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Pan, A.[Antao] Co Author Listing * Domain Generalization with Global Sample Mixup
* Interannual Variabilities of the Southern Bay of Bengal Cold Pool Associated with the El Nino-Southern Oscillation
* Mammographic mass recognition using feature reuse and channel attention mechanism
Includes: Pan, A.[Antao] Pan, A.[Aijun] Pan, A.[Ansi]

Pan, A.N.[An Ning] Co Author Listing * Remote Sensing Image Registration Using Multiple Image Features
Includes: Pan, A.N.[An Ning] Pan, A.N.[An-Ning]

Pan, B.[Bin] Co Author Listing * Analysis for the Weakly Pareto Optimum in Multiobjective-Based Hyperspectral Band Selection
* Building Change Detection in Remote Sensing Images Based on Dual Multi-Scale Attention
* Classification-Based Model for Multi-Objective Hyperspectral Sparse Unmixing, A
* DCL-Net: Augmenting the Capability of Classification and Localization for Remote Sensing Object Detection
* Deep Facial Action Unit Recognition and Intensity Estimation from Partially Labelled Data
* Deep Facial Action Unit Recognition from Partially Labeled Data
* Developing a Dynamic Speed Control System for Mixed Traffic Flow to Reduce Collision Risks Near Freeway Bottlenecks
* DFAF3D:A dual-feature-aware anchor-free single-stage 3D detector for point clouds
* Domain Adaptation Based on Correlation Subspace Dynamic Distribution Alignment for Remote Sensing Image Scene Classification
* Efficient Geometry-aware 3D Generative Adversarial Networks
* Feedback Refined Local-Global Network for Super-Resolution of Hyperspectral Imagery
* Fusing Ascending and Descending Time-Series SAR Images with Dual-Polarized Pixel Attention UNet for Landslide Recognition
* Generating Part-Aware Editable 3D Shapes without 3D Supervision
* Hashing Based Hierarchical Feature Representation for Hyperspectral Imagery Classification
* Hierarchical Guidance Filtering-Based Ensemble Classification for Hyperspectral Images
* High Resolution Distribution Dataset of Double-Season Paddy Rice in China
* High-Resolution Mapping of Winter Cereals in Europe by Time Series Landsat and Sentinel Images for 2016-2020
* HoloAssist: an Egocentric Human Interaction Dataset for Interactive AI Assistants in the Real World
* JacobiNeRF: NeRF Shaping with Mutual Information Gradients
* l0-based sparse hyperspectral unmixing using spectral information and a multi-objectives formulation
* MAGI: Multi-Annotated Explanation-Guided Learning
* MIMO DFRC Signal Design in Signal-Dependent Clutter
* Mining Cross-Domain Structure Affinity for Refined Building Segmentation in Weakly Supervised Constraints
* Modeling and Analysis of Multi-Relay Cooperative Communications in C-V2X Networks
* MugNet: Deep Learning for Hyperspectral Image Classification Using Limited Samples
* Multi-Moments in Time: Learning and Interpreting Models for Multi-Action Video Understanding
* Multi-Scale Approach for Remote Sensing Scene Classification Based on Feature Maps Selection and Region Representation, A
* Multi-Stage Feature Pyramid Stereo Network-Based Disparity Estimation Approach for Two to Three-Dimensional Video Conversion
* Multiobjective-Based Sparse Representation Classifier for Hyperspectral Imagery Using Limited Samples
* Multiscale Deep Spatial Feature Extraction Using Virtual RGB Image for Hyperspectral Imagery Classification
* New 3-D Minimum Cost Flow Phase Unwrapping Algorithm Based on Closure Phase, A
* On Learning the Invisible in Photoacoustic Tomography with Flat Directionally Sensitive Detector
* Oriented Ship Detection Based on Intersecting Circle and Deformable RoI in Remote Sensing Images
* Perception-motivated visualization for 3D city scenes
* Simultaneously Multiobjective Sparse Unmixing and Library Pruning for Hyperspectral Imagery
* Spatio-Temporal Estimation of Rice Height Using Time Series Sentinel-1 Images
* Spatio-Temporal Graph for Video Captioning With Knowledge Distillation
* Success Probability Analysis of Cooperative C-V2X Communications
* Thermal Augmented Expression Recognition
* Toward 3D Face Reconstruction in Perspective Projection: Estimating 6DoF Face Pose From Monocular Image
* Unmixing Guided Unsupervised Network for RGB Spectral Super-Resolution
Includes: Pan, B.[Bin] Pan, B. Pan, B.[Bowen] Pan, B.[Bolin] Pan, B.[Boxiao] Pan, B.[Baihong] Pan, B.[Bo] Pan, B.[Bunian] Pan, B.[Baiyu]
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Pan, B.B.[Bing Bing] Co Author Listing * Accurate and Serialized Dense Point Cloud Reconstruction for Aerial Video Sequences
* Incremental learning based on block sparse kernel nonnegative matrix factorization
* Learning Geometry-Aware Kernels in a Regularization Framework
* Learning kernels from labels with ideal regularization
* Nonlinear nonnegative matrix factorization based on Mercer kernel construction
Includes: Pan, B.B.[Bing Bing] Pan, B.B.[Bing-Bing] Pan, B.B.[Bin-Bin]

Pan, B.C. Co Author Listing * Floating Mask Method for Extracting Hand-Printed Character Features
* On-Line Recognition of Handwritten Mathematical Symbols
Includes: Pan, B.C. Pan, B.C.[Bao-Chang]

Pan, B.H.[Bing Huang] Co Author Listing * Analyzing the multi-scale characteristic for online car-hailing traffic volume with quantum walk
* Development of a Phenology-Based Method for Identifying Sugarcane Plantation Areas in China Using High-Resolution Satellite Datasets
Includes: Pan, B.H.[Bing Huang] Pan, B.H.[Bing-Huang] Pan, B.H.[Bai-Hong]

Pan, B.T.[Bao Tian] Co Author Listing * Area and Mass Changes of Glaciers in the West Kunlun Mountains Based on the Analysis of Multi-Temporal Remote Sensing Images and DEMs from 1970 to 2018
* High-Resolution Monitoring of Glacier Mass Balance and Dynamics with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles on the Ningchan No. 1 Glacier in the Qilian Mountains, China
Includes: Pan, B.T.[Bao Tian] Pan, B.T.[Bao-Tian]

Pan, B.W.[Bo Wen] Co Author Listing * Recurrent Residual Module for Fast Inference in Videos
Includes: Pan, B.W.[Bo Wen] Pan, B.W.[Bo-Wen]

Pan, B.X.[Bo Xiao] Co Author Listing * COPILOT: Human-Environment Collision Prediction and Localization from Egocentric Videos
* Enhancing Spatial Variability Representation of Radar Nowcasting with Generative Adversarial Networks
Includes: Pan, B.X.[Bo Xiao] Pan, B.X.[Bo-Xiao] Pan, B.X.[Bao-Xiang]

Pan, C.[Chao] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Edge Preserving Maps in Markov Random Fields for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Adversarial Domain Adaptation with a Domain Similarity Discriminator for Semantic Segmentation of Urban Areas
* Asynchronous Federated Deep Reinforcement Learning-Based URLLC-Aware Computation Offloading in Space-Assisted Vehicular Networks
* AugFPN: Improving Multi-Scale Feature Learning for Object Detection
* Automatic Road Detection and Centerline Extraction via Cascaded End-to-End Convolutional Neural Network
* BAEFormer: Bi-Directional and Early Interaction Transformers for Bird's Eye View Semantic Segmentation
* BB-Homography: Joint Binary Features and Bipartite Graph Matching for Homography Estimation
* Blockchain and Learning-Based Secure and Intelligent Task Offloading for Vehicular Fog Computing
* Change Detection Method for Remote Sensing Image Based on Multi-Feature Differencing Kernel SVM, A
* Combining Local Features And Progressive Support Vector Machine For Urban Change Detection of VHR Images
* Components Regulated Generation of Handwritten Chinese Text-lines in Arbitrary Length
* Constraint Loss for Rotated Object Detection in Remote Sensing Images
* Context-aware cascade network for semantic labeling in VHR image
* Cross-Modal Retrieval via Deep and Bidirectional Representation Learning
* Decoupled Representation Learning for Skeleton-Based Gesture Recognition
* Deep Hierarchical Encoder-Decoder Network for Image Captioning
* Delving into the Effectiveness of Receptive Fields: Learning Scale-Transferrable Architectures for Practical Object Detection
* Dense semantic embedding network for image captioning
* DensePoint: Learning Densely Contextual Representation for Efficient Point Cloud Processing
* Detection of the Coupling between Vegetation Leaf Area and Climate in a Multifunctional Watershed, Northwestern China
* Digital Twin Tracking Dataset (DTTD): A New RGB+Depth 3D Dataset for Longer-Range Object Tracking Applications
* Do We Need Binary Features for 3D Reconstruction?
* Double-Factor Tensor Cascaded-Rank Decomposition for Hyperspectral Image Denoising
* Edge-Directed Single-Image Super-Resolution Via Adaptive Gradient Magnitude Self-Interpolation
* Efficient cloud detection in remote sensing images using edge-aware segmentation network and easy-to-hard training strategy
* Efficient Multiple Feature Fusion With Hashing for Hyperspectral Imagery Classification: A Comparative Study
* Efficient Offline/Online Heterogeneous-Aggregated Signcryption Protocol for Edge Computing-Based Internet of Vehicles
* Efficient similarity learning for asymmetric hashing
* Exploiting neural models for no-reference image quality assessment
* Extraction of Virtual Baselines from Distorted Document Images Using Curvilinear Projection
* Filtered Convolution for Synthetic Aperture Radar Images Ship Detection
* Floorplan generation from 3D point clouds: A space partitioning approach
* Gradient-Guided DCNN for Inverse Halftoning and Image Expanding
* Graph-Based Classification Method for Hyperspectral Images, A
* Image composition by constraining responses of filters
* Interactive Contour Extraction Using NURBS-HMM
* Interactive Image Segmentation With Multiple Linear Reconstructions in Windows
* Invariant representation for blur and down-sampling transformations
* Joint Waveform and Beamforming Design for RIS-Aided ISAC Systems
* Kernel-Weighted Graph Convolutional Network: A Deep Learning Approach for Traffic Forecasting
* Learnable contextual regularization for semantic segmentation of indoor scene images
* Learning Consistent Feature Representation for Cross-Modal Multimedia Retrieval
* Learning Semantic-Aware Knowledge Guidance for Low-Light Image Enhancement
* Learning-Based Positive Feedback Approach in Salient Object Detection, A
* Liver Tumor Detection Via A Multi-Scale Intermediate Multi-Modal Fusion Network on MRI Images
* Markov Random Fields Integrating Adaptive Interclass-Pair Penalty and Spectral Similarity for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* MR images segmentation and bias correction via LIC model
* Multi-view Inverse Rendering for Large-scale Real-world Indoor Scenes
* Patch loss: A generic multi-scale perceptual loss for single image super-resolution
* Performance Analysis for Channel-Weighted Federated Learning in OMA Wireless Networks
* PhyIR: Physics-based Inverse Rendering for Panoramic Indoor Images
* Progressive Sparse Local Attention for Video Object Detection
* Recent Improvements to Suomi NPP Ozone Mapper Profiler Suite Nadir Mapper Sensor Data Records
* Receptive Fields Selection for Binary Feature Description
* Reconstructed Densenets for Image Super-Resolution
* Relation Graph Reasoning for Image-Text Matching
* Removing Atmospheric Turbulence Effects Via Geometric Distortion and Blur Representation
* Robust Adaptive Cubature Kalman Filter Based on SVD for Dual-Antenna GNSS/MIMU Tightly Coupled Integration, A
* Salient Object Detection Based on Visual Perceptual Saturation and Two-Stream Hybrid Networks
* Sea-land segmentation via hierarchical region merging and edge directed graph cut
* Self-Paced AutoEncoder
* Semantic Image Synthesis via Conditional Cycle-Generative Adversarial Networks
* Spatiotemporal Monitoring of a Grassland Ecosystem and Its Net Primary Production Using Google Earth Engine: A Case Study of Inner Mongolia from 2000 to 2020
* Stereo Depth Estimation with Echoes
* Structure-aware indoor scene reconstruction via two levels of abstraction
* Structured binary feature extraction for hyperspectral imagery classification
* Suomi-NPP OMPS Nadir Mapper's Operational SDR Performance
* Triplet Adversarial Domain Adaptation for Pixel-Level Classification of VHR Remote Sensing Images
* TurboPixel Segmentation Using Eigen-Images
* USGG: Union Message Based Scene Graph Generation
* Using CNN with Bayesian optimization to identify cerebral micro-bleeds
* Weakly Semantic Guided Action Recognition
* Winning Solutions and Post-Challenge Analyses of the ChaLearn AutoDL Challenge 2019
Includes: Pan, C.[Chao] Pan, C. Pan, C.[Cong] Pan, C.[Chunhong] Pan, C.[Cen] Pan, C.[Chuanyu] Pan, C.[Chuang] Pan, C.[Chengwei] Pan, C.[Cihui] Pan, C.[Cunhua] Pan, C.[Chen] Pan, C.[Cheng] Pan, C.[Chengkang] Pan, C.[Chichun] Pan, C.[Chunguang]
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Pan, C.B.[Chen Bin] Co Author Listing * PT-CapsNet: A Novel Prediction-Tuning Capsule Network Suitable for Deeper Architectures
Includes: Pan, C.B.[Chen Bin] Pan, C.B.[Chen-Bin]

Pan, C.C.[Chang Chun] Co Author Listing * Attention-Based Self-Supervised Learning Monocular Depth Estimation With Edge Refinement
* efficient real-time target tracking algorithm using adaptive feature fusion, An
Includes: Pan, C.C.[Chang Chun] Pan, C.C.[Chang-Chun] Pan, C.C.[Chang-Cheng]

Pan, C.F.[Chao Fan] Co Author Listing * Contrastive Learning Network Based on Causal Attention for Fine-Grained Ship Classification in Remote Sensing Scenarios
* NLS Based Hierarchical Anti-Disturbance Controller for Vehicle Platoons With Time-Varying Parameter Uncertainties
Includes: Pan, C.F.[Chao Fan] Pan, C.F.[Chao-Fan] Pan, C.F.[Chao-Feng]

Pan, C.G.[Caleb G.] Co Author Listing * Long-Term Passive Microwave Snowoff Record for the Alaska Region 1988-2016, A
* Role of Surface Melt and Icing Events in Livestock Mortality across Mongolia's Semi-Arid Landscape
* Snow Phenology and Hydrologic Timing in the Yukon River Basin, AK, USA

Pan, C.H.[Chia Ho] Co Author Listing * 100 MHz 1920X1080 HD-Photo 20 frames/sec JPEG XR encoder design, A
* 3-D Head Tracking via Invariant Keypoint Learning
* 3D Motion Estimation of Human by Genetic Algorithm
* 3D object tracking via boundary constrained region-based model
* 3D PostureNet: A unified framework for skeleton-based posture recognition
* Active Appearance Model with a Derivative-Free Optimization, An
* Active contours driven by time-varying fitting energy
* Active Flattening of Curved Document Images via Two Structured Beams
* Active Rectification of Curved Document Images Using Structured Beams
* Adaptive e-LBP for Background Subtraction
* Adaptive multi-cue fusion for visual target tracking based on uncertainly measure
* Adaptive regularization level set evolution for medical image segmentation and bias field correction
* Adaptive Remote Sensing Image Attribute Learning for Active Object Detection
* Aircraft Detection by Deep Belief Nets
* AME: Attention and Memory Enhancement in Hyper-Parameter Optimization
* AMVH: Asymmetric Multi-Valued hashing
* Automatic blur-kernel-size estimation for motion deblurring
* Automatic Spatial-Spectral Feature Selection for Hyperspectral Image via Discriminative Sparse Multimodal Learning
* AutoMF: Spatio-temporal Architecture Search for The Meteorological Forecasting Task
* AutoMSNet: Multi-Source Spatio-Temporal Network via Automatic Neural Architecture Search for Traffic Flow Prediction
* Band-Weighted Landuse Classification Method for Multispectral Images, A
* Baselines Extraction from Curved Document Images via Slope Fields Recovery
* Bayesian Approach for Building Detection in Densely Build-Up High Resolution Satellite Image, A
* Blind image quality assessment via learnable attention-based pooling
* Blind Image Quality Assessment via Vector Regression and Object Oriented Pooling
* Blur-Kernel Bound Estimation From Pyramid Statistics
* Building Roof Detection from a Single High-Resolution Satellite Image in Dense Urban Area
* Cascaded temporal spatial features for video action recognition
* Chroma Characteristic Recognition Based Algorithm for Rapid Detection of Residues
* Classification oriented semi-supervised band selection for hyperspectral images
* Combining Discrete and Continuous Representation: Scale-Arbitrary Super-Resolution for Satellite Images
* Compressive Sensing-Based User Clustering for Downlink NOMA Systems With Decoding Power
* Consistent Correspondence between Arbitrary Manifold Surfaces
* Continual Stereo Matching of Continuous Driving Scenes with Growing Architecture
* Cross-Modal Hashing via Rank-Order Preserving
* DATA: Differentiable ArchiTecture Approximation With Distribution Guided Sampling
* Decoupled Representation Learning for Character Glyph Synthesis
* Deep Adaptive Image Clustering
* Deep generative video prediction
* Deep Self-Evolution Clustering
* Deep Space Probing for Point Cloud Analysis
* Deep unsupervised learning with consistent inference of latent representations
* Differentiable Convolution Search for Point Cloud Processing
* Efficient Image Dehazing with Boundary Constraint and Contextual Regularization
* Efficient nearest neighbor search in high dimensional hamming space
* Enhancement of Low Light Level Images with coupled dictionary learning
* Ensemble based deep networks for image super-resolution
* Exploiting Vector Fields for Geometric Rectification of Distorted Document Images
* Facade Labeling via Explicit Matrix Factorization
* Facade repetition extraction using block matrix based model
* Fast Image Upsampling via the Displacement Field
* Few-Shot Learning via Feature Hallucination with Variational Inference
* Fine-structured object segmentation via local and nonlocal neighborhood propagation
* Fine-structured object segmentation via neighborhood propagation
* Forground-Guided Vehicle Perception Framework
* Forward-Backward Mean-Shift for Visual Tracking With Local-Background-Weighted Histogram
* Gated Convolutional Neural Network for Semantic Segmentation in High-Resolution Images
* generalized least-squares approach regularized with graph embedding for dimensionality reduction, A
* Generalized optical flow in the scale space
* Geolocation Assessment and Optimization for OMPS Nadir Mapper: Methodology
* Geometric rectification of document images using adversarial gated unwarping network
* Gestures Classification Based on Semantic Classification Tree
* Group sparsity based semi-supervised band selection for hyperspectral images
* Handwritten Text Generation via Disentangled Representations
* Hierarchical fusion of descriptor matching and L-K optical flow
* Image annotation via learning the image-label interrelations
* Image Deblurring with Coupled Dictionary Learning
* Image deblurring with matrix regression and gradient evolution
* Image Guided Tone Mapping with Locally Nonlinear Model
* Image Super-Resolution Via Deep Dilated Convolutional Networks
* integrated graph-based face segmentation approach from Kinect videos, An
* Iterative Bayesian Approach for Digital Matting, An
* Joint spatial-temporal attention for action recognition
* Kernel Homotopy based sparse representation for object classification
* Kernel sparse representation with local patterns for face recognition
* Kinect Depth Inpainting via Graph Laplacian with TV21 Regularization
* Kinect depth restoration via energy minimization with TV21 regularization
* kNN Hashing with Factorized Neighborhood Representation
* Knowledge Mining and Transferring for Domain Adaptive Object Detection
* land use classification method based on region and edge information fusion, A
* Learning Deep Dictionary for Hyperspectral Image Denoising
* Learning Where to Focus for Efficient Video Object Detection
* Level set evolution with locally linear classification for image segmentation
* Local Label Probability Propagation for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Local Sparse Discriminant Analysis for Robust Face Recognition
* Local-Aggregation Graph Networks
* Manifold Regularized Local Sparse Representation for Face Recognition
* Maximum correntropy criterion based 3D head tracking with commodity depth camera
* Mean-Shift Object Tracking with a Novel Back-Projection Calculation Method
* MEAN-shift tracking algorithm with weight fusion strategy
* Medical Image Segmentation Based on Novel Local Order Energy
* Meta-MSNet: Meta-Learning Based Multi-Source Data Fusion for Traffic Flow Prediction
* Metric Rectification of Curved Document Images
* Monocular contextual constraint for stereo matching with adaptive weights assignment
* MS-Net: Multi-Source Spatio-Temporal Network for Traffic Flow Prediction
* MsIFT: Multi-Source Image Fusion Transformer
* Multi-Modal Spatio-Temporal Meteorological Forecasting with Deep Neural Network
* Multi-scale Deblurring with Smooth Region Constraints
* Multifocus Image Fusion via Region Reconstruction
* Multimodal preserving embedding for face recognition
* Neural Network Modeling of Spectral Embedding
* New 32-Day Average-Difference Method for Calculating Inter-Sensor Calibration Radiometric Biases between SNPP and NOAA-20 Instruments within ICVS Framework, A
* New Reprocessing towards Life-Time Quality-Consistent Suomi NPP OMPS Nadir Sensor Data Records (SDR): Calibration Improvements and Impact Assessments on Long-Term Quality Stability of OMPS SDR Data Sets
* Nonlinear Asymmetric Multi-Valued Hashing
* Nonparametric Illumination Correction for Scanned Document Images via Convex Hulls
* novel two-steps strategy for automatic GIS-image registration, A
* Objectness estimation using edges
* Packdet: Packed Long-Head Object Detector
* Parametric reconstruction of generalized cylinders from limb edges
* Parametric tracking of human contour by exploiting intelligent edge
* Performance Evaluation of Local Features for Image-Based 3D Reconstruction, A
* Performance of OMPS Nadir Profilers' Sensor Data Records
* Planar Segmentation from Point Clouds via Graph Laplacian Regularized K-Planes
* PointSpherical: Deep Shape Context for Point Cloud Learning in Spherical Coordinates
* Pseudo low rank video representation
* Region-Based Approach to Building Detection in Densely Build-Up High Resolution Satellite Image, A
* Region-based image segmentation with local signed difference energy
* Relation-Shape Convolutional Neural Network for Point Cloud Analysis
* Road extraction via adaptive graph cuts with multiple features
* Robust airplane detection in satellite images
* Robust Hyperspectral Unmixing With Correntropy-Based Metric
* Robust level set image segmentation via a local correntropy-based K-means clustering
* Saliency-based automatic target detection in forward looking infrared images
* Scene captioning with deep fusion of images and point clouds
* Scene text detection and recognition with advances in deep learning: A survey
* Semantic labeling in very high resolution images via a self-cascaded convolutional neural network
* Semi-Supervised Framework for Mapping Data to the Intrinsic Manifold, A
* Shadow-Free TILT for Facade Rectification
* Skew Estimation of Document Images Using Bagging
* Skin detection via linear regression tree
* Softferns for homography estimation
* Spectral Unmixing via Data-Guided Sparsity
* Structured Sparse Method for Hyperspectral Unmixing
* Super-resolution reconstruction using graph Laplacian penalization
* Tone-aware sparse representation for face recognition
* Tracking Eye Gaze under Coordinated Head Rotations with an Ordinary Camera
* Two-Stream Designed 2D/3D Residual Networks with LSTMS for Action Recognition in Videos
* Urban road extraction via graph cuts based probability propagation
* Vehicle Detection in Satellite Images by Parallel Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
* VisDrone-DET2019: The Vision Meets Drone Object Detection in Image Challenge Results
* Visual object tracking via a manifold regularized discriminative dual dictionary model
* Visual Tracking Via Kernel Sparse Representation With Multikernel Fusion
* Visual tracking via manifold regularized local structured sparse representation model
* You Only Search Once: Single Shot Neural Architecture Search via Direct Sparse Optimization
Includes: Pan, C.H.[Chia Ho] Pan, C.H.[Chia-Ho] Pan, C.H.[Chun-Hong] Pan, C.H.[Chun-Hua] Pan, C.H.[Cun-Hua] Pan, C.H.[Chun-Hui]
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Pan, C.P.[Chao Peng] Co Author Listing * Driver activity recognition using spatial-temporal graph convolutional LSTM networks with attention mechanism
Includes: Pan, C.P.[Chao Peng] Pan, C.P.[Chao-Peng]

Pan, C.R.[Cheng Rong] Co Author Listing * Land Cover Classification Method for High-Resolution Remote Sensing Images Based on NDVI Deep Learning Fusion Network, A
Includes: Pan, C.R.[Cheng Rong] Pan, C.R.[Cheng-Rong]

Pan, C.S. Co Author Listing * Accelerated Evaluation of Automated Vehicles Safety in Lane-Change Scenarios Based on Importance Sampling Techniques
* Gap Acceptance During Lane Changes by Large-Truck Drivers: An Image-Based Analysis

Pan, C.W.[Cheng Wei] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Resilient Control for Interconnected Vehicular Platoon With Fault and Saturation
* Distributed Adaptive Platoon Secure Control on Unmanned Vehicles System for Lane Change Under Compound Attacks
* Distributed Finite-Time Fault-Tolerant Control for Heterogeneous Vehicular Platoon With Saturation
* Efficient motion-estimation algorithm for reduced frame-rate video transcoder
* End-to-End Hierarchical Relation Extraction for Generic Form Understanding
* Graph Convolution Based Cross-Network Multiscale Feature Fusion for Deep Vessel Segmentation
* Reliable Mutual Distillation for Medical Image Segmentation Under Imperfect Annotations
Includes: Pan, C.W.[Cheng Wei] Pan, C.W.[Cheng-Wei] Pan, C.W.[Chih-Wei]
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Pan, C.Y.[Chuan Yu] Co Author Listing * Robust 3D Self-Portraits in Seconds
Includes: Pan, C.Y.[Chuan Yu] Pan, C.Y.[Chuan-Yu]

Pan, D.[Delu] Co Author Listing * Assessments of the Above-Ocean Atmospheric CO2 Detection Capability of the GAS Instrument Onboard the Next-Generation FengYun-3H Satellite
* Balance learning for ship detection from synthetic aperture radar remote sensing imagery
* Blind Predicting Similar Quality Map for Image Quality Assessment
* Carbon Air-Sea Flux in the Arctic Ocean from CALIPSO from 2007 to 2020
* Coarse-to-Fine Boundary Localization method for Naturalistic Driving Action Recognition, A
* Comprehensive Vector Radiative Transfer Model for Estimating Sea Surface Salinity From L-Band Microwave Radiometry
* Depth Estimation from a Single Image of Blast Furnace Burden Surface Based on Edge Defocus Tracking
* Determining pseudo-invariant calibration sites for comparing inter-mission ocean color data
* Diurnal Variability of Turbidity Fronts Observed by Geostationary Satellite Ocean Color Remote Sensing
* Dynamic Change Monitoring of Qianlong Garden Rockery In Forbidden City Based on Insar and Lidar Technology
* Edge-Guided Image Object Detection in Multiscale Segmentation for High-Resolution Remotely Sensed Imagery
* Edge-Guided Multiscale Segmentation of Satellite Multispectral Imagery
* Efficient Deep Learning of Nonlocal Features for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Evaluation of Coastline Changes under Human Intervention Using Multi-Temporal High-Resolution Images: A Case Study of the Zhoushan Islands, China
* Feasible Calibration Method for Type 1 Open Ocean Water LiDAR Data Based on Bio-Optical Models, A
* Identification of the Initial Anthesis of Soybean Varieties Based on UAV Multispectral Time-Series Images
* Improved Adaptive Subsurface Phytoplankton Layer Detection Method for Ocean Lidar Data, An
* Improved Filtering of ICESat-2 Lidar Data for Nearshore Bathymetry Estimation Using Sentinel-2 Imagery
* LS-SSDD-v1.0: A Deep Learning Dataset Dedicated to Small Ship Detection from Large-Scale Sentinel-1 SAR Images
* Mapping Land Subsidence Related to Underground Coal Fires in the Wuda Coalfield (Northern China) Using a Small Stack of ALOS PALSAR Differential Interferograms
* New Semi-Analytical MC Model for Oceanic LIDAR Inelastic Signals, A
* Ocean Optical Profiling in South China Sea Using Airborne LiDAR
* OLE: A Novel Oceanic Lidar Emulator
* Optimizing multiscale segmentation with local spectral heterogeneity measure for high resolution remote sensing images
* Practical Method for On-Orbit Estimation of Polarization Response of Satellite Ocean Color Sensor, A
* Remote Sensing Observation of Particulate Organic Carbon in the Pearl River Estuary
* Remote Sensing of Sea Surface pCO2 in the Bering Sea in Summer Based on a Mechanistic Semi-Analytical Algorithm (MeSAA)
* Retrieval of Urban Aerosol Optical Depth from Landsat 8 OLI in Nanjing, China
* SAR Ship Detection Dataset (SSDD): Official Release and Comprehensive Data Analysis
* Simulation of Sedimentation in Lake Taihu with Geostationary Satellite Ocean Color Data
* Statistical Reconstruction of Material Decomposed Data in Spectral CT
* Synchronous Control of Vehicle Following Behavior and Distance Under the Safe and Efficient Steady-Following State: Two Case Studies of High-Speed Train Following Control
* Unified Algorithm for the Atmospheric Correction of Satellite Remote Sensing Data over Land and Ocean, A
* Validation of S-NPP VIIRS Sea Surface Temperature Retrieved from NAVO
* Velocity difference control based on dynamic tracking of safe following distance in the process of vehicle following
Includes: Pan, D.[Delu] Pan, D.[Dece] Pan, D.[Da] Pan, D.[Dianbo] Pan, D.[Dong] Pan, D. Pan, D.[Di]
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Pan, D.F.[Deng Feng] Co Author Listing * Privacy-Preserving Platooning Control of Vehicular Cyber-Physical Systems With Saturated Inputs
Includes: Pan, D.F.[Deng Feng] Pan, D.F.[Deng-Feng]

Pan, D.H.[Dong Hui] Co Author Listing * Hierarchical broad learning system for hyperspectral image classification
Includes: Pan, D.H.[Dong Hui] Pan, D.H.[Dong-Hui]

Pan, D.Q.[Dan Qing] Co Author Listing * Intelligent Segmentation and Change Detection of Dams Based on UAV Remote Sensing Images
Includes: Pan, D.Q.[Dan Qing] Pan, D.Q.[Dan-Qing]

Pan, D.Y.[Dong Yan] Co Author Listing * Fovea localization by blood vessel vector in abnormal fundus images
* OEST: Outlier Exposure by Simple Transformations for Out-of-Distribution Detection
* Optic disc segmentation by U-net and probability bubble in abnormal fundus images
Includes: Pan, D.Y.[Dong Yan] Pan, D.Y.[Dong-Yan] Pan, D.Y.[Deng-Ye]

Pan, D.Z.[David Z.] Co Author Listing * Efficient Training Framework for Reversible Neural Architectures, An
* Multi-Scale High-Resolution Vision Transformer for Semantic Segmentation
* Towards Memory-Efficient Neural Networks via Multi-Level in situ Generation

Pan, E.[Erting] Co Author Listing * Hyperspectral Image Classification across Different Datasets: A Generalization to Unseen Categories
* Hyperspectral image denoising via spectral noise distribution bootstrap
* Hyperspectral image destriping and denoising from a task decomposition view
* Hyperspectral Unmixing with Gaussian Mixture Model and Spatial Group Sparsity
* NTIRE 2023 Challenge on Efficient Super-Resolution: Methods and Results
* Spectral-Spatial Attention Networks for Hyperspectral Image Classification
Includes: Pan, E.[Erting] Pan, E.[Erlin]

Pan, F. Co Author Listing * Adaptive frame skipping based on spatio-temporal complexity for low bit-rate video coding
* Adaptive image compression using local pattern information
* Adaptive rate control for H.264
* Affinity Fusion Graph-Based Framework for Natural Image Segmentation
* Attentive and Contrastive Learning for Joint Depth and Motion Field Estimation
* Back Tracking Algorithm for Matching Two Line Drawings of a 3-D Moving Object, A
* Coefficient thresholding and optimized selection of the lagrangian multiplier for non-reference frames in H.264 video coding
* Complexity-based Rate Distortion Optimization with Perceptual Tuning for Scalable Video Coding
* Computer vision aided target linked radiation imaging
* CycN-Net: A Convolutional Neural Network Specialized for 4D CBCT Images Refinement
* Discriminating Computer Graphics Images and Natural Images Using Hidden Markov Tree Model
* Driver Drowsiness Detection System Based on Feature Representation Learning Using Various Deep Networks
* Elastic temporal alignment for few-shot action recognition
* end-to-end anti-shaking multi-focus image fusion approach, An
* Fast Intermode Decision in H.264/AVC Video Coding
* Fast Intra Mode Decision Algorithm for H.264/AVC Video Coding
* Fast Mode Decision Algorithm for Intraprediction in H.264/AVC Video Coding
* Infrared Face Recognition by Using Blood Perfusion Data
* Inverted Algorithm of Groundwater Storage Anomalies by Combining the GNSS, GRACE/GRACE-FO, and GLDAS: A Case Study in the North China Plain
* locally adaptive algorithm for measuring blocking artifacts in images and videos, A
* Manifold-ranking based retrieval using k-regular nearest neighbor graph
* ML-BPM: Multi-teacher Learning with Bidirectional Photometric Mixing for Open Compound Domain Adaptation in Semantic Segmentation
* new set of moment invariants for handwritten numeral recognition, A
* Novel Image Descriptor with Aggregated Semantic Skeleton Representation for Long-term Visual Place Recognition, A
* One-pass preprocessing algorithm for real-time image processing system
* Passenger Evacuation Path Planning in Subway Station Under Multiple Fires Based on Multiobjective Robust Optimization
* Registration-enhanced multiple instance learning for cervical cancer whole slide image classification
* Reliable fusion of ToF and stereo data based on joint depth filter
* SliceNets: A Scalable Approach for Object Detection in 3D CT Scans
* study of MPEG-4 rate control scheme and its improvements, A
* Superpixel-Based Attention Graph Neural Network for Semantic Segmentation in Aerial Images
* Temporal-Reliable Method for Change Detection in High-Resolution Bi-Temporal Remote Sensing Images, A
* Two-phase Pseudo Label Densification for Self-training Based Domain Adaptation
* unified architecture for real-time video-coding systems, A
* Unsupervised Intra-Domain Adaptation for Semantic Segmentation Through Self-Supervision
* Variational Prototyping-Encoder: One-Shot Learning With Prototypical Images
Includes: Pan, F. Pan, F.[Feng] Pan, F.[Fei] Pan, F.[Fuquan] Pan, F.[Feiyang]
36 for Pan, F.

Pan, F.B.[Fang Bo] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Machine Learning-Based Snow Depth Estimates and Development of a New Operational Retrieval Algorithm over China
* Retrieval of Fractional Snow Cover over High Mountain Asia Using 1 km and 5 km AVHRR/2 with Simulated Mid-Infrared Reflective Band
Includes: Pan, F.B.[Fang Bo] Pan, F.B.[Fang-Bo]

Pan, F.F.[Fei Fei] Co Author Listing * Comparative Study of Water Indices and Image Classification Algorithms for Mapping Inland Surface Water Bodies Using Landsat Imagery, A
* Evaluation of Climate Change Impacts on Wetland Vegetation in the Dunhuang Yangguan National Nature Reserve in Northwest China Using Landsat Derived NDVI
* Forest above Ground Biomass Inversion by Fusing GLAS with Optical Remote Sensing Data
* Land Use Simulation of Guangzhou Based on Nighttime Light Data and Planning Policies
* Power Pylon Reconstruction Based on Abstract Template Structures Using Airborne LiDAR Data
* Retrieving leaf area index in discontinuous forest using ICESat/GLAS full-waveform data based on gap fraction model
Includes: Pan, F.F.[Fei Fei] Pan, F.F.[Fei-Fei]

Pan, F.J.[Feng Jun] Co Author Listing * UAV-LiDAR-Based Measuring Framework for Height and Stagger of High-Speed Railway Contact Wire
Includes: Pan, F.J.[Feng Jun] Pan, F.J.[Feng-Jun]

Pan, G.[Gang] Co Author Listing * 3D Face Recognition by Local Shape Difference Boosting
* 3d Face Recognition From Range Data
* 3D Face Recognition in the Presence of Expression: A Guidance-based Constraint Deformation Approach
* 3d face recognition using local shape map
* 3D Face Recognition using Mapped Depth Images
* 3D Feature Descriptor Recovered from a Single 2D Palmprint Image, A
* Accelerometer-Based Gait Recognition by Sparse Representation of Signature Points With Clusters
* Blinking-Based Live Face Detection Using Conditional Random Fields
* Constructing Deep Spiking Neural Networks from Artificial Neural Networks with Knowledge Distillation
* Container Port Performance Measurement and Comparison Leveraging Ship GPS Traces and Maritime Open Data
* Correlation Filter Tracking via Distractor-Aware Learning and Multi-Anchor Detection
* DANI-Net: Uncalibrated Photometric Stereo by Differentiable Shadow Handling, Anisotropic Reflectance Modeling, and Neural Inverse Rendering
* Deep Attention Network for Egocentric Action Recognition
* deformation model to reduce the effect of expressions in 3D face recognition, A
* Establishing Point Correspondence of 3D Faces Via Sparse Facial Deformable Model
* Exploring Facial Expression Effects in 3D Face Recognition Using Partial ICP
* Eyeblink-based Anti-Spoofing in Face Recognition from a Generic Webcamera
* Face Authentication Based on Multiple Profiles Extracted from Range Data
* Fast Image Vector Quantization Using a Modified Competitive Learning Neural Network Approach
* Fast-SNN: Fast Spiking Neural Network by Converting Quantized ANN
* Finding Symmetry Plane of 3D Face Shape
* Fine-Grained Urban Event Detection and Characterization Based on Tensor Cofactorization
* From Coarse to Fine: Hierarchical Structure-aware Video Summarization
* From taxi GPS traces to social and community dynamics: A survey
* Hallucinating 3D Faces
* Hallucinating 3D facial shapes
* Human Face Orientation Detection Using Power Spectrum Based Measurements
* Improving object detection with deep convolutional networks via Bayesian optimization and structured prediction
* Indoor Lighting Estimation using an Event Camera
* Land-Use Classification Using Taxi GPS Traces
* Multi-UUV Maneuvering Counter-Game for Dynamic Target Scenario Based on Fractional-Order Recurrent Neural Network
* Numerical Reflectance Compensation for Non-Lambertian Photometric Stereo
* On the Coiflet-TDS Solution for Scattering by Sharp Coated Cones and Its Application to Emissivity Determination
* Possible Mechanism of Phytoplankton Blooms at the Sea Surface after Tropical Cyclones
* Removal of 3D facial expressions: A learning-based approach
* Rethinking Sampling Strategies for Unsupervised Person Re-Identification
* Reverse Seam Carving
* Robust Metric and Alignment for Profile-Based Face Recognition: An Experimental Comparison
* Salient object detection with high-level prior based on Bayesian fusion
* ScudWare: A Semantic and Adaptive Middleware Platform for Smart Vehicle Space
* Secrecy Outage Analysis for SIMO Underlay Cognitive Radio Networks over Generalized-K Fading Channels
* Smart Car Control Model for Brake Comfort Based on Car Following, A
* SPLiT: Single Portrait Lighting Estimation via a Tetrad of Face Intrinsics
* Structure-Aware Image Completion with Texture Propagation
* Study on the performance of moments as invariant descriptors for practical face recognition systems
* Super-Resolution of 3D Face
* Symmetry-Aware Face Completion with Generative Adversarial Networks
* TripPlanner: Personalized Trip Planning Leveraging Heterogeneous Crowdsourced Digital Footprints
* Understanding Taxi Service Strategies from Taxi GPS Traces
* Weakly Supervised Metric Learning for Traffic Sign Recognition in a LIDAR-Equipped Vehicle
* You Ought to Look Around: Precise, Large Span Action Detection
Includes: Pan, G.[Gang] Pan, G. Pan, G.[Guang] Pan, G.[Ge]
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Pan, G.B.[Guan Bo] Co Author Listing * Content Adaptive Latents and Decoder for Neural Image Compression
Includes: Pan, G.B.[Guan Bo] Pan, G.B.[Guan-Bo]

Pan, G.D.[Guo Dong] Co Author Listing * DTTM: A Discriminative Temporal Topic Model for Facial Expression Recognition
* Local multiple orientations estimation using k-medoids
* Mode Seeking with an Adaptive Distance Measure
* Multi-body Segmentation and Motion Number Estimation via Over-Segmentation Detection
Includes: Pan, G.D.[Guo Dong] Pan, G.D.[Guo-Dong]

Pan, G.F.[Gao Feng] Co Author Listing * AF-OSD: An Anchor-Free Oriented Ship Detector Based on Multi-Scale Dense-Point Rotation Gaussian Heatmap
* personalized traffic simulation integrating emotion using a driving simulator, A
Includes: Pan, G.F.[Gao Feng] Pan, G.F.[Gao-Feng]

Pan, G.H.[Guang Hui] Co Author Listing * Automatic floor plan detection and recognition
Includes: Pan, G.H.[Guang Hui] Pan, G.H.[Guang-Hui]

Pan, G.P.[Guan Pu] Co Author Listing * Study of Children Facial Recognition for Privacy in Smart TV, A
Includes: Pan, G.P.[Guan Pu] Pan, G.P.[Guan-Pu]

Pan, G.W.[Guang Wei] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Ocean Circulation Characteristics off the West Coast of Ireland Using HF Radar
* Characterizing Residual Current Circulation and Its Response Mechanism to Wind at a Seasonal Scale Based on High-Frequency Radar Data
* Solution of Inverse Problems in Image-Processing by Wavelet Expansion
Includes: Pan, G.W.[Guang Wei] Pan, G.W.[Guang-Wei] Pan, G.W.

Pan, G.X.[Guo Xin] Co Author Listing * design and implementation of lower limb rehabilitation robot based on BWSTT, The
Includes: Pan, G.X.[Guo Xin] Pan, G.X.[Guo-Xin]

Pan, G.Y.[Guang Yuan] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Hybrid Attention Based Convolutional Neural Net for Intelligent Transportation Object Recognition, An
* improved picture-based prediction method of PM2.5 concentration, An
Includes: Pan, G.Y.[Guang Yuan] Pan, G.Y.[Guang-Yuan]

Pan, H. Co Author Listing * Accurate localization for mobile device using a multi-planar city model
* Action recognition method based on lightweight network and rough-fine keyframe extraction
* Adversarial Attacks on Kinship Verification using Transformer
* Assessment of Portable Chlorophyll Meters for Measuring Crop Leaf Chlorophyll Concentration
* Automated Image Registration by Maximization of a Region Similarity Metric
* Automated Registration of Multimodality Images by Maximization of a Region Similarity Measure
* Branch-Fusion-Net for Multi-Modal Continuous Dimensional Emotion Recognition
* Bridging the semantic gap in sports video retrieval and summarization
* Context-based embedded image compression using binary wavelet transform
* DDFusion: An efficient multi-exposure fusion network with dense pyramidal convolution and de-correlation fusion
* Deep Implicit Moving Least-Squares Functions for 3D Reconstruction
* Deep Reinforcement Learning for Flipper Control of Tracked Robots in Urban Rescuing Environments
* Deep Speaker Embedding Using Hybrid Network of Multi-Feature Aggregation and Multi-Loss Fusion for TI-SV
* DISP6D: Disentangled Implicit Shape and Pose Learning for Scalable 6D Pose Estimation
* Efficient and accurate face detection using heterogeneous feature descriptors and feature selection
* EMQ: Evolving Training-free Proxies for Automated Mixed Precision Quantization
* Estimation of the joint probability of multisensory signals
* Exact and fast algorithm for two-dimensional image wavelet moments via the projection transform
* Exploiting the Dependencies in Information Fusion
* Face Clustering in Photo Album
* fast and low memory image coding algorithm based on lifting wavelet transform and modified SPIHT, A
* Feature representation of RGB-D images using joint spatial-depth feature pooling
* Finding the splitting vector for image resolution up-conversion
* Focal Distillation From High-Resolution Data to Low-Resolution Data for 3D Object Detection
* Further analysis of interpolation effects in mutual information-based image registration
* Fusing Audio and Visual Features of Speech
* Fusing multi-feature representation and PSO-Adaboost based feature selection for reliable frontal face detection
* genetics-motivated unsupervised model for tri-subject kinship verification, A
* Gesture image recognition method based on DC-Res2Net and a feature fusion attention module
* Graph regularized multiview marginal discriminant projection
* Hierarchical Temporal Transformer for 3D Hand Pose Estimation and Action Recognition from Egocentric RGB Videos
* Hybrid model of clustering and kernel autoassociator for reliable vehicle type classification
* hybrid NN-Bayesian architecture for information fusion, A
* Hyperspectral Image Fusion and Multitemporal Image Fusion by Joint Sparsity
* IDA-3D: Instance-Depth-Aware 3D Object Detection From Stereo Vision for Autonomous Driving
* Identifying Emerging Reservoirs along Regulated Rivers Using Multi-Source Remote Sensing Observations
* Improved generic categorical object detection fusing depth cue with 2D appearance and shape features
* Improving Segmentation Boundaries with Nonparametric Image Parsing
* in-depth study of sparse codes on abnormality detection, An
* Integrating Multiresolution and Multitemporal Sentinel-2 Imagery for Land-Cover Mapping in the Xiongan New Area, China
* Joint Spatial-Depth Feature Pooling for RGB-D Object Classification
* LCD Motion Blur Modeling and Analysis
* Local Bilinear Convolutional Neural Network for Spotting Macro- and Micro-expression Intervals in Long Video Sequences
* Lossless image compression using binary wavelet transform
* Mean-Variance Loss for Deep Age Estimation from a Face
* Method for automatic extraction of semantically significant events from video
* Micro-expression recognition by two-stream difference network
* Mining heterogeneous class-specific codebook for categorical object detection and classification
* New Approach to Integrate Audio and Visual Features of Speech, A
* New Practice Method Based on KNN Model to Improve User Experience for an AR Piano Learning System, A
* Novel Steering System for a Space-Saving 4WS4WD Electric Vehicle: Design, Modeling, and Road Tests, A
* Object Classification and Detection with Context Kernel Descriptors
* Object classification from RGB-D images using depth context kernel descriptors
* Optimization of regularization parameter for sparse reconstruction based on predictive risk estimate
* Orientation of Spaceborne SAR Stereo Pairs Employing the RPC Adjustment Model
* Penalized Spline-Based Attitude Model for High-Resolution Satellite Imagery, A
* Penalized Spline: A General Robust Trajectory Model For Ziyuan-3 Satellite
* PFCNN: Convolutional Neural Networks on 3D Surfaces Using Parallel Frames
* Place perception from the fusion of different image representation
* Plant and Animal Species Recognition Based on Dynamic Vision Transformer Architecture
* Pose-Aided Video-Based Person Re-Identification via Recurrent Graph Convolutional Network
* Pose-guided adversarial video prediction for image-to-video person re-identification
* Revised Contrastive Loss for Robust Age Estimation from Face
* Robust Graph Learning From Noisy Data
* Robust object detection scheme using feature selection
* Robust road detection from a single image
* SAR Ship Object Detection Algorithm Based on Feature Information Efficient Representation Network, An
* Self-Supervised Image Representation Learning with Geometric Set Consistency
* Spatio-temporal convolutional emotional attention network for spotting macro- and micro-expression intervals in long video sequences
* Tidal Flat Wetlands Delineation and Classification Method for High-Resolution Imagery, A
* Underestimation modification for intrinsic dimension estimation
* Using global information to refine local patterns for texture representation and classification
* VectorFloorSeg: Two-Stream Graph Attention Network for Vectorized Roughcast Floorplan Segmentation
Includes: Pan, H. Pan, H.[Hao] Pan, H.[Hong] Pan, H.[Hui] Pan, H.[Hang] Pan, H.[Han] Pan, H.[Hainan] Pan, H.[Hengyue] Pan, H.[Hujie] Pan, H.[Heng] Pan, H.[Honghu] Pan, H.[Huilan] Pan, H.[Hua]
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Pan, H.B.[Hong Bo] Co Author Listing * Band-to-Band Registration of FY-1C/D Visible-IR Scanning Radiometer High-Resolution Picture Transmission Data
* Block Adjustment for Satellite Imagery Based on the Strip Constraint
* Compensation Method of Saturated Waveform for Space-Borne Laser Altimeter, A
* Fusion of public DEMs based on sparse representation and adaptive regularization variation model
* Geolocation error tracking of ZY-3 three line cameras
* Geometric Calibration and Accuracy Assessment of ZiYuan-3 Multispectral Images
* Integrating Stereo Images and Laser Altimetry Points Derived from the Same Satellite for High-Accuracy Stereo Mapping
* Long-Periodic Analysis of Boresight Misalignment of Ziyuan3-01 Three-Line Camera
* Mapping Rice Paddy Distribution Using Remote Sensing by Coupling Deep Learning with Phenological Characteristics
* Precise georeferencing using the rigorous sensor model and rational function model for ZiYuan-3 strip scenes with minimum control
* Self-calibration dense bundle adjustment of multi-view Worldview-3 basic images
Includes: Pan, H.B.[Hong Bo] Pan, H.B.[Hong-Bo] Pan, H.B.[Hao-Bo]
11 for Pan, H.B.

Pan, H.D.[Hai Dong] Co Author Listing * Anomalous 18.61-Year Nodal Cycles in the Gulf of Tonkin Revealed by Tide Gauges and Satellite Altimeter Records
* Impact of the Mesoscale Ocean Variability on the Estimation of Tidal Harmonic Constants Based on Satellite Altimeter Data in the South China Sea, The
* Improved Estimation of the Open Boundary Conditions in Tidal Models Using Trigonometric Polynomials Fitting Scheme
* Novel Method to Improve the Estimation of Ocean Tide Loading Displacements for K1 and K2 Components with GPS Observations, A
* Subseasonal Tidal Variability in the Gulf of Tonkin Observed by Multi-Satellite Altimeters and Tide Gauges
* TDFSSD: Top-Down Feature Fusion Single Shot MultiBox Detector
* Uncertainty of CYGNSS-Derived Heat Flux Variations at Diurnal to Seasonal Time Scales over the Tropical Oceans
Includes: Pan, H.D.[Hai Dong] Pan, H.D.[Hai-Dong] Pan, H.D.[Hao-Dong]
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Pan, H.F.[Hong Fei] Co Author Listing * Shape Representation and Clustering Based on Laplacian Spectrum
Includes: Pan, H.F.[Hong Fei] Pan, H.F.[Hong-Fei]

Pan, H.H.[Hui Hui] Co Author Listing * CRF-Based Framework for Tracklet Inactivation in Online Multi-Object Tracking, A
* Deep Dual-Resolution Networks for Real-Time and Accurate Semantic Segmentation of Traffic Scenes
* Finite-Time Stabilization for Vehicle Active Suspension Systems With Hard Constraints
* Multi-Phase Camera-LiDAR Fusion Network for 3D Semantic Segmentation With Weak Supervision, A
* TCDesc: Learning Topology Consistent Descriptors for Image Matching
Includes: Pan, H.H.[Hui Hui] Pan, H.H.[Hui-Hui] Pan, H.H.[Hong-Hu]

Pan, H.J.[Han Jie] Co Author Listing * Iterative Linear Expansion of Thresholds for L_1 -Based Image Restoration, An
* Sparse image restoration using iterated linear expansion of thresholds
Includes: Pan, H.J.[Han Jie] Pan, H.J.[Han-Jie]

Pan, H.K.[Hang Kai] Co Author Listing * Characteristics and Formation Conditions of Thin Phytoplankton Layers in the Northern Gulf of Mexico Revealed by Airborne Lidar
Includes: Pan, H.K.[Hang Kai] Pan, H.K.[Hang-Kai]

Pan, H.L.[Hai Lang] Co Author Listing * 3-D Face Modeling from Two Views and Grid Light
* Decadal Global Climatology of Ice Cloud Fraction with Their Microphysical and Optical Properties Inferred from the CALIPSO and Reanalysis Data, A
* Dust Radiative Effect Characteristics during a Typical Springtime Dust Storm with Persistent Floating Dust in the Tarim Basin, Northwest China
* Modeling of Elastic Articulated Objects and Its Parameters Determination from Image Contours
* Motion estimation of elastic articulated objects from points and contours with volume invariable constraint
* Multi-scale Space-time Registration of Growing Plants
* Partial bundle adjustment for accurate three-dimensional reconstruction
Includes: Pan, H.L.[Hai Lang] Pan, H.L.[Hai-Lang] Pan, H.L.[Hong-Lin] Pan, H.L.[Hao-Lin] Pan, H.L.[Hai-Long]
7 for Pan, H.L.

Pan, H.P.[He Ping] Co Author Listing * Basic Theory of Intelligent Photogrammetron, A
* General Stereo Image Matching Using Symmetric Complex Wavelets
* MDL-principled evolutionary mechanism to automatic architecturing of pattern recognition neural network, An
* Two-Level Global Optimization for Image Segmentation
Includes: Pan, H.P.[He Ping] Pan, H.P.[He-Ping] Pan, H.P.

Pan, H.R.[Hang Rong] Co Author Listing * RGB-D image-based detection of stairs, pedestrian crosswalks and traffic signs
* Tracking Historical Wetland Changes in the China Side of the Amur River Basin Based on Landsat Imagery and Training Samples Migration
Includes: Pan, H.R.[Hang Rong] Pan, H.R.[Hang-Rong] Pan, H.R.[Hai-Rong]

Pan, H.W.[Hai Wei] Co Author Listing * Malignant melanoma dermoscopy image classification method based on multi-modal medical features
* medical image retrieval method based on texture block coding tree, A
Includes: Pan, H.W.[Hai Wei] Pan, H.W.[Hai-Wei]

Pan, H.X.[Hai Xia] Co Author Listing * Novel Dual LevelSets Competition Model for Colon Region Segmentation, A
* Small Object Detection Algorithm for Railway Scene
* Speed sign recognition in complex scenarios based on deep cascade networks
Includes: Pan, H.X.[Hai Xia] Pan, H.X.[Hai-Xia]

Pan, H.Y.[Hong Yi] Co Author Listing * Additive neural network for forest fire detection
* Automated Subpixel Surface Water Mapping from Heterogeneous Urban Environments Using Landsat 8 OLI Imagery
* Autorf: Auto Learning Receptive Fields with Spatial Pooling
* Band Selection-Based Dimensionality Reduction for Change Detection in Multi-Temporal Hyperspectral Images
* BE-STI: Spatial-Temporal Integrated Network for Class-agnostic Motion Prediction with Bidirectional Enhancement
* Deep Neural Network with Walsh-Hadamard Transform Layer For Ember Detection during a Wildfire
* Dynamic Monitoring of Agricultural Fires in China from 2010 to 2014 Using MODIS and GlobeLand30 Data
* Fast Walsh-Hadamard Transform and Smooth-Thresholding Based Binary Layers in Deep Neural Networks
* Fourier Domain Pruning of MobileNet-V2 with Application to Video Based Wildfire Detection
* Habitat Prediction of Northwest Pacific Saury Based on Multi-Source Heterogeneous Remote Sensing Data Fusion
* Improved A-Star Algorithm for Long-Distance Off-Road Path Planning Using Terrain Data Map
* INT: Towards Infinite-Frames 3D Detection with an Efficient Framework
* MENAS: Multi-trial Evolutionary Neural Architecture Search with Lottery Tickets
* novel detail weighted histogram equalization method for brightness preserving image enhancement based on partial statistic and global mapping model, A
* PVGNet: A Bottom-Up One-Stage 3D Object Detector with Integrated Multi-Level Features
* Updating of Land Cover Maps and Change Analysis Using GlobeLand30 Product: A Case Study in Shanghai Metropolitan Area, China
* Vigilance detection method for high-speed rail using wireless wearable EEG collection technology based on low-rank matrix decomposition
Includes: Pan, H.Y.[Hong Yi] Pan, H.Y.[Hong-Yi] Pan, H.Y.[Hai-Yan] Pan, H.Y.[Heng-Yue] Pan, H.Y.[Hong-Yu] Pan, H.Y.[Hong-Yuan] Pan, H.Y.[Hong-Ye]
17 for Pan, H.Y.

Pan, H.Z.[Hai Zhu] Co Author Listing * Affinity Propagation Based on Structural Similarity Index and Local Outlier Factor for Hyperspectral Image Clustering
* Hyperspectral Image Classification Based on Multiscale Hybrid Networks and Attention Mechanisms
* Learn by Yourself: A Feature-Augmented Self-Distillation Convolutional Neural Network for Remote Sensing Scene Image Classification
* One-Shot Dense Network with Polarized Attention for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Two-Branch Convolutional Neural Network with Polarized Full Attention for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Variational total curvature model for multiplicative noise removal
Includes: Pan, H.Z.[Hai Zhu] Pan, H.Z.[Hai-Zhu] Pan, H.Z.[Hui-Zhu]

Pan, J.[Jiao] Co Author Listing * 3D reconstruction of Borobudur reliefs from 2D monocular photographs based on soft-edge enhanced deep learning
* Advanced Signal Processing Methods for Ground-Penetrating Radar: Applications to civil engineering
* AITST: Affective EEG-based person identification via interrelated temporal-spatial transformer
* Autofocus for Event Cameras
* Automated Skin Lesion Segmentation Via an Adaptive Dual Attention Module
* Automatic Generation of Seamline Network Using Area Voronoi Diagrams With Overlap
* Can the Accuracy of Fine-Resolution Precipitation Products Be Assessed from the Surrounding Water Balance and Drought Chain (WBDC) in the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau?
* Cascade Network for Pattern Recognition Based on Radar Signal Characteristics in Noisy Environments, A
* Cascaded hierarchical atrous spatial pyramid pooling module for semantic segmentation
* Casual Conversations: A dataset for measuring fairness in AI
* Channel-Spatial Hybrid Attention Mechanism using Channel Weight Transfer Strategy, A
* Coherent Object Detection with 3D Geometric Context from a Single Image
* Comparison of Machine Learning-Based Snow Depth Estimates and Development of a New Operational Retrieval Algorithm over China
* Consistency of SSM/I vs. SSMIS and the Influence on Snow Cover Detection and Snow Depth Estimation over China, The
* Context-Anchors for Hybrid Resolution Face Detection
* Context-Aware Spatio-Recurrent Curvilinear Structure Segmentation
* Correction of ZY-3 image distortion caused by satellite jitter via virtual steady reimaging using attitude data
* CPU/GPU near real-time preprocessing for ZY-3 satellite images: Relative radiometric correction, MTF compensation, and geocorrection
* Deep feature matching for dense correspondence
* Deep Mesh Reconstruction From Single RGB Images via Topology Modification Networks
* Deep Outlier Handling for Image Deblurring
* Differences Between the HUT Snow Emission Model and MEMLS and Their Effects on Brightness Temperature Simulation
* Distribution Consistent Neural Architecture Search
* Double-Smoothing Algorithm for Integrating Satellite Precipitation Products in Areas with Sparsely Distributed In Situ Networks, A
* Dualfeat: Dual Feature Aggregation for Video Object Detection
* Dynamic Scene Deblurring by Depth Guided Model
* EdgeViTs: Competing Light-Weight CNNs on Mobile Devices with Vision Transformers
* Effective Classification Approach for EEG-based BCI System, An
* End-to-End Trajectory Distribution Prediction Based on Occupancy Grid Maps
* Enhanced features in image manipulation detection
* Estimate of Tidal Constituents in Nearshore Waters Using X-Band Marine Radar Image Sequences
* Evaluation of the Effective Microstructure Parameter of the Microwave Emission Model of Layered Snowpack for Multiple-Layer Snow
* Face Recognition Using Nonlinear Regression
* Faithful Extreme Rescaling via Generative Prior Reciprocated Invertible Representations
* Fast Approach to Best Scanline Search of Airborne Linear Pushbroom Images, A
* Fusing of Electroencephalogram and Eye Movement With Group Sparse Canonical Correlation Analysis for Anxiety Detection
* Gated Fusion Network for Single Image Dehazing
* Hand Detection Using Robust Color Correction and Gaussian Mixture Model
* Heterogeneous Conditional Random Field: Realizing joint detection and segmentation of cell regions in microscopic images
* Hierarchical Temporal Transformer for 3D Hand Pose Estimation and Action Recognition from Egocentric RGB Videos
* High-resolution Face Swapping via Latent Semantics Disentanglement
* High-Resolution Reconstruction of the Maximum Snow Water Equivalent Based on Remote Sensing Data in a Mountainous Area
* Image deep clustering based on local-topology embedding
* Image jitter detection and compensation using a high-frequency angular displacement method for Yaogan-26 remote sensing satellite
* Imitation Learning-Enhanced Iterated Matching Algorithm for On-Demand Food Delivery, An
* Improved Seeded Region Growing-Based Seamline Network Generation Method, An
* Improving Adversarial Robustness via Guided Complement Entropy
* In-Capture Mobile Video Distortions: A Study of Subjective Behavior and Objective Algorithms
* Incremental Learning With Saliency Map for Moving Object Detection
* Inferring 3D layout of building facades from a single image
* Inner FoV Stitching of Spaceborne TDI CCD Images Based on Sensor Geometry and Projection Plane in Object Space
* Integrated High-Definition Visualization of Digital Archives for Borobudur Temple
* Integrating kAS and SIFT-like Descriptor for Image Description
* Intermittent Contextual Learning for Keyfilter-Aware UAV Object Tracking Using Deep Convolutional Feature
* Inversion Method Study on Short Wave Infrared Remote Sensing Data High Temperature Surface Feature Temperature
* Jitter Detection and Image Restoration Based on Continue Dynamic Shooting Model for High-Resolution TDI CCD Satellite Images
* Joint object discovery and segmentation with image-wise reconstruction error
* Learning a Continuous-Time Streaming Video QoE Model
* Learning Deep Priors for Image Dehazing
* Learning Fully Convolutional Networks for Iterative Non-blind Deconvolution
* Learning to Super-Resolve Blurry Face and Text Images
* Mapping of Forest Biomass in Shangri-La City Based on LiDAR Technology and Other Remote Sensing Data
* Method for Reducing Timing Jitter's Impact in Through-Wall Human Detection by Ultra-Wideband Impulse Radar, A
* Modeling Active Microwave Remote Sensing of Snow Using Dense Media Radiative Transfer (DMRT) Theory With Multiple-Scattering Effects
* Modeling and Optimizing of the Multi-Layer Nearest Neighbor Network for Face Image Super-Resolution
* Monocular Camera-Based Complex Obstacle Avoidance via Efficient Deep Reinforcement Learning
* Motion Blur Kernel Estimation via Deep Learning
* Motion Planning and Synthesis of Human-Like Characters in Constrained Environments
* MTCSNet: Mean Teachers Cross-Supervision Network for Semi-Supervised Cloud Detection
* Multi-Resolution Blending Considering Changed Regions for Orthoimage Mosaicking, A
* Multi-stream densely connected network for semantic segmentation
* Multi-Target Detection Method Based on Improved U-Net for UWB MIMO Through-Wall Radar, A
* Multimodal BCIs: Target Detection, Multidimensional Control, and Awareness Evaluation in Patients With Disorder of Consciousness
* Neighborhood Feature Line Segment for Image Classification
* Network Coding and Genetic Algorithm Based Power Efficient Routing Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks, A
* Non-Rigid Respiratory Motion Estimation of Whole-Heart Coronary MR Images Using Unsupervised Deep Learning
* Optimal Imaging-scheduling Algorithm For The Multi-strip Imaging-mode Of The High-resolution Agile Satellites Based On Certain Step-size Search, An
* Optimized cross-layer transmission for scalable video over DVB-H networks
* Orthogonally-Divergent Fisheye Stereo
* Parallel Band-to-Band Registration for HJ-1A1B CCD Images Using OpenMP
* Patterns of Nighttime Crowd Flows in Tourism Cities Based on Taxi Data: Take Haikou Prefecture as an Example
* Projecting Your View Attentively: Monocular Road Scene Layout Estimation via Cross-view Transformation
* Quantification of Typhoon-Induced Phytoplankton Blooms Using Satellite Multi-Sensor Data
* Real-Time Tracking of Corneal Contour in Dalk Surgical Navigation Using Deep Neural Networks
* Rear-Stitched View Panorama: A Low-Power Embedded Implementation for Smart Rear-View Mirrors on Vehicles
* Recommending-and-Grabbing: A Crowdsourcing-Based Order Allocation Pattern for On-Demand Food Delivery
* Region change rate-driven seamline determination method
* Relative Radiometric Calibration Method Based on the Histogram of Side-Slither Data for High-Resolution Optical Satellite Imagery, A
* Remote Estimation of the Particulate Phosphorus Concentrations in Inland Water Bodies: A Case Study in Hongze Lake
* Remote Sensing and Argo Float Observations Reveal Physical Processes Initiating a Winter-Spring Phytoplankton Bloom South of the Kuroshio Current Near Shikoku
* Residual MeshNet: Learning to Deform Meshes for Single-View 3D Reconstruction
* Robust Approach for Repairing Color Composite DMC Images, A
* Robust Face Image Super-Resolution via Joint Learning of Subdivided Contextual Model
* Robust Face Super-Resolution via Position Relation Model Based on Global Face Context
* Robust Sparse Tensor Decomposition by Probabilistic Latent Semantic Analysis
* SAR Image Fusion Classification Based on the Decision-Level Combination of Multi-Band Information
* Seamline Network Refinement Based on Area Voronoi Diagrams With Overlap
* Semantic Segmentation for Digital Archives of Borobudur Reliefs Based on Soft-Edge Enhanced Deep Learning
* Semi-Supervised Image Dehazing
* Shallow and Deep Convolutional Networks for Saliency Prediction
* Skeleton-Bridged Deep Learning Approach for Generating Meshes of Complex Topologies From Single RGB Images, A
* Snow Density Retrieval in Quebec Using Space-Borne SMOS Observations
* Soft-Segmentation Guided Object Motion Deblurring
* SparseMAE: Sparse Training Meets Masked Autoencoders
* Spatio-Temporal Filter Adaptive Network for Video Deblurring
* Specular Reflections Removal for Endoscopic Image Sequences With Adaptive-RPCA Decomposition
* Stereo Refinement Dehazing Network
* Structured Convex Optimization Method for Orthogonal Nonnegative Matrix Factorization
* Study on the Background Parameter Quantization Method of Remote Sensing Data Processing
* Subjective and Objective Study of Stalling Events in Mobile Streaming Videos, A
* Super-Resolution Algorithm Based on Hybrid Network for Multi-Channel Remote Sensing Images, A
* Task-Oriented Network for Image Dehazing
* Thick Cloud Removal of Remote Sensing Images Using Temporal Smoothness and Sparsity Regularized Tensor Optimization
* Time Delay and Interface Roughness Estimation Using Modified ESPRIT With Interpolated Spatial Smoothing Technique
* Time-Delay Estimation by a Modified Orthogonal Matching Pursuit Method for Rough Pavement
* Time-Delay Estimation Using Ground-Penetrating Radar With a Support Vector Regression-Based Linear Prediction Method
* Toward Reliable and Scalable Internet of Vehicles: Performance Analysis and Resource Management
* Tree Species Classification Based on Fusion Images by GF-5 and Sentinel-2A
* Use of a Monte Carlo Markov Chain Method for Snow-Depth Retrievals: A Case Study Based on Airborne Microwave Observations and Emission Modeling Experiments of Tundra Snow, The
* Vector-Scalar Classification for Transform Image Coding
* Virtual top-view camera calibration for accurate object representation
* Visualizing the Invisible: Occluded Vehicle Segmentation and Recovery
* Weighted Image Fusion Approach Based on Multiple Wavelet Transformations, A
Includes: Pan, J.[Jiao] Pan, J. Pan, J.[Jiahui] Pan, J.[Jia] Pan, J.[Jinmei] Pan, J.[Jifei] Pan, J.[Jing] Pan, J.[Jacqueline] Pan, J.[Jie] Pan, J.[Jiyan] Pan, J.[Jun] Pan, J.[Junyi] Pan, J.[Jian] Pan, J.[Junting] Pan, J.[Jize] Pan, J.[Jiya] Pan, J.[Jin] Pan, J.[Janice] Pan, J.[Jiawen] Pan, J.[Jiayi] Pan, J.[Jinheng]
123 for Pan, J.

Pan, J.B.[Jia Bao] Co Author Listing * Dam Deformation Monitoring Data Analysis Using Space-Time Kalman Filter
Includes: Pan, J.B.[Jia Bao] Pan, J.B.[Jia-Bao]

Pan, J.C.[Jing Chang] Co Author Listing * Efficient Object Detection Method For Large CCD Astronomical Images, An
* Handwritten Numeral Recognition Based on Hierarchically Self-Organizing Learning Networks with Spatio-Temporal Pattern Recognition
* Offline Tracing and Representation of Signatures
* Spatial Distribution Pattern and Influencing Factors of Sports Tourism Resources in China
Includes: Pan, J.C.[Jing Chang] Pan, J.C.[Jing-Chang] Pan, J.C. Pan, J.C.[Jin-Cheng]

Pan, J.F.[Jin Feng] Co Author Listing * Hybrid-Scale Hierarchical Transformer for Remote Sensing Image Super-Resolution
* Orthogonal gradient measurement matrix optimisation method
* quantum-inspired noise reduction method based on noise feature codebook, A
Includes: Pan, J.F.[Jin Feng] Pan, J.F.[Jin-Feng] Pan, J.F.[Jing-Feng]

Pan, J.G.[Jin Gui] Co Author Listing * Real-time rendering of refracting transmissive objects with multi-scale rough surfaces
* Real-time simulating and rendering of layered dust
Includes: Pan, J.G.[Jin Gui] Pan, J.G.[Jin-Gui]

Pan, J.G.J.H.[Jibin Gao Jia Hui] Co Author Listing * Automatic Modelling for Interactive Action Assessment
Includes: Pan, J.G.J.H.[Jibin Gao Jia Hui] Pan, J.G.J.H.[Jibin Gao Jia-Hui]

Pan, J.H.[Jia Hui] Co Author Listing * Action Assessment by Joint Relation Graphs
* Adaptive Action Assessment
* Asymmetric Modeling for Action Assessment, An
* Automatic annotation of liver computed tomography images based on a vessel-skeletonization method
* Characteristics of the Total Suspended Matter Concentration in the Hongze Lake during 1984-2019 Based on Landsat Data
* Deep Bilinear Learning for RGB-D Action Recognition
* EEG-Based Brain Computer Interface for Emotion Recognition and Its Application in Patients with Disorder of Consciousness, An
* GradAuto: Energy-Oriented Attack on Dynamic Neural Networks
* GradMDM: Adversarial Attack on Dynamic Networks
* License Plate Image Reconstruction Based on Generative Adversarial Networks
* NTIRE 2023 Challenge on Efficient Super-Resolution: Methods and Results
* Resilience of Urban Network Structure in China: The Perspective of Disruption
* Semi-Supervised Action Quality Assessment With Self-Supervised Segment Feature Recovery
* Sequence-level affective level estimation based on pyramidal facial expression features
* Wavelet-Based Frequency-Dividing Interactive CNN for Image Classification
Includes: Pan, J.H.[Jia Hui] Pan, J.H.[Jia-Hui] Pan, J.H.[Jin-Heng] Pan, J.H.[Jian-Hong] Pan, J.H.[Jia-Hao] Pan, J.H.[Jing-Hu]
15 for Pan, J.H.

Pan, J.J.[Jian Jia] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Multiscale Decomposition of Graph Signals
* Atomic Representation-Based Classification: Theory, Algorithm, and Applications
* Automatic skinning and weight retargeting of articulated characters using extended position-based dynamics
* Direct method-Green's Theory: From PDE to BIE in the geometric transformation
* Exploring the Impact of Seasonality on Urban Land-Cover Mapping Using Multi-Season Sentinel-1A and GF-1 WFV Images in a Subtropical Monsoon-Climate Region
* fast hybrid computation model for rectum deformation, A
* Generalized Separable Nonnegative Matrix Factorization
* Highly Efficient Anchor-Free Oriented Small Object Detection for Remote Sensing Images via Periodic Pseudo-Domain
* Integrating Airborne LiDAR and Optical Data to Estimate Forest Aboveground Biomass in Arid and Semi-Arid Regions of China
* Intelligent Segmentation and Change Detection of Dams Based on UAV Remote Sensing Images
* Interactive animation generation of virtual characters using single RGB-D camera
* KD-Former: Kinematic and dynamic coupled transformer network for 3D human motion prediction
* Lane Detection Transformer Based on Multi-frame Horizontal and Vertical Attention and Visual Transformer Module
* Metaballs-based physical modeling and deformation of organs for virtual surgery
* Real-time dissection of organs via hybrid coupling of geometric metaballs and physics-centric mesh-free method
* Real-time simulation of electrocautery procedure using meshfree methods in laparoscopic cholecystectomy
* Separable Quaternion Matrix Factorization for Polarization Images
* Spatial-Temporal Evolution and Regional Differentiation Features of Urbanization in China from 2003 to 2013
* Texture Analysis Based on Saddle Points-Based BEMD and LBP
* Texture Classification Based on BIMF Monogenic Signals
* Theoretical design of vascular imaging based on hall effect
* Time-Delay Estimation by Enhanced Orthogonal Matching Pursuit Method for Thin Asphalt Pavement With Similar Permittivity
* Two-Stepwise Hierarchical Adaptive Threshold Method for Automatic Rapeseed Mapping over Jiangsu Using Harmonized Landsat/Sentinel-2
Includes: Pan, J.J.[Jian Jia] Pan, J.J.[Jian-Jia] Pan, J.J.[Jun-Jun] Pan, J.J.[Jian-Jun] Pan, J.J.[Jun J.] Pan, J.J.[Jin-Jin] Pan, J.J.[Jing-Jing]
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Pan, J.J.F.[Jeffrey Jun Feng] Co Author Listing * Tracking Mobile Users in Wireless Networks via Semi-Supervised Colocalization
Includes: Pan, J.J.F.[Jeffrey Jun Feng] Pan, J.J.F.[Jeffrey Jun-Feng]

Pan, J.M.[Jia Min] Co Author Listing * Decadal Lake Volume Changes (2003-2020) and Driving Forces at a Global Scale
* Research on an Intra-Pulse Orthogonal Waveform and Methods Resisting Interrupted-Sampling Repeater Jamming within the Same Frequency Band
* Validation of the SNTHERM Model Applied for Snow Depth, Grain Size, and Brightness Temperature Simulation at Meteorological Stations in China
Includes: Pan, J.M.[Jia Min] Pan, J.M.[Jia-Min] Pan, J.M.[Jia-Meng] Pan, J.M.[Jin-Mei]

Pan, J.N. Co Author Listing * Correlation Feedback Technique in Optical Flow Determination
* Kalman filter in motion analysis from stereo image sequences, A
* Unified Optical-Flow Field Approach To Motion Analysis from a Sequence of Stereo Images

Pan, J.P.[Jian Ping] Co Author Listing * classification method for adaptive transform image coding, A
* Dynamic rate adaptation for adaptive video streaming in wireless networks
* In-orbit geometric calibration approach and positioning accuracy analysis for the Gaofen-7 laser footprint camera
* Novel Low-Cost GNSS Solution for the Real-Time Deformation Monitoring of Cable Saddle Pushing: A Case Study of Guojiatuo Suspension Bridge, A
* Rapid Landslide Extraction from High-Resolution Remote Sensing Images Using SHAP-OPT-XGBoost
* Self-Attentive Hybrid Coding Network for 3D Change Detection in High-Resolution Optical Stereo Images, A
* Using Relative Projection Density for Classification of Terrestrial Laser Scanning Data with Unknown Angular Resolution
Includes: Pan, J.P.[Jian Ping] Pan, J.P.[Jian-Ping]
7 for Pan, J.P.

Pan, J.Q.[Jin Qian] Co Author Listing * Enhancing Medical Image Segmentation: Optimizing Cross-Entropy Weights and Post-Processing with Autoencoders
Includes: Pan, J.Q.[Jin Qian] Pan, J.Q.[Jin-Qian]

Pan, J.S. Co Author Listing * 2-D Non-separable Wavelet Bases for Texture Classification with Genetic Feature Selection
* Adaptive smoothness evaluation and multiple asymmetric histogram modification for reversible data hiding
* Bi-Directional Pseudo-Three-Dimensional Network for Video Frame Interpolation
* Blind Image Deblurring Using Dark Channel Prior
* Blind Image Deblurring Using Elastic-Net Based Rank Prior
* Blind Image Deblurring via Deep Discriminative Priors
* Blind Image Deblurring via Salient Structure Detection and Sparse Representation
* Blind Image Deblurring with Outlier Handling
* Blur Kernel Estimation Via Salient Edges and Low Rank Prior for Blind Image Deblurring
* Cascaded Deep Video Deblurring Using Temporal Sharpness Prior
* Cascaded Deep Video Deblurring Using Temporal Sharpness Prior and Non-Local Spatial-Temporal Similarity
* Compatible Stereo Video Coding with Adaptive Prediction Structure
* DAVANet: Stereo Deblurring With View Aggregation
* Debluring Low-Resolution Images
* Deblurring Dynamic Scenes via Spatially Varying Recurrent Neural Networks
* Deblurring Face Images with Exemplars
* Deblurring Images via Dark Channel Prior
* Deblurring Text Images via L0-Regularized Intensity and Gradient Prior
* Deep Blind Video Super-resolution
* Deep Discriminative Spatial and Temporal Network for Efficient Video Deblurring
* Deep Dynamic Scene Deblurring from Optical Flow
* Deep Ranking Exemplar-Based Dynamic Scene Deblurring
* Deep Video Deblurring Using Sharpness Features From Exemplars
* Density peaks clustering algorithm based on fuzzy and weighted shared neighbor for uneven density datasets
* DLGSANet: Lightweight Dynamic Local and Global Self-Attention Network for Image Super-Resolution
* Dual Convolutional Neural Networks for Low-Level Vision
* Dynamic Scene Deblurring Using Spatially Variant Recurrent Neural Networks
* Editorial for CVIU_DL for image restoration
* Efficient and Accurate Quantized Image Super-Resolution on Mobile Npus, Mobile Ai & Aim 2022 Challenge: Report
* Efficient Deep Models for Real-Time 4K Image Super-Resolution. NTIRE 2023 Benchmark and Report
* efficient encoding algorithm for vector quantization based on subvector technique, An
* Efficient Frequency Domain-based Transformers for High-Quality Image Deblurring
* Fast Clustering Algorithms For Vector Quantization
* Fast L_0-Regularized Kernel Estimation for Robust Motion Deblurring
* FFHQ-UV: Normalized Facial UV-Texture Dataset for 3D Face Reconstruction
* Generalized playfield segmentation of sport videos using color features
* Genetic Feature-Selection for Texture Classification Using 2-D Nonseparable Wavelet Bases
* Genetic watermarking based on transform-domain techniques
* Image Deblurring via Enhanced Low-Rank Prior
* Integer transform based reversible watermarking incorporating block selection
* Intelligent Watermarking Techniques
* Joint Face Hallucination and Deblurring via Structure Generation and Detail Enhancement
* Kernel estimation from salient structure for robust motion deblurring
* Kernel Learning Algorithms for Face Recognition
* L0-Regularized Object Representation for Visual Tracking
* Learning A Cascaded Non-Local Residual Network for Super-resolving Blurry Images
* Learning a Discriminative Prior for Blind Image Deblurring
* Learning a Non-blind Deblurring Network for Night Blurry Images
* Learning A Sparse Transformer Network for Effective Image Deraining
* Learning an Occlusion-Aware Network for Video Deblurring
* Learning Data Terms for Non-blind Deblurring
* Learning Discriminative Cross-Modality Features for RGB-D Saliency Detection
* Learning Discriminative Data Fitting Functions for Blind Image Deblurring
* Learning Discriminative Shrinkage Deep Networks for Image Deconvolution
* Learning Dual Convolutional Neural Networks for Low-Level Vision
* Learning Event-driven Video Deblurring and Interpolation
* Learning Recursive Filters for Low-Level Vision via a Hybrid Neural Network
* Learning Spatially Variant Linear Representation Models for Joint Filtering
* Learning to Deblur Images with Exemplars
* Learning to Restore Hazy Video: A New Real-World Dataset and A New Method
* Lightweight Deep Deblurring Model with Discriminative Multi-Scale Feature Fusion
* LSTM Pose Machines
* L_0-Regularized Intensity and Gradient Prior for Deblurring Text Images and Beyond
* Memory-Augmented Deep Unfolding Network for Guided Image Super-resolution
* More Robust Subsampling-Based Image Watermarking, A
* MRS-MIL: Minimum reference set based multiple instance learning for automatic image annotation
* Multi-Scale Boosted Dehazing Network with Dense Feature Fusion
* Multi-scale Residual Low-Pass Filter Network for Image Deblurring
* Multi-Stage Degradation Homogenization for Super-Resolution of Face Images With Extreme Degradations
* Multi-user Based Watermarking System with Two-Security-Level Keys, A
* Multiple Watermarking in Visual Cryptography
* Multistage VQ Based Watermarking Technique with Fake Watermarks, A
* Multitone reconstruction visual cryptography based on phase periodicity
* New vector quantization image coding algorithm based on the extension of the bound for Minkowski metric
* No-Reference Quality Metric of Blocking Artifacts Based on Color Discontinuity Analysis
* Non-uniform motion deblurring with Kernel grid regularization
* Novel Reversible Watermarking Based on an Integer Transform, A
* NTIRE 2017 Challenge on Single Image Super-Resolution: Methods and Results
* NTIRE 2021 Challenge on Image Deblurring
* NTIRE 2022 Burst Super-Resolution Challenge
* NTIRE 2022 Challenge on Efficient Super-Resolution: Methods and Results
* NTIRE 2022 Challenge on Learning the Super-Resolution Space
* NTIRE 2023 Challenge on Efficient Super-Resolution: Methods and Results
* NTIRE 2023 Challenge on Image Denoising: Methods and Results
* NTIRE 2023 Challenge on Stereo Image Super-Resolution: Methods and Results
* NTIRE 2023 Video Colorization Challenge
* Optimal PPVO-based reversible data hiding
* Physics-based Feature Dehazing Networks
* Physics-Based Generative Adversarial Models for Image Restoration and Beyond
* Real-World Image Super-Resolution by Exclusionary Dual-Learning
* Reversible data hiding based on flexible block-partition and adaptive block-modification strategy
* Reversible Watermarking Based on Invariability and Adjustment on Pixel Pairs
* Reversible watermarking based on PMO of triplets
* Reversible Watermarking for Error Diffused Halftone Images Using Statistical Features
* Robust dense correspondence using deep convolutional features
* Robust Kernel Estimation with Outliers Handling for Image Deblurring
* Saliency detection based on an edge-preserving filter
* Scale-Space Feature Based Image Watermarking in Contourlet Domain
* Self-Guided Image Dehazing Using Progressive Feature Fusion
* Single Image Dehazing via Conditional Generative Adversarial Network
* Single Image Dehazing via Multi-Scale Convolutional Neural Networks
* Single Image Dehazing via Multi-Scale Convolutional Neural Networks with Holistic Edges
* Spatially Variant Linear Representation Models for Joint Filtering
* Spatially-Adaptive Feature Modulation for Efficient Image Super-Resolution
* Superimposed Sparse Parameter Classifiers for Face Recognition
* Two classifiers based on nearest feature plane for recognition
* Unpaired Deep Image Deraining Using Dual Contrastive Learning
* Unpaired Learning for Deep Image Deraining with Rain Direction Regularizer
* Vector quantization based on genetic simulated annealing
* Video Deblurring via Semantic Segmentation and Pixel-Wise Non-linear Kernel
* Visual cryptography scheme for secret color images with color QR codes
* VQ Image Coding Using Sub-vector Techniques
Includes: Pan, J.S. Pan, J.S.[Jeng-Shyang] Pan, J.S.[Jin-Shan]
112 for Pan, J.S.

Pan, J.T.[Jun Ting] Co Author Listing * Actor-Context-Actor Relation Network for Spatio-Temporal Action Localization
* Distributed Adaptive Platoon Secure Control on Unmanned Vehicles System for Lane Change Under Compound Attacks
* High-Quality Video Generation from Static Structural Annotations
* Online Detection of Action Start in Untrimmed, Streaming Videos
* Retrieving-to-Answer: Zero-Shot Video Question Answering with Frozen Large Language Models
* Video Generation From Single Semantic Label Map
Includes: Pan, J.T.[Jun Ting] Pan, J.T.[Jun-Ting] Pan, J.T.[Jun-Tao]

Pan, J.W.[Jia Wei] Co Author Listing * EU-Net: A novel semantic segmentation architecture for surface defect detection of mobile phone screens
* Get to the Point: Content Classification of Animated Graphics Interchange Formats with Key-Frame Attention
* GraphSKT: Graph-Guided Structured Knowledge Transfer for Domain Adaptive Lesion Detection
* High Performance Multi-layer Reversible Data Hiding Scheme Using Two-Step Embedding, A
* Learning Self-supervised Low-Rank Network for Single-Stage Weakly and Semi-Supervised Semantic Segmentation
* VisDrone-CC2021: The Vision Meets Drone Crowd Counting Challenge Results
Includes: Pan, J.W.[Jia Wei] Pan, J.W.[Jia-Wei] Pan, J.W.[Jun-Wen] Pan, J.W.[Jin-Wei]

Pan, J.X.[Jin Xiao] Co Author Listing * dense light field reconstruction algorithm for four-dimensional optical flow constraint equation, A
* Improved Ordered-Subset Simultaneous Algebraic Reconstruction Technique, An
* Ordered-Subset Ridge Regression in Image Reconstruction
* Unbalanced Feature Transport for Exemplar-based Image Translation
* WaveFill: A Wavelet-based Generation Network for Image Inpainting
Includes: Pan, J.X.[Jin Xiao] Pan, J.X.[Jin-Xiao] Pan, J.X.[Jian-Xiong]

Pan, J.Y.[Jia Yu] Co Author Listing * Advanced Tools for Video and Multimedia Mining
* Characteristics of Absorption Spectra of Chromophoric Dissolved Organic Matter in the Pearl River Estuary in Spring
* Conditional semi-fuzzy c-means clustering for imbalanced dataset
* Detecting Changes in Impervious Surfaces Using Multi-Sensor Satellite Imagery and Machine Learning Methodology in a Metropolitan Area
* Editorial of the special issue on cross-media analysis
* Efficient Object Tracking Algorithm with Adaptive Prediction of Initial Searching Point, An
* Enhanced Estimate of Chromophoric Dissolved Organic Matter Using Machine Learning Algorithms from Landsat-8 OLI Data in the Pearl River Estuary
* Enhanced Estimation of Significant Wave Height with Dual-Polarization Sentinel-1 SAR Imagery
* Face recognition using Elasticfaces
* Fuzzy Sparse Deviation Regularized Robust Principal Component Analysis
* GCap: Graph-based Automatic Image Captioning
* Integrated Analysis of the Combined Risk of Ground Subsidence, Sea Level Rise, and Natural Hazards in Coastal and Delta River Regions
* Large margin based nonnegative matrix factorization and partial least squares regression for face recognition
* Method of Whole-Network Adjustment for Clock Offset Based on Satellite-Ground and Inter-Satellite Link Observations, A
* MMSS: Graph-based Multi-modal Story-oriented Video Summarization and Retrieval
* On the Exploitation of Remote Sensing Technologies for the Monitoring of Coastal and River Delta Regions
* Physical and Biochemical Responses to Sequential Tropical Cyclones in the Arabian Sea
* Remote Sensing of Coastal Waters, Land Use/Cover, Lakes, Rivers, and Watersheds II
* Robust abandoned object detection using region-level analysis
* Robust and Accurate Object Tracking Under Various Types of Occlusions
* Robust locality preserving projections using angle-based adaptive weight method
* Robust Object Tracking Against Template Drift
* Robust Occlusion Handling in Object Tracking
* Soft margin keyframe comparison: Enhancing precision of fraud detection in retail surveillance
* Tidal Mixing Signatures in the Hong Kong Coastal Waters from Satellite-Derived Sea Surface Temperature
* Wind-Forced Delayed Action Oscillator in Tropical Oceans with Satellite Multi-Sensor Observations
Includes: Pan, J.Y.[Jia Yu] Pan, J.Y.[Jia-Yu] Pan, J.Y.[Jia-Yi] Pan, J.Y.[Jin-Yan] Pan, J.Y.[Ji-Yan] Pan, J.Y.[Ji-Yuan] Pan, J.Y.[Jun-Yang]
26 for Pan, J.Y.

Pan, J.Z.[Jeffrey Z.] Co Author Listing * Extreme Relative Pose Estimation for RGB-D Scans via Scene Completion
* LAPNet: Non-Rigid Registration Derived in k-Space for Magnetic Resonance Imaging
* Relationformer: A Unified Framework for Image-to-Graph Generation
* System for Aligning Geographical Entities from Large Heterogeneous Sources, A
* Zero-Shot and Few-Shot Learning With Knowledge Graphs: A Comprehensive Survey
Includes: Pan, J.Z.[Jeffrey Z.] Pan, J.Z.[Jia-Zhen] Pan, J.Z.[Jeff Z.]

Pan, K.[Kechen] Co Author Listing * Adaptive pedestrian tracking via patch-based features and spatial-temporal similarity measurement
* Efficient Preconditioner for 3-D Finite Difference Modeling of the Electromagnetic Diffusion Process in the Frequency Domain, An
* Fusion of Near Infrared Face and Iris Biometrics
* Part-based Face Recognition Using Near Infrared Images
* Simultaneous Prediction of Soil Properties and Vegetation Coverage from Vis-NIR Hyperspectral Data with a One-Dimensional Convolutional Neural Network: A Laboratory Simulation Study, The
Includes: Pan, K.[Kechen] Pan, K. Pan, K.[Ke] Pan, K.[Kai]

Pan, K.Y.[Kang Yu] Co Author Listing * Cellsnake: A new active contour technique for cell/fibre segmentation
* Gaussian mixture models for spots in microscopy using a new split/merge em algorithm
Includes: Pan, K.Y.[Kang Yu] Pan, K.Y.[Kang-Yu]

Pan, L.[Li] Co Author Listing * ADCrowdNet: An Attention-Injective Deformable Convolutional Network for Crowd Understanding
* Airborne Near Infrared Three-Dimensional Ghost Imaging LiDAR via Sparsity Constraint
* Assessment of IRNSS-Only Data Processing: Availability, Single-Frequency SPP and Short-Baseline RTK
* Automatic Airport Recognition Based on Saliency Detection and Semantic Information
* CafeBoost: Causal Feature Boost to Eliminate Task-Induced Bias for Class Incremental Learning
* Category-Sensitive Domain Adaptation for Land Cover Mapping in Aerial Scenes
* Classification of Ships in Airborne SAR Imagery Using Backpropagation Neural Networks
* Closed-Loop Training for Projected GAN
* Comparison of Various Annual Land Cover Datasets in the Yellow River Basin
* Compression and Completion of Animated Point Clouds using Topological Properties of the Manifold
* Conservative Downscaling of Satellite-Detected Chemical Compositions: NO2 Column Densities of OMI, GOME-2, and CMAQ, A
* Considering Inter-Frequency Clock Bias for BDS Triple-Frequency Precise Point Positioning
* Correlated warped Gaussian processes for gender-specific age estimation
* Cross-modal feature extraction and integration based RGBD saliency detection
* CSG-Stump: A Learning Friendly CSG-Like Representation for Interpretable Shape Parsing
* Data-Driven Cyber Security in Perspective: Intelligent Traffic Analysis
* Detection Of Harbours From High Resolution Remote Sensing Imagery Via Saliency Analysis And Feature Learning
* Development of a New Phenology Algorithm for Fine Mapping of Cropping Intensity in Complex Planting Areas Using Sentinel-2 and Google Earth Engine
* Discriminant Analysis of Hyperspectral Imagery Using Fast Kernel Sparse and Low-Rank Graph
* Drought Monitoring over Yellow River Basin from 2003-2019 Using Reconstructed MODIS Land Surface Temperature in Google Earth Engine
* Dual Learning-Based Siamese Framework for Change Detection Using Bi-Temporal VHR Optical Remote Sensing Images
* dual-attention V-network for pulmonary lobe segmentation in CT scans, A
* Effectively clustering by finding density backbone based-on kNN
* Fast and Robust Circular Object Detection With Probabilistic Pairwise Voting
* Fast matching via ergodic markov chain for super-large graphs
* Feature matching based on unsupervised manifold alignment
* Figure/ground video segmentation via low-rank sparse learning
* Fusion of Positron Emission Tomography (PET) and Gene Array Data: A New Approach for the Correlative Analysis of Molecular Biological and Clinical Data
* Galileo Time Transfer with Five-Frequency Uncombined PPP: A Posteriori Weighting, Inter-Frequency Bias, Precise Products and Multi-Frequency Contribution
* Generative Diffusion Prior for Unified Image Restoration and Enhancement
* GNSS/RNSS Integrated PPP Time Transfer: Performance with Almost Fully Deployed Multiple Constellations and a Priori ISB Constraints Considering Satellite Clock Datums
* GPU-based fast hyperspectral image classification using joint sparse representation with spectral consistency constraint
* HuMMan: Multi-modal 4D Human Dataset for Versatile Sensing and Modeling
* Hyperbolic Visual Embedding Learning for Zero-Shot Recognition
* Hyperspectral Dimensionality Reduction by Tensor Sparse and Low-Rank Graph-Based Discriminant Analysis
* Improved BDS Satellite-Induced Code Bias Correction Model Considering the Consistency of Multipath Combinations, An
* Improved Doppler-Aided Smoothing Code Algorithm for BeiDou-2/BeiDou-3 un-Geostationary Earth Orbit Satellites in Consideration of Satellite Code Bias, An
* Improved Multi-Satellite Method for Evaluating Real-Time BDS Satellite Clock Offset Products, An
* Intersystem Bias in GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BDS-3, and BDS-2 Integrated SPP: Characteristics and Performance Enhancement as a Priori Constraints
* Iris Image Blur Detection with Multiple Kernel Learning
* Iris localization based on multi-resolution analysis
* LaserMix for Semi-Supervised LiDAR Semantic Segmentation
* Latent Low-Rank Projection Learning with Graph Regularization for Feature Extraction of Hyperspectral Images
* Mapping the Northern Limit of Double Cropping Using a Phenology-Based Algorithm and Google Earth Engine
* Mapping Winter Crops Using a Phenology Algorithm, Time-Series Sentinel-2 and Landsat-7/8 Images, and Google Earth Engine
* Mixture of Deep Regression Networks for Head Pose Estimation
* Mixture of grouped regressors and its application to visual mapping
* Mixture of related regressions for head pose estimation
* Multi-scale contour flexibility shape signature for Fourier descriptor
* Multipath Cooperative Communications Networks for Augmented and Virtual Reality Transmission
* Multiscale Adjacent Superpixel-Based Extended Multi-Attribute Profiles Embedded Multiple Kernel Learning Method for Hyperspectral Classification
* Neural MoCon: Neural Motion Control for Physically Plausible Human Motion Capture
* Noise robustness of nonlinear filters for image recognition
* Novel Edge Detection Method for Multi-Temporal PolSAR Images Based on the SIRV Model and a SDAN-Based 3D Gaussian-like Kernel, A
* OCTRexpert: A Feature-Based 3D Registration Method for Retinal OCT Images
* OmniObject3D: Large-Vocabulary 3D Object Dataset for Realistic Perception, Reconstruction and Generation
* Perovskite CsPbBr3 Single Crystal Detector for High Flux X-Ray Photon Counting
* Point pattern matching based on manifold embedding
* Position-guided transformer for image captioning
* Precise Point Positioning with Almost Fully Deployed BDS-3, BDS-2, GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and QZSS Using Precise Products from Different Analysis Centers
* Privacy Preserving Localization via Coordinate Permutations
* PTTR: Relational 3D Point Cloud Object Tracking with Transformer
* Rapid-Convergence Precise Point Positioning Approach Using Double Augmentations of Low Earth Orbit Satellite and Atmospheric Information, A
* ReMoDiffuse: Retrieval-Augmented Motion Diffusion Model
* remote sensing adapted image registration method based on SIFT and phase congruency, A
* Research on Large-Scale Urban Shrinkage and Expansion in the Yellow River Affected Area Using Night Light Data
* Research on Urban Ecological Network Under the Threat of Road Networks: A Case Study of Wuhan
* Retinal Image Mosaic Based on Invariant Feature and Hierarchial Transformation Models, The
* Robo3D: Towards Robust and Reliable 3D Perception against Corruptions
* Robust Iris Localization Model Based on Phase Congruency and Least Trimmed Squares Estimation, A
* SD-CapsNet: A Siamese Dense Capsule Network for SAR Image Registration with Complex Scenes
* Self-Supervised Adversarial Video Summarizer With Context Latent Sequence Learning
* SHERF: Generalizable Human NeRF from a Single Image
* Single Image Optical Flow Estimation With an Event Camera
* Spatial and Temporal Patterns of Ecosystem Services and Trade-Offs/Synergies in Wujiang River Basin, China
* Spatial-Spectral Feature Extraction via Deep ConvLSTM Neural Networks for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Study on an Artificial Society of Urban Safety Livability Change
* study on regularized Weighted Least Square Support Vector Classifier, A
* TCTrack: Temporal Contexts for Aerial Tracking
* Towards Real-World Visual Tracking With Temporal Contexts
* TransPillars: Coarse-to-Fine Aggregation for Multi-Frame 3D Object Detection
* UFSM VO: Stereo Odometry Based on Uniformly Feature Selection and Strictly Correspondence Matching
* Unsupervised 3D Shape Completion through GAN Inversion
* Using Correlated Regression Models to Calculate Cumulative Attributes for Age Estimation
* Variational Relational Point Completion Network
* Variational Relational Point Completion Network for Robust 3D Classification
* Versatile Multi-Modal Pre-Training for Human-Centric Perception
Includes: Pan, L.[Li] Pan, L.[Long] Pan, L.[Lin] Pan, L.[Lili] Pan, L. Pan, L.[Libo] Pan, L.[Liang] Pan, L.[Lei] Pan, L.[Lina] Pan, L.[Lulu] Pan, L.[Luting] Pan, L.[Lefei] Pan, L.[Longyue] Pan, L.[Linfei] Pan, L.[Litong] Pan, L.[Lihu]
87 for Pan, L.

Pan, L.C.[Li Chao] Co Author Listing * Ocean Wave Inversion Based on a Ku/Ka Dual-Band Airborne Interferometric Imaging Radar Altimeter
Includes: Pan, L.C.[Li Chao] Pan, L.C.[Li-Chao]

Pan, L.F.[Li Fang] Co Author Listing * adaptive error-correcting output codes algorithm based on gene expression programming and similarity measurement matrix, An
* Camera Pose Estimation using Implicit Distortion Models
Includes: Pan, L.F.[Li Fang] Pan, L.F.[Li-Fang] Pan, L.F.[Lin-Fei]

Pan, L.G.[Liang Gang] Co Author Listing * Blind Watermarking Scheme Based on Visual Model for Copyright Security, A
Includes: Pan, L.G.[Liang Gang] Pan, L.G.[Liang-Gang]

Pan, L.H.[Liang Hao] Co Author Listing * mangrove forest map of China in 2015: Analysis of time series Landsat 7/8 and Sentinel-1A imagery in Google Earth Engine cloud computing platform, A
Includes: Pan, L.H.[Liang Hao] Pan, L.H.[Liang-Hao]

Pan, L.J.[Ling Jiao] Co Author Listing * Global and Local Feature Reconstruction for Medical Image Segmentation
* Two-Level Attention with Multi-task Learning for Facial Emotion Estimation
* Two-level attention with two-stage multi-task learning for facial emotion recognition
Includes: Pan, L.J.[Ling Jiao] Pan, L.J.[Ling-Jiao] Pan, L.J.[Li-Juan]

Pan, L.L.[Li Li] Co Author Listing * Group Sparse Optimization for Images Recovery Using Capped Folded Concave Functions
* Robust RGB-D Image-Based SLAM System, A
* Self-paced Deep Regression Forests with Consideration on Underrepresented Examples
Includes: Pan, L.L.[Li Li] Pan, L.L.[Li-Li] Pan, L.L.[Liang-Liang]

Pan, L.M.[Liang Ming] Co Author Listing * Hybrid Approach for Detecting Prerequisite Relations in Multi-Modal Food Recipes, A
Includes: Pan, L.M.[Liang Ming] Pan, L.M.[Liang-Ming]

Pan, L.P.[Li Ping] Co Author Listing * Single Image based Infant Body Height and Weight Estimation
* Two-Stage Shake-Shake Network for Long-Tailed Recognition of SAR Aerial View Objects, A
Includes: Pan, L.P.[Li Ping] Pan, L.P.[Li-Ping] Pan, L.P.[Lin-Peng]

Pan, L.Q.[Lei Qing] Co Author Listing * Applications of hyperspectral and optical scattering imaging technique in the detection of food microorganism
* gamma-signal-regulated connected components labeling algorithm, A
Includes: Pan, L.Q.[Lei Qing] Pan, L.Q.[Lei-Qing] Pan, L.Q.[Lin-Qiang]

Pan, L.T.[Le Ting] Co Author Listing * Human Age Estimation by Metric Learning for Regression Problems
Includes: Pan, L.T.[Le Ting] Pan, L.T.[Le-Ting]

Pan, L.X.[Lei Xilan] Co Author Listing * New Way for Cartesian Coordinate Transformation and Its Precision Evaluation, A
Includes: Pan, L.X.[Lei Xilan] Pan, L.X.[Lei-Xilan]

Pan, L.Y.[Li Yuan] Co Author Listing * AstroNet: When Astrocyte Meets Artificial Neural Network
* Automatic feature extraction from spectrograms for acoustic-phonetic analysis
* Biomass Prediction with 3D Point Clouds from LiDAR
* Bringing a Blurry Frame Alive at High Frame-Rate With an Event Camera
* Characterizing Spatiotemporal Variations in the Urban Thermal Environment Related to Land Cover Changes in Karachi, Pakistan, from 2000 to 2020
* Depth Map Completion by Jointly Exploiting Blurry Color Images and Sparse Depth Maps
* Dual Pixel Exploration: Simultaneous Depth Estimation and Image Restoration
* Event Camera Data Pre-training
* High Frame Rate Video Reconstruction Based on an Event Camera
* Joint Stereo Video Deblurring, Scene Flow Estimation and Moving Object Segmentation
* K3DN: Disparity-Aware Kernel Estimation for Dual-Pixel Defocus Deblurring
* Phase-Only Image Based Kernel Estimation for Single Image Blind Deblurring
* Relevance Feedback Framework for Image Retrieval Based on Ant Colony Algorithm, A
* Simultaneous Stereo Video Deblurring and Scene Flow Estimation
* Single Image Deblurring and Camera Motion Estimation With Depth Map
* Visual feature coding for image classification integrating dictionary structure
Includes: Pan, L.Y.[Li Yuan] Pan, L.Y.[Li-Yuan] Pan, L.Y. Pan, L.Y.[Lu-Yang] Pan, L.Y.[Ling-Yan] Pan, L.Y.[Lin-Yan]
16 for Pan, L.Y.

Pan, M.[Mian] Co Author Listing * 3D Topological Thinning by Identifying Non-simple Voxels
* Adaptive Privacy Preserving Deep Learning Algorithms for Medical Data
* Copula-Based Downscaling of Coarse-Scale Soil Moisture Observations With Implicit Bias Correction
* Image restoration of infrared focal plane array
* Radar HRRP Target Recognition Model Based on a Stacked CNN-Bi-RNN With Attention Mechanism
* Rapid and large-scale mapping of flood inundation via integrating spaceborne synthetic aperture radar imagery with unsupervised deep learning
* Reliability of Global Remote Sensing Evapotranspiration Products over Amazon, The
* Value of SMAP for Long-Term Soil Moisture Estimation With the Help of Deep Learning, The
* Vehicle Detection in UAV Images via Background Suppression Pyramid Network and Multi-Scale Task Adaptive Decoupled Head
* Vehicle Detection in Very-High-Resolution Remote Sensing Images Based on an Anchor-Free Detection Model with a More Precise Foveal Area
* Workie-Talkie: Accelerating Federated Learning by Overlapping Computing and Communications via Contrastive Regularization
Includes: Pan, M.[Mian] Pan, M.[Miao] Pan, M.[Ming] Pan, M.
11 for Pan, M.

Pan, M.C.[Min Cheng] Co Author Listing * Image restoration through regularization based on error energy minimization
* Improving a Single Down-Sampled Image Using Probability-Filtering-Based Interpolation and Improved Poisson Maximum A Posteriori Super-Resolution
* Integrated Compensation of Magnetometer Array Magnetic Distortion Field and Improvement of Magnetic Object Localization
* novel blind super-resolution technique based on the improved Poisson maximum a posteriori algorithm, A
Includes: Pan, M.C.[Min Cheng] Pan, M.C.[Min-Cheng] Pan, M.C.[Meng-Chun]

Pan, M.H.[Mei Hong] Co Author Listing * Few-shot classification with task-adaptive semantic feature learning
Includes: Pan, M.H.[Mei Hong] Pan, M.H.[Mei-Hong]

Pan, M.J.[Ming Jie] Co Author Listing * Cloud-Device Collaborative Adaptation to Continual Changing Environments in the Real-World
Includes: Pan, M.J.[Ming Jie] Pan, M.J.[Ming-Jie]

Pan, M.M.[Miao Miao] Co Author Listing * Filtering Link Outliers in Vehicle Trajectories by Spatial Reasoning
* Image anomaly detection for IoT equipment based on deep learning
Includes: Pan, M.M.[Miao Miao] Pan, M.M.[Miao-Miao] Pan, M.M.[Ming-Ming]

Pan, M.Q.A.[Ming Qi Ang] Co Author Listing * Automatic recognition and location system for electric vehicle charging port in complex environment
Includes: Pan, M.Q.A.[Ming Qi Ang] Pan, M.Q.A.[Ming-Qi-Ang]

Pan, M.Y.[Ming Yang] Co Author Listing * Maritime Target Detection Based on Electronic Image Stabilization Technology of Shipborne Camera
* Semantics analysis model based on deep learning for vessel traffic service application
Includes: Pan, M.Y.[Ming Yang] Pan, M.Y.[Ming-Yang]

Pan, M.Z.[Ming Zhong] Co Author Listing * GLTF-Net: Deep-Learning Network for Thick Cloud Removal of Remote Sensing Images via Global-Local Temporality and Features
Includes: Pan, M.Z.[Ming Zhong] Pan, M.Z.[Ming-Zhong]

Pan, N.[Ning] Co Author Listing * Automatic segmentation of left and right ventricles in cardiac MRI using 3D-ASM and deep learning
* Double-weighted patch-based label fusion for MR brain image segmentation
* improved label fusion approach with sparse patch-based representation for MRI brain image segmentation, An
* Improving the image quality of spectral CT volume rendering
* Spatial-temporal saliency action mask attention network for action recognition
Includes: Pan, N.[Ning] Pan, N.[Na]

Pan, N.H.[Ning Hui] Co Author Listing * Greening and Browning of the Hexi Corridor in Northwest China: Spatial Patterns and Responses to Climatic Variability and Anthropogenic Drivers
Includes: Pan, N.H.[Ning Hui] Pan, N.H.[Ning-Hui]

Pan, N.N.[Ning Ning] Co Author Listing * binaural heterophasic adaptive beamformer and its deep learning assisted implementation, A
* Single-Input/Binaural-Output Antiphasic Speech Enhancement Method for Speech Intelligibility Improvement, A
Includes: Pan, N.N.[Ning Ning] Pan, N.N.[Ning-Ning]

Pan, N.Q.[Nai Qing] Co Author Listing * Response of Ecohydrological Variables to Meteorological Drought under Climate Change
Includes: Pan, N.Q.[Nai Qing] Pan, N.Q.[Nai-Qing]

Pan, P.[Pan] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Particle-Distortion Tradeoff Control in Particle Filtering for Video Tracking
* Book Dewarping System by Boundary-Based 3D Surface Reconstruction, A
* Book inner boundary extraction with modified active shape model
* Communication Efficient SGD via Gradient Sampling with Bayes Prior
* Cross-Modal Self-Taught Learning for Image Retrieval
* DecentLaM: Decentralized Momentum SGD for Large-batch Deep Training
* Deep Reinforcement Learning of Volume-Guided Progressive View Inpainting for 3D Point Scene Completion From a Single Depth Image
* Dual Pass Video Stabilization System Using Iterative Motion Estimation and Adaptive Motion Smoothing, A
* Dynamic Proposal Variance and Optimal Particle Allocation in Particle Filtering for Video Tracking
* Few-Shot Incremental Learning with Continually Evolved Classifiers
* Fire Detection Algorithms in Video Images for High and Large-Span Space Structures
* GeoAug: Data Augmentation for Few-Shot NeRF with Geometry Constraints
* Hierarchical Temporal Modeling With Mutual Distance Matching for Video Based Person Re-Identification
* Image Reconstruction and Multidimensional Field Estimation From Randomly Scattered Sensors
* improved ordinal decision tree induction algorithm, An
* Learning Position and Target Consistency for Memory-based Video Object Segmentation
* Low bit-rate compression of underwater image based on human visual system
* Multi-loss Spatial-Temporal Attention-Convolution Network for Action Tube Detection
* Multi-View Consistent Generative Adversarial Networks for 3D-aware Image Synthesis
* Multiclass Boosting Framework for Multimodal Data Analysis
* Multiple Object Tracking with Correlation Learning
* Optimal Particle Allocation in Particle Filtering for Multiple Object Tracking
* PointNet++ Network Architecture with Individual Point Level and Global Features on Centroid for ALS Point Cloud Classification
* RCL: Recurrent Continuous Localization for Temporal Action Detection
* Recognizing Characters with Severe Perspective Distortion Using Hash Tables and Perspective Invariants
* Recurrent Dynamic Embedding for Video Object Segmentation
* Regressed Importance Sampling on Manifolds for Efficient Object Tracking
* SCAT: Stride Consistency with Auto-regressive regressor and Transformer for hand pose estimation
* Seamless Color Mapping for 3D Reconstruction with Consumer-Grade Scanning Devices
* SEEG: Semantic Energized Co-speech Gesture Generation
* Self-Supervised Video Representation Learning by Context and Motion Decoupling
* Sequential particle filtering for conditional density propagation on graphs
* StegaNeRF: Embedding Invisible Information within Neural Radiance Fields
* Video Tracking Based on Sequential Particle Filtering on Graphs
* Visual tracking using high-order Monte Carlo Markov chain
* Visual Tracking Using High-Order Particle Filtering
* Weakly Supervised Learning with Side Information for Noisy Labeled Images
Includes: Pan, P.[Pan] Pan, P.[Peng] Pan, P. Pan, P.[Panwang] Pan, P.[Pai]
37 for Pan, P.

Pan, P.B.[Ping Bo] Co Author Listing * DM-GAN: Dynamic Memory Generative Adversarial Networks for Text-To-Image Synthesis
* Hierarchical Recurrent Neural Encoder for Video Representation with Application to Captioning
Includes: Pan, P.B.[Ping Bo] Pan, P.B.[Ping-Bo]

Pan, P.C.[Pin Chi] Co Author Listing * Global-Local Awareness Network for Image Super-Resolution
Includes: Pan, P.C.[Pin Chi] Pan, P.C.[Pin-Chi]

Pan, P.J.[Ping Jun] Co Author Listing * Improved Unscented Kalman Filter Based on STF for Nonlinear Systems, An
Includes: Pan, P.J.[Ping Jun] Pan, P.J.[Ping-Jun]

Pan, P.P.[Ping Ping] Co Author Listing * ConCs-Fusion: A Context Clustering-Based Radar and Camera Fusion for Three-Dimensional Object Detection
Includes: Pan, P.P.[Ping Ping] Pan, P.P.[Ping-Ping]

Pan, Q.[Qi] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Pan, Q.[Qi]: qp202 AT cam ac uk
* 4-D Flight Trajectory Prediction With Constrained LSTM Network
* Active Learning Based Pedestrian Detection in Real Scenes
* Adaptive imputation of missing values for incomplete pattern classification
* Adaptive spatiotemporal background modelling
* Adjusted weight voting algorithm for random forests in handling missing values
* Analysis of the Impacts of Environmental Factors on Rat Hole Density in the Northern Slope of the Tienshan Mountains with Satellite Remote Sensing Data
* Anomaly detection in hyperspectral imagery based on maximum entropy and nonparametric estimation
* Anomaly Detection in Hyperspectral Imagery by Fuzzy Integral Fusion of Band-subsets
* Belief C-Means: An extension of Fuzzy C-Means algorithm in belief functions framework
* Biologically Inspired Machine Learning-Based Trajectory Analysis in Intelligent Dispatching Energy Storage System
* Change Detection in Heterogenous Remote Sensing Images via Homogeneous Pixel Transformation
* Class-Incremental Learning Method for SAR Images Based on Self-Sustainment Guidance Representation, A
* Credal classification rule for uncertain data based on belief functions
* Deformable Dictionary Learning for SAR Image Change Detection
* Differential evolution algorithm-based range image registration with scaling parameters
* Distributed Bernoulli Filtering for Target Detection and Tracking Based on Arithmetic Average Fusion
* DTEC: Decision tree-based evidential clustering for interpretable partition of uncertain data
* Dynamic Evidential Reasoning for Change Detection in Remote Sensing Images
* ECMdd: Evidential c-medoids clustering with multiple prototypes
* Event-Triggered Integral Formation Controller for Networked Nonholonomic Mobile Robots: Theory and Experiment
* Few pixels attacks with generative model
* Full-time Monocular Road Detection Using Zero-distribution Prior of Angle of Polarization
* Illumination and motion-based video enhancement for night surveillance
* Illumination-invariant road detection and tracking using LWIR polarization characteristics
* Joint Denoising-Demosaicking Network for Long-Wave Infrared Division-of-Focal-Plane Polarization Images With Mixed Noise Level Estimation
* Joint Stereo Video Deblurring, Scene Flow Estimation and Moving Object Segmentation
* Managing Agricultural Water Considering Water Allocation Priority Based on Remote Sensing Data
* Multivehicle Flocking With Collision Avoidance via Distributed Model Predictive Control
* new belief-based K-nearest neighbor classification method, A
* No-Reference Physics-Based Quality Assessment of Polarization Images and Its Application to Demosaicking
* Novel Algorithm For Speeding Up Keypoint Detection And Matching, A
* Object Detection by Spectropolarimeteric Imagery Fusion
* Object separation by polarimetric and spectral imagery fusion
* Orientational Distribution Learning With Hierarchical Spatial Attention for Open Set Recognition
* Polar-Spatial Feature Fusion Learning With Variational Generative-Discriminative Network for PolSAR Classification
* Proforma: Probabilistic Feature-based On-line Rapid Model Acquisition
* quadratic programming based cluster correspondence projection algorithm for fast point matching, A
* Real-Time Multiple Objects Tracking with Occlusion Handling in Dynamic Scenes
* Reliable and Fast Tracking of Faces under Varying Pose
* Robust and Efficient Relative Pose With a Multi-Camera System for Autonomous Driving in Highly Dynamic Environments
* Rotation and scaling invariant texture classification based on Radon transform and multiscale analysis
* Rotation Awareness Based Self-Supervised Learning for SAR Target Recognition With Limited Training Samples
* Semi-coupled dictionary learning with applications to image super-resolution and photo-sketch synthesis
* Simultaneous Stereo Video Deblurring and Scene Flow Estimation
* Visual Tracking With Automatic Confident Region Extraction
* Visual wafer dies counting using geometrical characteristics
Includes: Pan, Q.[Qi] Pan, Q.[Quan] Pan, Q. Pan, Q.[Qing] Pan, Q.[Qun] Pan, Q.[Quanke] Pan, Q.[Qidi]
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Pan, Q.A.[Qi Ang] Co Author Listing * Improved DS acoustic-seismic modality fusion for ground-moving target classification in wireless sensor networks
Includes: Pan, Q.A.[Qi Ang] Pan, Q.A.[Qi-Ang]

Pan, Q.M.[Qing Mei] Co Author Listing * Temporal Variation in Tower-Based Solar-Induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence and Its Environmental Response in a Chinese Cork Oak Plantation
Includes: Pan, Q.M.[Qing Mei] Pan, Q.M.[Qing-Mei]

Pan, Q.P.[Qi Ping] Co Author Listing * Research on Financial Trading Strategies Based on Dynamic Programming Theory
Includes: Pan, Q.P.[Qi Ping] Pan, Q.P.[Qi-Ping]

Pan, Q.Q.[Qian Qian] Co Author Listing * Artificial Intelligence-Based Energy Efficient Communication System for Intelligent Reflecting Surface-Driven VANETs
* multi-scale level set method based on local features for segmentation of images with intensity inhomogeneity, A
* Space-Air-Sea-Ground Integrated Monitoring Network-Based Maritime Transportation Emergency Forecasting
Includes: Pan, Q.Q.[Qian Qian] Pan, Q.Q.[Qian-Qian] Pan, Q.Q.[Qing-Qing]

Pan, Q.Z.[Qing Zhe] Co Author Listing * SGM-Net: Skeleton-guided multimodal network for action recognition
* View-Normalized and Subject-Independent Skeleton Generation for Action Recognition
Includes: Pan, Q.Z.[Qing Zhe] Pan, Q.Z.[Qing-Zhe]

Pan, R. Co Author Listing * Efficient Huber-Markov Edge-Preserving Image Restoration
* Evaluation Method for View Random Access of Multiview Video Coding, An
* Fabric Retrieval Based on Multi-Task Learning
* Find More Accurate Text Boundary for Scene Text Detection
* Hierarchical Urban Land Mappings and Their Distribution with Physical Medium Environments Using Time Series of Land Resource Images in Beijing, China (1981-2021)
* Layered Internet Video Adaptation (LIVA): Network-Assisted Bandwidth Sharing and Transient Loss Protection for Video Streaming
* Neural Image Compression via Attentional Multi-scale Back Projection and Frequency Decomposition
* Novel Feature Selection Methodology for Automated Inspection Systems, A
* Novel Orientation-Context Descriptor and Locality-Preserving Fisher Discrimination Dictionary Learning for Action Recognition, A
* Proxy-Based Multi-Stream Scalable Video Adaptation Over Wireless Networks Using Subjective Quality and Rate Models
* Remote Sensing-Based Classification of Winter Irrigation Fields Using the Random Forest Algorithm and GF-1 Data: A Case Study of Jinzhong Basin, North China
Includes: Pan, R. Pan, R.[Rong] Pan, R.[Runqiu] Pan, R.[Ruoyi]
11 for Pan, R.

Pan, R.F.[Rui Fang] Co Author Listing * Interactive mesh cloning driven by boundary loop
Includes: Pan, R.F.[Rui Fang] Pan, R.F.[Rui-Fang]

Pan, R.J.[Rong Jiang] Co Author Listing * Automatic segmentation of point clouds from multi-view reconstruction using graph-cut
* Surface reconstruction with higher-order smoothness
Includes: Pan, R.J.[Rong Jiang] Pan, R.J.[Rong-Jiang]

Pan, R.L.[Ren Liang] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Tracking for Simple Linear Plants with Unknown Control Direction
* Efficient Method of Nonlinear Feature Extraction Based on SVM, An
Includes: Pan, R.L.[Ren Liang] Pan, R.L.[Ren-Liang]

Pan, R.Z.[Rui Zhe] Co Author Listing * Towards Practical Deployment-Stage Backdoor Attack on Deep Neural Networks
Includes: Pan, R.Z.[Rui Zhe] Pan, R.Z.[Rui-Zhe]

Pan, S. Co Author Listing * Accelerate Learning of Deep Hashing With Gradient Attention
* Adaptive Beamforming-Based Gigabit Message Dissemination for Highway VANETs
* Anomaly Detection for Urban Vehicle GNSS Observation with a Hybrid Machine Learning System
* Assessment of Quad-Frequency Long-Baseline Positioning with BeiDou-3 and Galileo Observations
* Automatic Registration of Images With Inconsistent Content Through Line-Support Region Segmentation and Geometrical Outlier Removal
* Boosting for Multi-Graph Classification
* Classifying networked text data with positive and unlabeled examples
* Comments on Dual Authentication and Key Management Techniques for Secure Data Transmission in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks
* dynamic object filtering approach based on object detection and geometric constraint between frames, A
* Edge Intelligence Empowered Urban Traffic Monitoring: A Network Tomography Perspective
* Effective Task Sampling Strategy Based on Category Generation for Fine-Grained Few-Shot Object Recognition, An
* Ellipse Detection and Localization with Applications to Knots in Sawn Lumber Images
* Evaluation of Remote Sensing-Based Evapotranspiration Datasets for Improving Hydrological Model Simulation in Humid Region of East China
* Event-Triggered Integral Formation Controller for Networked Nonholonomic Mobile Robots: Theory and Experiment
* fast calculation method for gray-level co-occurrence matrix base on GPU, A
* GAN-Based Inversion of Crosshole GPR Data to Characterize Subsurface Structures
* Generating Handwritten Chinese Characters Using CycleGAN
* global generalized maximum coverage-based solution to the non-model-based view planning problem for object reconstruction, A
* Graph Ensemble Boosting for Imbalanced Noisy Graph Stream Classification
* Hierarchical supervisions with two-stream network for Deepfake detection
* Improving GNSS/INS Tightly Coupled Positioning by Using BDS-3 Four-Frequency Observations in Urban Environments
* Incorporating Ethical Considerations Into Automated Vehicle Control
* Inter-System Differencing between GPS and BDS for Medium-Baseline RTK Positioning
* LIDAR-Inertial Real-Time State Estimator with Rod-Shaped and Planar Feature
* LiDAR-Inertial-GNSS Fusion Positioning System in Urban Environment: Local Accurate Registration and Global Drift-Free
* LiDAR-Visual-Inertial Odometry Based on Optimized Visual Point-Line Features
* LSOS: An FG Position Method Based on Group Phase Ranging Ambiguity Estimation of BeiDou Pseudolite
* MRINet: Multilevel Reverse-Context Interactive-Fusion Network for Detecting Salient Objects in RGB-D Images
* Multi-Object Tracking Hierarchically in Visual Data Taken From Drones
* Omni-Frequency Channel-Selection Representations for Unsupervised Anomaly Detection
* Overcoming Multi-Model Forgetting in One-Shot NAS With Diversity Maximization
* Performance of Single-Epoch EWL/WL/NL Ambiguity-Fixed Precise Point Positioning with Regional Atmosphere Modelling
* Research on Reliable Long-Baseline NRTK Positioning Method Considering Ionospheric Residual Interpolation Uncertainty
* Robust Statistical Detection of GNSS Multipath Using Inter-Frequency C/N0 Differences
* Single-Epoch Decimeter-Level Precise Point Positioning with a Galileo Five-Frequency Ionosphere-Reduced Combination
* super-resolution-based license plate recognition method for remote surveillance, A
* Tenth Visual Object Tracking VOT2022 Challenge Results, The
* Three Gaps for Quantisation in Learned Image Compression
* Unified Framework for Concurrent Pedestrian and Cyclist Detection, A
Includes: Pan, S. Pan, S.[Sheng] Pan, S.[Shuguo] Pan, S.[Shirui] Pan, S.[Shaoming] Pan, S.[Shenyi] Pan, S.[Suli] Pan, S.[Suying] Pan, S.[Shuwan] Pan, S.[Shengshan] Pan, S.[Sicong] Pan, S.[Shuwen] Pan, S.[Sijia] Pan, S.[Sen] Pan, S.[Siyang] Pan, S.[Shi]
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Pan, S.B.[Sung Bum] Co Author Listing * Access control system with high level security using fingerprints
* Fusion for Multimodal Biometric Identification
* Hardware Implementation of Fingerprint Verification for Secure Biometric Authentication Systems, A
* Implementation of the USB Token System for Fingerprint Verification
* Local and Global Feature Extraction for Face Recognition
* Secure and Efficient Transmissions of Fingerprint Images for Embedded Processors
* Systolic array architectures for computation of the discrete wavelet transform
* VLSI architectures of the 1-D and 2-D discrete wavelet transforms for JPEG 2000
Includes: Pan, S.B.[Sung Bum] Pan, S.B.[Sung-Bum]
8 for Pan, S.B.

Pan, S.C.[Si Cheng] Co Author Listing * Human-Factors-in-Driving-Loop: Driver Identification and Verification via a Deep Learning Approach using Psychological Behavioral Data
Includes: Pan, S.C.[Si Cheng] Pan, S.C.[Si-Cheng]

Pan, S.G.[Shu Guo] Co Author Listing * Dilated U-Block for Lightweight Indoor Depth Completion With Sobel Edge
* Novel Ambiguity Parameter Estimation and Elimination Strategy for GNSS/INS Tightly Coupled Integration, A
Includes: Pan, S.G.[Shu Guo] Pan, S.G.[Shu-Guo]

Pan, S.J.[Sheng Jun] Co Author Listing * Adaptive non-local means for multiview image denoising: Searching for the right patches via a statistical approach
* Domain Adaptive Semantic Segmentation Through Structure Enhancement
* Domain Generalization with Adversarial Feature Learning
Includes: Pan, S.J.[Sheng Jun] Pan, S.J.[Sheng-Jun] Pan, S.J.[Sinno Jialin] Pan, S.J.

Pan, S.J.L.[Sinno Jia Lin] Co Author Listing * Clustered Task-Aware Meta-Learning by Learning from Learning Paths
* Deep Multitask Learning with Progressive Parameter Sharing
* Extended Spectral Regression for efficient scene recognition
* Tracking Mobile Users in Wireless Networks via Semi-Supervised Colocalization
* Weakly-Supervised Cross-Domain Road Scene Segmentation via Multi-Level Curriculum Adaptation
* Weakly-supervised sensor-based activity segmentation and recognition via learning from distributions
Includes: Pan, S.J.L.[Sinno Jia Lin] Pan, S.J.L.[Sinno Jia-Lin]

Pan, S.L.[Shu Lan] Co Author Listing * discriminative cascade CNN model for offline handwritten digit recognition, A
* Rumor Detection on Social Media by Using Global-local Relations Encoding Network
Includes: Pan, S.L.[Shu Lan] Pan, S.L.[Shu-Lan] Pan, S.L.[Shan-Liang]

Pan, S.M.[Shao Ming] Co Author Listing * content security protection scheme in JPEG compressed domain, A
* design of embedded vehicle-mounted anti-collision system, The
* Evolution-Based Tabu Search Approach to Automatic Clustering
* Evolution-Based Tabu Search Approach to Codebook Design, An
* Learned Hyperspectral Compression Using a Student's T Hyperprior
* Location Extraction and Prediction Method Based on Floating Car Spatial-Temporal Trajectory
* Parallel Agent-as-a-Service (P-AaaS) Based Geospatial Service in the Cloud
* Robust Spatial-Spectral Block-Diagonal Structure Representation With Fuzzy Class Probability for Hyperspectral Image Classification
Includes: Pan, S.M.[Shao Ming] Pan, S.M.[Shao-Ming] Pan, S.M.[Shih-Ming]
8 for Pan, S.M.

Pan, S.P.[Si Pei] Co Author Listing * Coupling Analysis of Ecosystem Services Value and Economic Development in the Yangtze River Economic Belt: A Case Study in Hunan Province, China
Includes: Pan, S.P.[Si Pei] Pan, S.P.[Si-Pei]

Pan, S.Q.[Shun Qi] Co Author Listing * Analysis of the Anomalous Environmental Response to the 2022 Tonga Volcanic Eruption Based on GNSS
* Monitoring the Spatio-Temporal Distribution of Ulva prolifera in the Yellow Sea (2020-2022) Based on Satellite Remote Sensing
* Variations of Water Transparency and Impact Factors in the Bohai and Yellow Seas from Satellite Observations
Includes: Pan, S.Q.[Shun Qi] Pan, S.Q.[Shun-Qi]

Pan, S.R.[Shi Rui] Co Author Listing * BaLeNAS: Differentiable Architecture Search via the Bayesian Learning Rule
* Clustering social audiences in business information networks
* Compact network embedding for fast node classification
* Comprehensive Survey on Distributed Training of Graph Neural Networks, A
* Cross-modal Clinical Graph Transformer for Ophthalmic Report Generation
* Deep neighbor-aware embedding for node clustering in attributed graphs
* Discrete embedding for attributed graphs
* Finding the best not the most: regularized loss minimization subgraph selection for graph classification
* Hyperspectral Image Classification With Context-Aware Dynamic Graph Convolutional Network
* Learning multi-level weight-centric features for few-shot learning
* Multi-level graph learning network for hyperspectral image classification
* One-Shot Neural Architecture Search: Maximising Diversity to Overcome Catastrophic Forgetting
* Probabilistic Graphical Model Based on Neural-symbolic Reasoning for Visual Relationship Detection, A
* Reinforced, Incremental and Cross-Lingual Event Detection From Social Messages
* Robust Physical-World Attacks on Face Recognition
* SODE: Self-Adaptive One-Dependence Estimators for classification
* Time series feature learning with labeled and unlabeled data
* Top-k correlated subgraph query for data streams
Includes: Pan, S.R.[Shi Rui] Pan, S.R.[Shi-Rui]
18 for Pan, S.R.

Pan, S.S.[Shang Shi] Co Author Listing * Design and Research on the Virtual Simulation Teaching Platform of Shanghai Jade Carving Techniques Based on Unity 3D Technology
Includes: Pan, S.S.[Shang Shi] Pan, S.S.[Shang-Shi]

Pan, S.X.[Shi Xian] Co Author Listing * Characteristics of Optical Properties and Heating Rates of Dust Aerosol over Taklimakan Desert and Tibetan Plateau in China Based on CALIPSO and SBDART
* Computational Study of Reconstruction Algorithms for Diffraction Tomography: Interpolation versus Filtered Back Propagation, A
* design and implementation of dip arrow plot pattern recognition system, The
Includes: Pan, S.X.[Shi Xian] Pan, S.X.[Shi-Xian] Pan, S.X. Pan, S.X.[Sheng-Xi]

Pan, S.Y.[Shi Yan] Co Author Listing * Form frame line detection with directional single-connected chain
* Geographic Named Entity Recognition by Employing Natural Language Processing and an Improved BERT Model
* Land-cover classification of multispectral LiDAR data using CNN with optimized hyper-parameters
* Momentum Contrastive Pruning
* Using Feature Alignment Can Improve Clean Average Precision and Adversarial Robustness In Object Detection
* VisDrone-MOT2019: The Vision Meets Drone Multiple Object Tracking Challenge Results
Includes: Pan, S.Y.[Shi Yan] Pan, S.Y.[Shi-Yan] Pan, S.Y.[Sheng-Yong] Pan, S.Y.[Suo-Yan] Pan, S.Y.[Si-Yuan] Pan, S.Y.[Shao-You] Pan, S.Y.[Si-Yang]

Pan, T.[Tan] Co Author Listing * Automatic Segmentation of Kidney and Renal Tumor in CT Images Based on 3D Fully Convolutional Neural Network with Pyramid Pooling Module
* Boundary-aware Backward-Compatible Representation via Adversarial Learning in Image Retrieval
* City-Level Comparison of Urban Land-Cover Configurations from 2000-2015 across 65 Countries within the Global Belt and Road
* Dynamic System Optimum Analysis of Multi-Region Macroscopic Fundamental Diagram Systems With State-Dependent Time-Varying Delays
* Effects of Forest Area Changes on Extreme Temperature Indexes between the 1900s and 2010s in Heilongjiang Province, China, The
* Evaluating the Dynamic Changes of Urban Land and Its Fractional Covers in Africa from 2000-2020 Using Time Series of Remotely Sensed Images on the Big Data Platform
* Evaluating the Effects of Climate Change and Human Activities on the Seasonal Trends and Spatial Heterogeneity of Soil Moisture
* Examining Spatio-Temporal Dynamics of Ecological Quality in the Pan-Third Pole Region in the Past 20 Years
* Filter for SAR Image Despeckling Using Pre-Trained Convolutional Neural Network Model, A
* Generating New Paintings by Semantic Guidance
* Global Spatiotemporal Distribution of the Mid-Tropospheric CO2 Concentration and Analysis of the Controlling Factors, The
* Hierarchical Urban Land Mappings and Their Distribution with Physical Medium Environments Using Time Series of Land Resource Images in Beijing, China (1981-2021)
* K-Matrix: A Novel Change-Pattern Mining Method for SAR Image Time Series
* Large-scale Comprehensive Dataset and Copy-overlap Aware Evaluation Protocol for Segment-level Video Copy Detection, A
* Look at the Neighbor: Distortion-aware Unsupervised Domain Adaptation for Panoramic Semantic Segmentation
* Mask OBB: A Semantic Attention-Based Mask Oriented Bounding Box Representation for Multi-Category Object Detection in Aerial Images
* Maskformer with Improved Encoder-Decoder Module for Semantic Segmentation of Fine-Resolution Remote Sensing Images
* Multi-Task Convolutional Neural Network for Renal Tumor Segmentation and Classification Using Multi-Phasic CT Images, A
* No-Reference Nonuniform Distorted Video Quality Assessment Based on Deep Multiple Instance Learning
* Optimization Method for Collaborative Radar Antijamming Based on Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning, An
* Optimization Method for Radar Anti-Jamming Strategy via Key Time Nodes, An
* Time Tracking of Different Cropping Patterns Using Landsat Images under Different Agricultural Systems during 1990-2050 in Cold China
* Urban Land-Cover Dynamics in Arid China Based on High-Resolution Urban Land Mapping Products
* VideoMoCo: Contrastive Video Representation Learning with Temporally Adversarial Examples
Includes: Pan, T.[Tan] Pan, T.[Tao] Pan, T. Pan, T.[Ting] Pan, T.[Tianbo] Pan, T.[Teng] Pan, T.[Tian]
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Pan, T.C. Co Author Listing * Digital Pathology: Data-Intensive Frontier in Medical Imaging

Pan, T.H.[Tian Hang] Co Author Listing * Motional foreground attention-based video crowd counting
* Optimized convolutional pose machine for 2D hand pose estimation
Includes: Pan, T.H.[Tian Hang] Pan, T.H.[Tian-Hang] Pan, T.H.[Tian-Hong]

Pan, T.J.[Tong Jie] Co Author Listing * Alleviating Domain Shift via Discriminative Learning for Generalized Zero-Shot Learning
* Learning MLatent Representations for Generalized Zero-Shot Learning
Includes: Pan, T.J.[Tong Jie] Pan, T.J.[Tong-Jie]

Pan, T.L.[Tian Lu] Co Author Listing * Coordination of Mixed Platoons and Eco-Driving Strategy for a Signal-Free Intersection
* Short-Term Traffic State Prediction Based on Temporal-Spatial Correlation
Includes: Pan, T.L.[Tian Lu] Pan, T.L.[Tian-Lu] Pan, T.L.

Pan, T.S.[Tin Su] Co Author Listing * Choice of initial conditions in the ML reconstruction of fan-beam transmission with truncated projection data
* Correction to Segmentation of the Body and Lungs from Compton Scatter and Photopeak Window Data
* Multislice helical CT: image temporal resolution
* Segmentation of the body and lungs from Compton scatter and photopeak window data in SPECT: a Monte-Carlo investigation
* Study on the Classification and Change Detection Methods of Drylands in Arid and Semi-Arid Regions
Includes: Pan, T.S.[Tin Su] Pan, T.S.[Tin-Su] Pan, T.S.[Tian-Shi]

Pan, T.T.[Ting Ting] Co Author Listing * Practical Efficient Regional Land-Use Planning Using Constrained Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithm Optimization
Includes: Pan, T.T.[Ting Ting] Pan, T.T.[Ting-Ting]

Pan, T.W.[Ting Wei] Co Author Listing * Robust Cross-Drone Multi-Target Association Using 3D Spatial Consistency
* Vision-Based Moving-Target Geolocation Using Dual Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Includes: Pan, T.W.[Ting Wei] Pan, T.W.[Ting-Wei]

Pan, T.Y. Co Author Listing * Empirical Study of Emotion Recognition from Thermal Video Based on Deep Neural Networks, An
* Hierarchical Hand Gesture Recognition Framework for Sports Referee Training-Based EMG and Accelerometer Sensors, A
* Learning with Free Object Segments for Long-Tailed Instance Segmentation
* MosaicOS: A Simple and Effective Use of Object-Centric Images for Long-Tailed Object Detection
* One Step at a Time: Long-Horizon Vision-and-Language Navigation with Milestones
* Sensor-Based Official Basketball Referee Signals Recognition System Using Deep Belief Networks, A
* Towards Open-World Segmentation of Parts
Includes: Pan, T.Y. Pan, T.Y.[Tse-Yu] Pan, T.Y.[Tai-Yu]
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Pan, V.G.[Virginia G.] Co Author Listing * Modeling Salt Marsh Vegetation Height Using Unoccupied Aircraft Systems and Structure from Motion

Pan, W. Co Author Listing * 2q-Order Difference-Set Approach to Eliminate Phase Ambiguity of a Single-Frequency Signal, A
* Adaptable-Multilayer Fractional Fourier Transform Approach for Image Registration, An
* Adaptive Fusion Algorithm for Spam Detection, An
* Bipartite Ranking Fairness Through a Model Agnostic Ordering Adjustment
* Bird Flu Outbreak Prediction via Satellite Tracking
* Combining apparent motion and perspective as visual cues for content-based camera motion indexing
* Cooperative chassis control system of electric vehicles for agility and stability improvements
* Deep Gesture Video Generation With Learning on Regions of Interest
* Estimation of Leaf Area Index in a Typical Northern Tropical Secondary Monsoon Rainforest by Different Indirect Methods
* Fast 2-D DCT Algorithm Via Distributed Arithmetic Optimization, A
* Faster R-CNN Learning-Based Semantic Filter for Geometry Estimation and Its Application in vSLAM Systems
* Few shot font generation via transferring similarity guided global style and quantization local style
* Flow-Based One-Class Anomaly Detection with Multi-Frequency Feature Fusion
* Fuzzy-based algorithm for color recognition of license plates
* Interpreting Camera Operations in the Context of Content-based Video Indexing and Retrieval
* Lane-keeping system design considering driver's nervousness via scene analysis
* Learning-Based Multi-Robot Formation Control With Obstacle Avoidance
* Learning-Based Multi-UAV Flocking Control With Limited Visual Field and Instinctive Repulsion
* Model-Reference Reinforcement Learning for Collision-Free Tracking Control of Autonomous Surface Vehicles
* Robust Hyperspectral Image Fusion Method for Unregistered Data, A
* Rotation-Invariant Texture Classification Using Steerable Gabor Filter Bank
* Shrinking classification trees for boot-strap aggregation
* system for automatic Chinese business card recognition, A
Includes: Pan, W. Pan, W.[Wei] Pan, W.[Weike] Pan, W.[Weishen] Pan, W.[Weihu] Pan, W.[Wang] Pan, W.[Wumo]
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Pan, W.B.[Wen Bo] Co Author Listing * Long-Range Perception System for Road Boundaries and Objects Detection in Trains
* Meal delivery routing optimization with order allocation strategy based on transfer stations for instant logistics services
* Simultaneous Vehicle Localization and Roadside Tree Inventory Using Integrated LiDAR-Inertial-GNSS System
Includes: Pan, W.B.[Wen Bo] Pan, W.B.[Wen-Bo]

Pan, W.C.[Wei Chen] Co Author Listing * Ice accretion thickness prediction using flash infrared thermal imaging and BP neural networks
* Localisation-based autonomous vehicle rear-end collision avoidance by emergency steering
Includes: Pan, W.C.[Wei Chen] Pan, W.C.[Wei-Chen] Pan, W.C.[Wei-Chuan]

Pan, W.D.[W. David] Co Author Listing * Complexity accuracy tradeoffs of Lie operators in motion estimation
* Early Termination of Dyadic Region-Adaptive Hierarchical Transform for Efficient Attribute Compression of 3D Point Clouds
* Efficient Global Motion Estimation using Fixed and Random Subsampling Patterns
* Predictive lossless compression of regions of interest in hyperspectral image via Maximum Correntropy Criterion based Least Mean Square learning
* Predictive Lossless Compression of Regions of Interest in Hyperspectral Images With No-Data Regions
* Research on seamless image stitching based on fast marching method
Includes: Pan, W.D.[W. David] Pan, W.D. Pan, W.D.[Wei-Dong]

Pan, W.H.[Wen Hao] Co Author Listing * CNN-Based Layer-Adaptive GCPs Extraction Method for TIR Remote Sensing Images, A
* DPS-Net: Deep Polarimetric Stereo Depth Estimation
* Efficient NCC-Based Image Matching in Walsh-Hadamard Domain
* Fast H.264 Encoding Based on Statistical Learning
Includes: Pan, W.H.[Wen Hao] Pan, W.H.[Wen-Hao] Pan, W.H.[Wei-Hong] Pan, W.H.[Wei-Hau] Pan, W.H.

Pan, W.M.[Wu Mo] Co Author Listing * Isolated Handwritten Farsi Numerals Recognition Using Sparse and Over-Complete Representations
* Script identification using steerable Gabor filters
* Text detection from natural scene images using topographic maps and sparse representations
* Text detection from scene images using sparse representation
* Text Line Segmentation in Handwritten Documents Using Mumford-Shah Model
* Text Segmentation from Complex Background Using Sparse Representations
Includes: Pan, W.M.[Wu Mo] Pan, W.M.[Wu-Mo] Pan, W.M.

Pan, W.Q.[Wei Qing] Co Author Listing * Enhanced point descriptors for dense stereo matching
* Reversible data hiding based on RSBEMD coding and adaptive multi-segment left and right histogram shifting
Includes: Pan, W.Q.[Wei Qing] Pan, W.Q.[Wei-Qing] Pan, W.Q.[Wei-Qiang]

Pan, W.R.[Wu Rong] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Spectrum Sensing Algorithm Based on Eigenvalue Decomposition, An
Includes: Pan, W.R.[Wu Rong] Pan, W.R.[Wu-Rong]

Pan, W.S.[Wen Sheng] Co Author Listing * Robust Transmit Beamforming for Self-Interference Cancellation in STAR Phased Array Systems
Includes: Pan, W.S.[Wen Sheng] Pan, W.S.[Wen-Sheng]

Pan, W.T.[Wen Tao] Co Author Listing * Learn2Reg: Comprehensive Multi-Task Medical Image Registration Challenge, Dataset and Evaluation in the Era of Deep Learning
Includes: Pan, W.T.[Wen Tao] Pan, W.T.[Wen-Tao]

Pan, W.W.[Wen Wen] Co Author Listing * Collaboration by Competition: Self-coordinated Knowledge Amalgamation for Multi-Talent Student Learning
* Development and Test of Blimp-Based Compact LIDAR Powewr-Line Inspection System
* Exploring Group Video Captioning with Efficient Relational Approximation
* Seek-and-Hide: Adversarial Steganography via Deep Reinforcement Learning
* Wnet: Audio-Guided Video Object Segmentation via Wavelet-Based Cross- Modal Denoising Networks
Includes: Pan, W.W.[Wen Wen] Pan, W.W.[Wen-Wen] Pan, W.W.

Pan, W.Y.[Wen Yong] Co Author Listing * Envelope Travel-Time Objective Function for Reducing Source-Velocity Trade-Offs in Wave-Equation Tomography, An
* Learn More: Sub-Significant Area Learning for Fine-Grained Visual Classification
Includes: Pan, W.Y.[Wen Yong] Pan, W.Y.[Wen-Yong] Pan, W.Y.[Wei-Yao]

Pan, X.[Xiang] Co Author Listing * 3D Point Cloud Registration Based on Cascaded Mutual Information Attention Network
* 3D shape isometric correspondence by spectral assignment
* 3D shape recursive decomposition by Poisson equation
* 3D shape retrieval by Poisson histogram
* 3D3M: 3D Modulated Morphable Model for Monocular Face Reconstruction
* Accelerating Dataset Distillation via Model Augmentation
* ActiveNeRF: Learning Where to See with Uncertainty Estimation
* AlignDet: Aligning Pre-training and Fine-tuning in Object Detection
* Alzheimer's Disease Diagnosis with FDG-PET Brain Images By Using Multi-Level Features
* Analysis of Spatial and Temporal Variation in Water Coverage in the Sub-Lakes of Poyang Lake Based on Multi-Source Remote Sensing
* Anomaly-Based Ship Detection Using SP Feature-Space Learning with False-Alarm Control in Sea-Surface SAR Images
* Application of Gaofen-6 Images in the Downscaling of Land Surface Temperatures
* Approximation Algorithm for Computing Minimum-Length Polygons in 3D Images, An
* AutoDiffusion: Training-Free Optimization of Time Steps and Architectures for Automated Diffusion Model Acceleration
* Automatic Building Rooftop Extraction From Aerial Images via Hierarchical RGB-D Priors
* Background Noise Filtering and Distribution Dividing for Crowd Counting
* benchmark dataset for real-time detection of icons in mobile apps and a small-scale feature module, A
* Building Extraction from High-Resolution Aerial Imagery Using a Generative Adversarial Network with Spatial and Channel Attention Mechanisms
* CNN-based rate-distortion modeling for H.265/HEVC
* Comparative Assessment of Satellite-Retrieved Surface Net Radiation: An Examination on CERES and SRB Datasets in China
* Complex Composite Derivative and Its Application to Edge Detection
* Composite derivative and edge detection
* Conditional Generative Adversarial Network-Based Training Sample Set Improvement Model for the Semantic Segmentation of High-Resolution Remote Sensing Images
* Content-Based 3D Retrieval by Krawtchouk Moments
* Convex Optimal Control Framework for Autonomous Vehicle Intersection Crossing, A
* CrossRectify: Leveraging disagreement for semi-supervised object detection
* Deep Image Registration With Depth-Aware Homography Estimation
* Denoising method for acoustic wake based on correlation of multiwavelet coefficient
* Downscaling Land Surface Temperature in an Arid Area by Using Multiple Remote Sensing Indices with Random Forest Regression
* Dynamic gradient reactivation for backward compatible person re-identification
* Dynamic Perceiver for Efficient Visual Recognition
* Dynamic Refinement Network for Oriented and Densely Packed Object Detection
* Earth Observation Framework in Service of the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015-2030, An
* End-to-End and Localized Post-Processing Method for Correcting High-Resolution Remote Sensing Classification Result Images, An
* Exposing image splicing with inconsistent local noise variances
* Exposing Region Splicing Forgeries with Blind Local Noise Estimation
* FAFNet: Fully aligned fusion network for RGBD semantic segmentation based on hierarchical semantic flows
* Fast Generation of Superpixels With Lattice Topology
* Fast Vanishing Point Estimation Based on Particle Swarm Optimization
* Feature Template Based 3d Model Retrieval
* FLatten Transformer: Vision Transformer using Focused Linear Attention
* Flooding based superpixels generation with color, compactness and smoothness constraints
* Fractional directional derivative and identification of blur parameters of motion-blurred image
* FreeSeg: Unified, Universal and Open-Vocabulary Image Segmentation
* Fuzzy Spatial Region Extraction Model for Object's Vague Location Description from Observer Perspective, A
* Game Theory Based CTU-Level Bit Allocation Scheme for HEVC Region of Interest Coding, A
* Half-Time Image Reconstruction in Thermoacoustic Tomography
* Haze Removal for a Single Remote Sensing Image Based on Deformed Haze Imaging Model
* Hierarchical Object-Focused and Grid-Based Deep Unsupervised Segmentation Method for High-Resolution Remote Sensing Images
* High-Resolution Remote Sensing Image Classification Method Based on Convolutional Neural Network and Restricted Conditional Random Field
* Hybrid Deep Learning Algorithm for the License Plate Detection and Recognition in Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communications, A
* hybrid MLP-CNN classifier for very fine resolution remotely sensed image classification, A
* Hyperspectral Inversion of Phragmites Communis Carbon, Nitrogen, and Phosphorus Stoichiometry Using Three Models
* Illumination Modeling Method for Office Lighting Control by Using RBFNN
* Imaging Corneal Biomechanical Responses to Ocular Pulse Using High-Frequency Ultrasound
* Impact Analysis of Climate Change on Snow over a Complex Mountainous Region Using Weather Research and Forecast Model (WRF) Simulation and Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer Data (MODIS)-Terra Fractional Snow Cover Products
* Improved 2DLPP Method on Gabor Features for Palmprint Recognition, An
* Joint representation learning for text and 3D point cloud
* Kernel Fisher Discriminant Analysis for Palmprint Recognition
* Line Structured-Light Vision Sensor Calibration Based on Multi-Tooth Free-Moving Target and Its Application in Railway Fields
* Location Recommendation Based on Mobility Graph With Individual and Group Influences
* Maximum spatial-temporal isometric cluster for dynamic surface correspondence
* Meta-MSNet: Meta-Learning Based Multi-Source Data Fusion for Traffic Flow Prediction
* Method for Handling Multi-Occlusion in Depth Estimation of Light Field, A
* Monitoring and Forecasting Green Tide in the Yellow Sea Using Satellite Imagery
* Monitoring the Distribution and Variations of City Size Based on Night-Time Light Remote Sensing: A Case Study in the Yangtze River Delta of China
* Multi-Layer Quantization Control for Quality-Constrained H.265/HEVC
* Multi-View Separable Pyramid Network for AD Prediction at MCI Stage by 18F-FDG Brain PET Imaging
* Noniterative Methods and Their Noise Characteristics in 2D SPECT Image-Reconstruction
* Novel Lambertian-RBFNN for Office Light Modeling, A
* Object-Oriented Method for Extracting Single-Object Aquaculture Ponds from 10 m Resolution Sentinel-2 Images on Google Earth Engine, An
* On the Integration of Self-Attention and Convolution
* Open Compound Domain Adaptation
* Optimized Rate Control for Low-Delay H.265/HEVC, An
* Overview of Deepfake: The Sword of Damocles in AI, An
* Palmprint Recognition with Improved Two-Dimensional Locality Preserving Projections
* Parallel Method for Locating and Representing 2D Contours, A
* Pose determination from angles and relative line lengths using spherical trigonometry
* Precipitation Microphysics of Tropical Cyclones over Northeast China in 2020
* Progressive Transmission of Images Over Fading Channels Using Rate-Compatible LDPC Codes
* Raw Signal Simulator for SAR With Trajectory Deviation Based on Spatial Spectrum Analysis
* Recurrent context-aware multi-stage network for single image deraining
* Regularizing Deep Networks With Semantic Data Augmentation
* Representation and recovery of 3D curved objects using generalized cylinders and the extended Gaussian image
* Research on identification and classification of grassland forage based on deep learning and attention mechanisms
* Resolution Improvement In FZA Lens-Less Camera By Synthesizing Images Captured With Different Mask-Sensor Distances
* robust nonsymmetric student's-t finite mixture model for MR image segmentation, A
* Sampling and Aliasing Consequences of Quarter-Detector Offset Use in Helical CT
* Semantic Labeling of High Resolution Aerial Imagery and LiDAR Data with Fine Segmentation Network
* Semantic-Context Graph Network for Point-Based 3D Object Detection
* Short-Term Traffic Flow Prediction of the Smart City Using 5G Internet of Vehicles Based on Edge Computing
* Simplified Object-Based Deep Neural Network for Very High Resolution Remote Sensing Image Classification
* Simulation of Forest Evapotranspiration Using Time-Series Parameterization of the Surface Energy Balance System (SEBS) over the Qilian Mountains
* Slide-Transformer: Hierarchical Vision Transformer with Local Self-Attention
* SMNet: Synchronous Multi-Scale Low Light Enhancement Network With Local and Global Concern
* Solving Oscillation Problem in Post-Training Quantization Through a Theoretical Perspective
* SPA2Net: Structure-Preserved Attention Activated Network for Weakly Supervised Object Localization
* Spatial-Resolution Enhancement in Computed Tomography
* Spatio-Temporal Characteristics of the Evapotranspiration in the Lower Mekong River Basin during 2008-2017
* Study of a GB-SAR Rail Error Correction Method Based on an Incident Angle Model
* Superpixel-based image inpainting with simple user guidance
* Superpixels by Bilateral Geodesic Distance
* Switchable Whitening for Deep Representation Learning
* Texture Relative Superpixel Generation With Adaptive Parameters
* Towards a More Realistic and Detailed Deep-Learning-Based Radar Echo Extrapolation Method
* Traffic Speed Prediction Based on Time Classification in Combination With Spatial Graph Convolutional Network
* TransHuman: A Transformer-based Human Representation for Generalizable Neural Human Rendering
* UGC: Unified GAN Compression for Efficient Image-to-Image Translation
* Underlying Topography Inversion Using TomoSAR Based on Non-Local Means for an L-Band Airborne Dataset
* Virtual Reality-Based Fuzzy Spatial Relation Knowledge Extraction Method for Observer-Centered Vague Location Descriptions
* VisDrone-MOT2021: The Vision Meets Drone Multiple Object Tracking Challenge Results
* Vision Transformer with Deformable Attention
* VPRS-Based Regional Decision Fusion of CNN and MRF Classifications for Very Fine Resolution Remotely Sensed Images
* Weak-Boundary Sensitive Superpixel Segmentation Based on Local Adaptive Distance
* Weighted Expectation Maximization Reconstruction Algorithms for Thermoacoustic Tomography
* YouTube-BoundingBoxes: A Large High-Precision Human-Annotated Data Set for Object Detection in Video
Includes: Pan, X.[Xiang] Pan, X.[Xinmiao] Pan, X.[Xuran] Pan, X.[Xin] Pan, X. Pan, X.[Xueli] Pan, X.[Xiuxia] Pan, X.[Xiao] Pan, X.[Xingjia] Pan, X.[Xiong] Pan, X.[Xun] Pan, X.[Xunyu] Pan, X.[Xiuqin] Pan, X.[Xu] Pan, X.[Xiaoduo] Pan, X.[Xuan] Pan, X.[Xishan] Pan, X.[Xiuxi] Pan, X.[Xing]
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Pan, X.B.[Xiao Bo] Co Author Listing * Enhancement and feature extraction for images of incised and ink texts
* Evaluation of Climate Change Impacts on Wetland Vegetation in the Dunhuang Yangguan National Nature Reserve in Northwest China Using Landsat Derived NDVI
* National-Scale Estimates of Ground-Level PM2.5 Concentration in China Using Geographically Weighted Regression Based on 3 km Resolution MODIS AOD
* Optimization and Evaluation of SO2 Emissions Based on WRF-Chem and 3DVAR Data Assimilation
* Visual enhancement of incised text
Includes: Pan, X.B.[Xiao Bo] Pan, X.B.[Xiao-Bo] Pan, X.B.[Xue-Biao] Pan, X.B.[Xiao-Bin] Pan, X.B.[Xia-Bin]

Pan, X.C.[Xiao Chuan] Co Author Listing * Accurate image reconstruction from few-view and limited-angle data in diffraction tomography Virtual Journal
* Algorithm-Enabled Low-Dose Micro-CT Imaging
* Anti-aliasing weighting functions for single-slice helical CT
* Comments on the filtered backprojection algorithm, range conditions, and the pseudoinverse solution
* Computationally efficient and statistically robust image reconstruction in three-dimensional diffraction tomography
* Consistency conditions and linear reconstruction methods in diffraction tomography
* Data redundancy and reduced-scan reconstruction in reflectivity tomography
* efficient and accurate interpolation strategy for multi-dimensional functions, An
* Exact Analytic Approach To 3d Pet Image Reconstruction, An
* Feasibility of Half-Data Image Reconstruction in 3-D Reflectivity Tomography With a Spherical Aperture
* general technique for smoothing multi-dimensional datasets utilizing orthogonal expansions and lower dimensional smoothers, A
* Image reconstruction with a shift-variant filtration in circular cone-beam CT
* Investigation of the noise properties of a new class of reconstruction methods in diffraction tomography
* Local cone-beam tomography image reconstruction on chords
* Longitudinal aliasing in multislice helical computed tomography: sampling and cone-beam effects
* Multispectral and Panchromatic Image Fusion Based on Genetic Algorithm and Data Assimilation
* New Reconstruction Approach for Reflection Mode Diffraction Tomography, A
* Noise Properties of Chord-Image Reconstruction
* Numerically robust minimal-scan reconstruction algorithms for diffraction tomography via radon transform inversion
* On a limited-view reconstruction problem in diffraction tomography
* Quantifying Admissible Undersampling for Sparsity-Exploiting Iterative Image Reconstruction in X-Ray CT
* Quasi-Band-Limited Properties of Radon Transforms and Their Implications for Increasing Angular Sampling Densities
* Region of Interest Reconstruction From Truncated Data in Circular Cone-Beam CT
Includes: Pan, X.C.[Xiao Chuan] Pan, X.C.[Xiao-Chuan] Pan, X.C.[Xian-Chun] Pan, X.C.
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Pan, X.D.[Xiao Duo] Co Author Listing * Development and Evaluation of a River-Basin-Scale High Spatio-Temporal Precipitation Data Set Using the WRF Model: A Case Study of the Heihe River Basin
* Effects of 4D-Var Data Assimilation Using Remote Sensing Precipitation Products in a WRF Model over the Complex Terrain of an Arid Region River Basin
* Geometrical Perspective on Image Style Transfer With Adversarial Learning, A
* Multi-Source Hydrological Data Products to Monitor High Asian River Basins and Regional Water Security
* Robust Tracking of Circular Features
Includes: Pan, X.D.[Xiao Duo] Pan, X.D.[Xiao-Duo] Pan, X.D.[Xu-Dong] Pan, X.D.

Pan, X.F.[Xiao Feng] Co Author Listing * AIM 2022 Challenge on Super-resolution of Compressed Image and Video: Dataset, Methods and Results
* HDR video quality assessment: Perceptual evaluation of compressed HDR video
* Real-Time Ultra-High Definition Video Decoder of AVS3 on Heterogeneous Systems, A
* Referenceless Quality Assessment for Contrast Distorted Image Using Hybrid Features
Includes: Pan, X.F.[Xiao Feng] Pan, X.F.[Xiao-Feng] Pan, X.F.[Xiao-Fei]

Pan, X.G.[Xin Gang] Co Author Listing * AssetField: Assets Mining and Reconfiguration in Ground Feature Plane Representation
* BungeeNeRF: Progressive Neural Radiance Field for Extreme Multi-scale Scene Rendering
* Disentangled3D: Learning a 3D Generative Model with Disentangled Geometry and Appearance from Monocular Images
* Exploiting Deep Generative Prior for Versatile Image Restoration and Manipulation
* GlowGAN: Unsupervised Learning of HDR Images from LDR Images in the Wild
* Grid-guided Neural Radiance Fields for Large Urban Scenes
* Self-Supervised Learning via Conditional Motion Propagation
* Self-Supervised Scene De-Occlusion
* Talk-to-Edit: Fine-Grained Facial Editing via Dialog
* Two at Once: Enhancing Learning and Generalization Capacities via IBN-Net
Includes: Pan, X.G.[Xin Gang] Pan, X.G.[Xin-Gang]
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Pan, X.H.[Xiao Hang] Co Author Listing * Class-wise Attention Reinforcement for Semi-supervised Meta-Learning
* Comparison of Crop Evapotranspiration and Water Productivity of Typical Delta Irrigation Areas in Aral Sea Basin
* Geospatial Assessment of Managed Aquifer Recharge Potential Sites in Punjab, Pakistan
* High-quality face image generation based on generative adversarial networks
* Spatiotemporal Patterns of Light Pollution on the Tibetan Plateau over Three Decades at Multiple Scales: Implications for Conservation of Natural Habitats
* Understanding Urban Expansion on the Tibetan Plateau over the Past Half Century Based on Remote Sensing: The Case of Xining City, China
* Water Balance Analysis Based on a Quantitative Evapotranspiration Inversion in the Nukus Irrigation Area, Lower Amu River Basin
Includes: Pan, X.H.[Xiao Hang] Pan, X.H.[Xiao-Hang] Pan, X.H.[Xiao-Hui] Pan, X.H.[Xu-Hua] Pan, X.H.[Xin-Hao]
7 for Pan, X.H.

Pan, X.J.[Xiao Ju] Co Author Listing * Deriving the Vertical Variations in the Diffuse Attenuation Coefficient of Photosynthetically Available Radiation in the North Pacific Ocean from Remote Sensing
* Estimation of Chlorophyll-A Concentration with Remotely Sensed Data for the Nine Plateau Lakes in Yunnan Province
* Expanding Low-Density Latent Regions for Open-Set Object Detection
* Research on Design of Antennae Tacking-Pointing Control System for Airborne Platform
* Self-Supervised Feature Augmentation for Large Image Object Detection
* SeqTR: A Simple Yet Universal Network for Visual Grounding
* SIOD: Single Instance Annotated Per Category Per Image for Object Detection
* StyTr2: Image Style Transfer with Transformers
* TS-CAM: Token Semantic Coupled Attention Map for Weakly Supervised Object Localization
* Unveiling the Potential of Structure Preserving for Weakly Supervised Object Localization
Includes: Pan, X.J.[Xiao Ju] Pan, X.J.[Xiao-Ju] Pan, X.J.[Xue-Jun] Pan, X.J.[Xing-Jia] Pan, X.J.[Xian-Jun]
10 for Pan, X.J.

Pan, X.L.[Xue Liang] Co Author Listing * Double chain networks for monocular 3D human pose estimation
* Modeling Method for Automatic Extraction of Offshore Aquaculture Zones Based on Semantic Segmentation, A
* Multiscale Representation of Radar Echo Data Retrieved through Deep Learning from Numerical Model Simulations and Satellite Images
* Real-time 3D human pose estimation without skeletal a priori structures
* Rotation-Equivariant Graph Convolutional Networks For Spherical Data Via Global-Local Attention
* Safe Feature Elimination Rule for L_1-Regularized Logistic Regression, A
* Sea Surface Current Estimation Using Airborne Circular Scanning SAR with a Medium Grazing Angle
Includes: Pan, X.L.[Xue Liang] Pan, X.L.[Xue-Liang] Pan, X.L.[Xin-Liang] Pan, X.L.[Xiao-Le] Pan, X.L.[Xin-Long] Pan, X.L.[Xian-Li] Pan, X.L.[Xue-Li]
7 for Pan, X.L.

Pan, X.M.[Xiao Miao] Co Author Listing * Spatial and Spectral-Channel Attention Network for Denoising on Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Image
Includes: Pan, X.M.[Xiao Miao] Pan, X.M.[Xiao-Miao]

Pan, X.P.[Xi Peng] Co Author Listing * CKD-TransBTS: Clinical Knowledge-Driven Hybrid Transformer With Modality-Correlated Cross-Attention for Brain Tumor Segmentation
* Deep Learning with Adaptive Attention for Seismic Velocity Inversion
* FedCL: Federated contrastive learning for multi-center medical image classification
* HoVer-Trans: Anatomy-Aware HoVer-Transformer for ROI-Free Breast Cancer Diagnosis in Ultrasound Images
* PDBL: Improving Histopathological Tissue Classification With Plug-and-Play Pyramidal Deep-Broad Learning
* Retinex-inspired contrast stretch and detail boosting for lowlight image enhancement
* S2-aware network for visual recognition
Includes: Pan, X.P.[Xi Peng] Pan, X.P.[Xi-Peng] Pan, X.P.[Xin-Peng]
7 for Pan, X.P.

Pan, X.Q.[Xia Qing] Co Author Listing * 3D Shape Retrieval via Irrelevance Filtering and Similarity Ranking (IF/SR)
* Aria Digital Twin: A New Benchmark Dataset for Egocentric 3D Machine Perception
* Design, analysis and application of a volumetric convolutional neural network
* two-stage shape retrieval (TSR) method with global and local features, A
Includes: Pan, X.Q.[Xia Qing] Pan, X.Q.[Xia-Qing]

Pan, X.R.[Xu Ran] Co Author Listing * 3D Object Detection with Pointformer
Includes: Pan, X.R.[Xu Ran] Pan, X.R.[Xu-Ran]

Pan, X.S.[Xin Shun] Co Author Listing * Evaluation and Applicability Analysis of GPM Satellite Precipitation over Mainland China
* MSL-FER: Mirrored Self-Supervised Learning for Facial Expression Recognition
Includes: Pan, X.S.[Xin Shun] Pan, X.S.[Xin-Shun] Pan, X.S.[Xiang-Shuai]

Pan, X.T.[Xiao Tian] Co Author Listing * Orographic Construction of a Numerical Weather Prediction Spectral Model Based on ASTER Data and Its Application to Simulation of the Henan 20-7 Extreme Rainfall Event
Includes: Pan, X.T.[Xiao Tian] Pan, X.T.[Xiao-Tian]

Pan, X.X.[Xin Xiang] Co Author Listing * Marine Oil Spill Detection with X-Band Shipborne Radar Using GLCM, SVM and FCM
* Object-Based Markov Random Field Model with Anisotropic Penalty for Semantic Segmentation of High Spatial Resolution Remote Sensing Imagery, An
Includes: Pan, X.X.[Xin Xiang] Pan, X.X.[Xin-Xiang] Pan, X.X.[Xin-Xin]

Pan, X.Y.[Xiao Yu] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Multiscale Generative Adversarial Network for the Spatiotemporal Fusion of Landsat and MODIS Data, An
* Anatomically Constrained Weak Classifier Fusion for Early Detection of Alzheimer's Disease
* Joint 2D-DOD and 2D-DOA Estimation in Bistatic MIMO Radar via Tensor Ring Decomposition
* Learning a Unified Classifier Incrementally via Rebalancing
* Lifelong Learning via Progressive Distillation and Retrospection
* New Coin Segmentation and Graph-Based Identification Method for Numismatic Application, A
* Quantization Mimic: Towards Very Tiny CNN for Object Detection
* Real-time coloring method of laser surgery video based on generative adversarial network
* Scoring disease-microRNA associations by integrating disease hierarchy into graph convolutional networks
* Spatial-Spectral Joint Attention Network for Change Detection in Multispectral Imagery, A
* Subsquarewise Threshold Based Image Denoising
Includes: Pan, X.Y.[Xiao Yu] Pan, X.Y.[Xiao-Yu] Pan, X.Y.[Xing-Yu] Pan, X.Y.[Xiao-Yi] Pan, X.Y.[Xin-Yu] Pan, X.Y.[Xiao-Ying] Pan, X.Y.[Xiao-Yong]
11 for Pan, X.Y.

Pan, X.Z.[Xian Zhang] Co Author Listing * Framework for Retrieving Soil Organic Matter by Coupling Multi-Temporal Remote Sensing Images and Variable Selection in the Sanjiang Plain, China, A
* Fusing HOG and convolutional neural network spatial-temporal features for video-based facial expression recognition
* lossless robust data hiding scheme, A
* Multi-feature fusion of deep networks for mitosis segmentation in histological images
* Simultaneous Prediction of Soil Properties and Vegetation Coverage from Vis-NIR Hyperspectral Data with a One-Dimensional Convolutional Neural Network: A Laboratory Simulation Study, The
Includes: Pan, X.Z.[Xian Zhang] Pan, X.Z.[Xian-Zhang] Pan, X.Z.[Xue-Zeng] Pan, X.Z.[Xian-Zhu]

Pan, Y.[Yan] Co Author Listing * 3DCaricShop: A Dataset and A Baseline Method for Single-view 3D Caricature Face Reconstruction
* Accurate Depth Extraction Method for Multiple Light-Coding-Based Depth Cameras
* Adaptive Template Transformer for Mitochondria Segmentation in Electron Microscopy Images
* Anti-Occlusion Particle Filter Object-Tracking Method Based on Feature Fusion
* Assessment of a Gauge-Radar-Satellite Merged Hourly Precipitation Product for Accurately Monitoring the Characteristics of the Super-Strong Meiyu Precipitation over the Yangtze River Basin in 2020
* Augmented GBM Nonlinear Model to Address Spectral Variability for Hyperspectral Unmixing
* Automated Generation of Room Usage Semantics from Point Cloud Data
* Automatic Road Markings Extraction, Classification and Vectorization From Mobile Laser Scanning Data
* Bagged Tree Model to Retrieve Planetary Boundary Layer Heights by Integrating Lidar Backscatter Profiles and Meteorological Parameters
* Boosting Image Captioning with Attributes
* Camouflaged Instance Segmentation via Explicit De-Camouflaging
* Canopy-Height and Stand-Age Estimation in Northeast China at Sub-Compartment Level Using Multi-Resource Remote Sensing Data
* China's 1 km Merged Gauge, Radar and Satellite Experimental Precipitation Dataset
* Clothing Landmark Detection Using Deep Networks With Prior of Key Point Associations
* Color style transfer by constraint locally linear embedding
* Comparing Groundwater Storage Changes in Two Main Grain Producing Areas in China: Implications for Sustainable Agricultural Water Resources Management
* Comprehensive Assessment of Multiple High-Resolution Precipitation Grid Products for Monitoring Heavy Rainfall during the 7.20 Extreme Rainstorm Event in China, A
* Computer-Aided Autism Spectrum Disorder Diagnosis With Behavior Signal Processing
* Context Aggregation Network for Semantic Labeling in Aerial Images 2
* Cross-modal Target Retrieval for Tracking by Natural Language
* Current-and Varifold-Based Registration of Lung Vessel and Airway Trees
* Deep Hashing with Minimal-Distance-Separated Hash Centers
* Deep Listwise Triplet Hashing for Fine-Grained Image Retrieval
* Deep Metric Learning With Density Adaptivity
* Deep Recurrent Regression for Facial Landmark Detection
* DEFNet: Dual-Branch Enhanced Feature Fusion Network for RGB-T Crowd Counting
* Depth extraction for a structured light system based on mismatched image pair rectification using a virtual camera
* Depth extraction method with subpixel matching for light-coding-based depth camera
* Developing a sub-meter phenological spectral feature for mapping poplars and willows in urban environment
* Divide-and-Conquer Method for Scalable Low-Rank Latent Matrix Pursuit, A
* E2EVAP: End-to-end vectorization of smallholder agricultural parcel boundaries from high-resolution remote sensing imagery
* Earning Extra Performance From Restrictive Feedbacks
* Editorial for the Special Issue Remote Sensing of the Terrestrial Hydrologic Cycle
* Effects of Habitat Change on the Wintering Waterbird Community in China's Largest Freshwater Lake
* Efficient and Robust Framework for Hyperspectral Anomaly Detection, An
* Efficient k-Support Matrix Pursuit
* Efficient parallel algorithms for distance maps of 2-d binary images using an optical bus
* Efficient Watermarking Method Based on Significant Difference of Wavelet Coefficient Quantization, An
* EMMN: Emotional Motion Memory Network for Audio-driven Emotional Talking Face Generation
* Enhanced gradient learning for deep neural networks
* Enriching Optical Flow with Appearance Information for Action Recognition
* Estimating the Daily NO2 Concentration with High Spatial Resolution in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region Using an Ensemble Learning Model
* Euclidean Distance Transform for Binary Images on Reconfigurable Mesh-Connected Computers
* Evaluation of Atmospheric Correction Algorithms over Lakes for High-Resolution Multispectral Imagery: Implications of Adjacency Effect
* Evolution Patterns of Cooling Island Effect in Blue-Green Space under Different Shared Socioeconomic Pathways Scenarios
* Exploring Category-Agnostic Clusters for Open-Set Domain Adaptation
* Expressive Talking Head Generation with Granular Audio-Visual Control
* Fast and robust 3D face matching approach
* FengYun-3 B Satellite Medium Resolution Spectral Imager Visible On-Board Calibrator Radiometric Output Degradation Analysis
* FReeNet: Multi-Identity Face Reenactment
* Generalized Linear Frequency Diverse Array Manifold Curve Analysis
* Groundwater Storage Changes in China from Satellite Gravity: An Overview
* Hierarchical feature disentangling network for universal domain adaptation
* Hierarchical Model Based Human Motion Tracking
* Hierarchy Parsing for Image Captioning
* Image modality classification: a late fusion method based on confidence indicator and closeness matrix
* Image Registration Using Ant Colony and Particle Swarm Hybrid Algorithm Based on Wavelet Transform
* Image Retrieval with Well-separated Semantic Hash Centers
* Improved Constant-Time Algorithm for Computing the Radon and Hough Transforms on a Reconfigurable Mesh, An
* improved RHT algorithm to detect line segments, An
* Improved Search in Hamming Space Using Deep Multi-Index Hashing
* Improving Deep Binary Embedding Networks by Order-Aware Reweighting of Triplets
* Incorporating Copying Mechanism in Image Captioning for Learning Novel Objects
* Integrated Assessments of Land Degradation in the Three-Rivers Headwater Region of China from 2000 to 2020
* Integrating Graph Partitioning and Matching for Trajectory Analysis in Video Surveillance
* Iterative Global Similarity Points: A Robust Coarse-to-Fine Integration Solution for Pairwise 3D Point Cloud Registration
* Jointly Localizing and Describing Events for Dense Video Captioning
* Learning a Unified Sample Weighting Network for Object Detection
* Learning Emotion Representations from Verbal and Nonverbal Communication
* Learning node representations against perturbations
* Mapping Cropland Distributions Using a Hard and Soft Classification Model
* Memory Matching Networks for One-Shot Image Recognition
* MoCA: Incorporating domain pretraining and cross attention for textbook question answering
* Multi-Scale Feature Pyramids for Weakly Supervised Thoracic Disease Localization
* Multi-view learning for benign epilepsy with centrotemporal spikes
* Multimodal Framework for Automated Teaching Quality Assessment of One-to-many Online Instruction Videos, A
* N-Phase Local Expansion Ratio for Characterizing Out-of-Phase Lung Ventilation
* Near-Ultraviolet to Near-Infrared Band Thresholds Cloud Detection Algorithm for TANSAT-CAPI
* Note on Efficient Parallel Algorithms for the Computation of Two-Dimensional Image Moments, A
* Novel 3D Imaging Systems for High-Throughput Phenotyping of Plants
* novel skyline context descriptor for rapid localization of terrestrial laser scans to airborne laser scanning point clouds, A
* Novel Vision-Based Framework for Identifying Dynamic Vehicle Loads on Long-Span Bridges: A Case Study of Jiangyin Bridge, China, A
* nuScenes: A Multimodal Dataset for Autonomous Driving
* Object-Location-Aware Hashing for Multi-Label Image Retrieval via Automatic Mask Learning
* Personalized Variable Gain Control With Tremor Attenuation for Robot Teleoperation
* PLSAV: Parallel loop searching and verifying for loop closure detection
* Pose-Guided Person Image Synthesis in the Non-Iconic Views
* Precipitation Dominates the Relative Contributions of Climate Factors to Grasslands Spring Phenology on the Tibetan Plateau
* Preserving gaze direction in teleconferencing using a camera array and a spherical display
* Progressive Scene Segmentation Based on Self-Attention Mechanism
* Quantifying Multi-Source Uncertainties in GRACE-Based Estimates of Groundwater Storage Changes in Mainland China
* Random Sample Fitting Method to Determine the Planetary Boundary Layer Height Using Satellite-Based Lidar Backscatter Profiles
* Relation Distillation Networks for Video Object Detection
* Research on Long-Term Tidal-Height-Prediction-Based Decomposition Algorithms and Machine Learning Models
* Retrieval of Phytoplankton Pigments from Underway Spectrophotometry in the Fram Strait
* RGB-ICP Method to Calculate Ground Three-Dimensional Deformation Based on Point Cloud from Airborne LiDAR
* RLIPv2: Fast Scaling of Relational Language-Image Pre-training
* Robust Facial Landmark Localization Using LBP Histogram Correlation Based Initialization
* SAR multi-target interactive motion recognition based on convolutional neural networks
* SASTGCN: A Self-Adaptive Spatio-Temporal Graph Convolutional Network for Traffic Prediction
* Self-Supervised Bulk Motion Artifact Removal in Optical Coherence Tomography Angiography
* Significant Location Accuracy Changes Resulting from Lightning Detection Networks Deployed on Inclined Terrains
* Simulation of Cooling Island Effect in Blue-Green Space Based on Multi-Scale Coupling Model
* Simultaneous feature learning and hash coding with deep neural networks
* Single Shot Video Object Detector
* Smart Design for Evacuation Signage Layout for Exhibition Halls in Exhibition Buildings Based on Visibility
* Spatial Scale Effect and Correction of Forest Aboveground Biomass Estimation Using Remote Sensing
* Spatially-Constrained Fisher Representation for Brain Disease Identification With Incomplete Multi-Modal Neuroimages
* Stereo-Matching Network for Structured Light
* Text Flow: A Unified Text Detection System in Natural Scene Images
* Theoretical guarantee for crowdsourcing learning with unsure option
* Three-Dimensional Reconstruction of Structural Surface Model of Heritage Bridges Using UAV-Based Photogrammetric Point Clouds
* Tissue-Volume Preserving Deformable Image Registration for 4DCT Pulmonary Images
* Towards a Multimodal Meeting Record
* Video Captioning with Transferred Semantic Attributes
* Water level changes of Hulun Lake in Inner Mongolia derived from Jason satellite data
* Which Precipitation Product Works Best in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, Multi-Source Blended Data, Global/Regional Reanalysis Data, or Satellite Retrieved Precipitation Data?
* X-Linear Attention Networks for Image Captioning
Includes: Pan, Y.[Yan] Pan, Y. Pan, Y.[Yuwen] Pan, Y.[Yun] Pan, Y.[Yang] Pan, Y.[Yuetao] Pan, Y.[Yimu] Pan, Y.[Yue] Pan, Y.[Ya'ni] Pan, Y.[Yueran] Pan, Y.[Yi] Pan, Y.[Yu] Pan, Y.[Yuangang] Pan, Y.[Yiwen] Pan, Y.[Ye] Pan, Y.[Yanding] Pan, Y.[Yanqun] Pan, Y.[YoungSun] Pan, Y.[Yao] Pan, Y.[Yudai] Pan, Y.[Yunyi] Pan, Y.[Yani] Pan, Y.[Yining] Pan, Y.[Yingtian] Pan, Y.[Yin] Pan, Y.[Yigong]
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Pan, Y.C.[Yue Chao] Co Author Listing * 3D holographic display with optically addressed spatial light modulator
* Are We Hungry for 3D LiDAR Data for Semantic Segmentation? A Survey of Datasets and Methods
* Assessing the Self-Recovery Ability of Maize after Lodging Using UAV-LiDAR Data
* Improved Parallelized Multi-Objective Optimization Method for Complex Geographical Spatial Sampling: AMOSA-II, An
* LQGDNet: A Local Quaternion and Global Deep Network for Facial Depression Recognition
* Review of Advanced Technologies and Development for Hyperspectral-Based Plant Disease Detection in the Past Three Decades, A
* SemanticPOSS: A Point Cloud Dataset with Large Quantity of Dynamic Instances
* Spatial Stratification Method for the Sampling Design of LULC Classification Accuracy Assessment: A Case Study in Beijing, China
* Understanding the Challenges When 3D Semantic Segmentation Faces Class Imbalanced and OOD Data
Includes: Pan, Y.C.[Yue Chao] Pan, Y.C.[Yue-Chao] Pan, Y.C.[Yan-Cheng] Pan, Y.C.[Yu-Chun] Pan, Y.C.[Yu-Chen]
9 for Pan, Y.C.

Pan, Y.F.[Yu Fang] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Typhoon Locations over Ocean Surface Observed by Various Satellite Sensors
* Fast scene text localization by learning-based filtering and verification
* GI-AEE: GAN Inversion Based Attentive Expression Embedding Network for Facial Expression Editing
* Hybrid Approach to Detect and Localize Texts in Natural Scene Images, A
* Image classification toward breast cancer using deeply-learned quality features
* Improving Scene Text Detection by Scale-Adaptive Segmentation and Weighted CRF Verification
* Potential Temporal and Spatial Trends of Oceanographic Conditions with the Bloom of Ulva Prolifera in the West of the Southern Yellow Sea
* Recent Advances in Light-Induced Thermoelastic Spectroscopy for Gas Sensing: A Review
* Text Localization in Natural Scene Images Based on Conditional Random Field
* V2X-Seq: A Large-Scale Sequential Dataset for Vehicle-Infrastructure Cooperative Perception and Forecasting
Includes: Pan, Y.F.[Yu Fang] Pan, Y.F.[Yu-Fang] Pan, Y.F.[Yi-Feng] Pan, Y.F.[Yi-Fan] Pan, Y.F.[Yan-Fang] Pan, Y.F.[Yu-Feng]
10 for Pan, Y.F.

Pan, Y.H.[Yun He] Co Author Listing * 3D motion retrieval with motion index tree
* Accuracy of Winter Wheat Identification at Different Growth Stages Using Remote Sensing, The
* Characteristics of Greening along Altitudinal Gradients on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau Based on Time-Series Landsat Images
* Computationally Evaluating and Reproducing the Beauty of Chinese Calligraphy
* Development of a Parameterized Model to Estimate Microwave Radiation Response Depth of Frozen Soil
* Enhanced Turbulent Mixing in the Upper Ocean Induced by Super Typhoon Goni (2015)
* graphic-theoretic model for incremental relevance feedback in image retrieval, A
* Improved Cloud Masking Method for GOCI Data over Turbid Coastal Waters, An
* Improved Global Gross Primary Productivity Estimation by Considering Canopy Nitrogen Concentrations and Multiple Environmental Factors
* Incomplete motion feature tracking algorithm in video sequences
* Multimedia Retrieval Framework Based on Semi-Supervised Ranking and Relevance Feedback, A
* Research of 3D Chinese Calligraphic Handwriting Recur System and Its Key Algorithm
* Salient object detection employing a local tree-structured low-rank representation and foreground consistency
* Soybean EOS Spatiotemporal Characteristics and Their Climate Drivers in Global Major Regions
* Video Motion Capture Using Feature Tracking and Skeleton Reconstruction
Includes: Pan, Y.H.[Yun He] Pan, Y.H.[Yun-He] Pan, Y.H.[Yu-Hao] Pan, Y.H.[Yun-Hui]
15 for Pan, Y.H.

Pan, Y.J.[Yuan Jin] Co Author Listing * Common Mode Component and Its Potential Effect on GPS-Inferred Three-Dimensional Crustal Deformations in the Eastern Tibetan Plateau
* Decentralized Robust Control Approach for Coordinated Maneuvering of Vehicles in Platoons
* Enhancing retinal image by the Contourlet transform
* Frequency-Aware Re-Parameterization for Over-Fitting Based Image Compression
* Generalizing relevance weighted LDA
* Handwritten Chinese Font Generation with Collaborative Stroke Refinement
* Impacts of Land Use/Land Cover Distributions on Permafrost Simulations on Tibetan Plateau
* Integrating Remote-Sensing and Assimilation Data to Improve Air Temperature on Hot Weather in East China
* Interannual Fluctuations in Mass Changes and Hydrological Elasticity on the Tibetan Plateau from Geodetic Measurements, The
* NLOS Mitigation in Sparse Anchor Environments with the Misclosure Check Algorithm
* Nonparametric Approach to Signal Detection in Non-Gaussian Noise, A
* Novel SMMS Teleoperation Control Framework for Multiple Mobile Agents With Obstacles Avoidance by Leader Selection, A
* Off-Policy Learning-Based Following Control of Cooperative Autonomous Vehicles Under Distributed Attacks
* Pose Awareness Solution for Estimating Pedestrian Walking Speed, A
* Rank Correlation Based Detection of Known Signals in Middleton's Class-A Noise
* Recent Surface Deformation in the Tianjin Area Revealed by Sentinel-1A Data
* Uncorrelated linear discriminant analysis based on weighted pairwise Fisher criterion
* Wuhan Surface Subsidence Analysis in 2015-2016 Based on Sentinel-1A Data by SBAS-InSAR
Includes: Pan, Y.J.[Yuan Jin] Pan, Y.J.[Yuan-Jin] Pan, Y.J. Pan, Y.J.[Ying-Jun] Pan, Y.J.[Yan-Jie] Pan, Y.J.[Yu-Jie] Pan, Y.J.[Yong-Jie] Pan, Y.J.[Yi-Jin] Pan, Y.J.[Ya-Jun]
18 for Pan, Y.J.

Pan, Y.K.[Yi Kun] Co Author Listing * Stereoscopic image reflection removal based on Wasserstein Generative Adversarial Network
Includes: Pan, Y.K.[Yi Kun] Pan, Y.K.[Yi-Kun]

Pan, Y.L.[Yu Lin] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Multi-Fidelity Sampling Framework for Safety Analysis of Connected and Automated Vehicles, An
* Blood-contaminated endoscopic image restoration based on residual VQ-VAE with cascaded structure
* Fast Algorithm for Structured and Unstructured Road Detection
* Road-Model-Based Road Boundary Extraction for High Definition Map via LIDAR
* Scanning Only Once: An End-to-end Framework for Fast Temporal Grounding in Long Videos
* VoP: Text-Video Co-Operative Prompt Tuning for Cross-Modal Retrieval
Includes: Pan, Y.L.[Yu Lin] Pan, Y.L.[Yu-Lin] Pan, Y.L.[Yu-Long] Pan, Y.L.[Yi-Lun] Pan, Y.L.[Yue-Long]

Pan, Y.M.[Ya Ming] Co Author Listing * Recent Seasonal Spatiotemporal Variations in Alpine Glacier Surface Elevation in the Pamir
Includes: Pan, Y.M.[Ya Ming] Pan, Y.M.[Ya-Ming]

Pan, Y.N.[Yu Ning] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of quantitative dynamic contrast-enhanced (DCE)-MRI parameters using a reference region model in invasive ductal carcinoma (IDC) patients
* Fast Motion Estimation and Edge Information Inter-Mode Decision on H.264 Video Coding
* High Efficiency Architecture Design of Real-Time QFHD for H.264/AVC Fast Block Motion Estimation
* Novel 3-D Predict Hexagon Search Algorithm for Fast Block Motion Estimation on H.264 Video Coding, A
* Novel Design of CAVLC Decoder With Low Power and High Throughput Considerations, A
Includes: Pan, Y.N.[Yu Ning] Pan, Y.N.[Yu-Ning] Pan, Y.N.[Yu-Nan] Pan, Y.N.

Pan, Y.P.[Yong Peng] Co Author Listing * Single-Image Dehazing via Dark Channel Prior and Adaptive Threshold
Includes: Pan, Y.P.[Yong Peng] Pan, Y.P.[Yong-Peng]

Pan, Y.Q.[Yan Qun] Co Author Listing * Fusion of Landsat-8/OLI and GOCI Data for Hourly Mapping of Suspended Particulate Matter at High Spatial Resolution: A Case Study in the Yangtze (Changjiang) Estuary
* Hyperspectral Remote Sensing of Phytoplankton Species Composition Based on Transfer Learning
* LRR-TTK DL for face recognition
* Phenological Observations on Classical Prehistoric Sites in the Middle and Lower Reaches of the Yellow River Based on Landsat NDVI Time Series
* Retrieval of Land Surface Temperature over the Heihe River Basin Using HJ-1B Thermal Infrared Data
Includes: Pan, Y.Q.[Yan Qun] Pan, Y.Q.[Yan-Qun] Pan, Y.Q.[Yu-Qi] Pan, Y.Q.[Yu-Qing] Pan, Y.Q.[Ying-Qi]

Pan, Y.R.[Yue Ran] Co Author Listing * Responsive Social Smile: A Machine Learning based Multimodal Behavior Assessment Framework towards Early Stage Autism Screening
Includes: Pan, Y.R.[Yue Ran] Pan, Y.R.[Yue-Ran]

Pan, Y.S.[Yong Sheng] Co Author Listing * Attention-Guided Hybrid Network for Dementia Diagnosis With Structural MR Images
* Bottom-Up Hierarchical Image Segmentation Using Region Competition and the Mumford-Shah Functional
* Disease-Image-Specific Learning for Diagnosis-Oriented Neuroimage Synthesis With Incomplete Multi-Modality Data
* Disentangle First, Then Distill: A Unified Framework for Missing Modality Imputation and Alzheimer's Disease Diagnosis
* Foreground Fisher Vector: Encoding Class-Relevant Foreground to Improve Image Classification
* Markov surfaces: A probabilistic framework for user-assisted three-dimensional image segmentation
* Multi-Feature Manifold Discriminant Analysis for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Multi-Scale Adversarial Cross-Domain Detection with Robust Discriminative Learning
* Preferential Image Segmentation Using Trees of Shapes
* Semi-supervised Marginal Fisher Analysis for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Semi-Supervised Standard-Dose PET Image Generation via Region-Adaptive Normalization and Structural Consistency Constraint
* Spectral Regression Discriminant Analysis for Hyperspectral Image Classification
Includes: Pan, Y.S.[Yong Sheng] Pan, Y.S.[Yong-Sheng] Pan, Y.S.[Yin-Song] Pan, Y.S.[Young-Sun] Pan, Y.S.
12 for Pan, Y.S.

Pan, Y.T.[Yi Ting] Co Author Listing * Geometry and Topology Reconstruction of BIM Wall Objects from Photogrammetric Meshes and Laser Point Clouds
* Interpixel-shifted Endoscopic Optical Coherence Tomography For In Vivo Bladder Cancer Diagnosis
* Pan-Sharpening Method with Beta-Divergence Non-Negative Matrix Factorization in Non-Subsampled Shear Transform Domain, A
Includes: Pan, Y.T.[Yi Ting] Pan, Y.T.[Yi-Ting] Pan, Y.T.[Ying-Tian] Pan, Y.T.[Yue-Tao]

Pan, Y.W.[Ying Wei] Co Author Listing * 3D Cascade RCNN: High Quality Object Detection in Point Clouds
* Comprehending and Ordering Semantics for Image Captioning
* Contextual Transformer Networks for Visual Recognition
* Dual Vision Transformer
* Dynamic Temporal Filtering in Video Models
* Exploring Object Relation in Mean Teacher for Cross-Domain Detection
* Exploring Structure-aware Transformer over Interaction Proposals for Human-Object Interaction Detection
* Exploring Visual Relationship for Image Captioning
* GNSS-IR Soil Moisture Inversion Derived from Multi-GNSS and Multi-Frequency Data Accounting for Vegetation Effects
* HGNet: Learning Hierarchical Geometry from Points, Edges, and Surfaces
* Jointly Modeling Embedding and Translation to Bridge Video and Language
* Learning Neural Implicit Surfaces with Object-Aware Radiance Fields
* Learning to Generate Language-Supervised and Open-Vocabulary Scene Graph Using Pre-Trained Visual-Semantic Space
* Low Rank Promoting Prior for Unsupervised Contrastive Learning, A
* Method for Digital Terrain Reconstruction Using Longitudinal Control Lines and Sparse Measured Cross Sections, A
* MINet: Meta-Learning Instance Identifiers for Video Object Detection
* Modality-Agnostic Debiasing for Single Domain Generalization
* ObjectFusion: Multi-modal 3D Object Detection with Object-Centric Fusion
* Pointing Novel Objects in Image Captioning
* Quantifying the Effects of Climate Change and Revegetation on Erosion-Induced Lateral Soil Organic Carbon Loss on the Chinese Loess Plateau
* Representing Videos as Discriminative Sub-graphs for Action Recognition
* Semantic-Conditional Diffusion Networks for Image Captioning*
* Semi-supervised Domain Adaptation with Subspace Learning for visual recognition
* SPE-Net: Boosting Point Cloud Analysis via Rotation Robustness Enhancement
* Stand-Alone Inter-Frame Attention in Video Models
* Style and Semantic Memory Mechanism for Domain Generalization*, A
* Transferrable Prototypical Networks for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation
* Transforming Radiance Field with Lipschitz Network for Photorealistic 3D Scene Stylization
* Unpaired Image Captioning With semantic-Constrained Self-Learning
* Wave-ViT: Unifying Wavelet and Transformers for Visual Representation Learning
Includes: Pan, Y.W.[Ying Wei] Pan, Y.W.[Ying-Wei] Pan, Y.W.[Yu-Wei] Pan, Y.W.[Yun-Wen] Pan, Y.W.[Ya-Wen]
30 for Pan, Y.W.

Pan, Y.X.[Yi Xin] Co Author Listing * Foveated online 3D visualization
* Improving Intention Detection in Single-Trial Classification Through Fusion of EEG and Eye-Tracker Data
* Multiple Description Coding for Best-Effort Delivery of Light Field Video Using GNN-Based Compression
* Perceptual quality metric for qualitative 3D scene evaluation
Includes: Pan, Y.X.[Yi Xin] Pan, Y.X.[Yi-Xin] Pan, Y.X.[Yun-Xian] Pan, Y.X.[Yu-Xuan]

Pan, Y.Y.[Yu Yun] Co Author Listing * Identification and Counting of Sugarcane Seedlings in the Field Using Improved Faster R-CNN
Includes: Pan, Y.Y.[Yu Yun] Pan, Y.Y.[Yu-Yun]

Pan, Y.Z.[Yao Zhong] Co Author Listing * Assessing Terrestrial Water Storage and Flood Potential Using GRACE Data in the Yangtze River Basin, China
* Changes in Growing Season Vegetation and Their Associated Driving Forces in China during 2001-2012
* Changes in Spring Phenology in the Three-Rivers Headwater Region from 1999 to 2013
* Comparison of Model-Assisted Estimators to Infer Land Cover/Use Class Area Using Satellite Imagery, A
* Comparison of Remote Sensing Time-Series Smoothing Methods for Grassland Spring Phenology Extraction on the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau
* Comparison of Winter Wheat Extraction Methods Based on Different Time Series of Vegetation Indices in the Northeastern Margin of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau: A Case Study of Minhe, China
* Cuboid Model for Assessing Surface Soil Moisture, A
* Effects of Drought on Vegetation Productivity of Farmland Ecosystems in the Drylands of Northern China
* Gap-Filling of a MODIS Normalized Difference Snow Index Product Based on the Similar Pixel Selecting Algorithm: A Case Study on the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau
* Global Data Sets of Vegetation Leaf Area Index (LAI)3g and Fraction of Photosynthetically Active Radiation (FPAR)3g Derived from Global Inventory Modeling and Mapping Studies (GIMM
* Graph Optimized Data Offloading for Crowd-AI Hybrid Urban Tracking in Intelligent Transportation Systems
* High Resolution Mapping of Cropping Cycles by Fusion of Landsat and MODIS Data
* Impact of Mapping Error on the Performance of Upscaling Agricultural Maps, The
* Impact of Positional Errors on Soft Classification Accuracy Assessment: A Simulation Analysis, The
* Mapping Crop Cycles in China Using MODIS-EVI Time Series
* Neighborhood linear embedding for intrinsic structure discovery
* Optimization of Characteristic Phenological Periods for Winter Wheat Extraction Using Remote Sensing in Plateau Valley Agricultural Areas in Hualong, China
* Optimization Performance Comparison of Three Different Group Intelligence Algorithms on a SVM for Hyperspectral Imagery Classification
* Phenology-Based Method to Map Cropping Patterns under a Wheat-Maize Rotation Using Remotely Sensed Time-Series Data, A
* Random Sub-Samples Generation for Self-Supervised Real Image Denoising
* Rapid Assessment of Building Damage Using Multi-Source Data: A Case Study of April 2015 Nepal Earthquake
* Real Image Denoising via Guided Residual Estimation and Noise Correction
* Weighted locally linear embedding for dimension reduction
Includes: Pan, Y.Z.[Yao Zhong] Pan, Y.Z.[Yao-Zhong] Pan, Y.Z.[Yu-Zhu] Pan, Y.Z.[Yao-Zhang] Pan, Y.Z.[Yi-Zhong]
23 for Pan, Y.Z.

Pan, Z.[Zhou] Co Author Listing * 3D Point Cloud Filtering Method for Leaves Based on Manifold Distance and Normal Estimation, A
* AIM 2019 Challenge on Video Temporal Super-Resolution: Methods and Results
* Automatic Waveform Recognition of Overlapping LPI Radar Signals Based on Multi-Instance Multi-Label Learning
* Bilevel Feature Learning for Video Saliency Detection
* Depression Detection Based on Reaction Time and Eye Movement
* Depression Detection by Combining Eye Movement with Image Semantics
* Detection and Analysis of the Variation in the Minimum Ecological Instream Flow Requirement in the Chinese Northwestern Inland Arid Region by Using a New Remote Sensing Method
* Digital image watermarking method based on DCT and fractal encoding
* Discriminate Clearer To Rank Better: Image Cropping By Amplifying View-Wise Differences
* DRBox-v2: An Improved Detector With Rotatable Boxes for Target Detection in SAR Images
* Early DIRECT mode decision based on all-zero block and rate distortion cost for multiview video coding
* Effective Data Driven Coding Unit Size Decision Approaches for HEVC INTRA Coding
* Eulerian Motion Based 3dcnn Architecture for Facial Micro-expression Recognition
* Evolution Patterns of Cooling Island Effect in Blue-Green Space under Different Shared Socioeconomic Pathways Scenarios
* Frequency Controllable Envelope Operator and Its Application in Multiscale Full-Waveform Inversion
* Geometric Accuracy Assessment and Correction of Imagery from Chinese Earth Observation Satellites (HJ-1 A/B, CBERS-02C and ZY-3)
* Hand-Dorsa Vein Recognition Based on Task-Specific Cross-Convolutional-Layer Pooling
* HDEC-TFA: An Unsupervised Learning Approach for Discovering Physical Scattering Properties of Single-Polarized SAR Image
* High-quality initial codebook design method of vector quantisation using grouping strategy
* Human-Centric Clothing Segmentation via Deformable Semantic Locality-Preserving Network
* Improving Graph Representation for Point Cloud Segmentation via Attentive Filtering
* Kernel Granger Causality Mapping Effective Connectivity on fMRI Data
* Knowledge-Induced Multiple Kernel Fuzzy Clustering
* Large-Dimensional Seismic Inversion Using Global Optimization With Autoencoder-Based Model Dimensionality Reduction
* Lens-to-Lens Bokeh Effect Transformation. NTIRE 2023 Challenge Report
* Local Adaptive Binary Patterns Using Diamond Sampling Structure for Texture Classification
* Multimutation Differential Evolution Algorithm and Its Application to Seismic Inversion
* Multispectral Image Super-Resolution via RGB Image Fusion and Radiometric Calibration
* New Method for Long-Term River Discharge Estimation of Small- and Medium-Scale Rivers by Using Multisource Remote Sensing and RSHS: Application and Validation, A
* NTIRE 2023 Challenge on Stereo Image Super-Resolution: Methods and Results
* Object-Based Visual Saliency via Laplacian Regularized Kernel Regression
* Online Knowledge Distillation for Efficient Pose Estimation
* Optical Flow Estimation Based on the Frequency-Domain Regularization
* Optimized Deep Network Representation of Multimutation Differential Evolution and its Application in Seismic Inversion, An
* Partial Order Pruning: For Best Speed/Accuracy Trade-Off in Neural Architecture Search
* Performance Re-Evaluation on Codewords Distribution-Based Optimal Combination of Equal-Average Equal-Variance Equal-Norm Nearest Neighbor Fast Search Algorithm for Vector Quantization Encoding
* Point Cloud Upsampling via Perturbation Learning
* PointSpherical: Deep Shape Context for Point Cloud Learning in Spherical Coordinates
* Quadratic Video Interpolation for VTSR Challenge
* Real-Time Simultaneous Pose and Shape Estimation for Articulated Objects Using a Single Depth Camera
* Real-Time Traffic Flow Parameter Estimation From UAV Video Based on Ensemble Classifier and Optical Flow
* Relaxed sparse eigenvalue conditions for sparse estimation via non-convex regularized regression
* SASTGCN: A Self-Adaptive Spatio-Temporal Graph Convolutional Network for Traffic Prediction
* SC-NAFSSR: Perceptual-Oriented Stereo Image Super-Resolution Using Stereo Consistency Guided NAFSSR
* Seeing the Arrow of Time
* Segmentation of Lesion in Dermoscopy Images Using Dense-Residual Network with Adversarial Learning
* Selective Bokeh Effect Transformation
* Simulation of Cooling Island Effect in Blue-Green Space Based on Multi-Scale Coupling Model
* Sparse Spatio-Temporal Representation With Adaptive Regularized Dictionary Learning for Low Bit-Rate Video Coding
* Spatial Structure and Driving Mechanisms of Multi-Source Networks in the Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Circle of China, The
* Speaker Extraction With Co-Speech Gestures Cue
* Super Diffusion for Salient Object Detection
* Super-Resolution Based on Compressive Sensing and Structural Self-Similarity for Remote Sensing Images
* Surrounding Vehicle Detection Using an FPGA Panoramic Camera and Deep CNNs
* Time-Domain Speech Separation Networks With Graph Encoding Auxiliary
* Two-Stage Framework for 3D Face Reconstruction from RGBD Images, A
* What, Where, and How to Transfer in SAR Target Recognition Based on Deep CNNs
* When Epipolar Constraint Meets Non-local Operators in Multi-View Stereo
* Wnet: Audio-Guided Video Object Segmentation via Wavelet-Based Cross- Modal Denoising Networks
Includes: Pan, Z.[Zhou] Pan, Z.[Ze] Pan, Z.[Zesi] Pan, Z. Pan, Z.[Zeyu] Pan, Z.[Zihao] Pan, Z.[Zheng] Pan, Z.[Zhiyu] Pan, Z.[Ziwu] Pan, Z.[Zaiyu] Pan, Z.[Zhiyi] Pan, Z.[Zhifu] Pan, Z.[Zilin] Pan, Z.[Zhigeng] Pan, Z.[Zhisong] Pan, Z.[Zibao] Pan, Z.[Zexu]
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Pan, Z.B.[Zhi Bing] Co Author Listing * Advancing Ultra-High Precision in Satellite-Ground Time-Frequency Comparison: Ground-Based Experiment and Simulation Verification for the China Space Station
* Comments on: Novel full-search schemes for speeding up image coding using vector quantization
* comparative study between PVO-based framework and multi-predictor mechanism in reversible data hiding, A
* Convolutional Neural Network With Mapping Layers for Hyperspectral Image Classification, A
* Enhanced Fast Encoding Method for Vector Quantization by Finding an Optimally-Ordered Walsh Transform Kernel
* Enhanced side match vector quantisation based on constructing complementary state codebook
* Fast Geo-Location Method Based on Panoramic Skyline in Hilly Area
* Fast motion estimation algorithm using multilevel distortion search in Walsh-Hadamard domain
* generalized multiple projection axes method for fast encoding of vector quantization, A
* High-fidelity reversible data hiding scheme based on multi-predictor sorting and selecting mechanism
* improved fast encoding algorithm for vector quantization using 2-pixel-merging sum pyramid data structure, An
* Improved fast search method for vector quantization using discrete walsh transform
* Improved Full-Search-Equivalent Vector Quantization Method Using the Law of Cosines, An
* Improved the-law-of-cosines-based fast search method for vector quantization by updating angular information
* New high-performance reversible data hiding method for VQ indices based on improved locally adaptive coding scheme
* new lossless data hiding method based on joint neighboring coding, A
* New reversible full-embeddable information hiding method for vector quantisation indices based on locally adaptive complete coding list
* New Space-to-Ground Microwave-Based Two-Way Time Synchronization Method for Next-Generation Space Atomic Clocks, A
* Novel Adaptively Binarizing Magnitude Vector Method in Local Binary Pattern Based Framework for Texture Classification, A
* novel high-performance reversible data hiding scheme using SMVQ and improved locally adaptive coding method, A
* Novel Rapid Method for Viewshed Computation on DEM through Max-Pooling and Min-Expected Height, A
* Novel reversible data hiding scheme for Two-stage VQ compressed images based on search-order coding
* Performance Comparison between Equal-Average Equal-Variance Equal-Norm Nearest Neighbor Search (EEENNS) Method and Improved Equal-Average Equal-Variance Nearest Neighbor Search (IEENNS) Method for Fast Encoding of Vector Quantization
* Recursive computation method for fast encoding of vector quantization based on 2-pixel-merging sum pyramid data structure
* Reversible data hiding based on local histogram shifting with multilayer embedding
* Reversible data hiding scheme for VQ indices based on modified locally adaptive coding and double-layer embedding strategy
* Target detection of hyperspectral image based on spectral saliency
* Texture Classification Using Local Pattern Based on Vector Quantization
* Unified Projection Method for Fast Search of Vector Quantization, A
Includes: Pan, Z.B.[Zhi Bing] Pan, Z.B.[Zhi-Bing] Pan, Z.B.[Zhi-Bin]
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Pan, Z.C.[Zi Cheng] Co Author Listing * Mask-Guided Feature Extraction and Augmentation for Ultra-Fine-Grained Visual Categorization
* SSFE-Net: Self-Supervised Feature Enhancement for Ultra-Fine-Grained Few-Shot Class Incremental Learning
Includes: Pan, Z.C.[Zi Cheng] Pan, Z.C.[Zi-Cheng]

Pan, Z.D.[Zhi Dong] Co Author Listing * Optimal Method for Dynamic Particle Image Sequence, An
Includes: Pan, Z.D.[Zhi Dong] Pan, Z.D.[Zhi-Dong]

Pan, Z.F.[Ze Feng] Co Author Listing * Complementarity-Aware Attention Network for Salient Object Detection
* Semi-Supervised Automatic Layer and Fluid Region Segmentation of Retinal Optical Coherence Tomography Images Using Adversarial Learning
* Stacked U-Shape Network With Channel-Wise Attention for Salient Object Detection
Includes: Pan, Z.F.[Ze Feng] Pan, Z.F.[Ze-Feng] Pan, Z.F.[Zhi-Fang]

Pan, Z.G.[Zhi Geng] Co Author Listing * Biomechanics-based reaching optimization
* Blind Watermarking Of Non-uniform B-spline Surfaces
* Capability Assessment and Performance Metrics for the Titan Multispectral Mapping Lidar
* Character Behavior Planning and Visual Simulation in Virtual 3D Space
* Detailed Surface Geometry and Albedo Recovery from RGB-D Video under Natural Illumination
* Footprint Sampling-based Motion Editing
* Fusion of LiDAR Orthowaveforms and Hyperspectral Imagery for Shallow River Bathymetry and Turbidity Estimation
* Fusion of time-of-flight depth and stereo for high accuracy depth maps
* GEIKD: Self-knowledge distillation based on gated ensemble networks and influences-based label noise removal
* Imitative Collaboration: A mirror-neuron inspired mixed reality collaboration method with remote hands and local replicas
* Intersection workspace visualization of multi-finger hands
* Joint depth and alpha matte optimization via fusion of stereo and time-of-flight sensor
* Level of Detail and Multi-Resolution Modeling for Virtual Prototyping
* Mona Lisa alive
* Multi-target Tracking and Segmentation via Discriminative Appearance Model
* New Method of Feature Based Image Mosaic, A
* Online Knowledge Distillation via Multi-branch Diversity Enhancement
* Performance Assessment of High Resolution Airborne Full Waveform LiDAR for Shallow River Bathymetry
* Public Mesh Watermarking Algorithm Based On Addition Property Of Fourier Transform, A
* Real-time stereo matching based on fast belief propagation
* Reliability Fusion of Time-of-Flight Depth and Stereo Geometry for High Quality Depth Maps
* Robust basketball sports recognition by leveraging motion block estimation
* Semi-Supervised Perception Augmentation for Aerial Photo Topologies Understanding
* Simultaneous Time-of-Flight sensing and photometric stereo with a single ToF sensor
* Weak Echo Detection from Single Photon Lidar Data Using a Rigorous Adaptive Ellipsoid Searching Algorithm
Includes: Pan, Z.G.[Zhi Geng] Pan, Z.G.[Zhi-Geng] Pan, Z.G.[Zhi-Gang] Pan, Z.G.[Zhi-Guo]
25 for Pan, Z.G.

Pan, Z.H.[Zhi Hong] Co Author Listing * Arbitrary Style Guidance for Enhanced Diffusion-Based Text-to-Image Generation
* Arbitrary-Oriented Inshore Ship Detection based on Multi-Scale Feature Fusion and Contextual Pooling on Rotation Region Proposals
* Bidirectional Translation Between UHD-HDR and HD-SDR Videos
* Effective Invertible Arbitrary Image Rescaling
* Effective Real Image Editing with Accelerated Iterative Diffusion Inversion
* Evaluating the Farmland Use Intensity and Its Patterns in a Farming: Pastoral Ecotone of Northern China
* Face recognition in hyperspectral images
* Glassboxing Deep Learning to Enhance Aircraft Detection from SAR Imagery
* HollowNeRF: Pruning Hashgrid-Based NeRFs with Trainable Collision Mitigation
* Integrating Weighted Feature Fusion and the Spatial Attention Module with Convolutional Neural Networks for Automatic Aircraft Detection from SAR Images
* Neural Network-Based Subway Regenerative Energy Optimization With Variable Headway Constraints
* New Deep Learning Network for Automatic Bridge Detection from SAR Images Based on Balanced and Attention Mechanism, A
* New Framework for Automatic Airports Extraction from SAR Images Using Multi-Level Dual Attention Mechanism, A
* NTIRE 2020 Challenge on Real Image Denoising: Dataset, Methods and Results
* NTIRE 2021 Challenge on Image Deblurring
* NTIRE 2022 Image Inpainting Challenge: Report
* Smooth and Stepwise Self-Distillation for Object Detection
* Towards Bidirectional Arbitrary Image Rescaling: Joint Optimization and Cycle Idempotence
* Ventilation Capacities of Chinese Industrial Cities and Their Influence on the Concentration of NO2
Includes: Pan, Z.H.[Zhi Hong] Pan, Z.H.[Zhi-Hong] Pan, Z.H.[Zhi-Hua] Pan, Z.H.[Zhou-Hao] Pan, Z.H.[Zhao-Hua]
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Pan, Z.J.[Zhu Jun] Co Author Listing * Characteristics of bi-directional unimanual and bimanual drawing movements: The application of the Delta-Lognormal models and Sigma-Lognormal model
* Evolving Into a Transformer: From a Training-Free Retrieval-Based Method for Anomaly Obstacle Segmentation
* Semantic Neighborhood-Aware Deep Facial Expression Recognition
* Superpixel Nonlocal Weighting Joint Sparse Representation for Hyperspectral Image Classification
Includes: Pan, Z.J.[Zhu Jun] Pan, Z.J.[Zhu-Jun] Pan, Z.J.[Zhi-Jie] Pan, Z.J.[Zhao-Jie]

Pan, Z.K.[Zhen Kuan] Co Author Listing * Bitstream-Based Perceptual Quality Assessment of Compressed 3D Point Clouds
* Content-based bitrate model for perceived compression distortion evaluation of mobile video services
* Deep Learning Segmentation and Classification for Urban Village Using a Worldview Satellite Image Based on U-Net
* full-reference stereoscopic image quality assessment index based on stable aggregation of monocular and binocular visual features, A
* Geological Hazard Assessment of Secondary Collapses Due to Volcanic Earthquakes on Changbai Mountain in China
* Hue preserving-based approach for underwater colour image enhancement
* Image Segmentation with Depth Information via Simplified Variational Level Set Formulation
* no-Reference Stereoscopic Image Quality Assessment Network Based on Binocular Interaction and Fusion Mechanisms, A
* Nonlocal graph theory based transductive learning for hyperspectral image classification
* novel dark channel prior guided variational framework for underwater image restoration, A
* Risk Assessment of Landslide Collapse Disasters along National Highways Based on Information Quantity and Random Forest Coupling Methods: A Case Study of the G331 National Highway
* Second order Mumford-Shah model for image denoising
* Semi-supervised learning dehazing algorithm based on the OSV model
* Single image dehazing and denoising combining dark channel prior and variational models
* Some fast projection methods based on Chan-Vese model for image segmentation
* unsupervised model for image classification, An
* Using pseudo voxel octree to accelerate collision between cutting tool and deformable objects modeled as linked voxels
* Variational Framework for Underwater Image Dehazing and Deblurring, A
* Variational image segmentation on implicit surface using Split-Bregman method
* Variational level set method for image segmentation with simplex constraint of landmarks
* Variational Level Set Method for Multiple Object Detection, A
Includes: Pan, Z.K.[Zhen Kuan] Pan, Z.K.[Zhen-Kuan] Pan, Z.K.[Zhuo-Kun] Pan, Z.K.[Zeng-Kai]
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Pan, Z.L.[Zai Liang] Co Author Listing * Hierarchical Hidden Markov Model for Rushes Structuring and Indexing
* Moving-Object Detection, Association, and Selection in Home Videos
* Novel seed selection for multiple objects detection and tracking
Includes: Pan, Z.L.[Zai Liang] Pan, Z.L.[Zai-Liang]

Pan, Z.Q.[Zhao Qing] Co Author Listing * C2FNet: A Coarse-to-Fine Network for Multi-View 3D Point Cloud Generation
* CNN-Based Fast Inter Coding Method for VVC, A
* CTU-Level Complexity Control for High Efficiency Video Coding
* DACNN: Blind Image Quality Assessment via a Distortion-Aware Convolutional Neural Network
* Deep In-Loop Filtering via Multi-Domain Correlation Learning and Partition Constraint for Multiview Video Coding
* Deep Virtual Reference Frame Generation For Multiview Video Coding
* Disparity-Aware Reference Frame Generation Network for Multiview Video Coding
* Efficient In-Loop Filtering Based on Enhanced Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for HEVC
* Fast Coding Tree Unit depth decision for high efficiency video coding
* Fast mode decision based on texture-depth correlation and motion prediction for multiview depth video coding
* Fast reference frame selection based on content similarity for low complexity HEVC encoder
* Joint face detection and Facial Landmark Localization using graph match and pseudo label
* Learned Video Compression With Efficient Temporal Context Learning
* MIEGAN: Mobile Image Enhancement via a Multi-Module Cascade Neural Network
* Multiple Resolution Prediction With Deep Up-Sampling for Depth Video Coding
* Multiview Coding Mode Decision With Hybrid Optimal Stopping Model
* Non-line-of-Sight Imaging via Neural Transient Fields
* Predictive and distribution-oriented fast motion estimation for H.264/AVC
* RDEN: Residual Distillation Enhanced Network-Guided Lightweight Synthesized View Quality Enhancement for 3D-HEVC
* Sketch-inspector: A Deep Mixture Model for High-quality Sketch Generation of Cats
* Texture-Guided End-to-End Depth Map Compression
* TSAN: Synthesized View Quality Enhancement via Two-Stream Attention Network for 3D-HEVC
* VCRNet: Visual Compensation Restoration Network for No-Reference Image Quality Assessment
Includes: Pan, Z.Q.[Zhao Qing] Pan, Z.Q.[Zhao-Qing] Pan, Z.Q.[Zhi-Qun] Pan, Z.Q.[Zheng-Qing] Pan, Z.Q.[Zhi-Qing]
23 for Pan, Z.Q.

Pan, Z.S.[Zhi Song] Co Author Listing * Boosting Adversarial Transferability with Shallow-Feature Attack on SAR Images
* Combining Color Features for Real-Time Correlation Tracking
* Delving Deeper Into Mask Utilization in Video Object Segmentation
* Enhancing transferability of adversarial examples via rotation-invariant attacks
* Improving the Transferability of Adversarial Examples with Resized-diverse-inputs, Diversity-ensemble and Region Fitting
* Inequality-Constrained RPCA for Shadow Removal and Foreground Detection
* Meta-Knowledge Learning and Domain Adaptation for Unseen Background Subtraction
* Semantic Attention and Structured Model for Weakly Supervised Instance Segmentation in Optical and SAR Remote Sensing Imagery
* Semi-Supervised Feature Selection with Universum Based on Linked Social Media Data
* Structure Tensor-Based Infrared Small Target Detection Method for a Double Linear Array Detector
Includes: Pan, Z.S.[Zhi Song] Pan, Z.S.[Zhi-Song] Pan, Z.S.[Zai-Sheng] Pan, Z.S.[Zhong-Shi]
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Pan, Z.T.[Zhao Tai] Co Author Listing * Low-Complexity Screen Compression Scheme for Interactive Screen Sharing, A
* low-complexity screen compression scheme, A
* Multi-Temporal Analysis of Environmental Carrying Capacity and Coastline Changes in Yueqing City
Includes: Pan, Z.T.[Zhao Tai] Pan, Z.T.[Zhao-Tai] Pan, Z.T.[Zi-Tong]

Pan, Z.W. Co Author Listing * Fast Multispectral Imaging by Spatial Pixel-Binning and Spectral Unmixing

Pan, Z.X.[Zong Xu] Co Author Listing * Achieving Super-Resolution Remote Sensing Images via the Wavelet Transform Combined With the Recursive Res-Net
* Automatic Color Correction for Multisource Remote Sensing Images with Wasserstein CNN
* Cloudformer: A Cloud-Removal Network Combining Self-Attention Mechanism and Convolution
* CPS-Det: An Anchor-Free Based Rotation Detector for Ship Detection
* D-MFPN: A Doppler Feature Matrix Fused with a Multilayer Feature Pyramid Network for SAR Ship Detection
* Deep SAR-Net: Learning objects from signals
* Deriving Hourly PM2.5 Concentrations from Himawari-8 AODs over Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei in China
* Few-Shot PolSAR Ship Detection Based on Polarimetric Features Selection and Improved Contrastive Self-Supervised Learning
* Fine-grained Image-Text Matching by Cross-modal Hard Aligning Network
* FRDet: Few-shot object detection via feature reconstruction
* Generative Adversarial Learning in YUV Color Space for Thin Cloud Removal on Satellite Imagery
* Impacts of 3D Aerosol, Cloud, and Water Vapor Variations on the Recent Brightening during the South Asian Monsoon Season
* Improved Shape Contexts Based Ship Classification in SAR Images, An
* Infrared Dim and Small Target Detection from Complex Scenes via Multi-Frame Spatial-Temporal Patch-Tensor Model
* LR-TSDet: Towards Tiny Ship Detection in Low-Resolution Remote Sensing Images
* Method of Infrared Small Moving Target Detection Based on Coarse-to-Fine Structure in Complex Scenes
* Multi-Aspect Convolutional-Transformer Network for SAR Automatic Target Recognition
* Partial Unbalanced Feature Transport for Cross-Modality Cardiac Image Segmentation
* Polarimetric Synthetic Aperture Radar Ship Potential Area Extraction Based on Neighborhood Semantic Differences of the Latent Dirichlet Allocation Bag-of-Words Topic Model
* Predictive-Reactive Optimization Framework With Feedback-Based Knowledge Distillation for On-Demand Food Delivery, A
* Recognition Model Incorporating Geometric Relationships of Ship Components, A
* Recognizing human motions through mixture modeling of inertial data
* Single Object Tracking in Satellite Videos Based on Feature Enhancement and Multi-Level Matching Strategy
* Spatial-Temporal Block-Matching Patch-Tensor Model for Infrared Small Moving Target Detection in Complex Scenes, A
* Super-Resolution of Remote Sensing Images via a Dense Residual Generative Adversarial Network
* Super-Resolution of Single Remote Sensing Image Based on Residual Dense Backprojection Networks
* Three-Dimensional Physical and Optical Characteristics of Aerosols over Central China from Long-Term CALIPSO and HYSPLIT Data
* Transfer Learning with Deep Convolutional Neural Network for SAR Target Classification with Limited Labeled Data
* Validation of VIIRS AOD through a Comparison with a Sun Photometer and MODIS AODs over Wuhan
Includes: Pan, Z.X.[Zong Xu] Pan, Z.X.[Zong-Xu] Pan, Z.X.[Zeng-Xin] Pan, Z.X.[Zheng-Xin] Pan, Z.X.[Zhen-Xiang] Pan, Z.X.[Zi-Xuan] Pan, Z.X.[Zi-Xiao] Pan, Z.X.[Zeng-Xi]
29 for Pan, Z.X.

Pan, Z.Y.[Zhi Yi] Co Author Listing * Bi-Directional Attention for Joint Instance and Semantic Segmentation in Point Clouds
* Context-Aware Candidates for Image Cropping
* Convolutional neural networks-based stereo image reversible data hiding method
* Diffusion Model with Detail Complement for Super-Resolution of Remote Sensing
* Disentangled Representation and Enhancement Network for Vein Recognition
* Hand-Dorsa Vein Recognition Based on Selective Deep Convolutional Feature
* Parallel Network to Learn Novelty from the Known
* Potential Earthquake with Magnitude Mw 7.2 on the Northern Xiaojiang Fault Revealed by GNSS Measurement, A
* Scribble-Supervised Semantic Segmentation by Uncertainty Reduction on Neural Representation and Self-Supervision on Neural Eigenspace
* Strong ghost removal in multi-exposure image fusion using hole-filling with exposure congruency
* TransView: Inside, Outside, and Across the Cropping View Boundaries
* UMSM: A Traffic Reduction Method on Multi-View Video Streaming for Multiple Users
Includes: Pan, Z.Y.[Zhi Yi] Pan, Z.Y.[Zhi-Yi] Pan, Z.Y.[Zhi-Yu] Pan, Z.Y.[Zhi-Yong] Pan, Z.Y.[Zhao-Ying] Pan, Z.Y.[Zai-Yu] Pan, Z.Y.[Zheng-Yang] Pan, Z.Y.[Zi-Yuan]
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Pan, Z.Z.[Zi Zheng] Co Author Listing * Dynamic Focus-aware Positional Queries for Semantic Segmentation
* Efficient Spatio-Temporal Pyramid Transformer for Action Detection, An
* Object-and-action Aware Model for Visual Language Navigation
* Road to Know-Where: An Object-and-Room Informed Sequential BERT for Indoor Vision-Language Navigation, The
* Scalable Vision Transformers with Hierarchical Pooling
* Stitchable Neural Networks
* Trade-Offs and Synergies among 17 Ecosystem Services in Africa: A Long-Term Multi-National Analysis
Includes: Pan, Z.Z.[Zi Zheng] Pan, Z.Z.[Zi-Zheng] Pan, Z.Z.[Zhen-Zhen]
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