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Yuan Hsiung, T.[Tsai] Co Author Listing * In vivo correlation between semi-quantitative hemodynamic parameters and Ktrans derived from DCE-MRI of brain tumors
Includes: Yuan Hsiung, T.[Tsai] Yuan-Hsiung, T.[Tsai]

Yuan Ze Co Author Listing * Parallel Thinning Algorithm for Binary Digital Patterns
Includes: Yuan Ze Yuan-Ze

Yuan, A.[Aiquan] Co Author Listing * Handwritten English Word Recognition Based on Convolutional Neural Networks

Yuan, B.[Bin] Co Author Listing * Automatic classification of wooden cabinet doors
* Convex hull based skew estimation
* Dense registration of fingerprints
* Density-based hierarchical clustering for streaming data
* Discovering Latent Aspects for Diversity-Induced Image Retrieval
* Does A Body Image Tell Age?
* Effective Video Retargeting With Jittery Assessment
* Fast method for face location and tracking by distributed behaviour-based agents
* Fiducial line based skew estimation
* Finding the Best-Fit Bounding-Boxes
* highly scalable clustering scheme using boundary information, A
* Iterative Cross Learning on Noisy Labels
* Manifold Regularized Discriminative Nonnegative Matrix Factorization With Fast Gradient Descent
* Micro-Doppler Analysis and Separation Based on Complex Local Mean Decomposition for Aircraft With Fast-Rotating Parts in ISAR Imaging
* multi-level component grouping algorithm and its applications, A
* Multimodal Discriminative Binary Embedding for Large-Scale Cross-Modal Retrieval
* Multiobjective Learning in the Model Space for Time Series Classification
* PNN query processing on compressed trajectories
* Power histogram for circle detection on images
* Regression-Based Human Motion Capture From Voxel Data
* Retracted: Least-squares fitting for deformable superquadric model based on orthogonal distance
* Scene recognition with objectness
* Semi-Supervised Convolutional Neural Networks for In-Situ Video Monitoring of Selective Laser Melting
* Skew estimation for scanned documents from noises
* Skewscope : the textual document skew detector
Includes: Yuan, B.[Bin] Yuan, B.[Bo] Yuan, B. Yuan, B.[Binhang] Yuan, B.[Bodi] Yuan, B.[Bao_Zong]
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Yuan, B.C.[Bing Cheng] Co Author Listing * New Method of Highlight Characteristics Calculation for Underwater Targets, A
* runway recognition algorithm based on heuristic line extraction, A
Includes: Yuan, B.C.[Bing Cheng] Yuan, B.C.[Bing-Cheng]

Yuan, B.F.[Bao Feng] Co Author Listing * Stereovision-Only Based Interactive Mobile Robot for Human-Robot Face-to-Face Interaction
Includes: Yuan, B.F.[Bao Feng] Yuan, B.F.[Bao-Feng]

Yuan, B.Z.[Bao Zong] Co Author Listing * 2D-LDA: A statistical linear discriminant analysis for image matrix
* Better Foreground Segmentation for Static Cameras via New Energy Form and Dynamic Graph-cut
* CCD Camera Calibration Based on Natural Landmarks
* Detection of Partial Ellipses Using Seperate Parameters Estimation Techniques
* Epipolar geometry estimation based on evolutionary agents
* Evolutionary agents for epipolar geometry estimation
* Gabor Feature Based Classification Using 2D Linear Discriminant Analysis for Face Recognition
* hybrid image compression scheme combining block-based fractal coding and DCT, A
* Isothetic Polygon Representation for Contours
* Layered optical tomography of multiple scattering media with combined constraint optimization
* Linear discriminative image processing operator analysis
* Markerless human body motion capture using Markov random field and dynamic graph cuts
* more efficient branch and bound algorithm for feature selection, A
* New Affine Transformation: Its Theory and Application to Image Coding, A
* new algorithm for static camera foreground segmentation via active coutours and GMM, A
* new algorithm for texture segmentation based on edge detection, A
* new image shape analysis approach and its application to flower shape analysis, A
* novel approach for human face detection from color images under complex background, A
* Novel-Approach to the Optimal Biorthogonal Analysis Window Sequence of the Discrete Gabor Expansion, A
* Robust estimation of trifocal tensor using messy genetic algorithm
* Robust method of recovering epipolar geometry using messy genetic algorithm
* Robust Projective Reconstruction with Missing Information
* Shape description and recognition using the high order morphological pattern spectrum
* Unsupervised texture segmentation based on the modified Markov random field model
* Using Stereo Vision Analysis to Recognize Partially Obscured Objects
Includes: Yuan, B.Z.[Bao Zong] Yuan, B.Z.[Bao-Zong] Yuan, B.Z.[Bing-Zhi] Yuan, B.Z.
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Yuan, C.[Chang] Co Author Listing * 3D Reconstruction of Background and Objects Moving on Ground Plane Viewed from a Moving Camera
* Ant Colony Optimization for Feature Selection in Face Recognition
* Appearance Based Neural Image Processing Algorithm for 3-d Object Recognition, An
* Atherosclerotic Blood Vessel Tracking and Lumen Segmentation in Topology Changes Situations of MR Image Sequences
* Center-based weighted kernel linear regression for image classification
* Coarse-to-Fine Algorithm for Matching and Registration in 3D Cross-Source Point Clouds, A
* Coarse-to-Fine Algorithm for Registration in 3D Street-View Cross-Source Point Clouds, A
* ColorNet: Investigating the Importance of Color Spaces for Image Classification
* Convolutional neural network using multi-scale information for stereo matching cost computation
* Dense Correspondence Using Non-Local DAISY Forest
* Depth map super-resolution via low-resolution depth guided joint trilateral up-sampling
* Detecting Motion Regions in the Presence of a Strong Parallax from a Moving Camera by Multiview Geometric Constraints
* Detection and Tracking of Moving Objects from a Moving Platform in Presence of Strong Parallax
* DRE-SLAM: Dynamic RGB-D Encoder SLAM for a Differential-Drive Robot
* Efficient Multi-level Correlating for Visual Tracking
* Fast and Robust Edge-Guided Exemplar-Based Image Inpainting
* Fast Intra prediction algorithm for quality scalable video coding
* fast minimal path active contour model, A
* fast mode decision algorithm applied to Coarse-Grain quality Scalable Video Coding, A
* Formation Learning Control of Multiple Autonomous Underwater Vehicles With Heterogeneous Nonlinear Uncertain Dynamics
* Getting Rid of Night: Thermal Image Classification Based on Feature Fusion
* Hierarchical Context Encoding for Events Captioning in Videos
* Horizontal and Vertical Nuclear Norm-Based 2DLDA for Image Representation
* Inferring 3D Volumetric Shape of Both Moving Objects and Static Background Observed by a Moving Camera
* Information Theoretic Analysis of Plaque in MR Imaging
* Layered access control for MPEG-4 FGS video
* Layered Encryption for Scalable Video Coding
* Learning Attentional Recurrent Neural Network for Visual Tracking
* Learning Deep Conditional Neural Network for Image Segmentation
* Learning Parts-Based and Global Representation for Image Classification
* Low-Rank 2-D Neighborhood Preserving Projection for Enhanced Robust Image Representation
* Motion artifact correction of MRI via iterative inverse problem solving
* Neural networks for the recognition and pose estimation of 3D objects from a single 2D perspective view
* Nonnegative Discriminant Matrix Factorization
* novel support vector classifier with better rejection performance, A
* Nuclear Norm-Based 2DLPP for Image Classification
* Online Allocation of Communication and Computation Resources for Real-Time Multimedia Services
* Opium Poppy Detection Using Deep Learning
* Overall Traffic Mode Prediction by VOMM Approach and AR Mining Algorithm With Large-Scale Data
* Real Time Complete Dense Depth Reconstruction for a Monocular Camera
* Robust and Flexible Scalable Video Multicast with Network Coding over P2P Network
* Robust Method of Identifying and Measuring Fibrous Cap in 3D Time-of-Flight MR Image, A
* Robust Visual Tracking in Low-Resolution Sequence
* SCNN: Sequential convolutional neural network for human action recognition in videos
* Spatio-Temporal Self-Organizing Map Deep Network for Dynamic Object Detection from Videos
* Structurally Incoherent Low-Rank 2DLPP for Image Classification
* Structurally Incoherent Low-Rank Nonnegative Matrix Factorization for Image Classification
* Superimposed Sparse Parameter Classifiers for Face Recognition
* Systematic Approach for Cross-Source Point Cloud Registration by Preserving Macro and Micro Structures, A
* Variational Bayesian Approach for Classification with Corrupted Inputs, A
* Very Deep Sequences Learning Approach for Human Action Recognition, A
Includes: Yuan, C.[Chang] Yuan, C.[Chunwei] Yuan, C. Yuan, C.[Chun] Yuan, C.[Chao]
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Yuan, C.A.[Chang An] Co Author Listing * Distributed electricity load forecasting model mining based on hybrid gene expression programming and cloud computing
* Review on mining data from multiple data sources
Includes: Yuan, C.A.[Chang An] Yuan, C.A.[Chang-An]

Yuan, C.F.[Chun Feng] Co Author Listing * 3D-R Transform on Spatio-temporal Interest Points for Action Recognition
* Action recognition using linear dynamic systems
* Action Recognition Using Nonnegative Action Component Representation and Sparse Basis Selection
* Asymmetric 3D Convolutional Neural Networks for action recognition
* Context-Dependent Random Walk Graph Kernels and Tree Pattern Graph Matching Kernels With Applications to Action Recognition
* Diagnosing deep learning models for high accuracy age estimation from a single image
* Discovering and Describing Activities by Trajectory Analysis
* Diversity encouraging ensemble of convolutional networks for high performance action recognition
* Dual Sticky Hierarchical Dirichlet Process Hidden Markov Model and Its Application to Natural Language Description of Motions
* Event Recognition Based on Top-Down Motion Attention
* Fusing R Features and Local Features with Context-Aware Kernels for Action Recognition
* Graph Based Skeleton Motion Representation and Similarity Measurement for Action Recognition
* Hierarchical Model Based on Latent Dirichlet Allocation for Action Recognition, A
* Human Action Recognition Based on Context-Dependent Graph Kernels
* Human Action Recognition Based on Oriented Motion Salient Regions
* Human Action Recognition under Log-Euclidean Riemannian Metric
* Human Action Recognition Using Pyramid Vocabulary Tree
* Interaction-Aware Spatio-Temporal Pyramid Attention Networks for Action Classification
* Learning Human Actions by Combining Global Dynamics and Local Appearance
* Mining activities using sticky multimodal dual hierarchical Dirichlet process hidden Markov model
* Modeling Geometric-Temporal Context With Directional Pyramid Co-Occurrence for Action Recognition
* Multi-feature max-margin hierarchical Bayesian model for action recognition
* Multi-target Tracking by Rank-1 Tensor Approximation
* Multi-target Tracking with Motion Context in Tensor Power Iteration
* Multi-task Sparse Learning with Beta Process Prior for Action Recognition
* Multi-View Multi-Instance Learning Based on Joint Sparse Representation and Multi-View Dictionary Learning
* Online Human Action Detection Using Joint Classification-Regression Recurrent Neural Networks
* Prototype Learning Using Metric Learning Based Behavior Recognition
* Supervised class-specific dictionary learning for sparse modeling in action recognition
* Top-Down Cues for Event Recognition
Includes: Yuan, C.F.[Chun Feng] Yuan, C.F.[Chun-Feng]
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Yuan, C.G.[Cong Gui] Co Author Listing * Predict water quality based on multiple kernel least squares support vector regression and genetic algorithm
Includes: Yuan, C.G.[Cong Gui] Yuan, C.G.[Cong-Gui]

Yuan, C.J.[Cheng J.] Co Author Listing * Efficient content extraction in compressed images
* Object recognition in compressed imagery

Yuan, C.R.[Chun Rong] Co Author Listing * Markerless Pose Tracking for Augmented Reality
* Visual Perception and Analysis as First Steps Toward Human-Robot Chess Playing
* Visual Tracking for Seamless 3D Interactions in Augmented Reality
Includes: Yuan, C.R.[Chun Rong] Yuan, C.R.[Chun-Rong]

Yuan, C.T. Co Author Listing * Resampling on a Pseudohexagonal Grid

Yuan, C.W.[Chang Wei] Co Author Listing * Data Registration with Ground Points for Roadside LiDAR Sensors
Includes: Yuan, C.W.[Chang Wei] Yuan, C.W.[Chang-Wei]

Yuan, C.X.[Cai Xia] Co Author Listing * Linear Max K-min classifier, A
Includes: Yuan, C.X.[Cai Xia] Yuan, C.X.[Cai-Xia]

Yuan, C.Z.[Chen Zhi] Co Author Listing * Smart-Learning Networked Controllers for Centralized Air-Conditioning Systems Using Model-View-Controller Model

Yuan, D. Co Author Listing * 3-D point cloud normal estimation based on fitting algebraic spheres
* Camera motion estimation through monocular normal flow vectors
* Camera-to-Camera Geometry Estimation Requiring no Overlap in their Visual Fields
* Correspondence-Free Stereo Vision: Extension from Planar Scene Case to Polyhedral Scene Case
* Cross-Trees for Stereo Matching with Priors
* Cross-trees, edge and superpixel priors-based cost aggregation for stereo matching
* Determining Relative Geometry of Cameras from Normal Flows
* Direct Ego-Motion Estimation Using Normal Flows
* Direct Estimation of the Stereo Geometry from Monocular Normal Flows
* Dynamic Environment Exploration Using a Virtual White Cane
* FEATS: Synthetic Feature Tracks for Structure from Motion Evaluation
* Fluctuations of disparity space image for stereo matching in untextured regions
* Fusion of Infrared and Visible Images Using 2DPCA Bases
* Haze Removal from Single Images Based on a Luminance Reference Model
* Interference-Aware Cross-Layer Design for Distributed Video Transmission in Wireless Networks
* Method for PET-CT Lung Cancer Segmentation based on Improved Random Walk, A
* Motion detection and tracking system based on frame analysis and simulated static electric field (SSEF) snake
* Nonstationary Wideband MIMO Channel Model for High-Mobility Intelligent Transportation Systems, A
* Simulated static electric field (SSEF) snake for deformable models
* Sparse representation over discriminative dictionary for stereo matching
* Stereo matching with Global Edge Constraint and Graph Cuts
* Stereo Matching with Global Edge Constraint and Occlusion Handling
* SVCV: segmentation volume combined with cost volume for stereo matching
* Tool for Range Sensing and Environment Discovery for the Blind, A
Includes: Yuan, D. Yuan, D.[Ding]
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Yuan, D.D.[De Dong] Co Author Listing * Pursuing Detector Efficiency for Simple Scene Pedestrian Detection
Includes: Yuan, D.D.[De Dong] Yuan, D.D.[De-Dong]

Yuan, F.[Fei] Co Author Listing * Applications of TRMM- and GPM-Era Multiple-Satellite Precipitation Products for Flood Simulations at Sub-Daily Scales in a Sparsely Gauged Watershed in Myanmar
* Assessment of GPM and TRMM Multi-Satellite Precipitation Products in Streamflow Simulations in a Data-Sparse Mountainous Watershed in Myanmar
* Characterization of S-Band Dual-Polarized Radar Data for the Convective Rain Melting Layer Detection in A Tropical Region
* Combining Color Indices and Textures of UAV-Based Digital Imagery for Rice LAI Estimation
* Comparison of Spectral Analysis Techniques for Impervious Surface Estimation Using Landsat Imagery
* Framework for Quick and Accurate Access of Interesting Visual Events in Surveillance Videos, A
* Georeferencing Multi-source Geospatial Data Using Multi-temporal TerraSAR-X Imagery: a Case Study in Qixing Farm, Northeast China
* GPS-Derived PWV for Rainfall Nowcasting in Tropical Region
* Image Haze Removal via Reference Retrieval and Scene Prior
* improved DFT-SOFDM scheme based on inter-carrier interference cancellation, An
* In-Season Diagnosis of Rice Nitrogen Status Using Proximal Fluorescence Canopy Sensor at Different Growth Stages
* Integration of image quality and motion cues for face anti-spoofing: A neural network approach
* Investigating Within-Field Variability of Rice from High Resolution Satellite Imagery in Qixing Farm County, Northeast China
* Mapping and Analyzing Stream Network Changes in Watonwan River Watershed, Minnesota, USA
* Mid-level features and spatio-temporal context for activity recognition
* No-Reference Video Quality Assessment With 3D Shearlet Transform and Convolutional Neural Networks
* Potential of RapidEye and WorldView-2 Satellite Data for Improving Rice Nitrogen Status Monitoring at Different Growth Stages
* Satellite Remote Sensing-Based In-Season Diagnosis of Rice Nitrogen Status in Northeast China
* Seasonal Sensitivity Analysis of Impervious Surface Estimation with Satellite Imagery
* Subjective and objective quality evaluation of sonar images for underwater acoustic transmission
* Texture Segmentation by Grouping Ellipse Ensembles via Active Contours
* Vehicle Tracking Based on Image Alignment in Aerial Videos
* Water Vapor Pressure Model for Cloud Vertical Structure Detection in Tropical Region
Includes: Yuan, F.[Fei] Yuan, F.[Feng] Yuan, F. Yuan, F.[Fang]
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Yuan, F.N.[Fei Niu] Co Author Listing * Co-occurrence matching of local binary patterns for improving visual adaption and its application to smoke recognition
* Convolutional Neural Networks Based on Multi-Scale Additive Merging Layers for Visual Smoke Recognition
* double mapping framework for extraction of shape-invariant features based on multi-scale partitions with AdaBoost for video smoke detection, A
* Encoding pairwise Hamming distances of Local Binary Patterns for visual smoke recognition
* fast accumulative motion orientation model based on integral image for video smoke detection, A
* integrated fire detection and suppression system based on widely available video surveillance, An
* Real-time image smoke detection using staircase searching-based dual threshold AdaBoost and dynamic analysis
* Video saliency detection by gestalt theory
Includes: Yuan, F.N.[Fei Niu] Yuan, F.N.[Fei-Niu]
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Yuan, F.X. Co Author Listing * Age group classification in the wild with deep RoR architecture

Yuan, G.[Guan] Co Author Listing * Hidden Naive Bayes Indoor Fingerprinting Localization Based on Best-Discriminating AP Selection
* Hierarchical and Modular Surveillance Systems in ITS
* ICM: An efficient data association for SLAM in stochastic mapping
* Indoor Fingerprint Positioning Based on Wi-Fi: An Overview
* L_0 TV: A Sparse Optimization Method for Impulse Noise Image Restoration
* L_0TV: A new method for image restoration in the presence of impulse noise
Includes: Yuan, G.[Guan] Yuan, G.[Gu] Yuan, G.[Guang] Yuan, G.[Ganzhao]

Yuan, G.D.[Guo Dong] Co Author Listing * Ray tracing via GPU rasterization
Includes: Yuan, G.D.[Guo Dong] Yuan, G.D.[Guo-Dong]

Yuan, G.P.[Gong Ping] Co Author Listing * Detection of morphology defects in pipeline based on 3D active stereo omnidirectional vision sensor
Includes: Yuan, G.P.[Gong Ping] Yuan, G.P.[Gong-Ping]

Yuan, G.X. Co Author Listing * Recent Advances of Large-Scale Linear Classification

Yuan, G.Z.[Gan Zhao] Co Author Listing * Matrix Splitting Method for Composite Function Minimization, A
Includes: Yuan, G.Z.[Gan Zhao] Yuan, G.Z.[Gan-Zhao]

Yuan, H.[Hui] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Lagrangian Multiplier derivation model for depth map coding
* Affine Model Based Motion Compensation Prediction for Zoom
* Assessment of Multiple GNSS Real-Time SSR Products from Different Analysis Centers
* Automated Artificial Neural Network System for Land Use/Land Cover Classification from Landsat TM Imagery, An
* Coding modes-based frame skip avoidance scheme for low bit rate video coding
* Compressive sensing measurement matrix construction based on improved size compatible array LDPC code
* Contourlet transform based digital watermarking resisting 2D-3D conversion
* Convolutional Neural Network-Based Synthesized View Quality Enhancement for 3D Video Coding
* Cooperative Bargaining Game-Based Multiuser Bandwidth Allocation for Dynamic Adaptive Streaming Over HTTP
* DCT Coefficient Distribution Modeling and Quality Dependency Analysis Based Frame-Level Bit Allocation for HEVC
* Detecting Phishing Websites and Targets Based on URLs and Webpage Links
* Dual-Colony Ant Algorithm for the Receiving and Shipping Door Assignments in Cross-Docks, A
* Dual-Way Guided Depth Image Inpainting with RGBD Image Pairs
* Effective background modelling and subtraction approach for moving object detection
* Estimating Forest fAPAR from Multispectral Landsat-8 Data Using the Invertible Forest Reflectance Model INFORM
* Exploring Group Movement Pattern through Cellular Data: A Case Study of Tourists in Hainan
* Facilitating interaction with stereoscopic 3D display devices
* Fast Coding Tree Unit depth decision for high efficiency video coding
* Fine Virtual View Distortion Estimation Method for Depth Map Coding
* Fragile watermark based on the Gaussian mixture model in the wavelet domain for image authentication
* HEVC intra mode selection based on Rate Distortion (RD) cost and Sum of Absolute Difference (SA
* How do users select stereoscopic 3D content?
* Imaging the Social Brain by Simultaneous Hyperscanning during Subject Interaction
* Model Based Motion Vector Predictor for Zoom Motion
* Model-Based Joint Bit Allocation Between Texture Videos and Depth Maps for 3-D Video Coding
* Motion-Homogeneous-Based Fast Transcoding Method From H.264: AVC to HEVC
* Multiscale Fragile Watermarking Based on the Gaussian Mixture Model
* Nonlocal Random Walks Algorithm for Semi-Automatic 2D-to-3D Image Conversion
* novel distortion criterion of rate-distortion optimization for depth map coding, A
* Novel Distortion Model and Lagrangian Multiplier for Depth Maps Coding, A
* Pedestrian-Detection Method Based on Heterogeneous Features and Ensemble of Multi-View Pose Parts, A
* Quality of interaction experience in stereoscopic 3D TV
* Rate Distortion Optimized Inter-View Frame Level Bit Allocation Method for MV-HEVC
* Real-Time Traffic Light Recognition Based on Smartphone Platforms
* Rear-Vehicle Detection System for Static Images Based on Monocular Vision, A
* Region Adaptive R-lambda Model-Based Rate Control for Depth Maps Coding
* Robust Photogrammetric Processing Method of Low-Altitude UAV Images, A
* Running Max/Min Filters Using 1+o(1) Comparisons per Sample
* Spatial/temporal motion consistency based MERGE mode early decision for HEVC
* spatiotemporal super-resolution algorithm for a hybrid stereo video system, A
* Spectral-Spatial Shared Linear Regression for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* SSIM-Based Game Theory Approach for Rate-Distortion Optimized Intra Frame CTU-Level Bit Allocation
* Statistical Modeling in the Wavelet Domain for Compact Feature Extraction and Similarity Measure of Images
* Tree Filtering: Efficient Structure-Preserving Smoothing With a Minimum Spanning Tree
* U.S. speed limit sign detection and recognition from image sequences
* Validation and Assessment of Multi-GNSS Real-Time Precise Point Positioning in Simulated Kinematic Mode Using IGS Real-Time Service
Includes: Yuan, H.[Hui] Yuan, H. Yuan, H.[Hong] Yuan, H.[Hua] Yuan, H.[Huai] Yuan, H.[Huili] Yuan, H.[Hao] Yuan, H.[Haiyue] Yuan, H.[Han]
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Yuan, H.D.[Hai Dong] Co Author Listing * Edge-based synthetic discriminant function for distortion invariant object recognition
* Spatially Constrained Asymmetric Gaussian Mixture Model for Image Segmentation, A
Includes: Yuan, H.D.[Hai Dong] Yuan, H.D.[Hai-Dong] Yuan, H.D.[Heng-Dong]

Yuan, H.H.[Huan Huan] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Crop Parameters Estimation Using Images from UAV-Mounted Snapshot Hyperspectral Sensor and High-Definition Digital Camera, A
* DOM Generation and Precise Radiometric Calibration of a UAV-Mounted Miniature Snapshot Hyperspectral Imager, The
* new algorithm predicting the end of growth at five evergreen conifer forests based on nighttime temperature and the enhanced vegetation index, A
* Retrieving Soybean Leaf Area Index from Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Hyperspectral Remote Sensing: Analysis of RF, ANN, and SVM Regression Models
Includes: Yuan, H.H.[Huan Huan] Yuan, H.H.[Huan-Huan]

Yuan, H.L.[Hong Liang] Co Author Listing * Adaptive rendering based on a weighted mixed-order estimator
* Adaptive rendering based on robust principal component analysis
* Geometry Constrained Sparse Coding for Single Image Super-Resolution
* Hyperspectral Image Classification Based on Three-Dimensional Scattering Wavelet Transform
* Image Denoising via Improved Sparse Coding
* Image Super-Resolution Via Double Sparsity Regularized Manifold Learning
* Joint sparse matrix regression and nonnegative spectral analysis for two-dimensional unsupervised feature selection
* Manifold-Based Sparse Representation for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Multi-scale Tensor l1-Based Algorithm for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Removing Monte Carlo noise using a Sobel operator and a guided image filter
Includes: Yuan, H.L.[Hong Liang] Yuan, H.L.[Hong-Liang] Yuan, H.L.[Hao-Liang]
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Yuan, H.M.[Hong Mei] Co Author Listing * new parallel image cryptosystem based on 5D hyper-chaotic system, A
Includes: Yuan, H.M.[Hong Mei] Yuan, H.M.[Hong-Mei]

Yuan, H.Q.[Hua Qiang] Co Author Listing * Iterative sIB algorithm
Includes: Yuan, H.Q.[Hua Qiang] Yuan, H.Q.[Hua-Qiang]

Yuan, H.W.[Hai Wen] Co Author Listing * Effective Waterline detection for unmanned surface vehicles in inland water
Includes: Yuan, H.W.[Hai Wen] Yuan, H.W.[Hai-Wen]

Yuan, H.Z.[Hong Zhao] Co Author Listing * Horizon detection in foggy aerial image
Includes: Yuan, H.Z.[Hong Zhao] Yuan, H.Z.[Hong-Zhao]

Yuan, J. Co Author Listing * 3-D Carotid Multi-Region MRI Segmentation by Globally Optimal Evolution of Coupled Surfaces
* 3D Convolutional Generative Adversarial Networks for Detecting Temporal Irregularities in Videos
* 3D Layout encoding network for spatial-aware 3D saliency modelling
* 4-Channel Coil Array Interconnection by Analog Direct Modulation Optical Link for 1.5-T MRI, A
* Active contour driven by local divergence energies for ultrasound image segmentation
* Active contour driven by region-scalable fitting and local Bhattacharyya distance energies for ultrasound image segmentation
* Adaptive Exponential Smoothing for Online Filtering of Pixel Prediction Maps
* Audio Matters in Visual Attention
* Boosting Positive and Unlabeled Learning for Anomaly Detection With Multi-Features
* Bregman-Proximal Augmented Lagrangian Approach to Multiphase Image Segmentation
* Change Analysis in Urban Areas Based on Statistical Features and Temporal Clustering Using TerraSAR-X Time-Series Images
* Codebook-Free Compact Descriptor for Scalable Visual Search
* Collaborative Multifeature Fusion for Transductive Spectral Learning
* Colocated MIMO Radar Transmit Beamspace Design for Randomly Present Target Detection
* Common Action Discovery and Localization in Unconstrained Videos
* Compressive Quantization for Fast Object Instance Search in Videos
* Continuous Max-Flow Approach to Minimal Partitions with Label Cost Prior, A
* Continuous Max-Flow Approach to Potts Model, A
* Convex Hodge Decomposition and Regularization of Image Flows
* Convex Hodge Decomposition of Image Flows
* Convex Max-Flow Approach to Distribution-Based Figure-Ground Separation, A
* Convex Multi-class Image Labeling by Simplex-Constrained Total Variation
* Convex relaxation for image segmentation by kernel mapping
* Convex set-based estimation of image flows
* Convex-Relaxed Kernel Mapping for Image Segmentation
* Depth-Based 3D Hand Pose Estimation: From Current Achievements to Future Goals
* Dictionary Learning-Based, Directional, and Optimized Prediction for Lenslet Image Coding
* Directed Acyclic Graph Continuous Max-Flow Image Segmentation for Unconstrained Label Orderings
* Discovering Primary Objects in Videos by Saliency Fusion and Iterative Appearance Estimation
* Discovering Thematic Objects in Image Collections and Videos
* Discrete Orthogonal Decomposition and Variational Fluid Flow Estimation
* Discriminative Action States Discovery for Online Action Recognition
* Discriminative Spatio-Temporal Pattern Discovery for 3D Action Recognition
* Efficient 3D Endfiring TRUS Prostate Segmentation with Globally Optimized Rotational Symmetry
* Efficient directional and L1-optimized intra-prediction for light field image compression
* Efficient Mining of Optimal AND/OR Patterns for Visual Recognition
* Face recognition using scale-adaptive directional and textural features
* Fast Appearance Modeling for Automatic Primary Video Object Segmentation
* Fast Continuous Max-Flow Approach to Non-convex Multi-labeling Problems, A
* Fast Deformable Image Registration with Non-smooth Dual Optimization
* Fast super-resolution for license plate image reconstruction
* First-Person Daily Activity Recognition With Manipulated Object Proposals and Non-Linear Feature Fusion
* Formal Study of Shot Boundary Detection, A
* From Keyframes to Key Objects: Video Summarization by Representative Object Proposal Selection
* Glasses-free light field 3D display
* Global Minimization for Continuous Multiphase Partitioning Problems Using a Dual Approach
* Gradient-Guided DCNN for Inverse Halftoning and Image Expanding
* Hand PointNet: 3D Hand Pose Estimation Using Point Sets
* HOPE: Hierarchical Object Prototype Encoding for Efficient Object Instance Search in Videos
* Hybrid Saliency Detection for Images
* HyperDense-Net: A Hyper-Densely Connected CNN for Multi-Modal Image Segmentation
* Image Co-segmentation via Saliency Co-fusion
* Interactive Hierarchical-Flow Segmentation of Scar Tissue From Late-Enhancement Cardiac MR Images
* Interlinking Approach for Linked Geospatial Data, An
* Joint residual pyramid for joint image super-resolution
* LBP-Structure Optimization With Symmetry and Uniformity Regularizations for Scene Classification
* Level set segmentation of intensity inhomogeneous images based on local linear approximation of difference image
* Linked Data Approach for Geospatial Data Provenance, A
* Local Large-Margin Multi-Metric Learning for Face and Kinship Verification
* Locality Versus Globality: Query-Driven Localized Linear Models for Facial Image Computing
* Longitudinal Analysis of Pre-Term Neonatal Cerebral Ventricles From 3D Ultrasound Images Using Spatial-Temporal Deformable Registration
* Maximizing Flows with Message-Passing: Computing Spatially Continuous Min-Cuts
* Mining Recurring Events Through Forest Growing
* Multi-layer light field display characterisation
* Myocardial Infarct Segmentation From Magnetic Resonance Images for Personalized Modeling of Cardiac Electrophysiology
* Natural Landmarks Extraction Method from Range Image for Mobile Robot
* Noise-Resistant Local Binary Pattern With an Embedded Error-Correction Mechanism
* Novel Snake Model for X-Ray Image Segmentation, A
* Object Co-skeletonization with Co-segmentation
* Object detection from dynamic scene using joint background modeling and fast deep learning classification
* Object Instance Search in Videos via Spatio-Temporal Trajectory Discovery
* Object segmentation in the deep neural network feature domain from highly cluttered natural scenes
* On the simultaneous recognition of identity and expression from BU-3DFE datasets
* On Video Recommendation over Social Network
* Person re-identification based on re-ranking with expanded k-reciprocal nearest neighbors
* Person Reidentification Using Multiple Egocentric Views
* Prostate Segmentation: An Efficient Convex Optimization Approach With Axial Symmetry Using 3-D TRUS and MR Images
* Query Adaptive Multiview Object Instance Search and Localization Using Sketches
* Query-Adaptive Small Object Search Using Object Proposals and Shape-Aware Descriptors
* Recognizing Human Actions as the Evolution of Pose Estimation Maps
* Representative Selection on a Hypersphere
* Research on auto-calibration technology of intelligent vehicle camera based on machine vision
* Resolving Ambiguous Hand Pose Predictions by Exploiting Part Correlations
* Robust 2-D-3-D Registration Optimization for Motion Compensation During 3-D TRUS-Guided Biopsy Using Learned Prostate Motion Data
* Robust Part-Based Hand Gesture Recognition Using Kinect Sensor
* Robust real-time UAV based power line detection and tracking
* Salience Guided Depth Calibration for Perceptually Optimized Compressive Light Field 3D Display
* SAR Image Segmentation Based on Hierarchical Visual Semantic and Adaptive Neighborhood Multinomial Latent Model
* Selecting Informative Frames for Action Recognition with Partial Observations
* Semantic Cues Enhanced Multimodality Multistream CNN for Action Recognition
* Simultaneously Discovering and Localizing Common Objects in Wild Images
* SmokeNet: Satellite Smoke Scene Detection Using Convolutional Neural Network with Spatial and Channel-Wise Attention
* Soil Moisture Retrieval Model for Remote Sensing Using Reflected Hyperspectral Information
* Sound-Event Classification Using Robust Texture Features for Robot Hearing
* sparse sampling model for 3D face recognition, A
* Spatio-Temporal Naive-Bayes Nearest-Neighbor (ST-NBNN) for Skeleton-Based Action Recognition
* Speckle Filtering Method Based on Hypothesis Testing for Time-Series SAR Images, A
* study on continuous max-flow and min-cut approaches, A
* Study on Convex Optimization Approaches to Image Fusion, A
* Temporal Action Localization with Pyramid of Score Distribution Features
* Three-Dimensional Nonrigid MR-TRUS Registration Using Dual Optimization
* Total-Variation Based Piecewise Affine Regularization
* Towards Scalable Summarization of Consumer Videos Via Sparse Dictionary Selection
* Traffic-Optimized Data Placement for Social Media
* TV-based Multi-label Image Segmentation with Label Cost Prior
* Two-layer optimized light field display using depth initialization
* Utilizing Related Samples to Enhance Interactive Concept-Based Video Search
* Utilizing related samples to learn complex queries in interactive concept-based video search
* Variational Approach to Adaptive Correlation for Motion Estimation in Particle Image Velocimetry, A
* Variational Time-Implicit Multiphase Level-Sets
* Video Browser Showdown by NUS
* Video Summarization Via Multiview Representative Selection
Includes: Yuan, J. Yuan, J.[Jing] Yuan, J.[Jun] Yuan, J.[Jili] Yuan, J.[Jian] Yuan, J.[Junsong] Yuan, J.[Jirui] Yuan, J.[Jie] Yuan, J.[Jin] Yuan, J.[Jianhe] Yuan, J.[Jiang]
112 for Yuan, J.

Yuan, J.B.[Jiang Bo] Co Author Listing * Efficient Mining of Repetitions in Large-Scale TV Streams with Product Quantization Hashing
* novel index structure for large scale image descriptor search, A
* Product tree quantization for approximate nearest neighbor search
* Trajectory-Pooled Deep Convolutional Networks for Violence Detection in Videos
Includes: Yuan, J.B.[Jiang Bo] Yuan, J.B.[Jiang-Bo] Yuan, J.B.[Jia-Bin]

Yuan, J.G.[Jian Guo] Co Author Listing * Image registration based on a novel 2-D adaptive filter algorithm
Includes: Yuan, J.G.[Jian Guo] Yuan, J.G.[Jian-Guo]

Yuan, J.H.[Jin Hui] Co Author Listing * Scene understanding with discriminative structured prediction
Includes: Yuan, J.H.[Jin Hui] Yuan, J.H.[Jin-Hui]

Yuan, J.J.[Jian Jun] Co Author Listing * Anisotropic Diffusion Model Based on a New Diffusion Coefficient and Fractional Order Differential for Image Denoising
* Improved anisotropic diffusion equation based on new non-local information scheme for image denoising
* Perona-Malik Model with a New Diffusion Coefficient for Image Denoising
Includes: Yuan, J.J.[Jian Jun] Yuan, J.J.[Jian-Jun]

Yuan, J.L.[Jian Liang] Co Author Listing * Bit Allocation Optimization Method for ROI Based Image Compression with Stable Image Quality, A
* Hierarchical semantic model and scattering mechanism based PolSAR image classification
Includes: Yuan, J.L.[Jian Liang] Yuan, J.L.[Jian-Liang] Yuan, J.L.[Jia-Ling]

Yuan, J.P.[Jian Ping] Co Author Listing * Harmonic Enhancement with Noise Reduction of Speech Signal by Comb Filtering
Includes: Yuan, J.P.[Jian Ping] Yuan, J.P.[Jian-Ping]

Yuan, J.Q.[Jun Quan] Co Author Listing * Linear FM Signal Detection Performance from Discrete-Time Observations
* Orthogonal wideband hybrid-coding radar waveforms design
Includes: Yuan, J.Q.[Jun Quan] Yuan, J.Q.[Jun-Quan]

Yuan, J.S.[Jun Song] Co Author Listing * 3D Convolutional Neural Networks for Efficient and Robust Hand Pose Estimation from Single Depth Images
* Abnormal Event Detection in Crowded Scenes Using Sparse Representation
* Action Search by Example Using Randomized Visual Vocabularies
* Action-Stage Emphasized Spatiotemporal VLAD for Video Action Recognition
* Adobe Boxes: Locating Object Proposals Using Object Adobes
* Anomalous video event detection using spatiotemporal context
* Arbitrary-Shape Object Localization Using Adaptive Image Grids
* Automatic Image Co-Segmentation Using Geometric Mean Saliency
* Bi-box Regression for Pedestrian Detection and Occlusion Estimation
* CATS: Co-saliency Activated Tracklet Selection for Video Co-Localization
* Chi-Squared-Transformed Subspace of LBP Histogram for Visual Recognition, A
* Common Spatial Pattern Discovery by Efficient Candidate Pruning
* complete and fully automated face verification system on mobile devices, A
* Conditional Generative Adversarial Network for Structured Domain Adaptation
* Context-aware clustering
* Context-Aware Discovery of Visual Co-Occurrence Patterns
* Curb detection and tracking using 3D-LIDAR scanner
* Deformable Pose Traversal Convolution for 3D Action and Gesture Recognition
* Discovering Class-Specific Spatial Layouts for Scene Recognition
* Discovering the Thematic Object in Commercial Videos
* Discovery of Collocation Patterns: from Visual Words to Visual Phrases
* Discriminative Orderlet Mining for Real-Time Recognition of Human-Object Interaction
* Discriminative subvolume search for efficient action detection
* Discriminative Video Pattern Search for Efficient Action Detection
* Efficient Online Spatio-Temporal Filtering for Video Event Detection
* Efficient Video Object Co-Localization With Co-Saliency Activated Tracklets
* Entropic image thresholding based on GLGM histogram
* Fast Action Detection via Discriminative Random Forest Voting and Top-K Subvolume Search
* Fast action proposals for human action detection and search
* fast and accurate cascade subspace face/eye detector on mobile devices, A
* Fast and robust search method for short video clips from large video collection
* Fast object instance search in videos from one example
* Finding spatio-temporal salient paths for video objects discovery
* Flexible Trajectory Indexing for 3D Motion Recognition
* Fried Binary Embedding for High-Dimensional Visual Features
* Fried Binary Embedding: From High-Dimensional Visual Features to High-Dimensional Binary Codes
* Fusing disparate object signatures for salient object detection in video
* Fusion of 3D-LIDAR and camera data for scene parsing
* Grid-based local feature bundling for efficient object search and localization
* Group saliency propagation for large scale and quick image co-segmentation
* Guest Editorial: Human Activity Understanding from 2D and 3D Data
* Height Gradient Histogram (HIGH) for 3D Scene Labeling
* Hierarchical multi-feature fusion for multimodal data analysis
* Hough Forest With Optimized Leaves for Global Hand Pose Estimation With Arbitrary Postures
* Invariant multi-scale descriptor for shape representation, matching and retrieval
* Invariant multi-scale shape descriptor for object matching and recognition
* Large Margin Multi-metric Learning for Face and Kinship Verification in the Wild
* LBP Encoding Schemes Jointly Utilizing the Information of Current Bit and Other LBP Bits
* Learning a robust representation via a deep network on symmetric positive definite manifolds
* Learning Actionlet Ensemble for 3D Human Action Recognition
* Learning binarized pixel-difference pattern for scene recognition
* Learning LBP structure by maximizing the conditional mutual information
* Learning sparse tag patterns for social image classification
* Learning spatio-temporal dependency of local patches for complex motion segmentation
* Learning to Integrate Occlusion-Specific Detectors for Heavily Occluded Pedestrian Detection
* Learning weighted geometric pooling for image classification
* Location Constrained Pixel Classifiers for Image Parsing with Regular Spatial Layout
* Location Discriminative Vocabulary Coding for Mobile Landmark Search
* Manifold Kernel Sparse Representation of Symmetric Positive-Definite Matrices and Its Applications
* mCENTRIST: A Multi-Channel Feature Generation Mechanism for Scene Categorization
* Minimizing Reconstruction Bias Hashing via Joint Projection Learning and Quantization
* Minimum near-convex decomposition for robust shape representation
* Minimum Near-Convex Shape Decomposition
* Mining actionlet ensemble for action recognition with depth cameras
* Mining compositional features for boosting
* Mining Compositional Features From GPS and Visual Cues for Event Recognition in Photo Collections
* Mining discriminative co-occurrence patterns for visual recognition
* Mining Visual Collocation Patterns via Self-Supervised Subspace Learning
* Model-based hand pose estimation via spatial-temporal hand parsing and 3D fingertip localization
* Multi-feature Spectral Clustering with Minimax Optimization
* Multi-label Learning of Part Detectors for Heavily Occluded Pedestrian Detection
* Multi-label learning of part detectors for occluded pedestrian detection
* Multi-stream CNN: Learning representations based on human-related regions for action recognition
* Multi-view Harmonized Bilinear Network for 3D Object Recognition
* Multimodal Partial Estimates Fusion
* Non-rectangular Part Discovery for Object Detection
* Object tracking via online metric learning
* Optimal spatio-temporal path discovery for video event detection
* Optimizing LBP Structure For Visual Recognition Using Binary Quadratic Programming
* Parsing 3D motion trajectory for gesture recognition
* Parsing the Hand in Depth Images
* Point-to-Point Regression PointNet for 3D Hand Pose Estimation
* Product Quantization Network for Fast Image Retrieval
* Propagative Hough Voting for Human Activity Detection and Recognition
* Propagative Hough Voting for Human Activity Recognition
* QCCE: Quality constrained co-saliency estimation for common object detection
* Quality-Guided Fusion-Based Co-Saliency Estimation for Image Co-Segmentation and Colocalization
* Query-Driven Locally Adaptive Fisher Faces and Expert-Model for Face Recognition
* Random Forest with Suppressed Leaves for Hough Voting
* Randomized Spatial Context for Object Search
* Randomized Spatial Partition for Scene Recognition
* Randomized visual phrases for object search
* Real-Time 3D Hand Pose Estimation with 3D Convolutional Neural Networks
* Relaxed local ternary pattern for face recognition
* Representative Selection with Structured Sparsity
* Robust 3D Hand Pose Estimation From Single Depth Images Using Multi-View CNNs
* Robust 3D Hand Pose Estimation in Single Depth Images: From Single-View CNN to Multi-View CNNs
* Robust Discriminative Tracking via Landmark-Based Label Propagation
* Robust Distracter-Resistive Tracker via Learning a Multi-Component Discriminative Dictionary
* Saliency Density Maximization for Efficient Visual Objects Discovery
* Saliency Density Maximization for Object Detection and Localization
* Self-Supervised Online Metric Learning With Low Rank Constraint for Scene Categorization
* Space-Time Event Clouds for Gesture Recognition: From RGB Cameras to Event Cameras
* Sparse reconstruction cost for abnormal event detection
* Spatial Random Partition for Common Visual Pattern Discovery
* Spatial selection for attentional visual tracking
* survey of variational and CNN-based optical flow techniques, A
* Temporally enhanced image object proposals for online video object and action detections
* Thematic Saliency Detection Using Spatial-Temporal Context
* Topical Video Object Discovery from Key Frames by Modeling Word Co-occurrence Prior
* Unsupervised random forest indexing for fast action search
* Video anomaly detection in spatiotemporal context
* Video Event Detection: From Subvolume Localization to Spatiotemporal Path Search
* Voxel labelling in CT images with data-driven contextual features
* Weakly-Supervised 3D Hand Pose Estimation from Monocular RGB Images
Includes: Yuan, J.S.[Jun Song] Yuan, J.S.[Jun-Song] Yuan, J.S.
115 for Yuan, J.S.

Yuan, J.S.C. Co Author Listing * General Photogrammetric Method for Determining Object Position and Orientation, A

Yuan, J.T.[Jun Tao] Co Author Listing * Measuring on Spray Angle of Shower Nozzle Based on Embedded Image Processing System
Includes: Yuan, J.T.[Jun Tao] Yuan, J.T.[Jun-Tao]

Yuan, J.W.[Jin Wei] Co Author Listing * Online feature subset selection for object tracking
* Robust object tracking via online informative feature selection
Includes: Yuan, J.W.[Jin Wei] Yuan, J.W.[Jin-Wei]

Yuan, J.X.[Jian Xing] Co Author Listing * optimal algorithm for detecting straight lines in chain codes, An
* Optimal O(N) Algorithm for Identifying Segments from a Sequence of Chain Codes, An
Includes: Yuan, J.X.[Jian Xing] Yuan, J.X.[Jian-Xing]

Yuan, J.Y.[Jiang Ye] Co Author Listing * Factorization-Based Texture Segmentation
* Image feature based GPS trace filtering for road network generation and road segmentation
* Image segmentation using local spectral histograms and linear regression
* Learning Building Extraction in Aerial Scenes with Convolutional Networks
* LEGION-Based Automatic Road Extraction From Satellite Imagery
* Remote Sensing Image Segmentation by Combining Spectral and Texture Features
* Rotation Invariance Image Matching Method Based on Harris Corner Detection, A
Includes: Yuan, J.Y.[Jiang Ye] Yuan, J.Y.[Jiang-Ye] Yuan, J.Y.[Ji-Ying]
7 for Yuan, J.Y.

Yuan, J.Z.[Jia Zheng] Co Author Listing * Application Research of Support Vector Machine in Multi-Spectra Remote Sensing Image Classification
* Robust and Hierarchical Approach for Camera Motion Classification, A
Includes: Yuan, J.Z.[Jia Zheng] Yuan, J.Z.[Jia-Zheng]

Yuan, K. Co Author Listing * Efficient cloud detection in remote sensing images using edge-aware segmentation network and easy-to-hard training strategy
* Mixed local motion planning and tracking control framework for autonomous vehicles based on model predictive control
* Real-time elliptical head contour detection under arbitrary pose and wide distance range
Includes: Yuan, K. Yuan, K.[Kang] Yuan, K.[Kui]

Yuan, K.H.[Ke Hong] Co Author Listing * Detecting Bladder Abnormalities Based on Inter-layer Intensity Curve for Virtual Cystoscopy
Includes: Yuan, K.H.[Ke Hong] Yuan, K.H.[Ke-Hong]

Yuan, L. Co Author Listing * Arbitrary Style Transfer with Deep Feature Reshuffle
* Automatic Exposure Correction of Consumer Photographs
* Automatic Segmentation of Background Defocused Nature Image
* Blurred/Non-Blurred Image Alignment using Sparseness Prior
* Coherent Online Video Style Transfer
* Damage Mapping of Powdery Mildew in Winter Wheat with High-Resolution Satellite Image
* Decouple Learning for Parameterized Image Operators
* Deep Feature Flow for Video Recognition
* Depth map super-resolution via low-resolution depth guided joint trilateral up-sampling
* Direction-Aware Continuous Moving K-Nearest-Neighbor Query in Road Networks
* Discriminative Bimodal Networks for Visual Localization and Detection with Natural Language Queries
* Dual-Feature Warping-Based Motion Model Estimation
* Ear Recognition based on 2D Images
* Ear recognition based on local information fusion
* Ear Recognition using Improved Non-Negative Matrix Factorization
* Ear verification under uncontrolled conditions with convolutional neural networks
* Efficient Methods for Overlapping Group Lasso
* Expanding-Window BATS Code for Scalable Video Multicasting Over Erasure Networks
* Flow-Guided Feature Aggregation for Video Object Detection
* Gated Context Aggregation Network for Image Dehazing and Deraining
* HAZOP Study on the CTCS-3 Onboard System
* High quality image reconstruction from RAW and JPEG image pair
* Human head reconstruction based on elastic deformable 3D model
* Image Deblurring Using Smartphone Inertial Sensors
* Image transmorphing with JPEG
* Image-Based Modeling by Joint Segmentation
* MeshFlow: Minimum Latency Online Video Stabilization
* Multiple- Instance Learning with Empirical Estimation Guided Instance Selection
* Neurofilament tracking by detection in fluorescence microscopy images
* Novel UEP Fountain Coding Scheme for Scalable Multimedia Transmission, A
* Object Tracking With Particle Filtering in Fluorescence Microscopy Images: Application to the Motion of Neurofilaments in Axons
* Optimized cross-layer transmission for scalable video over DVB-H networks
* Post-Rectification Approach of Depth Images of Kinect v2 for 3D Reconstruction of Indoor Scenes, A
* Robust dual motion deblurring
* Simulation of Land-Use Policies on Spatial Layout with the CLUE-S Model
* Spatiotemporal Filtering and Noise Analysis for Regional GNSS Network in Antarctica Using Independent Component Analysis
* Squeezed Trajectory Design for Peak RF and Integrated RF Power Reduction in Parallel Transmission MRI
* SteadyFlow: Spatially Smooth Optical Flow for Video Stabilization
* Stereo Visual Tracking Within Structured Environments for Measuring Vehicle Speed
* Stereoscopic Neural Style Transfer
* Structure-Aware Image Completion with Texture Propagation
* StyleBank: An Explicit Representation for Neural Image Style Transfer
* Thermospheric Variations From GNSS and Accelerometer Measurements on Small Satellites
* Three-dimensional interactive pen based on Augmented Reality
* Towards High Performance Video Object Detection
* Using Ear Biometrics for Personal Recognition
* Video stabilization with a depth camera
Includes: Yuan, L. Yuan, L.[Lu] Yuan, L.[Liu] Yuan, L.[Lin] Yuan, L.[Liang] Yuan, L.[Lulu] Yuan, L.[Li] Yuan, L.[Lei] Yuan, L.[Libin] Yuan, L.[Lexian]
47 for Yuan, L.

Yuan, L.C.[Li Chi] Co Author Listing * Novel Statistical Model for Speech Recognition and POS Tagging, A
Includes: Yuan, L.C.[Li Chi] Yuan, L.C.[Li-Chi]

Yuan, L.H.[Long Hao] Co Author Listing * High-order tensor completion via gradient-based optimization under tensor train format
Includes: Yuan, L.H.[Long Hao] Yuan, L.H.[Long-Hao]

Yuan, L.M.[Li Ming] Co Author Listing * Multi-instance learning via instance-based and bag-based representation transformations
* Multi-Layer Model Based on Multi-Scale and Multi-Feature Fusion for SAR Images
* Synthetic Aperture Radar Image Segmentation with Reaction Diffusion Level Set Evolution Equation in an Active Contour Model
Includes: Yuan, L.M.[Li Ming] Yuan, L.M.[Li-Ming]

Yuan, L.T.[Lo Tzer] Co Author Listing * Infrared image enhancement using adaptive trilateral contrast enhancement

Yuan, L.W.[Lin Wang] Co Author Listing * Exploratory Method for Spatio-Temporal Feature Extraction and Clustering: An Integrated Multi-Scale Framework
Includes: Yuan, L.W.[Lin Wang] Yuan, L.W.[Lin-Wang]

Yuan, L.Z.[Liang Zhe] Co Author Listing * Unsupervised Event-Based Optical Flow Using Motion Compensation
Includes: Yuan, L.Z.[Liang Zhe] Yuan, L.Z.[Liang-Zhe]

Yuan, M. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Spatial Filtering of Interferometric Data Stack Oriented to Distributed Scatterers
* Assessing Spatial Uncertainty of Lidar-derived Building Model: A Case Study in Downtown Oklahoma City
* Automated and Robust Quantification of Colocalization in Dual-Color Fluorescence Microscopy: A Nonparametric Statistical Approach
* Change detection of built-up land: A framework of combining pixel-based detection and object-based recognition
* Cosegmentation for Object-Based Building Change Detection From High-Resolution Remotely Sensed Images
* Fully Connected Guided Image Filtering
* Interpreting and Extending the Guided Filter via Cyclic Coordinate Descent
* Spatially Adaptive Colocalization Analysis in Dual-Color Fluorescence Microscopy
* Speeding Up the Bilateral Filter: A Joint Acceleration Way
* Video copy recognition by Oriented PCA and statistical analysis
Includes: Yuan, M. Yuan, M.[May] Yuan, M.[Min] Yuan, M.[Mengke]
10 for Yuan, M.

Yuan, M.C. Co Author Listing * Production System for LSI Chip Anatomizing, A

Yuan, M.D.[Ming Dong] Co Author Listing * Collaborative representation discriminant embedding for image classification
* Soft decision optimization method for robust fundamental matrix estimation
Includes: Yuan, M.D.[Ming Dong] Yuan, M.D.[Ming-Dong]

Yuan, M.K.[Meng Ke] Co Author Listing * Hardware-Efficient Guided Image Filtering for Multi-label Problem
Includes: Yuan, M.K.[Meng Ke] Yuan, M.K.[Meng-Ke]

Yuan, M.L.[Mei Ling] Co Author Listing * 3D Face Recognition by Surface Classification Image and PCA
* Mixed Reality Virtual Clothes Try-On System, A
* Robust hand tracking using a skin tone and depth joint probability model
Includes: Yuan, M.L.[Mei Ling] Yuan, M.L.[Mei-Ling] Yuan, M.L.[Miao-Long] Yuan, M.L.

Yuan, M.S.[Ming Shun] Co Author Listing * Feature selection by maximizing correlation information for integrated high-dimensional protein data
* TotalPLS: Local Dimension Reduction for Multicategory Microarray Data
Includes: Yuan, M.S.[Ming Shun] Yuan, M.S.[Ming-Shun]

Yuan, M.X.[Ming Xuan] Co Author Listing * Exploring cell tower data dumps for supervised learning-based point-of-interest prediction (industrial paper)
Includes: Yuan, M.X.[Ming Xuan] Yuan, M.X.[Ming-Xuan]

Yuan, M.Y.[Ming Yue] Co Author Listing * multi-image Joint Re-ranking framework with updateable Image Pool for person re-identification, A
Includes: Yuan, M.Y.[Ming Yue] Yuan, M.Y.[Ming-Yue]

Yuan, M.Z.[Ming Zhe] Co Author Listing * Intelligent control based on case-based reasoning for outlet tobacco moisture percentage of loosening resurgence machine
Includes: Yuan, M.Z.[Ming Zhe] Yuan, M.Z.[Ming-Zhe]

Yuan, P.[Ping] Co Author Listing * Detection of bird nests in overhead catenary system images for high-speed rail
* Development of Sensory-Motor Fusion-Based Manipulation and Grasping Control for a Robotic Hand-Eye System
* Effects of Spatiotemporal Filtering on the Periodic Signals and Noise in the GPS Position Time Series of the Crustal Movement Observation Network of China
* Hierarchical Deep Cosegmentation of Primary Objects in Aerial Videos
* Influences of Environmental Loading Corrections on the Nonlinear Variations and Velocity Uncertainties for the Reprocessed Global Positioning System Height Time Series of the Crustal Movement Observation Network of China
* Investigation of Ground Deformation in Taiyuan Basin, China from 2003 to 2010, with Atmosphere-Corrected Time Series InSAR
* Object recognition using wavelets, L-G graphs and synthesis of regions
* Practical Pattern Recognition System for Translation, Scale and Rotation Invariance, A
* Prospects for Imaging Terrestrial Water Storage in South America Using Daily GPS Observations
* Scalable Discrete Supervised Multimedia Hash Learning With Clustering
Includes: Yuan, P.[Ping] Yuan, P. Yuan, P.[Peng]
10 for Yuan, P.

Yuan, P.F.[Peng Fei] Co Author Listing * Towards Reconstructing 3D Buildings from ALS Data Based on Gestalt Laws
Includes: Yuan, P.F.[Peng Fei] Yuan, P.F.[Peng-Fei]

Yuan, P.X.[Pei Xin] Co Author Listing * Research on Image Recognition Method of In-Service Pipeline Corrosion Fault
Includes: Yuan, P.X.[Pei Xin] Yuan, P.X.[Pei-Xin]

Yuan, Q. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Multiple-Frame Image Super-Resolution Based on U-Curve
* Adaptive Weighted Tensor Completion Method for the Recovery of Remote Sensing Images With Missing Data, An
* American Sign Language Lexicon Video Dataset, The
* Automatic 2D Hand Tracking in Video Sequences
* Captured Human Motion Segmentation Based on Dynamics and Principal Component Analysis
* CESense: Cost-Effective Urban Environment Sensing in Vehicular Sensor Networks
* ClassMap: Efficient Multiclass Recognition via Embeddings
* Diversified Dual Domain-Adversarial Neural Networks
* Face Identification by a Cascade of Rejection Classifiers
* Fingerprint Classification System with Feedback Mechanism Based on Genetic Algorithm
* Hyperspectral Image Denoising Employing a Spatial-Spectral Deep Residual Convolutional Neural Network
* Hyperspectral Image Restoration Using Low-Rank Matrix Recovery
* Hyperspectral Image Restoration via Iteratively Regularized Weighted Schatten p -Norm Minimization
* Is a detector only good for detection?
* Learning a Family of Detectors via Multiplicative Kernels
* Missing Data Reconstruction in Remote Sensing Image With a Unified Spatial-Temporal-Spectral Deep Convolutional Neural Network
* Multiplicative kernels: Object detection, segmentation and pose estimation
* No-Reference View Synthesis Quality Prediction for 3-D Videos Based on Color-Depth Interactions
* Parameter Sensitive Detectors
* Phase Retrieval From Quantized Measurements via Approximate Message Passing
* Recognition of strong and weak connection models in continuous sign language
* Recovering Quantitative Remote Sensing Products Contaminated by Thick Clouds and Shadows Using Multitemporal Dictionary Learning
* Reducing JointBoost-based multiclass classification to proximity search
* Robust frontal face detection in complex environment
* Salient Region Detection via Integrating Diffusion-Based Compactness and Local Contrast
* sdnMAC: A Software-Defined Network Inspired MAC Protocol for Cooperative Safety in VANETs
* Simultaneous Localization and Recognition of Dynamic Hand Gestures
* Spatial-Spectral Fusion by Combining Deep Learning and Variational Model
* Text extraction from gray scale document images using edge information
* Unified Framework for Gesture Recognition and Spatiotemporal Gesture Segmentation, A
* Universal Destriping Framework Combining 1-D and 2-D Variational Optimization Methods, A
Includes: Yuan, Q. Yuan, Q.[Quan] Yuan, Q.[Qi] Yuan, Q.[Qing]
31 for Yuan, Q.

Yuan, Q.Q.[Qiang Qiang] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Norm Selection for Regularized Image Restoration and Super-Resolution
* Automatic Shadow Detection Method for VHR Remote Sensing Orthoimagery, An
* Blind Restoration of Remote Sensing Images by a Combination of Automatic Knife-Edge Detection and Alternating Minimization
* Cloud removal for remotely sensed images by similar pixel replacement guided with a spatio-temporal MRF model
* effective thin cloud removal procedure for visible remote sensing images, An
* High-quality seamless DEM generation blending SRTM-1, ASTER GDEM v2 and ICESat/GLAS observations
* Hyperspectral Image Denoising Employing a Spectral-Spatial Adaptive Total Variation Model
* Hyperspectral Image Denoising With a Spatial-Spectral View Fusion Strategy
* Image splicing detection based on noncausal Markov model
* Learning a Dilated Residual Network for SAR Image Despeckling
* Monitoring the Variation of Vegetation Water Content with Machine Learning Methods: Point-Surface Fusion of MODIS Products and GNSS-IR Observations
* Multiframe image super-resolution adapted with local spatial information
* Multiframe Super-Resolution Employing a Spatially Weighted Total Variation Model
* Noise Removal From Hyperspectral Image With Joint Spectral-Spatial Distributed Sparse Representation
* Pansharpening for Cloud-Contaminated Very High-Resolution Remote Sensing Images
* Quality Improvement of Satellite Soil Moisture Products by Fusing with In-Situ Measurements and GNSS-R Estimates in the Western Continental U.S.
* Regional Spatially Adaptive Total Variation Super-Resolution with Spatial Information Filtering and Clustering
* Stripe Noise Separation and Removal in Remote Sensing Images by Consideration of the Global Sparsity and Local Variational Properties
Includes: Yuan, Q.Q.[Qiang Qiang] Yuan, Q.Q.[Qiang-Qiang] Yuan, Q.Q.[Quan-Qiao]
18 for Yuan, Q.Q.

Yuan, Q.S.[Qing Shu] Co Author Listing * Efficient spectral reconstruction using a trichromatic camera via sample optimization
* Spatial pyramid VLAD
Includes: Yuan, Q.S.[Qing Shu] Yuan, Q.S.[Qing-Shu] Yuan, Q.S.[Qing-Sheng]

Yuan, Q.X.[Qing Xi] Co Author Listing * Phase retrieval from a single near-field diffraction pattern with a large Fresnel number
Includes: Yuan, Q.X.[Qing Xi] Yuan, Q.X.[Qing-Xi]

Yuan, R.F.[Rui Feng] Co Author Listing * Robust 3D Marker Localization Using Multi-Spectrum Sequences
Includes: Yuan, R.F.[Rui Feng] Yuan, R.F.[Rui-Feng]

Yuan, S.[Senmiao] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Classifier Selection Based on Two Level Hypothesis Tests for Incremental Learning
* Adaptive Learning-Based Approach for Nearly Optimal Dynamic Charging of Electric Vehicle Fleets, An
* Assistive Clothing Pattern Recognition for Visually Impaired People
* BigHand2.2M Benchmark: Hand Pose Dataset and State of the Art Analysis
* Color Channel-Based Smoke Removal Algorithm Using Machine Learning for Static Images
* Depth-Based 3D Hand Pose Estimation: From Current Achievements to Future Goals
* First-Person Hand Action Benchmark with RGB-D Videos and 3D Hand Pose Annotations
* Multilinear Spatial Discriminant Analysis for Dimensionality Reduction
* Optimal Seamline Detection for Orthoimage Mosaicking by Combining Deep Convolutional Neural Network and Graph Cuts
* Regularity selection for effective 3D object reconstruction from a single line drawing
* Research on image compression technology based on Huffman coding
* Sparse Bayesian Learning-Based Time-Variant Deconvolution
* Spatial Attention Deep Net with Partial PSO for Hierarchical Hybrid Hand Pose Estimation
Includes: Yuan, S.[Senmiao] Yuan, S. Yuan, S.[Shuai] Yuan, S.[Shenggu] Yuan, S.[Sun] Yuan, S.[Shuyun] Yuan, S.[Shanxin]
13 for Yuan, S.

Yuan, S.G.[Sheng Gu] Co Author Listing * Region change rate-driven seamline determination method
Includes: Yuan, S.G.[Sheng Gu] Yuan, S.G.[Sheng-Gu]

Yuan, S.H.[Sheng Hai] Co Author Listing * DeepDSAIR: Deep 6-DOF camera relocalization using deblurred semantic-aware image representation for large-scale outdoor environments
Includes: Yuan, S.H.[Sheng Hai] Yuan, S.H.[Sheng-Hai]

Yuan, S.M. Co Author Listing * Blind Dual Watermarking for Color Images: Authentication and Copyright Protection

Yuan, S.Q.[Shi Qiang] Co Author Listing * solutions of equation-based noise detector for an adaptive median filter, The
Includes: Yuan, S.Q.[Shi Qiang] Yuan, S.Q.[Shi-Qiang]

Yuan, S.S.[Sha Sha] Co Author Listing * Iris recognition based on a novel variation of local binary pattern
Includes: Yuan, S.S.[Sha Sha] Yuan, S.S.[Sha-Sha]

Yuan, S.X.[Shan Xin] Co Author Listing * Opening the Black Box: Hierarchical Sampling Optimization for Estimating Human Hand Pose
* Opening the Black Box: Hierarchical Sampling Optimization for Hand Pose Estimation
* Quantification of variability of valid travel times with FMMs for buses, passenger cars, and taxis
* Robust multi-patch tracking
Includes: Yuan, S.X.[Shan Xin] Yuan, S.X.[Shan-Xin] Yuan, S.X.[Shao-Xin]

Yuan, S.Y.[Shu Yun] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Three Theoretical Methods for Determining Dry and Wet Edges of the LST/FVC Space: Revisit of Method Physics
* On the fast search algorithms for vector quantization encoding
Includes: Yuan, S.Y.[Shu Yun] Yuan, S.Y.[Shu-Yun] Yuan, S.Y.[Shang-Yuan]

Yuan, T. Co Author Listing * BDD-Based Synthesis of Fail-Safe Supervisory Controllers for Safety-Critical Discrete Event Systems
* Bidirectional LSTM for ionospheric vertical Total Electron Content (TEC) forecasting
* Deep transfer network for face recognition using 3D synthesized face
* Deep Transfer Network with 3D Morphable Models for Face Recognition
* Detecting the Temporal Scaling Behavior of the Normalized Difference Vegetation Index Time Series in China Using a Detrended Fluctuation Analysis
* Effect of Snow Depth on Spring Wildfires on the Hulunbuir from 2001-2018 Based on MODIS, The
* Fully Automatic Segmentation of the Left Ventricle Using Multi-Scale Fusion Learning
* Hybrid Online Safety Observer for CTCS-3 Train Control System On-Board Equipment
* MISR Radiance Anomalies Induced by Stratospheric Volcanic Aerosols
* Novel Method for Deformation Estimation Based on Multibaseline InSAR Phase Unwrapping, A
* Object Matching for Inter-Vehicle Communication Systems: An IMM-Based Track Association Approach With Sequential Multiple Hypothesis Test
* Online Fault Diagnosis of Motor Bearing via Stochastic-Resonance-Based Adaptive Filter in an Embedded System
* SketchMate: Deep Hashing for Million-Scale Human Sketch Retrieval
* Toward Estimating Wetland Water Level Changes Based on Hydrological Sensitivity Analysis of PALSAR Backscattering Coefficients over Different Vegetation Fields
* Two-Layer QR Codes
Includes: Yuan, T. Yuan, T.[Tao] Yuan, T.[Tianle] Yuan, T.[Ting]
15 for Yuan, T.

Yuan, T.G.[Tian Gang] Co Author Listing * Spatial and Temporal Distributions of Absorbing Aerosols over East Asia, The
Includes: Yuan, T.G.[Tian Gang] Yuan, T.G.[Tian-Gang]

Yuan, T.Q.[Tian Qiang] Co Author Listing * Adaptive color quantization based on perceptive edge protection
* Efficient Local Reflectional Symmetries Detection
* Learning Semantic Patterns with Discriminant Localized Binary Projections
Includes: Yuan, T.Q.[Tian Qiang] Yuan, T.Q.[Tian-Qiang]

Yuan, T.Q.A.[Tian Qi Ang] Co Author Listing * Perspective Symmetry Invariant and Its Applications
Includes: Yuan, T.Q.A.[Tian Qi Ang] Yuan, T.Q.A.[Tian-Qi-Ang]

Yuan, T.R.[Ting Rong] Co Author Listing * Single image super-resolution via sparse KPCA and regression
* Single-Image Super-Resolution Based on Compact KPCA Coding and Kernel Regression
* Single-Image Super-Resolution by Subdictionary Coding and Kernel Regression
Includes: Yuan, T.R.[Ting Rong] Yuan, T.R.[Ting-Rong]

Yuan, T.T.[Tong Tong] Co Author Listing * Supervised hashing with extreme learning machine
Includes: Yuan, T.T.[Tong Tong] Yuan, T.T.[Tong-Tong]

Yuan, W.[Wei] Co Author Listing * Aerial-image Dense Matching Approach Based On Optical Flow Field, An
* Automatic Building Segmentation of Aerial Imagery Using Multi-Constraint Fully Convolutional Networks
* Automatic Extraction of Gravity Waves from All-Sky Airglow Image Based on Machine Learning
* Connecting Look and Feel: Associating the Visual and Tactile Properties of Physical Materials
* Low-cost biometric recognition system based on NIR palm vein image
* Matching Multi-Sensor Remote Sensing Images via an Affinity Tensor
* Monitoring and Analyzing Mountain Glacier Surface Movement Using SAR Data and a Terrestrial Laser Scanner: A Case Study of the Himalayas North Slope Glacier Area
* Multi-view common component discriminant analysis for cross-view classification
* Multi-view manifold learning with locality alignment
* Multiple-Object Tracking in Large-Scale Scene
* Optimal radiometric calibration for camera-display communication
* Optimal Seamline Detection for Orthoimage Mosaicking by Combining Deep Convolutional Neural Network and Graph Cuts
* Optimum Bit Allocation and Rate Control for H.264/AVC
* PCN: Point Completion Network
* Poor Textural Image Matching Based On Graph Theory
* Poor textural image tie point matching via graph theory
* Skin Segmentation Algorithm Based on Stacked Autoencoders, A
* Skip Attention Mechanism for Monaural Singing Voice Separation, A
* Unlicensed Taxi Identification Model Based on Big Data Analysis, An
* Watermark BER and Channel Capacity Analysis for QPSK-Based RF Watermarking by Constellation Dithering in AWGN Channel
* Watermarking Mechanism With High Capacity for Three-Dimensional Mesh Objects Using Integer Planning, A
Includes: Yuan, W.[Wei] Yuan, W. Yuan, W.[Weiqi] Yuan, W.[Weilin] Yuan, W.[Wenbo]
21 for Yuan, W.

Yuan, W.H.[Wen Hao] Co Author Listing * Multi-level and multi-scale deep saliency network for salient object detection
Includes: Yuan, W.H.[Wen Hao] Yuan, W.H.[Wen-Hao]

Yuan, W.J.[Wen Jia] Co Author Listing * Computer vision methods for visual MIMO optical system
* Dynamic and invisible messaging for visual MIMO
* Measurement of Safe Driving Distance Based on Stereo Vision
* Phase messaging method for time-of-flight cameras
* Variational Inference-Based Frequency-Domain Equalization for Faster-Than-Nyquist Signaling in Doubly Selective Channels
Includes: Yuan, W.J.[Wen Jia] Yuan, W.J.[Wen-Jia] Yuan, W.J.[Wen-Ju] Yuan, W.J.[Wei-Jie]

Yuan, W.P.[Wen Ping] Co Author Listing * Assessment of the Daily Cloud-Free MODIS Snow-Cover Product for Monitoring the Snow-Cover Phenology over the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau
* Assimilation of Remotely-Sensed Leaf Area Index into a Dynamic Vegetation Model for Gross Primary Productivity Estimation
* Global Land Surface Satellite (GLASS) Remote Sensing Data Processing System and Products, The
* Large Differences in Terrestrial Vegetation Production Derived from Satellite-Based Light Use Efficiency Models
* Mapping Irrigated Areas of Northeast China in Comparison to Natural Vegetation
* Spatio-Temporal Patterns and Climate Variables Controlling of Biomass Carbon Stock of Global Grassland Ecosystems from 1982 to 2006
* Spring green-up date derived from GIMMS3g and SPOT-VGT NDVI of winter wheat cropland in the North China Plain
* Validation of CM SAF CLARA-A2 and SARAH-E Surface Solar Radiation Datasets over China
Includes: Yuan, W.P.[Wen Ping] Yuan, W.P.[Wen-Ping]
8 for Yuan, W.P.

Yuan, W.R.[Wei Ran] Co Author Listing * Meshless Virtual Cloth
Includes: Yuan, W.R.[Wei Ran] Yuan, W.R.[Wei-Ran]

Yuan, X. Co Author Listing * Adaptive Coherency Matrix Estimation for Polarimetric SAR Imagery Based on Local Heterogeneity Coefficients
* Adaptive temporal compressive sensing for video
* Automatic Video Genre Categorization using Hierarchical SVM
* Binary Borg-Based Heuristic Method for Solving a Multi-Objective Lock and Transshipment Co-Scheduling Problem, A
* Block Iteratively Reweighted Algorithms for Robust Symmetric Nonnegative Matrix Factorization
* Block-wise lensless compressive camera
* CBIR Approach to Building Image Retrieval Based on Linear Edge Distribution
* Compressive Sensing by Learning a Gaussian Mixture Model From Measurements
* Compressive video microscope via structured illumination
* Computational Snapshot Multispectral Cameras: Toward dynamic capture of the spectral world
* Convolutional factor analysis inspired compressive sensing
* Deep Hashing via Discrepancy Minimization
* Deep Reinforcement Learning with Iterative Shift for Visual Tracking
* Degrees of Freedom of a MIMO Multipair Two-Way Relay Channel With Delayed Channel State Information
* Distributed Energy Beamforming for Simultaneous Wireless Information and Power Transfer in the Two-Way Relay Channel
* efficient method for image dehazing, An
* Fast Image Dehazing Method Based on Linear Transformation
* Fine-Grained Age Group Classification in the wild
* Fractional Differential Mask: A Fractional Differential-Based Approach for Multiscale Texture Enhancement
* Gaussian mixture model for video compressive sensing
* Generalized alternating projection based total variation minimization for compressive sensing
* Generic Probabilistic Model And A Hierarchical Solution For Sensor Localization In Noisy And Restricted Conditions, A
* Graph-Based Vehicle Proposal Location and Detection Algorithm, A
* Histograms of the Normalized Inverse Depth and Line Scanning for Urban Road Detection
* Hybrid Level Set With Semantic Shape Constraint for Object Segmentation, A
* Hyperspectral Image Spatial Super-Resolution via 3D Full Convolutional Neural Network
* Hyperspectral image super-resolution via convolutional neural network
* Improved Iterative Censoring Scheme for CFAR Ship Detection With SAR Imagery, An
* Intensity normalization of sidescan sonar imagery
* Least squares twin bounded support vector machines based on L1-norm distance metric for classification
* Low-Cost Compressive Sensing for Color Video and Depth
* Microcalcification detection based on localized texture comparison
* Multi-lane detection based on omnidirectional camera using anisotropic steerable filters
* Multiscale Crossing Representation Using Combined Feature of Contour and Venation for Leaf Image Identification
* MWNet: object detection network applicable for different weather conditions
* New Nested MIMO Array With Increased Degrees of Freedom and Hole-Free Difference Coarray, A
* Nonlinear bias compensation of ZiYuan-3 satellite imagery with cubic splines
* Nonlocal Low-Rank Tensor Factor Analysis for Image Restoration
* Observational Perspective of Sea Surface Salinity in the Southwestern Indian Ocean and Its Role in the South Asia Summer Monsoon, An
* Orthogonal Design-Based NSGA-III for the Optimal Lockage Co-Scheduling Problem
* Pedestrian Detection for Counting Applications Using a Top-View Camera
* Precise Sensor Orientation of High-Resolution Satellite Imagery With the Strip Constraint
* Real-time air quality estimation based on color image processing
* Reconstruction-based supervised hashing
* Relaxation-Free Deep Hashing via Policy Gradient
* Robust Feature Extraction Based Watermarking Method Using Spread Transform Dither Modulation
* Robust Traffic Sign Recognition Based on Color Global and Local Oriented Edge Magnitude Patterns
* Salient Object Detection with Higher Order Potentials and Learning Affinity
* Segmentation of Colour Images with Highlights and Shadows Using Fuzzy-like Reasoning
* Segmented Local Offset Method for Imbalanced Data Classification Using Quasi-Linear Support Vector Machine, A
* Seismic-Based Feature Extraction Algorithm for Robust Ground Target Classification, A
* Signal Recovery and System Calibration from Multiple Compressive Poisson Measurements
* Toward Encrypted Cloud Media Center With Secure Deduplication
* Traffic Sign Detection via Graph-Based Ranking and Segmentation Algorithms
* two-stage hog feature extraction processor embedded with SVM for pedestrian detection, A
* Unmanned Airship Thermal Infrared Remote Sensing System for Low-Altitude and High Spatial Resolution Monitoring of Urban Thermal Environments: Integration and an Experiment, An
* Vehicle Detection by a Context-Aware Multichannel Feature Pyramid
* Vertical Accuracy Assessment of Zy-3 Digital Surface Model Using Icesat/glas Laser Altimeter Data
* Video Compressive Sensing Using Gaussian Mixture Models
Includes: Yuan, X. Yuan, X.[Xin] Yuan, X.[Xun] Yuan, X.[Xiang] Yuan, X.[Xue] Yuan, X.[Xia] Yuan, X.[Xiuxiao] Yuan, X.[Xu]
59 for Yuan, X.

Yuan, X.B. Co Author Listing * 3D Reconstruction as an Automatic Modeling System
* Feature Mapping and View Planning with Localized Surface Parameters
* Mechanism of Automatic 3D Object Modeling, A
* Resolving View Sensitivity With Surface Locality
Includes: Yuan, X.B. Yuan, X.B.[Xiao-Bu]

Yuan, X.C.[Xiao Chen] Co Author Listing * Multi-scale noise estimation for image splicing forgery detection
* Tight focusing of quasi-cylindrically polarized beams
Includes: Yuan, X.C.[Xiao Chen] Yuan, X.C.[Xiao-Chen] Yuan, X.C.

Yuan, X.D.[Xiao Dan] Co Author Listing * Robust stabilization of multiple coupled networked control system via jump linear system approach
Includes: Yuan, X.D.[Xiao Dan] Yuan, X.D.[Xiao-Dan]

Yuan, X.F.[Xiao Fang] Co Author Listing * DLMPCS-based improved yaw stability control strategy for DDEV
* Residual Networks of Residual Networks: Multilevel Residual Networks
* Scattering Studies for Two-Dimensional Exponential Correlation Textured Rough Surfaces Using Small-Slope Approximation Method
* Spatiotemporal Variation of Precipitation Regime in China from 1961 to 2014 from the Standardized Precipitation Index
Includes: Yuan, X.F.[Xiao Fang] Yuan, X.F.[Xiao-Fang] Yuan, X.F.[Xing-Fang] Yuan, X.F.[Xiao-Feng] Yuan, X.F.[Xue-Feng]

Yuan, X.H.[Xiao Hui] Co Author Listing * 3D Morphological Processing for Wheat Spike Phenotypes Using Computed Tomography Images
* Conditional convolution neural network enhanced random forest for facial expression recognition
* Context-based embedded image compression using binary wavelet transform
* hybrid classifier for precise and robust eye detection, A
* hybrid framework for automatic joint detection of human poses in depth frames, A
* Inverse Sparse Group Lasso Model for Robust Object Tracking
* Multi-scale feature identification using evolution strategies
* regularized ensemble framework of deep learning for cancer detection from multi-class, imbalanced training data, A
* SampleBoost: Improving boosting performance by destabilizing weak learners based on weighted error analysis
* Subband noise estimation for adaptive wavelet shrinkage
* Wavelet-Based Noise-Aware Method for Fusing Noisy Imagery, A
Includes: Yuan, X.H.[Xiao Hui] Yuan, X.H.[Xiao-Hui]
11 for Yuan, X.H.

Yuan, X.J.[Xiao Jing] Co Author Listing * Automatic Segmentation of Skin Lesion Images using Evolutionary Strategy
* Commentary Paper on Uncalibrated Framework for On-line Camera Cooperation to Acquire Human Head Imagery in Wide Areas
* distributed visual surveillance system, A
* framework for regional association rule mining and scoping in spatial datasets, A
* Genetic feature subset selection for gender classification: A comparison study
* Guided filter-based multi-focus image fusion through focus region detection
* Multi-scale feature identification using evolution strategies
* narrow band graph partitioning method for skin lesion segmentation, A
* On the Performance of Turbo Signal Recovery with Partial DFT Sensing Matrices
* Turbo Compressed Sensing with Partial DFT Sensing Matrix
Includes: Yuan, X.J.[Xiao Jing] Yuan, X.J.[Xiao-Jing] Yuan, X.J.[Xian-Jie] Yuan, X.J.[Xiao-Jun]
10 for Yuan, X.J.

Yuan, X.L.[Xiu Liang] Co Author Listing * Effects of Precipitation Intensity and Temperature on NDVI-Based Grass Change over Northern China during the Period from 1982 to 2011
* Enabling Secure and Fast Indexing for Privacy-Assured Healthcare Monitoring via Compressive Sensing
Includes: Yuan, X.L.[Xiu Liang] Yuan, X.L.[Xiu-Liang] Yuan, X.L.[Xing-Liang]

Yuan, X.M.[Xiao Ming] Co Author Listing * email: Yuan, X.M.[Xiao Ming]: xmyuan AT hkbu edu hk
* Algorithmic Framework of Generalized Primal-Dual Hybrid Gradient Methods for Saddle Point Problems, An
* Alternating Direction Method for Image Inpainting in Wavelet Domains
* Constrained Total Variation Deblurring Models and Fast Algorithms Based on Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers
* Convergence Analysis of Primal-Dual Algorithms for a Saddle-Point Problem: From Contraction Perspective
* Convergence Study on the Symmetric Version of ADMM with Larger Step Sizes
* Coupled Variational Image Decomposition and Restoration Model for Blurred Cartoon-Plus-Texture Images With Missing Pixels
* Lattice-Based Patterned Fabric Inspection by Using Total Variation with Sparsity and Low-Rank Representations
* On the Convergence of Primal-Dual Hybrid Gradient Algorithm
* Proximal Strictly Contractive Peaceman-Rachford Splitting Method for Convex Programming with Applications to Imaging, A
Includes: Yuan, X.M.[Xiao Ming] Yuan, X.M.[Xiao-Ming]
10 for Yuan, X.M.

Yuan, X.P.[Xi Ping] Co Author Listing * Determination of Soil Salt Content Using a Probability Neural Network Model Based on Particle Swarm Optimization in Areas Affected and Non-Affected by Human Activities
Includes: Yuan, X.P.[Xi Ping] Yuan, X.P.[Xi-Ping]

Yuan, X.R.[Xiao Ru] Co Author Listing * Chrono-Gait Image: A Novel Temporal Template for Gait Recognition
* Human Identification Using Temporal Information Preserving Gait Template
* Interactive Super-Resolution through Neighbor Embedding
* Multi-operator image retargeting with automatic integration of direct and indirect seam carving
* Ordered small multiple treemaps for visualizing time-varying hierarchical pesticide residue data
* Procedural Image Processing for Visualization
Includes: Yuan, X.R.[Xiao Ru] Yuan, X.R.[Xiao-Ru]

Yuan, X.S.[Xiao Song] Co Author Listing * Computing hierarchical curve-skeletons of 3D objects
* Improved visual/infrared colour fusion method with double-opponency colour constancy mechanism
* Semi-automatic object segmentation using colour invariance and Graph cuts
* Single-image shadow detection and removal using local colour constancy computation
Includes: Yuan, X.S.[Xiao Song] Yuan, X.S.[Xiao-Song] Yuan, X.S.[Xing-Sheng]

Yuan, X.T.[Xiao Tong] Co Author Listing * Accelerated low-rank visual recovery by random projection
* Additive Nearest Neighbor Feature Maps
* Auto-Grouped Sparse Representation for Visual Analysis
* Autogrouped Sparse Representation for Visual Analysis
* Bidirectional-Convolutional LSTM Based Spectral-Spatial Feature Learning for Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Color Constancy Via Convex Kernel Optimization
* Correntropy based feature selection using binary projection
* Forward Basis Selection for Pursuing Sparse Representations over a Dictionary
* Half Quadratic Analysis for Mean Shift: With Extension to A Sequential Data Mode-Seeking Method
* Joint Feature-Spatial-Measure Space: A New approach to Highly Efficient Probabilistic Object Tracking
* Learning Feature Extraction and Classification for Tracking Multiple Objects: A Unified Framework
* Movie2Comics: Towards a Lively Video Content Presentation
* Multi-class semi-supervised SVMs with Positiveness Exclusive Regularization
* Multi-label visual classification with label exclusive context
* Newton Greedy Pursuit: A Quadratic Approximation Method for Sparsity-Constrained Optimization
* Newton-Type Greedy Selection Methods for L_0-Constrained Minimization
* Online Determination of Track Loss Using Template Inverse Matching
* Random Field Model for Improved Feature Extraction and Tracking, A
* Real-time Object Classification in Video Surveillance Based on Appearance Learning
* Region Tracking via HMMF in Joint Feature-Spatial Space
* Regularized active shape model for shape alignment
* Robust Framework For Eigenspace Image Reconstruction, A
* Sparse Additive Subspace Clustering
* Stochastic gradient kernel density mode-seeking
* Structured Ordinal Features for Appearance-Based Object Representation
* Supervised Sparse Patch Coding towards Misalignment-Robust Face Recognition
* Visual Classification With Multitask Joint Sparse Representation
* Visual tracking via weakly supervised learning from multiple imperfect oracles 1
Includes: Yuan, X.T.[Xiao Tong] Yuan, X.T.[Xiao-Tong] Yuan, X.T.
28 for Yuan, X.T.

Yuan, X.X.[Xi Xi] Co Author Listing * Adaptive Triangular Partition Algorithm for Digital Images, An
* Analysis of the Kalman Filter with Different INS Error Models for GPS/INS Integration in Aerial Remote Sensing Applications
* application of GPS precise point positioning technology in aerial triangulation, The
* Automatic Power Line Inspection Using UAV Images
* Calibration of Constant Angular Error for CBERS-2 Imagery with Few Ground Control Points
* error filtration method based on local similarity of the character to identify soiled vehicle license plate, An
* Geometric Calibration Of Ziyuan-3 Three-line Cameras Combining Ground Control Points And Lines
* Global Optimal Registration Method for Satellite Remote Sensing Images, A
* Improvement of the Stability Solving Rational Polynomial Coefficients
* Matching Multi-Sensor Remote Sensing Images via an Affinity Tensor
* Multi-temporal Image Registration Method Based on Edge Matching and Maximum Likelihood Estimation Sample Consensus, A
* Particle filtering methods for georeferencing panoramic image sequence in complex urban scenes
* Poor Textural Image Matching Based On Graph Theory
* Poor textural image tie point matching via graph theory
* Refinement Method For Residential Area Revision Using Remote Sensing Image and GIS Data in Earthquake Risk Assessment
* Tri-Stereo Model Orientation of High-Resolution Satellite Imagery Combining Ground Control Points and Lines
* UAV Low Altitude Photogrammetry for Power Line Inspection
* Wavelet Speckle Reduction for SAR Imagery Based on Edge Detection
Includes: Yuan, X.X.[Xi Xi] Yuan, X.X.[Xi-Xi] Yuan, X.X.[Xiu-Xiao] Yuan, X.X.[Xin-Xing] Yuan, X.X.
18 for Yuan, X.X.

Yuan, X.Y.[Xiao Yun] Co Author Listing * Magic Glasses: From 2D to 3D
* Non-linear Normalization Model for Iris Recognition, A
* Salient object detection with high-level prior based on Bayesian fusion
Includes: Yuan, X.Y.[Xiao Yun] Yuan, X.Y.[Xiao-Yun] Yuan, X.Y.[Xiao-Yan]

Yuan, X.Z.[Xin Zhe] Co Author Listing * Dependence of Sea SAR Image Distribution Parameters on Surface Wave Characteristics, The
* Empirical Algorithm for Significant Wave Height Retrieval from Wave Mode Data Provided by the Chinese Satellite Gaofen-3
* Novel Integrated Algorithm for Wind Vector Retrieval from Conically Scanning Scatterometers, A
Includes: Yuan, X.Z.[Xin Zhe] Yuan, X.Z.[Xin-Zhe]

Yuan, Y.[Ye] Co Author Listing * 3D Ego-Pose Estimation via Imitation Learning
* 3D Wavelet Video Coding with Replicated Matching Pursuits
* Action recognition by joint learning
* Adaptive Block Coding Order for Intra Prediction in HEVC
* Adaptive color quantization based on perceptive edge protection
* Adaptive Moving Shadows Detection Using Local Neighboring Information
* Algorithm for ISAR Ship Imaging Based on S-Distribution, An
* Alternatively Constrained Dictionary Learning For Image Superresolution
* Anchorperson extraction for Picture in Picture news video
* Anomaly Detection in Traffic Scenes via Spatial-Aware Motion Reconstruction
* Application of semantic features in face recognition
* Artistic Mosaic Series Generation
* Attribute-Enhanced Face Recognition with Neural Tensor Fusion Networks
* Automatic Deformation Inspection Method for Digital Aerial Imagery Based on Statistical Characteristics
* Automatic Skin Lesion Segmentation Using Deep Fully Convolutional Networks With Jaccard Distance
* Binary Borg-Based Heuristic Method for Solving a Multi-Objective Lock and Transshipment Co-Scheduling Problem, A
* Binary Sparse Nonnegative Matrix Factorization
* Binary Two-Dimensional PCA
* Biologically Inspired Features for Scene Classification in Video Surveillance
* Cast shadow detection in video segmentation
* Cloud Detection Method Based on Feature Extraction in Remote Sensing Images
* Color image segmentation using mean shift and improved spectral clustering
* Color Image Segmentation Using Watersheds and Joint Homogeneity-Edge Integrity Region Merging Criteria
* Colour Image Coding with Matching Pursuit in the Spatio-frequency Domain
* Complete Canonical Correlation Analysis for Multiview Learning, A
* Congested scene classification via efficient unsupervised feature learning and density estimation
* Construction of polarization images from a multimod light field camera based on the aliasing model
* Continuous Change Detection and Classification Using Hidden Markov Model: A Case Study for Monitoring Urban Encroachment onto Farmland in Beijing
* Crowd-sourced pictures geo-localization method based on street view images and 3D reconstruction
* Day and night vehicle detection and counting in complex environment
* Deep Metric Learning for Crowdedness Regression
* Deep Multi-task Learning to Recognise Subtle Facial Expressions of Mental States
* Deep Scene Representation for Aerial Scene Classification, A
* Deep-Learning-Based Classification for DTM Extraction from ALS Point Cloud
* Determination of the Differential Code Bias for Current BDS Satellites
* DFRS: A Large-Scale Distributed Fingerprint Recognition System Based on Redis
* Dimension reduction of image deep feature using PCA
* Dimensionality Reduction by Spatial-Spectral Preservation in Selected Bands
* Discovering Diverse Subset for Unsupervised Hyperspectral Band Selection
* discriminative representation for human action recognition, A
* Distributed Object Detection With Linear SVMs
* Double Constrained NMF for Hyperspectral Unmixing
* Dual-Clustering-Based Hyperspectral Band Selection by Contextual Analysis
* Effective Feature Extraction in High-Dimensional Space
* Efficient image matching using weighted voting
* Embedding Structured Contour and Location Prior in Siamesed Fully Convolutional Networks for Road Detection
* Exploitation of inter-color correlation for color image demosaicking
* Extraction of Seismic Wavelets Based on the Tri-Spectrum Least Square
* Fast Hyperspectral Anomaly Detection via High-Order 2-D Crossing Filter
* fast single-image super-resolution method implemented with CUDA, A
* Fast Spectral Clustering for Unsupervised Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Feasibility study for super-resolution 3D integral imaging using time-multiplexed compressive coding
* Footwear for Gender Recognition
* Gabor-Based Region Covariance Matrices for Face Recognition
* Geometry Constrained Sparse Coding for Single Image Super-Resolution
* Graph-Regularized Low-Rank Representation for Destriping of Hyperspectral Images
* Greedy Regression in Sparse Coding Space for Single-Image Super-Resolution
* Hierarchical and Robust Convolutional Neural Network for Very High-Resolution Remote Sensing Object Detection
* Human segmentation based on disparity map and GrabCut
* Hybrid Reconstruction Algorithm for 3-D Ionospheric Tomography, A
* Hyperspectral Anomaly Detection by Graph Pixel Selection
* Hyperspectral Anomaly Detection via Discriminative Feature Learning with Multiple-Dictionary Sparse Representation
* Hyperspectral Band Selection by Multitask Sparsity Pursuit
* Hyperspectral Image Classification via Multitask Joint Sparse Representation and Stepwise MRF Optimization
* Hyperspectral Image Denoising by Fusing the Selected Related Bands
* IGGtrop_SH and IGGtrop_rH: Two Improved Empirical Tropospheric Delay Models Based on Vertical Reduction Functions
* Image annotation by semi-supervised cross-domain learning with group sparsity
* Image colorization via color propagation and rank minimization
* Image Pair Analysis With Matrix-Value Operator
* Image region annotation based on segmentation and semantic correlation analysis
* Image Segmentation Based on Supernodes and Region Size Estimation
* Impact of Coastal Infrastructure on Ocean Colour Remote Sensing: A Case Study in Jiaozhou Bay, China
* Incremental Framework for Video-Based Traffic Sign Detection, Tracking, and Recognition, An
* Inferring Group-Wise Consistent Multimodal Brain Networks via Multi-View Spectral Clustering
* Initial Results of the Precise Orbit Determination for the New-Generation BeiDou Satellites (BeiDou-3) Based on the iGMAS Network
* Integrating kAS and SIFT-like Descriptor for Image Description
* Intra prediction with adaptive CU processing order in HEVC
* Ionosphere Sensing With a Low-Cost, Single-Frequency, Multi-GNSS Receiver
* Is pedestrian detection robust for surveillance?
* Iterative Determination of Camera Pose From Line Features
* Iterative Subspace Analysis Based on Feature Line Distance
* Joint Convolutional Neural Networks and Context Transfer for Street Scenes Labeling, A
* Joint Dictionary Learning for Multispectral Change Detection
* Joint Hand Detection and Rotation Estimation Using CNN
* Kernel GBDA for Relevance Feedback in Image Retrieval
* L1-Norm-Based 2DPCA
* Label Image Constrained Multiatlas Selection
* Learning From Errors in Super-Resolution
* Learning Parallel Canonical Correlations for Scale-Adaptive Low Resolution Face Recognition
* Learning shape statistics for hierarchical 3D medical image segmentation
* Learning weighted hashing on local structured data
* Light-Field Image Superresolution Using a Combined Deep CNN Based on EPI
* Local stereo matching with canny segmentation and reliable seed propagation
* Locality constraint distance metric learning for traffic congestion detection
* Lossless Data Embedding Using Generalized Statistical Quantity Histogram
* Manifold Regularized Sparse NMF for Hyperspectral Unmixing
* Medical Image Segmentation Using Descriptive Image Features
* Metric learning by simultaneously learning linear transformation matrix and weight matrix for person re-identification
* Motion estimation via hierarchical block matching and graph cut
* Motion vector fields based video coding
* Moving Object Tracking with Structure Complexity Coefficients
* Multi-spectral dataset and its application in saliency detection
* Multi-spectral saliency detection
* Multimodal learning for multi-label image classification
* Multiple kernel learning with NOn-conVex group spArsity
* Multiscale facial structure representation for face recognition under varying illumination
* Natural image matting via adaptive local and nonlocal sample clustering
* New Approaches to Processing Ground-Based SAR (GBSAR) Data for Deformation Monitoring
* New Blind Attack Procedure For Dct-based Image Encryption With Spectrum Learning, A
* New Framework for Modelling and Monitoring the Conversion of Cultivated Land to Built-up Land Based on a Hierarchical Hidden Semi-Markov Model Using Satellite Image Time Series, A
* Non-rigid object tracking in complex scenes
* Note on the Validity of Statistical Bootstrapping for Estimating the Uncertainty of Tensor Parameters in Diffusion Tensor Images, A
* novel alternative algorithm for limited angle tomography, A
* Object Shape Approximation and Contour Adaptive Depth Image Coding for Virtual View Synthesis
* Object tracking using SIFT features and mean shift
* Object trajectory clustering via tensor analysis
* Observational Analysis of Variation Characteristics of GPS-Based TEC Fluctuation over China
* Online Anomaly Detection in Crowd Scenes via Structure Analysis
* Optimization for limited angle tomography in medical image processing
* Optimizing landmark insertions for interactive light field streaming
* Optimizing peer grouping for live free viewpoint video streaming
* Orthogonal Design-Based NSGA-III for the Optimal Lockage Co-Scheduling Problem
* Orthogonal locally discriminant spline embedding for plant leaf recognition
* Part-Based Online Tracking With Geometry Constraint and Attention Selection
* Person Re-Identification by Regularized Smoothing KISS Metric Learning
* Preliminary Results for Five-System Ultra-Rapid Precise Orbit Determination of the One-Step Method Based on the Double-Difference Observation Model, The
* Putting images on a manifold for atlas-based image segmentation
* Quadtree Based Nonsquare Block Structure for Inter Frame Coding in High Efficiency Video Coding
* Random Forest And Objected-based Classification For Forest Pest Extraction From UAV Aerial Imagery
* Real-Time Lagrangian Traffic State Estimator for Freeways
* Real-Time Multiple Vehicles Tracking with Occlusion Handling
* Remote Sensing Image Scene Classification Using Rearranged Local Features
* Remote Sensing Scene Classification by Unsupervised Representation Learning
* Representation of image content based on RoI-BoW
* Reversible Data Hiding Scheme in Encrypted-Image Based on Prediction and Compression Coding
* Robust and Efficient Approach to License Plate Detection, A
* Robust CoHOG Feature Extraction in Human-Centered Image/Video Management System
* Robust color correction in stereo vision
* Robust Sparse Tensor Decomposition by Probabilistic Latent Semantic Analysis
* Robust Superpixel Tracking via Depth Fusion
* Robust Tensor Analysis With L1-Norm
* Robust visual tracking with discriminative sparse learning
* Satellite Image Time Series Decomposition Based on EEMD
* Segmentation of retinal blood vessels using the radial projection and semi-supervised approach
* Similarity Metric In Image Searching, A
* Single-Image Super-Resolution via Sparse Coding Regression
* Spatio-Temporal Model for Forest Fire Detection Using HJ-IRS Satellite Data, A
* Spatiotemporal Variations of Lake Surface Temperature across the Tibetan Plateau Using MODIS LST Product
* Spectral-Spatial Kernel Regularized for Hyperspectral Image Denoising
* Spectrum Reconstruction Method for Airborne Temporally-Spatially Modulated Fourier Transform Imaging Spectrometers
* Statistical Hypothesis Detector for Abnormal Event Detection in Crowded Scenes
* Statistical quantization for similarity search
* Structure-aware image inpainting using patch scale optimization
* Structured dictionary learning for abnormal event detection in crowded scenes
* Subjective quality evaluation of compressed digital compound images
* Substance Dependence Constrained Sparse NMF for Hyperspectral Unmixing
* Summarizing tourist destinations by mining user-generated travelogues and photos
* Tag-Saliency: Combining bottom-up and top-down information for saliency detection
* Temporal Dynamic Graph LSTM for Action-Driven Video Object Detection
* Toward maximum-predictive-value classification
* Tracking as a Whole: Multi-Target Tracking by Modeling Group Behavior With Sequential Detection
* Understanding Convolution for Semantic Segmentation
* Unsupervised Band Selection Based on Evolutionary Multiobjective Optimization for Hyperspectral Images
* Unsupervised Image Super-Resolution Using Cycle-in-Cycle Generative Adversarial Networks
* VE-LLI-VO: Vessel Enhancement Using Local Line Integrals and Variational Optimization
* Video Summarization by Learning Deep Side Semantic Embedding
* View-Independent Behavior Analysis
* Visual Information Encryption in Frequency Domain: Risk and Enhancement
* Visual Object Tracking Based on Backward Model Validation
* Visual Object Tracking by Structure Complexity Coefficients
* Visual Saliency by Selective Contrast
* VSSA-NET: Vertical Spatial Sequence Attention Network for Traffic Sign Detection
Includes: Yuan, Y.[Ye] Yuan, Y.[Yuan] Yuan, Y.[Yule] Yuan, Y.[Yeshu] Yuan, Y. Yuan, Y.[Yun] Yuan, Y.[Yu] Yuan, Y.[Yi] Yuan, Y.[Yang] Yuan, Y.[Yifan] Yuan, Y.[Yuyu] Yuan, Y.[Ying] Yuan, Y.[Yubo] Yuan, Y.[Yunbin] Yuan, Y.[Yue] Yuan, Y.[Yan]
172 for Yuan, Y.

Yuan, Y.B.[Yun Bin] Co Author Listing * Long Baseline Three Carrier Ambiguity Resolution with a New Ionospheric Constraint, A
* Moving visual focus in salient object segmentation
* Three-Step Method for Determining Unhealthy Time Period of GPS Satellite Orbit in Broadcast Ephemeris and Its Preliminary Applications for Precise Orbit Determination, A
Includes: Yuan, Y.B.[Yun Bin] Yuan, Y.B.[Yun-Bin] Yuan, Y.B.[Yu-Bo]

Yuan, Y.C.[Yu Chen] Co Author Listing * Dense and Sparse Labeling With Multidimensional Features for Saliency Detection
* Detecting Different Types of Directional Land Cover Changes Using MODIS NDVI Time Series Dataset
* Multi-Attention Multi-Class Constraint for Fine-grained Image Recognition
* Reversion Correction and Regularized Random Walk Ranking for Saliency Detection
* Robust interactive image segmentation via iterative refinement
* Robust saliency detection via regularized random walks ranking
* Visualizing the Intellectual Structure of Eye Movement Research in Cartography
Includes: Yuan, Y.C.[Yu Chen] Yuan, Y.C.[Yu-Chen] Yuan, Y.C.[Ye-Cheng] Yuan, Y.C.[Yan-Cheng]
7 for Yuan, Y.C.

Yuan, Y.F.[Yu Fei] Co Author Listing * Context-modeled wavelet difference reduction coding based on fractional bit-plane partitioning
* Coordinated ramp metering with priorities
* embedded wavelet image coder with parallel encoding and sequential decoding of bit-planes, An
* Mixed Gauss and Directional Distance Filter for Fiber Direction Tracking, A
* Novel embedded image coding algorithms based on wavelet difference reduction
Includes: Yuan, Y.F.[Yu Fei] Yuan, Y.F.[Yu-Fei] Yuan, Y.F.[Yong-Feng]

Yuan, Y.H.[Yun Hao] Co Author Listing * C2DMCP: View-consistent collaborative discriminative multiset correlation projection for data representation
* Collaborative probabilistic labels for face recognition from single sample per person
* Cost-sensitive dictionary learning for face recognition
* Fractional-order embedding canonical correlation analysis and its applications to multi-view dimensionality reduction and recognition
* Graph regularized multiset canonical correlations with applications to joint feature extraction
* Hard-Aware Deeply Cascaded Embedding
* Kernel propagation strategy: A novel out-of-sample propagation projection for subspace learning
* Modeling the Vagueness of Areal Geographic Objects: A Categorization System
* Multi-patch embedding canonical correlation analysis for multi-view feature learning
* novel multi-view dimensionality reduction and recognition framework with applications to face recognition, A
* novel multiset integrated canonical correlation analysis framework and its application in feature fusion, A
* Probabilistic-Kernel Collaborative Representation for Spatial-Spectral Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Robust Cross-view Hashing for Multimedia Retrieval
Includes: Yuan, Y.H.[Yun Hao] Yuan, Y.H.[Yun-Hao] Yuan, Y.H.[Yu-Hui] Yuan, Y.H.[Yi-Hong] Yuan, Y.H.
13 for Yuan, Y.H.

Yuan, Y.J.[Yi Jun] Co Author Listing * Imaging on Coal Seismic Data
Includes: Yuan, Y.J.[Yi Jun] Yuan, Y.J.[Yi-Jun]

Yuan, Y.L. Co Author Listing * Application of Neural Networks to Identifying Vegetation Types from Satellite Images

Yuan, Y.Q.[Yong Qiang] Co Author Listing * Improved PPP Ambiguity Resolution with the Assistance of Multiple LEO Constellations and Signals
* LEO Precise Orbit Determination with Inter-satellite Links
Includes: Yuan, Y.Q.[Yong Qiang] Yuan, Y.Q.[Yong-Qiang]

Yuan, Y.T.[Ya Ting] Co Author Listing * Multi-focus image fusion with alternating guided filtering
Includes: Yuan, Y.T.[Ya Ting] Yuan, Y.T.[Ya-Ting]

Yuan, Y.X.[Yu Xin] Co Author Listing * CCL: Cross-modal Correlation Learning With Multigrained Fusion by Hierarchical Network
* Modality-Specific Cross-Modal Similarity Measurement With Recurrent Attention Network
* Modeling and Algorithms of GPS Data Reduction for the Qinghai-Tibet Railway
* Recursive Pyramid Network with Joint Attention for Cross-Media Retrieval
* Saliency Based Ulcer Detection for Wireless Capsule Endoscopy Diagnosis
Includes: Yuan, Y.X.[Yu Xin] Yuan, Y.X.[Yu-Xin] Yuan, Y.X.[Ya-Xiang] Yuan, Y.X.[Yi-Xuan]

Yuan, Y.Y.[Yin Yin] Co Author Listing * Fragile watermarking scheme exploiting non-deterministic block-wise dependency
Includes: Yuan, Y.Y.[Yin Yin] Yuan, Y.Y.[Yin-Yin]

Yuan, Z. Co Author Listing * Addressing Visual Consistency in Video Retargeting: A Refined Homogeneous Approach
* Affine Registration of Point Sets Using ICP and ICA
* Auto-Registration of SAR and Optical Images Based on Priority Strategy
* Auxiliary Variable-Aided Hybrid Message Passing Approach to Joint Channel Estimation and Decoding for MIMO-OFDM, An
* Dense Scene Flow Based on Depth and Multi-channel Bilateral Filter
* Detecting occlusion boundaries via saliency network
* FreeScup: A Novel Platform for Assisting Sculpture Pose Design
* iCushion: A Pressure Map Algorithm for High Accuracy Human Identification
* Illumination Robust Color Naming via Label Propagation
* Incorporating stochastic turbulence in particle-based fluid simulation
* joint multi-scale convolutional network for fully automatic segmentation of the left ventricle, A
* Joint Shape and Local Appearance Features for Real-Time Driver Drowsiness Detection
* Learning Feature Hierarchies: A Layer-Wise Tag-Embedded Approach
* Learning Fixation Point Strategy for Object Detection and Classification
* Localization and Extraction of Road Poles in Urban Areas from Mobile Laser Scanning Data
* motion-texture aware denoising for economic hardware design, A
* Novel Dual-Probe Adaptive Model for Image Change Detection, A
* Occlusion Aware Stereo Matching via Cooperative Unsupervised Learning
* Perceived Synchronization of Mulsemedia Services
* Precise Crop Classification Using Spectral-Spatial-Location Fusion Based on Conditional Random Fields for UAV-Borne Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Imagery
* Probabilistic salient object contour detection based on superpixels
* Robust affine iterative closest point algorithm with bidirectional distance
* Robust image restoration for rotary motion degradations and the motion parameter identification
* Saturation-preserving specular reflection separation
* Simplifying the Formal Verification of Safety Requirements in Zone Controllers Through Problem Frames and Constraint-Based Projection
* Super resolution based on simultaneous registration and reconstruction
* Temporal Action Localization by Structured Maximal Sums
* Temporal and Spatial Analyses of the Landscape Pattern of Wuhan City Based on Remote Sensing Images
* Topic-Guided Attention for Image Captioning
* User-adaptive mobile video streaming
* Video object segmentation by clustering region trajectories
* Video retargeting with nonlinear spatial-temporal saliency fusion
* Video retargeting: A visual-friendly dynamic programming approach
* Visual Object Tracking VOT2016 Challenge Results, The
Includes: Yuan, Z. Yuan, Z.[Zhang] Yuan, Z.[Zejian] Yuan, Z.[Zhi] Yuan, Z.[Zhilu] Yuan, Z.[Zheng] Yuan, Z.[Ziran] Yuan, Z.[Zehao]
34 for Yuan, Z.

Yuan, Z.B.[Zhong Biao] Co Author Listing * Creating a face model from an unknown skull based on the tissue map
* Facial feature estimation from the local structural diversity of skulls
Includes: Yuan, Z.B.[Zhong Biao] Yuan, Z.B.[Zhong-Biao]

Yuan, Z.G.[Zhu Gang] Co Author Listing * Application of fuzzy-PID in control of FC furnace gypsum calcination temperature
Includes: Yuan, Z.G.[Zhu Gang] Yuan, Z.G.[Zhu-Gang]

Yuan, Z.H.[Zhen Hui] Co Author Listing * Beyond Multimedia Adaptation: Quality of Experience-Aware Multi-Sensorial Media Delivery
* GETNET: A General End-to-End 2-D CNN Framework for Hyperspectral Image Change Detection
* Knowing Where to Look? Analysis on Attention of Visual Question Answering System
* Learning discriminated and correlated patches for multi-view object detection using sparse coding
* New Gradient-Spatial-Structural Features for video script identification
* Novel Context-Aware Topic Model for Category Discovery in Natural Scenes, A
* Novel Topic-Level Random Walk Framework for Scene Image Co-segmentation, A
* Radar Interferometry Time Series to Investigate Deformation of Soft Clay Subgrade Settlement: A Case Study of Lungui Highway, China
* Towards Good Practices for Multi-modal Fusion in Large-Scale Video Classification
* Unsupervised Deep Noise Modeling for Hyperspectral Image Change Detection
Includes: Yuan, Z.H.[Zhen Hui] Yuan, Z.H.[Zhen-Hui] Yuan, Z.H.[Zheng-Hang] Yuan, Z.H.[Ze-Huan] Yuan, Z.H.[Zhi-Hui]
10 for Yuan, Z.H.

Yuan, Z.J.[Ze Jian] Co Author Listing * Approach for Constructing Sparse Kernel Classifier, An
* Automatic Graphics Program Generation Using Attention-Based Hierarchical Decoder
* Automatic salient object segmentation based on context and shape prior
* Constructing Adaptive Complex Cells for Robust Visual Tracking
* Coordinating Multiple Disparity Proposals for Stereo Computation
* Description-Discrimination Collaborative Tracking
* Discriminative structured outputs prediction model and its efficient online learning algorithm
* Exemplar-Guided Similarity Learning on Polynomial Kernel Feature Map for Person Re-identification
* Fast Pedestrian Detection via Random Projection Features with Shape Prior
* IAIR-CarPed: A psychophysically annotated dataset with fine-grained and layered semantic labels for object recognition
* Improving Deep Visual Representation for Person Re-identification by Global and Local Image-language Association
* Interpixel-shifted Endoscopic Optical Coherence Tomography For In Vivo Bladder Cancer Diagnosis
* Intrinsic Image Decomposition from Pair-Wise Shading Ordering
* Learning to describe color composition of visual objects
* Learning to Detect a Salient Object
* Level set method for pulmonary vessels extraction
* Maximum Correntropy Criterion-Based Sparse Subspace Learning for Unsupervised Feature Selection
* Multi-Timescale Collaborative Tracking
* Object detection using discriminative photogrammetric context
* Projective Nonnegative Matrix Factorization for Image Compression and Feature Extraction
* Robust registration of partially overlapping point sets via genetic algorithm with growth operator
* Salient Object Detection: A Discriminative Regional Feature Integration Approach
* Salient Object Detection: A Discriminative Regional Feature Integration Approach C
* Sequential updating algorithm for extracting the basis of Karhunen-Loeve Transformation
* Similarity learning on an explicit polynomial kernel feature map for person re-identification
* Similarity Learning with Spatial Constraints for Person Re-identification
* SPI-Based Analyses of Drought Changes over the Past 60 Years in China's Major Crop-Growing Areas
* Video attention: Learning to detect a salient object sequence
* Visual Saliency Based Object Tracking
Includes: Yuan, Z.J.[Ze Jian] Yuan, Z.J.[Ze-Jian] Yuan, Z.J.[Zhi-Jia] Yuan, Z.J.[Zhi-Jian] Yuan, Z.J.[Zi-Jin]
29 for Yuan, Z.J.

Yuan, Z.P.[Zhi Ping] Co Author Listing * Vehicular safety distance alarm system
Includes: Yuan, Z.P.[Zhi Ping] Yuan, Z.P.[Zhi-Ping]

Yuan, Z.Q.[Zhao Quan] Co Author Listing * Unified Framework of Latent Feature Learning in Social Media, A
Includes: Yuan, Z.Q.[Zhao Quan] Yuan, Z.Q.[Zhao-Quan]

Yuan, Z.Y.[Zhi Yong] Co Author Listing * Adaptive localised region and edge-based active contour model using shape constraint and sub-global information for uterine fibroid segmentation in ultrasound-guided HIFU therapy
* Algorithm of Adaptive Fading Memory UKF in Bearings-Only Target Tracking
* novel framework for background subtraction and foreground detection, A
* novel unconditionally stable explicit integration method for finite element method, A
* Online Principal Background Selection for Video Synopsis
Includes: Yuan, Z.Y.[Zhi Yong] Yuan, Z.Y.[Zhi-Yong]

Yuang, C.T. Co Author Listing * Cancelable Biometrics Realization With Multispace Random Projections

Yuang, M.C. Co Author Listing * Intelligent Video Smoother for Multimedia Communications

Yuanjie, L. Co Author Listing * Influence of Resolution in Irrigated Area Mapping and Area Estimation

Yuanyi Co Author Listing * General design of the lateral control system based on monocular vision on THASV-I

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