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Yan, A.[An] Co Author Listing * Driving through the Concept Gridlock: Unraveling Explainability Bottlenecks in Automated Driving
* Intra Coding With Geometric Information for Urban Building Scenes
* Learning Concise and Descriptive Attributes for Visual Recognition
* PA3D: Pose-Action 3D Machine for Video Recognition
* Segmentation of Main Weld Seam Area Based on MGLNS-Retinex Image Enhancement Algorithm
* variational image segmentation method exploring both intensity means and texture patterns, A
Includes: Yan, A.[An] Yan, A.[Aibin] Yan, A.[Anbang]

Yan, A.D.[An Dong] Co Author Listing * Analysis and Correction of the Rolling Shutter Effect for a Star Tracker Based on Particle Swarm Optimization
Includes: Yan, A.D.[An Dong] Yan, A.D.[An-Dong]

Yan, B. Co Author Listing * 3-D Ionospheric Tomography Using Model Function in the Modified L-Curve Method
* accurate saliency prediction method based on generative adversarial networks, An
* active learning method based on result quality evaluation for printed circuit board computed tomography image segmentation, An
* Active Strike-Slip Faulting and Systematic Deflection of Drainage Systems along the Altyn Tagh Fault, Northern Tibetan Plateau
* Adaptive Distortion-Based Intra-Rate Estimation for H.264/AVC Rate Control
* Alpha-Refine: Boosting Tracking Performance by Precise Bounding Box Estimation
* Assessing Eye Aesthetics for Automatic Multi-Reference Eye In-Painting
* Attributes Preserving Face De-Identification
* Beyond Visual Retargeting: A Feature Retargeting Approach for Visual Recognition and Its Applications
* Codebook Guided Feature-Preserving for Recognition-Oriented Image Retargeting
* Comparison of Seven Inversion Models for Estimating Plant and Woody Area Indices of Leaf-on and Leaf-off Forest Canopy Using Explicit 3D Forest Scenes
* Cooling-Shrinking Attack: Blinding the Tracker With Imperceptible Noises
* Cycle-IR: Deep Cyclic Image Retargeting
* Deep Objective Quality Assessment Driven Single Image Super-Resolution
* Deep Residual Network for Enhancing Quality of the Decoded Intra Frames of HEVC
* Deformable 3-D model based vehicle matching with weighted Hausdorff and EDA in traffic surveillance
* Derivation and Validation of Sensor Brightness Temperatures for Advanced Microwave Sounding Unit-A Instruments
* Design of image confusion-diffusion cryptosystem based on vector quantization and cross chaotic map
* Developing Parallel Control and Management for Urban Traffic Systems
* Developing the Remote Sensing-Gash Analytical Model for Estimating Vegetation Rainfall Interception at Very High Resolution: A Case Study in the Heihe River Basin
* Disparity-Aware Domain Adaptation in Stereo Image Restoration
* Distortion-Aware Multi-Task Learning Framework for Fractional Interpolation in Video Coding, A
* Dual Transformer Encoder Model for Medical Image Classification
* effective error resilient 3D view synthesis method, An
* Effective Local and Global Search for Fast Long-Term Tracking
* Effective Video Retargeting With Jittery Assessment
* Effective Video Synopsis Approach with Seam Carving, An
* Efficient error concealment for the whole-frame loss based on H.264/AVC
* Efficient Frame Concealment for Depth Image-Based 3-D Video Transmission
* efficient framework for image/video inpainting, An
* Efficient P-frame complexity estimation for frame layer rate control of H.264/AVC
* Efficient seam carving for object removal
* Exploring Transformers for Open-world Instance Segmentation
* Fast medical image segmentation based on patch sharing
* Feature Super-Resolution: Make Machine See More Clearly
* First Visual Object Tracking Segmentation VOTS2023 Challenge Results, The
* Foreground Detection in Surveillance Video with Fully Convolutional Semantic Network
* High-Performance Transformer Tracking
* HodgeRank on Random Graphs for Subjective Video Quality Assessment
* hybrid evolutionary algorithm for multiobjective sparse reconstruction, A
* Hybrid Frame Concealment Algorithm for H.264/AVC, A
* Image Retargeting for Preserving Robust Local Feature: Application to Mobile Visual Search
* Implementing real-time RCF-Retinex image enhancement method using CUDA
* Improved Smooth Variable Structure Filter for Robust Target Tracking, An
* Improving the Visual Quality of Size-Invariant Visual Cryptography for Grayscale Images: An Analysis-by-Synthesis (AbS) Approach
* Infrastructure Safety Oriented Traffic Load Monitoring Using Multi-Sensor and Single Camera for Short and Medium Span Bridges
* Joint Complexity Estimation of I-Frame and P-Frame for H.264/AVC Rate Control
* Learning quality assessment of retargeted images
* Learning Robust Image-Based Rendering on Sparse Scene Geometry via Depth Completion
* Learning Spatio-Temporal Transformer for Visual Tracking
* LightTrack: Finding Lightweight Neural Networks for Object Tracking via One-Shot Architecture Search
* Low complexity image interpolation method based on path selection
* Low-complexity content-aware image retargeting
* Matching-Area-Based Seam Carving for Video Retargeting
* Measurement study on wireless camera networks
* Method of Segmenting Apples Based on Gray-Centered RGB Color Space, A
* MIPI 2023 Challenge on Nighttime Flare Removal: Methods and Results
* Mode-Based Error-Resilient Techniques for the Robust Communication of MPEG-4 Video
* Motion Blur Removal With Quality Assessment Guidance
* Motion Distillation Framework for Video Frame Interpolation, A
* Motion Matters: Difference-based Multi-scale Learning for Infrared UAV Detection
* Multi-scale Adaptive Mask 3D Rigid Registration of Ultrasound and CT Images
* Multimode Energy Management for Plug-In Hybrid Electric Buses Based on Driving Cycles Prediction
* Multitone reconstruction visual cryptography based on phase periodicity
* Naturalness-Aware Deep No-Reference Image Quality Assessment
* Nearest neighbor ensemble
* New 32-Day Average-Difference Method for Calculating Inter-Sensor Calibration Radiometric Biases between SNPP and NOAA-20 Instruments within ICVS Framework, A
* New Methodology on Noise Equivalent Differential Temperature Calculation for On-Orbit Advanced Microwave Sounding Unit-A Instrument, A
* New Reprocessing towards Life-Time Quality-Consistent Suomi NPP OMPS Nadir Sensor Data Records (SDR): Calibration Improvements and Impact Assessments on Long-Term Quality Stability of OMPS SDR Data Sets
* Ninth Visual Object Tracking VOT2021 Challenge Results, The
* Non-iterative reversible information hiding in the secret sharing domain
* Novel 4D Track-before-Detect Approach for Weak Targets Detection in Clutter Regions, A
* Online Cost Efficient Customer Recognition System for Retail Analytics
* Perceptual Variousness Motion Deblurring with Light Global Context Refinement
* Performance of OMPS Nadir Profilers' Sensor Data Records
* Person-Specific Face Spoofing Detection Based on a Siamese Network
* Pyramid model based Down-sampling for image inpainting
* Real-Time Apple Targets Detection Method for Picking Robot Based on Improved YOLOv5, A
* Reprocessed Suomi NPP Satellite Observations, The
* Rethinking and Improving Few-Shot Segmentation From a Contour-Aware Perspective
* Road2Vec: Measuring Traffic Interactions in Urban Road System from Massive Travel Routes
* Seam carving based aesthetics enhancement for photos
* Seam Searching-Based Pixel Fusion for Image Retargeting
* Segment Every Reference Object in Spatial and Temporal Spaces
* Self-Supervised Digital Histopathology Image Disentanglement for Arbitrary Domain Stain Transfer
* Semantic Segmentation Guided Pixel Fusion for Image Retargeting
* Semiconormed possibility integrals and multi-feature pattern classification
* Seventh Visual Object Tracking VOT2019 Challenge Results, The
* Skimming-Perusal Tracking: A Framework for Real-Time and Robust Long-Term Tracking
* Specular Reflections Removal for Endoscopic Image Sequences With Adaptive-RPCA Decomposition
* Tenth Visual Object Tracking VOT2022 Challenge Results, The
* Thermal Image Super-Resolution Challenge Results - PBVS 2022
* Token labeling-guided multi-scale medical image classification
* Towards Grand Unification of Object Tracking
* Transformer Tracking
* Unitary Transformation Extension of PolSAR Four-Component Target Decomposition, A
* Universal Instance Perception as Object Discovery and Retrieval
* Visual cryptography scheme for secret color images with color QR codes
* Wire segmentation for printed circuit board using deep convolutional neural network and graph cut model
Includes: Yan, B. Yan, B.[Bing] Yan, B.[Bin] Yan, B.[Bo] Yan, B.[Bojie] Yan, B.[Binyan] Yan, B.[Bai] Yan, B.[Binyu] Yan, B.[Bojun] Yan, B.[Banghua] Yan, B.[Bolin] Yan, B.[Boya]
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Yan, B.B.[Bin Bin] Co Author Listing * Improved real-time three-dimensional stereo matching with local consistency
* Unsupervised multi-view stereo network based on multi-stage depth estimation
Includes: Yan, B.B.[Bin Bin] Yan, B.B.[Bin-Bin]

Yan, B.C.[Bai Cheng] Co Author Listing * adaptive template matching-based single object tracking algorithm with parallel acceleration, An
Includes: Yan, B.C.[Bai Cheng] Yan, B.C.[Bai-Cheng]

Yan, B.H.[Bang Hua] Co Author Listing * Calibration and Validation of Antenna and Brightness Temperatures from Metop-C Advanced Microwave Sounding Unit-A (AMSU-A)
* Deep Learning Trained Clear-Sky Mask Algorithm for VIIRS Radiometric Bias Assessment, A
* Effects of Solar Intrusion on the Calibration of the Metop-C Advanced Microwave Sounding Unit-A2 Channels
* Geolocation Assessment and Optimization for OMPS Nadir Mapper: Methodology
Includes: Yan, B.H.[Bang Hua] Yan, B.H.[Bang-Hua]

Yan, B.J.[Bo Jie] Co Author Listing * Facial Expression Recognition via Regression-Based Robust Locality Preserving Projections
* Temporal-Difference Learning-Based Stochastic Energy Management for Plug-in Hybrid Electric Buses
Includes: Yan, B.J.[Bo Jie] Yan, B.J.[Bo-Jie] Yan, B.J.[Bing-Jie]

Yan, B.L.[Bing Long] Co Author Listing * Gas Plume Target Detection in Multibeam Water Column Image Using Deep Residual Aggregation Structure and Attention Mechanism
Includes: Yan, B.L.[Bing Long] Yan, B.L.[Bing-Long]

Yan, B.M.[Bao Ming] Co Author Listing * Augmented Bi-path Network for Few-shot Learning
* Unbiased Manifold Augmentation for Coarse Class Subdivision
Includes: Yan, B.M.[Bao Ming] Yan, B.M.[Bao-Ming]

Yan, B.P.[Bao Ping] Co Author Listing * Bird Flu Outbreak Prediction via Satellite Tracking
* Exploration in Mapping Kernel-Based Home Range Models from Remote Sensing Imagery with Conditional Adversarial Networks
* Improvement of Moderate Resolution Land Use and Land Cover Classification by Introducing Adjacent Region Features
Includes: Yan, B.P.[Bao Ping] Yan, B.P.[Bao-Ping]

Yan, B.Q.[Bing Qi] Co Author Listing * Deep Learning Triplet Ordinal Relation Preserving Binary Code for Remote Sensing Image Retrieval Task
Includes: Yan, B.Q.[Bing Qi] Yan, B.Q.[Bing-Qi]

Yan, B.W.[Bo Wei] Co Author Listing * 3d Convolutional Long-Short Term Memory Network for Spatiotemporal Modeling of fMRI Data
Includes: Yan, B.W.[Bo Wei] Yan, B.W.[Bo-Wei]

Yan, B.X.[Bai Xuan] Co Author Listing * Multi-user Multi-platform xR Collaboration: System and Evaluation
Includes: Yan, B.X.[Bai Xuan] Yan, B.X.[Bai-Xuan]

Yan, B.Y.[Bi Ying] Co Author Listing * Energy minimisation-based multi-class multi-instance geometric primitives extraction from 3D point clouds
* Extraction of Multi-class Multi-instance Geometric Primitives from Point Clouds Using Energy Minimization
* Feature-Level Fusion of Polarized SAR and Optical Images Based on Random Forest and Conditional Random Fields
* Novel Deeplabv3+ Network for SAR Imagery Semantic Segmentation Based on the Potential Energy Loss Function of Gibbs Distribution, A
Includes: Yan, B.Y.[Bi Ying] Yan, B.Y.[Bi-Ying] Yan, B.Y.[Bi-Yuan]

Yan, C.[Cheng] Co Author Listing * Adaptive hash retrieval with kernel based similarity
* Attitude Modelling Method Based On the Inherent Frequency of A Satellite Platform, An
* Automatic Method for Delimiting Deformation Area in InSAR Based on HNSW-DBSCAN Clustering Algorithm, An
* Beyond Triplet Loss: Person Re-Identification With Fine-Grained Difference-Aware Pairwise Loss
* Bilinear Discriminant Analysis Hashing: A Supervised Hashing Approach for High-Dimensional Data
* BV-Person: A Large-scale Dataset for Bird-view Person Re-identification
* Cascaded Revision Network for Novel Object Captioning
* CELoF: WiFi Dwell Time Estimation in Free Environment
* Characteristics of the Total Suspended Matter Concentration in the Hongze Lake during 1984-2019 Based on Landsat Data
* Comparison of some thresholding algorithms for text/background segmentation in difficult document images
* Comprehensive Remote Sensing Technology for Monitoring Landslide Hazards and Disaster Chain in the Xishan Mining Area of Beijing
* Content Harvest Network: Optimizing First Mile for Crowdsourced Live Streaming
* Converging Channel Attention Mechanisms with Multilayer Perceptron Parallel Networks for Land Cover Classification
* Cross-Modality Bridging and Knowledge Transferring for Image Understanding
* Cross-Model Retrieval with Reconstruct Hashing
* Cybercrime forensic system in cloud computing
* D-VINS: Dynamic Adaptive Visual-Inertial SLAM with IMU Prior and Semantic Constraints in Dynamic Scenes
* Detection and Localization for Multiple Stationary Human Targets Based on Cross-Correlation of Dual-Station SFCW Radars
* Discrete Multi-Graph Clustering
* Discriminate Cross-modal Quantization for Efficient Retrieval
* Distributed Signal Control of Arterial Corridors Using Multi-Agent Deep Reinforcement Learning
* DLD-SLAM: RGB-D Visual Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping in Indoor Dynamic Environments Based on Deep Learning
* Double-Bit Quantization and Index Hashing for Nearest Neighbor Search
* Driving posture recognition by convolutional neural networks
* Effective Uyghur Language Text Detection in Complex Background Images for Traffic Prompt Identification
* Efficient Parallel Framework for H.264/AVC Deblocking Filter on Many-Core Platform
* Exploration in Mapping Kernel-Based Home Range Models from Remote Sensing Imagery with Conditional Adversarial Networks
* Fast Uyghur Text Detector for Complex Background Images, A
* Feature Prediction Diffusion Model for Video Anomaly Detection
* FSKT-GE: Feature maps similarity knowledge transfer for low-resolution gaze estimation
* Hashing with Non-Linear Manifold Learning
* Heterogeneous face recognition via grassmannian based nearest subspace search
* Huaihe Basin Water Resource And Water Quality Management Platform Implemented With A Spatio-temporal Data Model, The
* Improved U-Net Remote Sensing Classification Algorithm Based on Multi-Feature Fusion Perception
* Improved U-Net Remote Sensing Classification Algorithm Fusing Attention and Multiscale Features
* Investigation of Precise Single-Frequency Time and Frequency Transfer with Galileo E1/E5a/E5b/E5/E6 Observations
* MACRO: Multi-Attention Convolutional Recurrent Model for Subject-Independent ERP Detection
* Memory Matching Networks for One-Shot Image Recognition
* Novel Weighted Boundary Matching Error Concealment Schema for HEVC, A
* Occluded Person Re-Identification with Single-scale Global Representations
* Probabilistic Liveness Decision Method of Unbounded Petri Nets Based on Machine Learning, The
* Remote Estimation of the Particulate Phosphorus Concentrations in Inland Water Bodies: A Case Study in Hongze Lake
* Research on Urban Ecological Network Under the Threat of Road Networks: A Case Study of Wuhan
* Research on UWB Indoor Positioning Algorithm under the Influence of Human Occlusion and Spatial NLOS
* Robust real-time multi-user pupil detection and tracking under various illumination and large-scale head motion
* Self-Trained Deep Ordinal Regression for End-to-End Video Anomaly Detection
* STAT: Spatial-Temporal Attention Mechanism for Video Captioning
* Towards Open-Vocabulary Video Instance Segmentation
* Unsupervised Video Highlight Extraction via Query-related Deep Transfer
* Using Geographically Weighted Regression to Study the Seasonal Influence of Potential Risk Factors on the Incidence of HFMD on the Chinese Mainland
* Weighted Convolutional Motion-Compensated Frame Rate Up-Conversion Using Deep Residual Network
Includes: Yan, C.[Cheng] Yan, C. Yan, C.[Chi] Yan, C.[Chen] Yan, C.[Chuan] Yan, C.[Chao] Yan, C.[Chungang] Yan, C.[Cilin]
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Yan, C.B.[Chao Bao] Co Author Listing * Scattering-Point-Guided Oriented RepPoints for Ship Detection
Includes: Yan, C.B.[Chao Bao] Yan, C.B.[Chao-Bao]

Yan, C.C.[Chao Chao] Co Author Listing * Context-Aware Domain Adaptation in Semantic Segmentation
* Label-driven Reconstruction for Domain Adaptation in Semantic Segmentation
* MaskConver: Revisiting Pure Convolution Model for Panoptic Segmentation
Includes: Yan, C.C.[Chao Chao] Yan, C.C.[Chao-Chao]

Yan, C.D. Co Author Listing * Document Processing for Automatic Knowledge Acquisition
* LL-CSFormer: A Novel Image Denoiser for Intensified CMOS Sensing Images under a Low Light Environment
* Novel Simulation for Polarization Dehazing, A
* VQ-InfraTrans: A Unified Framework for RGB-IR Translation with Hybrid Transformer
Includes: Yan, C.D. Yan, C.D.[Chang-Da]

Yan, C.G.[Cheng Gang] Co Author Listing * 3D Room Layout Estimation From a Single RGB Image
* ABINet++: Autonomous, Bidirectional and Iterative Language Modeling for Scene Text Spotting
* Adaptive Residual Networks for High-Quality Image Restoration
* AutoBD: Automated Bi-Level Description for Scalable Fine-Grained Visual Categorization
* Building Floorplan Reconstruction Based on Integer Linear Programming
* CANet: Context-aware Aggregation Network for Salient Object Detection of Surface Defects
* CBREN: Convolutional Neural Networks for Constant Bit Rate Video Quality Enhancement
* CNNs-Based RGB-D Saliency Detection via Cross-View Transfer and Multiview Fusion
* Cross-modal feature extraction and integration based RGBD saliency detection
* Cross-modal semantic correlation learning by Bi-CNN network
* Deep fusion based video saliency detection
* Deep Joint Semantic Adaptation Network for Multi-source Unsupervised Domain Adaptation
* Deep Multi-View Enhancement Hashing for Image Retrieval
* Depth-guided saliency detection via boundary information
* Domain-Adversarial-Guided Siamese Network for Unsupervised Cross-Domain 3-D Object Retrieval
* DPFMDA: Distributed and privatized framework for miRNA-Disease association prediction
* Dynamic Selective Network for RGB-D Salient Object Detection
* Each Part Matters: Local Patterns Facilitate Cross-View Geo-Localization
* Ecological Cooperative Adaptive Cruise Control for Heterogenous Vehicle Platoons Subject to Time Delays and Input Saturations
* Efficient Parallel Framework for HEVC Motion Estimation on Many-Core Processors
* Evolution of ICTs-empowered-identification: A general re-ranking method for person re-identification
* FANet: Feature aggregation network for RGBD saliency detection
* FastFusion: Real-Time Indoor Scene Reconstruction with Fast Sensor Motion
* Feature rectification and enhancement for no-reference image quality assessment
* Gait Recognition in the Wild with Dense 3D Representations and A Benchmark
* Gaussian Label Distribution Learning for Spherical Image Object Detection
* GoLDFormer: A global-local deformable window transformer for efficient image restoration
* Group-Wise Hub Identification by Learning Common Graph Embeddings on Grassmannian Manifold
* Hamming Embedding Sensitivity Guided Fusion Network for 3D Shape Representation
* Highly Parallel Framework for HEVC Coding Unit Partitioning Tree Decision on Many-core Processors, A
* Hybrid Spectral Denoising Transformer with Guided Attention
* I2-Transformer: Intra- and Inter-Relation Embedding Transformer for TV Show Captioning
* Image Classification Base on PCA of Multi-View Deep Representation
* Improving Just Noticeable Difference Model by Leveraging Temporal HVS Perception Characteristics
* Iterative Denoiser and Noise Estimator for Self-Supervised Image Denoising
* Joint Local Correlation and Global Contextual Information for Unsupervised 3D Model Retrieval and Classification
* Learning Shape-Biased Representations for Infrared Small Target Detection
* MFFNet: Multi-Modal Feature Fusion Network for V-D-T Salient Object Detection
* Mining Spatial-Temporal Similarity for Visual Tracking
* Multi-Scale Representation Learning on Hypergraph for 3D Shape Retrieval and Recognition
* Multi-stage affine motion estimation fast algorithm for versatile video coding using decision tree
* Multi-stage all-zero block detection for HEVC coding using machine learning
* Multiple-environment Self-adaptive Network for aerial-view geo-localization
* Mush: Multi-scale Hierarchical Feature Extraction for Semantic Image Synthesis
* PANDORA: A Panoramic Detection Dataset for Object with Orientation
* Protecting Privacy of Location-Based Services in Road Networks
* Raw Image Based Over-Exposure Correction Using Channel-Guidance Strategy
* RawHDR: High Dynamic Range Image Reconstruction from a Single Raw Image
* Read Like Humans: Autonomous, Bidirectional and Iterative Language Modeling for Scene Text Recognition
* Recognition and Geological Model of a Deep-Seated Ancient Landslide at a Reservoir under Construction, A
* Self-supervised Cross-view Representation Reconstruction for Change Captioning
* Self-Supervised Synthesis Ranking for Deep Metric Learning
* Social Relation Recognition From Videos via Multi-Scale Spatial-Temporal Reasoning
* Sparse intrinsic decomposition and applications
* SRI-Net: Similarity retrieval-based inference network for light field salient object detection
* STAT: Multi-Object Tracking Based on Spatio-Temporal Topological Constraints
* STORM: Structure-Based Overlap Matching for Partial Point Cloud Registration
* STS: Spatial-Temporal-Semantic Personalized Location Recommendation
* Supervised Hash Coding With Deep Neural Network for Environment Perception of Intelligent Vehicles
* survey of memory deduplication approaches for intelligent urban computing, A
* Task-Adaptive Attention for Image Captioning
* Three-dimensional laser scanning under the pinhole camera with lens distortion
* TMNet: Triple-modal interaction encoder and multi-scale fusion decoder network for V-D-T salient object detection
* Transformer-Based Multi-Scale Feature Integration Network for Video Saliency Prediction
* Triple-Bit Quantization with Asymmetric Distance for Image Content Security
* Unsupervised Person Re-identification via Cross-Camera Similarity Exploration
* Unsupervised Person Re-Identification via Softened Similarity Learning
* Uyghur Text Localization with Fast Component Detection
Includes: Yan, C.G.[Cheng Gang] Yan, C.G.[Cheng-Gang] Yan, C.G.[Chun-Gang] Yan, C.G.[Chang-Gen]
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Yan, C.G.C.[Cheng Gang Clarence] Co Author Listing * Extracting salient region for pornographic image detection
* Finding suits in images of people in unconstrained environments
* Fusing multi-cues description for partial-duplicate image retrieval
* LSH-based semantic dictionary learning for large scale image understanding
* Multi-description of local interest point for partial-duplicate image retrieval
* Robust skin detection in real-world images
Includes: Yan, C.G.C.[Cheng Gang Clarence] Yan, C.G.C.[Cheng-Gang Clarence]

Yan, C.H.[Chun Hua] Co Author Listing * Accurate Measurement and Assessment of Typhoon-Related Damage to Roadside Trees and Urban Forests Using the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
* Accurate Measurement of Bone Mineral Density Using Clinical CT Imaging With Single Energy Beam Spectral Intensity Correction
* Characteristics of Evapotranspiration of Urban Lawns in a Sub-Tropical Megacity and Its Measurement by the Three Temperature Model + Infrared Remote Sensing Method
* Discrimination of disease-related non-synonymous single nucleotide polymorphisms using multi-scale RBF kernel fuzzy support vector machine
* Frame Aggregation and Multi-Modal Fusion Framework for Video-Based Person Recognition
* Guided Depth Upsampling via a Cosparse Analysis Model
* Longitudinal sampling and aliasing in spiral CT
* Multimodal image registration system for image-guided orthopaedic surgery
* Overall-Distinctive GCN for Social Relation Recognition on Videos
* Rapid surface registration of 3D volumes using a neural network approach
* Reconstruction algorithm for polychromatic CT imaging: Application to beam hardening correction
* Simultaneous Camera Pose and Correspondence Estimation in Cornerless Images
* Social Relation Graph Generation on Untrimmed Video
* Video segmentation: Propagation, validation and aggregation of a preceding graph
Includes: Yan, C.H.[Chun Hua] Yan, C.H.[Chun-Hua] Yan, C.H. Yan, C.H.[Chang-Hui] Yan, C.H.[Cheng-Hao] Yan, C.H.[Chao-Hua] Yan, C.H.[Chye Hwang]
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Yan, C.J.[Cao Jun] Co Author Listing * Double factors algorithm for computing DFT
Includes: Yan, C.J.[Cao Jun] Yan, C.J.[Cao-Jun]

Yan, C.K.[Chao Kun] Co Author Listing * Application research of image compression and wireless network traffic video streaming
* Quality-guided lane detection by deeply modeling sophisticated traffic context
Includes: Yan, C.K.[Chao Kun] Yan, C.K.[Chao-Kun]

Yan, C.M.[Chun Man] Co Author Listing * Aerial Video Images Registration Based on Optimal Derivative Filters with Scene-Adaptive Corners
Includes: Yan, C.M.[Chun Man] Yan, C.M.[Chun-Man]

Yan, C.P.[Cai Ping] Co Author Listing * Adaptive tone-preserved image detail enhancement
Includes: Yan, C.P.[Cai Ping] Yan, C.P.[Cai-Ping]

Yan, C.Q.[Chang Qing] Co Author Listing * greedy-based multiquadric method for LiDAR-derived ground data reduction, A
* Interpretable Neural Network Decoupling
* MSAGNet: Multi-Stream Attribute-Guided Network for Occluded Pedestrian Detection
* PAMS: Quantized Super-resolution via Parameterized Max Scale
* Privacy-preserving Online AutoML for Domain-Specific Face Detection
* Robust Algorithm of Multiquadric Method Based on an Improved Huber Loss Function for Interpolating Remote-Sensing-Derived Elevation Data Sets, A
* Robust Interpolation of DEMs From Lidar-Derived Elevation Data
* Thin Plate Spline-Based Feature-Preserving Method for Reducing Elevation Points Derived from LiDAR, A
* Towards Optimal Structured CNN Pruning via Generative Adversarial Learning
Includes: Yan, C.Q.[Chang Qing] Yan, C.Q.[Chang-Qing] Yan, C.Q.[Chen-Qian] Yan, C.Q.[Chao-Qi]
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Yan, C.R.[Cai Rong] Co Author Listing * Learning Image Representation via Attribute-Aware Attention Networks for Fashion Classification
Includes: Yan, C.R.[Cai Rong] Yan, C.R.[Cai-Rong]

Yan, C.W. Co Author Listing * Iconic Indexing by 2-D Strings
* Intelligent Image Database System, An

Yan, C.X.[Can Xiang] Co Author Listing * Active Learning for Interactive Segmentation with Expected Confidence Change
* Analysis of the E-Region Low-Altitude Quasi-Periodic Event in Low-Latitudes of China
* Collaborative Contrastive Refining for Weakly Supervised Person Search
* Counterfactual Generation Framework for Few-Shot Learning
* Gap-Filling and Missing Information Recovery for Time Series of MODIS Data Using Deep Learning-Based Methods
* Hainan Coherent Scatter Phased Array Radar (HCOPAR): System Design and Ionospheric Irregularity Observations
* Image labeling by multiple segmentation
* Impact of Spectral Resolution and Signal-to-Noise Ratio in Vis-NIR Spectrometry on Soil Organic Matter Estimation
* Local entropy-based transition region extraction and thresholding
* Near-Ultraviolet to Near-Infrared Band Thresholds Cloud Detection Algorithm for TANSAT-CAPI
* Object segmentation with deep regression
* Power Efficient Video Super-resolution on Mobile NPUs with Deep Learning, Mobile AI & AIM 2022 Challenge: Report
* Semantics-Guided Contrastive Network for Zero-Shot Object Detection
* Semantics-Preserving Graph Propagation for Zero-Shot Object Detection
* Social Image-Text Sentiment Classification With Cross-Modal Consistency and Knowledge Distillation
* Soil Moisture Retrieval Model for Remote Sensing Using Reflected Hyperspectral Information
* View-Adaptive Metric Learning for Multi-view Person Re-identification
* ZeroNAS: Differentiable Generative Adversarial Networks Search for Zero-Shot Learning
Includes: Yan, C.X.[Can Xiang] Yan, C.X.[Can-Xiang] Yan, C.X.[Chun-Xiao] Yan, C.X.[Cai-Xia] Yan, C.X.[Chen-Xi] Yan, C.X. Yan, C.X.[Chang-Xiang] Yan, C.X.[Cheng-Xin]
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Yan, C.Y.[Chen Yu] Co Author Listing * HeadPager: Page Turning with Computer Vision Based Head Interaction
Includes: Yan, C.Y.[Chen Yu] Yan, C.Y.[Chen-Yu]

Yan, C.Z.[Chang Zhen] Co Author Listing * Effect of Ecological Construction Engineering on Vegetation Restoration: A Case Study of the Loess Plateau
* Effective High Spatiotemporal Resolution NDVI Fusion Model Based on Histogram Clustering, An
* Evaluation of Eco-Environmental Quality in Qaidam Basin Based on the Ecological Index (MRSEI) and GEE
* Grassland Dynamics and the Driving Factors Based on Net Primary Productivity in Qinghai Province, China
* Latest Desertification Process and Its Driving Force in Alxa League from 2000 to 2020, The
* Monitoring Recent Trends in the Area of Aeolian Desertified Land Using Landsat Images in China's Xinjiang Region
* Vegetation Dynamic Changes and Their Response to Ecological Engineering in the Sanjiangyuan Region of China
Includes: Yan, C.Z.[Chang Zhen] Yan, C.Z.[Chang-Zhen] Yan, C.Z.
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Yan, D.[Dong] Co Author Listing * Assessing Variations in Water Use Efficiency and Linkages with Land-Use Changes Using Three Different Data Sources: A Case Study of the Yellow River, China
* Biclustering of gene expression data based on related genes and conditions extraction
* Blockage Effects of Road Bridge on mmWave Channels for Intelligent Autonomous Vehicles
* Characterizing Land Cover Impacts on the Responses of Land Surface Phenology to the Rainy Season in the Congo Basin
* Climate and Socioeconomic Factors Drive Irrigated Agriculture Dynamics in the Lower Colorado River Basin
* Comparison of Tropical Rainforest Phenology Retrieved From Geostationary (SEVIRI) and Polar-Orbiting (MODIS) Sensors Across the Congo Basin, A
* Decision-Based Attack to Speaker Recognition System via Local Low-Frequency Perturbation
* Deep reinforcement learning with credit assignment for combinatorial optimization
* Dynamical Downscaling of Temperature Variations over the Canadian Prairie Provinces under Climate Change
* Efficient Generation of Speech Adversarial Examples with Generative Model
* Exploration of Terrain Effects on Land Surface Phenology across the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau Using Landsat ETM+ and OLI Data, An
* Feedback Graph Convolutional Network for Skeleton-Based Action Recognition
* Learning A Room with the Occ-SDF Hybrid: Signed Distance Function Mingled with Occupancy Aids Scene Representation
* Mixed-Bit Sampling Graphic: When Watermarking Meets Copy Detection Pattern
* Monocular Piecewise Depth Estimation in Dynamic Scenes by Exploiting Superpixel Relations
* Operational Atmospheric Correction Framework for Multi-Source Medium-High-Resolution Remote Sensing Data of China, An
* Phenological Characteristics of Global Ecosystems Based on Optical, Fluorescence, and Microwave Remote Sensing
* Physical Anti-copying Semi-robust Random Watermarking for QR Code
* Response of Vegetation to Drought in the Source Region of the Yangtze and Yellow Rivers Based on Causal Analysis
* Stealthy Backdoor Attack Against Speaker Recognition Using Phase-Injection Hidden Trigger
* Tackling the Cover Source Mismatch Problem in Audio Steganalysis With Unsupervised Domain Adaptation
* Upper Mantle Velocity Structure Beneath the Yarlung-Tsangpo Suture Revealed by Teleseismic P-Wave Tomography
Includes: Yan, D.[Dong] Yan, D.[Dechun] Yan, D. Yan, D.[Diqun] Yan, D.[Denghua] Yan, D.[Dan] Yan, D.[Dongyu] Yan, D.[Dongchuan]
22 for Yan, D.

Yan, D.C.[Dong Chuan] Co Author Listing * Improved Faster R-CNN Method to Detect Tailings Ponds from High-Resolution Remote Sensing Images, An
* Improved Method to Detect the Tailings Ponds from Multispectral Remote Sensing Images Based on Faster R-CNN and Transfer Learning
Includes: Yan, D.C.[Dong Chuan] Yan, D.C.[Dong-Chuan]

Yan, D.D.[Dan Dan] Co Author Listing * Monitoring Spartina alterniflora Expansion Mode and Dieback Using Multisource High-Resolution Imagery in Yancheng Coastal Wetland, China
Includes: Yan, D.D.[Dan Dan] Yan, D.D.[Dan-Dan]

Yan, D.F.[Dong Feng] Co Author Listing * Retraction: Cross-camera multi-person tracking by leveraging fast graph mining algorithm
* Spatio-temporal human action localization in indoor surveillances
Includes: Yan, D.F.[Dong Feng] Yan, D.F.[Dong-Feng] Yan, D.F.[Dan-Feng]

Yan, D.H.[Deng Hua] Co Author Listing * Urban Flood Risk Assessment in Zhengzhou, China, Based on a D-Number-Improved Analytic Hierarchy Process and a Self-Organizing Map Algorithm
Includes: Yan, D.H.[Deng Hua] Yan, D.H.[Deng-Hua]

Yan, D.L.[Dong Liang] Co Author Listing * Low-light image enhancement based on virtual exposure
Includes: Yan, D.L.[Dong Liang] Yan, D.L.[Dong-Liang]

Yan, D.M.[Dong Ming] Co Author Listing * Coherent chord computation and cross ratio for accurate ellipse detection
* Dense Modality Interaction Network for Audio-Visual Event Localization
* DPE: Disentanglement of Pose and Expression for General Video Portrait Editing
* Efficient Center Voting for Object Detection and 6D Pose Estimation in 3D Point Cloud
* Efficient triangulation of Poisson-disk sampled point sets
* Feature-aware natural texture synthesis
* GraphFit: Learning Multi-scale Graph-Convolutional Representation for Point Cloud Normal Estimation
* GraphReg: Dynamical Point Cloud Registration With Geometry-Aware Graph Signal Processing
* Illumination Guided Attentive Wavelet Network for Low-Light Image Enhancement
* Illustrating How Mechanical Assemblies Work
* Image Inpainting With Local and Global Refinement
* Improving ellipse fitting via multi-scale smoothing and key-point searching
* LARNeXt: End-to-End Lie Algebra Residual Network for Face Recognition
* Learning 3D Keypoint Descriptors for Non-rigid Shape Matching
* Neural texture transfer assisted video coding with adaptive up-sampling
* occlusion-resistant circle detector using inscribed triangles, An
* Potential of Using SDGSAT-1 TIS Data to Identify Industrial Heat Sources in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region, The
* Progressive polarization based reflection removal via realistic training data generation
* Quadric Surface Extraction by Variational Shape Approximation
* Remote Sensing Image Scene Classification Based on Global Self-Attention Module
* Robust Ellipse Fitting Using Hierarchical Gaussian Mixture Models
* Robust Local Spectral Descriptor for Matching Non-Rigid Shapes With Incompatible Shape Structures, A
* SECAD-Net: Self-Supervised CAD Reconstruction by Learning Sketch-Extrude Operations
* Single-Image Specular Highlight Removal via Real-World Dataset Construction
* Structure-Aware Surface Reconstruction via Primitive Assembly
* Two Algorithms for the Detection and Tracking of Moving Vehicle Targets in Aerial Infrared Image Sequences
* W-Net: Structure and Texture Interaction for Image Inpainting
Includes: Yan, D.M.[Dong Ming] Yan, D.M.[Dong-Ming] Yan, D.M.[Dong-Mei] Yan, D.M.
27 for Yan, D.M.

Yan, D.P.[Da Peng] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Surface Modeling of Soil Properties in Complex Landforms
Includes: Yan, D.P.[Da Peng] Yan, D.P.[Da-Peng]

Yan, D.Q.[Di Qun] Co Author Listing * Detecting Fake-Quality WAV Audio Based on Phase Differences
* Huffman Table Index Based Approach to Detect Double MP3 Compression, A
* Source Cell-Phone Identification Using Spectral Features of Device Self-noise
Includes: Yan, D.Q.[Di Qun] Yan, D.Q.[Di-Qun]

Yan, D.S.[Dai Song] Co Author Listing * Rotated and Masked Image Modeling: A Superior Self-Supervised Method for Classification
Includes: Yan, D.S.[Dai Song] Yan, D.S.[Dai-Song]

Yan, D.W.[Da Wei] Co Author Listing * Dualbln: Dual Branch LUT-Aware Network for Real-time Image Retouching
* Learning pixel-adaptive weights for portrait photo retouching
* SCOAD: Single-Frame Click Supervision for Online Action Detection
Includes: Yan, D.W.[Da Wei] Yan, D.W.[Da-Wei]

Yan, D.X.[Ding Xin] Co Author Listing * DADA: Driver Attention Prediction in Driving Accident Scenarios
* Fast and Automated FMT/XCT Reconstruction Strategy Based on Standardized Imaging Space, A
Includes: Yan, D.X.[Ding Xin] Yan, D.X.[Ding-Xin] Yan, D.X.[Da-Xiang]

Yan, D.Y.[Da Yuan] Co Author Listing * Convenient and Fast Method of Endoscope Calibration under Surgical Environment, A
Includes: Yan, D.Y.[Da Yuan] Yan, D.Y.[Da-Yuan]

Yan, D.Z.[De Zhao] Co Author Listing * Detecting Rock Glacier Displacement in the Central Himalayas Using Multi-Temporal InSAR
Includes: Yan, D.Z.[De Zhao] Yan, D.Z.[De-Zhao]

Yan, E.[Erxing] Co Author Listing * Attention-Enhanced Dual-Branch Residual Network with Adaptive L-Softmax Loss for Specific Emitter Identification under Low-Signal-to-Noise Ratio Conditions
* Bridging Domains and Resolutions: Deep Learning-Based Land Cover Mapping without Matched Labels
* Cross-Domain Change Detection Network Based on Instance Normalization, A
* DSNUNet: An Improved Forest Change Detection Network by Combining Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 Images
* Dynamic Detection of Forest Change in Hunan Province Based on Sentinel-2 Images and Deep Learning
* Estimating Fine Fuel Load Using Sentinel-2A Imagery and Machine Learning: A Case Study in the Mountainous Forests of Changsha, China
* Improving Selection of Spectral Variables for Vegetation Classification of East Dongting Lake, China, Using a Gaofen-1 Image
* Improving the Estimation of Forest Carbon Density in Mountainous Regions Using Topographic Correction and Landsat 8 Images
* Investigating the Identification and Spatial Distribution Characteristics of Camellia oleifera Plantations Using High-Resolution Imagery
* Knowledge Graph-Driven CNN for Radar Emitter Identification, A
* Multi-Resolution Mapping and Accuracy Assessment of Forest Carbon Density by Combining Image and Plot Data from a Nested and Clustering Sampling Design
Includes: Yan, E.[Erxing] Yan, E.[Enping]
11 for Yan, E.

Yan, E.P.[En Ping] Co Author Listing * Mapping Growing Stem Volume of Chinese Fir Plantation Using a Saturation-based Multivariate Method and Quad-polarimetric SAR Images
Includes: Yan, E.P.[En Ping] Yan, E.P.[En-Ping]

Yan, E.X.[En Xu] Co Author Listing * Temporal Structure Mining for Weakly Supervised Action Detection
Includes: Yan, E.X.[En Xu] Yan, E.X.[En-Xu]

Yan, F.[Fei] Co Author Listing * Adaptive multi-view subspace clustering for high-dimensional data
* All Pairs Shortest Path Formulation for Multiple Object Tracking with Application to Tennis Video Analysis
* Analysis of Orbital Atmospheric Density from QQ-Satellite Precision Orbits Based on GNSS Observations
* Augmented Kernel Matrix vs Classifier Fusion for Object Recognition
* Automatic annotation of court games with structured output learning
* Automatic annotation of tennis games: An integration of audio, vision, and learning
* Ball event recognition using hmm for automatic tennis annotation
* Bayesian Nonparametric Models for Multiway Data Analysis
* BreakingNews: Article Annotation by Image and Text Processing
* Comparison of mid-level feature coding approaches and pooling strategies in visual concept detection
* Composite Nonlinear Feedback Control for Path Following of Four-Wheel Independently Actuated Autonomous Ground Vehicles
* Deep correlation for matching images and text
* Detection Ground Deformation Characteristics of Reclamation Land with Time-Series Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar in Tianjin Binhai New Area, China
* Diagnosis of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) with Structured Latent Multi-View Representation Learning
* Differential Steering Based Yaw Stabilization Using ISMC for Independently Actuated Electric Vehicles
* Domain Anomaly Detection in Machine Perception: A System Architecture and Taxonomy
* Dual-Sampling Attention Network for Diagnosis of COVID-19 From Community Acquired Pneumonia
* Efficient 3D morphable face model fitting
* End-to-End 3D Point Cloud Instance Segmentation Without Detection
* evaluation of bags-of-words and spatio-temporal shapes for action recognition, An
* Exploiting the Matched Filter to Improve the Detection of Methane Plumes with Sentinel-2 Data
* Exploring turn signal usage patterns in lane changes: A Bayesian hierarchical modelling analysis of realistic driving data
* Face Recognition Using a Unified 3D Morphable Model
* Failure Mapping and Genealogical Research on Metro Operational Incidents, A
* Fidelity-Beltrami-Sparsity Model for Inverse Problems in Multichannel Image Processing
* Fire Diurnal Cycle Derived from a Combination of the Himawari-8 and VIIRS Satellites to Improve Fire Emission Assessments in Southeast Australia
* Full ranking as local descriptor for visual recognition: A comparison of distance metrics on S_n
* Generating commentaries for tennis videos
* Hierarchical Image Matching Method for Stereo Satellite Imagery, A
* Higher-Order Occurrence Pooling for Bags-of-Words: Visual Concept Detection
* Inverse random under sampling for class imbalance problem and its application to multi-label classification
* Investigation of Potential of GNSS-R Polarization: Theoretical Simulations
* Joint Point Interaction-Dimension Search for 3D Point Cloud
* Lake Cyanobacterial Bloom Color Recognition and Spatiotemporal Monitoring with Google Earth Engine and the Forel-Ule Index
* Land Use and Land Cover Changes and Prediction Based on Multi-Scenario Simulation: A Case Study of Qishan County, China
* Lane Detection Model Based on Spatio-Temporal Network With Double Convolutional Gated Recurrent Units
* Layered Data Association Using Graph-Theoretic Formulation with Application to Tennis Ball Tracking in Monocular Sequences
* Learning Low-rank Deep Neural Networks via Singular Vector Orthogonality Regularization and Singular Value Sparsification
* Learning weights for codebook in image classification and retrieval
* Leveraging High Level Visual Information for Matching Images and Captions
* LP norm multiple kernel Fisher discriminant analysis for object and image categorisation
* Maximum A Posteriori Probability Viterbi Data Association Algorithm for Ball Tracking in Sports Video, A
* Memory Architecture and Contextual Reasoning Framework for Cognitive Vision, A
* MR Elastography With Optimization-Based Phase Unwrapping and Traveling Wave Expansion-Based Neural Network (TWENN)
* MSNet: Structural Wired Neural Architecture Search for Internet of Things
* Nemo: An Open-Source Transformer-Supercharged Benchmark for Fine-Grained Wildfire Smoke Detection
* Novel Data Association Algorithm for Object Tracking in Clutter with Application to Tennis Video Analysis, A
* Novel Markov Logic Rule Induction Strategy for Characterizing Sports Video Footage, A
* ONCE-3DLanes: Building Monocular 3D Lane Detection
* Person Re-Identification with Vision and Language
* Progressive Local Filter Pruning for Image Retrieval Acceleration
* Quantum image scaling with applications to image steganography and fusion
* Resilience-Oriented Train Rescheduling Optimization in Railway Networks: A Mixed Integer Programming Approach
* Resolution-Enhanced Lensless Color Shadow Imaging Microscopy Based on Large Field-of-View Submicron-Pixel Imaging Sensors
* Retrieval of Outgoing Longwave Radiation from the Fengyun-3D Satellite and Its Climate Applications
* Robust and Scalable Visual Category and Action Recognition System Using Kernel Discriminant Analysis With Spectral Regression, A
* Robust H_inf Path Following Control for Autonomous Ground Vehicles With Delay and Data Dropout
* Robust Pedestrian Detection for Semi-automatic Construction of a Crowded Person Re-Identification Dataset
* Semi-supervised feature selection with exploiting shared information among multiple tasks
* Should the Desired Heading in Path Following of Autonomous Vehicles be the Tangent Direction of the Desired Path?
* Soft Person Reidentification Network Pruning via Blockwise Adjacent Filter Decaying
* Solving Jigsaw Puzzles via Nonconvex Quadratic Programming With the Projected Power Method
* Spatio-Temporal Dynamics of Land-Use and Land-Cover in the Mu Us Sandy Land, China, Using the Change Vector Analysis Technique
* Spatiotemporal Variation in Vegetation Growth Status and Its Response to Climate in the Three-River Headwaters Region, China
* Spatiotemporal Variation of Vegetation on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and the Influence of Climatic Factors and Human Activities on Vegetation Trend (2000-2019)
* Strategic car-following gap model considering the effect of cut-ins from adjacent lanes
* Tennis Ball Tracking Algorithm for Automatic Annotation of Tennis Match, A
* Three-dimensional affinity learning based multi-branch ensemble network for breast tumor segmentation in MRI
* Trajectory prediction for autonomous driving based on multiscale spatial-temporal graph
* Transductive transfer learning for action recognition in tennis games
* University of Surrey Visual Concept Detection System at ImageCLEF@ICPR: Working Notes, The
* Vegetation Growth Status and Topographic Effects in Frozen Soil Regions on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau
* Vegetation Growth Status and Topographic Effects in the Pisha Sandstone Area of China
* Visual category recognition using Spectral Regression and Kernel Discriminant Analysis
Includes: Yan, F.[Fei] Yan, F.[Feng] Yan, F. Yan, F.[Fuli] Yan, F.[Fuhua] Yan, F.[Fan] Yan, F.[Fang] Yan, F.[Fuwu]
74 for Yan, F.

Yan, F.F.[Fang Fang] Co Author Listing * Crowd counting by the dual-branch scale-aware network with ranking loss constraints
* Short-Term Demand Forecasting for on-Demand Mobility Service
Includes: Yan, F.F.[Fang Fang] Yan, F.F.[Fang-Fang] Yan, F.F.[Fen-Fan]

Yan, F.G.[Feng Gang] Co Author Listing * Half-Dimension Subspace Decomposition for Fast Direction Finding With Arbitrary Linear Arrays
Includes: Yan, F.G.[Feng Gang] Yan, F.G.[Feng-Gang]

Yan, F.H.[Fei Hu] Co Author Listing * Attention-Guided Collaborative Counting
* Handling pure camera rotation in semi-dense monocular SLAM
* Sampling-Based Path Planning for High-Quality Aerial 3D Reconstruction of Urban Scenes
Includes: Yan, F.H.[Fei Hu] Yan, F.H.[Fei-Hu]

Yan, F.J.[Feng Jun] Co Author Listing * Gated branch neural network for mandatory lane changing suggestion at the on-ramps of highway
* Improved Vehicle LiDAR Calibration With Trajectory-Based Hand-Eye Method
Includes: Yan, F.J.[Feng Jun] Yan, F.J.[Feng-Jun]

Yan, F.L.[Fan Lei] Co Author Listing * Autonomous vehicle routing problem solution based on artificial potential field with parallel ant colony optimization (ACO) algorithm
* Context-Aware 3D Point Cloud Semantic Segmentation With Plane Guidance
Includes: Yan, F.L.[Fan Lei] Yan, F.L.[Fan-Lei] Yan, F.L.[Fei-Long]

Yan, F.Q.[Feng Qin] Co Author Listing * Changes in Ecosystems and Ecosystem Services in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area since the Reform and Opening Up in China
* Cooling Effect of Urban Parks and Its Monthly Variations in a Snow Climate City, The
* Effects of Spatiotemporal Changes in Land Degradation on Ecosystem Services Values in Sanjiang Plain, China, The
* Global Fisheries Responses to Culture, Policy and COVID-19 from 2017 to 2020
* Hyperspectral Image Classification Based on Sparse Superpixel Graph
* Impacts of Urbanization on the Ecosystem Services in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, China
* Integrated CNN Model for Reconstructing and Predicting Land Use/Cover Change: A Case Study of the Baicheng Area, Northeast China, An
* Investigating Seasonal Effects of Dominant Driving Factors on Urban Land Surface Temperature in a Snow-Climate City in China
* Novel Model Integrating Deep Learning for Land Use/Cover Change Reconstruction: A Case Study of Zhenlai County, Northeast China, A
* Novel Semi-Supervised Hyperspectral Image Classification Based on a Superpixel Graph and Discrete Potential Method
* Paddy Field Expansion and Aggregation Since the Mid-1950s in a Cold Region and Its Possible Causes
* Seasonal Local Temperature Responses to Paddy Field Expansion from Rain-Fed Farmland in the Cold and Humid Sanjiang Plain of China
Includes: Yan, F.Q.[Feng Qin] Yan, F.Q.[Feng-Qin]
12 for Yan, F.Q.

Yan, F.X.[Feng Xia] Co Author Listing * Feature Extraction of 2D Radar Profile via Double-Sides 2DPCA for Target Recognition
* Missile target automatic recognition from its decoys based on image time-series
* multistage adaptive thresholding method, A
* New Approach for Wavelet Denoising Based on Training, A
Includes: Yan, F.X.[Feng Xia] Yan, F.X.[Feng-Xia] Yan, F.X.[Fei-Xiang]

Yan, F.Y.[Fang Yuan] Co Author Listing * Dual Transformer Encoder Model for Medical Image Classification
* LayoutDM: Transformer-based Diffusion Model for Layout Generation
* Token labeling-guided multi-scale medical image classification
Includes: Yan, F.Y.[Fang Yuan] Yan, F.Y.[Fang-Yuan] Yan, F.Y.[Feng-Ying]

Yan, G. Co Author Listing * Angular Normalization of Land Surface Temperature and Emissivity Using Multiangular Middle and Thermal Infrared Data
* C-MIDN: Coupled Multiple Instance Detection Network With Segmentation Guidance for Weakly Supervised Object Detection
* Continuous sign language recognition based on hierarchical memory sequence network
* cross-layer and optimized privacy method in Vehicular ad-hoc Networks, A
* Depth-Induced Multi-Scale Recurrent Attention Network for Saliency Detection
* Development of a Small-Scale Research Platform for Intelligent Transportation Systems
* Distinguishing the Intervalley Plain from the Intermountain Flat for Landform Mapping Using the Sightline Algorithm
* DMRA: Depth-Induced Multi-Scale Recurrent Attention Network for RGB-D Saliency Detection
* Easy-to-Use Airborne LiDAR Data Filtering Method Based on Cloth Simulation, An
* Empirical Algorithms to Map Global Broadband Emissivities Over Vegetated Surfaces
* Enhancing Building Segmentation in Remote Sensing Images: Advanced Multi-Scale Boundary Refinement with MBR-HRNet
* Estimation for Refined Carbon Storage of Urban Green Space and Minimum Spatial Mapping Scale in a Plain City of China
* Generating Global Products of LAI and FPAR From SNPP-VIIRS Data: Theoretical Background and Implementation
* Improved Methods for Spectral Calibration of On-Orbit Imaging Spectrometers
* Iterative-Mode Scan Design of Terrestrial Laser Scanning in Forests for Minimizing Occlusion Effects, An
* LSTM for Image Annotation with Relative Visual Importance
* Multi-operator Image Retargeting based on Saliency Object Ranking and Similarity Evaluation Metric
* Multi-task Facial Activity Patterns Learning for micro-expression recognition using Joint Temporal Local Cube Binary Pattern
* Operational Method for Validating the Downward Shortwave Radiation Over Rugged Terrains, An
* Part-Based Representation Enhancement for Occluded Person Re-Identification
* Potentials and Limits of Vegetation Indices With BRDF Signatures for Soil-Noise Resistance and Estimation of Leaf Area Index
* Primitive-based 3d Building Reconstruction Method Tested By Reference Airborne Data
* Probabilistic Analysis of Link Duration in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks, A
* Scale Effect in Indirect Measurement of Leaf Area Index
* Scaling-Based Method for the Rapid Retrieval of FPAR From Fine-Resolution Satellite Data in the Remote-Sensing Trend-Surface Framework, A
* Security Challenges in Vehicular Cloud Computing
* Single Scanner BLS System for Forest Plot Mapping
* Spectral Recalibration for In-Flight Broadband Sensor Using Man-Made Ground Targets
* Temporal Extrapolation of Daily Downward Shortwave Radiation Over Cloud-Free Rugged Terrains. Part 1: Analysis of Topographic Effects
* Using Airborne Laser Scanner and Path Length Distribution Model to Quantify Clumping Effect and Estimate Leaf Area Index
* VVBP-Tensor in the FBP Algorithm: Its Properties and Application in Low-Dose CT Reconstruction
Includes: Yan, G. Yan, G.[Gao] Yan, G.[Gang] Yan, G.[Ge] Yan, G.[Guangjian] Yan, G.[Geding] Yan, G.[Geng]
31 for Yan, G.

Yan, G.B.[Ga Beng] Co Author Listing * novel curvelet thresholding denoising method based on chi-squared distribution, A
Includes: Yan, G.B.[Ga Beng] Yan, G.B.[Ga-Beng]

Yan, G.F.[Gang Feng] Co Author Listing * Local multi-robot coordination and experiments
* non-deadlock reconfiguration strategy in cooperative module systems, A
Includes: Yan, G.F.[Gang Feng] Yan, G.F.[Gang-Feng]

Yan, G.H.[Guang Hui] Co Author Listing * EEG-based classification combining Bayesian convolutional neural networks with recurrence plot for motor movement/imagery
Includes: Yan, G.H.[Guang Hui] Yan, G.H.[Guang-Hui]

Yan, G.J.[Guang Jian] Co Author Listing * Assessing the Accuracy of Landsat-MODIS NDVI Fusion with Limited Input Data: A Strategy for Base Data Selection
* Characterizing reflectance anisotropy of background soil in open-canopy plantations using UAV-based multiangular images
* Estimating the leaf area of an individual tree in urban areas using terrestrial laser scanner and path length distribution model
* Estimation of Daily Average Downward Shortwave Radiation over Antarctica
* Evaluation of MODIS LAI/FPAR Product Collection 6. Part 1: Consistency and Improvements
* Evaluation of MODIS LAI/FPAR Product Collection 6. Part 2: Validation and Intercomparison
* Evaluation of Radiometric Performance for the Thermal Infrared Sensor Onboard Landsat 8
* Evaluation of Sampling Methods for Validation of Remotely Sensed Fractional Vegetation Cover
* Evaluation of the Vegetation-Index-Based Dimidiate Pixel Model for Fractional Vegetation Cover Estimation
* Extending a Linear Kernel-Driven BRDF Model to Realistically Simulate Reflectance Anisotropy Over Rugged Terrain
* Extracting the Green Fractional Vegetation Cover from Digital Images Using a Shadow-Resistant Algorithm (SHAR-LABFVC)
* Filtering Airborne LiDAR Data Through Complementary Cloth Simulation and Progressive TIN Densification Filters
* From Geometric-Optical Remote Sensing Modeling to Quantitative Remote Sensing Science: In Memory of Academician Xiaowen Li
* Implications of Whole-Disc DSCOVR EPIC Spectral Observations for Estimating Earth's Spectral Reflectivity Based on Low-Earth-Orbiting and Geostationary Observations
* Improved Topographic Normalization for Landsat TM Images by Introducing the MODIS Surface BRDF
* Improving the estimation of fractional vegetation cover from UAV RGB imagery by colour unmixing
* Influencing Factors in Estimation of Leaf Angle Distribution of an Individual Tree from Terrestrial Laser Scanning Data
* LESS LiDAR: A Full-Waveform and Discrete-Return Multispectral LiDAR Simulator Based on Ray Tracing Algorithm
* Machine Learning Approach to Crater Classification from Topographic Data, A
* Mining e-commerce satisfaction sentiment through a bilingual model
* Novel Approach for the Detection of Standing Tree Stems from Plot-Level Terrestrial Laser Scanning Data, A
* Primitive-Based Building Reconstruction By Integration Of Lidar Data And Optical Imagery
* Quantifying Understory and Overstory Vegetation Cover Using UAV-Based RGB Imagery in Forest Plantation
* Realistic Bokeh Effect Rendering on Mobile GPUs, Mobile Ai & Aim 2022 Challenge: Report
* Recent Progress in Quantitative Land Remote Sensing in China
* Reconstruction of Single Tree with Leaves Based on Terrestrial LiDAR Point Cloud Data
* Retrieval of Global Orbit Drift Corrected Land Surface Temperature from Long-term AVHRR Data
* Review of ground and aerial methods for vegetation cover fraction (fCover) and related quantities estimation: definitions, advances, challenges, and future perspectives
* Scaling of FAPAR from the Field to the Satellite
* simple terrain relief index for tuning slope-related parameters of LiDAR ground filtering algorithms, A
* SLAM-aided forest plot mapping combining terrestrial and mobile laser scanning
Includes: Yan, G.J.[Guang Jian] Yan, G.J.[Guang-Jian] Yan, G.J.[Gong-Jun] Yan, G.J.[Guang-Jing]
31 for Yan, G.J.

Yan, G.L. Co Author Listing * Integration of phonetic and prosodic information for robust utterance verification
* Semantic annotation for complex video street views based on 2D-3D multi-feature fusion and aggregated boosting decision forests
Includes: Yan, G.L. Yan, G.L.[Guo-Li]

Yan, G.P.[Guo Ping] Co Author Listing * Novel Method for Eye Corner Detection Based on Weighted Variance Projection Function, A
Includes: Yan, G.P.[Guo Ping] Yan, G.P.[Guo-Ping]

Yan, G.Q.[Guo Qing] Co Author Listing * Maximally Stable Color Regions Based Natural Scene Recognition
* Visual computing resources distribution and balancing by multimodal cat swarm optimization
Includes: Yan, G.Q.[Guo Qing] Yan, G.Q.[Guo-Qing] Yan, G.Q.[Gui-Qin]

Yan, G.R.[Guo Rui] Co Author Listing * adaptive meshless method for spectrally resolved bioluminescence tomography, An
* adaptive support vector regression based on a new sequence of unified orthogonal polynomials, An
Includes: Yan, G.R.[Guo Rui] Yan, G.R.[Guo-Rui] Yan, G.R.[Gui-Rong]

Yan, G.X.[Guo Xu] Co Author Listing * Faster and Lightweight: An Improved YOLOv5 Object Detector for Remote Sensing Images
* LssDet: A Lightweight Deep Learning Detector for SAR Ship Detection in High-Resolution SAR Images
Includes: Yan, G.X.[Guo Xu] Yan, G.X.[Guo-Xu]

Yan, G.Z.[Guo Zhen] Co Author Listing * Application of Landsat Imagery to Investigate Lake Area Variations and Relict Gull Habitat in Hongjian Lake, Ordos Plateau, China
Includes: Yan, G.Z.[Guo Zhen] Yan, G.Z.[Guo-Zhen]

Yan, H.[Hong] Co Author Listing * 3D Human Pose Estimation with Two-step Mixed-Training Strategy
* Adaptive clustering algorithm based on kNN and density
* Adaptive Consensus-Based Distributed Target Tracking With Dynamic Cluster in Sensor Networks
* Adaptive Deformable Model for Mouth Boundary Detection
* adaptive deformable template for mouth boundary modeling, An
* Adaptive discriminative metric learning for facial expression recognition
* adaptive logical method for binarization of degraded document images, An
* adaptive spatial fuzzy clustering algorithm for 3-D MR image segmentation, An
* adaptive split-and-merge method for binary image contour data compression, An
* Adaptive Switched Control for Connected Vehicle Platoon With Unknown Input Delays
* adaptive thresholding method for binarization of blueprint images, An
* Adversarial Domain Adaptation With Prototype-Based Normalized Output Conditioner
* Algorithm based on the Weighted Network Voronoi Diagram for Point Cluster Simplification, An
* Algorithms for Partitioning Path Construction of Handwritten Numeral Strings
* Analysis of Stroke Structures of Handwritten Chinese Characters
* Analysis of the Contractivity Factor in Fractal Based Face Recognition
* Analytic to Holistic Approach for Face Recognition Based on a Single Frontal View, An
* Artifact reduction in compressed images based on region homogeneity constraints using the projection onto convex sets algorithm
* Association between the Biophysical Environment in Coastal South China Sea and Large-Scale Synoptic Circulation Patterns: The Role of the Northwest Pacific Subtropical High and Typhoons
* Attractable snakes based on the greedy algorithm for contour extraction
* Automated Residential Area Generalization: Combination of Knowledge-Based Framework and Similarity Measurement
* Automatic and Forward Method to Establish 3-D Parametric Scattering Center Models of Complex Targets for Target Recognition, An
* Automatic human face detection and recognition under non-uniform illumination
* Automatic Reading of the White Pages in a Telephone Directory
* Bayes Saliency-Based Object Proposal Generator for Nighttime Traffic Images
* Benggang Extraction Based on Improved U-Net Model from Satellite Remote Sensing Images
* BLF-Based Neuroadaptive Fault-Tolerant Control for Nonlinear Vehicular Platoon With Time-Varying Fault Directions and Distance Restrictions
* Block-Wise Gaze Estimation Based on Binocular Images
* Blocking artifact reduction in compressed images based on edge-adaptive quadrangle meshes
* Blocking Artifacts Suppression in Block-Coded Images Using Overcomplete Wavelet Representation
* BodyGAN: General-purpose Controllable Neural Human Body Generation
* Cache Behavior Characterization and Validation Over Large-Scale Video Data
* CDF 9/7 wavelets as sparsifying operator in compressive holography
* Challenge of the Urban Compact Form: Three-Dimensional Index Construction and Urban Land Surface Temperature Impacts, The
* Class Attention Transfer Based Knowledge Distillation
* Classification and Segmentation of Mining Area Objects in Large-Scale Spares Lidar Point Cloud Using a Novel Rotated Density Network
* ClothFormer: Taming Video Virtual Try-on in All Module
* Clothing segmentation using foreground and background estimation based on the constrained Delaunay triangulation
* Clustering based one-to-one hypergraph matching with a large number of feature points
* Clustering of temporal gene expression data by regularized spline regression and an energy based similarity measure
* Co-Clustering to Reveal Salient Facial Features for Expression Recognition
* Combining Region-of-Interest Extraction and Image Enhancement for Nighttime Vehicle Detection
* Comparison of Face Verification Results on the XM2VTS Database
* Complex curve tracing based on a minimum spanning tree model and regularized fuzzy clustering
* Conditional Independence Induced Unsupervised Domain Adaptation
* Connected pattern segmentation and title grouping in newspaper images
* Construction of partitioning paths for touching handwritten characters
* Content-lossless document image compression based on structural analysis and pattern matching
* Contour and region harmonic features for sub-local facial expression recognition
* Convolutional Neural Network-Assisted Adaptive Sampling for Sparse Feature Detection in Image and Video Data
* Convolutional Sequence Generation for Skeleton-Based Action Synthesis
* Correction of Motion Artifacts in MRI Caused by Rotations at Constant Angular Velocity
* Correntropy based feature selection using binary projection
* Coupled Kernel Embedding for Low-Resolution Face Image Recognition
* Curve Bend Function Based Method to Characterize Contour Shapes, A
* curve tracing algorithm using level set based affine transform, A
* Cycle-reconstructive subspace learning with class discriminability for unsupervised domain adaptation
* Deblocking Method for BDCT Compressed Images Based on Adaptive Projections, A
* Deep center-based dual-constrained hashing for discriminative face image retrieval
* Deep eigen-filters for face recognition: Feature representation via unsupervised multi-structure filter learning
* Deep Semisupervised Multiview Learning With Increasing Views
* DeepTree: Pathological Image Classification Through Imitating Tree-Like Strategies of Pathologists
* Delineating low-count defective-contour SPECT lung scans for PE diagnosis using adaptive dual exponential thresholding and active contours
* Denoising framework based on external prior guided rotational clustering
* Detecting Periodically Expressed Genes based on Time-frequency Analysis and L-curve Method
* Detection of curved text path based on the fuzzy curve-tracing (FCT) algorithm
* Development and Validation of an Unsupervised Feature Learning System for Leukocyte Characterization and Classification: A Multi-Hospital Study
* Directional statistics-based deep metric learning for image classification and retrieval
* Discriminant feature extraction based on center distance
* Discriminative Residual Analysis for Image Set Classification With Posture and Age Variations
* Distributed Adaptive Event-Triggered Control and Stability Analysis for Vehicular Platoon
* Document Image Mosaicing
* Document Page Segmentation and Layout Analysis Using Soft Ordering
* Downscaling Building Energy Consumption Carbon Emissions by Machine Learning
* Edge-aware motion based facial micro-expression generation with attention mechanism
* Effective Algorithm for the Segmentation of Digital Plane Curves: The Isoparametric Formulation, An
* Effective Classification of Planar Shapes Based on Curve Segment Properties
* Efficient Algorithm for Smoothing Binary Image Contours, An
* Efficient Algorithm for Smoothing, Linearization and Detection of Structural Feature Points of Binary Image Contours, An
* Efficient Blind Hyperspectral Unmixing Framework Based on CUR Decomposition (CUR-HU)
* Efficient saliency detection based on gaussian models
* efficient wavelet-based deblocking algorithm for highly compressed images, An
* Enhancing Pix2Pix for Remote Sensing Image Classification
* Exon prediction using empirical mode decomposition and Fourier transform of structural profiles of DNA sequences
* Exposing fake images generated by text-to-image diffusion models
* Extract relevant features from DEM for groundwater potential mapping
* Extracting Stroke Information in Static Line Images
* Extracting strokes from static line images based on selective searching
* Extraction of Glasses in Human Face Images
* Face Image Super-Resolution Based on Topology ICA and Sparse Representation
* Face recognition using Complete Fuzzy LDA
* Face recognition using the weighted fractal neighbor distance
* Fast Algorithm for Locating Head Boundaries
* Fast Location of Address Blocks and Postcodes in Mail-Piece Images
* Fast Matching Method for the SAR Images with Large Viewing Angles Based on Inertial Navigation Information and Neighborhood Structure Consensus, A
* fast method for estimation of object rotation function in MRI using a similarity criterion among k-space overlap data, A
* Fast Video Saliency Detection based on Feature Competition
* Faster Converging Snake Algorithm to Locate Object Boundaries, A
* Feature Based Compression of Human Face Images
* Feature fusion for robust object tracking
* Feature Selection Based on Tensor Decomposition and Object Proposal for Night-Time Multiclass Vehicle Detection
* Fingerprint classification based on extraction and analysis of singularities and pseudo ridges
* Fire Monitoring Algorithm and Its Application on the Geo-Kompsat-2A Geostationary Meteorological Satellite
* Formation Control of Multiple Mobile Robots Incorporating an Extended State Observer and Distributed Model Predictive Approach
* Forward-Backward Mean-Shift for Visual Tracking With Local-Background-Weighted Histogram
* fractal neighbor distance measure, The
* Fuzzy curve-tracing algorithm
* Fuzzy SLIC: Fuzzy Simple Linear Iterative Clustering
* Gabor phase representation on human face recognition for distorted images
* Generalized square isometries: an improvement for fractal image coding
* Generalized Tensor Regression for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Green Space Compactness and Configuration to Reduce Carbon Emissions from Energy Use in Buildings
* Handwritten Chinese character segmentation using a two-stage approach
* Handwritten Digit Recognition Using an Optimized Nearest-Neighbor Classifier
* Handwritten Digit Recognition Using Combined ID3-Derived Fuzzy Rules and Markov-Chains
* Handwritten Numeral Recognition Using a Small Number of Fuzzy Rules with Optimized Defuzzification Parameters
* Handwritten numeral recognition using self-organizing maps and fuzzy rules
* Handwritten Signature Verification Based on Neural Gas Based Vector Quantization
* Heuristic Approach for Resolving Spatial Conflicts of Buildings in Urban Villages, A
* Hierarchical and Adaptive Deformable Model for Mouth Boundary Detection, A
* High-Resolution Remote Sensing Image Integrity Authentication Method Considering Both Global and Local Features
* How Do Drivers Allocate Their Potential Attention? Driving Fixation Prediction via Convolutional Neural Networks
* Human Face Image Processing Techniques
* Human Face Image Recognition: An Evidence Aggregation Approach
* Human Face Recognition: A Minimal Evidence Approach
* hybrid method for unconstrained handwritten numeral recognition by combining structural and neural gas classifiers, A
* Hypergraph based geometric biclustering algorithm
* Hypergraph Clustering Using a New Laplacian Tensor with Applications in Image Processing
* Hyperspectral document image processing: Applications, challenges and future prospects
* Illumination-Invariant Change Detection Method Based on Disparity Saliency Map for Multitemporal Optical Remotely Sensed Images, An
* Image Recovery from Broken Image Streams
* Implementation of a Modified Faster R-CNN for Target Detection Technology of Coastal Defense Radar
* Improved Algorithm for Rotational Motion Artifact Suppression in MRI, An
* Improved Clustering Algorithm Based on Calculus of Variation
* Improved Deep Classwise Hashing With Centers Similarity Learning for Image Retrieval
* Improved Method for Locating and Extracting the Eye in Human Face Images, An
* Improved Superpixel-Based Fast Fuzzy C-Means Clustering for Image Segmentation
* In-Vehicle CAN Bus Tampering Attacks Detection for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles Using an Improved Isolation Forest Method
* Interword distance changes represented by sine waves for watermarking text images
* Joint Laplacian feature weights learning
* Joint Transformation Learning via the L2,1-Norm Metric for Robust Graph Matching
* Land Use/Land Cover Changes and Their Driving Factors in the Northeastern Tibetan Plateau Based on Geographical Detectors and Google Earth Engine: A Case Study in Gannan Prefecture
* Learning Kernel for Conditional Moment-Matching Discrepancy-Based Image Classification
* Learning Object Models from Graph Templates
* Learning to Boost Bottom-Up Fixation Prediction in Driving Environments via Random Forest
* Learning to Disentangle the Colors, Textures, and Shapes of Fashion Items: A Unified Framework
* Least squares twin bounded support vector machines based on L1-norm distance metric for classification
* Line Image Vectorization Based on Shape Partitioning and Merging
* Linking Broken Character Borders with Variable Sized Masks to Improve Recognition
* Locating Address Blocks and Postcodes in Mail-Piece Images
* Locating and Extracting the Eye in Human Face Images
* Locating head and face boundaries for head-shoulder images
* Location of title and author regions in document images based on the Delaunay triangulation
* Loop-free snakes for highly irregular object shapes
* Loop-Free Snakes for Image Segmentation
* Magnetic resonance image segmentation using optimized nearest neighbor classifiers
* Maneuvering Target Tracking With Event-Based Mixture Kalman Filter in Mobile Sensor Networks
* Measuring the Spatial Accessibility of Parks in Wuhan, China, Using a Comprehensive Multimodal 2SFCA Method
* Medical image fusion and noise suppression with fractional-order total variation and multi-scale decomposition
* Mending broken handwriting with a macrostructure analysis method to improve recognition
* Meta-transfer-adjustment learning for few-shot learning
* Microarray Missing Data Imputation based on a Set Theoretic Framework and Biological Constraints
* MIPI 2022 Challenge on RGB+TOF Depth Completion: Dataset and Report
* Missing microarray data estimation based on projection onto convex sets method
* Model-Based Multi-Stage Compression of Human Face Images
* Model-Based Segmentation Method for Handwritten Numeral Strings, A
* Modeling and animation of human expressions using NURBS curves based on facial anatomy
* Modeling of deformation using NURBS curves as controller
* Modelling and combining emotions, visual speech and gestures in virtual head models
* Modular Classification Scheme with Elastic Net Models for Handwritten Digit Recognition, A
* Monitoring of Hydrological Resources in Surface Water Change by Satellite Altimetry
* Multi-class fruit detection based on multiple color channels
* Multi-parameter Approach to Automated Building Grouping and Generalization, A
* Multiple Point Boundary Smoothing Algorithm, A
* Multitarget Tracking Control for Coupled Heterogeneous Inertial Agents Systems Based on Flocking Behavior
* Neighborhood repulsed correlation metric learning for kinship verification
* new automated delineation method for SPECT lung scans using adaptive dual-exponential thresholding, A
* new method for ROI extraction from motion affected MR images based on suppression of artifacts in the image background, A
* New Method to Determine the Optimal Thin Layer Ionospheric Height and Its Application in the Polar Regions, A
* New Probabilistic Relaxation Method Based on Probability Space Partition, A
* Newspaper document analysis featuring connected line segmentation
* Newspaper layout analysis incorporating connected component separation
* Nighttime Vehicle Detection Based on Bio-Inspired Image Enhancement and Weighted Score-Level Feature Fusion
* Nonlinear Model for Fractal Image-Coding, A
* nonlinear neural network model of mixture of local principal component analysis: application to handwritten digits recognition, A
* Novel Vessel Segmentation Algorithm for Pathological Retina Images Based on the Divergence of Vector Fields, A
* Object recognition based on fractal neighbor distance
* Object Recognition Using Fractal Neighbor Distance: Eventual Convergence and Recognition Rates
* Off-Line Signature Verification Based on Geometric Feature-Extraction and Neural-Network Classification
* Off-line signature verification using structural feature correspondence
* Off-Line Writer Verification Utilizing Multiple Neural Networks
* OIC-MCE: A Practical Land Cover Mapping Approach for Limited Samples Based on Multiple Classifier Ensemble and Iterative Classification
* Online Signature Verification Based on Dynamic Segmentation and Global and Local Matching
* Optimal Encoding of Graph Homomorphism Energy Using Fuzzy Information Aggregation Operators
* Orthonormal product quantization network for scalable face image retrieval
* Pattern Recognition techniques for the emerging field of bioinformatics: A review
* Pattern skeletonization using run-length-wise processing for intersection distortion problem
* Person authentication using ASM based lip shape and intensity information
* Phase Correlation Decomposition: The Impact of Illumination Variation for Robust Subpixel Remotely Sensed Image Matching
* Plen-VDB: Memory Efficient VDB-Based Radiance Fields for Fast Training and Rendering
* POCS-Based Blocking Artifacts Suppression Using a Smoothness Constraint Set With Explicit Region Modeling
* POCS-based constrained total least squares algorithm for image restoration, A
* POCS-based method for reducing artifacts in BDCT compressed images, A
* Polygonal-Approximation of Digital Curves Based on the Principles of Perceptual Organization
* Potential Associations between Low-Level Jets and Intraseasonal and Semi-Diurnal Variations in Coastal Chlorophyll: A over the Beibuwan Gulf, South China Sea
* Precise Subpixel Disparity Measurement From Very Narrow Baseline Stereo
* probabilistic relaxation labeling framework for reducing the noise effect in geometric biclustering of gene expression data, A
* Prototype optimization for nearest neighbor classifiers using a two-layer perceptron
* Prototype-oriented Contrastive Adaption Network for Cross-domain Facial Expression Recognition, A
* Quantitative Description Model for Direction Relations Based on Direction Groups, A
* Quantitative Relations between Morphostructural Similarity Degree and Map Scale Change in Contour Clusters in Multi-Scale Map Space
* Quantitative Relations between Topological Similarity Degree and Map Scale Change of Contour Clusters in Multi-Scale Map Spaces
* Recognition of Broken and Noisy Handwritten Characters Using Statistical-Methods Based on a Broken-Character-Mending Algorithm
* Recognition of Handprinted Chinese Characters by Constrained Graph Matching
* Recognition of Handwritten Digits Based on Contour Information
* Reconstruction of broken handwritten digits based on structural morphological features
* Recovery of upper body poses in static images based on joints detection
* Region-Based Scheme Using RKLT and Predictive Classified Vector Quantization, A
* Regularization Super-Resolution with Inaccurate Image Registration
* RenderSR: A Lightweight Super-Resolution Model for Mobile Gaming Upscaling
* RIDI: Robust IMU Double Integration
* Robust adaptive spot segmentation of DNA microarray images
* Robust CoHOG Feature Extraction in Human-Centered Image/Video Management System
* Robust distance metric optimization driven GEPSVM classifier for pattern classification
* Robust Document Processing System Combining Image Segmentation with Content-based Document Compression, A
* Robust Least Squares Twin Support Vector Regression With Adaptive FOA and PSO for Short-Term Traffic Flow Prediction
* Robust Topology-adaptive Snakes for Image Segmentation
* Robust unsupervised feature selection by nonnegative sparse subspace learning
* Saliency Detection Using Deep Features and Affinity-Based Robust Background Subtraction
* Selection of Optimal Building Facade Texture Images From UAV-Based Multiple Oblique Image Flows
* Selection of statistical features based on mutual information for classification of human coding and non-coding DNA sequences
* SelfME: Self-Supervised Motion Learning for Micro-Expression Recognition
* Semantic Hierarchy Preserving Deep Hashing for Large-Scale Image Retrieval
* Semi-Supervised Wide-Angle Portraits Correction by Multi-Scale Transformer
* Separation of single-touching handwritten numeral strings based on structural features
* Separation of touching handwritten multi-numeral strings based on morphological structural features
* Shape skeletonization by identifying discrete local symmetries
* Shivering greedy snakes, gradient-guided in wavelet domain
* Signature Verification Using Fractal Transformation
* Single Image Depth Estimation With Normal Guided Scale Invariant Deep Convolutional Fields
* Single-image super-resolution using lightweight transformer-convolutional neural network hybrid model
* Skeletonization of ribbon-like shapes based on regularity and singularity analyses
* SkeletonMAE: Graph-based Masked Autoencoder for Skeleton Sequence Pre-training
* Skew Correction of Document Images Using Interline Cross-Correlation
* smoothness constraint set based on local statistics of BDCT coefficients for image postprocessing, A
* Sparse discriminative feature selection
* Sparse regularized low-rank tensor regression with applications in genomic data analysis
* Sparse Representation Preserving for Unsupervised Feature Selection
* Spatial and Temporal Analyses of Vegetation Changes at Multiple Time Scales in the Qilian Mountains
* Special Section on Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic for Imaging Applications
* Special section on visual information processing
* Stability and style-variation modeling for on-line signature verification
* Statistical bootstrap-based principal mode component analysis for dynamic background subtraction
* Statistical power of Fisher test for the detection of short periodic gene expression profiles
* Stroke extraction as pre-processing step to improve thinning results of Chinese characters
* Structural Decomposition and Description of Printed and Handwritten Characters
* Structural Primitive Extraction and Coding for Handwritten Numeral Recognition
* Structural similarity-based video fingerprinting for video copy detection
* Super-resolution in cardiac PET using mass-preserving image registration
* Superpixel Based Hierarchical Segmentation for Color Image
* Text region extraction in a document image based on the Delaunay tessellation
* Texture Brush for Fashion Inspiration Transfer: A Generative Adversarial Network With Heatmap-Guided Semantic Disentanglement
* theoretic framework of local weighted approximation for microarray missing value estimation, The
* Toward Facial Expression Recognition in the Wild via Noise-Tolerant Network
* Toward Intelligent Design: An AI-Based Fashion Designer Using Generative Adversarial Networks Aided by Sketch and Rendering Generators
* Truncated Matrix Decomposition for Hyperspectral Image Super-Resolution, A
* Turning an Urban Scene Video into a Cinemagraph
* Two-Dimensional Spectrum Model for General Bistatic SAR, A
* Two-stage segmentation of unconstrained handwritten Chinese characters
* Ultra-Wideband MIMO Ambiguity Function and Its Factorability
* UltraPose: Synthesizing Dense Pose with 1 Billion Points by Human-body Decoupling 3D Model
* Unified Formulation of a Class of Image Thresholding Techniques
* Unified formulation of linear discriminant analysis methods and optimal parameter selection
* Unknown Identity Rejection Loss: Utilizing Unlabeled Data for Face Recognition
* Unsupervised Domain Adaptation via Deep Conditional Adaptation Network
* Unsupervised Domain Adaptation via Discriminative Manifold Propagation
* Vectorization of hand-drawn image using piecewise cubic Bezier curves fitting
* Velocity Estimation of Ocean Surface Currents in along-Track InSAR System Based on Conditional Generative Adversarial Networks
* Video Episode Boundary Detection with Joint Episode-Topic Model
* visual saliency based video hashing algorithm, A
* Visual Tracking Via Kernel Sparse Representation With Multikernel Fusion
* Waymo Open Dataset: Panoramic Video Panoptic Segmentation
* WC-KNNG-PC: Watershed clustering based on k-nearest-neighbor graph and Pauta Criterion
* What Makes a Good Data Augmentation for Few-Shot Unsupervised Image Anomaly Detection?
* Where Does the Driver Look? Top-Down-Based Saliency Detection in a Traffic Driving Environment
* WiFE: WiFi and Vision Based Unobtrusive Emotion Recognition via Gesture and Facial Expression
* Z-Index Parameterization for Volumetric CT Image Reconstruction via 3-D Dictionary Learning
Includes: Yan, H.[Hong] Yan, H. Yan, H.[Huaicheng] Yan, H.[Hanshu] Yan, H.[Haowen] Yan, H.[Haitong] Yan, H.[Hua] Yan, H.[Haonan] Yan, H.[Hao] Yan, H.[Han] Yan, H.[Haixu] Yan, H.[He] Yan, H.[Hui] Yan, H.[Huaibai] Yan, H.[Hang] Yan, H.[Huiwen] Yan, H.[Hepiao] Yan, H.[Hu] Yan, H.[Houxuan] Yan, H.[Huan]
287 for Yan, H.

Yan, H.B.[Hai Bin] Co Author Listing * Activity-Based Person Identification Using Discriminative Sparse Projections and Orthogonal Ensemble Metric Learning
* Adaptive dynamic networks for object detection in aerial images
* Collaborative discriminative multi-metric learning for facial expression recognition in video
* Dense Hybrid Proposal Modulation for Lane Detection
* Discriminative sampling via deep reinforcement learning for kinship verification
* Kinship verification using neighborhood repulsed correlation metric learning
* Learning discriminative compact binary face descriptor for kinship verification
* Learning part-aware attention networks for kinship verification
* Multi-scale deep relational reasoning for facial kinship verification
* Prototype-Based Discriminative Feature Learning for Kinship Verification
* Research on SVM Based Classification for Welding Defects in Radiographic Testing
* Semantic three-stream network for social relation recognition
* Soil Moisture Retrieval Using GNSS-IR Based on Empirical Modal Decomposition and Cross-Correlation Satellite Selection
* Structure and Texture Preserving Network for Real-World Image Super-Resolution
* Video-based kinship verification using distance metric learning
Includes: Yan, H.B.[Hai Bin] Yan, H.B.[Hai-Bin] Yan, H.B.[Han-Bing] Yan, H.B.[Hong-Bo] Yan, H.B.[Hui-Bin]
15 for Yan, H.B.

Yan, H.C.[Huai Cheng] Co Author Listing * A3C-Based Intelligent Event-Triggering Control of Networked Nonlinear Unmanned Marine Vehicles Subject to Hybrid Attacks
* H-inf filtering for networked control systems with quantization and multiple packet dropouts
Includes: Yan, H.C.[Huai Cheng] Yan, H.C.[Huai-Cheng]

Yan, H.F.[Hong Fei] Co Author Listing * Deep joint discriminative learning for vehicle re-identification and retrieval
* Pure Surface Texture Mapping Technology and it's Application for Mirror Image
Includes: Yan, H.F.[Hong Fei] Yan, H.F.[Hong-Fei] Yan, H.F.[Hui Feng]

Yan, H.H.[Hong Hua] Co Author Listing * Chaff Jamming Recognition for Anti-Vessel End-Guidance Radars
Includes: Yan, H.H.[Hong Hua] Yan, H.H.[Hong-Hua]

Yan, H.L.[Hong Liang] Co Author Listing * Mind the Class Weight Bias: Weighted Maximum Mean Discrepancy for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation
* Rethinking Cross-Domain Pedestrian Detection: A Background-Focused Distribution Alignment Framework for Instance-Free One-Stage Detectors
* Weighted and Class-Specific Maximum Mean Discrepancy for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation
Includes: Yan, H.L.[Hong Liang] Yan, H.L.[Hong-Liang]

Yan, H.M.[Hao Min] Co Author Listing * Activity-based model based on multi-day cellular data: Considering the lack of personal attributes and activity type
* Analysis of Precise Orbit Determination for the HY2D Satellite Using Onboard GPS/BDS Observations
* Application of the GPM-IMERG Products in Flash Flood Warning: A Case Study in Yunnan, China
* Assessing Height Variations in Qinghai-Tibet Plateau from Time-Varying Gravity Data and Hydrological Model
* Assessing the Performance of WRF Model in Simulating Heavy Precipitation Events over East Africa Using Satellite-Based Precipitation Product
* Automatic Identification of Shrub-Encroached Grassland in the Mongolian Plateau Based on UAS Remote Sensing
* Benchmarking the Complementary-View Multi-human Association and Tracking
* Boundary-Included Enhanced Water Storage Changes Inferred by GPS in the Pacific Rim of the Western United States
* Criteria to evaluate the fidelity of image enhancement by MSRCR
* Deep Convolution Neural Network Method for Land Cover Mapping: A Case Study of Qinhuangdao, China, A
* Driving Visual Saliency Prediction of Dynamic Night Scenes via a Spatio-Temporal Dual-Encoder Network
* Effects of Production-Living-Ecological Space Patterns Changes on Land Surface Temperature
* Fixated Object Detection Based on Saliency Prior in Traffic Scenes
* ID-YOLO: Real-Time Salient Object Detection Based on the Driver's Fixation Region
* Learning to Adapt to Light
* LGSNet: A Two-Stream Network for Micro- and Macro-Expression Spotting With Background Modeling
* Mapping Paddy Rice in China in 2002, 2005, 2010 and 2014 with MODIS Time Series
* Multi-View Multi-Human Association with Deep Assignment Network
* Multiple Global Population Datasets: Differences and Spatial Distribution Characteristics
* Narrowband Bio-Indicator Monitoring of Temperate Forest Carbon Fluxes in Northeastern China
* Optimization of the Ecological Network Structure Based on Scenario Simulation and Trade-Offs/Synergies among Ecosystem Services in Nanping
* Panoramic Human Activity Recognition
* Resolution-Sensitive Added Value Analysis of CORDEX-CORE RegCM4-7 Past Seasonal Precipitation Simulations over Africa Using Satellite-Based Observational Products
* Retrieval of Total Phosphorus Concentration in the Surface Water of Miyun Reservoir Based on Remote Sensing Data and Machine Learning Algorithms
* Satellite-Based Evidences to Improve Cropland Productivity on the High-Standard Farmland Project Regions in Henan Province, China
* Satellite-Based Monitoring on Green-Up Date for Optimizing the Rest-Grazing Period in Xilin Gol Grassland
* Self-supervised Social Relation Representation for Human Group Detection
* Study on an Artificial Society of Urban Safety Livability Change
Includes: Yan, H.M.[Hao Min] Yan, H.M.[Hao-Min] Yan, H.M.[Hao-Ming] Yan, H.M.[Hai-Ming] Yan, H.M.[Hong-Ming] Yan, H.M.[Hui-Min] Yan, H.M.[Hong-Mei]
28 for Yan, H.M.

Yan, H.N.[Hui Neng] Co Author Listing * Fusion of Spatially Heterogeneous GNSS and InSAR Deformation Data Using a Multiresolution Segmentation Algorithm and Its Application in the Inversion of Slip Distribution
Includes: Yan, H.N.[Hui Neng] Yan, H.N.[Hui-Neng]

Yan, H.P.[Huai Ping] Co Author Listing * 3D Cascaded Spectral-Spatial Element Attention Network for Hyperspectral Image Classification, A
* Caching in Dynamic Environments: A Near-Optimal Online Learning Approach
* evaluation system for string extraction in the airline coupon project, An
* Facade Structure Parameterization Based on Similarity Detection from Single Image
* Parametric reconstruction of generalized cylinders from limb edges
* Shadow-Free TILT for Facade Rectification
Includes: Yan, H.P.[Huai Ping] Yan, H.P.[Huai-Ping] Yan, H.P.[Hao-Peng] Yan, H.P.[He-Ping] Yan, H.P.[Hong-Ping]

Yan, H.Q.[Heng Qi] Co Author Listing * Annual Wetland Mapping in Metropolis by Temporal Sample Migration and Random Forest Classification with Time Series Landsat Data and Google Earth Engine
* Efficient Robustness Assessment via Adversarial Spatial-Temporal Focus on Videos
* Mapping Phragmites australis Aboveground Biomass in the Momoge Wetland Ramsar Site Based on Sentinel-1/2 Images
* Practical Dynamical-Statistical Reconstruction of Ocean's Interior from Satellite Observations
* Ship Detection in Spaceborne Infrared Image Based on Lightweight CNN and Multisource Feature Cascade Decision
* Sparse Black-Box Video Attack with Reinforcement Learning
* Student Break Behavior Recognition Dataset
Includes: Yan, H.Q.[Heng Qi] Yan, H.Q.[Heng-Qi] Yan, H.Q.[Huan-Qian] Yan, H.Q.[Heng-Qian] Yan, H.Q.[Huan-Qing]
7 for Yan, H.Q.

Yan, H.R.[Hao Ran] Co Author Listing * Mask-guided cycle-GAN for specular highlight removal
Includes: Yan, H.R.[Hao Ran] Yan, H.R.[Hao-Ran]

Yan, H.S.[Hong Shi] Co Author Listing * Enhanced robust phase correlation based sub-pixel feature matching for target motion estimation
* Illumination Robustness of Phase Correlation for Image Alignment, The
* Illumination-invariant image matching for autonomous UAV localisation based on optical sensing
* Phase Correlation based Local Illumination-invariant Method for Multi-Tempro Remote Sensing Image Matching
* Robust Phase Correlation based Motion Estimation and Its Applications
Includes: Yan, H.S.[Hong Shi] Yan, H.S.[Hong-Shi]

Yan, H.T.[Hao Tian] Co Author Listing * SeaMAE: Masked Pre-Training with Meteorological Satellite Imagery for Sea Fog Detection
Includes: Yan, H.T.[Hao Tian] Yan, H.T.[Hao-Tian]

Yan, H.W.[Hao Wen] Co Author Listing * Internal Direction-Based Algorithm for Medial Axis Transformation of an Arbitrary Polygon, An
* Vector Map Encryption Algorithm Based on Double Random Position Permutation Strategy
Includes: Yan, H.W.[Hao Wen] Yan, H.W.[Hao-Wen]

Yan, H.X.[Hua Xiang] Co Author Listing * Forecasting the Propagation from Meteorological to Hydrological and Agricultural Drought in the Huaihe River Basin with Machine Learning Methods
* Improving Soil Moisture Profile Prediction With the Particle Filter-Markov Chain Monte Carlo Method
* Matrix-variate variational auto-encoder with applications to image process
* Reducing the spiral CT slice thickness using super resolution
* Region contrast and supervised locality-preserving projection-based saliency detection
* RepDarkNet: A Multi-Branched Detector for Small-Target Detection in Remote Sensing Images
* Super resolution in CT
* Target-referenced Reactive Grasping for Dynamic Objects
* varied local edge pattern descriptor and its application to texture classification, A
Includes: Yan, H.X.[Hua Xiang] Yan, H.X.[Hua-Xiang] Yan, H.X.[Hong-Xiang] Yan, H.X.[Hui-Xia] Yan, H.X.[Hong-Xia] Yan, H.X.[He-Xin] Yan, H.X.[Hao-Xin] Yan, H.X.[Heng-Xu] Yan, H.X.[Huai-Xin]
9 for Yan, H.X.

Yan, H.Y.[Hong Yang] Co Author Listing * ARES: On Adversarial Robustness Enhancement for Image Steganographic Cost Learning
* End-to-end video subtitle recognition via a deep Residual Neural Network
* FBNet: Feedback Network for Point Cloud Completion
* Learning Dynamic and Hierarchical Traffic Spatiotemporal Features With Transformer
* New Approach for Synthesis and Recognition of Large Scale Handwritten Chinese Words, A
* Removing Time Dispersion from Elastic Wave Modeling with the pix2pix Algorithm Based on cGAN
* SCUT-COUCH Textline_NU: An Unconstrained Online Handwritten Chinese Text Lines Dataset
* Unlinkable Signcryption Scheme for Multi-Receiver in VANETs
Includes: Yan, H.Y.[Hong Yang] Yan, H.Y.[Hong-Yang] Yan, H.Y.[Hong-Yu] Yan, H.Y.[Hao-Yang] Yan, H.Y.[Han-Yu] Yan, H.Y.[Hong-Yong]
8 for Yan, H.Y.

Yan, J. Co Author Listing * 3-D Palmprint Recognition With Joint Line and Orientation Features
* Adaptive Dilated Network With Self-Correction Supervision for Counting
* Adaptive Discrete Hypergraph Matching
* Adaptive Hierarchical Similarity Metric Learning With Noisy Labels
* Adjusted weight voting algorithm for random forests in handling missing values
* Affective word embedding in affective explanation generation for fine art paintings
* Aircraft Tracking Method in Simulated Infrared Image Sequences Based on Regional Distribution, An
* Algorithm for License Plate Recognition Applied to Intelligent Transportation System, An
* Analytical Framework for Improving the Quality of Streaming Over TCP
* Anti-Interference Bottom Detection Method of Multibeam Echosounders Based on Deep Learning Models
* AsyFOD: An Asymmetric Adaptation Paradigm for Few-Shot Domain Adaptive Object Detection
* Asynchronous Localization for UASNs: An Unscented Transform-Based Method
* Automatic Construction of Building Footprints From Airborne LIDAR Data
* Bayesian Based Method to Generate a Synergetic Land-Cover Map from Existing Land-Cover Products, A
* Beyond Trade-Off: Accelerate FCN-Based Face Detector with Higher Accuracy
* bi-level metric learning framework via self-paced learning weighting, A
* Bidding for Preferred Timing: An Auction Design for Electric Vehicle Charging Station Scheduling
* Blind Image Quality Assessment Based on Natural Redundancy Statistics
* Blind Image Quality Assessment Using a Deep Bilinear Convolutional Neural Network
* Blind Quality Assessment for Tone-Mapped Images by Analysis of Gradient and Chromatic Statistics
* Boost Precision Agriculture with Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Remote Sensing and Edge Intelligence: A Survey
* Bottom Detection from Backscatter Data of Conventional Side Scan Sonars through 1D-UNet
* Bounds and Constructions on Optimal Constant Composition Codes
* BP Model Applied to Forecast the Water and Sediment Fluxes in the Yellow River Mouth
* Bubble Plume Target Detection Method of Multibeam Water Column Images Based on Bags of Visual Word Features
* CAMP: Cross-Modal Adaptive Message Passing for Text-Image Retrieval
* City-scale Taxi Demand Prediction Using Multisource Urban Geospatial Data
* Co-saliency-regularized correlation filter for object tracking
* COCAS: A Large-Scale Clothes Changing Person Dataset for Re-Identification
* Communication-Aware Motion Planning of AUV in Obstacle-Dense Environment: A Binocular Vision-Based Deep Learning Method
* Compressive tracking via oversaturated sub-region classifiers
* Consensus-Based Prediction of RNA and DNA Binding Residues from Protein Sequences
* Consistency-Driven Alternating Optimization for Multigraph Matching: A Unified Approach
* Constrained Quantization Algorithm for Color Images
* Containment Control of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles With Stochastic Environment Disturbances
* Convolutional Channel Features
* Coregistration Based on SIFT Algorithm for Synthetic Aperture Radar Interferometry
* Correlation identification in multimodal weibo via back propagation neural network with genetic algorithm
* Data Augmentation via Latent Space Interpolation for Image Classification
* Decoupled Self-attention Module for Person Re-identification
* Deep Aggregation Net for Land Cover Classification
* Deep Neural Network-Driven Feature Learning Method for Multi-view Facial Expression Recognition, A
* Determinant Regularization for Gradient-Efficient Graph Matching
* DHP: A Joint Video Download and Dynamic Bitrate Adaptation Algorithm for Short Video Streaming
* Differentiable Soft Quantization: Bridging Full-Precision and Low-Bit Neural Networks
* Direct 4-D PET List Mode Parametric Reconstruction With a Novel EM Algorithm
* Discriminative Dictionary Learning With Common Label Alignment for Cross-Modal Retrieval
* Distinguishing Glaciers between Surging and Advancing by Remote Sensing: A Case Study in the Eastern Karakoram
* Distributed Integrated Sliding Mode Control for Vehicle Platoons Based on Disturbance Observer and Multi Power Reaching Law
* DMCP: Differentiable Markov Channel Pruning for Neural Networks
* Dual guidance enhanced network for light field salient object detection
* Dynamic Curriculum Learning for Imbalanced Data Classification
* Dynamic Hyper-Graph Inference Framework for Computer-Assisted Diagnosis of Neurodegenerative Diseases
* Effective System for Optical Microscopy Cell Image Segmentation, Tracking and Cell Phase Identification, An
* Efficient IoT Data Management for Geological Disasters Based on Big Data-Turbocharged Data Lake Architecture
* End-to-End Flow Correlation Tracking with Spatial-Temporal Attention
* Enhancement of Weakly Illuminated Images by Deep Fusion Networks
* Environment-Based Design (EBD) Approach to Identify Critical Issues In Managing Municipal Solid Waste: Nairobi, Kenyan Case Study
* Equalization Loss for Long-Tailed Object Recognition
* Error Analysis on Indoor Localization with Visible Light Communication
* Estimating Crop LAI Using Spectral Feature Extraction and the Hybrid Inversion Method
* Estimation of Forest Fire Burned Area by Distinguishing Non-Photosynthetic and Photosynthetic Vegetation Using Triangular Space Method
* Evolution of Surge-Type Glaciers in the Yangtze River Headwater Using Multi-Source Remote Sensing Data
* Evolutionary Computational Intelligence-Based Multi-Objective Sensor Management for Multi-Target Tracking
* Explore Spatial and Channel Attention in Image Quality Assessment
* FaceID-GAN: Learning a Symmetry Three-Player GAN for Identity-Preserving Face Synthesis
* Feed-forward neural network optimized by hybridization of PSO and ABC for abnormal brain detection
* Finite-Time Tracking Control of Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Without Velocity Measurements
* FOTS: Fast Oriented Text Spotting with a Unified Network
* Fractal Dimension Invariant Filtering and Its CNN-Based Implementation
* Framework for Reliable Three-dimensional Underground Utility Mapping For Urban Planning, A
* Frequency Agile Anti-Interference Technology Based on Reinforcement Learning Using Long Short-Term Memory and Multi-Layer Historical Information Observation
* Fusion framework for multi-focus images based on compressed sensing
* Ground Deformation Monitoring over Xinjiang Coal Fire Area by an Adaptive ERA5-Corrected Stacking-InSAR Method
* Handheld System Design for Dual-Eye Multispectral Iris Capture With One Camera
* Hierarchical alignment network for domain adaptive object detection in aerial images
* Hierarchical Average Fusion With GM-PHD Filters Against FDI and DoS Attacks
* Hierarchical Features Fusion for Image Aesthetics Assessment
* High Performance Visual Tracking with Siamese Region Proposal Network
* High-Performance QC-LDPC Layered Decoder Based on Shortcut Updating
* hybrid features learning model for single image haze prediction, A
* HydraPlus-Net: Attentive Deep Features for Pedestrian Analysis
* Identifying the Neuroanatomical Basis of Cognitive Impairment in Alzheimer's Disease by Correlation- and Nonlinearity-Aware Sparse Bayesian Learning
* Image Aesthetics Assessment Using Composite Features from off-the-Shelf Deep Models
* Image registration based on criteria of feature point pair mutual information
* Image stitching with positional relationship constraints of feature points and lines
* Image-Based Angular Distortion Metric of Map Projections by Using Surface Fitting for Noise Reduction
* Implicit Compositional Generative Network for Length-Variable Co-Speech Gesture Synthesis
* Improved Open Set Domain Adaptation with Backpropagation
* Improving One-Shot NAS by Suppressing the Posterior Fading
* Insitu Single-pointed Wavelet-Based Method for Noise Reduction in SAR Images, An
* Integrate the Canopy SIF and Its Derived Structural and Physiological Components for Wheat Stripe Rust Stress Monitoring
* Inter-Comparison of Four Models for Detecting Forest Fire Disturbance from MOD13A2 Time Series
* Joint Design of Channel Estimation and Flocking Control for Multi-AUV-Based Maritime Transportation Systems
* LADM-Based 3D Underground Utility Mapping: Case Study in Singapore, The
* Large-Scale Object Detection in the Wild From Imbalanced Multi-Labels
* Learning Low Dimensional Invariant Signature of 3-D Object under Varying View and Illumination from 2-D Appearances
* Learning to Track Aircraft in Infrared Imagery
* Learning with Diversity: Self-Expanded Equalization for Better Generalized Deep Metric Learning
* Llieformer: A Low-Light Image Enhancement Transformer Network with a Degraded Restoration Model
* Mapping Land Use/Cover Dynamics of the Yellow River Basin from 1986 to 2018 Supported by Google Earth Engine
* Microscopic Modeling of a Signalized Traffic Intersection Using Timed Petri Nets
* Monitoring and Analyzing Mountain Glacier Surface Movement Using SAR Data and a Terrestrial Laser Scanner: A Case Study of the Himalayas North Slope Glacier Area
* Monitoring Recent Fluctuations of the Southern Pool of Lake Chad Using Multiple Remote Sensing Data: Implications for Water Balance Analysis
* Multi-frame co-saliency spatio-temporal regularization correlation filters for object tracking
* Multi-Scale Spatiotemporal Pattern Analysis and Simulation (MSPAS) Model with Driving Factors for Land Cover Change and Sustainable Development Goals: A Case Study of Nepal
* Multi-Source Spatio-Temporal Data-Based Tourism Structure Analysis of Demonstration City for Global Tourism: Case Study of Liyang, China
* Multi-Source Time Series Remote Sensing Feature Selection and Urban Forest Extraction Based on Improved Artificial Bee Colony
* Multimodal object tracking by exploiting appearance and class information
* Multipoint Cooperative Transmission for Virtual Reality in 5G New Radio
* New Contextual Parameterization of Evaporative Fraction to Reduce the Reliance of the Ts-VI Triangle Method on the Dry Edge, A
* New Electrical Resistivity Tomography Scheme of Borehole-to-Surface-to-Cliff Detection and Imaging for Grotto Rock Structure, A
* New Method for Acquisition of High-Resolution Seabed Topography by Matching Seabed Classification Images, A
* New Model on Detecting Target Strength: Surface Segmentation and Integral, A
* New Radiometric Correction Method for Side-Scan Sonar Images in Consideration of Seabed Sediment Variation, A
* No-reference image quality assessment based on hybrid model
* No-Reference Image Quality Assessment Using Prewitt Magnitude Based on Convolutional Neural Networks
* Noise Is Also Useful: Negative Correlation-Steered Latent Contrastive Learning
* Novel Heuristic Emergency Path Planning Method Based on Vector Grid Map, A
* novel segmentation algorithm for pulmonary nodule in chest radiograph, A
* Object Detection in Videos with Tubelet Proposal Networks
* On-Orbit Radiometric Calibration of Hyperspectral Sensors on Board Micro-Nano Satellite Constellation Based on RadCalNet Data
* Online Hyper-Parameter Learning for Auto-Augmentation Strategy
* Optimization Based Framework for Human Pose Estimation, An
* Orientation Invariant Feature Embedding and Spatial Temporal Regularization for Vehicle Re-identification
* PA-Search: Predicting units adaptive motion search for surveillance video coding
* Parallel Solution of Timing Synchronization in High-Speed Remote Sensing Data Transmission, A
* Perceptive Animated Interfaces: First steps toward a new paradigm for human-computer interaction
* Perceptual optimized adaptive HTTP streaming
* Performance Analysis of Circular Antenna Array for Microwave Interferometric Radiometers
* Quality Analysis On Ransac-based Roof Facets Extraction From Airborne Lidar Data
* Radar High-Resolution Range Profile Rejection Based on Deep Multi-Modal Support Vector Data Description
* RBF Model Applied to Forecast the Water and Sediment Fluxes in Lijin Section
* Real-Time Bottom Tracking Using Side Scan Sonar Data Through One-Dimensional Convolutional Neural Networks
* Real-Time High-Quality Stereo Vision System in FPGA
* Recurrent Scale Approximation for Object Detection in CNN
* Regression and Evaluation on a Forward Interpolated Version of the Great Circle Arcs-Based Distortion Metric of Map Projections
* Remote Sensing Estimation and Spatiotemporal Pattern Analysis of Terrestrial Net Ecosystem Productivity in China
* Remote Sensing Monitoring of Winter Wheat Stripe Rust Based on mRMR-XGBoost Algorithm
* Remote Sensing Time Series Classification Based on Self-Attention Mechanism and Time Sequence Enhancement
* Robust implementation of foreground extraction and vessel segmentation for X-ray coronary angiography image sequence
* Robust Tracking for Motion Blur Via Context Enhancement
* Rock Layer Classification and Identification in Ground-Penetrating Radar via Machine Learning
* Rotation Consistent Margin Loss for Efficient Low-Bit Face Recognition
* Saliency Guided Deep Neural Network for Color Transfer With Light Optimization
* Salient object detection based on edge-interior feature fusion
* Scale-Aware Face Detection
* SCRDet: Towards More Robust Detection for Small, Cluttered and Rotated Objects
* Segmentation by weighted aggregation and perceptual hash for pedestrian detection
* Self-Learning Robust Control Synthesis and Trajectory Tracking of Uncertain Dynamics
* Simultaneous Multi-Round Auction Design for Scheduling Multiple Charges of Battery Electric Vehicles on Highways, A
* Single-Image Shadow Removal Using 3D Intensity Surface Modeling
* Social Attribute Aware Incentive Mechanism for Device-to-Device Video Distribution
* Socially Aware Trust Framework for Multimedia Delivery in D2D Cooperative Communication
* Sparse Kernel Reduced-Rank Regression for Bimodal Emotion Recognition From Facial Expression and Speech
* Spindle Net: Person Re-identification with Human Body Region Guided Feature Decomposition and Fusion
* STM: SpatioTemporal and Motion Encoding for Action Recognition
* Study of Diffusion Equation-Based Land-Use/Land-Cover Change Simulation, A
* Study of Spatio-Temporal Modeling in Video Quality Assessment
* Study on Rapid Inversion of Soil Water Content from Ground-Penetrating Radar Data Based on Deep Learning
* Subjective and Objective Quality of Experience of Free Viewpoint Videos
* Superpixel-Based Quality Assessment of Multi-Exposure Image Fusion for Both Static and Dynamic Scenes
* SVM Based Intrusion Detection Method with Nonlinear Scaling and Feature Selection
* Synchronized Submanifold Embedding for Person-Independent Pose Estimation and Beyond
* Synthesized Virtual View-Based EigenSpace for Face Recognition
* Tiny Object Tracking With Proposal Position Enhancement
* Towards Flops-Constrained Face Recognition
* Towards Transferable Targeted Attack
* Tracking Based Multi-Orientation Scene Text Detection: A Unified Framework With Dynamic Programming
* Trajectory prediction for intelligent vehicles using spatial-attention mechanism
* Trajectory Tracking Control of Autonomous Underwater Vehicle With Unknown Parameters and External Disturbances
* UDNet: Uncertainty-aware deep network for salient object detection
* Unsupervised Hyperbolic Metric Learning
* use of complex transform for extraction circular arcs and straight lines in engineering drawings, The
* Vegetation Growth Response and Trends after Water Deficit Exposure in the Loess Plateau, China
* Visual object tracking via online sparse instance learning
* Visual Tracking Via Multi-Layer Factorized Correlation Filter
Includes: Yan, J. Yan, J.[Jiexi] Yan, J.[Jing] Yan, J.[Jianhao] Yan, J.[Jie] Yan, J.[Jun] Yan, J.[Junkai] Yan, J.[Jianwu] Yan, J.[Jia] Yan, J.[Jining] Yan, J.[Jian] Yan, J.[Jinyao] Yan, J.[Jin] Yan, J.[Juan] Yan, J.[Junkun] Yan, J.[Jichao] Yan, J.[Jumei] Yan, J.[Jiabao] Yan, J.[Jiahe] Yan, J.[Jiayong] Yan, J.[Jiaying] Yan, J.[Jiebin] Yan, J.[Jiafeng]
177 for Yan, J.

Yan, J.A.[Jian An] Co Author Listing * ADMM-qSPICE-Based Sparse DOA Estimation Method for MIMO Radar, An
* Characteristics Analysis of Influence of Multiple Parameters of Mixed Sea Waves on Delay-Doppler Map in Global Navigation Satellite System Reflectometry
* Fast Resolution Enhancement for Real Beam Mapping Using the Parallel Iterative Deconvolution Method
Includes: Yan, J.A.[Jian An] Yan, J.A.[Jian-An]

Yan, J.B.[Jian Bing] Co Author Listing * Development of Spectral Disease Indices for Southern Corn Rust Detection and Severity Classification
* Direction-of-Arrival Analysis of Airborne Ice Depth Sounder Data
* Exposing Semantic Segmentation Failures via Maximum Discrepancy Competition
* new bio-inspired metric based on eye movement data for classifying ASD and typically developing children, A
* No Reference Quality Assessment for 3D Synthesized Views by Local Structure Variation and Global Naturalness Change
* No Reference Quality Assessment for Screen Content Images With Both Local and Global Feature Representation
* Objective Quality Assessment of Screen Content Images by Uncertainty Weighting
* Objective quality assessment of synthesized images by local variation measurement
* Perceptual Quality Assessment for Asymmetrically Distorted Stereoscopic Video by Temporal Binocular Rivalry
* Stereoscopic Image Quality Assessment by Deep Convolutional Neural Network
* Ultrawideband FMCW Radar for Airborne Measurements of Snow Over Sea Ice and Land
* Visual attention prediction for Autism Spectrum Disorder with hierarchical semantic fusion
Includes: Yan, J.B.[Jian Bing] Yan, J.B.[Jian-Bing] Yan, J.B. Yan, J.B.[Jie-Bin] Yan, J.B.[Jun-Bing]
12 for Yan, J.B.

Yan, J.C.[Jun Chi] Co Author Listing * Accelerated Human Motion Tracking System Based on Voxel Reconstruction under Complex Environments, An
* Active Finetuning: Exploiting Annotation Budget in the Pretraining-Finetuning Paradigm
* Adaptive Semi-Supervised Mixup with Implicit Label Learning and Sample Ratio Balancing
* Align Representations with Base: A New Approach to Self-Supervised Learning
* Appearance and Structure Aware Robust Deep Visual Graph Matching: Attack, Defense and Beyond
* Arbitrary-Oriented Object Detection with Circular Smooth Label
* Asymmetric Cross-Guided Attention Network for Actor and Action Video Segmentation From Natural Language Query
* Auto uning of price prediction models for high-frequency trading via reinforcement learning
* Automatic Student Network Search for Knowledge Distillation
* AutoMix: Mixup Networks for Sample Interpolation via Cooperative Barycenter Learning
* Bilateral Supervision Network for Semi-Supervised Medical Image Segmentation
* Combinatorial Learning of Graph Edit Distance via Dynamic Embedding
* Combinatorial Learning of Robust Deep Graph Matching: An Embedding Based Approach
* Combining Dilution of Precision and Kalman Filtering for UWB Positioning in a Narrow Space
* constrained clustering based approach for matching a collection of feature sets, A
* Deep Learning of Partial Graph Matching via Differentiable Top-K
* Deep Spectral Clustering Using Dual Autoencoder Network
* Dense Label Encoding for Boundary Discontinuity Free Rotation Detection
* Detecting Rotated Objects as Gaussian Distributions and its 3-D Generalization
* Discrete hyper-graph matching
* Discriminative Partial Domain Adversarial Network
* Distilling Focal Knowledge from Imperfect Expert for 3D Object Detection
* DIY Your EasyNAS for Vision: Convolution Operation Merging, Map Channel Reducing, and Search Space to Supernet Conversion Tooling
* Double-Layer Model for Foreground Detection from Video Sequence, A
* DriveAdapter: Breaking the Coupling Barrier of Perception and Planning in End-to-End Autonomous Driving
* EAutoDet: Efficient Architecture Search for Object Detection
* End-to-end learning for image-based air quality level estimation
* Generalizing Face Forgery Detection with High-frequency Features
* GFTE: Graph-based Financial Table Extraction
* Graduated Consistency-Regularized Optimization for Multi-graph Matching
* HDGT: Heterogeneous Driving Graph Transformer for Multi-Agent Trajectory Prediction via Scene Encoding
* Heterogeneous Graph-based Knowledge Transfer for Generalized Zero-shot Learning
* Image Matching from Handcrafted to Deep Features: A Survey
* Incremental Multi-graph Matching via Diversity and Randomness Based Graph Clustering
* Joint Active Learning with Feature Selection via CUR Matrix Decomposition
* Joint Cuts and Matching of Partitions in One Graph
* Joint Optimization for Consistent Multiple Graph Matching
* Layered Neighborhood Expansion for Incremental Multiple Graph Matching
* Learning Combinatorial Embedding Networks for Deep Graph Matching
* Learning Correspondence Structures for Person Re-Identification
* Learning Dynamic Graph for Overtaking Strategy in Autonomous Driving
* Learning Unbiased Transferability for Domain Adaptation by Uncertainty Modeling
* Learning Unseen Concepts via Hierarchical Decomposition and Composition
* Lightweight Single-image Super-resolution Network with Attentive Auxiliary Feature Learning
* Matrix Decomposition Perspective to Multiple Graph Matching, A
* Max-Flow Based Approach for Neural Architecture Search, A
* Model-based 3D human motion tracking and voxel reconstruction from sparse views
* Multi-Graph Matching via Affinity Optimization with Graduated Consistency Regularization
* Neural Graph Matching Network: Learning Lawler's Quadratic Assignment Problem With Extension to Hypergraph and Multiple-Graph Matching
* Object Localization under Single Coarse Point Supervision
* On the Arbitrary-Oriented Object Detection: Classification Based Approaches Revisited
* On the Convergence of Graph Matching: Graduated Assignment Revisited
* Optimal LED Spectral Multiplexing for NIR2RGB Translation
* Optimum Subspace Learning and Error Correction for Tensors
* PersFormer: 3D Lane Detection via Perspective Transformer and the OpenLane Benchmark
* Person Re-Identification with Correspondence Structure Learning
* Progressive Context-Aware Graph Feature Learning for Target Re-Identification
* Rethinking the Defocus Blur Detection Problem and a Real-time Deep Dbd Model
* ROME: Robustifying Memory-Efficient NAS via Topology Disentanglement and Gradient Accumulation
* RSDet++: Point-Based Modulated Loss for More Accurate Rotated Object Detection
* SCRDet++: Detecting Small, Cluttered and Rotated Objects via Instance-Level Feature Denoising and Rotation Loss Smoothing
* Self-SAGCN: Self-Supervised Semantic Alignment for Graph Convolution Network
* Self-supervised Learning of Visual Graph Matching
* Sparse Feature Learning for Visual Tracking by Least Absolute Shrinkage and Selection Operator
* ST-P3: End-to-End Vision-Based Autonomous Driving via Spatial-Temporal Feature Learning
* STFlow: Self-Taught Optical Flow Estimation Using Pseudo Labels
* StyleFace: Towards Identity-Disentangled Face Generation on Megapixels
* Sufficient Statistics Feature Mapping over Deep Boltzmann Machine for Detection
* Tensor error correction for corrupted values in visual data
* Think Twice before Driving: Towards Scalable Decoders for End-to-End Autonomous Driving
* Transferable AutoML by Model Sharing Over Grouped Datasets
* Tube-and-Droplet-Based Approach for Representing and Analyzing Motion Trajectories, A
* Tuning IR-cut Filter for Illumination-aware Spectral Reconstruction from RGB
* Unifying Offline and Online Multi-Graph Matching via Finding Shortest Paths on Supergraph
* Unsupervised Learning of Graph Matching With Mixture of Modes via Discrepancy Minimization
* Unsupervised learning of optical flow with patch consistency and occlusion estimation
* Visual Saliency Based on Conditional Entropy
* Visual saliency detection via rank-sparsity decomposition
* Visual Saliency Detection via Sparsity Pursuit
* Weighted sparse coding residual minimization for visual tracking
Includes: Yan, J.C.[Jun Chi] Yan, J.C.[Jun-Chi] Yan, J.C.[Jun-Cheng] Yan, J.C.[Jia-Chen]
80 for Yan, J.C.

Yan, J.C.K. Co Author Listing * Signal-dependent film grain noise generation using homomorphic adaptive filtering

Yan, J.F.[Jian Feng] Co Author Listing * Dense Hybrid Recurrent Multi-view Stereo Net with Dynamic Consistency Checking
* Impact of Port Construction on the Spatial Pattern of Land Use in Coastal Zones Based on CLDI and LUT Models: A Case Study of Qingdao and Yantai
* Tidal Flat Extraction and Change Analysis Based on the RF-W Model: A Case Study of Jiaozhou Bay, East China
Includes: Yan, J.F.[Jian Feng] Yan, J.F.[Jian-Feng] Yan, J.F.[Jin-Feng]

Yan, J.G.[Jian Guo] Co Author Listing * Acquisition of Weak BDS Signal in the Lunar Environment
* Analysis of Regional and Residual Gravity Disturbance of Major Fault Belts in the Tarim Basin, Western China
* Approach to Moho Topography Recovery Using the On-Orbit GOCE Gravity Gradients and Its Applications in Tibet, An
* Assessment of the Accuracy of the Saastamoinen Model and VMF1/VMF3 Mapping Functions with Respect to Ray-Tracing from Radiosonde Data in the Framework of GNSS Meteorology
* Deep Learning-Based Local Feature Extraction Method for Improved Image Matching and Surface Reconstruction from Yutu-2 PCAM Images on the Moon, A
* Improved Coastal Marine Gravity Field Based on the Mean Sea Surface Height Constraint Factor Method, An
* Improved Digital Elevation Model of the Lunar Mons Rümker Region Based on Multisource Altimeter Data, An
* Likely Thermal Evolution of the Irregularly Shaped S-Type Astraea Asteroid, The
* Lunar Regolith Temperature Variation in the Rümker Region Based on the Real-Time Illumination
* Mean Moment of Inertia for Irregularly Shaped Phobos and Its Application to the Constraint for the Two-Layer Interior Structure for the Martian Moon, The
* Rosetta CONSERT Data as a Testbed for In Situ Navigation of Space Probes and Radiosciences in Orbit/Escort Phases for Small Bodies of the Solar System
* Spatial Autocorrelation of Martian Surface Temperature and Its Spatio-Temporal Relationships with Near-Surface Environmental Factors across China's Tianwen-1 Landing Zone
Includes: Yan, J.G.[Jian Guo] Yan, J.G.[Jian-Guo]
12 for Yan, J.G.

Yan, J.H.[Jian Hua] Co Author Listing * Automatic Construction of 3-D Building Model From Airborne LIDAR Data Through 2-D Snake Algorithm
* Graph Reduction Method for 2D Snake Problems, A
* Insights into the Movement and Diffusion Accumulation Characteristics of a Catastrophic Rock Avalanche Debris: A Case Study
* New Forest Aboveground Biomass Maps of China Integrating Multiple Datasets
* Nonlinear Variational Model for PET Reconstruction, A
* Performance of Linear and Nonlinear Two-Leaf Light Use Efficiency Models at Different Temporal Scales
* progressive morphological filter for removing nonground measurements from airborne LIDAR data, A
* Realization of CUDA-based real-time registration and target localization for high-resolution video images
* RETRACTED: Forecasting the Landslide Blocking River Process and Cascading Dam Breach Flood Propagation by an Integrated Numerical Approach: A Reservoir Area Case Study
* Snow Cover and Climate Change and Their Coupling Effects on Runoff in the Keriya River Basin during 2001-2020
* Study on the Source of Debris Flow in the Northern Scenic Spot of Changbai Mountain Based on Multi-Source Data
* TransGrasp: Grasp Pose Estimation of a Category of Objects by Transferring Grasps from Only One Labeled Instance
* Urban Flood Resilience Evaluation Based on GIS and Multi-Source Data: A Case Study of Changchun City
Includes: Yan, J.H.[Jian Hua] Yan, J.H.[Jian-Hua] Yan, J.H.[Jun-Hua] Yan, J.H.[Jun-Hui] Yan, J.H.[Jia-Hao] Yan, J.H.[Jian-Hang]
13 for Yan, J.H.

Yan, J.J.[Jun Jie] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Structural Model for Video Based Pedestrian Detection
* AM-LFS: AutoML for Loss Function Search
* BlockQNN: Efficient Block-Wise Neural Network Architecture Generation
* BN-NAS: Neural Architecture Search with Batch Normalization
* Celeba-Spoof: Large-scale Face Anti-spoofing Dataset with Rich Annotations
* Class-wise Dynamic Graph Convolution for Semantic Segmentation
* Consensus-Driven Propagation in Massive Unlabeled Data for Face Recognition
* CRAFT Objects from Images
* Crafting GBD-Net for Object Detection
* Cross Modal Transformer: Towards Fast and Robust 3D Object Detection
* Deep CockTail Network: Multi-source Unsupervised Domain Adaptation with Category Shift
* DeepID-Net: Deformable Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Object Detection
* DeepID-Net: Object Detection with Deformable Part Based Convolutional Neural Networks
* Discriminative 3D morphable model fitting
* Distractor-Aware Siamese Networks for Visual Object Tracking
* Dynamic Recursive Neural Network
* Efficient Transfer Learning via Joint Adaptation of Network Architecture and Weight
* Eliminating Background-bias for Robust Person Re-identification
* Exploring Disentangled Feature Representation Beyond Face Identification
* Face detection by structural models
* Face liveness detection by exploring multiple scenic clues
* Facial Expression Recognition via Regression-Based Robust Locality Preserving Projections
* Fastest Deformable Part Model for Object Detection, The
* FENP: A Database of Neonatal Facial Expression for Pain Analysis
* Fine-grained evaluation on face detection in the wild
* Fully Motion-Aware Network for Video Object Detection
* Fully Quantized Network for Object Detection
* GAIA: A Transfer Learning System of Object Detection that Fits Your Needs
* Gated Bi-Directional CNN for Object Detection
* Geometry Uncertainty Projection Network for Monocular 3D Object Detection
* GLiT: Neural Architecture Search for Global and Local Image Transformer
* Grid R-CNN
* High-fidelity Pose and Expression Normalization for face recognition in the wild
* Improved UAV Bi-SAR Imaging Algorithm with Two-Dimensional Spatial Variant Range Cell Migration Correction and Azimuth Non-Linear Phase Equalization, An
* Inception Convolution with Efficient Dilation Search
* Indoor Positioning Algorithm Based on Reconstructed Observation Model and Particle Filter
* Indoor Target-Driven Visual Navigation based on Spatial Semantic Information
* Indoor Traveling Salesman Problem (ITSP) Path Planning
* Integrating Facial Expression and Body Gesture in Videos for Emotion Recognition
* IRLAS: Inverse Reinforcement Learning for Architecture Search
* Joint Training of Cascaded CNN for Face Detection
* Jointly Learning Deep Features, Deformable Parts, Occlusion and Classification for Pedestrian Detection
* Knowledge Distillation via Route Constrained Optimization
* Learn to Combine Multiple Hypotheses for Accurate Face Alignment
* Learning Connectivity of Neural Networks from a Topological Perspective
* Learning Statistical Texture for Semantic Segmentation
* Learning to Cluster Faces on an Affinity Graph
* MimicDet: Bridging the Gap Between One-stage and Two-stage Object Detection
* Mimicking Very Efficient Network for Object Detection
* Multi-pedestrian detection in crowded scenes: A global view
* Multiple Target Tracking Based on Undirected Hierarchical Relation Hypergraph
* Novel Bimodal Emotion Database from Physiological Signals and Facial Expression, A
* Object detection by labeling superpixels
* Object Detection from Video Tubelets with Convolutional Neural Networks
* Once Quantization-Aware Training: High Performance Extremely Low-bit Architecture Search
* P2SGrad: Refined Gradients for Optimizing Deep Face Models
* PETRv2: A Unified Framework for 3D Perception from Multi-Camera Images
* POD: Practical Object Detection With Scale-Sensitive Network
* POI: Multiple Object Tracking with High Performance Detection and Appearance Feature
* Powering One-shot Topological NAS with Stabilized Share-parameter Proxy
* Practical Block-Wise Neural Network Architecture Generation
* Prior Information Based Decomposition and Reconstruction Learning for Micro-Expression Recognition
* Quality Aware Network for Set to Set Recognition
* Quantization Mimic: Towards Very Tiny CNN for Object Detection
* R3 Adversarial Network for Cross Model Face Recognition
* Robust Multi-resolution Pedestrian Detection in Traffic Scenes
* Salient Color Names for Person Re-identification
* Semantic Partition Algorithm Based on Improved K-Means Clustering for Large-Scale Indoor Areas, A
* SiamRPN++: Evolution of Siamese Visual Tracking With Very Deep Networks
* Spaces in Spatial Science and Urban Applications: State of the Art Review
* Sparse 2-D Canonical Correlation Analysis via Low Rank Matrix Approximation for Feature Extraction
* Stacked Deformable Part Model with Shape Regression for Object Part Localization
* Structural models for face detection
* T-CNN: Tubelets With Convolutional Neural Networks for Object Detection from Videos
* Temporal Context Aggregation Network for Temporal Action Proposal Refinement
* Top-Bounded Spaces Formed by the Built Environment for Navigation Systems
* Towards Integrating Heterogeneous Data: A Spatial DBMS Solution from a CRC-LCL Project in Australia
* Towards Unified INT8 Training for Convolutional Neural Network
* Video Generation From Single Semantic Label Map
* Water Filling: Unsupervised People Counting via Vertical Kinect Sensor
Includes: Yan, J.J.[Jun Jie] Yan, J.J.[Jun-Jie] Yan, J.J.[Jing-Jie] Yan, J.J.[Jing-Jing] Yan, J.J.[Jiao-Jie] Yan, J.J.[Jin-Jin]
80 for Yan, J.J.

Yan, J.K.[Jun Kai] Co Author Listing * ASAG: Building Strong One-Decoder-Layer Sparse Detectors via Adaptive Sparse Anchor Generation
* Generalized Labeled Multi-Bernoulli Multi-Target Tracking with Doppler-Only Measurements
* Space-correlated Contrastive Representation Learning with Multiple Instances
Includes: Yan, J.K.[Jun Kai] Yan, J.K.[Jun-Kai] Yan, J.K.[Jun-Kun]

Yan, J.L.[Jing Li] Co Author Listing * Characterizing Garden Greenspace in a Medieval European City: Added Values of Spatial Resolution and Multi-Temporal Stereo Imagery
* Comparing Machine Learning Classifiers for Object-Based Land Cover Classification Using Very High Resolution Imagery
* Fresh Tea Shoot Maturity Estimation via Multispectral Imaging and Deep Label Distribution Learning
* GPG-NET: Face Inpainting With Generative Parsing Guidance
* joint optimization framework of low-dimensional projection and collaborative representation for discriminative classification, A
* Mapping the Urban Population in Residential Neighborhoods by Integrating Remote Sensing and Crowdsourcing Data
Includes: Yan, J.L.[Jing Li] Yan, J.L.[Jing-Li] Yan, J.L.[Ji-Li] Yan, J.L.[Jia-Liang] Yan, J.L.[Jun-Liang]

Yan, J.M.[Jin Ming] Co Author Listing * Non-Linear Influence of Built Environment on the School Commuting Metro Ridership: The Case in Wuhan, China, The
* TSMSAN: A Three-Stream Multi-Scale Attentive Network for Video Saliency Detection
Includes: Yan, J.M.[Jin Ming] Yan, J.M.[Jin-Ming] Yan, J.M.[Jia-Ming]

Yan, J.N.[Ji Ning] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Electric Power Consumption Using Random Forest and Transferable Deep Model with Multi-Source Data, An
* Big Data Integration in Remote Sensing across a Distributed Metadata-Based Spatial Infrastructure
* Big Earth Observation Data Integration in Remote Sensing Based on a Distributed Spatial Framework
* Comprehensive Study of Geochemical Data Storage Performance Based on Different Management Methods, A
* Deep Learning-Based Named Entity Recognition and Knowledge Graph Construction for Geological Hazards
* Dynamic Remote Sensing Data-Driven Approach for Oil Spill Simulation in the Sea, A
* HGST: A Hilbert-GeoSOT Spatio-Temporal Meshing and Coding Method for Efficient Spatio-Temporal Range Query on Massive Trajectory Data
* Suitability Evaluation for Products Generation from Multisource Remote Sensing Data
* time-series classification approach based on change detection for rapid land cover mapping, A
Includes: Yan, J.N.[Ji Ning] Yan, J.N.[Ji-Ning]
9 for Yan, J.N.

Yan, J.P.[Jiang Peng] Co Author Listing * Anti-Interference From Noisy Labels: Mean-Teacher-Assisted Confident Learning for Medical Image Segmentation
* Fast and Selective Super-Resolution Ultrasound In Vivo With Acoustically Activated Nanodroplets
* Nucleus-Aware Self-Supervised Pretraining Using Unpaired Image-to-Image Translation for Histopathology Images
* Point-in-Polygon Analysis Under Certainty and Uncertainty
* Super-Resolution Ultrasound Through Sparsity-Based Deconvolution and Multi-Feature Tracking
* Wearable Ultrasound System for Sensing Muscular Morphological Deformations, A
Includes: Yan, J.P.[Jiang Peng] Yan, J.P.[Jiang-Peng] Yan, J.P.[Ji-Peng] Yan, J.P.[Jun-Peng] Yan, J.P.[Jian-Ping]

Yan, J.Q.[Jing Qi] Co Author Listing * 3D Face Landmarking Method under Pose and Expression Variations
* AF-EMS Detector: Improve the Multi-Scale Detection Performance of the Anchor-Free Detector
* Dynamic tongueprint: A novel biometric identifier
* Efficient joint 2D and 3D palmprint matching with alignment refinement
* IoU-Adaptive Deformable R-CNN: Make Full Use of IoU for Multi-Class Object Detection in Remote Sensing Imagery
* Load Balance Guaranteed Vehicle-to-Vehicle Computation Offloading for Min-Max Fairness in VANETs
* Novel Facial Localization for Three-dimensional Face Using Multi-level Partition of Unity Implicits, A
* Portrait beautification: A fast and robust approach
* Principal line based ICP alignment for palmprint verification
* Sexual Dimorphism Analysis and Gender Classification in 3D Human Face
* Tongue-Print: A Novel Biometrics Pattern
* What is wrong with mesh PCA in coordinate direction normalization
Includes: Yan, J.Q.[Jing Qi] Yan, J.Q.[Jing-Qi] Yan, J.Q.[Jiang-Qiao] Yan, J.Q.[Jia-Quan] Yan, J.Q.[Jin-Qi]
12 for Yan, J.Q.

Yan, J.W.[Jian Wu] Co Author Listing * Changes in Vegetation Growth Dynamics and Relations with Climate over China's Landmass from 1982 to 2011
* Complementary Modularized Ramp Metering Approach Based on Iterative Learning Control and ALINEA, A
* Integrating Facial Expression and Body Gesture in Videos for Emotion Recognition
* Measurement Matrix of Compressive Sensing Based on Gram-Schmidt Orthogonalization
* Modified Iterative-Learning-Control-Based Ramp Metering Strategies for Freeway Traffic Control With Iteration-Dependent Factors
* Multimodal Neuroimaging Predictors for Cognitive Performance Using Structured Sparse Learning
* Region-Division-Based Joint Sparse Representation Classification for Hyperspectral Images
* Representation Decomposition for Image Manipulation and Beyond
* Semantics-Guided Representation Learning with Applications to Visual Synthesis
* Sparse Bayesian multi-task learning for predicting cognitive outcomes from neuroimaging measures in Alzheimer's disease
* Unimodal-Concentrated Loss: Fully Adaptive Label Distribution Learning for Ordinal Regression
* Vegetation Phenological Changes in Multiple Landforms and Responses to Climate Change
* View-Independent Facial Action Unit Detection
* Weakly Supervised Regional and Temporal Learning for Facial Action Unit Recognition
* Wheat Spike Detection Method in UAV Images Based on Improved YOLOv5, A
* Winter Wheat SPAD Value Inversion Based on Multiple Pretreatment Methods
Includes: Yan, J.W.[Jian Wu] Yan, J.W.[Jian-Wu] Yan, J.W.[Jing-Wen] Yan, J.W.[Jing-Wei] Yan, J.W.[Jai-Wei] Yan, J.W.[Jia-Wei]
16 for Yan, J.W.

Yan, J.X.[Jia Xing] Co Author Listing * Channel-Wise Attention-Based Network for Self-Supervised Monocular Depth Estimation
* global optimization approach to roof segmentation from airborne lidar point clouds, A
* Integrating Smartphone Images And Airborne Lidar Data For Complete Urban Building Modelling
* Structure-Aware Convolution for 3D Point Cloud Classification and Segmentation
* variational level set model with kernel metric induced local image fitting energy, A
Includes: Yan, J.X.[Jia Xing] Yan, J.X.[Jia-Xing] Yan, J.X.[Ji-Xing] Yan, J.X.[Jun-Xiao]

Yan, J.Y.[Jia Yong] Co Author Listing * Applying improved fast marching method to endocardial boundary detection in echocardiographic images
* Articulated Motion Segmentation Using RANSAC with Priors
* Automatic Kinematic Chain Building from Feature Trajectories of Articulated Objects
* error filtration method based on local similarity of the character to identify soiled vehicle license plate, An
* Factorization-Based Approach for Articulated Nonrigid Shape, Motion and Kinematic Chain Recovery From Video, A
* Factorization-Based Approach to Articulated Motion Recovery, A
* General Framework for Motion Segmentation: Independent, Articulated, Rigid, Non-rigid, Degenerate and Non-degenerate, A
* Hainan Coherent Scatter Phased Array Radar (HCOPAR): System Design and Ionospheric Irregularity Observations
* Identifying facial expression using adaptive sub-layer compensation based feature extraction
* Imaging Analysis and First Results of the Geostationary Interferometric Microwave Sounder Demonstrator
* Multi-Parameter Regularization Method for Synthetic Aperture Imaging Radiometers
* New Global Bi-Directional Motion Compensation Frame Interpolation for Rate Control in H.264/AVC CODEC, A
* Q-Compensated Gaussian Beam Migration under the Condition of Irregular Surface
* QoE-Oriented Mobile Virtual Reality Game in Distributed Edge Networks
* Recovering Articulated Non-rigid Shapes, Motions and Kinematic Chains from Video
* Robust object tracking using least absolute deviation
* Towards an Underground Utilities 3D Data Model for Land Administration
* Two New Methods Based on Implicit Expressions and Corresponding Predictor-Correctors for Gravity Anomaly Downward Continuation and Their Comparison
Includes: Yan, J.Y.[Jia Yong] Yan, J.Y.[Jia-Yong] Yan, J.Y.[Jing-Yu] Yan, J.Y.[Jun-Yi] Yan, J.Y. Yan, J.Y.[Jin-Yao] Yan, J.Y.[Jing-Ye] Yan, J.Y.[Jin-Yu] Yan, J.Y.[Jing-Ya]
18 for Yan, J.Y.

Yan, J.Z.[Ji Zhou] Co Author Listing * Automatic Extraction of Moving Objects from Image and LIDAR Sequences
* Change-Based Image Cropping with Exclusion and Compositional Features
* Efficient Colorization of Large-Scale Point Cloud Using Multi-pass Z-Ordering
* EmergEventMine: End-to-End Chinese Emergency Event Extraction Using a Deep Adversarial Network
* Learning the Change for Automatic Image Cropping
* Learning-to-Rank Approach for Image Color Enhancement, A
Includes: Yan, J.Z.[Ji Zhou] Yan, J.Z.[Ji-Zhou] Yan, J.Z.[Jian-Zhou] Yan, J.Z.[Jian-Zhuo]

Yan, K.[Kai] Co Author Listing * 3D Building Roof Modeling by Optimizing Primitive's Parameters Using Constraints from LiDAR Data and Aerial Imagery
* 3D Cascaded Spectral-Spatial Element Attention Network for Hyperspectral Image Classification, A
* Adaptive Graph Completion Based Incomplete Multi-View Clustering
* Adjusting samples for obtaining better L2-norm minimization based sparse representation
* Amazon Forests' Response to Droughts: A Perspective from the MAIAC Product
* Analyses of Impact of Needle Surface Properties on Estimation of Needle Absorption Spectrum: Case Study with Coniferous Needle and Shoot Samples
* Anatomical Invariance Modeling and Semantic Alignment for Self-supervised Learning in 3D Medical Image Analysis
* Anomaly Intrusion Detection in Online Learning Space Based on XGBoost
* Attention driven person re-identification
* Automatic geometry calibration for multi-projector display systems with arbitrary continuous curved surfaces
* Bayesian Path Inference Using Sparse GPS Samples With Spatio-Temporal Constraints
* CancerUniT: Towards a Single Unified Model for Effective Detection, Segmentation, and Diagnosis of Eight Major Cancers Using a Large Collection of CT Scans
* CFAD: Coarse-to-fine Action Detector for Spatiotemporal Action Localization
* ChildGuard: A Child-Safety Monitoring System
* CMC2R: Cross-modal collaborative contextual representation for RGBT tracking
* Continual Segment: Towards a Single, Unified and Non-forgetting Continual Segmentation Model of 143 Whole-body Organs in CT Scans
* Contourlet transform based algorithm of shadow compensation for face recognition
* Deep Cognitive Gate: Resembling Human Cognition for Saliency Detection
* Deep Learning-Based Automatic Extraction of Cyanobacterial Blooms from Sentinel-2 MSI Satellite Data
* Deep learning-based vehicle tracking and traffic event detection
* Deep Lesion Graphs in the Wild: Relationship Learning and Organization of Significant Radiology Image Findings in a Diverse Large-Scale Lesion Database
* Deep Lesion Tracker: Monitoring Lesions in 4D Longitudinal Imaging Studies
* Deep Neural Network-Driven Feature Learning Method for Multi-view Facial Expression Recognition, A
* Devil is in the Queries: Advancing Mask Transformers for Real-world Medical Image Segmentation and Out-of-Distribution Localization
* DML-GANR: Deep Metric Learning With Generative Adversarial Network Regularization for High Spatial Resolution Remote Sensing Image Retrieval
* Estimation of Daily Average Downward Shortwave Radiation over Antarctica
* Evaluation of MODIS LAI/FPAR Product Collection 6. Part 1: Consistency and Improvements
* Evaluation of MODIS LAI/FPAR Product Collection 6. Part 2: Validation and Intercomparison
* Evaluation of the MODIS LAI/FPAR Algorithm Based on 3D-RTM Simulations: A Case Study of Grassland
* Evaluation of the Vegetation-Index-Based Dimidiate Pixel Model for Fractional Vegetation Cover Estimation
* Expanding Low-Density Latent Regions for Open-Set Object Detection
* Exploiting Multi-grain Ranking Constraints for Precisely Searching Visually-similar Vehicles
* Extending a Linear Kernel-Driven BRDF Model to Realistically Simulate Reflectance Anisotropy Over Rugged Terrain
* Generating Global Products of LAI and FPAR From SNPP-VIIRS Data: Theoretical Background and Implementation
* Graph-based High-Order Relation Discovery for Fine-grained Recognition
* Heterogeneous Relational Complement for Vehicle Re-identification
* HODN: Disentangling Human-Object Feature for HOI Detection
* Holistic and Comprehensive Annotation of Clinically Significant Findings on Diverse CT Images: Learning From Radiology Reports and Label Ontology
* Implications of Whole-Disc DSCOVR EPIC Spectral Observations for Estimating Earth's Spectral Reflectivity Based on Low-Earth-Orbiting and Geostationary Observations
* Iterative BRDF/NDVI Inversion Algorithm Based on A Posteriori Variance Estimation of Observation Errors, An
* Learning From Multiple Datasets With Heterogeneous and Partial Labels for Universal Lesion Detection in CT
* Learning Temporal Video Procedure Segmentation from an Automatically Collected Large Dataset
* Lesion-Harvester: Iteratively Mining Unlabeled Lesions and Hard-Negative Examples at Scale
* Local multiple directional pattern of palmprint image
* Locating Smartphone Indoors by Using Tightly Coupling Bluetooth Ranging and Accelerometer Measurements
* Location-Free Human Pose Estimation
* Multi-SUAV Collaboration and Low-Altitude Remote Sensing Technology-Based Image Registration and Change Detection Network of Garbage Scattered Areas in Nature Reserves
* Multi-Target Detection Method Based on Improved U-Net for UWB MIMO Through-Wall Radar, A
* Multiapproximator-Based Fault-Tolerant Tracking Control for Unmanned Autonomous Helicopter With Input Saturation
* Neural-PBIR Reconstruction of Shape, Material, and Illumination
* Novel Dynamic Segmentation for Human-Posture Learning System Using Hidden Logistic Regression
* Operational Method for Validating the Downward Shortwave Radiation Over Rugged Terrains, An
* Outage Probability of Selection Cooperation With MRC in Nakagami-m Fading Channels
* Part-aware Progressive Unsupervised Domain Adaptation for Person Re-Identification
* Phenological Responses to Snow Seasonality in the Qilian Mountains Is a Function of Both Elevation and Vegetation Types
* Power Allocation and Relay Selection for Multisource Multirelay Cooperative Vehicular Networks
* Primitive-based 3d Building Reconstruction Method Tested By Reference Airborne Data
* Prototyping of LAI and FPAR Retrievals from MODIS Multi-Angle Implementation of Atmospheric Correction (MAIAC) Data
* Radiative Transfer Model for Heterogeneous Agro-Forestry Scenarios, A
* Radiative Transfer Model for Patchy Landscapes Based on Stochastic Radiative Transfer Theory, A
* Robust Sparse Linear Discriminant Analysis
* Robust Target Detection Within Sea Clutter Based on Graphs
* SAFA: Sample-Adaptive Feature Augmentation for Long-Tailed Image Classification
* SAM: Self-Supervised Learning of Pixel-Wise Anatomical Embeddings in Radiological Images
* Semantic Decomposition and Reconstruction of Compound Buildings with Symmetric Roofs from LiDAR Data and Aerial Imagery
* Shortest Path Finding Problem in Stochastic Time-Dependent Road Networks With Stochastic First-In-First-Out Property
* SIOD: Single Instance Annotated Per Category Per Image for Object Detection
* Small Object Detection via Coarse-to-fine Proposal Generation and Imitation Learning
* Smartphone-Camera-Based Water Reflectance Measurement and Typical Water Quality Parameter Inversion
* Social Network and Bibliometric Analysis of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Remote Sensing Applications from 2010 to 2021
* Spatio-Temporal Variability Analysis of Vegetation Dynamics in China from 2000 to 2022 Based on Leaf Area Index: A Multi-Temporal Image Classification Perspective
* Spatiotemporal Heterogeneity in Runoff Dynamics and Its Drivers in a Water Conservation Area of the Upper Yellow River Basin over the Past 35 Years
* Spectral Invariant Provides a Practical Modeling Approach for Future Biophysical Variable Estimations
* Stealthy Frequency-Domain Backdoor Attacks: Fourier Decomposition and Fundamental Frequency Injection
* Temporal Extrapolation of Daily Downward Shortwave Radiation Over Cloud-Free Rugged Terrains. Part 1: Analysis of Topographic Effects
* Towards Large-Scale Small Object Detection: Survey and Benchmarks
* Trace Controlled Text to Image Generation
* Transformer-based Dual Relation Graph for Multi-label Image Recognition
* Two-shot Video Object Segmentation
* Underwater Image Restoration Using Color-Line Model
Includes: Yan, K.[Kai] Yan, K.[Kun] Yan, K.[Ke] Yan, K. Yan, K.[Keding] Yan, K.[Kehuan] Yan, K.[Kebing]
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Yan, K.D.[Ke Ding] Co Author Listing * Part-MOT: A multi-object tracking method with instance part-based embedding
Includes: Yan, K.D.[Ke Ding] Yan, K.D.[Ke-Ding]

Yan, K.H.[Kai Hong] Co Author Listing * Signature Detection, Restoration, and Verification: A Novel Chinese Document Signature Forgery Detection Benchmark
Includes: Yan, K.H.[Kai Hong] Yan, K.H.[Kai-Hong]

Yan, K.J.[Kai Jia] Co Author Listing * CycleGAN-Based SAR-Optical Image Fusion for Target Recognition
Includes: Yan, K.J.[Kai Jia] Yan, K.J.[Kai-Jia]

Yan, K.Q.[Ke Qin] Co Author Listing * Adaptive fuzzy sliding mode control for high-speed train using multi-body dynamics model
* energy-efficient train control approach with dynamic efficiency of the traction system, An
Includes: Yan, K.Q.[Ke Qin] Yan, K.Q.[Ke-Qin]

Yan, K.W.[Ke Wei] Co Author Listing * Influences of the Shadow Inventory on a Landslide Susceptibility Model
Includes: Yan, K.W.[Ke Wei] Yan, K.W.[Ke-Wei]

Yan, K.Y.[Ke Yu] Co Author Listing * Deep Fourier-Based Exposure Correction Network with Spatial-Frequency Interaction
* Linking Garment with Person via Semantically Associated Landmarks for Virtual Try-On
* Memory-augmented Deep Conditional Unfolding Network for Pansharpening
* Memory-Augmented Deep Unfolding Network for Guided Image Super-resolution
* Memory-Augmented Model-Driven Network for Pansharpening
* Mutual Information-driven Pan-sharpening
* Pyramid Dual Domain Injection Network for Pan-sharpening
* Spatial-Frequency Domain Information Integration for Pan-Sharpening
Includes: Yan, K.Y.[Ke Yu] Yan, K.Y.[Ke-Yu]
8 for Yan, K.Y.

Yan, L. Co Author Listing * 2q-Order Difference-Set Approach to Eliminate Phase Ambiguity of a Single-Frequency Signal, A
* Absolute Orientation Based on Distance Kernel Functions
* Accounting for Geometric Anisotropy in Sparse Magnetic Data Using a Modified Interpolation Algorithm
* Accurate Reconstruction of the LoD3 Building Model by Integrating Multi-Source Point Clouds and Oblique Remote Sensing Imagery
* Adaptive Weighted Tensor Completion Method for the Recovery of Remote Sensing Images With Missing Data, An
* Adjacent-Track InSAR Processing for Large-Scale Land Subsidence Monitoring in the Hebei Plain
* Adversarial Domain Adaptation with a Domain Similarity Discriminator for Semantic Segmentation of Urban Areas
* Analyses of Impact of Needle Surface Properties on Estimation of Needle Absorption Spectrum: Case Study with Coniferous Needle and Shoot Samples
* Analysis of Aerosol Properties in Beijing Based on Ground-Based Sun Photometer and Air Quality Monitoring Observations from 2005 to 2014
* Analysis of Aerosol Radiative Forcing over Beijing under Different Air Quality Conditions Using Ground-Based Sun-Photometers between 2013 and 2015
* Anisotropic Scattering Shadow Compensation Method For Remote Sensing Image With Consideration Of Terrain
* Anisotropic Spectral-Spatial Total Variation Model for Multispectral Remote Sensing Image Destriping
* Application of linear prediction characteristics to planar shape classification
* Approach on Advanced Unscented Kalman Filter From Mobile Robot-SLAM, An
* Automated Approach for Sub-Pixel Registration of Landsat-8 Operational Land Imager (OLI) and Sentinel-2 Multi Spectral Instrument (MSI) Imagery, An
* Automatic Key-frame Selection Method for Visual Odometry Based On The Improved PWC-Net, An
* automatic method for generating affine moment invariants, An
* Automatic Recognition of Rivers from LIDAR Data by Profile Factor
* Automatic Shadow Detection Method for VHR Remote Sensing Orthoimagery, An
* Automatic Texture Mapping With An Omnidirectional Camera Mounted On A Vehicle Towards Large Scale 3d City Models
* Block LBP Displacement Based Local Matching Approach for Human Face Recognition
* Building Footprints Extraction from PolSAR Image Using Multi-Features and Edge Information
* Calculation on Bond Default Probability Based on Monte Carlo Simulation KMV Model
* Class-Specific Anchor Based and Context-Guided Multi-Class Object Detection in High Resolution Remote Sensing Imagery with a Convolutional Neural Network
* Coherence restricted StOMP and its application in image fusion
* Color-Boosted Saliency-Guided Rotation Invariant Bag of Visual Words Representation with Parameter Transfer for Cross-Domain Scene-Level Classification
* Comparison between the Suomi-NPP Day-Night Band and DMSP-OLS for Correlating Socio-Economic Variables at the Provincial Level in China
* Conditional generative data-free knowledge distillation
* Cooling Effect of Urban Green Spaces in Metacities: A Case Study of Beijing, China's Capital, The
* Deep Shape from Polarization
* DGS-SLAM: A Fast and Robust RGBD SLAM in Dynamic Environments Combined by Geometric and Semantic Information
* Differential-Evolution-Based Generative Adversarial Networks for Edge Detection
* Directional-Aware Automatic Defect Detection in High-Speed Railway Catenary System
* Displacement Template with Divide-and-Conquer Algorithm for Significantly Improving Descriptor Based Face Recognition Approaches
* Effects of Growth Stage Development on Paddy Rice Leaf Area Index Prediction Models
* Efficient and High Path Quality Autonomous Exploration and Trajectory Planning of UAV in an Unknown Environment
* Efficient Depth Fusion Transformer for Aerial Image Semantic Segmentation
* Efficient Supervised Graph Embedding Hashing for large-scale cross-media retrieval
* Embedded System-on-Chip Architecture for Real-time Visual Detection and Matching, An
* End-To-End Network For Detecting Multi-Domain Fractures On X-Ray Images, An
* Engineering drawings recognition using a case-based approach
* Evaluation of the Radiometric Calibration of FY4A-AGRI Thermal Infrared Data Using Lake Qinghai
* Exploring the Potential of Optical Polarization Remote Sensing for Oil Spill Detection: A Case Study of Deepwater Horizon
* Extraction of Street Curbs from Mobile Laser Scanning Data in Urban Areas, The
* Fast, Efficient Broadcast Schemes Based on the Prediction of Dynamics in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks
* Feature Aggregation Attention Network for Single Image Dehazing
* Flood Frequency Analysis Using Mixture Distributions in Light of Prior Flood Type Classification in Norway
* Framework for Geographic Object-Based Image Analysis (GEOBIA) based on geographic ontology, A
* general framework for the evaluation of symbol recognition methods, A
* Generic and Automatic Markov Random Field-Based Registration for Multimodal Remote Sensing Image Using Grayscale and Gradient Information
* Glacier Mass Balance in the Manas River Using Ascending and Descending Pass of Sentinel 1A/1B Data and SRTM DEM
* Global and local exploitation for saliency using bag-of-words
* GNSS Data Processing and Validation of the Altimeter Zenith Wet Delay around the Wanshan Calibration Site
* GPM-Based Multitemporal Weighted Precipitation Analysis Using GPM_IMERGDF Product and ASTER DEM in EDBF Algorithm
* Guided Cyclegan Via Semi-Dual Optimal Transport for Photo-Realistic Face Super-Resolution
* hierarchical multiview registration framework of TLS point clouds based on loop constraint, A
* High Accuracy Interpolation of DEM Using Generative Adversarial Network
* High-Throughput Architecture for Both Lossless and Near-lossless Compression Modes of LOCO-I Algorithm
* HSI-DeNet: Hyperspectral Image Restoration via Convolutional Neural Network
* Image enhancement based on skin-colour segmentation and smoothness
* Image Quality Improvement Method in Side-Scan Sonar Based on Deconvolution, An
* Implementation of HEVC decoder on x86 processors with SIMD optimization
* Improved Aerosol Optical Depth Retrieval Algorithm for Multiangle Directional Polarimetric Camera (DPC), An
* Improved Class-Specific Codebook with Two-Step Classification for Scene-Level Classification of High Resolution Remote Sensing Images
* Improved Deep Deterministic Policy Gradient for Dynamic Obstacle Avoidance of Mobile Robot
* Improved Faster RCNN Based on Feature Amplification and Oversampling Data Augmentation for Oriented Vehicle Detection in Aerial Images
* interactive example-driven approach to graphics recognition in engineering drawings, An
* Interpolation and Prediction of Spatiotemporal Data Based on XML Integrated with Grey Dynamic Model
* IsGAN: Identity-sensitive generative adversarial network for face photo-sketch synthesis
* Joint blind deblurring and destriping for remote sensing images
* Joint image-to-image translation with denoising using enhanced generative adversarial networks
* Knowledge-Embedded Mutual Guidance for Visual Reasoning
* L2-SIFT: SIFT feature extraction and matching for large images in large-scale aerial photogrammetry
* Land Subsidence Monitoring with Multi-track Sar Data
* Landsat 15-m Panchromatic-Assisted Downscaling (LPAD) of the 30-m Reflective Wavelength Bands to Sentinel-2 20-m Resolution
* Landsat 4, 5 and 7 (1982 to 2017) Analysis Ready Data (ARD) Observation Coverage over the Conterminous United States and Implications for Terrestrial Monitoring
* Large-Area Gap Filling of Landsat Reflectance Time Series by Spectral-Angle-Mapper Based Spatio-Temporal Similarity (SAMSTS)
* Large-scale monocular SLAM by local bundle adjustment and map joining
* Learning from the Negativity: Deep Negative Correlation Meta-learning for Adversarial Image Classification
* Learning from the Web: Webly Supervised Meta-Learning for Masked Face Recognition
* Learning Robust Facial Landmark Detection via Hierarchical Structured Ensemble
* LEGION-Based Automatic Road Extraction From Satellite Imagery
* LiDeNeRF: Neural radiance field reconstruction with depth prior provided by LiDAR point cloud
* Line matching based on planar homography for stereo aerial images
* Linear Feature Extraction of Buildings from Terrestrial LIDAR Data with Morphological Techniques
* LLNet: A Fusion Classification Network for Lane Localization in Real-World Scenarios
* Local stereo matching algorithm with efficient matching cost and adaptive guided image filter
* Low-Latency Collaborative HARQ Scheme for Control/User-Plane Decoupled Railway Wireless Networks, A
* Modeling Bidirectional Polarization Distribution Function of Land Surfaces Using Machine Learning Techniques
* Modeling Gross Primary Production of a Typical Coastal Wetland in China Using MODIS Time Series and CO2 Eddy Flux Tower Data
* Modified Three-dimensional Gray-level Co-occurrence Matrix for Image Classification With Digital Surface Model, A
* Multi-Constrained Optimization Method of Line Segment Extraction Based on Multi-Scale Image Space
* Multi-Constraint Combined Method for Ground Surface Point Filtering from Mobile LiDAR Point Clouds, A
* Multi-Model Fusion Framework for NIR-to-RGB Translation, A
* Multi-scale Segmentation of High Resolution Remote Sensing Images By Integrating Multiple Features
* Multi-Scale Water Extraction Convolutional Neural Network (MWEN) Method for GaoFen-1 Remote Sensing Images, A
* Multi-View Dense Image Matching Method for High-Resolution Aerial Imagery Based on a Graph Network, A
* Neighborhood Feature Line Segment for Image Classification
* Neighbour-based Domain Adaptation for Investigation of Transferable Ability of Previously Labeled Data for Land-cover Classification Of Aerial Images
* New Ground-Based Stereo Panoramic Scanning System, A
* New Outlier Removal Strategy Based on Reliability of Correspondence Graph for Fast Point Cloud Registration, A
* New Word Extraction From Chinese Financial Documents
* noisy chaotic neural network approach to image denoising, A
* nonlinear algorithm for enhancing low bit-rate coded motion video sequence, A
* Novel Absolute Orientation Method Using Local Similarities Representation, A
* Novel Approach to Unsupervised Change Detection Based on Hybrid Spectral Difference, A
* Novel Efficient HEVC Decoding Solution on General-Purpose Processors
* Novel Network Architecture for C/U-Plane Staggered Handover in 5G Decoupled Heterogeneous Railway Wireless Systems, A
* novel stumpage detection method for forest harvesting based on multi-sensor fusion, A
* Object Detection in Hyperspectral Images
* Object-Based Semantic Classification Method for High Resolution Remote Sensing Imagery Using Ontology, An
* Offline Coarse-To-Fine Precision Optimization Algorithm for 3D Laser SLAM Point Cloud, An
* Optical Polarized Effects for Quantitative Remote Sensing
* optimized real-time multi-thread HEVC decoder, An
* Oriented Vehicle Detection In High-resolution Remote Sensing Images Based on Feature Amplification and Category Balance By Oversampling Data Augmentation
* OSSIM: An Object-Based Multiview Stereo Algorithm Using SSIM Index Matching Cost
* Palmprint Recognition Using Neighboring Direction Indicator
* ParallelEye Dataset: A Large Collection of Virtual Images for Traffic Vision Research, The
* Perfect Gaussian Integer Sequences Embedding Pre-Given Gaussian Integers
* Performance of MODIS C6 Aerosol Product during Frequent Haze-Fog Events: A Case Study of Beijing
* PFEMed: Few-shot medical image classification using prior guided feature enhancement
* Polarimetric Imaging via Deep Learning: A Review
* Polarized Intensity Ratio Constraint Demosaicing for the Division of a Focal-Plane Polarimetric Image
* Progressive Knowledge-Embedded Unified Perceptual Parsing for Scene Understanding
* Quadriphase Cross Z-Complementary Pairs for Pilot Sequence Design in Spatial Modulation Systems
* Quality Analysis of Vehicle-based Sequence Images Relative Orientation Based On Computer Vision
* Quantifying Contributions of Local Emissions and Regional Transport to NOX in Beijing Using TROPOMI Constrained WRF-Chem Simulation
* Radiometric Calibration Evaluation for FY3D MERSI-II Thermal Infrared Channels at Lake Qinghai
* Radiometric Normalization for Cross-Sensor Optical Gaofen Images with Change Detection and Chi-Square Test
* RBA: Reduced Bundle Adjustment for oblique aerial photogrammetry
* Real-Time 3D Mapping in Complex Environments Using a Spinning Actuated LiDAR System
* Reduced data set for multi-target recognition using compressed sensing frame
* Relative Radiometric Correction Method for Airborne Image Using Outdoor Calibration and Image Statistics, A
* Remote Sensing of Ecosystem Water Use Efficiency: A Review of Direct and Indirect Estimation Methods
* Research on Iterative Closest Contour Point for Underwater Terrain-Aided Navigation
* Retraction: Attention-Based Deep Feature Fusion for the Scene Classification of High-Resolution Remote Sensing Images
* Review of Communication, Driver Characteristics, and Controls Aspects of Cooperative Adaptive Cruise Control (CACC), A
* Robust and Efficient Trajectory Replanning Based on Guiding Path for Quadrotor Fast Autonomous Flight
* RTL3D: real-time LIDAR-based 3D object detection with sparse CNN
* Scene Capture and Selected Codebook-Based Refined Fuzzy Classification of Large High-Resolution Images
* Semantic Modelling Framework-Based Method for Building Reconstruction from Point Clouds, A
* Semi-supervised center-based discriminative adversarial learning for cross-domain scene-level land-cover classification of aerial images
* Separability Analysis of Sentinel-2A Multi-Spectral Instrument (MSI) Data for Burned Area Discrimination
* Sharpening the Sentinel-2 10 and 20 m Bands to Planetscope-0 3 m Resolution
* Single Remote Sensing Image Dehazing Using a Prior-Based Dense Attentive Network
* So Many Heads, So Many Wits: Multimodal Graph Reasoning for Text-Based Visual Question Answering
* Temporal and Spatial Characteristics of the Global Skylight Polarization Vector Field
* Temporal resolution scalable video coding
* Toward Universal Stripe Removal via Wavelet-Based Deep Convolutional Neural Network
* Triplet Adversarial Domain Adaptation for Pixel-Level Classification of VHR Remote Sensing Images
* Two Birds With One Stone: Knowledge-Embedded Temporal Convolutional Transformer for Depression Detection and Emotion Recognition
* Uncertainty Evaluation of an In-Flight Absolute Radiometric Calibration Using a Statistical Monte Carlo Method
* Unsupervised SAR Change Detection Method Based on Stochastic Subspace Ensemble Learning, An
* Urban Building Mesh Polygonization Based on 1-Ring Patch and Topology Optimization
* Vicarious Radiometric Calibration of the Multispectral Imager Onboard SDGSAT-1 over the Dunhuang Calibration Site, China
* Virtual Parameter Learning-Based Adaptive Control for Protective Automatic Train Operation
* Webly Supervised Knowledge Embedding Model for Visual Reasoning
Includes: Yan, L. Yan, L.[Lei] Yan, L.[Liang] Yan, L.[Li] Yan, L.[Lin] Yan, L.[Ling] Yan, L.[Lili] Yan, L.[Lianshan] Yan, L.[Luxin] Yan, L.[Luo] Yan, L.[Longhao] Yan, L.[Lengleng] Yan, L.[Leju] Yan, L.[Lan] Yan, L.[Lina] Yan, L.[Leipo] Yan, L.[Liu] Yan, L.[Lu]
157 for Yan, L.

Yan, L.B.[Luo Bin] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Influencing Factors on the Spatial Variability of SOM in the Red Beds of the Nanxiong Basin of China, Using GIS and Geo-Statistical Methods
* CNN-Based Anomaly Detection for Face Presentation Attack Detection with Multi-Channel Images
* Meta-Teacher For Face Anti-Spoofing
* Scale-Balanced Real-Time Object Detection With Varying Input-Image Resolution
Includes: Yan, L.B.[Luo Bin] Yan, L.B.[Luo-Bin] Yan, L.B.[Long-Bin]

Yan, L.C.[Long Chuan] Co Author Listing * Story Unit Segmentation with Friendly Acoustic Perception
Includes: Yan, L.C.[Long Chuan] Yan, L.C.[Long-Chuan]

Yan, L.H.[Long Hao] Co Author Listing * Altimeter Calibrations in the Preliminary Four Years' Operation of Wanshan Calibration Site
Includes: Yan, L.H.[Long Hao] Yan, L.H.[Long-Hao]

Yan, L.J.[Liang Jun] Co Author Listing * Application of Infrared Remote Sensing and Magnetotelluric Technology in Geothermal Resource Exploration: A Case Study of the Wuerhe Area, Xinjiang
* Curricular Object Manipulation in LiDAR-Based Object Detection
* Towards an Operative Predictive Model for the Songshan Area during the Yangshao Period
* Two classifiers based on nearest feature plane for recognition
* Vector quantisation based on a quasi-binary search algorithm
Includes: Yan, L.J.[Liang Jun] Yan, L.J.[Liang-Jun] Yan, L.J.[Liu-Jiang] Yan, L.J.[Li-Jie] Yan, L.J.[Li-Jun] Yan, L.J.

Yan, L.P.[Li Ping] Co Author Listing * Context-Aware Correlation Filter Learning Toward Peak Strength for Visual Tracking
* Identifying Core Wavelengths of Oil Tree's Hyperspectral Data by Taylor Expansion
* Multi-feature fusion tracking algorithm based on peak-context learning
* Multi-Task Probabilistic Regression with Overlap Maximization for Visual Tracking
* Robust scene matching method based on sparse representation and iterative correction
* Three-Category Face Detector with Contextual Information on Finding Tiny Faces, A
* Visual tracking using transformer with a combination of convolution and attention
Includes: Yan, L.P.[Li Ping] Yan, L.P.[Li-Ping] Yan, L.P.[Li-Peng]
7 for Yan, L.P.

Yan, L.Q.[Li Qi] Co Author Listing * Solve the Puzzle of Instance Segmentation in Videos: A Weakly Supervised Framework With Spatio-Temporal Collaboration
* TF-Blender: Temporal Feature Blender for Video Object Detection
* Video Captioning Using Global-Local Representation
Includes: Yan, L.Q.[Li Qi] Yan, L.Q.[Li-Qi]

Yan, L.R.[Ling Rui] Co Author Listing * Inconsistency Detection in Cross-Layer Tile Maps with Super-Pixel Segmentation
* Spatial and Temporal Analysis for Optical Imaging Data Using CWT and tICA
Includes: Yan, L.R.[Ling Rui] Yan, L.R.[Ling-Rui] Yan, L.R.[Li-Rong]

Yan, L.S.[Lian Shan] Co Author Listing * Online latent semantic hashing for cross-media retrieval
Includes: Yan, L.S.[Lian Shan] Yan, L.S.[Lian-Shan]

Yan, L.T.[Lang Tao] Co Author Listing * Distributed robust stabilization for a class of uncertain nonlinear multi-agent systems
* Unsupervised estimation of left ventricular displacement from MR tagged images using Markov random field edge priors
Includes: Yan, L.T.[Lang Tao] Yan, L.T.[Lang-Tao] Yan, L.T.[Li-Tao]

Yan, L.W.[Li Wen] Co Author Listing * Particle Size Parameters of Particulate Matter Suspended in Coastal Waters and Their Use as Indicators of Typhoon Influence
Includes: Yan, L.W.[Li Wen] Yan, L.W.[Li-Wen]

Yan, L.X.[Lu Xin] Co Author Listing * Both Diverse and Realism Matter: Physical Attribute and Style Alignment for Rainy Image Generation
* Category-Aware Transformer Network for Better Human-Object Interaction Detection
* Closing the Loop: Joint Rain Generation and Removal via Disentangled Image Translation
* Driving risk status prediction using Bayesian networks and logistic regression
* Effective actor-centric human-object interaction detection
* From Sky to the Ground: A Large-scale Benchmark and Simple Baseline Towards Real Rain Removal
* Hyper-Laplacian Regularized Unidirectional Low-Rank Tensor Recovery for Multispectral Image Denoising
* Hyperspectral Image Restoration: Where Does the Low-Rank Property Exist
* Integrated Methodology for Potential Landslide Identification in Highly Vegetation-Covered Areas
* Learning dynamic background for weakly supervised moving object detection
* LSTM-based deep learning framework for adaptive identifying eco-driving on intelligent vehicle multivariate time-series data
* Motion-blur kernel size estimation via learning a convolutional neural network
* Physically Disentangled Intra- and Inter-domain Adaptation for Varicolored Haze Removal
* Real-time Anti-distractor Infrared UAV Tracker with Channel Feature Refinement Module, A
* Remote Sensing Image Stripe Noise Removal: From Image Decomposition Perspective
* Towards Unconstrained Facial Landmark Detection Robust to Diverse Cropping Manners
* Transformed Low-Rank Model for Line Pattern Noise Removal
* Unsupervised Cumulative Domain Adaptation for Foggy Scene Optical Flow
* Unsupervised Deraining: Where Asymmetric Contrastive Learning Meets Self-Similarity
* Unsupervised Deraining: Where Contrastive Learning Meets Self-similarity
* Weighted Low-Rank Tensor Recovery for Hyperspectral Image Restoration
Includes: Yan, L.X.[Lu Xin] Yan, L.X.[Lu-Xin] Yan, L.X.[Li-Xin] Yan, L.X.[Liang-Xuan]
21 for Yan, L.X.

Yan, L.X.Y. Co Author Listing * Machine learning for astronomical big data processing

Yan, L.Y.[Ling Yun] Co Author Listing * China's Greening Modulated the Reallocation of the Evapotranspiration Components during 2001-2020
* Deep Self-Taught Hashing for Image Retrieval
* Dynamics of the Evaporation of Intercepted Precipitation during the Last Two Decades over China
* Evapotranspiration Components Dynamic of Highland Barley Using PML ET Product in Tibet
* Route Planning and Tracking Control of an Intelligent Automatic Unmanned Transportation System Based on Dynamic Nonlinear Model Predictive Control
Includes: Yan, L.Y.[Ling Yun] Yan, L.Y.[Ling-Yun] Yan, L.Y.[Ling-Yu] Yan, L.Y.[Lin-Yang]

Yan, L.Z.[Li Zi] Co Author Listing * GPS/BDS Medium/Long-Range RTK Constrained with Tropospheric Delay Parameters from NWP Model
Includes: Yan, L.Z.[Li Zi] Yan, L.Z.[Li-Zi]

Yan, M. Co Author Listing * 3D Convolutional Generative Adversarial Networks for Detecting Temporal Irregularities in Videos
* Adaptive road detection method combining lane line and obstacle boundary
* Adaptive Zone-aware Hierarchical Planner for Vision-Language Navigation
* Attribute-Guided Collaborative Learning for Partial Person Re-Identification
* BUS: Efficient and Effective Vision-language Pre-training with Bottom-Up Patch Summarization
* CIMI4D: A Large Multimodal Climbing Motion Dataset under Human-scene Interactions
* CLIP-VG: Self-Paced Curriculum Adapting of CLIP for Visual Grounding
* Cross-modal Deep Learning Applications: Audio-visual Retrieval
* Deep Q-network based multi-layer safety lane changing strategy for vehicle platoon
* Discovery of the Fastest Ice Flow along the Central Flow Line of Austre Lovénbreen, a Poly-thermal Valley Glacier in Svalbard
* Domain Adaptation on Point Clouds via Geometry-Aware Implicits
* Double-weighted patch-based label fusion for MR brain image segmentation
* Early Identification and Spatio-Temporal Characteristics of Loess Landslides with SENTINEL-1A Datasets: A Case of Dingbian County, China, The
* Ego4D: Around the World in 3,000 Hours of Egocentric Video
* EM+TV Based Reconstruction for Cone-Beam CT with Reduced Radiation
* EM-Type Algorithms for Image Reconstruction with Background Emission and Poisson Noise
* Enhanced gradient learning for deep neural networks
* Fast Signal Recovery From Saturated Measurements by Linear Loss and Nonconvex Penalties
* Forest Above-Ground Biomass Inversion Using Optical and SAR Images Based on a Multi-Step Feature Optimized Inversion Model
* High-Resolution Mangrove Forests Classification with Machine Learning Using Worldview and UAV Hyperspectral Data
* HiTeA: Hierarchical Temporal-Aware Video-Language Pre-training
* Human Disturbance on the Land Surface Environment in Tropical Islands: A Remote Sensing Perspective
* Image Smoothing Via Gradient Sparsity and Surface Area Minimization
* improved label fusion approach with sparse patch-based representation for MRI brain image segmentation, An
* Improved Visual Fine-tuning with Natural Language Supervision
* Knowledge Based Image Enhancement Using Neural Networks
* Label fusion method based on sparse patch representation for the brain MRI image segmentation
* Learning Trajectory-Word Alignments for Video-Language Tasks
* Local Adaptive Algorithm for Microaneurysms Detection in Digital Fundus Images, A
* Mask Detection Method for Shoppers Under the Threat of COVID-19 Coronavirus, A
* Maximum Likelihood Estimation Based Nonnegative Matrix Factorization for Hyperspectral Unmixing
* MeteorNet: Deep Learning on Dynamic 3D Point Cloud Sequences
* multi-scroll hyper-chaotic coexistence attractors and its application, The
* Multi-view learning for benign epilepsy with centrotemporal spikes
* Phase retrieval from incomplete data via weighted nuclear norm minimization
* Platoon Tracking Control With Road-Friction Based Spacing Policy for Nonlinear Vehicles
* Precise and Robust Ship Detection for High-Resolution SAR Imagery Based on HR-SDNet
* Restoration of Images Corrupted by Impulse Noise and Mixed Gaussian Impulse Noise Using Blind Inpainting
* Shifting More Attention to Visual Backbone: Query-modulated Refinement Networks for End-to-End Visual Grounding
* Simulation of Forest Carbon Fluxes Using Model Incorporation and Data Assimilation
* Simulation of Forest Evapotranspiration Using Time-Series Parameterization of the Surface Energy Balance System (SEBS) over the Qilian Mountains
* Sparse patch-based representation with combined information of atlas for multi-atlas label fusion
* Spatiotemporal Assessment of Forest Fire Vulnerability in China Using Automated Machine Learning
* Surface-Aware Blind Image Deblurring
* Target Localization Method Based on Image Degradation Suppression and Multi-Similarity Fusion in Low-Illumination Environments
* Three Decades of Oasis Transition and Its Driving Factors in Turpan-Hami Basin in Xinjiang, China: A Complex Network Approach
* Tilted plane Feldkamp type reconstruction algorithm for spiral cone-beam CT
* UAV Low-Altitude Aerial Image Stitching Based on Semantic Segmentation and ORB Algorithm for Urban Traffic
* Understanding Dynamic Cross-OSN Associations for Cold-Start Recommendation
* User-Oriented Social Analysis across Social Media Sites
* Using a Visual Discrimination Model for the Detection of Compression Artifacts in Virtual Pathology Images
* VarGFaceNet: An Efficient Variable Group Convolutional Neural Network for Lightweight Face Recognition
* WaveDM: Wavelet-Based Diffusion Models for Image Restoration
* YouTube Video Promotion by Cross-Network Association: @Britney to Advertise Gangnam Style
Includes: Yan, M. Yan, M.[Min] Yan, M.[Mi] Yan, M.[Ming] Yan, M.[Maode] Yan, M.[Meng] Yan, M.[Mingfei] Yan, M.[Michelle] Yan, M.[Mei] Yan, M.[Minxiu] Yan, M.[Mengying] Yan, M.[Mingfu]
54 for Yan, M.

Yan, M.H.[Ming Hao] Co Author Listing * Comprehensive study of image processing techniques for low-altitude target recognition
Includes: Yan, M.H.[Ming Hao] Yan, M.H.[Ming-Hao]

Yan, M.J.[Meng Jia] Co Author Listing * Detecting spatiotemporal irregularities in videos via a 3D convolutional autoencoder
* Fusing disparate object signatures for salient object detection in video
Includes: Yan, M.J.[Meng Jia] Yan, M.J.[Meng-Jia]

Yan, M.L.[Meng Long] Co Author Listing * Automatic Ship Detection in Remote Sensing Images from Google Earth of Complex Scenes Based on Multiscale Rotation Dense Feature Pyramid Networks
* C3Net: Cross-Modal Feature Recalibrated, Cross-Scale Semantic Aggregated and Compact Network for Semantic Segmentation of Multi-Modal High-Resolution Aerial Images
* IoU-Adaptive Deformable R-CNN: Make Full Use of IoU for Multi-Class Object Detection in Remote Sensing Imagery
* JMLNet: Joint Multi-Label Learning Network for Weakly Supervised Semantic Segmentation in Aerial Images
* LAM: Remote Sensing Image Captioning with Label-Attention Mechanism
* MultiCAM: Multiple Class Activation Mapping for Aircraft Recognition in Remote Sensing Images
* Towards Automated Ship Detection and Category Recognition from High-Resolution Aerial Images
* WSF-NET: Weakly Supervised Feature-Fusion Network for Binary Segmentation in Remote Sensing Image
Includes: Yan, M.L.[Meng Long] Yan, M.L.[Meng-Long]
8 for Yan, M.L.

Yan, M.X.[Ming Xing] Co Author Listing * Application of DInSAR and GIS for Underground Mine Subsidence Monitoring
Includes: Yan, M.X.[Ming Xing] Yan, M.X.[Ming-Xing]

Yan, M.Y.[Ming Yu] Co Author Listing * Comprehensive Survey on Distributed Training of Graph Neural Networks, A
* Modified Auto-Focusing Algorithm for High Squint Diving SAR Imaging Based on the Back-Projection Algorithm with Spectrum Alignment and Truncation
* Nonlocal Elastica Model for Sparse Reconstruction
* Volumetric and Multi-view CNNs for Object Classification on 3D Data
Includes: Yan, M.Y.[Ming Yu] Yan, M.Y.[Ming-Yu] Yan, M.Y.[Meng-Yuan]

Yan, N.[Nana] Co Author Listing * Aboveground Biomass Mapping of Crops Supported by Improved CASA Model and Sentinel-2 Multispectral Imagery
* Can the Accuracy of Fine-Resolution Precipitation Products Be Assessed from the Surrounding Water Balance and Drought Chain (WBDC) in the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau?
* Chain Code-Based Occupancy Map Coding for Video-Based Point Cloud Compression
* Contrastive-Learning-Based Time-Series Feature Representation for Parcel-Based Crop Mapping Using Incomplete Sentinel-2 Image Sequences
* Convolutional Neural Network-Based Fractional-Pixel Motion Compensation
* Convolutional Neural Network-Based Invertible Half-Pixel Interpolation Filter for Video Coding
* Diagonal motion partitions for inter prediction in HEVC
* Downscaling TRMM Monthly Precipitation Using Google Earth Engine and Google Cloud Computing
* Efficient correlation filter tracking with adaptive training sample update scheme
* Efficiently Identifying Unknown COTS RFID Tags for Intelligent Transportation Systems
* End-to-End Optimized Versatile Image Compression With Wavelet-Like Transform
* Evolution of Irrigation Effects on Agricultural Drought Mitigation in North China, The
* Extraction of Kenyan Grassland Information Using PROBA-V Based on RFE-RF Algorithm
* Fully Convolutional Scene Graph Generation
* Global Crop Monitoring: A Satellite-Based Hierarchical Approach
* Incorporation of Net Radiation Model Considering Complex Terrain in Evapotranspiration Determination with Sentinel-2 Data
* Invertibility-Driven Interpolation Filter for Video Coding
* Method for Estimating the Aerodynamic Roughness Length with NDVI and BRDF Signatures Using Multi-Temporal Proba-V Data, A
* Performance Analysis for Channel-Weighted Federated Learning in OMA Wireless Networks
* Pneumonia X-ray detection with anchor-free detection framework and data augmentation
* Practical Satellite-Derived Vegetation Drought Index for Arid and Semi-Arid Grassland Drought Monitoring, A
* Quantifying the Contributions of Environmental Factors to Wind Characteristics over 2000-2019 in China
* Regional Actual Evapotranspiration Estimation with Land and Meteorological Variables Derived from Multi-Source Satellite Data
* Regional Daily ET Estimates Based on the Gap-Filling Method of Surface Conductance
* Regional Water Balance Based on Remotely Sensed Evapotranspiration and Irrigation: An Assessment of the Haihe Plain, China
* Research on Service Value and Adaptability Zoning of Grassland Ecosystem in Ethiopia
* Retinal vessel extraction using dynamic multi-scale matched filtering and dynamic threshold processing based on histogram fitting
* Satellite-Based Water Consumption Dynamics Monitoring in an Extremely Arid Area
* Semantically Scalable Image Coding With Compression of Feature Maps
* Semantics-to-Signal Scalable Image Compression with Learned Revertible Representations
* Sensitivity of BRDF, NDVI and Wind Speed to the Aerodynamic Roughness Length over Sparse Tamarix in the Downstream Heihe River Basin
* Sparseness and Correntropy-Based Block Diagonal Representation for Robust Subspace Clustering
* Spatial Allocation Method from Coarse Evapotranspiration Data to Agricultural Fields by Quantifying Variations in Crop Cover and Soil Moisture
* Spatiotemporal Analysis of Actual Evapotranspiration and Its Causes in the Hai Basin
* SSSIC: Semantics-to-Signal Scalable Image Coding With Learned Structural Representations
* Suitability Assessment of Satellite-Derived Drought Indices for Mongolian Grassland
* Synthesizing a Regional Territorial Evapotranspiration Dataset for Northern China
Includes: Yan, N.[Nana] Yan, N.[Ning] Yan, N.[Na'na] Yan, N. Yan, N.[Nan] Yan, N.[Na]
37 for Yan, N.

Yan, O.[Ouyang] Co Author Listing * EIGAN: An explicitly and implicitly feature-aligned GAN for degraded image classification

Yan, P.[Peng] Co Author Listing * 3DVAR Aerosol Data Assimilation and Evaluation Using Surface PM2.5, Himawari-8 AOD and CALIPSO Profile Observations in the North China
* Assessment of Influencing Factors on the Spatial Variability of SOM in the Red Beds of the Nanxiong Basin of China, Using GIS and Geo-Statistical Methods
* Automatic 3D Ear Recognition System, An
* Biometric Recognition Using 3D Ear Shape
* Boundary Element Method-Based Scattered Feature Interpolation Algorithm in the Analysis of LV Deformation
* Boundary-Weighted Domain Adaptive Neural Network for Prostate MR Image Segmentation
* CITRIC: A low-bandwidth wireless camera network platform
* Comparison of 3D Biometric Modalities, A
* Correlation-Based Tracking of Multiple Targets With Hierarchical Layered Structure
* Deep Recurrent Neural Networks for Prostate Cancer Detection: Analysis of Temporal Enhanced Ultrasound
* Ear Biometrics Using 2D and 3D Images
* Empirical Evaluation of Advanced Ear Biometrics
* Enhancing human action recognition via structural average curves analysis
* Estimating LAI for Cotton Using Multisource UAV Data and a Modified Universal Model
* Evaluations of Surface PM10 Concentration and Chemical Compositions in MERRA-2 Aerosol Reanalysis over Central and Eastern China
* fast algorithm for ICP-based 3D shape biometrics, A
* Flood Frequency Analysis Using Mixture Distributions in Light of Prior Flood Type Classification in Norway
* GRU and AKF-Based Hybrid Algorithm for Improving INS/GNSS Navigation Accuracy during GNSS Outage, A
* Improved Adaptive Kalman Filter for a Single Frequency GNSS/MEMS-IMU/Odometer Integrated Navigation Module, An
* Instance-Aware Hashing for Multi-Label Image Retrieval
* Integral image compression based on optical characteristic
* Key-frame selection for automatic summarization of surveillance videos: a method of multiple change-point detection
* Label Image Constrained Multiatlas Selection
* Learning Soft Estimator of Keypoint Scale and Orientation with Probabilistic Covariant Loss
* Learning-Based Multi-Robot Formation Control With Obstacle Avoidance
* Learning-Based Multi-UAV Flocking Control With Limited Visual Field and Instinctive Repulsion
* Local image descriptor based on spectral embedding
* Multi-biometrics 2D and 3D Ear Recognition
* Multi-bit quantization based on neighboring structure preservation
* Multi-Modal Biometrics Involving the Human Ear
* New Method of Extracting Invariants under Affine Transform, A
* New Smoothing Filter for Directional Detection and Enhancement, A
* Pointwise motion tracking in echocardiographic images
* Real-Time Tele-Monitoring of Patients with Chronic Heart-Failure Using a Smartphone: Lessons Learned
* Retrospective analysis of time series for frame selection in surveillance video summarization
* Skin lesion classification based on the VGG-16 fusion residual structure
* Subtask Attention Based Object Detection in Remote Sensing Images
* Unsupervised learning framework for interest point detection and description via properties optimization
* Unsupervised person re-identification via multi-domain joint learning
* Unsupervised Saliency Detection in 3-D-Video Based on Multiscale Segmentation and Refinement
Includes: Yan, P.[Peng] Yan, P.[Ping] Yan, P. Yan, P.[Posu] Yan, P.[Puchen] Yan, P.[Pengtao] Yan, P.[Peihui] Yan, P.[Pei] Yan, P.[Pu]
40 for Yan, P.

Yan, P.C.[Peng Chong] Co Author Listing * Compressed Remote Sensing Of Sparse Objects
* Synthetic Aperture Imaging Of Multiple Point Targets In Rician Fading Media
Includes: Yan, P.C.[Peng Chong] Yan, P.C.[Peng-Chong]

Yan, P.F.[Ping Fan] Co Author Listing * Best first strategy for feature selection
* Controllable Guide-Space for Generalizable Face Forgery Detection
* Fast Algorithm to Calculate the Euler Number for Binary Images, A
* Learn to Cluster Faces via Pairwise Classification
* Multiscaling Approach Based on Morphological Filtering, A
* Novel multiple images encryption algorithm using CML system and DNA encoding
* Pattern Recognition in Geophysical Signal Processing and Interpretation
* Synchronization of Boolean networks with chaos-driving and its application in image cryptosystem
Includes: Yan, P.F.[Ping Fan] Yan, P.F.[Ping-Fan] Yan, P.F.[Peng-Fei] Yan, P.F.
8 for Yan, P.F.

Yan, P.G.[Peng Gao] Co Author Listing * Predicting Citywide Road Traffic Flow Using Deep Spatiotemporal Neural Networks
Includes: Yan, P.G.[Peng Gao] Yan, P.G.[Peng-Gao]

Yan, P.H.[Pei Hui] Co Author Listing * Dynamic Adaptive Low Power Adjustment Scheme for Single-Frequency GNSS/MEMS-IMU/Odometer Integrated Navigation in the Complex Urban Environment
* LSTM Algorithm Estimating Pseudo Measurements for Aiding INS during GNSS Signal Outages, A
* Novel Optimal Robust Adaptive Scheme for Accurate GNSS RTK/INS Tightly Coupled Integration in Urban Environments, A
* Robust GNSS/PDR Integration Scheme with GRU-Based Zero-Velocity Detection for Mass-Pedestrians, A
Includes: Yan, P.H.[Pei Hui] Yan, P.H.[Pei-Hui]

Yan, P.J.[Pei Jian] Co Author Listing * Optoelectronic Property and Application for Optical Recording of a New Diarylethene Bearing a Six-Membered Aryl Unit
Includes: Yan, P.J.[Pei Jian] Yan, P.J.[Pei-Jian]

Yan, P.K.[Ping Kun] Co Author Listing * 3D Model based Object Class Detection in An Arbitrary View
* Accelerating Vehicle Detection in Low-Altitude Airborne Urban Video
* Alternatively Constrained Dictionary Learning For Image Superresolution
* Deep learning in medical image registration: a survey
* Federated Multi-Organ Segmentation With Inconsistent Labels
* Geometry Constrained Sparse Coding for Single Image Super-Resolution
* Global structure constrained local shape prior estimation for medical image segmentation
* Greedy Regression in Sparse Coding Space for Single-Image Super-Resolution
* Homographic Framework for the Fusion of Multi-view Silhouettes, A
* Image Denoising via Improved Sparse Coding
* Image Super-Resolution Via Double Sparsity Regularized Manifold Learning
* KLT Feature Based Vehicle Detection and Tracking in Airborne Videos
* Learning 4D action feature models for arbitrary view action recognition
* Learning shape statistics for hierarchical 3D medical image segmentation
* Linear SVM classification using boosting HOG features for vehicle detection in low-altitude airborne videos
* Low-Dose CT Image Denoising Using a Generative Adversarial Network With Wasserstein Distance and Perceptual Loss
* Machine learning in medical imaging
* Manifold Regularized Sparse NMF for Hyperspectral Unmixing
* Medical Image Segmentation Using Descriptive Image Features
* Medical image segmentation with minimal path deformable models
* Multi-Organ Segmentation Over Partially Labeled Datasets With Multi-Scale Feature Abstraction
* Multi-spectral saliency detection
* novel alternative algorithm for limited angle tomography, A
* Partial sparse shape constrained sector-driven bladder wall segmentation
* Putting images on a manifold for atlas-based image segmentation
* Robust color correction in stereo vision
* Robust visual tracking with discriminative sparse learning
* Segmentation of Neighboring Structures by Modeling Their Interaction
* Shadow-Consistent Semi-Supervised Learning for Prostate Ultrasound Segmentation
* Single-Image Super-Resolution via Sparse Coding Regression
* Spatio-Temporal Regularity Flow (SPREF): Its Estimation and Applications
* Toward Adversarial Robustness in Unlabeled Target Domains
* Vehicle Detection and Motion Analysis in Low-Altitude Airborne Video Under Urban Environment
* Vehicle detection and tracking in airborne videos by multi-motion layer analysis
* Visual Attention Accelerated Vehicle Detection in Low-Altitude Airborne Video of Urban Environment
* Visual Saliency by Selective Contrast
Includes: Yan, P.K.[Ping Kun] Yan, P.K.[Ping-Kun]
36 for Yan, P.K.

Yan, P.M.[Pei Min] Co Author Listing * Iterative Image Resolution Enhancement Using MAP Estimator
* Super resolution based on simultaneous registration and reconstruction
Includes: Yan, P.M.[Pei Min] Yan, P.M.[Pei-Min]

Yan, P.T. Co Author Listing * Initializing Snakes: A Stepwise Expanding Flexible Balloon

Yan, P.X.[Peng Xiang] Co Author Listing * FreeSeg: Unified, Universal and Open-Vocabulary Image Segmentation
* Instance-Level Salient Object Segmentation
* Semi-Supervised Video Salient Object Detection Using Pseudo-Labels
* Structured Attention Network for Referring Image Segmentation
Includes: Yan, P.X.[Peng Xiang] Yan, P.X.[Peng-Xiang]

Yan, P.Z.[Pei Zhi] Co Author Listing * Learning Disentangled Features for NERF-Based Face Reconstruction
* Neo-3DF: Novel Editing-oriented 3d Face Creation and Reconstruction
Includes: Yan, P.Z.[Pei Zhi] Yan, P.Z.[Pei-Zhi]

Yan, Q.[Qin] Co Author Listing * Accuracy Assessment Experimentof Aster 3D Ortho Product in Beijing Area, The
* Accurate Single Stage Detector Using Recurrent Rolling Convolution
* Aerosol Microphysical Particle Parameter Inversion and Error Analysis Based on Remote Sensing Data
* AIM 2019 Challenge on Bokeh Effect Synthesis: Methods and Results
* Analysis of Aerosol Optical Depth and Forward Scattering in an Ultraviolet Band Based on Sky Radiometer Measurements
* Analysis on the Change of Vegetation Coverage in Qinghai Province from 2000 to 2012
* Automatic Vehicle Extraction from Airborne LiDAR Data Using an Object-Based Point Cloud Analysis Method
* Blindly Assess Image Quality in the Wild Guided by a Self-Adaptive Hyper Network
* Buildings Detection and Extraction by Machine Learning
* Camera Station Based Combiner Adjustment of Multi-Images
* Cascade Residual Learning: A Two-Stage Convolutional Neural Network for Stereo Matching
* Categorized Reflection Removal Dataset with Diverse Real-world Scenes, A
* ChildPredictor: A Child Face Prediction Framework With Disentangled Learning
* Class Probability Propagation of Supervised Information Based on Sparse Subspace Clustering for Hyperspectral Images
* Cloud Detection of Remote Sensing Image Based on Multi-Scale Data and Dual-Channel Attention Mechanism
* Comparison between Different TomoSAR Imaging Models for Airborne Platform Flying at Low Altitude
* Confidence and Error Analyses of the Radiosonde and Ka-Wavelength Cloud Radar for Detecting the Cloud Vertical Structure
* Cross-Field Joint Image Restoration via Scale Map
* CrossLoc: Scalable Aerial Localization Assisted by Multimodal Synthetic Data
* Crowd instability analysis using velocity-field based social force model
* D2HNet: Joint Denoising and Deblurring with Hierarchical Network for Robust Night Image Restoration
* Deep Dehazing Network With Latent Ensembling Architecture and Adversarial Learning
* Deep HDR Imaging via A Non-Local Network
* Deep Surface Normal Estimation With Hierarchical RGB-D Fusion
* Densely Self-guided Wavelet Network for Image Denoising
* DisCoVQA: Temporal Distortion-Content Transformers for Video Quality Assessment
* DSR: Direct Self-Rectification for Uncalibrated Dual-Lens Cameras
* Dual Student: Breaking the Limits of the Teacher in Semi-Supervised Learning
* Dual-Camera Super-Resolution with Aligned Attention Modules
* Dualbln: Dual Branch LUT-Aware Network for Real-time Image Retouching
* Editorial for Special Issue: Remote Sensing Based Building Extraction II
* Effective shadow removal via multi-scale image decomposition
* Efficient Deep Models for Real-Time 4K Image Super-Resolution. NTIRE 2023 Benchmark and Report
* Efficient Fire Detection Method Based on Multiscale Feature Extraction, Implicit Deep Supervision and Channel Attention Mechanism, An
* Efficient Screen Space Ambient Occlusion Generation via Residual network
* Exploring and Evaluating Image Restoration Potential in Dynamic Scenes
* Exploring Video Quality Assessment on User Generated Contents from Aesthetic and Technical Perspectives
* FAST-VQA: Efficient End-to-End Video Quality Assessment with Fragment Sampling
* Fine-Grained Face Editing via Personalized Spatial-Aware Affine Modulation
* GeoRefine: Self-supervised Online Depth Refinement for Accurate Dense Mapping
* Graph Convolutional Subspace Clustering: A Robust Subspace Clustering Framework for Hyperspectral Image
* Guided Collaborative Training for Pixel-Wise Semi-Supervised Learning
* HEASK: Robust homography estimation based on appearance similarity and keypoint correspondences
* Hierarchical Image Saliency Detection on Extended CSSD
* Hierarchical Regression Network for Spectral Reconstruction from RGB Images
* Hierarchical Saliency Detection
* High Resolution InSAR Topographic Mapping Comprehensive Experiment in Hengduan Mountain Area
* IHS Fusion Method Integrated by the Nonsubsampled Contourlet Transform to Fuse the Airborne X-Band InSAR and P-Band Full PolSAR Images, An
* Illumination Decomposition for Photograph With Multiple Light Sources
* Image Super-Resolution Based on a Novel Edge Sharpness Prior
* Investigating the Shallow-Water Bathymetric Capability of Zhuhai-1 Spaceborne Hyperspectral Images Based on ICESat-2 Data and Empirical Approaches: A Case Study in the South China Sea
* Joint bilateral propagation upsampling for unstructured multi-view stereo
* Landslide Susceptibility Prediction Based on High-Trust Non-Landslide Point Selection
* Learning Unrolling-Based Neural Network for Magnetic Resonance Imaging Reconstruction
* Measuring orderliness based on social force model in collective motions
* Multi-Scale Dense Networks for Deep High Dynamic Range Imaging
* Multispectral Joint Image Restoration via Optimizing a Scale Map
* Neighbourhood Representative Sampling for Efficient End-to-End Video Quality Assessment
* Novel Filtering Method of 3D Reconstruction Point Cloud from Tomographic SAR, A
* NTIRE 2020 Challenge on Real Image Denoising: Dataset, Methods and Results
* NTIRE 2020 Challenge on Spectral Reconstruction from an RGB Image
* NTIRE 2021 NonHomogeneous Dehazing Challenge Report
* NTIRE 2022 Challenge on High Dynamic Range Imaging: Methods and Results
* Object-Based Image Fusion Method Based on Wavelet and PCA for Remote Sensing Imagery
* Pedtrans: A Fine-grained Visual Classification Model for Self-attention Patch Enhancement and Dropout
* PlaneMVS: 3D Plane Reconstruction from Multi-View Stereo
* Polarized Reflection Removal With Perfect Alignment in the Wild
* Polinsar Experiments Of Multi-mode X-band Data Over South Area Of China
* Radar Reflectivity Image Prediction Method: The Spatial MIM + Pix2Pix, A
* Revealing Fine Structures of the Retinal Receptive Field by Deep-Learning Networks
* RIAV-MVS: Recurrent-Indexing an Asymmetric Volume for Multi-View Stereo
* Robust graticule intersection localization for rotated topographic maps
* Semasuperpixel: A Multi-Channel Probability-Driven Superpixel Segmentation Method
* Separation of superimposed images with unknown motions using sparsity priors
* Separation of Weak Reflection from a Single Superimposed Image
* Shape-controllable geometry completion for point cloud models
* Single Image Superresolution Based on Gradient Profile Sharpness
* Social NCE: Contrastive Learning of Socially-aware Motion Representations
* State-Temporal Compression in Reinforcement Learning With the Reward-Restricted Geodesic Metric
* Texture Mapping for 3D Reconstruction with RGB-D Sensor
* TOPIQ: A Top-Down Approach from Semantics to Distortions for Image Quality Assessment
* Unified HDR Imaging Method with Pixel and Patch Level, A
Includes: Yan, Q.[Qin] Yan, Q.[Qiong] Yan, Q.[Qing] Yan, Q. Yan, Q.[Qiancheng] Yan, Q.[Qi] Yan, Q.[Qingsen] Yan, Q.[Qingan] Yan, Q.[Qian] Yan, Q.[Qisheng] Yan, Q.[Qiunv] Yan, Q.[Qixin]
82 for Yan, Q.

Yan, Q.A.[Qing An] Co Author Listing * Detail Preserved Point Cloud Completion via Separated Feature Aggregation
* Distinguishing the Indistinguishable: Exploring Structural Ambiguities via Geodesic Context
* Joint Texture and Geometry Optimization for RGB-D Reconstruction
Includes: Yan, Q.A.[Qing An] Yan, Q.A.[Qing-An]

Yan, Q.C.[Qian Cheng] Co Author Listing * Preliminary exploration of geometrical regularized SAR tomography
Includes: Yan, Q.C.[Qian Cheng] Yan, Q.C.[Qian-Cheng]

Yan, Q.F.[Quan Feng] Co Author Listing * Detection and tracking based tubelet generation for video object detection
Includes: Yan, Q.F.[Quan Feng] Yan, Q.F.[Quan-Feng]

Yan, Q.H.[Qing Hua] Co Author Listing * Diversifying Sample Generation for Accurate Data-Free Quantization
Includes: Yan, Q.H.[Qing Hua] Yan, Q.H.[Qing-Hua]

Yan, Q.L.[Qing Li] Co Author Listing * Multi-Robot Coverage Path Planning Method for Maritime Search and Rescue Using Multiple AUVs, A
Includes: Yan, Q.L.[Qing Li] Yan, Q.L.[Qing-Li]

Yan, Q.Q.[Qing Qing] Co Author Listing * Geometric Knowledge Oriented Single-Frame 2D-to-3D Human Absolute Pose Estimation Method, A
* Real-time Lightweight CNN in Robots with Very Limited Computational Resources: Detecting Ball in NAO
Includes: Yan, Q.Q.[Qing Qing] Yan, Q.Q.[Qing-Qing]

Yan, Q.S.[Qing Sen] Co Author Listing * 3D Medical image segmentation using parallel transformers
* Analysis of Ku- and Ka-Band Sea Surface Backscattering Characteristics at Low-Incidence Angles Based on the GPM Dual-Frequency Precipitation Radar Measurements
* Attention-Guided Network for Ghost-Free High Dynamic Range Imaging
* Automatic Hypergraph Generation for Enhancing Recommendation With Sparse Optimization
* Dual-Attention-Guided Network for Ghost-Free High Dynamic Range Imaging
* Effects of Directional Wave Spectra on the Modeling of Ocean Radar Backscatter at Various Azimuth Angles by a Modified Two-Scale Method
* Effects of Wind Wave Spectra, Non-Gaussianity, and Swell on the Prediction of Ocean Microwave Backscatter with Facet Two-Scale Model
* Enhancing image visuality by multi-exposure fusion
* Evaluation of Multi-Incidence Angle Polarimetric Gaofen-3 SAR Wave Mode Data for Significant Wave Height Retrieval
* From Distortion Manifold to Perceptual Quality: a Data Efficient Blind Image Quality Assessment Approach
* Ghost Removal via Channel Attention in Exposure Fusion
* High dynamic range imaging via gradient-aware context aggregation network
* Kernel sparse tracking with compressive sensing
* KGSR: A kernel guided network for real-world blind super-resolution
* Learning Bayesian Sparse Networks with Full Experience Replay for Continual Learning
* Lightweight Network for High Dynamic Range Imaging, A
* MVP-Stereo: A Parallel Multi-View Patchmatch Stereo Method with Dilation Matching for Photogrammetric Application
* Non-uniform motion deblurring with blurry component divided guidance
* Polarization-Enhancement Effects for the Retrieval of Significant Wave Heights from Gaofen-3 SAR Wave Mode Data
* Progressive Structure from Motion by Iteratively Prioritizing and Refining Match Pairs
* RC-MVSNet: Unsupervised Multi-View Stereo with Neural Rendering
* SCOAD: Single-Frame Click Supervision for Online Action Detection
* SharpFormer: Learning Local Feature Preserving Global Representations for Image Deblurring
* Significant Wave Height Retrieval Using XGBoost from Polarimetric Gaofen-3 SAR and Feature Importance Analysis
* SMAE: Few-shot Learning for HDR Deghosting with Saturation-Aware Masked Autoencoders
* Two-Stream Convolutional Networks for Blind Image Quality Assessment
* Understanding Ku-Band Ocean Radar Backscatter at Low Incidence Angles under Weak to Severe Wind Conditions by Comparison of Measurements and Models
Includes: Yan, Q.S.[Qing Sen] Yan, Q.S.[Qing-Sen] Yan, Q.S.[Qiu-Shuang] Yan, Q.S.[Qi-Shan] Yan, Q.S.[Qing-Song]
27 for Yan, Q.S.

Yan, Q.W.[Qing Wu] Co Author Listing * Approach to the Temporal and Spatial Characteristics of Vegetation in the Growing Season in Western China, An
* Spatio-Temporal Changes of Vegetation Cover and Its Influencing Factors in Northeast China from 2000 to 2021
* Spatiotemporal Evolution and Influential Factors of Rural Poverty in Poverty-Stricken Areas of Guizhou Province: Implications for Consolidating the Achievements of Poverty Alleviation
Includes: Yan, Q.W.[Qing Wu] Yan, Q.W.[Qing-Wu]

Yan, Q.X.[Qi Xin] Co Author Listing * BeautyREC: Robust, Efficient, and Component-Specific Makeup Transfer
* Image Dehazing Transformer with Transmission-Aware 3D Position Embedding
* Image Reflection Removal via Contextual Feature Fusion Pyramid and Task-Driven Regularization
Includes: Yan, Q.X.[Qi Xin] Yan, Q.X.[Qi-Xin]

Yan, Q.Y.[Qing Yun] Co Author Listing * Bias Analysis and Correction for Ill-Posed Inversion Problem with Sparsity Regularization Based on L1 Norm for Azimuth Super-Resolution of Radar Forward-Looking Imaging
* Deep feature enhancement and Xgboost network for multi-organ classification
* Effect of Spatial Resolution and Temporal Sampling Schemes on the Measurement Error for a Moon-Based Earth Radiation Observatory, The
* Estimation of Swell Height Using Spaceborne GNSS-R Data from Eight CYGNSS Satellites
* Evaluation of the Ocean Surface Wind Speed Change following the Super Typhoon from Space-Borne GNSS-Reflectometry
* Improving CyGNSS-Based Land Remote Sensing: Track-Wise Data Calibration Schemes
* Improving Spaceborne GNSS-R Algal Bloom Detection with Meteorological Data
* MFTSC: A Semantically Constrained Method for Urban Building Height Estimation Using Multiple Source Images
* Modeling and Theoretical Analysis of GNSS-R Soil Moisture Retrieval Based on the Random Forest and Support Vector Machine Learning Approach
* MSSFF: Advancing Hyperspectral Classification through Higher-Accuracy Multistage Spectral-Spatial Feature Fusion
* Ongoing Greening in Southwest China despite Severe Droughts and Drying Trends, The
* Sea Ice Remote Sensing Using GNSS-R: A Review
* Shallow-Guided Transformer for Semantic Segmentation of Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Imagery
* Soil Moisture Retrieval from the CyGNSS Data Based on a Bilinear Regression
Includes: Yan, Q.Y.[Qing Yun] Yan, Q.Y.[Qing-Yun] Yan, Q.Y.[Qing-Yuan]
14 for Yan, Q.Y.

Yan, Q.Z.[Qin Zsen] Co Author Listing * Benchmark Dataset for Segmenting Liver, Vasculature and Lesions from Large-scale Computed Tomography Data, A
Includes: Yan, Q.Z.[Qin Zsen] Yan, Q.Z.[Qin-Zsen]

Yan, R. Co Author Listing * Agent-based approach for crowded pedestrian evacuation simulation
* All in One: Exploring Unified Video-Language Pre-Training
* Arctic Sea Ice Classification Based on CFOSAT SWIM Data at Multiple Small Incidence Angles
* Automatic Lumbar Spondylolisthesis Measurement in CT Images
* Automatically labeling video data using multi-class active learning
* Can High-Level Concepts Fill the Semantic Gap in Video Retrieval? A Case Study With Broadcast News
* Clues of Lithosphere, Atmosphere and Ionosphere Variations Possibly Related to the Preparation of La Palma 19 September 2021 Volcano Eruption
* Co-retrieval: A Boosted Reranking Approach for Video Retrieval
* Co-Training Non-Robust Classifiers for Video Semantic Concept Detection
* Coherence Constrained Graph LSTM for Group Activity Recognition
* Com-STAL: Compositional Spatio-Temporal Action Localization
* Concurrent Climate Extremes and Impacts on Ecosystems in Southwest China
* Coupled Bilinear Discriminant Projection for Cross-View Gait Recognition
* Discriminative Learning Framework with Pairwise Constraints for Video Object Classification, A
* Dual-AI: Dual-path Actor Interaction Learning for Group Activity Recognition
* Dynamic Graph Contrastive Learning via Maximize Temporal Consistency
* Effective Fingerprint-Based Indoor Positioning Algorithm Based on Extreme Values, An
* Efficient and universal scalable video coding
* Efficient Margin-Based Rank Learning Algorithms for Information Retrieval
* Enhanced Spatial-Temporal Salience for Cross-View Gait Recognition
* Epipolar Transformer for Multi-view Human Pose Estimation
* Epipolar Transformers
* Expansion-Squeeze-Excitation Fusion Network for Elderly Activity Recognition
* Exploring the Synergy of Humans and Machines in Extreme Video Retrieval
* Feedforward Compensation-Based Finite-Time Traffic Flow Controller for Intelligent Connected Vehicle Subject to Sudden Velocity Changes of Leading Vehicle
* From Heuristic Optimization to Dictionary Learning: A Review and Comprehensive Comparison of Image Denoising Algorithms
* general tensor representation framework for cross-view gait recognition, A
* GPS + BDS Network Real-Time Differential Positioning Using a Position Domain Estimation Method
* Guest Editorial: Special Section on Socio-Mobile Media Analysis and Retrieval
* HiGCIN: Hierarchical Graph-Based Cross Inference Network for Group Activity Recognition
* How many high-level concepts will fill the semantic gap in news video retrieval?
* Hybrid Tagging and Browsing Approaches for Efficient Manual Image Annotation
* IBM multimedia analysis and retrieval system
* IBM multimedia search and retrieval system
* Imbalanced RankBoost for efficiently ranking large-scale image/video collections
* Interactive Image Segmentation Using Dirichlet Process Multiple-View Learning
* Ionospheric Plasma Perturbations before a Sequence of Strong Earthquakes in Southeast Asia and Northern Oceania in 2018, The
* Label-Efficient Self-Supervised Federated Learning for Tackling Data Heterogeneity in Medical Imaging
* Large-Scale Multimedia Retrieval and Mining
* Learning effective binary descriptors for micro-expression recognition transferred by macro-information
* learning-based hybrid tagging and browsing approach for efficient manual image annotation, A
* Magi-Net: Meta Negative Network for Early Activity Prediction
* Magnitude and Angle Combined Optical Flow Feature for Microexpression Spotting, A
* MegBA: A GPU-Based Distributed Library for Large-Scale Bundle Adjustment
* Merging storyboard strategies and automatic retrieval for improving interactive video search
* Multi-concept learning with large-scale multimedia lexicons
* Multi-Parametric and Multi-Layer Study to Investigate the Largest 2022 Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha'apai Eruptions, A
* Multi-query interactive image and video retrieval: Theory and practice
* New Approach for Soil Moisture Downscaling in the Presence of Seasonal Difference, A
* Object-aware Video-language Pre-training for Retrieval
* Plugnet: Degradation Aware Scene Text Recognition Supervised by a Pluggable Super-resolution Unit
* Possible Seismo-Ionospheric Perturbations Recorded by the China-Seismo-Electromagnetic Satellite, The
* Primitive Representation Learning for Scene Text Recognition
* Progressive Instance-Aware Feature Learning for Compositional Action Recognition
* Pseudo-Relevance Feedback for Multimedia Retrieval
* Ray Conditioning: Trading Photo-consistency for Photo-realism in Multi-view Image Generation
* Reach-Avoid Games With Two Defenders and One Attacker: An Analytical Approach
* Semantic-Disentangled Transformer With Noun-Verb Embedding for Compositional Action Recognition
* Semi-Supervised Cross Feature Learning for Semantic Concept Detection in Videos
* Sequential Deformation for Accurate Scene Text Detection
* Social Adaptive Module for Weakly-supervised Group Activity Recognition
* Spatiotemporal Perturbation Based Dynamic Consistency for Semi-Supervised Temporal Action Detection
* Statistical Analysis of High-Energy Particle Perturbations in the Radiation Belts Related to Strong Earthquakes Based on the CSES Observations
* Study on Electron Density Anomalies Possibly Related to Earthquakes Based on CSES Observations
* Study on Significance Enhancement Algorithm of Abnormal Features of Urban Road Ground Penetrating Radar Images
* Tackling Micro-Expression Data Shortage via Dataset Alignment and Active Learning
* Transferable AutoML by Model Sharing Over Grouped Datasets
* UniVTG: Towards Unified Video-Language Temporal Grounding
* Use and Utility of High-Level Semantic Features in Video Retrieval, The
* Video Retrieval Based on Semantic Concepts
Includes: Yan, R. Yan, R.[Rui] Yan, R.[Ran] Yan, R.[Rong] Yan, R.[Rongen] Yan, R.[Ruijie] Yan, R.[Ruyu]
70 for Yan, R.

Yan, R.D.[Rui Dong] Co Author Listing * Distributed Car-Following Control for Intelligent Connected Vehicle Using Improved Super-Twisting Compensator Subject to Sudden Velocity Changes of Leading Vehicle
* Experimental Study and Modeling of the Lower-Level Controller of Automated Vehicle
* Trajectory Jerking Suppression for Mixed Traffic Flow at a Signalized Intersection: A Trajectory Prediction Based Deep Reinforcement Learning Method
Includes: Yan, R.D.[Rui Dong] Yan, R.D.[Rui-Dong]

Yan, R.H.[Rong Hui] Co Author Listing * Exploration and evaluation of individual difference to driving fatigue for high-speed railway: a parametric SVM model based on multidimensional visual cue
Includes: Yan, R.H.[Rong Hui] Yan, R.H.[Rong-Hui]

Yan, R.J.[Rui Jie] Co Author Listing * Dynamic temporal residual network for sequence modeling
* Fine-Grained Tidal Flat Waterbody Extraction Method (FYOLOv3) for High-Resolution Remote Sensing Images
* MEAN: Multi - Element Attention Network for Scene Text Recognition
* SiameseNet Based Fine-Grained Semantic Change Detection for High Resolution Remote Sensing Images
Includes: Yan, R.J.[Rui Jie] Yan, R.J.[Rui-Jie]

Yan, R.M.[Ruo Mei] Co Author Listing * Blind Image Blur Estimation via Deep Learning
* Fast and robust template matching with majority neighbour similarity and annulus projection transformation
* Image Blur Classification and Parameter Identification Using Two-stage Deep Belief Networks
* Nonlocal Hierarchical Dictionary Learning Using Wavelets for Image Denoising
* Super-resolution image reconstruction based on guided cost function
Includes: Yan, R.M.[Ruo Mei] Yan, R.M.[Ruo-Mei] Yan, R.M.[Run-Ming]

Yan, R.R.[Ran Ran] Co Author Listing * Remotely Sensed Trajectory Analysis of Channel Migration in Lower Jingjiang Reach during the Period of 1983-2013
Includes: Yan, R.R.[Ran Ran] Yan, R.R.[Ran-Ran]

Yan, R.Y.[Rui Yi] Co Author Listing * Secure and Disambiguating Approach for Generative Linguistic Steganography, A
Includes: Yan, R.Y.[Rui Yi] Yan, R.Y.[Rui-Yi]

Yan, S. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Detection and Range Estimation of Point-Like Targets With Symmetric Spectrum
* Adaptive Detection of Dim Maneuvering Targets in Adjacent Range Cells
* Adaptive Object Tracking by Learning Hybrid Template Online
* Adaptive Sensor Fault Accommodation for Vehicle Active Suspensions via Partial Measurement Information
* AdaTriplet-RA: Domain matching via adaptive triplet and reinforced attention for unsupervised domain adaptation
* AgentI2P: Optimizing Image-to-Point Cloud Registration via Behaviour Cloning and Reinforcement Learning
* Anthropometric clothing measurements from 3D body scans
* Assemble New Object Detector With Few Examples
* Asymmetric GAN for Unpaired Image-to-Image Translation
* Attributed Abnormality Graph Embedding for Clinically Accurate X-Ray Report Generation
* Bilevel Model With a Solution Algorithm for Locating Weigh-In-Motion Stations, A
* Bin Ratio-Based Histogram Distances and Their Application to Image Classification
* Binary hashing using siamese neural networks
* Body Surface Context: A New Robust Feature for Action Recognition From Depth Videos
* Calibration of the L-MEB Model for Croplands in HiWATER Using PLMR Observation
* Camera Constraint-Free View-Based 3-D Object Retrieval
* Cast2Face: Assigning Character Names Onto Faces in Movie With Actor-Character Correspondence
* CHAM: Action recognition using convolutional hierarchical attention model
* Clothes Co-Parsing Via Joint Image Segmentation and Labeling With Application to Clothing Retrieval
* Clothing Attributes Assisted Person Reidentification
* Clothing Co-parsing by Joint Image Segmentation and Labeling
* Clothing Cosegmentation for Shopping Images With Cluttered Background
* Computer-Assisted Diagnosis of Lung Cancer Using Quantitative Topology Features
* Conditional Convolutional Neural Network for Modality-Aware Face Recognition
* Convex Sparse Spectral Clustering: Single-View to Multi-View
* Convexity Shape Prior for Level Set-Based Image Segmentation Method
* Convolutional Fusion Network for Face Verification in the Wild
* Convolutional Sequence Generation for Skeleton-Based Action Synthesis
* Correspondence Propagation with Weak Priors
* CR-Net: Robot grasping detection method integrating convolutional block attention module and residual module
* Cross-Modal Retrieval With CNN Visual Features: A New Baseline
* Crowded Scene Analysis: A Survey
* CUS3D: A New Comprehensive Urban-Scale Semantic-Segmentation 3D Benchmark Dataset
* DAL: A Deep Depth-Aware Long-term Tracker
* DDRNet: Depth Map Denoising and Refinement for Consumer Depth Cameras Using Cascaded CNNs
* Deep Active Contours for Real-time 6-DoF Object Tracking
* Deep Recurrent Regression for Facial Landmark Detection
* Deep Salient Object Detection With Dense Connections and Distraction Diagnosis
* Deep Subclass Linear Discriminant Analysis For Multimodal Feature Space Learning
* Deeptkaclassifier: Brand Classification of Total Knee Arthroplasty Implants Using Explainable Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
* DepthTrack: Unveiling the Power of RGBD Tracking
* Doppler Estimation Based on Dual-HFM Signal and Speed Spectrum Scanning
* Driving Visual Saliency Prediction of Dynamic Night Scenes via a Spatio-Temporal Dual-Encoder Network
* EAF-WGAN: Enhanced Alignment Fusion-Wasserstein Generative Adversarial Network for Turbulent Image Restoration
* End-to-End Comparative Attention Networks for Person Re-Identification
* Enhancing Human Face Detection by Resampling Examples Through Manifolds
* Estimation of Land Surface Temperature through Blending MODIS and AMSR-E Data with the Bayesian Maximum Entropy Method
* Event Driven Web Video Summarization by Tag Localization and Key-Shot Identification
* Exploring Mental Prototypes by an Efficient Interdisciplinary Approach: Interactive Microbial Genetic Algorithm
* Extraction of Peak Feature Based on Synthetic Sinc Model in SAR images
* Face Authentication With Makeup Changes
* Face Recognition Using Spatially Constrained Earth Mover's Distance
* Face Verification With Balanced Thresholds
* Facial Age Estimation With Age Difference
* Facial Landmark Detection via Progressive Initialization
* Fashion Landmark Detection in the Wild
* Fashion Parsing With Video Context
* FatRegion: A Fast Adaptive Tree-Structured Region Extraction Approach
* FGCVQA: Fine-Grained Cross-Attention for Medical VQA
* First-Person Daily Activity Recognition With Manipulated Object Proposals and Non-Linear Feature Fusion
* Flash Lightens Gray Pixels
* Foldmatch: Accurate and High Fidelity Garment Fitting Onto 3D Scans
* FOTS: Fast Oriented Text Spotting with a Unified Network
* FoveaNet: Perspective-Aware Urban Scene Parsing
* GAL: Graph-Induced Adaptive Learning for Weakly Supervised 3D Object Detection
* Global Runoff Signatures Changes and Their Response to Atmospheric Environment, GRACE Water Storage, and Dams
* GMM Based Simultaneous Reconstruction and Segmentation in X-ray Ct Application
* HexTile: A Hexagonal DGGS-Based Map Tile Algorithm for Visualizing Big Remote Sensing Data in Spark
* Hierarchical Contextual Refinement Networks for Human Pose Estimation
* Histogram Contextualization
* HM-NAS: Efficient Neural Architecture Search via Hierarchical Masking
* Human Gait Recognition With Matrix Representation
* Human Pose Estimation with Parsing Induced Learner
* Hybrid CNN and Dictionary-Based Models for Scene Recognition and Domain Adaptation
* HybrUR: A Hybrid Physical-Neural Solution for Unsupervised Underwater Image Restoration
* Image Captioning using Adversarial Networks and Reinforcement Learning
* Image Classification by Selective Regularized Subspace Learning
* Image Clustering Using Local Discriminant Models and Global Integration
* Information-Theoretic Analysis of Input Strokes in Visual Object Cutout
* Innovative Two-Stage Radar Detection Architectures in Adverse Scenarios Using Two Training Data Sets
* Instance-Aware Hashing for Multi-Label Image Retrieval
* Integrating Spatio-Temporal Context With Multiview Representation for Object Recognition in Visual Surveillance
* Invariance of second-order modes of 2-D digital filters under 2-D frequency transformation
* Joint Semi-supervised Learning and Re-ranking for Vehicle Re-identification
* Joint Subspace Recovery and Enhanced Locality Driven Robust Flexible Discriminative Dictionary Learning
* Keynotes: Deep learning for visual understanding: Effectiveness vs. efficiency
* Land Cover Mapping and Ecological Risk Assessment in the Context of Recent Ecological Migration
* Layerwise Class-Aware Convolutional Neural Network
* Learning Efficient Convolutional Networks through Network Slimming
* Learning Feature Hierarchies: A Layer-Wise Tag-Embedded Approach
* Learning Hybrid Representation by Robust Dictionary Learning in Factorized Compressed Space
* Learning of Multimodal Representations With Random Walks on the Click Graph
* Learning to Photograph: A Compositional Perspective
* Learning With L1-Graph for Image Analysis
* Lidar Point Cloud Guided Monocular 3D Object Detection
* LightPainter: Interactive Portrait Relighting with Freehand Scribble
* Long-Term Visual Localization with Mobile Sensors
* Max-Confidence Boosting With Uncertainty for Visual Tracking
* Model With a Heuristic Algorithm for Solving the Long-Term Many-to-Many Car Pooling Problem, A
* Modeling of the Permittivity of Holly Leaves in Frozen Environments
* Modified Phase-Extracted Basis Functions for Efficient Analysis of Scattering From Electrically Large Targets
* More is Less: A More Complicated Network with Less Inference Complexity
* Motion Guided 3d Pose Estimation from Videos
* Movie2Comics: Towards a Lively Video Content Presentation
* MsVRL: Self-Supervised Multiscale Visual Representation Learning via Cross-Level Consistency for Medical Image Segmentation
* Multi-level Dispersion Residual Network for Efficient Image Super-Resolution
* Multi-loss Regularized Deep Neural Network
* Multi-oriented Scene Text Detection via Corner Localization and Region Segmentation
* Multi-View Thermal-Visible Image Dataset for Cross-Spectral Matching, A
* Multilevel Depth and Image Fusion for Human Activity Detection
* Multistage Object Detection With Group Recursive Learning
* Multiview Transformers for Video Recognition
* MutualNet: Adaptive Convnet via Mutual Learning from Network Width and Resolution
* MVP Matching: A Maximum-Value Perfect Matching for Mining Hard Samples, With Application to Person Re-Identification
* Neural Style Transfer via Meta Networks
* Ninth Visual Object Tracking VOT2021 Challenge Results, The
* Non-parametric mixture model with TV spatial regularisation and its dual expectation maximisation algorithm
* NTIRE 2022 Challenge on Stereo Image Super-Resolution: Methods and Results
* NUS-PRO: A New Visual Tracking Challenge
* Optimal Partition Assignment for Universal Object Detection
* Person Re-Identification
* Persymmetric Subspace Detection in Structured Interference and Non-Homogeneous Disturbance
* PicWords: Render a Picture by Packing Keywords
* Pose Estimation of Known Objects During Transmission Tomographic Image Reconstruction
* Positive-Congruent Training: Towards Regression-Free Model Updates
* Prediction Based Trajectory Planning for Safe Interactions Between Autonomous Vehicles and Moving Pedestrians in Shared Spaces
* Projective Nonnegative Graph Embedding
* R-PCR: Recurrent Point Cloud Registration Using High-Order Markov Decision
* Recurrent 3D-2D Dual Learning for Large-Pose Facial Landmark Detection
* Recursive RX with Extended Multi-Attribute Profiles for Hyperspectral Anomaly Detection
* Relative Forest for Attribute Prediction
* Relative Forest for Visual Attribute Prediction
* Research on Spatial Patterns and Mechanisms of Live Streaming Commerce in China Based on Geolocation Data
* Robust Discriminative Projective Dictionary Pair Learning by Adaptive Representations
* Robust Locality-Constrained Label Consistent K-SVD by Joint Sparse Embedding
* Robust Multiperson Detection and Tracking for Mobile Service and Social Robots
* Saliency Detection by Multitask Sparsity Pursuit
* Scale-Aware Fast R-CNN for Pedestrian Detection
* Sdcnet: Size Divide and Conquer Network for Salient Object Detection
* Semantic Segmentation via Structured Patch Prediction, Context CRF and Guidance CRF
* Silhouette Body Measurement Benchmarks
* Single-Stage Multi-Person Pose Machines
* Snow Cover Monitoring Using MODIS Data in Liaoning Province, Northeastern China
* Soft Augmentation for Image Classification
* Sparse Representation for Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition
* Spatial-Temporal Synchronous Transformer for Skeleton-Based Hand Gesture Recognition
* SVGC-AVA: 360-Degree Video Saliency Prediction With Spherical Vector-Based Graph Convolution and Audio-Visual Attention
* Tensor Robust Principal Component Analysis: Exact Recovery of Corrupted Low-Rank Tensors via Convex Optimization
* Tenth Visual Object Tracking VOT2022 Challenge Results, The
* TFAN: Twin-Flow Axis Normalization for Human Motion Prediction
* Topology-Preserving Image Segmentation by Beltrami Representation of Shapes
* Toward a Comprehensive Face Detector in the Wild
* Towards Diverse and Natural Scene-aware 3D Human Motion Synthesis
* Towards Memory- and Time-Efficient Backpropagation for Training Spiking Neural Networks
* Towards Pose Invariant Face Recognition in the Wild
* Training High-Performance Low-Latency Spiking Neural Networks by Differentiation on Spike Representation
* Transferring Boosted Detectors Towards Viewpoint and Scene Adaptiveness
* Two-Stage Approach to the Establishment of State-Space Formulation of 2-D Frequency Transformation, A
* Understanding Blooming Human Groups in Social Networks
* Unified 3D Human Motion Synthesis Model via Conditional Variational Auto-Encoder*, A
* Unified Structured Learning for Simultaneous Human Pose Estimation and Garment Attribute Classification
* UnLoc: A Unified Framework for Video Localization Tasks
* Video De-Fencing
* Video-Based Person Re-Identification With Accumulative Motion Context
* VideoPuzzle: Descriptive One-Shot Video Composition
* View graph construction for scenes with duplicate structures via graph convolutional network
* Weakly Supervised Graph Propagation Towards Collective Image Parsing
* Web Image and Video Mining Towards Universal and Robust Age Estimator
Includes: Yan, S. Yan, S.[Sheng] Yan, S.[Shuai] Yan, S.[Shiyang] Yan, S.[Shen] Yan, S.[Song] Yan, S.[Sixing] Yan, S.[Shuang] Yan, S.[Shirley] Yan, S.[Shi] Yan, S.[Shun] Yan, S.[Shaoan] Yan, S.[Sen] Yan, S.[Sijie] Yan, S.[Shiyao] Yan, S.[Shuaizheng] Yan, S.[Senbo] Yan, S.[Senxiang] Yan, S.[Shengbo] Yan, S.[Simin] Yan, S.[Su] Yan, S.[Sa]
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Yan, S.C.[Shui Cheng] Co Author Listing * 3D-Aided Dual-Agent GANs for Unconstrained Face Recognition
* 3D-Assisted Coarse-to-Fine Extreme-Pose Facial Landmark Detection
* Accelerated low-rank visual recovery by random projection
* Accumulated motion images for facial expression recognition in videos
* Action detection in complex scenes with spatial and temporal ambiguities
* Active learning with adaptive regularization
* Adaptive Learning for Celebrity Identification With Video Context
* Adaptive Nonparametric Image Parsing
* Additive Nearest Neighbor Feature Maps
* AdversarialNAS: Adversarial Neural Architecture Search for GANs
* Age group classification via structured fusion of uncertainty-driven shape features and selected surface features
* Angular-Similarity-Preserving Binary Signatures for Linear Subspaces
* Attentive Contexts for Object Detection
* Attentive Systems: A Survey
* Audio Matters in Visual Attention
* Auto-Grouped Sparse Representation for Visual Analysis
* Autogrouped Sparse Representation for Visual Analysis
* Automated Assembly of Shredded Pieces From Multiple Photos
* Automatic 3D reconstruction for face recognition
* Background Context Augmented Hypothesis Graph for Object Segmentation
* Batch-Orthogonal Locality-Sensitive Hashing for Angular Similarity
* Bayesian Shape Localization for Face Recognition Using Global and Local Textures
* Categorizing bi-object video activities using bag of segments and causality features
* Collaborative Layer-Wise Discriminative Learning in Deep Neural Networks
* Collaborative Linear Coding for Robust Image Classification
* Common visual pattern discovery via spatially coherent correspondences
* Compact Codebook Generation Towards Scale-Invariance
* Comparative Study: Face Recognition on Unspecific Persons using Linear Subspace Methods
* Complex Event Detection via Multi-source Video Attributes
* Compressed Hashing
* Computational Face Reader
* Concurrent Subspaces Analysis
* Contextual decomposition of multi-label images
* Contextual motion field-based distance for video analysis
* Contextualizing histogram
* Contextualizing object detection and classification
* Contextualizing Object Detection and Classification
* Contrastive Video Question Answering via Video Graph Transformer
* Convergent 2-D Subspace Learning With Null Space Analysis
* Correlation Adaptive Subspace Segmentation by Trace Lasso
* Correlation Metric for Generalized Feature Extraction
* Correntropy based feature selection using binary projection
* Correntropy Induced L2 Graph for Robust Subspace Clustering
* Coupled Kernel-Based Subspace Learning
* Cross-Domain Image Retrieval with a Dual Attribute-Aware Ranking Network
* Cross-Scale Cost Aggregation for Stereo Matching
* Data-Driven single image deraining: A Comprehensive review and new perspectives
* Decomposition and Extraction: A New Framework for Visual Classification
* Deep Aging Face Verification With Large Gaps
* Deep Color Consistent Network for Low-Light Image Enhancement
* Deep domain adaptation for describing people based on fine-grained clothing attributes
* Deep Edge Guided Recurrent Residual Learning for Image Super-Resolution
* Deep Human Parsing with Active Template Regression
* Deep Joint Rain Detection and Removal from a Single Image
* Deep Long-Tailed Learning: A Survey
* Deep Relative Attributes
* Deformable Mixture Parsing Model with Parselets, A
* Dense Neighborhoods on Affinity Graph
* Dense Subgraph Partition of Positive Hypergraphs
* Depth Matters: Influence of Depth Cues on Visual Saliency
* DerainCycleGAN: Rain Attentive CycleGAN for Single Image Deraining and Rainmaking
* Deterministic Analysis for LRR, A
* Dimensionality Reduction with Adaptive Kernels
* Discovering Discriminative Graphlets for Aerial Image Categories Recognition
* Discriminant Analysis on Embedded Manifold
* Discriminant Analysis with Tensor Representation
* Discriminative Analysis for Symmetric Positive Definite Matrices on Lie Groups
* Discriminative local binary patterns for human detection in personal album
* Discriminative sparse flexible manifold embedding with novel graph for robust visual representation and label propagation
* Diversified Visual Attention Networks for Fine-Grained Object Classification
* Divide-and-Conquer Method for Scalable Low-Rank Latent Matrix Pursuit, A
* DL-SFA: Deeply-Learned Slow Feature Analysis for Action Recognition
* DRNet: Double Recalibration Network for Few-Shot Semantic Segmentation
* Dual-Constrained Deep Semi-Supervised Coupled Factorization Network with Enriched Prior
* DualFormer: Local-Global Stratified Transformer for Efficient Video Recognition
* Dynamic Conditional Networks for Few-Shot Learning
* Editorial: Deep Learning for Computer Vision
* Editorial: IMAVIS special issue on deep cross-media neural model for generating image descriptions
* Efficient 3D reconstruction for face recognition
* Efficient k-Support Matrix Pursuit
* Efficient Maximum Appearance Search for Large-Scale Object Detection
* Efficient region-aware large graph construction towards scalable multi-label propagation
* Efficient structure detection via random consensus graph
* Element Rearrangement for Tensor-Based Subspace Learning
* Enhancing Bilinear Subspace Learning by Element Rearrangement
* Enhancing Visual Grounding in Vision-Language Pre-Training With Position-Guided Text Prompts
* Estimation of Affective Level in the Wild with Multiple Memory Networks
* Event-Based Media Processing and Analysis: A Survey of the Literature
* Exploring Incompatible Knowledge Transfer in Few-shot Image Generation
* Exposure Fusion Using Boosting Laplacian Pyramid
* Face alignment using texture-constrained active shape models
* Face alignment using view-based direct appearance models
* Face Recognition Using Laplacianfaces
* Face Recognition: A Generalized Marginal Fisher Analysis Approach
* Facial Analysis With a Lie Group Kernel
* Factorization towards a classifier
* Fashion Analysis: Current Techniques and Future Directions
* Fashion Parsing With Weak Color-Category Labels
* Fast Detection of Dense Subgraphs with Iterative Shrinking and Expansion
* Faster First-Order Methods for Stochastic Non-Convex Optimization on Riemannian Manifolds
* Feedback-based Dynamic Generalized LDA for Face Recognition
* Fine-Grained Human-Centric Tracklet Segmentation with Single Frame Supervision
* Fine-Grained Multi-human Parsing
* Fisher+Kernel Criterion for Discriminant Analysis
* Flexible Manifold Learning With Optimal Graph for Image and Video Representation
* Formulating Face Verification With Semidefinite Programming
* Forward Basis Selection for Pursuing Sparse Representations over a Dictionary
* General Exponential Framework for Dimensionality Reduction, A
* Generalized Nonconvex Nonsmooth Low-Rank Minimization
* Generalizing Wiberg algorithm for rigid and nonrigid factorizations with missing components and metric constraints
* Geometric LP-norm feature pooling for image classification
* Geometric Optimum Experimental Design for Collaborative Image Retrieval
* Geometry-Guided Progressive NeRF for Generalizable and Efficient Neural Human Rendering
* Graph Embedding and Extensions: A General Framework for Dimensionality Reduction
* Graph Embedding: A General Framework for Dimensionality Reduction
* Guest Editorial: Special issue on large scale multimedia semantic indexing
* Harnessing Lab Knowledge for Real-World Action Recognition
* HCP: A Flexible CNN Framework for Multi-Label Image Classification
* Hidden-Concept Driven Multilabel Image Annotation and Label Ranking
* Hierarchical matching with side information for image classification
* Hierarchical Part Matching for Fine-Grained Visual Categorization
* Hierarchical spatio-temporal context modeling for action recognition
* High-Order Local Spatial Context Modeling by Spatialized Random Forest
* Highly Efficient Salient Object Detection with 100k Parameters
* HOG-LBP Human Detector with Partial Occlusion Handling, An
* Horror Image Recognition Based on Context-Aware Multi-Instance Learning
* How Related Exemplars Help Complex Event Detection in Web Videos?
* Human Parsing with Contextualized Convolutional Neural Network
* Human-Centric Relation Segmentation: Dataset and Solution
* Image Classification via Object-Aware Holistic Superpixel Selection
* Image Classification With Tailored Fine-Grained Dictionaries
* Image Decomposition With Multilabel Context: Algorithms and Applications
* Image Re-Attentionizing
* Image Retagging Using Collaborative Tag Propagation
* Image retrieval with query-adaptive hashing
* Implicit Negative Sub-Categorization and Sink Diversion for Object Detection
* Improving Bottom-up Saliency Detection by Looking into Neighbors
* Improving Vision Transformers by Revisiting High-Frequency Components
* Incorporating Structural Alternatives and Sharing into Hierarchy for Multiclass Object Recognition and Detection
* Inductive Robust Principal Component Analysis
* Interpretable Structure-Evolving LSTM
* Introduction to the Special Issue on Video-based Object and Event Analysis
* Joint Low-Rank and Sparse Principal Feature Coding for Enhanced Robust Representation and Visual Classification
* Joint Rain Detection and Removal from a Single Image with Contextualized Deep Networks
* Kinship-Guided Age Progression
* Landmark Free Face Attribute Prediction
* Largest-Eigenvalue-Theory for Incremental Principal Component Analysis
* Latent Low-Rank Representation for subspace segmentation and feature extraction
* Learning a locality preserving subspace for visual recognition
* Learning a Person-Independent Representation for Precise 3D Pose Estimation
* Learning Auto-Structured Regressor from Uncertain Nonnegative Labels
* Learning reconfigurable hashing for diverse semantics
* Learning Scalable Discriminative Dictionary with Sample Relatedness
* Learning Semantic Patterns with Discriminant Localized Binary Projections
* Learning to rank tags
* Learning to Segment Human by Watching YouTube
* Learning to segment with image-level annotations
* Learning universal multi-view age estimator using video context
* Learning with rethinking: Recurrently improving convolutional neural networks through feedback
* LG-CNN: From local parts to global discrimination for fine-grained recognition
* Linear Distance Coding for Image Classification
* Looking Inside Category: Subcategory-Aware Object Recognition
* MADAv2: Advanced Multi-Anchor Based Active Domain Adaptation Segmentation
* Magic Mirror: An Intelligent Fashion Recommendation System
* Marginal Fisher Analysis and Its Variants for Human Gait Recognition and Content-Based Image Retrieval
* Masked Diffusion Transformer is a Strong Image Synthesizer
* Matching-CNN meets KNN: Quasi-parametric human parsing
* Memory-Augmented Attribute Manipulation Networks for Interactive Fashion Search
* MetaFormer Baselines for Vision
* MetaFormer is Actually What You Need for Vision
* Misalignment-robust face recognition
* Misalignment-Robust Face Recognition
* ML-fusion based multi-model human detection and tracking for robust human-robot interfaces
* Mode-kn Factor Analysis for Image Ensembles
* Motion Part Regularization: Improving action recognition via trajectory group selection
* Multi-class semi-supervised SVMs with Positiveness Exclusive Regularization
* Multi-fiber Networks for Video Recognition
* Multi-label sparse coding for automatic image annotation
* Multi-label visual classification with label exclusive context
* Multi-task low-rank affinity pursuit for image segmentation
* Multi-view face alignment using direct appearance models
* Multilinear Discriminant Analysis for Face Recognition
* Multiple Ocular Diseases Classification with Graph Regularized Probabilistic Multi-label Learning
* Multiplicative nonnegative graph embedding
* Mutual Learning to Adapt for Joint Human Parsing and Pose Estimation
* Near Duplicate Identification With Spatially Aligned Pyramid Matching
* Near duplicate image identification with patially Aligned Pyramid Matching
* Neighborhood Preserving Embedding
* Neural Person Search Machines
* Nonconvex Nonsmooth Low Rank Minimization via Iteratively Reweighted Nuclear Norm
* Nonlinear Discriminant Analysis on Embedded Manifold
* Nonnegative Tensor Cofactorization and Its Unified Solution
* Nonparametric Label-to-Region by search
* novel image tag saliency ranking algorithm based on sparse representation, A
* Object Proposal Generation With Fully Convolutional Networks
* Object Region Mining with Adversarial Erasing: A Simple Classification to Semantic Segmentation Approach
* Object Tracking With Only Background Cues
* Object-Layout-Aware Image Retrieval for Personal Album Management
* Omni-range spatial contexts for visual classification
* On robust image spam filtering via comprehensive visual modeling
* Order Preserving Sparse Coding
* Order-Preserving Sparse Coding for Sequence Classification
* ORDNet: Capturing Omni-Range Dependencies for Scene Parsing
* Pair-activity classification by bi-trajectories analysis
* Pairwise Sparsity Preserving Embedding for Unsupervised Subspace Learning and Classification
* Parsing Based on Parselets: A Unified Deformable Mixture Model for Human Parsing
* Peak-Piloted Deep Network for Facial Expression Recognition
* Perception Preserving Projections
* Perceptual Generative Adversarial Networks for Small Object Detection
* Personalized Age Progression with Aging Dictionary
* Personalized Age Progression with Bi-Level Aging Dictionary Learning
* Perspective Symmetry Invariant and Its Applications
* Perspective-Adaptive Convolutions for Scene Parsing
* Pipelining Localized Semantic Features for Fine-Grained Action Recognition
* PnP-DETR: Towards Efficient Visual Analysis with Transformers
* Pose Adaptive Motion Feature Pooling for Human Action Analysis
* Pose Partition Networks for Multi-person Pose Estimation
* Position-Guided Text Prompt for Vision-Language Pre-Training
* Practical low-rank matrix approximation under robust L1-norm
* Predicting occupation via human clothing and contexts
* Projective Unsupervised Flexible Embedding with Optimal Graph
* Proposal-Free Network for Instance-Level Object Segmentation
* PSGAN++: Robust Detail-Preserving Makeup Transfer and Removal
* PSGAN: Pose and Expression Robust Spatial-Aware GAN for Customizable Makeup Transfer
* Purposive Hidden-Object-Game: Embedding Human Computation in Popular Game
* Pursuing Informative Projection on Grassmann Manifold
* Randomized Locality Sensitive Vocabularies for Bag-of-Features Model
* Rank-One Projections With Adaptive Margins for Face Recognition
* Ranking prior likelihood distributions for Bayesian shape localization framework
* Real-Time Multi-View Face Detection, Pose Estimation, Tracking, Alignment, and Recognition
* Recognizing human group activities with localized causalities
* Recognizing Profile Faces by Imagining Frontal View
* Reconstruction and Recognition of Tensor-Based Objects With Concurrent Subspaces Analysis
* Recurrent Face Aging
* Recurrent Face Aging with Hierarchical AutoRegressive Memory
* Recurrent Shape Regression
* Recurrently Target-Attending Tracking
* Regression from patch-kernel
* Rethinking Bottleneck Structure for Efficient Mobile Network Design
* Rethinking the Person Localization for Single-Stage Multi-Person Pose Estimation
* Reversible Recursive Instance-Level Object Segmentation
* Revisiting Jump-Diffusion Process for Visual Tracking: A Reinforcement Learning Approach
* Robust (Semi) Nonnegative Graph Embedding
* Robust and Efficient Subspace Segmentation via Least Squares Regression
* Robust Face Recognition via Adaptive Sparse Representation
* Robust Facial Landmark Detection via Recurrent Attentive-Refinement Networks
* Robust Image Analysis With Sparse Representation on Quantized Visual Features
* Robust LSTM-Autoencoders for Face De-Occlusion in the Wild
* Robust Neighborhood Preserving Projection by Nuclear/L2,1-Norm Regularization for Image Feature Extraction
* Robust Non-negative Graph Embedding: Towards noisy data, unreliable graphs, and noisy labels
* Robust Object Tracking with Online Multi-Lifespan Dictionary Learning
* Robust Projective Low-Rank and Sparse Representation by Robust Dictionary Learning
* Robust Recovery of Subspace Structures by Low-Rank Representation
* Robust Scene Classification with Cross-Level LLC Coding on CNN Features
* Robust Subspace Segmentation with Block-Diagonal Prior
* Scalable Markov model-based image annotation
* Scale-Adaptive Convolutions for Scene Parsing
* Scale-Aware Fast R-CNN for Pedestrian Detection
* Scale-Aware Pixelwise Object Proposal Networks
* SDE: A Novel Selective, Discriminative and Equalizing Feature Representation for Visual Recognition
* Segment an image by looking into an image corpus
* Segmentation over Detection by Coupled Global and Local Sparse Representations
* Segmentation Over Detection via Optimal Sparse Reconstructions
* Self-Promoted Supervision for Few-Shot Transformer
* Self-Supervised Neural Aggregation Networks for Human Parsing
* Semantic Object Parsing with Graph LSTM
* Semantic Object Parsing with Local-Global Long Short-Term Memory
* Semantic Segmentation without Annotating Segments
* Shape driven kernel adaptation in Convolutional Neural Network for robust facial trait recognition
* Simultaneous feature learning and hash coding with deep neural networks
* Smoothed Low Rank and Sparse Matrix Recovery by Iteratively Reweighted Least Squares Minimization
* SMPLer: Taming Transformers for Monocular 3D Human Shape and Pose Estimation
* SOLD: Sub-optimal low-rank decomposition for efficient video segmentation
* Sparse representation using nonnegative curds and whey
* Sparse representations for image and video analysis
* Spatialized epitome and its applications
* Special Issue on Event-based Media Processing and Analysis
* Special issue on feature-oriented image and video computing for extracting contexts and semantics
* Special Issue on Generating Realistic Visual Data of Human Behavior
* STAP: Spatial-Temporal Attention-Aware Pooling for Action Recognition
* STC: A Simple to Complex Framework for Weakly-Supervised Semantic Segmentation
* STPrivacy: Spatio-Temporal Privacy-Preserving Action Recognition
* Street-to-shop: Cross-scenario clothing retrieval via parts alignment and auxiliary set
* Structural Sparse Tracking
* Subcategory-Aware Object Classification
* Subspace Clustering by Block Diagonal Representation
* Synchronized Submanifold Embedding for Person-Independent Pose Estimation and Beyond
* Task Relation Networks
* Task-Driven Feature Pooling for Image Classification
* Tensor Low-Rank Representation for Data Recovery and Clustering
* Tensor Robust Principal Component Analysis with a New Tensor Nuclear Norm
* Tokens-to-Token ViT: Training Vision Transformers from Scratch on ImageNet
* Touch Saliency: Characteristics and Prediction
* Toward Intelligent Design: An AI-Based Fashion Designer Using Generative Adversarial Networks Aided by Sketch and Rendering Generators
* Toward Large-Population Face Identification in Unconstrained Videos
* Towards Age-Invariant Face Recognition
* Towards Computational Baby Learning: A Weakly-Supervised Approach for Object Detection
* Towards Multi-view and Partially-Occluded Face Alignment
* Towards Robust and Accurate Multi-View and Partially-Occluded Face Alignment
* Towards Unified Human Parsing and Pose Estimation
* Towards Unified Object Detection and Semantic Segmentation
* Trace Quotient Problems Revisited
* Trace Ratio vs. Ratio Trace for Dimensionality Reduction
* TransZero++: Cross Attribute-Guided Transformer for Zero-Shot Learning
* Tri-Clustered Tensor Completion for Social-Aware Image Tag Refinement
* Ubiquitously Supervised Subspace Learning
* Unified Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers by Majorization Minimization, A
* UP-CNN: Un-pooling augmented convolutional neural network
* Very Long Natural Scenery Image Prediction by Outpainting
* Video Graph Transformer for Video Question Answering
* Video Scene Parsing with Predictive Feature Learning
* Video super-resolution based on spatial-temporal recurrent residual networks
* Vision Permutator: A Permutable MLP-Like Architecture for Visual Recognition
* Visual Classification With Multitask Joint Sparse Representation
* Visual data denoising with a unified Schatten-p norm and lq norm regularized principal component pursuit
* VOLO: Vision Outlooker for Visual Recognition
* Weakly-supervised hashing in kernel space
Includes: Yan, S.C.[Shui Cheng] Yan, S.C.[Shui-Cheng] Yan, S.C.
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Yan, S.F.[She Feng] Co Author Listing * rule-based hierarchical framework for video parsing in compressed domain, A
Includes: Yan, S.F.[She Feng] Yan, S.F.[She-Feng]

Yan, S.H.[Song Hua] Co Author Listing * Deformation Estimation Using Beidou GEO-Satellite-Based Reflectometry
* Hierarchical line segment matching for wide-baseline images via exploiting viewpoint robust local structure and geometric constraints
* Intra-Annual Cumulative Effects and Mechanisms of Climatic Factors on Global Vegetation Biomes' Growth
* SNR Enhancement of Back Scattering Signals for Bistatic Radar Based on BeiDou GEO Satellites
Includes: Yan, S.H.[Song Hua] Yan, S.H.[Song-Hua] Yan, S.H.[Shao-Hua] Yan, S.H.[Shou-Hong]

Yan, S.J. Co Author Listing * Gait Components and Their Application to Gender Recognition
* Hand-Eye Calibration in Visually-Guided Robot Grinding
* New Individual Tree Species Recognition Method Based on a Convolutional Neural Network and High-Spatial Resolution Remote Sensing Imagery, A
* remote sensing adapted image registration method based on SIFT and phase congruency, A
* Robust point clouds registration with point-to-point lp distance constraints in large-scale metrology
* Scene-aware Generative Network for Human Motion Synthesis
Includes: Yan, S.J. Yan, S.J.[Shi-Jie] Yan, S.J.[Shi-Jiang] Yan, S.J.[Si-Jie]

Yan, S.L.[Shuang Lin] Co Author Listing * Attribute-Identity Embedding and Self-Supervised Learning for Scalable Person Re-Identification
* CLIP-Driven Fine-Grained Text-Image Person Re-Identification
* Object tracking based on siamese network with 3D attention and multiple graph attention
* Three-stage Training Pipeline with Patch Random Drop for Few-shot Object Detection
Includes: Yan, S.L.[Shuang Lin] Yan, S.L.[Shuang-Lin] Yan, S.L.[Shi-Lei] Yan, S.L.[Shi-Lin]

Yan, S.M.[Si Ming] Co Author Listing * Extreme Relative Pose Network Under Hybrid Representations
* HPNet: Deep Primitive Segmentation Using Hybrid Representations
* Implicit Autoencoder for Point-Cloud Self-Supervised Representation Learning
* Scene Synthesis via Uncertainty-Driven Attribute Synchronization
Includes: Yan, S.M.[Si Ming] Yan, S.M.[Si-Ming]

Yan, S.P.[Shi Peng] Co Author Listing * DER: Dynamically Expandable Representation for Class Incremental Learning
* Distribution Alignment: A Unified Framework for Long-tail Visual Recognition
* Dynamic Context Correspondence Network for Semantic Alignment
* General Incremental Learning with Domain-aware Categorical Representations
* Generative Negative Text Replay for Continual Vision-Language Pretraining
* Iterative convolutional neural network for noisy image super-resolution
* Large Scale Near-Duplicate Image Retrieval via Patch Embedding
Includes: Yan, S.P.[Shi Peng] Yan, S.P.[Shi-Peng] Yan, S.P.[Shang-Peng]
7 for Yan, S.P.

Yan, S.Q.[Shang Qu] Co Author Listing * Frequency Domain Imaging Algorithms for Short-Range Synthetic Aperture Radar
Includes: Yan, S.Q.[Shang Qu] Yan, S.Q.[Shang-Qu]

Yan, S.R.[Shu Rong] Co Author Listing * Research on image recognition method of bank financing bill based on binary tree decision
* Spatio-Temporal Variability in the Radiative Forcing of Light-Absorbing Particles in Snow of 2003-2018 over the Northern Hemisphere from MODIS, The
Includes: Yan, S.R.[Shu Rong] Yan, S.R.[Shu-Rong] Yan, S.R.[Shi-Rui]

Yan, S.S.[Shu Sheng] Co Author Listing * Hypothesis test on quality measures for synthetic aperture radar images
* Parameters analysis for polarimetric SAR Based on classification accuracy
* Semi-Supervised Dual Stream Segmentation Network for Fundus Lesion Segmentation
Includes: Yan, S.S.[Shu Sheng] Yan, S.S.[Shu-Sheng] Yan, S.S.[Shen-Shen]

Yan, S.T.[Shao Tian] Co Author Listing * MPC: Multi-view Probabilistic Clustering
Includes: Yan, S.T.[Shao Tian] Yan, S.T.[Shao-Tian]

Yan, S.W.[Sheng Wu] Co Author Listing * Discussion on InSAR Identification Effectivity of Potential Landslides and Factors That Influence the Effectivity
* Effect of Vegetation Carryover and Climate Variability on the Seasonal Growth of Vegetation in the Upper and Middle Reaches of the Yellow River Basin
* Integration of Sentinel-1A, ALOS-2 and GF-1 Datasets for Identifying Landslides in the Three Parallel Rivers Region, China
Includes: Yan, S.W.[Sheng Wu] Yan, S.W.[Sheng-Wu] Yan, S.W.[Shu-Wan]

Yan, S.Y.[Sheng Ye] Co Author Listing * 2D Cascaded AdaBoost for Eye Localization
* Accurate Determination of Glacier Surface Velocity Fields with a DEM-Assisted Pixel-Tracking Technique from SAR Imagery
* Action Recognition from Still Images Based on Deep VLAD Spatial Pyramids
* Attributes and Action Recognition Based on Convolutional Neural Networks and Spatial Pyramid VLAD Encoding
* Beyond Spatial Pyramids: A New Feature Extraction Framework with Dense Spatial Sampling for Image Classification
* Car Pooling Model and Solution Method With Stochastic Vehicle Travel Times, A
* Deriving Ice Motion Patterns in Mountainous Regions by Integrating the Intensity-Based Pixel-Tracking and Phase-Based D-InSAR and MAI Approaches: A Case Study of the Chongce Glacier
* Discrete-continuous Action Space Policy Gradient-based Attention for Image-Text Matching
* Distance-Intensity Image Strategy for Pulsed LiDAR Based on the Double-Scale Intensity-Weighted Centroid Algorithm
* Distinguishing Glaciers between Surging and Advancing by Remote Sensing: A Case Study in the Eastern Karakoram
* Evolution of Surge-Type Glaciers in the Yangtze River Headwater Using Multi-Source Remote Sensing Data
* Face Detection Based on the Manifold
* Fea-Accu cascade for face detection
* Geohazards Monitoring and Assessment Using Multi-Source Earth Observation Techniques
* Hierarchical Multi-scale Attention Networks for action recognition
* High-Resolution Remote Sensing Image Change Detection Method Based on Improved Siamese U-Net
* Image Classification With Densely Sampled Image Windows and Generalized Adaptive Multiple Kernel Learning
* Lightning Optical Automatic Detection Method Based on a Deep Neural Network, A
* Locally Assembled Binary (LAB) feature with feature-centric cascade for fast and accurate face detection
* Matrix-Structural Learning (MSL) of Cascaded Classifier from Enormous Training Set
* Monitoring and Analysis of the Collapse at Xinjing Open-Pit Mine, Inner Mongolia, China, Using Multi-Source Remote Sensing
* Monitoring Land Surface Displacement over Xuzhou (China) in 2015-2018 through PCA-Based Correction Applied to SAR Interferometry
* Optimal Scheduling for Highway Emergency Repairs Under Large-Scale Supply-Demand Perturbations
* Polarimetric Persistent Scatterer Interferometry for Ground Deformation Monitoring with VV-VH Sentinel-1 Data
* Research of Distance-Intensity Imaging Algorithm for Pulsed LiDAR Based on Pulse Width Correction
* Spatiotemporal Tree Filtering for Enhancing Image Change Detection
* Superpixel Segmentation of Polarimetric Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Images Based on Generalized Mean Shift
* Towards Trustable Skin Cancer Diagnosis via Rewriting Model's Decision
* Underground Coal Fire Detection and Monitoring Based on Landsat-8 and Sentinel-1 Data Sets in Miquan Fire Area, XinJiang
* Vehicle re-identification in still images: Application of semi-supervised learning and re-ranking
* Wavelet-Based Topographic Effect Compensation in Accurate Mountain Glacier Velocity Extraction: A Case Study of the Muztagh Ata Region, Eastern Pamir
Includes: Yan, S.Y.[Sheng Ye] Yan, S.Y.[Sheng-Ye] Yan, S.Y.[Shi-Yong] Yan, S.Y.[Shi-Yang] Yan, S.Y.[Shang-Yao] Yan, S.Y.[Shi-Yu] Yan, S.Y.[Shuo-Yue] Yan, S.Y.[Si-Yuan]
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Yan, S.Z.[Shao Zhen] Co Author Listing * Multi-stratification feature selection for diagnostic analysis of Alzheimer's disease
* Real-time dissection of organs via hybrid coupling of geometric metaballs and physics-centric mesh-free method
Includes: Yan, S.Z.[Shao Zhen] Yan, S.Z.[Shao-Zhen] Yan, S.Z.[Shi-Zeng]

Yan, T.[Tao] Co Author Listing * 3D shape reconstruction from multifocus image fusion using a multidirectional modified Laplacian operator
* CART-based fast CU size decision and mode decision algorithm for 3D-HEVC
* Cascade transformers with dynamic attention for video question answering
* Complete canonical correlation analysis with application to multi-view gait recognition
* Deformable Object Tracking With Gated Fusion
* Depth Mapping for Stereoscopic Videos
* Distributed Robust Learning-Based Backstepping Control Aided With Neurodynamics for Consensus Formation Tracking of Underwater Vessels
* Early SKIP mode decision for MVC using inter-view correlation
* Edge-Preserving Image Filtering Based on Soft Clustering
* Fast Mode Decision for Multiview Video Coding
* Generating Stereoscopic Images With Convergence Control Ability From a Light Field Image Pair
* Moments in Time Dataset: One Million Videos for Event Understanding
* Novel Compact Polarized Martian Wind Imaging Interferometer
* parallel multi-block alternating direction method of multipliers for tensor completion, A
* Quantification of Urban Heat Island-Induced Contribution to Advance in Spring Phenology: A Case Study in Hangzhou, China
* Rain Removal From Light Field Images With 4D Convolution and Multi-Scale Gaussian Process
* Rain Streak Removal From Light Field Images
* Region-Based Change Detection for Polarimetric SAR Images Using Wishart Mixture Models
* Segment-Based Disparity Refinement With Occlusion Handling for Stereo Matching
* Stereoscopic Image Generation From Light Field With Disparity Scaling and Super-Resolution
* Supervised Robust Discrete Multimodal Hashing for Cross-Media Retrieval
* View-Adaptive Motion Estimation and Disparity Estimation for Low Complexity Multiview Video Coding
Includes: Yan, T.[Tao] Yan, T.[Tingfei] Yan, T. Yan, T.[Tom] Yan, T.[Tingyu] Yan, T.[Taiyu]
22 for Yan, T.

Yan, T.F.[Ting Fang] Co Author Listing * Semantic-Aware Informative Path Planning for Efficient Object Search Using Mobile Robot
Includes: Yan, T.F.[Ting Fang] Yan, T.F.[Ting-Fang]

Yan, T.H.[Tian Hong] Co Author Listing * General Learning Modeling for AUV Position Tracking
* Integrative Object-based Image Analysis Workflow For UAV Images, An
Includes: Yan, T.H.[Tian Hong] Yan, T.H.[Tian-Hong] Yan, T.H.[Tian-Heng]

Yan, T.J.[Tong Jiang] Co Author Listing * Robust Low-Rank Matrix Recovery as Mixed Integer Programming via L_0-Norm Optimization
Includes: Yan, T.J.[Tong Jiang] Yan, T.J.[Tong-Jiang]

Yan, T.M.[Ting Man] Co Author Listing * Hierarchical Superpixel Segmentation by Parallel CRTrees Labeling
Includes: Yan, T.M.[Ting Man] Yan, T.M.[Ting-Man]

Yan, T.T.[Tian Tian] Co Author Listing * Discriminative Feature Mining and Enhancement Network for Low-Resolution Fine-Grained Image Recognition
* Discriminative information restoration and extraction for weakly supervised low-resolution fine-grained image recognition
* Estimation of Gully Growth Rate and Erosion Amount Using UAV and Worldview-3 Images in Yimeng Mountain Area, China
* Learning a Holistic-Specific color transformer with Couple Contrastive constraints for underwater image enhancement and beyond
Includes: Yan, T.T.[Tian Tian] Yan, T.T.[Tian-Tian] Yan, T.T.[Ting-Ting]

Yan, T.W.[Tian Wei] Co Author Listing * Automatic Deployment of Convolutional Neural Networks on FPGA for Spaceborne Remote Sensing Application
Includes: Yan, T.W.[Tian Wei] Yan, T.W.[Tian-Wei]

Yan, T.Y.[Ting Yun] Co Author Listing * AD-VAT+: An Asymmetric Dueling Mechanism for Learning and Understanding Visual Active Tracking
* Efficient Representation-Based Subspace Clustering Framework for Polarized Hyperspectral Images, An
* Fully Transformer Network for Change Detection of Remote Sensing Images
* PASS: Part-Aware Self-Supervised Pre-Training for Person Re-Identification
* Research on Instrument Visibility of Ozone Wind Imaging Interferometer
* Unsupervised Domain Adaptive Re-identification with Feature Adversarial Learning and Self-similarity Clustering
Includes: Yan, T.Y.[Ting Yun] Yan, T.Y.[Ting-Yun] Yan, T.Y.[Ting-Yu] Yan, T.Y.[Tian-Yu] Yan, T.Y.[Tian-Yi]

Yan, U.Y.[Umer Youliang] Co Author Listing * NTIRE 2021 Challenge on Burst Super-Resolution: Methods and Results

Yan, W. Co Author Listing * 3d-cnn Based Tree Species Classification Using Mobile Lidar Data
* Adaptive Correction Algorithm for Non-Uniform Illumination Panoramic Images Based on the Improved Bilateral Gamma Function, An
* Analysis of Cones within the Tianwen-1 Landing Area, The
* Behaviour Analysis and Prediction in Image Sequences Using Rough Sets
* CAS(ME)^2: A Database for Spontaneous Macro-Expression and Micro-Expression Spotting and Recognition
* Cross-Modality Image Registration Using a Training-Time Privileged Third Modality
* Data Pre-Processing and Signal Analysis of Tianwen-1 Rover Penetrating Radar
* Deep Texture Exemplar Extraction Based on Trimmed T-CNN
* Design of Livestock Management Tool for Climate Change Risk In Mongolia
* Digital map using augmented reality on smart devices: Motivation, design, and implementation
* Dynamic gesture recognition by directional pulse coupled neural networks for human-robot interaction in real time
* Ecological Assessment of Terminal Lake Basins in Central Asia under Changing Landscape Patterns
* Edge-Guided Output Adaptor: Highly Efficient Adaptation Module for Cross-Vendor Medical Image Segmentation
* Effects of Aerosols on Gross Primary Production from Ecosystems to the Globe
* Effects of Vegetation Change on Soil Erosion by Water in Major Basins, Central Asia
* Estimating Layered Cloud Cover from Geostationary Satellite Radiometric Measurements: A Novel Method and Its Application
* Global Adjustment Method for Photogrammetric Processing of Chang'E-2 Stereo Images, A
* Global Analysis of the Relationship between Reconstructed Solar-Induced Chlorophyll Fluorescence (SIF) and Gross Primary Production (GPP)
* Influences of Ecological Restoration Programs on Ecosystem Services in Sandy Areas, Northern China
* Initial In-Flight Spectral Calibration of the Near-Infrared Spectra Acquired by the MarSCoDe Onboard the Zhurong Rover
* Learning Disentangled Representation for Multi-View 3D Object Recognition
* Learning Latent Low-Rank and Sparse Embedding for Robust Image Feature Extraction
* Learning the Behavior of Users in a Public Space through Video Tracking
* Learning the Global Descriptor for 3-D Object Recognition Based on Multiple Views Decomposition
* Location error resilient geographical routing for vehicular ad-hoc networks
* MDSC-Net: A multi-scale depthwise separable convolutional neural network for skin lesion segmentation
* Micro-Expression Recognition Using Color Spaces
* Multi-Task Transfer Methods to Improve One-Shot Learning for Multimedia Event Detection
* Multiple Similarities Based Kernel Subspace Learning for Image Classification
* Neighborhood kinship preserving hashing for supervised learning
* Numerical Simulation Study on the Influence of Branching Structure of Longmen Shan Thrust Belt on the Nucleation of Mw7.9 Wenchuan Earthquake
* Occlusion Robust Face Recognition with Dynamic Similarity Features
* On the prediction of power outage length based on linear multifractional Lévy stable motion
* Optical Flow in Dense Foggy Scenes Using Semi-Supervised Learning
* Pose-Free Facial Landmark Fitting via Optimized Part Mixtures and Cascaded Deformable Shape Model
* Quantification of the Environmental Impacts of Highway Construction Using Remote Sensing Approach
* Rain Monitoring with Polarimetric GNSS Signals: Ground-Based Experimental Research
* Salient Contour-Aware Based Twice Learning Strategy for Saliency Detection
* Snow Cover and Climate Change and Their Coupling Effects on Runoff in the Keriya River Basin during 2001-2020
* Spatial Representativeness of Eddy Covariance Measurements in a Coniferous Plantation Mixed with Cropland in Southeastern China
* Stereoscopic Image Stitching Based on a Hybrid Warping Model
* Structured Learning for Multiple Object Tracking
* Temporal Variation of Optical Depth in the Candidate Landing Area of China's Mars Mission (Tianwen-1), The
* Topology-Preserved Diffusion Distance for Histogram Comparison
* Uniform Distribution Non-Negative Matrix Factorization for Multiview Clustering
* virtual keyboard implementation based on finger recognition, A
* Visual recognition by counting instances: A multi-instance cardinality potential kernel
Includes: Yan, W. Yan, W.[Wei] Yan, W.[Wen] Yan, W.[Weiwu] Yan, W.[Wende] Yan, W.[Wang] Yan, W.[Wuxia] Yan, W.[Wenduan]
47 for Yan, W.

Yan, W.C.[Wen Cai] Co Author Listing * Cross-modal Deep Learning Applications: Audio-visual Retrieval
Includes: Yan, W.C.[Wen Cai] Yan, W.C.[Wen-Cai]

Yan, W.D.[Wei Dong] Co Author Listing * Feature extraction of hyperspectral images based on preserving neighborhood discriminant embedding
* Feature matching based on unsupervised manifold alignment
* Feature-Aligned Video Raindrop Removal With Temporal Constraints
* Nighttime Defogging Using High-low Frequency Decomposition and Grayscale-color Networks
* Occlusion-Aware Networks for 3D Human Pose Estimation in Video
* Point pattern matching based on manifold embedding
* Self-Aligned Video Deraining with Transmission-Depth Consistency
* Structure Representation Network and Uncertainty Feedback Learning for Dense Non-uniform Fog Removal
* Unsupervised Cumulative Domain Adaptation for Foggy Scene Optical Flow
Includes: Yan, W.D.[Wei Dong] Yan, W.D.[Wei-Dong] Yan, W.D.[Wen-Ding]
9 for Yan, W.D.

Yan, W.H.[Wen He] Co Author Listing * eLoran Signal Cycle Identification Method Based on Joint Time-Frequency Domain, An
* Research on identification and classification of grassland forage based on deep learning and attention mechanisms
* Shrink-Branch-Bound Algorithm for eLoran Pseudorange Positioning Initialization, A
* Threshold-Adaptive Unsupervised Focal Loss for Domain Adaptation of Semantic Segmentation
Includes: Yan, W.H.[Wen He] Yan, W.H.[Wen-He] Yan, W.H.[Wei-Hong] Yan, W.H.[Wei-Hao]

Yan, W.J.[Wen Jing] Co Author Listing * CAS(ME)3: A Third Generation Facial Spontaneous Micro-Expression Database With Depth Information and High Ecological Validity
* CASME database: A dataset of spontaneous micro-expressions collected from neutralized faces
* Domain Adversarial Disentanglement Network With Cross-Domain Synthesis for Generalized Face Anti-Spoofing
* Dual Face Alignment Learning Network for NIR-VIS Face Recognition
* Fine Classification Method for Massive Microseismic Signals Based on Short-Time Fourier Transform and Deep Learning
* Label Smoothing Auxiliary Classifier Generative Adversarial Network with Triplet Loss for SAR Ship Classification
* LT-SEI: Long-Tailed Specific Emitter Identification Based on Decoupled Representation Learning in Low-Resource Scenarios
* Main Directional Mean Optical Flow Feature for Spontaneous Micro-Expression Recognition, A
* Micro-expression Recognition Using Dynamic Textures on Tensor Independent Color Space
* Micro-Expression Recognition Using Robust Principal Component Analysis and Local Spatiotemporal Directional Features
* Multi-Scale Approach for Remote Sensing Scene Classification Based on Feature Maps Selection and Region Representation, A
* Multimodal Reaction: Information Modulation for Cross-Modal Representation Learning
* Perceived emotions and AU combinations in ambiguous facial expressions
* Quantifying Micro-expressions with Constraint Local Model and Local Binary Pattern
* RAF-AU Database: In-the-wild Facial Expressions with Subjective Emotion Judgement and Objective Au Annotations
* Spatio-temporal fusion for Macro- and Micro-expression Spotting in Long Video Sequences
* Unified Numerical Scheme for Coupled Multiphysics Model, A
Includes: Yan, W.J.[Wen Jing] Yan, W.J.[Wen-Jing] Yan, W.J.[Wen-Jun] Yan, W.J.[Wen-Jin] Yan, W.J. Yan, W.J.[Wen-Jie]
17 for Yan, W.J.

Yan, W.L.[Wei Long] Co Author Listing * Deep Homography Mixture for Single Image Rolling Shutter Correction
* Mapping the Individual Trees in Urban Orchards by Incorporating Volunteered Geographic Information and Very High Resolution Optical Remotely Sensed Data: A Template Matching-Based Approach
* On Matrix Factorizations for Recursive Pruned Discrete Cosine Transforms
Includes: Yan, W.L.[Wei Long] Yan, W.L.[Wei-Long] Yan, W.L.[Wang-Lin] Yan, W.L.

Yan, W.M. Co Author Listing * Demosaicing of Color Filter Array Captured Images Using Gradient Edge Detection Masks and Adaptive Heterogeneity-Projection
* Efficient algorithms for 3-D polygonal approximation based on LISE criterion
* Efficient edge-preserving algorithm for color contrast enhancement with application to color image segmentation
* Fast Computation of Moments on Compressed Grey Images using Block Representation
* hybrid gray image representation using spatial- and DCT-based approach with application to moment computation, A
* New memory- and computation-efficient hough transform for detecting lines
* Simple Improved Full Search for Vector Quantization Based on Winograd's Identity, A
* Vectorizations of Randomized Matching for Run-Length Coded Strings
Includes: Yan, W.M. Yan, W.M.[Wen-Ming]
8 for Yan, W.M.

Yan, W.P.[Wei Peng] Co Author Listing * Contextual deconvolution network for semantic segmentation
* Exploring Structured Semantic Prior for Multi Label Recognition with Incomplete Labels
Includes: Yan, W.P.[Wei Peng] Yan, W.P.[Wei-Peng]

Yan, W.Q.[Wei Qi] Co Author Listing * 3D Vehicle Detection Using Cheap LiDAR and Camera Sensors
* Adaptive and compressive target tracking based on feature point matching
* Affine-Function Transformation-Based Object Matching for Vehicle Detection from Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Imagery
* Authenticating Visual Cryptography Shares Using 2D Barcodes
* Automated Hierarchical Approach for Three-Dimensional Segmentation of Single Trees Using UAV LiDAR Data, An
* Blind Spot Monitoring Using Deep Learning
* Cascade Graph Neural Networks for Few-Shot Learning on Point Clouds
* Contrast Optimization for Size Invariant Visual Cryptography Scheme
* CSPM: A Novel Curtain Style Pictorial Marker for Enhancing Augmented Reality Experiences
* Deep Learning Methods for Human Behavior Recognition
* Deep Learning Methods for Virus Identification from Digital Images
* Deep Spectral-spatial Features of Snapshot Hyperspectral Images for Red-meat Classification
* Deep Video Stabilization via Robust Homography Estimation
* Depth Cue Enhancement and Guidance Network for RGB-D Salient Object Detection
* Detection of Adulteration in Red Meat Species Using Hyperspectral Imaging
* Dot-Size Variant Visual Cryptography
* Dual Knowledge Distillation on Multiview Pseudo Labels for Unsupervised Person Re-Identification
* Efficient Image Copy Detection Using Multiscale Fingerprints
* EGFNet: Edge-Aware Guidance Fusion Network for RGB-Thermal Urban Scene Parsing
* Event Analogy Based Privacy Preservation in Visual Surveillance
* Event Composition with Imperfect Information for Bus Surveillance
* Face Image Inpainting Based on Generative Adversarial Network
* Face Search in Encrypted Domain
* Framework for an Event Driven Video Surveillance System, A
* GCFAgg: Global and Cross-View Feature Aggregation for Multi-View Clustering
* Gradient Coils Design with Regularization Method for Superconducting Magnetic Resonance Imaging
* Human Action Recognition Using Deep Learning Methods
* Human Localization in a Cluttered Space Using Multiple Cameras
* Image encryption based on double random phase encoding
* Image Hatching for Visual Cryptography
* Image phylogeny for simulating multiple print-scan
* Improved Selective Facial Extraction Model for Age Estimation, An
* Integrated Multi-scale Event Verification in an Augmented Foreground Motion Space
* Intelligent Sensor Information System For Public Transport: To Safely Go ...
* Learning-Based Positive Feedback Approach in Salient Object Detection, A
* Local Fast R-CNN Flow for Object-Centric Event Recognition in Complex Traffic Scenes
* Machine Learning with Synthetic Data: A New Way to Learn and Classify the Pictorial Augmented Reality Markers in Real-Time
* Mitigating severe over-parameterization in deep convolutional neural networks through forced feature abstraction and compression with an entropy-based heuristic
* MMSMCNet: Modal Memory Sharing and Morphological Complementary Networks for RGB-T Urban Scene Semantic Segmentation
* Morse Codes Enter Using Finger Gesture Recognition
* Novel Collusion Attack Strategy for Digital Fingerprinting, A
* Novel Digital Image Hiding Technology Based on Tangram and Conway's Game, A
* Novel Lane Line Detection Algorithm for Driverless Geographic Information Perception Using Mixed-Attention Mechanism ResNet and Row Anchor Classification, A
* Perceptual Quality Assessment of Retouched Face Images
* personalised stereoscopic 3D gallery with virtual reality technology on smartphone, A
* Plane Transform Visual Cryptography
* Red-green-blue Augmented Reality Tags for Retail Stores
* Review of Image Super-Resolution Approaches Based on Deep Learning and Applications in Remote Sensing, A
* Sailboat Detection Based on Automated Search Attention Mechanism and Deep Learning Models
* Salient Object Detection Based on Visual Perceptual Saturation and Two-Stream Hybrid Networks
* self-adaptive mean shift tree-segmentation method Using UAV LiDAR data, A
* Sequential CNN Approach for Foreign Object Detection in Hyperspectral Images, A
* Sharing Visual Secrets Among Multiple Groups With Enhanced Performance
* Single image dehazing using generative adversarial networks based on an attention mechanism
* SSANet: An Adaptive Spectral-Spatial Attention Autoencoder Network for Hyperspectral Unmixing
* Toward a real-time belief propagation stereo reconstruction for computers, robots, and beyond
* Toward Multicenter Skin Lesion Classification Using Deep Neural Network With Adaptively Weighted Balance Loss
* Towards Musicologist-Driven Mining of Handwritten Scores
* Training a convolutional neural network for transportation sign detection using synthetic dataset
* UTLNet: Uncertainty-Aware Transformer Localization Network for RGB-Depth Mirror Segmentation
* Vehicle-Related Scene Segmentation Using CapsNets
Includes: Yan, W.Q.[Wei Qi] Yan, W.Q.[Wan-Qian] Yan, W.Q.[Wei-Qi] Yan, W.Q. Yan, W.Q.[Wei-Quan] Yan, W.Q.[Wei-Qing]
61 for Yan, W.Q.

Yan, W.S.[Wei Sheng] Co Author Listing * Distributed Task Assignment for Multiple Robots Under Limited Communication Range
Includes: Yan, W.S.[Wei Sheng] Yan, W.S.[Wei-Sheng]

Yan, W.T.[Wen Tao] Co Author Listing * Exploring Spatial Distribution of Urban Park Service Areas in Shanghai Based on Travel Time Estimation: A Method Combining Multi-Source Data
Includes: Yan, W.T.[Wen Tao] Yan, W.T.[Wen-Tao]

Yan, W.X.[Wei Xiong] Co Author Listing * crowdsourced system for robust eye tracking, A
Includes: Yan, W.X.[Wei Xiong] Yan, W.X.[Wei-Xiong]

Yan, W.Y.[Wai Yeung] Co Author Listing * Airborne LiDAR intensity banding: Cause and solution
* Analysis of Two Microphone Method for Feedback Cancellation
* Automatic land-water classification using multispectral airborne LiDAR data for near-shore and river environments
* Effects of Laser Reflection Angle on Radiometric Correction Of The Airborne Lidar Intensity Data, The
* Effects of radiometric correction on cover type and spatial resolution for modeling plot level forest attributes using multispectral airborne LiDAR data
* Environmental monitoring of landfill sites using multi-temporal Landsat imagery
* Feedback Cancellation With Probe Shaping Compensation
* Fingerprint image quality analysis
* Fusion of Airborne LiDAR Point Clouds and Aerial Images for Heterogeneous Land-Use Urban Mapping
* Improving classification accuracy of airborne LiDAR intensity data by geometric calibration and radiometric correction
* New Insights Into Optimal Acoustic Feedback Cancellation
* Optimal finite-precision approximation of FIR filters
* Pixel Vs Object-Based Image Classification Techniques For Lidar Intensity Data
* Potential Accuracy of Traffic Signs' Positions Extracted From Google Street View
* Radiometric calibration of airborne LiDAR intensity data for land cover classification
* Radiometric Correction and Normalization of Airborne LiDAR Intensity Data for Improving Land-Cover Classification
* Reduction Of Striping Noise In Overlapping Lidar Intensity Data By Radiometric Normalization
* Remote sensing techniques as a tool for runoff water estimation
* Scan Line Intensity-Elevation Ratio (SLIER): An Airborne LiDAR Ratio Index for Automatic Water Surface Mapping
* Semi-automatic Approach for Optical and Lidar Data Integration Using Phase Congruency Model At Multiple Resolutions
Includes: Yan, W.Y.[Wai Yeung] Yan, W.Y.[Wei-Yong] Yan, W.Y.[Wei-Yun] Yan, W.Y.
20 for Yan, W.Y.

Yan, W.Z.[Wei Zheng] Co Author Listing * Deep Learning in Neuroimaging: Promises and challenges
* Prototype learning and collaborative representation using Grassmann manifolds for image set classification
* Robust Low Rank and Sparse Representation for Multiple Kernel Dimensionality Reduction
* Semi-supervised learning framework based on statistical analysis for image set classification
* Towards deeper match for multi-view oriented multiple kernel learning
Includes: Yan, W.Z.[Wei Zheng] Yan, W.Z.[Wei-Zheng] Yan, W.Z.[Wen-Zhu]

Yan, X.[Xu] Co Author Listing * 2DPASS: 2D Priors Assisted Semantic Segmentation on LiDAR Point Clouds
* Affine invariant shape projection distribution for shape matching using relaxation labelling
* AMPNet: Average- and Max-Pool Networks for Salient Object Detection
* Analysis of Ionospheric Disturbance Response to the Heavy Rain Event
* Automatic camera calibration of broadcast tennis video with applications to 3D virtual content insertion and ball detection and tracking
* BEV@DC: Bird's-Eye View Assisted Training for Depth Completion
* Beyond 3D Siamese Tracking: A Motion-Centric Paradigm for 3D Single Object Tracking in Point Clouds
* Box-Aware Feature Enhancement for Single Object Tracking on Point Clouds
* Cascaded face super-resolution with shape and identity priors
* Characterizing Spatiotemporal Patterns of Land Subsidence after the South-to-North Water Diversion Project Based on Sentinel-1 InSAR Observations in the Eastern Beijing Plain
* Climatic and Anthropogenic Contributions to Vegetation Changes in Guangdong Province of South China
* Common Method of Share Authentication in Image Secret Sharing, A
* Construction of High Spatial-Temporal Water Body Dataset in China Based on Sentinel-1 Archives and GEE
* Counterfactual Samples Synthesizing for Robust Visual Question Answering
* CS-MCNET: A Video Compressive Sensing Reconstruction Network with Interpretable Motion Compensation
* CVTHead: One-shot Controllable Head Avatar with Vertex-feature Transformer
* DeeCap: Dynamic Early Exiting for Efficient Image Captioning
* Deep Learning Approach to Improve the Retrieval of Temperature and Humidity Profiles From a Ground-Based Microwave Radiometer, A
* Density-Peak-Based Clustering Method for Multiple Densities Dataset, A
* Depth map generation for 2D-to-3D conversion by limited user inputs and depth propagation
* Design a new visual cryptography for human-verifiable authentication in accessing a database
* Downscaling-Merging Scheme for Improving Daily Spatial Precipitation Estimates Based on Random Forest and Cokriging, A
* Downscaling-Merging Scheme for Monthly Precipitation Estimation with High Resolution Based on CBAM-ConvLSTM, A
* Dual-Tuned Lattice Balun for Multi-Nuclear MRI and MRS
* Effective Motion-Centric Paradigm for 3D Single Object Tracking in Point Clouds, An
* Efficient and Robust Video Object Segmentation Through Isogenous Memory Sampling and Frame Relation Mining
* Efficient velocity estimation for MAVs by fusing motion from two frontally parallel cameras
* Ensemble Multi-Quantiles: Adaptively Flexible Distribution Prediction for Uncertainty Quantification
* Estimation, smoothing, and characterization of apparent diffusion coefficient profiles from high angular resolution DWI
* Face2Exp: Combating Data Biases for Facial Expression Recognition
* Fast gradient-aware upsampling for cartoon video
* Fast Human Classification Of 3d Object Benchmarks
* Fast SPH simulation for gaseous fluids
* Fourier Domain Anomaly Detection and Spectral Fusion for Stripe Noise Removal of TIR Imagery
* Fusion of Template Matching and Foreground Detection for Robust Visual Tracking
* general progressive secret image sharing construction method, A
* Grading Tai Chi Performance in Competition with RGBD Sensors
* Hierarchical Group Structures in Multi-person Tracking
* High Throughput and Energy Efficient Lepton Hardware Encoder With Hash-Based Memory Optimization, A
* High-Precision, Permanently Stable, Modulated Hopping Discrete Fourier Transform
* Identity-Aware Hand Mesh Estimation and Personalization from RGB Images
* Incipient Fault Detection for Traction Motors of High-Speed Railways Using an Interval Sliding Mode Observer
* Information hiding in the sharing domain
* Infrared and visible image fusion with spectral graph wavelet transform
* InstanceRefer: Cooperative Holistic Understanding for Visual Grounding on Point Clouds through Instance Multi-level Contextual Referring
* instant semantics acquisition system of live soccer video with application to live event alert and on-the-fly language selection, An
* Inversion of the Full-Depth Temperature Profile Based on Few Depth-Fixed Temperatures
* LATR: 3D Lane Detection from Monocular Images with Transformer
* Long-term object tracking based on siamese network
* Making full use of spatial-temporal interest points: An AdaBoost approach for action recognition
* Matrix-Based Structure for Vario-Scale Vector Representation over a Wide Range of Map Scales: The Case of River Network Data, A
* Merged U-Net for Bone Tumors X-Ray Images Segmentation
* Mid-Infrared Compressive Hyperspectral Imaging
* Mid-Wave Infrared Snapshot Compressive Spectral Imager with Deep Infrared Denoising Prior
* Modeling local behavior for predicting social interactions towards human tracking
* Modeling Vehicle Merging Behavior in Work Zone Merging Areas During the Merging Implementation Period
* Modeling Video Dynamics with Deep Dynencoder
* Monitoring Cyanobacteria Bloom in Dianchi Lake Based on Ground-Based Multispectral Remote-Sensing Imaging: Preliminary Results
* Multi-Focus Image Fusion Based on Dictionary Learning with Rolling Guidance Filter
* Multi-Modal Image Registration Based on Phase Exponent Differences of the Gaussian Pyramid
* Multi-task Clustering of Human Actions by Sharing Information
* Neural Data Server: A Large-Scale Search Engine for Transfer Learning Data
* New approaches for efficient information hiding-based secret image sharing schemes
* Nonparametric Structure Regularization Machine for 2D Hand Pose Estimation
* Nonstationary harmonic signal extraction from strong chaotic interference based on synchrosqueezed wavelet transform
* novel (k1,k2,n)-threshold two-in-one secret image sharing scheme for multiple secrets, A
* novel template protection scheme for multibiometrics based on fuzzy commitment and chaotic system, A
* One-Shot Adversarial Attacks on Visual Tracking With Dual Attention
* Partial secret image sharing for (k,n) threshold based on image inpainting
* PointASNL: Robust Point Clouds Processing Using Nonlocal Neural Networks With Adaptive Sampling
* Predicting Social Interactions for Visual Tracking
* Probabilistic Prediction Model for the Safety Assessment of HDVs Under Complex Driving Environments, A
* QNet: An Adaptive Quantization Table Generator Based on Convolutional Neural Network
* Quantified Edge Server Placement With Quantum Encoding in Internet of Vehicles
* RainGAN: Unsupervised Raindrop Removal via Decomposition and Composition
* Re-texturing by Intrinsic Video
* Real-time predictive eco-driving assistance considering road geometry and long-range radar measurements
* Refined Regional Model for Estimating Pressure, Temperature, and Water Vapor Pressure for Geodetic Applications in China, A
* Regionally Robust High-Spatial-Resolution Aerosol Retrieval Algorithm for MODIS Images Over Eastern China, A
* Reliable Video Clock Time Recognition
* Scale-Invariant Multi-Level Context Aggregation Network for Weakly Supervised Building Extraction
* Secret Image Sharing for (k, k) Threshold Based on Chinese Remainder Theorem and Image Characteristics
* Secret image sharing in the encrypted domain
* Secret image sharing with separate shadow authentication ability
* Self-Driven Dual-Path Learning for Reference-Based Line Art Colorization Under Limited Data
* Semi-Supervised Bilinear Subspace Learning
* Soft Mask Correlation Filter for Visual Object Tracking
* STPC-Net: Learn Massive Geo-Sensory Data as Spatio-Temporal Point Clouds
* Study of Genetic Variation in Bermuda Grass along Longitudinal and Latitudinal Gradients Using Spectral Reflectance
* Style Image Harmonization via Global-local Style Mutual Guided
* Superior PM2.5 Estimation by Integrating Aerosol Fine Mode Data from the Himawari-8 Satellite in Deep and Classical Machine Learning Models
* Susceptibility Assessment of Flash Floods: A Bibliometrics Analysis and Review
* Synergizing Appearance and Motion With Low Rank Representation for Vehicle Counting and Traffic Flow Analysis
* Temporally multiple dynamic textures synthesis using piecewise linear dynamic systems
* To Track or To Detect? An Ensemble Framework for Optimal Selection
* Towards Content-independent Multi-reference Super-resolution: Adaptive Pattern Matching and Feature Aggregation
* Towards Human-Machine Cooperation: Self-Supervised Sample Mining for Object Detection
* Unique Solution of Projective Invariants of 6 Points from 4 Uncalibrated Images, The
* Unsupervised Low-Light Image Enhancement via Virtual Diffraction Information in Frequency Domain
* Video scene parsing: An overview of deep learning methods and datasets
* Visual Exposes You: Pedestrian Trajectory Prediction Meets Visual Intention
* Visual secret sharing scheme with (n,n) threshold based on WeChat Mini Program codes
* Visualizing the Invisible: Occluded Vehicle Segmentation and Recovery
* Well-Logging Constrained Seismic Inversion Based on Closed-Loop Convolutional Neural Network
* What Do I See? Modeling Human Visual Perception for Multi-person Tracking
* X-Trans2Cap: Cross-Modal Knowledge Transfer using Transformer for 3D Dense Captioning
Includes: Yan, X.[Xu] Yan, X. Yan, X.[Xinghe] Yan, X.[Xiao] Yan, X.[Xin] Yan, X.[Xia] Yan, X.[Xiqin] Yan, X.[Xuehu] Yan, X.[Xiangyi] Yan, X.[Xue] Yan, X.[Xi] Yan, X.[Xinqiang] Yan, X.[Xing] Yan, X.[Xiang] Yan, X.[Ximin] Yan, X.[Xian] Yan, X.[Xunshi] Yan, X.[Xiongfeng] Yan, X.[Xiaohu] Yan, X.[Xuan] Yan, X.[Xingda] Yan, X.[Xuebing] Yan, X.[Xufeng] Yan, X.[Xiyu]
106 for Yan, X.

Yan, X.B.[Xia Bing] Co Author Listing * Chinese High Resolution Satellite Data and GIS-Based Assessment of Landslide Susceptibility along Highway G30 in Guozigou Valley Using Logistic Regression and MaxEnt Model
* Effect of Negative Samples on the Accuracy of Water Body Extraction Using Deep Learning Networks, The
* Efficient Group Handover Authentication for Secure 5G-Based Communications in Platoons
Includes: Yan, X.B.[Xia Bing] Yan, X.B.[Xia-Bing] Yan, X.B.[Xiang-Bing] Yan, X.B.[Xiao-Bei]

Yan, X.C.[Xin Chen] Co Author Listing * Attribute2Image: Conditional Image Generation from Visual Attributes
* Bi3D: Bi-Domain Active Learning for Cross-Domain 3D Object Detection
* Block-NeRF: Scalable Large Scene Neural View Synthesis
* Cooperative Light-Field Image Super-Resolution Based on Multi-Modality Embedding and Fusion With Frequency Attention
* Efficient Online Spatio-Temporal Filtering for Video Event Detection
* GeoSim: Realistic Video Simulation via Geometry-Aware Composition for Self-Driving
* GINA-3D: Learning to Generate Implicit Neural Assets in the Wild
* Motion Inspired Unsupervised Perception and Prediction in Autonomous Driving
* MT-VAE: Learning Motion Transformations to Generate Multimodal Human Dynamics
* NeRDi: Single-View NeRF Synthesis with Language-Guided Diffusion as General Image Priors
* Pt2pc: Learning to Generate 3d Point Cloud Shapes from Part Tree Conditions
* S3: Neural Shape, Skeleton, and Skinning Fields for 3D Human Modeling
* SemantiCADV: Generating Adversarial Examples via Attribute-conditioned Image Editing
* Soil Texture and Its Relationship with Environmental Factors on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau
* Unsupervised 3D Perception with 2D Vision-Language Distillation for Autonomous Driving
* Waymo Open Dataset: Panoramic Video Panoptic Segmentation
Includes: Yan, X.C.[Xin Chen] Yan, X.C.[Xin-Chen] Yan, X.C.[Xiang-Chao] Yan, X.C.[Xu-Chun]
16 for Yan, X.C.

Yan, X.D.[Xue Dong] Co Author Listing * Coupling travel characteristics identifying and deep learning for demand forecasting on car-hailing tourists: A case study of Beijing, China
* Evaluating Carbon Sink Potential of Forest Ecosystems under Different Climate Change Scenarios in Yunnan, Southwest China
* Multi-Task Fusion Deep Learning Model for Short-Term Intersection Operation Performance Forecasting
* Study of improved signal-based merge strategy in work zone areas based on Cellular Automata simulation
* Three Rivers Source Region Alpine Grassland Ecosystem Was a Weak Carbon Sink Based on BEPS Model Analysis, The
* Visual Traffic Knowledge Graph Generation from Scene Images
Includes: Yan, X.D.[Xue Dong] Yan, X.D.[Xue-Dong] Yan, X.D.[Xiao-Dong] Yan, X.D.[Xu-Dong]

Yan, X.F.[Xue Feng] Co Author Listing * AGConv: Adaptive Graph Convolution on 3D Point Clouds
* Building Typification in Map Generalization Using Affinity Propagation Clustering
* CF-YOLO: Cross Fusion YOLO for Object Detection in Adverse Weather with a High-Quality Real Snow Dataset
* Comparative Study of Various Deep Learning Approaches to Shape Encoding of Planar Geospatial Objects, A
* Compressive Sampling for Array Cameras
* Cycle-SNSPGAN: Towards Real-World Image Dehazing via Cycle Spectral Normalized Soft Likelihood Estimation Patch GAN
* FindNet: Can You Find Me? Boundary-and-Texture Enhancement Network for Camouflaged Object Detection
* graph convolutional neural network for classification of building patterns using spatial vector data, A
* Hidden Markov model and driver path preference for floating car trajectory map matching
* Pattern Recognition and Segmentation of Administrative Boundaries Using a One-Dimensional Convolutional Neural Network and Grid Shape Context Descriptor
* Stacking Ensemble Learning Method to Classify the Patterns of Complex Road Junctions, A
* Template Matching and Simplification Method for Building Features Based on Shape Cognition
* USCFormer: Unified Transformer With Semantically Contrastive Learning for Image Dehazing
Includes: Yan, X.F.[Xue Feng] Yan, X.F.[Xue-Feng] Yan, X.F.[Xiong-Feng] Yan, X.F.[Xue-Fei]
13 for Yan, X.F.

Yan, X.G. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Compensation of Traction System Actuator Failures for High-Speed Trains
* Adaptive Fault-Tolerant Sliding-Mode Control for High-Speed Trains with Actuator Faults and Uncertainties
* Capturing, Reconstructing, and Simulating: The UrbanScene3D Dataset
* CC3D: Layout-Conditioned Generation of Compositional 3D Scenes
* Hybrid CNN-transformer based meta-learning approach for personalized image aesthetics assessment
* Random Forest Algorithm for Landsat Image Chromatic Aberration Restoration Based on GEE Cloud Platform: A Case Study of Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico, A
* ShapeFormer: Transformer-based Shape Completion via Sparse Representation
Includes: Yan, X.G. Yan, X.G.[Xing-Gang] Yan, X.G.[Xing-Guang] Yan, X.G.[Xin-Gao]
7 for Yan, X.G.

Yan, X.H.[Xue Hu] Co Author Listing * Application of random elements in ISS
* Centroid-based clustering for graph datasets
* Conditional generative adversarial network with dual-branch progressive generator for underwater image enhancement
* Context Feature Enhancement Network for Building Extraction from High-Resolution Remote Sensing Imagery, A
* enhanced threshold visual secret sharing based on random grids, An
* Estimating Subsurface Thermohaline Structure of the Global Ocean Using Surface Remote Sensing Observations
* First Ocean Wave Retrieval from HISEA-1 SAR Imagery through an Improved Semi-Automatic Empirical Model
* FRNet: Factorized and Regular Blocks Network for Semantic Segmentation in Road Scene
* From Front to Rear: 3D Semantic Scene Completion Through Planar Convolution and Attention-Based Network
* Generalized general access structure in secret image sharing
* GUDCP: Generalization of Underwater Dark Channel Prior for Underwater Image Restoration
* High-Performance Segmentation for Flood Mapping of HISEA-1 SAR Remote Sensing Images
* HISEA-1: The First C-Band SAR Miniaturized Satellite for Ocean and Coastal Observation
* Long-Form Video Question Answering via Dynamic Hierarchical Reinforced Networks
* Moving Horizon Optimization of Dynamic Trajectory Planning for High-Speed Train Operation
* Multi-Modal Remote Sensing Image Matching Considering Co-Occurrence Filter
* Multiobjective Optimization for Train Speed Trajectory in CTCS High-Speed Railway With Hybrid Evolutionary Algorithm
* Neural Network Method for Retrieving Sea Surface Wind Speed for C-Band SAR, A
* novel biologically-inspired method for underwater image enhancement, A
* OPEN: A New Estimation of Global Ocean Heat Content for Upper 2000 Meters from Remote Sensing Data
* Participants increasing for threshold random grids-based visual secret sharing
* Progressive Visual Secret Sharing with Multiple Decryptions and Unexpanded Shares
* Random grid-based visual secret sharing with multiple decryptions
* Random Grids-Based Threshold Visual Secret Sharing with Improved Contrast by Boolean Operations
* Random Grids-Based Threshold Visual Secret Sharing with Improved Visual Quality
* Real-World Urban Light Emission Functions and Quantitative Comparison with Spacecraft Measurements
* RFID-Integrated Framework for Tag Anti-Collision in UAV-Aided VANETs, A
* Robust Multi-Local to Global with Outlier Filtering for Point Cloud Registration, A
* SA-Pmnet: Utilizing Close-Range Photogrammetry Combined with Image Enhancement and Self-Attention Mechanisms for 3D Reconstruction of Forests
* Study of the Intensity of Tropical Cyclone Idai Using Dual-Polarization Sentinel-1 Data, A
* Subsurface Temperature Reconstruction for the Global Ocean from 1993 to 2020 Using Satellite Observations and Deep Learning
* Threshold visual secret sharing with comprehensive properties based on random grids
* Unabated Global Ocean Warming Revealed by Ocean Heat Content from Remote Sensing Reconstruction
* Visual secret sharing scheme for (k, n) threshold based on QR code with multiple decryptions
Includes: Yan, X.H.[Xue Hu] Yan, X.H.[Xue-Hu] Yan, X.H.[Xuan-Hui] Yan, X.H.[Xiao-Hong] Yan, X.H.[Xiao-Hu] Yan, X.H.[Xiao-Hai] Yan, X.H.[Xing-He] Yan, X.H.[Xiao-Hui] Yan, X.H.[Xi-Hui] Yan, X.H.[Xin-Hang] Yan, X.H.[Xuan-Hao]
34 for Yan, X.H.

Yan, X.J.[Xue Jun] Co Author Listing * Adaptive spatial filtering for digital images
* Classification of Lung Nodule Malignancy Risk on Computed Tomography Images Using Convolutional Neural Network: A Comparison Between 2D and 3D Strategies
* FBNet: Feedback Network for Point Cloud Completion
* Fire Scenario Zone Construction and Personnel Evacuation Planning Based on a Building Information Model and Geographical Information System
* HY-1C/D Reveals the Chlorophyll-a Concentration Distribution Details in the Intensive Islands' Waters and Its Consistency with the Distribution of Fish Spawning Ground
* Less Is More: Surgical Phase Recognition From Timestamp Supervision
* Point Cloud Upsampling via Cascaded Refinement Network
* Predicting Taxi Demand Based on 3D Convolutional Neural Network and Multi-task Learning
* Rethinking the Approximation Error in 3D Surface Fitting for Point Cloud Normal Estimation
* Study of the Response of Environmental Factors of the Coastal Area in Zhoushan Fishery to Typhoon In-fa Based on Remote Sensing
* Study on High-Resolution Suspended Sediment Distribution under the Influence of Coastal Zone Engineering in the Yangtze River Mouth, China
Includes: Yan, X.J.[Xue Jun] Yan, X.J.[Xue-Jun] Yan, X.J.[Xing-Jian] Yan, X.J.[Xiao-Jie] Yan, X.J.[Xiao-Jun] Yan, X.J.[Xin-Jian] Yan, X.J.[Xue-Jin]
11 for Yan, X.J.

Yan, X.L.[Xiao Lu] Co Author Listing * Link Ecological and Social Composite Systems to Construct Sustainable Landscape Patterns: A New Framework Based on Ecosystem Service Flows
* Quantitative Impact of the Arable Land Protection Policy on the Landscape of Farmland Abandonment in Guangdong Province, The
Includes: Yan, X.L.[Xiao Lu] Yan, X.L.[Xiao-Lu]

Yan, X.P.[Xiao Peng] Co Author Listing * Automatic Modulation Recognition of Radiation Source Signals Based on Data Rearrangement and the 2D FFT
* Evaluation of the effectiveness of auditory speeding warnings for commercial passenger vehicles: A field study in Wuhan, China
* HF-Based Sensorless Control of a FTPMM in Ship Shaftless Rim-Driven Thruster System
* Meta R-CNN: Towards General Solver for Instance-Level Low-Shot Learning
* Novel Ship Speed and Heading Estimation Approach Using Radar Sequential Images, A
* Rollover risk assessment and automated control for heavy duty vehicles based on vehicle-to-infrastructure information
* Semantically Coherent Out-of-Distribution Detection
* Target recognition for coastal surveillance based on radar images and generalised Bayesian inference
* Webly Supervised Image Classification with Self-Contained Confidence
Includes: Yan, X.P.[Xiao Peng] Yan, X.P.[Xiao-Peng] Yan, X.P.[Xin-Ping]
9 for Yan, X.P.

Yan, X.Q.[Xin Qiang] Co Author Listing * 7T Transmit/Receive Arrays Using ICE Decoupling for Human Head MR Imaging
* ConGMC: Consistency-Guided Multimodal Clustering via Mutual Information Maximin
* Dynamic auto-weighted multi-view co-clustering
* Multitask Image Clustering via Deep Information Bottleneck
* Multitouching the Fourth Dimension
* Neural guided visual SLAM system with Laplacian of Gaussian operator
Includes: Yan, X.Q.[Xin Qiang] Yan, X.Q.[Xin-Qiang] Yan, X.Q.[Xiao-Qiang] Yan, X.Q.[Xiao-Qi]

Yan, X.R.[Xin Rong] Co Author Listing * Forest Change Footprint of the Upper Indus Valley, from 1990 to 2020, The
* Information-Theoretic Clustering of Neuroimaging Metrics Related to Cognitive Decline in the Elderly
* Mapping Forest Types in China with 10 m Resolution Based on Spectral-Spatial-Temporal Features
* New Era for Geo-Parsing to Obtain Actual Locations: A Novel Toponym Correction Method Based on Remote Sensing Images
* Node-Based Optimization of GNSS Tomography with a Minimum Bounding Box Algorithm
* Survey on Multimodal Large Language Models for Autonomous Driving, A
Includes: Yan, X.R.[Xin Rong] Yan, X.R.[Xin-Rong] Yan, X.R.[Xiao-Ran] Yan, X.R.[Xiang-Rong] Yan, X.R.[Xin-Rui]

Yan, X.T.[Xue Ting] Co Author Listing * ClusterFit: Improving Generalization of Visual Representations
* Fan-meshes: a geometric primitive for point-based description of 3D models and scenes
* Learning Procedure-aware Video Representation from Instructional Videos and Their Narrations
* Simplification of Fan-Meshes Models for Fast Rendering of Large 3D Point-Sampled Scenes
* Toward Compact Transformers for End-to-End Object Detection With Decomposed Chain Tensor Structure
Includes: Yan, X.T.[Xue Ting] Yan, X.T.[Xue-Ting] Yan, X.T.[Xiao-Tian] Yan, X.T.[Xiao-Tao]

Yan, X.X.[Xiang Xiang] Co Author Listing * Atmospheric Gravity Wave Derived from the Neutral Wind with 5-Minute Resolution Routinely Retrieved by the Meteor Radar at Mohe
* Comparison of the Heights of Sporadic E Layers and Vertical Ion Convergence Parameters
* Feature of Ionospheric Mid-Latitude Trough during Geomagnetic Storms Derived from GPS Total Electron Content (TEC) Data, The
* Ground Deformation of the Chongming East Shoal Reclamation Area in Shanghai Based on SBAS-InSAR and Laboratory Tests
* Influences of Built Environment at Residential and Work Locations on Commuting Distance: Evidence from Wuhan, China
* Ionospheric Changes over the Western Pacific Ocean near and after the End of Annular Solar Eclipse on 21 June 2020
* Limb Sounders Tracking Tsunami-Induced Perturbations from the Stratosphere to the Ionosphere
* Non-Linear Influence of Built Environment on the School Commuting Metro Ridership: The Case in Wuhan, China, The
* Spatial-Scale Evaluation of Soil Consolidation Concerning Land Subsidence and Integrated Mechanism Analysis at Macro-, and Micro-Scale: A Case Study in Chongming East Shoal Reclamation Area, Shanghai, China, A
* Sub-Hourly Variations of Wind Shear in the Mesosphere-Lower Thermosphere as Observed by the China Meteor Radar Chain
Includes: Yan, X.X.[Xiang Xiang] Yan, X.X.[Xiang-Xiang] Yan, X.X.[Xue-Xin]
10 for Yan, X.X.

Yan, X.Y.[Xiang Yi] Co Author Listing * AFTer-SAM: Adapting SAM with Axial Fusion Transformer for Medical Imaging Segmentation
* AFTer-UNet: Axial Fusion Transformer UNet for Medical Image Segmentation
* Analytical Approximation Model for Quadratic Phase Error Introduced by Orbit Determination Errors in Real-Time Spaceborne SAR Imaging
* Bistatic Analytical Approximation Model for Doppler Rate Estimation Error from Real-Time Spaceborne SAR Onboard Orbit Determination Data, A
* Diffeomorphic Image Registration with Neural Velocity Field
* Effective full-scale detection for salient object based on condensing-and-filtering network
* efficient unsupervised feature selection procedure through feature clustering, An
* Estimating Soil Moisture with Landsat Data and Its Application in Extracting the Spatial Distribution of Winter Flooded Paddies
* Estimation of the Antenna Phase Center Correction Model for the BeiDou-3 MEO Satellites
* Estimation of Vertical Phase Center Offset and Phase Center Variations for BDS-3 B1CB2a Signals
* Hybrid Neural Diffeomorphic Flow for Shape Representation and Generation via Triplane
* Improved Parameter Estimation Method for High-Efficiency Multi-GNSS-Integrated Orbit Determination, An
* Moving cast shadow detection using online sub-scene shadow modeling and object inner-edges analysis
* Online Learning Framework for Sensor Fault Diagnosis Analysis in Autonomous Cars, An
* PPT: Token-Pruned Pose Transformer for Monocular and Multi-view Human Pose Estimation
* Precise Orbit Determination for BeiDou GEO/IGSO Satellites during Orbit Maneuvering with Pseudo-Stochastic Pulses
* Prediction of BeiDou Satellite Orbit Maneuvers to Improve the Reliability of Real-Time Navigation Products
* Priori Solar Radiation Pressure Model for BeiDou-3 MEO Satellites, A
* Recurrent Mask Refinement for Few-Shot Medical Image Segmentation
* Remote Sensing Images Stripe Noise Removal by Double Sparse Regulation and Region Separation
* Representation Recovering for Self-Supervised Pre-training on Medical Images
* Saliency Detection Using Color Spatial Variance Weighted Graph Model
* Salient object detection by multi-level features learning determined sparse reconstruction
* Salient object detection via boosting object-level distinctiveness and saliency refinement
* Salient region detection via color spatial distribution determined global contrasts
* sub-scene modeling framework for moving cast shadow detection, A
* Topology-Preserving Shape Reconstruction and Registration via Neural Diffeomorphic Flow
* Visualizing the USA's Maritime Freight Flows Using DM, LP, and AON in GIS
Includes: Yan, X.Y.[Xiang Yi] Yan, X.Y.[Xiang-Yi] Yan, X.Y.[Xiao-Yu] Yan, X.Y.[Xin-Yu] Yan, X.Y.[Xu-Yang] Yan, X.Y.[Xiao-Yuan] Yan, X.Y.[Xing-Yuan] Yan, X.Y.[Xiao-Yun] Yan, X.Y.[Xiao-Yi]
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Yan, X.Z.[Xin Zhong] Co Author Listing * Extraction of Seismic Wavelets Based on the Tri-Spectrum Least Square
Includes: Yan, X.Z.[Xin Zhong] Yan, X.Z.[Xin-Zhong]

Yan, Y.[Yan] Co Author Listing * 1D correlation filter based class-dependence feature analysis for face recognition
* 3D Random Occlusion and Multi-layer Projection for Deep Multi-camera Pedestrian Localization
* Accumulated Aggregation Shifting Based on Feature Enhancement for Defect Detection on 3D Textured Low-Contrast Surfaces
* Achieving Differential Privacy Publishing of Location-Based Statistical Data Using Grid Clustering
* Acoustic Echo Control with Frequency-Domain Stage-Wise Regression
* Active transfer learning for multi-view head-pose classification
* Adaptive Deep Disturbance-Disentangled Learning for Facial Expression Recognition
* adaptive spatio-temporal perception aware quantization algorithm for AVS2, An
* Adversarial-Metric Learning for Audio-Visual Cross-Modal Matching
* AIM 2022 Challenge on Super-resolution of Compressed Image and Video: Dataset, Methods and Results
* ANHIR: Automatic Non-Rigid Histological Image Registration Challenge
* Applicability Assessment of Passive Microwave LST Downscaling over Semi-Homogeneous Desert Underlying Surface Based on Machine Learning
* Application of UAV-Based Multi-angle Hyperspectral Remote Sensing in Fine Vegetation Classification
* Are you what you look like? Exploring correlations in personality type and their wearing
* AsConvSR: Fast and Lightweight Super-Resolution Network with Assembled Convolutions
* Attenuation map estimation with SPECT emission data only
* Audio-Visual Event Localization via Recursive Fusion by Joint Co-Attention
* Auto calibration of multi-camera system for human pose estimation
* Auto-flag the baseline for Mingantu Ultrawide Spectral Radioheliograph with LSTM
* Automatic Image Cropping for Visual Aesthetic Enhancement Using Deep Neural Networks and Cascaded Regression
* Bidirectional LSTM for ionospheric vertical Total Electron Content (TEC) forecasting
* BlendMask: Top-Down Meets Bottom-Up for Instance Segmentation
* Bridge bottom crack detection and modeling based on faster R-CNN and BIM
* Cascade Attention Guided Residue Learning GAN for Cross-Modal Translation
* Cascaded Noise-Robust Deep CNN for Face Recognition, A
* Category Specific Dictionary Learning for Attribute Specific Feature Selection
* Causal-DFQ: Causality Guided Data-free Network Quantization
* Characteristics of Precipitation and Floods during Typhoons in Guangdong Province
* Class-Aware Dual-Supervised Aggregation Network for Video Object Detection
* Classification and Segmentation of Mining Area Objects in Large-Scale Spares Lidar Point Cloud Using a Novel Rotated Density Network
* CLIPPING: Distilling CLIP-Based Models with a Student Base for Video-Language Retrieval
* Clustered Multi-task Linear Discriminant Analysis for View Invariant Color-Depth Action Recognition
* Co-Clustering on Bipartite Graphs for Robust Model Fitting
* Collaborative Sparse Coding for Multiview Action Recognition
* Combination of InSAR with a Depression Angle Model for 3D Deformation Monitoring in Mining Areas
* Competition and Burn Severity Determine Post-Fire Sapling Recovery in a Nationally Protected Boreal Forest of China: An Analysis from Very High-Resolution Satellite Imagery
* Computational Modeling of Affective Qualities of Abstract Paintings
* Conjointly Space and 2D Frequency Localized Filterbanks
* Content adaptive directional transform for high efficiency video coding
* Continuous and Periodic Event-Triggered Sliding-Mode Control for Path Following of Underactuated Surface Vehicles
* Cross Array and Rank-1 MUSIC Algorithm for Acoustic Highway Lane Detection
* Cross-Modal Contrastive Learning Network for Few-Shot Action Recognition
* Cross-View Panorama Image Synthesis
* Cross-view panorama image synthesis with progressive attention GANs
* DAPC-Net: Deformable Alignment and Pyramid Context Completion Networks for Video Inpainting
* Data processing and imaging for MingantU SpEctral Radioheliograph (MUSER)
* Data-Adaptive EOF-Based Method for Displacement Signal Retrieval From InSAR Displacement Measurement Time Series for Decorrelating Targets, A
* Decoders Matter for Semantic Segmentation: Data-Dependent Decoding Enables Flexible Feature Aggregation
* Decoupled Self-attention Module for Person Re-identification
* Deep Adversarial Attention Alignment for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation: The Benefit of Target Expectation Maximization
* Deep and fast: Deep learning hashing with semi-supervised graph construction
* Deep Correlation Filter Tracking With Shepherded Instance-Aware Proposals
* Deep Micro-Dictionary Learning and Coding Network
* Deep Multi-Branch Aggregation Network for Real-Time Semantic Segmentation in Street Scenes
* Deep Multi-Task Multi-Label CNN for Effective Facial Attribute Classification
* Deep Normalized Cross-Modal Hashing with Bi-Direction Relation Reasoning
* Deep Stereo Video Inpainting
* Dense-and-Similar Object detection in aerial images
* Dense-sparse representation matters: A point-based method for volumetric medical image segmentation
* Describing Unseen Videos via Multi-Modal Cooperative Dialog Agents
* Design and Testing of a LIDAR Platform for a UAV for Heritage Mapping, The
* Detecting anomalous events in videos by learning deep representations of appearance and motion
* DF-Net: Diversity-Focused Network for Video Object Detection
* DGRNet: A Dual-Level Graph Relation Network for Video Object Detection
* Dimension-aware attention for efficient mobile networks
* Discriminative Cross-Modality Attention Network for Temporal Inconsistent Audio-Visual Event Localization
* Discriminative filter based regression learning for facial expression recognition
* Discriminative Weighted Sparse Partial Least Squares for Human Detection
* Distribution and Evolution of Ice Aprons in a Changing Climate in The Mont-Blanc Massif (Western European Alps)
* Divide and Conquer: 3D Point Cloud Instance Segmentation With Point-Wise Binarization
* Divide-and-Conquer Completion Network for Video Inpainting
* Divide-and-Conquer Predictor for Unbiased Scene Graph Generation
* Drop Loss for Person Attribute Recognition With Imbalanced Noisy-Labeled Samples
* DSNet: Deep and Shallow Feature Learning for Efficient Visual Tracking
* Dual Attention Matching for Audio-Visual Event Localization
* Dual Generator Generative Adversarial Networks for Multi-domain Image-to-Image Translation
* Dualfeat: Dual Feature Aggregation for Video Object Detection
* Dynamic Time Warping Based Adversarial Framework for Time-Series Domain
* Edge Detection Using Sparse Coding Method
* effect of spatial resolution on radiometric and geometric performances of a UAV-mounted hyperspectral 2D imager, The
* Efficient Deep Models for Real-Time 4K Image Super-Resolution. NTIRE 2023 Benchmark and Report
* efficient deep neural networks training framework for robust face recognition, An
* Efficient Deep Representation Based Framework for Large-Scale Terrain Classification, An
* Efficient guided hypothesis generation for multi-structure epipolar geometry estimation
* Efficient Semidefinite Spectral Clustering via Lagrange Duality
* Egnet: A Novel Edge Guided Network for Instance Segmentation
* Egocentric Daily Activity Recognition via Multitask Clustering
* Egok360: A 360 Egocentric Kinetic Human Activity Video Dataset
* Enforcing Geometric Constraints of Virtual Normal for Depth Prediction
* Evaluating Multi-task Learning for Multi-view Head-Pose Classification in Interactive Environments
* Event Oriented Dictionary Learning for Complex Event Detection
* Exploit the Unknown Gradually: One-Shot Video-Based Person Re-identification by Stepwise Learning
* Exploiting neural models for no-reference image quality assessment
* Exploring Relationship Between Face and Trustworthy Impression Using Mid-level Facial Features
* Exploring Web Images to Enhance Skin Disease Analysis Under A Computer Vision Framework
* Expression Conditional GAN for Facial Expression-to-Expression Translation
* Expression-targeted feature learning for effective facial expression recognition
* Fabric defect detection using saliency of multi-scale local steering kernel
* Face Recognition: Eigenface, Elastic Matching, and Neural Nets
* Fast 3D Indoor-Localization Approach Based on Video Queries, A
* fast Cascade Shape Regression Method based on CNN-based Initialization, A
* FastVOD-Net: A Real-Time and High-Accuracy Video Object Detector
* Feature Decomposition and Reconstruction Learning for Effective Facial Expression Recognition
* Few-shot Medical Image Segmentation with Cycle-resemblance Attention
* Fine-Grained Categorization From RGB-D Images
* Flexible Manifold Learning With Optimal Graph for Image and Video Representation
* Free-Energy Principle Inspired Video Quality Metric and Its Use in Video Coding
* Generalized Quadrature Spatial Modulation and its Application to Vehicular Networks With NOMA
* GeoPose: Dense Reconstruction Guided 6D Object Pose Estimation With Geometric Consistency
* Global 250-m Downscaled NDVI Product from 1982 to 2018, A
* GLocal tells you more: Coupling GLocal structural for feature selection with sparsity for image and video classification
* Grounded Entity-Landmark Adaptive Pre-training for Vision-and-Language Navigation
* Guest editorial: Image/video understanding and analysis
* Guest Editorial: Intermediate representation for vision and multimedia applications
* Guest Editorial: Language in Vision
* Guest Editors' Introduction to the Special Section on Learning with Shared Information for Computer Vision and Multimedia Analysis
* Guided Sampling Based Feature Aggregation for Video Object Detection
* High-Resolution Mapping of Soil Organic Matter at the Field Scale Using UAV Hyperspectral Images with a Small Calibration Dataset
* HiVLP: Hierarchical Interactive Video-Language Pre-Training
* Hydrological Evaluation of Satellite-Based Precipitation Products in Hunan Province
* Identity-Aware Contrastive Knowledge Distillation for Facial Attribute Recognition
* Image Classification by Cross-Media Active Learning with Privileged Information
* Image Clustering via Deep Embedded Dimensionality Reduction and Probability-Based Triplet Loss
* Image Deblurring via Extreme Channels Prior
* Improved Correlation Filter Tracking with Hard Negative Mining
* Improved fast fractional-Fourier-transform algorithm
* Improved spatial pyramid matching for scene recognition
* Indoor localization via multi-view images and videos
* InSAR Deformation Phase Retrieval Method Combined with Reference Phase in Mining Areas, An
* Internet cross-media retrieval based on deep learning
* Is Pruning Compression?: Investigating Pruning Via Network Layer Similarity
* Is Your First Impression Reliable? Trustworthy Analysis Using Facial Traits in Portraits
* It's all about habits: Exploiting multi-task clustering for activities of daily living analysis
* Joint Deep Learning of Facial Expression Synthesis and Recognition
* Joint Learning of Self-Representation and Indicator for Multi-View Image Clustering
* Joint Optimization of Depth and Ego-Motion for Intelligent Autonomous Vehicles
* k-Labelsets for Multimedia Classification with Global and Local Label Correlation
* Knowing Where I Am: Exploiting Multi-Task Learning for Multi-view Indoor Image-based Localization
* Knowledge Adaptation for Efficient Semantic Segmentation
* LaIF: A Lane-Level Self-Positioning Scheme for Vehicles in GNSS-Denied Environments
* Laplacian Salience-Gated Feature Pyramid Network for Accurate Liver Vessel Segmentation
* Large-scale Robust Deep AUC Maximization: A New Surrogate Loss and Empirical Studies on Medical Image Classification
* Late Fusion via Subspace Search With Consistency Preservation
* lateral trajectory tracking control method for intelligent commercial vehicles considering active anti-roll decision based on Stackelberg equilibrium, A
* Learn to model blurry motion via directional similarity and filtering
* Learn-to-Decompose: Cascaded Decomposition Network for Cross-Domain Few-Shot Facial Expression Recognition
* Learning an attention-aware parallel sharing network for facial attribute recognition
* Learning Deep Representations of Appearance and Motion for Anomalous Event Detection
* Learning Depth Cues from Focal Stack for Light Field Depth Estimation
* Learning Object Scale with Click Supervision for Object Detection
* Learning Omnidirectional Flow in 360° Video via Siamese Representation
* Learning Spatial-Semantic Relationship for Facial Attribute Recognition with Limited Labeled Data
* Learning Target-specific Response Attention for Siamese Network Based Visual Tracking
* Learning to Aggregate and Personalize 3D Face from In-the-Wild Photo Collection
* Lipschitz Continuity Guided Knowledge Distillation
* Lipschitz Continuity Retained Binary Neural Network
* Local Class-Specific and Global Image-Level Generative Adversarial Networks for Semantic-Guided Scene Generation
* Local Co-Occurrence Selection via Partial Least Squares for Pedestrian Detection
* Local-adaptive and outlier-tolerant image alignment using RBF approximation
* Local-Adaptive Image Alignment Based on Triangular Facet Approximation
* Localize Me Anywhere, Anytime: A Multi-task Point-Retrieval Approach
* Mapping the Levels of Soil Salination and Alkalization by Integrating Machining Learning Methods and Soil-Forming Factors
* Mask Encoding for Single Shot Instance Segmentation
* MDNet: Motion Distinction Network for Effective Action Recognition
* Measuring Villagers' Perceptions of Changes in the Landscape Values of Traditional Villages
* Media Quality Assessment by Perceptual Gaze-Shift Patterns Discovery
* Medial Axis Extraction Algorithm for the Processing of Combustion Flame Images, A
* Message Passing on the Two-Layer Network for Geometric Model Fitting
* Minimizing dataset bias: Discriminative multi-task sparse coding through shared subspace learning for image classification
* Mining and Unifying Heterogeneous Contrastive Relations for Weakly-Supervised Actor-Action Segmentation
* Mitosis event recognition and detection based on evolution of feature in time domain
* Mode seeking on graphs for geometric model fitting via preference analysis
* Mode-Seeking on Hypergraphs for Robust Geometric Model Fitting
* Monitoring the Spatial and Temporal Variations in The Water Surface and Floating Algal Bloom Areas in Dongting Lake Using a Long-Term MODIS Image Time Series
* Motion Segmentation Via a Sparsity Constraint
* MTNet: Mutual tri-training network for unsupervised domain adaptation on person re-identification
* Multi-Agent Fuzzy-Based Transit Signal Priority Control for Traffic Network Considering Conflicting Priority Requests
* Multi-Channel Attention Selection GAN With Cascaded Semantic Guidance for Cross-View Image Translation
* Multi-label learning based deep transfer neural network for facial attribute classification
* Multi-Modal Interaction Graph Convolutional Network for Temporal Language Localization in Videos
* Multi-Objective Asymmetric Sliding Mode Control of Connected Autonomous Vehicles
* Multi-Stream Siamese and Faster Region-Based Neural Network for Real-Time Object Tracking
* Multi-subregion based correlation filter bank for robust face recognition
* Multi-Task Learning Framework for Head Pose Estimation under Target Motion, A
* Multi-task Learning of Cascaded CNN for Facial Attribute Classification
* Multi-task linear discriminant analysis for multi-view action recognition
* Multicamera pedestrian detection using logic minimization
* Multimodal biometrics fusion using Correlation Filter Bank
* Multitask Linear Discriminant Analysis for View Invariant Action Recognition
* Multiview pedestrian localisation via a prime candidate chart based on occupancy likelihoods
* Network Binarization via Contrastive Learning
* No Matter Where You Are: Flexible Graph-Guided Multi-task Learning for Multi-view Head Pose Classification under Target Motion
* Noise and Zero Excursion Elimination of Electrostatic Detection Signals Based on EMD and Wavelet Transform
* novel class-dependence feature analysis method for face recognition, A
* Novel Depth and Color Feature Fusion Framework for 6D Object Pose Estimation, A
* novel distortion-quantization model and its application in low bitrate video conununications, A
* NTIRE 2022 Burst Super-Resolution Challenge
* NTIRE 2023 Challenge on Efficient Super-Resolution: Methods and Results
* Object Discovery via Cohesion Measurement
* Object-Adaptive LSTM Network for Visual Tracking
* Online Depth Learning Against Forgetting in Monocular Videos
* Optimal graph learning with partial tags and multiple features for image and video annotation
* Optimising total entry delay at roundabouts with unbalanced flow: A dynamic strategy for smart metering
* Optimized Graph Learning Using Partial Tags and Multiple Features for Image and Video Annotation
* Overview of the multiview high efficiency video coding (MV-HEVC) standard
* Pattern-Affinitive Propagation Across Depth, Surface Normal and Semantic Segmentation
* Perceptual quality evaluation for image defocus deblurring
* Perceptually Guided Photo Retargeting
* Person Re-identification via Recurrent Feature Aggregation
* PFTA-Net: Progressive Feature Alignment and Temporal Attention Fusion Networks for Video Inpainting
* PIDRo: Parallel Isomeric Attention with Dynamic Routing for Text-Video Retrieval
* PLSA-Based Sparse Representation for Object Classification
* PLSA-based sparse representation for vehicle color classification
* Point Light Source Interference Removal Method for Image Dehazing, A
* Pose Transferrable Person Re-identification
* Post-Training Quantization on Diffusion Models
* Progressive Learning for Person Re-Identification With One Example
* Projective Unsupervised Flexible Embedding with Optimal Graph
* Proposal-based Paradigm for Self-supervised Sound Source Localization in Videos, A
* Prototype Indexing Approach to 2-D Object Description and Recognition, A
* Proximal Remote Sensing-Based Vegetation Indices for Monitoring Mango Tree Stem Sap Flux Density
* Quadratic projection based feature extraction with its application to biometric recognition
* Quality Inspection and Evaluation of Satellite Orthophotos In China's Third National Land Survey
* Quantized GAN for Complex Music Generation from Dance Videos
* Radar Echo Reconstruction in Oceanic Area via Deep Learning of Satellite Data
* Real-Time High-Performance Semantic Image Segmentation of Urban Street Scenes
* Real-time Image Enhancer via Learnable Spatial-aware 3D Lookup Tables
* Real-Time Object Segmentation and Coding for Selective-Quality Video Communications
* Real-Time Quantized Image Super-Resolution on Mobile NPUs, Mobile AI 2021 Challenge: Report
* Real-Time Tracking Combined with Object Segmentation
* Recognizing Daily Activities from First-Person Videos with Multi-task Clustering
* Recognizing Emotions from Abstract Paintings Using Non-Linear Matrix Completion
* Recurrent Context Aggregation Network for Single Image Dehazing
* Recurrent Face Aging
* Recurrent Face Aging with Hierarchical AutoRegressive Memory
* Relationship-Guided Knowledge Transfer for Class-Incremental Facial Expression Recognition
* Revisiting graph construction for fast image segmentation
* Revisiting Optical Flow Estimation in 360 Videos
* RGB-T Saliency Detection via Low-Rank Tensor Learning and Unified Collaborative Ranking
* Road-Side Individual Tree Segmentation from Urban MLS Point Clouds Using Metric Learning
* Robust and Fast Localization of Single Speech Source Using a Planar Array
* Robust Recovery for Graph Signal via L_0-Norm Regularization
* Robust text detection from binarized document images
* Robust visual tracking via spatio-temporal adaptive and channel selective correlation filters
* Robust visual tracking with the cross-bin metric
* Rotation-invariant 3D reconstruction
* Satellite Imagery-Based Identification of High-Risk Areas of Schistosome Intermediate Snail Hosts Spread after Flood
* Satellite Monitoring of the Urban Expansion in the Pearl River-Xijiang Economic Belt and the Progress towards SDG11.3.1
* Saying the Unseen: Video Descriptions via Dialog Agents
* Seamless switching of H.265/HEVC-coded dash representations with open GOP prediction structure
* Searching for Representative Modes on Hypergraphs for Robust Geometric Model Fitting
* Semantic Similarity Distance: Towards better text-image consistency metric in text-to-image generation
* Semantic-Aware Occlusion-Robust Network for Occluded Person Re-Identification
* Semi-Analytical Model for Remote Sensing Retrieval of Suspended Sediment Concentration in the Gulf of Bohai, China, A
* Semi-Supervised 6D Object Pose Estimation Without Using Real Annotations
* Semi-Supervised Video Inpainting with Cycle Consistency Constraints
* Simple and Effective Framework for Pairwise Deep Metric Learning, A
* Sorting-Based Dynamic Classifier Ensemble Selection
* Sparse Code Filtering for Action Pattern Mining
* Sparse-coded cross-domain adaptation from the visual to the brain domain
* SPL-Net: Spatial-Semantic Patch Learning Network for Facial Attribute Recognition with Limited Labeled Data
* Stage-Aware Feature Alignment Network for Real-Time Semantic Segmentation of Street Scenes
* Stochastic Latent Talking Face Generation Toward Emotional Expressions and Head Poses
* Structural Optimization and Online Evolutionary Learning for Spoken Dialog Management
* Study on the Development Law of Mining-Induced Ground Cracks under Gully Terrain
* Style Aggregated Network for Facial Landmark Detection
* Style Projected Clustering for Domain Generalized Semantic Segmentation
* Superpixel-Based Two-View Deterministic Fitting for Multiple-Structure Data
* Superpixel-Guided Two-View Deterministic Geometric Model Fitting
* System and method for biometrics-based facial feature extraction
* System for the Automatic Extraction of 3-d Facial Feature Points for Face Model Calibration, A
* TCNet: A Novel Triple-Cooperative Network for Video Object Detection
* Theories for the design of a hybrid refractive-diffractive superresolution lens with high numerical aperture
* Towards Saner Deep Image Registration
* Tree Height Estimation of Forest Plantation in Mountainous Terrain from Bare-Earth Points Using a DoG-Coupled Radial Basis Function Neural Network
* TRL: Transformer based refinement learning for hybrid-supervised semantic segmentation
* two-step hypergraph reduction based fitting method for unbalanced data, A
* UAV-based multispectral remote sensing for precision agriculture: A comparison between different cameras
* Unsupervised Cryo-EM Images Denoising and Clustering Based on Deep Convolutional Autoencoder and K-Means++
* Unsupervised High-Resolution Portrait Gaze Correction and Animation
* Urban Land-Cover Change and Its Impact on the Ecosystem Carbon Storage in a Dryland City
* VDFlow: Joint Learning for Optical Flow and Video Deblurring
* Visual saliency detection based on homology similarity and an experimental evaluation
* Voice biometrics using linear Gaussian model
* Watershed Transformation Based Identification of the Combustion Region in an Oxy-coal Flame Image
* Wavelet Denoising Using a Conjointly Space and 2D Frequency Localized Filterbank
* WCA-Based Low-PSLL and Wide-Nulling Beampattern Synthesis for Radar Applications
* Weakly Supervised Actor-Action Segmentation via Robust Multi-task Ranking
* Weakly Supervised Multi-task Ranking Framework for Actor-Action Semantic Segmentation, A
* Weighted median-shift on graphs for geometric model fitting
Includes: Yan, Y.[Yan] Yan, Y.[Yuyao] Yan, Y. Yan, Y.[Yunyao] Yan, Y.[Youliang] Yan, Y.[Yang] Yan, Y.[Yanan] Yan, Y.[Ye] Yan, Y.[Yue] Yan, Y.[Yueguan] Yan, Y.[Yao] Yan, Y.[Yadi] Yan, Y.[Yanfu] Yan, Y.[Yier] Yan, Y.[Yi] Yan, Y.[Yu] Yan, Y.[Yingbai] Yan, Y.[Yong] Yan, Y.[Yibo] Yan, Y.[Yadan] Yan, Y.[Ya] Yan, Y.[Yilin] Yan, Y.[Ying] Yan, Y.[Yeli]
290 for Yan, Y.

Yan, Y.B. Co Author Listing * Image Feature-Extraction with the Optical Haar Wavelet Transform
* Joint Wavelet-Transform Correlator for Image Feature-Extraction
* Micro-Optical Multiwavelet Element for Hybrid Texture Segmentation Processor
* Theories for the design of diffractive superresolution elements and limits of optical superresolution
Includes: Yan, Y.B. Yan, Y.B.[Ying-Bai]

Yan, Y.C.[Yi Chao] Co Author Listing * 3D-Aware Face Swapping
* ActFormer: A GAN-based Transformer towards General Action-Conditioned 3D Human Motion Generation
* Adaptive shock filter for image super-resolution and enhancement
* Anchor-Free Person Search
* CLSA: A Contrastive Learning Framework With Selective Aggregation for Video Rescaling
* Cross-modality motion parameterization for fine-grained video prediction
* Domain Adaptive Person Search
* EAN: Event Adaptive Network for Enhanced Action Recognition
* Efficient Person Search: An Anchor-Free Approach
* Fine-Grained Video Captioning via Graph-based Multi-Granularity Interaction Learning
* GANHead: Towards Generative Animatable Neural Head Avatars
* Improving Fairness in Facial Albedo Estimation via Visual-Textual Cues
* Learning Context Graph for Person Search
* Learning Multi-Attention Context Graph for Group-Based Re-Identification
* Learning Multi-Granular Hypergraphs for Video-Based Person Re-Identification
* Mapping Multi-Temporal Population Distribution in China from 1985 to 2010 Using Landsat Images via Deep Learning
* Mask-guided cycle-GAN for specular highlight removal
* Model-agnostic progressive saliency map generation for object detector
* Multi-level attention model for person re-identification
* Person Re-identification via Recurrent Feature Aggregation
* Structure-Constrained Motion Sequence Generation
Includes: Yan, Y.C.[Yi Chao] Yan, Y.C.[Yi-Chao] Yan, Y.C.[Yu-Chen] Yan, Y.C.[Yu-Chao] Yan, Y.C.[Yi-Cheng]
21 for Yan, Y.C.

Yan, Y.F.[Yun Feng] Co Author Listing * Altered Fingerprints Detection Based on Deep Feature Fusion
* Cross modal similarity learning with active queries
* Effects of Cloud Microphysics on the Vertical Structures of Cloud Radiative Effects over the Tibetan Plateau and the Arctic
* Evaluating Road Lighting Quality Using High-Resolution JL1-3B Nighttime Light Remote Sensing Data: A Case Study in Nanjing, China
* Feature compensation network based on non-uniform quantization of channels for digital image global manipulation forensics
* Few-shot learning with relation propagation and constraint
* Hyperspectral Anomaly Detection with Auto-Encoder and Independent Target
* Light Attention Embedding for Facial Expression Recognition
* Triplet Attention Transformer for Spatiotemporal Predictive Learning
* Unlocking the Potential of Data Augmentation in Contrastive Learning for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Vision-based crater and rock detection using a cascade decision forest
Includes: Yan, Y.F.[Yun Feng] Yan, Y.F.[Yun-Feng] Yan, Y.F.[Yi-Fan] Yan, Y.F.[Ya-Fei] Yan, Y.F.[Yi-Fei] Yan, Y.F.[Yan-Fu]
11 for Yan, Y.F.

Yan, Y.G.[Yue Guan] Co Author Listing * Construction of Space-Sky-Ground Integrated Collaborative Monitoring Framework for Surface Deformation in Mining Area
* Distributed Stochastic Inertial-Accelerated Methods with Delayed Derivatives for Nonconvex Problems
* Heterogeneous Domain Adaptation by Information Capturing and Distribution Matching
* Hypergraph Collaborative Network on Vertices and Hyperedges
* Online Heterogeneous Transfer Learning by Weighted Offline and Online Classifiers
* Parameterized Gompertz-Guided Morphological AutoEncoder for Predicting Pulmonary Nodule Growth
* Power Pylon Reconstruction Based on Abstract Template Structures Using Airborne LiDAR Data
* Retrieval of Total Suspended Matter Concentration Based on the Iterative Analysis of Multiple Equations: A Case Study of a Lake Taihu Image from the First Sustainable Development Goals Science Satellite's Multispectral Imager for Inshore
Includes: Yan, Y.G.[Yue Guan] Yan, Y.G.[Yue-Guan] Yan, Y.G.[Yong-Gui] Yan, Y.G.[Yu-Guang]
8 for Yan, Y.G.

Yan, Y.H.[Yun Hui] Co Author Listing * Adjacent evaluation of local binary pattern for texture classification
* Automatic Inspection and Evaluation System for Pavement Distress
* CGFNet: Cross-Guided Fusion Network for RGB-T Salient Object Detection
* Comparing GRACE-FO KBR and LRI Ranging Data with Focus on Carrier Frequency Variations
* Decision-Tree-Based Online Speaker Clustering, A
* E2E-ASR-Based Iteratively-Trained Timestamp Estimator, An
* Exploring the potential of Siamese network for RGBT object tracking
* FSCNet: Feature-Specific Convolution Neural Network for Real-Time Speech Enhancement
* Impact of Different Filters on the Gravity Field Recovery Based on the GOCE Gradient Data, The
* Influence of the Low-Frequency Error of the Residual Orbit on Recovering Time-Variable Gravity Field from the Satellite-To-Satellite Tracking Mission
* Label and orthogonality regularized non-negative matrix factorization for image classification
* Learning discriminative update adaptive spatial-temporal regularized correlation filter for RGB-T tracking
* Learning object-centric complementary features for zero-shot learning
* MFS enhanced SAM: Achieving superior performance in bimodal few-shot segmentation
* Motion blur adaptive identification from natural image model
* Multi-Graph Fusion and Learning for RGBT Image Saliency Detection
* Multi-Scale Optimal Fusion Model for Single Image Dehazing
* Multi-Task Rank Learning for Image Quality Assessment
* Multimodal deep learning for solar radio burst classification
* Multiple Graph Affinity Interactive Network and a Variable Illumination Dataset for RGBT Image Salient Object Detection
* NERNet: Noise estimation and removal network for image denoising
* No-Reference Retargeted Image Quality Assessment Based on Pairwise Rank Learning
* Noise robust image matching using adjacent evaluation census transform and wavelet edge joint bilateral filter in stereo vision
* Non-negative matrix factorization via discriminative label embedding for pattern classification
* Normal-Knowledge-Based Pavement Defect Segmentation Using Relevance-Aware and Cross-Reasoning Mechanisms
* Pair of projections based on sparse consistence with applications to efficient face recognition
* Pyramid Global Context Network for Image Dehazing
* Secondary Path-Decoupled Active Noise Control Algorithm Based on Deep Learning, A
* Sports Type Determination Based on Keyword Spotting
* Suspicious Multi-Object Detection and Recognition Method for Millimeter Wave SAR Security Inspection Images Based on Multi-Path Extraction Network, A
* Visible and thermal images fusion architecture for few-shot semantic segmentation
Includes: Yan, Y.H.[Yun Hui] Yan, Y.H.[Yun-Hui] Yan, Y.H.[Yi-Hao] Yan, Y.H.[Yong-Hong] Yan, Y.H.[Yi-Hua] Yan, Y.H.[Yun-Hao]
31 for Yan, Y.H.

Yan, Y.J.[Yong Ji] Co Author Listing * Airborne Streak Tube Imaging LiDAR Processing System: A Single Echo Fast Target Extraction Implementation
* Approximations for the distribution of microflake normals
* Characteristics of Detect Index for Structural Small Damage Based on Wavelet Analysis Under Strong Background Noise
* Dataset-Dispersion Perspective on Reconstruction Versus Recognition in Single-View 3D Reconstruction Networks, A
* Dimensionality reduction based on determinantal point process and singular spectrum analysis for hyperspectral images
* Driver's Individual Risk Perception-Based Trajectory Planning: A Human-Like Method
* EM-EOF: Gap-Filling in Incomplete SAR Displacement Time Series
* Fast correlation technique for glacier flow monitoring by digital camera and space-borne SAR images
* FineRecon: Depth-aware Feed-forward Network for Detailed 3D Reconstruction
* Generic wavelet-based image decomposition and reconstruction framework for multi-modal data analysis in smart camera applications
* Glacier flow monitoring by digital camera and space-borne SAR images
* Hybrid optimization with unconstrained variables on partial point cloud registration
* Ice Aprons in the Mont Blanc Massif (Western European Alps): Topographic Characteristics and Relations with Glaciers and Other Types of Perennial Surface Ice Features
* Improved MSR-Based Data-Driven Detection Method Using Smoothing Pre-Processing, An
* Integration of Corner Reflectors for the Monitoring of Mountain Glacier Areas with Sentinel-1 Time Series
* LivePose: Online 3D Reconstruction from Monocular Video with Dynamic Camera Poses
* NTIRE 2020 Challenge on Spectral Reconstruction from an RGB Image
* partial cooperative control vehicle-to-vehicle trajectory planning algorithm with potential field constraints of arc-shaped road's boundary and vehicles' relative position, A
* Particle swarm optimization to determine conjointly well localized MLTs
* Self-Learning Optimal Cruise Control Based on Individual Car-Following Style
* Study on Structural Damage Detection Method Based on Model Updating, A
* Superpixel based Feature Specific Sparse Representation for Spectral-Spatial Classification of Hyperspectral Images
* Unsupervised image saliency detection with Gestalt-laws guided optimization and visual attention based refinement
Includes: Yan, Y.J.[Yong Ji] Yan, Y.J.[Yong-Ji] Yan, Y.J.[Ya-Jie] Yan, Y.J.[Yun-Ju] Yan, Y.J.[Yu-Jun] Yan, Y.J.[Yi-Jun] Yan, Y.J.[Yong-Jun] Yan, Y.J.[Ya-Jing] Yan, Y.J.[Yuan-Jie] Yan, Y.J.[Yu-Jia] Yan, Y.J.[Yan-Jun]
23 for Yan, Y.J.

Yan, Y.K.[Yu Kun] Co Author Listing * Colorization Method Based on Fuzzy Clustering and Distance Transformation, A
* Iterative Histogram-Modification of Gray Images
* Moving Foreground Detection Based on Modified Codebook
Includes: Yan, Y.K.[Yu Kun] Yan, Y.K. Yan, Y.K.[Yu-Kun]

Yan, Y.L. Co Author Listing * Candidate scheme for fast ACELP search
* CLIFF: Carrying Location Information in Full Frames into Human Pose and Shape Estimation
* Codec Information Assisted Framework for Efficient Compressed Video Super-Resolution, A
* Exploiting Temporal Consistency for Real-Time Video Depth Estimation
* Exploring Google Street View with deep learning for crop type mapping
* Large-Scale Many-Objective Deployment Optimization of Edge Servers
* Learning Steerable Function for Efficient Image Resampling
* Modeling and recognizing action contexts in persons using sparse representation
* Multimodal Transformer for Accelerated MR Imaging
* NTIRE 2020 Challenge on Real Image Denoising: Dataset, Methods and Results
* NTIRE 2022 Challenge on Super-Resolution and Quality Enhancement of Compressed Video: Dataset, Methods and Results
* Projection of Future Extreme Precipitation in China Based on the CMIP6 from a Machine Learning Perspective
* Real-Time Video Super-Resolution on Smartphones with Deep Learning, Mobile AI 2021 Challenge: Report
* Revisiting multiple instance neural networks
* Specificity-Preserving Federated Learning for MR Image Reconstruction
* Three-Dimensional Structure Analysis and Droplet Spectrum Characteristics of Southwest Vortex Precipitation System Based on GPM-DPR
* Toward RAW Object Detection: A New Benchmark and A New Model
* Vehicle make and model recognition using sparse representation and symmetrical SURFs
* Wavelet-based network for high dynamic range imaging
* Weakly Supervised Region Proposal Network and Object Detection
Includes: Yan, Y.L. Yan, Y.L.[You-Liang] Yan, Y.L.[Yu-Lin] Yan, Y.L.[Yan-Long] Yan, Y.L.[Yi-Lin] Yan, Y.L.[Yun-Lu] Yan, Y.L.[Yong-Luan]
20 for Yan, Y.L.

Yan, Y.M.[Yi Ming] Co Author Listing * 3D Reconstruction Framework of Buildings Using Single Off-Nadir Satellite Image, A
* Data Augmentation Strategy Based on Simulated Samples for Ship Detection in RGB Remote Sensing Images, A
* Gully Erosion Monitoring Based on Semi-Supervised Semantic Segmentation with Boundary-Guided Pseudo-Label Generation Strategy and Adaptive Loss Function
* IML-Net: A Framework for Cross-View Geo-Localization with Multi-Domain Remote Sensing Data
* Low Contrast Infrared Target Detection Method Based on Residual Thermal Backbone Network and Weighting Loss Function
* Novel Object-Level Building-Matching Method across 2D Images and 3D Point Clouds Based on the Signed Distance Descriptor (SDD), A
* PIIE-DSA-Net for 3D Semantic Segmentation of Urban Indoor and Outdoor Datasets
* RANet: A Reliability-Guided Aggregation Network for Hyperspectral and RGB Fusion Tracking
* SII-Net: Spatial Information Integration Network for Small Target Detection in SAR Images
* TMTNet: A Transformer-Based Multimodality Information Transfer Network for Hyperspectral Object Tracking
* UniRender: Reconstructing 3D Surfaces from Aerial Images with a Unified Rendering Scheme
* Where Urban Youth Work and Live: A Data-Driven Approach to Identify Urban Functional Areas at a Fine Scale
Includes: Yan, Y.M.[Yi Ming] Yan, Y.M.[Yi-Ming]
12 for Yan, Y.M.

Yan, Y.N.[Ya Nan] Co Author Listing * Improved POLSAR Image Classification by the Use of Multi-Feature Combination
* MLGNet: Multi-Task Learning Network with Attention-Guided Mechanism for Segmenting Agricultural Fields
* Use of Sub-Aperture Decomposition for Supervised PolSAR Classification in Urban Area
Includes: Yan, Y.N.[Ya Nan] Yan, Y.N.[Ya-Nan] Yan, Y.N.[Ya-Ning]

Yan, Y.P.[Ya Ping] Co Author Listing * Accumulated and aggregated shifting of intensity for defect detection on micro 3D textured surfaces
* Learning from Noisy Labels via Meta Credible Label Elicitation
* Quantum-Accelerated Fractal Image Compression: An Interdisciplinary Approach
* Scene-Aware Feature Matching
Includes: Yan, Y.P.[Ya Ping] Yan, Y.P.[Ya-Ping]

Yan, Y.Q.[Yu Qian] Co Author Listing * 2D compressed sensing of encrypted images based on complex-valued measurement matrix
* Creep-Sliding Deformation Mechanism of the Jiaju Ancient Landslide in the Upstream of Dadu River, Tibetan Plateau, China, The
* Real-time Segmenting Human Portrait at Anywhere
* RGBT Tracking via Multi-Adapter Network with Hierarchical Divergence Loss
* Study on the Creep-Sliding Mechanism of the Giant Xiongba Ancient Landslide Based on the SBAS-InSAR Method, Tibetan Plateau, China
* SUR-Driven Video Coding Rate Control for Jointly Optimizing Perceptual Quality and Buffer Control
Includes: Yan, Y.Q.[Yu Qian] Yan, Y.Q.[Yu-Qian] Yan, Y.Q.[Yi-Qiu] Yan, Y.Q.[Yi-Qiang] Yan, Y.Q.[Yu-Qing]

Yan, Y.R.[Yi Ran] Co Author Listing * Global Contraction and Local Strengthening of Firms' Supply and Sales Logistics Networks in the Context of COVID-19: Evidence from the Development Zones in Weifang, China
Includes: Yan, Y.R.[Yi Ran] Yan, Y.R.[Yi-Ran]

Yan, Y.S. Co Author Listing * Optimization model of number of scheduled freight train formation cars
* Tightly Coupled Integration Approach for Cooperative Positioning Enhancement in DSRC Vehicular Networks, A
* Weighted Undirected Similarity Network Construction and Application for Nonlinear Time Series Detection
Includes: Yan, Y.S. Yan, Y.S.[Yong-Sheng]

Yan, Y.T.[Yi Tong] Co Author Listing * Fine-Grained Attention and Feature-Sharing Generative Adversarial Networks for Single Image Super-Resolution
* Suitability Evaluation of Urban Construction Land Based on an Approach of Vertical-Horizontal Processes
Includes: Yan, Y.T.[Yi Tong] Yan, Y.T.[Yi-Tong] Yan, Y.T.[Yue-Tian]

Yan, Y.W.[Ying Wei] Co Author Listing * Developing Shopping and Dining Walking Indices Using POIs and Remote Sensing Data
* Evaluation of Satellite-Altimetry-Derived Pycnocline Depth Products in the South China Sea
* Exploring the Applicability of Self-Organizing Maps for Ecosystem Service Zoning of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area
* Impact of Diurnal Variability of Sea Surface Temperature on Air-Sea Heat Flux Estimation over the Northwest Pacific Ocean, The
* Monitoring and Assessing Post-Disaster Tourism Recovery Using Geotagged Social Media Data
* novel method for automatic 2D-to-3D video conversion, A
* Quiet Route Planning for Pedestrians in Traffic Noise Polluted Environments
* Spatial and Temporal Variations of Aerosol Optical Thickness over the China Seas from Himawari-8
* Towards Enhancing Integrated Pest Management Based on Volunteered Geographic Information
Includes: Yan, Y.W.[Ying Wei] Yan, Y.W.[Ying-Wei] Yan, Y.W.[Yun-Wei] Yan, Y.W.[You-Wei]
9 for Yan, Y.W.

Yan, Y.X.[Yi Xin] Co Author Listing * Emotion recognition based on sparse learning feature selection method for social communication
* Enhanced Neural Network Model for Worldwide Estimation of Weighted Mean Temperature
* Extracting Typical Samples Based on Image Environmental Factors to Obtain an Accurate and High-Resolution Soil Type Map
* Guiding intelligent surveillance system by learning-by-synthesis gaze estimation
* Multi-Criteria Evaluation of the Urban Ecological Environment in Shanghai Based on Remote Sensing, A
* Pedestrian recognition in multi-camera networks using multilevel important salient feature and multicategory incremental learning
* Suspected Seismo-Ionospheric Anomalies before Three Major Earthquakes Detected by GIMs and GPS TEC of Permanent Stations
* Universal SAR and optical image registration via a novel SIFT framework based on nonlinear diffusion and a polar spatial-frequency descriptor
* Urban Fine-Grained Spatial Structure Detection Based on a New Traffic Flow Interaction Analysis Framework
Includes: Yan, Y.X.[Yi Xin] Yan, Y.X.[Yi-Xin] Yan, Y.X.[Yu-Xiang] Yan, Y.X.[Yun-Xin] Yan, Y.X.[Yu-Xiao] Yan, Y.X.[Yi-Xiang] Yan, Y.X.[Yu-Xuan] Yan, Y.X.[Ying-Xue]
9 for Yan, Y.X.

Yan, Y.Y.[Yang Yang] Co Author Listing * Analyzing the Dynamic Spatiotemporal Changes in Urban Extension across Zhejiang Province Using NPP-VIIRS Nighttime Light Data
* local modified Chan-Vese model for segmenting inhomogeneous multiphase images, A
* Moving shadow detection via binocular vision and colour clustering
* Multi-Scale Separable Network for Ultra-High-Definition Video Deblurring
* O2O Method for Fast 2D Shape Retrieval
* Saliency detection framework via linear neighbourhood propagation
* SRGAT: Single Image Super-Resolution with Graph Attention Network
Includes: Yan, Y.Y.[Yang Yang] Yan, Y.Y.[Yang-Yang] Yan, Y.Y.[Yun-Yang] Yan, Y.Y.[Yu-Yao] Yan, Y.Y.[Yan-Yang] Yan, Y.Y.[Yun-Yi]
7 for Yan, Y.Y.

Yan, Y.Z.[Yong Zhe] Co Author Listing * 2D Wasserstein loss for robust facial landmark detection
* Estimation of building height using a single street view image via deep neural networks
* Fine-grained facial landmark detection exploiting intermediate feature representations
* Learning Sparse Filters in Deep Convolutional Neural Networks with a L1/l2 Pseudo-norm
* Local Dominant Orientation Based Mutual Information for Multisensor Template Matching
* Novel Absolute Orientation Method Using Local Similarities Representation, A
* Representing Volumetric Videos as Dynamic MLP Maps
* Trajectory Recovery and Terrain Reconstruction Based on Descent Images under Dual-Restrained Conditions: Tianwen-1
* Two-stage human hair segmentation in the wild using deep shape prior
Includes: Yan, Y.Z.[Yong Zhe] Yan, Y.Z.[Yong-Zhe] Yan, Y.Z.[Yi-Zhen] Yan, Y.Z.[Yu-Zhuang] Yan, Y.Z.[Yun-Zhi]
9 for Yan, Y.Z.

Yan, Z.[Zhu] Co Author Listing * Accelerating the SVM Learning for Very Large Data Sets
* Active Neural Mapping
* Adversarial Margin Maximization Networks
* Ant Colony Optimization for Feature Selection in Face Recognition
* Application of ECOC SVMS in Remote Sensing Image Classification
* Attribute-Based Synthetic Network (ABS-Net): Learning more from pseudo feature representations
* Benet: Boundary Enhance Network for Salient Object Detection
* CAGAN: Classifier-augmented generative adversarial networks for weakly-supervised COVID-19 lung lesion localisation
* Channel-wise Knowledge Distillation for Dense Prediction*
* Cloud-based video streaming with systematic mobile display energy saving: Rate-distortion-display energy profiling
* Computerized tumor boundary detection using a Hopfield neural network
* Continual Neural Mapping: Learning An Implicit Scene Representation from Sequential Observations
* Continuous-Time Stereo Visual Odometry Based on Dynamics Model
* Cyberattacks on connected automated vehicles: A traffic impact analysis
* DE-GAN: Domain Embedded GAN for High Quality Face Image Inpainting
* DeepTag: An Unsupervised Deep Learning Method for Motion Tracking on Cardiac Tagging Magnetic Resonance Images
* Denoising framework based on external prior guided rotational clustering
* Distribution Characteristics and Influencing Factors of Sea Ice Leads in the Weddell Sea, Antarctica
* Drop an Octave: Reducing Spatial Redundancy in Convolutional Neural Networks With Octave Convolution
* Dynamic Evolution Modeling of a Lake-Terminating Glacier in the Western Himalayas Using a Two-Dimensional Higher-Order Flowline Model
* Effects of Climate Change on Corn Yields: Spatiotemporal Evidence from Geographically and Temporally Weighted Regression Model
* Efficient Data Traffic Forwarding for Infrastructure-to-Infrastructure Communications in VANETs
* Enabling a Single Deep Learning Model for Accurate Gland Instance Segmentation: A Shape-Aware Adversarial Learning Framework
* Error-resilient coding of 3-d graphic models via adaptive mesh segmentation
* Estimation of Daily Arctic Winter Sea Ice Thickness from Thermodynamic Parameters Using a Self-Attention Convolutional Neural Network
* Exemplar-Based Image and Video Stylization Using Fully Convolutional Semantic Features
* Experimental Investigation of Text-Based CAPTCHA Attacks and Their Robustness, An
* Exploring Overall Contextual Information for Image Captioning in Human-Like Cognitive Style
* Feature Alignment and Uniformity for Test Time Adaptation
* Few-Shot Learning by a Cascaded Framework With Shape-Constrained Pseudo Label Assessment for Whole Heart Segmentation
* Flexible image denoising model with multi-layer conditional feature modulation
* Forecasting initial popularity of just-uploaded user-generated videos
* FRCSyn Challenge at WACV 2024: Face Recognition Challenge in the Era of Synthetic Data
* Full-scale attention network for automated organ segmentation on head and neck CT and MR images
* Generating Paired Seismic Training Data with Cycle-Consistent Adversarial Networks
* GloVe-Based POI Type Embedding Model for Extracting and Identifying Urban Functional Regions, A
* Graph Attention Network With Spatial-Temporal Clustering for Traffic Flow Forecasting in Intelligent Transportation System
* Graph Convolutional Network with Early Attention Module for Skeleton-based Action Prediction, A
* HACS: Human Action Clips and Segments Dataset for Recognition and Temporal Localization
* HD-CNN: Hierarchical Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Large Scale Visual Recognition
* How Effectively can Indoor Wireless Positioning Relieve Visual Tracking Pains: A Cramer-Rao Bound Viewpoi
* Image denoising via K-SVD with primal-dual active set algorithm
* Improving Vibration Performance of Electric Vehicles Based on In-Wheel Motor-Active Suspension System via Robust Finite Frequency Control
* Incorporating Semi-Supervised and Positive-Unlabeled Learning for Boosting Full Reference Image Quality Assessment
* Influences of Level 2 Automated Driving on Driver Behaviors: A Comparison With Manual Driving
* Integration of Linguistic and Geospatial Features Using Global Context Embedding for Automated Text Geocoding, The
* LAGRS-Soil: A Full-Polarization GNSS-Reflectometry Model for Bare Soil Applications in FY-3E GNOS-R Payload
* Liver Venous Tree Separation via Twin-Line RANSAC and Murray's Law
* Local Azimuth Ambiguity-to-Signal Ratio Estimation Method Based on the Doppler Power Spectrum in SAR Images
* Local Supports Global: Deep Camera Relocalization With Sequence Enhancement
* Mesh Segmentation Schemes for Error Resilient Coding of 3-D Graphic Models
* Multi-Instance Deep Learning: Discover Discriminative Local Anatomies for Bodypart Recognition
* Multilabel Image Classification via Feature/Label Co-Projection
* Novel Two-Stage Knowledge Distillation Framework for Skeleton-Based Action Prediction, A
* On-Orbit Radiometric Calibration of Hyperspectral Sensors on Board Micro-Nano Satellite Constellation Based on RadCalNet Data
* Online Change-Point Detection in Sparse Time Series With Application to Online Advertising
* Online Learning of a Probabilistic and Adaptive Scene Representation
* Optimal Transport for Unsupervised Denoising Learning
* Performance Modeling a Near-Infrared ToF LiDAR Under Fog: A Data-Driven Approach
* Prius: Hybrid Edge Cloud and Client Adaptation for HTTP Adaptive Streaming in Cellular Networks
* Quantitative Study on American COVID-19 Epidemic Predictions and Scenario Simulations
* Rayleigh Lidar Signal Denoising Method Combined with WT, EEMD and LOWESS to Improve Retrieval Accuracy
* Reconstruction of 3D Information of Buildings from Single-View Images Based on Shadow Information
* Reducing the spiral CT slice thickness using super resolution
* Removing ring artifacts in CBCT images via L0 smoothing
* Research on the Measurement Accuracy of Shipborne Rayleigh Scattering Lidar
* Robust LiDAR-Based Vehicle Detection for On-Road Autonomous Driving
* Scalable Access Control For Privacy-Aware Media Sharing
* Scribble-based complementary graph reasoning network for weakly supervised salient object detection
* Self-Adaptive Gradient-Based Thresholding Method for Coal Fire Detection Based on ASTER Data: Part 2, Validation and Sensitivity Analysis
* Self-Supervised Deep Visual Odometry With Online Adaptation
* Sequential Adversarial Learning for Self-Supervised Deep Visual Odometry
* Skeletal Similarity Metric for Quality Evaluation of Retinal Vessel Segmentation, A
* Spatial-Temporal Motion Compensation Based Video Super Resolution
* Spatiotemporal Analysis of Landscape Ecological Risk and Driving Factors: A Case Study in the Three Gorges Reservoir Area, China
* SSPA-LBS: Scalable and Social-Friendly Privacy-Aware Location-Based Services
* Stacked Local Feature Detector for Hyperspectral Image
* study of brain networks driven by steady-state visual evoked potentials, The
* TC-SfM: Robust Track-Community-Based Structure-From-Motion
* Toward Convolutional Blind Denoising of Real Photographs
* Toward Guaranteed Video Experience: Service-Aware Downlink Resource Allocation in Mobile Edge Networks
* Towards better exploiting object-based image analysis paradigm for local climate zones mapping
* Traffic Equilibrium Considering Heterogeneity Across Electric Vehicles
* Uncertainty Evaluation on Temperature Detection of Middle Atmosphere by Rayleigh Lidar
* Using Geographically Weighted Regression to Study the Seasonal Influence of Potential Risk Factors on the Incidence of HFMD on the Chinese Mainland
* Uygur Words Localization in Single Frame Image of Complex Background
* Water Body Extraction from Very High Spatial Resolution Remote Sensing Data Based on Fully Convolutional Networks
* Weakly Supervised Deep Nuclei Segmentation Using Partial Points Annotation in Histopathology Images
* Weighted Fidelity and Regularization-Based Method for Mixed or Unknown Noise Removal From Images on Graphs, A
Includes: Yan, Z.[Zhu] Yan, Z.[Zike] Yan, Z.[Ziang] Yan, Z.[Zhong] Yan, Z. Yan, Z.[Zhiqi] Yan, Z.[Zhe] Yan, Z.[Zheng] Yan, Z.[Zhennan] Yan, Z.[Zhan] Yan, Z.[Zhongnan] Yan, Z.[Zhen] Yan, Z.[Zipei] Yan, Z.[Zifei] Yan, Z.[Zheyu] Yan, Z.[Ziye] Yan, Z.[Zhuo] Yan, Z.[Zeyuan] Yan, Z.[Zhanhong] Yan, Z.[Zheren] Yan, Z.[Zhuofan] Yan, Z.[Zhiyu] Yan, Z.[Zeyu] Yan, Z.[Zhi] Yan, Z.[Zhaoai] Yan, Z.[Zhiyi] Yan, Z.[Zihan] Yan, Z.[Ziyun] Yan, Z.[Zhou]
89 for Yan, Z.

Yan, Z.A.[Zhao Ai] Co Author Listing * Research on Stellar Occultation Detection with Bandpass Filtering for Oxygen Density Retrieval
Includes: Yan, Z.A.[Zhao Ai] Yan, Z.A.[Zhao-Ai]

Yan, Z.B.[Zheng Bing] Co Author Listing * Estimating 10-m land surface albedo from Sentinel-2 satellite observations using a direct estimation approach with Google Earth Engine
* Intersection-Based QoS Routing for Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks With Reinforcement Learning, An
* Mapping Forage Biomass and Quality of the Inner Mongolia Grasslands by Combining Field Measurements and Sentinel-2 Observations
* Monitoring tree-crown scale autumn leaf phenology in a temperate forest with an integration of PlanetScope and drone remote sensing observations
* Rust Detection of Steel Structure via One-Class Classification and L2 Sparse Representation with Decision Fusion
Includes: Yan, Z.B.[Zheng Bing] Yan, Z.B.[Zheng-Bing] Yan, Z.B.[Zhi-Bo] Yan, Z.B.[Zhao-Bo]

Yan, Z.C.[Zhi Cheng] Co Author Listing * Attention-based high dynamic range imaging
* Auto-X3D: Ultra-Efficient Video Understanding via Finer-Grained Neural Architecture Search
* DMC-Net: Generating Discriminative Motion Cues for Fast Compressed Video Action Recognition
* EgoObjects: A Large-Scale Egocentric Dataset for Fine-Grained Object Understanding
* Exploring Open-Vocabulary Semantic Segmentation from CLIP Vision Encoder Distillation Only
* FP-NAS: Fast Probabilistic Neural Architecture Search
* Going Denser with Open-Vocabulary Part Segmentation
* Graph-Based Global Reasoning Networks
* Multiscale Vision Transformers
* Only Time Can Tell: Discovering Temporal Data for Temporal Modeling
* Reinforced Self-Supervised Training for Few-Shot Learning
* Rethinking the Self-Attention in Vision Transformers
* Searching for Two-Stream Models in Multivariate Space for Video Recognition
* Understanding and Accelerating Neural Architecture Search With Training-Free and Theory-Grounded Metrics
* Unified Transformer Tracker for Object Tracking
* Visual Transformers: Where Do Transformers Really Belong in Vision Models?
Includes: Yan, Z.C.[Zhi Cheng] Yan, Z.C.[Zhi-Cheng] Yan, Z.C.[Zhi-Chao]
16 for Yan, Z.C.

Yan, Z.D.[Zhi Dong] Co Author Listing * Robust Coding of 3D Graphic Models using Mesh Segmentation and Data Partitioning
Includes: Yan, Z.D.[Zhi Dong] Yan, Z.D.[Zhi-Dong]

Yan, Z.F.[Zi Fei] Co Author Listing * GCP-SLAM: LSD-SLAM with Learning-Based Confidence Estimation
Includes: Yan, Z.F.[Zi Fei] Yan, Z.F.[Zi-Fei]

Yan, Z.G.[Zhi Gang] Co Author Listing * GIS-Based Multi-Criterion Decision-Making Method to Select City Fire Brigade: A Case Study of Wuhan, China, A
* High-Accuracy Recognition and Localization of Moving Targets in an Indoor Environment Using Binocular Stereo Vision
* mapSR: A Deep Neural Network for Super-Resolution of Raster Map
* Multi-Criterion Spatial Optimization of Future Police Stations Based on Urban Expansion and Criminal Behavior Characteristics
* Ship Classification in Synthetic Aperture Radar Images Based on Multiple Classifiers Ensemble Learning and Automatic Identification System Data Transfer Learning
* Spatial Correlation between the Changes in Supply and Demand for Water-Related Ecosystem Services
Includes: Yan, Z.G.[Zhi Gang] Yan, Z.G.[Zhi-Gang] Yan, Z.G.[Zhen-Guo]

Yan, Z.H.[Zhi Heng] Co Author Listing * C2S-RoadNet: Road Extraction Model with Depth-Wise Separable Convolution and Self-Attention
* Design Eye-Tracking Augmented Reality Headset to Reduce Cognitive Load in Repetitive Parcel Scanning Task
* High Spatial-Temporal Resolution Estimation of Ground-Based Global Navigation Satellite System Interferometric Reflectometry (GNSS-IR) Soil Moisture Using the Genetic Algorithm Back Propagation (GA-BP) Neural Network
Includes: Yan, Z.H.[Zhi Heng] Yan, Z.H.[Zhi-Heng] Yan, Z.H.[Zi-Han]

Yan, Z.J.[Zhao Jin] Co Author Listing * Concave Hull Methodology for Calculating the Crown Volume of Individual Trees Based on Vehicle-Borne LiDAR Data, A
* context-sensitive-chunk BPTT approach to training deep LSTM/BLSTM recurrent neural networks for offline handwriting recognition, A
* INT2: Interactive Trajectory Prediction at Intersections
* Integrating Island Spatial Information and Integer Optimization for Locating Maritime Search and Rescue Bases: A Case Study in the South China Sea
* Integrating Remote Sensing Data and CNN-LSTM-Attention Techniques for Improved Forest Stock Volume Estimation: A Comprehensive Analysis of Baishanzu Forest Park, China
* Local contrast measure with iterative error for infrared small target detection
* Method for Exploring and Analyzing Spatiotemporal Patterns of Traffic Congestion in Expressway Networks Based on Origin-Destination Data, A
* Oil Flow Analysis in the Maritime Silk Road Region Using AIS Data
* Panoramic visual tracking based on adaptive mechanism
* Verification of Land Cover Datasets with the Geo-Tagged Natural Scene Images, The
Includes: Yan, Z.J.[Zhao Jin] Yan, Z.J.[Zhao-Jin] Yan, Z.J.[Zhi-Jie] Yan, Z.J.[Zhi-Jun] Yan, Z.J.[Zu-Jing] Yan, Z.J.[Zhen-Jun] Yan, Z.J.[Zi-Jing]
10 for Yan, Z.J.

Yan, Z.L.[Zhang Lu] Co Author Listing * CQ+ Training: Minimizing Accuracy Loss in Conversion From Convolutional Neural Networks to Spiking Neural Networks
* SketchBird: Learning to Generate Bird Sketches from Text
Includes: Yan, Z.L.[Zhang Lu] Yan, Z.L.[Zhang-Lu] Yan, Z.L.[Zhi-Ling]

Yan, Z.N.[Zhen Nan] Co Author Listing * Accurate Whole-Brain Segmentation for Alzheimer's Disease Combining an Adaptive Statistical Atlas and Multi-atlas
* Automated and Robust Framework for Quantification of Muscle and Fat in the Thigh, An
* Automatic Liver Segmentation and Hepatic Fat Fraction Assessment in MRI
* Calibrationless Parallel Dynamic MRI with Joint Temporal Sparsity
* Construction of Left Ventricle 3D Shape Atlas from Cardiac MRI
* detection-driven and sparsity-constrained deformable model for fascia lata labeling and thigh inter-muscular adipose quantification, A
* Learn Distributed GAN with Temporary Discriminators
Includes: Yan, Z.N.[Zhen Nan] Yan, Z.N.[Zhen-Nan]
7 for Yan, Z.N.

Yan, Z.Q.[Zeng Qiang] Co Author Listing * Exploring Intermediate Representation for Monocular Vehicle Pose Estimation
* FedMix: Mixed Supervised Federated Learning for Medical Image Segmentation
* Hierarchical Associative Encoding and Decoding for Bottom-Up Human Pose Estimation
* KSRG: Knowledge-Aware Sequential Recommendation with Graph Neural Networks
* Large-area depth recovery for RGB-D camera
* Lighter the Better: Rethinking Transformers in Medical Image Segmentation Through Adaptive Pruning, The
* MMA-Net: Multi-view mixed attention mechanism for facial action unit detection
* Multi-modal Masked Pre-training for Monocular Panoramic Depth Completion
* Physics-Based TOF Imaging Simulation for Space Targets Based on Improved Path Tracing
* Regularizing Nighttime Weirdness: Efficient Self-supervised Monocular Depth Estimation in the Dark
* RigNet: Repetitive Image Guided Network for Depth Completion
* Small-Scaled Intraoperative 3D Visualization Navigation System for Femoral Head Repair Surgery, A
* Space-Based THz Radar Fly-Around Imaging Simulation for Space Targets Based on Improved Path Tracing
* UCTNet: Uncertainty-guided CNN-Transformer hybrid networks for medical image segmentation
Includes: Yan, Z.Q.[Zeng Qiang] Yan, Z.Q.[Zeng-Qiang] Yan, Z.Q.[Zhi-Qiang] Yan, Z.Q.[Zuo-Qin]
14 for Yan, Z.Q.

Yan, Z.Q.A.[Zeng Qi Ang] Co Author Listing * Describing Upper-Body Motions Based on Labanotation for Learning-from-Observation Robots
Includes: Yan, Z.Q.A.[Zeng Qi Ang] Yan, Z.Q.A.[Zeng-Qi-Ang]

Yan, Z.R.[Zhuo Ran] Co Author Listing * Novel Model Integrating Deep Learning for Land Use/Cover Change Reconstruction: A Case Study of Zhenlai County, Northeast China, A
Includes: Yan, Z.R.[Zhuo Ran] Yan, Z.R.[Zhuo-Ran]

Yan, Z.S.[Zhi Sheng] Co Author Listing * Block-based variable density compressed image sampling
* Embedding Pose Information for Multiview Vehicle Model Recognition
* Feature fusion quality assessment model for DASH video streaming
* Multi-Purpose Oriented Single Nighttime Image Haze Removal Based on Unified Variational Retinex Model
* Nighttime Image Dehazing Based on Variational Decomposition Model
* Service provisioning and profit maximization in network-assisted adaptive HTTP streaming
Includes: Yan, Z.S.[Zhi Sheng] Yan, Z.S.[Zhi-Sheng] Yan, Z.S.[Zhong-Sheng]

Yan, Z.W.[Zheng Wen] Co Author Listing * Adaptive DDK Filter for GRACE Time-Variable Gravity Field with a Novel Anisotropic Filtering Strength Metric
* Decoupling and Coupling Transformation for Arbitrary Style Transfer
* Discriminative Region Mining for Object Detection
* Image stitching based on angle-consistent warping
* NeRF-DS: Neural Radiance Fields for Dynamic Specular Objects
* Practical Stereo Matching via Cascaded Recurrent Network with Adaptive Correlation
* Radar Echo Reconstruction in Oceanic Area via Deep Learning of Satellite Data
* Reconstruction of the Radar Reflectivity of Convective Storms Based on Deep Learning and Himawari-8 Observations
Includes: Yan, Z.W.[Zheng Wen] Yan, Z.W.[Zheng-Wen] Yan, Z.W.[Zhi-Wei] Yan, Z.W.[Zhi-Wen] Yan, Z.W.[Zi-Wei] Yan, Z.W.[Zhong-Wei]
8 for Yan, Z.W.

Yan, Z.X.[Zhi Xin] Co Author Listing * Comparison on Quantitative Analysis of Olivine Using MarSCoDe Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy in a Simulated Martian Atmosphere
* multi-touch finger gesture based low-fatigue VR travel framework, A
* OmniFusion: 360 Monocular Depth Estimation via Geometry-Aware Fusion
* PanoDepth: A Two-Stage Approach for Monocular Omnidirectional Depth Estimation
* Semantic trajectories modeling and analysis
Includes: Yan, Z.X.[Zhi Xin] Yan, Z.X.[Zhi-Xin] Yan, Z.X.[Zhi-Xian]

Yan, Z.Y.[Zhi Yuan] Co Author Listing * AST: Adaptive Self-supervised Transformer for optical remote sensing representation
* BR-GAN: A Pedestrian Trajectory Prediction Model Combined With Behavior Recognition
* Compact Cloud Detection with Bidirectional Self-Attention Knowledge Distillation
* Comparing Object-Based and Pixel-Based Methods for Local Climate Zones Mapping with Multi-Source Data
* ConvMath: A Convolutional Sequence Network for Mathematical Expression Recognition
* Critical Analysis of NeRF-Based 3D Reconstruction, A
* Crowd Counting Via Perspective-Guided Fractional-Dilation Convolution
* DABNet: Deformable Contextual and Boundary-Weighted Network for Cloud Detection in Remote Sensing Images
* FAIR1M: A benchmark dataset for fine-grained object recognition in high-resolution remote sensing imagery
* High Wind Speed Inversion Model of CYGNSS Sea Surface Data Based on Machine Learning
* Improved Normed-Deformable Convolution for Crowd Counting, An
* Integrated Method for Estimating Forest-Canopy Closure Based on UAV LiDAR Data, An
* JMLNet: Joint Multi-Label Learning Network for Weakly Supervised Semantic Segmentation in Aerial Images
* Multi-scale and Multi-stage Deraining Network with Fourier Space Loss
* Multimodal Remote Sensing Image Segmentation With Intuition-Inspired Hypergraph Modeling
* Patch-Based Local Climate Zones Mapping and Population Distribution Pattern in Provincial Capital Cities of China
* Perspective-Guided Convolution Networks for Crowd Counting
* PVT-COV19D: Covid-19 Detection Through Medical Image Classification Based on Pyramid Vision Transformer
* Refining pre-image via error compensation for KPCA-based pattern de-noising
* Research on Shore-Based River Flow Velocity Inversion Model Using GNSS-R Raw Data
* RETRACTION: Transformer-induced graph reasoning for multimodal semantic segmentation in remote sensing
* Shift-Net: Image Inpainting via Deep Feature Rearrangement
* SRAF-Net: Shape Robust Anchor-Free Network for Garbage Dumps in Remote Sensing Imagery
* Super resolution in CT
* Topological Space Knowledge Distillation for Compact Road Extraction in Optical Remote Sensing Images
* Towards Learning Multi-Domain Crowd Counting
* UCF: Uncovering Common Features for Generalizable Deepfake Detection
* Variational Attention: Propagating Domain-Specific Knowledge for Multi-Domain Learning in Crowd Counting
Includes: Yan, Z.Y.[Zhi Yuan] Yan, Z.Y.[Zhi-Yuan] Yan, Z.Y.[Zhen Ying] Yan, Z.Y.[Zi-Yun] Yan, Z.Y.[Zuo-Yu] Yan, Z.Y.[Zi-Yang] Yan, Z.Y.[Zhao-Yi] Yan, Z.Y.[Zi-Yu] Yan, Z.Y.[Zhao-Yong] Yan, Z.Y.[Zhao-Yan] Yan, Z.Y.[Zi-Ye]
28 for Yan, Z.Y.

Yan, Z.Z. Co Author Listing * Anatomical-map system for CT interpretation
* Detection of Schools in Remote Sensing Images Based on Attention-Guided Dense Network
* FPConv: Learning Local Flattening for Point Convolution
* LapsCore: Language-guided Person Search via Color Reasoning
* Lattice Boltzmann Method of Active Contour for Image Segmentation
* MVImgNet: A Large-scale Dataset of Multi-view Images
* ScienceEarth: A Big Data Platform for Remote Sensing Data Processing
* SCoDA: Domain Adaptive Shape Completion for Real Scans
* Universal Semi-supervised Model Adaptation via Collaborative Consistency Training
Includes: Yan, Z.Z. Yan, Z.Z.[Zhen-Zhen] Yan, Z.Z.[Zi-Zheng] Yan, Z.Z.[Zhuang-Zhi]
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