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Yin, A.[Anchao] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Wildfire Susceptibility and Wildfire Threats to Ecological Environment and Urban Development Based on GIS and Multi-Source Data: A Case Study of Guilin, China
* C2S-RoadNet: Road Extraction Model with Depth-Wise Separable Convolution and Self-Attention
* CDAU-Net: A Novel CoordConv-Integrated Deep Dual Cross Attention Mechanism for Enhanced Road Extraction in Remote Sensing Imagery
* Coarse-to-Fine Morphological Approach with Knowledge-Based Rules and Self-Adapting Correction for Lung Nodules Segmentation, A
* DBPNet: A dual-branch pyramid network for document super-resolution
* Development of Chaos Terrain as Subaqueous Slide Blocks in Galilaei Crater, Mars
* Distilling Coarse-to-Fine Semantic Matching Knowledge for Weakly Supervised 3D Visual Grounding
* Gloss Attention for Gloss-free Sign Language Translation
* Halftoning with Multi-Agent Deep Reinforcement Learning
* MixNet: A Better Promising Approach for Chromosome Classification based on Aggregated Residual Architecture
* MixSpeech: Cross-Modality Self-Learning with Audio-Visual Stream Mixup for Visual Speech Translation and Recognition
* Using Enhanced Gap-Filling and Whittaker Smoothing to Reconstruct High Spatiotemporal Resolution NDVI Time Series Based on Landsat 8, Sentinel-2, and MODIS Imagery
Includes: Yin, A.[Anchao] Yin, A.[Airu] Yin, A.[Aiguo] Yin, A.[An] Yin, A.[Aoxiong] Yin, A.
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Yin, A.X.[Ao Xiong] Co Author Listing * MLSLT: Towards Multilingual Sign Language Translation
Includes: Yin, A.X.[Ao Xiong] Yin, A.X.[Ao-Xiong]

Yin, B. Co Author Listing * Accelerate convolutional neural networks for binary classification via cascading cost-sensitive feature
* Building Extraction Based on Hue Cluster Analysis in Complex Scene
* CATNet: A Cascaded and Aggregated Transformer Network for RGB-D Salient Object Detection
* Century of Portraits: A Visual Historical Record of American High School Yearbooks, A
* Combining Cepstral and Prosodic Features in Language Identification
* Discovering Fine-Grained Spatial Pattern From Taxi Trips: Where Point Process Meets Matrix Decomposition and Factorization
* Distinct Variability between Semidiurnal and Diurnal Internal Tides at the East China Sea Shelf
* Dynamic facial expression recognition with pseudo-label guided multi-modal pre-training
* Ensemble-Based Machine Learning Model for Estimation of Subsurface Thermal Structure in the South China Sea, An
* Error analysis driven network modification for surgical tools detection in laparoscopic frames
* Evaluating the Ability of NPP-VIIRS Nighttime Light Data to Estimate the Gross Domestic Product and the Electric Power Consumption of China at Multiple Scales: A Comparison with DMSP-OLS Data
* Exploring Frequency Adversarial Attacks for Face Forgery Detection
* Forward search algorithm based on dynamic programming for real-time adaptive traffic signal control
* Full-Coupled Convolutional Transformer for Surface-Based Duct Refractivity Inversion
* HDR Image Compression with Convolutional Autoencoder
* Heterogeneous Tensor Decomposition for Clustering via Manifold Optimization
* High-Resolution Light Field Capture With Coded Aperture
* KT-GAN: Knowledge-Transfer Generative Adversarial Network for Text-to-Image Synthesis
* Large-Scale Aerial Image Categorization Using a Multitask Topological Codebook
* Learning Adaptive Neighborhood Graph on Grassmann Manifolds for Video/Image-Set Subspace Clustering
* Learning Delicate Local Representations for Multi-person Pose Estimation
* Learning to Predict Bus Arrival Time From Heterogeneous Measurements via Recurrent Neural Network
* Learning to Restore Low-Light Images via Decomposition-and-Enhancement
* Learning Uncertain Convolutional Features for Accurate Saliency Detection
* Localized LRR on Grassmann Manifold: An Extrinsic View
* METEO-DLNet: Quantitative Precipitation Nowcasting Net Based on Meteorological Features and Deep Learning
* Mixture of Bilateral-Projection Two-Dimensional Probabilistic Principal Component Analysis
* multimodal attention fusion network with a dynamic vocabulary for TextVQA, A
* New Algorithm to Retrieve Wave Parameters From Marine X-Band Radar Image Sequences, A
* Rainfall Erosivity Mapping for Tibetan Plateau Using High-Resolution Temporal and Spatial Precipitation Datasets for the Third Pole
* Reconstruction of Subsurface Salinity Structure in the South China Sea Using Satellite Observations: A LightGBM-Based Deep Forest Method
* Robust Latent Poisson Deconvolution From Multiple Features for Web Topic Detection
* See Through Occlusions: Detailed Human Shape Estimation From A Single Image With Occlusions
* Semantics-Enhanced Adversarial Nets for Text-to-Image Synthesis
* SEMv2: Table separation line detection based on instance segmentation
* SGBANet: Semantic GAN and Balanced Attention Network for Arbitrarily Oriented Scene Text Recognition
* Sibling-Attack: Rethinking Transferable Adversarial Attacks against Face Recognition
* Small Angle Scattering Intensity Measurement by an Improved Ocean Scheimpflug Lidar System
* Spatiotemporal Variability of Mesoscale Eddies in the Indonesian Seas
* Speech4Mesh: Speech-Assisted Monocular 3D Facial Reconstruction for Speech-Driven 3D Facial Animation
* Summer Marine Heatwaves in the Kuroshio-Oyashio Extension Region
* Towards Interpretable Face Recognition
* Traffic network micro-simulation model and control algorithm based on approximate dynamic programming
* Unsupervised Learning of Human Pose Distance Metric via Sparsity Locality Preserving Projections
* Unsupervised Real-Time Framework of Human Pose Tracking From Range Image Sequences, An
* Unsupervised Web Topic Detection Using A Ranked Clustering-Like Pattern Across Similarity Cascades
* Variable Tap-Length LMS Algorithm Based on Adaptive Parameters for TDL Structure Adaption
* VisDrone-CC2021: The Vision Meets Drone Crowd Counting Challenge Results
* Weight-Dependent Gates for Network Pruning
* Where Is My Mirror?
Includes: Yin, B. Yin, B.[Bo] Yin, B.[Bowen] Yin, B.[Baoshu] Yin, B.[Bing] Yin, B.[Bohan] Yin, B.[Bangjie] Yin, B.[Binyi] Yin, B.[Bin] Yin, B.[Baoqun]
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Yin, B.C.[Bao Cai] Co Author Listing * 2D nonlocal sparse representation for image denoising
* 3D Face Recognition Algorithm Based on Nonuniform Re-sampling Correspondence, A
* Adaptive intra modes reduction by clustering for H.264/AVC
* AKM3C: Adaptive K-Multiple-Means for Multi-View Clustering
* ALR-GAN: Adaptive Layout Refinement for Text-to-Image Synthesis
* Analysing the relationship between weather, built environment, and public transport ridership
* Attention Fusion Network for Event-Based Vehicle Object Detection, An
* Background segmentation of dynamic scenes based on dual model
* Bi-Directional Object-Context Prioritization Learning for Saliency Ranking
* Center Focusing Network for Real-Time LiDAR Panoptic Segmentation
* CGNN: Caption-assisted graph neural network for image-text retrieval
* Class correlation correction for unbiased scene graph generation
* Color face recognition based on 2DPCA
* Color face recognition based on quaternion matrix representation
* Complete/incomplete multi-view subspace clustering via soft block-diagonal-induced regulariser
* Compound image compression by multi-stage prediction
* Compressive sensing image recovery based on equalization quantization noise model
* Connectivity-preserving geometry images
* Content adaptive interpolation filters based on HEVC framework
* Contrastive learning for traffic flow forecasting based on multi graph convolution network
* Cross section-based hollowing and structural enhancement
* Cross-Data Set Hyperspectral Image Classification Based on Deep Domain Adaptation
* Cross-modal fusion encoder via graph neural network for referring image segmentation
* Cross-Modal Semantic Matching Generative Adversarial Networks for Text-to-Image Synthesis
* DASI: Learning Domain Adaptive Shape Impression for 3D Object Reconstruction
* Data-aware relation learning-based graph convolution neural network for facial action unit recognition
* Deep Learning on Traffic Prediction: Methods, Analysis, and Future Directions
* Depth Map Super-Resolution Based on Dual Normal-Depth Regularization and Graph Laplacian Prior
* Directional lifting-based wavelet transform for multiple description image coding
* Distractor-Aware Event-Based Tracking
* DLGAN: Depth-Preserving Latent Generative Adversarial Network for 3D Reconstruction
* Double Nuclear Norm Based Low Rank Representation on Grassmann Manifolds for Clustering
* DRFN: Deep Recurrent Fusion Network for Single-Image Super-Resolution with Large Factors
* Driver Emotion Recognition With a Hybrid Attentional Multimodal Fusion Framework
* DSGEM: Dual scene graph enhancement module-based visual question answering
* Dual Dynamic Spatial-Temporal Graph Convolution Network for Traffic Prediction
* Dynamic facial expression recognition with pseudo-label guided multi-modal pre-training
* Dynamic Graph Convolution Network for Traffic Forecasting Based on Latent Network of Laplace Matrix Estimation
* Dynamic Human Fatigue Detection Using Feature-Level Fusion
* Efficient image super-resolution integration
* Efficient Multiple-Description Image Coding Using Directional Lifting-Based Transform
* End-to-end deep metric network for visual tracking
* Enhance the Alignment Accuracy of Active Shape Models Using Elastic Graph Matching
* Fast Adversarial Training with Smooth Convergence
* Fast mode dependent directional transform via butterfly-style transform and integer lifting steps
* Feedback-Based Error Tracking for AVS-M
* Fine-Grained Accident Detection: Database and Algorithm
* Fisher discrimination-based L_2,1-norm sparse representation for face recognition
* Frame-Event Alignment and Fusion Network for High Frame Rate Tracking
* Gabor-based dynamic representation for human fatigue monitoring in facial image sequences
* GAN for vision, KG for relation: A two-stage network for zero-shot action recognition
* Generative domain adaptation for chest X-ray image analysis
* Globality constrained adaptive graph regularized non-negative matrix factorization for data representation
* Graph transformer based dynamic multiple graph convolution networks for traffic flow forecasting
* Hardness-Aware Dictionary Learning: Boosting Dictionary for Recognition
* Hash-Based Block Matching for Screen Content Coding
* Hierarchical Coupled Discriminative Dictionary Learning for Zero-Shot Learning
* hierarchical multiscale and multiangle system for human face detection in a complex background using gravity-center template, A
* Hierarchical Spatio-Temporal Graph Convolutional Networks and Transformer Network for Traffic Flow Forecasting
* Hyperspectral Image Classification Based on Deep Deconvolution Network With Skip Architecture
* Image Outlier Detection and Feature Extraction via L1-Norm-Based 2D Probabilistic PCA
* Image Set Compression with Content Adaptive Sparse Dictionary
* Incoherent dictionary learning for sparse representation based image denoising
* Incomplete Descriptor Mining With Elastic Loss for Person Re-Identification
* Intensity-Aware Single-Image Deraining With Semantic and Color Regularization
* Interactive Visual Exploration of Human Mobility Correlation Based on Smart Card Data
* Internal-video mode dependent directional transform
* Isotropic Self-Supervised Learning for Driver Drowsiness Detection With Attention-Based Multimodal Fusion
* L0-regularization-based skeleton optimization from consecutive point sets of kinetic human body
* Laplacian LRR on Product Grassmann Manifolds for Human Activity Clustering in Multicamera Video Surveillance
* Learning adaptive filter banks for hierarchical image representation
* Learning From Teacher's Failure: A Reflective Learning Paradigm for Knowledge Distillation
* Learning the Incremental Warp for 3D Vehicle Tracking in LiDAR Point Clouds
* Learning to Detect Instance-Level Salient Objects Using Complementary Image Labels
* Learning to Detect Salient Objects with Image-Level Supervision
* Locality preserving projection based on Euler representation
* Logarithmic Schatten-p Norm Minimization for Tensorial Multi-View Subspace Clustering
* Low Cost Video Coding Scheme Using Texture Synthesis, A
* Low Rank Dynamic Mode Decomposition Model for Short-Term Traffic Flow Prediction, A
* Low Rank Representation on Grassmann Manifolds
* Low Rank Representation on Product Grassmann Manifolds for Multi-view Subspace Clustering
* Low Rank Representation on SPD matrices with Log-Euclidean metric
* Matrix-variate variational auto-encoder with applications to image process
* Metro Passenger Flow Prediction via Dynamic Hypergraph Convolution Networks
* Monocular Camera-Based Complex Obstacle Avoidance via Efficient Deep Reinforcement Learning
* MR images reconstruction based on TVWL2-L1 model
* MSF-Net: Multi-Scale Feedback Reconstruction for Guided Depth Map Super-Resolution
* Multi-Attribute Subspace Clustering via Auto-Weighted Tensor Nuclear Norm Minimization
* Multi-Dimensional Sparse Models
* Multi-Direction Dictionary Learning Based Depth Map Super-Resolution With Autoregressive Modeling
* Multi-level attention for referring expression comprehension
* Multi-Organ Nucleus Segmentation Challenge, A
* Multi-Scale Dynamic Human Fatigue Detection with Feature Level Fusion
* multi-scale feature representation and interaction network for underwater object detection, A
* Multi-Scale Hypergraph-Based Feature Alignment Network for Cell Localization
* Multitask Hypergraph Convolutional Networks: A Heterogeneous Traffic Prediction Framework
* Object Tracking by Jointly Exploiting Frame and Event Domain
* Optimized Graph Convolution Recurrent Neural Network for Traffic Prediction
* Optimizing collaborative sparse dictionary for compressive light field photography
* PCGAN: Prediction-Compensation Generative Adversarial Network for Meshes
* PMAN: Progressive Multi-Attention Network for Human Pose Transfer
* Point Cloud Scene Completion With Joint Color and Semantic Estimation From Single RGB-D Image
* Real-Time Human Action Recognition Using Locally Aggregated Kinematic-Guided Skeletonlet and Supervised Hashing-by-Analysis Model
* Real-time passenger flow anomaly detection in metro system
* Referring Image Segmentation Using Text Supervision
* Reweighted Non-Convex Non-Smooth Rank Minimization Based Spectral Clustering on Grassmann Manifold
* SACNet: Shuffling atrous convolutional U-Net for medical image segmentation
* Screen Content Coding Based on HEVC Framework
* See and Learn More: Dense Caption-Aware Representation for Visual Question Answering
* Self-supervised knowledge distillation in counterfactual learning for VQA
* SEMD Based Sparse Gabor Representation for Eyeglasses-Face Recognition
* SEMv2: Table separation line detection based on instance segmentation
* Shareability-Exclusivity Representation on Product Grassmann Manifolds for Multi-camera video clustering
* Siamese Tracking Network With Informative Enhanced Loss
* Similarity Assessment Model for Chinese Sign Language Videos
* Single Depth-image 3D Reflection Symmetry and Shape Prediction
* Single image super-resolution via 2D nonlocal sparse representation
* SMSIR: Spherical Measure Based Spherical Image Representation
* Sparse Pose Regression via Componentwise Clustering Feature Point Representation
* Spatial context-aware network for salient object detection
* Spatial-Temporal Attention Approach for Traffic Prediction, A
* Spatiotemporal traffic data imputation via tensorial weighted Schatten-p norm minimization
* Spectral Clustering on Grassmann Manifold via Double Low Rank Constraint, A
* Spiking Transformers for Event-based Single Object Tracking
* Stochastic boosting for large-scale image classification
* TCSA-Net: A Temporal-Context-Based Self-Attention Network for Next Location Prediction
* TenSR: Multi-dimensional Tensor Sparse Representation
* Text-to-Traffic Generative Adversarial Network for Traffic Situation Generation
* Theoretical analysis of learning local anchors for classification
* Traffic forecasting with missing data via low rank dynamic mode decomposition of tensor
* Two-Stage Attentive Network for Single Image Super-Resolution, A
* Urban Traffic Pattern Analysis and Applications Based on Spatio-Temporal Non-Negative Matrix Factorization
* Variable-Rate Image Compression Based on Side Information Compensation and R-lambda Model Rate Control
* Variational Deep Embedding Clustering by Augmented Mutual Information Maximization
* Zero-Shot Text Classification with Semantically Extended Graph Convolutional Network
Includes: Yin, B.C.[Bao Cai] Yin, B.C.[Bao-Cai]
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Yin, B.G.[Bang Guo] Co Author Listing * SMAPGAN: Generative Adversarial Network-Based Semisupervised Styled Map Tile Generation Method
Includes: Yin, B.G.[Bang Guo] Yin, B.G.[Bang-Guo]

Yin, B.J.[Bang Jie] Co Author Listing * Contrastive Pseudo Learning for Open-World DeepFake Attribution
* Delving into Data: Effectively Substitute Training for Black-box Attack
Includes: Yin, B.J.[Bang Jie] Yin, B.J.[Bang-Jie]

Yin, B.L.[Bao Lin] Co Author Listing * Cracking BING and Beyond
* efficient color image classification method using gradient magnitude based angle cooccurrence matrix, An
* Parsing Fashion Image into Mid-Level Semantic Parts Based on Chain-Conditional Random Fields
* Receptive Field Based Image Modeling Method for Interactive Segmentation
Includes: Yin, B.L.[Bao Lin] Yin, B.L.[Bao-Lin]

Yin, B.Q.[Bao Qun] Co Author Listing * CFFNet: Coordinated feature fusion network for crowd counting
* Psychological and environmental factors affecting driver's frequent lane-changing behaviour: a national sample of drivers in China
Includes: Yin, B.Q.[Bao Qun] Yin, B.Q.[Bao-Qun] Yin, B.Q.[Bi-Qing]

Yin, B.S.[Bao Shu] Co Author Listing * Satellite Investigation of Semidiurnal Internal Tides in the Sulu-Sulawesi Seas
Includes: Yin, B.S.[Bao Shu] Yin, B.S.[Bao-Shu]

Yin, B.W.[Bang Wam] Co Author Listing * Edge Feature Matching of Remote Sensing Images Via Parameter Decomposition of Affine Transformation Model
Includes: Yin, B.W.[Bang Wam] Yin, B.W.[Bang-Wam]

Yin, C.[Chengshuang] Co Author Listing * Cascading Failure in Multiple Critical Infrastructure Interdependent Networks of Syncretic Railway System
* Comparison and Validation of the Ionospheric Climatological Morphology of FY3C/GNOS with COSMIC during the Recent Low Solar Activity Period
* Contribution of Changes in Snow Cover Extent to Shortwave Radiation Perturbations at the Top of the Atmosphere over the Northern Hemisphere during 2000-2019
* Detection and Biomass Estimation of Phaeocystis globosa Blooms off Southern China From UAV-Based Hyperspectral Measurements
* Development of identification of tire-road friction conditions
* Equalization Loss for Long-Tailed Object Recognition
* Evaluation of Forward Models for GNSS Radio Occultation Data Processing and Assimilation
* FA-RDN: A Hybrid Neural Network on GNSS-R Sea Surface Wind Speed Retrieval
* Face Image Illumination Processing Based on Generative Adversarial Nets
* Facial Age Estimation by Learning from Label Distributions
* FY3E GNOS II GNSS Reflectometry: Mission Review and First Results
* Geographic Knowledge Graph Attribute Normalization: Improving the Accuracy by Fusing Optimal Granularity Clustering and Co-Occurrence Analysis
* GNOS-II on Fengyun-3 Satellite Series: Exploration of Multi-GNSS Reflection Signals for Operational Applications
* In-Situ GNSS-R and Radiometer Fusion Soil Moisture Retrieval Model Based on LSTM
* Novel Dual-Branch Neural Network Model for Flood Monitoring in South Asia Based on CYGNSS Data, A
* Preliminary Assessment of BDS Radio Occultation Retrieval Quality and Coverage Using FY-3E GNOS II Measurements
* Proactive Drone-Cell Deployment: Overload Relief for a Cellular Network Under Flash Crowd Traffic
* real-time critical-scenario-generation framework for defect detection of autonomous driving system, A
* Residual attention unit for action recognition
* Soil Moisture Retrieval from Multi-GNSS Reflectometry on FY-3E GNOS-II by Land Cover Classification
* Spatiotemporal Distribution and Risk Assessment of Heat Waves Based on Apparent Temperature in the One Belt and One Road Region
* Stacked Sparse Autoencoder-Based Detector for Automatic Identification of Neuromagnetic High Frequency Oscillations in Epilepsy, A
* Towards Classification of Architectural Styles of Chinese Traditional Settlements Using Deep Learning: A Dataset, a New Framework, and Its Interpretability
* Twisted Gaussian Risk Model Considering Target Vehicle Longitudinal-Lateral Motion States for Host Vehicle Trajectory Planning, A
Includes: Yin, C.[Chengshuang] Yin, C.[Cong] Yin, C.[Cheng] Yin, C. Yin, C.[Chao] Yin, C.[Chuan] Yin, C.[Chengliang] Yin, C.[Chang]
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Yin, C.B.[Can Bin] Co Author Listing * Frequency Domain Extraction Based Adaptive Joint Time Frequency Decomposition Method of the Maneuvering Target Radar Echo, A
* PSCFormer: A lightweight hybrid network for gas identification in electronic nose system
Includes: Yin, C.B.[Can Bin] Yin, C.B.[Can-Bin] Yin, C.B.[Chong-Bo]

Yin, C.C.[Chang Chun] Co Author Listing * 3-D Time-Domain Airborne EM Inversion for a Topographic Earth
* 3D Airborne EM Forward Modeling Based on Finite-Element Method with Goal-Oriented Adaptive Octree Mesh
* 3D Airborne EM Forward Modeling Based on Time-Domain Spectral Element Method
* 3D Wavelet Finite-Element Modeling of Frequency-Domain Airborne EM Data Based on B-Spline Wavelet on the Interval Using Potentials
* Efficient 3D Frequency Semi-Airborne Electromagnetic Modeling Based on Domain Decomposition
* Finite-Region Approximation of EM Fields in Layered Biaxial Anisotropic Media
* Geometric Multigrid Method for 3D Magnetotelluric Forward Modeling Using Finite-Element Method, A
* Simulation of Seismoelectric Waves Using Time-Domain Finite-Element Method in 2D PSVTM Mode
* Sparse-Promoting 3-D Airborne Electromagnetic Inversion Based on Shearlet Transform
* Three-Dimensional Dual-Mesh Inversions for Sparse Surface-to-Borehole TEM Data
Includes: Yin, C.C.[Chang Chun] Yin, C.C.[Chang-Chun]
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Yin, C.H.[Chao Hui] Co Author Listing * Assessing Spatial Accessibility of Public and Private Residential Aged Care Facilities: A Case Study in Wuhan, Central China
* Contributions of Climatic and Anthropogenic Drivers to Net Primary Productivity of Vegetation in the Mongolian Plateau
* Length-weighted string kernels for sequence data classification
* Quantifying the Contribution of Driving Factors on Distribution and Change of Net Primary Productivity of Vegetation in the Mongolian Plateau
* Visual Servoing of Wheeled Mobile Robots Under Dynamic Environment
Includes: Yin, C.H.[Chao Hui] Yin, C.H.[Chao-Hui] Yin, C.H.[Chao-Hua] Yin, C.H.[Chuan-Huan] Yin, C.H.[Cheng-Hao]

Yin, C.K.[Chen Kun] Co Author Listing * Constrained Spatial Adaptive Iterative Learning Control for Trajectory Tracking of High Speed Train
Includes: Yin, C.K.[Chen Kun] Yin, C.K.[Chen-Kun]

Yin, C.L.[Cheng Long] Co Author Listing * Fine Crop Classification Based on UAV Hyperspectral Images and Random Forest
* Interactive Trajectory Prediction Using a Driving Risk Map-Integrated Deep Learning Method for Surrounding Vehicles on Highways
* Short-Term Lateral Behavior Reasoning for Target Vehicles Considering Driver Preview Characteristic
Includes: Yin, C.L.[Cheng Long] Yin, C.L.[Cheng-Long] Yin, C.L.[Cheng-Liang]

Yin, C.M.[Chang Ming] Co Author Listing * Near Real-Time Extracting Wildfire Spread Rate from Himawari-8 Satellite Data
* Relationships between Burn Severity and Environmental Drivers in the Temperate Coniferous Forest of Northern China
* Remote Sensing of Burn Severity Using Coupled Radiative Transfer Model: A Case Study on Chinese Qinyuan Pine Fires
Includes: Yin, C.M.[Chang Ming] Yin, C.M.[Chang-Ming]

Yin, C.Q.[Chang Qing] Co Author Listing * Equalization Loss v2: A New Gradient Balance Approach for Long-tailed Object Detection
Includes: Yin, C.Q.[Chang Qing] Yin, C.Q.[Chang-Qing]

Yin, C.R.[Chao Ran] Co Author Listing * Learning Strategies for the Interference Covariance Structure Based on a Bayesian Approach
Includes: Yin, C.R.[Chao Ran] Yin, C.R.[Chao-Ran]

Yin, C.T.[Cheng Tian] Co Author Listing * Improved Image Enhancement Method Based-on Reformative Histogram Specification and its Application in Continuous Cast Slab, An
Includes: Yin, C.T.[Cheng Tian] Yin, C.T.[Cheng-Tian]

Yin, C.W.S.[Cheryl Wong Sze] Co Author Listing * Unsupervised Generative Variational Continual Learning

Yin, C.X.[Cheng Xiang] Co Author Listing * Bridging the Gap Between Semantic Segmentation and Instance Segmentation
* Deepfake detection via inter-frame inconsistency recomposition and enhancement
* Estimation of Cotton Nitrogen Content Based on Multi-Angle Hyperspectral Data and Machine Learning Models
* Hierarchical Graph Attention Network for Few-shot Visual-Semantic Learning
* Hyperspectral UAV Images at Different Altitudes for Monitoring the Leaf Nitrogen Content in Cotton Crops
* novel feature selection method considering feature interaction, A
Includes: Yin, C.X.[Cheng Xiang] Yin, C.X.[Cheng-Xiang] Yin, C.X.[Cheng-Xi] Yin, C.X.[Cai-Xia]

Yin, C.Y.[Chun Yong] Co Author Listing * Anomaly Detection Based on Convolutional Recurrent Autoencoder for IoT Time Series
* Deep Learning Framework of Autonomous Pilot Agent for Air Traffic Controller Training, A
* Soil Salinity Mapping Using Machine Learning Algorithms with the Sentinel-2 MSI in Arid Areas, China
Includes: Yin, C.Y.[Chun Yong] Yin, C.Y.[Chun-Yong] Yin, C.Y.[Chang-Yu] Yin, C.Y.[Cai-Yun]

Yin, D.[Dong] Co Author Listing * 3D Pedestrian Detection in Farmland by Monocular RGB Image and Far-Infrared Sensing
* Beyond the limitation of monocular 3D detector via knowledge distillation
* Canopy Height Layering Biomass Estimation Model (CHL-BEM) with Full-Waveform LiDAR
* CBPT: A New Backbone for Enhancing Information Transmission of Vision Transformers
* Computerized Extraction of Craniofacial Anatomical Structures for Orthodontic Analysis
* D-MFPN: A Doppler Feature Matrix Fused with a Multilayer Feature Pyramid Network for SAR Ship Detection
* Efficient Deep Models for Real-Time 4K Image Super-Resolution. NTIRE 2023 Benchmark and Report
* enhanced pixel-based phenological feature for accurate paddy rice mapping with Sentinel-2 imagery in Google Earth Engine, An
* Frequency Attention Network: Blind Noise Removal for Real Images
* GIVL: Improving Geographical Inclusivity of Vision-Language Models with Pre-Training Methods
* Image quality assessment using a SVD-based structural projection
* Locating Large-Scale Craniofacial Feature Points on X-ray Images for Automated Cephalometric Analysis
* Machine learning-based multi-channel evaluation pooling strategy for image quality assessment
* multi-image Joint Re-ranking framework with updateable Image Pool for person re-identification, A
* NTIRE 2023 Challenge on Efficient Super-Resolution: Methods and Results
* Optimal Partition Assignment for Universal Object Detection
* OSAN: A One-Stage Alignment Network to Unify Multimodal Alignment and Unsupervised Domain Adaptation
* Remote sensing image compression based on double-sparsity dictionary learning and universal trellis coded quantization
* RETRACTION: Transformer-induced graph reasoning for multimodal semantic segmentation in remote sensing
* Shortwave Infrared Multi-Angle Polarization Imager (MAPI) Onboard Fengyun-3 Precipitation Satellite for Enhanced Cloud Characterization
* Spatiotemporal Analysis of Soil Moisture Variability and Its Driving Factor
* Speckle-constrained variational methods for image restoration in optical coherence tomography
* Two-Layered Mechanism of Online Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Conflict Detection and Resolution
* Virtual Geographic Simulation of Light Distribution within Three-Dimensional Plant Canopy Models
Includes: Yin, D.[Dong] Yin, D.[Dongshuo] Yin, D.[Dameng] Yin, D.[Dali] Yin, D.[Di] Yin, D.[Daheng] Yin, D.[Da] Yin, D.[Dekui] Yin, D.[Dewei] Yin, D.[Daiqiang] Yin, D. Yin, D.[Dan]
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Yin, D.C.[Da Cheng] Co Author Listing * Decomposing style, content, and motion for videos
Includes: Yin, D.C.[Da Cheng] Yin, D.C.[Da-Cheng]

Yin, D.D.[Duo Duo] Co Author Listing * Identification and Spatiotemporal Analysis of Bikesharing-Metro Integration Cycling
Includes: Yin, D.D.[Duo Duo] Yin, D.D.[Duo-Duo]

Yin, D.M.[Dong Mei] Co Author Listing * Passenger Flow Prediction of Scenic Spots in Jilin Province Based on Convolutional Neural Network and Improved Quantile Regression Long Short-Term Memory Network
* Vegetation Horizontal Occlusion Index (VHOI) from TLS and UAV Image to Better Measure Mangrove LAI
Includes: Yin, D.M.[Dong Mei] Yin, D.M.[Dong-Mei] Yin, D.M.[Da-Meng]

Yin, D.Q.[Dong Qin] Co Author Listing * Corn Residue Covered Area Mapping with a Deep Learning Method Using Chinese GF-1 B/D High Resolution Remote Sensing Images
* Error Analysis of Direction Finding for Wide Band Signals Using MUSIC Algorithm
* Prediction of Winter Wheat Maturity Dates through Assimilating Remotely Sensed Leaf Area Index into Crop Growth Model
* Spatial-Temporal Evolution of Vegetation NDVI in Association with Climatic, Environmental and Anthropogenic Factors in the Loess Plateau, China during 2000-2015: Quantitative Analysis Based on Geographical Detector Model
* Winter Wheat Yield Prediction at County Level and Uncertainty Analysis in Main Wheat-Producing Regions of China with Deep Learning Approaches
Includes: Yin, D.Q.[Dong Qin] Yin, D.Q.[Dong-Qin] Yin, D.Q.[De-Qiang]

Yin, D.S.[Dong Shuo] Co Author Listing * 1% VS 100%: Parameter-Efficient Low Rank Adapter for Dense Predictions
* GAL: Graph-Induced Adaptive Learning for Weakly Supervised 3D Object Detection
Includes: Yin, D.S.[Dong Shuo] Yin, D.S.[Dong-Shuo]

Yin, D.W.[Da Wei] Co Author Listing * Document Segmentation Using Pixel-Accurate Ground Truth
* Imbalance and Concentration in k-NN Classification
Includes: Yin, D.W.[Da Wei] Yin, D.W.[Da-Wei]

Yin, D.X.[Dong Xu] Co Author Listing * Luotuo Mountain Waste Dump Cover Interpretation Combining Deep Learning and VDVI Based on Data from an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)
Includes: Yin, D.X.[Dong Xu] Yin, D.X.[Dong-Xu]

Yin, D.Y.[De Yu] Co Author Listing * Extrinsic Calibration of 2D Laser Rangefinders Based on a Mobile Sphere
* Interest point detection from multi-beam light detection and ranging point cloud using unsupervised convolutional neural network
* Minimum elastic bounding box algorithm for dimension detection of 3D objects: a case of airline baggage measurement
Includes: Yin, D.Y.[De Yu] Yin, D.Y.[De-Yu]

Yin, E.[Erwei] Co Author Listing * Auto calibration of multi-camera system for human pose estimation
* Grounded Entity-Landmark Adaptive Pre-training for Vision-and-Language Navigation

Yin, F.[Fei] Co Author Listing * 3D GAN Inversion with Facial Symmetry Prior
* Accurate Estimation of Body Height From a Single Depth Image via a Four-Stage Developing Network
* Acoustic SLAM With Moving Sound Event Based on Auxiliary Microphone Arrays
* Analytical Geometry Calibration for Acoustic Transceiver Arrays
* Augmentation of CBCT Reconstructed From Under-Sampled Projections Using Deep Learning
* Automatic localization of the macula in a supervised graph-based approach with contextual superpixel features
* Calibration and object correspondence in camera networks with widely separated overlapping views
* CASIA Online and Offline Chinese Handwriting Databases
* CleanCLIP: Mitigating Data Poisoning Attacks in Multimodal Contrastive Learning
* Context-aware mathematical expression recognition: An end-to-end framework and a benchmark
* Convolutional Prototype Network for Open Set Recognition
* Cross-Lingual Text Image Recognition via Multi-Hierarchy Cross-Modal Mimic
* Cross-Lingual Text Image Recognition via Multi-Task Sequence to Sequence Learning
* Cut and Compare: End-to-end Offline Signature Verification Network
* DCNet: Large-Scale Point Cloud Semantic Segmentation With Discriminative and Efficient Feature Aggregation
* Deep Direct Regression for Multi-oriented Scene Text Detection
* Detecting the optic cup excavation in retinal fundus images by automatic detection of vessel kinking
* Discriminative quadratic feature learning for handwritten Chinese character recognition
* Distributed Gaussian Processes Hyperparameter Optimization for Big Data Using Proximal ADMM
* Document Image Rectification in Complex Scene Using Stacked Siamese Networks
* Double linear regressions for single labeled image per person face recognition
* Drawing and Recognizing Chinese Characters with Recurrent Neural Network
* DyGAT: Dynamic stroke classification of online handwritten documents and sketches
* Efficient and distinctive binary descriptor for rotated circular image recognition
* Efficient optic cup localization based on superpixel classification for glaucoma diagnosis in digital fundus images
* Efficient text localization in born-digital images by local contrast-based segmentation
* Estimating PM2.5 Concentrations Using the Machine Learning RF-XGBoost Model in Guanzhong Urban Agglomeration, China
* Estimation of Pb Content Using Reflectance Spectroscopy in Farmland Soil near Metal Mines, Central China
* Evaluation of neural network language models in handwritten Chinese text recognition
* F-mixup: Attack CNNs From Fourier Perspective
* Generalizable Black-Box Adversarial Attack With Meta Learning
* GPU-Based Fast Training of Discriminative Learning Quadratic Discriminant Function for Handwritten Chinese Character Recognition
* Handwritten Chinese character recognition with spatial transformer and deep residual networks
* Handwritten Chinese text line segmentation by clustering with distance metric learning
* Handwritten Chinese Text Recognition by Integrating Multiple Contexts
* Handwritten Mathematical Expression Recognition via Paired Adversarial Learning
* How Effectively can Indoor Wireless Positioning Relieve Visual Tracking Pains: A Cramer-Rao Bound Viewpoi
* Hybrid Page Segmentation with Efficient Whitespace Rectangles Extraction and Grouping
* ICDAR 2011 Chinese Handwriting Recognition Competition
* ICDAR 2013 Chinese Handwriting Recognition Competition
* Identity-Guided Face Generation with Multi-Modal Contour Conditions
* Improving Handwritten Chinese Character Recognition with Discriminative Quadratic Feature Extraction
* Improving Handwritten Chinese Text Recognition by Confidence Transformation
* Improving handwritten Chinese text recognition using neural network language models and convolutional neural network shape models
* Instance GNN: A Learning Framework for Joint Symbol Segmentation and Recognition in Online Handwritten Diagrams
* Integrating Geometric Context for Text Alignment of Handwritten Chinese Documents
* Integrating Language Model in Handwritten Chinese Text Recognition
* Inversion and Monitoring of the TP Concentration in Taihu Lake Using the Landsat-8 and Sentinel-2 Images
* Iterative Reference Driven Metric Learning for Signer Independent Isolated Sign Language Recognition
* Keyword Spotting in Offline Chinese Handwritten Documents Using a Statistical Model
* Keyword spotting in unconstrained handwritten Chinese documents using contextual word model
* Large-Scale Database for Chemical Structure Recognition and Preliminary Evaluation, A
* Large-Scale Outdoor Multi-modal Dataset and Benchmark for Novel View Synthesis and Implicit Scene Reconstruction, A
* Learning multi-planar scene models in multi-camera videos
* Learning Non-coplanar Scene Models by Exploring the Height Variation of Tracked Objects
* Learning Quality-aware Dynamic Memory for Video Object Segmentation
* Lexicon-driven recognition of one-stroke character strings in visual gesture
* Linking Remote Sensing with APSIM through Emulation and Bayesian Optimization to Improve Yield Prediction
* Mesh Completion with Virtual Scans
* Mixed-Supervised Scene Text Detection With Expectation-Maximization Algorithm
* Multi-Oriented and Multi-Lingual Scene Text Detection With Direct Regression
* MuLTReNets: Multilingual text recognition networks for simultaneous script identification and handwriting recognition
* Mutually Guided Dual-Task Network for Scene Text Detection
* Offline handwritten mathematical expression recognition with graph encoder and transformer decoder
* Online and offline handwritten Chinese character recognition: Benchmarking on new databases
* over-segmentation method for single-touching Chinese handwriting with learning-based filtering, An
* Page Object Detection from PDF Document Images by Deep Structured Prediction and Supervised Clustering
* PGDP5K: A Diagram Parsing Dataset for Plane Geometry Problems
* PM and PAHs emissions of ship auxiliary engine fuelled with waste cooking oil biodiesel and marine gas oil
* Primitive Contrastive Learning for Handwritten Mathematical Expression Recognition
* Privacy-Preserving Continuous Data Collection for Predictive Maintenance in Vehicular Fog-Cloud
* Prototype Augmentation and Self-Supervision for Incremental Learning
* Quantitative evaluation of different aspects of motion trackers under various challenges
* Real-time ghost removal for foreground segmentation methods
* Real-Time, Accurate, and Consistent Video Semantic Segmentation via Unsupervised Adaptation and Cross-Unit Deployment on Mobile Device
* Realtime multi-scale scene text detection with scale-based region proposal network
* Residual Dual Scale Scene Text Spotting by Fusing Bottom-Up and Top-Down Processing
* Robust Classification with Convolutional Prototype Learning
* Salient object detection based on global to local visual search guidance
* Scene Text Detection with Recurrent Instance Segmentation
* Scene Text Localization Using Gradient Local Correlation
* Semantic-Aware Video Text Detection
* Semantics constrained dictionary learning for signer-independent sign language recognition
* SignParser: An End-to-End Framework for Traffic Sign Understanding
* Speaker Tracking Based on Distributed Particle Filter in Distributed Microphone Networks
* Style Consistent Perturbation for Handwritten Chinese Character Recognition
* StyleHEAT: One-Shot High-Resolution Editable Talking Face Generation via Pre-trained StyleGAN
* Table Structure Recognition and Form Parsing by End-to-End Object Detection and Relation Parsing
* TextDragon: An End-to-End Framework for Arbitrary Shaped Text Spotting
* Texts as points: Scene text detection with point supervision
* Tool for Ground-Truthing Text Lines and Characters in Off-Line Handwritten Chinese Documents, A
* ToonTalker: Cross-Domain Face Reenactment
* Touching Character Database from Chinese Handwriting for Assessing Segmentation Algorithms, A
* Touching Character Separation in Chinese Handwriting Using Visibility-Based Foreground Analysis
* Transcript mapping for handwritten Chinese documents by integrating character recognition model and geometric context
* Transcript Mapping for Handwritten Text Lines Using Conditional Random Fields
* Transformer-based stroke relation encoding for online handwriting and sketches
* Two streams Recurrent Neural Networks for Large-Scale Continuous Gesture Recognition
* Two-class support vector data description
* Unsupervised language model adaptation for handwritten Chinese text recognition
* Validation of Space-Based Albedo Products from Upscaled Tower-Based Measurements Over Heterogeneous and Homogeneous Landscapes
* Variational Bayes Method for Handwritten Text Line Segmentation, A
* Visual Traffic Knowledge Graph Generation from Scene Images
* Weakly Supervised Metric Learning towards Signer Adaptation for Sign Language Recognition
Includes: Yin, F.[Fei] Yin, F. Yin, F.[Fuliang] Yin, F.[Fengshou] Yin, F.[Fan] Yin, F.[Fukun] Yin, F.[Feng] Yin, F.[Fang]
104 for Yin, F.

Yin, F.D.[Feng De] Co Author Listing * Semantic Image Segmentation Based Cable Vibration Frequency Visual Monitoring Using Modified Convolutional Neural Network with Pixel-wise Weighting Strategy
Includes: Yin, F.D.[Feng De] Yin, F.D.[Feng-De]

Yin, F.F. Co Author Listing * Application of the 4-D XCAT Phantoms in Biomedical Imaging and Beyond
* Two-Dimensional Direction-Based Interpolation with Local Centered Moments
Includes: Yin, F.F. Yin, F.F.[Fang-Fang]

Yin, F.L.[Fu Liang] Co Author Listing * blind source separation-based method for multiple images encryption, A
* Monocular Depth Estimation With Multi-Scale Feature Fusion
* Multi-Scale Spatial Attention-Guided Monocular Depth Estimation With Semantic Enhancement
Includes: Yin, F.L.[Fu Liang] Yin, F.L.[Fu-Liang]

Yin, F.S.[Feng Shou] Co Author Listing * Superpixel Classification Based Optic Disc and Optic Cup Segmentation for Glaucoma Screening
* Superpixel Classification Based Optic Disc Segmentation
Includes: Yin, F.S.[Feng Shou] Yin, F.S.[Feng-Shou]

Yin, F.Z.[Fu Zhen] Co Author Listing * Making Transportation Systems in U.S. Cities Smarter and More Inclusive: A Synthesis of Challenges and Evaluation of Strategies
Includes: Yin, F.Z.[Fu Zhen] Yin, F.Z.[Fu-Zhen]

Yin, G. Co Author Listing * Compensating Delays and Noises in Motion Control of Autonomous Electric Vehicles by Using Deep Learning and Unscented Kalman Predictor
* Evaluation and Projection of Wind Speed in the Arid Region of Northwest China Based on CMIP6
* FSConv: Flexible and separable convolution for convolutional neural networks compression
* Groundwater Depletion Estimated from GRACE: A Challenge of Sustainable Development in an Arid Region of Central Asia
* High Spatial Resolution Modeling of Climate Change Impacts on Permafrost Thermal Conditions for the Beiluhe Basin, Qinghai-Tibet Plateau
* Impact of Communication Erasure Channels on the Safety of Highway Vehicle Platoons
* Impact of Stochastic Generation/Load Variations on Distributed Optimal Energy Management in DC Microgrids for Transportation Electrification
* Improving Vehicle Handling Stability Based on Combined AFS and DYC System via Robust Takagi-Sugeno Fuzzy Control
* Iterative BRDF/NDVI Inversion Algorithm Based on A Posteriori Variance Estimation of Observation Errors, An
* Low-Rank Sparse Preserving Projections for Dimensionality Reduction
* Modeling Canopy Reflectance Over Sloping Terrain Based on Path Length Correction
* Multiscale Assimilation Approach to Improve Fine-Resolution Leaf Area Index Dynamics, A
* Numerical Mapping and Modeling Permafrost Thermal Dynamics across the Qinghai-Tibet Engineering Corridor, China Integrated with Remote Sensing
* Optimal Sampling Design for Observing and Validating Long-Term Leaf Area Index with Temporal Variations in Spatial Heterogeneities, An
* Pair comparison based progressive subjective quality ranking for underwater images
* Path Length Correction for Improving Leaf Area Index Measurements Over Sloping Terrains: A Deep Analysis Through Computer Simulation
* Performance Evaluation of the Triangle-Based Empirical Soil Moisture Relationship Models Based on Landsat-5 TM Data and In Situ Measurements
* Permafrost Distribution along the Qinghai-Tibet Engineering Corridor, China Using High-Resolution Statistical Mapping and Modeling Integrated with Remote Sensing and GIS
* Radiative Transfer Model for Patchy Landscapes Based on Stochastic Radiative Transfer Theory, A
* Spatial Analyses and Susceptibility Modeling of Thermokarst Lakes in Permafrost Landscapes along the Qinghai-Tibet Engineering Corridor
* Spatial Downscaling of MSG Downward Shortwave Radiation Product Under Clear-Sky Condition
* Topographic Correction for Landsat 8 OLI Vegetation Reflectances Through Path Length Correction: A Comparison Between Explicit and Implicit Methods
* Two-Time-Scale Hybrid Traffic Models for Pedestrian Crowds
Includes: Yin, G. Yin, G.[Gang] Yin, G.[Guofu] Yin, G.[Guoan] Yin, G.[George] Yin, G.[Geofei] Yin, G.[Ge]
23 for Yin, G.

Yin, G.D.[Guo Dong] Co Author Listing * Active collision algorithm for autonomous electric vehicles at intersections
* CT2-MDS: Cooperative trust-aware tolerant misbehaviour detection system for connected and automated vehicles
* Deep Dual-Modal Traffic Objects Instance Segmentation Method Using Camera and LIDAR Data for Autonomous Driving
* Driver's Individual Risk Perception-Based Trajectory Planning: A Human-Like Method
* Ensemble Learning Based Brain-Computer Interface System for Ground Vehicle Control
* Evaluation of Drought Propagation Characteristics and Influencing Factors in an Arid Region of Northeast Asia (ARNA)
* Forest Resistance and Resilience to 2002 Drought in Northern China
* Improving Vibration Performance of Electric Vehicles Based on In-Wheel Motor-Active Suspension System via Robust Finite Frequency Control
* Multi-objective optimal cooperative driving for connected and automated vehicles at non-signalised intersection
* Online estimation of inertial parameter for lightweight electric vehicle using dual unscented Kalman filter approach
* partial cooperative control vehicle-to-vehicle trajectory planning algorithm with potential field constraints of arc-shaped road's boundary and vehicles' relative position, A
* Robust Dynamic Game-Based Control Framework for Integrated Torque Vectoring and Active Front-Wheel Steering System, A
* Safety-Critical and Flexible Cooperative On-Ramp Merging Control of Connected and Automated Vehicles in Mixed Traffic
* UAV Multispectral Image-Based Urban River Water Quality Monitoring Using Stacked Ensemble Machine Learning Algorithms: A Case Study of the Zhanghe River, China
Includes: Yin, G.D.[Guo Dong] Yin, G.D.[Guo-Dong]
14 for Yin, G.D.

Yin, G.F.[Gao Fei] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Image Segmentation Method with Automatic Selection of Optimal Scale for Extracting Cropland Parcels in Smallholder Farming Systems, An
* Content-Based Medical Ultrasound Image Retrieval Using a Hierarchical Method
* Cost-Constrained Sampling Strategy in Support of LAI Product Validation in Mountainous Areas, A
* Deep learning in remote sensing applications: A meta-analysis and review
* Estimating 10-m land surface albedo from Sentinel-2 satellite observations using a direct estimation approach with Google Earth Engine
* Evaluation and Normalization of Topographic Effects on Vegetation Indices
* Evaluation of Global Decametric-Resolution LAI, FAPAR and FVC Estimates Derived from Sentinel-2 Imagery
* Extracting Leaf Area Index by Sunlit Foliage Component from Downward-Looking Digital Photography under Clear-Sky Conditions
* Generating High-Resolution and Long-Term SPEI Dataset over Southwest China through Downscaling EEAD Product by Machine Learning
* Global Land Cover Heterogeneity Characteristics at Moderate Resolution for Mixed Pixel Modeling and Inversion
* Improved Estimates of Arctic Land Surface Phenology Using Sentinel-2 Time Series
* Improving agricultural field parcel delineation with a dual branch spatiotemporal fusion network by integrating multimodal satellite data
* Land surface phenology retrievals for arid and semi-arid ecosystems
* Leaf Area Index Retrieval Combining HJ1/CCD and Landsat8/OLI Data in the Heihe River Basin, China
* Normalization of the temporal effect on the MODIS land surface temperature product using random forest regression
* Object- and Topology-Based Analysis (OTBA) Method for Mapping Rice-Crayfish Fields in South China, An
* Photosynthetically Active Radiation and Foliage Clumping Improve Satellite-Based NIRv Estimates of Gross Primary Production
* Radiative Transfer Model for Heterogeneous Agro-Forestry Scenarios, A
* Regional Leaf Area Index Retrieval Based on Remote Sensing: The Role of Radiative Transfer Model Selection
* Retrieval of Grassland Aboveground Biomass through Inversion of the PROSAIL Model with MODIS Imagery
* Retrieval of High Spatiotemporal Resolution Leaf Area Index with Gaussian Processes, Wireless Sensor Network, and Satellite Data Fusion
* Robust registration of aerial images and LiDAR data using spatial constraints and Gabor structural features
* Seamless Upscaling of the Field-Measured Grassland Aboveground Biomass Based on Gaussian Process Regression and Gap-Filled Landsat 8 OLI Reflectance
* Spatial Downscaling of Gross Primary Productivity Using Topographic and Vegetation Heterogeneity Information: A Case Study in the Gongga Mountain Region of China
* Spatiotemporally Representative and Cost-Efficient Sampling Design for Validation Activities in Wanglang Experimental Site
* Spectral Invariant Provides a Practical Modeling Approach for Future Biophysical Variable Estimations
* Study of Fast Video Discrimination System of Vehicles under Complicated Road Environment
* Topographic Correction of Forest Image Data Based on the Canopy Reflectance Model for Sloping Terrains in Multiple Forward Mode
* Validation of Sentinel-2, MODIS, CGLS, SAF, GLASS and C3S Leaf Area Index Products in Maize Crops
Includes: Yin, G.F.[Gao Fei] Yin, G.F.[Gao-Fei] Yin, G.F.[Guang-Fu] Yin, G.F.[Guo-Fu] Yin, G.F.[Gai-Fei]
29 for Yin, G.F.

Yin, G.H.[Guang Hao] Co Author Listing * Conditional Hyper-Network for Blind Super-Resolution With Multiple Degradations
* Gap-Filling of Landsat 7 Imagery Using the Direct Sampling Method
* Online Streaming Video Super-Resolution With Convolutional Look-Up Table
* User Independent Emotion Recognition with Residual Signal-Image Network
Includes: Yin, G.H.[Guang Hao] Yin, G.H.[Guang-Hao] Yin, G.H.[Gao-Hong]

Yin, G.J.[Guo Jun] Co Author Listing * Celeba-Spoof: Large-scale Face Anti-spoofing Dataset with Rich Annotations
* Context and Attribute Grounded Dense Captioning
* Counterfactual Intervention Feature Transfer for Visible-Infrared Person Re-identification
* Emotional Listener Portrait: Realistic Listener Motion Simulation in Conversation
* ForgeryNet: A Versatile Benchmark for Comprehensive Forgery Analysis
* Fsft-Net: Face Transfer Video Generation With Few-Shot Views
* Semantics Disentangling for Text-To-Image Generation
* Thinking in Frequency: Face Forgery Detection by Mining Frequency-aware Clues
* Zoom-Net: Mining Deep Feature Interactions for Visual Relationship Recognition
Includes: Yin, G.J.[Guo Jun] Yin, G.J.[Guo-Jun]
9 for Yin, G.J.

Yin, G.Q.[Guang Qiang] Co Author Listing * Pedestrian re-identification based on attribute mining and reasoning
Includes: Yin, G.Q.[Guang Qiang] Yin, G.Q.[Guang-Qiang]

Yin, G.S.[Gui Sheng] Co Author Listing * Attention-Enhanced One-Shot Attack against Single Object Tracking for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Remote Sensing Images
* Early Labeled and Small Loss Selection Semi-Supervised Learning Method for Remote Sensing Image Scene Classification
* Histopathology Whole Slide Image Analysis with Heterogeneous Graph Representation Learning
* Multi-Block Mixed Sample Semi-Supervised Learning for SAR Target Recognition
* Wide-field and full-focus optical microscopic imaging system
Includes: Yin, G.S.[Gui Sheng] Yin, G.S.[Gui-Sheng] Yin, G.S.[Guo-Sheng]

Yin, G.X.[Guang Xue] Co Author Listing * Feature regions based on graph optimization for robust reversible watermarking
Includes: Yin, G.X.[Guang Xue] Yin, G.X.[Guang-Xue]

Yin, G.Y.[Guo Ying] Co Author Listing * Mapping annual center-pivot irrigated cropland in Brazil during the 1985-2021 period with cloud platforms and deep learning
Includes: Yin, G.Y.[Guo Ying] Yin, G.Y.[Guo-Ying]

Yin, G.Z.[Guang Zhi] Co Author Listing * Generation Method for Shaded Relief Based on Conditional Generative Adversarial Nets
Includes: Yin, G.Z.[Guang Zhi] Yin, G.Z.[Guang-Zhi]

Yin, H. Co Author Listing * 3D LiDAR Map Compression for Efficient Localization on Resource Constrained Vehicles
* 3D LiDAR-Based Global Localization Using Siamese Neural Network
* Adaptive Computational Model for Salient Object Detection, An
* Adaptive convolutional neural network for large change in video object segmentation
* Adaptive Distributed CRC-aided SCL Decoder with Flip Operations for Polar Codes
* Adaptive semantic Bayesian framework for image attention
* Adaptive Spatial Resolution Method Based on the ST-ResNet Model for Hourly Property Crime Prediction, An
* Adaptive watermarking with self-mutual check parameters in deep neural networks
* AdvFAS: A robust face anti-spoofing framework against adversarial examples
* Analysis of Cortical Thickness Indicating Cingulate Gyrus and Temporal Gyrus Incrassation in Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Due to Mining Disaster
* Analysis of the Vertical Distribution and Driving Factors of Aerosol and Ozone Precursors in Huaniao Island, China, Based on Ground-Based MAX-DOAS
* Automatic and Forward Method to Establish 3-D Parametric Scattering Center Models of Complex Targets for Target Recognition, An
* Automatic Evaluation of Hypernasality and Consonant Misarticulation in Cleft Palate Speech
* AVX-512 Based, High-Throughput LDPC Decoders
* Bayesian self-organising map for Gaussian mixtures
* CORS: A cooperative overlay routing service to enhance interactive multimedia communications
* Cross Attention Network for Semantic Segmentation
* Dance Style Transfer with Cross-modal Transformer
* Deep-Learning-Based Multimodal Data Fusion Framework for Urban Region Function Recognition, A
* Deformable Spatial Propagation Networks For Depth Completion
* Differences in the Vertical Distribution of Aerosols, Nitrogen Dioxide, and Formaldehyde between Islands and Inland Areas: A Case Study in the Yangtze River Delta of China
* Double color image encryption based on fractional order discrete improved Henon map and Rubik's cube transform
* Dreaming to Distill: Data-Free Knowledge Transfer via DeepInversion
* driver fatigue detection method based on multi-sensor signals, A
* Edge Aware Network for Image Dehazing
* Estimating the SPAD of Litchi in the Growth Period and Autumn Shoot Period Based on UAV Multi-Spectrum
* Fast SAR Target Indexing Method Based on Geometric Models, A
* From Shadow Generation to Shadow Removal
* Fusion side information based on feature and motion extraction for distributed multiview video coding
* Hardware-Efficient Multi-Resolution Block Matching Algorithm and its VLSI Architecture for High Definition MPEG-Like Video Encoders, A
* Heterogeneous Face Recognition by Margin-Based Cross-Modality Metric Learning
* Hierarchical Predictive Coding-Based JND Estimation for Image Compression
* How Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) Trendsfrom Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer (AVHRR) and Système Probatoire d'Observation de_la_Terre VEGETATION (SPOT VG
* Hyperspectral Image Restoration via Global L1-2 Spatial-Spectral Total Variation Regularized Local Low-Rank Tensor Recovery
* Improved Winter Wheat Spatial Distribution Extraction Using A Convolutional Neural Network and Partly Connected Conditional Random Field
* Joint Sparse and Low-Rank Decomposition for Pansharpening of Multispectral Images, A
* Land use mapping using Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 time series in a heterogeneous landscape in Niger, Sahel
* Local Characteristic Image Restoration Based on Convolutional Neural Network, A
* Low-rank structured sparse representation and reduced dictionary learning-based abnormity detection
* Mapping Plant Nitrogen Concentration and Aboveground Biomass of Potato Crops from Sentinel-2 Data Using Ensemble Learning Models
* MemeNet: Toward a Reliable Local Projection for Image Recognition via Semantic Featurization
* Method for Quantifying the Impacts of Human Activities on Net Primary Production of Grasslands in Northwest China, A
* Metric of choosing the optimal parameter setting for edge aware filtering
* Multi-Source Clustering based on spectral recovery
* NetClust: A Framework for Scalable and Pareto-Optimal Media Server Placement
* Neural Network Fragile watermarking With No Model Performance Degradation
* Novel Large-Scale Digital Forensics Service Platform for Internet Videos, A
* PAN-Guided Cross-Resolution Projection for Local Adaptive Sparse Representation- Based Pansharpening
* Path Tracking Control for Underactuated Vehicles With Matched-Mismatched Uncertainties: An Uncertainty Decomposition Based Constraint-Following Approach
* Persistent Stereo Visual Localization on Cross-Modal Invariant Map
* Pop-net: A self-growth network for popping out the salient object in videos
* Prediction of pediatric activity intensity with wearable sensors and bi-directional LSTM models
* RaLL: End-to-End Radar Localization on Lidar Map Using Differentiable Measurement Model
* Rapid Compaction Monitoring and Quality Control of Embankment Dam Construction Based on UAV Photogrammetry Technology: A Case Study
* Relative Trajectory Estimation During Chang'e-2 Probe's Flyby of Asteroid Toutatis Using Dynamics, Optical, and Radio Constraints
* Remote Sensing Image Fusion via Sparse Representations Over Learned Dictionaries
* Remote Sensing of Atmospheric Hydrogen Fluoride (HF) over Hefei, China with Ground-Based High-Resolution Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) Spectrometry
* Retrieval and Comparison of Forest Leaf Area Index Based on Remote Sensing Data from AVNIR-2, Landsat-5 TM, MODIS, and PALSAR Sensors
* Sample imbalance disease classification model based on association rule feature selection
* Self-organised parameter estimation and segmentation of MRF model-based texture images
* Shadow Removal by a Lightness-Guided Network With Training on Unpaired Data
* Side Window Filtering
* Soft Tissue Removal in X-Ray Images by Half Window Dark Channel Prior
* Style-Guided Shadow Removal
* Surprise-Based JND Estimation for Images
* Tradeoffs Between Cost and Performance for CDN Provisioning Based on Coordinate Transformation
* Tree Annotations in LiDAR Data Using Point Densities and Convolutional Neural Networks
* TrustStream: A Secure and Scalable Architecture for Large-Scale Internet Media Streaming
* Weakly Supervised Forest Fire Segmentation in UAV Imagery Based on Foreground-Aware Pooling and Context-Aware Loss
Includes: Yin, H. Yin, H.[Huan] Yin, H.[Hui] Yin, H.[Hang] Yin, H.[Hao] Yin, H.[Heng] Yin, H.[Hong] Yin, H.[Hongling] Yin, H.[Huili] Yin, H.[He] Yin, H.[Huanhuan] Yin, H.[Han] Yin, H.[Hua] Yin, H.[Hengfu]
69 for Yin, H.

Yin, H.B.[Hai Bing] Co Author Listing * Adaptive integer-precision Lagrange multiplier selection for high performance AVS video coding
* Algorithm analysis and architecture design for rate distortion optimized mode decision in high definition AVS video encoder
* Buffer structure optimized VLSI architecture for efficient hierarchical integer pixel motion estimation implementation
* Constant Rate Control for Motion JPEG2000
* Depth-guided saliency detection via boundary information
* Distortion propagation modeling and its applications on frame level quantization control for predictive video coding
* efficient all-zero block detection algorithm for high efficiency video coding with RDOQ, An
* Efficient coding mode and partition decision for screen content intra coding
* FANet: Feature aggregation network for RGBD saliency detection
* Fast CABAC Hardware Design for Accelerating the Rate Estimation in HEVC, A
* Fast QTMT Partition for VVC Intra Coding Using U-Net Framework
* Fast Soft Decision Quantization With Adaptive Preselection and Dynamic Trellis Graph
* Feature Selection Based on Modified Bat Algorithm
* Generate and Purify: Efficient Person Data Generation for Re-Identification
* Hardware Friendly Mode Decision Algorithm for High Definition AVS Video Encoder
* improved DCT-based JND estimation model considering multiple masking effects, An
* Improved Motion-Compensated 3-D LLMMSE Filter With Spatio-Temporal Adaptive Filtering Support, An
* Improving Just Noticeable Difference Model by Leveraging Temporal HVS Perception Characteristics
* Learning-based JNCD prediction for quality-wise perceptual quantization in HEVC
* MFFNet: Multi-Modal Feature Fusion Network for V-D-T Salient Object Detection
* Multi-stage affine motion estimation fast algorithm for versatile video coding using decision tree
* Multi-stage all-zero block detection for HEVC coding using machine learning
* Multiple target performance evaluation model for HD video encoder VLSI architecture design
* Optimised blind image watermarking method based on firefly algorithm in DWT-QR transform domain
* Quantization parameter cascading for video coding: Leveraging a new temporal distortion propagation model
* Salient object detection via reliability-based depth compactness and depth contrast
* Set-Based Boosting for Instance-Level Transfer on Multi-Classification
* Surprise-based JND estimation for perceptual quantization in H.265/HEVC codecs
* survey on just noticeable distortion estimation and its applications in video coding, A
* Three-level pipelined multi-resolution integer motion estimation engine with optimized reference data sharing search for AVS
* Transformer-Based Multi-Scale Feature Integration Network for Video Saliency Prediction
* Two Efficient Rate Control Algorithms for Motion JPEG2000
* V2VFormer++: Multi-Modal Vehicle-to-Vehicle Cooperative Perception via Global-Local Transformer
Includes: Yin, H.B.[Hai Bing] Yin, H.B.[Hai-Bing] Yin, H.B.[Hai-Bin] Yin, H.B. Yin, H.B.[Hai-Bo] Yin, H.B.[Hong-Bo]
33 for Yin, H.B.

Yin, H.C.[Hong Che] Co Author Listing * Optimizing Local Alignment along the Seamline for Parallax-Tolerant Orthoimage Mosaicking
* unified probabilistic framework of robust and efficient color consistency correction for multiple images, A
Includes: Yin, H.C.[Hong Che] Yin, H.C.[Hong-Che]

Yin, H.D.[Hao Dong] Co Author Listing * IG-Net: An Interaction Graph Network Model for Metro Passenger Flow Forecasting
* Measuring the Similarity of Metro Stations Based on the Passenger Visit Distribution
* Multistation coordinated and dynamic passenger inflow control for a metro line
* PaCS: A Parallel Computation Framework for Field-Based Crowd Simulation
Includes: Yin, H.D.[Hao Dong] Yin, H.D.[Hao-Dong]

Yin, H.F.[He Feng] Co Author Listing * Gaussian mixture 3D morphable face model
* MOON: Multi-hash codes joint learning for cross-media retrieval
* Noise-robust dictionary learning with slack block-Diagonal structure for face recognition
* Varying Amplitude Vibration Phase Suppression Algorithm in ISAL Imaging
Includes: Yin, H.F.[He Feng] Yin, H.F.[He-Feng] Yin, H.F.[Hong-Fei]

Yin, H.G.[Hua Gang] Co Author Listing * Tracking Based on SURF and Superpixel
Includes: Yin, H.G.[Hua Gang] Yin, H.G.[Hua-Gang]

Yin, H.J.[Hu Jun] Co Author Listing * ApprGAN: Appearance-Based GAN for Facial Expression Synthesis
* CAST: Learning Both Geometric and Texture Style Transfers for Effective Caricature Generation
* Convex Discriminant Semantic Correlation Analysis for Cross-View Recognition, A
* dissimilarity kernel with local features for robust facial recognition, A
* Efficient pyramid context encoding and feature embedding for semantic segmentation
* Facial expression analysis and expression-invariant face recognition by manifold-based synthesis
* Linear and nonlinear dimensionality reduction for face recognition
* On nonlinear dimensionality reduction for face recognition
* Real-time human cross-race aging-related face appearance detection with deep convolution architecture
* Robust face recognition with structural binary gradient patterns
* Scene Context Enhanced Network for Person Search
* Sparse Spatial Attention Network for Semantic Segmentation
* Study on Seepage Field of Horizontal Well Patten
* Unsupervised Domain Adaptation Through Dynamically Aligning Both the Feature and Label Spaces
Includes: Yin, H.J.[Hu Jun] Yin, H.J.[Hu-Jun] Yin, H.J.[Hong-Jun]
14 for Yin, H.J.

Yin, H.L.[Han Lin] Co Author Listing * AugFCOS: Augmented fully convolutional one-stage object detection network
* Decadal Continuous Meteor-Radar Estimation of the Mesopause Gravity Wave Momentum Fluxes over Mohe: Capability Evaluation and Interannual Variation
* Effect of Space Objects on Ionospheric Observations: Perspective of SYISR, The
* Effects of Irrigation Projects on the Classification of Yellow River Terrace Landslides and their Failure Modes: A Case Study of Heitai Terrace
* FP-DARTS: Fast parallel differentiable neural architecture search for image classification
* Iterative Mid-Range with Application to Estimation Performance Evaluation
* Rethink arbitrary style transfer with transformer and contrastive learning
* Trajectory prediction for intelligent vehicles using spatial-attention mechanism
Includes: Yin, H.L.[Han Lin] Yin, H.L.[Han-Lin] Yin, H.L.[Hai-Long] Yin, H.L.[Hao-Lin] Yin, H.L.[Hui-Lin]
8 for Yin, H.L.

Yin, H.M.[Hong Mei] Co Author Listing * graph convolutional neural network for classification of building patterns using spatial vector data, A
Includes: Yin, H.M.[Hong Mei] Yin, H.M.[Hong-Mei]

Yin, H.N.[Hao Nan] Co Author Listing * improved YOLOv5 method for large objects detection with multi-scale feature cross-layer fusion network, An
Includes: Yin, H.N.[Hao Nan] Yin, H.N.[Hao-Nan]

Yin, H.P.[Hong Peng] Co Author Listing * novel dimension reduction and dictionary learning framework for high-dimensional data classification, A
Includes: Yin, H.P.[Hong Peng] Yin, H.P.[Hong-Peng]

Yin, H.Q.[Hai Qing] Co Author Listing * Image decomposition using optimally sparse representations and a variational approach
* Nonnegative matrix factorization with bounded total variational regularization for face recognition
* Variational Image Restoration and Decomposition with Curvelet Shrinkage
Includes: Yin, H.Q.[Hai Qing] Yin, H.Q.[Hai-Qing]

Yin, H.R.[Hao Ran] Co Author Listing * Building Vision Transformers with Hierarchy Aware Feature Aggregation
* DATA: Domain-Aware and Task-Aware Self-supervised Learning
* GAIA-Universe: Everything is Super-Netify
Includes: Yin, H.R.[Hao Ran] Yin, H.R.[Hao-Ran]

Yin, H.S.[Hong Sheng] Co Author Listing * Behavior Prediction for Unmanned Driving Based on Dual Fusions of Feature and Decision
* Feature Extraction and Recognition of Ventilator Vibration Signal Based on ICA/SVM
* Image Classification Using Spatial Difference Descriptor Under Spatial Pyramid Matching Framework
Includes: Yin, H.S.[Hong Sheng] Yin, H.S.[Hong-Sheng]

Yin, H.T.[Hai Tao] Co Author Listing * CSformer: Cross-Scale Features Fusion Based Transformer for Image Denoising
* Deep side group sparse coding network for image denoising
* Joint sparsity model improves multimodal image fusion
* Laplacian Pyramid Generative Adversarial Network for Infrared and Visible Image Fusion
* Pansharpening With Multiscale Normalized Nonlocal Means Filter: A Two-Step Approach
* RAiA-Net: A Multi-Stage Network With Refined Attention in Attention Module for Single Image Deraining
* Single image super resolution via texture constrained sparse representation
Includes: Yin, H.T.[Hai Tao] Yin, H.T.[Hai-Tao]
7 for Yin, H.T.

Yin, H.X.[Hong Xu] Co Author Listing * A-ViT: Adaptive Tokens for Efficient Vision Transformer
* Adaptive Modulation and Coding for Underwater Acoustic Communications Based on Data-Driven Learning Algorithm
* Adaptive Packet Coding for Reliable Underwater Acoustic Communications
* ChamNet: Towards Efficient Network Design Through Platform-Aware Model Adaptation
* Data-free Knowledge Distillation for Object Detection
* Deeply supervised vestibule segmentation network for CT images with global context-aware pyramid feature extraction
* Detecting Absence of Bone Wall in Jugular Bulb by Image Transformation Surrogate Tasks
* Do Gradient Inversion Attacks Make Federated Learning Unsafe?
* Global Vision Transformer Pruning with Hessian-Aware Saliency
* GradViT: Gradient Inversion of Vision Transformers
* Heterogeneous Continual Learning
* LANA: Latency Aware Network Acceleration
* LSMD-Net: Lidar-stereo Fusion with Mixture Density Network for Depth Sensing
* Optimal Quantization using Scaled Codebook
* Performance Analysis of Relay-Aided NOMA Optical Wireless Communication System in Underwater Turbulence Environment
* Recurrence without Recurrence: Stable Video Landmark Detection with Deep Equilibrium Models
* See through Gradients: Image Batch Recovery via GradInversion
* Tie Point Matching between Terrestrial and Aerial Images Based on Patch Variational Refinement
* Transfer Learning for Improving Seismic Building Damage Assessment
* When to Prune? A Policy towards Early Structural Pruning
Includes: Yin, H.X.[Hong Xu] Yin, H.X.[Hong-Xu] Yin, H.X.[Hong-Xi] Yin, H.X.[Hong-Xia] Yin, H.X.[Han-Xi] Yin, H.X.[Hao-Xuan] Yin, H.X.[Hua-Xiang]
20 for Yin, H.X.

Yin, H.Y.[Hua Yi] Co Author Listing * Critical Radical Analysis Network for Chinese Character Recognition
* DAFNet: A Novel Change-Detection Model for High-Resolution Remote-Sensing Imagery Based on Feature Difference and Attention Mechanism
* Detecting Large-Scale Landslides Using Lidar Data and Aerial Photos in the Namasha-Liuoguey Area, Taiwan
* Ecological and Environmental Effects of Estuarine Wetland Loss Using Keyhole and Landsat Data in Liao River Delta, China
* Evolutions of 30-Year Spatio-Temporal Distribution and Influencing Factors of Suaeda salsa in Bohai Bay, China
* Influences of the Shadow Inventory on a Landslide Susceptibility Model
* Near Real-Time Browsable Landsat-8 Imagery
* Self-information of radicals: A new clue for zero-shot Chinese character recognition
Includes: Yin, H.Y.[Hua Yi] Yin, H.Y.[Hua-Yi] Yin, H.Y.[Hong-Yang] Yin, H.Y.[Hsiao-Yuan] Yin, H.Y.[Hong-Yan]
8 for Yin, H.Y.

Yin, H.Z.[Hong Zhi] Co Author Listing * Deep MinCut: Learning Node Embeddings by Detecting Communities
* Enhanced factorization machine via neural pairwise ranking and attention networks
* Few-Shot Deep Adversarial Learning for Video-Based Person Re-Identification
* Switchable Online Knowledge Distillation
Includes: Yin, H.Z.[Hong Zhi] Yin, H.Z.[Hong-Zhi]

Yin, J. Co Author Listing * 3-D point cloud normal estimation based on fitting algebraic spheres
* Abnormal Behavior Recognition Using Self-Adaptive Hidden Markov Models
* Adaptive Graph Convolutional Subspace Clustering
* Adaptive Nonlocal Random Walks for Image Superpixel Segmentation
* Analysis of a Record-Breaking Rainfall Event Associated With a Monsoon Coastal Megacity of South China Using Multisource Data
* Application of Social Network Analysis in the Economic Connection of Urban Agglomerations Based on Nighttime Lights Remote Sensing: A Case Study in the New Western Land-Sea Corridor, China
* Assessment of the Impact of Land Thermal Infrared Observation on Regional Weather Forecasts Using Two Different Data Assimilation Approaches, An
* Auto calibration of multi-camera system for human pose estimation
* Band Dual Density Discrimination Analysis for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* BESRGAN: Boundary equilibrium face super-resolution generative adversarial networks
* Bootstrapping Social Emotion Classification with Semantically Rich Hybrid Neural Networks
* BRNet: Exploring Comprehensive Features for Monocular Depth Estimation
* Camera motion estimation through monocular normal flow vectors
* Can Satellite and Atmospheric Reanalysis Products Capture Compound Moist Heat Stress-Floods?
* Clothing Landmark Detection Using Deep Networks With Prior of Key Point Associations
* Co-regularized kernel k-means for multi-view clustering
* Context-Aware Deep Spatiotemporal Network for Hand Pose Estimation From Depth Images
* Deep Hashing with Minimal-Distance-Separated Hash Centers
* Deep Listwise Triplet Hashing for Fine-Grained Image Retrieval
* Deep Recurrent Regression for Facial Landmark Detection
* dense R-CNN multi-target instance segmentation model and its application in medical image processing, A
* depth map fusion algorithm with improved efficiency considering pixel region prediction, A
* Differential Strategy-Based Multi-Level Dense Network for Pansharpening
* Discharge Estimation Using Integrated Satellite Data and Hybrid Model in the Midstream Yangtze River
* Effective CNN-based Super Resolution Method for Video Coding, An
* Effective Uyghur Language Text Detection in Complex Background Images for Traffic Prompt Identification
* Efficient Real-Time Train Operation Algorithms With Uncertain Passenger Demands
* Efficient virtual network transmission using correlated equilibrium on Xen-based platform
* Energy-Efficient Subway Train Scheduling Design With Time-Dependent Demand Based on an Approximate Dynamic Programming Approach
* Energy-Efficient Train Operation Approach by Integrating the Metro Timetabling and Eco-Driving, An
* Energy-Efficient Train Scheduling and Rolling Stock Circulation Planning in a Metro Line: A Linear Programming Approach
* Enhanced Federated Learning for Edge Data Security in Intelligent Transportation Systems
* Ensemble Real-Time Tidal Level Prediction Mechanism Using Multiresolution Wavelet Decomposition Method, An
* Estimating Gross Primary Productivity (GPP) over Rice-Wheat-Rotation Croplands by Using the Random Forest Model and Eddy Covariance Measurements: Upscaling and Comparison with the MODIS Product
* Estimating Reservoir Release Using Multi-Source Satellite Datasets and Hydrological Modeling Techniques
* Extracting salient region for pornographic image detection
* Fashion Editing With Adversarial Parsing Learning
* Fast and Accurate Single-Image Depth Estimation on Mobile Devices, Mobile AI 2021 Challenge: Report
* Fast MPEG-CDVS Encoder With GPU-CPU Hybrid Computing
* Fast Simple Optical Flow Computation Approach Based on the 3-D Gradient, A
* Feature extraction based on fuzzy class mean embedding (FCME) with its application to face and palm biometrics
* Flickr Image Community Analytics by Deep Noise-Refined Matrix Factorization
* Flood Risk Assessment of Areas under Urbanization in Chongqing, China, by Integrating Multi-Models
* Formalism of Compact Polarimetric Descriptors and Extension of the Delta-alpha_B/alpha_B Method for General Compact-Pol SAR
* Fully Affine Invariant Feature detector, A
* Fusing multi-cues description for partial-duplicate image retrieval
* FW-GAN: Flow-Navigated Warping GAN for Video Virtual Try-On
* Generating facial expression adversarial examples based on saliency map
* GPU Based fast MPEG-CDVS encoder
* Graph Neural Network and Spatiotemporal Transformer Attention for 3D Video Object Detection From Point Clouds
* Haze Removal for a Single Remote Sensing Image Based on Deformed Haze Imaging Model
* High Wind Speed Inversion Model of CYGNSS Sea Surface Data Based on Machine Learning
* High-Precision Registration of Lunar Global Mapping Products Based on Spherical Triangular Mesh
* High-Resolution Encoder-Decoder Networks for Low-Contrast Medical Image Segmentation
* Highly Accurate Image Reconstruction for Multimodal Noise Suppression Using Semisupervised Learning on Big Data
* Highly parallel GEMV with register blocking method on GPU architecture
* HQ-I2IT: Redesign the optimization scheme to improve image quality in CycleGAN-based image translation systems
* Human activity recognition in video using a hierarchical probabilistic latent model
* Hyperspectral Classification Using Cooperative Spatial-Spectral Attention Network With Tensor Low-Rank Reconstruction
* Identification of Poverty Areas by Remote Sensing and Machine Learning: A Case Study in Guizhou, Southwest China
* Image Retrieval with Well-separated Semantic Hash Centers
* Improved Search in Hamming Space Using Deep Multi-Index Hashing
* Improving Deep Binary Embedding Networks by Order-Aware Reweighting of Triplets
* Incomplete multi-view clustering with cosine similarity
* Intelligent train stopping control for railways: A deep learning approach
* Investigating the Changes in Urban Green-Space Patterns with Urban Land-Use Changes: A Case Study in Hangzhou, China
* Joint 3D Instance Segmentation and Object Detection for Autonomous Driving
* Kernel least absolute shrinkage and selection operator regression classifier for pattern classification
* LG: A clustering framework supported by point proximity relations
* LiDAR-Based Online 3D Video Object Detection With Graph-Based Message Passing and Spatiotemporal Transformer Attention
* Local and Nonlocal Feature Interaction Network for Pansharpening, A
* Long Focal Lens Camera Calibration Applied for Level-of-Detail Terrain Texture Fusion
* MMM-GCN: Multi-Level Multi-Modal Graph Convolution Network for Video-Based Person Identification
* Modified Level Set Approach for Segmentation of Multiband Polarimetric SAR Images, A
* modified NLDA algorithm, A
* Multi-description of local interest point for partial-duplicate image retrieval
* Multi-task learning using variational auto-encoder for sentiment classification
* Multi-View Auto-Calibration Method Based on Human Pose Estimation
* Narrow-Band Clutter Mitigation in Spectral Polarimetric Weather Radar
* New Data Selection Strategy for One-Shot Video-Based Person Re-Identification, A
* New Method for Generating the SMOPS Blended Satellite Soil Moisture Data Product without Relying on a Model Climatology, A
* Ninth Visual Object Tracking VOT2021 Challenge Results, The
* NOAA Satellite Soil Moisture Operational Product System (SMOPS) Version 3.0 Generates Higher Accuracy Blended Satellite Soil Moisture
* Nonlocaly Multi-Morphological Representation for Image Reconstruction From Compressive Measurements
* Novel Adversarial Based Hyperspectral and Multispectral Image Fusion, A
* Novel Multiresolution-Statistical Texture Analysis Architecture: Radiomics-Aided Diagnosis of PDAC Based on Plain CT Images, A
* Numerical Study of Roughness Scale Effects on Ocean Radar Scattering Using the Second-Order SSA and the Moment Method, A
* Object-Orientated Filter Design in Spectral Domain for Polarimetric Weather Radar
* Optimized projection for Collaborative Representation based Classification and its applications to face recognition
* Parallel Control and Management for High-Speed Maglev Systems
* Patch-to-Pixel Convolutional Neural Network for Small Ship Detection With PolSAR Images, A
* PG-Net: Pixel to Global Matching Network for Visual Tracking
* PlankAssembly: Robust 3D Reconstruction from Three Orthographic Views with Learnt Shape Programs
* Power-Constrained Image Contrast Enhancement Through Sparse Representation by Joint Mixed-Norm Regularization
* ProposalContrast: Unsupervised Pre-training for LiDAR-Based 3D Object Detection
* Pseudo Label Based on Multiple Clustering for Unsupervised Cross-Domain Person Re-Identification
* pseudo-distance measure for 2D shapes based on turning angle, A
* Radar Target and Moving Clutter Separation Based on the Low-Rank Matrix Optimization
* Rapid and large-scale mapping of flood inundation via integrating spaceborne synthetic aperture radar imagery with unsupervised deep learning
* Recent Changes in Drought Events over South Asia and Their Possible Linkages with Climatic and Dynamic Factors
* Reinforcement-Tracking: An Effective Trajectory Tracking and Navigation Method for Autonomous Urban Driving
* Representation Disparity-aware Distillation for 3D Object Detection
* Retrieval Relationship between Lightning and Maximum Proxy Reflectivity Based on Random Forest, The
* Robust geodesic based outlier detection for class imbalance problem
* Robust skin detection in real-world images
* RWSC-Fusion: Region-Wise Style-Controlled Fusion Network for the Prohibited X-ray Security Image Synthesis
* Scale Impact of Soil Moisture Observations to Noah-MP Land Surface Model Simulations
* Segment-Oriented Depiction and Analysis for Hyperspectral Image Data
* Self-Supervised Monocular Depth Estimation by Direction-aware Cumulative Convolution Network
* Semi-supervised 3D Object Detection with Proficient Teachers
* Simple and Accurate TDOA-AOA Localization Method Using Two Stations, A
* Spatial and Temporal Characteristics of Urban Tourism Travel by Taxi: A Case Study of Shenzhen
* Spatial Search Techniques for Mobile 3D Queries in Sensor Web Environments
* Spatial-Spectral Network for Hyperspectral Image Classification: A 3-D CNN and Bi-LSTM Framework
* Spectral clustering steered low-rank representation for subspace segmentation
* Spectral Diversity Enhancement for Pansharpening
* SQI-based illumination normalization for face recognition based on discrete wavelet transform
* STC: FoV Tracking Enabled High-Quality 16K VR Video Streaming on Mobile Platforms
* Stochastic Downsampling for Cost-Adjustable Inference and Improved Regularization in Convolutional Networks
* Study of the Response of Environmental Factors of the Coastal Area in Zhoushan Fishery to Typhoon In-fa Based on Remote Sensing
* Study of Two Impactful Heavy Rainfall Events in the Southern Appalachian Mountains during Early 2020, Part I; Societal Impacts, Synoptic Overview, and Historical Context, A
* Study on the Impact of Offshore Wind Farms on Surrounding Water Environment in the Yangtze Estuary Based on Remote Sensing
* Supervised Hash Coding With Deep Neural Network for Environment Perception of Intelligent Vehicles
* T-DesP: Destination Prediction Based on Big Trajectory Data
* Target Recognition Based on a Novel Riemannian Map
* Task-Adaptive Attention for Image Captioning
* TORD Problem and Its Solution Based on Big Trajectories Data
* Towards Multi-Pose Guided Virtual Try-On Network
* Tracking Mobile Users in Wireless Networks via Semi-Supervised Colocalization
* UAV scheduling and planning method for post-disaster survey, An
* UAV-Aided Weather Radar Calibration
* Unified Object Motion and Affinity Model for Online Multi-Object Tracking, A
* Using the Global Hydrodynamic Model and GRACE Follow-On Data to Access the 2020 Catastrophic Flood in Yangtze River Basin
* Vehicle Trajectory Reconstruction at Signalized Intersections Under Connected and Automated Vehicle Environment
* Wind Direction Retrieval Using Support Vector Machine from CYGNSS Sea Surface Data
Includes: Yin, J. Yin, J.[Jun] Yin, J.[Jinfang] Yin, J.[Jian] Yin, J.[Jifu] Yin, J.[Junbo] Yin, J.[Jihao] Yin, J.[Jiabo] Yin, J.[Jie] Yin, J.[Junru] Yin, J.[Jiangjin] Yin, J.[Juan] Yin, J.[Jiwei] Yin, J.[Jinkuan] Yin, J.[Jianfu] Yin, J.[Jiateng] Yin, J.[Jiadi] Yin, J.[Jin] Yin, J.[Jialun] Yin, J.[Junhong] Yin, J.[Jing] Yin, J.[Jiyao] Yin, J.[Jinyu] Yin, J.[Juyuan]
135 for Yin, J.

Yin, J.B.[Jun Bo] Co Author Listing * IAFA: Instance-Aware Feature Aggregation for 3d Object Detection from a Single Image
* IoU Loss for 2D/3D Object Detection
* On the Contribution of Satellite Altimetry-Derived Water Surface Elevation to Hydrodynamic Model Calibration in the Han River
Includes: Yin, J.B.[Jun Bo] Yin, J.B.[Jun-Bo] Yin, J.B.[Jia-Bo]

Yin, J.C.[Ji Chong] Co Author Listing * AFL-Net: Attentional Feature Learning Network for Building Extraction from Remote Sensing Images
* MSL-Net: An Efficient Network for Building Extraction from Aerial Imagery
* Multiscale and Multitask Deep Learning Framework for Automatic Building Extraction, A
* Progressive Simplification Method for Buildings Based on Structural Subdivision, A
Includes: Yin, J.C.[Ji Chong] Yin, J.C.[Ji-Chong]

Yin, J.F.[Jian Feng] Co Author Listing * New Photo Consistency Test for Voxel Coloring, A
* Source camera model identification based on convolutional neural networks with local binary patterns coding
* Superframe-Based Temporal Proposals for Weakly Supervised Temporal Action Detection
* Tensor Modeling Based For Airborne Lidar Data Classification
Includes: Yin, J.F.[Jian Feng] Yin, J.F.[Jian-Feng] Yin, J.F.

Yin, J.G.[Jian Guo] Co Author Listing * Application of Ground-Based Microwave Radiometer in Retrieving Meteorological Characteristics of Tibet Plateau
Includes: Yin, J.G.[Jian Guo] Yin, J.G.[Jian-Guo]

Yin, J.H.[Jian Hua] Co Author Listing * Audio-Driven Talking Video Frame Restoration
* Comparison of different entropies as features for person authentication based on EEG signals
* Data-free Knowledge Distillation for Fine-grained Visual Categorization
* Distributed Stochastic Model Predictive Control With Taguchi's Robustness for Vehicle Platooning
* Dual-attention Guided Dropblock Module for Weakly Supervised Object Localization
* DualGNN: Dual Graph Neural Network for Multimedia Recommendation
* Efficient Reliability-Based Path Planning of Off-Road Autonomous Ground Vehicles Through the Coupling of Surrogate Modeling and RRT*
* Erosion Associated with Seismically-Induced Landslides in the Middle Longmen Shan Region, Eastern Tibetan Plateau, China
* Few-Shot Learning With Attention-Weighted Graph Convolutional Networks For Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Fine-Grained Person Re-identification
* Fluctuations of disparity space image for stereo matching in untextured regions
* Hyperspectral Image Classification Based on Generative Adversarial Network with Dropblock
* Hyperspectral image classification using wavelet packet analysis and gray prediction model
* MPCCL: Multiview predictive coding with contrastive learning for person re-identification
* Real-Time Memory Updating Strategy for Unsupervised Person Re-Identification, A
* Review of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Low-Altitude Remote Sensing (UAV-LARS) Use in Agricultural Monitoring in China, A
* Self-Supervised Correlation Learning for Cross-Modal Retrieval
* Semantic-Aware Modular Capsule Routing for Visual Question Answering
* Sparse representation over discriminative dictionary for stereo matching
* SVCV: segmentation volume combined with cost volume for stereo matching
* Unsupervised person re-identification via simultaneous clustering and mask prediction
Includes: Yin, J.H.[Jian Hua] Yin, J.H.[Jian-Hua] Yin, J.H.[Jing-Hai] Yin, J.H.[Jun-Hui] Yin, J.H.[Jin-Hui] Yin, J.H.[Ji-Hao] Yin, J.H.[Jia-Hang] Yin, J.H.[Jiang-Hai]
21 for Yin, J.H.

Yin, J.J.[Jun Jie] Co Author Listing * Adverse Weather Removal with Codebook Priors
* Classification of Multi-Frequency Polarimetric SAR Images Based on Multi-Linear Subspace Learning of Tensor Objects
* Electromagnetic Scattering and Emission From Large Rough Surfaces With Multiple Elevations Using the MLSD-SMCG Method
* Exploring Multi-Scale Spatiotemporal Twitter User Mobility Patterns with a Visual-Analytics Approach
* Fine Classification of Rice Paddy Based on RHSI-DT Method Using Multi-Temporal Compact Polarimetric SAR Data
* Framework for Reconstruction of Pseudo Quad Polarimetric Imagery from General Compact Polarimetry
* Land Cover Classification for Polarimetric SAR Images Based on Vision Transformer
* Lightweight Fully Convolutional Neural Network for SAR Automatic Target Recognition, A
* Novel Four-Stage Method for Vegetation Height Estimation with Repeat-Pass PolInSAR Data via Temporal Decorrelation Adaptive Estimation and Distance Transformation, A
* Novel Model-Based Method for Identification of Scattering Mechanisms in Polarimetric SAR Data
* Oil Spill Discrimination by Using General Compact Polarimetric SAR Features
* Oil Tank Detection and Recognition via Monogenic Signal
* PolSAR Image Classification Based on Statistical Distribution and MRF
* Process-Mode-Driving Force of Cropland Expansion in Arid Regions of China Based on the Land Use Remote Sensing Monitoring Data, The
* Review of Forest Height Inversion by PolInSAR: Theory, Advances, and Perspectives, A
* RSFDM-Net: Real-Time Spatial and Frequency Domains Modulation Network for Underwater Image Enhancement
* Scattering Intensity Analysis and Classification of Two Types of Rice Based on Multi-Temporal and Multi-Mode Simulated Compact Polarimetric SAR Data
* Ship Detection for PolSAR Images via Task-Driven Discriminative Dictionary Learning
* Ship Discrimination Method Based on High-Frequency Electromagnetic Theory, A
* SLIC Superpixel Segmentation for Polarimetric SAR Images
* Spatial Search Techniques for Mobile 3D Queries in Sensor Web Environments
Includes: Yin, J.J.[Jun Jie] Yin, J.J.[Jun-Jie] Yin, J.J.[Jun-Jun] Yin, J.J.[Jia-Jun] Yin, J.J.[Jing-Jing]
21 for Yin, J.J.

Yin, J.L.[Ju Liang] Co Author Listing * Adaptive finite-time stabilization of a class of stochastic nonlinear systems
* Adaptive Model Ensemble Adversarial Attack for Boosting Adversarial Transferability, An
* Automatic Itinerary Planning Using Triple-Agent Deep Reinforcement Learning
* Color Transferred Convolutional Neural Networks for Image Dehazing
* Deep Battery Saver: End-to-End Learning for Power Constrained Contrast Enhancement
* Deep Trident Decomposition Network for Single License Plate Image Glare Removal
* Driver Danger-Level Monitoring System Using Multi-Sourced Big Driving Data
* Gaussian-Adaptive Bilateral Filter
* Global Learnable Attention for Single Image Super-Resolution
* Model-Agnostic Adversarial Example Detection Through Logit Distribution Learning
* Single Image Glare Removal Using Deep Convolutional Networks
* Towards Unsupervised Single Image Dehazing With Deep Learning
* Two Exposure Fusion Using Prior-Aware Generative Adversarial Network
Includes: Yin, J.L.[Ju Liang] Yin, J.L.[Ju-Liang] Yin, J.L.[Jia-Li] Yin, J.L.
13 for Yin, J.L.

Yin, J.M.[Jian Min] Co Author Listing * Estimation of Soil Moisture Index Using Multi-Temporal Sentinel-1 Images over Poyang Lake Ungauged Zone
* Interpretable aesthetic features for affective image classification
Includes: Yin, J.M.[Jian Min] Yin, J.M.[Jian-Min] Yin, J.M.[Jia-Ming]

Yin, J.P.[Jian Ping] Co Author Listing * Absent Multiple Kernel Learning Algorithms
* Anomaly detection in crowded scenes by SL-HOF descriptor and foreground classification
* Appearance changes detection during tracking
* Associating Minutiae between Distorted Fingerprints Using Minimal Spanning Tree
* Boosting landmark retrieval baseline with burstiness detection
* Cluster Preserving Embedding
* Coherent Doppler lidar to investigate wind turbulence
* Combining ExtremeNet with Shape Constraints and Re-Discrimination to Detect Cells from CD56 Images
* Complete three-phase detection framework for identifying abnormal cervical cells
* composite fingerprint segmentation based on Log-Gabor filter and orientation reliability, A
* Cytoplasm and nucleus segmentation in cervical smear images using Radiating GVF Snake
* E3 Outlier: a Self-Supervised Framework for Unsupervised Deep Outlier Detection
* Ecological Risk Assessment and Impact Factor Analysis of Alpine Wetland Ecosystem Based on LUCC and Boosted Regression Tree on the Zoige Plateau, China
* efficient radius-incorporated MKL algorithm for Alzheimer's disease prediction, An
* Estimation of Alpine Grassland Forage Nitrogen Coupled with Hyperspectral Characteristics during Different Growth Periods on the Tibetan Plateau
* Fingerprint alignment using special ridges
* Fingerprint Enhancement Using Circular Gabor Filter
* Fingerprint matching based on global alignment of multiple reference minutiae
* Fingerprint Minutiae Relationship Representation And Matching Based On Curve Coordinate System
* Fusion of Multiple Candidate Orientations in Fingerprints
* Hyperparameter selection of one-class support vector machine by self-adaptive data shifting
* Late Fusion Incomplete Multi-View Clustering
* Modeling alpine grassland forage phosphorus based on hyperspectral remote sensing and a multi-factor machine learning algorithm in the east of Tibetan Plateau, China
* Modeling of Alpine Grassland Cover Based on Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Technology and Multi-Factor Methods: A Case Study in the East of Tibetan Plateau, China
* Multiclass boosting SVM using different texture features in HEp-2 cell staining pattern classification
* Multiple Kernel kk-Means with Incomplete Kernels
* new charge structure based on computer modeling and simulation analysis, A
* New RGB-D Gesture Video Dataset for Real-life Scenarios, A
* Potential of hyperspectral data and machine learning algorithms to estimate the forage carbon-nitrogen ratio in an alpine grassland ecosystem of the Tibetan Plateau
* Retrieval and Calculation of Vertical Aerosol Mass Fluxes by a Coherent Doppler Lidar and a Sun Photometer
* Score based biometric template selection
* simple approach for unsupervised domain adaptation, A
* systematic method for fingerprint ridge orientation estimation and image segmentation, A
* Two steps for fingerprint segmentation
* Unsupervised Heterogeneous Coupling Learning for Categorical Representation
* Utilization of a C-band Polarimetric Radar for Severe Rainfall Event Analysis in Complex Terrain over Eastern China
* Walking to singular points of fingerprints
Includes: Yin, J.P.[Jian Ping] Yin, J.P.[Jian-Ping] Yin, J.P.[Jia-Ping] Yin, J.P.[Jian-Peng] Yin, J.P. Yin, J.P.[Jia-Peng]
37 for Yin, J.P.

Yin, J.Q.[Jian Qin] Co Author Listing * Collaborative Multi-Dynamic Pattern Modeling for Human Motion Prediction
* Energy-Based Periodicity Mining With Deep Features for Action Repetition Counting in Unconstrained Videos
* Instance-Incremental Scene Graph Generation From Real-World Point Clouds via Normalizing Flows
* Kinematics modeling network for video-based human pose estimation
* Leveraging the Video-Level Semantic Consistency of Event for Audio-Visual Event Localization
* Motion-towards-each-other-based hand gesture initialization
* new color-based face detection and location by using support vector machine, A
* One-Shot SADI-EPE: A Visual Framework of Event Progress Estimation
* Real-time oriented behavior-driven 3D freehand tracking for direct interaction
* Relation-Based Associative Joint Location for Human Pose Estimation in Videos
* Rich Action-Semantic Consistent Knowledge for Early Action Prediction
* Sign Language Recognition Based on R(2+1)D With Spatial-Temporal-Channel Attention
* Sketch face recognition based on light semantic Transformer network
* Towards More Realistic Human Motion Prediction With Attention to Motion Coordination
* TrajectoryCNN: A New Spatio-Temporal Feature Learning Network for Human Motion Prediction
* Weakly supervised point cloud semantic segmentation with the fusion of heterogeneous network features
Includes: Yin, J.Q.[Jian Qin] Yin, J.Q.[Jian-Qin] Yin, J.Q.[Jian-Qiang]
16 for Yin, J.Q.

Yin, J.S.[Jin Sheng] Co Author Listing * Digital Forensics of Printed Source Identification for Chinese Characters
* Incremental Laplacian eigenmaps by preserving adjacent information between data points
* Noisy manifold learning using neighborhood smoothing embedding
Includes: Yin, J.S.[Jin Sheng] Yin, J.S.[Jin-Sheng] Yin, J.S.[Jun-Song]

Yin, J.T.[Jia Teng] Co Author Listing * Intelligent Train Operation Algorithms for Subway by Expert System and Reinforcement Learning
* Resilience-Oriented Train Rescheduling Optimization in Railway Networks: A Mixed Integer Programming Approach
Includes: Yin, J.T.[Jia Teng] Yin, J.T.[Jia-Teng]

Yin, J.W.[Jing Wei] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Denoising and Detection Approach for Underwater Sonar Image, An
* BiFDANet: Unsupervised Bidirectional Domain Adaptation for Semantic Segmentation of Remote Sensing Images
* Bioinspired Scene Classification by Deep Active Learning With Remote Sensing Applications
* Label Information Guided Graph Construction for Semi-Supervised Learning
* Orthogonal Neighborhood Preserving Embedding for Face Recognition
* Scene Categorization by Deeply Learning Gaze Behavior in a Semisupervised Context
Includes: Yin, J.W.[Jing Wei] Yin, J.W.[Jing-Wei] Yin, J.W.[Jian-Wei] Yin, J.W.[Jing-Wen]

Yin, J.X.[Jia Xin] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Reversible Data Hiding Scheme for JPEG Images, An
* Continual Semantic Segmentation with Automatic Memory Sample Selection
* Effective action recognition with embedded key point shifts
* Going Deeper into Recognizing Actions in Dark Environments: A Comprehensive Benchmark Study
* Hypergraph based semi-supervised symmetric nonnegative matrix factorization for image clustering
* Kernel Modified Quadratic Discriminant Function for Facial Expression Recognition
* Learning Gabor Texture Features for Fine-Grained Recognition
* Multiview Clustering via Hypergraph Induced Semi-Supervised Symmetric Nonnegative Matrix Factorization
* new stroke-based directional feature extraction approach for handwritten Chinese character recognition, A
* Prediction of Soil Properties in a Field in Typical Black Soil Areas Using in situ MIR Spectra and Its Comparison with vis-NIR Spectra
* Survey of Deep Learning for Autonomous Surface Vehicles in Marine Environments
Includes: Yin, J.X.[Jia Xin] Yin, J.X.[Jia-Xin] Yin, J.X.[Jian-Xiong] Yin, J.X.[Jing-Xing] Yin, J.X.[Jun-Xun] Yin, J.X.[Jian-Xin]
11 for Yin, J.X.

Yin, J.Y.[Jing Yuan] Co Author Listing * Energy Management Method of a Hybrid Energy Storage System Combined With the Transportation-Electricity Coupling Characteristics of Ports
* New Algorithm for the Characterization of Thermal Infrared Anomalies in Tectonic Activities, A
* Sea Level Seasonal, Interannual and Decadal Variability in the Tropical Pacific Ocean
* Semantic Segmentation and Analysis on Sensitive Parameters of Forest Fire Smoke Using Smoke-Unet and Landsat-8 Imagery
* Volcanic ash cloud extraction for RS image by combining PCA, ICA and SVM methods
Includes: Yin, J.Y.[Jing Yuan] Yin, J.Y.[Jing-Yuan] Yin, J.Y.[Ji-Yuan] Yin, J.Y.[Ji-Yan] Yin, J.Y.

Yin, J.Z.[Jian Zhong] Co Author Listing * Research on CA Differencing for Remote Sensing Change Detection
Includes: Yin, J.Z.[Jian Zhong] Yin, J.Z.[Jian-Zhong]

Yin, K.[Kun] Co Author Listing * Attention Where It Matters: Rethinking Visual Document Understanding with Selective Region Concentration
* BAE-NET: Branched Autoencoder for Shape Co-Segmentation
* Bregman-Proximal Augmented Lagrangian Approach to Multiphase Image Segmentation
* Characterizing the Development Pattern of a Colluvial Landslide Based on Long-Term Monitoring in the Three Gorges Reservoir
* COALESCE: Component Assembly by Learning to Synthesize Connections
* Cross Modal Multiscale Fusion Net for Real-time RGB-D Detection
* Examining Land Use and Land Cover Spatiotemporal Change and Driving Forces in Beijing from 1978 to 2010
* Feature-Based Approach of Decision Tree Classification to Map Time Series Urban Land Use and Land Cover with Landsat 5 TM and Landsat 8 OLI in a Coastal City, China, A
* GFB-Net: A Global Context-Guided Feature Balance Network for Arbitrary-Oriented SAR Ship Detection
* GITGAN: Generative inter-subject transfer for EEG motor imagery analysis
* Hierarchical Action Classification with Network Pruning
* Landscape Pattern Theoretical Optimization of Urban Green Space Based on Ecosystem Service Supply and Demand
* Landslide Characterization Applying Sentinel-1 Images and InSAR Technique: The Muyubao Landslide in the Three Gorges Reservoir Area, China
* MDESNet: Multitask Difference-Enhanced Siamese Network for Building Change Detection in High-Resolution Remote Sensing Images
* Pedestrian re-identification based on attribute mining and reasoning
* Performance Assessment of Four Data-Driven Machine Learning Models: A Case to Generate Sentinel-2 Albedo at 10 Meters
* Real-Time Transit Signal Priority Control Model Considering Stochastic Bus Arrival Time, A
* Reverse circulation bit fluid field calculation
* Risk evaluation system of navigation security based on coupled wind and wave model: a case of study of Qiongzhou strait
* Route-Based Transit Signal Priority Using Connected Vehicle Technology to Promote Bus Schedule Adherence
* Signal Processing Circuit Design of Nonlinear Magnetization Detection System Used for Magnetic Immune Analysis
* Spatial Downscaling of Land Surface Temperature Based on a Multi-Factor Geographically Weighted Machine Learning Model
* Susceptibility Analysis of Land Subsidence along the Transmission Line in the Salt Lake Area Based on Remote Sensing Interpretation
Includes: Yin, K.[Kun] Yin, K. Yin, K.[Ke] Yin, K.[Kunlong] Yin, K.[Kai] Yin, K.[Kangdi] Yin, K.[Kang] Yin, K.[KangKang] Yin, K.[Kangning] Yin, K.[Kechen]
23 for Yin, K.

Yin, K.L.[Kun Long] Co Author Listing * Integrated Methodology for Potential Landslide Identification in Highly Vegetation-Covered Areas
* Susceptibility Assessment for Landslide Initiated along Power Transmission Lines
Includes: Yin, K.L.[Kun Long] Yin, K.L.[Kun-Long]

Yin, K.X.[Kang Xue] Co Author Listing * 3DStyleNet: Creating 3D Shapes with Geometric and Texture Style Variations
* AUV-Net: Learning Aligned UV Maps for Texture Transfer and Synthesis
* DatasetGAN: Efficient Labeled Data Factory with Minimal Human Effort
* MvDeCor: Multi-view Dense Correspondence Learning for Fine-Grained 3D Segmentation
* Neural Geometric Level of Detail: Real-time Rendering with Implicit 3D Shapes
* NeuralField-LDM: Scene Generation with Hierarchical Latent Diffusion Models
* TexFusion: Synthesizing 3D Textures with Text-Guided Image Diffusion Models
Includes: Yin, K.X.[Kang Xue] Yin, K.X.[Kang-Xue]
7 for Yin, K.X.

Yin, K.Y.[Kui Ying] Co Author Listing * Improvement in Multichannel SAR-GMTI Detection in Heterogeneous Environments, An
Includes: Yin, K.Y.[Kui Ying] Yin, K.Y.[Kui-Ying]

Yin, L. Co Author Listing * 2nd 3D Face Alignment in the Wild Challenge (3DFAW-Video): Dense Reconstruction From Video, The
* Clinical Valid Pain Database with Biomarker and Visual Information for Pain Level Analysis
* CoMask: Corresponding Mask-Based End-to-End Extrinsic Calibration of the Camera and LiDAR
* Combining gaze and demographic feature descriptors for autism classification
* Constructing a 3D Individualized Head Model from Two Orthogonal Views
* Estimating Potential Demand of Bicycle Trips from Mobile Phone Data: An Anchor-Point Based Approach
* Extrinsic Parameters Calibration Method of Cameras with Non-Overlapping Fields of View in Airborne Remote Sensing
* Facial Expression Recognition by De-expression Residue Learning
* Hand gesture recognition using a skeleton-based feature representation with a random regression forest
* Housing Abandonment and Demolition: Exploring the Use of Micro-Level and Multi-Year Models
* Hybrid key: An automatic tool for real-time high quality chroma keying
* Identity-Adaptive Facial Expression Recognition through Expression Regeneration Using Conditional Generative Adversarial Networks
* Image deformation based on contour using moving integral least squares
* Integrative labeling based statistical color models with application to skin detection
* Laryngoscope8: Laryngeal image dataset and classification of laryngeal disease based on attention mechanism
* Linear Max K-min classifier, A
* Making Transportation Systems in U.S. Cities Smarter and More Inclusive: A Synthesis of Challenges and Evaluation of Strategies
* Mapping Urban Impervious Surface by Fusing Optical and SAR Data at the Decision Level
* Multi-Gesture Interaction System Using a 3-D Iris Disk Model for Gaze Estimation and an Active Appearance Model for 3-D Hand Pointing, A
* Multi-Modality Empowered Network for Facial Action Unit Detection
* Multi-Objective Semantic Segmentation Algorithm Based on Improved U-Net Networks, A
* Multimodal Spontaneous Emotion Corpus for Human Behavior Analysis
* NTIRE 2022 Challenge on Stereo Image Super-Resolution: Methods and Results
* Online segmentation of freehand stroke by dynamic programming
* Optimizing Cruising Routes for Taxi Drivers Using a Spatio-Temporal Trajectory Model
* Optimizing Feature Selection of Individual Crop Types for Improved Crop Mapping
* Progressive Pretraining Network for 3D System Matrix Calibration in Magnetic Particle Imaging
* Query by humming via hierarchical filters
* Real-time video chroma keying: a parallel approach based on local texture and global colour distribution
* Recognizing Perceived Emotions from Facial Expressions
* Self-Adaptive Matrix Completion for Heart Rate Estimation from Face Videos under Realistic Conditions
* Set Operation Aided Network for Action Units Detection
* Spatiotemporal Heterogeneity of Coastal Wetland Ecosystem Services in the Yellow River Delta and Their Response to Multiple Drivers
* Steformer: Efficient Stereo Image Super-Resolution With Transformer
* SUES-200: A Multi-Height Multi-Scene Cross-View Image Benchmark Across Drone and Satellite
* Sylph: A Hypernetwork Framework for Incremental Few-shot Object Detection
* Synthesizing Data to Explore the Dynamic Spatial Patterns of Hotel Development
* Temporal Interframe Pattern Analysis for Static and Dynamic Hand Gesture Recognition
* Understanding Spatiotemporal Patterns of Human Convergence and Divergence Using Mobile Phone Location Data
* Understanding the Representativeness of Mobile Phone Location Data in Characterizing Human Mobility Indicators
* Visual Localization of the Tianwen-1 Lander Using Orbital, Descent and Rover Images
* Wind Disturbance Rejection in Position Control of Unmanned Helicopter by Nonlinear Damping
Includes: Yin, L. Yin, L.[Lu] Yin, L.[Ling] Yin, L.[Lei] Yin, L.[Li] Yin, L.[Liang] Yin, L.[Lizeyan] Yin, L.[Lianying] Yin, L.[Liu] Yin, L.[Leikun] Yin, L.[Lin] Yin, L.[Liting]
42 for Yin, L.

Yin, L.C.[Low Chun] Co Author Listing * Application of digit and speech recognition in food delivery robot
* Comparison of SSEBop-Model-Based Evapotranspiration with Eight Evapotranspiration Products in the Yellow River Basin, China, A
Includes: Yin, L.C.[Low Chun] Yin, L.C.[Li-Chang]

Yin, L.G.[Liu Guo] Co Author Listing * Accurate and Efficient Image Super-Resolution via Global-Local Adjusting Dense Network
Includes: Yin, L.G.[Liu Guo] Yin, L.G.[Liu-Guo]

Yin, L.J.[Li Jun] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Yin, L.J.[Li Jun]: lijun AT cs binghamton edu
* 3D Face Recognition Using Two Views Face Modeling and Labeling
* 3D facial behaviour analysis and understanding
* 3D Facial Expression Database For Facial Behavior Research, A
* 3D Facial Expression Recognition Based on Primitive Surface Feature Distribution
* 3D Facial Feature Detection Using Iso-Geodesic Stripes and Shape-Index Based Integral Projection
* 3D Spatio-Temporal face recognition using dynamic range model sequences
* Active View Optimization for Viewing Objects in Motion
* Analyzing Facial Expressions Using Intensity-Variant 3D Data For Human Computer Interaction
* Art Critic: Multisignal Vision and Speech Interaction System in a Gaming Context
* Automatic Facial Pose Determination of 3D Range Data for Face Model and Expression Identification
* Automatic pose estimation of 3D facial models
* Automatic Registration of Vertex Correspondences for 3D Facial Expression Analysis
* Best of Automatic Face and Gesture Recognition 2013
* biometric database with rotating head videos and hand-drawn face sketches, A
* BP4D-Spontaneous: a high-resolution spontaneous 3D dynamic facial expression database
* Children's sensitivity to configural cues in faces undergoing rotational motion
* Color-based mouth shape tracking for synthesizing realistic facial expressions
* Contactless Pulse Estimation Leveraging Pseudo Labels and Self-Supervision
* Design and Experiments of Photon Counting Imaging Test Platform
* Detecting and Tracking Eyes Through Dynamic Terrain Feature Matching
* dynamic curvature based approach for facial activity analysis in 3D space, A
* EAC-Net: A Region-Based Deep Enhancing and Cropping Approach for Facial Action Unit Detection
* EAC-Net: Deep Nets with Enhancing and Cropping for Facial Action Unit Detection
* EEG-Based Multi-Modal Emotion Database with Both Posed and Authentic Facial Actions for Emotion Analysis, An
* Evaluation of 3D Facial Feature Selection for Individual Facial Model Identification
* Evaluation of Multi-frame Fusion Based Face Classification Under Shadow
* Evaluation of Perceptual Biases in Facial Expression Recognition by Humans and Machines
* Evaluation of spatio-temporal regional features For 3D face analysis
* Exploiting Semantic Embedding and Visual Feature for Facial Action Unit Detection
* Eye Tracking and Animation for MPEG-4 Coding
* Face model adaptation with active tracking
* Facial Expression Recognition Based on 3D Dynamic Range Model Sequences
* FERA 2017 - Addressing Head Pose in the Third Facial Expression Recognition and Analysis Challenge
* First 3D Face Alignment in the Wild (3DFAW) Challenge, The
* First Vision For Vitals (V4V) Challenge for Non-Contact Video-Based Physiological Estimation, The
* Generating Realistic Facial Expressions with Wrinkles for Model-Based Coding
* Hand Pointing Estimation for Human Computer Interaction Based on Two Orthogonal-Views
* high-resolution 3D dynamic facial expression database, A
* high-resolution spontaneous 3D dynamic facial expression database, A
* Knowledge-Spreader: Learning Semi-Supervised Facial Action Dynamics by Consistifying Knowledge Granularity
* Landmark localization on 3D/4D range data using a shape index-based statistical shape model with global and local constraints
* Multi-Modal Learning for AU Detection Based on Multi-Head Fused Transformers
* Multi-Scale Primal Feature Based Facial Expression Modeling and Identification
* Multi-scale Topological Features for Hand Posture Representation and Analysis
* Multi-view facial expression recognition
* Multiple feature representations from multi-layer geometric shape for hand gesture analysis
* Multiple-View Face Tracking For Modeling and Analysis Based On Non-Cooperative Video Imagery
* Nebula feature: A space-time feature for posed and spontaneous 4D facial behavior analysis
* Orthogonal gradient measurement matrix optimisation method
* Panorama Image Construction Using Multiple-photos Stitching from Biological Data
* Partial update of active textures for efficient expression synthesis in model-based coding
* Re-net: A Relation Embedded Deep Model for AU Occurrence and Intensity Estimation
* ReactioNet: Learning High-order Facial Behavior from Universal Stimulus-Reaction by Dyadic Relation Reasoning
* Real Time Face Tracking and Animation System, A
* Real-Time Hand Detection and Gesture Tracking with GMM and Model Adaptation
* Recognizing face sketches by a large number of human subjects: A perception-based study for facial distinctiveness
* Recognizing partial facial action units based on 3D dynamic range data for facial expression recognition
* Reshaping 3D facial scans for facial appearance modeling and 3D facial expression analysis
* SAT-Net: Self-Attention and Temporal Fusion for Facial Action Unit Detection
* Scalable Cage-Driven Feature Detection and Shape Correspondence for 3D Point Sets
* Scalable edge enhancement with automatic optimization for digital radiographic images
* Spatio-Temporal Graph Analytics on Secondary Affect Data for Improving Trustworthy Emotional AI
* Spontaneous facial expression analysis based on temperature changes and head motions
* Static and dynamic 3D facial expression recognition: A comprehensive survey
* Static topographic modeling for facial expression recognition and analysis
* study of non-frontal-view facial expressions recognition, A
* Synthesis-based scalable image enhancement for digital radiograph
* Synthesizing realistic facial animations using energy minimization for model-based coding
* Three dimensional binary edge feature representation for pain expression analysis
* Towards race-related face identification: Research on skin color transfer
* Tracking Vertex Flow and Model Adaptation for Three-Dimensional Spatiotemporal Face Analysis
* Using eye gaze, head pose, and facial expression for personalized non-player character interaction
* Viewing direction estimation based on 3D eyeball construction for HRI
* Wavelet-Based Stratified Irradiance Caching for Efficient Indirect Illumination
* Weakly-Supervised Text-driven Contrastive Learning for Facial Behavior Understanding
* Your Attention Deserves Attention: A Self-Diversified Multi-Channel Attention for Facial Action Analysis
Includes: Yin, L.J.[Li Jun] Yin, L.J.[Li-Jun] Yin, L.J.[Li-Ju]
78 for Yin, L.J.

Yin, L.M.[Li Ming] Co Author Listing * Enhanced Gaze Following via Object Detection and Human Pose Estimation
* SPV-SSD: An Anchor-Free 3D Single-Stage Detector with Supervised-Point Rendering and Visibility Representation
Includes: Yin, L.M.[Li Ming] Yin, L.M.[Li-Ming] Yin, L.M.[Ling-Mei]

Yin, L.P.[Li Ping] Co Author Listing * BDC-GAN: Bidirectional Conversion Between Computer-Generated and Natural Facial Images for Anti-Forensics
* CGR-GAN: CG Facial Image Regeneration for Antiforensics Based on Generative Adversarial Network
* Cheating Detection in (k, n) Secret Image Sharing Scheme
* XOR-based visual cryptography scheme with essential shadows
Includes: Yin, L.P.[Li Ping] Yin, L.P.[Li-Ping] Yin, L.P.

Yin, L.R.[Li Rong] Co Author Listing * Knowledge base graph embedding module design for Visual question answering model
* Multi-scale Relation Network for Few-shot Learning Based on Meta-learning
Includes: Yin, L.R.[Li Rong] Yin, L.R.[Li-Rong]

Yin, L.X.[Ling Xiao] Co Author Listing * CASSOD-Net: Cascaded and Separable Structures of Dilated Convolution for Embedded Vision Systems and Applications
Includes: Yin, L.X.[Ling Xiao] Yin, L.X.[Ling-Xiao]

Yin, L.Y.[Lize Yan] Co Author Listing * Construction and Application of a Knowledge Graph
* Review of Data Augmentation Methods of Remote Sensing Image Target Recognition, A
Includes: Yin, L.Y.[Lize Yan] Yin, L.Y.[Lize-Yan]

Yin, L.Z.[Ling Zhi] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Construction of the Virtual Debris Flow Disaster Environments Driven by Multilevel Visualization Task
* Fusion Visualization Method for Disaster Information Based on Self-Explanatory Symbols and Photorealistic Scene Cooperation, A
* Network Characteristics and Vulnerability Analysis of Chinese Railway Network under Earthquake Disasters
* novel visual classification framework on panoramic attention mechanism network, A
* Spatiotemporal Evolution Analysis of the Chinese Railway Network Structure Based on Self-Organizing Maps
* Three-Dimensional Visualization and Optimization Method of Landslide Disaster Scenes Guided by Knowledge, A
* Virtual Geographic Environment for Debris Flow Risk Analysis in Residential Areas, A
* Vulnerability Analysis of Geographical Railway Network under Geological Hazard in China
Includes: Yin, L.Z.[Ling Zhi] Yin, L.Z.[Ling-Zhi]
8 for Yin, L.Z.

Yin, M.[Mengtao] Co Author Listing * Assessing Snow Water Retrievals over Ocean from Coincident Spaceborne Radar Measurements
* automatic measurement method for ankle key angles based on point cloud segmentation network, An
* Blind image deblurring via coupled sparse representation
* Computer Vision Approach for Estimating Lifting Load Contributors to Injury Risk, A
* Cross-Level Multi-Modal Features Learning With Transformer for RGB-D Object Recognition
* Deep Clustering via Weighted k-Subspace Network
* DetexNet: Accurately Diagnosing Frequent and Challenging Pediatric Malignant Tumors
* Drought Events over the Amazon River Basin from 2003 to 2020 Detected by GRACE/GRACE-FO and Swarm Satellites, The
* Dual Graph Regularized Latent Low-Rank Representation for Subspace Clustering
* FSConv: Flexible and separable convolution for convolutional neural networks compression
* Generative Model of Urban Activities from Cellular Data, A
* HODEC: Towards Efficient High-Order DEcomposed Convolutional Neural Networks
* Image super-resolution via 2D tensor regression learning
* Kernel Sparse Subspace Clustering on Symmetric Positive Definite Manifolds
* Laplacian Regularized Low-Rank Representation and Its Applications
* Low-Rank Sparse Preserving Projections for Dimensionality Reduction
* Projected Generative Adversarial Network for Point Cloud Completion
* Restricted Boltzmann machine approach to couple dictionary training for image super-resolution
* Robust face recognition via double low-rank matrix recovery for feature extraction
* SMFF-YOLO: A Scale-Adaptive YOLO Algorithm with Multi-Level Feature Fusion for Object Detection in UAV Scenes
* Subspace clustering via independent subspace analysis network
* Subspace Clustering via Learning an Adaptive Low-Rank Graph
* Subspace clustering via stacked independent subspace analysis networks with sparse prior information
* Towards Efficient Tensor Decomposition-Based DNN Model Compression with Optimization Framework
* Towards Extremely Compact RNNs for Video Recognition with Fully Decomposed Hierarchical Tucker Structure
* View knowledge transfer network for multi-view action recognition
Includes: Yin, M.[Mengtao] Yin, M.[Minghuan] Yin, M.[Ming] Yin, M.[Maoliang] Yin, M. Yin, M.[Maoqiao] Yin, M.[Miao]
26 for Yin, M.

Yin, M.H.[Ming Hao] Co Author Listing * Disentangled Non-local Neural Networks
Includes: Yin, M.H.[Ming Hao] Yin, M.H.[Ming-Hao]

Yin, M.J.[Ming Jun] Co Author Listing * ADC: Adversarial attacks against object Detection that evade Context consistency checks
* Exploiting Multi-Object Relationships for Detecting Adversarial Attacks in Complex Scenes
Includes: Yin, M.J.[Ming Jun] Yin, M.J.[Ming-Jun]

Yin, M.L.[Ming Lei] Co Author Listing * Sparse Feature Representation Learning for Deep Face Gender Transfer
Includes: Yin, M.L.[Ming Lei] Yin, M.L.[Ming-Lei]

Yin, M.M.[Ming Ming] Co Author Listing * L_0-overlapping group sparse total variation for impulse noise image restoration, An
* Multiattention Adaptation Network for Motor Imagery Recognition
Includes: Yin, M.M.[Ming Ming] Yin, M.M.[Ming-Ming] Yin, M.M.[Miao-Miao]

Yin, M.T.[Meng Tao] Co Author Listing * Exploring the Environmental Conditions of Snow Particles Using Spaceborne Triple-Frequency Radar Measurements over Ocean
Includes: Yin, M.T.[Meng Tao] Yin, M.T.[Meng-Tao]

Yin, M.Y.[Ming Yu] Co Author Listing * Cross Attention Based Style Distribution for Controllable Person Image Synthesis
* ID-Unet: Iterative Soft and Hard Deformation for View Synthesis
* Mitigation of Millimeter-Wave Radar Mutual Interference Using Spectrum Sub-Band Analysis and Synthesis
* Novel View Synthesis on Unpaired Data by Conditional Deformable Variational Auto-encoder
Includes: Yin, M.Y.[Ming Yu] Yin, M.Y.[Ming-Yu] Yin, M.Y.[Ming-Ye]

Yin, N.[Na] Co Author Listing * Estimating Forest Aboveground Biomass by Combining ALOS PALSAR and WorldView-2 Data: A Case Study at Purple Mountain National Park, Nanjing, China
* Integrating Image and Textual Information in Human-Robot Interactions for Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder
* Interpretation of Forest Resources at the Individual Tree Level at Purple Mountain, Nanjing City, China, Using WorldView-2 Imagery by Combining GPS, RS and GIS Technologies
* Messages are Never Propagated Alone: Collaborative Hypergraph Neural Network for Time-Series Forecasting
* Multiobjective Optimization for Vehicle Routing Optimization Problem in Low-Carbon Intelligent Transportation
* Personalized Situation Adaptive Human-Vehicles-Interaction (HVI) Prediction in COVID-19 Context
Includes: Yin, N.[Na] Yin, N. Yin, N.[Nan]

Yin, O.S.[Ooi Shih] Co Author Listing * secure digital camera based fingerprint verification system, A

Yin, P.[Peng] Co Author Listing * Adaptive motion vector resolution with implicit signaling
* Adaptive reference filtering for bidirectional disparity compensation with focus mismatches
* American Sign Language Phrase Verification in an Educational Game for Deaf Children
* Asymmetrically boosted HMM for speech reading
* Bilayer Segmentation of Webcam Videos Using Tree-Based Classifiers
* BinaryRelax: A Relaxation Approach for Training Deep Neural Networks with Quantized Weights
* Boosted audio-visual HMM for speech reading
* Boosting-Based Multimodal Speaker Detection for Distributed Meeting Videos
* Characterizing annual dynamics of urban form at the horizontal and vertical dimensions using long-term Landsat time series data
* CMAT: Integrating Convolution Mixer and Self-Attention for Visual Tracking
* Coupled pre-/post-processing filters for predictive video coding
* direction-adaptive in-loop deartifacting filter for video coding, A
* Directional adaptive loop filter for video coding
* Drift compensation for reduced spatial resolution transcoding
* Efficient video text recognition using multiple frame integration
* Fast mode decision and motion estimation for JVT/H.264
* Film Grain Removal Using Metadata
* Geometry-Adaptive Block Partitioning for Intra Prediction in Image and Video Coding
* High Dynamic Range Video Coding Technology in Responses to the Joint Call for Proposals on Video Compression With Capability Beyond HEVC
* Intra prediction using template matching with adaptive illumination compensation
* Joint sparsity-based optimization of a set of orthonormal 2-D separable block transforms
* LPD-Net: 3D Point Cloud Learning for Large-Scale Place Recognition and Environment Analysis
* Modeling and Prediction of User Stability and Comfortability on Autonomous Wheelchairs With 3-D Mapping
* Motion compensation based on implicit block segmentation
* New Coding Tools for Illumination and Focus Mismatch Compensation in Multiview Video Coding
* new rate control scheme for H.264 video coding, A
* PSE-Match: A Viewpoint-Free Place Recognition Method With Parallel Semantic Embedding
* Pyramid Tokens-to-Token Vision Transformer for Thyroid Pathology Image Classification
* Remote Sensing Applications in Monitoring of Protected Areas: A Bibliometric Analysis
* Repositioning Error Compensation in Discontinuous Ground-Based SAR Monitoring
* Selective Data Pruning-Based Compression Using High-Order Edge-Directed Interpolation
* Simplified geometry-adaptive block partitioning for video coding
* Sparsity-based deartifacting filtering in video compression
* Tree-based Classifiers for Bilayer Video Segmentation
* Two Pass H.264-Based Matching Pursuit Video Coder, A
* Unified Video Codec for SDR, HDR, and 360° Video Applications, A
* Video Coding Using a Simplified Block Structure and Advanced Coding Techniques
* Video Transcoding by Reducing Spatial Resolution
* VVC In-Loop Filters
* Water Storage Variations Recovered from Global Navigation Satellite System Network Using Spatial Constraints: A Case Study of the Contiguous United States
Includes: Yin, P.[Peng] Yin, P.[Pei] Yin, P. Yin, P.[Peiyi]
40 for Yin, P.

Yin, P.C.[Peng Cheng] Co Author Listing * 3D Cadastral Data Model Based on Conformal Geometry Algebra
* Calculation for Multidimensional Topological Relations in 3D Cadastre Based on Geometric Algebra
* Small Manhole Cover Detection in Remote Sensing Imagery with Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
* Vertex Concavity-Convexity Detection Method for Three-Dimensional Spatial Objects Based on Geometric Algebra, A
Includes: Yin, P.C.[Peng Cheng] Yin, P.C.[Peng-Cheng]

Yin, P.H.[Peng Hang] Co Author Listing * geometric blind source separation method based on facet component analysis, A
Includes: Yin, P.H.[Peng Hang] Yin, P.H.[Peng-Hang]

Yin, P.Y. Co Author Listing * Algorithms for Straight Line Fitting Using K-Means
* Ant colony search algorithms for optimal polygonal approximation of plane curves
* Content-based image retrieval using association rule mining with soft relevance feedback
* Content-based retrieval from trademark databases
* discrete particle swarm algorithm for optimal polygonal approximation of digital curves, A
* Genetic Algorithms for Polygonal Approximation of Digital Curves
* Improving retrieval performance by long-term relevance information
* Integrating Relevance Feedback Techniques for Image Retrieval Using Reinforcement Learning
* Multi-Modal Continual Test-Time Adaptation for 3D Semantic Segmentation
* new circle/ellipse detector using genetic algorithms, A
* New Method for Polygonal Approximation Using Genetic Algorithms, A
* novel Fourier descriptor based image alignment algorithm for automatic optical inspection, A
* Particle swarm optimization for point pattern matching
* Polygonal Approximation Using Genetic Algorithms
* Reinforcement learning for combining relevance feedback techniques
* SAR Image Fusion Classification Based on the Decision-Level Combination of Multi-Band Information
* Skew detection and block classification of printed documents
Includes: Yin, P.Y. Yin, P.Y.[Peng-Yeng] Yin, P.Y.[Peng-Yu]
17 for Yin, P.Y.

Yin, Q. Co Author Listing * Adaboost-based detection and segmentation of bioresorbable vascular scaffolds struts in IVOCT images
* Aspect-Based Sentiment Analysis with New Target Representation and Dependency Attention
* associate-predict model for face recognition, An
* Better Inversion of Wheat Canopy SPAD Values before Heading Stage Using Spectral and Texture Indices Based on UAV Multispectral Imagery
* Combining Deep Denoiser and Low-rank Priors for Infrared Small Target Detection
* Combining Texture, Color, and Vegetation Index from Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Multispectral Images to Estimate Winter Wheat Leaf Area Index during the Vegetative Growth Stage
* Comparison of Five Spatio-Temporal Satellite Image Fusion Models over Landscapes with Various Spatial Heterogeneity and Temporal Variation
* Deep Self-Supervised Representation Learning for Free-Hand Sketch
* Deepfake detection via inter-frame inconsistency recomposition and enhancement
* Design and implementation of three-phase SVPWM inverter with 16-bit dsPIC
* Destination Assisted Secret Wireless Communication With Cooperative Helpers
* Distance and similarity measures between hesitant fuzzy sets and their application in pattern recognition
* Dual-Channel Convolutional Neural Network for Bare Surface Soil Moisture Inversion Based on Polarimetric Scattering Models
* Estimation of Winter Wheat SPAD Values Based on UAV Multispectral Remote Sensing
* Evaluating the Vulnerability of Siberian Crane Habitats and the Influences of Water Level Intervals in Poyang Lake Wetland, China
* Extensive Facial Landmark Localization with Coarse-to-Fine Convolutional Network Cascade
* Face recognition with learning-based descriptor
* Fast Line Segment Detection and Large Scene Airport Detection for PolSAR
* First Challenge on Moving Object Detection and Tracking in Satellite Videos: Methods and Results, The
* Hybrid Loss Network for Localization of Image Manipulation, A
* Joint Cooperative Beamforming and Jamming to Secure AF Relay Systems With Individual Power Constraint and No Eavesdropper's CSI
* Learning Spatial-Temporal Embeddings for Sequential Point Cloud Frame Interpolation
* Mapping Paddy Rice Planting Area in Northeastern China Using Spatiotemporal Data Fusion and Phenology-Based Method
* Multi-Scale end-to-End Learning for Point Cloud Geometry Compression
* Noise Parameter Estimation Two-Stage Network for Single Infrared Dim Small Target Image Destriping
* PolSAR Image Land Cover Classification Based on Hierarchical Capsule Network
* Random Neighbor Pixel-Block-Based Deep Recurrent Learning for Polarimetric SAR Image Classification
* Real-Time Scene-Aware LiDAR Point Cloud Compression Using Semantic Prior Representation
* Sliding Windows Method Based on Terrain Self-Similarity for Higher DEM Resolution in Flood Simulating Modeling
* Structured Light in Sunlight
* Terrain Self-Similarity-Based Transformer for Generating Super Resolution DEMs
* Understanding Kernel Size in Blind Deconvolution
Includes: Yin, Q. Yin, Q.[Qing] Yin, Q.[Qi] Yin, Q.[Quan] Yin, Q.[Qian] Yin, Q.[Qilin] Yin, Q.[Qinye] Yin, Q.[Qiang]
32 for Yin, Q.

Yin, Q.A.[Qi Ang] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Azimuthal Variations Using Multi-Aperture Polarimetric Entropy with Circular SAR Images
* GPU-Based Soil Parameter Parallel Inversion for PolSAR Data
* Nearest-Regularized Subspace Classification for PolSAR Imagery Using Polarimetric Feature Vector and Spatial Information
* Robust Weighting Nearest Regularized Subspace Classifier for PolSAR Imagery
* Slim and Efficient Neural Network Design for Resource-Constrained SAR Target Recognition
Includes: Yin, Q.A.[Qi Ang] Yin, Q.A.[Qi-Ang]

Yin, Q.B.[Qing Bo] Co Author Listing * Blind Adaptive Structure-Preserving Imaging Enhancement for Low-Light Condition
* Classification for high-dimension low-sample size data
* Population-guided large margin classifier for high-dimension low-sample-size problems
Includes: Yin, Q.B.[Qing Bo] Yin, Q.B.[Qing-Bo]

Yin, Q.H.[Qian Hui] Co Author Listing * Retrieval of Snow Depths on Arctic Sea Ice in the Cold Season from FY-3D/MWRI Data
Includes: Yin, Q.H.[Qian Hui] Yin, Q.H.[Qian-Hui]

Yin, Q.J.[Qun Jie] Co Author Listing * FD-SSD: An improved SSD object detection algorithm based on feature fusion and dilated convolution
Includes: Yin, Q.J.[Qun Jie] Yin, Q.J.[Qun-Jie]

Yin, Q.L.[Qi Lin] Co Author Listing * SmsNet: A New Deep Convolutional Neural Network Model for Adversarial Example Detection
Includes: Yin, Q.L.[Qi Lin] Yin, Q.L.[Qi-Lin]

Yin, Q.Y.[Qin Ye] Co Author Listing * Automatic Bifurcation angle calculation in intravascular optical coherence tomography images
* Consistent and diverse multi-View subspace clustering with structure constraint
* Cross-Modal Subspace Learning via Pairwise Constraints
* Deep Learning for Free-Hand Sketch: A Survey
* Discriminative Representative Selection via Structure Sparsity
* Instance-Level Coupled Subspace Learning for Fine-Grained Sketch-Based Image Retrieval
* L1/2,1 group sparse regularization for compressive sensing
* Multi-view clustering via joint feature selection and partially constrained cluster label learning
* Partially tagged image clustering
* Robust Subspace Clustering With Complex Noise
* Semi-supervised subspace segmentation
* Unified subspace learning for incomplete and unlabeled multi-view data
Includes: Yin, Q.Y.[Qin Ye] Yin, Q.Y.[Qin-Ye] Yin, Q.Y.[Qi-Yue] Yin, Q.Y.[Qing-Yan]
12 for Yin, Q.Y.

Yin, Q.Z.[Qing Ze] Co Author Listing * Multi-View Label Prediction for Unsupervised Learning Person Re-Identification
Includes: Yin, Q.Z.[Qing Ze] Yin, Q.Z.[Qing-Ze]

Yin, R.[Ranyu] Co Author Listing * 30 m Resolution Global Annual Burned Area Mapping Based on Landsat Images and Google Earth Engine
* Aggressive region growing for speckle reduction in ultrasound images
* Block Adjustment With Relaxed Constraints From Reference Images of Coarse Resolution
* Characterizing Light Pollution Trends across Protected Areas in China Using Nighttime Light Remote Sensing Data
* Comparative Study of Marine Ranching Recognition in Multi-Temporal High-Resolution Remote Sensing Images Based on DeepLab-v3+ and U-Net
* Comparison of Random Forest Algorithm-Based Forest Extraction with GF-1 WFV, Landsat 8 and Sentinel-2 Images, A
* Embedding Refinement Framework for Targeted Aspect-Based Sentiment Analysis
* Exploring Lottery Ticket Hypothesis in Spiking Neural Networks
* FusionLane: Multi-Sensor Fusion for Lane Marking Semantic Segmentation Using Deep Neural Networks
* Geometry-guided Feature Learning and Fusion for Indoor Scene Reconstruction
* Hybrid Algorithm with Swin Transformer and Convolution for Cloud Detection, A
* Impacts of FY-4A GIIRS Water Vapor Channels Data Assimilation on the Forecast of 21-7 Extreme Rainstorm in Henan, China with CMA-MESO
* Information Extraction Method for Industrial and Commercial Rooftop Photovoltaics Based on GaoFen-7 Remote Sensing Images, An
* Motion-state Alignment for Video Semantic Segmentation
* Multi-Resolution Generative Adversarial Networks for Tiny-Scale Pedestrian Detection
* Multi-Scale Water Extraction Convolutional Neural Network (MWEN) Method for GaoFen-1 Remote Sensing Images, A
* Perceive, Excavate and Purify: A Novel Object Mining Framework for Instance Segmentation
* Position-dependent defocus processing for acoustic holography images
* Simulation-Based Model for Continuous Network Design Problem Using Bayesian Optimization, A
* Spatial-Temporal Approach and Dataset for Enhancing Cloud Detection in Sentinel-2 Imagery: A Case Study in China
* Survey on Hybrid Human-Artificial Intelligence for Autonomous Driving, A
* Unbiased and Augmentation-Free Self-Supervised Graph Representation Learning
* User-Aware Evaluation for Medium-Resolution Forest-Related Datasets in China: Reliability and Spatial Consistency
Includes: Yin, R.[Ranyu] Yin, R.[Ruming] Yin, R. Yin, R.[Rongdi] Yin, R.[Ruokai] Yin, R.[Ruochen] Yin, R.[Ruihong] Yin, R.[Ruoying] Yin, R.[Ruyang] Yin, R.[Rui] Yin, R.[Rong]
23 for Yin, R.

Yin, R.J.[Ru Jie] Co Author Listing * Cradle Removal in X-Ray Images of Panel Paintings
* Digital cradle removal in X-ray images of art paintings
* Removing Cradle Artifacts in X-Ray Images of Paintings
* Tale of Two Bases: Local-Nonlocal Regularization on Image Patches with Convolution Framelets, A
Includes: Yin, R.J.[Ru Jie] Yin, R.J.[Ru-Jie]

Yin, R.X.[Rui Xiang] Co Author Listing * new fast algorithm for computing prime-Length DCT through cyclic convolutions, A
Includes: Yin, R.X.[Rui Xiang] Yin, R.X.[Rui-Xiang]

Yin, R.Y.[Rui Ying] Co Author Listing * Deep pixel-to-pixel network for underwater image enhancement and restoration
* Denoising Algorithm for the FY-4A GIIRS Based on Principal Component Analysis
* Hierarchical Information Extraction Method for Large-Scale Centralized Photovoltaic Power Plants Based on Multi-Source Remote Sensing Images, A
Includes: Yin, R.Y.[Rui Ying] Yin, R.Y.[Rui-Ying] Yin, R.Y.[Ruo-Ying] Yin, R.Y.[Ran-Yu]

Yin, R.Z.[Rong Zhang] Co Author Listing * mix-pooling CNN architecture with FCRF for brain tumor segmentation, A
Includes: Yin, R.Z.[Rong Zhang] Yin, R.Z.[Rong-Zhang]

Yin, S. Co Author Listing * 135-frames/s 1080p 87.5-mW Binary-Descriptor-Based Image Feature Extraction Accelerator, A
* 460 GOPS/W Improved Mnemonic Descent Method-Based Hardwired Accelerator for Face Alignment, A
* Accurate Matching of Invariant Features Derived from Irregular Curves
* advanced bidirectional reflectance factor (BRF) spectral approach for estimating flavonoid content in leaves of Ginkgo plantations, An
* Adversarial Stacking Ensemble for Facial Landmark Tracking
* Analysis on Process Quality Control Technology of Geographical National Conditions Monitoring
* Application of Quality Management System In the Inspection Of National Major Surveying and Mapping Results, The
* Assessment of Improved Ross-Li BRDF Models Emphasizing Albedo Estimates at Large Solar Angles Using POLDER Data
* Can we detect more ephemeral floods with higher density harmonized Landsat Sentinel 2 data compared to Landsat 8 alone?
* Construction Research and Application of Fundamental Geographic National Condition Monitoring Quality Control System
* Corner Characterization by Statistical Analysis of Gradient-Direction
* Dark Target Algorithm for the GOSAT TANSO-CAI Sensor in Aerosol Optical Depth Retrieval over Land, A
* Detecting Android Malware With Pre-Existing Image Classification Neural Networks
* Development of the Direct-Estimation Albedo Algorithm for Snow-Free Landsat TM Albedo Retrievals Using Field Flux Measurements
* Double Manifolds Regularized Non-negative Matrix Factorization for Data Representation
* Dynamic facial expression recognition with pseudo-label guided multi-modal pre-training
* Effects of Display Mode and Input Method for Handheld Control of Micro Aerial Vehicles for a Reconnaissance Mission
* efficient HEVC multi-rate encoding system based on H265, An
* Efficient multilevel image segmentation through fuzzy entropy maximization and graph cut optimization
* Efficient SAO coding algorithm for x265 encoder
* Evaluation of BRDF Information Retrieved from Time-Series Multiangle Data of the Himawari-8 AHI
* Evaluation of the Snow Albedo Retrieved from the Snow Kernel Improved the Ross-Roujean BRDF Model
* Face Alignment Accelerator Based on Optimized Coarse-to-Fine Shape Searching, A
* Face Alignment With Expression- and Pose-Based Adaptive Initialization
* Facial expression recognition based on convolutional block attention module and multi-feature fusion
* Image Compression and Transmission Through a Low-Rate Ultrasonic Link in Subsea Telerobotic Applications
* Implementation of in-loop filter for HEVC decoder on reconfigurable processor
* Intelligent Actuator Fault Reconstruction Scheme for Robotic Manipulators, An
* Large-Angle Velocity-Free Attitude Tracking Control of Satellites: An Observer-Free Framework
* Modified Aerosol Free Vegetation Index Algorithm for Aerosol Optical Depth Retrieval Using GOSAT TANSO-CAI Data, A
* Modular Action Concept Grounding in Semantic Video Prediction
* Multi-modal 2D + 3D Face Recognition Method with a Novel Local Feature Descriptor, A
* Multi-task face analyses through adversarial learning
* Multi-Task Hardwired Accelerator for Face Detection and Alignment, A
* Non-rigid object tracking with elastic structure of local patches and hierarchical sampling
* Novel Dynamic Model Capturing Spatial and Temporal Patterns for Facial Expression Analysis, A
* novel image-dehazing network with a parallel attention block, A
* NTIRE 2023 Challenge on HR Depth from Images of Specular and Transparent Surfaces
* PIL-EYE: Integrated System for Sustainable Development of Intelligent Visual Surveillance Algorithms
* Potential Investigation of Linking PROSAIL with the Ross-Li BRDF Model for Vegetation Characterization
* Quality Inspection of Satellite Imagery Block Adjustment Without GCP
* Reconfigurable Architecture for Neural Approximation in Multimedia Computing
* Reflectance-Elevation Relationships and Their Seasonal Patterns over Twelve Glaciers in Western China Based on Landsat 8 Data
* Remote Sensing of Aerosols and Water-Leaving Radiance from Chinese FY-3/MERSI Based on a Simultaneous Method
* Research into the Optimal Regulation of the Groundwater Table and Quality in the Southern Plain of Beijing Using Geographic Information Systems Data and Machine Learning Algorithms
* Research on Evaluation Method of Real Estate Registration Data Quality
* Research on the online parameter identification method of train driving dynamic model
* Retrieval of Vertical Foliage Profile and Leaf Area Index Using Transmitted Energy Information Derived from ICESat GLAS Data
* Retrieving Forest Canopy Elements Clumping Index Using ICESat GLAS Lidar Data
* Review of Land Surface Albedo: Variance Characteristics, Climate Effect and Management Strategy
* SDMT: Spatial Dependence Multi-Task Transformer Network for 3D Knee MRI Segmentation and Landmark Localization
* Seasonal Variations in Ion Density, Ion Temperature, and Migrating Tides in the Topside Ionosphere Revealed by ICON/IVM
* Spatio-temporal weighting in local patches for direct estimation of camera motion in video stabilization
* Unsupervised hierarchical image segmentation through fuzzy entropy maximization
* Variation Characteristics of Ecosystem Water Use Efficiency and Its Response to Human Activity and Climate Change in Inner Mongolia
* Vegetation Dynamics and Its Response to Extreme Climate on the Inner Mongolian Plateau during 1982-2020
* Visual tracking of non-rigid objects with partial occlusion through elastic structure of local patches and hierarchical diffusion
Includes: Yin, S. Yin, S.[Shuang] Yin, S.[Shiyun] Yin, S.[Shi] Yin, S.[Siyang] Yin, S.[Simon] Yin, S.[Shuai] Yin, S.[Shuijun] Yin, S.[Shibai] Yin, S.[Shoulin] Yin, S.[Shouyi] Yin, S.[Shen] Yin, S.[Songheng] Yin, S.[Shimin] Yin, S.[Shiyang] Yin, S.[Song] Yin, S.[Shan]
57 for Yin, S.

Yin, S.B.[Shi Bai] Co Author Listing * Image dehazing with uneven illumination prior by dense residual channel attention network
* Multi-step implicit Adams predictor-corrector network for fire detection
Includes: Yin, S.B.[Shi Bai] Yin, S.B.[Shi-Bai]

Yin, S.H.[Shu Hui] Co Author Listing * Dynamics of Spatiotemporal Variation of Groundwater Arsenic Due to Salt-Leaching Irrigation and Saline-Alkali Land
* Sources and Risk Characteristics of Heavy Metals in Plateau Soils Predicted by Geo-Detectors
Includes: Yin, S.H.[Shu Hui] Yin, S.H.[Shu-Hui]

Yin, S.L.[Sheng Lin] Co Author Listing * AGAIN: Adversarial Training with Attribution Span Enlargement and Hybrid Feature Fusion
Includes: Yin, S.L.[Sheng Lin] Yin, S.L.[Sheng-Lin]

Yin, S.M.[Shi Min] Co Author Listing * Enhanced Measurement Model for Subspace-Based Tracking
* Extracting the Urban Landscape Features of the Historic District from Street View Images Based on Deep Learning: A Case Study in the Beijing Core Area
* Hierarchical Kalman-particle filter with adaptation to motion changes for object tracking
Includes: Yin, S.M.[Shi Min] Yin, S.M.[Shi-Min] Yin, S.M.[Si-Ming]

Yin, S.N.[Sheng Nan] Co Author Listing * Estimating Carbon, Nitrogen, and Phosphorus Contents of West-East Grassland Transect in Inner Mongolia Based on Sentinel-2 and Meteorological Data
* Grassland Chlorophyll Content Estimation from Drone Hyperspectral Images Combined with Fractional-Order Derivative
Includes: Yin, S.N.[Sheng Nan] Yin, S.N.[Sheng-Nan]

Yin, S.Q.[Si Qi] Co Author Listing * Structure-Aware Framework of Unsupervised Cross-Modality Domain Adaptation via Frequency and Spatial Knowledge Distillation, A
Includes: Yin, S.Q.[Si Qi] Yin, S.Q.[Si-Qi]

Yin, S.S.[Shan Shan] Co Author Listing * Flood Runoff Simulation under Changing Environment, Based on Multiple Satellite Data in the Jinghe River Basin of the Loess Plateau, China
Includes: Yin, S.S.[Shan Shan] Yin, S.S.[Shan-Shan]

Yin, S.W.[Shuo Wen] Co Author Listing * Synergetic Classification of Coastal Wetlands over the Yellow River Delta with GF-3 Full-Polarization SAR and Zhuhai-1 OHS Hyperspectral Remote Sensing
Includes: Yin, S.W.[Shuo Wen] Yin, S.W.[Shuo-Wen]

Yin, S.Y.[Si Yang] Co Author Listing * Assessment of the Hotspot Effect for the PROSAIL Model With POLDER Hotspot Observations Based on the Hotspot-Enhanced Kernel-Driven BRDF Model
* Deep Learning Based Binocular Detection and Localization Method for Roses
* Design and Implementation of ROS-based 5G Operation and Maintenance Center Inspection Robot Navigation System
* Energy-Efficient Coarse-Grained Reconfigurable Processing Unit for Multiple-Standard Video Decoding, An
* Estimating Forest Canopy Height Using MODIS BRDF Data Emphasizing Typical-Angle Reflectances
* Estimating the Horizontal and Vertical Distributions of Pigments in Canopies of Ginkgo Plantation Based on UAV-Borne LiDAR, Hyperspectral Data by Coupling PROSAIL Model
* Evaluation of the Consistency of the Vegetation Clumping Index Retrieved from Updated MODIS BRDF Data
* FAST Extreme Illumination Robust Feature in Affine Space, A
* Implementation of Texture-Based Video Up-Scaling on Coarse-Grained Reconfigurable Architecture, The
* Influence of Snow on the Magnitude and Seasonal Variation of the Clumping Index Retrieved from MODIS BRDF Products
* Intelligent Flower Detection System Based on YOLOv5s
* Multi-criteria search algorithm: An efficient approximate k-NN algorithm for image retrieval
* NTSDCN: New Three-Stage Deep Convolutional Image Demosaicking Network
* Retrieval of Leaf Area Index by Linking the PROSAIL and Ross-Li BRDF Models Using MODIS BRDF Data
* Seasonal Effect of the Vegetation Clumping Index on Gross Primary Productivity Estimated by a Two-Leaf Light Use Efficiency Model
Includes: Yin, S.Y.[Si Yang] Yin, S.Y.[Si-Yang] Yin, S.Y.[Shu-Yuan] Yin, S.Y.[Shou-Yi] Yin, S.Y.[Shi-Yun] Yin, S.Y.[Shao-Yi] Yin, S.Y.[Shi-Ying]
15 for Yin, S.Y.

Yin, S.Z.[Shan Zhi] Co Author Listing * Exploring Structural Sparsity in Neural Image Compression
Includes: Yin, S.Z.[Shan Zhi] Yin, S.Z.[Shan-Zhi]

Yin, T. Co Author Listing * Characterizing Passenger Flow for a Transportation Hub Based on Mobile Phone Data
* Detecting image seam carving with low scaling ratio using multi-scale spatial and spectral entropies
* Developing an On-Road Obstacle Detection System Using Monovision
* Estimating Individual Tree Above-Ground Biomass of Chinese Fir Plantation: Exploring the Combination of Multi-Dimensional Features from UAV Oblique Photos
* Event-Based Secure Leader-Following Consensus Control for Multiagent Systems With Multiple Cyber Attacks
* Identifying Potential Landslides in Steep Mountainous Areas Based on Improved Seasonal Interferometry Stacking-InSAR
* Identifying Potential Landslides on Giant Niexia Slope (China) Based on Integrated Multi-Remote Sensing Technologies
* Improving Backpropagation Learning Under Limited Precision
* L1-Norm Distance Linear Discriminant Analysis Based on an Effective Iterative Algorithm
* lightweight method for face expression recognition based on improved MobileNetV3, A
* Modeling and Forecasting Ionospheric foF2 Variation in the Low Latitude Region during Low and High Solar Activity Years
* New Type of 5G-Oriented Integrated BDS/SON High-Precision Positioning, A
* What Indicative Information of a Subsurface Wetted Body Can Be Detected by a Ground-Penetrating Radar (GPR)? A Laboratory Study and Numerical Simulation
Includes: Yin, T. Yin, T.[Ting] Yin, T.[Tian] Yin, T.[Tao]
13 for Yin, T.

Yin, T.G.[Tian Gang] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Absorbed and Intercepted Fractions of PAR for Individual Trees Based on Radiative Transfer Model Simulations
* Discrete Anisotropic Radiative Transfer (DART 5) for Modeling Airborne and Satellite Spectroradiometer and LIDAR Acquisitions of Natural and Urban Landscapes
* Extracting Soil Water Holding Capacity Parameters of a Distributed Agro-Hydrological Model from High Resolution Optical Satellite Observations Series
* Globally quantitative analysis of the impact of atmosphere and spectral response function on 2-band enhanced vegetation index (EVI2) over Sentinel-2 and Landsat-8
* Hybrid Scene Structuring for Accelerating 3D Radiative Transfer Simulations
* Improving Crop Mapping by Using Bidirectional Reflectance Distribution Function (BRDF) Signatures with Google Earth Engine
* Modeling Discrete Forest Anisotropic Reflectance Over a Sloped Surface With an Extended GOMS and SAIL Model
* Modeling Mean Radiant Temperature Distribution in Urban Landscapes Using DART
* Modeling Small-Footprint Airborne Lidar-Derived Estimates of Gap Probability and Leaf Area Index
Includes: Yin, T.G.[Tian Gang] Yin, T.G.[Tian-Gang]
9 for Yin, T.G.

Yin, T.K.[Tang Kai] Co Author Listing * computer-aided diagnosis for locating abnormalities in bone scintigraphy by a fuzzy system with a three-step minimization approach, A
* Development of an embedded road boundary detection system based on deep learning
* MoNuSAC2020: A Multi-Organ Nuclei Segmentation and Classification Challenge
* Multi-objective Visual Odometry
Includes: Yin, T.K.[Tang Kai] Yin, T.K.[Tang-Kai]

Yin, T.L.[Tai Lang] Co Author Listing * Automatic segmentation of left and right ventricles in cardiac MRI using 3D-ASM and deep learning
Includes: Yin, T.L.[Tai Lang] Yin, T.L.[Tai-Lang]

Yin, T.M.[Tong Ming] Co Author Listing * Enhanced multi-weight vector projection support vector machine
Includes: Yin, T.M.[Tong Ming] Yin, T.M.[Tong-Ming]

Yin, T.W.[Tian Wei] Co Author Listing * Center-based 3D Object Detection and Tracking
* Global Tracking Transformers
Includes: Yin, T.W.[Tian Wei] Yin, T.W.[Tian-Wei]

Yin, T.Z.[Tian Zhixi] Co Author Listing * Deep Learning for Automated Detection and Identification of Migrating American Eel Anguilla rostrata from Imaging Sonar Data
Includes: Yin, T.Z.[Tian Zhixi] Yin, T.Z.[Tian-Zhixi]

Yin, W. Co Author Listing * Applications of Omnidirectional Imaging: Multi-body Tracking and Remote Reality
* Block Coordinate Descent Method for Regularized Multiconvex Optimization with Applications to Nonnegative Tensor Factorization and Completion, A
* Collaborative Projection and Reconstruction Using Intrinsic Structure of Compressive Light Field Sensing
* Controllable Shadow Generation Using Pixel Height Maps
* Enforcing Geometric Constraints of Virtual Normal for Depth Prediction
* ERNIE-ViLG 2.0: Improving Text-to-Image Diffusion Model with Knowledge-Enhanced Mixture-of-Denoising-Experts
* Event-Based Semantic Image Adaptation for User-Centric Mobile Display Devices
* Fast and Accurate Basis Pursuit Denoising Algorithm With Application to Super-Resolving Tomographic SAR, A
* First- and Second-Order Methods for Online Convolutional Dictionary Learning
* Frame-Rate Multi-Body Tracking for Surveillance
* Frame-Rate Omnidirectional Surveillance and Tracking of Camouflaged and Occluded Targets
* Frequency Tracker for Unsupervised Heart Rate Estimation
* FrozenRecon: Pose-free 3D Scene Reconstruction with Frozen Depth Models
* Generic Perceptual Loss for Modeling Structured Output Dependencies
* Improvement of signal-to-noise ratio and image stability in magnetic inductance tomography by exploiting transient response analysis
* Learning to Fuse Monocular and Multi-view Cues for Multi-frame Depth Estimation in Dynamic Scenes
* Learning to Recover 3D Scene Shape from a Single Image
* Metric3D: Towards Zero-shot Metric 3D Prediction from A Single Image
* New Detail-Preserving Regularization Scheme, A
* Online convolutional dictionary learning
* PointInst3D: Segmenting 3D Instances by Points
* Pseudo-LiDAR-Based Road Detection
* Retrieval Augmented Classification for Long-Tail Visual Recognition
* RLSCNet: A Residual Line-Shaped Convolutional Network for Vanishing Point Detection
* Robust Geometry-Preserving Depth Estimation Using Differentiable Rendering
* Robust linear unmixing with enhanced sparsity
* SC-DepthV3: Robust Self-Supervised Monocular Depth Estimation for Dynamic Scenes
* Second Monocular Depth Estimation Challenge, The
* Stationary target detection using the ObjectVideo surveillance system
* Towards Accurate Reconstruction of 3D Scene Shape From A Single Monocular Image
* Virtual Normal: Enforcing Geometric Constraints for Accurate and Robust Depth Prediction
Includes: Yin, W. Yin, W.[Wei] Yin, W.[Weichong] Yin, W.[Wenshuai] Yin, W.[Wang]
31 for Yin, W.

Yin, W.B.[Wen Bin] Co Author Listing * China Coastal Front from Himawari-8 AHI SST Data: Part 1: East China Sea, The
* Co-Prediction-Based Compression Scheme for Correlated Images, A
* Evaluation of SST Data Products from Multi-Source Satellite Infrared Sensors in the Bohai-Yellow-East China Sea
* Improved Cloud Masking Method for GOCI Data over Turbid Coastal Waters, An
* Low-rank approximation based LineCast for video broadcasting
* Ocean Surface Current in the East China Sea Computed by the Geostationary Ocean Color Imager Satellite, The
* Perceptually learning multi-view sparse representation for scene categorization
* Surface Upwelling off the Zhoushan Islands, East China Sea, from Himawari-8 AHI Data
Includes: Yin, W.B.[Wen Bin] Yin, W.B.[Wen-Bin] Yin, W.B.[Wei-Bin]
8 for Yin, W.B.

Yin, W.C.[Wei Chong] Co Author Listing * Novel Multi-view Object Class Detection Framework for Document Image Content Analysis, A
Includes: Yin, W.C.[Wei Chong] Yin, W.C.[Wei-Chong]

Yin, W.D.[Wei Dong] Co Author Listing * Contrastive Vision-Language Pre-training with Limited Resources
* Image Generation From Layout
* Layout2image: Image Generation from Layout
* Person-in-Context Synthesis with Compositional Structural Space
Includes: Yin, W.D.[Wei Dong] Yin, W.D.[Wei-Dong]

Yin, W.G.[Wan Guang] Co Author Listing * Discriminative subspace learning via optimization on Riemannian manifold
Includes: Yin, W.G.[Wan Guang] Yin, W.G.[Wan-Guang]

Yin, W.H.[Wei Hong] Co Author Listing * Embedded smart sensor for outdoor parking lot lighting control
* Fast Crowd Density Estimation in Surveillance Videos without Training
* Physical Panoramic Pyramid and Noise Sensitivity in Pyramids
* Video Surveillance using a Multi-Camera Tracking and Fusion System
Includes: Yin, W.H.[Wei Hong] Yin, W.H.[Wei-Hong]

Yin, W.J.[Wen Jie] Co Author Listing * Current Progress and Challenges in Large-Scale 3D Mitochondria Instance Segmentation
* Dance Style Transfer with Cross-modal Transformer
* Improved the Characterization of Flood Monitoring Based on Reconstructed Daily GRACE Solutions over the Haihe River Basin
* Improved Understanding of Groundwater Storage Changes under the Influence of River Basin Governance in Northwestern China Using GRACE Data
* Improving image clustering: An unsupervised feature weight learning framework
* Improving the Accuracy of Groundwater Storage Estimates Based on Groundwater Weighted Fusion Model
* Improving the Accuracy of Water Storage Anomaly Trends Based on a New Statistical Correction Hydrological Model Weighting Method
* Improving the Inversion Accuracy of Terrestrial Water Storage Anomaly by Combining GNSS and LSTM Algorithm and Its Application in Mainland China
* Improving the Spatial Resolution of GRACE-Derived Terrestrial Water Storage Changes in Small Areas Using the Machine Learning Spatial Downscaling Method
* Integrating GRACE/GRACE Follow-On and Wells Data to Detect Groundwater Storage Recovery at a Small-Scale in Beijing Using Deep Learning
* Inverted Algorithm of Groundwater Storage Anomalies by Combining the GNSS, GRACE/GRACE-FO, and GLDAS: A Case Study in the North China Plain
* Inverted Algorithm of Terrestrial Water-Storage Anomalies Based on Machine Learning Combined with Load Model and Its Application in Southwest China
* Lightning Detection and Imaging Based on VHF Radar Interferometry
* Locality-Aware Transformer for Video-Based Sign Language Translation
* Off-Line Signature Verification Using Graphical Model
* Providing Enhanced Insights into Groundwater Exchange Patterns through Downscaled GRACE Data
* Spatial-Temporal Enhanced Network for Continuous Sign Language Recognition
* Spatiotemporal Characteristics of Drought and Driving Factors Based on the GRACE-Derived Total Storage Deficit Index: A Case Study in Southwest China
* VHF Circularly Polarized Turnstile Antenna with Balun for Meteor Radar, A
Includes: Yin, W.J.[Wen Jie] Yin, W.J.[Wen-Jie] Yin, W.J.[Wen-Jun]
19 for Yin, W.J.

Yin, W.L.[Wu Liang] Co Author Listing * 3D Finite Element Modeling for Eddy Current Measurement Using Probe-Coil
Includes: Yin, W.L.[Wu Liang] Yin, W.L.[Wu-Liang]

Yin, W.M.[Wei Ming] Co Author Listing * Quick Algorithm for Filtering Noise from Laser Terrain Image, A
Includes: Yin, W.M.[Wei Ming] Yin, W.M.[Wei-Ming]

Yin, W.P.[Wen Ping] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Identification Method for Potential Landslide Hazards Based on Multisource Data, An
* Feature Scalar Field Grid-Guided Optical-Flow Image Matching for Multi-View Images of Asteroid
* Neural Attentive Network for Cross-Domain Aspect-Level Sentiment Classification
Includes: Yin, W.P.[Wen Ping] Yin, W.P.[Wen-Ping] Yin, W.P.[Wen-Peng]

Yin, W.Q.[Wan Qi] Co Author Listing * DNA-Rendering: A Diverse Neural Actor Repository for High-Fidelity Human-centric Rendering
Includes: Yin, W.Q.[Wan Qi] Yin, W.Q.[Wan-Qi]

Yin, W.T.[Wo Tao] Co Author Listing * Analysis and Generalizations of the Linearized Bregman Method
* Augmented L_1 and Nuclear-Norm Models with a Globally Linearly Convergent Algorithm
* comparison of three total variation based texture extraction models, A
* Curvilinear Search Method For P-Harmonic Flows On Spheres, A
* DecentLaM: Decentralized Momentum SGD for Large-batch Deep Training
* Denoising Prior Driven Deep Neural Network for Image Restoration
* Edge Guided Reconstruction for Compressive Imaging
* efficient algorithm for compressed MR imaging using total variation and wavelets, An
* Fast Algorithm For Edge-Preserving Variational Multichannel Image Restoration, A
* Fast Algorithms for Image Reconstruction with Application to Partially Parallel MR Imaging
* Illumination Normalization for Face Recognition and Uneven Background Correction Using Total Variation Based Image Models
* Image-based face illumination transferring using logarithmic total variation models
* New Alternating Minimization Algorithm For Total Variation Image Reconstruction, A
* New Coarse-to-Fine Framework for 3D Brain MR Image Registration, A
* Sparse Signal Reconstruction Via Iterative Support Detection
* Total Variation Models for Variable Lighting Face Recognition
Includes: Yin, W.T.[Wo Tao] Yin, W.T.[Wo-Tao]
16 for Yin, W.T.

Yin, W.W.[Wen Wu] Co Author Listing * OSCAR: a framework to integrate spatial computing ability and data aggregation for emergency management of public health
Includes: Yin, W.W.[Wen Wu] Yin, W.W.[Wen-Wu]

Yin, W.X.[Wen Xin] Co Author Listing * Combining UAV-Based Vegetation Indices and Image Classification to Estimate Flower Number in Oilseed Rape
* Joint Video Packet Assignment, Power Control and User Scheduling Over Cognitive Multi-Homing Heterogeneous NOMA Networks
* PCAN: Part-Based Context Attention Network for Thermal Power Plant Detection in Remote Sensing Imagery
* Resource Management of Video Traffic Over Heterogeneous NOMA Networks
Includes: Yin, W.X.[Wen Xin] Yin, W.X.[Wen-Xin] Yin, W.X.[Wei-Xin]

Yin, W.Y.[Wen Yuan] Co Author Listing * Assessing photo quality with geo-context and crowdsourced photos
* Socialized Mobile Photography: Learning to Photograph With Social Context via Mobile Devices
Includes: Yin, W.Y.[Wen Yuan] Yin, W.Y.[Wen-Yuan]

Yin, X.[Xiang] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Unscented Kalman Filter for Target Tracking in the Presence of Nonlinear Systems Involving Model Mismatches
* Blurring-Effect-Free CNN for Optimization of Structural Edges in Focus Stacking
* Brain Surface Conformal Parameterization With the Ricci Flow
* Broadband Seismic Inversion for Low-Frequency Component of the Model Parameter
* Contour-Aware Equipotential Learning for Semantic Segmentation
* Deep Multigrained Cascade Forest for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Disentangled Representation Learning GAN for Pose-Invariant Face Recognition
* Domain Progressive 3D Residual Convolution Network to Improve Low-Dose CT Imaging
* Efficient and Scalable Framework for Processing Remotely Sensed Big Data in Cloud Computing Environments, An
* Efficient Deep Models for Real-Time 4K Image Super-Resolution. NTIRE 2023 Benchmark and Report
* Efficient Deep Models for Real-Time 4K Image Super-Resolution. NTIRE 2023 Benchmark and Report
* Fan: Feature Adaptation Network for Surveillance Face Recognition and Normalization
* Feature Transfer Learning for Face Recognition With Under-Represented Data
* Fine-Grained Chinese Named Entity Recognition Based on RoBERTa-WWM-BiLSTM-CRF Model
* First Visual Object Tracking Segmentation VOTS2023 Challenge Results, The
* Gait Recognition via Disentangled Representation Learning
* HAM: Hidden Anchor Mechanism for Scene Text Detection
* Illuminating Pedestrians via Simultaneous Detection and Segmentation
* img2pose: Face Alignment and Detection via 6DoF, Face Pose Estimation
* Improved Medium Baseline RTK Positioning Performance Based on BDS/Galileo/GPS Triple-Frequency-Only Observations
* Integrated Node Infrastructure for Future Smart City Sensing and Response
* Invariance encoding in sliced-Wasserstein space for image classification with limited training data
* Joint Multi-Leaf Segmentation, Alignment, and Tracking for Fluorescence Plant Videos
* Leaf segmentation in plant phenotyping: a collation study
* Learning Energy-Based Models with Adversarial Training
* Local matting based on sample-pair propagation and iterative refinement
* Long Video Generation with Time-Agnostic VQGAN and Time-Sensitive Transformer
* Low-Rank Sparse Preserving Projections for Dimensionality Reduction
* MaLP: Manipulation Localization Using a Proactive Scheme
* Measurement of Reflection Properties in Ancient Japanese Drawing Ukiyo-e
* MIPI 2023 Challenge on RGBW Fusion: Methods and Results
* MIPI 2023 Challenge on RGBW Remosaic: Methods and Results
* MUGEN: A Playground for Video-Audio-Text Multimodal Understanding and GENeration
* Multi-leaf alignment from fluorescence plant images
* Multi-leaf tracking from fluorescence plant videos
* Multi-modality imagery database for plant phenotyping
* Multi-Orientation Scene Text Detection with Adaptive Clustering
* Multi-Task Convolutional Neural Network for Pose-Invariant Face Recognition
* Multiplexed Network for End-to-End, Multilingual OCR, A
* New Microscopic Traffic Model Using a Spring-Mass-Damper-Clutch System, A
* NTIRE 2023 Challenge on Efficient Super-Resolution: Methods and Results
* NTIRE 2023 HR NonHomogeneous Dehazing Challenge Report
* Optimized Choice of UCPML to Truncate Lattices With Rotated Staggered Grid Scheme for Ground Penetrating Radar Simulation, An
* OSCAR: Object-Semantics Aligned Pre-Training for Vision-Language Tasks
* Proactive Image Manipulation Detection
* Real-Time Simulation and Rendering of 3D Smoke on GPU Programme
* Representation Learning by Rotating Your Faces
* Reverse Engineering of Generative Models: Inferring Model Hyperparameters From Generated Images
* Risk-averse perimeter control for alleviating the congestion of an urban traffic network system with uncertainties
* Scale Recovery for Monocular Visual Odometry Using Depth Estimated with Deep Convolutional Neural Fields
* Simultaneous End-to-End Vehicle and License Plate Detection With Multi-Branch Attention Neural Network
* SpaText: Spatio-Textual Representation for Controllable Image Generation
* TAP: Text-Aware Pre-training for Text-VQA and Text-Caption
* Towards Large-Pose Face Frontalization in the Wild
* Training Drift Counteraction Optimal Control Policies Using Reinforcement Learning: An Adaptive Cruise Control Example
* Trustworthy Announcement Dissemination Scheme With Blockchain-Assisted Vehicular Cloud
* Virtual Try-On with Pose-Garment Keypoints Guided Inpainting
* Visual-Manual Distraction Detection Using Driving Performance Indicators With Naturalistic Driving Data
* Which Gridded Population Data Product Is Better? Evidences from Mainland Southeast Asia (MSEA)
Includes: Yin, X.[Xiang] Yin, X. Yin, X.[Xu] Yin, X.[Xi] Yin, X.[Xuanwu] Yin, X.[Xunwei] Yin, X.[Xiao] Yin, X.[Xing] Yin, X.[Xuwang] Yin, X.[Xin] Yin, X.[Xuemeng] Yin, X.[Xue] Yin, X.[Xinchun]
59 for Yin, X.

Yin, X.B.[Xie Bing] Co Author Listing * Accuracy Assessment of High-Resolution Globally Available Open-Source DEMs Using ICESat/GLAS over Mountainous Areas, A Case Study in Yunnan Province, China
* Detection of Citrus Huanglongbing Based on Multi-Input Neural Network Model of UAV Hyperspectral Remote Sensing
* Dual Pseudo-Labels Interactive Self-Training for Semi-Supervised Visible-Infrared Person Re-Identification
* Hurricane Wind Speed Estimation Using WindSat 6 and 10 GHz Brightness Temperatures
* Quantitative Measurement of Radio Frequency Interference for SMOS Mission
* Recognition of Severe Convective Cloud Based on the Cloud Image Prediction Sequence from FY-4A
* Results of the Dragon 4 Project on New Ocean Remote Sensing Data for Operational Applications
* Sea Surface Chlorophyll-a Concentration Retrieval from HY-1C Satellite Data Based on Residual Network
Includes: Yin, X.B.[Xie Bing] Yin, X.B.[Xie-Bing] Yin, X.B.[Xian-Bo] Yin, X.B.[Xiang-Bo] Yin, X.B.[Xiao-Bin] Yin, X.B.[Xia-Bin]
8 for Yin, X.B.

Yin, X.C.[Xu Cheng] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Boundary Proposal Network for Arbitrary Shape Text Detection
* Arbitrary Shape Text Detection via Boundary Transformer
* Arbitrary Shape Text Detection via Segmentation with Probability Maps
* Beyond OCR + VQA: Towards end-to-end reading and reasoning for robust and accurate textvqa
* DANet: Dynamic Attention to Spoof Patterns for Face Anti-Spoofing
* Deep Relational Reasoning Graph Network for Arbitrary Shape Text Detection
* Depth-Guided Progressive Network for Object Detection
* Detecting Text in Scene and Traffic Guide Panels With Attention Anchor Mechanism
* Diversity-Based Ensemble with Sample Weight Learning
* Effective text localization in natural scene images with MSER, geometry-based grouping and AdaBoost
* Fast alignment for sparse representation based face recognition
* Feature combination using boosting
* Feature Enhancement and Reconstruction for Small Object Detection
* Financial document image coding with regions of interest using JPEG2000
* Geometry-Constrained Scale Estimation for Monocular Visual Odometry
* Global Context-Based Network with Transformer for Image2latex
* HFENet: Hybrid Feature Enhancement Network for Detecting Texts in Scenes and Traffic Panels
* Hypersphere guided embedding for masked face recognition
* In the eye of the beholder: A survey of gaze tracking techniques
* Inverse-Like Antagonistic Scene Text Spotting via Reading-Order Estimation and Dynamic Sampling
* Learning Correction Filter via Degradation-Adaptive Regression for Blind Single Image Super-Resolution
* LiteHandNet: A Lightweight Hand Pose Estimation Network via Structural Feature Enhancement
* M3TTS: Multi-modal text-to-speech of multi-scale style control for dubbing
* Multi-orientation scene text detection with multi-information fusion
* Multi-Stage Strategy to Perspective Rectification for Mobile Phone Camera-Based Document Images, A
* Multi-strategy tracking based text detection in scene videos
* Mutual-Supervised Feature Modulation Network for Occluded Pedestrian Detection
* Occluded Pedestrian Detection via Distribution-Based Mutual-Supervised Feature Learning
* Open-Set Text Recognition via Character-Context Decoupling
* Rejection Strategies with Multiple Classifiers for Handwritten Character Recognition
* Robust Text Detection in Natural Scene Images
* Robust Vanishing Point Detection for MobileCam-Based Documents
* RUArt: A Novel Text-Centered Solution for Text-Based Visual Question Answering
* Self-Adaptive Aspect Ratio Anchor for Oriented Object Detection in Remote Sensing Images
* Self-supervised contrastive speaker verification with nearest neighbor positive instances
* Semantic Bilinear Pooling for Fine-Grained Recognition
* Semi-Supervised Fine-Grained Classification with Web Data via Noisy Sample Selection
* Shallow Classification or Deep Learning: An Experimental Study
* Sorting-Based Dynamic Classifier Ensemble Selection
* Text Detection, Tracking and Recognition in Video: A Comprehensive Survey
* Towards open-set text recognition via label-to-prototype learning
* Tracking Based Multi-Orientation Scene Text Detection: A Unified Framework With Dynamic Programming
* two-stage handwritten character segmentation approach in mail address recognition, A
* Unified Framework for Tracking Based Text Detection and Recognition from Web Videos, A
* VLPD: Context-Aware Pedestrian Detection via Vision-Language Semantic Self-Supervision
Includes: Yin, X.C.[Xu Cheng] Yin, X.C.[Xu-Cheng] Yin, X.C.[Xiao-Chuan] Yin, X.C.
45 for Yin, X.C.

Yin, X.F.[Xue Fei] Co Author Listing * 3D Fingerprint Recognition based on Ridge-Valley-Guided 3D Reconstruction and 3D Topology Polymer Feature Extraction
* Compound Loss Function With Shape Aware Weight Map for Microscopy Cell Segmentation, A
* Dual-Recursive-Least-Squares Algorithm for Automotive Radar Interference Suppression, A
* Empirical Geometry-Based Random-Cluster Model for High-Speed-Train Channels in UMTS Networks
* FingerGAN: A Constrained Fingerprint Generation Scheme for Latent Fingerprint Enhancement
* Measurement-Based Wideband Space-Time Channel Models for 77GHz Automotive Radar in Underground Parking Lots
* NTIRE 2023 HR NonHomogeneous Dehazing Challenge Report
* Some fast projection methods based on Chan-Vese model for image segmentation
Includes: Yin, X.F.[Xue Fei] Yin, X.F.[Xue-Fei] Yin, X.F.[Xue-Feng] Yin, X.F.[Xiang-Feng]
8 for Yin, X.F.

Yin, X.H.[Xiao Hua] Co Author Listing * Blind Omnidirectional Image Quality Assessment with Representative Features and Viewport Oriented Statistical Features
* Detection of GAN Generated Image Using Color Gradient Representation
* no-reference panoramic image quality assessment with hierarchical perception and color features, A
* Variable step-size matching pursuit based on oblique projection for compressed sensing
Includes: Yin, X.H.[Xiao Hua] Yin, X.H.[Xiao-Hua] Yin, X.H.[Xing-Hui]

Yin, X.J.[Xiang Jun] Co Author Listing * Deep Label Prior: Pre-Training-Free Salient Object Detection Network Based on Label Learning
* EDTRS: A Superpixel Generation Method for SAR Images Segmentation Based on Edge Detection and Texture Region Selection
* Intelligent Segmentation and Change Detection of Dams Based on UAV Remote Sensing Images
* Optimal Integration of MODIS and MISR Albedo Products
* Salient Object Detection Toward Single-Pixel Imaging
* Use of General Regression Neural Networks for Generating the GLASS Leaf Area Index Product From Time-Series MODIS Surface Reflectance
Includes: Yin, X.J.[Xiang Jun] Yin, X.J.[Xiang-Jun] Yin, X.J.[Xiang-Jie] Yin, X.J.[Xiao-Jian] Yin, X.J.[Xue-Jun]

Yin, X.L.[Xiao Lin] Co Author Listing * Anti-Rounding Image Steganography With Separable Fine-Tuned Network
* Application of Synthetic NDVI Time Series Blended from Landsat and MODIS Data for Grassland Biomass Estimation
* Binary image steganography based on joint distortion measurement
* CancerUniT: Towards a Single Unified Model for Effective Detection, Segmentation, and Diagnosis of Eight Major Cancers Using a Large Collection of CT Scans
* Copy Move Forgery Detection based on double matching
* Devil is in the Queries: Advancing Mask Transformers for Real-world Medical Image Segmentation and Out-of-Distribution Localization
* Effective appearance model update strategy in object tracking
* Halftone Image Steganography with Distortion Measurement Based on Structural Similarity
* Reversible data hiding in binary images by flipping pattern pair with opposite center pixel
* Reversible Data Hiding in Halftone Images Based on Dynamic Embedding States Group
* Suaeda salsa spectral index for Suaeda salsa mapping and fractional cover estimation in intertidal wetlands
Includes: Yin, X.L.[Xiao Lin] Yin, X.L.[Xiao-Lin] Yin, X.L.[Xiao-Li] Yin, X.L.[Xiang-Lei] Yin, X.L.[Xiao-Lan]
11 for Yin, X.L.

Yin, X.M.[Xiao Ming] Co Author Listing * Combination of MR surface coil images using weighted constrained least squares
* Estimation of the fundamental matrix from uncalibrated stereo hand images for 3D hand gesture recognition
* Finger identification and hand posture recognition for human-robot interaction
Includes: Yin, X.M.[Xiao Ming] Yin, X.M.[Xiao-Ming]

Yin, X.N.[Xiang Nan] Co Author Listing * Non-Deterministic Face Mask Removal Based on 3d Priors
* Segmentation-Reconstruction-Guided Facial Image De-Occlusion
* Weakly-Supervised Photo-realistic Texture Generation for 3D Face Reconstruction
Includes: Yin, X.N.[Xiang Nan] Yin, X.N.[Xiang-Nan]

Yin, X.O.[Xia Obin] Co Author Listing * Comparison of the Retrieval of Sea Surface Salinity Using Different Instrument Configurations of MICAP
* Comparison of Wind Speeds from Spaceborne Microwave Radiometers with In Situ Observations and ECMWF Data over the Global Ocean
* Editorial for the Special Issue Sea Surface Salinity Remote Sensing
* Monitoring of Fine-Scale Warm Drain-Off Water from Nuclear Power Stations in the Daya Bay Based on Landsat 8 Data
Includes: Yin, X.O.[Xia Obin] Yin, X.O.[Xia-Obin]

Yin, X.P.[Xiu Pu] Co Author Listing * cubic polynomial model for fisheye camera, A
* Spatiotemporal Progressive Inward-Outward Aggregation Network for skeleton-based action recognition
Includes: Yin, X.P.[Xiu Pu] Yin, X.P.[Xiu-Pu] Yin, X.P.[Xin-Peng]

Yin, X.Q.[Xun Qiang] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Assimilation in the MASNUM Wave Model Based on Jason-3 and CFOSAT
* First Estimate Biosiliceous Sedimentation Flux in the Pearl River Estuary from 2000-2020 by Satellite Remote Sensing
* Fishery Resource Evaluation with Hydroacoustic and Remote Sensing in Yangjiang Coastal Waters in Summer
* FishEyeRecNet: A Multi-context Collaborative Deep Network for Fisheye Image Rectification
* Impact of Enhanced Wave-Induced Mixing on the Ocean Upper Mixed Layer during Typhoon Nepartak in a Regional Model of the Northwest Pacific Ocean
* Interannual, Seasonal, and Monthly Variability of Sea Surface Temperature Fronts in Offshore China from 1982-2021
* Learning 3D Semantic Segmentation with only 2D Image Supervision
* Novel Real-Time Edge-Guided LiDAR Semantic Segmentation Network for Unstructured Environments, A
* Panoptic Neural Fields: A Semantic Object-Aware Neural Scene Representation
* Recurrent Highway Networks with Attention Mechanism for Scene Text Recognition
* Robust video denoising for mixed Poisson, Gaussian and impule noise
* Validation of the Ocean Wave Spectrum from the Remote Sensing Data of the Chinese-French Oceanography Satellite
* Virtual Multi-view Fusion for 3d Semantic Segmentation
Includes: Yin, X.Q.[Xun Qiang] Yin, X.Q.[Xun-Qiang] Yin, X.Q.[Xiao-Qing] Yin, X.Q.[Xiao-Qi]
13 for Yin, X.Q.

Yin, X.R.[Xiang Rong] Co Author Listing * Sirface vs. Fisherface: recognition using class specific linear projection
Includes: Yin, X.R.[Xiang Rong] Yin, X.R.[Xiang-Rong]

Yin, X.S.[Xiao Shuang] Co Author Listing * Learning High-level Features for Satellite Image Classification With Limited Labeled Samples
* Semi-supervised clustering with metric learning: An adaptive kernel method
Includes: Yin, X.S.[Xiao Shuang] Yin, X.S.[Xiao-Shuang] Yin, X.S.[Xue-Song]

Yin, X.T.[Xiao Tian] Co Author Listing * 3D face matching and registration based on hyperbolic Ricci flow
* 3D Non-rigid Surface Matching and Registration Based on Holomorphic Differentials
* Computing and Visualizing Constant-Curvature Metrics on Hyperbolic 3-Manifolds with Boundaries
* Detecting Thalamic Abnormalities in Autism Using Cylinder Conformal Mapping
* Discrete Curvature Flows for Surfaces and 3-Manifolds
* PanoFlow: Learning 360° Optical Flow for Surrounding Temporal Understanding
* Slit Map: Conformal Parameterization for Multiply Connected Surfaces
* Subdividing Prismatic Meshes by Cutting Flow
Includes: Yin, X.T.[Xiao Tian] Yin, X.T.[Xiao-Tian] Yin, X.T.[Xiao-Ting]
8 for Yin, X.T.

Yin, X.W.[Xuan Wu] Co Author Listing * All-in-focus with directional-max-gradient flow and labeled iterative depth propagation
* Archive image communication with improved compression
* Effective text localization in natural scene images with MSER, geometry-based grouping and AdaBoost
* Exploring the Best-Matching Precipitation Traits in Four Long-Term Mainstream Products over China from 1981 to 2020
* High-Accuracy and Quick Matting Based on Sample-Pair Refinement and Local Optimization
* High-Accuracy Stereo Matching Based on Adaptive Ground Control Points
* Improved Understanding of Trade-Offs and Synergies in Ecosystem Services via Fine Land-Use Classification and Multi-Scale Analysis in the Arid Region of Northwest China
* Iterative transductive learning for alpha matting
* Large-Size Data Distribution in IoV Based on 5G/6G Compatible Heterogeneous Network
* Multi-component Document Image Coding Using Regions-of-Interest
* Multi-Cue Semi-Supervised Color Constancy With Limited Training Samples
* Prediction and adaptive scanning in block-set wavelet image coder
* Region-of-Interest Method for Texturally-Rich Document Image Coding, A
* Robust Text Detection in Natural Scene Images
* Self-Clustering Symmetry Detection
* Sorting-Based Dynamic Classifier Ensemble Selection
* unification framework for tree and block wavelet encoders, A
Includes: Yin, X.W.[Xuan Wu] Yin, X.W.[Xuan-Wu] Yin, X.W.[Xiao Wei] Yin, X.W.[Xu-Wang] Yin, X.W.[Xin-Wei] Yin, X.W.[Xiu-Wen] Yin, X.W.
17 for Yin, X.W.

Yin, X.X.[Xiao Xia] Co Author Listing * Accurate vessel segmentation using maximum entropy incorporating line detection and phase-preserving denoising
* Action-02MCF: A Robust Space-Time Correlation Filter for Action Recognition in Clutter and Adverse Lighting Conditions
* Automatic Optic Disk Segmentation in Presence of Disk Blurring
* Bilateral video super-resolution using non-local means with adaptive parameters
* DLAHSD: Dynamic Label Adopted in Auxiliary Head for SAR Detection
* FACE: Fully Automated Context Enhancement for night-time video sequences
* new textual/non-textual classifier for document skew correction, A
* Statistical Model for the Classification of the Wavelet Transforms of T-ray Pulses
* T-Ray Sensing and Imaging
* Terahertz Imaging for Biomedical Applications
* Video Super Resolution Using Non-Local Means with Adaptive Decaying Factor and Searching Window
* Wavelet Based Local Coherent Tomography with an Application in Terahertz Imaging
Includes: Yin, X.X.[Xiao Xia] Yin, X.X.[Xiao-Xia] Yin, X.X.[Xiu-Xia] Yin, X.X.[Xiao-Xiao] Yin, X.X.[Xiao-Xin] Yin, X.X.
12 for Yin, X.X.

Yin, X.X.S.[Xiao Xia Sunny] Co Author Listing * On Space-Time Filtering Framework for Matching Human Actions Across Different Viewpoints
Includes: Yin, X.X.S.[Xiao Xia Sunny] Yin, X.X.S.[Xiao-Xia Sunny]

Yin, X.Y.[Xue Yan] Co Author Listing * Deep Learning on Traffic Prediction: Methods, Analysis, and Future Directions
* Study on Radar Echo-Filling in an Occlusion Area by a Deep Learning Algorithm
* Toward Physical Layer Security and Efficiency for SAGIN: A WFRFT-Based Parallel Complex-Valued Spectrum Spreading Approach
* VisDrone-SOT2019: The Vision Meets Drone Single Object Tracking Challenge Results
Includes: Yin, X.Y.[Xue Yan] Yin, X.Y.[Xue-Yan] Yin, X.Y.[Xiao-Yan] Yin, X.Y.[Xin-Yu] Yin, X.Y.[Xiao-Yue]

Yin, X.Z.[Xin Zhong] Co Author Listing * Geodetic Model of the 2017 Mw 6.5 Mainling Earthquake Inferred from GPS and InSAR Data
Includes: Yin, X.Z.[Xin Zhong] Yin, X.Z.[Xin-Zhong]

Yin, Y.[Yu] Co Author Listing * Adaboost and multi-orientation 2D Gabor-based noisy iris recognition
* Analysis of influence on driver behaviour while using in-vehicle traffic lights with application of head-up display
* Area Merging Method in Map Generalization Considering The Boundary Characteristics of Structured Geographic Objects, An
* Automated Bottom Up Hydrologic Coding System for Dendritic River System, An
* Automated Processing Method for Agglomeration Areas, An
* Automatic Derivation Method for Creation of Complex Map Symbols in a Topographic Map, An
* Automatic Generalization Method for a Dense Road Network Area Considering Spatial Structural Features as Constraints, An
* Comprehensive Comparison Between The Qing Imperial Garden and The English Landscape Garden in The 18th Century: A Cultural Heritage Studies Approach
* COVID-MTL: Multitask learning with Shift3D and random-weighted loss for COVID-19 diagnosis and severity assessment
* Deep Multiscale Fusion Hashing for Cross-Modal Retrieval
* Deformable registration model with local rigidity preservation for radiation therapy of lung tumor
* Delving into Discrete Normalizing Flows on SO(3) Manifold for Probabilistic Rotation Modeling
* Documentation of Nantou City Wall in Shenzhen by Digital Close Range Photogrammetry and Surface Fitting
* Dot Symbol Auto-Filling Method for Complex Areas Considering Shape Features
* Dual-Attention GAN for Large-Pose Face Frontalization
* Electric Field Theory Motivated Graph Construction for Optimal Medical Image Segmentation
* Encoded Semantic Tree for Automatic User Profiling Applied to Personalized Video Summarization
* Evaluation of MWHS-2 Using a Co-located Ground-Based Radar Network for Improved Model Assimilation
* Exploring Discriminative Word-Level Domain Contexts for Multi-Domain Neural Machine Translation
* Facial Expression Recognition for Different Pose Faces Based on Special Landmark Detection
* Families in Wild Multimedia: A Multimodal Database for Recognizing Kinship
* Fast Video Multi-Style Transfer
* Finger Vein Recognition With Anatomy Structure Analysis
* FisherMatch: Semi-Supervised Rotation Regression via Entropy-based Filtering
* Fully automated liver segmentation for low- and high- contrast CT volumes based on probabilistic atlases
* Fusion of Magnetic and Visual Sensors for Indoor Localization: Infrastructure-Free and More Effective
* Human Motion Segmentation via Velocity-Sensitive Dual-Side Auto-Encoder
* Hybrid Approach to Trust Node Assessment and Management for VANETs Cooperative Data Communication: Historical Interaction Perspective, A
* Impact of Vertical Wind Shear on Summer Orographic Clouds over Tian Shan Mountains: A Case Study Based on Radar Observation and Numerical Simulation
* Improved Initial Orbit Determination Based on the Gooding Method of Low Earth Orbit Space Debris Using Space-Based Observations
* Improved Jitter Elimination and Topology Correction Method for the Split Line of Narrow and Long Patches
* IMU-Aided Registration of MLS Point Clouds Using Inertial Trajectory Error Model and Least Squares Optimization
* Innovative Approach for Improving the Accuracy of Digital Elevation Models for Cultivated Land, An
* Integration of discriminative features and similarity-preserving encoding for finger vein image retrieval
* Laser Scanning Techniques and Safety Analysis for Nantou City Wall
* Learning the Traditional Art of Chinese Calligraphy via Three-Dimensional Reconstruction and Assessment
* LFSimCC: Spatial fusion lightweight network for human pose estimation
* Lightweight Man-Overboard Detection and Tracking Model Using Aerial Images for Maritime Search and Rescue, A
* Local feature approach to dorsal hand vein recognition by Centroid-based Circular Key-point Grid and fine-grained matching
* LOGISMOS: Layered Optimal Graph Image Segmentation of Multiple Objects and Surfaces: Cartilage Segmentation in the Knee Joint
* Method for Predicting Canopy Light Distribution in Cherry Trees Based on Fused Point Cloud Data, A
* Model Optimization Boosting Framework for Linear Model Hash Learning
* Monitoring and Predicting the Subsidence of Dalian Jinzhou Bay International Airport, China by Integrating InSAR Observation and Terzaghi Consolidation Theory
* Moon Imaging Performance of FAST Radio Telescope in Bistatic Configuration with Other Radars
* Multi-Scale Representation of Ocean Flow Fields Based on Feature Analysis
* Multiscale deformable registration using edge preserving scale space for adaptive radiation therapy
* NeRFInvertor: High Fidelity NeRF-GAN Inversion for Single-Shot Real Image Animation
* PPO2: Location Privacy-Oriented Task Offloading to Edge Computing Using Reinforcement Learning for Intelligent Autonomous Transport Systems
* probabilistic based method for tracking vessels in retinal images, A
* Progressive content access to databases of JPEG-compressed images
* Projective Manifold Gradient Layer for Deep Rotation Regression
* Rapid Inspection of Large Concrete Floor Flatness Using Wheeled Robot with Aided-INS
* Real-Time 3D Hand-Object Pose Estimation for Mobile Devices
* Recognizing Families In the Wild (RFIW): The 4th Edition
* Recurrent Neural Network Based Collaborative Filtering for QoS Prediction in IoV
* Resilience Assessment of an Urban Rail Transit Network Under Short-Term Operational Disturbances
* Retinal vessel segmentation using a probabilistic tracking method
* Revisiting Lightning Activity and Parameterization Using Geostationary Satellite Observations
* Robust ECG Biometrics Using Two-Stage Model
* Robust Landmark Detection and Position Measurement Based on Monocular Vision for Autonomous Aerial Refueling of UAVs
* Robust Sparse Direct Localization of Smart Vehicle With Partly Calibrated Time Modulated Arrays
* SARAL-AltiKa Wind and Significant Wave Height for Offshore Wind Energy Applications in the New England Region
* SDABS: A Flexible and Efficient Multi-Authority Hybrid Attribute-Based Signature Scheme in Edge Environment
* Secure Dynamic Mix Zone Pseudonym Changing Scheme Based on Traffic Context Prediction, A
* Selection Method of Dendritic River Networks Based on Hybrid Coding for Topographic Map Generalization
* Semi-Supervised Domain Adaptive Structure Learning
* Skeleton Line Extraction Method in Areas with Dense Junctions Considering Stroke Features
* Spatial-Temporal Deep Intention Destination Networks for Online Travel Planning
* Structural Compact Core Tensor Dictionary Learning for Multispec-Tral Remote Sensing Image Deblurring
* Summer Nighttime Anomalies of Ionospheric Electron Content at Midlatitudes: Comparing Years of Low and High Solar Activities Using Observations and Tidal/Planetary Wave Features
* Superpixels by Bilateral Geodesic Distance
* Towards Accurate Active Camera Localization
* Towards Unified Aesthetics and Emotion Prediction in Images
* Tumor Cell Load and Heterogeneity Estimation From Diffusion-Weighted MRI Calibrated With Histological Data: an Example From Lung Cancer
* UAV-assisted data dissemination based on network coding in vehicular networks
* Uncorrelated Geo-Text Inhibition Method Based on Voronoi K-Order and Spatial Correlations in Web Maps
* Variable-Length Quantization Strategy for Hashing
* Variations and Trends of MODIS C5 & C6 Products' Errors in the Recent Decade over the Background and Urban Areas of North China, The
* Vertical Distribution of Ice-Nucleating Particles over the North China Plain: A Case of Cold Front Passage, The
* Vertical Structures of Meteorological Elements and Black Carbon at Mt. Tianshan Using an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle System
Includes: Yin, Y.[Yu] Yin, Y. Yin, Y.[Yong] Yin, Y.[Yingda] Yin, Y.[Yue] Yin, Y.[Yin] Yin, Y.[Yan] Yin, Y.[Yuyu] Yin, Y.[Yewen] Yin, Y.[Yunhua] Yin, Y.[Yuan] Yin, Y.[Yihan] Yin, Y.[Yi] Yin, Y.[Yongtai] Yin, Y.[Yabo]
80 for Yin, Y.

Yin, Y.B.[You Bing] Co Author Listing * DE-GAN: Domain Embedded GAN for High Quality Face Image Inpainting
* Imperceptible Adversarial Examples for Fake Image Detection
Includes: Yin, Y.B.[You Bing] Yin, Y.B.[You-Bing]

Yin, Y.C.[Yu Chang] Co Author Listing * Common-covariance based person re-identification model
* Driving Mechanism of Differentiation in Urban Thermal Environment during Rapid Urbanization
* First-Break Picking of Large-Offset Seismic Data Based on CNNs with Weighted Data
* GLTF-Net: Deep-Learning Network for Thick Cloud Removal of Remote Sensing Images via Global-Local Temporality and Features
* Reference-Based Super-Resolution Method for Remote Sensing Images with Feature Compression Module
* Weak Signal Enhancement for Passive Seismic Data Reconstruction Based on Deep Learning
Includes: Yin, Y.C.[Yu Chang] Yin, Y.C.[Yu-Chang] Yin, Y.C.[Yi-Cheng] Yin, Y.C.[Yu-Chen] Yin, Y.C.[Yan-Chao]

Yin, Y.F.[Ya Feng] Co Author Listing * Adaptive selection of visual and infra-red image fusion rules
* Context-enriched Satellite Imagery Dataset and an Approach for Parking Lot Detection, A
* Control Theoretic Approach to Simultaneously Estimate Average Value of Time and Determine Dynamic Price for High-Occupancy Toll Lanes, A
* CrossMatch: Source-Free Domain Adaptive Semantic Segmentation via Cross-Modal Consistency Training
* Cyclic-Bootstrap Labeling for Weakly Supervised Object Detection
* FI-WSOD: Foreground Information Guided Weakly Supervised Object Detection
* FLAMNet: A Flexible Line Anchor Mechanism Network for Lane Detection
* GPS2Vec: Pre-Trained Semantic Embeddings for Worldwide GPS Coordinates
* Hi4D: 4D Instance Segmentation of Close Human Interaction
* Human Motion Change Detection by Hierarchical Gaussian Process Dynamical Model with Particle Filter
* Human object interactions recognition based on social network analysis
* Inferring Emotions From Large-Scale Internet Voice Data
* Learning spatio-temporal dependencies for action recognition
* Motion feature filtering for event detection in crowded scenes
* MSA-GCN: Multiscale Adaptive Graph Convolution Network for gait emotion recognition
* Multiple Human Tracking Using Particle Filter with Gaussian Process Dynamical Model
* Multitarget tracking using Gaussian Process Dynamical Model particle filter
* On Generating Content-Oriented Geo Features for Sensor-Rich Outdoor Video Search
* Self-Supervised Patch Localization for Cross-Domain Facial Action Unit Detection
* Small group human activity recognition
* Strategic Information Perturbation for an Online In-Vehicle Coordinated Routing Mechanism for Connected Vehicles Under Mixed-Strategy Congestion Game
* Tracking human body by using particle filter Gaussian process Markov-switching model
Includes: Yin, Y.F.[Ya Feng] Yin, Y.F.[Ya-Feng] Yin, Y.F.[Yi-Fang] Yin, Y.F.[Yu-Fei] Yin, Y.F.[Yun-Fei] Yin, Y.F.[Yi-Fei] Yin, Y.F.[Yu-Feng]
22 for Yin, Y.F.

Yin, Y.H.[Yong Hua] Co Author Listing * Cross-validation based weights and structure determination of Chebyshev-polynomial neural networks for pattern classification
* Integrated Assessments of Land Degradation in the Three-Rivers Headwater Region of China from 2000 to 2020
* Novel Image Analyzer of SRID Assay for the Quantification of Hemagglutinin in Influenza Vaccine, A
* Risk Assessment of Population Loss Posed by Earthquake-Landslide-Debris Flow Disaster Chain: A Case Study in Wenchuan, China
* Self-supervised Multi-object Tracking with Cycle-consistency
* Spatiotemporal Variations in Fractional Vegetation Cover and Their Responses to Climatic Changes on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau
Includes: Yin, Y.H.[Yong Hua] Yin, Y.H.[Yong-Hua] Yin, Y.H.[Yun-He] Yin, Y.H.[Yu-He] Yin, Y.H.[Yuan-Hang]

Yin, Y.J.[Ying Jie] Co Author Listing * AGUnet: Annotation-guided U-net for fast one-shot video object segmentation
* Face Detection With Different Scales Based on Faster R-CNN
* Face recognition using training data with artificial occlusions
* Facial Expression Recognition In-the-wild with Deep Pre-trained Models
* Inconsistency-Based Multi-Task Cooperative Learning for Emotion Recognition
* Online State-Based Structured SVM Combined With Incremental PCA for Robust Visual Tracking
Includes: Yin, Y.J.[Ying Jie] Yin, Y.J.[Ying-Jie] Yin, Y.J.[Yun-Jie]

Yin, Y.L.[Yi Long] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Feature Aggregation in Deep Multi-Task Convolutional Neural Networks
* Assessment of feature fusion strategies in visual attention mechanism for saliency detection
* Attentional prototype inference for few-shot segmentation
* Automatic measurement on CT images for patella dislocation diagnosis
* Bilinear Discriminative Dictionary Learning for Face Recognition
* Comprehensive Feature-Based Robust Video Fingerprinting Using Tensor Model
* Context-related video anomaly detection via generative adversarial network
* Deep Hashing with Weighted Spatial Importance
* Detail enhancement-based vehicle re-identification with orientation-guided re-ranking
* Discrete Spatial Importance-based Deep Weighted Hashing
* Distribution-Oriented Aesthetics Assessment With Semantic-Aware Hybrid Network
* Dual-track spatio-temporal learning for urban flow prediction with adaptive normalization
* DUN: Dual-path Temporal Matching Network for Natural Language-based Vehicle Retrieval
* Exploring Domain-Invariant Parameters for Source Free Domain Adaptation
* Fast Unmediated Hashing for Cross-Modal Retrieval
* Fine-Grained Classification with Noisy Labels
* Fingerprint Image Segmentation Based on Quadric Surface Model
* Fingerprint Image Segmentation Method Based on MCMC&GA
* Fingerprint Ridge Distance Estimation: Algorithms and the Performance
* Fully Convolutional Network and Graph-Based Method for Co-Segmentation of Retinal Layer on Macular OCT Images
* hybrid fusion method of fingerprint identification for high security applications, A
* Hybrid textual-visual relevance learning for content-based image retrieval
* Image Aesthetic Distribution Prediction with Fully Convolutional Network
* Integrating QDWD with pattern distinctness and local contrast for underwater saliency detection
* Learning binary hash codes for finger vein image retrieval
* Learning Deep Match Kernels for Image-Set Classification
* Learning discriminative binary codes for finger vein recognition
* Learning the Set Graphs: Image-Set Classification Using Sparse Graph Convolutional Networks
* Learning to rectify for robust learning with noisy labels
* Learning Transferable Parameters for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation
* MetaKernel: Learning Variational Random Features With Limited Labels
* MetaViewer: Towards A Unified Multi-View Representation
* MHPL: Minimum Happy Points Learning for Active Source Free Domain Adaptation
* Missingness-Pattern-Adaptive Learning With Incomplete Data
* Modeling Multiple Aesthetic Views for Series Photo Selection
* Multi-axis interactive multidimensional attention network for vehicle re-identification
* Multi-Scale and Attention based ResNet for Heartbeat Classification
* Multi-scale differential feature for ECG biometrics with collective matrix factorization
* Multi-view discriminant analysis with sample diversity for ECG biometric recognition
* Neighborhood-based credibility anchor learning for universal domain adaptation
* Normality Learning in Multispace for Video Anomaly Detection
* One-Shot SADI-EPE: A Visual Framework of Event Progress Estimation
* Reformulating Graph Kernels for Self-Supervised Space-Time Correspondence Learning
* Regularized Two Granularity Loss Function for Weakly Supervised Video Moment Retrieval
* Reinforced Short-Length Hashing
* Relevance feature mapping for content-based multimedia information retrieval
* Robust ECG biometrics using GNMF and sparse representation
* Robust multi-feature collective non-negative matrix factorization for ECG biometrics
* Safe-Student for Safe Deep Semi-Supervised Learning with Unseen-Class Unlabeled Data
* Saliency detection based on background seeds by object proposals and extended random walk
* Saliency detection based on directional patches extraction and principal local color contrast
* Seek-and-Hide: Adversarial Steganography via Deep Reinforcement Learning
* Self-Filtering: A Noise-Aware Sample Selection for Label Noise with Confidence Penalization
* Semi-supervised Gait Recognition Based on Self-Training
* Single Image Reflection Removal Based on Dark Channel Sparsity Prior
* Structural sparse representation with class-specific dictionary for ECG biometric recognition
* Supervised Adaptive Similarity Matrix Hashing
* Time Lab's approach to the Challenge on Computer Vision for Remote Physiological Measurement
* Towards Accurate and Robust Domain Adaptation Under Multiple Noisy Environments
* Triple-attention interaction network for breast tumor classification based on multi-modality images
* Vehicle re-identification based on grouping aggregation attention and cross-part interaction
* Visual Urban Perception with Deep Semantic-Aware Network
Includes: Yin, Y.L.[Yi Long] Yin, Y.L.[Yi-Long] Yin, Y.L.[Yan-Ling]
62 for Yin, Y.L.

Yin, Y.M.[Yu Ming] Co Author Listing * determination of the optimal strip-thickness of anti-scatter grids for a given grid ratio and strip height, The
* Mapping Aquaculture Areas with Multi-Source Spectral and Texture Features: A Case Study in the Pearl River Basin (Guangdong), China
* Universal multi-Source domain adaptation for image classification
Includes: Yin, Y.M.[Yu Ming] Yin, Y.M.[Yu-Ming] Yin, Y.M.[Yu-Meng] Yin, Y.M.[Yue-Ming]

Yin, Y.Q.[Yue Qin] Co Author Listing * Efficient-VQGAN: Towards High-Resolution Image Generation with Efficient Vision Transformers
* Internal Tides and Their Intraseasonal Variability on the Continental Slope Northeast of Taiwan Island Derived from Mooring Observations and Satellite Data
* Interpretability-Based Multimodal Convolutional Neural Networks for Skin Lesion Diagnosis
* Interpretable Multi-Modal Stacking-Based Ensemble Learning Method for Real Estate Appraisal
* Spatiotemporal Bidirectional Attention-Based Ride-Hailing Demand Prediction Model: A Case Study in Beijing During COVID-19, A
* TransEditor: Transformer-Based Dual-Space GAN for Highly Controllable Facial Editing
* Vertical Migration of the Along-Slope Counter-Flow and Its Relation with the Kuroshio Intrusion off Northeastern Taiwan
Includes: Yin, Y.Q.[Yue Qin] Yin, Y.Q.[Yue-Qin] Yin, Y.Q.[Yu-Qi] Yin, Y.Q.[Yun-Qiang]
7 for Yin, Y.Q.

Yin, Y.S.[Yong Sheng] Co Author Listing * Application of 3D laser scanning technology for image data processing in the protection of ancient building sites through deep learning
* Dual-ADC based digital calibration of timing skew for a time-interleaved ADC
Includes: Yin, Y.S.[Yong Sheng] Yin, Y.S.[Yong-Sheng]

Yin, Y.T.[Ya Ting] Co Author Listing * Contextual aerial image categorization using codebook
* Training Generative Adversarial Networks in One Stage
Includes: Yin, Y.T.[Ya Ting] Yin, Y.T.[Ya-Ting] Yin, Y.T.[You-Tan]

Yin, Y.Y.[Yuan Yuan] Co Author Listing * Combining Images and Trajectories Data to Automatically Generate Road Networks
Includes: Yin, Y.Y.[Yuan Yuan] Yin, Y.Y.[Yuan-Yuan]

Yin, Y.Z.[Yan Zhong] Co Author Listing * Characterizing Intercity Mobility Patterns for the Greater Bay Area in China
* Injury prediction algorithm for rear-seat occupants in advanced automatic crash notification systems
* Passive MIMO Radar Detection with Unknown Colored Gaussian Noise
* PointCNT: A One-Stage Point Cloud Registration Approach Based on Complex Network Theory
Includes: Yin, Y.Z.[Yan Zhong] Yin, Y.Z.[Yan-Zhong] Yin, Y.Z.[Yue-Zhou] Yin, Y.Z.[Ying-Zeng] Yin, Y.Z.[Yi-Zhen]

Yin, Z.[Zbye] Co Author Listing * 3-d maximum likelihood reconstructions of viruses from cryo electron microscope images and parallel computation
* automatic assembly and completion framework for fragmented skulls, An
* Character-Oriented Video Summarization With Visual and Textual Cues
* Characterization of SWOT Water Level Errors on Seine Reservoirs and La Bassée Gravel Pits: Impacts on Water Surface Energy Budget Modeling
* Climatology of Dust Aerosols over the Jianghan Plain Revealed with Space-Borne Instruments and MERRA-2 Reanalysis Data during 2006-2021
* deep convolutional neural network trained on representative samples for circulating tumor cell detection, A
* Delineating Spatial Patterns in Human Settlements Using VIIRS Nighttime Light Data: A Watershed-Based Partition Approach
* Effective Adversarial Training Based Spatial-Temporal Network for Abnormal Behavior Detection, An
* Enabling ISPless Low-Power Computer Vision
* Evaluating the Dynamic Changes of Urban Land and Its Fractional Covers in Africa from 2000-2020 Using Time Series of Remotely Sensed Images on the Big Data Platform
* Facial expression recognition using intra-class variation reduced features and manifold regularisation dictionary pair learning
* Fast Multilevel Fuzzy Edge Detection of Blurry Images, The
* Generative Adversarial Frontal View to Bird View Synthesis
* Generative image inpainting via edge structure and color aware fusion
* Gradient Matters: Designing Binarized Neural Networks via Enhanced Information-Flow
* Hierarchical Coding of Convolutional Features for Scene Recognition
* Improved spatial pyramid matching for scene recognition
* Inflight Performance of the TanSat Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Grating Spectrometer
* Inshore Ship Detection in Remote Sensing Images via Weighted Pose Voting
* Interactive Cell Segmentation Based on Active and Semi-Supervised Learning
* Investigation of Aerosol Types and Vertical Distributions Using Polarization Raman Lidar over Vipava Valley
* Joint Cover-Selection and Payload-Allocation by Steganographic Distortion Optimization
* Localization of Mobile Robots Based on Depth Camera
* Medical image contrast enhancement based on improved sparrow search algorithm
* MetaF2N: Blind Image Super-Resolution by Learning Efficient Model Adaptation from Faces
* Multi-Scale Attention Deep Neural Network for Fast Accurate Object Detection
* Multilevel wavelet-based hierarchical networks for image compressed sensing
* Neural Network for Hyperspectral Image Denoising by Combining Spatial-Spectral Information, A
* One-Shot Medical Landmark Localization by Edge-Guided Transform and Noisy Landmark Refinement
* Online Figure-ground Segmentation with Edge Pixel Classification
* Online phenotype discovery based on minimum classification error model
* Outliers-Robust CFAR Detector of Gaussian Clutter Based on the Truncated-Maximum-Likelihood- Estimator in SAR Imagery
* PanoFlow: Learning 360° Optical Flow for Surrounding Temporal Understanding
* Prelaunch Radiometric Calibration of the TanSat Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Grating Spectrometer
* Quantitative Estimation of the Velocity of Urbanization in China Using Nighttime Luminosity Data
* Quantitatively Assessing the Contributions of Dust Aerosols to Direct Radiative Forcing Based on Remote Sensing and Numerical Simulation
* RASNet: Renal automatic segmentation using an improved U-Net with multi-scale perception and attention unit
* Realizing Railway Cognitive Radio: A Reinforcement Base-Station Multi-Agent Model
* Recognition of Mental Workload Levels Under Complex Human-Machine Collaboration by Using Physiological Features and Adaptive Support Vector Machines
* Reversed Image Signal Processing and Raw Reconstruction. AIM 2022 Challenge Report
* Review of Estimation for Vehicle Tire-Road Interactions Toward Automated Driving, A
* Robot Structure Prior Guided Temporal Attention for Camera-to-Robot Pose Estimation from Image Sequence
* Seasonal and Interannual Variability of the Indo-Pacific Warm Pool and its Associated Climate Factors Based on Remote Sensing
* Slip Model for the 25 November 2016 Mw 6.6 Aketao Earthquake, Western China, Revealed by Sentinel-1 and ALOS-2 Observations
* Spatiotemporal Fusion of Land Surface Temperature Based on a Convolutional Neural Network
* Spatiotemporal Variability of Remote Sensing Ocean Net Primary Production and Major Forcing Factors in the Tropical Eastern Indian and Western Pacific Ocean
* SVM-CNN-Based Fusion Algorithm for Vehicle Navigation Considering Atypical Observations
* Towards Energy-efficient Hyperspectral Image Processing Inside Camera Pixels
* Universal Denoising Framework With a New Impulse Detector and Nonlocal Means, A
* Variability of Summer Atmospheric Water Cycle over the Tibetan Plateau and Its Response to the Indo-Pacific Warm Pool, The
* View-based weight network for 3D object recognition
* Weighted Feature Histogram of Multi-Scale Local Patch Using Multi-Bit Binary Descriptor for Face Recognition
Includes: Yin, Z.[Zbye] Yin, Z.[Zhao] Yin, Z. Yin, Z.[Zun] Yin, Z.[Zhenping] Yin, Z.[Zhan] Yin, Z.[Zihan] Yin, Z.[Zherui] Yin, Z.[Ziyu] Yin, Z.[Zhouping] Yin, Z.[Zhong] Yin, Z.[Zeping] Yin, Z.[Zuoliang] Yin, Z.[Zhicun] Yin, Z.[Zhu] Yin, Z.[Zhonghai] Yin, Z.[Zihao] Yin, Z.[Zheng] Yin, Z.[Zhe] Yin, Z.[Zelun] Yin, Z.[Zekai] Yin, Z.[Zi] Yin, Z.[Zhi]
52 for Yin, Z.

Yin, Z.C.[Zhong Cheng] Co Author Listing * 3D Layout encoding network for spatial-aware 3D saliency modelling
* Construction and Analysis of Space-Time Paths for Moving Polygon Objects Based on Time Geography: A Case Study of Crime Events in the City of London
* Distance-Decay Effect in Probabilistic Time Geography for Random Encounter
* elements of probabilistic time geography, The
* Embracing Crowdsensing: An Enhanced Mobile Sensing Solution for Road Anomaly Detection
* Fast Sequential Feature Extraction for Recurrent Neural Network-Based Hyperspectral Image Classification
* GeoNet: Unsupervised Learning of Dense Depth, Optical Flow and Camera Pose
* Hierarchical Discrete Distribution Decomposition for Match Density Estimation
* Hyperspectral Image Classification Using Similarity Measurements-Based Deep Recurrent Neural Networks
* Modeling of Time Geographical Kernel Density Function under Network Constraints
* Probabilistic Model of Random Encounter in Obstacle Space
* Probabilistic Time Geographic Modeling Method Considering POI Semantics
Includes: Yin, Z.C.[Zhong Cheng] Yin, Z.C.[Zhong-Cheng] Yin, Z.C.[Zhang-Cai] Yin, Z.C.[Zheng-Cong] Yin, Z.C.[Zhi-Chao]
12 for Yin, Z.C.

Yin, Z.F.[Zhen Fei] Co Author Listing * Benchmarking Omni-Vision Representation Through the Lens of Visual Realms
* Celeba-Spoof: Large-scale Face Anti-spoofing Dataset with Rich Annotations
* X-Learner: Learning Cross Sources and Tasks for Universal Visual Representation
Includes: Yin, Z.F.[Zhen Fei] Yin, Z.F.[Zhen-Fei]

Yin, Z.H.[Zhi Hao] Co Author Listing * Analysis of the BDGIM Performance in BDS Single Point Positioning
* blind digital watermarking scheme based on frame coding, A
* Cloth-Changing Person Re-identification from A Single Image with Gait Prediction and Regularization
* Learning with Diversity: Self-Expanded Equalization for Better Generalized Deep Metric Learning
* Meta Convolutional Neural Networks for Single Domain Generalization
* Nonlinear Radiometric Normalization Model for Satellite Imgaes Time Series Based on Artificial Neural Networks and Greedy Algroithm, A
* Storm Surge Hazard Assessment of the Levee of a Rapidly Developing City-Based on LiDAR and Numerical Models
Includes: Yin, Z.H.[Zhi Hao] Yin, Z.H.[Zhi-Hao] Yin, Z.H.[Zhong-Hai] Yin, Z.H.[Zhi-Heng] Yin, Z.H.[Zhi-Hui] Yin, Z.H.[Zhao-Hui] Yin, Z.H.[Zhong-Hui]
7 for Yin, Z.H.

Yin, Z.J.[Zi Jin] Co Author Listing * Energy-Based Periodicity Mining With Deep Features for Action Repetition Counting in Unconstrained Videos
Includes: Yin, Z.J.[Zi Jin] Yin, Z.J.[Zi-Jin]

Yin, Z.K.[Zhong Ke] Co Author Listing * Color-Direction Patch-Sparsity-Based Image Inpainting Using Multidirection Features
Includes: Yin, Z.K.[Zhong Ke] Yin, Z.K.[Zhong-Ke]

Yin, Z.L.[Zhen Liang] Co Author Listing * Deep Learning Forecasts of Soil Moisture: Convolutional Neural Network and Gated Recurrent Unit Models Coupled with Satellite-Derived MODIS, Observations and Synoptic-Scale Climate Index Data
* Impact of Climate Change on Hydrological Processes of the Glacierized Watershed and Projections, The
* Impacts of Land-Use Change on the Spatio-Temporal Patterns of Terrestrial Ecosystem Carbon Storage in the Gansu Province, Northwest China
* Role of Soil Salinization in Shaping the Spatio-Temporal Patterns of Soil Organic Carbon Stock, The
Includes: Yin, Z.L.[Zhen Liang] Yin, Z.L.[Zhen-Liang]

Yin, Z.M.[Zi Ming] Co Author Listing * WD-UNeXt: Weight loss function and dropout U-Net with ConvNeXt for automatic segmentation of few shot brain gliomas
Includes: Yin, Z.M.[Zi Ming] Yin, Z.M.[Zi-Ming]

Yin, Z.P.[Zhen Ping] Co Author Listing * Advection of Biomass Burning Aerosols towards the Southern Hemispheric Mid-Latitude Station of Punta Arenas as Observed with Multiwavelength Polarization Raman Lidar
* Automatic registration for 3D shapes using hybrid dimensionality-reduction shape descriptions
* Characteristics and Seasonal Variations of Cirrus Clouds from Polarization Lidar Observations at a 30°N Plain Site
* Hand-Eye Calibration in Visually-Guided Robot Grinding
* Large-scale and rotation-invariant template matching using adaptive radial ring code histograms
* Modeling and Evaluation of the Systematic Errors for the Polarization-Sensitive Imaging LIDAR Technique
* Multi-Scale Boosting Feature Encoding Network for Texture Recognition
* Robust Semantic Template Matching Using a Superpixel Region Binary Descriptor
* Three-dimensional point-based shape registration algorithm based on adaptive distance function
* Transferred Deep Convolutional Neural Network Features for Extensive Facial Landmark Localization
* Understanding the Roles of Aerosols and Clouds in Environment, Meteorology and Climate with Advanced Lidar Remote Sensing Techniques
Includes: Yin, Z.P.[Zhen Ping] Yin, Z.P.[Zhen-Ping] Yin, Z.P.[Zhou-Ping] Yin, Z.P.
11 for Yin, Z.P.

Yin, Z.Q.[Zi Qiang] Co Author Listing * Assessment of the Spatiotemporal Impact of Water Conservation on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau
* Monitoring Cropland Abandonment in Hilly Areas with Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 Timeseries
* Spatio-Temporal Dynamics and Driving Forces of Multi-Scale CO2 Emissions by Integrating DMSP-OLS and NPP-VIIRS Data: A Case Study in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, China
* Spatiotemporal Dynamics of Ecological Security Pattern of Urban Agglomerations in Yangtze River Delta Based on LUCC Simulation
* Unsupervised Nonlinear Hyperspectral Unmixing with Reduced Spectral Variability via Superpixel-Based Fisher Transformation
Includes: Yin, Z.Q.[Zi Qiang] Yin, Z.Q.[Zi-Qiang] Yin, Z.Q.[Zhang-Qiang]

Yin, Z.R.[Zhao Rui] Co Author Listing * Integration of Satellite Precipitation Data and Deep Learning for Improving Flash Flood Simulation in a Poor-Gauged Mountainous Catchment
Includes: Yin, Z.R.[Zhao Rui] Yin, Z.R.[Zhao-Rui]

Yin, Z.S.[Zhi Shuai] Co Author Listing * Longitudinal speed control of autonomous vehicle based on a self-adaptive PID of radial basis function neural network
* UAV-Assisted Physical Layer Security in Multi-Beam Satellite-Enabled Vehicle Communications
Includes: Yin, Z.S.[Zhi Shuai] Yin, Z.S.[Zhi-Shuai] Yin, Z.S.[Zhi-Sheng]

Yin, Z.X.[Zhao Xia] Co Author Listing * Adaptive watermarking with self-mutual check parameters in deep neural networks
* AdvFAS: A robust face anti-spoofing framework against adversarial examples
* Consensus over directed switching networks with communication delays and finite data rate
* Constrained Graph-Based Semi-Supervised Algorithm Combined with Particle Cooperation and Competition for Hyperspectral Image Classification, A
* Defensive Patches for Robust Recognition in the Physical World
* Dual Attention Suppression Attack: Generate Adversarial Camouflage in Physical World
* General Pairwise Modification Framework for Reversible Data Hiding in JPEG Images
* High Capacity Reversible Data Hiding for Encrypted 3d Mesh Models Based on Topology
* Improved Reversible Data Hiding in Encrypted Images Using Parametric Binary Tree Labeling, An
* Local Texture Complexity Guided Adversarial Attack
* Looking Through the Glass: Neural Surface Reconstruction Against High Specular Reflections
* Multi-Label Adversarial Attack Based on Label Correlation
* Multi-Space Neural Radiance Fields
* Neural Network Fragile watermarking With No Model Performance Degradation
* Progressive Disentangled Representation Learning for Fine-Grained Controllable Talking Head Synthesis
* Reconstructing Geostationary Satellite Land Surface Temperature Imagery Based on a Multiscale Feature Connected Convolutional Neural Network
* Reversible attack based on adversarial perturbation and reversible data hiding in YUV colorspace
* Reversible data hiding based on automatic contrast enhancement using histogram expansion
* Reversible Data Hiding in Encrypted AMBTC Compressed Images
* Reversible Data Hiding in Encrypted Images Based on Multi-MSB Prediction and Huffman Coding
* Reversible Data Hiding in JPEG Images With Multi-Objective Optimization
* SAR Image Despeckling Based on Block-Matching and Noise-Referenced Deep Learning Method
* SAR Image Despeckling by Noisy Reference-Based Deep Learning Method
* Second-order steganographic method based on adaptive reference matrix
* Strategy of Distinguishing Texture Feature for Reversible Data Hiding Based on Histogram Shifting, A
* Talking Head Generation with Probabilistic Audio-to-Visual Diffusion Priors
* Time-Series-Based Spatiotemporal Fusion Network for Improving Crop Type Mapping
* Towards Comprehensive Testing on the Robustness of Cooperative Multi-agent Reinforcement Learning
* Unsupervised Image Steganalysis Method Using Self-Learning Ensemble Discriminant Clustering
* Unsupervised minor prototype detection using an adaptive population partitioning algorithm
Includes: Yin, Z.X.[Zhao Xia] Yin, Z.X.[Zhao-Xia] Yin, Z.X.[Zhi-Xiang] Yin, Z.X.[Zhi-Xian] Yin, Z.X.[Zi-Xin] Yin, Z.X.[Ze-Xin] Yin, Z.X.[Zong-Xian]
30 for Yin, Z.X.

Yin, Z.Y.[Zi Yi] Co Author Listing * Attention-Oriented Action Recognition for Real-Time Human-Robot Interaction
* Correspondence Transformers with Asymmetric Feature Learning and Matching Flow Super-Resolution
* Deep Learning-Based Automatic Extraction of Cyanobacterial Blooms from Sentinel-2 MSI Satellite Data
* Disentangling Multiple Features in Video Sequences Using Gaussian Processes in Variational Autoencoders
* End-to-End Distortion Modeling for Error-Resilient Screen Content Video Coding
* Estimating Scattering Coefficient in a Large and Complex Terrain through Multifactor Association
* Evaluation of Eight Global Precipitation Datasets in Hydrological Modeling
* Learning to Plan Semantic Free-Space Boundary
* Learning to Recommend Frame for Interactive Video Object Segmentation in the Wild
* MLRMV: Multi-layer representation for multi-view action recognition
* Modular scheme for four-wheel-drive electric vehicle tire-road force and velocity estimation
* Patterns, Trends and Drivers of Water Transparency in Sri Lanka Using Landsat 8 Observations and Google Earth Engine
* Pose Estimation of Point Sets Using Residual MLP in Intelligent Transportation Infrastructure
* Regional Vicarious Calibration of the SWIR-Based Atmospheric Correction Approach for MODIS-Aqua Measurements of Highly Turbid Inland Water
* Semi-Physical Approach for Downscaling Satellite Soil Moisture Data in a Typical Cold Alpine Area, Northwest China, A
* Smartphone-Camera-Based Water Reflectance Measurement and Typical Water Quality Parameter Inversion
* TransFGU: A Top-Down Approach to Fine-Grained Unsupervised Semantic Segmentation
* Unsupervised video segmentation for multi-view daily action recognition
Includes: Yin, Z.Y.[Zi Yi] Yin, Z.Y.[Zi-Yi] Yin, Z.Y.[Zhang-Yue] Yin, Z.Y.[Zi-Yao] Yin, Z.Y.[Zhu-Yun] Yin, Z.Y.[Zhi-Yang] Yin, Z.Y.[Zhi-Ying] Yin, Z.Y.[Zhi-Yuan] Yin, Z.Y.[Zhao-Yuan] Yin, Z.Y.[Zi-Yang] Yin, Z.Y.[Zhen-Yu] Yin, Z.Y.[Zhi-Yun] Yin, Z.Y.[Zi-Yun]
18 for Yin, Z.Y.

Yin, Z.Z.[Zhao Zheng] Co Author Listing * 3D Graph Anatomy Geometry-Integrated Network for Pancreatic Mass Segmentation, Diagnosis, and Quantitative Patient Management
* Active sample selection and correction propagation on a gradually-augmented graph
* American Sign Language alphabet recognition using Microsoft Kinect
* Belief Propagation in a 3D Spatio-temporal MRF for Moving Object Detection
* Boundary-aware Temporal Sentence Grounding with Adaptive Proposal Refinement
* Cell image analysis: Algorithms, system and applications
* Class-Aware Feature Aggregation Network for Video Object Detection
* Collaborative Foreground, Background, and Action Modeling Network for Weakly Supervised Temporal Action Localization
* Combining passive visual cameras and active IMU sensors for persistent pedestrian tracking
* Context and Structure Mining Network for Video Object Detection
* Debugging Object Tracking Results by a Recommender System with Correction Propagation
* Dynamic Spatial-Temporal Attention Network for Early Anticipation of Traffic Accidents, A
* Efficient and Robust Semi-supervised Learning Over a Sparse-Regularized Graph
* Feature Weakening, Contextualization, and Discrimination for Weakly Supervised Temporal Action Localization
* Global Memory and Local Continuity for Video Object Detection
* Global Spatiotemporal Distribution of the Mid-Tropospheric CO2 Concentration and Analysis of the Controlling Factors, The
* Human Action Recognition by Discriminative Feature Pooling and Video Segment Attention Model
* Jointly-Learnt Networks for Future Action Anticipation via Self-Knowledge Distillation and Cycle Consistency
* Learning to transfer microscopy image modalities
* Likelihood Map Fusion for Visual Object Tracking
* Moving Object Localization in Thermal Imagery by Forward-backward MHI
* Object tracking and detection after occlusion via numerical hybrid local and global mode-seeking
* On-the-fly Object Modeling while Tracking
* Phase Contrast Image Restoration by Formulating Its Imaging Principle and Reversing the Formulation With Deep Neural Networks
* Price Suggestion for Online Second-hand Items
* Pseudo-Label Guided Contrastive Learning for Semi-Supervised Medical Image Segmentation
* Reciprocal Twin Networks for Pedestrian Motion Learning and Future Path Prediction
* Shape constrained figure-ground segmentation and tracking
* Spatial Divide and Conquer with Motion Cues for Tracking through Clutter
* Track fast-moving tiny flies by adaptive LBP feature and cascaded data association
* Training a Scene-Specific Pedestrian Detector Using Tracklets
* Transferring Microscopy Image Modalities with Conditional Generative Adversarial Networks
* ViSAR Shadow-Detection Algorithm Based on LRSD Combined Trajectory Region Extraction, A
* Weakly Supervised Cell Segmentation by Point Annotation
Includes: Yin, Z.Z.[Zhao Zheng] Yin, Z.Z.[Zhao-Zheng] Yin, Z.Z.[Zuo-Zhong] Yin, Z.Z.[Zhong-Zheng]
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