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Qian, B. Co Author Listing * Deep Multi-Modal CNN for Multi-Instance Multi-Label Image Classification, A
* Detection and Analysis of C-Band Radio Frequency Interference in AMSR2 Data over Land
* Double Constrained NMF for Partial Multi-View Clustering
* Improving Soil Available Nutrient Estimation by Integrating Modified WOFOST Model and Time-Series Earth Observations
* Learning Multiple Relative Attributes With Humans in the Loop
* Melanoma Detection Based on Mahalanobis Distance Learning and Constrained Graph Regularized Nonnegative Matrix Factorization
* New Regionalization Scheme for Effective Ecological Restoration on the Loess Plateau in China, A
* Nonnegative matrix factorization with endmember sparse graph learning for hyperspectral unmixing
* Sparse Relational Topical Coding on multi-modal data
* Traffic Scene Segmentation Based on RGB-D Image and Deep Learning
Includes: Qian, B. Qian, B.[Bo] Qian, B.[Bin] Qian, B.[Buyue] Qian, B.[Budong]
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Qian, B.D.[Bu Dong] Co Author Listing * Assessing the Impact of Climate Variability on Cropland Productivity in the Canadian Prairies Using Time Series MODIS FAPAR
* Field-Scale Crop Seeding Date Estimation from MODIS Data and Growing Degree Days in Manitoba, Canada
Includes: Qian, B.D.[Bu Dong] Qian, B.D.[Bu-Dong]

Qian, C.[Chuang] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Factors Affecting Asynchronous RTK Positioning with GNSS Signals
* Applications of Omnidirectional Imaging: Multi-body Tracking and Remote Reality
* Devil of Face Recognition Is in the Noise, The
* distributed solution to detect targets in crowds using visual sensor networks, A
* Earth documentation: Overpass detection using mobile Lidar
* Frame-Rate Multi-Body Tracking for Surveillance
* GNSS/INS/LiDAR-SLAM Integrated Navigation System Based on Graph Optimization
* Improved Unitary Root-MUSIC for DOA Estimation Based on Pseudo-Noise Resampling
* In Vivo MRI Based Prostate Cancer Identification with Random Forests and Auto-context Model
* Integrated GNSS/INS/LiDAR-SLAM Positioning Method for Highly Accurate Forest Stem Mapping, An
* Look at Boundary: A Boundary-Aware Face Alignment Algorithm
* Realtime and Robust Hand Tracking from Depth
* ReenactGAN: Learning to Reenact Faces via Boundary Transfer
* Residual Attention Network for Image Classification
* Robust Relaxation for Coherent DOA Estimation in Impulsive Noise
* Robust Visual Tracking via Sparse Representation Under Subclass Discriminant Constraint
* Simple Modification of ESPRIT, A
* VisDrone-DET2018: The Vision Meets Drone Object Detection in Image Challenge Results
* Wearable Assistive Technology for the Visually Impaired with Door Knob Detection and Real-Time Feedback for Hand-to-Handle Manipulation, A
Includes: Qian, C.[Chuang] Qian, C. Qian, C.[Chen] Qian, C.[Cheng] Qian, C.[Chunjun]
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Qian, C.S.[Cheng Shan] Co Author Listing * Palmprint gender classification by convolutional neural network
* Robust object representation by boosting-like deep learning architecture
Includes: Qian, C.S.[Cheng Shan] Qian, C.S.[Cheng-Shan]

Qian, C.Y.[Chun Yao] Co Author Listing * GeoSOT-Based Spatiotemporal Index of Massive Trajectory Data
Includes: Qian, C.Y.[Chun Yao] Qian, C.Y.[Chun-Yao]

Qian, D. Co Author Listing * Human Visual System-Based Fundus Image Quality Assessment of Portable Fundus Camera Photographs
* Image-based measurement of cargo traffic flow in complex neurite networks
* Quantifying the Reflectance Anisotropy Effect on Albedo Retrieval from Remotely Sensed Observations Using Archetypal BRDFs
Includes: Qian, D. Qian, D.[Douglas] Qian, D.[Da]

Qian, D.H.[De Heng] Co Author Listing * Background of shape contexts for point matching
Includes: Qian, D.H.[De Heng] Qian, D.H.[De-Heng]

Qian, D.Y.[De Yu] Co Author Listing * motion compensated subband coder for very low bit-rates, A
Includes: Qian, D.Y.[De Yu] Qian, D.Y.[De-Yu]

Qian, F. Co Author Listing * Approach to Overcome Occlusions in Visual Tracking: By Occlusion Estimating Agency and Self-Adapting Learning Rate for Filter's Training, An
* Design of Fuzzy Identification System for Patterns of Gas-Liquid Two-Phase Flow on LabVIEW
* Steady-state target real-time optimization for adaptive constrained generalized predictive control
Includes: Qian, F. Qian, F.[Fei] Qian, F.[Feng]

Qian, F.M.[Fang Ming] Co Author Listing * Method For Self-calibration In Satellite With High Precision Of Space Linear Array Camera, A
Includes: Qian, F.M.[Fang Ming] Qian, F.M.[Fang-Ming]

Qian, G.[Gang] Co Author Listing * 3D arm movement tracking using adaptive particle filter
* 3D Human Motion Tracking using Manifold Learning
* Autonomous Real-Time Model Building for Optical Motion Capture
* Bayesian Algorithms for Simultaneous Structure From Motion Estimation of Multiple Independently Moving Objects
* bayesian approach to simultaneous motion estimation of multiple independently moving objects, A
* Bayesian Self-Calibration of a Moving Camera
* Bayesian structure from motion using inertial information
* Binocular dance pose recognition and body orientation estimation via multilinear analysis
* Camera Motion Estimation Using Monocular Image Sequences and Inertial Data
* Commentary Paper 2 on Multi-view Access Monitoring and Singularization in Interlocks
* comparative analysis of two distance measures in color image databases, A
* Convergence Analysis of a Fixed Point Algorithm Under Maximum Complex Correntropy Criterion
* Dance Posture Recognition Using Wide-baseline Orthogonal Stereo Cameras
* Footprint tracking and recognition using a pressure sensing floor
* Gesture recognition using video and floor pressure data
* HMM parameter reduction for practical gesture recognition
* Human Movement Analysis for Interactive Dance
* Human Pose Inference from Stereo Cameras
* Hybrid HMM/DPA Adaptive Gesture Recognition Method, A
* Learning and Inference of 3D Human Poses from Gaussian Mixture Modeled Silhouettes
* Monocular 3D Tracking of Articulated Human Motion in Silhouette and Pose Manifolds
* Movement Analysis for Interactive Dance Using Motion Capture Data Part I: Real-Time Tracking of Multiple People from Unlabelled Markers
* Multifactor feature extraction for human movement recognition
* Novel Approach for Assessing Power Wheelchair Users' Mobility by Using Curve Fitting, A
* Online Gesture Spotting from Visual Hull Data
* People Identification Using Gait Via Floor Pressure Sensing and Analysis
* Projector-Camera Guided Fast Environment Restoration of a Biofeedback System for Rehabilitation
* Real-Time Automatic Kinematic Model Building for Optical Motion Capture Using a Markov Random Field
* Real-time Gesture Recognition with Minimal Training Requirements and On-line Learning
* Real-Time Multi-view 3D Object Tracking in Cluttered Scenes
* Recognizing body poses using multilinear analysis and semi-supervised learning
* Reduction of Inherent Ambiguities in Structure from Motion Problem Using Inertial Data
* Robust bayesian cameras motion estimation using random sampling
* Robust Estimation of Motion and Structure Using a Discrete h8 Filter
* Robust Human Pose Recognition Using Unlabelled Markers
* Robust Real-Time 3D Object Tracking with Interfering Background Visual Projections
* Robust structure from motion estimation using inertial data
* Segmentation and histogram generation using the HSV color space for image retrieval
* Singularity Detection and Consistent 3D Arm Tracking Using Monocular Videos
* Structure from Motion Using Sequential Monte Carlo Methods
* Structure from motion: sparse versus dense correspondence methods
* Supervised grayscale thresholding based on transition regions
* View-invariant full-body gesture recognition from video
* View-Invariant Pose Recognition Using Multilinear Analysis and the Universum
Includes: Qian, G.[Gang] Qian, G. Qian, G.[Guoyu]
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Qian, G.P.[Gui Ping] Co Author Listing * Interactive mesh cloning driven by boundary loop
Includes: Qian, G.P.[Gui Ping] Qian, G.P.[Gui-Ping]

Qian, G.Q.[Guo Quan] Co Author Listing * Automated Extraction of the Archaeological Tops of Qanat Shafts from VHR Imagery in Google Earth
Includes: Qian, G.Q.[Guo Quan] Qian, G.Q.[Guo-Quan]

Qian, G.S. Co Author Listing * Determining a Maximum Value Yield of a Log Using an Optical Log Scanner

Qian, G.Y.[Guo Yu] Co Author Listing * Fast and Robust Segmentation of Head in T1-weighted Magnetic Resonance Volumes
* Fast connected-component labelling in three-dimensional binary images based on iterative recursion
* Thresholding based on variance and intensity contrast
Includes: Qian, G.Y.[Guo Yu] Qian, G.Y.[Guo-Yu]

Qian, H.[Hui] Co Author Listing * 3D object recognition by fast spherical correlation between combined view EGIs and PFT
* Adaptive Queuing Censoring for Big Data Processing
* Co-Interest Person Detection from Multiple Wearable Camera Videos
* Contour tracking using Gaussian particle filter
* Guided Depth Upsampling via a Cosparse Analysis Model
* iterative SVM approach to feature selection and classification in high-dimensional datasets, An
* Loosecut: Interactive image segmentation with loosely bounded boxes
Includes: Qian, H.[Hui] Qian, H.[Hua] Qian, H.
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Qian, H.B.[Hong Bo] Co Author Listing * Heuristic Initialization for Active Contour Models in CT/MRI Image Processing
* Recognition of Occlusions in CT Images Using a Curve-Based Parameterization Method
Includes: Qian, H.B.[Hong Bo] Qian, H.B.[Hong-Bo]

Qian, H.F.[Hui Fen] Co Author Listing * Method for Elliptical Light Spot Image Recognization in Vision Coordinate Measuring System, A
* Textile Texture Periodicity Estimation Base on Frequency Spectrum
Includes: Qian, H.F.[Hui Fen] Qian, H.F.[Hui-Fen] Qian, H.F.[Hui-Fang]

Qian, H.H.[Hui Huan] Co Author Listing * finite element contour approach to affine invariant shape representation, A
* Intelligent Surveillance Systems
Includes: Qian, H.H.[Hui Huan] Qian, H.H.[Hui-Huan]

Qian, H.M.[Hui Min] Co Author Listing * Home environment fall detection system based on a cascaded multi-SVM classifier
* Recognition of human activities using SVM multi-class classifier
Includes: Qian, H.M.[Hui Min] Qian, H.M.[Hui-Min]

Qian, H.S.[Huai Sui] Co Author Listing * Remote Sensing Experts Classification System Applying in the Land Use Classification in Guangzhou City
Includes: Qian, H.S.[Huai Sui] Qian, H.S.[Huai-Sui]

Qian, H.Z.[Hai Zhong] Co Author Listing * New Simplification Approach Based on the Oblique-Dividing-Curve Method for Contour Lines, A
* Simplifying GPS Trajectory Data with Enhanced Spatial-Temporal Constraints
Includes: Qian, H.Z.[Hai Zhong] Qian, H.Z.[Hai-Zhong]

Qian, J. Co Author Listing * Adjoint State Method for the Identification Problem in SPECT: Recovery of Both the Source and the Attenuation in the Attenuated X-Ray Transform
* Automatic Prostate Segmentation on MR Images Using Enhanced Holistically-Nested Networks
* Block Matching Algorithm based on RANSAC Algorithm
* Cloud Detection for FY Meteorology Satellite Based on Ensemble Thresholds and Random Forests Approach
* Contour/Surface Registration Using a Physically Deformable Model
* Extracting Contour Lines From Common-Conditioned Topographic Maps
* Extracting sparse error of robust PCA for face recognition in the presence of varying illumination and occlusion
* Fast Image Retrieval Algorithm with Automatically Extracted Discriminant Features, A
* Fire Detection Algorithms in Video Images for High and Large-Span Space Structures
* First Demonstration of Multiplexed X-Ray Fluorescence Computed Tomography (XFCT) Imaging
* Framework for Uncertainty Reasoning in Hierarchical Visual Evidence Space, A
* Global Spatiotemporal Distribution of the Mid-Tropospheric CO2 Concentration and Analysis of the Controlling Factors, The
* Internal Generative Mechanism Driven Blind Quality Index for Deblocked Images
* Novel Analysis Method of Geographical Centrality Based on Space of Flows, A
* Novel Similarity Assessment For Remote Sensing Images Via Fast Association Rule Mining, A
* Pairwise-Comparison-Based Rank Learning for Benchmarking Image Restoration Algorithms
* Perceptual evaluation of single-image super-resolution reconstruction
* Physically Based Model for the Registration of a 2D Image Sequence, A
* Removal of Thin Clouds in Landsat-8 OLI Data with Independent Component Analysis
* Robust Kalman Filters Based on Gaussian Scale Mixture Distributions With Application to Target Tracking
* Short-term Precipitation Occurrence Prediction for Strong Convective Weather Using FY2-G Satellite Data: A Case Study of Shenzhen,south China
* Sparsity-Based InSAR Phase Denoising Algorithm Using Nonlocal Wavelet Shrinkage, A
* Spatio-temporal Scenario Model for Emergency Decision, A
* Traffic Video Segmentation Using Adaptive-K Gaussian Mixture Model
* Wall Clutter Mitigation Using Discrete Prolate Spheroidal Sequences for Sparse Reconstruction of Indoor Stationary Scenes
Includes: Qian, J. Qian, J.[Jie] Qian, J.[Jing] Qian, J.[Jiye] Qian, J.[Jiaru] Qian, J.[Jin] Qian, J.[Jiang]
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Qian, J.J.[Jian Jun] Co Author Listing * Adaptive noise dictionary construction via IRRPCA for face recognition
* AlignedReID++: Dynamically matching local information for person re-identification
* Component-based global k-NN classifier for small sample size problems
* Discriminative histograms of local dominant orientation (D-HLDO) for biometric image feature extraction
* Face alignment with Cascaded Bidirectional LSTM Neural Networks
* Face Recognition with Image Misalignment via Structure Constraint Coding
* Face Recognition With Pose Variations and Misalignment via Orthogonal Procrustes Regression
* General Regression and Representation Model for Face Recognition
* Learning discriminative singular value decomposition representation for face recognition
* Local Structure-Based Image Decomposition for Feature Extraction With Applications to Face Recognition
* Nuclear Norm Based 2DPCA
* Nuclear Norm Based Matrix Regression with Applications to Face Recognition with Occlusion and Illumination Changes
* Nuclear Norm Regularized Sparse Coding
* Nuclear-L_1 Norm Joint Regression for Face Reconstruction and Recognition
* Nuclear-L_1 Norm Joint Regression for Face Reconstruction and Recognition with Mixed Noise
* Object detection via feature fusion based single network
* Robust Low-Rank Regularized Regression for Face Recognition with Occlusion
* Robust Matrix Regression for Illumination and Occlusion Tolerant Face Recognition
* Robust Nuclear Norm Regularized Regression for Face Recognition with Occlusion
* Robust Nuclear Norm-Based Matrix Regression With Applications to Robust Face Recognition
* Tree-Structured Nuclear Norm Approximation With Applications to Robust Face Recognition
* Volume measurement based tensor completion
Includes: Qian, J.J.[Jian Jun] Qian, J.J.[Jian-Jun] Qian, J.J.[Jing-Jing]
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Qian, J.L.[Jian Liang] Co Author Listing * Efficient Neumann Series-Based Algorithm for Thermoacoustic and Photoacoustic Tomography with Variable Sound Speed, An
* Penalization-Regularization-Operator Splitting Method for Eikonal Based Traveltime Tomography, A
Includes: Qian, J.L.[Jian Liang] Qian, J.L.[Jian-Liang]

Qian, J.P.[Jun Ping] Co Author Listing * Matching Algorithm for Detecting Land Use Changes Using Case-Based Reasoning, A
Includes: Qian, J.P.[Jun Ping] Qian, J.P.[Jun-Ping]

Qian, J.S.[Jian Sheng] Co Author Listing * Color Image Quality Assessment Based on Sparse Representation and Reconstruction Residual
* Color-Enriched Gradient Similarity for Retouched Image Quality Evaluation
* Feature Extraction and Recognition of Ventilator Vibration Signal Based on ICA/SVM
* Multimodal medical image fusion based on discrete Tchebichef moments and pulse coupled neural network
* Night Color Image Enhancement Using Fuzzy Set
* No reference quality evaluation of medical image fusion
* No-reference quality assessment of compressive sensing image recovery
* No-Reference Quality Metric of Blocking Artifacts Based on Color Discontinuity Analysis
* Perceptual quality evaluation for image defocus deblurring
* Perceptual quality evaluation for motion deblurring
* Referenceless Measure of Blocking Artifacts by Tchebichef Kernel Analysis
* Research on image denoising new method based on curvelet transform
Includes: Qian, J.S.[Jian Sheng] Qian, J.S.[Jian-Sheng]
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Qian, J.Z.[Jian Zhong] Co Author Listing * Automatic collimation in peripheral X-ray imaging
* Can a Computer see the Beating Heart from snow-storm Images?
* Generalized Dynamic Programming Approaches for Object Detection: Detecting Spine Boundaries and Vertebra Endplates
Includes: Qian, J.Z.[Jian Zhong] Qian, J.Z.[Jian-Zhong] Qian, J.Z.

Qian, K. Co Author Listing * 3D Object Recognition System Using Voxel Representation, A
* Algebraic Approach for Morphological Operations on 2D and 3D Images, An
* Algebraic Method for Processing Colored Images, An
* Binary Image Processing by Polynomial Approach
* BORDER: An Oriented Rectangles Approach to Texture-Less Object Recognition
* Canopy Effects on Snow Accumulation: Observations from Lidar, Canonical-View Photos, and Continuous Ground Measurements from Sensor Networks
* Consistent as-similar-as-possible non-isometric surface registration
* Context-based approach of separating contactless captured high-resolution overlapped latent fingerprints
* Determining Holes and Connectivity in Binary Images
* F-SORT: An Alternative for Faster Geometric Verification
* Feature-based registration of confocal fluorescence endomicroscopy images
* Gray Image Skeletonization with Hollow Preprocessing Using Distance Transformation
* Huber- L1-based non-isometric surface registration
* Low Bit Rate Compression of Facial Images Based on Adaptive Over-Complete Sparse Representation
* Lunar Crater Detection Based on Terrain Analysis and Mathematical Morphology Methods Using Digital Elevation Models
* Modeling and dynamics simulation for deformable objects of orthotropic materials
* Morphological Features-Based Descriptive Index System for Lunar Impact Craters
* New Shape Recognition Method Using Morphological Hit-Miss Transform and Algebraic Representation of Images, A
* template polynomial approach for image processing and visual recognition, A
Includes: Qian, K. Qian, K.[Kai] Qian, K.[Kemao] Qian, K.[Kun] Qian, K.[Kejian]
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Qian, L.[Lina] Co Author Listing * Improving the visual quality of size invariant visual cryptography scheme
* Minimax Disappointment Criterion for Video Broadcasting
* novel conflict reassignment method based on grey relational analysis (GRA), A
* Research on Management and Publishing of Disaster Emergency Monitoring Data: Take Yingjiang Earthquake as an Example
Includes: Qian, L.[Lina] Qian, L. Qian, L.[Li]

Qian, L.J.[Li Jun] Co Author Listing * Closed-loop hierarchical control strategies for connected and autonomous hybrid electric vehicles with random errors
* Global optimal energy management control strategies for connected four-wheel-drive hybrid electric vehicles
Includes: Qian, L.J.[Li Jun] Qian, L.J.[Li-Jun]

Qian, L.M.[Lei Ming] Co Author Listing * Joint source channel matching for a wireless image transmission
Includes: Qian, L.M.[Lei Ming] Qian, L.M.[Lei-Ming]

Qian, L.Q.[Li Qiang] Co Author Listing * Supervised sparse neighbourhood preserving embedding
Includes: Qian, L.Q.[Li Qiang] Qian, L.Q.[Li-Qiang]

Qian, L.X.[Le Xiang] Co Author Listing * Remote Sensing Experts Classification System Applying in the Land Use Classification in Guangzhou City
* study of the relation between the land use types and urban heat island effect in Guangzhou city based on remote sensing, A
Includes: Qian, L.X.[Le Xiang] Qian, L.X.[Le-Xiang]

Qian, M.[Ming] Co Author Listing * Augmented Reality (AR) Assisted Laryngoscopy for Endotracheal Intubation Training
* Development of a Mechanical Scanning Device With High-Frequency Ultrasound Transducer for Ultrasonic Capsule Endoscopy
* Quality of Experience Comparison Between Binocular and Monocular Augmented Reality Display Under Various Occlusion Conditions for Manipulation Tasks with Virtual Instructions
Includes: Qian, M.[Ming] Qian, M.

Qian, M.J. Co Author Listing * Regularized Contrast Statistic for Object Boundary Estimation: Implementation and Statistical Evaluation, A

Qian, M.P.[Min Ping] Co Author Listing * DTW-based probability model for speaker feature analysis and data mining, A
Includes: Qian, M.P.[Min Ping] Qian, M.P.[Min-Ping]

Qian, M.Y.[Ming Yang] Co Author Listing * Language-aware weak supervision for salient object detection
Includes: Qian, M.Y.[Ming Yang] Qian, M.Y.[Ming-Yang]

Qian, N.[Nie] Co Author Listing * Autonomous Ultra-Wide Band-Based Attitude and Position Determination Technique for Indoor Mobile Laser Scanning, An

Qian, N.Q.[Ning Qing] Co Author Listing * Efficient Poisson-Based Surface Reconstruction of 3D Model from a Non-homogenous Sparse Point Cloud
* Improved Poisson Surface Reconstruction with Various Passive Visual Cues from Multiple Camera Views
* Optimizing camera positions for multi-view 3D reconstruction
* Robust multi-view reconstruction from quasi-dense point cloud and poisson surface mesh
Includes: Qian, N.Q.[Ning Qing] Qian, N.Q.[Ning-Qing]

Qian, P. Co Author Listing * Collaborative Fuzzy Clustering From Multiple Weighted Views

Qian, P.J.[Peng Jiang] Co Author Listing * Cross-domain, soft-partition clustering with diversity measure and knowledge reference
Includes: Qian, P.J.[Peng Jiang] Qian, P.J.[Peng-Jiang]

Qian, Q.[Qing] Co Author Listing * Concealing Fingerprint-Biometric Data into Audio Signals for Identify Authentication
* Fine-grained visual categorization via multi-stage metric learning
* Identification of Electronic Disguised Voices in the Noisy Environment
* Large-Scale Distance Metric Learning with Uncertainty
* Space-variant blur kernel estimation and image deblurring through kernel clustering
* Speech Authentication and Recovery Scheme in Encrypted Domain
Includes: Qian, Q.[Qing] Qian, Q.[Qi] Qian, Q. Qian, Q.[Qinchun]

Qian, Q.A.[Qi Ang] Co Author Listing * Simultaneous clustering and classification over cluster structure representation
Includes: Qian, Q.A.[Qi Ang] Qian, Q.A.[Qi-Ang]

Qian, R. Co Author Listing * Attentive Generative Adversarial Network for Raindrop Removal from A Single Image
* Audiovisual information management system
* Description schemes for video programs, users and devices
* Four Models for Automatic Recognition of Left and Right Eye in Fundus Images
* System for detecting skin-tone regions within an image
Includes: Qian, R. Qian, R.[Richard] Qian, R.[Rui]

Qian, R.H.[Rui He] Co Author Listing * Surveillance Video Parsing with Single Frame Supervision
Includes: Qian, R.H.[Rui He] Qian, R.H.[Rui-He]

Qian, R.J.[Richard J.] Co Author Listing * email: Qian, R.J.[Richard J.]: qian AT sharplabs com
* Computational Approach to Semantic Event Detection in Video, A
* Computational Approach to Semantic Event Detection, A
* Content-Scalable Shape Representation and Coding
* Determining Articulated Motion from Perspective Views: A Decomposition Approach
* Hierarchical method and system for object-based audiovisual descriptive tagging of images for information retrieval, editing, and manipulation
* Image Retrieval Using Blob Histograms
* Method and apparatus for object tracking for automatic controls in video devices
* Method and system for detecting semantic events
* Method for automatic extraction of semantically significant events from video
* Motion Analysis of Articulated Objects with Applications to Human Ambulatory Patterns
* Motion Analysis of Human Ambulatory Patterns
* MPEG-7 standardization activities
* Object Detection Using Hierarchical MRF and MAP Estimation
* Optimal Edge Detection in Images
* Optimal Edge-Detection in Two-Dimensional Images
* Robust and Accurate Image Segmentation Using Deformable Templates in Scale Space
* robust real-time face tracking algorithm, A
* Semantic Event-Detection Approach and Its Application to Detecting Hunts in Wildlife Video, A
* Two-Dimensional Edge Detection Scheme for General Visual Processing, A
* Vertex-based hierarchical shape representation and coding method and apparatus
* Video Background Replacement Without A Blue Screen
Includes: Qian, R.J.[Richard J.] Qian, R.J.
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Qian, R.R.[Rong Rong] Co Author Listing * Complexity Outage Probability of MIMO Detection in Multiple-User Scenario
* Study on MVDR Beamforming Applied to an ESPAR Antenna, A
Includes: Qian, R.R.[Rong Rong] Qian, R.R.[Rong-Rong]

Qian, S. Co Author Listing * Cross-Domain Collaborative Learning via Discriminative Nonparametric Bayesian Model
* Cross-domain Semantic Feature Learning via Adversarial Adaptation Networks
* Encoding sparse and competitive structures among tasks in multi-task learning
* Unsupervised Multi-task Learning with Hierarchical Data Structure
Includes: Qian, S. Qian, S.[Sheng]

Qian, S.C.[Si Cheng] Co Author Listing * Cross section-based hollowing and structural enhancement
Includes: Qian, S.C.[Si Cheng] Qian, S.C.[Si-Cheng]

Qian, S.E.[Shen En] Co Author Listing * Computer-Aided Performance Evaluation System for the On-Board Data Compression System in HIRIS
* Denoising and dimensionality reduction of hyperspectral imagery using wavelet packets, neighbour shrinking and principal component analysis
* Denoising of Hyperspectral Imagery Using Principal Component Analysis and Wavelet Shrinkage
* Dimensionality reduction of hyperspectral imagery using improved locally linear embedding
* Dimensionality reduction of multidimensional satellite imagery
* Effect of lossy vector quantization hyperspectral data compression on retrieval of red-edge indices
* Enhancing space-based signal-to-noise ratios without redesigning the satellite
* Enhancing Spatial Resolution of Hyperspectral Imagery Using Sensor's Intrinsic Keystone Distortion
* Evaluation and comparison of dimensionality reduction techniques and band selection
* Fast Three-Dimensional Data-Compression of Hyperspectral Imagery Using Vector Quantization with Spectral-Feature-Based Binary Coding
* Fast Vector Quantization Algorithms Based on Nearest Partition Set Search
* Improving satellite spatial resolution
* Noise Reduction of Hyperspectral Imagery Using Hybrid Spatial-Spectral Derivative-Domain Wavelet Shrinkage
* Simultaneous dimensionality reduction and denoising of yperspectral imagery using bivariate wavelet shrinking and PCA
* Vector Quantization Using Spectral Index-Based Multiple Subcodebooks for Hyperspectral Data Compression
Includes: Qian, S.E.[Shen En] Qian, S.E.[Shen-En] Qian, S.E.
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Qian, S.H.[Shao Hua] Co Author Listing * Obstacles Extraction Using a Moving Camera
Includes: Qian, S.H.[Shao Hua] Qian, S.H.[Shao-Hua]

Qian, S.S.[Sheng Sheng] Co Author Listing * Boosted Multi-modal Supervised Latent Dirichlet Allocation for Social Event Classification
* Multi-Modal Event Topic Model for Social Event Analysis
* Online Multimodal Multiexpert Learning for Social Event Tracking
Includes: Qian, S.S.[Sheng Sheng] Qian, S.S.[Sheng-Sheng]

Qian, S.W.[Si Wei] Co Author Listing * Geographic and Climatic Attributions of Autumn Land Surface Phenology Spatial Patterns in the Temperate Deciduous Broadleaf Forest of China
Includes: Qian, S.W.[Si Wei] Qian, S.W.[Si-Wei]

Qian, T. Co Author Listing * 2D Partial Unwinding: A Novel Non-Linear Phase Decomposition of Images
* Extraction of Vegetation Points from LiDAR Using 3D Fractal Dimension Analyses, The
* Transform Domain Transcoding From MPEG-2 to H.264 With Interpolation Drift-Error Compensation
Includes: Qian, T. Qian, T.[Tianlu]

Qian, T.L.[Tian Lu] Co Author Listing * Socio-Spatial Distribution of Leisure Venues: A Case Study of Karaoke Bars in Nanjing, China, The
Includes: Qian, T.L.[Tian Lu] Qian, T.L.[Tian-Lu]

Qian, W.[Wei] Co Author Listing * Adaptive multistage nonlinear filtering and wavelet for medical image enhancement
* Adaptive Neural Network for Nuclear Medicine Image Restoration
* Bayesian Image Restoration: An Application to Edge-Preserving Surface Recovery
* Convolutional Features-Based CRF Graph Matching for Tracking of Densely Packed Cells
* Deformable Template Recognition of Multiple Occluded Objects
* Digital mammography: mixed feature neural network with spectral entropy decision for detection of microcalcifications
* Ipsilateral Multi-View CAD System for Mass Detection in Digital Mammography
* Multi-view non-negative matrix factorization for scene recognition
* On the Use of Gibbs Markov Chain Models in the Analysis of Images Based on Second-Order Pairwise Interactive Distributions
* Pixel labelling for 3-D scenes based on Markov mesh models
* Regularized fuzzy c-means method for brain tissue clustering
* Robust Plant Cell Tracking in Noisy Image Sequences Using Optimal CRF Graph Matching
* Wavelet Transform for Directional Feature Extraction in Medical Imaging
Includes: Qian, W.[Wei] Qian, W. Qian, W.[Weijie]
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Qian, W.H.[Wen Hua] Co Author Listing * NPR Technique of Abstraction Effects, A
* Synthesizing two-fingered grippers for positioning and identifying objects
* system used for collecting and managing graphic elements of Yunnan heavy color painting, A
Includes: Qian, W.H.[Wen Hua] Qian, W.H.[Wen-Hua] Qian, W.H.[Wen-Han]

Qian, W.J.[Wei Jie] Co Author Listing * Adaptively feature learning for effective power defense
* Smart Sketchpad-an on-line graphics recognition system
Includes: Qian, W.J.[Wei Jie] Qian, W.J.[Wei-Jie] Qian, W.J.[Wen-Jie]

Qian, W.L.[Wei Li] Co Author Listing * multi-seed dynamic local graph matching model for tracking of densely packed cells across unregistered microscopy image sequences, A
Includes: Qian, W.L.[Wei Li] Qian, W.L.[Wei-Li]

Qian, W.W.[Wei Wei] Co Author Listing * Deep transfer network for rotating machine fault analysis
* Intensity Data Correction for Long-Range Terrestrial Laser Scanners: A Case Study of Target Differentiation in an Intertidal Zone
* Location and interpretation of destination addresses on handwritten Chinese envelopes
Includes: Qian, W.W.[Wei Wei] Qian, W.W.[Wei-Wei]

Qian, W.X.[Wei Xian] Co Author Listing * Infrared Image Enhancement Using Adaptive Histogram Partition and Brightness Correction
* Level Set Method for Infrared Image Segmentation Using Global and Local Information, A
* Particle filter-based vehicle tracking via HOG features after image stabilisation in intelligent drive system
* Total Variation Regularization Term-Based Low-Rank and Sparse Matrix Representation Model for Infrared Moving Target Tracking
* Vision-based inter-vehicle distance estimation for driver alarm system
Includes: Qian, W.X.[Wei Xian] Qian, W.X.[Wei-Xian]

Qian, X. Co Author Listing * 3-D Reconstruction Method for Complex Pore Structures of Rocks Using a Small Number of 2-D X-Ray Computed Tomography Images
* Algorithm for Supervised Driving of Cooperative Semi-Autonomous Vehicles, An
* Antivibration Time-Delay Integration CMOS Image Sensor With Online Deblurring Algorithm, An
* Automatic Road Network Construction Method Using Massive GPS Trajectory Data, An
* Carrier-based sensor deployment by a mobile robot for wireless sensor networks
* Complex SAR Image Compression Based on Directional Lifting Wavelet Transform With High Clustering Capability
* Cost-Constrained Video Quality Satisfaction Study on Mobile Devices, A
* Deep Learning for Acoustic Modeling in Parametric Speech Generation: A systematic review of existing techniques and future trends
* Designing Robust Air Transportation Networks via Minimizing Total Effective Resistance
* Effective and efficient video text extraction using key text points
* Effective Fades and Flashlight Detection Based on Accumulating Histogram Difference
* Efficient and Robust Image Coding and Transmission Based on Scrambled Block Compressive Sensing
* Enhancing Sketch-Based Image Retrieval by Re-Ranking and Relevance Feedback
* Exploring Users' Internal Influence from Reviews for Social Recommendation
* Global-Shutter Centroiding Measurement CMOS Image Sensor With Star Region SNR Improvement for Star Trackers, A
* Graph-Based Approach to Measuring the Efficiency of an Urban Taxi Service System, A
* Hidden Conditional Random Field-Based Soccer Video Events Detection
* Image Re-Ranking Based on Topic Diversity
* Landmark Summarization With Diverse Viewpoints
* Multi-scale Deep Learning Architectures for Person Re-identification
* Noise-tolerant deep learning for histopathological image segmentation
* Object-Oriented Visual Saliency Detection Framework Based on Sparse Coding Representations, An
* On Combining Social Media and Spatial Technology for POI Cognition and Image Localization
* Optimal Bayesian Transfer Regression
* POI Summarization by Aesthetics Evaluation From Crowd Source Social Media
* Quantitative Assessment of Thin-Layer Tissue Viscoelastic Properties Using Ultrasonic Micro-Elastography With Lamb Wave Model
* Rating Prediction Based on Social Sentiment From Textual Reviews
* Robust Framework of Single-Frame Face Superresolution Across Head Pose, Facial Expression, and Illumination Variations
* Semantic Annotation of High-Resolution Satellite Images via Weakly Supervised Learning
* Sketch-Based Image Retrieval by Salient Contour Reinforcement
* Tag-Based Image Search by Social Re-ranking
* Time-of-Day Pricing in Taxi Markets
* Unsupervised Salient Object Detection via Inferring From Imperfect Saliency Models
* User-Service Rating Prediction by Exploring Social Users' Rating Behaviors
* Vehicle detection and pose estimation by probabilistic representation
* Weighted superpixel segmentation
* Widespread Decline in Vegetation Photosynthesis in Southeast Asia Due to the Prolonged Drought During the 2015/2016 El Niņo
Includes: Qian, X. Qian, X.[Xinlin] Qian, X.[Xu] Qian, X.[Xin]
37 for Qian, X.

Qian, X.C.[Xin Chun] Co Author Listing * No-Reference Image Quality Assessment Based on Internal Generative Mechanism
Includes: Qian, X.C.[Xin Chun] Qian, X.C.[Xin-Chun]

Qian, X.D.[Xiao Dong] Co Author Listing * Snow Depth Variations Estimated from GPS-Reflectometry: A Case Study in Alaska from L2P SNR Data
Includes: Qian, X.D.[Xiao Dong] Qian, X.D.[Xiao-Dong]

Qian, X.F.[Xiang Fei] Co Author Listing * NCC-RANSAC: A Fast Plane Extraction Method for 3-D Range Data Segmentation
Includes: Qian, X.F.[Xiang Fei] Qian, X.F.[Xiang-Fei]

Qian, X.H.[Xiao Hua] Co Author Listing * Vein Pattern Extraction Based on the Position-Gray-Profile Curve
Includes: Qian, X.H.[Xiao Hua] Qian, X.H.[Xiao-Hua]

Qian, X.J.[Xiang Jun] Co Author Listing * Autonomous Intersection Management systems: criteria, implementation and evaluation
Includes: Qian, X.J.[Xiang Jun] Qian, X.J.[Xiang-Jun]

Qian, X.L.[Xiao Liang] Co Author Listing * Extended cuckoo search-based kernel correlation filter for abrupt motion tracking
* Fast depth map mode decision based on depth-texture correlation and edge classification for 3D-HEVC
* Image visual attention computation and application via the learning of object attributes
* Object detection in remote sensing imagery using a discriminatively trained mixture model
* Optimal contrast based saliency detection
* Pose-Normalized Image Generation for Person Re-Identification
Includes: Qian, X.L.[Xiao Liang] Qian, X.L.[Xiao-Liang] Qian, X.L.[Xue-Lin]

Qian, X.M.[Xue Ming] Co Author Listing * Author Topic Model-Based Collaborative Filtering for Personalized POI Recommendations
* Co-weighting semantic convolutional features for object retrieval
* effective GM/LM-based video error concealment, An
* Geometry and Topology Preserving Hashing for SIFT Feature
* Global motion estimation from randomly selected motion vector groups and GM/LM based applications
* GPS Estimation for Places of Interest From Social Users' Uploaded Photos
* Image Annotation by Latent Community Detection and Multikernel Learning
* Image Location Estimation by Salient Region Matching
* Image Location Inference by Multisaliency Enhancement
* Image Taken Place Estimation via Geometric Constrained Spatial Layer Matching
* Improved image GPS location estimation by mining salient features
* Inter mode decision based on Just Noticeable Difference profile
* Joint Hypergraph Learning for Tag-Based Image Retrieval
* Learning salient visual word for scalable mobile image retrieval
* Personalized Recommendation by Exploring Social Users' Behaviors
* PLBP: An effective local binary patterns texture descriptor with pyramid representation
* Scalable Mobile Image Retrieval by Exploring Contextual Saliency
* Social Image Tagging With Diverse Semantics
* Tag filtering based on similar compatible principle
* Text detection, localization, and tracking in compressed video
* Travel Recommendation via Author Topic Model Based Collaborative Filtering
* Visual summarization of landmarks via viewpoint modeling
* What Is Happening in the Video? Annotate Video by Sentence
Includes: Qian, X.M.[Xue Ming] Qian, X.M.[Xue-Ming]
23 for Qian, X.M.

Qian, X.N.[Xiao Ning] Co Author Listing * Adapting indexing trees to data distribution in feature spaces
* Convex clustering with metric learning
* Detection of Complex Vascular Structures using Polar Neighborhood Intensity Profile
* Image Co-Saliency Detection and Co-Segmentation via Progressive Joint Optimization
* Safe Feature Screening for Generalized LASSO
* Segmentation of Rat Cardiac Ultrasound Images with Large Dropout Regions
* Sparse exponential family Principal Component Analysis
* Unsupervised CNN-Based Co-saliency Detection with Graphical Optimization
Includes: Qian, X.N.[Xiao Ning] Qian, X.N.[Xiao-Ning]
8 for Qian, X.N.

Qian, X.Y.[Xiao Yan] Co Author Listing * Decoding Gene Expression in 2D and 3D
* Deep learning assisted robust visual tracking with adaptive particle filtering
Includes: Qian, X.Y.[Xiao Yan] Qian, X.Y.[Xiao-Yan]

Qian, Y. Co Author Listing * Clustering Combination Method
* Comparing Machine Learning Classifiers for Object-Based Land Cover Classification Using Very High Resolution Imagery
* Computer-Assisted Audiovisual Language Learning
* Deep blind quality evaluator for multiply distorted images based on monogenic binary coding
* effective thin cloud removal procedure for visible remote sensing images, An
* Efficient texture synthesis of aggregate solid material
* Emotion-Aware Multimedia Systems Security
* End-to-End Temporal Action Detection Using Bag of Discriminant Snippets
* Fairness Resource Allocation in Blind Wireless Multimedia Communications
* Fusing Geometry and Appearance for Road Segmentation
* Heterogeneity of Air Temperature in Urban Residential Neighborhoods and Its Relationship with the Surrounding Greenspace, The
* Integrated Foreground Segmentation and Boundary Matting for Live Videos
* Learning and transferring representations for image steganalysis using convolutional neural network
* Matrix-Vector Nonnegative Tensor Factorization for Blind Unmixing of Hyperspectral Imagery
* MCMLSD: A Dynamic Programming Approach to Line Segment Detection
* Novel Activities Detection Algorithm in Extended Videos
* Object Detection in Equirectangular Panorama
* On the Optimal Linear Network Coding Design for Information Theoretically Secure Unicast Streaming
* Prediction of shear stress distribution throughout 3D bone scaffold in perfusion environment
* Recurrent Color Constancy
* Research of face recognition based on SVD
* Resource Allocation With Video Traffic Prediction in Cloud-Based Space Systems
* Robust Nanoparticles Detection From Noisy Background by Fusing Complementary Image Information
* Semisupervised manifold learning for color transfer between multiview images
* Sixty-Year Changes in Residential Landscapes in Beijing: A Perspective from Both the Horizontal (2D) and Vertical (3
* Stereo-Based 3D Reconstruction of Dynamic Fluid Surfaces by Global Optimization
* Storyboard Sketches for Content Based Video Retrieval
* Task Specific Networks for Identity and Face Variation
* Visualization of Hyperspectral Images Using Moving Least Squares
Includes: Qian, Y. Qian, Y.[Yuguo] Qian, Y.[Yao] Qian, Y.[Yaguan] Qian, Y.[Yan] Qian, Y.[Yinling] Qian, Y.[Yi] Qian, Y.[Ying] Qian, Y.[Yu]
29 for Qian, Y.

Qian, Y.B.[Yu Bin] Co Author Listing * Real-time vehicle type classification with deep convolutional neural networks
Includes: Qian, Y.B.[Yu Bin] Qian, Y.B.[Yu-Bin]

Qian, Y.G.[Yong Gang] Co Author Listing * Investigation of a Novel Cross-Calibration Method of FY-3C/VIRR against NPP/VIIRS in the Dunhuang Test Site, An
* Land Surface Temperature Retrieval Using Airborne Hyperspectral Scanner Daytime Mid-Infrared Data
Includes: Qian, Y.G.[Yong Gang] Qian, Y.G.[Yong-Gang]

Qian, Y.H.[Yu Hua] Co Author Listing * efficient accelerator for attribute reduction from incomplete data in rough set framework, An
Includes: Qian, Y.H.[Yu Hua] Qian, Y.H.[Yu-Hua]

Qian, Y.J.[Yong Jun] Co Author Listing * deep learning approach to patch-based image inpainting forensics, A
* improved label fusion approach with sparse patch-based representation for MRI brain image segmentation, An
* Label fusion method based on sparse patch representation for the brain MRI image segmentation
* Sparse patch-based representation with combined information of atlas for multi-atlas label fusion
* Visual words assignment on a graph via minimal mutual information loss
* Visual Words Assignment Via Information-Theoretic Manifold Embedding
Includes: Qian, Y.J.[Yong Jun] Qian, Y.J.[Yong-Jun] Qian, Y.J.[Yue-Jing] Qian, Y.J.[Yan-Jun]

Qian, Y.L.[Yue Liang] Co Author Listing * Action Recognition Based on Optimal Joint Selection and Discriminative Depth Descriptor
* Convolutional low-resolution fine-grained classification
* Deep structured-output regression learning for computational color constancy
* Efficient Multi-scale Plane Extraction Based RGBD Video Segmentation
* Hierarchical Sliding Slice Regression for Vehicle Viewing Angle Estimation
* Incremental Voronoi sets for instant stippling
* Local Associated Features for Pedestrian Detection
* Motion and Gray Based Automatic Road Segment Method MGARS in Urban Traffic Surveillance
* Real-Time Plane Segmentation and Obstacle Detection of 3D Point Clouds for Indoor Scenes
* Segment and Label Indoor Scene Based on RGB-D for the Visually Impaired
Includes: Qian, Y.L.[Yue Liang] Qian, Y.L.[Yue-Liang] Qian, Y.L.[Yan-Lin] Qian, Y.L.[Yin-Ling]
10 for Qian, Y.L.

Qian, Y.M.[Yi Ming] Co Author Listing * 3D Reconstruction of Transparent Objects with Position-Normal Consistency
* Evaluating features and classifiers for road weather condition analysis
* Frequency-Based Environment Matting by Compressive Sensing
* LS3D: Single-View Gestalt 3D Surface Reconstruction from Manhattan Line Segments
* Road Segmentation for Classification of Road Weather Conditions
* Saliency-guided level set model for automatic object segmentation
* Simultaneous 3D Reconstruction for Water Surface and Underwater Scene
* Unsupervised hierarchical image segmentation through fuzzy entropy maximization
Includes: Qian, Y.M.[Yi Ming] Qian, Y.M.[Yi-Ming]
8 for Qian, Y.M.

Qian, Y.Q.[Yu Qiu] Co Author Listing * Location-aware query reformulation for search engines
Includes: Qian, Y.Q.[Yu Qiu] Qian, Y.Q.[Yu-Qiu]

Qian, Y.R.[Yu Rong] Co Author Listing * Wavelet-Based Feature Extraction for Retrieval of Photosynthetic Pigment Concentrations from Hyperspectral Reflectance

Qian, Y.T.[Yun Tao] Co Author Listing * advanced segmental semi-Markov model based online series pattern detection, An
* Band selection based gaussian processes for hyperspectral remote sensing images classification
* Band Selection for Hyperspectral Imagery Using Affinity Propagation
* Bound analysis of natural gradient descent in stochastic optimization setting
* Dictionary Learning-Based Feature-Level Domain Adaptation for Cross-Scene Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Face recognition using a kernel fractional-step discriminant analysis algorithm
* Fast and accurate iris segmentation based on linear basis function and RANSAC
* Hierarchical alternating least squares algorithm with Sparsity Constraint for hyperspectral unmixing
* Hyperspectral data classification using Margin Infused Relaxed Algorithm
* Hyperspectral Image Classification Based on Structured Sparse Logistic Regression and Three-Dimensional Wavelet Texture Features
* Hyperspectral Imagery Denoising via Reweighed Sparse Low-Rank Nonnegative Tensor Factorization
* Hyperspectral Unmixing via L_1/2 Sparsity-Constrained Nonnegative Matrix Factorization
* Hyperspectral Unmixing via Total Variation Regularized Nonnegative Tensor Factorization
* Image Interpretation with Fuzzy-Graph Based Genetic Algorithm
* Image Segmentation Based on Combination of the Global and Local Information
* Improved Stone's Complexity Pursuit for Hyperspectral Imagery Unmixing
* kernel fractional-step nonlinear discriminant analysis for pattern recognition, A
* Kernel generalized nonlinear discriminant analysis algorithm for pattern recognition
* L_1/2 Sparsity Constrained Nonnegative Matrix Factorization for Hyperspectral Unmixing
* Manifold Alignment Approach for Hyperspectral Image Visualization With Natural Color, A
* Manifold alignment based color transfer for multiview image stitching
* MRF Based Spatial Complexity for Hyperspectral Imagery Unmixing
* Multitask Sparse Nonnegative Matrix Factorization for Joint Spectral-Spatial Hyperspectral Imagery Denoising
* Non-negative Sparse Semantic Coding for text categorization
* Nonnegative-Matrix-Factorization-Based Hyperspectral Unmixing With Partially Known Endmembers
* On the Sampling Strategy for Evaluation of Spectral-Spatial Methods in Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Regularized logistic regression method for change detection in multispectral data via Pathwise Coordinate optimization
* Regularized Multinomial Regression Method for Hyperspectral Data Classification via Pathwise Coordinate Optimization
* Salient object detection in hyperspectral imagery
* Semi-supervised Color Image Segmentation Method, A
* Soil Biochar Quantification via Hyperspectral Unmixing
* Spectral and Spatial Complexity-Based Hyperspectral Unmixing
* Visualization of Hyperspectral Imaging Data Based on Manifold Alignment
Includes: Qian, Y.T.[Yun Tao] Qian, Y.T.[Yun-Tao]
33 for Qian, Y.T.

Qian, Y.Z.[Yin Zhong] Co Author Listing * Action recognition from mutually incoherent pose bases in static image
* Mutually incoherent pose bases for Action recognition
Includes: Qian, Y.Z.[Yin Zhong] Qian, Y.Z.[Yin-Zhong]

Qian, Z.[Zhen] Co Author Listing * 4D Cardiac Reconstruction Using High Resolution CT Images
* Active volume models for 3D medical image segmentation
* Adaptive Reversible Data Hiding by Extending the Generalized Integer Transformation
* Automated Segmentation and Classification Framework for CT-Based Myocardial Perfusion Imaging for Detecting Myocardial Perfusion Defect, An
* Deformable-Model Based Textured Object Segmentation
* Hybrid Deformable Models for Medical Segmentation and Registration
* Identifying Regional Cardiac Abnormalities From Myocardial Strains Using Nontracking-Based Strain Estimation and Spatio-Temporal Tensor Analysis
* Learning Framework for the Automatic and Accurate Segmentation of Cardiac Tagged MRI Images, A
* Reconstruction of Detailed Left Ventricle Motion from tMRI Using Deformable Models
* Shape Analysis of the Left Ventricular Endocardial Surface and Its Application in Detecting Coronary Artery Disease
Includes: Qian, Z.[Zhen] Qian, Z.
10 for Qian, Z.

Qian, Z.H.[Zhen Hua] Co Author Listing * Spatial-spectral cross correlation for reliable multispectral image registration
Includes: Qian, Z.H.[Zhen Hua] Qian, Z.H.[Zhen-Hua]

Qian, Z.L.[Zeng Lei] Co Author Listing * Fast Object Detecting-Tracking Method in Compressed Domain, A
Includes: Qian, Z.L.[Zeng Lei] Qian, Z.L.[Zeng-Lei]

Qian, Z.M.[Zhi Ming] Co Author Listing * Automatic eye detection using intensity filtering and K-means clustering
* Dynamic Learning of SCRF for Feature Selection and Classification of Hyperspectral Imagery
* Personalized image annotation via class-specific cross-domain learning
* Tag Refinement for User-Contributed Images via Graph Learning and Nonnegative Tensor Factorization
Includes: Qian, Z.M.[Zhi Ming] Qian, Z.M.[Zhi-Ming]

Qian, Z.X.[Zhen Xing] Co Author Listing * Compressing Encrypted Images With Auxiliary Information
* Efficient reversible data hiding in encrypted images
* High Capacity Multi-Level Approach for Reversible Data Hiding in Encrypted Images, A
* Improved joint reversible data hiding in encrypted images
* JPEG encryption for image rescaling in the encrypted domain
* Lossless data hiding in JPEG bitstream using alternative embedding
* New Framework of Reversible Data Hiding in Encrypted JPEG Bitstreams
* Reference Sharing Mechanism for Watermark Self-Embedding
* Reversible Data Hiding in Encrypted Images Based on Progressive Recovery
* Reversible Data Hiding in Encrypted Images With Distributed Source Encoding
* Reversible Data Hiding in Encrypted JPEG Bitstream
* Scalable Coding of Encrypted Images
* Special issue on real-time image watermarking and forensics in cloud computing
* Targeted attack and security enhancement on texture synthesis based steganography
Includes: Qian, Z.X.[Zhen Xing] Qian, Z.X.[Zhen-Xing]
14 for Qian, Z.X.

Qiang, B. Co Author Listing * Wasserstein Generative Recurrent Adversarial Networks for Image Generating

Qiang, B.P.[Bei Ping] Co Author Listing * 3D MRI-Based Cardiac Computer Model to Study Arrhythmia and Its In-vivo Experimental Validation, A
Includes: Qiang, B.P.[Bei Ping] Qiang, B.P.[Bei-Ping]

Qiang, C. Co Author Listing * Very high resolution crop surface models (CSMs) from UAV-based stereo images for rice growth monitoring In Northeast China

Qiang, F.[Fan] Co Author Listing * Study on Earthwork Calculation of Open-Pit Mine Based on Three-Dimensional Laser Scanning Technology, The

Qiang, J. Co Author Listing * Learning Parallel Canonical Correlations for Scale-Adaptive Low Resolution Face Recognition

Qiang, L.[Ling] Co Author Listing * Catalyst description by using fractal measures
* Research on fuzzy enhancement algorithms for infrared image recognition quality of power internet of things equipment based on membership function
Includes: Qiang, L.[Ling] Qiang, L.[Li]

Qiang, M. Co Author Listing * Traffic congestion identification based on image processing

Qiang, Q.[Qi] Co Author Listing * Multiclass Classification Framework for Document Categorization, A
* Orientation of Spaceborne SAR Stereo Pairs Employing the RPC Adjustment Model
Includes: Qiang, Q.[Qi] Qiang, Q.

Qiang, S.[Song] Co Author Listing * Compare between Several Linear Image Edge Detection Algorithm
* Recognizing and Locating Polyhedral Objects from Sparse Range Data
Includes: Qiang, S.[Song] Qiang, S.

Qiang, S.G.[Song Guo] Co Author Listing * Multicue MRF image segmentation: combining texture and color features
* Unsupervised segmentation of color textured images using a multi-layer MRF model

Qiang, W.[Wang] Co Author Listing * Quantitative Analysis of Color Reproduction Based on Interpolation Arithmetic, The

Qiang, W.P.[Wen Ping] Co Author Listing * Face Tracking Based Advertisement Effect Evaluation
Includes: Qiang, W.P.[Wen Ping] Qiang, W.P.[Wen-Ping]

Qiang, X.[Xiao] Co Author Listing * Histogram based fuzzy C-mean algorithm for image segmentation

Qiang, Y.[Yu] Co Author Listing * Global-to-Local Framework for Infrared and Visible Image Sequence Registration, A
* Re-Arranging Space, Time and Scales in GIS: Alternative Models for Multi-Scale Spatio-Temporal Modeling and Analyses
Includes: Qiang, Y.[Yu] Qiang, Y.[Yi]

Qiang, Z. Co Author Listing * Background Subtraction Using Local SVD Binary Pattern
* Outdoor Rapid Calibration Technique And Realization Of Nonmetric Digital Camera Based On The Method Of Multi-image DLT and Resection, The
* Potts model for limited angle tomography
* Salient object detection employing robust sparse representation and local consistency
Includes: Qiang, Z. Qiang, Z.[Zhang] Qiang, Z.[Zhe]

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