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Yoshida, A.[Akira] Co Author Listing * Character Image Patterns as Big Data
* Development of a Video-Rate Stereo Machine
* Facial Point Graphs for Stroke Identification
* More than ink: Realization of a data-embedding pen
* Stereo Machine for Video-Rate Dense Depth Mapping and Its New Applications, A
* Video-Rate Z Keying: A New Method for Merging Images
Includes: Yoshida, A.[Akira] Yoshida, A. Yoshida, A.[Arissa]

Yoshida, D.[Daisuke] Co Author Listing * method of Counting the Passing People by using the Stereo Images, A
* Range Finder by Using a Rotary Cubic Mirror, A
Includes: Yoshida, D.[Daisuke] Yoshida, D.

Yoshida, E. Co Author Listing * 3D convolutional neural networks by modal fusion
* APE: A More Practical Approach To 6-Dof Pose Estimation
* Nonlinear dimensionality reduction by curvature minimization
* Symmetry-Aware Nonrigid Matching of Incomplete 3D Surfaces
* To Be Bernoulli or to Be Gaussian, for a Restricted Boltzmann Machine
* Toward Active Physical Human-Robot Interaction: Quantifying the Human State During Interactions
* Tracking a robot and visitors in a museum using sensor poles
Includes: Yoshida, E. Yoshida, E.[Eiichi] Yoshida, E.[Eiji] Yoshida, E.[Eri]
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Yoshida, H. Co Author Listing * Automatic pencil sketch generation by using Canny edges
* Binarization Method for a Scenery Image with the Fractal Dimension, A
* Computation Of Vesselness in CTA Images for Fast And Interactive Vessel Segmentation
* Computer-Aided Detection of Small Bowel Strictures for Emergency Radiology in CT Enterography
* Computer-Assisted Diagnosis for Quantitative Image-Based Analysis of Crohn's Disease in CT Enterography
* Detection of view-disturbing noise by using time-axial clustering in spatio-temporal image
* Electronic Cleansing in CT Colonography: Past, Present, and Future
* Estimation of Necrosis Volumes in Focal Liver Lesions Based on Multi-phase Hepatic CT Images
* Fundamentals of Three-dimensional Digital Image Processing
* Heterogeneous data analysis: Online learning for medical-image-based diagnosis
* Image pickup apparatus with blur compensation
* Introduction to the Special Section on Virtual Endoscopy
* Mosaic Decomposition: An Electronic Cleansing Method for Inhomogeneously Tagged Regions in Noncathartic CT Colonography
* Multiresolution non-rigid image registration method and its application to removal of normal anatomic structures in chest radiographs
* on-line character recognition aimed at a substitution for a billing machine keyboard, An
* Optimizing wavelet transform based on supervised learning for detection of microcalcifications in digital mammograms
* Three-dimensional computer-aided diagnosis scheme for detection of colonic polyps
Includes: Yoshida, H. Yoshida, H.[Hiromi] Yoshida, H.[Hiroyuki] Yoshida, H.[Hideaki] Yoshida, H.[Hiroshi]
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Yoshida, J. Co Author Listing * Calibration, Level 1 Processing, and Radiometric Validation for TANSO-FTS TIR on GOSAT
* Evaluation of Polarization Observation Accuracy of SGLI VNR-PL Using In-Orbit Calibration Data
Includes: Yoshida, J. Yoshida, J.[Jun]

Yoshida, K. Co Author Listing * efficient ward-based copy-move forgery detection method for digital image forensic, An
* Hand-Scan OCR with a One-Dimensional Image Sensor
* Monocular Pose Estimation Case Study: The Hayabusa2 Minerva-II2 Deployment, A
* Object recognition via recognition of finger pointing actions
* Off-Line Writer Verification Using Shape and Pen Pressure Information
* Offline writer verification using pen pressure information from infrared image
* Omnidirectional Vision Sensor with Single View and Constant Resolution, An
* Real-Time Stereo Vision with Multiple Arrayed Camera
* Robust 3D Pig Measurement in Pig Farm
* Simple Scanner for High Resolution Imaging of Wall Paintings, A
* Spectral Index for Quantifying Leaf Area Index of Winter Wheat by Field Hyperspectral Measurements: A Case Study in Gifu Prefecture, Central Japan
* Text and User Generic Model for Writer Verification Using Combined Pen Pressure Information From Ink Intensity and Indented Writing on Paper
Includes: Yoshida, K. Yoshida, K.[Kenichi] Yoshida, K.[Kazuya] Yoshida, K.[Koji] Yoshida, K.[Kumiko] Yoshida, K.[Kyohei] Yoshida, K.[Kazuaki]
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Yoshida, M.[Michitaka] Co Author Listing * Acquiring a Dynamic Light Field through a Single-Shot Coded Image
* Action Recognition From a Single Coded Image
* Automatic Determination of Camera Positions and Poses in a Sequence of Snapshots
* Automatic tracking lighting equipment, lighting controller and tracking apparatus
* Building Statistical Atlas of White Matter Fiber Tract Based on Vector/Tensor Field Reconstruction in Diffusion Tensor MRI
* Contact Lens Extraction by Using Thermo-Vision
* Enhanced Simulation of an Asian Dust Storm by Assimilating GCOM-C Observations
* Extraction of Tourist Destinations and Comparative Analysis of Preferences Between Foreign Tourists and Domestic Tourists on the Basis of Geotagged Social Media Data
* Flexible Vision-Based Algorithm for a Book Sorting System, A
* Improving Capability of Locating Tampered Pixels of Statistical Fragile Watermarking
* Individual Restoration of Tampered Pixels for Statistical Fragile Watermarking
* Investigation of Adaptable Vision System for Factory Automation, An
* Joint Optimization for Compressive Video Sensing and Reconstruction Under Hardware Constraints
* Performance Evaluation of the AV CODEC on a Low-Power SPXK5SC DSP Core
* Probability Estimation of Binary Information Sources for Image Coding
* Profiling the Spatial Structure of London: From Individual Tweets to Aggregated Functional Zones
* Seamless Navigation Using Various Sensors: An Overview of The Seamless Navigation Campaign
* Surface correspondence based on three-dimensional structure inference in animation images
* Vicarious Calibration of ADEOS-2 GLI Visible to Shortwave Infrared Bands Using Global Datasets
* Vicarious calibration of GLI by ground observation data
* Web Document Parsing: A New Approach to Modeling Layout-Language Relations
Includes: Yoshida, M.[Michitaka] Yoshida, M.[Masahiro] Yoshida, M.[Minoru] Yoshida, M.[Mariko] Yoshida, M.[Masashi] Yoshida, M.[Mayumi] Yoshida, M.[Mitsuo] Yoshida, M. Yoshida, M.[Maki] Yoshida, M.[Makoto] Yoshida, M.[Masayuki]
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Yoshida, N.[Naofumi] Co Author Listing * Calibration of the Dual-Frequency Precipitation Radar Onboard the Global Precipitation Measurement Core Observatory
* Overview of the End-of-Mission Observation Experiments of Precipitation Radar Onboard the Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission Satellite
Includes: Yoshida, N.[Naofumi] Yoshida, N.

Yoshida, R.[Ruriko] Co Author Listing * Approximate techniques in solving optimal camera placement problems
* Integrated medical-image system for cancer research and treatment
* Unrolling Graph Total Variation for Light Field Image Denoising
Includes: Yoshida, R.[Ruriko] Yoshida, R. Yoshida, R.[Rino]

Yoshida, S. Co Author Listing * Community detection using random-walk similarity and application to image clustering
* comprehensive evaluation of disturbance agent classification approaches: Strengths of ensemble classification, multiple indices, spatio-temporal variables, and direct prediction, A
* Discriminative Subtree Selection for NBI Endoscopic Image Labeling
* Estimation of Airborne Lidar-Derived Tropical Forest Canopy Height Using Landsat Time Series in Cambodia
* Exploiting stance similarity and graph neural networks for fake news detection
* Graph-Based Video Search Reranking with Local and Global Consistency Analysis
* Impact of Lossy Image Compression on CAD Support Systems for Colonoscopy
* Light-field generation by several screen types for glasses-free tabletop 3D display
* Novel glasses-free tabletop 3D imaging technology for collaborative applications
* Real-time rendering of multi-perspective images for a glasses-free tabletop 3d display
* Real-Time Synthesis of Natural Head Motion on A 3D AVATAR from Reconstructed 3D Frontal Face Data
* Self-training with unlabeled regions for NBI image recognition
* Shape Acquisition and Registration for 3D Endoscope Based on Grid Pattern Projection
* Smoothing posterior probabilities with a particle filter of dirichlet distribution for stabilizing colorectal NBI endoscopy recognition
* Statistic calculating method using a template and corresponding sub-image to determine similarity based on sum of squares thresholding
* Study to Realize A Box-Shaped 3D Display: A Calibration Method to Align Lens Array and Display, A
* Support vector description of clusters for content-based image annotation
* System for Colorectal Tumor Classification in Magnifying Endoscopic NBI Images, A
* Template matching image processor utilizing sub image pixel sums and sum of squares thresholding
* Tissue Shape Acquisition with a Hybrid Structured Light and Photometric Stereo Endoscopic System
* Unmanned vehicle control system and method
Includes: Yoshida, S. Yoshida, S.[Shigejiro] Yoshida, S.[Shigeto] Yoshida, S.[Soh] Yoshida, S.[Shunsuke] Yoshida, S.[Syoji] Yoshida, S.[Shinichi] Yoshida, S.[Susumu]
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Yoshida, S.I.[Shin Ichi] Co Author Listing * Color restoration algorithm for dynamic images under multiple luminance conditions using correction vectors
Includes: Yoshida, S.I.[Shin Ichi] Yoshida, S.I.[Shin-Ichi]

Yoshida, S.M.[Shuhei M.] Co Author Listing * Non-Iterative Optimization of Pseudo-Labeling Thresholds for Training Object Detection Models from Multiple Datasets

Yoshida, T.[Toshiyuki] Co Author Listing * 2D/3D Hybrid Video Coding Based on Motion Compensation
* 3-D Non-Orthogonal Sampling for Motion Pictures with Spectrum-Adaptive Bandlimitation
* 3D Object Pose Estimation Using Viewpoint Generative Learning
* Accuracy Evaluation and Branch Detection Method of 3D Modeling Using Backpack 3D Lidar SLAM and UAV-SfM for Peach Trees during the Pruning Period in Winter
* Adaptive Frame Interval Control and its Quality Estimation
* Adaptive Global and Local Tone Mapping Algorithm Implemented on FPGA, An
* Background differencing technique for image segmentation based on the status of reference pixels
* Block classification method based on human perception for dynamic bitstream scaling of MPEG video
* Block Matching Motion Estimation Using Block Integration Based on Reliability Metric
* Block-Matching-Based Implementation of Affine Motion Estimation for HEVC
* Co-Propagation with Distributed Seeds for Salient Object Detection
* Compression coding of moving contours on spatio-temporal 2-D plane
* Depth from Defocus Technique Based on Cross Reblurring
* Design and implementation of multidimensional Y-C separation filters for NTSC signals
* Detection of Ships Cruising in the Azimuth Direction Using Spotlight SAR Images with a Deep Learning Method
* Distance metric for motion vector histograms based on human perceptual characteristics
* Edge Enhancement Technique for Image Segmentation Based on Resistive Circuit Simulation, An
* Efficient algorithm for low-rank matrix factorization with missing components and performance comparison of latest algorithms
* Exploring Spatiotemporal Variations in Land Surface Temperature Based on Local Climate Zones in Shanghai from 2008 to 2020
* Fast Mode Decision Technique for HEVC Intra Prediction Based on Reliability Metric for Motion Vectors
* Filtering and Segmentation of Digitized Land Use Map Images
* HMM-Based Approach for Text Region Detection in Coded Video Bitstreams
* Image Adjustment for Multi-Exposure Images Based on Convolutional Neural Networks
* Improving Item Recommendation Based on Social Tag Ranking
* Improving Time-of-Flight Sensor for Specular Surfaces with Shape from Polarization
* Lightning-Fast Dual-Layer Lossless Coding for Radiance Format High Dynamic Range Images
* Lower Complexity Lifting Structures for Hierarchical Lapped Transforms Highly Compatible With JPEG XR Standard
* Mapping Aboveground Biomass in Northern Japanese Forests Using the ALOS PRISM Digital Surface Model
* method based on view-directional consistency constraints for robust 3D object recognition, The
* Motion Compensated Frame Rate Up-Conversion for Low Frame Rate Video
* Motion Image Segmentation Using 3-d Watershed Algorithm
* New Greedy Algorithm for Improving b-Coloring Clustering, A
* Non-separable four-dimensional integer wavelet transform with reduced rounding noise
* Precise Estimation of Motion Vectors and its Application to MPEG Video Retrieval
* Reduction of Poisson Noise in Coded Exposure Photography
* Scalable Coding Based on Adaptive Subband for Interlaced Video Sequences
* Shadow Detection Based on Luminance-LiDAR Intensity Uncorrelation
* simplified lattice structure of two-dimensional generalized lapped orthogonal transform (2-D GenLOT) for image coding, A
* Smart image sensor for high speed in-focus detection
* Time-of-flight sensor depth enhancement for automotive exhaust gas
* Two-stage model fitting approach for human body shape estimation from a single depth image
* Unsupervised Intrinsic Image Decomposition with LiDAR Intensity
* Video transcoding based on optimal frame rate estimation
* Wavelet-based content-aware image coding with rate-dependent seam carving
Includes: Yoshida, T.[Toshiyuki] Yoshida, T. Yoshida, T.[Takumi] Yoshida, T.[Takeshi] Yoshida, T.[Taichi] Yoshida, T.[Takero] Yoshida, T.[Takahiro] Yoshida, T.[Takaichi] Yoshida, T.[Taiga] Yoshida, T.[Tetsuya]
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Yoshida, Y.[Yuichi] Co Author Listing * Asymmetric Feature Representation for Object Recognition in Client Server System
* Augmenting Training Samples with a Large Number of Rough Segmentation Datasets
* Bias Correction of the Ratio of Total Column CH4 to CO2 Retrieved from GOSAT Spectra
* CARD: Compact And Real-time Descriptors
* Classification of Rotated and Scaled Textured Images Using Invariants Based on Spectral Moments
* Classifying Human Body Motions Using Gabor Features
* Comparison of XH2O Retrieved from GOSAT Short-Wavelength Infrared Spectra with Observations from the TCCON Network
* Constant Velocity 3D Convolution
* Country-Scale Analysis of Methane Emissions with a High-Resolution Inverse Model Using GOSAT and Surface Observations
* Description of Signature Images and Its Application to Their Classification
* Dimensionality Reduction for Histogram Features Based on Supervised Non-negative Matrix Factorization
* Estimation of Terrestrial Global Gross Primary Production (GPP) with Satellite Data-Driven Models and Eddy Covariance Flux Data
* Evaluation and Analysis of the Seasonal Cycle and Variability of the Trend from GOSAT Methane Retrievals
* Fast Eigen Matching
* Image Retrieval Framework Based on Dual Representation Descriptor
* Keypoint detection by cascaded FAST
* Light Source Separation and Intrinsic Image Decomposition under AC Illumination
* Long-Term Vicarious Calibration of GOSAT Short-Wave Sensors: Techniques for Error Reduction and New Estimates of Radiometric Degradation Factors
* Methane Emission Estimates by the Global High-Resolution Inverse Model Using National Inventories
* Multiscale Antidiffusion Approach for Gaussian Blurred Images, A
* New Effective Approach for Off-Line Verification of Signatures by Using Pressure Features, A
* OCT Volumetric Data Restoration with Latent Distribution of Refractive Index
* Optimal gabor filters for high speed face identification
* Parameter-Estimation and Restoration for Motion Blurred Images
* Snapshot Multispectral Image Completion Via Self-Dictionary Transformed Tensor Nuclear Norm Minimization With Total Variation
* Structural description and classification of signature images
* Study On Extracting Thin Sea Ice Area From Space, A
* Systematic Orbital Geometry-Dependent Variations in Satellite Solar-Induced Fluorescence (SIF) Retrievals
* TCCON Philippines: First Measurement Results, Satellite Data and Model Comparisons in Southeast Asia
* Testing the Polarization Model for TANSO-FTS on GOSAT Against Clear-Sky Observations of Sun Glint Over the Ocean
* Two-Year Comparison of Airborne Measurements of CO2 and CH4 With GOSAT at Railroad Valley, Nevada
Includes: Yoshida, Y.[Yuichi] Yoshida, Y.[Yukio] Yoshida, Y. Yoshida, Y.[Yuuichi] Yoshida, Y.[Yuuji] Yoshida, Y.[Yasuko] Yoshida, Y.[Yusaku]
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Yoshidome, E.[Ewelton] Co Author Listing * Wearable computing for railway environments: proposal and evaluation of a safety solution

Yoshie, O.[Osamu] Co Author Listing * Application of Multi-modal Fusion Attention Mechanism in Semantic Segmentation
* Contrastive Vision-Language Pre-training with Limited Resources
* Discriminability-Transferability Trade-Off: An Information-Theoretic Perspective
* DualBox: Generating BBox Pair with Strong Correspondence via Occlusion Pattern Clustering and Proposal Refinement
* Exchnet: A Unified Hashing Network for Large-scale Fine-grained Image Retrieval
* NMS by Representative Region: Towards Crowded Pedestrian Detection by Proposal Pairing
* OTA: Optimal Transport Assignment for Object Detection
* Simple Framework for Text-Supervised Semantic Segmentation, A
* SST: Spatial and Semantic Transformers for Multi-Label Image Recognition
Includes: Yoshie, O.[Osamu] Yoshie, O.
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Yoshifumi, S.[Shimodaira] Co Author Listing * Pixel-Wise Noise Level Estimation for Images

Yoshihama, Y.[Yutaka] Co Author Listing * Hardware-Aware Zero-Shot Neural Architecture Search

Yoshihara, M. Co Author Listing * Automatic signature verification based on the dynamic feature of pressure

Yoshihashi, R.[Ryota] Co Author Listing * Classification-Reconstruction Learning for Open-Set Recognition
* Construction of a bird image dataset for ecological investigations
* Cross-Connected Networks for Multi-Task Learning of Detection and Segmentation
* Detection of small birds in large images by combining a deep detector with semantic segmentation
* Ladder Siamese Network: A Method and Insights for Multi-Level Self-Supervised Learning
* Multi Event Localization by Audio-Visual Fusion with Omnidirectional Camera and Microphone Array
* Pass Receiver Prediction in Soccer using Video and Players' Trajectories
Includes: Yoshihashi, R.[Ryota] Yoshihashi, R.
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Yoshihira, K.[Kenji] Co Author Listing * Fault Detection in Distributed Systems by Representative Subspace Mapping
* Robust Nonlinear Dimensionality Reduction for Manifold Learning
* Understanding Internet Video sharing site workload: A view from data center design

Yoshihiro, K. Co Author Listing * Stereo Self-Adjustment Methodology for Camera Parameter Restoration in Outdoor Environments, A

Yoshihisa, T.[Tomoki] Co Author Listing * P2P Sensor Data Stream Delivery System That Guarantees the Specified Reachability under Churn Situations, A

Yoshii, H. Co Author Listing * Binary Pact
* Pyramid Architecture Classification Tree

Yoshii, K.[Kazuyoshi] Co Author Listing * Computationally-Efficient Overdetermined Blind Source Separation Based on Iterative Source Steering
* Flow-Based Independent Vector Analysis for Blind Source Separation
* Neural Full-Rank Spatial Covariance Analysis for Blind Source Separation
Includes: Yoshii, K.[Kazuyoshi] Yoshii, K.

Yoshii, T.[Tatsuki] Co Author Listing * Integrating UAV-SfM and Airborne Lidar Point Cloud Data to Plantation Forest Feature Extraction

Yoshikawa, A.[Akimasa] Co Author Listing * First Pi2 Pulsation Observed by China Seismo-Electromagnetic Satellite, The
* Multi-Instrument Observations of the Atmospheric and Ionospheric Response to the 2013 Sudden Stratospheric Warming Over Eastern Asia Region
* Super resolution image reconstruction using total variation regularization and learning-based method
Includes: Yoshikawa, A.[Akimasa] Yoshikawa, A. Yoshikawa, A.[Akihiro]

Yoshikawa, E. Co Author Listing * Application of Adaptive Digital Beamforming to Osaka University Phased Array Weather Radar
* Estimator for Weather Radar Doppler Power Spectrum via Minimum Mean Square Error, An
* Fast-Scanning Phased-Array Weather Radar With Angular Imaging Technique
* Performance of Minimum Mean-Square Error Beam Forming for Polarimetric Phased Array Weather Radar
* Probabilistic Attenuation Correction in a Networked Radar Environment
* Study of Comb Beam Transmission on Phased Array Weather Radars, A
Includes: Yoshikawa, E. Yoshikawa, E.[Eiichi]

Yoshikawa, F.[Fumito] Co Author Listing * Cone-restricted kernel subspace methods
* Cone-restricted subspace methods
* Motion image segmentation using global criteria and DP
* On a Fluency Image Coding System for Beef Marbling Evaluation
* On a grading system for beef marbling

Yoshikawa, G. Co Author Listing * Glasses frame detection with 3D hough transform

Yoshikawa, H. Co Author Listing * Autostereoscopic 3-D Video Display Using Multiple Light Beams with Scanning
* Computer simulation of reconstructed image for computer-generated holograms
* Improvement of depth position in 2-D/3-D registration of knee implants using single-plane fluoroscopy
* Limits on the accuracy of 3-D thickness measurement in magnetic resonance images- Effects of voxel anisotropy
* Objective evaluation of computer-generated hologram image quality
Includes: Yoshikawa, H. Yoshikawa, H.[Hiroshi]

Yoshikawa, K.[Kei] Co Author Listing * DB-GAN: Boosting Object Recognition Under Strong Lighting Conditions
* Situation-Based Selective Video-Recording System for Memory Aid
Includes: Yoshikawa, K.[Kei] Yoshikawa, K.

Yoshikawa, M.[Masatoshi] Co Author Listing * Geo-Graph-Indistinguishability: Location Privacy on Road Networks with Differential Privacy
* Method for detecting inclination of an image of characters
* new component based algorithm for newspaper layout analysis, A
Includes: Yoshikawa, M.[Masatoshi] Yoshikawa, M.[Mituo] Yoshikawa, M.

Yoshikawa, T. Co Author Listing * Design of IIR orthogonal wavelet filter banks using lifting scheme
* Lossy to Lossless Image Compression Using Allpass Filters
* Primary Production, an Index of Climate Change in the Ocean: Satellite-Based Estimates over Two Decades
* Recursive Orthonormal Wavelet Bases with Vanishing Moments
* Region segmentation for table image with unknown complex structure
* segmentation method for touching Japanese handwritten characters based on connecting condition of lines, A
* segmentation system for touching handwritten Japanese characters, A
Includes: Yoshikawa, T. Yoshikawa, T.[Takashi]
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Yoshikawa, Y.[Yuya] Co Author Listing * Action class relation detection and classification across multiple video datasets
* Learning Decorrelated Representations Efficiently Using Fast Fourier Transform
* MetaVD: A Meta Video Dataset for enhancing human action recognition datasets

Yoshikazu, K. Co Author Listing * Riding Quality Model for Asphalt Pavement Monitoring Using Phase Array Type L-band Synthetic Aperture Radar (PALSAR)

Yoshiki, K.[Kaori] Co Author Listing * Reconstruction of 3D Face Model from Single Shading Image Based on Anatomical Database

Yoshimi, B. Co Author Listing * Alignment Using an Uncalibrated Camera System
* Automated Tracking and Grasping of a Moving Object with a Robotic Hand-Eye System
* Real-Time Visual Servoing
* Trajectory Filtering and Prediction for Automated Tracking and Grasping of a Moving Object

Yoshimi, B.H. Co Author Listing * Closed-Loop Visual Grasping and Manipulation
* Visual Control of Grasping and Manipulation Tasks
Includes: Yoshimi, B.H. Yoshimi, B.H.[Billibon H.]

Yoshimi, K. Co Author Listing * Initial Observations for Precipitation Cores With X-Band Dual Polarized Phased Array Weather Radar

Yoshimi, R.[Ryoma] Co Author Listing * Effectiveness of a Driver Assistance System With Deceleration Control and Brake Hold Functions in Stop Sign Intersection Scenarios

Yoshimi, T.[Takashi] Co Author Listing * 3D localization of partially buried object in unstructured environment
* 3D object localization based on occluding contour using STL CAD model
* 3D Object Recognition in Cluttered Environments by Segment-Based Stereo Vision
* FPGA Hardware with Target-Reconfigurable Object Detector
* Gaze Tracking Control Using Active Stereo Camera
* Recognition of 3D Free-Form Objects Using Segment-Based Stereo Vision
* Reconstruction of 3D Objects by Integration of Multiple Range Data
Includes: Yoshimi, T.[Takashi] Yoshimi, T.[Tsutomu] Yoshimi, T.
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Yoshimitsu, A. Co Author Listing * QR-code Reconstruction from Event Data via Optimization in Code Subspace

Yoshimori, K.[Kyu] Co Author Listing * Interferometric spectral imaging for three-dimensional objects illuminated by a natural light source

Yoshimori, S.[Seiki] Co Author Listing * Invisible Calibration Pattern Based on Human Visual Perception Characteristics
* Invisible Calibration Pattern for Print-and-Scan Data Hiding Based on Human Visual Perception

Yoshimoto, A.[Atsushi] Co Author Listing * Accuracy of Reconstruction of the Tree Stem Surface Using Terrestrial Close-Range Photogrammetry

Yoshimoto, F. Co Author Listing * Reconstruction of time-varying 3-d left-ventricular shape from multiview x-ray cineangiocardiograms

Yoshimoto, H. Co Author Listing * Confidence-driven architecture for real-time vision processing and its application to efficient vision-based human motion sensing
* Cubistic Representation for Real-Time 3D Shape and Pose Estimation of Unknown Rigid Object
* Free-Angle 3D Head Pose Tracking Based on Online Shape Acquisition
* Real-time human motion sensing based on vision-based inverse kinematics for interactive applications

Yoshimoto, M. Co Author Listing * Image Sensor with Fast Extraction of Objects' Positions: Rough Vision Processor, An

Yoshimoto, S.[Shuhei] Co Author Listing * Applications of Satellite-Based Rainfall Estimates in Flood Inundation Modeling: A Case Study in Mundeni Aru River Basin, Sri Lanka
* Light Field Convergency: Implicit Photometric Consistency on Transparent Surface
Includes: Yoshimoto, S.[Shuhei] Yoshimoto, S.

Yoshimoto, T. Co Author Listing * Estimation Algorithm of Neuromagnetic Sources in the Cortical Region Using Realistically-Shaped Head Model, An

Yoshimura, H. Co Author Listing * Asymmetric locality preserving projection and its application to k-nearest neighbor method
* Automated lesion detection methods for 2D and 3D chest X-ray images
* Decreasing Physical Burden Using the Following Effect and a Superimposed Navigation System
* Embedding the Awareness State and Response State in an Image-Based Avatar to Start Natural User Interaction
* Extracting discriminative features using task-oriented gaze maps measured from observers for personal attribute classification
* Feature extraction using gaze of participants for classifying gender of pedestrians in images
* Gray-scale Character Recognition by Gabor Jets Projection
* Improved Authentication Accuracy by Individually Set Orders of the Fractional Fourier Transform and Effects of Damage of Fingerprint Image on Authentication Accuracy
* Inferring state transition from bystander to participant in free-style conversational interaction
* Low-resolution person recognition using image downsampling
* New method for increasing matching accuracy and reducing process time of fingerprint data by the fractional Fourier transform
* Object Detection with Adaptive Background Model and Margined Sign Cross Correlation
* Person re-identification using co-occurrence attributes of physical and adhered human characteristics
* Temporal and Spatial Analysis of Local Body Sway Movements for the Identification of People
Includes: Yoshimura, H. Yoshimura, H.[Hiroki] Yoshimura, H.[Hiroyuki] Yoshimura, H.[Hironori]
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Yoshimura, I.[Isao] Co Author Listing * off-line signature verification system using an extracted displacement function, An
* Off-line writer verification using ordinary characters as the object
* Statistical Displacement Analysis for Handwriting Verification
* Writer Identification Based on the Arc Pattern Transformation

Yoshimura, K.[Kei] Co Author Listing * Automated Processing for Flood Area Detection Using ALOS-2 and Hydrodynamic Simulation Data
* Automatic Printed Circuit Pattern Inspection Using Connectivity Preserving Image Reduction and Connectivity Comparison
* eye as the window of the language ability: Estimation of English skills by analyzing eye movement while reading documents, The
* hybrid algorithm for estimating the chlorophyll-a concentration across different trophic states in Asian inland waters, A
* Image shake detecting device
* Retrieval of Inherent Optical Properties for Turbid Inland Waters From Remote-Sensing Reflectance
* Wordometer: Estimating the Number of Words Read Using Document Image Retrieval and Mobile Eye Tracking, The
Includes: Yoshimura, K.[Kei] Yoshimura, K. Yoshimura, K.[Kazuyo] Yoshimura, K.[Kazuya] Yoshimura, K.[Katsuji]
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Yoshimura, M. Co Author Listing * Analysis on light quantity and quality based on diverse cloud conditions
* Comparison of Structural Variables with Spatio-temporal Variables Concerning the Identifiability of Okuri Class and Player in Japanese Traditional Dancing
* Consideration for the Light Environmental Modeling under Tropical Rainforest Canopies, A
* DynamicISP: Dynamically Controlled Image Signal Processor for Image Recognition
* Empirical Accuracy Assessment of MMS Laser Point Clouds
* Estimation of Global and Diffuse Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density under Various Sky Conditions Using Ground-Based Whole-Sky Images
* Evolutionary segmentation of texture image using genetic algorithms towards automatic decision of optimum number of segmentation areas
* Ground Penetrating Radar Data Interpretation Using Electromagnetic Field Analysis for Sea Ice Thickness Measurement
* Ground-based Cloud Observation For Satellite-based Cloud Discrimination And Its Validation
* Leaf Spectral Analysis for Detection and Differentiation of Three Major Rice Diseases in the Philippines
* off-line signature verification system using an extracted displacement function, An
* Off-line writer verification using ordinary characters as the object
* Rawgment: Noise-Accounted RAW Augmentation Enables Recognition in a Wide Variety of Environments
* Statistical Displacement Analysis for Handwriting Verification
* Writer Identification Based on the Arc Pattern Transformation
Includes: Yoshimura, M. Yoshimura, M.[Mitsu] Yoshimura, M.[Masakazu] Yoshimura, M.[Mitsunori] Yoshimura, M.[Motohide]
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Yoshimura, N.[Nobuhiko] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Conventional Change Detection Methodologies Using High-Resolution Imagery to Find Forest Damage Caused by Typhoons
* UAV Video-Based Approach to Identify Damaged Trees in Windthrow Areas

Yoshimura, R.[Ryota] Co Author Listing * Particle Filter Design Based on Reinforcement Learning and Its Application to Mobile Robot Localization
* QDA-System: A Cloud-Based System for Monitoring Water Quality in Brazilian Hydroelectric Reservoirs from Space
Includes: Yoshimura, R.[Ryota] Yoshimura, R.[Ricardo]

Yoshimura, S.[Shingo] Co Author Listing * Automatic running work vehicle
* Non-rigid registration between color channels based on joint-histogram entropy in subspace
* Super-resolution from image sequence under influence of hot-air optical turbulence
* Virtual Restoration of Ancient Wooden Ships Through Non-rigid 3D Shape Assembly with Ruled-Surface FFD
Includes: Yoshimura, S.[Shingo] Yoshimura, S.[Shin] Yoshimura, S.[Sakuji]

Yoshimura, T. Co Author Listing * Advances in Wireless Video Delivery
* Coordination of Connected Vehicles on Merging Roads Using Pseudo-Perturbation-Based Broadcast Control
* Efficient Driving on Multilane Roads Under a Connected Vehicle Environment
* Hypothesis Preservation Approach to Scene Text Recognition with Weighted Finite-State Transducer
* Online Estimation and Prediction of Large-Scale Network Traffic From Sparse Probe Vehicle Data
* Online Map Matching With Route Prediction
* Rate-distortion optimized application-level retransmission using streaming agent for video streaming over 3G wireless network
* VLSI Implementation of HEVC Motion Compensation With Distance Biased Direct Cache Mapping for 8K UHDTV Applications
Includes: Yoshimura, T. Yoshimura, T.[Takeshi] Yoshimura, T.[Takayoshi]
8 for Yoshimura, T.

Yoshimura, W.[Wakako] Co Author Listing * deliciousness information extraction method by controlling of image information, A

Yoshimura, Y.[Yuto] Co Author Listing * Combining Static Specular Flow and Highlight with Deep Features for Specular Surface Detection

Yoshimuta, J.[Junki] Co Author Listing * System for Colorectal Tumor Classification in Magnifying Endoscopic NBI Images, A

Yoshinaga, S.[Satoshi] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Background Modeling for Paused Object Regions
* Background model based on intensity change similarity among pixels
* Background Model Based on Statistical Local Difference Pattern
* Multi-layered Background Modeling for Complex Environment Surveillance
* Object detection based on spatiotemporal background models
* Object Detection Using Local Difference Patterns
Includes: Yoshinaga, S.[Satoshi] Yoshinaga, S.

Yoshinaga, T.[Tomoaki] Co Author Listing * Efficient and Accurate Skeleton-Based Two-Person Interaction Recognition Using Inter-and Intra-Body Graphs
* fast and precise system for taking high-density human head measurements with surrounding range finders, A
* fast convergence method with simultaneous iterative reconstruction technique for computerized tomography, A
* New Three-dimensional Visualization Method Of Heritage Sites By Lidar Data, The
* QPIC: Query-Based Pairwise Human-Object Interaction Detection with Image-Wide Contextual Information
* Reduced model of discrete-time dynamic image segmentation system and its bifurcation analysis
* Robust Unsupervised Multi-Object Tracking In Noisy Environments
Includes: Yoshinaga, T.[Tomoaki] Yoshinaga, T. Yoshinaga, T.[Tetsuya]
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Yoshinaga, Y. Co Author Listing * Automatic detection of malignant tumors on mammogram
* Detection and Feature Extraction Method of Curvilinear Convex Regions with Weak Contrast Using a Gradient Vector Distribution Model, The
* Detection of spicules on mammogram based on skeleton analysis
* Nonlinear Adaptive Convergence Index Filters and Their Characteristics
Includes: Yoshinaga, Y. Yoshinaga, Y.[Yukiyasu]

Yoshino, C.[Chie] Co Author Listing * Detection of Thermal Changes Related to the 2011 Shinmoedake Volcano Activity and Japan: Spatiotemporal Variation of Singularity of MODIS Data after Discriminating False Changes Due to Cloud

Yoshino, K.[Kunihiko] Co Author Listing * Assessing the Seasonal Dynamics of the Java's Paddy Field Using MODIS Satellite Images
* Automated 3D Forest Surface Model Extraction from Balloon Stereo Photographs
* Change Detection in Land-Use and Land-Cover Dynamics at a Regional Scale from Modis Time-Series Imagery
* Qualitative Image Analysis of Group Behaviour
* Recognition of Japanese Sign Language from Image Sequence Using Color Combination
* Remote Sensing Approaches for Monitoring Mangrove Species, Structure, and Biomass: Opportunities and Challenges
Includes: Yoshino, K.[Kunihiko] Yoshino, K. Yoshino, K.[Kazuyoshi]

Yoshino, T.[Tomonobu] Co Author Listing * Adaptive loop filter technology based on analytical design considering local image characteristics
* Low-complexity scheme for adaptive interpolation filter based on amplitude characteristic analysis
* multiprocessor system for multiple image recognition: Application to automatic routing system, A
Includes: Yoshino, T.[Tomonobu] Yoshino, T.

Yoshinuma, T.[Takao] Co Author Listing * Personal Authentication Based on 3D Configuration of Micro-feature Points on Facial Surface

Yoshioka, A. Co Author Listing * Dynamic Memory: Architecture for Real Time Integration of Visual Perception, Camera Action, and Network Communication

Yoshioka, H. Co Author Listing * Analysis of the Scaling Effects in the Area-Averaged Fraction of Vegetation Cover Retrieved Using an NDVI-Isoline-Based Linear Mixture Model
* Analytical Relationship between Two-Band Spectral Vegetation Indices Measured at Multiple Sensors on a Parametric Representation of Soil Isoline Equations
* Correction of Canopy Shadow Effects on Reflectance in an Evergreen Conifer Forest Using a 3D Point Cloud
* Derivation of Relationships between Spectral Vegetation Indices from Multiple Sensors Based on Vegetation Isolines
* Development and Demonstration of a Method for GEO-to-LEO NDVI Transformation
* Evaluation of Sensor Calibration Uncertainties on Vegetation Indices for MODIS
* Inter-Algorithm Relationships for the Estimation of the Fraction of Vegetation Cover Based on a Two Endmember Linear Mixture Model with the VI Constraint
* Relationships Between Errors Propagated in Fraction of Vegetation Cover by Algorithms Based on a Two-Endmember Linear Mixture Model
* Relative Azimuthal-Angle Matching (RAM): A Screening Method for GEO-LEO Reflectance Comparison in Middle Latitude Forests
* Simple Algorithm for Deriving an NDVI-Based Index Compatible between GEO and LEO Sensors: Capabilities and Limitations in Japan, A
* Spectral Cross-Calibration of VIIRS Enhanced Vegetation Index with MODIS: A Case Study Using Year-Long Global Data
* Wavelength Extension of the Optimized Asymmetric-Order Vegetation Isoline Equation to Cover the Range from Visible to Near-Infrared
Includes: Yoshioka, H. Yoshioka, H.[Hiroki]
12 for Yoshioka, H.

Yoshioka, K. Co Author Listing * Dataset Culling: Towards Efficient Training of Distillation-Based Domain Specific Models

Yoshioka, M. Co Author Listing * Analysis of Pulse Transit Time Derived from Imaging Photoplethysmography and Microwave Sensor-based Ballistocardiography
* Investigation of Customer Behavior Analysis Based on Top-View Depth Camera
* Non-contact pulse transit time measurement using imaging camera, and its relation to blood pressure
* Strain Detection based on Breath and Motion Features Obtained by a Force Sensor for Smart Toilet Systems
Includes: Yoshioka, M. Yoshioka, M.[Mototaka]

Yoshioka, T.[Tohru] Co Author Listing * Development of Detection Algorithm for Vehicles Using Multi-line CCD Sensor

Yoshioka, Y.[Yasuhiro] Co Author Listing * Preserving Form-Features in Interactive Mesh Deformation

Yoshitaka, A.[Atsuo] Co Author Listing * Deep Convolutional Neural Network in Deformable Part Models for Face Detection
* Headlight recognition for night-time traffic surveillance using spatial-temporal information
* Rendition-based video editing for public contents authoring
* Structured LSTM for human-object interaction detection and anticipation
* Structured RNN for human interaction

Yoshitaka, M. Co Author Listing * Higher-Order Neural Network for Distortion Invariant Pattern Recognition, A

Yoshitake, G.[Genki] Co Author Listing * Simple and Fast CU Division Algorithm for HEVC Intra Prediction, A

Yoshitake, T.[Tetsunobu] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Intra-Urban Heat Island in a Densely Populated City Using Remote Sensing: A Case Study for Manila City

Yoshitome, T.[Takeshi] Co Author Listing * Colorization matrix construction with high compression efficiency for colorization-based coding using optimization
* Content aspect ratio preserving mesh-based image resizing
* Content Aware Image Resizing with Constraint of Object Aspect Ratio Preservation
* Distributed Stream Multiplexing Architecture for Multi-Chip Configuration beyond HDTV, A
* Flexible Video CODEC System for Super High Resolution Video, A
* Image resizing with SIFT feature preservation
* Image Retargeting with Protection of Object Arrangement
* Improved Seam Merging for Content-Aware Image Resizing
* Improvement of Colorization-Based Coding Using Optimization by Novel Colorization Matrix Construction and Adaptive Color Conversion
9 for Yoshitome, T.

Yoshitomo, Y.[Yaginuma] Co Author Listing * Construction of city video database based on automatic scene detection and recognition
* Detection of Information Relating to Building Object in News Video
* Linking Between Image Sequences and Related Digital Maps

Yoshiura, H.[Hiroshi] Co Author Listing * Anonymizing Temporal Phrases in Natural Language Text to be Posted on Social Networking Services
* Evaluation and Improvement of Digital Watermarking Algorithm Based on Cryptographic Security Models
* Perceptually Adaptive Video Watermarking Using Motion Estimation
* Top-Down Construction of 3-D Mechanical Object Shapes from Engineering Drawings
* Use of Motion Estimation to Improve Video Watermarking for MPEG Encoders
Includes: Yoshiura, H.[Hiroshi] Yoshiura, H.

Yoshiyama, K. Co Author Listing * Laplacian minimax probability machine

Yoshiyasu, Y. Co Author Listing * 3D convolutional neural networks by modal fusion
* Analyzing Muscle Activity and Force with Skin Shape Captured by Non-contact Visual Sensor
* APE: A More Practical Approach To 6-Dof Pose Estimation
* Deformable Mesh Transformer for 3D Human Mesh Recovery
* Deformation transfer based on stretchiness ratio
* Detailed body shapes from flash photographs
* Direct visual servoing in the non-linear scale space of camera pose
* Nonlinear dimensionality reduction by curvature minimization
* Pathnet: Learning To Generate Trajectories Avoiding Obstacles
* Predicting Muscle Activity and Joint Angle from Skin Shape
* Skeleton Transformer Networks: 3D Human Pose and Skinned Mesh from Single RGB Image
* Symmetry-Aware Nonrigid Matching of Incomplete 3D Surfaces
* Topology-adaptive multi-view photometric stereo
Includes: Yoshiyasu, Y. Yoshiyasu, Y.[Yusuke]
13 for Yoshiyasu, Y.

Yoshizaki, K. Co Author Listing * Supporting System for Getting Tomograms and Screening with a Computerized 3D Brain Atlas and a Knowledge Database, A

Yoshizaki, W.[Wataru] Co Author Listing * Free Space Detection from Catadioptric Omnidirectional Images for Visual Navigation using Optical Flow

Yoshizawa, A.[Akihiko] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Weighting Multi-Field-Of-View CNN for Semantic Segmentation in Pathology
* Multi-Class Cell Detection Using Modified Self-Attention
* Multi-Stage Pathological Image Classification Using Semantic Segmentation
* Negative Pseudo Labeling Using Class Proportion for Semantic Segmentation in Pathology
Includes: Yoshizawa, A.[Akihiko] Yoshizawa, A.

Yoshizawa, S.[Satoshi] Co Author Listing * Apparatus for representing continuous tone and high contrast images on a bilevel display
* Camera work detecting method
* Fast L1 Gaussian convolution via domain splitting
* Method for detecting change points in motion picture images
* Successive Learning of Linear Discriminant Analysis: Sanger-type Algorithm
* Trimmed Median PCA for Robust Plane Fitting
* Volume-based shape analysis for internal microstructure of steels
Includes: Yoshizawa, S.[Satoshi] Yoshizawa, S.[Shin] Yoshizawa, S.
7 for Yoshizawa, S.

Yoshizawa, T. Co Author Listing * Image Inpainting on the Basis of Spectral Structure from 2-D Nonharmonic Analysis
* Motion Analysis Using 3D High-Resolution Frequency Analysis
* Survey of Security and Privacy Issues in V2X Communication Systems, A
Includes: Yoshizawa, T. Yoshizawa, T.[Takahito]

Yoshizoe, K.[Kazuki] Co Author Listing * Faster Autoaugment: Learning Augmentation Strategies Using Backpropagation
* Meta Approach to Data Augmentation Optimization
* study on security evaluation methodology for image-based biometrics authentication systems, A
Includes: Yoshizoe, K.[Kazuki] Yoshizoe, K.

Yoshizumi, T.[Takayuki] Co Author Listing * Ensemble learning for change-point prediction
* Regularized dynamic Boltzmann machine with Delay Pruning for unsupervised learning of temporal sequences
Includes: Yoshizumi, T.[Takayuki] Yoshizumi, T.

Yoshzaki, O. Co Author Listing * Color Stereo Matching and Its Application to 3-D Measurement of Optic Nerve Head

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