSAR Processor

Weiss, K.[Kilian] Co Author Listing * Hierarchical Multi-Resolution Graph-Cuts for Water-Fat-Silicone Separation in Breast MRI
* IMM object tracking for high dynamic driving maneuvers
* Modeling and Visualization Approaches for Time-Varying Volumetric Data
* Multiple-model tracking for the detection of lane change maneuvers
* Multiresolution Analysis of 3D Images Based on Discrete Distortion
Includes: Weiss, K.[Kilian] Weiss, K. Weiss, K.[Kenneth]

Weiss, K.L.[Kenneth L.] Co Author Listing * comparative study of deformable contour methods on medical image segmentation, A

Weiss, L.E. Co Author Listing * Dynamic Sensor-Based Control of Robots with Visual Feedback
* Learning Optimal Wavefront Shaping for Multi-Channel Imaging
* New Technologies and Applications in Robotics
* Online Tracking of Migrating and Proliferating Cells Imaged with Phase-Contrast Microscopy
* Specular Surface Inspection Using Structured Highlight and Gaussian Images
* Structured Highlight Inspection of Specular Surfaces
Includes: Weiss, L.E. Weiss, L.E.[Lucien E.] Weiss, L.E.[Lee E.]

Weiss, M. Co Author Listing * CACAO Method for Smoothing, Gap Filling, and Characterizing Seasonal Anomalies in Satellite Time Series, The
* Crop Phenology Modelling Using Proximal and Satellite Sensor Data
* Data Service Platform for Sentinel-2 Surface Reflectance and Value-Added Products: System Use and Examples
* Generic Algorithm to Estimate LAI, FAPAR and FCOVER Variables from SPOT4_HRVIR and Landsat Sensors: Evaluation of the Consistency and Comparison with Ground Measurements, A
* Global Gap-Free MERIS LAI Time Series (2002-2012)
* Land Cover and Crop Type Classification along the Season Based on Biophysical Variables Retrieved from Multi-Sensor High-Resolution Time Series
* Mapping Crop Leaf Area Index and Canopy Chlorophyll Content Using UAV Multispectral Imagery: Impacts of Illuminations and Distribution of Input Variables
* On Line Validation Exercise (OLIVE): A Web Based Service for the Validation of Medium Resolution Land Products. Application to FAPAR Products
* Quality Assessment of PROBA-V LAI, fAPAR and fCOVER Collection 300 m Products of Copernicus Global Land Service
* Quantification of LAI interannual anomalies by adjusting climatological patterns
* Remote Sensing Data for Digital Soil Mapping in French Research: A Review
* Scheme for 3D Object Reconstruction from Dimensioned Orthographic Views, A
* Using 3D Point Clouds Derived from UAV RGB Imagery to Describe Vineyard 3D Macro-Structure
* Visual question answering from another perspective: CLEVR mental rotation tests
Includes: Weiss, M. Weiss, M.[Marie] Weiss, M.[Martin]
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Weiss, N. Co Author Listing * ANHIR: Automatic Non-Rigid Histological Image Registration Challenge
* Maximizzation Technique Occurring in teh Statistical Analysis of Probabilistic Function of Markov Chains, A
* Towards Interactive Breast Tumor Classification Using Transfer Learning
Includes: Weiss, N. Weiss, N.[Nick]

Weiss, P. Co Author Listing * Algorithm for Variable Density Sampling with Block-Constrained Acquisition, An
* Approximation of Integral Operators Using Product-Convolution Expansions
* Bilevel Image Denoising Using Gaussianity Tests
* contrast equalization procedure for change detection algorithms: Applications to remotely sensed images of urban areas, A
* Contrast Invariant SNR and Isotonic Regressions
* Correcting the Side Effects of ADC Filtering in MR Image Reconstruction
* Fast Dejittering Approach for Line Scanning Microscopy, A
* Feed-forward friction and inertia compensation for improving backdrivability of motors
* Iterative method for estimating motion content in video signals using successively reduced block size
* Method for adaptive estimation of unwanted global picture instabilities in picture sequences in digital video signals
* Multiview Attenuation Estimation and Correction
* On the Generation of Sampling Schemes for Magnetic Resonance Imaging
* On The Illumination Invariance Of The Level Lines Under Directed Light: Application To Change Detection
* On Variant Strategies to Solve the Magnitude Least Squares Optimization Problem in Parallel Transmission Pulse Design and Under Strict SAR and Power Constraints
* Optimal Transport Approximation of 2-Dimensional Measures
* Optimizing Full 3D SPARKLING Trajectories for High-Resolution Magnetic Resonance Imaging
* Processing Stationary Noise: Model and Parameter Selection in Variational Methods
* Projection Algorithm for Gradient Waveforms Design in Magnetic Resonance Imaging, A
* Sparse Wavelet Representations of Spatially Varying Blurring Operators
* Structure Tensor Based Analysis of Cells and Nuclei Organization in Tissues
* Variable Density Sampling with Continuous Trajectories
* Variational Algorithms to Remove Stationary Noise: Applications to Microscopy Imaging
* Variational Model for Multiplicative Structured Noise Removal, A
Includes: Weiss, P. Weiss, P.[Pierre] Weiss, P.[Patrick] Weiss, P.[Peter]
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Weiss, P.S.[Paul S.] Co Author Listing * Two-Dimensional Compact Variational Mode Decomposition
* Two-Dimensional Variational Mode Decomposition

Weiss, R.[Richard] Co Author Listing * email: Weiss, R.[Richard]: weiss AT cs umass edu
* Adaptive Tracking and Model Registration Across Distinct Aspects
* Automatic Calibration and Visual Servoing for a Robot Navigation System
* Automatic Calibration for a Robot Navigation System
* Automatic Sign Detection and Recognition in Natural Scenes
* Can We Calibrate a Camera Using an Image of a Flat, Textureless Lambertian Surface?
* Characterization of Errors in Compositing Panoramic Images
* Confidence Measure and a Smoothness Constraint for the Computation of Image Displacement Fields, A
* Early Identification of Occlusion in Stereo-Motion Image Sequences
* Feature Matching in 360^o Waveforms for Robot Navigation
* Geometer: A System for Modeling and Algebraic Manipulation
* Geometric Grouping Applied to Straight Lines
* Geometric Grouping of Straight Lines
* Hierarchical Approach to Sign Recognition, A
* Identification of Human Faces Using Data-Driven Segmentation, Rule-based Hypothesis Formulation, and Iterative Model-based Hypothesis Verification
* Image-Based Navigation Using 360^o Views
* Introducing a Smoothness Constraint in a Matching Approach for the Computation of Optical Flow Fields
* Model for Describing Surface Shape, A
* Obstacle Detection Based on Partial 3D Reconstruction
* Obstacle Detection Based on Qualitative and Quantitative 3D Reconstruction
* Optimization of 2-Dimensional Model Matching
* Optimization of 2-Dimensional Model Matching Under Rotation, Translation and Scale
* Perceptual Grouping of Curved Lines
* Qualitative Obstacle Detection
* Regular Decomposition of Multivariate Time Series and Other Matrices
* Robust Shape Recovery from Occluding Contours Using a Linear Smoother
* Stealth Navigation: Planning and Behaviors
* Token-Based Extraction of Straight Lines
* Tracking Object Motion Across Aspect Changes for Augmented Reality
* View Variation of Point Set and Line Segment Features
Includes: Weiss, R.[Richard] Weiss, R. Weiss, R.[Robert]
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Weiss, R.S. Co Author Listing * Deriving Line and Surface Orientation by Statistical Methods
* Epipolar Curves on Surfaces
* Epipolar Fields on Surfaces
* Epipolar Parametrization, The
* Error Analysis for Surface Orientation from Vanishing Points, An
* Reconstructions of Surfaces from Profiles
* Vanishing Point Calculation as a Statistical Inference on the Unit Sphere
Includes: Weiss, R.S. Weiss, R.S.[Richard S.]
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Weiss, S.[Stephan] Co Author Listing * Calibration of time-of-flight range imaging cameras
* Correspondence-Free Material Reconstruction using Sparse Surface Constraints
* Development of an Active Intravascular MR Device With an Optical Transmission System
* Inertial Optical Flow for Throw-and-Go Micro Air Vehicles
* Knowledge-based interpretation of thyroid scintigrams
* Metrics for Real-Time Mono-VSLAM Evaluation Including IMU Induced Drift with Application to UAV Flight
* Multidrone Systems: More Than the Sum of the Parts
* Towards Autonomous Navigation of Miniature UAV
* Vision-based MAV navigation in unknown and unstructured environments
Includes: Weiss, S.[Stephan] Weiss, S.[Sebastian] Weiss, S.
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Weiss, S.C.[Stephanie C.] Co Author Listing * Illuminating the Capabilities of the Suomi National Polar-Orbiting Partnership (NPP) Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite (VIIRS) Day/Night Band

Weiss, S.M.[Sholom M.] Co Author Listing * Advances in predictive models for data mining
* Small Sample Error Rate Estimation for K-NN Classifiers
Includes: Weiss, S.M.[Sholom M.] Weiss, S.M.

Weiss, T. Co Author Listing * Automated Layout Synthesis and Visualization from Images of Interior or Exterior Spaces
* Machine learning framework incorporating expert knowledge in tissue image annotation
* Navigating through Logic-Based Scene Models for High-Level Scene Interpretations
Includes: Weiss, T. Weiss, T.[Thomas]

Weiss, V.[Viviana] Co Author Listing * Descending Stairs Detection with Low-Power Sensors

Weiss, W.[Wolfgang] Co Author Listing * Browsing Linked Video Collections for Media Production
* FascinatE Production Scripting Engine, The
* Selecting User Generated Content for Use in Media Productions
* Video Browser Showdown: a live evaluation of interactive video search tools, The
* Video Browsing Tool for Content Management in Media Post-Production, A

Weiss, Y.[Yair] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Weiss, Y.[Yair]: yweiss AT cs huji ac il
* Bethe free energy, Kikuchi approximations, and belief propagation algorithms
* Closed-Form Solution to Natural Image Matting, A
* Deriving Intrinsic Images from Image Sequences
* Efficient marginal likelihood optimization in blind deconvolution
* Fast Pixel/Part Selection with Sparse Eigenvectors
* From learning models of natural image patches to whole image restoration
* Generalized Spectral Bounds for Sparse LDA
* Generating Natural Images with Direct Patch Distributions Matching
* Globally Optimal Solutions for Energy Minimization in Stereo Vision Using Reweighted Belief Propagation
* Human-assisted motion annotation
* Incorporating Non-motion Cues into 3D Motion Segmentation
* Informative sensing of natural images
* Learning and Inferring Image Segmentations Using the GBP Typical Cut Algorithm
* Learning From a Small Number of Training Examples by Exploiting Object Categories
* Learning how to inpaint from global image statistics
* Learning Object Detection from a Small Number of Examples: The Importance of Good Features
* Learning to Combine Bottom-Up and Top-Down Segmentation
* Models of Perceptual Learning in Vernier Hyperacuity
* Motion illusions as optimal percepts
* Multibody factorization with uncertainty and missing data using the EM algorithm
* Multidimensional Spectral Hashing
* Perceptually Organized EM: A Framework for Motion Segmentation That Combines Information about Form and Motion
* Power-Efficient Cameras Using Natural Image Statistics
* Reflection separation using guided annotation
* Representation of Similarity as a Goal of Early Visual Processing
* Scale invariance and noise in natural images
* Seamless image stitching by minimizing false edges
* Seamless Image Stitching in the Gradient Domain
* Segmentation using Eigenvectors: A Unifying View
* Semantic Label Sharing for Learning with Many Categories
* Separating reflections from a single image using local features
* Small codes and large image databases for recognition
* Smoothness in Layers: Motion Segmentation Using Nonparametric Mixture Estimation
* Special Issue: Advances in Architectures and Theories for Computer Vision
* Spectral Bounds for Sparse PCA: Exact and Greedy Algorithms
* Surprising Effectiveness of Linear Unsupervised Image-to-Image Translation, The
* tight convex upper bound on the likelihood of a finite mixture, A
* Understanding and evaluating blind deconvolution algorithms
* Understanding and Simplifying Perceptual Distances
* Understanding Blind Deconvolution Algorithms
* Unified Mixture Framework for Motion Segmentation: Incorporating Spatial Coherence and Estimating the Number of Models, A
* User Assisted Separation of Reflections from a Single Image Using a Sparsity Prior
* What makes a good model of natural images?
Includes: Weiss, Y.[Yair] Weiss, Y.
45 for Weiss, Y.

Weissbourd, B.[Brandon] Co Author Listing * Self-Supervised Keypoint Discovery in Behavioral Videos

Weissenberg, J. Co Author Listing * Automatic Architectural Style Recognition
* Dilemma First Search for effortless optimization of NP-hard problems
* Is There a Procedural Logic to Architecture?
* Learning Where to Classify in Multi-view Semantic Segmentation
* Procedural 3D Building Reconstruction Using Shape Grammars and Detectors
* Three-Layered Approach to Facade Parsing, A
Includes: Weissenberg, J. Weissenberg, J.[Julien]

Weissenborn, D.[Dirk] Co Author Listing * Differentiable Patch Selection for Image Recognition
* Simple Open-Vocabulary Object Detection

Weissenfeld, A.[Axel] Co Author Listing * Keyframe Selection for Camera Motion and Structure Estimation from Multiple Views
* Talking Faces: Technologies and Applications
Includes: Weissenfeld, A.[Axel] Weissenfeld, A.

Weisser, F. Co Author Listing * Model Problem in the Representation of Digital Image Sequences, A

Weisser, G. Co Author Listing * Regional lung perfusion as determined by electrical impedance tomography in comparison with electron beam ct imaging

Weisser, H.[Hubert] Co Author Listing * Method for measuring visibility from a moving vehicle

Weissflog, N.[Nicholas] Co Author Listing * Object-Based Image Analysis Workflow for Monitoring Shallow-Water Aquatic Vegetation in Multispectral Drone Imagery, An

Weissgerber, F.[Flora] Co Author Listing * 3D Monitoring of Buildings Using TerraSAR-X InSAR, DInSAR and PolSAR Capacities
* AI4GEO: A Data Intelligence Platform for 3d Geospatial Mapping
* Comparison between spatial and temporal estimation of entropy on polarimetric SAR images
Includes: Weissgerber, F.[Flora] Weissgerber, F.

Weissgerber, T. Co Author Listing * Concept and development of a unified ontology for generating test and use-case catalogues for assisted and automated vehicle guidance

Weisshaupt, N.[Nadja] Co Author Listing * Anthropogenic Illumination as Guiding Light for Nocturnal Bird Migrants Identified by Remote Sensing

Weissig, C.[Christian] Co Author Listing * Ultimate Immersive Experience: Panoramic 3D Video Acquisition, The
* Ultrahigh-Resolution Panoramic Imaging for Format-Agnostic Video Production
Includes: Weissig, C.[Christian] Weissig, C.

Weissinger, L.[Lukas] Co Author Listing * Frame Decomposition of the Funk-Radon Transform, A

Weisskoff, R. Co Author Listing * Model Comparison for Functional MRI
* Regularization for functional MRI models
* signal estimation approach to functional MRI, A
* Signal Processing Approach to Functional MRI for Brain Mapping, A

Weissleder, R. Co Author Listing * Fluorescent protein tomography scanner for small animal imaging
* Semi-Automatic Lymph Node Segmentation in LN-MRI

Weissler, B. Co Author Listing * Digital Preclinical PET/MRI Insert and Initial Results, A

Weissman, C.D.[Craig D.] Co Author Listing * Hand gesture machine control system

Weissman, H. Co Author Listing * Recognition-Based Segmentation of Online Run-On Handprinted Words: Input vs. Output Segmentation

Weissman, T. Co Author Listing * discrete universal denoiser and its application to binary images, A
* Universal Denoising of Continuous Amplitude Signals with Applications to Images
* Universal minimax binary image denoising under channel uncertainty

Weissner, N.[Niklas] Co Author Listing * reliable and unobtrusive approach to display area detection for imperceptible display camera communication, A

Weisstein, N. Co Author Listing * Empirical Method that Provides a Basis for the Organization of Relaxation Labeling Processes for Vision, An

Weissteiner, C. Co Author Listing * Exploring the Use of MODIS NDVI-Based Phenology Indicators for Classifying Forest General Habitat Categories

Weissteiner, C.J.[Christof J.] Co Author Listing * Crop Group-Specific Pure Pixel Time Series for Europe, A
* Europe's Green Arteries: A Continental Dataset of Riparian Zones

Weisswange, T.H. Co Author Listing * General Behavior Prediction by a Combination of Scenario-Specific Models

Weisteen, K. Co Author Listing * Font segmentation of non-rotated, printed symbols in the vector representation

Weistock, M. Co Author Listing * Classification of Data from Airborne Lidar Bathymetry With Random Forest Algorithm Based On Different Feature Vectors

Weistrand, O.[Ola] Co Author Listing * Fast Algorithm for Constructing Parameterizations of Three-Dimensional Simply Connected Digital Objects, A
* Parameterizations of digital surfaces homeomorphic to a sphere using discrete harmonic functions
* Shape Approximation of Starshaped Discrete Objects

Weisz, E.[Elisabeth] Co Author Listing * Tracking Atmospheric Moisture Changes in Convective Storm Environments Using GEO ABI and LEO CrIS Data Fusion

Weiszer, M. Co Author Listing * Toward a More Realistic, Cost-Effective, and Greener Ground Movement Through Active Routing: A Multiobjective Shortest Path Approach
* Toward a More Realistic, Cost-Effective, and Greener Ground Movement Through Active Routing: Part I: Optimal Speed Profile Generation

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