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Chan Hon Tong, A.[Adrien] Co Author Listing * Deeply Optimized Hough Transform: Application to Action Segmentation
* Simultaneous segmentation and classification of human actions in video streams using deeply optimized Hough transform
Includes: Chan Hon Tong, A.[Adrien] Chan-Hon-Tong, A.[Adrien]

Chan Lang, S. Co Author Listing * Bidirectional sparse representations for multi-shot person re-identification
* Closed and Open-World Person Re-Identification and Verification
Includes: Chan Lang, S. Chan-Lang, S.

Chan Ley, M.[Mariana] Co Author Listing * Deep Genetic Programming Based Methodology for Art Media Classification Robust to Adversarial Perturbations, A
Includes: Chan Ley, M.[Mariana] Chan-Ley, M.[Mariana]

Chan, A. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Density Map Generation for Crowd Counting
* Albedo Pattern Recognition And Time-series Analyses In Malaysia
* Automatic BI-RADS Classification of Mammograms
* Bayesian wavelet shrinkage in transformation based normal models
* Egocentric Basketball Motion Planning from a Single First-Person Image
* Maximum Pseudolikelihood Estimation for Mixture-Markov Random Field Segmentation of the Brain
* Scalable Vision System for Mouse Homecage Ethology
* Video Desnowing and Deraining Based on Matrix Decomposition
* What It Thinks Is Important Is Important: Robustness Transfers Through Input Gradients
Includes: Chan, A. Chan, A.[Ariane] Chan, A.[Aaron]
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Chan, A.B.[Antoni B.] Co Author Listing * 3D Crowd Counting via Geometric Attention-Guided Multi-view Fusion
* 3D Human Pose Estimation from Monocular Images with Deep Convolutional Neural Network
* Adaptive figure-ground classification
* Angular-Driven Feedback Restoration Networks for Imperfect Sketch Recognition
* Bayesian Nested Neural Networks for Uncertainty Calibration and Adaptive Compression
* Bayesian Poisson regression for crowd counting
* BEV-Net: Assessing Social Distancing Compliance by Joint People Localization and Geometric Reasoning
* Beyond Counting: Comparisons of Density Maps for Crowd Analysis Tasks: Counting, Detection, and Tracking
* Calibration-Free Multi-view Crowd Counting
* Classifying Video with Kernel Dynamic Textures
* Clustering dynamic textures with the hierarchical EM algorithm
* Clustering Dynamic Textures with the Hierarchical EM Algorithm for Modeling Video
* Compare and Reweight: Distinctive Image Captioning Using Similar Images Sets
* Counting People Crossing a Line Using Integer Programming and Local Features
* Counting People With Low-Level Features and Bayesian Regression
* Cross-View Cross-Scene Multi-View Crowd Counting
* Crossing the Line: Crowd Counting by Integer Programming with Local Features
* Crowd Counting in the Frequency Domain
* Density-Preserving Hierarchical EM Algorithm: Simplifying Gaussian Mixture Models for Approximate Inference
* Describing Like Humans: On Diversity in Image Captioning
* DropMAE: Masked Autoencoders with Spatial-Attention Dropout for Tracking Tasks
* Dynamic Manga: Animating Still Manga via Camera Movement
* Efficient tree-structured SfM by RANSAC generalized Procrustes analysis
* Enhanced Figure-Ground Classification With Background Prior Propagation
* Fine-Grained Crowd Counting
* First Visual Object Tracking Segmentation VOTS2023 Challenge Results, The
* Fusing Crowd Density Maps and Visual Object Trackers for People Tracking in Crowd Scenes
* Gated Hierarchical Attention for Image Captioning
* Generalized Gaussian process models
* Generalized Loss Function for Crowd Counting and Localization, A
* Generalized Stauffer-Grimson background subtraction for dynamic scenes
* Growing a bag of systems tree for fast and accurate classification
* Hand Detection Using Zoomed Neural Networks
* Heterogeneous Multi-Task Learning for Human Pose Estimation with Deep Convolutional Neural Network
* Incorporating Side Information by Adaptive Convolution
* Is that my hand? An egocentric dataset for hand disambiguation
* Joint Motion Segmentation and Background Estimation in Dynamic Scenes
* Kernel-Based Density Map Generation for Dense Object Counting
* Layered Dynamic Textures
* Learning Dynamic Memory Networks for Object Tracking
* Leveraging Long-Term Predictions and Online Learning in Agent-Based Multiple Person Tracking
* Lightweight and Detector-Free 3D Single Object Tracker on Point Clouds, A
* Look Closely: Learning Exemplar Patches for Recognizing Textiles from Product Images
* Martial Arts, Dancing and Sports dataset: A challenging stereo and multi-view dataset for 3D human pose estimation
* Maximum-Margin Structured Learning with Deep Networks for 3D Human Pose Estimation
* Mixtures of Dynamic Textures
* Modeling Noisy Annotations for Point-Wise Supervision
* Modeling, Clustering, and Segmenting Video with Mixtures of Dynamic Textures
* On Distinctive Image Captioning via Comparing and Reweighting
* On Diversity in Image Captioning: Metrics and Methods
* On Measuring the Change in Size of Pulmonary Nodules
* Optimal Transport Minimization: Crowd Localization on Density Maps for Semi-Supervised Counting
* PRIMAL-GMM: PaRametrIc MAnifold Learning of Gaussian Mixture Models
* Privacy preserving crowd monitoring: Counting people without people models or tracking
* Probabilistic Kernels for the Classification of Auto-Regressive Visual Processes
* Progressive Unsupervised Learning for Visual Object Tracking
* Recurrent Filter Learning for Visual Tracking
* RegGeoNet: Learning Regular Representations for Large-Scale 3D Point Clouds
* Residual Regression With Semantic Prior for Crowd Counting
* ROAM: Recurrently Optimizing Tracking Model
* Robust Likelihood Function for 3D Human Pose Tracking, A
* Scalable and Accurate Descriptor for Dynamic Textures Using Bag of System Trees, A
* Scalable Video Object Segmentation with Simplified Framework
* Seventh Visual Object Tracking VOT2019 Challenge Results, The
* Small instance detection by integer programming on object density maps
* Supervised Learning of Semantic Classes for Image Annotation and Retrieval
* Tracking-by-Counting: Using Network Flows on Crowd Density Maps for Tracking Multiple Targets
* TWINS: A Fine-Tuning Framework for Improved Transferability of Adversarial Robustness and Generalization
* Variational layered dynamic textures
* Variational Nested Dropout
* Visual Tracking via Dynamic Memory Networks
* Wide-Area Crowd Counting via Ground-Plane Density Maps and Multi-View Fusion CNNs
* Wide-Area Crowd Counting: Multi-view Fusion Networks for Counting in Large Scenes
Includes: Chan, A.B.[Antoni B.] Chan, A.B. Chan, A.B.[Antoni B]
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Chan, A.C. Co Author Listing * Comparison of Kasai Autocorrelation and Maximum Likelihood Estimators for Doppler Optical Coherence Tomography
* Maximum Likelihood Doppler Frequency Estimation Under Decorrelation Noise for Quantifying Flow in Optical Coherence Tomography
* Secure, Intelligent Electric Vehicle Ecosystem for Safe Integration With the Smart Grid, A

Chan, A.H.H.[Alex Hoi Hang] Co Author Listing * 3D-POP: An Automated Annotation Approach to Facilitate Markerless 2D-3D Tracking of Freely Moving Birds with Marker-Based Motion Capture

Chan, A.H.S.[Alan Hoi Shou] Co Author Listing * Acceptance of Online Mapping Technology among Older Adults: Technology Acceptance Model with Facilitating Condition, Compatibility, and Self-Satisfaction
* Study of the Impact of Different Direction-of-Motion Stereotypes on Response Time and Response Accuracy Using Neural Network, A
Includes: Chan, A.H.S.[Alan Hoi Shou] Chan, A.H.S.

Chan, A.H.Y.[Aland H. Y.] Co Author Listing * Reconstructing 34 Years of Fire History in the Wet, Subtropical Vegetation of Hong Kong Using Landsat
* Unsupervised Diffusion and Volume Maximization-Based Clustering of Hyperspectral Images

Chan, A.K. Co Author Listing * artificial intelligent algorithm for tumor detection in screening mammogram, An
* Encoding with frames in MRI and analysis of the signal-to-noise ratio

Chan, A.L.[Alex L.] Co Author Listing * Integrated Motion Detection and Tracking for Visual Surveillance
* joint compression-discrimination neural transformation applied to target detection, A
* Polarimetric Thermal Database for Face Recognition Research, A
* Thermal-to-visible face recognition using partial least squares
Includes: Chan, A.L.[Alex L.] Chan, A.L.

Chan, A.W.S.[Alice W. S.] Co Author Listing * Architectural Paradigm for Collaborative Semantic Indexing of Multimedia Data Objects, An

Chan, C.[Chorkin] Co Author Listing * Contextual vector quantization for speech recognition with discrete hidden Markov model
* Contextual vector quantization modeling of hand-printed Chinese character recognition
* Discrete Contextual Stochastic Model for the Offline Recognition of Handwritten Chinese Characters, A
* Everybody Dance Now
* Fold-based Kolmogorov-Smirnov Modulation Classifier
* Handwritten Chinese Character Recognition Through a Video Camera
* Image segmentation of mesenchymal stem cells in diverse culturing conditions
* Isolated word recognition by neural network models with cross-correlation coefficients for speech dynamics
* Learning Individual Styles of Conversational Gesture
* Learning to generate line drawings that convey geometry and semantics
* Non-Rigid Event-by-Event Continuous Respiratory Motion Compensated List-Mode Reconstruction for PET
* On Optimal Embedded Schedules of JPEG-2000 Packets
* Optimal Use of Existing Distribution Feeders to Accommodate Transportation Electrification
* P-frame Coding Proposal by NCTU: Parametric Video Prediction through Backprop-based Motion Estimation
* Postprocessing Statistical Language Models for a Handwritten Chinese Character Recognizer
* Postreconstruction Nonlocal Means Filtering of Whole-Body PET With an Anatomical Prior
* Predicting Water Stress in Wild Blueberry Fields Using Airborne Visible and Near Infrared Imaging Spectroscopy
* Recognition of phonetic labels of the TIMIT speech corpus by means of an artificial neural network
* Reference Frame Optimization for Multiple-Path Video Streaming With Complexity Scaling
* robust real-timed recognizer of printed chinese characters, A
* Transform coding using adaptive bases and quantization
* Using SP-Frames for Error Resilience in Optimized Video Streaming
Includes: Chan, C.[Chorkin] Chan, C. Chan, C.[Christina] Chan, C.[Caroline] Chan, C.[Chung] Chan, C.[Catherine]
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Chan, C.C.[Chin Cheng] Co Author Listing * AF-Net: A Convolutional Neural Network Approach to Phase Detection Autofocus
* Blood vessel extraction from OCT data by short-time RPCA
* Coding statistics based fast mode decision for multi-view video coding
* Deep Video Prediction Through Sparse Motion Regularization
* End-to-End Learned Image Compression with Augmented Normalizing Flows
* Enhancement of phase detection for autofocus
* Extracting Blood Vessels From Full-Field OCT Data of Human Skin by Short-Time RPCA
* New Theory and Faster Computations for Subspace-Based Sensitivity Map Estimation in Multichannel MRI
* Performance Evaluation of Random Access Methods for IoT-over-Satellite
* Performance Modeling Framework for IoT-over-Satellite Using Shared Radio Spectrum
Includes: Chan, C.C.[Chin Cheng] Chan, C.C.[Chin-Cheng] Chan, C.C. Chan, C.C.[Chia-Chi] Chan, C.C.[Chih-Chun] Chan, C.C.[Chiu Chun]
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Chan, C.F.[Cheung Fat] Co Author Listing * Continuous Function Modeling of Head-Related Impulse Response
* Self-Timed ICT Chip for Image Coding, A
* Two-Dimension Common Factor Decomposition of Head-Related Impulse Response
Includes: Chan, C.F.[Cheung Fat] Chan, C.F.[Cheung-Fat] Chan, C.F.

Chan, C.H.[Chia Hsin] Co Author Listing * Adaptive accordion transformation based video compression method on HEVC
* Algorithm to estimate biometric performance change over time
* Angular Sparsemax for Face Recognition
* B-spline snakes in two stages
* Blur kernel estimation to improve recognition of blurred faces
* Efficient 3D morphable face model fitting
* Evaluation of face recognition system in heterogeneous environments (visible vs NIR)
* Face Recognition Using a Unified 3D Morphable Model
* Face recognition using multi-scale local phase quantisation and Linear Regression Classifier
* Face Video Competition
* Fast Variable Block Size Motion Estimation for H.264 Using Likelihood and Correlation of Motion Field
* Full ranking as local descriptor for visual recognition: A comparison of distance metrics on S_n
* Hashing Neural Video Decomposition with Multiplicative Residuals in Space-Time
* intrinsic coordinate system for 3D face registration, An
* Local Feature-Based Photo Album Compression by Eliminating Redundancy of Human Partition
* MI3: Multi-intensity infrared illumination video database
* Multi-scale Local Binary Pattern Histograms for Face Recognition
* Multiscale Local Phase Quantization for Robust Component-Based Face Recognition Using Kernel Fusion of Multiple Descriptors
* Multiscale) Local Phase Quantisation histogram discriminant analysis with score normalisation for robust face recognition
* Multispectral Local Binary Pattern Histogram for Component-based Color Face Verification
* New application of MV- and 3D-HEVC for multi-intensity illuminated infrared video coding
* NPT-Loss: Demystifying Face Recognition Losses With Nearest Proxies Triplet
* On Combining Local DCT with Preprocessing Sequence for Face Recognition under Varying Lighting Conditions
* On the Results of the First Mobile Biometry (MOBIO) Face and Speaker Verification Evaluation
* Parallel Implementation of the Sparse-Matrix/Canonical Grid Method for the Analysis of Two-Dimensional Random Rough Surfaces (Three-Dimensional Scattering Problem) on a Beowulf System
* Resolution-Aware 3D Morphable Model
* Sparse representation of (Multiscale) histograms for face recognition robust to registration and illumination problems
* Spatially Characterizing Major Airline Alliances: A Network Analysis
* Wavelet-based simulations of electromagnetic scattering from large-scale two-dimensional perfectly conducting random rough surfaces
Includes: Chan, C.H.[Chia Hsin] Chan, C.H.[Chia-Hsin] Chan, C.H.[Chi-Ho] Chan, C.H. Chan, C.H.[Chi Ho] Chan, C.H.[Cheng-Hung] Chan, C.H.[Chun-Hsiang]
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Chan, C.K. Co Author Listing * Brick-wall structured segmentation for interpolative vector quantization of images
* complete shape recognition system using the Hough transform and neural network, A
* complexity reduction technique for image vector quantization, A
* Digital watermarking based on frequency random position insertion
* Dynamic finite state VQ of colour images using stochastic learning
* Fast video object detection via multiple background modeling
* Hiding data in images by simple LSB substitution
* Image hiding based on block difference
* Motion classified 3D vector quantization for sequence coding
* novel image-hiding scheme based on block difference, A
* Off-Line Handwritten Chinese Character Recognition as a Compound Bayes Decision Problem
* Off-Line Large Vocabulary Hand-Written Chinese Character Recognizer, An
* Survey on 3D Human Body Modeling for Interactive Fashion Design, A
* Two-dimensional split and merge algorithm for differential vector quantization of images
Includes: Chan, C.K. Chan, C.K.[Chok-Ki] Chan, C.K.[Chi-Kwong] Chan, C.K.[Chee Kooi]
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Chan, C.L. Co Author Listing * Iterative maximum likelihood displacement field estimation in quantum-limited image sequences
* Low bit rate video coding using robust motion vector regeneration in the decoder

Chan, C.M. Co Author Listing * Pattern Recognition of Radar Echoes for Short-range Rainfall Forecast

Chan, C.S. Co Author Listing * Anisotropic Partial Differential Equation Based Video Saliency Detection
* Anticipating Daily Intention Using On-wrist Motion Triggered Sensing
* ArtGAN: Artwork synthesis with conditional categorical GANs
* Ceci n'est pas une pipe: A deep convolutional network for fine-art paintings classification
* Clinically Guided Trainable Soft Attention for Early Detection of Oral Cancer
* COMIC: Toward A Compact Image Captioning Model With Attention
* Crowd Saliency Detection via Global Similarity Structure
* Cycle-object consistency for image-to-image domain adaptation
* CyEDA: Cycle-Object Edge Consistency Domain Adaptation
* Deep-plant: Plant identification with convolutional neural networks
* DeepIPR: Deep Neural Network Ownership Verification With Passports
* efficient image authentication method based on Hamming code, An
* End-to-End Supermask Pruning: Learning to Prune Image Captioning Models
* Enhanced Random Forest with Image/Patch-Level Learning for Image Understanding
* Extremely Low-Light Image Enhancement with Scene Text Restoration
* Finding optimal least-significant-bit substitution in image hiding by dynamic programming strategy
* From Gradient Leakage To Adversarial Attacks In Federated Learning
* Fuzzy human motion analysis: A review
* Getting to know low-light images with the Exclusively Dark dataset
* GrCS: Granular Computing-Based Crowd Segmentation
* HGO-CNN: Hybrid generic-organ convolutional neural network for multi-organ plant classification
* How deep learning extracts and learns leaf features for plant classification
* image authentication method by applying Hamming code on rearranged bits, An
* Image hiding scheme with modulus function and dynamic programming strategy on partitioned pixels
* Improved ArtGAN for Conditional Synthesis of Natural Image and Artwork
* Invertible secret image sharing with steganography
* Lightweight Authentication for MP4 Format Container Using Subtitle Track
* LLDE: Enhancing Low-Light Images with Diffusion Model
* Low-light image enhancement using Gaussian Process for features retrieval
* Mask Captioning Network
* Mask-guided network for image captioning
* Multi-Organ Plant Classification Based on Convolutional and Recurrent Neural Networks
* On the General Value of Evidence, and Bilingual Scene-Text Visual Question Answering
* Orthogonal planar search (OPS) for coronary artery centerline extraction
* phi-LSTM: A Phrase-Based Hierarchical LSTM Model for Image Captioning
* pLSA-based zero-shot learning
* Protect, show, attend and tell: Empowering image captioning models with ownership protection
* Protecting Intellectual Property of Generative Adversarial Networks from Ambiguity Attacks
* ProX: A Reversed Once-for-All Network Training Paradigm for Efficient Edge Models Training in Medical Imaging
* quad tree based method for blurred and non-blurred video text frames classification through quality metrics, A
* Recognition from Hand Cameras: A Revisit with Deep Learning
* Restoration of Blurred-Noisy Images Through the Concept of Bilevel Programming
* Rethinking Long-Tailed Visual Recognition with Dynamic Probability Smoothing and Frequency Weighted Focusing
* Skin-based privacy filter for surveillance systems
* Spot-then-Recognize: A Micro-Expression Analysis Network for Seamless Evaluation of Long Videos
* Total-Text: toward orientation robustness in scene text detection
* Understanding Scenery Quality: A Visual Attention Measure and Its Computational Model
* Visual Object Tracking VOT2013 Challenge Results, The
* When IC meets text: Towards a rich annotated integrated circuit text dataset
* Zero-Shot Object Recognition System Based on Topic Model
Includes: Chan, C.S. Chan, C.S.[Cheng-Sheng] Chan, C.S.[Chee Seng] Chan, C.S.[Chi-Shiang] Chan, C.S.[Chuan-Sheng] Chan, C.S.[Chee-Seng]
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Chan, C.S.K. Co Author Listing * Self-calibrating 3D-ultrasound-based bone registration for minimally invasive orthopedic surgery

Chan, C.W.[Carri W.] Co Author Listing * Multiple Distortion Measures for video with temporal scalability

Chan, C.Y.[Ching Yao] Co Author Listing * Characterization of Driving Behaviors Based on Field Observation of Intersection Left-Turn Across-Path Scenarios
* Crossing or Not? Context-Based Recognition of Pedestrian Crossing Intention in the Urban Environment
* Develop right-turn real-time crash warning system at arterial access considering driver behaviour
* Fast Multi-template Matching Using a Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm for PCB Inspection
* Feasibility analysis of steering control as a driver-assistance function in collision situations
* Novel Direct Trajectory Planning Approach Based on Generative Adversarial Networks and Rapidly-Exploring Random Tree, A
* Psychological and environmental factors affecting driver's frequent lane-changing behaviour: a national sample of drivers in China
* Real-time estimation of freeway travel time with recurrent congestion based on sparse detector data
* RESTEP Into the Future: Relational Spatio-Temporal Learning for Multi-Person Action Forecasting
* Threat assessment of traffic moving toward a controlled intersection
* Vehicle collision prediction at intersections based on comparison of minimal distance between vehicles and dynamic thresholds
* Visualization Analysis of Intelligent Vehicles Research Field Based on Mapping Knowledge Domain
Includes: Chan, C.Y.[Ching Yao] Chan, C.Y.[Ching-Yao] Chan, C.Y.[Ching-Yuen]
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Chan, D.[Derek] Co Author Listing * 3D shape scanning with a time-of-flight camera
* Analyzing Physical Impacts Using Transient Surface Wave Imaging
* Design and calibration of a multi-view TOF sensor fusion system
* Dual-Shutter Optical Vibration Sensing
* Efficient Non-line-of-sight Imaging from Transient Sinograms
* Entropy-Based Non-Local Means Filter for Single-Look SAR Speckle Reduction
* Facial Expression Recognition from World Wild Web
* Factors Affecting the Training of a WISARD Classifier for Monitoring Fish Underwater
* Going deeper in facial expression recognition using deep neural networks
* Holocurtains: Programming Light Curtains via Binary Holography
* Investigation of Post-Fire Debris Flows in Montecito
* JPEG XR optimization with graph-based soft decision quantization
* Noise-Aware Filter for Real-Time Depth Upsampling, A
* Scalable and Accurate Self-supervised Multimodal Representation Learning without Aligned Video and Text Data
* SpinCam: High-Speed Imaging via a Rotating Point-Spread Function
Includes: Chan, D.[Derek] Chan, D.[Dorian] Chan, D.[Debora] Chan, D. Chan, D.[Dave] Chan, D.[Duncan] Chan, D.[David]
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Chan, D.C.K.[Donald C.K.] Co Author Listing * Improving posture classification accuracy for depth sensor-based human activity monitoring in smart environments

Chan, D.E.[Diane E.] Co Author Listing * Hyperspectral Imaging from a Multipurpose Floating Platform to Estimate Chlorophyll-a Concentrations in Irrigation Pond Water

Chan, D.M.[David M.] Co Author Listing * Active Learning for Video Description with Cluster-regularized Ensemble Ranking
* What's in a Caption? Dataset-Specific Linguistic Diversity and Its Effect on Visual Description Models and Metrics

Chan, D.Y.[Din Yuen] Co Author Listing * automatic initial snaxel selection method in active contour model for contour extraction, An
* Efficient connected-index finite-length arithmetic codes
* Fast and low roundoff implementation of quadrature mirror filters for subband coding
* Hardware Design of Shape-Preserving Contour Tracing for Object of Segmented Images
* Histogram-oriented watermarking algorithm: colour image watermarking scheme robust against geometric attacks and signal processing
* Image Segmentation with Fast Wavelet-Based Color Segmenting and Directional Region Growing
* improved automatic initial snaxel selection with corner tracing for object contour extraction in medical image, An
* interactive instance segmentation system with multi-resolution convolutional neural networks, An
* q-Domain Characteristic-Based Bit-Rate Model for Video Transmission, A
* rate control scheme using Kalman filtering for H.263, A
* Rectification-conducted adaptive snake for segmenting complex-boundary objects from textured backgrounds
* Robust shape-preserving contour tracing with synchronous redundancy pruning
* Tissue separation in MR images: From supervised to unsupervised classification
Includes: Chan, D.Y.[Din Yuen] Chan, D.Y.[Din-Yuen] Chan, D.Y. Chan, D.Y.[Din-Yuan]
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Chan, E.[Ed] Co Author Listing * Comparison and Assessment of Regional and Global Land Cover Datasets for Use in CLASS over Canada
* Digital stereo photogrammetry for grain-scale monitoring of fluvial surfaces: Error evaluation and workflow optimisation
* Learning photographic global tonal adjustment with a database of input-output image pairs
* Multiresolution Motion Estimation Techniques for Video Compression
* Novel Similarity Measure for Retinal Optical Coherence Tomography Images, A
* Wavelet-Based Image-Coding Using Nonlinear Interpolative Vector Quantization
Includes: Chan, E.[Ed] Chan, E.[Edwin] Chan, E.[Eric] Chan, E.

Chan, E.C.L. Co Author Listing * Wi-Counter: Smartphone-Based People Counter Using Crowdsourced Wi-Fi Signal Data

Chan, E.H.W.[Edwin H. W.] Co Author Listing * Review of Human Mobility Research Based on Big Data and Its Implication for Smart City Development, A
* Spatial Effect of Accessibility to Public Service Facilities on Housing Prices: Highlighting the Housing Equity, The

Chan, E.R.[Eric Ryan] Co Author Listing * 3D Neural Field Generation Using Triplane Diffusion
* DiffDreamer: Towards Consistent Unsupervised Single-view Scene Extrapolation with Conditional Diffusion Models
* Efficient Geometry-aware 3D Generative Adversarial Networks
* Generative Novel View Synthesis with 3D-Aware Diffusion Models
* pi-GAN: Periodic Implicit Generative Adversarial Networks for 3D-Aware Image Synthesis
Includes: Chan, E.R.[Eric Ryan] Chan, E.R.[Eric R.]

Chan, E.Y.[Elaine Y.] Co Author Listing * optimization algorithm for clustering using weighted dissimilarity measures, An
* semi-supervised regression model for mixed numerical and categorical variables, A

Chan, F.[Fai] Co Author Listing * Fast construction of object correspondence in stereo camera system: An example to human face capturing system
* Fingerprint Matching with Minutiae Quality Score

Chan, F.H. Co Author Listing * Agent-Centric Risk Assessment: Accident Anticipation and Risky Region Localization
* Anticipating Accidents in Dashcam Videos
* World Is Changing: Finding Changes on the Street, The
Includes: Chan, F.H. Chan, F.H.[Fu-Hsiang]

Chan, F.H.Y. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Thresholding By Variational Method
* B-spline snakes in two stages
* Brain tumor boundary detection in MR image with generalized fuzzy operator
* Color image denoising with wavelet thresholding based on human visual system model
* Image Contrast Enhancement by Constrained Local Histogram Equalization
* Multi-class segmentation based on generalized fuzzy gibbs random fields
* Normalization of contrast in document images using generalized fuzzy operator with least square method
* Object Boundary Location by Region and Contour Deformation
* Thyroid Cancer Cells Boundary Location by a Fuzzy Edge Detection Method
Includes: Chan, F.H.Y. Chan, F.H.Y.[Francis H.Y.]
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Chan, F.K.K. Co Author Listing * Using Bivariate Gaussian Distribution Confidence Ellipses of Lightning Flashes for Efficiently Computing Reliable Large Area Density Maps

Chan, F.K.S.[Frodo Kin Sun] Co Author Listing * further study of low resolution androgenic hair patterns as a soft biometric trait, A
* Preliminary Study of Lower Leg Geometry as a Soft Biometric Trait for Forensic Investigation, A
* Spatiotemporal Patterns of Hillslope Erosion Investigated Based on Field Scouring Experiments and Terrestrial Laser Scanning
* study on wrist identification for forensic investigation, A
* Using Leg Geometry to Align Androgenic Hair Patterns in Low Resolution Images for Criminal and Victim Identification
Includes: Chan, F.K.S.[Frodo Kin Sun] Chan, F.K.S.[Frodo Kin-Sun] Chan, F.K.S.[Faith Ka Shun]

Chan, F.N.T.[Fred N.T.] Co Author Listing * Spacecraft camera image registration

Chan, G. Co Author Listing * Distributed Image Processing
* Vision physiology applied to hyperspectral short wave infrared imaging
Includes: Chan, G. Chan, G.[Gabriel]

Chan, G.S.H. Co Author Listing * Supporting Interactive Video-on-Demand With Adaptive Multicast Streaming

Chan, G.Y.[Gaik Yee] Co Author Listing * Ontology-Based Hybrid Recommender System for Internet Protocol Television, An
Includes: Chan, G.Y.[Gaik Yee] Chan, G.Y.[Gaik-Yee]

Chan, H. Co Author Listing * Breast Cancer Diagnosis in Digital Breast Tomosynthesis: Effects of Training Sample Size on Multi-Stage Transfer Learning Using Deep Neural Nets
* Man-Machine Facial Recognition System: Some Preliminary Results, A

Chan, H.A.[H. Anthony] Co Author Listing * Intelligent Painter: Picture Composition with Resampling Diffusion Model

Chan, H.B. Co Author Listing * Matching patterns of line segments by eigenvector decomposition

Chan, H.C.[Hock C.] Co Author Listing * Human factors in color-based image retrieval: An empirical study on size estimate accuracies

Chan, H.C.B. Co Author Listing * Cognitive Resource Optimization for the Decomposed Cloud Gaming Platform
* Quality-of-Experience Optimization for a Cloud Gaming System With Ad Hoc Cloudlet Assistance

Chan, H.H.[Hanford H.] Co Author Listing * Lossless Aggregation for Transporting Stored Video over a CBR Communications Channel

CHAN, H.L.[Hei Long] Co Author Listing * Automatic characteristic-calibrated registration (ACC-REG): Hippocampal surface registration using eigen-graphs
* Comments on non-iterative quality phase-gradient autofocus (QPGA) algorithm for spotlight SAR imagery
* Human identification by quantifying similarity and dissimilarity in electrocardiogram phase space
* Image Segmentation with Partial Convexity Shape Prior Using Discrete Conformality Structures
* QRS detection-free electrocardiogram biometrics in the reconstructed phase space
* Tooth morphometry using quasi-conformal theory
* Topology-Preserving Image Segmentation by Beltrami Representation of Shapes
Includes: CHAN, H.L.[Hei Long] Chan, H.L. Chan, H.L.[Hsiao-Lung] Chan, H.L.[Hei Long] Chan, H.L.[Hei-Long]
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Chan, H.M.[Ho Ming] Co Author Listing * Multi-modal image registration by minimizing Kullback-Leibler distance between expected and observed joint class histograms
* new approach for image enhancement applied to low-contrast-low-illumination IC and document images, A
Includes: Chan, H.M.[Ho Ming] Chan, H.M.[Ho-Ming] Chan, H.M.[Hoi-Mei]

Chan, H.P.[Heang Ping] Co Author Listing * adaptive density-weighted contrast enhancement filter for mammographic breast mass detection, An
* Artificial Convolution Neural-Network for Medical Image Pattern-Recognition
* Classification of malignant and benign masses based on hybrid ART2LDA approach
* Classification of mass and normal breast tissue: a convolution neural network classifier with spatial domain and texture images
* Computer-aided characterization of mammographic masses: Accuracy of mass segmentation and its effects on characterization
* Deep Convolutional Neural Network With Adversarial Training for Denoising Digital Breast Tomosynthesis Images
* Detector Blur and Correlated Noise Modeling for Digital Breast Tomosynthesis Reconstruction
* Performance Analysis of Three-Class Classifiers: Properties of a 3-D ROC Surface and the Normalized Volume Under the Surface for the Ideal Observer
* Potential Approach for Single-Peak Extinction Fitting of Aerosol Profiles Based on In Situ Measurements for the Improvement of Surface PM2.5 Retrieval from Satellite AOD Product
* Radiometric Variations of On-Orbit FORMOSAT-5 RSI from Vicarious and Cross-Calibration Measurements
Includes: Chan, H.P.[Heang Ping] Chan, H.P.[Heang-Ping] Chan, H.P. Chan, H.P.[Hai-Po]
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Chan, H.T. Co Author Listing * New Error Resilient Video Coding Using Matching Pursuit and Multiple Description Coding, A

Chan, H.W. Co Author Listing * Hybrid Approach for Authenticating MPEG-2 Streaming Data, A

Chan, H.Y.[Ho Yin] Co Author Listing * Enhanced three-dimensional model reconstruction based on local ternary pattern-guided fusion of multi-exposure images
Includes: Chan, H.Y.[Ho Yin] Chan, H.Y.[Ho-Yin]

Chan, I. Co Author Listing * Unsupervised Freeview Groupwise Cardiac Segmentation Using Synchronized Spectral Network

Chan, I.L.[Iok Long] Co Author Listing * 2D and 3D visualization with dual-resolution for surveillance
Includes: Chan, I.L.[Iok Long] Chan, I.L.[Iok-Long]

Chan, J.[Jacob] Co Author Listing * BIND: Binary Integrated Net Descriptors for Texture-Less Object Recognition
* BORDER: An Oriented Rectangles Approach to Texture-Less Object Recognition
* Can high-order dependencies improve mutual information based feature selection?
* CDC: Convolutional-De-Convolutional Networks for Precise Temporal Action Localization in Untrimmed Videos
* F-SORT: An Alternative for Faster Geometric Verification
* Fast Landmark Localization With 3D Component Reconstruction and CNN for Cross-Pose Recognition
* Ground truth bias in external cluster validity indices
* Online Detection of Action Start in Untrimmed, Streaming Videos
* Real-Time Texture-less Object Recognition on Mobile Devices
* SCONE-GAN: Semantic Contrastive learning-based Generative Adversarial Network for an end-to-end image translation
* Searching Off-line Arabic Documents
* Symmetry-based indexing of image databases
Includes: Chan, J.[Jacob] Chan, J.[Jacoob] Chan, J.[Jeffrey] Chan, J. Chan, J.[Jonathan] Chan, J.[Jim]
12 for Chan, J.

Chan, J.C. Co Author Listing * Deformable Dictionary Learning for SAR Image Change Detection
* Iterative Image Dehazing Method With Polarization, An
* Nonlocal Low-Rank Regularized Tensor Decomposition for Hyperspectral Image Denoising
* Spectral Super-Resolution for Multispectral Image Based on Spectral Improvement Strategy and Spatial Preservation Strategy
* Thick Cloud Removal With Optical and SAR Imagery via Convolutional-Mapping-Deconvolutional Network

Chan, J.C.K. Co Author Listing * Automated analysis of nerve-cell images using active contour models

Chan, J.C.P.[Jacky C.P.] Co Author Listing * Improving posture classification accuracy for depth sensor-based human activity monitoring in smart environments

Chan, J.C.W.[Jonathan Cheung Wai] Co Author Listing * Archetypal Analysis and Structured Sparse Representation for Hyperspectral Anomaly Detection
* Assessing the performance of two unsupervised dimensionality reduction techniques on hyperspectral APEX data for high resolution urban land-cover mapping
* Assessment of Geometric Activity Features for Per-pixel Classification of Urban Man-made Objects using Very High Resolution Satellite Imagery, An
* Coarse-to-fine salient object detection based on deep convolutional neural networks
* Collaborative Learning of Lightweight Convolutional Neural Network and Deep Clustering for Hyperspectral Image Semi-Supervised Classification with Limited Training Samples
* Content-Guided Convolutional Neural Network for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Coupled Sparse Denoising and Unmixing With Low-Rank Constraint for Hyperspectral Image
* Detecting the Nature of Change in an Urban Environment: A Comparison of Machine Learning Algorithms
* Distinguishing Original and Non-Original Stands at the Zhanjiang Mangrove National Nature Reserve (P.R. China): Remote Sensing and GIS for Conservation and Ecological Research
* Full-time Monocular Road Detection Using Zero-distribution Prior of Angle of Polarization
* Fully Automatic Subpixel Image Registration of Multiangle CHRIS/Proba Data
* Global and Local Tensor Sparse Approximation Models for Hyperspectral Image Destriping
* Going Deeper with Densely Connected Convolutional Neural Networks for Multispectral Pansharpening
* Histograms of oriented mosaic gradients for snapshot spectral image description
* Hyperspectral and Multispectral Image Fusion via Deep Two-Branches Convolutional Neural Network
* Hyperspectral and Multispectral Image Fusion via Graph Laplacian-Guided Coupled Tensor Decomposition
* Hyperspectral and Multispectral Image Fusion via Nonlocal Low-Rank Tensor Decomposition and Spectral Unmixing
* Hyperspectral Anomaly Detection via Graph Dictionary-Based Low Rank Decomposition with Texture Feature Extraction
* Hyperspectral Image Denoising Based on Nonlocal Low-Rank and TV Regularization
* Hyperspectral Image Denoising Using Global Weighted Tensor Norm Minimum and Nonlocal Low-Rank Approximation
* Hyperspectral Image Restoration via Spatial-Spectral Residual Total Variation Regularized Low-Rank Tensor Decomposition
* Hyperspectral Image Super-Resolution Based on Spatial and Spectral Correlation Fusion
* Hyperspectral Images Classification Based on Dense Convolutional Networks with Spectral-Wise Attention Mechanism
* Illumination-invariant road detection and tracking using LWIR polarization characteristics
* Illumination-Invariant Shadow-Based Scene Matching Navigation Approach in Low-Altitude Flight, An
* Image Fusion for Spatial Enhancement of Hyperspectral Image via Pixel Group Based Non-Local Sparse Representation
* Impact of Environmental Factors on the Spectral Characteristics of Lava Surfaces: Field Spectrometry of Basaltic Lava Flows on Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain
* Improved Classification of VHR Images of Urban Areas Using Directional Morphological Profiles
* Improved Recognition of Spectrally Mixed Land Cover Classes Using Spatial Textures and Voting Classifications
* Joint Hyperspectral Superresolution and Unmixing With Interactive Feedback
* Joint Spatial-spectral Resolution Enhancement of Multispectral Images with Spectral Matrix Factorization and Spatial Sparsity Constraints
* Laplacian Pyramid Fusion Network With Hierarchical Guidance for Infrared and Visible Image Fusion
* Learning and Transferring Deep Joint Spectral-Spatial Features for Hyperspectral Classification
* Mapping impervious surfaces from superresolution enhanced CHRIS/Proba imagery using multiple endmember unmixing
* Mosaic gradient histogram for object tracking in DoFP infrared polarization imaging
* Multi-Scale Wavelet 3D-CNN for Hyperspectral Image Super-Resolution, A
* Multiple Criteria for Evaluating Machine Learning Algorithms for Land Cover Classification from Satellite Data
* Multiple Endmember Unmixing of CHRIS/Proba Imagery for Mapping Impervious Surfaces in Urban and Suburban Environments
* Natura 2000 Habitat Identification and Conservation Status Assessment with Superresolution Enhanced Hyperspectral (CHRIS/PROBA) Imagery
* No-Reference Hyperspectral Image Quality Assessment via Quality-Sensitive Features Learning
* Nonlocal Tensor Sparse Representation and Low-Rank Regularization for Hyperspectral Image Compressive Sensing Reconstruction
* Object Tracking in Hyperspectral-Oriented Video with Fast Spatial-Spectral Features
* Potential of Resolution-Enhanced Hyperspectral Data for Mineral Mapping Using Simulated EnMAP and Sentinel-2 Images
* Robust Background Feature Extraction Through Homogeneous Region-Based Joint Sparse Representation for Hyperspectral Anomaly Detection
* Semi-Supervised Deep Learning Classification for Hyperspectral Image Based on Dual-Strategy Sample Selection
* SMOTE-Based Weighted Deep Rotation Forest for the Imbalanced Hyperspectral Data Classification
* Spatial-Spectral Structured Sparse Low-Rank Representation for Hyperspectral Image Super-Resolution
* Superresolution Enhancement of Hyperspectral CHRIS/Proba Images With a Thin-Plate Spline Nonrigid Transform Model
* Thin cloud removal with residual symmetrical concatenation network
Includes: Chan, J.C.W.[Jonathan Cheung Wai] Chan, J.C.W.[Jonathan Cheung-Wai] Chan, J.C.W. Chan, J.C.W.[Jonathan C.W.]
49 for Chan, J.C.W.

Chan, J.H.[Jun Hoong] Co Author Listing * Estimating Spatially-Varying Lighting in Urban Scenes with Disentangled Representation
* ReLeaPS: Reinforcement Learning-based Illumination Planning for Generalized Photometric Stereo

Chan, J.J.M.[J.J. Mijares] Co Author Listing * Wavelet-based blind deconvolution of near-field ultrasound scans

Chan, J.S. Co Author Listing * Face recognition by facial attribute assisted network

Chan, J.S.G. Co Author Listing * Dress With Style: Learning Style From Joint Deep Embedding of Clothing Styles and Body Shapes

Chan, J.W.[Jui Wen] Co Author Listing * Evaluating a Suitable Aquaculture Site Selection Model for Cobia (Rachycentron canadum) during Extreme Events in the Inner Bay of the Penghu Islands, Taiwan
* View synthesis for depth from motion 3D X-ray imaging
Includes: Chan, J.W.[Jui Wen] Chan, J.W.[Jui-Wen] Chan, J.W.

Chan, J.W.C.[John W.C.] Co Author Listing * trend pattern assessment approach to microarray gene expression profiling data analysis, A

Chan, J.Y.H.[Jennifer Y.H.] Co Author Listing * Wavelet-based segmentation on the sphere

Chan, K. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Model for Texture Analysis, An
* Direct Minutiae Extraction from Gray-level Fingerprint Image by Relationship Examination
* Directional Cellular Feature Extraction with Elastic Meshing for Handwritten Chinese Character Recognition
* Influence of Instrumental Line Shape Degradation on the Partial Columns of O3, CO, CH4 and N2O Derived from High-Resolution FTIR Spectrometry, The
* Learning Similarity for Texture Image Retrieval
* Mapping Malaria Vector Habitats in West Africa: Drone Imagery and Deep Learning Analysis for Targeted Vector Surveillance
* Sleep Apnea Detection via Depth Video and Audio Feature Learning
Includes: Chan, K. Chan, K.[Kalok] Chan, K.[Kallista] Chan, K.[Kevin]
7 for Chan, K.

Chan, K.C.[Kai Chi] Co Author Listing * 3-D-Point-Cloud System for Human-Pose Estimation, A
* Automatic Design of Factors in a Human-Pose Estimation System Using Neural Networks, An
* Bi-Quadratic B-Spline Surfaces Generated from Arbitrary Polyhedral Meshes: A Constructive Approach
* Fast Fingerprint Verification Using Subregions of Fingerprint Images
* Partially occluded object detection by finding the visible features and parts
Includes: Chan, K.C.[Kai Chi] Chan, K.C.[Kai-Chi] Chan, K.C.

Chan, K.C.C. Co Author Listing * Class-Dependent Discretization for Inductive Learning from Continuous and Mixed-Mode Data
* Contextual Correlation Preserving Multiview Featured Graph Clustering
* Dimensionality reduction for heterogeneous dataset in rushes editing
* MMNet: A Model-Based Multimodal Network for Human Action Recognition in RGB-D Videos
* Multilinear Isometric Embedding for visual pattern analysis
* PIS: a probabilistic inference system
* Skeleton-based human action evaluation using graph convolutional network for monitoring Alzheimer's progression
* Synthesis of Statistical Knowledge from Time-Dependent Data
* Tensor-based locally maximum margin classifier for image and video classification
Includes: Chan, K.C.C. Chan, K.C.C.[Keith C.C.]
9 for Chan, K.C.C.

Chan, K.C.K.[Kelvin C.K.] Co Author Listing * BasicVSR++: Improving Video Super-Resolution with Enhanced Propagation and Alignment
* BasicVSR: The Search for Essential Components in Video Super-Resolution and Beyond
* Collaborative Diffusion for Multi-Modal Face Generation and Editing
* GLEAN: Generative Latent Bank for Image Super-Resolution and Beyond
* GLEAN: Generative Latent Bank for Large-Factor Image Super-Resolution
* Investigating Tradeoffs in Real-World Video Super-Resolution
* NTIRE 2021 Challenge on Quality Enhancement of Compressed Video: Methods and Results
* NTIRE 2021 Challenge on Video Super-Resolution
* ProPainter: Improving Propagation and Transformer for Video Inpainting
* Reference-Based Image and Video Super-Resolution via C^2-Matching
* Robust Reference-based Super-Resolution via C2-Matching
Includes: Chan, K.C.K.[Kelvin C.K.] Chan, K.C.K.[Kelvin C. K.]
11 for Chan, K.C.K.

Chan, K.F.[Kam Fai] Co Author Listing * efficient syntactic approach to structural analysis of on-line handwritten mathematical expressions, An
* Elastic Structural Matching for On-Line Handwritten Alphanumeric Character Recognition
* Error detection, error correction and performance evaluation in on-line mathematical expression recognition
* Low-rank and sparse matrix decomposition based on S1/2 and L1/2 regularizations in dynamic MRI
* Mathematical Expression Recognition: A Survey
* PenCalc: a novel application of on-line mathematical expression recognition technology
* Recognizing on-line handwritten alphanumeric characters through flexible structural matching
Includes: Chan, K.F.[Kam Fai] Chan, K.F.[Kam-Fai] Chan, K.F.
7 for Chan, K.F.

Chan, K.H.[Kwai Hung] Co Author Listing * Contour-Based Warping
* Double bit range estimation with eight estimators for CABAC in VVC
* Higher precision range estimation for context-based adaptive binary arithmetic coding
* Object Boundary Location by Region and Contour Deformation
* off-line oriental character recognition system (OOCRS): synergy of distortion modeling, hidden Markov models and vector quantization, An
* On The Generalization Ability Of Neural Network Classifiers
* probabilistic model for evaluation of neural network classifiers, A
* Robust Orthogonal Particle Swarm Optimization for estimating the fundamental matrix
* Robust refinement methods for camera calibration and 3D reconstruction from multiple images
* Robust trifocal tensor constraints for structure from motion estimation
Includes: Chan, K.H.[Kwai Hung] Chan, K.H.[Ka-Hou] Chan, K.H. Chan, K.H.[Khue Hiang] Chan, K.H.[Kai-Hsuan]
10 for Chan, K.H.

Chan, K.H.K. Co Author Listing * SPANC: Optimizing Scheduling Delay for Peer-to-Peer Live Streaming

Chan, K.H.R.[Kwan Ho Ryan] Co Author Listing * Efficient Maximal Coding Rate Reduction by Variational Forms
* Unsupervised Manifold Linearizing and Clustering

Chan, K.K.Y.[Karen Kie Yan] Co Author Listing * Himawari-8/AHI and MODIS Aerosol Optical Depths in China: Evaluation and Comparison
* Preliminary Evaluation of the Consistency of Landsat 8 and Sentinel-2 Time Series Products in An Urban Area: An Example in Beijing, China

Chan, K.L.[Kap Luk] Co Author Listing * Active Contour with a Tangential Component
* Adaptive Model for Texture Classification, An
* Aesthetic enhancement of landscape photographs as informed by paintings across depth layers
* Aesthetic Interactive Hue Manipulation for Natural Scene Images
* Atmospheric Perspective Effect Enhancement of Landscape Photographs Through Depth-Aware Contrast Manipulation
* Bayesian Image Restoration and Segmentation by Constrained Optimization
* Bootstrapping SVM active learning by incorporating unlabelled images for image retrieval
* Calibration and Data Quality Assurance Technical Advancements for Quantitative Remote Sensing in the DRAGON 4 Project
* Computer Assisted Method for Nuclear Cataract Grading From Slit-Lamp Images Using Ranking, A
* Content-Based Image Retrieval Using Regional Representation
* Criterion for Optimizing Kernel Parameters in KBDA for Image Retrieval, A
* Detecting abnormal regions in colonoscopic images by patch-based classifier ensemble
* Detection of foreground in dynamic scene via two-step background subtraction
* Detection of swimmer using dense optical flow motion map and intensity information
* EM algorithms for Gaussian mixtures with split-and-merge operation
* empirical study on the effects of spatial discretization error in a stereo vision system, An
* Enhanced three-dimensional model reconstruction based on local ternary pattern-guided fusion of multi-exposure images
* Estimation of Field-Level NOx Emissions from Crop Residue Burning Using Remote Sensing Data: A Case Study in Hubei, China
* Estimation of Surface NO2 Concentrations over Germany from TROPOMI Satellite Observations Using a Machine Learning Method
* Example-based contrast enhancement for portrait photograph
* Face recognition based on discriminative manifold learning
* Face Recognition by Support Vector Machines
* Fast And Realistic Rendering Of Deformable Virtual Characters Using Impostor And Stencil Buffer
* Harmonics Extraction Based on Higher Order Statistics Spectrum Decomposition for A Unified Texture Model
* Human Detection with Occlusion Handling by Over-Segmentation and Clustering on Foreground Regions
* Hybrid Kernel Machine Ensemble for Imbalanced Data Sets
* Image retrieval with SVM active learning embedding Euclidean search
* Improved Real-Time Contour Tracking Algorithm Using Fast Level Set Method, An
* Incorporating Patch Subspace Model in Mumford-Shah Type Active Contours
* Incorporating prior knowledge into SVM for image retrieval
* Incorporating shape prior into geodesic active contours for detecting partially occluded object
* Joint Learning of Convolutional Neural Networks and Temporally Constrained Metrics for Tracklet Association
* Learning a Multi-Size Patch-Based Hybrid Kernel Machine Ensemble for Abnormal Region Detection in Colonoscopic Images
* Learning a New Statistical Shape Prior Model for Object Detection by Geodesic Active Contours
* Learning Deep Features for Multiple Object Tracking by Using a Multi-Task Learning Strategy
* Linear Programming Based Method for Joint Object Region Matching and Labeling, A
* Local Spectra Features Extraction Based-on 2d Pseudo-wigner Distribution for Texture Analysis
* Machine vision stereo matching
* Manifold denoising with Gaussian Process Latent Variable Models
* Mapping Low-Level Features to High-Level Semantic Concepts in Region-Based Image Retrieval
* Matching-constrained active contours with affine-invariant shape prior
* Minimization of MRF Energy With Relaxation Labeling
* Multi-Scale correlation module for video-based facial expression recognition in the wild
* Object-Based Image Retrieval Using Hierarchical Shape Descriptor
* On the Stationary Solution of PDE based Curve Evolution
* Optimisation of multi-level block truncation coding
* Optimized adaptive AMBTC
* Pedestrian detection in highly crowded scenes using online dictionary learning for occlusion handling
* Performance Evaluation of the Nearest Feature Line Method in Image Classification and Retrieval
* plenoptic video, The
* Poisson equation for image texture modelling, The
* Pose-Based Composition Improvement for Portrait Photographs
* Preflight Evaluation of the Performance of the Chinese Environmental Trace Gas Monitoring Instrument (EMI) by Spectral Analyses of Nitrogen Dioxide
* probabilistic relaxation labeling framework for reducing the noise effect in geometric biclustering of gene expression data, A
* Removal of Specular Reflection Component Using Multi-view Images and 3D Object Model
* Retrieval with Knowledge-driven Kernel Design: An Approach to Improving SVM-Based CBIR with Relevance Feedback
* Robust Vergence with Concurrent Detection of Occlusion and Specular Highlights
* Rock Model for the Cold and Hot Spots in the Chang'E Microwave Brightness Temperature Map, A
* Rotation and Scale Invariant Texture Analysis with Tunable Gabor Filter Banks
* Saliency detection in video sequences using perceivable change encoded local pattern
* Saliency/non-saliency segregation in video sequences using perception-based local ternary pattern features
* Shape evolution for rigid and nonrigid shape registration and recovery
* Spatialized epitome and its applications
* Specularity removal and relighting of 3D object model for virtual exhibition
* Sub-vector Weighting Scheme For Image Retrieval With Relevance Feedback, A
* Subband VPIC with classified joint vector quantization
* Support vector machines for face recognition
* Texture classification by multi-model feature integration using Bayesian networks
* Texture Decomposition by Harmonics Extraction From Higher Order Statistics
* Theoretical Justification of Nearest Feature Line Method, A
* Towards an Unsupervised Optimal Fuzzy Clustering Algorithm for Image Database Organization
* Tracklet Association by Online Target-Specific Metric Learning and Coherent Dynamics Estimation
* Tracklet Association in Detect-Then-Track Paradigm for Long-Term Multi-person Tracking
* Tracklet Association with Online Target-Specific Metric Learning
* Two Criteria for Model Selection in Multiclass Support Vector Machines
* Using Statistical Shape Priors in Geodesic Active Contours for Robust Object Detection
* Variable block and multi-level extended visual pattern image coding
* Video Tracking Using Learned Hierarchical Features
* Video-based Gait Analysis By Silhouette Chamfer Distance And Kalman Filter
* Visual Tracking via Temporally Smooth Sparse Coding
* Volumetric Model Reconstruction from Unrestricted Camera Views Based on the Photo-consistency of 3D Voxel Mask
Includes: Chan, K.L.[Kap Luk] Chan, K.L. Chan, K.L.[Ka Lok] Chan, K.L.[Kwok-Leung] Chan, K.L.[Kap-Luk] Chan, K.L.[Kin-Lok] Chan, K.L.[Kwok Leung] Chan, K.L.[Kwing Lam]
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Chan, K.P. Co Author Listing * Clustering of clusters
* Detecting the Nature of Change in an Urban Environment: A Comparison of Machine Learning Algorithms
* DTTM: A Discriminative Temporal Topic Model for Facial Expression Recognition
* Evolutionary Cross-Domain Discriminative Hessian Eigenmaps
* Face alignment using structured random regressors combined with statistical shape model fitting
* Facial expression recognition by correlated Topic Models and Bayes modeling
* Fuzzy-Attribute Graph with application to Chinese Character Recognition
* Handwritten Chinese character recognition using spatial Gabor filters and self-organizing feature maps
* Nonparametric discriminant HMM and application to facial expression recognition
* Random Subspace Supervised Descent Method for Regression Problems in Computer Vision
* Reflective Regression of 2D-3D Face Shape Across Large Pose
* Structured Semi-supervised Forest for Facial Landmarks Localization with Face Mask Reasoning
* Temporal Latent Topic Model for Facial Expression Recognition, A
Includes: Chan, K.P. Chan, K.P.[Kwok-Ping]
13 for Chan, K.P.

Chan, K.S.[Kevin S.] Co Author Listing * Connecting the Dots: Detecting Adversarial Perturbations Using Context Inconsistency
* new approach for image enhancement applied to low-contrast-low-illumination IC and document images, A
Includes: Chan, K.S.[Kevin S.] Chan, K.S.[Ka-Shing]

Chan, K.W.[Ka Wing] Co Author Listing * Deep-Learning-Based Probabilistic Forecasting of Electric Vehicle Charging Load With a Novel Queuing Model
* Enhancing Adequacy of Isolated Systems With Electric Vehicle-Based Emergency Strategy
* Optimisation of multi-level block truncation coding
* Optimized adaptive AMBTC
* Subband VPIC with classified joint vector quantization
* Variable block and multi-level extended visual pattern image coding
Includes: Chan, K.W.[Ka Wing] Chan, K.W.

Chan, K.Y.[Kwan Yee] Co Author Listing * Fast exact local-mean based classification algorithm using class rejection and initial distance assigning processes
* Hybrid Descent Method for Optimal Sigmoid Filter Design, A
* Multichannel filters for speech recognition using a particle swarm optimization
* multiresolution gradient vector field skeleton, The
* Neural-Network-Based Models for Short-Term Traffic Flow Forecasting Using a Hybrid Exponential Smoothing and Levenberg-Marquardt Algorithm
* Part-Based Shape Recognition Using Gradient Vector Field Histograms
* Shape Description Using Gradient Vector Field Histograms
* Shape Descriptor for Shapes with Boundary Noise and Texture, A
* Structural and Textural Skeletons for Noisy Shapes
* System to Measure Gap Distance between Two Vehicles Using License Plate Character Height, A
Includes: Chan, K.Y.[Kwan Yee] Chan, K.Y.[Kwan-Yee] Chan, K.Y. Chan, K.Y.[Kit Yan] Chan, K.Y.[Kai-Yun] Chan, K.Y.[Kin-Yip]
10 for Chan, K.Y.

Chan, K.Y.T.[Kennard Yan Ting] Co Author Listing * IntegratedPIFu: Integrated Pixel Aligned Implicit Function for Single-View Human Reconstruction
Includes: Chan, K.Y.T.[Kennard Yan Ting] Chan, K.Y.T.[Kennard Yan-Ting]

Chan, L. Co Author Listing * Application of Adaptive Controllers in Teleoperation Systems: A Survey
* Atlas of Digital Pathology: A Generalized Hierarchical Histological Tissue Type-Annotated Database for Deep Learning
* Combination of Two Learning Algorithms for Automatic Target Recognition
* Combining Region-of-Interest Extraction and Image Enhancement for Nighttime Vehicle Detection
* Comprehensive Analysis of Weakly-Supervised Semantic Segmentation in Different Image Domains, A
* Focus Quality Assessment of High-Throughput Whole Slide Imaging in Digital Pathology
* HistoSegNet: Semantic Segmentation of Histological Tissue Type in Whole Slide Images
* Intra-Block Algorithm for Digital Watermarking
* On Transferability of Histological Tissue Labels in Computational Pathology
Includes: Chan, L. Chan, L.[Lyndon]
9 for Chan, L.

Chan, L.A.[Lipchen A.] Co Author Listing * Automatic Target Recognition Using Modularly Cascaded Vector Quantizers and Multilayer Perceptrons
* Bipolar Eigenspace Separation Transformation for Automatic Clutter Rejection
* Dual-band Passive Infrared Imagery for Automatic Clutter Rejection
* Empirical Evaluation of Neural, Statistical and Model-based Approaches to FLIR ATR
* Experimental Evaluation of FLIR ATR Approaches-A Comparative Study
* Joint Compression and Discrimination Algorithm for Clutter Rejection
* Multi-Stage Target Recognition Using Modular Vector Quantizers and Multi-Layer Perceptions
Includes: Chan, L.A.[Lipchen A.] Chan, L.A.[Lipchen Alex]
7 for Chan, L.A.

Chan, L.C.[Leung Chun] Co Author Listing * DC2: Dual-Camera Defocus Control by Learning to Refocus

Chan, L.K.Y.[Leith K.Y.] Co Author Listing * Depth Perception in Virtual Environment: The Effects of Immersive System and Freedom of Movement
* low-cost lighthouse-based virtual reality head tracking system, A
Includes: Chan, L.K.Y.[Leith K.Y.] Chan, L.K.Y.

Chan, L.L. Co Author Listing * Integration Of Images And Lidar Point Clouds For Building Façade Texturing

Chan, L.L.H. Co Author Listing * Bayes Saliency-Based Object Proposal Generator for Nighttime Traffic Images
* Feature Selection Based on Tensor Decomposition and Object Proposal for Night-Time Multiclass Vehicle Detection
* Multi-class fruit detection based on multiple color channels
* Nighttime Vehicle Detection Based on Bio-Inspired Image Enhancement and Weighted Score-Level Feature Fusion

Chan, L.W.[Li Wei] Co Author Listing * Augmented Stereo Panoramas
* Content-Based Object Movie Retrieval by Use of Relevance Feedback
* Dimension Reduction as a Deflation Method in ICA
* Isolated word recognition using modular recurrent neural networks
* Real-Time 3D Model-Based Gesture Tracking for Multimedia Control
* Yet Another Algorithm Which Can Generate Topography Map
Includes: Chan, L.W.[Li Wei] Chan, L.W.[Li-Wei] Chan, L.W. Chan, L.W.[Lai-Wan]

Chan, M.[Mark] Co Author Listing * Comparative Study of 3D Face Acquisition Techniques
* Ensemble Network for Region Identification in Breast Histopathology Slides
* Learning Network Architectures of Deep CNNs Under Resource Constraints
* Multi-Contrast Super-Resolution MRI Through a Progressive Network
* New Approach to Tracking 3D Objects in 2D Image Sequences, A
* Physics-Based Object Pose and Shape Estimation from Multiple Views
* Physics-Based Tracking of 3D Objects in 2D Image Sequences
* Recognition of Musically Similar Polyphonic Music
* Social-IQ: A Question Answering Benchmark for Artificial Social Intelligence
Includes: Chan, M.[Mark] Chan, M.[Monica] Chan, M. Chan, M.[Michael]
9 for Chan, M.

Chan, M.A.[Matthew A.] Co Author Listing * Efficient Geometry-aware 3D Generative Adversarial Networks
* Generative Novel View Synthesis with 3D-Aware Diffusion Models

Chan, M.C. Co Author Listing * Integrated Optimization of Video Server Resource and Streaming Quality Over Best-Effort Network
* Time-Constrained Ensemble Sensing With Heterogeneous IoT Devices in Intelligent Transportation Systems
Includes: Chan, M.C. Chan, M.C.[Mun Choon]

Chan, M.H.[Ming Hwa] Co Author Listing * efficient and anonymous buyer-seller watermarking protocol, An
* Orientation Estimation of 3D Surface Patches
* Recognition of Partially Occluded 3-D Objects by Depth Map Matching
Includes: Chan, M.H.[Ming Hwa] Chan, M.H.[Ming-Hwa] Chan, M.H.[Ming-Hong] Chan, M.H.

Chan, M.K.Y.[Maria K. Y.] Co Author Listing * Two-Stage Framework for Compound Figure Separation, A

Chan, M.T.[Michael T.] Co Author Listing * Automatic Lip Model Extraction for Constrained Contour-Based Tracking
* Bayesian image reconstruction using a high-order interacting MRF model
* Bayesian Image-Reconstruction Using Image-Modeling Gibbs Priors
* Detecting rare events in video using semantic primitives with HMM
* Event Recognition with Fragmented Object Tracks
* Joint Recognition of Complex Events and Track Matching
* Modeling Media Synchronization with Semiotic Agents
* Vessel detection in video with dynamic maritime background
Includes: Chan, M.T.[Michael T.] Chan, M.T.[Mang-Tang] Chan, M.T.
8 for Chan, M.T.

Chan, M.W.[Moses W.] Co Author Listing * Binocular Shape Reconstruction: Psychological Plausibility of the 8-Point Algorithm
* Spacecraft Time-Series Anomaly Detection Using Transfer Learning

Chan, M.Y.[Ming Yuen] Co Author Listing * Efficient Quality-Based Camera Path Planning Method for Volume Exploration, An
* Energy scalability in multimedia codec using NQDCT
* Focus + Context Visualization with Animation
* Fusing Features in Direct Volume Rendered Images
* Novel Quantized DCT for Video Encoder Optimization
* Viewpoint Selection for Angiographic Volume
* VoxelBars: An Informative Interface for Volume Visualization
* Zero-quantised discrete cosine transform prediction technique for video encoding
Includes: Chan, M.Y.[Ming Yuen] Chan, M.Y.[Ming-Yuen] Chan, M.Y.[Ming-Yan] Chan, M.Y.
8 for Chan, M.Y.

Chan, N.F.S.[Nelson Fat Sang] Co Author Listing * Feasibility Study of Thermal Infrared Imaging for Monitoring Natural Terrain: A Case Study in Hong Kong, A
Includes: Chan, N.F.S.[Nelson Fat Sang] Chan, N.F.S.[Nelson Fat-Sang]

Chan, N.W.[Ngai Weng] Co Author Listing * Feasibility of the Spatiotemporal Fusion Model in Monitoring Ebinur Lake's Suspended Particulate Matter under the Missing-Data Scenario
* Hydro-Meteorological Assessment of Three GPM Satellite Precipitation Products in the Kelantan River Basin, Malaysia
* Prediction of Future Land Use Land Cover Changes of Kelantan, Malaysia
* Quantitative Evaluation of Spatial and Temporal Variation of Soil Salinization Risk Using GIS-Based Geostatistical Method
Includes: Chan, N.W.[Ngai Weng] Chan, N.W.

Chan, P.[Pakwai] Co Author Listing * Impact of Aerosol Mixing State and Hygroscopicity on the Lidar Ratio
* Model-Based Consecutive Scanline Tracking Method for Extracting Vascular Networks From 2-D Digital Subtraction Angiograms, A
* One-Dimensional Processing for Adaptive Image Restoration
* Satellite-Based Estimation of Roughness Length over Vegetated Surfaces and Its Utilization in WRF Simulations
Includes: Chan, P.[Pakwai] Chan, P.

Chan, P.C.H. Co Author Listing * Generic VLSI Architecture for Block Matching Motion Estimation Algorithms

Chan, P.P.K. Co Author Listing * Asymmetric Cyclical Hashing for Large Scale Image Retrieval
* Face liveness detection for combating the spoofing attack in face recognition
* Fingerprint liveness detection based on binarized statistical image feature with sampling from Gaussian distribution
* Hardness of evasion of multiple classifier system with non-linear classifiers
* L-GEM based robust learning against poisoning attack
* Multiple classifier system with sensitivity based dynamic weighting fusion for hand gesture recognition
* Progressive editing with stacked Generative Adversarial Network for multiple facial attribute editing
* Unsupervised Domain Adaptation for Gesture Identification Against Electrode Shift
* Vessel enhancement of low quality fundus image using mathematical morphology and combination of Gabor and matched filter
Includes: Chan, P.P.K. Chan, P.P.K.[Patrick P.K.] Chan, P.P.K.[Patrick P. K.]
9 for Chan, P.P.K.

Chan, P.W.[Pak Wai] Co Author Listing * AHI/Himawari-8 Yonsei Aerosol Retrieval (YAER): Algorithm, Validation and Merged Products
* COVID-19 Infection and Mortality: Association with PM2.5 Concentration and Population Density: An Exploratory Study
* Development of an improved urban emissivity model based on sky view factor for retrieving effective emissivity and surface temperature over urban areas
* Diagnosis and Classification of Typhoon-Associated Low-Altitude Turbulence Using HKO-TDWR Radar Observations and Machine Learning
* Geostationary Satellite Observation of Precipitable Water Vapor Using an Empirical Orthogonal Function (EOF) based Reconstruction Technique over Eastern China
* Historical GIS Data and Changes in Urban Morphological Parameters For The Analysis Of Urban Heat Islands In Hong Kong
* Icing Detection over East Asia from Geostationary Satellite Data Using Machine Learning Approaches
* Novel Scheme for Hybrid Digital Video Watermarking: Approach, Evaluation and Experimentation, A
* Review of Progress and Applications of Pulsed Doppler Wind LiDARs, A
* Spatio-Temporal Data Fusion for Satellite Images Using Hopfield Neural Network
Includes: Chan, P.W.[Pak Wai] Chan, P.W. Chan, P.W.[Pak-Wai] Chan, P.W.[Pik Wah]
10 for Chan, P.W.

Chan, R.[Raymond] Co Author Listing * Change Detection of Amazonian Alluvial Gold Mining Using Deep Learning and Sentinel-2 Imagery
* Dynamic spectral residual superpixels
* Entropy Maximization and Meta Classification for Out-of-Distribution Detection in Semantic Segmentation
* Exact Histogram Specification for Digital Images Using a Variational Approach
* Learning the Dynamics and Time-Recursive Boundary Detection of Deformable Objects
* Nonconvex Optimization for 3-Dimensional Point Source Localization Using a Rotating Point Spread Function
* Reconstruction of the High Resolution Phase in a Closed Loop Adaptive Optics System
* Spherical Image Inpainting with Frame Transformation and Data-Driven Prior Deep Networks
* Two Video Data Sets for Tracking and Retrieval of Out of Distribution Objects
* Two-Stage Image Segmentation Method for Blurry Images with Poisson or Multiplicative Gamma Noise, A
* Two-Stage Image Segmentation Method Using a Convex Variant of the Mumford-Shah Model and Thresholding, A
* Variational Approach for Exact Histogram Specification, A
* Variational Energy Approach for Estimating Vascular Structure and Deformation from B-mode Ultrasound Imagery, A
Includes: Chan, R.[Raymond] Chan, R.[Robin] Chan, R.
13 for Chan, R.

Chan, R.C. Co Author Listing * Automatic Segmentation of Rotational X-Ray Images for Anatomic Intra-Procedural Surface Generation in Atrial Fibrillation Ablation Procedures
* new model-based technique for enhanced small-vessel measurements in X-ray cine-angiograms, A
* Quality Enhancement of Arterial Measurements Based on a More Accurate Stochastic Model of X-Ray Cine-Angiography
* Shared-boundary fusion for estimation of noisy multi-modality atherosclerotic plaque imagery

Chan, R.H.[Raymond H.] Co Author Listing * 3-Stage Spectral-Spatial Method for Hyperspectral Image Classification, A
* Adaptive Directional Haar Framelet-Based Reconstruction Algorithm for Parallel Magnetic Resonance Imaging, An
* Adaptive Norm Algorithm for Image Restoration, An
* Alternating Direction Method for Image Inpainting in Wavelet Domains
* Constrained Total Variation Deblurring Models and Fast Algorithms Based on Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers
* Cosine Transform Based Preconditioners for Total Variation Deblurring
* Detection Statistic for Random-Valued Impulse Noise, A
* Efficient Two-Phase L1-TV Method for Restoring Blurred Images with Impulse Noise, An
* Equivalence of Half-Quadratic Minimization and the Gradient Linearization Iteration, The
* Fast Optimization Transfer Algorithm for Image Inpainting in Wavelet Domains, A
* Fast Two-Phase Image Deblurring Under Impulse Noise
* Framelet-Based Algorithm for Segmentation of Tubular Structures
* Guest Editorial: Special Issue in Memory of Mila Nikolova
* Half-Quadratic Algorithm for lp-lq Problems with Applications to TV-l1 Image Restoration and Compressive Sensing
* High-resolution image reconstruction with displacement errors: A framelet approach
* Inertial Proximal ADMM for Linearly Constrained Separable Convex Optimization
* Inpainting By Flexible Haar-Wavelet Shrinkage
* iterative procedure for removing random-valued impulse noise, An
* Minimization of a Detail-Preserving Regularization Functional for Impulse Noise Removal
* Minimization of Detail-preserving Regularization Functional by Newton's Method with Continuation
* Multiplicative Iterative Algorithm for Box-Constrained Penalized Likelihood Image Restoration, A
* Non-convex Nonseparable Approach to Single-Molecule Localization Microscopy, A
* Parameter Selection for Total-Variation-Based Image Restoration Using Discrepancy Principle
* Primal-Dual Method for Total-Variation-Based Wavelet Domain Inpainting, A
* Resolution enhancement for video clips: tight frame approach
* Salt-and-pepper noise removal by median-type noise detectors and detail-preserving regularization
* two-stage method for spectral-spatial classification of hyperspectral images, A
* Vessel Segmentation in Medical Imaging Using a Tight-Frame-Based Algorithm
Includes: Chan, R.H.[Raymond H.] Chan, R.H.
28 for Chan, R.H.

Chan, R.H.M.[Rosa H.M.] Co Author Listing * Community Channel-Net: Efficient channel-wise interactions via community graph topology
* Compact Graph based Semi-Supervised Learning for Medical Diagnosis in Alzheimer's Disease
* Hand Gesture Recognition Using Multiple Acoustic Measurements at Wrist
* Towards lifelong object recognition: A dataset and benchmark
* Trace Ratio Linear Discriminant Analysis for Medical Diagnosis: A Case Study of Dementia
* Va2mass: Towards the Fluid Filling Mass Estimation via Integration of Vision and Audio Learning
Includes: Chan, R.H.M.[Rosa H.M.] Chan, R.H.M. Chan, R.H.M.[Rosa H. M.]

Chan, R.K.W.[Raymond K.W.] Co Author Listing * Multiplierless Fast DCT Algorithms with Minimal Approximation Errors

Chan, R.R.[Ricky R.] Co Author Listing * Optimal Power and Energy Management Control for Hybrid Fuel Cell-Fed Shipboard DC Microgrid

Chan, R.W.S.[Ruby Wai Shan] Co Author Listing * Modeling and validation of a psychovisually based image quality evaluator for DCT-based compression
Includes: Chan, R.W.S.[Ruby Wai Shan] Chan, R.W.S.[Ruby Wai-Shan]

Chan, S. .H.G.[S. H. Gary] Co Author Listing * Bi-Criteria Approximation for a Multi-Origin Multi-Channel Auto-Scaling Live Streaming Cloud
* Countr: An End-to-end Transformer Approach for Crowd Counting and Density Estimation
* NAS-OoD: Neural Architecture Search for Out-of-Distribution Generalization
Includes: Chan, S. .H.G.[S. H. Gary] Chan, S.-.H.G.[S.-H. Gary]

Chan, S.[Stanley] Co Author Listing * Auto Arborist Dataset: A Large-Scale Benchmark for Multiview Urban Forest Monitoring Under Domain Shift, The
* Combination Load Balancing for Video-on-Demand Systems
* Discriminative Signatures for Image Classification
* Dynamic WIFI-Based Indoor Positioning in 3D Virtual World
* Evaluation of Global Surface Water Temperature Data Sets for Use in Passive Remote Sensing of Soil Moisture
* Indoor Localization Using Wi-Fi Based Fingerprinting and Trilateration Techiques for LBS Applications
* Motion Context: A New Representation for Human Action Recognition
* Motion tracking of human mouth by generalized deformable models
* New Deep Learning Engine for CoralNet, A
* On the Design and Implementation of a Class of Multiplier-less Two-channel 1-D and 2-D Nonseparable PR Fir Filterbank
* Performance Analysis of Soil Dielectric Models over Organic Soils in Alaska for Passive Microwave Remote Sensing of Soil Moisture, A
* Plug-and-Play Methods for Magnetic Resonance Imaging: Using Denoisers for Image Recovery
* Spectral Analysis for Light Field Rendering, A
Includes: Chan, S.[Stanley] Chan, S. Chan, S.[Syin] Chan, S.[Steven] Chan, S.[Stephen]
13 for Chan, S.

Chan, S.C.[Shing Chow] Co Author Listing * application of nonlinear filter banks to efficient rendering and progressive transmission of light fields, The
* automatic muscle fiber orientation tracking algorithm using Bayesian Kalman Filter for ultrasound images, An
* Automatic Muscle Fiber Orientation Tracking in Ultrasound Images Using a New Adaptive Fading Bayesian Kalman Smoother
* Buffer control algorithm for low bit-rate video compression
* Convex Optimization-Based Frame-Level Rate Control Algorithm for Motion Compensated Hybrid DCT/DPCM Video Coding, A
* Data Compression and Transmission Aspects of Panoramic Videos
* efficient multiplierless approximation of the fast Fourier transform using sum-of-powers-of-two (SOPOT) coefficients, An
* hand gesture recognition system based on canonical superpixel-graph, A
* Image-Based Rendering
* Integer lapped transforms and their applications to image coding
* Joint Motion-Image Inpainting Method for Error Concealment in Video Coding, A
* M-Channel Compactly Supported Biorthogonal Cosine-Modulated Wavelet Bases
* MDF-Net: A Multi-Scale Dynamic Fusion Network for Breast Tumor Segmentation of Ultrasound Images
* Multi-Camera Approach to Image-Based Rendering and 3-D/Multiview Display of Ancient Chinese Artifacts, A
* new convex optimization-based two-pass rate control method for object coding in AVS, A
* New Diffusion Variable Spatial Regularized QRRLS Algorithm, A
* New Fast Motion Estimation Algorithm Using Hexagonal Subsampling Pattern and Multiple Candidates Search, A
* New Model-Based Method for Multi-View Human Body Tracking and Its Application to View Transfer in Image-Based Rendering, A
* New Probabilistic Representation of Color Image Pixels and Its Applications, A
* Object tracking and matting for a class of dynamic image-based representations
* Object-Based Approach to Image/Video-Based Synthesis and Processing for 3-D and Multiview Televisions, An
* Object-Based Coding for Plenoptic Videos
* Object-Based Rendering and 3-D Reconstruction Using a Moveable Image-Based System
* On Object-Based Compression for a Class of Dynamic Image-Based Representations
* On the Data Compression and Transmission Aspects of Panoramic Video
* On the Minimax Design of Passband Linear-Phase Variable Digital Filters Using Semidefinite Programming
* Pattern Detection in Biomolecules Using Synthesized Random Sequence
* plenoptic video, The
* Representation of Geometric Features, Tolerances, and Attributes in Solid Modelers Based on Constructive Geometry
* Scalable Coding and Progressive Transmission of Concentric Mosaic Using Nonlinear Filter Banks
* Superpixel-based color-depth restoration and dynamic environment modeling for Kinect-assisted image-based rendering systems
* Superpixel-Based Hand Gesture Recognition With Kinect Depth Camera
* Survey of image-based representations and compression techniques
* Synthesis and recognition of sequences
* Techniques for spatial displacement estimation and multi-resolution operations on light fields
* Virtual Reality Using the Concentric Mosaic: Construction, Rendering and Data Compression
Includes: Chan, S.C.[Shing Chow] Chan, S.C.[Shing-Chow] Chan, S.C.
36 for Chan, S.C.

Chan, S.C.F. Co Author Listing * Identifying User-Specific Facial Affects from Spontaneous Expressions with Minimal Annotation
* Optimal Combination of Nested Clusters by a Greedy Approximation Algorithm
Includes: Chan, S.C.F. Chan, S.C.F.[Stephen C. F.]

Chan, S.C.H. Co Author Listing * Performance modeling of video-on-demand systems in broadband networks

Chan, S.C.Y. Co Author Listing * Integrated Content and Metadata Based Retrieval System for Art, An

Chan, S.F. Co Author Listing * RFI Characterization and Mitigation for the SMAP Radar

Chan, S.G. Co Author Listing * Crowd Counting on Images with Scale Variation and Isolated Clusters

Chan, S.H.[Stanley H.] Co Author Listing * Accelerating Atmospheric Turbulence Simulation via Learned Phase-to-Space Transform
* Adaptive Image Denoising by Mixture Adaptation
* Adaptive non-local means for multiview image denoising: Searching for the right patches via a statistical approach
* Augmented Lagrangian Method for Total Variation Video Restoration, An
* Automatic foreground extraction from imperfect backgrounds using multi-agent consensus equilibrium
* Baddet: Backdoor Attacks on Object Detection
* Comparison of Two Frame Rate Conversion Schemes for Reducing LCD Motion Blurs
* Computational Imaging Through Atmospheric Turbulence
* Constructing a sparse convolution matrix for shift varying image restoration problems
* Depth Reconstruction From Sparse Samples: Representation, Algorithm, and Sampling
* Detecting and Segmenting Adversarial Graphics Patterns from Images
* DROID: Driver-Centric Risk Object Identification
* Dynamic Low-light Imaging with Quanta Image Sensors
* Graph-Based Depth Denoising and Dequantization for Point Cloud Enhancement
* HDR Imaging with Spatially Varying Signal-to-Noise Ratios
* Image Classification in the Dark Using Quanta Image Sensors
* Image reconstruction and threshold design for Quanta Image Sensors
* Inverse image problem of designing phase shifting masks in optical lithography
* LCD Motion Blur: Modeling, Analysis, and Algorithm
* Monte Carlo Non-Local Means: Random Sampling for Large-Scale Image Filtering
* Optical Adversarial Attack
* Optimal Combination of Image Denoisers
* Photon-Limited Object Detection using Non-local Feature Matching and Knowledge Distillation
* Physics-Driven Turbulence Image Restoration with Stochastic Refinement
* Plug-and-Play Unplugged: Optimization-Free Reconstruction Using Consensus Equilibrium
* Single Frame Atmospheric Turbulence Mitigation: A Benchmark Study and a New Physics-Inspired Transformer Model
* Single image spatially variant out-of-focus blur removal
* Structured Kernel Estimation for Photon-Limited Deconvolution
* Student-Teacher Learning from Clean Inputs to Noisy Inputs
* Super-Resolution and Fusion Approach to Enhancing Hyperspectral Images, A
* Tilt-Then-Blur or Blur-Then-Tilt? Clarifying the Atmospheric Turbulence Model
* Understanding symmetric smoothing filters via Gaussian mixtures
* Understanding Symmetric Smoothing Filters: A Gaussian Mixture Model Perspective
Includes: Chan, S.H.[Stanley H.] Chan, S.H. Chan, S.H.[Shih-Han]
33 for Chan, S.H.

Chan, S.H.G. Co Author Listing * Allocation of layer bandwidths and FECs for video multicast over wired and wireless networks
* Alternate motion-compensated prediction for error resilient video coding
* Anchor View Allocation for Collaborative Free Viewpoint Video Streaming
* Approximation Algorithm to Maximize User Capacity for an Auto-Scaling VoD System, An
* Bucket-Filling: An Asymptotically Optimal Video-on-Demand Network With Source Coding
* Coding Structure and Replication Optimization for Interactive Multiview Video Streaming
* Collaborative Wireless Freeview Video Streaming With Network Coding
* Edge-Directed Error Concealment
* Error Resilient Video Coding Using B Pictures in H.264
* Fast-Mesh: A Low-Delay High-Bandwidth Mesh for Peer-to-Peer Live Streaming
* Global 1-Mbps Peer-Assisted Streaming: Fine-Grain Measurement of a Configurable Platform
* Island Multicast: Combining IP Multicast With Overlay Data Distribution
* Low-Complexity Rate Control for Efficient H.263 to H.264/AVC Video Transcoding
* LP-SR: Approaching Optimal Storage and Retrieval for Video-on-Demand
* New Motion Compensation Approach for Error Resilient Video Coding, A
* Optimal Bandwidth Assignment for Multiple-Description-Coded Video
* Run, Don't Walk: Chasing Higher FLOPS for Faster Neural Networks
* SPANC: Optimizing Scheduling Delay for Peer-to-Peer Live Streaming
* Special Section on Interactive Multimedia
* Tradeoff between system profit and user delay/loss in providing near video-on-demand service
* TVConv: Efficient Translation Variant Convolution for Layout-aware Visual Processing
Includes: Chan, S.H.G. Chan, S.H.G.[S.H. Gary]
21 for Chan, S.H.G.

Chan, S.K. Co Author Listing * Assessment of the SMAP Passive Soil Moisture Product
* Comparative Study of the SMAP Passive Soil Moisture Product With Existing Satellite-Based Soil Moisture Products, A
* Improved SMAP Dual-Channel Algorithm for the Retrieval of Soil Moisture
* Intercomparisons of Brightness Temperature Observations Over Land From AMSR-E and WindSat

Chan, S.L. Co Author Listing * Usage-Centered Design Approach in Design of Malaysia Sexuality Education (MSE) Courseware

Chan, S.L.S. Co Author Listing * Automated Classification of Bone and Air Volumes for Hybrid PET-MRI Brain Imaging
* Automatic Detection of Arterial Voxels in Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced MR Images of the Brain

Chan, S.S.F.[Sharon S.F.] Co Author Listing * Plant identification using leaf shapes: A pattern counting approach

Chan, S.W. Co Author Listing * Single-Camera Computational Stereo Using a Rotating Mirror

Chan, S.W.K. Co Author Listing * Object-Oriented Knowledge-Based System for Image Diagnosis

Chan, S.X.[Si Xian] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Compressive Tracking based on Locality Sensitive Histograms
* Online multiple object tracking using joint detection and embedding network
* Siamese Implicit Region Proposal Network With Compound Attention for Visual Tracking
* Tropical Cyclones Tracking Based on Satellite Cloud Images: Database and Comprehensive Study
Includes: Chan, S.X.[Si Xian] Chan, S.X.[Si-Xian]

Chan, T.[Tak] Co Author Listing * Aerial image segmentation for flood risk analysis
* Chance-Constrained Robust Minimum-Volume Enclosing Simplex Algorithm for Hyperspectral Unmixing
* Compression of surface registrations using Beltrami coefficients
* Histogram Based Segmentation Using Wasserstein Distances
* Local Histogram Based Segmentation Using the Wasserstein Distance
* Structure-Texture Image Decomposition: Modeling, Algorithms, and Parameter Selection
* Variational Model for Capturing Illusory Contours Using Curvature, A
Includes: Chan, T.[Tak] Chan, T. Chan, T.[Tony]
7 for Chan, T.

Chan, T.C.[Ta Chien] Co Author Listing * Efficient Method for POI/ROI Discovery Using Flickr Geotagged Photos
* Power Bundle Adjustment for Large-Scale 3D Reconstruction
Includes: Chan, T.C.[Ta Chien] Chan, T.C.[Ta-Chien] Chan, T.C.[Tin Chon]

Chan, T.C.L. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Thresholding for Noisy MPEG-4 Still Texture Image
* Efficient blind image restoration using discrete periodic Radon transform
* Improved MPEG-4 still texture image coding under noisy environment

Chan, T.C.T. Co Author Listing * Particle Filtering Based Approach for Landmine Detection Using Ground Penetrating Radar

Chan, T.E.[Tony E.] Co Author Listing * Hippocampal Surface Analysis Using Spherical Harmonic Function Applied to Surface Conformal Mapping

Chan, T.F.[Tony F.] Co Author Listing * active contour model without edges, An
* Active Contours Based on Chambolle's Mean Curvature Motion
* Active contours without edges
* Active Contours without Edges for Vector-Valued Images
* Adequate reconstruction of transparent objects on a shoestring budget
* Automatic Landmark Tracking and its Application to the Optimization of Brain Conformal Mapping
* Brain Surface Conformal Parameterization Using Riemann Surface Structure
* Brain Surface Conformal Parameterization With the Ricci Flow
* Color Image Restoration Using Nonlocal Mumford-Shah Regularizers
* Color TV: Total Variation Methods for Restoration of Vector-Valued Images
* Combining geometrical and textured information to perform image classification
* Completely Convex Formulation of the Chan-Vese Image Segmentation Model
* Compressive Sensing Algorithm for Many-Core Architectures, A
* Cosine Transform Based Preconditioners for Total Variation Deblurring
* digital TV filter and nonlinear denoising, The
* Dynamic Cluster Formation Using Level Set Methods
* Error Analysis for Image Inpainting
* Euler's elastica and curvature based inpainting
* Fast Algorithm for a Mean Curvature Based Image Denoising Model Using Augmented Lagrangian Method, A
* Finding the Global Minimum for Binary Image Restoration
* fourth order dual method for staircase reduction in texture extraction and image restoration problems, A
* framework for intrinsic image processing on surfaces, A
* General Framework for a Class of First Order Primal-Dual Algorithms for Convex Optimization In Imaging Science, A
* Genus Zero Surface Conformal Mapping and Its Application to Brain Surface Mapping
* Image decomposition combining staircase reduction and texture extraction
* Image Denoising Using Mean Curvature of Image Surface
* Image Processing And Analysis: Variational, PDE, Wavelet, and Stochastic Methods
* Inpainting from multiple views
* Intrinsic Feature Extraction on Hippocampal Surfaces and Its Applications
* Landmark based inpainting from multiple views
* Level Set Algorithm for minimizing the Mumford-Shah functional in Image Processing, A
* Level Set Based Shape Prior Segmentation
* logic framework for active contours on multi-channel images, A
* Mathematical models for local nontexture inpaintings
* Metric-induced optimal embedding for intrinsic 3D shape analysis
* Multi-class Transductive Learning Based on L_1 Relaxations of Cheeger Cut and Mumford-Shah-Potts Model
* Multigrid Algorithms on the Hypercube Multiprocessor
* Multiphase Level Set Framework for Image Segmentation Using the Mumford and Shah Model, A
* Nonlocal Mumford-Shah Regularizers for Color Image Restoration
* Nontexture Inpainting by Curvature-Driven Diffusions
* Normal Estimation of a Transparent Object Using a Video
* note on the Bregmanized Total Variation and dual forms, A
* Optimized Conformal Surface Registration With Shape-Based Landmark Matching
* Parallelizable inpainting and refinement of diffeomorphisms using Beltrami holomorphic flow
* scale of a texture and its application to segmentation, The
* Segmentation Under Occlusions Using Selective Shape Prior
* Semi-supervised Segmentation Based on Non-local Continuous Min-Cut
* Shape analysis with conformal invariants for multiply connected domains and its application to analyzing brain morphology
* Shape analysis with multivariate tensor-based morphometry and holomorphic differentials
* Simultaneous total variation image inpainting and blind deconvolution
* Studying brain morphometry using conformal equivalence class
* Surface Parameterization Using Riemann Surface Structure
* Total Variation Blind Deconvolution
* Total Variation Denoising and Enhancement of Color Images Based on the CB and HSV Color Models
* Total Variation Image Restoration: Numerical Methods and Extensions
* Total Variation Improved Wavelet Thresholding in Image Compression
* Total Variation Wavelet Inpainting
* Unsupervised Multiphase Segmentation: A Phase Balancing Model
* Unsupervised multiphase segmentation: A recursive approach
* Variational PDE models in image processing
Includes: Chan, T.F.[Tony F.] Chan, T.F.
60 for Chan, T.F.

Chan, T.H.[Tsung Han] Co Author Listing * DL-SFA: Deeply-Learned Slow Feature Analysis for Action Recognition
* Finding Correspondence from Multiple Images via Sparse and Low-Rank Decomposition
* Histopathology Whole Slide Image Analysis with Heterogeneous Graph Representation Learning
* Hyperspectral Data Geometry-Based Estimation of Number of Endmembers Using p-Norm-Based Pure Pixel Identification Algorithm
* Interpreting Video Recommendation Mechanisms by Mining View Count Traces
* Learning by Associating Ambiguously Labeled Images
* Nonnegative Least-Correlated Component Analysis for Separation of Dependent Sources by Volume Maximization
* Patch-Set-Based Representation for Alignment-Free Image Set Classification
* PCANet: A Simple Deep Learning Baseline for Image Classification?
* Replicating Coded Content in Crowdsourcing-Based CDN Systems
* Robust Affine Set Fitting and Fast Simplex Volume Max-Min for Hyperspectral Endmember Extraction
* Robust and Practical Face Recognition via Structured Sparsity
* ROML: A Robust Feature Correspondence Approach for Matching Objects in A Set of Images
* Semiblind Hyperspectral Unmixing in the Presence of Spectral Library Mismatches
* Signal Processing Perspective on Hyperspectral Unmixing: Insights from Remote Sensing, A
* Simplex Volume Maximization Framework for Hyperspectral Endmember Extraction, A
* Sparse Illumination Learning and Transfer for Single-Sample Face Recognition with Image Corruption and Misalignment
* Statistical Study of View Preferences for Online Videos With Cross-Platform Information
* Tissue-Specific Compartmental Analysis for Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced MR Imaging of Complex Tumors
* Towards Optimal Design of Time and Color Multiplexing Codes
Includes: Chan, T.H.[Tsung Han] Chan, T.H.[Tsung-Han] Chan, T.H.[Tsai Hor] Chan, T.H. Chan, T.H.[Terence H.]
20 for Chan, T.H.

Chan, T.J.[Tung Jung] Co Author Listing * Novel Multi-stage Classifier for Face Recognition, A
Includes: Chan, T.J.[Tung Jung] Chan, T.J.[Tung-Jung]

Chan, T.K. Co Author Listing * Comprehensive Review of Driver Behavior Analysis Utilizing Smartphones, A
* Experimental Studies on Circular SAR Imaging in Clutter Using Angular Correlation Function Technique

Chan, T.M.[Tak Ming] Co Author Listing * Improved Super-Resolution with Manifold Learning and Histogram Matching, An
* Neighbor embedding based super-resolution algorithm through edge detection and feature selection
Includes: Chan, T.M.[Tak Ming] Chan, T.M.[Tak-Ming]

Chan, T.N.[Tsz Nam] Co Author Listing * Attention-Guided Progressive Neural Texture Fusion for High Dynamic Range Image Restoration
* Detail-Preserving Multi-Exposure Fusion With Edge-Preserving Structural Patch Decomposition

Chan, T.O.[Ting On] Co Author Listing * 3d Catenary Curve Fitting For Geometric Calibration
* Automatic In Situ Calibration of a Spinning Beam LiDAR System in Static and Kinematic Modes
* Central Axis Estimation for Ancient Chinese Pagodas Based on Geometric Modelling and Uav-based Photogrammetry
* Cylinder-based Self-calibration Of A Panoramic Terrestrial Laser Scanner
* Downscaling land surface temperature: A framework based on geographically and temporally neural network weighted autoregressive model with spatio-temporal fused scaling factors
* Geometric Modelling of Octagonal Lamp Poles
* Multi-feature based boresight self-calibration of a terrestrial mobile mapping system
* Post-Scan Point Cloud Colorization Method for Cultural Heritage Documentation, A
* rigorous cylinder-based self-calibration approach for terrestrial laser scanners, A
* Spatial Patterns of Childhood Obesity Prevalence in Relation to Socioeconomic Factors across England
* Spatial Patterns of COVID-19 Incidence in Relation to Crime Rate Across London
* Survey Accuracy Analysis of a Hand-held Mobile LiDAR Device for Cultural Heritage Documentation
Includes: Chan, T.O.[Ting On] Chan, T.O.
12 for Chan, T.O.

Chan, T.S.[Tak Shing] Co Author Listing * Iris recognition using quaternionic sparse orientation code (QSOC)
* Line Segment Detection Algorithm
Includes: Chan, T.S.[Tak Shing] Chan, T.S.[Tak-Shing] Chan, T.S.

Chan, T.S.T. Co Author Listing * Complex and Quaternionic Principal Component Pursuit and Its Application to Audio Separation
* Informed Group-Sparse Representation for Singing Voice Separation
* Reliable ear identification using 2-D quadrature filters
* Robust ear identification using sparse representation of local texture descriptors
Includes: Chan, T.S.T. Chan, T.S.T.[Tak-Shing T.]

Chan, T.T.[Tsz Tai] Co Author Listing * Deep learning-based image enhancement for robust remote photoplethysmography in various illumination scenarios
* Infrared Thermography Model Enabling Remote Body Temperature Screening Up to 10 Meters, An
* Optimising rPPG Signal Extraction by Exploiting Facial Surface Orientation
* Remote mass facial temperature screening in varying ambient temperatures and distances

Chan, T.Y.T.[Tony Y.T.] Co Author Listing * Primitive pattern learning

Chan, W. Co Author Listing * 3D Building Evacuation Route Modelling and Visualization
* Charlie Rides the Elevator, Integrating Vision, Navigation and Manipulation towards Multi-floor Robot Locomotion
* Image Super-Resolution via Iterative Refinement
* Imagen Editor and EditBench: Advancing and Evaluating Text-Guided Image Inpainting
* Product Aspects Identification Method by Using Translation-Based Language Model, A
* Robust Face Recognition With Kernelized Locality-Sensitive Group Sparsity Representation
* simple mechanism for curvature detection, A
* Text analysis using local energy
* TryOnDiffusion: A Tale of Two UNets
Includes: Chan, W. Chan, W.[Wesley] Chan, W.[William] Chan, W.[Wen] Chan, W.[Woei]
9 for Chan, W.

Chan, W.C.[Wan Chen] Co Author Listing * Automatic Registration of Remote Sensing Images Based on Revised SIFT With Trilateral Computation and Homogeneity Enforcement
* Fast global motion estimation based on local motion segmentation
* Improved global motion estimation using prediction and early termination
* novel color interpolation framework in modified YCbCr domain for digital cameras, A
* Temporal interpolation using wavelet domain motion estimation and motion compensation
Includes: Chan, W.C.[Wan Chen] Chan, W.C.[Wan-Chen] Chan, W.C.[Wing Cheong]

Chan, W.K.[Wei Kai] Co Author Listing * Cooperative Surveillance System with Fixed Camera Object Localization and Mobile Robot Target Tracking
* Efficient Content Analysis Engine for Visual Surveillance Network
* FoodMask: Real-time food instance counting, segmentation and recognition
* Learning From Web Recipe-Image Pairs for Food Recognition: Problem, Baselines and Performance
* SibNet: Food instance counting and segmentation
* Simple accurate model-based phase diversity phase retrieval algorithm for wavefront sensing in high-resolution optical imaging systems
* Video Object Segmentation and Tracking Framework with Improved Threshold Decision and Diffusion Distance
Includes: Chan, W.K.[Wei Kai] Chan, W.K.[Wei-Kai] Chan, W.K. Chan, W.K.[Wing-Kwong] Chan, W.K.[Wai Kin]
7 for Chan, W.K.

Chan, W.K.V.[Wai Kin Victor] Co Author Listing * Spatial-temporal attention wavenet: A deep learning framework for traffic prediction considering spatial-temporal dependencies

Chan, W.L.[Wai Lam] Co Author Listing * Coherent Multiscale Image Processing Using Dual-Tree Quaternion Wavelets
* Multiscale Image Disparity Estimation using the Quaternion Wavelet Transform
* Quaternion wavelets for image analysis and processing

Chan, W.S.[Wai San] Co Author Listing * Extending the Depth of Field in a Compound-Eye Imaging System with Super-Resolution Reconstruction
* On Approximation of Polygonal Curves with Minimum Number of Line Segments or Minimum Error
Includes: Chan, W.S.[Wai San] Chan, W.S.[Wai-San] Chan, W.S.

Chan, W.Y.[Wai Yip] Co Author Listing * Approaches to layered coding for dual-rate wireless video transmission
* Code Excited Pel-recursive Motion Compensated Video Coding
* Compressed Sensing with Non-Gaussian Noise and Partial Support Information
* Compressed Sensing With Nonlinear Analog Mapping in a Noisy Environment
* Efficient wavelet coding of motion compensated prediction residuals
* Generalized Scalar Quantizer Design Using Dynamic Programming
* Motion Compensated Transform Coding of Video Using Hierarchical Displacement Field and Global Rate-Distortion Optimization
* Motion filter vector quantization
* non-parametric method for fast joint rate-distortion optimization of motion estimation and DFD coding, A
* novel code excited pel-recursive motion compensation algorithm, A
* Rate-Distortion Optimization of Hierarchical Displacement-Fields
* Reduced-Complexity Rate-Distortion Optimization of Multiresolution Motion Field and Prediction Residual
* Vector Quantization of Affine Motion Models
Includes: Chan, W.Y.[Wai Yip] Chan, W.Y.[Wai-Yip] Chan, W.Y.
13 for Chan, W.Y.

Chan, Y. Co Author Listing * DeepSCC: Deep Learning-Based Fast Prediction Network for Screen Content Coding
* Early Intra Block Partition Decision for Depth Maps in 3D-HEVC
* Framework of Reversible Color-to-Grayscale Conversion With Watermarking Feature, A
* Merging Deep Neural Networks for Mobile Devices
* Multi-level pixel difference classification methods
* Non-retrieval: Blocking Pornographic Images
* Online-Learning-Based Bayesian Decision Rule for Fast Intra Mode and CU Partitioning Algorithm in HEVC Screen Content Coding
* Transport of Scalable Video Over CDMA Wireless Networks: A Joint Source Coding and Power Control Approach
* Video shot classification using human faces
Includes: Chan, Y. Chan, Y.[Yi] Chan, Y.[Yin]
9 for Chan, Y.

Chan, Y.C.[Yu Chang] Co Author Listing * Digital Elevation Model Differencing and Error Estimation from Multiple Sources: A Case Study from the Meiyuan Shan Landslide in Taiwan
* Direct Measurements of Bedrock Incision Rates on the Surface of a Large Dip-slope Landslide by Multi-Period Airborne Laser Scanning DEMs
* Relationship between Surface Displacement and Groundwater Level Change and Its Hydrogeological Implications in an Alluvial Fan: Case Study of the Choshui River, Taiwan, The
* Seasonal Surface Fluctuation of a Slow-Moving Landslide Detected by Multitemporal Interferometry (MTI) on the Huafan University Campus, Northern Taiwan
* Video-Based Face Recognition Using a Probabilistic Graphical Model
Includes: Chan, Y.C.[Yu Chang] Chan, Y.C.[Yu-Chang] Chan, Y.C.[Yi-Chia]

Chan, Y.H.[Yuk Hin] Co Author Listing * Accurate 3D Modelling by Fusion of Potentially Reliable Active Range and Passive Stereo Data
* Adaptive Color Filter Array Interpolation Algorithm for Digital Camera, An
* Color Demosaicing Using Variance of Color Differences
* Color quantization of compressed video sequences
* Colour quantization by three-dimensional frequency diffusion
* Edge preserving multiscale error diffusion algorithm for green noise digital halftoning
* Efficient Algorithm for Realizing Matching Pursuits and Its Applications in MPEG4 Coding System, An
* Efficient blind image restoration using discrete periodic Radon transform
* Efficient Combined Demosaicing and Zooming Algorithm for Digital Camera, An
* Efficient implementation of discrete cosine transform using recursive filter structure
* Embedding halftones of different resolutions in a full-scale halftone
* Facial Sketch Synthesis Using 2D Direct Combined Model-Based Face-Specific Markov Network
* Fast Two-stage Algorithm for Realizing Matching Pursuit, A
* fast two-stage OMP algorithm for coding stereo image residuals, A
* Fusing Large Volumes of Range and Image Data for Accurate Description of Realistic 3D Scenes
* Green Noise Digital Halftoning With Multiscale Error Diffusion
* High Performance Lossless Bayer Image Compression Scheme, A
* Highly efficient coding schemes for contour line drawings
* Image restoration by regularisation in uncorrelated transform domain
* Improved Multiple-Image-Based Reflection Removal Algorithm Using Deep Neural Networks
* Improving MPEG-4 coding performance by jointly optimising compression and blocking effect elimination
* interactive 3D video system for human facial reconstruction and expression modeling, An
* iterative algorithm for restoring color-quantized images, An
* Lossless Compression Scheme for Bayer Color Filter Array Images, A
* Low-Complexity Joint Color Demosaicking and Zooming Algorithm for Digital Camera, A
* Modelling of elastic deformation using stereo vision and smoothed particle hydrodynamics
* Modified Multiscale Error Diffusion Technique for Digital Halftoning, A
* Multi-Kinect scene reconstruction: Calibration and depth inconsistencies
* Multiscale error diffusion technique for digital halftoning with Dot Overlap Compensation, A
* New adaptive iterative image restoration algorithm
* New Approach for Real Time Reduction of Blocking Effect, A
* New Approach for Restoring Block-Transform Coded Images with Estimation of Correlation Matrices, A
* New Image Restoration Performance-Measures with High-Precision
* On fusion of active range data and passive stereo data for 3D scene modelling
* Optimized multilevel fringe patterns for real-time 3D shape measurement with defocused projector
* Optimizing MPEG-4 Coding Performance by Taking Post-processing Into Account
* Optimizing the Error Diffusion Filter for Blue Noise Halftoning With Multiscale Error Diffusion
* POCS-based algorithm for restoring colour-quantised images
* POCS-Based Restoration Algorithm for Restoring Halftoned Color-Quantized Images, A
* Practical Postprocessing Technique for Real-Time Block-Based Coding System, A
* Practical Real-Time Post-Processing Technique for Block Effect Elimination, A
* Reduction of Block-Transform Image-Coding Artifacts by Using Local Statistics of Transform Coefficients
* Regularised restoration of vector quantisation compressed images
* Restoration of halftoned color-quantized images using projection onto convex sets
* Robust Model Generation Technique for Model-based Coding, A
* robust model generation technique for model-based video coding, A
* Robust Reflection Removal Based on Light Field Imaging
* Robust Single-Shot Fringe Projection Profilometry Based on Morphological Component Analysis
* Row-oriented Error Diffusion Technique for Digital Halftoning, A
* Self-embedding reversible color-to-grayscale conversion with watermarking feature
* simulated annealing restoration algorithm for restoring halftoned color-quantized images, A
* Subband adaptive regularization method for removing blocking effect
* Symmetric dynamic programming stereo using block matching guidance
* Technique for Producing Scalable Color-Quantized Images With Error Diffusion, A
Includes: Chan, Y.H.[Yuk Hin] Chan, Y.H.[Yuk-Hee] Chan, Y.H.
54 for Chan, Y.H.

Chan, Y.K.[Yung Kuan] Co Author Listing * automatic evaluation system for contrast-detail phantom images in digital radiography, An
* Block image retrieval based on a compressed linear quadtree
* Design and Application of DWT-Domain Optimum Decoders, The
* Detection and segmentation of cervical cell cytoplast and nucleus
* Edge Enhancement Nucleus and Cytoplast Contour Detector of Cervical Smear Images
* image compression method based on multiple models for the probabilities of patterns, An
* Image Fusion Based Visible Watermarking Using Dual-Tree Complex Wavelet Transform
* Image matching using run-length feature
* Image retrieval system based on color-complexity and color-spatial features
* Improved coding of transform coefficients in JPEG-like image compression schemes
* Low-complexity and low-memory entropy coder for image compression
* Method for spatial domain image compression
* minute lossy method for 2D-gel images compression, A
* Morphological representation of DCT coefficients for image compression
* Nucleus and cytoplast contour detector of cervical smear image
* ROI image retrieval method based on CVAAO, A
* smart content-based image retrieval system based on color and texture feature, A
* Spatial Similarity Retrieval in Video Databases
Includes: Chan, Y.K.[Yung Kuan] Chan, Y.K.[Yung-Kuan] Chan, Y.K. Chan, Y.K.[Yiu K.]
18 for Chan, Y.K.

Chan, Y.L.[Yui Lam] Co Author Listing * Adaptive partial distortion search for block motion estimation
* Adaptive Search Range for HEVC Motion Estimation Based on Depth Information
* AIM 2019 Challenge on Image Extreme Super-Resolution: Methods and Results
* compressed-domain heterogeneous video transcoder, A
* Compressed-Domain Techniques for Error-Resilient Video Transcoding Using RPS
* Decoder side merge mode and AMVP in HEVC screen content coding
* Depth modelling mode decision for depth intra coding via good feature
* Dynamic Frame Skipping for High-performance Transcoding
* Early termination for fast intra mode decision in depth map coding using DIS-inheritance
* Edge Oriented Block Motion Estimation for Video Coding
* Efficient Combined Demosaicing and Zooming Algorithm for Digital Camera, An
* Efficient Depth Intra Frame Coding in 3D-HEVC by Corner Points
* Efficient depth intra mode decision by reference pixels classification in 3D-HEVC
* Efficient Motion Estimation in H.264 Reverse Transcoding
* efficient motion vector composition algorithm for fast-forward playback in a video streaming system, An
* Efficient Reverse-Play Algorithms for MPEG Video With VCR Support
* efficient search strategy for block motion estimation using image features, An
* Establishment of linkages across GOP boundaries for reverse playback on compressed video
* Fast iterative motion and disparity estimation algorithm for multiview video coding
* Fast iterative search for motion and disparity estimation in stereoscopic video coding
* Fast mode decision algorithm for HEVC screen content intra coding
* Fast motion estimation of arbitrarily shaped video objects in MPEG-4
* Fast View-Temporal Prediction Algorithm for Stereoscopic Video Coding, A
* FastSCCNet: Fast Mode Decision in VVC Screen Content Coding via Fully Convolutional Network
* Feature-Assisted Search Strategy for Block Motion Estimation, A
* Features Guided Face Super-Resolution via Hybrid Model of Deep Learning and Random Forests
* Flash scene video coding using weighted prediction
* H.264 video coding with multiple weighted prediction models
* High Performance Lossless Bayer Image Compression Scheme, A
* Hybrid motion estimation scheme for secondary SP-frame coding using inter-frame correlation and FMO
* Image Super-Resolution via Attention Based Back Projection Networks
* Improved macroblock-based reverse play algorithm for MPEG video streaming
* Iterative search strategy with selective bi-directional prediction for low complexity multiview video coding
* Machine Learning-Based Fast Intra Mode Decision for HEVC Screen Content Coding via Decision Trees
* Motion estimation in low-delay hierarchical p-frame coding using motion vector composition
* Multiple weighted prediction models for video coding with brightness variations
* new adaptive interframe transform coding using directional classification, A
* New Adaptive Partial Distortion Search Using Clustered Pixel Matching Error Characteristic
* New Adaptive Pixel Decimation for Block Motion Vector Estimation
* New architecture for dynamic frame-skipping transcoder
* New Architecture for MPEG Video Streaming System With Backward Playback Support
* New frame type for view access in MVC
* On Transcoding a B-Frame to a P-Frame in the Compressed Domain
* Photo-Realistic Image Super-Resolution via Variational Autoencoders
* Priority Search Technique for MPEG-4 Motion Estimation of Arbitrarily Shaped Video Object
* Probability-Based Depth Intra-Mode Skipping Strategy and Novel VSO Metric for DMM Decision in 3D-HEVC
* Quantized Transform-Domain Motion Estimation for SP-Frame Coding in Viewpoint Switching of Multiview Video
* Reduced-Complexity Intra Block Copy (IntraBC) Mode With Early CU Splitting and Pruning for HEVC Screen Content Coding
* Reference Picture Selection in an Already MPEG Encoded Bitstream
* Region-Based Weighted Prediction for Coding Video With Local Brightness Variations
* Reliable block motion estimation through the confidence measure of error surface
* Segment-based view synthesis optimization scheme in 3D-HEVC
* Simplified Dual-Bitstream MPEG Video Streaming System with VCR Functionalities, A
* Unsupervised Real Image Super-Resolution via Generative Variational AutoEncoder
* Variable Temporal-Length 3-D Discrete Cosine Transform Coding
* Viewpoint switching in multiview videos using SP-frames
Includes: Chan, Y.L.[Yui Lam] Chan, Y.L.[Yui-Lam] Chan, Y.L.
56 for Chan, Y.L.

Chan, Y.M.[Yi Ming] Co Author Listing * Near-Infrared-Based Nighttime Pedestrian Detection Using Grouped Part Models
* Pedestrian and Vehicle Detection and Tracking with Object-Driven Vanishing Line Estimation
* Vehicle detection and tracking under various lighting conditions using a particle filter
Includes: Chan, Y.M.[Yi Ming] Chan, Y.M.[Yi-Ming]

Chan, Y.S. Co Author Listing * Channel Coding for Progressive Images in a 2-D Time-Frequency OFDM Block With Channel Estimation Errors
* cross-Layer diversity technique for multicarrier OFDM multimedia networks, A
* End-to-End Embedded Approach for Multicast/Broadcast of Scalable Video over Multiuser CDMA Wireless Networks, An
* Model-Based Evaluation Methodology for Assessing the Efficacy of Packet-Level FEC for Delay-Constrained Video Network Transport, A
* Multiple Description Coding and Delivery Scheme for Motion-Compensated Fine Granularity Scalable Video, A
* Network-adaptive transport of motion-compensated fine granularity scalability video using multiple asymmetric paths
Includes: Chan, Y.S. Chan, Y.S.[Yee Sin]

Chan, Y.T. Co Author Listing * Approximate Maximum-Likelihood Linear Estimator of Circle Parameters, An
* Comprehensive comparative evaluation of background subtraction algorithms in open sea environments
* Cramer-Rao Lower Bounds for Estimation of a Circular Arc Center and Its Radius
* Ensemble learning-based method for maritime background subtraction in open sea environments
* Maritime filtering for images and videos
* Maximum Likelihood TDOA Estimation From Compressed Sensing Samples Without Reconstruction
* Simple Approach for the Estimation of Circular Arc Center and Its Radius, A
* Wavelet Basics
Includes: Chan, Y.T. Chan, Y.T.[Yi-Tung]
8 for Chan, Y.T.

Chana, J. Co Author Listing * 3D gesture-based interaction for immersive experience in mobile VR

Chanana, S.[Samarth] Co Author Listing * Automation in Automobiles: Power Seat

Chanas, L.[Laurent] Co Author Listing * Simultaneous Inpainting and Motion Estimation of Highly Degraded Video-Sequences

Chancay, J.E.[Juseth E.] Co Author Listing * Improving Hourly Precipitation Estimates for Flash Flood Modeling in Data-Scarce Andean-Amazon Basins: An Integrative Framework Based on Machine Learning and Multiple Remotely Sensed Data

Chance, B. Co Author Listing * adaptive multigrid algorithm for region of interest diffuse optical tomography, An
* Brain-Computer Interface for Mental Arithmetic Task from Single-Trial Near-Infrared Spectroscopy Brain Signals, A
* Diffuse optical tomography of highly heterogeneous media
* Hierarchical Bayesian algorithm for diffuse optical tomography
Includes: Chance, B. Chance, B.[Britton]

Chance, E.[Eric] Co Author Listing * ANSIBLE: A Virtual World Ecosystem for Improving Psycho-Social Well-being

Chance, E.W.[Eric W.] Co Author Listing * Identifying Irrigated Areas in the Snake River Plain, Idaho: Evaluating Performance across Composting Algorithms, Spectral Indices, and Sensors
* Trend Detection for the Extent of Irrigated Agriculture in Idaho's Snake River Plain, 1984-2016

Chance, G.[Greg] Co Author Listing * On Determinism of Game Engines Used for Simulation-Based Autonomous Vehicle Verification

Chance, K.[Kelly] Co Author Listing * Impact of Using a New High-Resolution Solar Reference Spectrum on OMI Ozone Profile Retrievals

Chanceaux, M.[Myriam] Co Author Listing * Towards a Model of Information Seeking by Integrating Visual, Semantic and Memory Maps

Chancerelle, Y. Co Author Listing * Fuzzy-Possibilistic Scheme of Study for Objects with Indeterminate Boundaries: Application to French Polynesian Reefscapes, A

Chancey, E.T.[Eric T.] Co Author Listing * Holistic Evaluation of Task View Format for Training a Simulated Robot-Assisted EOD Task, A

Chancia, R.[Robert] Co Author Listing * Assessing Grapevine Nutrient Status from Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) Hyperspectral Imagery
* Forecasting Table Beet Root Yield Using Spectral and Textural Features from Hyperspectral UAS Imagery
* Predicting Table Beet Root Yield with Multispectral UAS Imagery

Chand, M.B.[Mohan Bahadur] Co Author Listing * Development of Supraglacial Ponds in the Everest Region, Nepal, between 1989 and 2018
* Monitoring of Vegetation Disturbance around Protected Areas in Central Tanzania Using Landsat Time-Series Data

Chand, P.[Poonam] Co Author Listing * improved multi-criteria-based feature selection approach for detection of coronary artery disease in machine learning paradigm, An

Chand, S.[Satish] Co Author Listing * comparative study of breast cancer tumor classification by classical machine learning methods and deep learning method, A
* Detecting the Spatial Variability of Seagrass Meadows and Their Consequences on Associated Macrofauna Benthic Activity Using Novel Drone Technology
* Geometrico-Harmonic Data Broadcasting and Receiving Scheme for Popular Videos
* Impact of Connected Automated Buses in a Mixed Fleet Scenario With Connected Automated Cars
* New pixel based approach for reverse play of MPEG video for streaming system
* Text Region Extraction From Scene Images Using AGF and MSER
Includes: Chand, S.[Satish] Chand, S.[Subhash] Chand, S. Chand, S.[Sai]

Chand, T.[Trilok] Co Author Listing * Automated knee osteoarthritis severity classification using three-stage preprocessing method and VGG16 architecture

Chanda, A.[Abhra] Co Author Listing * Assessment and Attribution of Mangrove Forest Changes in the Indian Sundarbans from 2000 to 2020

Chanda, B.[Bhabatosh] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Morphologic Regularizations for Inverse Problems
* Adjacency Matrix Generation from the Image of Graphs: A Morphological Approach
* Advances in visual information processing
* Application of Binary Mathematical Morphology to Separate Overlapped Objects
* Application of Least Square Estimation Technique for Image Restoration Using Signal-Noise Correlation Constraint
* attack invariant scheme for content-based video copy detection, An
* Automated detection and segmentation of table of contents page and index pages from document images
* Automated detection and segmentation of table of contents page from document images
* Automated segmentation of math-zones from document images
* Automatic Image Segmentation Technique Based on Pseudo-convex Hull, An
* Automatic Segmentation of Bones in X-ray Images Based on Entropy Measure
* Binarisation of Colour Map Images through Extraction of Regions
* Block truncation coding using pattern fitting
* CBIR using perception based texture and colour measures
* Color image compression based on block truncation coding using pattern fitting principle
* Complete System for Detection and Identification of Tabular Structures from Document Images, A
* Day/night unconstrained image dehazing
* Design of Vector Quantizer for Image Compression Using Self-Organizing Feature Map and Surface Fitting
* Detecting lines in gray level images using search techniques
* Detection and Segmentation of Table of Contents and Index Pages from Document Images
* Detection of representative frames of a shot using multivariate Wald-Wolfowitz test
* Differentiation/Enhancement Edge Detector and Its Properties, A
* empirical measure of the performance of a document image segmentation algorithm, An
* Enhancing effective depth-of-field by image fusion using mathematical morphology
* Ensemble classifier-based off-line handwritten word recognition system in holistic approach
* Extraction and recognition of geographical features from paper maps
* fast algorithm for skew detection of document images using morphology, A
* fast and flexible multiresolution snake with a definite termination criterion, A
* fast and robust deblurring technique on high noise environment, A
* Fast codebook searching in a SOM-based vector quantizer for image compression
* Fast Interactive Image Segmentation to Locate Multiple Similar-colored Objects, A
* fast progressive image transmission scheme using block truncation coding by pattern fitting, A
* Fusion of 2D grayscale images using multiscale morphology
* Fuzzy-Rule-Based Approach for Single Frame Super Resolution, A
* Group-Based Image Inpainting Using Patch Refinement in MRF Framework, A
* heuristic algorithm for video scene detection using shot cluster sequence analysis, A
* hierarchical method for automated identification and segmentation of forms, A
* holistic approach for Off-line handwritten cursive word recognition using directional feature based on Arnold transform, A
* Hue Preserving Enhancement Scheme for a Class of Color Images, A
* Image Dehazing by Joint Estimation of Transmittance and Airlight Using Bi-Directional Consistency Loss Minimized FCN
* Image Inpainting Algorithm Using Higher Order Singular Value Decomposition, An
* image inpainting method using pLSA-based search space estimation, An
* Image retrieval based on indexing and relevance feedback
* Image Sharpening Incorporating Human Visual Response
* Image Upscaling Using Multiple Dictionaries of Natural Image Patches
* Incorporating Human Body Shape Guidance for Cloth Warping in Model to Person Virtual Try-on Problems
* Indian Classical Dance classification by learning dance pose bases
* Indian Classical Dance Classification on Manifold Using Jensen-Bregman LogDet Divergence
* Iris recognition using multiscale morphologic features
* Learning a Patch Quality Comparator for Single Image Dehazing
* Local directional ZigZag pattern: A rotation invariant descriptor for texture classification
* Lossless Compression of Textual Images: A Study on Indic Script Documents
* Machine reading of camera-held low quality text images: An ICA-based image enhancement approach for improving OCR accuracy
* Model Based Text Line Segmentation Method for Off-line Handwritten Documents, A
* Model-Based Shot Boundary Detection Technique Using Frame Transition Parameters, A
* Morphologic gain-controlled regularization for edge-preserving super-resolution image reconstruction
* Morphological Networks for Image De-Raining
* Multiple Pyramids Based Image Inpainting Using Local Patch Statistics and Steering Kernel Feature
* Multiscale Morphologic Edge Detector, A
* multiscale morphological approach to local contrast enhancement, A
* Multiscale morphological segmentation of gray-scale images
* NIR and VW iris image recognition using ensemble of patch statistics features
* Novel Approach for Detection of Alteration in Ball Pen Writings, A
* Novel Key-Frame Detection Technique Using Statistical Run Test and Majority Voting, A
* novel sparse model based forensic writer identification, A
* Novel Technique for Size Constrained Video Storyboard Generation Using Statistical Run Test and Spanning Tree, A
* novel technique for sketch to photo synthesis, A
* Novel Technique for Space-Time-Interest Point Detection and Description for Dance Video Classification, A
* Off-line Recognition of Hand-Written Bengali Numerals Using Morphological Features
* On Edge and Line Linking with Connectionist Models
* On Image Enhancement and Threshold Selection Using the Graylevel Co-Occurrence Matrix
* Parametric Statistical-Method for Error-Detection in Digital Elevation Models
* Patch sparsity based image inpainting using local patch statistics and steering kernel descriptor
* Prediction of Cloud for Weather Now-Casting Application Using Topology Adaptive Active Membrane
* Robust Extraction of Text from Camera Images
* robust faint line detection and enhancement algorithm for mural images, A
* Robust Human Iris Verification Using a Novel Combination of Features, A
* Segmentation of Text and Graphics from Document Images
* Shot Boundary Detection Using Frame Transition Parameters and Edge Strength Scatter
* simple and effective table detection system from document images, A
* Single Scan Boundary Removal Thinning Algorithm for 2-D Binary Object, A
* Some Algorithms for Image Enhancement Incorporating Human Visual Response
* Some Modified Algorithms for Graylevel Thresholding
* Space-Time Facet Model for Human Activity Classification
* Super Resolution Image Reconstruction Through Bregman Iteration Using Morphologic Regularization
* Topological simplification of electrical circuits by super-component analysis
* Topology Preservation in 3D Digital Space
* Two-Step Image Inpainting Algorithm Using Tensor SVD, A
* Unsupervised Approach towards Varying Human Skin Tone Using Generative Adversarial Networks, An
* Video motion estimation using prediction based hybrid approach
* Writer Identification for Handwritten Telugu Documents Using Directional Morphological Features
* Writer-independent off-line signature verification using surroundedness feature
Includes: Chanda, B.[Bhabatosh] Chanda, B.
92 for Chanda, B.

Chanda, K. Co Author Listing * Assisting the autistic with improved facial expression recognition from mixed expressions

Chanda, O. Co Author Listing * Crowd Counting Using Scale-Aware Attention Networks

Chanda, P.[Phonkrit] Co Author Listing * Thai sign language translation using Scale Invariant Feature Transform and Hidden Markov Models

Chanda, S.[Sukalpa] Co Author Listing * AGA-GAN: Attribute Guided Attention Generative Adversarial Network with U-Net for face hallucination
* Document-Zone Classification in Torn Documents
* Few-Shot Learning of Compact Models via Task-Specific Meta Distillation
* Font identification: In context of an Indic script
* GMSRF-Net: An Improved generalizability with Global Multi-Scale Residual Fusion Network for Polyp Segmentation
* Identification of Indic Scripts on Torn-Documents
* LoOp: Looking for Optimal Hard Negative Embeddings for Deep Metric Learning
* Recognizing Bengali Word Images - A Zero-Shot Learning Perspective
* Respho(sc)net: A Zero-shot Learning Framework for Norwegian Handwritten Word Image Recognition
* Script Identification: A Han and Roman Script Perspective
* Static and Dynamic Synthesis of Bengali and Devanagari Signatures
* SVM Based Scheme for Thai and English Script Identification
* Text Independent Writer Identification for Bengali Script
* Two-stage Approach for Word-wise Script Identification
* Vision-Language Pre-Training with Triple Contrastive Learning
* Word-Wise Script Identification from Video Frames
* Word-wise Sinhala Tamil and English script identification using Gaussian kernel SVM
Includes: Chanda, S.[Sukalpa] Chanda, S.[Shekhor] Chanda, S. Chanda, S.[Sampath]
17 for Chanda, S.

Chandak, M.[Mohit] Co Author Listing * IQ-VQA: Intelligent Visual Question Answering

Chandakkar, P.S. Co Author Listing * computational approach to relative aesthetics, A
* Improving Vision-Based Self-Positioning in Intelligent Transportation Systems via Integrated Lane and Vehicle Detection
* Joint Regression and Ranking for Image Enhancement
* Simpler Non-Parametric Methods Provide as Good or Better Results to Multiple-Instance Learning
* structured approach to predicting image enhancement parameters, A
* Video-Based Self-positioning for Intelligent Transportation Systems Applications
Includes: Chandakkar, P.S. Chandakkar, P.S.[Parag S.]

Chandaliya, P.K.[Praveen Kumar] Co Author Listing * ChildGAN: Face aging and rejuvenation to find missing children

Chandan, C. Co Author Listing * Photo-Identification of Humpback and Gray Whales using Affine Moment Invariants

Chandana., B.N. Co Author Listing * Novel Emergent Intelligence Technique for Public Transport Vehicle Allocation Problem in a Dynamic Transportation System, A

Chandanpurkar, H.A.[Hrishikesh A.] Co Author Listing * Global Terrestrial Water Storage Reconstruction Using Cyclostationary Empirical Orthogonal Functions (1979-2020)

Chandar, K.P.[K. Punnam] Co Author Listing * Suitability of Complex Wavelets towards Face Recognition

Chandar, S.[Sarath] Co Author Listing * GuessWhat?! Visual Object Discovery through Multi-modal Dialogue
* IIRC: Incremental Implicitly-Refined Classification

Chandar, S.K.[S. Kumar] Co Author Listing * Hybrid models for intraday stock price forecasting based on artificial neural networks and metaheuristic algorithms

Chandar, V. Co Author Listing * Iris Biometric Security Challenges and Possible Solutions: For your eyes only? Using the iris as a key

Chandaria, J.[Jigna] Co Author Listing * MATRIS project: real-time markerless camera tracking for Augmented Reality and broadcast applications, The

Chandarr, A.[Aswin] Co Author Listing * novel multi modal tracking method based on depth and semantic color features for human robot interaction, A
* Portable, automatic water level estimation using mobile phone cameras

Chandawala, A. Co Author Listing * Character Recognition Using Conditional Random Field Based Recognition Engine

Chande, V.[Vinay] Co Author Listing * Image Communication over Noisy Channels with Feedback

Chandel, A.K.[Abhilash K.] Co Author Listing * High-Resolution Spatiotemporal Water Use Mapping of Surface and Direct-Root-Zone Drip-Irrigated Grapevines Using UAS-Based Thermal and Multispectral Remote Sensing

Chandel, A.S.[Arvind Singh] Co Author Listing * Constructive Semi-Supervised Classification Algorithm and Its Implement in Data Mining

Chandel, S.S.[Shyam Singh] Co Author Listing * novel hybrid artificial neural network technique for the early skin cancer diagnosis using color space conversions of original images, A

Chandelier, L. Co Author Listing * Costless Platform For High Resolution Stereoscopic Images Of A High Gothic Facade
* Digital Airborne Photogrammetry: A New Tool for Quantitative Remote Sensing?: A State-of-the-Art Review On Radiometric Aspects of Digital Photogrammetric Images
* EuroSDR project Radiometric aspects of digital photogrammetric images: Results of empirical phase
* Radiometric Aerial Triangulation for the Equalization of Digital Aerial Images and Orthoimages, A
* Status report of the EuroSDR project Radiometric aspects of digital photogrammetric airborne images
Includes: Chandelier, L. Chandelier, L.[Laure]

Chander, G. Co Author Listing * Absolute Radiometric Calibration of Landsat Using a Pseudo Invariant Calibration Site
* Applications of Spectral Band Adjustment Factors (SBAF) for Cross-Calibration
* Assessment of Spectral Band Impact on Intercalibration Over Desert Sites Using Simulation Based on EO-1 Hyperion Data
* Assessment of Spectral, Misregistration, and Spatial Uncertainties Inherent in the Cross-Calibration Study
* CEOS Visualization Environment (COVE) Tool for Intercalibration of Satellite Instruments
* Evaluation and Comparison of the IRS-P6 and the Landsat Sensors
* Landsat-4/5 Band 6 relative radiometry
* Multitemporal Cross-Calibration of the Terra MODIS and Landsat 7 ETM+ Reflective Solar Bands
* Overview of Intercalibration of Satellite Instruments
* Procedure for Radiometric Recalibration of Landsat 5 TM Reflective-Band Data, A
* Radiometric, Geometric, and Image Quality Assessment of ALOS AVNIR-2 and PRISM Sensors
* Revised Landsat-5 TM Radiometric Calibration Procedures and Postcalibration Dynamic Ranges
* Survey Of Landnet Sites Focusing On Tuz GÖlÜ Salt Lake, Turkey, A
* Updated Radiometric Calibration for the Landsat-5 Thematic Mapper Reflective Bands
14 for Chander, G.

Chander, S.[Subhash] Co Author Listing * Detection of Aphid-Infested Mustard Crop Using Ground Spectroscopy

Chandhok, S.[Shivam] Co Author Listing * COCOA: Context-Conditional Adaptation for Recognizing Unseen Classes in Unseen Domains
* Two-Level Adversarial Visual-Semantic Coupling for Generalized Zero-shot Learning
* Unseen Classes at a Later Time? No Problem

Chandica, A.L. Co Author Listing * Using Image Subtraction and Classification to Evaluate Change in Subtropical Intertidal Wetlands

Chandio, A.A.[Aftab Ahmed] Co Author Listing * Laser only feature based multi robot SLAM

Chandler, C. Co Author Listing * Documentation and dissemination of the sculptural elements of Canada's Parliamentary Buildings: Methodology development and evolution, a case study
* Towards a Monitoring Approach for Understanding Permafrost Degradation and Linked Subsidence in Arctic Peatlands
Includes: Chandler, C. Chandler, C.[Chris]

Chandler, C.J.[Chris J.] Co Author Listing * Detection of Spatial and Temporal Patterns of Liana Infestation Using Satellite-Derived Imagery
* Spectral Characteristics of Beached Sargassum in Response to Drying and Decay over Time

Chandler, C.L. Co Author Listing * Design and evaluation of a system for microscope-assisted guided interventions (MAGI)

Chandler, D.[Damon] Co Author Listing * Seven challenges for image quality research
* Very High Resolution Land Cover Mapping of Urban Areas At Global Scale With Convolutional Neural Networks
Includes: Chandler, D.[Damon] Chandler, D.

Chandler, D.M. Co Author Listing * 3D-MAD: A Full Reference Stereoscopic Image Quality Estimator Based on Binocular Lightness and Contrast Perception
* algorithm for detecting multiple salient objects in images via adaptive feature selection, An
* Bayesian approach to predicting the perceived interest of objects, A
* C-DIIVINE: No-reference Image Quality Assessment Based on Local Magnitude and Phase Statistics of Natural Scenes
* Can visual fixation patterns improve image fidelity assessment?
* computational model for predicting local distortion visibility via convolutional neural network trained on natural scenes, A
* Contrast-based quantization and rate control for wavelet-coded images
* Deep steerable pyramid wavelet network for unified JPEG compression artifact reduction
* Digital Image Watermarking via Adaptive Logo Texturization
* Dynamic Contrast-Based Quantization for Lossy Wavelet Image Compression
* Estimates of the information content and dimensionality of natural scenes from proximity distributions
* Fast Wavelet-Based Algorithm for Global and Local Image Sharpness Estimation, A
* Image-adaptive contrast and entropy based model of regions of visible distortion
* Learning natural statistics of binocular contrast for no reference quality assessment of stereoscopic images
* Learning No-Reference Quality Assessment of Multiply and Singly Distorted Images With Big Data
* Main subject detection via adaptive feature selection
* Method for estimating the relative contribution of phase and power spectra to the total information in natural-scene patches
* Multi-domain residual encoder-decoder networks for generalized compression artifact reduction
* No-Reference Quality Assessment of JPEG Images via a Quality Relevance Map
* On the quality assessment of enhanced images: A database, analysis, and strategies for augmenting existing methods
* Opinion-Unaware Blind Quality Assessment of Multiply and Singly Distorted Images via Distortion Parameter Estimation
* Patch-Based Structural Masking Model with an Application to Compression, A
* Performance-analysis-based acceleration of image quality assessment
* Predicting the Perceived Interest of Object in Images
* Quality assessment of multiply and singly distorted stereoscopic images via adaptive construction of cyclopean views
* Quality Assessment of Screen Content Images via Convolutional-Neural-Network-Based Synthetic/Natural Segmentation
* Recent advances in vision modeling for image and video processing
* Reduced-reference image quality assessment based on distortion families of local perceived sharpness
* Saliency Detection Based on Multiscale Extrema of Local Perceptual Color Differences
* Spatially-Adaptive Wavelet Image Compression via Structural Masking
* spatiotemporal most-apparent-distortion model for video quality assessment, A
* S_3: A Spectral and Spatial Measure of Local Perceived Sharpness in Natural Images
* Vehicle tracking using a human-vision-based model of visual similarity
* Visual Fixation Patterns when Judging Image Quality: Effects of Distortion Type, Amount, and Subject Experience
* VSNR: A Wavelet-Based Visual Signal-to-Noise Ratio for Natural Images
Includes: Chandler, D.M. Chandler, D.M.[Damon M.]
35 for Chandler, D.M.

Chandler, J.H. Co Author Listing * 3D Case Studies of Monitoring Dynamic Structural Tests using Long Exposure Imagery
* Accuracy of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) and SfM Photogrammetry Survey as a Function of the Number and Location of Ground Control Points Used
* Automatic detection of blurred images in UAV image sets
* Automatic Isolation of Blurred Images from UAV Image Sequences
* Cost-Effective Rock-Art Recording within a Non-Specialist Environment
* Influence of blur on feature matching and a geometric approach for photogrammetric deblurring
* Minimising Systematic Errors in DEMs Caused by an Inaccurate Lens Model
* Photogrammetry and Laser Scanning for The Earth Sciencesworking Group V6
* Studying Glacial Melt Processes Using Sub-Centimeter DEM Extraction and Digital Close-range Photogrammetry
* UAV Image Blur: Its Influence and Ways to Correct It
* Water Surface and Velocity Measurement-River and Flume
Includes: Chandler, J.H. Chandler, J.H.[Jim H.]
11 for Chandler, J.H.

Chandler, T.[Talon] Co Author Listing * Spatio-angular fluorescence microscopy I. Basic theory
* Spatio-angular fluorescence microscopy II. Paraxial 4f imaging

Chandna, B. Co Author Listing * Set Theoretic Approach to Image Reconstruction from Projections, A

Chandna, K.[Kshitij] Co Author Listing * Improving Adversarial Robustness by Penalizing Natural Accuracy

Chandnani, D. Co Author Listing * Methods of analyzing traffic imagery collected from aerial platforms

Chandola, A.[Anoop] Co Author Listing * Ordered rules for full sentence translation: A neural network realization and a case study for Hindi and English

Chandola, V.[Varun] Co Author Listing * Guest editorial: big spatial data
* Surface Reconstruction from Intensity Image Using Illumination Model Based Morphable Modeling

Chandorkar, A.[Arun] Co Author Listing * High-performance hardware architectures for multi-level lifting-based discrete wavelet transform

Chandra Kumar, P. Co Author Listing * Minimal radial basis function neural networks for nonlinear channel equalisation

Chandra Mouli, P.V.S.S.R. Co Author Listing * Adaptive pedestrian detection in infrared images using fuzzy enhancement and top-hat transform
* efficient and robust face detection method using neuro-fuzzy approach, An
* efficient color image segmentation algorithm using hybrid approaches, An
* Robustness of DR-LDP over PCANet for face analysis

Chandra Prakash, K. Co Author Listing * Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for Telugu: Database, Algorithm and Application

Chandra Sekhar, C. Co Author Listing * Subspace Segmentation Based Metric Learning

Chandra Sekhara Rao, M.V.P. Co Author Listing * integrated approach to emotion recognition and gender classification, An

Chandra, A. Co Author Listing * Architectural Aspects of Self-Aware and Self-Expressive Computing Systems: From Psychology to Engineering
* Cardiotocography Analysis Using Conjunction of Machine Learning Algorithms
* novel approach for coefficient quantization of low-pass finite impulse response filter using differential evolution algorithm, A
* Novel design strategy of multiplier-less low-pass finite impulse response filter using self-organizing random immigrants genetic algorithm
* Peak Trekking of Hierarchy Mountain for the Detection of Cerebral Aneurysm using Modified Hough Circle Transform
* Serial subtractive deconvolution algorithms for time-domain ultra wide band in-vehicle channel sounding
* Severity grading of psoriatic plaques using deep CNN based multi-task learning
Includes: Chandra, A. Chandra, A.[Ananya] Chandra, A.[Abhijit]
7 for Chandra, A.

Chandra, A.K. Co Author Listing * Bounds for the String Editing Problem
* Computing Connected Components on Parallel Computers

Chandra, B.[Barun] Co Author Listing * Active Navigation: Tracking an Environmental Point Considered Beneficial
* Egomotion Using Active Vision
* new node splitting measure for decision tree construction, A
* Robust Approach for Estimating Probabilities in Naive-Bayes Classifier
Includes: Chandra, B.[Barun] Chandra, B.

Chandra, C.V. Co Author Listing * Validation Procedure for a Polarimetric Weather Radar Signal Simulator, A

Chandra, D. Co Author Listing * Continuous User Authentication on Mobile Devices: Recent progress and remaining challenges
* Partial face detection for continuous authentication

Chandra, D.S.[Dupati Srikar] Co Author Listing * Continual Learning with Dependency Preserving Hypernetworks
* Hand gesture animation by key frame extraction
Includes: Chandra, D.S.[Dupati Srikar] Chandra, D.S.[Darsha Sharath]

Chandra, G. Co Author Listing * Face recognition using discrete cosine transform and Fisher linear discriminant

Chandra, J.[Joydeep] Co Author Listing * Embedding Traffic Network Characteristics Using Tensor for Improved Traffic Prediction

Chandra, K.[Kartik] Co Author Listing * Estimating visible through near-infrared spectral reflectance from a sensor radiance spectrum
* Reflectance recovery for airborne sensor images of 3D scenes
* Using Coupled Subspace Models for Recovery of Reflectance Spectra from Airborne Images
* Using Coupled Subspace Models for Reflectance/Illumination Separation

Chandra, M.[Mona] Co Author Listing * 3D gesture based real-time object selection and recognition
* Audio visual isolated Hindi digits recognition using HMM
* Emotion recognition using MLP and GMM for Oriya language
* minimised complexity dynamic structure adaptive filter design for improved steady state performance analysis, A
* Spatially Supported Disaster Management: Introduction to the Special Issue GI for Disaster Management
* Use of Multi-temporal Sentinel Satellites in The Analysis of Land Cover/land Use Changes Caused By The Nuclear Power Plant Construction, The
* Use of Sentinel 1/2 Vegetation Indexes with Gee Time Series Data In Detecting Land Cover Changes in the Sinop Nuclear Power Plant Construction Site, The
Includes: Chandra, M.[Mona] Chandra, M.[Mahesh] Chandra, M.[Madhu] Chandra, M.
7 for Chandra, M.

Chandra, M.G. Co Author Listing * Real Time Surveillance System Using Wired and Wireless Sensor Networks by Multi-algorithmic Approach, A

Chandra, N.[Naveen] Co Author Listing * GOSAT CH4 Vertical Profiles over the Indian Subcontinent: Effect of a Priori and Averaging Kernels for Climate Applications

Chandra, P.[Pravin] Co Author Listing * empirical evaluation of rotation invariance of LDP feature for fingerprint matching using neural networks, An
* Feature Selection and Fuzzy Rule Mining for Epileptic Patients from Clinical EEG Data
Includes: Chandra, P.[Pravin] Chandra, P.[Preetam]

Chandra, P.H.[P. Helen] Co Author Listing * Cooperating Basic Puzzle Grammar Systems

Chandra, R.[Rohan] Co Author Listing * BoMuDANet: Unsupervised Adaptation for Visual Scene Understanding in Unstructured Driving Environments
* Comparative Study of Convolutional Neural Networks and Conventional Machine Learning Models for Lithological Mapping Using Remote Sensing Data, A
* EmotiCon: Context-Aware Multimodal Emotion Recognition Using Frege's Principle
* Integration of Selective Dimensionality Reduction Techniques for Mineral Exploration Using ASTER Satellite Data
* Learning to Align Images Using Weak Geometric Supervision
* M3DETR: Multi-representation, Multi-scale, Mutual-relation 3D Object Detection with Transformers
* SS-SFDA: Self-Supervised Source-Free Domain Adaptation for Road Segmentation in Hazardous Environments
* Take an Emotion Walk: Perceiving Emotions from Gaits Using Hierarchical Attention Pooling and Affective Mapping
* TraPHic: Trajectory Prediction in Dense and Heterogeneous Traffic Using Weighted Interactions
* Using Graph-Theoretic Machine Learning to Predict Human Driver Behavior
Includes: Chandra, R.[Rohan] Chandra, R.[Rohitash] Chandra, R.
10 for Chandra, R.

Chandra, S.[Saket] Co Author Listing * Abstract Visual Reasoning: An Algebraic Approach for Solving Raven's Progressive Matrices
* Accurate Human-Limb Segmentation in RGB-D Images for Intelligent Mobility Assistance Robots
* Alternative Curvature Measure for Topographic Feature Detection, An
* Automated MR Hip Bone Segmentation
* Box2seg: Attention Weighted Loss and Discriminative Feature Learning for Weakly Supervised Segmentation
* Deep Learning-Based Thermal Image Analysis for Pavement Defect Detection and Classification Considering Complex Pavement Conditions
* Deep Spatio-Temporal Random Fields for Efficient Video Segmentation
* Dense and Low-Rank Gaussian CRFs Using Deep Embeddings
* Dewarping Book Page Spreads Captured with a Mobile Phone Camera
* Direct inversion of Mojette projections
* Exact image representation via a number-theoretic radon transform
* Exact, Non-iterative Mojette Inversion Technique Utilising Ghosts, An
* Fast Number Theoretic Finite Radon Transform, A
* Fast, Exact and Multi-scale Inference for Semantic Image Segmentation with Deep Gaussian CRFs
* Growth of Discrete Projection Ghosts Created by Iteration
* Human Joint Angle Estimation and Gesture Recognition for Assistive Robotic Vision
* Kernel Optimization Using a Generalized Eigenvalue Approach
* Learning Hierarchical Bag of Words Using Naive Bayes Clustering
* Learning Multiple Non-linear Sub-spaces Using K-RBMs
* Learning to Generate Synthetic Data via Compositing
* LiDAR-Derived High Quality Ground Control Information and DEM for Image Orthorectification
* method for removing cyclic artefacts in discrete tomography using latin squares, A
* MorphMLP: An Efficient MLP-Like Backbone for Spatial-Temporal Representation Learning
* Morphology-Based Interslice Interpolation on Manual Segmentations of Joint Bones and Muscles in MRI
* Muscle Fatigue Induced Hand Tremor Clustering in Dynamic Laparoscopic Manipulation
* On Constructing Minimal Ghosts
* Partial Least Squares kernel for computing similarities between video sequences
* Structured Output Prediction and Learning for Deep Monocular 3D Human Pose Estimation
* Surface Based Object Detection in RGBD Images
* Twin Support Vector Machine based Regression
* Twin Support Vector Machines for Pattern Classification
* Zero Norm Least Squares Proximal SVR
Includes: Chandra, S.[Saket] Chandra, S. Chandra, S.[Siva] Chandra, S.[Siddhartha] Chandra, S.[Sindhu] Chandra, S.[Surendar] Chandra, S.[Shekhar] Chandra, S.[Suresh] Chandra, S.[Shobhit] Chandra, S.[Shashwat]
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Chandra, S.I.[Sun Il] Co Author Listing * Fourier Mellin transform characterisation in the automotive environment
* Texture Interpolation Using Ordinary Kriging
Includes: Chandra, S.I.[Sun Il] Chandra, S.I.[Sun-Il]

Chandra, S.S. Co Author Listing * Automatic Segmentation of the Prostate in 3D Magnetic Resonance Images Using Case Specific Deformable Models
* Bespoke Fractal Sampling Patterns for Discrete Fourier Space via the Kaleidoscope Transform
* Chaotic Sensing
* Finite Radial Reconstruction for Magnetic Resonance Imaging: A Theoretical Study
* Non-Separable Two-Dimensional Hadamard Transform via a Discrete Hadamard Slice Theorem
* Patient Specific Prostate Segmentation in 3-D Magnetic Resonance Images
* Recovering Missing Slices of the Discrete Fourier Transform Using Ghosts
* Robust Digital Image Reconstruction via the Discrete Fourier Slice Theorem
* Slim-YOLO: A Simplified Object Detection Model for the Detection of Pigmented Iris Freckles as a Potential Biomarker for Cutaneous Melanoma
* Towards Trustable Skin Cancer Diagnosis via Rewriting Model's Decision
* Transformer Compressed Sensing Via Global Image Tokens
Includes: Chandra, S.S. Chandra, S.S.[Shekhar S.]
11 for Chandra, S.S.

Chandra, T. Co Author Listing * New Efficient and Direct Solution for Pose Estimation Using Quadrangular Targets: Algorithm and Evaluation, A

Chandra, T.R. Co Author Listing * 3D visualization and mapping of choroid thickness based on optical coherence tomography: A step-by-step geometric approach

Chandra, T.S.[Tirupati Saketh] Co Author Listing * GEMS: Scene Expansion using Generative Models of Graphs

Chandra, V.[Vikas] Co Author Listing * AttentiveNAS: Improving Neural Architecture Search via Attentive Sampling
* Fast Point Cloud Generation with Straight Flows
* Feature-Align Network with Knowledge Distillation for Efficient Denoising
* KeepAugment: A Simple Information-Preserving Data Augmentation Approach
* Multi-Scale High-Resolution Vision Transformer for Semantic Segmentation
* Residual U-Structure Nested Conditional Adversarial Nets Colorized CT Improves Deep Learning Based Abdominal Multi-Organ Segmentation
Includes: Chandra, V.[Vikas] Chandra, V.[Vincent]

Chandraghatgi, P. Co Author Listing * Search based Video Recommendations

Chandrakala, S. Co Author Listing * Classification of Multi-variate Varying Length Time Series Using Descriptive Statistical Features
* Generative Model Driven Representation Learning in a Hybrid Framework for Environmental Audio Scene and Sound Event Recognition

Chandrakanth, R. Co Author Listing * Mean-shift based object detection and clustering from high resolution remote sensing imagery

Chandrakanth, V. Co Author Listing * VLSI implementation of sliding window DFT

Chandrakar, P.[Preeti] Co Author Listing * novel discriminant feature selection-based mutual information extraction from MR brain images for Alzheimer's stages detection and prediction, A

Chandrakasan, A.[Anantha] Co Author Listing * Energy and area-efficient hardware implementation of HEVC inverse transform and dequantization
* Method and apparatus for motion estimation in a video signal
* Synthesis and selection of DCT algorithms using behavioral synthesis-based algorithm space exploration
Includes: Chandrakasan, A.[Anantha] Chandrakasan, A.

Chandrakasan, A.P.[Anantha P.] Co Author Listing * Hardware-aware motion estimation search algorithm development for high-efficiency video coding (HEVC) standard
* HEVC interpolation filter architecture for quad full HD decoding
* high throughput CABAC algorithm using syntax element partitioning, A
* Memory cost vs. coding efficiency trade-offs for HEVC motion estimation engine
* Multicore Processing and Efficient On-Chip Caching for H.264 and Future Video Decoders
* Network-Driven Motion Estimation for Wireless Video Terminals
* Parallel CABAC for low power video coding
Includes: Chandrakasan, A.P.[Anantha P.] Chandrakasan, A.P.
7 for Chandrakasan, A.P.

Chandraker, M.[Manmohan] Co Author Listing * 4D Light-Field Dataset and CNN Architectures for Material Recognition, A
* Active Adversarial Domain Adaptation
* Atomic scenes for scalable traffic scene recognition in monocular videos
* Autocalibration via Rank-Constrained Estimation of the Absolute Quadric
* Cluster-to-adapt: Few Shot Domain Adaptation for Semantic Segmentation across Disjoint Labels
* Continuous Occlusion Model for Road Scene Understanding, A
* Controllable Dynamic Multi-Task Architectures
* Cross-Domain Similarity Learning for Face Recognition in Unseen Domains
* DAVID: Dual-Attentional Video Deblurring
* Deep Deformation Network for Object Landmark Localization
* Deep Network Flow for Multi-object Tracking
* Deep Supervision with Intermediate Concepts
* Deep Supervision with Shape Concepts for Occlusion-Aware 3D Object Parsing
* Dense Object Reconstruction with Semantic Priors
* DESIRE: Distant Future Prediction in Dynamic Scenes with Interacting Agents
* Divide-and-Conquer for Lane-Aware Diverse Trajectory Prediction
* Domain Adaptation for Structured Output via Discriminative Patch Representations
* Domain Adaptive Semantic Segmentation Using Weak Labels
* Domain Generalization Guided by Gradient Signal to Noise Ratio of Parameters
* Dual Theory of Inverse and Forward Light Transport, A
* Efficient Controllable Multi-Task Architectures
* Exploiting Unlabeled Data with Vision and Language Models for Object Detection
* Factorized Inverse Path Tracing for Efficient and Accurate Material-Lighting Estimation
* Feature Transfer Learning for Face Recognition With Under-Represented Data
* FLAVR: Flow-Agnostic Video Representations for Fast Frame Interpolation
* Fusing the Old with the New: Learning Relative Camera Pose with Geometry-Guided Uncertainty
* GeoNet: Benchmarking Unsupervised Adaptation across Geographies
* Globally Optimal Affine and Metric Upgrades in Stratified Autocalibration
* Globally Optimal Algorithms for Stratified Autocalibration
* Globally optimal bilinear programming for computer vision applications
* Gotta Adapt 'Em All: Joint Pixel and Feature-Level Domain Adaptation for Recognition in the Wild
* Hierarchical Metric Learning and Matching for 2D and 3D Geometric Correspondences
* High Accuracy Monocular SFM and Scale Correction for Autonomous Driving
* IDD-3D: Indian Driving Dataset for 3D Unstructured Road Scenes
* IDD: A Dataset for Exploring Problems of Autonomous Navigation in Unconstrained Environments
* Improving Face Recognition by Clustering Unlabeled Faces in the Wild
* Information Available to a Moving Observer on Shape with Unknown, Isotropic BRDFs, The
* Instance Level Affinity-Based Transfer for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation
* Inverse Rendering for Complex Indoor Scenes: Shape, Spatially-Varying Lighting and SVBRDF From a Single Image
* IRISformer: Dense Vision Transformers for Single-Image Inverse Rendering in Indoor Scenes
* Joint SFM and detection cues for monocular 3D localization in road scenes
* Learning Cross-Modal Contrastive Features for Video Domain Adaptation
* Learning Monocular Visual Odometry via Self-supervised Long-term Modeling
* Learning Phase Mask for Privacy-Preserving Passive Depth Estimation
* Learning Random-Walk Label Propagation for Weakly-Supervised Semantic Segmentation
* Learning Semantic Segmentation from Multiple Datasets with Label Shifts
* Learning Structure-And-Motion-Aware Rolling Shutter Correction
* Learning to Adapt Structured Output Space for Semantic Segmentation
* Learning to Learn across Diverse Data Biases in Deep Face Recognition
* Learning to Look around Objects for Top-View Representations of Outdoor Scenes
* Learning to See Through Turbulent Water
* Level Set Theory for Neural Implicit Evolution Under Explicit Flows, A
* Materials for Masses: SVBRDF Acquisition with a Single Mobile Phone Image
* Memory Warps for Long-Term Online Video Representations and Anticipation
* MemSAC: Memory Augmented Sample Consistency for Large Scale Domain Adaptation
* Modulated Periodic Activations for Generalizable Local Functional Representations
* Moving in stereo: Efficient structure and motion using lines
* NeurOCS: Neural NOCS Supervision for Monocular 3D Object Localization
* Object Detection with a Unified Label Space from Multiple Datasets
* On Differential Photometric Reconstruction for Unknown, Isotropic BRDFs
* On Generalizing Beyond Domains in Cross-Domain Continual Learning
* On Shape and Material Recovery from Motion
* On the Duality of Forward and Inverse Light Transport
* OpenRooms: An Open Framework for Photorealistic Indoor Scene Datasets
* Parametric Top-View Representation of Complex Road Scenes, A
* Peek-a-Boo: Occlusion Reasoning in Indoor Scenes With Plane Representations
* Person Re-identification in the Wild
* PhotoScene: Photorealistic Material and Lighting Transfer for Indoor Scenes
* Physically-Based Editing of Indoor Scene Lighting from a Single Image
* Private-kNN: Practical Differential Privacy for Computer Vision
* Pseudo RGB-D for Self-improving Monocular SLAM and Depth Prediction
* Q: How to Specialize Large Vision-Language Models to Data-Scarce VQA Tasks? A: Self-Train on Unlabeled Images!
* Reconstruction-Based Disentanglement for Pose-Invariant Face Recognition
* Robust Energy Minimization for BRDF-Invariant Shape from Light Fields
* Robust Scale Estimation in Real-Time Monocular SFM for Autonomous Driving
* ShadowCuts: Photometric Stereo with Shadows
* Single View Metrology in the Wild
* Single-Shot Analysis of Refractive Shape Using Convolutional Neural Networks
* Single-shot Neural Relighting and SVBRDF Estimation
* Single-Stream Multi-level Alignment for Vision-Language Pretraining
* SMART: Simultaneous Multi-agent Recurrent Trajectory Prediction
* Split to Learn: Gradient Split for Multi-Task Human Image Analysis
* SVBRDF-Invariant Shape and Reflectance Estimation from a Light-Field Camera
* SVBRDF-Invariant Shape and Reflectance Estimation from Light-Field Cameras
* theory of differential photometric stereo for unknown isotropic BRDFs, A
* Theory of Topological Derivatives for Inverse Rendering of Geometry, A
* Through the Looking Glass: Neural 3D Reconstruction of Transparent Shapes
* Towards Large-Pose Face Frontalization in the Wild
* Towards Universal Representation Learning for Deep Face Recognition
* TRoVE: Transforming Road Scene Datasets into Photorealistic Virtual Environments
* Understanding Road Layout From Videos as a Whole
* Universal Semi-Supervised Semantic Segmentation
* Unsupervised and Semi-Supervised Domain Adaptation for Action Recognition from Drones
* Unsupervised Domain Adaptation for Face Recognition in Unlabeled Videos
* WarpNet: Weakly Supervised Matching for Single-View Reconstruction
* Weakly But Deeply Supervised Occlusion-Reasoned Parametric Road Layouts
* What an image reveals about material reflectance
* What Camera Motion Reveals about Shape with Unknown BRDF
* What Object Motion Reveals about Shape with Unknown BRDF and Lighting
Includes: Chandraker, M.[Manmohan] Chandraker, M.
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Chandraker, M.K.[Manmohan Krishna] Co Author Listing * Practical Global Optimization for Multiview Geometry
* Real-Time Camera Pose in a Room
* Reflections on the Generalized Bas-Relief Ambiguity

Chandramani, P.[Premanand] Co Author Listing * RASCor: Realtime Associative Stereo Correspondence

Chandramoorthy, N.[Nandhini] Co Author Listing * Random and Adversarial Bit Error Robustness: Energy-Efficient and Secure DNN Accelerators

Chandramouli, C. Co Author Listing * Cost-Effective Ultrasonic Sensor-Based Driver-Assistance System for Congested Traffic Conditions, A

Chandramouli, K.[Krishna] Co Author Listing * Critical Infrastructure Security Against Drone Attacks Using Visual Analytics
* Dense and Small Object Detection in UAV Vision Based on Cascade Network
* Formal representation of events in a surveillance domain ontology
* Image Classification using Chaotic Particle Swarm Optimization
* Indexing Large Online Multimedia Repositories Using Semantic Expansion and Visual Analysis
* Knowledge modeling for privacy-by-design in smart surveillance solution
Includes: Chandramouli, K.[Krishna] Chandramouli, K.

Chandramouli, P. Co Author Listing * Bilayer Blind Deconvolution with the Light Field Camera
* Blind Single Image Reflection Suppression for Face Images using Deep Generative Priors
* ConvNet-Based Depth Estimation, Reflection Separation and Deblurring of Plenoptic Images
* Depth From Motion and Optical Blur With an Unscented Kalman Filter
* Generative Model for Generic Light Field Reconstruction, A
* HDR Imaging under Non-uniform Blurring
* Inferring Image Transformation and Structure from Motion-blurred Images
* Motion blur for motion segmentation
* Motion Deblurring in the Wild
* Non-Uniform Deblurring in HDR Image Reconstruction
* Non-uniform Motion Deblurring for Bilayer Scenes
* On Adversarial Robustness of Deep Image Deblurring
* On the unreasonable vulnerability of transformers for image restoration - and an easy fix
* Plenoptic Image Motion Deblurring
* Shape from Sharp and Motion-Blurred Image Pair
* Unscented transformation for depth from motion-blur in videos
Includes: Chandramouli, P. Chandramouli, P.[Paramanand]
16 for Chandramouli, P.

Chandramouli, R. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Quantization and Fast Error Resilient Entropy Coding for Image Transmission
* Analysis of LSB Based Image Steganography Techniques
* Image Steganography and Steganalysis: Concepts and Practice
* Joint optimization of quantization and on-line channel estimation for low bit-rate video transmission
* On information hiding with incomplete information about steganalysis
* Quantitative Model and Analysis of Information Confusion in Social Networks, A
* Reliable Multimedia Transmission Over Cognitive Radio Networks Using Fountain Codes
* Stochastic channel-adaptive rate control for wireless video transmission
* Waterfilling: a connection between information theoretic and perceptually based watermarking
Includes: Chandramouli, R. Chandramouli, R.[Rajarathnam]
9 for Chandramouli, R.

Chandran, A.[Amal] Co Author Listing * UVSQ-SAT, a Pathfinder CubeSat Mission for Observing Essential Climate Variables

Chandran, A.K.[Arun Kumar] Co Author Listing * Camera Contrast Learning for Unsupervised Person Re-Identification
* Identifying social groups in pedestrian crowd videos
* PTZ camera based people-occupancy estimation system (PCBPOES), A
* Real-time identification of pedestrian meeting and split events from surveillance videos using motion similarity and its applications
Includes: Chandran, A.K.[Arun Kumar] Chandran, A.K.

Chandran, A.R. Co Author Listing * Quantification of Wave Reflection in the Human Umbilical Artery From Asynchronous Doppler Ultrasound Measurements

Chandran, L.P.[Lekshmy P.] Co Author Listing * 3D U-Net based two stage deep learning framework for predicting dose distributions in radiation treatment planning, A

Chandran, M.C.[Manju Chariyamparambil] Co Author Listing * Optimised hybrid classifiers for automatic HEp-2 cell classification

Chandran, P.[Prashanth] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Convolutions for Structure-Aware Style Transfer
* Attention-Driven Cropping for Very High Resolution Facial Landmark Detection
* Continuous Landmark Detection with 3D Queries
* ReNeRF: Relightable Neural Radiance Fields with Nearfield Lighting
* Semantic Deep Face Models
Includes: Chandran, P.[Prashanth] Chandran, P.

Chandran, S.[Sharat] Co Author Listing * Ad-Hoc Multi-planar Projector Displays
* Arterial Pulse Rate Variability analysis for diagnoses
* Automontage: Photo sessions made easy
* Comparison of Some Methods for Direct 2D Reconstruction from Discrete Projected Views, A
* Editorial introduction to the special issue ICVGIP
* Efficient image updates using light fields
* Energy Minimization of Contours Using Boundary Conditions
* Fast image transforms using diophantine methods
* Fast lead star detection in entertainment videos
* Fast, Processor-Cardinality Agnostic PRNG with a Tracking Application
* GPU-Based Hierarchical Computations for View Independent Visibility
* Hierarchical summarization for easy video applications
* Human Pose Extraction from Monocular Videos using Constrained Non-Rigid Factorization
* Implicit surface octrees for ray tracing point models
* Improved Descriptors for Patch Matching and Reconstruction
* Irregular, unknown light sources in dynamic global illumination
* Kernel generalized Gaussian and robust statistical learning for abnormality detection in medical images
* Manifold optimisation for motion factorisation
* Mosaicing scenes with a quadcopter
* Motion Blur Resilient Fiducial for Quadcopter Imaging, A
* Multi-user natural interaction with sensor on activity
* Multifractality in arterial pulse
* Non-Invasive RF Technique for Detecting Different Stages of Alzheimer's Disease and Imaging Beta-Amyloid Plaques and Tau Tangles in the Brain
* Projection defocus correction using adaptive kernel sampling and geometric correction in dual-planar environments
* Real-Time Camera Walks Using Light Fields
* Real-Time Detection and Understanding of Isolated Protruded Fingers
* Realistic Projection on Casual Dual-Planar Surfaces with Global Illumination Compensation
* Reducing False Positives in Video Shot Detection Using Learning Techniques
* Resolving occlusion in multiframe reconstruction of deformable surfaces
* Retrieving faces by the PIFS fractal code
* Retrieving Images for Remote Sensing Applications
* Riemannian manifold optimisation for non-rigid structure from motion
* Semi-Supervised Robust One-Class Classification in RKHS for Abnormality Detection in Medical Images
* Structure Recognition and Information Extraction from Tabular Documents
* Temporally Consistent Relighting for Portrait Videos
* Tomographic Reconstruction Using Global Statistical Priors
* Tracing specular light paths in point-based scenes
* Vision-Based Posing of 3D Virtual Actors
Includes: Chandran, S.[Sharat] Chandran, S. Chandran, S.[Sreenithy]
38 for Chandran, S.

Chandran, V. Co Author Listing * 3D Face Recognition using Log-Gabor Templates
* 3D face verification using a free-parts approach
* Adaptive mouth segmentation using chromatic features
* adaptive optical flow technique for person tracking systems, An
* Application of Fractal Image-Set Coding in Facial Recognition, An
* Approach to Statistical Lip Modelling for Speaker Identification via Chromatic Feature Extraction, An
* Asphalt Concrete Surfaces Macrotexture Determination From Still Images
* Automated recognition of drunk driving on highways from video sequences
* Automatic segmentation of HEp-2 cell Fluorescence microscope images using level set method via geometric active contours
* Benchmarking HEp-2 specimen cells classification using linear discriminant analysis on higher order spectra features of cell shape
* Classification of White Blood Cells Using L-Moments Invariant Features of Nuclei Shape
* Combined 2D/3D Face Recognition Using Log-Gabor Templates
* Contactless Finger Recognition Using Invariants from Higher Order Spectra of Ridge Orientation Profiles
* Critical Review of Proactive Detection of Driver Stress Levels Based on Multimodal Measurements, A
* Effect of Pupil Dilation and Constriction on the Distribution of Bit Errors within the Iris
* Evaluation of image resolution and super-resolution on face recognition performance
* Evaluation of Texture and Geometry for Dimensional Facial Expression Recognition
* Face authentication test on the BANCA database
* Face recognition from 3d data using iterative closest point algorithm and gaussian mixture models
* Face Recognition Using Fractal Codes
* Facial Expression Analysis under Partial Occlusion: A Survey
* Facial expression recognition experiments with data from television broadcasts and the World Wide Web
* Feature Modelling of PCA Difference Vectors for 2D and 3D Face Recognition
* Gaze tracking for region of interest coding in JPEG 2000
* Importance Coding of Still Imagery Based on Importance Maps of Visually Interpretable Regions
* Importance prioritisation in JPEG 2000 for improved interpretability
* Improved Facial-Feature Detection for AVSP via Unsupervised Clustering and Discriminant Analysis
* Initialised Eigenlip Estimator for Fast Lip Tracking Using Linear Regression
* Link Between Shape and Phase, A
* Minutiae Triangle Graphs: A New Fingerprint Representation with Invariance Properties
* Model Integrating Fire Prediction and Detection for Rural-Urban Interface, A
* Multi-Class Tracker Using a Scalable Condensation Filter, A
* Part based bit error analysis of iris codes
* Pattern-Recognition Using Invariants Defined from Higher-Order Spectra: 2-D Image Inputs
* Periocular Recognition Under Expression Variation Using Higher Order Spectral Features
* Probabilistic Matching of Image Sets for Video-Based Face Recognition
* Representation of facial expression categories in continuous arousal-valence space: Feature and correlation
* Robust 3D Face Recognition from Expression Categorisation
* Robust Image Hashing Using Higher Order Spectral Features
* Robust Speaker Verification via Asynchronous Fusion of Speech and Lip Information
* Role of Motion Models in Super-Resolving Surveillance Video for Face Recognition, The
* Rotation and Scale Invariant Bispectral Feature based Recognition of Contactless Palmprints
* Sequential Fusion Using Correlated Decisions for Controlled Verification Errors
* Speaker Identification Using Higher Order Spectral Phase Features and their Effectiveness vis-a-vis Mel-Cepstral Features
* Suitability Metric for Mouth Tracking Through Chromatic Segmentation, A
* Super-Resolved Faces for Improved Face Recognition from Surveillance Video
* Techniques for improving stereo depth maps of faces
* Vector quantization based Gaussian modeling for speaker verification
* Visual attention based ROI maps from gaze tracking data
* White Blood Cell Nuclei Segmentation Using Level Set Methods and Geometric Active Contours
Includes: Chandran, V. Chandran, V.[Vinod]
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Chandrapalan, R.[Ramithan] Co Author Listing * Fast and Accurate Camera Scene Detection on Smartphones

Chandrappa, C.C.[Chethan Chinder] Co Author Listing * Not Just Streaks: Towards Ground Truth for Single Image Deraining
* WeatherStream: Light Transport Automation of Single Image Deweathering

Chandraraju, T.S.[Thirumarai Selvi] Co Author Listing * Categorization of breast masses based on deep belief network parameters optimized using chaotic krill herd optimization algorithm for frequent diagnosis of breast abnormalities

Chandrasegar, V.[Vasantha] Co Author Listing * Estimation of Azimuth Angle Using an Ultrasonic Sensor for Automobile

Chandrasegaran, K.[Keshigeyan] Co Author Listing * Closer Look at Fourier Spectrum Discrepancies for CNN-generated Images Detection, A
* Discovering Transferable Forensic Features for CNN-Generated Images Detection
* Re-Thinking Model Inversion Attacks Against Deep Neural Networks

Chandrasekar, A. Co Author Listing * Anatomical region segmentation method from dermoscopic images of pigmented skin lesions
* Improved 4-DVar Simulation of Indian Ocean Tropical Cyclones Using a Regional Model
* Improved Rainfall Simulation by Assimilating Oceansat-2 Surface Winds Using Ensemble Kalman Filter for a Heavy Rainfall Event over South India
* On the Improved Predictive Skill of WRF Model With Regional 4DVar Initialization: A Study With North Indian Ocean Tropical Cyclones

Chandrasekar, C.V.[Chandra V.] Co Author Listing * Calibration of D3R Weather Radar Using UAV-Hosted Target

Chandrasekar, K.S.[Karnam Silpaja] Co Author Listing * Highly efficient neoteric histogram-entropy-based rapid and automatic thresholding method for moving vehicles and pedestrians detection
* Multiple objects tracking by a highly decisive three-frame differencing-combined-background subtraction method with GMPFM-GMPHD filters and VGG16-LSTM classifier
Includes: Chandrasekar, K.S.[Karnam Silpaja] Chandrasekar, K.S.[K. Silpaja]

Chandrasekar, M. Co Author Listing * Automated diagnosis of epilepsy from EEG signals using ensemble learning approach

Chandrasekar, V. Co Author Listing * Advancing Radar Nowcasting Through Deep Transfer Learning
* Algorithm for Drop-Size Distribution Retrieval From GPM Dual-Frequency Precipitation Radar, An
* Algorithm to Identify Surface Snowfall From GPM DPR Observations, An
* Characterization and Modeling of the Wind Turbine Radar Signature Using Turbine State Telemetry
* Cross-Validation of Observations between the GPM Dual-Frequency Precipitation Radar and Ground Based Dual-Polarization Radars
* Dual-Frequency Radar Retrievals of Snowfall Using Random Forest
* Dual-Polarization Radar Characteristics of Wind Turbines With Ground Clutter and Precipitation
* Dynamic Approach to Quantitative Precipitation Estimation Using Multiradar Multigauge Network, A
* Enhancements of an Adaptive Neighborhood Speckle Filtering Algorithm to Improve Analysis of Polarimetric SAR Imagery
* Estimation of Light Rainfall Using Ku-Band Dual-Polarization Radar
* Evaluation of the Self-Consistency Principle for Calibration of the CASA Radar Network Using Properties of the Observed Precipitation Medium
* Extension of GPM Dual-Frequency Iterative Retrieval Method With DSD-Profile Constraint
* Hydrometeor Classification System Using Dual-Polarization Radar Measurements: Model Improvements and In Situ Verification
* Identification and Suppression of Nonmeteorological Echoes Using Spectral Polarimetric Processing
* Improving Historical Data Discovery in Weather Radar Image Data Sets Using Transfer Learning
* Intrapulse Polyphase Coding System for Second Trip Suppression in a Weather Radar
* Machine Learning System for Precipitation Estimation Using Satellite and Ground Radar Network Observations, A
* Microphysical and Polarimetric Radar Signatures of an Epic Flood Event in Southern China
* Microphysical cross validation of spaceborne radar and ground polarimetric radar
* Nowcasting of Convective Rainfall Using Volumetric Radar Observations
* Performance of Minimum Mean-Square Error Beam Forming for Polarimetric Phased Array Weather Radar
* Probabilistic Attenuation Correction in a Networked Radar Environment
* Pulse Compression Waveform and Filter Optimization for Spaceborne Cloud and Precipitation Radar
* Real-Time Noise Estimation and Correction in Dual-Polarization Radar Systems
* Robust Attenuation Correction System for Reflectivity and Differential Reflectivity in Weather Radars, A
* Robust Linear Depolarization Ratio Estimation for Dual-Polarization Weather Radar
* Suppressing Wind Turbine Signatures in Weather Radar Observations
* Vertical Air Motions and Raindrop Size Distributions Estimated Using Mean Doppler Velocity Difference From 3- and 35-GHz Vertically Pointing Radars
* Weather Radar Data Interpolation Using a Kernel-Based Lagrangian Nowcasting Technique
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Chandrasekaran, A.[Arjun] Co Author Listing * Active Domain Adaptation via Clustering Uncertainty-weighted Embeddings
* Automated Inventory of Broadleaf Tree Plantations with UAS Imagery
* BABEL: Bodies, Action and Behavior with English Labels
* We are Humor Beings: Understanding and Predicting Visual Humor
Includes: Chandrasekaran, A.[Arjun] Chandrasekaran, A.[Aishwarya]

Chandrasekaran, B. Co Author Listing * heuristic strategy for developing human facial images on a CRT, A
* On dimensionality and sample size in statistical pattern classification
* Reasoning Visually about Spatial Interactions
* Theory of Spatio-Temporal Aggregation for Vision, A

Chandrasekaran, K.[Kandasamy] Co Author Listing * Spatiotemporal Assessment of Satellite Image Time Series for Land Cover Classification Using Deep Learning Techniques: A Case Study of Reunion Island, France

Chandrasekaran, M. Co Author Listing * Computer recognition of printed Tamil characters
* Machine Recognition of Brahmi Script
* Stochastic Puzzle Grammars

ChandraSekaran, N.V.[Nathiya Vaithiyalingam] Co Author Listing * Curvelet Transform-Based Sparsity Promoting Algorithm for Fast Ultrasound Localization Microscopy

Chandrasekaran, R. Co Author Listing * Computer recognition of printed Tamil characters
* Machine Recognition of Brahmi Script

Chandrasekaran, S. Co Author Listing * Area Efficient Low Power Inner Product Computation For Discrete Orthogonal Transforms, An
* Detection and Localization of Image Forgeries Using Resampling Features and Deep Learning
* Determining Achievable Rates for Secure, Zero Divergence, Steganography
* Drums, curve descriptors and affine invariant region matching
* Efficient systolic architecture and power modeling for finite ridgelet transform
* efficient VLSI architecture and FPGA implementation of the Finite Ridgelet Transform, An
* Eigenspace Update Algorithm for Image Analysis, An
* end-to-end system for content-based video retrieval using behavior, actions, and appearance with interactive query refinement, An
* Estimating and undoing rotation for print-scan resilient data hiding
* joint source-channel coding scheme for image-in-image data hiding, A
* Meta-scheduler using agents for fault tolerance in computational grid
* new framework for behavior modeling of organs and soft tissue using the Boundary-Element Methods, A
* On the Length and Area Regularization for Multiphase Level Set Segmentation
* Provably Secure Steganography: Achieving Zero K-L Divergence using Statistical Restoration
* Robust image-adaptive data hiding using erasure and error correction
* SeeTheSeams: Localized Detection of Seam Carving based Image Forgery in Satellite Imagery
* Statistical Restoration for Robust and Secure Steganography
* Subset Selection for Active Object Recognition
Includes: Chandrasekaran, S. Chandrasekaran, S.[Shrutisagar] Chandrasekaran, S.[Srimathi] Chandrasekaran, S.[Shiv] Chandrasekaran, S.[Shivkumar]
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Chandrasekaran, V. Co Author Listing * CHILD: A robust Computationally-Efficient Histogram-based Image Local Descriptor
* COLOR CHILD: A robust and computationally efficient Color Image Local Descriptor
* fast and simple gradient function guided filling order prioritization for exemplar-based color image inpainting, A
* Range Image Segmentation by Dynamic Neural-Network Architecture
* Red lesions detection in digital fundus images

Chandrasekhar, A. Co Author Listing * Embedded Vision System for Atmospheric Turbulence Mitigation

Chandrasekhar, E. Co Author Listing * Correction of amplitude scintillation effect in fully polarimetric SAR coherency matrix data

Chandrasekhar, R. Co Author Listing * Automatic assessment of mammographic positioning on the mediolateral oblique view
* Automatic Pectoral Muscle Segmentation on Mediolateral Oblique View Mammograms
* simple method for automatically locating the nipple on mammograms, A

Chandrasekhar, V.[Vijay] Co Author Listing * Activity Recognition in Egocentric Life-Logging Videos
* Beyond Ranking Loss: Deep Holographic Networks for Multi-Label Video Search
* CHoG: Compressed histogram of gradients A low bit-rate feature descriptor
* Co-regularized deep representations for video summarization
* Co-sparsity regularized deep hashing for image instance retrieval
* Codebook-Free Compact Descriptor for Scalable Visual Search
* Compact Descriptors for Video Analysis: The Emerging MPEG Standard
* Comparison of local feature descriptors for mobile visual search
* Compressed Histogram of Gradients: A Low-Bitrate Descriptor
* Compressing Feature Sets with Digital Search Trees
* Deep regional feature pooling for video matching
* Dynamic selection of a feature-rich query frame for mobile video retrieval
* Efficient video search using image queries
* Empirical Analysis Of Overfitting And Mode Drop In GAN Training
* Fast Computation of Rotation-Invariant Image Features by an Approximate Radial Gradient Transform
* Fast geometric re-ranking for image-based retrieval
* Gated Square-Root Pooling for Image Instance Retrieval
* Gradient preserving quantization
* Hardware-Aware Softmax Approximation for Deep Neural Networks
* HNIP: Compact Deep Invariant Representations for Video Matching, Localization, and Retrieval
* Holistic Multi-Modal Memory Network for Movie Question Answering
* Incremental Graph Clustering for Efficient Retrieval from Streaming Egocentric Video Data
* Interframe Coding of Feature Descriptors for Mobile Augmented Reality
* MaxpoolNMS: Getting Rid of NMS Bottlenecks in Two-Stage Object Detectors
* Mixed Membership Generative Adversarial Networks
* Mobile Visual Search
* Mobile Visual Search: Architectures, Technologies, and the Emerging MPEG Standard
* Multi-Block N-ary trie structure for exact r-neighbour search in hamming space, A
* Multimodal Multi-Stream Deep Learning for Egocentric Activity Recognition
* Optimizing the Bit Allocation for Compression of Weights and Activations of Deep Neural Networks
* Overview of the MPEG-CDVS Standard
* Quantization schemes for low bitrate Compressed Histogram of Gradients descriptors
* RDO-Q: Extremely Fine-Grained Channel-Wise Quantization via Rate-Distortion Optimization
* Region average pooling for context-aware object detection
* Rotation-invariant fast features for large-scale recognition and real-time tracking
* Understanding the Nature of First-Person Videos: Characterization and Classification Using Low-Level Features
* Unified Real-Time Tracking and Recognition with Rotation-Invariant Fast Features
* Wearable Face Recognition System on Google Glass for Assisting Social Interactions, A
* Wearable Virtual Usher for Vision-Based Cognitive Indoor Navigation, A
* Whole space subclass discriminant analysis for face recognition
Includes: Chandrasekhar, V.[Vijay] Chandrasekhar, V.
40 for Chandrasekhar, V.

Chandrasekhar, V.R.[Vijay Ramaseshan] Co Author Listing * ICDAR 2015 competition on Robust Reading

Chandrasekharan, K. Co Author Listing * Partial Fourier reconstruction using subspace projection

Chandrasekharan, P. Co Author Listing * Optimization of Drive Parameters for Resolution, Sensitivity and Safety in Magnetic Particle Imaging
* Pulsed Excitation in Magnetic Particle Imaging

Chandrasekharan, R.[Reshmalakshmi] Co Author Listing * Fuzzy Transform for Contrast Enhancement of Nonuniform Illumination Images

Chandrashekar, N.D.[Nikitha Donekal] Co Author Listing * Extended Reality Simulator for Advanced Trauma Life Support Training, An

Chandrashekar, P.[Praveen] Co Author Listing * Efficient Numerical Algorithm for the Inversion of an Integral Transform Arising in Ultrasound Imaging, An
* Image Captioning for Video Surveillance System using Neural Networks
Includes: Chandrashekar, P.[Praveen] Chandrashekar, P.[Priyanka]

Chandrashekar, V. Co Author Listing * Compacting Large and Loose Communities

Chandrashekara, R. Co Author Listing * Analysis of 3-D Myocardial Motion in Tagged MR Images Using Nonrigid Image Registration
* Quantification of Growth and Motion Using Non-rigid Registration
* Spatial Transformation of Motion and Deformation Fields Using Nonrigid Registration

Chandrashekhar, G.D.[Gharpure Damayanti] Co Author Listing * Neuro-levelset system based segmentation in dynamic susceptibility contrast enhanced and diffusion weighted magnetic resonance images

Chandrashekhar, N.D.[Nikitha Donekal] Co Author Listing * Iterative Design of an Immersive Analytics Environment Based on Frame of Reference

Chandrashekhar, S. Co Author Listing * Neighboring Direction Runlength Coding: An Efficient Contour Coding Scheme
* Passive Navigation in a Partially Known Environment
* Recursive 3-D Motion Estimation from a Monocular Image Sequence
* Recursive Tracking of Image Points Using Labelled Graph Matching
* Temporal Analysis of Stereo Image Sequences of Traffic Scenes

Chandrasiri, N.P. Co Author Listing * Analysis and synthesis of 3-D face image sequence based on model-based image coding scheme with an Internet browser
* Effect of Distinctiveness in Recognizing Average Face: Human Recognition and Eigenface Based Machine Recognition, The
* Interactive analysis and synthesis of facial expressions based on personal facial expression space
* Sequence Prediction of Driving Behavior Using Double Articulation Analyzer
Includes: Chandrasiri, N.P. Chandrasiri, N.P.[Naiwala P.]

Chandratreya, I.P.[Ishaan Preetam] Co Author Listing * SurfsUp: Learning Fluid Simulation for Novel Surfaces

Chandrika, B.K. Co Author Listing * Perceptually lossless coder for volumetric medical image data
* Visually lossless coder for volumetric MRI and CT image data using wavelet transform

Chandrosekaran, S. Co Author Listing * Steganalysis of quantization index modulation data hiding

Chandru, U.V.[Uma V.] Co Author Listing * Archiving Mural Paintings Using an Ontology Based Approach

Chandru, V. Co Author Listing * Voxel-Based Modeling for Layered Manufacturing

Chandrusekaran, S. Co Author Listing * LLRT based detection of LSB hiding

Chandu, K.[Kartheek] Co Author Listing * Direct multi-bit search (DMS) screen algorithm
* Mutual Information Based Automatic Registration and Analysis Algorithm for Defect Identification in Printed Documents, A

Chandupatla, C.R.[Chakradhar Reddy] Co Author Listing * Switched Modular Multi-Coil Array Transmitter Pad With Coil Rectenna Sensors to Improve Lateral Misalignment Tolerance in Wireless Power Charging of Drone Systems, A

Chandy, D.A.[D. Abraham] Co Author Listing * Content-based retinal image retrieval using dual-tree complex wavelet transform
* Speckle noise suppression in 2D ultrasound kidney images using local pattern based topological derivative

Chane, C.S.[Camille Simon] Co Author Listing * Integration of 3D and multispectral data for cultural heritage applications: Survey and perspectives

Chanel, C. Co Author Listing * Autofocus for Automated Microassembly under a Microscope

Chanel, G. Co Author Listing * Guest Editorial: Toward Commercial Applications of Affective Computing
* Recognizing Induced Emotions of Movie Audiences from Multimodal Information

Chaney, E.L. Co Author Listing * Automated Finite-Element Analysis for Deformable Registration of Prostate Images
* Deformable M-Reps for 3D Medical Image Segmentation
* large-to-fine-scale shape prior for probabilistic segmentations using a deformable m-rep, A
* Segmentation, registration, and measurement of shape variation via image object shape
Includes: Chaney, E.L. Chaney, E.L.[Edward L.]

Chaney, K.[Kenneth] Co Author Listing * EvAC3D: From Event-Based Apparent Contours to 3D Models via Continuous Visual Hulls
* M3ED: Multi-Robot, Multi-Sensor, Multi-Environment Event Dataset
* Spike-flownet: Event-based Optical Flow Estimation with Energy-efficient Hybrid Neural Networks
* Unsupervised Event-Based Learning of Optical Flow, Depth, and Egomotion
* Unsupervised Event-Based Optical Flow Using Motion Compensation

Chaney, R.D.[Ronald D.] Co Author Listing * Analytical Representation of Contours
* Complexity as a Scale-Space for the Medial Axis Transform
* Feature Extraction Without Edge Detection

Chanfreut, P.[Paula] Co Author Listing * Coalitional Model Predictive Control on Freeways Traffic Networks

Chang Jian, N.T.[Nan Tsai] Co Author Listing * Efficient scrolling videotext detection with adaptive temporal differential approach
Includes: Chang Jian, N.T.[Nan Tsai] Chang-Jian, N.T.[Nan-Tsai]

Chang Martinez, L.A.[Laura Alfonsina] Co Author Listing * Modeling Historical Land Cover and Land Use: A Review from Contemporary Modeling
Includes: Chang Martinez, L.A.[Laura Alfonsina] Chang-Martínez, L.A.[Laura Alfonsina]

Chang, A.[Anjin] Co Author Listing * 3D Characterization of Sorghum Panicles Using a 3D Point Cloud Derived from UAV Imagery
* Assessing the Effect of Drought on Winter Wheat Growth Using Unmanned Aerial System (UAS)-Based Phenotyping
* Automated Open Cotton Boll Detection for Yield Estimation Using Unmanned Aircraft Vehicle (UAV) Data
* Axial Ultrasound B-Scans of the Entire Eye With a 20-MHz Linear Array: Correction of Crystalline Lens Phase Aberration by Applying Fermat's Principle
* Comparative Study of RGB and Multispectral Sensor-Based Cotton Canopy Cover Modelling Using Multi-Temporal UAS Data, A
* Comparison of Canopy Shape and Vegetation Indices of Citrus Trees Derived from UAV Multispectral Images for Characterization of Citrus Greening Disease
* Comparison of Vegetation Indices Derived from UAV Data for Differentiation of Tillage Effects in Agriculture
* Developing a machine learning based cotton yield estimation framework using multi-temporal UAS data
* Digital Twin Tracking Dataset (DTTD): A New RGB+Depth 3D Dataset for Longer-Range Object Tracking Applications
* efficient optimal rate control scheme for JPEG2000 image coding, An
* Identification of Brush Species and Herbicide Effect Assessment in Southern Texas Using an Unoccupied Aerial System (UAS)
* novel framework to detect conventional tillage and no-tillage cropping system effect on cotton growth and development using multi-temporal UAS data, A
* Performance Evaluation of Parallel Structure from Motion (SfM) Processing with Public Cloud Computing and an On-Premise Cluster System for UAS Images in Agriculture
* Plant Counting of Cotton from UAS Imagery Using Deep Learning-Based Object Detection Framework
* Real-time Localized Photorealistic Video Style Transfer
Includes: Chang, A.[Anjin] Chang, A. Chang, A.[Adam] Chang, A.[Abby]
15 for Chang, A.

Chang, A.X.[Angel X.] Co Author Listing * 3DVQA: Visual Question Answering for 3D Environments
* D 3 Net: A Unified Speaker-Listener Architecture for 3D Dense Captioning and Visual Grounding
* Exploiting Proximity-Aware Tasks for Embodied Social Navigation
* Habitat-Matterport 3D Semantics Dataset
* Hierarchy Denoising Recursive Autoencoders for 3D Scene Layout Prediction
* Im2Pano3D: Extrapolating 360° Structure and Semantics Beyond the Field of View
* Interpretation of Emergent Communication in Heterogeneous Collaborative Embodied Agents
* Mirror3D: Depth Refinement for Mirror Surfaces
* Motion Annotation Programs: A Scalable Approach to Annotating Kinematic Articulations in Large 3D Shape Collections
* Multi3DRefer: Grounding Text Description to Multiple 3D Objects
* OPD: Single-View 3D Openable Part Detection
* PartNet: A Large-Scale Benchmark for Fine-Grained and Hierarchical Part-Level 3D Object Understanding
* Plan2Scene: Converting Floorplans to 3D Scenes
* SAPIEN: A SimulAted Part-Based Interactive ENvironment
* Scan2CAD: Learning CAD Model Alignment in RGB-D Scans
* Scan2Cap: Context-aware Dense Captioning in RGB-D Scans
* ScanNet: Richly-Annotated 3D Reconstructions of Indoor Scenes
* Scanrefer: 3d Object Localization in RGB-D Scans Using Natural Language
* Semantic Scene Completion from a Single Depth Image
* Semantically-enriched 3D models for common-sense knowledge
* Text2Shape: Generating Shapes from Natural Language by Learning Joint Embeddings
* UniT3D: A Unified Transformer for 3D Dense Captioning and Visual Grounding
Includes: Chang, A.X.[Angel X.] Chang, A.X.[Angel Xuan] Chang, A.X.
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Chang, A.Y.[Anthony Y.] Co Author Listing * Indexing and Retrieval Scheme of the Image Database Based on Color and Spatial Relations

Chang, B.[Bowen] Co Author Listing * Analysis of the Vertical Distribution and Driving Factors of Aerosol and Ozone Precursors in Huaniao Island, China, Based on Ground-Based MAX-DOAS
* automatic approach for tree species detection and profile estimation of urban street trees using deep learning and Google street view images, An
* Cloud Computing-Based Analyses to Predict Vehicle Driving Shockwave for Active Safe Driving in Intelligent Transportation System
* Disentangling Label Distribution for Long-tailed Visual Recognition
* Generating Handwritten Chinese Characters Using CycleGAN
* Gradient Estimation for Unseen Domain Risk Minimization with Pre-Trained Models
* Interpretable Spatio-Temporal Attention for Video Action Recognition
* Learning with Noisy Labels by Efficient Transition Matrix Estimation to Combat Label Miscorrection
* Modular Generative Adversarial Networks
* TiDAL: Learning Training Dynamics for Active Learning
Includes: Chang, B.[Bowen] Chang, B.[Byungwoo] Chang, B. Chang, B.[Buru] Chang, B.[Bo]
10 for Chang, B.

Chang, B.F.[Bao Fang] Co Author Listing * Dynamically adaptive adjustment loss function biased towards few-class learning
Includes: Chang, B.F.[Bao Fang] Chang, B.F.[Bao-Fang]

Chang, B.H. Co Author Listing * new charge structure based on computer modeling and simulation analysis, A

Chang, B.J.[Ben Jye] Co Author Listing * Colouring vehicle threat and minimising threat avoidance trajectory cost for adaptive vehicle collision defence system in active safe driving
* GPU-based parallel construction of compact visual hull meshes
Includes: Chang, B.J.[Ben Jye] Chang, B.J.[Ben-Jye] Chang, B.J.[Byung-Joon]

Chang, B.K.[Beng Kang] Co Author Listing * Unsupervised evaluation method using Markov random field for moving object segmentation in infrared videos
Includes: Chang, B.K.[Beng Kang] Chang, B.K.[Beng-Kang]

Chang, B.R.[Bao Rong] Co Author Listing * Feature tracking using epipolar geometry for ego-motion estimation

Chang, C. Co Author Listing * Advanced Multimedia Power-Saving Method Using a Dynamic Pixel Dimmer on AMOLED Displays
* Approach to Vision-Based Person Detection in Robotic Applications, An
* Automatic Detection of Clouds from Aerial Photographs of Snowy Volcanoes
* automatic measurement method for ankle key angles based on point cloud segmentation network, An
* Bitrate and blocking artifact reduction by iterative pre-distortion
* CAVSim: A Microscopic Traffic Simulator for Evaluation of Connected and Automated Vehicles
* Class Information-Based Band Selection for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Class Signature-Constrained Background- Suppressed Approach to Band Selection for Classification of Hyperspectral Images
* Co-registration Between Multisource Remote-sensing Images
* COCO-GAN: Generation by Parts via Conditional Coordinating
* Constrained Subpixel Target Detection for Remotely Sensed Imagery
* Constrained-Target Band Selection for Multiple-Target Detection
* Cyclic articulated human motion tracking by sequential ancestral simulation
* Doubly supervised parameter transfer classifier for diagnosis of breast cancer with imbalanced ultrasound imaging modalities
* efficient image-based telepresence system for videoconferencing, An
* Efficient tracking of cyclic human motion by component motion
* Energy-Efficient Controller Placement in Software-Defined Satellite-Terrestrial Integrated Network
* Explore-Exploit Graph Traversal for Image Retrieval
* Fast Variational Bayesian Inference for Temporally Correlated Sparse Signal Recovery
* Fencing Tactics Analysis in Broadcast Video: A Point-by-Point Analytical System
* Few-Shot Video Classification via Temporal Alignment
* furthest neighbor query of space K, The
* Fusion of Multispectral Aerial Imagery and Vegetation Indices for Machine Learning-Based Ground Classification
* Generating a Perspective Image from a Panoramic Image by the Swung-to-Cylinder Projection
* Genetic algorithm for affine point pattern matching
* Hierarchical Fast 2-Dimensional Entropic Thresholding Algorithm Using a Histogram Pyramid
* Hyperspectral Image Classification via Compressive Sensing
* Impasse-Aware Node Placement Mechanism for Wireless Sensor Networks
* Impasse-Aware Node Placement Mechanism for Wireless Sensor Networks
* Kernel Particle Filter for Visual Tracking
* Kernel particle filter: iterative sampling for efficient visual tracking
* Learned Image Compression with Soft Bit-Based Rate-Distortion Optimization
* Low-Cost Portable Polycamera for Stereoscopic 360° Imaging, A
* MarS3D: A Plug-and-Play Motion-Aware Model for Semantic Segmentation on Multi-Scan 3D Point Clouds
* MR Performance in the Presence of a Radio Frequency-Penetrable Positron Emission Tomography (PET) Insert for Simultaneous PET/MRI
* Multi-Agent DRL-Based Lane Change With Right-of-Way Collaboration Awareness
* Multi-round dynamic swap optimisation for table-based steganography
* Multiple Object Tracking with Kernel Particle Filter
* New Accurate and Fast Homography Computation Algorithm for Sports and Traffic Video Analysis, A
* new hyperspectral band selection and classification framework based on combining multiple classifiers, A
* New Polarization Image Demosaicking Algorithm by Exploiting Inter-Channel Correlations With Guided Filtering, A
* Non-uniform Watermark Sharing Based on Optimal Iterative BTC for Image Tampering Recovery
* Optimising departure intervals for multiple bus lines with a multi-objective model
* P-frame Coding Proposal by NCTU: Parametric Video Prediction through Backprop-based Motion Estimation
* Phenology-Based Maximum Light Use Efficiency for Modeling Gross Primary Production across Typical Terrestrial Ecosystems
* Predicting Dynamics of the Potential Breeding Habitat of Larus saundersi by MaxEnt Model under Changing Land-Use Conditions in Wetland Nature Reserve of Liaohe Estuary, China
* Predicting Grassland Fire-Occurrence Probability in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, China
* Real-Time Deep Hair Matting on Mobile Devices
* Real-Time Human Movement Retrieval and Assessment With Kinect Sensor
* Real-Time Tracking with Multiple Cues by Set Theoretic Random Search
* RelGAN: Multi-Domain Image-to-Image Translation via Relative Attributes
* Robust tracking of cyclic nonrigid motion
* Root Sparse Bayesian Learning for Off-Grid DOA Estimation
* Statistical Detection Theory Approach to Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Systematic Solution of Human Driving Behavior Modeling and Simulation for Automated Vehicle Studies, A
* Two Algorithms for Measuring Human Breathing Rate Automatically
* Underdetermined DOA Estimation Method for Wideband Signals Using Joint Nonnegative Sparse Bayesian Learning
* Visual secret sharing scheme for (k, n) threshold based on QR code with multiple decryptions
* Watermarking Mechanism With High Capacity for Three-Dimensional Mesh Objects Using Integer Planning, A
* weakly supervised deep active contour model for nodule segmentation in thyroid ultrasound images, A
Includes: Chang, C. Chang, C.[Carolina] Chang, C.[Cheng] Chang, C.[Cai] Chang, C.[Chen] Chang, C.[Christine] Chang, C.[Chirui] Chang, C.[Chun] Chang, C.[Cun] Chang, C.[Chang] Chang, C.[Chao]
60 for Chang, C.

Chang, C.B. Co Author Listing * Application of State Estimation to Target Tracking

Chang, C.C.[Chin Chun] Co Author Listing * Active learning based on minimization of the expected path-length of random walks on the learned manifold structure
* Adaptive image segmentation for region-based object retrieval using generalized Hough transform
* adaptive prediction-error expansion oriented reversible information hiding scheme, An
* Adaptive Reversible Data Hiding with Contrast Enhancement Based on Multi-Histogram Modification
* Adaptive sampling approach for volumetric shadows in dynamic scenes
* Adaptive Two-Stage Edge Detection Scheme for Digital Color Images, An
* Alignment of Deep Features in 3D Models for Camera Pose Estimation
* anisotropic reference matrix for image steganography, An
* Application of Geometric Hashing to Iconic Database Retrieval
* Authors reply Sharing secrets in stego images with authentication
* Blind Robust Reversible Watermark Scheme for Textual Relational Databases with Virtual Primary Key, A
* boosting approach for supervised Mahalanobis distance metric learning, A
* CAAN: Context-Aware attention network for visual question answering
* Classification of Benign and Malignant Breast Tumors by 2-D Analysis Based on Contour Description and Scatterer Characterization
* CLCC: Contrastive Learning for Color Constancy
* Color Image Authentication Method Using Partitioned Palette and Morphological Operations, A
* Color Texture Segmentation for Clothing in a Computer-Aided Fashion Design System
* Comparison of Attention Mechanisms with Different Embedding Modes for Performance Improvement of Fine-Grained Classification, The
* comprehensive framework of multiple semantics preservation in neural style transfer, A
* Computation-aware fast motion estimation for H.264/AVC using image indexing
* Conditional Wasserstein Generative Adversarial Networks for Rebalancing Iris Image Datasets
* connectionist approach for thresholding, A
* Contrast-Adaptive Removable Visible Watermarking (CARVW) mechanism
* Cooperative Traffic Control With Green Wave Coordination for Multiple Intersections Based on the Internet of Vehicles
* Cryptanalysis of an encryption scheme for binary images
* Cryptanalysis of iterative encryption and image sharing scheme based on the VQ attack
* Deformable Shape Finding With Models Based on Kernel Methods
* Detecting Multiple Steganography Methods in Speech Streams Using Multi-Encoder Network
* Determination of Head Pose and Facial Expression from a Single Perspective View by Successive Scaled Orthographic Approximations
* Deterministic Approach for Stereo Disparity Calculation, A
* Development of a Pedestrian Indoor Navigation System Based on Multi-Sensor Fusion and Fuzzy Logic Estimation Algorithms
* Diagonal Axes Method (DAM): A Fast Search Algorithm for Vector Quantization
* Discrimination and identification for subpixel targets in hyperspectral imagery
* Distortion-free secret image sharing mechanism using modulus operator
* Distortion-free secret image sharing method with two meaningful shadows
* Dual Digital Watermarking for Internet Media Based on Hybrid Strategies
* Efficient Algorithm of Facial Expression Recognition by Tsg-rnn Network, An
* Efficient Computation of Euclidean Distance Using Approximated Look-Up Table, An
* efficient image authentication method based on Hamming code, An
* Enhancement algorithm for nonlinear context-based predictors
* Error prevention and resilience of VQ encoded images
* Escaping from Collapsing Modes in a Constrained Space
* Estimation of Subpixel Target Size for Remotely Sensed Imagery
* Exact Match Retrieval Scheme Based Upon Principal Component Analysis, An
* Exploring Macroscopic and Microscopic Fluctuations of Elicited Facial Expressions for Mood Disorder Classification
* extended difference expansion algorithm for reversible watermarking, An
* Extending the Capture Volume of an Iris Recognition System Using Wavefront Coding and Super-Resolution
* Fast and Simple Algorithm for the Construction of Asymmetrical Reversible Variable Length Codes, A
* Fast codebook search algorithms based on tree-structured vector quantization
* Fast Multilevel Thresholding Method Based on Lowpass and Highpass Filtering, A
* fast pixel mapping algorithm using principal component analysis, A
* Fast Planar-Oriented Ripple Search Algorithm for Hyperspace VQ Codebook
* Fast search algorithm for vector quantisation without extra look-up table using declustered subcodebooks
* Fast Spatiotemporal Learning Framework for Traffic Flow Forecasting
* Fast Spatiotemporal Learning Framework for Traffic Flow Forecasting
* Fast turtle shell-based data embedding mechanisms with good visual quality
* Finding optimal least-significant-bit substitution in image hiding by dynamic programming strategy
* Fisher's Linear Discriminant Analysis With Space-Folding Operations
* forgery detection algorithm for exemplar-based inpainting images using multi-region relation, A
* Four-scanning attack on hierarchical digital watermarking method for image tamper detection and recovery
* Garment Style Creator: Using StarGAN for Image-to-Image Translation of Multidomain Garments
* Generalized iterative RELIEF for supervised distance metric learning
* genetic-based adaptive threshold selection method for dynamic path tree structured vector quantization, A
* H.264/AVC HDTV watermarking algorithm robust to camcorder recording, An
* Hand pose recognition using curvature scale space
* Hiding data in multitone images for data communications
* Hiding secret data adaptively in vector quantisation index tables
* Hiding secret data in images via predictive coding
* hierarchical threshold secret image sharing, A
* High capacity reversible data hiding scheme for encrypted images
* High capacity turtle shell-based data hiding
* High Embedding Capacity Data Hiding Scheme Based upon Permutation Vectors, A
* High Payload VQ Steganographic Method for Binary Images, A
* High-capacity reversible data hiding in encrypted image based on Huffman coding and differences of high nibbles of pixels
* High-capacity reversible data hiding in encrypted images based on adaptive block encoding
* High-capacity reversible data hiding in encrypted images based on extended run-length coding and block-based MSB plane rearrangement
* Hybrid Approach Toward Model-Based Texture Segmentation, A
* Image Covert Communication With Block Regulation
* Image hiding scheme with modulus function and dynamic programming strategy on partitioned pixels
* image intellectual property protection scheme for gray-level images using visual secret sharing strategy, An
* Image matching using run-length feature
* Image resizing using fuzzy inferences
* image zooming technique based on vector quantization approximation, An
* improved data hiding approach for polygon meshes, An
* Improved VQ Codebook Search Algorithm Using Principal Component Analysis, An
* improvement of EMD embedding method for large payloads by pixel segmentation strategy, An
* Information hiding based on search-order coding for VQ indices
* Inner engraving for the creation of a balanced LEGO sculpture
* Inpainting-Assisted Reversible Steganographic Scheme Using a Histogram Shifting Mechanism, An
* Interpolative AMBTC-based high-payload RDH scheme for encrypted images, An
* Knowledge Distillation with Feature Maps for Image Classification
* Knowledge-Based Step Length Estimation Method Based on Fuzzy Logic and Multi-Sensor Fusion Algorithms for a Pedestrian Dead Reckoning System, A
* LIBSVM: a library for support vector machines
* Linear Dynamic Data Fusion Techniques for Face Orientation Estimation in Smart Camera Networks
* Linear feature extraction by integrating pairwise and global discriminatory information via sequential forward floating selection and kernel QR factorization with column pivoting
* Local Implicit Normalizing Flow for Arbitrary-Scale Image Super-Resolution
* lossless data embedding technique by joint neighboring coding, A
* Lossless data hiding for color images based on block truncation coding
* Lossless nibbled data embedding scheme based on difference expansion
* Lossless recovery of a VQ index table with embedded secret data
* LQR spatiotemporal fusion technique for face profile collection in smart camera surveillance, A
* LSB-Based Steganography Using Reflected Gray Code
* Micro-crack inspection in heterogeneously textured solar wafers using anisotropic diffusion
* Model-based 3D pose estimation for pick-and-place application
* Model-based approach to spatial-temporal sampling of video clips for video object detection by classification
* Modified curvature scale space feature alignment approach for hand posture recognition
* MPCCT: Multimodal vision-language learning paradigm with context-based compact Transformer
* multi-threshold secret image sharing scheme based on MSP, A
* Multilevel Reversible Data Hiding Based on Histogram Modification of Difference Images
* Multiresolution Stereo: A Bayesian Approach
* Near Pattern-Matching Scheme Based upon Principal Component Analysis, A
* New Card Authentication Scheme Based on Image Watermarking and Encryption, A
* new edge detection approach based on image context analysis, A
* New Image-Coding Algorithm Using Variable-Rate Side-Match Finite-State Vector Quantization, A
* New irregular sampling coding method for transmitting images progressively
* new lossless compression scheme based on Huffman coding scheme for image compression, A
* new steganographic method for color and grayscale image hiding, A
* novel framework for multi-class classification via ternary smooth support vector machine, A
* Novel full-search schemes for speeding up image coding using vector quantization
* Novel Illumination-Balance Technique for Improving the Quality of Degraded Text-Photo Images, A
* Novel Joint Data-Hiding and Compression Scheme Based on SMVQ and Image Inpainting, A
* novel real-time and progressive secret image sharing with flexible shadows based on compressive sensing, A
* novel reversible data hiding scheme based on difference-histogram modification and optimal EMD algorithm, A
* Object-Oriented Similarity Retrieval Algorithm for Iconic Image Databases, An
* On an Analysis of Static Occlusion in Stereo Vision
* On the multi-level embedding of crypto-image reversible data hiding
* On the multi-level embedding of crypto-image reversible data hiding
* Parameter Selection for Denoising Algorithms Using NR-IQA with CNN
* Pose and Gaze Estimation in Multi-camera Networks for Non-restrictive HCI
* predictive image coding scheme using a smaller codebook, A
* Pretrained Pixel-Aligned Reference Network for 3D Human Reconstruction
* Privacy-preserving reversible data hiding based on quad-tree block encoding and integer wavelet transform
* Privacy-preserving reversible data hiding based on quad-tree block encoding and integer wavelet transform
* progressive secret reveal system based on SPIHT image transmission, A
* Quadri-directional searching algorithm for secret image sharing using meaningful shadows
* quantization error analysis for convergent stereo, A
* Quantum particle swarm optimisation algorithm for feedback control of semi-autonomous driver assistance systems
* Real-time adaptive visual secret sharing with reversibility and high capacity
* real-time dual-image-based reversible data hiding scheme using turtle shells, A
* Recognition from Hand Cameras: A Revisit with Deep Learning
* Relative coordinates oriented symbolic string for spatial relationship retrieval
* Reliable Determination of Object Pose from Line Features by Hypothesis Testing
* Retrieval of Similar Pictures on Pictorial Databases
* Retrieving digital images from a JPEG compressed image database
* Reversal of pixel rotation: A reversible data hiding system towards cybersecurity in encrypted images
* Reversal of pixel rotation: A reversible data hiding system towards cybersecurity in encrypted images
* Reversibility-oriented secret image sharing mechanism with steganography and authentication based on code division multiplexing
* Reversible data embedding for indices based on histogram analysis
* Reversible Data Embedding Technique for Palette Images Using De-clustering
* Reversible Data Hiding Based on Histogram Modification of Pixel Differences
* Reversible data hiding based on three shadow images using rhombus magic matrix
* Reversible Data Hiding in Encrypted Image via Secret Sharing Based on GF(p) and GF(28)
* Reversible Data Hiding in the VQ-Compressed Domain
* Reversible Data Hiding Scheme Based on Side Match Vector Quantization, A
* reversible data hiding scheme for VQ indices using locally adaptive coding, A
* reversible extended secret image sharing scheme based on Chinese remainder theorem, A
* Reversible information hiding for VQ indices based on locally adaptive coding
* Reversible Quantization-Index Modulation Using Neighboring Correlation
* Reversible Steganographic Method with High Payload for JPEG Images
* Robust authentication scheme for protecting copyrights of images and graphics
* RSG-Net: A Recurrent Similarity Network With Ghost Convolution for Wheelset Laser Stripe Image Inpainting
* Second-order steganographic method based on adaptive reference matrix
* Secure high capacity tetris-based scheme for data hiding
* Semi-supervised clustering with discriminative random fields
* Senary Huffman Compression: A Reversible Data Hiding Scheme for Binary Images
* Shape Recognition Scheme Based on Relative Distances of Feature Points from the Centroid, A
* Sharing a verifiable secret image using two shadows
* Sharing secrets in stego images with authentication
* Single-shot depth-camera design
* Spatial Data Representation: An Adaptive 2D-H String, A
* Spatial Similarity Retrieval in Video Databases
* Spatiotemporal Fusion Framework for Multi-Camera Face Orientation Analysis
* Special Issue: Real-Time Data Hiding and Visual Cryptography
* square lattice oriented reversible information hiding scheme with reversibility and adaptivity for dual images, A
* steganographic method for digital images using side match, A
* SVD-based digital image watermarking scheme
* Task-Adaptive Feature Matching Loss for Image Deblurring
* Toward low latency gesture control using smart camera network
* Trajectory Optimization of Autonomous Surface Vehicles with Outliers for Underwater Target Localization
* Tuning of the hyperparameters for L2-loss SVMs with the RBF kernel by the maximum-margin principle and the jackknife technique
* Two Improved Codebook Search Methods of Vector Quantization Based on Orthogonal Checking and Fixed Range Search
* two-codebook combination and three-phase block matching based image-hiding scheme with high embedding capacity, A
* Two-Dimensional Shape Recognition Scheme Based on Principal Component Analysis, A
* Using set partitioning in hierarchical trees to authenticate digital images
* Vector-field-based deformations for three-dimensional texture synthesis
* Virtual Image Cryptosystem Based upon Vector Quantization, A
* Vision-Based Tracking and Interpretation of Human Leg Movement for Virtual Reality Applications
* Visual Question Answering Network Merging High- and Low-Level Semantic Information, A
* watermarking-based image ownership and tampering authentication scheme, A
* Zero-Watermarking Based on Improved ORB Features Against Print-cam Attack
Includes: Chang, C.C.[Chin Chun] Chang, C.C.[Chin-Chun] Chang, C.C.[Chin-Chen] Chang, C.C. Chang, C.C.[Chia-Che] Chang, C.C.[Chin-Chou] Chang, C.C.[Ching-Chun] Chang, C.C.[Chien-Chung] Chang, C.C.[Chin-Chia] Chang, C.C.[Chein-Chi] Chang, C.C.[Chia-Cheng] Chang, C.C.[Chih-Chuan] Chang, C.C.[Chia-Chun] Chang, C.C.[Chung-Ching] Chang, C.C.[Chih-Chieh] Chang, C.C.[Chih-Cheng] Chang, C.C.[Chin-Cheng] Chang, C.C.[Che-Cheng] Chang, C.C.[Chiung-Chih] Chang, C.C.[Chuan-Chung] Chang, C.C.[Chiao-Chang]
190 for Chang, C.C.

Chang, C.F.[Chih Feng] Co Author Listing * Call Admission for MPEG Video Streams
* Fusion of intensity, texture, and color in video tracking based on mutual information
* Hybrid Motion Deblurring Strategy Using Patch Based Edge Restoration and Bilateral Filter, A
* Image data compression method and apparatus with pre-processing to compensate for the blocky effect
* Removal of salt-and-pepper noise in corrupted image using three-values-weighted approach with variable-size window
* Simple Software for Microarray Image Analysis
* simulation on grass swaying with dynamic wind force, A
* Stable Buffer Control Strategy for MPEG Coding, A
Includes: Chang, C.F.[Chih Feng] Chang, C.F.[Chih-Feng] Chang, C.F.[Chung-Fu] Chang, C.F.[Chia-Feng] Chang, C.F.[Ching-Fang] Chang, C.F.[Chun-Fan] Chang, C.F.[Chun-Fa] Chang, C.F.
8 for Chang, C.F.

Chang, C.H. Co Author Listing * 2-D Curve Partitioning by Kohonen Feature Maps
* Activity Recognition Using First-Person-View Cameras Based on Sparse Optical Flows
* Capturing Interaction Quality in Long Duration (Simulated) Space Missions With Wearables
* CLKN: Cascaded Lucas-Kanade Networks for Image Alignment
* Color segmentation using perceptual attributes
* Complexity Reduced Face Detection Using Probability-Based Face Mask Prefiltering and Pixel-Based Hierarchical-Feature Adaboosting
* Computationally efficient image deblurring using low rank image approximation and its GPU implementation
* connectionist approach for thresholding, A
* Content-Aware Display Adaptation and Interactive Editing for Stereoscopic Images
* Daily River Discharge Estimation Using Multi-Mission Radar Altimetry Data and Ensemble Learning Regression in the Lower Mekong River Basin
* Depth Recovery from Motion and Defocus Blur
* Depth Recovery from Motion Blurred Images
* Design of vision-based indoor positioning based on embedded system
* Detection and Correction of Transmission Errors in DPCM Images
* Editing by Viewing: Automatic Home Video Summarization by Viewing Behavior Analysis
* End-to-End Video Question-Answer Generation With Generator-Pretester Network
* Estimating the Impacts of Ungauged Reservoirs Using Publicly Available Streamflow Simulations and Satellite Remote Sensing
* Evaluation of GPM-era Global Satellite Precipitation Products over Multiple Complex Terrain Regions
* Fast Background Subtraction Based on a Multilayer Codebook Model for Moving Object Detection
* Fast J-linkage algorithm for camera orientation applications
* Fuzzy-ART Based Adaptive Digital Watermarking Scheme
* Improved Hand Tracking System
* line-structure-preserving approach to image resizing, A
* Low resolution pedestrian detection using light robust features and hierarchical system
* Modeling the Spatial Distribution of Swordfish (Xiphias gladius) Using Fishery and Remote Sensing Data: Approach and Resolution
* Non-local Sparse Model for Intrinsic Images, A
* Photo-Consistent Motion Blur Modeling for Realistic Image Synthesis
* Photo-consistent synthesis of motion blur and depth-of-field effects with a real camera model
* Photo-Realistic Depth-of-Field Effects Synthesis Based on Real Camera Parameters
* Rectangling Stereographic Projection for Wide-Angle Image Visualization
* Relationship between Surface Displacement and Groundwater Level Change and Its Hydrogeological Implications in an Alluvial Fan: Case Study of the Choshui River, Taiwan, The
* Seasonal Surface Fluctuation of a Slow-Moving Landslide Detected by Multitemporal Interferometry (MTI) on the Huafan University Campus, Northern Taiwan
* Self-Organizing Topological Tree for Online Vector Quantization and Data Clustering
* Shape-Preserving Half-Projective Warps for Image Stitching
* Simulated Annealing Clustering of Chinese Words for Contextual Text Recognition
* Spatially-Varying Image Warps for Scene Alignment
* three-dimensional registration method for automated fusion of micro PET-CT-SPECT whole-body images, A
* Towards Robust Classification Model by Counterfactual and Invariant Data Generation
* Vehicle Speed Detection and Identification from a Single Motion Blurred Image
* Vehicle speed detection from a single motion blurred image
* Virtual Restoration of Ancient Chinese Paintings Using Color Contrast Enhancement and Lacuna Texture Synthesis
* Virtual spotlighted advertising for tennis videos
Includes: Chang, C.H. Chang, C.H.[Chia-Hao] Chang, C.H.[Chu-Hsiang] Chang, C.H.[Chih-Hsiang] Chang, C.H.[Che-Han] Chang, C.H.[Chi-Hung] Chang, C.H.[Chia-Hong] Chang, C.H.[Chih-Hao] Chang, C.H.[Chih-Hsin] Chang, C.H.[Chen-Hsi] Chang, C.H.[Che-Hao] Chang, C.H.[Cheng-Hsin] Chang, C.H.[Chih-Hsien] Chang, C.H.[Chun-Hao] Chang, C.H.[Chia-Hu]
42 for Chang, C.H.

Chang, C.I.[Chein I] Co Author Listing * 3-D localization of clustered microcalcifications using cranio-caudal and medio-lateral oblique view
* 3-D Receiver Operating Characteristic Analysis for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Adaptive Linear Spectral Mixture Analysis
* Anomaly detection and classification for hyperspectral imagery
* Applications of Independent Component Analysis in Endmember Extraction and Abundance Quantification for Hyperspectral Imagery
* Automatic Computer-Aided Detection System for Meniscal Tears on Magnetic Resonance Images, An
* Band Subset Selection for Anomaly Detection in Hyperspectral Imagery
* Band Subset Selection for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Band-Specified Virtual Dimensionality for Band Selection: An Orthogonal Subspace Projection Approach
* Component Analysis-Based Unsupervised Linear Spectral Mixture Analysis for Hyperspectral Imagery
* Constrained Band Selection for Hyperspectral Imagery
* Deep Pipelined Implementation of Hyperspectral Target Detection Algorithm on FPGA Using HLS, A
* Detection of spectral signatures in multispectral MR images for classification
* Discrimination and identification for subpixel targets in hyperspectral imagery
* Discriminative Reconstruction for Hyperspectral Anomaly Detection With Spectral Learning
* Editorial for Special Issue Advances in Hyperspectral Data Exploitation
* Editorial for Special Issue Hyperspectral Imaging and Applications
* Effective Evaluation Tool for Hyperspectral Target Detection: 3D Receiver Operating Characteristic Curve Analysis, An
* Estimation of number of spectrally distinct signal sources in hyperspectral imagery
* Estimation of Subpixel Target Size for Remotely Sensed Imagery
* Experiment-Based Quantitative and Comparative Analysis of Target Detection and Image Classification Algorithms for Hyperspectral Imagery, An
* Exploration of Data Scene Characterization and 3D ROC Evaluation for Hyperspectral Anomaly Detection
* Feedback Attention-Based Dense CNN for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Field-Programmable Gate Array Design of Implementing Simplex Growing Algorithm for Hyperspectral Endmember Extraction
* Fisher's Linear Spectral Mixture Analysis
* Fully constrained least squares linear spectral mixture analysis method for material quantification in hyperspectral imagery
* Fusion of Spectral-Spatial Classifiers for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Fusion of Various Band Selection Methods for Hyperspectral Imagery
* Generalized Orthogonal Subspace Projection Approach to Unsupervised Multispectral Image Classification, A
* Hyperspectral Band Selection for Spectral-Spatial Anomaly Detection
* Hyperspectral Imaging Approach to White Matter Hyperintensities Detection in Brain Magnetic Resonance Images, A
* Hyperspectral Imaging: Techniques for Spectral Detection and Classification
* Image segmentation by local entropy methods
* Impact of Initialization on Design of Endmember Extraction Algorithms
* Independent Component Analysis-Based Dimensionality Reduction With Applications in Hyperspectral Image Analysis
* Interference and Noise-Adjusted Principal Components Analysis
* Iterative Scale-Invariant Feature Transform for Remote Sensing Image Registration
* Iterative Support Vector Machine for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Iterative Training Sampling Coupled With Active Learning for Semisupervised Spectral-Spatial Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Joint Band Prioritization and Band-Decorrelation Approach to Band Selection for Hyperspectral Image Classification, A
* Kalman Filtering Approach to Multispectral Image Classification and Detection of Changes in Signature Abundance
* linear constrained distance-based discriminant analysis for hyperspectral image classification, A
* Linear Spectral Mixture Analysis Based Approaches to Estimation of Virtual Dimensionality in Hyperspectral Imagery
* Linear Spectral Random Mixture Analysis for Hyperspectral Imagery
* Method for Restoration of Low-Resolution Document Images, A
* Multispectral and Hyperspectral Image Analysis with Convex Cones
* N-FINDER for Finding Endmembers in Compressively Sensed Band Domain
* new application of texture unit coding to mass classification for mammograms, A
* Novel Approach for Spectral Unmixing, Classification, and Concentration Estimation of Chemical and Biological Agents, A
* Novel FPGA-Based Architecture for Fast Automatic Target Detection in Hyperspectral Images, A
* oblique subspace projection approach for mixed pixel classification in hyperspectral images, An
* Optical Remote Sensing Image Registration Using Spatial-Consistency and Average Regional Information Divergence Minimization via Quantum-Behaved Particle Swarm Optimization
* Orthogonal Subspace Projection (OSP) Revisited: A Comprehensive Study and Analysis
* Orthogonal Subspace Projection Using Data Sphering and Low-Rank and Sparse Matrix Decomposition for Hyperspectral Target Detection
* Orthogonal Subspace Projection-Based Go-Decomposition Approach to Finding Low-Rank and Sparsity Matrices for Hyperspectral Anomaly Detection
* Posteriori Hyperspectral Anomaly Detection for Unlabeled Classification, A
* Progressive Band Processing of Constrained Energy Minimization for Subpixel Detection
* Progressive Band Selection of Spectral Unmixing for Hyperspectral Imagery
* Progressive Compressively Sensed Band Processing for Hyperspectral Classification
* Progressive dimensionality reduction by transform for hyperspectral imagery
* Real-time N-finder processing algorithms for hyperspectral imagery
* Real-time processing algorithms for target detection and classification in hyperspectral imagery
* Real-Time Simplex Growing Algorithms for Hyperspectral Endmember Extraction
* Recursive Band Processing of Automatic Target Generation Process for Finding Unsupervised Targets in Hyperspectral Imagery
* Recursive Orthogonal Projection-Based Simplex Growing Algorithm
* Relative Entropy-Based Approach To Image Thresholding, A
* Restricted Entropy and Spectrum Properties for the Compressively Sensed Domain in Hyperspectral Imaging
* Self-Mutual Information-Based Band Selection for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Signal-Decomposed and Interference-Annihilated Approach to Hyperspectral Target Detection, A
* Spectral Adversarial Feature Learning for Anomaly Detection in Hyperspectral Imagery
* Spectral derivative feature coding for hyperspectral signature analysis
* Spectral Inter-Band Discrimination Capacity of Hyperspectral Imagery
* Spectral-Spatial Feature Extraction for Hyperspectral Anomaly Detection
* Spectral-Spatial Feedback Close Network System for Hyperspectral Image Classification, A
* Subpixel Target Detection Approach to Hyperspectral Image Classification, A
* Survey and comparative analysis of entropy and relative entropy thresholding techniques
* Target signature-constrained mixed pixel classification for hyperspectral imagery
* Target-Constrained Interference-Minimized Band Selection for Hyperspectral Target Detection
* Theory of High-Order Statistics-Based Virtual Dimensionality for Hyperspectral Imagery, A
* Theory of Recursive Orthogonal Subspace Projection for Hyperspectral Imaging, A
* Thresholding video images for text detection
* Underwater Hyperspectral Target Detection with Band Selection
* Unsupervised Hyperspectral Image Analysis with Projection Pursuit
* Unsupervised Interference Rejection Approach To Target Detection and Classification for Hyperspectral Imagery
* Unsupervised target detection in hyperspectral images using projection pursuit
* unsupervised vector quantization-based target subspace projection approach to mixed pixel detection and classification in unknown background for remotely sensed imagery, An
* Variable-Number Variable-Band Selection for Feature Characterization in Hyperspectral Signatures
* Weighted Abundance-Constrained Linear Spectral Mixture Analysis
Includes: Chang, C.I.[Chein I] Chang, C.I.[Chein-I] Chang, C.I. Chang, C.I.[Chein-I.] Chang, C.I.[C. I]
88 for Chang, C.I.

Chang, C.J.[Chi Jeng] Co Author Listing * ARM Based Microcontroller for Image Capturing in FPGA Design
* Closer Look at Geometric Temporal Dynamics for Face Anti-Spoofing, A
* Method for exploring viewpoint and focal length of camera
* Self-Supervised Pyramid Representation Learning for Multi-Label Visual Analysis and Beyond
* Shadow elimination for effective moving object detection by Gaussian shadow modeling
* Shadow elimination for effective moving object detection with gaussian models
Includes: Chang, C.J.[Chi Jeng] Chang, C.J.[Chi-Jeng] Chang, C.J.[Chih-Jung] Chang, C.J.[Chuang-Jan] Chang, C.J.[Chia-Jung]

Chang, C.K.[Chun Kai] Co Author Listing * 3D Computation of Gray Level Co-occurrence in Hyperspectral Image Cubes
* Computational Archaeology: Reviving the Past with Present-Day Tools
* Generation of Animated Stereo Panoramic Images for Image-Based Virtual Reality Systems
* Learning to Recognize Objects by Retaining Other Factors of Variation
* Rapid Extreme Tropical Precipitation and Flood Inundation Mapping Framework (RETRACE): Initial Testing for the 2021-2022 Malaysia Flood
Includes: Chang, C.K.[Chun Kai] Chang, C.K.[Chun-Kai] Chang, C.K. Chang, C.K.[Chih-Kai] Chang, C.K.[Chun Kiat]

Chang, C.L.[Chuo Ling] Co Author Listing * BlazeStyleGAN: A Real-Time On-Device StyleGAN
* Clustering and Data Reorganizing Algorithm, A
* Direction-Adaptive Discrete Wavelet Transform for Image Compression
* Direction-Adaptive Discrete Wavelet Transform via Directional Lifting and Bandeletization
* Direction-Adaptive Partitioned Block Transform for Color Image Coding
* Direction-adaptive partitioned block transform for image coding
* Experiments with Some Cluster Analysis Algorithms
* Light field compression using disparity-compensated lifting and shape adaptation
* Narrative Geospatial Knowledge in Ethnographies: Representation and Reasoning
* Novel outline features for pedestrian detection system with thermal images
* Rate-Distortion Optimized Streaming for 3-D Wavelet Video
* Shape adaptation for light field compression
* Speed Is All You Need: On-Device Acceleration of Large Diffusion Models via GPU-Aware Optimizations
Includes: Chang, C.L.[Chuo Ling] Chang, C.L.[Chuo-Ling] Chang, C.L. Chang, C.L.[Chin-Lung] Chang, C.L.[Chun-Li]
13 for Chang, C.L.

Chang, C.M.[Chwen Ming] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Rainfall-Induced Landslide Distribution Based on Land Disturbance in Southern Taiwan
* Computer Vision-Based Human Body Segmentation and Posture Estimation
* Enforcing Semantic Consistency for Cross Corpus Emotion Prediction Using Adversarial Discrepancy Learning in Emotion
* Enhancement of Mammograms from Oriented Information
* Experimental Evaluation of Recent Face Recognition Losses for Deepfake Detection, An
* Human Body Posture Classification by a Neural Fuzzy Network and Home Care System Application
* Laser Ranging Modeling Under Generalized Mixed Pixels Effect
* Learning Enhanced Acoustic Latent Representation for Small Scale Affective Corpus with Adversarial Cross Corpora Integration
* New Block Matching Algorithm Based on Subspace and Partial Distance Search Techniques in the Wavelet Domain, A
* Thermal Infrared Visual Object Tracking VOT-TIR2016 Challenge Results, The
* Visual Object Tracking VOT2016 Challenge Results, The
Includes: Chang, C.M.[Chwen Ming] Chang, C.M.[Chwen-Ming] Chang, C.M. Chang, C.M.[Chun-Min] Chang, C.M.[Chia-Ming] Chang, C.M.[Chang-Ming]
11 for Chang, C.M.

Chang, C.P.[Chih Peng] Co Author Listing * CANF-VC: Conditional Augmented Normalizing Flows for Video Compression
* Coherence Difference Analysis of Sentinel-1 SAR Interferogram to Identify Earthquake-Induced Disasters in Urban Areas
* Deep Incremental Optical Flow Coding For Learned Video Compression
* Dorsal hand vein recognition based on directional filter bank
* Empirical Mode Decomposition Approach for Iris Recognition, An
* Novel Approach for Iris Recognition Using Local Edge Patterns, A
* Quantifying Freshwater Mass Balance in the Central Tibetan Plateau by Integrating Satellite Remote Sensing, Altimetry, and Gravimetry
* Recognizing Human Iris by Modified Empirical Mode Decomposition
* Robust spatial watermarking technique for colour images via direct saturation adjustment
* Space-Time Evolutions of Land Subsidence in the Choushui River Alluvial Fan (Taiwan) from Multiple-Sensor Observations
* TerraSAR-X Data for High-Precision Land Subsidence Monitoring: A Case Study in the Historical Centre of Hanoi, Vietnam
Includes: Chang, C.P.[Chih Peng] Chang, C.P.[Chih-Peng] Chang, C.P.[Chung-Pai] Chang, C.P.[Chien-Ping] Chang, C.P.
11 for Chang, C.P.

Chang, C.Q. Co Author Listing * Affine-invariant shape matching and recognition under partial occlusion
* Effective subset approach for SVMpath singularities
* subspace approach for matching 2D shapes under affine distortions, A
Includes: Chang, C.Q. Chang, C.Q.[Chun-Qi]

Chang, C.R.[Chi Rung] Co Author Listing * ROSNet: Robust one-stage network for CT lesion detection
Includes: Chang, C.R.[Chi Rung] Chang, C.R.[Chi-Rung]

Chang, C.S. Co Author Listing * Automated Identification of Chromosome Segments Involved in Translocations by Combining Spectral Karyotyping and Banding Analysis
* Chromosome classification using dynamic time warping
* Features Classification Forest: A Novel Development that is Adaptable to Robust Blind Watermarking Techniques
* Investigation of Slow-Moving Artificial Slope Failure with Multi-Temporal InSAR by Combining Persistent and Distributed Scatterers: A Case Study in Northern Taiwan
* Polygonal Approximation by Boundary Reduction
Includes: Chang, C.S. Chang, C.S.[Chia-Shin]

Chang, C.T.[Chieh Tse] Co Author Listing * adaptive steganographic method based on the measurement of just noticeable distortion profile, An
* Anatomy-aware Siamese Network: Exploiting Semantic Asymmetry for Accurate Pelvic Fracture Detection in X-ray Images
* Dynamic of Vegetation Growth with Regular Climate and Climatic Fluctuations in a Subtropical Mountainous Island, Taiwan, The
* Efficient Hexagonal Inner Search for Fast Motion Estimation
* Fast agglomerative clustering using information of k-nearest neighbors
* Feature Positioning On Google Street View Panoramas
* novel approach for fast codebook re-quantization, A
* One-Point Hexagonal Inner Search for Fast Motion Estimation
* Remote Sensing of Climate-Vegetation Dynamics and Their Effects on Ecosystems
* Three-dimensional positioning from Google street view panoramas
* Tree Species (Genera) Identification with GF-1 Time-Series in A Forested Landscape, Northeast China
Includes: Chang, C.T.[Chieh Tse] Chang, C.T.[Chieh-Tse] Chang, C.T.[Chi-Tung] Chang, C.T.[Chung-Te] Chang, C.T.[Cheng-Tao] Chang, C.T.[Chih-Tang] Chang, C.T.
11 for Chang, C.T.

Chang, C.W.[Chueh Wei] Co Author Listing * Abnormal Spatial Event Detection and Video Content Searching in a Multi-Camera Surveillance System
* Aggregating Bilateral Attention for Few-Shot Instance Localization
* Air-writing recognition using reverse time ordered stroke context
* Cost-Effective Hardware-Sharing Design of Fast Algorithm Based Multiple Forward and Inverse Transforms for H.264/AVC, MPEG-1/2/4, AVS, and VC-1 Video Encoding and Decoding Applications
* effective calibration procedure for correction of parallax unmatched image pairs, An
* iterative algorithm for two-dimensional digital least metric problems with applications to digital image compression, An
* Method for screening of halftone images
* Novel 3D x-ray differential phase-contrast imaging system
* Sensitivity Analysis In The Retrieval Of Turbid Coastal Water Bathymetry Using Worldview-2 Satellite Data
* Single-shot depth-camera design
* Susceptibility of East Asian Marine Warm Clouds to Aerosols in Winter and Spring from Co-Located A-Train Satellite Observations
* Video Content Representation, Indexing, and Matching in Video Information Systems
* Video Information-System for Sport Motion Analysis, A
Includes: Chang, C.W.[Chueh Wei] Chang, C.W.[Chueh-Wei] Chang, C.W.[Cheng-Wei] Chang, C.W.[Chuan-Wang] Chang, C.W.[Chia-Wei] Chang, C.W. Chang, C.W.[Ching-Wei] Chang, C.W.[Chir-Weei] Chang, C.W.[Chiao-Wei]
13 for Chang, C.W.

Chang, C.Y.[Chuan Yu] Co Author Listing * Application of support-vector-machine-based method for feature selection and classification of thyroid nodules in ultrasound images
* Application of Two Hopfield Neural Networks for Automatic Four-Element LED Inspection
* Back-Projection Lightweight Network for Accurate Image Super Resolution
* Classification of LIDAR Point Cloud and Generation of DTM from LIDAR Height and Intensity Data In Forested Area
* D3TW: Discriminative Differentiable Dynamic Time Warping for Weakly Supervised Action Alignment and Segmentation
* Detection of Insect Damage in Green Coffee Beans Using VIS-NIR Hyperspectral Imaging
* Development of Fuzzy-Based Bus Rear-End Collision Warning Thresholds Using a Driving Simulator
* Epsnet: Efficient Panoptic Segmentation Network with Cross-layer Attention Fusion
* Fast Eigenspace Decomposition of Correlated Images
* Framework Design for Multiplayer Motion Sensing Game in Mixture Reality
* Hierarchical Hand Gesture Recognition Framework for Sports Referee Training-Based EMG and Accelerometer Sensors, A
* Identification of Cultivated Land Quality Grade Using Fused Multi-Source Data and Multi-Temporal Crop Remote Sensing Information
* Integrating PSONN and Boltzmann function for feature selection and classification of lymph nodes in ultrasound images
* Intelligent Bulletin Board System with Real-time Vision-based Interaction Using Head Pose Estimation, An
* Lane-mark extraction for automobiles under complex conditions
* Medical image segmentation using a contextual-constraint-based Hopfield neural cube
* Multiple-description coding for robust image watermarking
* On Building an Internet Gateway for Internet Telephony
* Optimized Regressor Forest for Image Super-Resolution
* Path Construction and Visit Scheduling for Targets by Using Data Mules
* Procedure Planning in Instructional Videos
* q-Domain Characteristic-Based Bit-Rate Model for Video Transmission, A
* rate control scheme using Kalman filtering for H.263, A
* Reconstruction of medical images under different image acquisition angles
* Soil Salinity Inversion in Coastal Corn Planting Areas by the Satellite-UAV-Ground Integration Approach
* Surface Extraction from Line Drawings of a Polyhedron
* Towards quality-oriented scheduling for live swarm-based P2P streaming
* Upscaling Remote Sensing Inversion Model of Wheat Field Cultivated Land Quality in the Huang-Huai-Hai Agricultural Region, China
* Visual Perception Based Algorithm for Fast Depth Intra Coding of 3D-HEVC
* Wind in Complex Terrain: Lidar Measurements for Evaluation of CFD Simulations
Includes: Chang, C.Y.[Chuan Yu] Chang, C.Y.[Chuan-Yu] Chang, C.Y. Chang, C.Y.[Chia-Yang] Chang, C.Y.[Chao-Yi] Chang, C.Y.[Chien-Yi] Chang, C.Y.[Chia-Yuan] Chang, C.Y.[Chih-Yao] Chang, C.Y.[Chen-Yuan] Chang, C.Y.[Chun-Yan] Chang, C.Y.[Cheng-Yu] Chang, C.Y.[Chin-Yu] Chang, C.Y.[Chen-Yao] Chang, C.Y.[Cheng-Yue] Chang, C.Y.[Chih-Yung] Chang, C.Y.[Chun-Yuan] Chang, C.Y.[Chi-Yao]
30 for Chang, C.Y.

Chang, D. Co Author Listing * AP-CNN: Weakly Supervised Attention Pyramid Convolutional Neural Network for Fine-Grained Visual Classification
* Knowledge-based Visual Context-Aware Framework for Applications in Robotic Services
* OSLNet: Deep Small-Sample Classification With an Orthogonal Softmax Layer
* RC-MVSNet: Unsupervised Multi-View Stereo with Neural Rendering
* Spatial-Temporal Semantic Perception Network for Remote Sensing Image Semantic Change Detection
Includes: Chang, D. Chang, D.[Doosoo] Chang, D.[Di] Chang, D.[Dong]

Chang, D.C. Co Author Listing * New Variable Tap-Length and Step-Size FxLMS Algorithm, A

Chang, D.D.[Ding Ding] Co Author Listing * inverse voting algorithm for Hough Transform, An
Includes: Chang, D.D.[Ding Ding] Chang, D.D.[Ding-Ding]

Chang, D.E.[Dong Eui] Co Author Listing * Towards Robust Neural Networks with Lipschitz Continuity

Chang, D.I. Co Author Listing * Motion Compensation Using Region Constrained Warping Prediction
* Multistage temporal motion compensation for motion vector coding
Includes: Chang, D.I. Chang, D.I.[Dong-Il]

Chang, D.K.[Ding Kun] Co Author Listing * High-Precision Remote Sensing Identification Method on Saline-Alkaline Areas Using Multi-Sources Data, A
* Research on Road Extraction Method Based on Sustainable Development Goals Satellite-1 Nighttime Light Data
Includes: Chang, D.K.[Ding Kun] Chang, D.K.[Ding-Kun]

Chang, D.L.[Dong Liang] Co Author Listing * CC-Loss: Channel Correlation Loss for Image Classification
* Devil is in the Channels: Mutual-Channel Loss for Fine-Grained Image Classification, The
* Dual-attention Guided Dropblock Module for Weakly Supervised Object Localization
* Erudite Fine-Grained Visual Classification Model, An
* Fine-grained Visual Classification via Progressive Multi-granularity Training of Jigsaw Patches
* GPCA: A Probabilistic Framework for Gaussian Process Embedded Channel Attention
* Making a Bird AI Expert Work for You and Me
* Multi-View Active Fine-Grained Visual Recognition
* On-the-Fly Category Discovery
* Progressive Learning of Category-Consistent Multi-Granularity Features for Fine-Grained Visual Classification
* Your Flamingo is My Bird: Fine-Grained, or Not
Includes: Chang, D.L.[Dong Liang] Chang, D.L.[Dong-Liang]
11 for Chang, D.L.

Chang, D.T.[Daniel T.] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Region-Specific Loss for Improved Medical Image Segmentation

Chang, D.X.[Dong Xia] Co Author Listing * Consistent Multiple Graph Embedding for Multi-View Clustering
* Contour enhanced image super-resolution
* Double low-rank representation with projection distance penalty for clustering
* dynamic niching clustering algorithm based on individual-connectedness and its application to color image segmentation, A
* Dynamic Niching Quantum Genetic Algorithm for Automatic Evolution of Clusters, A
* genetic algorithm with gene rearrangement for K-means clustering, A
* Graph Contrastive Partial Multi-View Clustering
* hierarchical weighted low-rank representation for image clustering and classification, A
* Incomplete Multiview Clustering via Cross-View Relation Transfer
* Learning a bi-directional discriminative representation for deep clustering
* Learning a General Assignment Model for Video Analytics
* new blind image denoising method based on asymmetric generative adversarial network, A
* robust dynamic niching genetic algorithm with niche migration for automatic clustering problem, A
Includes: Chang, D.X.[Dong Xia] Chang, D.X.[Dong-Xia]
13 for Chang, D.X.

Chang, D.Y. Co Author Listing * Automatic Analysis and Understanding of Documents

Chang, E. Co Author Listing * Admissions control and data placement for VBR video servers
* CBSA: content-based soft annotation for multimodal image retrieval using bayes point machines
* Invariant feature extraction and biased statistical inference for video surveillance
* Multiple Clustered Instance Learning for Histopathology Cancer Image Classification, Segmentation and Clustering
* Neural-Network-Based Models for Short-Term Traffic Flow Forecasting Using a Hybrid Exponential Smoothing and Levenberg-Marquardt Algorithm
* Real time software implementation of scalable video codec
* Recursive Cascaded Networks for Unsupervised Medical Image Registration
* RelGAN: Multi-Domain Image-to-Image Translation via Relative Attributes
* Smoothed Graphic User Interaction on Smartphones With Motion Prediction
* Spin Discriminant Analysis(SDA): Using A One-Dimensional Classifier for High Dimensional Classification Problems
* This Implant Turns Brain Waves Into Words: A brain-computer interface deciphers commands intended for the vocal tract
* Unsupervised Object Class Discovery via Saliency-Guided Multiple Class Learning
* Web-Scale Multimedia Processing and Applications
Includes: Chang, E. Chang, E.[Eric] Chang, E.[Edward]
13 for Chang, E.

Chang, E.C.[Ee Chien] Co Author Listing * De-END: Decoder-Driven Watermarking Network
* Edge directed filter based error concealment for wavelet-based images
* Error Resilient Image Authentication Using Feature Statistical and Spatial Properties
* fast direct fourier-based algorithm for subpixel registration of images, A
* Fuzzy extractors for asymmetric biometric representations
* Geometric Properties of Watermarking Schemes
* Integrated Optimization of Video Server Resource and Streaming Quality Over Best-Effort Network
* Optimization Model for Aesthetic Two-Dimensional Barcodes, An
* Public Watermark Detection Using Multiple Proxies and Secret Sharing
* Robust Extraction of Secret Bits from Minutiae
* Rotation of foveated image in the wavelet domain
* Tracing the Origin of Adversarial Attack for Forensic Investigation and Deterrence
* Watermarking color histograms
* Watermarking with Fixed Decoder for Aesthetic 2D Barcode
* Watermarking with knowledge of image database
Includes: Chang, E.C.[Ee Chien] Chang, E.C.[Ee-Chien] Chang, E.C.
15 for Chang, E.C.

Chang, E.I.C.[Eric I Chao] Co Author Listing * 3D Segmentation Guided Style-Based Generative Adversarial Networks for PET Synthesis
* ANHIR: Automatic Non-Rigid Histological Image Registration Challenge
* Constrained Deep Weak Supervision for Histopathology Image Segmentation
* End-to-end subtitle detection and recognition for videos in East Asian languages via CNN ensemble
* MaskFlownet: Asymmetric Feature Matching With Learnable Occlusion Mask
Includes: Chang, E.I.C.[Eric I Chao] Chang, E.I.C.[Eric I-Chao] Chang, E.I.C.

Chang, E.S.H.[Edward S.H.] Co Author Listing * Object Detection and Experimental Designs
* Trajectory Detection and Experimental Designs

Chang, E.T.Y.[Eugene T. Y.] Co Author Listing * Variance Based Sensitivity Analysis of IKr in a Model of the Human Atrial Action Potential Using Gaussian Process Emulators

Chang, E.W.[Ernest W.] Co Author Listing * Fast and accurate metrology of multi-layered ceramic materials by an automated boundary detection algorithm developed for optical coherence tomography data

Chang, E.Y.[Eun Young] Co Author Listing * 3D model compression in MPEG
* Active Learning for Interactive Multimedia Retrieval
* CLKN: Cascaded Lucas-Kanade Networks for Image Alignment
* DPF: A perceptual distance function for image retrieval
* Enhanced Perceptual Distance Functions and Indexing for Image Replica Recognition
* Enhancing DPF for near-replica image recognition
* Foundations of Large-Scale Multimedia Information Management and Retrieval
* Identifying Color in Motion in Video Sensors
* Image-based panoramic 3D virtual environment using rotating two multi-view cameras
* MBS: Macroblock Scaling for CNN Model Reduction
* Multimodal information fusion for video concept detection
* new retraction for accelerating the Riemannian three-factor low-rank matrix completion algorithm, A
* Organizing multimedia data socially
* Parallel Spectral Clustering in Distributed Systems
* Scalable Indexing for Perceptual Data
* Shape-Preserving Progressive Coding of 3-D Models
* Statistical learning for effective visual information retrieval
* video analysis framework for soft biometry security surveillance, A
Includes: Chang, E.Y.[Eun Young] Chang, E.Y.[Eun-Young] Chang, E.Y. Chang, E.Y.[Edward Y.]
18 for Chang, E.Y.

Chang, F.[Fu] Co Author Listing * Accelerating feature-vector matching using multiple-tree and sub-vector methods
* Adaptive Short-Temporal Induced Aware Fusion Network for Predicting Attention Regions Like a Driver
* Applying a hybrid method to handwritten character recognition
* Bi-Directional Dense Traffic Counting Based on Spatio-Temporal Counting Feature and Counting-LSTM Network
* binarization method with learning-built rules for document images produced by cameras, A
* Character extraction from documents using wavelet maxima
* Chinese document layout analysis using an adaptive regrouping strategy
* Classifying Textual Components of Bilingual Documents with Decision-Tree Support Vector Machines
* component-labeling algorithm using contour tracing technique, A
* Document Analysis and Recognition System, A
* Elevation Spatial Variation Error Compensation in Complex Scene and Elevation Inversion by Autofocus Method in GEO SAR
* Estimation of skew angles for scanned documents based on piecewise covering by parallelograms
* Fast Traffic Sign Recognition via High-Contrast Region Extraction and Extended Sparse Representation
* Fast vector matching methods and their applications to handwriting recognition
* Feature Analysis Using Line Sweep Thinning Algorithm
* GA-Net: A Guidance Aware Network for Skeleton-Based Early Activity Recognition
* Generalized Condensed Nearest Neighbor Rule as A Data Reduction Method, The
* Hybrid Cascade Structure for License Plate Detection in Large Visual Surveillance Scenes
* Interactively multiphase image segmentation based on variational formulation and graph cuts
* Language identification of character images using machine learning techniques
* Level set method with Retinex-corrected saliency embedded for image segmentation
* Line Sweep Thinning Algorithm For Feature Analysis
* linear-time component-labeling algorithm using contour tracing technique, A
* Locally regressive G-optimal design for image retrieval
* machine-learning approach for analyzing document layout structures with two reading orders, A
* Multi-Scale and Occlusion Aware Network for Vehicle Detection and Segmentation on UAV Aerial Images
* Object recognition using discriminative parts
* Occlusion-robust traffic sign detection via cascaded colour cubic feature
* Optical Chinese Character Recognition for Low-Quality Document Images
* Pedestrian Detection from Lidar Data via Cooperative Deep and Hand-Crafted Features
* prototype classification method and its use in a hybrid solution for multiclass pattern recognition, A
* Recognition of Fragmented Characters Using Multiple Feature-Subset Classifiers
* Retrieving Information from Document Images: Problems and Solutions
* Salient object detection fusing global and local information based on nonsubsampled contourlet transform
* Spatial-Temporal Cascade Autoencoder for Video Anomaly Detection in Crowded Scenes
* Survey of state melding in virtual worlds
* Techniques for Solving the Large-Scale Classification Problem in Chinese Handwriting Recognition
* Temporal Shift and Spatial Attention-Based Two-Stream Network for Traffic Risk Assessment
Includes: Chang, F.[Fu] Chang, F.[Faliang] Chang, F. Chang, F.[Faguang] Chang, F.[Feng] Chang, F.[Fei] Chang, F.[Francis]
38 for Chang, F.

Chang, F.C. Co Author Listing * Image segmentation via self-organising fusion
* new art-based neural architecture for pattern classification and image enhancement without prior knowledge, A
* Relevance Feedback Image Retrieval Scheme Using Multi-Instance and Pseudo Image Concepts, A
Includes: Chang, F.C. Chang, F.C.[Fu-Chun] Chang, F.C.[Feng-Cheng]

Chang, F.G.[Fa Guang] Co Author Listing * Accurate Doppler Parameters Calculation Method of Geosynchronous SAR Considering Real-Time Zero-Doppler Centroid Control, An
* Elevation Spatial Variation Analysis and Compensation in GEO SAR Imaging
Includes: Chang, F.G.[Fa Guang] Chang, F.G.[Fa-Guang]

Chang, F.J.[Fu Jen] Co Author Listing * 94fps view synthesis engine for HD1080p video, A
* Color constancy by chromaticity neutralization
* Cross-Database Transfer Learning via Learnable and Discriminant Error-Correcting Output Codes
* Deep, Landmark-Free FAME: Face Alignment, Modeling, and Expression Estimation
* ExpNet: Landmark-Free, Deep, 3D Facial Expressions
* FacePoseNet: Making a Case for Landmark-Free Face Alignment
* Image Set Classification via Template Triplets and Context-Aware Similarity Embedding
* Knowledge Leverage from Contours to Bounding Boxes: A Concise Approach to Annotation
* Learning Discriminatively Reconstructed Source Data for Object Recognition With Few Examples
* Learning Pose-Aware Models for Pose-Invariant Face Recognition in the Wild
* Local-Global Landmark Confidences for Face Recognition
* Multiple Structured-Instance Learning for Semantic Segmentation with Uncertain Training Data
* new architecture for motion-compensated image coding, A
* New Criterion for Automatic Multilevel Thresholding, A
Includes: Chang, F.J.[Fu Jen] Chang, F.J.[Fu-Jen] Chang, F.J.[Feng-Ju] Chang, F.J.
14 for Chang, F.J.

Chang, F.L. Co Author Listing * CERES MODIS Cloud Product Retrievals for Edition 4: Part I: Algorithm Changes
* Global Cloud Detection for CERES Edition 4 Using Terra and Aqua MODIS Data
* Human-related anomalous event detection via memory-augmented Wasserstein generative adversarial network with gradient penalty
* JHPFA-Net: Joint Head Pose and Facial Action Network for Driver Yawning Detection Across Arbitrary Poses in Videos
* Magi-Net: Meta Negative Network for Early Activity Prediction
* Posture Calibration Based Cross-View and Hard-Sensitive Metric Learning for UAV-Based Vehicle Re-Identification
* Rapid Multiclass Traffic Sign Detection in High-Resolution Images
* Vehicle counting and traffic flow parameter estimation for dense traffic scenes
* VIIRS Edition 1 Cloud Properties for CERES, Part 1: Algorithm Adjustments and Results
Includes: Chang, F.L. Chang, F.L.[Fu-Lung] Chang, F.L.[Fa-Liang]
9 for Chang, F.L.

Chang, F.R. Co Author Listing * Solution to the Ill-Conditioned GPS Positioning Problem in an Urban Environment, A

Chang, F.X.[Feng Xiang] Co Author Listing * Robust lyric search based on weighted syllable confusion matrix
Includes: Chang, F.X.[Feng Xiang] Chang, F.X.[Feng-Xiang]

Chang, F.Y.[Feng Yu] Co Author Listing * Efficient Interval Type-2 Fuzzy CMAC for Chaos Time-Series Prediction and Synchronization, An
Includes: Chang, F.Y.[Feng Yu] Chang, F.Y.[Feng-Yu]

Chang, F.Z.[Fang Zhe] Co Author Listing * Efficient video copy detection via aligning video signature time series
Includes: Chang, F.Z.[Fang Zhe] Chang, F.Z.[Fang-Zhe]

Chang, G. Co Author Listing * Efficient Privacy-Preserving Dual Authentication and Key Agreement Scheme for Secure V2V Communications in an IoV Paradigm
* Empirical Observations and Formulations of Tri-Class Traffic Flow Properties for Design of Traffic Signals
* Finding approximate patterns in undirected acyclic graphs
* Macroscopic Signal Optimization Model for Arterials Under Heavy Mixed Traffic Flows, A
* Shape-Based Smoothing of Binary Digital Objects Using Signed Distance Transform
* touch based interactive realbook system with SURF algorithm, A
* Traffic Signal Optimization Model for Intersections Experiencing Heavy Scooter-Vehicle Mixed Traffic Flows, A
* Variable Signal Progression Bands for Transit Vehicles Under Dwell Time Uncertainty and Traffic Queues
* Volumetric Topological Analysis on In Vivo Trabecular Bone Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Includes: Chang, G. Chang, G.[George] Chang, G.[Gregory] Chang, G.[Guochao]
9 for Chang, G.

Chang, G.B.[Guo Bin] Co Author Listing * Adaptive DDK Filter for GRACE Time-Variable Gravity Field with a Novel Anisotropic Filtering Strength Metric
* Application of Sparse Regularization in Spherical Radial Basis Functions-Based Regional Geoid Modeling in Colorado
* Assessment of GPS/Galileo/BDS Precise Point Positioning with Ambiguity Resolution Using Products from Different Analysis Centers
* Sparse DDK: A Data-Driven Decorrelation Filter for GRACE Level-2 Products
* Tikhonov Regularization Based Modeling and Sidereal Filtering Mitigation of GNSS Multipath Errors
Includes: Chang, G.B.[Guo Bin] Chang, G.B.[Guo-Bin]

Chang, G.D.[Guo Dong] Co Author Listing * Singular Value Decomposition Projection for solving the small sample size problem in face recognition
Includes: Chang, G.D.[Guo Dong] Chang, G.D.[Guo-Dong]

Chang, G.H.[Gan How] Co Author Listing * Automated Entry System for Chinese Printed Documents
* Method for segmenting and estimating a moving object motion using a hierarchy of motion models
Includes: Chang, G.H.[Gan How] Chang, G.H.[Gan-How] Chang, G.H.[Gyu-Hwan]

Chang, G.L.[Gang Len] Co Author Listing * robust model for optimal time-of-day speed control at highway work zones, A
Includes: Chang, G.L.[Gang Len] Chang, G.L.[Gang-Len]

Chang, G.W.[Gao Wei] Co Author Listing * Adaptive color controller for image scanning and printing devices
Includes: Chang, G.W.[Gao Wei] Chang, G.W.[Gao-Wei]

Chang, H.[Hang] Co Author Listing * 3D Segmentation of Mammospheres for Localization Studies
* Accurate and efficient shape matching approach using vocabularies of multi-feature space representations
* Active Learning for Crowdsourced QoE Modeling
* Adversarially Robust Neural Architecture Search for Graph Neural Networks
* Aligning Coupled Manifolds for Face Hallucination
* Analysis of radial symmetric interpolation in hologram generation
* Appearance-preserving 3d Convolution for Video-based Person Re-identification
* AutoFlow: Learning a Better Training Set for Optical Flow
* Bayesian Approach for Image Segmentation with Shape Priors, A
* BiCnet-TKS: Learning Efficient Spatial-Temporal Representation for Video Person Re-Identification
* Blind Ptychographic Phase Retrieval via Convergent Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers
* BLT: Bidirectional Layout Transformer for Controllable Layout Generation
* Boosted Sigma Set for Pedestrian Detection
* Boosted translation-tolerable classifiers for fast object detection
* Classification of 3D Multicellular Organization in Phase Microscopy for High Throughput Screening of Therapeutic Targets
* Classification of Histology Sections via Multispectral Convolutional Sparse Coding
* Classification of Tumor Histology via Morphometric Context
* Closed-Loop Construction and Analysis of Cortico-Muscular-Cortical Functional Network After Stroke
* Clothes-Changing Person Re-identification with RGB Modality Only
* Combining 3D Volume And Mesh Models for Representing Complicated Heritage Buildings
* Content-Aware Rotation
* Contrastive Learning-based Robust Object Detection under Smoky Conditions
* Coupled segmentation of nuclear and membrane-bound macromolecules through voting and multiphase level set
* Cross-Modal Knowledge Adaptation for Language-Based Person Search
* Crowded Scene Analysis: A Survey
* DA-cGAN: A Framework for Indoor Radio Design Using a Dimension-Aware Conditional Generative Adversarial Network
* Deep 3D-to-2D Watermarking: Embedding Messages in 3D Meshes and Extracting Them from 2D Renderings
* Deep Network Cascade for Image Super-resolution
* Deep Reinforcement Learning for Playing 2.5D Fighting Games
* Deep Second-Order Siamese Network for Pedestrian Re-identification
* DeepOpht: Medical Report Generation for Retinal Images via Deep Models and Visual Explanation
* Dense Crowd Counting from Still Images with Convolutional Neural Networks
* Development and Validation of an Unsupervised Feature Learning System for Leukocyte Characterization and Classification: A Multi-Hospital Study
* Distortion Agnostic Deep Watermarking
* Diversity-Measurable Anomaly Detection
* Dual Compensation Residual Networks for Class Imbalanced Learning
* Dynamic near-term traffic flow prediction: systemoriented approach based on past experiences
* Dynamic R-CNN: Towards High Quality Object Detection via Dynamic Training
* Empirical Studies on Phase Retrieval
* Enhanced iterative projection for subclass discriminant analysis under EM-alike framework
* Evaluations of Three-Dimensional Building Model Reconstruction from LiDAR Point Clouds and Single-View Perspective Imagery
* Extending Kernel Fisher Discriminant Analysis with the Weighted Pairwise Chernoff Criterion
* Extending the relevant component analysis algorithm for metric learning using both positive and negative equivalence constraints
* Face Recognition Based on Nonlinear DCT Discriminant Feature Extraction Using Improved Kernel DCV
* Feature Completion for Occluded Person Re-Identification
* Fusing continuous spectral images for face recognition under indoor and outdoor illuminants
* Gaussian Descriptor Based on Local Features for Person Re-identification
* GeoWeb Crawler: An Extensible and Scalable Web Crawling Framework for Discovering Geospatial Web Resources
* GF-1/6 Satellite Pixel-by-Pixel Quality Tagging Algorithm
* Graph Laplacian Kernels for Object Classification from a Single Example
* Grouping Active Contour Fragments for Object Recognition
* Hallucinating facial images and features
* Hierarchical Fixed-Point Searching Method for Resizing Binary Fractal Image With IFS Code Modification
* Imagic: Text-Based Real Image Editing with Diffusion Models
* Improved Masked Image Generation with Token-Critic
* Improving Cloud Detection in WFV Images Onboard Chinese GF-1/6 Satellite
* Improving Generalization of Meta-Learning with Inverted Regularization at Inner-Level
* Indoor and Outdoor, Multimodal, Multispectral and Multi-Illuminant Database for Face Recognition, An
* Instance-specific canonical correlation analysis for pose alignment
* Interaction-And-Aggregation Network for Person Re-Identification
* Interactive Regression and Classification for Dense Object Detector
* Invariant Delineation of Nuclear Architecture in Glioblastoma Multiforme for Clinical and Molecular Association
* Investigation of Time-Lapse Changes with DAS Borehole Data at the Brady Geothermal Field Using Deconvolution Interferometry
* Isosceles Constraints for Person Re-Identification
* Iterative Bayesian Approach for Digital Matting, An
* Iterative Joint Ptychography-Tomography with Total Variation Regularization
* Iterative Voting for Inference of Structural Saliency and Characterization of Subcellular Events
* Joint Feature Learning and Relation Modeling for Tracking: A One-Stream Framework
* Kernel-based distance metric learning for content-based image retrieval
* Learning the kernel matrix by maximizing a KFD-based class separability criterion
* Locality preserving constraints for super-resolution with neighbor embedding
* Locally linear metric adaptation with application to semi-supervised clustering and image retrieval
* Locally Smooth Metric Learning with Application to Image Retrieval
* Location Sensitive Network for Human Instance Segmentation
* Location-tracking Testbed Using Vision-assisted Scheme For Wireless Sensor Networks, A
* Low-Cost Portable Polycamera for Stereoscopic 360° Imaging, A
* Low-Resolution Face Recognition via Coupled Locality Preserving Mappings
* MAGE: MAsked Generative Encoder to Unify Representation Learning and Image Synthesis
* MAGVIT: Masked Generative Video Transformer
* Managing Digital Rights for P2P Live Broadcast and Recording on the Internet
* Manifold Alignment via Corresponding Projections
* Modeling of Front Evolution with Graph Cut Optimization
* Modeling Video Dynamics with Deep Dynencoder
* Motion Feature Aggregation for Video-Based Person Re-Identification
* Multi-layer Spectral Clustering for Video Segmentation
* Multispectral visible and infrared imaging for face recognition
* new adaptive boosting total generalized variation (TGV) technique for image denoising and inpainting, A
* New Variational Method for Bias Correction and Its Applications to Rodent Brain Extraction, A
* Novel Anti-Collusion Audio Fingerprinting Scheme Based on Fourier Coefficients Reversing, A
* novel coarse-to-fine hair segmentation method, A
* OCONet: Image Extrapolation by Object Completion
* Online Visual Tracking via Coupled Object-Context Dictionary
* Online Web-Data-Driven Segmentation of Selected Moving Objects in Videos
* PairedCycleGAN: Asymmetric Style Transfer for Applying and Removing Makeup
* Parametric Local Multiview Hamming Distance Metric Learning
* Parzen Discriminant Analysis
* Perception-based Image Transcoding for Universal Multimedia Access
* Person Search by a Bi-Directional Task-Consistent Learning Model
* Physics-based Fusion of Multispectral Data for Improved Face Recognition
* PRDP: Person Reidentification With Dirty and Poor Data
* Pseudo-label Generation and Various Data Augmentation for Semi-Supervised Hyperspectral Object Detection
* Pyramid Adversarial Training Improves ViT Performance
* Reconstructing Three-dimensional Specific Curve Building Models From A Single Perspective View Image
* Reconstruction of Indoor Models Using Point Clouds Generated from Single-Lens Reflex Cameras and Depth Images
* Refined Knowledge Transfer for Language-Based Person Search
* Relaxational metric adaptation and its application to semi-supervised clustering and content-based image retrieval
* Representation Learning with Smooth Autoencoder
* Robust locally linear embedding
* Robust path-based spectral clustering
* Robust Path-Based Spectral Clustering with Application to Image Segmentation
* Salient-to-Broad Transition for Video Person Re-identification
* SANet: Statistic Attention Network for Video-Based Person Re-Identification
* Score-Based Diffusion Models as Principled Priors for Inverse Imaging
* Segmentation of heterogeneous blob objects through voting and level set formulation
* Segmentation of Three Dimensional Cell Culture Models from a Single Focal Plane
* Semi-supervised Discriminant Analysis via Spectral Transduction
* Semi-Supervised Hierarchical Graph Classification
* Semi-Supervised Hyperspectral Object Detection Challenge Results: PBVS 2022
* Siamese recurrent architecture for visual tracking
* Sigma Set: A small second order statistical region descriptor
* SLIDE: Single Image 3D Photography with Soft Layering and Depth-aware Inpainting
* Spectral range selection for face recognition under various illuminations
* Stacked Predictive Sparse Coding for Classification of Distinct Regions in Tumor Histopathology
* Stacked Predictive Sparse Decomposition for Classification of Histology Sections
* Stacked Progressive Auto-Encoders (SPAE) for Face Recognition Across Poses
* Stepwise Metric Adaptation Based on Semi-Supervised Learning for Boosting Image Retrieval Performance
* Strip Features for Fast Object Detection
* Style Transfer with Adversarial Learning for Cross-Dataset Person Re-identification
* Super-resolution through neighbor embedding
* SVC2004: First International Signature Verification Competition
* Taxonomy Adaptive Cross-Domain Adaptation in Medical Imaging via Optimization Trajectory Distillation
* Temporal Complementary Learning for Video Person Re-identification
* Temporal Knowledge Propagation for Image-to-Video Person Re-Identification
* Temporally multiple dynamic textures synthesis using piecewise linear dynamic systems
* Tenth Visual Object Tracking VOT2022 Challenge Results, The
* TM2D: Bimodality Driven 3D Dance Generation via Music-Text Integration
* unified framework for locating and recognizing human actions, A
* Unified Multiplicative Framework for Attribute Learning, A
* Unifying Visual Attribute Learning with Object Recognition in a Multiplicative Framework
* Unsupervised Transfer Learning via Multi-Scale Convolutional Sparse Coding for Biomedical Applications
* Variational Rician Noise Removal via Splitting on Spheres
* Visual Prompt Tuning for Generative Transfer Learning
* VQ3D: Learning a 3D-Aware Generative Model on ImageNet
* VRSTC: Occlusion-Free Video Person Re-Identification
* Zoom-to-Inpaint: Image Inpainting with High-Frequency Details
Includes: Chang, H.[Hang] Chang, H.[Hangbae] Chang, H. Chang, H.[Heng] Chang, H.[Hong] Chang, H.[Huiwen] Chang, H.[Hui] Chang, H.[Hao] Chang, H.[Hun] Chang, H.[Hernghua] Chang, H.[Huan] Chang, H.[Heyou] Chang, H.[Hsuan] Chang, H.[Hilary] Chang, H.[Huibin]
145 for Chang, H.

Chang, H.A. Co Author Listing * Integration of Digital Stabilizer With Video Codec for Digital Video Cameras
* Stochastic Color Interpolation for Digital Cameras

Chang, H.B.[Hui Bin] Co Author Listing * Convergence Rate of Overlapping Domain Decomposition Methods for the Rudin-Osher-Fatemi Model Based on a Dual Formulation
* Domain Decomposition Methods for Total Variation Minimization
* L_0 Regularized Mumford-Shah Model for Bias Correction and Segmentation of Medical Images, The
* Shape Prior Regularized Continuous Max-Flow Approach to Image Segmentation
* Simultaneous bias correction and image segmentation via L0 regularized Mumford-Shah model
* Total Variation-Based Phase Retrieval for Poisson Noise Removal
* Two-Stage Image Segmentation Method Using Euler's Elastica Regularized Mumford-Shah Model, A
* Variational Phase Retrieval with Globally Convergent Preconditioned Proximal Algorithm
Includes: Chang, H.B.[Hui Bin] Chang, H.B.[Hui-Bin]
8 for Chang, H.B.

Chang, H.C.[Hsing Chun] Co Author Listing * 3D Reconstruction with Automatic Foreground Segmentation from Multi-view Images Acquired from a Mobile Device
* Application of Digital Integration Strategy for Cultural Heritage Conservation: the Case Study of Qionglin Settlement in Kinmen County, The
* Brain-Wave-Actuated Small Robot Car Using Ensemble Empirical Mode Decomposition-Based Approach, A
* Cloud-Based Artificial Intelligence System for Large-Scale Arrhythmia Screening
* Comparison of Acoustic Radiation Force Impulse Imaging Derived Carotid Plaque Stiffness With Spatially Registered MRI Determined Composition
* Dynamic Quality-Adjustable H.264 Video Encoder for Power-Aware Video Applications, A
* Fast content-aware video length reduction
* Geodetic Monitoring for Land Deformation
* Image Texture Analysis Enhances Classification of Fire Extent and Severity Using Sentinel 1 and 2 Satellite Imagery
* Integrating Non-Repetitive LT Encoders With Modified Distribution to Achieve Unequal Erasure Protection
* Mapping Canopy Chlorophyll Content in a Temperate Forest Using Airborne Hyperspectral Data
* Measuring Sand Dune Dynamics in the Badain Jaran Desert, China, Using Multitemporal Landsat Imagery
* Mine Subsidence Monitoring Using Multi-source Satellite SAR Images
* Observing Land Subsidence and Revealing the Factors That Influence It Using a Multi-Sensor Approach in Yunlin County, Taiwan
* Omnidirectional Monolithic Marker for Intra-Operative MR-Based Positional Sensing in Closed MRI
* Optimal Line Segment Extraction Algorithm for Online Chinese Character Recognition Using Dynamic Programming, An
* Optimization on Lie manifolds and pattern recognition
* Radar Interferometry Time Series to Investigate Deformation of Soft Clay Subgrade Settlement: A Case Study of Lungui Highway, China
* Remote Sensing Analysis Techniques and Sensor Requirements to Support the Mapping of Illegal Domestic Waste Disposal Sites in Queensland, Australia
* robust real-time video stabilization algorithm, A
* Using line consistency to estimate 3D indoor Manhattan scene layout from a single image
* Using Topic Keyword Clusters for Automatic Document Clustering
* VLSI architecture design of MPEG-4 shape coding
Includes: Chang, H.C.[Hsing Chun] Chang, H.C.[Hsing-Chun] Chang, H.C.[Hui-Chun] Chang, H.C. Chang, H.C.[Hsiang-Chih] Chang, H.C.[Hing-Chiu] Chang, H.C.[Hsing-Ching] Chang, H.C.[Hsing-Chung] Chang, H.C.[Hsie-Chia] Chang, H.C.[Hung-Cheng] Chang, H.C.[Hsi-Cheng] Chang, H.C.[Hung-Chieh] Chang, H.C.[Hung-Chang] Chang, H.C.[Hao-Chieh]
23 for Chang, H.C.

Chang, H.D. Co Author Listing * Accurate 3D Localization of a Camera Using a Guide-Mark, An
* Bayesian Neural-Network For Separating Similar Complex Handwritten Chinese Characters, A
* Preclassification for Handwritten Chinese Character Recognition by a Peripheral Shape Coding Method
* VLSI Architecture for Dynamic Time-Warp Recognition of Handwritten Symbols

Chang, H.E.[Hua En] Co Author Listing * Efficient Deep Models for Real-Time 4K Image Super-Resolution. NTIRE 2023 Benchmark and Report
* NTIRE 2022 Challenge on Night Photography Rendering
* NTIRE 2022 Challenge on Perceptual Image Quality Assessment
* NTIRE 2022 Challenge on Stereo Image Super-Resolution: Methods and Results
* NTIRE 2022 Spectral Recovery Challenge and Data Set
* NTIRE 2023 Challenge on 360° Omnidirectional Image and Video Super-Resolution: Datasets, Methods and Results
* NTIRE 2023 Challenge on Efficient Super-Resolution: Methods and Results
* NTIRE 2023 Challenge on Image Super-Resolution (×4): Methods and Results
* NTIRE 2023 Challenge on Night Photography Rendering
* NTIRE 2023 HR NonHomogeneous Dehazing Challenge Report
* NTIRE 2023 Image Shadow Removal Challenge Report
* RVSL: Robust Vehicle Similarity Learning in Real Hazy Scenes Based on Semi-supervised Learning
* Semantic Guidance Learning for High-Resolution Non-homogeneous Dehazing
* TSRFormer: Transformer Based Two-stage Refinement for Single Image Shadow Removal
Includes: Chang, H.E.[Hua En] Chang, H.E.[Hua-En]
14 for Chang, H.E.

Chang, H.F.[Hong Fang] Co Author Listing * Early Yield Forecasting of Maize by Combining Remote Sensing Images and Field Data with Logistic Models
Includes: Chang, H.F.[Hong Fang] Chang, H.F.[Hong-Fang]

Chang, H.H. Co Author Listing * Accurate Feature Point Matching Algorithm for Automatic Remote Sensing Image Registration, An
* Active Shape Modeling with Electric Flows
* Analysis of Stroke Structures of Handwritten Chinese Characters
* Automatic Detection of Regional Heart Rejection in USPIO-Enhanced MRI
* Automatic Registration of Remote Sensing Images Based on Revised SIFT With Trilateral Computation and Homogeneity Enforcement
* Classification by Cheeger Constant Regularization
* Edge-Based Motion Estimation and Region Based Contour Tracing for Very Low Bit Rate Video Coding
* Face anti-spoofing detection based on multi-scale image quality assessment
* Face Liveness Detection Based on Perceptual Image Quality Assessment Features with Multi-scale Analysis
* Face liveness detection with feature discrimination between sharpness and blurriness
* Formant-based acoustic features for cow's estrus detection in audio surveillance system
* Geometry-shader-based real-time voxelization and applications
* Imputing Satellite-Derived Aerosol Optical Depth Using a Multi-Resolution Spatial Model and Random Forest for PM2.5 Prediction
* Perfect Gaussian Integer Sequences of Odd Period 2^m-1
* Perfect Sequences of Odd Prime Length
* Shape skeletonization by identifying discrete local symmetries
* Spatially-Explicit Simulation Modeling of Ecological Response to Climate Change: Methodological Considerations in Predicting Shifting Population Dynamics of Infectious Disease Vectors
* Superpixel-based image noise variance estimation with local statistical assessment
* Variational Approach to Cardiac Motion Estimation for Small Animals in Tagged Magnetic Resonance Imaging
* Vectorization of hand-drawn image using piecewise cubic Bezier curves fitting
Includes: Chang, H.H. Chang, H.H.[Herng-Hua] Chang, H.H.[Hsun-Hsien] Chang, H.H.[Hong-Hee] Chang, H.H.[Hsu-Huai] Chang, H.H.[Howard H.] Chang, H.H.[Hung-Hsin]
20 for Chang, H.H.

Chang, H.J.[Hey Jung] Co Author Listing * 3D CAD Drawing Watermarking Based on Three Components
* Abstracted radon profiles for fingerprint recognition
* Action Chart: A Representation for Efficient Recognition of Complex Activity
* Active attentional sampling for speed-up of background subtraction
* Attentional Correlation Filter Network for Adaptive Visual Tracking
* Body Pose Sonification for a View-Independent Auditory Aid to Blind Rock Climbers
* Collaborative Learning for Hand and Object Reconstruction with Attention-guided Graph Convolution
* Combining Task Predictors via Enhancing Joint Predictability
* Context-Aware Deep Feature Compression for High-Speed Visual Tracking
* Contrastive Vicinal Space for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation
* Cross-domain Representation Learning for Clothes Unfolding in Robot-assisted Dressing
* Deep Learning on Multiphysical Features and Hemodynamic Modeling for Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Growth Prediction
* Detection of Moving Objects with Non-stationary Cameras in 5.8ms: Bringing Motion Detection to Your Mobile Device
* DiffPose: SpatioTemporal Diffusion Model for Video-Based Human Pose Estimation
* Fast incremental learning for one-class support vector classifier using sample margin information
* First Visual Object Tracking Segmentation VOTS2023 Challenge Results, The
* FixBi: Bridging Domain Spaces for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation
* FS-Net: Fast Shape-based Network for Category-Level 6D Object Pose Estimation with Decoupled Rotation Mechanism
* G2L-Net: Global to Local Network for Real-Time 6D Pose Estimation With Embedding Vector Features
* GazeCaps: Gaze Estimation with Self-Attention-Routed Capsules
* GazeNeRF: 3D-Aware Gaze Redirection with Neural Radiance Fields
* Global-Local Motion Transformer for Unsupervised Skeleton-Based Action Learning
* Highly Articulated Kinematic Structure Estimation Combining Motion and Skeleton Information
* HS-Pose: Hybrid Scope Feature Extraction for Category-level Object Pose Estimation
* Identification of coronary arteries in CT images by Bayesian analysis of geometric relations among anatomical landmarks
* Initialization-Insensitive Visual Tracking through Voting with Salient Local Features
* Joint Manifold Diffusion for Combining Predictions on Decoupled Observations
* Kinematic Structure Correspondences via Hypergraph Matching
* Latent Regression Forest: Structured Estimation of 3D Articulated Hand Posture
* Latent Regression Forest: Structured Estimation of 3D Hand Poses
* Learning a Model-Driven Variational Network for Deformable Image Registration
* Learning Kinematic Structure Correspondences Using Multi-Order Similarities
* Maximum a posteriori estimation method for aorta localization and coronary seed identification
* Modeling of moving object trajectory by spatio-temporal learning for abnormal behavior detection
* Mutual Information-Based Temporal Difference Learning for Human Pose Estimation in Video
* Ninth Visual Object Tracking VOT2021 Challenge Results, The
* Novel-View Synthesis of Human Tourist Photos
* PIL-EYE: Integrated System for Sustainable Development of Intelligent Visual Surveillance Algorithms
* PointPoseNet: Point Pose Network for Robust 6D Object Pose Estimation
* Repurposing existing deep networks for caption and aesthetic-guided image cropping
* Robust action recognition using local motion and group sparsity
* Robust Moving Object Detection Against Fast Illumination Change
* RT-GENE: Real-Time Eye Gaze Estimation in Natural Environments
* S 2 Contact: Graph-Based Network for 3D Hand-Object Contact Estimation with Semi-supervised Learning
* Self-Attention with Convolution and Deconvolution for Efficient Eye Gaze Estimation from a Full Face Image
* Seqhand: RGB-sequence-based 3d Hand Pose and Shape Estimation
* Sixth Visual Object Tracking VOT2018 Challenge Results, The
* Spatio-Temporal Hough Forest for efficient detection-localisation-recognition of fingerwriting in egocentric camera
* Spectral Graphormer: Spectral Graph-based Transformer for Egocentric Two-Hand Reconstruction using Multi-View Color Images
* STARE: Spatio-Temporal Attention Relocation for Multiple Structured Activities Detection
* Symmetric Graph Convolutional Autoencoder for Unsupervised Graph Representation Learning
* Tenth Visual Object Tracking VOT2022 Challenge Results, The
* Towards Generic 3D Tracking in RGBD Videos: Benchmark and Baseline
* Tracking failure detection by imitating human visual perception
* Trans6d: Transformer-based 6d Object Pose Estimation and Refinement
* Transition Hough forest for trajectory-based action recognition
* Unsupervised Hyperbolic Representation Learning via Message Passing Auto-Encoders
* Unsupervised learning of complex articulated kinematic structures combining motion and skeleton information
* VaB-AL: Incorporating Class Imbalance and Difficulty with Variational Bayes for Active Learning
* Variational Autoencoded Regression: High Dimensional Regression of Visual Data on Complex Manifold
* Visual Object Tracking VOT2016 Challenge Results, The
* Visual Tracking Using Attention-Modulated Disintegration and Integration
* Where are they looking in the 3D space?
Includes: Chang, H.J.[Hey Jung] Chang, H.J.[Hey-Jung] Chang, H.J.[Hyung Jin] Chang, H.J. Chang, H.J.[Hyuk-Jae]
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Chang, H.K.[Her Kun] Co Author Listing * Extracting medial curves on 3D images
Includes: Chang, H.K.[Her Kun] Chang, H.K.[Her-Kun]

Chang, H.K.C.[Henry Ker Chang] Co Author Listing * linear quadtree compression scheme for image encryption, A
* Two-Dimensional Template Based Encoding for Linear Quadtree Representation
Includes: Chang, H.K.C.[Henry Ker Chang] Chang, H.K.C.[Henry Ker-Chang] Chang, H.K.C.

Chang, H.L.[Hong Li] Co Author Listing * Joint Patch Weighting and Moment Matching for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation in Micro-Expression Recognition
* Sparse-Based Transformer Network With Associated Spatiotemporal Feature for Micro-Expression Recognition, A
Includes: Chang, H.L.[Hong Li] Chang, H.L.[Hong-Li]

Chang, H.M.[Hsiu Ming] Co Author Listing * Improved Two-Level Model Averaging Techniques in Drosophila Brain Modeling
* Towards Effective Content Authentication for Digital Videos by Employing Feature Extraction and Quantization
Includes: Chang, H.M.[Hsiu Ming] Chang, H.M.[Hsiu-Ming] Chang, H.M.

Chang, H.S. Co Author Listing * 3D Display Calibration by Visual Pattern Analysis
* color differentiated fuzzy c-means (CDFCM) based image segmentation algorithm, A
* Compressed Domain Scheme for Classifying Block Edge Patterns, A
* Efficient Camera Motion Characterization for MPEG Video Indexing
* Efficient Subtree Pruning Scheme in Tree-Structured Hierarchy
* Efficient video indexing scheme for content-based retrieval
* Exploring Visual and Motion Saliency for Automatic Video Object Extraction
* Informative sensing of natural images
* Near-Duplicate Subsequence Matching Between the Continuous Stream and Large Video Dataset
* NeighborTrack: Single Object Tracking by Bipartite Matching with Neighbor Tracklets and Its Applications to Sports
* Optimizing the decomposition for multiple foreground cosegmentation
* Simple-to-Complex Discriminative Clustering for Hierarchical Image Segmentation
* Summarization of news video and its description for content-based access
* Superpixel-based large displacement optical flow
* Toward Specular Removal from Natural Images Based on Statistical Reflection Models
* Way of Multiplexing TV-Anytime Metadata and AV Contents to Provide Personalized Services in Digital Broadcasting, A
* Yet Another Cost Aggregation Over Models
Includes: Chang, H.S. Chang, H.S.[Hsuan-Shao] Chang, H.S.[Hyun Sung] Chang, H.S.[Haw-Shiuan] Chang, H.S.[Hung-Shuo]
17 for Chang, H.S.

Chang, H.T.[Hsuan T.] Co Author Listing * Arbitrary affine transformation and their composition effects for two-dimensional fractal sets
* Automatic saliency inspired foreground object extraction from videos
* Caged mice mating behavior detection in surveillance videos
* Exploring Visual and Motion Saliency for Automatic Video Object Extraction
* Finite-state fractal block coding of images
* Gradient match and side match fractal vector quantizers for images
* Iteration-Free Fractal Image Coding Based on Efficient Domain Pool Design
* Lensless optical data embedding system using concealogram and cascaded digital Fresnel hologram
* Principal Component Based Probabilistic DBNN for Face Recognition, A
* Temporal And Spatial Analysis Of Urban Heat Island In Basin City Utilizing Remote Sensing Techniques, A
* Trademark Retrieval Based On Block Feature Index Code
Includes: Chang, H.T.[Hsuan T.] Chang, H.T.[Hui-Tang] Chang, H.T. Chang, H.T.[Hsiao-Tung]
11 for Chang, H.T.

Chang, H.W.[Hau Wen] Co Author Listing * BIM: Image matching using biological gene sequence alignment
* Blind Image Quality Assessment by Visual Neuron Matrix
* Intelligent sensor positioning and orientation using a SGN embedded fusion algorithm for a MEMS INS/GPS integrated system
* Local Discriminant Embedding and Its Variants
* MaskGIT: Masked Generative Image Transformer
* Performance Analysis of Space Resection-Aided Pedestrian Dead Reckoning for Smartphone Navigation in a Mapped Indoor Environment, The
* scene-based video watermarking technique using SVMs, A
* Sparse correlation coefficient for objective image quality assessment
* Sparse feature fidelity for image quality assessment
* Sparse Feature Fidelity for Perceptual Image Quality Assessment
* square-root sampling approach to fast histogram-based search, A
* SwapNet: Image Based Garment Transfer
* VLSI implementation of anisotropic probabilistic neural network for real-time image scaling
Includes: Chang, H.W.[Hau Wen] Chang, H.W.[Hau-Wen] Chang, H.W.[Hua-Wen] Chang, H.W.[Hsiu-Wen] Chang, H.W.[Huang-Wei] Chang, H.W.[Hui-Wen] Chang, H.W.[Hsiao-Wei] Chang, H.W.[Hsiang-Wen]
13 for Chang, H.W.

Chang, H.X.[Hong Xing] Co Author Listing * Adaptive pyramid mean shift for global real-time visual tracking
* Automatic Bridge Extraction for Optical Images
* Class-imbalance aware CNN extension for high resolution aerial image based vehicle localization and categorization
* Corner Detection in Images Under Different Noise Levels
* Cost-Effective Class-Imbalance Aware CNN for Vehicle Localization and Categorization in High Resolution Aerial Images
* Evaluation of Feature Detectors and Descriptors for Motion Detection from Aerial Videos
* Fast Alternative for Template Matching: An ObjectCode Method, A
* Fast curvilinear structure extraction and delineation using density estimation
* Invariant foreground occupation ratio for scale adaptive mean shift tracking
* Leaf and Canopy Level Detection of Fusarium Virguliforme (Sudden Death Syndrome) in Soybean
* Scale Adaptive Mean Shift Tracking Based on Feature Point Matching
* Scale Adaptive Tracking Using Mean Shift and Efficient Feature Matching
* Structural Attention Enhanced Continual Meta-Learning for Graph Edge Labeling Based Few-Shot Remote Sensing Scene Classification
* Tracking-based moving object detection
* Visual object tracking using spatial Context Information and Global tracking skills
Includes: Chang, H.X.[Hong Xing] Chang, H.X.[Hong-Xing] Chang, H.X.[Hao-Xun]
15 for Chang, H.X.

Chang, H.Y.[Hsin Yu] Co Author Listing * Domain-specific Mappings for Generative Adversarial Style Transfer
* Facial age estimation by using stacked feature composition and selection
* Novel Hybrid Taguchi-Grey-Based Method for Feature Subset Selection, A
* Visual Representation and Classification by Learning Group Sparse Deep Stacking Network
Includes: Chang, H.Y.[Hsin Yu] Chang, H.Y.[Hsin-Yu] Chang, H.Y.[Hui-You] Chang, H.Y.[Hsin-Yun] Chang, H.Y.[He-You]

Chang, I. Co Author Listing * Classification with Nonexclusive Patterns
* Distributed retrieval of wavelet images using bandwidth monitoring
* Identifying Absorbing Aerosols Above Clouds From the Spinning Enhanced Visible and Infrared Imager Coupled With NASA A-Train Multiple Sensors
* Kernel Deep Regression Network for Touch-Stroke Dynamics Authentication
* One-class Random Maxout Probabilistic Network for Mobile Touchstroke Authentication
* Pattern recognition with new class discovery

Chang, I.C.[I Cheng] Co Author Listing * 3D human motion tracking based on a progressive particle filter
* 3D Human Motion Tracking Using Progressive Particle Filter
* Aspect Graph Generation for Non-Convex Polyhedra from Perspective Projection View
* Dynamic Kernel-Based Progressive Particle Filter for 3D Human Motion Tracking
* forgery detection algorithm for exemplar-based inpainting images using multi-region relation, A
* model-based human body motion analysis system, The
* Multiple Objects Tracking across Multiple Non-Overlapped Views
* Object verification in two views using Sparse representation
* Random N-Finder (N-FINDR) Endmember Extraction Algorithms for Hyperspectral Imagery
* Ribbon-Based Motion Analysis of Human Body Movements
* Vehicle verification between two nonoverlapped views using sparse representation
Includes: Chang, I.C.[I Cheng] Chang, I.C.[I-Cheng] Chang, I.C. Chang, I.C.[I C.]
11 for Chang, I.C.

Chang, I.J. Co Author Listing * High Performance and Hardware Efficient Multiview Video Coding Frame Scheduling Algorithms and Architectures
* Priority-Based 6T/8T Hybrid SRAM Architecture for Aggressive Voltage Scaling in Video Applications, A

Chang, I.S.[In S.] Co Author Listing * Multiresolution Surface Parameter Estimation for Range Images
* On Creating Multimedia Interfaces for Hybrid Biological-digital Art Installations
* Range image reconstruction based on robust multiresolution estimation of surface parameters
* Segmentation based on fusion of range and intensity images using robust trimmed methods
* Semi-fragile Watermarking for Tamper Proofing and Authentication of Still Images
* Transport Path and Vertical Structure of Dust Storms in East Asia and the Impacts on Cities in Northern China, The
Includes: Chang, I.S.[In S.] Chang, I.S.[In Seop] Chang, I.S.[In Su] Chang, I.S.[I-Shin]

Chang, I.Y.[In Yeop] Co Author Listing * Depth Image Processing Technique for Representing Human Actors in 3DTV using Single Depth Camera
Includes: Chang, I.Y.[In Yeop] Chang, I.Y.[In-Yeop]

Chang, J. Co Author Listing * Accelerating Framework for Simultaneous Optimization of Model Architectures and Training Hyperparameters
* Action snapshot with single pose and viewpoint
* Actor-centric Causality Graph for Asynchronous Temporal Inference in Group Activity, An
* Adaptive Arbitration of Intra-Field and Motion Compensation Methods for De-Interlacing
* Adaptive motion synthesis for virtual characters: a survey
* Analysis of Orientation and Scale in Smoothly Varying Textures
* Automatic cage construction for retargeted muscle fitting
* Bayesian Nonparametric Intrinsic Image Decomposition
* Biomass Calculations of Individual Trees Based on Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Multispectral Imagery and Laser Scanning Combined with Terrestrial Laser Scanning in Complex Stands
* Changes in Forest Net Primary Productivity in the Yangtze River Basin and Its Relationship with Climate Change and Human Activities
* Color Pattern Recognition by Quaternion Correlation
* Coloring With Limited Data: Few-Shot Colorization via Memory Augmented Networks
* Computer-Aided Cervical Cancer Diagnosis Using Time-Lapsed Colposcopic Images
* Context-aware Scene Graph Generation with Seq2Seq Transformers
* Continuous Skeleton-driven Skinning: A General Approach for Modeling Skin Deformation
* Correction of Axial and Lateral Chromatic Aberration With False Color Filtering
* Data Uncertainty Learning in Face Recognition
* Deep Optics for Monocular Depth Estimation and 3D Object Detection
* Design and Implementation of a Robust Decision Support System for Marine Space Resource Utilization
* Developing and Testing Models for Sea Surface Wind Speed Estimation with GNSS-R Delay Doppler Maps and Delay Waveforms
* Dithered Depth Imaging for Single-Photon Lidar at Kilometer Distances
* Drift-Proof Tracking With Deep Reinforcement Learning
* Dynamic Pricing for Electric Vehicle Extreme Fast Charging
* Efficient MCMC sampling with implicit shape representations
* Efficient topology-controlled sampling of implicit shapes
* Energy-Efficient FPGA-Based Deconvolutional Neural Networks Accelerator for Single Image Super-Resolution, An
* Enlightening Low-Light Images With Dynamic Guidance for Context Enrichment
* Evaluating the Risk of Muscle Injury in Football-Kicking Training with OpenSim
* Facial Expression Recognition on the High Aggregation Subgraphs
* fast hybrid computation model for rectum deformation, A
* Formation of an Ice-Contact Proglacial Lake and Its Impact on Glacier Change: A Case Study of the Tanymas Lake and Fedchenko Glacier, The
* framework for digital sunken relief generation based on 3D geometric models, A
* Generating algorithm for integer DST radixes in video coding
* Guided Sampling for Multistructure Data via Neighborhood Consensus and Residual Sorting
* Hand gesture-based interactive puppetry system to assist storytelling for children
* Handwritten Chinese Font Generation with Collaborative Stroke Refinement
* Hybrid Prediction-Based Pixel-Value-Ordering Method for Reversible Data Hiding
* Identification of Papilionidae Species in Yunnan Province Based on Deep Learning
* Implementation of Real-Time Post-Processing for High-Quality Stereo Vision
* Improved RFI Mitigation Approach for SAR Based on Low-Rank Sparse Decomposition: From the Perspective of Useful Signal Protection, An
* Kernel-Weighted Graph Convolutional Network: A Deep Learning Approach for Traffic Forecasting
* Kinecting to Mathematics through Embodied Interactions
* Lithium-Bearing Pegmatite Identification, Based on Spectral Analysis and Machine Learning: A Case Study of the Dahongliutan Area, NW China
* Localization using Multi-Focal Spatial Attention for Masked Face Recognition
* MeMu: Metric Correlation Siamese Network and Multi-Class Negative Sampling for Visual Tracking
* Mining discriminative spatial cues for aerial image quality assessment towards big data
* mix-pooling CNN architecture with FCRF for brain tumor segmentation, A
* Multi-Domain and Multi-Modal Representation Disentangler for Cross-Domain Image Manipulation and Classification, A
* Multi-Scale Discrete Cosine Transform Network for Building Change Detection in Very-High-Resolution Remote Sensing Images
* Novel High-Squint Spotlight SAR Raw Data Simulation Scheme in 2-D Frequency Domain, A
* Novel Method for SAR Ship Detection Based on Eigensubspace Projection, A
* NTIRE 2020 Challenge on NonHomogeneous Dehazing
* NTIRE 2021 NonHomogeneous Dehazing Challenge Report
* Optical imaging of anatomical maps derived from magnetic resonance images using time-independent optical sources
* Overview of the Face Recognition Grand Challenge
* Practical Gaze Point Detecting System
* Prime-aware Adaptive Distillation
* Pyramid Stereo Matching Network
* Real time vanishing points detection on smartphones under Manhattan world assumption
* Real-time Hybrid Stereo Vision System for HD Resolution Disparity Map
* Reference-Based Sketch Image Colorization Using Augmented-Self Reference and Dense Semantic Correspondence
* Removal of Interfering Strokes in Double-Sided Document Images
* Saliency-based Technique for Advertisement Layout Optimisation to Predict Customers' Behaviour, A
* Scale Effects and Time Variation of Trade-Offs and Synergies among Ecosystem Services in the Pearl River Delta, China
* Scene Categorization Using Deeply Learned Gaze Shifting Kernel
* self-adaptive segmentation method for a point cloud, A
* Self-Guided Adversarial Learning for Domain Adaptive Semantic Segmentation
* Shallow2Deep: Indoor scene modeling by single image understanding
* Subspace Decomposition Based Adaptive Density Peak Clustering for Radar Signals Sorting
* Topology-Constrained Layered Tracking with Latent Flow
* Total3DUnderstanding: Joint Layout, Object Pose and Mesh Reconstruction for Indoor Scenes From a Single Image
* Tracking With Mutual Attention Network
* Tracking With Saliency Region Transformer
* uniformizing method of MR image intensity transformation, An
* Using 3D Scan to Determine Human Body Segment Mass in OpenSim Model
* VaB-AL: Incorporating Class Imbalance and Difficulty with Variational Bayes for Active Learning
* Variable Aperture Light Field Photography: Overcoming the Diffraction-Limited Spatio-Angular Resolution Tradeoff
* Vegetation Dynamics and Their Influencing Factors in China from 1998 to 2019
* Video Representation Using Temporal Superpixels, A
Includes: Chang, J. Chang, J.[Jian] Chang, J.[Jiao] Chang, J.[Jason] Chang, J.[Jiang] Chang, J.[Juan] Chang, J.[Jaehyuk] Chang, J.[Jun] Chang, J.[Jiying] Chang, J.[Jie] Chang, J.[Jing] Chang, J.[Jiawen] Chang, J.[Jumei] Chang, J.[Jiho] Chang, J.[Jike] Chang, J.[Jinyu] Chang, J.[JungWoo] Chang, J.[Jiahui] Chang, J.[Jerome] Chang, J.[Jenghwa] Chang, J.[Jin] Chang, J.[Juno] Chang, J.[Josephine] Chang, J.[Jui] Chang, J.[Jiayun] Chang, J.[Jinyeop] Chang, J.[Julie]
79 for Chang, J.

Chang, J.B.[Jian Bo] Co Author Listing * 3D Shuffle-Mixer: An Efficient Context-Aware Vision Learner of Transformer-MLP Paradigm for Dense Prediction in Medical Volume
* Automatic Brain Midline Surface Delineation on 3D CT Images With Intracranial Hemorrhage
Includes: Chang, J.B.[Jian Bo] Chang, J.B.[Jian-Bo]

Chang, J.C.[Jia Cheng] Co Author Listing * Cross-Border Transport of PM2.5 from the Southeast Asian Biomass Burning Emissions and Its Impact on Air Pollution in Yunnan Plateau, Southwest China, The
* Dual-MTGAN: Stochastic and Deterministic Motion Transfer for Image-to-Video Synthesis
* Edge Preservance and Block Effect Reduction by Block Coefficient Diffusion Method
* High Embedding Capacity Data Hiding Scheme Based upon Permutation Vectors, A
* Iterative Graph Cuts for Image Segmentation with a Nonlinear Statistical Shape Prior
* Radiometric Variations of On-Orbit FORMOSAT-5 RSI from Vicarious and Cross-Calibration Measurements
* Reversible SMVQ Image Hiding Using Adaptive Search Order Coding
* Spot and Learn: A Maximum-Entropy Patch Sampler for Few-Shot Image Classification
* Tracking Monotonically Advancing Boundaries in Image Sequences Using Graph Cuts and Recursive Kernel Shape Priors
Includes: Chang, J.C.[Jia Cheng] Chang, J.C.[Jia-Cheng] Chang, J.C.[Jing-Cheng] Chang, J.C. Chang, J.C.[Jen-Chun] Chang, J.C.[Joshua C.] Chang, J.C.[Jui-Chung]
9 for Chang, J.C.

Chang, J.F.[Jing Fu] Co Author Listing * quadratic prediction based fractional-pixel motion estimation algorithm for H.264, A
Includes: Chang, J.F.[Jing Fu] Chang, J.F.[Jing-Fu]

Chang, J.G. Co Author Listing * Polarimetric Radar Vegetation Index for Biomass Estimation in Desert Fringe Ecosystems

Chang, J.H.[Jia Hao] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Spot-Guided Transformer for Consistent Local Feature Matching
* Conceptual Compression via Deep Structure and Texture Synthesis
* DDOD: Dive Deeper into the Disentanglement of Object Detector
* DETRDistill: A Universal Knowledge Distillation Framework for DETR-families
* Efficient Lidar Signal Denoising Algorithm Using Variational Mode Decomposition Combined with a Whale Optimization Algorithm
* Estimating Boundary Layer Height from LiDAR Data under Complex Atmospheric Conditions Using Machine Learning
* Fingerprint ridge allocation in direct gray-scale domain
* Forward-Looking Multimodal Endoscopic System Based on Optical Multispectral and High-Frequency Ultrasound Imaging Techniques for Tumor Detection
* Frequency-Domain Volterra Filter Based on Data-Driven Soft Decision for Nonlinear Acoustic Echo Suppression
* Image Probability Distribution Based on Generalized Gamma Function
* Layered Conceptual Image Compression Via Deep Semantic Synthesis
* Multi-modal gray-level histogram modeling and decomposition
* Multiple statistical models for soft decision in noisy speech enhancement
* new model for fingerprint classification by ridge distribution sequences, A
* Projections onto the Overcomplete Basis Approach for Block Loss Recovery, A
* Quaternion matrix singular value decomposition and its applications for color image processing
* Regularized Image Reconstruction Algorithms for Positron Emission Tomography
* Robust Localization Employing Weighted Least Squares Method Based on MM Estimator and Kalman Filter With Maximum Versoria Criterion
* Robust Time-of-Arrival-Based Splitting Mean Moving Object Localization
* Semantic-Aware Visual Decomposition for Image Coding
* Structured Epipolar Matcher for Local Feature Matching
* Supervised Learning Approach for Explicit Spatial Filtering of Speech
* Towards Domain Generalization for Multi-view 3D Object Detection in Bird-Eye-View
* Two-Dimensional Convolution on a Pyramid Computer
* Visual Recognition-Driven Image Restoration for Multiple Degradation with Intrinsic Semantics Recovery
* VSCHH 2023: A Benchmark for the View Synthesis Challenge of Human Heads
Includes: Chang, J.H.[Jia Hao] Chang, J.H.[Jia-Hao] Chang, J.H.[Jian-Hui] Chang, J.H.[Jian-Hua] Chang, J.H.[Jeng-Horng] Chang, J.H. Chang, J.H.[Joon-Hyuk] Chang, J.H.[Ja-Han]
26 for Chang, J.H.

Chang, J.H.R.[Jen Hao Rick] Co Author Listing * FaceLit: Neural 3D Relightable Faces
* One Network to Solve Them All: Solving Linear Inverse Problems Using Deep Projection Models
* Pointersect: Neural Rendering with Cloud-Ray Intersection
* Propagated image filtering
* Random Features for Sparse Signal Classification
* SliceNets: A Scalable Approach for Object Detection in 3D CT Scans
* Token Pooling in Vision Transformers for Image Classification
Includes: Chang, J.H.R.[Jen Hao Rick] Chang, J.H.R.[Jen-Hao Rick] Chang, J.H.R.[J.H. Rick]
7 for Chang, J.H.R.

Chang, J.K.[Jing Kng] Co Author Listing * Architecture of MPEG-7 color structure description generator for realtime video applications
* Computer Analysis of Chest Radiographs
* Dynamic motion analysis using wavelet flow surface images
* Real-time emotion retrieval scheme in video with image sequence features
* Scalable edge enhancement with automatic optimization for digital radiographic images
* Synthesis-based scalable image enhancement for digital radiograph
Includes: Chang, J.K.[Jing Kng] Chang, J.K.[Jing-Kng] Chang, J.K. Chang, J.K.[Jae-Khun] Chang, J.K.[Ja Kwei]

Chang, J.L.[Jiang Long] Co Author Listing * 3D Face Reconstruction from Stereo: A Model Based Approach
* AME: Attention and Memory Enhancement in Hyper-Parameter Optimization
* Being Comes from Not-Being: Open-Vocabulary Text-to-Motion Generation with Wordless Training
* BiSPL: Bidirectional Self-Paced Learning for Recognition From Web Data
* Camera-Space Hand Mesh Recovery via Semantic Aggregation and Adaptive 2D-1D Registration
* DATA: Differentiable ArchiTecture Approximation With Distribution Guided Sampling
* Decoupled Representation Learning for Character Glyph Synthesis
* Deep Adaptive Image Clustering
* Deep Self-Evolution Clustering
* Deep unsupervised learning with consistent inference of latent representations
* Differentiable Convolution Search for Point Cloud Processing
* Distilling Vision-Language Pre-Training to Collaborate with Weakly-Supervised Temporal Action Localization
* HGAN: Hierarchical Graph Alignment Network for Image-Text Retrieval
* Local-Aggregation Graph Networks
* MS-Net: Multi-Source Spatio-Temporal Network for Traffic Flow Prediction
* Open-Set Fine-Grained Retrieval via Prompting Vision-Language Evaluator
* Semantic-Guided Information Alignment Network for Fine-Grained Image Recognition
* SSL++: Improving Self-Supervised Learning by Mitigating the Proxy Task-Specificity Problem
Includes: Chang, J.L.[Jiang Long] Chang, J.L.[Jiang-Long] Chang, J.L.[Jian-Long]
18 for Chang, J.L.

Chang, J.M.[Jia Ming] Co Author Listing * Novel efficient two-pass algorithm for closed polygonal approximation based on LISE and curvature constraint criteria
* Principal Angles Separate Subject Illumination Spaces in YDB and CMU-PIE
* Recognition of Digital Images of the Human Face at Ultra Low Resolution Via Illumination Spaces
* Rigidity Strengthening of Landslide Materials Measured by Seismic Interferometry
Includes: Chang, J.M.[Jia Ming] Chang, J.M.[Jia-Ming] Chang, J.M.[Jen-Mei] Chang, J.M.[Jui-Ming]

Chang, J.P.[Jin Ping] Co Author Listing * Review and synthesis of Big Data analytics and computing for smart sustainable cities
Includes: Chang, J.P.[Jin Ping] Chang, J.P.[Jin-Ping]

Chang, J.Q.[Jia Qi] Co Author Listing * Fuzzy granular recurrence plot and quantification analysis: A novel method for classification
Includes: Chang, J.Q.[Jia Qi] Chang, J.Q.[Jia-Qi]

Chang, J.R.[Jia Ren] Co Author Listing * Attention-aware Feature Aggregation for Real-time Stereo Matching on Edge Devices
* Exploiting Spatial Relation for Reducing Distortion in Style Transfer
* Learning Facial Representations from the Cycle-consistency of Face
Includes: Chang, J.R.[Jia Ren] Chang, J.R.[Jia-Ren]

Chang, J.S.[Jae Sik] Co Author Listing * Automatic text location using cluster-based template matching
* Facial boundary detection with an active contour model
* Minimum Area Circumscribing Polygons
* Multi-view Appearance-based 3D Hand Pose Estimation
* New Automatic Multilevel Thresholding Technique for Segmentation of Thermal Images
* Vision-Based Interface for Integrated Home Entertainment System
Includes: Chang, J.S.[Jae Sik] Chang, J.S. Chang, J.S.[Jung-Shiong]

Chang, J.T. Co Author Listing * Nonactive antenna compensation for fixed-array microwave imaging: II. Imaging results
* Shadow Graphs and 3D Texture Reconstruction
* Shadow Graphs and Surface Reconstruction
Includes: Chang, J.T. Chang, J.T.[Johnny T.]

Chang, J.W. Co Author Listing * Efficient Accelerator Design Methodology For Deformable Convolutional Networks, An
* Efficient Collision Detection Using a Dual Bounding Volume Hierarchy
* MorphEst: An Automated Toolbox for Measuring Estuarine Planform Geometry from Remotely Sensed Imagery and Its Application to the South Korean Coast
* New Signature-Based Indexing Scheme for Efficient Trajectory Retrieval in Spatial Networks, A
* Octree-R: An Adaptive Octree for Efficient Ray-Tracing
* Robust needle recognition using Artificial Neural Network (ANN) and Random Sample Consensus (RANSAC)
* Spatial Match Representation and Retrieval for Supporting Ranking in Iconic Image Databases
Includes: Chang, J.W. Chang, J.W.[Jung-Woo] Chang, J.W.[Jong-Wi] Chang, J.W.[Jae-Woo] Chang, J.W.[Jae-Won]
7 for Chang, J.W.

Chang, J.X.[Jing Xin] Co Author Listing * Object-Oriented Building Contour Optimization Methodology for Image Classification Results via Generalized Gradient Vector Flow Snake Model
Includes: Chang, J.X.[Jing Xin] Chang, J.X.[Jing-Xin]

Chang, J.Y.[Ju Yong] Co Author Listing * 2D-3D pose consistency-based conditional random fields for 3D human pose estimation
* 3D pose estimation and segmentation using specular cues
* Accurate and Efficient 3D Human Pose Estimation Algorithm Using Single Depth Images for Pose Analysis in Golf
* Beyond Static Features for Temporally Consistent 3D Human Pose and Shape from a Video
* Caged mice mating behavior detection in surveillance videos
* Camera Distance-Aware Top-Down Approach for 3D Multi-Person Pose Estimation From a Single RGB Image
* Data Augmented Dynamic Time Warping for Skeletal Action Classification
* Deep Priors Inside an Unrolled and Adaptive Deconvolution Model
* Depth-Based 3D Hand Pose Estimation: From Current Achievements to Future Goals
* Edge-based motion compensated classified DCT with quadtree for image sequence coding
* Efficient Content Analysis Engine for Visual Surveillance Network
* Efficient Halftoning Based on Multiple Look-Up Tables
* GPU-friendly multi-view stereo reconstruction using surfel representation and graph cuts
* High efficient Direct Binary Search using Multiple Lookup Tables
* Hypergraph Clustering Using a New Laplacian Tensor with Applications in Image Processing
* Large margin learning of hierarchical semantic similarity for image classification
* Learnable Human Mesh Triangulation for 3D Human Pose and Shape Estimation
* Learning object relationships via graph-based context model
* Localized Approach to Abandoned Luggage Detection with Foreground-Mask Sampling, A
* Medical image denoising by generalised Gaussian mixture modelling with edge information
* Multi-document summarisation using feature distribution analysis
* Multiview normal field integration using level set methods
* new class of Lp correlation functions and its applications to seismic signal application, A
* New Stereo Matching Model Using Visibility Constraint Based on Disparity Consistency, A
* Nonparametric Feature Matching Based Conditional Random Fields for Gesture Recognition from Multi-Modal Video
* Nonparametric Gesture Labeling from Multi-modal Data
* Person Identification Using Pose-Based Hough Forests from Skeletal Action Sequence
* PoseFix: Model-Agnostic General Human Pose Refinement Network
* Representation Learning of Vertex Heatmaps for 3D Human Mesh Reconstruction From Multi-View Images
* Shape from Shading Using Graph Cuts
* Stereo Matching Using Iterated Graph Cuts and Mean Shift Filtering
* Stereo matching using iterative reliable disparity map expansion in the color-spatial-disparity space
* Target Detection Method Based on Adaptive Step-Size SAMP Combining Off-Grid Correction for Coherent Frequency-Agile Radar
* Tone-Replacement Error Diffusion for Multitoning
* V2V-PoseNet: Voxel-to-Voxel Prediction Network for Accurate 3D Hand and Human Pose Estimation from a Single Depth Map
* Virtual line segment-based Hough transform
* Wikipedia-based semantic tensor space model for text analytics, A
Includes: Chang, J.Y.[Ju Yong] Chang, J.Y.[Jiang-Yu] Chang, J.Y. Chang, J.Y.[Je-Yuan] Chang, J.Y.[Ji-Ying] Chang, J.Y.[Jia-Yu] Chang, J.Y.[Jing-Ya] Chang, J.Y.[Jing-Ying] Chang, J.Y.[Jin-Yi] Chang, J.Y.[Jae-Young] Chang, J.Y.[Jin-Yan] Chang, J.Y.[Jia-Yun]
37 for Chang, J.Y.

Chang, J.Z. Co Author Listing * Optimal sequential linear interpolation applied to nonlinear color transformations
* Sequential Linear Interpolation of Multidimensional Functions

Chang, K. Co Author Listing * Arbitrary Length Perfect Integer Sequences Using All-Pass Polynomial
* Balanced Datasets Are Not Enough: Estimating and Mitigating Gender Bias in Deep Image Representations
* Color image compressive sensing reconstruction by using inter-channel correlation
* Color image demosaicking using inter-channel correlation and nonlocal self-similarity
* Compressive Sensing Reconstruction of Correlated Images Using Joint Regularization
* Convex dictionary learning for single image super-resolution
* Denet: Detection-driven Enhancement Network for Object Detection Under Adverse Weather Conditions
* DLEN: Deep Laplacian Enhancement Networks for Low-Light Images
* end-to-end system for content-based video retrieval using behavior, actions, and appearance with interactive query refinement, An
* fast method for moving object detection in video surveillance image, A
* FDU-Net: Deep Learning-Based Three-Dimensional Diffuse Optical Image Reconstruction
* High Quality Perceptual Steganographic Techniques
* Joint modeling and reconstruction of a compressively-sensed set of correlated images
* Lightweight Color Image Demosaicking with Multi-Core Feature Extraction
* LLNet: A Fusion Classification Network for Lane Localization in Real-World Scenarios
* MIPI 2022 Challenge on RGB+TOF Depth Completion: Dataset and Report
* Novel Target Detection Method Based on Multi-Parameter Space for Mobile Passive Multistatic Radar, A
* On Security Notions of Steganographic Systems
* Single Image Super Resolution Using Joint Regularization
* Two-Stage Convolutional Neural Network for Joint Demosaicking and Super-Resolution, A
Includes: Chang, K. Chang, K.[Kan] Chang, K.[Kai] Chang, K.[Ken] Chang, K.[Kisik] Chang, K.[Kun] Chang, K.[Katie]
20 for Chang, K.

Chang, K.A. Co Author Listing * Mobile Cloud-Based Interactive 3D Rendering and Streaming System Over Heterogeneous Wireless Networks

Chang, K.C. Co Author Listing * 3-D Object Inspection from Multiple Camera Views
* Feature-Based Target Recognition with a Bayesian Network
* Grey relational analysis based approach for data clustering
* Improving retrieval performance by long-term relevance information
* Integrating Relevance Feedback Techniques for Image Retrieval Using Reinforcement Learning
* Learning Camera-aware Noise Models
* Modeling and Detection of Blurred Illumination Edges
* Non-iterative stippling of greyscale threedimensional polygon meshed models
* Polarimetric Fusion for Synthetic-Aperture Radar Target Classification
* Preliminary Study Of Web-based Spatial Data Analysis Feasibility: One Of Possible Solutions For Disaster Response And Management, A
* Reinforcement learning for combining relevance feedback techniques
* Target Identification with Bayesian Networks in a Multiple Hypothesis Tracking System
* Tracking a Maneuvering Target Using Input Estimation Versus the Interacting Multiple Model Algorithm
Includes: Chang, K.C. Chang, K.C.[Kuang-Cheng] Chang, K.C.[Ke-Chi] Chang, K.C.[Kuang-Chiung] Chang, K.C.[Kuo Chu] Chang, K.c.
13 for Chang, K.C.

Chang, K.C.C.[Kevin Chen Chuan] Co Author Listing * Active Surveillance via Group Sparse Bayesian Learning
Includes: Chang, K.C.C.[Kevin Chen Chuan] Chang, K.C.C.[Kevin Chen-Chuan]

Chang, K.E.[Kuo En] Co Author Listing * Modifying an Image Fusion Approach for High Spatiotemporal LST Retrieval in Surface Dryness and Evapotranspiration Estimations
* Potential Approach for Single-Peak Extinction Fitting of Aerosol Profiles Based on In Situ Measurements for the Improvement of Surface PM2.5 Retrieval from Satellite AOD Product
Includes: Chang, K.E.[Kuo En] Chang, K.E.[Kuo-En]

Chang, K.H.[Kai Hung] Co Author Listing * Building-GAN: Graph-Conditioned Architectural Volumetric Design Generation
* concept lattice based outlier mining method in low-dimensional subspaces, A
* Efficient Hardware Accelerators for the Computation of Tchebichef Moments
* Face detection and landmark localization using Bilayer Tree Structured Model
* House-GAN++: Generative Adversarial Layout Refinement Network towards Intelligent Computational Agent for Professional Architects
* House-gan: Relational Generative Adversarial Networks for Graph-constrained House Layout Generation
* Impacts of Single-Scattering and Microphysical Properties of Ice Particles Smaller Than 100 muM on the Bulk Radiative Properties of Tropical Cirrus, The
* Landmark Based Facial Component Reconstruction for Recognition across Pose
* Multi-modal Extreme Classification
* planning model with problem analysis and operator hierarchy, A
* Quantitative Analysis of Automatic Image Cropping Algorithms: A Dataset and Comparative Study
* Recognition of Map Using the Geometric Relations Between Lines and the Structural Information of Objects, A
* Regressive Tree Structured Model for Facial Landmark Localization
* Ultra-high-speed digital filtering algorithm for video signal processing
Includes: Chang, K.H.[Kai Hung] Chang, K.H.[Kai-Hung] Chang, K.H.[Kai H.] Chang, K.H. Chang, K.H.[Kai-Hsiang] Chang, K.H.[Ki-Ho] Chang, K.H.[Keng-Hao] Chang, K.H.[Kai-Han] Chang, K.H.[Kyung-Hi]
14 for Chang, K.H.

Chang, K.I.[Kyong I.] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Rigid Multi-region Selection for Handling Expression Variation in 3D Face Recognition
* Comparison and combination of ear and face images in appearance-based biometrics
* Does colorspace transformation make any difference on skin detection?
* Evaluation of Multimodal 2D+3D Face Biometrics, An
* Evaluation of Texture Segmentation Algorithms
* Face Recognition Using 2-D, 3-D, and Infrared: Is Multimodal Better Than Multisample?
* Multi-biometrics using facial appearance, shape and temperature
* Multi-modal 2D and 3D biometrics for face recognition
* Multiple Nose Region Matching for 3D Face Recognition under Varying Facial Expression
* survey of approaches and challenges in 3D and multi-modal 3D-2D face recognition, A
* survey of approaches to three-dimensional face recognition, A
Includes: Chang, K.I.[Kyong I.] Chang, K.I.
11 for Chang, K.I.

Chang, K.J. Co Author Listing * Classification of Benign and Malignant Breast Tumors by 2-D Analysis Based on Contour Description and Scatterer Characterization
* Multi-temporal High-resolution Landslide Monitoring Based On Uas Photogrammetry and Uas Lidar Geoinformation
* Perfect Sequences of Odd Prime Length

Chang, K.L.[Kang Long] Co Author Listing * Indoor Positioning and Tracking Algorithm Based on Angle-of-Arrival Using a Dual-Channel Array Antenna, An
Includes: Chang, K.L.[Kang Long] Chang, K.L.[Kang-Long]

Chang, K.S. Co Author Listing * Fast and Memory Efficient Implementation of the Exact PNN

Chang, K.T. Co Author Listing * Accuracy Assessment Of Crown Delineation Methods For The Individual Trees Using Lidar Data
* Automatic Case-Based Reasoning Approach for Landslide Detection: Integration of Object-Oriented Image Analysis and a Genetic Algorithm
* Design Verification of an Optimized Wayfinding Map in a Station
* Linear Features Extraction With An Orientation Constrained Probabilistic Hough Transform
* Observing Land Subsidence and Revealing the Factors That Influence It Using a Multi-Sensor Approach in Yunlin County, Taiwan
* Spatial Resolution Effects Of Digital Terrain Models On Landslide Susceptibility Analysis
Includes: Chang, K.T. Chang, K.T.[Kuan-Tsung] Chang, K.T.[Ken-Tzu]

Chang, K.T.T.[Klarissa Ting Ting] Co Author Listing * Towards Enhancing Integrated Pest Management Based on Volunteered Geographic Information
Includes: Chang, K.T.T.[Klarissa Ting Ting] Chang, K.T.T.[Klarissa Ting-Ting]

Chang, K.W.[Kai Wei] Co Author Listing * BERTHop: An Effective Vision-and-Language Model for Chest X-ray Disease Diagnosis
* CleanCLIP: Mitigating Data Poisoning Attacks in Multimodal Contrastive Learning
* Closed-Form Orthogonal Ramanujan Integer Basis
* Dilated and Shifted Discrete Hermite Functions With Minimum Time-Bandwidth Product
* GIVL: Improving Geographical Inclusivity of Vision-Language Models with Pre-Training Methods
* Grounded Language-Image Pre-training
* Hierarchical Segmentation Based Upon Multi-resolution Approximations and the Watershed Transform
* Improved method for predicting polyp location from CT colonography for optical colonoscopy
* Integer 2-D Discrete Fourier Transform Pairs and Eigenvectors using Ramanujan's Sum
* Perfect Gaussian Integer Sequences of Arbitrary Length
* Reveal: Retrieval-Augmented Visual-Language Pre-Training with Multi-Source Multimodal Knowledge Memory
* Video categorization using object of interest detection
Includes: Chang, K.W.[Kai Wei] Chang, K.W.[Kai-Wei] Chang, K.W.[Kuo-Wei] Chang, K.W. Chang, K.W.[Kai-Wen] Chang, K.W.[Kevin W.]
12 for Chang, K.W.

Chang, K.Y.[Kai Yeuh] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Object Tracking with Online Statistical Model Update
* Aesthetic Critiques Generation for Photos
* Applying scattering operators for face recognition: A comparative study
* Automatic Age Estimation from Face Images via Deep Ranking
* data compression method on Chinese fonts using classification techniques, A
* Exploring Depth Information for Object Segmentation and Detection
* Feature Extractions for Small Sample Size Classification Problem
* From co-saliency to co-segmentation: An efficient and fully unsupervised energy minimization model
* Fusing generic objectness and visual saliency for salient object detection
* Keep It Simple with Time: A Reexamination of Probabilistic Topic Detection Models
* Learning Framework for Age Rank Estimation Based on Face Images With Scattering Transform, A
* Learning partially-observed hidden conditional random fields for facial expression recognition
* Multi-class multi-instance boosting for part-based human detection
* Ordinal hyperplanes ranker with cost sensitivities for age estimation
* Ranking Approach for Human Ages Estimation Based on Face Images, A
* Unified Model for Probabilistic Principal Surfaces, A
Includes: Chang, K.Y.[Kai Yeuh] Chang, K.Y.[Kai-Yeuh] Chang, K.Y. Chang, K.Y.[Kuang-Yu] Chang, K.Y.[Kuang-Yao] Chang, K.Y.[Kai-Yueh] Chang, K.Y.[Kui-Yu]
16 for Chang, K.Y.

Chang, L. Co Author Listing * Active Stereo Vision System for Recognition of Faces and Related Hand Gestures, An
* Adaptive Filtering for Color Filter Array Demosaicking
* AMSC: Adaptive Masking and Structure-Constraint Learning for Domain Adaptive Semantic Segmentation Under Adverse Conditions
* Assessing the Distinctiveness and Representativeness of Visual Vocabularies
* Assessment of InSAR Atmospheric Correction Using Both MODIS Near-Infrared and Infrared Water Vapor Products
* Assessment of the Uncertainties in Arctic Low-Level Temperature Inversion Characteristics in Radio Occultation Observations
* Automatic Gait Motion Capture with Missing-Marker Fillings
* Automatic Identification and Dynamic Monitoring of Open-Pit Mines Based on Improved Mask R-CNN and Transfer Learning
* Best-Shot Selection for Video Face Recognition Using FPGA
* Bop and Beyond: A Second Order Optimizer for Binarized Neural Networks, A
* Calibration and Evaluation of Precipitable Water Vapor From MODIS Infrared Observations at Night
* Calibration of central catadioptric camera with one-dimensional object undertaking general motions
* Changes in Mountain Glaciers, Lake Levels, and Snow Coverage in the Tianshan Monitored by GRACE, ICESat, Altimetry, and MODIS
* Coding sensitive based approximation algorithm for power efficient VBS-DCT VLSI design in HEVC hardwired Intra encoder
* Communication-efficient and Byzantine-robust distributed learning with statistical guarantee
* Consolidated Convolutional Neural Network for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Cropland Mapping in Tropical Smallholder Systems with Seasonally Stratified Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 Spectral and Textural Features
* Deformation Response of Seismogenic Faults to the Wenchuan MS 8.0 Earthquake: A Case Study for the Southern Segment of the Longmenshan Fault Zone
* Degradation Conditioned GAN for Degradation Generalization of Face Restoration Models
* Detection and Removal of Rainbow Effect Artifacts
* Edge-guided single facial depth map super-resolution using CNN
* Effect of Cloud Fraction on Arctic Low-Level Temperature Inversions in AIRS Observations Over Both Land and Ocean
* Efficient and Effective Face Frontalization for Face Recognition in the Wild
* Efficient Overlapping Document Clustering Using GPUs and Multi-core Systems
* Efficient video face recognition by using Fisher Vector encoding of binary features
* End-to-End Identification Algorithm for Smearing Star Image, An
* Enhanced road information representation in graph recurrent network for traffic speed prediction
* Enhancement-Registration-Homogenization (ERH): A Comprehensive Underwater Visual Reconstruction Paradigm
* Estimation of Grassland Canopy Height and Aboveground Biomass at the Quadrat Scale Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
* Evaluation and Prediction of Landslide Susceptibility in Yichang Section of Yangtze River Basin Based on Integrated Deep Learning Algorithm
* Extraction and Analysis of Radar Scatterer Attributes for PAZ SAR by Combining Time Series InSAR, PolSAR, and Land Use Measurements
* Face sketch synthesis using non-local means and patch-based seaming
* Face Sketch Synthesis via Sparse Representation
* Facial attribute classification by deep mining inter-attribute correlations
* Facial Landmarks Detection Using Extended Profile LBP-Based Active Shape Models
* Fast Statistically Homogeneous Pixel Selection for Covariance Matrix Estimation for Multitemporal InSAR
* Fingerprint Presentation Attack Detection Method Based on a Bag-of-Words Approach
* FPGA-based detection of SIFT interest keypoints
* general extensible learning approach for multi-disease recommendations in a telehealth environment, A
* GNSS/INS/LiDAR-SLAM Integrated Navigation System Based on Graph Optimization
* Greening Trends of Southern China Confirmed by GRACE
* Hand Pose Understanding With Large-Scale Photo-Realistic Rendering Dataset
* Hardware Architecture for SIFT Candidate Keypoints Detection, A
* High-Fidelity Face Sketch-To-Photo Synthesis Using Generative Adversarial Network
* Improved Color Filter Array Demosaicking by Accurate Luminance Estimation
* Incorporating Temporary Coherent Scatterers in Multi-Temporal InSAR Using Adaptive Temporal Subsets
* Individual Scatterer Model Learning for Satellite Interferometry
* Joint Hand Detection and Rotation Estimation Using CNN
* LiDAR Odometry by Deep Learning-Based Feature Points with Two-Step Pose Estimation
* Lightweight Low-Resolution Face Recognition for Surveillance Applications
* Mapping Grassland Classes Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle and MODIS NDVI Data for Temperate Grassland in Inner Mongolia, China
* Monitoring Bare Soil Freeze-Thaw Process Using GPS-Interferometric Reflectometry: Simulation and Validation
* Monitoring Deformation along Railway Systems Combining Multi-Temporal InSAR and LiDAR Data
* Monitoring Groundwater Variations from Satellite Gravimetry and Hydrological Models: A Comparison with in-situ Measurements in the Mid-Atlantic Region of the United States
* Motion estimation of multiple depth cameras using spheres
* MS2GAH: Multi-label semantic supervised graph attention hashing for robust cross-modal retrieval
* Multi-instance Feature Learning Based on Sparse Representation for Facial Expression Recognition
* Multi-step-ahead, Short-Term Prediction of Wind Speed Using a Fusion Approach
* Multispectral image compression using eigenregion-based segmentation
* novel error-correcting output codes based on genetic programming and ternary digit operators, A
* On Fisher vector encoding of binary features for video face recognition
* Partial Shape Matching and Retrieval under Occlusion and Noise
* Probabilistic Approach for InSAR Time-Series Postprocessing, A
* Recurrent 3D Hand Pose Estimation Using Cascaded Pose-Guided 3D Alignments
* region-based GLRT detection of oil spills in SAR images, A
* Registering Retinal Vessel Images from Local to Global via Multiscale and Multicycle Features
* Reversing Demosaicking and Compression in Color Filter Array Image Processing: Performance Analysis and Modeling
* Reversing Demosaicking and Compression in Color Filter Array Images
* Rice-Field Mapping with Sentinel-1A SAR Time-Series Data
* Self-calibration of hybrid central catadioptric and perspective cameras
* Ship Detection Based on YOLOv2 for SAR Imagery
* ShuffleFaceNet: A Lightweight Face Architecture for Efficient and Highly-Accurate Face Recognition
* Sinkhole Scanner: A New Method to Detect Sinkhole-Related Spatio-Temporal Patterns in InSAR Deformation Time Series
* SNR-Constrained Heuristics for Optimizing the Scaling Parameter of Robust Audio Watermarking
* Sparse Subspace Clustering With Sequentially Ordered and Weighted L1-Minimization†
* Spatial-Temporal Neural Network for Rice Field Classification from SAR Images
* Spatio-temporal linking of multiple SAR satellite data from medium and high resolution Radarsat-2 images
* SRTPN: Scale and Rotation Transform Prediction Net for Multimodal Remote Sensing Image Registration
* Study on the Dynamic Effects and Ecological Stress of Eco-Environment in the Headwaters of the Yangtze River Based on Improved DeepLab V3+ Network, A
* SwipeCut: Interactive Segmentation via Seed Grouping
* Text2Sketch: Learning Face Sketch from Facial Attribute Text
* Toward More Realistic Face Recognition Evaluation Protocols for the YouTube Faces Database
* U-Net for Taiwan Shoreline Detection from SAR Images
* UIDEF: A real-world underwater image dataset and a color-contrast complementary image enhancement framework
* Unified Form for the Robust Gaussian Information Filtering Based on M-Estimate
* Using GRACE Data to Study the Impact of Snow and Rainfall on Terrestrial Water Storage in Northeast China
* UVSQ-SAT, a Pathfinder CubeSat Mission for Observing Essential Climate Variables
* Variations in Water Vapor From AIRS and MODIS in Response to Arctic Sea Ice Change in December 2002-November 2016
* YOLOv3-Based Matching Approach for Roof Region Detection from Drone Images
Includes: Chang, L. Chang, L.[Lanlan] Chang, L.[Lu] Chang, L.[Leonardo] Chang, L.[Liang] Chang, L.[Lili] Chang, L.[Le] Chang, L.[Lena] Chang, L.[Ling] Chang, L.[Liu] Chang, L.[Lin] Chang, L.[Lei] Chang, L.[Laibin] Chang, L.[Li] Chang, L.[Lunjie] Chang, L.[Liuchen] Chang, L.[Loren]
89 for Chang, L.

Chang, L.B.[Lo Bin] Co Author Listing * Context, Computation, and Optimal ROC Performance in Hierarchical Models
Includes: Chang, L.B.[Lo Bin] Chang, L.B.[Lo-Bin]

Chang, L.C.[Lung Chung] Co Author Listing * CITRIC: A low-bandwidth wireless camera network platform
* Data Hiding in Images With Adaptive Numbers of Least Significant Bits Based on the Human Visual System
* Efficient Algorithms for Overlapping a Sequence of Images
* Efficient two-ass rate control scheme based on adjusting distribution of discrete cosine transform coefficients
* Elliptical Cone of Uncertainty and Its Normalized Measures in Diffusion Tensor Imaging, The
* Error Propagation Framework for Diffusion Tensor Imaging via Diffusion Tensor Representations
* Hardware/Software Codesign of a Low-Cost Rate Control Scheme for H.264/AVC
* improved search algorithm for motion estimation using adaptive search order, An
* improved search algorithm for vector quantization using mean pyramid structure, An
* Large Encrypting Binary Images with Higher Security
* new predictive search area approach for fast block motion estimation, A
* novel SVD- and VQ-based image hiding scheme, A
* novel two-phase Hilbert-scan-based search algorithm for block motion estimation using CTF data structure, A
* Parsimonious Model Selection for Tissue Segmentation and Classification Applications: A Study Using Simulated and Experimental DTI Data
* Two-Stage Rate Control Mechanism for RDO-Based H.264/AVC Encoders, A
Includes: Chang, L.C.[Lung Chung] Chang, L.C.[Lung-Chung] Chang, L.C.[Li-Chun] Chang, L.C.[Lung-Chun] Chang, L.C. Chang, L.C.[Lin-Ching] Chang, L.C.[Li-Chuan]
15 for Chang, L.C.

Chang, L.D.[Li Der] Co Author Listing * Modeling temporal variations in multipolarized radar scattering from intertidal coastal wetlands
Includes: Chang, L.D.[Li Der] Chang, L.D.[Li-Der]

Chang, L.H.[Li Hong] Co Author Listing * CT and MRI image fusion based on multiscale decomposition method and hybrid approach
* Global sparse gradient guided variational Retinex model for image enhancement
* Individual attribute prior setting methods for naive Bayesian classifiers
Includes: Chang, L.H.[Li Hong] Chang, L.H.[Li-Hong] Chang, L.H.[Liang-Hao]

Chang, L.H.T. Co Author Listing * C-2 Triangular Patch for the Interpolation of Functional Scattered Data, A

Chang, L.J.[Li Jen] Co Author Listing * Optimized rateless UEP codes for scalable video streaming
Includes: Chang, L.J.[Li Jen] Chang, L.J.[Li-Jen]

Chang, L.L.[Lei Lei] Co Author Listing * Extended Belief Rule-Based System With Accurate Rule Weights and Efficient Rule Activation for Diagnosis of Thyroid Nodules
Includes: Chang, L.L.[Lei Lei] Chang, L.L.[Lei-Lei]

Chang, L.P.[Li Ping] Co Author Listing * Cooling Effect of Urban Parks and Its Monthly Variations in a Snow Climate City, The
* Effects of Spatiotemporal Changes in Land Degradation on Ecosystem Services Values in Sanjiang Plain, China, The
* Integrated CNN Model for Reconstructing and Predicting Land Use/Cover Change: A Case Study of the Baicheng Area, Northeast China, An
* Natural Language Watermarking Using Semantic Substitution for Chinese Text
* Novel Model Integrating Deep Learning for Land Use/Cover Change Reconstruction: A Case Study of Zhenlai County, Northeast China, A
Includes: Chang, L.P.[Li Ping] Chang, L.P.[Li-Ping] Chang, L.P.[Lu-Ping]

Chang, L.S.[Lim Seok] Co Author Listing * Ozone Continues to Increase in East Asia Despite Decreasing NO2: Causes and Abatements
* Satellite-Based Diagnosis and Numerical Verification of Ozone Formation Regimes over Nine Megacities in East Asia
Includes: Chang, L.S.[Lim Seok] Chang, L.S.[Lim-Seok]

Chang, L.W.[Long Wen] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Data Hiding for Images Based on Harr Discrete Wavelet Transform
* adaptive data hiding technique for binary images, An
* Analysis and Compensation of Rolling Shutter Effect
* Analysis of hidden nodes for multi-layer perceptron neural networks
* Designing JPEG Quantization Tables based on Human Visual System
* Edge-Based Motion Estimation and Region Based Contour Tracing for Very Low Bit Rate Video Coding
* Extracting Urban Water Bodies from Landsat Imagery Based on mNDWI and HSV Transformation
* Fast Algorithm for the Restoration of Images Based on Chain Codes Description and Its Applications, A
* Fast defocus map estimation
* Human action recognition using temporal-state shape contexts
* Hybrid image matching combining Hausdorff distance with normalized gradient matching
* Image Denoising With Dominant Sets by a Coalitional Game Approach
* Interactive 1-bit feedback segmentation using transductive inference
* Interactive Segmentation from 1-Bit Feedback
* Modified soft-decision adaptive interpolation by an evolutionary game
* New Bit-Rate Control of MPEG with Predictive and Adaptive Perceptual Quantization, A
* new optimal digital halftoning technique based on the discrete cosine transform, A
* New Surface Tracking Algorithm in 3D Binary Images, A
* Numerical solutions for orthogonal wavelet filters by Newton method
* Predictive subband image coding with wavelet transform
* Secure and Robust Digital Watermarking Technique by the Block Cipher Rc6 and Secure Hash Algorithm, A
* Secure reversible visible image watermarking with authentication
* Timely Plastic-Mulched Cropland Extraction Method from Complex Mixed Surfaces in Arid Regions
* Toward a unified scheme for fast interactive segmentation
* Unsupervised figure-ground segmentation using edge detection and game-theoretical graph-cut approach
* Unsupervised Image Co-segmentation Based on Cooperative Game
* Unsupervised image segmentation using defocus map and superpixel grouping
* Video segmentation via boundary-aware flow
* Wavelet image coding using variable blocksize vector quantization with optimal quadtree segmentation
Includes: Chang, L.W.[Long Wen] Chang, L.W.[Long-Wen] Chang, L.W. Chang, L.W.[Li-Wei]
29 for Chang, L.W.

Chang, L.Y.[Li Yu] Co Author Listing * Multi-Decadal Mangrove Forest Change Detection and Prediction in Honduras, Central America, with Landsat Imagery and a Markov Chain Model
* Phenology-Based Classification of Time-Series MODIS Data for Rice Crop Monitoring in Mekong Delta, Vietnam, A
* Retrieving Surface Soil Moisture From Modis and Amsr-e Data: A Case Study In Taiwan
* Rice Crop Mapping Using Sentinel-1a Phenological Metrics
* Rice Yield Estimation Through Assimilating Satellite Data Into A Crop Simumlation Model
* Satellite-based investigation of flood-affected rice cultivation areas in Chao Phraya River Delta, Thailand
Includes: Chang, L.Y.[Li Yu] Chang, L.Y.[Li-Yu] Chang, L.Y.[Ly-Yu] Chang, L.Y.

Chang, M. Co Author Listing * 2018 NVIDIA AI City Challenge, The
* 4th AI City Challenge, The
* AI City Challenge 2020: Computer Vision for Smart Transportation Applications
* Automating Detection of Papilledema in Pediatric Fundus Images with Explainable Machine Learning
* Color and Edge Refinement Method for Content Based Image Retrieval
* Depth-assisted RefineNet for Indoor Semantic Segmentation
* ECCV Caption: Correcting False Negatives by Collecting Machine-and-Human-verified Image-Caption Associations for MS-COCO
* Explain Black-box Image Classifications Using Superpixel-based Interpretation
* Global Registration of Kinect Point Clouds Using Augmented Extended Information Filter and Multiple Features
* Improvement and Impacts of Forest Canopy Parameters on Noah-MP Land Surface Model from UAV-Based Photogrammetry
* Low-Light Image Restoration With Short- and Long-Exposure Raw Pairs
* Neglected Free Lunch: Learning Image Classifiers Using Annotation Byproducts
* Spatial-adaptive Network for Single Image Denoising
* Systematic Multi-Path HMM Topology Design for Online Handwriting Recognition of East Asian Characters
* Target Recognition in SAR Images Based on Information-Decoupled Representation
* Toward a general model for reflection recovery and single image enhancement
* UAV-LiDAR Measurement of Vegetation Canopy Structure Parameters and Their Impact on Land-Air Exchange Simulation Based on Noah-MP Model
* Unified Framework for Recognizing Handwritten Chemical Expressions, A
* Video Analytics in Smart Transportation for the AIC'18 Challenge
Includes: Chang, M. Chang, M.[Melinda] Chang, M.[Minhyuk] Chang, M.[Minsuk] Chang, M.[Ming] Chang, M.[Meng]
19 for Chang, M.

Chang, M.C.[Ming Ching] Co Author Listing * 3D shape registration using regularized medial scaffolds
* 5th AI City Challenge, The
* 6th AI City Challenge, The
* 7th AI City Challenge, The
* Adaptive RNN Tree for Large-Scale Human Action Recognition
* Bridging computer vision and social science: A multi-camera vision system for social interaction training analysis
* Cloud tracking for solar irradiance prediction
* DetPoseNet: Improving Multi-Person Pose Estimation via Coarse-Pose Filtering
* Drone-Based Vehicle Flow Estimation and its Application to Traffic Conflict Hotspot Detection at Intersections
* Efficient algorithms for graph regularized PLSA for probabilistic topic modeling
* Efficient large-scale photometric reconstruction using Divide-Recon-Fuse 3D Structure from Motion
* Fast Online Upper Body Pose Estimation from Video
* Fast Online Video Pose Estimation by Dynamic Bayesian Modeling of Mode Transitions
* Fast Search Algorithms for IC Printed Mark Quality Inspection
* Fisheye Multiple Object Tracking by Learning Distortions Without Dewarping
* FishEye8K: A Benchmark and Dataset for Fisheye Camera Object Detection
* Gaze and body pose estimation from a distance
* Group context learning for event recognition
* Group Level Activity Recognition in Crowded Environments across Multiple Cameras
* Hybrid structure hypergraph for online deformable object tracking
* In-bed patient motion and pose analysis using depth videos for pressure ulcer prevention
* Instance Contour Adjustment via Structure-Driven CNN
* live video analytic system for affect analysis in public space, A
* MagGAN: High-resolution Face Attribute Editing with Mask-guided Generative Adversarial Network
* Measuring 3D shape similarity by graph-based matching of the medial scaffolds
* Measuring 3D shape similarity by matching the medial scaffolds
* Measuring 3D shape similarity by matching the medial scaffolds
* Modeling transition patterns between events for temporal human action segmentation and classification
* Multi-Camera Multi-Target Tracking with Space-Time-View Hyper-graph
* Multi-Camera Tracking By Candidate Intersection Ratio Tracklet Matching
* Multi-Scale Structure-Aware Network for Human Pose Estimation
* Multi-Scale Supervised Network for Human Pose Estimation
* Parallel Residual Bi-Fusion Feature Pyramid Network for Accurate Single-Shot Object Detection
* PRB-FPN+: Video Analytics for Enforcing Motorcycle Helmet Laws
* Probabilistic group-level motion analysis and scenario recognition
* PseudoProp: Robust Pseudo-Label Generation for Semi-Supervised Object Detection in Autonomous Driving Systems
* Railcar Detection, Identification and Tracking for Rail Yard Management
* Regularizing 3D medial axis using medial scaffold transforms
* Regularizing 3D medial axis using medial scaffold transforms
* scene-based video watermarking technique using SVMs, A
* Seeing as it happens: Real time 3D video event visualization
* Simultaneous multi-person tracking and activity recognition based on cohesive cluster search
* Spatio-Temporal Phrases for Activity Recognition
* Surface reconstruction from point clouds by transforming the medial scaffold
* Tracking gaze direction from far-field surveillance cameras
* TransRPN: Towards the Transferable Adversarial Perturbations using Region Proposal Networks and Beyond
* UA-DETRAC 2017: Report of AVSS2017 IWT4S Challenge on Advanced Traffic Monitoring
* UA-DETRAC: A new benchmark and protocol for multi-object detection and tracking
* Video Analytics for Detecting Motorcyclist Helmet Rule Violations
Includes: Chang, M.C.[Ming Ching] Chang, M.C.[Ming-Ching] Chang, M.C. Chang, M.C.[Mei-Chueh]
49 for Chang, M.C.

Chang, M.D.[Maria D.] Co Author Listing * Using Analogy to Cluster Hand-Drawn Sketches for Sketch-Based Educational Software

Chang, M.F.[Ming Fang] Co Author Listing * Argoverse: 3D Tracking and Forecasting With Rich Maps
* Deep Component Analysis via Alternating Direction Neural Networks
* Deriving the Vehicle Speeds from a Mobile Telecommunications Network
* Long-term Visual Map Sparsification with Heterogeneous GNN
* Neural Radiance Fields with LiDAR Maps
Includes: Chang, M.F.[Ming Fang] Chang, M.F.[Ming-Fang] Chang, M.F.

Chang, M.H. Co Author Listing * Gesture-Based Control and EMG Decomposition
* Robust Camera Calibration and Player Tracking in Broadcast Basketball Video
* Vessel Segmentation and Dirt/Reflection Detection For Retinal Fundus Photographs
Includes: Chang, M.H. Chang, M.H.[Meng-Hsuan]

Chang, M.J.[Meng Jie] Co Author Listing * Effect of Vegetation Carryover and Climate Variability on the Seasonal Growth of Vegetation in the Upper and Middle Reaches of the Yellow River Basin
* Panoramic Mapping with Information Technologies for Supporting Engineering Education: A Preliminary Exploration
* SVDnet: Singular Value Control and Distance Alignment Network for 3D Object Detection
* Technical and Operational Perspective on Quality Analysis of Stitching Images with Multi-Row Panorama and Multimedia Sources for Visualizing the Tourism Site of Onshore Wind Farm, A
Includes: Chang, M.J.[Meng Jie] Chang, M.J.[Meng-Jie] Chang, M.J.[Min-Jhen] Chang, M.J.[Ming-Jen]

Chang, M.K.[Min Kuan] Co Author Listing * Forensic and anti-forensic techniques for video shot editing in H.264/AVC
* Image Forgery Detection Based on Quantization Table Estimation
* New results on connectivity in wireless network
* Passive-Blind Forgery Detection Scheme Based on Content-Adaptive Quantization Table Estimation, A
* Robust TV News Story Identification Via Visual Characteristics of Anchorperson Scenes
Includes: Chang, M.K.[Min Kuan] Chang, M.K.[Min-Kuan]

Chang, M.K.C.[Min Kuan C.] Co Author Listing * new intra prediction with adaptive template matching through finite state machine, A
Includes: Chang, M.K.C.[Min Kuan C.] Chang, M.K.C.[Min-Kuan C.]

Chang, M.L.[Mei Lin] Co Author Listing * Form Document Identification Using Line Structure Based Features
* Linear Spectral Mixture Analysis Based Approaches to Estimation of Virtual Dimensionality in Hyperspectral Imagery
* Real-Time Simplex Growing Algorithms for Hyperspectral Endmember Extraction
Includes: Chang, M.L.[Mei Lin] Chang, M.L.[Mei-Lin] Chang, M.L.

Chang, M.M. Co Author Listing * Blur identification using the bispectrum
* Continuous Taxi Pickup Path Recommendation under The Carbon Neutrality Context, A
* Latent Semantic Sequence Coding Applied to Taxi Travel Time Estimation
* Prediction of Evolution Behaviors of Transportation Hubs Based on Spatiotemporal Neural Network
* Simultaneous Motion Estimation and Segmentation
Includes: Chang, M.M. Chang, M.M.[Meng-Meng]

Chang, M.M.Y.[Michael Ming Yuen] Co Author Listing * 3D model reconstruction by constrained bundle adjustment
* Accurate 3-D Motion Tracking with an Application to Super-Resolution
* Computing Pose Sequences Directly from Videos
* Effective Method for Movable Projector Keystone Correction, An
* EKF Based Pose Estimation using Two Back-to-Back Stereo Pairs
* EKF pose estimation: How many filters and cameras to use?
* Extended Kalman filtering approach to stereo video stabilization
* fast and robust simultaneous pose tracking and structure recovery algorithm for augmented reality applications, A
* fast recursive 3d model reconstruction algorithm for multimedia applications, A
* Hand-Held 3-D Display System with Haptic Sensation, A
* keystone-free hand-held mobile projection system, A
* Large scene reconstruction with local details recovery
* Online Chinese Character-Recognition Using Attributed Relational Graph Matching
* Pose Estimation for Augmented Reality Applications Using Genetic Algorithm
* projector-based movable hand-held display system, A
* Recursive Camera-Motion Estimation With the Trifocal Tensor
* Recursive Recovery of Position and Orientation from Stereo Image Sequences without Three-Dimensional Structures
* Recursive Three-Dimensional Model Reconstruction Based on Kalman Filtering
* Resolution Improvement from Stereo Images with 3D Pose Differences
* Stroke Order and Stroke Number Free On-Line Chinese Character Recognition Using Attributed Relational Graph Matching
* Two-layer assignment method for online Chinese character recognition
Includes: Chang, M.M.Y.[Michael Ming Yuen] Chang, M.M.Y.[Michael Ming-Yuen] Chang, M.M.Y.
21 for Chang, M.M.Y.

Chang, M.T.[Min Ta] Co Author Listing * Deformed trademark retrieval based on 2D pseudo-hidden Markov model
Includes: Chang, M.T.[Min Ta] Chang, M.T.[Min-Ta]

Chang, M.W.[Ming Wei] Co Author Listing * Learning shared body plans
* Open-domain Visual Entity Recognition: Towards Recognizing Millions of Wikipedia Entities
Includes: Chang, M.W.[Ming Wei] Chang, M.W.[Ming-Wei]

Chang, M.X.[Mao Xiang] Co Author Listing * Mapping Dynamic Turbidity Maximum Zone of the Yellow River Estuary from 38 Years of Landsat Imagery
* Mapping Tidal Flats of the Bohai and Yellow Seas Using Time Series Sentinel-2 Images and Google Earth Engine
* Synergetic Classification of Coastal Wetlands over the Yellow River Delta with GF-3 Full-Polarization SAR and Zhuhai-1 OHS Hyperspectral Remote Sensing
Includes: Chang, M.X.[Mao Xiang] Chang, M.X.[Mao-Xiang]

Chang, N. Co Author Listing * Detection of Multidecadal Changes in UVB and Total Ozone Concentrations over the Continental US with NASA TOMS Data and USDA Ground-Based Measurements

Chang, N.B.[Ni Bin] Co Author Listing * Monitoring Hydrological Patterns of Temporary Lakes Using Remote Sensing and Machine Learning Models: Case Study of La Mancha Húmeda Biosphere Reserve in Central Spain
* Multi-Decadal Mangrove Forest Change Detection and Prediction in Honduras, Central America, with Landsat Imagery and a Markov Chain Model
* Multiscale and multisource data fusion for full-coverage PM2.5 concentration mapping: Can spatial pattern recognition come with modeling accuracy?
* Satellite-based multitemporal-change detection in urban environments
* Spatially gap free analysis of aerosol type grids in China: First retrieval via satellite remote sensing and big data analytics
* Spectral Information Adaptation and Synthesis Scheme for Merging Cross-Mission Ocean Color Reflectance Observations From MODIS and VIIRS
Includes: Chang, N.B.[Ni Bin] Chang, N.B.[Ni-Bin]

Chang, N.L.[Nelson L.] Co Author Listing * Constructing a Multivalued Representation for View Synthesis
* Decoding positional and color information from a coded pattern
* Exploiting feature correspondence constraints for image recognition
* Finite sensor effects for estimating structure-from-motion
* improved local feature descriptor via soft binning, An
* Multivalued Representation for View Synthesis, A
* novel feature descriptor invariant to complex brightness changes, A
* View Generation for 3-Dimensional Scenes from Video Sequences
Includes: Chang, N.L.[Nelson L.] Chang, N.L.
8 for Chang, N.L.

Chang, N.S.[Ning S.] Co Author Listing * Machine Vision Applications in Industrial Inspection V
* Machine Vision Applications in Industrial Inspection VI
* Machine Vision Applications in Industrial Inspection VII
* Pallel parsing of tree languages for syntactic pattern recognition
* Picture Query Languages for Pictorial Database Systems
* Query by Pictorial Example
Includes: Chang, N.S.[Ning S.] Chang, N.S.[Ning-San] Chang, N.S.

Chang, N.Y.C. Co Author Listing * Algorithm and Architecture of Disparity Estimation With Mini-Census Adaptive Support Weight
* Architecture Design of Shape-Adaptive Discrete Cosine Transform and Its Inverse for MPEG-4 Video Coding
* Combined Frame Memory Motion Compensation for Video Coding
* Fast SIFT Design for Real-Time Visual Feature Extraction

Chang, O.[Oscar] Co Author Listing * Bio-Inspired Robot with Visual Perception of Affordances, A
* Learning Melanocytic Proliferation Segmentation in Histopathology Images from Imperfect Annotations
* Remote Sensing and Geovisualization of Rock Slopes and Landslides
* VSGD-Net: Virtual Staining Guided Melanocyte Detection on Histopathological Images
Includes: Chang, O.[Oscar] Chang, O.[Oliver] Chang, O.[Omar]

Chang, P. Co Author Listing * Collision Sensing by Stereo Vision and Radar Sensor Fusion
* Extract highlights from baseball came video with hidden Markov models
* Histograms of Gaussian normal distribution for 3D feature matching in cluttered scenes
* Leveraging Large-Scale Weakly Labeled Data for Semi-Supervised Mass Detection in Mammograms
* Local Wavelet Acoustic Pattern: A Novel Time-Frequency Descriptor for Birdsong Recognition
* Object Recognition with Color Co-occurrence Histograms
* Omni-Directional Structure from Motion
* Robust Tracking and Structure from Motion with Sampling Method
* simple method for distinguishing global Case-1 and Case-2 waters using SeaWiFS measurements, A
* Stereo-Based Object Detection, Classification, and Quantitative Evaluation with Automotive Applications
* Stereo-based vision system for automotive imminent collision detection
Includes: Chang, P. Chang, P.[Peng]
11 for Chang, P.

Chang, P.C.[Pao Chi] Co Author Listing * 3D Face Reconstruction Based on Weakly-Supervised Learning Morphable Face Model
* AACS-compatible multimedia joint encryption and fingerprinting: Security issues and some solutions
* Adaptive Downsampling Video Coding With Spatially Scalable Rate-Distortion Modeling
* Attention-aware Feature Aggregation for Real-time Stereo Matching on Edge Devices
* Coding-gain-based complexity control for H.264 video encoder
* Computational complexity allocation and control for inter-coding of high efficiency video coding with fast coding unit split decision
* Content-based image retrieval using H.264 intra coding features
* DCT/DST-based error propagation-free data hiding algorithm for HEVC intra-coded frames, A
* Error prevention and concealment for scalable video coding with dual-priority transmission
* Fast coding unit partitioning algorithms for versatile video coding intra coding
* Fast intra coding unit partition decision in H.266/FVC based on spatial features
* Gradient Algorithms for Designing Predictive Vector Quantizers
* High-Frequency EM Characterization of Through-Wall Building Imaging
* Hybrid LMS-MMSE Inverse Halftoning Technique
* Imaging Simulation for Synthetic Aperture Radar: A Full-Wave Approach
* Intra mode prediction for H.266/FVC video coding based on convolutional neural network
* Linear-time prediction mode reduction method for intracoding in H.264/AVC
* Optimal model-based complexity control for H.264 video encoding
* People tracking in an environment with multiple depth cameras: A skeleton-based pairwise trajectory matching scheme
* Precise and Fast Error Tracking for Error-Resilient Transmission of H.263 Video
* Quality Estimation for H.264/SVC Inter-layer Residual Prediction in Spatial Scalability
* Reversible Data Hiding-Based Approach for Intra-Frame Error Concealment in H.264/AVC
* Rough mode cost-based fast intra coding for high-efficiency video coding
* Short/long-term motion vector prediction in multi-frame video coding system
* Spectral-Temporal Receptive Field-Based Descriptors and Hierarchical Cascade Deep Belief Network for Guitar Playing Technique Classification
* Unequal Priority Arrangement for Delivering Streaming Videos over Differentiated Service Networks
* Wavelet-Based Image Compression with Polygon-Shaped Region of Interest
Includes: Chang, P.C.[Pao Chi] Chang, P.C.[Pao-Chi] Chang, P.C.[Pei-Chun] Chang, P.C.[Po-Chun] Chang, P.C.
27 for Chang, P.C.

Chang, P.H.[Pei Hwa] Co Author Listing * genetic algorithm approach to image sequence interpolation, A
* Telepresence Index for Bilateral Teleoperations
Includes: Chang, P.H.[Pei Hwa] Chang, P.H.[Pei-Hwa] Chang, P.H.

Chang, P.L. Co Author Listing * Adaptive and efficient colour quantisation based on a growing self-organising map
* Articulated Multi-Instrument 2-D Pose Estimation Using Fully Convolutional Networks
* Comparative Validation of Single-Shot Optical Techniques for Laparoscopic 3-D Surface Reconstruction
* Synthetic Quantitative Precipitation Estimation by Integrating S- and C-Band Dual-Polarization Radars over Northern Taiwan, A
* Toward Scale-Invariance and Position-Sensitive Region Proposal Networks
* Video Enhancement via Super-Resolution Using Deep Quality Transfer Network
Includes: Chang, P.L. Chang, P.L.[Pao-Liang] Chang, P.L.[Ping-Lin]

Chang, P.R.[Po Rong] Co Author Listing * Constrained nonlinear optimization approaches to color-signal separation
* wavelet multiresolution compression technique for 3D stereoscopic image sequence based on mixed-resolution psychophysical experiments, A
* Wireless ATM-based multicode CDMA transport architecture for MPEG-2 video transmission
Includes: Chang, P.R.[Po Rong] Chang, P.R.[Po-Rong]

Chang, P.S. Co Author Listing * Airborne Co-polarization and Cross-Polarization Observations of the Ocean-Surface NRCS at C-Band
* CMOD5.H: A High Wind Geophysical Model Function for C-Band Vertically Polarized Satellite Scatterometer Measurements
* Comparison of the Sentinel-1B Synthetic Aperture Radar With Airborne Microwave Sensors in an Extra-Tropical Cyclone
* Context-adaptive hybrid variable length coding in H.264/AVC
* Hybrid Variable Length Coding in Video Compression using Variable Breakpoint
* Stepped Frequency Microwave Radiometer Wind-Speed Retrieval Improvements
* Three-dimensional position and amplitude VLC coding in H.264/AVC
Includes: Chang, P.S. Chang, P.S.[Pi Sheng] Chang, P.S.[Paul S.]
7 for Chang, P.S.

Chang, P.W.[Po Wen] Co Author Listing * Strong Gravitational Lensing Parameter Estimation with Vision Transformer
Includes: Chang, P.W.[Po Wen] Chang, P.W.[Po-Wen]

Chang, P.X.[Peng Xiao] Co Author Listing * DAHP: Deep Attention-Guided Hashing With Pairwise Labels
Includes: Chang, P.X.[Peng Xiao] Chang, P.X.[Peng-Xiao]

Chang, P.Y.[Ping Yu] Co Author Listing * Comprehensive Evaluation for the Tunnel Conditions with Ground Penetrating Radar Measurements, A
Includes: Chang, P.Y.[Ping Yu] Chang, P.Y.[Ping-Yu]

Chang, Q.[Qi] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Pairwise Prediction-Error Expansion and Multiple Histograms Modification for Reversible Data Hiding
* Automated delineation of corneal layers on OCT images using a boundary-guided CNN
* Collaborative Q-Learning Based Routing Control in Unstructured P2P Networks
* Combination of Continuous Wavelet Transform and Successive Projection Algorithm for the Estimation of Winter Wheat Plant Nitrogen Concentration
* DATA: Domain-Aware and Task-Aware Self-supervised Learning
* DCT-based image up-sampling using anchored neighborhood regression
* DeepTag: An Unsupervised Deep Learning Method for Motion Tracking on Cardiac Tagging Magnetic Resonance Images
* Detection Method of Infected Wood on Digital Orthophoto Map-Digital Surface Model Fusion Network
* Effects of Growth Stage Development on Paddy Rice Leaf Area Index Prediction Models
* Efficient identification of speakers in news video based on shot segmentation
* Estimating leaf area index and aboveground biomass of grazing pastures using Sentinel-1, Sentinel-2 and Landsat images
* Estimation of Anthocyanins in Leaves of Trees with Apple Mosaic Disease Based on Hyperspectral Data
* Estimation of Anthocyanins in Whole-Fertility Maize Leaves Based on Ground-Based Hyperspectral Measurements
* Evaluating an Enhanced Vegetation Condition Index (VCI) Based on VIUPD for Drought Monitoring in the Continental United States
* GAIA-Universe: Everything is Super-Netify
* Identification and Severity Monitoring of Maize Dwarf Mosaic Virus Infection Based on Hyperspectral Measurements
* Image Segmentation with Simplified PCNN
* Improving Hessian Matrix Detector for SURF
* Learn Distributed GAN with Temporary Discriminators
* Monitoring the Degree of Mosaic Disease in Apple Leaves Using Hyperspectral Images
* Non-Local Graph-Based Prediction for Reversible Data Hiding in Images
* Optimizing Local Feature Representations of 3D Point Clouds with Anisotropic Edge Modeling
* Reversible Data Hiding for Color Images Based on Adaptive Three-Dimensional Histogram Modification
* Synthetic Learning: Learn From Distributed Asynchronized Discriminator GAN Without Sharing Medical Image Data
Includes: Chang, Q.[Qi] Chang, Q.[Qian] Chang, Q.[Qing] Chang, Q.[Qingrui] Chang, Q. Chang, Q.[Qiong]
24 for Chang, Q.

Chang, Q.L.[Qing Long] Co Author Listing * Fine Tuning of Deep Contexts Toward Improved Perceptual Quality of In-Paintings
Includes: Chang, Q.L.[Qing Long] Chang, Q.L.[Qing-Long]

Chang, Q.Q.[Qing Qing] Co Author Listing * Spatiotemporal Changes and Driver Analysis of Ecosystem Respiration in the Tibetan and Inner Mongolian Grasslands
Includes: Chang, Q.Q.[Qing Qing] Chang, Q.Q.[Qing-Qing]

Chang, Q.R.[Qin Rui] Co Author Listing * Combining Different Transformations of Ground Hyperspectral Data with Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Images for Anthocyanin Estimation in Tree Peony Leaves
* Combining Spectral and Textural Information from UAV RGB Images for Leaf Area Index Monitoring in Kiwifruit Orchard
* Estimation of Apple Tree Leaf Chlorophyll Content Based on Machine Learning Methods
* Estimation of Winter Wheat Plant Nitrogen Concentration from UAV Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Combined with Machine Learning Methods
* Evaluation of Leaf N Concentration in Winter Wheat Based on Discrete Wavelet Transform Analysis
* In-season crop type identification using optimal feature knowledge graph
* Quantitative Assessment of Apple Mosaic Disease Severity Based on Hyperspectral Images and Chlorophyll Content
* Retrieval and Mapping of Soil Organic Carbon Using Sentinel-2A Spectral Images from Bare Cropland in Autumn
Includes: Chang, Q.R.[Qin Rui] Chang, Q.R.[Qin-Rui] Chang, Q.R.[Qing-Rui]
8 for Chang, Q.R.

Chang, Q.S.[Qian Shun] Co Author Listing * Lattice Boltzmann Method for Image Denoising, A
* robust and fast combination algorithm for deblurring and denoising, A
Includes: Chang, Q.S.[Qian Shun] Chang, Q.S.[Qian-Shun]

Chang, Q.X.[Qiu Xiang] Co Author Listing * Vision-aware target recognition toward autonomous robot by Kinect sensors
Includes: Chang, Q.X.[Qiu Xiang] Chang, Q.X.[Qiu-Xiang]

Chang, Q.Y.[Qiong Yao] Co Author Listing * How to Simulate Carbon Sequestration Potential of Forest Vegetation? A Forest Carbon Sequestration Model across a Typical Mountain City in China
Includes: Chang, Q.Y.[Qiong Yao] Chang, Q.Y.[Qiong-Yao]

Chang, R.[Richard] Co Author Listing * Asynchronous Neuromorphic Event-Driven Image Filtering
* Auto-Organized Visual Perception Using Distributed Camera Network
* Automatic Detection Method for Loess Landslides Based on GEE and an Improved YOLOX Algorithm
* Automatic Extraction of Urban Impervious Surface Based on SAH-Unet
* Case Study of Land-Surface-Temperature Impact from Large-Scale Deployment of Wind Farms in China from Guazhou, A
* Combining Automated and Interactive Visual Analysis of Biomechanical Motion Data
* CPG3D: Cross-Modal Priors Guided 3D Object Reconstruction
* Exploring Active Learning for Semiconductor Defect Segmentation
* Fusing Appearance and Spatio-temporal Features for Multiple Camera Tracking
* High-Temperature Oxidation of Magnesium- and Iron-Rich Olivine under a CO2 Atmosphere: Implications for Venus
* I-GCN: Incremental Graph Convolution Network for Conversation Emotion Detection
* Image authentication and tamper detection using two complementary watermarks
* Image Retrieval Using Transaction-Based and SVM-Based Learning in Relevance Feedback Sessions
* Learning a weighted semantic manifold for content-based image retrieval
* Lunar Terrestrial Analog Experiment on the Spectral Interpretations of Rocks Observed by the Yutu-2 Rover
* Near-Duplicate keyframe identification based on color and affine invariant features
* Offshore Wind Resources Assessment from Multiple Satellite Data and WRF Modeling over South China Sea
* Prediction of Potential Geothermal Disaster Areas along the Yunnan-Tibet Railway Project
* Quarter-Century Offshore Winds from SSM/I and WRF in the North Sea and South China Sea
* Real-time smoke detection using texture and color features
* retrieval pattern-based inter-query learning approach for content-based image retrieval, A
* Scene-aware refinement network for unsupervised monocular depth estimation in ultra-low altitude oblique photography of UAV
* Self-Supervised Monocular Depth Estimation Using Global and Local Mixed Multi-Scale Feature Enhancement Network for Low-Altitude UAV Remote Sensing
* Semantic clusters based manifold ranking for image retrieval
* Shapes to synchronize camera networks
* Speech-Visual Emotion Recognition via Modal Decomposition Learning
* Synchronization Using Shapes
* Tumor Detection in Automated Breast Ultrasound Using 3-D CNN and Prioritized Candidate Aggregation
* Video and Seismic Sensor-Based Structural Health Monitoring: Framework, Algorithms, and Implementation
* Video stabilization based on high degree B-spline smoothing
Includes: Chang, R.[Richard] Chang, R.[Ruichun] Chang, R.[Rui] Chang, R.[Remco] Chang, R.[Rihao] Chang, R.[Ran] Chang, R.[Rong] Chang, R.
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Chang, R.C.[Ruei Chuan] Co Author Listing * Computing the constrained relative neighborhood graphs and constrained gabriel graphs in Euclidean plane
* Computing the k-relative neighborhood graphs in Euclidean plane
* Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Inversion and Monitoring of Organic Matter in Black Soil Based on Dynamic Fitness Inertia Weight Particle Swarm Optimization Neural Network
* Improving the characterization of the alternative hypothesis via minimum verification error training with applications to speaker verification
* Kernel-based Discrimination Framework for Solving Hypothesis Testing Problems with Application to Speaker Verification, A
Includes: Chang, R.C.[Ruei Chuan] Chang, R.C.[Ruei-Chuan] Chang, R.C.[Rui-Chun]

Chang, R.F. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Edge-Based Side-Match Finite-State Classified Vector Quantization with Quadtree Map
* Adaptive MLP post-processing for block-based coded images
* Analysis of Tumor Vascularity Using Three-Dimensional Power Doppler Ultrasound Images
* Characterization of Spiculation on Ultrasound Lesions
* Comparison of Conventional US and Spatial Compound Imaging in Diagnostic Performances of Computer Aided Diagnosis System
* Computer-Aided Tumor Detection Based on Multi-Scale Blob Detection Algorithm in Automated Breast Ultrasound Images
* Edge-based motion compensated classified DCT with quadtree for image sequence coding
* Finite-State Vector Quantization by Exploiting Interband and Intraband Correlations for Subband Image-Coding
* Image coding using variable-rate side-match finite-state vector quantization
* Image Retrieval on Uncompressed and Compressed Domains
* Image sequence coding using adaptive finite-state vector quantization
* Interframe Difference Quadtree Edge-Based Side-Match Finite-State Classified Vector Quantization for Image Sequence Coding
* Multi-Dimensional Tumor Detection in Automated Whole Breast Ultrasound Using Topographic Watershed
* New Side-Match Finite-State Vector Quantization Using Neural Networks for Image Coding, A
* Robust Texture Analysis Using Multi-Resolution Gray-Scale Invariant Features for Breast Sonographic Tumor Diagnosis
Includes: Chang, R.F. Chang, R.F.[Ruey-Feng]
15 for Chang, R.F.

Chang, R.I.[Ray I.] Co Author Listing * Color gradient vectorization for SVG compression of comic image
* Recognizing Text Elements for SVG Comic Compression and Its Novel Applications
Includes: Chang, R.I.[Ray I.] Chang, R.I.[Ray-I.] Chang, R.I.[Ray-I]

Chang, R.J.[Ren Jie] Co Author Listing * Deep In-Loop Filtering via Multi-Domain Correlation Learning and Partition Constraint for Multiview Video Coding
Includes: Chang, R.J.[Ren Jie] Chang, R.J.[Ren-Jie]

Chang, R.K.C. Co Author Listing * Detecting Low-Quality Workers in QoE Crowdtesting: A Worker Behavior-Based Approach

Chang, R.K.W.[Ray K. W.] Co Author Listing * GPR Virtual Guidance System for Subsurface 3D Imaging

Chang, R.Y.[Ronald Y.] Co Author Listing * Frontalization and adaptive exponential ensemble rule for deep-learning-based facial expression recognition system
* Robust in-plane and out-of-plane face detection algorithm using frontal face detector and symmetry extension
* Synchronization of Boolean networks with chaos-driving and its application in image cryptosystem
Includes: Chang, R.Y.[Ronald Y.] Chang, R.Y.[Rui-Yun]

Chang, S.[Sha] Co Author Listing * 2D/3D image registration using regression learning
* 3D segmentation of rodent brains using deformable models and variational methods
* adaptive conscientious competitive learning algorithm and its applications, An
* Advanced Echo Separation Scheme for Space-Time Waveform-Encoding SAR Based on Digital Beamforming and Blind Source Separation, An
* Adversarial Robustness: From Self-Supervised Pre-Training to Fine-Tuning
* AI City Challenge 2020: Computer Vision for Smart Transportation Applications
* Asia-Pacific Lightning Location Network (APLLN) and Preliminary Performance Assessment
* Assistive Image Comment Robot: A Novel Mid-Level Concept-Based Representation
* BASO: A Background-Anomaly Component Projection and Separation Optimized Filter for Anomaly Detection in Hyperspectral Images
* Beyond Mahalanobis distance: Learning second-order discriminant function for people verification
* Biologically Interpretable Two-Stage Deep Neural Network (BIT-DNN) for Vegetation Recognition From Hyperspectral Imagery, A
* Biomechanically Constrained Surface Registration: Application to MR-TRUS Fusion for Prostate Interventions
* Broadcasting Convolutional Network for Visual Relational Reasoning
* Calculation Of Moment Invariants Via Hadamard Transform
* Challenges on Large Scale Surveillance Video Analysis
* Combined Effects of the ENSO and the QBO on the Ozone Valley over the Tibetan Plateau
* Computer-Aided Prostate Cancer Detection Using Ultrasound RF Time Series: In Vivo Feasibility Study
* Counterfactual Critic Multi-Agent Training for Scene Graph Generation
* Density-invariant Features for Distant Point Cloud Registration
* Different Influences on Wave Turbopause Exerted by 6.5 DWs and Gravity Waves
* Dimension Estimation of Discrete-Time Fractional Brownian-Motion with Applications to Image Texture Classification
* DOAD: Decoupled One Stage Action Detection Network
* DSSNet: A Deep Sequential Sleep Network for Self-Supervised Representation Learning Based on Single-Channel EEG
* Dynamic Iterative Refinement for Efficient 3D Hand Pose Estimation
* Effect of ENSO on the Ozone Valley over the Tibetan Plateau Based on the WACCM4 Model
* End-to-End Light Field Spatial Super-Resolution Network Using Multiple Epipolar Geometry
* Estimation of 3-D Translational Motion Parameters via Hadamard Transform
* evaluation of fake fingerprint databases utilizing SVM classification, An
* Fast Motion Estimation Algorithm and Design for Real Time QFHD High Efficiency Video Coding
* Generalized Depth Estimation Algorithm with a Single Image, A
* Global Crop Monitoring: A Satellite-Based Hierarchical Approach
* Greedy Batch-Based Minimum-Cost Flows for Tracking Multiple Objects
* HairNeRF: Geometry-Aware Image Synthesis for Hairstyle Transfer
* Improving Adversarial Robustness via Guided Complement Entropy
* Innovative Synthetic Aperture Radar Design Method for Lunar Water Ice Exploration, An
* Interpreting Aerial Photographs by Segmentation and Search
* Jointly Attentive Spatial-Temporal Pooling Networks for Video-Based Person Re-identification
* Kinetic Modeling of Hyperpolarized Carbon-13 Pyruvate Metabolism in the Human Brain
* Learning Locally-Adaptive Decision Functions for Person Verification
* LFNAT 2023 Challenge on Light Field Depth Estimation: Methods and Results
* Light Field Super-Resolution via Adaptive Feature Remixing
* Mapping up-to-Date Paddy Rice Extent at 10 M Resolution in China through the Integration of Optical and Synthetic Aperture Radar Images
* Modified SPIHT Algorithm for Image Coding With a Joint MSE and Classification Distortion Measure, A
* MonoATT: Online Monocular 3D Object Detection with Adaptive Token Transformer
* motion detection scheme for motion adaptive pro-scan conversion, A
* Motion Estimation Algorithm under Time-Varying Illumination, A
* Multi-Modal Multi-Scale Deep Learning for Large-Scale Image Annotation
* new architecture for motion-compensated image coding, A
* New Criterion for Automatic Multilevel Thresholding, A
* Noise reduction using multiscale bilateral decomposition for digital color images
* Novel CropdocNet Model for Automated Potato Late Blight Disease Detection from Unmanned Aerial Vehicle-Based Hyperspectral Imagery
* Novel Weighted Amplitude Modulation (WAM) System for Ambiguity Suppression of Spaceborne Hybrid Quad-Pol SAR, A
* NTIRE 2023 Challenge on Light Field Image Super-Resolution: Dataset, Methods and Results
* Object-Coherence Warping for Stereoscopic Image Retargeting
* Optical coherence tomography used for security and fingerprint-sensing applications
* Partial Rotation-Invariant Pattern-Matching and Face Recognition with a Joint Transform Correlator
* Practical Satellite-Derived Vegetation Drought Index for Arid and Semi-Arid Grassland Drought Monitoring, A
* Programmable 3.2-GOPS Merged DRAM Logic for Video Signal Processing, A
* Residual Dilation Based Feature Pyramid Network
* Scalable array architecture design for full search block matching
* Spatial-Angular Multi-Scale Mechanism for Light Field Spatial Super-Resolution
* Spectrum Estimation-Guided Iterative Reconstruction Algorithm for Dual Energy CT
* Subspace Selection-Based Discriminative Forest Method for Hyperspectral Anomaly Detection, A
* Suitability Assessment of Satellite-Derived Drought Indices for Mongolian Grassland
* Task-Agnostic Open-Set Prototype for Few-Shot Open-Set Recognition
* TempNet: Online Semantic Segmentation on Large-scale Point Cloud Series
* Texture Discrimination by Projective Invariants
* Three-dimensional separate descendant-based SPIHT algorithm for fast compression of high-resolution medical image sequences
* Tone mapping with contrast preservation and lightness correction in high dynamic range imaging
* Ultra-Violet Mie Lidar Observations of Particulates Vertical Profiles in Macao during a Record High Pollution Episode
* Unsupervised Sequential Outlier Detection With Deep Architectures
* Video Tracking System with Adaptive Predictors, A
* Watershed-based region merging using conflicting regions
* Weakly Supervised Visual Semantic Parsing
* Zero waiting-cycle hierarchical block matching algorithm and its array architectures
* Zero-Shot Visual Recognition Using Semantics-Preserving Adversarial Embedding Networks
Includes: Chang, S.[Sha] Chang, S.[Sukmoon] Chang, S.[Shyang] Chang, S.[Sheng] Chang, S. Chang, S.[Shiyu] Chang, S.[Simyung] Chang, S.[Shujie] Chang, S.[Shan] Chang, S.[Shuning] Chang, S.[Shuohua] Chang, S.[Song] Chang, S.[Seunggyu] Chang, S.[Shifan] Chang, S.[Soon_Keun] Chang, S.[Sauwa] Chang, S.[Seokcheol]
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Chang, S.C.[Sheng Chieh] Co Author Listing * Car Pooling Model and Solution Method With Stochastic Vehicle Travel Times, A
* Classification on defective items using unidentified samples
* Computation reduction for motion search in low rate video coders
* Determination of Lidar Ratio for Major Aerosol Types over Western North Pacific Based on Long-Term MPLNET Data
* direct method for cluster analysis, A
* Frequency of Low Clouds in Taiwan Retrieved from MODIS Data and Its Relation to Cloud Forest Occurrence
* New Edge Detection Method Through Template Matching, A
* novel rate predictor based on quantized DCT indices and its rate control mechanism, A
* Person Identification by Walking Gesture Using Skeleton Sequences
Includes: Chang, S.C.[Sheng Chieh] Chang, S.C.[Sheng-Chieh] Chang, S.C.[Shui-Ching] Chang, S.C.[Shih-Cheng] Chang, S.C.[Shuenn-Chin] Chang, S.C. Chang, S.C.[Shih-Chieh]
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Chang, S.D. Co Author Listing * Face Recognition with Range Images and Intensity Images
* Model-Based Registration of Ex Vivo and In Vivo MRI of the Prostate Using Elastography*
* Registration of Whole-Mount Histology and Volumetric Imaging of the Prostate Using Particle Filtering
* Statistical Biomechanical Surface Registration: Application to MR-TRUS Fusion for Prostate Interventions

Chang, S.E.[Shuo En] Co Author Listing * Epsnet: Efficient Panoptic Segmentation Network with Cross-layer Attention Fusion
* RMSMP: A Novel Deep Neural Network Quantization Framework with Row-wise Mixed Schemes and Multiple Precisions
* SE-PSNet: Silhouette-based Enhancement Feature for Panoptic Segmentation Network
* You Already Have It: A Generator-Free Low-Precision DNN Training Framework Using Stochastic Rounding
Includes: Chang, S.E.[Shuo En] Chang, S.E.[Shuo-En] Chang, S.E.[Sung-En]

Chang, S.F.[Shih Fu] Co Author Listing * email: Chang, S.F.[Shih Fu]: sfchang AT ctr columbia edu
* 3D shape retrieval using a single depth image from low-cost sensors
* Accelerated Large Scale Optimization by Concomitant Hashing
* Active Context-Based Concept Fusion with Partial User Labels
* Active microscopic cellular image annotation by superposable graph transduction with imbalanced labels
* Algorithms and system for object-oriented content-based video search
* AMOS: an active system for MPEG-4 video object segmentation
* Attributes and categories for generic instance search from one example
* Augmentation Invariant and Instance Spreading Feature for Softmax Embedding
* AutoLoc: Weakly-Supervised Temporal Action Localization in Untrimmed Videos
* Automatic view recognition in echocardiogram videos using parts-based representation
* Automatic visual pattern mining from categorical image dataset
* Bayesian Approach to Multimodal Visual Dictionary Learning, A
* bayesian framework for fusing multiple word knowledge models in videotext recognition, A
* Beyond Triplet Loss: Meta Prototypical N-Tuple Loss for Person Re-identification
* Blind Passive Media Forensics: Motivation and Opportunity
* Bridging Knowledge Graphs to Generate Scene Graphs
* CDC: Convolutional-De-Convolutional Networks for Precise Temporal Action Localization in Untrimmed Videos
* Classification-Based Multidimensional Adaptation Prediction for Scalable Video Coding Using Subjective Quality Evaluation
* CLIP-Event: Connecting Text and Images with Event Structures
* Co-Grounding Networks with Semantic Attention for Referring Expression Comprehension in Videos
* Columbia University's semantic video search engine
* Columbia University's semantic video search engine 2008
* Compact hashing for mixed image-keyword query over multi-label images
* Compact hashing with joint optimization of search accuracy and time
* Compressed-domain techniques for image/video indexing and manipulation
* Constrained Utility Maximizations for Generating Visual Skims
* Consumer video understanding: a benchmark database and an evaluation of human and machine performance
* content based video traffic model using camera operations, A
* Content-Based Indexing and Retrieval of Visual Information
* Content-based utility function prediction for real-time MPEG-4 video transcoding
* Content-based video summarization and adaptation for ubiquitous media access
* Context-gated Convolution
* Cross-domain learning methods for high-level visual concept classification
* Crypto Signature Scheme For Image Authentication Over Wireless Channel, A
* Deep Image Set Hashing
* Designing Category-Level Attributes for Discriminative Visual Recognition
* Designing high-throughput VLC decoder. I. Concurrent VLSI architectures
* Development of Columbia's video on demand testbed
* DiGeo: Discriminative Geometry-Aware Learning for Generalized Few-Shot Object Detection
* Discovering joint audio-visual codewords for video event detection
* Discovering meaningful multimedia patterns with audio-visual concepts and associated text
* Discovering Recurrent Visual Semantics in Consumer Photographs
* Discriminative Indexing for Probabilistic Image Patch Priors
* Distributed Low-Rank Subspace Segmentation
* DMC-Net: Generating Discriminative Motion Cues for Fast Compressed Video Action Recognition
* Domain adaptive semantic diffusion for large scale context-based video annotation
* Echocardiogram videos: summarization, temporal segmentation and browsing
* Editorial IEEE Transactions on Multimedia Special Section on Video Analytics: Challenges, Algorithms, and Applications
* Effective algorithms for video transmission over wireless channels
* Element Rearrangement for Tensor-Based Subspace Learning
* Embedding visible video watermarks in the compressed domain
* end-to-end system for content-based video retrieval using behavior, actions, and appearance with interactive query refinement, An
* Enhancing Bilinear Subspace Learning by Element Rearrangement
* Experiments in Constructing Belief Networks for Image Classification Systems
* Exploiting Feature and Class Relationships in Video Categorization with Regularized Deep Neural Networks
* Exploiting web images for event recognition in consumer videos: A multiple source domain adaptation approach
* Exploration of Parameter Redundancy in Deep Networks with Circulant Projections, An
* Exploring Functionalities in the Compressed Image Video Domain
* Exploring Image Functionalities in WWW Applications: Development of Image/Video Search and Editing Engines
* Exploring the Dynamics of Visual Events in the Multi-dimensional Semantic Concept Space
* Fast kernel learning for spatial pyramid matching
* Fast Orthogonal Projection Based on Kronecker Product
* Fast Semantic Diffusion for Large-Scale Context-Based Image and Video Annotation
* Feature selection for unsupervised discovery of statistical temporal structures in video
* Few-Shot End-to-End Object Detection via Constantly Concentrated Encoding Across Heads
* Few-Shot Object Detection with Fully Cross-Transformer
* Fine-Grained Visual Entailment
* From Low-Cost Depth Sensors to CAD: Cross-Domain 3D Shape Retrieval via Regression Tree Fields
* Fully Automated Content-Based Video Search Engine Supporting Spatiotemporal Queries, A
* Future directions in multimedia retrieval: impact of new technology
* General and domain-specific techniques for detecting and recognizing superimposed text in video
* Generating Semantic Visual Templates for Video Databases
* Generative-Discriminative Hybrid Method for Multi-View Object Detection, A
* Grounding Referring Expressions in Images by Variational Context
* Guest editorial: Multimodal sentiment analysis and mining in the wild
* Guest Editors' Introduction: Content-Based Access of Image and Video Libraries
* Hash Bit Selection for Nearest Neighbor Search
* Hash Bit Selection: A Unified Solution for Selection Problems in Hashing
* Hash-SVM: Scalable Kernel Machines for Large-Scale Visual Classification
* High-level event recognition in unconstrained videos
* Highly Efficient System for Automatic Face Region Detection in MPEG Video, A
* Hybrid object-based/block-based coding in video compression at very low bit-rate
* Image classification using multimedia knowledge networks
* Image Retrieval with Sketches and Compositions
* Image Retrieval: Current Techniques, Promising Directions, and Open Issues
* In a Blink of an Eye and a Switch of a Transistor: Cortically Coupled Computer Vision
* In Defense of Structural Symbolic Representation for Video Event-Relation Prediction
* integrated approach for content-based video object segmentation and retrieval, An
* Interactive Segmentation on RGBD Images via Cue Selection
* Introduction to the Special Issue on Event Analysis in Videos, An
* Introduction to the special issue on MPEG-7
* Introduction to the special issue on object-based video coding and description
* Joint Adaptive Space and Frequency Basis Selection
* Joint audio-visual bi-modal codewords for video event detection
* Kernel Sharing With Joint Boosting For Multi-Class Concept Detection
* Knowledge Engineering Approach for Image Classification Based on Probabilistic Reasoning Systems, A
* Label diagnosis through self tuning for web image search
* Label Propagation from ImageNet to 3D Point Clouds
* Language Models are Causal Knowledge Extractors for Zero-shot Video Question Answering
* Large-Scale Video Hashing via Structure Learning
* Learning component-level sparse representation using histogram information for image classification
* Learning Discriminative and Transformation Covariant Local Feature Detectors
* Learning Sample Specific Weights for Late Fusion
* Learning Spread-Out Local Feature Descriptors
* Learning Structured Visual Detectors From User Input At Multiple Levels
* Learning to Detect Scene Text Using a Higher-Order MRF with Belief Propagation
* Learning to Learn Words from Visual Scenes
* Learning To Recognize Procedural Activities with Distant Supervision
* Learning Visual Commonsense for Robust Scene Graph Generation
* Learning Visual Representation from Modality-Shared Contrastive Language-Image Pre-training
* Local Color and Texture Extraction and Spatial Query
* Locally Linear Hashing for Extracting Non-linear Manifolds
* Long-term Moving Object Segmentation and Tracking Using Spatio-temporal Consistency
* Lost in binarization: query-adaptive ranking for similar image search with compact codes
* Methods and architecture for indexing and editing compressed video over the world wide web
* Mining Statistical Video Structures
* Mobile product search with Bag of Hash Bits and boundary reranking
* model for image splicing, A
* Modeling Multimodal Clues in a Hybrid Deep Learning Framework for Video Classification
* Modeling Scene and Object Contexts for Human Action Retrieval With Few Examples
* Modeling the Activity Pattern of the Constellation of Cardiac Chambers in Echocardiogram Videos
* MPEG-7 MDS Content Description Tools and Applications
* Multi-Granularity Generator for Temporal Action Proposal
* Multi-Level Multimodal Common Semantic Space for Image-Phrase Grounding
* Multilingual visual sentiment concept clustering and analysis
* Multimedia database management systems
* Multimodal Clustering Networks for Self-supervised Learning from Unlabeled Videos
* Near Duplicate Identification With Spatially Aligned Pyramid Matching
* Near duplicate image identification with patially Aligned Pyramid Matching
* New insights into Laplacian similarity search
* Noise resistant graph ranking for improved web image search
* Objective and subjective quality of service performance of video-on-demand in ATM-WAN
* One-Stage Object Referring with Gaze Estimation
* Online Detection of Action Start in Untrimmed, Streaming Videos
* Open-Vocabulary Object Detection Using Captions
* Overview of the MPEG-7 standard
* Partner-Assisted Learning for Few-Shot Image Classification
* Pattern Mining in Large-Scale Image and Video Sources
* PPR-FCN: Weakly Supervised Visual Relation Detection via Parallel Pairwise R-FCN
* Practical Methodology for Guaranteeing Quality of Service for Video-on-Demand, A
* PreViTS: Contrastive Pretraining with Video Tracking Supervision
* Quality-Optimized and Secure End-to-End Authentication for Media Delivery
* quantitive semi-fragile jpeg2000 image authentication system, A
* Query Adaptive Few-Shot Object Detection with Heterogeneous Graph Convolutional Networks
* Query-Adaptive Fusion for Multimodal Search
* Query-Adaptive Image Search With Hash Codes
* Real-Time Content-Based Adaptive Streaming of Sports Videos
* Real-time view recognition and event detection for sports video
* Recognizing Complex Events in Videos by Learning Key Static-Dynamic Evidences
* Region Feature Based Similarity Searching of Semantic Video Objects
* Relevance aggregation projections for image retrieval
* reranking approach for context-based concept fusion in video indexing and retrieval, A
* Robust and Scalable Graph-Based Semisupervised Learning
* robust content based digital signature for image authentication, A
* robust image authentication method distinguishing JPEG compression from malicious manipulation, A
* Robust late fusion with rank minimization
* Robust multi-class transductive learning with graphs
* Robust Object Co-detection
* Robust visual domain adaptation with low-rank reconstruction
* Sample-Specific Late Fusion for Visual Category Recognition
* Scene Aligned Pooling for Complex Video Recognition
* Scene Change Detection in a MPEG Compressed Video Sequence
* Segmentation using superpixels: A bipartite graph partitioning approach
* Semantic Concept Classification by Joint Semi-supervised Learning of Feature Subspaces and Support Vector Machines
* Semantic Visual Templates: Linking visual Features to Semantics
* Semi-fragile image authentication using generic wavelet domain features and ecc
* Semi-Supervised Distance Metric Learning for Collaborative Image Retrieval
* Semi-Supervised Hashing for Large-Scale Search
* Semi-supervised hashing for scalable image retrieval
* Single color extraction and image query
* Spatio-Temporal Video Search Using the Object-Based Video Representation
* Special issue on concept detection with big data
* Special issue on multimedia adaptation
* Spherical hashing
* Spherical Hashing: Binary Code Embedding with Hyperspheres
* Structural and Semantic Analysis of Video
* Structure analysis of soccer video with domain knowledge and hidden Markov models
* Super Fast Event Recognition in Internet Videos
* Supervised hashing with kernels
* Supervised Masked Knowledge Distillation for Few-Shot Transformers
* Survey of compressed-domain features used in audio-visual indexing and analysis
* survey of multimodal sentiment analysis, A
* Task-Adaptive Negative Envision for Few-Shot Open-Set Recognition
* Temporal Action Localization in Untrimmed Videos via Multi-stage CNNs
* Topic Tracking Across Broadcast News Videos with Visual Duplicates and Semantic Concepts
* Towards Fast Adaptation of Pretrained Contrastive Models for Multi-channel Video-Language Retrieval
* Transform features for texture classification and discrimination in large image databases
* Unsupervised Embedding Learning via Invariant and Spreading Instance Feature
* Unsupervised learning of video structures in videos using hierarchical statistical models to detect events
* Uploader Intent for Online Video: Typology, Inference, and Applications
* Using Geometry Invariants for Camera Response Function Estimation
* Variational Context: Exploiting Visual and Textual Context for Grounding Referring Expressions
* Video Adaptation: Concepts, Technologies, and Open Issues
* Video Event Detection by Inferring Temporal Instance Labels
* Video Event Recognition Using Kernel Methods with Multilevel Temporal Alignment
* Video in 10 Bits: Few-bit Videoqa for Efficiency and Privacy
* Video mining: pattern discovery versus pattern recognition
* Video Scene Segmentation Using Video and Audio Features
* Video skims: taxonomies and an optimal generation framework
* Video transcoding for resilience in wireless channels
* Video-Server Retrieval Scheduling and Resource Reservation for Variable Bit Rate Scalable Video
* VideoQ: An Automated Content Based Video Search System Using Visual Cues
* VideoQ: An Automatic Content-Based Video Search System Using Visual Cues
* Vismap: An Interactive Image/video Retrieval System Using Visualization and Concept Maps
* Visual Cue Cluster Construction via Information Bottleneck Principle and Kernel Density Estimation
* Visual Event Recognition in News Video using Kernel Methods with Multi-Level Temporal Alignment
* Visual Information Retrieval from Large Distributed Online Repositories
* Visual islands: intuitive browsing of visual search results
* Visual Translation Embedding Network for Visual Relation Detection
* Visually Searching the Web for Content
* Visualseek: A Fully Automated Content-Based Image Query System
* VX2TEXT: End-to-End Learning of Video-Based Text Generation From Multimodal Inputs
* Weak attributes for large-scale image retrieval
* Web-Scale Multimedia Processing and Applications
* Zero-error Information Hiding Capacity of Digital Images
Includes: Chang, S.F.[Shih Fu] Chang, S.F.[Shih-Fu] Chang, S.F. Chang, S.F.[Shi-Fu] Chang, S.F.[Shib-Fu]
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Chang, S.G. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Wavelet Thresholding for Image Denoising and Compression
* Graph-matching-based correspondence search for nonrigid point cloud registration
* Image Denoising via Lossy Compression and Wavelet Thresholding
* Locally Adaptive Wavelet-Based Image Interpolation
* Multiple copy image denoising via wavelet thresholding
* Spatial Adaptive Wavelet Thresholding for Image Denoising
* Spatially Adaptive Wavelet Thresholding with Context Modeling for Image Denoising
* Wavelet Thresholding for Multiple Noisy Image Copies
Includes: Chang, S.G. Chang, S.G.[Seung-Gyu]
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Chang, S.H.[Seok Ho] Co Author Listing * Comments on Iterative Channel Decoding of FEC-Based Multiple-Description Codes
* Fast Algorithm for Point Pattern-Matching: Invariant to Translations, Rotations and Scale Changes
* Fundamental matrix of planar catadioptric stereo systems
* How to Optimize High-Value GEP Areas to Identify Key Areas for Protection and Restoration: The Integration of Ecology and Complex Networks
* Iterative Channel Decoding of FEC-Based Multiple-Description Codes
* Performance Analysis of n-Channel Symmetric FEC-Based Multiple Description Coding for OFDM Networks
* region-based GLRT detection of oil spills in SAR images, A
* Repairing the sheltered human skeleton based on natural interaction
Includes: Chang, S.H.[Seok Ho] Chang, S.H.[Seok-Ho] Chang, S.H. Chang, S.H.[Shi-Hui] Chang, S.H.[Shu-Hao]
8 for Chang, S.H.

Chang, S.J.[Shih Jie] Co Author Listing * Autonomous fuzzy parking control of a car-like mobile robot
* Combining DEKF algorithm and trace rule for fast on-line invariance extraction and recognition
* Data Gap Filling Using Cloud-Based Distributed Markov Chain Cellular Automata Framework for Land Use and Land Cover Change Analysis: Inner Mongolia as a Case Study
* Deep convolution neural network with scene-centric and object-centric information for object detection
* Exploring Dual-Energy CT Spectral Information for Machine Learning-Driven Lesion Diagnosis in Pre-Log Domain
* Eye feature point detection based on single convolutional neural network
* First Visual Object Tracking Segmentation VOTS2023 Challenge Results, The
* Handwritten digit recognition using multi-layer feedforward neural networks with periodic and monotonic activation functions
* Multi-Scale Feature Pyramid Network for Detection and Instance Segmentation of Marine Ships in SAR Images, A
* Single-Domain Generalization for Semantic Segmentation Via Dual-Level Domain Augmentation
Includes: Chang, S.J.[Shih Jie] Chang, S.J.[Shih-Jie] Chang, S.J.[Sheng-Jiang] Chang, S.J.[Shu-Juan] Chang, S.J.[Sheng-Jen] Chang, S.J.[Shao-Jie] Chang, S.J.[Shi-Jie] Chang, S.J.[Shu-Jung]
10 for Chang, S.J.

Chang, S.K.[Shi Kuo] Co Author Listing * Comments on Mesh and Pyramid Algorithms for Iconic Indexing
* Encoding Techniques for Efficient Similarity Retrieval from Pictorial Databases
* Human- and System-Directed Fusion of Multimedia and Multimodal Information Using the s-Tree Data Model
* Iconic Indexing by 2-D Strings
* Image Algebra for Pictorial Data Manipulation, An
* Image Database Systems
* Image Information Systems
* Image Information Systems: Where Do We Go from Here?
* Intelligent Image Database System, An
* Intelligent Image Database Systems
* L_n norm optimal histogram matching and application to similarity retrieval
* Modeling visual interactive systems through dynamic visual languages
* Multiframe Motion Estimation Architecture for H.264/AVC, A
* Noise reduction in high dynamic range images
* Pictorial Data-Base Systems
* Picture Indexing and Abstraction Techniques for Pictorial Databases
* Picture Information Measures for Similarity Retrieval
* Pyramidal Algorithms for Iconic Indexing
* Sigma-Tree Q A Symbolic Spatial Data Model, The
* Sil-Icon Compiler: An Icon-Oriented System Generator, The
* Study on Generic Representation of Skeletal Remains Replication of Prehistoric Burial, A
* Three-dimensional object reconstruction from orthogonal projections
* Triangular Scanning Technique for Locating Boundary Curves, A
* Unified Approach to Iconic Indexing, Retrieval, and Maintenance of Spatial Relationships in Image Databases, A
* Virtual Spaces: From the Past to the Future
Includes: Chang, S.K.[Shi Kuo] Chang, S.K.[Shi-Kuo] Chang, S.K. Chang, S.K.[Sheng-Kai] Chang, S.K.[Soon-Keun]
25 for Chang, S.K.

Chang, S.L.[Shyang Lih] Co Author Listing * Automatic license plate recognition
* Design of Infrared Electronic-Toll-Collection Systems With Extended Communication Areas and Performance of Data Transmission
* Design of light-emitting-diode array for solving problems of irregular radiation pattern and signal attenuation for infrared electronic-toll-collection systems
* Dichromatic Reflection Separation from a Single Image
* improved line continuation model in human visual perception, An
* Interference reflection separation from a single image
* Invariance Properties of Chromatic Characteristics, The
* Robust Vascular Segmentation for Raw Complex Images of Laser Speckle Contrast Based on Weakly Supervised Learning
* Second-order adaptive volterra system identification based on discrete nonlinear Wiener model
* Stochastic gradient based third-order Volterra system identification by using nonlinear Wiener adaptive algorithm
* Validation of the SNTHERM Model Applied for Snow Depth, Grain Size, and Brightness Temperature Simulation at Meteorological Stations in China
* Vision-based traffic measurement system
Includes: Chang, S.L.[Shyang Lih] Chang, S.L.[Shyang-Lih] Chang, S.L. Chang, S.L.[Shih-Liang] Chang, S.L.[Shi-Long] Chang, S.L.[Shun-Li]
12 for Chang, S.L.

Chang, S.M.[Shih Ming] Co Author Listing * Video Forgery and Special Effect Production
Includes: Chang, S.M.[Shih Ming] Chang, S.M.[Shih-Ming]

Chang, S.N.[Shu Ning] Co Author Listing * Contrastive Attention for Video Anomaly Detection
* KVT: k-NN Attention for Boosting Vision Transformers
* Making Vision Transformers Efficient from A Token Sparsification View
Includes: Chang, S.N.[Shu Ning] Chang, S.N.[Shu-Ning]

Chang, S.P.[Shu Ping] Co Author Listing * Classification of Street Tree Species Using UAV Tilt Photogrammetry
* Extracting Driving Behavior: Global Metric Localization from Dashcam Videos in the Wild
* Fixed-Time Active Disturbance Rejection Control and Its Application to Wheeled Mobile Robots
Includes: Chang, S.P.[Shu Ping] Chang, S.P.[Shu-Ping] Chang, S.P.[Shao-Pin] Chang, S.P.[Shao-Ping]

Chang, S.Q.[Shao Qiang] Co Author Listing * Coherent Accumulation for Measuring Maneuvering Weak Targets Based on Stepped Dechirp Generalized Radon-Fourier Transform
* Slow-Time MIMO Waveform Design Using Pulse-Agile-Phase-Coding for Range Ambiguity Mitigation
Includes: Chang, S.Q.[Shao Qiang] Chang, S.Q.[Shao-Qiang]

Chang, S.R.[Shao Rong] Co Author Listing * Bayesian Approach to Unsupervised Feature Selection and Density Estimation Using Expectation Propagation, A
Includes: Chang, S.R.[Shao Rong] Chang, S.R.[Shao-Rong]

Chang, S.S.[Shan Shan] Co Author Listing * Low-Latitude Plasma Irregularities after Sunrise from Multiple Observations in Both Hemispheres during the Recovery Phase of a Storm, The
Includes: Chang, S.S.[Shan Shan] Chang, S.S.[Shan-Shan]

Chang, S.T.[Su Ting] Co Author Listing * Bayesian asymmetric quantized neural networks
* Instability Index Derived from a Landslide Inventory for Watershed Stability Assessment and Mapping
Includes: Chang, S.T.[Su Ting] Chang, S.T.[Su-Ting] Chang, S.T.[Shu-Ting]

Chang, S.W. Co Author Listing * Evaluation and Comparison of Anatomical Landmark Detection Methods for Cephalometric X-Ray Images: A Grand Challenge
* quick method for estimation of parameters of individual pulses in a multipath signal, A
Includes: Chang, S.W. Chang, S.W.[Sung Wu]

Chang, S.X. Co Author Listing * Unsupervised Alignment of News Video and Text Using Visual Patterns and Textual Concepts

Chang, S.Y.[Shi Yu] Co Author Listing * Additive Adversarial Learning for Unbiased Authentication
* AutoGAN: Neural Architecture Search for Generative Adversarial Networks
* Blind Image Deblurring Using Spectral Properties of Convolution Operators
* Broad Spectrum Image Deblurring via an Adaptive Super-Network
* D3: Deep Dual-Domain Based Fast Restoration of JPEG-Compressed Images
* Efficient Recoverable Cryptographic Mosaic Technique by Permutations
* Harnessing the Spatial-Temporal Attention of Diffusion Models for High-Fidelity Text-to-Image Synthesis
* Image Super-Resolution via Dual-State Recurrent Networks
* joint perspective towards image super-resolution: Unifying external- and self-examples, A
* Learning Super-Resolution Jointly From External and Internal Examples
* Learning Temporal Dynamics for Video Super-Resolution: A Deep Learning Approach
* LEGO-MM: LEarning Structured Model by Probabilistic loGic Ontology Tree for MultiMedia
* Lottery Tickets Hypothesis for Supervised and Self-supervised Pre-training in Computer Vision Models, The
* Quarantine: Sparsity Can Uncover the Trojan Attack Trigger for Free
* Robust Mixture-of-Expert Training for Convolutional Neural Networks
* Robust Video Super-Resolution with Learned Temporal Dynamics
* Scalable Similarity Learning Using Large Margin Neighborhood Embedding
* Self-tuned deep super resolution
* Statistical Change Detection with Moments Under Time-Varying Illumination
* Studying Very Low Resolution Recognition Using Deep Networks
* Sym-Parameterized Dynamic Inference for Mixed-Domain Image Translation
* Tensor Extended Kalman Filter and its Application to Traffic Prediction
* Tensor Quantization: High-Dimensional Data Compression
* Towards cross-category knowledge propagation for learning visual concepts
* Uncovering the Disentanglement Capability in Text-to-Image Diffusion Models
Includes: Chang, S.Y.[Shi Yu] Chang, S.Y.[Shi-Yu] Chang, S.Y.[Shih Yu] Chang, S.Y. Chang, S.Y.[Sim-Yung]
25 for Chang, S.Y.

Chang, S.Z.[Shi Zhen] Co Author Listing * Changes to Captions: An Attentive Network for Remote Sensing Change Captioning
* Extraction and Spatial-Temporal Evolution of Urban Fringes: A Case Study of Changchun in Jilin Province, China
* Identifying Urban Functional Areas in China's Changchun City from Sentinel-2 Images and Social Sensing Data
* Land Use Change and Hotspot Identification in Harbin-Changchun Urban Agglomeration in China from 1990 to 2020
* Mapping the Essential Urban Land Use in Changchun by Applying Random Forest and Multi-Source Geospatial Data
Includes: Chang, S.Z.[Shi Zhen] Chang, S.Z.[Shi-Zhen] Chang, S.Z.[Shou-Zhi]

Chang, T. Co Author Listing * Active Layer Thickness Retrieval Over the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau from 2000 to 2020 Based on Insar-measured Subsidence and Multi-layer Soil Moisture
* Best first strategy for feature selection
* Chimera: A Multi-Task Recurrent Convolutional Neural Network for Forest Classification and Structural Estimation
* Co-Scale Conv-Attentional Image Transformers
* Context-Interactive CNN for Person Re-Identification
* Cross-View Contextual Relation Transferred Network for Unsupervised Vehicle Tracking in Drone Videos
* Dynamic attention augmented graph network for video accident anticipation
* Dynamic Objectives Learning for Facial Expression Recognition
* Fast Motion Estimation Algorithm and Design for Real Time QFHD High Efficiency Video Coding
* Grouping sensory primitives for object recognition and tracking
* Modeling Infrared Radiometer Self-Emission With Application to MetOp/HIRS
* New Smoothing Filter for Directional Detection and Enhancement, A
* Pattern Recognition in Geophysical Signal Processing and Interpretation
* Recovery of Lost Color and Depth Frames in Multiview Videos
* Segmentation and Classification of Human Forms using LADAR Data
* Solving the stiff problem in computer vision by trade-off optimization
* Stereo from Uncalibrated Cameras
* STPF-Net: Short-Term Precipitation Forecast Based on a Recurrent Neural Network
* Texture Analysis and Classification with Tree-Structured Wavelet Transform
* Texture classification with tree-structured wavelet transform
* Tree-Structured Wavelet Transform for Textured Image Segmentation
* variance-based Bayesian framework for improving Land-Cover classification through wide-area learning from large geographic regions, A
Includes: Chang, T. Chang, T.[Tong] Chang, T.[Tony] Chang, T.[Tyler] Chang, T.[Tao] Chang, T.[Tommy]
22 for Chang, T.

Chang, T.A.[Ting An] Co Author Listing * Precise depth map upsampling and enhancement based on edge-preserving fusion filters
Includes: Chang, T.A.[Ting An] Chang, T.A.[Ting-An]

Chang, T.C. Co Author Listing * Character Segmentation Using Convex-Hull Techniques
* Comment on: 'Extended Hough transform for linear feature detection'
* Compensation of motion artifacts in MRI via graph-based optimization
* Diagnostic Application of Brain Image Processing and Analysis System for Ischemic Stroke, The
* Facial Feature Extraction from Color Images
* Fast randomized algorithm for center-detection
* Fire synthesis using basis fires and design
* Gradient domain layer separation under independent motion
* Memory efficient error diffusion
* MRI motion artifact correction based on spectral extrapolation with generalized series
* New Framework for Characterization of Halftone Textures, A
* Quantization of Accumulated Diffused Errors in Error Diffusion
Includes: Chang, T.C. Chang, T.C.[Ting-Chin] Chang, T.C.[Ti-Chiun] Chang, T.C.[Tzyh-Chyang] Chang, T.C.[Tse-Ching]
12 for Chang, T.C.

Chang, T.E.[Tsung En] Co Author Listing * Improved interview video error concealment on whole frame packet loss
Includes: Chang, T.E.[Tsung En] Chang, T.E.[Tsung-En]

Chang, T.G.[Tae Gyu] Co Author Listing * Neuromorphic Hardware Accelerated Lane Detection System
* Three-Dimensional Object Representation and Recognition Based on Surface Normal Images
Includes: Chang, T.G.[Tae Gyu] Chang, T.G.[Tae-Gyu]

Chang, T.H.[Tian Hai] Co Author Listing * Building fast and compact convolutional neural networks for offline handwritten Chinese character recognition
* Computation reduction technique for lossy JPEG2000 encoding through EBCOT tier-2 feedback processing
* Dilemma zone avoidance development: an on-board approach
* Dynamic Data Regulation for Fixed Vehicle Detectors
* Green safety index representing traffic levels of service for online application
* Joint Power and Admission Control Based on Channel Distribution Information: A Novel Two-Timescale Approach
* Onboard Measurement and Warning Module for Irregular Vehicle Behavior
* Semi-Supervised Text Classification With Universum Learning
* Solution to the Ill-Conditioned GPS Positioning Problem in an Urban Environment, A
* Tracking Multiple People Under Occlusion Using Multiple Cameras
Includes: Chang, T.H.[Tian Hai] Chang, T.H.[Tian-Hai] Chang, T.H.[Te-Hao] Chang, T.H. Chang, T.H.[Tang-Hsien] Chang, T.H.[Tao-Hsing]
10 for Chang, T.H.

Chang, T.J.[Tie Jun] Co Author Listing * Aqua and Terra MODIS RSB Calibration Comparison Using BRDF Modeled Reflectance
* MODIS and VIIRS Calibration and Characterization in Support of Producing Long-Term High-Quality Data Products
* Optimization of a Deep Convective Cloud Technique in Evaluating the Long-Term Radiometric Stability of MODIS Reflective Solar Bands
* Positional Dependence of SNPP VIIRS Solar Diffuser BRDF Change Factor: An Empirical Approach
* Postlaunch Calibration Update of MetOp-B AVHRR Reflective Solar Channels Using MetOp-A
* Pre-Launch JPSS-2 VIIRS Response Versus Scan Angle Characterization
* VIIRS Reflective Solar Band Radiometric and Stability Evaluation Using Deep Convective Clouds
Includes: Chang, T.J.[Tie Jun] Chang, T.J.[Tie-Jun]
7 for Chang, T.J.

Chang, T.K.[Terry K.] Co Author Listing * Planar Shape Matching and Feature Extraction Using Shape Profile

Chang, T.L.[Tien Lung] Co Author Listing * Detecting deformable objects with flexible shape priors
* Direct Energy Minimization for Super-Resolution on Nonlinear Manifolds
* Improving local learning for object categorization by exploring the effects of ranking
* Non-fingerprint region indicator
Includes: Chang, T.L.[Tien Lung] Chang, T.L.[Tien-Lung] Chang, T.L.[Tien-Lin]

Chang, T.M.[Tse Ming] Co Author Listing * semi-empirical scheme for bathymetric mapping in shallow water by ICESat-2 and Sentinel-2: A case study in the South China Sea, A
Includes: Chang, T.M.[Tse Ming] Chang, T.M.[Tse-Ming]

Chang, T.S. Co Author Listing * 124 Mpixels/s VLSI Design for Histogram-Based Joint Bilateral Filtering, A
* 135 MHz 542 k Gates High Throughput H.264/AVC Scalable High Profile Decoder, A
* 140-MHz 94 K Gates HD1080p 30-Frames/s Intra-Only Profile H.264 Encoder, A
* 385 MHz 13.54 K Gates Delay Balanced Two-Level CAVLC Decoder for Ultra HD H.264/AVC Video, A
* 94fps view synthesis engine for HD1080p video, A
* Adaptive De-Interlacing With Robust Overlapped Block Motion Compensation
* Adaptive Resolution Change for Versatile Video Coding
* Algorithm and Architecture of Disparity Estimation With Mini-Census Adaptive Support Weight
* Architecture Design of Belief Propagation for Real-Time Disparity Estimation
* Architecture Design of Shape-Adaptive Discrete Cosine Transform and Its Inverse for MPEG-4 Video Coding
* Combined Frame Memory Motion Compensation for Video Coding
* Correcting radial and perspective distortion by using face shape information
* Efficient Binary Motion Estimation Algorithm and its Architecture for MPEG-4 Shape Encoding, An
* Efficient Mode Preselection Algorithm for Fractional Motion Estimation in H.264/AVC Scalable Video Extension, An
* Fast Algorithm and Its VLSI Architecture for Fractional Motion Estimation for H.264/MPEG-4 AVC Video Coding, A
* Fast Block Type Decision Algorithm for Intra Prediction in H.264 FRExt
* Fast disparity estimation for 3DTV applications
* Fast SIFT Design for Real-Time Visual Feature Extraction
* Fast Variable Block Size Motion Estimation by Adaptive Early Termination
* High-Definition H.264/AVC Intra-Frame Codec IP for Digital Video and Still Camera Applications, A
* Highly Efficient VLSI Architecture for H.264/AVC Level 5.1 CABAC Decoder, A
* intelligent real-time vision system for surface defect detection, An
* Memory-Efficient Realization of Cyclic Convolution and Its Application to Discrete Cosine Transform, A
* On the data reuse and memory bandwidth analysis for full-search block-matching VLSI architecture
* Perceptual oriented depth cue enhancement for stereoscopic view synthesis
* QFHD 30-frames/s HEVC Decoder Design, A
* RD Optimized Bandwidth Efficient Motion Estimation and Its Hardware Design With On-Demand Data Access
* Simple Processor Core Design for DCT/IDCT, A
* VLSI Architecture for Real-Time HD1080p View Synthesis Engine
* Wide-angle distortion correction by Hough transform and gradient estimation
Includes: Chang, T.S. Chang, T.S.[Tian-Sheuan] Chang, T.S.[Tzu-Shan] Chang, T.S.[Tzyy-Shuh]
30 for Chang, T.S.

Chang, T.T.[Tian Tian] Co Author Listing * Clustered Microcalcification detection based on a Multiple Kernel Support Vector Machine with Grouped Features (GF-SVM)
* Stereo matching architecture for 3D pose/gesture recognition and distance-measuring application
* Using Adaptive Tone Mapping to Enhance Edge-Preserving Color Image Automatically
Includes: Chang, T.T.[Tian Tian] Chang, T.T.[Tian-Tian] Chang, T.T.[Ting-Ting]

Chang, T.W.[Ting Wei] Co Author Listing * data mining approach to face detection, A
* DEN: Disentangling and Exchanging Network for Depth Completion
Includes: Chang, T.W.[Ting Wei] Chang, T.W.[Ting-Wei]

Chang, T.Y.[Tian Yu] Co Author Listing * Domain Generalized Stereo Matching via Hierarchical Visual Transformation
* passive multi-purpose scheme based on periodicity analysis of CFA artifacts for image forensics, A
* Physical Structure Segmentation with Projection Profile for Mathematic Formulae and Graphics in Academic Paper Images
* TinyGAN: Distilling BigGAN for Conditional Image Generation
Includes: Chang, T.Y.[Tian Yu] Chang, T.Y.[Tian-Yu] Chang, T.Y.[Tang-You] Chang, T.Y.[Tzu-Yuan] Chang, T.Y.[Ting-Yun]

Chang, U.D.[Un Dong] Co Author Listing * 2D)2 DLDA for Efficient Face Recognition
* Face recognition robust to left/right shadows; facial symmetry
Includes: Chang, U.D.[Un Dong] Chang, U.D.[Un-Dong]

Chang, V. Co Author Listing * Analytical Exploration of Energy Savings for Parked Vehicles to Enhance VANET Connectivity

Chang, W.[Wei] Co Author Listing * Adaptive-order proximity learning for graph-based clustering
* Analysis of East Asia Wind Vectors Using Space-Time Cross-Covariance Models
* Building High-Fidelity Human Body Models From User-Generated Data
* CQI-Based Interference-Aware Graph Resource-Sharing Scheme for Vehicular Networks
* Deep Convolutional Framelet Denosing for Low-Dose CT via Wavelet Residual Network
* Description of shape patterns using circular arcs for object detection
* Elaborate multi-task subspace learning with discrete group constraint
* Fingerprint image compression by a natural clustering neural network
* Frankenhorse: Automatic Completion of Articulating Objects from Image-based Reconstruction
* Image-Coding by a Neural-Net Classification Process
* Joint Estimation of Multiple Notes and Inharmonicity Coefficient Based on f_0 -Triplet for Automatic Piano Transcription
* Keystroke Biometric System Using Wavelets
* KinectAvatar: Fully Automatic Body Capture Using a Single Kinect
* Microwave Scattering and Medium Characterization for Terrestrial Snow With QCA-Mie and Bicontinuous Models: Comparison Studies
* Modified Dynamic Time Warping for Stroke-Based On-line Signature Verification
* MPEG-A: Multimedia Application Formats
* Neural texture transfer assisted video coding with adaptive up-sampling
* Offline automatic actor tracking in a movie
* Pixel-RRT*: A Novel Skeleton Trajectory Search Algorithm for Hepatic Vessels
* Relationship Proposal Networks
* Self-weighted learning framework for adaptive locality discriminant analysis
* Spatial Decorrelation in GNSS-Based SAR Coherent Change Detection
* Two-stream Framework for Activity Recognition with 2d Human Pose Estimation
* Wavelet Representation for Multigrid Computation in Surface Interpolation Problem
Includes: Chang, W.[Wei] Chang, W.[Won] Chang, W. Chang, W.[Wonil] Chang, W.[Will] Chang, W.[Woojin] Chang, W.[Wo] Chang, W.[Wenshuai] Chang, W.[Wanru] Chang, W.[Walter] Chang, W.[Wenge]
24 for Chang, W.

Chang, W.B.[Wen Bing] Co Author Listing * Effectiveness Evaluation Model for Satellite Observation and Data-Downlink Scheduling Considering Weather Uncertainties, An
* Online Public Transit Ridership Monitoring Through Passive WiFi Sensing
* Short-Term Traffic Flow Prediction of the Smart City Using 5G Internet of Vehicles Based on Edge Computing
Includes: Chang, W.B.[Wen Bing] Chang, W.B.[Wen-Bing] Chang, W.B.[Wen-Bo]

Chang, W.C.[Wen Chung] Co Author Listing * Candidate-based matching of 3-D point clouds with axially switching pose estimation
* Feature Analysis for Multi-Window Matching
* Geometric Integration of Heterogeneous Models for Multisatellite Image Positioning
* Halftone/contone conversion using neural networks
* High capacity reversible data hiding scheme for encrypted images
* Imaging data detects changes in urban areas over time
* Integration Of Images And Lidar Point Clouds For Building Façade Texturing
* intelligent space for mobile robot navigation with on-line calibrated vision sensors, An
* Online Boosting for Vehicle Detection
* Orientation Modeling For Amateur Cameras By Matching Image Line Features And Building Vector Data
* Recurrent wavelet structure-preserving residual network for single image deraining
* Wavelet Approximation-Aware Residual Network for Single Image Deraining
Includes: Chang, W.C.[Wen Chung] Chang, W.C.[Wen-Chung] Chang, W.C. Chang, W.C.[Wen-Chi] Chang, W.C.[Wei-Chen] Chang, W.C.[Wei-Chi]
12 for Chang, W.C.

Chang, W.D.[Won Du] Co Author Listing * statistical handwriting model for style-preserving and variable character synthesis, A
Includes: Chang, W.D.[Won Du] Chang, W.D.[Won-Du]

Chang, W.G.[Woong Gi] Co Author Listing * Domain-Specific Batch Normalization for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation
Includes: Chang, W.G.[Woong Gi] Chang, W.G.[Woong-Gi]

Chang, W.H.[Wei Hau] Co Author Listing * Cryo-Ralib: A Modular Library for Accelerating Alignment in CRYO-EM
* fast MPEG-7 dominant color extraction with new similarity measure for image retrieval, A
* high throughput low cost context-based adaptive arithmetic codec for multiple standards, A
Includes: Chang, W.H.[Wei Hau] Chang, W.H.[Wei-Hau] Chang, W.H.[Wei-Han] Chang, W.H.[Wei-Hsin]

Chang, W.I. Co Author Listing * Application Of Spatial Modelling Approaches, Sampling Strategies And 3s Technology Within An Ecolgocial Framwork
* Evaluating The Novel Methods On Species Distribution Modeling In Complex Forest
* Modeling Spatial Distribution Of A Rare And Endangered Plant Species (brainea insignis) In Central Taiwan
* Two-way Spatial Extrapolation And Validation On Ecological Patterns Of Elaeocarpus Japonicus Between Main Watersheds In Huisun Of Central Taiwan

Chang, W.J.[Wen Jie] Co Author Listing * Depth Estimation from Indoor Panoramas with Neural Scene Representation
* Fast image enhancement method for display images in ambient light
Includes: Chang, W.J.[Wen Jie] Chang, W.J.[Wen-Jie] Chang, W.J.[Wen-Jing]

Chang, W.K.[Wen Kai] Co Author Listing * Real-time segmentation of various insulators using generative adversarial networks
Includes: Chang, W.K.[Wen Kai] Chang, W.K.[Wen-Kai]

Chang, W.L.[Wei Lun] Co Author Listing * All About Structure: Adapting Structural Information Across Domains for Boosting Semantic Segmentation
Includes: Chang, W.L.[Wei Lun] Chang, W.L.[Wei-Lun]

Chang, W.M.[Wei Ming] Co Author Listing * Detecting pitching frames in baseball game video using Markov random walk
Includes: Chang, W.M.[Wei Ming] Chang, W.M.[Wei-Ming]

Chang, W.Q.[Wen Qi] Co Author Listing * L-Infinite Predictive Coding of Depth
Includes: Chang, W.Q.[Wen Qi] Chang, W.Q.[Wen-Qi]

Chang, W.S. Co Author Listing * Construction of Error Resilient Synchronization Codeword for Variable-length Code in Image Transmission

Chang, W.T. Co Author Listing * Analog Computation Structure for Surface Reconstruction
* Combinative Motion Estimation Algorithm and the Corresponding Architecture for Complex Motion Phenomenon
* Design of Smart Clothing With Automatic Cardiovascular Diseases Detection
* Differential Contrast Based Adaptive Quantization for Perceptual Quality Optimization in Image Coding
* Fast Surface Interpolation Using Multiresolution Wavelet Transform
* Motion Parameter-Estimation Based on the Block Recursive Algorithm with Finite Word-Length
* new data coding scheme using contrast-controllable color intersection, A
* Quarterly Monitoring of Suspected Illegal Human Activities In National Nature Reserves of China with Sentinel-2 and High-resolution Images On the Cloud Platform
* Recursive Minimum Energy Algorithm For Image Interpolation
* Recursive Wiener Filter for Motion Parameter Estimation in Three-Parameter Motion Model
* Shape from Shading Using Ritz Method with Tent Basis
* Three-dimensional PET emission scan registration and transmission scan synthesis
* Video Analytics for Detecting Motorcyclist Helmet Rule Violations
Includes: Chang, W.T. Chang, W.T.[Wei-Ting] Chang, W.T.[Wan-Teh] Chang, W.T.[Wen-Tsung] Chang, W.T.[Wen-Tao] Chang, W.T.[Wen-Tsang] Chang, W.T.[Wei-Tsung]
13 for Chang, W.T.

Chang, W.W.[Wen Whei] Co Author Listing * Biometric Identification Using JPEG2000 Compressed ECG Signals
* EEG-based classification combining Bayesian convolutional neural networks with recurrence plot for motor movement/imagery
* Index assignment in vector quantisation for channels with memory
* Perceptual Quantization of LPC Excitation Parameters
* Quality enhancement of sinusoidal transform vocoders
* Saliency detection using superpixel belief propagation
* Social Condition-Enhanced Network for Recognizing Power Distance Using Expressive Prosody and Intrinsic Brain Connectivity, A
Includes: Chang, W.W.[Wen Whei] Chang, W.W.[Wen-Whei] Chang, W.W.[Wen-Wen] Chang, W.W. Chang, W.W.[Wei-Wen]
7 for Chang, W.W.

Chang, W.X.[Wen Xiu] Co Author Listing * Direction-finding of coherent signals based on cylindrical vector-hydrophones array
Includes: Chang, W.X.[Wen Xiu] Chang, W.X.[Wen-Xiu]

Chang, W.Y.[Wen Yen] Co Author Listing * 360-Indoor: Towards Learning Real-World Objects in 360° Indoor Equirectangular Images
* Analyzing Facial Expression by Fusing Manifolds
* Appearance-Guided Particle Filtering for Articulated Hand Tracking
* Attractor-Guided Particle Filtering for Lip Contour Tracking
* Determining the Mechanisms that Influence the Surface Temperature of Urban Forest Canopies by Combining Remote Sensing Methods, Ground Observations, and Spatial Statistical Models
* Discriminative Descriptor-Based Observation Model for Visual Tracking
* Editing by Viewing: Automatic Home Video Summarization by Viewing Behavior Analysis
* FATAUVA-Net: An Integrated Deep Learning Framework for Facial Attribute Recognition, Action Unit Detection, and Valence-Arousal Estimation
* Individual and Interactive Influences of Anthropogenic and Ecological Factors on Forest PM2.5 Concentrations at an Urban Scale
* Leveraging Motion Priors in Videos for Improving Human Segmentation
* Mapping Geo-Hazard by Satellite Radar Interferometry
* Multi-view Nonnegative Matrix Factorization for Clothing Image Characterization
* On Pose Recovery for Generalized Visual Sensors
* Pose estimation for multiple camera systems
* Raindrop Size Distributions of North Indian Ocean Tropical Cyclones Observed at the Coastal and Inland Stations in South India
* Research on sports video image based on fuzzy algorithms
* ResSaNet: A Hybrid Backbone of Residual Block and Self-Attention Module for Masked Face Recognition
* Satellite Observations of PM2.5 Changes and Driving Factors Based Forecasting Over China 2000-2025
* Synthetic Quantitative Precipitation Estimation by Integrating S- and C-Band Dual-Polarization Radars over Northern Taiwan, A
* Tracking by Parts: A Bayesian Approach With Component Collaboration
* Uncertainty in Measured Raindrop Size Distributions from Four Types of Collocated Instruments
* Visual Tracking in High-Dimensional State Space by Appearance-Guided Particle Filtering
Includes: Chang, W.Y.[Wen Yen] Chang, W.Y.[Wen-Yen] Chang, W.Y.[Wen-Yan] Chang, W.Y.[Wei-Yin] Chang, W.Y. Chang, W.Y.[Wei-Yi] Chang, W.Y.[Wei-Yu] Chang, W.Y.[Wu-Yeh] Chang, W.Y.[Wen-Yuan]
22 for Chang, W.Y.

Chang, W.Z.[Wei Zhe] Co Author Listing * High dynamic range imaging for stereoscopic scene representation
Includes: Chang, W.Z.[Wei Zhe] Chang, W.Z.[Wei-Zhe]

Chang, X. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Semi-Supervised Feature Selection for Cross-Modal Retrieval
* Comparative Analysis of Landsat-8, Sentinel-2, and GF-1 Data for Retrieving Soil Moisture over Wheat Farmlands
* Compressive sensing reconstruction of hyperspectral images based on codec space-spectrum joint dense residual network
* Correction Method of Water and Fresnel Reflection Coefficient for Soil Moisture Retrieved by CYGNSS, The
* Deep Top-k Ranking for Image-Sentence Matching
* Determining the appropriate lane width at urban signalised intersections- a case study in Beijing
* Discrete Multi-Graph Clustering
* Efficient Single-image Depth Estimation on Mobile Devices, Mobile Ai & Aim 2022 Challenge: Report
* Estimating Real-Time Traffic Carbon Dioxide Emissions Based on Intelligent Transportation System Technologies
* Evolutionary Design of a Fuzzy Classifier From Data
* Fast and Orthogonal Locality Preserving Projections for Dimensionality Reduction
* Feature Interaction Augmented Sparse Learning for Fast Kinect Motion Detection
* Few-Shot Class-Incremental Learning
* GNSS-R-Based Snow Water Equivalent Estimation with Empirical Modeling and Enhanced SNR-Based Snow Depth Estimation
* Impact of connected vehicle environment on driving performance: A case of an extra-long tunnel scenario
* Impacts of Transportation Networks on the Landscape Patterns: A Case Study of Shanghai
* Learning Person-Person Interaction in Collective Activity Recognition
* Learning to Walk on Low Friction Terrain by Reinforcement Learning
* Making Sense of Spatio-Temporal Preserving Representations for EEG-Based Human Intention Recognition
* Mitigation of Unmodeled Error to Improve the Accuracy of Multi-GNSS PPP for Crustal Deformation Monitoring
* Multi-level Factorisation Net for Person Re-identification
* Optimal Transmission Topology Construction and Secure Linear Network Coding Design for Virtual-Source Multicast With Integral Link Rates
* Overcoming Multi-Model Forgetting in One-Shot NAS With Diversity Maximization
* Reinforcement Cutting-Agent Learning for Video Object Segmentation
* ReMOT: A model-agnostic refinement for multiple object tracking
* Removal of Large-Scale Stripes Via Unidirectional Multiscale Decomposition
* Research on Management and Publishing of Disaster Emergency Monitoring Data: Take Yingjiang Earthquake as an Example
* Self-Supervised Deep Correlation Tracking
* Sensor layout strategy and sensitivity analysis for macroscopic traffic flow parameter acquisition
* Snow Depth Estimation Based on Combination of Pseudorange and Carrier Phase of GNSS Dual-Frequency Signals
* Snow Depth Estimation with GNSS-R Dual Receiver Observation
* Soil Moisture Estimation by GNSS Multipath Signal
* Spaceborne pose determination based on image to 3D digital surface model matching
* System Noise Removal for Gaofen-4 Area-Array Camera
* Theory and Experiment Analysis on the Influence of Floods on a GNSS Pseudo-Range Multipath and CNR Signal Based on Two Cases Study in China
* Unity Style Transfer for Person Re-Identification
* Vision-Dialog Navigation by Exploring Cross-Modal Memory
* Volume Estimation of Stem Segments Based on a Tetrahedron Model Using Terrestrial Laser Scanning Data
Includes: Chang, X. Chang, X.[Xin] Chang, X.[Xuling] Chang, X.[Xueli] Chang, X.[Xu] Chang, X.[Xiao] Chang, X.[Xing] Chang, X.[Xiaosa]
38 for Chang, X.

Chang, X.B.[Xia Bin] Co Author Listing * Camera-Conditioned Stable Feature Generation for Isolated Camera Supervised Person Re-IDentification
* Dynamic Residual Classifier for Class Incremental Learning
* Learning Discriminative Prototypes with Dynamic Time Warping
* SATS: Self-attention transfer for continual semantic segmentation
* Scalable and Effective Deep CCA via Soft Decorrelation
Includes: Chang, X.B.[Xia Bin] Chang, X.B.[Xia-Bin] Chang, X.B.[Xiao-Bin]

Chang, X.C.[Xin Cheng] Co Author Listing * Multi-manifold discriminant local spline embedding
Includes: Chang, X.C.[Xin Cheng] Chang, X.C.[Xin-Cheng]

Chang, X.F.[Xiao Fu] Co Author Listing * Automatic sports video genre categorization for broadcast videos
* Cross-Attention-Guided Feature Alignment Network for Road Crack Detection
* Real-Time Accurate Stereo Matching Using Modified Two-Pass Aggregation and Winner-Take-All Guided Dynamic Programming
* TV Program Segmentation using Multi-Modal Information Fusion
Includes: Chang, X.F.[Xiao Fu] Chang, X.F.[Xiao-Fu] Chang, X.F.[Xiu-Feng] Chang, X.F.[Xue-Feng]

Chang, X.H.[Xiao Heng] Co Author Listing * Quantized Output Feedback Control of AFS for Electric Vehicles With Transmission Delay and Data Dropouts
* Trajectory Optimization-Based Intersection Coordination Framework for Cooperative Autonomous Vehicles, A
Includes: Chang, X.H.[Xiao Heng] Chang, X.H.[Xiao-Heng] Chang, X.H.[Xiao-Han]

Chang, X.J.[Xiao Jun] Co Author Listing * Accurate bounding-box regression with distance-IoU loss for visual tracking
* ALVLS: Adaptive local variances-Based levelset framework for medical images segmentation
* Argus: Efficient Activity Detection System for Extended Video Analysis
* Artistic information extraction from Chinese calligraphy works via Shear-Guided filter
* Attribute-Guided Collaborative Learning for Partial Person Re-Identification
* Attribute-Modulated Generative Meta Learning for Zero-Shot Learning
* Auto-FSL: Searching the Attribute Consistent Network for Few-Shot Learning
* Automated Progressive Learning for Efficient Training of Vision Transformers
* BaLeNAS: Differentiable Architecture Search via the Bayesian Learning Rule
* Beyond Fixation: Dynamic Window Visual Transformer
* Bi-Level Semantic Representation Analysis for Multimedia Event Detection
* Block-Wisely Supervised Neural Architecture Search With Knowledge Distillation
* BossNAS: Exploring Hybrid CNN-transformers with Block-wisely Self-supervised Neural Architecture Search
* Collaborative Contrastive Refining for Weakly Supervised Person Search
* Complex Event Detection by Identifying Reliable Shots from Untrimmed Videos
* Comprehensive Survey of Scene Graphs: Generation and Application, A
* Counterfactual Generation Framework for Few-Shot Learning
* Cross-modal Clinical Graph Transformer for Ophthalmic Report Generation
* Deep feature learning via structured graph Laplacian embedding for person re-identification
* Diversity-Boosted Generalization-Specialization Balancing for Zero-Shot Learning
* DS-Net++: Dynamic Weight Slicing for Efficient Inference in CNNs and Vision Transformers
* Dual-AI: Dual-path Actor Interaction Learning for Group Activity Recognition
* Dynamic Graph Enhanced Contrastive Learning for Chest X-Ray Report Generation
* Dynamic Slimmable Denoising Network
* Dynamic Slimmable Network
* Editorial paper for pattern recognition letters VSI on multi-view representation learning and multi-modal information representation
* Efficient Spatio-Temporal Pyramid Transformer for Action Detection, An
* Egocentric Early Action Prediction via Multimodal Transformer-Based Dual Action Prediction
* Entropy-Guided Reinforced Partial Convolutional Network for Zero-Shot Learning, An
* Exploring Inter-Channel Correlation for Diversity-preserved Knowledge Distillation
* Few-Shot Activity Recognition with Cross-Modal Memory Network
* FULLER: Unified Multi-modality Multi-task 3D Perception via Multi-level Gradient Calibration
* Generative Deep Learning Approach for Forensic Facial Reconstruction, A
* Guest editorial: Image/video understanding and analysis
* HTML: Hybrid Temporal-scale Multimodal Learning Framework for Referring Video Object Segmentation
* Knowledge Distillation via the Target-aware Transformer
* Many Shades of Negativity, The
* Mining Inter-video Proposal Relations for Video Object Detection
* Multi-Class Active Learning by Uncertainty Sampling with Diversity Maximization
* Multi-stage cascaded deconvolution for depth map and surface normal prediction from single image
* One-Shot Neural Architecture Search: Maximising Diversity to Overcome Catastrophic Forgetting
* Partially Supervised Compatibility Modeling
* RCAA: Relational Context-Aware Agents for Person Search
* Reliable Shot Identification for Complex Event Detection Via Visual-Semantic Embedding
* Revealing Event Saliency in Unconstrained Video Collection
* RPMG-FSS: Robust Prior Mask Guided Few-Shot Semantic Segmentation
* Scheduled sampling for one-shot learning via matching network
* Self-Supervised Global-Local Structure Modeling for Point Cloud Domain Adaptation with Reliable Voted Pseudo Labels
* Semantic Pooling for Complex Event Analysis in Untrimmed Videos
* Semantic-Driven Interpretable Deep Multi-Modal Hashing for Large-Scale Multimedia Retrieval
* Semantics-Preserving Graph Propagation for Zero-Shot Object Detection
* Simple Primitives With Feasibility- and Contextuality-Dependence for Open-World Compositional Zero-Shot Learning
* Simple to complex cross-modal learning to rank
* SOON: Scenario Oriented Object Navigation with Graph-based Exploration
* They are Not Equally Reliable: Semantic Event Search Using Differentiated Concept Classifiers
* TN-ZSTAD: Transferable Network for Zero-Shot Temporal Activity Detection
* Unified discriminating feature analysis for visual category recognition
* Unsupervised Adaptive Feature Selection With Binary Hashing
* USURP: Universal Single-Source Adversarial Perturbations on Multimodal Emotion Recognition
* Video Pivoting Unsupervised Multi-Modal Machine Translation
* Vision-Language Navigation with Random Environmental Mixup
* Vision-Language Navigation With Self-Supervised Auxiliary Reasoning Tasks
* When Object Detection Meets Knowledge Distillation: A Survey
* Zero-Shot Camouflaged Object Detection
* Zero-Shot Event Detection Via Event-Adaptive Concept Relevance Mining
* ZeroNAS: Differentiable Generative Adversarial Networks Search for Zero-Shot Learning
* ZSTAD: Zero-Shot Temporal Activity Detection
Includes: Chang, X.J.[Xiao Jun] Chang, X.J.[Xiao-Jun]
67 for Chang, X.J.

Chang, X.L.[Xiao Lin] Co Author Listing * Bit2CV: A Novel Bitcoin Anti-Fraud Deposit Scheme for Connected Vehicles
* Can Background Baroque Music Help to Improve the Memorability of Graphical Passwords?
* Detection of Moving Ships in Sequences of Remote Sensing Images
* effect of baroque music on the PassPoints graphical password, The
* Image jitter detection and compensation using a high-frequency angular displacement method for Yaogan-26 remote sensing satellite
* InSAR Observation and Numerical Modeling of the Earth-Dam Displacement of Shuibuya Dam (China)
* Joint Task Offloading and Resource Allocation for Fog-Based Intelligent Transportation Systems: A UAV-Enabled Multi-Hop Collaboration Paradigm
* On-orbit geometric calibration and geometric quality assessment for the high-resolution geostationary optical satellite GaoFen4
* Relative Radiometric Calibration Method Based on the Histogram of Side-Slither Data for High-Resolution Optical Satellite Imagery, A
* Remote Sensing of Deformation of a High Concrete-Faced Rockfill Dam Using InSAR: A Study of the Shuibuya Dam, China
Includes: Chang, X.L.[Xiao Lin] Chang, X.L.[Xiao-Lin] Chang, X.L.[Xiu-Ling] Chang, X.L.[Xue-Li]
10 for Chang, X.L.

Chang, X.M.[Xiao Meng] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Attraction Features of Tourism Destinations in a Mega-City Based on Check-in Data Mining: A Case Study of Shenzhen, China
* Taxis' Experience Knowledge Modeling and Route Planning, The
Includes: Chang, X.M.[Xiao Meng] Chang, X.M.[Xiao-Meng]

Chang, X.O.[Xia Obin] Co Author Listing * L_1 Graph Based Sparse Model for Label De-noising
Includes: Chang, X.O.[Xia Obin] Chang, X.O.[Xia-Obin]

Chang, X.P.[Xue Peng] Co Author Listing * Multi-Phase Camera-LiDAR Fusion Network for 3D Semantic Segmentation With Weak Supervision, A
Includes: Chang, X.P.[Xue Peng] Chang, X.P.[Xue-Peng]

Chang, X.T.[Xiao Tao] Co Author Listing * Assessing Height Variations in Qinghai-Tibet Plateau from Time-Varying Gravity Data and Hydrological Model
* Relative Kinematic Orbit Determination for GRACE-FO Satellite by Jointing GPS and LRI
* Validating Precise Orbit Determination from Satellite-Borne GPS Data of Haiyang-2D
Includes: Chang, X.T.[Xiao Tao] Chang, X.T.[Xiao-Tao]

Chang, X.X.[Xiao Xiao] Co Author Listing * Fault Diagnosis of Rotating Machinery Based on a Mutual Dimensionless Index and a Convolution Neural Network, A
Includes: Chang, X.X.[Xiao Xiao] Chang, X.X.[Xiao-Xiao]

Chang, X.Y.[Xiao Yun] Co Author Listing * 3D hand reconstruction with both shape and appearance from an RGB image
* Class-Incremental Learning with Topological Schemas of Memory Spaces
* Consistency-Preserving deep hashing for fast person re-identification
* label-noise robust active learning sample collection method for multi-temporal urban land-cover classification and change analysis, A
* MIPI 2022 Challenge on Quad-Bayer Re-Mosaic: Dataset and Report
* MIPI 2022 Challenge on RGBW Sensor Fusion: Dataset and Report
* Multi-task learning for video anomaly detection
* NM-GAN: Noise-modulated generative adversarial network for video anomaly detection
* Participant Selection for Federated Learning With Heterogeneous Data in Intelligent Transport System
* Spatial and Temporal Evolution Analysis of Desert Land Changes in Inner Mongolia by Combining a Structural Equation Model and Deep Learning, A
* Submonthly Surface Water Classification Framework via Gap-Fill Imputation and Random Forest Classifiers of Landsat Imagery, A
* Topology-preserving Class-incremental Learning
* Transductive semi-supervised metric learning for person re-identification
Includes: Chang, X.Y.[Xiao Yun] Chang, X.Y.[Xiao-Yun] Chang, X.Y.[Xin-Yuan] Chang, X.Y.[Xiao-Yu] Chang, X.Y.[Xu-Yang] Chang, X.Y.[Xing-Ya] Chang, X.Y.[Xin-Yu] Chang, X.Y.[Xin-Yue]
13 for Chang, X.Y.

Chang, X.Z.[Xing Zhi] Co Author Listing * Defect inspection research on fabric based on template correction and primitive decomposition
Includes: Chang, X.Z.[Xing Zhi] Chang, X.Z.[Xing-Zhi]

Chang, Y.[Yuanfei] Co Author Listing * 3D Convolutional Neural Network for Low-Light Image Sequence Enhancement in SLAM
* AdaNS: Adaptive negative sampling for unsupervised graph representation learning
* adequacy of different landscape metrics for various landscape patterns, The
* Advances in Hardware Architectures for Image and Video Coding: A Survey
* Adversarial Stacking Ensemble for Facial Landmark Tracking
* AI City Challenge 2020: Computer Vision for Smart Transportation Applications
* Air Quality Inference with Deep Convolutional Conditional Random Field
* Anisotropic Spectral-Spatial Total Variation Model for Multispectral Remote Sensing Image Destriping
* Ant colony optimization inspired saliency detection using compressed video information
* Bayesian Nonparametric Model for Disease Subtyping: Application to Emphysema Phenotypes, A
* Both Diverse and Realism Matter: Physical Attribute and Style Alignment for Rainy Image Generation
* Cardiac Image Reconstruction via Nonlinear Motion Correction Based on Partial Angle Reconstructed Images
* Cardiac Motion Correction for Helical CT Scan With an Ordinary Pitch
* Catastrophic Child's Play: Easy to Perform, Hard to Defend Adversarial Attacks
* Closing the Loop: Joint Rain Generation and Removal via Disentangled Image Translation
* Cross-Domain Matching with Squared-Loss Mutual Information
* Cross-domain Representation Learning for Clothes Unfolding in Robot-assisted Dressing
* Deep Disguised Faces Recognition
* Depth-Based Texture Coding in AVC-Compatible 3D Video Coding
* Destriping algorithm with L0 sparsity prior for remote sensing images
* Development of the Direct-Estimation Albedo Algorithm for Snow-Free Landsat TM Albedo Retrievals Using Field Flux Measurements
* Directional-Aware Automatic Defect Detection in High-Speed Railway Catenary System
* Domain Adaptation for Structured Regression
* Dual Learning for Joint Facial Landmark Detection and Action Unit Recognition
* Efficient Single Image De-Raining Model With Decoupled Deep Networks, An
* Event-based Video Reconstruction via Potential-assisted Spiking Neural Network
* Evolutions of 30-Year Spatio-Temporal Distribution and Influencing Factors of Suaeda salsa in Bohai Bay, China
* Example-Based Color Transformation of Image and Video Using Basic Color Categories
* Face age estimation using model selection
* Fine-Granular Motion Matching for Inter-View Motion Skip Mode in Multiview Video Coding
* FlipNeRF: Flipped Reflection Rays for Few-shot Novel View Synthesis
* Free-Form Video Inpainting With 3D Gated Convolution and Temporal PatchGAN
* From Sky to the Ground: A Large-scale Benchmark and Simple Baseline Towards Real Rain Removal
* HSI-DeNet: Hyperspectral Image Restoration via Convolutional Neural Network
* Hyper-Laplacian Regularized Unidirectional Low-Rank Tensor Recovery for Multispectral Image Denoising
* Hyperspectral Image Denoising via Weighted Multidirectional Low-Rank Tensor Recovery
* Hyperspectral Image Restoration: Where Does the Low-Rank Property Exist
* Image Hashing via Linear Discriminant Learning
* image-based automatic Arabic translation system, An
* Is Ride-Hailing an Effective Tool for Improving Transportation Services in Suburban New Towns in China? Evidence from Wuhan Unicom Users' Mobile Phone Usage Big Data
* Joint blind deblurring and destriping for remote sensing images
* Knowledge-Driven Self-Supervised Representation Learning for Facial Action Unit Recognition
* Learning dynamic background for weakly supervised moving object detection
* Learning to Navigate Robotic Wheelchairs from Demonstration: Is Training in Simulation Viable?
* Lens distortion correction by analysing peak shape in Hough transform space
* Low-Rank Group-Sparse Model for Eliminating Mixed Errors in Data for SRTM1, A
* Manifold Based Analysis of Facial Expression
* Manifold of facial expression
* MixNeRF: Modeling a Ray with Mixture Density for Novel View Synthesis from Sparse Inputs
* Model Based Motion Vector Predictor for Zoom Motion
* Model-Based Joint Bit Allocation Between Texture Videos and Depth Maps for 3-D Video Coding
* Multi-task learning to rank for web search
* new coefficient estimation method when using PCA for spectral super-resolution, A
* Novel Method of Evaluating Highway Traffic Prosperity Based on Nighttime Light Remote Sensing, A
* novel relation aware wrapper method for feature selection, A
* Parts2Words: Learning Joint Embedding of Point Clouds and Texts by Bidirectional Matching Between Parts and Words
* Pedestrian Detection in Aerial Images Using Vanishing Point Transformation and Deep Learning
* Perceptual contrast enhancement of dark images based on textural coefficients
* Perfect Gaussian Integer Sequences of Odd Period 2^m-1
* PF-VTON: Toward High-Quality Parser-Free Virtual Try-On Network
* Physically Disentangled Intra- and Inter-domain Adaptation for Varicolored Haze Removal
* Piecewise Linear Units for Fast Self-Normalizing Neural Networks
* Pixel-Wise Attention Residual Network for Super-Resolution of Optical Remote Sensing Images
* Predicting Dynamics of the Potential Breeding Habitat of Larus saundersi by MaxEnt Model under Changing Land-Use Conditions in Wetland Nature Reserve of Liaohe Estuary, China
* Predicting Grassland Fire-Occurrence Probability in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, China
* Predicting Skipjack Tuna Fishing Grounds in the Western and Central Pacific Ocean Based on High-Spatial-Temporal-Resolution Satellite Data
* Principal component dictionary-based patch grouping for image denoising
* Probabilistic expression analysis on manifolds
* Rate-Distortion Criterion Based Picture Padding for Arbitrary Resolution Video Coding Using H.264/MPEG-4 AVC
* Real-time Anti-distractor Infrared UAV Tracker with Channel Feature Refinement Module, A
* Relevance feedback based on non-negative matrix factorisation for image retrieval
* Remote Sensing Image Stripe Noise Removal: From Image Decomposition Perspective
* Remote Sensing-Based Approach for the Assessing of Ecological Environmental Quality Variations Using Google Earth Engine: A Case Study in the Qilian Mountains, Northwest China
* Research on de-motion blur image processing based on deep learning
* RGB Imaging Based Estimation of Leaf Chlorophyll Content
* Robust multi-agent reinforcement learning via Bayesian distributional value estimation
* Satellite Observations of Typhoon-Induced Sea Surface Temperature Variability in the Upwelling Region off Northeastern Taiwan
* Seamless Channel Transition for BroadCatch Scheme
* Self-Supervised Nonlinear Transform-Based Tensor Nuclear Norm for Multi-Dimensional Image Recovery
* Semantic-Context Graph Network for Point-Based 3D Object Detection
* Shared Autonomy Approach for Wheelchair Navigation Based on Learned User Preferences, A
* Spatial Resolution Effects Of Digital Terrain Models On Landslide Susceptibility Analysis
* Toward Detail-Oriented Image-Based Virtual Try-On with Arbitrary Poses
* Toward Universal Stripe Removal via Wavelet-Based Deep Convolutional Neural Network
* Tracking the Vegetation Change Trajectory over Large-Surface Coal Mines in the Jungar Coalfield Using Landsat Time-Series Data
* Transformed Low-Rank Model for Line Pattern Noise Removal
* Unsupervised Cumulative Domain Adaptation for Foggy Scene Optical Flow
* Unsupervised Deraining: Where Contrastive Learning Meets Self-similarity
* Using Remote-Sensing Environmental and Fishery Data to Map Potential Yellowfin Tuna Habitats in the Tropical Pacific Ocean
* Using Time Series Optical and SAR Data to Assess the Impact of Historical Wetland Change on Current Wetland in Zhenlai County, Jilin Province, China
* Weakly-Supervised Semantic Segmentation via Sub-Category Exploration
* Weighted Low-Rank Tensor Recovery for Hyperspectral Image Restoration
Includes: Chang, Y.[Yuanfei] Chang, Y.[Yi] Chang, Y.[Yu] Chang, Y. Chang, Y.[Ya'nan] Chang, Y.[Yen] Chang, Y.[Yanan] Chang, Y.[Yaw] Chang, Y.[Yeonjin] Chang, Y.[Yunrui] Chang, Y.[Ya] Chang, Y.[Yuan] Chang, Y.[Ying] Chang, Y.[Yali] Chang, Y.[Yapeng] Chang, Y.[Yanfen] Chang, Y.[Yukon] Chang, Y.[Yuejia]
92 for Chang, Y.

Chang, Y.B. Co Author Listing * Automatic and Robust Algorithm of Reestablishment of Digital Dental Occlusion, An
* NTIRE 2020 Challenge on NonHomogeneous Dehazing
Includes: Chang, Y.B. Chang, Y.B.[Yu-Bang]

Chang, Y.C.[Ya Chu] Co Author Listing * Bridging the Visual Gap: Wide-Range Image Blending
* Call Admission for MPEG Video Streams
* Color-texture image segmentation by integrating directional operators into JSEG method
* Combined Color and Texture Segmentation Based on Fibonacci Lattice Sampling and Mean Shift
* Consensus unsupervised feature ranking from multiple views
* Crowdsourcing Multimedia QoE Evaluation: A Trusted Framework
* Edge Detection from Global and Local Views Using an Ensemble of Multiple Edge Detectors
* End-to-End Video Question-Answer Generation With Generator-Pretester Network
* facial expression recognition system based on supervised locally linear embedding, A
* High-Level Synthesis of a Unified 2-D DWT System Architecture for JPEG2000 Using FPGAs
* Image restoration using recursive Markov random field models driven by Cauchy distributed noise
* Improving network video quality with delay cognizant video coding
* Indexing for Linear Model-based Information Retrieval
* Multi-Dimensional Tumor Detection in Automated Whole Breast Ultrasound Using Topographic Watershed
* Multi-object Multi-feature Content-based Search Using MPEG-7
* Multi-view face detection in videos with online adaptation
* Neural-Fuzzy Gap Control for a Current/Voltage-Controlled 1/4-Vehicle MagLev System
* Novel Depth-Fused Display (DFD) System With Wide Viewing 3D Images
* Occlusion-based Methodology for the Classification of Lidar Data
* On the Quality of Service of Cloud Gaming Systems
* On the Reconstruction of Missing Sea Surface Temperature Data from Himawari-8 in Adjacent Waters of Taiwan Using DINEOF Conducted with 25-h Data
* Pineapples' Detection and Segmentation Based on Faster and Mask R-CNN in UAV Imagery
* Platform architecture design for MPEG-4 video coding
* Reconstruction, Registration, and Matching of 3D Facial Models from Stereo-Images
* RGB Calibration for Color Image-Analysis in Machine Vision
* S3: Learnable Sparse Signal Superdensity for Guided Depth Estimation
* simple vision-based fall detection technique for indoor video surveillance, A
* Single Image Reflection Removal with Edge Guidance, Reflection Classifier, and Recurrent Decomposition
* Smile: Sequence-to-Sequence Domain Adaptation with Minimizing Latent Entropy for Text Image Recognition
* Smile: Sequence-to-Sequence Domain Adaptation with Minimizing Latent Entropy for Text Image Recognition
* Solarspire: Querying Temporal Solar Imagery by Content
* Speckle reduction in laser imaging applications using rotating magneto-optical disk
* Unsupervised clustering using hyperclique pattern constraints
* Unsupervised feature selection using clustering ensembles and population based incremental learning algorithm
* Unsupervised Video Shot Detection Using Clustering Ensemble with a Color Global Scale-Invariant Feature Transform Descriptor
* Unsupervised Video Shot Segmentation Using Global Color and Texture Information
* Using collaborative learning for image contrast enhancement
* VLSI architecture design of MPEG-4 shape coding
Includes: Chang, Y.C.[Ya Chu] Chang, Y.C.[Ya-Chu] Chang, Y.C.[Yung-Ching] Chang, Y.C.[Yu-Chou] Chang, Y.C. Chang, Y.C.[Yu-Cheng] Chang, Y.C.[Yoong Choon] Chang, Y.C.[Yuh-Chin] Chang, Y.C.[Yuan-Chi] Chang, Y.C.[Yao-Chuan] Chang, Y.C.[Yu-Chen] Chang, Y.C.[Yu-Chuan] Chang, Y.C.[Yu-Chun] Chang, Y.C.[Yen-Ching] Chang, Y.C.[Yung-Chi] Chang, Y.C.[Yen-Cheng] Chang, Y.C.[Yu-Ching]
38 for Chang, Y.C.

Chang, Y.D.[Ya Dong] Co Author Listing * Conditional GAN for Point Cloud Generation
* Implicit Emotion Relationship Mining Based on Optimal and Majority Synthesis From Multimodal Data Prediction
* Pointformer: A Dual Perception Attention-based Network for Point Cloud Classification
Includes: Chang, Y.D.[Ya Dong] Chang, Y.D.[Ya-Dong] Chang, Y.D.[Yu-Dong]

Chang, Y.F.[Yi Fan] Co Author Listing * Adaptive thresholding algorithm: Efficient computation technique based on intelligent block detection for degraded document images
* Pedestrian re-identification based on attribute mining and reasoning
* Two Thresholding for Deriving the Bi-Level Document Image
* Visual secret sharing for multiple secrets
Includes: Chang, Y.F.[Yi Fan] Chang, Y.F.[Yi-Fan] Chang, Y.F.[Ya-Fen]

Chang, Y.G.[Yu Guang] Co Author Listing * Stability Analysis of Unmixing-Based Spatiotemporal Fusion Model: A Case of Land Surface Temperature Product Downscaling
Includes: Chang, Y.G.[Yu Guang] Chang, Y.G.[Yu-Guang]

Chang, Y.H.[Yuan Hsiang] Co Author Listing * Active Contour Tracking of Moving Objects Using Edge Flows and Ant Colony Optimization in Video Sequences
* Curvature-based stroke rendering
* Evaluating Impacts of Bus Route Map Design and Dynamic Real-Time Information Presentation on Bus Route Map Search Efficiency and Cognitive Load
* Evaluation and Application of Satellite Precipitation Products in Studying the Summer Precipitation Variations over Taiwan
* Evaluation of IMERG Level-3 Products in Depicting the July to October Rainfall over Taiwan: Typhoon Versus Non-Typhoon
* Interactive Web Based Spatio-Temporal Visualization System, An
* Learning From Imbalanced Data With Deep Density Hybrid Sampling
* Narrative Geospatial Knowledge in Ethnographies: Representation and Reasoning
* Recognition of Curved Objects and Object Assemblies
Includes: Chang, Y.H.[Yuan Hsiang] Chang, Y.H.[Yuan-Hsiang] Chang, Y.H.[Young-Ha] Chang, Y.H.[Yi-Hsin] Chang, Y.H.[Ya-Hui] Chang, Y.H.[Yu-Han] Chang, Y.H.[Yu-Hua] Chang, Y.H.[Yi-Hong] Chang, Y.H.
9 for Chang, Y.H.

Chang, Y.I. Co Author Listing * Approximately even partition algorithm for coding the Hilbert curve of arbitrary-sized image
* Automatic Skull Segmentation and Registration for Tissue Change Measurement After Mandibular Setback Surgery
* bit-pattern-based matrix strategy for efficient iconic indexing of symbolic pictures, A
* generalized prime-number-based matrix strategy for efficient iconic indexing of symbolic pictures, A
* note on adaptive 2D-H strings, A
* Prime Number Based Matrix Strategy for Efficient Iconic Indexing of Symbolic Pictures, A
* Quad-splitting algorithm for a window query on a Hilbert curve
* unique-ID-based matrix strategy for efficient iconic indexing of symbolic pictures, A
Includes: Chang, Y.I. Chang, Y.I.[Young-Il] Chang, Y.I.[Ye-In]
8 for Chang, Y.I.

Chang, Y.J.[Yao Jen] Co Author Listing * 3D augmented Markov random field for object recognition
* Active learning for piecewise planar 3D reconstruction
* Active view selection for object and pose recognition
* Application of the Spatial Autocorrelation Method on the Change of Real Estate Prices in Taitung City, An
* Binocular Suppression-Based Stereoscopic Video Coding by Joint Rate Control With KKT Conditions for a Hybrid Video Codec System
* Deep 360 Pilot: Learning a Deep Agent for Piloting through 360 deg; Sports Videos
* Dense interpolation of 3D points based on surface and color
* Disparity map enhancement in pixel based stereo matching method using distance transform
* Facial model adaptation from a monocular image sequence using a textured polygonal model
* Fast and robust active contours for image segmentation
* Fast bilateral filtering by adapting block size
* general boosting-based framework for active object recognition, A
* Geoelectric Stratigraphy Recognition in Transient Electromagnetic Signal Based on Time-Frequency Analysis and Image Classification
* Hybrid Codec-Based Intra-Frame Joint Rate Control for Stereoscopic Video
* Improving subpixel stereo matching with segment evolution
* learning-based framework for depth ordering, A
* Mean shift feature space warping for relevance feedback
* Multi-view 3D reconstruction for scenes under the refractive plane with known vertical direction
* Neighboring Sample Prediction Coding for HEVC Screen Content Coding
* Optimal thresholding for key generation based on biometrics
* Performance enhancement of respiratory tumor motion prediction using adaptive support vector regression: Comparison with adaptive neural network method
* Putting the User in the Loop for Image-Based Modeling
* Scribble based interactive 3D reconstruction via scene co-segmentation
* Semi-supervised learning with kernel locality-constrained linear coding
* Standard-Compliant Virtual Meeting System with Active Video Object Tracking, A
* Textured Polygonal Model Assisted Facial Model Estimation from Image Sequence
* Using ALPR data to understand the vehicle use behaviour under TDM measures
* V-Eye: A Vision-Based Navigation System for the Visually Impaired
* Variable-Length Segment Copy for Compressing Index Map of Palette Coding in Screen Content Coding
* Video Saliency Map Detection by Dominant Camera Motion Removal
* Virtual Talk: A Model-Based Virtual Phone Using a Layered Audio-Visual Integration
Includes: Chang, Y.J.[Yao Jen] Chang, Y.J.[Yao-Jen] Chang, Y.J.[Yu-Ju] Chang, Y.J.[Yong-Jun] Chang, Y.J. Chang, Y.J.[Yan-Jun] Chang, Y.J.[Yu-Jiao] Chang, Y.J.[Yung-Ju] Chang, Y.J.[Yun-Jung]
31 for Chang, Y.J.

Chang, Y.K.[Ya Kun] Co Author Listing * 1000 FPS HDR Video with a Spike-RGB Hybrid Camera
* Head pose estimation using deep neural networks and 3D point clouds
* Joint Reflection Removal and Depth Estimation from a Single Image
* Multi-Modal Reflection Removal Using Convolutional Neural Networks
* Siamese Dense Network for Reflection Removal with Flash and No-Flash Image Pairs
* Single Image Reflection Removal Using Convolutional Neural Networks
Includes: Chang, Y.K.[Ya Kun] Chang, Y.K.[Ya-Kun]

Chang, Y.L. Co Author Listing * 3D Structure Reconstruction from an Ego Motion Sequence Using Statistical Estimation and Detection Theory
* Adaptive Cyclopean Image-Based Stereoscopic Image-Quality Assessment Using Ensemble Learning
* Adaptive Image Region-Growing
* Advanced texture and depth coding in 3D-HEVC
* Bridging Unsupervised and Supervised Depth from Focus via All-in-Focus Supervision
* Calibrating a Mobile Camera's Parameters
* CLCC: Contrastive Learning for Color Constancy
* Coarse-to-Fine Feedback Guidance Based Stereo Image Quality Assessment Considering Dominant Eye Fusion
* Color Enhancement for Four-Component Decomposed Polarimetric SAR Image Based on a CIE-Lab Encoding
* Consolidated Convolutional Neural Network for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Content-based irregularly shaped macroblock partition for inter frame prediction in video coding
* Cyclopean Image Based Stereoscopic Image Quality Assessment by Using Sparse Representation
* Deriving the Vehicle Speeds from a Mobile Telecommunications Network
* Effects of Multisensory Distractor Interference on Attentional Driving
* Efficient matching of large-size histograms
* End-to-End Rate-Distortion Optimized Motion Estimation
* End-to-End Video Question-Answer Generation With Generator-Pretester Network
* Enhancing the Accuracy of Land Cover Classification by Airborne LiDAR Data and WorldView-2 Satellite Imagery
* Ensemble Empirical Mode Decomposition Parameters Optimization for Spectral Distance Measurement in Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Data
* Explorable Tone Mapping Operators
* Fast image region growing
* Frame layer rate control for H.264/AVC with hierarchical B-frames
* HGO-CNN: Hybrid generic-organ convolutional neural network for multi-organ plant classification
* Hyperspectral Image Classification Using Nearest Feature Line Embedding Approach
* Imaging Simulation for Synthetic Aperture Radar: A Full-Wave Approach
* Learning Camera-aware Noise Models
* Line Correspondences from Cooperating Spatial and Temporal Grouping Processes for a Sequence of Images
* Method and apparatus for extracting indexing information from digital video data
* Model-Based Approach to Representation and Matching of Object Shape Patterns, A
* Motion compensated de-interlacing with adaptive global motion estimation and compensation
* Multi-modal gray-level histogram modeling and decomposition
* Multisource Data Fusion for Landslide Classification Using Generalized Positive Boolean Functions
* Network-Based H.264/AVC Whole-Frame Loss Visibility Model and Frame Dropping Methods
* No-reference stereoscopic image quality assessment based on cyclopean image and enhanced image
* No-Reference Stereoscopic Image Quality Assessment Based On Visual Attention Mechanism
* No-Reference Stereoscopic Image Quality Assessment Considering Multi-loss Constraints
* novel objective no-reference metric for digital video quality assessment, A
* PolSAR Image Classification Based on Statistical Distribution and MRF
* Post-Shock Gravitational Erosion and Sediment Yield: A Case Study of Landscape Transformation along the Wenchuan-Yingxiu Section of the Minjiang River, Sichuan, China
* Quality Assessment of Screen Content Images Based on Convolutional Neural Network with Dual Pathways
* Quality assessment of screen content images based on multi-stage dictionary learning
* real-time augmented view synthesis system for transparent car pillars, A
* Reconstructing 3D Lines from a Sequence of 2D Projections: Representation and Estimation
* region-based GLRT detection of oil spills in SAR images, A
* Representation and Matching of Feature Patterns for Robot Operation Monitoring
* Representing and Estimating 3-D Lines
* Rice-Field Mapping with Sentinel-1A SAR Time-Series Data
* Robot Operation Monitoring for Collision Avoidance by Image Sequence Analysis
* Sensor Location Strategy and Scaling Rate Inference for Origin-Destination Demand Estimation
* Ship Detection Based on YOLOv2 for SAR Imagery
* Spatial-Temporal Neural Network for Rice Field Classification from SAR Images
* Special Issue Review: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Applications in Remote Sensing
* Stereo Image Quality Assessment Considering the Asymmetry of Statistical Information in Early Visual Pathway
* Stereo image quality assessment considering the difference of statistical feature in early visual pathway
* System for On-Line Recognition of Chinese Characters, A
* U-Net for Taiwan Shoreline Detection from SAR Images
* Variable-Length Encoding Method to Prevent the Error Propagation Effect in Video Communication, A
* Video de-interlacing by adaptive 4-field global/local motion compensated approach
* Vision-based monitoring method using gray relational analysis
* YOLO-RTUAV: Towards Real-Time Vehicle Detection through Aerial Images with Low-Cost Edge Devices
* YOLOv3-Based Matching Approach for Roof Region Detection from Drone Images
Includes: Chang, Y.L. Chang, Y.L.[Yong-Li] Chang, Y.L.[Yu-Lin] Chang, Y.L.[Yuh-Lin] Chang, Y.L.[Yang-Lang] Chang, Y.L.[Yi-Lin] Chang, Y.L.[Yao-Lung] Chang, Y.L.[Ya-Liang] Chang, Y.L.[Yu-Lung] Chang, Y.L.[Yian-Leng] Chang, Y.L.[Yu-Long] Chang, Y.L.[Yung-Liu]
61 for Chang, Y.L.

Chang, Y.M.[Yong Min] Co Author Listing * Stereoscopic 3D objects evoke stronger saliency for nonverbal working memory: An fMRI study
Includes: Chang, Y.M.[Yong Min] Chang, Y.M.[Yong-Min]

Chang, Y.P.[Yu Pei] Co Author Listing * Appearance-Based QR Code Beautifier
* Attributing Evapotranspiration Changes with an Extended Budyko Framework Considering Glacier Changes in a Cryospheric-Dominated Watershed
* Bidirectional Convolutional LSTM Neural Network for Remote Sensing Image Super-Resolution
* Clustering Driven Deep Autoencoder for Video Anomaly Detection
* Comprehensive Evaluation of 4-Parameter Diurnal Temperature Cycle Models with In Situ and MODIS LST over Alpine Meadows in the Tibetan Plateau, A
* Video anomaly detection with spatio-temporal dissociation
Includes: Chang, Y.P.[Yu Pei] Chang, Y.P.[Yu-Pei] Chang, Y.P.[Ya-Ping] Chang, Y.P.[Yun-Peng]

Chang, Y.R.[Yi Ren] Co Author Listing * Self-Secondaries Formed by Cold Spot Craters on the Moon
Includes: Chang, Y.R.[Yi Ren] Chang, Y.R.[Yi-Ren]

Chang, Y.S.[Yan Shuo] Co Author Listing * Joint deep semantic embedding and metric learning for person re-identification
* Low-Power LoRa Signal-Based Outdoor Positioning Using Fingerprint Algorithm
* No Reference Quality Assessment of Contrast-Distorted SEM Images Based on Global Features
* Pictorial Texture Analysis and Synthesis
* Picture Understanding by Machine via Textural Feature Extraction
* Remote Sensing Data Based Artificial Neural Network Approach for Predicting Climate-Sensitive Infectious Disease Outbreaks: A Case Study of Human Brucellosis, A
* Using polynomials to correct non-uniform backgrounds in thermal images caused by uneven heating
* WebQA: Multihop and Multimodal QA
Includes: Chang, Y.S.[Yan Shuo] Chang, Y.S.[Yan-Shuo] Chang, Y.S.[Yoon-Seop] Chang, Y.S.[Ya-Sheng] Chang, Y.S. Chang, Y.S.[Yu-Shan] Chang, Y.S.[Yu-Sung] Chang, Y.S.[Ying-Shan]
8 for Chang, Y.S.

Chang, Y.T.[Yung Tsang] Co Author Listing * Design and implementation of real-time software-based H.261 video codec
* Framework of Enhancing Image Steganography With Picture Quality Optimization and Anti-Steganalysis Based on Simulated Annealing Algorithm, A
* Hardware encoder and decoder for 3-D stereo video streaming applications
* Learning to Caricature via Semantic Shape Transform
* New systolic array implementation of the 2-D discrete cosine transform and its inverse
* Offshore Hydrocarbon Exploitation Target Extraction Based on Time-Series Night Light Remote Sensing Images and Machine Learning Models: A Comparison of Six Machine Learning Algorithms and Their Multi-Feature Importance
* Scrambling Cryptography Using Programmable SLM-Based Filter for Video Streaming Over a WDM Network
* Subsampling and Interpolation Technique for Reversible Histogram Shift Data Hiding, A
Includes: Chang, Y.T.[Yung Tsang] Chang, Y.T.[Yung-Tsang] Chang, Y.T. Chang, Y.T.[Yuan-Teng] Chang, Y.T.[Yu-Ting] Chang, Y.T.[Yu-Tai] Chang, Y.T.[Yu-Tong] Chang, Y.T.[Yao-Tang]
8 for Chang, Y.T.

Chang, Y.W.[Yu Wei] Co Author Listing * 100 MHz 1920X1080 HD-Photo 20 frames/sec JPEG XR encoder design, A
* 124 MSamples/s Pixel-Pipelined Motion-JPEG 2000 Codec Without Tile Memory
* Design a deblocking filter with three separate modes in DCT-based coding
* Parallel Embedded Block Coding Architecture for JPEG 2000
* Precompression Quality-Control Algorithm for JPEG 2000
* Rotating sensor-matrix camera calibration
* Unsupervised Domain Alignment Based Open Set Structural Recognition of Macromolecules Captured By Cryo-Electron Tomography
* Word-Level Parallel Architecture of JPEG 2000 Embedded Block Coding Decoder
Includes: Chang, Y.W.[Yu Wei] Chang, Y.W.[Yu-Wei] Chang, Y.W.[Ying-Wen] Chang, Y.W. Chang, Y.W.[Yin-Wei] Chang, Y.W.[Yi-Wei]
8 for Chang, Y.W.

Chang, Y.X.[Ya Xuan] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Improved Ross-Li BRDF Models Emphasizing Albedo Estimates at Large Solar Angles Using POLDER Data
* Assessment of the Hotspot Effect for the PROSAIL Model With POLDER Hotspot Observations Based on the Hotspot-Enhanced Kernel-Driven BRDF Model
* Estimating Forest Canopy Height Using MODIS BRDF Data Emphasizing Typical-Angle Reflectances
* Evaluation of the Snow Albedo Retrieved from the Snow Kernel Improved the Ross-Roujean BRDF Model
* Influence of Snow on the Magnitude and Seasonal Variation of the Clumping Index Retrieved from MODIS BRDF Products
* Potential Investigation of Linking PROSAIL with the Ross-Li BRDF Model for Vegetation Characterization
* Retrieval of Vertical Foliage Profile and Leaf Area Index Using Transmitted Energy Information Derived from ICESat GLAS Data
Includes: Chang, Y.X.[Ya Xuan] Chang, Y.X.[Ya-Xuan]
7 for Chang, Y.X.

Chang, Y.Y. Co Author Listing * Adaptive 3D Reconstruction system with improved recovery of miscoded region to automatically adjust projected light patterns
* Finding good composition in panoramic scenes
* Novel Concatenation Decoding of Reed-Solomon Codes With SPC Product Codes, A
* ObjectFolder 2.0: A Multisensory Object Dataset for Sim2Real Transfer
* Point2Cyl: Reverse Engineering 3D Objects from Point Clouds to Extrusion Cylinders
* Retrieval of Aerosol Microphysical Properties from Multi-Wavelength Mie-Raman Lidar Using Maximum Likelihood Estimation: Algorithm, Performance, and Application
* Tracking Everything Everywhere All at Once
Includes: Chang, Y.Y. Chang, Y.Y.[Yuan-Yang] Chang, Y.Y.[Yan-Yan] Chang, Y.Y.[Yen-Yu] Chang, Y.Y.[Yu-Yang]
7 for Chang, Y.Y.

Chang, Y.Z.[Yi Zheng] Co Author Listing * Curse of Mis-Alignment in Face Recognition: Problem and a Novel Mis-Alignment Learning Solution
* Information fusion in face identification
* Inlier clustering based on the residuals of random hypotheses
* Review the strength of gabor features for face recognition from the angle of its robustness to mis-alignment
* Stereo matching for infrared images using guided filtering weighted by exponential moving average
* Toward 3D Face Reconstruction in Perspective Projection: Estimating 6DoF Face Pose From Monocular Image
Includes: Chang, Y.Z.[Yi Zheng] Chang, Y.Z.[Yi-Zheng] Chang, Y.Z.[Yi-Zhe] Chang, Y.Z.[Yau-Zen] Chang, Y.Z.[Yuan-Zhang]

Chang, Z.[Zheng] Co Author Listing * Affective Image Filter: Reflecting Emotions from Text to Images
* Brain-Inspired Fast Saliency-Based Filtering Algorithm for Ship Detection in High-Resolution SAR Images
* Bucket-Filling: An Asymptotically Optimal Video-on-Demand Network With Source Coding
* Comparison Between Pre-Log and Post-Log Statistical Models in Ultra-Low-Dose CT Reconstruction
* Crop Type Identification Using High-Resolution Remote Sensing Images Based on an Improved DeepLabV3+ Network
* Early Identification of Cotton Fields Based on Gf-6 Images in Arid and Semiarid Regions (China)
* Hard No-Box Adversarial Attack on Skeleton-Based Human Action Recognition with Skeleton-Motion-Informed Gradient
* IPRNN: An Information-Preserving Model for Video Prediction Using Spatiotemporal Grus
* L-CoDer: Language-Based Colorization with Color-Object Decoupling Transformer
* L-CoIns: Language-based Colorization With Instance Awareness
* Landslide Susceptibility Prediction Based on Remote Sensing Images and GIS: Comparisons of Supervised and Unsupervised Machine Learning Models
* Landslide Susceptibility Prediction Considering Regional Soil Erosion Based on Machine-Learning Models
* Learned Image Compression Using Cross-Component Attention Mechanism
* Modeling and Pre-Treatment of Photon-Starved CT Data for Iterative Reconstruction
* New Orbit Determination Method for GEO Satellites Based on BeiDou Short-Message Communication Ranging
* Nonlinear Phase Correction With an Extended Statistical Algorithm
* Prior-Guided Metal Artifact Reduction for Iterative X-Ray Computed Tomography
* RealSense real heart rate: Illumination invariant heart rate estimation from videos
* RFPad: Enabling Device-Free Handwriting Recognition With a Tag Square
* Robust Beamforming Design for RIS-Aided Integrated Sensing and Communication System
* Self-Learning Super-Resolution Using Convolutional Principal Component Analysis and Random Matching
* STAM: A SpatioTemporal Attention Based Memory for Video Prediction
* Step-by-step pipeline processing approach for line segment detection
* STRPM: A Spatiotemporal Residual Predictive Model for High-Resolution Video Prediction
* UniCoRN: A Unified Conditional Image Repainting Network
Includes: Chang, Z.[Zheng] Chang, Z. Chang, Z.[Zhu] Chang, Z.[Ziyi] Chang, Z.[Zhilu] Chang, Z.[Zhiqiao] Chang, Z.[Zhuo]
25 for Chang, Z.

Chang, Z.B.[Zhong Bing] Co Author Listing * Identification of the Spring Green-Up Date Derived from Satellite-Based Vegetation Index over a Heterogeneous Ecoregion
* New Forest Aboveground Biomass Maps of China Integrating Multiple Datasets
Includes: Chang, Z.B.[Zhong Bing] Chang, Z.B.[Zhong-Bing]

Chang, Z.G.[Zhi Gang] Co Author Listing * Convolutional neural network with adaptive inferential framework for skeleton-based action recognition
* Coupled K-SVD dictionary training for super-resolution
Includes: Chang, Z.G.[Zhi Gang] Chang, Z.G.[Zhi-Gang] Chang, Z.G.[Zhi-Guo]

Chang, Z.H.[Zhi Hao] Co Author Listing * AFT: Adaptive Fusion Transformer for Visible and Infrared Images
* Automated and Lightweight Network Design Via Random Search for Remote Sensing Image Scene Classification
* Center-VAE with discriminative and semantic-relevant fine-tuning features for generalized zero-shot learning
* Multi-Path Interactive Network for Aircraft Identification with Optical and SAR Images
* Oriented objects as pairs of middle lines
* Point-Based Estimator for Arbitrary-Oriented Object Detection in Aerial Images
* Rotation-Aware and Multi-Scale Convolutional Neural Network for Object Detection in Remote Sensing Images
Includes: Chang, Z.H.[Zhi Hao] Chang, Z.H.[Zhi-Hao] Chang, Z.H.[Zhong-Han] Chang, Z.H.[Zhong-Hao]
7 for Chang, Z.H.

Chang, Z.J.[Zhen Jun] Co Author Listing * Classifier ensemble with relevance-based feature subset selection
* Regional Disparity of Urban Spatial Expansion Is Greater than That of Urban Socioeconomic Expansion in China: A New Perspective from Nighttime Light Remotely Sensed Data and Urban Land Datasets, The
Includes: Chang, Z.J.[Zhen Jun] Chang, Z.J.[Zhen-Jun] Chang, Z.J.[Zhi-Jian]

Chang, Z.K.[Zhi Kai] Co Author Listing * Estimating Brain Age with Global and Local Dependencies
Includes: Chang, Z.K.[Zhi Kai] Chang, Z.K.[Zhi-Kai]

Chang, Z.Q.[Zhuo Qing] Co Author Listing * Exploring Complexity of Facial Dynamics in Autism Spectrum Disorder
* Incorporating multi-stage spatial visual cues and active localization offset for pancreas segmentation
* SalGaze: Personalizing Gaze Estimation using Visual Saliency
Includes: Chang, Z.Q.[Zhuo Qing] Chang, Z.Q.[Zhuo-Qing] Chang, Z.Q.[Zheng-Qi]

Chang, Z.X.[Zhong Xiang] Co Author Listing * Single-channel source separation and parameters estimation of multi-component BPSK/QPSK signal based on 3-D EVR spectrum and wavelet analysis
Includes: Chang, Z.X.[Zhong Xiang] Chang, Z.X.[Zhong-Xiang]

Chang, Z.Y.[Zheng Yan] Co Author Listing * Analysis on fatigue life of overhead travelling crane girder under impact load for sustainable transport system
* Approximation Algorithm to Maximize User Capacity for an Auto-Scaling VoD System, An
* Bi-Criteria Approximation for a Multi-Origin Multi-Channel Auto-Scaling Live Streaming Cloud
Includes: Chang, Z.Y.[Zheng Yan] Chang, Z.Y.[Zheng-Yan] Chang, Z.Y.[Zhang-Yu]

Chang, Z.Z.[Zu Zheng] Co Author Listing * Optimized lung cancer detection by amended whale optimizer and rough set theory
Includes: Chang, Z.Z.[Zu Zheng] Chang, Z.Z.[Zu-Zheng]

Changani, K. Co Author Listing * Automatic Quantification of Changes in Bone in Serial MR Images of Joints
* Spatio-Temporal Segmentation of Rheumatoid Arthritis Lesions in Serial MR Images of Joints
Includes: Changani, K. Changani, K.[Kumar]

Changchien, S.K. Co Author Listing * new Pixel-Chaotic-Shuffle method for image encryption, A

Changder, S.[Suvamoy] Co Author Listing * Perceptual accessible image encryption scheme conjugating multiple chaotic maps
* unique database synthesis technique for coverless data hiding, A

Change Loy, C. Co Author Listing * Recovering Realistic Texture in Image Super-Resolution by Deep Spatial Feature Transform

Change, C.[Chen] Co Author Listing * 3D Human Texture Estimation from a Single Image with Transformers
* ProPainter: Improving Propagation and Transformer for Video Inpainting

Changizi, N. Co Author Listing * Isometric Log-Ratio Transform for Probabilistic Multi-Label Anatomical Shape Representation, The

Changjun, S.[Song] Co Author Listing * Fapn: Face Alignment Propagation Network for Face Video Super-resolution

Changmai, J.[Jayshree] Co Author Listing * Assessment of Active Ground Subsidence in the Dibrugarh and Digboi Areas of Assam, Northeast India, Using the PSInSAR Technique

Changming, Z.[Zhu] Co Author Listing * Integrated Fisher linear discriminants: An empirical study

Changpinyo, S.[Soravit] Co Author Listing * 2.5D visual relationship detection
* Classifier and Exemplar Synthesis for Zero-Shot Learning
* Conceptual 12M: Pushing Web-Scale Image-Text Pre-Training To Recognize Long-Tail Visual Concepts
* Connecting Vision and Language with Localized Narratives
* Connecting Vision and Language with Video Localized Narratives
* Empirical Study and Analysis of Generalized Zero-Shot Learning for Object Recognition in the Wild, An
* MetaCLUE: Towards Comprehensive Visual Metaphors Research
* MosaicOS: A Simple and Effective Use of Object-Centric Images for Long-Tailed Object Detection
* PACTran: PAC-Bayesian Metrics for Estimating the Transferability of Pretrained Models to Classification Tasks
* Predicting Visual Exemplars of Unseen Classes for Zero-Shot Learning
* PreSTU: Pre-Training for Scene-Text Understanding
* Synthesized Classifiers for Zero-Shot Learning
* Telling the What while Pointing to the Where: Multimodal Queries for Image Retrieval
13 for Changpinyo, S.

Changrampadi, M.H.[Mohamed H.] Co Author Listing * Multi-class ada-boost classification of object poses through visual and infrared image information fusion

Changuel, N.[Nesrine] Co Author Listing * Class-based MDP for improved multimedia transmission over LTE
* Cross-layer optimization of a multimedia streaming system via dynamic programming
* Improving QoE and Fairness in HTTP Adaptive Streaming Over LTE Network
Includes: Changuel, N.[Nesrine] Changuel, N.

Chanier, F. Co Author Listing * SLAM process using Polynomial Extended Kalman Filter: Experimental assessment

Chaniotakis, E.[Emmanouil] Co Author Listing * estimation framework to quantify railway disruption parameters, An
* Mapping Social Media for Transportation Studies
* PC-SPSA: Employing Dimensionality Reduction to Limit SPSA Search Noise in DTA Model Calibration
Includes: Chaniotakis, E.[Emmanouil] Chaniotakis, E.

Channan, S.[Saurabh] Co Author Listing * Annual Detection of Forest Cover Loss Using Time Series Satellite Measurements of Percent Tree Cover
* Assessment of MODIS BRDF/Albedo Model Parameters (MCD43A1 Collection 6) for Directional Reflectance Retrieval
* Calibration and Validation of Landsat Tree Cover in the Taiga-Tundra Ecotone
* Decrease in Lake Numbers and Areas in Central Asia Investigated Using a Landsat-Derived Water Dataset, The
* Landsat-Based Estimation of Seasonal Water Cover and Change in Arid and Semi-Arid Central Asia (2000-2015)
* Long-Term Record of Sampled Disturbances in Northern Eurasian Boreal Forest from Pre-2000 Landsat Data
* Use of Landsat and Corona data for mapping forest cover change from the mid-1960s to 2000s: Case studies from the Eastern United States and Central Brazil
7 for Channan, S.

Channappayya, S. Co Author Listing * Image Coding for Transmission Over Multiple Noisy Channels Using Punctured Convolutional Codes and Trellis-coded Quantization
* subjective evaluation of true 3D images, A
Includes: Channappayya, S. Channappayya, S.[Sumohana]

Channappayya, S.S. Co Author Listing * 3D Objective Quality Assessment of Light Field Video Frames
* Achieving high angular resolution via view synthesis: Quality assessment of 3D content on super multiview lightfield display
* Aerial Cross-platform Path Planning Dataset
* Completely Blind Quality Assessment of User Generated Video Content
* Continuous QoE Evaluation Framework for Video Streaming Over HTTP, A
* Design of Linear Equalizers Optimized for the Structural Similarity Index
* Distributed compressed sensing for photo-acoustic imaging
* Estimating Depth-Salient Edges and Its Application to Stereoscopic Image Quality Assessment
* Evaluation Metric for Object Detection Algorithms in Autonomous Navigation Systems and its Application to a Real-Time Alerting System, An
* Frame Based Multiple Description Image Coding in the Wavelet Domain
* Full-Reference 3-D Video Quality Assessment Using Scene Component Statistical Dependencies
* Full-Reference Stereo Image Quality Assessment Using Natural Stereo Scene Statistics
* Generating Image Distortion Maps Using Convolutional Autoencoders With Application to No Reference Image Quality Assessment
* Improving the Visual Quality of Generative Adversarial Network (GAN)-Generated Images Using the Multi-Scale Structural Similarity Index
* Improving the Visual Quality of Video Frame Prediction Models Using the Perceptual Straightening Hypothesis
* Linear Estimator Optimized for the Structural Similarity Index and its Application to Image Denoising, A
* No-reference Stereoscopic Image Quality Assessment Using Natural Scene Statistics
* No-Reference Stereoscopic Video Quality Assessment Algorithm Using Joint Motion and Depth Statistics
* No-Reference Video Quality Assessment Using Natural Spatiotemporal Scene Statistics
* No-Reference Video Quality Assessment Using Voxel-Wise fMRI Models of the Visual Cortex
* Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for Telugu: Database, Algorithm and Application
* Optical Flow-Based Full Reference Video Quality Assessment Algorithm, An
* optical flow-based no-reference video quality assessment algorithm, An
* Perceptual soft thresholding using the structural similarity index
* Predicting Spatio-Temporal Entropic Differences for Robust No Reference Video Quality Assessment
* Rate Bounds on SSIM Index of Quantized Images
* Streaming Video QoE Modeling and Prediction: A Long Short-Term Memory Approach
* Study of Subjective Quality and Objective Blind Quality Prediction of Stereoscopic Videos
* Super-multiview content with high angular resolution: 3D quality assessment on horizontal-parallax lightfield display
Includes: Channappayya, S.S. Channappayya, S.S.[Sumohana S.]
29 for Channappayya, S.S.

Channin, D.S. Co Author Listing * Classification Approach for Anatomical Regions Segmentation, A

Channing, M.A. Co Author Listing * Noninvasive estimation of the aorta input function for measurement of tumor blood flow with O15 water

Channoufi, I.[Ines] Co Author Listing * Flexible Statistical Model for Image Denoising, A

Chanona Perez, J.[Jorge] Co Author Listing * Fotonic and Electron Microscopy Images for Quality Evaluation of Delignification of Agave Fibers
Includes: Chanona Perez, J.[Jorge] Chanona-Pérez, J.[Jorge]

Chanover, N.J.[Nancy J.] Co Author Listing * Giant Planet Observations in NASA's Planetary Data System
* Time Series Analysis Methods and Detectability Factors for Ground-Based Imaging of the LCROSS Impact Plume

Chanrion, O.[Olivier] Co Author Listing * Multispectral Optical Diagnostics of Lightning from Space

Chantas, G. Co Author Listing * Heavy-Tailed Self-Similarity Modeling for Single Image Super Resolution
* Multi-Entity Bayesian Networks for Knowledge-Driven Analysis of ICH Content
* probabilistic formulation of the optical flow problem, A
* Variational Bayesian Image Restoration With a Product of Spatially Weighted Total Variation Image Priors
* Variational Bayesian inference for forward-backward visual tracking in stereo sequences
* Variational-Bayes Optical Flow
Includes: Chantas, G. Chantas, G.[Giannis]

Chantas, G.K. Co Author Listing * Bayesian Restoration Using a New Nonstationary Edge-Preserving Image Prior
* Maximum a Posteriori Image Restoration Based on a New Directional Continuous Edge Image Prior
* Non stationary Bayesian image restoration
* Super-Resolution Based on Fast Registration and Maximum a Posteriori Reconstruction
* Variational Bayesian Image Restoration Based on a Product of t-Distributions Image Prior

Chantem, T. Co Author Listing * Facilitating Emergency Response Vehicles' Movement Through a Road Segment in a Connected Vehicle Environment
* Minimizing the Disruption of Traffic Flow of Automated Vehicles During Lane Changes
* Optimizing Departures of Automated Vehicles From Highways While Maintaining Mainline Capacity

Chanthabouathong, V. Co Author Listing * Overseas Geometric Accuracy Validation of Zy-3 Satellites Images, The

Chanti, D.A.[Dawood Al] Co Author Listing * IFSS-Net: Interactive Few-Shot Siamese Network for Faster Muscle Segmentation and Propagation in Volumetric Ultrasound

Chantier, M.J. Co Author Listing * Importance of Phase to Texture Similarity, The

Chantillon, M.[Maxim] Co Author Listing * Governance Landscape of Geospatial E-Services: The Belgian Case, The

Chantiluke, K.[Kaylita] Co Author Listing * Pseudo-Marginal Bayesian Multiple-Class Multiple-Kernel Learning for Neuroimaging Data

Chantler, M.[Mike] Co Author Listing * 3D Textural Mapping and Soft-Computing Applied to Cork Quality Inspection
* Perceptually Relevant Pattern Recognition Applied to Cork Quality Detection
* Rotation Invariant Classification of 3D Surface Textures using Photometric Stereo and Surface Magnitude Spectra
Includes: Chantler, M.[Mike] Chantler, M.

Chantler, M.J.[Mike J.] Co Author Listing * Home Page.
* email: Chantler, M.J.[Mike J.]: mjc AT cee hw ac uk
* Can Two Specular Pixels Calibrate Photometric Stereo?
* Capture and Synthesis of 3D Surface Texture
* Classifying Surface Texture while Simultaneously Estimating Illumination Direction
* Combining gradient and albedo data for rotation invariant classification of 3d surface texture
* Comparison of three rough surface classifiers
* Comparison of Three Rough Surface Classifiers, A
* Editorial: Special Issue on Texture Analysis and Synthesis
* Effect of Illuminant Rotation on Texture Filters: Lissajous's Ellipses, The
* Evaluating Kube and Pentland's fractal imaging model
* Gaze-Motivated Compression of Illumination and View Dependent Textures
* Illuminant Rotation Invariant Classification of 3D Surface Textures using Lissajous`s Ellipses
* Illuminant-Tilt Estimation from Images of Isotropic Texture
* Illumination: a directional filter of texture?
* Importance of Long-Range Interactions to Texture Similarity, The
* Model-Based Technique for the Classification of Textured Surfaces with Illuminant Direction Invariance, A
* On Optimal Light Configurations in Photometric Stereo
* On the Use of Gradient Space Eigenvalues for Rotation Invariant Texture Classification
* Optimal illumination for three-image photometric stereo using sensitivity analysis
* Perceptual Similarity: A Texture Challenge
* Perceptual Texture Similarity Estimation: An Evaluation of Computational Features
* Perceptually Motivated Image Features Using Contours
* Resolving handwriting from background printing using photometric stereo
* Response of Texture Features to Illuminant Rotation, The
* Rotation invariant classification of rough surfaces
* Rough surface classification using point statistics from photometric stereo
* Segmentation of Rough Surfaces using Reflectance
* Texture Similarity Estimation Using Contours
* Two-image comparison under different illumination conditions
* Why do rough surfaces appear glossy?
* Why Illuminant Direction is Fundamental to Texture Analysis
Includes: Chantler, M.J.[Mike J.] Chantler, M.J. Chantler, M.J.[Michael J.]
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Chantziaras, G.[Georgios] Co Author Listing * Augmented Reality-based Remote Collaboration Platform for Worker Assistance, An

Chanu, O.B.[Oinam Bidyapati] Co Author Listing * new multi-secret image sharing scheme based on DCT, A
* survey paper on secret image sharing schemes, A

Chanu, Y.J.[Yambem Jina] Co Author Listing * Incremental online object tracking via superpixel dimension reduction
* Pulmonary nodule detection on computed tomography using neuro-evolutionary scheme
* Speckle reduction of ultrasound medical images using Bhattacharyya distance in modified non-local mean filter

Chanussot, J.[Jocelyn] Co Author Listing * 4DCAF: A temporal approach for denoising hyperspectral image sequences
* Adaptive Pixel Neighborhood Definition for the Classification of Hyperspectral Images with Support Vector Machines and Composite Kernel
* Advanced Directional Mathematical Morphology for the Detection of the Road Network in Very High Resolution Remote Sensing Images
* Advances in Spectral-Spatial Classification of Hyperspectral Images
* Advances in Very-High-Resolution Remote Sensing
* Assessment of Existing Methodologies to Retrieve Snow Cover Fraction from MODIS Data, An
* Assessment of Hyperspectral Sharpening Methods for the Monitoring of Natural Areas Using Multiplatform Remote Sensing Imagery
* Attention Network with Outdoor Illumination Variation Prior for Spectral Reconstruction from RGB Images
* attention-fused network for semantic segmentation of very-high-resolution remote sensing imagery, An
* Augmented Linear Mixing Model to Address Spectral Variability for Hyperspectral Unmixing, An
* Automatic retinal vessel extraction based on directional mathematical morphology and fuzzy classification
* Bayesian Nonlocal Patch Tensor Factorization for Hyperspectral Image Super-Resolution
* Bayesian Procedure for Full-Resolution Quality Assessment of Pansharpened Products, A
* Bayesian Unmixing of Hyperspectral Image Sequence With Composite Priors for Abundance and Endmember Variability
* Binary Partition Trees-Based Robust Adaptive Hyperspectral RX Anomaly Detection
* Binary Partition Trees-Based Spectral-Spatial Permutation Ordering
* Blind Hyperspectral Unmixing Based on Graph Total Variation Regularization
* Blind Hyperspectral Unmixing Using an Extended Linear Mixing Model to Address Spectral Variability
* Capacity and Limits of Multimodal Remote Sensing: Theoretical Aspects and Automatic Information Theory-Based Image Selection
* Challenges and Opportunities of Multimodality and Data Fusion in Remote Sensing
* Class-Specific Sparse Multiple Kernel Learning for Spectral-Spatial Hyperspectral Image Classification
* CNN-Based Super-Resolution of Hyperspectral Images
* Combining Airborne Photographs and Spaceborne SAR Data to Monitor Temperate Glaciers: Potentials and Limits
* Comparison of Machine Learning Algorithms for Flood Susceptibility Mapping
* Comparison of merging orders and pruning strategies for Binary Partition Tree in hyperspectral data
* Comparison of Pansharpening Algorithms: Outcome of the 2006 GRS-S Data-Fusion Contest
* Comparison of Prefiltering Operators for Road Network Extraction in SAR Images
* Conditional Random Field and Deep Feature Learning for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Context-Adaptive Pansharpening Based on Binary Partition Tree Segmentation
* Context-Adaptive Pansharpening Based on Image Segmentation
* Convex Formulation for Hyperspectral Image Superresolution via Subspace-Based Regularization, A
* CoSpace: Common Subspace Learning From Hyperspectral-Multispectral Correspondences
* Coupled Convolutional Neural Network With Adaptive Response Function Learning for Unsupervised Hyperspectral Super Resolution
* Critical Comparison Among Pansharpening Algorithms, A
* Crop Yield Estimation Based on Unsupervised Linear Unmixing of Multidate Hyperspectral Imagery
* Cross-attention in Coupled Unmixing Nets for Unsupervised Hyperspectral Super-resolution
* Curvelet Based Contrast Enhancement in Fluoroscopic Sequences
* Data-Driven Model-Based Regression Applied to Panchromatic Sharpening, A
* Decision Fusion for the Classification of Hyperspectral Data: Outcome of the 2008 GRS-S Data Fusion Contest
* Decision Fusion for the Classification of Urban Remote Sensing Images
* Deep Learning of Radiometrical and Geometrical SAR Distorsions for Image Modality translations
* Detail Injection-Based Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Pansharpening
* DGSSC: A Deep Generative Spectral-Spatial Classifier for Imbalanced Hyperspectral Imagery
* Directional Mathematical Morphology for the Detection of the Road Network in Very High Resolution Remote Sensing Images
* DSMNN-Net: A Deep Siamese Morphological Neural Network Model for Burned Area Mapping Using Multispectral Sentinel-2 and Hyperspectral PRISMA Images
* Dynamic Multicontext Segmentation of Remote Sensing Images Based on Convolutional Networks
* Dynamical Spectral Unmixing of Multitemporal Hyperspectral Images
* Enhancing hyperspectral image quality using nonlinear PCA
* Entropic Descent Archetypal Analysis for Blind Hyperspectral Unmixing
* Evaluation of ICA-Based ICTD for PolSAR Data Analysis Using a Sliding Window Approach: Convergence Rate, Gaussian Sources, and Spatial Correlation
* Evaluation of the New Information in the H/alpha Feature Space Provided by ICA in PolSAR Data Analysis
* Exploration of Planetary Hyperspectral Images with Unsupervised Spectral Unmixing: A Case Study of Planet Mars
* Few-Shot Learning With Class-Covariance Metric for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Fluorosocopic sequence denoising using a motion compensated multi-scale temporal filtering
* Foreword to the Special Issue on Hyperspectral Image and Signal Processing
* Framework for Fast Image Deconvolution With Incomplete Observations, A
* Full Scale Regression-Based Injection Coefficients for Panchromatic Sharpening
* Fusion of hyperspectral and panchromatic images: A hybrid use of indusion and nonlinear PCA
* Fusion of Lidar and Hyperspectral Data for Semantic Segmentation Of Forest Tree Species
* Fusion of Multispectral and Panchromatic Images Based on Morphological Operators
* Fuzzy Fusion Techniques for Linear Features Detection in Multitemporal SAR Images
* GAS plume detection in hyperspectral video sequence using low rank representation
* Geometrical features for the classification of very high resolution multispectral remote-sensing images
* Global Spatial and Local Spectral Similarity-Based Manifold Learning Group Sparse Representation for Hyperspectral Imagery Classification
* Graph Convolutional Networks for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Graph Relation Network: Modeling Relations Between Scenes for Multilabel Remote-Sensing Image Classification and Retrieval
* Graph-Based Approach for Data Fusion and Segmentation of Multimodal Images, A
* graph-based approach for feature extraction and segmentation of multimodal images, A
* Graph-Based Data Fusion Applied to Change Detection and Biomass Estimation in Rice Crops
* Graph-Induced Aligned Learning on Subspaces for Hyperspectral and Multispectral Data
* GuidedNet: A General CNN Fusion Framework via High-Resolution Guidance for Hyperspectral Image Super-Resolution
* High-Resolution SAR Interferometry: Estimation of Local Frequencies in the Context of Alpine Glaciers
* Hyperspectral Anomaly Detection Using Deep Learning: A Review
* Hyperspectral Classification Through Unmixing Abundance Maps Addressing Spectral Variability
* Hyperspectral Computational Imaging via Collaborative Tucker3 Tensor Decomposition
* Hyperspectral Image Classification With Independent Component Discriminant Analysis
* Hyperspectral image inpainting based on collaborative total variation
* Hyperspectral Image Mixed Noise Removal Based on Multidirectional Low-Rank Modeling and Spatial-Spectral Total Variation
* Hyperspectral Image Representation and Processing With Binary Partition Trees
* Hyperspectral Image Segmentation Using a New Spectral Mixture-Based Binary Partition Tree Representation
* Hyperspectral Image Segmentation Using a New Spectral Unmixing-Based Binary Partition Tree Representation
* Hyperspectral image segmentation using Binary Partition Trees
* Hyperspectral image superresolution: An edge-preserving convex formulation
* Hyperspectral Image Unmixing With Endmember Bundles and Group Sparsity Inducing Mixed Norms
* Hyperspectral Local Intrinsic Dimensionality
* Hyperspectral Pansharpening Using Deep Prior and Dual Attention Residual Network
* Hyperspectral Restoration and Fusion With Multispectral Imagery via Low-Rank Tensor-Approximation
* Hyperspectral Sharpening Approaches Using Satellite Multiplatform Data
* Hyperspectral Super-Resolution of Locally Low Rank Images From Complementary Multisource Data
* Hyperspectral unmixing with material variability using social sparsity
* Image denoising using contextual modeling of curvelet coefficients
* Improved Stationarity Test Based on Surrogates, An
* Intercomparison and Validation of Techniques for Spectral Unmixing of Hyperspectral Images: A Planetary Case Study
* Invariant Attribute Profiles: A Spatial-Frequency Joint Feature Extractor for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Joint and Progressive Subspace Analysis (JPSA) With Spatial-Spectral Manifold Alignment for Semisupervised Hyperspectral Dimensionality Reduction
* Joint Reconstruction and Anomaly Detection From Compressive Hyperspectral Images Using Mahalanobis Distance-Regularized Tensor RPCA
* Kernel Supervised Ensemble Classifier for the Classification of Hyperspectral Data Using Few Labeled Samples
* L0-L1 Hybrid Total Variation Regularization and its Applications on Hyperspectral Image Mixed Noise Removal and Compressed Sensing
* Learnable manifold alignment (LeMA): A semi-supervised cross-modality learning framework for land cover and land use classification
* Learning a low-coherence dictionary to address spectral variability for hyperspectral unmixing
* Learning to propagate labels on graphs: An iterative multitask regression framework for semi-supervised hyperspectral dimensionality reduction
* Learning to Semantically Segment High-Resolution Remote Sensing Images
* Low-Rank Decomposition and Total Variation Regularization of Hyperspectral Video Sequences
* LRTCFPan: Low-Rank Tensor Completion Based Framework for Pansharpening
* Machine Learning Approaches to Automatically Detect Glacier Snow Lines on Multi-Spectral Satellite Images
* Mapping Urban Land Cover of a Large Area Using Multiple Sensors Multiple Features
* More Diverse Means Better: Multimodal Deep Learning Meets Remote-Sensing Imagery Classification
* Morphological Attribute Profiles With Partial Reconstruction
* Multi-Relation Attention Network for Image Patch Matching
* Multimodal GANs: Toward Crossmodal Hyperspectral-Multispectral Image Segmentation
* Multimodal remote sensing benchmark datasets for land cover classification with a shared and specific feature learning model
* Multimorphological Superpixel Model for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Multiple Feature Kernel Sparse Representation Classifier for Hyperspectral Imagery
* Multiple Kernel Learning for Hyperspectral Image Classification: A Review
* Multiple Spectral-Spatial Classification Approach for Hyperspectral Data
* Mutual Information-Based Self-Supervised Learning Model for PolSAR Land Cover Classification, A
* New Pansharpening Method Based on Spatial and Spectral Sparsity Priors, A
* Noise Reduction in Hyperspectral Imagery: Overview and Application
* Nonlinear Multiple Kernel Learning With Multiple-Structure-Element Extended Morphological Profiles for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Nonlinear Unmixing of Hyperspectral Data Using Semi-Nonnegative Matrix Factorization
* Nonlocal Coupled Tensor CP Decomposition for Hyperspectral and Multispectral Image Fusion
* Nonlocal Patch Tensor Sparse Representation for Hyperspectral Image Super-Resolution
* Nonnegative Tensor CP Decomposition of Hyperspectral Data
* novel approach to polarimetric SAR data processing based on Nonlinear PCA, A
* Novel Negative Abundance-Oriented Hyperspectral Unmixing Algorithm, A
* Object recognition in hyperspectral images using Binary Partition Tree representation
* Object Tracking by Hierarchical Decomposition of Hyperspectral Video Sequences: Application to Chemical Gas Plume Tracking
* Online Structured Sparsity-Based Moving-Object Detection From Satellite Videos
* Optical Remote Sensing: Advances in Signal Processing and Exploitation Techniques
* Order Filter with Progressively Decimated Filtering Window: Application to Colour Image Enhancement
* ORSIm Detector: A Novel Object Detection Framework in Optical Remote Sensing Imagery Using Spatial-Frequency Channel Features
* Pansharpening Algorithm Based on Morphological Filters, A
* Pansharpening Based on Deconvolution for Multiband Filter Estimation
* Pansharpening Based on Semiblind Deconvolution
* Pansharpening of Hyperspectral images using spatial distortion optimization
* Pansharpening Quality Assessment Using the Modulation Transfer Functions of Instruments
* Pansharpening with a decision fusion based on the local size information
* Pansharpening: Context-Based Generalized Laplacian Pyramids by Robust Regression
* Parsimonious Mahalanobis kernel for the classification of high dimensional data
* physics-based unmixing method for thermal hyperspectral images, A
* Physics-Based Unmixing Method to Estimate Subpixel Temperatures on Mixed Pixels, A
* Polarimetric Incoherent Target Decomposition by Means of Independent Component Analysis
* PolSAR Feature Extraction Via Tensor Embedding Framework for Land Cover Classification
* PolSAR Scene Classification via Low-Rank Constrained Multimodal Tensor Representation
* Processing Multidimensional SAR and Hyperspectral Images With Binary Partition Tree
* Random Subspace Ensembles for Hyperspectral Image Classification With Extended Morphological Attribute Profiles
* Real Time Vector Median Like Filter: FPGA Design and Application to Color Image Filtering
* Regression-Based High-Pass Modulation Pansharpening Approach, A
* Relationships Between Nonlinear and Space-Variant Linear Models in Hyperspectral Image Unmixing
* Remotely Sensed Image Classification Using Sparse Representations of Morphological Attribute Profiles
* Reverse Difference Network for Highlighting Small Objects in Aerial Images
* Robust linear unmixing with enhanced constraint of classification for hyperspectral remote sensing imagery
* Robust linear unmixing with enhanced sparsity
* Rotation-Based Support Vector Machine Ensemble in Classification of Hyperspectral Data With Limited Training Samples
* Scene Classification With Recurrent Attention of VHR Remote Sensing Images
* Segmentation and Classification of Hyperspectral Images Using Minimum Spanning Forest Grown From Automatically Selected Markers
* Segmentation and classification of hyperspectral images using watershed transformation
* Segmentation of Multimodal Images Based on Hierarchies of Partitions
* Selective and robust d-dimensional path operators
* Semisupervised charting for spectral multimodal manifold learning and alignment
* Shape signatures of fuzzy star-shaped sets based on distance from the centroid
* Signal and Image Processing in Hyperspectral Remote Sensing
* spatial-spectral kernel-based approach for the classification of remote-sensing images, A
* Spatial-spectral Manifold Embedding of Hyperspectral Data
* Spatio-temporal cellular automata-based filtering for image sequence denoising: Application to fluoroscopic sequences
* Spatio-Temporal Multiscale Denoising of Fluoroscopic Sequence
* Special issue on advances in pattern recognition in remote sensing
* Spectral and Spatial Classification of Hyperspectral Data Using SVMs and Morphological Profiles
* Spectral compression of hyperspectral images by means of nonlinear principal component analysis decorrelation
* Spectral Superresolution of Multispectral Imagery With Joint Sparse and Low-Rank Learning
* Spectral Variability Aware Blind Hyperspectral Image Unmixing Based on Convex Geometry
* Spectral-Spatial Classification for Hyperspectral Data Using Rotation Forests With Local Feature Extraction and Markov Random Fields
* Spectral-Spatial Classification of Hyperspectral Data Based on a Stochastic Minimum Spanning Forest Approach
* Spectral-Spatial Classification of Hyperspectral Imagery Based on Partitional Clustering Techniques
* Speeding up Support Vector Machine (SVM) image classification by a kernel series expansion
* Spherical Symmetry of Complex Stochastic Models in Multivariate High-Resolution PolSAR Images
* StfNet: A Two-Stream Convolutional Neural Network for Spatiotemporal Image Fusion
* Stochastic Minimum Spanning Forest approach for spectral-spatial classification of hyperspectral images, A
* Synthesis of Multispectral Images to High Spatial Resolution: A Critical Review of Fusion Methods Based on Remote Sensing Physics
* Target recognition in SAR images via sparse representation in the frequency domain
* Toward Super-Resolution Image Construction Based on Joint Tensor Decomposition
* Transferable Deep Learning from Time Series of Landsat Data for National Land-Cover Mapping with Noisy Labels: A Case Study of China
* UIU-Net: U-Net in U-Net for Infrared Small Object Detection
* Unsupervised and Supervised Feature Extraction Methods for Hyperspectral Images Based on Mixtures of Factor Analyzers
* Unsupervised classification of hyperspectral images by using linear unmixing algorithm
* Unsupervised endmember extraction: Application to hyperspectral images from Mars
* Unsupervised methods for the classification of hyperspectral images with low spatial resolution
* Unsupervised Outlier Detection Using Memory and Contrastive Learning
* Using High-Resolution Airborne and Satellite Imagery to Assess Crop Growth and Yield Variability for Precision Agriculture
* Variational Pansharpening Approach Based on Reproducible Kernel Hilbert Space and Heaviside Function, A
* Very High-Resolution Remote Sensing: Challenges and Opportunities
* X-ModalNet: A semi-supervised deep cross-modal network for classification of remote sensing data
Includes: Chanussot, J.[Jocelyn] Chanussot, J.
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Chanwimaluang, T.[Thitiporn] Co Author Listing * Affine Camera for 3-D Retinal Surface Reconstruction
* Constrained Optimization for Retinal Curvature Estimation Using an Affine Camera
* efficient algorithm for extraction of anatomical structures in retinal images, An
* Retinal Image Registration for NIH's ETDRS
Includes: Chanwimaluang, T.[Thitiporn] Chanwimaluang, T.

Chanyagorn, P. Co Author Listing * Texture Segmentation Using Moving Average Modeling Approach

Chanzy, A. Co Author Listing * Correction to Evaluating an improved parameterization of the soil emission in L-MEB [Apr 11 1177-1189]
* Detection of Irrigated Permanent Grasslands with Sentinel-2 Based on Temporal Patterns of the Leaf Area Index (LAI)
* Two-dimensional synthetic aperture images over a land surface scene
Includes: Chanzy, A. Chanzy, A.[André]

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