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Zeng, A.[Andy] Co Author Listing * 3DMatch: Learning Local Geometric Descriptors from RGB-D Reconstructions
* DeciWatch: A Simple Baseline for 10× Efficient 2D and 3D Pose Estimationo
* Effective Whole-body Pose Estimation with Two-stages Distillation
* Face Alignment Refinement
* From Knowledge Distillation to Self-Knowledge Distillation: A Unified Approach with Normalized Loss and Customized Soft Labels
* GNSS/5G Integrated Three-Dimensional Positioning Scheme Based on D2D Communication, A
* Human Pose Regression with Residual Log-likelihood Estimation
* Human-Art: A Versatile Human-Centric Dataset Bridging Natural and Artificial Scenes
* HumanSD: A Native Skeleton-Guided Diffusion Model for Human Image Generation
* HuMMan: Multi-modal 4D Human Dataset for Versatile Sensing and Modeling
* Im2Pano3D: Extrapolating 360° Structure and Semantics Beyond the Field of View
* Learning Skeletal Graph Neural Networks for Hard 3D Pose Estimation
* Lite DETR: An Interleaved Multi-Scale Encoder for Efficient DETR
* Neural Interactive Keypoint Detection
* One-Stage 3D Whole-Body Mesh Recovery with Component Aware Transformer
* RAG-Net: ResNet-50 attention gate network for accurate iris segmentation
* Semantic Scene Completion from a Single Depth Image
* SmoothNet: A Plug-and-Play Network for Refining Human Poses in Videos
* Srnet: Improving Generalization in 3d Human Pose Estimation with a Split-and-recombine Approach
Includes: Zeng, A.[Andy] Zeng, A.[Ailing] Zeng, A.[Anmin] Zeng, A. Zeng, A.[Aijun]
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Zeng, A.L.[Ai Ling] Co Author Listing * DeepFuse: An IMU-Aware Network for Real-Time 3D Human Pose Estimation from Multi-View Image
* Differentiable Kernel Evolution
Includes: Zeng, A.L.[Ai Ling] Zeng, A.L.[Ai-Ling]

Zeng, A.X.[An Xiang] Co Author Listing * Selective Zero-Shot Classification with Augmented Attributes
Includes: Zeng, A.X.[An Xiang] Zeng, A.X.[An-Xiang]

Zeng, B.[Bing] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Block-Wise Compressive Image Sensing Based on Visual Perception
* Adaptive sampling for compressed sensing based image compression
* Adaptive vector quantization with codebook updating based on locality and history
* Arbitrarily Shaped Transform Coding Based on a New Padding Technique
* ASFlow: Unsupervised Optical Flow Learning With Adaptive Pyramid Sampling
* Blind Image Quality Assessment Based on Multichannel Feature Fusion and Label Transfer
* Characterization of Long-Time Series Variation of Glacial Lakes in Southwestern Tibet: A Case Study in the Nyalam County
* Coding Trajectory: Enable Video Coding for Video Denoising
* CodingFlow: Enable Video Coding for Video Stabilization
* Compression-Dependent Transform-Domain Downward Conversion for Block-Based Image Coding
* Constrained Directed Graph Clustering and Segmentation Propagation for Multiple Foregrounds Cosegmentation
* Constrained Quantization in the Transform Domain With Applications in Arbitrarily-Shaped Object Coding
* Cross-Space Distortion Directed Color Image Compression
* DC Coefficient Estimation of Intra-Predicted Residuals in HEVC
* DC coefficient estimation of intra-predicted residuals in high efficiency video coding
* Deep Homography Mixture for Single Image Rolling Shutter Correction
* Deep Single Image Deraining via Modeling Haze-Like Effect
* DeepLiDAR: Deep Surface Normal Guided Depth Prediction for Outdoor Scene From Sparse LiDAR Data and Single Color Image
* DeepOIS: Gyroscope-Guided Deep Optical Image Stabilizer Compensation
* DeepPanoContext: Panoramic 3D Scene Understanding with Holistic Scene Context Graph and Relation-based Optimization
* Design and implementation of a programmable stack filter
* Design of New Unitary Transforms for Perceptual Video Encryption
* Design of non-separable transforms for directional 2-D sources
* DFCE: Decoder-Friendly Chrominance Enhancement for HEVC Intra Coding
* Directional Discrete Cosine Transforms: A New Framework for Image Coding
* Downward spatially-scalable image reconstruction based on compressed sensing
* Dual Circle Contrastive Learning-Based Blind Image Super-Resolution
* Efficient Chroma Sub-Sampling and Luma Modification for Color Image Compression
* Endoscopic video deblurring via synthesis
* enhanced block-based hierarchical image coding scheme, An
* Enhancing Quality for VVC Compressed Videos by Jointly Exploiting Spatial Details and Temporal Structure
* Face Animation with an Attribute-Guided Diffusion Model
* Fast and efficient inter CU decision for high efficiency video coding
* Fast CABAC Hardware Design for Accelerating the Rate Estimation in HEVC, A
* Fast Sub-Optimal Design of Extended Threshold Boolean Filters
* Fast Texture Synthesis by Feature Matching
* framework of single-image deraining method based on analysis of rain characteristics, A
* Frequency Domain Model Augmentation for Adversarial Attack
* Geometry-based PSF estimation and deblurring of defocused images with depth information
* Ghost-free High Dynamic Range Imaging with Context-Aware Transformer
* GLOCAL: A self-supervised learning framework for global and local motion estimation
* Hierarchical Approach for Rain or Snow Removing in a Single Color Image, A
* Hierarchical Region Proposal Refinement Network for Weakly Supervised Object Detection
* High-Quality Color Image Compression by Quantization Crossing Color Spaces
* Holistic 3D Scene Understanding from a Single Image with Implicit Representation
* Hybrid Approach for Near-Range Video Stabilization, A
* Hybrid Synthesis for Exposure Fusion from Hand-Held Camera Inputs
* IDa-Det: An Information Discrepancy-Aware Distillation for 1-Bit Detectors
* Image Interpolation Based on Non-local Geometric Similarities and Directional Gradients
* Image selection for improved Multi-View Stereo
* Implicit Diffusion Models for Continuous Super-Resolution
* Interpolation-directed transform domain downward conversion for block-based image compression
* Intrinsic decomposition for stereoscopic images
* JigsawGAN: Auxiliary Learning for Solving Jigsaw Puzzles with Generative Adversarial Networks
* Joint bundled camera paths for stereoscopic video stabilization
* Joint iterative guidance filtering for compressed depth images
* Joint Video Stitching and Stabilization From Moving Cameras
* Kernel-free video deblurring via synthesis
* Learned Image Compression with Large Capacity and Low Redundancy of Latent Representation
* Learning Binary Code for Personalized Fashion Recommendation
* Learning Fashion Compatibility With Context Conditioning Embedding
* Learning to Zoom Inside Camera Imaging Pipeline
* Localized Low-Rank Promoting for Recovery of Block-Sparse Signals With Intrablock Correlation
* Lyapunov Optimized Resource Management for Multiuser Mobile Video Streaming
* Macroblock-based progressive fine granularity scalable video coding
* MCast: High-Quality Linear Video Transmission With Time and Frequency Diversities
* Meshflow video denoising
* MeshFlow: Minimum Latency Online Video Stabilization
* Minimum Latency Deep Online Video Stabilization
* MMSE-Directed Linear Image Interpolation Based on Nonlocal Geometric Similarity
* Mode-dependent transforms based on elliptical model for high efficiency video coding
* MRF-Based Fast HEVC Inter CU Decision With the Variance of Absolute Differences
* MUcast: Linear Uncoded Multiuser Video Streaming With Channel Assignment and Power Allocation Optimization
* Multi-Decoding Deraining Network and Quasi-Sparsity Based Training
* Multi-modal Alignment using Representation Codebook
* Multi-Perspective Assessment Method with a Dynamic Benchmark for Human Activity Impacts on Alpine Ecosystem under Climate Change, A
* Neural Point Cloud Rendering via Multi-Plane Projection
* New Block-Based Method for HEVC Intra Coding, A
* new design of multiple transforms for perceptual video encryption, A
* new fast motion estimation algorithm based on search window sub-sampling and object boundary pixel block matching, A
* New interleaved hierarchical interpolation with median-based interpolators for progressive image transmission
* New Padding Technique for Coding of Arbitrarily-Shaped Image /Video Segments, A
* New Polyphase Down-Sampling-Based Multiple Description Image Coding, A
* New R-D Optimization Criterion for Fast Mode Decision Algorithms in Video Coding and Transrating
* New Three-Step Search Algorithm for Block Motion Estimation, A
* New Transforms Tightly Bounded by DCT and KLT
* Noise-Robust Texture Description Using Local Contrast Patterns via Global Measures
* NOMA-Based Uncoded Video Transmission With Optimization of Joint Resource Allocation
* novel enhancement for hierarchical image coding, A
* Novel Interpolation Scheme for Rectangularly-Subsampled Images, A
* NTSDCN: New Three-Stage Deep Convolutional Image Demosaicking Network
* OAENet: Oriented attention ensemble for accurate facial expression recognition
* OIFlow: Occlusion-Inpainting Optical Flow Estimation by Unsupervised Learning
* OMNet: Learning Overlapping Mask for Partial-to-Partial Point Cloud Registration
* On packetization of JPEG2000 code-streams in wireless channels
* Optical Flow Estimation Between Images of Different Resolutions via Variational Method
* Optimal median-type filtering under structural constraints
* Optimal Parallel Stack Filtering under the Mean Absolute Error Criterion
* Optimal rate allocation for macroblock-based progressive fine granularity scalable video coding
* Optimization of Fast Block Motion Estimation Algorithms
* PBR-GAN: Imitating Physically-Based Rendering With Generative Adversarial Networks
* PBR-Net: Imitating Physically Based Rendering Using Deep Neural Network
* Personalized Fashion Design
* Personalized Fashion Recommendation With Discrete Content-Based Tensor Factorization
* Personalized Outfit Recommendation with Learnable Anchors
* Photomontage for Robust HDR Imaging with Hand-Held Cameras
* Population Mapping with Multisensor Remote Sensing Images and Point-Of-Interest Data
* progressive learning framework based on single-instance annotation for weakly supervised object detection, A
* Quadratic Terms Based Point-to-Surface 3D Representation for Deep Learning of Point Cloud
* Quality-Constrained Encoding Optimization for Omnidirectional Video Streaming
* Rate-Distortion Optimization for Arbitrarily-Shaped Object Coding
* Real-Time Human Detection System for Video, A
* Real-world efficient fall detection: Balancing performance and complexity with FDGA workflow
* Reduction of blocking effect in DCT-coded images using zero-masking techniques
* Region-Aware 3-D Warping for DIBR
* Reliable Motion Detection/Compensation for Interlaced Sequences and Its Applications to Deinterlacing
* Research on Deformation Evolution of a Large Toppling Based on Comprehensive Remote Sensing Interpretation and Real-Time Monitoring
* Rethinking Image Deraining via Rain Streaks and Vapors
* Robust Expression Recognition Using ResNet with a Biologically-Plausible Activation Function
* Robust Quality Enhancement Method Based on Joint Spatial-Temporal Priors for Video Coding, A
* SDP-GAN: Saliency Detail Preservation Generative Adversarial Networks for High Perceptual Quality Style Transfer
* Short-Long-Term Propagation-Based Video Inpainting
* Simultaneous color-depth super-resolution with conditional generative adversarial networks
* SlimConv: Reducing Channel Redundancy in Convolutional Neural Networks by Features Recombining
* Spatiotemporal Heterogeneity in Runoff Dynamics and Its Drivers in a Water Conservation Area of the Upper Yellow River Basin over the Past 35 Years
* SteadyFlow: Spatially Smooth Optical Flow for Video Stabilization
* Stereo RGB and Deeper LIDAR-Based Network for 3D Object Detection in Autonomous Driving
* Subaperture image segmentation for lossless compression
* Supervised Homography Learning with Realistic Dataset Generation
* Synthesis of light-field raw data from RGB-D images
* Threshold pattern filters for image enhancement
* Total-variation based picture reconstruction in multiple description image and video coding
* Two-stage filtering of compressed depth images with Markov Random Field
* Two-Stage Structure-Focused Contrastive Learning for Automatic Identification and Localization of Complex Pelvic Fractures
* Understanding and Constructing Latent Modality Structures in Multi-Modal Representation Learning
* Unsupervised Global and Local Homography Estimation With Motion Basis Learning
* UPHDR-GAN: Generative Adversarial Network for High Dynamic Range Imaging With Unpaired Data
* Vision-Language Pre-Training with Triple Contrastive Learning
* Wireless multicasting of video signals based on distributed compressed sensing
Includes: Zeng, B.[Bing] Zeng, B. Zeng, B.[Binyang] Zeng, B.[Bohan] Zeng, B.[Boheng] Zeng, B.[Boyi] Zeng, B.[Belinda] Zeng, B.[Biao] Zeng, B.[Bobo] Zeng, B.[Bi] Zeng, B.[Bin] Zeng, B.[Bolun]
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Zeng, B.C.[Bei Chen] Co Author Listing * Aircraft Detection in High Spatial Resolution Remote Sensing Images Combining Multi-Angle Features Driven and Majority Voting CNN
Includes: Zeng, B.C.[Bei Chen] Zeng, B.C.[Bei-Chen]

Zeng, B.Q.[Bi Qing] Co Author Listing * Canonical Correlation Analysis With Low-Rank Learning for Image Representation
* Guided Discrimination and Correlation Subspace Learning for Domain Adaptation
Includes: Zeng, B.Q.[Bi Qing] Zeng, B.Q.[Bi-Qing]

Zeng, B.R.[Bing Ru] Co Author Listing * Characteristics and Evolution of Structural and Functional Connectivity in a Large Catchment (Poyang Lake) during the Past 30 Years, The
Includes: Zeng, B.R.[Bing Ru] Zeng, B.R.[Bing-Ru]

Zeng, B.W.[Bin Wei] Co Author Listing * novel scheme to code object flags for video synopsis, A
Includes: Zeng, B.W.[Bin Wei] Zeng, B.W.[Bin-Wei]

Zeng, B.Y.[Bing Yuan] Co Author Listing * Cast Search via Two-Stream Label Propagation
* Detecting Spatial-Temporal Changes of Urban Environment Quality by Remote Sensing-Based Ecological Indices: A Case Study in Panzhihua City, Sichuan Province, China
Includes: Zeng, B.Y.[Bing Yuan] Zeng, B.Y.[Bing-Yuan] Zeng, B.Y.[Bin-Yang]

Zeng, C.[Chao] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Time Budget Adjustment Strategy Based on a Take-Over Performance Model for Passive Fatigue, An
* Algorithm for Colour-Based Natural Scene Text Segmentation, An
* Autoencoder Neural Network-Based STAP Algorithm for Airborne Radar with Inadequate Training Samples
* Cloud removal for remotely sensed images by similar pixel replacement guided with a spatio-temporal MRF model
* Compressed Sensing-Based Inpainting of Aqua Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer Band 6 Using Adaptive Spectrum-Weighted Sparse Bayesian Dictionary Learning
* Data Field Method For Urban Remotely Sensed Imagery Classification Considering Spatial Correlation, A
* Data Mining Meets the Needs of Disaster Information Management
* Deep Learning Based Multi-View Stereo Matching and 3D Scene Reconstruction from Oblique Aerial Images
* Delay Compensation for Distributed MIMO Radar With Non-Orthogonal Waveforms
* Determination of optimal electroencephalography recording locations for detecting drowsy driving
* Fast High-Resolution Imaging Algorithm for Helicopter-Borne Rotating Array SAR Based on 2-D Chirp-Z Transform, A
* Fluorescence-Based Approach to Estimate the Chlorophyll-A Concentration of a Phytoplankton Bloom in Ardley Cove (Antarctica)
* Geometry-Information-Aided Efficient Radial Velocity Estimation for Moving Target Imaging and Location Based on Radon Transform
* Graph-Based Text Segmentation Using a Selected Channel Image
* Human-Centered Comprehensive Measure of Take-Over Performance Based on Multiple Objective Metrics, A
* Hyperspectral Image Classification Using Feature Relations Map Learning
* Improving Spatial Coverage for Aqua MODIS AOD using NDVI-Based Multi-Temporal Regression Analysis
* Iterative Support Shrinking Algorithm for Non-Lipschitz Optimization in Image Restoration, An
* Joint Sparse Recovery for Signals of Spark-Level Sparsity and MMV Tail-L_2,1 Minimization
* Latent Hazard Notification for Highly Automated Driving: Expected Safety Benefits and Driver Behavioral Adaptation
* Local Three-Dimensional Shape-Preserving Smoothing without Shrinkage
* Missing Data Reconstruction in Remote Sensing Image With a Unified Spatial-Temporal-Spectral Deep Convolutional Neural Network
* Moving Object Detection Method Based on Graph Neural Network, A
* Multi-Resolution STAP for Enhanced Ultra-Low-Altitude Target Detection
* Non-Lipschitz Models for Image Restoration with Impulse Noise Removal
* Object detection based on RGC mask R-CNN
* Opposite Spatiotemporal Patterns for Surface Urban Heat Island of Two Stove Cities in China: Wuhan and Nanchang
* Optimal feature-algorithm combination research for EEG fatigue driving detection based on functional brain network
* Optimizing multi-graph learning based salient object detection
* Reweighted Extreme Learning Machine-Based Clutter Suppression and Range Compensation Algorithm for Non-Side-Looking Airborne Radar
* Siam-Sort: Multi-Target Tracking in Video SAR Based on Tracking by Detection and Siamese Network
* Sparse Aperture ISAR Imaging Method Based on Joint Constraints of Sparsity and Low Rank
* SportsMOT: A Large Multi-Object Tracking Dataset in Multiple Sports Scenes
* two-step framework for reconstructing remotely sensed land surface temperatures contaminated by cloud, A
* Unified Spatial-Angular Structured Light for Single-View Acquisition of Shape and Reflectance, A
* Unsupervised Affinity Propagation Clustering Based Clutter Suppression and Target Detection Algorithm for Non-Side-Looking Airborne Radar
* Virtual Geographic Environment for Debris Flow Risk Analysis in Residential Areas, A
Includes: Zeng, C.[Chao] Zeng, C.[Cao] Zeng, C. Zeng, C.[Chang] Zeng, C.[Cengcang] Zeng, C.[Chen] Zeng, C.[Can] Zeng, C.[Cheng] Zeng, C.[ChangQing] Zeng, C.[Chenkai] Zeng, C.[Chong]
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Zeng, C.B.[Cheng Bin] Co Author Listing * Fast human detection using mi-sVM and a cascade of HOG-LBP features
* Human detection using multi-camera and 3D scene knowledge
* Robust Head-Shoulder Detection by PCA-Based Multilevel HOG-LBP Detector for People Counting
* Swin-CasUNet: Cascaded U-Net with Swin Transformer for Masked Face Restoration
Includes: Zeng, C.B.[Cheng Bin] Zeng, C.B.[Cheng-Bin]

Zeng, C.G.[Cai Gao] Co Author Listing * Spatial Spectral Enhancement of Broadband Signals in a Towed Array Using Deconvolved Subband Peak Energy Detection
Includes: Zeng, C.G.[Cai Gao] Zeng, C.G.[Cai-Gao]

Zeng, C.H.[Cai Hong] Co Author Listing * Automatic fine-grained glomerular lesion recognition in kidney pathology
* P3SGD: Patient Privacy Preserving SGD for Regularizing Deep CNNs in Pathological Image Classification
* Unsupervised Tissue Segmentation via Deep Constrained Gaussian Network
Includes: Zeng, C.H.[Cai Hong] Zeng, C.H.[Cai-Hong]

Zeng, C.Q.[Chui Qing] Co Author Listing * Consistent Multi-Mission Measures of Inland Water Algal Bloom Spatial Extent Using MERIS, MODIS and OLCI
* Data-Driven Techniques in Disaster Information Management
* Effect of Mineral Sediments on Satellite Chlorophyll-a Retrievals from Line-Height Algorithms Using Red and Near-Infrared Bands, The
* Fusion of Multispectral Imagery and Spectrometer Data in UAV Remote Sensing
* impacts of environmental variables on water reflectance measured using a lightweight unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)-based spectrometer system, The
* Natural-Rule-Based-Connection (NRBC) Method for River Network Extraction from High-Resolution Imagery, A
Includes: Zeng, C.Q.[Chui Qing] Zeng, C.Q.[Chui-Qing] Zeng, C.Q.[Chun-Qiu]

Zeng, C.X.[Cheng Xiao] Co Author Listing * CGC-Net: A Context-Guided Constrained Network for Remote-Sensing Image Super Resolution
* Cognitive-Based Crack Detection for Road Maintenance: An Integrated System in Cyber-Physical-Social Systems
* Video-SwinUNet: Spatio-temporal Deep Learning Framework for VFSS Instance Segmentation
Includes: Zeng, C.X.[Cheng Xiao] Zeng, C.X.[Cheng-Xiao] Zeng, C.X.[Chang-Xian] Zeng, C.X.[Cheng-Xi]

Zeng, C.Y.[Chun Yan] Co Author Listing * Adaptive sparsity reconstruction method for ultrasonic images based on compressive sensing
* Generation of Soil Spectral Dynamic Feedback Using Landsat 8 Data for Digital Soil Mapping, The
Includes: Zeng, C.Y.[Chun Yan] Zeng, C.Y.[Chun-Yan] Zeng, C.Y.[Can-Ying]

Zeng, D.[Dazhi] Co Author Listing * Accurate time interval measurement method based on Vernier caliper principle
* Adaptive and Background-Aware Vision Transformer for Real-Time UAV Tracking
* Arranging and Interpolating Sparse Unorganized Feature Points With Geodesic Circular Arc
* Bag of Shape Features with a learned pooling function for shape recognition
* CaCo: Both Positive and Negative Samples are Directly Learnable via Cooperative-Adversarial Contrastive Learning
* Cascaded face super-resolution with shape and identity priors
* Column-Spatial Correction Network for Remote Sensing Image Destriping
* Combined training strategy for low-resolution face recognition with limited application-specific data
* Cross-frame keypoint-based and spatial motion information-guided networks for moving vehicle detection and tracking in satellite videos
* Disentangling Features in 3D Face Shapes for Joint Face Reconstruction and Recognition
* Downsampled Imaging Geometric Modeling for Accurate CT Reconstruction via Deep Learning
* Dual Spoof Disentanglement Generation for Face Anti-Spoofing With Depth Uncertainty Learning
* Edge Intelligence Empowered Urban Traffic Monitoring: A Network Tomography Perspective
* EFDCNet: Encoding Fusion and Decoding Correction Network for RGB-D Indoor Semantic Segmentation
* Efficient Iterative Cerebral Perfusion CT Reconstruction via Low-Rank Tensor Decomposition With Spatial-Temporal Total Variation Regularization, An
* Examplar coherent 3D face reconstruction from forensic mugshot database
* Explainable Face Recognition based on Accurate Facial Compositions
* Face2Exp: Combating Data Biases for Facial Expression Recognition
* Fast cascade face detection with pyramid network
* Full-Spectrum-Knowledge-Aware Tensor Model for Energy-Resolved CT Iterative Reconstruction
* Geometry-Based Global Alignment for GSMS Remote Sensing Images
* GSTGAT: Gated spatiotemporal graph attention network for traffic demand forecasting
* Hyperspectral Image Denoising via Adversarial Learning
* Image Segmentation Based on the Poincaré Map Method
* Improving Remote Sensing Scene Classification by Integrating Global-Context and Local-Object Features
* Intelligence and security informatics for homeland security: information, communication, and transportation
* Joint Face Alignment and 3D Face Reconstruction
* Joint Face Alignment and 3D Face Reconstruction with Application to Face Recognition
* Learning Privacy-Preserving Student Networks via Discriminative-Generative Distillation
* Learning Shape-Biased Representations for Infrared Small Target Detection
* Linguistic Steganography: Hiding Information in Syntax Space
* Low-Dose Dynamic Cerebral Perfusion Computed Tomography Reconstruction via Kronecker-Basis-Representation Tensor Sparsity Regularization
* MDA: Multimodal Data Augmentation Framework for Boosting Performance on Sentiment/Emotion Classification Tasks
* MDM-PCCT: Multiple Dynamic Modulations for High-Performance Spectral PCCT Imaging
* Metric for Quantifying Image Quality Induced Saliency Variation, A
* Multi-oriented text detection from natural scene images based on a CNN and pruning non-adjacent graph edges
* Multiscale Approach to Deep Blind Image Quality Assessment, A
* Multiscale Attentive Image De-Raining Networks via Neural Architecture Search
* Neural Architecture Search for Joint Human Parsing and Pose Estimation
* New Genetic Programming-Based Approach to Object Detection in Mussel Farm Images, A
* Noise Characteristics Modeled Unsupervised Network for Robust CT Image Reconstruction
* novel framework method for non-blind deconvolution using subspace images priors, A
* Occluded Face Recognition in the Wild by Identity-Diversity Inpainting
* Occlusion-invariant face recognition using simultaneous segmentation
* Optimizing a Parameterized Plug-and-Play ADMM for Iterative Low-Dose CT Reconstruction
* OSCNet: Orientation-Shared Convolutional Network for CT Metal Artifact Learning
* Pan-Sharpening with a Hyper-Laplacian Penalty
* Probabilistic Method for Image Enhancement With Simultaneous Illumination and Reflectance Estimation, A
* Regularity Guaranteed Human Pose Correction
* Rethinking Dual-Stream Super-Resolution Semantic Learning in Medical Image Segmentation
* RGB-T Semantic Segmentation With Location, Activation, and Sharpening
* Robust Low-Dose CT Sinogram Preprocessing via Exploiting Noise-Generating Mechanism
* Robust Visual Object Tracking with Two-Stream Residual Convolutional Networks
* Saliency Detection With Spaces of Background-Based Distribution
* Semi-Siamese Training for Shallow Face Learning
* Semi-Supervised DEGAN for Optical High-Resolution Remote Sensing Image Scene Classification
* Shape recognition by bag of contour fragments with a learned pooling function
* Shape recognition by bag of skeleton-associated contour parts
* Slope-Restricted Multi-Scale Feature Matching for Geostationary Satellite Remote Sensing Images
* Spatial-temporal convolutional neural networks for anomaly detection and localization in crowded scenes
* STAT: Multi-Object Tracking Based on Spatio-Temporal Topological Constraints
* Student Network Learning via Evolutionary Knowledge Distillation
* Super Resolution Dual-Energy Cone-Beam CT Imaging With Dual-Layer Flat-Panel Detector
* survey of face recognition techniques under occlusion, A
* Text detection in scene images based on exhaustive segmentation
* TO-FLOW: Efficient Continuous Normalizing Flows with Temporal Optimization adjoint with Moving Speed
* Towards NIR-VIS Masked Face Recognition
* Trustable Co-Label Learning From Multiple Noisy Annotators
* Underwater Image Quality Assessment Metric, An
* Underwater Image Quality Assessment: Subjective and Objective Methods
* Variations of Mass Balance of the Greenland Ice Sheet from 2002 to 2019
* Volumeter: 3D human body parameters measurement with a single Kinect
* VVBP-Tensor in the FBP Algorithm: Its Properties and Application in Low-Dose CT Reconstruction
* VWP: An Efficient DRL-Based Autonomous Driving Model
* Weighted Variational Model for Simultaneous Reflectance and Illumination Estimation, A
Includes: Zeng, D.[Dazhi] Zeng, D.[Dan] Zeng, D.[Delu] Zeng, D.[Dening] Zeng, D. Zeng, D.[Dong] Zeng, D.[Daojian] Zeng, D.[Daniel] Zeng, D.[Dylon] Zeng, D.[Di]
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Zeng, D.D.[Dou Dou] Co Author Listing * Classification of Point Clouds for Indoor Components Using Few Labeled Samples
* closed-form reduction of multi-class cost-sensitive learning to weighted multi-class learning, A
* cross-correction LiDAR SLAM method for high-accuracy 2D mapping of problematic scenario, A
* Extended scale invariant local binary pattern for background subtraction
* Hierarchical Maritime Target Detection Method for Optical Remote Sensing Imagery, A
* RIO: Rotation-equivariance supervised learning of robust inertial odometry
* Urban Land Cover Classification of High-Resolution Aerial Imagery Using a Relation-Enhanced Multiscale Convolutional Network
Includes: Zeng, D.D.[Dou Dou] Zeng, D.D.[Dou-Dou] Zeng, D.D.[Daniel D.] Zeng, D.D.[Dong-Dong] Zeng, D.D.[Dan-Dan]
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Zeng, D.H.[Ding Heng] Co Author Listing * Bandpass Filter Based Dual-stream Network for Face Anti-spoofing
* Surveillance Video Index and Browsing System Based on Object Flags and Video Synopsis, A
* Wireless Video Surveillance System Based on Incremental Learning Face Detection
Includes: Zeng, D.H.[Ding Heng] Zeng, D.H.[Ding-Heng]

Zeng, D.J. Co Author Listing * Reliable and Dynamic Appearance Modeling and Label Consistency Enforcing for Fast and Coherent Video Object Segmentation With the Bilateral Grid

Zeng, D.L.[De Lu] Co Author Listing * Removing Rain from Single Images via a Deep Detail Network
* User personality prediction based on topic preference and sentiment analysis using LSTM model
Includes: Zeng, D.L.[De Lu] Zeng, D.L.[De-Lu] Zeng, D.L.[Da-Lin]

Zeng, D.N.[De Ning] Co Author Listing * VisDrone-DET2019: The Vision Meets Drone Object Detection in Image Challenge Results
Includes: Zeng, D.N.[De Ning] Zeng, D.N.[De-Ning]

Zeng, D.Q.[De Quan] Co Author Listing * Priority Data Association Policy for Multitarget Tracking on Intelligent Vehicle Risk Assessment, A
Includes: Zeng, D.Q.[De Quan] Zeng, D.Q.[De-Quan]

Zeng, D.X.[Dong Xu] Co Author Listing * Feature pyramid U-Net for retinal vessel segmentation
* SS-Norm: Spectral-spatial normalization for single-domain generalization with application to retinal vessel segmentation
Includes: Zeng, D.X.[Dong Xu] Zeng, D.X.[Dong-Xu]

Zeng, D.Y.[De Yu] Co Author Listing * EU-Net: A novel semantic segmentation architecture for surface defect detection of mobile phone screens
* fusion representation for face learning by low-rank constrain and high-frequency texture components, A
Includes: Zeng, D.Y.[De Yu] Zeng, D.Y.[De-Yu]

Zeng, E.Z.[E. Zhixuan] Co Author Listing * MMRNet: Improving Reliability for Multimodal Object Detection and Segmentation for Bin Picking via Multimodal Redundancy

Zeng, F. Co Author Listing * Atmospheric Correction Comparison of Spot-5 Image Based On Model Flaash And Model Quac
* Category Query Learning for Human-Object Interaction Classification
* CNN-Based Layer-Adaptive GCPs Extraction Method for TIR Remote Sensing Images, A
* Contextual Bag-of-Words for Robust Visual Tracking
* Discriminative Bag-of-Words-Based Adaptive Appearance Model for Robust Visual Tracking
* EFSCNN: Encoded Feature Sphere Convolution Neural Network for fast non-rigid 3D models classification and retrieval
* Evaluating and Analyzing the Potential of the Gaofen-3 SAR Satellite for Landslide Monitoring
* Low-light images enhancement and denoising network based on unsupervised learning multi-stream feature modeling
* Monitoring inland water via Sentinel satellite constellation: A review and perspective
* Nonlinear circumference-based robust ellipse detection in low-SNR images
* Stop-and-Wait: Discover Aggregation Effect Based on Private Car Trajectory Data
* Trademark image retrieval using hierarchical region feature description
* Volunteer Assisted Collaborative Offloading and Resource Allocation in Vehicular Edge Computing
Includes: Zeng, F. Zeng, F.[Fangao] Zeng, F.[Fanjun] Zeng, F.[Fanzhi] Zeng, F.[Fanru] Zeng, F.[Fanyu] Zeng, F.[Fanxuan] Zeng, F.[Fei] Zeng, F.[Feng]
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Zeng, F.G.[Fan Gao] Co Author Listing * MOTR: End-to-End Multiple-Object Tracking with Transformer
* Polarized Intensity Ratio Constraint Demosaicing for the Division of a Focal-Plane Polarimetric Image
* Prime-aware Adaptive Distillation
Includes: Zeng, F.G.[Fan Gao] Zeng, F.G.[Fan-Gao] Zeng, F.G.[Fan-Gang]

Zeng, F.K.[Fan Ku] Co Author Listing * SNR Enhancement of Back Scattering Signals for Bistatic Radar Based on BeiDou GEO Satellites
Includes: Zeng, F.K.[Fan Ku] Zeng, F.K.[Fan-Ku]

Zeng, F.L.[Fang Ling] Co Author Listing * Comprehensive Analysis of PPP-B2b Service and Its Impact on BDS-3/GPS Real-Time PPP Time Transfer
* new method of Thangka image inpainting quality assessment, A
* No reference quality assessment for Thangka color image based on superpixel
Includes: Zeng, F.L.[Fang Ling] Zeng, F.L.[Fang-Ling] Zeng, F.L.[Fu-Liang]

Zeng, F.W.[Fan Wei] Co Author Listing * Evaluating and Quantifying the Climate-Driven Interannual Variability in Global Inventory Modeling and Mapping Studies (GIMMS) Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI3g) at Global Scales
* OAENet: Oriented attention ensemble for accurate facial expression recognition
Includes: Zeng, F.W.[Fan Wei] Zeng, F.W.[Fan-Wei]

Zeng, F.X.[Fan Xin] Co Author Listing * Extracting Human Activity Areas from Large-Scale Spatial Data with Varying Densities
* Fast single image dehazing with domain transformation-based edge-preserving filter and weighted quadtree subdivision
* Hierarchical Airport Detection Method Using Spatial Analysis and Deep Learning, A
* Kernel Based Multiple Cue Adaptive Appearance Model For Robust Real-time Visual Tracking
* Monitoring Spatial-Temporal Variations in River Width in the Aral Sea Basin with Sentinel-2 Imagery
* Optimal Permutation Based Block Compressed Sensing for Image Compression Applications
* Perfect Gaussian Integer Sequences Embedding Pre-Given Gaussian Integers
* Quadriphase Cross Z-Complementary Pairs for Pilot Sequence Design in Spatial Modulation Systems
* Robust and efficient object tracking algorithm under illumination changes based on joint gradient-intensity histogram
* Single color image dehazing based on digital total variation filter with color transfer
Includes: Zeng, F.X.[Fan Xin] Zeng, F.X.[Fan-Xin] Zeng, F.X.[Fan-Xiang] Zeng, F.X.[Fan-Xuan]
10 for Zeng, F.X.

Zeng, F.Z.[Fan Zi] Co Author Listing * Location Privacy-Preserving Mechanisms in Location-Based Services: A Comprehensive Survey
Includes: Zeng, F.Z.[Fan Zi] Zeng, F.Z.[Fan-Zi]

Zeng, G. Co Author Listing * 2.5D Convolution for RGB-D Semantic Segmentation
* 3D Sketch-Aware Semantic Scene Completion via Semi-Supervised Structure Prior
* Accurate and Scalable Surface Representation and Reconstruction from Images
* Bayesian Approach to Uncertainty-Based Depth Map Super Resolution, A
* Beyond OCR + VQA: Towards end-to-end reading and reasoning for robust and accurate textvqa
* Bi-directional Cross-modality Feature Propagation with Separation-and-aggregation Gate for RGB-D Semantic Segmentation
* Colorful 3D reconstruction at high resolution using multi-view representation
* Complementary hashing for approximate nearest neighbor search
* Completely Automated Multiresolution Edge Snapper: A New Technique for an Accurate Carotid Ultrasound IMT Measurement: Clinical Validation and Benchmarking on a Multi-Institutional Database
* Conditional DETR for Fast Training Convergence
* Context Autoencoder for Self-supervised Representation Learning
* Coordination Conflicts between Urban Resilience and Urban Land Evolution in Chinese Hilly City of Mianyang
* Correlation-Based Facade Parsing Using Shape Grammar
* Coupling Two-Stream RGB-D Semantic Segmentation Network by Idempotent Mappings
* Delicate Textured Mesh Recovery from NeRF via Adaptive Surface Refinement
* Detecting and Measuring Fine Roots in Minirhizotron Images Using Matched Filtering and Local Entropy Thresholding
* Efficient Object Region Discovery for Weakly-supervised Semantic Segmentation
* Enhanced Vote Network for 3D Object Detection in Point Clouds
* Fast approximate k-means via cluster closures
* Fast Neighborhood Graph Search Using Cartesian Concatenation
* Global Context Encoding for Salient Objects Detection
* Group DETR: Fast DETR Training with Group-Wise One-to-Many Assignment
* Hand-Crafted Feature Guided Deep Learning for Facial Expression Recognition
* Indoor Space Location Model Based On Location Service
* Interactive Shape from Shading
* Invited Paper: Towards Mass-Produced Building Models
* Joint learning of visual and spatial features for edit propagation from a single image
* Joint Learning-Based Method for Multi-view Depth Map Super Resolution, A
* Joint Semantic-Instance Segmentation of 3D Point Clouds: Instance Separation and Semantic Fusion
* Malleable 2.5d Convolution: Learning Receptive Fields Along the Depth-axis for RGB-D Scene Parsing
* Multi-label image segmentation via point-wise repetition
* Multiple View Based Building Modeling with Multi-box Grammar
* Neural Style Transfer via Meta Networks
* Optimizing Extensibility of CAN FD for Automotive Cyber-Physical Systems
* Optimizing kd-trees for scalable visual descriptor indexing
* Point Scene Understanding via Disentangled Instance Mesh Reconstruction
* Progressive Surface Reconstruction from Images Using a Local Prior
* Rapid automated detection of roots in minirhizotron images
* Real-Time Semantic Scene Completion Via Feature Aggregation And Conditioned Prediction
* Risk Assessment and Development Cost Optimization in Software Defined Vehicles
* Robust carving for non-Lambertian objects
* Salient object detection for searched web images via global saliency
* Scalable k-NN graph construction for visual descriptors
* Scalable Monocular SLAM by Fusing and Connecting Line Segments with Inverse Depth Filter
* Scale-aware limited deformable convolutional neural networks for traffic sign detection and classification
* Semantic Segmentation via Structured Patch Prediction, Context CRF and Guidance CRF
* Semi-Supervised Semantic Segmentation with Cross Pseudo Supervision
* Similarity-Aware Patchwork Assembly for Depth Image Super-resolution
* Standardized Assessment of Automatic Segmentation of White Matter Hyperintensities and Results of the WMH Segmentation Challenge
* Structure-aware SLAM with planes and lines in man-made environment
* Structure-Sensitive Superpixels via Geodesic Distance
* Supervised Kernel Descriptors for Visual Recognition
* Surface Reconstruction by Propagating 3D Stereo Data in Multiple 2D Images
* Test for Spatial Randomness Based on K-NN Distances, A
* Thermal Infrared Image Colorization for Nighttime Driving Scenes With Top-Down Guided Attention
* Trinary-Projection Trees for Approximate Nearest Neighbor Search
* Ultra-Fast Automatic License Plate Recognition Approach for Unconstrained Scenarios, An
Includes: Zeng, G. Zeng, G.[Gang] Zeng, G.[Gangyan] Zeng, G.[Guang] Zeng, G.[Gaowen] Zeng, G.[Ganxiong]
57 for Zeng, G.

Zeng, G.B.[Guang Bo] Co Author Listing * Disturbance attenuation for a class of uncertain polynomial discrete-time systems: An integrator approach
* Nonlinear robust state feedback control of uncertain polynomial discrete-time systems: An integral action approach
* Robust H-inf state feedback control of networked control systems with congestion control
Includes: Zeng, G.B.[Guang Bo] Zeng, G.B.[Guang-Bo]

Zeng, G.D.[Guo Dong] Co Author Listing * Benchmark on Automatic Six-Month-Old Infant Brain Segmentation Algorithms: The iSeg-2017 Challenge
* Multi-scale Fully Convolutional DenseNets for Automated Skin Lesion Segmentation in Dermoscopy Images
* person re-identification algorithm based on color topology, A
* person re-identification algorithm by exploiting region-based feature salience, A
Includes: Zeng, G.D.[Guo Dong] Zeng, G.D.[Guo-Dong]

Zeng, G.G.[Gui Gen] Co Author Listing * Image recovery and recognition: A combining method of matrix norm regularisation
Includes: Zeng, G.G.[Gui Gen] Zeng, G.G.[Gui-Gen]

Zeng, G.H.[Gui Hua] Co Author Listing * Fast Local Self-Similarity for describing interest regions
* Ghost imaging with nonuniform thermal light fields
* Human action detection via boosted local motion histograms
* Joint and collaborative representation with local adaptive convolution feature for face recognition with single sample per person
* Novel SVM-Based Method for Moving Video Objects Recognition, A
* Photon efficiency of computational ghost imaging with single-photon detection
* Seeded region growing: an extensive and comparative study
Includes: Zeng, G.H.[Gui Hua] Zeng, G.H.[Gui-Hua] Zeng, G.H.[Guo-Hang]
7 for Zeng, G.H.

Zeng, G.J.[Guang Jun] Co Author Listing * Assessing the Suitability of Fractal Dimension for Measuring Graphic Complexity Change in Schematic Metro Networks
* Dual autoencoders features for imbalance classification problem
Includes: Zeng, G.J.[Guang Jun] Zeng, G.J.[Guang-Jun]

Zeng, G.L.[Gengsheng L.] Co Author Listing * Analytical Inversion of the 180deg Exponential Radon Transform with a Numerically Generated Kernel, An
* Attenuation map estimation with SPECT emission data only
* Filtered backprojection algorithm can outperform iterative maximum likelihood expectation-maximization algorithm
* Hilbert Transform Based FBP Algorithm for Fan-Beam CT Full and Partial Scans
* Nonuniform Noise Propagation by Using the Ramp Filter in Fan-Beam Computed Tomography
* projector/backprojector with slice-to-slice blurring for efficient three-dimensional scatter modeling, A
* Reconstruction From Uniformly Attenuated SPECT Projection Data Using the DBH Method
* Trip destination prediction based on a deep integration network by fusing multiple features from taxi trajectories
* unified reconstruction framework for both parallel-beam and variable focal-length fan-beam collimators by a Cormack-type inversion of exponential Radon transform, A
Includes: Zeng, G.L.[Gengsheng L.] Zeng, G.L.[Gengsheng Lawrence] Zeng, G.L. Zeng, G.L.[Guo-Liang]
9 for Zeng, G.L.

Zeng, G.Q.[Guo Qi] Co Author Listing * Nonuniform sampling and reconstruction for high resolution satellite images
Includes: Zeng, G.Q.[Guo Qi] Zeng, G.Q.[Guo-Qi]

Zeng, G.S.L.[Geng Sheng L.] Co Author Listing * Compensating for nonstationary blurring by further blurring and deconvolution
* Non-iterative reconstruction with a prior for undersampled radial MRI data
* Projection Space Image Reconstruction Using Strip Functions to Calculate Pixels More Natural for Modeling the Geometric Response of the SPECT Collimator
* SPECT reconstruction with sub-sinogram acquisitions
* Two finite inverse Hilbert transform formulae for region-of-interest tomography
Includes: Zeng, G.S.L.[Geng Sheng L.] Zeng, G.S.L.[Geng-Sheng L.] Zeng, G.S.L.

Zeng, G.T.[Guo Tian] Co Author Listing * Real-world efficient fall detection: Balancing performance and complexity with FDGA workflow
Includes: Zeng, G.T.[Guo Tian] Zeng, G.T.[Guo-Tian]

Zeng, G.Z.[Guang Zhou] Co Author Listing * comparison of tests for randomness, A
* Spontaneous Driver Emotion Facial Expression (DEFE) Dataset for Intelligent Vehicles: Emotions Triggered by Video-Audio Clips in Driving Scenarios, A
Includes: Zeng, G.Z.[Guang Zhou] Zeng, G.Z.[Guang-Zhou] Zeng, G.Z.[Guan-Zhong]

Zeng, H.[Han] Co Author Listing * 360-Degree Image Super-Resolution Based on Single Image Sample and Progressive Residual Generative Adversarial Network
* 3D Point Cloud Attribute Compression Using Geometry-Guided Sparse Representation
* 3D Point Cloud Attribute Compression via Graph Prediction
* adaptive steganographic scheme for H.264/AVC video with distortion optimization, An
* Adversarial Decoupling and Modality-Invariant Representation Learning for Visible-Infrared Person Re-Identification
* Adversarial Example Detection Bayesian Game
* APMC: Adjacent Pixels Based Measurement Coding System for Compressively Sensed Images
* Blind Image Quality Assessment with a Probabilistic Quality Representation
* Block-based and multi-resolution methods for ear recognition using wavelet transform and uniform local binary patterns
* Calibration of a Structured Light Measurement System Using Binary Shape Coding
* Camera Source Identification Game with Incomplete Information
* CBAM-GAN-based method for super-resolution reconstruction of remote sensing image, A
* Color correction and interpolation with few samples
* Color Image Demosaicing Using Progressive Collaborative Representation
* Controllable Face Aging
* Correlation Analysis of Subsidence Monitoring By D-insar And The Change of Urban Construction Land, The
* Countering anti-forensics of image resampling
* Crown Information Extraction and Annual Growth Estimation of a Chinese Fir Plantation Based on Unmanned Aerial Vehicle-Light Detection and Ranging
* Deep attention aware feature learning for person re-Identification
* Deep Convolutional Neural Models for Picture-Quality Prediction: Challenges and Solutions to Data-Driven Image Quality Assessment
* Deep Hybrid Similarity Learning for Person Re-Identification
* Deep Unsupervised Binary Descriptor Learning Through Locality Consistency and Self Distinctiveness
* Dempster-Shafer evidence theory-based multi-feature learning and fusion method for non-rigid 3D model retrieval
* Details or Artifacts: A Locally Discriminative Learning Approach to Realistic Image Super-Resolution
* Detecting C &W Adversarial Images Based on Noise Addition-Then-Denoising
* Direct Impacts of Climate Change and Indirect Impacts of Non-Climate Change on Land Surface Phenology Variation across Northern China
* Efficient and Degradation-Adaptive Network for Real-World Image Super-Resolution
* Efficient Hardware-aware Neural Architecture Search for Image Super-resolution on Mobile Devices
* Efficient image classification via sparse coding spatial pyramid matching representation of SIFT-WCS-LTP feature
* Efficient Long-Range Attention Network for Image Super-Resolution
* Endoscopic Vision Augmentation Using Multiscale Bilateral-Weighted Retinex for Robotic Surgery
* Energy-Efficient Timely Transportation of Long-Haul Heavy-Duty Trucks
* Energy-Efficient Timely Truck Transportation for Geographically-Dispersed Tasks
* Enhanced Neuron Attribution-Based Attack Via Pixel Dropping, An
* Enhanced Transferable Adversarial Attack of Scale-Invariant Methods, An
* Enhancing Targeted Transferability Via Suppressing High-Confidence Labels
* ESIM: Edge Similarity for Screen Content Image Quality Assessment
* Evaluating Image Super-resolution Performance on Mobile Devices: An Online Benchmark
* Extinction Effect of Foliar Dust Retention on Urban Vegetation as Estimated by Atmospheric PM10 Concentration in Shenzhen, China
* Face identity and expression consistency for game character face swapping
* Feature Selection and Kernel Learning for Local Learning-Based Clustering
* Framework of Camera Source Identification Bayesian Game, A
* Gradient Direction for Screen Content Image Quality Assessment
* Grid Anchor Based Image Cropping: A New Benchmark and An Efficient Model
* High-order information for robust iris recognition under less controlled conditions
* High-Order Local Pooling and Encoding Gaussians Over a Dictionary of Gaussians
* High-Resolution Photorealistic Image Translation in Real-Time: A Laplacian Pyramid Translation Network
* Human Guided Ground-Truth Generation for Realistic Image Super-Resolution
* Hyperspectral Image Restoration via Global L1-2 Spatial-Spectral Total Variation Regularized Local Low-Rank Tensor Recovery
* Image Analysis Under Varying Illumination
* Improving spatial representation of soil moisture by integration of microwave observations and the temperature-vegetation-drought index derived from MODIS products
* ISO Setting Estimation Based on Convolutional Neural Network and its Application in Image Forensics
* Joint HDR Denoising and Fusion: A Real-World Mobile HDR Image Dataset
* Large Disparity Motion Layer Extraction via Topological Clustering
* Learning a mixture model for clustering with the completed likelihood minimum message length criterion
* Learning Image-Adaptive 3D Lookup Tables for High Performance Photo Enhancement in Real-Time
* Learning Matching Behavior Differences for Compressing Vehicle Re-identification Models
* Learning to Detect Human-Object Interactions
* Light Field Image Quality Assessment via the Light Field Coherence
* Listwise learning to rank method combining approximate NDCG ranking indicator with Conditional Generative Adversarial Networks
* Local image region description using orthogonal symmetric local ternary pattern
* Local Log-Euclidean Covariance Matrix (L2ECM) for Image Representation and Its Applications
* Local Log-Euclidean Multivariate Gaussian Descriptor and Its Application to Image Classification
* method of image classification based on SIFT-Gabor-Scale descriptors, A
* MIPI 2022 Challenge on Quad-Bayer Re-Mosaic: Dataset and Report
* Mix: A Potential Image Augmentation Method on Retinal Vessel Segmentation
* Mixed-strategy Nash equilibrium in the camera source identification game
* Multisource Data Fusion and Adversarial Nets for Landslide Extraction from UAV-Photogrammetry-Derived Data
* new feature selection method for Gaussian mixture clustering, A
* new normalized method on line-based homography estimation, A
* New Practice Method Based on KNN Model to Improve User Experience for an AR Piano Learning System, A
* perceptual-based rate control for HEVC, A
* PPR10K: A Large-Scale Portrait Photo Retouching Dataset with Human-Region Mask and Group-Level Consistency
* PR-RRN: Pairwise-Regularized Residual-Recursive Networks for Non-rigid Structure-from-Motion
* Real-Time Quantized Image Super-Resolution on Mobile NPUs, Mobile AI 2021 Challenge: Report
* Real-world Video Super-resolution: A Benchmark Dataset and A Decomposition based Learning Scheme
* Reliable and Efficient Image Cropping: A Grid Anchor Based Approach
* Removing camera fingerprint to disguise photograph source
* Road Extraction from VHR Remote-Sensing Imagery via Object Segmentation Constrained by Gabor Features
* Screen content image quality assessment using edge model
* Screen Content Image Quality Assessment Using Multi-Scale Difference of Gaussian
* Screen Content Video Quality Assessment: Subjective and Objective Study
* Shortly and Densely Connected Convolutional Neural Network for Vehicle Re-identification, A
* Stereo RGB and Deeper LIDAR-Based Network for 3D Object Detection in Autonomous Driving
* Structure Aware Single-Stage 3D Object Detection From Point Cloud
* Synthesis of Mammogram From Digital Breast Tomosynthesis Using Deep Convolutional Neural Network With Gradient Guided cGANs
* Toward Real-World Single Image Super-Resolution: A New Benchmark and a New Model
* Transformer-based Multimodal Information Fusion for Facial Expression Analysis
* UHD Video Coding: A Light-Weight Learning-Based Fast Super-Block Approach
* Unified Probabilistic Formulation of Image Aesthetic Assessment, A
* Unsupervised Spectral Demosaicing With Lightweight Spectral Attention Networks
* Vehicle Re-Identification Using Quadruple Directional Deep Learning Features
Includes: Zeng, H.[Han] Zeng, H. Zeng, H.[Hao] Zeng, H.[Haitang] Zeng, H.[Hui] Zeng, H.[Hai] Zeng, H.[Huiwen] Zeng, H.[Haien] Zeng, H.[Hongda] Zeng, H.[Huanmu] Zeng, H.[Hong] Zeng, H.[Huan] Zeng, H.[Haijin] Zeng, H.[HongWei] Zeng, H.[Huaien] Zeng, H.[Haitian] Zeng, H.[Haowei]
92 for Zeng, H.

Zeng, H.B.[Hong Bing] Co Author Listing * Delay-Dependent Stability Analysis of Load Frequency Control Systems With Electric Vehicles
* Model-Based Method for Enabling Source Mapping and Intrusion Detection on Proprietary Can Bus, A
* Ride the Tide of Traffic Conditions: Opportunistic Driving Improves Energy Efficiency of Timely Truck Transportation
Includes: Zeng, H.B.[Hong Bing] Zeng, H.B.[Hong-Bing] Zeng, H.B.[Hai-Bo]

Zeng, H.C.[Hong Cheng] Co Author Listing * 2-D Coherent Integration Processing and Detecting of Aircrafts Using GNSS-Based Passive Radar
* Assessing Earthquake-Induced Tree Mortality in Temperate Forest Ecosystems: A Case Study from Wenchuan, China
* Efficient Imaging Algorithm for GNSS-R Bi-Static SAR, An
* Fusion of Airborne Discrete-Return LiDAR and Hyperspectral Data for Land Cover Classification
* Improved Equivalent Squint Range Model and Imaging Approach for Sliding Spotlight SAR Based on Highly Elliptical Orbit, An
* Moving Target Detection in Multi-Static GNSS-Based Passive Radar Based on Multi-Bernoulli Filter
* Multiobjective Evolutionary Superpixel Segmentation for PolSAR Image Classification
* Phase-Based GLRT Detection of Moving Targets with Pixel Tracking in Low-Resolution SAR Image Sequences
* revised terrain correction method for forest canopy height estimation using ICESat/GLAS data, A
* Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Interferometry for Assessing Wenchuan Earthquake (2008) Deforestation in the Sichuan Giant Panda Site
Includes: Zeng, H.C.[Hong Cheng] Zeng, H.C.[Hong-Cheng]
10 for Zeng, H.C.

Zeng, H.J.[Hai Jin] Co Author Listing * From Model-Based Optimization Algorithms to Deep Learning Models for Clustering Hyperspectral Images
* Hyperspectral image restoration via CNN denoiser prior regularized low-rank tensor recovery
* Multimodal Core Tensor Factorization and its Applications to Low-Rank Tensor Completion
Includes: Zeng, H.J.[Hai Jin] Zeng, H.J.[Hai-Jin]

Zeng, H.L.[Huang Lin] Co Author Listing * Face blind separation using wavelet packet independent component analysis
* new image fusion algorithm based on fuzzy biorthogonal wavelet transform, A
Includes: Zeng, H.L.[Huang Lin] Zeng, H.L.[Huang-Lin]

Zeng, H.M.[Hui Min] Co Author Listing * Region-Aware Portrait Retouching With Sparse Interactive Guidance
Includes: Zeng, H.M.[Hui Min] Zeng, H.M.[Hui-Min]

Zeng, H.Q.[Huan Qiang] Co Author Listing * 3D-Gradient Guided Rate Control Model for Screen Content Video Coding
* Attribute-Image Person Re-identification via Modal-Consistent Metric Learning
* Benchmark for Vehicle Re-Identification in Mixed Visible and Infrared Domains, A
* Challenging Benchmark of Anime Style Recognition, A
* CLSR: Cross-Layer Interaction Pyramid Super-Resolution Network
* Content-adaptive temporal consistency enhancement for depth video
* Content-Aware Warping for View Synthesis
* Deep Coarse-to-Fine Dense Light Field Reconstruction With Flexible Sampling and Geometry-Aware Fusion
* Deep Cross-Modal Hashing Based on Semantic Consistent Ranking
* Deep Posterior Distribution-Based Embedding for Hyperspectral Image Super-Resolution
* DeflickerCycleGAN: Learning to Detect and Remove Flickers in a Single Image
* Efficient early direct mode decision for multi-view video coding
* Face Detection Based on Multi-block Quad Binary Pattern
* fast algorithm based on gray level co-occurrence matrix and Gabor feature for HEVC screen content coding, A
* Fast compressed sensing recovery using generative models and sparse deviations modeling
* Fast Mode Decision for H.264/AVC Based on Macroblock Motion Activity
* Fast Mode Decision for Multiview Video Coding Using Mode Correlation
* Fast motion estimation for H.264
* Fast Multiview Video Coding Using Adaptive Prediction Structure and Hierarchical Mode Decision
* Gabor Feature-Based Quality Assessment Model for the Screen Content Images, A
* Hierarchical Intra Mode Decision for H.264/AVC
* High-Capacity Framework for Reversible Data Hiding in Encrypted Image Using Pixel Prediction and Entropy Encoding
* Hybrid Compression Framework for Color Attributes of Static 3D Point Clouds, A
* Hyperspectral Image Super-Resolution via Deep Progressive Zero-Centric Residual Learning
* Joint Depth and Density Guided Single Image De-Raining
* Light Field Image Quality Assessment Model Based on Symmetry and Depth Features, A
* Log-Gabor Feature-Based Quality Assessment Model for Screen Content Images, A
* Low complexity depth intra coding in 3D-HEVC based on depth classification
* Mode-correlation-based early termination mode decision for multi-view video coding
* multi-order derivative feature-based quality assessment model for light field image, A
* Multiple description coding based on enhanced X-tree
* Multiple description video coding based on adaptive data reuse
* Multiscale Attentive Image De-Raining Networks via Neural Architecture Search
* novel multiple description video coding based on data reuse, A
* Perceptual quality of video with quantization variation: A subjective study and analytical modeling
* Point Cloud Quality Assessment via 3D Edge Similarity Measurement
* Proximal-Gen for fast compressed sensing recovery
* Robust laplacian matrix learning for smooth graph signals
* sample-proxy dual triplet loss function for object re-identification, A
* Screen content video quality assessment based on spatiotemporal sparse feature
* Screen Content Video Quality Assessment Model Using Hybrid Spatiotemporal Features
* Self-Supervised Video-Based Action Recognition With Disturbances
* Semantic-embedded Unsupervised Spectral Reconstruction from Single RGB Images in the Wild
* SIFT-flow-based color correction for multi-view video
* Spatial and Geometry Feature-Based Quality Assessment Model for the Light Field Images, A
* Spatial-frequency HEVC multiple description video coding with adaptive perceptual redundancy allocation
* Sum-of-gradient based fast intra coding in 3D-HEVC for depth map sequence (SOG-FDIC)
* Unsupervised Video-Based Action Recognition With Imagining Motion and Perceiving Appearance
* Visible-infrared person re-identification using high utilization mismatch amending triplet loss
Includes: Zeng, H.Q.[Huan Qiang] Zeng, H.Q.[Huan-Qiang] Zeng, H.Q.[Hui-Qi]
49 for Zeng, H.Q.

Zeng, H.T.[Hai Tao] Co Author Listing * Amorphous Region Context Modeling for Scene Recognition
* Composite Object Relation Modeling for Few-Shot Scene Recognition
* Learning Scene Attribute for Scene Recognition
* MHR-Net: Multiple-Hypothesis Reconstruction of Non-Rigid Shapes from 2D Views
* Multi-Object Navigation Using Potential Target Position Policy Function
* Scene Recognition With Prototype-Agnostic Scene Layout
Includes: Zeng, H.T.[Hai Tao] Zeng, H.T.[Hai-Tao] Zeng, H.T.[Hai-Tian]

Zeng, H.W.[Hong Wei] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Different Cropland Classification Methods under Diversified Agroecological Conditions in the Zambezi River Basin
* Determination of Appropriate Remote Sensing Indices for Spring Wheat Yield Estimation in Mongolia
* Dimensionality reduction in hyperspectral image classification
* Downscaling TRMM Monthly Precipitation Using Google Earth Engine and Google Cloud Computing
* Dynamic dual graph networks for textbook question answering
* Efficient Identification of Corn Cultivation Area with Multitemporal Synthetic Aperture Radar and Optical Images in the Google Earth Engine Cloud Platform
* Feature Selection using a Mixed-Norm Penalty Function
* Global Crop Monitoring: A Satellite-Based Hierarchical Approach
* Interannual Transfer Learning Approach for Crop Classification in the Hetao Irrigation District, China, An
* Mapping Winter Wheat Biomass and Yield Using Time Series Data Blended from PROBA-V 100- and 300-m S1 Products
* Performance and the Optimal Integration of Sentinel-1/2 Time-Series Features for Crop Classification in Northern Mongolia
* Quantifying the Contributions of Environmental Factors to Wind Characteristics over 2000-2019 in China
* Satellite-Based Water Consumption Dynamics Monitoring in an Extremely Arid Area
* Spatial Allocation Method from Coarse Evapotranspiration Data to Agricultural Fields by Quantifying Variations in Crop Cover and Soil Moisture
* Spatiotemporal Analysis of Precipitation in the Sparsely Gauged Zambezi River Basin Using Remote Sensing and Google Earth Engine
* Synthesizing a Regional Territorial Evapotranspiration Dataset for Northern China
Includes: Zeng, H.W.[Hong Wei] Zeng, H.W.[Hong-Wei] Zeng, H.W.[Hui-Wen]
16 for Zeng, H.W.

Zeng, H.X.[Han Xin] Co Author Listing * Expectation Propagation Detection With Physical Network Coding for Massive MIMO Systems
Includes: Zeng, H.X.[Han Xin] Zeng, H.X.[Han-Xin]

Zeng, H.Y.[Hua Yi] Co Author Listing * Bundle Pooling for Polygonal Architecture Segmentation Problem
* Clock Skew Estimation of Listening Nodes with Clock Correction upon Every Synchronization in Wireless Sensor Networks
* Comparison of Wintertime Atmospheric Boundary Layer Heights Determined by Tethered Balloon Soundings and Lidar at the Site of SACOL, A
* Neural Procedural Reconstruction for Residential Buildings
Includes: Zeng, H.Y.[Hua Yi] Zeng, H.Y.[Hua-Yi] Zeng, H.Y.[Hai-Yong] Zeng, H.Y.[Hui-Yu]

Zeng, H.Z.[Hai Zan] Co Author Listing * Correlation Filter: An Accurate Approach to Detect and Locate Low Contrast Character Strings in Complex Table Environment
* Multivariate multi-layer classifier
* String extraction from color airline coupon image using statistical approach
Includes: Zeng, H.Z.[Hai Zan] Zeng, H.Z.[Hai-Zan] Zeng, H.Z.[Huan-Ze]

Zeng, J. Co Author Listing * 3D Point Cloud Denoising Using Graph Laplacian Regularization of a Low Dimensional Manifold Model
* analytical study of subpixel-based image down-sampling patterns in frequency domain, An
* Automated Detection of Rockfish in Unconstrained Underwater Videos Using Haar Cascades
* Centroid Extraction of Laser Spots Captured by Infrared Detectors Combining Laser Footprint Images and Detector Observation Data
* Combination-Chord Measurement of Rail Corrugation Using Triple-Line Structured-Light Vision: Rectification and Optimization
* Comparison between the Mesospheric Winds Observed by Two Collocated Meteor Radars at Low Latitudes
* Comprehensive Analysis of Rough Soil Surface Scattering and Emission Predicted by AIEM With Comparison to Numerical Simulations and Experimental Measurements, A
* Confidence Preserving Machine for Facial Action Unit Detection
* Coupling Analysis of Ecosystem Services Value and Economic Development in the Yangtze River Economic Belt: A Case Study in Hunan Province, China
* Cross-Encoder for Unsupervised Gaze Representation Learning
* Data Structure Suitable for Representing the Calligraphic Rules for Chinese Character Evaluation, A
* Deep Context-Sensitive Facial Landmark Detection With Tree-Structured Modeling
* Deep Surface Normal Estimation on the 2-sphere with Confidence Guided Semantic Attention
* Deep Surface Normal Estimation With Hierarchical RGB-D Fusion
* Delving Into the Devils of Bird's-Eye-View Perception: A Review, Evaluation and Recipe
* Denoising and Accuracy Evaluation of ICESat-2/ATLAS Photon Data for Nearshore Waters Based on Improved Local Distance Statistics
* Depolarized Scattering of Rough Surface With Dielectric Inhomogeneity and Spatial Anisotropy
* Distilling Focal Knowledge from Imperfect Expert for 3D Object Detection
* Do Protected Areas Improve Ecosystem Services? A Case Study of Hoh Xil Nature Reserve in Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau
* Emotion-aware Contrastive Learning for Facial Action Unit Detection
* Enhanced Impact of Vegetation on Evapotranspiration in the Northern Drought-Prone Belt of China
* Evaluation of Supply-Demand Matching of Public Health Resources Based on Ga2SFCA: A Case Study of the Central Urban Area of Tianjin
* Exploring Discriminative Word-Level Domain Contexts for Multi-Domain Neural Machine Translation
* Facial Expression Recognition for In-the-wild Videos
* Full-Wave Simulation and Analysis of Bistatic Scattering and Polarimetric Emissions From Double-Layered Sastrugi Surfaces
* Fuzzy Positioning Modeling of Natural Language Location Description
* Gaze estimation with semi-supervised eye landmark detection as an auxiliary task
* Human Body Parts Tracking Using Sequential Markov Random Fields
* Hybrid deep-learning framework for object-based forgery detection in video
* Hydrothermal Factors Influence on Spatial-Temporal Variation of Evapotranspiration-Precipitation Coupling over Climate Transition Zone of North China
* Hyperspectral image coding using graph wavelets
* Image colorization via color propagation and rank minimization
* Image Smoothing Via Gradient Sparsity and Surface Area Minimization
* Impacts of Landscape Patterns on Ecosystem Services Value: A Multiscale Buffer Gradient Analysis Approach
* Improving HJ-1B/IRS LST Retrieval of the Generalized Single-Channel Algorithm with Refined ERA5 Atmospheric Profile Database
* Indoor Crowd Detection Network Framework Based on Feature Aggregation Module and Hybrid Attention Selection Module, An
* Joint spatial and scale attention network for multi-view facial expression recognition
* Landscape Visual Sensitivity Assessment of Historic Districts: A Case Study of Wudadao Historic District in Tianjin, China
* Learning Representations for Facial Actions From Unlabeled Videos
* Learning Topic Models by Belief Propagation
* Markov Random Field-Based Statistical Character Structure Modeling for Handwritten Chinese Character Recognition
* Markov random fields for handwritten Chinese character recognition
* method for monitoring hydrological conditions beneath herbaceous wetlands using multi-temporal ALOS PALSAR coherence data, A
* Modeling Dynamic Traffic Flow as Visibility Graphs: A Network-Scale Prediction Framework for Lane-Level Traffic Flow Based on LPR Data
* moving target evaluating algorithms for removing MRI motion artifacts, A
* Multi-Channel Pose-Aware Convolution Neural Networks for Multi-View Facial Expression Recognition
* Multi-level progressive transfer learning for cervical cancer dose prediction
* Multi-Task Learning of Emotion Recognition and Facial Action Unit Detection with Adaptively Weights Sharing Network
* NeuMesh: Learning Disentangled Neural Mesh-Based Implicit Field for Geometry and Texture Editing
* Online Active Extreme Learning Machine With Discrepancy Sampling for PolSAR Classification
* Parameter Optimization of a Discrete Scattering Model by Integration of Global Sensitivity Analysis Using SMAP Active and Passive Observations
* Pavement Crack Detection Using Multi-stage Structural Feature Extraction Model
* Physically Based Soil Moisture Index From Passive Microwave Brightness Temperatures for Soil Moisture Variation Monitoring, A
* Preliminary Evaluation of the SMAP Radiometer Soil Moisture Product Over United States and Europe Using Ground-Based Measurements, A
* PVConvNet: Pixel-Voxel Sparse Convolution for multimodal 3D object detection
* Reconstruction of the Slip Distribution Along the West Helanshan Fault, Northern China Based on High-resolution Topography
* Research on Glacier Elevation Variability in the Qilian Mountains of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau Based on Topographic Correction by Pyramid Registration
* Self-similarity-based image colorization
* Self-Supervised Representation Learning From Videos for Facial Action Unit Detection
* Sensing and Deep CNN-Assisted Semi-Blind Detection for Multi-User Massive MIMO Communications
* Separate Calibration Method of Laser Pointing and Ranging for the GF-7 Satellite Laser That Does Not Require Field Detectors, A
* Soil Moisture Retrieval From SMAP: A Validation and Error Analysis Study Using Ground-Based Observations Over the Little Washita Watershed
* Source-Free Adaptive Gaze Estimation by Uncertainty Reduction
* Stroke Segmentation of Chinese Characters Using Markov Random Fields
* Subpixel Image Quality Assessment Syncretizing Local Subpixel and Global Pixel Features
* Subpixel-Based Image Scaling for Grid-like Subpixel Arrangements: A Generalized Continuous-Domain Analysis Model
* Targeted Prostate Biopsy Using Statistical Image Analysis
* Towards Geometry Guided Neural Relighting with Flash Photography
* Type-2 fuzzy Gaussian mixture models
* Type-2 fuzzy hidden markov models to phoneme recognition
* Type-2 Fuzzy Markov Random Fields to Handwritten Character Recognition
* Unsupervised Synchrony Discovery in Human Interaction
* Zoom and Learn: Generalizing Deep Stereo Matching to Novel Domains
Includes: Zeng, J. Zeng, J.[Jin] Zeng, J.[Jia_Ming] Zeng, J.[Junze] Zeng, J.[Jiuzhen] Zeng, J.[Jie] Zeng, J.[Jiabei] Zeng, J.[Jia] Zeng, J.[Jian] Zeng, J.[Jishen] Zeng, J.[Junyi] Zeng, J.[Jun] Zeng, J.[Jiandian]
73 for Zeng, J.

Zeng, J.B.[Jia Bei] Co Author Listing * 3D Object Retrieval With Multitopic Model Combining Relevance Feedback and LDA Model
* Facial Expression Recognition with Inconsistently Annotated Datasets
* Landmark-aware Self-supervised Eye Semantic Segmentation
* M3F: Multi-Modal Continuous Valence-Arousal Estimation in the Wild
* Occlusion Aware Facial Expression Recognition Using CNN With Attention Mechanism
* Patch-Gated CNN for Occlusion-aware Facial Expression Recognition
* Zero-Shot Facial Expression Recognition with Multi-label Label Propagation
Includes: Zeng, J.B.[Jia Bei] Zeng, J.B.[Jia-Bei]
7 for Zeng, J.B.

Zeng, J.C. Co Author Listing * Assessment of Curved Centerline Generation In HDMAPS Based on Point Clouds, The
* Blind Image Quality Assessment with Hierarchy: Degradation from Local Structure to Deep Semantics
* Finger Tracking for Breast Palpation Quantification Using Color Image Features
* Hierarchical Feature Degradation Based Blind Image Quality Assessment
* Latent Representation Learning Model for Multi-Band Images Fusion via Low-Rank and Sparse Embedding
* mammography database and view system for the African American patients, A
* Online handwritten circuit recognition on a tablet PC
* Performance assessment of mammography image segmentation algorithms
* study of seismic inverse methods for radar signal processing, A
* Top-down approach to segmentation of prostate boundaries in ultrasound images
Includes: Zeng, J.C. Zeng, J.C.[Ji-Chen] Zeng, J.C.[Jian-Chao]
10 for Zeng, J.C.

Zeng, J.D.[Jian Dian] Co Author Listing * Robust Multimodal Sentiment Analysis via Tag Encoding of Uncertain Missing Modalities
Includes: Zeng, J.D.[Jian Dian] Zeng, J.D.[Jian-Dian]

Zeng, J.H.[Jin Hua] Co Author Listing * Learning Traces by Yourself: Blind Image Forgery Localization via Anomaly Detection With ViT-VAE
* Upscaling factor estimation on pre-JPEG compressed images based on difference histogram of spectral peaks
Includes: Zeng, J.H.[Jin Hua] Zeng, J.H.[Jin-Hua]

Zeng, J.J.[Jing Jing] Co Author Listing * Generalization capacity of multi-class SVM based on Markovian resampling
* Neuronal Population Reconstruction From Ultra-Scale Optical Microscopy Images via Progressive Learning
Includes: Zeng, J.J.[Jing Jing] Zeng, J.J.[Jing-Jing] Zeng, J.J.[Jun-Jie]

Zeng, J.L.[Jia Long] Co Author Listing * Novel Real-Time Processing Wideband Waveform Generator of Airborne Synthetic Aperture Radar, A
Includes: Zeng, J.L.[Jia Long] Zeng, J.L.[Jia-Long]

Zeng, J.N.[Jiang Ning] Co Author Listing * Assessment of GCOM-C Satellite Imagery in Bloom Detection: A Case Study in the East China Sea
Includes: Zeng, J.N.[Jiang Ning] Zeng, J.N.[Jiang-Ning]

Zeng, J.Q.[Jia Qi] Co Author Listing * Addressing robust travel mode identification with individual trip-chain trajectory noise reduction
* Application of Combined Filtering in Thunder Recognition
* GPS-Net: Graph Property Sensing Network for Scene Graph Generation
Includes: Zeng, J.Q.[Jia Qi] Zeng, J.Q.[Jia-Qi] Zeng, J.Q.[Jin-Quan]

Zeng, J.S.[Jin Shan] Co Author Listing * Exploring Structural Sparsity of Deep Networks Via Inverse Scale Spaces
* Hyperspectral Compressive Snapshot Reconstruction via Coupled Low-Rank Subspace Representation and Self-Supervised Deep Network
* Poisoning Attack Against Estimating From Pairwise Comparisons
* Tale of HodgeRank and Spectral Method: Target Attack Against Rank Aggregation is the Fixed Point of Adversarial Game, A
Includes: Zeng, J.S.[Jin Shan] Zeng, J.S.[Jin-Shan]

Zeng, J.T.[Jing Ting] Co Author Listing * 2D Shape Decomposition Based on Combined Skeleton-Boundary Features
* Context Dependent Distance Measure for Shape Clustering, A
* NTIRE 2023 Challenge on Stereo Image Super-Resolution: Methods and Results
Includes: Zeng, J.T.[Jing Ting] Zeng, J.T.[Jing-Ting] Zeng, J.T.[Jin-Tao]

Zeng, J.W.[Jun Wei] Co Author Listing * Characterizing Heterogeneous Traffic Flow at a Slope Bottleneck via Cellular Automaton Model
* Effects of Mining on Urban Environmental Change: A Case Study of Panzhihua
* Evaluating Trade-Off and Synergies of Ecosystem Services Values of a Representative Resources-Based Urban Ecosystem: A Coupled Modeling Framework Applied to Panzhihua City, China
* Sparse Inversion for the Iterative Marchenko Scheme of Irregularly Sampled Data
Includes: Zeng, J.W.[Jun Wei] Zeng, J.W.[Jun-Wei] Zeng, J.W.[Jian-Wen] Zeng, J.W.[Jing-Wen]

Zeng, J.X.[Jie Xian] Co Author Listing * Improved Method For Camera Calibration, An
* Parameterized Cost Volume for Stereo Matching
Includes: Zeng, J.X.[Jie Xian] Zeng, J.X.[Jie-Xian] Zeng, J.X.[Jia-Xi]

Zeng, J.Y.[Jun Yuan] Co Author Listing * Application of an Improved YOLOv5 Algorithm in Real-Time Detection of Foreign Objects by Ground Penetrating Radar
* Consistent Comparison of Remotely Sensed Sea Ice Concentration Products with ERA-Interim Reanalysis Data in Polar Regions
* Deep Learning-Based 500 m Spatio-Temporally Continuous Air Temperature Generation by Fusing Multi-Source Data
* Effect of Drought on Vegetation Gross Primary Productivity under Different Vegetation Types across China from 2001 to 2020, The
* First Assessment of Sentinel-1A Data for Surface Soil Moisture Estimations Using a Coupled Water Cloud Model and Advanced Integral Equation Model over the Tibetan Plateau
* Frequency Selective Effect of Radar Backscattering from Multiscale Sea Surface, The
* new competing risks model for predicting prepayment and default using data mining, A
* On Angular Features of Radar Bistatic Scattering From Rough Surface
* Real-Time Face Detection and Recognition via Local Binary Pattern Plus Sample Selective Biomimetic Pattern Recognition
* Soil Moisture Mapping from Satellites: An Intercomparison of SMAP, SMOS, FY3B, AMSR2, and ESA CCI over Two Dense Network Regions at Different Spatial Scales
* sparse representation and smoothed L0 algorithm for face recognition, The
Includes: Zeng, J.Y.[Jun Yuan] Zeng, J.Y.[Jun-Yuan] Zeng, J.Y.[Jiang-Yuan] Zeng, J.Y.[Jing-Yu] Zeng, J.Y.[Jun-Ya] Zeng, J.Y.[Jun-Ying]
11 for Zeng, J.Y.

Zeng, K. Co Author Listing * 3D structure inference by integrating segmentation and reconstruction from a single image
* 3D-SSIM for video quality assessment
* Abnormality Detection via Iterative Deformable Registration and Basis-Pursuit Decomposition
* BERT-Based Deep Spatial-Temporal Network for Taxi Demand Prediction
* Color style transfer by constraint locally linear embedding
* comparative study on interpolation methods for controlled cardiac CT, A
* Corruptive Artifacts Suppression for Example-Based Color Transfer
* Coupled Deep Autoencoder for Single Image Super-Resolution
* Deep Confidence Propagation Stereo Network
* Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Oil Spill Detection from Spaceborne SAR Images, A
* Deep Learning Application for Deformation Prediction from Ground-Based InSAR, A
* Deep Progressive Fusion Stereo Network
* Deep residual deconvolutional networks for defocus blur detection
* Deep Stereo Matching With Hysteresis Attention and Supervised Cost Volume Construction
* Diurnal Variation of the Diffuse Attenuation Coefficient for Downwelling Irradiance at 490 nm in Coastal East China Sea
* Enhancing Video Denoising Algorithms by Fusion from Multiple Views
* Face super-resolution via bilayer contextual representation
* Hierarchical Clustering With Hard-Batch Triplet Loss for Person Re-Identification
* High Dynamic Range Image Compression by Optimizing Tone Mapped Image Quality Index
* Hybrid Network of CNN and Transformer for Lightweight Image Super-Resolution, A
* Implicit space pose consistent transfer network for deep face verification
* Interactive rotoscoping: Extracting and tracking object sketch
* IterNet++: An improved model for retinal image segmentation by curvelet enhancing, guided filtering, offline hard-sample mining, and test-time augmenting
* Layered graph matching by composite cluster sampling with collaborative and competitive interactions
* Local Adaptive Illumination-Driven Input-Level Fusion for Infrared and Visible Object Detection
* Local Metric for Defocus Blur Detection Based on CNN Feature Learning, A
* Low-rank matrix factorization with multiple Hypergraph regularizer
* Modelling Three-Dimensional Spatiotemporal Distributions of Forest Photosynthetically Active Radiation Using UAV-Based Lidar Data
* Multi-depth dilated network for fashion landmark detection with batch-level online hard keypoint mining
* novel edge-oriented framework for saliency detection enhancement, A
* NTIRE 2021 Challenge on Image Deblurring
* NTIRE 2022 Challenge on Efficient Super-Resolution: Methods and Results
* Objective Quality Assessment for Color-to-Gray Image Conversion
* Objective Quality Assessment of Tone-Mapped Videos
* Occlusion-Guided Vertical Retargeting For Stereoscopic Images Based On Pixel Fusion
* Perceptual Quality Assessment for Multi-Exposure Image Fusion
* Perceptual Quality Assessment of UHD-HDR-WCG Videos
* Perceptual Screen Content Image Quality Assessment and Compression
* Persistent Memory Residual Network for Single Image Super Resolution
* Polyview Fusion: A Strategy to Enhance Video-Denoising Algorithms
* Provably Secure Robust Image Steganography
* Quality Prediction of Asymmetrically Distorted Stereoscopic 3D Images
* Quality-aware video based on robust embedding of intra- and inter-frame reduced-reference features
* Quality-of-experience of streaming video: Interactions between presentation quality and playback stalling
* Real-Time Quantized Image Super-Resolution on Mobile NPUs, Mobile AI 2021 Challenge: Report
* Representing and recognizing objects with massive local image patches
* Robust Feature Matching for Remote Sensing Image Registration via Guided Hyperplane Fitting
* Robust Steganography for High Quality Images
* SBRISK: speed-up binary robust invariant scalable keypoints
* Sensing Mechanism and Real-Time Bridge Displacement Monitoring for a Laboratory Truss Bridge Using Hybrid Data Fusion
* Single Image Super-Resolution With Learning Iteratively Non-Linear Mapping Between Low- and High-Resolution Sparse Representations
* Sketch-Based Shape Retrieval via Best View Selection and a Cross-Domain Similarity Measure
* SSIM-Motivated Two-Pass VBR Coding for HEVC
* Structured Attention Network for Referring Image Segmentation
* Tree-Structure Classifier Ensemble for Tracked Target Categorization, A
* Upward Robust Steganography Based on Overflow Alleviation
* Vertical Variability of Total and Size-Partitioned Phytoplankton Carbon in the South China Sea
* Video Stylization: Painterly Rendering and Optimization With Content Extraction
* Visual Reaction: Learning to Play Catch With Your Drone
* Web-Based Traffic Sentiment Analysis: Methods and Applications
Includes: Zeng, K. Zeng, K.[Kai] Zeng, K.[Kun] Zeng, K.[Kan] Zeng, K.[Kangli] Zeng, K.[Kuo]
60 for Zeng, K.

Zeng, K.H. Co Author Listing * Agent-Centric Risk Assessment: Accident Anticipation and Risky Region Localization
* Pushing it out of the Way: Interactive Visual Navigation
* Semantic highlight retrieval
* Semantic Highlight Retrieval and Term Prediction
* Title Generation for User Generated Videos
* Video Captioning via Sentence Augmentation and Spatio-Temporal Attention
* Visual Forecasting by Imitating Dynamics in Natural Sequences
Includes: Zeng, K.H. Zeng, K.H.[Kuo-Hao]
7 for Zeng, K.H.

Zeng, K.L.[Kang Li] Co Author Listing * Face Hallucination Using Manifold-Regularized Group Locality-Constrained Representation
* Realistic frontal face reconstruction using coupled complementarity of far-near-sighted face images
* Rethinking Lightweight: Multiple Angle Strategy for Efficient Video Action Recognition
Includes: Zeng, K.L.[Kang Li] Zeng, K.L.[Kang-Li]

Zeng, K.W.[Kai Wei] Co Author Listing * Deviation based clustering for unsupervised person re-identification
* Energy clustering for unsupervised person re-identification
Includes: Zeng, K.W.[Kai Wei] Zeng, K.W.[Kai-Wei]

Zeng, K.Y.[Ke Yu] Co Author Listing * Security Enhancement for Real-Time Parallel In-Vehicle Applications by CAN FD Message Authentication
Includes: Zeng, K.Y.[Ke Yu] Zeng, K.Y.[Ke-Yu]

Zeng, L.[Long] Co Author Listing * Class-Aware Contrastive Semi-Supervised Learning
* Dynamic image mosaic via SIFT and dynamic programming
* Dynamically Integrating OSM Data into a Borderland Database
* Edge-Preserving Image Filtering Based on Soft Clustering
* efficient HOG-ALBP feature for pedestrian detection, An
* Efficient Quick Algorithm for Computing Stable Skeletons, An
* Efficient Screen Content Coding Based on Convolutional Neural Network Guided by a Large-Scale Database
* Estimation of Daily Maize Gross Primary Productivity by Considering Specific Leaf Nitrogen and Phenology via Machine Learning Methods
* Exponential and Power Law Distribution of Contact Duration in Urban Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks
* Fast medical image segmentation based on patch sharing
* Four-dimensional wavelet compression of arbitrarily sized echocardiographic data
* Frequency-Domain Imaging Algorithm for Highly Squinted SAR Mounted on Maneuvering Platforms With Nonlinear Trajectory, A
* Hazy Image Decolorization With Color Contrast Restoration
* Image Interpolation Based on Non-local Geometric Similarities and Directional Gradients
* Interpolation-directed transform domain downward conversion for block-based image compression
* Kernel-free video deblurring via synthesis
* L_1-Regularized Reconstruction Model for Edge-Preserving Filtering
* Modeling and animation of fracture of heterogeneous materials based on CUDA
* Motion intent recognition of individual fingers based on mechanomyogram
* Multi-Level Indoor Path Planning Method
* Multi-scale convolutional neural networks for crowd counting
* Multiple Order Graph Matching
* Novel Four-Stage Method for Vegetation Height Estimation with Repeat-Pass PolInSAR Data via Temporal Decorrelation Adaptive Estimation and Distance Transformation, A
* Novel Indoor Structure Extraction Based on Dense Point Cloud, A
* Pan-Sharpening Network of Multi-Spectral Remote Sensing Images Using Two-Stream Attention Feature Extractor and Multi-Detail Injection (TAMINet)
* PRED: A Parallel Network for Handling Multiple Degradations via Single Model in Single Image Super-Resolution
* Regional Yield Estimation for Sugarcane Using MODIS and Weather Data: A Case Study in Florida and Louisiana, United States of America
* Research on a hole filling algorithm of a point cloud based on structure from motion
* Research on subway pedestrian detection algorithms based on SSD model
* Satellite Observed Spatial and Temporal Variabilities of Particulate Organic Carbon in the East China Sea
* Simulation of the Signal-to-Noise Ratio of Sanya Incoherent Scatter Radar Tristatic System
* Source Apportionment of Heavy Metal Contamination in Urban-Agricultural-Aquacultural Soils near the Bohai Bay Coast, Using Land-Use Classification and Google Satellite Tracing
* SpiderCNN: Deep Learning on Point Sets with Parameterized Convolutional Filters
* Uncertainty-aware State Space Transformer for Egocentric 3D Hand Trajectory Forecasting
* Unified Method Based on Wavelet Transform and C-V Model for Crack Segmentation of 3D Industrial CT Images, A
* Video image mosaic implement based on planar-mirror-based catadioptric system
* Wire segmentation for printed circuit board using deep convolutional neural network and graph cut model
Includes: Zeng, L.[Long] Zeng, L.[Lin] Zeng, L.[Lu] Zeng, L.[Lanling] Zeng, L.[Luan] Zeng, L. Zeng, L.[Linglin] Zeng, L.[Lei] Zeng, L.[Li] Zeng, L.[Liang] Zeng, L.[Lingwen] Zeng, L.[Lulu] Zeng, L.[Ling] Zeng, L.[Libing]
37 for Zeng, L.

Zeng, L.A.[Ling An] Co Author Listing * Likert Scoring with Grade Decoupling for Long-term Action Assessment
* Multimodal Action Quality Assessment
Includes: Zeng, L.A.[Ling An] Zeng, L.A.[Ling-An]

Zeng, L.B.[Li Bing] Co Author Listing * 3D-aware Facial Landmark Detection via Multi-view Consistent Training on Synthetic Data
* Rethinking precision of pseudo label: Test-time adaptation via complementary learning
Includes: Zeng, L.B.[Li Bing] Zeng, L.B.[Li-Bing] Zeng, L.B.[Long-Bin]

Zeng, L.F.[Ling Fang] Co Author Listing * LACC2.0: Improving the LACC Algorithm for Reconstructing Satellite-Derived Time Series of Vegetation Biochemical Parameters
Includes: Zeng, L.F.[Ling Fang] Zeng, L.F.[Ling-Fang]

Zeng, L.G.[Lie Guang] Co Author Listing * Coding or Not: Optimal Mobile Data Offloading in Opportunistic Vehicular Networks
Includes: Zeng, L.G.[Lie Guang] Zeng, L.G.[Lie-Guang]

Zeng, L.H.[Ling Hao] Co Author Listing * Filtering in Triplet Markov Chain Model in the Presence of Non-Gaussian Noise with Application to Target Tracking
Includes: Zeng, L.H.[Ling Hao] Zeng, L.H.[Ling-Hao]

Zeng, L.L.[Ling Lin] Co Author Listing * 8-Day and Daily Maximum and Minimum Air Temperature Estimation via Machine Learning Method on a Climate Zone to Global Scale
* Adaptive Feature Selection With Augmented Attributes
* Development of Spectral Disease Indices for Southern Corn Rust Detection and Severity Classification
* Estimation of Daily Air Temperature Based on MODIS Land Surface Temperature Products over the Corn Belt in the US
* Fusion of Spatial, Temporal, and Spectral EEG Signatures Improves Multilevel Cognitive Load Prediction
* Mapping Paddy Rice Fields by Combining Multi-Temporal Vegetation Index and Synthetic Aperture Radar Remote Sensing Data Using Google Earth Engine Machine Learning Platform
* Multi-Brain Coding Expands the Instruction Set in SSVEP-Based Brain-Computer Interfaces
* Multilayer Soil Moisture Mapping at a Regional Scale from Multisource Data via a Machine Learning Method
* Novel Strategy to Reconstruct NDVI Time-Series with High Temporal Resolution from MODIS Multi-Temporal Composite Products, A
* Safe Classification with Augmented Features
* SS-TBN: A Semi-Supervised Tri-Branch Network for COVID-19 Screening and Lesion Segmentation
* Wheat Yield Prediction Based on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles-Collected Red-Green-Blue Imagery
Includes: Zeng, L.L.[Ling Lin] Zeng, L.L.[Ling-Lin] Zeng, L.L.[Ling-Li]
12 for Zeng, L.L.

Zeng, L.M.[Li Min] Co Author Listing * Exploration of Location-Aware You-Are-Here Maps on a Pin-Matrix Display
Includes: Zeng, L.M.[Li Min] Zeng, L.M.[Li-Min]

Zeng, L.P.[Li Ping] Co Author Listing * Semantics-guided reconstruction of indoor navigation elements from 3D colorized points
* State Identification of Duffing Oscillator Based on Extreme Learning Machine
Includes: Zeng, L.P.[Li Ping] Zeng, L.P.[Li-Ping]

Zeng, L.Q.[Ling Qi] Co Author Listing * Preliminary Results of the Three-Dimensional Plasma Drift Velocity at East Asian Low-Latitudes Observed by the Sanya Incoherent Scattering Radar (SYISR)
* Study on the Method of Extracting Plasma Lines Based on Sanya Incoherent Scatter Radar
Includes: Zeng, L.Q.[Ling Qi] Zeng, L.Q.[Ling-Qi]

Zeng, L.R.[Li Rong] Co Author Listing * Neighborhood Rough Residual Network-Based Outlier Detection Method in IoT-Enabled Maritime Transportation Systems
Includes: Zeng, L.R.[Li Rong] Zeng, L.R.[Li-Rong]

Zeng, L.W.[Ling Wen] Co Author Listing * Binary Image Steganalysis Based on Histogram of Structuring Elements
Includes: Zeng, L.W.[Ling Wen] Zeng, L.W.[Ling-Wen]

Zeng, L.X.[Lei Xin] Co Author Listing * Research on Temporal and Spatial Distribution Pattern of the Night-Time Economy Supported by Multi-Source Data: A Case Study of Xiamen City, Fujian Province, China
* Structural Priors Guided Network for the Corneal Endothelial Cell Segmentation
* Urbanization Intensifies the Mismatch between the Supply and Demand of Regional Ecosystem Services: A Large-Scale Case of the Yangtze River Economic Belt in China
Includes: Zeng, L.X.[Lei Xin] Zeng, L.X.[Lei-Xin] Zeng, L.X.[Ling-Xi] Zeng, L.X.[Li-Xiong]

Zeng, L.Y.[Liao Yuan] Co Author Listing * effective vector model for global-contrast-based saliency detection, An
* Feature Adaptive Co-Segmentation by Complexity Awareness
* Guided Refine-head for Object Detection
* Learning a Saliency Map for Fixation Prediction
* Mode dependent loop filter for intra prediction coding in H.264/AVC
* Research on Road Network Partitioning Considering the Coupling of Network Connectivity and Traffic Attributes
* Saliency detection in complex scenes
* Saliency detection using joint spatial-color constraint and multi-scale segmentation
* Saliency-based superpixels
* Semantic Annotation of Satellite Images Using Author-Genre-Topic Model
* Spatial context-aware method for urban land use classification using street view images
* unified framework for spatiotemporal salient region detection, A
Includes: Zeng, L.Y.[Liao Yuan] Zeng, L.Y.[Liao-Yuan] Zeng, L.Y.[Ling-Yun] Zeng, L.Y.[Ling-Yu] Zeng, L.Y.[Lin-Yun]
12 for Zeng, L.Y.

Zeng, L.Z.[Ling Ze] Co Author Listing * Learning in Imperfect Environment: Multi-Label Classification with Long-Tailed Distribution and Partial Labels
Includes: Zeng, L.Z.[Ling Ze] Zeng, L.Z.[Ling-Ze]

Zeng, M.[Ming] Co Author Listing * Adaptive deep feature aggregation using Fourier transform and low-pass filtering for robust object retrieval
* Analysis of Crosstalk in 3D Circularly Polarized LCDs Depending on the Vertical Viewing Location
* CGLF-Net: Image Emotion Recognition Network by Combining Global Self-Attention Features and Local Multiscale Features
* CLIP-Event: Connecting Text and Images with Event Structures
* Cognitive AmBC-NOMA IoV-MTS Networks With IQI: Reliability and Security Analysis
* Controllable Facial Caricaturization With Localized Deformation and Personalized Semantic Attentions
* Echo energy analysis for pulse position modulation sequences used for non-crosstalk sonar systems
* Empirical Study of Training End-to-End Vision-and-Language Transformers, An
* Entity-level Attention Pooling and Information Gating for Document-level Relation Extraction
* Exploring Temporal Coherence for More General Video Face Forgery Detection
* Face Parsing With RoI Tanh-Warping
* FACIAL: Synthesizing Dynamic Talking Face with Implicit Attribute Learning
* General Facial Representation Learning in a Visual-Linguistic Manner
* Improving Classification of Slow Cortical Potential Signals for BCI Systems With Polynomial Fitting and Voting Support Vector Machine
* Integrated Assessment of Coastal Subsidence in Nansha District, Guangzhou City, China: Insights from SBAS-InSAR Monitoring and Risk Evaluation
* Integrating Perceptual Properties of the HVS into the Computational Model of Visual Attention
* Mapping Lithologic Components of Ophiolitic Mélanges Based on ASTER Spectral Analysis: A Case Study from the Bangong-Nujiang Suture Zone (Tibet, China)
* MaskCLIP: Masked Self-Distillation Advances Contrastive Language-Image Pretraining
* Modeling, Prediction, and Reduction of 3D Crosstalk in Circular Polarized Stereoscopic LCDs
* Multi-VAE: Learning Disentangled View-common and View-peculiar Visual Representations for Multi-view Clustering
* New Insights into the Pulang Porphyry Copper Deposit in Southwest China: Indication of Alteration Minerals Detected Using ASTER and WorldView-3 Data
* Non-crosstalk ultrasonic ranging system excited using chaotic sine frequency modulated sequences
* ReCo: Region-Controlled Text-to-Image Generation
* SMBCNet: A Transformer-Based Approach for Change Detection in Remote Sensing Images through Semantic Segmentation
* SmokePose: End-to-End Smoke Keypoint Detection
* Spatially constrained level-set tracking and segmentation of non-rigid objects
* Templateless Quasi-rigid Shape Modeling with Implicit Loop-Closure
* Unifying Vision, Text, and Layout for Universal Document Processing
Includes: Zeng, M.[Ming] Zeng, M.[Menglin] Zeng, M.[Minchen] Zeng, M.[Michael] Zeng, M.[Meng] Zeng, M. Zeng, M.[Min] Zeng, M.[Maimai]
28 for Zeng, M.

Zeng, M.J.[Ming Jian] Co Author Listing * Applications of the Advanced Radiative Transfer Modeling System (ARMS) to Characterize the Performance of Fengyun-4A/AGRI
* Regional Variability in Microphysical Characteristics of Precipitation Features with Lightning across China: Observations from GPM
Includes: Zeng, M.J.[Ming Jian] Zeng, M.J.[Ming-Jian]

Zeng, M.L.[Meng Lin] Co Author Listing * Crosstalk analysis in LCD stereoscopic displays with active shutter glasses
* Crosstalk modeling in circularly polarized stereoscopic LCDS
Includes: Zeng, M.L.[Meng Lin] Zeng, M.L.[Meng-Lin]

Zeng, M.M.[Mai Mai] Co Author Listing * Stage-Adaptive Selective Network with Position Awareness for Semantic Segmentation of LULC Remote Sensing Images, A
Includes: Zeng, M.M.[Mai Mai] Zeng, M.M.[Mai-Mai]

Zeng, M.Y.[Ming Yong] Co Author Listing * Efficient person re-identification by hybrid spatiogram and covariance descriptor
* Improving Person Re-Identification by Efficient Pairwise-Specific CRC Coding in the XQDA Subspace
* Person Re-Identification Based on Spatiogram Descriptor and Collaborative Representation
* Reconstruction of Vehicle-Induced Vibration on Concrete Pavement Using Distributed Fiber Optic
Includes: Zeng, M.Y.[Ming Yong] Zeng, M.Y.[Ming-Yong] Zeng, M.Y.[Meng-Yuan]

Zeng, N. Co Author Listing * Evaluating the Quality of Pellet Component by Using Image Processing Technique with Neural Networks
* Evaluation of Land Surface Models in Reproducing Satellite Derived Leaf Area Index over the High-Latitude Northern Hemisphere. Part II: Earth System Models
* Evaluation of Land Surface Models in Reproducing Satellite-Derived LAI over the High-Latitude Northern Hemisphere. Part I: Uncoupled DGVMs
* Global and Regional Variability and Change in Terrestrial Ecosystems Net Primary Production and NDVI: A Model-Data Comparison
* Greening and Wetting of the Sahel Have Leveled off since about 1999 in Relation to SST, The
* Image-Based Quantitative Analysis of Gold Immunochromatographic Strip via Cellular Neural Network Approach
* novel attention-based enhancement framework for face mask detection in complicated scenarios, A
* Precipitation Conditions Constrain the Sensitivity of Aboveground Net Primary Productivity in Tibetan Plateau Grasslands to Climate Change
* Satellite-Based Model for Simulating Ecosystem Respiration in the Tibetan and Inner Mongolian Grasslands, A
* self-adaptive soft-recoding strategy for performance improvement of error-correcting output codes, A
* Spatiotemporal Variation in Driving Factors of Vegetation Dynamics in the Yellow River Delta Estuarine Wetlands from 2000 to 2020
Includes: Zeng, N. Zeng, N.[Ning] Zeng, N.[Nianyin] Zeng, N.[Na] Zeng, N.[Nan]
11 for Zeng, N.

Zeng, N.L.[Neng Liang] Co Author Listing * Super-resolution image reconstruction using surface fitting with hierarchical structure
Includes: Zeng, N.L.[Neng Liang] Zeng, N.L.[Neng-Liang]

Zeng, N.Y.[Nian Yin] Co Author Listing * Enhanced CNN Classification Capability for Small Rice Disease Datasets Using Progressive WGAN-GP: Algorithms and Applications
* novel approach combined transfer learning and deep learning to predict TMB from histology image, A
* Utilization of DenseNet201 for diagnosis of breast abnormality
Includes: Zeng, N.Y.[Nian Yin] Zeng, N.Y.[Nian-Yin]

Zeng, N.Z.[Nian Zyin] Co Author Listing * FMD-Yolo: An efficient face mask detection method for COVID-19 prevention and control in public
Includes: Zeng, N.Z.[Nian Zyin] Zeng, N.Z.[Nian-Zyin]

Zeng, P.[Peng] Co Author Listing * Combined Convolutional Neural Network for Urban Land-Use Classification with GIS Data, A
* Comprehensive Assessment of BDS-2 and BDS-3 Precise Orbits Based on B1I/B3I and B1C/B2a Frequencies from iGMAS
* Differentiation between COVID-19 and bacterial pneumonia using radiomics of chest computed tomography and clinical features
* Spatiotemporal Implications of Urbanization for Urban Heat Islands in Beijing: A Predictive Approach Based on CA-Markov Modeling (2004-2050), The
Includes: Zeng, P.[Peng] Zeng, P.[Ping]

Zeng, P.C.[Peng Cheng] Co Author Listing * CLIP4Stereo: Revisiting Domain Generalized Stereo Matching via Clip
* MLP-Stereo: Heterogeneous Feature Fusion in MLP for Stereo Matching
* novel cell structure-based disparity estimation for unsupervised stereo matching, A
* NTIRE 2022 Challenge on Stereo Image Super-Resolution: Methods and Results
Includes: Zeng, P.C.[Peng Cheng] Zeng, P.C.[Peng-Cheng]

Zeng, P.F.[Pei Feng] Co Author Listing * Distance Map Based Enhancement for Interpolated Images
* Multi-Scale Shape Representation for Profiled Fibers
* Systolic Algorithm for Euclidean Distance Transform, A
* Target segmentation of industrial smoke image based on LBP Silhouettes coefficient variant (LBPSCV) algorithm
Includes: Zeng, P.F.[Pei Feng] Zeng, P.F.[Pei-Feng] Zeng, P.F.[Peng-Fei]

Zeng, P.P.[Peng Peng] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Fine-Grained Predicates Learning for Scene Graph Generation
* Complementarity-Aware Space Learning for Video-Text Retrieval
* Dual-Branch Hybrid Learning Network for Unbiased Scene Graph Generation
* Generalized pyramid co-attention with learnable aggregation net for video question answering
* Hierarchical Representation Network With Auxiliary Tasks for Video Captioning and Video Question Answering
* Learning visual question answering on controlled semantic noisy labels
* Memory-Based Augmentation Network for Video Captioning
* Text-instance graph: Exploring the relational semantics for text-based visual question answering
* Video Question Answering With Prior Knowledge and Object-Sensitive Learning
Includes: Zeng, P.P.[Peng Peng] Zeng, P.P.[Peng-Peng]
9 for Zeng, P.P.

Zeng, P.X.[Peng Xin] Co Author Listing * Deep Fair Clustering via Maximizing and Minimizing Mutual Information: Theory, Algorithm and Metric
* Semantic Invariant Multi-View Clustering With Fully Incomplete Information
Includes: Zeng, P.X.[Peng Xin] Zeng, P.X.[Peng-Xin]

Zeng, P.Y.[Peng Yun] Co Author Listing * Bézier curve-based trajectory planning for autonomous vehicles with collision avoidance
* Digital Soil Mapping of Soil Organic Matter with Deep Learning Algorithms
Includes: Zeng, P.Y.[Peng Yun] Zeng, P.Y.[Peng-Yun] Zeng, P.Y.[Peng-Yuan]

Zeng, P.Z.[Peng Zong] Co Author Listing * Gradient Boosting Estimation of the Leaf Area Index of Apple Orchards in UAV Remote Sensing
Includes: Zeng, P.Z.[Peng Zong] Zeng, P.Z.[Peng-Zong]

Zeng, Q.[Qiang] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Switching Event-Triggered Control for Active Suspension Systems With Acceleration Performance Constraint
* Affine Invariant Matching Method for Image Contains Repetitive Patterns
* Comparison of Image Generation methods based on Diffusion Models
* Comprehensive Evaluation of Three Global Surface Longwave Radiation Products, A
* Contrastive 3D Human Skeleton Action Representation Learning via CrossMoCo With Spatiotemporal Occlusion Mask Data Augmentation
* Effective Method for Detecting Clouds in GaoFen-4 Images of Coastal Zones, An
* Estimation, smoothing, and characterization of apparent diffusion coefficient profiles from high angular resolution DWI
* Exploring Wetland Dynamics in Large River Floodplain Systems with Unsupervised Machine Learning: A Case Study of the Dongting Lake, China
* Imputation of GPS Coordinate Time Series Using missForest
* Mapping African wetlands for 2020 using multiple spectral, geo-ecological features and Google Earth Engine
* MaskDis R-CNN: An instance segmentation algorithm with adversarial network for herd pigs
* MCAGCN: Multi-component attention graph convolutional neural network for road travel time prediction
* Model-Based Quantitative Elasticity Reconstruction Using ADMM
* Multi-Needle Detection in 3D Ultrasound Images Using Unsupervised Order-Graph Regularized Sparse Dictionary Learning
* On-Road Vehicle Trajectory Collection and Scene-Based Lane Change Analysis: Part II
* Radiometric Cross-Calibration of Large-View-Angle Satellite Sensors Using Global Searching to Reduce BRDF Influence
* Task Scheduling of Real-Time Traffic Information Processing Based on Digital Twins
* Temporal Dynamics of the Goose Habitat in the Middle and Lower Reaches of the Yangtze River
* Three-Dimensional Multi-Frequency Shear Wave Absolute Vibro-Elastography (3D S-WAVE) With a Matrix Array Transducer: Implementation and Preliminary In Vivo Study of the Liver
* TSception: Capturing Temporal Dynamics and Spatial Asymmetry From EEG for Emotion Recognition
* Understanding Mountain-Wave Phases in ERS Tandem DInSAR Interferogram Using WRF Model Simulation
* Vegetation Dynamic in a Large Floodplain Wetland: The Effects of Hydroclimatic Regime
* VLSI Design of a High-Speed and Area-Efficient JPEG2000 Encoder
Includes: Zeng, Q.[Qiang] Zeng, Q. Zeng, Q.[Qingtao] Zeng, Q.[Qi] Zeng, Q.[Qinyang] Zeng, Q.[Qun] Zeng, Q.[Qing] Zeng, Q.[Qinghong] Zeng, Q.[Qiantao] Zeng, Q.[Qingtian] Zeng, Q.[Qingcheng] Zeng, Q.[Qiuhao]
23 for Zeng, Q.

Zeng, Q.H.[Qi Hong] Co Author Listing * Data Filtering and Feature Extraction of Urban Typical Objects from Airborne LIDAR Point Cloud
* Filtering LIDAR Points by Fusion of Intensity Measures and Aerial Images
* Optimizing a Standard Spectral Measurement Protocol to Enhance the Quality of Soil Spectra: Exploration of Key Variables in Lab-Based VNIR-SWIR Spectral Measurement
* range of the value for the fuzzifier of the fuzzy c-means algorithm, The
* Real-time drogue detection and template tracking strategy for autonomous aerial refueling
* Small Object Detection via Coarse-to-fine Proposal Generation and Imitation Learning
* Towards Large-Scale Small Object Detection: Survey and Benchmarks
Includes: Zeng, Q.H.[Qi Hong] Zeng, Q.H.[Qi-Hong] Zeng, Q.H. Zeng, Q.H.[Qing-Hong] Zeng, Q.H.[Qing-Hua]
7 for Zeng, Q.H.

Zeng, Q.J.[Qing Jie] Co Author Listing * Fourier Domain Anomaly Detection and Spectral Fusion for Stripe Noise Removal of TIR Imagery
* Mid-Infrared Compressive Hyperspectral Imaging
* Mid-Wave Infrared Snapshot Compressive Spectral Imager with Deep Infrared Denoising Prior
* PEFAT: Boosting Semi-Supervised Medical Image Classification via Pseudo-Loss Estimation and Feature Adversarial Training
* Prototype Calibration with Feature Generation for Few-Shot Remote Sensing Image Scene Classification
* Task-specific contrastive learning for few-shot remote sensing image scene classification
Includes: Zeng, Q.J.[Qing Jie] Zeng, Q.J.[Qing-Jie]

Zeng, Q.K.[Qing Kai] Co Author Listing * Eye feature point detection based on single convolutional neural network
Includes: Zeng, Q.K.[Qing Kai] Zeng, Q.K.[Qing-Kai]

Zeng, Q.L.[Qiao Lin] Co Author Listing * Estimating Ground-Level Particulate Matter in Five Regions of China Using Aerosol Optical Depth
* Estimating the Near-Ground PM2.5 Concentration over China Based on the CapsNet Model during 2018-2020
* FCAU-Net for the Semantic Segmentation of Fine-Resolution Remotely Sensed Images
* Inter-Comparison and Evaluation of Remote Sensing Precipitation Products over China from 2005 to 2013
* On-line digital image stabilization for translational and rotational motion
* Retrieval and Validation of AOD from Himawari-8 Data over Bohai Rim Region, China
Includes: Zeng, Q.L.[Qiao Lin] Zeng, Q.L.[Qiao-Lin] Zeng, Q.L.[Qing-Le]

Zeng, Q.M.[Qi Ming] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Decomposition Approach with Dipole Aggregation Model for Polarimetric SAR Data, An
* Building Damage Detection Based on OPCE Matching Algorithm Using a Single Post-Event PolSAR Data
* Deformations monitoring in complicated-surface areas by adaptive distributed Scatterer InSAR combined with land cover: Taking the Jiaju landslide in Danba, China as an example
* Evaluation of InSAR Tropospheric Correction by Using Efficient WRF Simulation with ERA5 for Initialization
* Fusion of space-borne multi-baseline and multi-frequency interferometric results based on extended Kalman filter to generate high quality DEMs
* On the Phase Compensation of Short ScanSAR Burst Focused by Long Matched Filter for Interferometric Processing
* Quality Assessment of TanDEM-X DEMs, SRTM and ASTER GDEM on Selected Chinese Sites
* Research on Precise Geometry Model of Synthetic Aperture Radar Interferometry
Includes: Zeng, Q.M.[Qi Ming] Zeng, Q.M.[Qi-Ming]
8 for Zeng, Q.M.

Zeng, Q.P.[Qing Peng] Co Author Listing * New approach to vehicle license plate location based on new model YOLO-L and plate pre-identification
Includes: Zeng, Q.P.[Qing Peng] Zeng, Q.P.[Qing-Peng]

Zeng, Q.Q.[Qiang Qiang] Co Author Listing * 3D Sparse SAR Image Reconstruction Based on Cauchy Penalty and Convex Optimization
* Potential Field Separation Based on the Empirical Mode Decomposition and its Application
Includes: Zeng, Q.Q.[Qiang Qiang] Zeng, Q.Q.[Qiang-Qiang] Zeng, Q.Q.[Qin-Qin]

Zeng, Q.S.[Qing Shuang] Co Author Listing * Anisotropic virtual electric field for active contours
* Compact Matrix-Exponential-Based FDTD with Second-Order PML and Direct Z-Transform for Modeling Complex Subsurface Sensing and Imaging Problems
* Efficient edge-based object tracking
* Gradient vector flow active contours with prior directional information
* Multi-local model image set matching based on domain description
* NPDA/CS: Improved Non-parametric Discriminant Analysis with CS decomposition and its application to face recognition
Includes: Zeng, Q.S.[Qing Shuang] Zeng, Q.S.[Qing-Shuang] Zeng, Q.S.[Qing-Sheng] Zeng, Q.S.[Qing-Song]

Zeng, Q.T.[Qing Tian] Co Author Listing * E-Net Modeling and Analysis of Emergency Response Processes Constrained by Resources and Uncertain Durations
* incremental learning algorithm for Lagrangian support vector machines, An
* Instance Segmentation Method for Anthracnose Based on Swin Transformer and Path Aggregation, An
Includes: Zeng, Q.T.[Qing Tian] Zeng, Q.T.[Qing-Tian]

Zeng, Q.X.[Qi Xun] Co Author Listing * 3D-FRONT: 3D Furnished Rooms with layOuts and semaNTics
Includes: Zeng, Q.X.[Qi Xun] Zeng, Q.X.[Qi-Xun]

Zeng, Q.Y.[Qiang Yu] Co Author Listing * Analysis of the Microphysical Structure and Evolution Characteristics of a Typical Sea Fog Weather Event in the Eastern Sea of China
* Application of Random Forest Algorithm on Tornado Detection
* Multi-Scale Feature Residual Feedback Network for Super-Resolution Reconstruction of the Vertical Structure of the Radar Echo
* Multi-Source Precipitation Data Merging for High-Resolution Daily Rainfall in Complex Terrain
* Prediction of Radar Echo Space-Time Sequence Based on Improving TrajGRU Deep-Learning Model
* Projection of Future Extreme Precipitation in China Based on the CMIP6 from a Machine Learning Perspective
* Three-Dimensional Structure Analysis and Droplet Spectrum Characteristics of Southwest Vortex Precipitation System Based on GPM-DPR
* Weather Radar Super-Resolution Reconstruction Based on Residual Attention Back-Projection Network
Includes: Zeng, Q.Y.[Qiang Yu] Zeng, Q.Y.[Qiang-Yu]
8 for Zeng, Q.Y.

Zeng, R.[Rongping] Co Author Listing * Assessing the Ability of Generative Adversarial Networks to Learn Canonical Medical Image Statistics
* Automatic Mapping of Potential Landslides Using Satellite Multitemporal Interferometry
* Bidirectional Posture-Appearance Interaction Network for Driver Behavior Recognition
* Combination of Hyperspectral and Machine Learning to Invert Soil Electrical Conductivity
* Convolutional Neural Network Assisted Transformer for Automatic Modulation Recognition Under Large CFOs and SROs
* Deep Auto-Encoders With Sequential Learning for Multimodal Dimensional Emotion Recognition
* Effects of Irrigation Projects on the Classification of Yellow River Terrace Landslides and their Failure Modes: A Case Study of Heitai Terrace
* Estimating 3-D Respiratory Motion From Orbiting Views by Tomographic Image Registration
* Image segmentation algorithm based on geometric flow Bandelets transformation particle replanting
* Information-Theoretic Approach for Analyzing Bias and Variance in Lung Nodule Size Estimation With CT: A Phantom Study
* KD-Former: Kinematic and dynamic coupled transformer network for 3D human motion prediction
* Modular Graph Attention Network for Complex Visual Relational Reasoning
* MTRNet++: One-stage mask-based scene text eraser
* Performance Analysis of M-ary Signals for MIMO MRC Systems with Imperfect Channel Estimation
* Predicting foliar biochemistry of tea (Camellia sinensis) using reflectance spectra measured at powder, leaf and canopy levels
* Relation Attention for Temporal Action Localization
* Rethinking Planar Homography Estimation Using Perspective Fields
* Robust watermarking scheme for color image based on quaternion-type moment invariants and visual cryptography
* Segmentation of liver tumor via nonlocal active contours
* Vertical Axis Detection for Sport Video Analytics
Includes: Zeng, R.[Rongping] Zeng, R.[Runqiang] Zeng, R.[Runhao] Zeng, R.[Rong] Zeng, R.[Rui] Zeng, R.
20 for Zeng, R.

Zeng, R.H.[Run Hao] Co Author Listing * Breaking Winner-Takes-All: Iterative-Winners-Out Networks for Weakly Supervised Temporal Action Localization
* Dense Regression Network for Video Grounding
* Graph Convolutional Module for Temporal Action Localization in Videos
* Graph Convolutional Networks for Temporal Action Localization
* highly efficient framework for outlier detection in urban traffic flow, A
Includes: Zeng, R.H.[Run Hao] Zeng, R.H.[Run-Hao] Zeng, R.H.[Rui-Hao]

Zeng, R.J.[Rui Jie] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Machine Learning Models in Simulating Glacier Mass Balance: Insights from Maritime and Continental Glaciers in High Mountain Asia
* Enhancing Flood Simulation in Data-Limited Glacial River Basins through Hybrid Modeling and Multi-Source Remote Sensing Data
* Estimating Irrigation Water Consumption Using Machine Learning and Remote Sensing Data in Kansas High Plains
Includes: Zeng, R.J.[Rui Jie] Zeng, R.J.[Rui-Jie]

Zeng, R.P.[Rong Ping] Co Author Listing * Discovering intrinsic properties of human observers' visual search and mathematical observers' scanning
Includes: Zeng, R.P.[Rong Ping] Zeng, R.P.[Rong-Ping]

Zeng, R.Q.[Run Qiang] Co Author Listing * Detection of Land Subsidence Associated with Land Creation and Rapid Urbanization in the Chinese Loess Plateau Using Time Series InSAR: A Case Study of Lanzhou New District
* Impact of Water Level Fluctuations on Landslide Deformation at Longyangxia Reservoir, Qinghai Province, China
* Landslide Mapping and Causes of Landslides in the China-Nepal Transportation Corridor Based on Remote Sensing Technology
Includes: Zeng, R.Q.[Run Qiang] Zeng, R.Q.[Run-Qiang]

Zeng, S.[Sitao] Co Author Listing * Classifying functional nuclear images with convolutional neural networks: A survey
* Computer Vision-Based Attention Generator using DQN, A
* Discounted Trade Reduction Mechanism for Dynamic Ridesharing Pricing, A
* Enhanced Spectral Fusion 3D CNN Model for Hyperspectral Image Classification, An
* Exploring Kernel Based Spatial Context for CNN Based Hyperspectral Image Classification
* From Detection of Individual Metastases to Classification of Lymph Node Status at the Patient Level: The CAMELYON17 Challenge
* Identification of contributing factors on travel mode choice among different resident types with bike-sharing as an alternative
* Improve the Estimation of Monocular Vision 6-DOF Pose Based on the Fusion of Camera and Laser Rangefinder
* Incremental Online Object Learning in a Vehicular Radar-Vision Fusion Framework
* Learning Deep Spatial Lung Features by 3D Convolutional Neural Network for Early Cancer Detection
* Matrix-Vector Nonnegative Tensor Factorization for Blind Unmixing of Hyperspectral Imagery
* Object-Tracking Algorithm for 3-D Range Data Using Motion and Surface Estimation, An
* Profiling the Spatial Structure of London: From Individual Tweets to Aggregated Functional Zones
* Retrieval of Secchi Disk Depth in Turbid Lakes from GOCI Based on a New Semi-Analytical Algorithm
* RISSNet: Retain low-light image details and improve the structural similarity net
* Sensing Mechanism and Real-Time Bridge Displacement Monitoring for a Laboratory Truss Bridge Using Hybrid Data Fusion
* Urban Water Quality Assessment Based on Remote Sensing Reflectance Optical Classification
* Weakly supervised semantic segmentation for social images
Includes: Zeng, S.[Sitao] Zeng, S.[Shuqing] Zeng, S. Zeng, S.[Shan] Zeng, S.[Simeng] Zeng, S.[Sikang] Zeng, S.[Shi] Zeng, S.[Shuai] Zeng, S.[Shangyou] Zeng, S.[Sheng]
18 for Zeng, S.

Zeng, S.C.[Shi Chen] Co Author Listing * Enhancing human action recognition via structural average curves analysis
Includes: Zeng, S.C.[Shi Chen] Zeng, S.C.[Shi-Chen]

Zeng, S.D.[Si Dong] Co Author Listing * Attributions of Evapotranspiration and Gross Primary Production Changes in Semi-Arid Region: A Case Study in the Water Source Area of the Xiong'an New Area in North China
* Spatiotemporal Characteristics of the Water Quality and Its Multiscale Relationship with Land Use in the Yangtze River Basin
* Spatiotemporal Patterns of Ecosystem Restoration Activities and Their Effects on Changes in Terrestrial Gross Primary Production in Southwest China
Includes: Zeng, S.D.[Si Dong] Zeng, S.D.[Si-Dong]

Zeng, S.F.[Shao Feng] Co Author Listing * Image Matching with Multi-order Features
* Incremental Few-Shot Object Detection with Scale- and Centerness-Aware Weight Generation
* Learning Method for Feature Correspondence with Outliers, A
* Supervised learning for parameterized Koopmans-Beckmann's graph matching
Includes: Zeng, S.F.[Shao Feng] Zeng, S.F.[Shao-Feng]

Zeng, S.G.[Sheng Gen] Co Author Listing * Feature Fusion Method Based on Canonical Correlation Analysis and Handwritten Character Recognition
* new method of feature fusion and its application in image recognition, A
Includes: Zeng, S.G.[Sheng Gen] Zeng, S.G.[Sheng-Gen]

Zeng, S.H.[Shao Hua] Co Author Listing * Accurate Scale Adaptive and Real-Time Visual Tracking with Correlation Filters
Includes: Zeng, S.H.[Shao Hua] Zeng, S.H.[Shao-Hua]

Zeng, S.J.[Shi Jie] Co Author Listing * Dual-Decoding branch U-shaped semantic segmentation network combining Transformer attention with Decoder: DBUNet, A
Includes: Zeng, S.J.[Shi Jie] Zeng, S.J.[Shi-Jie]

Zeng, S.K.[Sheng Kai] Co Author Listing * Radiometric Variations of On-Orbit FORMOSAT-5 RSI from Vicarious and Cross-Calibration Measurements
* Understanding the influence of state of health on the range anxiety of battery electric vehicle drivers
Includes: Zeng, S.K.[Sheng Kai] Zeng, S.K.[Sheng-Kai] Zeng, S.K.[Sheng-Kui]

Zeng, S.L.[Shui Ling] Co Author Listing * Large-Scale Database for Chemical Structure Recognition and Preliminary Evaluation, A
Includes: Zeng, S.L.[Shui Ling] Zeng, S.L.[Shui-Ling]

Zeng, S.N.[Shao Ning] Co Author Listing * Consensus Sparsity: Multi-Context Sparse Image Representation via L8-Induced Matrix Variate
* Filter Pruning via Feature Discrimination in Deep Neural Networks
* Joint Discriminative Latent Subspace Learning for Image Classification
* Latent Linear Discriminant Analysis for feature extraction via Isometric Structural Learning
* Point completion by a Stack-Style Folding Network with multi-scaled graphical features
* Robust Network Architecture Search via Feature Distortion Restraining
* Two-stage knowledge transfer framework for image classification
Includes: Zeng, S.N.[Shao Ning] Zeng, S.N.[Shao-Ning]
7 for Zeng, S.N.

Zeng, S.P.[Sui Ping] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Supply-Demand Matching of Public Health Resources Based on Ga2SFCA: A Case Study of the Central Urban Area of Tianjin
Includes: Zeng, S.P.[Sui Ping] Zeng, S.P.[Sui-Ping]

Zeng, S.Q.[Si Qi] Co Author Listing * Identifying and matching 12-level multistained glomeruli via deep learning for diagnosis of glomerular diseases
* Optimizing kNN for Mapping Vegetation Cover of Arid and Semi-Arid Areas Using Landsat Images
* PathSRGAN: Multi-Supervised Super-Resolution for Cytopathological Images Using Generative Adversarial Network
* Registration-enhanced multiple instance learning for cervical cancer whole slide image classification
* STSRNet: Self-Texture Transfer Super-Resolution and Refocusing Network
* Wide baseline stereo object matching using minimal cost flow algorithm
Includes: Zeng, S.Q.[Si Qi] Zeng, S.Q.[Si-Qi] Zeng, S.Q.[Shao-Qun] Zeng, S.Q.[Shu-Qing]

Zeng, S.T.[Song Tian] Co Author Listing * Multimodal Framework for Automated Teaching Quality Assessment of One-to-many Online Instruction Videos, A
Includes: Zeng, S.T.[Song Tian] Zeng, S.T.[Song-Tian]

Zeng, S.Y.[Shang You] Co Author Listing * efficient framework for deep learning-based light-defect image enhancement, An
Includes: Zeng, S.Y.[Shang You] Zeng, S.Y.[Shang-You]

Zeng, S.Z.[Shang Zhi] Co Author Listing * General Descent Aggregation Framework for Gradient-Based Bi-Level Optimization, A
* Hierarchical Optimization-Derived Learning
* Task-Oriented Convex Bilevel Optimization With Latent Feasibility
* Value-Function-Based Sequential Minimization for Bi-Level Optimization
Includes: Zeng, S.Z.[Shang Zhi] Zeng, S.Z.[Shang-Zhi]

Zeng, S.Z.H.[Steve Zhi Hua] Co Author Listing * Method and system for scaling images
Includes: Zeng, S.Z.H.[Steve Zhi Hua] Zeng, S.Z.H.[Steve Zhi-Hua]

Zeng, T.[Tao] Co Author Listing * Accurate Focusing and Resolution Analysis Method in Geosynchronous SAR, The
* Analysis of Response and Recovery of Vegetation to Forest Fire
* Atomic Clock Performance Assessment of BeiDou-3 Basic System with the Noise Analysis of Orbit Determination and Time Synchronization
* Autofocus Approach for UAV-Based Ultrawideband Ultrawidebeam SAR Data With Frequency-Dependent and 2-D Space-Variant Motion Errors, An
* Bayesian Estimation of Land Deformation Combining Persistent and Distributed Scatterers
* Calibration Method of Array Errors for Wideband MIMO Imaging Radar Based on Multiple Prominent Targets
* Class knowledge overlay to visual feature learning for zero-shot image classification
* Color Consistency Processing Method for HY-1C Images of Antarctica, A
* Cross-modal retrieval via label category supervised matrix factorization hashing
* Daily Sea Ice Concentration Product over Polar Regions Based on Brightness Temperature Data from the HY-2B SMR Sensor
* Deep Learning Segmentation of Optical Microscopy Images Improves 3-D Neuron Reconstruction
* Deep Multi-Level Wavelet-CNN Denoiser Prior for Restoring Blurred Image With Cauchy Noise
* Discharge Estimates for Ungauged Rivers Flowing over Complex High-Mountainous Regions based Solely on Remote Sensing-Derived Datasets
* Efficient Reversible Watermarking Based on Adaptive Prediction-Error Expansion and Pixel Selection
* Evaluation of the 2010 MODIS Collection 5.1 Land Cover Type Product over China
* Experimental Results and Algorithm Analysis of DEM Generation Using Bistatic SAR Interferometry With Stationary Receiver
* Extended NLCS Algorithm of BiSAR Systems With a Squinted Transmitter and a Fixed Receiver: Theory and Experimental Confirmation
* Feature difference for single-shot object detection
* Fluorescence-Based Approach to Estimate the Chlorophyll-A Concentration of a Phytoplankton Bloom in Ardley Cove (Antarctica)
* Framework of Multiuser Satisfaction for Assessing Interaction Models Within Collaborative Virtual Environments
* GB-InSAR-Based DEM Generation Method and Precision Analysis
* Generalization of LSB Matching, A
* Ground Clutter Mitigation for Slow-Time MIMO Radar Using Independent Component Analysis
* Image Formation Algorithm for Asymmetric Bistatic SAR Systems With a Fixed Receiver
* Image Smoothing Via Gradient Sparsity and Surface Area Minimization
* Improved Frequency Domain Focusing Method in Geosynchronous SAR, An
* Improved Frequency-Domain Image Formation Algorithm for Mini-UAV-Based Forward-Looking Spotlight BiSAR Systems, An
* Improved Motion Compensation Approach for Squint Airborne SAR
* Improved PolSAR Image Speckle Reduction Algorithm Based on Structural Judgment and Hybrid Four-Component Polarimetric Decomposition, An
* Integrated Land Cover Mapping Method Suitable for Low-Accuracy Areas in Global Land Cover Maps, An
* Interferometric Phase Error Analysis and Compensation in GNSS-InSAR: A Case Study of Structural Monitoring
* Joint Design for Electric Fleet Operator and Charging Service Provider: Understanding the Non-Cooperative Nature
* Modified Nonlinear Chirp Scaling Algorithm for Spaceborne/Stationary Bistatic SAR Based on Series Reversion, A
* Modified Three-Stage Inversion Algorithm Based on R-RVoG Model for Pol-InSAR Data, A
* Multi-Layer Overlapped Subaperture Algorithm for Extremely-High-Squint High-Resolution Wide-Swath SAR Imaging with Continuously Time-Varying Radar Parameters
* Multiangle BSAR Imaging Based on BeiDou-2 Navigation Satellite System: Experiments and Preliminary Results
* Multiplicative Noise Removal via a Learned Dictionary
* multiscale Galerkin method for second-order boundary value problems of Fredholm integro-differential equation II: Efficient algorithm for the discrete linear system, A
* Multiscale Normalization Attention Network for Water Body Extraction from Remote Sensing Imagery
* Near-Field Phase Cross Correlation Focusing Imaging and Parameter Estimation for Penetrating Radar
* New and Simplified Approach for Estimating the Daily River Discharge of the Tibetan Plateau Using Satellite Precipitation: An Initial Study on the Upper Brahmaputra River, A
* Novel Rapid SAR Simulator Based on Equivalent Scatterers for Three-Dimensional Forest Canopies, A
* On the Total Variation Dictionary Model
* P-Band UAV-SAR 4D Imaging: A Multi-Master Differential SAR Tomography Approach
* Parametric Image Reconstruction for Edge Recovery From Synthetic Aperture Radar Echoes
* Parametric Synthetic Aperture Radar Image Recovery for Multiple Linear Structures: An Image Domain Approach
* Predual Proximal Point Algorithm Solving a Non Negative Basis Pursuit Denoising Model, A
* Residual Deconvolutional Networks for Brain Electron Microscopy Image Segmentation
* SAR Doppler Ambiguity Resolver Based on Entropy Minimization
* SAR Parametric Super-Resolution Image Reconstruction Methods Based on ADMM and Deep Neural Network
* Ship ISAR Imaging Algorithm Based on Generalized Radon-Fourier Transform With Low SNR, A
* Single Image Dehazing and Denoising: A Fast Variational Approach
* SPA-GAN: SAR Parametric Autofocusing Method with Generative Adversarial Network
* Sparse Representation Prior and Total Variation-Based Image Deblurring under Impulse Noise
* Spatial and Angular Reconstruction of Light Field Based on Deep Generative Networks
* Strip Layering Diagram-Based Optimum Continuously Varying Pulse Interval Sequence Design for Extremely High-Resolution Spaceborne Sliding Spotlight SAR
* Subaperture Approach Based on Azimuth-Dependent Range Cell Migration Correction and Azimuth Focusing Parameter Equalization for Maneuvering High-Squint-Mode SAR
* Suitable Retrieval Algorithm of Arctic Snow Depths with AMSR-2 and Its Application to Sea Ice Thicknesses of Cryosat-2 Data, A
* Susceptibility Analysis of Land Subsidence along the Transmission Line in the Salt Lake Area Based on Remote Sensing Interpretation
* Trajectory Released Scheme for the Internet of Vehicles Based on Differential Privacy, A
* Two-Stage Image Segmentation Method for Blurry Images with Poisson or Multiplicative Gamma Noise, A
* Variational Single Image Dehazing for Enhanced Visualization
Includes: Zeng, T.[Tao] Zeng, T. Zeng, T.[Tian] Zeng, T.[Ting] Zeng, T.[Teng] Zeng, T.[Taishan] Zeng, T.[Taorui]
62 for Zeng, T.

Zeng, T.J.[Tian Jiao] Co Author Listing * Group-Wise Feature Enhancement-and-Fusion Network with Dual-Polarization Feature Enrichment for SAR Ship Detection, A
* Novel Multimodal Fusion Framework Based on Point Cloud Registration for Near-Field 3D SAR Perception, A
* RBFA-Net: A Rotated Balanced Feature-Aligned Network for Rotated SAR Ship Detection and Classification
* SAR Ship Detection Dataset (SSDD): Official Release and Comprehensive Data Analysis
* Scale in Scale for SAR Ship Instance Segmentation
* Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Meets Deep Learning
* two-stage dual-matrix method of blind signal separation, A
Includes: Zeng, T.J.[Tian Jiao] Zeng, T.J.[Tian-Jiao] Zeng, T.J.[Tiao-Jun]
7 for Zeng, T.J.

Zeng, T.R.[Tao Rui] Co Author Listing * Tempo-Spatial Landslide Susceptibility Assessment from the Perspective of Human Engineering Activity
Includes: Zeng, T.R.[Tao Rui] Zeng, T.R.[Tao-Rui]

Zeng, T.T.[Tian Tian] Co Author Listing * TRG-DQA: Texture Residual-Guided Dehazed Image Quality Assessment
* Zoning Earthquake Casualty Prediction Model Based on Machine Learning, A
Includes: Zeng, T.T.[Tian Tian] Zeng, T.T.[Tian-Tian] Zeng, T.T.[Ting-Ting]

Zeng, T.Y.[Tie Yong] Co Author Listing * Color Image Segmentation by Minimal Surface Smoothing
* Convex Variational Model for Restoring Blurred Images with Large Rician Noise, A
* Convex Variational Model for Restoring Blurred Images with Multiplicative Noise, A
* CTCNet: A CNN-Transformer Cooperation Network for Face Image Super-Resolution
* DDUNet: Dense Dense U-Net with Applications in Image Denoising
* Decomposition-Based Variational Network for Multi-Contrast MRI Super-Resolution and Reconstruction
* Deep Generative Mixture Model for Robust Imbalance Classification
* Deep Generative Model for Robust Imbalance Classification
* Dictionary Learning Approach for Poisson Image Deblurring, A
* Efficient Boosted DC Algorithm for Nonconvex Image Restoration with Rician Noise
* Efficient SAV Algorithms for Curvature Minimization Problems
* Flow Guidance Deformable Compensation Network for Video Frame Interpolation
* further study on steganalysis of LSB matching by calibration, A
* General Framework to Histogram-Shifting-Based Reversible Data Hiding
* Hierarchical Perception Adversarial Learning Framework for Compressed Sensing MRI
* Improving embedding efficiency via matrix embedding: A case study
* Incorporating known features into a total variation dictionary model for source separation
* Kernel correlation-dissimilarity for Multiple Kernel k-Means clustering
* Lagrangian multipliers and split Bregman methods for minimization problems constrained on S^(n-1)
* Learning deep edge prior for image denoising
* Model adaptive torque control and distribution with error reconstruction strategy for RWID EVs
* MTU2-Net: Extracting Internal Solitary Waves from SAR Images
* Multiphase Image Segmentation Method Based on Fuzzy Region Competition, A
* Multiple Degradation and Reconstruction Network for Single Image Denoising via Knowledge Distillation
* New Algorithm Framework for Image Inpainting in Transform Domain, A
* NTIRE 2022 Challenge on Stereo Image Super-Resolution: Methods and Results
* Phase retrieval from incomplete data via weighted nuclear norm minimization
* Pixel screening based intermediate correction for blind deblurring
* Pixel-Attention CNN With Color Correlation Loss for Color Image Denoising
* Poisson noise removal via learned dictionary
* Proximal linearized alternating direction method of multipliers algorithm for nonconvex image restoration with impulse noise
* Quaternion Screened Poisson Equation for Low-Light Image Enhancement
* Quaternion-Based Dictionary Learning and Saturation-Value Total Variation Regularization for Color Image Restoration
* Quaternion-based weighted nuclear norm minimization for color image restoration
* Rank-One Prior: Real-Time Scene Recovery
* Rank-One Prior: Toward Real-Time Scene Recovery
* reflectance re-weighted Retinex model for non-uniform and low-light image enhancement, A
* Regularized Non-local Total Variation and Application in Image Restoration
* Reliable histogram features for detecting LSB matching
* Residual network with detail perception loss for single image super-resolution
* Restoration of images corrupted by mixed Gaussian-impulse noise via l1-l0 minimization
* Retinex-Based Variational Framework for Low-Light Image Enhancement and Denoising
* robust non-blind deblurring method using deep denoiser prior, A
* SCARF: A Semantic Constrained Attention Refinement Network for Semantic Segmentation
* Single-particle reconstruction in cryo-EM based on three-dimensional weighted nuclear norm minimization
* Snow Mask Guided Adaptive Residual Network for Image Snow Removal
* Soft-Edge Assisted Network for Single Image Super-Resolution
* Spherical Image Inpainting with Frame Transformation and Data-Driven Prior Deep Networks
* SRRNet: A Semantic Representation Refinement Network for Image Segmentation
* Structure-Preserving Deraining with Residue Channel Prior Guidance
* Surface-Aware Blind Image Deblurring
* Three-Stage Variational Image Segmentation Framework Incorporating Intensity Inhomogeneity Information, A
* Total Variation Restoration of Images Corrupted by Poisson Noise with Iterated Conditional Expectations
* Transformer for Single Image Super-Resolution
* Two-Stage Image Segmentation Method Using a Convex Variant of the Mumford-Shah Model and Thresholding, A
* Two-Stage Image Segmentation Method Using Euler's Elastica Regularized Mumford-Shah Model, A
* Uncertainty-Aware Unsupervised Image Deblurring with Deep Residual Prior
* Universal Variational Framework for Sparsity-Based Image Inpainting, A
* Variational Approach for Restoring Blurred Images with Cauchy Noise
* Variational Phase Retrieval with Globally Convergent Preconditioned Proximal Algorithm
* Weighted Difference of Anisotropic and Isotropic Total Variation Model for Image Processing, A
* Weighted variational model for selective image segmentation with application to medical images
Includes: Zeng, T.Y.[Tie Yong] Zeng, T.Y.[Tie-Yong] Zeng, T.Y. Zeng, T.Y.[Ting-Yu]
62 for Zeng, T.Y.

Zeng, W.[Wei] Co Author Listing * 3D dynamics analysis in Teichmüller space
* 3D face matching and registration based on hyperbolic Ricci flow
* 3D Human Mesh Regression With Dense Correspondence
* 3D Non-rigid Surface Matching and Registration Based on Holomorphic Differentials
* 3DContextNet: K-d Tree Guided Hierarchical Learning of Point Clouds Using Local and Global Contextual Cues
* Adaptive Class Suppression Loss for Long-Tail Object Detection
* Adaptive Pooling in Multi-instance Learning for Web Video Annotation
* Application of hyperpath strategy and driving experience to risk-averse navigation
* Area Preserving Brain Mapping
* Asymmetric Modeling for Action Assessment, An
* Attribute-Aware Feature Encoding for Object Recognition and Segmentation
* automatic 3D expression recognition framework based on sparse representation of conformal images, An
* Benchmarking Single-Image Dehazing and Beyond
* comparative study of CNN-based super-resolution methods in MRI reconstruction and its beyond, A
* Computational Depth Sensing: Toward high-performance commodity depth cameras
* Conformal Geometry Based Supine and Prone Colon Registration
* Conformal mapping-based 3D face recognition
* Constrained Delaunay Triangulation Using Delaunay Visibility
* Contrastive Neural Architecture Search with Neural Architecture Comparators
* Cross View Fusion for 3D Human Pose Estimation
* Data-driven hair segmentation with isomorphic manifold inference
* Deep Blind Hyperspectral Image Fusion
* Deep Recognition of Vanishing-Point-Constrained Building Planes in Urban Street Views
* Effective constructing training sets for object detection
* Efficient Color Re-indexing Scheme for Palette-based Compression, An
* Efficient Compression of Encrypted Grayscale Images
* EleAtt-RNN: Adding Attentiveness to Neurons in Recurrent Neural Networks
* Exemplar-Based Image Inpainting with Collaborative Filtering
* Exploiting Multi-grain Ranking Constraints for Precisely Searching Visually-similar Vehicles
* Extracting corner-cue feature to improve minutiae-matching accuracy
* Extraction of Landmarks and Features from Virtual Colon Models
* Feature-Oriented Rate Shaping of Pre-Compressed Image/Video
* FloorLevel-Net: Recognizing Floor-Level Lines With Height-Attention-Guided Multi-Task Learning
* Fusing Wearable IMUs With Multi-View Images for Human Pose Estimation: A Geometric Approach
* Fusion of spatial-temporal and kinematic features for gait recognition with deterministic learning
* Generalized DAMRF Image Modeling for Superresolution of License Plates, A
* Geological Hazard Identification and Susceptibility Assessment Based on MT-InSAR
* Geometric Registration Based on Distortion Estimation
* Geometric-Structure-Based Error Concealment with Novel Applications in Block-Based Low-Bit-Rate Coding
* Graph-Constrained Surface Registration Based on Tutte Embedding
* Guest Editorial Special Issue on Visual Computing in the Cloud: Mobile Computing
* High-Order Statistical Modeling Based on a Decision Tree for Distributed Video Coding
* Human Pose Estimation Using Global and Local Normalization
* Hyperbolic Harmonic Mapping for Constrained Brain Surface Registration
* Hyperbolic Harmonic Mapping for Surface Registration
* improved method for single image super-resolution based on deep learning, An
* Incremental SfM based lossless compression of JPEG coded photo album
* Isomorphic Manifold Inference for hair segmentation
* Joint 3d Layout and Depth Prediction from a Single Indoor Panorama Image
* Large Batch Optimization for Object Detection: Training Coco in 12 minutes
* Large-Scale Urban Multiple-Modal Transport Evacuation Model for Mass Gathering Events Considering Pedestrian and Public Transit System
* Learning Attentional Recurrent Neural Network for Visual Tracking
* Learning Long-Term Dependencies for Action Recognition with a Biologically-Inspired Deep Network
* Learning to Update for Object Tracking With Recurrent Meta-Learner
* LiDARsim: Realistic LiDAR Simulation by Leveraging the Real World
* Lossless compression of JPEG coded photo albums
* Lossless Compression of JPEG Coded Photo Collections
* Low-Pass Filtering of Rate-Distortion Functions for Quality Smoothing in Real-Time Video Communication
* Motion Refinement Based Progressive Side-Information Estimation for Wyner-Ziv Video Coding
* Moving Indoor: Unsupervised Video Depth Learning in Challenging Environments
* Multi-Granularity Reference-Aided Attentive Feature Aggregation for Video-Based Person Re-Identification
* Neural Architecture Search with Representation Mutual Information
* Night video enhancement using improved dark channel prior
* Nonlinear Inversion MR Elastography With Low-Frequency Actuation
* Not All Tokens Are Equal: Human-centric Visual Analysis via Token Clustering Transformer
* novel coarse-to-fine hair segmentation method, A
* novel compressed domain shot segmentation algorithm on H.264/AVC, A
* novel two-tier Bayesian based method for hair segmentation, A
* On Resolving Rightful Ownerships of Digital Images by Invisible Watermarks
* Optimal Mass Transport for Shape Matching and Comparison
* Optimizing Quality of Experience for Adaptive Bitrate Streaming via Viewer Interest Inference
* Parallel Channel Identification and Elimination Method Based on the Spatial Position Relationship of Different Channels
* Partial Face Biometry Using Shape Decomposition on 2D Conformal Maps of Faces
* Photo Stylistic Brush: Robust Style Transfer via Superpixel-Based Bipartite Graph
* PnPNet: End-to-End Perception and Prediction With Tracking in the Loop
* Point-wise Extended Visual Masking for JPEG-2000 Image Compression
* Pose for Everything: Towards Category-Agnostic Pose Estimation
* Pose invariant age estimation of face images in the wild
* Progressive pseudo-analog transmission for mobile video live streaming
* Progressive Pseudo-analog Transmission for Mobile Video Streaming
* Real-Time Identification of Rice Weeds by UAV Low-Altitude Remote Sensing Based on Improved Semantic Segmentation Model
* Registration for 3D surfaces with large deformations using quasi-conformal curvature flow
* Remote Sensing-Based Classification of Winter Irrigation Fields Using the Random Forest Algorithm and GF-1 Data: A Case Study of Jinzhong Basin, North China
* Ricci Flow for 3D Shape Analysis
* Ricci Flow for Shape Analysis and Surface Registration: Theories, Algorithms and Applications
* Robust discriminative nonnegative dictionary learning for occluded face recognition
* Robust moving object segmentation on H.264/AVC compressed video using the block-based MRF model
* Self-supervised multi-scale semantic consistency regularization for unsupervised image-to-image translation
* Semantic object segmentation by a spatio-temporal MRF model
* Semantics-Guided Neural Networks for Efficient Skeleton-Based Human Action Recognition
* Sequence-Based Rate Control Framework for Consistent Quality Real-Time Video, A
* Shape Analysis of Planar Multiply-Connected Objects Using Conformal Welding
* Shape Analysis of Planar Objects with Arbitrary Topologies Using Conformal Geometry
* Shape-based Adult Image Detection
* Silhouette-based gait recognition via deterministic learning
* Simultaneous Depth and Spectral Imaging With a Cross-Modal Stereo System
* Single and Multiple View Detection, Tracking and Video Analysis in Crowded Environments
* Statistical Watermark Detection Technique Without Using Original Images for Resolving Rightful Ownerships of Digital Images, A
* Style Normalization and Restitution for Generalizable Person Re-Identification
* Superimposed Modulation for Soft Video Delivery With Hidden Resources
* Surface Matching and Registration by Landmark Curve-Driven Canonical Quasiconformal Mapping
* Surface Registration by Optimization in Constrained Diffeomorphism Space
* Teichmüller Shape Descriptor and Its Application to Alzheimer's Disease Study
* Temporal-Spatial Mapping for Action Recognition
* Towards Cross-Domain Learning for Social Video Popularity Prediction
* Tracking by Instance Detection: A Meta-Learning Approach
* Twofold Siamese Network for Real-Time Object Tracking, A
* Unsupervised High-Resolution Depth Learning From Videos With Dual Networks
* Variable Block-Sized Signal-Dependent Transform for Video Coding
* Video indexing by motion activity maps
* Visualizing the Relationship Between Human Mobility and Points of Interest
Includes: Zeng, W.[Wei] Zeng, W. Zeng, W.[Wu] Zeng, W.[Weili] Zeng, W.[Wang] Zeng, W.[Weibo] Zeng, W.[Wen]
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Zeng, W.B.[Wen Bing] Co Author Listing * PAM-DenseNet: A Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Computer-Aided COVID-19 Diagnosis
Includes: Zeng, W.B.[Wen Bing] Zeng, W.B.[Wen-Bing]

Zeng, W.D.[Wang Ding] Co Author Listing * PIAP-DF: Pixel-Interested and Anti Person-Specific Facial Action Unit Detection Net with Discrete Feedback Learning
Includes: Zeng, W.D.[Wang Ding] Zeng, W.D.[Wang-Ding]

Zeng, W.F.[Wei Feng] Co Author Listing * Spatiotemporal Heterogeneity in Runoff Dynamics and Its Drivers in a Water Conservation Area of the Upper Yellow River Basin over the Past 35 Years
Includes: Zeng, W.F.[Wei Feng] Zeng, W.F.[Wei-Feng]

Zeng, W.H.[Wei Hang] Co Author Listing * Crack Propagation and Fracture Process Zone (FPZ) of Wood in the Longitudinal Direction Determined Using Digital Image Correlation (DIC) Technique
* Revealing Spatial-Temporal Characteristics and Patterns of Urban Travel: A Large-Scale Analysis and Visualization Study with Taxi GPS Data
* Self-Supervised Method for Infrared and Visible Image Fusion, A
* Simulation of the Urban Jobs-Housing Location Selection and Spatial Relationship Using a Multi-Agent Approach
Includes: Zeng, W.H.[Wei Hang] Zeng, W.H.[Wei-Hang] Zeng, W.H.[Wei-Hua] Zeng, W.H.[Wei-Hong]

Zeng, W.J.[Wen Jun] Co Author Listing * ActFormer: A GAN-based Transformer towards General Action-Conditioned 3D Human Motion Generation
* AdaFuse: Adaptive Multiview Fusion for Accurate Human Pose Estimation in the Wild
* Adaptive Nonlocal Sparse Representation for Dual-Camera Compressive Hyperspectral Imaging
* Adaptive spatial-temporal error concealment with embedded side information
* Adaptive wavelet transforms with spatially varying filters for scalable image coding
* Adding Attentiveness to the Neurons in Recurrent Neural Networks
* APANet: Auto-Path Aggregation for Future Instance Segmentation Prediction
* Beyond Triplet Loss: Meta Prototypical N-Tuple Loss for Person Re-identification
* Boundary Matching Detection for Recovering Erroneously Received VQ Indexes over Noisy Channels
* Canonical Factors for Hybrid Neural Fields
* Compressive hyperspectral imaging with complementary RGB measurements
* Compressive Sensing Based Secure Watermark Detection and Privacy Preserving Storage Framework, A
* Context-Adaptive Modeling for Wavelet-Domain Distributed Video Coding
* Context-Reinforced Semantic Segmentation
* Cooperative Hybrid Digital-Analog Video Transmission in D2D Networks
* Correlation-Aware Deep Tracking
* Densely Semantically Aligned Person Re-Identification
* efficient print-scanning resilient data hiding scheme based on a novel LPM, An
* Elongated Small Object Detection from Remote Sensing Images Using Hierarchical Scale-Sensitive Networks
* Empirical Study of the Collapsing Problem in Semi-Supervised 2D Human Pose Estimation, An
* FairMOT: On the Fairness of Detection and Re-identification in Multiple Object Tracking
* Fast self-synchronous content scrambling by spatially shuffling codewords of compressed bitstreams
* format-compliant configurable encryption framework for access control of video, A
* Global Distance-distributions Separation for Unsupervised Person Re-identification
* Graph-based video fingerprinting using double optimal projection
* High-Speed Hyperspectral Video Acquisition By Combining Nyquist and Compressive Sampling
* High-speed hyperspectral video acquisition with a dual-camera architecture
* Hybrid Digital-Analog Video Delivery With Shannon-Kotel'nikov Mapping
* improved rate-quantization model for rate control in real-time video encoding, An
* Improving Robustness of Quantization-Based Image Watermarking via Adaptive Receiver
* Joint Design of Source Rate Control and QoS-Aware Congestion Control for Video Streaming Over the Internet
* Learning to Refine 3D Human Pose Sequences
* Learning Tracking Representations via Dual-Branch Fully Transformer Networks
* Lifelong Unsupervised Domain Adaptive Person Re-identification with Coordinated Anti-forgetting and Adaptation
* MetaAlign: Coordinating Domain Alignment and Classification for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation
* Method and apparatus for extracting indexing information from digital video data
* MiCT: Mixed 3D/2D Convolutional Tube for Human Action Recognition
* Mobile Media in Action: Remote Target Localization and Tracking
* Multi-Grained Attention Networks for Single Image Super-Resolution
* Multi-Modality Multi-Task Recurrent Neural Network for Online Action Detection
* Multiple description coded video streaming in peer-to-peer networks
* NaviNeRF: NeRF-based 3D Representation Disentanglement by Latent Semantic Navigation
* Network friendly media security: rationales, solutions, and open issues
* New Method for Boundary Artifact Reduction in JPEG 2000, A
* Novel Data Association Approach of SLAM, A
* Object Detection in Videos by High Quality Object Linking
* Online Dictionary Learning for Approximate Archetypal Analysis
* Online Human Action Detection Using Joint Classification-Regression Recurrent Neural Networks
* Operational distortion-quantization curve-based bit allocation for smooth video quality
* Optimum Detection for Spread-Spectrum Watermarking that Employs Self-masking
* Optimum Detection of Image-Adaptive Watermarking in the DCT Domain
* overview of the visual optimization tools in JPEG 2000, An
* Practical Hybrid Digital-Analog Scheme for Wireless Video Transmission, A
* Rate-Distortion Optimized Transmission Power Adaptation for Video Streaming over Wireless Channels
* Re-energizing Domain Discriminator with Sample Relabeling for Adversarial Domain Adaptation
* Relation-Aware Global Attention for Person Re-Identification
* Removing camera fingerprint to disguise photograph source
* Resolution-progressive compression of encrypted grayscale images
* ReSTR: Convolution-free Referring Image Segmentation Using Transformers
* Rethinking Content and Style: Exploring Bias for Unsupervised Disentanglement
* Robust Multi-object Tracking by Marginal Inference
* S2R-DepthNet: Learning a Generalizable Depth-specific Structural Representation
* Self-Supervised Visual Representations Learning by Contrastive Mask Prediction
* Sequence-based rate control for constant quality video
* Seventh Visual Object Tracking VOT2019 Challenge Results, The
* Sixth Visual Object Tracking VOT2018 Challenge Results, The
* Skeleton-Based Action Recognition With Gated Convolutional Neural Networks
* Skeleton-Based Mutually Assisted Interacted Object Localization and Human Action Recognition
* Spatio-Temporal Attention-Based LSTM Networks for 3D Action Recognition and Detection
* Spatiotemporal Fusion in 3D CNNs: A Probabilistic View
* SPM-Tracker: Series-Parallel Matching for Real-Time Visual Object Tracking
* Structural similarity-based video fingerprinting for video copy detection
* Structure-Preserving Hybrid Digital-Analog Video Delivery in Wireless Networks
* Style Normalization and Restitution for Domain Generalization and Adaptation
* Target-Tailored Source-Transformation for Scene Graph Generation
* Tile-boundary artifact reduction using odd tile size and the low-pass first convention
* Towards a Better Match in Siamese Network Based Visual Object Tracker
* Two greedy tree growing algorithms for designing variable rate vector quantizers
* Unsupervised Visual Representation Learning by Tracking Patches in Video
* View Adaptive Neural Networks for High Performance Skeleton-Based Human Action Recognition
* View Adaptive Recurrent Neural Networks for High Performance Human Action Recognition from Skeleton Data
* View Invariant 3D Human Pose Estimation
* VirtualPose: Learning Generalizable 3D Human Pose Models from Virtual Data
* Visual Optimization Tools in JPEG 2000
* Voxelpose: Towards Multi-camera 3d Human Pose Estimation in Wild Environment
* VoxelTrack: Multi-Person 3D Human Pose Estimation and Tracking in the Wild
Includes: Zeng, W.J.[Wen Jun] Zeng, W.J.[Wen-Jun] Zeng, W.J. Zeng, W.J.[Wei-Jia] Zeng, W.J.[Wei-Jiang] Zeng, W.J.[Wen-Jing]
86 for Zeng, W.J.

Zeng, W.K.[Wan Kang] Co Author Listing * sub-pixel image registration algorithm based on SURF and M-estimator sample consensus, A
Includes: Zeng, W.K.[Wan Kang] Zeng, W.K.[Wan-Kang]

Zeng, W.L.[Wei Liang] Co Author Listing * Cost-sensitive deep forest for price prediction
* Fast Single-Image Super-Resolution via Deep Network With Component Learning
* Hierarchical Level Set Approach to for RGBD Image Matting, A
* Modelling and simulation of hierarchical scheduling of real-time responsive customised bus
* Non-linear fourth-order telegraph-diffusion equation for noise removal
* Singular value decomposition and local near neighbors for face recognition under varying illumination
Includes: Zeng, W.L.[Wei Liang] Zeng, W.L.[Wei-Liang] Zeng, W.L.[Wei-Li] Zeng, W.L.[Wen-Liang]

Zeng, W.M.[Wei Min] Co Author Listing * motion-texture aware denoising for economic hardware design, A
* Optimized projection for Collaborative Representation based Classification and its applications to face recognition
Includes: Zeng, W.M.[Wei Min] Zeng, W.M.[Wei-Min] Zeng, W.M.[Wei-Ming]

Zeng, W.P.[Wei Ping] Co Author Listing * Quantum Based Pseudo-Labelling for Hyperspectral Imagery: A Simple and Efficient Semi-Supervised Learning Method for Machine Learning Classifiers
Includes: Zeng, W.P.[Wei Ping] Zeng, W.P.[Wei-Ping]

Zeng, W.Q.[Wei Qiang] Co Author Listing * Physical and Biochemical Responses to Sequential Tropical Cyclones in the Arabian Sea
Includes: Zeng, W.Q.[Wei Qiang] Zeng, W.Q.[Wei-Qiang]

Zeng, W.Q.A.[Wei Qi Ang] Co Author Listing * Remote Sensing and Argo Float Observations Reveal Physical Processes Initiating a Winter-Spring Phytoplankton Bloom South of the Kuroshio Current Near Shikoku
Includes: Zeng, W.Q.A.[Wei Qi Ang] Zeng, W.Q.A.[Wei-Qi-Ang]

Zeng, W.R.[Wen Rong] Co Author Listing * Semantic-Based Surveillance Video Retrieval
Includes: Zeng, W.R.[Wen Rong] Zeng, W.R.[Wen-Rong]

Zeng, W.S.[Wei Sheng] Co Author Listing * Combining Sample Plot Stratification and Machine Learning Algorithms to Improve Forest Aboveground Carbon Density Estimation in Northeast China Using Airborne LiDAR Data
* Comparison and Evaluation of Three Methods for Estimating Forest above Ground Biomass Using TM and GLAS Data
Includes: Zeng, W.S.[Wei Sheng] Zeng, W.S.[Wei-Sheng]

Zeng, W.T.[Wan Ting] Co Author Listing * Evolutionary Fuzzy Control and Navigation for Two Wheeled Robots Cooperatively Carrying an Object in Unknown Environments
* MARL: Multi-scale Archetype Representation Learning for Urban Building Energy Modeling
Includes: Zeng, W.T.[Wan Ting] Zeng, W.T.[Wan-Ting] Zeng, W.T.[Wen-Tao]

Zeng, W.X.[Wei Xiang] Co Author Listing * Method for Long-Term Target Anti-Interference Tracking Combining Deep Learning and CKF for LARS Tracking and Capturing, A
* MPCViT: Searching for Accurate and Efficient MPC-Friendly Vision Transformer with Heterogeneous Attention
Includes: Zeng, W.X.[Wei Xiang] Zeng, W.X.[Wei-Xiang] Zeng, W.X.[Wen-Xuan]

Zeng, W.Y.[Wen Yi] Co Author Listing * Distance and similarity measures between hesitant fuzzy sets and their application in pattern recognition
* Dsdnet: Deep Structured Self-driving Network
* End-To-End Interpretable Neural Motion Planner
* Permute, Quantize, and Fine-tune: Efficient Compression of Neural Networks
* Rethinking Closed-Loop Training for Autonomous Driving
* Self-Supervised Representation Learning from Flow Equivariance
* V2vnet: Vehicle-to-vehicle Communication for Joint Perception and Prediction
* Weakly Supervised Object Detection Using Proposal- and Semantic-Level Relationships
* Weakly-supervised 3d Shape Completion in the Wild
Includes: Zeng, W.Y.[Wen Yi] Zeng, W.Y.[Wen-Yi] Zeng, W.Y.[Wen-Yuan]
9 for Zeng, W.Y.

Zeng, W.Z.[Wen Zheng] Co Author Listing * End-to-End Video Gaze Estimation via Capturing Head-Face-Eye Spatial-Temporal Interaction Context
* On-Orbit Radiance Calibration of Nighttime Sensor of LuoJia1-01 Satellite Based on Lunar Observations
* Prediction of Soil Moisture Content and Soil Salt Concentration from Hyperspectral Laboratory and Field Data
* Real-time Multi-person Eyeblink Detection in the Wild for Untrimmed Video
* Simulating the Leaf Area Index of Rice from Multispectral Images
Includes: Zeng, W.Z.[Wen Zheng] Zeng, W.Z.[Wen-Zheng] Zeng, W.Z.[Wen-Zhi]

Zeng, X. Co Author Listing * Alternatives to the Use of the DFT in MRI and Spectroscopic Reconstructions
* Classification of clouds in satellite imagery using over-complete dictionary via sparse representation
* Combined Deblocking Filter and SAO Hardware Architecture for HEVC, A
* Compact and Configurable Long Short-Term Memory Neural Network Hardware Architecture, A
* Component GARCH Models to Account for Seasonal Patterns and Uncertainties in Travel-Time Prediction
* Controllable digital restoration of ancient paintings using convolutional neural network and nearest neighbor
* Correlation-attention guided regression network for efficient crowd counting
* Data-Driven Quasi-Dynamic Traffic Assignment Model Integrating Multi-Source Traffic Sensor Data on the Expressway Network, A
* Decreasing Weighted Sorted L_1 Regularization
* Deep Learning Shape Priors for Object Segmentation
* Design and implementation of an estimator of fractal dimension using fuzzy techniques
* DF2Net: A Dense-Fine-Finer Network for Detailed 3D Face Reconstruction
* Dictionary Pair Learning on Grassmann Manifolds for Image Denoising
* Distributed Dictionary Learning for Sparse Representation in Sensor Networks
* DMM-Net: Differentiable Mask-Matching Network for Video Object Segmentation
* Dual Path Attention Network (DPANet) for Intelligent Identification of Wenchuan Landslides
* Evaluation of SMAP Soil Moisture Relative to Five Other Satellite Products Using the Climate Reference Network Measurements Over USA
* Expanding Training Data for Facial Image Super-Resolution
* FReeNet: Multi-Identity Face Reenactment
* Gum-Net: Unsupervised Geometric Matching for Fast and Accurate 3D Subtomogram Image Alignment and Averaging
* Hardware-Oriented IME Algorithm for HEVC and Its Hardware Implementation, A
* High-Quality Facial Keypoints Matching with Motion Smoothness Constraint and 3D Model Constraint
* HM-NAS: Efficient Neural Architecture Search via Hierarchical Masking
* Hybrid 3D Surface Description with Global Frames and Local Signatures of Histograms
* Illumination robust face recognition using random projection and sparse representation
* Image Fusion Using Higher Order Singular Value Decomposition
* Improved Low-Power Cost-Effective DCT Implementation Based on Markov Random Field and Stochastic Logic
* Instant video summarization during shooting with mobile phone
* Interest points based collaborative tracking
* Joint Beamforming and Antenna Subarray Formation for MIMO Cognitive Radios
* Joint demosaicing and denoising of noisy bayer images with ADMM
* Knowledge Graph Convolutional Networks Method for Countryside Ecological Patterns Recommendation by Mining Geographical Features, A
* LSTM-Based Intrusion Detection System for VANETs: A Time Series Classification Approach to False Message Detection
* Mapping of Soil Liquefaction Associated with the 2021 Mw 7.4 Maduo (Madoi) Earthquake Based on the UAV Photogrammetry Technology
* Mobility Based Trust Evaluation for Heterogeneous Electric Vehicles Network in Smart Cities
* Multi-level features extraction network with gating mechanism for crowd counting
* Multiple Image-Based Noise Level Estimation Algorithm, A
* Neural Network-based In-Loop Filter for CLIC 2022
* Pipelined 2D Transform Architecture Supporting Mixed Block Sizes for the VVC Standard, A
* Post-Processing Network Based on Dense Inception Attention for Video Compression
* Pruning by Training: A Novel Deep Neural Network Compression Framework for Image Processing
* Public Goods Game Theory-Based Approach to Cooperation in VANETs Under a High Vehicle Density Condition, A
* QNet: An Adaptive Quantization Table Generator Based on Convolutional Neural Network
* Quarter LCU based integer motion estimation algorithm for HEVC
* Regularizing Discriminative Capability of CGANs for Semi-Supervised Generative Learning
* Reinforced Tracker Based on Hierarchical Convolutional Features
* Reversible image watermarking based on full context prediction
* RNN-Based Framework for the MILP Problem in Robustness Verification of Neural Networks, An
* Route-Based Transit Signal Priority Using Connected Vehicle Technology to Promote Bus Schedule Adherence
* Semi-supervised medical image segmentation via hard positives oriented contrastive learning
* Stochastic Driver Pedal Behavior Model Incorporating Road Information, A
* Super-Resolution Method for Multiview Face Recognition From a Single Image Per Person Using Nonlinear Mappings on Coherent Features
* Survey on Visual Content-Based Video Indexing and Retrieval, A
* Ultra-Low Power QRS Complex Detection Algorithm Based on Down-Sampling Wavelet Transform, An
* Unsupervised Domain Alignment Based Open Set Structural Recognition of Macromolecules Captured By Cryo-Electron Tomography
* Unsupervised Multi-Task Learning for 3D Subtomogram Image Alignment, Clustering and Segmentation
* Very Deep Residual Network for Image Matting
* Visual Importance and Distortion Guided Deep Image Quality Assessment Framework
* Weakly Supervised 3D Semantic Segmentation Using Cross-Image Consensus and Inter-Voxel Affinity Relations
* Web-based Learning Environment of Remote Sensing Experimental Class With Python, A
Includes: Zeng, X. Zeng, X.[Xingbin] Zeng, X.[Xiangrui] Zeng, X.[Xin] Zeng, X.[Xing] Zeng, X.[Xunxun] Zeng, X.[Xinnian] Zeng, X.[Xiao] Zeng, X.[Xuhui] Zeng, X.[Xianyang] Zeng, X.[Xia] Zeng, X.[Xinyi]
60 for Zeng, X.

Zeng, X.B.[Xu Bin] Co Author Listing * Evaluating the Preconditions of Two Remote Sensing SWE Retrieval Algorithms over the US
* Intercomparison of Seven NDVI Products over the United States and Mexico
* New rate distortion optimization method for video coding
* Precipitation over the U.S. Coastal Land/Water Using Gauge-Corrected Multi-Radar/Multi-Sensor System and Three Satellite Products
* Retinal vessel segmentation based on task-driven generative adversarial network
* Satellite and In Situ Observations for Advancing Global Earth Surface Modelling: A Review
Includes: Zeng, X.B.[Xu Bin] Zeng, X.B.[Xu-Bin] Zeng, X.B.[Xing-Bing] Zeng, X.B.[Xing-Bin]

Zeng, X.C.[Xiang Cheng] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Modeling-Based Aeromagnetic Maneuver Noise Suppression Method and Its Application in Mine Detection, An
Includes: Zeng, X.C.[Xiang Cheng] Zeng, X.C.[Xiang-Cheng]

Zeng, X.D.[Xiao Dong] Co Author Listing * Lexicon expansion for latent variable grammars
* Multiple Ship Tracking in Remote Sensing Images Using Deep Learning
* Observed Changes in Crop Yield Associated with Droughts Propagation via Natural and Human-Disturbed Agro-Ecological Zones of Pakistan
* Varying Amplitude Vibration Phase Suppression Algorithm in ISAL Imaging
Includes: Zeng, X.D.[Xiao Dong] Zeng, X.D.[Xiao-Dong]

Zeng, X.F.[Xiang Feng] Co Author Listing * CIST: An Improved ISAR Imaging Method Using Convolution Neural Network
* CPISNet: Delving into Consistent Proposals of Instance Segmentation Network for High-Resolution Aerial Images
* Deep Superpixel Convolutional Network for Image Recognition
* Designing One Unified Framework for High-Fidelity Face Reenactment and Swapping
* Efficient Instance Segmentation Paradigm for Interpreting SAR and Optical Images
* Intra-pulse modulation radar signal recognition based on Squeeze-and-Excitation networks
* Real-Time Audio-Guided Multi-Face Reenactment
Includes: Zeng, X.F.[Xiang Feng] Zeng, X.F.[Xiang-Feng] Zeng, X.F.[Xian-Fang]
7 for Zeng, X.F.

Zeng, X.G.[Xing Guo] Co Author Listing * Machine Learning Fusion Multi-Source Data Features for Classification Prediction of Lunar Surface Geological Units
Includes: Zeng, X.G.[Xing Guo] Zeng, X.G.[Xing-Guo]

Zeng, X.H.[Xiao Hui] Co Author Listing * Adversarial Attacks Beyond the Image Space
* ATT3D: Amortized Text-to-3D Object Synthesis
* BH2I-GAN: Bidirectional Hashcode-to-Image Translation using Multi-Generative Multi-Adversarial Nets
* Cell tracking via Structured Prediction and Learning
* Color perception of diffusion tensor images using hierarchical manifold learning
* CP-GAN: Meet the high requirements of diagnose report to medical image by content preservation
* Deep hybrid manifold for image set classification
* Exploiting Spatial-temporal Correlations for Video Anomaly Detection
* Hiding Images Into Images with Real-World Robustness
* Hyperspectral Anomaly Detection Using Deep Learning: A Review
* IDHashGAN: Deep Hashing With Generative Adversarial Nets for Incomplete Data Retrieval
* Learning Graph Enhanced Spatial-Temporal Coherence for Video Anomaly Detection
* Magic3D: High-Resolution Text-to-3D Content Creation
* MSAF: Multimodal Supervise-Attention Enhanced Fusion for Video Anomaly Detection
* Multi-Manifold Deep Discriminative Cross-Modal Hashing for Medical Image Retrieval
* Scribblebox: Interactive Annotation Framework for Video Object Segmentation
* Trajectory Forecasting Using Graph Convolutional Neural Networks Based on Prior Awareness and Information Fusion
Includes: Zeng, X.H.[Xiao Hui] Zeng, X.H.[Xiao-Hui] Zeng, X.H.[Xian-Hua] Zeng, X.H.[Xian-Hang] Zeng, X.H.[Xin-Hua] Zeng, X.H.[Xian-Han]
17 for Zeng, X.H.

Zeng, X.J.[Xue Jin] Co Author Listing * Constraints on the Fault Dip Angles of Lunar Graben and Their Significance for Lunar Thermal Evolution
* Robust Ellipse Fitting Based on Sparse Combination of Data Points
* Robust Ellipse Fitting via Half-Quadratic and Semidefinite Relaxation Optimization
* Selection of Whole-Moon Landing Zones Based on Weights of Evidence and Fractals
Includes: Zeng, X.J.[Xue Jin] Zeng, X.J.[Xue-Jin] Zeng, X.J.[Xian-Ju] Zeng, X.J.[Xiao-Jia]

Zeng, X.L.[Xian Lin] Co Author Listing * Hierarchical Spatio-Temporal Graph Convolutional Neural Network for Anomaly Detection in Videos, A
* High-Accuracy Mapping of Soil Parent Material Types in Hilly Areas at the County Scale Using Machine Learning Algorithms
* Indexing and Matching of Video Shots Based on Motion and Color Analysis
* Multi-Agent DRL-Based Lane Change With Right-of-Way Collaboration Awareness
* Segmentation and Measurement of the Cortex from 3-D MR Images Using Coupled-Surfaces Propagation
* Volumetric Layer Segmentation Using Coupled Surfaces Propagation
Includes: Zeng, X.L.[Xian Lin] Zeng, X.L.[Xian-Lin] Zeng, X.L.[Xue-Liang] Zeng, X.L.[Xiang-Lin] Zeng, X.L.[Xiao-Lan]

Zeng, X.M.[Xiao Ming] Co Author Listing * Trimming Bézier Surfaces on Bézier Surfaces Via Blossoming
Includes: Zeng, X.M.[Xiao Ming] Zeng, X.M.[Xiao-Ming]

Zeng, X.P.[Xiang Ping] Co Author Listing * Attention regularized semi-supervised learning with class-ambiguous data for image classification
* Behavior regularized prototypical networks for semi-supervised few-shot image classification
* Collaborative Learning with Unreliability Adaptation for Semi-Supervised Image Classification
* GSD-YOLOX: Lightweight and more accurate object detection models
* Mask-Embedded Discriminator with Region-based Semantic Regularization for Semi-Supervised Class-Conditional Image Synthesis
Includes: Zeng, X.P.[Xiang Ping] Zeng, X.P.[Xiang-Ping] Zeng, X.P.[Xiao-Ping]

Zeng, X.Q.[Xiang Qiang] Co Author Listing * B-FGC-Net: A Building Extraction Network from High Resolution Remote Sensing Imagery
* Classifier learning with a new locality regularization method
* Comparative Study of Convolutional Neural Network and Conventional Machine Learning Methods for Landslide Susceptibility Mapping
* Energy-efficient train operation with steep track and speed limits: A novel Pontryagin's maximum principle-based approach for adjoint variable discontinuity cases
Includes: Zeng, X.Q.[Xiang Qiang] Zeng, X.Q.[Xiang-Qiang] Zeng, X.Q.[Xiao-Qin] Zeng, X.Q.[Xiao-Qing]

Zeng, X.Q.A.[Xue Qi Ang] Co Author Listing * Incremental partial least squares analysis of big streaming data
Includes: Zeng, X.Q.A.[Xue Qi Ang] Zeng, X.Q.A.[Xue-Qi-Ang]

Zeng, X.R.[Xiang Rui] Co Author Listing * Deep Active Learning for Cryo-Electron Tomography Classification
* Deep Learning Based Supervised Semantic Segmentation of Electron Cryo-Subtomograms
* Distributed bundle adjustment with block-based sparse matrix compression for super large scale datasets
* End-to-end robust joint unsupervised image alignment and clustering
* Harmony: A Generic Unsupervised Approach for Disentangling Semantic Content from Parameterized Transformations
* Improved deep learning-based macromolecules structure classification from electron cryo-tomograms
* Low Bit Neural Networks with Channel Sparsity and Sharing
* Model Compression for Faster Structural Separation of Macromolecules Captured by Cellular Electron Cryo-Tomography
* On-Line Calibration Technique for General Infrared Camera, An
Includes: Zeng, X.R.[Xiang Rui] Zeng, X.R.[Xiang-Rui] Zeng, X.R.[Xiao-Ru] Zeng, X.R.[Xiang-Rong]
9 for Zeng, X.R.

Zeng, X.S.[Xiao S.] Co Author Listing * CausalX: Causal eXplanations and Block Multilinear Factor Analysis
* Compressing repeated content within large-scale remote sensing images
* MLSLT: Towards Multilingual Sign Language Translation
* Neuromuscular Control of the Face-Head-Neck Biomechanical Complex with Learning-Based Expression Transfer from Images and Videos
* Queue Length Estimation Using Connected Vehicle Technology for Adaptive Signal Control
* Real-Time Transit Signal Priority Control Model Considering Stochastic Bus Arrival Time, A
Includes: Zeng, X.S.[Xiao S.] Zeng, X.S.[Xu-Sheng] Zeng, X.S.[Xing-Shan] Zeng, X.S.[Xiao-Si]

Zeng, X.T.[Xian Tie] Co Author Listing * Assessment Impacts of Weather and Land Use/Land Cover (LULC) Change on Urban Vegetation Net Primary Productivity (NPP): A Case Study in Guangzhou, China
* lossless robust data hiding scheme, A
Includes: Zeng, X.T.[Xian Tie] Zeng, X.T.[Xian-Tie] Zeng, X.T.[Xian-Ting]

Zeng, X.W.[Xiao Wen] Co Author Listing * 3-Dimensional Modeling and Simulation of the Cloud Based on Cellular Automata and Particle System
* Field-Data-Aided Comparison of Three 10 m Land Cover Products in Southeast Asia, A
* Spatial Sustainable Development Assessment Using Fusing Multisource Data from the Perspective of Production-Living-Ecological Space Division: A Case of Greater Bay Area, China
Includes: Zeng, X.W.[Xiao Wen] Zeng, X.W.[Xiao-Wen] Zeng, X.W.[Xiao-Wei]

Zeng, X.X.[Xian Xian] Co Author Listing * Deeply learned pore-scale facial features with a large pore-to-pore correspondences dataset
* Fine-Grained Image Retrieval via Piecewise Cross Entropy loss
* Image denoising via local and nonlocal circulant similarity
* Improved fine-grained object retrieval with Hard Global Softmin Loss objective
* Multi-view self-supervised learning for 3D facial texture reconstruction from single image
* Novel Multiresolution-Statistical Texture Analysis Architecture: Radiomics-Aided Diagnosis of PDAC Based on Plain CT Images, A
* Pose-invariant 3D face recognition using half face
* Shape group Boltzmann machine for simultaneous object segmentation and action classification
Includes: Zeng, X.X.[Xian Xian] Zeng, X.X.[Xian-Xian] Zeng, X.X.[Xun-Xun] Zeng, X.X.[Xiao-Xing] Zeng, X.X.[Xiao-Xi]
8 for Zeng, X.X.

Zeng, X.Y.[Xiao Yang] Co Author Listing * 1.5-D Multi-Channel EEG Compression Algorithm Based on NLSPIHT, A
* Adapting Object Detectors with Conditional Domain Normalization
* Blind Separation Based on an Evolutionary Neural Network
* Blind Video Quality Assessment via Space-Time Slice Statistics
* Completely Blind Video Quality Evaluator, A
* Crafting GBD-Net for Object Detection
* Deep Learning of Scene-Specific Classifier for Pedestrian Detection
* DeepID-Net: Deformable Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Object Detection
* DeepID-Net: Object Detection with Deformable Part Based Convolutional Neural Networks
* Detection of Atmospheric Hydrofluorocarbon-22 with Ground-Based Remote High-Resolution Fourier Transform Spectroscopy over Hefei and an Estimation of Emissions in the Yangtze River Delta
* Direct Method for the Estimation of Top-of-Atmosphere Outgoing Longwave Radiation from Himawari-8/AHI Data, A
* discriminative deep model for pedestrian detection with occlusion handling, A
* Dual-scale weighted structural local sparse appearance model for object tracking
* Edge detection and texture segmentation based on independent component analysis
* Effective Crop-Paste Pipeline for Few-shot Object Detection, An
* Efficient Low-Complexity Convolutional Neural Network Filter, An
* Evaluation of Five Global Top-of-Atmosphere Outgoing Longwave Radiation Products
* Explore the Power of Synthetic Data on Few-shot Object Detection
* Fast CABAC Hardware Design for Accelerating the Rate Estimation in HEVC, A
* FAVER: Blind quality prediction of variable frame rate videos
* Fusing Retrievals of High Resolution Aerosol Optical Depth from Landsat-8 and Sentinel-2 Observations over Urban Areas
* Gated Bi-Directional CNN for Object Detection
* Ground-Based Remote Sensing of Atmospheric Water Vapor Using High-Resolution FTIR Spectrometry
* GS3D: An Efficient 3D Object Detection Framework for Autonomous Driving
* High Speed Reconfigurable Face Detection Architecture Based on AdaBoost Cascade Algorithm, A
* High Throughput and Energy Efficient Lepton Hardware Encoder With Hash-Based Memory Optimization, A
* Image feature representation by the subspace of nonlinear PCA
* In-Block Prediction-Based Mixed Lossy and Lossless Reference Frame Recompression for Next-Generation Video Encoding
* Integrating Spatial and Attribute Characteristics of Extended Voronoi Diagrams in Spatial Patterning Research: A Case Study of Wuhan City in China
* KBStyle: Fast Style Transfer Using a 200 KB Network With Symmetric Knowledge Distillation
* Learned Video Compression With Residual Prediction And Feature-Aided Loop Filter
* Learning Deep Representation with Large-Scale Attributes
* Learning Mutual Visibility Relationship for Pedestrian Detection with a Deep Model
* LineDL: Processing Images Line-by-Line With Deep Learning
* Low Complexity Macroblock Layer Rate Control Scheme Base on Weighted-Window for H.264 Encoder, A
* Low-Rank Tensor Completion by Approximating the Tensor Average Rank
* MAP Model for Large-scale 3D Reconstruction and Coarse Matching for Unordered Wide-baseline Photos
* Modeling Mutual Visibility Relationship in Pedestrian Detection
* Multi-class feature selection for texture classification
* Multi-stage Contextual Deep Learning for Pedestrian Detection
* Multi-view Feature Matching and Image Grouping from Multiple Unordered Wide-Baseline Images
* novel fast intra algorithm for VVC based on histogram of oriented gradient, A
* Object Detection from Video Tubelets with Convolutional Neural Networks
* Obstacle Detection for Unmanned Surface Vehicles by Fusion Refinement Network
* Partial Occlusion Handling in Pedestrian Detection With a Deep Model
* Passive Moving Target Classification Via Spectra Multiplication Method
* QA-Filter: A QP-Adaptive Convolutional Neural Network Filter for Video Coding
* Rethinking Pseudo-Lidar Representation
* Scale-Aware Spatio-Temporal Relation Learning for Video Anomaly Detection
* Single View Physical Distance Estimation using Human Pose
* Single-Pedestrian Detection Aided by Multi-pedestrian Detection
* Single-Pedestrian Detection Aided by Two-Pedestrian Detection
* Spectral-Spatial Discriminant Feature Learning for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* T-CNN: Tubelets With Convolutional Neural Networks for Object Detection from Videos
* Tear the Image Into Strips for Style Transfer
* Three-stage Training Pipeline with Patch Random Drop for Few-shot Object Detection
* TSDN: Two-Stage Raw Denoising in the Dark
* Vision Based Game Control Method, A
Includes: Zeng, X.Y.[Xiao Yang] Zeng, X.Y.[Xiao-Yang] Zeng, X.Y.[Xing-Yu] Zeng, X.Y. Zeng, X.Y.[Xiang-Yu] Zeng, X.Y.[Xiang-Yang] Zeng, X.Y.[Xian-You] Zeng, X.Y.[Xiang-Yan] Zeng, X.Y.[Xiao-Yue] Zeng, X.Y.[Xue-Ying] Zeng, X.Y.[Xiu-Yuan] Zeng, X.Y.[Xiang-Yong]
58 for Zeng, X.Y.

Zeng, X.Z.[Xiang Zhao] Co Author Listing * Influence of Heterogeneity on Lunar Irradiance Based on Multiscale Analysis, The
* Stability Monitoring of the VIIRS Day/Night Band over Dome C with a Lunar Irradiance Model and BRDF Correction
* UAV-Mounted GPR for Object Detection Based on Cross-Correlation Background Subtraction Method
Includes: Zeng, X.Z.[Xiang Zhao] Zeng, X.Z.[Xiang-Zhao] Zeng, X.Z.[Xiao-Zhen]

Zeng, Y.[Yun] Co Author Listing * 3D face matching and registration based on hyperbolic Ricci flow
* 3D Non-rigid Surface Matching and Registration Based on Holomorphic Differentials
* AAU-Net: Attention-Based Asymmetric U-Net for Subject-Sensitive Hashing of Remote Sensing Images
* adaptive level set method based on joint estimation dealing with intensity inhomogeneity, An
* Adjusting solar-induced fluorescence to nadir-viewing provides a better proxy for GPP
* Aerospace Base Map Supervision of the Second National Land Resources Investigation
* Assessing the Impact of Soil on Species Diversity Estimation Based on UAV Imaging Spectroscopy in a Natural Alpine Steppe
* Attention-Based Pyramid Network for Segmentation and Classification of High-Resolution and Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Images
* Automatic Diagnosis Based on Spatial Information Fusion Feature for Intracranial Aneurysm
* Biologically inspired deep stereo model
* Blind Quality Assessment for Tone-Mapped Images by Analysis of Gradient and Chromatic Statistics
* Calibration and Validation of SWAT Model by Using Hydrological Remote Sensing Observables in the Lake Chad Basin
* Capture-Aware Estimation for Large-Scale RFID Tags Identification
* Characteristics and Applications of Summer Season Raindrop Size Distributions Based on a PARSIVEL2 Disdrometer in the Western Tianshan Mountains (China)
* CLIP2: Contrastive Language-Image-Point Pretraining from Real-World Point Cloud Data
* Closed-Form Expression of Soil Temperature Sensing Depth at L-Band, A
* Collaborative 3D Object Detection for Autonomous Vehicles via Learnable Communications
* Comparative Study of 2D Lattice Boltzmann Models for Simulating Seismic Waves
* Comprehensive Evaluation of the GF-4 Satellite Image Quality from 2015 to 2020
* Controllable digital restoration of ancient paintings using convolutional neural network and nearest neighbor
* Cost-Constrained Sampling Strategy in Support of LAI Product Validation in Mountainous Areas, A
* CR-Fill: Generative Image Inpainting with Auxiliary Contextual Reconstruction
* Dense non-rigid surface registration using high-order graph matching
* Development of a fusion approach selection tool
* DiffDis: Empowering Generative Diffusion Model with Cross-Modal Discrimination Capability
* Distributed Storage and Access Approach for Massive Remote Sensing Data in MongoDB, A
* Diurnal Variation Characteristics of Summer Precipitation and Related Statistical Analysis in the Ili Region, Xinjiang, Northwest China
* Domain Adversarial Disentanglement Network With Cross-Domain Synthesis for Generalized Face Anti-Spoofing
* Effect of Current on the First-Order Spectral Power of High-Frequency Radar
* Ensemble Stego Selection for Enhancing Image Steganography
* Environment-Based Design (EBD) Approach to Identify Critical Issues In Managing Municipal Solid Waste: Nairobi, Kenyan Case Study
* Evaluation of Global Decametric-Resolution LAI, FAPAR and FVC Estimates Derived from Sentinel-2 Imagery
* Expanding-Window BATS Code for Scalable Video Multicasting Over Erasure Networks
* Extending a Linear Kernel-Driven BRDF Model to Realistically Simulate Reflectance Anisotropy Over Rugged Terrain
* Extracting Leaf Area Index by Sunlit Foliage Component from Downward-Looking Digital Photography under Clear-Sky Conditions
* Fast and High-Quality 3-D Terahertz Super-Resolution Imaging Using Lightweight SR-CNN
* Fast Learning Radiance Fields by Shooting Much Fewer Rays
* Feature learning and patch matching for diverse image inpainting
* FM0 decode for collided RFID tag signals with frequency drift
* Generating Global Products of LAI and FPAR From SNPP-VIIRS Data: Theoretical Background and Implementation
* Generic Deformation Model for Dense Non-rigid Surface Registration: A Higher-Order MRF-Based Approach, A
* Generic Receiver Architecture for MIMO Wireless Power Transfer With Nonlinear Energy Harvesting, A
* Global Balanced Experts for Federated Long-Tailed Learning
* Global Land Cover Heterogeneity Characteristics at Moderate Resolution for Mixed Pixel Modeling and Inversion
* High-resolution Image Inpainting with Iterative Confidence Feedback and Guided Upsampling
* Higher-Order Graph Principles towards Non-Rigid Surface Registration
* Hybrid Contrastive Learning of Tri-Modal Representation for Multimodal Sentiment Analysis
* Identification of Supercooled Cloud Water by FY-4A Satellite and Validation by CALIPSO and Airborne Detection
* Identifying Corn Lodging in the Mature Period Using Chinese GF-1 PMS Images
* Image reconstruction for compressed sensing based on joint sparse bases and adaptive sampling
* Implications of Whole-Disc DSCOVR EPIC Spectral Observations for Estimating Earth's Spectral Reflectivity Based on Low-Earth-Orbiting and Geostationary Observations
* Improved Approach to Monitoring Wheat Stripe Rust with Sun-Induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence, An
* Improving agricultural field parcel delineation with a dual branch spatiotemporal fusion network by integrating multimodal satellite data
* Improving Estimates of Grassland Fractional Vegetation Cover Based on a Pixel Dichotomy Model: A Case Study in Inner Mongolia, China
* Influence of Varying Solar Zenith Angles on Land Surface Phenology Derived from Vegetation Indices: A Case Study in the Harvard Forest
* Intrinsic dense 3D surface tracking
* Iterative BRDF/NDVI Inversion Algorithm Based on A Posteriori Variance Estimation of Observation Errors, An
* L-Band Microwave Emission of Soil Freeze-Thaw Process in the Third Pole Environment
* Land Use and Land Cover Mapping Using RapidEye Imagery Based on a Novel Band Attention Deep Learning Method in the Three Gorges Reservoir Area
* Leaf Area Index Retrieval Combining HJ1/CCD and Landsat8/OLI Data in the Heihe River Basin, China
* Learning Algorithms for Digital Reconstruction of Van Gogh's Drawings
* Learning to Detect Salient Object With Multi-Source Weak Supervision
* Learning to Promote Saliency Detectors
* LIFT: Learning 4D LiDAR Image Fusion Transformer for 3D Object Detection
* Looking for the Detail and Context Devils: High-Resolution Salient Object Detection
* Mapping corn dynamics using limited but representative samples with adaptive strategies
* Microphysical Characteristics of Raindrop Size Distribution and Implications for Dual-Polarization Radar Quantitative Precipitation Estimations in the Tianshan Mountains, China
* ML)2P-Encoder: On Exploration of Channel-Class Correlation for Multi-Label Zero-Shot Learning
* Modified Interactive Spectral Smooth Temperature Emissivity Separation Algorithm for Low-Temperature Surface, A
* Multi-agent Based Simulation Of Optimal Urban Land Use Allocation In The Middle Reaches Of The Yangtze River, China
* Multi-run 3D Streetside Reconstruction from a Vehicle
* Multi-scale convolutional neural network for pixel-wise reconstruction of Van Gogh's drawings
* Multi-Source Weak Supervision for Saliency Detection
* Multimodal Boosting: Addressing Noisy Modalities and Identifying Modality Contribution
* Multimodal Information Bottleneck: Learning Minimal Sufficient Unimodal and Multimodal Representations
* Multimodal Reaction: Information Modulation for Cross-Modal Representation Learning
* National wetland mapping in China: A new product resulting from object-based and hierarchical classification of Landsat 8 OLI images
* Nationwide urban tree canopy mapping and coverage assessment in Brazil from high-resolution remote sensing images using deep learning
* New algorithm for r-dimensional DCT-II
* new algorithm for signal emitter recognition, A
* No Reference Quality Assessment for 3D Synthesized Views by Local Structure Variation and Global Naturalness Change
* Nonlinearly Constrained MRFs: Exploring the Intrinsic Dimensions of Higher-Order Cliques
* Online Alternate Generator Against Adversarial Attacks
* Optimal Leaf Biochemical Selection for Mapping Species Diversity Based on Imaging Spectroscopy, The
* Optimal Sampling Design for Observing and Validating Long-Term Leaf Area Index with Temporal Variations in Spatial Heterogeneities, An
* Parameter Optimization of a Discrete Scattering Model by Integration of Global Sensitivity Analysis Using SMAP Active and Passive Observations
* Path Length Correction for Improving Leaf Area Index Measurements Over Sloping Terrains: A Deep Analysis Through Computer Simulation
* Perceptual Quality Assessment of Smartphone Photography
* Pipelined 2D Transform Architecture Supporting Mixed Block Sizes for the VVC Standard, A
* Probabilistic Feature Relevance Learning for Online Indexing
* Quantitative Analysis Of Urban Expansion In Central China
* Radiative Transfer Model for Heterogeneous Agro-Forestry Scenarios, A
* Radiative Transfer Model for Patchy Landscapes Based on Stochastic Radiative Transfer Theory, A
* Rapid Emergency Response Assessment of Earthquake-Induced Landslides Driven by Fusion of InSAR Deformation Data and Newmark Physical Models
* Real-time video super resolution network using recurrent multi-branch dilated convolutions
* Regional Leaf Area Index Retrieval Based on Remote Sensing: The Role of Radiative Transfer Model Selection
* Reply to Comments on Traffic Sign Recognition Using Kernel Extreme Learning Machines With Deep Perceptual Features
* Research on Road Network Partitioning Considering the Coupling of Network Connectivity and Traffic Attributes
* Research Status and Development Trend of Remote Sensing in China Using Bibliometric Analysis
* Rethinking the Backdoor Attacks' Triggers: A Frequency Perspective
* Retrieval of High Spatiotemporal Resolution Leaf Area Index with Gaussian Processes, Wireless Sensor Network, and Satellite Data Fusion
* Ricci Flow for 3D Shape Analysis
* Saliency Detection Using Quaternion Sparse Reconstruction
* SceneComposer: Any-Level Semantic Image Synthesis
* Semi-Supervised Cloud Detection in Satellite Images by Considering the Domain Shift Problem
* SketchEdit: Mask-Free Local Image Manipulation with Partial Sketches
* Spatial Heterogeneity and Temporal Variation in Urban Surface Albedo Detected by High-Resolution Satellite Data
* Spectral Invariant Provides a Practical Modeling Approach for Future Biophysical Variable Estimations
* Stereo RGB and Deeper LIDAR-Based Network for 3D Object Detection in Autonomous Driving
* Study of Human Activity Intensity from 2015 to 2020 Based on Remote Sensing in Anhui Province, China
* Sun-Angle Effects on Remote-Sensing Phenology Observed and Modelled Using Himawari-8
* Superpixel-Based Quality Assessment of Multi-Exposure Image Fusion for Both Static and Dynamic Scenes
* Temporal Extrapolation of Daily Downward Shortwave Radiation Over Cloud-Free Rugged Terrains. Part 1: Analysis of Topographic Effects
* Theory of Occlusion for Improving Rendering Quality of Views, A
* Theory of Occlusion for Improving Rendering Quality of Views, A
* Topographic Correction for Landsat 8 OLI Vegetation Reflectances Through Path Length Correction: A Comparison Between Explicit and Implicit Methods
* Topographic Correction of Forest Image Data Based on the Canopy Reflectance Model for Sloping Terrains in Multiple Forward Mode
* Topology cuts: A novel min-cut/max-flow algorithm for topology preserving segmentation in N-D images
* Towards High-Fidelity Text-Guided 3D Face Generation and Manipulation Using only Images
* Towards High-Resolution Salient Object Detection
* Traffic Sign Recognition Using Kernel Extreme Learning Machines With Deep Perceptual Features
* Transformer with Transfer CNN for Remote-Sensing-Image Object Detection
* Transformer-based computer vision technology empowers drones
* tSF: Transformer-Based Semantic Filter for Few-Shot Learning
* Two-Branch Asymmetric Model With Alternately Clustering for Unsupervised Person Re-Identification
* Unsupervised Game-Theoretic Approach to Saliency Detection, An
* Viewpoint invariant 3D landmark model inference from monocular 2D images using higher-order priors
Includes: Zeng, Y.[Yun] Zeng, Y.[Yue] Zeng, Y.[Yan] Zeng, Y.[Yelu] Zeng, Y.[Yu] Zeng, Y.[Yuan] Zeng, Y. Zeng, Y.[Yi] Zeng, Y.[Yelong] Zeng, Y.[Yong] Zeng, Y.[Yihan] Zeng, Y.[Ying] Zeng, Y.[Yishu] Zeng, Y.[Yang] Zeng, Y.[Yunfan] Zeng, Y.[Yaopei] Zeng, Y.[Yubin] Zeng, Y.[YiFan]
127 for Zeng, Y.

Zeng, Y.B.[Yang Bin] Co Author Listing * Directed Network Analysis Using Transfer Entropy Component Analysis
* Spectral bounding: Strictly satisfying the 1-Lipschitz property for generative adversarial networks
* Structural network inference from time-series data using a generative model and transfer entropy
Includes: Zeng, Y.B.[Yang Bin] Zeng, Y.B.[Yang-Bin]

Zeng, Y.C.[Yu Chao] Co Author Listing * Changing Patterns of Lakes on The Southern Tibetan Plateau Based on Multi-Source Satellite Data
* Clutter and Interference Cancellation in River Surface Velocity Measurement with a Coherent S-Band Radar
* Color Images Enhancement using Weighted Histogram Separation
* Comparison of Hydrological Patterns between Glacier-Fed and Non-Glacier-Fed Lakes on the Southeastern Tibetan Plateau
* Compression and protection of JPEG images
* DCT-Based Image Protection using Dual-Domain Bi-Watermarking Algorithm
* Hiding multiple data in color images by histogram modification
* High capacity multi-scale image sharing scheme by combining visual cryptography with data hiding
* Joint Bi-Watermarking and Halftoning Technique Capability for Both Tampered Areas Localization and Recovery of Still Image
* New Block Matching Algorithm Based on Subspace and Partial Distance Search Techniques in the Wavelet Domain, A
* new data coding scheme using contrast-controllable color intersection, A
* Optimal Life Cycle Reprofiling Strategy of Train Wheels Based on Markov Decision Process of Wheel Degradation, An
* Pattern recognition using rotation-invariant filter-driven template matching
* Scene recognition using quantitative measurement of intensity flicker
* Unsupervised Domain Alignment Based Open Set Structural Recognition of Macromolecules Captured By Cryo-Electron Tomography
* Virtual Restoration of Ancient Chinese Paintings Using Color Contrast Enhancement and Lacuna Texture Synthesis
Includes: Zeng, Y.C.[Yu Chao] Zeng, Y.C.[Yu-Chao] Zeng, Y.C.[Yi-Chen] Zeng, Y.C.[Yi-Chong] Zeng, Y.C. Zeng, Y.C.[Yuan-Chen] Zeng, Y.C.[Yu-Chen]
16 for Zeng, Y.C.

Zeng, Y.F.[Yin Feng] Co Author Listing * Co-Saliency Detection Guided by Group Weakly Supervised Learning
* Evaluating Latent-Heat-Nudging Schemes and Radar forward Operator Settings for a Convective Summer Period over Germany Using the ICON-KENDA System
* Fine-grained bidirectional attentional generation and knowledge-assisted networks for cross-modal retrieval
* Research on the Relationship between the Structure of Forest and Grass Ecological Spaces and Ecological Service Capacity: A Case Study of the Wuding River Basin
* Study on Sensitivity of Observation Error Statistics of Doppler Radars to the Radar forward Operator in Convective-Scale Data Assimilation
Includes: Zeng, Y.F.[Yin Feng] Zeng, Y.F.[Yin-Feng] Zeng, Y.F.[Yue-Fei] Zeng, Y.F.[Yu-Fei] Zeng, Y.F.[Yu-Fan]

Zeng, Y.G.[Yu Gui] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Hierarchical Detection Method for Ship Targets in High-Resolution SAR Images, An
Includes: Zeng, Y.G.[Yu Gui] Zeng, Y.G.[Yu-Gui]

Zeng, Y.H.[Yu Hui] Co Author Listing * Adaptive-Parameter Pixel Unmixing Method for Mapping Evergreen Forest Fractions Based on Time-Series NDVI: A Case Study of Southern China, An
* Advancing High-Resolution Video-Language Representation with Large-Scale Video Transcriptions
* Learning Joint Spatial-temporal Transformations for Video Inpainting
* Learning Pyramid-Context Encoder Network for High-Quality Image Inpainting
* New algorithms for multidimensional discrete Hartley transform
* New fast algorithm for multidimensional type-IV DCT
* Quaternion Screened Poisson Equation for Low-Light Image Enhancement
Includes: Zeng, Y.H.[Yu Hui] Zeng, Y.H.[Yu-Hui] Zeng, Y.H.[Yan-Hong] Zeng, Y.H.[Yong-Hong] Zeng, Y.H. Zeng, Y.H.[Yong-Hua]
7 for Zeng, Y.H.

Zeng, Y.J.[Yi Jian] Co Author Listing * Blending Satellite Observed, Model Simulated, and in Situ Measured Soil Moisture over Tibetan Plateau
* Determination of the Optimal Mounting Depth for Calculating Effective Soil Temperature at L-Band: Maqu Case
* E3 Outlier: a Self-Supervised Framework for Unsupervised Deep Outlier Detection
* Estimation of Penetration Depth from Soil Effective Temperature in Microwave Radiometry
* First Assessment of Sentinel-1A Data for Surface Soil Moisture Estimations Using a Coupled Water Cloud Model and Advanced Integral Equation Model over the Tibetan Plateau
* Geostatistical Approach to Map Near-Surface Soil Moisture Through Hyperspatial Resolution Thermal Inertia, A
* In Situ Observation-Constrained Global Surface Soil Moisture Using Random Forest Model
* Influence of Spatial Resolution on Remote Sensing-Based Irrigation Performance Assessment Using WaPOR Data
* Mapping Water Infiltration Rate Using Ground and UAV Hyperspectral Data: A Case Study of Alento, Italy
* Modeling Directional Brightness Temperature (DBT) over Crop Canopy with Effects of Intra-Row Heterogeneity
* Monitoring Water and Energy Cycles at Climate Scale in the Third Pole Environment (CLIMATE-TPE)
* Multi-resolution dyadic wavelet denoising approach for extraction of visual evoked potentials in the brain
* Novel Freeze-Thaw State Detection Algorithm Based on L-Band Passive Microwave Remote Sensing, A
* Preface: Land Surface Processes and Interactions: From HCMM to Sentinel Missions and Beyond
* Quantifying Long-Term Land Surface and Root Zone Soil Moisture over Tibetan Plateau
* Robust TCPHD Filter for Multi-Sensor Multitarget Tracking Based on a Gaussian-Student's t-Mixture Model, A
* Towards a Traceable Climate Service: Assessment of Quality and Usability of Essential Climate Variables
Includes: Zeng, Y.J.[Yi Jian] Zeng, Y.J.[Yi-Jian] Zeng, Y.J.[Yi-Jie] Zeng, Y.J. Zeng, Y.J.[Ya-Jun]
17 for Zeng, Y.J.

Zeng, Y.L.[Yi Liang] Co Author Listing * Attention-Based Residual Network with Scattering Transform Features for Hyperspectral Unmixing with Limited Training Samples
* Early-Season Crop Identification in the Shiyang River Basin Using a Deep Learning Algorithm and Time-Series Sentinel-2 Data
* Efficient Rep-Style Gaussian-Wasserstein Network: Improved UAV Infrared Small Object Detection for Urban Road Surveillance and Safety, An
* Rapid and large-scale mapping of flood inundation via integrating spaceborne synthetic aperture radar imagery with unsupervised deep learning
* Scattering Transform Framework for Unmixing of Hyperspectral Data
Includes: Zeng, Y.L.[Yi Liang] Zeng, Y.L.[Yi-Liang] Zeng, Y.L.[Ye-Long] Zeng, Y.L.[Ye-Lu]

Zeng, Y.M.[Yi Ming] Co Author Listing * CorrI2P: Deep Image-to-Point Cloud Registration via Dense Correspondence
* CorrNet3D: Unsupervised End-to-end Learning of Dense Correspondence for 3D Point Clouds
* Flattening-Net: Deep Regular 2D Representation for 3D Point Cloud Analysis
* IDEA-Net: Dynamic 3D Point Cloud Interpolation via Deep Embedding Alignment
* One-Bit Compressive Sensing: Can We Go Deep and Blind?
* Quantifying and Reducing the DOA Estimation Error Resulting from Antenna Pattern Deviation for Direction-Finding HF Radar
* Task-Oriented Compact Representation of 3D Point Clouds via A Matrix Optimization-Driven Network
* WarpingGAN: Warping Multiple Uniform Priors for Adversarial 3D Point Cloud Generation
* Water Surface Acoustic Wave Detection by a Millimeter Wave Radar
Includes: Zeng, Y.M.[Yi Ming] Zeng, Y.M.[Yi-Ming] Zeng, Y.M.[Yu-Ming]
9 for Zeng, Y.M.

Zeng, Y.P.[Yu Peng] Co Author Listing * Toward Optimal Deployment of Cloud-Assisted Video Distribution Services
Includes: Zeng, Y.P.[Yu Peng] Zeng, Y.P.[Yu-Peng]

Zeng, Y.Q.[Yu Qi] Co Author Listing * Dynamic manifold Boltzmann optimization based on self-supervised learning for human motion estimation
* Perceptual Segmentation Algorithm and Its Application to Image Coding
Includes: Zeng, Y.Q.[Yu Qi] Zeng, Y.Q.[Yu-Qi] Zeng, Y.Q.[Yong-Qin]

Zeng, Y.S.[Yu Shi] Co Author Listing * Aspect-Opinion Correlation Aware and Knowledge-Expansion Few Shot Cross-Domain Sentiment Classification
Includes: Zeng, Y.S.[Yu Shi] Zeng, Y.S.[Yu-Shi]

Zeng, Y.T.[Ying Ting] Co Author Listing * Application of a Modified Empirical Wavelet Transform Method in VLF/LF Lightning Electric Field Signals
* Improving Forecast of Severe Oceanic Mesoscale Convective Systems Using FY-4A Lightning Data Assimilation with WRF-FDDA
Includes: Zeng, Y.T.[Ying Ting] Zeng, Y.T.[Ying-Ting]

Zeng, Y.W.[Yin Wei] Co Author Listing * Changes in Ecosystems and Ecosystem Services in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area since the Reform and Opening Up in China
* ClothesNet: An Information-Rich 3D Garment Model Repository with Simulated Clothes Environment
* Multi-Modal Relational Graph for Cross-Modal Video Moment Retrieval
* Temporally Language Grounding With Multi-Modal Multi-Prompt Tuning
Includes: Zeng, Y.W.[Yin Wei] Zeng, Y.W.[Yin-Wei] Zeng, Y.W.[Yu-Wei] Zeng, Y.W.[Ya-Wen]

Zeng, Y.X.[Yi Xuan] Co Author Listing * Auto Accessory Segmentation and Interactive Try-on System
* Future Risk of Tourism Pressures under Climate Change: A Case Study in the Three-River-Source National Park
* Two-sided online bipartite matching in spatial data: Experiments and analysis
Includes: Zeng, Y.X.[Yi Xuan] Zeng, Y.X.[Yi-Xuan] Zeng, Y.X.[Yu-Xi] Zeng, Y.X.[Yu-Xiang]

Zeng, Y.Y.[Yu Yuan] Co Author Listing * Correlation-based structural dropout for convolutional neural networks
* Improving Query Efficiency of Black-box Adversarial Attack
* Individual Differentiated Multidimensional Hawkes Model: Uncovering Urban Spatial Interaction Using Mobile-Phone Data
* Lightweight and Deep Appearance Embedding for Multiple Object Tracking
* Metaverse Interactive Experience Space Based on Oriental Prayer Culture, A
* Query efficient black-box adversarial attack on deep neural networks
* Toward Effective Image Manipulation Detection With Proposal Contrastive Learning
* Training Interpretable Convolutional Neural Networks by Differentiating Class-specific Filters
Includes: Zeng, Y.Y.[Yu Yuan] Zeng, Y.Y.[Yu-Yuan] Zeng, Y.Y.[Yuan-Yuan] Zeng, Y.Y.[Yuan-Yue] Zeng, Y.Y.[Yi-Yong]
8 for Zeng, Y.Y.

Zeng, Z. Co Author Listing * 2.5-D Extended Field-of-View Ultrasound
* 2D and 3D upper body tracking with one framework
* ACT-NET: Asymmetric Co-Teacher Network for Semi-Supervised Memory-Efficient Medical Image Segmentation
* Adaptive context recognition based on audio signal
* Adaptive maintenance scheme for codebook-based dynamic background subtraction
* Analysis of PM2.5 Synergistic Governance Path from a Socio-Economic Perspective: A Case Study of Guangdong Province
* Asymmetric Cyclical Hashing for Large Scale Image Retrieval
* Automatic Clustering for Unsupervised Risk Diagnosis of Vehicle Driving for Smart Road
* Case Study of Wave-Wave Interaction South to Dongsha Island in the South China Sea, A
* Coherent Change Detection Using Passive GNSS-Based BSAR: Experimental Proof of Concept
* Comparative Study With New Accuracy Metrics for Target Volume Contouring in PET Image Guided Radiation Therapy
* Controlling Facial Attribute Synthesis by Disentangling Attribute Feature Axes in Latent Space
* ConZIC: Controllable Zero-shot Image Captioning by Sampling-Based Polishing
* CSF-Based CNR Approach for Small-Size Image Sequences, A
* Deep convolutional neural networks for automatic segmentation of left ventricle cavity from cardiac magnetic resonance images
* Deep Floor Plan Recognition Using a Multi-Task Network With Room-Boundary-Guided Attention
* Deep Recognition of Vanishing-Point-Constrained Building Planes in Urban Street Views
* Effective Approach for Nonrigid Structure From Motion With Complex Deformation, An
* Efficient Deep Models for Real-Time 4K Image Super-Resolution. NTIRE 2023 Benchmark and Report
* Efficient Deep Video Model For Deepfake Detection, An
* Enhanced gradient learning for deep neural networks
* Exploring Structural Knowledge for Automated Visual Inspection of Moving Trains
* Exploring the Spatial Relationship between the Ecological Topological Network and Carbon Sequestration Capacity of Coastal Urban Ecosystems: A Case Study of Yancheng City, China
* Feature Selection Based on Dependency Margin
* Finding Correspondence from Multiple Images via Sparse and Low-Rank Decomposition
* First Ionospheric Radio-Occultation Measurements From GNSS Occultation Sounder on the Chinese Feng-Yun 3C Satellite
* Fog Season Risk Assessment for Maritime Transportation Systems Exploiting Himawari-8 Data: A Case Study in Bohai Sea, China
* From general to specific: Online updating for blind super-resolution
* Generating Realistic Videos From Keyframes With Concatenated GANs
* Geo-Localization via Ground-to-Satellite Cross-View Image Retrieval
* GFNet: Automatic segmentation of COVID-19 lung infection regions using CT images based on boundary features
* Heterogeneous Avatar Synthesis Based on Disentanglement of Topology and Rendering
* Hierarchical Graph Neural Networks for Few-Shot Learning
* High-Accuracy Spectral Measurement of Stimulated-Brillouin-Scattering Lidar Based on Hessian Matrix and Steger Algorithm
* Human Gait Recognition Using Patch Distribution Feature and Locality-Constrained Group Sparse Representation
* Hybrid Deep Learning Based Framework for Component Defect Detection of Moving Trains, A
* Illumination-Adaptive Person Re-Identification
* Improved Structural EM to Learn Dynamic Bayesian Nets, An
* iQuery: Instruments as Queries for Audio-Visual Sound Separation
* Iterative Contrastive Learning for Single Image Raindrop Removal
* Knowledge Based Activity Recognition with Dynamic Bayesian Network
* Latent Vector Prototypes Guided Conditional Face Synthesis
* LE-UDA: Label-Efficient Unsupervised Domain Adaptation for Medical Image Segmentation
* Learning by Associating Ambiguously Labeled Images
* Learning Transferable Spatiotemporal Representations from Natural Script Knowledge
* MANET: Mitral Annulus Point Tracking Network in Cardiac Magnetic Resonance
* MMGL: Multi-Scale Multi-View Global-Local Contrastive Learning for Semi-Supervised Cardiac Image Segmentation
* Monitoring Temporal and Spatial Changes of Land Use and Land Cover Based on Remote Sensing In the Hilly Region of Central Sichuan Between 1989 and 2009
* Multiple Transfer Learning and Multi-label Balanced Training Strategies for Facial AU Detection In the Wild
* Nonlinear Regression via Deep Negative Correlation Learning
* novel feature selection method considering feature interaction, A
* Novel Video Classification Method Based on Hybrid Generative/Discriminative Models, A
* NTIRE 2023 Challenge on Light Field Image Super-Resolution: Dataset, Methods and Results
* Object-Aware Self-Supervised Multi-Label Learning
* Oil Spill Detection with Dual-Polarimetric Sentinel-1 SAR Using Superpixel-Level Image Stretching and Deep Convolutional Neural Network
* On the Role of Battery Capacity Fading Mechanism in the Lifecycle Cost of Electric Bus Fleet
* Ordered or Orderless: A Revisit for Video Based Person Re-Identification
* PatchCT: Aligning Patch Set and Label Set with Conditional Transport for Multi-Label Image Classification
* PCANet: A Simple Deep Learning Baseline for Image Classification?
* Point Projection Network: A Multi-View-Based Point Completion Network with Encoder-Decoder Architecture
* PointCLIP V2: Prompting CLIP and GPT for Powerful 3D Open-world Learning
* Preliminary Long-period Magnetotelluric Investigation At the Edge Of Ice Sheet In East Antarctica
* Probabilistic Image Modeling With an Extended Chain Graph for Human Activity Recognition and Image Segmentation
* Probability-Based Framework to Fuse Temporal Consistency and Semantic Information for Background Segmentation
* Pyramid hybrid pooling quantization for efficient fine-grained image retrieval
* RCSANet: A Full Convolutional Network for Extracting Inland Aquaculture Ponds from High-Spatial-Resolution Images
* RCsearcher: Reaction center identification in retrosynthesis via deep Q-learning
* Region based image retrieval with query-adaptive feature fusion
* Regional Gap-Filling Method Based on Spatiotemporal Variogram Model of CO2 Columns, A
* Research of Vision Localization and Measuring System for Magnetic Field Distribution
* RNN-Based Framework for the MILP Problem in Robustness Verification of Neural Networks, An
* Robust Traffic Prediction From Spatial-Temporal Data Based on Conditional Distribution Learning
* ROML: A Robust Feature Correspondence Approach for Matching Objects in A Set of Images
* Sea-Net: Squeeze-and-Excitation Attention Net For Diabetic Retinopathy Grading
* Semantics-Guided Visual Simultaneous Localization and Mapping with U-Net for Complex Dynamic Indoor Environments, A
* Semi-Supervised Low-Rank Semantics Grouping for Zero-Shot Learning
* SeSe-Net: Self-Supervised deep learning for segmentation
* Similarity-based image classification via kernelized sparse representation
* SQE: a Self Quality Evaluation Metric for Parameters Optimization in Multi-Object Tracking
* Systematic Analysis of Circular Artifacts for StyleGAN
* Transfer Learning with Convolutional Neural Network for Early Gastric Cancer Classification on Magnifiying Narrow-Band Imaging Images
* Unified Knowledge Distillation Framework for Deep Directed Graphical Models, A
* WSOD2: Learning Bottom-Up and Top-Down Objectness Distillation for Weakly-Supervised Object Detection
Includes: Zeng, Z. Zeng, Z.[Zhi] Zeng, Z.[Zeng] Zeng, Z.[Zhan] Zeng, Z.[Zequn] Zeng, Z.[Zhenbing] Zeng, Z.[Zhen] Zeng, Z.[Zinan] Zeng, Z.[Zhe] Zeng, Z.[Zelong] Zeng, Z.[Zhenhuan] Zeng, Z.[Ziyao] Zeng, Z.[Ziyun] Zeng, Z.[Zilin] Zeng, Z.[Zekai] Zeng, Z.[Zhoumo] Zeng, Z.[Ziyin] Zeng, Z.[Zuo]
83 for Zeng, Z.

Zeng, Z.B.[Zhen Bing] Co Author Listing * Efficient and Accurate Quantized Image Super-Resolution on Mobile Npus, Mobile Ai & Aim 2022 Challenge: Report
* Equivalent Transformation and Dual Stream Network Construction for Mobile Image Super-Resolution
* Improvement of Oracle Bone Inscription Recognition Accuracy: A Deep Learning Perspective
* Robust Training with Feature-Based Adversarial Example
Includes: Zeng, Z.B.[Zhen Bing] Zeng, Z.B.[Zhen-Bing]

Zeng, Z.C.[Zhao Cheng] Co Author Listing * Data-Driven Assessment of Biosphere-Atmosphere Interaction Impact on Seasonal Cycle Patterns of XCO2 Using GOSAT and MODIS Observations, A
* Detecting the Responses of CO2 Column Abundances to Anthropogenic Emissions from Satellite Observations of GOSAT and OCO-2
* Detection of Spatiotemporal Extreme Changes in Atmospheric CO2 Concentration Based on Satellite Observations
* Evaluating Anthropogenic CO2 Bottom-Up Emission Inventories Using Satellite Observations from GOSAT and OCO-2
* Evidence of Carbon Uptake Associated with Vegetation Greening Trends in Eastern China
* Geostatistical Analysis of CH4 Columns over Monsoon Asia Using Five Years of GOSAT Observations
* Impact of Aerosol Vertical Distribution on Aerosol Optical Depth Retrieval from Passive Satellite Sensors
* Methane Emissions in Boreal Forest Fire Regions: Assessment of Five Biomass-Burning Emission Inventories Based on Carbon Sensing Satellites
* Spatio-Temporal Mapping of Multi-Satellite Observed Column Atmospheric CO2 Using Precision-Weighted Kriging Method
* Spatiotemporal Geostatistical Analysis and Global Mapping of CH4 Columns from GOSAT Observations
Includes: Zeng, Z.C.[Zhao Cheng] Zeng, Z.C.[Zhao-Cheng]
10 for Zeng, Z.C.

Zeng, Z.F.[Zhao Fa] Co Author Listing * Application of Mathematical Morphological Filtering to Improve the Resolution of Chang'E-3 Lunar Penetrating Radar Data
* Compressive Sensing-Based Approach to Reconstructing Regolith Structure from Lunar Penetrating Radar Data at the Chang'E-3 Landing Site, A
* Design and Analysis of a UWB MIMO Radar System with Miniaturized Vivaldi Antenna for Through-Wall Imaging
* Estimation of the Soil Water Content Using the Early Time Signal of Ground-Penetrating Radar in Heterogeneous Soil
* Improving Target Detection Accuracy Based on Multipolarization MIMO GPR
* New Electrical Resistivity Tomography Scheme of Borehole-to-Surface-to-Cliff Detection and Imaging for Grotto Rock Structure, A
* Properties Analysis of Lunar Regolith at Chang'E-4 Landing Site Based on 3D Velocity Spectrum of Lunar Penetrating Radar
* Rock Location and Quantitative Analysis of Regolith at the Chang'e 3 Landing Site Based on Local Similarity Constraint
* Study on Rapid Inversion of Soil Water Content from Ground-Penetrating Radar Data Based on Deep Learning
* Subspace-Based Self-Calibration of Mutual Coupling in Uniform and Circular Array
Includes: Zeng, Z.F.[Zhao Fa] Zeng, Z.F.[Zhao-Fa] Zeng, Z.F.[Zhi-Feng]
10 for Zeng, Z.F.

Zeng, Z.G.[Zhi Gang] Co Author Listing * 3D Shape Estimation With an Enhanced Sparse Representation Approach
* Affective Brain-Computer Interfaces (aBCIs): A Tutorial
* CRNet: A Fast Continual Learning Framework With Random Theory
* DaFKD: Domain-aware Federated Knowledge Distillation
* Few-Shot Domain Adaptation via Mixup Optimal Transport
* GA2MIF: Graph and Attention Based Two-Stage Multi-Source Information Fusion for Conversational Emotion Detection
* Generate adversarial examples by spatially perturbing on the meaningful area
* GraphCFC: A Directed Graph Based Cross-Modal Feature Complementation Approach for Multimodal Conversational Emotion Recognition
* Multi-Channel Weight-Sharing Autoencoder Based on Cascade Multi-Head Attention for Multimodal Emotion Recognition
* Optimizing Template for Lookup-Table Inverse Halftoning using Elitist Genetic Algorithm
* Point Cloud Registration Using Multiattention Mechanism and Deep Hybrid Features
* Saliency Regularization for Self-Training with Partial Annotations
Includes: Zeng, Z.G.[Zhi Gang] Zeng, Z.G.[Zhi-Gang] Zeng, Z.G.[Zhi-Gao]
12 for Zeng, Z.G.

Zeng, Z.H.[Zhi Hong] Co Author Listing * AirSOD: A Lightweight Network for RGB-D Salient Object Detection
* AMFuse: Add-Multiply-Based Cross-Modal Fusion Network for Multi-Spectral Semantic Segmentation
* Audio-Visual Affect Recognition
* Audio-Visual Affect Recognition through Multi-Stream Fused HMM for HCI
* Audio-Visual Affective Expression Recognition Through Multistream Fused HMM
* BES-Net: Boundary Enhancing Semantic Context Network for High-Resolution Image Semantic Segmentation
* efficient vision system for multiple car tracking, An
* Face localization via hierarchical Condensation with Fisher boosting feature selection
* Head tracking by active particle filtering
* Local Feature Hashing for face recognition
* Multi-view facial expression recognition
* One-Class Classification for Spontaneous Facial Expression Analysis
* Personalized 3D-Aided 2D Facial Landmark Localization
* SAR image data compression using a tree-structured wavelet transform
* study of non-frontal-view facial expressions recognition, A
* Survey of Affect Recognition Methods: Audio, Visual, and Spontaneous Expressions, A
Includes: Zeng, Z.H.[Zhi Hong] Zeng, Z.H.[Zhi-Hong] Zeng, Z.H.[Zhao-Hui]
16 for Zeng, Z.H.

Zeng, Z.J.[Zhao Jie] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Patch Deformation for Textureless-Resilient Multi-View Stereo
* C2F2NeUS: Cascade Cost Frustum Fusion for High Fidelity and Generalizable Neural Surface Reconstruction
* CO Emissions Associated with Three Major Earthquakes Occurring in Diverse Tectonic Environments
Includes: Zeng, Z.J.[Zhao Jie] Zeng, Z.J.[Zhao-Jie] Zeng, Z.J.[Zhao-Jun]

Zeng, Z.L.[Zhao Liang] Co Author Listing * Adjustment Approach for Aerosol Optical Depth Inferred from CALIPSO, An
* High-Spatial-Resolution Population Exposure to PM2.5 Pollution Based on Multi-Satellite Retrievals: A Case Study of Seasonal Variation in the Yangtze River Delta, China in 2013
* Investigation of Antarctic Precipitable Water Vapor Variability and Trend from 18 Year (2001 to 2018) Data of Four Reanalyses Based on Radiosonde and GNSS Observations
* neural network approach to visual tracking, A
* Optimization of Electric Bus Scheduling for Mixed Passenger and Freight Flow in an Urban-Rural Transit System
* SimSwap++: Towards Faster and High-Quality Identity Swapping
Includes: Zeng, Z.L.[Zhao Liang] Zeng, Z.L.[Zhao-Liang] Zeng, Z.L.[Zhi-Liang] Zeng, Z.L.[Zi-Ling] Zeng, Z.L.[Zhi-Lin]

Zeng, Z.M.[Zi Ming] Co Author Listing * Automatic Estimation of the Number of Segmentation Groups Based on MI
* Comparative Study on the Vertical Structures and Microphysical Properties of Stratiform Precipitation over South China and the Tibetan Plateau, A
* Improved BET Method for Brain Segmentation, An
* Joint Histogram Modelling for Segmentation Multiple Sclerosis Lesions
* Learning From Noisy Correspondence With Tri-Partition for Cross-Modal Matching
* Region-based active surface modelling and alpha matting for unsupervised tumour segmentation in PET
* Segmentation for Multiple Sclerosis Lesions Based on 3D Volume Enhancement and 3D Alpha Matting
* Temporal Multimodal Graph Transformer With Global-Local Alignment for Video-Text Retrieval
* Unsupervised Cell Nuclei Segmentation Based on Morphology and Adaptive Active Contour Modelling
* Using Region-Based Saliency for 3D Interest Points Detection
Includes: Zeng, Z.M.[Zi Ming] Zeng, Z.M.[Zi-Ming] Zeng, Z.M.[Zheng-Mao] Zeng, Z.M.[Zhi-Min]
10 for Zeng, Z.M.

Zeng, Z.N.[Zi Nan] Co Author Listing * Patch-Set-Based Representation for Alignment-Free Image Set Classification
Includes: Zeng, Z.N.[Zi Nan] Zeng, Z.N.[Zi-Nan]

Zeng, Z.Q.[Zhi Qiang] Co Author Listing * Adaptive multi-view subspace clustering for high-dimensional data
* Back-Projection Imaging for Synthetic Aperture Radar with Topography Occlusion
* Bi-Level Semantic Representation Analysis for Multimedia Event Detection
* Debris-Flow Susceptibility Assessment in China: A Comparison between Traditional Statistical and Machine Learning Methods
* GKEAL: Gaussian Kernel Embedded Analytic Learning for Few-Shot Class Incremental Task
* Matching Visual Features to Hierarchical Semantic Topics for Image Paragraph Captioning
* Multimedia annotation via semi-supervised shared-subspace feature selection
* Progressive Local Filter Pruning for Image Retrieval Acceleration
* Projection selection hashing
* SAR-ATR with knowledge hierarchy division and information dissemination networks
* Semi-supervised feature selection with exploiting shared information among multiple tasks
* Semi-supervised multi-label feature selection via label correlation analysis with L1-norm graph embedding
* Soft Person Reidentification Network Pruning via Blockwise Adjacent Filter Decaying
* Spatio-temporal multi-level attention crop mapping method using time-series SAR imagery
* Stacked Capsule Graph Autoencoders for geometry-aware 3D head pose estimation
* Unknown SAR Target Identification Method Based on Feature Extraction Network and KLD-RPA Joint Discrimination
* Unsupervised feature analysis with sparse adaptive learning
Includes: Zeng, Z.Q.[Zhi Qiang] Zeng, Z.Q.[Zhi-Qiang] Zeng, Z.Q.[Zhao-Qi] Zeng, Z.Q.[Zi-Qian] Zeng, Z.Q.[Ze-Qun]
17 for Zeng, Z.Q.

Zeng, Z.Q.A.[Zi Qi Ang] Co Author Listing * Optimal location of the U-turn at a signalised intersection with double left-turn lanes
* Two-stream person re-identification with multi-task deep neural networks
Includes: Zeng, Z.Q.A.[Zi Qi Ang] Zeng, Z.Q.A.[Zi-Qi-Ang] Zeng, Z.Q.A.[Zhi-Qi-Ang]

Zeng, Z.T.[Zhi Tao] Co Author Listing * Cognition Guided Human-Object Relationship Detection
Includes: Zeng, Z.T.[Zhi Tao] Zeng, Z.T.[Zhi-Tao]

Zeng, Z.W.[Zhi Wen] Co Author Listing * ATPS: An AI Based Trust-Aware and Privacy-Preserving System for Vehicle Managements in Sustainable VANETs
* Modern Dryland Source-to-Sink System Segments and Coupling Relationships from Digital Elevation Model Analysis: A Case Study from the Mongolian Altai
* Navigating Robots in Dynamic Environment with Deep Reinforcement Learning
* Research on Motor Function of the Elderly in Guangzhou Based on Anthropometry
* RSS-LIWOM: Rotating Solid-State LiDAR for Robust LiDAR-Inertial-Wheel Odometry and Mapping
Includes: Zeng, Z.W.[Zhi Wen] Zeng, Z.W.[Zhi-Wen] Zeng, Z.W.[Zhi-Wei] Zeng, Z.W.[Zhen-Wen]

Zeng, Z.X.[Zi Xuan] Co Author Listing * Aggregating Object Features Based on Attention Weights for Fine-Grained Image Retrieval
* Analysis on two Fisher methods and a synthesized discriminant projection
* Arm Motion Classification Using Time-Series Analysis of the Spectrogram Frequency Envelopes
* Complete Reinforcement-Learning-Based Framework for Urban-Safety Perception, A
* Human as a Service: Towards Resilient Parking Search System With Sensorless Sensing
* SRNet: Structural Relation-aware Network for Head Pose Estimation
* Transition effect detection for extracting highlights in baseball videos
* Vehicle Detection for Autonomous Driving: A Review of Algorithms and Datasets
Includes: Zeng, Z.X.[Zi Xuan] Zeng, Z.X.[Zi-Xuan] Zeng, Z.X.[Zhao-Xiong] Zeng, Z.X.[Zheng-Xin] Zeng, Z.X.[Zhi-Xin] Zeng, Z.X.[Zhan-Xiu] Zeng, Z.X.[Zhao-Xiang] Zeng, Z.X.[Zi-Xin]
8 for Zeng, Z.X.

Zeng, Z.Y.[Zi Yuan] Co Author Listing * Cityscape protection using VR and eye tracking technology
* Detection Transformer with Stable Matching
* DFA3D: 3D Deformable Attention For 2D-to-3D Feature Lifting
* DGANet: A Dilated Graph Attention-Based Network for Local Feature Extraction on 3D Point Clouds
* Drought-Induced Reduction in Net Primary Productivity across Mainland China from 1982 to 2015
* ERS-HDRI: Event-Based Remote Sensing HDR Imaging
* fast encoder of frame-compatible format based on content similarity for 3D distribution, A
* Identifying and Mapping the Responses of Ecosystem Services to Land Use Change in Rapidly Urbanizing Regions: A Case Study in Foshan City, China
* Improving Knowledge Distillation via Category Structure
* Indoor 3D Point Cloud Segmentation Based on Multi-Constraint Graph Clustering
* Mind the Discriminability: Asymmetric Adversarial Domain Adaptation
* Multi-Object Tracking Based on Improved Mean-Shift Algorithm
* new image retrieval model based on monogenic signal representation, A
* Reference-Based Defect Detection Network
* RG-GCN: A Random Graph Based on Graph Convolution Network for Point Cloud Semantic Segmentation
* Seeing Out of tHe bOx: End-to-End Pre-training for Vision-Language Representation Learning
* Stay in Grid: Improving Video Captioning via Fully Grid-Level Representation
* Structure Tensor-Based Algorithm for Hyperspectral and Panchromatic Images Fusion
* Suppressing Mislabeled Data via Grouping and Self-attention
* Tencent-MVSE: A Large-Scale Benchmark Dataset for Multi-Modal Video Similarity Evaluation
* Using CYGNSS Data to Monitor China's Flood Inundation during Typhoon and Extreme Precipitation Events in 2017
* Vulnerable Road User Skeletal Pose Estimation Using mmWave Radars
Includes: Zeng, Z.Y.[Zi Yuan] Zeng, Z.Y.[Zi-Yuan] Zeng, Z.Y.[Zhao-Yang] Zeng, Z.Y.[Zi-Yin] Zeng, Z.Y.[Zhao-Yuan] Zeng, Z.Y.[Zhuo-Ying] Zeng, Z.Y.[Zi-Yao] Zeng, Z.Y.[Zi-Yang] Zeng, Z.Y.[Zhi-Yuan] Zeng, Z.Y.[Zhi-Yong] Zeng, Z.Y.[Zi-Yue]
22 for Zeng, Z.Y.

Zeng, Z.Z.[Zhen Zhong] Co Author Listing * Exploring the Individualized Effect of Climatic Drivers on MODIS Net Primary Productivity through an Explainable Machine Learning Framework
* Large Uncertainty on Forest Area Change in the Early 21st Century among Widely Used Global Land Cover Datasets
* Local Orthogonal Moments for Local Features
* Rapid and large-scale mapping of flood inundation via integrating spaceborne synthetic aperture radar imagery with unsupervised deep learning
* Reliability of Global Remote Sensing Evapotranspiration Products over Amazon, The
Includes: Zeng, Z.Z.[Zhen Zhong] Zeng, Z.Z.[Zhen-Zhong] Zeng, Z.Z.[Ze-Zhi]

Zengeler, N.[Nico] Co Author Listing * Transfer Meta Learning

Zenger, B.[Brian] Co Author Listing * Deep Adaptive Electrocardiographic Imaging with Generative Forward Model for Error Reduction
* GRÖMeR: A Pipeline for Geodesic Refinement of Mesh Registration
* Improving Generalization by Learning Geometry-Dependent and Physics-Based Reconstruction of Image Sequences
* Simultaneous Multi-heartbeat ECGI Solution with a Time-Varying Forward Model: A Joint Inverse Formulation

Zengeya, T.[Tsungai] Co Author Listing * assessment of image classifiers for generating machine-learning training samples for mapping the invasive Campuloclinium macrocephalum (Less.) DC (pompom weed) using DESIS hyperspectral imagery, An

Zengin Celik, H. Co Author Listing * Examination of Gathering Points' Capacity Regarding Mobility And Accessibility: Case of Bayrakli District, The
Includes: Zengin Celik, H. Zengin Çelik, H.

Zengin, A.[Ahmet] Co Author Listing * Blockchain-Based Emergency Message Transmission Protocol for Cooperative VANET, A

Zengingonul, H.P.[Hale Pinar] Co Author Listing * Measurement and analysis of nonexponential signal decay curves in brain diffusion and muscle relaxation magnetic resonance studies in humans

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