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Peng peng, J.[Jiao] Co Author Listing * Dynamic traffic diversion model based on dynamic traffic demand estimation and prediction
Includes: Peng peng, J.[Jiao] Peng-peng, J.[Jiao]

Peng, A. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Mixture Estimation and Unsupervised Local Bayesian Image Segmentation
* Countering anti-forensics of image resampling
* INS/Floor-Plan Indoor Localization System Using the Firefly Particle Filter, An
* ISO Setting Estimation Based on Convolutional Neural Network and its Application in Image Forensics
* Knowledge-based document analysis system
* Performing scalable lossy compression on pixel encrypted images
* study on the forms of smoothing filters for step and ramp edge detection, A
Includes: Peng, A. Peng, A.[Anjie] Peng, A.[Ao] Peng, A.[Antai]
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Peng, B.[Bin] Co Author Listing * 3D convolutional neural network method for land cover classification using LiDAR and multi-temporal Landsat imagery, A
* 3D Sound Field Reproduction at Non Central Point for NHK 22.2 System
* Accurate Scene Text Detection Through Border Semantics Awareness and Bootstrapping
* Attention-Guided Fusion Network of Point Cloud and Multiple Views for 3D Shape Recognition
* Augmented Region-Growing-Based Motion Tracking Using Bayesian Inference For Quasi-Static Ultrasound Elastography
* Automatic detection of 3D lighting inconsistencies via a facial landmark based morphable model
* Automatic Image Segmentation by Dynamic Region Merging
* Binocular dance pose recognition and body orientation estimation via multilinear analysis
* CNN-Based Fast Inter Coding Method for VVC, A
* Comprehensive Video Understanding: Video Summarization with Content-Based Video Recommender Design
* Correlation Congruence for Knowledge Distillation
* Deep Spatial-Spectral Subspace Clustering for Hyperspectral Image
* Effect of Topographic Correction on Forest Tree Species Classification Accuracy, The
* Empirical Study of Face Recognition under Variations, An
* Estimating High Resolution Daily Air Temperature Based on Remote Sensing Products and Climate Reanalysis Datasets over Glacierized Basins: A Case Study in the Langtang Valley, Nepal
* Estimating Snow Water Equivalent with Backscattering at X and Ku Band Based on Absorption Loss
* Evaluation of Image Segmentation Quality by Adaptive Ground Truth Composition
* Evaluation of Segmentation Quality via Adaptive Composition of Reference Segmentations
* Geometry Guided Feature Aggregation in Video Face Recognition
* Gesture recognition using video and floor pressure data
* Image segmentation by iterated region merging with localized graph cuts
* Iterated Graph Cuts for Image Segmentation
* Learning image-specific parameters for interactive segmentation
* Learning-Based Framework for Supervised and Unsupervised Image Segmentation Evaluation, A
* Mask-ShadowNet: Toward Shadow Removal via Masked Adaptive Instance Normalization
* Multifactor feature extraction for human movement recognition
* MUST-GAN: Multi-level Statistics Transfer for Self-driven Person Image Generation
* Object scale selection of hierarchical image segmentation with deep seeds
* Online Gesture Spotting from Visual Hull Data
* Parameter Selection for Graph Cut Based Image Segmentation
* Patch Similarity Convolutional Neural Network for Urban Flood Extent Mapping Using Bi-Temporal Satellite Multispectral Imagery
* Person Re-Identification by Semantic Region Representation and Topology Constraint
* Position Determines Perspective: Investigating Perspective Distortion for Image Forensics of Faces
* Preparatory Study for Constructing FAST, the World's Largest Single Dish
* Prioritizing Amyloid Imaging Biomarkers in Alzheimer's Disease via Learning to Rank
* Probabilistic Measure for Quantitative Evaluation of Image Segmentation, A
* Real-Time Medical Ultrasound Simulator Based on a Generative Adversarial Network Model, A
* Recognizing body poses using multilinear analysis and semi-supervised learning
* Region Based Exemplar References for Image Segmentation Evaluation
* Region-based image segmentation evaluation via perceptual pooling strategies
* Road Extraction Based on Object-Oriented from High-Resolution Remote Sensing Images
* Semi-Heterogeneous Three-Way Joint Embedding Network for Sketch-Based Image Retrieval
* Shape-Preserving Object Depth Control for Stereoscopic Images
* Spatiotemporal Derivation of Intermittent Ponding in a Maize-Soybean Landscape from Planet Labs CubeSat Images
* survey of graph theoretical approaches to image segmentation, A
* Towards Viewpoint Invariant 3D Human Pose Estimation
* Underground Coal Fire Detection and Monitoring Based on Landsat-8 and Sentinel-1 Data Sets in Miquan Fire Area, XinJiang
* Unsupervised Video Action Clustering via Motion-Scene Interaction Constraint
* View-invariant full-body gesture recognition from video
* View-Invariant Pose Recognition Using Multilinear Analysis and the Universum
* Weighted-Fusion-Based Representation Classifiers for Hyperspectral Imagery
Includes: Peng, B.[Bin] Peng, B.[Bo] Peng, B. Peng, B.[Bing] Peng, B.[Boya]
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Peng, B.B.[Bin Bin] Co Author Listing * Fully Convolutional Neural Networks for Tissue Histopathology Image Classification and Segmentation
* Gaussian learning-based fuzzy predictive cruise control for improving safety and economy of connected vehicles
* online composite graphics recognition approach based on matching of spatial relation graphs, An
Includes: Peng, B.B.[Bin Bin] Peng, B.B.[Bin-Bin]

Peng, B.Y.[Bao Yun] Co Author Listing * Knowledge Distillation via Route Constrained Optimization
* Unsupervised Learning of Long-Term Motion Dynamics for Videos
Includes: Peng, B.Y.[Bao Yun] Peng, B.Y.[Bao-Yun] Peng, B.Y.[Bo-Ya]

Peng, C.[Cheng] Co Author Listing * Adversarial Reconstruction-Classification Networks for PolSAR Image Classification
* Algorithm and benchmark dataset for stain separation in histology images
* BiSeNet: Bilateral Segmentation Network for Real-Time Semantic Segmentation
* Cross-Domain Metal Trace Restoring Network for Reducing X-Ray CT Metal Artifacts, A
* Deep feature extraction and its application for hailstorm detection in a large collection of radar images
* Deep Learning Method for Change Detection in Synthetic Aperture Radar Images, A
* Deep shape constrained network for robust face alignment
* Denoising of Hyperspectral Images Using Nonconvex Low Rank Matrix Approximation
* Densely Connected Discriminative Correlation Filters for Visual Tracking
* Depth-Quality-Aware Salient Object Detection
* DetNet: Design Backbone for Object Detection
* Dispelling the Gorilla Arm Syndrome: The Viability of Prolonged Gesture Interactions
* DLFace: Deep local descriptor for cross-modality face recognition
* DuDoNet: Dual Domain Network for CT Metal Artifact Reduction
* Efficient Convolutional Neural Architecture Search for Remote Sensing Image Scene Classification
* efficient motion-adaption de-interlacing technique on VLIW DSP architecture, An
* Ellipse R-CNN: Learning to Infer Elliptical Object From Clustering and Occlusion
* End-To-End Network for Panoptic Segmentation, An
* ExFuse: Enhancing Feature Fusion for Semantic Segmentation
* Exploring Rich and Efficient Spatial Temporal Interactions for Real-Time Video Salient Object Detection
* Face Recognition from Multiple Stylistic Sketches: Scenarios, Datasets, and Evaluation
* Fast and Accurate Object Detector for Handwritten Digit String Recognition, A
* Faster ILOD: Incremental learning for object detectors based on faster RCNN
* Feature Selection Embedded Subspace Clustering
* Full-Wave Simulation and Analysis of Bistatic Scattering and Polarimetric Emissions From Double-Layered Sastrugi Surfaces
* Generalized Nonconvex Low-Rank Tensor Approximation for Multi-View Subspace Clustering
* Graphical Representation for Heterogeneous Face Recognition
* Hierarchical Deep Hashing for Fast Large Scale Image Retrieval
* Image Projection Ridge Regression for Subspace Clustering
* Improved Robust Video Saliency Detection Based on Long-Term Spatial-Temporal Information
* Improved Saliency Detection in RGB-D Images Using Two-Phase Depth Estimation and Selective Deep Fusion
* Kernel two-dimensional ridge regression for subspace clustering
* Large Kernel Matters: Improve Semantic Segmentation by Global Convolutional Network
* Learning a Discriminative Feature Network for Semantic Segmentation
* Mask-Pose Cascaded CNN for 2D Hand Pose Estimation From Single Color Image
* MegDet: A Large Mini-Batch Object Detector
* Motion boundary emphasised optical flow method for human action recognition
* Multi-scale Adaptive Structure Network for Human Pose Estimation from Color Images
* Multimodal Interface for Virtual Information Environments, A
* Multiple Delay and Sum With Enveloping Beamforming Algorithm for Photoacoustic Imaging
* Objects365: A Large-Scale, High-Quality Dataset for Object Detection
* Re-Ranking High-Dimensional Deep Local Representation for NIR-VIS Face Recognition
* RES-PCA: A Scalable Approach to Recovering Low-Rank Matrices
* Research on Dual Anti Duplication and Anti-counterfeiting Technology of QR Code Based on Metamerism Characteristics
* Research on feature extraction algorithm for plantar pressure image and gait analysis in stroke patients
* Robust face alignment with cascaded coarse-to-fine auto-encoder network
* Robust Subspace Clustering via Smoothed Rank Approximation
* Robust Visual Tracking via Dirac-Weighted Cascading Correlation Filters
* SAINT: Spatially Aware Interpolation NeTwork for Medical Slice Synthesis
* Salient Object Detection via Multiple Instance Joint Re-Learning
* SID: Incremental learning for anchor-free object detection via Selective and Inter-related Distillation
* SRHandNet: Real-Time 2D Hand Pose Estimation With Simultaneous Region Localization
* Structured graph learning for clustering and semi-supervised classification
* Subspace Clustering via Variance Regularized Ridge Regression
* Superpixel-Based Face Sketch-Photo Synthesis
* Tracking of Tubular Molecules for Scientific Applications
* Tracking of Tubular Objects for Scientific Applications
* Universal Face Photo-Sketch Style Transfer via Multiview Domain Translation
* Upper Body Tracking and 3D Gesture Reconstruction Using Agent-Based Architecture
Includes: Peng, C.[Cheng] Peng, C.[Chao] Peng, C. Peng, C.[Chen] Peng, C.[Chunlei] Peng, C.[Chong] Peng, C.[Cong] Peng, C.[Can]
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Peng, C.G.[Chang Gen] Co Author Listing * Res2-unet: An Enhanced Network for Generalized Nuclear Segmentation in Pathological Images
Includes: Peng, C.G.[Chang Gen] Peng, C.G.[Chang-Gen]

Peng, C.H.[Chen Hsing] Co Author Listing * Content-Based Scheme for CT Lung Image Retrieval, A
* DuLa-Net: A Dual-Projection Network for Estimating Room Layouts From a Single RGB Panorama
* High confidence detection for moving target in aerial video
* Manhattan Room Layout Reconstruction from a Single 360° Image: A Comparative Study of State-of-the-Art Methods
* Modeling Gross Primary Production of a Typical Coastal Wetland in China Using MODIS Time Series and CO2 Eddy Flux Tower Data
* Response of Vegetation Photosynthetic Phenology to Urbanization in Dongting Lake Basin, China
Includes: Peng, C.H.[Chen Hsing] Peng, C.H.[Chen-Hsing] Peng, C.H.[Chi-Han] Peng, C.H.[Chen-Hui] Peng, C.H.[Chang-Hui]

Peng, C.J.[Chun Jen] Co Author Listing * LODENet: A Holistic Approach to Offline Handwritten Chinese and Japanese Text Line Recognition
Includes: Peng, C.J.[Chun Jen] Peng, C.J.[Chun-Jen]

Peng, C.K.[Chun Kang] Co Author Listing * Driver Assistance System Providing an Intuitive Perspective View of Vehicle Surrounding
* Very-low-bit Rate Coding Using Matching Pursuit and Codebook Adaptation
Includes: Peng, C.K.[Chun Kang] Peng, C.K.[Chun-Kang] Peng, C.K.

Peng, C.L.[Cheng Lun] Co Author Listing * Compact learning for multi-label classification
* Iterative local re-ranking with attribute guided synthesis for face sketch recognition
* Modeling the occlusion problem in thermal imaging to allow seeing through mist and foliage
* Semantic segmentation using stride spatial pyramid pooling and dual attention decoder
Includes: Peng, C.L.[Cheng Lun] Peng, C.L.[Cheng-Lun] Peng, C.L.[Chun-Lei] Peng, C.L.[Cheng-Lei] Peng, C.L.[Cheng-Li]

Peng, C.M.[Chang Meng] Co Author Listing * Bilateral False Contour Elimination Filter-Based Image Bit-Depth Enhancement
Includes: Peng, C.M.[Chang Meng] Peng, C.M.[Chang-Meng]

Peng, C.W. Co Author Listing * Evaluation and Comparison of Current Fetal Ultrasound Image Segmentation Methods for Biometric Measurements: A Grand Challenge

Peng, C.Y. Co Author Listing * Harmonic Neural Networks for On-Line Learning Vector Quantisation

Peng, C.Z.[Chang Zhi] Co Author Listing * Enhancement of Cloud-to-Ground Lightning Activity Caused by the Urban Effect: A Case Study in the Beijing Metropolitan Area
Includes: Peng, C.Z.[Chang Zhi] Peng, C.Z.[Chang-Zhi]

Peng, D.[Da] Co Author Listing * China's Land Cover Fraction Change during 2001-2015 Based on Remote Sensed Data Fusion between MCD12 and CCI-LC
* Cross-modal discriminant adversarial network
* Curve-Driven-Based Acoustic Inversion for Photoacoustic Tomography
* Developing Apache Spark Based Ripley's K Functions for Accelerating Spatiotemporal Point Pattern Analysis
* Effective Pseudonoise Sequence and Decoding Function for Imperceptibility and Robustness Enhancement in Time-Spread Echo-Based Audio Watermarking
* Estimating Forest Stock Volume in Hunan Province, China, by Integrating In Situ Plot Data, Sentinel-2 Images, and Linear and Machine Learning Regression Models
* Filter for SAR Image Despeckling Using Pre-Trained Convolutional Neural Network Model, A
* Generative adversarial image super-resolution network for multiple degradations
* Global and Local Texture Randomization for Synthetic-to-Real Semantic Segmentation
* Global White-Sky and Black-Sky FAPAR Retrieval Using the Energy Balance Residual Method: Algorithm and Validation
* Hierarchical Paired Channel Fusion Network for Street Scene Change Detection
* Implicit Feature Alignment: Learn to Convert Text Recognizer to Text Spotter
* Joint Versus Independent Multiview Hashing for Cross-View Retrieval
* K-Matrix: A Novel Change-Pattern Mining Method for SAR Image Time Series
* Multi-View Linear Discriminant Analysis Network
* Multimedia Quality-Driven Network Resource Management Architecture for Wireless Sensor Networks With Stream Authentication, A
* Novel in Situ FPAR Measurement Method for Low Canopy Vegetation Based on a Digital Camera and Reference Panel, A
* On Energy Efficient Encryption for Video Streaming in Wireless Sensor Networks
* Overloaded Branch Chains Induced by False Data Injection Attack in Smart Grid
* PDE-based fast local level set method, A
* Remotely sensed big data: evolution in model development for information extraction
* Scale Mapping and Dynamic Re-Detecting in Dense Head Detection
Includes: Peng, D.[Da] Peng, D.[Dezhong] Peng, D. Peng, D.[Daoli] Peng, D.[Dong] Peng, D.[Dewei] Peng, D.[Duo] Peng, D.[Dailiang] Peng, D.[Dezhi]
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Peng, D.F.[Dai Feng] Co Author Listing * Affine-Function Transformation-Based Object Matching for Vehicle Detection from Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Imagery
* Building Change Detection By Combining Lidar Data And Ortho Image
* CLNet: Cross-Layer Convolutional Neural Network for Change Detection in Optical Remote Sensing Imagery
* End-to-End Change Detection for High Resolution Satellite Images Using Improved UNet++
* Robust Feature Matching with Spatial Smoothness Constraints
* SemiCDNet: A Semisupervised Convolutional Neural Network for Change Detection in High Resolution Remote-Sensing Images
Includes: Peng, D.F.[Dai Feng] Peng, D.F.[Dai-Feng]

Peng, D.G.[Dao Gang] Co Author Listing * Research of Digital Watermarking Based on DWT and Holography Image
* Research of the Embedded Data Pre-Processing and Fault Prognostics System for Turbine-Generator Units
Includes: Peng, D.G.[Dao Gang] Peng, D.G.[Dao-Gang]

Peng, D.L.[Dai Liang] Co Author Listing * Contrasting Effects of Temperature and Precipitation on Vegetation Greenness along Elevation Gradients of the Tibetan Plateau
* Estimating the Aboveground Biomass for Planted Forests Based on Stand Age and Environmental Variables
* Progress and Trends in the Application of Google Earth and Google Earth Engine
* Response of Spectral Reflectances and Vegetation Indices on Varying Juniper Cone Densities
* Scaling effects on spring phenology detections from MODIS data at multiple spatial resolutions over the contiguous United States
* Spatiotemporal Dynamics of Net Primary Productivity in China's Urban Lands during 1982-2015
* Upscaling from Instantaneous to Daily Fraction of Absorbed Photosynthetically Active Radiation (FAPAR) for Satellite Products
Includes: Peng, D.L.[Dai Liang] Peng, D.L.[Dai-Liang]
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Peng, D.M.[Dong Ming] Co Author Listing * Energy-Constrained Distortion Reduction Optimization for Wavelet-Based Coded Image Transmission in Wireless Sensor Networks
* Low-complexity image coder/decoder with an approaching-entropy quad-tree search code for embedded computing platforms
Includes: Peng, D.M.[Dong Ming] Peng, D.M.[Dong-Ming]

Peng, D.Q.[Dai Qiang] Co Author Listing * Improving fuzzy c-means clustering based on local membership variation
* New Efficient SVM-based Image Registration Method, A
Includes: Peng, D.Q.[Dai Qiang] Peng, D.Q.[Dai-Qiang]

Peng, D.Q.A.[Dai Qi Ang] Co Author Listing * Transformation model estimation of image registration via least square support vector machines
Includes: Peng, D.Q.A.[Dai Qi Ang] Peng, D.Q.A.[Dai Qi-Ang]

Peng, D.Z.[De Zhang] Co Author Listing * Architecture design for a low-cost and low-complexity foreground object segmentation with Multi-model Background Maintenance algorithm
* Assessment and Correction of the PERSIANN-CDR Product in the Yarlung Zangbo River Basin, China
* Deep Supervised Cross-Modal Retrieval
* Detecting Heads using Feature Refine Net and Cascaded Multi-scale Architecture
Includes: Peng, D.Z.[De Zhang] Peng, D.Z.[De-Zhang] Peng, D.Z.[Ding-Zhi] Peng, D.Z.[De-Zhong] Peng, D.Z.[De-Zhi]

Peng, E.[En] Co Author Listing * Acquiring human skeleton proportions from monocular images without posture estimation
* Acquisition of 3-D surface shape of human body from monocular images without pose estimation
* Camera calibration using one-dimensional information and its applications in both controlled and uncontrolled environments
* Product Barcode and Expiry Date Detection for the Visually Impaired Using a Smartphone

Peng, F.[Feilin] Co Author Listing * Analysis and Evaluation of Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions on Prevention and Control of COVID-19: A Case Study of Wuhan City
* CGR-GAN: CG Facial Image Regeneration for Antiforensics Based on Generative Adversarial Network
* Dynamic 3D Simulation of Flood Risk Based on the Integration of Spatio-Temporal GIS and Hydrodynamic Models
* Estimation of Winter Wheat Residue Coverage Using Optical and SAR Remote Sensing Images
* Face presentation attack detection based on chromatic co-occurrence of local binary pattern and ensemble learning
* Face spoofing detection based on color texture Markov feature and support vector machine recursive feature elimination
* Historical GIS Data and Changes in Urban Morphological Parameters For The Analysis Of Urban Heat Islands In Hong Kong
* Identifying source camera using guided image estimation and block weighted average
* Methods and Application of Archeological Cloud Platform for Grand Sites Based on Spatio-Temporal Big Data
* mobile augmented reality system for exhibition hall based on Vuforia, A
* Multi-feature Hashing Tracking
* New Application of Random Forest Algorithm to Estimate Coverage of Moss-Dominated Biological Soil Crusts in Semi-Arid Mu Us Sandy Land, China, A
* New Insights in Regional Climate Change: Coupled Land Albedo Change Estimation in Greenland from 1981 to 2017
* NTIRE 2021 Challenge on Image Deblurring
* Partial Hash Update via Hamming Subspace Learning
* Retracking Cryosat-2 Data in SARIn and LRM Modes for Plateau Lakes: A Case Study for Tibetan and Dianchi Lakes
* Reversible data hiding based on RSBEMD coding and adaptive multi-segment left and right histogram shifting
* reversible visible watermarking for 2D CAD engineering graphics based on graphics fusion, A
* reversible watermarking for authenticating 2D vector graphics based on bionic spider web, A
* Robust Coverless Image Steganography Based on DCT and LDA Topic Classification
* Semi-Fragile Reversible Watermarking for Authenticating 2D Engineering Graphics Based on Improved Region Nesting, A
* Separable reversible data hiding and encryption for HEVC video
* Separable Robust Reversible Watermarking in Encrypted 2D Vector Graphics
* Source Camera Identification Based on Guided Image Estimation and Block Weighted Average
* Spectral Response Assessment of Moss-Dominated Biological Soil Crust Coverage Under Dry and Wet Conditions
* Tunable Selective Encryption Scheme for H.265/HEVC Based on Chroma IPM and Coefficient Scrambling, A
* Validation of Improved Significant Wave Heights from the Brown-Peaky (BP) Retracker along the East Coast of Australia
* Validation of Wind Speeds From Brown-Peaky Retracker in the Gulf of Mexico and East Coast of North America
* Visible Reversible Watermarking for 3d Models Based on Mesh Subdivision
Includes: Peng, F.[Feilin] Peng, F. Peng, F.[Fei] Peng, F.[Fanchen] Peng, F.[Fuguo] Peng, F.[Furong] Peng, F.[Fan] Peng, F.[Fukai]
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Peng, F.C.[Feng Chao] Co Author Listing * Using Machine Learning Methods to Identify Particle Types from Doppler Lidar Measurements in Iceland
Includes: Peng, F.C.[Feng Chao] Peng, F.C.[Feng-Chao]

Peng, F.F.[Fei Fei] Co Author Listing * Concentric Circle Pooling in Deep Convolutional Networks for Remote Sensing Scene Classification
* Forest Resistance and Resilience to 2002 Drought in Northern China
* Impact Of Building Heights On 3d Urban Density Estimation From Spaceborne Stereo Imagery
* Land Cover Change Detection from High-Resolution Remote Sensing Imagery Using Multitemporal Deep Feature Collaborative Learning and a Semi-supervised Chan-Vese Model
* New Stereo Pair Disparity Index (SPDI) for Detecting Built-Up Areas from High-Resolution Stereo Imagery, A
Includes: Peng, F.F.[Fei Fei] Peng, F.F.[Fei-Fei]

Peng, F.R.[Fu Rong] Co Author Listing * Street view cross-sourced point cloud matching and registration
Includes: Peng, F.R.[Fu Rong] Peng, F.R.[Fu-Rong]

Peng, F.Y.[Fu Yuan] Co Author Listing * Extracting Contours of Hydrothermal Chimney Undersea Images Based on Machine Vision
* Sub-Regional Extraction Method of Common Mode Components from IGS and CMONOC Stations in China, A
Includes: Peng, F.Y.[Fu Yuan] Peng, F.Y.[Fu-Yuan] Peng, F.Y.[Feng-You]

Peng, G. Co Author Listing * Adaptive ADMM for Dictionary Learning in Convolutional Sparse Representation
* Automatic Identification System-Based Approach for Assessing the Near-Miss Collision Risk Dynamics of Ships in Ports
* Camera based mixed-lingual card reader for mobile device
* Conditional Gaussian Distribution Learning for Open Set Recognition
* Context-Aware Framework for Reducing Bandwidth Usage of Mobile Video Chats, A
* Continuous Authentication With Touch Behavioral Biometrics and Voice on Wearable Glasses
* Direction-Constrained Space-Time Prism-Based Approach for Quantifying Possible Multi-Ship Collision Risks, A
* Efficient 3D Video Engine Using Frame Redundancy
* Elastic mechanism of cross layer and multi domain communication network
* Exploring Domain Knowledge for Facial Expression-Assisted Action Unit Activation Recognition
* Facial Action Unit Recognition Augmented by Their Dependencies
* Force Sensorless Admittance Control for Teleoperation of Uncertain Robot Manipulator Using Neural Networks
* Histogram-based cost aggregation strategy with joint bilateral filtering for stereo matching
* Multi-Modality Latent Interaction Network for Visual Question Answering
* Multi-Objective Optimization and Characterization of Pareto Points for Scalable Coding
* Parallel Convolutional Networks for Image Recognition via a Discriminator
* PGT: A Progressive Method for Training Models on Long Videos
* Reweighted and Adaptive Morphology Separation
* Saliency detection via coarse-to-fine diffusion-based compactness with weighted learning affinity matrix
* Sensitivity Analysis of Arctic Sea Ice Extent Trends and Statistical Projections Using Satellite Data
* Sensitivity of Arctic Sea Ice Extent to Sea Ice Concentration Threshold Choice and Its Implication to Ice Coverage Decadal Trends and Statistical Projections
* Temporal Means and Variability of Arctic Sea Ice Melt and Freeze Season Climate Indicators Using a Satellite Climate Data Record
* Three-Dimensional Cumulant-Based Coherent Integration Method to Enhance First-Break Seismic Signals
* Time-domain period detection in short-duration videos
Includes: Peng, G. Peng, G.[Gang] Peng, G.[Gao] Peng, g. Peng, G.[Guohua] Peng, G.[Ge]
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Peng, G.H.[Guo Hua] Co Author Listing * Fast two-stage segmentation model for images with intensity inhomogeneity
* Salient object detection based on compactness and foreground connectivity
* Salient object detection via incorporating multiple manifold ranking
Includes: Peng, G.H.[Guo Hua] Peng, G.H.[Guo-Hua]

Peng, G.J.[Guan Ju] Co Author Listing * AND-OR tree-based mode selection for video coding
* Distortion estimation and bit allocation for MCTF based 3-D wavelet video coding
* Interlayer Bit Allocation for Scalable Video Coding
* Re-weighting the morphological diversity
* Subband Weighting With Pixel Connectivity for 3-D Wavelet Coding
Includes: Peng, G.J.[Guan Ju] Peng, G.J.[Guan-Ju] Peng, G.J.

Peng, G.Q.[Guo Qiang] Co Author Listing * Procedural Construction Method for Interactive Map Symbols Used for Disasters and Emergency Response, A
Includes: Peng, G.Q.[Guo Qiang] Peng, G.Q.[Guo-Qiang]

Peng, G.W.[Guo Wen] Co Author Listing * Street View Text Recognition With Deep Learning for Urban Scene Understanding in Intelligent Transportation Systems
Includes: Peng, G.W.[Guo Wen] Peng, G.W.[Guo-Wen]

Peng, G.X.[Guang Xiong] Co Author Listing * Model for Animal Home Range Estimation Based on the Active Learning Method, A
Includes: Peng, G.X.[Guang Xiong] Peng, G.X.[Guang-Xiong]

Peng, G.Z.[Guo Zhang] Co Author Listing * 8-Day and Daily Maximum and Minimum Air Temperature Estimation via Machine Learning Method on a Climate Zone to Global Scale
* Capturing Feature and Label Relations Simultaneously for Multiple Facial Action Unit Recognition
* Multiple Facial Action Unit recognition by learning joint features and label relations
* Novel Strategy to Reconstruct NDVI Time-Series with High Temporal Resolution from MODIS Multi-Temporal Composite Products, A
* Weakly Supervised Dual Learning for Facial Action Unit Recognition
* Weakly Supervised Facial Action Unit Recognition Through Adversarial Training
* Weakly Supervised Facial Action Unit Recognition With Domain Knowledge
* Wheat Yield Prediction Based on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles-Collected Red-Green-Blue Imagery
Includes: Peng, G.Z.[Guo Zhang] Peng, G.Z.[Guo-Zhang] Peng, G.Z.[Guo-Zhu]
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Peng, H. Co Author Listing * Accelerated Evaluation of Automated Vehicles in Car-Following Maneuvers
* Accelerated Evaluation of Automated Vehicles Safety in Lane-Change Scenarios Based on Importance Sampling Techniques
* Adaptive fuzzy switching filter for images corrupted by impulse noise
* Automated 3-D Neuron Tracing With Precise Branch Erasing and Confidence Controlled Back Tracking
* Automatic 3D Single Neuron Reconstruction with Exhaustive Tracing
* automatic clustering algorithm inspired by membrane computing, An
* Autonomous Information Collection and Dissemination Model for Large-Scale Urban Road Networks, An
* Battlefield Image Situational Awareness Application Based on Deep Learning
* Bayesian Morphometry Algorithm, A
* BDNN: Binary convolution neural networks for fast object detection
* Data-driven decomposition for multi-class classification
* Deep Irregular Convolutional Residual LSTM for Urban Traffic Passenger Flows Prediction
* Deep Learning Segmentation of Optical Microscopy Images Improves 3-D Neuron Reconstruction
* Deeper and Wider Siamese Networks for Real-Time Visual Tracking
* Design, Analysis, and Experiments of Preview Path Tracking Control for Autonomous Vehicles
* Developing Robot Driver Etiquette Based on Naturalistic Human Driving Behavior
* Document Image Matching Based on Component Blocks
* Document image recognition based on template matching of component block projections
* Document image template matching based on component block list
* Dual-supervised attention network for deep cross-modal hashing
* EEG-Based Cognitive Interfaces for Ubiquitous Applications: Developments and Challenges
* Empirical Study of DSRC Performance Based on Safety Pilot Model Deployment Data
* Fuel-Optimal Cruising Strategy for Road Vehicles With Step-Gear Mechanical Transmission
* Fully Automated Face Recognition System Under Different Conditions, A
* Fully Autonomous UAV-Based Action Recognition System Using Aerial Imagery
* Gap Acceptance During Lane Changes by Large-Truck Drivers: An Image-Based Analysis
* Generating Socially Acceptable Perturbations for Efficient Evaluation of Autonomous Vehicles
* GIS Study of the Influences of Warm Ocean Eddies on the Intensity Variations of Tropical Cyclones in the South China Sea, A
* GNSS-Based Statistical Analysis of Ionospheric Anomalies During Typhoon Landings in Taiwan/Japan
* Graph-Embedded Lane Detection
* Highway Exiting Planner for Automated Vehicles Using Reinforcement Learning
* Hyperspectral Unmixing with Bandwise Generalized Bilinear Model
* Illumination Estimation Based on Bilayer Sparse Coding
* Improved Adaptive Smoothing Method, An
* Improving Localization Accuracy in Connected Vehicle Networks Using Rao-Blackwellized Particle Filters: Theory, Simulations, and Experiments
* Learning 3D Faces from Photo-Realistic Facial Synthesis
* LightTrack: Finding Lightweight Neural Networks for Object Tracking via One-Shot Architecture Search
* Localisation and segmentation of optic disc with the fractional-order Darwinian particle swarm optimisation algorithm
* Multi-dimensional clustering through fusion of high-order similarities
* Multi-focus image fusion approach based on CNP systems in NSCT domain
* Multiscale Ray-Shooting Model for Termination Detection of Tree-Like Structures in Biomedical Images, A
* Nonnegative Matrix Factorization on Orthogonal Subspace
* Novel Digital Watermarking Based on General Non-Negative Matrix Factorization, A
* Novel dual-layer-oriented strategy for fully automated vehicles' lane-keeping system
* novel face recognition system using hybrid neural and dual eigenspaces methods, A
* NTIRE 2020 Challenge on Spectral Reconstruction from an RGB Image
* Penetration effect of connected and automated vehicles on cooperative on-ramp merging
* Preview Path Tracking Control With Delay Compensation for Autonomous Vehicles
* Privacy-Preserving Cloud-Based Video Surveillance with Adjustable Granularity of Privacy Protection
* Range Policy of Adaptive Cruise Control Vehicles for Improved Flow Stability and String Stability
* Recognition of Low-Resolution Logos in Vehicle Images Based on Statistical Random Sparse Distribution
* Research Of Nested Parallel Pipelines On Parallel Graphics Rendering System
* Residual Pixel Attention Network for Spectral Reconstruction from RGB Images
* Revisiting Anchor Mechanisms for Temporal Action Localization
* RGBD Salient Object Detection: A Benchmark and Algorithms
* Robotic Dance in Social Robotics: A Taxonomy
* Robust Vehicle Sideslip Angle Estimation Through a Disturbance Rejection Filter That Integrates a Magnetometer With GPS
* Rule-Based Cooperative Merging Strategy for Connected and Automated Vehicles, A
* Sample reconstruction with deep autoencoder for one sample per person face recognition
* Shape estimation in computer tomography from minimal data
* Shape-aware skeletal deformation for 2D characters
* Show, Attend, and Translate: Unsupervised Image Translation With Self-Regularization and Attention
* Spectrum Management for Multi-Access Edge Computing in Autonomous Vehicular Networks
* Transductive Approach for Video Object Segmentation, A
* Video object matching across multiple non-overlapping camera views based on multi-feature fusion and incremental learning
Includes: Peng, H. Peng, H.[Haoyu] Peng, H.[Hong] Peng, H.[Hanyu] Peng, H.[Hanchuan] Peng, H.[Houwen] Peng, H.[Huei] Peng, H.[Hui] Peng, H.[Han] Peng, H.[Hai] Peng, H.[Hu] Peng, H.[Haonan] Peng, H.[Hao] Peng, H.[Hua]
65 for Peng, H.

Peng, H.C.[Han Chuan] Co Author Listing * 3-D Registration of Biological Images and Models: Registration of microscopic images and its uses in segmentation and annotation
* 3D neuron tip detection in volumetric microscopy images using an adaptive ray-shooting model
* DeepBranch: Deep Neural Networks for Branch Point Detection in Biomedical Images
* Dice Recognition in Uncontrolled Illumination Conditions by Local Invariant Features
* Face Recognition Across Poses Using a Single 3D Reference Model
* Feature Selection Based on Mutual Information: Criteria of Max-Dependency, Max-Relevance, and Min-Redundancy
* Landmark Based Facial Component Reconstruction for Recognition across Pose
* RGB-D Based Face Reconstruction and Recognition
Includes: Peng, H.C.[Han Chuan] Peng, H.C.[Han-Chuan] Peng, H.C.[Hsiao-Chia]
8 for Peng, H.C.

Peng, H.H.[Hong Hong] Co Author Listing * Bilateral kernel parameter optimization by risk minimization
* Hyperspectral image enhancement with vector bilateral filtering
* Multispectral Image Denoising With Optimized Vector Bilateral Filter
* Nonnegative matrix factorization with deterministic annealing for unsupervised unmixing of hyperspectral imagery
* Optimized vector bilateral filter for multispectral image denoising
Includes: Peng, H.H.[Hong Hong] Peng, H.H.[Hong-Hong]

Peng, H.L.[Heng Li] Co Author Listing * Automated Chinese Essay Scoring from Topic Perspective Using Regularized Latent Semantic Indexing
* Automated Error Detection and Correction of Chinese Characters in Written Essays Based on Weighted Finite-State Transducer
* Foot Modeling Based on Machine Vision and Social Manufacturing Research
* New Wavelet Image Fusion Method Based on Gradient and Energy for Decision-Making, A
* Reduced-Dynamic Precise Orbit Determination of Haiyang-2B Altimetry Satellite Using a Refined Empirical Acceleration Model
* Trademark Shape-Recognition Using Closed Contours
Includes: Peng, H.L.[Heng Li] Peng, H.L.[Heng-Li] Peng, H.L.[Hong-Li] Peng, H.L.[Hui-Ling] Peng, H.L.[Hai-Long] Peng, H.L.

Peng, H.Q.[Hai Quan] Co Author Listing * Monitoring Urban Clusters Expansion in the Middle Reaches of the Yangtze River, China, Using Time-Series Nighttime Light Images
Includes: Peng, H.Q.[Hai Quan] Peng, H.Q.[Hai-Quan]

Peng, H.R.[Hong Rui] Co Author Listing * Improving Stage-Discharge Relation in The Mekong River Estuary by Remotely Sensed Long-Period Ocean Tides
Includes: Peng, H.R.[Hong Rui] Peng, H.R.[Hong-Rui]

Peng, H.W.[Hou Wen] Co Author Listing * Multi-View Multi-Instance Learning Based on Joint Sparse Representation and Multi-View Dictionary Learning
* Ocean: Object-aware Anchor-free Tracking
* Salient Object Detection via Structured Matrix Decomposition
* Seventh Visual Object Tracking VOT2019 Challenge Results, The
* Toward Accurate Pixelwise Object Tracking via Attention Retrieval
Includes: Peng, H.W.[Hou Wen] Peng, H.W.[Hou-Wen]

Peng, H.X.[Hui Xiang] Co Author Listing * anchor-based graph method for detecting and classifying indoor objects from cluttered 3D point clouds, An
* lossy compression scheme for encrypted images exploiting Cauchy distribution and weighted rate distortion optimization, A
* Outlier Detection with the Kernelized Spatial Depth Function
* Pseudo multi-hop distributed consensus algorithm under directed topologies
* Second-order distributed consensus with modified probabilistic quantization
* Second-order distributed consensus with one-bit adaptive quantization
* Spatio-temporal context based recurrent visual attention model for lymph node detection
Includes: Peng, H.X.[Hui Xiang] Peng, H.X.[Hui-Xiang] Peng, H.X.[Hong-Xing] Peng, H.X.[Han-Xiang] Peng, H.X.[Huan-Xin] Peng, H.X.[Hai-Xin]
7 for Peng, H.X.

Peng, H.Y.[Han Yang] Co Author Listing * Echo energy analysis for pulse position modulation sequences used for non-crosstalk sonar systems
* Hybrid approach using map-based estimation and class-specific Hough forest for pedestrian counting and detection
* Learning to multimodal hash for robust video copy detection
* Systematic IoU-Related Method: Beyond Simplified Regression for Better Localization, A
* Time-Offset Conversations on a Life-Sized Automultiscopic Projector Array
Includes: Peng, H.Y.[Han Yang] Peng, H.Y.[Han-Yang] Peng, H.Y.[Hao-Yu] Peng, H.Y.[Hai-Yan] Peng, H.Y.[Hsuan-Yueh]

Peng, J.[Jing] Co Author Listing * email: Peng, J.[Jing]: jp AT vislab ucr edu
* Adaptive kernel metric nearest neighbor classification
* Adaptive Metric Nearest Neighbor Classification
* Adaptive Quasiconformal Kernel Metric for Image Retrieval
* Adaptive quasiconformal kernel nearest neighbor classification
* Adaptive target recognition
* Adaptive Target Recognition Using Reinforcement Learning
* Anchor Box Optimization for Object Detection
* Attribute-Guided Feature Learning Network for Vehicle Reidentification
* Bimodal Gaussian Inhomogeneous Poisson Algorithm for Bike Number Prediction in a Bike-Sharing System, A
* Block-Wisely Supervised Neural Architecture Search With Knowledge Distillation
* Boosting Weakly Supervised Object Detection with Progressive Knowledge Transfer
* Calibration Method for Fully Polarimetric Microwave Radiometers Using the Correlated Noise Calibration Standard
* Classification of Non-Tumorous Facial Pigmentation Disorders Using Improved Smote and Transfer Learning
* Close-Loop Object Recognition Using Reinforcement Learning
* Combining the advice of experts with randomized boosting for robust pattern recognition
* comparative study of CNN-based super-resolution methods in MRI reconstruction and its beyond, A
* Comprehensive Evaluation of Latest GPM IMERG V06 Early, Late and Final Precipitation Products across China, A
* Copula-Based Abrupt Variations Detection in the Relationship of Seasonal Vegetation-Climate in the Jing River Basin, China
* Correlations between Urbanization and Vegetation Degradation across the World's Metropolises Using DMSP/OLS Nighttime Light Data
* DAP: Detection-Aware Pre-training with Weak Supervision
* Deep Learning Based Single-Photon 3D Imaging with Multiple Returns
* Delayed Reinforcement Learning for Closed-Loop Object Recognition
* design and implementation of dip arrow plot pattern recognition system, The
* Discriminant Analysis: A Least Squares Approximation View
* Diversification of Land Surface Temperature Change under Urban Landscape Renewal: A Case Study in the Main City of Shenzhen, China
* Dynamics of Vegetation Greenness and Its Response to Climate Change in Xinjiang over the Past Two Decades
* Efficient Regularized Least Squares Classification
* Empirical Study of Adversarial Examples on Remote Sensing Image Scene Classification, An
* Ensemble Approach to Robust Biometrics Fusion, An
* Estimating Daily PM2.5 Concentrations in Beijing Using 750-M VIIRS IP AOD Retrievals and a Nested Spatiotemporal Statistical Model
* Evaluating Saturation Correction Methods for DMSP/OLS Nighttime Light Data: A Case Study from China's Cities
* Evaluation of Daytime Evaporative Fraction from MODIS TOA Radiances Using FLUXNET Observations
* Evaluation of Satellite and Reanalysis Soil Moisture Products over Southwest China Using Ground-Based Measurements
* Faraday Rotation Correction for the SMAP Radiometer
* Fast and Latent Low-Rank Subspace Clustering for Hyperspectral Band Selection
* Feature Relevance Learning with Query Shifting for Content-based Image Retrieval
* Field-Scale Characterization of Spatio-Temporal Variability of Soil Salinity in Three Dimensions
* Finger Vein Recognition with Gabor Wavelets and Local Binary Patterns
* Flattest histogram specification with accurate brightness preservation
* Fusion algorithm for multisensor images based on discrete multiwavelet transform
* GAIA: A Transfer Learning System of Object Detection that Fits Your Needs
* Generating a High-Resolution Time-Series Ocean Surface Net Radiation Product by Downscaling J-OFURO3
* Generating Diverse Structure for Image Inpainting With Hierarchical VQ-VAE
* Generic Promotion of Diffusion-Based Salient Object Detection
* GIFMarking: The robust watermarking for animated GIF based deep learning
* GRACE-Based Terrestrial Water Storage in Northwest China: Changes and Causes
* HEp-2 cell classification in IIF images using Shareboost
* HsgNet: A Road Extraction Network Based on Global Perception of High-Order Spatial Information
* Image retrieval by subspace-projected color and texture features
* Impacts of AOD Correction and Spatial Scale on the Correlation between High-Resolution AOD from Gaofen-1 Satellite and In Situ PM2.5 Measurements in Shenzhen City, China
* Implementing real-time RCF-Retinex image enhancement method using CUDA
* improved snake model for building detection from urban aerial images, An
* Incorporating high-level and low-level cues for pain intensity estimation
* Independent feature analysis for image retrieval
* Integrating Remote Sensing and Landscape Characteristics to Estimate Soil Salinity Using Machine Learning Methods: A Case Study from Southern Xinjiang, China
* Integrating Spatial Continuous Wavelet Transform and Normalized Difference Vegetation Index to Map the Agro-Pastoral Transitional Zone in Northern China
* Introduction to the Special Issue on Learning in Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition
* Kernel Entropy Component Analysis-Based Robust Hyperspectral Image Supervised Classification
* Kernel indextng for relevance feedback image retrieval
* Kernel Pooled Local Subspaces for Classification
* Keyframe-Based Video Summary Using Visual Attention Clues
* KL based data fusion for target tracking
* Large-Scale Object Detection in the Wild From Imbalanced Multi-Labels
* Latent Relationship Guided Stacked Sparse Autoencoder for Hyperspectral Imagery Classification
* LDA/SVM Driven Nearest Neighbor Classification
* Learned Smartphone ISP on Mobile NPUs with Deep Learning, Mobile AI 2021 Challenge: Report
* Learning Deep Network for Detecting 3D Object Keypoints and 6D Poses
* Learning feature relevance and similarity metrics in image databases
* Learning integrated online indexing for image databases
* Learning Optimal Filter Representation for Texture Classification
* LF-fusion: Dense and accurate 3D reconstruction from light field images
* Liver segmentation with constrained convex variational model
* Local discriminative learning for pattern recognition
* Local Reinforcement Learning for Object Recognition
* Locally Adaptive Metric Nearest-Neighbor Classification
* Mapping Development Pattern in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Urban Agglomeration Using DMSP/OLS Nighttime Light Data
* Moment invariants under similarity transformation
* Monitoring and Analyzing Mountain Glacier Surface Movement Using SAR Data and a Terrestrial Laser Scanner: A Case Study of the Himalayas North Slope Glacier Area
* Monitoring Water and Energy Cycles at Climate Scale in the Third Pole Environment (CLIMATE-TPE)
* Mtnas: Search Multi-task Networks for Autonomous Driving
* Multi-class Relevance Feedback Approach to Image Retrieval, A
* Multi-class relevance feedback content-based image retrieval
* multi-object tracking system for surveillance video analysis, A
* Multiple Subspaces-Based Model: Interpreting Urban Functional Regions with Big Geospatial Data, A
* New Directional Canopy Emissivity Model Based on Spectral Invariants, A
* New Processing Chain for Real-Time Ground-Based SAR (RT-GBSAR) Deformation Monitoring, A
* non-parameterized method for co-registration of panchromatic and multispectral images, A
* Nonlocal Band-Weighted Iterative Spectral Mixture Model for Hyperspectral Imagery Denoising
* On pain assessment from facial videos using spatio-temporal local descriptors
* On Parzen windows classifiers
* Optimization-Based Dynamic Sensor Management for Distributed Multitarget Tracking
* Optimized Searching Algorithm for Image Matching, An
* Potential of VIS-NIR-SWIR Spectroscopy from the Chinese Soil Spectral Library for Assessment of Nitrogen Fertilization Rates in the Paddy-Rice Region, China
* Probabilistic Feature Relevance Learning for Content-Based Image Retrieval
* Probabilistic Feature Relevance Learning for Online Indexing
* Probability-based method for boosting human action recognition using scene context
* Quantitative Estimation of Soil Salinity Using UAV-Borne Hyperspectral and Satellite Multispectral Images
* Rail Central Displacement Method About GB-SAR, A
* Region-based Image Retrieval Using Probabilistic Feature Relevance Learning
* Resolution Enhancement of Remotely Sensed Land Surface Temperature: Current Status and Perspectives
* SAR Image Denoising via Clustering-Based Principal Component Analysis
* Satellite-Based Operational Real-Time Drought Monitoring in the Transboundary Lancang-Mekong River Basin
* Scene Complexity: A New Perspective on Understanding the Scene Semantics of Remote Sensing and Designing Image-Adaptive Convolutional Neural Networks
* Self-Paced Joint Sparse Representation for the Classification of Hyperspectral Images
* Set of Satellite-Based Near Real-Time Meteorological Drought Monitoring Data over China, A
* Single-image raindrop removal using concurrent channel-spatial attention and long-short skip connections
* SLCRF: Subspace Learning With Conditional Random Field for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* SMAP L-Band Microwave Radiometer: Instrument Design and First Year on Orbit
* SMAPGAN: Generative Adversarial Network-Based Semisupervised Styled Map Tile Generation Method
* Smart Tourism Recommendation Algorithm Based on Cellular Geospatial Clustering and Multivariate Weighted Collaborative Filtering, A
* Soil Moisture Active/Passive L-Band Microwave Radiometer Postlaunch Calibration
* Soil Salinity Mapping Using Machine Learning Algorithms with the Sentinel-2 MSI in Arid Areas, China
* Spatial and Spectral Image Fusion Using Sparse Matrix Factorization
* Spatial Downscaling of Satellite Soil Moisture Data Using a Vegetation Temperature Condition Index
* spatially structured adaptive two-stage model for retrieving ground-level PM2.5 concentrations from VIIRS AOD in China, A
* Spatio-Temporal Patterns of Urban-Rural Development and Transformation in East of the Hu Huanyong Line, China
* STAIR 2.0: A Generic and Automatic Algorithm to Fuse Modis, Landsat, and Sentinel-2 to Generate 10 m, Daily, and Cloud-/Gap-Free Surface Reflectance Product
* Structured sparsity regularized multiple kernel learning for Alzheimer's disease diagnosis
* Super Diffusion for Salient Object Detection
* Superpixel Optimization Using Higher Order Energy
* Surface Soil Moisture Retrieval Using Optical/Thermal Infrared Remote Sensing Data
* SVM vs regularized least squares classification
* Uncertainty of Nighttime Light Data in Estimating Carbon Dioxide Emissions in China: A Comparison between DMSP-OLS and NPP-VIIRS, The
* Unsupervised deep hashing for large-scale visual search
* Unsupervised Depth Estimation from Light Field Using a Convolutional Neural Network
* Variable-Order Finite Difference Scheme for Numerical Simulation in 3-D Poroelastic Media
* Vegetation Dynamics and Associated Driving Forces in Eastern China during 1999-2008
* Water Balance Analysis Based on a Quantitative Evapotranspiration Inversion in the Nukus Irrigation Area, Lower Amu River Basin
Includes: Peng, J.[Jing] Peng, J. Peng, J.[Jian] Peng, J.[Jie] Peng, J.[Jiaxiong] Peng, J.[Jialiang] Peng, J.[Junran] Peng, J.[Jialun] Peng, J.[Jin] Peng, J.[Jiang] Peng, J.[Jingyang] Peng, J.[Jialin] Peng, J.[Juan] Peng, J.[Junhuan] Peng, J.[JinZhang] Peng, J.[Junyi] Peng, J.[Jiayi] Peng, J.[Jigen] Peng, J.[Jiabin]
129 for Peng, J.

Peng, J.B.[Jian Bing] Co Author Listing * Complex Deformation Monitoring over the Linfen-Yuncheng Basin (China) with Time Series InSAR Technology
* Estimating Maize Above-Ground Biomass Using 3D Point Clouds of Multi-Source Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Data at Multi-Spatial Scales
* Multi-Temporal Loess Landslide Inventory Mapping with C-, X- and L-Band SAR Datasets: A Case Study of Heifangtai Loess Landslides, China
* Satellite-Based Precipitation Datasets Evaluation Using Gauge Observation and Hydrological Modeling in a Typical Arid Land Watershed of Central Asia
* Scenario-Based Risk Assessment of Earthquake Disaster Using Slope Displacement, PGA, and Population Density in the Guyuan Region, China
* Wild animal survey using UAS imagery and deep learning: modified Faster R-CNN for kiang detection in Tibetan Plateau
Includes: Peng, J.B.[Jian Bing] Peng, J.B.[Jian-Bing] Peng, J.B.[Jin-Bang] Peng, J.B.[Jia-Bin]

Peng, J.C.[Jun Cai] Co Author Listing * Joint image deblurring and matching with feature-based sparse representation prior
Includes: Peng, J.C.[Jun Cai] Peng, J.C.[Jun-Cai]

Peng, J.F.[Jian Feng] Co Author Listing * Data Augmentation for EEG-Based Emotion Recognition with Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
Includes: Peng, J.F.[Jian Feng] Peng, J.F.[Jian-Feng]

Peng, J.G.[Ji Gen] Co Author Listing * New Approach to Weighted Graph Matching, A
* Robust Collision Perception Visual Neural Network With Specific Selectivity to Darker Objects, A
* Soft shape registration under lie group frame
Includes: Peng, J.G.[Ji Gen] Peng, J.G.[Ji-Gen]

Peng, J.H.[Jian Hua] Co Author Listing * Application of deep learning model based on image definition in real-time digital image fusion
* DML-GANR: Deep Metric Learning With Generative Adversarial Network Regularization for High Spatial Resolution Remote Sensing Image Retrieval
* Evaluation of the J-OFURO3 Sea Surface Net Radiation and Inconsistency Correction
* Improving Boundary Constraint of Probability Integral Method in SBAS-InSAR for Deformation Monitoring in Mining Areas
* MLRSNet: A multi-label high spatial resolution remote sensing dataset for semantic scene understanding
* New Empirical Estimation Scheme for Daily Net Radiation at the Ocean Surface, A
Includes: Peng, J.H.[Jian Hua] Peng, J.H.[Jian-Hua] Peng, J.H.[Jun-Huan] Peng, J.H.[Jiang-Hai]

Peng, J.J.[Jing Jing] Co Author Listing * Characterizing the Pixel Footprint of Satellite Albedo Products Derived from MODIS Reflectance in the Heihe River Basin, China
* Development of a High Resolution BRDF/Albedo Product by Fusing Airborne CASI Reflectance with MODIS Daily Reflectance in the Oasis Area of the Heihe River Basin, China
* Efficient Iterative Cerebral Perfusion CT Reconstruction via Low-Rank Tensor Decomposition With Spatial-Temporal Total Variation Regularization, An
* Enhanced 3DTV Regularization and Its Applications on HSI Denoising and Compressed Sensing
* Estimating Crop Albedo in the Application of a Physical Model Based on the Law of Energy Conservation and Spectral Invariants
* Estimating Savanna Clumping Index Using Hemispherical Photographs Integrated with High Resolution Remote Sensing Images
* Generalized multiple sparse information fusion for vehicle re-identification
* Guiding intelligent surveillance system by learning-by-synthesis gaze estimation
* Joint Optimization of Constellation With Mapping Matrix for SCMA Codebook Design
* Modeling the Directional Clumping Index of Crop and Forest
* NTIRE 2020 Challenge on Perceptual Extreme Super-Resolution: Methods and Results
* Study of the Remote Sensing Model of FAPAR over Rugged Terrains
* VIIRS Sea-Ice Albedo Product Generation and Preliminary Validation, The
Includes: Peng, J.J.[Jing Jing] Peng, J.J.[Jing-Jing] Peng, J.J.[Jiang-Jun] Peng, J.J.[Jin-Jia] Peng, J.J.[Jian-Jun]
13 for Peng, J.J.

Peng, J.L.[Jing Liang] Co Author Listing * Automatic and robust head pose estimation by block energy map
* Automatic measurement on CT images for patella dislocation diagnosis
* Brain MR image segmentation based on local Gaussian mixture model and nonlocal spatial regularization
* Chained-tracker: Chaining Paired Attentive Regression Results for End-to-end Joint Multiple-object Detection and Tracking
* CoLDImage: Contrast and luminance distribution for content-based image retrieval
* Comparison of Similarity Measures for 2D Rigid MR Image Registration Using Wavelet Transform, A
* Cumulus Cloud Synthesis with Similarity Solution and Particle/Voxel Modeling
* Efficient and Realistic Cumulus Cloud Simulation Based on Similarity Approach
* Full-Body Human Pose Estimation from Monocular Video Sequence via Multi-dimensional Boosting Regression
* Multimodal Brain Tumor Segmentation Using Encoder-decoder with Hierarchical Separable Convolution
* Multimodal Registration using the Discrete Wavelet Frame Transform
* new convex variational model for liver segmentation, A
* novel template protection scheme for multibiometrics based on fuzzy commitment and chaotic system, A
* Salient Region Detection by UFO: Uniqueness, Focusness and Objectness
* structural low rank regularization method for single image super-resolution, A
* Technologies for 3D mesh compression: A survey
* TPM: Multiple object tracking with tracklet-plane matching
* Variational Model for Image Segmentation
Includes: Peng, J.L.[Jing Liang] Peng, J.L.[Jing-Liang] Peng, J.L.[Jia-Lin] Peng, J.L.[Jin-Long] Peng, J.L.[Jing-Lin] Peng, J.L.[Jia-Liang]
18 for Peng, J.L.

Peng, J.M.[Ji Ming] Co Author Listing * Biresolution Spectral Framework for Product Quantization, A
* Generalized Median Graphs: Theory and Applications
* Learning kernels for variants of normalized cuts: Convex relaxations and applications
* Network Flow Formulations for Learning Binary Hashing
* Scale invariant cosegmentation for image groups
Includes: Peng, J.M.[Ji Ming] Peng, J.M.[Ji-Ming]

Peng, J.Q.[Jing Quan] Co Author Listing * Less-constrained Sclera Recognition Method based on Stem-and-leaf Branches Network, A
* Semantic and edge-based visual odometry by joint minimizing semantic and edge distance error
Includes: Peng, J.Q.[Jing Quan] Peng, J.Q.[Jing-Quan]

Peng, J.R.[Jun Ran] Co Author Listing * Context-aware co-supervision for accurate object detection
* POD: Practical Object Detection With Scale-Sensitive Network
Includes: Peng, J.R.[Jun Ran] Peng, J.R.[Jun-Ran]

Peng, J.T.[Jiang Tao] Co Author Listing * Cross-Scene Hyperspectral Image Classification With Discriminative Cooperative Alignment
* Dimension Reduction Using Spatial and Spectral Regularized Local Discriminant Embedding for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Geolocation Error Estimation and Correction on Long-Term MWRI Data
* High-Order Energies for Stereo Segmentation
* Higher Order Energies for Image Segmentation
* Hyperspectral and LiDAR Data Fusion Classification Using Superpixel Segmentation-Based Local Pixel Neighborhood Preserving Embedding
* Hyperspectral Image Classification via Spatial Window-Based Multiview Intact Feature Learning
* Kernel Joint Sparse Representation Based on Self-Paced Learning for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* lp-ICP Coastline Inflection Method for Geolocation Error Estimation in FY-3 MWRI Data
* Maximum Likelihood Estimation Based Nonnegative Matrix Factorization for Hyperspectral Unmixing
* Region-Kernel-Based Support Vector Machines for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Regularized set-to-set distance metric learning for hyperspectral image classification
* Robust Joint Sparse Representation Based on Maximum Correntropy Criterion for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Saliency Cut in Stereo Images
* Self-Paced Nonnegative Matrix Factorization for Hyperspectral Unmixing
* Sparse matrix transform-based linear discriminant analysis for hyperspectral image classification
* Spatial-Spectral Squeeze-and-Excitation Residual Network for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Submodular Trajectories for Better Motion Segmentation in Videos
* Unequal-Training for Deep Face Recognition With Long-Tailed Noisy Data
* Weighted Kernel joint sparse representation for hyperspectral image classification
Includes: Peng, J.T.[Jiang Tao] Peng, J.T.[Jiang-Tao] Peng, J.T.[Jian-Teng]
20 for Peng, J.T.

Peng, J.W.[Jian Wei] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Recently Released Open Global Digital Elevation Models of Hubei, China
* Ontlus: 3D Content Collaborative Creation via Virtual Reality
* Planarity constrained multi-view depth map reconstruction for urban scenes
* Shading-based DEM refinement under a comprehensive imaging model
Includes: Peng, J.W.[Jian Wei] Peng, J.W.[Jian-Wei] Peng, J.W.[Jain-Wei]

Peng, J.X.[Jia Xiong] Co Author Listing * 3D reconstruction of free-formed line-like objects using NURBS representation
* Adaptive Image Segmentation Method with Visual Nonlinearity Characteristics, An
* Double random field models for remote sensing image segmentation
* Identification of Autocorrelation Model of Discrete Random Images, The
* Image fusion method based on nonseparable wavelets
* Improved Codebook Edge-Detection
* Performance Evaluation of Airport Lighting Using Mobile Camera Techniques
* Remote Sensing Texture Analysis Using Multi-Parameter and Multi-Scale Features
* Robustness of a Blind Image Watermark Detector Designed by Orthogonal Projection
* sequential algorithm for sparse support vector classifiers, A
* Unique Solution of Projective Invariants of 6 Points from 4 Uncalibrated Images, The
Includes: Peng, J.X.[Jia Xiong] Peng, J.X.[Jia-Xiong] Peng, J.X. Peng, J.X.[Jian-Xun]
11 for Peng, J.X.

Peng, J.Y.[Jin Ye] Co Author Listing * 3D Cascaded Spectral-Spatial Element Attention Network for Hyperspectral Image Classification, A
* Adaptive threshold method for recovered images of FMT
* Cost-sensitive learning of hierarchical tree classifiers for large-scale image classification and novel category detection
* Cross-modal social image clustering and tag cleansing
* Deep Multiple Instance Hashing for Fast Multi-Object Image Search
* Dynamic Positron Emission Tomography Data-Driven Analysis Using Sparse Bayesian Learning
* Extracting Local Binary Patterns from Image Key Points: Application to Automatic Facial Expression Recognition
* Face liveness detection for combating the spoofing attack in face recognition
* HD-MTL: Hierarchical Deep Multi-Task Learning for Large-Scale Visual Recognition
* Hierarchical Bilinear Convolutional Neural Network for Image Classification
* Hierarchical Learning of Tree Classifiers for Large-Scale Plant Species Identification
* Image collection summarization via dictionary learning for sparse representation
* Images similarity detection based on directional gradient angular histogram
* Interactive Approach for Filtering Out Junk Images From Keyword-Based Google Search Results, An
* Keypoint-graph-driven learning framework for object pose estimation
* Learning inter-related visual dictionary for object recognition
* Light field super-resolution using internal and external similarities
* Max-Matching Context Kernel Design for SIFT Feature
* Multiple instance learning based on positive instance selection and bag structure construction
* Object-Based Image Retrieval Using Semi-Supervised Multi-Instance Learning
* Photon-efficient 3d Imaging with A Non-local Neural Network
* PSMD-Net: A Novel Pan-Sharpening Method Based on a Multiscale Dense Network
* Quantitative Characterization of Semantic Gaps for Learning Complexity Estimation and Inference Model Selection
* Semantic-based traffic video retrieval using activity pattern analysis
* Spontaneous micro-expression spotting via geometric deformation modeling
* Three-way decision based reconstruction frame for fluorescence molecular tomography
Includes: Peng, J.Y.[Jin Ye] Peng, J.Y.[Jin-Ye] Peng, J.Y. Peng, J.Y.[Jun-Yan] Peng, J.Y.[Jia-Yong] Peng, J.Y.[Jing Ye] Peng, J.Y.[Jun-Yi]
26 for Peng, J.Y.

Peng, J.Z.[Ji Zong] Co Author Listing * Deep co-training for semi-supervised image segmentation
Includes: Peng, J.Z.[Ji Zong] Peng, J.Z.[Ji-Zong]

Peng, K. Co Author Listing * Color-Guided Depth Recovery via Joint Local Structural and Nonlocal Low-Rank Regularization
* Decline in Transparency of Lake Hongze from Long-Term MODIS Observations: Possible Causes and Potential Significance
* Embedded Image Compression Based on Wavelet Pixel Classification and Sorting
* Error Analysis and Compensation of 3D Coordinate Measuring System by Watching an Image of Object
* Geometric properties of multiple reflections in catadioptric camera with two planar mirrors
* Image Processing in Vision 3D Coordinate Measurement System
* Learning Compositional Visual Concepts with Mutual Consistency
* Multi-task multiple kernel machines for personalized pain recognition from functional near-infrared spectroscopy brain signals
* novel scheme of face verification using active appearance models, A
* Self-Calibration of Catadioptric Camera with Two Planar Mirrors from Silhouettes
* Simultaneous Vanishing Point Detection and Camera Calibration from Single Images
* Single View Metrology Along Orthogonal Directions
* Vanishing point detection using cascaded 1D Hough Transform from single images
Includes: Peng, K. Peng, K.[Kai] Peng, K.[Kun]
13 for Peng, K.

Peng, K.C.[Kuan Chuan] Co Author Listing * Attention Guided Anomaly Localization in Images
* Cross-layer features in convolutional neural networks for generic classification tasks
* framework of changing image emotion using emotion prediction, A
* Guided Attention Inference Network
* Incorporating Cloud Distribution in Sky Representation
* Learning Without Memorizing
* mixed bag of emotions: Model, predict, and transfer emotion distributions, A
* Sharpen Focus: Learning With Attention Separability and Consistency
* Tell Me Where to Look: Guided Attention Inference Network
* Toward correlating and solving abstract tasks using convolutional neural networks
* Where do emotions come from? Predicting the Emotion Stimuli Map
* Zero-Shot Deep Domain Adaptation
Includes: Peng, K.C.[Kuan Chuan] Peng, K.C.[Kuan-Chuan] Peng, K.C.
12 for Peng, K.C.

Peng, K.C.C. Co Author Listing * Using Machine Vision and Hand-Motion Control to Improve Crane Operator Performance

Peng, K.H.[Kang Hao] Co Author Listing * Mutual information-based RBM neural networks
Includes: Peng, K.H.[Kang Hao] Peng, K.H.[Kang-Hao]

Peng, K.J.[Ke Ju] Co Author Listing * Fast Visual Odometry Based Sparse Geometric Constraint for RGB-D Camera
* FNA++: Fast Network Adaptation via Parameter Remapping and Architecture Search
* new parsing scheme for plex grammars, A
Includes: Peng, K.J.[Ke Ju] Peng, K.J.[Ke-Ju] Peng, K.J.[Kang-Jian] Peng, K.J.[Ke Juan]

Peng, K.K.[Kuan Kai] Co Author Listing * Fast intra mode decision and fast CU size decision for depth video coding in 3D-HEVC
* Low complexity depth intra coding combining fast intra mode and fast CU size decision in 3D-HEVC
Includes: Peng, K.K.[Kuan Kai] Peng, K.K.[Kuan-Kai]

Peng, K.S.[Kuo Shiuan] Co Author Listing * Light-weight Monocular Depth Estimation with Edge-guided Occlusion Fading Reduction, A
Includes: Peng, K.S.[Kuo Shiuan] Peng, K.S.[Kuo-Shiuan]

Peng, K.Y.[Kai Yi] Co Author Listing * B-Spline based globally optimal segmentation combining low-level and high-level information
* Performance Analysis of an AKF Based Tightly-Coupled INS/GPS Integrated Positioning And Orientation Scheme With Odometer And Non-holonomic Constraints, The
Includes: Peng, K.Y.[Kai Yi] Peng, K.Y.[Kai-Yi] Peng, K.Y.

Peng, L. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Norm Selection for Regularized Image Restoration and Super-Resolution
* Airborne LiDAR point cloud classification with global-local graph attention convolution neural network
* Balanced Multifilter Banks for Multiple Description Coding
* Balanced Multiwavelets with Interpolatory Property
* Building Extraction and Number Statistics in WUI Areas Based on UNet Structure and Ensemble Learning
* Cirrus Detection Based on RPCA and Fractal Dictionary Learning in Infrared imagery
* Classification Algorithm to Distinguish Image as Haze or Non-haze, A
* Compact Representation for Dynamic Texture Video Coding Using Tensor Method
* Cumulative Rain Density Sensing Network for Single Image Derain
* Detection and analysis of large-scale WT blade surface cracks based on UAV-taken images
* Digital breast tomosynthesis improves diagnostic accuracy of breast microcalcifications
* Directionally constrained fully convolutional neural network for airborne LiDAR point cloud classification
* Endoscopic video deblurring via synthesis
* Ensemble single image deraining network via progressive structural boosting constraints
* Estimating Rainfall with Multi-Resource Data over East Asia Based on Machine Learning
* Fast single shot multibox detector and its application on vehicle counting system
* Hemodynamic Analysis for Transjugular Intrahepatic Portosystemic Shunt (TIPS) in the Liver Based on a CT-Image
* iLeg: A Lower Limb Rehabilitation Robot: A Proof of Concept
* Image DAEs based on residual entropy maximum
* Improved Anchor-Free Instance Segmentation for Building Extraction from High-Resolution Remote Sensing Images
* Indexing for Moving Objects in Multi-Floor Indoor Spaces That Supports Complex Semantic Queries
* Integration of Information Theory, K-Means Cluster Analysis and the Logistic Regression Model for Landslide Susceptibility Mapping in the Three Gorges Area, China
* Landslide Susceptibility Mapping Based on Weighted Gradient Boosting Decision Tree in Wanzhou Section of the Three Gorges Reservoir Area (China)
* Landslide Susceptibility Mapping Using Rotation Forest Ensemble Technique with Different Decision Trees in the Three Gorges Reservoir Area, China
* Linear Regression Without Correspondences via Concave Minimization
* Linking Ecosystem Services to Land Use Decisions: Policy Analyses, Multi-Scenarios, and Integrated Modelling
* Local spatial correlation-based stripe non-uniformity correction algorithm for single infrared images
* Modular Design of Media Retrieval Workflows Using ARIA
* Monitoring Earthquake-Damaged Vegetation after the 2008 Wenchuan Earthquake in the Mountainous River Basins, Dujiangyan County
* new approach to conic section approximation of object boundaries, A
* Online Personal Credit System Design Based on Public Block Chains
* Pedestrian Safety Analysis in Mixed Traffic Conditions Using Video Data
* Public Traffic Demand Forecast Method Based on Computational Experiments, A
* Research on using sign language in outdoor advertising
* Robust Adaptive Filtering With q-Gaussian Kernel Mean p-Power Error
* Scene-based pedestrian safety performance model in mixed traffic situation
* Signal Reconstruction in Unstable Magnetic Field NMR with Wavelet Analysis
* Sparse Robust Adaptive Filtering Algorithm Based on the q-Rényi Kernel Function, A
* Spatial Analysis of Wenchuan Earthquake-Damaged Vegetation in the Mountainous Basins and Its Applications
* Temporal objectness: Model-free learning of object proposals in video
* Toward Patients-' Motion Intention Recognition: Dynamics Modeling and Identification of iLeg: An LLRR Under Motion Constraints
* Toward Patients-' Motion Intention Recognition: Dynamics Modeling and Identification of iLeg: An LLRR Under Motion Constraints
* Understanding the Role of Urbanization on Vegetation Dynamics in Mountainous Areas of Southwest China: Mechanism, Spatiotemporal Pattern, and Policy Implications
Includes: Peng, L. Peng, L.[Ling] Peng, L.[Lingbing] Peng, L.[Li] Peng, L.[Lin] Peng, L.[Lingrong] Peng, L.[Long] Peng, L.[Liang] Peng, L.[Likun] Peng, L.[Lina] Peng, L.[Lu] peng, L.
43 for Peng, L.

Peng, L.B.[Ling Bing] Co Author Listing * Bottom-Up and Top-Down Integration Framework for Online Object Tracking, A
* Infrared Small Target Detection Based on Non-Convex Optimization with Lp-Norm Constraint
* Infrared Small Target Detection via Non-Convex Rank Approximation Minimization Joint L_2,1 Norm
* Mask Sparse Representation Based on Semantic Features for Thermal Infrared Target Tracking
Includes: Peng, L.B.[Ling Bing] Peng, L.B.[Ling-Bing]

Peng, L.C.[Liang Chan] Co Author Listing * Multi-scale deep neural network for salient object detection
Includes: Peng, L.C.[Liang Chan] Peng, L.C.[Liang-Chan]

Peng, L.F.[Liang Fu] Co Author Listing * Study on the Model for Horizontal Escape Maneuvers in TCAS
Includes: Peng, L.F.[Liang Fu] Peng, L.F.[Liang-Fu]

Peng, L.Q.[Liu Qing] Co Author Listing * entropy weighting mixture model for subspace clustering of high-dimensional data, An
* Evaluation of emergency driving behaviour and vehicle collision risk in connected vehicle environment: A deep learning approach
* Large Uncertainty on Forest Area Change in the Early 21st Century among Widely Used Global Land Cover Datasets
* Smoke Detection Based on a Semi-supervised Clustering Model
Includes: Peng, L.Q.[Liu Qing] Peng, L.Q.[Liu-Qing] Peng, L.Q.[Li-Qun] Peng, L.Q.[Li-Qing]

Peng, L.R.[Liang Rui] Co Author Listing * Analyzing the information entropy of states to optimize the number of states in an HMM-based off-line handwritten Arabic word recognizer
* automatic performance evaluation method for document page segmentation, An
* Automatic performance evaluation of printed Chinese character recognition systems
* Cross-Language Sensitive Words Distribution Map: A Novel Recognition-Based Document Understanding Method for Uighur and Tibetan
* Document digitization technology and its application for digital library in China
* Dynamic temporal residual network for sequence modeling
* Improved Method Based on Weighted Grid Micro-structure Feature for Text-Independent Writer Recognition, An
* MEAN: Multi - Element Attention Network for Scene Text Recognition
* Multi-font printed Mongolian document recognition system
* Multi-Queue Merging Scheme And Its Application in Arabic Script Segmentation
* Multilingual document recognition research and its application in China
* Novel Baseline-independent Feature Set for Arabic Handwriting Recognition, A
* Offline Handwritten Arabic Character Segmentation with Probabilistic Model
* Primitive Representation Learning for Scene Text Recognition
* Sequential Deformation for Accurate Scene Text Detection
* Stroke Order Verification Method for On-Line Handwritten Chinese Characters Based on Tempo-spatial Consistency Analysis, A
Includes: Peng, L.R.[Liang Rui] Peng, L.R.[Liang-Rui]
16 for Peng, L.R.

Peng, L.X.[Ling Xi] Co Author Listing * data targeting method based on trilateration principle, A
Includes: Peng, L.X.[Ling Xi] Peng, L.X.[Ling-Xi]

Peng, L.Y.[Li Ying] Co Author Listing * Classification of Pulmonary Emphysema in CT Images Based on Multi-Scale Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
* Joint weber-based rotation invariant uniform local ternary pattern for classification of pulmonary emphysema in CT images
* Single Image Super-Resolution via Convolutional Neural Network and Total Variation Regularization
Includes: Peng, L.Y.[Li Ying] Peng, L.Y.[Li-Ying]

Peng, L.Z.[Li Zhong] Co Author Listing * Higher-order SVD analysis for crowd density estimation
Includes: Peng, L.Z.[Li Zhong] Peng, L.Z.[Li-Zhong]

Peng, M. Co Author Listing * Attention Based Residual Network for Micro-Gesture Recognition
* Automated Detection of Lunar Ridges Based On Dem Data
* Binocular Visual Environment Perception Technology for Unmanned Surface Vehicle
* Blockchain and Deep Reinforcement Learning Empowered Spatial Crowdsourcing in Software-Defined Internet of Vehicles
* Coaxiality Calculation Method for Dropping Operation of Lunar Surface Sampling Mission Based on Monocular Vision Using Ellipse and Line Features
* Coseismic Deformation Mechanisms of the 2021 Ms 6.4 Yangbi Earthquake, Yunnan Province, Using InSAR Observations
* Descent Trajectory Recovery of Chang'e-4 Lander Based On Descent Images
* Energy-Efficient Resource Allocation Optimization for Multimedia Heterogeneous Cloud Radio Access Networks
* Evaluation of Deblocking Methods for Chang'e-4 Descent Images
* Exploring the integrality and separability of the Leap Motion Controller for direct manipulation 3D interaction
* From Macro to Micro Expression Recognition: Deep Learning on Small Datasets Using Transfer Learning
* High Precision DTM and DOM Generating Using Multi-source Orbital Data On Chang'e-4 Landing Site
* Holoscopic 3D Microgesture Recognition by Deep Neural Network Model Based on Viewpoint Images and Decision Fusion
* Joint Power Splitting and Antenna Selection in Energy Harvesting Relay Channels
* Localization of the Chang'e-5 Lander Using Radio-Tracking and Image-Based Methods
* Lunar Surface Sampling Feasibility Evaluation Method for Chang'e-5 Mission
* Lunar Terrain Reconstruction From Multi-View LROC NAC Images Based On Semi-global Matching In Object Space
* Photogrammetric-Photometric Stereo Method for High-Resolution Lunar Topographic Mapping Using Yutu-2 Rover Images, A
* Power Provisioning and Relay Positioning for Two-Way Relay Channel With Analog Network Coding
* Relay Power Control for Two-Way Full-Duplex Amplify-and-Forward Relay Networks
* Research on Spatiotemporal Land Deformation (2012-2018) over Xi'an, China, with Multi-Sensor SAR Datasets
* Rigorous Photogrammetric Processing Of Chang'e-1 And Chang'e-2 Stereo Imagery For Lunar Topographic Mapping
* Self-Calibration Bundle Adjustment Method for Photogrammetric Processing of Chang 'E-2 Stereo Lunar Imagery, A
* Sequential InSAR Time Series Deformation Monitoring of Land Subsidence and Rebound in Xi'an, China
* Topographic Analysis of Chang'e-4 Landing Site Using Orbital, Descent And Ground Data
* Topographic Mapping with Manipulator Arm Camera In Lunar Sample Return Mission
* Training Design and Channel Estimation in Uplink Cloud Radio Access Networks
* Two-Level Attention with Multi-task Learning for Facial Emotion Estimation
* Two-level attention with two-stage multi-task learning for facial emotion recognition
* Vision Based Obstacle Detection Using Rover Stereo Images
* Vision-Based Decision Support for Rover Path Planning in the Chang'e-4 Mission
* Visual Localization of the Tianwen-1 Lander Using Orbital, Descent and Rover Images
Includes: Peng, M. Peng, M.[Min] Peng, M.[Mimi] Peng, M.[Mi] Peng, M.[Mugen] Peng, M.[Man] Peng, M.[Muzi]
32 for Peng, M.

Peng, M.H.[Miao Hsiang] Co Author Listing * Error Assessment in Two Lidar-derived TIN Datasets
Includes: Peng, M.H.[Miao Hsiang] Peng, M.H.[Miao-Hsiang]

Peng, M.J.[Min Jun] Co Author Listing * Combining Spectral And Texture Features Using Random Forest Algorithm: Extracting Impervious Surface Area In Wuhan
Includes: Peng, M.J.[Min Jun] Peng, M.J.[Min-Jun]

Peng, M.M.[Man Man] Co Author Listing * Visual tracking via context-aware local sparse appearance model
Includes: Peng, M.M.[Man Man] Peng, M.M.[Man-Man]

Peng, M.Y.[Ming Yuan] Co Author Listing * Fast Three-Dimensional Convolutional Neural Network-Based Spatiotemporal Fusion Method (STF3DCNN) Using a Spatial-Temporal-Spectral Dataset, A
Includes: Peng, M.Y.[Ming Yuan] Peng, M.Y.[Ming-Yuan]

Peng, M.Y.P. Co Author Listing * Establishment of big data application platform for education industry

Peng, N.F. Co Author Listing * Deriving the Vehicle Speeds from a Mobile Telecommunications Network

Peng, N.S.[Ning Song] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Kernel Based Tracking Using Mean-Shift
* efficient face segmentation algorithm based on binary partition tree, An
* Improved-LDA based face recognition using both facial global and local information
* Kernel-Bandwidth Adaptation for Tracking Object Changing in Size
* Mean shift blob tracking with kernel histogram filtering and hypothesis testing
* Mean-Shift Blob Tracking with Kernel-Color Distribution Estimate and Adaptive Model Update Criterion
* Semi-automatic video object segmentation using seeded region merging and bidirectional projection
* Unsupervised color-texture segmentation based on soft criterion with adaptive mean-shift clustering
* Weighted Information Entropy: A Method for Estimating the Complex Degree of Infrared Images' Backgrounds
Includes: Peng, N.S.[Ning Song] Peng, N.S.[Ning-Song]
9 for Peng, N.S.

Peng, P.[Peng] Co Author Listing * Analysis of road travel behaviour based on big trajectory data
* Boundary-Included Enhanced Water Storage Changes Inferred by GPS in the Pacific Rim of the Western United States
* Deep Co-Space: Sample Mining Across Feature Transformation for Semi-Supervised Learning
* Digital Rock Engineering System based on 3D GIS Technology, The
* Dimensionality reduction by supervised locality analysis
* efficient temporal distortion measure of videos based on spacetime texture, An
* Fabric defect detection using morphological filters
* Global2Local: Efficient Structure Search for Video Action Segmentation
* Kernel PCA for road traffic data non-linear feature extraction
* Learning Open Set Network with Discriminative Reciprocal Points
* Leveraging Spatio-Temporal Graphs and Knowledge Graphs: Perspectives in the Field of Maritime Transportation
* Mixed-order spectral clustering for complex networks
* Mixture of Experts Approach to Multi-strategy Image Quality Assessment, A
* Model predictive control-based eco-driving strategy for CAV
* Multi-Modal and Multi-Domain Embedding Learning for Fashion Retrieval and Analysis
* Natural Visible and Infrared Facial Expression Database for Expression Recognition and Emotion Inference, A
* Phenology Response to Climatic Dynamic across China's Grasslands from 1985 to 2010
* Removing the Background by Adding the Background: Towards Background Robust Self-supervised Video Representation Learning
* Representative Batch Normalization with Feature Calibration
* Road traffic network state prediction based on a generative adversarial network
* Route Backtracking Method Based On Video And Road Network, A
* Saliency Detection Inspired by Topological Perception Theory
* Semantic Segmentation for SAR Image Based on Texture Complexity Analysis and Key Superpixels
* Short-Term Traffic Forecasting by Mining the Non-Stationarity of Spatiotemporal Patterns
* Spatiotemporal Multi-View-Based Learning Method for Short-Term Traffic Forecasting, A
* Towards optimal VLAD for human action recognition from still images
* Unsupervised Cross-Dataset Transfer Learning for Person Re-identification
* Vehicle Re-Identification by Multi-Grain Learni
Includes: Peng, P.[Peng] Peng, P. Peng, P.[Pei] Peng, P.[Peipei] Peng, P.[Pai] Peng, P.[Peixi] Peng, P.[Pan] Peng, P.[Peihao]
28 for Peng, P.

Peng, P.H.[Pei Hao] Co Author Listing * Evaluating the Suitability of Urban Expansion Based on the Logic Minimum Cumulative Resistance Model: A Case Study from Leshan, China
Includes: Peng, P.H.[Pei Hao] Peng, P.H.[Pei-Hao]

Peng, P.X.[Pei Xi] Co Author Listing * Joint Learning of Semantic and Latent Attributes
* Joint Semantic and Latent Attribute Modelling for Cross-Class Transfer Learning
* Model Latent Views with Multi-Center Metric Learning for Vehicle Re-Identification
* Multi-camera Pedestrian Detection with Multi-view Bayesian Network Model
* Robust multiple cameras pedestrian detection with multi-view Bayesian network
* Single and Multiple View Detection, Tracking and Video Analysis in Crowded Environments
* Visual Tracking via Spatially Aligned Correlation Filters Network
Includes: Peng, P.X.[Pei Xi] Peng, P.X.[Pei-Xi]
7 for Peng, P.X.

Peng, P.Y.[Pei Yuan] Co Author Listing * Traffic Abnormality Detection through Directional Motion Behavior Map
Includes: Peng, P.Y.[Pei Yuan] Peng, P.Y.[Pei-Yuan]

Peng, Q. Co Author Listing * Analysis of Packet-Loss-Induced Distortion in View Synthesis Prediction-Based 3D Video Coding
* Automatic facial flaw detection and retouching via discriminative structure tensor
* Automatic Hookworm Detection in Wireless Capsule Endoscopy Images
* Automatic Video Object Segmentation Based on Visual and Motion Saliency
* BranchGAN: Unsupervised Mutual Image-to-Image Transfer With A Single Encoder and Dual Decoders
* Characterizing and classifying urban tree species using bi-monthly terrestrial hyperspectral images in Hong Kong
* Clothing Cosegmentation for Shopping Images With Cluttered Background
* Convexity of Weighted Sum Rate Maximization in NOMA Systems
* Diversified Visual Attention Networks for Fine-Grained Object Classification
* Editorial, Special issue Introduction
* Enhancing the Image Quality via Transferred Deep Residual Learning of Coarse PET Sinograms
* Exploring Allometric Scaling Relations between Fractal Dimensions of Metro Networks and Economic, Environmental and Social Indicators: A Case Study of 26 Cities in China
* Eye Gaze Tracking With a Web Camera in a Desktop Environment
* Face Region Based Conversational Video Coding
* Fast hierarchical animated object decomposition using approximately invariant signature
* Hookworm Detection in Wireless Capsule Endoscopy Images With Deep Learning
* Hybrid of Local and Global Saliencies for Detecting Image Salient Region and Appearance, A
* Iterative Image Dehazing Method With Polarization, An
* Light-YOLOv3: License Plate Detection in Multi-Vehicle Scenario
* low-complexity error concealment algorithm for video transmission based on non-local means denoising, A
* Memory-Augmented Attribute Manipulation Networks for Interactive Fashion Search
* Near-Space Microwave Radar Remote Sensing: Potentials and Challenge Analysis
* No-Reference Video Quality Assessment Based on Ensemble of Knowledge and Data-Driven Models
* Novel Weighted Boundary Matching Error Concealment Schema for HEVC, A
* Overloaded Branch Chains Induced by False Data Injection Attack in Smart Grid
* Perception-motivated visualization for 3D city scenes
* Predicting Social Emotions from Readers' Perspective
* Probabilistic Hierarchical Face Model for Feature Localization
* Retinal Blood Vessels Segmentation Using the Radial Projection and Supervised Classification
* Salient region detection using local and global saliency
* Segmentation of retinal blood vessels using the radial projection and semi-supervised approach
* Significant Wave Height Estimation from Space-Borne Cyclone-GNSS Reflectometry
* Specular reflection removal using local structural similarity and chromaticity consistency
* Structured sparse coding for image representation based on L1-graph
Includes: Peng, Q. Peng, Q.[Qinmu] Peng, Q.[Qian] Peng, Q.[Qiang] Peng, Q.[Qunsheng] Peng, Q.[Qiao] Peng, Q.[Qihang] Peng, Q.[Qin] Peng, Q.[Qunnie]
34 for Peng, Q.

Peng, Q.A.[Qi Ang] Co Author Listing * Action Recognition with Stacked Fisher Vectors
* Boosting VLAD with Supervised Dictionary Learning and High-Order Statistics
* Detection of bird nests in overhead catenary system images for high-speed rail
* Development of Image Sequences Based Traffic Incident Detection System for Urban Intersection
* Exploring Motion Boundary based Sampling and Spatial-Temporal Context Descriptors for Action Recognition
* Integration of Visual Temporal Information and Textual Distribution Information for News Web Video Event Mining
* Joint Evaluation of Dictionary Learning and Feature Encoding for Action Recognition, A
* Large Margin Dimensionality Reduction for Action Similarity Labeling
* Learning label correlations for multi-label image recognition with graph networks
* Mining Event Structures from Web Videos
* Modeling of SSIM-based end-to-end distortion for error-resilient video coding
* Motion boundary based sampling and 3D co-occurrence descriptors for action recognition
* Product image recognition with guidance learning and noisy supervision
* Subjective and Objective Video Quality Assessment of 3D Synthesized Views With Texture/Depth Compression Distortion
Includes: Peng, Q.A.[Qi Ang] Peng, Q.A.[Qi-Ang]
14 for Peng, Q.A.

Peng, Q.C.[Qi Cong] Co Author Listing * Fast and robust 3D face matching approach
* Innovative CFAR detector with effective parameter estimation method for generalised gamma distribution and iterative sliding window strategy
Includes: Peng, Q.C.[Qi Cong] Peng, Q.C.[Qi-Cong] Peng, Q.C.[Qi-Chao]

Peng, Q.H.[Qi Hui] Co Author Listing * Image segmentation algorithm based on neutrosophic fuzzy clustering with non-local information
* Multi-Modal Retinal Image Classification with Modality-Specific Attention Network
Includes: Peng, Q.H.[Qi Hui] Peng, Q.H.[Qi-Hui] Peng, Q.H.[Qing-Hua]

Peng, Q.M.[Qin Mu] Co Author Listing * Hyperspectral Image Classification via Spatial Window-Based Multiview Intact Feature Learning
Includes: Peng, Q.M.[Qin Mu] Peng, Q.M.[Qin-Mu]

Peng, Q.Q.[Qiang Qiang] Co Author Listing * Shape matching algorithm based on shape contexts
Includes: Peng, Q.Q.[Qiang Qiang] Peng, Q.Q.[Qiang-Qiang]

Peng, Q.S.[Qun Sheng] Co Author Listing * Basis image decomposition of outdoor time-lapse videos
* Bilayer representation for three dimensional visual communication
* Bilayer Stereo Matching
* Bisection approach for pixel labelling problem
* Confidence-Based Color Modeling for Online Video Segmentation
* Data Based Steering of Virtual Human Using a Velocity-Space Approach
* Depth map enhancement based on color and depth consistency
* Fast Non-Local Algorithm for Image Denoising
* Image Feature Detection as Robust Model Fitting
* Inserting virtual pedestrians into pedestrian groups video with behavior consistency
* Light source estimation of outdoor scenes for mixed reality
* Merged Quadtree Fractal Image Compression
* Motion-based easy initialization of online foreground segmentation
* Novel Volume Constrained Smoothing Method for Meshes, A
* Online robust action recognition based on a hierarchical model
* Optimization Techniques For Assembly Planning Of Complex Models In Large-scale Virtual Environments
* Physically based modeling and animation of landslides with MPM
* Robust image segmentation against complex color distribution
* Topology cuts: A novel min-cut/max-flow algorithm for topology preserving segmentation in N-D images
* Transductive segmentation of live video with non-stationary background
* Visual Tracking in Continuous Appearance Space via Sparse Coding
* Visual Tracking via Sparse and Local Linear Coding
Includes: Peng, Q.S.[Qun Sheng] Peng, Q.S.[Qun-Sheng] Peng, Q.S.
22 for Peng, Q.S.

Peng, R. Co Author Listing * Deep Learning for Regularly Missing Data Reconstruction
* Dynamic Plan Generation and Real-Time Management Techniques for Traffic Evacuation
* Noise-refined image enhancement using multi-objective optimisation
* Study on an Artificial Society of Urban Safety Livability Change
Includes: Peng, R. Peng, R.[Rui]

Peng, R.B.[Ren Bin] Co Author Listing * human visual system-driven image segmentation algorithm, A
* On performance limits of image segmentation algorithms
Includes: Peng, R.B.[Ren Bin] Peng, R.B.[Ren-Bin]

Peng, R.H.[Ren Hua] Co Author Listing * Constrained MMSE LP Residual Estimator for Speech Dereverberation in Noisy Environments, A
* Deep Learning for Irregularly and Regularly Missing 3-D Data Reconstruction
Includes: Peng, R.H.[Ren Hua] Peng, R.H.[Ren-Hua] Peng, R.H.[Rong-Hua]

Peng, R.K.[Rong Kun] Co Author Listing * Two-Component K-Lognormal Mixture Model and Its Parameter Estimation Method, A
Includes: Peng, R.K.[Rong Kun] Peng, R.K.[Rong-Kun]

Peng, S.[Silong] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Integral Operators for Signal Separation
* affective facial recognition task: The influence of cognitive styles and exposure times, The
* Analysis and Applications of GlobeLand30: A Review
* Annual Change Detection by ASTER TIR Data and an Estimation of the Annual Coal Loss and CO2 Emission from Coal Seams Spontaneous Combustion
* Benchmarking of High-resolution Land Cover Maps In Africa
* Boosting Local Shape Matching for Dense 3D Face Correspondence
* Boundary Processing of bidimensional EMD using texture synthesis
* Calibration Wizard: A Guidance System for Camera Calibration Based on Modelling Geometric and Corner Uncertainty
* CFFNet: Coordinated feature fusion network for crowd counting
* Commutability of Blur and Affine Warping in Super-Resolution With Application to Joint Estimation of Triple-Coupled Variables
* Comparison Of Pixel-based And Object-oriented Land Cover Change Detection Methods
* Comprehensive Measurement of Progress toward Local SDGs with Geospatial Information: Methodology and Lessons Learned, A
* Deep Snake for Real-Time Instance Segmentation
* Deep Top-rank Counter Metric for Person Re-identification
* Depth Super-Resolution Meets Uncalibrated Photometric Stereo
* Detection of Cropland Change Using Multi-Harmonic Based Phenological Trajectory Similarity
* DIST: Rendering Deep Implicit Signed Distance Function With Differentiable Sphere Tracing
* Dynamic Plane Convolutional Occupancy Networks
* Echo-to-interference ratio of bistatic sonar in shallow water
* Face hallucination from low quality images using definition-scalable inference
* Face spoofing detection based on 3D lighting environment analysis of image pair
* From Groups to Co-Traveler Sets: Pair Matching Based Person Re-identification Framework
* Global land cover mapping at 30M resolution: A POK-based operational approach
* hybrid filter for image enhancement, A
* Illuminating Vehicles With Motion Priors For Surveillance Vehicle Detection
* Improved support vector machine algorithm for heterogeneous data
* Improving Globalland30 Artificial Type Extraction Accuracy In Low-density Residents
* Index for the Consistent Measurement of Spatial Heterogeneity for Large-Scale Land Cover Datasets
* Knowledge-based Approach On Globeland30 Incremental Updating: A Case Study Of Built-up Area, A
* Lighting estimation of a convex Lambertian object using weighted spherical harmonic frames
* Linear Self-Calibration Method Based on Active Vision System, A
* Meta-FSEO: A Meta-Learning Fast Adaptation with Self-Supervised Embedding Optimization for Few-Shot Remote Sensing Scene Classification
* Multi-level feature fusion network for crowd counting
* Multi-Scale 3D U-Nets: An approach to automatic segmentation of brain tumor
* Multi-Staged NDVI Dependent Snow-Free Land-Surface Shortwave Albedo Narrowband-to-Broadband (NTB) Coefficients and Their Sensitivity Analysis
* Multicomponent AM-FM signal separation and demodulation with null space pursuit
* Neural Body: Implicit Neural Representations with Structured Latent Codes for Novel View Synthesis of Dynamic Humans
* NTIRE 2021 Learning the Super-Resolution Space Challenge
* Practical Roadside Camera Calibration Method Based on Least Squares Optimization, A
* PVNet: Pixel-Wise Voting Network for 6DoF Pose Estimation
* Ranking Based Attention Approach for Visual Tracking, A
* Ranking Loss: A Novel Metric Learning Method for Person Re-identification
* Region-specific Metric Learning for Person Re-identification
* Regulated complexity scalable MPEG-2 video decoding for media processors
* Robust offline handwritten character recognition through exploring writer-independent features under the guidance of printed data
* Scene-dependent frequency weighting for subjective quality improvement of MPEG-4 fine-granularity-scalability
* Streaming news image summarization
* Systematic Comparison of Power Corridor Classification Methods from ALS Point Clouds
* Temporal logic and operation relations based knowledge representation for land cover change web services
* Towards fast and kernelized orthogonal discriminant analysis on person re-identification
* Towards Low-Bit Quantization of Deep Neural Networks with Limited Data
* web-based system for supporting global land cover data production, A
* Wetlands Cool Land Surface Temperature in Tropical Regions but Warm in Boreal Regions
Includes: Peng, S.[Silong] Peng, S.[Shuna] Peng, S.[Shu] Peng, S.[Suping] Peng, S. Peng, S.[Sifan] Peng, S.[Songyou] Peng, S.[Shui] Peng, S.[Shaohu] Peng, S.[Shili] Peng, S.[Shan] Peng, S.[Song] Peng, S.[Suting] Peng, S.[Shi] Peng, S.[Sida] Peng, S.[Shichong] Peng, S.[Shouye] Peng, S.[Sharon] Peng, S.[Shuwen] Peng, S.[Shushi]
53 for Peng, S.

Peng, S.C.[Shi Chong] Co Author Listing * Diverse Image Synthesis From Semantic Layouts via Conditional IMLE
* Multimodal Image Synthesis with Conditional Implicit Maximum Likelihood Estimation
Includes: Peng, S.C.[Shi Chong] Peng, S.C.[Shi-Chong]

Peng, S.H.[Shi Hao] Co Author Listing * Bidirectional Single-Stream Temporal Sentence Query Localization in Untrimmed Videos
* Face quality analysis of single-image super-resolution based on SIFT
* Robust feature detection based on local variation for image retrieval
* robust tracking method based on the correlation filter and correcting strategy, A
Includes: Peng, S.H.[Shi Hao] Peng, S.H.[Shi-Hao] Peng, S.H.[Shao-Hu]

Peng, S.J.[Shu Juan] Co Author Listing * Active contours with a joint and region-scalable distribution metric for interactive natural image segmentation
* Active contours with a novel distribution metric for complex object segmentation
* Efficient Human Motion Retrieval via Temporal Adjacent Bag of Words and Discriminative Neighborhood Preserving Dictionary Learning
* Ship detection in harbor area in SAR images based on constructing an accurate sea-clutter model
Includes: Peng, S.J.[Shu Juan] Peng, S.J.[Shu-Juan] Peng, S.J.

Peng, S.L.[Si Long] Co Author Listing * adaptive learning method for face hallucination using Locality Preserving Projections, An
* Bayesian postprocessing algorithm for dwt-based compressed image
* Characterization of regional differences in cerebral vascular response to breath holding using BOLD fMRI
* Dense Semantic and Topological Correspondence of 3D Faces without Landmarks
* Digital image inpainting using monte carlo method
* Enhancing multi-factor cheating prevention in visual cryptography based minimum (k, n)-connected graph
* Fast Blind Spatially-Varying Motion Deblurring Algorithm with Camera Poses Estimation, A
* Image fusion using weighted multiscale fundamental form
* Interpretation of Image Sequence by Spatio-Temporal Analysis
* Learning adaptive interpolation kernels for fast single-image super resolution
* lighting robust fitting approach of 3D morphable model for face reconstruction, A
* Lighting Robust Fitting Approach of 3D Morphable Model Using Spherical Harmonic Illumination, A
* Mapping Landslide Hazard Risk Using Random Forest Algorithm in Guixi, Jiangxi, China
* Mining and Restoration Monitoring of Rare Earth Element (REE) Exploitation by New Remote Sensing Indicators in Southern Jiangxi, China
* novel method for designing adaptive compaction orthogonal wavelet filter banks, A
* Novel Two-Compartment Model for Calculating Bone Volume Fractions and Bone Mineral Densities From Computed Tomography Images, A
* Progressive Bilateral-Context Driven Model for Post-Processing Person Re-Identification
* Robust Image Deblurring Using Hyper Laplacian Model
* Single color image dehazing using sparse priors
* Single-Image Blind Deblurring for Non-uniform Camera-Shake Blur
* Spatio-Temporal Analysis for Velocity Estimation of Contours in an Image Sequence with Occlusion
* Spatio-Temporal Analysis of an Image Sequence with Occlusion
* Temporal Sequence Analysis Using Temporal Slices
* Temporal Slice Analysis of Image Sequences
* Texture classification through directional empirical mode decomposition
* Texture segmentation using directional empirical mode decomposition
* Using the Spatio-Temporal Volume for Motion Segmentation
* Wavelet-domain HMT-based image superresolution
Includes: Peng, S.L.[Si Long] Peng, S.L.[Si-Long] Peng, S.L.[Shin-Lei] Peng, S.L.[Sheng-Lung] Peng, S.L. Peng, S.L.[Shan-Ling]
28 for Peng, S.L.

Peng, S.M.[Shao Min] Co Author Listing * Scalable MPEG-2 decoder
Includes: Peng, S.M.[Shao Min] Peng, S.M.[Shao-Min]

Peng, S.Q.[Shi Qi] Co Author Listing * Hallucinating 3D Faces
Includes: Peng, S.Q.[Shi Qi] Peng, S.Q.[Shi-Qi]

Peng, S.W.[Shao Wu] Co Author Listing * Empirical Study of Object Category Recognition: Sequential Testing with Generalized Samples, An
* ILGNet: inception modules with connected local and global features for efficient image aesthetic quality classification using domain adaptation
* Object categorization with sketch representation and generalized samples
* Object Category Recognition Using Generative Template Boosting
* Object tracking via Online Multiple Instance Learning with reliable components
Includes: Peng, S.W.[Shao Wu] Peng, S.W.[Shao-Wu] Peng, S.W.[Si-Wei]

Peng, S.Y.[Sheng Yun] Co Author Listing * Anti-occlusion object tracking based on correlation filter
* Convolutional Occupancy Networks
* Distance-Adaptive Refueling Recommendation Algorithm for Self-Driving Travel, A
* DSiamMFT: An RGB-T fusion tracking method via dynamic Siamese networks using multi-layer feature fusion
* Fast Reconstruction of 3D Point Cloud Model Using Visual SLAM on Embedded UAV Development Platform
* Fast Reconstruction of 3D Point Cloud Model Using Visual SLAM on Embedded UAV Development Platform
* imaging analysis of asynchronous bistatic SAR with parallel tracks, The
* improved proportionate least mean p-power algorithm for adaptive filtering, An
* Pedestrian motion recognition via Conv-VLAD integrated spatial-temporal-relational network
* Photometric Depth Super-Resolution
* Robust semi-supervised nonnegative matrix factorization for image clustering
Includes: Peng, S.Y.[Sheng Yun] Peng, S.Y.[Sheng-Yun] Peng, S.Y.[Song-You] Peng, S.Y.[Shuang-Yun] Peng, S.Y.[Shu-Ying] Peng, S.Y.[Si-Yuan] Peng, S.Y.[Sui-Yang] Peng, S.Y.[Shi-Yu]
11 for Peng, S.Y.

Peng, S.Z.[Shou Zhang] Co Author Listing * Modeling spatiotemporal patterns of understory light intensity using airborne laser scanner (LiDAR)
Includes: Peng, S.Z.[Shou Zhang] Peng, S.Z.[Shou-Zhang]

Peng, T. Co Author Listing * Automatic Quantification of Tumour Hypoxia From Multi-Modal Microscopy Images Using Weakly-Supervised Learning Methods
* Evaluation of Eight Global Precipitation Datasets in Hydrological Modeling
* Extended Phase Field Higher-Order Active Contour Model for Networks and Its Application to Road Network Extraction from VHR Satellite Images, An
* Extended Phase Field Higher-Order Active Contour Models for Networks: Its Application to Road Network Extraction from VHR Satellite Images
* Extraction of Main and Secondary Roads in VHR Images Using A Higher-Order Phase Field Model
* Feature Selection Inspired Classifier Ensemble Reduction
* Graph Regularized Flow Attention Network for Video Animal Counting From Drones
* Learning from Web Data: Improving Crowd Counting via Semi-Supervised Learning
* Multi-Scale Spatiotemporal Change Characteristics Analysis of High-Frequency Disturbance Forest Ecosystem Based on Improved Spatiotemporal Cube Model
* phase field model incorporating generic and specific prior knowledge applied to road network extraction from VHR satellite images, A
* RGB-T Crowd Counting from Drone: A Benchmark and Mmccn Network
* Robust Transceiver Optimization for Power-Splitting Based Downlink MISO SWIPT Systems
* Scheduling-measure dependent modelling of delay propagation on a single railway line: A matrix transformation approach
* Segmentation Based Tone-Mapping for High Dynamic Range Images
* Structure-Preserving Color Normalization and Sparse Stain Separation for Histological Images
* Structured Feature Learning Model for Clothing Keypoints Localization, A
* Temporal and Spatial Variation of Anthropogenic Heat in the Central Urban Area: A Case Study of Guangzhou, China
* Variability of Particle Size Distributions in the Bohai Sea and the Yellow Sea
* VisDrone-DET2019: The Vision Meets Drone Object Detection in Image Challenge Results
* VisDrone-MOT2019: The Vision Meets Drone Multiple Object Tracking Challenge Results
* VisDrone-SOT2019: The Vision Meets Drone Single Object Tracking Challenge Results
* VisDrone-VID2019: The Vision Meets Drone Object Detection in Video Challenge Results
Includes: Peng, T. Peng, T.[Tao] Peng, T.[Ting] Peng, T.[Tian]
22 for Peng, T.

Peng, T.G.[Tie Gen] Co Author Listing * Mean shift algorithm equipped with the intersection of confidence intervals rule for image segmentation
Includes: Peng, T.G.[Tie Gen] Peng, T.G.[Tie-Gen]

Peng, T.X.[Tong Xin] Co Author Listing * Hybrid GLM Model for Predicting Citywide Spatio-Temporal Metro Passenger Flow, A
Includes: Peng, T.X.[Tong Xin] Peng, T.X.[Tong-Xin]

Peng, T.Y.[Ting Ying] Co Author Listing * Automatic detection of necrosis, normoxia and hypoxia in tumors from multimodal cytological images
* Deformable Registration of Multi-modal Microscopic Images Using a Pyramidal Interactive Registration-Learning Methodology
* Flexible and Latent Structured Output Learning, Application to Histology
* Mitosis Detection in Intestinal Crypt Images with Hough Forest and Conditional Random Fields
* Weakly-Supervised Structured Output Learning with Flexible and Latent Graphs Using High-Order Loss Functions
Includes: Peng, T.Y.[Ting Ying] Peng, T.Y.[Ting-Ying]

Peng, W.[Wei] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Modality Distillation for Separable Multimodal Sentiment Analysis
* Analysis of Ocean Tide Loading in Differential InSAR Measurements
* Double factors algorithm for computing DFT
* Guest Editorial Introduction to Special Section on Learning-Based Image and Video Compression
* IDA-3D: Instance-Depth-Aware 3D Object Detection From Stereo Vision for Autonomous Driving
* Landslide Susceptibility Mapping Using Logistic Regression Analysis along the Jinsha River and Its Tributaries Close to Derong and Deqin County, Southwestern China
* Learned Image Compression with Soft Bit-Based Rate-Distortion Optimization
* Local Metric for Defocus Blur Detection Based on CNN Feature Learning, A
* P-frame Coding Proposal by NCTU: Parametric Video Prediction through Backprop-based Motion Estimation
* Parametric T-Spline Face Morphable Model for Detailed Fitting in Shape Subspace
* Remote Heart Rate Measurement From Highly Compressed Facial Videos: An End-to-End Deep Learning Solution With Video Enhancement
* Revealing the Invisible With Model and Data Shrinking for Composite-Database Micro-Expression Recognition
* SME-Net: Sparse Motion Estimation for Parametric Video Prediction Through Reinforcement Learning
* Spatial Temporal Graph Deconvolutional Network for Skeleton-Based Human Action Recognition
* Tripool: Graph triplet pooling for 3D skeleton-based action recognition
* Video Action Recognition Via Neural Architecture Searching
Includes: Peng, W.[Wei] Peng, W.[Wenbiao] Peng, W.
16 for Peng, W.

Peng, W.C.[Wang Chongyu] Co Author Listing * Downscale MODIS Land Surface Temperature Based on Three Different Models to Analyze Surface Urban Heat Island: A Case Study of Hangzhou
* How Did Built Environment Affect Urban Vitality in Urban Waterfronts? A Case Study in Nanjing Reach of Yangtze River
Includes: Peng, W.C.[Wang Chongyu] Peng, W.C.[Wang-Chongyu]

Peng, W.F. Co Author Listing * Analysis Of The Temporal And Spatial Controlling Factors In Affecting The Accuracy Of Landslide Predicting Model At Taiwan

Peng, W.H.[Wen Hsiao] Co Author Listing * All About Structure: Adapting Structural Information Across Domains for Boosting Semantic Segmentation
* Bi-prediction combining template and block motion compensations
* Class-Incremental Learning with Rectified Feature-Graph Preservation
* comparative study on attention-based rate adaptation for scalable video coding, A
* Deep Reinforcement Learning for Video Prediction
* Deep Video Prediction Through Sparse Motion Regularization
* Discriminatively-learned global image representation using CNN as a local feature extractor for image retrieval
* End-to-End Learned Image Compression with Augmented Normalizing Flows
* Enhanced mode-adaptive fine granularity scalability
* Error drifting reduction in enhanced fine granuality scalability
* Fast Bi-Directional Prediction Selection in H.264/MPEG-4 AVC Temporal Scalable Video Coding
* Fast Context-Adaptive Mode Decision Algorithm for Scalable Video Coding With Combined Coarse-Grain Quality Scalability (CGS) and Temporal Scalability
* Fast temporal prediction selection for H.264/AVC scalable video coding
* Interframe Prediction Technique Combining Template Matching Prediction and Block-Motion Compensation for High-Efficiency Video Coding, An
* Intra Line Copy for HEVC Screen Content Intra-Picture Prediction
* Layer-Adaptive Mode Decision and Motion Search for Scalable Video Coding with Combined Coarse Granular Scalability (CGS) and Temporal Scalability
* Mode-adaptive Fine Granularity Scalability
* Mode-dependent distortion modeling for H.264/SVC coarse grain SNR scalability
* Multidimensional SVC bitstream adaptation and extraction for rate-distortion optimized heterogeneous multicasting and playback
* On comparison of intra line copy and intra string copy for HEVC screen content coding
* On the analysis and design of motion sampling structure for advanced motion-compensated prediction
* Parametric OBMC for Pixel-Adaptive Temporal Prediction on Irregular Motion Sampling Grids
* rate-distortion optimization model for SVC inter-layer encoding and bitstream extraction, A
* Recent Advances in End-to-End Learned Image and Video Compression
* Video Rescaling Networks with Joint Optimization Strategies for Downscaling and Upscaling
Includes: Peng, W.H.[Wen Hsiao] Peng, W.H.[Wen-Hsiao] Peng, W.H.
25 for Peng, W.H.

Peng, W.J.[Wen Jie] Co Author Listing * Development of Global Tropospheric Empirical Correction Model with High Temporal Resolution
* Establishment of a Real-Time Local Tropospheric Fusion Model
* Multimedia venue semantic modeling based on multimodal data
Includes: Peng, W.J.[Wen Jie] Peng, W.J.[Wen-Jie] Peng, W.J.[Wen-Juan]

Peng, W.L.[Wen Li] Co Author Listing * Hand radiograph image segmentation using a coarse-to-fine strategy
* Optimized CNN with Point-wise Parametric Rectified Linear Unit for Spatial Image Steganalysis
* Real-Time Text Steganalysis Based on Multi-Stage Transfer Learning
* Ventral and Dorsal Stream Theory based Zero-Shot Action Recognition
Includes: Peng, W.L.[Wen Li] Peng, W.L.[Wen-Li] Peng, W.L.[Wan-Li] Peng, W.L.[Wei-Long]

Peng, W.Q.[Wei Qi] Co Author Listing * One-pixel Signature: Characterizing CNN Models for Backdoor Detection
Includes: Peng, W.Q.[Wei Qi] Peng, W.Q.[Wei-Qi]

Peng, W.S.[Wen Shiaw] Co Author Listing * Efficient VLSI Architecture for Separable 2-D Discrete Wavelet Transform, An
Includes: Peng, W.S.[Wen Shiaw] Peng, W.S.[Wen-Shiaw]

Peng, W.T. Co Author Listing * Editing by Viewing: Automatic Home Video Summarization by Viewing Behavior Analysis

Peng, W.X.[Wei Xue] Co Author Listing * Knowledge-based adaptive thresholding segmentation of digital subtraction angiography images
Includes: Peng, W.X.[Wei Xue] Peng, W.X.[Wei-Xue]

Peng, W.Z.[Wen Zhe] Co Author Listing * Inferring CAD Modeling Sequences Using Zone Graphs
Includes: Peng, W.Z.[Wen Zhe] Peng, W.Z.[Wen-Zhe]

Peng, X.[Xi] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Dictionary Learning in Sparse Gradient Domain for Image Recovery
* AdaTransform: Adaptive Data Transformation
* Aesthetic guided deep regression network for image cropping
* Aesthetic guided deep regression network for image cropping
* AOD-Net: All-in-One Dehazing Network
* Attention-Driven Loss for Anomaly Detection in Video Surveillance
* COMPLETER: Incomplete Multi-view Clustering via Contrastive Prediction
* Compressive sensing based image transmission with side information at the decoder
* Constrained Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopic Imaging by Learning Nonlinear Low-Dimensional Models
* Continued Monitoring and Modeling of Xingfeng Solid Waste Landfill Settlement, China, Based on Multiplatform SAR Images
* Contrastive Learning in Frequency Domain for Non-I.I.D. Image Classification
* Crop Height Estimation of Corn from Multi-Year RADARSAT-2 Polarimetric Observables Using Machine Learning
* Crop Monitoring and Classification Using Polarimetric RADARSAT-2 Time-Series Data Across Growing Season: A Case Study in Southwestern Ontario, Canada
* Cross-modal discriminant adversarial network
* Deep Conditional Color Harmony Model for Image Aesthetic Assessment
* Deep Spectral Representation Learning From Multi-View Data
* density-based approach for text extraction in images, A
* DF2Net: A Dense-Fine-Finer Network for Detailed 3D Face Reconstruction
* Directional Filtering Transform for Image/Intra-Frame Compression
* Discovering Harmony: A Hierarchical Colour Harmony Model for Aesthetics Assessment
* Distributed Compressive Sensing for Cloud-Based Wireless Image Transmission
* Document image OCR accuracy prediction via latent Dirichlet allocation
* Dual Adversarial Transfer for Sequence Labeling
* Effective NoSQL-Based Vector Map Tile Management Approach, An
* Effects of External Digital Elevation Model Inaccuracy on StaMPS-PS Processing: A Case Study in Shenzhen, China
* efficient local method for stereo matching using daisy features, An
* Enabling Human-Centric Smart Cities: Crowdsourcing-Based Practice in China
* Extracting information from handwritten content in census forms
* Fast Signal Timing Algorithm for Individual Oversaturated Intersections, A
* Finding more relevance: Propagating similarity on Markov random field for object retrieval
* Forest Height Estimation from a Robust TomoSAR Method in the Case of Small Tomographic Aperture with Airborne Dataset at L-Band
* Frame Attention Networks for Facial Expression Recognition in Videos
* Frankenstein: Learning Deep Face Representations Using Small Data
* From circle to 3-sphere: Head pose estimation by instance parameterization
* Gated CNN for visual quality assessment based on color perception
* Gated CNN for visual quality assessment based on color perception
* Generative Adversarial Approach for Zero-Shot Learning from Noisy Texts, A
* GeoSpark SQL: An Effective Framework Enabling Spatial Queries on Spark
* Global Analysis of the Relationship between Reconstructed Solar-Induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence (SIF) and Gross Primary Production (GP
* Globally-optimal Event Camera Motion Estimation
* Head Pose Estimation by Instance Parameterization
* Infer the Input to the Generator of Auxiliary Classifier Generative Adversarial Networks
* Joint Versus Independent Multiview Hashing for Cross-View Retrieval
* Jointly Optimize Data Augmentation and Network Training: Adversarial Data Augmentation in Human Pose Estimation
* Keypoint-graph-driven learning framework for object pose estimation
* Knowledge As Priors: Cross-Modal Knowledge Generalization for Datasets Without Superior Knowledge
* Learning Cross-Modal Retrieval with Noisy Labels
* Learning Discriminative Representation For Facial Expression Recognition From Uncertainties
* Learning face recognition from limited training data using deep neural networks
* Learning locality-constrained collaborative representation for robust face recognition
* Learning to Forecast and Refine Residual Motion for Image-to-Video Generation
* Learning to Learn Single Domain Generalization
* Learning View-Disentangled Human Pose Representation by Contrastive Cross-View Mutual Information Maximization
* Low-Cost Implementation of a 360 Deg Vision Distributed Aperture System, A
* Low-Rank Tensor Completion With a New Tensor Nuclear Norm Induced by Invertible Linear Transforms
* Markov random field based binarization for hand-held devices captured document images
* Moment Matching for Multi-Source Domain Adaptation
* MR Image Reconstruction with Convolutional Characteristic Constraint (CoCCo)
* Multiple Transfer Learning and Multi-label Balanced Training Strategies for Facial AU Detection In the Wild
* Novel Popular Tourist Attraction Discovering Approach Based on Geo-Tagged Social Media Big Data, A
* Online Multi-Expert Learning for Visual Tracking
* Overlap Sampler for Region-Based Object Detection
* Pain intensity recognition via multi-scale deep network
* Partially View-aligned Representation Learning with Noise-robust Contrastive Loss
* PIEFA: Personalized Incremental and Ensemble Face Alignment
* Predicting 3-D Lower Back Joint Load in Lifting: A Deep Pose Estimation Approach
* Quantized Densely Connected U-Nets for Efficient Landmark Localization
* Radar Image Series Denoising of Space Targets Based on Gaussian Process Regression
* Reciprocal Multi-Layer Subspace Learning for Multi-View Clustering
* Reconstruction-Based Disentanglement for Pose-Invariant Face Recognition
* Recurrent Encoder-Decoder Network for Sequential Face Alignment, A
* RED-Net: A Recurrent Encoder-Decoder Network for Video-Based Face Alignment
* Reference Clip for Inter Prediction in Video Coding
* Regularization techniques for high-dimensional data analysis
* RLST: A Reinforcement Learning Approach to Scene Text Detection Refinement
* Robust Multi-pose Facial Expression Recognition
* Robust Tracking With Discriminative Ranking Lists
* Scalable Sparse Subspace Clustering
* Semantic Graph Convolutional Networks for 3D Human Pose Regression
* Semantic Modelling of Ship Behavior in Harbor Based on Ontology and Dynamic Bayesian Network
* Sequential Face Alignment via Person-Specific Modeling in the Wild
* Single-Image Dehazing via Compositional Adversarial Network
* Spatial Focal Loss for Pedestrian Detection in Fisheye Imagery
* SPICE-Based SAR Tomography over Forest Areas Using a Small Number of P-Band Airborne F-SAR Images Characterized by Non-Uniformly Distributed Baselines
* Structured AutoEncoders for Subspace Clustering
* Structured graph learning for clustering and semi-supervised classification
* Surveillance video coding with vehicle library
* Three-dimensional head pose estimation in-the-wild
* Three-Dimensional Structure Inversion of Buildings with Nonparametric Iterative Adaptive Approach Using SAR Tomography
* Tighten the Bolts and Nuts on GPP Estimations from Sites to the Globe: An Assessment of Remote Sensing Based LUE Models and Supporting Data Fields
* Toward Marker-Free 3D Pose Estimation in Lifting: A Deep Multi-View Solution
* Toward Personalized Modeling: Incremental and Ensemble Alignment for Sequential Faces in the Wild
* Towards aesthetics of image: A Bayesian framework for color harmony modeling
* Towards Efficient U-Nets: A Coupled and Quantized Approach
* Towards Image-to-Video Translation: A Structure-Aware Approach via Multi-stage Generative Adversarial Networks
* Track Facial Points in Unconstrained Videos
* Uncertainty-guided Model Generalization to Unseen Domains
* Underlying Topography Inversion Using TomoSAR Based on Non-Local Means for an L-Band Airborne Dataset
* Understanding Land Subsidence Along the Coastal Areas of Guangdong, China, by Analyzing Multi-Track MTInSAR Data
* Unequal Error Protection for Scalable Video Storage in the Cloud
* Urban built-up land change detection with road density and spectral information from multi-temporal Landsat TM data
* Video Anomaly Detection with Sparse Coding Inspired Deep Neural Networks
* VisDA: A Synthetic-to-Real Benchmark for Visual Domain Adaptation
* Window-Based Three-Dimensional Aggregation for Stereo Matching
* YoTube: Searching Action Proposal Via Recurrent and Static Regression Networks
* You Only Look Yourself: Unsupervised and Untrained Single Image Dehazing Neural Network
* Zero-Shot Image Dehazing
Includes: Peng, X.[Xi] Peng, X.[XuJun] Peng, X.[Xiang] Peng, X. Peng, X.[Xing] Peng, X.[Xiao] Peng, X.[Xujun] Peng, X.[Xia] Peng, X.[Xin] Peng, X.[Xianlin] Peng, X.[Xuan]
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Peng, X.C.[Xing Chao] Co Author Listing * Combining Texture and Shape Cues for Object Recognition with Minimal Supervision
* Domain2vec: Domain Embedding for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation
* Fine-to-coarse knowledge transfer for low-res image classification
* Ground2sky label transfer for fine-grained aerial car recognition
* Learning Deep Object Detectors from 3D Models
* Synthetic to Real Adaptation with Generative Correlation Alignment Networks
* Weakly Supervised Domain Adaptation using Super-pixel labeling for Semantic Segmentation
Includes: Peng, X.C.[Xing Chao] Peng, X.C.[Xing-Chao]
7 for Peng, X.C.

Peng, X.D.[Xiao Dong] Co Author Listing * Phase-Based GLRT Detection of Moving Targets with Pixel Tracking in Low-Resolution SAR Image Sequences
Includes: Peng, X.D.[Xiao Dong] Peng, X.D.[Xiao-Dong]

Peng, X.G.[Xin Guang] Co Author Listing * Novel Active Contour Model for Image Segmentation Using Local and Global Region-Based Information, A
Includes: Peng, X.G.[Xin Guang] Peng, X.G.[Xin-Guang]

Peng, X.H.[Xiu Hui] Co Author Listing * Cooperative Moving-Target Enclosing Control for Multiple Nonholonomic Vehicles Using Feedback Linearization Approach
* Deep learning for sensor-based activity recognition: A survey
* Learning Multiview Face Subspaces and Facial Pose Estimation Using Independent Component Analysis
* Matrix Completion Based Method for RFI Source Localization in Microwave Interferometric Radiometry, A
* Model and Performance of a No-Reference Quality Assessment Metric for Video Streaming
* Multi-view face pose estimation based on supervised ISA learning
* novel random forests based class incremental learning method for activity recognition, A
* Real-Time Multi-View Face Detection, Pose Estimation, Tracking, Alignment, and Recognition
* Research on Traffic Artery Intelligent Control System Base on Wireless Sensor Network
Includes: Peng, X.H.[Xiu Hui] Peng, X.H.[Xiu-Hui] Peng, X.H.[Xiao-Hui] Peng, X.H.[Xian-Hua] Peng, X.H. Peng, X.H.[Xian-Huan] Peng, X.H.[Xiao-Hong]
9 for Peng, X.H.

Peng, X.J.[Xiao Jiang] Co Author Listing * Action and Gesture Temporal Spotting with Super Vector Representation
* Action Recognition with Stacked Fisher Vectors
* Affordance Transfer Learning for Human-Object Interaction Detection
* Attention-driven Dynamic Graph Convolutional Network for Multi-label Image Recognition
* Automated image quality assessment for camera-captured OCR
* Bag of visual words and fusion methods for action recognition: Comprehensive study and good practice
* Boosting VLAD with Supervised Dictionary Learning and High-Order Statistics
* Cascade multi-head attention networks for action recognition
* Detecting Human-Object Interaction via Fabricated Compositional Learning
* example-based approach to 3D man-made object reconstruction from line drawings, An
* Exploiting Stroke Orientation for CRF Based Binarization of Historical Documents
* Exploring Motion Boundary based Sampling and Spatial-Temporal Context Descriptors for Action Recognition
* Handwritten Text Separation from Annotated Machine Printed Documents Using Markov Random Fields
* Joint Evaluation of Dictionary Learning and Feature Encoding for Action Recognition, A
* Large Margin Dimensionality Reduction for Action Similarity Labeling
* Learning label correlations for multi-label image recognition with graph networks
* Learning the Relation Between Interested Objects and Aesthetic Region for Image Cropping
* local information-based feature-selection algorithm for data regression, A
* Markov Random Field Based Text Identification from Annotated Machine Printed Documents
* Motion boundary based sampling and 3D co-occurrence descriptors for action recognition
* Multi-region Two-Stream R-CNN for Action Detection
* Multi-view descriptor mining via codeword net for action recognition
* Multi-view Super Vector for Action Recognition
* Mutual Component Convolutional Neural Networks for Heterogeneous Face Recognition
* Product image recognition with guidance learning and noisy supervision
* Region Attention Networks for Pose and Occlusion Robust Facial Expression Recognition
* Suppressing Mislabeled Data via Grouping and Self-attention
* Suppressing Uncertainties for Large-Scale Facial Expression Recognition
* Text Extraction from Video Using Conditional Random Fields
* Text Separation from Mixed Documents Using a Tree-Structured Classifier
* TPMSVM: A novel twin parametric-margin support vector machine for pattern recognition
* Using a boosted tree classifier for text segmentation in hand-annotated documents
* Visual Compositional Learning for Human-object Interaction Detection
* Visual-Textual Sentiment Analysis in Product Reviews
Includes: Peng, X.J.[Xiao Jiang] Peng, X.J.[Xiao-Jiang] Peng, X.J.[Xu-Jun] Peng, X.J.[Xin-Jun]
34 for Peng, X.J.

Peng, X.K.[Xiao Ke] Co Author Listing * Effective Fusion Factor in FPN for Tiny Object Detection
Includes: Peng, X.K.[Xiao Ke] Peng, X.K.[Xiao-Ke]

Peng, X.L.[Xiu Lian] Co Author Listing * Cloud-Based Distributed Image Coding
* Convolutional Neural Network-Based Arithmetic Coding for HEVC Intra-Predicted Residues
* Convolutional Neural Network-Based Arithmetic Coding of DC Coefficients for HEVC Intra Coding
* Exploiting inter-frame correlations in compound video coding
* Hash-Based Line-by-Line Template Matching for Lossless Screen Image Coding
* Highly Parallel Line-Based Image Coding for Many Cores
* light-weight HEVC encoder for image coding, A
* LineCast: Line-Based Distributed Coding and Transmission for Broadcasting Satellite Images
* Optical Remote Sensing Image Change Detection Based on Attention Mechanism and Image Difference
* Scarce face recognition via two-layer collaborative representation
* Scene-aware perceptual video coding
* Screen content coding for HEVC by improved line-based intra block copy
* Spontaneous micro-expression spotting via geometric deformation modeling
* Towards Facial Expression Recognition in the Wild: A New Database and Deep Recognition System
* Traffic surveillance video coding with libraries of vehicles and background
Includes: Peng, X.L.[Xiu Lian] Peng, X.L.[Xiu-Lian] Peng, X.L.[Xue-Li] Peng, X.L.[Xian-Lin]
15 for Peng, X.L.

Peng, X.M.[Xue Ming] Co Author Listing * Airborne DLSLA 3-D SAR Image Reconstruction by Combination of Polar Formatting and L_1 Regularization
* Airborne Downward Looking Sparse Linear Array 3-D SAR Heterogeneous Parallel Simulation
* Autonomous Navigation Airborne Forward-Looking SAR High Precision Imaging with Combination of Pseudo-Polar Formatting and Overlapped Sub-Aperture Algorithm
* Combine color and shape in real-time detection of texture-less objects
* Drift-correcting template update strategy for precision feature point tracking
* training-free nose tip detection method from face range images, A
Includes: Peng, X.M.[Xue Ming] Peng, X.M.[Xue-Ming] Peng, X.M.[Xiao-Ming]

Peng, X.S.[Xing Shuo] Co Author Listing * Assimilation of LAI Derived from UAV Multispectral Data into the SAFY Model to Estimate Maize Yield
* Driving Maneuver Detection via Sequence Learning from Vehicle Signals and Video Images
* Driving maneuver early detection via sequence learning from vehicle signals and video images
* Estimating Above-Ground Biomass of Maize Using Features Derived from UAV-Based RGB Imagery
* Research on image feature extraction and retrieval algorithms based on convolutional neural network
Includes: Peng, X.S.[Xing Shuo] Peng, X.S.[Xing-Shuo] Peng, X.S.[Xi-Shuai] Peng, X.S.[Xu-Shan]

Peng, X.T.[Xiao Ting] Co Author Listing * Estimating Soil Organic Carbon Using VIS/NIR Spectroscopy with SVMR and SPA Methods
Includes: Peng, X.T.[Xiao Ting] Peng, X.T.[Xiao-Ting]

Peng, X.U.[Xi Uping] Co Author Listing * Research on Analytical Solution Tensor Voting
Includes: Peng, X.U.[Xi Uping] Peng, X.U.[Xi-Uping]

Peng, X.X.[Xiao Xu] Co Author Listing * Dynamic Harris Hawks Optimization with Mutation Mechanism for Satellite Image Segmentation
* Hybrid Grasshopper Optimization Algorithm and Differential Evolution for Multilevel Satellite Image Segmentation
* Masi Entropy for Satellite Color Image Segmentation Using Tournament-Based Lévy Multiverse Optimization Algorithm
* New Card Authentication Scheme Based on Image Watermarking and Encryption, A
Includes: Peng, X.X.[Xiao Xu] Peng, X.X.[Xiao-Xu] Peng, X.X.[Xin-Xin]

Peng, X.Y.[Xiang Yang] Co Author Listing * 3D local feature BKD to extract road information from mobile laser scanning point clouds
* Automatic Clearance Anomaly Detection for Transmission Line Corridors Utilizing UAV-Borne LIDAR Data
* Compressive Circulant Matrix Based Analog to Information Conversion
* Detection and Tracking of Pedestrians Using Doppler LiDAR
* Feature-Level Fusion of Polarized SAR and Optical Images Based on Random Forest and Conditional Random Fields
* Novel Deeplabv3+ Network for SAR Imagery Semantic Segmentation Based on the Potential Energy Loss Function of Gibbs Distribution, A
* Point set registration based on implicit surface fitting with equivalent distance
Includes: Peng, X.Y.[Xiang Yang] Peng, X.Y.[Xiang-Yang] Peng, X.Y.[Xi-Yuan] Peng, X.Y.[Xiao-Yi]
7 for Peng, X.Y.

Peng, Y.[Yang] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Resource Allocation and Frame Scheduling for Wireless Multi-User Video Streaming
* Adaptive Traffic Engineering Based on Active Network Measurement Towards Software Defined Internet of Vehicles
* Adaptive Weighting Landmark-Based Group-Wise Registration on Lung DCE-MRI Images
* Advanced Multipath Mitigation Method Based on Trend Surface Analysis, An
* ApprGAN: Appearance-Based GAN for Facial Expression Synthesis
* Assessment of Canopy Chlorophyll Content Retrieval in Maize and Soybean: Implications of Hysteresis on the Development of Generic Algorithms
* Attribute-guided Feature Extraction and Augmentation Robust Learning for Vehicle Re-identification
* Bit rate estimation for H.264/AVC video encoding based on temporal and spatial activities
* Bridge-GAN: Interpretable Representation Learning for Text-to-Image Synthesis
* Cascade-Based License Plate Localization with Line Segment Features and Haar-Like Features
* Characterizing Light Pollution Trends across Protected Areas in China Using Nighttime Light Remote Sensing Data
* ChestX-Ray8: Hospital-Scale Chest X-Ray Database and Benchmarks on Weakly-Supervised Classification and Localization of Common Thorax Diseases
* CKD: Cross-Task Knowledge Distillation for Text-to-Image Synthesis
* Combining Spectral and Texture Features of UAV Images for the Remote Estimation of Rice LAI throughout the Entire Growing Season
* Decomposable Nonlocal Tensor Dictionary Learning for Multispectral Image Denoising
* Deep Cross-Media Knowledge Transfer
* Deep Optics for Single-Shot High-Dynamic-Range Imaging
* Deep Reinforcement Learning for Image Hashing
* DenseUNet: densely connected UNet for electron microscopy image segmentation
* Digital Mapping of Toxic Metals in Qatari Soils Using Remote Sensing and Ancillary Data
* Diverse receptive field network with context aggregation for fast object detection
* Driver fatigue detection based on deeply-learned facial expression representation
* Dynamic 3D Simulation of Flood Risk Based on the Integration of Spatio-Temporal GIS and Hydrodynamic Models
* Evaluating Deep Learning for Image Classification in Adversarial Environment
* Extended sparse representation-based classification method for face recognition
* Facial expression analysis and expression-invariant face recognition by manifold-based synthesis
* Fast and Accurate Quantized Camera Scene Detection on Smartphones, Mobile AI 2021 Challenge: Report
* FD-Mobilenet: Improved Mobilenet with a Fast Downsampling Strategy
* Fine-Grained Visual-Textual Representation Learning
* GaitPart: Temporal Part-Based Model for Gait Recognition
* Geographically and Temporally Weighted Regression Model for Spatial Downscaling of MODIS Land Surface Temperatures Over Urban Heterogeneous Regions, A
* Gradient-Based Source and Mask Optimization in Optical Lithography
* High-Accuracy Attitude Determination Using Single-Difference Observables Based on Multi-Antenna GNSS Receiver with a Common Clock
* Holistic and Comprehensive Annotation of Clinically Significant Findings on Diverse CT Images: Learning From Radiology Reports and Label Ontology
* Identification of the Best Hyperspectral Indices in Estimating Plant Species Richness in Sandy Grasslands
* Image analysis by fast improved radial harmonic-Fourier moments algorithm
* Image Haze Removal Using Airlight White Correction, Local Light Filter, and Aerial Perspective Prior
* Improved GrabCut Method Based on a Visual Attention Model for Rare-Earth Ore Mining Area Recognition with High-Resolution Remote Sensing Images, An
* improved MRI reconstruction method based on table-lookup gridding, An
* Improved sparse representation method for image classification
* Increasing the Accuracy of Mapping Urban Forest Carbon Density by Combining Spatial Modeling and Spectral Unmixing Analysis
* JF-Cut: A Parallel Graph Cut Approach for Large-Scale Image and Video
* Lightweight Hyperspectral Image Anomaly Detector for Real-Time Mission, A
* Low-resolution face alignment and recognition using mixed-resolution classifiers
* Low-resolution face recognition and the importance of proper alignment
* L_2,1-norm minimization based negative label relaxation linear regression for feature selection
* Mapping Climatological Bare Soil Albedos over the Contiguous United States Using MODIS Data
* MAVA: Multi-Level Adaptive Visual-Textual Alignment by Cross-Media Bi-Attention Mechanism
* Monitoring Hybrid Rice Phenology at Initial Heading Stage Based on Low-Altitude Remote Sensing Data
* Multi-Application Strategy Based on Railway Static Power Conditioner With Energy Storage System
* Multi-camera 3D ball tracking framework for sports video
* Multi-camera Sports Players 3D Localization with Identification Reasoning
* Multi-Level Knowledge Injecting for Visual Commonsense Reasoning
* Multi-modal multiple kernel learning for accurate identification of Tourette syndrome children
* Multi-Pathway Generative Adversarial Hashing for Unsupervised Cross-Modal Retrieval
* Multilayer Perceptron Neural Network for Surface Water Extraction in Landsat 8 OLI Satellite Images
* Multimodal Ensemble Fusion for Disambiguation and Retrieval
* novel full-reference video quality metric and its application to wireless video transmission, A
* overview of face-related technologies, An
* Pair of projections based on sparse consistence with applications to efficient face recognition
* Parallel and Scalable Heat Methods for Geodesic Distance Computation
* Pre-training of gated convolution neural network for remote sensing image super-resolution
* Prediction-Decision Network For Video Object Tracking
* Pulmonary Fissure Detection in CT Images Using a Derivative of Stick Filter
* RDTC Optimized Streaming for Remote Browsing in Image-Based Scene Representations
* Real-Time Quantized Image Super-Resolution on Mobile NPUs, Mobile AI 2021 Challenge: Report
* Regional Recognition and Classification of Active Loess Landslides Using Two-Dimensional Deformation Derived from Sentinel-1 Interferometric Radar Data
* Regionally Robust High-Spatial-Resolution Aerosol Retrieval Algorithm for MODIS Images Over Eastern China, A
* Remote Estimation of Leaf and Canopy Water Content in Winter Wheat with Different Vertical Distribution of Water-Related Properties
* Remote Estimation of Vegetation Fraction and Flower Fraction in Oilseed Rape with Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Data
* Revisiting Cross-Channel Information Transfer for Chromatic Aberration Correction
* Robust interactive image segmentation via iterative refinement
* Robust Kalman Filtering Based on Chi-square Increment and Its Application
* Semi-Supervised Capsule cGAN for Speckle Noise Reduction in Retinal OCT Images
* Semi-Supervised Cross-Media Feature Learning With Unified Patch Graph Regularization
* Singular value decomposition-based virtual representation for face recognition
* Soft shape registration under lie group frame
* Sparsity adaptive matching pursuit for face recognition
* Surface Water Changes in Dongting Lake from 1975 to 2019 Based on Multisource Remote-Sensing Images
* Template Model for Defect Simulation for Evaluating Nondestructive Testing in X-Radiography, A
* TieNet: Text-Image Embedding Network for Common Thorax Disease Classification and Reporting in Chest X-Rays
* Traffic flow detection and statistics via improved optical flow and connected region analysis
* UAV-Based Biomass Estimation for Rice-Combining Spectral, TIN-Based Structural and Meteorological Features
* Uncertainty Aware Temporal-Ensembling Model for Semi-Supervised ABUS Mass Segmentation
* Underwater Image Restoration using Deep Networks to Estimate Background Light and Scene Depth
* Unsupervised Cross Domain Person Re-Identification by Multi-Loss Optimization Learning
* Unsupervised Cross-Media Retrieval Using Domain Adaptation With Scene Graph
* Virtual samples and sparse representation-based classification algorithm for face recognition
* Virus image classification using multi-scale completed local binary pattern features extracted from filtered images by multi-scale principal component analysis
* Visual Relationship Detection With A Deep Convolutional Relationship Network
* Weighted constraint based dictionary learning for image classification
Includes: Peng, Y.[Yang] Peng, Y.[Yan] Peng, Y. Peng, Y.[Yu] Peng, Y.[Yao] Peng, Y.[Yi] Peng, Y.[Yali] Peng, Y.[Yuxi] Peng, Y.[Ye] Peng, Y.[Yunbo] Peng, Y.[Yifan] Peng, Y.[Yanguo] Peng, Y.[Yanni] Peng, Y.[Yougui] Peng, Y.[Yun] Peng, Y.[Yishu] Peng, Y.[Yue] Peng, Y.[Ying] Peng, Y.[Yaxin] Peng, Y.[Yanan]
91 for Peng, Y.

Peng, Y.C. Co Author Listing * Integration of Digital Stabilizer With Video Codec for Digital Video Cameras
* Nonparallel support vector machine with large margin distribution for pattern classification
* Panoramic Mapping with Information Technologies for Supporting Engineering Education: A Preliminary Exploration
* Self-similarity Student for Partial Label Histopathology Image Segmentation
* Video segmentation based on patch matching and enhanced Onecut
Includes: Peng, Y.C. Peng, Y.C.[Yong-Cheng] Peng, Y.C.[Yu-Chi] Peng, Y.C.[Yu-Ching] Peng, Y.C.[Yu-Chen]

Peng, Y.D.[Yi Dong] Co Author Listing * MSNet: A Multi-Stream Fusion Network for Remote Sensing Spatiotemporal Fusion Based on Transformer and Convolution
* Multi-Metric Fusion Network for Image Quality Assessment
* Scale Effects of the Relationships between Urban Heat Islands and Impact Factors Based on a Geographically-Weighted Regression Model
Includes: Peng, Y.D.[Yi Dong] Peng, Y.D.[Yi-Dong] Peng, Y.D.[Yan-Ding]

Peng, Y.F.[Yi Fan] Co Author Listing * Depth and Transient Imaging with Compressive SPAD Array Cameras
* Generalized Zero-Shot Chest X-Ray Diagnosis Through Trait-Guided Multi-View Semantic Embedding With Self-Training
* Impact of Urbanization and Climate on Vegetation Coverage in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region of China
* Learning scale awareness in keypoint extraction and description
* Studying Relationships between Human Gaze, Description, and Computer Vision
* Surface Velocity Analysis of Surge Region of Karayaylak Glacier from 2014 to 2020 in the Pamir Plateau
Includes: Peng, Y.F.[Yi Fan] Peng, Y.F.[Yi-Fan] Peng, Y.F.[Yi-Feng] Peng, Y.F.[Yan-Fei]

Peng, Y.G.[Yi Gang] Co Author Listing * Face Recognition Using Anisotropic Dual-Tree Complex Wavelet Packets
* Foreground Extraction of Underwater Videos via Sparse and Low-Rank Matrix Decomposition
* RASL: Robust Alignment by Sparse and Low-Rank Decomposition for Linearly Correlated Images
* Reweighted Low-Rank Matrix Recovery and its Application in Image Restoration
* Robust Image Restoration via Reweighted Low-Rank Matrix Recovery
Includes: Peng, Y.G.[Yi Gang] Peng, Y.G.[Yi-Gang]

Peng, Y.H. Co Author Listing * Effective features based on normal linear structures for detecting microcalcifications in mammograms
* Fast Adaptive ME Algorithm Based on H.264, A
* Mass classification in mammograms based on two-concentric masks and discriminating texton
* New Data-Enabled Intelligence Framework for Evaluating Urban Space Perception, A
* New Remote Sensing Images and Point-of-Interest Fused (RPF) Model for Sensing Urban Functional Regions, A
* Optic disc localization by projection with vessel distribution and appearance characteristics
* SRR-LGR: Local-Global Information-Reasoned Social Relation Recognition for Human-Oriented Observation
* Study of Sea Surface Rain Identification Based on HY-2A Scatterometer, A
Includes: Peng, Y.H. Peng, Y.H.[Yu-Hua] Peng, Y.H.[Ya-Hui] Peng, Y.H.[Yong-Hong] Peng, Y.H.[Ying-Hui] Peng, Y.H.[Yi-Huan]
8 for Peng, Y.H.

Peng, Y.J.[Yan Jun] Co Author Listing * Lymph node detection method based on multisource transfer learning and convolutional neural network
* Nighttime Brake-Light Detection by Nakagami Imaging
* Research on Multi-Mode Medical Image Fusion Algorithm Based on Wavelet Transform and the Edge Characteristics of Images
* SAR Images Statistical Modeling and Classification Based on the Mixture of Alpha-Stable Distributions
* serialized classification method for pulmonary nodules based on lightweight cascaded convolutional neural network-long short-term memory, A
* Spatio-temporal context based recurrent visual attention model for lymph node detection
Includes: Peng, Y.J.[Yan Jun] Peng, Y.J.[Yan-Jun] Peng, Y.J. Peng, Y.J.[Yi-Jin] Peng, Y.J.[Yin-Jun]

Peng, Y.L.[Yun Long] Co Author Listing * Vision-based approach for predicting the probability of vehicle-pedestrian collisions at intersections
Includes: Peng, Y.L.[Yun Long] Peng, Y.L.[Yun-Long]

Peng, Y.N. Co Author Listing * Bistatic Linear Antenna Array SAR for Moving Target Detection, Location, and Imaging With Two Passive Airborne Radars
* Constant false-alarm ratio processing for video cut detection
* Efficient Implementation of a Robust Phase-Unwrapping Algorithm, An
* Ground Moving Target Signal Analysis in Complex Image Domain for Multichannel SAR
* New Image Enhancement Algorithm for Night Vision
* Parametric Velocity Synthetic Aperture Radar: Multilook Processing and Its Applications
* Parametric Velocity Synthetic Aperture Radar: Signal Modeling and Optimal Methods
* Perfect Gaussian Integer Sequences Embedding Pre-Given Gaussian Integers
Includes: Peng, Y.N. Peng, Y.N.[Ying-Ning] Peng, Y.N.[Yan-Ni]
8 for Peng, Y.N.

Peng, Y.P.[Yi Ping] Co Author Listing * Backchannel Prediction for Mandarin Human-Computer Interaction
* Estimation of Soil Heavy Metal Content Using Hyperspectral Data
* Improving Estimation of Soil Moisture Content Using a Modified Soil Thermal Inertia Model
* Multi-Scale Validation of MODIS LAI Products Based on Crop Growth Period
* Partial retrieval of CAD models based on the gradient flows in Lie group
* Prediction of Soil Nutrient Contents Using Visible and Near-Infrared Reflectance Spectroscopy
Includes: Peng, Y.P.[Yi Ping] Peng, Y.P.[Yi-Ping] Peng, Y.P.[Yang-Ping]

Peng, Y.Q.[Yu Qing] Co Author Listing * Dynamic gesture recognition based on feature fusion network and variant ConvLSTM
* Image caption model of double LSTM with scene factors
* Precise Orbit Determination for GNSS Maneuvering Satellite with the Constraint of a Predicted Clock
* SC-RPN: A Strong Correlation Learning Framework for Region Proposal
Includes: Peng, Y.Q.[Yu Qing] Peng, Y.Q.[Yu-Qing] Peng, Y.Q.[Ya-Quan] Peng, Y.Q.[Ying-Qing]

Peng, Y.T. Co Author Listing * Deep Battery Saver: End-to-End Learning for Power Constrained Contrast Enhancement
* Generalization of the Dark Channel Prior for Single Image Restoration
* Histogram shrinking for power-saving contrast enhancement
* Single underwater image enhancement using depth estimation based on blurriness
* SURF cascade face detection acceleration on Sandy Bridge processor
* Underwater Image Restoration Based on Image Blurriness and Light Absorption
Includes: Peng, Y.T. Peng, Y.T.[Yan-Tsung] Peng, Y.T.[Ya-Ti]

Peng, Y.X.[Yuan Xi] Co Author Listing * Accelerated image factorization based on improved NMF algorithm
* application of two-level attention models in deep convolutional neural network for fine-grained image classification, The
* Boosted Multi-Task Model for Pedestrian Detection With Occlusion Handling, A
* Cascaded Pyramid Network for Multi-person Pose Estimation
* CCL: Cross-modal Correlation Learning With Multigrained Fusion by Hierarchical Network
* Clip-Based Similarity Measure for Query-Dependent Clip Retrieval and Video Summarization
* Color Model based real-time Face Detection with AdaBoost in color image
* Combining multiple clusterings using fast simulated annealing
* Contextual Kernel and Spectral Methods for Learning the Semantics of Images
* Cost-Sensitive Deep Metric Learning for Fine-Grained Image Classification
* Cross-media retrieval by cluster-based correlation analysis
* Cross-Media Retrieval via Semantic Entity Projection
* DFRS: A Large-Scale Distributed Fingerprint Recognition System Based on Redis
* DV-Net: Dual-view network for 3D reconstruction by fusing multiple sets of gated control point clouds
* Effective Heterogeneous Similarity Measure with Nearest Neighbors for Cross-Media Retrieval
* Effective Multi-level Image Representation for Image Categorization
* EMD-Based Video Clip Retrieval by Many-to-Many Matching
* Exhaustive and Efficient Constraint Propagation: A Graph-Based Learning Approach and Its Applications
* Exploiting Semantic and Visual Context for Effective Video Annotation
* Fast Fine-Grained Image Classification via Weakly Supervised Discriminative Localization
* Fine-Grained Image Classification via Combining Vision and Language
* Gaussian mixture learning via robust competitive agglomeration
* Guest Editorial Introduction to the Special Section on Representation Learning for Visual Content Understanding
* Hierarchical Vision-Language Alignment for Video Captioning
* Hierarchical Visual-Textual Knowledge Distillation for Life-Long Correlation Learning
* Hot Event Detection and Summarization by Graph Modeling and Matching
* Image categorization via robust pLSA
* Latent semantic learning with structured sparse representation for human action recognition
* Learning Cross-Media Joint Representation With Sparse and Semisupervised Regularization
* Logo Recognition via Improved Topological Constraint
* Mining intricate temporal rules for recognizing complex activities of daily living under uncertainty
* Modality-Specific Cross-Modal Similarity Measurement With Recurrent Attention Network
* Multimodal semi-supervised image classification by combining tag refinement, graph-based learning and support vector regression
* Object-Aware Aggregation With Bidirectional Temporal Graph for Video Captioning
* Object-Part Attention Model for Fine-Grained Image Classification
* Query-Adaptive Image Retrieval by Deep-Weighted Hashing
* Quintuple-Media Joint Correlation Learning With Deep Compression and Regularization
* Recursive Pyramid Network with Joint Attention for Cross-Media Retrieval
* Reinforced Cross-Media Correlation Learning by Context-Aware Bidirectional Translation
* Satellite Formation Flight Simulation Using Multi-Constellation GNSS and Applications to Ionospheric Remote Sensing
* Show and Tell in the Loop: Cross-Modal Circular Correlation Learning
* Spectral learning of latent semantics for action recognition
* SSDH: Semi-Supervised Deep Hashing for Large Scale Image Retrieval
* Theoretical Approach to Construct Highly Discriminative Features with Application in AdaBoost, A
* ThunderNet: Towards Real-Time Generic Object Detection on Mobile Devices
* TPCKT: Two-Level Progressive Cross-Media Knowledge Transfer
* Tri-space and ranking based heterogeneous similarity measure for cross-media retrieval
* Two-Stream Collaborative Learning With Spatial-Temporal Attention for Video Classification
* Unsupervised learning of finite mixtures using entropy regularization and its application to image segmentation
* Using Multiple Frame Integration for the Text Recognition of Video
* Video Captioning With Object-Aware Spatio-Temporal Correlation and Aggregation
* Visual Vocabulary Optimization with Spatial Context for Image Annotation and Classification
* Which and How Many Regions to Gaze: Focus Discriminative Regions for Fine-Grained Visual Categorization
* Zero-Shot Cross-Media Embedding Learning With Dual Adversarial Distribution Network
Includes: Peng, Y.X.[Yuan Xi] Peng, Y.X.[Yuan-Xi] Peng, Y.X.[Yu-Xin] Peng, Y.X.[Yu-Xiang] Peng, Y.X.[Yu-Xing]
54 for Peng, Y.X.

Peng, Y.Y.[Yuan Yuan] Co Author Listing * Automatic Staging for Retinopathy of Prematurity With Deep Feature Fusion and Ordinal Classification Strategy
* Design and implementation of real-time software-based H.261 video codec
* Generalized Quadrature Spatial Modulation and its Application to Vehicular Networks With NOMA
* Strategy of Distinguishing Texture Feature for Reversible Data Hiding Based on Histogram Shifting, A
Includes: Peng, Y.Y.[Yuan Yuan] Peng, Y.Y.[Yuan-Yuan] Peng, Y.Y.[Yuan-Yu] Peng, Y.Y.[Yu-Yang] Peng, Y.Y.[Yin-Yin]

Peng, Z. Co Author Listing * Active Transfer Learning
* Anticipatory traveller information system for freeway-arterial networks
* Authentically Distorted Image Quality Assessment by Learning From Empirical Score Distributions
* Cirrus Detection Based on RPCA and Fractal Dictionary Learning in Infrared imagery
* Discriminative Projection and Representation-Based Classification Framework for Face Recognition, A
* Exemplar Normalization for Learning Deep Representation
* Identifying High Order Brain Connectome Biomarkers via Learning on Hypergraph
* improved augmented reality system based on AndAR, An
* Improved Multipath Mitigation Method and Its Application in Real-Time Bridge Deformation Monitoring, An
* Infrared Dim and Small Target Detection Based on Stable Multisubspace Learning in Heterogeneous Scene
* Infrared Small Target Detection Based on Partial Sum of the Tensor Nuclear Norm
* Joint decoding of turbo codes for subband coded image
* Learning region sparse constraint correlation filter for tracking
* MF-CNN: Traffic Flow Prediction Using Convolutional Neural Network and Multi-Features Fusion
* Missing Information Reconstruction for Single Remote Sensing Images Using Structure-Preserving Global Optimization
* Multi-Instance Deep Learning: Discover Discriminative Local Anatomies for Bodypart Recognition
* Multi-View Dense Point Cloud Generation Algorithm Based on Low-Altitude Remote Sensing Images, A
* Multi-View Stereo Matching Based on Self-Adaptive Patch and Image Grouping for Multiple Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Imagery
* New Stereo High Dynamic Range Imaging Method Using Generative Adversarial Networks
* Night-Time Light Remote Sensing Mapping: Construction and Analysis of Ethnic Minority Development Index
* Non-Negative Transfer Learning With Consistent Inter-Domain Distribution
* On the tradeoff between source and channel coding rates for image transmission
* Orthogonal Coded Multi-view Structured Light for Inter-view Interference Elimination
* Output-Feedback Cooperative Formation Maneuvering of Autonomous Surface Vehicles With Connectivity Preservation and Collision Avoidance
* Output-Feedback Path-Following Control of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles Based on an Extended State Observer and Projection Neural Networks
* Pyramidal Image Coder Using Generalized Rank-Ordered Prediction Filter, A
* Recognition Method for Airplane Targets Using 3D Point Cloud Data, A
* Region-Activity-Based Pyramidal Image Coder Using Generalized Rank-Ordered Prediction Filter
* Robust Learning-Based Parsing and Annotation of Medical Radiographs
* Spatio-Temporal Variability of Aerosol Components, Their Optical and Microphysical Properties over North China during Winter Haze in 2012, as Derived from POLDER/PARASOL Satellite Observations
* Structured Output-Associated Dictionary Learning for Haptic Understanding
* Trajectory prediction for intelligent vehicles using spatial-attention mechanism
* Video compressed sensing reconstruction based on structural group sparsity and successive approximation estimation model
* Visualization Simulation Of Remote-sensing Satellite System, The
Includes: Peng, Z. Peng, Z.[Zhenming] Peng, Z.[Zheng] Peng, Z.[Ziwen] Peng, Z.[Zhang] Peng, Z.[Zihan] Peng, Z.[Zhishi] Peng, Z.[Zhou] Peng, Z.[Zhe] Peng, Z.[Zhiyan] Peng, Z.[Zongren] Peng, Z.[Zifeng]
34 for Peng, Z.

Peng, Z.F.[Zhi Feng] Co Author Listing * Facial expression recognition based on a multi-task global-local network
Includes: Peng, Z.F.[Zhi Feng] Peng, Z.F.[Zhi-Feng]

Peng, Z.G.[Zhi Gang] Co Author Listing * 3D Method of Using Spatial-Varying Gaussian Mixture and Local Information to Segment MR Brain Volumes
* Applying Prior Knowledge in the Segmentation of 3D Complex Anatomic Structures
* Automatic Segmentation of MR Brain Images Using Spatial-Varying Gaussian Mixture and Markov Random Field Approach
* comparative study of deformable contour methods on medical image segmentation, A
* Hierarchical learning for tubular structure parsing in medical imaging: A study on coronary arteries using 3D CT Angiography
* MR Brain Imaging Segmentation Based On Spatial Gaussian Mixture Model And Markov Random Field
Includes: Peng, Z.G.[Zhi Gang] Peng, Z.G.[Zhi-Gang]

Peng, Z.H.[Zheng Hong] Co Author Listing * Agent-based Model Simulation of Human Mobility Based on Mobile Phone Data: How Commuting Relates to Congestion, An
* Block2vec: An Approach for Identifying Urban Functional Regions by Integrating Sentence Embedding Model and Points of Interest
* Distributed robust stabilization for a class of uncertain nonlinear multi-agent systems
* Exploring Urban Spatial Features of COVID-19 Transmission in Wuhan Based on Social Media Data
* Fine-Scale Dasymetric Population Mapping with Mobile Phone and Building Use Data Based on Grid Voronoi Method
* Output-Feedback Flocking Control of Multiple Autonomous Surface Vehicles Based on Data-Driven Adaptive Extended State Observers
* SODNet: Small object detection using deconvolutional neural network
* Spatiotemporal Interaction Effect of COVID-19 Transmission in the United States, The
Includes: Peng, Z.H.[Zheng Hong] Peng, Z.H.[Zheng-Hong] Peng, Z.H.[Zhou-Hua] Peng, Z.H.[Zhi-Hao]
8 for Peng, Z.H.

Peng, Z.J.[Zong Ju] Co Author Listing * Binocular Perception Based Reduced-Reference Stereo Video Quality Assessment Method
* Blind quality assessment for 3D synthesised video with binocular asymmetric distortion
* Blind tone mapped image quality assessment with image segmentation and visual perception
* Colour correction pre-processing and chrominance reconstruction post-processing for multi-view video coding
* Cubemap-Based Perception-Driven Blind Quality Assessment for 360-degree Images
* depth perception and visual comfort guided computational model for stereoscopic 3D visual saliency, A
* Depth perceptual region-of-interest based multiview video coding
* Depth video spatial and temporal correlation enhancement algorithm based on just noticeable rendering distortion model
* Disparity based stereo image reversible data hiding
* End-to-end single image enhancement based on a dual network cascade model
* fast inter coding algorithm for HEVC based on texture and motion quad-tree models, A
* Fast inter-frame prediction in multi-view video coding based on perceptual distortion threshold model
* Fast Macroblock Mode Selection Algorithm for Multiview Video Coding
* Inter-layer correlation-based adaptive bit allocation for enhancement layer in scalable high efficiency video coding
* Low-Complexity Region-of-Interest Extraction for Multiview Video Coding
* Multiple classifier-based fast coding unit partition for intra coding in future video coding
* New rate distortion optimization method for video coding
* New reduced-reference objective stereo image quality assessment model based on human visual system
* new tone-mapped image quality assessment approach for high dynamic range imaging system, A
* No reference stereo video quality assessment based on motion feature in tensor decomposition domain
* No-reference Stereoscopic Image Quality Assessment Using Binocular Self-similarity and Deep Neural Network
* Novel Rate Control Algorithm for H.264/AVC Based on Human Visual System, A
* Novel Rate Control Method for H.264/AVC Based on Frame Complexity and Importance, A
* Novel visibility threshold model for asymmetrically distorted stereoscopic images
* On Secrecy of a Multi-Antenna System with Eavesdropper in Close Proximity
* Online Learning-Based Multi-Stage Complexity Control for Live Video Coding
* Perceptual stereoscopic image quality assessment method with tensor decomposition and manifold learning
* PMFS: A Perceptual Modulated Feature Similarity Metric for Stereoscopic Image Quality Assessment
* Quality assessment of stereoscopic video in free viewpoint video system
* Reduced-reference stereoscopic image quality assessment based on view and disparity zero-watermarks
* Strong ghost removal in multi-exposure image fusion using hole-filling with exposure congruency
* Subjective quality analyses of stereoscopic images in 3DTV system
* Supervised Dictionary Learning for Blind Image Quality Assessment
* Supervised Dictionary Learning for Blind Image Quality Assessment Using Quality-Constraint Sparse Coding
* Towards a tone mapping-robust watermarking algorithm for high dynamic range image based on spatial activity
* Virtual view quality assessment based on shift compensation and visual masking effect
Includes: Peng, Z.J.[Zong Ju] Peng, Z.J.[Zong-Ju] Peng, Z.J.[Zhang-Jie]
36 for Peng, Z.J.

Peng, Z.K.[Zhi Ke] Co Author Listing * Component Extraction for Non-Stationary Multi-Component Signal Using Parameterized De-chirping and Band-Pass Filter
Includes: Peng, Z.K.[Zhi Ke] Peng, Z.K.[Zhi-Ke]

Peng, Z.L.[Zi Li] Co Author Listing * Adaptive appearance separation for interactive image segmentation based on Dense CRF
* Differentiable Learning-to-Group Channels via Groupable Convolutional Neural Networks
* Facial age estimation by using stacked feature composition and selection
* Interactive image segmentation using geodesic appearance overlap graph cut
* Mapping Long-Term Spatiotemporal Dynamics of Pen Aquaculture in a Shallow Lake: Less Aquaculture Coming along Better Water Quality
* Progressively diffused networks for semantic visual parsing
* Switchable Normalization for Learning-to-Normalize Deep Representation
Includes: Peng, Z.L.[Zi Li] Peng, Z.L.[Zi-Li] Peng, Z.L.[Zhang-Lin] Peng, Z.L.[Zhao-Liang]
7 for Peng, Z.L.

Peng, Z.M.[Zhen Ming] Co Author Listing * Bottom-Up and Top-Down Integration Framework for Online Object Tracking, A
* Few-Shot Image Recognition With Knowledge Transfer
* Infrared dim target detection based on total variation regularization and principal component pursuit
* Infrared dim target detection via mode-k1k2 extension tensor tubal rank under complex ocean environment
* Infrared Small Target Detection Based on Non-Convex Optimization with Lp-Norm Constraint
* Infrared Small Target Detection via Non-Convex Rank Approximation Minimization Joint L_2,1 Norm
* Infrared Small Target Detection via Non-Convex Tensor Rank Surrogate Joint Local Contrast Energy
* Mask Sparse Representation Based on Semantic Features for Thermal Infrared Target Tracking
* Seismic Wavelet Estimation Using Covariation Approach
* Structure-Adaptive Clutter Suppression for Infrared Small Target Detection: Chain-Growth Filtering
Includes: Peng, Z.M.[Zhen Ming] Peng, Z.M.[Zhen-Ming] Peng, Z.M.[Zhi-Mao]
10 for Peng, Z.M.

Peng, Z.P.[Zhi Ping] Co Author Listing * Estimation of Paddy Rice Nitrogen Content and Accumulation Both at Leaf and Plant Levels from UAV Hyperspectral Imagery
* Phenology Effects on Physically Based Estimation of Paddy Rice Canopy Traits from UAV Hyperspectral Imagery
Includes: Peng, Z.P.[Zhi Ping] Peng, Z.P.[Zhi-Ping]

Peng, Z.Q.[Zhi Qing] Co Author Listing * Analysis of the Spatial Variability of Land Surface Variables for ET Estimation: Case Study in HiWATER Campaign
* Estimating Subpixel Surface Heat Fluxes through Applying Temperature-Sharpening Methods to MODIS Data
* Multi-level monitoring of three-dimensional building changes for megacities: Trajectory, morphology, and landscape
Includes: Peng, Z.Q.[Zhi Qing] Peng, Z.Q.[Zhi-Qing] Peng, Z.Q.[Zi-Qiang]

Peng, Z.R.[Zhong Ren] Co Author Listing * Use of Multi-Rotor Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for Radioactive Source Search
* Using Satellite Gravity and Hydrological Data to Estimate Changes in Evapotranspiration Induced by Water Storage Fluctuations in the Three Gorges Reservoir of China
Includes: Peng, Z.R.[Zhong Ren] Peng, Z.R.[Zhong-Ren] Peng, Z.R.[Zhen-Ran]

Peng, Z.X.[Zhong Xing] Co Author Listing * O(1) Algorithms for Overlapping Group Sparsity
* Real-Time Detection of Ground Objects Based on Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Remote Sensing with Deep Learning: Application in Excavator Detection for Pipeline Safety
* Understanding the Robustness of Skeleton-based Action Recognition under Adversarial Attack
Includes: Peng, Z.X.[Zhong Xing] Peng, Z.X.[Zhong-Xing] Peng, Z.X.[Zhi-Xing] Peng, Z.X.[Zhe-Xi]

Peng, Z.Y.[Zhang You] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Green Spaces by Utilizing Big Data to Support Smart Cities and Environment: A Case Study About the City Center of Shanghai
* Application of Facial Feature Localization Using Constrained Local Models in Template-Based Caricature Synthesis
* CCDA: a concise corner detection algorithm
* DEM Estimation for LASAR Based on Variational Model
* Estimating and Interpreting Fine-Scale Gridded Population Using Random Forest Regression and Multisource Data
* Estimating Rural Electric Power Consumption Using NPP-VIIRS Night-Time Light, Toponym and POI Data in Ethnic Minority Areas of China
* Exploring the Spatial-Temporal Analysis of Coastline Changes Using Place Name Information on Hainan Island, China
Includes: Peng, Z.Y.[Zhang You] Peng, Z.Y.[Zhang-You] Peng, Z.Y.[Zhen-Yun] Peng, Z.Y.[Zhi-Yong] Peng, Z.Y.[Zuo-Yong] Peng, Z.Y.[Zhen-Yu] Peng, Z.Y.[Zhi-Yan]
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Pengbo, W. Co Author Listing * Comparison of diverse approaches for synthetic aperture radar images pixel fusion under different precision registration

Pengcheng, G.[Guo] Co Author Listing * Path planning for support jammers formation in penetration operation based on improved PSO-GA

Pengfei, W. Co Author Listing * Multidimensional Motion Parameters: Estimation for Multi-SAR System Using the Cubic Phase Function

Pengra, B.[Bruce] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of the Initial Thematic Output from a Continuous Change-Detection Algorithm for Use in Automated Operational Land-Change Mapping by the U.S. Geological Survey
* Optimizing selection of training and auxiliary data for operational land cover classification for the LCMAP initiative

Pengue, S. Co Author Listing * Imaging Magnetic Nanoparticle Distributions by Atomic Magnetometry-Based Susceptometry

Pengwang, C.Y.[Chong Yu] Co Author Listing * Evaluation of Urbanization Dynamics and its Impacts on Surface Heat Islands: A Case Study of Beijing, China
Includes: Pengwang, C.Y.[Chong Yu] Pengwang, C.Y.[Chong-Yu]

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